Roman Catholic Church

Dear Abby. .

No Bark-All Bite ml Il Begins 38th CongressBOMBAY I'r.

Abigail Van Iturcn t India (DPI) The to the congress be understoodas
tI I l 39th International Enehartottc: "a message of brotherhoodand
Congress of tilt Roma Catholic peace.")
Church down to work One session today
lOt today congress
DEAR ABBY I am a paperboy who has a DEAR ABBY. What does a newly-married
terrible problem with dogs and 1 think I know person do about returning the invitation of older with anticipation mountlnf overthe brought together bishops and
why In aU the b>.oks on how to train pets, peopleore married couples who have had you and your impending visit of Pope professors from England,
advised to hit them with a rolled-up newspaper husband to their. homes for lovely ; .' We've Paul VI.Delegates. Prance and Italy for a discus
Dog are smart and they know where thepaper been married six months and I 1 wan ,to reciprocate to the veotloial' congress slun of "a living faith-the be.
comes guess who gets bitten but I would be uncomfortsMe Inviting\ ; opened working sessions Hover In the modern world."
The customer =.So.. the dog Is nice andneer them to our small apartment which hasn the with a Chaldean Rite lieu at A late mass was to be said
Mtei anybody, so he can't understand why warmth or comforts of their homes Its. not even the Cathedral the Holy Name In the Central Oval, a park and -
the dog only l bites the paperboy All thepaperboys completely furnished I love to cook for my and a Eucharistic Crusader's sports field lined with palm and district conference
I know have the same trouble so I wish husband, hut I am sure my nervousness wouldbe rally. coconut trees In the center of METHODISTS AT LAU ALFRED Taking part to the Methodist of Lake-
you would please answer thu Thank you. obvious I tried to make a company dinner Daylong study sessions were the city It has been outfitted at the Lake Alfred church on Wednesday win be, from left, Bishop James w. Henley
Should we take them out for dinner? That land, resident bishop of the Florida area; Dr. John J. Rooks of Lakeland district auperlnten-
with altar and crucifix and
mapped out for Catholic an
BOB F pre.late. Methodist
doenn't seem very hospitable These friends are and print and visitor of thousands of seats as the cen. dent; and Dr. Victor L. Rankin, missionary to Argentina and pastor of the First
very dear to us. and I wouldn't want to put them Church in Buenos Aires ____
DEAR BOB: Your theory may be correct through the discomfort of having dinner at other nationalities to discuss tral site of congress activitIes
and could be helpful to those who are presently problems from world.wide The began officially
small apartment as tense and nervous as I'm congress
training pets But It won't save the paperbovs sure I'd be. Can you help met activities of the church to Saturday when Gregory Peter Flower Growers Down Slightly
from dogs that have already learned' to bale the loral Asian famine.In Cardinal Agagianlan was enthroned Fruit Receipts I ICann.ry

sight who delivers of a newspaper It. Ask and the owners consequently ef unfriendlydogs the one PERPLEXEDDEAR the longest Journey ever as the personal repre. Course Slated

please to keep them lied up while you deliver PERPLEXEDI! "Dear Mends" would undertaken by a reigning Pope tentative of the pontiff. for the week last week.
the newspaper They'll appreciate. d. The not be critical ef your small quarters, sparsely. the pontiff will fly here Wednesday The huge oval served Sundayfor The llth Annual Flower Growers receipts 1,018,824
laws concerning vicious pets have "leeth" la furnlabrd apartment er yeur Inexperienced rook for a thrHoday1I1t to the a ceremony In which Com. Short Course will be held ending Nov. 27 totaled 1,139- This week's shipment totals
them. ing. Quit "trlllvg yourself that yea will be tense congress.: His scheduled visit munton was administered to 10,. at the Port St. Loch Hotel 065 boxes compared with are;

and nrrvous. Plan a simple dinner and don't try has brought more than 100,000 000 boys and girls. and Country Club, starting Saturday 1,258II18l.t week.
to compete. with more experiment cooks by attempting visitors to this port city of 4.5 Presiding was Ukrainian This week's cannery totals Grapefruit 331,685, oranges
DEAR ABBY: Greg and I have been! going complicated dishes Do the brat yes million and raised worries of Bishop Josef Sllpjl of Lvov, Jackson A Haddox, Polk associate are: Grapefruit 477,820, oranges 280,255, tangerines 185,060,
together for two yean and we Plan to become cai and offer Be apologies. demonstrations by Hindu fanat. who was released from a Soviet county agent, said that 610,825 tangerines 50- tangelos -44,997.

engaged In about a year or so A while back he I I I I ices prison last year after 14 years an excellent program has been 420.The The season's shipment totals
mentioned that his mother had a valuable pearlring Militant Hindu groups prU of detention. developed that will cover most season's cannery totals ending Nov 23 are:
that belonged' to his when DEAR ABBY: Four years ago my uncle: became for period ending Nov. E3; for period
ein:0: : warily the Jan Singh and the -------- flower crops grown In Florida. oranges
; ,
: 2,918,864
he got engaged, he could have the Jive a priest. Since then 1 have wondered whatIs Hindu Mahasabha have de. Information on registration fees Grapefruit 2,491,203 oranges Grapefruit 304,077
to his girl I dldnt lay anything at the time. the proper way to address him. Should I call 2,008,177, tangerines 53,766. 1,715,889, tangerines ,
visit John W.
be obtained from
nounced the papal as a
A "bum o( picture li nay 347 tangelos 195,913.
However, this still bothers me ss I want very him Uncle" or Father"? Totals for corresponding: period temples ,
but ar. Miner Martin County FlowerGrowers
much to have a modern diamond engagement "missionary Invasion rou'IIdln return fur your Chrialmm ,
ring. Would It be wrong to tell Greg this I suppose PATRICK S. rests of many radical leaders flit o( U.s. Stvlngt Bonds. Association, P.O. Box last season: Grapefruit Totals for corresponding period
and stern government warnings 1364, Stuart. The short course 2,778,594, oranges 1,780,016, last season Grapefruit
thinks any girl would consider I It an So get on the beam it your bank's
:: rG'w[ that pearl, but I'd rather havea DEAR PATRICK A.k11m.. against disorder appeared to Imnd window and receive a gay la under Joint sponsorship of the tangerines 172,869. 4,099,829, oranges 1,221,932,

ring I can be proud of How should I handle I I I I have forestalled protests lilt envelope Fred with each bond Florida Agricultural Extension Weekly fruit shipments for tangerines 699,417, temples
this" (At the Vatican City, the Pope you buyl) Service and the Martin County the week ending Nov 27 total- 357, tangelos 245,054, mur-
Problems? Write to ABBY Box 69700. Los asked for prayers that his visit Flower Growers Association. ed 841,997 boxes compared ,wIth cotta 6.STROMBECKER .
GREG'S GIRL Angeles Calif, For personal reply, enclose adamped __ u_ __ __ _-------- -
t. addressed envelope,
DEAR GIRL: Wall until be offers you the
fives yon a choice between accept- I I I I
rrtara'm: heirloom, er a "new, modern
diamond." state your preference If he dorin'l Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to

say nothing, and accept the pearl as a symbol Abby, Box 69700 Los Angeles Calif, for Abby's
ef your engagement If you bring It up now, booklet "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ML
Greg might get the Idea that. you are more la- OCCASIONS."
lerented In things material than sentimental.
Are )'oaT e M N.unhl SyndloU In. "64

Weather And


SUMMARYi Generally

rainless, sunny and abnorm.Uy
warm weather persisted
In all areas until Increasing J
cloudiness and some I

showers In advance of a cold CARS 55.95
front began moving across the m..y med.la .. .. .... ... .. ... Preen

State on the 20th. There was

considerable morning fog In the TRACK 5150a
northern Interior areas on most freight end. curve .. ... .... .. .. Frew

days. Temperatures displayed
.little day to day variation r
MOTORS $2.49
throughout the week Dally ?-veb Srrembecier. ...... ... .. Only.
maximums were mostly In the '

10's and dally minimum ranged E .,1 '
from the SO's In the northern ARTS tire*, fiiard! rolls, track slip, entente perH, I
areas to the QO's In the controls, ...", hl., for repair.
southern t sections. Showers
brought welcome rain to most
northern areas on the 20th and SETS :
/2-17 .. I
MiNiuikl SirnalMU. IM. O Trw i IE;
to many central and southernareas
on the 21st and 22nd. ---
Much cooler air covered the "1 made so many glowing promises to the farmers I'm Complete Strombeeker sets with enough track for s

northern areas Saturday and the tempted to quit Congress and go back to farming aain.-" figure 8, duel controls, extra esn for s fun filled time

entire State Sunday. Skies were for Mom or Dad and the kidi. ,
mostly cloudy In all areas on appearance from the excellent From X2495easeas
both days Showers In the central care given them throughout the Expansion Of nxr
and southern areas on Saturday year Some fruit softening has
and Sunday were generally shown up, but droppage has not Baker ProbeIs

light. been excessive, except In scattered COMPLETE HOBBY DEPARTMENT WITH
FIELD CROPS) Scattered locations. Expected rd.
showers will permit small grain A cool front on the weekendwas

and clover seeding to resumein preceded by light rain In WASHINGTON (UPI) GOP r

some areas and Improved many areas which was benefic member of the Senate Rules TOY GIFTS TO PLEASE ANY CHILD
growing conditions for early ial. This coolness has brought Committee dropped hints today
planted fields. Rainfall needed better color to the fruit. of new evidence which could ...
badly In areas missed by the Carstaklng accent was on Irrigation pand the Bobby Baker Investlga.
showers. Additional moisture with spraying and diskIng -
tlon when U again Tues.
will be needed soon even where for moisture active Rust day opens Rex-Fal Wagons 1 Model 58 REMINGTON 20 Ga.

showers occurred Soybean mite and red spider Infestations WAGONS iliei $450 SHOTGUNS
3 to
harvest Is almost complete.A are building up In many From 1 Model 3111 Double-lerrel.d 12 Ga.
Indications that choose from.
There were
considerable acreage of corn groves. With a little moistureoccurring
remain to beplckad.Su I'cane. young tree banking the new evidence Involved the
pecan and lung nut harvest continues. will be rapidly completed and alleged use of "party girls" by REG. S13.2S
most operators have alreadyset government and Industry officials Official! I I
LIVESTOCK- AND PASTURES heaters and made wind In Washington angle MocGregor $1 095 Ball GUNS DAISY andGROSSMAN $695
) Pasture conditions are In machines operative. the committee refused to ex.ptor. FOOTBALLS Footballs NOW From
In Its previous Investlga.
mostly poor to fair condition asa Orange harvest continued up-
result prolonged dry weather ward this week, having about lion last July.
Improved pastures In central the same weekly movement asa Ck IM Uaifenmf REG. SI 2.00
and south Florida are In year ago when certifications The committee's chief counsel FOOTBALL fleetseen RODS and Tke p.rfeOelh (rent HE OR
fair condition considering the exceeded one million boxes for Lennox P, MeLen.Jon, admitted COLTS $995 SHAKISPIAtl SI'FL SHE WILL
small amount of rainfall In the first time that ....on. there was new material a1 PACXIRSKID1KINS NOW TIUt-TIMPU ENJOY THIS
recent weeks. Winter pastures Grapefruit held about steady hand. lie said It would have t< SUITS IANT1 REELS MON1ON a1R1r .
In general haven't made enough for the week and was stlmated be "carefully scrutltlned" be.
growth to provide grating.Pasture to be about 40,000 boxes above fore the committee resumes 111 '
study of how Baker managed t<
conditions will Improve certifications for the same week F'I
parlay his $tt,600.a.yearsalary
where showers occurred.Livestock last year
are in mostly fair con VEGETABLES! The prevailing as Senate Democratic Secretary a
feeding Is Into a paper fortune estimate
dition. Supplemental dry weather continued
underway In some areas In through most areas of the State at about |2 million. J .

order to maintain earlier gains during the week ended Novem About 20 witnesses ....reIchedul.d I _
of livestock. bar 21. Scattered shower activity -
CITRUS] It has been many was beneficial but very to be called at tilt

years since the major citrus short In vegetable areas of rules committee beartngswhich
producing area of the elite has south, central and north Florida Investigators hoped to concludeby
the small amount of rain the end of the week.
had Locally heavy rains occurred
It has had in recent weeks. A : Sunday. November 22 --------

similar occurance was In the In the east Palm Beach area, HAVEN
fall of 1961. That year September heaviest In north portion. MOP
started the fall with a wy

little rainfall,whereas this year

September precipitation had considerable Need Mosey For Christmas?

The dry spell In 1561 causeda
wide expansion In the use of vVtiCiUO nIt '
Irrigation and f\1rtheuxpIR.'on'
has been made since then.Without De Mas To SeAT 1 L't11

this Irritation capacity l5

many interior groves would
have been In critical condition. ACCEPTANCECORPORATION
Groves on which irrigation ls

not available and some diseased JACK NICKLAUS WOODS AND .IRONS IT .....tl0tM HCYCLES. IICYCLES. IICYCLES! We have |lust received
groves are showing a marked e complete shipment of the newest in boys end girli'QOAQC
effect from the dry spell, but OF FLORIDA me* .-'....... M." kn eMMV. fee mere sVaaae. eat $59 a 95 bicycle, complete with headlamp and lighted teillightt./ From y ef3 JIt's
five !
groves condition generally Trees have are a in healthy good '4., COM.A.e Twins (OW 10W paveAlo laiASM el and yaw a.,lit e'.llar. fr*. Jack. ".If N,5.5,ll.lul.At.., Ooa twe.k weeks>, ...If pine roses Wf I Jesk. Sana."..Mill".?" not too early to lay swey now for Chri.t", ... liim

latin a* tU l..,i.1 l Cam***) price.
2CASM 11 CASH 12
t" east. yes al ew n, v.wwv
WOMENPAsr21 I.Ot)oil 1r2 ao t.00 rD la 90 SISO ne tlseItnoo

lie srto. s too slooir sla 6IFTWARES
Own So. ,d.yr a.a el. gn Chnew CHRISTMAS CARDS
Aftet _: Mmmoa KHi.' 0 alandel IIrll.wan..ff
".t I.1Ce w ...., ...- $1mrl AAVOUMIS OC rile OlMeares k
.,... ..., LOAM IN 01011 ( PERMANENT
A''''..,...&0 ,.."'.u NAROIDOIIOCK
I..... 1M 1_....... kwniu Hf him 0o3 A.E eohlrAeA/U
beaadu 'It At M< K tar1.f
A nlbnb.Iadoe.adnMhl a. y* wee I
IOMllMRil 4>ulrrr'm H 4M
.... "'.Mh. i tad 1..1 lid. Ural d. VILLAGE SPORTS HARDWARES
........ I. ...eh l Irrll.ll CY.Tax Cypreu 6 rd'M Read
...all* krli.. fut.uilna ..I...... ..wl.rl 17 913 6th. ST. N.W. WINTER HAVEN-293-3194 PAINT I ART SUPPLIESPogo
.lasses I I1.:1:1': : : >cnr
ern.M{ '; Ot\\
eveltx as .......... .... .aW I.... _.4 << 44 <<<<4


.... r. r. ,. .. .r ._ ,r ,

Fred Jennings'

Celebrate 50thAnniversary

........... .:, .'.:...,. !
": I'
: fi'
t. ; : )

Beautiful floral arrange-
niwnts brightened tilt room
..: .:{ when Mr. :and Mrs. Fred Jen-
t' flings, 24| South 8th Slr.et.
Dundee, celebrated their Golden
pN WmliliiiR nlllll..rsarj| with "Open
i IIw..." at their Dundee

'" .. home.
The table was covered with a

.' fold damask cloth, overtaxed
with gold net, and centered with
tea t I formal floral arrangement of
I ht
... -- Fuji mums Eucalyptus.,Other -
yellow uid gold flowers encircled -
t .;. the punch bowl. A golden
: musical tell was hung (In the

The beautifully decorated,

served bittinedWing b> Mr*. FlorenceFraser. cake was-

; : j \ Al the octree service were

} ),tr.. John UndU and Mrs Lee

iill { Peterson Williams,served and punch.Mrs Morris

--- --- : Mrs Jennings greeted her
guests In a teal blue hroraded
MRS. JAMES MILLER JR., president of right are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Relnts who were r\: THERE WAS MUCH TO SEE and much to eenurient dress with u whit and !sold
I the tier Winter Haven Hospital Auxiliary gives among the many guest enjoying the annual tlrirrs on al the Ball Friday Night No doubt Dr. and Mrs orchid cor IIi".
husband t helping hand with his boutonniere formal event In Nora Mayo Auditorium. Marvin G. Burdette were talking about the bMuttful Mrs. Jennings was born In
at the ,r
i Hospital Ball Friday night.! At gown and good music when thin picture WM taken, Clarkiton, MI<<:h., and Mr. Jen-
Dr. Burdette I* Chief oUt.n.t the Winter Havlllltoe- flings in Brooklyn, N.Y.' They
petal were married In Flint Mich.,

Around The Town ..Mi.DR. __ \November' M, 1814. Mr. Jennln -
n DAILY NEWS-CHIEF, .*, A Butch Motor Company
AND MRS FRANK ZELLER JR. at the Ball Tasting Tea Held die tinker. retired In IMO, and
Mrs. Mrs, /ller, who wore a charming DUck gown with Monday, November JO, 1964 they moved from Flint to Dundee -
Boyd To Attend State Conference full sleeve of whit lace, wa decoration chairman Mr. James w, sweat and Page 7 la 1MI. They hare two

for the ball.Formal Mrs, Raymond Cooney were co- dwifhtera. ,, IMrteen grandchildren
; hostesses at the home of the and four treat. grandchil
Mrs. Frank Boyd will represent Polk County at the State Association Planning former recently to member Miss Crouse dren.
Season and guests ot the Plantar Garden
j Conference in Jacksonville, beginning Wednesday.! The meetings will be Holiday Club for a Tasting Tea.- ,

held at the Robert Meyer Hotel. Mrs. Boyd reports that the phase of particular Mrs John Doland

i interest which she plans to attend is the seminar on County Zoning. Governor thuds plant to each gave member nep-, Mr. NewtonTo Bridge Players

Farris Bryant will be the principal speaker for the swwions. Mrs. Boyd will Opens With Hospital Ball and reported that two letters Mrs, W. L. Thompson, Mrs. .

return to Winter Haven have been received acknowledging May AUMMler, Mrs, John hale
the club' World Gardening Mri. 0. B. Campbelland
The gala "formal" holiday' season was ushered in project, She reminded member Wed Sunday Mr. Jack Hotlmejer were

Midshipman James Martin Mina Donna Halley, daughter Galen lAin of Joplin, Mo., Friday night at the annual Hospital Hall held by the to take old Christmas winners at bridge when the

Small, accompanied by Midshipman of Mr. and Mri Carl Halley and Frank Boyd Jr., of this Winter llau-n Hospital( Auxiliary in Noru Mayo cards and commemorative Morning Players met Friday In
Philip 1 I II. HUde- stamps to her home at anytimefor Mr. and Mrs John W. Dtl- the Civic Cent.r.Door .
of Nashville, Tenn. formerly city, returned to their classes Auditorium This it traditionally the first formal
I event this lln
brandt were here for the of this project Highland Park, Lake Wale, prltei were awarded tnMra.
Thanksgiving holidays with houseguest for city ThanksgivingOf was the at Florida State University in of the social season which keep Havrnite at a lash!)- Mri. Richard G, O'Ltaryind announce tilt engagement! other Ella Jonnaton, Mr. Dale
Tallahassee last night after
the former's Mr, Warren Savant were welcomed daughter hUes Pamela Whit tlatlett and Mra. Bertha Waugh
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Bill Melvin spending the holiday herewith going pace Thanksgiving until after NewVeal's. Croup to wllllam Drunaon Hostesses for the morning
aa new member
Mr and Mrs. James J. Small
and daughter Brenda Mill the latter' parent, Mr -. Newton son of Mr. and Mr. were Mrs Vicki Brown" Mrs,
113 Stevenson Road Garden Melvin and Mill Hailey left and Mri Frank Boyd. "Mediterranean Interlude' Mr. Frank Zeller gave a Earl Newton also of Lake Jeeale Daniel and Mr. Gladys)
I I Grove The boys are complet yesterday and are to return to was the theme of the ball along the Rlvler program on the origin and history Wale, Mill Crous It the lluyek.

( ing their freshman fall quar their clashes at Florida State Mr*. Virginia Fischer wl which will benefit the building Flower vendor were on of the Chrysanthemum, daughter of William hi. Crous, Queue" at thepart). were Mrs.
ter at Auburn University Au. 1'niverslty hostess at her home recentlyat fund of the hospital To hand with' carnation corsages Th "Flower of tilt Last",birth Philadelphia, Pa Orvllle kind Mr*. Robert
, burn, Ala. a dessert luncheon for member plary trees lined the tables for the beautifully gowned flower for November She dls- Miss Croua, a gradual of BaM of Rue lesion and Mrs.
I Miss Bonnie Hock: spent the of the Ruth.Mary Circle flanking the dance floor and lades and DMutonnleres for played a crescent-shaped arrangement Lake Wale \High Ichool, received Edgar Llndenmeyer

Mr. and Mr. Robert Greene Thanksgiving holidays in Pen- of Grace Lutheran Church. the lane simulated a setting( their' eseort whit In a brass vase, using her draftaman't degree Members attending were
have had as their guest the sacola with her brother and Devotionals were given by Dancing throughout the eve. dried material.chrysanthemum and from Msssty institute of Technology Mesdames Arthur steven,

latter' son Robert A. McCan111 lister-in-law, Ensign and Mri Mrs. Paul Friedricht. DAILY 1'llWS.Cldtg flint was to the music of In Jackaonvlll. She atpr..nUy Bnich, Waugh, Armor Scott,
Mr., C. Richard Daniel reported enu>loyed a* design C. W. Gras, Otis portei Peg
of Wantagh, Long Island, Cecil Hock Bruce Csnova Special enter
N.Y. Mr. and Mr, W. L Buckner falnmrnt during Intermission on the growing condition engineer with The Hotel China Russell||, Norma Davit, ( s.
of Troy, Mich. are here for a and many different varied of and Glassware Company of Phillip, John Fhnn John
Mr. and Mri. Bob d
KJngbaraof t
i a u r e an Interpretativedorup
winter visit and are located the Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Auburndale are announcing by Mary Gallagher anilnlmfiillv purple, light and dark Mr. Newton war graduated Joseph ii. .
at S24 Avenue G, NW green ) Lucy, r I L. "Nd" ,
I Hamilton of Praer. la are the birth of a daughter, Carol < roKtumrd stmlcnlsr grape with whit chrysanthemums from Lake Wale High school Lou lee Webber, ChrHtin*

among those arriving here for Louise The junior mill arrived Miss Ada Hart has returnedto .r N.. Slnat In a cornucopia for her and ,U.l1dedVnlwrally of North Campbell, Lisle Moore. r.
t the winter season They areresiding Wednesday In the Lakeland her daises at Undenwootl A rrulse for two to Nassau.t arrangement. Carolina at Chapel bull lie 1* Crimea, a, W. Brown, Lillian

at 206 Avenue A, NE. General Hospital weighing College' Sl Charlei. Mo., following wa won by (arltnn Dorr ands eNrts Beach Brook reportedthat presently with Pan Calling, McCord, Laura Smith W. cA .
nine pounds and ODe a visit Here with her Mrs Hunter Hyer was (her, punk trees will be planted Inc., also of Jacksonville lltn, Dal Hailed), Art John
Mr. and Mrs Don Iluntlry ounce. parent, Mr. and Mrs Bertram winner of the second door at the Elbert School when cool The marriage, officiated by belt, Ellen Johnston, Later
are visiting for several day Hart Jr Miss Hart Ii a Ut" by pm*. a physics! fitness er weather arrive, Dr. R. T. Nelson, will be held Llnehwgh. W r.. Moore. Aril
In Jacksonville. Miss Nancy Culpepper left < ourseAppitnlmitely. Sunday, DecemberSattheAR.:: M, Ober, Kdna uilolpn,. t.oulsennn
freshman, majoring In art at U.UI Lath memlier look a plate of Presbyterian! John
yesterday to resume tier classes four hundred church of Lake llughes Jeanette
Dr and Mr. Harris Wen at Florida Slate University, Llndenwood.SUIRIMY'S. ittemlod the aVIiihlfiil event her favorite candy or cookie, Wale In the presence of the Martin, i I. s. t IIcI'o| i Amid
dart of St Simon Island where she i i. enrolled a* a of which Mrs V JohnitaneIr and a doten recipe loth. meet. Immediate families Kidl, J v. < ruserear- i i Llln
Ing. Iced lea and coffee were A reception will tot t held at "arct > miM Pole|
Ga, will return to their home freshman, after pending HOSPITAL NEWSDavenport wa chairman.Guild lined with the delicacies the bride' home. and Mil Aiexandni
today, after enjoying the holidays Thanksgiving with her parents

here as the houseguest Mr. and MM. Jack Cul ADMISSIONS

of_ Mr, and Mrs C. E. Wild wooer MeetsFather
Winter Have
Mr Bill Hampton Mr, Master George Beach MashlturnRlverla Surround Yourself with the Cherished
Anderson Hall was
Albert Reeves Frank Mori
Mrs Harold! Hummer
tett, Edward J. Hughes. beautifully decorated with Warmthof
hlMUV'S ADMISSIONS' autumn colors for the November American Provincial FOX
Mr* Roy Jones, N. J. ferry, p

The Browser -f Mr Lucy Gray, Mri GeorgeL Richard Winter McAdams Hava, Matter Guild.meeting of M. Joseph's Leh Long f* Tat Comfort. of Cent's Faro CutiuoulotloMt ,. cL

Elmor. William E Dagg. Mitchell The Rev Matthew J.)11.. + wr w
Jernlgan )Ir.. Juhn
Miss Elizabeth Breece, JulianA
nolly addressed the
IZSk. Ju. k/.r.W./ = Johnston, James L. Mm. C. Wkkslrem John J, Frederick cerning the million group to be ton held
Mri Louis R. Hirhards .
son, Mr*. Sally Cromwell December Cih through Decent
-- Mr, Jerry R. Barber, Mr*. Mri llesper I. Davis. ber 12th. He used the comparison :: -
Almost felt at if the store itself were smiling at u* when w* Otis 11 Duke. Mr*. Parry A. Mri Joe Jungfermin, Dr. of the Parable of the I
Stopped In at ELLSWORTH AITIUNCE81! Weir! new store is Hughes, Fred W. Weasel Mrs. Pearl Prodigal IOn In speaking of a l IC ,
painted in pastel shades of green and the lighting casts such t buradle E Clyde, Julian Hutiel, Mr*. return to the faith. Member
friendly glow over all the new displays that you feel welcome O D. Kirkland. Mrs Arthur Charles Jones. of all faith are Invited to attend .
the minute you enter! Saw the new Ho'po'nt'! dishwasher' that L. III lues" ('If yJeph these services.

, needs absolutely no pre-rinsing' Everything i II double washed Cslightly.Davenport A. Vlrker. MIN Gwen Lesser home
double rinsed, and hygienically dried! Was surprised how easyit Mri Maud Eitei. Dave*port cnomlt from Tampa t.l.e-
I Is to build them Into the avenge kitchen' (They have the Palm llsrboer Mri Willie Dudley, Ire, Company, gave a demon s S
ration on cooking electrich:
portables, too ) Wesley L. Bohn. Snados
Maybe if* the dozens of twinkling candles or having the SATlRDtY DLSMItSALft Wayne FtrUi Pumpkin pie with whipped
chance to chat with so many friend or Jut quietly looking Winter Haven Like Wale. ream and coffee were servedby

at all the exquisite Christmas decorations but visHlng THE Miss Catherine Baugh hiss Ge rge Nay lor memberioflt.Rlu'irircle,

UTILE STUDIO each year during their Christmas Candlelight Pamela Buckner M G (IO" folk City
Open House lightens our heart and turns all the planning andpreCdristmas her Miss Ann Davia. George Mrs P. II. Jone*.
into fun Take time out tomorrow
preparations Carlow. Mri C W Hoffman frl'NDWS) DISMISSAL New Arrivals 4w"
(Tuesday December 1st ) and stop by this years Open House ""
Byron Jackson Mr,, Jack Winter flues
sometime between 1 and to P.M. Their complete collection of .! .,q w"
Kierc and !Infant s 0., Miss William Allen Mr. Charle 1* e 1
Christmas card, gift. and decorations will be displayed See ,
Betty Knowle. Min Gladys BohanMHt and Infant son
If some of their "magic" doesn't touch you too'Found
Mitchell Mrs Sara Ms Olive Drtwt Ctrl Fletcher' .
the prettiest knit shim jams with over Mouse to M ceadVttghL warm u anmm '
mix and match and lovely 2 and J piece suits at ERICh 'S Reeves, Mr James W. fihaffer. Ueyd I hinder Mr*. Perry A berth I unUlur* by KX provide '0
DEPARTMENT STORE They're smartly styled by Mean Mr*. Fred L Smith. Hughe. Them T Hughe*. the wlaaaJag stoud that aWl so .l

are practically wrinkle-proof and the colon are luscious Charles E. Wolf. Elmer Kopp Claude Parker F.dyAernkwshsmwtohe11ig.Mdos e
Noticed pastel mohair sweaters with matching pleated knit Lake Alfred Mr. Ffanee Chart* Wiggins the mo/uDy tuned spin lw, the 'frUly, (
Gary IL Anthony. Master frfvulws sllrts on (be gel se and cUlr c / '
skirts The suit are Travel Knits which stay tn shape without ,
Pool ABberadale. -,.( fMrfoi lot law foam )'OIl'" always
blocking: They r* all lovely for holiday parties and they'd Stanley J
pack beautifully of course Eagle Lake Karl Barnes. fjd T TayV wasted AI dIN er.1onI.J than ea w, lain
be yoort. pew Die iMilrn eon/oft clfmulne '
If you're hunting for bridge prince (ter Christmas gift! ). Mrs Jamn P. Aytrs.Aven *. too* eusUonVWi ... |riprtoe4 '
THE HOMEMAKERS NOOK has juM added a line of Imported Park Fagle Las Mr. sad Mr. OU II take to It every budgst Come .la
Some all Mri Florence L. Benton. Ralph Ce weif. HOWM Worley .
not paper sophisticated some dainty unique. are the ,ar.lI01 a daughter loJff and iMle|)m.Cmutwarmlaf
We .noticed recipe note, horse note. and on* very m* cubne Aaa ra4aleMr born at J.M p m Saturday lathe AmeekahwtoeWfwnWdopratswa.
folder of itationery (All U00 and under) Incidentally, they *. Larry Howard and Infant Orlawl* Winter !Have Hospital INClUOISiC
have a most unusual coloring book Kim's Book of Dotts from son Tommy Hughes. Mrs Albert N O8ry ..adInf.nt The baby .. ,
Around the World I beautifully ewtumed doRa: on fine. qual Mr*. Sam KlUebrew, Mrs ton. four and a half ounce* '....,,119 e ,- ..,aUj. Solo
suitable for haagmg la a child's room Another
fly paper HatU L. Morelsnd. Robert L Kebrteg
A e '
seven puwnd CkolrCackfoil "
ion ws bora MtMthliy
hard-to-ftnd item we noticed war those very heavy quality paper Simmon, Baby Richard Alan Fred II. Ruth at four \
cooky bowl (imported from Germany) decorated for Christmas Yartey. Lakeland pm lalurdsy in the e Table
Se each Loved their gift and rills of Flores >local hospital to Mr. sad II,.. a
) imported
lag Lake Hale Mri lattice E Smith tad \\
Jerry L e 2 Table
tine gift paper U lend a touch of the old world to your holiday Sirs Billy Lee Jackson Infant Sod \ Step
package aM Mrs, BIO Ifesxptee 'f-01 CNGARD
If you're planning to do some repainting we've discovered art receiving coagrafuUtion All 5 Pieces
that SWIFT' PALVT CENTER *) can match any e* Ir' BrirK <. any ample from a Ji; BALDWINPIANOS The Junior m* arrtvrd at
paint Chip to a piece of carpet tkey'v* over IJM new I" a a* yesterday w the

shade*. eon.*fiirnOy catalogued Pie a ...iqu. device for sang "ellpilal weighing eight \ 1
yw m eorrert color scheming loeMenlaUy M matter pounds. ten and a half ovate $198
bow Htte buy M,. and Mr. V>UU
yea everybody receives a 30" discount: off ttatfeyit + NOW
the rwfalar price' N *cJ they lave everythsjsf m the pain lose ,, _. -..::-.. Grandi Contokt, Davenport are announcing fabrics

and feature Tests '. Country. a pre fe pfnifbxnded Spinets, Studios ''f* Una of a oa the baby
the orner to THORNTON: FUR'I1L'RE net found arrived. at 4 It m yesterday
a beajtrfitt array of reclining chair Net just the large matlab" Fill GROUP OI6AN LESSONS and lipped the scslr at eight.

type but also pretty one. some *sl enough to go well la Uch TaeeWy NIpr, rat f.M. pounds, seven and a half UNMATCHED VAlUE MATHER Rri! l FURNITUREAND
your. bedrooea' Noticed a wonderful variety of akin and fabric uuace I

km every decor but we e pe Uly liked the charm et the early LONNELL. INC. A son was bore ,....nt.e, U otAirmCtp Ct our? n.- a. iJ

Amerkaa. Some of them jet teepee same rvdsw tad rock Mr. aa4 Mr*. Jae C. Wkk-
and MAM reeboe. rock and swivel. ."Iat. reetful way to rrla*' DON IA6SOALI. Me/. .""*. The baby arrived la the .. I I. A., SrereFrm =- .
lit L PIN[ I.

Saw La-Trlloyt Stratororker. mat with, BarcaLounger Urtime guarantees Re*.acraU The KrorMen price rage end F ?**) meJ PUs. >* He *)<|Mvtn rear PeA 412JltlOf Ce.., weighing.teat "koepital N. paunch at 2le BUM I ,anda .Ift Ce9(. re rfce I fJI. -:::"::: A J t ,.,: ,

from lei se la $23500 half ouace, -


Page Eight

_____ __ __ _WINflTP: !:. HAVEN_DAILY) NFWS I JIFF: WINTERv 'J f nDI ),A Monday November, 1964I
.::_ .
__ __ _ __ __
--- --

I [(! L'4"S S111 Fa II IDY \1 ID


(I) Announcements ((2)) Help Wanted (6-A
) Animals & Supplies. ((10)I ) Articles For Sal.


AKC Toy pupple available Phone'
Tha k.,111I .is a time to be i, KI-17W. for appointment I.TF
-- -- -- -
tlMu5htfhil I am. POODLE PAKADUE: tomplrtegrouatilng C LOCAL SERVICE

for your poodle. CLASSIFIED
I I earn over fisooo per yea. AttCIMlT.r Toy Puppie.: Phone For YourChrittmat
from 3.55196.. 311-1
perional sales

I am looking for one talesman I I ((7)) To TradeCASH
I Buy or Full Selection Of
*t to teach to do the aame READER
Write giving details of expert FOR GRANGES MOM. DAD. KIDDLES

JuIrJ r.'A 1 1COTTAGE ence, perional background, etc. Grapefruit fruit On.dealer tree. Telephone or m...... CY Ioenned > AND RELATIVES. .

Box A.1511 % New*.Chief. 1-47S5 after I 00 p.m. i>DM. 1M Eaiy Terms A* low aa (12J I



WANTED: Combination weldrr for lath. Call Frank CItan. '. :3(3.43H8WE Wk.GOODYEAR .
MO Cypress Garden Road full-time employment Porkln. :11>
Manufacturing 454 N. Dakota
81. ;:
Lak. Alfred FU :2&-2 THREE IVORY BROTHER For emaIl repair Job call r. ADS UNDER THIS SERVICE RUN DAYS
Open t A.M. 'UI T P.M. _.. :. BUY ueed MOVING COMPANY llred 15
; appliancM and furniture .,.nl. ALLIED VAN LINES builderCY
and w. aol used .n .. Local Long Service Store

------2&- MEN SOT YEARS and ANCB8 furnllur ft FURNITURJB BROOKS. 151 APPU Havendale Call Moving Collect, *. .Btorag Dlatanc.. Ul-71f1* .TI: JIT Ave. A. NW CY >-Z1IS25TF I FOR $1.00 FOR 15 WORD AD .

Here I 11 in Ideal Job for you Blvd S-TF Warahoiu. Off Bartow A'r IIaoo27o.c !

Start at $1.25 per llr Work WANTED TO BUY 17 UPHOLSTERY

Monday through Friday, (30: Wrecked and Junk aulomiblle' PORTABLE Arvin Hoorno 2or. 8..aII.
AM to 12:30.PbOD' : CHAN BY'8 WKtCKKR SERVICE: I ALUMINUMBuilding .. allo 11II. FR 1.1272. 311-I Notices For This Department
." Rifle Rang Road
.flSp.clol, CY S-43IM I Speclaltlm. FINK UPHOLSTERY SOFA Chair lamp, ubl.i and
Mr. DeChambeauCV 13.Dec. II I EXPERT. RtrlNISHINO complete t pe. _room suits LimtedTo..5!
4.1S8I between 1 A 2 P.M. COIl FABRIC S14JCCTIONWOLns foam bedding 126: M T.rtn.

291 ((8)) Automotive 'Awnings ALUMINUM Cabanai 114 Lv.. A bar BE- CY -2710 Bt. NW. :SSI 1. Items fee Ml* .r twop. t. I. Ne Raesa.-Ne Ct..ro

DISCOUNT SALES: (',0. INC NightKNOT. ::11 tile cuss! ef $21 .r ann. _All C.Uit. .
M.... CerftM I "(at George Oo U" POLY FOAM RUBBER
gemplvt' WAITRESS W.nled Excellent ..alary SPEEDOMETER Tachometer Aye A. A 6th Bt. HW :33-5584 ----- IlRINO YOUR PATTERN-WELL 11 Ward limit' 1 tfwn ,. Ado mutt k* brevtjht Int
"For a W.v tK.t Sh"." Apply after 4 00 p.m.. Haven Complete nrvlc. and new cable. 21-Doa. 21 Uphi.later dlvaa and i club chair. CUT WHILE YOU WAIT LOW lock Atf
rARfrrtv em mi PAST. Club 103 Ith St, SW 21-D.c. 17 I I L J Bervlc. Ito Mn 8t. Bw: 14* M Include labor and rebuilding PRICE FORD TRIM SHOP HI ( t. ctoMlfM 4Mrtm

I ----BEAUTY SALON I CY *-43: .l. 1TF1M NO MONEY. DOWN 1 Ave. B NW. CY M611 JO-Tf I I J. loch ..He. mint t.ntol. written urt 5 f melM I.
month to -
--- -
pay -
SeuthMit Plaia CV 1.113. WOMEN TREE TRIMMING UPHOLSTERY Hwy 17. Lanl. SEWING MACHINE: the price .f ffHii. ."< with peY1II01lt In .d-.) -

MERCURY H.?.. A.?., PS Lad. 33-TT WHITE AUTOMATIC t.I.,...*. umber or ee% ..
N. Appt. Open PART TIME WORK Clean and Cilia ; .. ?*
.harp I&MOOor Fendllng
rpo* lon on 164 automatic *)rw* ., the teller
NictMiry Iv.,1"8'Brtnlt' trade for clean motorcycle. Call TRIMMING CAVITY DEMOBSwood Whit. Zlg-Zaf. need Imro- 7. Ne .. ercJer
J I Houn daily, ( to 9 Monday .fler 13 00 p.m MJ-iVUI :II\.TF tHU 115 $RTTINO. Oako and TELEVISION REPAIRCALL dial dlapoaltlon on th. &eeOYllt.Someon. 4. N* cemmerclal aei willbe "II.
--- { aale I to I .
or of
Fees Batlmate Call auum. payment
through Friday. IS to SO\ years LUKE: TREE SERV1CB CY M334 II 24 (Ouarant remaining Call occopta": I. Ae will n..1 11 ...,*.
of Ills OLD. Suitor, 811. New Cr.dlt Manager CY
age, have transportatIon and It-Dec. II M68 14-1
good condition. |M6. Trmn. Si -
--- -
not afraid of public Good Income Herron t'eeo: Station 1I'j JORDAN TV arRAwlutItRyplantn on TbornhUI
Call 293.SOU for appointment Trimming Demoaelng. Removal For TV Repair Tran.lator Road *4 mile South ot Old Win- :
111 Third Street ..WC' Complete claan-op. (GORDON PAIlS Car Radio. HI-FI. l.r Haven Lakeland Road-Ml-'J74UTF
29-2 WU.L SACRIFICE: new Muelang I CY 3- 1711 Ouarant.edI -
U Block South of Foil Office Convertible I -
V -
; I --
beautiful Puppy FREE ESTIMATES: : -----
QuUtjr W.tcb M< Rod w/whlte trim Buy tills 1-own :3325: STAMPS1TF lET J profeulonal carpet cleanIngro.ulls. MOM) BTU Price 11100, Phone EUGENE'. Oood Beauty Salon type hairdryer -
MALE!: Experienced' trimmer for er beauty it big laving. :M3-W4I rent Electric Carpet Sham I working
Jewelry Repair Automotive uphnlctery Salary orcomml.ilnn 2W-1W11' SU-J -- pnner 11 UU pel day with purrhaaeit W-15T1 I' 13000: MJ-6M4 >>-I

IKil New Tampa; flirt'way Blue Lu.tr. John Bntand Hardware I I lOin bu.
tKNTKAt FLOKIDAELICIT of fruit 13 M per PERENNIALS" beautifully blue
a It-Doc. 11 WS-IBJS Lakaland 204aPlJIt : : RON' KM I 30-1 I1'i at door. Orang.o, tangorines. grapefruit Stolula Plant. Wtthctand frt....
ha* openlni for $1957 T-BIRD 111417Prufeaelonal -- -- ------1 II I I.: A Rua.elL bendae ltd Plant now. M a dm CY 4-111*. 130Av.
manager I Christmas I I IStay 21-11 .. E:. a 8E
train*., Salary pisa commlMlon, Bum Moth Hole Tear Service Specials i I Julia. 15-1
(I-A) Instructions Free group I Ineuranc.. MUM have in good condlUon $198500 'U Expertly R.-Woven at moderate e.penMItAUlO I
lo \ with
UIHPATCHKU1U : Play HAMMOND ChOrdOrgan spring plus
good local re' """ ", whlih can be SMART? I RE-WEAVING n'I:: YELLOW CHROME DINETTE
verified and bonded paid vara Old.. door H.T. $493.00. SERVICE Havendal.WHEEL Like new Ch.rry caMand I matt ret*, Good .., 13000 BET, 4 chair.
lion. Apply at 1U1 'ih St" SW '..r 111 POPE: AVE CY H73t. '..TFI I bench COM I'' MS new NOW [ im 44. 30CRAY 13000. II.ronth"I'OI CY 1-0621 Ito
U. S. Civil Service: Tests! application. Zl 293-4911! Etabllh.4 1MIUDw for mitt- adult MM 00 HAMOND REGISTER:ORGAN NOW I : Dynel sad Orion, sails 110 p.m. M-lt
11 clae. lined Mol* 1000, CY HW4 eve-
2730 HAMMOND B-J Organ and Jr..20ipeaker I i ntng only ...11 PORTABLE chord organ III 00 (17
Men.women. 1152 Start big ((3)) Situation Wanted I CHAIRS New low price .118. Spring' Lak' Court aero* from

si 102.00 I week. Preparatory I I Painting I TUBS OF beautiful maidenhair North Gat., 15-11
11110 BTUDEBAKEM fur aal. tire. ARTHUR SMITH MUSIC CO. fern Ot each Make distInctIve
training until ippotnted Thousands COLORED woman want lw. fair, make good to from work : WHEEL CHAIRS for rent AIM Hammond O r I a 5 .. Chlckerlnf : Chnntma gift*. 140 Av. L, NW. :15 AUTOMATIC Plitol brand new.
of jobi open. Experience regular work Tuesday and Wed day car 18500, CY 3.3673.TV: 1 Repairing Hoep.ti feed. Crutch... Walks. Kimball Pianos. ,: 14-1130: It-It sever fired 131 50 414 North Lak.
I - ..HI.* Godfrey. Rental.. CY 11.757ogp Lulu Delve 3e-le
--- --
usually unneceii). FREE Information I needay Ironing and houee cleaning 1'1411 Ill Av. A. NW. 14-TF Garden Rd. AUTO Road Race Set on 7' I t ---
CY 3-860 call after 110 on M n- Directly acrou from SE Shopping table complete with trennform 300 ROUNDS MI carbine
on Jobi, itUriei, rqulrementt diiy. 163 CORVAIR R/H Take uppayment. |II. J. McCOY Quality' work ... hunting
2(1 ., Call CY M33 after Ipm manahtp lash clean and reasonable 1.1. era. landKape IM: .00. COOt $5080 ammunition 12100 414 North
Writ TODAY flving -
zt..3317 CY S474 W-U Lake. Drive
Lulu le-lt
:151CUSIIMAN Phon. LY 4th ._
MAN M wIshes 1 hour day work 3160 11* VACUUM CLEANERS
name, address and pbonc huuaework and other thing for' -- ----- -- -- Btrtet Jan-Phyl 'UI.... IT.TF 23.TF

Lincoln Service, Box AIM, leacher or anyone Boa A.1511 motor acool.r fur Ml. ,

'h" Newt-Chief N.we-t'hlff 1U-1 I .al Price*. CY IUOO 4-1361. for Also detail Go Karl UK for PAINTING PARTI a SERVICE for Kirby. FOR Played ALE very-little Portabl.Ilk. new elereo Price Ml ((12)I ) For Rent, Furn. / ((12)) For Rent, Furn.

Hoover Electrolux and all other 150, Call CY M4S1: TF-
-- --------
([ For Sale Fre pkkup, delivery and aitrmate ----- ---- -
J-AJ) Mortgages I II 1"2 nAMIlLER J.4.o.r. Air condihkned. -
:3534600. 51-1. PEYNOLD8 VACUUM FREEZER upright 11 eu ft.,. '1011. l-ROOM duplex carport utility I lit floor apartment Walking. distance
((2)) Help Want.dATTRACTIVE I I CHARLES IVERSON CI.IoAI"ICI': SBftVlCE: PhoM. Maihl.. Stereo $". '-Old. Amb.uador1 room' dock privilege.. Long termleaj. to town and lake Qul.t
i8i-iMPm Phone CY .I.I CV HUll Trombone, 11& 00. ; .
LV.MANI SPORT I Call JUS Adult. Reference. No pet and cleaji. Adult plea.*. Ml Ave
FIRST real e.Ut* mortgage. prln. fOt'PE, T.k Careful: Work by Hour n r Eetlmal S-Dee S 1317 3)1 .... owner 743 Lake Jeiel. DrIve B. NW IITFIBEDROO"
cl.1 balanr p 1162.11. 4% Inl..1 164 40 a month CY ..3.m'f I ,.Doc. I .. CY 4 not ,..TF
POSITION et, .payment IWV43 per month ---- KIMBALL SPINET PIANO Prac ,
-- -- ---
owner .baa H.5UD OD equity ha I efficiency apartment
Original 1695
1MI FALCON .. 1r.iJO Electric kitchen tile "bath
Ranchero .hit.pickup. 16000
never received MOTORCYCLESYAMAHA AUTO aVIl : FURNISHED Trailer cabana.
a notice eecured l>> j I II SERVICE 00. CY with .
chrome. red vinyl R/H month IT* Ave N. NE. CY H318
for above average perton. 25 land can continue at nocharge retired couple only (winter vl.l-
AT txcellrnt
lo collect monthly payment Owner CY 4lIfe."a I I II WEYMANN tenor 4 airing banjo tor.I Reawnabl. HS5 34tk 81. 171
to to Good perionaUly and *ppeartnce and mall dUIIIc.1I| d.plI.1\ eilp after and caw Richly Inlaid with NW 17.3D
Ready to accept position dppoalt Ing to your account, r.ntart I : I mo her of pe'rl Cot I3M: Prlr
1MO OI.(>8MOIIII.1I. Orion Bedroom housekeeping
A T Bell cottag.aAleo
>ort model DODUBAuth
*l 11110 Phone .
:33 3384
Ueorgt Mullln 4IllS.a. I 3t
Immediately if uleded at PI BAH I owner Perfect con' ,4o Money I'tod I ..ruM Factory Service OnChryiler 141 Bedroom apartmenta for room. Monthly. weekly. rat*.
Guaranteed Income with oppor. dition l '5.00. til Alrana Ave Auburndale M p m. Dally .- All' Day Saturday Plymouth I'ORTAB-LE Tvnd aland Call people I Beach F1.hlng. SIERRA
21-& LAKELAND CYCLE CO eLanereValiant ::113-11:18: after I p m. BOWEN MOTOR LODGE COURT MOTEL Hwy 17 North.
(unity for advancement. Iniuranct -- Kl 3rd Bt. SW CY 41U1Dec 17 TF
Hwy 17 North .
aud retirement plan available ((4)| ) Lost & FoundLOST 163 PONTIAC Hardtop Equipped; ;; I FLOYD ROBERTS MOTORS :1&-TF I --- --
Immaculate condition Phon. MS- 131 Sixth St. SW 33 4101
--- --- -- -- OR UNFURN18HFD
For local Interview, call U'S, Tom Wllklneon 2t-l MAKE IT' A HONDA HOLIDAY l-De 1* ((10-A) Boats & Motors New .-..droom. CB, til. bath

682.0101 Lakeland, between 4:00p Thursday at North dale, -- - -'- --- Bale' and ..", Ie.. Honda of Winter I VACANCY available Dec 1 utility. electric kitchen carport,
while crochet putket bulk. blllf Id Haven, J 01 Av.. (I NW 2t3-sm. Yeariy Monthly ".10". 1- central heat near stoma. church
.m. and 7:00: p.m. Monday only containing ueraanal driver I 10-Dee 30 HRISTMAS (OIFTS Bedroom all electric IMPERIAL ho.pltal WO 7 101 121 Noxon StAuburndal. ..
and ask for Mr. Goodrich .a icon.. Would finder paper pie*** re'- 'LARKIN'S 1 ----- --- -- -- CAMPING TRAILERS Fiahlng -&1.. Canne*. Sailboat.. APARTMENTS. an A... H, SE .. ..-.
.30- turn to 1H41 Orang.wond Ave. SW I Outboard.. Oars. Ski. Paddle. Phon. :393 *2t7 94-1 ---
Shop dal. M-nm 34-Dec. M FurnUhed UnrurnUh
CURB GIRLS No Mperleae. see '
Apply ,
eiary p.non
Lad, Htvendal. Blvd aJ.IU ((5)) Home Trailers "FLYING TACKLE" ZKOY i) II ft Aluminum I seat boat. Perfeet l-bedroom apartment living room. CY 4-4131 Eve. CY 1-7311
condition with sari. It6 00.
".. room. bath with large dreaeIng 7TF1BEDROOM
DR. LARKINOf I CY t-UOQ. f_3g-l room. Excellent neighborhood
WANTED' Waltr.*. San Marm USING lumuned apartment
BY THE On. houee on Lake Martha lUOO
Reilaurant Apply In pereolt ,.TF OWNER: MUST SELL: (hi. MilO\ 11 ft. TEXAS Maid aluminum boat CY "'70. 17.TF 01 Lak. Sliver Drive Sliver Crut
I Bedroom Mobil. Horn. Perfect GET: THE BEST with new top 75 HP Evlnrude Apartm.nl. Call' CY M770 or
...... LsrklB I Sale Bervir Rental and new deluxe heavy duty Murray M3-1250
condition No TrinimUilon -
WAITRESS wanted Neat and da- '".bI. offer reueed CLASSIFIED ADS : A 1TF
J pendabl. Apply at Sundown R.e- ( R.B. Nobile M7-4ot Home*, Hwy If-(3Auburndal. .., Shop BOW offer his nanjrf Hav.ndale III yd. D1ST W3-7IJO Inc 213-721.Tilt Trailer evening. IMS and 00. Sunday 289IMTur :.. lly.dI'.r; apartmentair downtown: I NEAT room.. Walking dlitanc
laurtnt b.tw*sa t M p m, and I Ofl Il-TV IU ye.r-round rate T V Country
r 11 ad. and customers -.TFII.A M to town AIM lake,. Carport.
If pm. I W p.m. and 11:W P m1STF Real Elal. CY JV1FOR
.I 17 Manager In .
x Aluminum trailer ( I IV apartment
new service which h I
U patio. awning. .torag. Lot. of 73u, W, C lr.f..ro. 17-M
r BEtMKTAHIENSeveral : extra. ( lord condlilon. Stilt going Is to.Your ( I ) For Rent Unf. RENT Lakefronl horn a,
opalng In thl aalarle full price.n'o ...n. Lak. Deer Lake Howard completely' furalih-. HOUSES a APARTMENTS:

from 191000 to '*area K>UU per Trailer-- -Park -- -17.WIOMFOHTABLK ((9)) Butn! Opportunity I ((10)) Articles For Sale! .1150.. Suitable per month for couple eeaeon or 1125 I adult.year- FURNISHED:MOO 4 *UNFURNISHED Up
O Ql IN. r..n..ylt..1 ( ATTHAI'TlK Brake Work I BEDROOM 1 bath homo Southaat round Edna Wateon. Realtor CY LUtint. Wanted
In Lakeland
rereonn.L ISM III I .
I- edroolll trailer. Mil WOO 00 Section Heaeley Healtr 4-414 21-& ATKINS REAL ESTATE
duaL 15009 Inquire Done ALUMINUM SHEETS- Vend pr.ee Co 134 Ith SI. NW CYl"S7 CY 4-111
: EXPERIENCED ..It".. wanted Avery Trailer: 1'ark.hlr..111 Haven 1 plate 13H ii M :Me ...,1up I 17-TF FURNISHED: lakefront. cottage. >*-Now. M
Uood .. dal. Blvd.' or rail 2tHIll: after to :30 plate 10-M: plate J3c each. ---- ---- Adult only CY kOTat.1
hour 11.taurutnt.
working Park i
I I I NfWLY painted Inside and, out FURNISHED apartment .....-
I 00 p.m. 1-1 Ring & Valve Job 4U-IUO plate lie earn Over 100 -
Phon. CY M334 34-1
bedroom BOUM. FUR RENT I-\Mod..m .hoe... ..
WANTED! plate lie each Excellent for many Via room fa* Qulalsulithbnrhood roof each Reaaonabl.. 121 ....
----- --- -- : ;:- or electricity Mil In Terrace NW ... I. H Phllll. o 81;. 21444,
44 U x 10 Skyline )Iou.. Trailer' horn and farm ...... Re-roof dug 2-!
ASSISTANT CONTROLLER Small eoullv and take un Nment Rear End Work .. ......ltl.... man ON a bird booms with them uee a. I.II Call CY 4-M30. IS-TF 410 SIlk II.. NW .r phone ...111
*. Call Clint Smith CY 4-Soil. want' t. b* *it I n...'."**"t aiding on farm building At the 2584303. 25'3

Male! 3... And Many Other paid Riled tr.in'M.r.hant"5 In a.vksI learn ..III..k. NW NewcChlet Office 124 bed T-TF 8t. I, new ranch M houee ASS orange FAB* grove NICK!: ROOMS 17 U per we-i' I ((13)) Real! Estate For Sale

NEW 00: _.. Rent 1115 on month Call Quiet Prlval. entrance. CY415a
4T x 10 3-bedro.m I1 till lien Menh.iidlilnf' *nd lee- -- --- .
Hank financing I LAKE SHORE Odd Job v*.. Tn. Pure Oil Cwnp.ey ViED RLIRIOtRATORlRange :: tl A.IIW *> I
Expanding citrus procnaorIn COURT SALES. ISIS Hwy, *2 Financing Available .has a meeern IsO-f.altty. .. Waeher Dryr I 3 -TF --- ------ Modern Home
Weal Auburndale. Italian for lease en the Cyre ATTENTION
In Lakeland area baa Immediate 21-1 .... Air Conditioner. It.condlhosed 3 BtDROOM. Florida room. CB
I'I opening Require. new *>.... ....*"m. Center fully guaranteed Term houae Electric appliance. Cell Chela of Lake apartment I large Hills of
Just glvt UR. a ring From I"t II and Ip JOHNSONAPFUANiaJ heat 1100
Town A
heavy background In accounting (|5-A) Moving & Storage lie! '!U! he at year service .and..'..lIe..t..t...tlOi *ra Winter. Will require Haven Lake. Alfred Eatate CY "11ft. Country Real> -1.Btr.fROOM attractive Included Private rooma. III..entrance bath. titlllile.Dock I Lake Elbert

with emphasis on .....* ***lt.l far *l.k ee. Plume 171-111. Nit. 1721.118.17"F CY Mm 1107 W Lak. Cannon
Call CY 3-5763 e.uipment. .. .......? Cull unfurnl.hed ho we 17-30 iOn
coat Will be ---- ---- beautiful grounds and
accounting ATHERTON elevttion
__ __ -
IMPERIAL: MOVIMC1 ft STORAGE: .r writ D P. Driver P. OM REALTY Ml W _- -
b EAGLE LAKE Across ... DIAMOND *ngg.mnl ring and Central CY 4-1M4 11'TF .... 3 bedroom
rtiponiible for all coil record Prompt and erncl.nl ..", Ie. for ( Ph.li rl"SMI, sun vacated .. d... S. I CB borne
P all your movlai ... Call 1 from FM Office Winter H.VM. wedding ring "I111I in'all Bedroom duple. carport. Dlahoookware .. 2 full tile bithi Florid
and Citrus :3
report cxperienc. CY felM for baa :e.tlm.te .."' ",* after 4 W p.. CY 54211. III" "bath. Florida flatware I furnlenedAdult room

detlrtble but not Agent for Alia Van Line. liwervlag 11-1 irven room Lo...top. Howard condition .14. Work & XUW: Ave M. NW. CY 3-4.112 Modern kitchen built In itove,

;:s ,".nUal. Permanent potltlon all U 01...*. 14-TF HI Auarinwnl *. g** range A-1 7.3711.' Del -11.311 WO --1710ANtlLERS diahwaiber, large refrigeratorfreeter .

wltt good future Salary nape 141 IM MAN. FORD UHLETH.Wagon : ...."' 01lie.. apart- combination Central air

Send reiume and ((6)[ ) Special Services :8-A) Businen; Property i[9-A) Furniture Wheel l ourt No t One meal Ideal for tnurlele Curner condition and beat Lake acre
open. mil E of Auburndal ... U S W ((12)) For Rent, Furn.. Uk' Howard Dr 770 Av*. D SW
returnable inapihot to 10-1 View of t Ink.L lun....... Oleu. **. Owner transferred Already .

I Controller P.O. Box 33$ Iwlaeford. I -l financed, no qualifying
CITSTOM MATE: DRAPFS AND MODERN OFFICE ROOMS ot fin. furniture IncludIns IINOER AUTOMATIC -- Repoveued ..... -

i Highland City, Fla. Replies ALTERATIONS .. Blind ditched .I. new refrigerator asS electric. machine Singer Uk Automatic Uuara.leedDarna. wlng NICK 1 room TOURIST furnlehed apartment lIar: 55.511 T MTATE 1436 Drexel Avenue NE. Price

1 will be held In confidence. NW- modern, equipment OIO Hickory BUILDING ...... Take over ",_.. t* 17 monogram new, make. bulto*> M) OU tier monlh lIlt Av*. H. NW. 1-bedraom. 3-balk.aunts $2000000
CY 17M4 lira
Edna ScboaxrWinter central heat. air
..... l.akHowrd Drive, 17-1
2430 .DM I .r week WAREHOUSE flJRNl'aURL : All without .IterhmeeiieBalaac dlb rarag. dienwa.her. dupoaal
-. --- 1 private entrance air condltloned :. U Ilk Si NW now due 171 *u or M permoath FURNISHED-- --- I mlej from elementary erhool Jr EDNA WATSON
35-3 M4-4JM M 1 Coli... .
Have* Drafting (lie Pavment. 11000. OIl
plenty parking I a 3 bedroom -- *SO to IT* A
ll' apace -- --- --
All tvpe Commercial A ...... IStk It. NE. K* ir7' lt-1 REALTOR
l AVON CALLING YOU!! )Retldmtlal close to Exchange Bank and up Really Cn. *34 Ink It.
Drafting NW CY 1-1717 ,." Kt sib 8L. NW CT ...1..
Satlifacthw guaranteed downtown. 1 built In rock garden ((10)I ) Articles For Sal.RU..IR .. --- -- --- NICELY funil he4 apartroe.ta. Lecaled > -- --
Draw Bid sear kuMeeae Caa ----
CY 4hillFRL7ICH area. b*
If you want to earn money for 1-TF *. Suitable for one or two LAKEFRONT APARTMENT Uec reseed by _t... eeaeo. er e. A. BIO FAMILY HOME
Chrlstm! Start _.. _. inr kitchm 11100 knih carport yeah k...te .. a-Bedroama. ftmo ft. Uvtag
now -- at reaenoabte rate q
I tenant $12$ Month $ PRINTERS Adult' .I lv
: STAMP checkeadoraemeat man monthly' mi pace sins large
'O\rr\'RIERIC For Aro14W Phase CT e-4UO w CY 4-.*.. workahni for d4aad
t' Dreeamaker and alterettoM of all .lanalur. tC""'erurpoMW 171BEDROOM 11TFFURNUHED *jue4. rarpone Larg. laketnmt .
Write' f.O. Bex I3IS
kind CY 4-IIU :J7JU Call owner for appointment ales aatlag etamp.aea ; k (- -- --- -- -- -- lot I1T a 4UO 40 Orange
er (all! U.4117 Lakeland ". porkel etampa STAR to fumlatwe apartnMntOrvuad < BEDROOM prtvate tree On Chain, of Lake Chve to
21-1 SaWING AND ALTERATIONS: for "It UII, Phone cr f-II3I.; ui Ave k fleer Sill Av.. U NEITV bat*. .*t.M. _ra_ Ill 0* *C Puua Call M-740T 10-1
ladle hi Cypress Garden area CY 3-1844, If no answer A. NW .TF COMMERCEINDUSTRY swell,. F.rot..leed apart jie.. 113 t*
-- -- - --- -- .. OWNER ......
Experienced. JlMlU Mr*. Hall --- LAKEFRONT ekly TOink St MWCT MJ9. t CB.
., call CY 34933.MODERN ISLD: REflUOERATORSJ : P10k-a. Ideal EFFICIENCY.. farl.k.4. 1501PVLWVINEO Large Florida fwom, cV>*e4 garage
N .- .... $35.... Kelvutaytor I : Available. lor, ..11I.pia.. -- 3M-T374 27-S
EXPERINCDLIcINSED. 1-TV .. lal"UIU. tneludMILLIES amciasry, UlIhilleelurniskad '
l 00 Hatpolnl Dryr IMWt.Mecondnioned ..'

(It.-AI[ ) Animah & Sppr.1. ---- --- ...LeROY APPLIANCE- Quaranteed'. : SALE* SSElIVIC I G1vtlNMENT I II MOTEL. 3M-UII 17PVRNUIMEP -** Pleme IN-Wf Lotatad m Eagle tat's.*>-.. 2300 12th St. NW

: 747 ('>pr.ee 0....... Ro.MffOl .i ; : -- t -- -- -- --- .
( VNFURNISHCO NKKLY furalehed anannMM Can
mle ,. STORE 11- I KFFIOIKNCir&: and IS *ED: > I b* rented by _'... mnn *r SPACIOUS HOME IN
BEAUTICIAN r..to'r..r with bridle =. -- --- PtOOMa Nhr* large airy nie year Ki.eo.able rate, t O Hart

saddle fOW PONY Mare with 40' \lmar BId ('biroemosqip :boated hi OM FwlalSBEDROOM WO T.**1 1S-TF CHOICE LOCATION
x 110 across rin.v.Rii. PUT CY ..***. RtdldR( Call CT 1-4111 45 CT
colt bred with. Tmaewee Walker 1 1Ita. I Dundee aad. Raker t.
I Ie _.. aM ape'... shop.II Bridle and eaddlv lachjdrd a:.. from Port Office For rent OfI j BlarkwMer 1-TF .rF
.1..* CY 1-M7 .., ... Alteration to suit Also I j I ATTENTION PYtN ...... MB II*.to* 55
(vra.t"d 1 i.l.ry >lu> .*m. --- -- 1! wiRxrrsonaea ... furawivd hMM NWxthm WINTER RESIDENT {!*._ IM A. ., Hva* ..... a-Br.
air conditioned office apace I Iavan.ble. tebyexxla Phon* 11-4-11 ..4LAREFRUNT 3-Biifiini MALE BOXER .1.ort'e F B. abA CUe
Stud .
miitlo. f< the !1k0 ..rfyWrilo "'Ie. HI.... .. Outte. maker Lake
ReguMered' laws and .. .1' -- M Hevar FtekMg noarm. LJt tl e M vnh. Saeplaca.
whit. .
CT iMl. ial.r ad.30& ('V *4r prtvtle.ea. CYMm 1TFFtRNlSHED kIn-l.a. palM, 54aadt-y .
Box A-1510 -- MTTDRUMED I I IIINT; ALl. M0 Lee O NW I51Aee..MW. Zt4-Jm .1Ift 35-4 S ear perag' 11IooI-_wI550. ...c.-
CY *7-Dos. l, - ne4ract arartmnlrnvaie laM a.enss tat ,
rabMli euc Ib Youngrabbit. I Call 1 5 145
,.. c/o News-Chlel .. It H Da rabblta. lion. 37742I I witOO.-.. ..... rocker kitch #c.ee6444e04-d4-4 11 and brack aMnuwnt. Air *Mkdnh Privatermmd. *. bat neIl*. aM Heoe elertnr CttlKte.a nmMMraac furH4 I, wall A '1a11 ia45atlsUe. : AC
4 pea Hutch.. MM 124-ha' Rah- cabinet end ..... ... C' 541% Iankm
Miry' IU. 3. Lynchburg. Road 36-1 I. J">3I1 JH* Heal|"&oto&4I.en |*CY ae I-U41.Te a 4 Ceniry IM ,i ad. Are A. SC. CY 3-tJtfT I ISMS )1II-CS1'1.. FH4 will flame'.ia0. a.TP



PT P r r l"* l


I CC- 1J4\tSl8J11; : P.lllalIDY4\1115i Legal Aclvertiling KOItN R PLM. YtNw m1

IN TUB etactit oova or 1411 Nr
tons!' NbMT A OOIMO,
falll" JtjBteUl C4KCV1T OTFUrRIBA. 1111 100I

((13)-) Real Estate For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For Sale :(13)( ) Real Estate For Sal COINTV.. IN AID IN OSLMC-MY.H rOLK DyYyA 1.I, BIr JUST LJI i 1 DOW1V.ILLlWUP Abs tA1kWTI RIIL!

a.M T. Fpe .... MortgageC MAA ..

ae Na. aUwMMtlrtHBT

Make This Your Ideal Family Home NEW big aarnflc 1-bedroom Owner home out for at ante Male ala rBUMUtAt. BAVWOS AND

Call M.tim. between U 90-1:H LOAN 1a8 CI"noN OT WINTBItMAVaW
White Christmas pmorlW-tMpm 3M .

......tIft.we .
beautiful WHITE COLONIAL ROOMY older 1-dory home kt do-
jr lIu',, ned home fur >ou and you drably NW action ballroom. I C U FIELDS. BT AU
110/1,1\i anllqur brick front en bath and large paietJodFtarldaduring Daaajdaata.MOTH 1
cloned I/ ttarage 3 bedroom i ith aI t room lak. accent 5: 'ic vr wen K IlY*
fully carpeted living row carat apartment Call TO MiLLKR / ,
t1 ,1
I>& largr FAMILY ROOM onl) un .1 MARRY MILUftR Sb..314 HO IhaOQ ,

111 MO IN dealrablr BE: Section wbereaboula hi unknown
NEWLY PAINTED I BR. I baUCB. You are hereby aotMed that
V'.r\ "' ''''' horn. Double carport, porch.Vacuum plaintiff. baa Initialed uM ngalaityou _
$6500Furnished '1.:1-" : patent fenced yard DeUreble la the above etyled Court and
BI.. location e.ar new aboping the nature ol cad wit to a Bill Mroradoe
US TrwBMrt Drift SE center. walking cUManco ALL that cenala Mortgage --
School Owner tnuwfenwd. LowUowa recorded la O/R Book 545. Page .
Aaeume Mart .LAeM
Room for the children to play, .. tae, public record of Polk County, .-
424 Atr B Nt claw In heal I ( II1U Ren.lllilt. E MMuilS1TF Florida encumbering all the following HANGS +

and clean 1 bedroom FVRN1BHUr for the dog to rur, luuetvlcwi deecribed real oetato In
r apartment Immediate oc.ru.n Posh County Florida tewltLot uP !
ittrUght BlghU will ,
(' call for appointment ; you MIST BELL BY OWNER
> 10.
S and I be WM of Lot
find ill these In this S bedroom I room furnlahed ....u.* I loll an-! Block > rental unit. 14M BHk 8t. NW
8 UnitsPriced home. Terms are excellent. !' 1101I. 70.1FOR : lout Winter Aaaorlatloa Haven Florida Bubdlvt-aaahowa G IIC _1

Price la right I14.SM thereat,
by map or plat
will conildeiII recorded In the Office al the JIr
at 1940000 cloilng Coat Small down par r
$ 000 down payment each apart melt bal bite rest S bedroom Clerk ol the Circuit Court la
neni ...* living room bedroom. 1> I bath living, room dining room cad tor Polk County. Florid.
lichen A bath FURNISHED :dEtf; kitchen A Fla. room. Air condition In Plat Book Page 11; Cap1
3X00: monthly potential Income a oil Cottage In back 4k 1 carport Mad you are hereby notified to Si..
.rllent Inveelment located I IMoIer In N'U'4)15S' .T.37 near School your hewer or other pleading; Nplamllff
: on Bnlvely Ave commer. And complaint I* the Office
al 'lot 10 ft. by 100 fee chow WARREN SECKEL Realtor I bedroom kouee la Inwood of the Clerk. of the Circuit Court
b) appointment ACREAGE: on chain of lakea UOn sad mall copy thereof to Summer11.
Lake front Lot on chain etlab. and Connor. 144 Avenue B, MW,
30- .. Nothing don ana monthly Winter H...... Florida oon or before
December It, 1K4. or Miller 30
paymenteCall CY Decree Pro Conteaao to b* enteredMtnlnet
my hand a* the Clerk.
ReALTTYCO. Located on Chain of Lake. LnrgeJbedroora ot the above etyled Court and the NMTCH Wa+Ar fcAO< YVEAH--AND DON'T \
: home with fireplace Florida .I4-A Lots & coal of aald Court at Barlow Florida 1CU Rfi D SOPS! SO ) Till MB TMtOt /
mum and 10 ere ( ) AcreageCommercial this November 11 144 gal ee NMSo My SOON? >C ACHES AND
1M4 N, Lak I pLo.1I"1 7 D. H SLOAN JR.Clerk RAINS AR8 I Iy
after I 00 p.m. or all day Sunday, Circuit Court TIMS.JK59SVOOR IMAOINARY'reloa
(41 W. Central AvoLeiter 211 SUM MERLIN A CONNOR AA04i1 AND fVMKS ARE ,
Grace Atkertea, f Y *.Xai Lot 144 Avenue B, NW .., "IMA3NARY';
Jrta A. Lau, Aaeec, CY tlteitNltee 1100 DOWNI Winter Hams, FloridaNov t ,
14. U. 30 and Dee, f, 144
BIC'B HOMES 30:10 It. located on Ave C.
21-30 Low a* 14700 meats
CHARLES McCOMIC Reg Brokefw SW. Across from ElcbaDlIBIIIk I

*-.a Parking Lot Wide newly
Large modern wlmmlng pool, Thti paved street with alley entrance MDirui. (risitiT POLK

. new home la In the flneat reildentlal In rear For iU by owner CO1''NTY, FLORIDA
area. I Mlnutea from Wlnte : TBAMirr.KRED
Phone CY 1-J7T1 After S P.M.or IN! CHANrUBtTaae .
Haven. 10 mlnutea from Jr. Collere Will aacrifice at U.ouo uo loan modern ItHIII.IN J
: Good term.. Call CljUJll CY Na. U4I Urkt. U Fg Na.
190600 I large bedroom home. panCurl Edna Wat. a, Realtor R. MtBHJDE.
eTIIBEDROOM floors I tile bathe with van*
! 4-UII. Plaint Ifl
llorlea, central air conditioning and
hone and I.bedroonnouae heat wall-to-wall carpet I car garage MCBRIDE
! 1100 down 100 Mont laundry and .10.... roo..... I ACRES 4 mile went of WIntelKaren I HENRY U :, SR.. I
If good credit, CY Mm riRSI'' diahwaiher dlapoaal. Intercom oa Ml. TERMS. CY -2M7., NOT irenr al.IT Defendant
MORTGAGE CORP. OP WINTER Mum be sere to be appreciated' 17-TF I'.o -- .
HAVEN.__:'TrIY 293-13tt.1012 Inman Dr.. NW 2t1-t6OJ 11-1- 1>4 ACREland, Jtut oft Sit, Eaat' I I HlLNRT U. McUHLDK:, BH.. -1 (k rm T SHor/r PUM- +o6N0T1
Barlow Air Baae 4 houae trail South Hero Vermont l
OWNER Completely furnlahed ---- YtTMAJllUAaUTtARN'M04110IU !
131-1314 aft You are hereby nottlled bat .
ere for sale 133-Mul or
BR modem home Bath 4bower I I .
bar been llleagalnat
divorce <
K-n wit lor
Living room kitchen, ear I LAKEFRONTREDUCED you In the above ..tltI.4 ,+ ,

port. utility room. Nice lot. Mua LOT M a 40 In area of fine nomee. cauae. and that you are hereby r.. O 1t
roll at once II.:300 and aa Lulu CYX647 quired ,.. ot amawer r
:rUIK.: ftlh 8t BE. Near Uk to .r a copy your
come mortgage, Bee FlorldiDrive 3S-TF or other written ....,._ upon r JC
Lena Villa Bubdlvlalnn Auurndele WALTa.H W. MANUCV, plainlitre '
WO T-M7I after I.10 p. m 2 Houiei It garage all CB eon NICE: residential. lot In Lake Ida aildreae la I
or mornlnga, U Tl trurtion One home completely .....lIon. Ready for building- Price O Brea IO'i.a't.::d, Florida; 01
165000 caah EDGAR T IIALK8, or before the loth day of Decent
furnished 4 rented. othei Realtor 2M-M3I Eveitng 3I-2M4 her AD IW4. and before or Immediately .

"BRIERWOOD"FEATURING house GE ttove, refrigerator,, 21-1 thereafter lo file wll
the Clerk ol the above styled Courl
diihwaiher, oil pipped furnaceS the original ol seW answer or ..Id \ ZDAN'ATIM xx

Florida room. 24 x 18 Garage Legal Advertlung written defenaea tl any 1. J HUS61NEl4UNGRYb4AQS11TNt
II you tail to do an. decree pneonleaao
("/ I Bedroom I Bedrooms 2 baths, CY will be entered agalnnt yol

I/ Tilt Bathe 3.6590 owner. lor the relief demanded la the Con (1AGt K
'It/'l VI HT or Tilt
; IN THE ( IT ( plaint' t74L
.bOargr 1KMH JIlmiAL 4IMXIIT l.. WITNESS my hand and oltlcla, 4 OHn
/ eT.l.
jTerraaao Doort 1513 Lake Shipp Dr, AM ttlH BULk lUlNlV.ILORIUA coal I of office al Barlow Poll Court 3/.30 t.. w. 1

Oil HeatI OPEN 1% IHAMkB. ty. Florida, thla Ill day at "....m .
IThrifty -- -- ---
... no. HIM MllimOlU --- -- --- -- -
( -------
27-30 her A D. 1.... -- ----- --
/ rurred a Plaattred K: SLOAN JR. -
D H *
Dowa WANDA JEAN WHIT! Clerk Circuit Court LL 11 wouio elvllty lONtiv I fHtU I WARD THAT MURItt''

I$100 BY OWNER: Purnlahed Vbadroanhome 1-lalntlff By Vivian. A Purvta JIN WITHOUT PAPA' NOW oorr ur HI* run YOUR A'.t
b161 M Month Aluminum aiding on CB .. Clerk
W1uTl Deputy VO01 MUSTN'r NK. m LUi, MR.WORTH' SUE. 111(11')
Large fenced lot. Carport Vtlllty JAMES A. ;, Nov, I. II U 10 144 n ujt HIS DRIAMS
. Oi Ave. "Q" NW Just Went ol building Air conditioner Cell DefendantnOTUIC 11NDIN6 {AUI1 WITH PAPAALWAYS BluutR 4 ALWAYS AfINI IAD AIUNHIRI
Out Bt heat Sprinkler well Very reao.able TO k.Fmil MR WORTH Nt A DIM ?
ISM Art. L NW. Near Wormwood THE BTAlk: Of ru>KlDA TO THAN tilt IMAM Mf MVt TO dlV HtK THt TlMt 0 DAY M JIli

echool. .Dee." Jama A. Whit. IN THE ( 'lr.(:01'RT, TENTH WAN tMAl JUiD t HARM I' ?Uf I u L it I1
B&W Builders Whereabout unknown JIIIKIAL ( ?, POLE TMI fiat out jt TMITH ,
BY OWNER You are hereby nutllied that a ('U'IITY.I'WaID"IN
Days CY I-T14T Beautiful horn. overlooking. LabHartrIdt. wit for divorce haa been fluid CMANCIEBVtaae K 1(1-7IOGB
Nit. CY ., }bedroom, 3 bath ... He. IIUN i'I
CY 14460'TI I CI againet, you in Ihe above. entitled No. 44141 .11.. U Pg
living room, dteIng room. kltcheaIan. came. and that you are hereby required WOOD ALSTON
famIly room puts 0at to serve a copy of your an Plalntlfl rryr ,
I with non. fl-spied. 1010 Am. R ewer or other ..rau.. defence uponWaller -.- I Q
die.tance U 1111 plaintiff atlorney
4Bedroomebatha. walking \
downtown and all achoola, NEW ALL MODERN fbedreemwith whoee addle la 111 VanBkiver StIT Delendanl I I II
I Building, Winter Haven. Mir NOTICE: OP
for home p
Eitra lot tl
Many eitraa Florida room. CloeeHn FLORIDA TO:
rlda on or belon December II THE STATE
, for retired. parenta. Quiet atreetlee. Ave r. bE:' He per mOo CY M2M Immedlalel IIEATR1CE: AI.TUNLPortamtb :
1M4. and belore or
4 1111J7
today! OWNER, CY T'
I thereafter to Me with the U rlof Virginia
I I the above etyled Court the uric You are hereby notified that Iautt I
JUST PAY EQUITYon ... for divorce ha* been filed
OWN EM; kitchen bat of .I anawer or writ tea deleneea
1-bedroom CB home lath
llvlnl U any ...In.| you In Ihe above entitled .. ... .
eBedroombath, large carport. Oa paved tr..tLot --- --- --- -
If ,fail to d> HI. Decree pro cause and that you era hereby re
room Florida built'In kitchen with chain link fence. you ._ .
room 100'
I 10' I ---- ---
punned ,. k ot your anewer - -
Cunl._ will be entered aiainal to per copy
Guam houae In rear Near BE Lake McLeod. Ml 10 month
Area -
... Terms you for the relief demanded I. the or other written dnl.neaWm>* oo e4O1I% MN4.IT1 ANeW0U
hopping P" 111.000. I Includee, lairs. )fl.urutiTots WAITER W MANLEY plaintiff Iattorney I WAlTDOhiTi
UM 4th Bt. BE. n-M omplalnt, 1 1w1 LL O0LASUUI ,
I37MM (I r
: m-IL R llorNrrar WITNESS! my hand and official whoee addree PO BnlJM HANG Un.' we a 61.0 CSCOAO 00 ..c4SrWlla

IY OWNER bedroom CB horn.Builtins. .. -- -- -- seal of office at Barlow. I'olk Lakeland, Florida on or before I WILLNE evg, 540 PORTYa
2221 Ave C. 8W, J".aMl7Ja.TF County Florida this :2Mh day el the Imo day of December AD MAa6t'F /
November, IN4 114. end before or Immediately
LARGE HOME D. H. ILOAN, JR. thereafter te file with the Clerk ol WA!bO M.CTALRP'4Q /

WELT: HOME: : Clerk Circuit Court the above at fled Court the original 10I
I 1-Bedroom. CB Purntahed all SMALL PRICE /.: Robert O. Booing of Mid answer or sold written de- I

electric Built by owner 4 yean Dec.Itr..C \IM ten*.*. If any
old. Moving north Owner tolMth Nav 30. U, If you tall to k" an-.r.er.C
1400 ft. living area .
Bt -JO- -------- --- eonleeea will e Mx
Cloned f aragtBeautifully )MOTH Or IXTKNTION TO you bra the relief damaaoX la the c cI
MAKK A IT Lit Alltm FOR Complaint
C landtcaped tIMAL! IMMhUBOII WITNKMS my hand and official 0

fenced yard with shallow In Re Eatate of I Mal I nf office al Rartow Poll' Caw l
Our well RANDOI.HEARIN0 MERRILLDeceaaed ty Fl...rda thl* th day ol Navenvher .
A D. lt4Clerk.
e Screened porch We. UUaM44g D. H. SWAN 1ft.
To AB Wheat It May ('_val Clrrutt CourtMy tl
SwimmingPool 15' x 18' Florida room Notice la hereby glvea that I have bfarela Mea,....
and 13' x 20 living room filed my final report a* aaecutrU Deputy Oert 1 J .raw

I 1 BR 2 bathe of the emote of H-nouine tfe*>- n" Nov t, II. n B, IM4IN .... ... ... ... .'Ie.arll Ma .,
1 Is Now Merrill deceaaed. that I have filed : DUIIT

I Air conditioner my petitM* lor caN aiacharge -.--.--- --- -- -- ..----- ___, ---
and lhat 1 will apply to the H...
Total price It Juat Ut.DOG OP f"It;
Under Richard A. Broom. peat, Judge A* THK INdrKISINITCKS
Way terms TKNTM 4IMIIAL IH4.IIT IIAMU ..6418AT THI IKGINCtRN.eii y1Ale LArvr CAM (47PM
with good ef Polls County. Florida. on the 1TNOR LYMAN I
I 111th day ecember. 1M4 fur ap roa Pt16aUIn7Y, t a.s.a. CNAU1r4r1 THAT FA(1.0 04yaF Jrt (..gaff nwaralas, 4404A A pHOw/rSNd
't name sad foe final tLAI....". 'III taAHCEBI mm18PLD.A/Cl 1$7TYJR, IS MAW TAUT

We are platttring the LEIS BROS. Ciaharst Eaeculru of the ." 1 WILLAMD.lit W TO DAVIS HIIKT: TITLE 7wosI fwl0 I CAN M(1.INOdrM J0VA AND OPSN.4 JdfW LfC7N VA

REALTORS late of Randolph Bearing Merrill Plaintiff *
partmentt. Come out I deceased 7W81PZR. 0.x dT RANryro 1
12M Sixth It.. NW This Mik any of Xevember 1M
Annie Mill R. Merrill ROBERTA B. RAMP. ot alDefendant
and see the room iiiei. (OppotlU Nerth Gate) / / .. of *
EieoMrll of the .t. !
Randolph Bearing 00U
Our recreation t.nt.rhat DereaeedCTUTTt
t>k.N OITTEMDEN Roberta B Ramp. Robert B.Ramp. 1v

been moved to Attorney 141 for .lecvlrll:" known. a*HiMntg Hllding A.Aadereon.....,., alee add 1b.r
PO Hot
make way for the beat- 2 -M Waiter Have Fonda Pontes wife card wife Anderaoa Dudley PutnamCalnertn A.. a, ,

Mo IB Per T 14. 31 1M4r Scharkey. Lemuel R.BartMl .
eel pooL QUALITY $...-. Math dmmgrooea 'iO *and wile ItartMt. ( fmwat
air conditioned. EwoUeelInrattoa NOTICE > tgfROTSON aad o Nt 4 rir
l Near IX P...... Prlred aE.UlTlLaTITIO' KAXBNotice : A IWler. Joeepb Benedict and VirginiaFrench
Iheandereigned wife Ina ,
Now You Can right Bam aMbler, 170! aa ItuYOU la hereby Inieade given(e lhal,..1Iote, ab) ot whom pan of reefrdean '
unknown.' It living. end tf '
----. with the' Clerk of the ClrcuM Courtef If '
------ ,
NAME ITt, Pub Counlr Florida pureunnl dead, all claiming bybreugb. ..
error --- -- -- ----
Get In To See .... agalnat then aahawa.
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I Toe name the Itown payoMat > =
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thu I IR..11 "home rvrmeldimng lets Leilelatvro aa truoiee*. ne.. of .k*. M.Y W5-4Att1 550055 [ pnn.1140T RawC_ );
MM. Lawe of FHm4IA grantee
The Furnished room. large living room withCONTACT ed by Aria Chapter of IMI LegleUlvre the .Saar a .....,... and Mreola e7bvf MOMP $'M 33'I I I Mo., 4CRTAw4).V 1NOT..501, I.L., TNTo
'Irepp CHWTt .. ntOKMEX.CHOENTHALaJl lictHtoua name. brit Potter EU*- having a, claimlright. .. M hem Wr /WLll7.0 C.'AWS 1INCtW.r Llv6trreb JrMN+*T n. clw NO..e NtV .n AIM U, NcIOtAD.RN
Model. AMIO Ironlre. tender wklrh be le ee'sled 110. dam or IMereet dserrlhdreal hvto "Cs'- ACw htl.CS Ws.ND, TtNM WY POLO OW) "tda ..n,
CtX 14-1121 I M bwelaeat M IU I1Kaare or Spas the soles
eel... oMaato.JrhM and
BM44I1 ,,
Nile. Wklnda 3 J
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+ '
Winter Haven I I.. Doc I 14. n. 1154 of SE:<4 of ';: w uf' tgJ'.L SMQ7Mf&w
of the W* oftbe
Sad She KE*

HarbourCondominium ... I 1---------- I TOWNWMP SCH of Se4M rn ntvni II AU.RANoaEAST IN ii- ,

1927 9th Street 3nly Kraft glvts you I 56 >Tk 4l TOWNSHIP R<* of BCtt efBertM IBaovTH ) +-3l NIv

Apartments SoutheastA I RANna M EAST

beautified horn with Macaroni 'ii'heese I .The j ILtt IBy rr.s7vrthe \. It
< '
1 and I atodroomApMtra i SE of lie .4.
tropical Undacapinf sad SE'tr" /try N 'j\g the S2 1d

nlx with 1, nature dtrua trees ;:t II1MNwI/.lthe: SW,

.'/. and t baths walking distance to Southeast ; : ILI6k.f:% '. mBeMM .
Plats Shopping ee. I*. TOWNSHfPSOVTN 15 ,, '" ::
I 31 lTtTew >; .::.. j
WI INVm YOU I tr I bedroom, a eanl- I *ad om herebyateea
of.r.'W. .. -- -- -
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INSMCnONIOMA.M.t ty baths paBcDed florUa with aetkr Iha4
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Drapes earpetm aD4aU' ri-cheddar rkta. hi Chaaeonr. ler Nor purpeeeef 3 Df! ..ItIRT'N tss10Ie'SDrtpu.Dt4 I Alive f
.:00 P.M. I I owMlaahto title ie the real er wlpyatb IGJ,CMl1AtAawr..! elam
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A. J. Lrnd, Realtor reduced price t* tlMOO. aetkaowa the abowe D 1oMMA a.exweled are hnowaled heee- Idt An0 1ltO.afr 1seb .111 TC0I :

1700 Sink ken N.W. lupectioa by caUDaeI bereejeieed to M* row ,..... or _
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arfaV.cfaMeroa4M.tEMrt4 oa ).. rut aev W Nemmter. IM4. rtv
D. K. BU>AJI. JR. :
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2M3 I ear 35. Doc t W. 5101
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PJC Opera Wednesday Parilli Passes Coral Gables Is

Tfcs Pent Jwtior College basketball team ws Into actionWedmMtoy Ir Boston To WinVeteran

aJgM at Florida 8wrth.rn Coil* e at Coo: p.m. The Voted Best Prep

PJC ewe... ....re off MahMt the Florida Southern Junior Babe Partttl Is be. :

Vanity. coming the nonpareil among

American Football League
The |ett .it the first of seven the Polk Junior teem will passers.
Gridiron ElevenBy
play In their flret "' 101I. In addition, they. will partictoete in ., rI The former University of

the Orlando HolMay Tournament In Orieoio. Kentucky star, who has spent

I 9 11 years In the pro football BOB HAVTLANDNewsChief
Coached by Chariot R. Harris lIeN It l the PJC season ranks, couldn't be surpassedSunday Sports Editor
schedule: Dee. 2'st Florida South.... Jan. 11 Orlando Junior r as he tossed three

College here Jan. It St. Johns River J. C. here. Jan. 30 Lake touchdown passes while leading Coral Gables reigned today as the champ of Florida Prep

Sumpter here Feb. 1 at Orlando J.C. Feb. 6 at Lake Sampler, the Boston Patriots to a 34.17 Football as they were selected No. 1 In the Miami Herald's
Feb. 13 Florida Southern JV here. victory over the hapless Hous. statewide pail of high school coaches.

ton Oilers. Gables, last year's Class AA football champions will again have I

All home garnet will be played at the Winter Haven In other games, Dick Wood a crack at that honor as they earned the Region. 4 berth in the AA

High School gymnasium. All garnet with the exception of the threw two TD passes as the playoffs The Gold Coast team defeated Tampa Robinson 111-1410

opening tilt at Florida Southern, will begin at I p.m. New York Jets handed the the finals last year. I
Kansas City Chiefs a 27.14 de.
feat and Mike Mercer boosted In this year's semi-final league champ with an overall

Dec. 11 Polk Junior will face St. Johns In the first game a 40-yard field goal with Just game Gables will play Orlando 8-2-0 mark, was rated No. 8.

of Pie Orlando Holiday Tourney. That game will start at 7 3:39: remaining to earn the Oak. Colonial. The other semi-final Tampa Robinson and Tampa

p.m. followed by the Lake Surtipter-Orlando) contest The r land Raiders a 20.20 tie with contest pits Clearwater against HUlsborough were ranked 12th
tournament finals It dated Dec 12. / the Denver Broncos. Jacksonville Lee and 17th respectively.Lake .
k Wood hurled scoring passes of In Class A competition Wild. Wales which plays Win-
a 20 yards to Bake Turner and wood will play Chamlnade Lake ter Haven High post-season
Teammembert of the Polk Junior team are, front from 40 yards to rookie fullback Matt City facet Venice. game Friday night placed 16th
left, Bob Walker, Ronald Zlcike Jim Pruitt, Glen Thompson Sne 11. Wlldwcod, which defeated Ly- In the poll. Wildwood held down

Richard Emry, Ed Murphy; second row, head coach Charles Abner Haynes accounted for man 32-6 Wednesday and Eustls the No. 19 ranking

Harris, William Robinson, Robert Singleton Chet Swindell, both Kansas City touchdownsby 27-13 Friday edged out South- The Blue Devils, not In the

Rick Roberson. Benjamin Campbell Kenneth Wise and Dr. sweeping left end for three west Florida Conference champ poll's final balloting were rated

Paul Corey of the ichool'i Division of Athletics, yards In the third quarter. Lake Wales for the Region 3 No. 8 last year.
berth. WUdwood totaled 60 Region 2 playoff entry Clear
points with a 10-0 season while water (8-1-1) was No. 8 In the
Lake Wales totaled 75 points

with a 9-0-1 year. The Highlanders poll.Here Is how the Miami Herald

Browns Win/ One Victory Money Battle Auburn Frederickson1st tied Auburndale. poll shapes up

I Only one Western Conferenceteam 1-r...... e.bm, {I.0 0tnO\
placed In the Top Ten although JP'lm '..ell (lM4iOiHnd. ,,;

two others gained Top a-F- .......CoWK'd.....', (( .MJ1I.2001' 1 HI 7ICINrw"1I
Brews In Pro Twenty honors Tampa Plant ( 1111, ", 111tN.yIM
From NFL Eastern CrownBy (11.701' /r7MI.IMe

NFL Draft ChoiceBy .,. ,..., ... .. 1-v.... FI.M ((7 10'' '
om >!;: ''ill' >m:! '> .;. ,.>'d.i. :.. << : (,"' HIS "11301, 7, 11e.earns ,

GARY KALE the New York Giants In other past that provided Western Dl. I h.-J.cCMIR.11 ,.....ee...L"e.5. SA, 12-I 17 1 Ip" It
UPI Sports WriterIt Sunday games vision milst Baltimore with lit Draft CirclesIllinois Tickets C. Reanw. e... J"kY"1e e.m. r
during Auburn's Sat season, and Cage .. ,
Isn't every coach who canbrag St. Louis had to rally from a winning points The Colt defense United PATRICK Press International CONWAY thought the Giants would pick q 1..11..1,. '....L.k.Mlek W.,.N1., 40 1.-M1.m, "_T."...5..mr M'eerouev '?.
that 20.7 deficit to In the I 36. II-G".II. I' a n 0
of defensive unit
a stay run. picked off five John Brodle ,
Fullback Tucker Frederick- Namath before considering him. wood JO )0-10'" Lake L.' ,' u II /.1 1'
goes both ways.Cleveland fling John Davis Crow scored pastes and the Forty.Niner. linebacker Dick But. Mein. 21
Browns' Coach the first touchdown of the game could tally only on Tommy Da. kut and Baylor flanker Larry son of Auburn. regarded at the "I was really surprised but" f Now On Sale
best all around SoutheasternConference very pleased they picked me, .
Elklnt became the central figures
Blanton Collier moved a step for the Cards, then the Stealers vis' 19.yard field gal Frederickson said
closer to the Eastern Division opened up with 30 and 38-yard Quarterback Fran Tarkenton today In the battle of dollars football player sinceGeorgia's abouteverybody'
who is Just
title and a National Foot. Held goals by Mike Clarke, a heaved two flrtUhalf touchdown between the National and Charlie Trlppl, was Namath all America was Season tickets for Winter Haven .
ball League championship bat. 47.yard return with a recovered pastes for Minnesota and t h e American Football leagues named Saturday as the blue rib forbidden by an 'SEC rule from Blue Devil basketball games Standings
bon draft choice In the National
tie with Baltimore Sunday when fumble by Jimmy Bradshaw Vikings never were headed. Twenty-four hours after the Football signing a contract until theCrimson will continue on sale for the remainder -
his defensive stalwarts pro. and a three.yard scoring drive Tarkenton caught Paul Flatley rival pro leagues conducted League.The of this week. It Is the UOIOIIIIAAclI.uwn.e
Tide compl.telltl."*
duced three touchdowns en by Dick Hoak. But a 42-yard with a IS-yarder and Bill Brown their drafts In neighboring New New York Giants, who first time season cage tickets .. n.n1 1"10'S, 'I i 1 t 0"T.mo. ..fT.m.

route to a 38.24 victory over Charley Johnson to Jackie with a IS-yarder to stimulatethe York hotels, the NFL was able sorely need a young quarterback son.DeLong senior have been offered, head basketball ....".... II ; 01 1 D "
to announce the signing of nine behind the aging Y. A. a 233-pound II hl. HOII1. 11201 .7 e, ..oan
the coach Jack Deedrlck
Philadelphia Eagles Smith TD pass and Fischer's fireworks on a slfedegree said. MIKneur, I 'an'
from Va. didn't have
The Browns can clinch next heroic fumble recovery saved stars while the AFL had sevenof Tittle, passed up Alabama's miraculous / Norfolk Although the season ticket w,..,.. HIV" 73u I) \ 7 I ,
Joe much time to think about his 'ert III,.,. 11..11 1 ..
Sunday when they meet the the day for St. Loo. day.Sonny Jurgensen the NFL's the glamorous college aces Namath and grabbed double selection The "noseman" will not give the holder a reserved r.mn '..........1.'.. (6-4", d 1 e 4er
in Its fold. the 213-pound Frederickson fur. eec,. 0.541 4 h e .")
tecond-place St Louis Cardinals leading touchdown seat It will offer a substantial -
passer e.ca Ci..e J
In Tennessee's 15.4.11
In a showdown battle. A vie. Lenny Moore, the NFL scor. threw tor four TD's against the But the dickering In high financial In the first round.Frederickson signed. immediately who Is often double-teamed defense because saving The tickets can i...::.. 5,4 Maeyd, t.ai)la..s 1 d i f 5;
tory or tie assures Cleve. Ing leader with 102 points, re. Giants and the Washington de. circles was only beginning of his ability had to wor be purchased at the high school +41 5 :J
land of Its first Eastern title corded Ms 17th touchdown of fense recovered three fumbles and already big struggles "I and all said I wanted In Birmingham and ry about the Vols' aeason-ender ticket office. Cost Is n for ..EJ6..,,.""IH41 tale) t 1 i : tov.r. Iiv.
since 1957.Cleveland. the season on a to take undisputed possession of were shaping up between the got theywere adults and $3 for students. ... Ride. 4lv-lt I 1 e 11amdwreh
two.yard run with Vanderbllt.
_. .
nice about He (240)'
It. lee
defenders put the and Johnny Unltat found Ray third place In the Eastern Dl. Chicago Bears and the Denver very "I haven't talked with either The tickets, good for 11 home
wouldn't discuss the but
first three Brown touchdownson with vision. Broncos for the 243-pound But- games, will offer a J4 laving
Berry a 3S.yard scoring party about it, but I'm real 54e'oe yAwILow000
kus and between the Green Bay It was understood that his pact for adults and II.MI' 1 e
the Scoreboard. $2.50 saving for.tudent.
Packers and the Houston Opera was for three years with a fat happy" said DeLong, who has .. .,: w.M. y,4ee11 t R i I 7.
(5 CnAe1 M
On the opening kickoff Phil
bonus. been named the best defensivelineman curie' .. I ; ,.
adclphla's Urn Brown fumbled for Elklns.Butkus in the SEC the past Deedrlck also said a new A_ Fsd. 11.14), s'e
the ball on the 12 and reserve When Polls Close Alabama regarded by some experts Tennessee's powerful all-SEC two seasons.Wlllard policy will be in effect this season wet. 0ed.n,. issetAu.mnO.I. ., .a
tackle Steve DeLong was a 'IH.11 I Lone.
tackle Roger Shoalls recoveredIn as the No I college play. North Carolina's top Any el.mentar1.chool.tu. ... eh*. Mdse .40)) 1 \ n nIMrlne
er of 1964 was the No. 1 draft double flrsrround selection.The 1"1 ,
dent accompanied by an adult ,
the end cone for Cleveland ,
ground gainer the past three 5_ .111' 113.11 1 n
choice of both the Bears and American Football League San will be admitted free to home n_ C" 's.nM '
The Brown. added two "
Will Grid Teams the Broncos while Elklns, who Diego Chargers bid for him seasons, Is a 220-pounder who .. prhrr.. Len I'lv I 0 n n
"defensive" touchdowns In a Top College along with the NFL Chicago like to run over people If heean't garnet.The '.ha0 e 0541 0 i n 0
set several
3J.second span late In thl'ee. past receiving records slip around them. He Is Blue Devil cager't sea
Bears who had three picks in
for Baylor, was chosen Into
son swings Saturday PIAYOP ICMIOUH
end quarter when defensive end
noted for after
Sid Williams recovered a By DAVID M. MOFFIT lahO tp. It had been expectedthat first by both the Packers and the opening market initial impact.secpod. night with the locals hosting II I CUM.t Cl'AA|"*_ blocked punt behind the Phi la. UPI Sports Writer another Southeastern Inde. the Oilers. The New York Jets of tin Bartow The game was original C_..i <*...... 11 I M Cad! c;.....
Wlltard who isanAll-Atantic .. .. .. .
(II. Ion 41 Mttt
AFL made Namtih their top "" pVldav 9"
ATLANTA UPI) The polls pendent wouldbe Buikus Is reported leaning to. scheduled for but ,
delphia goal line and JimHouston Georgia Tch. Coast Conference baseball play ly Friday was CUll A l.*. CUv .. or 111 I
haven't closed yet but our Florida State's bowl foe but ward the Dears of the NFL choice, but the versatile field because of the Winter Vwitei lit"'..I l4" WIMwwtd On mi
ran an Intercepted pro. with either er as well, was named the out changed e' eft.......... Ie..,.,, a .. .Rpl" ..m.Hlur .
lections Indicate Alabama's Tech's Indecision switched the but Denver General Manager general cannot sign Haven-Lake Wales post-teason eels..eWIw..M.. -
back 42 to
pass yards give standing player in the past Gator .,... ,
Crimson Tide will be elected invitation to the Cal Kuns he has made the league until after Alabama'sOrange football to be .. Dee "f. "
Cleveland a comfortable 11.3 Sooners. says Bowl game when North Car game played that Of en a .50 .. .,.,,,.- ,
nation champion of college Only two regular season big fellow "an offer 'he can't Bowl battle with Texas night at Memorial Stadium. FMrk. NIIA IcIIMI Acn." ,'''' 10 0. .
olina whipped Air Force, ".0. 11III.
lead.The Browns scored their football for the second time games now remain on the col. possibly refuse" The Brdhtosmay Jan. 1.

other two TD's on pastes of 14 In four years leg gridiron card In the South be Inclined to Increase the The San Francisco rtdraft .
and 13 yards from Frank Ryanto It's hard to see how the Crlm. east-both this coming Satur. offer to new heights because ed North Carolina halfback Ken
John Brewer son Tide can miss, Alabama day Mississippi will be host to they have already lost severalof Willard as their flnt NFL

St. Louis kept Its conference listed No. I In the next.to.the. Mississippi State In a nationally their other top draft picks to choice Wlllard said he was negotiating

hopes alive by edging the Pitts last rankings, completed a per. televised contest and Louisiana NFL clubs. and hoped to play with

burgh Steelers, 11.20. on Pat feet season by beating Auburn State will be host to Florida In Elklns may also be Inclinedto the 49ert.
Fischer's 49.yard touchdownrun 21.14 while top-ranked Notre a makeup of a game postponed sign with the NFL's Packers Tackle Harry Schuh, a 250- Good
with a recovered fumble Dame was upset by Southern Oct 3 by Hurricane Hilda. but the Ollert are untying their pounder In the Memphis State sign :

The Baltimore Colts won their California 20.17.Immediately Saturday In addition to Geor.gla's purse strings Just as they did attack rtfoice was Oakland' numberone
llth straight game this season after that vie. victory, Vanderbilt upset lilt year when they obtained in the AFL draft.
by whipping the San Francisco tory over Auburn Coach Paul Tennessee '.0. Tulane upset Don Trull and Scott Appleton In The Raiders planned to use

Forty Miners, 14-3; the Green Bryant whose teams have been Duke 17.0 and Florida had to the draft. The Osiers are egerto Schuh as an offensive lineman if

Bay Packers mowed down the In the top 10 for the past five come from behind to edge reuniteElklnt and Trull, he algns.

Dallas Cowboys, 43.211 the Mln. years, said he felt the Crimson Miami (Fla.) 12.10. who formed a brilliant passing Auburn Head Coach Ralph a
nesota Vikings defeated the Los Tide should be No. 1 on the combination at Baylor. Jordon said the Giants confirm

Angeles Rams, 34.13. and the ground that It played and Alabama's Thanksgiving Day HaUbark Ken Willard of ed his belief In Frederlckton. A
Redskins hammered beat, more nationally ranked triumph came hard as Auburn North Carolina Is expected to "I've been saying for two years
Washington teams than other team shortly with the San Francisco he's the best all-around football
out a 34.21 victory over any actually gained more groundand sign "
competing for the champion frequently threatened. But Forty-Niners and give the player I've ever seen

'Bama came up with the big NFL another "victory" over an Frederickson who ripped 2nd. (
Boosters MeetThe ship.Alabama won the national plays-a fumble recovery In the AFL rival. Six teams have already ranked Alabama for 117 yards :
title In 1881 and was In conten. Auburn end tone; a 103.yard signed their No. 1 picks rushing Than k s g I v i n g Day

Blue Devil Booater Club tlon in '83 until an upset by kickoff return by Ray Ogden -the New York Giants, Lot would make a "great pro any"

will view films of Winter HI. Georgia Tech ended a 28. ame and a 23-yard scoring pass 1 by: Angeles Rams, Baltimore Colts where they want to play him,

ven's 28-0 victory over Bartow unbeaten string The Crimson Joe Namath. Namath ham. and Detroit Lions of the NFL Jordon said !
tomorrow morning at 7:30 at Tide finished as No. 8 that year pered by a knee Injury moat of and the Buffalo Bills and Oak The Hollywood Fla., senior
the Park Restaurant with a H record and last year the season, set a SEC recordby land Raiders of the AFL. gained 880 yards on the ground

The tame, played Wednes was No. t after an 8.2 season completing 84 per cent of The Giants started the NFL't .

day night at Memorial Stadium, The Georgia Bulldogs ell. his passes for the year. marathon session Saturday by
was the lilt on the regular sea mixed a surprising season Sat. Georgia capitalized on a making fullback Tucker Freder- Col. Harold Sprague \:

son schedule A poat-atasoo uiday by beating lltturanked break to beat Georgia Tech for Ickson of Auburn their No. 1 Heads WH Rifle Club
contest against the Lake Walet Georgia Tech 7.0 and winning a the first time In four years In choice and soon after announced .

Highlanders, Is set for Friday Sun Bowl bid That raised to a hard-fought defensive duel they had signed him. Cot. Harold Sprague has been
night here. tour the number of SoutheaaU The Bulldogs recovered a turn. Other No. 1 choices signed by elected president of the WinterHaven
Head football coach Calvin ern Conference teams going ble at the Tech 12 and scored NFL clubs were halfback Clan.
Rifle and Pistol Club for
Triplett will provide the commentary bowling this winter. four playa later. cy Williams (Washington State) the 1864-63 also
on the film and ales Alabama will meet Texas In by the Rams, fullback Mike year. Sprague
served In that
capacity duringthe
up the Lake Wales team. the Orange Bowl Louisiana SEC StandinptCord. : Curtis (Duke) by the Colts and 198J-64
State will meet Syracuae In the All fullback Tomy Nowatzke (Indiana year
Other club officers named
Sugar Bowl Mississippi will ) by the Lions.Firstround .
Team LT WLT vice
were president James
Worth meet Tulsa In the Bluebonnet
KnowingAn picks signed by
Alabama 5 0 0 10 0 0 Blair treasurer C. F. McCub-
Bowl and will tackle Jim Davidson
Georgia meet AFL were
X.LStI 4 1 1 7 1 I bin True
secretary Sterling
acquaintance Texat Tech in the Sun Bowl. 4.0 .al (Ohio State) by the Bills ,
Georgia executive officer Robert Kehoe
told about i I In addition, Southeastern in.of Kentucky 4 I 0 11 11 0 and guard Harry Schuh (Mem and range officer Charles
s spades dependent Florida State will be11n Auburn I a 0 6 4 0 gilds State) by the Raiders. Christiansen Now you can take this superhighway direct to

tropical bee the Gator Bowl against Ok. X'Fiorlda S I 0 6 3 0 Tampa International. And then take a National Jet

product lal 1131Vand1 ,
whlcji X.Mlaa -
either North or West Call travel for Reserva-
your agent
z a polionoui I 4 I 3 1
honey and thai T Tenn 1 S 1 4 5 1 tions. Jet National, coast to coast to

there it mother X.Mtse.St I 11 0 3. 0 ,. Mb coast
A Tulane 150 0XStUOII
| which must biI not over j I M L I
pretty emir Let Beneficial putCASH
Ed llamas because the) Independents.FtnaITeam
11 RACES W 1'i d -
literally make themselves a bee P h
Fla. State 6 1 I JI .....
of roses. They line their neati .
EACH NIGHT 7 3 0 -'. "
Ca. Tech
A ..
with cuttings from rose leave a :'I'.It..
and petalt. He acid there an 8ot P.M. SOU.MISS.Chattanooga, 7 S I 3 0 0 in your pocket todayGet ______

thousand of varieties of bees
Memphis st. S 4 0
but only 14 famlllet S of whicl h D CLOUD SUNDAY Miami 4 I I
are the honeybee and the bum
blebeet, which have been scours .. set to enjoy the hoiideytl, Get the ash you want now tor shop
a long time, their honey hi o MATINEES ere> ping, for paying bills, for any good reason. Jutt phone Beneficial

been one of man't delicacici Q 2:00 P.M.SATURDAYS when the money .to reedy and ..ltinl-end And out whet New York $:00 am :12:11 pm Los Angeles. : 9:4Sam
since prehistoric Umet Anothe THE reel holiday service M Why not call Beneficial for your cat* 125 am 4:00 pmt1oL) 11lhm
today Two million lemlllet do each .
thing we didn't know it thi t W. HAVEN: year.BENEFICIAL S:4S am 8:05 pm

honey It not the exclusive product S:1am12SSpm Wsahington5:00 am
of beet, that many speck T AND HOLIDAYS HOTEL UI am NawOrlaans. :11lhm 9SOam

of wasps and some ants produd 1 a R ". ... Shies-. ,,'f FINANCE SYSTEM 1914 4:00; pm 1:11am $:05pm
a good honey Apparently then. ROOM 4:20 4:20 pm
Loans up to $600 en Furniture. Car or Note pm
and old facts but the only ol-- DAlLY DOUIUI Houston: 9:10 am
thing around here II our oil' A YOU CHOICI Of WINTtft HAVEN ....toei.1: l Fi;.. fashioned scruples, which met n 1.2 ACES I MENU' SERVICf OR C II..6 W. C.i.t-.l: A,.... (40*** TlwwUf tilIAKILAND J PM ':11 am pm
C UNLIMITtO lUfFIT 2004 Flew Philip ,.. .";... 114. CTpr.N Mil 4:20 San Diego 11:Ihm
long run savings and tttisfaclion U.S 41 NORTH P'UUU nfl LOUNGI ....fieiel| l,...... C.. ef L..l..4 pm
for yowl) Tbomaa-Water K DAILY 110-1 1.30.5aaurveN.el 210 .... !**.. Street <10,.. W U, t.l 'Ml' .u..1 I SILOS rUGHTS MPAJtT TAMPA WTIUMAnOHAI. AMPXMTBoston A VIA MM OaUAHSP0ge

Ford CYJ-4111.Inc. 104 E. Central Ad SULPHUR SPRING i Ml Jilt f_1W. BtTHCiM.' ".....'cr CO _


Winter Haven daily news-chief
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Urdversity Library

Much Univ.(paynlt eolckr of florida tentghf with Libraries few 36 to Winter Haven Daily, N ews-Che Ie f CHrut The Capital City Of Of 100' The Lakes World

SO Hi9h -cI.y in 70's, Northerly winds "You Always Read It First

i I'S to 25 Mike por Hour with tm.N erftwrnino

cH.pl.yM, In The NawsChiafVOL.



Qv"""' 'a .e, ae, \yw "" ,

Johnson Says Freeze Seen Belgians Say Airliner In

Hoover To Stay No DangerTo

\I 'nSGTON (Upl) The CitrusLAKELAND

UUte) House said today PresIdent "ZsA

talned"Johnson the thought"never of replacing enter (UFO Sub. Crash Was Shot DownMariner's
J. i
tor. Florida u far south u Orlando

George E. Reedy, preslden. Monday night but forecaster

tlal press secretary, made the said there would be little or no

comment In denying a ((Newsweek t fl net.

) magazine report that There appeared to be no dan-

Johnson wa* seeking a replace. get to citrus la Central Florida Airlift
ment for the 69.year.old Hoo. nor to vegetable crop in the

ver southern half of the state.

"The President never heardof Weathermen said tempentiHres

am' such proposal-that Mr. would range from cold to Ends With 500
Hoover be replaced-and never rather cool throughout the whole

entertained any such Idea," state Tuesday but Florida Roll ki
Reeds aid. should begin warming up Tuesday Space

"If unfortunate that this *torv > i. Edger Heever night Whites LeftLEOPul.UVILLE
(In Newsweek) wasn't The temperature will plunge
checked out prior to pUblication "had decided tn last week that Monday night as low as 24 to 30

," he added he must find a new chief of degree In the Northwest Flo- Is Halted t i rri '0 :, The Congo
Reed mad the statement In the I'El" and the soared Is on rids Panhandle and 25 to 30 (UPD I) -. A chartered Belmanad

response to a query. for a successor to Hoover."T degree In the Suwannee and ,'iinei Sunday nuiht crashed

Newsweek said Sunday night h u., though President north portion of the Gainesville an I corned during a takeoff
Calf (UPQThe
President Johnson ha be. Johnson may be faced with a districts. PASADENA ft '"''I''. Stanleyville Airport, i II t
Mar bound u.s.
come I "disenchanted fan" of ticklish political exercise to get Temperature may dip a* low Mariner- "locked" onto the I"! tvs was reported today There

Hoover and Intend to replace the aging FBI chief to step Into a* 29 degree In the southern bright star Canopus with Its ware conflicting report of the

him u director of the Federal retirement, he face a truly half of the Gainesville district electronic ,. death toll,
early today In a
Bureau of Investigation. awesome task In trying to find and northern half of the upper eye which k (In Brussels! Hie Belgian gays)
tricky maneuver
Newsweek said the late Pre. someone to replace h 1m," east coast section, and between the craft'i roll in eminent Institute for Information
Ident Kennedy had Hoover tick Newsweek said.Speculation 30 and 34 In the Orlando and space.On ( and Documentation (IN-
its fourth try In three
eted for replacement but did about the futureof north portion of the Brooksville days, the spacecraft designed DEL). said the plane was shot
the 69.year.old FBI director districts.Elsewhere. down t>\ rebel gunfire and that
not plan to act on It until after to take closi-up photograph of
recently when Hoover 44 were believed to
arose persons
the 1964 election, It said there prediction were the o-c ailed red planet
denounced the Warren Commission' have been killed.)
was considerable friction be. for temperature in the upper achieved the camera-aiming opration. .
comment on t h Reports received here said
tween the FBI chief and for. 30'* and lower 40* down to the The 576-pound craft'
FBI and described civil right W' even utwmemben: and Pliollne.r.
mer Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken. leader Dr. Martin Luther King Everglade, and In the 40* telescopic television camera ta 'r 4 + rs aboard the Cour.nllin.
nedy because Kennedy desiredto around Lake Okeechobee and and other scientific Instrument
Jr., u "the most notorious liar DC4 ours killed. Other ensures
'be Hoover' boss In fact u needed to be aimed in the right
In the country." continued On Page S. Col. t) laid: S) persona were killed and.ev.n
well u name. direction for its July rendea
( injured.
Kennedy, questioned about vow with Mar, scientists: said. Gis The report said the plane
the report Sunday night in Los Scientist at the California
had of ( three Del-
I few our-
Angeles, refused to commenton Sir Winston ChurchillIs stitute of Technology' Jet Pro ?r pans and Congolese steward

It or about his relationshipwith pulston Laboratory (JPL) here 4 f One report Identified one of
Hoover while he headed said the command to "lock" 9
the injured a* a Col. Lelgeott,
the Justice Department onto Canopu was cent at 2:57: d, ,
commanler of white
Belgian t
The magazine said Johncon 90 Years Old TodayLONDON I."". PST SS7 a.m. EST). 4 mercenary trait

Three minute later, Instruments .N f The plane had transported
at the JPL command n ev
r and to
ammunition supplies
Senior Test (UPI)>-Slr Winston center confirmed the feat by I X11 Cong'lese army mope in rftanleyvllle. .

Churchill, doughty principal i:' the intensity. of light recorded. It war owned by the
Mariner 4, launched from
two world wan and a thousand Belgian international Air Service
other high points of SOth cen. Cape Kennedy, Fla., last Siturda (BIAS) and chartered by

Scores Ready tury history, today marked with } was 3SB.I50 "mile from' the i ngolese government
earth and its velocity relative
characteristic .
mettle a person.al The plane crash report cam
tl< earth 74,000 mile
milestone-hi 90th blrthdaj war per M hope dimmed for savtnf

Senior at Winter Haven High Moving serenely into his hour when the maneuver took more thin 500 white hostile

School today received their tenth decade, the old warrior place la rebel.h.11i territory New
"Now that it has locked onto
scores on the Florida statewide planned t quiet birthday dinner ... ..... .. bloodbath were (feared
--- -- -- --- --- -- --- ---
12th grade test which they took at his London home with Clem.enllnhl. the star we can plan a midcourse The American.Kelgtan mercy

In October. wife of 53 year maneuver, which should tNOINO A 40.YIAR CAREER IN THE POSTAL SERVICE airlift war over Diehard rebel*
Parent or student< desiring and about 14 member d M* take place la a few day, a C W. W.mbU Punches the Post Offite
to discuss the test scores with family and clot Mends JPL spokesman laid. -_.---. -....-- ..--- ._- by outnumbered Congolese
"The function of
the mid

school official through may the make school appointments expected Oysters to and grace champagne the menu were, a* tCHURCHILL course, maneuver I I' to" refine 40-Year Career As Jump'From aria Army to troop crush and the white rebellion mercen
f the flight" path of the spacecraft 2 Youths
office, Principal C, H. (Bill) well a* a cake designed for the t t" Mars The current night Report from fighting areaswere
Ortt said today. occasion by five craftsmen from scant, but the rebel were
A minimum score of 300 the bakery that ha* served Sir inth would mill Mar by IBO,- reliably reported to control al-

has been rewired by state universities Winston for years. The confec. 000 r miles, ," the spokesman added Postal Employe EndsBy moil one sixth of the country -
"A would
: new course bring Car Just
about a* large as the
the last three years, tlon was described a* "simpleand an area
however, all Indication are that dignified with no gim.mlcks :H 1 ntinucd, On Page 1. Cd! I/ state of Texts
"With the withdrawal of the
minimum requirements will be along his mule wring th*
railed to at least 350, Dualne The Poet Office Department, Belgian paratroops and the
lie screed the rural ml
Whltmer, guidance counselor, inured by now to the flood of AT 90 Haven fes Win Stiff WriterE dentiPirtkulirly years. Ahead Of Blast Congolese Army bogged down

aid today. Maximum score 1* mall to the Churchill residenceat W (IBdlu) Womblr has the war ,ontinurri On Page i i I">t fj
Hyde Park Gate each Nov. All Prizes In during
traded his punlal clerk dullesfor
Birthday: to You." The were he ik) hn watched -- '-
49S.College yeiri Two Winter Haven youth
30, mustered extra help to nan. .
Board' Scholasticand hit golf club when he retired
not disappointed folk wilt it the mill bones narrowly escaped almost certain
die more than 60,000 expected Grid Contest .
Aptitude test will be given messages and parcel, At lunch time, the curtains of altar' 40 yean ** a po* for a word from sons and injury or death Saturday 3 Trees Hit
on Saturday to seniors plan. I ground floor window were tsl employe, M of v hi4'1i .
And outside the gate of his Jpsrti featured toeS ball yeiri fathers and h_bindi In ler when the small foreign car
nlng to attend college and universities drawn back and Sir Winston with the Winter Haven In Severe
were which suddenly
In they were driving
other than the state home, I crowd will gather In.xpect.tlon gsma 01 thi pttt weekend vice, raperlalVy these overMil.
could be seen seated In a chair post office burst Into flames.Neil ,
of an appearance at and threw News Chief gridIron .
schools, Whltmer aid. clad in a green velvet ver*ion of Electric Storm
Womble begin his rareerwith / Derger, 17, ion of Sir
Aptitude portion of the exam the window to the man whom experts for big losses. "I dellvrrrd may I letter
the coverall suit" hmade
and Mrs and Mir-
the fvderil governmentIn Roy Derger
_ will be given In the morning many consider th.savlor of the However Winter Ilivefl tees which begin with 'Greetings'to
famous during his World A severe thunderstorm In
Un Smith, ion of Mr. and Mr*.
Coukevllle. Tenn In IH1He "
World War "
Free World
with achievement tests in II during War II visit to bombed out dents captured all four placesIn it Winter Ilivra with draftees, h* laM. 1 didn'tgel Martin Smith, both of Jan. Phyl Winter tlivin late Saturday afternoon

certain area and a writing sites t* prim minister the final contra before the came one myself 1 wu too Village, were driving south on resulted In four tele
A crowd of almost 1.000 his wife In 15,70.
ample from each participating per. Etched by age but apparently bowl game. September young for World War I andover "... Highway 17 near the Barlow phone call to the elt,'* Are
there In
indent will be conducted In the sons gathered Sunday a spirited and healthy, he turned Victor F Duehtthercr of and worked n a bookkeeperfor the draft age In World Air Das when an unidentified department within*Ove-mlnut.
cold drizzle to
sing "Happy
afternoon. to wave In reply to shouted 124 Sixth M Jan l'b1.11I...*, nearly a year before omg War II." woman who wit driving behind pin.

greetings of "happy birthday" won first place Janice B. to work for th* Winter Hi W.mb4 said Postmaster them pulled alongside and (ran* The callers notified Bremen

from the street Then aided by Hughe of ISIS Wth St, ven post office In August ItM Yonilly liked him Ihe felt UcsUy motioned them over thai three (reel and I power

Lady Churchill and a private NW, won second place. E i. Vofially, then postmis he wu "....nUI''" In hit )fib About thai time the boys soaked line had ben truck by llghuv

nun he moved to the window, Sheila Boyd of H 4 17th try, arranged for him to be reInstated before the draft ig* was lowered smoke coming through Ing. The power line was in the

leaning on his can*. 81. NE, won third place and with the portal! H' and .he MH was ttitMt the floor of the car, *e ordlng southeast section of the city,
At the window he handed the vice and transferred to the to lie Mfted. to KetJ's father., Neal tried tilt they said

cane to the nurse, Lady Church.Ill fun Jeers of 144 Stevenson local! post office "I. tW Hm 'no' and we brakes but they already had Fire department official
his and they Road Garden Grove pickedup burned out. The lid M homes ]
arm were
ripped After serving n i clerk for planned for my wife' I to takeover youth got the damaged
) tood there for several minute forth place ind hill Warble ear to the aide of the road and and no one cap Injured during
w year a the rout If I was raped
The Bowl Game contest wwl the
two the
He' storm.
while the crowd sang "For occupant jumped out
begin delivery on Rural RouteI. "
appear In the New.Chief on up. h* nld to find flame shouting! out all The lire department reported
1e d:< ontinued On Pig S. Col! Ij Dec 14 tile only rural rout at that The iperlenc btt remm around the ear. .12 Inches of rain 0\0., the weekend .

time. For over :M yean that hero most vividly happened The boys said something" ass bringing tilt monthly totalto

wn his duty Job covering on* diy when I IIRI three ploded just u they jumped free t.Il inches, Rainfall Air the

Catholics Use English Mass more thin 50 mite'' *, originally y....r-old child mt him it the The ear, a rial, has the gas year to date bar teen 41.17

la I 1927 Nub wn. ene mid box with a scribbled note lank al the front.'Unt..11d four Inches more than for the

h4R of many are he wore out durIng I 1 Mtlltill'In ,1'igc 1 < oi II> ," ontlnur On Pigi tilt more lash three o>c -

+ First Time At St. Joseph'sUnited idea he wi I rural carrier.

Route t still cover the fistem .

semicircle around the city Probe Uncovers Weird Series Of

% Winter Haven Romta Oath, Press Interottionil and tffl I* about the same

a olio i inaugurated the us* of reported that most Catholics length ii K sea originally, but

English and other substantial appeared generally posed. mother rural route has been

cbanget In the ritual of the with th* new service which sdfed,

Sunday Miss yesterday, tkmg planes more emphasis' on participation Womble moved back Into th* Events Preceding Bank Holdup

} aI with the rest of the country by the congrefigilion. post office ii money order

sM ftfe Re*. Matthew Connolly, clerk shout five run ago

pastor of St Joseph' Church For come of the country 45 from which position .. retired
lion, he be pseetlondabatthe sir OYInr whatever wit In 9msullcas
Intrnd-xed the new ritual it million Catholics It WM tin.doobtextty lift week.Womble. By tO W.HKC SI .
.vent I. of the Oct. II weekend *. TM sheriff department
the mUlti here ind la liilnel s hock la hear ald he remember Stiff WillerWinter
I* see what effect they might Mid thai there was no
CRy: with a brief eiplinitlon themselves concluding I h e of both !bappimri -
many etperieace Rive Jiiitk of th* have had on bf m..dMlfttr' money U the saitease when It
preceding each of the mtce Mum proper with the words, and diiippointmeitt lury starts lev.era turned, wept lee fit which
"Thank be to Cod." aM' Pease Wilier 0. Ben has *uggtd -
in *ro*'uit plrtMoneti with to Ib* Federal ButeaaofIvtl month age, when he cam was Rot damiged.
cUl' ood they had been taught
the ching 'la the rites (aHan that s MIMWImuMial to Eagle Lake from his home to Tile only evident Sehoner

TV meet Mnueval feature of "Dao gntlasiR.Inarsals at eharehe New Officers bMMenl th* weekend Miami with the Intention mirrytog had ttei the money had ever

tie new Mat. bioV .Ha use many worked of Oct. U mien MweotwrBwt- Lee Wilson's stepdaughter bee there was a piece of paper
before had
la day
of Engftth ta many plain, U effectively: to Insure tamlUartty Elected At ed to young Michael Acner' LUda.Schoner. Out had been used, Schoner

tile ft that It I* celebrated for the faiakfoL In other place decision to try to rib th* Bask brought a fultca Mid, when the trio counted die

on a special altar M lost the Hv>re war shufflJog of n>UsItMert Lake Shipp U Lake Alfred far weeks Uer, here with him which lit Hid money .the night before

priest face the congregation *I and hymn *heet* and Al Intoner lit MitM I...* contained his til*Mvtngi,some A cheek with ischoner'sgrandmother :

!. the psst the rektbrinf caotloos, UvjulsltJvewhUpertnc Mew officer tor the tau bank kMy mhwte slur being. 1,000. H* told *h.rirr* do- .to Miami. proved
Out he could .1111I. had tatcoast
fihlpp Height tackled by I teller fallowing then putt*. thai, "The money wastns
bark war to the people during There was confusion over Community of cash with him.Schoor -
nkt. of the service when to stud and epee SOkneel League to tern lit It year have *.*ceaj! hoHup swaps,lit M lo ,married referring
and) hi grandfather had
'" told to op-
h4 not Mm and Linda. tilt me
used ten elected. complained thou pc.IIM
Throughout the nition there and aay person
rated lunch for 10
bring the money ad we would a wagon
CurtMead elected treated Mm holy Mrnlnc
war too* confusion" *mon| to .7IIc the RoMry or silent .u told yer In Miami. In tact, thai Uwber
he de5t"a.'cboMr
lownd themfetrM kwtin chairman, F. L. Kick rU* hi* alleged loe of tern ",000Sa get mairtad.
Catholics as u what to da. prayer Sc&oner had gotten to
to elideputies
went c*
of the chairman, nod board member. Eager Lake MMM meats
PLAZA LAUNCHES SEASON-The an.."' .i pot but Fr OanoHf solved that the sec .rddpaUoll N. C. tMrbHt, R. Wyiong. Mr, Utk.Schoner. that Wilson, Linda and know Wilson a truck driver,

Se...feeit PUs with problem here by living m Mann, J, HcUlaUr wh +. .. counted the money out the and, through Wilson, Linda.
ping sconce i ia offiei+Ny n der way .t Bat In the mats, rl.nM and 5. Watson, did not My H
tkthoppin high. school altar boy give bvstnetkm lire. Helen Green he toll did not heto right he got lo Eagle Lake. He A couple of day liter to*ear
the I HaMm; ? of the tree iH first. incidental. *l seemed tamable. FarUMonertcclalmed wu ewoLoted dflcally turned, Linda look a bas to New
center will be eb..,.;"g its first Christmas on from the po9pd tfur the locUst of "Jar.adpaUcJd' Mcretary aod hams,. him, atdJ.gil *rW./t4t* eNpt with the money that night, Medeo to nail relattna.Icbcn.r .
? hag the service Cards were Effective I... t wtq .... ,sgested hat WDMfchoner &lid tree the Bert day asked
e"eDNd. n deli a
Dec 2S Taking p.rt in the CaMinf ceremonies, from loft: they WUso u be could lock II la the !had her topped) ) U north
for the tie bU HU In H
provided parishioner jy 10 the Jail
Petri RoboiM. S.*t. O*... (who came from .... North reaDy lelt a* thoag 1 b* HI Cewter trwerI who II federal trunk of wason car. That aft florid and her luggage check
carrying the repoiiei hey St. of it tt>*Uk lamps Mdr I ".000
(the} for the occ tifl) mod Pete Spencer. if* U .*(.. j Comiwed Oe P.g* .. Cot f) Ihlpp hU sergatails. bond, u given MMtalisaniin-- erxiai th* ear aught fire, de- 'ontinued On Page I, Col./ t)

University+ library

Unlr.Oaille, of florid Libraries The City Of 100 Lakes

AotiAa Winter Haven Daily News-Chief w f Citrvi* Captral Of The World

Much *oM.r tci q** wit Iw )lh

50. High ....y 'In 70'.. KUr+Wiy winds "You Alw yt Reed It First

i 15 to 25 "mile' per hour wiHi *m.B er.ff "
In The NewsChiefVOL
warnings cfi.a.y"


-- -

",. ,

Johnson Says Freeze Seen Belgians Say Airliner In

Hoover To Stay No DangerTo

\VUte! House said today, PresU

dent talned'Johnson the thought"never of replacingJ. enter. LAKELAND (UPI!) Subfreezing Congo Crash Was Shot DownMariner's

dear Hoover as FBI direc. weather will push Into

tor.George t 1 Florida u far south as Orlando
E. Reed, preslden. Monday night but forecaster
fiat press secretary, made the said there would be little or no
comment In denying a (News. ft>,at.
week) magazine report that i There appeared to be no dan

Johnson was seeking a replace.meet irer to citrus In Central Floridanor Mercy Airlift

for the 69.year.old Hoo. to vegetable crops in the ,
ver. southern half of the state. l:,
The President never heardof Weathermen said temperatures s. t rf e

any such proposal-that Mr. would range from cold to Ends With 500
Hoover be replaced-and never rather cool throughout the whole

entertained any such Idea," state Tuesday but Florida RollIs 'e''ttr
Reedy said A should begin warming up Tuesday Space 17 i"

"It's unfortunate that this eta J. Edger Heaver night. M Whites leftLKUPOLUVILLE'rho
rv (in Newsweek) wasn't The temperature will plunge ,
checked out prior to publics "had decided tn last week that Monday night as low as 24 to SO I : tr '
tlon" be added. he must find a new chief of degrees In the Northwest Florida Halted r >ngnDTi
Reedy made the statement In the FBI" and the search Is on Panhandle and 28 to SO ( ) -- A 'bartered nan:
for to Hoover atiimci, Sunday night trashed
response to a query. a successor degrees In the Suwannee and
Newsweek said Sunday night "T h u s, though President north portion of the Gainesville and i burned during a takeoff
PASADENA Calif (OPi.-!
fr"'m Stanleyville Airport, i It
Johnson be faced with a
may districts.Temperatures.
President Johnson has be.
The Mars-bound \1JS. spacecraft
was reported today. T t b e i e
ticklish political exercise to get low
:one a "disenchanted fan" of may dip as Mariner 4 "locked" onto the '
Hoover and Intends to replace the aging FBI chief to step Into as 24 degrees in the southern bright star Cannput with Its Vt were death conflicting reports of the
him u director of the Federal retirement, he faces a truly half of the Gainesville; district electronic toll.
early today a
eye (In Brussels, the Belgian ev: >
Bureau of Investigation. awesome task In trying to find and northern half of the upper which
tricky maneuver stoppedthe
Newsweek said the late Pres.Ident someone to replace h 1 m," east coast section, and between craft' roll in space.On t bsi eminent (Institute for blob lIa.,
lion and Documentation id-
Kennedy had Hoover tick. Newsweek said.Speculation 30 and 36 in the Orlando and
Its fourth try In three
DEL), said the plan. was shot
about the futureof
eted for replacement but did north portion of the Brooksvllle
days, the spacecraft designedto
the 69.year.old FBI director down t II> rebel gunfire and I that
not plan to act on It until after recently when Hoover districts. take close-up photographs of 44 persons were believed to<,
the 1964 elections It said there denounced arose the Warren Com Elsewhere predictions were the so< ailed l red planet have I been killed.)

was considerable friction be. mission's comments on the for temperatures In the upper achieved the-eamerloaJmlnr opration. Repa'ta i received here said
tween the FBI chief and for. 30's and lower 40'. down to the The 875-pound craft's : seven rewmembera and< pas
FBI and described civil rights
mer Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken. leader Dr. Martin Luther King Everglades and In the 40's telescopic television camera h altar nk singers aboard the four.entime
nedj because Kennedy desiredto Jr. "the most notorious liar around Lake Okeechobee and and other scientific instruments i DC4 .*'fro killed. Other snores i
"be Hoover's boss in fact u as needed to be aimed in the right said 3.1 pen sons were killed and
In the country" continued On Page 5. Col! )
well u name." direction for its July rend... seven ujured.

Kennedy, questioned about coos with Mars, scientists. said. t The imports said the plane
the report Sunday night In Los Scientists at the California 4 !had t ,nw: of four-three Del
Angeles, refused to comment Sir Winston ChurchillIs stitute of Technology's Jet Pro. glans and Congolese steward.<
on it or about his relationship puliion Laboratory (JFL) here c ., a One i epori Identified one of
with Hoover while he headed said the command to "lock" } the injured as a Col. Leigeols
the Justice Department.The into Canopus was sent at t.ST 1 Belgian onllllanltr of t white
magazine said Johnson 90 Years Old TodayLONDON a.m,. PST (5:57( a.m. EST). mercenarunit..

Three minutes later, Instru The Mane had transported
lents at the JPL command ammunition and supplies to

Senior Test (UPl-Slr Winston center confirmed the feat by Congolese army troops lit Stan'

Churchill, doughty principal i II! the intensity' of light recorded leyville. It was owned b) the
two world wars and a thousand Mai I nil .4, launched from Belgian, International Air lerv

other high points Of 20th cen. Cape Kennedy, ria., lest Sstur Ice (BIAS) and chartered by
Scores day was 359,850! ,riles fr >ir the < ng'ilese government.The .
ReadySeniors tury history, today marked e
characteristic mettle a person.al earth and its velocity relative plane crash report came
r earth was 74,000 miles it
milestone-his 90th birthday per as hopes limed for saving
Winter HavenHlgh Moving serenely into his h,'ui when u,. maneuver took more than 500 whit hostagesIn

tenth decade, the old warrior placo r.1'1I1I.h.ld territory. N. w
today received their
"Now that It has locked onto
.. bloodltttha were feared.
scores on the Florida statewide planned a quiet birthday dinner -- .......
the star we can plan a mid-
12th grade tests which took at his London home with lem. The American-Belgian mercy
In October. they entire-Ma wife of 55 years <",wren maneuver, which should ENDING A 40-YEAR CAREER IN THE POSTAL SERVICE airlift was over. Diehard rebels

Parents or students desiring and about 14 m.mberl.f1t Ms take place m I few days," a C. W Womble Punches the Pott OfHt Dock: fr the Lett Time stiffened against desperate' efforts
JPL spokesman Said .
by outnumbered Congolese
family and close frfends. -
to discuss the test scores with .
"The function of the midcourse
and white -
Army troops m.reesarise
school officials may make appointments Oysters to and champagne the menu wereexpected as maneuver is to refine 40-Year Career As to ernsh the rebellion.
through the school grace 2
the flight path of the spacecraft Jump Reports from fighting areas
office, Principal C. H. (Bill) well as a cake designed for the
''I' Mars. The current flight were scant, but the rebel. were
occasion by five craftsmen from
Ortt said .
today.A lath would< miss Marl by 150.
reliably reported to control al
minimum score of 300 the bakery that has served Sir 000 rr lies," the spokesman aid1. Postal Ends 'moet one.slith of the cuunin -
V,inkton for The confec Employe
has been required by state unl- years. .
versifies the last three year., tlon was described as "..Impl..nd "A new course would brine From Car Just an area about as large u the

however all Indication are that dignified with no gtm.micks mtinurd On Page S. Col li slate of Texas.
"With the withdrawal of the
," ---- -- --
minimum requirement will be atong his route during the
By RimiELMA WARD and the
raised to at least 350, Duane The Post Office Department, years he served! the rural ml Ahead Of BlastI Belgian paratroops
Whltmer, guidance counselor, inured by now to the flood of CHURCHILL AT 90 Haven fes Win Staff Writer oVntsPartlrularly. Congolese Army bowed downt'nntlmwd

said today. Maximum score I.U5. Is mall to the ChurchlU residenceat E W (Bill) Womble hat during the war t On Page 3! i 01! \i
Hyde Park Gate each Nov. All Prizes In traded hla pouts) clerk dupes ----
Dlrthda] to! You. The were yean, he ...Id.No watched I wo Winter Haven youth
College Board's Scholastic 30, mustered extra help to nan. fur his golf clubs when he retired
not disappointed folks wait at the mail tones narrowly escaped almost cer
and Aptitude tests will be given die more than 80,000 expected Grid Contest slier" 40 years at a pus 3 Trees Hit
At lunch time, the" curtains of for a word Ir.... sons and tain injury or death Saturday
on Saturday to seniors plan messages and parcels, a ground floor window were featured football tsl employe. M pars of which fathers and husbands In sea when the small foreign car
And outside the gates of his Upsets
nlng to attend colleges and universities drawn back and Sir Winston weekend were with the Winter llavrn vice raprrlslly those oversea In which they were driving suddenly In Severe
home, a crowd will gather In game of thr pad ,
than the state
other could be seen seated In a chair, pint office. burst, Into flames
schools, Whltmer said. expectation of an appearance at clad in a green velvet version and threw Nesa Chief gridIron Womule began his farrrr letter Neal Oerger, 17, son of Mr. Electric StormA
portion of the ex the window by the man whom capers for big lotse "I delivered many. a
Aptitude the coverall "siren suit" hll and Mrs Roy Derger and Martin -
with the. federal' governmentIn
will be In the morning many consider the savior of the llowrvrr Winter Haven res tablets began with 'Greetings'to
given severe thunderstorm In
amt made famous during his World Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs
CoukevUIe Trnn In I MIHe
with achievement teats In Free World during World War War II visits to bontoecUout kk>nt capture ell four placesIn with draftees ht said, "I didn'tI..t Martin Smith, both of Jan Phyl Winter Haven Isle Saturday afternoon .
certain areas and I writing II. sites as prime minister the final) contest before the.. cam to Winter llavrn one myself I Wit too Village, were driving south on resulted\ In tour tele*
from each participating A crowd of almost 1,000 per. his wife In September, I92S young for World War I andover phone calls
sample ftched: by age but apparently bowl games. M.. Highway linear the Bartow to the city's fire
student win be conducted In the tons gathered there Sunday In a spirited and healthy he turnedto Victor F. Duchecherrr of and worked ss I bookkeeperfor the draft age In World Air Base when an unidentified department within a flve-mlnuts

afternoon cold drizzle to sing "Happy wave In reply to shouted 124 Sixth it. Jtn Ittyl VillaM. nearly i year before goIng War U" woman who was driving behind span.

greetings of "happy Mrthday" won first place Janice I B to work for the Winter Us WftmbJe' laid PoatmtatrrYonslly them pulled alongside and tr.lI. The callers notified firemen

from the street Then, aided by Hughes of lit Wlh M. ven pot office in August ,1024 liked Mm If he frit lUally motioned them over. thai three trees and a power

Lady Ctiurrhlll and a private NW, won second place E: J. Yonslly, then posture he war eearntlsl" In his job About that Urn the boys notlced line had been struck by Uf bin.

nurse, he moved) to the window, Shells of 3d 7Ui tee arranged for him to be r.- More the draft age was low smoke owning through lag The power line was In the
leaning on Ms cane Boyd Instated with the petal service rred and 'He still wen eligible the floor of (he car, according southeast section of the city,
lit. NE: won third piece and to ".al'. facer. "..11'1.4 they said
At the window he handed the and transferred to the to be sailed. tie
Pam Jeans of 1 144 Stevenson
cane to the nurse. Lady Chur1IoIII local I port office "1 Md. Mm 'no' and we brakes but they already bad fire department officials
Road ( nfon Orovr pecked burned out. The youth got UN said no homes were damaged
) gripped his arm and they After serving si s clerk. fora planned' for wife te takeover
up forth place my car to the side of the rued and no one
stood there for several minutes and half, Wembkbrgsn celled and was injured during'
year 5 tke rwrfe If I was
while the crowd sang "For He's TV Bowl Game contra will. Rural Rout. the two occupants Jumped out the storm
appear In the News-CAkf on oVMvrry on up he said to find flames shouting out all The Ore department reported
e mt.nued On Page S, Col l> Dee 14. 1. the only rural route at that T"1.Pf'rItM." h* retnem round the car. .M Inches of rain over the weekend .
0k. time, For over :30 years thai hers moat vividly happened The boys said something exploded bringing the monthly total

was his daily Job coveringmore one day when a little three Just M they Jumped free. U113 inches Rainfall tor the

r Catholics Use English Mass than SO miles. originally Y.IT.oId child sort him st the The car, I Fist, has the gas year to dale has teen 41.17.
'I in a in Nub sedan one malt boa with I scribbled note lank at the front Witnesses aid four Inches more ties tor the

of many can be wore out durIng h KOAtmiMil (Ml I'lllr 1 lot, 51Dy I Ie, ontlnuril On "I. "> "'' 71 lame period last year
r'Y the than three decades .
more -

; First Time At St. Joseph'sWinter "he was a rural rsrrlrr
I. Route 1 still covers the east, I
era aeml-clrrle around the city Probe Uncovers Weird Series Of

Haven Roman Csth United Press Intrrnatlonal' and still Is about the same

:U, > Inaugurated the use of reported that moet Catkollr length si H was originally. but

e English and other lubetsntial appeared grnrrady phased another rural route kss be.

k9 changes In the ritual. of the with the new service which added Itiuying
r Sunday Mass yesterday. along place more emphasis M par Wombki moved back Into the Events Preceding Bank Holdup

sy with the rest of the country ItrlpaUon by the congrrgsfstkm. post office ss mosey order
( wr trie( Rev Matthew, Connolly clerk about five years sgo -

pastor of St Joseph' Church for some 01 the country' 43 from whlrk position be retired atlonhe5. questioned about the whatever was In the
Introd'Mrd the ritual at Catholics It war undoubtedly ....k.W'lnb". CO l RND JR
new million last events of the Oct. it weekendto lull e.... The sherlfT depart
the masses here and la Maine* a shock to .bear laid be remembers Staff WriterWinter see what effect they might meet said thai there weal no

i:Ity with a brief explanation tfcemselvet concluding I b many expmemres of Mb happiness \ Haven Justice of the hv bad M him. money W the suitcase vMs U

precedMf each of the service Mw proper with the"words, and disappointment Peace Walter 0. 114U hat suggested gchofwr's story starts several burned, otcepl for flit which
tn acquaint pitfaMeners with "Thank be to Cod. mace to the federal Bureau of months ago, when" cam was eel damaged

the rnsa.M in die rtto.l ekJHhood they .bad been taught IsvestlgslkM. that a....... to Eagle Lake from his home tn Till"'tdtIftco" fchoner
The met ttmuwal feature of "Deo gratia*.' New Officers unusual bridal the weekend Miami with the Intention of mar bad that. the money bit ever

tbe new Uses. beside Ks use Rehearsal at many tfenrcbe 01 Del. U mlefetksveeoiMrlNriod tying Leo Wilson's ,,,,"'up. bees there was I piece of paper

of CngNefc m many places. Is to the day before had worked Eleded At to young MMUel tt-**r'tdeclsloa let. Linda.Sclouer. that had been weed, Schener
to Insur familiarity
effectively said, when the trio counted the
that Is celebrated to to r.b the laM brought a suitcasehere
iiPLAZA the fart H try
the fsi ht ,I" other pUce
wfclc he said money the MgM before,
Lake with him
on a special altar so that the there was stmrntng of missal Shipp of Lake AIIr..row..kaw.r.A..st. urtalMd his Ills wrings, some A check win sehoner'greodnorher .
priest faces the congregation and .. sheens and sotMM blow
Warts I Miami
sheriffs deputies proved
....... after ",110O. He told
bank betng
U the past the celebrant'sback galas, Inquisitive..tdIp4IrInC.na.r. Hew officers for tM Lake left thai "TheMoney vasterM oat be could wed have bad that
war to the people during was confusVM over sMpp Heights CommunityLeagM tackled by I teller tatlowingiMHAMCceaslul .. married, referring amotMl of cash with hi m.Schoner -
to get
i*.t of the service" when to stand and wto to to serve nest year here tksi ktMup puttee aMewf h4.net MeomplalnH ktaa end Ltode.sbe told me to and I bar grandfather bad operated

Throughout dw Mtion. there kneel and RSJay person used tee elected. avmeerateg brag, the ajioney and we would a lunch wagon for 10
Cattle treated Mm tally
... semis eonfuakm among to saying the Rosary or silent Head was eUttedetatrasf gel aurrted." .be. told deputies year* I* Miami b fact thai U
_ lost F. L. Hicks vice his .Jl.tted lose it seer.6.000
CubOts M to what to do. prayer found tbeeMehre .entack. .. ld awl went as to tell where Khoner bad gotten to
ehalrmaA Lake some
and board memUraN. Is Eagle
but rr CMwoHy solved tkatprohJeas U the sew partirtpatloai of tile deputies thai Wilson, Weds and know Wilson, a truck driver,
LAUNCHES SEASON-The on.t" .. a ., C. tartett, R. Wysoag.Mrs. .
Mum. and through Wilson Linda.A .
pint season I i. officially' wader weny .* SHe.tt PUt with here bf having sWgba Due U DM mal, resV)*** J. HoCllnter, SA! H. Watson u tener did not say wM ss.o- 110 counted he got the&olacM money Lake.ml theslot He couple of dy after, the car
el the tree Its tint. iiK.daotelty. a the tebool attar boy give bvstrwctMM t. Partsklcner Mrs holes Crew was appointed elfUally U JeH did awl blip|
the lighting seemed ta..at elect wilt KM money that nlghl, burred Linda took bus U)New
from the dur r Bt***
strapping center will be ekterving its fist Christmas a sccUlaMd the feeUng of ",*.. crttarr and treasurer. kirn ace-= and tt.ee the nest day asked Mexico to visit relative
lag the servfeeCards were Effective I... L duet will 11.11 bJ that whss
Dec 2S, Taking pert in, the Kgkting ceremonies, from lefts ttettatte they etperieand. 1 be s1. Ie Jail .M Wilson U be could lock 11 la KM cboner bad ber stopped U north
cW far the parlahloomcsrrytog pebble to the treasurer tct.oDO' no II
,err! Robbins, S,*ts Class Iw*. cams from tk. North prow tic ,respocue they reaD felt M tfcoBgb I be. at 101 Center (.., or at me Lake Tampa valet, s ttJBOO M.f U inns of Wilson's car. Thai arttTMcei florid and her luggage ck ck>

|lest for the occ**!**) cad fete Spencer. ire to make Cooumwd Osi Page i CooL f) Upp! tell Service(tattoo. bond, U glvea s mental etastto- the car caught Ore, de- Continued On pig I, Cot I)


Swede Found Optometrists CONGO RESCUEPHOTOS Veterans SentQuestionnaires Rusk, GromykoIn

To Hear Talk ; 1%
FROM THE CONGO how refugee rescued from 4 The Veterans Administrationannual ShowdownOn
U.S. Secrets By Dr. HayDr. frensled Red-backed rebels by the joint U Belgian! paratroop Income questionnaires
swoop-down on Stanlt wllle Many told tiles of week 1 r have been mailed to 70,000 VA
Wallace Hay, Tampa optometrist of horror and fear for their. liven on arrival here In Leopoldvllle pensioners In Florida, Ruts H.
will be guest speakerat Others were shot down 'in the streets I C"h1. photo? Wilson, regional manager, an UN
Easy To Get the December meeting of the nounced. VotingNEW
Lake Region Optometrlc Asv These questionnaires were
soclatlon, Dr. Russell H. Cole sent In the same envelops as
WASHINGTON (UPI) The, Jr., president, announced.The the November pension check. YORK (UPI) Seen.
Russians were tipped off In advance meeting will be held They should be completed and tary of State Dean Rusk ai, {'
when President Dwlght' Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Strol- mailed to the VA Regional Office Soviet Foreign Minister Andrn
D. Eisenhower sent the Marinesto U/s Restaurant In Lakeland. 11+'' 1Iy as soon as possible.In Gromyko were expected tod\
Lebanon In 1988, largely Optometrists from PeAk, Har- a separate envelope, WUn to approve a formula to post.
through the efforts of a Swedl.h'P dee, Highlands and Defioto ,,, continued and arriving at pone a showdown on the expio.
sire issue of Russia's
counties will be In attendance. the same time, some 13,000 of souse
The spy, retired Swedish Air Dr. Hay a member of the the pe n t sane r. receiving rights In the United Nation*.
Fore Col. Stiff E, C, Wenner. Florida State Board of Optometry ''ncflts under the "old law" If they tan, the dispute could
stroem, apparently gleaned the will outline the vocational will also receive an election erupt with shattering Impact on
information from a high U. S. training program now cam for use if they desire the floor of the U.K. assembly
Air Force officer with whom he operating In HUUboroughCoun'/ benefits under the "new law." soon after It commences its an.
was friendly.This ty which prepares girls to work Veterans and widows should null session Tuesday
was disclosed Sunday as optometrists' assistants remember, Wilson said,that VA RINk and Gromyko were
when the Senate Internal security This program Is part of Hills- will not place their election Into meeting at a "working lunch"In
subcommittee made public borough County's Adult Technical effect unless it appears to be to the U.S. secretary's hotel
portion. of hitherto secret testimony School, and Dr. Hiy serves the pensioner's advantage. suite, the first high.levelsoviet.
by Wennerstroem.Wennerstroem as chairman of an advisorycommittee 1, r Wilson pointed out that It a American session since the
IT, was sentenced of optometrists to change 11 desired, the election ouster of Oct. 15 of Premier M.
in Sweden last June to the county school system card should also be returned to kits Khrushchev<
life Imprisonment after It was A special Christmas presentation the St. Petersburg VA Regional Rusk and Gromyko arrived
discovered he had spied for the including music and dancing Office, preferably in the same Sunday night The U.S. secre.
Soviet Union since 1948 tary laid "we face some constl.tutlonal \.
even will also be featured envelope with the Income questionnaire.
against his own country. problems that go to the
Much of the testimony, taken very heart of the organization"
by the Swedish Federal Police 'n Gromyko declared at Kenne.

Agency was censored. But the Chinese Reds Vlnumled' curried on tretchrr from plane' to ambulance' Reverend Quits dy International Airport that he
188 pages of It translated for had come to "defend the peace,
the Senate subcommittee Over Mockery to defend the rights of the peo.
showed that he had remarkablylittle pies to Independent developmentand

difficulty In obtaining U.s. DemonstrateAgainst \ fl". oAt CAMBRIDGE, England (UPI) to defend the United Na.
secrets during his five year AIM HACKED OFF A dazed Congolese whose arm was The Rev. Herbert Carson,42, tlons Itself."
service in Washington as Swedish hacked off by Congolese rebels Is led away by a woman In vicar of St. Paul's Church here American officials said all In.
air attache (from April, Stanleyville as Belgian. paratroopers patrol the streets for six years, has resigned be. dlcatlons were that Cromyko
1952, to May, ID57) and later U.S. cause of the "mockery" of hav. would agree to delay until Feb.
when be returned to Sweden. Ing to marry and bury persons ruary a decision on whether
In the case of the Lebanon out of a total of 1,855,481 votes who were not regular church. Russia must pay overdue ...
landing, Wennerstroem said one TOKYO (UPI) Thousandsof GOP Chairman cut for president," Brown said. goers. sessments for U.S. peace-keep.
of his close friends was "the lag forces or lose her right to
Communist Chinese streamed He said the GOP feels that He said he found it a mock.
chief of American air forces In through the streets of Peking. x many of those 905,941 voters ery to marry couples who "may vote on the assembly.
Germany" He said he and his day In an unprecedented dls. who cut their ballots for Gold not have darkened the church -- -
wife spent Christmas with the play of hate toward the United Plans Drive water have decided to register door for years" and to bury Rev. Garner
American officer's family atWleibaden States for Its role In the Congo Republican those who had "neglected or
West Germany, but civil war. "We welcome these Into our even rejected the gospel."
the visit was Interrupted when ranks To Speak At
as well as all discerning --------
the VJB. general had to make a It was the second consecutive For VotersTAMPA Democrats who are fed up with LEOPOLDVILLE A mill. Inwood ChurchThe
hurried visit to .
day of antUAmerlcan protests big government In which regU tary observer on the chances
said he tn> Communist Party Chairman (UPI) State COP mented power Is paramountover for 500 white hostages In rebel
formed Moscow of the trip and Mao Tte.tung presided at a Chairman Tom F. Brown says Individual rights," held territory" : Rev. Bill R. Garner,
discovered that the visit was mass rally attended by 700,000 his office Is planning a drive -------- "With the withdrawal of the missionary from Puerto Rico,
for the purpose of reconnolter Sunday In a rare public appear. A member. of the reception wrtke comforts. a brvllderedlittle during the coming months "to Belgian paratroops and the will be the guest speakat the
Ing airfields for American par. ante H* denounced the United buy and u Henri' Human whose face nhnu th. fctraln. add many thousand Republicansto Congolese Army bogged downon Inwood Church of Jesus Christ

atroopers. States and made vague promts. the registration books" all fronts, the chances of tomorrow night
The spy told the Swedish police es of support for the Congolese throughout Florida. survival for many of the whites The Rev Bill H. Tummond,
that spying In the United rebels Drown announced at a news are seriously compromised to pastor, Invites the public to attend *
States was so easy he once conference Sunday that the Re. say the least" .
slipped UJ. secrets to a Rus* The New China
Agency, publicans will be shooting for
slan agent at a meeting In the official voice of the Peking re. Democratic llne.Jumpers, say
Pentagon game, said "column after col. Ing "Many of these will be per*
umn of teachers, students, gov. sons previously registered as
ernment functionaries, armed Democrats." BUYNOW&SAViCLEANUP
Boxer Williams militia and other residents f ; f Ye Drown said the results of the
poured Into the streets" today Nov. 3 election indicated to the rt
GOP there are "upwards of
"Carrying Red banners ana 300,000 persons" ready to
Out Of DangerHOUSTON cartoons, the demonstrators are change their political affiliations
shaking clenched fists and in Florida. c :
shouting slogans condemning 'In fact, the Nov. 3 vote la
the U.S..Belglan Imperialists," conclusive evidence that
(UPI) Heavy. many F 4"WELCOME"
weight tontender Cleveland the I agency reported. F Tikir thousands ot. fjorlda voters
(Big Cat) Williams was termed e have already changed from t
(( Leopoldvill
"out of danger" today by hospl. Democrat to Republican In prlru
tal authorities although he faced capital of the Congo, today said added trouble on charges of as. government forces had found change In name also," Drown
new evidence of Communist
laid f
saultlng /
a highway patrolman.
Chinese support for the rebels. Brown said
Williams, 31, the world"18c.one lherewere458,156registered
ranked heavyweight con. This evidence Included weapons __ t\-.1. 111 Republicans Flo.
tender, was recovering at Ben and propaganda) rlda when the registration books
dingo Premier Molw Tiihiiiiibe. (front) chows pomern closed Oct. 3 .
Taub Hospital from a bullet compared to 2,
wound he suffered Saturday "Down" with U.S. Imperial. for the flint-en a* he pper at Ild\Ille Airport 008,762 Democrats. The total
"CS. Imperialism out
night In a struggle with High registration, including indepen.
way Patrolman Dale E. Wltten. of Congo, Taiwan, Africa, Asia, 1964, at the Old City Hall Building dents and others, was 2,500,466.
Witten arrested Williams Latin America and all other Veteran Affairs (Courtroom) corner of Sixth "Despite the better than four Mnjfii Robe(
places It the demon. O o u I e l offers Welcome [[ cmrklc
Tornball, north of here, on stratlng Chinese occupies were, reported (Howard H. Enlow, County and Central Ave., from 9:00 for to-one Florida voter registration margin" Home' to hi* wife, actress ] Ol] [JtJ IQ)
suspicion of drunken driving Service Officer for Polk County a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to assist Democrats, he
The shooting occurred when, ai shouting announced ia) 'Hist ro presentatlve veterans and their dependentsor said, "President Johnson recel. Carol Lawrence, as she sirives "
with ,
Witten said, Williams tried to from the Polk County survivors with) any matters ved a plurality of only 43,599 theft 'eek.old on
get away, The Peking press mad no Veterans, Service Office, pertaining to veterans affairs votes over Darry Goldwater their first in New York NEW CHALLENGEROILFIRED
Saturday night's shooting mention of the rebel slaughter Bartow, Florida, will be In Win.
came two months before wil.. Of white hostages ter Haven Thursday, Dec. 3, DELUXE HEATER
Hams was to fight Ernie Ter. .
tell of Chicago for the world fJ/c/ I7/be
championship that was taken -7---- I / do99oned% \ I _s MODEL HB4308
away from Casslus Clay by the 35,000 I.T.U.
World Boxing Association.

officials Department formally of filed Public a charge Safety Another fcalurc! ) 4 :

against Williams for aggravated == ,95' $5995Now

assault on a police officer and r of/IN! bank hat \\ "
driving while
Williams' manager,Hugh Ben. 9/a'CS you tu: SERV/c" I. tnrJ I

bow, said he wanted a full Investigation on persona f c//( ck'n, \
of the shooting.
Whatever the outcome, It will accounts o/Ioo"ml )
be months before the all-pound o H3 \ MODEL 4ao1soo

Williams recovers enough to try a+ % ::: : B.T.U.
boxing again, doctors said

DundeeThanksgiving hBYo' :, \ ,K :;::95 $ 99SNow..I'

dinner guests at I
the home of Mr.and Mrs.Albert a
Nyberg were Mr.and Mrs Rob-

ert Blomqulst of Chicago, 111., .a
Mr. and Mrs John Farnwalt of 't, MODEL 4010 fit.
Orlando, and Carl Coding of t -
Lake Alfred. Mrs Blomqulst 50,0001.LU.
Is Mrs. Nyberg's granddaugh Was SUUS v elrq$0A95

Franklin Fetgle was home 'ryewer rnwtca
from Florida State University :
for a holiday visit with his par-
anti, Mr. and Mrs.Wilbur"- Now 7'tDELUXE
gle. Arnold, the Feafles' other
son, ten this week forlnductlor
Into the Army at Jacksonville. GOOD FOR POSTUREActress Carroll Baker arriving backIn
New York from Europe by ship wean a shocking pink MOOD. HI7110
Children and grandchildren frock which although shocking, she says Is good for her
of Mr. and Mrs C. M. Port posture 'I have to sit up very straight when fm wearingIt 55,000 I.T.U.

er who cIl.bratedThank.rtvlnC she told reporters, who could believe her easily, Was $141.15V)095
at the Porter home were U, J.
Porter and Martin Porter of -

Fernandlna, Mr. and Mrs. D. Now Hove tfl.erJ of f I Iyoun $
P, Douglas and son Johnnie of TUESDAY 4 TO I TM ONLY Fort Lauderdale, Mr and Mrs.
C. B. Dsvedsen of Port Char OWN PCUSONAL NOW

daughter Sherleen of Auburn. finished HolJt BLOWERS AND CIRCULATING FANS .
Beautifully ti On vf lo37.ars' AVAILABLE AT ADDITIONAL COST
dale.Mr. HAM STEAK > l. ," lla-
and Mrs. Jerry Cook 'n Durobl Vinyl Supply of all sue Ch. lt

her from Oklahoma,nave leas. NO DOWN PAYMENT

ed Norman IhebomeofthelaURoyDllts.Stripling, a senior COMPLETE $ OO tray. urLC, hi Iah s.niu EASY BUDGET TERMS
student at Georgia Southern
AI Too!
College, Statesboro, Ca., Is
spending the holidays with his 1MIIn.MM--.. --.e... TIP. aR'd
mother, Mrs. Era Stripling and TOP ::
family. A hose guest of the Ap IiaAce

Stripling family Is Miss Helen I I DRUG -e. art &a/thof Commerce
Andrews of Hartwell, Ga The Heme of Qualify. Preset X Service _
and J. E.Watlnu.back
from Lake Butler, where they N0IIH GAT1 $HOf flNO Cf NtHL VYINTIt I- "Small Bank Courtesy Big Bank Cuss 4rh ft Ave D, N.W. PCT 4-1211
were called by the Illness of _Moses hen Wk w News CIty HellPage
their father, J. L. Waters.




I CORE Denies |The/ Weafher--Local', State And National I I Woman Tells

i Unit Folding Ho ot Of Attack

e ,o

I In MississippiJACKSON .. On EmbassyEDITORS }

P. .
Miss, UPI< ) Th X NOTE Mis" .
Cornell of Federated A
Organlza. fo1D Mary Aielbank, wife of l'n'
dented reports Sunday that e correspondent Jay Axelbanx,
the civil rights group la fold Go eXee was with her huaband *h"'nbe
In MlMlMlppi became Infill .....
of i air drove off to the ni'.b
tratton .... yy I a Q cover "
by subversive and ft. attack oa the American Knbaasy.

nancui difflctiitie. Her I I. her st('r> .
Dave Dennis, tsslsUnt pro. By MARY AXELBANK
gram director of COFO, toM a United Free InternationalMOSCOW

newt conference the report (UPi)-Just before

were "absolutely and complete. rut .' 60 they cloeed up the embassy'
ly false." He said COFO would 1 0
GI Iran fates, my husband told i''ain
continue until "all the people of .... let out of the ear and get
the state are treated as equals FAIR Inside
under the law." IIIN o
4 The shouting was so loud and
W. F. Minor, Jackson oor. ) .Xx fierce outside the embassy that a
respondent for the New Orleans ? II Chilled my blood It sounded
Times Picayune, reported CO. XSNow O Pd like a tribal war chant.

FO was dtstntefratinc becauseof But Inside everybody was I
financial trouble and disenchantment calm, and we felt protected be.

of local leaders because RAIN, SNOW AND COLD -Rain Is forecast tor the Pacific Northwest and the upper Rock- cause the windows on the first
of Infiltration of the
by subversives. groups lei with snow predicted for the Northern Plateauthe Great Lakes and the Ohio and MI.II..1pp1 two stories were all boarded

Minor Valley It will be colder In the New England States and the lower Atlantic coastal states air up.But .
said the FBI had madean
with mild temperatures are forecast for the Midwest and Far West. I could hear the soundsof
exhaustive subversive checkon glass breaking and rocks hit

COFO workers and volun. Florida Zones LOCAL OUTLOOK Five-Day ForecastFive ting the boards -rc
teens and found "two of every I pressed my nose against a -.
seven volunteers bad referenceto Much colder tonight with low glass door Insure an entrance V'

organizations on the bureau's PANHANDLE :33 to 50. Partly cloudy with day forecast for penln. way that was not boarded up. DENTSON STUDENT GOVERNMENT Governor Steve Spears I. flanked by female

subversive list" high In 70's today. Northerly lulu Florida for period begin I could see the Iron gate Some polltli;lar.', c: ha r, .,. t t' Ir', iflltlenll''VOfllment i al Dent! L Ju-.lcr HL(:!\ :hool. Other I IPope
"Some were well known Partly cloudy today, tonight wind 15 to 25 mile per hour. nlng 7 a.m. tomorrow and end Africans were trying to climb officers include licit(! t t r>, n' 1'.., ,1\ '01 "..man. s"(. retai"\ "f A ''ulture, f..* HI a .SuperIn

figures In the Communist and Tuesday. Colder mainly Small craft warnings will be log 7 a.m. Sunday: the fence, and militiamen (So. tendent of Pubtli IisUu'. ''uu'. > .unl.n,, Moore. Attt>ine\ :,end :S''' ,peii: ., ,ill ;also: : Secretary
party." Minor said. He said one tonight and Tuesday with near hoisted. Temperatures S degreesbelow vice police) were pulling them of stale, lane Ken-inn: '*' reui of the ireasun.. and Ind l Hall i umotiollei ,
former COFO worker was the freer tonight. High today In the normal Normal minimum 45 to down.

daughter of "a former Wlscon. SO'*, low tonight 32 to 36. 55 north and SS to 68 south One of the demonstratorssaw

sin Communist party chairman"and Increasing north and northeast portion. Normal maximum 68 me looking and he shaft John Birch
three persons active In the winds reaching IS to 28 miles extreme north and 70's else. Ms fist and motioned for me to Paul VI To Leave

"Fair Play for Cuba" croup per hour today and continuing where. Cold Tuesday with come out. Society To

cited as a Communist front or. Tuesday. United Press InternationalLow warming trend beginning Thurs I got away from the door In
ganlzation had become teach day. About a half Inch rain a hurry. Meet TuesdayThe
ers In COFO"freedom houses." NORTH likely beginning Wednesday or Then the embassy people For India WednesdayVATICAN

Dennis said he "has no know. High Thursday. backed a truck up against (the
ledge of anyone subversive ever Much colder with low tonight Albuquerque 32 87' -------- gate Just in case the padlockdid John flinch Society will
being connected with COFO," 25 to 35. Partly cloudy with Atlanta SS 63 not hold under the human CITY (UPI/)-Po|* A special compartment outfit meet tomorrrow night at 7:10:
but said there was no screeningof high In 60's today. Tuesday Birmingham 31 66 Con Little Sr. battering Paul \1 seed his blessing to the ted with four seals, a desk and It the City (1111.

workers for antl.Communlst cloudy and cold. Northerly Boston 32 SO Aside from the scare near crowds In St. Peter's Square a bed has been arranged for Claude Boring, state coordinator
sentiments winds Increasing to 20 to 30 Chicago 14 22 the door I was not worried Sunday to Ilk for prayers thai the Pope in the first class eee. will be In charge of
"Anyone who comes down miles per hour today. Small Cleveland 22 36 much Everybody kept sayingthe his trip to the Fucharlttlc Con. lion of the plane. Senior menu the program and will hold a
here to attempt to help Negroes craft warnings displayed Denver 23 47 Dies In MobileCon militiamen would not let tress In Hombay India be seen hers of the papal entourage will question and answer period following .
gain their right to vote Is a Detroit 18 36 anything serious happen as purely devotional. occupy the other part of the first the meeting.

loyal American" he said. The CENTRAL Jacksonville 50 69Kanaas R Ultle Sr of Mobile. Some embassy people> began The pontiff I foes to India ruse section,

young Negro said the projecthad City S 29 Ala. died yiitrrday at h' s running up to the top floors Wednesday. Hindu l fanatic TYLER: Tex (VPI>-Police
been cut back since sum. Much colder tonight with low Loa Angeles 60 67 where they could look out. groups there had threatened The M seat In the tourist searched today for the Joker
mer, largely because many vol. 35 to 60. Partly cloudy with Miami 67 80 home. These windows were not board demonstrations In Bombay, de. class will be filled by Vatican who dumped roofing nails. allover
unteers had left to return to high In 70* today. Tuesday Miami Beach 68 81 He\ Will the father of Con R. .d up. nounrlng the visit as a Roman' officials and by ordinary true Tyler'l streets Sunday

college. cloudy and cold. Northerly Twin Cities -18 S Little Jr of mi Ave. S. NW. Out there was no I panic. Seerelaries Catholic "invasion." two percent elers mostly newsmen night More than 100 Inlf\ mo.torlsts .

Dennis also admitted the Na. winds 10 to IS miles per hour, New Orleana 49 66 Winter iUvrn, who left *i\h kept on writing and of India Is Catholic -------- complained about flat
tlonal Association for the Ad. Increasing to 15 to 25 miles per New York 31 54 tine wile, lor Mobile early this. typing. Everybody was seemingly Appearing on hit balcony the (tires.
vancement of Colored Peopleand hour late today or tonight and Orlando 63 76 morning well drilled. Pope preceded his usual Sun. The police said two of their

the Southern Christian Lead. small craft warnings likely will Philadelphia 35 56 Little was a retired banker I tried to get out once to Join day prayer by aaylngi: fcllOP IN WINTFR HAVEN I patrol oars tracking the prank.
be hoisted later today. Phoenix 48 74 "Let us pray to the Virgin stet were stopped b-v flat tires
ershlp Conference two orlg and had been In poor health my husband but one Marine .. _
Inal members of COFO "are Raleigh 33 61 fur a long time He was a said "You better not-not just Mary that our trip and those of
not putting up any money" SOUTH St. Louis 3 30 flatly of Mobile. yet." bishops and faithful be expressed

He said the group was now San Francisco SI 61 llf\ It turvtved by his "lilo,,'. When they finally let me out and understood as a message of
Partly cloudy. High today 80. Seattle 49 56 brotherhood and peace, honor
mainly composed of the Student through a side gale the firemen
lhu t't' ont. three daughter, r-
and esteem for the i Indian
nonviolent Coordinating Com. Turning colder late tonight and Tampa 63 76 were putting out the peapie Exciting
mlttee and the Congress of Racl. Tuesday. Low tonight In SO'sor Washington 36 56 and sevnal' grandchildren and flames on the burning New to whom we turn, oat an
al Equality. low 60's. Northerly winds 10 unit grandchildren York Times car.I act of universal ( alhollc brotherhood ..
to 15 miles hour, Increasing toward all p opl..." ideas
per was scared it might ex young
NEW' YORK (UPI)) :.- Presi. tonight The Rombat nngreas opened
I plode. And some Africans were
dent Johnson may have starteda Alliance For lalITd.,. In the longest journey
Progress still there shouting. So I kept to for Christmas!
trend when he began turn. KEYS ,one side ever undertaken b> a reign. L '',
log off' lights In'*he White inn Pope, .an .-the pontiff will fly to Homhay
House. Partly cloudy. High today 80,
Mayor Robert F. Wagner will '''low tonight 70. Colder Tuesday Horse Owners for a threeSfta) visit to the ga.
To Bear Fruit .
Issue an executive order today Northerly winds 10 to IS miles Begins t" .
calling Tor "light wardens" Inall per hour, Increasing late to The Pope, who refers to him. STYLE-MATE Zig-Zag
public buildings to lee that night self as "an apostle on the

lights, fans, air conditioningunits "We, the American republics It l II known by Its Spanish Initial Evict Woman lerlsed move," his hN trip repeatedly charac. sewing machine
and other electrical appll M a purely re.
hereby proclaim our decision *
antes are switched oft when no men.
Concentrate to unite In a common Then suddenly, the alliance lion of missionary intention. by SINGER
not needed.
effort to began to ahow progress During
bring our people accelerated
Wagner hopes to save $1 mlU will make the seven hour" ..
economic IM4, Its goals began to move From
progressand Show
and IS minute non..lup flight (Model
lion annually with the dlmout. broader social Justice from the planning sheets to Jl'J
from Rome to Bombay In an
Is within the framework of reality In the cities, the rural
Shipment personal Air India mmer> ll 'Jetliner'
TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT dignity and political areas and In the governments RALEIGH, N, C. UPI) 1 ?
which has been modified to ar.rommotlale <'v sew on
I The CUP said this month mine Society worker from the
ter of Punta del Erie, estab*
spokesman for the airline
lulling the Alliance for that 1944 was the best year Carolina walking horse show : said ititiliine, easy twitch
A bunion the! m.l. nothing Down SlightlyInventory Progre he ponlirr had pressed the d..
but money I U peer kuiintii **, Aug.! 17, 1961. ever, that chances for success Sunday after she showed up for j lire to travel a* ". simple i>IU to HI-MI without
ss the alliance began its fourth an "Inspection"' that angered penal lltichmtV-
I trim
By JACK BRANNAN year war "hopeful." about 100 horse owners Ile' txclusive front
of Florida frown United Press International Among the physical aocompllahmenta Mrs Pearl Twyne of ArUn(. lmonntmmmno, tutuhem tomotmnuNEINSUTANCI bobbin.
concentrated orange Juice, with WASHINGTON (UPI!) The during the tint ton. Va., said she suspectedthat P drop-In

TODAY thus TUESDAY one week remaining before the Alliance for Progress I I. three three year of the alliance, acid had been. used on the *
end of the the 1963-" lesion Mann lIOI.dlCon.trueUon hone feet to make them step J99=
CentlmieM Fees 2 F M. thing*!
1* about 11 mBllon gallons It 'U an Idea, conceived In of 222,600 house, hither, during the exhibition SPECIALIST
221: 4:OS, ISO: r:3O. t IIuKmiaou Horse owners crowded around it 1811M",4
Latin America and given birth 23,400 classroom, 1,06 water
I II Warren Savant, Florida Canners through the late President JohnF. systems, and 454 mobile health Mrs Twyne, who represent the FAIY TERMS
I Association executive vice Kennedy.It unit and hospital) distribution Virginia federation of Humane
president, reported today that Is a weapon designed! to of (.1 mllllOlllChool bnoktprovlaion ; Societies and the North caro.
I I stocks on hand last Saturdaywere how the continent its deetlny of regular meal for 20.7 boa Humane Society. James H. Cross l '

I 11,109,111 gallon, com rests on the principles of Democratic mlllWn peofile. "Let's ret her out of here," :
2UA Third St. S.W ;
five million below Ut of them L/i'
gallon freedom not Castro Three year ago, tax .law* one shouted /
season at the same time. style Cocnmunltm. were ridiculed In Latin America Deputy W. E. Watklns and fhene CY 4.2444FRANKLIN i
and evasion was a national other officers ecorled from
But primarily It I I.coopers LIFEINSURANCE
1 1J
Canners association record tlve economic and social development sport. This year, 12 govern the stables,
both total movement "! don't know what would NNGER will
how that program backed by mews reported substantially Increased CO. '"
retail slur bare happened If officers had eM Wree sad
and movement In tax revenue after
the United States and callingfor \
for last week were similar to the Latin Americans to do strengthening their laws and not been at the Ie.ne'at.* e Life a Group o.lh.. WPEEIrh

that of the corresponding week the work. their collection and enforcement kIna said.One C Mortgage

last season. First proposed by Kennedy In system horse owner said the Health i DiubiliryHetpitelitetlon
Eleven countries. have horsemen were tired "being
a speech on March 13, 1961,
Total movement for the week and created the following\ Align launched agrarian reform pro run over by this old lady" C

was 1,114,040 gallons,comparedto *! at Punta del Cate Urn> gram, calling for land redis Mrs. Twyne said the action I Edllutie".1UJIII.IUllIltllllIItllllllllllllIIItIIIIIIII.)
Jut year's 1,09-4,02, while pay, the alliance began with trtbutlon. I Improved marketing only confirmed her suspicion, .......... I
movement In retail sized container traniportatlon facilities and ------ ------
a bur it of enthusiasm Then Itputtered. '
*, at In.2U gallons,was It quickly became credit, and a closer 101011 at *ei* [
'\ lightly lower than last season's enaa/ed In governmental red entitle farming

B71.981 tor the same week. tape. It was overly dependenton Other nation are following 100% Continuous Filament

United State money It wu their esanvple.ThU .
criticized I from all sides doe not m'lIIbe alliance

"Alianu, at; progreso, no," I* ever the hump and as- ., t
nftf \, \ said the akepttcs. cured el success. Nor dues it Nylon Carpet i. Vtnatllo NewM.NGEK

The alliance almost died with mean that all the Latin American S wln*

'tl Kennedy on Nor 22, 1961, to countries have emerged Machine (Medal l wj)
e Dallas. H. was and I Is, its getting from tile economic and social/

spirit.President Jungle far from It. 7.YEAR WEAR GUARANTEE FEATHERWEIGHT Fell sae.alettliswm
Johnson tried to But ttto feeling is stronger Swlnj Machine Ready for
l uiuuannIURTUMCI portable
fines that the alliance
than ever
Due Into the
breathe new
-sun laaa'U d W by
'mcnHWUBOMUIIUI dwejftf, mending at
He promised to double goal Kennedy ""' _lofted U
SJM alstuan.'mI
':IP'ts IT"--'u.-_ 0. S. effort U the alliance and 1X1 ".. ea.lstbe buM Choice of World's moet port**.** the turn of a knob!

called on the Latin Americans need of the American peoplefor portaMef" .Let. than

Starts Wedrmday e I SMAil WOM1N 1I0wI to do the *ane.He homes, work sad land, 1 2 l be'. yet ewt ...**,.
will be
health and schools" 8 Decorator
Ambassador Thorn
FLANK SINATIA .to pulled thing besuofupyl'
-ROIIN AND Sow u flu_10 wcseeee as C. Mans from the U. .. Embassy attained. $595
7 HOODS"HAVEN roue- ..ne U Mexico City and gave --
THE Colors! 51499LN$9995k
tsaee Newt bin three diplomatic hat ntlfM'lG, gtollaad It..

DALE q w ==es V. $. coordinator for the alliance (ERE) The tMverHr Hlglw EASY nUll
Militant secretary tor land Swie.y ha* written a ).. IAn TFBVU
DRIVE-IN eTHEATRE If'FEDDERS inter-American affairs and per. ter to Soviet" party rUet UonldBrezhnev ONLY

onal Muller to the President. to lean whether tie
OKMM torn err .9.* it.... In the SI. aER Gtalog.IVhaf'2 .
John** aad Mann both eoceer share Ua predecessor'(jarv
Tonite rkr. Tee Nit aged die creation lISt March weber) opinion of teofpe ..... I It SINGER
CtNTtAl HUT FUMP New for tomorrow loJajt
1i, la.e.s.enr of a* eight mar. mMtulaieral alliance sic M "... walling of OM
7M : II Jt f.M. AND Aa COMOmOON cour4lnattnc committee. strange animal"
rut IRVNNC t. lane N --M see SINGERSEWING

1UCCANIM" j---r Norwe. Noww M...
t 2t
wink Ck.rt.*. H He For BUILDING MATERIALS GO CY 3.3139
:: LACY rantnrt
.. .:. i wcreal CYI 4211 ITAITtN* DIC 4, OMN MON. tkre fit. tM f FM
-S.GLENN -- .j
rwu isTMsaru m
Central! Ave.

': ,..'....",.. "w. rt'Nvawa. t )
= am I .' .,.._ ..e ...'... .....r n "....4..y !!
AI ':f' P.M. Orfv EogweH luMng Supply ;.J




e Page Four WINTER HAVEN DAII Y tiCwc.rtaIGC.WwTFD HAVEN, FLORIDA Monday, November 30, 196

Winter Haven Daily News-Chief Washington WILL IT BE A TWO-WAY STREET? Backstairs At .The White House

w. I. YNERSON. EJN.r-PaM1hh.r.
JOHN W. HTNHtSON. A"is.... h the PnUhher
By WILLIAM J. EATON supplying aircraft for Conna!
PnUlikee! d.Hy I.( ...,. S.t"rd.y> la V ". Winter. H...MnU United Frees' International lye use la wejU-ejttabllshed in
!"'he! CH I I..* IU Ire1 5...... N.W., Winter He..... Fl.rld. Window JOHMON CITY Tex. (UPI) Texas. Connally previous hi

CHARLES 6OSHORN 6.nerel i M...,., Backstairs at tile Texas White used planes belonging to Hm.
By LYLE WILSON Houses ble Oil Co., TejNkosaee Gas
JACK SEAMAN "....1... Eli., United Press llltern.tlooalBetw yl: ..I President Johnson's quickie Transmission Co., Lone Stg:

Win J. SULLIVAN Adv.rililite M.*.... the lines at the bad trip to east Texas aboard a private Steel Co., and other firms t II i
news from Viet Him ere Indications ; DC aircraft this week take official trip*.

NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE that Ambassador Max brought! to mind the extensive Connally baa no special plane

She**** i "....1..... ,IM Chk.g.. III. well D. Taylor is making a.que.ze.plIJ precautions taken to insure the for his own use and he has!

E....". .. SaNd CI... M.U M..." $ap/. c. If 14 .l .ke Pert OHlc.I effort. to impose Chief lIecuti,,'. safety in the found it .valeni to have an

I I. Winter. H.... PI.,I4.. H.der eet ef Merck >. I 117 some win the war tactics on air.The aircraft available In trips
UA policy In Southeast Asia. plane borrowed by Texas around the Dati.'. second.larf

." Gen. Douglas MacArthur was r rc Gov. John Connally from the est state. Theee executive aircraft .
fired by President Truman for o East Texas Pulp and Paper Co. altfwugh basically oil\

; .: CIRCULATIONS trying a similar squette play of Silobee, Tea., made the 300- places, are usually extenaivel:

....... during the Korean War. Mae mile trip from the LBJ Ranch remodeled and kept in excellent

Arthur wanted to bomb North to Mount Pleasant Tex., with condition by their owners.

MEMIER Korean staging areas beyond out incident
Active Member UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL the Yalu River. II Il Even though the airport In

NATIONAL EDITORIAL The United Pr.ii It ...i..11, .. .h. ... Taylor thinks well of the Idea 'M Mount Pleasant has a single
ASSOCIATION for repvblicelioH l .1I1.ul newi print- of bombing similar establish ** u' 1,600 feet runway of oiled clay Letters To
d In Mtit well ell urn,
H.wtMper ei ei mints In
ION North Viet Nam. Tay and the simplest kind of radio
Newi DiiMtcHei.
b lor also Ik I eneral.He stepped equipment the pilot had no

ADVERTISING DEADLINE down U chairman of the Joint trouble landing the executive
CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT! chiefs of staff to become Presl aircraft.But .

ly /h' W.rd I PM Previevi Diy ly tKe Inch; 3PM, Pr.oi.ut 0. dent Johnson's ambassador to Johnson usually travels

l.e.l N.tlcn I I P M. Pr.viws Day. Sundey Edition: Deedlinei Fri/ey, South Viet Nam. planes that are checked and re-

DISPLAY DEPARTMENT To Life Magazine last week Force malnten Editor:
checked Air
Sund.y Edi. *..-l RM. Th"n'''.,; "' ....., EditUn' I P.M. Frldey; Taylor by Much ado has been made ol
T...Jey Ed 'i.n-Neen S.tvrd.y: W.........,, Th.,...., end Friday cave an Interview In ance experts for the slightest extremism during the last elec:
Edi,:..._I P.M. Toe Days In Ad.er.ceMember which he made two vital points flaw. His 70? Jet, known as Air' tin but always implied of
(1)) that the outcome of the Force One when he's aboard, Is
Seiilhern N. Publithert' d P c ON Liii aM the rtght-wing extremism. Ninety
**> r Au.ti.ti.fi war In South Viet Nam was In the shop now for a thorough
Member Fl.rid Pius Anecletien very much In doubt and (2) overhaul. percent of the people surely .
-M does not know what that
that air' strikes against Commu Presidential pilots-such as means,
for If they did
they should be
alit training centers and other the Col. WilliamA.
ly C.m.f; ., Meil present one, .
Y..", III 20; e "....,h.. ft.10, J ", ..'h.. HIS: I rneMh, SU5 l ; targets In North Viet Nam 9zAIHlW Swlndal-are carefully selected pleased Right Is right and don t
1/; forget that. Little hat been
wkly, li swab. Smeje Ceeleei Duly. I sects S ndey. 10 centtTELEPHONE would be helpful. f s : along with other crew said
of left
wing because rulers
Taylor's embassy In Saigon .A 1vATV. members with safety as prime ,
Cyprus 1.IIt'I made the Interview public. r consideration.The yes I said our rulers are of
the left wing, and left .
Washington reaction was that same goes for pilots of
Taylor was not presuming to the helicopters employed to while not always communists, It

A Thought For Today"Wherein assert policy but merely was whisk Johnson on short trips they follow that yard stick, leadsus
right Into the
stating certain existing options. between Andrews Air Force communistcamp
through liberalism .
This bland reaction by the State ? Base and the White House.In socialism
or what Is known
t.rToday's as
Department was solid evidencethat contrast Johnson said him
(in trespasses and sins in the Welfare State.
) time past the administration is midstream r self that he was airborne Just

you walked (habitually). Eph. Xta of Southeast Asian policy 20 minutes after he decided to Once again we must return
to a conservative nation that
When one is dead spiritually he is dead to God and uncertain at the moment make the trip to attend a dinner the world can again love, we

to holiness and to his best interests.Dr. toward which shore to Television honoring Marvin Watson must become a nation
swim Taylor arrived In Washington I In Review Texas Democratic state chair strong ,
morally economically and spiritually
Albert L. Carnett week from Saigonto
help President Johnson firm By H. D. QUIGG gins to belt 1 melt-all that man.Even though the pilot may and that does not meatretirement

up VJS. Intentions and methods United Press InternationalNEW bellow, those breaks, that banjo have been reliable, and the from life, or pawnsof

In Southeast Asia Commentary YORK UPI whanging, that bobbing mop of plane thoroughly safe, there was the government
) Steve
News Chief Editorials In recent! Washington and Saigon Lawrence has come a long hair' the rest of the show Is little If any time for any thorough Today we have Informers and
way would be regulators of our lives
dispatches, there has been from the all right particularly Bob New check.
By PHIL NEWSOM raw with the big living around us not neighbors
the Implication that Taylor will voice who hart's routines, And Instead of the usual Air' ;
UP Foreign News Analyst went through high u they are wrongly called this
Time And I Insist that the Johnson admintstratlon Force detail surrounding
Again school: In New
Veto and
Against Red China? was day for God says neighbors are
Time. and step up the war', perhaps Nationalist China ,Is consider picked by Steve Allen aa the the plane on the field toprevent those who lend a hand
again the not
we work
see dirty of to the
communists extent of
bombing sabotage
male any ,
;Ins the possibility of asking the singer on the old, old"Tonight" The Lighter those who hinder and tear down.
all over the world as they stir up trouble, keep northern targets. i United States to use the veto show. curious townsfolk In Mount It seems the only satisfied peoples

countries at each other's throats make It almost im Taylor's alternative, apparently ,against Red China If the Peking He's a star on Broadway in Pleasant took advantage of an are the communist dupes
would be to resign hi..mblllY. "What Makes open door to explore the Inter.
possible. to keep kind of a e This would be | Regime should win the Sammy Run. He lor of the DCS. who do not realize' they are
any peace-and yet there coot fight, over Chinese represents has talent, style, poise, and Friday SideBy dupes.

are those who want to deal kindly with this scum. mously embarrassing to the (tlon In the General Assemblyof night he presided over a As George E. Reedy, White Today we have elected officials

Just take two Johnson administration and, the United Nations Informed relaxed l. cleanly produced fluff House press secretary, said:
instances which have recently caused who forget that office Is a
to Defense "It
specially, Secretary devoid was the governor's flight
variety show that
sources say the Nationalists could public trust, who becomes
are Judge
great concern to our nation-the Viet Nam and the Robert .. McNamara who all j still confident they can retain have been picked right out of DICK WEST and the President merely rode of all with recriminations

Congo. In each Instance the communists have fomented along has sponsored the wishful their seat by a narrow margin the 1920's or l 30's. My goodness United Press International along.. Mrs Ann AtkinsON
thinking idea that the Viet j whatever became of Gin. WASHINGTON (UPI)-We are The custom of private firms
murder, rape massacres plunder and destruction and Nam business was going moderately If the Issue Is put to a vote ger' Rogers? having here this week an all-
now they that if the
in each find ourselves well although ho never day conference on the subject:
we Involved
In attempting to
Issue is put off until after the
quite said as much. This is not an attempt to "living with executive: ten. YOUR TELEVISION DIAL
bringorder and reason first of the year enough na
To adopt Taylor's hard nosed knock the 1920's. What a dec. sions/I-

Now we have some soft heads who want to keep win-the.war I Ideas would require ,to tlons put may the result change In their doubt.minds The ade. Maybe it's the answer to I say "we" because I plan to w

'Russia and some of her satellites in the United Nations a real reversal of Johnson administration United States consistently has television's current woes. participate as much u I can I WDIO-TV WPLA.TVWFTY.TY WTVTTVCkmiMle

polleili.Thu..11 Lawrence headlined the first may not be an executive but I CkenMll Ckeimelf Ck......l II
letting them opposed t U. K. eat for Red
get away without paying theifproper speculation last winter that the (China and Is confident "snealf prevue"\ of the season, have got a 'hahdiome matched CIS NIC AlCr CIS
share of the expenses. Not until the United, war might be extended to Com stave jl l off for at least another can an hourlong melange of song, set of ingrained' tensions. Monde Temp Orteeeje Tempe
States and the United munlit North Viet .Nam. On i dance skit, comedy and music- If you wllf 'five me a handicap
without fill
get tough with these year having to
Feb 28, Secretary of State hall nlpups called "NBC Folliesof of 20 on the diastolic blood
{ Nov.
Monday NIGHT 30
back on the veto which I It
war mongers will we ever have a peaceful world. And Dean Rusk knocked that down, ,has used. never 1(85." Joining Lawrencewere pressure gauge, I'll match my

It is people like Adlai Stevenson who continue to help hard. Juliet Prowse, the dancer; tensions against the president
Steel Nationalisation
General U.s. eOO: -Nevi New., Siorti. ARC News Pulie
"No miracle In the north Jill St. John, the actress Nip. Motors Steel or Newt
defeat the work of both the U.S. Look for Britain's Labor ; i 11 Spr4t. W.ti.f
and the UN with his Ruik said "can suddenly trans' government sey Russell and Allan Sherman any other corporation Dollar- : Weather News, Weether SneHi WtherMeverlek

silly appeasement policies. This happens time and form or eliminate the problemof (steel nationalization quietlyo plans shelve for its at the comedians, and the Bitter tordollar and pound.for,pound l. t',,4S 10--CIS CIS Newt Newt NIC NIC News News ., CIS CIS News NewiMeverlek

again, and certainly does nothing for the image of our South Viet Nam." !least a and probably End singers, a new group. you won't find many executivesany
But Rusk added that the ques> year tenser than GIn 7:00-Olteit The imlet "' .......I.k The liq MevleMeverick
great nation. tlon of a policy shift on that :longer. The government made The new group made no preparation for the confer. 7:1 11-0>,... Hike. Muter,

was something for the future nationalization a priority proj bones about heading backward. ence, I have been looking over 7)9-YeiHie. PeetO .ride, v.,.,. (e the Rebtrii

And a few days earlier, Presl ect when It came to power. But The three girls and three boys a booklet that was enclosed 7,41- phi Cencert Cevri leftem ef See Wm. Powell

Near A Breakthrough dent Johnson Ineech\ had It would Is now cost hard money.pressed, and to Labor pay put on clothes out of the 1920's with the program It bears the I:00-Yeviif Pee. tO Mitel, Veyeee .. (he Henry Feeds.

warned> that those engaged In for current projects. 8I.ldll.the and turned "When,. .You and I Imprint of the Society for Advanr.mAnf 1,11- pie'i Cencert Curt l.ft.... ef See J.ck L.", ,,,."
supplying the Communist W.r. Yminff ."" ." Irtta ft nf MtnaffAntant_ ft I,ID Griffith
-Andy tO Mitel
We stand on the verge of a breakthrough N.r.Iglu complex legislation would : "' N. Time far J.", .. Ccfney
using were playing a deeply dan. patter number that ended; with cosponsor of .meeting, but |,4|-AneV Griffith Cevrt SepaaTb.. lie M*.ie
nuclear take months to draft and could
power to convert seawater into I .
sweet water. prow gums White House "boop boop pee doop. strongly suspect It was written
It will be one of man's aides sought and JOt maximum be crippled by labor's thin ma* by the other co'sponsor, t:00-The M....., Andy Willlemi Weedy. me1 Me The lie ", ..1.
greatest accomplishments. But Jorlty.. In Parliament. Best bet Lawrence sing with his customary American Airlines t:I II- Night ", ..i. Andy Willi., ", Wendy end. M. The If M..ie
publicity for the
there is a slight cloud over the whole deal. Through game reference. dangerous -no nationalization until after style Miss Prowse contributed The reason 1 suspect that Is f:10- "", .Ia". Dick Andy Wltllemi Imf Creiey Many Happy
t 4S Gre Peck
: Willlemi
Andy Shrew
some more of our do-gooders we have decided that oui Nothing from Ruak LBJ or another election which could< a couple of snappy and because the booklet Includes a ry Return

tremendous any other previous administration come as early ai spring to give slinky dance numbers. And section which asserts that first 10:00-: ...n W.ll.i H.II., Fe", len Guy SleHery'lleu
successes should be shared with the Rus.aians spokesman, however, has Wilson a chance to increase his somebody rediscovered the ka- class air' travel "is one of the 10:It-The M....., H.II.f Fa", Ceray ,.., .

because they have been fooling around with the had the simple clarity of Tip majority. too and had a whole passel (I Important ways that the bust 10,10- Nifjh H.II.' Fe", len C..., Sletfery

Idea too, but as yet haven't come up with a perfect lor's warning that the outcomeIn Damned if he does, or can turn backward too) of pea nessman can help relieve the 1041' : ", .. H.II., Fern lee C..., Pter>le

solution i South Viet Nam Is doesn'tiNo ple tootling a couple of numbers constant pressures of his job" "IIi00-Navel,
such as ours. very matter what Prime Mln* N.wt. SeWit Newsllne N.... S...,..
much In doubt. An elementary on this noble Instrument It explains that an executive 'IItII-SP..rt4 WVk.r T..igkSkew 1'.1.1. W'Ih.r W'ib.r. 1..1.1
It is inconceivable to us that without some school child can understand later Harold Wilson says In who Is forced by company policy 11:10-TbNn: .f Tc.ight Skew h' Sknw Ch.'I..hl'

gaining or swapping on other matters such bar'l l language like that It means Washington Dec 71, he will A highlight of the hour to this to fly In the more economical I I:4ffbi Stirs TUiht Skew (the Shrew Wndli.g
as getting have trouble when he gets, viewer was the balloon bodied
coach seat "has smaller
that the United States be a
out of Cuba, we should even think of may home. Wilson plans to tell PresIdent Sherman's defense of his condition
over our l losing another war In Asia to a measure of control over his ten Tuesday MORNING Dec 1
findings. We cannot understand why we keep doing Red Chinese stooge Johnson about his plans (a recitative written by the .."
for a broad.scale Atlantic nuclear gifted Sherman himself) "chil
Could It be that of
stupid -- one the co.
instead of playing it smart. force, Into which Britain dren of America, I got fat u a sponsors Is trying to sneak a 7:00-Almeae Teday She. "A.M."

would toss Its entire nuclear public service ." He advisedthe little old 7115-W..U Tday Shew News "A.M."
teany commercial Into
AlmanacToday 7,10.1. Today Sh.. 'i..i. "
deterrent If Wilson pushes the "A.M.
kiddies It would be well
the proceedings 7,45-N., W'the,
T.dey Stew "
Michie E..... "A.M.
he will under fire of
plan come when spying an obese citizen The booklet also Includes a
ACROSS DOWN 31 Any la Monday, November opposition Conservatives who to place hand on heart and Intone bit of anil.tension advice from Oo-c..I.: Tdw Sh.w Eii C..I.

1. Legal 1 To display' split ; "M1 ; JOth, the S3Sth! day of 1964 with oppose any abandonment 01Britain' "hall, to thee, fat person, a 100.year-old man who was 1,16-,I "...,.,. T.d.y Stew Mlchie Enna "..,....
charges braaenly pulaeInd : c A ,. n Jl to follow. Independent nuclear 533-Captain ,.4." Skew C.Me.evllle
kept out of Captain
us war.
8. Additions I. Even: The moon la approaching Its ft.'*r *n._ tint If he fflrwcn'ft you asked the secret of hl.tonlill.. 145-: "..,.,.. Tday Skew Grtee.vllle K........
to buildings poetS. 22. Haul 4 0 fI. He explained that "when I
Qlrls All 34 Barbed Nan n new phase push it the; wlll- irt revolt Another was Russell, Prowse, work, I work easy. When I alt, .10o-A..I.u T....,.s Mwte hums The Mike

name eoI\IIldered.pe&I' t, t ,A A N The morning stars are Venus from the left wing of his own and St. John in a tingling dance 1 sit loose When I worry, I.l..p :11- HI..tfy "StuI. :........Ul. 0.,1. Sh....

10 Encounter one by one 23. Wire 4 and Mars Labor party which has made number led by Russell ." .:Io-R.", ..., h.14" Perky Pis Th. Mika
11 Asocial 4. Diaphanous measure The evening stars are Jupiterand such: an abandonment a cornerstone Altogether a pleasing hour- I couldn't help but compare ':41Sch..1 "D..I" Carey Perky Pig 0.,1. Slew10.00.CPS
function 8. Printers' Saturn of its policy. It you're contented with the usual. .
that with the I
12. Medieval measure 30 Brain Former British Prime Minister Hold-The.LineiPresident response got Nab ..... Sh.II., SONik. I.uNS TI'. Mika
etorles 5. Winston Churchill was born when I put a similar questionto 10II-CIS N... T.4.,'. M..I. Spdch. l."NS 0.11,1. Slow
Manhy part tatir-lir'i Atuww Charles de Gaulle "The Entertainers" on CM is
father the occasion of 10:10-I Lee
my on : Lacy What's 16b 'ri. ..
I. I
14 Oold: '11m.adow 31 on this day AigM L. Lee,
) NearEaat has given stern orders to his known In some homes u "the hu 80th birthday 10:45-1 Lt.. L.c I
Swe3 Mo ,Is Eight 11.. lniy
18. Exclama T. Lawful : 39 Exclamation On this day In history! government to hold the line on Carol Burnett show" and certainly "Tell little daddy" 1 ,

S. Put on. native tion ofdlirrust In 1711, preliminary peace articles wage md prices regardless of the girl Is wonderful and said "how roe come, have lived l'IOo-AH.' .f CaeNbNis e. The A..., .f i
IT Put as a play 33 Kind ending the Revolutionary mounting labor discontent. The was wonderful Friday night 1 lung?" you II 1,11- Marberry. GseNbalbs M...... Mayberry.
1$. Printer'srequirement 1L Halted of 40 Sifting War were signed In Paris.In so IIllo-fll. "'cc.". J..r4. 'i..i..t li.h Tite
unions have scheduled: a Just wish to remark that Tessle I
"How the hell do I he
platform know II :41-"' M.Gp J.. ....
uUnaU US', the Rwso-Fin* of : Miune Li..h The MtGyn I
20. Conundrums 13. Indifferently ::pall ... big protest demonstration In O'Shea has become a heroine replied. "if I knew the answerto
34 Obtain Carpenter's"pin" nlsh War began after the Soviet Paris Dec. I and a 14.hour pub mine. Slays me, to coin a nifty. that I would bottle the stuff AFTERNOON I IlIool.
Union failed to obtain territorial lie services walkout Dec. 11. Maybe she'll pall with In* *
88. Male deer 1<. Admired 36 Reproves. 47 Golf terra and make a fortune.
18. Equality person: al. 45 Sea concessions from Finland. These are likely to be only the creased usage. But when she I really can't blame my tensions : ... .f h/c Sny WMs Fe...., N.... W......,

SS Perform 1>. Ctrl 3T In this 50: Kind eagle ofmuffin In 1)49, the Communists cap beginnings of a new wave of grabs that banjo, and in a on my father, however flat-1w..1 Lif. Sap WbN k.... Lsfaro. S... MN.
27 Sweet nickname place lured Chungking, China.In labor unrest. But De Guile Is number like "Two-Ton Tessle 1I.lo-Srelt fee imrr TMk ., H.IIe ,.. Stelt lee ,"'".
potato ItM, Prime Minister Dan. determined not to weaken From Tennessee" when she be- The In a list of pinpoint tension my sources trouble If/5-Fdd'u0 lNM. c............. rIc..... ,"."'i..t LIgM.
29 Told over r t J I-V ''i. t I' lei Milan of the Union of South
-- one of them be inn oo-cltl: Talk News. SpMs. M.tI.; .. Mwle L..f Ltf.
tl. Jewish Africa resigned and was replaced MA Job that doesn't fit. ff a 111'1rC Talk Waatb.r "Tahne 1A..f Lif.
month 9 10 ; by extreme nationalist Illo-W,14 r_ L.... "Mob
: Wall Street ChatterNEW man la over-qualified! for a pm'sltlon F.II Oaf" weld Ta"m
S3. rlcal" la., Johannes Strydum.Memories. it's almost as tough on I..I-W...td Tar's A 0..1 JN l.nlie Wend T.rse

SS Dralre him as .U he is bewildered by I.00-,........ D.M. GOlia 1..4ie Albert .........
Lotteries 1+ r 15 4' : ,t YORK (UPI L. 0. Cache A Co. says the line of itis duties." 1:11-4 De.... ilk'' N........ ........4
41 HlgheitCAfd Hooper of W. E. Hutton A Clio least resistance continues to be That's me. an right. Over-" Zlo-H: LAy '... 0....... Day I. GA H._ Lary

., .t U U l& believes the market measuredby upward and believes that the qualified. really should be Z:41-H: Party 'Ite DNwn Day I. CeIIrt H.. /..rte3.00Te

42 :20 YEARS AGO the Dow- on.. averages, will major part of the yearend rally preeidnnt of this company. And
.t'IJa'n a4 tS- continue to rise over !ore next Tell Tnta Aware W..4. &.....1 T. Till Trent
Is still to come.P.
anon r L40 Mrs W F Court left for Pl'okWW be If I weren't l'I5-T. hll Tnt1 A....... Werld H..It.1
41 Bolivian her home in New York aftera few weeks and probe K unt I bewildered to much of the time. ..10-I4..f Nigh. Y.. Omit Say TIae Tall Tr.M
export U LI I' a. ; visit after the turn 01 the year W. Brooks Co. believe Yews E/q. ci Nit'
here with her mother Anyway the booklet does 1:4I-U .f Night Y.. Drs'. Say Mankdn u. .f N:qM.
49 Conjunction Mrs John Morley However Hooper suggested that any significant new that stria. one cheerful note. It says
46: Savage 11. u r sl N srsl 10 YEARS AGO that traders reduce rather than might be forthcoming will awe that "--' tensions are good." 4:00-s.: .... Shew Mash Came Tr.iI....... Spent St...

n. US. d .. Approximately 800 Increase: their holdings on likely be downward than upward "to fact, we need some ten- 4II-Secret Stevm Match Game T..rJ..... SNa.t Shoe
emblem n & "I personsetlended strength and raid the better the and therefore rececnoie afar M stay alive," It ssys."A 4IO-U..I. WiN'e leave It T..rJ...... S.__..
the C'OUIlt.Wicit meeting 4.45Adre.hew r. ..._ Trehashr
(1 bird Elbe I U 11 4. 45 of the Classroom Teaehtra! market gets the more they > Is tat( any ..,ir
Association In the Winter IU. IbnuW .U. equHiea today be made on but la BO shape to dodge a .-OO-Wtely TIae LIeorI Set...... Wtely
tributary 4 r NN 4, so Hooper said this does not a highly selective tasls.Th'V speeding car." 11- Wee4_.. TN.... Skew St...... W.deass.r

Si Crmtenddfor yen High School Auditorium.S meta etU ever)''''< but sell plenty of r.,w,, Very tn*. Oa (tie other 5.o-le... N TIae Lived S....... W.... N.... W.......
YEARS AGO en- lot duei *l."r 1:41Te ...- Tbaute. Sr.- N..... EAtwd.l.
SA "
tawt t' E4"-ri.l Earn
a iiittit "1
63 At that : ; The dedication of LakAlfred ..". IMre.t.o -
time 'a new 1300) .000 elementary for anu cumulate euou< n ash .it down" iced b out thai auto traffic w theocean -neat .....; wb.J.ln en ;.;........ by rte tel.vi.sm -dNi..a

M. Shade u S4 arhool was planned for price poaslble sometime purchases al lower Gn-wn, Bergen NJ.( ) CouD- bottom is laS exceedingly ..../. an tdiect N ......,.. at ..rylass.. TW 0..ly N. trees durfnrthefirst' heavy. aed i" eat _
... the N..1w: NY: ibsa..l.a: _We fee pr.grem sleeps eel
following half of the new u ty l i: vi.. .


. . .J.. . . .

r L..J.JJJ..1


Fog Closes iv _..,w*.... '*" f ,tvv JTAf ...


Down Miami,

r ( / *I o

InternationalMIAMI (UFQ-MUml'i bsy, HAMBURGFILMING # _

International Airport wu closed

down for an hour Monday when t

a thick for settled over !th*

city, llmltlnc visibility to an A
eighth of a mile.

TIle Miami Weather Bureau

aid .the foe was part smoke,

but Mt Loa Angeles type tmog.

"Smog is about half and

half," a weathermen said."This

was Jut a little bit of smoke." __"_" 9_"' __ ---"",,- -
Traffic at the airport was
held up from 8 to 7 awn., when :m wcc-TON CHURCHILL A PI1't1Rl. RtPORT; floe U', :n, a lieutenant in the >\' I .:, \ o i irowlcIf ', II:

the early moraine tot drifted in grand old man of world statesmanship marks his totlt birthday the Doer %,it ut ono. tin i ,00:0, ,nil 'I i i I ii.'ul" n.:. I

from the Everglades. toda still active but with lifetime memories and accomplishments 1932::, and i'IVlIII' tho taino< t. h't VII't\ \ 'Ixri i In World W.\I. t 1I,

Forecasters said aaharpdropIn unmatched In history.. Above Churchill tint as a boy of

temperatures Sunday night Sir Winston

caused the foe to form over (the

swamp The low Sunday night Indian Lakes Finances 10 Jaycees (Continued From P MOm: ,

In Miami was 67 with Tallahassee A Jolly Good Fellow" ending

reporting 48 and Jack To Win New with three "hurrahs."

son vUl. 50.Weathermen. Smiling, Sir Winston wa\.ed

said temperatures i Cars TonightTen with GIlt and then both hanJi.

were expected to drop fur. Stable Maisano SaysTrustees Then the couple withdrew.

ther Monday night and there The crowd clamored for mor.

may be some danger of frostIn Jaycee will drive away Lady Churchill came to the

the northern regions of the from tonight's meeting In window. "Sir Winston I* tired,"
of the Teamsters to proceed with further development
state. brand-new Ford and will have she said "Thank you for all
Union. James R. Haifa and U of Indian Lakes
use of the oar for a week your kindness, Sir Winston has
otJ1.u. .flied a mortgat for- ..tat..,
with all expense paid. to reel so he can watch the mu
Closure suit for over $. million "We have already prepared All paid-up members of t eJaycees sisal reminder"
George Lingo to circuit court In Barlow ales program for unsold lots
wUldroptJ1.lrnam..lna One of the reminders seen W
Friday In Indian Lake Estate which
against Indian Lakes
hat a* they walk Into the Jay the former prim minister Sun.
Estates Inc and the could quickly satisfy the term
ii today CM Clubhouse tonight at TjJO. day night was "Ninety YearsOn
president of the corporation of the mortgage. W* also have
the "
Following regular meeting a W.minute t.levt.lonpro.
Dies At Age 59 said the action was premature had several group express anInt.re.t 10 names will be drawn from the ductlon by the British Broadcast.

time"Ws" regret the action at this In"purchasing the entire hat. The winners will be presented tog Corporation (BBC ) re..naruIng
laid Anlhony. Maisano. property.
keys to the new Ford the songs and musical (am.
George Dallas Lingo 59, of "There Is far more than Th suit filed by the trusteesof The car will be firnishedhy edy. hits of his lifetime

Thomas Road Eagle Lake died nought actual value In Indian the Central Slates, Southeast Thomas-Water' Motor. In cooperation The BBC spent $''.000 on the

early this morning at his home e Lake Estates to satisfy the and Southwest Areas Pension with Ford Motor production. British entertain

A native of Rockwood, Term., mortgage, to satisfy any other Fund of the Teamsters, seeks The program I* being carried meet elate participated. Noel

he came to Eagle Lake fromKingaport claims, and to fully protect the deficiency decree on two out throughout Florida by Coward narrated and the rhoir

Tenn., mill?.Lingo Interests of all of the ownarc mort a es held by the fund on* Ford Motor and I* being participated of Churchill's old school, Harrow

retired as a coal miner In 1951. of property In Indian Lake for $1J10OS7andthe other for In by all civic club, sang school songs,
H. preferred the Freewill Estate," he said."Appraisals $800,000.,
---- -- -
Baptist faith and was a memberof _t1. of Indian Lake The suit claim Indian Lake

the F. t A. M. Masonic Estates mad al the Urn of the Estates has defaulted In payment 2 Youths Jump 24 TrampledTo

Lodge of Cllntwood, Va. mortgages show (there Is a fair on the mortgage and part

Survivors Include his ",widow cash value of $13.1 million" of the interest and has also (Continued From Page One) Death

Mrs. Della Adklns Lingo at I Mslesno continued failed to pay real estate lira
10 feet or more
name leaped
Eagle Lake; five daughters, "Only In the past few week on property described In the In the air. JALAP, Mexico 1\:1'11: : --

Mrs Gilbert Shaw Mrs. Jack pare local court recognized mortgage. Meal returned lo the car after Twenty I four person were
Powers and Mrs. Clarence our position and ruled favorably for (he ahot- trampled to death and 3? In.
the explosion
Ratllff all of Eagle Lake, Mrs to give us legal authority and shell the boys had lured In a stadium tier Sun.
guns day night when a crowd: of 8,000
George T. Campbell of Winter
40.Year CareerContinued taken along to go duck hunting
Haven and Mrs Thomas Dylesof tampmled' for the exit at the

High Point N. C.; one son, AccreditationAppeal ( From Pose One) near Barlow.Perger said. the car was a total end of t political rail) They
had been Invited to a festival
Tom W. Lingo of Hagerstown, lost with Die entire front end
the child' mother "Th people were like a pack
Md.; five sisters Mrs. Sam the
and Interior gutted by
Brown of Bluefleld, W. Va., was shout to have baby and flames II* said he understood of wild animal," said Mayor

Mrs. John Murphy of Pine know, e Made needed help the Dartow lire department Kellpe Lagun of Atopen, "I

Ky.) Mrs. W. L, Rodgers and "I 1 hurried to the nearest was called to the seen to u- lived second" that seemed like

Mrs. Paul Abston both of Rock- e. yy.f phone and called the doctor" tlnrulsh th* flame Years

wood, Term., and Mn. W. C. LOMSY1LJ I Ky fUPI I) h* uld Th doctor gut thereIn Brgr said the toy usuallyhad --------

Martin of Plketown Ohio; two ; School oftv'lals from DuvalCount lime and WombU had in- a small pram on the roof Mariner's SpaceI

brothers Dave Lingo of Rtngo, \ Ma., prepared Mondayto other new customer on hi* of the mill car when they vent

Ga., and Ham ml t Lingo of New make another appeal to stave rout. hunting, I From Tag One '

Orleans La.; and IS! grandchildren FILMING OF HISTORIC GRADUATION Above an scenes from the Paramount movie off .lsa+ < reflation of IS high "I saw chllren grow UP I'm only grateful they didn't

short depleting the history of the hamburger which was filmed here Friday. At lop, the com. schools, but an Informed source graduate from school, marry, have It (this time," he Mid. it to the mlMion objective of

Funeral services and burial mencement exercises at Hamburger U, with the traditional hat throwing. Below, Vern Vineyard said the appeal' "doesn't hav I'' have chlMrrn. of their awn and "Th* pram sort of engulfs the wlthu'*-1,000' mile. from thesurr'Bct -

will 1Silder\ the dimtlon of right owner of McDonald's Is the "professar'pd! Tom WlllUm.v a professional actor U the prayer" "" watched; them !ruIN up," the 11UI car and IMAote! ..1II'tr. I *.
the Carter Clamon Funeral graduating "student." Right, the camera crew in action. The Southern. Aso< latlon of .' out the 'door-*, 'but must Mtel. nrted thai this was
Home of KlnesDort... Sullivan(. Colleges and Schools central postmkn islet'Many : climb out the windows. They the first Mm. a star la this

County), T'M.- reviewing committee upheld of them still Uu might not have made II had the case th* ** Md br if,West vlsl-
he had don
not so and the "
The Ott-Laughiln Funeral Probe Uncovers Weird Series Sunday night he( recommend long RR1 pram been on tip" Me from earth Wit ,ud for

Home was In charge of local Goodwins were still in Jail so lion of the group's Florida com.mtttee Wombl firs went to work Neal Is a senior al Winter an ."11..... reference on a lone

arrangements. (Continued From Paw One ) was outside of his jurisdiction.The Judge for them Bell to than be released made possible on their* ta dlsacrredlt t h e here wh.nh.. post office ass Haven high School and a OCTstudent apace mission The hlstm it trip
tt Mar where scientists be*
schools. In old rented building al Florida to ,
an employed
ed to U she had of hi.mony. law forbids police officers own recogntinc. When the
see any hove some form of life exists, is
Duval County School Supt. lab of Wrst Crntral Office Martin
from accepting rewards for the corner Supply. I I. a student -
but she had She Is Goodwin out left for
got they
performing any act in the line of Brand saM he would make an Av.. and Third St, where M,- at Polk Junior Colin. $$> million mile \ m.
still In New andSchoner Alabama. MacCalla orderedte
Mexico Plait call tor the spacecraft
719 Are Killed appeal to the general session of '. located From
duty. fror, Is now
has Indicated that he wantsto $1,000 returned to Schoner.: tn fly past Marl nest July' 14
told sheriff'sdeputies the association Tuesday, but a the fccilltles wr *
Schoner who there
out there to Chief has Insisted that
presumedly Dayton
go takIng
with its television earner
eater reversal of the reviewing com.mlltee's Catholics UseContinued
that he had not moved two blocks furthernorth
marry her. he acted In good faith simply It picture of the fed plan
decision would be un.prec
The next Incident concerning advertised any reward, told answering the advertisementwhich ilented.: on Third Street t* the ( From Pile fin, .t'. terrain, including: us' fascia-

Over Holiday Scorner the one which Judge Dayton that he could pay him Schemer ran la the Dally building now known n the Old along ", anlals,"
The county had been on pro.hatiee Manhattan
Bell has suggested the FBIinvestigate only $1,000 for the information.He News-Chief and that b* U entitled of Postal Building longed one Other instruments aboard Ma-
didn't come to light cam to Eagle:: Lake on Friday to the reward because he for t year The post office moved to III woman. rinsed are scheduled to' study
United Press InternationalThe until after the rob night Oct. 16, and had his citizen deficiencies such as Inadequate Third St The twitch to the rematuUr
i By attempted was acting as a private prfwnt location at radians space dust and magnetic
facilities and too many pupils
, nation's traffic toll for bery.Sometime. grandfather wire him the money and had no police authority In teacher and Ave A. SW, In I UI3T Butnow was approved Ut form near Man,
after he had talked with ChiefDayton per (he Vatican Council and
weekend fell
the Thanksgiving before the weekendof the case at all la
thai building outgrown
tar short of the toll for a slm Oct 18, Eagle Lake Police and an Eloise couple. But the ad never ran In the Inadequate, property valuation problem hai Pope Paul VI a* part 01' the
Chief Dayton then called for school till purposes was the Aa acul apse ecumenical movement to tight
liar period last year Chief Gordon Dayton called Dally News-Chief. principal reason given for the furred II carriers" to hv to bond between Christiansof
Judge Bell, who was at the foot en the
and told him back Ms
Schoner In Miami
Schonr was given
United Press International ONE
The Villa
ball game that nl.ht.'hen hecouldn.t accreditation loss work out of the Florence alt faith through rr..lertompr.helllion. only
count at 8:30 a.m. EST he had some Information about $1,000, and put on a bus beckto and Fluke\ slstlon .
get Judge Dell, Dayton
what to his that was
happened money Miami. The next
showed !S39 had died! in
persons end Mri Wombl have It marked the first change In
called Constable Leon Thornton Mr.
traffic accidents during the hoi- and would give It to him for heard of him was almost four Airlift
12,000. to take a statement weeks later on Thursday Nov. Mercy one ton Dr. William L Worn the language of the Mas sine
day( period. When Thornton found out that bee of Sanford and two grandchildren the 4th Century when Latin was
Chief Dayton who had! Investigated 12, when he tried to rob the Bankof I There Is
The breakdown the earlier Incident the Information concerned a Lake Alfred but was tackled Continued From Page One) The WomW! live itIM officially designed the languageof ;

Traffic S39 although It happened outside of case the sheriffs department had while running, with a gun (none on all fronts, the chance of : South Lake Silver Drlv the liturgy [

Fires 46 Eagle Lake and he had no legal been working on, be called hand and a paper sack full of survival for many of the whites Womble plane t* keep hooks only one

Planes 21 authority In the case, claimedthat Deputy Ray Willis After Willis money In the other, tor a tad are seriously" compromised to for several imsll business CAMnRIDGr. Mas. OT!:>-

Miscellaneous 113 Schoner had advertised In heard part of the conversation cab. sir the least" one military observer firm enough W keep him Protestants and Roma ratho Sun. i WELCOMEWAGON'
he tics worshipped together
called Chief
Total 719 the Dally News-Chief to paya Criminal Investigator said.Nearly buoy for about half of mh
Eddie DeReua. After the day night making religious his.
12,000 reward for Information
any 1,000 hostage were
New York led the nation with ball game Judge Bell was also day. Cory In a Cambridge church
concerning his money.Chief Saigon Train rescued last week 'la two spec- Just enough to keep me
called In.Ervll owe
Gen. Washington
48 followed by George
traffic deaths
Dayton felt that he could titular mission carried out by from rusting out." h* std!
Goodwin and) Ms wife attended .
Texas 40, California )4, Illinois accept the reward since the ease the Belgian paratroopers Jumping .
25 and Michigan and Pennsylvania Johnnie Bell Goodwin, testified Christ Church, off Harvard
----- from t'J. Air Force plane.
23 each Montana and that Wilson had agreed to pay Square, was the site of I H"
The troops left the Congo Sunday
No Frost Kills 17 Freeze Seen
Wyoming were the only states Goodwin $500 to bunt the car Mishap en rout back to Drustels, Roman Ctholl.rplcotl ecu.
with no reported accidental so he could: steal Schoner's menlcal Advent service, be.
LAKELAND (UPD-The mor. Ciflity4lv and possibly u (Continued from Pig One:
deaths of kind. money. hewed unique in the U III i 11 e d c
any nine temperature bulletin from SAIGON (CFt A locomotive many a* 11? hostages were
Up until this time there had BO'S In the lower east coast States
C Weather Bureau without M engineer ran e
The holiday began at pm. Lakeland : slain .by rebels before help
Wednesday and continued until Forecast for peninsular Flo. been no talk before Thornton wild through Salgon'i main could reach Item Three of the district Th. Ifcmlnute service tn the -- 10 ...,. sal ..,.trrhrhuwnw.nd "

midnight Sunday. The National rids for tonight and Tuesday or Willis of any reward, bat railroad station today in what victim were Americans" at Brisk northerly wind should I04-yer<1 church Included : t..I..,,", ...,..1 .. '
when Goodwin hesitated Chief keep frost from forming despite by Rt. Rev. Loosen .. ,
sermons .
Safety Council said that for a morning: may have been I Communist least five more! VJt, cltlxen re .. ""IR '
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