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f .Air baa MffMi iri"... luOlf Mtf tilt binds. .ma't nriU .< "Eitin Sp.d.l!,'' FRESH GOLDEN SWEET .!1'4' .'d fGE161/fE_'astir. .. ,
i ElCHt rkiMii|iittj'ftr im 30 yivs. tp<1 uur AftA a.a.tH flit(tot# !
: p 44u tLOtK\ Change to ALP wholi Lean coffu todiy-jet all the.fbrtr. .,Ihality C
: and freshness JOB pay for! ... la UK II 8 Eart 4. 9 1 I aV

MILD ft O'CLOCK MfltOW RED IICH c fUU-IOOf'O CIRCLE viaoiouf i w *rBOKAR TEUOW AU fURfOSf GARDEN FRESH ,.....Ie,... ......fleo_-............ ....,. M.r II.i .
x EIGHT. L. .NI '; :; e.u.. 9 ONIONS 3 t.i 19c a'ft". PEAS... 2 LH. 29c :$ A..... -1." N.W 1 SO Lot Short, W.y
ut'AG 730 513 LAO 75 2'0 770 < trA"l7l I"" WINTER HA YIN. FLORIDA UM ALFRED FLORIDA

: .UCHNUT STRAINED Wisk Fabric Softner Realemon Trend Swan LIquid Fluffy All
: Breeze ..
Baby Food 12.Odaatl.29c "H 6-01.a tk .
135c: I'4M/1w .c :.o.. 47c ,a:.. 73c 69c I 35c '?,4' 33c
6 .....59c

OmSIGrflNT RinsgooBlueSilver I Dust Coldwater,. All L-..Trend.... ....ft. Lux. LIquid IoU All.0._ Dishwasher 1-U1 ...0.. All
79c .t 65c 4 79c .... 45c
',..oa. 26c ::' 69c 'P:;; 35c : 2 w, 39c 49c

_ .. -- -- _" _.. .__ ...J. ._ ,_ ........ ._.-- ... -.- ,.4'_ 'M .. .... . "' \'''' ., ..


IWek ---- BANK NOTES . . . . . .IM*<** 1

Dien Bien Phu Angel TWMKJ WithUnmentionables Pays S ....weeu.w saw nest. us om TDeesuse EARN

I' I Sri 6YOUR IIEALTN. ] -r a1NNoMRawel TIll Oneseeceba' ow rA.nliecewle A. UtaaClAttlrle '

I I I. __f ""'- IN COMO -1D*U*"T Of"'00 Pf I PCACON I
IT coitacTBO ova ai i woo IN COlIC A'T
Leads Quiet LifeEDITOR'S Bf UHm L. OOUBMAN M.D.T&rt A COOT OF*720
lACtUKNTO, Calif (UPI) --<'"
--R .to a coma complaint of -- %
( NOTE: Tea by chance, she. wa marooned n that UM payment of in. Help For The Deaf 4
year aa. a Thursday the at Dlen Bien Pbu when it fell COM tag amomti to taking be tr

French '.niM..tDW. flee under alege Mlt. HUM off their back, but WHBN wtti portents come to wstabM. Some araeaagcnttaU or
Mw Wl to the CMniMtafaU The nurse merged from the CaHfanla tax officials have UM happy roattaation that then hereditary: these laetaoa birth
after a long siege at to end war as a hereto, .bar courageand footed aw what It m"lOn to a la on sloe to wrl..c a hear- defects and a oondtUon 01pI'OCftIIIYI
of the Indochina war The bravery beaded by the w.... test aid Oa 11 .Malls
siege made a heroine out of wounded she landed The A Southern schoolteacher daafnoe caged e o- "Cevtiee.r.s .f De,...."
Caliform i Thousands of hard of hearlnf .".,...,, I
the "".,el of Dien flee Phw," Fench gave her a triumphalreturn paid her state income person are denying themaelvaa Ingenious and brllliaat FOR FULL
a Mrae who attended the to Park and the Vroix tax t this year with a < heck lit the enriched productive lives have, In recent yean operaUona raatoretf -. N 4ax INFORMATIONDROP
weneded.Iathe fcfflowbtf ... de Guerre medal eraUjr drawn OB her panties they are entitled to, either because serviceable hearing to I
patch, a UPI correspondent She was invited by Congress Marta. Huff, eaecutiK secre they are unwilling ad UuNttMda of deaf patient The IN AT
report that the heroine now to tour the United State. She tar, of UM franchise tax board mit Uiajt their fenestration operation and ita IT HM KEN SAID THAT ANDREW
U a Park bouaewife who was honored with a ticker tape .afcl the empty penile-. arrivedin hearing: la Inadequate aueeaaaor, UM CA MISE'S( MORSE COULD HARDLY
want to forget the war.) reception in New York. Preai- DM mail lest. week They or be.cause have been extremely auceaacful moo BANK, ''1 TXOUT Sma0INOCARNeaev
den Eisenhower pinned the wan neatly Inked will all the of the In great numbers of carefully aNKCREDIT VAC; A LOAN rf
By ALINE MOSBY Freedom Medal on her white information uwally appearing false belief that selected cases It la Importantto '217 WTO HAY FOR Hft SHAW M ., :
United Press InternatWnal nurae'i uniform. on a personal check, including E wearing' a hearing remember however, that not THE REST TWO SICCPINO CART
In 1966 in a Pari chapel IVIIt 1U113'; THEY ("'(WNTr nt
PARIS (UPI-The) housewife the-tax payment amount aid will all types of deafness are candidates PullMAN ({JMPAN' I I
in the dmple gray skirt and lined with battle flag, the mar Huff aald a lower echelon make them lees for these surgical procedures.
sweater opened the door of the ried a paratroop captain the clerk, who apparently take aa eptable .
new apartment house with a met in Indochina before flyingto such thing in stride at tax _ member of a Any hearing difficulty, no '
shy mile. Dien Bien Phu. Many heroes time, lent the panties to the Dr. Colenuua aoclal or bual- matter how alight, should be
It war the same imile remembered of that battle attended the wedding proper bank. Bank officials determined near group. investigated by the physician: so
by many from new- they were valid in Aa a matter of fact, deafened that no time will be wasted In
paper of 10 year ago-the After serving In Madagascar Irument" and cancelled them person who decide to wear a clearing up possible Infections i
round face with heavy eye. her husband, Capt. (now Huff declined to disclose the hearing: aid are always delightedwith or in making whatever recommendation I CHECKS o3w "a- TIME OFUNCOLN''sPREblKNCy
brow and gentle expression major) Jean de Heaulme, war woman' that the MAC JA66tD TEAR ANP
marked .
identity, saying Improvement are necessary Isle IS NO ACC MN1. THE TEAR IS THE
the dark brown hair parted assigned to Part tax transaction are private In thetr relatlonahlpa with family 1 CAMCaUATIOM CHECKS THEN wERE member . eec deposits
simply on one side Today, the couple and their matter between the individualand friend and business associate Special Problems cNcantso *X KING 'IMPALED. ON A .,* Iniurad !by F.D.I.C.
But a decade ago the back. two children, Franco! S, and the atate-but he added: *. Conversation U easy Deafness In the elderly pre.senta TltIMeULAR"" ..PI...

ground was M different. The Veronique, 3, live in Malsona- "We're n o t particularly and natural The familiar tense special problem, complicated deafness can be reduced to.
woman war Genevieve de Gi- Laffitte, a fashionable village pleased with this We don't con- train to hear and to be heard by psychological factors. harmless level in Industry if
lard "The Angel of Dlen Blen 13 miles from Paris rider this helps with our effortsof la replaced: by a wonderful climate Elderly persons who need them proper precautions are taken.
Phu" a French army nurse tax administration.." for communication should be encouraged to wear There are now available QUICK
who for 47 day endured the hearing aids *o that they can
Mother Sees Pay Little AttentionThe method by which the Intensity
take an active place In
siege of the Communist VIet. family
of sound and the Urn of ex.
Two Take deaf soon finds and community life ale, M,
Boys person
mlnh in the surrounded French Son Killed poaure can be measured. This
garrison during the last day of that other people pay little or The Inability to hear fre- la called "noUecxpoaurelnd .
the Indochina war. Elephants For no attention to the hearing aid. quently make the older perIOD ."
By Automobile itself Amplification of mound withdraw from social
It was 10 yean ago Thursday group A Employers and employee e
that the Communists finally Morning RideLOS with hearing aids haa brought hearing aid can give sufficient should combine their effort aoa
took the Dien Bien Phu garri SUNNYVALE, Calif (UPI- "found" happlnea to many "boost" to open again the hot-i to minimize this bombard.
son, located In what 1 Is now Mr. William Avey, 28, stood at ANGELES (UPI-Two) tiiouasnd of people con of sound to an unnecessarily ment by noise and protect. the
North Viet Nlm.I teen-aged boy Tuesday broke Deafness exist, In one formor limited world. hearing from permanent loss.
The nurse was brought out ofa waving into the elephant compound at another, In 15,000,000 people Recently survey have shown These 11Q
I smoking valley in faded, oversized Charles, T, ran to catch a the Griffith Park Zoo -and In the United State alone It that Industrial. noises have pro- to relieve column ore ietlgned
paratroop uniform her school bus went for an early morning ride la estimated that an additional duced damaging affect on the heaftft yourear* about
feet thrust Into muddy tandal But the routine daily event on a pair of the pachyderms 49,000,000 people, those who human ear. Constant exposure throw a better tinderttanding -
Instead of worrying, a* now, turned to one of horror when along the park' bridle path live In Immediate contact with over long period of time to JiU/ tto of your mind and body.
hope/ill advance
about an apartment with modern the boy dashed Into the path of Attendant Max Kepple told the deaf are affected In someway noise of high Intensity. in factories hs mtdiciM new
reported kern
\ furniture and pale gray an auto and was struck down. authorities he found the lock by this handicap can be destructive to the ktiovm to doctor are '

wall, she wa working ankle The pregnant mother, stunned to the compound broken when, Numerous Causes delicate. hearing; mechanism Your individual medical everywhere problem

deep In yellow mud in an "op. by the tragedy, went Into labor he arrived for work then aaw There are numerous cause Can Be Lessened should H handled by your BY THE BAOFUUL
crating room" that was and was rushed to Los Citos the boy "whooping it up and ... Noise doctor. B.
for deafn. Some are prey sufficient to produce own kttowt yell beat ,, .
learning underground shelter Community Hospital having a great time" riding
In the French garrison Little Charles was pro their lumbering chargers t::.
Genevieve, then 29, Joined the nounced dead at the scene of The boys apparently taw PUBL.IX lOOIh STO ........ ATION PUBLIX 100th STORE CELEBRATION rOBLIX 10
air force a* a nurse in 1952 to the accident. Five hour later Kepple about the same time he .. '.
fly into battle areas to bring Mrs. Avey gave birth to a five- saw them, and quickly dismounted .
out the wounded. Other nurses pound, dx-ounce boy and disappeared {PUBIIX':
shared the hardship but Gene. Their two.ton mounts, N-Jo-
vleve became famous berausek AT RIGHT SPOTESCONDIO Gu from Africa and Getta from lesaaaa e.1
Calif (UPI)- India, were herded back into .. 1( .
Sherlff deputies Leslie Hill, the compound by their keepersto '- .. ( .
Ar* yes MtlifM .'M tilt John Reeve and Mel SMITH resume their morning i a

went yet have .bees able. lacwimlatef picked the right time and place snooie I N q.Covered leses Pao v '
I.""' ..*.) waej for a coffee break Tuesday, Zoo Director W A. Young sty ql, Dutch Own W/Cever 142$Vale a
cue dollar. per day wIN a1* fee Whit they relaxed at a road. said the boy could have beenIn $1141 Value 1 yl
yew flMMM. Men.CONTACT aid cafe, In walked a nun great danger became elephant
they knew to be a friend of forgery have been known to
turn on strangers, especially .
suspect Newborn Jacksold \.
Whr'* yojujtolrj Jack .when roused from their sleep.! . ., .1',1. "-
Ftn.vnc.fcl PJ w.i! 'MilI, tII II _--- "";' '. '. .
.n din4; !ti jr .:.:;. ,
SOctA? .qtijc: ." H"ahemoarral!! .those t\tl'f\ J .' ;"...... *"f ,
H. A. KIISI t .' Why,, e' j'htoutside in Miami Seaquartum, 1* often YOUR CHOICE Ofa ONE WITH BACH ,. M s.
P. O. la* 171, Wlttw Henee fhe truck,' replied Buckner- called a shiner It fa very com f: ; oilw
,....... IM4tt an answer that landed Jacksonin mon and grow to a length of >100 WORTH OP rUBLIX GOLD t lOVt Mali Cevmd Fry Pm
the jai\house. about a loot CASH REGISTER TAPES. s+.rs vhue

... /
k'I Ml CevwW Fry Pen
"L fi f,

May 7-8-9,1964 TheM are Genuine Wwiver
(ALCOA) aluminum reeking
,j 1 I : a utensil-whh kindles.. guwnd -

a ... to withstand 400 even
sPECuts I d temperature-the finest. qualify M et.,..Keith
C4r j 4i a aluminum cooking. steel en $..7$Valve

5 P the' market today leak for them ;i.
\a n .it display ai your nearby folk
'4, \ County Publix Marks and be
'fill 0 0 a sore to sew your Gold Cash leg I Cue Percolator
i' it J$ Value
FRENCH PECAN ', rater Tape.






each 79c -1 All Available / /

Mae /
BONUS L s, t

t '

DAY SPECIAL nna i May 13th, W4Actaal 1
I O '7P
1. New Clear Plastic Lara*)


(reg. $1.75 value) Toro otM a PM

2. Special Decorated 8-Inch TSre a 11M ale iYleb

MOTHER'S DAY CAKE a Cent a Omega

(r.g. $2.25 value)

I '

1Janislt13a1erg iR 8.0O OR MOD t ,

o f !

8 ........*..s mok aoHonet

ube f oMofTuettr

ea j I r1UMetUr Cookware offer available for
'1.,' =: o three (3) months or longtr.TumbUr .

e g offer good until May 13,

PUIJIIX : 1964. Both will b. available at

WHERE SHOPPING I S A PLEASURE sea at a all Publix Markets in Lakeland,
\m Aubumdafa, Bartow, Homes

NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTII 'a_. # City, Lake Wales, Sebring
CY 3-4131
and Winter Haven.Pege .


......... -- . e. -. :.. : : ... .
AIYe - _. -AAw.wwweR 1.": .. ..:-: . :.....t


;MARKItYlevID_ 1 1 wIdeab 0 ok


frozen foods down produce Ifine .
.. w.,1 Ie.h',
PkHwttt I FlmU 0. >tConcentrate
/ / JfL: 4 'semi' 99 Lettuce . 2hcadj29c

.1 TI.T.r As..ded ....
S. '1 All .
; ;_ Fruit Drinks 9 ;?; 99u.
'roat, Ch..la.-Cu.nd Potatoes lbs
,, Bananas pec I ei k 39 ,.?? !leu Sweet
picNwMt ,.*.... Ml.dVegetables.
p '*.. Pmeap'les3Kiwft'l for 'I
5 ..: o
.....r's AnttMl* .fFruit
ugn 3 ':::;. 59 "'oz.
.'-- ,..... Salad .tai 6ge4.FI.
.4 Scallops VC: 49 IMf.e .M }... 194 awe/N.wp. f_ tile Kr ftStw "I
\ . A_,'. TmtyHT
M" r ni'i HailPeck
I \ Fish Cakes ";:'Y; 69 Sliced Bacon. lb. 49t
$ StlMMH Mll C Ull ,...
4 '* UM k
Game Hens lv'i;; 69
Pork Sleaks. lb. 4St
: .
.'. .
Mort. Mix r M fch S.I( .
I1ft'. ._ Stick Ityle
MM'NN CHICKIN.ft Ck*iiif.M, SM TURKEY"K;HI 16 POT M.nts r S.... 39t
B'nsthweiger lb.
5 V" *1
r.rhl Nkltc CracktrSicken' l. ..
c..hI.d'e h.ijrt.uM.i
'." Biskit '"";;'. 41' Bug.. S lls a ge. lb. 49t

ktly't TmJtr Cvl
reen Beans ...... *c JOj n IIhellie r..h'..'r.rid''T."

,, '"'.., . Jgi
.1 Dellcleu. #'" 21'.r fl.'tnu). ..........,........., Pv'p . (
Beans .. ." u. !

key'. Ttft4r Slicidireen Dry.P'di lls ge :::: 39t
Beans ....... *!.,J 21 _
__ ,.,,.
________ huh "en

ly't Fl .rfylfordhook Limas #!:2..0.s! 27' .i Pork RQ ust . jb. 3Sc

ktly'i Tmifer Wh ltJreen

Beans *lc: 27 + .I


Ch"y-H. 1.4 It., Pined
4 Pie Cherries . 20-ci.con 25' dairy specials '

1.4 w Yellow H..IIt. "
Punch , . 346-ci.:; $1| MeSumCEggr :?. 39*
. Wkl.p.JMargarine
Krclt'i MirccU
h1./ ,14. $h<*4Pineapple
ti .. !.II. 29
. . . can 25' ... ."
i '
"- SisalSwift'
frtmmm F..il, SI.. Velveeta V.*... 59*

Beef Stew 324-01. $| ......,...... .."." ".*.... ...,
16/ Cr* nr Sfyl Yogurt ;lilt 19
} y Golden Corn 2 cons! 29 .
I P t.rfr -H.. Cotfage'Cnecse VJt 49

Green. Peas 2 #CN. 29rCheddar. .Cheese Ur. 59'Green
Pep T..IuC.1
Beans 2 29

Drip or Regular GrindFolger's
IO XTEXTRATOC 00 FREE O Coffee 2-lb toe $118 Round Roast |lb. Sge

Jfil Oroon StampsM4to .... .. .
..... . (Limit t Hr "* vM push.**! IS w nl
Swift Pr....Pro...In.l..Cr*..e..Wb. IM Large Family Silt Chunk SryUStarKisf Short Ribs. . Ib 39C
..J..I=.M.$1.47. *1141 => Tuna. 3 $1.
.. .. cons
1I Libby'i Rich, Red 'n Refreshing Chuck Steaks' Ib 59

IOO .Fitee"00 IOO] Tomato Juice. . on. 25cGr'nd .

J"/ Groan. Stamps Hunt's YelW.CIing Beef 3 lb. $147i

I .sslw 0.1. SUOD.u..du'LUNCH' eF MEAT {PI... 100 e.tre hii .d'P i C'.... St..".*. with e...p.,,)
(tdy.. Olt.i, Pkkl. & '''.It.) Peach Halves . e 25C
Irei 3 6-o*. p.,.. .87c WHERE SHOPPING IS1 PLEASURE'Kleenex
Whit or Colored Softer ..
TOOf'RCE Towels 2 ",'., 39C Southeast Plaza

VUU? 000 White or Colored Shopping CenterKleenex

Croon Ms w Stamps IM Tissue 7r 27CWhite M A R K R T
jwirr rtiMiuM SMOKID SAUSACI couMTtrSTYll ; North Gate
Ib.. 69c or Colored Two-Ply Shopping Center
a. .eMr..w
Pelsey Tissue 2 1ge
SO ill/.l..f.& I50! 501 Kff rlaAm-50 lSoma.Tt."fflSO 150l ., ,.. ',* I + !

Jj/ Green S JT/ Ore on J1l Green....._ J1i Or..n.., rM ,,3Gtren..aw wr..rcMw Stamps e4
s: W..w
......_. I !
w stampsl J stampsjl HUrEA INSTANT mIo ) tiOUl'S coftN sourrii
AUlD CREAM LnB. Nr It. ilelf J2* c. rkf pi
2 12-ct. pk/r
69c Iw ht 2..i. w ,
-Mbe1M f'I N.e.r.e;;; .. ( F iioj1 ) MMiSlMSMllCAVAILABLE
_ .::. SaOO? i2I 'i9 ) _O/v_' _l _ _ X99! .911)


'_ _. 1;. I'" -.._ V h._. .. .. . YAM__-...:__________: ..:_ .;___.......:..; ; ..____...--=:.! :: : .... ____



QVIt.<< gjpfri launched here. serve their bU'OIUIAL DUM '
l pur- trai range from infrared to For TIME and
CAn lam Fla 'UPIPortynv > pull! well even though their useful ultraviolet The windows, developed SBMME8. Ala (UPI) This DIA'L". 118'
The Citrus Scene seeoads ton t a very life apan la no more than a In the apace laboratories buDetiii board notice startled .. TEMPERATURE
long *.. flew" few f'Nnd at S
II to enjoy the lIt Republic Avlatlin ace made viewers em m e > High
from a IflP8CIaUJ No larm than thiizi' of ., School
window of a apes i .,t hlKh-|)uiUtMil| / 11 and !anI Tuesday Claaws will cewtetyIXCHANOI
,, linn they t t 1.lIu1th>i>' M'In, I Ii I"" s meet .
when the 1/.1"1" I I I" in gym tomorrow Neither
s than i quu1be' ol rte inch : NATIONAL' IANK. Mentor. f.l.l.C.Top .
By JMXOURMRTnetUt fiat melting away! Port',', ,I, 1\ idlomitt! tll arc the ml' lui' thick group will dress "
ne ONrM aslartar the windows on Proje t 11 II, tars of heat over the entlir '1" "c-

i! WHAT DOm MKBT MEANT growth of the organiiattoo un ---
Many auesttons have bean Air Mi admmiatratkM will be
hurled lit me people wasrffaw. graphically illustrated and
to know Hut what brburine: honors will alao be paid the
Florid* Citrus Mutual tlHi past presidents
annual meeting here on Mists There will. be suitable tributes -
lav June IB means l" Winter to the Mutual officers 011 I.,
HBVMI-and there are rev a'n1 directors who have departed aced.at
eral good prmwera to that from the scene duringthe
nuestkm last year
1. Winter Haven was the'fuIII You can see Paine strong
-/ Mrtbnlace of the mM pitches for more harmony g
oer..ennnrr.tlvl' ", had within the industry, and a full I
ennaM.rehle dlHtrth fttttMnff explanation ofnet where Open 'tell, 6 PM For Yo r Shopping
tll. ereenA I.fttfl the day r S citrus atanda on the highly Convenience
"1'OPIIt'I'"I'hI' organisa explosive and dangerous
lion Mtnn, "hnn.ei and the cttvomWned tariff situation. on which Mu. IIC
in sUtlnft\ a rally! tual hal been working day tro'I
and barbecue here-with the and night e eon IIS
big meeting .nd "pitch"I madeIn With a figurative Hire of .stc e
the amphitheatre on Take trumpet and ruffle of drumsthe 1 I
Silver audience will be told that
I 2 Winter Haven In about ..t an of June M, Mutual'i! actual .e 1 ti S
dead center of oil estrus nperi! inilvidual grower contracts
lions In the state and lust number In excess of 13,000. 'k JUST
about the most convenient meaning that about 86 percent : quality ft ** $f one
point for moat growers to of all commercial grow I 1 'k deluxe model I Ha'
SAYsee all)
In the state controllingabout
meet en masse era
3. This annual meeting/ will 90 to 92 per cent of all with a low the

bring to Winter Haven more the citrus production, are ., price tag Wit
newsmen than any other event under the Mutual umbrella. UNICHARGEOne Ch
-and this year It will\ be more a Achs
heavily: and extensively rnv. RAINS WERE GENERAL
ered than ever before This Herman Steele, the walking convenient charge accountfor vat
meant Winter Haven datelines encyclopedia of data and facts Blu
will be carried In all media In concerning the pall, present all your tire, car service, home wa

the itate-and call attentionto and future of things citrus, the i and auto supply needs I De''
the fact that this li THE assistant general manager of yea
CITRUS CAPITAL OF THE Florida Citrus Mutual tells me i-o aar .Amount" ,t" Month"l fin.G
WORLD. today that the rains of the last Big 2/ h. p. 4-cycle arged, )f Pay..t.' .
4, Mutual official get all. few days were "general In rou
out cooperation here-they nature" and brought more Eeeywindautomatic Briggs & Strattoirengine 50.00 '5.00 WOI
have the best possible accommodation than ample moisture to the starter. 88 '75.00 7.00 fav
in the 2,000.plus seat entire citrus producing area Fingertip throttle bas
Nora Mayo auditorium with of the state, Including the control on handle. $4 9 9 5 '150.00 '1000 ha(
Its excellent acoustics, and Indian River and the Interior Big 8-Inch wheel 280.00 14.00 70-(
there ii parking ipace for at portion of the atate for easy operation. Lightweight, flexiblehose : ads
least 2000 cart within a radlui There was Irrigation underway Adjustable cutting features bright: 360.00 18.00 Ha
of four blocks of the auditorium In practically every grove height Buy on I green mirror finish Limit 9 Rolls Per Customer '400.00 20.00 1

with no fender. that had water available, Easy Budget Terms I All-braacouplings. Additional 1.59 EachPHILCO: finIni
emitting closeneii if a driver either through pumps, wells or .
I It careful the way he parks gravity flow from lakes and ---- Do
S. The huge proportion of ditches, when the rains started He
those In attendance will be This has been stopped. (
from outside Winter Haven The rain was most beneficial thithi'
i and Polk county and some of to the coming crop although Deluxe Play Gym
them come early and slay 1
It effect '
did have tome " '--'-- - .
a late and spend money in the on the juice content of -- -"" I

community. the Valencia! and the comparatively ErJa
6. Winter Haven't city and few grapefruit left
civic leadera always find time on trees Jum
to show up-and make the 1r l
visitors feel at home. R<
T And Mutual members like Your CarriageOn I Ci
the hospitality and the friend- II---f-
lineal of the town. II ,
the Skids? t r.at b6
While the agenda for the Ps
1964 annual meeting of FlorIda Bring It Here .
Citrus Mutual here It
strictly In the highly tentative HOUSTON Tex. OTI'' p.H
and embryonic stage, When that surrey with the
there win be several feature i'ulnae nets worn out and needs 'tresE' Tr
Crowd pleating entertainment., repairs, a Houston carriage $1 Q95
la sure to be on Ute bill of!I''maker can do, the job
fare In the bustle of this modem upHeavy Ja
Despite the fact that the Texas QuIt Coast City, not H. wa
larger percentage of Mutual many miles from where men are ,
growers who attend then planning flights to the moon 2-inch tubing construction \

meeting are originally from Raymond Knepple builds. repairs 8-ft, top bar with 7-ft legs SnTe
other parta of the country-I and lefuiblshcs ttage- teala et
would be willing to wager at coaches surreys and other Baked enamel finish in red, green and yellow
least 40 of the 50 atatea and fancy vehicles of old. 1Rb
several foreign countries will bachelor Terms
Now 56 the hardy Easy Budget
be represented in the crowd operates In a wood frame shop 14 Cu. Ft. NoFrostREFRIGERATORFREEZER PHILCO CUSTOM COLOR TV RoAn
to come here pext month cluttered with the tools and
such things at good country parts of his trade ITALIAN PROVINCIAL
music have alwayi hit a reiponalve "It looks to me like the carriage 1Ho
chord Will Rogers business la getting to be a Jutl "Charge
Jr.. with his homespun humor, sport," Knepple explains As $32995 teems
and Frankie Fontaine with the far aa I know I'm the only carriage Buy en easy budget
crazy hat, have been here In maker In this part" of the OFF mahogany veneers with matching FrL
Refrigerator and freezer completely froat-free. ..
the part. country
hardwood aolid Philco custom color TV b I
the abilities no defrosting
Lut year, more to bring Knepple picked up necessary
home the fact that Florida had from his father Ills fa Split-kvet "Dairy Bar" storage door with enclosed compatible for color or black and white.

suffered a major diaaater during ther's carriage works at Dodge r butter keeper, extra-deep milk shelf and three Simplified, uyto-djut color controls. Twin I
the 1962 freeze Mutual Tex, burned In 1(12: and the fittfoneDe St.
lift-out for
trays and other foods
served an 'autterlty" lunchof Knepple family moved to Houi- eggs gpeaken are out front for beet sound. Also
hot dogs and baked beam, ton. His father took a Job with Freezer hold 100 Iba. of frozen foods available In Danish Modem gtyling.\ eoM

departing from the usual charcoal the Texas Wagon works. When )) De luxe Champion Two sliding shelves for ewy aoMM weRe
broiled filet. No one bat Knepple finished firm grade in
given me the word and I am school, he joined his father Twin porc:1: aiD eriapera: hold one bushel JUST Per Month fir
acting strictly on a hunch, workshop at the age of M and foi
but don't be one whit aurprlaed made (0 cents a day. NEW TREADS I
If the lunch doean't revert Later the Kneppbs ran the Ci
to the filet Texas Carriage and Top Co. In tic<
Thete are special filets prepared 1038. they built the present j RETREADS ON SOUND i s l a 1 g I' 1 1 I I : .* Lt
by a famous Ocala restaurant shop. J TIRE BODIES OR ON / Cl
acme highly seasoned Long after horseleis carriages
and with garlic, others without threatened to push the big old C 1.. YOUR OWN TIRES 3 Band Radio Boys' or Girls' rUM
some rare, some mediumand wagons off the streets demand SePege
some well done and In continued for wagons and carriages Elegant black leatherette ease I\II model
between, and Mutual'a eight- for rodeo parades, trail w WHITEWALLSOR Covers standard AM International .h
man field staff erects a special tides dude ranches and hay I short wave and marine band. Has $3095
grill on the street under I'ldea. 4 11 Mellon telescopic whip, antenna. Ct
a tent erected for the occaaion During World War II, buil- Includes \ real bMuty with chrome
handles, with Ute aid of ness went down and Knepplegot BLACKBALLSAny batterlM.spaing rims and fenders.addle. iiDt
some local help, the broiling a job working with commercial 53495' .\ Twin
MORE EXPECTATIONS refrigerators In 1951 his \ ;/ headlight and many more DtDt
: ". "
Getting away from the culinary father died.Knepple .coo A.II111/ Jf tras.
aspect of the event the did not touch a
1964 annual meeting la to be wooden wheel or carriage frame Size noC
dedicated to W. Max Acree Jr. for yeara )
of DeLand, who will be doing But in ItSS he and a friend (.
his lilt act ai president of got the fever again They built loll Mils
the super-coopentive. hiving one stagecoach A buyer grab M
served the four yore pre- bed It up quickly, and Knepple FOR eta PI
scribed at a limit by the re- decided to go back In business + 4949 ';, for
vlaed charta and by.lawa. In the six years since he haa ONLY, 3 only .
The accomplishments and. old It carriages of various *1 Long feting Fire+ton etime.
types at prices from leas than 1; 9 Speed Cushion bIke I
SWIMMING 11.000 to nearly 13,000. and has Plus tax and $ 18 Nylon cord body
repaired many others s provides eslra strength.
CHEMICALS 4 trade-in tires of r eomper.ioa High 133 and :added resistsnn to
HTH Super-CHor TiroivouEUREKA.Calif, size off car MnUTTraTmMa
-High same your Liquid. winding / S 1e1 3.3,3.3, .S4'.s" m ere

PERCLORON school teacher Robert Wright See our complete line of bike accessories
Additional balls 1.00 each
was playing golf with one of his customer
-ah student, 18-year-old James
SWIMMING POOL Ouy and the boy father .lit..
EQUIPMENT a SUPPLIES On the 119-yard fourth hole
at Bayatde course. James er TH ST. ft AYL A, S.W.
CHEMICAL SALES whacked a nine-iron shot for a
CO. rtole-ln-one Wright took out
CY 3-2116
his nine Iron stepped up to the
14 Hit t., 1 t"W. Cv gag" hole
tee -- and aced the same
Q Expert

For BUILDING MATERIALS Call CY 3-3139 Front-End


sl where your dollar buys MILES more Brake Service!

Bagwell Building Supply Rood

I r

. .
'" '
-------- -- -- -- -- --- -- ------ - - - ---- -- -


iDevilmen Begin .... ,'1'Ir"' '. .. M Tilt Ray WashburnComes

;';fj; .y . day

I For Devils?

SessionsBy "I Jllrnou beats Plum AcrossIn
ppring J'ItIIIr" DragoM are HieesxjMM ,
champ with .J<
I Tot ...... If they tew. w,
play staMMor. Monday andY
Soorta hdito."I1A. D .".,. wa" w to, we tie for th. Cards WinBy

The Winter Havao High football team began spring traiarag t1tIe ftat'l the latest from ,
m ...... yesterday. after the /first MILTON RICHMAN The Mania maintained their
day wee devoted to high' saol on who! .
Aiding oajt .quipa***, orientating new gets DuMfni Pms liM.......al oaexime hold on first place
I prospects, what aaJ-when .
watching the Blue Devilroup track team briDe born Use tam Western Conferrm concernim.the Who* the pitcher with taw with a 2.1 1 win over the Colts
trophy is the G HI meet in Lakeland. baseball erownWinter greatest potential in baseball the Reds defeats die Pirates,
On the Job yesterday warn bead coach Calvin Imlay'Meet 1.and the Brave blanked
Triplett., i Ieagu-' .people would automatically the Meta, 04, hi Ik* only other
assistants Unu.B ide ; record stands at 6
and now 2 National
Koufax xched
say Sandy Ousts League games
< .
Herman Loftin, and Junior The Blue Devil Robinw sled
might name Juan Markka,
varsity coach Gorman Ayers. game was originally slain! Jim Mabney. at AI Downing Cleveland beat Ksstosi. 40. In
Haven Golf ; Two coaches were missing for laat Friday, Rained But Branch Rickey passes Die American LMSJIM where
from the gridiron practice out It was set for Saturday New York
over all of them and stager topped) Detroit 43.In .
field-Bill Duncan who was Called because of confusion oul Ray Washburn, a .-,..r. 10 Innings. Baltimore hipped
putting 10 of his track team A !"' it war settled that! old right handed prf ctk>fu.t Washington M, and Loa Anietea ,
ChampionshipSemis members through their paces they would play today: whom the St tools Cardinals bumped Kansas City 8.1
In preparation for Saturday'sstate Then more deliberations :! called hark up from LM minors Even though Willie Maya and
,; meet In Gainesville and called for I Monday game only last week. Orlando Cepeda aat this one oulbeeauM
baseball coach Jim Whitney pending th outcome of the 'c Ricky, the aSyear-oM special of injuries. the Giants
Slated working out his charges at Jefferson-Plant contest consultant for the Cardinal Mill railed to their.. fourth
Denison Field Duncan is a Someone ahouM let a big ; who has seen them all straight triumph with a 10.hit
Wilbur Jack Van vanity line coach and Whit. round of applause for clearing i from Welter Johnson on down attack S*.s i JM the CoHa
Timmy vi ney is assistant JV coach, the matter ups) I ate +
to the rawest rookies hi the
and Danny Repnold. Major StandingsBy
Hart vi league
Those football prospects mir ,... .
Bill Mattox set the stage for "' "' game today, claims Waanburn lilted' Press International
sing from the track and baseball ------ ---
. owns the greatest natural
the next to final act of the America League
Winter Haven Golf Club Mem teams total about 10. DEVILS WARM UP-Before spring practice officially got under way yesterdaythe What Will sjifta' of any pitcher. who has W L. Pct. GB
Championship Boys reporting yesterday for Winter Haven Blue Devil vanity hopefuls limbered up with torn impromptu patting ever worn a to* plat*. Cleveland 1 I .843

All the semi-finalists In the to grid 70 practice It appears totaled that about the varsity 65. and catching It was the easiest drill the Dt"i"n: .n participated m during the day. They Do Next K Cardinal ane goes Manager along with Rockey Johnny Chicago 1 I ,I"10
championship flight except Baltimore I 7 SOS I
team will have
more try.
to this extant Whenever
Van Hart are members of the Teen-aim can driveo anyone New York 1 6 .&38 It*
Ing for the than coach
squad asks him how the Cards
Blue Devil golf team But this For I rrasy Detroit t 1 SOO 2
Parallel FoesNEW
Triplett expected Koufax Ominous will do this year, he r-
Unexpected aa the Minnesota 9 I 900 2
was Drills rela Ilk "
yesterday were They to do the twist pints: A lot depends on Wash
Devilmen placed second in the lively light Blocking drive Kansas City 1 8 438 3
timing amiped-up cart and listen t burn,
year and sport some of the agility minute sessions took YORK (UPI!) Sandy strikeout mark to 25 for a foul glowed' over hi' sharpness and to the Beailea all dlyTb..1 WaahlHirn, boosted St Louis Boston 7 S 438 :S
finest young swingers around up the most of the one-and- Koufax is back today in a mys game series said that V fell even better Into fourth place Tuesday night Los Angeles 1 10 .Ut 3
Going into this week' a half hour session It is antlcipated tic repeat of last season and ii This year he pulled an arm and more cmlidrnt than he really no tolling whitlhey're with a 11 victory over Philadrlphla Washington S 12 400 4
Wilbur and Reynolds dkl his '(3 g"*" ng to do next 1M 1 1yarold 18. Tveaday'a Resnlta
round, the results the It on returnIt
that the first week of are same s a muscle in hit third start So all even though he needed
| would have to be called the spring practice will be devoted load of bad nrwi for rivals of he did in his return was go a was an all-oul test for his BaltfinerOrioles Wally Bunker of Tiitfday the, a bit of help from Ron TaylorIn Boston 4 Cleveland 0
favorite as they posted the two to getting the team the Los Angeles Dodgers full 10 Innings In beating the arm Indicated by those IS proved the ninth Inning Baltimore a Wash 1, night
best quaifying rounds. Wilbur Just ha hurtin strikeouts Koufax. it'a night when he calmly Lot Ang I Kan City t, night
thinking football with the a year ago was Cube, 21'. with a three.hitter apparent Waahhurn, a conscientioussort
had 74-73-147 and Reynolds a last three weeks moving Into hia fourth start sat out 13 and 11 strikeouts Even larger has taken up where he left walked wit beat and pitched a on* who worries when he New York 4 Detroit S, 10 in

70-78( -148. But ready to take the fundamentals, or, at it days, came back with a bit of loomed the fact that he walked off last October And, the Vankeea Senators hitter to, 11 the Washington walks a baUer or gels a pitch nlngs, night
| advantage of mistakes are Van has been, described 'head relief and wert on to win only threeIn will attest It has to be a Hunker, strictly I thrown In the wrong place, checked the National' LeagueW.

Hart and Mattox knock in.,' The team la allowed 25 games and lead the Dodgersto his early years, Sandy always worrisome thing to rival hit. yet, missed a no.hitter h> the I'hlla on seven hits Tuesday L. Pet GB
The Seniors Division semifinals 20 consecutive! schooldays the pennint This April hf was hampered by lack of tera dam margin of Chuck Itininn night but yielded to Taylor afler San Fran 12 t ,750Milwaukee
has K. R Popham play. for spring drills was hurt In his third game but control. When he bream a fourth Inning single, which he giving up a singe to Hobby 12 I MT 1
Ing John Dame and Mike Triplett said earlier that after being out 11 days came regular in 1968, the team's first Plumbers Win actually let his gave. on but Win In the ninth Philadelphia 10 6 618 I
Downs against A G ONeal Thursday and Friday 20-min back brilliantly to go 10 in year In Loe Angeles. he had an rawMn t atop It dMn fair hima The Cardlnala' handed Jim St Louis II' .18 ivn
Here the race la wide-open ute scrimmages will be held. singe for a thrre-hit win. 1111 mark with 106 walks in Danlela Plumbing of Winter Dunning his first lost after PittsburghCincinnati 10' 558 S

Other matchea this week The parallel is ominous to IW innings Lad year, In till Haven beat Smith.Douglas of MI had no rhino," he said three straight victories by clipping 10. 528 m
that must be played no later the opposition. Innings pitched, he allowed only Plant City In the Lakeland Thre war no time for mr t. him fur two runs in the Chicago I' 400 5*
Sunday areChampionship : Heaping ScoresIn It extends farther than fifth on doulil by Lot Angeles 112 400 8
than even 58 walks City League last night 11 behind react It was by me like I a Johnny
Consolatkm that The Dodgers of 1963 had In those first four games last the one.hit pitching of shot" Lewis and singles by Phil Gag Houston 113 381 8V*
Fred Arlington vs Danny Church Loop numerous early injuries and season he permitted eight Carroll Lasseler Lasieler Palled "Bo" by his dam llano, ('urt flood and Bill New York 3 IS 1(7 10

English, Bob Haviland vs after their first 20 games were bases on balls This lime, In struck out 16 mates because the cla m ttf.s Whit 7aeday'e keeslle
Jack Tesencky The Beymer Methodist soft. 3Vi.. names off the lead. After the first four he allowed seven The 'meals play Davlson of a dead ringer for tin BilmOi* Waahburn shut out the PAils Milwaukee I New York 0
First Flight ball team won Its opt'nin"ameMond.y Koufax won the 20th game thin Koufax allowed 1 threi walk Bartnw In akeland Friday (if I the Angtl B inker struck' until' the eighth when Tony Cincinnati I Pittsburgh 4, night
Curly Pierce vt Al Bryant, night at Denison Field time in his comeback start. Inthat to Inning comeback and the West Coast (atereri out four ,inrt walked three domain tagged him fur a St Louis S Phila I, night

Roland Robinson va, Joe The defeating winners Grace had Luthern their IIS big, against bark the Cubs they were S>. game again: the tubs but hr In Tampa Saturday Tuesday night home run San Fran t Houston I, nightIT'S
First Flight Consolation inning In the first when they Considering that the field hat '

T. C. Newman vs Bob picked up S runs The rally barely left the gate. and that DEALER'S'Fire I
Rhinehart, winner (George featured a single and a home they won by six games over St TRADE'N' TRAVEL TIME AT YOUR CHEVROLET
run by Bobby Forlaw
Partin Jr.. Cliff Scott) vs Bob Louis lilt time out nobody has
Griffith went 2.2 for Beymerand
Deknes even reached for fie panic but.
!Second! Flight winning Pitcher Charles ton or started the annual sprint

Winner (John Gunter-Bob with Selph a also 3-run helped homer his cause "firing" of Manager Walt Al different lines of can-forty-five
Hill) vs Jesse Martin Don stone

Tripp vs. Paul.Pant ..!.1.. .Wino Brown't Ios4wa.'esqrwaailh..lutght.spot. of. .The kjy of courje: I II KoufGWPAan '> different models to choose from.

Tony Second Votto h11hhttCoasO1a vf Bilr"Vnibur, evening they suffered for Grace their Lutheran'lenohd d/s j, brinm by doeWTjmin himself but the a 1N'ft'88. Come early and trade great!

Jack Waters vt Dick.ticben- year-old southpaw la the difference .
full find
feat without a win. Vow that ipring'8 In awing, you'll new
walter for the Dodders Two '
In other church league action hevroleU perfect: for picking
Third Flight he struck ve
years ago was by a r1
Werner Fischer vs, Sonny Lake Region raced past EloiseBaptist pitched ball suffered a bloo: 1 -- Lmury-First, there the big/ Jet-smooth Chev
Smith Don Zimmerman vs 172 Butch Bringer; clot which at one time threat rolt Sumptuous.* and soft riuinr with a fat owl!
and Ronald Warren
Terry English the Curly home-run hitters in were that rned amputation of a finger spring at all four wheels to smother bump, Over
Third Flight Coniolatioa contest and was on the sideline 00 sound atoppern throughout the car to blot out
Winner (Clinton Thomas- through most of the stretch. 4 wind and road nome. Interior luxuriously done

Rick Martin) vs Buster DENVER (UPI)-Regla College drive The Dod'l'r'OiT' th> I' '1 up In the newest and softest vinyl.
Rooks. Jim Lynch vs Bud has announced the appointment pennant to the Giant in .iplayoff Trade what you're driving for one of thew.
Anderson. of Arthur E (Mick) and you won't want to trade watt with anvlxxh>
Senior ConsolationW Pabl to the triple role of athletic The handsome hurler herd else on the road
W Giddings va. Fred director head basketball 'last season with greit tnpulatnn .
Col. 'foJplrll- \t'xt. Chevelle' The beautifully' In-
Howard, Jim Perretty vi coach and director of physical And he had only a small
twtWf't'niM. car that combine car
Frank Johnson education. record when he suffered an In y
- Jured shoulder lam sprint: 111; a handling oomph with big car comfort. Order
comeback was little short of to your liking in sedan, coupe, station wagon
1 Local Riders Claim BunchIn magnificent and convertibly body styles, Eleven different
He wound up with a 'league. model that you can equip with Joel about
leading 25 wins against, five any extra-co option you can imagine Nan
a Tampa Yacht Club Marty Losey, fourth, riding losses and 166 earned t run aterage place to go this summer? Get a new fhevelleyou
Stables horse show last week Goya Girl En route he fired 1)) 'II think of something.
and riders from J,
end horses
M. Loseys Cloverleaf Ranch Junior Jumping: Marty shutouts, a record for a ouh: Economy-(,hevy II-the car that take to
three Losey, fifth, riding Mr. Cala paw and eatabliahH a league inexpensive vacation naturally It Just goes
won one
Reserve Championship., four han, mark of of this 308 strikeut"All and goes, and where it stop nobody )know,
he climaxH
first places, four seconds, and Juvenile Stock Horse: Marty two record World Seal. with, f r t'' Hut for all iu thrift, it'. anything but
four thirds Losey first riding Prince miners in the four-gums" prfor ; underr-/urni.hrd. Li'l you know that the

In another show, the Lake Arabian Called: Chris De rout of the Yankee> First he ) r Super Sport ('ou,* ha bucket seats and
County Horseman Associa Mayo second riding Calareil fanned record door-to. ioor ? Eight model to
a 15 In
one came I
at I carpeting
two Horse Show at UmaUlla. Open Stock Horse: Marty and in the second ran bLAST l pick from, .' '* with room to
Lucy', Rock owned by Lucy Losey. first riding Prince swallow up an right-foot Christmas trvei .
Chamblias. won the third place Open Jumping! : MartyLosey i I'Un ahewl, we always MV. )
ribbon In Gelling Halter Clsss. third, riding Mr Cala- 3 DAYS
han FunThen there Corvair The fun one
first In v
Miss Chambliss won
Championship Hunter Stake .. . with the engine in the rear for unMievabUt -
Senior English Equitation.Local ---
result of the Tampa Marty Losey, third, riding _ _ lu ) traction. Spring mud\ summer end
show are as follows: Goya Girl. I winter .oow-nothin, atop it. You'lleven
Arabian English pleasure Championship Arabian 3- k t think they'r- now paving highway

Chris DeMayo, second riding Gaited Slake Chris DeMayo, with adhesive, tape the way ( orvair

Calareil. second, riding Gal.reU.Chlmplon.hlp OAIiINIIII cling to themCorvette .
Stock Seat Equitation: Chris Western The enthusiast' car
DeMayo first riding Prince Pleasure Marty Losey see \ Sting Kay Spurt ('oupe amj Convertible-
Hunt Seat Equitation: Chris cod riding Prince.Championship .j-T.'i\ Still America* only{ trite aport* ear.
DeMayo second, riding Shan Arabian tick either one and you'll' find\ it dove
Pleasure: Chris DeMayo, see J i
oon. for your driving. what holiday do
Arabian Western Pleasure ond, riding Galared I X e1 for kid.
Stock Horse L-
Chris DeMayo. first, riding
And with
UalarelL Marty Losey. fine riding i Performance any
Western Pleasure. Prince Chevrolet you chooe.you can get the-

Marty Open Losey second riding Championship Open Jumping AmifUo't Graxrft . _, ; standard engine for all the power you
Prince. Marty Lose. third. riding Drug Store f v.nf s ,w.T r need in everyday eom*-and>go
Green Working Hunter: Mr. Calahaansa driving. Or vou can peek from a
wide, wide range of eitra-eo t
w engines for maximum performance

Either wav whether you'v got

tome place 'pe eummrtanot when you trade for
The World's -- one of Chevrolet'a Ave great highway

-- Finest Bourbon SALE ENDS ; 'i'' iwrformer" *-you'll'' travel1!

since 1795 MAY 9thI r ,. -

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I __


r+ ANDERSONtllIlIj THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERfORMERS-\f. l gujwf ahown Spofj Tc to ip.bottom. i b ,+ M liibutsuhrrvrroole Imps *Super, Chevy Sport.IIj j



M NOOf WJITUCIIT STIAlCMT MUltOD( WMIStfT OUTUtt MO MTTU9 260 6th St. S.W. Winter Haven CY 33143Vednesd

f 1

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P898 Sixteen;
-- ---'--' - - -- .- Wednesday, May 6, 1964-
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11 CC t L'l."S\ S111 filii DAID- St -

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Salary Plus Bonus Ml 1lae..dal. Blvd I Sage. Pink. Petunia. Santa.
.TI' and Marigold BMAWS AT TRAFFIC trailer. IlPt. and
MAt LIGHT In Blob.. M wales furnMMd. til M par week ; ON
fiNE OF the What prosrringcompanice .
LOCAL SERVICE -- 1-Badroom
fumlanod block home:
of Ha HaM will have a ((9)) Automotive ELECTRIC a Qaa Refrla-erator* 111 10 par *Mk. Call CY Mttl Iifoil -
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payment M M par week. Laa APARTMENTS: FOR
TRAUf.NG010 H..rItt la noa PARTICU
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with all Uu Hometown New by ompany and pay Mfm with WIMMINO POOL CON8TRUCTtON -IIODOSo- attars .. tl tU BL. NW BOWEN MOTOR LODGE, Hwy 17
ending him tile Wilier Have and JUIIP AllJ'I..olnl 134 North. a-TF
raining 401 6th S.W.We Authorlaad
Street Barvte OnChryetler
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Florida StateEmployment Ml Sixth St. IW at-4101 alltchra buttonhole blind 8KLL LIKE RENT
P.rm.n.nt.lleb.\ ** of concretend 17 17 ... twin naedle. etc ALL
Office eieel Beautiful, marble flub
MOTHER'SDAY 11(0 Rifle Range Rd.
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USED CARS ( UPHOLSTERING S7.10 month. No credit needed i
900: A.M. to 1:00: PMFriday Call anytime CY 37160CYPRBBS Writ. Credit Ml. P.O. Box
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w.". Set Us -May T built-in OK kitchen, all brick
2426 For the best deal In town FINK: UPHOLSTERING EXPERT USED REFRIGERATOR bom. Beautifully landscaped.
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Bon 431. Elola, Fla, t-ll using our promot, I SO P M. to 7.00 P M dally
Evented CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE' : I BEDROOM iinfurnlahad bom. lot An, H, IB. Completely rno-
Open Repairing mortgage ter
ELDARAOO BIARRlT& Victoryair Kitchen equlppad.I ltd BEASLEY courteous .l.4. Already financed. CY4830.
I. 26TFBrengle't WANTED yard man full time Hurt full compIlmeet of -.rl, TELEVISION REPAIRSCALL I REALTY CO t>4 StY St, MW CYM7t7 I vices . no obligation 34
have own .qulpmenl CY I-176S. 15.1 offerJAOUAR. CV 5-0101, N ItTFNVNEMAIER
N L J. McCOY . Quality workmanehlp TOWN COUNTRY '100 DOWN
fact. clean and reaaoale : I 4 t BR'a-Concrete Block Home
Jtutlry1U 1160 beautiful Mark IX 4- .> Phone CY MS 0. lit 4tk JORDAN TVMSSMI tNFlBNIKHrVArABTMENTS: ': MORTGAGE CORP Ckarle McComlc Broker
door Mdan Mint condition Priced It.@L Jaa-Phyl Village. IT-TF -1\.r.
EXPERIENCEDMECHANIC fry naaonabla. 1JO Alton Av*" For the Fteleet TV Servlc Winter Haven bail afllactton. S : -277 Magnolia- t-May7
Third ItrMt IW an-Phyl Vlllag aflrr 100: pm. I* Th. Basil room. kitchen equipped, electric
H Block Boutk ol Port Office ..12IWI ALUMINUM BAH Gr*.a Stamp heat faraf*, 1111 Av*. B, NW I CY 3-1141 LOOKING FOR HOMET
QBslit Watch aad 1TF IJ.TFI I .144 Bedroom . Bom Lake
BUICK A1 condition Can b* 'rant.. Contact Chuck B Froamk,
Jewelry Repair Work For wim at th* American Stalks m BEDROOM unfurnlehfd apartment U GO II IIWI000MIUMI.d 110. BCHOKNTHALKR CO .....121.
Cypr. Garden Rd Phonn It4-171l 'iScreea Enclneurei Carport CAMP TRAILERS Stove and refrigerator MM A. Wk. ..da. .:HIIL t1IDYLRIDGEVIEW
lorUU's NEWEST FASTEST after I:00 p.m. MMl Awning Window Screen Larg. living room, nlc. ..unwinding

17-11., 17 Building Bpeclaltlu *. 171 lilh St, NW CY 171751BEDROOM SALE OB LEASE
pals by owner 1 CyL. Standard DISCOUNT BALES CO. INC. CAMP TRAILERS for rent or aale I I large bedroom, 1\4 bath. cenral -'
ALCOHOLICS ANO/OlYIiOV. Contact Shift d"'ft. radio* heatar. Only Let. Oeor(. Do Itv Supply limited Ro..". your I bath porch fireplace heat and. air conditioning Incholca
.....1..1 driven II 000 mile. Call CY I-M40 \> *. A 6th St. BW 2M-UM dais now. Johneon Appllancea.Highway carport., shady yard kitChen Are O.N NE.1:: location :2M-41M 1001 OPEN HOUSE
a:1) r.M or CY 4-1131 44PBEDOMETER 3t-Majr 2t 17. Lake Alfred 171llStItMay lt Buckry i J-7
Meetlix Heatth Tudy Dapartmanl: Thomas Waters It Road N.E. CY eoti14ro'oo.:: ITS .....
1111I FORD V-I truck, flat steel bod.
Ford Inc. .2111.. .. SWAP SHOPWE ---- 1-BEDROOM duple' apartment ((13)) Real Estate For Sale S-BR 1.Bath 1140 eo. n. overall.
-- -- -- Water furnlihod. .M 00 a month a-Batk. 010,100 1-Batn" double carport .
((2)) Help Wanted : Tachometer PAINTING Call CY M571. In Lak. Shlpp area *. 1100 w. ft overall, 11000.
IN I, Central Ave. Complete aervle. cable .

Winter Haven Fla. I. a> J Service. IM 1t-it.. SWT : BUY SELL TRADE: anything Toda,', BuyTomorrow's Out Harenoal Blvd turn right to
4-MM. 1TF of value. OOPHER HOLE tHABLES IVrRSON PAINTER ON 1 ACBEUUEFKONT : Ht St. or Airport Rd. to lot paved

Assistant Service Phone Z934U1 SWAP SHOP U.S. Hwy, 17 Eafl Job tlmatd. or by the hour . LOT road oa left or call . .
Ml VOLKSWAGEN with Sunroof.Original . 1 Story houe. lake Buckeye DrStove
..ike CY t-3157 t-June 1
Careful work . Call CY tWlltil .
owner I 000 mite.. RAH and refrlferator turn lined CY ITU
Manager II For ..I. or trad. 2IJ.4II4I.7 10th 8t. SW 1-14 Mi 1-7141:00 a month Days call CY.. ECONOMY Buy today move 17 May M

Shop ForemanFord SENIOR Beautician for downtown ROOFING --- in tomorrow In this vacant t

salon Call :19H-M81 or US-MIS AUTOMOTIVEParts. APARTMENTS DUPLEXES . bedroom retirement home. Nice 1I111111111111111111111111111111111111111.:
tier I:30 p.m. M WHEEL CHAIRS 1 A I bedroom. |0SO to ttt Auy
experience desired, but RESIDENTIAL . COMMERCIAL BEASLEY REALTY COM corner lot with fruit and spaceto I
Must Be Sold I
not necessary This la a very . . Service INDUSTRIAL N.. tth St.. NW CY t-17t7. ltTFSBedr buay.roiir3e#% j beautifying the

attractive position lot the rth (3)) Situation\ Wanted work irep.ire ROOF1NO of all! type.WALBIIORV CO. WHEEL CHUM far rust Walk.n Alas om LAKEFRONT Mono will grounds, All for only $8900 1 To Settle I

Wholesale Retail 91-147 r -l:"a1m""R': : fireplace and III. bath. 1100.00 per
1 man . Contact 1090 Dundr Rd. month, Sierra Court Motet $2250 down and $75.00 t month ,'

MIDDLE Ace whit lady dlre Complete Stock It-May 14 I, CY 3-3411 111 .".. A. NW 1.1'1' Hwy, 17 Apply North. JSTF1Bk.UROOM ; will handle this. Shown anytime. | Estate |

CENTRAL FLORIDA'SNEWEST day, weekly work a* companion
FORD housekeeper or child rare If Intert : I duplex on lake. Dock LOCATION Near schools: and I =
. A rare buy
.. .d phone CY 4-213 a M a m to and beach, kitchen appliance. very
DEALERSHIPThomasWaters 1:00: p.m Own traneportalto. amreference I C DuPONT PAINT 7tOO month No pet*. CY M71]. shopping center in desirable = 2 BR CB home with |

!. .7 e WALKER MUFFLERS 14-TF Southeast Room to relax in this Screened breezeway and

YOUNG MAN-44-delre---part or 4 JACKS HAR KOTE-KOTE for ..Plailer'.rlor walle MARBLE-. iwlnvmind : Hoover.A Electrolus: SERVICE and for all ICIrby other: LUXURY horns In .clulv* Lee- S bedroom 2 bath home withFlorida E attached garage . L0cated -

lull Mm work Adaptable any I pool.. H. a BROWN CY nick Park Air conditioned 5Bra room, 2 air conditioners E
QUAKER STATE OIL Free pickup d.liveryaad aetlmate In a nice aellhOOr.
bath, living room dining
Ford Inc. type Box A-Hit *, Nw-Chlef t-. MIW 11TF Sty .
WAGNER BRAKE PARTS . REYNOLDS.VACUUM room. draperle' throughout: aepar- built ins. At 720 OleanderDrive Avenue S and Slat St..
14 I, Central AYe WANT A lOB GATES BELTS ft HOSE (CLEANER,Y t-OSU SERVICE: 4-Jun Phoa. I option ate 10 to l XI buy plavhouee. 1176 OIl. Lea*month* with SE, we can show youa s NW . As a BONUS all =

Winter Haven, Fl. Hickhoot*, honorable educe'lon dlerhargr 1 year Sop"rl-Hrwin. SAWS SHARPENED -- Be. till Ava. M. SB then per call Jack real value at only $11900. i the furniture and the adE

_no* In truck driving cook baking Bargain Table BAILY AaTS9IHBma Pin.. CY 4-1131 t 00 a m to 100 i Joining 55 x ISO lot are
Phone m 4111 p m weekday. .1 BEAUTY So tastefully weUbpt.
old Versatile' have eay family to .I'D.I 14 n.r.-::: PHI. ).UP" lAW SHOP will sharp OIltWvLn You'11 want to live In this i Included for a total price E
Specials n kitchen knives free NO = of ? Here la where E
e.e any $7,5001
Aaron Burton CY t-lTM Call any
Urn. *. 411 LIMIT NO STRINGS Ju.t Tmt rvsi LOW con ((12)) For Rent, Furn. 2 bedroom, IVi bath home at 109 E cash talks) Call =
them In Nth A AtJ In- Longfellow Road in GardenGrove

Save Up To 50% bring: tllt&&at&ept&sf SERVICE Dl..cTO.YI You'll enjoy this home.
FARTS MANAGER for GMC trurkFruehauf ((4)) Lost & Found EFFICIENCY apartment air conditioned .
inside out. Make
Trailer alenhp! El eeeee TV. Near North Oat or an appointment After nova CY 3.5071
perlenced In either type requlre4.No and beach Orbit Motel, MO tthSt today to see for yourself

oth.r, yearly..... apply bonus. Top Immedlat aalarymonthly STRAY Calico\ cat whit.. brow FREE DELIVERY ((10)) Article For Sale I ((10)I ) Article For Sal -.. NW.-CY -l-MTt- tTF1BEDROOM what only\ $15.900 will buy. TOWN COUNTRY

0......... Contact A f. Bllnnlut and oranie Ha collar with bell) furnlehe; apartment v4
Central Supply Co. Hwy. n North, I year old. Aniwer to "Dol|'him". I on labs Silver Drive Summer rat CLOSE IN Sharp and almost' ?

Lak-44S1 Wai CY After S-OJT1.. Phone noun 4-1111 and or 57rrExchange CY Vicinity. Stately..Oaki- .and_Barendais -M- VAUGHN & Big "Safety Buy WILKINSON SWORD CY Mi 00 J-11M a month. Call CY M7TO S-TF or from new, just downtown a hop.skip-and Has 2 jump bed =21IfdJgOtN13Q Qd ICI

phon - - -

FOUND Black moat Identify blond breed 134: Tremon pUPI"Ow".r WRIGHT tt your RAZOR BLADESA FIRST distant FLOOR. town apartment like Cleaa Walking eult.. rooms IVfc bath, screened porch ;IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItllllllllllllllllll

Summer Hours Dr 4. Yrly rate. MOOO monthly. 441Av 2 air conditioners, plenty of

U tlk Sl, NW CY 4-4Z7 GOODJ'WuaSAFETY COMPLETE GARDEN *. B NW 1TF closet space and built.Ins. Tryto Ml
--- ----
For CashOPPORTUNITY ((5)) House Trailers Winter Haves TOOL ASSORTMENTNow FOR HOUSES . APARTMENTS match this for only $14900 sues DOWN

CENTER available at SIMM' Nrnl.h.d nuraee. Call us today! No coeU. payments $4700 Attrao-
Womento live 1-bedroom CB horn. good
FOR ESTATE:, 110 Av*. E: k
i Mhool.
SPRING CLEARANCE: Julia55.S neighborhood Drive by Mt
make good money In 1 Buy your Mobil lion Brake Frontend DOTYFARM BE. __ Oakland Rd, than phona owner
builnets of their own. Start at Dealare Coat ( Business CY S-MOO: n-TF
(9)) Opportunity EXCELLENT: for on. person arcoupe.
10' 110' yW 00 GARDEN SUPPLY
& Weal E4fcfe3$3'Iln66)JrlA1
earning at once representln 10' 140'811500 Special Excellent (oration and 4BEDROOMbath: horn Large
Avon Also used Trailer I2MUO u m tth Street SW %ZU-173 condition In Eagle Like. ISUHutt10 rear patio and fenced bark yard
SANDY BEACH TRAILER ;:1.E: MOTEI IS V.IIO. t year old On corner lot 100' a7F Reaaon-
170000 UtOUO down. Beet Location able down payment and onl $ML)
Silt Hwy n W. 64 WINTER HAVEN'S PrNUr- >
Write P.O. Box 1395 or Winter Haven. CY MFH ass monthly 130 Allen Ave .
Bank finanolnf at t' In ANY bedroom air conditioned. all eleo- WARREN ECKEL. Realtor Jaa-Phyl
1TVFOR Villa. :* after I 00 t-12
-May I $9.95 US p.m
Lakeland' -- ---- -- ----
Call 682-4137 --- -- -- LEASE: T..Ce- LrvleIlaua CAR COMPLETE: BET: Cadillac chrome ttt Av. H. SE ItS-UrT LTV Ataeclatea Eve. Fh FOB) BALE BY OHKER
wire wheel tin and tool*. Bl W H. McReymolds CY Mtos ....
New or Deed Awry'. Toll 101 Ird StW "TFI' offer CY 4601. Mor CYPRESS n..DOI Beautiful colonial horn. Cor-
M Park, 1400 Havondal JM-M71 APABTMBNT Helen Whitley CY S.MOIWOma oar lot overlookln Lake Elbert

EXPERT: Mai Water Skier, MaU "u ((10)) Articles For Sal. -FIVE CRITICAL SAFETY POLY shape FOAM DISCOUNT RURSER PRIG air Furnished conditioned.l-bdroom Cloee t*apartment town antLab. M. IludtoB CY MSZ2OODFREVB NE drapea neclloa. central. 1*heat bath 4 ,air carpet condition ,

to September 7. Curt BkPaieant. SERVICES- FORDS TRIM SHOP Ml Ave I . Howard CY 4-10. t-TF an ..I""trlo.1111.. bitches
Lak Owe Mlaauurl. ((5-A) Moving & Storage I' B NW CY S-OIlt t-TF -- 4 Will aacrlflca. Can CY M4M dare
N Check Brakea Adjust For FURNISHED or' UNFURNISHED CY MOT after t am, 10fFON
band N.ca large airy room LAKEKIDE ESTATE CHAIN OF LAKES: New 4
arhnol MO 00 Pair Jr water
CURB GIRLI and Count.r Girl. IMPERIAL MOVING 4 STORAOE e Add Brad Fluid Teet Entire skis. MOO. Sierra Court Mot). Conv alatly located la Old Postal New low price. tM too tt 000 downl00' bedroom, t balk ....... TeramMd
no Mpertnr* nucnaary ApplyBurger Prompt and efficient .."Ie. to MOTOR SyitrmRepack Hwy 17 North. M BuiMIng Call CY 3.156H CYt4147 a 4U01 with law bouea 113Lab. porch double carport.
Klnc Havondala Blvd 1.11 all your moving **.d* CaCY Front Wheel Bearlnfi --- --- t-TF Roy Dr. JM-T40T 4. i Weat eld* Lak* Hoo-
k-illN for tree ..etlmate SCOPE TESTER e Align Front Fad. Carrect Camber NEW doubl. dreer and mirrorSlightly CY W740 CY > 63 7.TFBEDROOM
SALESLADY Aa-eat for Atlas Van Uaee, In* Castor. Toe-In
e epert.ncd ladla aDparoi. nerving. all M Mat. 14-T marred. 44tO SAVE: "' For Rent Furn. ( Math*, lair Flori
obn : Reply Perfect working condition 8 Adjust Steerlnc Balanc Frontw'h.as tO% Lamp cheda drawn table do room. built-in kitchen central
Permanent Good alary
) *, dinette chalra.' etc 1100 Chain of 'Lakes air doubt.
Bun Sit Winter Haven ilallnf ago ufj carport. yndenroimd
Warehouse Furaitvra Sale I
and reference. *I ((6)) Special Services Irrt atloe, eonv.ntlonal finan Ing
$900 I-BItDROOIl .part/ll. Growl 'SPACIOUS It the word 500 50e, use down. 512000 math.:
CHECK ON- n101 A"'. L. 15' 5. n.Tr tau"at ** An
racondltloaad. mass wool. for this two bedroom, two .:ai41t: StM
WANTED WI..., Haven Drafting C* On This BargainContact uniform Not pra-pacxaged. Be* FURNISHED 1 room duple 'bath home The Uvialroom
All lypa Commercial a Battery Tire what you buy All ala. *. and colon Adult No pet Emllfflt Mlhborhood. DOWN and ewes hv No availfytac .
Realdentlal draftmcBaiiifadlo Miles Kempt e Shock Muffler I II on nr wit lit Anus AveAuburndal CY t-4..M or CY M&64 It 24 z 24, there ISO 00 per month buy
Serviceman Tire changer
OuarantMd Light e Tailpipe .* Across fmm Contlaen 17.TF s full dining room and a maaoaary t-bmtroom turnlhd. du-
general service Work ExperIenced !>rawn HM. cy 4I4MtT At tai Caa Ca. IITFBaTooOL pies Large ** will
not '' -TAKE YOIR CAR WHERE -- -- FOR RENT: furnished lakefronl Florida room overlookingthe NA8 REAL m'T'J.II": c\
preferred necessary
--- --- Thomas this __r. Bl* d.. tat* per month. CY lake. The U 116 master 3-0117. CY .,.. JOHHROOM BAMUE
Many company benefit . CUSTOM MADE: DRAPES AND THE EXPERTS ARE- count on all 0 E: and EMERSON cgs M AI8OC1AT&( w
ALTERATIONS Blind ditched. lass ELLSWORTH MO led bedroom has Its own
References . . -
Apply modern equipment Sole Hickory Ford Inc. -PAY AS YOU RIDE- St. NW, 11 4PRINTERS 1 private bath and walk.inctoeet
-- -- -'--
B. F. GOODRICH St-May M IN E. Oafal Ave, '11'l 1111 II' Large airy room and kltchea

SSI Ave. A. 8W. CY ---- WANTEDRUllDINyla: -- Whaler Have*. Fit. GOOD/YEAR After Snot t a.GO'lI.cyo.r1Ja.m' The screened entry way THE FAMILYEvery
-- ----- ---
3.1325N I ZlHIUI the pretty oak parquet
-Otl4 CallI IM<< In Elola Ill-W weekly floors and the enclosed room .b this I bedroom
.i .TID- 4U I M SERVICE STORE Mtot. tliFURNTSMED other features
MOISEKEEPKB t* garage are two bath borne U

room and board ", ..lob.. pi... 110 LAWN-MOWER- -REPAIR- --SERVICE- I ', RAIE Real rooaadllloa.a W A... A. NW CY 1X1ISIT 4 Ham apart meal, I kiss its*, lawhidiac tile
alary week. Whit woman St Widow it moat anxious to
per WILEY and COMMCICI 440 W Orange Loa AlfredPhono I Florida
RICHARtOONItU \.IIa"" .. air eondltkMwra I nom and teree
around 40 year old alnfl CALL FH "-1nJ. AIM I.h",. water
CY W4I1 60S Avf 0 ha: .11 Mtk St" NW 5..rialon sell asking 25000. Really b
M.Ul'Il.&PI. turaleh.d. Advlla only I-TF exeeptlMul >
SOA ntlal
- '- StWNWH \ "II.,11RVFHEII --- ._- -- INDUSTRY a fine home that you IB Seuthcaat MhooleUtrict
ROOMS Dowuiws eoa......,
FORMER MARINES, receive FOR VAMOUIhKNAPP SHOES OOVUNMINT NIN q0 ....... CY 416. a5TVOf should set without delay. price baa jut

four (4) dayt pay ..cl1mOD&h (6( ) Animals & SuppliesMALE ITAMPI. 01gaslurv.Sher Fur .ledHior..nn.nt . tAlES. 10 call me NOW.GEarU'DE bee reduced to tlf...
for one weekend drill Regular arpeo . ... poIlseMam T1)CN111SISON3e1 CHAIN f\tnoWIt4II 01 eattaga: 1551.41 a.aa BRYANEvee Terms are available

credits toward retirement, phu 1'0 _I. 'Visas It-May SI &ad ewmfartall. $6 40 per a.. ah
BOXER Stud ".. seam." STAR CT
......... IRUn/a laeiodod 916511.5COL'RT A S... CY 1-au LEIS BROS.
the added earning power of two It.. fawn 4 whiteCY -It" III .... A. Nw' 'TV' MOTEL. CY 43154 'TF
MMI Bt-T - - GET pTfoioaal cWealnghamvooer
week summer camp U California CM::KD ortaa, Early Arlcanr -'to. r.st K1Iodrv eo....' FOR" RENT Sbedraaen furnbAed ILtLTOUUN..NW
la August Can IM-lll POODLE TRIM WOO PUppy k.r Oriental nW. vacuum IIM day with ... TOWN COUNTRY
per boa w ttb BL Lak Ida N ,
for detaUa. cUP. MOO at Mints PINK eM.rr, .......ra booacaaa. nit. ...- of Blue Laatrv John .... depaen sa MIMtea. Call CY *MMFfRNIBHED i,
Tampa POODLJC SALON Phone Sl?.a. Xa"i cocktail tabta, sue '11 : Hardware 4-4 5-I'' / (Off**** Nerlk Gate)
Jean 10 for appointment tTTBASENJL Spt. Lak Court NW aeroonhOat 1. ____ I : :3 eA( ( 1
< 4-SlT
raaaa Rna.paaW
EXPERIENCED earpeater attar part- mat. t maths all --- eaadMlMwr like ... ttt BTU I:, $Il wa..lt e. a 2141221 Near Tbrtfiway sad beac* ,I NJtn JM.IIQI
"1- I work No rapt- ahota. brown with ."M. cellar VT ..1HT O B FreeaM. II N. fl S speed faa air oarhannr lit'Ii', ......... oxivae a:1tdoa: arlvV I 6.
t oud.ddl Ut Ave i NW W H Good will rhlldrrn31 Ml **YH3III. I.: rcs Call after 500 p.** t'Y I I.volts A'I'" |I9U'". Call i b M ParkM'. tit Av*. 1. NW 1 1CY 1 1t i
0.e .. I 5-I IM-tllt t-l Mam t-TF''

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_. -- -- "' .II.
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corporate profits and.. tilt fronBaUoMl 'Ry OUR KICKAPC70) JUICfr NO' NO ai0a6 Tb E14lAlAS1' LiKrvaKICKAPOO- IT'LL EE Tld! *ND

((13)' ) IU.I &+... For S.U MORE CAaFUL.-VOJ product ktaxtlskl upward JpI AS DONTMCtDNOYtMM'.USt. UfbAN'NO Od6Mr/l ChALRATION

"KNEW THOUT PARA) ,.,. Wi'6 .,' a stock market OcUa .*} To FEAR JO/JUICE;
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Hartridge . 3 bedroomCB both in lime and extent
home with clever v ( and ) these" mterrupttoM can

divided floor plan; 2 bed- .. l CA easily be mistaken for a reverMl

rooms oa one aide. one & 15 of the" major trend"Bache 0

bedroom on Panelled Florida & Co. slates that despite 774E INC QRA tK61TM1lNICAN m ur rjriQ t A ci

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terraaao floors . Price industrial' average appear to
is Just $18,500 and you be outdistancing the ovwall PT
market it feeU: flat the marketgenerally )
can assume a 44% VA.
is performing' "ereditably t.
loan after down payment )
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TETREAl'LT L Td da menially attractive issues JOSTLL 0 0

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Eves S... CY JS07I

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Town >i, COUNTRY d that setbacks such as those
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119 fffiI11m 1 !I [ new' high so far "should be con T

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3116IN1ermaMm Legal' Advertising Legal' Advertising upward trend" The ad

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= M..tlMt" Ur rLOHIDAtil IN THK till NTT 'l'OOE' a "correction" in late A IITTIIGODR
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IIM w dow. GENE coorsmEjLL C'Ul'XT IN SRI! FOR ItlLKfOINTV. April and during May to con POP LEFT
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ESTATE Lake Alfred PWM10AIN tolldate a base for later'
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((13-A I ) Groves NU'l'It'L. w torrby nlvrn hillpursllaat lu Clalnu or Demands Against SAN FRANCISCO I UPI> -
lo thr. By-UIWM IH MMUttondn Bald. lIIIt.le: Gold the male mineral that
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be held CM Ihr Mil say 01 May br notmed to file 'hi dimMoat all !F 6
GROVES IWrf. at J V (i.m at Florida citiw CHIRM aad ..n' which you to California' the (last century !
Building. Fiona Hinm Wlm., hate ualnet the estate ot HomerT Is assuming decreaatn Importance
Haven Florida a meeting nl member Hastedoceamd In Ih. otfkvuf
1 ACRES Val. Ic grapefruit at taut Florid '.11..... Muiunlan Richard A. Breneon. C untJudii > In the Mate's mineral Incluittry J
estimated 600 boxes of val. draimiated above .. al .... offire m the Court IA I-
crop The uf ,. lto
purpose ln meeting > Hour at Barlow Florida. within
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$11,500 29% DOWN Bah I Curse Mutual old to 1.-1 MIdI. IIM. which la the date of the fin the state In IM2: egg valued at
other business .oo.. n-u> proprrly. b. publication of thle notkw loch: tlS billion Gold pioductlonrontilbutrd
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Proxy voting alII tnl b* iH-rmil ln![. mint late the play of reel 13720.000 to that
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mature trees loaded for next m'C"of" Mutual must have a most be filed aa ai raa.ld. or rl..rame AVAt1rA7AI0 ?r TNgea 10111k M AMtSNA AYALLIWCA
year $27,500 29% DOWN rltUB authertaMlMt from .ur.. will become. void. 4i./44Y, YVwSv
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half. Harry K Klril
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about 7 yra old estimated Uy of May 1954tIARLIls Winter Haven. Fla
C. PART1NBeerdary
.It,. for Executm
crop 1,000 boxes . ." well NO April 21. May 6. IX 1 4NvMre KRAFBfIdYV1l Ie1
Beautiful Florida Cltrua Mutual
PUMP grove May .. 1864NOTI'K
,18.500 29% . T. tredlti. $ 1 1SpreaO
SO ACRES H lambs W IUIKT' IN AM n>H ItlLnttll !
PAT yri. old. Average yield IN HE a.TATk OFJOHEPH
li.750 boxes or 94,500 Ibi. solids UV IITrNTION: TO CHIVKR BROWN
. PRICE $$185,000.% Dawn Notkw U hereby (wen that tbtunditrilcniHl Tu All Credltora and P sos+ Hat n
bal S Yrs. at 6% corporation. IntmHa to lg tlalma or Demand Agalnngrid r
...\IIl4Ir with iho. Clrrk' of UH Pilate
Circuit Court of Polk County Florida You and earn. of you, arthi.n'
40 ACRES Val. & P A. 18 acresS
to :MULawi all
pursuant Chapter" lo III. In duulttali
to 8 yrs. I acres matured of Florida. Acts ot 1941walun .U.. elms I and demanda wklrh you How to liven I I II iwoT/
up VtR Will' G04t1' All 1 ni Mito*
nice u amended by Chapter ha.iagain*! IhrMale of Juseld utOWN UP WOMAN!
bal 2 to 4
yrs very :M7M Lows of Florida Act of 1161 Uhlvera Brown 01......... 'in ,h. I (UUlfIJ UP rot VOUK At worm AI A 'U400t-.i i no FAR ".CM mi'M
$93,000 29% Down bal arranged Hililalur. the tlctltluui name 10wit office of Richard A llnmeonCounty salad I PAIL filtH! rik IUI 't MIM NAIF N >I
OMB-FLA. under which ItII\ Judge at .hla nfHrt 'in th. potato 1 I/QRI Whit WAN! TO I WHO HA) Mi IttN NOT.til: /
""" ..ad I" btulnrM located al4kid Court Have al "' 110... Kim Ida MOtIlLI PSIS.1 1 uI M ,+ ?aI' VERY YOUR IOOM WHIR TMl FOR TNI URn i.Mt i" 1Ht /RIItLI.Al: (631'AIO
: Slrwt and Avenue (1. NW within ill calendar month Inn, V YOUNG MAN MINIS! -,
SAID SINIL MR td>$tS I+ ACIOM rut Attir
60 ACRES OF P.A. & Val from Winter S 1M4 ehlrS <_ the dal. sal taut mil h with Xra/l s.8prw4' Mw H I I I 'HI .r ,
H.c.rn'l\ :::' May ......... I AN 010 FIUINO AND I1 -... .
2 to 2i )'rI. old. 10 Inch well \L. .. the flret ouMlcallun o( 15nuke Bpwial picky IA1T I'Vt [ru J -r
...,.-30a.wK4tacm iNr Bacn Claus or 4cmM house 5Mch,.rtpti..fpr S35.Pft' %I '''''-'t A FIoIoId6 : ernes m.M WIi ....... ddenre.a5A 100 m OINNIR wets /N9) ?I .
.heaatti And n OMBM let a
cna A 71kW Aft ,
.... SI
month. l Price.. $70,000 9t: Jena A. MP )' i'i r"af' MII6e addnwM I ...
t" : '
.. wore' 9n bud, new wide-mouth jar I
!S'1_. __- c15 man halal M'
$,03U3 : & $11,241.61 .
Down AU... "tII' he flied 09 5rnrerakl .....
per year at 6%. cart WIU.me.I ,4sSam.'. will b......... void OI 1m I I IIr
=I' II R..III Cnn.1:0. .Rnenlex.vstrlK KRAFTSandwich I \,
I have others from 5 acres to eHARITMtu0OPssIIaM .ja
100 acres some mlsed at others ._. Aeve95. :I I'lUrry! O Bo K KlnjiI m \

all oranges ".0. Ball III Wlli"i ."uAiinrney FUkln' ; SpreadStarspangled t : I
w.later Ha-. Pla for I 9
a)1. ::10. IT. 1164 =:1.. \
May Mar It u. in i ii .tlfi4
RAY EVERLY 1 1A1 iitl'll' I i// 0r.r.

Reg. Real Estate Broker
P.O. Box 127 Lake Hamilton

Phone 4223371 + 'TittlA41'a Iww'ou T

44 W CD)4owUSn / IfA1 ;,N) .7A'1 et 4MR A4LNI ( M Ali IIVINUaIg

__ r?

((14-A) Lots & Acreage k I' rNett


Located on Highway between l
Lakeland and Winter Haven at CO) -I 'tI' I

entrance to Sun Acres. No re

strictions. Building Is approx S

reitrooms.34 x 50. Has Price office$12,500 supply and cz [


128 Mk $L, NW CY 44141IIVILDING -. --

- I LMr Aas Yw OGi Nh TtJ wxUav to CON.A 1KF1N ;*MAAM
LOT . PIMa fII i LA11 shade trace Chain *f Lake 1 T
accue. 14 MO Chuck B FiwamkeSCMOENTHAUER ANOTl/eR
Nil.. *. Wk ends 2 *MII. 6-7 HAT!


:XX) Acre* Put..... .land . HW 2

Mr .men 7Q4ppeeL eOAlures Faetur cllnu* land C IArnc0 I

Hit.., fronuce . Prltt ItMen M
per "" WIU divide a1t


14 eta. at. few CV MiMLAKEntONT A.
/ : ion TRACT R le
Follow ... from pertmenl: -,v It y
Button Lake LUred Nortk Lk' -

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Most of ui think about the future In ,,', guy fe any Srifi B,*
A.......... 10 ACRE Iran ? terms of paying off the mortgage, .H Plea ttktn yeei _II. A 'N

BR 1_..,frame kouae. 1AI. -barn...Yh.r. auudfenrea. land-. educating the children, providing a Bnt fMl $'''.H. a 171 0W 111.1. R'
.... Und arUlabU Priced MIT retirement iaeoraa. .*4 yen ... Erg la#m in imiUllmfntt $ ,"

DM with term But with the world the war it ia I.r en/v a few *fW/.rff a pay d*,. Or bag J '

today, it's almost impossible to make finei .nfn'ftl a' any ..n*. N. (Aarf_ lnr yrIhr
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a Omen A..av0sm e-
: strength f..... f lode
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at land 4 ml15.
... IW. Call Sam watch over our peace and when. they siatareTea
town 51 ca. aWer the lat .. a watsted : 0'r>AFR N (;QLdII/Q FVntA ;. Ytu fiiT l WILLYo) 00TT WJYWtU-
security. hetereat mmiA the ataeiaTevj -- Dhaq' T e0 t54aDOeMrlfT MAr.94r.Ae:: : ; I III/i M A AVOIf/ Ne

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ara invaatlaf l. their eM'try'a Yaw sale art '"...** tree If dl

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,. 'W- Idw.y 0o.wed end ear poaanos le pow wprt f }
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- - -
- ... - -- .u

m .""' ",waNr.saline ...nM.Rn..,""f4' rrr--_.--" i

I :


lldta Sails Home Mother Without Goes

FGOOdWII First Born .1SJ :IANka: 444i.iIJ1 1.]

E CHICAGO (UPI-The horn'
of Mm Don "l'Oft'llkU
Tour Of UAR deathly quiet today Ntavp
The pretty black-haired wife 0 N

I ol looked an forward aircraft to mechanic tile day had for 5im for Mother.

A MOSCOW (DPI Premier a loaf time bar Ural day GiftSCW*gg
Nlkita S Khrushchev let out home with her first born.
today OB a goodwill visit to the But her baby did not come
United Arab Republic at par: home with her.
of a campaign to win African The infant Paul Joseph wu M
friendship. away from both the kidnaped from his mother' Girt 1.r 7ri luxurious intimates
Welt ana Communist China arms In Michael Reese Hospital Extra utsd.ya MY easy-care
Khrushchev and a party of 25 the day after his birth! one S1o T i
Including Foreign Minister An week ago Sunday Police and i in iI
dreI i Gromyko were tailing federal agents have ailed to
from Yalta on the Soviet' turn up any trace of the baby I
steamer Armenia, which Is or the woman who posed at a '" ( !
ctttdufed. to reach AleundrU nurse to steal him
y Saturday. It will be the Sovlepremier's Mrs Fronetak, her face pale ,.
I f:n': goodwill tour of aid learn welling In her eyes! ? tJj A
) .Atrkan state. wan escorted from the hojpital 1 r"
Western obor.vera said one Tuesday She held tightly l onto I h 0SAVf6
of Khrvahch'v's: main Jbjec i the arm of her husband Cheater '
lives in making the trip is to who cradled hia other arm (.I A r
counteract the effect of Com around her waist .
muniat Chinese Premier Chou She walked firmly I and swift
En-lal's recent African tour. ly from the hospital steps to an Grants-own !i irsis
Russia charged this week \unmarked police car for the
that China is rymg to convince heartbreaking ride home with.
Afro-Asian peoples that out her babyBritons. LINGERIE /
the yellow race is superior to .
Rusiiani and other whites.
The charge was the latest Angry &
salvo in the continuing: ideologIcal / AND LEEP'EA' : .
:. k.DEi
dispute between the Soviet
Union and Communist China / Y
The quarrel centers on Pr Over TV Filth
king's adherence to more mill ,o
tant policies as opposed to 6 :

Moscow peaceful coexlitence BIRMINGHAM, England l _

(UPD-More than 1,000 persons Sule
Woman Pilot who packed Birmingham town
hall Tuesday night protested to )b
Quern Elizabeth and Prince 1515. 2.37/
Philip against alleged "filth"
I Has TroubleHONOLULU on television
The meeting, organized by 'PETALAIRE'AND /
the "Women of Britain Clean
Up TV Campaign," tent a tele ACETATE
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.. A .. ,
-----.a. err. --- .1 _

Title: Winter Haven Daily News-Chief
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 Material Information
Title: Winter Haven Daily News-Chief
Uniform Title: Winter Haven Daily News-Chief
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Winter Haven Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven, Fla.
Publication Date: May 6, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Polk -- Winter Haven
Coordinates: 28.034444 x -81.721667 ( Place of Publication )
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00086748
Volume ID: VID00264
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Full Text

THE WrFl1THiR rTM City Of L.U*

Winter Haven Daily News-Chi Ci rru.C it Wttld(
rwiy r Wf f9svAy. Mf it nMMv Wwto > :
: Low faniaiH I M tare 4V*. Fleets 8 :

wind li to M mil** p>or how

/r "

Burns, High In Runoff; Faircloth Has Slim Lead;

Most Polk Officials Winners Bv Good Margins

'.. ........-- --
.inl80tW.k*' ....\ .

Kelly Running Third "Jr' f f Polk Election i 3 Races In Runoff;

Gap Is About 14,000By M j At A Glance I I Mrs. Phillips Beaten

New Chief Wire
Haydon Burns of Jacksonville and Robert King US. SENATE Moat Polk County officials won renomiiMitfoas

High of Miami, big city mayors with opposing civil Holland . .. :31.lt yesterday in the first primary the moat significant

rights views, were locked in a runoff battle for gov- Odham 10.14' exception being Mrs. Dora Cox Phillips of Lakeland,

ernor today while a head-to-head fight for every ..1 GOVERNOR defeated by nearly, 3,000 votes by Seth McKee) in hr
Burn . .
straggling vote went on between James Kynes and Dickinson 3.t,123*JHi try for a second term on the County School Board,

challenger Earl Faircloth for the state attorney general ** . .. JtJO according to unofficial returns.

post. Karl. . . . . i,5W\ Three races for county offices were thrown 'Into

U.S. Senator Spessard Holland overwhelmed Kelly . . 26981Mathcws the runoff primary on May 26, but five candidates
. .
Brailey Odham for a fourth term in Washington and AtTOINEGENEUL 4(7T who faced multiple opposition for list representative Group

headed back to the capital today FalrcJoUi rolled up enough votes to win 3, Paul Vaughn and Earnest
to vote on the Jury trial 11,3\IC In the first primary Dixon for clerk of the circuit
Wallace JarsDemocrats amendment to the civil rights Kynet 23,749 Two of them are Incumbent court, and J B. Tiornhlll Jr.
bill of which he Is sn vowed PUBLIC UTILITIES county commissioners, Floyd and Hohion Strain runningfor
opponent COMMISSIONER Woods and Ahtlne Combeo, tax collector,
Burns, making his second Brewer . T.644 Slate Rep Ray Mattel got Two Polk Countlan seeking
In bid for the governorship tailed Mason . . 26,031 more than both his opponents' state and national office went
easily Into the May 26 runoff combined vole In Ma bid for out of their home balllwirk
a* top man all night long In STATE: ATTORNEY another term, and Mn with tremendous marginUS.
the tix-mn race. In winning Dirt, . 26.mFlood Dlanrhe Work appointed supervisor Sen Spesisrd Holland of Bar-
Twin VictoryWASHINGTON second High cored s stunning rrj . 14(33 of refutation In tow running for a third term
upset, si he wi* supposed STATE SENATOR January swamped two other racked up J1.1S7 vote to 10-

to lose to the veterans. Instead Curtis . . . . . . 3.M candidate 144 for his opponent Brailey
(UPI) Gov. Fred O. Dickinson was Griffin 23.S82 Sheriff Monroe Brinnen was Odham. Scott Kelly of Lakeland

George C Wallace of Alabama the biggest casualty. Biggest Yancy . . 1I.S34 the other Incumbent to beat one of six gubernatorialcandidates
Jarred the national. Democratic spender In UM campaign h* out s field Hit 25,839 votes got M.M1 while
party again today with a declaration trailed third man Scott Kelly STATE: HOUSE were' enough to escape I run- his nearest competitor In that
of Independence In his by a substantial margin IUSY TABULATORS-Member* of the Newi-Chi.f staff war kept busy last" night' Group | off despite the fact that (lamp race Haydon Burnt was pollIng -

home state and an Impressive Latest returns from 2,255 of compiling votes a* they were reported from the various! precinct around the county Mattel ,. . . . . 244M Rogers Me of three opponent only ,12J.
but second beat vote In the Indiana the state's 2,27 precinct gave and from the registrar' office In Bartow, Results were posted on board tn. the office Quinn . . . . ., I5JT *, racked up IUIT'ot In one state-wide race which'
presidential primary Burn 301,385 votes; Dickinson and phone calls Answered ""till I 11 p.m Tuner . . . . .' .OM In his lint shot at a countywide I.I still undecided Polk went
As expected Sen. Barry 178,461; High 208,508; Fred Karl STATE HOUSE offlc II. P (Pat) Cor. for the man who I* trailing.
Goklwiter of Arizona easily de of Daytona Beach 85.569.; Scott Group | don s former sheriff got James W Kynes got 23.T49
fated Harold E Sissies In the itchy of Lakeland 194.232. and Phone Linkup Legion Holds lllgglnbottom UU TSOO vote and Clifton L. vote to 1T.JM for Earl Fair-
Indiana Republican presidential John Mathews Jr., of Jacksonville : Sprott 11.253 Howell got 2,011.Scheduled cloth In their fight for attof
primary By adding Indiana' 132.605 for the runoff are nay g e n o is I I. In the only
32 national convention vote on Among the three Storey 1S.271 Wallace L Story and Klnc other statewide contest. Ed
Republicancandidates .
the first ballot Goldwater'i slate Rep. Charles Election Wait 1.SM wood Sprott Jr In the race Mason got .OSS to Philip
headquarter claimed 264 of the Holley! of St. Petersburg won Set: For May 31 CIRCUIT COURT CLERK Brewer1 T.... for public
US vote corded to win the wiinoui. a Doan 13.T14 utmtWs Mm minion. .,
runon scoring a majority "
presidential nomination. victory Ken Stone I.1M McJ( .I.1 victory over 1In..
oven Folk of Delgado Upset
Party primaries U, nominate Orlando and R B Foster of Auburndale total the Winter ws supported by community Next TuesdayWinter Vaughn' r..t: v 11,1011ltERlII. PMUlpa :'an to.4M3. rv
candidate for vartoue'c ff fwewerlt .Fort Myers. Haven telephone( excbiDga.ooMay leader both In Winter Haven . 6,512 was attrlbHtod: .'
held Tuesday Alabama, 31 It and AtWru'e:; "atilt b great to net stand on tlio |
In Florida, however, the Democratic Wit antiounceitoi the .. Brannen 25.83 part
Indiana, Ohio Florida, Oklahoma. nomination assures sIte y by O C SUnley sat t telephone company ItaeB Haven's ?I'Gordon .' .. 1,800llowU Victor Over $junior college site,' In whlcft
New Mexico and the Die There will be FrlertonNJcholt voted the stile
tioa In statewide rices commercial manager for General no Increase In . . the again
Legion Post will hold 1,011
trict of> Columbia Echoes of Telephone Co. rate to Winter Haven subcrlbers. survey turn's choice of Winter
the national debate on. civil the Nearly complete return in The Immediate effect will be ( lt annual election on Tuesday, Jtogr . 11497 Haven Golf Course The
right were heard in contest: attorney that general official race indicated that all telephone customer General Telephone offered May 12, from 4 to I p.m., wKh TAX ASSESSOR Walter Bell public's feeling toward her position
in Ohio and Florida a* well a* of the only ballot canvassing in the Winter Haven exchangewill the tolf-free calling arrange the result to be announced at ROde.. . 11471 was evidenced by whatIt
In Alabama and Indiana the will satisfy I be able to dial Auburn- nest, known a* extended area the weekly meeting that night Howl! .. .,. did ,In. two other school
Wallact made himself the absentee contender, with the dale number direct and Anburndale service; after a lengthy studyof Ed Hutchinson Dominating Hoy (Del) Delgoda Climaxed races
symbol of opposition to the ballot probably de customers can like th ?calling pattern betweenthe committee (chairman read the"f TAX COLLECTOR s spectacular campaign by up- County Supt Shelley Bonn
Johnson administration's clvil: tiding; the race wise dial Winter Haven numbers two communities lilt of nom.ne.s for a second Cooper . . . . . ',M1Clnn acting Incumbent WallerO BellIn nulled 23.TM vote to n....
right program Faircloth pushed into a direct.Th. "We are happy to be able bme at the Tuesday night *" .. . 7,401 the District 4 Justice of the for his opponent PHI Rut i
In the Alabama primary s slight lead a* the lite.late returns . neweervica, doe away to ,Itt the long distance barrier poet meeting There were no Miller- . . . 1,130 Peace rice yateri y. and Austin T Rare Jr of i
W.n.ce-backed slate of un came in from rural with toll rates between the between these exchanges nomination from the floor Strain' . 10,073 Delgado! a former pace Ita Winter Haven, running for another 1 I
pledged presidential elector North and Northwest Florida two communities. It was approved ," laid Stanley 'We foci and the official list It a* follows TbornhiU 14.U4 tics, beat Bell by 923 votes ternon- Me board sot,
won a runaway victory over a and voting officials elsewhere by the Florida Public the strengthening of mutual SCHOOL Dulgado got 1,014 to Della 4,. 19,540 vote to 1043 for R.t. .
date pledged to support the rechecked their tabulation Utilities Commission after a Interest, enhanced by unlimited For commander, Don J SUPERINTENDENT 019. nrumhaufh Camoiln, 1 "a
nominee of the national Democratic Unofficial returns from 2.260 public hearing In December toll.free calling will Koehler and Ben Asmhead; Boone 25,714 Delgado carried almoet every against both Boone and'Rart 1 I
: party Thus Alabama' of Florida's total 2.279 precincti 1962 In which the proposal help build each community first vice copwnander, Bill Read 11...< precinct In his district In d.. were conducted chiefly III f <
10 electoral: vote can be with. give Faircoth 453,482 Monies; second vice commander testing Mi opponent akeland.
held from President Johnson vole to 450 661 for Kynes, the Chester Schoonuver SUPERVISOR or Constable Leon Thornton Hate Attorney Glen Darry!
after the election next November recent Bryant administration third ; REGISTRATIONHolley ally won reelection over his had no trouble winning renonv
vice commander Bill
appointee to the office This President Assails Watson finance officer, Ken . >,*4f opponent Clarence Duncan the (nation-and I la unopposed In
In the Indiana primary Gov. was a thin margin for Fair ; Palmer /OW same district. Thornton got B,- November as he polled 25,173b,1,140
Matthew Welsh ran as s favor cloth of 2.821 vote. Duke historian; chaplain J. W. Glas Jay and Cofer Ed, Work . .. 21.111 I9< votes, while Duncan'a total for Edward: C Flood
lu candidate and .t.nd.ln wa* 2.J97.
IOn Ben Hill Griffin Jr., runningfor
for Johnson to defeat the segregationist Burns. .aid la. his! .victory Rights Opponents llendrlx.: sergeant at arm, CRIMINAL COURT CLERK There will be s runoff In tha the date senate after
WallaceIn of statement ne needed me help Laurence May and Bill Cor Brows R'r. holly contest constable raceIn serving In the house had a
other major contest: him in who lost to keep WASHINGTON (UPI-Presl for delivery before the annual bin; For Executive commit- Hsiktt 2 District a, which Include fairly narrow squeak In see
Ohio: Rep. Robert Taft Jr. front In the threeweekeempatgn dent Johnson today assailed opponents meeting' here of the Influential let, three to be elected, Billy COUNTY COMMISSIONER c:1.t.rndale.IJI ,1Ow and raping s runoff He got 2313
won the Republican nominationfor against the diminutive of the Senate civil I I Advertising Council The speech Rosa Raiden. R. Elmo Hood Dlalrlct I vote to II.au for QullllanYanery
a seat In the Senate where "We High still rights bill who claim the leg!*. started a heavy day for the J. W Clarke Luther Reel Burt 1.124 Incumbent Ed William wa* However Charles
hi* father wa once I dominant hard have three real Ilion I II only a political gimmirk President including 4 30 p m Ed Marottl and J, R Ander high man with 11.19'votes.Roeco (urtis) who had withdraws, 1
weeks Kegley
and 2,430
we wont win Thornhlti will N In the 9
figure Sen. Stephen M Young sou. .
EDT open'air, televised new got 1209 votes i
wa* renomioated in the Democratic 'only! through our effort Vic Johnson laid those who make conference at, the Whit Home Commander II R. Summer Pipkin 100 runoff with him. He got 1,7M Matzos had s walkaway In
but U. Co.! ory will com only through this claim Woods 28.IMM vote. Tot Acree, the third !
primary .re doing a gross Johnson told the advertising vllle named Hutcblnton. Basil his race for the legislator. l
John H Glenn Jr.. the astronaut didate your help who and have the help of can. Injustice to the bask eonvlc council which last year donate E Daniel Walter 0 Bell Ed COUNTY COMMISSIONER candidate. U the race got I,* He r-kd up 24.4M votes to +j
who withdrew because of been eliminated Iron of a democratic society" ed more than $100 million to Marottl and Frank TiUU to District I 142 vole *.064 for Jack Turner and I J
an injury, polled a liable vote ( tonight said Burns 52 The President made the remarks public service advertising. that serve on the election commit Dunsoo . 23.M2 Morn was named (.S5T 'ur Qultmto Qulnn. j 9 1
constable Is District I
On with
Oklahoma Oklahoma: Bud Wilkinson football, Page I, CoL T) - In an address preparedOneWay the mat dangerous threat; to teeAdjutant I Macao U...* .,... '01... A. A. Ready get For clerk of the circuit
former America U public! apathy Ben Aahmead I* a...., and William Kitchens court Vaughn got If,106 votes
coach easily won the Republican Stressing the health of thenalion' (Continued On Page I, Col. I) COUNTY COMMIflHIONEKDUtrict got 1,91 votes. while Diana polled> IS,714 and
senatorial nomination Sen Street economy. the Chief Exeeutlve I There will be s runoff la I the W Clark Stone got 1,11.
J. Howard. Edmondson Wit In aid that almost everyday Combos 26,041Jon. District I constable! race between James L. Rods, running for I
a three way fight with former brings more good news Goldwater Kill Al H. Young, U74, and his first full term al. las a*.
Gov Raymond Gary and state about the economy. and many Sedmeri 1.66J Unnl WcClelJaixl, IS* vole. Msor,. led the ticket *venpoUlH .
SrH harsh for the Democratic Plan
s.n. Will
Start people have been surprised by SCHOOL BOARD Harris Howard got lOT votes more. vote* hiii fUnator
: nomination and a runoff what this free HolUnd H* gottl,inioawampCootnuad
- - - -- - enterprise systemIs DMrkl I In that raea.
contest indicated between the! two leader The ots-way street system from the city limit 430 feet doing" Rally Slated IfcKoel 20,805 George T. darned was eteet ( On Pap I, CoL I)

wa New Mexico: Rep. Joseph in Water Haven will go into eastward toward Lake Howard "11m concerned however, PbiW,. . iijsi ed )Mtlc* of the Peace In Dta
with other idiot I,detesting Virgil L. Worn
effect some aspect of
Monday. City ManagerCliff for the
nominated students of
M without Montoya opposition was in the Democratic Ryan announced at the wood Elementary School In- America today." the President SCHOOL BOARD Ue 1,412 to 1,242. Expense Funds
was DIfUlct 4Brumbaugh
said It Wit In dillftlllln var Here May 19A All of then returns sri official
senatorial primary to oppose regular meeting of the citycommission also a main topic of clatu.llOIL Ion phase of the economic II041 but they do not count seen',
Sen Edwin L. Meebe, this morning According to the commisionera
Race 11,_ 700sbentteUUots.ed .
picture that be mentioned t B
who was unopposed for the Ryan laid that at first the and Eric Bull city e
civil bill
GOP nomination. one'way system will be on sn engineer the proposed aide- Polk County Gotdwstcr Reported Late
Johnson paid be did
Primary voter In the District educational basis so all motor walk will be S feet wide and American to retreat not from want for President Rally will be Heavy Rains Give Midges j
of Columbia elected party .st* tan familiarize themselves will extend almost to 22nd st. their retponaiWMJe." He laid staged In Winter Haven on
official, a Johnson delegationto with the new setup He NW. near where another sidewalk that if cWxent bun their Tuesday ceasing May It campaign' : expense reports j
the Democratic National also said there would probably :, which It about 1 feet energy with a djuter at which Congressman were received late from two
Convention and an uncommitted be some change )in directions wide, already exists. 'on irrelevant and trivial William C CramerwUl New Lease On Life Here Polk < ,wy caottkJataa.
delegation to the Republican of the street during the first ComrnlMwner came*-on purposes Out tern be the speaker rloy [Mlgtdo, who ws*elect. .
Hughes !Steel
only their own Barrow interests ed hence) of UM peace In Dtstrlci .
few day of the program noted that a* of now the due democriey will Cramer. of St Petersburg Blind would i
Inertlabty suf Move Unless changes are made Is dents of I g UM first Republican to be. : ; i
the school heading fer be emerging Clio from Lake he from als. to eight week eehool board candidate, mailed
the letup tile follow 011I street east .r west along Ave G Fer that reason, .be urged tfveA4erUaH elected to Congress from Ito Cannon, aecofttnc ta Dr. Rte*.. He MM today thai II stlffMbavobeen Hwlr report Monday but they
Fruit Shipments will be one-way: have oely a small path on Cornell member tide lIoN 1179 hiving. won sad Patterson .MUassociatedwith effective longer If there. were not received In UM clerk's
Fourth St wffl run south when to walk only about 1 to devote themselves tais ,ear the congressional race In the UM entonolon ,..earchtsborsiory had sat bloc no nweh rsta.H offlee In Dnriow until shortly
from Ave. D, NW. to Av*. B. feet off the roadway r..... ..a* private Hoots to specific iah Distitet to 1164 He baa nt UM Stale Board I* JMt) ipw Ufloo on .r before a I.... yesterday. TU
Daily crloading (In boats) SW been reelected four time of Bee Mi. .h 5.14 "9* I think deadline was IolcJA
ing periods of beay rain, be program wniek. wM raw the part, >ly aeon.
from the Fruit and Vegetable Fifth St. north from Ave noted UM path becomes fitted natty of We In America Aa InvMaUon was sent today A new their. .cat dropped sis the mId .* blew 1 to from other PmtUr for kllure to file the f'
Inspection Division: B. SW to Ave D, NW. with water and mud and "The war M poverty H going to Charles It lioOvr of St weeks ego rr,' aa airplane!ton lake, I thank It would lave expense stiieneni. on time eaa
Pope Ave southeast from DM ehfidren are forced to to aveeeed lee example. only If Petersburg, who awl the RepubUtaa been shoes i 1(11 per cent *ffe been mad b...er If we lad .b.. tfiwMiaUflcaiion or a fine orboth.
By rail. tiO papefrutt. ..nl Sixth St.. NW to the etmer of walk: aloof the edge of UM people nke JIll are in UM front nominatlbn for pveraser tin Midi recent rains, Dr. Pat- treated the whole chain of lakealai .
oranges by boat, 1,115 oranges. Ave B and Fifth St. NW. read '- definitely matinga .lines," Jehnon said .There to in the Florid primary .tarpon aU. -.4 of h" twe." Deputy Clerk Ronaleltesder.
by track UTI papefnut. sun Av*. B west from First St safety ""rd. hardy n oeammMy In UN yesterdayDr Ito Mid BV Mind no.grfloa. Mo mere treahneai of any son sow. the Official position .U 1
orange, IS tangerine; total win atari em_rgtn to about a lake is planned far thM year. Oat "..1'* lip lo UM opponent or I
U.U4 grapefruit 13,13 orange N to Seventh I St. NW. AD of UM commUakootr ... ewntry where .poverty doe not George P Graf of Was week, M pr".Wy will not bereel but ......1.* .tests sill be**,,> aowieone ate. If !there* rots ,
Ave A east from Fifth have MOM beachhead tar Haven Is chair .
St. pressed and the general
ttottn ever UM safety "
forbold iwewsek.. Ieseedl0/ .tloa.
tangerine for a shipping bury U4 Dint see year, a be say
total of 44413 bones NW to First St N. of the stndrnu using the hardest Battle are gatag t r be nan in chargecf arrsageMenu When they do.wrlemetgiogthe Dr. Patterson. Brembstigh reported ettp.s.w. .
Seventh St north from Cenv: path.. and DM of them said foogkt. right M yew keaact Ed Joan will I be ticket standard fbgc C gram wta Lake Howtf .ha* not bee" af> of 4,123 sad tonuttmtton
teal Av*. to Lake Howard! I r.. ft'* a wonder .. batrasan for UM darner lalel.
Cannery ( Oil someone hasn'talready g hack in as' noted yet, Dr. Pittance of ",a71 Delgsxto's report was
receipt pavefruit
271.tat for a cannery NW been. killed there '. TV" poverty stuck, to uU, The dinner and rally will beheld When t the metessou lint but H I I. |Mt n mailer of time 11."' expenses and12OlStoo.
of orange" boxes The posmfattty of s new 'TIM sidewalk if bell(. wtat s* moral ensBeng pat got *t the Haven Hotel, the dropped nn i..kes Cannon: and 4 MM the bided sMnquHoes beau trfbuliesa. IWO of it his on
total as. sidewalk: along Ave G. NW.



Negro Rights Leaders LAff-A-DAY Truck Lines -rHlElmmL

I "" \s Ask Increase

-0.... uuIiIIfYl TALLAHASSEE: :(UPI)-Florida .
Hit At Auto IndustryBy \ tniek .Uas have asked tor
r- a statewide. IMIMM from ft si I
to M in the minimum shipmentcharge LIQUORS
U llrt Press IntorattiMalNegro ation of talks regarding merger to matebM minimums
civil rights leaden. with three American Negro charged .by railroad owned
furred their attention Tuesday ebuchea. and it stipulated that motor e.........
III> i'ie: American automobile Industry any union with tile Ivaafelical:
Brethren Church mint carry The State Public Utilities
The National Association for with It the immediate abolition Qammission said Tuesday the COSTLESS
(the Advancement of Colored of the Methodist Church's all- truckers also asked for lower. I
People (NAACP) tent telegrams Negro central jurisdiction. rates on pacific routes to permit TBH "" ""
to the industry's big At Memphis Tuna, more them to compete with the
three General Motors, Ford than 100 restaurants have quietly in-owned ..... The commission 219
and Chrysler-calling for meetings opened their doors to Negroes said the effect of the re
to discuss alleged. diaerim- -deapil* the risk of loss quests would be to reduce rates L OIl'S THIRD
mat'ion In the hiring and promotion of business-in an effort to keep to areas where railroad lines
of Negroes The wires the city free of racial vWee. ... operate. It would maintain the a ST. S.W.
were dispatched by NAACP Labor Chamber of Commerce President rates at present levels else-
_ _
Secretary Herbert Hill In Wallace I WItmer announced when. WINTER HAYEN'S LARGEST ?KG. STOKE
Detroit Tuesday night the restaurateurs .
General Motors had no comment had risked their
Immediately on the request businesses so "the pace, the Parrish Named BLACK STILLBROOK
but Ford and Chrysler.ild harmony and the good living

meetings would be arranged conditions would continue to WHITE 86 Str. Brb.A
..,.. ,
with NAACP officials prevail In Memphis e r. 4a IM. WM +d "d.
was named to succeed '
About In 500 front persons of General demonstrated Motors . Elsewhere: "1 don't know-it'd be kind of a dirty trick, Louie W. Seay Sr. of Mariannaas IMPORTED SCOTCHBEEFEATER Park & Tilford I
headquarters In Detroit Washington: The Whlt.lloule wouldn't Itr president of the Florida
Monday indicated Tuesday that President Federation of Fairs and Livestock . IMPORTED CHARCOAL VODKA
Shows Tuesday. Parrish is fiLTERED
Johnson would sidestepcivil
In Pittsburgh Tuesday, the 'I.C..WMI'I
tvneral conference of the Methodist rights issues during a tour Fair manager In Orlando.of the Central Florida ''':.,,;:... 4.50 3 Shins 9M
Church ordered contlnu- of poverty spots In the South Sailor Spends Half
this week Other officers named at the ,'J
close of the three-day federation ,", ,_ .,
Nsshvllle, Teno.: A group of Rei.
CigaretteTax about ISO religious leaden His meeting were W. D. Strickland, 7.15 mJREG.
marched on city hall Tuesdayand Pay Supporting Bradenton; Nathan L Manison.
Reported urged Mayor Beverly Brll- Jacksonville; Joe E. Cooper 63.95
to totally all Panama City; M. E Twedell, Case
ey desegregate
tax collections for public facilities 10 Foster Children Tampa; Robert Eastman, Win.
March totalled Memphis, Tenn.i Negro leader ter Haven; Don Adams, Palatka -
$4,826,737. the
Florida Beverage Department Joe Purdy, 20, was charged BAN FRANCISCO (UPI>-A Weiss has been making foster and J. E. Frenkel, Pensi- CANADIAN Reg.
reported today, with extortion Tuesday in connection Navy chief petty officer stationed children happy for the past alx cola LORD CALVERT
Director Richard B. Keating with his letter demand on bleak Kodiak Island yenta but always he asked the WHISKY 6 _
said $1,471.008 of this amount desegregation of a restaur Alaska, has created a unique New York agency not to publicize
will go to the state general fund ant. A biracial group picketedthe living memorial to ar younger his undei'taking.
and the rest, I3.S48.731, will be Jail until Purdy was released other killed In the Korean Recently In the hope that FuneralBROOKE
distributed to qualified commu- under bond. others might become Interested
nities. Dunn,N.C.: Thirty-one Indian waiNavy Chief Norman WelM In supporting foster children L STANFORD
The City of Miami will get white schools Tuesday by the supports 10 children around the he told his story to touting San Funeral services for Brooke :meq
the largest cut with $326,029, Barnett C o un ty Education would through the Foster Parent Francisco Chronicle reporter Lyndon Stanford, 73, of 116 STAGG .
and 'the smallest will go to the Board which closed down the Plan Inc of the New York Jack Folsle. Leslie Ave, Winter Haven, who 90 A
town of Horseshoe Bend with area's all.Indian school for lack City It costs tlSO of his Navy "When my brother Mel was died Monday will be held i 7 Yr. Str. Ky. Brb.
$1.48. of funds, vat of I26 a months killed in Korea In 1 5J." Welaai Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clockat BRUGAL
i I said "I decided I would do St. Albaus Episcopal Church BOURBONDELUXE
something worthwhile in his Auburndsle. LIGHT ,!
memoir The Rev Herbert E Beck, or DARK RUM q i'2: : -1
'He was three years younger. pastor, will officiate. 1
We were in an orphanage whenwe Burial will be Saturday In the r) Si..t KENUCKV IOUIION"
.. 111.4.'
Rej. .
little and I looked out I ..01.1) 1
were White Chapel Cemetery, Birmingham I 6,. I'
s after him before we were taken Mich. 4.30
1 11rt by a wonderful couple. Friends may call at the Mitchell 3588
"We learned a little bit of Funeral Home tonight ,
oodnesa from.everybody who between 7 and 9 o'clock, Case S
was kind to us '
Growing Norman Joined
of Winter HavenThe tht:Navy Mel up the Marine corps VERMOUTH GRANT'S 8 YEAR
As a corporal Mel was killed on : :
Bunker Hill In Korea ilaThere Ii' EASEL
"I thought of a statue" Norman r.1tKA'
) "rr: 99et.
said. "But how does statuaiy -
help other people? A boy . {
club -1U but management I would have to others to entrust is 1 1. Boissiere ITMartini t. 1.79. /1-R

"Then I dug up my biothei ,. ... "' . .
r last inlet' enclosing a picture only one" & Rossi ,;' .'.1 .7" iti: s
of children on the streets ot ( ,11 .JMPeJCOTCH
Seoul in Korea And he wrote: \: "
'Look at the faces of these kids
Specialized Job of Savings and Loan Associations STAn '
ass they ao different? DESSERT Re*, Reg ( '
That decided me the .
memorial.would have to do with WINES 2" 99 7.50
children,: CONCORD PINK 5th
On Thanksgiving day, 1958, ,ptsE A -
r; Weiss sent his first check to CATAWBA RED WHITE
Fostci Parenta Plan At first he
was able to support only three

\"\ & \oungsters'moonlighted"With Navy on approvalhe civilian 0 LEISCHMANH 90N s 50 TEI .

'r : L141t lob 30 years of experience)
He Increased his"family" un- : fostering Rood will in
bual nM and community
til now there are 10: a boy in lib.For, GUCKENHEIMER!
Italy. a girl In South Korea, a :. miniO1
information ?
boy In Oieece. a girl In South on
Welcome Wagon phone
Viet Nam. a crippled boy In : VODKA ; 86 BLEND
I' South Korea a gill In Orl'l'ce.a :
Ph. 294-2989 :
!girl and boy in Hong Kong,
f a girl In the Philippines, a boyIn T. W. SAM UELS CHARRED OAK
Colombia / -

I 'The letter I get the .. 6 YEAR i OYRe M r
snapshots. To see them growto BOURBON
become healthy to be happy k
.. STR. KY. BOURBON REG. 4.50 35.88 Case

AIR CONDITIONYour sl9s I u3 t

star .
Car at

::Don: 9t /orget ken..." -.oJ Chevrolet Center Inc.CHEVROLET p ' TEN I HIGH STRAIGHT BOURBON R56.g s


next Sunday! ..pees BLENDlirmLml' LIGHT RUM


It's Mother's Day. And what a flood of memories BOOTH'SREIiMpt

that word brings.No HIGH & DRY GIN
Str. K Bourbon
3,39 FIFTH
shoulder was softer, no one more understanding -

than Mother. And throughout the years, ,... Rei. 1" f

her love and affection have been 6.et
our guidingstar. '._... .-;J.o-UO" I

Next Sunday Is a day we honor Mother. Lot's OR -

not forget the best girl In the world.
Frigiking Air Conditioning _COMFORT f:154.: 995th








BUT _ _
249 4TH ST. S.W. CT 34141


". .
'f! "
----- -- - - --- - -- --


- -- -

SumrnerJn Wi Ex-Havenite eete ..... ..... **wsdUf. Dneexcads presidential pnMry
[The Weather--Local State And Nationa UJ. Ps4 M.) :
By v..*.. Frees liiUmllinalINDIANAFOUS "Otar. campaign. for state'
ftsfregationist rUMs. .*. Yen, the people, I
Begin Term Leads Hardee Cow Osorap C. Wallaceof voted tor 8ae. W* are going to
Alabama _......* en his dstWa wie'1 to the next prem l
strong show. *** to tMtosw's' duet af MM IMM States."

With State BarRoy ' Sheriff Race


C. Summerlln Winter Newton H Murd, ik of Wau
Haven lawyer will begin a new '
chula, who wan front runnel
two-year term on the Board ofGovernors
la the Hardee County race for
statewide of toe Florida Bar, '1 ., i... sheriff yesterday. I it (ormeiWteis
organisation of lawyers f.

9.aammerlln and. Judges on SaN""y.May (NJ Li s. ; MIl*treats Haven, resident Mr and Mrs ft!

was appointed to l ri0 M* tfe Misntoea. lie' on the
the bar's governing board In 4 Deabe toad. lust ouUnlf the
19&1. He waa recently reelected '' Y'l cMy, where. lit: lived for many T
without opposition and will ;. r .L. ....i : .w1 y* M. ... iramhiated front
represent the lawyers of Polk r 0 ..,...,.. Vftater Haven H (,b School in
Hardee and Highlands CGUII M. Ley im.Ik.
Florida Supreme Court Chief g t wAtld ; 1. I 1 9Atr joined the Florida Highway NEWTON II. Ml'RINK* 2ii W. CENTRAL
Justice E. Harris Drew will Patrol. and baa been a
administer the oath of office: state "-P per for the pail even ,
to all board members and Incoming yean, stationed m HardvoOwnty. Kiwanis
officers of the Florida RSN" He was born in Alabama Key
Bar during the final business but was brought to Winter Club
assembly of the Bar convention. ;h JNdw
by his
parents a* a
Summerlln Is a law graduate
rh M. Game
of Stetson University Collegeof Dale
Law. He Is a member of the In the Hardee sheriffs race
Winter Haven Tenth Judicial MOSTLY CLEAR-Scattered thundershowers are forecast for the upper Rockier yeeterdsy he polled 1.8MI The aoftball lame scheduled MAN
Circuit and American Bar Associations Southern Plateau, the Great Lake Reaion and parts of the Ohio Valley. Snow it fore. vo4e. with tw of the county's between the KlwaiUs Club and 0
and the Florida Bar. cast for the Central Plain The rest of the nation will enjoy clear tkiet end warm tern precincts m eatag, topping the the Key Club for tomorrow has
peraturet. Incumbent Sheriff Odell Carlton been postponed one week
who lot 1.466 There
Citrus Group Florida Small craft warnings dis LOCAL OUTLOOK were two otters In the race The two teams will meet
Zones played. Generally fair today and tomorrow M a runoff between Odell and Thursday, May 14, at the Little
SMtfc High today 85 to W. Uurduck u Indicated League Field at T p.m.
Panhandle Partly cloudy today and Low tonight In the 60's.
Names SpearsJackson Clear to partly cloudy today Thursday with few brief showers Northeasterly winds 10 to 20
tonight and Thursday.Not likely High today low 80's, miles per hour.Temperatures. Reps. Gibbons Pepper
much change in tempera low tonight around 70. Northeasterly ,
L. Spears, Internal ture. High today 80 to M,
winds 15 to 25 miles .
auditor with the Florida Depart- low tonight 511 to 65. East and hour with rough northof aOd
named ment of assistant Agriculture comptrollerfor today was southeast winds 10 to IS miles Fort Lauderdale where Win Democratic Races SCallops t\1C s embrojaery',

the Florida Citrus Commission per hour. small craft warnings are dis By Tailed Press International 'a .

according to General North played. Elsewhere northeasterly Low Illgb. MIAMI (UPO ..Florlda'.lwo U. S. Senate for 14 years before r-
Manager Homer E. Hooks, The Generally fair today and. winds 10 to 20 mmOei Albuquerque 71 Democratic congressmen who losing to Sen.George Sma-
State Budget Commission has Thursday High today mid.80's per hour. Atlanta 53 T8 drew opposition-.Reps. Sam thin In 1990 and gaining House
approved the recommendation. low tonight around 60. Keys Birmingham 59 83 Gibbons of Tampa and Claude seat In 1901, will face Republican
Spears will be assistant to Northeasterly winds 10 to 20 Partly cloudy today and Boston . . . .. .12 57 Pepper of Ml*ml-.won handily Paul J, O'Neill In Novem-
Robert Stuart who Is to retire miles per hour. Thursday. High today low Chicago . . 611 83 In Tueaday'a primary.
as comptroller on July 31 after NortJwarfPartly 801s, low tonight low 70'.. Cleveland . . .61 80 Renomlnatlon meant return to ber.In the llth district, ThomasJ. all this on a
28 years with the commission.A cloudy today and Northeasterly winds 10 to 20 Denver . . . . n 70 Washington for Gibbon who Kenney of Coca Reach defeated
native of CUo, Ala. Spears Thursday High today around miles per hour.Posture. Detroit . . II 83 fklled to draw a general election James E, King of nearby ,
moved with his parents to Win- M, low tonight near 60. Northeasterly Jacksonville . 80 711 opponent from the OOP. Cocoa In the Democratic primary -
ter Garden at an early age. He winds 15 to 25 miles Kansas City 611 711 Pepper, however, has another and will face Incumbent no.iron i'':
graduated from Lakeview High per hour with rough seas and WeekIs Los Angeles 50 a8 battle ahead of him In November Republican Rep.Edward Cur-
School there then received a tides a foot above normal. Miami 611 U although he will be a heavy nay In November.
bachelor of science degree from Small craft warning dis Miami Beach . . 74 80 favorite. Gibbons piled up 83,882 votesto
Bowling Green Ky., Business played. Twin Cities 62 78 Pepper who served In the 16,402 for Tampa attorney shift
University. Following two yearsof Central ProclaimedMayor New Orleans 83 I. Robert L. McDonald. This will
military service,he did graduate Generally fair today and New York .8 72 be Clbbona' second term.
work at Florida State University Thursday. High today 85 to Orlando. . 65 112 AccountantsTo Pepper amassed 80,152 votes
serving for one semester 90, low tonight In the SO'.. Richard Danttler has Philadelphia 50 12 In the third district of North
as an Instructor in basic Northeasterly winds 10 to :20 proclaimed this week as National Phoenix , 45 70 Dade County to a mere 10,603 byR /
accounting. miles per hour. Correct Posture Week In Raleigh . .8 nSI. for Woody Hampton
He first Joined the Florida Southwest Winter Haven Louie . . . .17 85 Meet HereAccountants A Republican contest held the 1
Agricultural Marketing Board Partly cloudy today and The proclamation Is as Sill Francisco . . .8 52Sealle spotlight In the fourth districtof
as controller then in 1958 moved Thursday Few brief showers follows; . 41 52 South Dade and Monroe coun R
to the Florida Departmentof likely High today low 110'", "Whereas the American Washington .50 75 and financial ex- ties. In this contest, Jay Me- /1 p
Agriculture to fill the position low tonight upper 80'.. Northeasterly Clropractic Society has deal gn- ecutlvea of agricultural mar Clan defeated Walter Ruck! by
of Internal auditor. winds 15 to 25 miles ated May 1-7,1M4 as NATIONAL keting firms will meet In Win 11.041'Otll to 1,414
He and his wife the former per hour with rough teas and CORRECT POSTURE Orange County tee Haven on Monday, for the McGlon will Dice Incumbent
Lydia Patterson of Miami,have tides a foot above normal. WEEK, and"Whereas second In a series of monthly Dante Fiscal for the second
three young daughters. the Polk County Horse Show meetings Jointly sponsored by time In the November general w
Chiropractic Society Is sponsoring the Florida Society of Agricultural election. In 1802. McGlon lost
Sales Increase Accountants and the Florida lo PaaceU by .., fftl,1IIIl : A of Me +
. Correct posture Week a marglaandIs r ,. . M
CouncUo'Flrm'rCOf1IIr- not expected to win this '
emphaaialng ins Importance of tlm. ',,
.v correct posture, Advance ticket sales Indicatethat atives. In the Uth district race for
"Now, Therefore I, Richard the Orange County Sheriffs Quest speaker will be L. A. the House Kenney had 14,660
Dantzler by virtue of the auth- Mounted Posse annual benefit Thomas, executive secretary votes to 11,053 for his opponent,
ority vested In me as Mayor show for the Florida Sheriffs the Florida Council! who will King.
of the City of Winter Haven Boys Ranch will break all previous present a unique discussion of
do hereby proclaim May 1-7, records, In both participation "The Agricultural Accountant-
1964 as Correct Posture WeekIn and attendance What Does He Need?" Using a Citrus Plants
; I I the City of Winter Haven, "man-slse" flannel board, he Perky dally applique of t
4"I 11 The Mounted Pone U anon- will create an Image of the Venice embroidery on
sored by the Sheriffs Department \
agricultural accountant and relate
SHOP IN WINTER HAVENCross the knowledge and various Have Big Week the center panel art set */
off by vertical lucks and
The show will be held at skillneeded to satisfactorily
F.lrYl.w Park across from fulfill his function on the management scalloped embroidery
Ben White team. Florida's orange concentrators \
Raceway, Orlando dglng. Made of no-Iron
Saturday evening starting at 6 The conference will open at had the biggest week of Die
o'clock registration will beginat the Haven Hotel with a 'dutch season last week, with a pack Magical, the Dacron'
lrooperSllSal the show grounds at 4.80 treat' bt fret dinner at 6t3O: p.m. Of 1,611,091 gallons, the Florida polyester, nylon and cotton
p.m. Dinner tickets may be obtainedat Canners Association report blended batiste
the council: registration deskIn This topped the previous I
1 Se.e In addition to 14 regular the lobby, for U.TII. AU week's 3,071,011 gallons These pink, blue, yellow
Regularly classes In the Hunter Saddle agricultural accountants are two are the only weeks this season In P-S-M-L $1.00
Horse and Western' Divisions, cordially Invited. that the three million mark
old for c a lead-In clsss tor youngsterssix has been exceeded
'72.5OIncluding years and under will start 1.'iJR.4.'U:,; CO.'iTSf Movement was also at the
... the show off. As a special added YORK UPIt-Expen.: highest level of the season st
110'1"1 11\4' Federal tarA I attraction there will be two dilutes of Americana for various Iwe,114 gallons,1,143,940gal- tuck s
Tennessee Walking Horse kinds of personal and family lone In retail sloes ops'
events Insurance Including pensions Warren Savant, cannera executive a ombrolderv ,
have jumped from 114 I billion vice president, noted 4
1 I In 1(60 to taU billion In t>63, that orange concentrate Inventory
Candidate'sCars has moved to 11.1'74OITpUon.
the Institute
of Life Insurance
., s new high for the
e+ Towed reports current season.HATH all this on a


GORHAM STERLING CANDELABRAYours I Skew hem 2 fM. ironbreakfast
Cars displaying placards supporting
Free when you buya II. L (Short, i Palmer

Service for 8 for were Supervisor towed off by of Winter Reglstrslion Haven Tyo2' Today thru Sat.TO .

In any regular design in police yesterday morning for , f cL
to .
being parked too close preclnct
GORHAM STERLINGminimum voting buildings TO THOSI WHO SAW "DI. NO" . t coat
....04.; ,....If ,.'....., Nw yes ace ere,ere4 fe. eke fwttre,
( S3 pltett) at intersections. Jiy- The two ears were parked 1.,14ltl. .4......, el tktt metier .( *h'l" .114 we<*.. . b '
walkers frequently let hit by near Precinct 41 (IN a t ie e ai
Yes, this beautiful/ pair Gorham' most popular drivers who don't expect pe Guard Armory) and Precinct k\ & byI
Candelabra ls at extra cost Included Meet
Sterling yours no destrians to cross the street 63 (Teen Center)
in this offer is Gorham's newest sterling
pattern . regal, sumptuous La Scala, the ultimate in the middle of the block. All literature supporting a James
and Smart pedestrians children candidate mast by displayed at
in pierced baroque design craftsmanship.Paymnttt I I
and adults-look both ways .least 100 ,.rd. from a precinct Bond I et
At Low At Ono Per Week
building grounds.Blanche ,
Per Plat.-Sttig. crossing at /IJ t 1off14
tions. ,
M Work was elected
No down payment no Interest charges. Supervisor of Reglsttatioa.rt _

-. ,,.,,
rsorst rros urlfi Nsttrt

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a tint 0071
n 1'1''When K ESPECIALCasing
'-7Y A(IYlll.ll ..p g Cw.aOM

out oi' Certain Brands
t- rr of Higher Priced Wart at 7.50 ft Up. This lovely breakfast

f (Children 5.00)) VALUES Up to 25.00 .i( 1tL$fRYut f81DiD &il; .JI--vi1iiiiil, coat ls a |Joy to look at

..... w ve. abashh. fee ....... r and a |Joy to wear with
select 'of the :3 Gorham Modern ------- -...- --
you one ,.*.., ..el.., wee ee a e.*e.. peel -" Its tucks and
LJTin Group patterns your .-ift.. a pair of e V scallops,
candelabra, regularly mid for US.t6.F T.1. Phone CY 3-5335 embroidery trim.

All prkes are for 4 pc. pUce-settings and include Made your .Ptoiflt".t new at the HAVEN DALE Drive-In THEATRE Mad of Magical' *,
Federal Ts*. MOST UNIQUE HOME SHOP On AT 44 ,.... SISST SHOW AT Till *M.m4 the no-Iron Dacron
SOT ...... Ans8uMw e.- 'OHm THUUOAT NTO2S e.- polyester, nylon and
Beach! I I"Louella's
"Bt a Btouty at Slit
Ce.s.> NUn cotton blended batiste

See . that feels silky toft.

JEWELER I SlimSMITH Beauty Shop Gary Ceeper U "THI NAKI9 IOGt"Jae. .55 Complete button

13124 St. N.W. ...... m "THI UVOLT Of MAMIK. STOVU front closing- pink,

I M0 7rh sly M.W. ___ l.. Cele* blue, yellow In P-S-M-L $1.00Wednesd

\ I

. .

- - -


Winter Haven Daily News-Chief MODERN POLITICAL TLIMBIT'Washington I

W E. KVNIMON. 1W1..ullll..rJOHN Today's Television In ReviewBy

W. RYNIRSON Aulttm M th. ..ulll......,
---- VBRNON 6COT1'UPI Crenna's been acting since hi

Publi.i.d 4.lIy(;;; ........,1| by +w Winter Have. Commentary HjMyw4. OtnairaMert was an 11-year-old child won

PaWlebleg. c." Inc .lit InJ. **..., N.W., Winter. _!H..K, N- MaCHAIIES N// ,I4Mt HOLLYWOOD (UPI-) Likeit der on radio, playing roles ,r

ftOSHOHN -- --:---- - ....,.1.l .....,.; a .ay : a ?4r, fl or not, you'll be seeing more downs of shows. Until now hl,
nHL N8MJOM of Richard Crenna this year.Crenaa was always pigeon-holed IS ..
JACK |AHAN As..sl.b Id4$. UPI fWfen Ntwe A..I,1It U It the lumbering semi- character DIaL

J The ww BrasdltM of the been shooting for teed
PETER J. SU-L I I:4.: ......h<, tA.".,., I government moronic Walter Denton "I've .<<
: power just a month "Our Miss Brooka" show and ing man roles in movies On n!

NATIONAL AOVMTIUN4S ..MWISWTATIVesh after UM military overthrow of the slow-witted clod of "The na said "My agent finally o-,

.n i ....cl.t.! !, Ins eta..?*, m. Pmidtat Jose Goulart In Real McCoys" vinced me the only way to matt,
Entorod- *-. t-..*-l<-d CUll--M.. M.*.r I.,.. 0. It4 .t.*>. ,... Of$.. tetrnlS! an important fact of ,i Next season he will star in a it was to play an heroic chard
In WM r H..,., NU, .d.r .*t .J Marsh 2. .ll>t life which La that you cannot j 'is new series! 'Slattery's People." ter in a series That's why I I'\ ,
please! everyone.The qtr r5 u4.K0 an hour-long show about a politician accepted this political show '

revolt again Goulart hope it turns the trick"
: came on March :U, and on Ap In addition to being' eapoaed
;.. CIRCULATIONS ril 2 PKMMenl Johnson sent Mi on television six hours a week To a degree it already hus

""warnae good wishes" to interim Crenna also will be seen costarring Croons landed the "Gold fart

President Ranieri Mattil- with Shirley MacLaine movie role after 30th.Fox saw
MEMIER /II who held: office the pilot of "Slattery."
ATV! Mn>kr until former in "John Goldfarb, Please Come
UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL marshal of the army and chief Home" Crenna is 37 years old. He ,
Th. United rr.n N HI
ASSOCIATION '.' rapublieaHos .' .111..1 kiwi print. of stiff Humberto de Alencar "Busy, huh?" Crenna said not pretty-boy handsome bm!

.d I I.. Mt .....,**.r N... Diipitcr. ob on_April 1$. Fox studio commisaary.. the heroin in a movie withou'!

- --- The United Statet retarded it "This is my first movie role stretching the credulity of feminine

CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING DEADLINE ai an effective blow against .' since 1956 when we made a picture audiences

By the Wr: ( '.M. ',.lut D.y. ly th. 'Inch: 1 P M. Pr*lvi D.,. communism In Latin America 4 ( R out of 'Our Mils Brooks.' He has signed a long term
Ual Notie.ii: I P.M. Pravleui D.y. Sunday Edition D.r.i)! FrltI.,. and the weaknesses which It was a real bomb. Nobody contract with 20th Century.Fox
DISPLAY DEPARTMENT: teemed to be leading Brazil knew why but when they try and if he's well received n
$u..d.y Edit!**-1 P.M. Thund.y: Mand.y HHitn-1 P.M. Friday; into a leftist dictator ship to stretch a TV show into a movie "Goldfarb" he plays the title.
T *idy Edition-Noon Saturday; W.dn.id.y, Thund.y end Friday From the Brazilian people d IOmetblngloe. wrong" role the studio will\ doubtless
Edti.; ,_I P.M. Tw Days In Ad.. r
-- -- fic* also came wide acclaim 041 't When he left the "McCoys"Crenna groom him for stardom
Mamba Surkrn Newspaper Publiihcrt AtKcl.iIait Both Inside and outside Bratil AI refused 30 series offers. Like I laid, you will be seeing

M.mb.f Florid Proii AiiI.tl.. there were hope that a regime He was determined to lose his more of Crenna this year

SUISCRIPTION RATES indebted to no political image as a hayseed During the You can identify him as the

ly Carrfor .r Mill grouping ai>d with no political past year he directed three television character who used to look like

r.r, $)''.201; ", ."th.. $0.ID; I month., $4.((; I month, .UI ambitions at last could cope pilots for Warner Bros a hayseed
wkly, JS c.nti. Sinqlo Coplon Dolly, I U.t'l| Sunday 10 canfi. with Brazil's chronic social and 4 and. several "Andy Griffith"
economic ills ,, twY snows."My,
new rote in 'Slavery's
But the social ills were deep People' is a straight part," "UPIl' At
ly imbedded and printing press Crenna said the present rate of world wheat

A Thought For Today money was such a part of Bra. "With this being an election consumption and population

zil's Inflationary way ofil\ A7 Jv year the show should attract a growth the United States will!

that from the beginning it was w/l ..1rvM'P l lot of attention In the fall. No need to Increase Its wheat pro

"Paul, an apostle (special messenger) of Jesus apparent that both would be 7 i, one will be able to say the duction by 300 per cent in the

Christ by (through) the will of (the purpose and hard to reverse character of Slattery is a Republican next 35 years-even if American
The military-backed regime farmers are to provide only
choice of) God, to the taints (the consecrated, set had other problem. What of conservative."As Democrat. Liberal or a fourth of the world'a needs

apart ones) which are at Ephe, who are the faithful the future of Brazil's relationship for me, I'm not siylng according to H. Robert Diercks,,
with Communist Cuba? if I'm an official' of Carglll, Inc grain
(loyal) in Christ Jesus, Eph. 1:1"Saint" a Democrat Osa Repub.
How far to out right. exporter.
carry a ]lican.
is an adjective meaning "holy, and the wing political1 revolt against the 1

word "faithful" I it an adjective meaning "belit.>\'ing." !left How many to imprison? Window AlmanacBy

So here the message is to those who are the J people of Whom to release after the first - -- Now Available

Christ, set apart and believing in him. hectic New days of mass arrestsT LYLE C. WILSON pollster with a respected record By United Press ? At Your EXCLUSIVE
public dissatisfactionwith International
of what
United Press InternationalIt knowing he Is talking
-Dr. Albert L. Cnrnelt the regime Is a reflection be safe to about. Lubell reported that Today Is Wednesday, May 6,
of Its difficulties and may say without the 127th day of 1964 with
hesitancies 239

fear of contradiction that one-third of the Democrats In A DU MONT
in to follow.
dealing with all of
the votes cast In Indiana Tuesday the great industrial centers The
these. for Gov George C. Wallace such as Gary South Bend and moon Is approaching its I IF

News Chief EditorialsIt's were not cast In favor of Indianapolis said they would new The phase. star is rllaa DEALER
Within the last the morning Saturn.
year cost racial integration or in vote for Wallace. He found that
of living In Brazil had jumped Wallace being The evening star Is Venus. CYPRESS TV
of the civil rights bill now was helped
On this IARRETT 31
day in
Half 100 per cent and it was admitted somewhat history:
Gov. Welsh's
Over. by '
pending in the Senate. unpopularity /rule
. the trend could not be This In 1935, the Works Progress Comngom0 SALES & SERVICE

Yesterday saw some upsets in our election results, topped Immediately.The the Indiana negative interpretationof Administration was created to WtltiM h.rrdrewo'oh. We Service All Makes

We realized that some of the races were cut and dried, new regime, accordingly, Is about as presidential far as the primary Interpreter . "While some of these voters provide through work for the unemployed 510 Cypress Gardens Rd. CY 3.9800
a series of projects }
will be
j Jumped armed forces going for Wallace out
as far as the thinking of the people concerned pay is likely to get with.
was per cent, setting the stage for .of sheer anger with I Gov supported by federal funds.In .
but in a few there certainly was new thinking. Lake- later raises for employee on out. protests The trend, even In.dv.nce Welsh," Lubell wrote "most of 1937, the Gorman dirigible

land didn't dictate to us how we should vote, we felt other government payrolls.But lace' vote, was In to Indiana downrate as Wal was the had put Democrats Gov Welsh I talked aside mentally with hurst Hmdenburg, N.J. exploded Thirty-six at passengers Lake- ON YOUR TELEVISION DIAL
came to curb
differently and went for tha best people for the offices. I Inflation and to Institute steps downrated the 260,000 votes he and were focusing on the died In the disaster
It was hard for us to understand the reasoning of a reforms Both met opposition look In last month's Wisconsin racial Issue This will be a In 1941, Communist dictator WDIO-TY WFLA-TV WFTV-TV WTVT-TV
primary. A Republican crossover Joseph Stalin became CkMMl. i Cleat. ICIS CII.....
Lakeland newspaper ln their ''tholce'f6r'the' '. i "" ,1 ,,, i deeply troubled, emotion-stirred premierof T ClMMMlllWednesday I
superintendent : tale the .Dunocratiq primary rRttsia 8wwMui4 V, M NIC CU
Ins''the ones. the 'referehduta on racial feeling" I otlje{ '
government I
of schools, but everyone in tntitled. to their was credited with Wal Molotov 'HIIr 'Dai.dt.mre \.mp. t
own opinion. sought< to cut'back-government lace's big Wisconsin showing { It U .disgrace frfV'' a polli'ster In 1960, BriUiA'a., Princess r: -----

pending by the elimination of The pollsters were not agreedon to be wrong> which Is the Margaret was married to a NIGHT x... May 6'
Around the state we certainly got an eyeful. We subsidies costing $200 million
a Indiana. The well regarded good fortune of both Lubell and commoner, Anthony Armstrong
realized that the liberal stronghold, Miami, would year They are being used to Harris Survey reported to the the Harris survey. Although Jones
tOO .'N.ws $ N.. W..lh.r Putt. N...
provide cheap bread and gasoline : rti, ,
buck the more liberal candidates and it did, but to and to hold down the cost Washington (() Post that they do not submit comparable A thought for the day Brit. ': -Sa.rti, W Ik.r W.. ., EJ.Uri.l.. Span Spells W'Hi.r'
not more than 10 per cent of figures it It obvious that Lu- ish author Oliver Goldsmith 4:10-CIS N.., NBC News AIC N... CIS News
have some other centers of follow of newsprint. The
population along: program also Indiana's Democratic vole bell and Harris got opposing said: "Conscience is a coward Ml-CIS N... NIC N.., N..., W..tk.r CIS N...
was something new in Florida politics. Now for the calls for tax Increases could be attributed to white resentment impressions of what has controlled and those faults It has not ---- -

second go-round. This will be bitterly fought. The In the agrarian field landowners against civil rights the minds of Indiana strength enough to prevent, it 7:0o-c.l.R. R..... D..tk V.ll.y Ch.y.nn. Lucy Sh.w.
1.11--Glen. Runs D..tk Sh.
condemned V.ll.y Ch.y.nn. Lucy
the reform
developments. All voters, They both be eldom has justice enough to
first primary was a tough deal all along, but this ia program alone which only Wallace that votes for right cannot ncruse" 7:30-CIS R.rti The Virginia.! CK.y.nn CIS R.**...
10 per 7:41-CIS H.p.rit Th. ( Ch.y.rm "0 G.ull.i
going to be even more bitter. One thing few people could have been expected of cent limitation should be allocated Virginl _" __ _

realize it that the governor's race is for only two the deposed Goulart regimeMemories. according to the Harris The average citizen but 1:00-CIS H..rtl Tk. Virgiai Palsy Dull The
-- more especially the Negro lead- 1:11-CIS K.p.rt. The Virgin.. Show Ch.ll.nt
years, but whoever wins will have the opportunityto Survey consideration, to other than racial era of civil rights demonstrations } '1( & If; ; if: ) 1 i'! 1IOo-TIh"! *,* The Virginia; Th. Farmer'sroadway

run again. For the losers it appears that some of Among these other considerations must make their own interpretations - |.4l---Tigktr-**-* --Tk.-Virginia-------Dnhter- -- --(Gus Leti"-

the politicians are going to have to go back to workthat's was Indiana's disenchantment and of the Wisconsin ':00-Hillbilli*! E.I...,. ... C..., Nliblll4e1:11HiiDiln.c ;
with Democratic Gov votes. The Negro E.pi*"..* I.. C.i.y Hill billier
tough, but that's life. Matthew Welsh because leaden have a special and INVESTIN ':10.-Oitk V.a Dyk E..I.".*. I.. C.lty Dick V.. Dyk
20 YEARS AGO largely most urgent need to obtain an f-41:: -Olek Va Dyk Eipl.n.g. Bas C..., Dick Yen Dy"tDOo.DlII"y
Pvt. Robert Kramer of the of a new sales tax for accurate _
A Service Medical Corps, Camp Pickett, which he Is held responsible they who Interpretation. It is Ky Tk. I 11th Hear Ch.dm.U. Danny Ky
. Va. was home on a 10-day Welsh was the Democratic Favorite must decide whether 10:II-D.ny K.y. Th. 11th I H.yr Ch.clm.t. D.nny Ky
We were mighty proud of our organization at the leave with his family son .t.nd-In for President civil rights pressures shall be tDJo.-D.uy: Ky The I 11th Hear Ck. km.t. Danny K.y
Johnson eased or Increased. SERIES H 10:41-O.nny K.y. Th. I 11th H.ur Ck.ckmt Dense K.y
News-Chief for its efficient handling of the precinctsin in Indiana. Indiana -- -- -----.--.
10 YEARS AGO has a history of racial bit. If the Indiana and Wisconsin I II.OO.-N.wi N...... S,t, Wtr N.willn News S..rt.
our area. We had the figures far ahead of any Judy James was crowned a terness. It was notable in the elections showed evidence of SAVINGSBONDS II:13Sp.esWebs': T.ni.ht Show E't.ri.l Wth.r Wth.r, E'trl.l

other source. And until the last ballot was counted we queen in the district Sweetheart 1920s for the stste-wide political rising white resentment and 1IIOo-nut.. *f T*":
stayed ahead. We were happy that our phones continued contest or the Future power of the Klu Klux Klan. lessening of sympathy with Negro 11:41- the Stan T.nltKt-Skew--lab---She-- Saft*. t

to ring minute after minute for we were able Farmers of America) In Nora Indiana has been called themost aspirations, the Negro
Mayo Auditorium. southern In tradition of leadership will need to be Thursday MORNING May 7
to( give our customers up-to-the minute data the northern
no one state All of these aware of that Civil disobedience

Glee had. S YEARS AGO factors might be cited more was a mighty weapon in C $500-$1,000-$5,000- 7:000-W..u, Today Slow ;../ Day

As soon as all data I is available we'll have the of. Civil Air Patrol members ''or less to support the Harris colonial India. The vast Indian $10,000 7111- tA..i.. T....., Sher N... &." Day7,10Wok.U.
from six surrounding coun- :'Survey contention that recent majority disobeyed the ultimate T.day Shew Miekia Evo. &..4 Day
ficial results ready for you to read and study. This ties converged on Gilbert Field 'race relations were not a major helpless British minority. An C Rd.*mabl. at par 7:41- Today Shew tAicki. If.", &..4 Day

has been an interesting election from every corner to participate in the Group 3 'concern of more than a tenth America minority even a largeone Guaranteed return-3 % % IOo.-c..t.l. Today Sh.. MlcLie Ivies C.pt.il

of the state. It has been a tiring campaign in some Simulated Search and Rescue 'of Democratic voter cannot hope for such sue. when held to maturity :11- Kugene Tday She Michie E... Kapree
Minioo Samuel Lubell 1 Is another cess In disobeying the great IG-C..t.i. Today Shew C.rt..I" Cnsda
respects for so much money and effort was spent to majority Interest paid by check twice 1:43Kargare.: T.d., Ste C.rt.I.!! Kugaree

get segments of the candidate's stories before the a year
pub. DAILY CROSSWORD Oo-A".lc. T.d.y' M..;. Fa.rdse Mereiog M.vle
lic. Now maybe it will be restful for at least a few '" /- lo4i"." "d."... C.rt..iII. "St.,,,, Ors'f:10R.eper
ACROSS DOWN U. Eyer. ;? n ban. 1.1.4" C.rt..iII. the Nils't,45le

days. 1.Tim retire Eastern poet ., ..r Roe Pals' L.". C..iII. hu,. Harry
thecae: S. Hldcoua 1$. Pro- j DIAL WSIR Program --.- -- ----
baseball S.Farson noun .MM ||:00.-CIS New J... H.nh.lt Sp.nlik luni Antk'y S ..l.
SideBy 5. Happy bIrd 10. Weep 10:11 CIS T.d.y'l M..I. Sp.niik Lu.ni M.r.l.a Max
I Lighter .9.Debate 4.A marsh 22. Polish: 14.'. alu. WEDNESDAY a III Momlnc N.w* Roundup :10:10: ::1 L*>*'L.'cy W. fr W.rd his I It light I tan. hey
iu. Am.nctuipo ,I'UI n. um. I W Mutual An.-News I"M III Good Values M.ntst far ,i.inte6 11:41-1 1 L*>. Lucy Wed tar W.rd Me I. li.ht i I L... lily
t Molar I Mum A H..tiway
I. pIke
a.O Vow rtortda
DICK WEST wartime model. But twining of 12. tooth I' Mild) 1IiI1" l.t: Mutual. N... H 4S Wed Mornitx Hrd. "IOOo-n. tAcC., CancMtrctiaa &.t Tk. Tk. MeCy.
United Press laten.tlonalWASHINGTON its military history or service Arranged 8.Stains ::e. Act 4 SS Want A Job- sat Lak Haid** TUr ((1:11-Tk* MtC.yi C."u"t..t i tA...... U. MeC.y.
(UPIWorldWar record could be traced. atkally.y.ttm. T. Exclamation wildly I 405 W Horn.Mutual. A Nays llvkway ; s Mutual N.W. IOo-.t.. I Gladys J.otrdy tAi.,!*, slab hh I Grady11:43P.
What My Number .. I Mm risks I Gladys
| Gladys her
"...... I IN mat Jf.v.rdy .
II is rapidly fading Into 13. Silly 2S. Epoch .w.* Aawraf Aluns U Jim OtwilWd ahoy
This prompted Lt. CM. ,11\\ Today la 5':5e. ._'
c. I Wat Mutual News
history Which Is all right with U.Patxito a. Sandy 11.811'1I ofcodlao
5 *u Mutual N.w AFTERNOON
Frank S. Besson Jr. who ( Dick RpMcS Show
me. Unfortunately, however, dltBcotIS. : tract: Eng. 37 Cavity i :23 SIM AaHujUU 14 411 Mutual. News
the presentation to liken the Origins\ .. Matters 33. For- 3a Musical Lees,. 1106 cars a>rtrk, Show
of that conflict
the veterans
are Jeep to the "Unknown Soldier" IT. of bodlngs Instrument C World News 1 ,11/ Mutual NwMck 11:0*-U.. .f Llf.I Y.*r Fin FNh.r New Wei k*<
rapidly fading too. which 411S I Spun Roundup III a kiarftrk Slay I IlIs-l.v..6 l Uammonia( K"... !..t Farm Silo MH
conjures heroic business 34. Ravine 39. Aerow
I have seldom felt more fad. up an article II TradlM FM I II: :: ISMWl News 12lo-Srclo fr T...rw Tru'k *r Teas<.. Seth ff TutrwS.Wir
image.If 1.. Plants 11. Afflrma- 3e.Thin silk: 42. MACAW: 4 3U Wall 1 Mmt R.ponMutual I Mtk Errtch ehowUMual
ed old soldier-wise than I did .. 12:41-G.idioe Light Cu.epucin Erai Fad ltkf
1'. A rtttlcaadnnr Live reply Chin. Brut l.t: N. IID: Miw.OMk .

this week when my military Its career could be documented 7 I.un Ill Yalta N.Nchtor I.w. .Jr 1 II:12.I.: orbs New. thowMiUMl 1:00-Sic) T.Ik N..t, $peesa Fl. Sp..... live .f hH
alma mater, the U.S. Army, 21. Musle not* t Z I' I!> w 1 r 7 liii SDOtllafcl I Ik* Star Atwiw,* |1ll-G| irl Talk' W.Nh.r V-cetlt" Shaw lane .l Ufr
presented to the Smithsonian however. I suspect it K.: I w Tai *< 'la Honda 11 IIi Pea a.5 oe. 1:30-WrW Turn led .f N..s W..14 Tsrss
Institution a model of the original would show that old 2047MJS 15. Mon p.V 10 1n. / 130 Mutual 1'1... I: I" tall wW the 8b.'rrtr'PMhao .S-W.,14 T.rl Gv.uhe Lellti. W.0I4 Tars,
T M Muse B UM __
xMNi fur
Uwk. Jr.
t spent the war hauling gin :i r:
WW II Jeep. Infrequent noa Mutual NOT.
Th doughty little vehicle will to the officers' club at Camp Insurgent [II'I i I g ws dub "I49UMutual 12 :SIi sky Mutual It WWi Nave Music 2:00-.ertI Let'. tA... M,. Mae.. Pasteerd
Kilmer, N.J. 19. ati ..*.. ;z JII MA Oros 1-.tr4 I A Dad Mr. Mee.. Paswsed
go on display later this month Foxy a ChIlI ..tG-n........ ..
John Magruder of the Smithsonian 80. M n's I''. S 16 of ski 1'1. 2.Jo-H. hAy n. Dente Day I. C.arHwu .rty
,I at the New York WorMY Fair nickname IDS* uu Club Mutual Mews' I t7 :3 Ill Mi VrW* 2:41-H... hrny he D....,. D., I. C.1Itt H.... PaM
I staff recalled that someone I rasa
and then will be permanently 18 t) Mutual. if
once credited Jeeps with 32 Prevalent Wl1 uo-te T.II Trtrtk'AW; 4 Gard ;1.5 Tra16
enshrined in the Smith.onlan'lcollecUon 18 Tk WarM ,..,., I 11 0albWrlaa :
of national keep. having "changed the course of 33. Alpha Ii JQ .Ii tl n I 10.III Mutual N' .wtfVrtaa I'* M.ty.5 News UT.: Till Ttllth A..th., Weald Hasibl T. Y.S Trvth
history" He thereupon fell to end- It..UStr cwt A WMtkarn I X w wlii 'M CL.ks 1:19-t V .( N!'k Yu Dee'1 Say Own f. D.y .4., .f N4M:
sakes. 10 ....
S3. MtajurtjWTowaah CWf 1:< -l... .) Ni.ht Tu o.'t S.y Ow.s f.. Day ..._k
bow 14
What faded me was the sudden musing aa to history might : IS C U [ wAY J'II:! __ Htc1I.., -

realization that most of the have been Influencid had the MhalrS Oa.. 4 46 =1 Mm 4:CO-S.cr*. Starai .....e.. C*** idimedr S.c.t Ski"..
660,000 jeeps made between J Jeep been inverted a few centuries $. .t.ttlllo 1. v >> Jt : n 1os ......sis News J JD Mataal SNeNwbwu 4-11-S.crrt Show ....tc. &.*>. ',.,1"' ...... Sunt SMns
have already earlier lock I. 0- Mwwey 1 SS MaCM ft MKhwaf 4.19 UM!. Welrtsetse. Irate Fa;fade Sape'ioi
1541 and 1945 They would JJ 3"- : JS I II' Mutual, Nevi' . I4awa> HMAaM4S 4 1S- AJ.edwa U..I. ..... ,..;t" ..... Sap." u
passed on to that great wrecking greatly simplified 40oph.tsArk. : V" '-' S m rkWMki M... C ........-* ...... Mkfcway : '
the winning of the West" I "' nor MnuaMutual I Sft '
yard In the aky 41. 3w ,J' JQ 29 'III NnnU s Want Matwl Nw I ot-Hotek Htet4 Mck.e: 1_. You h"
The Army, which always did Magruder said "Imagine a poe'e bird 7 ,LIZ Moralac 1. ..... A ........, I'II M...k Hued MM CloIt : Yqi MWa: .....
have trouble finding things, bad trail hand pulling Into Dodge 4J.lor.unr W T" ""' -.. Reel a Mutual N.v. < =I.T* It TV. Cl le ,=: Nn..

ID search far and wide before City "and finding no place to 43 44 +SJut eottUh- : I r 7 : tread Mmwl.Men I4 w.narl4a .U-. : 06 MM MvtMM AkxutM (few* i 41- T* leaver Sots 1,_. I't..ltl. ,.
n finally located this one In a park Julio 1. N... a MarkM 6 ores "....
military depot in Kores. Or suppose that Paul Revere 46U-, fH' 13 7 I al 411 U Manuiut.a4 Marmot Sow Rosew a S :s w'".. y.Y .... There ..... ... .tkad.lu' ore paaid.d 'ky ta* ..I..;.... derNM
It was Identified by Its serial had made his !famous midnight ''i8t4r1 V"'; : : MamaS 4t Hoort. a- .004 we **\ki..t fa aaM *t My Ka>.. TW' D.... N.Cllief psy:-::
umber' 20478135 as I ride in a Jeep nt.nUy : WITR -=.. 4 IS Tra.i. Pew: I:t.. .1 5 pal **nh *W I* ... r*.*...;.W. let ,*.t'.*> c.*.*.*
it-w Iid.d I is she'. Ktred.5.a..

. . . .. :;. ..... II
--- -t..A. - .. _. .. -_..--


- Bartow Pushes Mass Said ForII sours SALUES LesIahre

Murdered Boy Midwest Soviets Building


ronrn he for Funeral a avo-yar-old MM was acid boy Tuesday who I II TornadoesKill 10 Subs A Year

believed to hews been tilt victim

s R Plant On Base of acewMd kidnaper Joseph TwoBy Re.Elected WASHINGTON UPI) -Tb reversed In Mother two or

'ad.ron. Francis Bryan Jr. Soviet Union U buikUftf 411 10 three years
nuclesr.powered submarine a At present, .the U.S. Navy is
! Bartow city official haw The Maa of tIN Auaels was : (UPI) The
year and w ktttlai them be buying Polaris. missile subs at\
'on: peldied I aa aU-out drive to get said at St. Paul's Rowan Cath Uaeied Press International v men designated to run the 1MB sn with tncreaatog frequency a rate of about. oat a month
eke the Polk Junior College loeattd lie Church far bawds (Hackie) National Guardsmen today legislature. Sen James r < on-
on the aurfsce of the see. It The last of .these atom driven
' on the Bartow Air Base, Wilson Jr. St. Petersburg fireman patrolled battered ...... IB the nor of Brootsvlllf and WiKUood was earned( today. ships however, will he
rveset Md MtottaUoM are oleo on who work with W( IOG'. Midwest where tornadeas killed farmer C. C Rowed wet as Russian
submsrUJjIa launched In. 1M6.
, for UM sate o( ISO cured, liking. their **.ts BO April
acre the and
on father Burial two injured scores 'M'on
bus to Florid were pallbearers. persons longer dive and ........' wa At tile .prsssnl. rate projected
Tile Industrie wwMtUI but nearly
will take place later. eatroyed buadrei of builteg'A iompM
of Lakeland. riKrns from spotted on the ocean wrfece to continue: for several more
I inches of Tuesrtiy'aprimary.
storm dumped
but proceed uAMtrd *n years at least the Navy ,
found is
Mayor H. Cell Moor and TIle remains' were near snow on Reno New, and Utah .
'b" City Commissioner B. J, Dur- Venice last Thursday. The and Nevada stockmen were Cased 18 was rewDmiritedto their courses or ta their ease'cises. building six attack type subs a

ranct art leading the youth disappeared March 33 as year Thus the Russians conceivably
I"fe's fight for warned to protect livestock a tettrto four-year term wMi
the coilec Moor* Mid h* ta. he walked bom from school. from continuing cold rain and an ef win over challengerJoe As far as Is known, tMrr..fY. could forge ahead In

tended "to sea every effort and Bryan who is charged withlldn.plnl locally: heavy snow. See h. Brooksvllle real if ever, com anywherenear the annual rate one the U S

but everything at my disposal to a South Carolina boy Nebraska Gov Frank Morri r5b I estatetperator. Final rfiuraa American share Pofaria program la completed

Win ret this junior collage at the whose remains were found near ordered nearly 200 National from dtrua HrMndo and Expansion of the Soviet nuclear The authoritative British pub-
submarine I 11 I c a 11 i Ion "Jane's
air bat. fleet and tile Fighting
March 31 was
OUIml HaUandale on Guardsmen into five central Sumter touches, which nuke,
Durranc said h* was behindthe arrested In New Orleans by the and southeast counties where up tile Kb district, gave Connor boldness of Its operations point Snipe" credited the Russians

move because h* felt It bin FBI last week.Youths. tornadoes Tuesday caused millions 1.136 votes to l.STS for Smith., up the major problems facing last December with having 26
"civic American: nuclear powered submarines
and moral duty. military planners In ,
rm of dollars damage. With only two small precincts
Bartow baa offered US acre. upgrading submarine warfare both attack and miaaile-launch-
Two were killed and out Rowell 49. .mp..ded'
ox.In of the base, containing build-'I forces and devising d- log types
Bradshaw Buahnell David
three injured near attorney A
sap The state site survey team BeingRecruited I tens * against submarine- With conventionally powered
,tie Davis with a vote of 2,881 to
turned down the site, Neb.Morrison launched missiles types added the Soviet undersea
made Inspection: TlS in Uttle Sumter County
ens City Manager C. R. Odom an The Russian nuclear subs are fleet Is estimated her at
,. . ,..
flight over the region today to as. h. e 4 awe w.r "" .aHe Sine neither has Republican\
confirmed the report that of both the missile-firing type too units.
00ir- Florida Til industries Is considering By assess damage for applicationto may be safe In all that equipment, but where' the glove opposition, they will automatically and the attack type which The United States, excluding
President Johnson for federal resume their seats in
the air base as a location for his right hand? fights other submarines and Its missile-firing fleet of 20
assistance to the
be for possible expansion.The destroys shipping atom-p o w e r e d submarines
ke company has inquired about the Guard troop also a major upset Sen. W C. While the United States which probably would be
One-Way Street Plan Will Scarf currently used
price for 150 acre*.Permission Back MuslimNEW were ordered out in North Dahots (Cliff) Herrell of Miami Springs'lost has a lead la numbers of only in all-out nuclear war has

to sell would have to be obtain where a tornado leved the. (Continued From Pep OM) night on weekday and no operation out in a re-election bid, nuclear submarines of all types 109 submarines Of these at-

ed by the city from the Fed. eastern end of Fairmont and injured affect several property own. on Sunday except at bowing to Democratic newcomer and Is building at about double lack types, there are 18 nude-
at least 11 Robert M Haverfteld
crab Avaltlon Agency which YORK (UPI-A rebel persons.At ers notably P. N. Hutton. who establishments without alcoholic the Soviet annual rat, the situation powered now In commissionand
AI'at least 60 farm homes were Miami. Haverflfld. who faces
turned the 1,750-acre bas Black Muslim group dedicated tornados owns an orange grove along beverage licenses. Oper could chang or even be 26 more coming along.
over to the city, destroyed or damaged by Republican Phil Chafed In
on to violence has recruited 4,000 In northwest Iowa and Ave. G where the sidewalkhas ation on Sunday at such halls November got 15,874 votes to
youths in Harlem and in Infiltrating been proposed. be carried on from I p.m. .1
III 109 National Guardsmen were may 49.621 for Herrell and 11,911 for Kelly Running Third
'0. many community centers orered to duty to prevent possible The legality of assessing until 11 p.m. Charles F. Brown.

he New Violence it was reported today. looting. any of the property owners The legal machinery was Former Sen. Doyle Carlton (Continued From Pap On) tory "a vole for conservatism

Several hospital- tor the sidewalk war In doubt started for the closing of the and .
rl The New York Time. said persons were Jr. of Wauchuls, 190 runner-up Jacksonville's mayor for IS temperance In government
tied in lows.Another among the commissioners, east end of Magnolia Ave., and for ."
sty that the sire of the "Blood governor, was returned to years and third man In the 1MO
Brother" movement in Harlem tornado damaged 23 and Commissioner J. D. Hill the opening of Second St in nla Senate seat with a win over gubernatorial rice "I have not been able to campaign
II.u.. CyprusNICOSIA was estimated by a researcher homes and a railway station at made a motion for Peter the same area through to Av*. Sen. 0. W. Dick Williams Carlton The elated High the last to as I would have liked due

In for Harlem Youth Opportunities St. Edward, Neb. Kalogrldii, city attorney to C. It is expected that the project with no GOP opponent outran enter the race and the man to the rights bill" the senior

Unlimited, an organisation partly check Into the matter. The will take six months to Williams S.11J votes" 3,000 with the amalleit expense a- senator said, "and I feel this Is

Cyprus (UPI) financed by federal and city tJSS Decatur motion was passed and it was complete.The with only five precincts out. count said his Intention had a great victory for the conservatives .

New and unexpected violence funds to diagnose the social economic decided to resume discussionat commissioners voted to Monroe County voters returned been "to invert\ a new mood Into of Florida"

erupted today throughout Cyprui and educational ilia of Damaged In the next meeting based on require an annual license fee Bernie Papy to the (House Florida's politics by contendinga The year-old white-haired

with an especially dan. lit Negro section of Manhat Kaligrodis report on child care centers, day after a two-year absence following man could run and be electednot Holland amassed 637,179 votes

Serous situation building up In tan. Sea Collision Hill said its too late to have schools and nurseries of 120. his defeat by Rep Jack on the account of his war to only 27,38 for Odham who

the east coast port of Fama- the sidewalk by the end of Th city manager reportedthe Saundera who lost out Tuesday chest 1 but on the basis of his accused Holland of "running forth

gusts The "Blood Brother" movement NEW PORT ft.!. (UPD-Th* this school term but said "I leasing of an Ice machine In a bid for the Senate stand on Issues and his beliefIn office of chief Negro-hater

The swift rise In tension came to light earlier this Newport baaed destroyer USS sure would like to see It thereby for one year at the city service Papy. dean of the House before principles." In the South."

came as diplomatic sources denied week when police announcedthe Decatur sustained heavy damage next September." center. Ryan said last his defeat beat Harry F. None of toe losers wu readyto Holland best known for introducing

a Turkish Cypriot charge roundup of six members of today when it was in collision A group of members of the year the city spent between Knight In his comeback try, say what he would do In the the constitutional amendment

that an American citizen a youthful Hsrtem gang devoted with the aircraft carrier Winter Haven Shuffleboard 11,500 and $1.600 on ice for the while Saunders bowed to Sen. runoff although Mathews ssld that abolished the poll tax,

Harts Psillidei of New York a to wiping out white persons Lake Champlain some 150 miles Club attended the meeting In city employee to use In ice John Spottswood of Key West he did not plan to support eitherof picked up his biggest gains In
former U.S. airman of Greek In the area. Police suspect the the winners Florida's big counties Brow-
off the coast of Virginia, the another protest to the move water With the new Ice machine
extraction fighting for the gang of murdering four white Navy ...Id.No of the clubhouse from the which I. capable of producing The lead swung to Falrcloth ard Dade, Duval Escambla,

Greek Cypriots with the knowl persons, including a a a I n 11 I y injuries were reported business district to the recreation 1,900 pounds a day the early In the counting and atone IIIMjborougb and Pinedas -

edge of the U.S. Embassy. The evangelist and a woman social aboard either ship. complex near Lake Silver will be $780 at Wagner Would point he led by some 40.000 where Odham had expected to
Turkish Cypriots claim: Palllidei !- worker. The accident occurred as the the lease per year rate of $69 a month. votes,. But Kynes climbed back win enough support for an upset .
has flown air spotter missions Into contention when the vote
for Greek forces The Times sail the rebel destroyter was pulling awayfrom The commissioners again The commissioners approved Hoirsnd the
Cypriot from North Florida and Northwest 12th ranking
L attaching the Turks In the Kyrenia Black Muslims train youths the carrier after being re I' explained the reasons for the report. Run With LBJ Florida began rolling In Democratic senator and 18th
fueled. The engagedin
ships we moving. Ryan said the commission that a
and karate
Mountains.New from 12 t) 20 In Judo Ryan rite u I'M I evening and early ranking overall ls a heavy far
anti-submarine ware maneu1 bad received a resolution constructa
offered to
fighting techniques to oppose firm has today orlt against Jacksonville Republican -

police if trouble should de. vers. from the Downtown Win- vending machine house at NEW YORK (UPIMayorRobert Krnrl.. 34 year old former Claude Kirk his opponent
Officials said the Lake Champlain -'
velop in Harlem ter Haven Council sting that Lake Silver beach for a per
In the .
F University of Florida fnotbsll ballotIng
York out of Quonset Point, R.I, of the shuffleboard the Wagner today
the the on
I sustained only minor hull dam' tars crntage of profit he had no objection to running tar ) assistant ; The still spry senator
members "add to the action ariadmin/strlvp '
dab sales lie said ether on sees. hit been defeated
A aboard the cork' for vice president, provided t Is In r
3 Races also age. was damaged.President iraUw congestion" and suggesting this matter will. be announcedlater. . President Johnson wasted him the Incumbent In the post. II* political csmpsign.Food .

.r _____ that a recreation facility to. Was named attorney general
Stock &
6.r ReportNEW (Continued From PipZS.iRalph ) should not be located In He also Informed the commission January by Gov Farrla Bryant'
Wagner mad his statementat
J. Rasp, who got 8,880. a business district. bids on new garbage when v e t a r a n legal officer Poisoning
here follow.
Kennedy Airport
Roden'a total was 215 more thanHolland' It was also noted that the trucks are now open. Richard Ervln was promoted to

YORK (UPI) Midday ., a significant measureof (Continued From Pap One) president of a bank which In action on moving the mater Ing a flight from Lot Angeles. a seat on the Slit Supreme JACKSONVLLE (UPI!) The
he addressed the Building
stock prices: what the voter think of his to the very root of our clvlllsa- faces the present club house line along Lucent Park where Court Slat Board of Health, warning

Alabama Gas 34% work. ton and asks if we are willing was having troubles with cars Road, It was announced by Service Union Employees convention.International Fsirrlolh a Miami attorney, that foods spoil quickly In \hot

American Can Co. 43% Tax collector race proved a to mite personal sacrifices for In the area blocking entry to Ryan that the cost will be would be the first Mat Cabinet weather laid Tuesday there has
The selection of running-
American Motors 14% fr.e-for-aU, .inceRay Clement the public good< ," the bank's parking lot somewhere In the neighborhood : a officer from South Florida. been a sharp Increase In food
mat the Democratic ticket
American Sugar 21% la retiring after aenrtng many "I can say the same thing Steele pointed out that not of S6.9UO Other action on The 43.yearold lawyer went lethe poisoning case in the stateA.
this the
fail Is U President
Amtrlcsn T&T 141% years. Thornhlll, a former about the civil rights legislation only would the club have will be announced later up Uflslatur* for th* first timeIn W Morrison Jr director

American Tobacco 34% county commissioner, got 14,134 now before the Congress," much better facilities at the few Wagner said,would adding turn that down very IM1 and mad a good Im of the board's division of sanltation .

Anaconda Copper 49% votes, while Strain was close Johnson said. "Those who say new location, but it would also FLORIDA STOCKS such persons aviation preiilun. lie won the AllenMorris laid there have been 204
Babcock ft Wilcox 57% behind with 10,071. Behind them this Is recreation facilities an Award the outstanding ease of food
a 'political gimmick are be near other ai poisoning this
Her are tht 1 closing "If they otherwise they
p.m. nay ,
Baltimore It Ohio 43% were three others, Stark Clnn
doing a gross Injustice to the such as the Lake Sti freshman legislator and was year compared to lab at the
with on Florida stocks as reportedby are kidding the people lAd
BendU 43% with 7,409, Charles Cooper
Corp. basic convictions democratic chosen In of time lilt
of a picnic ara. a poll newsmen same year
Bethlehem Steel 36% 6,941, and George K. Miller ver Francis I. duPont and Co. kidding themselves, Wagner
society: That men con- In the only action taken on covering the session si one of
Air Control 24%
14ha Borden Foods 73% 5,830. not live unto themselves alone said.The the top 10 members of the
; the clubhouse move the com* said he "not
Briggi Manufacturing Co. 46% Mrs. Work, who did such a Tamps Electric 24%- mayor was
and Ohio 731Chrysler tremendous job la re-rejlsttr- that the right kind of democracy missloneri voted to standardize Florida Telephone 26% doing anything" to win tII.dtalln.Uon. lllHIl WIOP IN WINTER HAVEN
is bound llollsnd who first( look Sen-
together the a
by the dues for both the chub .
48% tog Polk County In the three Plant Industries 2%
Corp. ties of neighborliness" and the tourist ate test In IM, called his vie
months since the new registration flebosrd club
Cities Service OU Co. 71%
ordered to a For the late afternoon news already locst-
Coca.Cola Co. 126% was .wept club which is
smashing victory with 26,881 conference on the spacious ed In the recreation: complex.
. Colgate-Pslmolive Co. 43%
.1.1 Cone Mill 18% votea against two opponents.H. south awn of tile Whit House, The new fees will be 17 per

Continental I Can 48% L (Shorty Palmer got 9,- Johnson cam up with yet another month with a "SO-M" split between -
089 and J. E. Holly 3,947. new twist for bit frequent the city and the club.
Curti. Wright
Douglas Aircraft 24'% Robert J.: Haslttt ran Into no meetings with newsmen. II* Invited The shuffleboard club in the

7 Dow Chemical 72 problems winning his race for wives them and children.to bring along their past bat been paring only IS
clerk of the
criminal courtHis
Du Pont 262 The kids a year,
the womenfolk
votes was 21,018 to 8,736
Eastern Air Lines 354 There was some oppositionfrom
will not be allowed to ask
for John Brown. questions
Eastman Kodak 129! % club members about the
Woods, running for a second
Ford Motor Co. 96.% increase, but Steel pointed PRINTINGSPEAKS
term on the county commission,
General Electric 82% out, when the club is relocated
got a substantial vote of confidence
General Motors 89% In his first term H* Legion Holds the service will be better sod

General Telephone 33% racked up a hefty 26,086 votes worth the Increase.All .
Georgia Pacific Corp. 69% against three opponent, Continued From Page One) of the commissioners

Goodrich Rubber 42% Francis Pipkin with 6,900, representing the post at a suggested to the club members -

Gulf Oil Corp. 96% George Burt with 3,124 and J.H. county officer's service school: that they will probably

.1..r Illinois Central 54 !Kegley with 2,439. bring conducted by the Florida like the new location much

d.r International Harvester 73% I... W, Dunaon, with on* opponent State Veterans Commis better when they get used to

International Nickel 79 James Muaao, won goIng > sion. Melvin Dixon state veteran it

I. International TAT 98 away, 23,362 to 13,846. officer, is conducting the In other business>> at the

.i. Johns Manville 97% Aldlne Comb*, with two opponents school which closes Ssturdsy.Summervlllc meeting action was taken on

Kennecott Copper 84% trying to oust him, also headed a local City Ordinance No. 93 wh'cb!'

Koppers Co. 47 won a stunning victory. He got delegation that attended the concern minors frequenting

Kroger Co. 30% 26,047 vote to 6,871 for Bot dedication of the new Polk pool ball Under art taktn -

Liggett v Myers Tobacco 82 Jones and I.mlor Joseph Sed- County service office quarters person under 21 will be f

4 Lockheed Aircraft 33'% mera. la the old Jail building Bar- permitted to enter a pool establishment
Storey and Sprott were Involved I II
4 Lorillard Tobacco 46% tow Sunday afternoon. More at which liter

Louisville Nashville 84'% In a four-way race for than 300 attended aa representstives no alcohol: beverage license

Merck ft Co. 113% state representative. Storey got of various service and proving they have permission
Utilities 41% 15.271 votes Sprott 13.2S2, sad
Middle South of parent or guardian.
groups and women' auxiliaries.
, David Hlertnbottotn ',(lotI and
Monsanto Chemical 73 No. 921, provide
5 Gene West 3,509.Republicans Guests of honor Included City Ordinance:
.. Montgomery Ward 39%. got lea than 2- member of the Polk County for the hours of pool
I National Gypsum 31% hall to be from 7 a.m. to mid-
900 votes throughout the county commission who were m instrumental
Paramount Pictures 98%
in a three-wsy gubernatorial la obtaining the quarters.
J. C. Penney 92% 1 "' 6ef" .Nl Star'react.. malt ft H .oOT
rat, Charles Halley got Also la the local delegation
Pennsylvania R.iIroadPep.1 30% H. B. Foster 633 and KeaFolk* were Koehler, fcboooevcr. Roaches? Use HOMq
Cola Bottling 92

Philip Morris 81Philflps 666.The total vote wa* MOffle Clarke. Tillls who, I II BH seventh Aabmead district 'Dry-Fog Fumigant ,. COMMCHCE- ..*>.<,*'*..*.. ...*. MM* .. ... .......-

Petroleum 90% ally reported at S2.168, which :..'s 'e/0e4.. Ow..... w sear.Mw __ .. ... ,
Republic Steel 44% would be a new record for pri commander and Hood, '. ,....'--.. .....
who acted: aa master of ten.molds -
Reynolds Tobacco: 48% manes There are between 700 B

Seaboard Air Line 44% and 100 absentee baOote to be 1 W IMDU9TRY ***sphr.areP.we'w.. .. e."drwyc.aIt
Gene Marotti is S .
Sean Roebuck 114 counted today before the election acting a Ifw. actMarea9..r..dN ran...

Sinclair Refining 47 lard eaa report official roach of the Little League INMKItI tlmerlill t ,; .......... ... ,_.......... .

.e Socooy Mobil 80% taD,. Hone of tilt county race baacbaQ Uama which open I IIOMI her Ik+t .

Southern Company 97% would be affected by the their season Wednesday. It / r.'f' COVIJI'H LVT ............,- ... 'rte

Souther Natural Gas 93% ftbeentee vote. was announced .k11p,d .... ... w n ... ttl .....r./
Souther Railway 63% 61A5ant 1w wet nom mate .r ,..me e. ,....

Sperry Rand 16% ...a raw .,
Standard OH! (N.J.) te% & Son Ij
Studtbaker 8% A. Ashley -

Sunray DX *** tactNso Ace /Neywte -.. --- --- .. For queCne, .'.'*l.Jo,.*l .help
Swift Co. p* - ,.. -- dlfi. caB
in plenum yen!
& .
. Texieo ac. 7tI4 Painting Decorating :=:.-..--=r-

Tessa Gulf Sulphur 47% bsannr. n.s .w, tq.A' caw rs..ree . .

. Union Carbide Corp 134 3f14 Art. Q. Pf.w. CTS-lUt roar qualified printerWednesdey

i U .. Pipe 21* LIt taT1AlA e rwo.vr 39UJ29
U S. Rubber I**





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Broccoli . 5 FII 99c ji# Omons . 5Strawberries -3 9c
: t 1M1 r1te/11M11. max .m.e+Ywe1. TENDER SWEET CRISP
Juice 4 0. C. 99C
ASTOR FROZEN French Fries 3 2... $I 00 C ORO I S. 3 Pkgs.19c
Grape Juice 3 12'L c. $100 I"
b ." .... .. ,

fllllurCulltlll.MMll( ll\m : eUJl Jl .': / ::: ..
2SIXnAIOPYAWISTAMPS....IM.--.*.......... Sd..)tXilG.. .....1 I '.lIfir ttth' RIP7' ,oomurOlvALut1iiiiitt
nM r .. .. .
w M EVAN $ . .. .
M .1.M W /rw M
Crackln' .
M. I r'CUJJ.l.l1.ll1lllJ.llJ.flJJJ11J'1 Ir-.r. w Mw M
I I L..Rn P1.1 Met,.,.1rid.. I

.../c1r1 c...4(,..GIp....VdU Ctok ItM;:'t WlMk..k IM11.49c....IMM ....-.w.Pw.....v.ll f DM l 11A..I.69c.M.....M.N ...Ili./c-w sr.T.p i.4..0.11.'.:rM:.M1..11/s.d 99c M.i.i:: I .c.-..c-....I"...,..Cw..14ell 3 1-ct M....s2u.1..... ,.

.1111tN 111'j'i'l'Nfl11nl1)) W'fJFi''il"ml111m"11m .'fmrF11111111rtl11111111 fJ mrtnftl1111f11rtl1rtll11fsG 1fJl11m1in11flT1'f1m


DAILY NEWS-CHIff. Wednesday My 4, IH4 Pee 7

: Around The Town


.,:. Coats Family f Leaving For Texas VisitMr.

'. i t

f' and M... ... .. Cab and three children plan to leave tomorrow for a

a tsa Mon$ visit fa their hoaneaute of Teas. They will visit with frienda and

\ refcthws in Dallas wad Corpus ChrMi$ .before Ntwnta to Winter Haven in

two w *ki.

.L Mr. Md Mrs E. M. Swee Mn. V>e.eee Orr, ceofdiM- Mt M4 M.... Alien' Mime
; nay bees retuiMal to *esT tor of HeaM Economies !Ed wad drolly have recently
atuaiser horn ia Maw Jersey cation of Peft County Schools, aM_ to Wlarter Haven from
Aw a tour.moaffc wlaltr via will demeeetrate covertog AUIIIIa. Ga. They have pur (BtUIC CUt9
tt here They ..... to return shoes with material to match cIIeaaII a .home on Tremont Uted by
in November ensembles Thursday *<.* SB.
wham Xt LaMtbde Chafter of &-
The Imperial Rose Society Beta Sigma Phi SetersHiMeta Mr. and Mrs J. W. tfecbea - 1
will held IU firet NM skew at DM base *f Idles ter a.at Idles AoaUe \ Craig r Gardenia Club Closes Year
In the lobby of the new Peoples Margaret C e u a t. Mr. Ml. Way for their summer
Bank in Lakeland Saturday Chariot Owls wW .be co-he .home In Stttoford K>' They Sonia Has Party I

from two until eight p.m tMI. New edSeere will be bypalled. plea te return here m October With Picnic At Peters RanchReading
and Sunday from one until sU fWN Mtee Senia ['....
p.m. Admission li free. WWMk fefaktwredaboee, cel.brat-
Mn. E. L Jones was ad ed be/MHMay .till. party
Mr. and Mn. M. H. Oenney
V Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kuni settled in their silted yesterday to the Winter gtve. te.er. parents, Mi. and of the Gardenia Carl String, Wally Adams
Ire newcomers to Winter are getttB Haven .
Dew reetdmtce. 14th Street SE HoapiteL MHo mi WFoeFaj Garden Club award-winningreport Otis Dice. John Relnti" Donald
Haven, and have purchased were liven' to all
i/ II " a borne on High Street SW. after moving here from GwM- XI Beta Omkron Chapter the !ate I meta who also en- in community the Daily aervi News.Chief's eeoftteet Lock Marvin Burdette. James Colyer -
They formerly resided In port, Miss Beta Sigma Phi. will meet JtIeIo4 fjaelHonal btrthda re-
WehllgM of the Dorr, J. K.
was Carlton
a .
... 0: Lakeland Mr Eons li chemical New corners to Winter Haven tomorrow Right at the homeof ,............ club's annual spring picnic Jr Merrill Grafton, Clayton
!:' engineer at Armour Com are Mr and Mri. C. R. Mrs Edwin L. Lawton final meeting of the year Harmon J. V Hodnett Carl
pany. Carlson who have purchased Mn B. J.. Gllea will be in CeleMattng with Sonia were hM yesterday at the Malcolm Jackson Jr., Tony Kalogridia,
a home on Tremont SE The charge of tee program Greg and Crystal Wynn Kitty Fetera ranch.
J H. MtKillop.
Miss Jackie StanfieldStanfield XI Gamma Chapter of Beta Carbons moved here trem and _LFsepla.Tracy Mrs. Robert Allen president Paul Myera, Herbert Pol-
Sigma Phi will meet at 7:30 Grand II...... Mich Mr sod Mrs. A. tonally.. Gall Bond, Rita Crlbbs, Kathy conducted the brief business lard James Ralnero. W. E.
Johns" **, Joe and Handy
Thursday at the A. W.
night Wool Lake Summit I session which was opened George Schroll
Mrs. John T. Bnthong Is a HI Durrette, Chet Whlt.hurat, Ryneraon
Kelso home for a cookout followed have Ml for their with prayer by Mn Frank Stelnmeyer George
Drive turn George
New ArrivalsMr. patient in the Winter Haven RaMona and Jerry Carter Junior
by a program, business WayneaviQe Alexander Mra Paul Brown Jack Watkins Jerry
installation Hospital where she was ad. mer home n<' r and Jeffery Cameron and Trlpp
meeting and of
who researched and wrote the William Cottrell. Robert
mitted yeiterdayTLE8DAV8 N C. Jackie Rots of Auburndale. Mclver
and Mn. E. new offfi en. report on the club'a community Rhlnehart Varrlck Smith,
WyrosdickMiss Exam of Auburndale Emory are the ': "' ,, ,, &>t ',, "'""",.,, ,,,- ..,"
parents of a daughter born at ..... large attendance of members. land.
Jackie Stanfleld.daughter 2:02: p.m. yesterday in the I Cotillion Honors _, 't i. 'ri.' 'h;: Announcement were made
,' for the fall
of Mr. and Mrs DeWitt Winter Haven Hospital. The / 4V'A' 't concerning plans
Stanfleld of Winter Haven will baby weighed seven pounds, Y meetings and volunteers weresecured Beta Sigma Phi
be married Saturday to Don eleven and a half ouncei 11 to begin work this
Wyrosdick, son of Mr.and Mra. Seniors At Last summer on the handmade City Council
John Wyrosdick Babson Park. The Rev. and Mra. Richard I Christmas tablecloth, annual
Miss Stanfleld la a life-long C. Kaehne are announcing the fund-raiting project of the Has Installation
arrival of daughter at 12:10: club.
resident of Winter Haven and a :
received her education here. p.m. yesterday in the community Plot. lanrkeos was senred Members of Winter Haven
Dance Of YearAn
She attends the First Assemblyof hospitaL The baby'i buffet fashion, aid ,... city Council of Beta Sigma
i God Church, Wahneta. weight was recorded at seven Oared bfirbecved chicken ...4rlbe Phi who served for the 1863.14
. Mr. Wyrosdick la a nativeof pounds, four and a half ouncei. "archway to higher c salads, and kama.made year entertained Incoming
I Alabama. He received his learning" was the focal pointof takes Centering the table members at a covered dlah
: education In Lake Wales and Is A daughter was born at 2:32 the stage in Nora Mayo was I clever arrangement supper Monday evening at the1'oliceman'a
1! employed there by Florida Citrus this morning in the Winter Auditorium Saturday when the '\ by Mn. Jeep MtKlbbea. witha Lodge
I Carmen. He is a member Haven Hospital to Sp/S and graduating members of Senior \ crowing/ cock-became of following the supper Mrs.
I of the FIrat Baptist Church of Mn. Robert L. Wx of Haloes Cotillion were honored the rlub'i winning the award Reid. Ivtfl n, retired prtil
J! Lake Wales City. The doorway was beautifully s -Voted against the allmpalegreen dent conducted installation of
covered with greenery leaves of celery' Officers( for the forthcoming
SDnkWaWOnHBH SLI/ souseSudden ] flanked by palmi White linen leU.".. Tiny pale. scern year installed ai president
covered the tables and each iqink., eggplant, slim green was Miu Cathy Connary Also
was centered with a chariot onions and green beans com installed were vice president,
( filled with magnolia blossoms r pored the celorfvl: arrangement loin Scott bland; recording
and gardeniaa The chariots on a wide wooden circle secretary, hits Janls Wllllami -
were piloted by white and blur and a rl.iter of little corrtipondmg aecretary. .

IN BY 10 A.M. OUT BY 5 P.M. f gowned graduate, Each wore yellow. peered squash round like at babycfclcka the Mrs B, Joe Cites, treaa-
a matching: mortarboard and
Mrs J, W. HlgglDi.Attending ,
c held a diploma. Streamer of towing rock.Hosteises urer
:. Havendalc Cleaners for the occasion the supper were
gardenias extended to the end
\ of the tables.Ushers .., ,... ..- .. were Mesdames Malcolm Mesdames Fred Atkinson, E
escorted into Peters. Monte Schiller', Steve 8., Carter W L. Carter,
Phone 294-20i1 for Pickup ft Delivery the impressive letting were TIME OUT Watkins, Charles Leonard, buries Coon. Richard Dennis,

Comer 34th Street and Hovendale louleverdBarbara Shelley Boone, Ronnie Booth Richard! DanUler. W. E. Jesse Denmark Robert Fer
Tom Brogdon, Bert Gerber, for refreshments, at the final dance of the season for Senior Cotillion.. Left te Ryneraon and W R. Wolflnbarger. guan Arthur Hancock, Bob
aIANNtT6i Pat Crlerton, Jerry Hill right, Tony Price, Lind. Apple end Janltnn.dy. Hancock, Glen Hancock: Elmo : -
Lillian' Qrttton, re.eenti1 J W. lllgglni, W.I.n."D. .
Lewis K e n d r i c k, Robby Mra. Jlood,
ulaML Krause, Muuelwhite and returned hire from ,.C \ Bob iHill, Raid
i .x Squire SroilK Eddie li och. London England, was a gueit Iveraen. Jehu MitcheU. .C. t
!*.*..a Showmen furnished music Members present included Labor C Buddy Rodgers, W. \
:.L ; for the evening Mesdames Ed Allaopp Alexander A. Bteorti, harry Tuner II.
Gould g } After the Grand March, re. vk McKlhben: Allen C L. A. Van Drlmmelen. Misses
il freahmenta were served from } D Hughes, George Kendrick, Jeanne Blair Cathy: Connary
attractively appointed tables Watkins W. T. Simpson 8rDantiler .. Nancy Country, Helen. Covert

which held bouquets of white V r Drown C. W Barbara Elliott Judy Payne

chrysanthemums, Smith E. L. Oavla, Leonard, and Janis WUUamiIIJW .
fI Gifts were presented to each
PICIAI.: CLEANSING CREAMA graduate by the sponsors,
luiurMiui cream r>p riillv draignnl They were then honored with ie
t l" Mi nut .hldd..." dirt; and grime.sea .
MJO-iM'. ,... WJOU a special graduation walU C..I
Prizes were awarded I
:, SKIN FRESHENER TW eiMilaraiingmil throughout the evening te ;
{ i..n>'h l. your clraniinf job( Helen Doty, Jack llalabrln,
",.. '..00 -- $UJ Suaaa Johnson, Jim Muisel-
POMPON: COLD CREAM The lifklttt, white, less Rice Bate .;
I Deeee, Donna Brace I.
-' flufKml cream core drained to suit Leek
J away dirt grime. rr,. f2.50-SUS Pattillo, Sandra Fanning
rrg S3.SO- tl.TS Bolt Massclwklte, Kathy MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL

k ASTRINGENT LOTION. T. lone ikekm Keith Jerry Hubbell Walter
and control. the Row .( .ill! Getell, Buy lltys, Chad z Jewelry t 1/2 Price
rtc.. 1200 Oils Gaff Jane layman and
Brace Ceanor.Sponsors .
of the Senior Cotillion SHORTS SHIRTS SKIRTS
are Mr and Mrs.
Herbert Apple Jr,. Mr and 1/3 Off and less
Mrs Ralph E. Chambers Mr r W
and Mrs. Richard Danleli,
Mr and Mrs. George DUg,
Dr and Mrs. George Dorman

What a lovely Summer- Mr.and and Mrs.Mri Daniel James P Goff Griffith, Dr 1/2 Off and less

Mr and Mri J, K. Hayi,
with cool fragrances by Dr and Mrs George Ken AT COTILLION -
drlck. Mr. and Mri WIlU.mLemoDl
Mr. and Mrs. I, W. Between dances, left to right, Bob Lee, CIndy McDonald, Flip VlII.y.rellid
Trwd.e. Edel. 1/3 Off
Dorothy Gray McKay. Dr and Mrs. J E. _"
McKibben Mr and Mrs. Ir
Austin Race Jr and Mr and Eagle: Lake
M.... Sidney I. Smith. Hospital News lloyd HatfleUWaveHy.

--- -- - tMft
Mrs carl Henry
AUMM3IONWlattr > Tampa Dundee
0.a, Ads Der M easydJlo( Have John M HutnelL Mrs. William Palmer
Dennis L. Hauuo. Mrs Wal TVEHUAVU IHIMIMAU Aces Part hem. el .u.1' ale this

ter H. Smith, Mrs John T. Winter Haves Master Paul Btooe. !#,,/itRichard's -', __IT'fT
Busbong. Mrs. Stanley Lane, Mn Myra Botwer, Eddie
I+eryuMrlp w.M unless Mrs Daniels Harris MriWUUim Bra..... Mri William Croft, -
oye.. a. a 1 N.L.Ia M McCaU. Adriaa Mri George CUM. Carl Mater,
Smith Mn Lomtie T. Has J.",.. Martaa. H E: Pollard
r icy, Mn E L. Jooei Mn BBy Pollard. Baby
f Dundee Tammmy Powell. Clifford Hair Styling
Charles NeUooAak Sherman Mri Clayey Tboratuo. -
.ndale. David Walker J. B. '
Andrew J. Moteley, Mrs, Wataoa. : t /5 PLEASED TO INTRODUCE
HOHMAN MANOIf ACDhMawNn Wiftam H. King, Mra Jbm7E Damper.
Ea... WWUm L. IMm... James W Beamoa T MR. DENNIS
Haines City Aabemdale. . .
III-7IJI ... me, ".Y. M.. Mra IM Canoua, Mri Baby BebecM IlaU. Mn.
Hot Weather Cologne $1QI Wmta H...... lasses GIn Johnson Carl P. Jones.

..... DINNISsiausrtoM
I -- I liCMAI rtAIPOtf

Cool Touch CologneSl& SHEAR ARTISTRY

V- Tr*..... fe-1' d ..,. D.a .
Aerosol Cologne sly 1 5..dlri'e In "Miami ad -.-.wlv *> Nog.melen.
lbwdersl2i$2Q where is the a' Tnro.A ....., I.&.. In In
Dusting ....
CoalCONDITIONED..I/s a $.:..:Is
Better Homes & Gardens ......ItI. low
Choose your favorite fragrance in all in lovely form dvn.e e_...It..... (

-for after bath for a (ragrnce'f'I'i A, to surround LTRA-MODERN AIR : U..Mo4f.. _
: .f .... .....s
with \\'lute L.lac. June Bouquet and '
yourself many DRYERS Ra"' '" ""II'"

other lovely icrnt fdlt0Yt (Mice a ....,.....,

t'+ENINGS By ApAwldment all

home? 111 Ave. A. S.W. Free Parking CY 3-8439

1j j i

. .. ....._
--- '" -
.. _.- .. . -. -- 111 III 1, /l.e..atlmlaa 111 --- - -- :: --- -- - ..- .:..

Wednesday. May 6, 1964


St., N.W . THURS -
Winter Haven
a c


QUANTITY ovst1h0

I a'




HAM HOCKS . . .u.291 S lrpORK. . . .L:2.9! z / NO.300
r __,
,:\L.. '
u.s.CHOlc .
2 Lbs. Lb. Lb. Lb.






I R-

. _. - .



"GOLDEN FRURr.., r i. ".,fi., OLEO :_- BEANS ;'
2 for
SQUASH o.Lr.. ,
2 FOR. . ncGS 3 CANoo

.'; .:
:: -
..'_.'. .2 For LL no. ...... ..

f ,,,II.




I. --





CHEESE L -- \ i A

I.oz. rKC ........ 1
5-lB w


,.,,. \ ,
frtrr I/Ml Mr.ry OOH f Iq ri I fan I Df.f Cel. ---- ---

.1 / "KRAFT"


; < t.
,-'..... _" 'FUIL

f eoooeoooooooGREEN o TOWELS %'.tin.OM.......sl,.,w-...
, -"-,

"HLH" CUT I = 4J/ I'

'f 1
B '. .----= '
= Sunshine "Krispy"No.303 -
. NOLB orJ

0 . .
b .'# .
-- \ '
\ 5 9 QG .

/ Y 1 ... Itll,..." ................._
u. '0"
"BUSH" BABY "RED" ot "YEllOW' fftjflT4;
IIOUACH .......



3 N0.300 CANS u of EACH ....... EACH.WINTW . .


K IE'.CHICKEN, 29. "joo couMr
11 TutxiY fa NAPKINS . . . 29I
;r 'OL iKGf.

,,. ... .
WYfiMrr {r..4.
L al+
.. ry .a lr+ wrn w.r. rr.+r5"alYllrr+


the ottcHm.." Only five housewives -

Mrs. Stavig TODAY'S GRAB BAG GrIkry aftttodly eosHMCted with
Kiwanis Hear Talk : die ring wen Mtetod.Thirtythroe .
Selected As c press persons entered

II \lamuant .pleas at their arrlip-
Mother Of Year VMfl AMMtfML. OMCKI i OT O* -aUiMTHi NAMI protect the aaaaa... datnu and. Indicts 41 4 seat Mad DOlt wen released. \
1. Who* **_ taM Ota poor lapkae. 'r;: 'Y ita Gothic eSMfW, neaAal and .
I On PEO Projects NlW .hA ae kind, said 'Tuttheen ":r/ delicaU ta eo.......... wtth UM OB their own roooagauaee.They
YORK (UPI) The oat eah."t } forUfteaUon urroundinc Included Ib* owners,
American Mothers Committee 1 What to the Urn. of offlo \1 grim .......*, butmtara and
Throe successful project of 3.900 chapters Inchtdtat. MOooo ,- today gamed Ira L. M Stsvig. of & VM. senator, a, reproaenU itSo .ImprofBaU wa u..> garb In Sex Case clerks at ....... restaurants
the PEO sisterhood were described women ttomafhovt the wHa of the president of Au- tIM' rill that it warn never taken by bars sad latltla in ** vicinityof \

by Mrs Duty ... country, Mra. EUaworth .... I.D.g UftaM CWtofa of Sioux Falls. J. What Shakeapearean char storm. doepiU atUnfU. by Oo- MINEOLA. N.Y. (OW) A RooaovoR .......,. a hart
worth in speaking at tile weekly ported. Winter: Haven .btu Year.Mn...M Mi UM Mother of lb. aster to boat know for hi* bibuIOH via In 80*, the Moors .to T18 and grand Jury returned N Indictments DIll ractstf. track Th corpora.
Simon de Montfort, tM fajnouaCruaader indicted operated the motels
fMOIMUear Ulaad'sfMiniuburbU lines
In Loaf
Klwanla luncheon ySNerday. of Florida W chapters.with Tuesday
three ThU spot uf fame i i.s imp of
4. Who founded and anUedth referred
commander In ISOt. ban which
of orf I boaaewife cell and
ttavtg 1 the mother
member locally. *
100 the few
remaining I
Asnoriean Itad Cross? On the dlstntacraUon of tM customers to the housewife-call
Introduced by John Plata Two Winter Haven girls four aiw, all profession I men 5. Who wrote the poem "The that studded France dur- i Roman Empire the city fell tato girl MM .
as "the Mothers Day .*.. Jan Myers and Lots Charles sucowoJtt in their chosen field Brook" InC the Middle Ages, an era the bands of the VMotha who Indicted were 39 perm and girl*
of naJhlaa. English Uwr.lure.and which witnessed the on a total of Ul Cahn said some of the housewives
gram Mrs. Ellsworth uaod have attended Cottey Collate. departureof began construction of a fortress 10 corporation
as her topic. "Mothers at Also at the meeting, John .......... IT'S HN SAID the Crusaders and provokedthe so skillfully and formidably count in the ply-fer-pay casein worked in the ring with husbands
Work m Educational Endeavors Kstroi asked for okmtm to CW.Ihevig waa cited for her / know no way o/ Ju4g4,., tKtWfur epic sxplolU of 8t Joan of built it defied the force of man which several women led the knowledge of borne their babysitting -
." She is the wile and piny in a softball game owa brand of "people tu people / bet by tke patt.-PatrWtBenry. Are. and Nature for centuries, Pitt-level lives II housewives who stayed
mother of Kiwaoiaas. against, the Key Club Thursday dipl/o.aey" and for her work in Nine omtwrtea vaidah in the emerging unlOl led. and proIt.it1MI.Mr. . while. .their wives went
time It takes the What and where I 33 out on sin for sal.* dates.INSURANCI.
visitor to crossthe thla spotof Connie McAUiiter. ,
The PEO she said I Is aaorganisation night at T o'clock at the byte to build International understanding. *
from I fMd. She la a leader in IT HAPPENED TODAYOa 700-year-old bridge thataeparatea fam.TNuns who allegedly was the brains rmn
of women htilileague I
adult this date U. 1MT. the Ger the old fortress from ( ot bottom of oolumi) well one of the bodies In
18 to W dedicated to the education Claude Ridtey, who presidid marriage counselling and the modem town. PeOant and at at
education.Mrs. man dlrllble, Illndenbur, exploded the case was Indicted on 32
of mind heart and spir announced that membersare Impregnable are the walt, tower WATCH YOU UNOUAOI
it. No male has ever learnedthe meted to a ladles night at at Lakenurat, NJ, kfll- and betUemtnU which rIM RHAPSODIST (RAP-_ count charging prostitution
meaning of the initials, HIP Auburwlala Klwanl club Stavl,'. efforts toward lag S6 peraona.. above the sharp escarpment by dot) noun; one who map_ conspiracy, receiving the proceed I SPECIALIST
International amity stem from dUea; a reciter of of prostitution. Inducing
PEO she said. Monday at T p.m. at the civic the river. epic poetry
workedfor the program for foreign students vout MUll among the ancient Greek. aprofessional women to become prostitutes, I
The crgan.tatkm has building. Through the massively fortified
College. withcool reciter and grand lar
at Augustana Muter circumstance of Homeric relief chiseling
gate the visitor find
this objective through Mrs Stavig, who was one of logic reaourcefulneaa. To- mlle-and-a-half, double line of a poem ren). James H. Cro'S5utA
three projects: Bennett Seeks seven children In a minister's day's child will be kind. enormous walls, which make up A former policeman charged
(1)) A scholarship loan fund family serve a* foster motherto the outer dete.... Fifty-two HOW YOU MAli OUT with serving as a counterspyfor Third Sr. S.W
which has helped 13,000 girls College Aid collegians from Hong KongIn lOIN TODAY toopholed towers tunnel., ramparts I, Mari. Antoinette. the aoo,000--year prostitution Phone CY 4.2444FRANKLIN
and women with $6 million in Asia to Sierra Leone in Af Actor-director Orion Welle, barbican and dungeons 2. Six year, two year. ring, also was Indicted.
grants; ((1) Cottey College inMissouri rica actress Anne Baxter, actor complete the Inner defense 3. ralsUff. Dist. Atty. William Cahn said LIFEINSURANCE
WASHINGTON (UPI-A tax 1 Clara Barton.
the only Junior Stewart Orangtr end Willis work the Jury heard testimony from
owned and operatedby cut to include deductions for of bu. all. Ten circular defenae B. Alfred, Lord Tennyson CO.
college She was picked from among Have towers 'Ift.IA: more than 400 witnesses, a
women for women"; ((3)) parents of college students was 50 outstanding women of the .Iron-r.oaq: number of them housewiveswho Life o Group
International Peace Scholarships urged Tuesday by Florida conS nation who aelected by a from
were received Immunity
which have been available gresimsn Charles E. Bennett. state Jury system, honored by Guerrillas Hit Outpost Near Saigon prosecution for their cooperation Mortgage
to 182 women from other Bennett told the House of their state governors and given In the investigation. I.. Health j I Disability

nations to study In professional Representatives "It would be avery distinguished recognition. The Most of those Indicted were HospitalixatlonEducational
fields in the tnKed State logical way of bringing mother committee I II holding a SAIGON South Viet Nam the Communist bases at two Army warrant officer and six what Cahn called "the people .
The PEO has grown from about federal aid to education five-day round of ceremonies (UPI) Communist guerrillashave dead. enlisted men. we're really after-the steerers, jiiimituimiiinniimiiiuiwiiiuiiiiiuiiwiiiiuwiiilRESTAURANT '
seven women on the campusof without undue centralized controls and business sessions at the attacked and smashed another The attackers seized several (In Washington, the Defense .. .
an Ohio college in 1896 to'' ." Waldorf-Atoria Hotel.FREMACS government outpost 60 machine gun and other auto Department Identified three
miles west of Saigon, the Defense matic weapon before they fled of the victims ss Spec.l Frank SPECIAL
i .<:II Ministry announced to. Into the bush Thornton Jr., husband of Mrs.
aiascaerh The Viet Cong have been Catherine Thornton Columbus,
day.A ministry spokesman said at concentrating on terrorism and Gs.; Speed Clare Doty, husband WEDNESDAY NIGHT
least nine government soldier! the looting of weapons and ammunition of Mn Marcia Doty, and
I were killed or missing in the in recent weeka. Pfc. Carl W. Grimes, husband STEAK SPECIAL

Viet Cong assault, which took Meanwhile the charred of Mr*. Jacqueline Grimes,
place Tu"" dny.ftri'uits ix'tree of 16 military men 10 Fondulac, WIs. BONELESS
I i.' ,n dIr oui|. ...! put of them Americana were -
brought to Saigon today from LONG HpMg 97c

2 YoungstersLead the wreckage of a U.S. Army JACKSONVILLE Fla. (UPI) SIRLOIN
transport, -Reported missing by his parents
SHIRT Police The twin-engined Cariblou Ronnie Besuchamp 0.
plane crashed in flame Tuesday found
was by police at 3 '.m
4:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M. ONLY
Merry ChaseLOS southwest of Saigon in the Tuesday slowly walking home :
worat single American air disaster from school.
in South Viet Nam's war He indicated he war In I
young boys, ages 11 and 12, became against. the Communist guerrillas. hurry to arrive home since he //InaM I I
bore a note from his leacher
the of wild
a police
chase Tuesday on the Golden A U.S. spokesman said the staling some of his school work

State Freeway, their stolen Americana included a Marine war not up to par He lives NORTH SAT[ SHOPPING CINTEII
I car swerving and out of traffic officer two Army officers an three brocks from the school.

I I Ir nightmare."It lanes. In a policeman' . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . J

wasn't that he didn't 1
have control" one officer said 1 I
later of the 11-year-old driver. .
aryl! t "I just don't think he could sit 1 .
up high enough to see where he 1

was When going.the" pursuing police finally : I Got Mommy's I

atoppedWie boys they
;: 1t found extra tlo1IlI.nd some 1 "s I4 .'tii :
::7" k
? sandwiches and fruit In two .
; paper sacks MOTHERS'DAYGIFT

i 'We were going to runaway
," one of the youngsters 1

explained. 1 '
Investigators found that the FREE !
boys, both of them residents of
foster homes, had skipped their .
classes and had taken the car 1
...Ii teacher from
of a fifth-grade
:v.: the school parking lot. At The Friendly I

1 I

aHere Quotes From Lake Region Bank l '1


II 0
I. the p.rfect combh. The News
lion ef both shirt and jacket .

In a casual hlp-hugglng model Yet I got Mommy a 5-plect place setting of Sllverplate FREE I

that will give you cool comfort for all leisure moments. Italian roll collar and WASHINGTON-Senate Democratic by Transferring $25.00 Into my LAKE REGION BANK of Commerce 1
adjustable side tab In a hnn-flnish fabric of cotten. rayon and silk Your Leader Mike Mansfield .
savings account. You. can choose either of the beautiful placesettings
choice of the sassen's newest shades. 5"$ urging senators Invited to accompany 1 1I
President Johnson on below by opening a new LRI savings account of S2S.OO 1

his second poverty tour to remain or more or by adding $25.00 or more to your present account. '.
for a crucial vote on civil 1
Additional place settings available for a small charge
rights bill amendments: 1 1
"I hope no senators regsrd- 1
Tess of their position on this .

them I
/ President has Invited
\ 1
hope they do not accept"
I'k 1 ,.z:1: I

,I, \ SUFFOLK, Vs.-Irving Lee- ---!'!---' .
poll] regional director of the .
retail, wholesale and department ,r
store workers union explaining I II

.n why 1.700 union members I
went on strike at a peanut
processing plant: 1 z 1
:k "We are not striking Just for I
k ,, higher wage. We are fighting i
( si arr..tionllt policies as far as
wages are concerned"
: n
CnCAGO-Mrl. Dora Fron- CHOICE ill :
ccak's only audible comment 1 II
as she was led from Michael 4

a eto Reese Hospital from which her _
, ,ur rewborn baby was kidnapped: I
"Please return my baby 1 I

a "TMIPOIURrt jon 'l 1

t NEW YORK (UPD)-Twenty 1I
Bill Plcaro filled in -I1
I' Cool cotton or chain years ago
,. makes these new Shirt a\ bellhop for an ailing friend
m Jaca a welcome addition for two days ..th.. Hotel Edl- I =
to" every man'a summery IOn But Is still there, but Ms 1 I :-.- 1
i wardrobe An Infinite friend Isni. 1 I
"My two-day stint turned out
variety of color and pattiert *-
;y, Hens t. ch.aw imm suit to be 20 years" aaya Bill. 1 I

\' w' all full cut for 1 Member F.D.I.C 1
?< comfort with hallan styli Plagued Day And
roll cellar adjustable side tabs and two Full Bank Service

most useful front !potkes.NOITM 3si / Night with Bladder

1 All Day Too!

Discomfort? I
wen Nee TWn. f:M .... tia 4M: fj .
t"FREMAC Uiwh ll.. w em.5r/.r.tM, a Mnf f *0 .... >. 7 ... 1
.ran*.!.art kM u*> in* V****I"-' : : ,
: t lbr-m. raw: ) I.aM.- = 1 I 1
.,d..rf.rW1., A 4 If mOtmk -
.a5.a.re _.... ..5..d..M"r 1 1l
... ...
....r trlM4 ptaM- -- -
.. ...
tia.lI.... ,.._i.dla. Neln', _

\ .ATIWtotor SMOPtmNG CtNItRr .fm51.dd..N.eli..a. I-A IM Maw.mM.Me .- tG l7 It Of Commerce 1

'" WIIt., "__ .as M..si i 5..5..5.. b.d
fit _'. C. *of .5., w... .r W..ad M UH. S-A....
H N. 1 She"" ...erfab .an _ki MUM lain

5ld.n.IS .,_U.. *t.awn.._1"_11oo S.....5M.fw ... aM "Sma/1/ Bank Courtesy Big Bank Service"i
...." ...... -- Mw ..a.r..+d . .
Uw C.traTlM pi.TVS'SSr I . . . .. . .. .. .


.. . .. : ':. ... '.. .
1. .... r' LA.. ...:: .: r _..., :! .rX_ K.ar.e9. .

... ,.,A... '---I--- ,.,.:,:..:::.::'::..'...:'.. :.. ,.. CV.,... ., '.-.. -cI. -. :-.
": : I "" -
::::::::: [t$: .TteWGValvesJWYeirJtaiiidPriwNfJ -<-
... .... *
::::'::: MOTHER fJ"fI
:1-:,::::"::,:..'. I:: ,

i IMS HER D ;.

I ":::: 17-./&* t;

i I 1J @

\{/ @
Iir(1-tD 'Af! {.
GLAMALON Pair 39C V U due .

'iffill'IfIl'11! "II"tt'II"1t"II"ff'II'wlI"'If'II'.. ..1rll./tll"f.II..II.vII; ; $II1f11'.I'III.1.. : .


i ROUND S TEA K LB. 7 9c

: Bone .... ......... ..

." LB. SLICED BACON c 39ci
!! .......... ;.. !"!


: 'Boneless Chuck Roast . Lb. 55' n WHOLE !

:, Shoulder Arm Roast . Lb. 55C H A M OR LB.HO 4 7c I.

Boneless Shoulder Roast u. 65C !! ......HALF........................... :. "!

Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast Lb. 87C IUII:1II:1:1.: : : : ...11110.1 ;:U1I1111 DJ1.IaIlln: IIJJ..r.l'.:n1

Boneless Rump Roast . u,
(i rape Jam.. ..fr JAR

_............. .. .. _....... ....................................

I 50&bG STAMPS.PLAID' 'II 1 I I.! 5O&bG STAMPS PLAID. K e t C h U 2 I.lb 45cI

WI''C''O'' .' PWth..t.I, 4 Wilk C...thl..a1s.f C.lm* .s1 puroh. NMILLry f f..f. Bottles t aE
I Sweet LI..I'(1J ?L e.N1.s89c ,' ...., !Dog Food 6 p'r'I : ( u
I' JAIL a-f- f U
11 C.uNS aood thru lUll M., 10 I '"tauten >I.'4 thru tun May l| f

: :i:I r :: :: .J Dressing... .........J Q'ra. 3 9c

,. ... With, thy coupon STAMPS I"d ,,,,,,,,,... "I THORO
With this .u1..sd .re" *f|
I .
I JkiiM. t. Jkm CtMMtl I 104 Cm ABMISIVI S LIQUID DIET 4 c.nE99c Jano Parkor
C'ton Balls, ;'A 69c I; Tape 1L;, 43c I I e g 0
I J ...... ..d JAJ thra',1-14... -.. .. :; I c..... ..ud JAJ Ihru( t.,14... Muy to t FOOD White Enriched Bread

!.._._. -_________ -____-----.a I L..--_"_____ ___ -_________________: BIG BUYI CRYSTAL BRAND RUBBING BETTER TEXTUREI BETTER EATINGI

-- jii ii i ii f100 1 I Extra wkk Plaid,........ .f Stamps Pint 1 Oc NO HOLES!
r.dW'I' I
Johnson's Car-Nu :98c Botti.
25 txw c COO ..... Thin Sll<.d M tir.1M.Slice
STAMPS.'NO.I COUPON NECESSARY' ... .......... a***
,.... .. ., SANDWICH LOAF
sd "
With tM .apes
Art P
Rigatoni d -w- i :+: 25c I 1 with pmkMt. *f HOUSI I. GARDEN I l-Lb. 1 c
C 2 5
coed JAx thry 9"iun MCcupan May 18 I Hot Shot Bomb 10"Cn s1.39 P. '-01. 3 9 1 2 L'Ait
___________..______ _____________1.t NO COUPON NECESSARY' LI I lUll Ie .f......Each....
100 Extra Plaid: Stamps 25 Extra Plaid Stamps S.cl'" J... ,...? LItH..... S.cl4lll J... ,'.." "..It Crisp MAR'G'ARINE; tTt
with pviclwM. .t JOHNSON with ,........ .. Blueberry Pie .. '4'.,.;; 49c Potato Chips ..... ..... I.LIt.... 49c y CAT..... fOOD All '!ell ... .. ... . 4 '14. :- It-
,. Instant J-Wax U.Oa.c.. s1.69 Sta-Puff Rinse ..09..... 49c A. '*'. r.M.4. t WcffU Wkltt l..ity cWe...fw... . . . J 'VI. ". $'
NO COUPON NECESSARY' NO COUPON NECESSARY'' Syrup ""I.-.1.0.. 43c Shortening .. .. ...... 3 ili 49c CkUU* .( MM b. V. .M..
J......'. Wa Our Owi l. OH ttf.c DIITITIC TUNA ?,;.... 27c
Dli" "
i . . . . ..
Pledge ..................... ': 79c Tea Bags .. .. .... .48 M oC. 40c jSrwMACARONI, ';\,. :2.
VEGETABLESr.It i& CHIIJI . . 1::'" ,,-
/ Ue P..r.
. . .
"Extra Special!! LONG GREEN .
. coffee lives eyerytiJnf that P'.or.. ixpeishri tiffei PrMM fOIBMOOK, '
Fresh AlP wholt be you In ltt $ < IwIMA Jtc
... and valuis you eaa't fit fria any tunti ctffn at my,net. C N Ww
i CIR sire you ...,.. C b 4 PIG NEWTONS . . 3 ;V.':: ,Ie
: A c..lul'1 UtRdi-nlW Erttn.E.. U C U m e rs
S r .. Criual U*
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