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Group Title: International Migration for Employment working paper ; MIG WP 16
Title: Bibliography on international return migration
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Title: Bibliography on international return migration
Series Title: International Migration for Employment working paper
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Language: English
Creator: International Labour Office
Publisher: International Labour Office
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Publication Date: 1984
Subject: Return migration -- Bibliography   ( lcsh )
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non-fiction   ( marcgt )
General Note: "September 1984."
Funding: Working paper (International Labour Office. International Migration and Employment Branch) ;
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Working Paper


International Labour Office, Geneva



Working Paper



Note: This paper is issued by the International Migration for
Employment Branch. It is circulated informally in a limited
number of copies to stimulate research and action.

September 1984

Copyright International Labour Organisation, 1984

ISBN 92-2-103845-9

The designations of countries employed, which are in conformity with
United Nations practices, and the presentation of the material in
this paper do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on
the part of the International Labour Office concerning the legal status
of any country or territory or of its authorities, or concerning the
delimitations of its frontiers.

The responsibility for opinions expressed in ILO working papers rests
solely with their authors and their circulation does not in any way
constitute an endorsement by the International Labour Office of the
opinions expressed in them.


Les designations utilis6es dans cette publication, qui sont conformes
a la pratique des Nations Unies, et la presentation des donnees qui y
figurent n'impliquent de la part du Bureau international du Travail
aucune prise de position quant au statut juridique de tel ou tel pays
ou territoire, ou de ses autorit6s, ni quant au trac6 de ses frontieres.

Les articles, 6tudes et autres textes signs n'engagent que leurs auteurs
et leur publication ne signifie pas que le Bureau international du Travail
souscrit aux opinions qui y sont exprim6es.

Las denominaciones empleadas, en concordancia con la pr6ctica seguida
por las Naciones Unidas, y la forma en que aparecen presentados los
datos en esta publicacidn no implican juicio alguno por part de la
Oficina Internacional del Trabajo sobre la condition jurfdica de ninguno
de los pauses o territories citados o de sus autoridades, ni respect
de la delimitacion de sus fronteras.

La responsabilidad de las opinions expresadas en los articulos, studios
y otras colaboraciones firmados incumbe exclusivamente a sus autores, y
su publicacidn no significa que la OIT las sancione.


This is a paper of the ILO's International Migration for Employment
Branch. The objectives of the Branch are to contribute to (1) the evaluation,
formulation and application of international migration policies suited to the
economic and social aims of governments, employers' and workers'
organizations, and (2) the increase of equality of opportunity and treatment
of migrants and the protection of their rights and dignity. Its means of
action are (a) research and reports, (b) technical advisory services, (c)
technical co-operation, (d) meetings and reports and (e) work concerned with
international labour standards. The Branch also collects, analyses and
disseminates relevant information and acts as the information source for ILO
constituents, ILO units and other interested parties.

Return migration has become an increasingly topical subject in recent
years due in part to the recession that hit Western European States of
employment and the large scale temporary engagement of Asian workers in Arab
States of employment. Among researchers as well as policy makers there
persists the opinion that relatively little is known about return migration or
that existing publications yield little useful information. Be that as it
may, I thought it might be useful to compile the information that was readily
available here in Geneva.

The material is arranged by authors in alphabetical order. However, to
help readers who are only interested in publications relating to particular
regions of migration, each item is preceded by an identifier, as follows:

GE = General, i.e. applies to several regions or return migration

AF = Africa

AS = Asia including Arab States of the Gulf region

LA = Latin America, including Guyana, French Gujana, and Suriname

NC = Northern America and Caribbean

AO = Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

WE = Western Europe

- ii -

As items are arranged by authors they are presented only once, but there
may be several identifiers. For example, a study on Italian return migrants
from the United States may be preceded by NC or WE or both, depending on the
apparent focus of the publication. Items concerning Turkey are preceded by WE
if the work in question concerns Turkish return migration from Western Europe,
but AS would be found if the subject were Turkish return migration from Arab

The original version of this bibliography was prepared by Mr. Solon
Ardittis during his stay at the ILO in 1984.

It is intended from time to time to update this bibliography. It would
be greatly appreciated if readers could supply missing or new items.

September 1984 W.R. BBhning

- iii -


Le present document est public par le Service de la Migration
international pour l'Emploi. Les objectifs de ce Service sont de contribuer
A 1) l'rvaluation, la formulation et la mise en oeuvre de politiques de
migration international conformes aux buts economiques et sociaux des
gouvernements et des organizations d'employeurs et de travailleurs; et A 2)
l'extension de l'egalite de chance et de traitement des migrants, et la
protection de leurs droits et de leur dignity. Les moyens d'action du
Service sont: a) la recherche et les 4tudes; b) la furniture d'avis
techniques; c) les activities de cooperation technique; d) l'organisation de
reunions; e) divers travaux relatifs aux normes internationales du travail.
En outre, le Service rassemble, analyse et diffuse des informations relatives
aux questions de migrations internationales pour l'emploi et fait function de
source de renseignement A l'egard des pays Membres, des Services du Bureau et
de tout autre interesse.

L'emigration de retour est devenue un sujet d'actualitg croissante au
course de ces dernieres annees, en parties a cause de la recession qui frappe
les pays europeens d'emploi et du flux massif de travailleurs temporaires
asiatiques dans les pays arabes d'emploi. Selon l'avis des chercheurs et des
responsables politiques, le domaine des migrations de retour est aujourd'hui
relativement m4connu, et les publications disponibles A ce sujet ne suffisent
pas a une information de bon aloi. Sans trancher cette opinion, j'ai cru
utile de compiler toutes les informations disponibles ici & Geneve.

Ce materiel est ordonn4 par auteurs et par ordre alphab4tique.
Cenpendant, afin d'aider les lecteurs plus particulibrement interesses par des
publications ayant trait A des regions de migration prdcises, chaque titre a
ete precede d'une cle, de la maniere suivante:

GE = Gnedral (si la publication se rdfere A plusieurs pays ou aux
migrations de retour d'une maniere g4enrale)

AF = Afrique

AS = Asie (y compris les Etats arabes de la region du Golfe)

LA = Amdrique Latine (y compris la Guyane, la Guyane Frangaise et le

NC = Amerique du Nord et les CaraYbes

AO = Australie, Nouvelle Zelande, et les lies du Pacifique

WE = Europe de l'Ouest

- iv -

Les publications etant classes par auteurs, elles n'apparaissent qu'une
seule fois, mais elles peuvent etre pr4ceddes de plusieurs cles. Ainsi, une
4tude sur les migrants de retour italiens en provenance des Etats-Unis peut
etre identified par NC, WE, ou les deux, selon le contenu de la publication.
Les titres concernant la Turquie sont precedes par WE s'ils concernent la
migration de retour turque en Europe et par AS s'il s'agit d'une emigration de
retour depuis les Etats Arabes.

La version original de cette bibliographie a etd prdparde par
M. Solon Ardittis pendant son s4jour au BIT en 1984.

Ii est prevu de tenir cette bibliographie a jour. Pour cela, nous
saurions grA aux lecteurs de nous signaler toute omission relevse dans le
present document et de nous tenir informs des prochaines publications a ce

Septembre 1984 W.R. B'hning


Este es un document publicado por el Servicio de Migraciones
Internacionales con Fines de Empleo de la OIT. Los objetivos del Servcio
consistent en contribuir a 1) la evaluaci6n, el diselo y la ejecuci6n de
political en material de migraci6n international conformes a los objetivos
econ6micos y sociales de los gobiernos y de las organizaciones de empleadores
y trabajadores y 2) el ammento de la iqualdad de oportunidades y de trato, y
de la protecci6n de los derechos y la diquidad de los trabajadores migrants y
de los miembros de sus families. Sus medios de acci6n son a) studios e
informes b) servicios de asesorfa c) actividades de cooperaci6n tecnica d)
reuniones tecnicas y e) trabajos relacionados con instruments y normas
internacionales. El Servicio tambi4n recopila, analiza y difunde informaci6n
relevant a los miembros y unidades de la OIT y a otras parties interesadas.

La migraci6n de retorno se ha convertido en un tema de creciente
actualidad en los dltimos anos debido a la recesi6n econ6mica que ha golpeado
a los pauses de empleo en Europa occidental y al movimiento masivo de
trabajadores temporarios de origen asiAtico para trabajar en los pauses
Arabes. De acuerdo con las opinions de investigadores y de responsables de
politicas gubernamentales, se conoce relativamente poco sobre el fen6meno y
las publicaciones que existen al respect contienen informaci6n de poca
utilidad. Independientemente de la validez de esta corriente de opini6n, cref
que serfa convenient recopilar todo la informaci6n disponible en Ginebra.

El material recopilado se present por author en orden alfab4tico. No
obstante, a fin de facilitar su utilizaci6n por aquellos lectores que s61o
esten interesados en publicaciones relacionadas con algunas regions de
migraci6n en particular, cada referencia bibliogrAfica se encuentra precedida
de una clave como se indica a continuaci6n:

GE = General se aplica a varias regions o a la migraci6n
de retorno en general

AF = Africa

AS = Asia, inclusive los Estados arabes de la regi6n del Golfo

LA = America Latina, inclusive Guyana, la Guayana Francesa y Surinam

NC = America del Norte y el Caribe

AO = Australia, Nueva Zelandia y las Islas del Pacffico

WE = Europa Occidental

- vi -

Como las publicaciones son presentadas por autor, aparecen s61o una vez;
sin embargo, pueden estar precedidas de mas de una clave. Por ejemplo, un
studio sobre trabajadores migrants italianos que retornan desde los Estados
Unidos podrfa estar precedido de NC o WE o de ambas claves. Las referencias
bibliogrAficas sobre Turqufa, para citar otro ejemplo, seran precedidas de WE
si se trata de un trabajo relacionado con la migraci6n turca que retorna de
Europa Occidental; por el contrario, seran precedidas de AS si el contenido
versa sobre el retorno de trabajadores turcos desde los Estados arabes del

La version original de esta bibliograffa fue preparada por el
Sr. Solon Ardittis durante su estadfa en la OIT en 1984.

Se pretend actualizar la bibliografia peri6dicamente. Por consiguiente,
quedarfa muy agradecido a los lectores que nos hicieran llegar las referencias
de publicaciones que hayan sido omitidas o toda publicaci6n nueva que pudiera
aparecer sobre el tema.

Septiembre 1984

W.R. B'dhning



- 1 -

WE Abadan, N. La main-d'oeuvre Turque en Allemagne Feddrale. ProblTmes
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proletarian concepts in migrants' minds.

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country. Bilateral cooperation, professional training and re-integration
projects are explored.

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politics of return. International return migration in Europe, ed. by D.
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Characteristics of Tunisian migrants, demographic situation in Tunisia
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Summary of recent procedures designed to facilitate return migration.
Education of migrants' children and professional training in France;
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on a 1976-1977 sample survey. Discusses economic, social and cultural
characteristics of resettlement, reasons for return, residence, living
conditions, wealth, occupations and income after return, 'urban'
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(Geneva, 1981, ILO-RER/79/01/Sem.I/1), 41 p..
Paper on voluntary return migration of young second generation immigrants
(youth) in Western Europe to their countries of origin. Describes trends
of migrant worker employment, considers prerequisites for productive
return migration results such as culture and ethnic group integrity, and
discusses migration policy measures to expedite return as well as the
role of bilateral international cooperation.

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Paper on sociological aspects and psychological aspects of the migrant
worker phenomenon, with relationship to the propensity for return
migration and the duration of the stay in the host country. Covers the
social implications of emigration, the employment problems of return
migrants, the implications for economic development.

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pays d'origine", Bulletin de l'Institut International d'Etudes sociales,
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recherche d'une strat4gie de reinsertion dans le pays ou la region
d'origine", in L'emigration maghrebine en Europe, exploitation ou
cooperation (Alger, CREA), pp. 382 401.
The economic crisis is not a determinant factor for the return of
emigrants. The author analyses the need for a model of productive return
migration which would increase the figures of reverse migration.

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- 7-

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- 10 -

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- 11 -

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'- l2 -

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19 -

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20 -

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- 25 -

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- 26 -

authors then consider the value of the household, rather than the
individual, as the unit of analysis. Return migration is also analyzed
in terms of the linking role it plays between Africa's capitalist and
non-capitalist countries. Finally, alternative future trends in the
circulatory flow of African labour are considered.

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- 27 -

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- 28 -

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- 29 -

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- 30 -

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Conference paper comprising a literature survey of research concerning
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- 31 -

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types, trends and frameworks of return migration research are first
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focus is on European return migration since World War II, but some


- 32 -

reference is also made to the literature on the Caribbean, Southeast Asia
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Conference report on the social implications and economic implications of


- 33 -

return migration of Greek, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Yugoslav migrant
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Migration statistics in the Federal Republic of Germany for 1982 and 1983
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facing the returnees? How can their modernizing influence on their
societies be increased?

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Synthetical review of different research studies on return migration
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- 34 -

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- 35 -

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44 -

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Covers migrant education, prevocational training, problems of
unemployment and cultural factors.

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Conference paper on migration policies for return migration with
particular reference to EEC countries. Examines problems of children and
yough upon return to the home country, legal aspects of the transfer of
social security contributions or benefits, the need for a unified system.

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auxquels se heurtent l'insertion des migrants dans le pays d'accueil et
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Article on Greek migrant worker emigration from Greece and return
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motivation and geographic distribution in the migration process.

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55 -

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Results of a survey of 574 returnees from the Federal Republic of Germany
to Athens, Salonica and Serres. Statistical data on the professional
categories of the returnees and the change of occupation upon their

WE Uniao Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses Contribution prdsentse par
1'Union Generale des Travailleurs, ILO Tripartite Technical Seminar on
Second-Generation Migrants, Lisbon, 1981 (Geneve, 1981,
ILO-RER/79/001/SEM.I/26), 18 p.
Conference paper on second generation Portuguese migrants (youth) in
Western European countries. Covers migrant education, cultural relations
with Portugal, and measures taken relating to social integration,
voluntary return migration and new migration in receiving countries.

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Report on migration policy making in the Netherlands with regard to
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Yugoslav, Portuguese and North African migrant workers.

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Institute de Estudos para o desenvolvimento, June 1984), 4 p.
The author analyses the prospects of return migration in the light of the
integration process in the country of immigration of migrant workers'
families, who constitute the decision-making unit. Possible
reintegration strategies should actively involve the chambers of commerce
and industry, the agricultural organizations and, where applicable,
investment banks in the countries of return.

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Historical patterns of Finnish return migration since the 19th century.

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Historical patterns of Polish return migration from the U.S.A. as from
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Paper on the impact of return migration on the labour market in Turkey.
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International migration and

development in the Arab region

In 1975 over two-and-a-half million Arab workers and their dependants, as well as
another half-million non-Arabs, were living in Arab countries other than their home-
land. Migration on such a scale is largely the result of economic forces, in particular
the apparently insatiable demand for labour in oil-exporting, capital-rich States
such as the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Saudi Arabia.
In this well researched book the authors examine the volume and pattern of
international migration for employment to, from and between the Arab States of
the Middle East and analyse the factors underlying it. In so doing they draw atten-
tion to the advantages and disadvantages of these flows both to the countries of
origin and to the countries of employment, and suggest what might be the conse-
quences of the ever greater recourse now being had by the migrant-receiving
countries to labour from the Indian subcontinent and the Far East. The book con-
cludes by setting out a number of courses that the Arab migrant-sending countries
might consider in order to improve their position vis-a-vis the capital-rich
xii + 175 pages 25 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-102251-X (limp cover)
35 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-102252-8 (hardcover)

Black migration to South Africa

A selection of policy-oriented research
Edited by W R 3.. .....I .

The results of research initiated by the ILO in 1976 into the whole question of Black
migration to South Africa are brought together in this study, which is published
with the financial support of the UN Fund for Population Activities. Taking as their
starting-point the assumption that Black migration to the Republic of South Africa
should be eliminated on both moral and political grounds, the researchers set
themselves two aims: first, to examine how the working and living conditions of
both the migrants and their dependants can be improved as long as migration con-
tinues; and second, to discover what means there are of reducing the dependence
of the migrant-sending countries on job opportunities in South Africa and, in partic-
ular, to consider how the existing migration link can be used to relieve these coun-
tries of their need to send workers to South Africa. The final chapter suggests a
possible plan for the gradual phasing-out of migration over a period of 15 years.

20 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-102759-7 (limp cover)
30 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-102758-9 (hard cover)

Trade in place of migration
An employment-oriented study with special reference to the Federal
Republic of Germany, Spain and Turkey
By U. Hiemenz and K. W. Schatz
An important feature of a new international economic order would be an efficient
international division of labour that would encourage a mutually profitable revival of
world trade. The present book is one of a number of case studies carried out under
ILO auspices to quantify some of the factors involved.
After examining in some detail the competitiveness of the industries of the
Federal Republic of Germany, in particular, which is one of the developed countries
already most integrated in world trade, the study estimates the effects of a liberali-
sation of the country's imports on employment in the Republic by industry, by area,
and by the skill, sex and nationality of the workforce. The possibilities of re-employ-
ment in their own countries for the Spanish and Turkish migrant workers who
might well be displaced by such a liberalisation are assessed in a concluding sec-
tion, which contrasts the economic policies recently followed in Spain and Turkey
and points to their employment implications.

x + 118 pages 17.50 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-101865-2 (limp cover)
27:50 Swiss francs ISBN 92-2-101864-4 (hard cover)


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