A FULL HOUSE with stark branches, with snk .,.rtm m eke' will ales ye.
AND LOTS OF CHANGES-Som. kind of r.eord was it at the Winter Haven Hoi-
owls, fashioned of pinecones tilt Mm d ,. dbl* seals et la tilt +dp
pit*! this weok. On. night, th.r. wr* thirty-two bbii In the nursery *t the hospital. Mrs louhe Super clever ..a. Ael w* wield,. like t. eitende
naugh, pictured! h.r. In the crowded nunery, hat b..n working double shifts, at have other, due to the Dancing, blinking was large to the eyes.music of e slMi.tt ikenki te yea for ,.me. i
population ..plol on. (In the yean the hIS been there, the recalls the very most at on. time was twenty Roy Woods' orchestra. blM ei end r ml I" yes ear ba unr-
k.l. ORIES
on. Th. smallest of the bablei weighed two pound and fift..n ounce, and the 'larqett, a whopping ten Costume price winners were U ROY GallS the fanan. TRUDY

pounds, fourteen and a half ounce These were all tingle birth and were all whit. The girl outnumb.r.d Mrs. Paul Legg and Elmo Hood.
the boy th.r. w.r. leventeen girl to fift..n boy. Approximately sixty enjoyedthe
event.Miss ; REGISTER for FREE 15 Pound

Lydia Class Meets At Biggers Home Mixing Bowl LesserIs jestlnghouse' TOP LOADWASHER

MM. J, R. Bigger was host Mrs. N, J. Trlplett gave the New Convenience FoodsNew New HomeEconomist I
ess at her home this week to prayer. Here .
members of the Lydia Glut of Plans were made to assist the
the Parkland Baptist Church. WMU in preparing a ThanksgivIng convenience (o o d t and arrange In I" x I" square L
Devotional were led bi Mr*. basket for a needy family. mean more and better dinner biking dixh Pour syrup over Miss Gwen Lesser, a 1864
Russell Pafford, and the first Chocolate pound cake,nut and
parties this fall (Hour of food apple, Bake In a ISO" F oven home economics graduate of
part on the theology of out. coffee were served. preparation time have been for 43 minutes until apples Ire Catawba College ballsbun (ucrcii HIAVT PUTT AUTOMATIC WASMISIh ,
reach, explaining the emphasisof Members attending were Mesdames N. C. Is new home economistwith
reaching read. Foster Bond Richard lived for the busy hostel, tender Baste occasionally To Be Given Sat Nov. 7
adults was Tampa Electric Co In Away
during baking Mix brown sugar ,
Weed, David Stabler Jr., Jim and mike iheid recipe guarantee Winter Haven, W, T bn>'der. r
Greenfield Joe John Russell the dinner's ..uer"l.A cinnamon, cloves, and sales manager In Winter Haven MODEL 8 PM N. d.sec'.. ,. II."
Pafford Ed Marquardt James good example of time savIng lemon rind. Remove apples has announced, i LAS JM TM here >* lie i>f..... t* win. I
Reynolds Ray Caughtry W. W. convenience food I I. the from oven Sprinkle with rum

Bennett Jr., N. J. Trlplett, J. new cranberry orange relishnow then brown sum mixture. Miss Lesser will be available '- --. .. .
B. Miller Jr., William Powell packed In 14 ounce Jirs Place under broiler for a few to clubs and other groupsfor [ MOST FREE
and the hostess. This popular fruit relish I I. ill minute until brown sugar glvlngdemonstrstlonsonthe I'' RIFRIOtRATOItFREEZE
ready to serVe with the meat starts to caramelize Cool ind use and care of electrical tp.plllne. ,
Spaghetti Supper course No grinding, no fuss serve a* dessert or fruit relish ... 1 CO..IINATlON...
A Spaghetti Supper will be or must Use the cranberry Miss Lesser attended Flo j'
served from five to even orange relish to mike ulidt. rids Southern College, Lakeland I e 1 17I.I Ik. FreitFr** ,.....,

p.m.Elbert tomorrow Elementary night School it the hot bread. desserts too. What's NewA Her ,parents for two live and one in Dradenion half years' ..--u ii I l a ,lit a.. ft. i.,..l'y (NIMAIFr )

Ticket dollar for Cranberry orange relish t I e .f..*r.. Cl'"l ln|....'

Only' Kid" .. """., .>vini adult and are fifty one cent for children makes i glistening glue for small portable electric New ArrivalsMr. ***|.lIft'r |
A Lan AMOci.tlon .lvFMlt .. hot or cold routed Turkey tumbled dryer can be rolled to .
S T D. Meat. held,
caM Oran Stomp roll or baked ham Spoon It any convenient spot and plugged r
when sea 'pen .r add"te Clinton Thomas II 1M.
general i "A'
Into AC outlet It handlesa '
In over the meat just before "'"
": MMl.st .
Four sad Mr Richard ,C. ,
chairman, hat announced that load equivalent to tour wom- ...
n was our mar terving The fruit reliih Cling Hinder I J. .1.I* Crisper(
vf Lakeland the
e IPIDOt'/IDIRAL. W W en's art
the event Is to the pub. dresses sis m.n'l.hlrt
slat "Woo Wln'or H._. lie to the meat and mike It I and III the venting needed Is an proud parents of a soft born e Oil1.Ooh.lf. Tilt.U. Shelf ,

party special.lfere'r open door or window it 1:28: p.m. Monday In the a lee cake I.....,
mother fill fruit dish Winter haven iloipltil The ,
a leg C.IIt.J..ltl. ./ ..
for a hiiffet upper Try bikIng baby tipped the leaks at six
WE ARE PLEASED apple dices! In cranberry Young student and hobbyists pounds lad eleven ounces, and + """ o .. gaiter C..IIIII./

TO ANNOUNCE THAT lulce cocktiil This keep wellin can now cero in on the un has been aimed Scott Richard, __.. ""l. I 'Wee' self. .111./11 w herd
y he refrigerator *o cm be known with alow-coet precision tie li also being welcomedby eenddu.y,

MISS SHIRLEY served throughout the wwkCRANBFRRIFD microscope that quickly room a brother, Stevle, and his .. j t l I e Chan K..,.r I>

APPLE to the desired magnification grandparents, Mr*. KatherineWinder e Iwl lf,Out ..,., ......
BURKE SLICE One model of the new micro of this city, and Mr e
1 cup granulated sugar cope produces from IS to 100 and Mr George Kosmatka of e 0...'Uk.'....* It* hey Ih.I''

't f's Formerly .. A'rj.n' lusty Sala 1 cup cranberry juice times magnification, the other Ikllfontalne Ohio

IS NOW A MEMBER cocktail from 50 to ZOO.

4 to' baking apple All $49995r !
-- O ,+ .
1 tableinoon rum (optional)) I '\- ,
H CUD light brown sugar MODEL .DI 61

*4 teaspoon ground cinnamon I I" the ,*,.*.* mytt.fiou potts -
POWDER PUFF U teaspoon ground clove long I* soon years uofMtl
1 teaspoon grated lemonrind wane hung on wells more often then
used floor covcrlnt. WIJTIN4HOUJEPORTAIll'
r.d they were "*
This was prticuiriy true In the '
BEAUTY SALON Sir grinuited sugar Into r
Orient chive the carpets wr e..ulateiy .-
; In ,
crinbrrry juice saucepan patterned end richly colored t up DISHWASHER f 01
and boil together rently
IKIUIOIIAUIICIANI It'* not known when tile first
111 Stll St.. N.W. IfJ-JtOO lightly thickened (S minute), wool carpet was md, but Ml >< .........'..Iy style
Peel core and lUre apples claimed that beautiful, carpet were e New ..1_..'.
bmg woven by tile Bbytonint IS .1...... eel
arty is 4000 a C I jhI .I.ewiee. -'I..
.... I....
T 1 e S.eMtnr, I

132 W. Central Ave. DwWe '11I drylaeLSTINGHOUSI '
19" 'OUAILI a l.rvl.e legS.
+ It" ,l.i..irfO. TV
Clearance l C I ti ftrtt .114 UH' ftt ..... .. I
e I Tr Sot I.pl.amees G..,. ... ,

e '.'f". fkhtf Tab C...."...

JOt SAIL $259'5MM.I /

An event of the first magnitude a clearance of Amelia MacAliiter'ibeautiful S16995 MOon {v 91A

and timeless clothes, chosen by the smart woman wbo wishesto Sale htl"h.tf.e"

be In fashion and stay an individual i'z


for. one el the molt l>|r.'.::111I ...,.., ,.... eed L.... G..,.'.. I
ir letton M tile f tilearpet
Calory > h...,. ,h.".e. end eabinefr .o d.wra
n : On* cold end nowy win
Famous LabelsIn D.med.epphireplile
lf th* proud end regal OuMn : /
Wise beech a IdM 4 M.opbse
demanded Past a wool :rpt lie S I" 4..4 dealere raand ,., ,.,
_i floor of hr Grand Presence f--1ft
her Th* M the Infiton for wool
BETTER DRESSES .Meals 11ft tilt floor end N toe $2O95
asee mono I SAt/

Y4 to l/2 OFF and Below esfleg6 .

Today. some of the world's wott Neutrfu cerpM* ere *n<-* else
I Hung on walls M unIQue d.caN.ona And woes M "III 1M yen tfrR
chosen for tile beet CJrprlt for bath floor end watt Wtwl mere, Yjl.yO
woo continue to be the MM moM often selected tot ';erpet and OR



$10 up 1 1/3 Off and Below 1 1/4 Off 1 I 1 ails t M ao,,l gt10 r e==...:. a5' S32ts

Weekend Features S
Y'S f04 G fit Hw > a Cemplot>* Selection

TOt TMUIfOAVt iIO* M0 lAfUlPATIn 0 ei Small Appliances log Your

UngerW. ._aten. boutique, ballets and meet other Item ,Wbdjng Jewelry ChrUlnua Selection l Layaway Now,
and kaadbip reduce Shop now for 'hristmas,rWe will gladly .



.: j1g'O & SERVICE II

'tlfJrIt eve I /
mAL CASH //IV" Home el BtauUfal clothes
CY 33452N.d 10 Gumming' F nlfu2o" CY 3466SI


I Ii'


I I P Umh One Yow Choke With/ $5 or Mere Order

': SANBORN 1-Ib. Can
\ (1I
I I 1 Mb. Can Save 28
Save 24c

..... .,
;:i iij M I ,11a111dr1aaMK .1. <1 hMmalml.r JI -e a.m11L

::; i 0 FkCELt.G 1A1YT f r BRAN SAL ,

c. MCM Wlnttc Effetiv Here Nmmkw Stem 5 Thru only Nor.7 (Oc )

!i am .-,....."".. ..


k 4 P 150 FOURTH STREET, N.W. Gila 3-lb.G. 59C 139C MIX 'EM OR MATCH 'EM!

QiMttty Rlgta .,,,,..
Dele--genl Giant Package 39cI Peaches S1 n Firo $1


" Toward Package Unit of Your Choice 5 ILCanl$1


Whk CMPM FrM look YMtMrfvri Tuna 5 No.\Hlnl$1 '
Sptdil Birgiiu ft Burnt Tip Vale l Stamp SAVE 25c THRIFTY MAID SLICED OR
I Roast E-Z Carve RIB 3P A c t tT.
Cut Beets 10 $1
No.1TaCwii Per Pound *
SAVE 3 Macaroni {fiS; lOc e .
Boneless Top Round 99
SAVE -THRlnY MAID,foppl.Or'frult or Or r..g. Ie ale SAVE 45c THRIFTY MAIDApplesouce
f i N U Per PoundBONELESS 303 Cuu
Drink 4 GIB'' s100 10 -'- $1 !(
SAVE I6e -THRIFTY MAID Cream Styli or Whol. Ktrntl I.
Saltines. 19c Boast flA C ;
SAVE 1 lie-SLICK v Per Pound 99 M C orn 8mtii5it$1; ,"

Raisin Bread It:T 23c ROUNDSTEAK Umit Eight

Swiss SAVEI DIXIE DARLING Roll SANDWICH. I 12 Pb Pak,. 39c FULL CUT Ot 0 12 02. 39 0 Pork FRESH Loin ">- 69c Sweet Peas I 303 Cut $1

(. Bread ,., 2141 y: 25c LI. Pork Butts !*'- 39c SAVE 48c THRIFTY MAID CUT '
r'v I FRESH BONELESS .Green Beans I' t I

; DAIRY DEPT. Pork Butts 49c SAVE 32c THRIFTY MAIDTomatoes
303 Cans
8 $1
I Umlt Eight
Cheddar Cheese -65c Bacon 49c

Spread *.">. LOI'' 89c Cod or Perch III. 39c Catsup I I1Z0LltlS.$1
lORDEN'S Swot or Butttrmllk PINKY PIG

Biscuits 4'OL Can. 39c Wieners39c

i ,

IMThi1 I Grd I Beef I Lge. Eggs I Sausage I '

1 1I I i o h : r [ / !




i 72 x 90 h Siso Meal Pies
I I I ,tea

PIcnic ql..SJ c.IIIIM S249' 5 49cva' + 5 for Sloo

_Cwifmi V.R4 Tkn .. Bag
W NN D! Cl N Y

fixs $ Grapefruit 5 :ft: 39 I'I'enchl'I'ies3 I00

1M; Tanrow'4 Ck J or SINiIETONIaksJHam

/ CwIwWY111nrwr WINK IYI,K:..wIY 69 Hr Potatoes 10 III.. 79 Shrimp Fn115Po.1.J Or'nge Juice 4 ,c::; 99


I ri..., Lettuce 2 1- 39c %.89/ Str'berries: 4 99


A. N fha.F IfliX, : '::: Nr Apples 5 ft 49c Squash. 5 99

EJi TRAb, EX.TR Eru/l /* I IiA.y I E7iC'4'RA
/ r
N w IIU M.M.iyI -
H WL.-MM --- --
,a pwj .....LY C-w.'.... [ 1 I--I a.t'I
Fb cara=:,;; 89t .utaCWpI,...59c GoaNxB u 49 Ust/rina :9&] GapStolk ",...slooc
.. ,
CwV.5411N. N.,1 _V.11. %.Nw,, Cwp.Y.1111. N. F C.y. V.14 I Nw c.- 1M 11ft.FA
I ANT'WINK D$ 5 01 5Wl N Y Af ANY WINM fII", 0.'W1r AT ANt WHOI.NT'f Q r'W.w' rr At AMY W..M Yr!M rw

__ _
--- ------rw.u.wr
--.. .



Wtdrwday., November 4. 1964 WINTER HAVFN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF--WINTER HAVEN. FLORIDA Peg. Thirteen

Dear Abby At Record SpeedNEW (HII STANFORD IN1.\I.S, Calif I CPI \

Returns Reported Stanford Uiilveislty rUin' t
1 lepoii. that bone found n-"
I Be Tactful Mom -tfj (t'nth at a construction Mtf t
t the those of \vhI'l
"Th.' been a particularly ampuacur
YORK (UPI) The not affect the national tally
major sews agencies and teto. Offlrtals of the press assocla. errors I and iiicceasful effort In that lived between 20 and. 10
Abigail Van Itarcn vision network polled their lions and networks said today caught of the popttloaja areas million year two The bones "n
vote-cowtinf reaource and re. that NFS was a successful step reported / election I I are main two coupe. about yard apui '
We anhleven our uric UUc-oveied near the bait '"
ported the election results fast forward in election coverage "
DEAR ABBY: There u a teacher who should toll.... la either case, he has boniness .. er than at any time in history Earl J. Johnson vice prest. tn glvtag MM public ( M Si-foot-deep cut made bv
been retired M f' The combined editor of United Press ttC and .*)c..ie count an raitli mover 11001 kina un 't .
have year* ago. but she Is still cHIlI about service provtd. dent and .
"every evening until mkMht. II vie .......1 it has I instruction of the s< hex"
teaching. She aeema to get pleasure out of making he Is out If school net to return. weH-bell COB- ed the nation's news media International saluted colleaguesin
her pupil miserable She ha been at the surer himself ".. his. ...." whether yes like K with tabulation of actual count the consortium "It was a new s, : a highly MMcetMful eve. uii"ar nuclem, acteleratoiI
tame school) ever since I can remember and er not By 17 a bey' character Is fairly. well ed votes for the presidential, welUconrelved and welkexecuued reported ucre..flI."U' for NGS: and we can Fall Pit ku'd. Sta"t:t tuln !
I have yet to bear a good word about her. She formed. And yea eaa only hope that you did all. senatorial, eoflcraealonal and enterprise," he Mid. of vote Improve. Md.. strengthen 'nioli"i Kt says; the bone
ha picked on my IOn and hat ridiculed and yea could to form It well. gubernatorial race from the SO Wee Gallagher general me. tion and I ..... even mere in l Oft l'uI'ml'lI'' were identint
humiliated him more than once Now he look state and District of Columbtt. agar of the Associated Press, was an ...." t rash comparison with t ti atop
for excuse (sore throat, stomach upset) to he C e The results were provided aa said the vote count was so fast eat Leonard, eecutle pro. ,tt i,i earths other fossil bon
can stay home. I am afraid to report her to the DEAR ABBY: We have recently moved from tabulated result not projec./ that It made unnereasary the self of the CRS election unit, Mr, 'liid I the whale lived dtittu
principal and take might find out who. made the midwest to Paterson New"Jersey, and the toes. use of projections by newspa. I timer I 'He felt It worked beau. t Inn Mio<'rnp Eia when there(
the complaint it out on What
can be done my way these Easterners strike up a eetwereattonI The tabulation was providedby pars, since they had deHnlte ABC We felt we were able to were many local shallow srusind
I rather amazing to me. It I II, "What line are the Network Election' Serv. results In hand for early edt.tlona. public i: more complete returns the North: American cm\tint -
CONCERNED MOTHER in?" of hlfrlih<< earlier than ever!before," 'nt\ was Mill emerging
you Ice (NEB),, an undertaking __ __________ __u__ _
DEAR MOTHER: Ask the principal If I have always thought It WM rude to ask a United Press International, the
ether have cempUlaed about the veteraa Iack question like that but it newton so common here Associated Press, the National
er, and state the problem ayes know It-''Itli..ut that maybe I am wrong Will you please set Broadcasting Co., the Columbia I
indicting the teacher Ai Broadcasting System and the
understanding this Kansas corn ball
principal will help you-and year .... straight? American Broadcasting Co.

e TOPEKA for each the handled combined a group aervlce.of states )1itt fOnt Anniversary Offers 1

DEAR ABBY: What I II a good curfew time DEAR TOPEKA It IS rode But rudeness UPI tabulated In each state
for a boy 17 year eofbe age' la your opinion.should know aa state lines and It has been known to its own results on race below
a boy that permitted to go "out" Jump aaltoaal bonadarles and *ce iu as well.Problems' Congress
every evening until midnight and on the week. United Press International
ends much later till? He tell me that other Write to ABBY, Box 611'00. Los Hashed at 10:11 p.m. EST that
mother don't even know what time their sons Angeles: Calif. For a personal reply, enclose a President Johnson had been
get in because they are asleep Unfortunately stamped addressed envelope elected. On the basis of votes BRAKE RELINE
for I him) I am the kind of mother who can't counted by that hour he was
deep until he is In the house Your answer if e assured of an electoral college
might help mother because I
printed many
Hate to write letters- Send one dollar to majority.
know this i* a common problem Thank you
Abby, Box 69700. !All Angeles Calif. for Abby'i There were some tabulation
CONCERNEDDEAR booklet 'HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL errors which were corrected
OCCASIONS," Tabulating equipment broke
CONCERNED!' : : A year-old boy I II down for some time In W Iscon.

either la high school hammers eKc.t..) or la MeN.hl 'rlldltel.. 1M I%. sin, but these occurrences did 1388. ,... 1995'''' 2395-...
------- ------
N "" .
..' *IIB

I Many Candidates Elected Without GOP Opposition ..."...& 1111/.'.... .'U'**.

Voter of the Seventh Con. Clen Duty was named to ed to flU that post, succeeding Durrance and Austin T. Race
grelonal District of Florida serve a second term aa 'state H, D. Sloan Jr.
elected James A. Haley of Sarasota attorney while Lee Roy Horton James U Roden lax aeasor Jr.school were board.both reflected to the WE DO ALL THIS WORK .
to his seventh term in the was elected to his second terma was reelected; Hobson r
William A. Read Jr was reelected -
, U. S. Congress yesterday, voter public defender. Both are Strain was chosen to succeed A 1I.I.c. std tieing and .10... is ell a t..t brab. .h. ,.tw,. npeln.s b,
. of the Tenth Judicial Circuit from Lake Wales Tax Collector Ray Clement county surveyor.Judge teal ..10..1 li nut. f,'.>(.*. Foolery ,, named a stall attorney and who 1 I. retiring; Shelley S. was reelected Frank C Justice. Stanley of Jr.the ,m..r.4 (.-oI.4 grab LI.'..%, ,> |||IM<| arose nests| M- wb.et,, but
public defender, and 17 Polk Judge Roy H. Amldon was reelected Boon was picked for a second peace and Ed William was reelected CI... end I inspect etakt deems fl I lfl,
Countlan were elected to a* Judge of the Criminal term aa county school superintendent constable Polk Coun- '""*"', Admit bai.s .. all leer wheel lt '.1
many county omcn. -all otth..e Court of Record, Judge RichardA ; and Robert J. "Bob" fall .... drum,
ty J, P District: 3, and Mop it t m,1.' Mr u"* system' ttt te
Bronson reelected
wa coun
without Haslett
opposition.In was reelected clerk of
addition, five county district ty Judge, Judge C, Bowdon Hunt the Criminal Court of Record (Del) Delgadowaa named Justice:
of the and constable Leon
each elected a justice was chosen to serve another The three county commissioners peace -. '
of the peace and a constable, term a* Judge of the Juvenile whose terms expiredthis District Thornton 4, reelected: in J. P. it .. II <' Wit! only Ilea IhIgllr't/ ? / 1
likewise Court, and Cordon MacCalla NAIARTII
unopposed year all reelected
were :
Ray Mattox of Winter Haven, was named to another term u They are Floyd Woods, Lea WDunson Also to .Iall-elected wid.without offices: opposition were: OUR BRAKE I RELIHES flit/lllty'/ ,, Wir. 'tllll/ (' Imtlr, ,' "MM11e. ...-Nr.IM-rte 'MI
the only one of three running county solicitor and Aldlne Combe
# unopposed for Polk County Paul Vaughn of Winter Haven Seth McKeel was elected: to and B. K.Richard Roberts W. ,t.Ervin Harris all Drew Supreme ; ;/ and (Cl'; ( 'l/f/: '11'I LL _=110=_:=,:, _':.:Iliniugc :..
in the slate who hal served several year his first inGUARANTEED
representative legislature term on the county Court Justices; WilliamP ewwa ...INe/ ...eJ
was reelected from a* a deputy! In the Clerk of school board, replacing Mr. Allen, Charles O Andrews our no//i/ / nIn'/ MUMM(} {)()() :: ;,-
Croup 2 to a fifth term Circuit Court' office wa*nam Dora Cox Phillip W. RalphAR's
Jr., and Jack F. White, allJudge I
of the District Courtof \u/U'.sfrj// ; : u I: I II IS'IFI : '
Appeal, Second Appellate

GOOD GARDEN BUYS District Tom Adam, secretan of

I.I.lI stale; Rav 1 t, Green, complrol
her; Doyle Conner commit 4 '

aloner of agriculture; J. Edwin rye ': LIMITED TIME ONLY!
Larson, state treasurer) Karl : one
THURS. F RI. SAL, NOV. 5th 6th 7th Falrcloth, attorney general;

tom D Bailey, stale school
superintendent; and Edwin L. .
"Ed" Mason, Florida public
Agrico 60./. Organic utilities! commissioner, were I
all elected,
Garden Long LastingNonBurning

Fertilizer DUNDEE

Stimulate vigorous root Mrs, .
George Douberley Is t H
... 1100 SO FT, .
development for earlier, ;e IUt.ir covering from a head blurt sot,
better developed and 't'ar fered tn a fall at her home in

more beautiful flower ONLY $495ACRINITE Dundee.Mrs. J, D. Ogle visited net N OFFER
and vegetable. daughter and s n.in-lawMrand
Mr*. George Lanler and family)
of Frostproof, and a cousin
Mr*. Joe Colllni In Lake Wales, I
last week. N I


Leo) l fatale tHe
.K.*ii.* .4.n IRINI1
Clean a odorless e Will *.. bun lrooperBillSalyS.e.

e Easy to meJuit Psuppliers IOste APPLICATION Tin (Joel. plant! AT lied TIME lee f' It vi re s 0ii'NJNYLON ,

/, cup per month OF SEED PLANTINGCovert .
bush with ( up to
5,000 iq ft.i(
the necessary nutri Y

Scatter few pellets Ortho Tomato Liquid FoodA

tlon.II: around your flower and DD
vegetable plants and complete plant food r l

lave them from deitruc- specifically designed for

lion by mail, slugs, cut. 'retl growing tomatoei. Con.

worms, and other intectt. 1pgtETO16M feint' .* 'Imperfect plant $

'M hormone to insure good

fruit let. buy to ate and:

economical.Malrei. iy

1 LI. 590 21il LIS. $119 :, 79C r e r a

Radar and unmarked patrol Ctrl
32 qtlloni, art stud In ftofidJ to protect ,

aR citizens who clot to keep Popular SizoWHITEWALLS .
,, ; t
Flo. Peat Muck RYE GRASS SEED our streets sod highways sal ,
for motorists and pcdtttrltn. and ; ,

111 Tn only people who my' b* NO LIMIT BLACK WALLSGUARANTEE
'1.aU. 00 Irightea your Iswn this 77 I It
4 $1 1 LIS. "handictppcd' by radar and un-'

lAGS winter with rye grait. it it,. nel barked un art flare who sea ftllflOIlA, neif, e,- MCONOTisb .

want to violet the traffic laws !J. honored by thousands and 6.7015 T"bed.Type Bllell".11 H4.tS '5.00tht'Iul8ndutrlton.dealer'
Mt up for tM safety of afl.
Yellow 6.1015 .TIP' Whitewsu 117.tS IS.OO
: 69" Jolt and store In the UnHsd State
Gladiola I BulbsWhite flak J
: :: ooz. &Canada. wh.fev.ryouttIYlI 6.70-1 Tubeless Blackmail' ." H7." ".00

6.7c1 Tubeleee Whitewall. UO.., 1S.00
Fist DIUVERT SCRVICI .. MIsibnaMi Pwdone .._ M1aN YIMMW.. a1d 7,50.14 Tubeless Blacwwsq 517,5 55,00a
",, -'+' 7.50.14 Tubeless WtsHewat" Izo.n 'S.oo
1 t are : : ;::;:.:: e.w

\\'e Ja GRE'E ST1PS 'All price plus tan
""'"* >
DELIVERY ON MINIMUM PURCHASE peas Ir.'W swr.nt N tenee el M e4./ .N o",.,"y NO TRADE-IN NEEDED

I SOUTHEAST All Tires Mounted FREE


-IIARR PLAZA FIRESTONEUM-CHARGE No Money DoWlf Take m.onths to t pay 1 t
oar II..... /aN... ........ Buy on I I I
& Lean ANNNIMe r-
CmiSS OAtCEMS lOAD Inca. M" M.w.M -
rte NM W Npw
I CENTER, ad e.a..ne.. -.1St e..eW 590 AVENUE A S.W.rtlNTY: ; Of PH. 293-2116
,...... 2914478 111001 ..o....&., tuna Yde .
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Wednesday, November 4, 1964 WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-C H 11.- WINTER 1 HAVEN, HORIPA ___ !Page Fiftner,

.,;$.\,,'" .env >
Healthier Gators Face Florida Galon Baled Ninth. \

I Noire Dame Firel In AP Poll j Alabama LSUATI I

The UsJverasty of Ftorid lie......" Panrghian told
Surging Georgia TeamGAINESVILLE ceetlaued. km sale /eelhdd Mtwaww la South Bend '

I in tile Battens football elite lad. yesterday But preaawe f A''T A (VPI) Much. that half again that Many would went In a hurry-mam in la t ,r,
yesterday wMk a etc place or.Ml, It's better to been 1'1\1'1..1 i Hear Bryant match lib to attend blocs
Florida without tailback Jack Harper rating Ik tile Associated the top than on the bot IItc this week with one of his This toudiid off a possible TIle Irate leftout stormni ',,,
atniRcttng to field the same since the South Carolina game a Press Top Tea poll. As reported torn" nuin former assistants and..10 caudal last week that could mayor's offlc.o and demanded i ,
team it had on call earlier in and wingback Alan Poe. In 1 earlier the Gator Pittsburgh Michigan State. ,atom ha\(. the stales. been have political ranramlom. lab Investigation

the season, look toward *urging jured against Alabama didn't tied for 10th ia the UPI Iowa and Southern Call hit,h"I. *r this year when a local election A spokesman later dPnlwlu\ i done i
Georgia! this Saturday ..ndyft"'l see action either last weekend fornla are left on the Notre To begin with the same, be. I* held person had purchased! I," fit' i itickets

for a few healthy gator Combine the loa of theee With only a 17-14 toe toAlabama Dame schedule.Other tween 3rt1.ranIIed Alabama and There WM doubt until recent. saying the largest t 11",
backi 9th ranked Louisiana State, lath ly whether 3,700 Stats under was "only" 200. The rill ,u I I. ,
two veterans starters with the against five wlni.the gridiron news of na No. I attraction
on this
construction would be ready by Rot 2,200 end lone tlrk.ts Ii: n
The Gator. 5-1 overall and first quarter ankle injury to I Florida team is one of tonal i Interest saw the 1a -- wee'a college grid card game Urn, M the tickets for the University of Alabama "

31 In the SEC have operated America candidate Larry four Southeast elevens in Orange Bowl commttte re Bear Bryant For Bryant and Alabama the those seal were not put on sale offered them on a to.ta., '"?
Dupree In the Auburn game the Top Ten. The other ..reI' port it had 10 t anu under f Payoff Involve a shot at the until almost lie lt minute tomer baalx.

and you come up with a high Alabama (I). Georgia Tech consideration for the new I national chif4aMhlp, a per. Word went out Md hundred One final note; The vtilii
Rhome Notes ly inexperienced offensive (T), and Louiaana State (8)). Year'a night claaak I feet season and the Southeast. of peraons Unad \up it the box quarterbacks for both t h. i n.shave
backfield for the Caton. Notre Dame which M. Lewis Hall Jr., prel- .rn Conference title office many getting there be. ) been Injured and how u "n
The majority of Saturday's swamped Navy 40-0 Satur dent of the bowl committee Since Louisiana....'. record fore daylight However, no .... their r e pia c .m.nts perform
14-0 victory over Auburn war I' day received 29 first place laid the teams "being conaidered la marred by a 3.3 tie with Tim.neaaee frictions were placed on the could be the declil e factor li
Passes MissedNEW a match between the Tigers'No vote in holding down the were Notre Dame the fleet two are out of number that coaled be purchasedby what is expected to tie t rou V,
4 defense in the land AP No 1 ipot Ohio State Louisiana State Florida, i reach But the Bengal have a any on* praei and all 3,700 aiMMiMible defensive duel.
edged past Iowa 21.19 and Florida State Texas. Nebraska chaste' for the league crown

YORK (UPI) Unlike against which Included a Florida seven offense sophomores was ranked second with 11 Georgia Tech, Ala and one tie la an otherwise vie. Lk. Alfred Plays YORK!) -renter'
moat quarterbacks In the coun. i! first place vote*. The llllni barns Arkansas, and S>racuse tortoua season I* nighty Hue Jean Ratelle will play for n h
try, Tulsa's Jerry Rhome finds among the 11 boys on W was first last week. bowl lure.Saturda. The Lake Alfred Lions ninth Baltimore Clippers of the Ann r.
it easier to keep track of his the field. Four of the green Irish head coach Ara Par Syracuse. not In the na > mark the first time grade football team will play lean Hockey league again III.I
passing accuracy by counting hands were In The backfield"We've arghlan received the news tion' top ten was adtkod to Bryant has taken on Isles Frostproof tomorrow night at season after ending/: his tin ".
the misses rather than the hits. got to get a few of with both appreciation and the list after it posed a 214 s Charlie Me'iMMfcm. Back In the Memorial Stadium for the coun "week holdout Tufsda
That's because Rhome, unlike these older boys back in the warninga "Twice at North- victory over Pittsburgh list early 50s! when Bryant was ty's small Junior high school The center war ImmHtat'aaatgned I
lineup," Gator head turning out powerhouses at Ken. title Kickoff Urn is 7 7 to ,
any quarterback In the nation- says I western we started out (-0, weekend f p.m. the ( Uppers afti t
coach Ray Graves "We art $: turky, McLendon was one of The Lake Alfred grldders signed "with the parent ,
college or professional-falls to lumped Into a poll lead and Duke was dropped after it his
complete only three of every 10 hopeful Poe. Dupree and possibly then ran into trouble. There lost its weekend game with Charlie M record Hoi'key Leant.
tosses, Harper will all be readyto
are no palsies on a modern Georgia Tech 21-.. In 1954, the year after MrClen.
Last week against Oklahoma play some against Geor ; don
<<-" _' ';>\ ", ''i.'',' .n. '''''' ,,w -' > ::( joined the LSU staff aa a
State Rhome outdid himself gla. e defensive expert, and the Ag.

completing 488 yards and 35 of four 43 touchdowns.He passe for. is The one Florida of the.Georgia Dixie's oldest came Whitey Ford's Future Rests Irish By 17 der flea the beat Bear.the Dongala twice un. THOMAS-

also broke the alUtlme ma. rivalries, one In which record The year that Bryant switch
jar college records for a tingle and put performance can be 'I ed to Alabama Use, was the WATERS
game In completions, passing tossed out the window when it last lime the Crimson Tide and H

yardage and total offense. comes time to pick the probable With Result Of OperationNEW Over Pitts Bengal met before this season FORD'S
Those totals left Rhome near. winner That war the year that IOU,
ly a quarter-mile ahead of his
paced by AlUAmerlcan
The under Vince Dilly WEEK-END
nearest pursuer in total offense YORK ( slept on the derision for Cannon had .
MW YORK (UPI) Notre a perfect aeaaon
Gary Snook of Iowa, with a Dooley, have arrived back in Ford a guy who night" he revealed "Then Dam, achieving top ranking which Included a 13-S victors
phenomenal total of 1958 yardsIn prominence a bit earlier than in kidding himself I'd have It done for the first time In 10 seasons, over Alabama In the first game TUKE-UP
six games to 1544 for SnookIn the world of collegiate football faced up to the tell me that the blood la a .point favorite to keep the Title ever played under '
the same number of games expected In most quarteri putting his been shut off completely in that rating when the unbeaten Bryant'a direction,
Craig Morton of California Playing a tough defense and squarely on the main artery of my left Irish inert Pittsburgh In Satur. A lot of fans have anxiously
John Huart of Notre Dame and an unspectacular but effective more days, I have no idea what day's college football highlight awaited resumed battle between SPECIAL J
Craig Fertlg of Southern Call. offense Georgia bat come up have caused It. They'll Coach Ara Parseghlan's South these two Southeastern' giants ALEX WOOLAKD

fornla ranked third, fourth and with an outstanding 421 chart The will likeable undergo to cut into my shoulder. Bend stalwarts have won II of Legion Held I in Birmingham, (Thun..Fri..S t. Only) ....Ie. M.....,
fifth, respectively. against rugged foes thus fir paw Tex. It up and try to clean out 30 games with Pittsburgh. The his been expanded to hold
Houston ,
Rhome's passing totals are "We fully expected Georgia coming Monday for >. Panthers won last season, 17.7. 67,000 of them and It believed
even more sensational. He has ta be tough for us," says blockage in his came to the conclusion I'd Second ranked Ohio>> State,
completed 143 of 204 for a .701 Gravel. "However I don't and the this done even if I wasn't which lived face by edging
percentage Prior to this year, think anybody knew before the of that operation .. After all, It's for Iowa last week la figured 13 1st Civic Club Complete TuneUpand
no major collegian who threw own general good" point better than Penn State,
year Just how tough they where he can ever
as many as 139 passes had ever o r d nukes no bones about but the rennsltanlana have a Tourney Slated
would turn out to be. We are
completed 70 per cent of them. "1 know It's fact he'd like to>> continue psychological edge In winningall Inspection
hard battle
in for
The I leaders in rushing and an awfully faced the thought He even gave up his three previous meeting with Members
of the Klwanla,
punting also retained their lofty Saturday and I know every not be able to Job as the Yankees' pitch the tkickeje*. lion lacludei a Clean t Space Plugs
and Srrtom
positions, Brian Plccoloof Wake boy on our squad now realties It has to be done coach recently because he Alabama Arkansas and No. Rotary e Clean i Spot Point
Forest has carved out 722yardson this," as well get It over it Interfered with his per. braska. ranked third through Club lee off next ThursdayIn e St
the in Florida scouts were very Im- the 36.year.old on the mound al the first annual Winter Hi Timing
ground seven games fifth, are touchdown favorite to
All Electrical Circuit
e Primary
and Frank Lambert of Missis pressed with the Bulldogs win The statement he Hill turned In a Increase their 7.0 records Ala. yen Civic Club Golf Tourna Adjust
slppl is out in front with an over touted North Carolina Ford. 17.t ret'ordthlayeu, bama faces unbeaten loulalana merit The event will be held | Carburetor

average of 45.8 yards per kick Saturday, calling It the finest Unlike State (No. 0)) In a Southeastern at (the Lake Region Yacht and C Clean Battery Q 88
Georgia showing of the season he never has many. Conference tussle; Arkansas Country Club Terminals $
and one which stamps ment matter 1st takes on Rice In a Suuthweet All members of the club e Impact" All

I.C I i Dooley's club as one of the was and no the three Conference) battle, and Nebras. are urged to attend Scoringwill Chains Part* WB a (HIT
\" Football Poll ka clashes with Kansas In be basil Adlutt Irofc
fig best teams in the league played under with a on a handicap ** IXTIA
: There are approximately Casey Stengel fight tor the He Fight (Confer An entry fee of M will he
1700 tickets retaining for the Yogi Derra all enc* lead chimed to cover green fees
1A t TMI 1 w .U'jMf. _FRs toPe ,?''1'- Gator Bowl clash.Buffalo t er'(rtaJjJo.., on. !: .." college State team DlaLI In?*name, a. blulurejiked Georgia .Tech, r'ournome' willbe arranged THOM WATERS FORD INC.
PaliWiodint- M "When op* of the nation's leading< In. A social hour and buffet dinner .
: you go vaulted Into second ,
Nun horn Mrtprtng place impendent, la a one point
Packing c.. :aIII a Bills mound to take out In the United Press In. Tennessee will be held In the yacht PARTS ft SERVICE
N' HvnHivendulv III'. I Ian I. era, nine out of small foot pick ever club following the tournament
KuiktnMuunKOuna Lan> 16 I4ty 17 17', Lead Everything try to tell you ratings Wittenberg college re. nine Texas over, ranked JIIIlor.nd seventh Michigan, also is Prizes will be awarded at this 104 I. CENTRAL AYE CY 3.4111
Spinners la 1. right Stengel I time
No for the third
I touchdown choir
12 IS No I.I a
NEW YORK (UPI) The Ford though If week
ltuclr.ee 31 over Illinois
Bru.h-Upa 1 :III statistics released today by the have It anymore Angeles Stale has "'". Tenth ranked Purdue I I. a '
Him individual/ sun (liruiniOwn American Football League cer. one to say so, He of more than 10,000 WM p,...
to Michigan
point underdog |
L.ta .WJ:1"J.t.'ih: CMorfL : (women talnly add credence to the you a lotta1 son (three times a* mans Slat and Florida whl h shares10th II I
) Alice Richardson 12 Hrl amazing tale of the Buffalo Houk and Derra Dame, the major,: col. place with the Ikillermak. e
ty Thomu 1H2 Blatnc Hhltnci the same thing Shoe,
Bills leader and larger than
era, la considered nine points
168 fteteer
The Bills not only sport a stocky, little Wg 10 eont.rtllciI'lr.. .
"lai/l mdlMdunl' wrlri i men) better lhaa Georgia,
leant Lrli 579. l.rarsr Wlidrrker perfect '.0 record but they also Ford didn't ) and play. Its horn
M. P RUhardwn" VI3 i''''mimi) Klalnr' department Their first Include when the doctors ROM Bowl, Iowa, Arkansas Male and flu< k. vr
Whltn"y493 Alk.I Rleh"nbun 411>
Podgy Dru'alt rushing total offense, scoring, Hospital Informed Diablo, who have a per. nell, ranked 13.14.1'.l( in '>r.der. .
High tram --.1. Pin Pal. pass defense, rushing defense, It was necessary 5.0 record, crushed Cal Vsulefeated Sam Houston

im high Skim ...mPilI rain l Til total defense and scoring de. week. at Pomona IB.C Saturday State race from 20th to nth, '
tense advanced from fourth place North Dakota Stale held I8lh, CYPRESS TIRE CO.
Oddly, it la the Oakland raid! Fire with six first-place Parson rated Ifth and,, North
J WILLIAM E. SCHMIDT I era, possessors of a 1.6.1 rec. and 214 pinto ""< D.D.S. ord, who prevent a clean sweep Thoroughbred which stretched It* un tied for m. 2010 8th St., N.W. 294-3161
of honors by the Bills. OaklandIs streak to 20 game* with
inneuiicil tops In passing while the LAUREL ).Id. ( .' victory over Ohio WMU JOHN KATROS ( Lake Alfred Rd.)

.( III.! Bills bad to settle for second veatlgatlon was received 20 nret-plan
the epeaie i Teas PointsI.
place day to determine and 271 points tHe tile
2U.U21"I 121"I '
WtHMbtrs ((10)) (.0)) 171
Ur ke .
elise! .
Powerful Cookie Cllchrlst,In. a fire that on the IT rating
3Ltaeelea !*, (tXMii) ) 114 A it
tent ,
Practice of Dentistry on recapturing the rushing Thoroughbreds and 3. narMa AM o I I.0)) ) t<>4
title, has carried for 821 of theBills' Laurel Race NCAA determines wheth.
4. an* Diego St. (3)f) (1101)) 103
Offic. Hess 1,328 yards night gouge rate as "major"
8. LA. Tee ((2)) (".0)) i'ro
With the second place passing Ten fire CO -not on the basis of
Iv.App.iefineelTel. ; I. Maa** tNMetta (8.1)) 137
total of 102 completions In 211 qui red to bring the ",", but primarily on
7. Texas Ail (1.0.1)) 121
293-002 tries for 1,080 yards added to control and number. of major oolieg .
I. Bast Carolina 'I: I )) (07
rushing, Buffalo winds up with fire officials a team plays, A coU
111 Cy. ... Gad.es Ie.J t. Cettybwg (8.1)) 60
a total offense of J.JOfl yards or diately there were must play at least half .Hs
10. Colo. Western 2 nj)) 19
41S.2 yards per came for possible signs against mayor) ..U...
cause of the fire to qualify mar tie
Second 10- II, PraJMe View
For BUILDING MATERIALS Call CY 3.3139 been determined level M; 12, ConroHIa ".!lnn) 44;
Stat ponce A4.M, perh.ip l> th* 13, Arlaona Stale (UfitafO! ) 34, M REDUCED I I PRICES ON B.F GOODRICH SILVERTOWNS

men were in the defensive teaw to the na. 14, Slate College M tow II! ,>
\ A / OrllniMqulpmenttir I built for'64 modercirs
the are broke out allowing opponents leas 33, IS, Arkansas tale 3016,

I p.m., EST, and 70 yards total. offense per Ducknell 24; 17, Sai 1', Houston V/ (FITS 10!>| MOOli s AND UTEM>
was missing tor remained In third place Stale 311; II, North Dakota) State
Rr R: :&en.. all lV.nlual1i a M mark, followed by 10: II. Parsons f/' :XJ: tie)
Bagwell Building Supply for Diego Stale, which has lot Whittier and North ikou ,,0, COMPACT CARS MEDIUM CARS LARGER CARS

to place Lo Angeles Stale, in

\ } Tech ((7.0 lumped /
\ seventh to fifth place. u, 172023II

tight standings to sixth, Massachusetts position lIt t: only I ONE

Ail, which had us per. I

record spoiled \>; s tie ...N.....,......... ** >IMI4 ..." .IMI. llklU a5W.YN.ueNtaa.N,
... .
Sal Ross Saturday. fell I -- r a t..r a- - -
second to seventh. last e There Isonly e. ..: "=-.-...:= ..:-ew a.r :.,.. :;: a..w -

,:,1 CLOUD Gettysburg continued returned In eighth to' the one .a.rea.r..r.-......-, 'w -.....-

; 10 in atoM and umtef al tII

western remained / .
: : sensed 10 was paced by ,
.e-f. ENTERTAINMENT unbeaten elevens, Prairie. V PROTECTION PLAN (uarantetitvtry

So. II, and Cooeordta
Bro tiN for
by "so 12. Anuses Slat
i 1 '" Stale < dirge of .r=- ai 'long u .It hat triad 1 No matter when

KAYE GAYLE a I< you buy a BFO tin you get this Protection Plan.


1:10 <. 12:10 Mi I
'I .
e SAT. 7slO.l2.00COCKTAIL : --'es.: :'::, : I Ne additional) charf for holden of II

/formountlnf national er4lt card I

t f' ?
N' .', .f: :
_'4 .

HOUR: 5:30 TO 6:30 meu ees.kr ..-.. : Ph 274-2W : LOW BATTERY PRICES1

V ... .....
f t. A..a-.n
16M! *

/ w V \ N 50.e,.esrea a.cer-.eel' tie a. ruses Me a .. Come in for your freo fi711 (088f IVOI ((7VOI'-188OT

CYPRESS 6AIOINS ROAD PHONE ,,11III.eaaa5AI 11I,Mer ...--to WK battery check today! I IH"I


---- -


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I''! @ L' "s mY''A1I


\ : (I) Annoimcement ((2)) Help Wanted I ( ) Automotive I (111) Articles For Sale ((13)! ) Real Estate For S.I. ((13)) Real Estate For Sale

: cheap transportation ia 5 4-
Beauty MistSeamleH Opportunity To SPECIAL 2300 12th St.
Rambler Amerleaji wacon" Bottle Brueh Llguitrum Podocarpu Chainof'LaketLAKEVIEW
<'IofIbllt. overdrive. K/H. CY Allamanda. HI-
While Working JM To Good Macu Plptoaporum 36c arh Cratona I for a SPACIOUS HOME IN
-- -- |l I.IJO Podocarpua Uaar. ISo
hose 104 Hwy K' Maftnoll Ave. Au- OM Bartow\ writ of Kafle Lake
Institution hn an :: Now open to servo you 80-4
$1.00lJuMu for man ., For the flneet In fonder and Price reduced from SII5W to e lOll Rlltmara Drive. NW' 4
opening a young repaln painting and uphola- |l..KM. IHBti. n of living area. l-Br. UIUMIW4" I BATHJ4 Flerlda
18-30 and a high school -- Bee (london Flint Phone (IO-A) Boats & Motors a tiled bath, large ra' with til* room. alatng ream. IMs el ator-
ate If )'0are 701 C (>KIM)N', PAINT ANU floor, LR, :a M 91 with I flraplaea age. raraetleg. drape, kalU-las
) Hor. i** kitchen patio laundry room, work VACANT .Z......
reeking a career, then \ \e-o------- FOR WISE SHOPPERS! hop. 1 ear garage. lifetime root
opportunity to learn 17 1 ft boat win 40 HP electric traa. lake acoan. lot 13O K '46.
7 your I DR8OTA Hardtop. atandard starting Johnson 1M1 Well ault Wall It celling Installation' A/C e 4tk Street sod Lake LaU Drive,
you work with chance for new tires food SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME ed for large lake. weekend crule- tl,Wril . vancement in the banking ..... 117100. 24-1168 4.10 Ing and salt water fuihlnf With or tow 1aU171. 1.TF rid. roses, "belli.oven. lad
-- without trailer 423-JST7 after SOt: ..e... Arenas te '... *** Lakes.
COTTAGE SHOP nen There are also pm H FOR SALE 1-bedroom horn nearly Terms IIIM4e
I company benefits such aa .. Tachometer, MOVING-STORAGE UPHOLSTERY new Built-in. kitchen. Full price. .

MO Cypress Gardens Road vacations hospitillzatlon .m J leto Service nrvlce. 1M and 6th new Bt cable, BW: II ft, Carter Craft oiO HP Johnson -liSOO-CY--":J638. : -TFaBEDROOM Lake Wlalereet Drive lit I

4-42M 1-?? electric start Generator "' ....... I .balks, tlertaa atom
Open 1 A.M. 'til T P.M. pension plin Apply ---- THREE: IVORY BROTHERS FINE: UPHOLSTERY eon',..... apeedometer Murray house and tbedroomhoua with flrrplare distal area.
1:00: a.m. 1:00: p.m. 1IM fr 'Bale, good MOVING COMPANY EXPERT REFIM8HINO trailer l..avln glnwn Munt soil *. StIll down *'!10) monthIf ballMa Irrlgatlen syeteta, large
-3.1 thru Friday to Charles I *, run' food. Make Offer! Call Agents AWED VAN' LINKS COMPLETE FABRIC SELECTIONWOLFE'S this week t&M CY 1-U60 M MORTGAGE Kind credt CORP CY 1-SI51 FIRST lot with. load predarlnf elirasIrons.
----I helter, Vice President, I 1-3673 I-TF Local Long Dlitanca 114 Are. A IE: CY 1-2710 UMINUM Car Top 1 year old HAVEN 35-??
Da> 7> HP Evlnrude Run good, sItuNo
Moving A Storage 4
ler CORVETTE flood condition Call Collect 6M-764S NlfhtMNov. 21 tiwdes. 283-11131 after I p i .I 1II11711.U:: :.
I .n'" financed, D. W Craver Warehoun Off Bartow Air Baa W
Exchange National or ::11I1-1111. 1-1 Beautiful Home Iecf ffafeJ

rnyourChOIC. Of Winter Haven --- >>-Noy. 2t TELEVISION REPAIR (I II.A I ) For Rent, Unf. I Beautiful Deal %pgy435FimJWARREN !

f. mi FALCON rUTVRA ALUMINUM BeautifulGarden SECKEL. Realtor

with turquolae interior 2U-U01 FOR RENT Modern unfurnlahed Grove Aiioclatea Eve Fh
LOIS For TV 1-bedroom houa Air conditioned
I EXPERIENCED LP 701 .. carpets, bucket teati Screes Encloaure .CarporUAwnlnga Repair Radio. HI-FI Near Exchange Bank and Down W. II. McRejnoWi CY IMS
nan A.. :30 lo 30 Vacation heater and tirei Guaranteed town. Suitable for office 3 Bedroom 2 bath, model home CY
ral lift lnnur.nct. wiw .Window Screen Helen WUtler I-SW*
I Career oirl$ Amsrlcsn Girl coverage S 4 H GREEN STAMPS Reference. Then 213 1144. AdUII..I with Oak It Vinyl floori Immediately -
t|> tirement uniform benefit actual mllet Excel .Building SpeclalltleaALUMINUM 1TF Wilma M. Hid_ CY TSZI

ICold WIve Cold Wows unlly for advancement If condition Must tee to ---- I BEDROOM t bath horn South-: I IC''U:3t available Open every aloe Ctary CY HISZ
; 4SMI43 for '
Call Lakeland CO INC.
1 ment. $UOO. Phone CY .Let George Do ItAva CENTRAL FLORIPA : Ith on8t.--: NW3BFDROOM Itreaiey. CV Realty l-27n1. day at 129 Lowell Road. (Street

CARLTON SOUTHEAST -------- --- 643 after 5:00: p.m. A. 4 Bth 8t. SW 2I346M tLI'IRONIC1I; !>>3U17Pmleulon.1 n.Tri II misspelled aa "Powell on 04-
In 27-Oct. 27
)ECHANIC upttrl..d
BEAUTY SALONSOUtHeAST Tractora Chevrolet Truck. Service unfurnlehed house, city mapS). 1200: .00 DOWN
equipment Permanent at moderate eipenaeHA Owner will consider low down payment
CY I 143f On Ivory twiningBrengle's tlon Willi.with Philips living quarter Grov.Be*_ TREE SERVICE : Havendale Central CY ,-'2fjt. 13.TFa JOHN G. WOOD on payments hIs I bedroom of IMS.00 houseassume monthly -.

I city, 12202813. : '.T" BEDROOM I bath 18500.TM or will trade his equity for
( ) Business Property list Court' NW Beaalry Realty & Assoc., I Inc. lota acreage or smaller bom Total

I WANTED: Experienced .. TRIMMINU CAVITY DEMOS8INU Co. IJ4: 4th Bt. NW: CY 1-2757 price $10.MO. Atherton Realty
Jewelry and curb girl Apply In CABLING. RE SLTTINU WHEEL CHAIRSWHEEL 27-TF til HIT Phone 21-Htt : 641 W Central Av. CY 4-3214

Teddy Bear Reilaurant 1701 Complete clean-up Pros Eatlmate 1-1 n.Tr

U Block South ol Poet Olflo CY II3JI: 16-Nov 15 CHAIRS for rent. Also UNFURNISHED l-bedroom apartment BY OWNER. Furnished a-bedroom

QaaUl Witch aM MKN to train an combine Hospital Beds. Crotches Walker. water Included too.00 mon 1100 DOWNI home. Aluminum tiding on CB
,. thly 8128 Ave S. NW. 3U-I BR. CB HOMES Large fenced lot. Carport Utility
to hanfMt field **ed Must Commodes Godl Rental. CY
I Jewelry Repair Florida chauffer1 license. FIRE EXTINGUISHER 2.2411. 176 Av. A. NW 16-TF -- --- Low a* 147' 00 month, building Air conditioner Cell
ned and 3 BEDROOM duplex Stove 4 CHARLES )(McCOMIC Reg Broker heat Sprinkler. wall Very reasonable
to Irrigate
.rove work Apply In person on corner Lot 65' x refrigerator. 17500 .per month 213.254023Nov. 3331 Av*. I, NW Near Ws.t-
.... 6th Zoo- Southeast Section Atherton Realty II wood school 1Dee1
UNov 1911.A ton-Col. Co. In Alturaa at 1222 Street, SW. VACUUM CLEANERSPARTS _
FIRE: EXTINGUISHER BALES 4 M3 W, Central 24-3284 1 TF --
and 5 00
00 am. p.m. M.2. Priced below market SERVICE (,02 Reohsrglng. 10728th NEWLY PAINTED J BR. I bath
at $12,500.W .,.. NW Winter Haven ..... 1-BEDROOM home :::.. 1 ;;; a co"I..1. C.B. home, nch. CLOSE: to Junior Coll.ge sit.. .-
\ ) Instructions 293-1317 24 H,. ...", Ie.. 3-TF 4 SERVICE for Kirby. dren accepted 18500 monlhly, 1IM7 Vacuum opstnm, bnrr.r: : De- I Bedroom IVi bath home In lovely
BE ASSUREDof Hoover Electrolux and all other Lake Shore Way. Lake Alr"d.10 elrabis 5 5. locatIon: nsa' new ohoptog neighborhood' dining room Florida
,. center, walking dlitanca ALL room. Lungs shaded lot Many
pickup dnllvtry
Schools Owner tranferrd Low extraa. 120: Av*. A. NE.! S..
IBM. money for Chriitmaa d RE-WEAVING CLEANER! ,SERVICE REYNOLDS. VACUUM. ((12)) For Rent Furn. Oowa Paymtnt Auumc Mortag .
ping Part time work CY S-OJU < .. 1310 .....t. Bt 8.B. WS-rOll. OUR LOSS YOUR GAIN
T Nov. I Tabs up payment on a well located
experience necessary Burn Moth Hole Tear bedroom. CB home In Lab
Lear I.I In -REALTY- Expertly R*-Woven HOUSE TRAILERS. 110 00 a week Alfred Payment lens than IK100
WRITE AVON MGR. P. Light and water furnlehed IthStreet As Easy As ABC'sS
Wak in SMARTT RE-WEAVING; per month FR 3-1422. It-Nov. 11
BOX 1395 -
hay School 2JJJ52S
133 POPE AVE. CY 3-373
LAKELAND. 1"I Established 114 -- ---- alisfaction guaranteed by JOYOUS LIVING

UWookals I -DODOEAutbirlaad FURMSHED APARTMENTS Quality Building
MUM $hool' I 31-Nov, 22 factory, Service 0..Cllrr.lor 143 bedroom 150 to Ill 4 Relax and enjoy life and your

LAKELAND BUSINESS ( ) Business Opportunities Plymouth Valiant Lancer up NW.Beailry CY a-2757 Really Co. 134: Ith U.Bt TF. Unsurpassed for family living Family lo this FAMILY SIZE

Part time or full tint to help 121 Sixth St. BW 2N.4101II I BEDROOM furnliihed apartment
401 W, Peaehtra Lake Win 1'b.th.. terrazzo
on rush 01 fall buelnesa MAVTAOHIOHLANUrH -Nov' 1* 11'>5 month ATHERTON REALTY community of fine ,
Lakeland, Florida 543 W. Central Av*. 2H4-32M kitchen tile
built in
C.ENTER floors
MU f.MM to earn much ours esob fur For rail fimilics ,
small repair Jobs r*' lIT
mai Car necasaary, For new conception In aelf eervlc bath and other care
tired many eaiy
I-NOT I I IOZy ------
In privacy of own home .* leiturlng Maytag eirlu- builderCY CAMPING TRAILERS .
HH-4771 ticket operated waahera Have a-2170 BEDROOM fumlnhed apartinsnt.Giwund features for your convenienceLocated .
'I location vent to new 7-II I thor BIll Av*. L NE for of
on 3 lots plenty
LEARN IIOU8KKEEPRK live-In. .. at Mil) K, Central' Approxi II.TJ STIMODERN A ttrictivei floor plane It financlng -
SlIOKTHAND for I children Airs I Inveement of M,000. balance with .. elbow room. Drive out to SUN
28Wn4: or call Barlow 18 '*. We handle Installation ft- 2-bedrnom apartment" 161 for .
(.1 ACRES today and pee yourself
Call CY 1-4073 3-t
and Grand Writ Painting Papering monthly
(,peed.rlllll.t- ) Harry ln. Feldman.Opening 2664 Anudnn 1. A Ai PER 0 let -floor p;: ;;;;;;t.W-I die- Choice homesites now available this ind other homes built
Winter Park Fla, ll-Nov II RepairingI. in mind.
I Wieki la GROVE WORKERS NEEDED lance to town and lake. Quiet forReasonable with you, the buyer,

Day School Stop Daniel or Ronnie ----- - -- and clean. Adult 1'1....*. MI Ave
'..... B. NW I1.TF down 10 SUN ACRES
I.' Lake Hamilton ( ) payments
I. workmanihlp GET THE BEST
II Waski laNlfht HA a-1161 Winter LEA8R kitchen lo reepoiulperaon Quality
City or .
School fast, clean. and reasonable Service Rental ON or LAKES 1 A. I
CY *... 5(8) Dick Bar-B-yue Phoneaota Phon CY 14MO III 4th FLORIDA WHOLESALE: U18T Inc Bedroom hnuwkeeplng cottage. on old Likeland r Haven

LAKELAND BUSINESS CURB OIRIJI Aleo part Street Jan-Phyl Village. 1TTF Havandal Blvd WS-7V30 l..TF: Aloe room. Monthly weekly rate End your aearch at SUN Rd. 4 mIles welt or Call

Inilde help Day or night. Beach Flahlnf SIERRA 293.1433
INSTITUTE. INC. -- -- -- -- ACRES It the Dan Winteri
N Bud Jilrd COURT MOTEL' Hwy 17 North
401 W, Puchtra on Lex Wire -Dog -> Havendale-- WANTED! PAINTING I JOHN80N CAMP TRAILERS 37'TFFURNI8HFD ; Norris Bryan . 2tt.1211
Florida Sooner the better homes
keiana. FEMALEEarning Bleepa I Cloee.out price 1495 up i are
MU MW4 of 6M7I weekly : An amblllau man w h i Bank Rat financing a* low aa Ill: Cottage I room and going fist 19
preparing onail-Ilots for I woits It .bs on 1..d.1 CHARLES IVER8ON month Regain your payment byrenting hath 401 6th SI.. BE: CY 1-27U4 -
J-Noy 5 era In your hima Chooaa I Matall, iii..."...,. Pour week Phone CY 34811areful to your friend 30-TF la
hours, For Information ... Smelts at JOHNSON APPLIANCES ---- 1500 DOWN 15 MONTH
i pld training In : Work by Hour or Esllmat HwyI742 OR \1NrURNI8HEDErnCIENCI:1 All brick Home bedroom. 3-
Denartment Council, Ben tots Mrhandllna and ervce Late Alfred 172-113. FURNISHED -
BBS. Springfield. Mlaaourl : i Tile Pars OiC Cempeny S-Nov. I :25-Nov 25 and IK BEDROOMS SUN ACRES bath. Florid. room paneled' living
LESSONSgiven boo a me..eri> full.fMity Nice large airy room room built In kitchen with 110'""-
Stories far mono an the Cy- onvenlently :located In Old Postal lois celling utility room trrrauo
pesos Godson Mead, floor the MOTORCYCLESYAMAHA Building I Call CY 3-M5t or CY on old Lakeland Winter Haven floor Outeld city I h'I.: baa clti

In my home or yours ((4)) Lost & Found new Pla '''''''''1 Centerar FIX-IT SHOP 1-1117 '-?? Rd. 4 miles West -. Or CaU water and newer, to all
005 auuthoant Wiols. Nov50rssiScntiat -- ---- achool. Beautifully landscaped -
L Day or Evening $123 per lei ..... Will ftquirs AIR CONDITIONED lakefront 'Dan Winters 293-1433 CVM3S,

ion and up soils nopitsi for stock nodsquipivoit. Quick service on t........ steam 4. TRIUMPH CYCLES Apartment. Nicely furnlehed Norris Bryan 2941218 h.Tr
Pleaee return red billfold ,..t...".It Coil irons. perculatora electrla blanketek Self starting and sport model Adult 11760 Weekly, CY 1-8371
Friday nliiht Keep money b : write D. P. Driver. P. O. *. vacuum cleaner Phillips I No Money Down I..TF 39S
can bally -- --- -- ---
turn 0-niento. WJ-JZ7I 551 las Son Phone 13 IMI. Fix-It Shop' Corner 34th and G. NWlewoed M p m All Day Saturday RFDROOM APARTMENTS FOR "BRIERWOOD"FEATURING
Ave BW Winter Haven back 01 K.oy-Kors.r. LAKELAND CYCLE CO.
Reaaonabl' CY 13841II .
IOllrdSt..MW CY 4-3322 RENT -
Mrs. Diann Browning Pitons 2MII, 33-Nov. 30WEATHER'S S-Nov. I -TF ROOM CB a-bedroom S tile bath. /
Lit with vail to wall carpet kitchen
MSTMJ ((5)) House Trailers lao Builneea growing over HOUSES 4 APARTMENTS with rang. Florida room can I0, I Bedroom

-Anytime- 000 annually Nice return on I... COOLING FURNISHED 4 UNFURNISHED be ueed aa bedroom. Encloaed tar- ., Tile Bath
.m.nt. Can be e panded. For I fIG 00 4 Up age, Irrigation: utility ahed beautiful
Trallera with and without (".. ."'lal. Industrial, Acreage. Llatlnga. Wanted lawn, 1110 I UO lot, Can beaeen I, GartgMTerrauo
LAKE DICER TRAILER JIM BROWN Realtor. :2I3-UU11 DOWN A BIT BUT ATKINS REAL ESTATE: any day *scem Friday 10 00 I, Floors I
a-a CY 4-1111 am. to 4 00 p.m. Financing available
Inquire at > llle I *. Saws Shears. Tools sharpened
a.4-ll44. same day brought In. We fix clocks :2t-Nov 21 J304 A*.. C. BW 4-1 6, Thrifty Oil Heat
((2)) Help Wanted WANT AD RESULTS ARE I II electrk blanket ale PHILLIPS -- -- --- 5-, Furred A PlaiterdI .
BEE: THE NEW 11 wide ([ ) Furniture SAW a FIX.IT SHOP HackKoay RENTALS EXCLUSIVE: Cyprea Gardensarss 1100 Down
Lake ISIS Korner corner Avenue U 414tn Furnlehed Unfurnished lakevlew. Ian lot. fully .
1I''w A :.d'i.rt. STILL "RED Inwood Phone 24.2133: E: SUT<'UJTI:. REALTOR alr-condlltoned large living" room. 1'', 17009 Month
HIGH SCHOOL -- -- I I I lt-No II CY 4-4131 tvea. CY 1-7313 4 bedroom. a tile bath*. separate
TRADE: YOUR MOBH : : houee ""loin.. nn I TTF dining room, large acreened porch 0. Av "Q" NW Just West of I
GRADUATEARE Aa down payment on HnuwI Including electric' range - modern kitchen built-in appllancea.
: t2n"8t.
'none CY t-Uut refrigerator stereo. tablea, -- 3-BLDROOM furnlehed; apartmenton ample: *torag*. eat-ag., fine neighborhood
'. etc (I roomI Used lee Lake Silver Drive, Silver Crest : for children WbIBt owner
YOU I month Taka over payments 1------- Apartments. Call CY 3-1770 or CY 1-171. 4.S B&W Builders

18 Houie Trailer. Just per week. WAREHOUSE ( ) I ((10)I ) Artides For Sate B3-UM: : 1 TF Day CY 3-T14T
Interested In a career with a I for hunting or fishing 14 1 ROOM esiluia furnlih.d Adult New Plenty of ipac Fruit U aellI Nile' CY 4-276. CY 3-0445 04-

company which offers good : $250.00. Phone CY 4 266 I No pet IM 00 pins ulllltlea. 211 .ctroom. -batk, ...... room with
while yOare being Singer Slant Needle RUBBER fireplace' garage and utility room. MOVE: NOW!
wages ( ) Articles! For Sale BRIN; YOUR PATTFRN-WELL: --- -- air conditioned. 'heat pump. large Into this spacious a bedroom I bath
trained? CUT WHILE YOU WAIT LOWPRll't BEDROOM modem wlmmlng pool I Minute block home Larg backyard for
Need reaeonabl party lo take aver : efficiency apartmentElectric from Winter Hams Call
FORD'S TRIM SHOP 601Av 110600
: kitchen 271 Av.. N. NE. the kids 1100 down will do It -
of ((5-A) Moving & 17 00 monthly payment on currant B NW. CY 1-0511 lOT CY a-ltlt. II-TF
If you are 112 years age per SM a month Call at M2 Ave N n ___ __ For more Information call
have immediate openings SPRINGS Mattreu R.frlg model Singer Slant Needle' -- --- NS.StoSpm. 3-1 CHUCK B FROE1IICE, AasoeSCHOLNTHALER .
*, t"re' Ua or klertrto Ran vs.: sewing machine Equipped. lo 81* STUDIO COUCH Dee. rV Utility a CO 24.1123
In Winter Haven offering automatic Wnetlee. Sofas, (Chain Ta tag makea button bolos and fancy acreened 21..111IIII1I1IIUIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIII1IN
IMPERIAL MOVINlI ft : table Mien CocktaU ring. 617 I ROOMS bath' porch Nile A ftkenda
wage Increaeei paid vacation Prompt and efficient ...", and Lampe.II 00- New rebuilt ntitchea. etc Complete 'balance Spring Lake Court acroaa from utility firnuihed III a week. 141 THE ROOF IS ON H
in- all your moving neede eamplea,; up 17110 FULLY utARANTELDFOR : I North liate 1-4 Ave A. SB. 341BEDROOM
*, hospltsllutlon CY 1.4155 for ... : FURNITURE. 62 Ilk -- --- ---
aurance and pension plin Apply Agents for Allaa Van Unea 24W. 51 FREE ru..l...... .hone*. 11160 BERKLEY HOUSE !
solvIng aU W nalei ._ CARPETS clean easier with the weekly. Also 1-bedroom houa
In perion 1:00: a.m. to 4:00 -- TRIAL Blue Lustra Electric Sham_, 11000 weekly on Ith St. In Elouw, LAKE iI

p.m. Monday thru Friday, 120 goll ring. mounting I rubles.: I II 15000.pt: HOME only 1100 per day with' purchase CY S-4K4 .. Come out and tee the

tail Lime Lakeland ((6)) Special Services .... ring 1 dlamnnda 150.Ml. Iii" CALL ANYTIME of war Blue*. Lustre, Jobs INland Hard-44 -HOUSE-:-FURNISHED--OR- HARTRIDGELAKEFRONT 1I

Lake Ct. NW M UNFURNISHEDReaannabl beautiful view from

GENERAL TELEPHONE -- 294-4 505 *. deilrable. location.Cloa 1
: Purp" hull ...0- ROSA TO WRECKING ... .
CUSTOM MADE: DRAPES: ehopolnc town owner our third floor.Winter .
FLORIDA ALTERATIONS Blind el all Strini hean. 1100 bueIIo 2M Cement btacka. eteel I .Wants chaa- IW A... O IK | HOME |
COMPANY OF 313.34151i
medors squipm.ni U II. howell I.rm. &I..I.P- Oat and angle Iron. 2 I 4 s. I x 4 ..
iiw CT I-ThIS Mrs. : .., Neade. 1\4. 30-I LIKE: NEW Mops 24-lm-h bicycleBasketa. .broken antique ,",,4 ..3c ....11. Haven
---- -- CY 1-0414. and I Wonderful U kef root
As Equl Opportunity kick, like new conditionI3UOO 3-4 190 MONTHLY water electricity -
II303 Tr ----- -- aunMied. Cte.a trailer. Suit HarborCondominium
-- Reconditioned men Call CY ilia. I = living. Is yours to enjoy In
Employer uniform couple IM 40th Bt. NW 4-TFI I
Winter Haven Drafting; Not pre-packaged ------ --
21EBSO All typos. Commercial elsee-colore\ 1100 ...11. Ill I I FORMICA top I pc dining ream s this comfortably large I sS
Keeldaallal Drafting ". Av*. Auburadal Side SPORTS Model hills. Very attrst'tivs table 4 I chair 13000. Ooodeuaditloa. bedroom I fun bath borne =
-- -- BatlefacIMm guaranteed .... .. Can 17.No*, 17 0.54 tIght w.iiht Very CY .",1 after 1 ,." {13)) Real Estate For Sal. Apartments ft. =
= 24 2*
italics hi opening" toe 1 full Drawn Kld.. CY accursis. "'r sos at 230 4111 III.. 3-?? -
Urn, employeea, Paid trainingr.l Jao-PhyL v CY 3-JK7I fur 5 living room LAKESIDE
.. ,4 available for right moo. tall h ''' ''O detula and Its't.rlo price .TF- 1 and 9 Bedroom
USED cot WarM Book tuB dining
934474 lor interview b? Zoouusinomsa set In foodeaadltkw. I s Florida room. |
a. ((6-A) Animals & \ PRINTERS USED RkFRiaERATORSRancea Call 393-3M1 after I I.TF 00pus. Apartnenis: with 1 i room Matter bedroom sI

...... .
41' Dryer ---- Air Conditioned I i s Is U i lift with PtIE s
SH(RT ORDER cook wanted
Air Cwndltloeier ReroartlIloae4 -
and baths
Au' \ John o Restaurant Harto to I I fully guaraateed Terms Try DIa.... Tablet (formerly Dew VATE BATH and WaiStS s
si MINIS PINK POODLE: X From HIM and Up JOHNSON A-Pteti New aame. same formula. OpenS = closet This modem CBs =
twm dots profewlonal: : APPLIANCES' Lake Alfred eeily Mr.ANDERSON. WI INmt TOUR
.IUll:DIAn- _"Ini for weldera; : A HI Toy IHipplea available COMMERCE --. 171-1131 NHee 173-140 : DRUO COMPANY bedroom CB borne. red brick borne has had a WHOPPING i
1111... and layout ones for steel ...171i1. for atppoliUment. I 37-?? I-. S price reduction of s
-- --- trim. size kitchen dining ,
it.4ii.atlo shop Permanent )ut>* Firmly
--- ---- ---- --
Uw Mpoalte Jan-Phyl Village MAIE: BOXER -- Stud ...... INDUSTRY | large utility room. Metf l Ope taao. 10 It is BOW IY ail- s
tk advanremmi for qualified 11.0111I ITO Duotfcerm t:ood no.ditioa. ..- RUBBER STAMPS For check area ., Oof.M.A =
w fawm and "
1000A.M.rw able for only -
ne Ii Turner S A.sooc&. honor IR.r:4L \: i GOVERNMENT | 1310 CY 34UJS.McLeod. 104 endiweenteat -- abimaluieUuag ocher Price $11. M. J41S J4Ui Street : sE
plorpesse ales ataaapeporkei abowlBii by :E:
JM-J34U 10304WAITRESS Ee..le La.... .. NW. Appointment
: ivpp'---rk.--: : R*.. seal. aumpa. STANP5KM. I J. Lynd Realtor 5 canine
: I"CY 44US. Ul Los.A.NW. |
wanted Neat and dependable Miniature Poodlee Full It. PtT-VErUt-CD: PEAT CY 12150.Dundee .
Apply at Sundown Retaurant .- Prte and Pot Supplies. P I R a a A. Ash. rt Jllackwstder. ---- --.---TFeVeeat EDNA WATSON I 1700 Slit* St N.W s MALCOLM TETtEALTT | '
bit.1.00 p m. and I 00 FARM AND GARDEN UTFUBED
.'* R eeralgI REALTOR Mwy. 17 a aW .. CT Mt7l ::
m. I 00 p at. and II 00 p islIT M .UI Bt. NW CY t-mil ----- --- .. Evet E
ft VMb4 fluoreecral
? ALUMINUM BHFICTSarea table WeO chair eVeha u..*. 34 K* ItS S&. NW CT' 4414t j Wt.t., H...., Florid E Dill CY 1-1141 EI'

PART TIME: nix ...... WIM.r Trade ,III.. 3?' a M. M. each up ft I. Wsaad Its Ampllller. wttkealcrophowe ,-... 29J.U06Delivery.y I "
Have Auburadal ....... LentInn ((7)) To Buy or la M pUlea, 31. plates Me each IM ft I I*, pip 3U .4- 'II T0WN0W'TT
from $3M per hour Ol '' *,.11I pUtea 31e aaeh over IM n length"" 3>> per ft Ceeaeait .btorfcWe .
33-100 hoc ''''''''.1--. 7 to I I Plate I** sad... SunnIest' f.'r naay CY l-Oaie. ..ati NEW INCOME PROPERTY: ILoisa5a ''I I
P M. only M WE: BUY ueed. appliance god ,I name aed farm eaa. flaunt oo< i----- pius I wae..5 zl1 JI mr.m.;
I nuts. and poll yard ..ppt..d .. I ui *.*. A. NW m-im \ A bOrE honaea with the**, we a* STRAWBERRY phut* ee. TwonklH foe ....tMisa&1 ....raJa Ia Aft. A. ''I ChrNtmos "3.11411ilj:! ; B.1JU DG:
WANTED' P.rt.I"'" waitre San .. furniture KROOKS j'I I aidlag. 00 farm .kolMi e. At lb.NewsCblsf Road H mob South *f Old Wmter NW *ecoaj' .> Marco Restaurant. Apply In person | AN('ES FURNITURB. JMl ,. c.tt't-oc.v..Aoot I I Office 134 lid BtWW i Have Lakeland ....*--..:; .' I bee ef i"naaeas re a. fc:** ?FUkaarUur'' :. li4 :: !
lIT? endala al." fTF IlltO*. la-TF .. :





I Classified Advertising 8 p 1 YOUR DAlTD.( .. hlfeANg f

-- B7 I.EIt'E& L OOLLMAN,115.50. !

((13)) Real Estate For SaleLAKEFRONT ((13-A) Grovel Doctor rd Like To Kllo, '- IL'7NT6R11B H5aIl4 JI

OEOVE: KBATBM: steel sod.
In- cover, 4JusUk4e neat bum I DURING a alp of )hopaUU I of tile"U,

oil, Kenan*, coal charcoal ( *a I wa told that my aplssti and wing discovered. It le truly I I
$14,000 capacity IT 00 hundred rOB I
Onsndo Minimum' per ", .. my Uver were .......... The remarkable organ. .
anti oort6il .
BEDROOMS M FLAMBXAU spleen U talked about In such
KM: 1* Cent Avenue. Orlando
I At the preeent time. an
vague terms thoughtyour
241-4402: Open I I Monday-
Modern CB borne directly on ihi Friday KM readers would be tolerated having a terle of blood lest)

water screened porch i\ .tIIoIIlti. M t an. In knowing more about to see It I have Addtoon' die-

oven ranee 11 s 17 too It What 1* the apleen What ..... If It turn out that !I
Florida room Only $14000 II.JOU (14( -A) lots & AcreageCommercial
Bowl A No Closlnf Cost. doe it do* Can a person live have It. I'd Ilk. to know whatIt

if It U removed I* and how serious It I*.
KXCHANOOMMI Mr. R. H.. Pennsylvania I'LL.

Lot Mr K. R. T. Dear Mr H: There are efItY PIX IT AWtWR.P IS(0' Ia I >
OklahomaDear number of aspects of youi
M x ISO Ft located m Ave. C. Mr T. : question that are of particular 1

SW Across from Etching The spleen I* Importance In the understanding -

RIA1.TYCrO. Bank Parking Lot. Wide newtpaved truly one of the I of disease, teiU and the relationship x a

street with alley entr.Dc'l most remarkable between patient and r'T

in rear For sale by owner organ or doctor
W Central AMLraler Phone CY IJT71 After a P.M i the body. It has TeiU are performed to accumulate
a 0.... AtIo. .., CY 4-WM
Jaha A. _.., ...-. CX aIMiMUM or Edna Witsoa, Realtor CY I I>r, Coktnnn M many function Information that will
( A **..) 4-4141. that It can help the doctor come to a con-

be well laid that It play an Important elusion An X-ray of the cheat: f
+ I
role In every aspect of If not necessarily taken "for
I ACRES: 4 miles "..t of Wlllt.r "
tuberculosis. Rather, an X- r
uII111111111HI1111111111111H11u11111111CHECK Haves on Ml TERMS CY 1-9M. health and dlieaie i t'!
J7-TF The spleen I* a large organ ray of the chest I* taken for say

1 THIS and lies In the upper left part' whatever Information It can:

abdomen. Blood formation add to the doctor' knowledge
I GOOD building lots for I. IMO of the -
I OLDER HOME each Lake RrHon Ketatea. ta U attributed to the spleen, of a patient i W hIAe0ItI QrT fl/INK 1 tW Drew (Iu.V I1T1170'I1OLD1Vu I1.anT'cu NEVER
CY 1130 er CY S-W14. l-TF to MART) R'a FAIR TO 5xp1CT MtTb NVARDI Efvd STARTDD 17"pIGHT
especially during the fetal (tag* It I* therefore unnecessary THAT
I 412 nit St., Southwest/ of development In addition to worry about a disease before a 7r MAOOisl HAS ME rIt PAINTING j- eFaRtr"ti
5 ((19)) Card Of Thanks producing red blood cell., other positive diagnosis I* mid. I n POIM TUB Do
iXLIvInx. room v
vital blood element called Despite the fact that the SHCPPINOE u
:: 9
I x I
with fireplace

lymphocytes are manufacturedin condition I* unproven In your
| iXBedroomi. 3, cm be :::: The Recent Bereavement the tpleen case, your curiosity deserve to' s 4 1x I i 1r

s 4iBsths 5 which hit vinted our home baa Strangely, the spleen alo de- be satisfied. i.I
5 3i.Bresk1ut "old" red blood cell that Addlson'* disease affect the
brought to ui i greater appreciation I r
E room of friendi Such I have performed their function adrenal gland, one of the most
:: our
| i/. Florida room kindnesses and Dclghborlthoughtfulneii and are no longer needed. Important h 0 r m 0 n '-HCrttlnr't '

= /Cirg. with workroom 5 be It U ao Mid that the spleen glands In the body ;There U an i I
can never
s act a* a storehouse for relationship. betweenJie 1

5 .,. Lot I cellaDd.elp5 forgotten. healthy red blood cell, to be adrenal gland, the thyroid : J

5 ed =- The Family of released ai they are required. and the pituitary gland In the I

iX. Price $14000 *1ready = W. P. Hughes Some body defense mechan- brain. For this reason, sytnp-
financed Si line agalnit infection are toms of Addlson's disease are i

04- known to reside In this complex varied. I ,, lit rugrJ n+rNOW.
Cbeck these thing, then 5a Modern-day knowledge and ''fMKrtic'* I nit SJ'6IVP1V' Ml3T oetwaYAULLeV
organ. M'IF DOv RAli ROApSl
for thorough t inspection aa It I* thought that the spleen use of cortisone and ACT!) has rT- r IHFRI DOktTII ." J PQ&WtRT'9
I s ttRT11F REST iii p I! nU1CU
| )
Legal AdvertisingIN
caD control over the formation added great hope for the control / rr
s has come I 1 RtMCA/i ; t ROM S Mv i ir t ". ,-- W 6NTg IT r OS0ICK
of healthy blood cell in of some case of Addlson's pc... \
| = VOURHfARl L-jl j 'j1IuPAe
GERTRUDE THE C1BCUT: CorBT, TENTH' the bon. marrow where they 4Iae&... I ; 1 i \
= Days CT 1-1141 aa JtlllCIAL CinrilT FOLK are aIM manufactured.A Willis Dr. Coltma cannot rDa I v fx'2Drr

ETeningi CT 1-t&5t i CUt MTV, ELO1SIBA: person can live If the undertake to aiuioer individualetttri r .
If! ,, t
!f.. *IMI Dekl M JTf. Me. *N pleen I* removed becauie other hi trill use realer

|TOWN i, COUNTRY YVONNE JONES, Plaintiff organ In the body take over "ouMtioM In Kit column ", A.- I ,

ECTT1 U Important function This ever possible end whets they :
IIOU f LWLL rr WEYMAN: JONEsT" II a safety device typical of re o/ general fnftr... Address T

5"3.114' l ULiJU 5 NOTICE Or ICI Detsadant? :the many wonders of the body. your letter to Dr. Colonan i* 1x

iuuununnumnauuuniD THE STATE OP FUOBIDA TO: New and Important function iore o/ fat* ,..",.,o.r.
Jui -
n WEYMAN JONES tO UM Let Features Irma lea)
% General D.Ilv.pLakeland
1,46 Florida
You are hereby notified that a .." v.'A .
lult for divorce has been tiled
NEW I bedroom home MO Month Xatnet you In the above entitled All Networks Carry Same
payments. Inwood Section CY cause, and that you are hereby. required TNAT sftGt SUIT IN TNt I IWINPUW'
Uftut >-* to serve a copy of your asnrer -
or other written defenses upM L'0 FIN[

Mattox, whose A Kirkland addrees plaintiffsittorneya Is' Poet Totals Pool Ends Confusion Awl, SIIPPnW Sur tAtt' I IN" w SNIYNN' My r7 ON,

CHEAPER Office Boa 117, Winter Haven. Florida IN WIIi 1 ?actvl MY INCH 1:1, I Il'rNAT1 ''
RENT on or before the loth day ol ONt Jo Tilt ICING! '(J'IIII.I"INc: !
THAN November A D.. 1964 and before
or Immediately thereafter to tile By RICK DU BROW Under the pool arranfement $INtll4 00 5511G iMl.WNLIl 114INSTLAD
of the above styled IF MUl l Y A I A nwl l u SC Df1thunrus ;
$100 DOWN $60 Per Month 1th the Clerk United Press International Identical figures were poetell '" RI
Court; the ortctnal ot said smswertr ItONI tryst, v 7th'OINAMLNIIINI'C
including taxed 4 Insurance: tBR. said written defenses. .nyIf HOLLYOQC IT1) The by the network and the wlrervlcet eoI < ti r I 1i ty a

1 tile bath home Price you till to do so. decree Poeoefeuo Ine 4ridltlon of election night *o thil-priliebesthe I I

will be demanded entered saalneta In the hangovers was dispatched Into \lewer who tuned In, say. g 1 sTA
$9,500' for the relief I
omplalet.I oblivion Tuesday evening In full the early Hunlley.BrlnUey or o ''f Jr all \i
VARNER REALTY WfTNEBS my hand and offlrlalleal Polk view television watchers who I Walter Cronklte newscasts. '" (
office st Barlow
ot I
14 SIb St.. NW County. Florida this 13rd day olOctober. Saw a new, coopentlve: ind firu found no reuse for bewilderment ;! .
A D. 164 ttlcally fast vote counting over different talllti. This
ttiHU at.Ml $3770e D. H. SU>AN, JR. process. was In marked contra! to the .
Clerk Circuit Court
By Vivian &. Purvis I To the noetilglr reciller of June 2 California primary fight k I ( bI
Deputy Clerk j jDet past election, there may have between Coldwater ind Nelson'
II. Nev 4. Jl, I*. 1H4rtrriTioti the when televiewer
In *
HOMECBS been little drama uper> Rockefeller
-- -
quick tallying of result In the had their emotion driven In all -

fOTIf"E..OF .TPlIITIOJlf NANCNollre TOBEGIn. ice between President Johnson direction by the ryln.counl'. CHNTlT ClAlMfc Tat //MAUrit 14AVe10A

:. UR.1-bedraom. kitchen J-bsth and dinetteBuiltin Florid. li hereby flven that the and challenger Barry Coldwa. Tuesday night there wa no PON I st.e Te/AT.atgcNv )) / THAT If A rose 6RASSMOMaq rag IoSNTaA
room eleetna even and surface inderelKnod; Intends to reflater I with I I.r. and In many other rare*. prolonged period of sweating TMt. WOWt-O 1, FMrdnoit5Nu6
di [. THIS Bg
units Double. carport.. Central air he Clerk of the Florida Circuit, pursuant Court Out) the new vote.rountlng pool out the return*-not only be. ARTlc[ t IS.N w5(475 'T rNOlJ6riT
Located or I Polk County
conditioning, and Irk heatlnf Colesuet to Chapter aOIJJ Law. of Florida procedure of the two wire erv. cause of Johnson' wide margin IiMtEMeIk1A (
In SB section on
euUlde city limits. Dey CY MlNlfhta Iris of INS tAitl.latu.l l as amendid Ices and the three major net. of victory but because: also o )
weekends. CY by Chapter :M7M Laws ol Flo- thank the rapid compilation And
*> MillJBM Ida. Acts ot 161 teflilatur. thecuNlou. works could brine only
same. to-wll: Wolfe Or- from most view, ind newspa.r though we had a network pro. 6z S r 1
tank a....... under which he Is en- >. read.rsbeeauseoflisellm. mlse not to be too cozywith : I I /
rand In biulneee at MI (ears Ave. :
!! "duclare
1JIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIuIIIHIRETIREES KW, Winter Haven Fie. nation of conflicting figuredreused the. word : cr
lubber C. wolr. by varying method and some of the projection by como
I | oat 21. N.. 4. 11. 11. 11M orders of computing. Con were puler were stated In luch a r;; 1 w

i winter in this sS the i attendant theatric and false fashion that they. could be In. rI1
Enjoy your g drama luperflclilly crated by terpreted a* little else but dee:.
lovely home your romS Pro.cttonshow. Some of the re.
of gI : HEALTHrOPlcs such conflict laratloni. 1S,
: men tool Within light ever, were till matter of In. port were offered while poll .
t MK
: Lake Howard sod theE = vldual competition. were (till open In the West, -c
: good flahlng. Nicely lands =

: lot with room for sS -
and g I DUNDEEThe I alit. wee CAQARr Mar fe14vCMTIA1Mu,
gardening, flowers r rAr $.AWP rhl ,usr I/rrNq TV 11O A AUAr4w f
7764rvA1/vin Ca/0
with '
s 7azu
= vegetable, too ytAM9w I
s0 WO
visited Mr and Mrs Joe Wi-
= and IrrlgiUon. The den it ss A ionM u Y_ D.eew. Medium.Y..e Women Society of
converUbt to a bedroom ss Loral Mode..! faeoie. sad tile Christian Service of Dundee tent Sundiy
F\ende MIAal. Aeeawues.8NQm Mr and Mr*. Liwrenre For
for your pelt, there U a 5s Methodist Church held A ,
second bath for their eons : Call To Prayer And Self Denial lythe are home from Ave h. I rI

s venience. too. Ther,'. n sS CHART INVENTOR service it the church on week trip which Included vie-

Florid room and ss Sunday evening with Mr. Itlng In New York CRy tour

breezy lot of closetpact.. Wills | Few people ever heard of itindifer. wife of the pastor of the World' Fair. ligMsee. I v,.' 1
Hermann Secure althouch millions visit
log in Vermont *
tHvAn inf sod :5 : in chirge nwALA[ yne Ntt'iw
Ceirpf are familiar with I his eye with Mr. ronythe'f mother 5l 1
dnpertei !included la the = testing chart The Secure Chart C L. Strindberg. who hn Jimei Magee la Pittsburgh 'a 0l4'OWtf / .t'
= price of $14,100. with food rI was invented about a century been Atlantic Coast Line depot ;4

financing: aviilable. For = ago by the Dutch ophthalmologist gent Here for I number of P*. 11.11
tall It is the standard chart Mr and Mn Walter Jonei a .
s ippointmeat to art | used in letting for visual acuity yen her triniferred to spent the weekend In Tin,.., jy r

i GEBT1UDE: BRYAN S by which eye physician can ilmdale Strindberg'i home where they visited their ton
determine the amount of improvement i. In Venire.
= Days CT 11141 = .In.law and daughter Mr sad
obtained through Mr and Mrs Raymond Dun- -
-..... CT J.t5SI s lenses M ra. Robert Cook and fsmlly -
corrective In his chart. Snel> ford visited In Mulberry durIng Mr. Jones she iltended! 1 lwst vital Mo61. Ar rey saw.6Casor0tu4 /VN ,wAVH1 H+Yf /Ma ( } ,

TOWN COUNTRY! lens lirtt planning objective was to determine the weekend with their the footbifl game In Gilnes.vin Twit y Tres 5A1M oM 1911 lro6NW / 9610 eprpwt ee v.Je..*a 1re0, r7MMA.Cee MOW COnsO rMJowm R TW,1IaL5 0.511rfr -
10 SPes0'
f rJtuca0w ri
i, the minimum distance ion In law and daughter Mr. *. 1MM I aaw Tr 7.15 SbuPe4 { N151* TMAt rd 11,1 OO Mu7f$ P55711 MAN
5111u..o. filrJ'fi1R I g at which the symbol on the rod Mr Carl Boozer and Mr. and Mn, Walter AAaCtiCA, ps0tetov00 th.atY wee / Nov wN 1..W
chart could be clearly s... A MM i A.L/.5N fiassts Oil!
5<<3.11'" ) I IlS: JWUIiJU distance of 200 feet was decided Here re*for I weekend visit Knowle. Jr. and three wee h pet 150, t1e0CYt7e1.t
here from Plant City for
:: were
:: 1 i
UUsing: letters of the alphabet with her grandfather R. P a weekend visit with !the for

14 DPllm.rk. and Mr. ind Mr*. and Mr*. ,
Soil selected as the major 11Ift' parent, Mr ;
symbol the letter E, because of Drew WiOiee and other rely.1.U. Wslter KnowlciVUHiog I

its three parallel lines. !. orderto *ei were Mr. and Mr*. Lee- with Mr. and Mr. 11

The OLIn hare the normal eye at* theE lie Padgett and eon of St. George Douberley during the
the chosen
clearly at distance
The Btltti' the letter had lo be J4 in
Sncllen' proceeded to Mr. and Mri M M Griffeyiiited ..*. Mr and Mn. CthinDouberley

If you like "De It". older add lee rows of the more readily on Sunday In Inter of Core, Mr sod

lames, yoe'f tove thit nicely distinguishable. letter in a lichen with hit nrphew. Mr. Mrs. Trey Lee Douberley. of

furnished 2 bedroom. 1 decreasing sue, with those of sad Mrs Charle CistU sad Bartow, and Mr. sad Mr.

bath borne .situited on a the last row (to be read at 10 imBy and I greit.nk ce, Mr Clifford Douberlry. of WinterHaven. I
feet 0.11 --
) men: square.The
double ailed lot (130 I 130) chart is now customarily and Mr. J B. Spigner andbAdren xna tGus mat ywte TKtM MASH' tvf tn
for the .In Patatki A \ I "xaXXMM A TtAW OP DC CuiMl Orerd!
n can be your, seen in the ophthalmologist s Mr* Lillian Dull of Ashore $ ggpmA17Wednesday
oworr U "aniioiu'. Let u office placed at a distance of 20 Mrs Daisy Albrttoo I* here dale. was here on Sunday lorI Asa e / Orr,. IArt Abendr 1ecCUON tNe : M JUT A I WJMA4A1e1
0.1.1 let froa the kited A from Green for I sir .. TINT ww09rM; 5y R'rvA
do yea the favor person Bowling visit with her parent. Mr 1 p et 4VAOyYluN1NC
with normal view oTNtW NGIT/f!
person It oi two we kf writ hergrs.ddseghter
C3 red Mr*. C M. Porter i
should W able to distinguishclearly 1CM"
Mri K Rlifton made by 1
the .hue t* be read .llO Plan Ire being ,wwcuRr'F
ZtOareame feet sad *? so, his visual acuity and famfly the Town of Dundee for a special ii o '

is rated! 20/20. A person) with W..kf'llll..1tI at the borne ...... U be held later

LEIS BROS. .'td YI. VISKMS s* regard to dnv of Mr*. C A. Ifeiion were Iwrniece this year or early k* 1M. to

Realtors lance Svtuity say fund that he *. Mn. Ids ..It... MCIlira elect s five.man Charter ,-
can read only the teller largerthan
Norm More both 01ilia
Board for the of eimnin -
those Ia the 20-loot hue
11M Bilk aUreet ml O
the town cnarter sad
If he can see only the large letter (
OyfMiM Xer* Gar) E. a. visual Kurty M 20/ Mr MIl Mr.. Carl Brave recomaaendinf any chinge

B4-UT ZOO whkh mrssi he casi read oi Orlando, artompsaied by th4 should be made The

1:*.. A *. 1'0nu st 20 Iret only the tetter he Usrir daeghten. Mr*. Babe Member of the board mud beremidrflU

1 should We able t* read at 200 Dtnesu of Sanford sad Mrs of Dundee and ejuau- / '

-t-I 1 'ria-"'. Ma. rid+ g he bee perfect W. It Phew. of WinUr Park. Bed voter ,



I _

836 ,
Sixth Street i I
Northeast yJ\

\ I,

... .\
V\\t 1 "

\ SMOKED 4fl % I
\ CAN -
Old Milwaukee gg% LB.



;,, 49c ,,, l
_ -
- - ---- -
((3-4 )

((3-4 Lbs. Avg.)

TOILET TISSUE Lb. 88C Lb. 39C.S. Lb.3ge : 3-LB.CAN

! PKG. wW.W- 9c
4 ROLLS 29 .

TOWELS . Jsr; 33c STEAK 581 Lb. 880 : I
b'o' 2Ro 29c ,
- - - -
-- ------ - - -
29c 100V.
I STEAKS u 49c


BUSH" . J&. 59c j
st 1
. lOBous: : 9c SHRIMP 9R"LYKES"

To-oz. PKG. c I : : !
1 PKG. 4ge OF 2 39f4 2 .. VIENNASAUSAGE 0 4 S 88c

1 -
- .
APPLES HASH . . 3 "C.Rs $100
B-OI. 91 LI. 25; :.oz "WHITFIELD" KOSHER

10 59CALIF. -- ----- "CALO"

. . DOZ 29cU.S. laoz
. 3 & 25c lOAmnrJL CP I ..
- - - -- ---------- --- -- -- --"
- -
SO EXTRA SO EXTRA 1 50 EXTRA I SO EXTRA+ 1 1 50.EXTRA,. ...., I so IXnA.,,. .
I .. W.I' c. IIWoUI
.. C
WUh I.Wnhnl 2 Ihli CUT.C MFRYERS.f" III.t ..With..M..TANG hf.IM v..tA.,Cr Di...u/'"k lr III. COFFEE W IM."IA....tAll."t....e..C.YNr NATI........f _1 Wltll......ILIA,WnAS.e BAH.ww,Cou,,,.. a" III.I t 1"1 Gl0..J.wnA1N."COAT_,, N III. 10 IM WKAN.aLo emo.UP w _

7.-. 39c 1E.1., 75c ftSIS'1 1CeuM = 89c POTATOES

O.N TA Iftrlt. Cw.a 0..1 a T ':, .r Oe.1 a T Rrl': [en..r OeN a' ....Rr 1 Cee On.. a "P hw';
C.1:,':.Ou1 htuNly TA,h.,.hr't TAw -l r:>/:N* T TAr:. .LN/I NW ea./: etrN.1 N + TAry e1N/q Tlw? .1./If hw

Winter Haven daily news-chief
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Title: Winter Haven daily news-chief
Portion of title: Winter Haven daily news chief
Alternate title: Sunday news-chief
Winter Haven Sunday news-chief
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Winter Haven Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Creation Date: November 4, 1964
Publication Date: -1980
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Winter Haven (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Polk County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Polk -- Winter Haven
Coordinates: 28.034444 x -81.721667 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1948.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 11, no. 12 (Nov. 2, 1980).
Numbering Peculiarities: Sunday issues carry separate numbering scheme, <1973>-1980.
General Note: W.E. Rynerson, publisher.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 33, no. 30 (Nov. 1, 1948).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Preceded by: Winter Haven daily news
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Succeeded by: News chief (Winter Haven, Fla. : 1980)

Full Text
THE WEATHER Winter Haven Daily News-Chief On TM =l Of 100 The Lakes Word,

*W4y web h11f ti tWay 75 fe
Low "You Reed It F,rat,
Nrrh end
80. Ionl I ght in Hi* W*.

nortf.t windt 8 to 15 ", II.. p.r h...,. 'In The News-Ch ei'


---- -

Johnson Wins 45 States In Landslide Victory I

Vote Tide Boosts Democratic Congress Margin

.. .. .. .. *

Florida For Holland/ t t a' L 1 1k Goldwater Captures

5 In Dixie, ArizonaWASHINGTON

Burns And Johnson

(WPII!) Lyndon B. John In

ride into historv'n greatest presidential victory today

MIAMI CITI) Florida came I VIf and declared his determination "to make this nation
politically "home" today to the /
whole again" after of the bitterest of
Democratic fold, In the track one campaigns
a of President Johnson's close victory modern timed.

over Sen." Barry Goldwater, He buried the hope of Republican Sen. Barry
won with a solid bloc of Negro '
votes h M, Gold water of Arizona that Americans were ripe

The Democratic campaign for a return to conservatism. lie carried with him
chiefs estimated the Negro vote
an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress lie Interpreted
at Just over 10 per cent of the
k state's record turnout. But thn the results as "a mandate for unity' and a

admitted: "Without It, we would "command to move forward toward peace anda
have been In bad "
shape better life for all of our people"
Piling up s 50.1 margin In

the Negro precincts, Johnson For the 88.year.old former
,ilk scored his most telling blows i school teacher from Texas It
by licking the Arizona senator s r rf was a triumph consonant with

In Plnellas County, long the hub Johnson Sweep his dreams, A year ago he had
of Florida Republicanism and f Inherited the office of President
winning the MI.ml.r.a with rr from a martyred President hut
better than 20 per cent of the now he had earned the White

state electorate by nearl CutsGOPBadly House In his own right
78,000 votes He won this testament from
Helping the surge of the Prelo the people In an election which
running shattered established voting pat.
Sen." Hubert Humphrey, were In Congress terns Goldwater candidate ot
the sold support of state Pom.) the party of Abraham Lincoln,
Polk Democratic: erratic leaders and Johnson al. won five states In the traditionally
tacks against Coldwater on two Democratic South and led
WASHINGTON (up1)'reai.dent
key Florida Issues:Social Secur. In a sixth his native Arizona.
Juhn.on' landslide
ity and the state's missile In. victory Put Johnson won all the rest-
dustry. swept bigger Democratic majorltlas 44 states and the District of Co.
On Into office for the
Except Barry With returns from 2,198 of lumbla.
89th < regress, Improving;
the 2,278 precincts In Florida, ,st li es for passage of his "Gnat The tide of votes which swept
Johnson had 883,049 votes to Johnson victory also gave his
SoctptIf.'onomlc and welfareprograms
Polk Count voters swept There were two contests for 847,930 for Coldwater. x party Its greatest majority In
their Democratic candidate-- the legislature the Polk, the The victory gave Johnson the the House of Representativessince
Johnson's nationwide
to office Ben Hill Griffin Croup No 1 post being won by state's 14 electoral 1 votes -big. topple Republicans sweep fromcoa.t the peak election perform
Jr to the state senate, Lawton Chiles with 32,259: votes to 17, gent prize In the South and helped ante in If M ot his mentor and
M. Chile's and Wallace L. Storey 145: fos his Republiesiopponenl, swung Florida back into the ...feria ,. to coast, with particularly Idol, franklin D Roosevelt.
------------- Inroads In Eastern andM"w..t.rtl
to the house, Monroe Bran- James R. West. The Group No. party fol&Jar the flrst time heavy Johnson's landslide enveloped
nen as sheriff and Mr. Blanche 3 post went to Storey, who got since Harry Trims", won In LYNDON IAINCS JOHNSON COP House datagations Vermont which hid never

Work as supervisor of registration (Continued On Page 6, Col. I) 1948. Republicans countered with voted Democratic before) the
-by overwhelming ma Winning with Johnson were Industrial Cast, the Farm Pelt
3 AmendmentsAre
,gains In the once solidly Demo
yesterday Democratic Incumbent Sen. the Stales the Wee'Cad '
Jorlllts C Of C Promotions critic (D.ep South, but they fell Mountain ,
It also banded Democrats City ApprovesAve. Spessard L. Holland newcomer Alaska, and Hawaii It
short of the ever-all Democraticgains
running for state offices sub Claude Kirk Jr.; Haydon Burns, encompassed suburbs which
stantlal margins, but when It the Democratic nominee. for a DefeatedMIAMI normally vote Republican and ,
came to the presidency, Barry two.year term u | vrfcor who Activity Under Fire Continued Democratic domliu rural regions which In the past
allots of the Senate by a wide
Coldwater was their choice. L ProjectThe defeated Charles Holley, and six margin was assured early aU have been distrustful of Demo
The returns were unofficial, Incumbent congressmen two trait,
(UPI)-A voting avalanche
The Winter sieves Chamberof though It appeared that the par.
Anthony Fa sri prnrnleda
of them need.OTIIFX .
and lacked some 2,300 absentee fit-publicans. pnifiosed Florida With 170 electoral votes
against a
Haven City (ommern would not gain s Seat. Al
Winter accused to ty
"I" by ilHiul 75
ballots which were being count In the senatorial race, with petition"" nlgned formula
ed today as the official tally Commission okayed this morn 2,198 precincts of 1,278 report.ed tllnf home ineftertitr and Havenltes which challenged had MM stste's lexiilstlve die* present the .Democrats hold abe eir.nrioN NEWS
to edl"Oemott.llt
got under way.Goldwater Ing s resolution calling for Holland had ",,471 to of hiiiing ,ion little activity the .legality of the city spproprlathig Irktlng/ problem, heeded backto Sen. Howard W, ON rAGE tin: MX ANU

racked up a e- paving and reconstruction ot 549,008 for Kirk.Democratic an a petition' wan prevented this money lo> "s federal court Wednesday. Cannon of Nevada was. battling EVEN

161 vote majority over P,President Ave. L. NW. from Sixth St to leaders were to the rlty ommnnion asking hotly with no legs! responsibility The proposed 4) senator, down to the wire against
34,487 St Cost of the project quick lo crow over the Johnson it in discontinue "
Lyndon Johnson, getting Eighth in approprlStlon to the taxpayers lit representative apportion( strong challenge from Kepubll. ed to win, Johnson/ received the
for the Democratic has estimated at around victor\ of over 124 (WO to the
votes to 28,328 been The pfftftiiM! maintained that merit plea wasone of three ot can Li. Cov. Paul LsMlt. clinching returns from Ma
candidate and carrying $11,000 two-thirds to be paid (Continued On Page 6. Col 3)) (Oi.imb.. ,'r promotion fund Into money should be handled II proposed eonsMrtitkmelamefldifteirie Should U.alt win, the Senate home stste when. Texas gave

87 precincts out of the coon by the city sod the remainder by elected officials who on the Tuesday lineup would remain unchanged him Its II Electoral College

ty'. 90. by the property ownersIn are responsible. lo ,he vol,,.. ballot wtiWi. apparently were U Cannon succeeds In his bid vote at bill P.m. EST Ties
Democratic gubernatorial Burnssnowed a public hearing before Legion To Sponsor not delegated to s lardy with voted lowa for reelection the Democrats dsy.
candidate Haydon the commission two persons no legal responsibility The esxtnMag was slow and In would lain one sal From then. on Ms victory In.
his opponent, Charles spoke against the proposal no Psftirt. In presenting the some cwMdee was put off until House gains were much big. creased In magnitude until he

Holley, under a 7,633 margin one for It. After sn hour of lo the commission Wednesday to give precedent ,'r. had captured well over II percent
as he polled 32,277 votes to Show petition the cruel al rare for prestduM, the Democrats of the total vole
liscussion the resolution pus Horse Again add that .he questioned what Al I a.m. cT.I > popular ,
24,644 for Ms opponent.In ed unanimously Also passed Senate aid governor Tuesday had) membersand a margin greater than FDR's
Ms home county, V. S. the Chamber activity< ihouldbe night Dial about two-thirds of were leading In 10 other grated
the assessment resolution
Sen. Spessard Holland of Bar- was The Frieraon-Nkhols American show committee at the weekly the Stan's 3,271 precincts hadreported races for an Indicated total of The vole for President al
tow swamped his Republican to bill the property owners meeting Tuesday nhWat." "The Chamber bas s problem on the emeadmert by If], Republicans had elected 10)30) a.m. Ui'sJohnson
Kirk Jr. Speaking against the proposal Legion Post his again assumed
opponent Claude R. with membership and early Wednesday. them
son announced that other committee only IM and were ahead In sis III percent ",I".el
of Jacksonville, 34.S99: to 18- were Dr. Gordon Eycleshi' the sponsorship of the and fund." F. s t s r I st.'rtedThey tide sound with the bit volestkat other races for sn Indicated lit Cotdwater 11.1 percent IV
005: a margin of 18,590. mer. 7JO Ave. L, NW. and attorney Imperial Polk Charily" HorseShow personnel ahwild wwk here to couM twine the issue.Amendments totaL 101,101.

Griffin, Frostproof citrus Jack Straughn representing next February. The beneficiary would be appointed build up the Chamber' not use number one, onreacporlhiMnawi The current House has 114 Johnson had won 45 states

plant and grove owner, who left St Paul's Episcopal win again be the Le soon. '..,.yra' m. ...ey number four, Democrats and 174 Itepubllcana with 4S6 electoral votes
show the Polk Imperlsl
the house to run for Scott Kel- Church, corner of Ave L andSeventh gion's Crippled I Children's The st When liked If he was' s W school flMMlnt<<, awl number with I vscsneies, CoUJwater had won S states

ly's senate seat got 15,839: St., NW Home st St Petersburg. Horse Shew groundswill Chamber member, restart II, on gas It* albicatkws! The Jonoann tide swept sway with 47 electoral votes and was
votes to 16,584 for Marvin O. Although both were not Bill Watson was named open' Feb. 2 and continue. said that be. and shout 79 percent seemed. assured of driest. Iowa's GOP'dominaied atonal ahead .In one slate with I else

Vernon of Auburndale, bis election (Continued On Page I, CoL 2)) chairman of the post's bore through Sunday Feb T, thereby of the people who signed. Actually, the 43-113 leglels* delegation It had contained total voles for an Indicated
margin being 19,251 votes. adding sn extrs day to the live
formals been
........_ ,... the petition. had resigned. alr.1y only one Democrat but there total M.
event It has been sponsoredby flared ttnoxte'tiuilimtl by the 01
were Indications a possible Th. vote was from tt percent
1j rvrcracre GRIEiIry. 11IIkIP.rt the post for the part severs within the past year herause U... lupre M Court, sad had it solid seven l txmocraflo of the precincts,

.,,. ,-- 0.s.._ ...' .......0.>4 Q Vws.rrra ) years, always for the benefit they were dissatisfied with the passed. H would. only have m.ant state for the new man Congress The Democrats had won SIT

OI of the crippled children's organlistion another appeal by OWMMOIS totM But the COP grabbed off five House seals and were leadingfor
..,.": .-. home which received 11.000 This drew Immediate fire high Marl to have 11 tor.mally of Alabama's eight Democratic I others for an indicated
t ;1 .. ..-. In 1963 and ft.2M In 1WM. Wag from Chamber President Arnold ruled out. With l the House seals, ousting three tn.umbtllC. total ot 19) In the Dew Congressa
'fSU< .il advert 'men<2tlttc1t'l driest, the qua also ot The
4 es1Y son said there would be DO Republicans won gala II. Republicanshad
'M elate_ .r.ra. how Friday ,ym",. Feb I. "As Chamber. president and Ikm was moat one House seal from Mississippiand captured III seal and
utc le' A dance win be held Instead one who has worked for four The vole against It wee better DM la Georgia to trine were ahead for I for sa lndi

st Nora Msyo Hall ill! the Florida and ee half years for the than two u ere. their Deep South total to 16 Cited total ot 140. The makeupof
....t rums BuWIng Chamber, I have to take issue Amendment lumber loot on the greatest since R.tOllltrue. the Uth Congress was 137
with what Mr Famri his to the ballot, ........ to authoriseuse lion days after the Civil. War. Democrats and 171 Republicans
Mail., a' The post say." Silent said ot IM setae tad i" laelfalslMig This. election marked the first In the Senate, the Democrats
for the dedication of Its
plans with Interest for tchouieofutrurHeo
that tine la almost a century thai
.. new $123 000 memorial ban on He went en to paint nut of the was also being the three stales !had seal Re. (Continued On Page 0. CoL T)

.. Saturday Nov ,.. A five-by- the oversR picture frounced, by Marly two to one publicans to the House.
t ? eight' \ foot L-.S nag which! \ formerly Chamber has !been>> eteelletrt. ibis proposal drew opposition There were well\ known In Polls Line

flew over the U.S. Capitol and that m last, this reupis from the stafs's paUC schoolteachers names M both sides of the ,

In Washing. wRI be envied bf other Clambers t.et..... the school ledger Men Told They

raised at 1 U p m sad the thraw program la the auditorium l Hhs( 8teek' Have To Vote

rl y win follow from 2 to IJO p m rut off .1 farther disrutsionsod
after which "open boose" for cad that the emmufionwewtd Two Lake Alfred men who

all Legionnaire sod guests haply ,..#. hr pe- decided yesterday after a long
wait In line thai they wouldn't
win be held The program wend Continued: On Page I, < IIi l *) r, .
bother to vote, learned to their
with& a dance frem I p.m.
surprise that they had to.
k\-\ U midnight 'atilT .'....N r r The two had been "process.
Adjutsnt Ben Ashmesd war .." tor voting that is, !had

authorued to write Congressman Daisy ea'....... t1,. race) i received' ail their credentials-
J A. Haley. thanking from UM emit and v-csuM.MspsH and were waiting tor a voting
him for the gift of the flag Diwitatti machine. They decided II was

Stst Legion notable" wffl > rag, 4eW grapef- .)u, >58orasgee ) taking too long and started oust
attend the function to ,,!lid 10 taagen117 of the polling plan

U* public is invited Mr. sad awreons; by boat, .,7'' (rap*. Mss Maud Tumid, sa elee.lion y

f. Mrs. W T; Xyaenoa will be frwM; .by track, '4,1'7( /rap. clerk, said they had to
i c lulrmM of the dsfteePast frs.., I-f,>>J eraAges, I laa.gertoes vote, sod told a poll deputy,

"fl\ .-- ... Commander !L X. Sum- ',HI ....cOl' total, ROT Baker to slop trim They

1:1141::=::-= ...", serrlOe U general chairman IJ,003 grapefruit, SI, '.' or. tried to push Baker out of the
-- ef the program ages, |,o)a ugnn ,1M way so h* sailed police, who
OMireous for >al ofl were la the same building, sa i
a sMpptr /
VICTOR CONGRATULATED Hill Griffin J,.. elgM! eec veters* e/ ruse. RocWs The poet expressed sport l iU.M. bone the polls art la city ball ;

Hose, wen .Iect l J.n t* the stefe senate yesterday, sad Is 049 c.*ortt.UW by cistkM lo a fellow member.J Cumeryr.selp'I SS4! The police directed them to

Cwnry C.mmissiea.r! Wllmer McCvfchevn, Les W Own.*, left, woo reelecHe' { l. rfc. X Aadersoa for ksdldiagint.a grapefruit, ".'" orar foe 8 gel tack In line which they

ce *ry commission ,.,t.,"' ..but the say w.,. ... was snwpp..4. acd 01 p.,. *X '.G& x f 'IAIIII') 'OUJ el I J (1..1 ... MOHROf ItANNtN IIAMCHI WORK( did- and eventually they voted.t .

.-- ....-- --- -

/ I

November 4, 1964r

Sanchez WinsSAN ceedlng. Lois Munoz Marta, wIlD Lois Fern of the .RepublicanStatehood .
052 to
181 74
...... stepped dm alter 16 years. "
( ,\ of the votes
With one-quarter 402.Sanchez
JUAN, Puerto Pico 51. was Munoz'
the candidate I
(UPI) Roberto Sanchez VI Deirocratlc handPicked successor/
of the Popular
lella was elected governor of
1. [party, led his nearest opponent SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN
Pmrt Rio Tuesday im hi, sue


r., '


/..w OTT'S 219 3rd ST., S.W.


.' (;"" -I KS
-'- .... or
,. : : ,,,.. '
., ." -- ".,t> IJ CORBY'SRESERVE
I .... -,
.. ,
.lI.. tf BLEND
.I.... JJI

PLANNING SCHOOL BENEFIT Clint Thomas, left, and NEW MEMBERS INSTALLED New m.mberalnltall.d at the meeting of the Winter Haven 6 YR STR. KY B RB. J.T S
Harold Davis, principal of the Elbert Elementary School, are Board of Realtors at the Haven Hotel Monday are pictured with John J, Brennan, right, 10th eGORDON'S
I discussing plans for the spaghetti dinner to be hel- at the school district vice president, of Lakeland. They are, from left, Roy Thomas W, R, Wolflnbarger
Thursday evonlnt under sponsor ship of the PT A.Registration Marjorie Eommers and Charlie Fields GIN90PROOF 1 ( BROWN

must Mrs carry Willis 25 said names petition and Lodge Pleads DehydratedJuice Youth Jailed -gyuiKY' (I' STR. KY. BOURBON CORBYS

each been record candidate owner must of taxable have For Unity After Threat Reg. 4.90 39 .95 ease, (,IRntMAR '/ REG.4.60-39.75 CASE l r:'

Deadline Set for property at least within one the year city I limits resident BOSTON (UPI) Onetime MarketTo On LBJ's Life

of the city for at least Republican vice presidential
one year and a qualified elector nominee Henry Cabot Lodge MODESTO Calif. (UPI) A i'h' N
of Auburndale has urged all Americans to 17-year-old high school youth +
At AuburndaleAUBURNDALE County registration books "join ranks behind President Be Studied was arrested by police Tuesday
will be used In the election Johnson .so that we may all night while In the process of
start moving ahead together." telephoning an alleged bomb
and all voting will be In the
Dates for In an unusual election night threat to President Johnson'sranch
filing petitions In the coming Municipal BuildingSatellite statement the former UN am. in Texas lull
city elections will be noon on bassador and special preslden.tlal Police Lt. Norman Strum said VODKA DRY GIN 3Quurs$1000n
Saturday, Nov 21, Mrs Hicksla Orbited trouble-shooter to Viet Nam the youth was taken Into CUB. QUART
Willis, city clerk, said today termed President Johnson's vie tody while In the middle of a
VANDENBEKG AFB, Calif. tory over Republican candidate long distance call to ranch of.tlclal. .
Three commission seats will (UPI)-The second secret satellite Barry Goldwater a vote of confidence .. They kept him on the IMP. SCOTCH RONRICO
In Johnson.Lodge line for about 20 minutes while
In a* many days was
be In the election which
open launched toward said the election Modesto authorities were notU tlGHT r DARK RUM
Tuesday polar
will be held on Dec. 1.
orbit from this West Coast base "shows that the voters want all fled. Ii
Seat number three will be by the Air Forre. Americans to receive equal Strum who did not Identifythe lpW1r1J1l, Charcoals
for lone year term while Both secret staellltes were believed treatment regardless of race or youth said he offered no re. ABC Filtered
seats four and five will be up to have been of the Discoverer color slstance and probably would be I LABEL
for three year terms eerie "They favor positive solutionsto taken to a detention home for j KY. STR. BOURBON

said.the"They nation's believe problems that,"for.he questioning The officer said the youth Is j Hedges & Butler ('W'[-=3 Kentucky

elgn relation should be conducted a student at Davis High School r lightest
jfaruiJ"OjldferllTriiNfyv by the President with In Modesto and lives with his Bourbon in the World

/ rToui, Dn&! > +f'feeadrJ..41"dY courage ability and prudence" parents OLD PARR ; :It: ,. Money Back Gu r ntetCJ"
-------- --------

I>UPVINCIAr Eight Persons Ike Treated RtG.715-6l.9S 5 tee. .' JtCeteHOUSE

Die In Fire .. After Fall ''Ip I, r' to rsa asr.

CHICAGO (DPI) At least President Dwight D. Elsen gJ[ I
eight persons died today In afire possibilities for market hower was treated Tuesday for mJ'X
that swept through the success of dehydrated citrus a back Injury received In I fall
juice will be reviewed \
four story Dorchester Manor during at his cottage at the Augusta bo-- f
the Florida Citrus Commis .
> Hotel on the city's south side National Coif Club.Elsenhower
sion's first annual Citrus Dual
underwent treatment *
eight persons, In.
ness Conference,which Is scheduled at the Ft. Cordon Hospital
eluding two firemen, were In.
a jKelbel jured In the fire day at for the next commission Monday and building Tues night.following the fall Monday of STUART8016MP SCOTCH ..'t. 3.99rnlllUVY

>l ; In Lakeland. 5th
Firemen who brought the Authorities said he returnedto I
CALIFONfeAY blaze under control, were his cottage after the hospital MASHYELLOWSTONE"
This market study, one of several 'a"
searching the ruins for other examination. IMP. SCOTCH
business evaluations
bodies. Identity of the eight con.
traded for by the commissionlast
known dead was not Immedl
spring, Is to be presented

ately Some available.of the hotel residents by Dr. Gerald B.Tallman,director WIN WINWITH 86 STRAIGHT

down were forced until firemen to Jump arrived from win.and of consumer for Arthur marketing D.Little,Inc research ., KYe BOURBON in John

used of Cambridge, Mass The report Beqg
snorkels to help others to
Is expected to analyze the OR
safety possible market for this productIn T
terms of volume,growth rate, WIN sSchenleq : BLUE CAP
price, and package form and to
Indicate If the dehydrated Juices CHAMPION PETERDAWSON "
EARN would expand the total use of 12 YR.Re STR. ICY.
Dr. Tallman, who obtained his .5.75-47.75 Case Reg. 6.50 Silos 1'z.95' \
doctorate in economics from y y
Anwrlttfi Ifyb h Dluumn Northwestern University, was BL L
director of the executive development
4 ,., .......+
at Massachusetts ,
Tills exciting dinnerware will add luster to Institute of Technology during CONTESTALL '. ATOM
any contemporary Provincial& homo.You'll fall his 27 years as a memberof YOU HAVE TO DO T:
in love with the Early American shapes, designed the faculty He became associated
from authentic antiques. To really Of II Mentlti with Arthur D. Little In IS SEND IN THE NAME
appreciate !how Provincial Fruit will blond "Callfeeos et DettJtN 1942 a* learn leader on many AND ADDRESS OF YOUR
projects and as senior advisor
with your| homo decoration you must see the FOR FULL other. This work covered wide on FAVORITE PERSONALITYON MOORE BONDED KY. BRB.
permanent orchard colors of wine-spple red INFORMATIONDROP of marketing 00-41
range research Reg 5 88 cos' \.t\l Sob
soft-yvllow peach the subtle loaf greens IN AT promotional strategy, corporate
against the pleasing stippled satin finish and policy and economic develop WINT
olive rim. Durable,oven and detergent proof. frog: ; ment manufacture assignments and distribution Involving the of ONE NAME WILLIE GALLON JUG FULL QUARTS

U'PIECE STARTER SET9.citeI.,4laded.,4eedas.sevrdr consumer products.The : CHOSEN Rote Park 100% Pure Cal,'. Philadelphia

organization of
$1"5 an Industrial
webkA, tare. 111"' flat . promotional I Tr. l A ILENDCHARRED
+ project In Win A Silver Plated 7 9
:::= MMMMly. Sir iff A* t't' t fa Puerto Rico was largely the con. MUSCATEL 3 OAK
(Ml UMO ff VJ trtbutton of Dr Tallman and the 6" Engraved Triretie FullRegular::
Little agenc) and he is principal
45-rMICE SET alas a coastseeh. author of a 10-year program for For Your Home O if Srr Bourbon
fet I lixkifei. I _II,diem ben Puerto Rican industrial develop
Fee, Mta4. ,..... tup. seeder, MUM ment. In 1M7,Dr.Tallman was a Or Office. ROMA PARK&TILFORIVODKA >
I _",.lor(* plonw' ,-.'r,Ufor ft $ Visiting professor In
-, ",....... . . ,,95 W' and In 1881 served In Turin a similar Italy COME BY STATION or GIN

:: -I-: "e S"32.15 capacity Management at th.lndllllln.tttut.of la Calcutta. WINT AND SEE THIS CHAMPAGNE 3.75 hdd1
rt. saw
CllrAMQ Rewewle. r es, tI..itt The Commission conference, SILVER TRIVETTE
ova pUma ere (11".4 by *.0.I.C which begins at 9 a.m. on Monday '
tsss I Is open to the public. SPLAY.For PINK o WHITE
\ The Young Al


IU11 .J.CMI Fun a., as,

Radio u i un B

Sugar NOBODY.*.

from Our Homewares Dept. suppli e 1360 KC BUT NOBODY e

v 1 wI T AtC



d eec
Gardens Rood f.a ANAL
Cypress RADIO sae N weber ,Id1

& --{ -- -, -,. _._--,----____._________ ____ t ""'" .- k--- __ .. __ .'_.. ._I-,_ --___.

.,, art: ---_- --.,... .. .___. ___: ": .T ,.. ,. _.. -- ..



lBJ ExpectedTo The Weaffier--Loca//, State And National I 'f Two Auburndale Youths j

Keep Intact .t ..50a Arrested In Theft Spree

r'rlR N t 5d AUBURNDALE. Two local after the boat and forced the
Top Level TeamWASHINGTON c youths wore arrested this toys to return to shore

morning after an escapade on On returning to Canovs's
Lake Ariana during which they home Chief Lewis reported that

(VPI-Presu O\ xlledgedty stole a best, a tank he found a boat, which had been

dent Johnson may make a few alto ono ? fi of gas, a btcy"ie pontoon boat taken from Harry Thorpe's property -

changes in Ms cabinet but he ...; T. from the city saanafor'a. home at 346 Bay Street and a
it expected to keep Intact most and attempted to steal an out gas tank which had been t farm

of the top-level team he Inher. board motor. from Dick Brown's home at 343
the AHterndsJe Police De-
lied from the late PresidentJohn t P Bay St
partment reports that It received
F. Kennedy.
of State Dean Ruek : a telephone oall yesterday According to the police report
Secretary 7t kj 'p41
Alt morning around U o'clock from ,
the boys had checked Into
Defense Secretary Robert S, L I
Bruce Canova city man..r.who
McNamara and Treasury Sea school yesterday morning and
retary Douglas Dillon are vtr. So"; J reported that two boys were left soon alter When Lewis
on his bicycle pontoon out In the
tually certain to slay .. 'hi" lake apprehended them they were
Interior Secretary Stewart L. reported to be In a "drunken
Chief L. L Lewis went totsv. condition" and had In their
Wall AgrlcultureSecretaryOr.vllle rJ1'RfllN J .-.ligste| the incident and found'
1.. Freeman and Commerce 1 possession a part of a MM of
< hoIn back 01DIektele'
Secretary Luther H, Hodges whiskey The boys told Chief
"?mi- where the oMest of the '
Lewis that they had found the
also good bets to continueIn '
are ,.. Ni 1 hear, to
was trying drag
fifth in
SNuweiesi an orange grove near
office.Labor. -",'.. if L.t' H in, taItwarImotor! down the dock Auburndale High School.
: 'T" I the iHinioon boat In which the
Secretary W, Willard The boys were turned over
Wane could remain where he RAIN AND COOLER Rain Is forecast for the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf states with uthrt( MHilh> was walling to the Polk County' Juvenile authorities

Is, or he might be shifted to attorney cooler weather moving in with the rain. Showers are forecast for the middle Appalachians and I,.>>wls said he yelled at In Bartow
vacated the eastern Great Lakes area. Cooler temperatures are also forecast for the Midwest the A" Hit I Irn + and the one on the dock
general a post ell""p-d 'the motor and ----
Southwest and the middle Atlantic coastal states. \
when Robert F. Kennedy re. t "nun' the OI1'OCIIboal Lewis

signed In August to run for the LOCAL OUTLOOK i 1'111.11.,1' I and managed lo Jump In SHOP VUMIR: IUVEN
Florida Zones
Senate In New York. through to Temperatures .
Partly cloudy --
Other possibilities for attorney
general Include Nicholas de B.Kattenbach Panhandle morrow High today 75 to 80 By I'nitod Press International WAHW. KING AND JJEH.; Ul tM,Woi[ .,f

who Is now acting Clear to partly cloudy and Low tonight in the 60's. North Low 11I1" Mr. and Mrs. Clifford: Ilfll, -dJfr .-. 1M'> ,1,... Mi ,

attorney general; Abe Fortas a mild today tonight and Thursday and northeast winds 8 to 15 Albuquerque 35 57 M. J, mitt were elected Kl;-T and-.life W ih,,, ''I i torn, !By! Your Popular Demand I

Washington attorney and former High today 75 to 80. low miles per hour Atlanta 49 13 tan school's Halloween Ir .h,J held n' the" ,,1111"1.i ,
assistant secretary of Interior commurit! clubhouse
tonight 55 to 82. Easterly Birmingham SO 74
who Is one of Johnson's most winds 8 to It miles per hour Boston 38 M
trusted confidantes, and Leon ,
JaworsU a Houston Tea, attorney North Chicago 57 73 18a King Queen
Partly cloudy through I
whom Johnson admires i Cleveland t2 68 LOAFERS
Thursday High today 80. low Denver 58 29

Should \Mrti be shifted his tonight I 5 to IS 60 miles Northeasterlywinds per hour. Detroit 48 70 ,.. .....' ....,. t,.. .
replacement as labor secretary Central South Jacksonville 6S 68 v, Elected AtWahneta ... ....... .. I
might well be William Dough. Kansas City 57 75 ...,... / .
arty former head of the Letter Partly cloudy through Los Angeles :.s 82
Carriers Union and AFL.C10 Thursday High today 75 to Miami 10 79 ,

vice president who Is now U.S. 80. low tonight 60'i North and Miami Beach 70 BO DMto

ambassador to Jamaica. northeast winds I to 15 miles Twin titles SO 60

per hour. New Orleans 51 'l5 $488 +
Dougherty also has been men. Keys New York 45 60 < Jitn" HU1 daughter of Mr. tan ,

tloned as possible replacementfor Partly cloudy through Orlando 68 7. and Mi-. Clifford Kill and !
Postmaster General John A. Thursday. High today 78. low John'mlih, son of Mr. and NOW I
Philadelphia 37 59 yI
Gronouskl. But Gronouskl did tonight i 70. Northeasterlywinds Mrs. M. J. smith were elected 11 : A'AILAILI IN, I
Herculean work In the campalgn 8 to 15 miles hour. Phoenix 46 79 King and Queen of the COinoVAN :'r. s.... std .
per Ralelllh 39 38St. I....
trying to offset the"white Wahnet.i! community at the annual AND KID WIN $588" rive tat
.. Louis 46 7. 'M SC.'due.
backlash" among Pollsh.Amerl. Halloween Carnival Salurdii HATHM N. I II
cans and other ethnic groups.He San Francisco 56 54 } nlrht a Wahneta Community
has told Intimates that he Inwood Church Seattle -48 53 riubhouse: f

has every expectation of remaining r Tampa 67 7Z '1Ladi.
In the cabinet Washington 37 6.0e -- -- Other candidates were

PASTOR RETURNS The Martha Brogan I\l'Ifldi&CorI8, .,' Flats and CMUrWlS Ladle' t tDr.
Anthony J. Celebreue Is Plans Studies SUMV Mate11B1ilyttp/kerMike
Rev R. D. Hodges, of
pastor Sheet
Jackson and ."
known to be unhappy In his job Itovals, Hut Bedroom !Slipper
the Central Daptlst Church will 1
as secretary of health education wk return' 10 in* Church Sunday afler Jimmy Coeta. : ;:: :' ..::i.::. "
and welfare. He played Immanuel Lutheran Church The carnival started with a
34th St. In Inwood will start a long Illness A special leg T.
practically no part In the elec. parade t Iwflnnlng at the Wahnela $297-
tlon campaign and it will sur. a new series of studies In adult .' t drive music program and sn attendance School and ending st the Com v.k, i. $000A M oo NOW
other activities has
education planned for every Wed.
prise few in the capital if he munliv ClubhouseThere
departs from the cabinet. nesday evening beginning to. 8 been planned for his return. were several booths 11100< > NOW | 4tlM ".::': := : :
Among those mentioned as night at 7:30. tor entertainment. plus a cakewalk

possible successors are a Negro The Rev M. Galstad pastor THE NOBILITY Ml- Di.rotlu Solicitors Hamburgers, lo dugs
-Whitney M. Young Jr., execu. who will conduct the lectures and Crowfoot-Hodgkine 14. the v candled applHI,oratte Juice and

the secretary of tile National .discussions, described the third woman to be nwnrdid Warned To soft : e served. USE YOUR
Urban League-and ./....man- classes as studies In the problems a Nobel Prise In IU 4-vnir! t King Harem received.

Mrs Esther Peterson, now assistant of people in human relations history, hold a model l of the Gel Permits many sits from the Winter HIV CHARGE BeJkLiodsey
secretary of labor and especially those pertaining molecular structure of .' en m%chanishllOP .
Johnson's special adviser on to family, school and so- chemical !she mad by use ratan .1 ACCOUNT
consumer affairs clety.A X-r.y technique: whlhwon City Manager ,
Alfred has Is- IN WINTtR: IM EN
college textbook In psychology her the prise for ihcinUtry fl.M of Lake
will be the basic reading as. She teachrx nt O'thud, sued I notice (hat any person I

slgnment. Special attention will university In Knglnnd gninn Into or to any residence
be given to child growth and development .r In lake Alfred for the purposeof

personality, adjustment udvrrtlslng or soliciting or

problems, mental health, Ray Charles --- dcr for sales sre required to ". .
and spiritual wellbeing.Anj -
have a permit to do so
one Interested In probing Faces Judge STOLE $1 S MILLION it''. 'I. For persons In Inter aisle

such topics irvelcome to attend. wad L I'H+ nf.I\[ 4:, hi, I commerce. occupational IItenses .
banker of 'hi. N 'lmiki ,ml eA
not but
DOSTON (UPfl)-Blind rhythmand are
4CIIFR.I: : >OC.TORCOIML"H'4TI01: dune ran,h town of Valera l solicitors' do apply
blues singer Ray Charles permits i 1 t th
: : tine. walks, from the ....t. licenses required '
will appear In UA District Occupational are
SAN FRANCISCO UPI> capital in UncuWuftrr walkIng e
Court here today on a chargeof for those Individuals la
I The Into the office of the t
University of California
Illegal possession of narcot 1"I..r..I.t. rommrrreA ,
Medical Center here is now Indirect Ice stale. banking director IInetconr..I" special Commission tneft 1 1aF

communication via a The 34-year.old singer pleaded the embesstemvntof Ing Is scheduled for 7 30 tonight I
series of two- confer more than Slit mlllkn in
ay radio
Innocent to the chugs Satur
In Lake Alfred City Hall
enceslilt of a 14-vmr period Mr I Is ..
groups practicing he pr.
day shortly after was arrested
(for the of corning
physicians from the Oregon at Logan International Air.port. dent of Uw Nebraska ..titleBank purpose +'
bids for
water plant Improveemenus
border to Bakersfield In south- He hat< flown here from and mid h. was. 'Urtod Harts-
central California Canada In his private plane for of living with It according to

INTERNATIONAL More than 70 hmpltala participate I concert at Symphony/ Hall field T ..

In the quttllon-and- Saturday night Mailox
HIPPODROME anstrr sessions, designed to Charles was arraigned before Ray Meats FruitIncluded

bring together medical school UjS. Commissioner P.terJ.N.I. Lynn KirklandIn ,

faculties with physicians from llgan who released the entertainer On

emeus both metropolitan and outlying In personal recognttancs Partnership I Iy
areas The new venture in pottursduatc The concert was held ss Bargain Lists +
I medical education was scheduled l herolt a sellout
THE EUROPEAN STYLE : launched Sept IS rrowd Say Msflox and Lynn W WASHINGTON! (UPI). -Abun.

CIRCUS MADE FAMOUSON Kirkland announced today dam supplies of melt and pout.

TELEVISION TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT TO GO OUT TO A MOVIE! that they had formed a part. try, fish vegetsbles ant fruit
nerihip for the practice of await this
week's ,
H. .....;.4t t..1 the *.* ..h* m..4..4 beth 1.t. ........, hoppers As
One Day Only end th.". ..h.. ws..... .... .k..t l t. .IM ...."..4. getters! Isw the harvest continues, fruits and
.1..4.4 far .,grey e. tks pewds fist he ... ." ..,h... They will have offices In the" vegetables are especially good
SATURDAYNov. Phillips Professions) Building. bv,..
Ground beef, beef sttats and

eliI roasts, pork roasts,and hnHler> +, t,
-" NOW TOLKISM AU.HW.; fryers are the top meat and a ,
7 ::11. L TODA/ raw SATURDAY MIAMI BEACH Fte UPI' poultry buys. Fogs, tiMed pink

--An Alliance of Tourism that slamon, and fish sticks and por.
tiers. ffiplete tile best-buv list
would recognize the eeonomie
CONTINUOUS MOM IN ,M.FIATUM Importance of that industry tothe for protein l foods.Cabbage .
AT carrots cauliflower! ,
South American countriesas
AT )00: 110 1:41: ':40 tilto lettnee and ofdoM are the top
P.M. & 8 P.M. pioposed by Andrew D
2 buys Is vegetables for the week,
8hes, president of PanasraPan I
Cranberries, grapefruit pears
Amerkan-Orace Airways'
PIIISINTING THI New oranges are good buys In the *
in a speech to the annual meetIng -
ot the American Society of
STAMI Travel Agents Apple are especially plentiful.MtW ,

IN .
Shea said such sn Alliance YORK UP1 A total
would faciutate the acquisition III I.'''' Akin notoruu. entered

KIOIMO' KIMOt of capital needed to develop Panama via the row Pan

.,.>*'. .....et..... tourism In South Amerka and Anvtrlran Highway from mMPebruary .
.t.,. to unify the eSorts of an to its of ISIS throusti, mM.Aufliist .
growth He said South America, thai rear acew'im< lo My deepest npprec;itiion t' 'II I} 'If> y'"u who

THI MenNa nrWIUUD.ee r.t *.".! j Lo V MR & 'X O COlirfll! although mild tourist presently boom eiprrleneinjs still ,.. 1st the Bureau Panama. The OovernBtei Bureau i'ported t Tow- supported m. in my r.c.i tor governor. I.

"" PAMAVISION mains virtually unknown endpraetlUIl7' that IJU motofttU of all naUons -

TM ru"., MM Nos.C'S. undiscovered M far enUi'd Panama u he each el'
It M not possible to see you per-
*... u most tzsel-minded Ameri- new hifhw in the U montll

......<. NO ABVANCI IN PtlCIS tans are concerned. period know
H.,M< I. tonally to thank' you, but plots
hre.ewM. IM3..

Htf....k.W.k"...'rtIrt.... .T._. .. HAVEN DALE Drive-in THEATRE J. A. ASHLEY & SON fha.1 I am {gnMul'Iw your conAdefte* aridsupport

ortH AT 111 ..... I tare I

eat ACAOOATSSPONSOUD Ada t tin t.nxiif Iicttewteet sand! TWflh ;

STUnc.t.; ., -.: g'et'Uf

AUBURXDALEKTWANISCIUB) Af 100-. .tlflfM.ate* Tao Uret Eq y,me.f For Qooflry WeHi! .

ICHA13 CHAUIULA1N: TV ( *. Ie CALL 2fJll4f

-TWHJGHT Of MONO-$ Only' For A Free Estimate '4. '.1! A*



B .- .. ._-_.... ... -- .------_- ...-'- -.. -... ..


. W.jdt..... November 4


Haven Daily News-Chief Today's r II UI The Presidency I The Lighter Side I

W. E. RVNMSON. MiTOfPiiMliliofJOHN By DICK WEST by their vice prcsidunu ,
W. RYNWION Anitt.nt .. .h. Publlilior"
International males ( nonp.
Thin hM confined it- honorable United Prey nine
He must
ntwtptptr preside over an
PuMlih.d ditty (I.... I;t.-.d.yl. by w Winter H.----- CommentaryBy WASHINGTON (UPI) Peo. little ( ) very mu. t ,
Publishing Ce., Inc. Hi I Jrd Sled N.W. Wlntor H..... Florid self to rapNMinf opinion on lead. political process without stooping aka are Inclined to feel a bit didn't know they had l 01'i '

-----_. ------------- ing Issues in the American election to political indignity. He must harmonize lit down after a national tec- -Much has been s.i

CHAHISftOSHOftN ___ ___ ___ ___ ft.nor.l M..g.rJACK PHIL NEW80M aip. In an earlier editorial we conflicting elementsin tics written about the ta.tnby .
KAHAN Att..lt. Wi..,, UPI Foreign. New Analyst many They are clad that It's over both candidates. II .
.---- --- ---- explained the reasons for this American society including hit of course R'U a relief to be opinion was thy < ar ,
The CMnew atomic bomb 1s
PETER J. SULLIVAN Advortitjng. M*....rNATIONAL tumult and the shout. ( ) clean clear throng
-- _. by Red Chinese Premier Chou alignment on policies and nonalign- political friends and political opponents rid of the
ADVERTI$4Ni Rf PRMtNTATIVESh.nnon EiuLai's own admtssten ........ meat on parties and candidate without undue favoritism Is*. And yet even those who washday bright ( ) su t I'
I An.dd.n I".. Chico,., HI. ". .But... are possession were on tilt winning aide are than dirt? ( ) fresh as ,Ii I
There remains the issue of the He is of all the ?
----------- -- --- the president people. Ukely to have a temporary doors
of It, It is fruit of
Ent.r.d .1 S...".. CUit MoIIM.I.., $*,.. t, If 24 .t th. Pott Office our ownefforts iUelf. touch at nopMhiMM. -What do you regar' .
of the efforts of As. presidency Probably no man, before he
l I" Wlnlof H.v.n, Florid. under acf ol March :. Il7y ,This .Is a natural result or turning point of the < "n"", ,
--- ---- tans, enters the White could live
-- The man who is president for House emerging too suddenly from the ( ) disclosure that may,> ,

f'ee i '.. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU bomb And is small, It already though the la Chinese causing the next four years will be the up to these high demands fully. The high. pressure atmosphere of a date had running matmiddle '.

(f '' ) OF CIRCULATIONS a reassessment of the world n, : chief elected representative of the voters on this occasion will have political campaign. In severe name was tlorati' ,
{I..' different views of the It even result in withdrawal of film show i '
... .' nuclear weapons.It people of the United States. The degree to cases may i 1.
which each candidate has done "the bends" less swim suit ( ) ou\" i ,
proved that a nation need : quality of his leadership at home so.
MEMBER be neither rich nor industrially !. and in the outside world will do But the moment that a chosen president The poet.eleMlon adjustment had Yogi Berra. ( ) eoun'i''] ,
Active Mombor would be easier If we
UNITEDAE55 INTERNATIONAL advanced to carry out Its man. into the White House
NATIONAL EDITORIAL Th. UnitoJ hear It entitled' .. She ... ufacture. And even though it much to shape the quality of free. steps something on which to taper off

ASSOCIATION for .publication ol .ll locol n.wi print., may be another 10 years before dom that this nation and all nations these high demands are inexorablylaid something to help fill the void. hallo's.Almanac

.d In this n.wip.p.r .. well *t all UPI. the Chinese can acquirethe I will enjoy, and the economic upon him. He will go>> down in I thought It might be good

- -_y"- -News-- DupotchM.- means of delivery it marks and humane uses to which that history nobly or meanly in Lin therapy to occupy ourselves

ADVERTISING DEADLINE the beginning of what could 1 freedom will be put. coln's phrase, depending on how ha with something political like

CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT be a dangerous shift in what i j The President of the United fulfills them. maybe a public opinion poll. By United Press Interns': ,, .
By til. Ward: B P.M. Prtvieui D.y. By tK. Inch, 3 P.M. Pr.yloul D... has been called a balance of I have prepared therefore a Today Is Wednesday, v e,
Uq.l Notice I P.M. Provioui D.y. Sunday Edition Do.dlinoi Friday.DISPLAY terror i States has great opportunities and The presidency is a very high postelection questionnaire that the 309th day of 1964 wt!> '

DEPARTMENT:; Up to now the balance of ter. I! bears heavy responsibility. Together office indeed. Most of the issues we should make the voters feel follow
Sunday Edition-1 P.M. Thund.y;; Mond, Edition -1 P.M. FridariTa.sJay ; still loved and wanted
ror held between the United 1 with Congress and public have discussed are difficult to re- they are The moon is new.
Edi.i.-Noo" Saturday Wednesday, Thursday and FridayEdition
>-I P.M. Tw. Day ,In Advance.; States and the Soviet Union, opinion he must defend world solve. In nearly all cases, contra even though the campaign has The morning stars ar+ 1,1 I I ].
---'" each with an ability to destroythe I, ter Venus and Mars.
peace without world war; combine dictions have to be fitted togetherby ended.If held ,
Mombor South?*, Nowipapor Publiili.ri Anoclation other, has provided the the election were The evening stars arc .r"I'"; ,].
military strength with the strength patiently searching for common would :
M.mbor Florida Press Aii.ei.tionSUBSCRIPTION world with its best reason for again tomorrow you ter and Saturn.
--- peace. ;f of American idealism; help less ground and adjusting the conflicts ( ) vote the same way? ( ) Humorist Will Rogers .u

Iv C.rrl.r or Mail RATES With the spread of these fortunate foreign peoples without that still remain. Where the issues change: your vote? ( ) think born on this day In 1179.

Yaar, fll.20; t months, ".101: I months, S..55| I month | |.(Stwttkly. weapons come dangerous new hurt to the economy at home. On deal with peace or war, freedomor something fishy was going on? On this day in history) :

H cents. Simla. Copier i Daily, I sense; Sunday, 10 canti. problems and temptations ; the domestic front he must use the its erosion, racial progress or ( ) undecided.At did. de. In 1842 J3.year.old Abra!,,,m]
which no longer are global in of the national material decline what point you Lincoln married Mary Tod' ]'I
CrprauTJIHA government prosperity or '
TELEPHONE powers regress, tide how would vote? ( )
_.__ character but local In that they 111.
j Springfield,
---- -- -- -
involve neighbors well and not abuse them; he must a deepening of social and before the campaign started In 1918 the Austrian and Nor',

Red Chinese possession of the help the states and individuals to moral values or a society in col ( ) when handed a ballot. ( ) garlan armies accepted \\ IIl:

Thought For Today"And bomb led India at once to re. carry their full share of the national lapse-these call for rational judg- when handed a cigar ( ) still War I true terms dictate '

assess Its position I load without doing it for ment and intuitive wisdom of a undecided. the Allies

India has the material and the them. He has to encourage stable high order. To the degree that -\Vtre you generally pleasedby In 1931, the League of Nations[
hat all things under 1 i8CAri8t' bomb but very the election results? ( )yes.
lIe (God) put { know.how to build a cited Japan for wilful aggnslon So
decided economic growth in a context of the presidency of the United States ( ) no. ( ) yes and no. ( )

( ,) feet, and gave (appointed) Him to be head against for the It.moment Instead has India has private enterprise and not of cen. especially represents the hopes and undecided. In in 1952 Manchuria.Gen. Dwight Ms:.

over all thing to the Church which it Ilia body, the ,, sought and presumably ob. tral planning. He should provide aspirations of the people, it deserves _What In your opinion gainedthe hower was elected Preside,

fullness of Him who filleth all in all." Eph lMti tamped from the Soviet Union civil rights without damage to social the utmost in respect and President largest Johnson number?of(votes) cute for ending 20 years of Democrat'

There can be only one Lord, and that is Christ. the renewed Soviet promises weapons of delivery promised :' adjustment between the races. good'Judgment on Nov. 3. picture holding baby in arms. administration

There is but one way of redemption ; there can be only for her defense against China. i 66g THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. MONITOR'ls' I I ( ) cute picture trying on In. A thought for the day: Amer.
(; W. :;' ? lo.e7R'6 jEAAyAA3' Cb">v' 4# 'ifdbs: ri dlan war bonnet. ( ) cute pic.
Christ.Dr. Eventually it must lead Japan lean author Will Durant
one and that is provided through ::
defensive ture lifting beagle by ears, ( )
to consider her health of nations is ,nory
Albert L. Carnett cute lifting photograph.er .
position. important than the wealth ofnations.
Ultimately Israel might be Letters To The EditorDear by ears ."
to manufacture nuclear -What In your opinion gained
tempted --------
the largest number of votes for
News Chief Editorials weapons as a Israel deterrent al. Sen. Coldwater? ( ) cute (llc. ItRlTAM' hM'LCTS
the Arabs.
against and Urn. Editor these issues we present our study and action group. The ture holding baby In arms ( ) TWO MILUO\
ready has a reactor U teen-ager has Deatle position but not at the same .
for the making your member choose several governmental cute picture trying on Indian NEW YORK UPl, Oi r
ited materials mania, read this) if she doesn't, time or place careful
Issues for bonnet cute picture
war ( )
bomb. And Israel Britain expects 2 million u 1>1.
of such a
Lyndon Baines Johnson knows that German techniciansare don't bother. The League Is two-fold in and intensive study. Fact and poking finger through lensless tors from all parts of tht' U"J. '

Yesterday the people of the nation made their helping the Egyptians witha belief Most that parents"Beatlemanla"tstad are firm In the II lit operation. First we are a pro and con viewpoints are Classes ( ) cute picture poking In 1964. with! half a million I' r.

which would be thoroughly considered. Whena finger through photographer, the United States accoidln. I
rocket system .
selection and the majority chose President Johnson for their teen ager. This is -To what extent do think
aimed in her direction.The position on a study item Is you surveys of the American Sour<
as their leader for another four years. He states that bomb which already Is In strictly very good.not Not so. only Beatlemania Is It good No ViolationOf reached through consensus of the two candidates were helped of Travel Agents

he wants to heal up the wounds of the nation and the hands of France, could pro. It Is quite wholesome. It la a our membership the League

have us all pull together as a united people. We whelming vide Germany temptation with the to followa over. wonderful glad she way Is of mooning expression.Da over. then position.works One to implement of the logical this ON YOUR TELEVISION DIAl

the people want the same thing. But certainly thereis similar course. Paul or Rtngo and not over a Election ways to do this Is to urge support

a tremendous segment who wish much more trmn' And of more 'mmediate Importance man twenty years older than or defeat of the proposed
is the effect the bombIn herself, or a "hood". If ahe amendments we have studied. WD.O.TY WFLA.TY wm.TY wm.TYc
lip service for government. We showed by our vote the hands of the Chinese will wants a pair of bouts In whichto There would be no point to ,. : ......1 S Chanel. a 'Chanel. ,' tlleR..1 tI

thai It must be a better government than we have 'hav* ion future, V; e elation.' .wlth give a, Heatla concert(, think Laws FoundThe our study if we did not have CIS. T.Nle", O".de AIC Tempe CISOrleede

ha f the t four (the lS vtets. $ of what night habpesilr: > .*n went egtion.! e..
(tit paM; :dears.; Does It drlTeMhe- two lo l'11I. fl ? r
I We can expect to see some rather stormy days er or does It force the Soviet to 6ine wild party' Instead because Polk County Solicitor A second ''continuous function Wednesday: NIGHT Nov. 4
her mother wouldn't let of the League I I. to provide
ahead. As much as we would like to see everythingmove Union to turn more and more her get has advised county Republican with Information
any. the public ----------------- -
West? basis for
toward the officials that no
out smooth and nice, it isn't in the cards that I say encourage Deatlemanlat in order to further individual a Oo-N.WI N.w., Sp.rts ABC News Pulp News 'I
--- been found on
----- has
Remember when you swoonedover legal action Aaa I-horh.:I W'tha W.ather News, W.atker holil, Wth"e:30CIS
this will be the case. There are entirely too many Frank Sinatra or Van John s COP complaint of an alleged political News NBC Nays Have G.. CIS N.., i

people who feel that our country must be a strong Memories .on1 It's fun to look back over violation of election laws by part of factual this function Information Leagues before e 4S-.CIS N.ws NBC. New. WIII Travel, CIS New.
- -
publish - -- -
nation that it must show strength in everything it the years and remember all the the supervisor of registration. elections giving Information 7:00-Th.: Lucy Skew Dulh Valley Cbeyenne T. T.II Truth
pictures you put on the walls, But George J. Allen dexlg candidates and 7:1 I-Th. Lucy Show Death Valley Ch.v.".. T. Tall Truth
does and that we are tired of appeasements that bring 20 YEARS AGO and how delighted you were in nated by the county COP both on 7y0-Cempeign'54, The Virginian Cheyenne CBS Newa

dishonor. There are quite a few loopholes that must Lt. Bernard Blitch receivedhis playing his records. Don't do. chairman to represent the par ballot Issues.Therefore 7:41-: "Wh.t The Virginian Cheyenne Special

be closed for actually the Johnson government is cornmlssior In the Medical prlve your teenager of this. ty at the machine Inspection, al election time :00H..n.d: The Virginian The-- -Petty- ---P..I.Eltc.in

trial. Administrative Corps at Camp Even If you can't stand the still maintained that the supervisor the public will find u* doing U15- Lest Ni ht" The Virginian Duke Show Inadsat53OThe
on Barkley, Tex. Beatles, try to tolerate them of r IMratton failedto two things. First in areas of Bweriy Tb. Virginian;: ; ; Shindig I The Beverly

10 YEARS AGO Remember, when your teen.ager comply wit the laws our study urging support or :41-:. Hillbillies The V"i.iu: Shlndil. Hillbillies5:00The
looks bark her -
over golden yearsof -- -
You'll Know City Commissioner began Gordon MacCalla. the county defeat of proposed legislation. Dick v.. Wednesday Th. Di.k Vu
Just So Beatlemanla, she wants to re : Mickey
of study
the first phase a solicitor, said there Is no
serviceto .
member the fun she had, not the Second as part our :11Dy.: Show Night Mevier Mlckey Dyb. Sh.w
from the Congressional Record of Wednesday Au. which might bring about a opposition provision in the election law the voter distributing im ID-Th. Care Wi I. "G.by".U'I Law The Cue Wil.

gust 14, 1963 Honorable Frank Becker Congress ban of lewd and horror comic A Rabid Fan to require the supervisor to partial information on candidate '::45Ii,,,," Show Jeli. Kar lu'1 Law Hams Skew
-- ----
man from New York books, but at the same time allow test voting of machines and Issue It is just a* 10:00-Th.: Danny Leslie C..O" garb's Law The Danny
admitted such an ordinance after they are sealed. This Important to us to give infor 10:15- K.y. Sh.w Wednesday garbs law Key Skew

"Mr. Speaker I hold in my hand what purport posed s problem Dear Editor: was one of the complaints Alien mation to the voter to aid him 10lo-Th.: Danny Night Elceien The D..y

to be, and I am sure is, a statement from the annual S YEARS AGO I would! like to clear up an had made concerning Mrs in making up his own mind a* 10:45-,:. K.y. Skew Mo.i.1 Reundup Kaye Skew

report of the American Association for the Advance. The first of the city's two understandable error that one Blanche Work the supervisor it la to publicize our League I IOo-N.wl N.w., h' WI, N'wlli"-- -- -N.... S.rhI

new hydrogen sulfide eleml- of your readers and perhaps of registration.As position Usually more issues I IIII-S"h. W'eh.r Temighf Show E'eerhl Wtk.r W'I".'. E'I..I
ment of Atheism. I insert at this point that Dating aerators was bring inat others have made concerning to whether the machine are on the ballot than we have IIII-Th., .f Pesl.EhcHee late Skew Wednesday

'The United States not being a Christian Nation ailed.IIKLI'HG. the League of Women Votm. had been fully tented in accordance studied and on which we have I 1:45-: Ike Stars Special Lab Sh.. Night Merle_

and its Godless Constitution requiring secular government iPIEILADI'IPIIIA Do we give out impartial Information with regulations, positions
: S .f.\'T. to MarCalla said this was a Thursday MORNING Nov. 5
the American Association for the Advancement (UPI>-The public or opinion do we The try an question he could not answer At no time do we support or
sway political or ----- -- --
of Atheism demands Prnntylvanla Railroad will add oppose sny party ---
: but noted that Allen signed a .
ewer la that we give out impartial candidate Out at all 7:00-Almesee: T.d.v Skew ...M."
1. Taxation of church properties ; 140 high speed mall cars to its information on ballot certification slip to that: effect is to purpose 7II-W..U: Teday Sh.w N..I "A.M."
institutions fleet to help Santa Clans and and when have Allen said he didn't question times promote political 7,10- M..I.I Teday Skew Millie E..n. .A.M."
2. Elimination of and sectarian Issues we previously
chaplains Informed
Uncle Sam during the Christmas responsibility through an "
studied or more of Mrs Work's integrity, but "I ':45-N..., W'.h., fad.y Skew Miebia Evans .A.M.
and active participation
from the public. payroll : rush failure to -
do question the ; o-c.---; ;
; Teday Sbew
of citizens in government.Mrs. : Mickie Evens CatueL
3. Repeal of laws restricting rights of atheists and comply" with the provisionthat James Yount, President :I- Ku..... r.day She. Micne Evane Kagaes
those enforcing Christian morals ; DAILY CROSSWORDACROSS both parties be allowed to IO-Ccploi.: T.d.y Shew Carteenvllle Cepteiea:4S

DOWN 18. FaUe- nee that the machines are In : Kagaree Teday Skew Cart.cvllle IC.....,..
4. Abolition of oaths in courts and Inaugurations
; --- ----- --- ------ --
hood 0 v f before being
.vl 1. Kent prooer
l.Udl Oo-A".rI.1II T.d.1
M..I. E.erclse n. Mike
5. Nonissuance of religious proclamations by chief 20. Am. AgriculturalThermometers
etary bag vI. sealed. "IJHil"ry "A Cry G CArl..III. Deugla, Sh..
executives ; 8.Thin I.ParUcls jest The safeguards at provided 1.10-Romper Rees the Ni'Jh' gullwhkie' n. MAe

"In God On tiptoe Swindle 12. Norse10.OUt's by the election law arc not '''I- ....,., Rees. .y".d Ian 1Ilwlble Dwghs' _Sko
6. Erasure of the superstitious Inscriptions t.Stmlan rod Fit -

We Trust" from our coins and the removal of the nun I. Gain 23. CUd. l t primarily counters to verify on the the numerical maihlnc To Be Tested ,OO: IS Nwe N.loli.-W..d hI (ene.a n. Mike .
chew. 10:1S-C.S N.wl 5k.
11. Rang knowledge : Ed""d O'Ii.R h..II; L..I Deeglat
church flag from above our national flag on bat. 12. Disconcert 1. Italian bog bring set at nerd since 10.10eve lacy Wh.1 Thi Price I II Right t L... Lace
tleships 14.Unit of Island animal 'R y.b ,. I this will be double checked Agricultural ther mom 10,41-1, (eve b.y Sesgi Plce I I. Right I L... leer
; be tested
ter will
by the Fed
7. Exclusion of the Bible as a tarred book from the resistance: 2.T. A.wtnc 01 15. Ship.1.0. shaped- ......dy'a ..... later at each polling place safeguard eral-State Frost Warning Service 1,;: -:: "d'.f' .".,.t;;" G. n. Aedyef
Capital true
clock Allen said and two collection stations IIIIJ- Mayb.rry" C.w.vlretha., M...... Mayberry
public schools ; 11. J'rIar'I title Bahama 18. Potato: 12. To dilute If to ascertain before have been established. 11:10-1'10. Rcl J..d Mluisq limb. 1be McC.p

8. Suppression of the bootlegging of religion through 18.IT.Therefore ExistHSchorn U. Weep laland.a dial JV Cone of the machines are seaU-d whether The thermometers should be 11:41-: .C.yt. J."y _bl"s mq Lifo" The McCeys

dismissing pupils from religious instruction during convulsively 2T. Student silver .e or not the counters of the brought to the Citrus Expert AFTERNOON
20.The 11 Long. 2S. Shore M OffIcer' candMate are In working order ment Statlor at Lake Alfred or

class time; hawthorn walling reeee* assistant: so as to register their to Mitchell' Feed Store In Winter .
lI'oo-L. .f Ufo Wh.. We.e5s
9. Secularization of marriage with divorce granted 21.Imp.Mlve cry 29 A sign\ 3Breach mU. votes."Seeing. Haven before 10 ajn.Friday 1111: '-l... .f lite Say Wh.. Fdbn Kn... .... Farm New. AI M"

upon request ; 23. A French- 15.Craw 30. Pro crtbJ 39. e.e that the representatives They will be tented and returned IIID-Srcll: for Save Fntl. or H.Ib Pa. S..II for Twew
man 11. The plan of chi of the political parties a* soon as possible. There I* 11:4: '-'O..d.., light Cscgacc. Picker G.N.e; UM5:00GM .
10. Repeal of anti-evolution, anti-birth control, and Female a literary rel1.
24. check these counters and certify no charge for the service but -
mm 40. NZ. fort T.II New;S;;.. ;;; : USe
censorship laws." cteor composition that all digits are sere the owner must asswn responsibility : .. ....tIM lave .f
I.I'-'Oi" hi' W..M. .f L.re .f life
JS. Not: prefix "Drew
I 1 S 4 s. I a does not relieve the supervisor for breakage or loss. ,
21. Small lo-W.,14 T_ Lot'l M., T.hlti" Weald. Terse
point ofland of registration from complying Oscar N. Norman, meteoroloftct :45-W.rI" T.nw A 0..1 PN. M.4.e; Worl" Tese
110 when she tuned tautructtonc: for ---- -
ChatterNEW with the law --- -
Wall Street SS. Focr allowed the machines to be kfeftttfteatfcm.!< To the end opposite 1.00-.1..4 D.";. Gah D'rn a O'K..fe Peowad
14" N
i 11. the bulb he said secure 1:11-I...wend Debie &illlc N..li" P.s.werd
beads' staled btior.11.. tiwpertioMere a tag with the owner's name and 1lo-H.: .My the Dectas Day I. C.... H.... /ant

YORK UPI-Leder. the election results are aa pro. 31. A playon word .. t '" made. address written U pencil. Aad .2:4-Hewe: Pray. _The.Deco.? Oar h c..ro Hen,. LM
I requested -
ship from a new group of **. dieted namely the re-election of 3X float along I' II 10 For the above check reason.of the always transport tnermeweter 1.00-T. Ten Toth. A....... Weald- Gcael To Tell Tr.afr
curltle will be required before President Johnson. "A proper lightly33.MuunoU. 0 a spot ta aa uprlfht position with the .,II-T. Tell Treeb. A........ World H..i..1 r. T.II Tra'tr
the Important market average market policy under new lead LI U. : n voting machine\ a* a practical twfc ed down' he warned. .Io-I".f NigM. Too Beet Say 11. .. E4. .f N:q'"

are to make any aignlflcant up. ershlp can only be Itt forth if 34. Aloft method to remove any coofuiwn 1-4S-14.f Nigh, _!!' Sect S.y .Marrieds. Edgm of Nigm
and when such an event occurs Return a concern the legality -
ward progre, according to E. 35. ge l'sa. a* NEW YORK lUPI) -More 4.0o-S..... S.... .....cIi, Came .iI..or Secret S'as
the firm said. for a
profit election. My request
F. Hutton It Co., Inc. than hall the Around-the. 4'II-SIC'" Star .M.a.h f.._ tedmesea gaunt See'4.1aU.ele
The firm noted that while the nkknain Boys u CI r 7/: U n M check was dented by Mrs World tours In 1M3 were taken W.It'1 I.e.. It T..il..da S.,......

steels and auto did well In the 37.A thumb Work. by American, according to the 4:4S-.......... T. ....... Teibmee... Sapeneee
late .umm.r advance, the lint Thomson t llcKinnon says 'I ai "Even though inference was -- '
American Society navelAlfn.t
linger or H..4n.
I.oo-H. --S..lae; Yeqi
theIRo that In a continuing strong eco flowing Uey4 Mr5:11Herb
la now caught In made that she was
group steel and nomic letting, market eaaln** toe .. W h wed IASTA). An estimated : Basal n.ortott S...... 5....... Yeqi Far
certainty over price 39. Overflowed practice and procedure 14.000 American took Around. 1.lo-l... It no. J.,4 s"W...... Ne_ w..t4oI
the second la being held back generated by technical and tax 41.Narrow SI Sa a. 4.roadway i. the past her failure to allow the-World tour In IMX ASTA 541i w... These.. Show New,. Edit.ri.l E4tai.L' L '.
by a confusing labor situation. factor, a* welt u recurring the spot check, coupled reports Th total number of n _

escellent ternatlonal purchase disturbances opportunities, afford l,0ol.v ianfle 4. U with her admission as to otb- Around-the-World tours takenby Thee pnerw ..1IooI"IC a.. prwid.d by .... ..I.,,;.... dots.
tF IrmularlU raises serious ctuaena ol all nation wa* an sad ..b5. .r poeWItN
for the 5T or* (koogoi of My 1 _. Uo Do.l, Nwt-Ck:
participation in tredl.Ronal 47 )fast
Reynolds t Co. says it could In : Kxclam- 45 doubts a* to tore beauty of ntlmaifd !MOOO a cording to per ae a MMis ....... ad Ie sae ...,...;11. fee ,.." .. dales. a
year-end advance
Dot recommend a change In a 44. this ekctkw.\ ASIA ...... .. Sher eebrdelee.
stock tin 11.4
positive investment poUc)



Bridgers Ave. :(: :,t!!: .. 't" \ I ",,.- ( ,. I .. .,1 JJ,' GOP Elements ManeuverFor
r f"" ,. .r' :wtJ Homecoming
; j ,.$;: ); !.... '. ,: (' "::: J'i "' 1 .;:, 'tI":; :

Students In 1 d'' Control Of Party King, QueenTo

(4 BY l\l I I' WILSON prayer, but not new. Nobody
United Press International loves a loser.
New Classroom Be Named
Opposing Republican .... ,
menu are maneuvering for a George Romney U the GaP's

AUBURNDALIg-Stoic: "I i the skull boating battle for party mister Integrity. Romney won a There is much were achy I
266 studentaat ,ontrol It could be M prolonged spectacular reflection as gov.
Bridget's AM"H'I i ty going un it Winter Han
Elementary School have ii ,,\p-l and angry u to keep ernor of MIckigM. M would be Hltlh School an I the viriius"
Into heir !Democrats In the White House too much, however, for lie
new elassruon I I>1I11 11< duns pick their hiimci oirutit.,
InC, R. D. Mitchell, area school and In control of Congress for Goldwater conservatives to ICe candidates and work
Supervisor reported. much of the next generation cept Romney M the party I... bruin unuiutx
er, for the annual parmli
Although full OCCIPIUI111 the ..w ..;." ,. Republicans art confronted 1 lIP Beacon Cluh will spun
building may not be until t..iaj He refused to the
with support
1. two .1I.rllltl"both die.tasieM. \ or Suunnp Lilian. captain
_. "I'
or the end of he .. < ....
week sun e student They can compromisetheir Goldwater Millar presidential ol the :heerkudvrx,, and ,vtiki, .
.. .
... ; .. .... ..
are already utlllzUu ihe faclllties -.wi- dlfferencee quickly wider ticket And he hM bee bacon. Alderman president of In.>.,
of the modern all con. -. : ; ... to ahy at time from
crr : -. ... leadership which cam be ac. : Identify. act AI candidate for king
dltloned structure.Costing ;:; Ldu. "s}.. p. 14 Meg V '"M M :' M cepled both by party liberals lag himself a* a RepwbttoM.Gov. and queen It was announmiI ,t.t
around $ 7000, the : 1 ':" e Watson A. MotfceMler of
% and conservative. Or they can .t I the recent meeting
new building contains four classrooms -- : New York
.' sacrifice their status II a national etUl U out, M heWM Alter much discussion the
library, and admin. I' _HA. :: ::- .
an party in a long wr of In has quest< for Stile year' club float committee. under
Istratlon aulte.Mitchell Republican ..... .
leadership *urc eeion. The opposing preeMeiatlal *
said that he hopes the SCHOOL ADDITION OPENS The four classroom addition i students haft started moving In. AU classes will 1'8 In operationto factions are not In a Ion.. she" chairmanship ol Jane Sal
city's other new t c h o o I Bridgers Ave Elementary: School In Auburndale Is ready, and I by the end of the week compromising mood. tell, all'CledIfIOII a theme 1 hi
structure, a $96,000 addition at The list narrow with dUaytnf foal li now under construction
Lena Vista Elementary School, All la far from well with the speed! tt narrows la fact, to at the home of Miss Fanari
will be ready for students by Democrats But It WM the Re. Gov. William W, Scranton of with ill dub member worki" IK!
I December. Wounds Fail Democratic DefectorsTo RepublicansLose publican party that was left Pennsylvania and Richard: M. on IlMum

; Lena Vlsta'i new addition consists prostrate In the Utter of thelection Nixon, now of New York. ftoth :oruj|..i will be sold
of four classroom, an ex. rehjfc,.. The so.alled supported the Golttwater.MUler for U with Leslie Mclvtr In
ceptional classroom and toilet Grand (Ittf Party wound up as ticket Scranvon'a Support was chara of the committee
facilities. It too completely air To Slow DownDetective Face ConsequencesBy SixHouse a raftonal political outfit based, onrertver.llchtly whIch scarcely With new member soon II''
conditioned.Mrs. of all places, In the Deep would make for him eMhueta be coming Into the Sevens
Marguerite LaVlgne Is South tic friend among lilt Gold*... the constitution was dlitruatui
the principal of Lena Vista DAMEL RAPOPORT can claim the protection of his The enormity of the Repubtl. tars. Nixon made a lot of char. and It was decided that an)u"u
s School, which has an enrollmentof United Press International new party. Seats can calamity was better reflect! a<'!ter with the conservative by: missing three cornet utiae

nearly 600.Kiwanis. WASHINGTON (UPI)-Three Watson and William are In ed by the lost of strength In Ma all.out effort to put Ba rrrGoldw.ter ; meetings without u IvKitlmat",
Southern lawmakers will haveto Congress than by the defeat ofOoldwattr In the White House
TALLAHASSEE (VPI) excuse will be dropped from
a position. Doth couldbe
MIAMI (UPI) Two shotgun face the consequences In which had been ex.
wounds failed to slow a Miami January of having backed Sen. deprived of their Democratic Tuesday's Florida legislative peeled. Moreover Nixon I* the mnetIIIllerlllllt'ed the club
See status In Congress without balloting apparently cot the A special guest at the last
police detective Tuesday when Barry M. Goldwater In Novem. six House The rule of reason would die. Ra'putalcanpolllloal
Republican Party
he chased and captured three ber. any assurance that the COP tate a Republican compromisewith campaigner He's been through meeting was Mill Pill Glen
seals and two other injeopardy.
would put a foreign
accept th.m.On exchange student
men In a car. reality whereby the party four of then, one his own In
When the trio shouted obscene They are Democrats former the last day of the 88th The In Plnellaa could pt up oft the floor under 1940. It was no star perform.ante from Colombia, who! U laying
big upset was
Democrats who openly tt the hoar of
Smoking Film that Nixon turned In that Mr and Mr
remarks at Det. Willie Nicholson supported he candidacy of the Congress liberal Democrats County, for more than a decadethe new leadership committed to a A. L. Faitarl
JIll mistake
year. were
as he stood talking to a served clear notice hat COP stronghold of Florida program sufficiently In contrastto '
woman, the 51-year,old officer Republican presidential nomi they would seek to purge from which has sent a solid Republican the Democratic Great So. merous, repeated and some. The annual Pancake Day
Films showing the shreds of Jumped Into his car and went nee the party any Democrats who delegation to the Legislature ctety a* to give U. .. .- alegitimate time, they seemed deliberate was held on Halloween and
Smoking on tne respiratory after th.m.Four openly supported Goldwater or choice Hut having made In 1960 Just members: of the club helped
One of them after ,
Sen. J. Strom
year year
system were viewed by Kiwsniani blocks away the men Thurmond of South Carolina, an unpledged slate of presidential Young COP Sen. C. W. Young The GOP need new face about all of the mistakes avail. to make it a huge success.
at their weekly luncheon stopped and one of them pulled accompanied his endorsementwith electors. of Plnellas Paik. one of two and It got one In Tue.day'acatastrophe able to a candidate, Nixon The Jilt Item discussed on
a from the If the liberals succeed and This might be entrusted with the this month agenda' wai the
yesterday shotgun car and a formal switch of parties Republican state senators, held new RepubU.
legs .,.,
Dr, George Graf, in Intro loaded it. Nicholson pulled up He Is now a full.fledged Repub. the declaim will be up to a ma, on to his seat Dut the county can face belong to Roiwrt he nomination In the lIeftta.1 Deacon dance which will beheld
during the program, said the behind them and sprang from dean Jorlty of all House Democrats appeared to have elected two Taft Jr., Junior senator elect would not make them after the Thanksgiving

same films, narrated by a his car. He was shot In the The other two Reps John Watson and Williams will lose Democrats In Its six member from CMilo. .But. Tan Is a youth lIaln. football gameffJfV ,
Jacksonville doctor are bemg lower abdomen and fired a wild Dell William of Mississippi their Democratic: committee: II'.Icnmenl. House delegation.With ful 44. lie I* so new <* the na.tlonal Anyway It you don't like

shown to school children shot before the trio took off and Albert W. Watson of South .. all precinct counted except scene that It would be Nixon, roll your own. The Re. 1.1WE; ;
throughout the state again. Carolina chose to retain the Both are member of the for 5,983 absentee ballots too much to expect of him to publican party desperately NEW YORK 'UPI > -An A'
Herman Allen of Barlow The wounded detective chased Democratic label. House Commerce Committee.In Republican Rep. Richard Doebof be projected Into nUollall.,1o need a leader now and needs to Z' guide to the alihti and
managing director of the Mid. the three men for 23 blocks Thurmond was a ranking Watson's case, such a loss St Petersburg trailed Democratic erahlp In the outcome of the him quickly. So does the eouiw sound of London la available
State Tuberculosis and Respiratory more. When he caught up with member of the Senate Armed would not be earthshaklng. He newcomer John Ware by current party row, try urgently need an opposition from British. Rdl-Internsllonal,
Disease Association them at a home In the north. Services and Commerce com Is a freshman congressman (7,30 to 72,400 aid apparent Republican Charles A, Percy, leader to the Lyndon D. John. 830 Fifth Avenue New York
west section, one man ran Inside mlttees. He has no assurance and has little seniority or Influence. loss of his seat.Democrat who sought; but missed the gov. son-llubert II. Humphrey com.) The guide Indicate on I
showed the filmsAlso .
to get a pistol while the that he will\ rejoin either of Daniel Me Mullen of ernorahlp of Illinois, also I I. bo riding too high now on a map of Central London, It of
at the meeting Larry man with the shotgun blasted these Influential committees. But Williams Is the second- Clearwater apparently won the young. landslide the beat boa routes for all.tie*-
looser urged the club to buy the officer a second time. U depends on what Is available ranking Democrat on the committee group four Plnellaa House seat Out Percy: I I. precocious, a Ins mid exploring the mttiupo-
Christmas cards published by But county police were calledto > to the Republican minorityIn and la next in line to by downing Republican challenger quick study In the art of sue. Iii Alao available t pocctalee ,
the American Field Service the scene and the three men he way of committee as..Imment. succeed Rep. Oren h Harris, DArk Mark McGarry.RepublicansCharles cess Percy might have been MIOP IN: WIMr.lt: IIUXN map of the undennwui\
Foundation which the Key were apprehended before any .. It also depends on ., the yearold( chairman. Ralney and! Ray 0.. the answer to the Republican London subway system
Club Is selling further gunfire took place, how many of Thurmond's new Whether the liberal succeed borne were apparent! winners m -----
Jame. W. Gray. Jr presided Nicholson was taken to a local COP colleagues are willing to will depend on Ole position taken Pliwlla while CCP Rep Man
hospital and admit'ed In fair yield to him In seniority.In by the Democratic leader Grlule and Repulllcan John J,
.. _ _
. condition. Normally administration
any' event, Thurmond Is officially ship. Savage won Plnellas seats without
PA. REST ARLs'ASWASHINOTON Police charged Andrew Har a Republican now and forces could be expected to oppose opposition
It7PII> rls, 21, Coldon James, 22, and a party splitting battle.
Pennsylvania will have CS new Oztle Green, 34, with shootingthe This time, however President "FOR AUTO

roadside rest area along its officer. They said James Johnson and House lead .>01.. IK 53TUCON nUl.... AMERICAN
1573-mile part of the Interstate admitted firing both shotgun Hospital era might find It lo their advantage All*. i UPI) In-
Highway System, say the Mists. lo back a move In foimatloii about potentially
American Automobile Association purge William..Th. Mississippi' hatardou radiation caused by FINANCINGFAVOR" NATIONAL
The designed to representative an outspoken
solar flares-vital data tot a'-
be completed along with the segregationist andconservstlve,
Chou En-Lai To iroiiauU planiUn a voyea-e to
Interstate In 1972 will more has rarely backed. the admlnls
the moon-la being charted on HANKS
than double Pennsylvania (ration. He could seriously obstruct IX 1
'Leeds It Northrup' electronic I :
number of roadside rests It will ADMISSIONS Its program If he were
lecoirfera at the Kill Peak National .
chairman of a major commit
be financed by motor licence Visit MoscowTOKYO Winter linn Ouwrvalory near here
fees Mist Jeanne Elms Parks. ( uheic the toOllda lar.e,i mlartelearoiM
V B. Smith. John Siabo I IA housed The slant
Plagued Day And (UPI) Communist Mrs. Clemmie Lewis. Mrs Keep mildew from formingon telescope which entered retake

China announced today that Milton Powell Mrs, Willie Gus book In damp, humid In I IMS. k lltemllv sunk Into
Night with Bladder Premier Chou En-laJ will go to Taylor Roy Humphrey. Mri weather. PUce small bag of the mountain 120 'feet of Its
Moscow this week at the head Charles P. Woodall III par nugget or crystal at Interval 40-ft LOU I Icnvtri I* below.
of a high-level Peking delega Auburndale in a bookcase: urounct level
Discomfort? lion. He was expected to attend .
Slips! Catherine Marie E".r.etle. -
v..... U a Communist world summit ,.I/f)
mini or irtnkitt mir i Master David Robert
ram o( mild, I.t.annyn.. bl.rt.l.r, Ini.IainmIn.klne conference In the Soviet f
You ,..1 rwtl.r. bar. Martin, Joseph Richard Burnrtte .
..d._f..rtahJ. A. If_....I.hl.,
with n.lllnl l'..ka" .......01.l .b.c r mwMM official Peking New Chi. .

.tubr.h.Mln.'ra'" '. nr. _11".1..dwlnr.r.rtbn pn. .... .....,... brw. na News Agency said Chou was WaverlyBaby
......". -... I .'"- ,rr IJnu'. Pill traveling to Moscow to attend Ralph Edward Brown
..'. ...,. .
D. p'Io.ro' Inc p"dr "
I"'. I -Th.,.1 h.. a louthlnff .". .. celebration of the 47th anniversary II YESthis beautiful bold
blddw bribtkp. r-A ,... Mtr.lt.-. of he Bolshevik Revolu Lake Wales big
H.. ..tin, n.etn5 b..ka..... |M.4rh -
>. HIMIMlawonterfullr .. .*. guilts. b-A lion beelnnlllllatllrda)'. Baby Lawrence Howard
mild,. .,U..... ...... 'h.. tin Chou will Join otherleadursof Welty Jr., Mrs Andrew Wo t. ,
tikt..r......d''..... Iftr.... the euppet.51t.
is ..I'". .f kid..r II..... la, lOt I th* the 'world's Communist nationsfor en.
tor wn"n.h.p.y, Sc a."Ii.t, rI:,:".r.w.lww. Mw./q.d, bur the anniversary celebra Sbemble, Ga.
Ik* !10_ .IM. OM Draft i nib _rl tions. Mrs Barbara Curry '

Lake II am Hum is still
-fslHWI Mrs Bernard names City Knaus. Mercury a

Joseph A. Vlckers
Si Davenport ,

Mrs D. W Sheffield /{.


Winter his...
Clarence Cady, Mrs Oarrnce medium-price car!

SENSATIONAL FABRIC Ray Edlnger. Miss Bonnie
Lee Ledford. Mrs Don

lAnker and Infant daughter,

Mr*. Carl J Steel. Mrs. Don
David Wiliest The) limousine look, the bigger, bolder line., the elegant Interior all' My "luiury r"-but

Mrs V.n.l.L. BaHey.. City the) price tag "ye medium-price in a wonderful wayl) Wire never offered so much that'e new

SPECIALS Lake Alfred and eiciting at such a practical price! TotAlly new engineering) The finest riding car in He fieldl

land Master John Carlton Oope More fine models to pick from. More room I Longer wheelbaeel Dig new performance from

Eagkr e"4Mrt. high-vigor V-8'el A choice of roof style*! The finest, .election of options In our Metoryl

W LakelaaJWilliam C Harrvor All this and more in our Mercury for '65 and we Invite you to see It thJ'w"kI

A. piney.

Mr., Martha House. Mr*.
a.e.l.c !Lei yg Robert MacCember and infant

PIN WALE son Wsverty

tend.66C Henry W Levins Master

WeUMble 42n Kenneth Ray Murphy,
lNe Lake Wale. ,
Miss Linda NeD Rogert
h>,.i.r 11.91 s 91.19 M

Hand Screened ,
Prints $144

J4" WW 100eCettM.

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a L... eo"H i
sees ......
SEWING CENTERS ,airs ae.eMl M tee 5..e5
.. .. .. w.QIDOS .
reoSSAL tae ar.Sc. .. 324 3rd Ste SeW.ednesday
L., wi.d.r H._ .

-- --

November 4 IQ,

Johnson Says His Mandate: Is To Seek U.S. Unity]

.. 11II ..Ill
.. "T' 'T"r

I President Joined, Landslide GOP Purged Virtually I

Today By Humphrey Buries Alabama Delegates

By ALVIN SPIVAK GoldwaterBy rsO'NIIL! HENDRICK with all of the Senate seats p

United Press International I nlted Press International for grabs In the South "n i .

JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (tlPI) i United Press InternationalA ATLANTA (UPI) Republl. John Stennls of Mississippi was
President Johnson, Chief:
now state-by.state vote of the rans purged virtually the entire unopposed and Sens. Spessari
Executive In hit own i"irht/ said presidential contest with 140. Alabama congressional deleft.non Holland of Florida, Harry n. H

today mandate that in the American greatest popular politics 769 precincts out of 175,796 glvIng 1r, Tuesday in a surge that of Virginia and Albert Gore <>>

have Johnson 34.703.S32; Gold- boosted their Dixie represent Tennessee won without tog
one purpose: "Tn to 16 the much difficulty. Rep. Ross TUssDTenn. !
bind water 22,243,143': !non in Congress ,
up our wounds to heal ,
beat Republican How.
total since Reconstruction : ,
State Johnson GoldwaterAlabama
our history and to make this
(I act Baker for the vacant seat
this nation A 443,687 ,
of the late Sen. Estes Kefainer
.First there was to be relaxation Alaska 3,373 2,045 The COP, riding a Goldwater D.Tenn. ,

after the grueling: and often I' Arizona 179,899 189,742 warn, picked up five new House Voting Republican for tt>
harsh seats In Alabama and one each
campaign which to Arkanss 123,430 96,690
first time In nearly 100 years,
Johnson meant Texas in Georgia and Mississippi
a -style California 2,596432 1,754878 Alabama swept from ofti'i
barbecue on the banks of the Colorado 458,477 289,003 i it'htlnj a current for Preel. Democratic Congressmen John

Pedernales River dent Johnson in North Carolina,
at noon today
Connecticut 825,205 391,685
Tyson, George Grant Kenneth
for Vice Presldent elect Virginia Florida and Teiuies.
HubertH. ,
Delaware 122,562 78,203 j' Roberts and George Huddleston
Humphrey.The sec, Republicans retained con.
President Invited the Florida 891,284 862,026 trol of their nine old seats Rep. Carl Elliott, D-Ala., had
Georgia 438,362 613,936 been defeated In the prlmarby

White House press corps It Hawaii 51,425 15,463 One congressional race in Vir. George Hawkins, who also
was believed there would be a ginla went into the final pre.
Idaho 124,630 119,091 lost to a GOP opponent.
news conference at the. LBJ tact with Democrat
ranch as well. Johnson saltt the Illlnoli 2,167.876 1,440,629 VYPIC AL 'CiNE: DURING PRLJIDENT) : JOHNSON'S CAMPAIGN today Hawkins' conquerer was
holding a
David Satterfleld
barbecue would be in honor of HUBERT HUMPHREYof Indiana 1,008,343 795,598 Huge e.rowds'turned Out First to See; Then to Vote James Martin of Gadsden, who
razor.thln edge over Republican missed
barely upsetting Sell
White House correspondents, Iowa 566,516 342,371 Richard Obenshain for the va. hater Hill two Other
years ago
too. Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, Kansas 463,489 387,887 cant seat of Rep. J. Vaughn
GOP victors were Jack l do
Beaming and supremely con among others, In a 1)30) a.m. Kentucky 661,778 364,011 Democrats Clinch Polk Vetoes Gary Do V.. wards, W. 1.. Dickinson, Glenn
fident throughout the election appearance today In Austin's Louslana 395,061 513,901
The only Incumbent to escape Andrews and John Buchanan
day and the night of vote-count Municipal Auditorium Maine 242,385 109,730
the Alabama was Rep. Jr.
log, Johnson evoked the words "Now, tonight our purge
Maryland 735,597 378,118
Armistead I. Selden, and he Poultry farmer PrentlstWalk
must be to bind up our wounds, Mail. 795,093 207,709 Budget BodyPolk went down to the wire before er became the first COP con.

to heal our history and to make
Johnson SweepsContinued this nation whole," he told 4,500! Michigan 1,802.130 873,834 16 GovernorshipsWASHINGTON taking a narrow victory from gressman In nearly 100 years

cheering people."I Minnesota 653,351 351,859 Republican Robert French. In Mississippi by turning back

( From Page One) know that rots Is more a Mississippi 52.538 354,459 County turned down The GOP barely missed get. Rep. Arthur Instead, AMiss
Missouri 917,382 493,625 ting another seat In Tennesseeand Mississippi' four other con.
Johnson's whopping victoryIn victory of party tUn of person.It the controversial budget com
Montana 62,231 38,257 (UPI-Demo. governorships, and were leading gave veteran Reps. Harold gressmen were unopposed.
New York a big assistto Is a tribute to the mission in
gave program
proposal yeater.day'
crats clinched 16 governorshipstoday Cooley chairman of the House In Georgia, which went Re.
Nebraska 209,164 181,923 In four other states ,
former Atty. Gen. Robert F, thai was. begun by our belovedPre'llIe..t
voting, as 10.543 cast
behind the Democratic Agriculture Committee, and publican for the first time In its
Nevada 67,317 47,341
Kennedy in his bid to unseat John F. Kennedy Michigan's Republican Coy
ballots against It and 8.507
national landslide and were Ralph Scott the scares of their history Republican Howard
liberal Republican Sen. Kenneth program that ha carried on until N lump 150,997 88,888 George W. Romney emerged
were for it.
leading In three more states. political lives In North Carolina. (DO) Callaway defeated formerLt.
B. Keating, who had refused to he was taken from us." New Jersey 1,758.497 904,060 as one of the few to withstandthe
If the trend continued the Conversely two Republican Gov. Garland Byrd for Con.
endorse COP presidential nomi. Movingly, he declared New Mexico 186868 125.657 Democratic v o t. *va. The commission would have ,
Democrats would end with Jonas Charles Welt.
Incumbents Charles But Rep.
nee Barry M. Goldwater. Ken "It Is a mandate for unity, New York 4,077.154 1.931.136 up lanche In a major state The had authority! to establish the Reps. press
a net gain of one statehouse In of North Carolina and Joel T. ner of Atlanta who voted forth
nedy's younger brother Sen. for a government that serves no N. Carolina 804.824 630,205N former American Motors chief county budget, but the chief
the 25 states where had civil bill
gubernator Broyhill of Virginia, nar. : rights was re.
Edward M. Ted) Kennedy, AMass special Interest, no business Dakota 94,308 66.111 lal contests were held. This who refused to endorse Sen. objection to it wa that its row escapes elected to a second term by a
won re-election handily. government, no labor M. Goldwater defeatedthe be
government Ohio 1,952,371 1.216,895 would Increase their already Barry member would appointedby The Democrats walked off good margin

With nearly all of the New no farm government, no Oklahoma 500,446 396,258 lopsided advantage from the bid of Democratic Rep. Nell the governor

York's record number of votes one faction, no one group, but a 208,311 Staebler.
Oregon present 34.16 to 35.15 In all !50
government that I* a servant of The victory enhanced Rom.n.y' On the 13 amendment to I
counted the Kennedy
Penna. 2,720,870 1,470,561 states Johnson Wins 45 States
the stale Polk
all constitution
the people."It prospects as a future
appeared headed for a R. Island 305,021 71,874 Republican captured two
will be a government that GOP presidential possibility. Countlans were in favor of (Continued Fiom One efforts to .
600,000 vote plurality over his S. Carolina 217,520 309,285S Page ) large In bring togeth.er
provides equal opportunity for But another Republican 10. against three pretty
pres. -
Republican Sen the dissident wings of the
opponent, 71.244 had taken 26 seats Coupled
all and special privilege for Dakota 90,032 Identlal prospect faded when much the .pattern through out
Kenneth B. Keating, This with 40 holdovers this Republican party and forge anew
458.351 COfCContinued gave
Tennessee 554,467
none. It (the vote) Is a command Charles H. Percy, the former the state political Instrument
would give him a greater victory 870,169 them an Indicated total of 66- cap.
to build on those principle Texas 1,479,079 whl z.kld president of Bell fc
From One)
( able of
In the state than that the same number as In the last effectively challenging
134.197 They were soundly against
and to move forward to. Utah 162,167 Howell Co., lost In Illinois to
registered In 1960 by his brother titlon for study and comment session Republicans had won 7 the Democrats,
which would the
ward 54.841 No. 1, put
peace and a better life for Vermont 107,963 Democratic CoOtto Keener
the late President John F at a later date in the seats and were ahead In 2 for The South gave the GOP a
all of 459,566 who second present apportionment
our people. Virginia 534,685 won a four.yearterm
Kennedy, who wan by 384,000 A plan was presented to the an Indicated strength of 34. mixed bag. Alabama elected
"So from this night forward, Washington 545.097 353,123W. constitution, t.1elote being
five to the Houseof
J Dem- In the 25 Republicans
commission by governorship con.
The President's long coat til Is this I* to be our work And In Virginia 489,148 233.2G8 today The Democratic sweep ex. 31.311 to 8.708 and Missis
also ming of Cocoa Brach to build tests, the Democrats won 17 Representatives
helped Democrat Joseph these pursuits I promise the tended to Goldwater' home
Wisconsin 809,082 489,809 No. 4, appoint. statehouses With their 16 hold slppl and Georgia one each. All
D. Tydlngs, con of the late Sen. best that Is in me for as long 28,106 a tower outside of the city limits state of Arizona where Demo They opposed .
Wyoming the first GOP
incertain the Indicated total were congressmen :
tog school superintendents was
Millard E Tydlngs. He defeat. is I am permitted to serve. to pick up television signals crat Sam Goddard. a Tucson
D. Columbia 163,746 27,627 33 net loss of frpm those states; since the
.FolkU. a one
(not governor -
ed Glenn Bes.ll "1 and distribute them beat Richard Klein *
ask those who
all supported attorney
R.Md I. r.then' : ;,: seeking ; me and all those that opposed A Vote for unpledged through a system of cable toall dlenst, ,a pre-convention Gold the vote being 19.209 to 8,897. '. Republicejb soon S of their. guN Reconstruction years. But In
Democratic elector 191,522. eruatorlal race and led In 3 Texasthe COP lost the two
third term. me ,\\0 forget our differences home In Winter Haven, water campaign manager, to The proposaN to extend the

But they apparently failed to because there are man)' thai eliminating television antennas fill the seat of outgoing GOP gas tax period went down here unsettled contests With their 9 seats It now holds.
holdovers In the 25 governorship contesta
stop Rep. Robert Tart Jr., son more things In America that Florida For In the cl!vDemming Gov. Paul Fannln. 19.149 to 8042. 17.Swept their total the Democrats won 16

of the late Sen. Robert A. Taft, unit us than divide us, and Continued said that an installation In addition to Arizona, Demo. Voters gave substantial majorities was .
( From Page One) to victory with Johnson statehouses and led In- 3 unset.tied
who held a narrow lead over these are times when our nation Smathir calledIt of this type would crate replaced Republicans In for ..1the\ other
Sen. George contests With their 18holdoover.
were a Democrat who
Sen. Stephen M, Young D. should forget our petty differences Utah and were leading In the many
"a recognition that Florida improve the reception on the might not otherwise have won. ., the Indlctted Democratic
Ohio, and stand united beforeall governorship race In Montana.
has a great stake In a continued six television channels which Among these was Robert F. total was 35.Republican.
The Johnson also moved Into the Polk DemocraticContinued
magic apparently the world. Republicans
friendly and progressive adml. can now be received here with Kennedy, the assassinated Pres. candidates won 5
failed to help appoint. H Lincoln statehouse In Washington and
nlstratlon. t think it will re. regular antennas, and would Ideal's brother, who defeated of the gubernatorial race and
( From Page One)
to supplant
Sen. Pierre Salinger D. "Without the assistance of were threatening a
sound to our benefit add three stations In veteran GOP Sen. Kenneth B. led In 1 unsettled contest. With
Calif. former White House that Divine attended more Democratic govennor In Wlscon..In. : for PaulD.
lI.hleho ever Tom Fleming, who directed 33.088 vote to 14,68 their nine holdover their Indl.cated .
press secretary In his bid fora us, 1 cannot succeed, the Democratic campaign In addition. D'mmlnll' firm has In Washington, Daniel J. Wells Chiles was reelected Nesting
But in California, where Sen. : total was 15! .
full term against COP nom. with that assistance, I cannot the state, said Florida "stands Its own weather station Evans, 38, a Seattle engineer but Storey Is a new member The governorships now art divided .
Pierre Salinger was seeking
bee George Murphy, a former fall To His care commendingyou out like a golden lantern In the broadcasts pictures of weather defeated Gov. Albert D. (Rosy) of the legislature, succeed full term actor George Mur. between 34 Democratsand

movie actor as I hope In your prayersyou darkness" of o t h e r Southern conditions while playing Roselllnl, who was seeking a ing Griffin. Ray Mattox, who phy his Republican opponent It Republican. Of the 25

Murphy was optimistic about will commend me." states that went for Goldwater. music over the sound! portionof third term. ran for the Group 2 post, had was In the lead. at stake yesterday, II are held

beating Salinger but declinedto Then the words of Robert E. A spot check predominantly the let. no opposition. The election left the Republl. by Democrats and even by Republicans

claim victory. Lee in his farewell order to the Negro precincts In such key The channels which could Sheriff Brannen won second cans divided and shaken after ,

Murphy! enjoying a lead of beaten army of Northern Virginia counties as Dade, Duval, PlneU be received with this installa! 3 Amendments term a* sheriff easily beating their decision In San Francisco In the presidential vote,

almost 150,000 voter over the In teal las and Hlllsborough showed a lion Demmlng said, are 2, 3. (Continued From Page One) Roy G. Rlley, He got the biggest last July to confront the voters Johnson won all of the pivotalbig

former White House press secretary "So, I bid you an affectionate 00.1 landslide for Johnson. In 5. 6, 8. 9, 11, 13, and 38, as vote on the ticket, 41,890 with a conservative bearing no city states, historic bastion

told his campaign farewell." Plnellas, where Johnson pulledhis well as the weather station. fund has been reserved for public to Rlley's 12,767 a margin of taint of "m..toolsm." Goldwa. of Democratic strength, and

workers: But Johnson, showing no signsof biggest upset three Negro Demming would use utility school use but under the 29.123, ter had offered "a choice, not cut deeply Into RepubU.

'Thing look very good. I tiring, kept right on talking. precincts voted for Johnson, 3,. poles for his cables throughan amendment would !have been Mrs. Work, who was appointed an echo," and the people had can strongholds In the suburb

would be extremely surprised H* said he sought "peace in 300 to 2 50. agreement with the utility shared with higher education supervisor of registrationlast rendered the most one sided and in farm areas.

If the trend changed, I am our time," a phrase first used Besides Plnellas, which gave companies. There would be a Number 12 extending the January and was seeking a verdict since Alfred M. Landon He carried such farm belt

extremely pleased Sen. Salin by Britain's pre-World War n Nixon better than a 43OOo.vot.marcln $23 Installation fee and a service present gasoline tax distribution full term, had no trouble being lost to Roosevelt In 1936. states as Kansas and Nebraska,

gee said he wants to wait until Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain In 1960 but went for charge of S5 per month formula until the year 2,018, elected. She got 35,609 votes Johnson, who termed his vie. which last gave their electoral

the absentee ballot are counted Johnson by more than 18,000 of was taking the worst drubbing! to 13,915 for James R. Mc- tory a tribute to the murdered votes to a Democrat In 1936
But Johnson added. to the Dive of all barer than three to Iver, a smashing margin of 21, .
the President and
Tuesday won free Iowa which last carried :
before making a statement. asked if he Kennedy was now to press was
Ellsworth :
phrases "Peace In our time for one. 684, second biggest of the election -
I don't blame him. That's other such 1960 GOP strongholdsas forward with his promise to de. by a Democrat In 194S.
our people and to try to keep Brevard County-home of and other television salesmen The basis of the strong opposition velop "a great society" at In suburban Westchester

proper. our people prosperous." the Cape Kennedy Spaceportand could meet with Demming to to this amendment was Goldwater was the third Republican home and a stronger U, S. position County, New York Johnson defeated

In New Mexico, Rep JosephM. "Thanks to all America," he Alachua County find out more about the ser the fact that it would extend a presidential candidateto abroad.He Goldwater by almost

Montoya, unseated appoint.ed laid. Goldwater pulled his biggest \lce Commissioners decidedto gas tax formula part of which carry Polk which hasn't. still could expect hard 100.000'Oles, although thcoun

Sen Edwin 1.. Mechem, R. He cheerfully called Hubert surprise In Northwest Florida, have a public discussion at Is based on both area population gone Democratic for the pre tights on such Issues as medl. ty was 56.7 per cent Republican

Humphrey "the happy warrior," commission meeting, and county road mileage In Idency since Harry Truman in in
N.M.Former where he carried moat of the the next care and Appalachia But the the presidential election four
Oklahoma football a phrase once used In reference traditionally Democratic: coun. In two week, 1931. Sine that time, there has 1946. Eisenhower carried It outcome did give him an unex. year ago.

coach: Bud Wilkinson also was to the late AI Smith ties Demming asked for a nonexclusive been a massive shift In population twice ind Nixon- -In I960- got pected measure of Democratic In the King County suburbs

swallowed up In the landslide.He H* said Humphrey was a natural franchise from the to urban ar.as.Am.ndment 58 per cent of the vote, carrying strength in the national legls.lature outside Seattle, which were S2.I

was defeated by Democrat for the Job he "was tappedfor city. Under the proposed number 13, empowering 30,400 to 23,000. and he was expected to per cent Republican In 1980.1

Fred R. Harris, who beat ap. and he knew It at tne Democratic City ApprovesContinued agreement the city would have Sarasota County to Goldwater got 14,417 votes in use all his famed powers of Johnson was leading with 5
pointed Sen. J. Howard Ed. convention In Atlantic alter rlortda's traditional 86,- the county's 00 precincts yesterday -
the right to regulate "just ..nd1't'IODlble" persuasion to swing It his way. per cent of the vote
mondson, D-Okla., In the Demo City ( From Page One) 000 homestead exemption tax the Arizona senator There were some brl"t.potItor

cratlc: : primary. "I know even more that In against reconstruction of AveL rates The city formula headed for approval by running behind Nixon chiefly asa the Republicans.Conspicuous .

Among the Republican caau. my heart I was right," In pick. would also receive three percent about a 5-3 margin result of the Negro vote,
a* such, they did feel It survivors of the

allies were Texas' only two Ing Humphrey, Johnson aid in would not improve the valueof of the revenue from the Another much-debatd proposal which went to Johnson 10 to 1 Democratic landslide were COP Barry Offers

GOP House members, Reps a play on the Goldwater campagln venture. amendment 11, had a good throughout Florida according: Gov. George Romney of Mlchi.
surrounding property Commissioner final lead with well to the best estimates
Bruce Alger and Ed F, Fore slogan. gave the counting who was re-elected
man. But the GOP held all the The President voted early Dr Eycleshlmer said he approval on second reading of along. It would authorize the This was evident in the vote gin Rep. Robert Taft Jr. who, and
nine seats It already bad In the Tuesday In Johnson City, 69 felt the city and shopping center ordinance letting the city Legislature to revise the Constitution In predominantly Negro precincts U.S. Senate seat from Ohio Help To LBJ

Deep South" mile west of Austin. He heli ahould pay for the improvement budget of $1.438,430, and a mil- in place of a constitutional Johnson slashed into an despite Johnson victories In

Alabama Incumbents who lost coptered into Austin with Mrs. since the road (lags rate of 8.S mill. convention doing the job. otherwise slsable GaleS..altrmarcln their states.There .

to GOP challengers were Johnson Tuesday night and wentto provide access to the businesses A resolution commending Number two, revamping the In Winter Haven, which was Immediate tpeco.Ulloo PHOENIX, Aria. (t'PO-Re

George M. Grant Kenneth A. parties and receptions at Cov. there.Straughn Robert L. Staufer for four Doard of Control and r* naming had given Nixon some (3 percent that they would figure publican presidential nominee.

Roberts and George Huddleston John B. Connally's mansion and laid he did not of outstanding service It the Board of Regents for of the vote tour rears ago. Barry Goldvater wired his con.rralul.tlOIII

Jr. Of the opposed Incumbents, at the campaign headquartersof question the legality of the year judge was approvedby "non political" control overstate Yesterday Gddvater carried to President John
a* city universities, was ahead Winter Haven but by 3,476to son today and offered his help
only Democratic Rep Arml. victorious Democratic Sen. proposal but questioned the commissioners.
stead I. Selden Jr. survived Ralph Yarboiough. wisdom. He laid "I'm not Commissioner approved atoning solidly also. 1,602 or M per cent Northeast Taft Is UpsetIn "toward achieving a growing
Winter Haven where the and better America. and a secure -
The other amendments
Veteran Rep. Arthur Wlnststd, The native son left the celebrations seeking justice I'm just begging change on Ave T, NW, seven "
D-Mlss. was upset by poultry to the echoes of the repeatedly mercy" and asked the remodeling of a on the ballot, also appearingvtetortoM. Florence Villa residents voted and dignified peace.
to allow the weret went for Johnson 1,163 to 862. In a telegram which he readat
farmer Prentiss Walker the sung "The eyes of Texas to resurface
commissioner grocery store as recommended Number three, extending Holland and Burns appearedto Ohio his press headquarter her
state's GOP
only congressional are upon you, all the livelong road. Voting
rebuild the
nominee day. rather than by the planning board They school bond flnanclnc.NM&er lose little by the vote switching Goldwater said, however, that

In Georgia, Republican: How. The eyes of the world were In other action this morning also set the first meeting In five, empoweringEscaatMa which was so prevalent the GOP "remains the party of

ard (Bo) Callaway defeated upon him, too.Legion the commission passed a general December a* the time to bolda Lake. Marti, Okchobe **- everywhere la the county Holland COLrUBUS, Ohio (CPf opposition when opposition .is

former U. Go*. Garland T. motion to pay it city ex- public bearing on another *, Pal. Reach, Putnam carried every precinct but Democratic Son. Stephen M. called for."There.

Byrd In a newly reapportioned To pens sealing. repairing, and toning change In that area and SraiMte counties to ap- onIndlaa Lakes &Ita.... \'CIItIloda) apparent 1 won retettoe is mooch to be dose

district returfaclnc of existing city and a toning change on Ave petal rather than elect county and by MS he was sufficiently over RtpufcUcaa Robert with VIM Nam, Cuba !the problem

Among the other House casualties (Continued From Page One) street, gave permission to the K. SW, from first to Third school ..(..rMMdM t*. confident that lit was reelected Tart Jr. In a race that went to of law and order In this

were such conservative the ornate memorial bulletin fire department to burn down Street. Number a t a, aetfrarlilncTaylor for a fourth tern la the die wire and probably will **dup cawttry, and a productive eece-

stalwarts as Reps. Katherine board Just erected In the hall. a vacant house near the Citrus A check for SSOO was accepted County to do the same Senate that be ,Issued a victory in a* official ree__. omy. Comsa.*}*. remain ov

St. George, RoN.Y., Ben Jensen, Showcase on Cypress Garden from A. A Lang of this*. _"m'.I. calling\ his vote none The National Klecttw: ServIce saber one obstacle t* peace

R-Iowa, William Van Pelt, R. Pat Flnneraa. Christina toy Rd., and asked for a feasibility in connection with Numfcer seven, atlpulattnceeMrgeney of confidence to put performance (>ES) with M5 p 0111.l and I know that all Americans

Wl.., Louis H. Wyman R.N.H. chairman, assisted by Julius study on making SeventhSt. Bird Ey* and of succession of puNk and for the future." place still vacating "
Bill Stlnson R-Wssh., and M.. Menke and other Legionnairei. ., NW. one way from Lake the closing in and officials It) the event of enemy Burns didn't quit equal Hoi had forged a .,C49 lead ka wtat to these proWems,

G. (Gene) Snyder RoK,. busily engaged in repairing Howard Dr. north street no longer use of attack. land for gettfac votes bat be appeared to be tile ctoteet swat GoWwater said.

Although the Democrats and repainting used "almost withm the confine Number eight. modifying the carried M prectacts sad there race in OMo hJ.wry.Meanwhile .
Southern House losses probably toy to be given needy children Cliff Ryn. city will start Bird Ey.." commissioner oi agrlctsIMr was never any doubt but that lie Secretary I'LORm.8TOCU
would mean little change la oa Christina Eve. Generous kI for The city only bad easement dull*. would get a Mf slice of the Polk State Ted W. Brewn, the state** Here are the 1 9 m. dewing

voting patterns, the administration donations of toy arebeing Monday on the new roof for tile street, and the check Number Mae. pr.IM*. Dade County vote, although Us opponent chief ieUMi officer said Taft oa Florida stocks a* reportedby

gains elsewhere buoyed received but more will City Han. Cost wlU be S7.000. represented a return of admlnistrativ County to bold civil jwy trials had campaigned vicoroaily led b) 2.OtS 'rate*. Brown pr*. Francis 1 duPoat and Co

party hopes for such program be needed They may be left H* also asked resident to be expense m coo in count) branch courthouses. throughout the count and had dieted .however, Young would Air Control 29

Social Security expansion at the new ball oa North Lake patient with the new switchboard stracUM the street Fh.. city Number 10 a.ttIorulIIC the a good organisation working tor pick up a wimunc. nat
M health care for the aged, ww &h>er Drive any day between that will serve all city still retains easement tot std increase hors K to :SO i In the plat Bw Burn bad ate too the 5"'0 tontn,; place aiui ", be1Ul.J' Florida Telephone. 21

office beginning tomorrow number of ju ticial circuits. and n proved effcttv < US jCKi. l's
aid for the Appalachian region. ..11\, and I p.m, We. Plant industries




I Johnson Combined -GOP, -Demo Votes For Victory Burns Looks Ahead To '66 I

WILLIAM J. EATON Johnson did better than any dashed u the return buried attic, Wash, Johnson polled 56..
United Prep lnternatlomltASIDNGTON Democratic presidential car his presidential bid under anavalanche S per cent of the vote compared
\ (tIPI) -Pr..!. tender in the mtourb and received of electoral ballot to a sa.'per rent edge for GOP
Sent John on 1 plat together a near-unaalmoM backing from the East, Midwest and presidential candidate Richard New GovernorS
I rare combination of Republican from the natton'i Negroes, Far West N. NUon tow years ago. ; .
and Democratic voter from He also scored Mrtrem4y weU There was little, if any, sign -In Vermont Johnson ran 't.
cities, farm, stem and sash In traditionally Republican term of "white backlash" resulting nearly t to 1 ahead of Golrtwa. '
urhs to rout tin Barry Gold. strongholds taking the Da. from low income worker .... t.r. picking up the voles of Bitter 1'a
water. kolas, Iowa KSAM, Nebraska, eminent against Negro pros many hardcore Republicans in
New HampsMr and Vermont. sure for civil rights gains. the runt area of the slate.
Tllt.\ CALL It wu the flrt time Vermont Although then were sign The Negro vote for Johnson ,,' ,
baa gone Democratic since the that the President lout some 90 per cent or more was Over HolleyBy
Grand OU Party was foundedin vote In traditionally Demo unprecedented la American
: MM iUPI'- KM. critic northern Industrial....*, litteel history. Spurred. by civil .
Tippleis of the 18th centurymust The President's major set h* ran stronger than the late right worker and the end of RANDOLPH PENDLETON Ste.
have been a rugged bleed backs came In five deep South President John F. Kennedy did the poll tax, Negro registration Untied Press International ti ?e
A 1749 cookbook owned by Mis states South Carolina,Ceorg.la In many such locations.The topped t million In the South JACKSONVILLE (UPI) -
A, C Haynes contains this Alabama, Mississippi and outcome indicated In for the first time. Cov...lecl HaydonDarns,tasting
recipe! for a concoction bearing Louisiana where Coldwater t.ct. that the Chief Executive sweet victory after a bitter
the harm name "Cinnamon picked up 47 electoral votes. was correct in forecasting: that NEW YORK lOPD) Attendant campaign already looked ahead 4 .r
Water": Most observers Interpretedthis the "frontlash" his term for at the annual Rose Wednesday to the 1064 race _; a :::
"In Uo gallon of extiaordl- u a reaction to Johnson's defecting Republican wouldbe Bowl football classic 1* a feature when he hope to win a four.
nary brandy steep a pound of strong advocacy of the 1964 civ. far more politically potent. of American Expte special year term
Rood cinnamon bruised Then 11 right law and Coldwater's Her are some example of New Year's package toursto Burn wu to attend a t an.vasctng .
let it lie for three or four days, Senate vote against it. It was how the "frontlash" helped to Southern California Board meeting VYedne
Then put it Into your limbeck the first time Georgia has left sink Goldwater's chances of via The program also offers five day and have a "victor fri
with two quarters of cold plantain the Democratic party and the tory: nights at the Blltmore Hotel In brunch" with com supporters -
water Draw oft as much as first Republican victory In the -Westchester County N. Y.. Lo Angeles, admission to the The lanky Jacksonville mayor (
you put in and boll up two other four states since reconstruction which never went Democratic Tournament of Roses Parade had no word of conciliation
pounds and a half of double ie- days.Goldwater's before, gave Its vote to John which precede the gridiron Tuesday night for his defeated
fined sugar When it is cold hope for a ".. son by a margin of nearly 60 battle, and a number of other opponent Charles Holley, though
mix all together for your use lent vote" to support his con. per cent sightseeing and entertainment he urged 11011.,'. supporters to
It 1* I noble drink servatlv philosophy w e r e -In King County around Se. features "Join hands with the majorityto I.. _
meet the problems of tb..tlle. i1er

I Polk County Vote By Precincts He."railed who!Holley tried a "coattallcandidate" to ride A4a J.pp

I Into the governorship on the FLORIDA'S NEW GOVERNOR AND FIT! 1 t ADV
SUPV. OF popularity of Republican preil.deptlal Gov Ilaydon Burn and Mrs. Burns of> Jacksonville I
STATE SENATOR candidate Parry Gold.
REGISTRATIONWort water. .,.... 101 }.&. .. ..
2 nab 5 N'rtoa Mclvtrin "I am happy this election Is
PIECING Noapeb o uE
$ w Gt
the last in the State of Florida

I. NortH Fort M..do. .. x54 41/41 3Gp' .207 ycz9 1'.3 where there can ever be a 10 Southern
/V/ .o cattail candidate on the natlo.
2. Sovth Fort Mtoao. .. 33* 33097 J2. 77 cS3It.i nal candidate," Burns ..Id. referring t

1. North Sinew .. .. 2.3 G 7S 39so 7O e'p 722 to the fact that in the

4. Mod'ullt. ........ 3 7 y ..z7203/ fly .2 o ..529Y."4JG3 future the gubernatorial el c.tlons States Split
i9 will be held In non.preal.
Kotklt' .. .... ... z/6 327.3 I'I dental election years. This Is
.. SW Auburndilo . 51' ; the reason that Burns' current

7. Groin Pond .. .... /7 7 /J I s3S'0 / / ziG A 7 term will end In two years. Down Middle
The grejlngB2.yar.oldnurnawho
I rVefioonco ....... .t30 1 of> 230 ,3 5'G SGY za7y has been mayor of Jack. \ -
f, grodlty Junction 279* ..33D sonvllle for IS years won bya Dy NICHOLAS C. C11 HISS
10. Morton ...... .... 3rz o Gtrf J26on S997 33 72* 259 big margin over Holley. United! Press International
elect said he
H.fKUne1. City. ... .3.2.73V 330s The governor ATLANTA (urt-Ten Southern '
II. / 3.Z76 31.q11 believed his support had helpedthe elites split down<< the ,mitedie
12. NW Wide H..n Ljg'O 7IOS Edgp 4.743S Johnson Humphrey ticket for President Johnson and

II. Alh'.. ..... ..... 13I yYz / / to / 37 /32 .3 carry Florida but added that Sin Parry Ooldwater In the
Froitproef $ L9L V.25k' supporting t h. Democratic pretldonllal election and t lwo
14. WIlt 397
3.Z/ % z 3v'V3 Icket protttbly coat him 100.000ot. emerged. ioda
party system
15. S. Nile.. City .... 57.23 V0 S3 / zs907 .5'o.2. 2.30 .. In the state. for the first lime In most 0'Dlxl. >
14. HomelaeJ.u. X79 //7 S/ / 9' //.5 "There's no question that the ..
zoz o 8 active support of the [)emocra-
17. Willow Oak .. .. ... 20 zLoS"'Y9 232 7.2.
tic ticket, Including the nallo. Johnson won the) five most
II. N. Mulborry .... .. 5953' net, cost us approximately 100,. populous and moderate aisle -
If. t..f Lake Wile ? yG y'8939 / 7/4 7 0 940 709 '3097 000 votes," he told newsmen. but Ooldwater swept to vlrtor LAWTON CHILL'I WALLACE STOREY
7J' nailed down the lee in five Deep South stale
20. Polk' City ..... .. ., /0 L )97 73073 / tG Burns firmly 4
73 chair of the 33th Florida {over. after one of the bitterest, hardest
21. NE Winter Hives .: //z. JT7 874 / /.3/ 97 97W nor In Tuesday's record voting. fought and moat onpelv I

22. lewflhmoii ..... .... 4' V/ 632.. 37 It will make him a heavy favo. campaigns hi the region. Soviets Glad Johnson Wins
G rite when he runs for a tour.
2) CorponUr'l Homo (3 3.2 GAS J2t'7 term In 1906.I In the Deep South where the
24. Tilgbm.e .......... ,' 7 9I07 # L 2 __..fZ With 1,141 of the .tll..I.nl OOP rut the doefieet 1 Into Own. tOMKiM (UTI!) The world oral and of Indochina In parti
21. Plnowooe ...... ... a,1G //3' / 99 2S qG739 precincts reported, Burn had nrratlt .trelltll.III'. "W selected. !<.. generally welcomed President, cular"
putdlcan cwnreeawen were
24. Dsvonport ..... .. 9G 3Vy79 373 3V7 JL70 1. In.l !IG vote. Holly had MO i. Alabama el.rt. .r L i day and In the gbvjet Vniuft from some, who.. bad
27. NW lake W.l.i ,.. 3Pl / / 479 s .z/ 117.Ivy comparison Oov, Farrts Georgia one and MheitesJpploneall there wu believed Oolifwator would be
21. SW Loko Wales ... : / Z P ads .2P 37 ,'as 3'877 Bryant polled 14 ,4O'J againstRepublican the from first those HefIHncnngresemen stale Prsvdn, the SoelerCommuniet more likely to expand the war

2*. Lake Alfred .. ..... ',' 37 ..39i9 / 9 327 '00"* M ,'W George in the C.IIIGO Peter.gulernatorlal In almost t century. party election newspaper I "referendum had called about the to Similarly Communist the North Chinese Viet Nation.Nam
10. EooULok. ........ :? 1nsJv :
race. favored
The election sew Georgia go peace and war tllsU had generally
3)). Loko Homilt.it .. .. loo / / /2S7 /37.z3 93 Burns was assured of at least RopuWlcan for the first time In Communist China's New Chi. Qoldwater u a man who would
)2. Lake ., the Hill .. 2.54' 3. J.9& 3/Z. ,30 ( zo / ZCzz3 60 Broward of the Ital.and '.Sarasota 67 counties eeun., any prmiiiiHiiial,,' election Misstoelppl M Mew Agency broaikHMt no take a harder land against the/
broke But Tues.day .
Chine Communists
22.57 reaction.
and Alabama Immediate I
)!. Oundoo .. .. ...... ..2.orz ..Zf63 / / ties gave Burns the severest years of Irs'inumal Domiicratlc It had deecrlhed Johnson West German Chancellor Lud.
34. Comb.0 ...,. ... .. BV a S3oY / 8o f y'oS3 8" 39** beattnf. Two small counties, party ties <" KU lteiui| >llrn, and Orldwater a* "jackal' from wig Trhard was (the first I u.
3 I. Pierce ... .. .. ..... /7? /. 97 / ?/ / / .t9 1.30 It Lake and Martin also voted for the same lair," rnpn chief of government to
Holler by narrow margin took South
Ooldwatei also In South VM Nam where cable congratulation II* ex.
14. Lake Wr .. ... .. 57? / > / 4 200t7f 77 JJ99r Burn told a crowd of more Carolina ami Louisiana. the United Stales ta I helplrg pressed) hope that Johnson

J7. Eotttito ... .. .. Sol 233 %PJ2 .2/ 55.2.ono than 1,000 welUwlsher at a vie. hut while me KefNiMlcsn fight a bitter nii.( Mnmunltt would meet Allied European

Jg. W..te>orIf. ... .. y9 793 2332oP L5 $ 4' 77396 799 / yz09 lory celebration In the Cell. captured alien territory, t ieDmnoerats war, Johnson's victory' wss sp.pluded leaden soon "to discus with
scum: "I'm extremely happy .took Hmlda, TeniieMee tor the most part For them a lotiit court of the free
Connortvill .. /7 'tis/ 2/ h r6 Z/(. 37 z that President Lyndon taine' and Virginia which have sign Minister Phan lilt) Qiut nations"
40. l.bion Pork .. .. y /97G .2/ 2237 / P99 Johnson Is still going to be" voted for the COP In UM last told UPI, "I think that the French President Charles deGeu11e's
of the United Mates
President three presidential elections, will lake all necetca.ry was not
41, SE Winter HOVIH S72.. ?9 fG6o 7 < 4eS29 cep3 85377S G / that h knows President fevernment
Commenting *
? / Jnhn-. alo wrl''I'I'i| up Arkansss (top* to safeguard the oourutrie enthusiastic about either >andl./
42. Cl..l.,d Heights the President wU. Burn added and Norm. AI 1111".. of Southeast Asia Ik. gen. date

41. L Hol .n.iwortli 3' 1&U. 37 SSS'bo (7.2. 3t'3cS7G 2yo tine"'I'm ear sure to we'll any have problem an alien.thai

44. D'xolond' .. .. .. SJG 04'7 3V'So3 ( 9/ ..3093.S 6,79 19 affects the Slate of Florida.

45. Webster .... ..... /!' 5.c7SG $ q( 7 5? "W* don't have to go through
% anybody because I enjoy enlre
44. North A.burad.lo //O f7 / .2/0 // 2i'00 direct to the WMte House"
47. Woitwood .. .. .... 7s / /0yc S7' / S / oroS The campaign was I titter
/c f9.tY
41. like .. .... .. .. .31/6 12030 one and Itolley at various time
... .. ? 6 < accused Burn of having |1.2
4f. Golf Monor 4(5 P'd9 SP S S 7S/ 4 Y / 3'kY2 million la a Nassau bank and

10. In"in Lila Estates 73 8r2 73y9 t? /zSf' ,, J being" under Investigation( by the YOU DON'T HAVE TO

11. Fates Pork .. .. . /2/ / 4. 0 6rB'a6 /1yyf / 7 11.1 S3DT Internal Revenue Service
12. Crystal tale .. .. Burn denied the charge
c$/ s' 75 7/S gas ..c.z. / The governor elect beamed
1 J. Sylvoitor Shores .. / 71 X903 zs1V 96.23 32 Y Yy over his victory and called It PINCH PENNIES
I 14. Fount.! H.i,r
15. W.it End ..... .. 2 ::7)2. / 337 2427 33oSay 37L0/ margin he had was not quit before as greatas the WHEN IT COMES TO
14. Wokotli. .... ... of/o 3/ 3Y( 9'2S ..21J1g / 9y4.4 election predicted t

I 17. S.md.ll .... .. .. Soy 344'A6 31G .14'9f / 77yiz 313 / Burns arrived al the Coliseum

I 11. l.llo Vista .. .. ... o/ 3sz9 3333e9t S77 4/f o37 'for the victory celebration at YOUR PRINTING
If, Lake Gi..R. .. 7:5: p.m., but did not appearon 4
I c y 3oGIc' 90 4/93 30 $27 2/9 the stag until about> P.m.
I '0. K,V.II ..... .. .. /13 ) 75 1419aS 130 r _192. 9 He told the crowd h* had 1 Y

41.. SW Wider Hares 3sa %'9 3oSSL 9Y.39 5.24G37 3.7? r'303 been with Ms"*..family..tlne II and out"friends In back but

I C,. Cyoroti ft.rdom. 3'S' t232t 377 ti's 97jyfr 54 5' L2 "we feel confident enough now'

ol. l.ko han .. ... .1I' a2 .273 320 3.0$ 293 AX/ that we are going to leave the nt

... H.rtrido. .... .. G, / V2e7 //A /5'2o /1, : J/c /..ty3 security R easiest at the until lack Holler room,"eon. .,.- h

41. JanPM ... ... .. /sZ 3077 as3 3S61 ,2G.20 ceded about II p.m. that Bern
... SE Aikvnidolo ... c'010 i71 ?.Z claimed a victory however.

47. Monooo ......... 2W ,32S 227.i 31/9 32 23 302l Taking the Coliseum stage,

41. Ari.t*. ....... ... 7/ /. v S 9/ /Tte //G Ss p.2S Bares, "told 1 have I the|Jest been'wla..unecrowd. la/or. T '

.,. Caner .... ... ... 31, 377 /t9 9233 3t9.2 1Yoy med that Mr. IMley says hethlAks
70. NW H. tloI City .. .. 3or3o 32Ft 32607 ..24S07 lUydM Burn has won
SSA the governorship."Thai .
71. NE H.io. City .. 39'y 3 279c5 375j e, 3W /r* probably Is tM first

i 72. '.,.,...* .... ..... /?/ .2/i S7S //. 25 67 accurate statement Mr. Hefley

I 71. Lake 'o. or ... .. 9// '3G 34 573 Y7Cf ./o 370S.z 73*. 2Y4 has made during thet H>. .*."
I! 74. Lake lour ... .. .. Burn said be had be. emstenting SQUEEZES THEM
39323 .5 a 327Tf 5 iZ 71. Hotoondot. ..... .. about the detail. of
/ /3 Y //9 97 /YS G / 67 some time
74. G.U.;.. ...... .. 283 ..23551 2' i5.171 2r.04' taking seer the office. "1 a. FOR YOU BY BUYING
klo, d. Pork .... grateful for Ms kelp," the gee.
77. H>. > /5S 3S200 2279 J 2vc / oorelltd itM. "I know**was PAPER IN VOLUME

71. Scooic Pork ..... .. 1L7 99fo __23s' 13S3 sot to fortunate when be went
ft.loff_ ........... /30 19 I* office." Bryaat weeded AND WATCHING PRODUCTION
/*? /.3(. / 4
10. Ti.. I.y .. ..... r3 / /3 $7 //723f 7G S3 /z9 34' Go ported. Leftoy his opponent.BWTM CeWIII. who ssrp. COSTS

II S. M.Iburr. ... ... ,17y /97 17 G ,205 / 2039 saM M would r. eee.

12. W...... ..... ... /8'/ .2GC 9 33 / Jay 72. 293 ral week before fce .,....wed

I). *.._.... ... ... 331 71- /9 ys73 ?GP7 797 /32Y say appotolsienl CALL 294-3229

14. H.ekUk. ..... .. 4'/3 23A' Aaw type of floor war billed
... ..... by tilt man tae4artr ... "the TO BUDGET YOUR
II. Ooo S, 6 12 3 41 7* J t 2 -.oIt SlgftlftcsM dvtopmeej/

14. "'-... ....... ... G0 /oz. 3 'j //J .2 //7 /G7s floor car sloe |M3.M offer I
17 ......--. ...... /9 9 / /P0 17 / s does: thai resist* dulling turn
37/ deterge**, *piO* a4 ea ter.stltve. PRINTINGE'dnesday
II. 10.(. Hills ... .. 7D.Z 76.J 53S S9.2G s JT'o y.P 75* 33 1, But ale DnUllIa co ak 411, sir.
If t rVoo. >.ol .. .. 2f 7 38G / / 3" 9t 392. d WIleD householdmmo-
fIG..... ... .. .. t .3 1.Torus ala t* added 10 s deters to-

v"3.7.t. .w.: (71 JY.S9S71Do !31,277 .2 ytv<1 J'.; P1r45I' 3 Go7 7 !/ tatto I,*removal said b*of easy the or product -


-- -- --- -

yr 1 / SHINES.. WITH! ...ySaRKet

M a I rN

1 :;:: ; :;':+-:, "<

Plain or S. R. (limit 1 pleose with purchases of $5 or more)

o Pillsbury Flour a bag.i 39c

i 1 4 Musselman's Tasty (limit 4 please)

Apple Sauce :::3 lOc

;hrr+} Y.' "' C Kraft's Kitchen-Fresh (limit 1 please)
; I quart 39C
Mayonnaise jar,
?4" Save 16c, Pink Lotion Detergent

Lux Liquid . "sin". 49C


b I\ j1 7. UP 24 cosa bot, 79c A

(plus tax tr deposit)
(limit I per customer with purchases of $5.00 or morel)

L -J .
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With Horn, Swift's Premium Canned
Lima Beans 24-01.can 49
Swift's Premium Canned Chopped
PRICES EFFECTIVI Beef Steaks ':;". 55"
Zesty Flavored White Howe ,
THURS.-FRI..SAT. Bring In Your Newspaper Coupon!
Apple I J U Ie ce quart bot. 2 5c NOV.19641 5, C, 7, Swift's Prem '12.01.can 47 Argo Brand TastySpiced -
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FruitDrink i i 1 / ". 25' ,- + % Libby Delicious PopularSloppy
.N Joes 59
Sliced or Halved Yellow Cling .I52r
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< '
Hearty Harvest Meals with Lykei J 0 m to Sa u C e 2 #cans 300 37
# Hunt's For The Best!
Chili Beans 19'
with ton Tom'to Paste 2 tons. 27c
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IN..wI l. Dry H stampJ Any She nOUN fr0 >I. M A Ik. '''$' o SLICED COLD CUTS
14-ai.....1_sire....99c w.. ....4S regular.... M.price. N..1 "11. E-.Ib,...bag M.. $2.39. Ir InwtrM per..'Ib..Iw 69c I _3 .6-01....._pkgs.._87e. a ni ,
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...... _1 .
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.b t f


o down produce lane o :
Fresh VineRipelOMATOE5 "rk r a

of't49c r. '4.a

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U.S. #1 All-Purpose .a '

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Frozen Pizza . ."&T 59c Swlft.i Premium} Fresh .ach 39 .
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so SLr..,.. s... .... Bologna VM: ', M'
Choc. Brownies 'fr: 79c Rotilseri/-Ready Boneless (C4-6lb.) (+100 stomps) North Gate
....... Ic_, ,... ....HI Shopping Center I
Fish Steaks .. .. :k' 99c Pork Roast lb. 69 1 i

;.,...'. fmk" UckSwordfish .. Swift's Premium Assorted Sliced (+ 100 stamps) 1sy 1 M A P1 K r. t.j
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131( Green...........Stamps......... J'l Oreen......._.Stamps.,........ 1* JW Green........ ..r.1N.Stamps....i o o Jw Oreen wi.'._ea4 Stamps_...A Cot > J1i(ASSTD.Trill Green M....._.Stamps....SIZII.-tAl '
S nrri STIAK
_I/_......../k'_IOWMIO MILD pr lOLL lb.SAUU6I 49c B'SMOKCO*"...lb.SAI/SACI rw 69c r. ._r -- _20-_......,r..,. I I9c._ m-- .. 100__rtf.ular.... _priceliquid I...... -
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joy pink thrilldetergent tide dreft oxydol new international varietiesdetergent

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i .

"IA. Christmas Gifts with J1l Green Stamps .. ;

_--'- -- "-- r ____...-.--___......... ,_...___.,__


Daily News-Chief Around The Town

,1 ) Local Coeds Are Tapped For Membership In Angel Flight At FSU

WomansWorld 0 TWIt seeds from Winter H*. Mr. C. D. Wood Is making Patrkk II Groover, son of Mir MMred Gilbert formerly Mrs. Evelyn Atkins of this
!i vm here 'been tapped formembership her hams here 00 A.... T, Mr. and Mrs T. C Groover. of Washington D.C.. Is city and. Mrs Helen McPherson .
hi the Florida SE altar movlif. from her former .
I has .bees promoted to airmen now making her home here of Lake Wales have returned
.... University chapter of residence IB New York. first class In the Air Force at with her niece Mrs C. D. home after a nine.week

Aagtl Flight an orgcniutian Holloman Air Force Base, WOOQ, also ft newcomer. tour of the north. They spent
I for undergraduate women Army Pvt FHwMge II. Kelly .
New Mexico Mrs McPherton's
time in
Nov 4 1964 10 some
Wedneiday Page whose
members !
wear specie
Jr. has completed an etght- Friends of A. D. .
_,,> t ," : ._. __ wtttorms of Air Fore Mue Tonally homestate of Michigan.They
week light vehicle driver XI Gamma Chapter of Beta will be Interested In learning returned by way of
and serve as the women's aifllary course at Fort Jackson S.C. Slims Phi Sore ky will meet of toe hold recovery he is Wsynesboro, Va where they
of the Arnold Air
Society tomorrow night I at eight making after recent surgery pent several! days with Mrs
Diaries Dry Jr. has pledged o'clock at the home of Mrs The Yonau,', plan to return Atkins' nephew J. Frank At-
Delta Tau Delta fraternity Lee Ellie with Mrs L. T. Bal. from North Carolina to their kins The enjoyed s tour of
Members, who must have .
one of twenty six National llet as co-hostess The hostesses home here later this month. that area the Skyline Drive,
sophomore standing and a Fraternities at the Georgia Institute with Mrs Van T. Burnette Monticelk, Jefferson's home
grade point average of 2.5 or of Technology The college Mr and Mrs. D. E. Kara
better, march will have charge of the pro- and sightseeing in the Blue
parades. freshman was graduated and children are newcomersto
ram en "India Mrs James Ridge Mountains where they
Serve at hostesses and guides this past spring from the Win. R. Hedge who has recently Winter Haven They moved report the changing of the cols
on campus, and drill with the ter Haven High School here from Ohio and are residing
Air Force returned from a round-the or of the leaves as magnificent -
world trip with an extended on Fourth Street, SE.
/ The co-eds are Miss Donna Mr and Mrs. J. M. Mitchell, visit In Calcutta with her son
t Hailey daughter of Mr and originally of Bartow have arrived in.law .nd daughter Mr. and Mr. aid Mrs. Gene Bendatl XI Beta Omicron Chapter will of
Mrs. Carl C. Hailey, 20U 8th to make their home here Mrs Robert Kochever will of Daytona Beach spent the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
meet tomorrow night at eight
Terrace Street and Miss Barbara following The former's separation I tell of her observations of the weekend here with their ton home of Mrs
Stack daughter of Mr. from the armed services rountrv and will show slides In-law and daughter. Mr. and o'clock at the
Gordon Jennings
je Joe Sisson Mrs -
and Mrs F. L. Stuck 2206 They are residing on Fifth The program will precede the Mrs Arthur Williti and chil will present the program I

West Central Avenue. Street SE. business meeting. dren. Gootltp"! .
L. entitled Th*

l r wr Just in Time for Christmas. !



3 i;\ ''I OF IIrJrJmmmm m

-- -

HOME ON LEAVE Lt and Mrs, JameaS. Dukes and ion, Scotty, have arrived from
I Sumter S. C for a visit with the formers parents Mr. and Mrs M G. Dukes, before (Now In our New Location at 167 Ave. A, N.W.)
leaving for California The) will fly front there for a tour of duty with the Air Force in Japan


XI Lambda Chapter of Beta ,
Women'sSocUtyofChris school bags prepared by the Sigma Phi Sorority will meet
tlan Service of St. John's Math member for Mission work will tomorrow night at right Use Our Plan No Down On Ellsworth Plant
odlst Church enjoyed a "Taste- be dedicated. The President, o'clock at the home of Mrs Holiday Layaway Money Easy Pay
T" supper Monday In the dining Mrs. Williams, reminded members
;I room of the Church with Mrs. of articles for the Christmas Jack Dirrker 1330 Stately ____.......... I....
Oaks Mm J. C. Mitchell will
Jim Smith and Mrs. George WIl. Bazaar which will be held In .
I, liams as hostesses. December. The proceeds of the be co hostess. Mrs Eleanor
Miss Kay Ting gave an account sale will go toward making Smith will tell of her three
of her week at Florida Southern Christmas happy for a need) months trip to the Orient I
I in July attending the W. S. C, S. local family. 4 I r

school of Missions. Miss Ting : .... y
touched on such things as the t
purpose of the school;the teach. Inman Park Class Officers "

study} also speaking about some Installed At Annual Dinner COMPARE FOR VALUE fOR OVER TEN YEARS
of the interesting people she met COLOR TV

\! talk there.by Miss urging Ting that concluded letters her be Members of The Christian Officers I In e ta I lie d were RCAVICTCK019S TV UNDER YOUR TREE RCA VICTOR COLOR TV' .

Homemakers and Golden Clr Christian Homemaktri-Mrs.
written to those In charge of
this week of tie Sunday School Clashes of Wilbur Baremore president: GIsri-proof RCA High Fidelity snd UHF Clara.proof RCA High Fidelity
planning study so ImprovedVHF
Mrs Kenneth Dean, first vice Color tub*. All-chinnil tuning $48995 Ing !.000.volt ($75000 Color Tube. All-channel tuningStiticfrss'GoldinThroit'FM. 562500
that will be Inman ParkmBaptlit Church
girls again
young Powerful New Vista Tun '. Improved tory sdjusttd) Color
asked to participate as it has held their annual Instillation president: secretaries Men.dames 25.000-volt (factory id- with new Automatic Color Purl stunt
been suggested, that this effort be banquet recently in the private Frank ShrlmpUn, M H lulled) Color I Chassis I :mmMirk tier. Two 9" x C* speakers, I
restricted to members of dining room of Morris Neal: treasurer Mrs Norman l
W. S. C. S. In the future, son's CaMerla Jackson; ministerial chairmen a.aaow I; 9
The Devotions of the evening Mrs Wilbur Bazemore gave Mesdames Betty *
were given by Mrs, Charles the welcome and special music Brooks, M. II. Neal Norman 11auuneeUTMrcarne
Birdsong and were based on John was by Mrs Barbara Jackson: group leaders +wl..r bo 9.w .
Itl2, developing the theme N.a W wy0yTA.IMLrr
King accordionist Mesdamei Paul Bennett, '1
"This Is My Church". Mrs.
Elaine Bailey Bobbie Holt
Mrs K, S. Bennett of the '-
Birdsong pictured the Ideal Shirley Yates and teacher .
First Baptist Church was 10 a.N. 111'luM
church church not without conflicts (...nn.irr"wrl
Mrs Carl Smith.
but, conflicts that are the Installing officer For 161 M,w puto'e '
Golden Circle Officers are TMCUMIIIILAN : Mark ID MN..Olsen ,
the she used the .
worked out and thus strengthen ceremony Mir 10 twit Of. 73* i. el'e.N.wna... ,s
theme "What's In A Mrs Clinton Thorn, president 11 tub*(mm)< iMUr) -
tee Is.
the church. "a Church such as IW q. hi,.Iclur. at. Now.
we would like 8t.John's Methodist Name?" Name tags, tarry.Ing ; Mrs A. II. Klnsty first
Church on Cypress Gardens out the class colors and vice president; Mrs James
Road to be," she said. flowers, were presented to Leach; group leaders Mrs GIVE A "SECOND SET" NEWI ,SOLID STATE MODELRCAVICTORMwWsta UNUSUAL STEREO VALUE

Mrs Frank Davles. Secretary the officers. The two keywords W. R. Gaston, Mrs Norman FOR CHRISTMAS
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the First Christian Church at
guests attended the meeting vn.s.N.. ,
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,. GATt SHOPPING CENTER A Tnuttd Vasju for ptpendabfe Stmet -
I' CT 3-4SII 167 Ave. A N.W.
Appliaatee a T.Mdlle. Se.w.HiN e Air CwiNws Phone CY 3-1620

---- ---- -- -- .... ..

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'" -

-, ". ..... .,-. .-. 'I"'r.." Gala Halloween DAILY NIWS-CHItf, Wednesday H... 4. 194 R.qe II
-_ "1'' ,
.' ": '::" : / : '7' Dance Is Held -
: .; By Xi GammasWitches APPLIANCESSALES

....... and motor*.
dry lilies, blMk eats and t var 4et3tw
let) of other (obtlns from MM
Nether World mingled with the
ollentah. clow**, dance hall
t :
tarts oj i the wiM West, and a VT'iet
r .1oj ihfi roatumed eharacK
.Lf K'is Salli' ,tat night when the
*u\s an.. i meant i I chapter of XI
(,it i ma chapter staged a galaHallowetu 9z4td Oftetht9

Center. dance at the Civic

A tie si .MI witch with fUattlnfi
> een e>*s i elgMd over Shire.
mutes fr."n frat atye where
she was busily engscad la *Ur- Of Our
ring a caldron.
Huge! jack.o.lanierna, keietanaani <
other symbols of All Mallows
Eve transformed Nit Center
into an appropriate settingfor NEW LOCATION j I
Eobllns.the once a-year gathering of

The refreshment table, wherean

provided assortment for of members snacks were and Thurs. Fri. Sat. Nov. 5-6-7 Open 9 a.m. 9 p.m.

guests throughout the evening,
.as draped In black and gold, W* a.nll.lI, I..... yes te tern r. e.
with geed .peals. thin ......4. To was
and a scarecrow of straw It
swttcr, "ve .*d lit* MWMM
yea w* m*
a jaunty hat stood In a bed of fall
end .c wrnadiaqt. w. bees
""ul'.I.. A huge witch ro.. from eempbee lime .f WOlf'.II.' eppll. ..
the bark of the table, and her for yes te tk**.* hew. mind-( rAlle
black caldron on the table was l t stra. .nd ester TV else) well
filled with popcorn above a aimulated .l>f>llMM fr yese eHy CliritHPMsk.iilf.
fire. A.(erne s.iil'.l lee fr ywdrivetie
The other tables were centered .**v*..liM* end .