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17 OCTOBER THROUGH II I I RydrR.J, "R.J N. .S. AIacc7Joo.p.ty 7,15-7 .. _N. CIS Tr..l. .. .T 'Will _N. 'f
OCTOBER OF WEEK Rrdw.. R.J.. ...U. n. ,y starring "Texan the and Jan NIC N. $41-CIS' 'r
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"Calamity MOVIE )(9)B( p.m. I .N CIS G.... H. N. *w.N... CIS-4i)0)..
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-- -----

,.nday October I I 1964 y\ NTFR HAVFN DAin NFWM.HIFF VVMIRHAVtN: FlORiDA Page Twenty! -Seven

_- _H __- _- __ __'_ __ __ ___

[(!J L' S S1111i111 I 1 E DA1 ID S]

Announcements ((2)) Help Wanted ((6)) Special Servicescun'OM ((10)) Articles For Sale I ((10)) Articles For Sale ((10)) Articles For Sale



modern equipment 3010 IlIdlOl'7 CUT WHILE YOU WAIT LOW
double-knit good territories Custom- NW CY l-TUt Mr Edna Scti,,uer4N To Good October II, 1964 1159(11Repossessed PRICE FORD TRIM SHOP Mltv
open. ',v S *. H HW CY Mill 30-TFAVBftY
era to lee our castling new Hp I - -
-- -
Cruise Wear Space fenl.10.00 i
Christmas line. YOU allow Winter Haven Drafting c.. I Farm Tractor t u>.ubldlak .,
them and earn big weekly Income All type Commenm I tMWdMitlal Advance Deposit 1.00 Slant O-MMlr 'onunle model. autamatlc lift type NT*. CY 9-347

with Avon. guaranteed DraftingSatWaelloe I! All doctors. moat furnish own I dial and il*? Make sag sewing all ,:-"eJ':: I 1-- -"- .------1-14

light and bright colon Drawn BMg CV 4.1433 tables) anti table coversBaxla'g Mats bttttoaholr.. blind. .u.c..... OBTT KoUaataaaj I earpettawait "I rni
Write PO. Box 1395 3-TI: | ate I0M new 1'lr. Oialil> hat- I *. rent Electrlr ('an":i i5bNpoor :: I

Or Call $824137 Lakeland FOR WISE SHOPPERS : Mass saw | oatIrrspM M (100 par day with i irtMM 1111'
Auction Gallerie a* tow u MM xaonth. John
e I of Blur outre I Holm I IHardware
((6-A) Animals & SuppliesMALE .
11 u
jacket skirts 1113 4361 llvty. 99 W. Lakeland, his. Guaranteed
Fully -- -- --
Hvone MU 8-9e$3 .r.T qlAIVTM OirtK

shells iweatericaprii WAITRESS &IIta4. Neat and dependable. BOXER Stud ferric I I Phone 294-420S .11I 959.11AL
Apply .t Sundown R.rlauranl Rturkrtered fawn end while .N WMIe They Last
...t.... 1:00: p.m and 501p CY MMI. )atrr MOVING-STORAGE: UPHOLSTERY I toll ALL Nr-W: MFIOHIMMaaiaiMt ;
__ ___ _
m. $101 ,.m, and n.oo .-.-- Ittt Single IIIWUtTERTlIAV
JuiEPhYCOTTAGE ; Complete protoairtonal iruumtwPoodle THREE IVORY BROTHKKS: I MINE UrHOUTKKY !tetrl WAHKHOI' nr: aat' miiei: RNITt'RE 55.55 ", wall tent j a U rarpaum. foto- N TV
WANTED be acetWMMea I1ione 3K 17W: lilt itive and Coleman INov J
: Baby litter Muet I MOVING COMPANY EXPERT REnNIBIIINiiXIMPLnTfi : fj Mh St NW r.-H I man camp oven.
dependable Contact all Ave. C. for appointment ll-TF I I An nl. ALLIED VAN I LINKS ( FABRIL SELECTION lantern J ode. ant I tor- --- -- -
NW on Went side of Lake Peer ---- lx>cal Lon Dtntanci W01.FK8! UPHOUTTERY SHOP Mt7NT. ;"H.It\ B ARIL AI'1'IJANI'KN aye ben t'all "v 2.17.19 after 1III HOXWOOO. Sum Juniper .. ndItFkfw
1119 I MONTH old Herman Bh. "i herd I Moving I Storage. .14 Ave A IE l'YJ7tO ; I IN SAl I. 1 Ih atdwna Ida Cr tInn. IDc Podm .ir.
full-blooded nan .hoar Will Call Collect 5.31.7516 Day II Shrimp plant and HydrangJO a
11 "wudnn l' '"II r'ItlOCi* pus
SHOP WILL GIVE refined lady nice aacrlftcc. 116 00 phoni <'Y MB Wai.h,.u... Off Barlow Air Haar2a1N1 Nkht$11ct.. W trillyh. 'I..I ,1i,1.' N, "'it I rVwell Nursery Wont of
II-II : ::13I TO $KTTI.K: : KSTATBI .l Mke old Harlow 11,1.I III
horn In exchange to ty with 'u nl., n1,111 I to 1'r 1 .11' It .1 Ba. on
11 old work r1i .,,I .9,1 m'1 i ariH. nter tools Including .IIHLUBA
Cypress Gardena Ro.dOpd year clrl while mother 1 u.lnnll! i 1 I set I
1'.1.I i able I' with caw -

A.M. 'til 7 P.M. at nlkht CY J-6038. HI (7)( ) To Buy or TradeWE I ALUMINUMScreen TELEVISION REPAIRCALL ,111.1,1, N.4 I I ." I II |h 4M now.i NT,SIll... no llydmltt sew I 15' Jack law.Blade iHNtr-. lank regulator mash and.

YOUNG MAN who I Ie looking for afuture I ..rtH.r II n 1 1141 HP John _fin. m-tlU_. U II
:'Wt BIG NEWS -"-'- --
In department stun rtalllnif JORDAN TV ..,n motor geed condition IN.WI .
Aa JO to XI High school BUY used appliances and fur- Emarun. .Carport :3833152: READandUSETHEWANTADS It,,ll.w.> bed with mattr .a. lee N. rrrrrrrirra'rrPRINTERS hK
PROTEIN education ....ntlal. Must be cooddrauer nltur. and we cell used appliance .A...auup .Window kkreeiu For TV R.palr TraaaSlnl.Car '. m JtKU Ave T NW II-UI !
COLD and hava a reneral knowledge and furnltdre BROOd .au ItItIIa 11111. -----
.- of current styles In men.. APPLIANCES ft FURNITt' AufMnSyM' OnarmaUMHt I Iy : .IICC\: bedroom null Bos*|>rinc t$
WAVE wear. Writ Boa A-1/79. MewaChief 2t61 Havendale Blvd -TF DISCOUNT BALES CO INC. I II ORBBN: STAMPS and matter tM \40 MM A....
State ape and experience" (Ifany ----- Lit Uaori Do It" I"TF T NW. an,.r 400 I.m. CY 44404TTF
) Enclose snapshot If avallable.lntervlews WANTED to Buy I mm automatic Ave A Sth St, 8W 3W -- -- -- ---. --_ -- 1 i to
$1flooComplete arranged. HI electric eye preferably motor 37-Oct. 37: O>Mral FtortdH Elertronio -- -
>* driven but not euentlal. Movie M1417FrolMataaal COMMERCEINDUSTRY
PORTER, colored Loral man preferred camera for caeh and permliel to 9911.1. RILE Clwrl.y i
m day week Apply poteonnel I have It checked by remvnleed photo TREE SERVICE at moderate. exneMt" IjI'AI.IT"taut" "111'i.,11'C N..1 ",' ,. '..1..mn ka.,.,s I woo Hiwha .< God rmdtloa;: ...Ao.etI'I::

offlc Winter Haven Ho.plteL repair lab Reply Jay Dunlap' MXA Radio DlapatchIISD ii.,, t.,,, All."i" anti I onII I I I
Ctrl!** 11-11 I -
n. Newe-Chlrr 1-TF
-1404. % Havi-ndale
in n' l :Ill. Ar ana Ave
Regularly priced at $1750 TTr I Aubw''Iii. Ai' '." In" u nllien I Will HRU. Slsinway' Help I f
WANTED by Private Collect ;old; I TRIMMING CAVITY. DKMOB8INC. I.I l ran C" 1ITFl Grand pawl' fir best otter ovorI I
k. Your Appointment Today WOMAN FOR MORNING WORKIN and antique palntlnge Oriental. CABUNO M BETTINUC"upl..t. .lima on Aim Mallbu allele Aague > .f
| CARLTON SOUTHEAST OFFICE CLERICAL I rug PO Bon tut New IImy.'t8f'ach. clean.uu KnKMlroatea WHEEL CHAIRS .I..trk.u..rIe and pMVablestied. I I
SOME: ; TYPING UfrNLKAL Telephone' 82S-U13 .., I lull LIKES TREE SERVICE 'SK;I) nit III W"till Unoke. I Is goodix |.MM Sea al .M Mm HI. I .JYUNMINTI
BEAUTY SALONSOUTHEAST WRITE P. O BOX 147 furnishing CY t-VSM. U-Oct H I .mill I.n Call .J tMI: after t 00 Ml. '<'; .,
PLAZA name. phone number adder and pm t.TFItllll"Ioinll -- -- -- .:t
en Every Evening CY I-1S391ITF esperlenc. IU WHEEL CIIAIR8 Ins rent Also 1; ; :
((8)) Automotive lloaptlal U ltd.. truichea. Walker. SEWING MACHINE ,
FIRE EXTINGUISHER dinette.sofas .
: hi Ira *
Caam.dea Rentals" CY .
Oodlrey > IN4 Automallr Twin I naadle >!*
MAIDS N.Y. TO IM week RUSH I 1411 171 Ave A. NW li-TF etc Make iu an uffer tW with automatlr tmatnn Mntrl \'\o\: \ ; '"
WAHh.HOl: : rURN : IKK: M 4lhSt
TOP NW HI ant finry itllrhei budonhol" n1f
FARE ADVANCED QUICKLY. F1RJC KXTINilUlHIIEH MAI.K8 ftUTRVICt bllml hem' monogram No attarhmetit. '
HAVA.MAID. 4 Bond lit. U..tN -- OO3 Recharging 5072yth VACUUM CLEANERS nesdod Tail T pyronU I
<'Ck. N.Y. 'U- III. NW Winter Haven. Fla USED AI.I MIM'M KllrKIH: .piplalim \ .> 17 Iuse 1.400 oath. ('all lit Ace A NW 14-lilt Y
I .
M-ttfl Service a-TF K *-ll
>4 Hr .
: :
I CLOTHES 111 W platen SIN: .iilali-, 3- rah CY: MM .....,..,...", ,...........V..........."...,(ar.\,
DRIVER SALESMAN Married il PART ft SERVICE: fur Kirby 4U-IOV Blalea llr each near 115)Matra I KIUSTIU' llli' '"blerue.. up
I to 35 Rout experience helpful. REWEAVING II.Mi\r. Weclrului: and all other llr .aili hucrllrnl: fir (nattyIndite llawalln Hybrid II IM I'p I**
SPARKLING GLASSWARE but will' train rtltht man deyweek. Fn.r .iik'kuu drhnames d eatlmalm and farm uses He nod duo .Kid Mr All: kind of hade: I
: up
& SILVER Paid vacation, holiday *lik RVYNU11d VACUUM I a bird .htwwia with them. use .. I '" I and ........ .ulanlaVeillammirt ((10-A) Boats & Motors
days. Salary plus commleelon plus LlrANfcK: 8FKVKK: I'hone ?Mint on farm eullillnin At (the Nursery Hi Ok
bonui Apply In own handwrltin$ Re-Weaving 'V 1-OH1 NewcCttlft Offhe 114 3rd W Blreet Auburndale Ml
SOFT, LUSTROUS HAIR and give complete reeume on self w&n.I' Moth EMI.-Nurn.-Team iOet I NW. tTFI -. --
and past job experience. All I revile 1962 STUDEBAKER Lark Rug UpnoUlery BRAND NEW

CLEANER. SMOOTHER NewcChlet confidential, Apply to Box A.11 Una-II Auto. Trant. R&H, SMART r your? REWEAVING premlrs AUTO SERVICE I I'JIU II..mi' :,RATUHM MILLSKirr SAIL BOAT

ISKLN owner low mileage 131 1'01' Arse t'Y 627311Csi.bllshed "Range. W...... Dryer t to 4 can Mil It
I .. ..
I Air nlinuaen H ndlml MHa Owl Darroii Rail
CALL EXPERIENCED. neat and dependable WGN. I 1911BlOcl an: ('" lull, yaranl.4. In tunIriim BANYAN BEACH MARINA
1961 a
waltreu CY "' 324. Park 1 1.C91ry.l.r JM lad. Up JOHNSON
.riaed .,ivto Uu fur ODay Boat
Reitaurant. 713 Full power factory air aclury APPIJA.41N:: l lake Alf,rd I r I Mill
.Plymouih .Lancer I W II lUllln* 1'hNM ::1'7111:11I: inn *fl IMtu
CURB GIRLS. two day and night MONTEREY' CUILDING REPAIRS .ValiantFIJOM1 :7TFI m-1771
Inalde help No experience. necee- 1960 MERCURY HUIIIHIH MUTUaS.l I I HIIMUTk

1)ItJrnL) wry. Dog 'n Bud. liavendal Blvd.12 4 DR, Auto Tram? R&H Hlilh III. SW M 410117Ort I Alit Imdlll......, ',Illll, ,'1, I rel.,l
,. 1'1 rorllinlnrb. H"al M..I III ."" .,>:,
one owner. Stir .mall r 'i &li J ioliii I i li l lilreil ) HIM up Canoea Sail
I 'V 4I 534 MlI : IM MAh :
b.wt. EXPERIENCED trinimlulon man builderCY .
Soft Water Service Guaranteed IKS 00 .per week. Relearn 1958 CHEVROLET Brookwood J 2470 : CAMPING I-'IHr: !r.1"N..I'IMII.ttN' a, w I led outboards V* to
36 T .
Larkln. Tranemlmlon/ Auto Tram R&H, I I end 'ml .N..da sill. Is, ,: old )I I'ir9llu. llavendale, MU

IEE ANALYSIS FOR ALL Shop. East Lake CY 1674.-11.19 Wgn 'I Hum n in'nit.lint!. r"i..li< i 1',1"1' ,111. I h m.. el ItvrharHlnii' ,11''n. al I .-- -Mlirt -

ELL WATER USERS One owner low mileage Icy.. In.m... olil minimi entail I,1lrnnt..1 re. 11 I, uM ,I IWuifc TRAILE.RS)1 l',11nyul.h.r: : Hule...r ":.I:eiv.'h'1. PYe 511'ttl TEXAS.MAID 14 Aluminum.
> ,
'ii II end trailer with IM Juhn
Average II00 hour commleaHin part 1958 PLYMOUTH 4 DR Auto. CY 3-Ml 7.Tr I M NW .1:44IT|: .5511 I II I ..." M HP motor Low down pay

PHONE 213-2580 time Qualify/ lull-time ealeiman Tram, Heater Extra Nice ..,. .. I I:I IIIIKR NiAMPN Fur 'lochrn.r'enl nn" nl E.41 flnanrln Call AI Rlil-
..sBrtftlt' ISO.00 week drew against rommlikin I :::- .lgnllire"m" I in TM America* Nalloaal Bar,
Watkln Man Painting PaperingRepairing I .*)4I7<.
/I..t 1uli""e" .Ian china
:;r.'rts... 1SU4Lukeland Roberts SAn
King Coenuttu Floyd "' 'NIi I.M bet
IH8-M90. 12 to J p.m or I H11'; .SerGe Till, lIPS; KenUleHJ lBale. .! .UAH IMtEMS, I'Sane i'V 1fIJit AIIIIKAT 14 Headley hull M
after 7 11-13 45120: HI A, A. NW -TFI : ntIn.lal heavy duly trallrrI..MIUI
Motors : I'Y 11711 III Ave V, 8rIK :
Jewelry .\. ",11.. IIOil I 37to 1 .11
MANAGER TRAINEE for Retail 14 TKJOHNIUN Ioll'HI.1 I ,. 01 I ,..u. .I" I'nnfdel' .
I J M.COY lrulltwntk
111 Third Street. SW Food Store Age 31 to H God: I I fax cl.. .,,th II., 41y ", .11.,.. and. --
1)e.ler "" re..unable
lour "Dodfe" mannhii' .11. AUTO INSUIANCIad llberalaM' ki Iin
H Block South of Port OltlreQII.Ut.J starting rate. hoapltallxatlon and I'h.,n.. (:V 3-VMi III 41 h AMP TKAII.KrUISI I A"q/n I :; ''I I. ..::ll mil I Ilk,' now SAVI ON I..ti .u\.r.n.\ (' ',. III. trail i
why CY 14101 .. Hertford teal l
Insurance P ald vacation 221 6th St.. SW 1\1'1 Jot 11)1 Vlllat,,. 17-TF rpe i 6 1'1_ out pr| c". MM 0l|' .I. i1 AI. li tall vH vollry .
Watch Mi qualified Good opportunity for advancement -- -- -- ---- lionk Hat financing. an km .. 0351 I "...1. I w I1oh'u.e, 1 h" ?ol.n1, N1I '. Far all year IrttyriMt M4i Ba Mil a ai HWUO < Y 1-ttM. II
s Apply I :I im.i la Regain Mwr pnrmeat lit I I".I, 'SI' IOI1dre. I'll 1'.1.
Jewelry Repair $00 p m daily R J'o; ; CADILLAC IMO" for .ale. gond PAINTING coolly I. yo.r frle d. Ih .". ILA :111,1 0II can. .
D. 8o-n. 2424 Avo (I. NW II-TV rune .,ood Make Offer -'aU jmiMsoM ArnjANCM HWI7 > I al ata1.IWM. (I II.A) For RentUnf.
Ctires TIMi3 -.Tf I .J Lake Alfred I'at:U ee. ,n. mall' ,",,. 01.I .,.,. .
11CL 11 HOUSEKEEPER to live In. 1 rkll I mltIK).'I 23 *hll. lb.lu I I 5.n Mu 111,, IAef ,
dren age I to' W34924: 113 | c.ALAXIK MO 4-door AI(' I i IIAHI rJI: IVHtHoNI l'o IIHIU 4.. Ml;, HI : Ml/ 1'151; I II ,
r Encellenl W1M ItM Posed'dour I h..n. <"tell mVi I ITF J tI."n Florida room" kltehenhnl.hS
A) Instructions W ANTE Public IIt.nf1llr.phor or .. .. : MOTORCYCLES : A ,I. surd Mlghharhond.P.'nnn.u "
Public Bookkeeper. We furnlah wagon. A/T Pi tat 1M4KT 1-13, 'arlot ik hv II""i r rutimHlNut 5 I.f .ro IITI a.. w,1/ 1ue.. a II'., I 1 Nii ii:: : I ponillile tenant d.
----" -
private office and phone and My 1M3 UNCOIN C'OJIITIIf I ,Inn 51" ,", 1'r r, 104 "rat" 1 'I I .n n 111I.00. M 7 Ave S. NW_HI
mall salary to handle our office 'AMAliA a TRIUM.t "Y"I.I'."
IBM. Entra clean loaded MM TAI'1 ....... ........
wok which la von> ll,hl Office warrantCall J4- MARINE SUPPLIES I 111 KaiiiitM and I-
KEY PUNCH hour I lo 13 and i to f. five days tount In .o H..n: > huwnHim .
a week Phone Ray lei Valle __ __ .__ 2: l>.il,> All"My lalunlayI 1 I :. A .:e :eE. :O r

Learn In 2II .36n. HI SPEEDOMETER TlI III u..lm I "W "v 4 U.;
I Week 4Day Oumplela servile and new cables. 40-i" Dlecani on all I
School L ft J Service 116 Sth 81. 8WCY atceeei.rle. while the" last lFU II Nut I
((2-B) Loans Up To $600 4-42M. ITT >RIDA WIIOI.RIALEUWTUIHl : I Checkerboard
14 Week In Toil* INC I III' Specialsat
Night' School ; IU' ndal I:hol I .1NI1 SAW SHARPENING

LAKELAND BUSINESS DOMESTIC It the company to borrow For The Best I .1.1-V I IIJ.JLV
from! WHY' I

I W Pechtre on Lake Win 1. Friendly service I awe Nay kriHwhi la We IU rlnkeelertr
Florida I Strictly confidential SERVICEin -GETS RLSILTS ., lilana-le .., PHIIIIPS
Ukeland 11
3.: Open Saturday p.m. SAW a.. iKKVK: inter Oath
MU (-ISM -No.. I 4 Open evening by appointment TRY TilE LOW COST K'.y Kin, i.en'-r A.. .to '. 570th FRESH TRADES on the Magnificent
I. Home owned and operated tha..l, Pies.. M al:13:
t. Letabllihed 19M SERVICE UIRLCTORY(8A 11.0.1, I e 1

LEARN Com. In or call your friend George TOWDBring '

SHORTHANDSpeedwrltlni Mullion at: Your Car I 65 MERCURY & MERCURY COMET


Weeks-'-. In 3rd St. It Ave A. NW CY 4 3211 To The ExpertsThomasWaters ( ) Business Property ((9)) Business Opportunity Itlt OIO MIIUNI 4.01. ttil 010 4-0*. ttll 000. 4.01. IDAN

Day School 4- VI. Ae!., Trial. f.$ AUXII' NT Aa/.. Irene.F .

.t / .., H..'., U. S 1145Senw
II Wteka II C.a4.
School Office Rental $795 DII'c $895 .11....,
Night ((3)) Situation Wanted :'f1u l>e rr titr.. Whll. ....
LAKELAND BUSINESS' : MODERN 1 paneled air tODd Secured Future Itlt 'I ADO'

INSTITUTE L"IiC tinned office, Sulttble for profeiiiooal I til CONTINIMTH. ItU FALCON 'UTUU01. ELATIONeON

VICTIM 10 Need' aecountanUUwyeri 1155 a... Idle YI Ra/' ,. nl Ha/n
I W Peachtrea on Lake Wire AGE reap I men One of llorldaa moil iurii Fully. l/+lp4t.
aid H..I.e,
Job In raw home $2695 ( ANTS. Tree.A1d. .
Lakeland Florida clerical and route eiperlence PonS. Ford flnanc etc Ample ful drive hi chains hu aeviralprotetttd I Lee. Alt Cod .. Tree.. $1595 Nl*. $775
MU -MM referencee t"llauff.W'. In Located at Z3I
I able local parking rear. trrritortvi avillabkInrludtac
5-NOV S IM-enee Reply Boa A.l451. Newarhlef IS-- I Third St. SW across from Ei- Au I Iburnd.le. Yen WrIt. Year Own De -U I Wtetor. Haven.
r change Bank parking lot Lakeland and Bar : Itll CHIYIOinIIOOIWOOO Itft rOlO

!( I Help Wanted ((4)) Lost & Found : port red lays coupe and TIMflaT white All the 34OI extra Le Ave IIA1e C bealrltful NW.I i ii Call Owner tow !Ne .sip rleeee nrrvtaary PREMIER\ MOTOR() I INC. STA. WA*>OM Heals:, WASOMShlt: '

, We win Ualw you to urn VI. ASH. Tu. I*. iCvl.

MEN Ri L :' : IMI --PM.MICheap CY 4-2444 luouo or mure per year small I Customer t ;r tli.! 'Atf He..'. $695
L06T Male erman( Shepherd 'pu*> down Inrww I -$
payment P"1 you
Ma nwM 2IMIII1 altar I am i $345
old Reel.trsllr nuWAREMOI i
uy I year Appraisal Card
modern. laity -
I art $10000 to $1)000 annual Mil Spirit Lake area. Raw l S __ I lo ,
3*>IU 3-door ril I ewpociafly nfnrd
Part.time cam $5000 to I ILIA HOneS '*r: eaa e far real PIIM/II/ MOTOIS Itll CONTININTAl
coajdHtoei MMea See ; ,"raftme b5aIewos Write Itff 1010 1C!.
('.000. Retired men also ac Recently re-wufk ,I PlMKMJI7I Mop M M aid I'OCKur NU..U. Fell h..I".tfat t l
House Trailers Y aepe..yk St SW f... further .MarMMM far lnf.rmel" .... giving bark AlAKII LOAN *
pted U not afraid toIle ((5)) .d Air C.*4. Lit. .*...
| you are c.A:1: I U.II groped and phone mtmber. lortatmtow CAR VIAL VI A..*. Tr**... **

f to people and are intereitII I II** .1. .*4 HeeUr. 'S. $2995
i byHkaUb.rer appaMia MART 5 MOOK _
in a top prestige politico IMI MODELS. Special 44 a ]W fraat It/H. 05.5555 eomdilen $155dew. I
eu.ne"' ; Opportunities $795
Baas A_ paye Ma CY 4lMIMS ((9))
fll 293-106 >:00 a_n. to S:00Lm aad rear bedroom. $325 NIs55 fraMkl, lc ePICs ON PltMil$
daily 713altreeaM I rale riaaaclM oa a* 10 aad and U low wide .....MPmelt .... .' P.O. Box'44MPeyton I "'OTOU' CAI IMY

rxrolter and Poatlac ell"'" Old..CM 4iitl f Jl 4N iiM 31 TEXACO w a .*'.**' ""St > *, rfcrida APPIAISAL Ml* Poll itii PLYMOUTH ;

I Lake Hkere tear! all, uafdeaa ant 9rt e> MY CAI I _. ._._ TA. WA.ON 623NT
,r waatad. Air our U. ..,. It. feat. A.-. J7 *l COR T AIR MOMIA 4-epe-d call fW 'hM trnM us0a11LAUNDSOMAT nu I Air C*.**.. {. f I.. Auf.. 1'**... He..e,,
Htloaed IAn..ytia LsaUO/ J7ort. RAH New tin laxcetteat uaeia.. ML'T_ !fl;. !WHMNCIwiu Avt. T,*.... (edad" tar ...iI.*...
Mry after .
Apply 43fOct >7n'NTa <.o...4inD Oil-CT $-.47 ...- Saw .iy- 'AT' Ht* .
.,. dart wWrkfround. (5-AJ) Moving & Storage HwTFLYMOVTH ........ JdeWhardla y ha-'d. I..' rte .............. YOU WRITE YOUR OWN DEAL! I $795 $
receivable .. I *. AT R/H 'toad rMditiee. 0. t" III heath Wr9. MNHaler. rynIIIDA I s.wse1 Isl. cast teedra.M
"*,IIMpIftc. .Pleaae. l'PpIy a. perpreferred. sew U. rashT 4.5555 HI D otb'. .IS are l/er yw .lIe .."viee5,0y '- NOW TUSK. YOVt .AMIAISAJ CAD IN TO

HJ tTORAOE ,. I" 9 t 1"1' rmwM. .naa'ran. .. ANT Or TMf IHT SAlitMlN AT FdMIIIMOTOIS LINCOLN 4.01.
A-14777 Mem-Chief IMPERIAL MOVING I .. Now ..alma. Ir.. ... ttll
------- : Prompt... effOMseteeCM .all. ray N p.... .,..,...., HI WILL II CLAD TO HU CONTIMINTALCONVIITIIll
((8-AJ) Business Property I Ilsn.- I.hela.d ant '.- you Cit THI CAl Or rOV CHOKI AT
firm fn.
IMMEDIATE I t''I'.. .setmet.S.1 I/ ,gel lint. '......_IOt. .,. a.men TOO OWN flrCIIIMIMIU Air
s ... I .. .. .... Laded Pint
I fer Atiu U..If WANTED! Ii I. in...'o.r sad .. M I
I EMPLOYMENT n4.g all M *tUi STORE FOR RENT 1.11 ......1- ," ,.... .ft Ilti rased. L.krw Set. 9(5
I I Aa .w-w..e seas .91 roux ter as .I a. MM I W| Will NOT II UNDItKHCM I INO **>.
eM : : .. ...= N.law .
>e e dar.
n 559 55 JfW r'ar we 54 M
seeded one experienced Ford ((6)) Special Services frees 155 ... Mara R.warr.M **",l: ".' *: '. rMf._ to.. Vw Ieoh.e Ief.nalei. IIAIONAIU OMII WilL II llrUSIO $4250
55,4 aataas is Its.W. ,. rSa.rpChary' a Mdse'
lechaoJe Good .orkiD( coadtJ I MOLE: MAISAM Meee.**d.wo* Sad *r. r-'I': ;:" ill N Ope. III.
Modem 1JIIur.Dfe'.lIl'te .... T..a P... Orf Ce .,eerKa 1mu', "18''' II Hutll
J shop CAapEIfTIa; .... ......... R.M CT a n'nse.MI4rMy 05 w SHOP W'mtcr HinD BUY Winger Haven BOOST W'anter
S rft 244511Tr
See Mile Kewpf. CaeM.a 7nrm9 .
.. MMw Maoe ,a .- a. see tor -- -
afanafcr 9p AI Iowa -- I aeeM Ac**** Mad *.( in* I I'' Furniture
36T1xwr ((9-A)
f .. Pt.. MMeeS Csa0N.kept
:. THOVAS-WATCKS FORD n..r .rt..... CIa MOMMW aM s4.e Mrr.r Mad ..Iboo..It. .*. ... wuler, M.ee.rewdnwse .

\ .U ..till.Ham..... 14*** aeTTlhli. CT MU .D I .n'I.t.rte e e w wee H nq..5ante lad I '.+mi>t>.. fc<_ loll i* tow. I 1I. tar M -O

L A. MiMJ'h I drdse. elw ywptasM. tale.etnr e.ese ......?.. -...... .6rtrx '.... .p :!? .t
RS taw No O$ CM & FVK SL I'ar. C1' 4 tjg1151IF TRAMia.r1 Lea. Wale.. /.; weds D. r 0..r. P. o. and ..1...ral.. "deer.. <.th .. -at-

_., .",1,-SarrrYu -- b..o5 w iaefrve load to .,...., ... ... Paw 1165551, ." 'I ,........ u.... ... :
.. ...- _., ., .
..... aI.. -TOl' .ead .Mot -- tS. Haeea Keelaafe dlA.e oar] w,9 *.. t .. Take.. v ..

......... .-. ,......, m Etfrr WaB p4ENOf. pr. w h '.. pt.M .
. .sera J UMI Center M V4 SI Mxa. iC F' IU"ITItlr.
.. .II. .
, eTIDAdy T.. y rebM Menu m-uu. 21w 6 .
: .>iM.
ftaataanu I1W SIC K 5 CT


., . -_ -' ""'"
.... -



f' ,


Page Twenty-Eight __ --- -___ ___ __-- WINTFP I MAVfN OAHY NfWSC! MIFF WINTFR HAViN1( ORIIJA Sunday. October 11964
-- -


f: (I I-AJ) For Rent, Unf. I ((12)) For Rent, Furn. I ((12)) For Rent, Furn. ((13)) Real Estate For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For Sale' .. 1 ((13)) Real Estate For Sale (13)( ) Real Estate For 'SaleIWIIIMIIIIIIIIIIimilllllllllllllllllHHIHIHIIIHIIIIMIHI I !(13)) Real Estate For Sale

DUPLEX APTS. WUI rent fully, partly or un SMALL romfurtable houm I Ind NEW FLA. : MAJOR REALTY POPUlAR !IG..l\nn. ,n Snulk.astuscllon IN LAKE ALFRED
FOR RENT furnished room living room. klti II nod I Hnacliiun Iwo bidnx.mon.
bath Baby arrrpied '..,( .l''i' I 8820 KPMIAIMTMOKTHAdr and a hall bath dlminrlln I I

1 Br Lk-front $SO Mo. L. Silver Orf' A big one room efficiency with rouple priterred CY 3-4771 x I 11 STYLE HOME HKOKMi modern financed home. partly furnished. i Lake Cannon .- OLDER HOME in very good

1 Br Lakevtow 150 Mo. Ave L.. NEI j tiled bath and Pullman kitchen: 'NAIIt' CONTKArTOKIM r. tALK IJJJW ESTATE:. 6H Ave LBONA C. BK:RKAI CY I Lakefront condition in a quiet and desir-

f' Br. Laaeview $60 Mo. Ave. L NE A very ipicloui 3 room and ((12-A) For Sale or Rent roam, 3 bath. !living nmni.; wall, to I Reg Neal Relate *'-OIS7. CY .141II 1-12 { able neighborhood. NICE for
MIKE MAISANO wall carpel Florida dining I Mortgage Broker '- | $15,000I I RETIRED COUPLE. Two bedrooms -
bath; A 4 room porch and kitchen 3 car garage. air conditioned I A MEAL bA-RU I
,,. 1200 LAKE SILVER DR. bath collage (fur only" ). toad financing iwh St.. 293-2178 New a-badroom ('B home Terrauolloore II I listed and first time I living room with fire
2ND FLOOR FOR SALE: OR RENT SB: North Slocum Water Harden. cell heat teramlr. bath and a circulating heater
\ CY S-746S All Jacaranda SOS Ave H. SE:, t large room Midway between. Auburmtaln drop l In Move, raruorte, utility 'E: offered beautifully
at ApU., Corner bath and acreened porch 2 .bedroom and Winter. Haven room Price SMOO 27th Bt.. NW bedroom bath nice kitchen and extra
Tucker BuildersCY E ,
f. 18-1/ "B" and lit NW, Call owner *. CY .... FIB I 1 Ife-drewm. Lacier1. Addl_. Contractor | maintained 2 dining room Also a large
--- CY 5.0101' 11-11 ,' = Florida room borne at I
t.. I BEDROOMS built-in oven and CY HIM or CY 14922 (season 7.11BEAUTIBVL $10000 DOWN I: Lake Cannon I screened front porch Carportand
rang. Lake Elbert "'L 1100 or long term, and to adults -- "y.rIlRYEAR"I Total
: It TRAILER on Uk Cannon Kcellent >- NO CLOSING COSTIMM utility room. price
: t : I If you an Intereeled Mi the old 1'lory = Features Oak |
oondlt..... 311.Ki week I-BEDROOM i
only). per 1q down
MMlklailadea rambling I home and need 1bedrooma $7500.00 with (1800 00 cash
ESTATE CY i-1141. 11-13 Ave,,'. Trailer Park 24(10 Ravendale BATH -- Iota of built-Ina al I T..... lai. I baths with umalltiuw.t E floors 2 air condition- i
1 1911 Blvd. 1113 Dr. Uk Alfred t6tOJ! a I and $50.00 per month
1-BEDROOM unfurnlRhed houaaATIJERTON payment. Call E era And 1 variety of i
-- ---- -- -11.I
--- -- with low dowa
REALTY MS W call payment. REALTOR. I CHUCK B rROKMKE8CIIOBNTHALIER = citrus fenced rear |
: A (0. 28HU3
Cetrah 13.Tr
CY 4-&M4 RENTALS! UNFURNISHED DM 00 a m(>nlh3bod..m 172.115 t-H I
N tea I FILL terms. Call .
Furnished UnfurnUhedK houee 1182 :Jftth 81 NW -- -- --- ALL BRICK HOME A Wkendi 293.8611.Flt yard | FR 2 1657 FR 21673 FR 2 1671
S-BR. Duplex Kitchen equipped :. BUTCUFFK, REALTOR I block from Wetwood erhool For 3100 DOWN I 3-Bodraom*, 3 hath, paneled living .
160 Ave J, 8E IttOOO month or CY H181 lve" CY 17213MF Information. call Halnrn City. 3 BR. Oil HOMH8 room !large Florida room built- S PAUL SMITH | 6-12
I 'weekly. Phone 213 Mil. .-U 432.::43. H-13 Low a* 34700 month, in II E. kitchen with lumlnoun cell BEDROOM houae and 1-bedroom E: Evenings CY 3.3002
--- ---- I'HARLRS: McUOMIC Keg, Broker ing utility room. tetragon flnon hence, HIM down month I jl |
I NW Section 3410 Aw C. 2Brdroom COTTAGE 3 room and bath 2M-264: Beautifully I.ndac.ped. Oulnlde M good credo.: y' i FIMTMONTIIAUE = 2300 12th St. NW
horn. Includu Hove andrefrigerator 11-OcU 11 city. but bas city water and MWer !: "ORP. OF WINTER ,
$750monthly. 40S 6th ((13)) Real Estate For Sale COUNTRYIE211t.4.Jgnol111
18800 monthly Con- CY 33704.MODERN. St.,1SN : -- --- ----- -- School bug to all erhooln HAVEN! 28-Tr TOWN SPACIOUS HOME IN
A --- _
tact FR 3-173 11-13 --- --- --- -
r one-bedroom apt Furn I HATH HOMh located canal Into 3-138 Just qualify for loan payment 1fi'il1n ri' CHOICE LOCATIONPrice
l Inked. For rent All electric kit- acre land adjoining 'I-T. .- Approximately |9S Month 31141MiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiuiiimiuiiiiiiiiiiinmi\ iJU. JUIi JULt
For Furn. _
Rent t
((12)) chin and heat Clone to town <4tAv bake Echo MK9U. 11JUfroan for 3 BR. 2 balk. cell heat Private. fCY.
va'x reduced from 118500 toliuura
A. B\V\ To CY 3-7211Suprlna. Bt Lake Alfred allIENE a
see phone Now UnderConstruction owner Ph. :m B761 after S p m IIIIIU of 9-Br..
(-13 ( : COOPER REALTOR! SWIMS |3M 00 down and 174 monthly buysthree : or Weekendi or drive by :2413 AveA. : : m 1'11 2 111.110O.tiled bathe R.. large IIvlnr F.R area. wlth UI.
I 1-16 bedroom ham with Floridaroom NW HISE 11,13 ,
.BEDROOM furnuheJ apartment L.K ;a a a/ with flreple.cemii.n
OB Lak Bllver Drive. Stiver BEDROOM APARTMENTS FOR and built-in range Sutnhea.tacne. -- - n. 4aiiu. sundry room work-
Creel ApartmentsCall CY t-770 RENT; Reasonable. CY 1-142 LBONA REAL ESTATE BRICK, 4-bodraom. 2H bathe, riun. uu Kara**. lifetime, roof
or 293-1250 I.TT IMF TAKEN In TRADE 6M! Ave C BE CY 3-O187 CY large kitchen and dining family NEW COLONIAL tree. lake acceu. lot 130 a 146
Come Out and See 3-8465 t-12 room screened porch 2\14-1241 Saturday Wall A calling Inatallatlon, S A/C
let floor apartment. Walking die 1 BEDROOM furnlnhed apartment and Sunday or after S (Mpm TRI-LEVEL Call CY 3-5796 or Barlow {33-61711TF:
tar**a to town and lake. Quit |56 month ATHERTON REALTY Our 3 BR. 2 bath home with Florida 8-11
|MUJ. Adults pi..... Ml AT, 543 W. Central Av. 2 4 3284 Progress room beautiful rear yard. .
.., Lake Alfred Htlnea City Polk
bath ,
1$-TF Air conditioned I bedroom J
III (rj" 'I.TI' $88.05 Down, $88.05 Month. City. Lake Hamilton Davenport BELL OR TRADE! I car garage. living room with fire ,
I Have Nice :2-beriroom home In
( Winter Haven Vimp'ete llpillnt nl all IIOVI'rnm"to..n.d NEW bedroom. Florida room
RONT apt Air con- 3 ROOMS bath furnlihed apartment i kitchen family room Large I
larage Dunedin free and clear Want I '
Ohio, :l I. Private broth.d 170 on let floor 135 a month 124 Drive by 3109 Walnut Avenue, home* In our m.nall'r'i office : Froierty or small bu ln.... In Winter hot: Northeut; Section: Good term"II close-In 224 Ave F SE Payments '
Some *SOO month OWNER
I at duo 00 down and $
NE. HI HarborCondominium payment NE Buckeye Hllli per
[ Haven SKI' Rowena Lane. Dun
then call .
1000NTRY a* low u SMOO OENRXXPKa BUILDER. CY :V4256 1-12
CY 11 13 .
edln I-hone T38-499 S-12
( REALTOR Lake Alfred -----
FOR RENT Furnlehed garage
apartment cloea-ln Reaeonablerale 372-IIU6: I-II Tucker Builders FOR SALE; I storbasso, I block*'
FURN HED OR UNFURNISHED Immediate occupancy Inqulrtat Apartments LANE FIBrKT KHTATtgSBedrooma CY 1-5412 from town In quiet neighborhoodIVk .
EFF IKNCIEg and Itt BED- 210 Ave. A, NE or dial CY 4.:MIS: 2 bath. family room '-13 baths, l-bedrooma. aeparata din-
ROOM Nice large airy room 11-13 & Assoc. Inc. APARTMENT HOUSE. g unit double Karate central heat and ._ ,
Florida carportlarge'
-- room
--- --- tnt room
Portal Zoned commercial ONLY 316 OHO air carpet drapes dlnhwaeher >9115lh
Conveniently Bulldlnf.I Call OC CY dSr.ld or CY 1 and 2 Bedroom 293.2517 Phones 293.9338 Will accept. duplex" In trade. Call St. NE 23-0387: 30-Oct 303BEDROOM utility room Nicely land-
CLOSE IN. Clean mall apartment JIM BROWN REALTOR 293001. _n ______ 4 BR Modern soaped, hat well with jet pump
3-4117 8-DY I
1120(10 terms May be ken by
downitaln Suitable for 1 person Apartments with 1 7TFDUPIFXtS 1 .12 .
home with built InI.
Call WO 71834Auburndale .
appointment only
or retired\ couple" 293-6828: 160 Av Southeast
; surface
BEDROOM: furnished apartment K oven and unit Chainlink 18-11
Ground door 60S Ave. U NEMT. A. BE. HI I'/t and 2 baths ; fiom tlfttio. 'comm.rI I fence Florida "room blectrendhi
-- rial Building Rom IIS tttH Call IfJ1 2nd 81 J.n-phyl. Will Split Level
1- :t80coroo':' trailerCarl per; JIM BROWN REALTOR: :2S3-O013 1964 MODELS MUST aarrlfiat IMIO down take up
month ,
Luxury Living on ( NICE: clean furnlihed apartmenta. Bre.ces I730 Lake Blue DriveCY 1-12 GO SAVE UP TO : or contact b>' letter H. D. Elegance and privacy are I
one or 10 bedroom Water furnished S-ttlM: *-13 Beautiful Spring Lake Dennis 1711 HlKh Bt Lrroburg. the best descriptive words I: B
Some near town $M.00 and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiigIllllllll'ilI111111llIlPlSPACIOUS Fla t-12 I
1 -i-1 BEDROOM apartment for $1,000.00 for this roomy four bedroom
up .
particular 1)0WEN people MOTOR LODGE!: Furnlihtd Model Open i ii NEWLY PAINTED BR. 1 bath two bath tri- Home !

Utllltle= furnbhea.trailer |1S Also per I week-bedROOM Hwy. 17, North 10:00 A.M. to ':00 f.M. LAKEYIEW I 1-3 B/R 2 Bath, A/Cond. Vacuum C;B, home eyatem, Double, fenced arpoRporch.yard, Da- level tome. Located at 760 You will love when you tee this

room trailer $1000 we.kly. Ulllllgs HI I Range, Oven, Dishwasher Irabla I E. location near new.ahop- Ave. "M", SE this homeis neat 2 bedroom CB home In SE
'umleh.d, CY .2t62.. I-U A. J. Lynd Broker = Drapes Carpeted Living In* center walking dletanc ALL .schools
convenient to
II APARTMENTS at US Lilt Street. i $26,500 E irhoola. Owner transferred, Low Section 1 block off of Chainof
NE. lie appliance. Water furnlihed Room, Patio Inter Oowa Payment Awurne Mortra and shopping distance to
) orbuelnru Lakes walking
Ideal for
profeeelon 1700 Sixth St. : facllltiel'l
K Sutclltf, Realtor CY N.W. E IMMEDIATEE E I e. 1310 Seventh Bt. a.1L 293.9011.$1Tr
woman private bath com System, Large Lot Other f eat u r SHOPPING CENTER. Has
kitchen privilege.. 284-2312 after 4-4131 or CY 3-72i3 3-TF Hwy. 17 OCCUPANCY
4 00 p.m. Fly Winter Haven, Florida 2-3 B/R I Bath, Ceiling BEDROOM 1 bath, ecreened large Florida room, completely I large living room, all electric
2.BEDROOM lakefront home 27(4Av : Business tramfer has 5 porch T :'k.te Lak* El: : equipped kitchen kitchen. Florida room, tile bath
furnlehrd rhont 29M.06 Heat Terrazzo Floors, .
BEDROOM apartment bert Eitatei No qualifying. CY
3 Block from downtown lit no a *.. (1 water. NW.and Screened lawn porch ran rar furnUhed I E made this tint I home S Range & Oven Choice Location 3-4732 or CY 4-27M. HII closed garage and central )I terrazzo floors, carport fruit

week Including water 2 3-UM, 2037355 porte. Adult. CY 3-422 .1\- Delivery ByChristmas = available Large rooms E Lot heat and air conditioning I trees Only $12,500 $500 AD-
11-13 i hardwood floors 2 tiled E Large .t "II ''I n. '_ closed garage and central DITIONAL will buy the furnishings

DON'T MISS THIS ONEI Encrllent HOUSE, clean, clow town athtwleshopping | bath plus part bath In = 3-3 SIR 1 Bath Ceiling Brand New | heat and air conditioning, .

neighborhood and Elbert between 1-bedroom Lake.living Martha center. churchra.rnllo.m.n: ldraifor i I E utility So many nice E Heat Trrmzo Floors, Total price is 25750. To Inspect 134: 6th St, NW
Couple lady or
room kitchen dinette and bath 213.2411. 7-13 things about thin home E Built-In Range, Large 1 ModernColonial \ this home call:

with lair dreutng room. SHOO a BY OWNFR Furnlnhxt 2-bdroum. E: you will\ nrrd to SEE! E Corner Lot Fruit Trees Realty Co.
monh l II you're permanent. CY"Hm. ROOM FOR RENT with Irlo'.nl home Alunilniim tiding. tin <'U 'I I | MIKE NOLEN Beasley
7tr r.n"" and private bath Ooae. Large fenced lot ( ..'..11, Unll E Built-in wall refrigerator, .. CY 127S7 CY 12(71
In CY 4-23SJ I TF ty building Air c..nilII,onn, t'., II E Ne .tone Food Center EIE SMALL DOWN PAYMENTS E 8fio Wedcewood Terrace =
., ----y- ---
3-BEDROOM ftirnlnhed houM IMI heat Bprlnkler| ell Vi n ri-n M. FHA FINANCING LEIS BROS. .
ATHERTON REALTY. CY 4.KM: I ROOM L .apartment 12:. able. STI8: AM 1. NW, Niar W..HI i built.In oven and range E E A brand new (almost Ecomplete 4 BEDROOMS $300 DOWN
11-TF 2nd 81. NK 1110(1 weekly Water wood aihfwl" l-Nov. I E large family room makes E: CLOSE TO E ) custom buUt E I REALTORS That Right 4 bedroom 2 bath
furnlehed CY I.2M3. t-12 I SCHOOL. SHOPPING CB home 0 i. E built-Inn DOWN
141 Bedroom apartment on I.k. E this home JUST' RIGHT E 2 home on a brand new -J ; 122 Sixth Sired NW PAYMENT S8UO. For mire Infur
1800 a month and up Including HOUSES a APARTMENTS IIY OWN HI E for jour family May I E I CENTERS. CHURCHES. nation Call
utllltle I AIM weekly rate llerra! FURNISHED; A UNfURNISIltDIMUU : 3-llednam 2 full alx Illi bathe. ALL OUTSTANDINGBUYS = street in choice = (Opposite North Gate) CHUCK B FROEMRE
Court Motel. Hwy. 17 North 17TFPRIVATE Up large; kitchen with Ida of LUtlng WantedATKINS and eating bar Maeti IF YOU ACT and = 2 4.3197 KITES Wkendi 236U
: t room furnlehed apart- HEAL ESTATE bedroom haa pilvat bath i largecloact E: ELEANOR: GLlll\RT: E: I IEvt'nlnll NOW CALL TODAY. E Plata for shopping ---' -
m.nt. Adult. only Working rouiile CY 4-1111 *. will accomodale 2 double. I E Brigham, Denlson school E Eve. & Sun 294.2852 US DAIRY RD At'BL'RNDALK
preferred, 130 Av. II. 8E 111 28.Oct. 28 bed nicely and HIM'n* onto n 'erned E CY 4 1812 district. iE I '2 BR houae by owner on lantp
:3-6345: porch and aerluuVd palln I'nuiiuat' BarrIsConnary <'?roe i lit Newly d'cII.t..1 Hi'''''MIft
-0- -,- -, amount Morage and cloaete. double I I H-fng.-r.toT $7 till Cy 36001.: !'
DOWNSTAIRS furnlnhed apartment ON CHAIN LAKES carportanti clmihl. utility COUNTRYE Inc. Features large entry ES : U-TF
cutlageiAleu TOWN
140 00 a month Call alter i.30rm liedroom Monthly weekly rate momii Antique birch front' oter-. | i, j porch and entry foyer E :
room II
CY .8&21. 111 looking Lake Jemle with Ink ncce -
Beach MOTtL- FMiIni. 17 8IKKKA North *. ualom built for nwiiimMany .I 2"t.4+,y noHa I 1Ii'@n) '(. Winter Haven E raffle free carpeted lie E

FURNISHED APARTMENTI COURT Hwy IT.TWO extra '11<.1..1. K>nll. nt a.3H4iiTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiin'ii\ !iJU. t JULiJU 227 3rd St., SW E ing room all three E HOUSE1
ITS financing available taw down OPEN
1 a> 3 bedroom SM> to ---- i put E 29J-S35S i
up Brute Really Co 134 Ilk 81NW IIFDROOM with double m twin m.ni |lu3 uti niiinth, mil lilliin' >' Phone bedrooms carpeted with ,
CY 3-2757 Ir bide. living room with kllch<.n. IJ.h', ('Y :U.-til:I nfli, 4'11I' i "lwrrkdgto > ; E private matter bath and E
..,'lIm.' a..mtI\ 11 I IIIOlIBrfl
INTERESTING air conditioned
ulllll room. air E I
room and kitchenette Next to etl Carport ) 8-TF large storage closets Spa. E TODAY -
Southeast Plaa CY 34KX 1 Nov 1 .n'f.: .--:. : FOR BALE: .>43 W.. lenlral Air. E clous kitchen equipped E
CLEAN A" J I"'MI 5r'. .II..n U.lrr a I.,.,.. Alhert, 1'Y 4-MMJehu NEAR POIK JR roi.l.lMlEllouw
HOUSE TRAILER 12 ft. Rear of Adult Refcreru.n, Nu .r.i.;: 1'n- MITlrstis, IInleCY A. Hunan, A..m. IV1l l For Sale I E with deluxe G.E Amerl = BUCKEYE HILLS
1714: 3Ath 81 NW Utllltle. turnbbed tail owner, 742 Ltki Dr M.IIU" 4 Ellen a Noel Sand Heath Urn E cans range and oven E I I1202 -
o |13 Ov week. CY 4-1135.11-13 CY 4 36113. HI 11.16 Quality For LeuMajeallc E dishwasher, disposal and E ,I
I Home CY S-M"
11-It I I E loads of cabinets atE I Co Hth Street NE. to Buckeye Hills

--- -- E tractive paneled family =
Take up payment on a well l lat E room with used brick E I BEAUTIFUL
td 3..bed mom ('8 home In LakeAlfred. E fireplace large double E LAKEFRONT -
LAST CHANCESAVE Payment left than SM 00
per month FR 3-1432 II-Nov 11 E enclosed garage with ladE
1lomes-- E drr to overhead attic = 3 BEDROOM 3 BATH

FHA E storage centrally heat- E Central Heat & Air Dbl. Carport
E: ed and cooled and qu H- =

W VA* have home the available luting for on all sole FHA- a** E ty throughout $27.20 :: Brick Front Fireplace in Living Rm.

HUNDREDS low a* SIOO down see u* for detail E and ready for your InE
and ahowlnta call Joha
Large Landscaped Lot
Ramu at 2M-SM4 or aloe and Sun E spectlon. Call




211 h+S rrtW\'i1W\

ONLY E nt. aeIIJGI 1 ad l BdUL) Uffillllnllllllllltltlllltltlllllllllllltltltlllllllltltltl

I 343 W. Cleetee <...... One
trace* AI ...... CY 4-31M iilT
Jeaa A, gUm**, A._. CY 3111MHe
'' < a.*a.) 11," PHONE 2934012 -

2 14 .

!S4 I -For Fait Re.wt*
3. 21111 "' .READandUSE I II. B


1 i12..uu!


At Fabulous Savings


10 .HARDTOPS-... CONVERTS, DOOR A 4-DOOR tiao .rrr en+roaos eo4PRINTERS

Many with Air C.llclitl.llhtt- CHEVY Us LEFT


W. Mill;- h a v..e icallsnt selection .{ new 3 BR'S Fo"c.d

Last Chance Buys Are Going Fast! Chevrolet, Chevy II',, Corvairi and ChevolUs to 1 COMMERCE 1 2.00 TIL DARK Yard
Get One Before They're Gone! pick from But don't/ wait, $*. wi today for new INDUSTRY J'/i' BATHS 1433 N. LAd HOWARD DRIVE
64 Chevrelett'


i FLA. RM. Dock
i -



260 6th St. SW
HAVEN 161 Ace. A, law, n44m

.t. a u' '. r r r rd er c e'a N BEASLEY REALTY COMPANY
Phone Cypress 3.3143 BJ

'J4 SIXTH ST. N.W. CY J-27S7



---- -- -- -- --

I CCU L''AFS S1111i111 I I ; I E D7A1 ID Sj I


((13)) Real Estate For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For SateI I ((13)) Real Estate For Sal. : ((13)) Real Estate For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For Sat ..13); ) Real Estate For SaleWE'RE ((13)) Real Estate For SaleBlocks I I ((14-A' ) lots & AcreageI

HEAR THIS! A HUGE HOUSE OPEN HOUSE I Transferred I, ""R.:14: nf land in Wihn,i ,.,
Sri Off '.
SORRY laird road Call i Y :14*

4 BEDROOMSWe Four BR 2 baths living room, TODAY i R 2 EI B Must Sell B of Chain of j TWO eat'Ju.t. inn n.a, i IIM,.1.. rlh i IC' 'J"1'0',' t ",IItl" i.

have an older l hums nraidrools dining room, large kitchen with At Once !II! Our InvintoM hir liiiililini.St I
O7 AVENUE! G SE been I In .
"" with 4 nHinm dnwn and 4 built-in range; and oven and kiw but peti"| | have biiMim 'r Murk oh A> i $
bedroonu and bath up mltabU, for I Terma Phone SIS .411
family UM carurlcd M\nn' and hood bum In breakfast area,, Lake Otis H block. Senior High JUST LISTED: lies NLake located at .210 Ave B, SW. MK8TMOOI TERRACE livinK: will be enjoyed In .

dining built-in are own* Mid kitchen ramie -fi-atun-i- ore, large family area, triple garage School one block Junior Hlg Stuff Drive Extra Owner muting: north & eAm tarter than we CM MM WestertkMMw al.... thin m'KI'rn ('B home :3 bedroom AYII: A t ark. Wnhn,, ,. t, ,
place ipaclou corner lot clone extra large kit le 110x147'.. and grade schools 5 btovfcs. baln-of.. his J bcdioom ('B home tile imMMa Hut will I : 2 nip h....... Fla. room ......... sue F* .'..n. ... I 1., I 1"."
In KB: MCthm priced at 113 500 OU BONUS garage apartment with Wonderful family neighborhood large Lakes lot wooded U a beautiful bath large living room It dis' avsOb .. for your Lga'etkm a'sets kitchen with built In oven & ,In*. tMtrhiHyFrvlwald. CY MSIBKAUTinil. -m ,11 \I t !

547 AVE. N S.E. two bedrooms and large work home It nearly new CR, brick setting for this ('barmlllloldl'r ; inn room kitthen with raafe k IIOMMU.e range Rl'r. dishwasher, weak-

shop underneath apt. reads for trim. Modern kitchen built-k home with big big.. I & Ref Drapes air condition, Wwrtwood Tereaoe, No H Ing machine, drape, terrains LtM6.plitrItm' I I''
170000 dow will mow 'ou Into $TO per month Located at US stove and oven Living room I 10 fruit trees t'arp 'le' & uUl- New 1 alt IW bathe. brkkaeUM .. floors, ceil hid fruit tr.... 0 M comer ,.n N, ,.r ,
this 1 bedroom ] bath )horn Browsed Rd., SE. $24.900 with has sliding door opening onto living room dieting room bedroom It). for only $15.7M Good terms. I nee tree Mo uaj I Iof Walking distance to Southeast aliddse Drive 'In to Ua lake. Alln.l 54.'M.I< '
den 5)
FLORIDA' ROOM sue room 4 (or 11.44.a
lane near $1.900 down no closing costaSWIMMING patio 3 bedrooms Large air-- Plata All for only $17,800.Terms Phan. 2m_Mei7S
ihoppliue a schools total price *. lot of spare lot
: POOLLovely conditioner, terrauo floors. the growing family. ONLYHSOO :. Beasley Realty Co. WewnndTena..., IS brick- or will lease with op'Iron

417,600.00SPECIAL This it a trade-in home already $ .34 lIb St.. NW CY 1IHTI lane family Jrtchen, rear |.... to buyBeasley
antique brick home with financed at SVinierest, no I Ik.. Vo. pay ttTWWMtvnnd ACRES PARTIALLY

1800 Sq. Ft. of living area. 3 qualifying Price: $15,500. o DEIJGirm'L!! 860 Pied I Terrace No 54 Realty Co. ON PAVED RUIU.
If you would lib a nice three CI.KARFD
lweiI .
I Prestige Address JIM completed I Mm I Mcantlnental I
., BR. 2 bathe mont rl\e, SK: 3 bedrooms >
room home h.rd..ood (Io rw lot eta master bedroom 509 East Central Avenue I bail up 134 6th St.. NW IY 3-27S7
130 near the Goll Cnur.e for only has dressing room suite and 2 bath Urge living I room. tamil room 110"1 700 acres unimproved past u'
14110 00 down ran to ere Ihl. -n.ar 22 C.OLr\II.W: lUtE, !NE cben. aewlm mum. 10 > ls
lake Silver priced al 613000LAKEFRONT sliding glass doors leading to Near town and schools 2 BR. room, air conditioned neil ty doable tarpon down MrW .. land at $190 per acre
enclosed patio. Double garage dining room, refrigerator and kept fenced yard with extra 11..1) 1 bedroom 1 III. ball home ON Iii I ((13-A I ) Groves
Cypress fence around back. nice patio ONLY 7,500. Larne Florida. mom air >'MidllluiivdKitra 3 acres 25% down, $4i month
stove. Will rent for $70.00 .
per large IMng rem and dta- Ave "II' III Wrtwrgd arkuul 1
2909 S. LAKE yard with swimming pool month or sell for Price $7,800. LAKE*'IF.W ISM N. Lake Inn area Built In UK: dove and r.- Tom to lit 81 In goreB&W GROVES Total $1(80.VARNER.
Brand new all built in appliances I rrureratnr Inaik bar (ItMed: iarDraiiei -
Shlpp Drive Z bl'droom'ltlorld. ass and carpel Includvdllvaulllul I REALTY
DEER DR. in kitchen. Large family }4M Drexel Avenue N.E. air conditioned landaraulns Prier' only FOR SALE
room. Lot graced with fruit room. UOOW BuildersCY 14 (th St., !NW 2tl 14.14
I1, bath Central heat and air conditioned built in range, large lot
I bedroom 11 II 17 ft
trees. Located at 15th and Ave.B. Hm-4'y 4 287J- 123 PROSPKT: AVEME:, SW
Florida room countiatmoa- 3 BR 2 bath CB home with with citrus ONLY $1 1.50(1. Niles Weekends.
phert deep well pi hale lak.- NE Priced at $39,900 with
treat only IU.OOO down nn rliw low down Owner anxious Redwood sundeck and porch. J bedroom. Ctl home. I bath ..- -11- All orangt-s. Good crop. Excellent As ocUt s
payment !
log cocta Imagine a lakefront Modern kitchen with refrigerator o Excr.rTIOS.\I.U' Ira nice n-tlremenl bnme. lor oily \ location Sooth llardee Shirley Stclnmcts, 213.77M
bum for only 111 000 for offer 2 bedrooms, 2 bath Hod- HISS Terma
built in, electric (
oven County Bargain Price 29% I Luclndy J. Varner 29JSI7J!
CHAIN OF LAKES LUXURY HOME range duhwasher Lake ac da room dining room 342S Ar.Nl: V, NW lial.. 7 yrs
... Owners moving out of screened perch, air conditioned 4111111111111111111111111111111111111 r II l II.l I!, 000So Hi:1:
4 BR. 2V baths Colonial Story oven and range, disposal i 1 HerfrtHim I bath ran>He and -
Toll your husband to check this state Price 20000.00 utility room <'tra lame r..r. "nl> i Bring YourGroceries I ti IliMMt.r
b 'i
H AVMM iu>
and Half. brick Oversize refrigerator rarpelIng ACRES
lovely walled wUle with luo ftfronURt Antique WOOD(10 Turin t,, be at rangedVARNER Mama N3 VITH.RMB ""
on Lake Howard with dorkand double garage with work East Lake McLeod Drive Built by J. T. sunilREDl'eEl I And 1I rv 1 5 94 on T r
magnificent( view 3 good
2', bathe shop. Brick floored family room ) TO 121.800 REALTY all Pinoapplut & llamlini
bedroomi plua a
wonderful FLORIDA ROOM Large 4 BR, 2 bath lakefront I Move Right In | picture grove 7 ,,.. old..Heavy WANT I) To, I 11 I Y I" I.' .
with brick
antique fireplace.Cherry I 14 Slxtn Street, NW .
blvh nl .l In well hM Hi.raxl
carpeted beautifully landscaped family home. Enclosed beach S LKSMCK: PARK 803 Ave."L" = fruit crop. Location )lardeeL'ounly ,: ,
yard A fenced too near North kitchen cabinets and Phone 2K1 S4S4 or 3147SNlkhN : U this furnS enn r i IW1111 i
house dock boat and motor. SE :I bedrooms, 2 completely 29% .. Ah ,
( Price tlU.ooo wnir .11. W H "lilfli "" "
Gate Shopping Center 6(900.00down In Built. W"'k.nd.1..M"no" I ,
panelling family room. a = fished bedroom home EE .,. '
I Y bin Ml "
will handle with term. Deep well and pump. Owner baths Florida room parquet down. Call t I"521 r.untDKNTiAi
c.U for apptCALL in Stereo throughout. Entrance transferred to St Augustine and floors, Central air conditioning I Sum. i Hiallx Jtl MTtl Walking distance. lo North | e o eDO
foyer formal living room and BhllliHImm' I. A..,. let: 7 IM I III E date and Ehurthes. .
i Shopping Center unUl en
US FOR TRADES very anxious to sell Price well and pump. -1SI6BRIERWOOD ,
REALTORS EXCHANIJORS dining room. Lot is 140 Ft. deep S2O.000.00. ONLY $18MH! I = (' Air conditioned Es At'RESLarge : No 1 l.)m hi u" I
: m HMS
with oak trees Large patio with hardwood floors E

brick barbeque pit. An out ( HUN.of.LAKES 3000 W. : = Whirlpool Washer and E bearing old ,rov.. Some

standing home in Winter Hav EDNA WATSONREALTOR Lake Ilartrldge :> bedrooms E yard tools Included at toE cold damage, Picked over

en', finest section. Located at 2 baths dining E tal price of '".500. T. EE tt.000 boxes in 1862. EXCELLENT KRAFT Dinneris

IlALTY 1847 5th St.., SE. 128 6th St., NW CY 4.4141 room, Florida room fireplace I Noarlng completion Priced see, call EI SOIL. Price $243,000: ,
wall to'wall carpel for the working manIEATVRING J9! % cash
OPEN HOUSEDrive 11- Ing central oil heal and KlSxlll.: rRMU.S: =

MI W Central Ave air conditioning O.NLl: E Evenings CY 3IMI EI -SEE
Letter a (..... Athertoa, (V 4IMJoka by and see two fine -- ----- I
A. Ham*!. A..oe. CV 1-711 $26,900. 3 & 4 Bedrooms H. Cross
11\lie. Mia.) homes on Wedgewood Terraceone Anxious to I I II I TOWN t, COUNTRY:| J James '
.tl- block off Cypress Gardens S SUE: PRICII. 2m 3lkt Ceramic Tile! Batns Ihrif i fty *
Road at 10th St., SE. White antique B Join HusbandIn I Slrf'l't\oW! 2 bedrooms, e hlMltralll(filll'D1( n 'tWI( (I I11I'! Realtor OI.NHI"'

REPOSSESSED HOMES Low brick. 3 BR 2 bath and Florida. room wall lu.wall Terrazzo Floors (Y.3.1141IJiH( I JU. U\iijUII\ andquick
Cocoa !!
monthly payments. Modern OB antique brick 3 BR. 2 bath carpeting, drapes, large Big UtilityEnclosed Phone CY 42444
241 bedroom COII.lrurlion. Contact -
293-n7*. Evening and Sunday both with family room and luxurious I Drive by 1960 6th!> St SE & call lot ONLY: $11,800 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMMIIIIIIIMMlTll.lt "('Ilru. Creves Our Specialty"
CORP OF FLORIDA11- Extras. I Malhe Norden at CY 3-0731 & I UKn-RO"\T 1030 lake i I GarageDrive 11-11
-- --
EAGLE LAKE I let her show you this wonderful Elbert Drlte Si: 2 bedrooms W Ai'HB: yiHIiw .ranee grow. veil
buy Spacious 4 bedrooms. I I II I drained walor ...IIa..... II T
2 bath. dining and
CYPRESS out to 42nd SU, A. Ave. I
I .
IMptr ii*n r. .abrm Pta. IIY
Nice 3 BR, home with living den'& Florida room 2M bath room, panelled Honda
B GARDENS room dining room and large large living room & dining room drapes air conditioning 1l.| NW. I THIS WEEKS HUM Terms S-ll

AREA !II! family room. Right across from room. Delightful kitchen' with -line corner lot ONLY: B&W Builders full of cheese flavor
Jhfi school a l 186. 8th St.. .Low all extras Central air QI>fI4I. $aoo DOWN "'.$00.rnm I SPECIALS [I 14.A) lots & AcreageCommercial
P.yment.on Pending Interests: CY :3 7147-11 4 N7i-t Y :l14GS
Between Lake Roy and Lake Down on tinning dripee, ayt '
FHA commitment. Priced at Double Price !'" IIUn.: Ocala Block
Summit built home tem. garage 1113IliiiiiiiiiiunimiiiiiiiHiiitiuiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiuiiiiim :J Dodroom 2 bath {'
Quality Lot ""nl oa Klan Dinjwr far
3 bedrooms 2 baths, kitchen 15000. $28.750 Good terms edC4fqJeUY4)I6S.i --- ---- home on Lake Jessie. Florida ..0.... macaroni it...'. M
: I x 30, Wall to wall car.pert of .
with built-in room t"U n chow' loodneaa.Have
oven range CLOSE IN Co. te-"nd 50 x ISO Ft located OB Ava. C.
ref. disposal drapes. panelledden Beasley Realty I Just Listed In living room along, ref, SW Across from ExchangeHank II an hand for apedyathuul

Large living room sliding Get out of the city limits into 334 lIb SL. !NW CY J 2717 UARRLS t:( UL.: Realtor I and dishwasher goes with lot Wide newly I lunch: and hurry upauuwra
glass doors onto large back the desired SE Section 3 >BR. i Cooper Estates house Total print' $12,40000down Parking ll'i|w4 oiling. an)'
Associates Eve.: Ph. paved atreel with alley entrance HIM)
Built In payment $2,000 1'aymcntt
screen porch Extra large 2 2 bath family room Beautifully Lakefront home on Buena tt. ||, MrReynolds' CY J-J60J: :E (lioire'' Southeast $141 per month which covers In rear For sale by owner
(Joon.fruit kitchen appliances
car GARAGE terrazzo Vista Drive, Split Level ::1.5911.< CO"
Helen Whiney Phone CY 13771 After I
Located Attractive entry Ih tone and Insurance I
IT'S VACANT. landscapedLarge closets S1 A "IVING
>9> trees.
Hudson CY :1-1$12:
Wilma M. Realtor, CY ONLY
= ar Edna: Watson,
Drive 420 HILLCREST DR., in nice neighborhood V* CB 2 bedrooms Florida room lo huge living
Indl..d'i baths
bedroom home I
4 I
(line' nary CY 3 132 44141.
S.E. and call us block from city limits All the kitchen: dining room. living( E linking patio from town 114 Aw A, nr
conveniences with no city tax. room bath hardwood floor- IIPrivte E tog glass "

Beasley Realty Co. es. Located at 1806 4th Court gas floor furnace. Lower floor -- -- ------ rooms with walk- NE Total price $0,00000. ._" ""
the Shopping Center I 'j bath E err and private Homes as f.--
SE Near has recreation room r!HA J> VA Acquired
934 SIb St., NW CY 3-27S7 Priced at $18,500. utility room and garage furl! E complete kill'hen built Ins .low as $1(10 00 DOWN with low :
Mtei CY 3 2678 plctely furnlnhrd. Extra lot with Lakefront! E centrally heated and monthly payments 'J' ;1 3

See us every possible Real I this property Price at ono> B E cooled already IIE '' ,
BEAUTIFULLAKEFRONT Estate Need Groves 'I $14,000 CallROSA On Chain Of nanced with mortgage TWO C.ROU.H IN lllRlirK" ; : .

Ranches Homes Business. E you can assume. Call COUNTY
Lakes"No '--" "
[ j1
rentals' Multiple Listing F. FRASEF SO Acres Total of 2W Tree -

Service Mortgages, Con. Road Retwcen" E PAILUMITIIE Valenda 12 yrs old 1,411.,

HOMEExcellent struction.! Insurance Realtor I Evenings: CY 33002 I I yn old (7 4 yrs. old U. i I ILILLiir1
Well landscaped 2 bedroom old 12 'rll :
143 Pineapple
yr )
neighborhood. .bt4- IOfIt 121 3rd S'. N.W.
roomi. I batha plalnle..twl l built : CY 4.1321 CY 3.431 -_ I I''a bath Florida room Uv TowN, old 4R3, 2 yrs old 24, I yr old
ins, ran., oven dtohwaahwr Central rb log 1 dining room kitchen, ex I U?. 179 Red less tifti yrs -
: 2/7M noH( ( ) lrn1I1rilW
conditioned. Newly | fi11l'(1)n
heat and air / an
decorated Homt and J lakefront m Ira large utility room air con 1 IllfdluduLS I II 1'rtce $140000, terms Fruit
lot., 135000. MTAIf.. \ -- .- -- ditkMi irrigation system, boat ; =Ct3ll4l"minnnmmniHiiiimiiiiiiiiiHniiiimiiitiiwiii crop goes with grovtM ; i
Hvn dock lift A shelter. carport I =
U.S. GOVERNMENT IDEAL FOR RETIRED COU U I I acres 14 In grove mostly V
NN4ileal & & iII PLE I yrs old 7 acre of land I acres
I llamltn on L/R 4) acres Val- __. ,
T. HALES tjnm*. $100 DOWN Beasley Realty Co. I Ii CITY OF NNIa Lift, Bet M tree to ffi -:==- 'r---'-i
REALTOR ; i, 114 Cth Moo NW CY 3-2W LITTLE LAKES the acre Appro ttM Tre'SFritrt 'it
A. SW .. MS PM RI..nll''Infiuchllll i iI with grove :
319 Avenue 4J&tot ?** Pavnu-ntl a> low .. crop goes ,....
CYIMM: Or cY 103821' Sttl1) a 1 aednwmi lance a..im I..n.* .,i"i Dn","' I Large bedroom home with I Itadxioooo 20% down 7 yrs on i I., .:,,,\. !I
i. la hllrhrfi and n.mi4elfl cellar fronting new four lane I!
sled .
Development I
Two rental cottages on property I Will eacrpt offer on either
!IAn Y"u .an rate money by I."n un.d I
& Investment Corp. th.. I grwe; Call M today
need .U $100 Down i<. cell l 2 A -3442 Hickory St.. NW-. HOUSE Assoc Which size Savings Bond you should buy
and I I bedroom hom.. tilt- bathe Walter J toleman Realtor SAM MOORE. Realtor attractive 2 BR horn Interior OPEN CHARLIE FIELD:

utility room carport Pa\meniIM .' 498 typreis JJiif. Mn eta at, u completely" redecor wand why
than rent No China *.'".t 'f \\E (y 5.11I1.' !I>s 1>>i> ( i a sueWINMHIIIHHIIIUUIMIIINIUIINNIIIHHNinmilllWI a ted terras Awn ia-eo: a m -4 00 p.mMB GARNER
I Thel* fit
i beautifully 4aeejd -
CALL NOW 294.1501294uu 1 J 1 I 110 goo with a 4H. %. mid. Late Alfred REALTOR 1. Starter atw for atea/ty ........ Worth t .,

SAM MOORE, Realtor gag payable lull atea-- 1....... ton bath bathFimMwA I I I At maturity; tells for only $1173.

Mn etk 111. SI I 1 l Iy including. tail e4 I lavturanc Lov.iy land tapM4t. 'I CY 3 0019 2. lnrr4Huinrlr polar sue aad very bill u I in
CY M.1S Lees Clf bets\1.TF :..r;"Forms fur t..h. Hume Serer $100 DOWN 2 Rack from school' 111 Pujrmll,, Sftvet. $9 weekly Mays liter .

-- --- I month c.-mfortal.lv' !'*-II. ( imiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiii'iiI UltlLf atafltr outs | Jest lifted aid ready for B -31M Ave '.", UW :3 $12,150Keigley 3. Ilr'esJ-*ew aiul"il' pl'upie| l a Itt< want t''"

I School I I t'harm54a.... Brig 1 bdroorr ram nparale415tH S ..... s year ImpecUoa; BR and w..... rwM bally more than a $.V> is'\ 'u'1 hut n.-t quit. I
to kitchen web rang. refrigerator, V>H*. FOUR WALK.INCLOSETS ,
IIfUIJ tiled bstir.om i Realty 100 on*. U'. worth 97% whet it niiitur.- in
...... dl.bwsbr
1Iutl1-1. re' = t bedreoms, lerraiie rondttioiirr included. I ?
| Walk to Town | I Solon. 4lrpmai A. ..,.. adyMeiHM air TO.IpOR .4.2K6 "' Bella TIT Punt $3433.,
Tien a ........ : ntlow U Gaper a good buy at 111 89. I ''f.an. t"- l.inl,I .
rmea .. I 4. .. In a ium up .1111111'th. /
i $H.OO i iSpacloas I .10..,...../ele r.ew fa'&.'tM Yasy a.ebyad lm.aIOw. 5 School lu, ee.i ( Ml (oMMrr Dr IE (eel I .11. <0e fee tack big bedreeml" .. Oft4''. Ulkir-m HiF.I., : hn .\ ...thHXii t

= t bedroom : :::: I -' M aetlW bN1rof a paw hews : 3 bedrooms, X baths, fle- block elf Cypress Gardens IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfSIIIIIIINo' I There are two full WIll and. a m t rlty; aclU i I'"''i- oil h $'J

= bath home I raom for : rids ream, Mt treat teas HoMli 1 BR :2 hall Ng. ,.say room p... .hal &ibeaiitiM i 3, IVrfact for i 1M'" I i-"''. t.ix .r'I un.l li ttn
= 20* An,. B, S.E. CY- larr-..A..a.lsal.rs A WWU. j 313,500. f lortda room dovtotrtfaragr 'i City Taxes i ; pecan wand Carp.Mdleft' I ,. (;rn at- .. tnlv, III"> -i .'"' uor SllXtNMturtt : ( >

1 1.4M sq. ft of UTtec area ; I Firma Real Estate: I :: 3 be.n..i.. 1 bath ter -- central keel awl = larspeasive>t Nice .escnfcs ; rasa Just otf. the laver, I >, rust ,>"1\ $130 .
Terra roWiitMMUSI a MWhome \1101! nulln -
air 'faavtanae"rMpoM \ < "
Po biaj-tlmi
= and of those 4.
i H" large lall.ssledpath. Garden Read E era Beef Ilft..elIorfi : Ibis 2 bedreeis tarE one u"I
FamOy roam Z air 3 toe Cypress Phase 2442tT Ill,-. rtilitticaUy prked' at : lr..ent bene )I. IK sec as : kitchens eRR a aaaekbM ton. You jrrt i int. !I' e'l4'lllt'nt'

= ditlooers, floored' attic 11- 121000 ... Glassed .bs frost 3E oai the Family MOW aide! aavuntv Worth .i"t 111.1111111\ sells! fm

with p.U-dewa stair, Jew 3 .../.o.s. I bath, I. D 2002 l'k M NW eirellMl : porch screened back 3 I Aa a separate 4Maf roaaaIM' only $373.
linteaaart .hside sadEast. \ wand stboal. area-*>,<.. emsiNhs1 B* ''i pwth llthg ra rag 3 AM UM defile. garage adaoudad 7. Thw .tne' ft'u' t..l i ,' ,I", i t ,,.I' ,1/1 lneurnnceaettltment.

Open House I 3 ....r..... I bata.fuetthwest Florida room .- closed garage :1 and drapes tafhUed 3s patio and you have a I, Worth (1'141f''' II t maturity; .i !11.!
= settles I large vessel feared yard al this tow. SE .IMMM Needy designed taralso fur Mil\ $730.

= Aa Meal place for Sender 2 re r..... = $1.,*H.I throughout. -- 4H% man : prke W $il. .sal ZI I \rf !MIle Sm tt today at IN I. G sesl| place for I., ,'J' t" luml.-for buai-
E AD Ales | LameU Read M Bea. aM Oaf-
UKtMONT PROPERTY gage peycbit 174 per trrmt. Te Set OH | Neaewp.naluafunisrreditunionandotherhleiluHe11
s Far a. appetataieBl lit Far ktfenaatia a tk** monOi MIXLCIS \ **. Grove >r et East of Cypreal3Arden. except inmrm-rctal. Ixtnka. Good)

5 tee call 1........ 2.kttI s rverties, call the folks .1 RtUWKLL: "UIU i .. for you, tug (chin you hapwn to have $750:).
: I
5 Eremlxs CT uue Magnolia Shore REALTORS \= TOWN COUNTRY' JOHN G. WOOD ..., bu/a le ,_ Mare sill!
: TowN COUNTRY I2M Math. Street NW ii

|TONN COUNTRY ;: \ LAKE HAMILTON : _211Ma1noil rM'fIII rrrWIilW'ia.3.11411i1 EE (Opp..he Mrtb Gale 111 MuW II firrfIII & ASSOC. I nc. BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDSSund

211''i I MAJESTIC HOMES IL UwUi! 2N3ltT = <<1'.1141BiII.UUIlI\ MISII De.terro-a.Wera. ...... 213$3 ,... ..,....... ,..4 n. .1\
=Ct3-IUI 1JW11I1 29S-S609 I ,., 44......... ,.. I ... .".' .". .

riuunnuununmunuuunum I II n' qJ) Uw I lilt

: l

f\}\ .

Page Thirty WINTER: HAVEN--- DALr--..I htWJ iHn.r--WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -_ Sunday, October I I ,_196-4

I'' Duplicate Bridge ClubJohn

M. en.nouncrt .
Taylor director
C. W. Thompson, 0.0.luster
there would IM one
.. Jr., Mrs. Lora Ryan and. Mrs.
4 lon Individual eUb Cham.Pttnshtp Perry Blakemore.Mrs. .
gam ,l8pecllD WtaterHe
r ven tomorrow. Pat Vogt was hoeteM at
I Mrs Lars Ryan was .hoatoMa Wednesday's lame wtan efht
I Monday tame with tea ta. tables were In play.
!bhte In play.
..Mr. Gar Howard, I.Mt Mrs. H. G. Monte Mid Mho
from Los Ang U*, Calll. tod Pat HocanwereflrattoMMiMltk.
Robert Thornhtll of Winter Ha.v south. Mrs. C. W. WaH r ad PAINT SALE
.n. won. first in the northMUttiMCtlon. Mrs.Ted Flanlcan wereseemd.Mn. .
.A.G. Hancock mt Mrs.O.
Xr*. H. O. Morris and Mrs. M. Mulkey were tWrd.
Jattn Dales were MeOllCl.A Lilli..
lalid team, Mn. Evelyn Co and In the east'West, Ted Harland
MJTI. Marlon WlllU, were third and 0. O. F..*sr Jr, were
''I .*.t Mr. and Mrs O. M. Mttlkeyol first. Mrs. Pat V ft and.. O. M.
I Auburndal. were fourth. Mutter were .....d with Mr. Our paint sales have tripled in the last four years, thanks to our SEE ALL THE NEW
I In the ea Uweit Motion Com. and Mrs. Frank Stapor In third
I. nlcsloner VlrflnU Foley Mill.\ place. fine customers, that Nation's best paint, and trained paint person-
ell of Winter Haven and Mn.J. 1965 CARS
J'f Tyner of Lakeland wereflrrt.MN. nel. Paint is not a sideline with us and for the next week we
.C. W. Gross and Mri.CHls Thurs. Fri. sat, Oct. 15-16-17
Pfrter, a Winter Haven pair would like to thank you, the customer, for helping us build our

I wire second. Mrs. O, Webber New housewares, dish pen, paint department into the specialized business that it Is. Take ad Southeast Plaza's
add Mrs.Perry Swindler, Lake. utility pall drainer wastebasket
jd, were third and Mrs. Ken. and laundry basket are vantage of these savings to PAINT UP NOW. 1st ANNUAL CAR SHOW
teeth Jackson, Lake Alfred, and made of an antl-sistle plastic
Mfrs. Richard Doek,Winter Ha. that will not attract dust. Each
I vn, were fourth. Item Is guaranteed by the manufacturer -
Those with above average : for two years and is
adores<< were Mrs.G.W. Drown barked up by a time stamp REGAL WALL SATIN THE NATION'S LEADER
II Jw.. R. H. Backrath Mrs. II. molded In Us base telling the -
j Cf anry, Mrs.Gene Lady Mrs. month and year It was made
J '1
The Nation's best known Consumer Research publica List Price Regal Wall Satin

Sp&Jc&zYOURey U R H fAlTH. tion recently declared Regal Wall Satin the best wall 7.25 per gal. 2 gals. ___ ___ 14.50
& paint available of all brands tested. And while it was
.. Roller Set, regular price _______ 1.59
less Askus
ts the the price was than most oi the others.

to show you the results of the test and why they Total Value ___'_ __n_ __ _______ 16.09
facts On Tonsils And Adenoids said, "Promise him anything, but buy him Regal Wall
Villa Price for all During Sale ___ 12.50
to: Do the tonnlli and aden cation of respiratory and ear Satin.
Ids serve any purpose? infections. Dut this operation
,A They definitely do. They does not, In Itself, create any 9" ROLLER SET ($1.59 Value) "
are competed of lymphoid tissue Immunity to colds F R E E AI SatJe 3 S9

III sfld, barriers serve II against filters or the protective extenslbn alone Q: Are In the children hospital better without oft with purchase of 2 gals. Regal Wall SatinMOORE'S .

of Infection. They make their parents T
their greatest contribution during
A' Absolutely not. For mostchildren
Infancy and early childhood. a will
Qi:: Should the probably be the tonilllectomy only operationor

tonsils and adenoids be hospital experience they will HOUSE PAINT (For 1 work)
always have during childhood. Since It or 2 coat
I removed during is usually the greatest single

i II 1 should childhood) No.be TA They removed young emotional lives,upheaval It Is a time of when their Buy your needs during sale List Price 2 Gals. . 16.76 Moore's u&
children most need par.ntallove
only I and security. in containers House Pain*
when theythemselves be- It Is of the greatest importance 2-gallon 2-Gal. Bucket (white) 11.95 tiro r"'

Dr. Coleman come sources of for the emotional supportof and SAVE +e.rtwaC.
the child that a parent slay
chronic Infection.
\ with the child throughout his Saue 4.81 1
More and
Repeated sore throats with hospital stay. morehospitals "
enlarged, tender gland In the today are recognising
neck, repeated ear Infections, this need.
marked nasality of speech Q: Should children be told
caused by enlarged adenoids, about the operation ahead of
and quinsy abscesses of the ton. time? TRIP-L-BODY List Price 2 gal. _____ 14.00
alls (noted mostly in adults) AVery: definitely. It Is a ART
are all critical Indications fortheir great mistake to give the child During Sale In 2 gal.
removal. a false Impression of what to MASONRY PAINT

at Q any: "Should' special they age?be removed expect It Is the at the unknown hospital.that frightens This fine paint is only made in the Jacksonbuckets (white) ... 9.25 SUPPLIESVILLA'S

A: The operation, is performedat need children. When they are villa plant ol! Benjamin Moore. It is made _
any age when the is calmly given the reason for the
present. Moat surgeons prefer operation and, In simple terms, strictly for use and sale in this stale and is the "&f/l/J t!!Stli/J EL 7S ( VILLAGE ONLY)
to wait, If possible, until a .
child Is three and a half or a description, hospital\ procedure best product available lor our climate. Try is *ZCVeV'a0? lvn(> .
children are far better
Artist's Brushes .12
tour years old. Dy then the tonsils able to cope with the experience NOW while savings are great. FROM
have usually served their are lets afraid, and suffer _
greatest usefulness Important, a minimum of emotional Complete Art Sets FROM 3.25

too. then Is the the better reasons fact able for that the to childrenare understand opera aftereffects They should be told that the 1-lCwlth NEED A PAINTER? Pastel Sticks . FROM .15

white uniforms and antiseptic
tion. smells are for their own pro Sketch Pads FROM .80
Q; Do tonsils or adenoids Let our paint discuss with the painting needs
tection; also that the short Induced Utllac managers you
eyer At grow Tonsils back usually do not. sleep Is to spare them you have, and then recommend a top notch paint con
pain; and that their throat will
tonsil Occasionally tissue may a small remain piece after of be rather sore after the opera. SPRAY FINISHESINTERIOREXTERIOR tractor who is a specialist handling your problem. Naturally PASTEL FIXATIFPreserve

the operation since it Is almost tlon. anyone we recommend will have our utmost confi-
to e et"A and add to the Life of
every minute impossible fragment of remove tonsil Visit to the hospital" Enamels dence and backing. Pastel or Charcoal Pictures.
tissue during; surgery Boms written)' Francine Chase under your
times these become enlarged the supervision of Dr. Metallic
adult life Coleman Is a. children's storybook Clears
during Dries In 590
Adenoids may partially growbeck designed to help preparethe DROP CLOTH REGULAR 98c DURING SALE
especially after repeated child for Ms hospital ex. 5
,bouts of sinus Infection or per. perteaoa. 9

slittnt.,Q: Does nasal removal allergy of the tonsils undertake while' Dr.to nmwtr Coleman iHduUMotbriers MNMO i MlnufesS1 9x12 PAPER DROP CLOTH for only 9c Canvas Boards . FROM .25

and adenoids prevent further .e will MM readers' with Paper Purchase oi $5.00 or more ALL SIZES IOM.
throat and respiratory infections ge.atioaea Ai* rotumit WASH* during sale.FREE Canvas Stretchers :.
T ever possible end when they Util.?
A: Their removal will markedly are gtncral Merest.. Address .
reduce the frequency, your letters fo Dr. ColemaH. in I M.M. Canvas 3.00 m TARP
severity, duration and compli rare of '.IIIIItt">r ptr.O I DECORATINGWe
_ ( >*K KIBI rteiuree srnairtie. tae.I CANProfessional 16.00
rsglarrsiet taar have a full time decorator on our staff to help you with

s color styling. There is absolutely no charge for this service GRUMBACHEROils

I results it to our customers. And the famous Moor-o-Matic tinting

65 the touch of e a finger machine will make over 2,000 colors in all finishes, interior Water Colors Pastels

A must for paintinghard exterior or enamels.WALLPAPER.
.to-reach areas
Artist's Easels. 3.95 TO 12.95
Safe for use on toys and PATTERNSBY

OR OVER? children's For new or furniture. previously THE THOUSANDSWe Now ArrivingARTISTS

finished wood, metal or have enough wallpaper books at each location to keep CLAYS

other surfaces you busy for hours just browsing. Come in and choose a

IWnjemm& pattern to liven up that kitchen, brighten a dull bathroom SLIPS

Moore or modernise a hallway. We'll have your paper in three GLAZES
WE HAVE FULL INFORMATION ON paints days, and can recommend a hanger with craftsmanship. TOOL WHEELS



No phyelcel' cairn
No heath queeltou
Ivetytody ....pl.d
Up.Stl.000 tM' benefit to bilk. to-**.out o p
lit he>*U
Phone ct tee w* lodeENROLLMENT



1/i' ; ) N tsetse. SINCE- J...l'U....hiV. M ...rttM<* Cypress Gardens Road 502 ATIIII T Ksrlbwsst Wiater Hares, [Fix

iso AVI. A NW, cY 1.1111


Winter Haven daily news-chief
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": -
-- ..;..---. ---,.........
-- "
- ----

Th* City Of 100 Lakes

THEWfATHfRMr Winter Haven Daily News-Chief Citrus; Capitol Of The Wor'"d

totby and twtifkt, Hifh tedoy
in tow M't. low tonight 'in the 60'i. You Always Reed It Fir,t
and northeast winds 5 to /i+
MottfT.norih NewsCKef f"

---- -- -

,' (' : :. ;:.; 'k.,, '
: ,
: \ ,
i 4 1' y.-ii: iti:', .
Citrus e '

..:;::" JWJf ;,:': :

EstimateIs "..t


ShockBy ''I '

The Florida Citrus Reporter

Pointing out I bat it u at
best just a guess many
prominent citrus kad ,
>r yes."
terday were advising; the Industry w.
"'. 'u'">; '''w. .
to take. a wait and, see .
J ''''' ''
: ;jj"
attitude on the 196463 USDA -... .........}".1.. nI' IU a "
crop( projection of 83 8 million


lion boxes of grapefruitThe City Manager Recommends Them, Urges Start on Rebuilding Within 3 Months, Says $194,000 I It Available
orange crop estimate
for 44.6 million boxes of arly

and million midsfison boxes of oranges Valencias and and 39 Students Boo

other late maturing type; an. Police-fire Move Seen
0ROADSTER nounced Friday afternoon at a
precedent.setting meeting at
Florida Citrus Mutual headquarters British QueenIn

in Lakeland, reprc
lent the largest single: Increase .
in oranges about 44
per cent from one season to Quebec City
the next in the entire historyof

WINNER-John A, Sn.vely. Jr. collected the industry QUEISECCiTY (mrr I Queen To Exposition Buildings
The truth of the matter li
the blue ribbon and trophy .ft.r driving Blyth Jaguar to this: most citrus men with a Elisabeth was booed bv 'tudcnt
victory in the Single" Roadster Open event in the All knowledge" of the statewide hecklers yesterday a* she began:
Amateur Horse Show which opened Friday night at the picture tell me plainly and her controversial two da) MX it
Polk County Riding Association show ground. Ann. Grif emphatically, "IJuitcantb to this bastion of French >"anadtana '
fith presented the blue ribbon and *
trophy to the winner, lieve It". and that applies to
The booing was heard at leastwire
both oranges and grapefruit ( a* the royal moton'ade Ryan Says City
Prior to Friday meeting. pulled up in front of the provincial
Polk Horse Show when Joe Mullms of Orlando legislature It war the
chief crop forecaster for the firat real Incident of the royal
USDA in Florida released the Has Sl 4OOO
mimeographed report an informal 50 policemen part if t4 11M
poll was taken of the mo t entenvue iccur'y
To Continue TodayThe those who would attend I the force In Canadian hi'tor
meeting a few minutes later moved swiftly to lispe "<. the For Project
and their guesses on oranges hecklers Some minor' si'ifllim:

final performance in Melinda Sorrels of Lake Alfred ranged from 72 million boars took place, but polin ,urn'od. Winter lljven' new pollee and'
the three day five.perform. taking fourth. up to. in one case 12 million ed In hl'rdtnelhc demonstrator fire departments almost certain .
ance Imperial All.Amateur Chris DeMayo of Winter Haven boxes. with an average something away from th main entranceto to be located In what City
Horse Show begins this afternoon walked off with top honor like 775 million boxes. the 11li-I.tllfC' Manager' C, C' Ryan calls"Gov.
at I 30 with 11 classesto in the Stock Seat Eqwita Robert W. Kulledge, executive The Queen h. ,c4f wa inside .rlllll'.1I1 Center" on Third St.,
be shown vice president and by lhi' time ;ipfwr<'nth tin hall ant hi baa
tion 12 and Under class !gin NW/ next' to my ,
Linda Piper of ilainee City era! manager of Mutual described aware of the in' dent\ set .. target late for ttieli ('om.plfttinn .
Two champions wfll be representing the Triangle the 44 per cent increase Four or fi\ r ,,i the hi ckli'i "In the next ye r."
Crowned during this afternoon Including n(' JIt'; (Chartrar I a v
Ranch won the Arabian over the actual handle of Ust fly an told the city commission
's performance The Sad Pleasure Hem Western year' almofct Imposuble" turner Mont I bt'x<'r and well r,r lay during< (Ih.l ue5 budget,
die Seat Equitation Qumpton clear with Jijji by The fiery boas of the supi'r. known 'I'piir .il I li'a'\I'1\ w"'fi: t rnvlew that he Javore the two
ship and lh. Hunter, Seat Ma and Jan ftdptftper Downed. cooperative also was criticalof taken into nrtodv I t lit 1111',11", Flon I I i C liens xlx>*lloo build.MI .
will f the special i nut t quid Third at M the site ,
Equitation Championship ( I | :along *
Regina Bowen t toM top honor te almost 75 per cent In II : ; b i
be decided by the Judges durIng The British' monri id I"" 'h <,i Hit 'wo partmntaAt .
today showHighlighting in the Three Gaited Sad the guess on seeu twl wiN..rest* foil, ,m,I ''I' ,.! I, also showed the rom.
die Ponies class with Fabu mid grapefruit over last J""*r'l
day yacht trip ii l.,'ti II ?.1I"1\! \ >Mrs the funds
(this afternoon'sshow lout Lady' and Pretty Miss, 61 million box harvest Lawrence River' .t'I'I"t I I ore, \I'"u1 i rmO, rom. The project .1
will bt the Arbi." (Continued On Page S. Col 3)) The faring surface of the an "re fli w ed without borrow.
Continued On 5, 1:01.:: 1 I)
( Page
Mounted Native i C Mume believe
'w trees males It difficult to icy 41 us tout( I* within $18V
class A favorite of horseshow thahgraucfrult. will be t r POO m vi odd.T1. | .
fan. this class win feature Heart Drive nearly filed this year," h<' Over 16,000 ". I u igi-t' review m lrrathciruij
the finest In Arabian laid s : .luring a nearly tour
Horse with the rider bedecked In talking to this writer after Reds DefectIn haul ","+tlon i', wid will tie ('i)nu'
in costumes of Arabia the meeting Rutledge MM platH at another mtlmt too
The horses will have fancy Starts Oct. 15 flatly, "I just don't behave Viet Nam mOl'/IW/ ifUrnoon, It le xpoueii
saddles adorned with gold and It." The figures of the USDA The nlanlenera covered
silver Were much higher than those. = the more controversial portion
Mr John of this I uilget and made no sub
G Wood will _
Haven house the /Held -
Winter area compiled by Mutual
More that II ono ('ommunl1'ifl
NantWhanes In the rerun
and riders won more than iMsrt again be Fund chairman in Winter of the Haven 1965 staff in fact prior t.t the rong urn rlUa* have idMTtnl JAPANESE GROUP AT CITY HALL ,M.vr RIchard D.ntil" welcome a group of rii.ndatione: of Ryan and Ml* it.iff.

their share of the ribbon and wttt Dr. Beach Brook a* meeting a hug blackboardwas lo the iftMSMeir gds Japanese 'induitii*) its who vlstd! the phosphate lands, Cypress Gardens and Winter' Ryan wan paid t high coming i
trophies In the opening performance art up with fuel two sets einmint in tin' paN i IB m >nth. (gent t on the Completion ot sane
vice chairman. the Polk County of Haven Friday during IUS. tour of industry! M Nakano Is shaking hand with the
Friday night figures it 'SW' and
the llIvc'rnlllO'nl' AiMOMnced t tn war In the oily msnaMhlp
two Heart Council announced "32" which nuyor In background .is George Mull,nt :hmber of Commerce president, who pre
Susan Snively was a wire apparently day' when Mayor Richard Duarte:
time winner capturing the today Mutual estimates fir oraages In another ftepment"' and snt,.d Itch with Winter Haven brochures to take horn. in hopi all will return here, rcoinmniled, Mat h* be Ch..n l .
Three-Giited Saddle I lor*** The drive will Mart Oct 18 and grapefruit.Checking Commum t BudrlMtt leader bringing their families I 2,000 ln Open event on Mildred and end Nov U back over 11 years Thich irrvrrend( ) Tm Thu and th. other commlssloMoni n., '( I,
Adam. owned" by Mr. and The campaign proceed starting with the IMS.$4 sea the powerful rival of neutralist 1..1.i Ther was no tln ,, \
Mr*. John A Snively Jr and are uNd to fight the heart and KM, figures show that the average traninR Thich Trl Qu.... rxhorted Terrorists Seek To Exchange rUM tor him In the budiMreeommen << Iii
circulatory' diseases. which 'ted '
account although "I'\I.1f1.
the Saddle Sea Equitation actual production of or his fella Bttdrlhlnltnnnk '
for more tllaa 5per ment heal were all acted '.'r
1117 clam ages' in Florida was M9AO.' to keep pollUri out of I
cent of all death in the Unit 'ner..*.. and commlsalor" I ,
Scotty Turnbull! came up 000 boxes The 196141 season the pagoda Condemned Red
Colonel/ / For
ed States annually went IIII i with etch im', R IPbcn
with the blue ribbon 'In the gave the stale its first 100 The vernment new agency c" ,
ray Uslloner
Saddle Seat Equitation Great advance have oven million bo 113. mjier
Polk County plus crop Mifl! IAOOI (onmuntst trnopn Jl 112,000
12 and Coder class made against the heart and 440.ono boxes Last s.een the ,I aeint.." have gone over to CARACAS Venriurla MJPI ) 11 supporters of ('ub*'i Pre official told the Vlrtnamea. the Tht Winter Raven Pt < r.
blood .
This wa* *n all Winter Haven vessel diseases in the actual harvest was M.Juoooo the .iucrnmrnl ilnff It hefMhi Terrorists offered today' to mir' Fidel ('a.lrol United State hoped that feel chtr. ...hlo h got |lsoo; I. .t
event with Barbers Simpson years since the Heart Aocl. boxes ''hu'u I 1101" open arm) Nch...t. the h life of a kidnaped I"l were eoadwttlng. a (Continued On Pace I, Col 2)) (Continued Oo Page S, Cot ti. '1
of Winter Haven taking &*c' tae became a voluntary organiiation One small Item lucked away eampaien in February of ifXHp American lM>utM M <'o on ,l for mlv search. for Mioten whoIs I
end Kim 0\erbacher of Win in 1948" Mr*. In a chart made available by i miiini amnesty' to rebel riVff that of eonvicted (ommuaM bnMeved .bt*. .bM. m r..rH.

ter Haven taking third; and (Continued On Page S. Col. 4) (Continued On Page S, Col. 1)) tr>r. plotter m far off South VMNM *.. MM this 10 suspect wr ,
% t anal of U 'U of tJ..,. de ...nd.d up fer quetlonlnii. and
fir ,ied Mn the Communtit domlni It Saigon. the United "StalMhd tfen<< *f lenda wer chrrkodout.
"I Mrkonr River dW .. 1M South Vietnam FM there wan no trace of 91 1
li" ,n'f',I Saicnn th* agency said| KovernmeM to delay the eiecu .....
i ,'hwllahr American mill lion until the American officer's g iip.et.d chief of ten kidnap
li ".,.roe>, said today that fl is l determined t.H I II "MIJOr" Milm ('.1\11.
V' '. ", \"it Force flgMrr TH hod* ia U I Air Force I**. youthful Ufrorl.t klllrr who
b"k., ,' .... hilled, :W It I Cal Mknel ftmolen *fChandlrr k|* bon Involved in ,prrvimnRed
'0. ". and I Mounded 10. In ana Art Smolm deputy fropagand kidnping I:
: '' ,1 km;; nearby Bien tins chief of the U 8 air muilon Anonymous telephone callers
r n> week ago In VVwwi. w*. kidnipwl tfi teM newspapers and radio it*
.! a + ,ini.i, North Vit Nam front nf hit home Friday morning Ilea that moten i i. bring heldheilag
(: r U in' i had hnfedra' a Ilia bdurtora were believed for N.'ell.11 Tr>l lI .

,''C'osunoed(, On Foe I, Cot 2)) to b* Communist terror Ommunul terrorist n4enc ,(
ttf to death In Virt Nm for
't tryMf to kill Xecretiry of Dfe .

Democrats Figure To Win 5 .bomb M. Robert MrNmri with

"On hour. after .* lrned of

: Big I In Senate And House Trct't.butt told esrutM in ten head Bmoten" th* rail gn.a .

lejtrmed ourcfi aid a puh v
WASHINGTON i UPI t Th now *r* .held.. by Dmorrts' *rein It* ......uo. by flrlni viuailkd
Democrat figure they're going ". mme degree of jeopardy been. ttoMwd' for Trot by'
to win big m eirrtioM for both H also >*,. that the n others. Mil w*..kdM
dt / Ik* Senate and the Honae w anus nM by HeiMMicam. or b* when word reached s.go .,
November mg vacated by Republican *rDMrtl .) ..baut Intolen kltn'l"n
Thr .mllt.Iif' National l offer the mttimumBpoonmXti It was bought dirrrll, M I I' ..
J Committee i u circulating a confldeiMial : ter Demorrc-tl AmktlMdot M aawrll f> T.ylw
-- memorandum wnicky gate. A apkmn lawlrn that!
.* ,for party appears awe to TW report oiiimendi thaicMsdUalet "w* are obvioualt r'4l ,,--'" "- .,' retain control of the House H la*** d..lwulie abut the report Iron < arar
.' "" rafttt of the memo .kav Mirod of f AsHinci! .hh amt as"
',' been supplied to Ik* WMt that, PrrtittoiM JohsMon or vies The the *mbi.y inrectvd RtloCntI
House and to Democrat pretldenlial. cMdidate HabenII m.Htgr from Wash
Hon,.. ,leader Humphrey make .pperancen tutu Ibis ___r. aikMg. M to
On the boats of a survey MUu .m al many of tb *5 try to daisy Tear M.*.UMItmtil GOLDWATER M r4-Mally Horne, l lef*. forme.sp .
> !September Ik* report aye diatncti *. possible Hmoim I Is out of ben. kidnaper Matto
and Ray
esker *l the Florid House, Polk
'" '., .no 'rww tk4 rf tk* poittte C'....... wHtVteMLw4 States with a unable. mess 't .kaad Miarr .
fof t confer
ky dtMQMi Aiy 19tf her of pose ba ll.* roMsd dltrMi ... An offiriri of the "Htgon. U I County esprer.etatlve, leeve with
FLORIDA COIN SHOW-O"hf.ltefiltCJ collection .f rare coins ere display often Mew William F P.yley, state chairman of lueni for G.U.
on the 41 i*.. .**.. *r* *.*> MI* told W hMbjH Cmbaxy who evt In Ik* VkrtMm c
new Amec coo: 19'on Memorial l Homo hr. where the Winter Haven F.. ft.t.r; l ly cMkV. ft 1st Is *. Y rt. CaJtfant.. Ok** aid U *.. roretg Office Oils *ftroon water Home is e* chairman with Pat..*y *..4 Matto It
and Coin Show II lit:'.uing tedy Abe.., Stanley ,.rker. chairman s>f the .*ntm.H** Onn. dltSMWHb VM inlurm d that Mdeftsrit Polk o/d.narof fee the 6 f m ch"90. discusses w.th Joe Chapman Mufcerrv com collector a.. old Spanish. cogs recovered Of tW seIii$_ W ....1. *)v'" eaiatug racaivtCoU dale had him ... lot D.mecrts. they created quit a it, :ratwld* when they
:in recent t'** ur* hvnhng off th* Flor.da co.st. the __ sips dIM a hH-h ( ad 0*) PI S, Oat I) Trat eseevikue The American came out for the Republican candidate.

j I is

... .a.s ,...usu..ur A IIIII? -
-- -

Sunday, October I

..... ...

: : Airport Lunch WeekTo hamber HOW CAN CURTIS MATHES
s Be ObservedBy

I Round-Up Fruitland OFFER ALL THIS AT SUCH [gm


(4) By Dick March FrulUtnd Park Elementary ommentBy
School In Lake Alfred will observe Li
Arrrrr the Third Annual School foTKEK I ...::: OR J-- I L DEALER IF
Lunch Week with a special pro. E. L DAVIS .m.n: I-- ;

tram Monday at 7:90: p.m. at
Checker .( .,
the Bethel Baptist Church feature C mm ..

Ing a lone Ust of gueats. Eaecvtlv Vie PreaideseCAUTIOUS l or TO CUSTOMER
The theme of the programwill CURTIS MKTHESPUNT I-- r ptSiRIBUTOR
be, "School Lunch Serves
Youth." Included as participantsand COMMISSIONER

guests will be poster girl At a breakfast meeting in Bartow last week we

and Bobby boy Blake., Beverly Baker and sat next to Wilmer McCutcheon, chairman of the Curtis Mathes dealers buy direct from the

Mrs. Helen Walker school Polk County Commissioners. When we were served distributors. By

lunch supervisor of Polk Coun. the waitress placed plates of bacon and eggs in frontof factory and, in effect, are

rrrrr "' ty Florida, and School president Food)elect Service of A the*. each of us at about the same moment Wilmer start- eliminating one step of distribution, you, the

soclatlon, will be principle ed to reach for the salt and pepper just in front of wholesale
rr1rr speaker. She will be Introducedby him, then chanced hit mind, customer, buy at prices up

Mrs. Nora Hatton school withdrew his extended hand,
lunch director of Westwood Junior and took a mouthful of food. sums that during the great to 20%.

High. After a few moments he once earthquake that shook our
Music will be by Miss Sandra more reached for the shaken, 50th state not long ago pub World Leader in
Hardwels and the Bethel Mathes..A
Baptist and, noting our look of in- lic reaction would be entire. Curtis
Youth Choir. Nattianlal Burton
will quiry, explained a little sheepIshly ly sympathetic and reflect a Centers
play a trumpet solo. He Is Home Entertainment
band major at Florida AIM. universal desire to be helpful.
1 1JULIAN Miss Doris Crawford will present "A couple of years ago I tat In the vast majority of cases ,
a special selection, How next to an important business it was, but there is always a '
Great Thou Art executive at breakfast I pick small minority who are exception

Mayor James Telford will proclaim ed up the shaker and salted It Is this group which
National School Lunch my eggs immediately. The makes life difficult for gover

Week forthecommunlty.Several executive watched me for a nors such as Governor William Suggested Retail rs24995
members of the county school moment, then asked, 'Why do Egan and even for 'J
board will be present including you salt your eggs before tasting their wives.
Claude Ridley area supervising them? How do you know H _
Mrs. Egan, who has spent ./t,,"
principal; Shelley Boone, county they aren't already salted?' I
many years In a wheel chair as
superintendent; Mrs. Janette
replied, 'I don't know. I just
Stretter, president of the Polk a result of polio, wag on the
. JOHNSTON JR. AND TROPHY. Proudly hold.In assumed they needed salt'
County School Lunchroom As.soclatton telephone day long and well ,.
Rack of Elk Shot Last Week.In The executive, who was a Into "
; Mrs B. Kltt, Polk the night after the earth
this column when we talk that an airplane was a necessity County Health Department good friend and liked to rib quake trying to be helpful to
said 'What
about doing things at 7,000 feet In this endeavor school nurse. me, sarcastically, people who called for infor
to 8,500 feet we're usually referrlng The plane would be used to Mrs Pauline Fagan school kind of a County Commissioner mation. Everyone to whom she rc1'Model
to a flight In an aircraftof work the cattle, It would be their lunch manager of Jewett Pro are you making a decision talked was sympathetic, considerate
some sort. transportation and often Itwouldbe mary, will deliver the proclam. without' having all the and polite. Everyone
Any reference to Julian Johns the only link between them atlon Others on the program In. facts? that Is, except one lady from DD 250W
ton Jr. and Wally Adams berets and the rest of the country.All elude Mrs Helen King, manager Wilmer set the salt and the Midwest who demandedthat
usually In reference to same three of them have now of the Jewett High lunchroom pepper down on the table and Mrs. Egan find out if her This outstindmi value futures the big 23" TV picture tube CM Special 16 chassis with 21.000 volts of picture .
night activity too, but this time soloed atCllbert.Mrs.Smlthhaa ; Miss Eva May King man. pushed them toward ui. sister, who was visiting Alaska, power and stereo phono with sapphire stylus plus All Chinnel UHF tuner and CM Special Transistor-
flying takes the back seat and already passed her written exam alter of Bridges Elementary "Ever since I've tasted my was all right I bed Stereo Amplifier all housed in a beautiful contemporary cabinet of"genuine Walnut" veneers indselect
was used only for transports for her private license and Is lunchroom; Jena May Burton, eggs first", he said. "I want hardwood solids. Speakers: One 5" oval, one 3'/'," a 5' 41" wide, 27% high 17% deep.

Uon to and from.A about ready to take her flight Janie Cioldon, Mrs Julia Adams, my voters to know that I get "Where is she? asked Mrs.
coupla' weeks ago I mentioned Miss Wanata Butler, and Cecil all the information possible Egan.
an elk hunting trip that I'd test.Their aircraft Is Cessna 182, Clark before taking any action." "How should I know' snapped -
have a report on and here It Is. which when they all have their Miss Sadie B. Locke, princU the woman. "That's for you
Johnston flew his Cessna 205 licenses will be dismantled and pal of Frultland Park School, to find out."
and Adams flew his Aero Com. shipped to the land down under. and Miss lfenrlltaBurton,school STRATEGY On the other hand, a counterbalancing .
lunch room Invites As election day draws near, came to
mander. Riding with them were manager experience
Ben Bowen, Jack Beaty and John everyone to attend. presidential candidates of both the governor's wife In the formof Suggested Retail' | 1101" I I5299'1s
parties are slugging at each letter from ten-year-old ,
Klngham locally and Dave Walk a a
er and E m o r y Abel of Fort were Coming.Lamar and Beauchamp going this,week who Field Trips other harder and harder, from and boy, also in the midwest, who I t
Middlesex village
Pierce flew to Kansas on business and every sent her two nickels taped on .n.d' .
They flew to near Elk City Art Harris, who made tripsto Enjoyed ByKindergarten farm. But after awhile listeners his letter. "If you need more," I
In the mountains of Idaho, hunt. Miami and Birmingham, Ala begin to develop a tolerance he wrote, "please let me know" t
log out of Selway Lodge on the Jesse Mehrlust flew to Panama and in some caws,
Selway River. City to attend the mld.season an immunity, to the shock WORD TO TIlE WISE
Horses were used for trans. meeting of the directors and The twenty two pupils of Central value of the bitter accusationsand G Iii, the little woolly (yes THE GREENSBOROModel
portatlon on the hunt, going as committee members of the Flor. Christian Church Klndergar. name calling heard every that's the right spelling) monkey (
high Into the mountains as 8,500 Ida Hotel and Motel(Association. ten enjoyed field trips on Tues. day on televisions and radio.It who Is the mascot, Inspirationand DD 300W.2This
feet. They were In snow one day Flying with Mehrlust his day and Wednesday of this week for the of the
and were becomes necessary conversation piece handsome Home entertainment Center In a Modern design cabinet Is crafted of genuine Walnut veneen
night wife and son, Eddie. Jesse flew In keeping with their study of candidates' respective supporters Chamber of Commerce membership and select hardwood solids and luluiti the CM Special 32 chews with" AM/FM radio end stereo phono, CM
Although' Johnston was the only by Instrument on the return flight dairy and dairy products.On and campaign workersto expansion campaign, Super record changer with sapphire stylus 23' picture tube and CM Custom 19 TV chassis with 23000
one' to bag an elk the rest of1 due to the visited the volts of picture 3 stage IF end trinttwmer All Channel ." wd
weather that accompanied Tuesday they develop new and more tub- has been widely quoted. As a power power UHF tuna Two woofers te
them didn't come back empty Hilda Gerber Dairy, where they were tie means of making the voters conversation piece she makes '"a 4" tweeters. 52'4" wide V>A" high 171/," deep.
handed. Two deer and a black
taken tour of the barns
on a
and good especiallywhen
hate the opponent
bear were also brought down by
the milked and
saw cows being ,
choice. with appropriate gest eee4
the party love their own party's p -
observed the of the
On the way out the group stop, His honor, Buddy Corneal milk. The processing meal One ingenious Republican urea, she says: 1 f- '
noon a pianic
was I
ped at Denver and on the r.. mayor of Auburndale, has been lunch the has worked out an unbeatable "Hear no evil, see no evil, I ISuue.ted
turn trip a layover was made at flying for lot these many years. On Wednesday on they dairy visited grounds the way to get voles for his par. speak no evil. But for goodness I I319Y" e
Corneal started his flying back sake Join the Chamber of I
Hot Springs, Ark Velda Dairies where ty. lIe makes it a habit to Retail n
they saw
The trip was summed up at In the days of the grand old avoid tipping barber Commerce." 1 .
the milk being bottled and car. every ]
lady of JN
flying 4 better
good. Good flying and good hunt. ,
known toned ready for distribution. bellhop cab driver and wait :
as "Jenny" and has kept
Ing. current At the Ice cream plant the er he runs Into and then ./....
ever since. He now fliesa Among those who have heeded ,
children treated to Ice vote
Beech "Bon anal" were tells them "Be sure to 1 ; nr
wisdom In
words of
cream sandwiches and each glv. Democratic!" .
Mrs Corneal
does a lot of r
Reasons for learning to fly are recent weeks are: H. C. Drumm,
en a paper hat to be worn back inspired Democrat
riding with her husband but Cor. A similarly
about as varied as for any line of to their school. Msrlanna Lake Motel; Joe
neal wants a not has plastered his car with
endeavor known but here Is co-pllot a pas. ,
Those the Davis Men's Wear; Robert Me- I
senger, so what did he do? Sim. accompanying pupilswere Goldwater stickers and goes
about of families
story a couple
Diversified Publications,
their teacher, Mrs. Kenneth
pie solution Give and
Mrs Corneala around running red lights
from Wauchula with unusual
an Inc. R, L. Golden Roberts
Allen ,
solo Hough, Mrs Jerry Mrs ;
flight! course out at Brown In the rear at
twist. Aviation for Garland Denmark, Mrs Henry bumping Brothers, Inc. ; Eloy Delgsdo, THE HILLSDALE
a birthday present lie then thumbshis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith atop streets. .
Stone, Mrs Carl Hyman Mrs. Grande Market; Howard Stephens
Happy birthday Mrs. C. Model DD 320M.2
of the
and Sam Keen started looking nose at the driver
Gene Del.
Hyman, Mr. and Mrs. Concrete; Harrison Kelg-
around for cattle land. They mar Debault Rosa Allen and Al. other car and speeds away. Icy K e I II I e y Real Estate, This Early American design Home Entertainment Center of genuine Maple veneers and select hardwood solids
found It, and plenty of It, In len Sear en. IT'S ROUGH Jeanne Lasater. Lasater Flowers has All Channel UHF and features the CM Special 32 chassis with AM/FM radio, stereo phono CM
Australia There Is a duo of new planes Political slugging matchesare ; John Mitchell, Mitchell Super record changer with sapphire stylus CM Custom .19 TV chassis_ with 3.sts. IF, 23,000_
Now they talk of land by the stationed at Gilbert Field now Swimming pools nerd not be hard on candidates for of Funeral Home H. B. Chitty picture power and power IT.nstormll' and 'big' 23" <>victur. ube.Two woofers and two 6"a twMtsIiSuggested
tens of miles Instead of acres. Dr. William Kummer of Lake "buggy" according to the man. fice at all levels. Perhaps this and R. 0. Hoi ton; Holton-Chltty provide brilliant hi fI and stereo sound. 52%" wide 211,0\" high 17'/i deep.
Reminds Ralph of our own West land brought his 180 over to roost ufacturer of a new chemical repellent vilification and attempted
Agency, Inc.; Dr R. E. Llndley;
back when here and
way Henry Stambaughof Au. designed to be poured
character assassination has
Calvin Iffert, Villa Rosa Court;
One thing that was decidedon burndale now has his Aeronca"Champ"
directly Into pool water where It
its good points, although one
Russell Hales, Haven Fenderand
after a careful appraisalof at home on Gilbert gives off a controlledreleaaevapor
the situation was the fact Field Odorless and nontoxicto has to be broad-minded to Body Works; Mrs. Agnes
think in these terms The rug Mainiicalco, San Marco Restaurant Rdarls359 ,
humans, the repellent Is said
gednets of the campaign ; V e r Don Blackburn, '
Did yen ever notice how doe win rlondt cad to other keep small fries flying mosquitoes Insects out and of serves to toughen and Insure Blackburn Draperies and Carpets ,

Influtnct p..,1. without reedinf beds about Its the area for periods up to 24 them to the abuses they fre Gabe Stewart, Central ./t...
hours Leaves no residual film quently have to take while in Florida Sales, Inc., Charles
TONITE IS THE NITE TO GO OUT TO THE MOVIESI on water office Goihorn, Charlie's News: W. i-

i IPerry-Austen Mfg Co Staten Take for example the Governor M Cone Roofing;; Thomas F.

OPEN 12:4 P.M. Cenrlntoui Shows from 1:00 P.M. Island, N. Y < of Alaska One would asTH Costello; Walter Engle Engle
Electric. Rosa Fraser, Realtor;
OPEN 1)41 -P.M. C..I..... SIt... ham I P.M. MON.- hra FII.e Bill Garner, Realtor; Whitey THE
Cline. Haven Dale Bowling VICEROY

Lanes James P Hosier. Jr., Model OD 360W-2
Now Showing S E A. Brice U-Do-lt Rentals;
''' -' ,.J Otto Varner, Kentucky Fried This handsome Modern delllft cabinet ?uertfud.l! genuine Walnut veneers and select hardwood solid
11'1! J ] TODAY thru It hs All Ch.nntl| UHF flltur.sllt.
.., L Chicken; 4 speed stereo rt .5? Special 32 Dada chassis WM AM/FM cadre and stereo phone
TUESDAYMATURE D. R Craver LeCarousel picture power, Or.MtamPJ atytua. The TV boasts thi CM Custom 19 chiuis WIth 23.000 volts ol
-D and adage IF. The* "" plct"1 lube Md a spllklr system of two '"
Roller Rink. Giles Van Duyne, woofers, two 5U'A su and
range two 5'
STARTS AT: Under Irrigation; Charles Mit deep. tktetors provide the best In sight and sound. 56U rode 2$' high'-.

TODAY ONLY I 10 e 4:00: e 01)8 a '.00 P.M. chell. Mitchell Feed Store S.

DON1 MISS SIAN CONNER UWIM loud A, Moore. James M elver, The ,
seat 41..llICt". p.eebl.. en the _rUt I
Insurance Dr.
Ogden Co. Harry
Te h.1 IN HIS NEWEST THRILL. HIT Tl.li 21" ortoile H (,,.,.4 I. a
A Palo, DDS; Mrs Cora Van .t..r.ry
Sant Sierra Court; Dr. T. R. tabled of <..yi.; W.W ......* ore) ,.|.cford
GINA LOtllldRIGIDA rr's Tedder, DDS; Leo Van Drim- ..*od elidt. It| (..)..?, the fi.; ..,. ;I. 2J"
GOEASrRjSETFiRf melen. Oiler Landsurveylng, ,ict.,. tul h.,, the CM 5.,., IT cketiie with

SEAS CONNERY Herman D, Walnrlght, West- 21.808 volh' .1 Ciders; power O.1 a big /"
wood Trailer Court; Alfred wet, ....t..4 speller. Iris .IM.' .u-
RAUPH RICVRDSON TOAI tales Grove Properties; S. J .....** Need 21" wlel., |14" J.,,, t- fcif; fc.
Tilden S. J, Tilden Groves,
*: vOMUNIT(0 Inc Wade Smith, Southeast

TMMNCILOR + of the MONTH Shell Service THIS OUTSTANOINA PORTA- Suggested Ratd
RTISiiWedasdoy FOR YOUR ail k oHo ......... I. & ..i., 517995 -.;;.;;::. I

IMty A..nc_ tsetse. I
sib" THE

Hospital Doctor MerchantPav Model CC 180P.1 0

Tk nry ifi e Peddey a Serd.y S SIE-US TODAY rem a product of Curtis Mathes j

with David Nv.e; ifi five "MCLINTOCK" I the World's Finest 19" & 23" Television

HAVEN DALE Drive-In THEATRE HomeownersPOLICY Shop Elsewhere then come toJOHNSON'S

Mo""*" or A* Acjrrrcl
Totilte rimi Tuesday Nit. Elclth'9| Entertainment


':20 Odr -"i i"tfi H.*INTERNS"0... J*::.' !I... Jl....t U (COLLECTION e e BUREAU

And Their New loves! E. N. HUDSON

7-80 A I II20- 'THE LAST. Dor. k. t.A.I.*. ,In MUfU) IVfUWKSTIf LOW Blll.|. MCef Bad Ite.ee 8 SMWWM C*.
SUNSET" In Color 19 & 92
Mf Jre} N W Art A CYJ.lIlt tti jekWW. p7-)!)! Lake Alfred| .



: [The Weather--Local/ / And National] Two El Paso

Go sov Men ArrestedIn olndsc

Gun Case

JUAREZ Mexico UPlt-

7C7 Two Kl Paso men who save
gum, race cotes and stage
coadxs planned to meet with
their. lawyer and talk about ,
1g0 awr.ai.riag to federal au
ttwrittea who accuse them of

amassing' a personal armory
worth $1 mgibn
Pedro Mans, 39 told United
"d Pratt International Friday i
night that the weapon are
;,. merely "my own personal collection I.

Shotita5 .. .t'vt'r'body ha. teen
0 '(' It."
y a 't' The government save Munot

R4.A' S O t and his father Merced 64, have
f ..,
2 .
violated l<< federal<< arms rejlstra
lion law''i. The Internal Revenue
Service filed Jeopardy aswssments .
SHOWERS AND RAIN -- Showers are expected over part of the northern and central totaling $194.20 s
plateau. Rain and showers are predicted over the New England tales.. Generally milder against the two Friday.
temperatures are forecast for the plains and the Mississippi Valley. Cooler weather will Last Saturday, customs :
prevaU over the eastern third of the nation the Plateau and the Great Basin areas agents at the Ju.rel.EI raw i LIrAsIP

international border stripped
i LOCAL OUTLOOKFair Florida Zones
away door panels of Antonio
today and tonight with d
some showers likely High todayIn Women SpreadDemocratic Carrasco's car and found 32 rifles
the low 80'<. Low tonight In Panhandle and 17 pistols bound for .
Clear to partly cloudy. Highest Mexico. ti
I the 60's Mostly north and northeast Ir.p
winds 5 to 15 miles per today 70 to 76 with a low to. Their Investigation( of that In.
hour. night of 48 to 54 Northeast and cldcnt led to the discovery of '
east winds 10 to 20 miles per an arms cache at the Munot

hour. Hardwire Store near the Mexican : \
border In El I Paso. :
Juanita Castro North Agent ::
Word Around found tear (as bomb. German
Predicts New Fair and rather cool High machine guns, a millimeter
today 72 to 78 with a low to- mortar shotguns, pistols, am
Cuba RiotsMIAMI night of 45 to 55. Northerly WASHINGTON UPh( \ -You munition and powder.
winds seven to 15 miles per can recognize them by the Treasury agents slain found

(UPI)Juanita Castro hour. round pink label on their lug what they called "a fabulous .,
predicted Friday a new invasion gage and their enthusiasm for collection" of money at the
of Cuba would spark a mass Fair and rather cool Hightoday the Johnson Humphrey ticket store and estimated Its value at
revolt that would topple her 74 to 78 with a low tonight They are "The Caravaners more than $300000
brother Fidel's Communist in the 50s Northerly 18 leading Democratic women
regime winds aeven to 15 miles per who .'l1Ill'1ve Washington Monday HOSPITALNEVS
hour. to carry their campaign
Miss Castro told 800 exiles
message to more than 35 cities
who greeted her upon arriving
in 19 states
from Mexico City that "Fidel Central
Their duty will be to spread
Castro's days as ruler of Cuba Fair today and tonight! with MtllMV'S ADMISSIONS
the word In suburban areas and
are numbered. I am as sure of some showers likely. High to Winter haves .
that as I know there is a God day In the low 80s Low tonightIn localities which have been. Mrs Harry Grieve. Mrs JJf-: ly 1
in Heaven," she said the 60s Mostly north and missed by administration campaigners Mary J. Davis Kermit Hen 'T
The year-old Miss Castro, northeast winds five to 15 miles !! ley Mrs. Evelyn V l'06t..lI.
who defected from Cuba last per hour. Mrs Irvin A, Hoff. presidentof Mrs Kennedy Crouch Willard ct; pia i 1
the Women's National Democratic
June and took up residence In May, Mrs Bttha I'oole MIM 4sY/1Q (7CirP"l11 '
Club, told a news conference
Mexico City with her sister Southeast Marjorie N. \Lower, Mrs William
Friday the women plan to
Emma, has devoted the last L. Taylor Peter Krttt1sen .
Mostly fair today with a highin visit college campuses grange J
five months to herbrother's Master White
the 80s. Increasing cloudinesswith meetings, plant cafeterias and Mickey WARDROBE ACCENTUATES
"Communist tyranny some occasional show suburban rallies Master Joseph K. Potthast, WARDROBE ACCENTUATES \,
." low 70,. Miss Mary Lee Bridges MIMShenill BY PURITAN FOREVER YOUNG
era. Low tonight in the "These women ulll be carr>' BY PURITAN FOREVER YOUNG
This was Mil Castro's first Mostly northeasterly winds five ing a special message from B. Mublvy, bliss Rna
visit to Miami in six yean and to 15 miles per hour. President Johnson which they D. Douglas and Mrs Sharon

police fearing possible reprisals will deliver along the wav" B. AddllOn.Auburadll. TU iVIiio "ea.*l>iliiy .I f all pure il.uU\ knit U" ix.l I I.
against her by pro-Caetro- Arcetil tin- Jmlli\r of Irtlurr and r.iiK runlrarr
South Mrs huff: said Essentially his M rulumvj' by a NMntrr drokc of t4)linp Tailored aUng
kites, set up tight security pre Partly cloudy today and tonight message will' be to let the people Mrs Norman Young the wo"o4li i.l all pure ilnuMr' knit l Wool''. Harmony 'in liaise ul( Miiiilieiiy| our driailml cardigan user a onlfs-t
caution at the airport. with few local showers 1 Bartow |pis 1.111)| tnti*. wth each utter .
a know that Washington shq| t.lor t....e Ihu.e I **oi) a lIIin l Airt ware eterywkrri'
"The only possible means of likely becinninf this afternoon carea" M,.. Carey J, guilts Jr. a tlitulrr .km (fur MMMptVl sal,|Ir rvmrdsn.tas.u) all day

overthrowing the Communistgovernment High today in the mid Local Young Democrats and I Wsverly Tevl/Aquesn.'inn. Iti,')r IM/l'ink., Ihrown/Aquimarjlss' iN.sk/rrld', fsrern/Ikis'! .
of Cuba Is forceof
by die 80. Low tonight In the mid Young Citizens for Johnson- Henry W. Levin
arms Miss Castro saId. die 70s Mostly north to north. liaises
Humphrey will greet women lily
"When this moment comes, I'm east wind, five to 15 miles per upon ar :ival at several airport Sherman C. Harnton 51)1/\II: 2702 Siam: 121,224!: 29.99e1 Ssle w ""II-It.) .at Itfl4 I 29 99
sure the Cuban people will re hour .
) Lake Alfred I
volt en masse'Tshombe
Miss Drfcrah llarreU.
Lake Wales

Master Robert A McCall ,/, .
In Davenport .,(/ ;

Paris ForCheckup Master Franklin S Marti ,J(
New Profile Pillbox
Winter Haven \ 'i..
Baby Cathy Albright, Master ,

PARIS uPI) Congo Pre Ronnie I. Ballard Mrs 1 ) i I. ,, '
mier Moise Tshombe arrived in r "dlard Brnnrll. Mrs Jinunv ,
Paris Friday night from three R ( am and Infant boy, liar '
days of virtual house arrest in rn('. A SUub and John Keller .
'" Brilliant Pheasant Plumage
the United Arab Republic \ i I t tea.r..s.a.w )
(Egypt lie was scheduled for AuburndtU

a medical checkup today. Mrs Ethel Carpenter baby ..,.. suss.I s..kl..d wish ", .'.111., k..H I. 1"'h. l*.tk.".> In rick
Tshombe 44. looked fatigued Sheila L Dean Mrs Susan r
but still full of fighting spirit K Harper Mrs Howard J assts. ..,! *l i4 mess (v/..*.. wad *.'*..(. Att* a..IfI. I lit

after an experience virtually Harrington and Jeter D ..114 I..k cad .1.4 whN pl.a.5./kohl..
unprecedented In the annals of King a 0
statecraft UlilM'l ('ity

He accused Egyptian President Mil At.*art AWrWf*. 6.98
Carnal Abdel Nasser of Lake Alfred
trying to force a break In diD Mrs Wallace Mi
lorn at ic relations so Egypt could Ilavenp.rtElbert

recognize the Congolese rebel S Summing Rufus .a._._.. __
"By treating me the way It E Grouser and Mr. WalterB -
did the U A R and Its chief Helm
laid a trap to lead me to do Dandee
Just that" Tshombe said but the .,rr.giLl /-, (jrJ P Jr,.sen
trap failed BartewMist
Tshombe said he would spenda "Can you hold it a minute? The phone is ringing!" Vickie PmleyDON'T featured in Our
few dsys for medical consul
tations in Paris before return- Uiiiiiiiiiii

Ine Tthombe to Leopoldville had arrived in Cairo [ MISS THIS .SPECIAL OFFER.! .

on Tuesday to attend the 48- J
nation "non. aligned summit SaeSa .
conference. though a majorityof Fit '.r only ot A
conference delegations had

voted to keep him out $100
-- ---
1M' u.rsszhi'y I ......;..,
--- i

? :' 11X14PORTIAIr !
rvu fKUIE
;". stmt. .... who.AGts .

,..... \) .
frala i 6 Wash
s t. 10 Yar.
God meant it for good
I Map" AI a.u... s
a .
Gen. 50:20)). i a
Whenever we meet with f LaiI S.hedf.n I

something that seems unjust A. .r laws liMlw'wa

we should hold firmly to our
faith in God. Let us rememberthat

God's law is at work that t 3A al r ...-Ass.--....,. THE S11LLTLUH: HOE: an 111lCQ1JIplirflltJtI' ill'Jlfdlt' t>) ,. ,/.1./II
His law it sure and unfailing : ......,

that His justice always pre overlaid trill CALCUTTA, the [,!'r.rlnrutiiy '//l/.I fn nf.

vails. __ __ BY TODDLER PHOTO
It's:the look of 'he yrar: tn th? xhoc bij G.r..J.

Hemorrhoids .. : I/W

Futures. Rstutas. and thru I2tfi 17th
Saturday October thru
other Rectal Diseases;

svccettfuDy heated by


04.Dr. Earle Rabb FHOTOGRAfHIfS HOURS BeI Lindsey CHARGEACCOUNT Belkjndsel | >

Clinic NJ.fas f ru AM to t. sjo N.Mi ru




Winter Haven Daily NewsChiefW. TelevisionIn AN EDITOR'S UAW Seeks ,

E. RYNMSON, Mitor-PublUh" '
JOHN W. HVMHSON Assistant t. tho Publiah.r

'...Ii.h... doily
oblidtino C.., !I..*., II* M $ ret, N.W Winter rU.... Flo1 COUI\t1 .

CHARLES 6OSHORN .......1 M..eI 0\\

JACK IEAHAN A..MI.I. Editor RICK DU BROW .y To Strike '
united Press International
DETROIT ( UPI )I-The United
ADV "' .- REPRESENTATIVE most notable I thing about' -, Auto Workers union and General
.. CKi.,., III. this week's ABC.TV "Shindig" A
Sh. i t Anetlete.. IK* Motors Corp looked LAKE WALES Ten applications LAKELAND $ ;a"n
show, a new series that Another Big Bump Under The Rug receivedby improvement
pre.ants have been street (prourm
Entered IS Second CI... M.H MHf Soot. a, 124 .1 the Pt Offi*. for a speed-up in local settlements
in Winter H.".., $Hwftd. under .ct .< March 2, II7 mostly atrocious popular that will hasten the end city officials for the Lake recommended by a road aiv,'
music, was not the commercial The shrills of protest raised by tttt Democrat party standard of a II-<
.'.1. AUDIT BUREAU about pimples, charming as II bearers following Barry Goldwater's chart that the admlntst ration 250.000 workers. Jr has the present lease proved by the city commis'in i
1s "soft" on Communism, would be tar more convincing If the
was Dec. 31. He Mrs. Cteora Hutchinson became
Company spokesmen said the which expires on
: agreements
Even u Hubert Horatio Humphrey's strident oratory was attempting -
Wednesday show the
,? night rose to IS by late Fri a renewal. the upcoming city oommission
taped performance of the Bea to ridicule away the Idea, the Justice Department complicated has announcedthat ) race when she qualified Thurs
day. Included l in the total were The library
his rat nest of
impossible task to *a
MEMBER by declining proeecut
ties. Everything that there is to will be open .
Active Member INTERNATIONAL Communist Information the several I key manufacturing the library
UNITED PRESS spies charted with stealing critical on day.She
say about them has been said: and l Thursday will Incumbent
NATIONAL EDITORIAL Th. United P'*" i i. enUlod I. the ... nation's space program and other top secret defense matters. plants Monday. Tuesday oppose
ASSOCIATION to; ,.,.blicolio. of .ll loeol newt printed They are very likeable hoys Reasons for dropping the prosecution, even at a jury was But GM aim reported that from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. and from John 11. Woodall Jr. for the

It 44 in this notetpepor *l will II *ll UPI who are export at putting being selected, was given as a move to protect the secrecy of the layoff of non-striking workers 9 a.m. to 5:30: on Wednesday commission seat representing
thawDispatches.. everybody on, who have keen nation's counter-eeplonage organisation. rose to about 28.000, s Friday and Saturday.The northeast Lakeland.
senses of humor who are now beautification of A native Lakelander she
ADVERTISING DEADLINE Which Just doesn't make sense. The UAW called the strike proposed
CLASSIFIED CIPARTMENTt on view In a delightful movie If that were actually the reason the Justice Department against GM Sept. 28 when the Lake Cooper Drive has been was graduated from Lakeland

By the Word: I P.M. Previout 0<,. By he Inch: 1 P.M. Pre.iou. D
L..I Noticed 5 P.M. Provioul D DISPLAY DEPARTMENT: music terribly.) All that l II set communism 260,000 GM workers at 80 of members decided it would cost
Sunday Edition-1 P.M. Thursday; Monday Edition-I P.M. Frd( .y; tled. It is Inconceivable that the top law enforcement agency of the the company' 130 plants wenton too much money and tabled the
Tu.iJiy E"ilion-Noon Saturday; W.dn* d.y, Tkuridiy and Frid.y No, the most notable The Polk
Ad..co. thing United States government, after securing Indictments and settinga strike and more 90,000 re. porposal for the time being. BARTOW Count
Editioit I F.M. Two Dy In
was not even a fellow named case for trial could suddenly discover that dlcloBures which mightbe mained on the job because they Meanwhile a few of the 108 Democrat has endorsed Barry

Member Southern Newipeper Publiikert Aueeiition PJ. Proby who seemed to have made before the jury could be Injurious to our undercover produced parts for other com concrete planter tubs to be utilized Goldwater for the presidencythe :

Member florid. Pros Attecietion even more and longer hair than operations. panics including Ford Chrysler in current beautification efforts first time In its 33-year hi..

SUBSCRIPTION RATESBy the Beatles, and who, in fact If that were the fact It should have been obvious from the very and American Motors. of downtown will be placedat tory that. it has backed a Republican

Carrie .. M.il resembled Prince Valiant, until start of the case. GM and the UAW agreed ona the Lake Wales Bank and for political! office

y..., III.JO; 4 month, IMC; I months $4.55; I month SI.SSj; he sang, and who apparently Perhaps this column Is overly suspicious on this eve of the general national contract last Mon Trust tomorrow morning.The The Democrat, which lists IK
weekly, IS ..nl.. Single Coping: Deily, i tenti; Sunday 10 centi. takes himself so seriously on election, but the thought persists that the reason advanced for day but labor peace cannot be board of directors of the politics is Independent Democratic

TELEPHONE CYpron MM I camera that I fear we will be freeing the accused Russian spies carries an overtone for more restored until the bulk of the Lake Wales Retail Merchants found "strong para.
._ hearing a good deal more of political than patriotic. the official word Tues doxes" in the careers and
-- ---- -- ---- 130 plant level agreements have will get
It Is conceivable the Information that would have been develop
him. The girls In the audience of both candidate
been reached. that parking meters are speeches
appeared to be beside them ed by the trial would have been highly embarrassing to pontificating day and said it would "prefer that
GM welcome In town ai
A For Today announced Friday It about as
Thought selves Lyndon Baines Johnson and his yapping running mate. It
this nation's next president hada
wrapped the national and Jesse James
might even be that testimony would have disclosed another departmental -
What, then, was the highlight of political philosophy closer to
local than 90
scandal equal to that of the Alger Hiss case. contract with the International More per per
(By having "The cyrtt o/ /your understandingbeing if It was not such natural wonders Now, the voters will never know at least not until after Nov. 3. Union of Electrical sons who voiced their opinionvia the middle road than either

enlightened (flooded with light) ; (so) that you hand.as The all highlight the performers the on Now the accused spies- -and there actually appears little doubtof Workers IUE). That contract ballot regarding operationof Goldwater or Johnson.

was their guiltwill depart this land, their mission accomplished, covers about 25,000 persona! local parking meters turned
what i ill the Hit
may know (and understand) hojie of girl screamers In the audience,
In down the coingrabbing
free to operate elsewhere as cogs In the crushing wheels of the other developments AMC thumbs on
calling, and what the riches of W inheritance in the and for one reason especially ruthless forces which openly boast they will"bury" this nation and announced it will resume bar devices. 41VARNationsAlign

..anf118 set ajiart ones)" Eph. 1:18 They seemed to flip most positively the free enterprise system that It defends. gaining with the union Monday.
when any of the singerslet Barry Goldwater has charged the administration with sweepingIts Negotiations between AMC and
Christian experience is our calling. God has calledus out a trilled, falll'lIo-t'pe failures and shortcomings "under the rug" the union broke off Wednesday HAINES CITY Organizersof

to it, and therefore it is said to be His calling flow of noise I am writing a This latest "accommodation" of the Communist conspiracy, after a sharp disagreement the proposed Heart of Flor Against

There is hope in this calling; for those who deal with song called" "Pimples. Falsettos just short weeks before the voters of the nation make their decisions whether or not to continue ida Hospital Association have
and You at the polls, may well elevate the heap of dirt under the car- profit sharing.Soviet Issued plans of the proposed
God, deal upon TUUST.Dr.. Albert L. Carnett peting Into such a hillock that It cannot but be noticed by the general --- two-story addition to the Green

Notes to watch television by: citizenry. Clinic and Hospital to provide United States

The Ileadllnrrs Dean Mar. Dropping of the cases against the Russian spies in a frantic and a 75-bed institution.A .
tin's previously announced appearance eleventh-hour hlgh-levef decision demonstrates the soundness of Spy 20-member board of trustees
News Chief EditorialsA on CBS-TV's "Haw- the "Soft On Communism" charge has been elected to help'get the CAIRO U.A.R. (UPI-Fort

hide" as a gunfighter airs! It should Immediately become a major Issue of the campaign. prefect off the ground. seven nations wound up the :

Oct. 30. .Tom Ewell guests Even the most enthusiastic Johnson rooter cannot be anything Efforts have been made dur second world I "non-aligned' ;

Few Facts wilh NBC-TV's Jack Paar Oct but dismayed at seeing a heap of dirt towering as high as Mount Team Sent ToCzechoslovakia ing the past several years to summit conference showing a I

23 Everest, barely concealed beneath the threadbare carpeting of theadministration's In northeast definite alignment against the
Often we hear the question asked<<1 as to who owns Patsy Kelly, Ed Bcglcy provide a hospital
Sheldon\ Leonard and Fred front parlor Polk to serve Haines City United States.Overwh.lmlng.
the Winter Haven Hospital! ? No one owns it and y.tthe Clark are murder suspecti on Of course, howling Horatiowlllattempttoexplalnaway the Issue Loghman Devenport, Lake approval was I

entire community certainly has a proprietary ABC-TV's "Durke's Law" Oct. by jabbering Inane generalities, reeking with ridicule and invectives Hamilton and Dundee. expected today for resolutions

F.. interest in it. It is a corporation within itself. No 21. .Bert Lahr 1 III reported set but lacking entirely in substance and of conviction At the present time it Is neces adopted by the political com
to take a crack at a possible The American people! must awaken to Issues--of which softness NEW YORK (UW-An) alleged sary for hospital patients to mittee Friday night. U.S. policyin
1 stock of any nature Is'Issued. It is governed by a toward communism is of the
one most important. husband wlfe Latin America was the main
situation comedy series about a spy team use hospitals In Lakeland,
board of directors made of people volunteeringtheir They must realize that Nov 3 Is the day of decision- -the fateful target.
up ghost Jose Ferrer and Doro- spared from prosecution for espionage Winter Haven Lake Wales or

services, yet elected to the bO rd. All serve thv Collins turn up with TBS- day dice of, the the moment crossing when of the the Rubicon nation, reaches the hour the of the toss of of the return.last because an open trial Bartow. Communist China was the unnamed
point no
TV's Danny Kaye Oct 28 might have revealed vital U.S. James White, president of target of one resolution
without remuneration type. The Will they be 'beguiled
any reason why by platitudes and by yipping generalities?
E. G. Marshall, star of the Will fall for the counterspy techniques, w a a the State Bank of Haines City, urging "those powers which do
they attempts of thi Johnsonian forces to continue
thiseis brought! quj, i If. that somrd8ther ugly] rumors lame network's "The Defend- their rug-sweeping subtrafuges ordered deported to Czech has been elected president of not at present possess nuclear

have been circulated: about the operation o( this fine era," runs for Congress in. the The answer lies In the millions of Americans, who In their oslovakia. the Heart of Florida Hospital weapons or devices to refrais

Winter Jlaveij 'Institution.{ Oct. 29 epiiiode! in a story by hearts know that Darry Ooldwater is right- -whocannot but realize The Czech Embassy In Wash Association.The 'ftorft'd nlopment or production.
Ernest Kinoy. that this administration is Indeed SOFT on Communism. ington was informed of the deportation Haines City Lions ClubIs of such weapons or devices
The money for its operation comes from the The Shown Tonight (actually order lodged against holding 1U annual fund drive Aimed at the United States

various charges for the care of the patients and gifts 1 a.m EDT Saturday) is the Russian born Alexandre Soko- and membership enrollment were resolutions against the

that continually flow into the hospital from grateful night of NBC's live two-hour Oklahoma Has lov, 41, and a woman believed campaign for the Florida Foun economic blockade of Cubs, for
telecast of the opening core Memories to be his wife but known only dation for the Blind through negotiations on evacuation of
patients. The main reason for the prevent drive" to monies of the Olympics In Ja Real SchoolOf by the alias Joy Ann Garber Oct. 1. The goal Is to reduce the U.S. base at Guantanamo

increase the size and capabilities of this hospital is pan. With action series returning Hard Knocks Baltch 34. The couple was to blindness in Florida by 50 percent Cuba against outside interference -

that often the hospital is so crowded that the halU: Jack Webb la said to 20 YEARS ACO remain In custody here until the in the Congo against
Miss Peggy ReM( and Miss Czech decides i "colonialism" In Latin America
have hail talks with a studio government City Commissioner Andrew
are filled with bodn.! Also, there are some services' about possibly trying to revive Clara Lou Taylor were pledged HENRYETTA, Okla. (UPI- whether to accept them. Reilly, beginning hit third yearin and for "solution of the Puerto

that aren't available now whit should) be availablein his "Dragnet" program. .Nnr to Kappa Delta Sorority at Located five miles southwest of The government dropped espionage office was named mayor. Rican question."

a modern hospital. The planning for the new ad- TV's "Today" show visits ChirOlloOI.t Florida State College for Henryetta is literally a ichool charges against Soko- commissioner last Tuesday Other resolutions condemned
Women In Tallahassee of hard knocks. lov and the Oct. British policy in Southern Rhodesia
20-21-M. All three of woman 2 for night as the commission held
dition done in
concert with doctors
was administrator It'i the Jim boulders Rodeo
CBS-TV's new hour dramas fear that continuation of their Its organization meeting for the and the Arabian peninsula.
the board mt'mbl'I'Ianl\ of course( the architect.It : "Slavery's People" "The- Re 10 YEARS ACO and Riding School" trial would result in public disclosure 1964-6 year.MULBERRY. Portuguese "colonialism"
The State! Plant Board began where aspiring cowboys can of techniques and and South African "partheid
is hoped that this will be one of the finest and most porter" and "Mr Broadway personalities
are considered! to hove a shaky plans for easing quarantines try staying aboard a bucking \ involved in U.S. counterespionage Western leaning Premier
all Your
hospital help financially in sorely placed four horse or bull. Whid- Moise
popularity status, with talk months before operations. A Marty Tshombe of the Congo
needed going around about a hoped for on citrus and ornamental The teacher Is Jim Shoul Brooklyn federal court jury al den has been elected presidentof tried unsuccessfully to gate

shift of "Slattery's People" nurseries after it was discovered ders retired champion all- ready had been seated to hear the Agriculture Advisory crash the conference but left

away from the "Bon Casey"Almanac that spreading decline. around cowboy who is known the charges which could have Council for Mulberry High after three days of virtual

Just Four Weeks competition. affected plants other than citrus as the Babe Ruth of rodeo brought death In the electric School to serve the 1964.65 house arrest at Nasser'i hands

In just four weeks )'ou'ltroop\ to the jwlls: and --- tree Is The 18. Pupils students'come average from such age chair The upon defendants conviction.were charged school Dick year.Willis was elected I') vice SNEAK-THIEFPIRBIRMGT. -

cast your ballots, for a number of people and proposals. 5 YEARS AGO unlikely places as New York with conspiring to transmit to president and George O'CainJr. England (UPI)

There are the national, state, and county officials to Tampa Electric Company and Hawaii. Russia information about American wes elected secretary-trees -Court officials here let it be
announced an agreement. for Shoulders gives his students missile urer.
be voted upon. There are some amendments to the sites nuclear cap known that Scots GuardsmanPaul
the purchase of a downtown tips on riding and rop abilities and troop movementsover Third year men serving on Kirkbride faces a charge
state Constitution that you will be asked to vote upon. By United Press International parcel for the construction ofa ing during their one week of a six-hear period prior to the council are Whidden Paul of stealing 38 balls of bubble

We don't know, as yet, if they have an> thing else on Today la Sunday. Oct. 11, 'the new Winter Haven office Instruction.At their arrest' in July. 1963. Wright Virgil Davis and George gum-when he gets back from

the ballot, but we understand from its length you 2RSth day of 1964 with 81 tn fol building. the end of the week the Peter Esperdy director of theN.w O'Cain. a Singapore assignment In 1967...'
low' -- would be cowboy usually has York Office of the Immigration
had best be prepared to spend a few moments in the The moon in approaching it --- --., a few bruises and a better Service, aid the couple 1

booth. first quarter. idea of whether he really agreed at a deportation hearing

Before election day we will give you full detailson The morning stars are Jiu wants to make hia living on earlier this week to go to Czechoslovakia WSIR Program :
the rodeo circuit. if they admitted.
ter Man ..nI'f'nul were
the ballot so that you will have time to !sit! down I -- -
The evening star Is SaturnOn a III Good rornins I
and study it. And we will lightly add that if you are this day In history' DAILY CROSSWORDACROSS Mornlas 8 III Ulftua'' New.a .
oplcs SI alga 011 em ".. N... C Market
like us, you'lbe\ ready and willing to get it over with In 1011, the first steam.drlvehferry ( 2.Tret 21. Tlbelan"t 7 00 Ihllual N_. d 411 Good Momma i
of the world started It- Examination Traffic gaaelle '.+.t"4'!, .r. 756 Millie from Mutual 7 00 Mutual N....
and return ;
to a quiet normal way of life. ------- -- "'T -"...e.T SI Mutual N.wa 7 011 Oood Morningi
run between New York rill( A **rlt0 e V.., UottOf 01 "Id...... sign 2. Cngll.h "',!; y ",f as lICIt a Phut-b Piogram 7 16 PIIIUne Rool"HB
and Hohoken, N.J. Florid.Y.ut Lw Urdical.I ..Id.,.,._. SoeIOt.._ ..4 eke (Crest 4. Location of too7a1 "14 'Y j 00 Nice ::: f Good Morning<<
::: :
A-Bomb Test Dr. In 18ifl( Thomas Edison flll'.1papt'rI Briny Innibruck.Auitria bow "T"-OZ'M. ,: s r Board Mutsai. New. I
EnglandElected for his first invention HOW VOICE WORTSThe 10 Musical' ) 25. Lamb' ,,' ';'T'. : r ', Central Church M L'aer T. .... If... S washsrr ,
45 Murc For 7" 10M
CapabilityUnder an electrical vote recorderIn larynx is a ,I'artilaginou Instrument 5. Mate swan pen _< r. ,,,,,. jj f los Mutual Ie... 7 II Memlag 8peft. m.
12 Wit /. ..t name '. .: t 1 06 Mursc For Meditation .
1945 Chiang Kat-ahek and boxlike structure at the lower .L. ; j 00 MIIt..s News i ia
Way end of the throat in which the 13 'Th -- saab 21. "d. "' -4, + Mutual N.,. Morany .. AusdupS I IIII
} t : :
Communist leader Mao-Tae Icapis!
By of a Guiana forM say R wtah Mute r q.y. i... Hsgal
W produced. ..m. a
voice Stretching
Tung issued a Joint statementpledging Nation ; ,a, New. Readllarn 8. 1I..s NewIet
HONOLULU UPI-An tier. across the Ur im two Aden 29. Knew .
( > are u5 Make Mier Mute 8. Geed warning
their mutual desire .. ,.....
14.Close to re"
else will gel under way at ntrmbri>oyi bands or foldsof pepper 5. aq' 10O All SlIr Muoll" s w Y_ Plerads OardeaII
for peace and unity.In connective tissue called the IS. Kettle plant U. aouada u 39.n. Rope 00 Cllurclt IIonIeH a t. teM WonInI
Island Pacific
Johnston In the
how Church GroupDETROIT 19 3, Pope John the XXIII vocal chord When small mu.- Exclamation ft.KMofmVtery a wteII with a 12 00 Mutual News gag .... atn Tsars i
next week to determine Attermro
could opened the second SMston of dies connected with the membranous .2. ; N.Y 1'1II\ U III tneesda owe : : =' ewe
fast the United State re* Menaeu
the Ecumenical Council with a bands. contract, the 1ft. Hlpeoe- tap R. N.. as nirlrrota' 2 r Walk S Ness
sum testing of nuclear weapons (UPI Dr Stephen \: ::: N.I. : =
plea for Christian unity.A vocal cord are drawn taut 11. Kind of tMlhy knot '
should the present test ban J. England distinguished Then, when the ovtfoinc air MrUipta rock IN c.IDndo 42. Metal I I. ai Mart i-v "' ''11'' n ,_, Jf-' eews i iI
ever be broken. professor of New Testament at plots through the vocal chord, JO Dull 15.f'llnltt eat, H. OIMm I .11 hoer ut Dwaine is as nesety tRad Wws i
A for the com. of Phillips thought for the The vibrate 33 Cttytnta 1. Mseses JIIew8 10 10 ter rW1I saesi
spokesman the graduate seminary day they and! produce N. 47. Before Lsetovaa Namr IMMSt Stew. '
mander In chief of Pacific University In Enid, Okla., Creek biographer Plutarch sound. 24.1: -**aped 10.1laat = 45.: Recent uslrlot ......1 dgr E....di gnoa I
Forces laic Friday that planes, was elected president of the said: "Clmo aM loud orators I* order to produce sound suwlMng ..... eyeada 110. Anger s M'" .. .. Mutual _... I
equipment and personnel were the cord mast draw near to 96. Curly. I.: = L.t.arw 't e' Oka Urylel skew
International Convention of were driven by their weaknessto .. t
smother, haired 1 i ;" S o" 1 i t g gsel .
ant tense and dog 5
being tunneled this Force week Christian Churches (Disciples of noise, as lam" men like to vibrate. A jrtkW. grow which intorfm 211.Wapiti It =l'News a II. aka R it LM n YaBt

through Hickam Air Christ) take to the hone > with the function of vj. 30. (>1mal.Ra- 9 10 I Ms...i ..... .t Mrsrl, (... ",
Base In Hawaii In preparation
Dr. Forrest L. Rlcheson. min beating will impair tour tarn I. Gran of 0II0r OII Fsns A Or e.
for the tests announced last liter of the First Christian prod ucf IIII. 31. neat a I) 4 w Mussel !low. t! 10 pay wka tae IhoI1ff

month by the Defense Depart. Church In Minneapolis Minn., Churches of Chris, Scientist Some pcnon naturally UM 34. DcWrsi. : : w.rM Mutual.R.va.w New. :i ::: MMiaml tt.. e i

meat and Atomic Energy Com. was chosen president-eleel. Dr The Golden Text for Christian the voice ffortlesly MM! well. 4 tt "f : 7 >. M"ek fW ........ I: n Yap tnMn of the w.ia Sews "
mission officials Washington.The Science churches this is Other have voices that art Pronoun o 10 Motaa 'ref i ,..... fa ,
Frank G Dickey of Atlanta, Sunday
spokesman stressed that from Jeremiah ((17-14) "rloal ibis hatch> rough or roily 34. soon I' 9 ::0: ) il IZ ll a .-ict Mow ,I in w..w
the exercises would be non-nu was elected second vice presi me 0 Lord and I wI! be fatigued. Women usually have 40. lelO. : :: ::'uri '4 New.Tae I: I] IIfR sews t ta I

clear but said use of explosiveswould dentMrs healed; save me. and I shall besaved voices: o< higher pilch than 41. Or*** n i f 1 .w Musk Pre MwiW. I, .t7 Oliearw Mtauy ....tI
S Sherman, wife men and this is .bee
be Involved In them. He Clyde : for thou art myraise"The *** theirvocal letter L rutu.a ..... I. Mfg rlsm no aa.-. I
of the minister of the First cord are ihorter. ,0 a w Mort rms mudar .
did not believe there would bean Bible lesson 1s on the sub- 41 Chrtitmaa r : j" wiwrt taws
Macon Ca. Vocal training in order to see Mso I New. I i MNM a u..war
Christian Church feet "Are SIn UIvaM, andDeath drink
physical manifestation out. teach people how to breath Nkkel' SI IU 111 jot H 13't" w ilWrrl rank I III l41PUat nine I I
aide the of was named to the board of directors Real? 4J. r "II Yoemi 11Io.. .
Immediate vicinity properly may improve speech tM ....... A ... qy
Johnston Island, 700 mile for a one-year term. A central theme of the service In some cues, corrctie calls O imams 151 I' Jt I"O w MMesl. Male I. ra..l "' ..
southwest of Hawaii. Due to Join the board In 1963 will be this statement from for removal of enlarged ton- >. A shad I.I. a KRwal etae5M....P.Miw. I. sine,... 'yang
4 w Nees
for a four-yesr term Is Mrt. the denomination's textbook: oils. adenoids or natal obstruction of I I'U t'4 S 144 S I. mrday. ........ t s M ..... a dkaeaf
FOR SHAME Lynn Matlack wife of the minister "The understanding of his apiritual green : I II naiad .......... t ., MrsMl .....
BANBfRY: England (L'PICarpentet )- of First Christian Church Individuality makes man The tonal quality of the voice Sl.TaHy: .., 1'"4 .., I. M.w.l News s to weed A Jm.
52. Painful ,
MMe s ta. lea .
moss real, more formidable in fsa .
> working on I SI.. In Montgomery Ala iM> e"I\'u adversely affected spots : : rfa.'. tr. t.trss.to : :.:.. .-
and enables him
truth. to conquer !h obctrttctmn. a* when the ,)IM. .. i
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w 1'1.
million factory here walked off disease 5!. tr* h Iii suwtnery .. gag ,"-
sin and death"Science
upper respiratory membranesare In III' gnaw .. ..
'WI If. i N.
the job because they were being A disciplined conscience 1< a I ( and Health with Keyto .wollrn' during cold and Psteh.e 51L yoNDAi 1. P.ee Ate seM"'a
brought tea In "filthy" man's best frlepd. the Scriptures by Mary Baker ihronic infection especially in DOWN w f ; y MnIwN. Ness'
Food flak I .11. ..i: Nees'
cups. Austin Phelps Eddy, p. JIT the sinuses ao



'I Citrus Estimate Is Shock Ryan Says City Has $194,000

(Continued From Page One) boxes Average fruit count per (Continued: From Page One) duce $14,000.

Mutual ii of interest to all tree ia up about one-third above year and was cut to 9500 In the The location depends on

growers It ihowi the super last year but fruit set la very omlng budget had the $1,000 whet Milo Smith, the city's

cooperative now anticipates a uneven. Current fruit sloe is restored when Robert Webb, planning consultant comes up

carryover of frown concentrated slightly below average but sizes president of its board appeal. with in his current study of

orange Juice of only 6 are variable reflecting the den. ed for the funds, explaining that possible sites. Ryan explained.
shy of fruit on trees. Last
million boxes It had previously had sea. the organisation hoped to come However Smith has In past
hung on the 9 million gallon son practically a complete up with a .elt'8titainlng status surveys favored a government
harvest of all fruit on the trees
figure but a week IT ao and this year's forecast of tan. by next year.A complex In the area Ryan favors
$600 item was added to the
ago dropped it to 8 million and and Commissioner
gertnea includes all production DON'TKICK
budget tor the director of Civil
now has whacked off another from bearing trees, as it doeson Defense Bill Wolf. Wolf who Is Hughes Steele Steele, who was

2 million gallons all other citrus fruit fore Y 4! former assistant fire chief but on a study committee that

Mullms made a pungent re casts. left that poet two years ago to made a complete city survey
mark in defending hi. high Tangelo forecast production\ become director of the building of possible sites, agrees with
projections "There is going at 850,000 boxes Is the only and toning department is re Ryan that the exposition buildings .

to be a lot of weather betweennow forecast below a year ago when turning to the fire departmentat are logical

and the time the crop is 900,000 boxes were harvested. his own request as a special Both these buildings! are of

harvested," he said. IndicatIng Average fruit count per tree on assignment f 1 r e m a n.He poured concrete not only
he anticipated changes in sample trees Is down about 100 was accepting a $600 salarycut solid enough for permanent

the estimate. percent from last )year with in the change, and the com. use! but prohibitively expensive

Actually, some citrus people size and drop about average. e! mission felt, in view of his long to tear down for something
Lime production first fore service that this was not right
describe the USDA projection else The two other
at a "yo-yo", and actually been cast as Increased of last April 1st, has They decided to establish a $SO buildings on the grounds,
from 480,000 a month salary for the CD dl.
anticipate such a perform. boxes to which are of concrete block
500,000 which
boxes rector a post Wolf has held for
ance which means that the would be a new record product.Ion several years at no salary. construction and In poor
Industry will keep watch on for this crop. Harvest is These were virtually the only shape, would be torn down un

the regular monthly revisions exceeding that harvested to this changes made In Ryan's builg. der Ryan's proposal, and that
due out each 10th of the date a year ago. Total harvest et-for which he gave great area used for entrances and

month to reflect conditions as in 1963-64 was 450,000 boxes. credit, incidentally, to Elton parking.
of the first day of the month. '. Landhal city finance director, lie favors the jail being located

What about prices at the on- who he said was of immeas. In one of the buildingsIt -

tree level as a result of the 5 Area Firms arable assistance in drawing up could be soundproofed to
Friday estimates' the estimates.The eliminate one objection to Its

The average on tree returnin "" budget contains some In. location In that area or a
the 11.season span, start ,,. .. ovations such as some $8,000for jail-court building could be

ing with 195354, was $212 a Get Charters TWO BEAUTIES Mary Spanjera and her horse, uniforms who work for all city em.ployes established elsewhere Ryan'
outside and
box $126 per box with a production Apollo are expected to :::. r le today in the final perform. In contact < said.
of 91.300000 boxes in Secretary of State T o mAdams ante of the All-Amseur Horn: :Chow being" held at the Polk Coon come The uniforms with the public. "My recommendation will
1853.54, and topping off at today announced the char ty Riding Association showgrou-Jj off Dundee Road near the Lake of serve several pur. the site, Is that construction
poses, one which 1s iduntU
(4,44 last year. terlng of the following corporations Region Yacht and Country Club neat ion as city employes. be if our planner agrees on
Mullms told his audience : start within three months so

that the total Florida citrus Interlachen Groves Inc., 1504 Polk Horse Show To Continue Police always and been fire uniformed departmentshave and as to complete It within the THETIRES

crop of 122,850,000 boxes "is Orange Ave., NW,Winter Haven, the refuse collection next year," Ryan said
up sharply from last season's with 10,000 shares of commonat (Continued From Page One) marla, owned by Steve Martin have been for the
due $10 per share dealing in the and shown Tat Jon. and shown by Chris Hanahan of past
89,550,000 boxes to unus owned by year, but starting about Nov. 1 DeathJAMES
citrus business. Incorporatorsare Lakeland, third; Florabla Murdiikhl
ually rapid tree recovery kins taking second placeDiana so will street, water and s w.
(from the '62 freeze). There W. T. Simpson, Elizabeth Hubbell of St Petersburg owned and shown by er department crews, garage HARRIS
R. Simpson and W. T. Simp. Steve Martin of Lakeland,
his been no appreciable won the Junior Western and public building maintenancemen James Howard Harris, even
son, all of Winter Haven. Petition fourth, Dinah Mite, owned and
change In trees of bearing age Pleasure class and parks, groves andcem. month old son of Mr and
filed Oct. 5 by Roy C.
Walters of
shown Lee Fau
from a year ago. Summerlin of Winter Haven. Blythe Jaguar, owned by by etery department emplo,...The Mrs. Robert E Harris of 120
Gillie fifth Galarell
Here is his comment on the Double J Corporation, 160 E. Mr, and Mrs. John A. SnivrIv Cloverleaf, ; Ranch and, ownedby shownby new order does not apply- to the Ave. A, East. Wahneta, died

various varieties: Central Ave.,Winter Haven.with Jr and shown by John A Debbie Waters, sixth. log recreation department or build. Friday at his home
Inspectors of
The Florida orange crop Is 1,000 shares of common at $10 Snively Jr., continued his winS Saddle Seat Equitation 13.17. office nor but course to Survivors besides his par
43 in with victory In personnel most oth. eels Include one sinter, Debra
forecast at 83,600,000 boxes per share dealing goods ning ways a
Susan Snively first. Gary Carter er city employes will be
percent larger than the 58.3 wares and merchandise. Incor. the Single Roadster Open of Ocala second Kathy Ing uniforms.Another Harris; one brother Michael
million harvested last year. porators are Irvin S. Cowle, Class This wan another all Harris, maternal grandfatherand
Hheredge: of Barlow third. innovation would be
The early and mid-season Martha Osborne, and Kathy Winter Haven event with W lease a step'grandmother, Mr
Barnee Carter of Ocala fourth; policy for police Cars instead
types total 410 million boxes, Wise, all of Lakeland. Petition L. Etheredge taking second of the and Mrs C. M Gullerud of
Harriet of Ocala
Talby fifth present purchase
which Is the 43.5 million filed Oct. 6 by Ned F. Slnder of : .
near place with Darn Speedy; Robert Betty Stevens of Barlow, sixth plan which Ryan is now negotlat. Eau Claire, Wis; and pat.r.nal
box harvest of the 1962-63 freeze Lakeland.L. third with ing. If the grandmother and itep-
Caldwell taking Single Roadster Open Blythe deal goes through he
but still well below the M. Hollister Groves Inc.
year, and Tom Turnbull said, the will grandfather, Mr and Mrs
freeze 1961.62 production 0152.3 American National Bank Build. Our Si.; Jaguar/ owned by Mr and Mrs. city save about
fourth with Red Devil $7,000 annually In Woodrow Workman of NorthEast
taking car
million boxes. This Increase log Winter Haven, with 100 John A Snively Jr. and shownby up.
Kebu. owned and shown by keep He Is negotiating for five Md.Funeral.
John A. Snively. first Darn
reflects the rapid recovery of the shares of common of no par ;
trees of these varieties.Average value, dealing the citrus bust Wayne (lager also continual Speedy owned and shown by cars now, will lease 11 more services will beheld
fruit number found on sample ness. Incorporators are L. M.Holllster his winning ways by taking W L. Etheri'dje of Barlow, nest year If It proves practical. at 4 p.m. today at graveside '

trees compared with last year's Marilyn Holllster the Arabian Three Gaited second; Our Sis, owned and The budget contains a $5,000 at Lakeside Memorial
count has skyrocketed to nearly both of Lakeland and Lorraine Open (English: Tack) event shown by Robert Caldwell, appropriation for the fire department Park with the Rev Martin

double last year and Is not too Carper of Winter Haven. Petl. Kathy Etheredgt: of Barlow third; Red Devil owned and retirement program, Galstad pastor of Immanuel

far below the average pre-freeze tlon filed Oct. 5 by Raymond took first place In the Flw shown by Tom Turnbull, fourth a joint participation system Lutheran Church, officiating
number on these same trees. Mattox of Winter Haven. Gaited Saddle Horses Mare Working Hunters War Balance between the city and firemen

Fruit sizes are much smaller Hodnett Groves, Inc., Winter class with Miss Nola Kay owned and shown by Jane This discussion turned to the Students Boo

than the large sizes of a year Haven, with 500 shares of com. Harmon of Winter Haven was Hart of Tampa, first Look possibility of a pension plan
ago but are about on par with mon of no par value, dealing in second with n.'ridd Farm Good, owned and shown by for all city employes at some (Continued From Page One)

1962.63 and several other recent the citrus business. Incorpora. Princess. and Vicky Macrxr- Sieve Stephens of Palmetto, future time Nothing definite from the royal yacht Britanniaat

years. Droppage to date tors are J. V. Hodnett, DonnaH. molt of Miami was third on second; Zy Adah owned and came of the discussion though 10,011( am, EDT to "begin
has been slightly below aver. Hodnett, both of Winter Ha. it will utulimbtedly come .
Bright Future. shown by Linda Resin third; up what some observers have
age.Temple yen, James V. Hodnett Jr., of lane Hart of Tampa won Droned Storm. owned and again later. called the mead dangerous assignment .
oranges are forecastat Port Richey, Lillian H. Gratton the Working Hunters lass shown by Pat Tabtiley, of Cocoa, The budget Includes a rod of her 12 year reign rn
of New Port Richey and Katlw
3,600,000 boxes only slightly ,
of living increase
fourth. EZ for all city
Balance Over, owned by
above last season' harvest of erine H, Nunez of Tallahassee. with War Two anti Royalist rallies
3,400,000 boxes. Fruit count per Petition filed Sept. 30 by Joe Friday results: tints Malta, and shown by personnel with department fueled Friday night easing tension
tree la up only slightly from last A. McClaln of Dade City Modified FBI Test Si Susan Moaln fifth: Windmere heads and other key staff, somewhat Rain which

year with sizes about average Walker Groves, Inc., of Au. ion owned by Carol Patterson Laddie. owned and shown by members qualifying for greater dampened the demonstrators
though somewhat smaller than burndale, with 100 shares of of Windmere and shownby Debera D>kes of Rorkkdge Increases under the elty'ssalary enthusiasm, continued today and

last year. common at $100 per share,deal. Robert Patterson; first : sixth program Department wai considered likely to l<"ssen
Valencia oranges are forecastat log in the citrus business. Incorporator Look Good owned and shown heal Increases ranged from the chance of incidents

39,000,000 boxes or 28 per. are Ralph N. Walk. by Steve' Stephens, of Palmetto the highest going to flub The queen's welcoming was
of B. J. Langs First Crane Hill, recreation director who
cent above last season's 30,500, er Auburndale second Pit *Cake owned planned Inside a St Lawrence
000 boxes, but still far below the ton and M. Craig Massey both b\ Carol Haitiison and shown qualified for s double ....p.up riverfront bottling and all her
of of Lakeland. Petition filed Oct. Back In Text in the escalation
pre-freeze 1961.62 record b\ Robert Pattern, third: salary pro. activities here were cloned to
56,500,000 boxes. Average fruit 3 by M. Craig, Massey of Lake Mr Iwis, owned and shown gram and gets $014 more. all but Invited guests
M t STWFII I Tex ('l11' i I
) -
count found sample trees Is down
on $260
Whittle of It IVtersburg << .
She the
by Sharon was to speak to provincial
almost 50 higher than The first whooping crane of has
percent he
outlined what
land.Over S6 a*
fourth i Gray legislature. lunch withLltout..n.nt
on these same trees a year ago. the season has arrived for the mind for the fire
16,000 Reds dal owned and shown by But winter Aranaas National In new police Governor Paul Com-
Fruit sizes are considerably ry Dikes of Rorkledfle. fifth: Wildlife at Refuge the Tesiaa complex when (the commission tot, participate' In ceremonies We're only kidding, of course.
smaller than the above average on
(Continued From Page Oae) reached the budget Item
owned and shown by honoring the French
size of last year at this time, Brilliant coast The U S Fish and Wild.
similar at the time. butIt Dale Huseman of of $40,000 allocated for a new Royal ttnd regiment and attenda Kick them
but they are now only 10 per cent story Virginia life Service: said the II other With all you like. It's a
below average for this date. was Ignored in Saigon until Ocala, sixth known members of the vanishing public safety building state dinner tonight Afterspending

Grapefruit production fore today Stock Seal Equitation-Chris specie are due In Texas by this amount plus $39000 In i Sunday on the yacht, good way to let off steam.
cast at 33,500,000 boxes, Is Word of the massacre: fol- DeMiyo. of Winter Haven, first; Dec I. jail fund established several the was to fly to Ottawa, the r''
loved by two days a claim by years ago In anticipation of anew federal capital, for a brief visit
about 27 percent above last season Martha Kay McGettee .f Deals The cranes are nearly extinct That know
..The large losses caused by Vietnamese military sources second; Tuba O'Dell of Oxford, They' spend" the summeron jail, a $30000: fire department Sunday night as you was one '
hurricanes Cleo and Dora In the that a V S. helicooter mls'ak. third; Michelle\ Morrison of Great !Slave Lake in northwestern building! fund established About 4,000 soldier and police
Indian River area have been enly strafed friendly Vietnamese Apopka, fourth; Beverly Bees of Canada, mostly In fur the same purpose and an were on duty here In advance of the old-fashioned ways of r

more than offset by Increased troons on Wednesday and Fort Myers, fifth; and Mary \Beth! Wood Buffalo National I Park, estimated $00.000 to be real- of the queen's arrival. At
productivity of Interior trees. killed 25 of them before the McPhilllps of Winter Haven (lied on the .sale of _the. pub: added security precautions, checking the car. Cars these
Production of Duncan and oth. survivor fired on It In despair sixth lie safety building at Sixth ana Navy frogmen conducted an underwater .

er seedy types has been forecast Hnnging It down Arabian Pleasure Horses.Western Heart Drive Central I, Ryan added up $188 search of the cold days are so well built and
at 11,500,000 boxes, up 74 per. A US. military Investigationreport -Jlrjl, owned by Max 000. Through "budgetary murky SI Lawrence where the

cejit from a year ago. Average said the U.S. helicopter and Jan Culpepper, and shown' by (Continued From Page One) transfers' which he said he royal yacht was to berth and have so Improvementsthat
frillt count on sample trees Is Linda Piper first Dinah Mite all automobiles many
might have killed three Vietnamese ; Wood declared The public's would discuss at the next commission entering this
more than double that on these soldiers by accident owned and shown by Lee Wa attitude of pessimism about meeting he could pro city of 300,000 were searched the only thing need
trees a year ago. How. not 25 lets of Eau Gallle, second -- --- you
ev r, current size Is a Littlem Polk County Saddle Seat Equitation heart disease has been reversed
< re than one-tenth below av. U and Under. otty Tarn Tod.y.. know that to do Is select the one you
er e and far below the very Terrorists Seek bull of Winter Haven Oral; Bar. some forms of the heart and

lafce sizes at this time last bars Simpson of Winter Haven, blood vessel disease ran be prefer and then make sure I
year. (Continued From Page One) second; Kim Overbacber of Win\ prevented some cured, and ThanksTo
fpedleas grapefruit forecastat would not be executed ,while tar Haven, third; and Melinda almost all helped with proper My that do get the right
122,000,000 boxes. Is up 11 Smolen's life was in the balance SorrelU of Lake Alfred fourth. treatment after early diagnosis you

percent from last season. AJ.though Three-Galted Saddle Ponies. ," she pointed out.
most of the Indian River The 45-year-old airman deputy Fabulous Lady, owned and shown Meet )heart attack victim The People of financing at one of the

aril's. grapefruit are seedless chief of the U S. Air Mission by Regina Rowen, first; Pretty recover from initial attacks,
tyjies and they suffered heavy Miss owned and shown by Pat American National Banks of
here was seized as he left his and ef those who do three out ,
loss from hurricane den, In. home with Col. Henry L Jenkins, second. of four go back to work. High Winter Haven
creased productivity In the In.tettoc Junior Western Pleas-tire
the mission chief anda course.
Choate blood which cnn
has more than offset the Ned D, owned and shown by W pressure
civilian driver None of the
rave: heart brain and kidney
reduction\ on the River. Aver. ana Hubbell of St. Petersburg
agf fruit count on all sample three was armed. first; Dalfa Club, owned and damage, now ran be controtM I
One bandit thrust his submachine
tries Is nearly one-third above shown by Margo Footer of Or In mot Instances
a fear ago. Size Is well below gun Into Smolen's abdomen lan la4 season's, and average. and the other punned bins and shown by Tasha OlDen of and thousands of victims are

'The! forecast tor the 1963.64 Into a waiting car Oxford third Prince owned by now .being rehabilitated and
cri> of tangerines 4,400 box. Neither Choate who apparently the Cloverleaf Ranch and shownby returned to active lives Most
cal This is 22 percent above last was not recognized by the Marty Loeey fourth Gray cases of rheumatic fever CM / will do my bttt, to upholdthe

season's harvest of 3,600,000 kidnappers nor the driver was Pepper, owned and shown by be prevented In the past decade
molested of confidence and trait that'
Cathy Serawrta, fifth; and remarkable progress
I (In Washington the State Department Mountain Bar
owned by 3. I. has been mad In correcting
3I I!.I l I CAN
said Choate called for McKibben of Winter Haven and have plaCId In vwe
>nstal heart defect you me.
Smolen Friday because of "re shown by David McK cone NATIONAL IJANIOi
(Continued From Page One) ,sixth. through. IUr..ry" she said.
Communists Western _
cent rumors" that the Pleawe Gun
ID tile House. the Democrats were planning to kidnap Sock, owned and shown by Desfete this progress. theehaW.an Member FDIC
now bold 254 teats and the Re an American official CWI8nottoofLakelan4"lInt; added the heart '
and bawd vessel. da.*.... con- -
Put> c a DS 171h ("Our embassy came to the Thre.GaJte4 Statue Horse .
the Senate. W Democrat. eoochtsion. that Col Smote OIA.M ......, 154 MIL taunt to he the. nation N. I Sincerely, >

? its are up for grabs on Nee might be one of several likely Bred Adam, owne4 by Mr. and killer, daiming' the lives of /
S ompared to only t Repwfctt- victims of a kidnapping plot" Mrs. J hn A. Mvety It. a4 nearly a mUttosj M the U.S ,..

tag seats But Democrats belie 1 State Department: spokesman shown fcf Susan Snrtety, first, lenc each year on/rented
e they can bold on to most' said He did not explain why FlifM of Kaight, owned and with this lart." she went on,

or heir teats and IB addition! Choate and Smoke were not shown by Ueitnda Sorreli of "we meat espand our efforts .cLI42lf nnrSund a
III ke I net gain of at least armed) Lake Alfred, second; Last .... in the fight agamet these diseases

I r from the GOP Kidnapping for propaganda Me Love, owned and shown by ."
,t present the Demotrats purposes is a favorite tactic of Kathy CtnereJfe of Bartotr, The Heart Fund campaign ; t if 1iiJFs
hold a 64 to 34 bulge over the the Communists fa VenetaelaIn third. has tradiuauilr been held

R publicans In the SeM(* the past 14 mouths, they Arabian Three Gaited Ope during February. which U National rr i

all the Democratic predictions lave abducted Col! James K. (Enghah Tack) Ktbu.: owned Heart Month hut is be-

repe true ft would five the Cbmault. former deputy chief and show by Wayne Hager, leg cheated this year in the
pap a TO to 30 edge the big of the all military mission first Jirji, eward by Mat and Winter Haven .tftaDd area -- ntM+w+' -

gritiace the Frank'JO D bere and Spanish soccer star Jan Oilpeeer, and shown by tn order i t" s'.dd rqofUcf with n. ,.. A*. = .
Rdoseveb landslide ofX: Alfred De Stefaae. Ltoda Piper, roped; Catt-. United road drives -

t $

--T **

I y


.." '" :'" "
t vr !?' : /< ::" :'i Health Center

s For Fitness And HealthBy };.. Gets Assist

c r Of Volunteersthrough

the coordii" ah I .
forts of the Mtd State rut 1
Many of have thin arms
you loots and Respirator Iii["> .
es or arc quite weak in your arms .\ssocUtlon (ten volunuc] .
Thinness of course can be Welcome !
alr HIP Wagon Club ,
camouflaged with various i corked. this week it :tl t oJ
sleeves on a dress or blouse .
s ( urm> Health ( enter u st \
Dud wouldn't it be nice to fill ,
II t r H.,VPI! .
t out the boniness that persistsin ,
''awN the 1 titles have assist
s the upper arm and shoulder Ui<. clerical\ work relating .r 1
areas? '"lol'ilc, )' X-ray unit. MM t"t ,:
This particular type of exercise I'.rot Sehafpnaker ts chair' ; ,
we Illustrate today 1 Is I tins volunteer group am tar
resistive exercise using your I n/abeth Miller Is Hoste,. ".
own upper body weight as the OIH club
resistance Now you girls who Mrs. Laurette Inskeep, ,-:
have heavy arms this Is not for slMant Director Nurslm Se:s
I exerciite specifically for redur lees, Polk County Health Uej! ,;r'
you. We will demonstrate an n cent, is making an appeal :fa'
exercise specifically for reducIng ad,lltional volunteer help for t th
a the arms In a coming / M 1r next three weeks.Anyone '1 Ito
column. help with this clerical sri\
If you merely want to firm lea may call Mrs. Inskccp s
s and strengthen or build up the cY3.3141orCT3.3142.Workers .
size of the arm follow these will work insrtetl J .
Instructions: building and the only requirements
are knowing the alp! ,Fp
Bend over In the position illustrated
fur tiling! duties and a wi ;
with the hands placed,
to devote a few hour .
----- --- ----
on the knees Then the elbows 1/ rrr
community, health work.
Steers which will drop your upper
: holy forward. Then straightenthe r
AI '
arms again. S Women's GOP
As you do this, be very sure

REPUBLICANS:: Mrs Guy Carlson, center, was hostess at a Republican rally at her Polk CampaignFor you are pushing! down quite ANCHOR CLUB !PEAKER; The Winter Haven High Club To MeetIn
home In Lake Alfred. ;Speakers were Paul Wells, left candidate for state representative, hard on the knees This is the School Anchor Club heard< Pill Glen left ot 'Jlcmblj forelen
and James Mciver right running for Polk supervisor of registration resistance we spoke of earlier exchange student spending a year: hero at its meeting the past LakelandThe
The exercise should be performed week. With her Is Susan Mehrlust_, an officer ot the club
GoldwaterA slowly about 15 times -- -- Republican Women's' .u
GOP Rally Held Whitmore Is Advisory BoardIs Do this arm strengthener and Library Work Meeting SetTwo of Lakeland will meet on Thur
builder other
coordinating and advisory every day. day at the Crest Restaurant
New TrusteeOf committee has been named for Polk CounDans will take will be discussed along with 2411 S. Florida Ave., Lakelan:
the Barry Goldwater campaign part In a symposium at a li- other library problems.The for luncheon at noon, ant, i aJ
In Lake AlfredTwo Farm
Group AnnouncedAt In Polk County, it was announced Veterans AffairsHoward brarians' work meeting in Or- meeting will be held at Republican women of WlnterH
by E. L. Jones, county Repub. lando Wednesday.Ben the San Juan Hotel starting ven are Invited to attend.
candidates spoke at a Al Whitmore of Orlando, gelloeral lican campaign chairman, who H. Enlow, county Hill Griffin of Frost at 10 a.m. Mrs. L. Ilutar from Republican
Republican rally held at the homeof manager of the FlorldaCiUrus also heads the Goldwater driveIn service officer for Polk Coun proof and Judge R. T. Nelsonof National Headquarters b!
Mrs. Guy Carlson of Lake Production Credit Association Grovemont Polk. ty, announced today that a representative Lake Wales will be participants \f.r TD Washington, D. C. will\ speak
Alfred, committeewoman hasbeen unanimously elect Rep. Ray Mattox Is chairmanof from' the Polk along with F. B. Sur- srLc141.11.IT10,1'ATLANTA
Inct 29.Paul ed to a lhree-year term as a the committee. Mattox,who Is County Veterans' Service office gulne, Orange County commissioner Reservations for the luncheon
Wells running for state trustee of the American Institute An advisory board of out -The lie should be made with Mrs. Ware
running for reelection on the will\ be In Winter Haven Thurs and City Manager R. V.
representative Group 3, and of Cooperation, national educational standing local citizens has been Democratic ticket, has come out day at the old City Hall build Youkey of Lakeland. Griffin Is of specialisation has made Its Hughes, CY 3.2607.
James Mciver, candidate for and research agency for named for Grovemont of Win for Goldwater in the presidentialrace. ing (courtroom), corner of 6th a state legislator and Judge mark on luncheon workers at This meeting will replace
supervisor of registration, gave farm business. ter Haven, the new nursing and Central Ave.. from 9 a.m. Nelson Is the chairman of the the Mornlngslde Elementary regular October meeting oft the!
talks. Tom Malsano of Washing. Whitmore Joins 60 other nationallyprominent home at Second St. and Ave. The committee Is composed of to 4 p.m. to assist veterans library board In Lake Wales. School. Winter Haven Republican We .
ton, D. C., who was scheduledto leaders In the 0, NE, which has Just opened. representatives of the Various and their dependents or survivors Mrs. Gretchen hchenk, nationally One worker does notliln" but en1.-; Club, and all members, or
give an address, could not be agricultural field In directing the The board, announced by organizations backing Goldwa. with any matters per known library consultant unscrew tops from thermos other Interested persons, UP
present. program of the Institute, whichIs William Grooms Jr., directorof ter. It plans at least one county. talnlng to veterans affairs will speak.Llbran budgets bottles for the' type Invited to attend.
Wells predicted that Polk chartered as a university In the company which operatesthe wide rally with a nationally
County would go Republican,bas. the District of Columbia, and local nursing home and one known figure as keynote speaker,
ed on the enthusiastic receptionhe meets annually on the campusof in Bradenton, Is as follows: Mattox said.
and others on the Barry Cold. a Land-Grant college. Dr. Ivan W.Gassier, Dr. George With Mattox and Jones on the
water ticket have received. Whitmore was elected at the Dormon, the Rev August Bern- committee are:
Mciver plumped for "A two. 36th annual meeting of the In. thai, pastor of Grace Lutheran Charles Deming, Americans
party system" and criticised stltute at Michigan State University Church, Fire Chief Abner Lew- 'tor Goldwater, Winter Haven;
methods presently used on the East Lansing, attend. Is, and Mrs. A. J. (Betty) Bill Stringfellow, Americans for
I Polk registration office, partIcularly ed by some 2,500 farm business Lynd. Goldwater, Bartow; Roger
In the advice given to leaders, university and government Grovemont, the modern nurs- Campbell, Citizens for Goldwa.
those asking information on how farm and marketing spe.clallsts ing home In Central Florida, ter, Lake Wales; Harry CannonJr.
to register farm credit men, and Is now receiving patients and ., Joe Sargent in and, George
Mrs. Carlson urged the election rural educational workers, In. has a staff on duty 24 hours Allen, Citizens for Goldwater,
of all Republicans on the eluding 1,000 rural members of a day. Lakeland; Jim Stiles, Americansfor
ticket She served coffee at the youth organizations and young Goldwater, lIalnl'l City; Eu.

rally. farmers. Student Club water gene Doss, Mulberry., Americans for Gold. I.. I

CHI OO The hot- .1
... .. .. Hears Talk
test \ $ Tabooed the
11.1111" t{! 1 tI! : Fine most Champagne Gprrnlve spfilLi Arbellot pepper Orande 1794 On Old CoinsClaude New B ildersOrganization

brandy and the blugest meat- Ray, a coin collector
eaters are the Uruguayans at and dealer In Winter Haven,
239 pounds per head.Announcirrg. at the week
was guest speaker (
ly breakfast meeting of the Cooperative 4\
/ Education Club at the
Winter Haven High School.
55ce The value of old and rare To Open HereWinter L
$299Optn the of Ms
YAMAHA the opening of coins was subject CUMMINGS
Interesting talk. ,
No Money Down the Dental Offices Other guests at the meetingwere Haven Plan Room, a

$1712re, M.. of Mrs.; Mrs.Ruth Gloria Connor Aldermanand members ty non-profit builders t service to keep for them Polk Inform.Coun. I IA

Dally 4-f P.M. DR. M. B. GILLILAND of the acuity of WinterHaven ed of all area construction, will rt
at 423 B
Thursday Ave. .
All Diy SaturdaysLakdand DMD. High School; Mrs. Mb 11
wife of of visit to store will convince that can save sub- Ip
Ham Hoffses, one NW.This our you you
Cycle Co. type of service Is usually e
the coordinators, and James .
301 Third Street, S.W ,p*. 21,1114 l Bockover a former student In found only In larger cities, and stuti.lly! on quality home furnishings every day of the year.
often under the name
the Education Pro
Phone 294.1505 Cooperative
CT 4-1322 "Builders Exchange." I IE It
gram.IMeef Architects from all parts of (
the state that serve this area I
will\ place plans In the Winter Haven tN I ), i,
Plan Room to facilitate estU' ..-
mating by subcontractors.This .
service will result In
keeping more of the building
business among local plumbers,
electricians, painters, plaster. t
ers, roofers, and other sub. l tNtl

We will be closed for contractors.The service. will be availableto Yr

all qualified] businesses and
Individuals connected In anyway
with the building trade, and will
extensive remodelingand keep all of these Informed on all
activity by a weekly bulletin.
Directors of this service are
Frank Klntner of Adams Build.

redecorating.IN ing Materials! Bill\ Clarke of
Clarke Floor Covering Co., and
Ray del Valle, public estimator,

APPROXIMATELY TWO WEEKS WE all Plans of Winter tor construction Haven. In Polk,

east Hlllsborough, Pasco Lake, CARPET XURIOUSIA T -

WILL REOPEN INSIDE THE NORTH GATE Osceola Counties, will Hardee\ be a\and all able Highlands In the 4

Plan Room. Far from Iuxuriuus PricesDUPONT '. .
at ,
Twt h.ihta i .f pile III a !leep lest,,*. Chin ef lea $595 *
areas .I.a! Ill H .. II N. .14tha. . .. .. .. .. .. .. s4. T4.

100*. WOOL TWEED -
AN ntaplio..l| rat l t Is ell p.pler Alen li or Is H S 5 95I i
.. : I. .u. I. :! : s4. T4. '

High cad lei l.e, ill .".all eernt ftc ,'''.... AI S695 i
ante's I. 12 s.d Is R. wid'hs. ... ..... ... .......... S4. T4. "
ants Scroll ,.H.n. in ....'.1! ,M* ktif lit* (.r e frvly ,IviiMlm f L15
. .. ..... ..
flea.! All warlad *.UnTWIST .. ... St. TL +
CHRISTMAS { Tan .".,.,.,..,., ees"r. i" hid a.alk .. ....) INk. $,95 L-
5.. TLt"Q T
'' ''' '' '' '' '' ''''''

3a1cr8 make I letting Impreiiien 1 F.. pal .leery asd le.e........ sooty lAia. it hard h fe '95
..c k.} .t . .. .. .. .. ... ... .. ... ... .... .. TL ,
on your friends end loved t. .I Phone 2t ::14I;; t '

A'1s + ones. ALL ABOVE BY BIGELOWwa a sN u.e ,. ...... t... ,
awa.ra."r; ri::. '.: ..
o. 114
.(. t.:.r ". b
G '" I -- <::f hnlhre. Carpets, Draperies

-, NORTH GAR CY SHOPPING 3-4538 CENTO Winter Haven t 775 Cypress Card., Ready 4t

Book Store

272 Central Ave West

WUter Have. Florida

d I t

..Sunday. October i 11 11964, W' TER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF-WINTER HAVEN. FLORIDA Page Seven

The Citrus SceneBy y thru WED.SUN. S CIALS

The Florid Citron Reporter

IS UNITED FRUIT "1\"? the Florida citrus deal!. com
A formal announcement that pi filing that Mexico was offering SiG nT 836 6th St. N.W.
Jade/ Poi, the man who built fruit in that m.rkl'thlch ushaveD ,
Vimt( Maid Into a ISO million would not meet Florida tin-
pbs corporation win back in dards as to grade and ere CENTER UTPORK
the citrus picture. as a directorof The Mexican load consisted
of Holly Hill Fruit Products at of both navel oranges and red
Davenport late lilt week could eedieaa grapefruit The manifest
I mean a lot to this Florida citrus Included about 180 cartoon SLICEDBACON
industry a lot more than appears (halfboxes) of navels
the aurface
which sold at $3.55 to $4.25 on
Just a few days before the the
auction and almost 800
Holly Hill directors named Fox half
of red seedless
as a member of the board he grapefruit.
was elected president of United
The receiver Lustig & Fier-
Fruit, of which he had been CHOPSLB.9
ro, a firm which ia not knownas NEIGHBORS Discussing mutual probltnw at the conrtn-
executive vice president Thus
I a citrus handler, usually lion of the Florida Frt.t: A Vegetable Association at the Americana -
the brief statement of his
new dealing In' vegetables, with Hotel In Miami !reach are Jim Hogg, left general sales
connection followed by his his.
drew the grapefruit fromThursd.Y'1 manager for Haines city Citrus Crowera Association and
tory In business could carry a auction after a Robert E. (Bob) Snlveh operating head of the big Lake Hamilton
lot of Implications good for Jack Curnett)
Bathes Photo by
I citrus few of the size 48's (equivalentto operation near City (

It has been known for months our standard box size 96))
I that United Fruit facing political had sold at $3.H. J tells
rated hundreds of times Thus Owen Bilbrey r. me
upheavals in Latin Am. My informant thought that. the convention takes two men his father who was on a Wyoming
erica, and the nationalisation with the rest of the load sizing some 225 miles downstate hunting trip, suffereda
of some of its banana plan. yes (our 112.) and 64s (our where they discuss matters heart seizure while on the
tations, railroads and other 128.) the dealer figured he which could have been handled trip, was flown back to Florida -
facilities, was looking for diversification would be severly clobbered on by phone or one dropping and ls now a patient in
I and looking at the rest of the manifest, and in on the other And conventions Winter Haven Hospital. Owen,
I Florida citrus withdrew are worthwhileON Sr., Is without a doubt one of
I In fact within a few weeks Herman Steele Florida Citrus the best known men In Central LB.
after Fox became an officialof I II' Mutual assistant general ANOTHER PAGE Florida citrus circles. It
United Fruit this writer manager, told me there Is no The significance of the first will take another week or so
I' predicted UF would be in the law which prohibits Mexico or USDA estimate of the citrus for a complete evaluation of
,- Florida citrus deal sooner or any other nation sending in crop for the 1964-65 season U the veteran citrus man's condition
j i later, grapefruit of a size or grade analyzed in another section of It's strictly "No Vlsi "DEL MONTE" 'FABULOUS DETERGENT"
I! A man fully acquainted with Inferior to Florida fruit, although today's News.Chief. tors" for Mr. Bilbrey for the
.' the Holly Hill deal tells us that there is one affecting time being but cards, notes
although neither Fox nor Unit. oranges. But that is based on IN HOSPITAL and letters are always welcome .
ed Fruit own any stock in it the Texas rules in effect at My next door neighbor. PINEAPPLE"FAB"
the directors consider it
"goodbusiness" a particular time, and Texas
I to "invite" the man has less than a quartermil'lion
who developed Minute Maid in boxes compared to our

i as a director millions and millions here in I DRINK GIANT PKG.
But, knowing Jack Fox-for Florida
mally known as John M Fox Mutual and other Florida -
this writer doesn't believe he citrus interests have opposed 'Ii
would board of directors
go on a
this and tried to get some
just to get his name on another
rule but no dice so far.
letterhead or annual report
My Informant a few yean
And knowing some of the directors
back after had taken
of Holly Hill. I don't believe we
lumps from Castro
some pro
they "invited" him Just to
tested loudly and vigorously
add another name to the list 46.0z.
about Isle of Pines (Cuban)
But In any event stock or no
stork United Fruit through citrus being allowed to come Can
of the into the U.S.. he got results.
one greatest promotersand
We are wondering if this
idea men ever to work in
this citrus Industry is In the Mexican fruit has been competently
Florida citrus deal in my opin and carefully checkedout

and other
same wholesale and re fruit fly
tail outlets that sell bananassell diseases? "DEL MONTE" TOMATO
oranges grapefruit and "SHURFRESH"
tangerines and United Fruit WHY CONVENTIONS
has a huge background of Since the 21st annual convention ssy.
strong merchandising just recently of the Florida Fruit 4
brandinr Its fruit using Vegetable Association in Miami
I the trade name 'Chiquita." Incidentally Beach late last month I BISCUITS
I it seems funny that have been asked many times:
bananas can be marked witha ''shy a convention?" and CATSUPj
trade name but many fresh heard the comment "any fruit
I fruit packers say it is Impossible or vegetable man in the stat
to stamp the word "Florida"on can contact his competitor or #
our oranges, grapefruit and his trade factor by phone
tangerines Yet. that la true but citrus j
I In any event you can look men generally are so busy
for some intensification of during the season that they
Holly Hill's marchandiiing and find the conventions, such as
selling of both fresh and pro. the FFVA meet which is getting d;I ? 8-Oz. c'I 14-Oz.
teased citrus, and possibly ,
bigger and bigger every I'
some diversification Right Can Bti.
year, gives them a chance to
now it I Is developing a large "shoot fish In a barrel" to t
new grove acreage project] In discuss mutual problems with I
Hardee county the last project their competitors and with
t ever put in action by the late others to meet with trade factors (LIMIT' 3,1PLEASE
Harry DiCristani who brought all In one place iFRESH
Holly Hill into the prominence
accompanying picture
The --
that it occupies in the industry
I today. is just -an it example shows of two what men Imean "100% PURE"GROUND FLAME RED
Certainly the directors of
Holly Hill are to be congratulated who are highly competitive
in bringing Jack Fox on to whose offices are within a 10- UTokay"GRAPES
I. their field and if they will just minute drive and a no-toll
listen to him, things can happen phone call, in fact on the same
real good thingsMEXICAN exchange. But here they are
I shown discussing a matter of 1
I FRUIT mutual Interest This is strictly t '

i Late last week I had a trie a candid, off.the.cuff pic BEEF2L85$8c
phone call from an irate New lure and was not set up. This -
York broker who hat a deep scene with different principals '
Intern. Including financ) In could have been dupli-

uui\4int\ "".'eIIllIot \ 2

iJil4f11 ""... '" \101 AN 'EVICTION NOTICE' c. r.1:1; British Prim:
... MlniiU E.;. Al: .H ;fl r Bitt:Ji LabourP 29
: t. ... :rf:'' in n II '""W' ;s';
,,,,$ '" u'flQ4 ,, u
-lcMn..J' III London
.,. s Urmingti :.t 1/i I'I i "'''' '"' ''I'i'' I
.,.." \ .
O'M ,(\ The '"ittrniftt, I sect, trans *n *" hoe' But there mild br
fI. A .v.r...l Ort 11 when th. popl rote


3 /he Iwrtfoctfo 1 -e; so EXTRA IA{. ...,... I IWIh "IIICH-NUr BABY STIAINID 6RtG. 65 P

, IJtteet'l" a/"Cale,HAM.....II...id'. H II FOOD .

( "KRA'T'
.. 79c '" 10c
C .,... MUSTARD. . .
c...,.. CHe4.. Tf. ,' OsicThw

l if f i Haydon BurnsFLORIDA'S so EXTRA wit. W4 N "SUNlHINrHIHO CRACKERS *&:' 29c


, WI'.... "tat."....1.YN'.. .. SAUCE 2 Hi01 35c
NEXT GOVERNORat tall 'iiSHII..r BOND I e .


a Public Reception ':::: 5ScC"l'u a . . 1ST 33c

rv.e.IIS4 000', "AJAX"


5 to 6 O'clock WN/l a.1 .w.A.N EXTRA Si,. Se....r" GOLD "AJAX Floor & Wall Cleaner -:: 29c



a. The reception u for tttjton Bam and Z50c

lu fractoai fint lady, Mildred and you o rr *
Wed.r0.1.. 23
Case N 2 as: 33 2 :E1
are umted **"* **' w j;


_...-...."'\:." .. _, _....'_. ...............:... d' .. -. .-.- .-..,.- ..... .... -.--. -- . .

Sun October 11.1964

: Jailed Worthless Check Artist I MATHER'S I

I If Gives Advice To BusinessmenThe SAVE MORE DURING

following U an article as solid Identification. Social Never cash a check that oaks .-
s which appeared In Security and Selective Service as if It might have been Sale t !
the lilt UIM of TN Flo- cards, two of the most com altered. Many forgers spec Expansion ,
rida Polio Journal. It monly asked for pl.cIIofident- ialise in raising the amount on
wag written by a man convicted ification, are among the easiestto otherwise legitimate checks. ..: ,- ,
of writing worthless obtain t always kept a few Real professionals In the business
check, and explainshow dozen of these on hand and used can do this so skillfully

easy this Is to do. them In conjunction wlth- that It's virtually beyond detection .... Nationally I
It Is reprinted because credit cards. In recent years, but the average effortis -
It contains good advice for these have almost reached the less sophisticated and can ; Advertised
those Inbusin.... status of legal tender- -and If be detected by careful inspec
BY ROBERT KING you can show enough of them It's Con
176921 better than having your mother Always Insist that a check be
(Special to the Midland along for character reference. endorsed in your presence If if S
Cooperator) Licenses are available anyplace has already been endorsed, demand 711
I used to take out marriage that the endorser sign It
The last check I saw was licenses and pose as a again Then compare the signa
the one that represented a tures.
very nervous prospective
transfer of my funds from the groom. And one guy I worked Don't make the very com- and
county Jail to.the State Prisonof with specialized In fishingand mon mistake of trying to Judge 7-Piece Bunk Bed
Southern Michigan, largestwalled hunting licensee lie took the character of check-bearing FULL SIZE
penitentiary the world. them out In concocted namesto strangers by their appearance. "Beautyrest"SofaSleeper
That check was strictly legit match whatever other Identification Mugshot for mugshot, forgersare $87
imate, but for more than fifteen he might be using- the most presentable and Bedding Group
years bad ones had been my and they were effective enough charming thieves you could ever $88
business.If that he even had banks cashinghis hope to meet. WITH SCOTCHGARD FABRIC. Req. $15100 NOW
my checks were bad, how bum checks for him. I once Ask the payee to place his COMPLETE WITH CHEST . . NOW
ever, my business was not.For watched him hang two hundred thumb print on the back of the
every dollar handled In a cash dollars worth of paper on the check. This is an excellent Nationally Advertised SIMMONS
transaction In this country, one biggest bank In Dallas with noth method to determine if you are DOUBLE
hundred and seventy-five of ing but an expired snipe license.If dealing with a forger. No check 1
them are handled In checks. artist In his right mind would j
And every year this bursting you cash checks at all, leave such damaging evidence.A .
flood of check transactions Is there Is no sure guarantee standard ink pad, with water STUDIO
4 adulterated with $600 million against being stuck But by base ink that will wash off r +- i
In worthless checksforgedchecks keeping yourself constantlyaware easily, can be kept convenientlyon :,rye
passed on American of the problem, and by hand.
businessmen by people like me. taking proper precautions, you Anytime It becomes obvious COUCH
In criminal circlet we're known can put the odds against It very you have a forger on your hands,
as check artists or paperhangers much In your favor. don't try to detain him. No t!; ,
and we account for more The most basic precaution is forger worth his parole Is going SLEEPS TWO WITH
stolen money than all the burglars never to hestltate to ask questions to let himself be carted off to kl
safe-crackers and shoplifters about a check or the person a 14-year prison sentencewith- EASY CONVERTIBLE
put together. In the last who Is chasing It. And don't out a good deal of violence. Bvaulyrc Studio Divan.i Wonderfully comfortable, ACTION
that I let be hurried dis Your protection against bad
year was In action, I yourself or
marvrlounly functional ai it out to deep two.
cleared more than twenty thousand tracted. Misdirection is a standard checks and against people like opens
dollars- -and a big chunkof tactic of all check artists.If me who pass them Is going to Gay print ewer makes it ideal for an informal room
that came from grocery stor you have any doubts abouta be no more adequate than the Wide Choiceof ;
e.. person get on the phone and pains you take to verify them. ;
I wasn't able to steal all of check his Identification. Often, Most of the checks that come Decorator i
that money Just because I was It Is only necessary to check your way will be legitimate,but Colors $97'
slick I was able to do It because one item of his Identification It only takes one bad one to puta 4-Pc. Danska Walnut Bedroom GroupFEATURES
they were careless and a driver's license, for Instance costly dent In your profit Now .
Just plainly lacking In knowledge which can be verified And you will have to sell an
of how check passers work. with the police at any hour to awful lot of canned good to I I :
Quite aside from the fact that make sure It is legitimate and make up the lose.Remember e Gtnuin Fer,,,ica Tops e Dutt-Preof DnwtrtCn 138
so much business Is being done has not been reported lost or that there are e *r Drwr Guides/ a D..T.iI.cDo.Ir'/
today with checks and credit stolen. If the person Is a forger, plenty of carlessly run placesof Adv. STYLEMAKER Top Quality I C All HarcwoocO.k/ / Inttrtor REG. $27100
cards, paper hanging Is attracting the mere act of getting on the business where a forger can $
a steadily growing numberof phone will usually be enough to ply his trade at much profit 28Nationally
criminals because It Is such frighten him off. and little risk See to It that 4-Drawcr alnu.l. .heSI.
a soft touch. A check thief Keep a list of stolen checks you are not among them. Treat 4CPc. Danska
needn't worry about being whereIt Is convenient These each check as though it were REGULARLY $47.00 . NOW DRESSER
caught with his hand In some can be obtained from either city the first one you had ever
one's pocket or with his JimmyIn or state police agencies who seen and you won't have to
a rear window. He Just push keep lists of all known Illegal worry about being stuck with Advertised STYLEMAKER Bedroom Group
es a piece of paper across a checks. any worthless paper.

ed counter or refused., and It Is either accept Walnut 6-Drawer Double Dressers

Instance The last, was paper a $87.00 I passed payroll, for Broadway Actor Portrays AND Full Length I t !- a

check drawn on a non-existent : i.rror. 46 14jI,4

employer in a midwestern city REGULARLY $ ,,. . . NOW
Toe store I chose was s large Role'In U.
supermarket. As a rule, I always Tampa
worked alone, but on this
occasion I had a partner who Broadway actor will por- Helen Hayes, the Jose Ferrer Solid Oak Nite Stands $10
was posing as my wife. Like tray the leading role of the production of "Cyrano de Ber-

purchases any married that couple, we made treat magician Prospero In the gene," "Her Cardboard REGULARLY 29.00 . . . . NOW JLaVII E "
suggested we
University of South Florida pro- Lover" with Ava Cabor, "The .
had children. At the check-out duction of "The Tempest." Miser," "Tbe Country Wife," \
Counter, of course, we were Douglas Watson, who claimsan and the ANTA revival of Eugene
directed to the manager to get Impressive array of acting O'Neill's "Desire Under Full or Twin Size $10VALUES $
the check okayed. credits, will Join Tampa actors the Elms" at the Circle In eds. cGws
The manager, who had probably for the production Oct. 28-S1.: the Square In which he playedthe

initialed a hundred or more No stranger toShakespearean son. TO $57.00 . . . NOW Jm\J $299.00 NOW
checks that day, merely glanced acting, he has been a leading
at my proffered phony Identif man at the American Shakespeare
ication. In fact, the guy was so Festival In Stratford, KRAFT DinnerIS $1A Nat Adv CALDWELL
nice about being robbed that I almost Conn., since Its Inception, appearing Full Size Blond anel.
felt guilty about It. I thinkIf most recently In the SNOW White
I'd had any money of my title role In "Richard in". REGULARLY $29.00 . . . JLV Antique French Provincial
own I would have paid for our Last season he was seen as
purchases. But the urge to go Edmond In "King Lear" and 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite
straight quickly vanished, and In the leading role In "The thrifty ; Nat. Adv CALDWELL Antique White with Cherry Top $
my partner and I departed with Comedy of Errors" On Broad-
three bags of groceries and a way Watson played Romeo to 3-Drawer Commode e large 6-Drawer Chett-on-Chett 127Nat.
neat profit of 71.00 In cash Olivia DeHavlland as Juliet. and $90 C Full Site Chair-Beck Bed a J-Drewer

profits Of course and clean, all getaways Is not huge even He the made Katherine his Broadway Cornell debutIn revival REGULARLY $79.00 . . . . . NOW J J Commode. Reg$309.00 (II I only) . NOW

in the rubber check business of "Anthony and Cleo- quick
The majority of passers are patra" In which played Eros. Adv. STYLEMAKER
nailed within a year (which Is On the .cr..nr he appearedas Nationally Advertised HUNGERFORD
small comfort to the people Octavlus In the movie version and 9-Drawer Genuine Walnut
they've already robbed). of "Julius Ceaiar" with Solid Rock Maple $ fO
It's true that many check passers Marlon Brando, John Cellgud $
full of cheese flavorCount
are rank amateurs, but and James Mason. Chest of DrawersREGULARLY Triple Dresser
8 7
even If they lack the finesseof During the past Broadway on Kraft Diniwr forUndvr 1O

the 1ong-time professionalthe season, Watson was In "The macaroni &No,', full . . & And Bed With Frame "
results are much the same Chinese Prime Minister" with of gold.. chow' foodnMa $89.00 . NOW !, ;.00 NOW
for you- -a heavy financial loss Margaret Leighton, and also Have. It oa hand for speedy
In exchange for your misplacedtrust. played King Henry VIH In "A school."" ...* and hurryupsuper
Man for all Seasons." Id food sating any SOLID HARDWOODSIN r ..f
The most common mistake Among many Impressive performances beet iii .,
.. CHOICE W.l.ytr _,
made by business people I vict Walton's acUve ,;
mixed was placing too much professional career Includes COSTS .6.r.y M confidence In cards and licenses Tree" with ONLY SA SIIVING i
4-PC. MODERN ,. w

. . Bedroom .. ,

: ll'<.ire IS _", [...UIt'f n .,\' 10 (,olor. 10111' RIll' I : Suite. NOW) $9 7


Formica Top7.Piece
8-Piece Solid Birch

coloratura .c.- y Maple
Dining Room Suitee

.,".: BRONZTONE I BRONZTONE Dining Room Suite
"' lAUGt 41,40 OVAL
is as simple to apply as ." \ 7-Piece 5-Piece TAIL i CHAIRS C Round Table'

: hair! \' ,; e LAKfif CXEDENZA $ 4 Cept.in
combing your ) Dinettes Dinettes Chain
b\ f r- \ $58 27 Nat Adv. e Buffet with $68
hair ... '\," 1'li11. 'If If ONI
: completely Lighten your and hair naturally,darken your with new or Coloratura cover gray r"'--(....", J" f\ Now Now for 40.00 NOW AM V OMIT Hutch Top NOW ONLY ONI

S h', the first and only permanent hair color cream 1y VS JUMBO SIZE BRONZTONE THERE'S NO SUBSTITUTE' FOR LOWER PRICES ON

designed to give salon-perfect results at home. .
It's self-timing, has built-in drabber, shampoo COMPARE!IIIFURNITURE

I and conditioners. No complkated parting or searS 9Pc. Dinettes $78 MATHER

tioning,no dripping. No worry bout overlap or NOW pfl 1

S color build-up even when retouching. Just cream ,

it in, foam, rinse out and let your hair dry to a Hundreds and Hundreds of Other Items Of WinJet Hartn, Inc H I Iee I

: color so natural it looks as if you were born with .

S ;t,2fuUlpplicationaonJy2.oo. Not Listed Storewide blark-Downs.
'. oo Shop Elsewhere Then Compare at A_ J ee4 -

ale se. "..W.Ac .
Mather! ....,

. . . . . . . . .

- ---- -

Sunday, October I I 1964

I Fresh Fruit: And Vegetable: Inspectors Learn By New Teaching Methods I

World War II Methods :"; II IIIIIIIIIt, i. .' ,

I 4, 4 ,

Used At Training SchoolBy

ED BERND JR. when tested at the end ot the
Staff Writer course But this year, for the
first three weeks of the course
The military services, during very single inspector has scor.
World War n, broke new ground ed perfectly on this. Why?
In teaching methods when faced
with vast numbers of men who The Instructor reminds the In
bad to learn combat and survival specters that the first reqUire.
techniques fast, and now guess meht for U. S. Grade No. 1 Is.
who's using the same principles. "Similar Varietal Types," each
The Florida Department of Ag. piece of fruit must resemble the xr1n
riculture's Fresh Fruit and others. He uses flash cards R
these are right out of first
Vegetable Inspection Service, of
ill people.But grade reading and spelling-tot
not for combat or survival Illustrate. Then he throws a
To teach Inspectors how to slide on the screen ,
trade cltrusl! It's seven Cypress Gardens
Dr. George F. Westbrook of Aquamaids, in bright yellow
Winter Haven, head of the tech.! bathing suits, on water skis.
nlcal section of the Inspection "Obviously," he said "theseare ryI
service located In the Citrus the same varietal types."
Building here, has the additional The point registers, and he then
duty of training all new Inspect. shows slides of orange*- the
ors, and holding refresher same varietal types, His class I
courses for all of the old In. nods as they get the point. +
pectors each fall, and he has "U.s. Grade No. 1 oranges
taken a long look at the training must be well formed" Flash
methods and made changes cards again, and then another
slide The Cypress Gardens girl
In the past, before Inspectors If definitely well formed. So ,
fanned out to the packing houses are the oranges: In the next two
and processing plants to stand slides.
guard over the Florida ---- -- -- --- .---
citrus After that, maturity. "A vis.
barvest, they underwent a seriesof ual Inspection will verify that CITRUS INSPECTORS TRAINING SCHOOL CUTAWAY MOCK-UP OF FMC EXTRACTOR .
lectures reviewing all of the she Is mature," the Instructorsays Cecil Brantley, Instructor, and training aids Bill Pent shows how It works I
things they should know to car. of the next Cypress Gar.

ry out their Jobs properly. dens girl. But, he adds, "tests the university and other places,
Dr. Westbrook Is a. great be. must be run on citrus to deter. he has had a hard tine getting
llever In training aids -models, mine If It Is mature." The In. others Interested.
charts, mockups, slides. And specters will remember this, About two years ago, he man. S
he was Impressed with the way out In the packing houses, or aged to get the department to
In which the military services wherever they are on Inspectionduty. send Cecil Brantley to the army
adapted these training aids to .
Instructors training 'lhc.1 1 at d
pound a subject home fast and The fruit must also be firmto FoTt Belvolr, Va. This fast n.re. '
permanently be U. S. Grade No. 1. The. spring Will B. (Bill) Pent also .
ao: ne took a lesson from the test for this Is to pinch It. went there. That's how the ar. i ir
services, and adapted their The Inspector warns against do. dens' girls got Into the :itrus
methods to citrus. tag this to any of Dick Pope's Inspection business.
There Is no question about how beauties. According to Brantley,the\t'W:
well these training methods Fairly smooth texture, fairly training methods are pa)'Ir big
work. They have turned out to bean well colored, and no excessive dividends. The minimum i_ re
overwhelming success For discoloration complete the list for citrus Inspectors to pat:the
Instance: of requirements for U. S. Grade course used to be 7; per : >nt.
One of the most difficult things No. 1.These points similarly This has now been raised to 80,
to teach these Inspectors even Illustrated by nip cards, beauty and may soon be raised to 85
those with many years of ex. slides, and then the regular per cent.
perlence, was the seven positive slides. In a class last wee k,
requirements of U. S. Grade Although Dr. Westbrook has there were only two Inspectorswho :
Do. 1.Only. been using various teaching aids made below 90, and ont of
a small minority ever got for years In his classes for In. these scores was 88.Class aver. e ..rJ
all seven requirements right specters and for his lectures at ages so far have been about (4
per cent.
OH FOR THE LIFE These classes have been under .
way for five weeks, and will
' OF AN INSPECTOR! be held every Wednesda through'
the end of November.The .
basic system of the class.
es Is another method worked out
by the army. First you tell the J
men what you are going 1 t9 tell ,

(! t d i cl you tell them what you want to 'ul
v In the class, and finally you re. :
cap what you told them at the
end of the class
By the time they have heard
these things three times, the

more Rlonger, but they. will remember Flip :ards,, chlra: slides, blackboard: spotlights . An error here could: cost '100'f 'II

:;: r

:.IIJ' ,,,,,
.. .. ..
.. ........
.. ., ... :." ....Lf,,
t .. h.......
MATURE FORM .. -.- 41.1'.
I (1: .. ,; :
( .. ; : ..: .
:' :
: ',
;P" ; ." .
It1' -
: : I hr '
> 1 I: I'llJ0

1 'fA .

I! ;0 'u.1' Jt" 1 ,


= S-:, .'--.- J. v r

izMsfir '.' "
....- s
... -
ti j : t I

.....: --- -


w1 E :
e + 1 I

-. .....-- or- -

w'y.. T 'aal1!; 4' .tie: enlarged t<, 21 t 44 /Irche::: for clan Learning! to determine value it load of fruit

Another White Man Arrested In Bomb PlotBy

..Y'L1 Jted Press InternationalX set at $2,500 .day a!.M to protect the board
unemployed chef has been A Pike Comly grand JuryeeatlfMie4 of Ktoeatioa's school integrationplan
w-eitei at Meridian Mis*., oai. beartag testlatoar requiring the busing
1I .uses n> illegal posseutoa of behind closed doors fig MagaoU of some Mwtamfi MX '/( thliBhrtMacM
exp sires after s boll of dyt/a. la, Miss, FrMajr, |*.*....ey ........1...... ,led
c.ito, flues and blasting cape la tilt casee of the II wen Va. A Federal
was fctu:, i in Ms home. charted weak UleffsJ Me of eo Aff.eeII C.wt frllty refused
Janes C. Rottotfe, 11, wes ptoeHee.Bowces. to give Hre virgin county r
tot erectly charged with aarif said the es.M were PTOM..*M-S another haw* to i1\
the recent acts of vtoleaee .laMississippi. specie to to before' tt* Jury argue a civil rlCIIb >_stra
before: the sad of fee we.k.Fleewbere lion case the aKwliat r.Uf'Iaed ;
I He was fee IM wbtto man la the eattoai barred the attorney faro _
arrested during On past week New Orteaae Abo. 100 ... Amber Mgvlnc M ".e M ,
la a slatevMe crsesfew grows triad to gel BMP>> a hotel cane they had be.r "nee!:.
aimed at hattiag .......' sad ballroom FrMer aagM to bar t.." .If ttieir d tle. fry fatlincto
rhureb tmrttecs wMcb .*.. PreaWeat "Joaassa si a |IOOer meet a cowl deadline for
'nounted steadtV dace tile ,tot* dbaer, be (ft* were .BRag brief*.
( start of a ce>M rights *avpalg leased .*., 'bjr Negn .leader Mace, GaA federal grand
this _If. All ft tile A. P. Tweeud who MM .... Jury ewnreaaag Moods la Alb
other arrests were ate* la tile they were the victims ef shots. e.a .to a rare offi.e.skm. maybe 4Til
1 wr Wce..I>> area. The NecreM .*.rte4 a sued to l....*...ate the allot
A brief IIIBOIIIIC..... by" the ear eJar watch toMe4 ..*. toto own etrta of VasMngtoa Me.edueator .
FBI a4 Rttledge wan arr.... .* ie see sad. bear cur IN Geed Pena.OA .
.. ed late Thursday wi. act tor.allr F DUtrtet Aty Floyd Buford
.- .. ....... .. -' booked matt Friday New Merl-Men BUM 900wUU weald act toMrm IM Jury
... ,c. He appeared before parents dfn a.lrste4 '"l woks eoastdvr ill WAITIIA1IICH : ..: ;" iAl tthlul rvt ,marA Josdee of tile Peat R. E. side the ofSrlal ree5d... :. of by tow Ks: flu: ICl.. -
:.''lr '' 'r no(; HITTING VMS WON lOAfr Jumping from pI Uop.. MI the amp ..;: trail OOF pred.de. Ui
the F .. :.. Crswtord later sod Ma wu Maynr) R ber' F. Wagaer PM. men! acrtued la the slaying ''
I ._. .145n IIerwy _.:4wahl i '. ;r4t it01 r.it .. spe:.i ;'fie: In flight
_dlf .of ;



- ----


3rd In the Open Palm
Ridge Bridgey The second session of the
Teem Championship game wIlT
be played in Lakeland tonight
JOHN M. TAYLOR Players who did not play In the
first session compete In
I Polk County Duplicate IrId,. lrectw this session for may session awards

Pain not formnlg their ownteams
Robert Thornhill of Winter contest year has already ataried ,' !
attend and form DEPARTMENT
Haven i n the new Polk County Awards for the annual eon- teams may with other unattached GREAT VALUES IN EVERY
duplicate bridge champion for teat will be .. N e e e t t e t t t.e e e e as
slightly different pairs Tomorrow afternoon in S a 1.e e e e e e e e e e e N.tetee.le e.ee a ee e e e e ee
I ho 1963 M content Instead of .
up Winter Haven there will be
Thornhill dethroned lilt a awards the second throughten
Individual Championship
one session -
year's champion. Mrs. Thee prices will be Individual.
The scatter
Waits of Lakeland, In the ly graded trophies In addition series continues game in Lakeland
annual contest that was undecided a
separate accounting will be LuncheonMEAT
Tuesday night. There will be a
until the last week of kept of points won. ..excludingaerief masterpoint game In Winter -'

competition. points and scoring all Haven on Wednesday night, .
Thornhill will receive the games as regular games Bartow starts a trophy serieson
GREATEST Polk County Cup at the awards to give more equitable treatment Thursday night., There will
dinner in Lakeland on Nov. 14. to these who are not able be two trophy awards, and
The nine runnen-up will receive to play In many of the special players must have different
Medals of Merit. games. Parallel awards will be I1, IntlI
partners. It II a "best 4 out of
Here are the 10 top rated given to those who finish In the 6" series, covering games on I IlI tJ '1
players with points won in top ten in the adjusted ratings Oct. 15 and 29. Nov. 12. and 19,
county games from Oct. I, 1963 but who fail to make 'the top and Dec 10 and 17. Next Sunday ii
through September of this ten In total points won. there will be a "free din.
year Robert Thornhill, Winter ner" game In Lakeland. The 12-01. 98C
CARS Haven. M.34; Mrs. Thee Waits, Around The Circuit dinner Is scheduled for 5-30: and 3
Lakeland, S243; Mri. Ted Three Lakeland teams were the game at 7 at Morrison's Cans
Flanigan. Winter Haven 4064 '
; among the four that won the Cafeteria.
Mn, Frank Shaper Winter recent, two section masterpolnt 'i _
Haven 38.07: Doug Hall, Lakeland game In Lakeland. The winners
3754; Mri. V. D. Flesh- were Bruce Barnes and this DundeeVisitors
er, Lakeland, 37.21; Mrs. C. W. columnist Doug Hall and Dave '.: ;;:',' Cured SLICEDSpecial.
Thompson, Lakeland, 36.3S; Hauseman, Mrs. W. A Willis in Arcadia on Sunday r' Sugar
Mrs William! Dancy, Lakeland, and Mrs. C. A. Cox, all of Lakeland at the home of Mr. and ,. AUgood
31.90; O. 0. Feaster Lakeland, and A. G. Hancock and Mrs. Charles Eller were their
YOU'VEEVER 30.37; Mrs II. G. Morris, Winter Mrs Pat Vogt of Winter Haven. son.in-1aw and daughter,Mr.and
Haven 30.32. The afternoon masterpolnt Mrs Ray Golden and children, :
Theselayers finished in the game In Winter Haven was won David, Sheila, and Sharon.
second 10: Mrs C. W. Walker by Robert Thornhill and Mrs. Mrs Henry Lunsford and her
Winter Haven 28.13; Mrs Ewln Frank Stapor of Winter Haven son and daughter-in-law, all of ;
Williams, Winter Haven 25.75; and Ted Harland of Winter Lakeland, visited this week with gCONh
Paul Tyler Lakeland 2541; Haven and this columnist. The the former's brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs C, M.Por.
Jim Nicholls, Lakeland 24.05; Bartow masterpoint game was :
John Taylor, Lakeland 23.80; won by two Lakeland teams ter.
Mrs. C, E. Burnett and Mrs.
Dave Hauaeman Lakeland O. 0. Feaster and Mrs. V. D. ,
M. M Grtffey visited this weekIn
2064; William Dancy, Lakeland Flesher and Jim Nicholls and Lakeland
with Mrs. Burnett'ssister ,
20.34; Mrs. Annie Ritter, this columnist. Mrs. Stapor and
Mrs. Hettle Lou Prlne.
Winter Haven, 20.15; Mrs. Mrs. II G. Morris of Winter Mr. and Mrs. Millard< Mar. \
i Philip Trohn, Lakeland, 1998; Haven won the Women'a Pain shall spent the weekend In Arch.er gtLB.
Frank Stapor Winter Haven, in the Tallahassee Sectional, as guests of Mrs. Marshall's .
1986. and Mn. Morris went on to win brother.ln.law and sister, Mr. 2
Competition for the 1964 .65 the Master's Pairs and finish and Mrs. T. B. Vldeon. Easy to OpenEesY
tore .
: ;

hear Abby. ,; jfhf

In All Innocence !
Special! Plumrose Imported Danish "SUPERRIGHT"WESTERN

Abigail Van Huron N BONELESS IEEF

DEAR ABBY I am a 17-year-old boy. 1 live fast at our kitchen table, and they don't make
with my mother and grandparents. Tonight at any effort to cover themselves up. They look
the dinner table, I said "navel." My grandfathersaid over al us and go right on eating, We -an't help
he didn't want to hear any more dirty or nf.vte It's too hot to pull our shade STEW j jor
sexy talk out of me. Believe me, Abby 1 don't down. seen anything I like it. And
see anything dirty or sexy about a navel. My neither has my husband, and he's been In the .
mother\ on my side and she \Is getting tired of service and has lived In Arkansas lie always
my grandfather' saying to me. "You're talking says, "My. what if we had company" My ; ; '
:dirty" This happens all the time.I Any sugges mother and father are coming i to visit us soon,
and they would die If they ever saw a scene like $159 .:::59C. .

OCT. Lions'T.. T. that.ladies Should before we my try parents to get get the here message? to these 2 L, ;

DEAR Tt I'm afraid the "dln"(1f there Is EMBARRASSED Can JL . ,
any) li U your grandfather's mind, but let your
mother handle grandpa and provoke as few complaint t DEAR EMBARRASSED You could five
as you ran them the message, but they probably wouldn't SPECIAL! JANE PARKER LEMON OR PEACH
cover up for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
0 0 0 Pull shades dews and air-rnndltton- ti
your get aa
15 DEAR ABBY We parents are properly concerned Ing unit YOUR MB.. i!
about the safety of our children as they . PIES I 8OZ.EACH. 3QCM

wak! to and from school and visit friends out. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I were having CHOICE
side their immediate neighborhoods\ A relative healed discussion on spanking children
in Omaha. Nebraska, told me of a plan now being I lI: a child should be spanked on his bottom.:
successfully implemented through their PTA.It My husband Insists that a slap in the face Is SPECIAL! ALL VARIETIES ANN PAGE CAKE
much eflective He said his
more mother
I Is called the "BLOCK PLAN A homemade
slap him In the face and it did him
sign, "BLOCK HOME is prominently dis good than if she him the
slapped on bottom. I
If.rtilJ : window of one home t In every say that nobody not even a child chould be
have been Instructed that this
n MIXES 4990.
slapped in the face What do
you lay'TmSK < :
home is an Island of safely where they will be I
welcome should they become sick! or Injured I'M RIGHT
or l besieged by molesters bullies or doge (Each
house must be approved by the PTA, of course.) DEAR THINK! It all depends 01 what you
The plan costs nothing, requiring only the cooperatIOn want to rrvmplliih. If you want lo Insult and SPECIALI! CAMPBELLS CHICKEN WITH RICE or CHICKEN NOODLE16o$10O
16 of good people who are Interested In humiliate MimwRe (even a child, a flap In the
the safely of children. If you see the merit of far will d. It. But If ,ou1.11 l U show disapproval
this plan, I hope you will print It In your column a ipaaklnc Is the amwer. Personally
where It ill) get nationwide publicity and move I agree with you. !No one should be slapped in
other communities to copy it. the fare and say blow In the region o( the head SOUP
Sincerely, ran b* 4ftfrru.>-o, I say, botoitn up!

Problem? Write to ABBY Box 69 tie. Los .. i
Angela Caaf For personal reply, enclose a .". jj
DEAR ABBY: Our apartment building Is soclose stamped, sctf-addressed envelope FANCY -

can reach to another out and apartment almost: : touch building it. that Directly you t MclWOS : I

acmes from us are three ladles all( over 40)) and APp ;
Mate to write letters Send one dollar to 2
their kitchen window Is right across from ours. ; !
Abby. Box MM. Los Calif 'or Abby's
three women walk around making T\lrh; ES oi
Well those hock**. "MOW TO s FOR ALL '
17SOUTHEAST their breakfasts without their blouses on (just OCCASIONS." 9
their bras), And they alt down and eat break.
fast that I'ay. They can see us having our break. C 1II.'.... S".luU. In. IOU
mnmiiiiiKiiuiNNiiiNiiiittiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiniiiiiui! ) ) imiiiiiHHiiiiinHiii) IUIMMIauail HuuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiFounders BARTLETT

I t'-:1.: Life PEARS 2 For List. 29C 1

Assurance Company of Florida EASTERN ROUND ',
.... WHITElb1O'45c


rf* T n fcfc. ,
,H' '"
Annoanctt the Appointment of f ,



General Agent in Polk County : TOMATOES I Halves !


t I 29Mc )


'S\ PLAZA Polk County Office .. LbV

Drawn Building h HO. <4 *-'
4 '.' Sin Out/PMf Stomps nM.gh w.d.:: ,,

141 West Central Ave., .. :. Gel rm eift Faster OcNb.i1e'r

Do td..r "n itic a >.w< ,.* fore.w..c lit AMOT* ," N W.
Winter Haven WINTER' MAVINHOtlOA .

Phone 293-9048 1 t .
1M U** Skw. W.tuit

--- -
--- -

y, October >II.I 1964 Wl'nERtlAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF -WINTFR_ FLORIDA __ ______ Page Eleven

Two Appointedto Ridge Orchid


Student ToursThe _

Ridge Orchid Society is

'loan BoardALLAHASSEE the conducting Orchid Greenhouses tours today through of Mr. "OVA
and Mrs. Astor Clarke of Bran-
don and Mr. and Mrs. John
UPI-Gov Nuigle of Unions, Florida. LANDSUIDE
The tour will be conducted
krrls Bryant appointed Thorn
sfi C MacDonald Jr.. Tamps from 1 to s p.m. 96a OF SAVINGS
Greenhouse Is at
Md Stanton D. Sanson Bal Har
the ,
outaUrt of Brandon,
hour Friday to new terms
on on Route 60,
and will be well 1906
Florida Student
the Scholarship
Visitors will go there
and Loan Commission.Yrhe first and the
Clarkes will five & Tues.
governor appointed John Initructlons on the best way Mon. M
'A. Davis. Escambia County to to reach the Naugle greenhousesat We're saying Thanks to you* with an exciting
the Escambia County Welfare Limona, a short distance + 8k LANDSLIDE SAVINGS!Youll find sensational
Board succeeding Mrs. BettyB The Clarkes and the Naugleswill on
; Rubin. welcome all those Interested 8) value for your family and your home-'bandwagon'
Jjjimes F Davis, Graceville In orchid culture as well W savings in every department, as we slash Grants
was reappointed to the Jackson as the members of the Orchid famous low priors even lower for this annual event
County Development Authority Society. 0 >!1e You can't afford to miss our 68th Anniversary sale!
' ,
jNed LeRoy Haven Marianna,
was named to a new term on
the Chipola Dormitory Authority
Bryant reappointed Charles
M. McArthur and Leonard Berger. -
both Okeechobee to the ?
Okeechobee County Library Office To OpenRalph w\ Grants-own brand 1Op
Board. !:t t1i
Mrs Virginia Engstrom, Live GRANT MAID
D. Fowler will '
Oak, was reappointed to the office tomorrow In the Drawn openan _'<_ / t1 1
Suwannee County Welfare Building tor the Founders Life ---q; LUXURY WHITE
Board. Assurance of Florida one of ,,'
r Harry R, Johnson and Harvey the newest and fastest growIng '
K Bradenburg both Englewood Insurance companies In the "I >,' PERCALE SHEETS72x108"
were reappointed to the state. '" __ I

governing board of the District Engle., Fowler has been In the Insurance ::: "____ I .
wood Street Lighting business here since Flat or Elasticized I Twin Fitted 1
Sarasota County 6
1958, and lives with his wife 't 4K
and daughter on Ave. K, NE.

S remarkable"The company growth has since had they a Ti11.: Sale 1.97 LL

9s9 chartered a little over a year
a ago," Fowler said.

In the last 12 months, the ._ REGULARLY 2,21Silkyimooth 1
company has Insured over 30- ,4
000 people, and currently has e 186-rounl rorobrj rot- _
an annual premium Income of 1 r ? --. ton, Llrarhtd tnowjr whileIdrntiml
over $2 million.
'll --. to famous, aallon.lly.drer
i At the present time,the com ;;
pany has over $60 million In "'f' deed brand

'" life Fowler Insurance will In handle force. life In "I' "f -- ,,' __.'i--- Laboritory-lriled for maximum wear
surance group life, and credit ; and wathabililjrFilled
life Insurance. j '/ ",_ .. ..... DECORATOR
fS '" ,-vi -"; -, heeU are Sanforlrd..rUiUritrd 2 $5
( \ al both end

I / <:: 81x108" Flat or Elasticized REa'.1'

UARRELL'S 1965 CARS 42x38" Percale
I Oct. IS 16.17 I I > ,;: a Pxo, 1.19
: Southeast Plaza Pillow Gates, __ 01

mime VAiuii
Ii/ 1J( f.l ti1WASH:: \ riBERGlAS \ GRANT CREST


e Manco Uwn-loy Scoffs e King' O'Lawn REMNANTS I . ...1 i' r *, '''a


IIi11Htflfltk\\/ 'I ,IJ \\ PURCHASI

"For Kitty"; I'- 2 Ydl.$1 4, i \\. (, -tl lath tier and valnmtt'

I 79c YD. IF ON hit "''f.\ ',\,, \l ',\.t! one low *"*' l\'u>r
CAT LITTERS FULL BOLTS I f\J _|al glass| yarn j,,.,,,!,, no
Ironing. Exciting: fnxhioncolors'
Decorate your home with 30" or 'M long
Odors69e machine-washable, colorfast -
S Lb Kills 10 Lb, first quality cottons SAY 32c
Prints 45 wide (. i' W' a194
((2La... $1.69)) t:, : ".Y'; \(., 't -\11\ GRANT CREST SALE



e PETUNIAS C TOMATOES r? ?? ?-i Pink, blue, beige, green end red. Safe, 9 way temperature ,
e CALENDULAS control. Thermostat aut m.tically adjusts heat Safe, (lULl
mi e ethers ASTERS C PEPPERS II Sale L67P, approved Intulated' element, 10% rayon/20% cotton with

pig Tray Metal 69J Per Trey Metal 39LAWN.GRO o "' DESIGNER BIG VARIETY-OUAUTYIL. OF (.j.... [ *)I lif P I glas Wash gins I and RIO.fitirr hang 1.99! while Filer, nylon binding. 72 a 14" te fit a twin er doable beds. I

.,, t.ew: colors' llrass.hue
COnON REMNANTS rings Included M, M

y 36
r Sale yd. I

y' 79c YD. ION '
2 .$495PLAIN run BOLTS !
50-Lb Rags /I1pi It
+' Machine. wash colorfast ;
silky look sateen prints,
solids/ ; flannels, surdr.
2 SO-Lb Bog 3" t N FOOp 1 IS ydJe'ngthaa r r sf


2 50-Lb. logs $425 r

+ Y
Crantt-oun brand


Trees.50Lk. Sale 77c BATH MAT SEPARATES tI t 1ltaa' t I

2 S325 %! IIG. 1.00 SOLID & STRIPE
Begs ,
S 0 White cotton terry; pink MIX-OR-MATCH HAND TOWELS as,., Sole 1 1.67
rW blue gold,lilac 24i46, 3' Met
119. 39c

-4 lewdI Set REGULARLY 1.11Washable
' ire. k Mi sl R t'f w..h .a.tIt a*, SALE 4 for $1.00 viscose rayon pile.: Scott "fkcuriTee"polyurethane
iiifLrs- 2---. !_ CI...." Seth loam beck l', Honwfaihioit colors.
: Met tee '10. Jtt 117
-ll !:!!
Glv.G 3741' Met Jtt J4" Oew1.e.l ......J Sf
Civ Decorator look on your budget!Coordinated 00Ir.anInrW .... .
c-- .1,S* U4 sev., 1 00c
| in wonderful noeolort.
<22ES2* "Ecf

I >*- c.- MONIT DOWN JO Darer
Phone 2914471 Ot MONTMJ to PAT .yoWl, F F .Mdlq it CYPRESS GARDENS ROJund ,


I "

---- --- ------------ --- ----------- ----- -

>aQe Fwe,' WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF ',tJf1by October II 1964 RSAVINGS* [?Lou/a'/tIt t4 S1t 4724nu4 Fa and V4U9St<< I ISAVINGSR|

i p aj __-W@l= 11 t 1c rwr c rr '



EXTRA SPECIAL I BONUS) BUYS! Hurry! Quantities Limited

LADIES' Not All Items At All

NYLON HOSE Stores ,.

I BC POWDERS :mite.) 2for25 t

100.1. .,1.. ......"
base1'h fell to 11-7'...tI..,. 4 for 9 9 TUMS ANTACID :"inl12. 2fer'21 I
..I.. i If perfect

VASELINE LIP ICE !:Limit?) 2for39

y. ocrlxta FRESH Rfl. $1 00Limit 2 ror T;
| MATTRESS ( 2))
r'&I'i&t 'A.. A"'zel-R"' "* 2fa99M
I. Package el 14-Req. "*2for39*
ifc 51.. Tube fl'till 4J -TIP SWABS (LIm112)Q .

,..........- (Limit II ,
.. ) ; Wi) Balls }t Value I 2fer391
-TIP Cotton (Limit !)
;,;'t- i_ 'A, ,.

Ii AUTO SHOW AU the new models In automobiles will boa i I I Friday and Saturday. as this year's Auto Show Introduces Winter 2 for G9C iZIPPO TOOTHBRUSHES Pro..,,. ktayLLiimit( ... 2)T) 2 for 69
: display at the Southeast Plaza Shopping Center next Thursday, I Haven to the '65' .

LUDEN'S COUGH DROPS r I immit 2)i 2 for 10[;]

1965 Automobiles;/ To Be Shown

I BRYLCREEM Urge alp(limit tube-R9.2) 7f 2 for 79

1 At Southeast Plaza ThursdayThree FAULTLESS SPRAY STARCH .::::' (=: 2 for 49

traditional gatheringswill Ions to tell each other and the Ion of moving parts ever as. LIGHTER FLUID EASY OFF CLEANER: 7.... Sr yr;; :t": .75.2 for 79 .
always stir the emotion of dealers what they like and don't sembled. But the American pub. 5-ox. Con-Reg. 29c
the American male as will noth. like about the glass and metal lie Is still hoping. If owners' 10 Tom'., -
Ing else under the sun. The tam.lljr stars which the Automobile In. opinions were pooled Into pro. E (limit 2) HODESS MEDS!.'.. ? (Limit 2 for 45
gatherings under the ChrlsUmas dustry Is throwing Into compe. ductlon of Just one automobile, 2)i i
tree, the annual fathering tltlon for '69. There's little
very the All-Star or American
of the AlUStar Greats, and each sitting on the fence. A man will Car, call It what you will mightbe 2 for29cCEPACOL LePages CELLO TAPE :M'Lim::;'(:I t u 2 for 29
year's brand new cars gathered hock the family Jewels for anew one that had:
In an Automobile Show All other car, or he won't give a nickel
excitement slips Into a muddy for It. And he doesn't care If I) The silhouette of a Chrysler EVEREADY BATTERIES r u'It221 i 2 for 2O1LAHOLIH
backfield. the manufacturer hears him say ; 2)) The bumper styling of a
One of these emotlon-grlppers so. Dodge; 3) Pontiac wide track; -PIUS S "-m" 2 for' 0 I
comes to Winter Haven on Thurs. The economy of a Rambler; CiEN o
of this week when "Meet It's All.Amerlcan 5) r
day an game The transmission of a Buick
) ;
1951" brings the 196S Auto. this automobile race for pop. 8) Ford's ventilation system; LANOLIN-PLUS HAND ..,. $1.00 Size 2 for'00 I i
mobile Show to Southeast Plaza ular regard and Infatuated at. 7)) The rocket engine of an Olds LOTION (ILlllllt II) D A 1'1 '
Shopping center for a three-day tachment. Billions are spent In mobile Chevrolet's telescop. !
; 8) 4 '
stay.Men trying to field a winner ic sterrlng wheel; 9) Lincoln'sdisc SNAYEaEROJ COMBINATION SYRINGE ri,Goodrich1e49, :
women, and a growing Si'
brakes The rear deck
Influence In the selection of An All-Star Car," as such, ; 10) .1 Aero Aero
of a Plymouth; 11) Mercury's Rtf. Me Aerosol PLUMITE DRAIN CLEANER r lt3 .
family transportatlon-chllclreiw has never been built and might windshield wiper system; 12)) ..; i 2. 33c
be the collect. (Limit 1)) Shave Shave
l will be coming from all direct most Incompatible The rear seat ride of a Cadillac .

; 13) The grill anlmperlal; LUSTRE.CREME 1.';Lim:'1'1tt; 2 for 99Am.rlc. '
and of The price tag
course 14) iATLE Thin look at Princess 269-- t
INVESTMENT SECURITIESSTOCKS of the American.An Mnrgnrrt arriving it .. Gr.etls.
MUTUAL FUNDS the theater In London Indl Christmas Cards ..,. $1.00 lax (Limit ;r 2f* 1V
BONDS, "All-Amerlcan" dealer? eaten the Be tle style hair \
i MOISUKID RirtlSINTMIVEt Another Interesting composite. do hu gone to her h.. J. Ivcratt All** o .."lph C. AllTk .- The "AII-Winter Haven Dealer", Christmas RIBBONS :a: I.,!T&I ii 2for49B \
for example, would have to com. ,
.. .
M. $h rtrf.
bine the features, figures, and KITTY "I..tL Cee kl
01. C.gnt,'| OU i* IroUmit Firm facts of such outstanding per. QUI -9 LIVES 15. ILlllllt II) 2f 15IiI
formers at: I.iI: f

ALLEN & COMPANY GIl Hall Buick Co., Gil Hall; W"r e cWj fiv Mouthwash BUG KILLER Bridgeport(Limit 2) 2 for 98'
( lit Let L.III. It.... Central Florida Sales, Gibe 14-ot. Bottle
Leketeed. Fiends Pkeiie MU ..117 Stewart Jr.; Chevrolet Center, 97c r-aekM* if M .u.llly rubbwt "
Sam Portlock; Floyd Roberts \ Reg. BOBBY PINS MuorU4. nl.riRn 2ror251
Motors, Floyd Roberts; Thom. r (Limit 2)) as.- (Limit 21

as Waters/ Ford Co., Thomas I I *" ." rimlttt typ- 14,I ?
Now Open Under New Management and Waters: Pinckney Olds mo. LAPAR LURE ..,. $i.4* (Limit n) 2 for e pJ
bile, R. Vincent Pinckney; Premier 2 for 97 c
Motors, J. D. Flrnn; Cll. 1T IRON AND .- <|t*
6 a.m.'til 9 11.T DePREE tw-Reg'$1.05'$ 2 for
p.m. more Pontiac, R. E. Gilmore YEAST TAiUTS i. .
Put them all together, set It DePRE ORBIT MULTIPLI lertl.(100. 2 for 2':
to music, add a fistful of moneyto VITAMINS -lte $2M
give away each night, and you BAND-
have the making of one of Amer. ..... W... DePREE ZINC( OXIDIOINTM'NT lirqe.T 2 for 4341
Ieq 42.
the Munttt Co.feifvre
lea's favorite gatherings, bANDAIDDUCOCEMENT68 ANDAIDfelutlt
Automobile Show etc. OLD
Or as Southeast Plaza Shop. STANDS IN THE SHADOW OF THE
ping Center on Cypress Gardens MODERN STATE CAPITOL. Strips'e AReg.
*<- 1/
Road romantically billboards YJ""lf1. 47eIU.N DePREE ALKALADE ,,,.f&tu 2 for 1 e
Oct. 13-17 show event, "Meet 'OCn01O' 111AN0Goed >>
17 & 92 (Just East of Lake Alfred) the Men!" "Meet the Make!" 11 <
eyes r '
"Meet the Models!" "MeetWJI" DePREE Ap'15.H'2 5941
for .
"We Special! I I. Hem Ce.klaq t Ce.rt">u Service- Cvvroi' tt,II/i"e$. MOUTH WASH
DePREE APC Tablets "ttl:,",?: 2 for 89'

nmu.f."iT."i CHICAGO: ,lUPIi Blood DePREE ASPIRIN :Apid.1egii: Grote 2 for 59'

pressure readings help to fore-
NOTICEThe cast what the like state barometer of health readmits nome DePREE ASPIRIN a,;: ...,.;;;d..'' 2 for 39*

weather, the American
Medical foiecast Association NO.CAL SWEETENER ...IIqlld2. for 591DePREE

deadline for Sunday's Classified If blood pietsuie Is too low EBREcK. SEEP- ZION S U.... HuU-
to circulate blood piopeily certiln WINE TONIC !?. MI 2ror'eDePREE
vital organs, particularly .
Advertising Will Be FRIDAYS the brain fall to function. Some GLYCERIN ...tl.of e.Adult. I
.. _.
t of the symptoms of low blood SUROSItoRIES -II.C.. .II".. 2 for 491 i
pressure are dlsetneas on Und- Oo!
Ins fainting or cold skin the MILK OPAGNESIA .ttl. '''
2:00 P.M. AMA said M V.: <.fl": 1eh-2 for 59.
High blood pressure app.i"-
ently Is caused by a combination
of factors. Including inhei DePREE SACCHARIN wsw 2 fa IV
This includes Space Ads and all 6 point Itance emotional life, diet, '

strew and exercise. the AMA DePREE KIIPINa ......l 21S11

Ads The deadline for Classified said It tends to Increase with ageand J .. TAILETS I.,. 2falVDePREE
.... r
I since It will ultimately pro. All 'erpee .s.hold = .
duce disabling or fatal complications ee.e..9-Beg. 29c. I, ; LONULLOZENGESROAT Ieq 7:,.f 12' 2for691
Display remains the same, Thursdays long-term management .11
la required the AMA said 21) i
DePREE ALCOHOL 'u:Im::: ?": ._: ,'"'
,. j/ : '.... ... 2 for 59
2 39 ,: '" SPI"nt* l-m. lett2fi<.
for J DePREE
: Iea AMMONIA .... 2fori 291DePREE

TO PLACE CALAMIN.. 4.... lerri
LOTION gNDePREE ,ga 2 for 39' a

: CAMPHOR .... .7, 2 for 47



DAILY NEWS-CHIEF c y n,. .f 5-I q.7fe DePREE PEROXIDE XTiT 2 for 33'
(LWt 21)

-- l 2 for 39'
293-2191 2 f fore 9c


CT 1121 1-1412.er Se.CT SW.Pk. 3$41I m SAVINGS 1 1Fcrt.l-Sht>1i.E

Ir I Ir

--- -- -- ------ --- ---- 'wy


Flood Waters Damage RfMRHHRSAN; ; AUOU8TINI. Tea. HOME COOKING 5 Southern States Still Have Poll Tax IATI.ANTA

the "MUrttat oaks art resent <( North thousand of trees in portions states still cling to the poll Johnson in another eloee eke. ratified an tuxmteunt to the
Carolina CitiesGOLDSBORO of UM aMne National Preat [FIJ / tax despite! free federal election tion United State OoMtMiiMon out
of Cat TMM that will be eov- *. Trouble resulting; from A poll tax Is I still' I avMraa lawlnf the poll tax at i requirement .
N.C. (UPI-) waters drowned in North CaroIma ered .by water In 1968 dual voter registration may requirement m VlrajM, Ala. lor vettnc In federal
Several more eastern North Wednesday !soon mean the end of the levy ham Miisisslppl and Artan. elections.
Carolina cities TIM area U part of the T Mo once aimed at keeping Negroes' ", for
were added to Meanwhile a new problem tate and local elac
Bend resenrotr to be ratted. with
the Hat today of those flooded fired the communities of Snow water of the Sabine from the polls lions The money gap for Confusion and trouble hat not
from swollen. rivers still carrying Hill and Hookerton today as lea-acm foreet WM the River ant The wtl- The! 'free vote" In Texas school orotrams tt> ......... been caused by heavy fret
the torrents dumped across !city water systems were con del'MlltabU...... In may also carry President Lye states have repealed" ttM tal. reflatratlon but by light regitratlon -
the state last don B Johnson to victory kn The .
weekend by dy laminated Texas by tile U. 8 Pored. Pev. vote" eaM about
Inc Hurricane Hilda.Hundreds The Neuse Tar, Lumber, and toe. his home state If the race there
of fimihes were beIng Cape Fear rivers continued to II I as close as the 1MO K.*>-
kept from their homes pose a danger to scores of other The "General Sam" Is a ofpreea dentlal! contest
damage was in the millions and communities as bwtdreds of tree more than 1.000 year A record UN.tlS Teas Out for Coffee?
two persons were dead from creeks and streams backed up. old that Stands over a fairyland have paid $1.IS to vote In local.,
the floods Thousands of acres of unhar of cypress The specie of oak stat and federal I eieetiMs
The latest victim was reported nested crops lay underwater white and red. that are joinedat j'I: < Only 84.M? wittered for the
point 12 feet and at free vote hi the federal) .
in South Carolina near the and the cost to farmer was '1' **
state line, as flood water still impossible to estimate 40 feet above ground are called ,.4. lion but moat of thane refto.
worked southward on their All persons who used water the "courting oaks;' ;.. '.. Fired represent mttwltjr ErSspsand
downstream course. in Snow Hill since Tuesday liberal ""'WI.
Authorities slid Joe Brings were urged to get typhoid shots Kiy F/ltw+l ar..N Iw,1944 w.u nets.",wv.A The Democrats carried Tease
and elderly Negro was pulled today as National Guard trucks SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN by seme 40000 votes In 1900.
from his Island home in the Lit brought in emergency water "I guess that sign means what it says" U the new additions turn out In

tie Pee Dee River Friday night: tank from other cities An --
near Mullins. The Little Pee emergency chlorinator was installed BEETLE BAILEY
Dee is a continuation of the on the main water pump
Lumber River which earlier at Hookerton Mass inoculation PtIAGE PARK PLRAcg A&mgAN
this week sent a score of fimiliei clinics were also set up at AT ANGLEr 45 Lt
from their homes at Lum Goldsboro.
berton. With about 300 families still t r 1 Z
The other victim of the flood out of their homes at Goldsboro a liLALJ rz

*............"'." ....... some 50 families left their II l
homes Friday night( at Kinston e
IF YOU DON'T DRINK and Seven Springs The numberof

you get more for evacuees kept climbing. UTl.L
your money with The Hooding at Goldsborowas
termed by the Weather
LOW COST Bureau here as "the worst In 1
history" for the area
HOME.and AUTO The bureau said the Neu.se
'apparently' crested late Fri. -
INSURANCENONDRINKERS day at 26.10 feet but since another .
reading was no' set to be HENRY

ONLY: felt made earlier until predictions later today of, many a 28 WEAR T4AT| RATTL6 \ I ISOMETHING'S Tta. SEE IF TINE RATTLE'

foot crest today would be red 6IRi WRONG CREW CAN TRACK WHAT RATTLE,
tuJ l l 11/Jwl' izedMaj WITH THIS TANK/ IT DOWN .. 6AR6ET

: INSVIANCI COMPANY i: Wesley Ives of Wilson.
area civil defense director surveyed bC
294-1218 =i the Neuse by plane Fri
i : day and aid the crest of the
flood could be clearly seen at s
: AGENCY : ,.
housing subdivision
: p, O. tea 7ts Wilier H_VM : near Golds ep
.............._.........J boro! at it plodded slowly downstream t SO f No this U the lima of day our' Girl Thursday

n goes to the post office for the mail. We (just
BEYMER Methodist Church wanted you to know that while the It gone

MEMORIAL v J either our Girl Friday for Robinson Cruioe him.

700 Lake Howard Drive ..lfl() It always' on hand to answer your questions

Northwest BRINGING UP FATHER and advise the bait way to gat your printing
IN.., Dtwittws) r
'::45 Church CI..... for Every OOINt7k THE r PHONE 2M-J22f
11:00: Morning Worship .... C ) j j.1 WARD
men by David LyoniL iNTANsn
.rm.n'i ea y M'n's .

: ChoruiISO Youth Activities .

f:M tvonlita Worthlp Oo*. eI ,,, I I1h'
pl I Hymn Sing Lay Mtfg .
.> Sr Water O Bill *
I /
AMPLE PARKING NURSERY printer to commerce Industry f 9.vemmestBIG
/ ...... .. . ... .. ..


{ .




F Z jIL..l.t _

.'' r. IfOI[ --"gioo.; .-r----, ___---=--- __
------:3J: -

d 1 TEMPI Sf 'l'STOM' :

II' A rII'


'" ," __ i : I \ ItJII'iacl.









acted the Florida Department come effective until 11:01 sum.
California k State Realtors Conference FCC To Set Africttlture's Division of Fruit on Thursday.The .
New FruitStandards and Vegetable Inspection towaive Commission also Intends
Immediately the minimum to receive recommendations at
grade and site restrictions then the meetlnc resulting from clt.
Seeks To Scheduled (In Tampa MondayE. In effect for the Intrastete move rats fruit dealer license dtII1allIe..1nJ1
New grade and 81M reqQir. meat of cltrw. The Inspection held recently.
ments for citrus moved within service WM requested to COIIot1nue
N. Hudson, president of to waive the restriction
the state or through
lift fruit Pilot Club
Close Ft. Ord the Winter Haven Board of ,., .. channels will be adopted by the until Oct. 15.
Realtors, announced today that Florida Citrus Comma Ina "We asked tor this specific
the FloridaAseociatlonofRe4< ... special meeting scheduled tor date because under the law, an Plans MeetingMembers
SACRAMENTO Calif (TYPE) tors will hold Its 48th annual !1:30:: p.m. Monday. amendment to a com mission regulation .
The s tat e of California state convention In Tampa U.L.'I+ .'' '..''-' i' ., The commission Intends to cannot, except under em. of the Pilot Club of
'ought to close or quarantine week. \ 'J1', take formal action at that time ergency conditions take effectin Winter Haven will hold their
\ : less than 72 hours," Hooks monthly business meeting at the
the huge Fort Ord Army training to amend regulation
Hudson said that Dr. Richard .... order Park Restaurant Monday eve.ning .
Since formal action
bate near Monterey In the to provide tor a minimum explained.
C. Bates, Michigan Internist grade
: I" will not be taken by thecommls. The time of meeting has
of U. No. 2
wake of Russet
a meningitis
epidemic will be one of the principal high.
"'. er, well lion until the Monday meeting, been changed from 8:15 to 8
there. speakers at the October in 1'/ as a minimum size
The Army refused to curb gathering. Bates will tell Real : '"" C/c/ one size smaller than that the amendment would not be. p.m.

use of the fort asserting that ton "How to Have a Heart ('d/ established by the Growers Ad.
A,1t mlnlstraUve Committee OMICII : RENT INCLUDES NAME" ONi"
the epidemic "appears to be under s Attack Gracefully. .' for out. CAMITED
control." 'i'i', of-state shipment of fruit.These DOOR AND INSIDE AND OUTSIDI DIRECTORY
Gov Harold Irby, Winter Haven new grades and sizes would be COFFEI AND ICI WATER
Edmund G Brown Fri //1/ All CONDITIONING
Realtor, has been named to a In effect tor all
day night asked the secretary committee to nominate 1965 citrus varieties of I LIGHTS MUSIC MAID IEI'I'el, CONVENIENT
of the army to quarantine the officers of the state Realtors Hooks, Commission according to Homer E. : mi runic PARKING 'INOUIIIIII NW no
g e n era 1
fort and suspend recruit train : TELEPHON11C5-IIIP 01 lf4.JIII
group during the three-day convention manager. Wi DRAWN (NC
ing at the post where 84 persons at Tampa's Floridan DR. RICHARD C BATES The commission last week
have been stricken this Hotel
year and 13 have died. . . . . . . .
The governor also announcedthat Hundreds of Realtors, their . . . . . . .
he was directing the National salesmen, and their wives will . . .
come to Tampa from all parts . . . .
Guard to stop sending
of the state to attend the con.
Guardsmen to the base A groupof

50 Guardsmen was due to go BIG BEANS Margaret Smith left, and Joette Kiel- vention's rational, and 68 professional social events,,edu according -

to the post Oct. 13 and a total right, look over some "yard-long beans" raised by Joet..'. to Harry J, Vorder- FIGHT BACK WITH ORTHO !
of 435 was slated there during grandfather C. W. Head, 438 Ave. I SE., to see If they are melrer, Fort Lauderdale,president
October really that long. They checked out pretty close. of the 9,500memberFlorida
The governor took his action Association of Real
after receiving a report from B&PW MeetingThe CHANGE APPROVED tors.
the state Department of Public

Health which that all strongly rookie GI's recommended and- Business and Professional England CHARLTON(UPI!) -MARSHALL The village James Convention C. Downs speakers, Chicago Include real @Rp! ):: MALATHION ((ORTHO) TOMATO

outside visitors be banned until Women's Club will hold council here approved the request estate economist; John C. Williamson
governmental relations -
the crisis It over. their regular business meeting of several residents to VEGETABLE
director of the National 50
Monday night, 7:30,at the Haven change their address from Cemetery Association of Real Estate 55

SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN Hotel. Lane to Smugglers' Lane Boards In Washington; and

- Raleigh W, Greene, St. Petersburg SPRAY DUSTA
chairman of the Florida

Winter Haven's Newest Incorporated Development Council of 100.
'Wanted Persuaders! will A MULTIPURPOSE
be the subject of the opening 50% MALATHION VEGETABLE GARDEN DUST.
general session address by William TOMATO
H. Cove, sales consultantof KILLS CONTROLS BOTH
Coral Gables. Justice Stephen oRTHO YEGEDu DISEASESON
C. O'Connell of the Flor- HARD-TO-CONTROL stuABIL
Open House ida Supreme Court will tell IATHIOM RED SPIDERS MANY GARDENa
Realtors about "Ethics Business" -
at one of the luncheon APHIDS, MEALY BUG, ; ['
sessions. EASY TO APPLY
Appraisers, form oroKer, SCALE, PLUS MANY
Industrial Realtors
managers, and real estate OTHER INSECTS ON SQUEEZE DUSTER.
traders will conduct workshops
in their specialties and "early EVERGREENS, ROSES, GIVES ECONOMICAL

bird" round-tables will be devoted ORNAMENTALS, GARDEN CROP
to office practices advertising -
and selling. SHRUBS AND TREES. PROTECTION.Black' .

Luncheon at a Spanish restaurant
a tour of Busch Gar
dens and a tea and fashion
f' chow are slated for wives of Dandelions?
1/iJJ delegates. The convention will y?
also feature an "Ice-breaker"
party October 15 and wind up Powdery
with a Saturday night "Latin
Fiesta" banquet and ball. Mildew?
"THEjCOOPERATlVE PLAN WHERE LIVING IS Earlier that day Florida Realtors
will elect 1965 officers
.,'" "jl / and award a score of trophiesto
," .Lr outstanding 1964 Boards and


(UPl-Mimic) to ride to the

hospital by. r
2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Daily The community fire district has of purchaseda this desert

(EXCEPT SUNDAY) $14,353 equipped, four with patient air ambulance conditioning Fl KwT FIGHT BACK I

and stereophonic background
a>s music. I

The district' older and THO'1Without WITH ORTHO1eORTHO
,t4 i irv smaller ambulance also had
stereo and will be retained for

standby use hard work P HALT AN Rose & Garden

Due rode WEED-B-GON can kill your ?rM0 Fungicide controls all major
a "1M0 lawn roots and all// diseases.
polish on porcelain kitchen appliances wti- PHALTAN' rest fungus
and cabinets to protect EWUWONI
them from scratch-- finger i
marks and grease r--

-= li+ 1: w
w--- often


II IIUI ttl tt tit (MR,Ill
IIMlt -



f fgAtDtN

For your retirement pleasureNorth 1 0T N+ VOLC'

OiI SproY

MS >t f* 4 nMuiMfc i**
Gate Village has been conceived at a spacious; reifJenKowned center for SBAHAIviA&STAR

the senior citizen who likes to be within walking distance of hit major shopping IIIONE
needs. You'll like the location. The coat Is nominal from 59 d < ukk 1
3 Dry Wnkini,rrl. 4,4)PM trim SID +
4 Day. Mondays,US PM frail$&'

Your Deed to a Lot in North Gate Village Will Entitle You To Ullt".*toMiUM Mist,l Mr(. 1I >. ,
ml INCIV9II leg II M eau itIKMII
").. Mvt. IMctllim ."!I, *M
too eM unit*, *IKMII' wltttommlColon .
V Insurance of Clear Title on his property It the start of construction I e c.lnl Mrtr1'1* mniMtiM
0>MMtort return.. .lei...U..S..of.Cm4iMClIilMII ANNUALS BULBS
Homestead Exemption under existing lows l of the state MO "' l' Ul

V A Warranty Deed end e Title Property on his Individual residence PRINCE PHILIP VISITS NASSAU. FERTILIZERSaRTN".oso
OCTOBER 20'! Corns torn, 'nthtfistiviti
\f The Cooperative Plan with no responsibility for you on outside maintenance \ IM the royal entl.-fll' and PESTICIDES
iyil" YKM BntJnnis. ORTHO-GRO Liquid Plant Food
-- -
---- "
Mass tar MU Mlv auks.hot S ISM
H*>Tram Mo,v 1 9.96 VALUE
Location: Directly Behind North Gate TROPICAL FISH

lutU. S1UMUnntUS:

First Gallon ___ 4.98 $499[ PETS AND PETSUPPLIES
Shopping Center Sixth Street N.W. I II l'I ..

.. .. .. .. Second Gallon __ __ Ic

& .u
WealJ' .I4I. Ale


Villa Lumber of Winter Haven TWN af

299 Sixth St. S.W.
[Llr lxtaui4 PET SHOP. MART CARTER PAINTS. 2939730P
W. C. McEVERS Developer ---1"'M."t.t-

fHaso et SW' IIIVIuOIIINIUI000NUI.iIIIeImmmmmmmmmm
us AVC. c. s.w. PHONE CY 3.1160 WINTER HAYEN PHONE 194.4261 m mm mmmm mm m

i I

,, October I I I| Qfc4 Page Fifteen
LfmR OM With $3 or More Order MAXWELL HOUSE Instant )

menu on tilt damage which
can be dare by those who trek
1. to divide the aation b\ playingon
......... itSAVE Z
OL Jar
,. "Whatever your MOWS are.
we have a Constitution and .'e
\ have a Bill of Right, and we COFFEE T
have the law at the land, and 31c )
two-thirda af the Democrats in
'- the Senate. voted for It and
three fourths of the Republican

"I signed it. and I am going
to enforce it, and I am going
b.r to observe It, and I think any p, CENT | The Smart Place To Go For Good Things To Eat! [
man that ia worthy of the high
office of President is
going to .
do the !tame thing." Johnson

Barry Pushes LBJ said
But I am not Rome to let

Campaign In Over Weekend buy them my build people up hate by appealing and try to to / 12:Two Ca. 1ge

Far West Ai His RanchBy their Johnson predjudice prepared" Johnson speech said.In a N

Press International prediction of victory in
United Press International
Sen. Barry M Goldwater campaigned President Johnson toqk a '
through the Far West abort breather yesterday from" Bleuch 2 9cI
today with six.
a challenge for campaign barnstoming after Girl ScoutScrapbook
Americans to be .
as bravely individualistic giving a frank talk to a southern i B .
at Christopher Co-
audience about civil rights. ,
lumbus. He said If Columbus The President flew to the 0\, SAVI 12c ASSORTED COLORS ARROW FACIAL
were alive today "aomebody LBJ Ranch early today from G
mljht'rail him an extremist. New Orleans. where he ended a FkCEI.LE b'

candidate The Republican headed his presidential vote-get- the three Midwest.dav campaign and South swing He-was In last Roundup tryouts were held Prices Effective Oct. 12 Tan 14 Tie 2 e 00c .Two"" 2 5 C "

ting drive from here to pleased with the results of the Wlldwood.weekend at Girl Scout Camp Winter Haven Stores Only ssue
Spokane. Wash.: Portland Ore trip which saw him attract big Attended by J7 Senior Qnko' sitof
and Salt Lake City, Utah, before Scouts from the Heart of Florida
crpwds In several cities
returning tonight: to his It was to be a short breather Council camping, the girls skills were testedon 820 THIRD STREET S.W.SAVI lOc WHITE A.OW LIQUID I.
home city of Phoenix, Arias by George ,
A schedule announced Friday Costello (knot tying WUUam
), alt
President Johnson was scheduled will take the President to Phoenix
Scruggs (tent pitching, retoldl .
to speak and attend Long Beach San Franciscoand Ing, and storm lashing), Mrs '
church at Phoenix Sunday, but Las Vegas on Sunday, and Butord Knowles and Bert Schuls Detergent : 25'TO
Goldwater aides
said that they see him campaign In Reno and (Charcoal fire building and cook. iii
did not expect the two rivals to Butte, Mont Casper Wyo.. Ing). On the last test, the girls
see each other Denver and Boise Idaho, on were given hamburger,potatoes, Quantity Rights Retenrea1 ,

night In San Goldwater Francisco paid homageto Friday Washington Monday before returning. to carrots their own, onions way of and preparing could choose It. '.(i1J fflsf" f.::.... ',?.}t.n *31**** 'i.u oI.u..4.W.I.: I

Columbus at a ceremony The stop in Phoenix will put The Senior Scouts also had to
which began a weekend ccle Johnson in the home city of turn In a plan of a Kaper Chart
bration by local Italian.Amerl. Republican presidential nominee for a Patrol of eight girls Mrs.
cans of the explorer's birthday Barry Goldwater shortly at R. Maughan,District Advisor, t
Monday Johnson will give a ter Goldwater returns from a was coordinator of the event.As Top Value Stamps
Columbus Day speech In San campaign trip of his own. only 18 girls from our Council
Francisco SundayThousands Johnson was understood to may attend Roundup, the 37 girls
will be first narrowed down
I of spectators have scheduled the stop on the to
24. From that the foam
most of them cheering and home grounds of his opponent, group
waving Goldwater placard 16 will be selected,but the semi
at the of Sen Carl

Wharf jammed.for colorful the GOP Fisherman's nominee'sspeech. Hayden llajdon/ D-Arit, president pro.tt'm. GuUcoast and finalists Citrus will, Girl Suncoast Join Scout with, girls Gateway Councilsfor from, '\.-. THE HAPPIEST WAY TO

There were some pore and seniority dean of the an alternate trip. Best of
groups of hecklers in the crowd Senate Is supporting a former luck to our Winter Haven SenIor .
chanting "LBJ" but Goldwater office aide, Roy Elson, against Scouts who attended tryouts. ONE STOP CHRISTMAS SHOPPING I
silenced them by saying: Arizona Republican Gov Paul They Include Mary Judy, Roxanne .
Ladies and gentlemen I Fannin, In the race for a U.S. Buttles, Kay Ting, Susan
came .here tonight highly: honored Senate seat Fannin is a long Burchln, Helen Struthers, Judy &*#* \&
that I was asked to speak time Goldwater ally and the Lewis, Susan Scott, Joan Lut-
about Christopher Columbus Senate seat at stake is the one trell, Sara Jane Hart, and Elln
I'm not here to speak about now held by GoldwaterThe Williams t
LBJ or Barrv Goldwater. I'd Pr'sldt'nt'stop In New Auburndale Neighborhood -E- :
like to get in the spirit of these Orleans allowed him to rt'ndel'VOUI Scouts have started their year
wonderful people here tonight with his wife, Lady Bird, off with a bang Mrs Edith Da -t [
who want to pay respect that after her four-day, eight.state Barry Is new Neighborhood
we should all respect, regard whistle stop tour through the Chairman, and will be assisted
less of whether we're Democrats heart of the South. Johnson by Troop Organizers Mrs. Adon S e
or Republicans ." J tqa Silid th "Lad r Bird Spec Adams, Mrs. Jack Voss, Mrs. !
"The search for freedom 'b'r"W&ttl|,;;!,tier it backed into Hugh Reynolds, and,Mrs. Hugh
opportunity goes on In tfito Port. This Neighborhood has
the depot and greeted his wife
world of The adopted the plan of a troop or.ganlzer -l. I
ours Christopher
with a hug and a friendly kin
Columbuses are abundant Then they moved through In each elementary

our They country.are the young They people are the of cheering crowd In which the station-a included school.Cypress Neighborhood will. BARGAIN HUNTER SPECIALSCRACXIN i Ii) $
meet as scheduled at 9:30 Thursday
young people of our world
many Negroes to a rally at at the Ctrl Scout House.
They are the young people who which Mrs Johnson! deliveredher
Guests will be the leaders from (000Biscuits
understand freedom, who understand 48th speech of an "unfor- Pine Neighborhood.
its sources, and understand gettable' week, Johnson told Junior Troop 138 under the
their responsibilitiesto the cheering crowd that he hadIvl'n leadership of Mrs Leonard Hart
"/( the South the best I and co.leadt'r Mrs.RobertWleg.
'These American virtues l that have for the last four day > ert la In full swing. They held
we have-the'virtues of imtialive Later Johnson delivered a their first meeting at Mrs. DIXIE DARLING
and ambition-these virtues speech at a $100.a plate dinner, Hart's home on Saturday, Sept.
enabled the forefathers of adding some Impromptu com 19.The girls planning acorn 8 oz. Can MOWN 'N SERVE I
you people to become as Used re.dedlcatlon, fly-up, and
successful as they could with not know Welch was connected Court of Awards ceremonyNrs. Limit 5 Twin Rolls
their own drive their own ambition with the committee which had Delmar Debault and Mrs. Jack
and their own work In. been organized to protest Coyle, former leaders of the Four
divldualism is another way we against a summit meeting with troop will be guests of the troopon Pak c
might express this. Soviet Premier NI I kit.I S this occasion. This Is Mrs. PINKY no SKINLESS 211...
"Certainly, Christopher Columbus Khrushchev In 1959 Hart's first year In Girl Scouts, 7V
was an Individualist If While Goldwater did not use but Mrs. Wiegert has flown up Wieners Ii.39c
he were alive today, somebody his San Francisco speech for a with 12 of her girls from Brownie .
might/ call him an extremist direct attack on Johnson Fri Troop 149.Brownl .
The remark, which drew a day night he struck hard at *Troop 149 la now un. CORTLANO
big cheer, followed by several his Democratic opponent in a der the capable leadership of DIXIE DARUNC
hours a report in a television nationwide television appear Mrs. Owen M. Lee Jr* Mrs. Sauerkraut 2 ,. 29 CRACKED
Jim Broauau WHEAT
Interview that Goldwater had liner on the ABC network with Mrs Jack Coyle,
been a member of a committee former Vice President Richard and Senior Scout Betty Young of Bread
described as one of the M Nixon During that Republican Troop 4. The first Monday meeting I ({if
John Birch Society's "fronts" purchased half hour at Mrs. Coy It's house was
landed by 21 bubbling e iIcl'Ld
John Rousselout, public relations Goldwater accused the admin
Brownies. The Is for.
troop most :
director of the society! miration of following a "rudderI tunate to have the capable assist 1619EFIRM
aid on Walter Cronkttt's CBS I less. planks, and absolutely ante of Miss Betty Young Betty
program that Robert Welch lout cause in foreign affairs He should be a leader as soon ss HEAD
the society's founder. had re asked whether the admmistra she reaches the proper age as
rruited GoldwaterThe ton s mtemitional policy "itam she has much to offer tothepro.
Arizona senator was (hint but an act of moral' gram, and ls very popular with Cauliflower39' _
quoted as saying thai he did political and national suicide the Brownies. DIXIE OARUNC rrg t


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NaN 29c
.. 9c Pkg.
4 39c

1t Er I Cream fAJlMHOUII Pies 3-H00


It.ewryt MY ; x K

Dgeee/12 : 5,00, "a cv.5,
VM.,5O.'twaffles 2 29
Wood tc. Associates newest model C *M V M MnfrN Ttra* h Otf. 14 S-' M'".

AT awe WHIM rays ewer a sore w.rre g awe rwrv
in Lakewood. From Cypress Gardens

Road, lake Polk Drive North. From SLake

Db rt Dr. lake ISih St., SE South to '

entrance. Open today from 1-6 p.m. memanmce W it / ii/ Jo ffo. for Good Things iowtSundoy



Panthers Stun Blue Devils 6-0

In Bruising Western League Tilt


a Editor
News-Chief Sports

tN Ivory towers are t thing of me past In Winter Haven--for tans and varsity football players

alike. Blue Devil Western Conference hopes came tumbling down Friday nteht at Memorial
Stadium here as Tampa's Plant Panthers drove 95 yards In the closing minutes of the league

r l 3 contest to score the lone touchdown of the game and hand the Big Blue their first loss of the
season, 6-0.

It was a bitter and disappoint.Ing .
loss for Winter If there Is such a thing as nlng halfback Mike Page. Davis
going into the game, was wide., highlights In a losing cause,they caught four passes good for 88
yards, one thrown by Junior Jim.
unscored.upon, and rank. would have to be the perform. my Hough and three by Junior
ed 7th In I statewide gridiron poll
of Florida prep teams. Obvious. ances turned In by two Juniors- Rick Anderson, both quarter.
backs. One
of the receptions
ly, the bottom fell out In each of split end George Davis and run. ,
these categories. good for 38 yards, was caught
In the Indescribable manner that
From the opening kickoff Win 'IfWJJJUljllft'ifllI! Davis Is becoming known tor.

ter Haven dominated the contest. STATISTICS At 150 pounds Page Is one of
They marched and marched but rum H the smallest running halfbacksIn
not once did Pint Down Running s 5 the business. But he excitedthe
they cross the op.ponent's Pint DOWM Paulas 0 3
goal line. In noticeable Pint:: Down PenaltTei 1 0 8,000 spectators on hand with a

contrast, the Panthers perpe.tratea Total FlrM Dowrn 10 12 his determined runs through the aa
Yard Oalm-d Runhlnit 176 tae! hefty Plant line. In all he
only one drive ana 1n tne Yards lost Ruxhlng a 4 ,
end that was all they needed. Net Yard Riuhlng 168 113 up 80 yards rushing, most of
Scoring with only 17 seconds left long Rushing Play) 24 84 which came on what has been .

Y< IJM In the tame, Plant won what was Passes Paaaee Completed Attempted 1 4 IS< described as second effort. .

< r, probably one of the most Inter. Yardc Gained Panning 11 87 Winter Haven's hard charging
eating football battles ever to be Long Paialn* Play ( 36 0 fullback Eddie Tuttle also played ; ?
Passes Intercepted by
played in Memorial Stadium. Yard Returned Intr 4 0 an outstanding offensive game
Total Gain (Rush.Pan) 177 268 picking up 46 yards, all hard. .
But for the Blue Devils and Number of Punta 4 0 fought up the middle.

their followers it was not the Yard Average Returned Yard PunU Punt. 270 0 1 0> Defensive standouts for Wlnter ....-
most satisfying! Six times they Yard Returned Kickoffs 16 81 Haven Included Davis, Page, -
drove to within 20 yards of a Fumble. t 2 McAshan, Jim Alderman,Ronnie ON THE LOOSE Junior Mike Page, who developedInto
score. And each time Fumble. Lout 1 1 Winter Haven's top running halfback Is a losing
-- ,....- they fall Number of Penalties 3 S Booth, Joe Sturgess, Jerry Hill, causeto
ed, jiving up the ball on downs Yard Penalized 35 25 and Jeff McKibben. Tampa Plant Friday night, picks up 15 yards in a third
INCOMPLETE Junior end Larry Peacock (43) outdistanced the Tampa Plant sec three times, twice failing on Snore by quarter' Winter Haven now has a 3.1 quarter scamper Page recorded 80 yards In the contest to

ondary late in the second quarter only to see the pass thrown by Junior quarterback Rick field goal trys, and fumbling Winter Tampa Haven Plant MHM-4 000 0 season mark, 2-1 In the con lead the Blue Devil running attack. (Photo by Brook Staub
I I Anderson barely out of reach. The past fell Incomplete on the two yard line with E4 seconds once. Their drives stalled three Scoring ference. Their next game Is at of Superior Block Co.)

I remaining until halftime The Panther defender Is Chris Hill. (Photo by Brook Staub bf times at the 15 yard line and once P-Wllann 54 run kirk failed) home against twice beaten Man a.
each at the five nine Leading gainer', runh and
Superior Block Co.) 19yard
pa.) : P-WTlann. 90. Caaaren 76, Western Conference
stripes. On one other WideopenNot
march WH-Dsvli 88. Paw Ml Tuttle 46
they reached the Plant 32'/i' McDanlel IS, Booth 18, Myer. 14 tee.Mele
yard line, a fourth down pass Remains one Western Conference trails with a 1.0 loop mark.
II' 'h '",:':({* : @ In
A Is to be rated
uburndaleBeatsDadeCity28-6 falling to pick up the necessary expected But neither is expected to vault
Twins' the Miami Herald's statewide
yardage. ManagerNEW
Top Ten Into the top ten. Last week Hills
ten foot.
poll of the top prep
borough lost to Ft. Lauderdale
I CITRUS BOWL AUBURN. the Bloodhounds sparkled as a yard run by Kersey, 29 yardsby Plant Besides their scoring drive, Here li how the state's Top VORK UPI) The ball teams this week. And the 28.0 and Plant was defeated by
DALE The Auburndale Blood team, the play of tackle Vander Wood and 17 yards by SuUton had penetrated Into Blue Ten prep football teams fared Minnesota Twins rehired Sam league could be hard pressed to Miami Edison 6.0.

hounds played their best game of Kirkland was especially out. to the one featuring the drive. Devil territory only once. They in gridiron contests this week: Mele as manager Friday night place one in the top twenty as
the season Friday night as a de. standing Time after time he Sutton cracked over for the score reached Winter Haven's 47 yard but they fired three of his four the Western Conference burst Teams with one loss are Lake.
lighted crowd of some 3,700 was through the line to drop the and also added the point after on line early In the second quarter.In Miami Senior ((1) played coaches. wldeopen Friday night, the re. land (2-1), Winter Haven (2.1),

partisan fans watched the ball carrier for losses and on a line plunge.An covering the 95 yards to Jacksonville Lee, result unknown The Twins finished in a sixth suit of two stunning upsets. Robinson (1.1)), and Chamberlain

charges of Coach Wayne Chap. one occasion he dropped Car. Interception by Sutton at the pay dirt Plant's powerful half place tie with Cleveland In the Tampa Robinson, rated No. 2 (1.1).

man overcome the Pasco Jinx penter 21 yards behind the line Pirates 43 set up a score In the back, 190-pound Ernie Casares, Tampa Robinson (2)). lost to just completed American I among Florida gridiron powers Manatee and King are both
I by making the Pirates walk the of scrimmage when he went third quarter. Four plays mov. picked up 18 yards but the star Tampa Hlllsborough 12 6 League was defeated 12-7 by Tampa 0.2 and Jefferson is 0.1.
pennant race
plank to the tune of 286. back to pass.Quarterbacks. ed the ball to the 25. Brown of the show was senior quarter. Jacksonville Lee (3)) played Terms of Mele's Hlllsborough and Winter Haven, Three Important conference
Miami Senior result unknown one year seventh pick In the state poll, games are slated next week:
then rolled out twice to the 11 back Jim Wilson. The
The Hounds threw a stone Roy Brown and 170.pound contract for the 1965 season
and then sent Kersey to the threeon Coral Gables (4)) defeated lost a 6-0 decision to Tampa Hlllsborough at Chamberlain,
wall defense at Pasco, shack. John Wlegert alternated In db field general swept both Winter were not disclosed Coaches
Plant. Lakeland at Robinson and Man.
ling the Dade City team to a reeling the Hounds to 22S rush. a pitch-out. Brown then went Haven ends for runs of 5, 9, 11, Hialeah 21.13Hialeah Floyd Baker, Ed Fitzgeraldand ,
over on a rollout around left ((5)) lost to Coral Gables Hlllsborough, with wins over atee at Winter Haven. Other
minus 44 yards on the ground ing yards. A bevey of backs 13, and a 24 yard keeper around Gordon Maltzberger were
and Robinson Is the Jefferson at Plant and
King now
and luring three key Intercep. shared the load as Bill Sutton, end and added the point on a right end that went for the touch 2113 dismissed. Only coach Hal{ Nar games are
kingpin in the league with a ZoO Brandon at King the latter being
lions Into touchdowns when the Danny Wood, Jimmy Kersey quarterback sneak.Auburndale down. Up until then the Panthershad Ptnsacola High ((6)) defeated was retained ,
agon conference record. Tampa Plant non.conference.
Pirates took to the air. Robert Colvln and Brown and punched out 42 been held to only 71 yards Mobile Davidson 25-0

Twice In the ealy part of the Wlegert themselves all ran with yards In 10 plays for the next rushing. Winter Haven (1)) lost to

contest, the Auburndale defend. aurthorlty. TD with Brown going the last Ironically the referees play. Tampa Plant 6-0
ers stopped Pasco when they had Actually the Bloodhounds were five yards over his left side ed an Important part in Plant'sTD Tallahassee Leon ((8)) lost to Winter Haven's Fastest Growing
after faking hand-off. Kersey
moved to first downs inside the forced toscorethreetouchdowns drive. Wilson lateraled wildon Gainesville 3219
five the of before the first one was regls. went up the middle to add the
on arm quarterback
a pltchout, dove for the ball Orlando Edgewater ((9) defeated
Pet Carpenter. The first time tered on the Scoreboard.On point. and reached it a split second Sanford 13-0
the Hounds held for downs and their first play from scrim Robert Colvin gave the Hounds before Winter Haven defensive CAR DEALERCustomer
Clearwater ((10)) defeated St.
a 28.0 lead midway through the
took over one foot from their mage In the game Brown and Col. specialist Jim McAshan. One of
Pete Senior 143
goal. Later defensive quarter. vln teamed up to score on a 63 final stanza as he Intercepted a the many red flags that were

back Eddie Hughes Intercepteda yard pass.run play but It was pass at his own 47, waited for thrown during the game again OTHER PREP GRID '

Carpenter pass in the end nullfled by a penalty. his Interference to form, and fell to the ground and McAahan RESULTS .Jkt'
con to kill treat that had When Hughes Intercepted Car. raced 53 yards with his team. {
a .
in what 'humbt'rlaln 17 Manatee II
reached the three.Carpenter penler'a pass In the end zone mates clearing the wayNe added was many chanted observers with felt piling was aques. liiundon 21. fferaon 1* Relations Award ;"
the point on a smash up the Uktluml 28 KIna I 7
must have been early In the second period, he tlonable call. With the resulting '
near some kind of a record for ran It out to the five and as middle As'n Park 40 Frortproof IUan ,
15 Plant ,
yard penalty, was "w M' Plant City 0
passes attempted in a Southwest he was being tackled the ball Following that touchdown, awarded a first down at theWln. Uik:, Walei 27 llardm U Awarded Premier Motors

Florida Conference game as he squirted out of his hands and Coach Champman emptied his ter Haven 42 yard line. Four Mulberry 311, Quit 0
bench and Pasco moved 64 AUbuindalc 3ft PmacoKatlil <
unlimbered his thro win arm 32 was grabbed by Wlegert who yards ,
*;, plays later Wilson went for the ...-n 13 Irises City I
times in the contest and con raced the remaining 95 yards. In seven plays to score their score. Even so, McAshan remained Dish. Hi.limn :a, Blthop Barr' Only IRS linc.ln.Mtrcury D..ltrl, eel of 2111 ...- '-"rsamarwyaa; .

nected on 13 occasions. His 203 However the officials called It a lone TD. The reserves appearedto one of the Blue Devil <'01".1! I II Boon 0 tionilly, qvil.fitd /for th.i ..w.rcr./ qualify, l It i I. 'it, .
Py" iIB Cocoa I .. .
yards through the air helped to touchback and the Hounds put the have held at the 23 as three standouts as he recovered two TituKMll, .7 I.vm.n' r.qui.d shot .11 cuitomor cenplam 1 be>> handledIn / ;;:;: ";.. .:. :
minimize the shock of the Pirates' ball In play at their own 20. Carpenter passes wer Incom. 'h bit. 0 .a.
Tampa fumbles and participatedin KIn"JIo' 11 lift" .( > o ctmpUuly ..filfecf.., ", ..n.r. i ..'yatSal '
futile ground game. From there they moved for the plete but on his fourth try he KK" IM. w It Dun. dm I 6Wdds.el d
found Orbs Young standing all nine tackles.WCTU. II, I I., ,'buiK I .F' "w'
While the defensive effort of score in six plays with a 20
tea. alone In the end tone with 1131
remaining on the clock. A line

plunge for the extra point was Would Have Field DayTOKYO S 9hJ
spotlighton. short
The Friday victory evens the r Quality Dealer Award
two (UTI: > The WCTU stands for the use of alcohol
Hounds' season record at
wins and two losses. They now would have a field day at the only when applied for rubbing ; Awarded Premier MotorsOnly
Olympic purposes 64 S
stand at 2-1 in the SFC.
r V Pasco now has a 1.2.1 overall For I he benefit of sods pop
4; drinkers, those Initial tand for The good ladle lure would i r
record and 0.1.1 In the
/ are > II t doles east .1 2211 nc.tvtd this ward,
ie aghast after !
a quick
/ the Women Christian Temperance innpec I
; loop.
Inn Premier Meter of the II dealen
'/ Union which in turn, of the various mess hall wit ana receivinghn
''l TtTIITK'* used by the athlete at the .w.rll Need for edifying; Hightir tendarJl
II! HWIKU rir t.. otherwise prim and proper .f eicellen in cuitoiner relataiti, sales, tervlcemanatemen

I Pleat Yard*PM ftwhlni: IIS 11'44 Jewett Blasts Olympic Village 1.- Pnanc.nd ,..mti...
Yards rHaalM I* 201
,l P._. Complotrd M 13PBMM .rt Cartons of wine are stacked
twreDl.-d by 04.8.0 up and available to the ath

ryes Punt Av.Nge.. UM 0 Me in the French and Italian ,
Vent, r...UMd 20, WPI Sebring 53-7 dining rooms. while Belgian

w''? Olympian are free to have all Sales Performance Award
the beer they want
Jewett High played host to the
LOUIS < Uri)-The SportIng visiting E. C. Douglas High Only milk coffee and soda Awarded Premier Motors "

i, Newt Friday night selected School: of Sebring Friday night pop are available In the U S.
a 'rs a pair of third basemen as Its and thrilled many Havenll..who dining room the MTU wouldhe

players of the year-Ken Bayer witnessed touchdown after touch comforted to know although
nf the St Louis Cardinals for down. there Is nothing to prevent a This <.
the National League and Jeramlah Green and Charles U.S. athlete from entering any ales '....r"' ...* I. the j* lteadll.le ''utritt. which

Brook Robinson of the Biltl Blrdsonf led theotrf'lllllveaUack other mess hall and ordering seven l...> tt.!e. w th 42 JeaUrt.
more Oriole In the American with Alvin Denmark and William
('b Ieague Courtney showing outstanding
ability In tagging Sebring ball "We don't think a little wine d

WEST POINT NY ( UPH-\ carriers. with our mull Is harmful at

Charles M. Harris. 89. of Del. The enUre Wolverine team all" explained Plero Dmzeo. a

Monte, Pa. will be a special saw a little action with the second solid looking citizen and member .

-." guest at today Prnn State string moving the ball In the of Italy Olympic equestrian ,
4 Army football name Harris fourth quarter all the way down team I

played on the 1899 Penn Slat field for a last minute touchdown

FREEMAN squad that beat Army 60 SHOP IN WLVTEE HAVEN Sales Management Award

Awarded To Bob Carr

Hand-Sewns LET US FURNISH THE MATERIALS This ...rW ... e>.* *. Premfer ;., Meters isles! MJ..

to ke meat egMioj., ..I.. reseed ill! Ka

J.c..*.* $.. Dlrkl.w ; .


If you are building; ; or remodeling, you can save on the .
f material them 'i These are the highett; swords available to Lincoln-Mercury Dealers offered by
feel COlt by purchasing through ut. ,
flexible custom of fine h.nd-.wn
the Subitanti) laving ere your when we can deliver your i the Lincoln-Mercury division; ; of the Ford Motor Company We ere a recipientof
hend.c"lt.d eicellence offered
fronts only
iwppliet; in e quantity order. Spreading' your purchaict this honor beceut .f the fine and ; of the
Freeman. Slip on e peir toddy, BUck or Brown only patronage friendly ettittance;
by around to several' pieces. j. costly to you Let ut \ .......1 .
Liar finish. give you a price on metuidb for the entire icbWinter i\.r:: : -" -1'- residents of greater Winter HU'II. Therefore, we offer them our tincerett

4 thanks It wells\ our fellow butmeit; concerns.


11! Haven Planing MillsktfMItt :; r



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m THIIO ST s w



--- Haven Women Weld Drives FastestATLANTA .

Wasted: Years) Sweat Preparation Slate TourneyThe

(UPI) KI_ cuing weather.

By MILTON RICIIMAN letter," said CLUTCH weekly tounumcaU for City's young! Greg Weld drflwe Carl' Williams, alto of Kan+a,
belay who is a Russia in August.
UPI' Sports Writer first lieutenant ? WNCHATTER" the vrtotmHtM Womm'ii ,the fasten Ian ever reconM City who qualified last Satur
In te
TOKYO (UPI) An entire Corpa stationed Marine "He beat me in the final "" 1 Golf AatoelaUon Tuesday will the Atlanta InternattoMl *... day. took an Offenhauser roadster

work Pendteton at Camp Olympic Trials but the Olympic feature a low ml towMy for way Friday M .he puahed M* out on the mlte-and.a-half
lIars' Caltf. O
;'itioo ha. sweetIdepdi n Committee bad Mid those trials the U hole group awl a low Chevrolet powered WtM ra. .i- half banket] oval Friday for

, One diilllwiOMd U.S. Olym What bothers Jetey to much were simply for the purpose of gross awnt tar tile 9 .holt |ott. special' at 157 oe mile M MVWeld's testing ami vu, clocked at
r who came her hoping fort is that he feh he had won a adding a third man to the era. IK 47 mph on the traightawa\

un i gold medal but wound up Place on the team fairly andsquarely. team. The committee said ..Uth.t This past wii'k I ran in inUMvstmjr (>xMrinwnt.I Pairing and atarUM times lap shattered by Mar
ly three miles hour the
was required In those an record
jetting a royal S-WO-mile run. trial. was that I show up in asked ton women to name the five major makes of are at follows: set laM. Saturday by Real

IroUnd Instead. "I finished second in the good condition which I did." cars produced by General Motors ; and guess what No. I Tee Amirk In hi. Mfathauaer rotditer : .
Don Jeiiy. a rather person-- AAU meet In Mt. San Antonio (III bout) The

bee 26.year-old member of the Calif., last July and the Olympic Jeisy says over flatly the committee's Geigengack"went only two of the ten could answer that simple question.One 8:30 Mra. R. P. JttUa, Mra. Holds the pole yeir-oM position Weld for S.now... I

feeithlon team from Ocean. Track Committee had said head" to stump for Hodge. other rot four of the five and then added Plymouth Inward W..U., Mr. Louis day's Peach State MO for open AUTOEXCHANGE
ode, C lif., len 1 he II.. been the first two finishers would Kaaim and Mra. John wheeled
Geigengack vigorously denies for the fifth. To the average male this is noth- sprint and Indianapolis- .
liven ". raw deal" and doesn'tke automatically qualify for the it. But In all the CrlopS:3SMra. type earsFour g'
obtained ing short of amusing. As one of friends said at
, it at all Olympic team." he explained. could be found my : Harry Kn) |. Jr. W.
That in itself might not qualv "I also beat Hodge in the dual out none the time, "I would've bet WO that my wife couki've: MM. Omer MtDuW, Mra. cart qualified Friday to Buy
why Jeisy
for anything more than suddenlywas Carl LAibcn and Mri. Frank "bring to It the number Qualified l! SellftTrade
| him meet between the U. S. andAI.LtV replaced by Hodge.Bowling answered that question, and I woukl've bat The best
of those humorous sympathy Pride for the series nf two races
,ne cards some guys carry In most women could do was to name two or perhaps 8:40: ( MM. NMa Bach, Mra. Sunday-one !M-miler and one W SIAICY

heir, wallets except that i . . . . . . . .I, three. The main retort I got when asking the question Charles Lathes, Mri. FAJ.r lS0-miSer. C, *A, 3TRIN[ .or. CAIN pORy..r"zlaa0.rl.p"

lumber of his Olympic team. .II I a was that they didn't really care who made the car .. 1lndenm.yer and Mri. The have been TOtA CAR
r Charles CarnM race wan to
to with
'neater completely."I'm happen agree : .: just as long as it looked pretty and was easy to drive 8:45: Mrs.. Run Kadow, Mra.T. (hold taut Sunday hut wan pout- 114 AVI. K,. J.W. 291.{111
lim R .. ..
.. ...
4l 291."76
an official member of \. s: :a Considering all the time and effort put into the promotion L. Craig Mra. J. V. pnnt'Il for a week due to threat-
:Jie Olympic team. But I won't : .. I I IJ ( It : of a corporate theme by automakers it appears McKnifht and Mra. Bob

be able to compete," Jelsy ex I\ I: at that. Eppeeaonea .
K failing
plained. "To this day no one Scoreboard they are : o Mr. Fletcher Klinke

tu given me a reason why. : :P Therefore, if you nwi want to have some fun Mrs R. E. Book and Mrs

"So Instead of competing in Clrrre a with your wife or girl friend JUt ask them the simple John Parker. HUGHES 269h"f

the decathlon. I'll be watchingthe question of who make what Some of the No. S Tee
OAT Lr-Alil K; St'NSKT : :
hits Mike Mrs
8:30 Downs.
Games, probably from a W L LEAGI'w L
rand tan d seat What It Hullday Inn lye Jfcfclxrhanvv Tiki Lounge IT 1Thriftway hilarious Frank Gardner and Mrs
( : Bank 14 I 14 e Carl Hurting. "
I've worked
to is that
amounts T. L WhIUhead 13 7 _
AitkltiMun Heat A Cool. 1IH '(*
(for an entire year and taken a Harkley Shell 13' Tony Pharmacy IS 7 It took a long time for the fact to sink in, butit 8:35:: Mrs. L. C. Stewart, Mrs
Hol jck A Uoui 7VWashington Mark and Mrs
for nothing. Ute Bordo Product II' Spencer
5,000-mile trip NaU. Inn 11 e n........ L. Slmondi. Co. Icy M* appears that our domestic automobile manufacturershave John Ruedebinch -.
Jeisy thought all along he Fla. Oftlce Supply 11 ISchliU Thom..-Wetere Ford 11 a \ \
would represent the U.S. in the 10 10 Ray Mac1 lounge 1BH '<* suddenly awakened to the crying newel! for better No. I Tee
billy Farrla Stale Farm 11 Adam. Park. Awe. 10 W holes
(I )
decathlon with Dick Em. Haven Kender I 11 Orr' Marina HI 10 brakes on our faster, heavier cars This year most of
berger, also of Oceanside and C: W. Deal I U Quality EWtctrtc S 11 9:10: Mra. John MicNeah,
of Santa Barbara t>u..ech.l.lull a U 8un>tatf Mobile homes t 11 the major manufacturers offer disc brakes cither as Mri. Robert Brown, Mra.
Paul Herman .lair Koglon Bank T 11 Kathryn'i t 12
Calif. let Fwk-ral Bav. Loan 1 MUlll T.am No. I sly 14'. an option or as standard equipment on one or more Bob Eastman and Mri.

He learned only last Monday Bell Ca'I' >"L. T II Cloud Nine 4 1' of their models Frank Sigman
Pram A" 14 International Paler I It
hire Hirold Morrison
: ,
however, he had been Huh learn ...rl... Holiday Inn am *rrl..i Tony'a PharmacV -
"bumped" by Russ lodge of :27SO Hdc. har: aexlr Mri. George Helm and Mri. ..SI
High team game: Holiday Inn High tam name: Adama Tack- G C Fonyth Y
Roscoe N.Y. M7 Hdc. Ins Aaaoe. M7.Hlvh .
The off hand manner In high Individual arrlns. Fern Individual espies! Marc 1:20: Mra. Rod Zander. Mrs I
informed of the Mary Clockutt U4. Bet Clarkntt 587. Free York 020. Challis Marshall hits Pete
which he was rurr': 111, Uaibara Strlne Itvna Tillman 4... Prny Ural r Priers and Mrs Jim Rtynoldx rjarr1s
also rankles
hst-minute switch sox 490.
Bob Geigengack of Yale llluh Individual game Fern High Individual same Fern
Jeisy. York 318. Mary Clurkrtt. a-195, York 111, Mary Clarkptl 11. J..rl! /
head coach of the track and Barbara 81 lint 19U 111Mc' Pi>tt. 181) Irrn Tlllman 190 Nan t.u
field team handed him an en Adams 157.151.CYPIIE50 ry Wwdir 117. Mao Brann.n Red's One Pro
1K1. Amnry McClure 180.' Muii l ?t r
velope which contained a letter Reek 174. Prunes HII 174 Mal)
written In pencil. The latter Krlkmn 17S. Pr..v Dose ITS I." Still Champion
('ITLEAH1t rain. Prod 171, Wanda Wrldn-k'
read: w L 17J. Lucy MrClaln 173. Etch' .
"Don Jeisy: Winter Haven Moose 14 Whitney 170. Helen Binhlarl, 1.0:;> \1 F.NN.'Urn(( ) Unbeaten
Jack May Off 8upp. 14 S Pal Parrlah 170. Inn Bryant 17U
been trying to get a La-zlo of till
"I've Pipo
Side Bnmtwrn 13' Hunsiry.
hold of you for couple of days Bank of Inks Alfred 13 T SPN.illy E mulcllov-'rlRht champion of Europe : Costs just 134 a mile to operate !

Each time I've been to your Imix-rlal, Ruoflnx II' w L after hit sloth title de.
U *
Standard Oil Shamrork Motor UdKc !4 5 a
room you've been either eatingor Omn.-d Metal 111 10Bud. Mann Shwt Mftal 21' 4 aM fence: challenged today fur a Price It half or lets than other, Just $24.175. And

training and I guess vice Wrwkir Bervtei11 Stan Farm Ini. :21 10Wavnw hot it th world crown the 269A'i simple design! meant less maintenance,
f 11
Motor 10
Premier Oonitruclliin 11
versa. Central Florida G.. t 11 Hitrrona Slain tt 10 Southpaw. Papp. only profeiilnnal more (flying time.
"Entrlei finally closed last Rainbow Old Timer 11Watjner Krlrhii: Drl|*. Blow :1> 12 a boxer behind the Iron Drive above the traffic. In your Hug .. 2o9A,

night Sunday. Coaches voted: Wolfe Mobile Conatrurtlon Hornet T't 1'" 12'U'i. W.Buford n. Ham IA'IUlJqulp.. 3D 18 lBrntlry 12. Curtain, challenged hr-eiim of you'll turn an hours drive to a IS-mlnute flight, It

"1. Herman. Irrliiatlnn' Equipment 4 II ( BTMhrr 14 ID Disc brakes have !been on the nc'nc for many hl' Impressive. decision victory lust off and lands 'In a 40-foot square You can
Hlwh learn erlei Winter Ha- W 11. Planing Mllla 14 Ik
Friday night British liter
"2. Emberger. men Mooae KtlHlKh torn I. IlmoSdi II lie years. In the picture above vou can so: the evil Far champion. Mick baby of Ian fly up, down sideways, forward, or jail hover on a
1. Hodge. loam game aide BomberaB22 Thrifty Pity Xllall
"I wanted you to get the Shell Scrrkw 10 *3Rldii. ran has been using: for quit nwhil'! In fm-t. most! don before a near capacity spot.
H'rien llarr ID 33lllmorc Eipaclally deiiqned for cltrut and
and through Hllth Laundry ,. 1.1.000 In Vienna' Sladthalle spraying grove
news directly not Kuriien. 1595 l ( Pontluc 10 M of the European manufacture h.> \ itIra ruin dutiet.
Hiuh milhidual, K m.Ohuik Clark Elrclrlc 4 28 Although Panp had scored caretaking
rumor."Sorry' W.., dci .'!16 Don 7.mim, anon SIS high tram ...r..'.' Wagner Construction brakes on their products smcu the 50's.! )DIM I brake, knockouts In hit urevkiui five A demonstration ? To tee the Mughal 249A IN

"Gelg. 314.Bb Ed Do'Canaan,don M aiJ Hamld rnul Rohil Coulter High tram 3434.Ram: Slat Farm have many superior features. They dissipate I heat ilefeni.!. he had to be content ACTION, |lust phone ui at the number below

"I'm going to frame that 211. Inxuranrv. Individual T4.HlKh MrtM: C. HoIoIII'h rapidly giving you little fade ; they at'I": .", affwlinl: with Mere Jan Krom'i decl-

S75 by'atel' than their drum UUlltl't'.aI.tlq: ; and an usually Ion over the aioremlve, ruR| nl OPTER,
High individual sans: C. ".- Mirkwho had mitpolnltHl SURF-SIDE HELI'
fin :307 J RMK 3M. U Mwndal I less cxponftivi' to maintain in the long run. champion Sugar Hay Robinson
KUE in ".I4. D .lake aIS.IIPaLnM .
RACK & eWILLIE It is good to HIM- them c-omc on the scene: and sun ''ii hi, lid'it previous bout PRESTON R. DUNCANSON

otKIII <4< H SKEW LlcAbl E.w can look for all ears to bo equippedith ill-- lit .ik, '' It v.1Papp: < 27th victory In PHONE 2f}. 777 WINTER HAVEN
L 2! prop! tonal butt that In
Mniabl.V.ndlnk : 4 in the not too distant fUt s''. ,cturH'ti! (W" drawn
WilKhl Electric IBJ. .
te4egt4r t 8h Jay fi m *
H" I iWilllaniKi I* 14
Fir. .,..". gut 14 M Bowling
I ii.inu It.-!"". ration U ItLhm.l
;, .4 IMuinbinii 14 U REGoodrich
V. I.I.H Dan:1 im* a 14
'1.] "in, Ai .
N<. 10 il'nya+n' 4 mWil.n MI/SLIMY Lt.1 t.
>'n: : r > 1 !) IS Lllarendal.
High' torn i4.Tlm !)ow. rtural- ....n.. III 4
.dry In., Mm*. all) men' "lrKlar 16 9Iawa 251 Ave. A S.W. "In Back Of Post Office" Ph. 293-6341
Hitili, ,i' am same tMiwtl Plumb- Mudr ,'" 12.Wlnt.r 5 ,
nk lur lII Haven .Laundry 12 .
Uh individual. ..rt... B. HU'l .... 5 a S Awn P.rta 11 9nanbe
d ;'iMHUh Lumen M. W
I indlMilual (arm. a lUw- I'.h. ('P ce n kI 1.Bur'auh. .
.| ,'|u M Tiurhart IN, T. AUK Ineurn5cr Cn Ie 30IaI.ad"e
"A14 V Vu|>'l.3u4.: B. CavrMtl '.IiCnde MkL 18 10
D Junk 3U). B. Plawr. 9Uto. Albr'arlll .515.1 5Iw... III WHate'
p', nd.,' a Brad!, a 12G
C'I'KU.40ttU LrAI.tr. d D I'.. k_"". 1 isMldMtal
w L M.lak. Ca. S 14
II IIS IIr i VPM ** Cardi'Bt: .k.n... 14 4I AIIIII, NM.1'.. I 17
I I.w.k. ) Thi. W 7
Wu..o.U.n M U Mesa lest,. .emirs lawns, MuIII.h -
S UWlnt.
l.KM. .
air C. Isar
Han HrnM a U G.atn cam' Dam.oa.
'1'1"). 16",1. 1 11 I..nll"' aa.Diat .
111.11, t'IOm .,.rlre Cyprrae n.r. + "...,,..I..al .. II" .II' w'nlI. I II. 1 I I'
I. .n,,, I'l l4 I. 5120lch
(' ccc.1ar ,. .
Ilk 1 IUni some )I" nd.1. 1,0. A.
11'' t4.II" I.."", ;;4 "",, .....1 ...",. I..
'. ",d1551, .'n'a {.I,,,. ,.., M Ij. ,' I. I I'' "''I '
K ,e,,", 471 ea 11 i \\ ,I." ?
Ulan 1 0'Iinhlnl' cam. ..Jail ... II.W" ,. I I., .k Init I
I II\' >l I.i< KimrnIM 1.1I A,I'-'I "n I H., 'JI' 'j t tI.
r... Wtc1

1 f ;eer. it CONCRETE-I.BLOCKS ii4.1{



? 'L' L tt COVfcRS



AppearingWednesday STEPPING STONE


Oct. 14th VENT BLOCK



2 Performances .0weIa++er SUPERIOR: BRICK


Masonry and i

..r. I/9N I asw51CC
Ad,,.. Ow 0.b10. 1atstmN 5.r'. "TM..= Fill Dirt "
: 5e 51..5.5 11st NewreiS a else All these 14 sizes-ONE PRICE!

......... so w'u.. M..tat' .e ackat .........." ICHw. 'MIlH. DirectFrom

.... aya .,... .....,. a. ta.J4 Ia --1 y.1MI. Pit 7.50x14 8.00x14 8.50x14 9.00x14

N 121 Ids M .....,- N.rAN.
bey w5
ssIsfs raid
e.N.d In'.a .0 014 Genuine B.F.Goodnch factory quality MONEY DOWN
C..hNd e .4 ....... reseed 155th-5i. .4 11 lwgS I'Ste+yC.r.sr

gala _ra.-.' JI. .. w. airy ..y'''' 'YES' retreads on sound tire bodies or on your No additional, for mounting |
..... ... '....- ,.. 9 55,56 8 charge
.... .
H. i ,.ass.. IM$ '
U goi0fYe.lu. tires.
......1 SeeS46.eet.. Nos to you at own

.... IeSnatl. ".....t CwSa" and '11N.TNLr. end ,,"Ic., Cm in sees. '
.,.,..,."'S. .at..N.,.. r'tee+h r Cara .ed ,... Uq C.rI4I ryl.reee 12.month guarantee! |FG INSTANT CREDIT

OCT. 4th at. Same Big Edge Tread as new BFG tires! for holders of gasoline credit cardsor
WF.D. .
"SEE YOU national credit cards I


RACK & AVE.K v5 ft f.W .0.*fa rt . aged N1OI'4 repel, pee pt 'aA aMvanc4 for f_m*_i used aga n.t lrt. purchase '., a npttt CI, tSunday e I'.J : retail hat prIc'

It \


__ ... T ., .




." ,
I it' ,'.
II -



t! Q 8"

s .. ". ...
.,1 '.
e 1
b ,.


'".y A the t ree-piece; .suit ,


BIRTHDAY PRESENT Susan Walnrlght was one"year old Thursday and her grandparental
I Mr and Mrs. F. L. Lewis of Winter Haven, opened an account for her at the First Federal Sayings
and Loan Association Mrs Homer Wise made the presentation. Susan Is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Herman D. Wainright of the Westwood Trailer Court.

I Ridge Stamp Club To See Slide ShowA I r L 1 8uJa.uMI'

slide show depleting some of numerous stamps which do gene Watson,president,stressed W1rna4
tot the frustrations of some col. not carry the name of the Issuing In his announcement of this
)actors in trying Identify for countries or on which special program.
Jslgn stamps will be presentedt the name Is difficult to decipher e
Color matched end
the meeting of the Ridge Also some of the many
Stamp Club Tuesday, at 7.30 which at first glance appearto S control trimmed .u.d.
p.m. In the basement club room be "look-alikes" but which Sen. ThurmondTo and knit |ockt-Iwytdla
of the Magnolia building, Lake have minor differences A the matching ikirt
land Civic Center Ridge Club meetings, held on ; and blouit.
Fred Stark, club program the second and fourth Tuesdaysof 4 > d
Chairman, who has) preparedthe each month are open to all Tour StateTAMPA L
slides calls the program Interested stamp collectors, 6500
>'A Stamp Collector' Night. with a special Invitation extended .
}nare." He will show pictures to out-of-state visitors, Eu- (UPI) Sen Strom "
Thurmond R-S.C.. has expanded \ t.
I hit campaign swing Into Florida -
BURGER QUEEN 294.1685 this month to include appersnces -
.MWMUIUfc wwc at Jacksonville and
\1NQUEEN Penll cola.

Thurmond, who switched from Orsn4aeki
'H the Democratic Party to the :
Republican Party recently will
Ie c nuking out tin *nni..i ry I iucc u make hit first appearance in

Jt'irMS" Fri.,Sat. and Sun. Florida on behalf of the Repub.
lican national ticket when he
speaks to the Florida Cattleman ,
FREE 'i Association in Tallahas
i see at noon Oct 15
1. -
On Oct It Thurmond will Deftly trlmm.d i .
HAMBURGERONE speak at the Gator Growl festivities mohair and wool xi t .... Ali,' ....
In Gainesville The exact cardigan lacht 4
schedule has not been comple ; : '.",.n' a rcre" t ', 1 I IIOltly
HAMBURGER FREE WITH THE ted but It II believed! the speech tailored ; I
will be at 11:30;: a.m. ,. (oc.ta'- '.i. Iv
YOUR FAVORITE and rayon) &
Thurmond will be in Jackson- bloul.,Skm.kinfahlon.d, "
BROASTED CHICKEN DINNERDINNER Ille for a breakfast meetingOct In I r: ,
IT but the time and location bOlk.t_wewool.
INCLUDES of his has not been determined .

Jacksonville at 10:30: a.m, that '. w!' t.
AND ROLLS AND BUTTER day for Augusta, Ga 5500 y w

Regular Price 87c He will return to Florida Oct t: Th.of Ih..Impl.rroty eroa knltI

Hamburger 15c 20 for a 1 p.m. EST luncheon 'J I iock.t h In p.eid "
address and will leave Pensa harmony '
$1.02 Value cola for Jackson Miss, at 4:30: withtMmoe 1'
p.m. ESTEarlier nlriantly.mbrob ,
All With Our Thanks For d.nd bloat.ekn ..
date GOP officials / Gn.nAcbr
BURGERS SHAKES announced that former vice pre. Gray,Sapphln a '
15" 15e kldent Richard Nixon will be In Taup..
73'b Florida for two appearance on '
SHRIMP OnlyBURGER FISH SANDWICH Oct 17. Details have not been
87e 35e completed, but Nixon will be In ,
St. Petersburg for a noon appearance -
and will be In Fort ',
QUEEN"Give \ '
Lauderdale that night. .:

; Mother A Rest Serve Her The Rest"



It"\ s Heats Water ( .. Cut-Out for Compliments! '

Up to 8 Times I' I .


Faster ThanElectricity I C :; paradise t


1 f t1\ \'\ J ...

\ ;:stI,

,-- \'. oNr.;, f., .1.. ".11 IYA.U11. .t:., A
And at Far Less Cost! ,
4I Fra<'li;.* Kin,.. Lo. ,0nifool r'd

l 10 mlniirnij I.NCCI. w

: HijU'UKiw. 1 tl.'A

In fact Oil Powered water heaters heat waters so fast it's F Ml all_> y.lt'll ttHtally; .purr "'"!. ,/
s .
hard to believe. Wih a 30-gallon Oil Powered hot I v

water heater the average family could never l

run out of hot water. l'I
jI .UP-fRONT" ;
You don't need to schedule your work for the convenienceof 00
IV B.N. ri iiy cif 10 i
an old fashioned water heater.

Let an Oil Powered Water Heater be your : 1 1t

slave serving you hot water when "' .... ., !
When choose oil r ,I .' ,
you want it. you .." -
the choice of supplier. is Y
7 .., ,
yoursloa.. 2it Were Ctttral Avenue

OIL HEAT COUNCIL HEAT Downtown Only/ r.J So t e. I""C_ (t.PkLind1Le,4i


Of Winter Haven \

i ,

. News-Chief SUNDAY OCTOBER n 1964 ._u.uuu uu __ ______ _


';" Claude Ridley, IU.
t p.rvia'q! principal of "
} PARR the Winter Haven !
Schools, helps himselfto L..4 q Al ___
\ a cookie whit
Mn John Adamsstirs ws: m
L\ cake batter In
4 preparation of the

bake sale, to b* htld
in conjunction with
the Jamboree t h I 11 I I
\ week She Is being r t
1 assisted 17( ) by her n 4

'on. Danny, Susan
Deaver, d.ught.r of
Mr, and Mrs James
Oliver, and at right,
D.bbi.I Broutau,
daughter of Mr and
d'rSr Mrs. Jim Brossaau..

,. r 4IIae11N

1111111,'" I" '" I" "

rr nd +

eome 7 die flaronee!

t V xS

This is the invitation being iiul by r": .,,:.J "

all the students, fatuity and ParMtt-TMHft* ,-,.
ers-A*.ociation at Gariwr }Kl.,nw Urjr Sttol l .

this week ,/

The Jamboree, an annual event, will U Ji;

Booth q.M r.Foa l him held Thursday at the school from ftvt to
Po"0Hudson, T".I. L.efrom eight pm. and there Is something for
FltlISHED-Th. '' Dlmus
ALMOST and Mrs
IA''' ". Mr, Ow.nn everjone.
wight nd
per.nfs Mr ,
Hud... Their Hudson end
Marsh, Mr. a ..I Un, Ju" A variety of booths and) it'f1mtlll of kill yrI. r

+ La.. will be offered There are twHity-thrt1 big

concessions planned including the alvvayt-

.A popular Post Office Fishing Uooth ,I.M I.

Cake Walk Hay Hide Pronto Pup _

and many others.
Mother can take a vacation from the

kitchen for barbecued beef. with all the
I .I
trimmings will be offend from five to eight

pm with Kloy: Dtlgado as the chel (Dinners

for takeout service will be available as wellas

for those who width to eat at the Jam.

Tony Kalogrfdis is chairman of the

Jamboree, and 11hf PTA i Is h .ul.d by Owen

: M.
.U.U'.u..uu" "
i > I : zit

Cnts Chip Harris,
son of Mr and Mrs,
i Don Harris, However
ti he Is slightly overshadowed
+ by the
..- Aa. huge tractor tire, The
wagons of hay hitch
L" .. ...'t ed to tractors are a
ilL...- spr/ P.r.Mav.nn. favorite I ride/ of Y

...d., buts Nous..M.rrayhi Ow.n' voungiters, "p.c.I.Iy / .
wTCHES, Sisson nook ; boys, at school #
DAY f or ,h. ahonda belongs festivals. f
S'" '
.: cauldron and ....
beat Mrssam9ullnd\ Sisson .$
IA", Jo. _
bete..... .1 IA', 1,1."' Y 1; /.
d... 7t..t. ; .

I\ ..,.......... ; I. r t1

; ,


+ 9/ r j.

ti r rrl
a 4
1 wow
I ,
I w 1

t M r




# t 1 Hrit
1 a

THANKS ANYWAY, KIDS, but let. leave the barbe.
ltp' gas Aspect the charcoal to b. yted for the barba.
1 hid supper at the Jamboree while Jane Johnson
.tr' chocks the tongs pictured with rw e rich of meat to
\ \'. GOIW FISHINend --W h le Mrs Edwin Owens, Mrs, Hugh Taylor b. barbe..ed. &.'',. ,s the son el Mr and ....,..
:r=. Mrs, Pet Knowli'.s, left .. right, are busily bagging' pntes MAe KategrWrf& ....f..11 is the ... e* Mr and Mrs.
Mrs W. A. J.r.igan end J"<. 'I. **. deufMtr af Mr.
for the (concession.. larbara May, daughter Mr, and ....,.. < and
.ltl Jack May, end JoKker .,..", w \ ., Mr, and Mrs Jack D>.,- W. O. Johnson.Daily / .
.:J .- can'. resist g.in9' .nttinq In a Ittle" practice for th. "Go Fish. ..." ,"" "" ,,,, 11'"''''''''

.. \,

NEWS-CHIEF, Sunday, Ocfober II, 1964 Page 20 Gives ProgramOn
,. Miss Fredwina Whidden Weds Charles Adams Pythian Sisters Mrs. Hatfield

WINTER MAVEN DAILY NEWS.CNIEF Entertain For _Bonsai__ __ For Azalea Club I

Crace Lutheran Church! wns n many s )eC1mensShecavr.pIte ,
the setting vesterrtav aftrr Grand Chief The Aisles Garden Clubmembers the details on dwarfim; i'I": ,
noon for the lovely oircmonywhich met this week at the method of whin l l
united In marriage 1',Ihlan Sisters, Haven Tem hone o* Mrs. U L. Marakall\ originated In Japan. One 'i 1'1,"
pip .28, entertained. Mra. Lor- with Mra.E. M.Wllaon and Mra.H.
Miss Fredwina Mam Whit f keep In mind, she sail i 'I.i
den daughter of Mr find raise S. Berry, Grand Chief 0. Fortner aa cohoataaaaa.Mra. proportion of small m,
of he Grand JurUHttctton of Florida E. L. Denman gave the containers. "
small Root
Mrs. S. P. Whidden Jr of i fI,
this city, and Ch.irlo D when she paid her official devotional talk on Ing la of prime Import ,I' ,.
visit here Thursday night Mra. Wilson gave a .
trees be
Adams, son of Mr and Mrv statingnow Tiny can group I'
dinner In her honor was annuals and perennials
> if
seed, however
E. D. Adama of Tilusvill. fall i
the time to begin
held at the Park Restaurant
odd ,
patient shaped ''I'
The Rev August! 8"1>nthal spaelalattantlonto
mid a meeting was held In the gardening with shrub can be purchase ", ,,.
Edited; J by BiLUC CUtS performed the riouhlrlnl: K of P Hall. Mra. Berry was selecting proper places well tor a nursery, or dug from ",

., *? ceremony at three <> clock before 41 the principal speaker and was sufficient gun shine, wlndowa.aa woods, root-pruned and r n ",. !3
a large Kathrrtnc of t 1 presented With a gift from the as to view from ona'a She said the trees best su '.
friends Altar vases held arrangements temple. She also advised that poinsettias
for Bonsai
be cut again cypress, ,I" ?
should not
Boland-Winters of white gladioli Refreshments were e rvvu Juniper or cedar. Others
desired i I.
and white chrysanthemum following the meeting to Mesdames this year If bloom la are suitable Include pyracat I,".
James Vaughn was vocalist : Tit Berry, Polly Merritt of this win*'. dwarf holly, and carlssa.
Hatfield gave
Mrs, Pauline Boland and Harold will be at home at 813 Avenue and organist was Edgar Ford. Miami. Past Grand Chief; P.A. Mra. and W. demonstration R. on Mrs. J. F. Mode of Dunp'113]l:
E. Winters wen married at G. NE. Given In marriage by her Gerke Grace Rohde, NIckRou- a talk culture and showed was welcomed aa guest, Mem
two o'clock ye.terdayanernoon father, the bride wore a bos L.H. Brown,Gerald Priest Bonsai hers present were Mesdames

In the chapel of Beymer Memorial Out of town guests were beautiful gown of white peau Buddy Tlaon, Jack Tlaon, J.S. W. H. And rson, W, R. BoUi"i1,,
Mathodlat Church with the Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, de aoie and lace designedwith Huntley, W. M. Hampton, E. T. HOUSEHOLDHINTS W. B. Craig, J. W. Causer
Rav. John G. Stradley officiating sculptured bodice Long, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Dan- E. E. Darnell, E. L. Denman,
'and Ronald a
Dunedin, Mn M ra.
at the double-ring ceremony lels. Mr. and Mra.B.McCleary, H. G. Fortner, R. R. Greer
Sarasota Mrs and long tiperhig aleevea.
Mixon, ; Hugo f
Mr and Mra. W. R. Weatherbee ,
I J. R. Gregory W. R, Hatfleld
Boa, Pahokee;the R.v.and Mr. The overblouae of lace was Bob
and Mrs
Mica Janice Boland of and Mr. Heath T.
Macon, W. R. Boland, Bella Glade; embroidered with sequins W. A. a Jahn. c M,
Ga., attended her mother Owens. Kadel, L. L. Marshall
aa /f 1. <,
Charles Smallwood, Macon,Ga. and crystals. The dl'tarhablerhaJll'I t
maid of honor. Dan Wlntera McCollum, W. S. McKervi.!
and Charles Boland, FloridaState train
served aa best man for his was appllquedwith H. S. Mulltnax, Edith NelsonC.
father. Ushers were Charles University. cascades of lace. The Wedding PlansOfMissGrafton Visited Press International H. Pettljohn, G. T. PalmerT.

Boland and Charles Smallwood. shoulder length nil of silk Restore walnut meats to G. Sanchez, L. J. Vanlman,
Nuptial music was present- Illusion was held by a large \ freshness by placing !them in a E. M. Wilson.

ed by Mra. Mary Selfert, organist Push the button on a new bow of pees de sole and 1 flat pan In a 300-desree oven

home ahampooer and "st lace.The for 10 minutes.Chop BEACH A. BROOKS, MOannounctt
A reception was held at the bride carried a white .
home of Mrs. Winters'parents, enough shampoo la released or Bible graced with an arrangemrni >. leftover celery with an the r.", ...1
Mr. and Mra. C. E. Mitchell. the Job at hand. A dial attach. of small white onion and cook to make a freezer -
Mra. Beulah Doe of Pahokee and ment seta an adjustable brushto orchids and feathered carne Are AnnouncedPlans item for future use In stuffing .f his Hict *.
Mrs. match !the thlckneaa of !the \
J. K. Mitchell
Mrs. After Uona. or soup.Moisture. 500 First Street, North
Charles Mitchell and Mrs.Max- carpet drying the dirt .
Ine Mulllnax "II.led. and residue can be vacl1 med Mill Nedra Helen Martin t are being announcedfor and heat not
After a wedding trip to the with any home vacuum cleaner waa maid of honor She wore : the wedding of Miss Judith do the job when Practice limittd" to
Smoky Mountains and West Virginia Quickie Mfg Corp., 131} W. a eown of blue peau de aoie. Grafton daughter of Mr. and pressure out
Mr. and Mra. Winters Cumberland St.. Philadelphia, with matching accessories, Mra. Merrill Grafton and En. Ironing. Don't wear yourself INTERNAL MEDICINE
down the Iron.
Pa.' and carried a modern arrangement I sign Cecil Hock, Ion of Mr. bearing on. AND CARDIOLOGY
of large white and Mrs. Ray Hock.
Make meat loaf or hamburgers Office hour by !
with background The double-ring ceremony
Our Specials For chrysanthemums a II
with evaporated milk to
will be solemnized at
of Ivy foliage ><, p.m. form a rich brown crust. Phone 294.4101
Bridesmaids were Mist next Saturday In Grace Lutheran
.Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I Church
Charlotte Ann Adams and with the Rev. August

Mlsa Linda Adams. Their MRS. CHARLES ADAMS Bernthal officiating
I Nuptial music will bepresent.
gowns and flowers were Identical ed by Edgar Ford, organist .
SHORT : to those of the honor attendant Adams Danny Whidden and Miss Bonnie Hock and Miss and Ensign Fred Larson of Pen.

I Paul Whidden III Margie Van Horn. sacola Naval Station,as vocalist. rnt1
4 For her daughter'a wedding A reception was held in the When the couple left on Mr. Grafton will give his
GARMENTSPLAIN hire Whidden selected a shell Parish Hall. The bride's table their wedding trip. Mrs. daughter In marriage. Her sis.
pink luit with matching ac ter Miss Zlna will
was centered with an arrangement Adams selected a suit of Grafton
ceasoriea and a corsage of of white stock and of cranberry fashionably accented be maid of honor, and brides
pink carnationi.Mri carnations Silver candelabra with black maids will be Mlsa Bonnie Hock;
patent accessories.
Adams chow a champagne holding lighted: tapers added Miss Gall Hardman, Atlanta,
ensemble accented to the beauty of the table. Ga.; Miss Sally Craig,Tallahas.

: with moss green acceaaorlei Miss Barbara Murdock presided Mr. and !Mrs Adams will see; Mill Sandra Lay, Galnes. pWl
villa and Miss Jeep Willis Cul.
s She wore a shoulder corsage at the bride's book. Assisting make their home on Hopkm ,
48 pepper, Va.
of yellow carnationi. in hospitalities were Avenue In Titusville, where. Tom Keenan of Atlanta "'111
I Beat man was Colbert Shelton Mrs Bob Sims, Mrs Delbert the former Is employed by serve as best man for Ensign
I Ushers Bob Sims Bob Shelton Miss Carol Miller Screencraft Signs, Inc Hock. Ushers will ba Robert b
Klmbrough Brookavllle; Frank i,
Peters, Rye,N.Y.j;Ken Huebner, .
Sigma Chapter Garfield N. J.; Dennis Fergu. t
Beware Of Poisonous Plants; Plans Several California.son, Boca Raton and JohnSwete, I

I A reception will\ be held on the
Social Events patio at State Farm Insurance
PLEASE: Jacaranda Garden Club Topic Company.

Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma

Ic plants have come In contact Phi this week In the Tampa Beta Chis Hear

about"Poisonous us,"' stated Plants Mra are C M all with the skin wash Electric Mrs. James Leisure Vice Room as tastes, with Mrs. George Heim'
ATTWO thoroughly with and
Monts de Oca at the October soap Mrs. Robert Ferguson an.
meeting of the Jacaranda water. If rash or itching nounced an Executive Board Beta Chi Chapter of Beta Slg.
(Garden Club held at the home continues, a doctor should Meeting at the home of Mra. ma Phi met Thursday at the

lof Mrs S. A Moore, Cypresa be consulted Norman Elliott, tomorrow night. home of Mra. Scott Boland.
Gardena Road Some of most Mrs Mont de Oca Slid The next chapter meeting will A guest speaker, Mrs.George

beautiful plants are poisonous some of our most poisonous be at the home of Mrs Carl Helm, of Beauty Walk, spoke to For the ultimate

if chewed eaten, rub. plants are rosary pea, ala Heck, on October 21 and the the sorority on hair styles.Mrs. m loot comfort, '
rubbedon manda boxwood, water hem Ritual of Jewels will be held Helm, who was wearing wlglet, '
bed Into the ,
eyes or II love
the she continued lock (children have died from at the Lake Region Yacht and predicted that small hair pieces you our
CONVENIENTLOCATIONS skin whistles made from hollow Country Club on Oct. 24th. Thla and wlglet are probably hereto collection of
Small children ind newcom but the Is declining professional shoes by
will be a semiformal event stay larger wig
stems), purpleal amanda, Jimson '
warned since
should be
ers with the Ritual held at 5 p.m., In popularity.The Naturalizer Each
weed, angel l trumpet
some of our most common dinner and dancing o follow. ways and means commit.lee one combines a
ornamentals are toxic If a larkspur diffenhachia, foxglove A spaghetti supper at 'he Worn. announced that the date of cushioned sol I* and smart
healthy child or adult suddenly glorlosa lily lantana, an's Club Is planned for Novem. the rummage sale in Eloise has fashionable, to
I evidenced distress and has mushrooms (some are certain her. been moved up to Saturday, Oc.tober .
been near plants, it should death) chmabvry. oleander 31. Tenatlve plans are make your every walking
be Immediately Investigated pokeberry, castor bean. Jerusalem Mra. Richard Collins, ways being made for a dessert-bridge m'nul'IIOY| !

and It the plant can be identified cherry rain lily and all and means chairman, announceda In February.The .
It should be supplied to amaryllis bulbs Practically rummage sale to be held Social Committee is plan, Noturoliier't "CADET"Other

I LONG I |the physician to assist diagno: all milky plants are toxic to November 7th. nlng a square dance at the Civic 10.99
It was reported that the Nee. Center on October 24.
'sis.. It could a life Symptoms the skin such aa crown of
save dlework Ingathering will be No. Following the business meet.! duty styles 10.99 to 12.99N.luriht.f
4 ( could be headache re' thorns poinsettia (both cultivated vember 4th, at the Woman's Ing Beta Buddy gifts were ex. Ctiuali. Dress Pumps and
GARMENTS spiratory, difficulty, nausea and wild), milk tree. Club from 9 to 12. Mrs Doug changed and refreshments serv. Duty Sh... all .iclutiv with THE
I dullness and also baffling The Sap of Mango and punk Montgomery and Mra. Ferguson FASHION.

skin irritations. tree and oyster plant are also will represent Sigma Chapter. ed.Those attending were the Mes.

Mrs. Monte de lea stated poisonous, and of course poll- Mra. Jack Coyle will representthe dames Scott Roland, Bill Brady
some people are more susceptkble on Ivy and poison oak. There chapter on the second day of Jack Cowan, Jim Dixon, Sam
to certala plants, are many more with which all the Ingathering work. Last year, Dunn, Bob Hill, Ted HorneCarl
others may be Immune. should become familiar with. It was reported that the Needle Jackson Jr., Bill Lacey Jin

Toiity of poisonous plants Conservation Chairman.I work Guild dressed children Lowe, Lynn Mannlx, Bobby Me:.
S48 differ with the season of the Mrs Martin Mums gave a re in WlnlerHaven.Clothealn sizes Kown, Ed Pabor, Keith Ray,Bill
year, Some plants are poisonous port on "Weatern and Desert 6 to 12 are needed. Sigma Chap. Synder Tom Thayer Ed Thread.
throughout, while others Area Trees". ter la responsible for 22 gar. gill, Irving Wheeler Ed Wilson,

are only tonic In certain Mrs Stanley Parker president menu Mason Wines, Bob Wolfe, and
Charles Mattes. 319 W. Central
parts. She advised, when sat- announced District No. The program on "Proae"waaliven
peeled pol. a n e ii a plants 9 Annual Fall Meeting to beheld by Mra.Colllns.Sh.read
have been swallowed, Induce at Ft. Myers on October story entitled "The Open Door"by

vomiting, lower patients 16th. Faith Baldwin and played a Y 'i J p, 7a'i.AE4Cr..'
PLAIN head right to In Inch Lunch was served from a portion of a record. Prose la +

es below body Take In mediately table centered with marigolds speaking or reading In an orcll.
I PLEASE to doctor. Whea toi and floating candles. nary voice, and does not rhyme.

T. !Mr.duc. yen }. SANITRONICS ws mil m..hp,..l Membera enjoying coffee,

ALL your dewM.r c,'p." FREE1' Call and don't forget we
coconut cream pie were Mes.
2t4-4 04.
Pre-Spot Every Garment dames Glen Damron, Cecil
Mays, Doug Montgomery,Rich
Moth-Pgool Every Garment ard Collins Norman Elliott,

Odorless Dry Cleaning ( OF John Sellgren, Larry Tucker,
/fj Jack Coyle, Carl Heck, Robert
Fresh as a Flower-In Just One Hour ) WINTER HAVEN Ferguson Earl: Adams, Robert

TaJeytske, Steve Carter,Bever.ly t
SchneUlerReldlversenWal. 100% DUPONT '
ter Mattaon and James Vice.


I'64fRffRTinizjM An InvitationTo J L25a *f. j?# ; *

preview our exciting collection of "STONELANE" new FashionTl/,

Gifts, Decorative Accessories First carpet byPatcraft with luxurious l / /%.!
high-low loop pOe ot 100% Dupo.it jf J1 ,
and Table Fashions for Fall 1964. Continuous Fiameat Nylon--unbeat J
--< ai

the mast DRY CLEANINGNOW and to visit our able for loaf wear and easy care fff*'* i
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newly opened Christmas Shop Aa
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AT 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS the Holiday Season. .+ c.J.. .e__ r

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PLAZA 454 6th SL, N.W. Phone 294-3297 ,
Thornton Furniture SOS Pep Are. N.W.


Across; Feet City f artDAILY

NEWS-CHIEF, Sunday, October II, 1964 Page 21 .
The Go
November Wedding Is Planned .p. Women On

Announcement is being made by Mr. and MX DAR Schedules Fall LuncheonPonce

Edgar Jones of Cocoa of the engagement of thi'ir ; \1-\

daughter, Janice Eileen, of Winter Haven, to Thomas de Leon Chapter DAR are holding its annu

George Spotswood, Howey-In-The-Hillft, son of Mr. al Fall luncheon at the Haven Hotel on Saturday at

a and Mrs. G. E. Spotswood of LaGrange Park, 111. day by calling CY 3-5785 or 293-9088.

Miss Jones u a native of d twelve thirdy. RajMtrvfttiona are to be in before Thursday

Ml. Vernon, Ohio. She waagrad.luted from the University of Florida. : by calling CY 3-M7 or 293-9033.
from the BI....., His fraternity Is Phi Kappa Tau
reW Ohio High School and attended This will be Diamond Jubilee of the DAR and

Ohio State University and White Mr. Spotswood served in the there will be an exhibit of early DAR material.

Cross Hospital School of Nurs. Navy for four years, and Is now _
lag Columbus, Ohio. employed bjr Melnchke-S pots, Mr Sterling" True wll l GARDEN CLUB
The brlde-elect, a member wood Groves, Howey In The speak on PalrWlt"" Mrs Nor of Winter Haven
of the Methodist Church, I* em. Hills. He is a member of the ton Agey on History ad Mrs. The first regular meeting of
ployed as a laboratory assistantIn Presbyterian Church. Elisabeth Reed on EdveaMon the Garden Club of Winter
Nematology at the Citrus There' will be a skit by the Haven will be held at the
.Experiment Station Lake Al. The ceremony will take placeat Y children of the American Revolution home of Mrs. Willard Roe.
fred. 7:30 p.m on November 14Ut with Mrs, Daniel 1 P Griffith! ,
Mr. Spotawood U a native of in the Lake Alfred Methodist Chairman are Mn. W. E. assisting at two p m, Wed
I Illinois. He was graduated from Church, with a reception goo Moore, MM Sterling' P. True nesday.
Lyons Township High School lowing. Open house 1* being Mrs. John Q. Stanford. Mri.
there and received his bachelorof observed and all friends of the Claude Deltoid and Mri. R. The Board of the Garden
science decree in agriculture couple are invited to attend. y r+ F Suit. CM of Winter Haven will

OPTI-MRS. meet tomorrow 11:30: a.m. at
TV Optl.Mrs Club will the Tampa Electric Lelsun
Dr. And Mrs. LenfesteyTo meet at the Park Restaurant Room

Tuesday at 1 seven P m Opt!
Mrs President. Mrs Bud Mrs. Earl W. Lau of Winter
aI Fowler, urges all membersand Park will display original
Entertain With ReceptionDr. wives of Optimists inter arrangements for five tables
ested In becoming membersto Her subject will be "Differentand

I and Mrs. Fred T. attend Mans will be made Decorative Tables" Mrs
Lenfestey are entertainingfrom Lau la
fur a Charter Party and many extremely talented and
five to with houseat WES SHIRLEY MARIE COTIIRON
seven p.m. today an open projects for the coming year ill members are eagerly

their home 1300 Lake Mirror Drive. L will tie formulated awaiting her demonstration,

members Invited guests of the Polk are Junior faculty Miss Cothron Is Bride-Elect

College, of which Dr.Lenfestey Mrs. Frank J. James of
Tampa, mother of
is president, their wives and festey, will assist In Mrs. Len- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cothron are announcing the
MISS JANICE EILEEN husbands members hospital- .i
I JONEStpke& of the col
lee advisory committee and Itles. engagement of their daughter, Shirley Marie, to Robert

their wives, and newspaper editors Lollar son of Mr. and Mrs Thomas Lollar of Ten- TIME SQUAREDewelewa
( of all Polk County. College colors
orange and green, will be reflected nesee. Winter Hove.
In the floral decorations The bride.elect Is a native
Guests will be greeted at the
door by Mr and Mrs. Shelley and In the frosting of a large of Waycross. Ca. She has resided Camellia Club
cake. here for the past ten
Boone and Dr. and Mrs. Len
festey years and received her education Enjoys TripFlorida
The tea table will be centered In the local school

Polk Junior College studentswill with an arrangement of yellow She Is a member of the
serve. They Include Miss and white mums and pompons. West Winter Haven Church of Federation of Garden
DaDe Bissett and Miss Sandra Fall arrangements of mums In Cod Clubs Stale Headijiurtera build.
shades of yellow will be placed Mr Lollar native of tog and Mead Gardens
Johnston, as well as members a Tennessee both In
of the Klwanls Club sponsored at focal points throughout the has also lived In this Winter Park, was the field trip
college group, "Circle K," living room and sun room. area for the past ten yean. taken Thursday by members of
Samuel Fletcher,Robert Camp He Is employed by Macasphalt the Camellia Garden Club.
l.k.bkYjU bell, Ted Southerland, John Approximately one hundred Corporation.The A tour of the headquarters
Register, John Whltesldes and and fifty guests from Polk County wedding will be an event building and grounda was en.
Duane Marsh.Around are expected. of October 24th. Joyed preceding the vlalt to the ,
grounds and greenhouses at
Mead Gardens. A great number ,
The Town '--- of dlferenl varieties of Orchids
and Dromellads were In profusion

:-------:: ': .: .. 'I II 'I Mallie Bozemans Enjoy Trip To Mountains greenhouses.A brief throughout:business. the session gardens was and ,

held during which time Mra.Carl
I I M I'I i I Ctmnry and Mrs. Richard Noll
The changing: of the leaves to fall colors of the trees in the mountains were elected to attend the Fall

added to the enjoyment of Mr. and Mrs. Mulhe Bozeman's ton day vacation District Nine Tour meeting In

HORMONE HAND CREAM trip from which they have just returned. They attended homecoming in Sail Fort Myers October It as club
Buy. of r dl'lflCatN.Mu.
this velvety that yearupp.y City, Ga. and from there went to Atlanta for a visit with Mr. and Mrs M. I D.
vanishing cream soothes smooths ,,moisturizes
Reeves. Then on to \\' ville N.C. where visited with Mr. Wray T. Laird and Mrs
your hands-keeps them holding lovely-with all the yne they and Mrs Al Paul Cory were welcomed aa
benefits of 10,000 natural estrogenic hormone units per Yonally, Next atop was Maggie Valley, N. C. and they spent a few days new members and presented with

ounce. And never gets sticky or greasy about III 4 or. reg. with friends at Bat Cave, N. C. their club yearbooks. j

$2.50-Now $U5. Mill Patty Kok arrived Friday Mill Janice Bolsnd/ a teacher Charles Boland will return to Floral artistic arrangementswill .
be placed by members at
from Kansas City, Mo., to in a school for the blind In the Public Library during the
DRY SKIN LOTION To keep all of silKen soft- visit with her mother Mrs. Macon, Ga. I ls spending the University today after spendIng month of November with Wll.
you Marge Kok weekend with her I l the weekend here with his
until/ Tuesday, at here family
(Ham In of the
II charge
even dry, rough elbows, knees, heels. Helps protect your 132 Prospect, In Lake Shipp I family
entire body against drying and chapping. Helps protect Heights Miss Kok Is connected Mrs W. W. Rogers I Is a patient projt
your entire imily, tool Dispenser top for easy application.\ with Continental Airlines. in the Winter Haven Hot All ladles. who are planning The group voted toaii;|<|' rt the
12. oz. $2.00 value-Now $1.00.DOROTHY. pltal. i sew for the Needlework Guild home awl Garden Tour to best The lace-embellished ahlrtl Thit wonderfully
ii ..MK r d In the sprtftg .b, tic
are !being reminded that the Ingathering
i Staple lady Manhattan* iMrl KM t the traditionally graceful
Mount UN U.S. Winter Haven Counetl of Oar.
Gary Navy
Bill will be held Novemher
lance Corpora Fsller I
den Clubs moderate speed eeHar (to wean apes Of cloMdl) end the
is home for weekend for
GRAY the a of Mr and Mr. William I 4th at the Woman's Clubhouse
ion ,
traditionally grateful lens ilwvw (with two button .terrdeufltL
visit with his before
parents Luncheon
Fuller li leaving this weekend I was enjoyed at the
going on operation Steel Spike for California with he Marine Skylln Hataura at HermJiin Then, for suite -'_ and eitra than, Lady
with the Second Marine Dl<'i.ton Coips, and from there, will go Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Adams Airport iiy Mesdamea Howard Manhattan. add tints prvtty 1 lace to tout and Cuff The kmttf
which will take his platoon to to Japan where he will serve Spain. From there the boat will for a year Tltusvllle after coming here A. L. Faztiirl, II I, I). Cooler, Manhattan ar* .here, too Th no-Iron fabric ** 64% Decron
Drucj Stores go on a tour of the Mediterranean for the wedding of their son, R. O. Puce, Carl COllnf)'!.DIslKip polyttlM.' JS% !brig simple cotton batltle. 'In willie only laWne
for the next fix months Jones, Rl< lui' i Null, Franklin
I Charles, and Mis FredwlnaVYhlddeo. above your moe' .t tkirtit,
Mr and Mrs. I.. A. Harvey i Gardner, i rviii) P, 'jitm! lot
have arrived from Rocheiler. and Wry T. laird.

N Y and plan to spend the Mrs. Jortsi II. Filler has re .
winter season here I IMr. turned from a trip to Hot Spr .

I and Mrs William Filler
are spending the weekend In Mr. Powell Ott Is a patient
HEATING THIS WINTER Boca Raton with their son, 'In the University of Florida (lloi

WITHFBDDBR Brad and Mike who are students I pltal In Gainesville.
at St,, Andrews School.
Mr*. Items Hand accompanied
The Newcomer Club will j her mother Mr Dell lamp:
have a potluck dinner Wednei I hell! to Miami this weekend fori ,
day night at six o'clock In the I visit with the latter'i aunt
Youth Center All newcomers I She will remain for several

are Invited to attend |l weeks tonight, and Mrs Hand It returnIng .

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CALL US TODAY FORA ::: L I I.n'I I il lime >me bJ ;a .bripttl are l"."dr

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S.b dey ... I. I *...

e ATTKISSON VISIT Out SNOw100M' :.C.II" Ree11ees

7'i'': / ShoefioxDAILY

&' .IfI;' wine fssfceej Slab rill elUrirt Sy
r I I. ketch Grain
:AVtNUt A AT >T ': ( 3iQ',
.,tarri nsetM mat raaef til elf


Garden Clubs District Meet In Fort Myers DAILY NfWS-CHIEF. Sunday, October I II I, 1964 Page 22.199o TYPING BENEFITS: research for the MiddUtoui
', .. .
}, ; ,ic'P v'a4't A( '"-I 4 ,w :;<''4k' 1 SCHOOL KIDS City School District wa<.

The annual tell mating ot presidents will be given me America In war and peace and f J,. NEW YORK (UPI) The made to determine the effect
District Nine Florida ,..... is child who types his homework on school work of a summer
1904-68 Book of Information. a national project orlfinatlnc
I Ion of Garden Clubs, will be Clubs who have not tweed In in New Jersey In 1144. Florida, I Special Care For Tortured TootsiesA I becomes more profleit to. course in typing and access to
held Friday al UM Royal Palm their 109 per member for the the second argent lederattonln reading. language sad art* a typewriter during the school
Yacht Club, 2360 WMt First District Therapy Project are the national organization, .has metk reasoning, the ftwifng year. The study was carried
'lieel, in Fort Myers with UMPerwlnkle asked to take a cheek to the more Blue Star Markers than of a one.year study held out under a grant by Royal
Garden Club servings meeting or mail to the therapy any other state. wide spread beauty problem among women is the callus, which appearson among seventh trade pupil McBee Corp which. also furnIshed .
\ the hostess club. chairman Mrs. FraneisO'Kala, Representatives will attend both the hands and underfoot. Calluses, composed of layers of hardened in MMdletown Ohio, indicate { portable typewriters for
A coffee and registration per- 1SBO North Lake Shfpp Drive, the district meeting from 39 Dr. .. .k.s .
horny skin, are natures defense against undue pressure on the skin. The study, conducted by the .
t tod is scheduled from nine to Winter Haven. A tractor was clubs and 43 circles r11pseanting of
>:45 a.m. with the District purchased during 1911-... for nearly 2,500 members In Finger calluses are often the You might try removing hard rough spots can usually be ef Robert 1C Johnson, director
Director, Mrs. Sidney Davis, the garden work at the therapy the following towns Arcadia, result of flag the nails too calluses with cuticle remover; fectively treated wlttt nightly
Fort Myers, calling the delei site, The Avon Park Correctional Auburndale, Avon Park, Bar- close to the comers or by hold simply allow It to remain on a applications of cold crises
i ales to order at 10 a.m. The Institute. tow, Davenport, Eagle Lake, ing one's pm too fervMay. The few minutes and then gently rub Most Important however,Is to Join Oar
,sslslant director, Mrs W. R. The first Blue Star Memorial Lstero, Fort Meade, Fort My- first problem can be remedied the callus With a pumioe stone give your tot a lone holiday
tirushweller, Lake Wales, will Marker in Lee County will be ers, Fort Myers Beach, Haines by filing the nails no closer (pumice stones, formed from from spike 'heeled shoes. Silver Club Plan
,isslst Mrs Davis. dedicated following the district Clh Indian Lake tstates,Lake than 1/1' of an Inch from the cooled volcanic lava, cost mere In good shoes your feet will
The stateotflcersofF.F.G. meeting The markers arehonorlng Alfred, Lakeland, Lake Placid, quick of the nail, the second by pennies but last for years. To shed their corns and calluses NO MONEY DOWN 12 fo 24 Months to Pay
on their annual slate tour to the men and women in the lake Wales, Port Charlotte, relaxing your trip and slightly enhance: the bath,many are dyed and regain their strength and
districts will address the dele Armed Forces who have served Punta oorda Sebring, Wauchulaand altering your penmanship position. decorator colors) Between sessions springiness save your pretty STERLING FOR YOU
rates during the morning ses are serving or will serve Winter Haven protect the sensitive area shoes for fun, and you will have
slot with special emphasis be- Oftener, however, calluses with custoned mole-skin pads. pretty feet to put them on.
Ing placed on "Awards". State form on the toot,where they are Less stubborn calluses and (Sketches By Dorothy Svprlna) NOW !
officers are* Mrs. Frank W. unsightly and painful. Womenare
Hewlett, Miami, President; at fault, say podiatrists,
Mrs Charles H. Blanchard, when they Jam their feet Into
Pensacola, First vice pres. stilt heeled shoes. This tendsto
Ident; Mrs Carroll O. Grit strain the arch and throws
fin, Jacksonville Beach, second the body forward, placing more
vice president, Mrs. Maurice than Its share of weight on the
r.. Dilllngham, Tallahassee, ball of the foot Poor fitting
third vice president, Mrs. SamI. stockings are also a cause as
. Nix, St. Petersburg, record well as faulty habits of walkingor
Ing secretary, Mrs. Herbert A. standing.
Frink, Miami Beach, corres- If your calluses have been
ponslng secretary and Mrs.Andrew s Incurred by spike heeled shoesor
A, Gurke, Hollywood, tI1 1{ breaking In a new pair of
treasurer shoes that finally broke you In,
The Sears "Hands Program" the problem Is removal. Never
will be the subJecttoplcorW.W. try to be your own bathroom
Tatgenhorit, of Atlanta,Ga. who surgeon In cutting calluses;seea
will address the group on this chiropodist or podiatrist In-
community beautification pro stead.

gram.A district director to serve -
1 U lull 5.100 Cltiil y. Ill to ItrHbwrf 1)1.M In toil |]|.IS MIru$35W
during the 1964-66 admlnlstra WELCOME WAGON I\
tlon will be elected and alsoa The October meeting of the I Do you want every dining occasion to be a
member will be elected to P Welcome Wagon Club will bea delight to yourself and year guests? Sterling
serve on the State Nominating "Taste and Tell" potluck at silver is one of the best buys in home furnish
Committee by delegates. I5 ings, a complete service costs no more than a
the Moose Lodge, tomorrow
The one main outstanding club joATEWTnRooKsA&D: : ? Music It! at six.thirty p.m. This will be major appliance, yet it will give a whole life
accomplishment will be reported to families and guestsof time of use and pleasure. We have a complete
on by the presidents In open One of the
favorite selection of Gorham Sterling. many
members. Recipes for
a one minute "timed" limit.A fine Gorham designs will be 'Just right for
dishes provided by those
typewritten report In tripll ;
cats will be taken to be filed I' ., ,.wt I attending will be available you our budget plans are "just right" for
by the district secretary, Mrs. The program will include a / jou too!
Edward Doyle, Fort Myers. The E 1' demonstration of glass blow All prices are for 4 pc. place-eettings

II'!: Ing by Marie and Bob Howell. and Include Federal Tax.JEWELER.


SPECIALfor .- Mr and Mrs. R, L. Phillipsand w
three children are newcomers a : a I SILVERSMITH
to Winter Haven They mov ?tee zed sr. N.W
2 tbItTAU' ThVEIt./ ed here from Lansing, Mich. CY 2.1946
and have purchased a home on ltd
17th Street NE. Mr Phillips I Is
with the Experimental Stationin OH, MY ACHING FEET!

Blue @ Devil t Lake Alfred

After a vacation at Hot Spr.
LADY BOOSTERS Ings, Ark.. Mrs. Me Edwards IMMONSL
u visiting with her granddaughter /
in Washington, D. C, SaleS
The Hand-Sewn Loafersby 3 .tASYLs>tNINGa gives you


ale$4 t 4 e ,.."<4 i. SEVENTEEN I Pamper Your Collection fD t:

C. t. Hit pen In "yl.l w.""",g 11n. r.Jw.bl.at.bbl..In.Thry'rN..dit..l.. L '
I rl :)
kit. with Hit hint! Itwn ninebd'I M ..ry 1. For the many collectors of can be stored In a cabinet below fear.COTCHGARD:
I...,.".." bocks and records who have very or displayed on a slanted I
limited space In which to keep rack. This mobile record play.
SPECIAL Thru Saturday them, here are four decorativeways er and radio can be pulled out or
to house collections the louvered door can be closed
your at no extra cost !
Regularly to $8.99 so they can be used and enjoy after you set the Instrument to
e,1,I dally. Above, four book stor. play.
age units on casters double as 3. If you have a record play. Ileres a group of handsomely designed
st I
benches under a music shelfIn er radio unit, here's how you Hide.A.Bod sofas with covers Scotchgard
$488 a library wall. Fitted with can use It as part of a combination M. "- "' treated for longer lasting beauty, for
foam rubber cushions the units bar unit. As shown place a I"k""" \ greater value than ever before. Ordinarily
'"'''''' IN,. metal filing cabinet next to It ... would a for
can be rolled out for TV view. < you pay pretty penny extra
Ir... .S .,4 ing or extra party Mats, rolledin for storing record albums trays It.., \ Scotchgard protection but
.hew T.. when not in use. The small for Ifrvln,.Center tlon.hold -q- Lt, now Simmons provides it at
sketch shows bedroom book. bottles and other bar equipment. ...J.- -- no extra cost. And that a not
Cad.AND shelves with a display shelf for Wall cabinets, above,hold glass. \,,, --- all! The Simmons mattress
accessories above the head es. Counter top Is of marblelz. I ticking is Sam.Seal treated to
LEATHER N.. board, with a concealed light for ed plastic. I resist mold,mildew and odors.
rending ill.fl equipment can be I Why not come in to our store
placed in low cabinets at sides today and see these great val.
of bed,conveniently within arm's HOUSEHOLDHINTS UM in America finest dual-
USE YOUR reach purpose furniture.
CHARGE m t. Above, an ouUof.sight mu. -
l sic unit is neatly stored In a I rI
I ACCOUNT closet. Records: fit In the slotted I
SHOE SALON shelves above; record albums f

New beauty discovery Work Inltrd a Prrti little International petroleum ," Button styhngina71 BANCROFT back 'in contemporary Hide.A.Bedsofaeetur 199 95
mound hinges and spi" '" ki<.1 I
mechanical! :one
toya and h I
rot c" "e o'Stery

helps you fight wrinkles Before using a vliu;>..11 i t b.... _
make SUIT that tin bo i I.., &' 1I
adequately dried and :, 10 tall .0 l I
I 1c
fumev of < u,u. : :: :
ate remoud from t I' r. ra y'jl if4

New Skin Dew CreamFrom
Wind rmbioldr" .1 :n
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free when you buy Skin Dew-the continuous all-day moisturizer! -I


ONLY HELENA RUBINSTEIN, world's First Lady of Beauty

Science, brings you this scientific beauty discovery) New AMERICANA
t In choke of Onset or teed
Skin Dew Cream, I patented cosmetic preparation with THIS EMBLEM ti, fibr c this Made A.Bed sofa 239
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a SPONSORS. '. _..> ', .
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i .
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e9 F.."r tnt-rln/tn ,,' I +. Bat rsrc3 &' +a an n 25995 A. X 80 "IK* 'f an rt'a jO'ite' 299 95MATHERFURNITURE
Also Introductory Set: S 29 value. NOW 3 25 .nat't"I't ,4 h d* A Beta wfaalio seas
29..2989 Be'tt't\! .spans and boll I Aster

prices plus UECKERD> limited time onty ,


t 'rfrwu.w + f


I U.S. Britain And Russia Erskine AlumniTo Invited to the kickoff meeting.
Quarrel Over Spy MethodsWASHINGTON J. W. McKay of College Park,
Open Fund Ga., national chairman for the
United (UPI)) The. Siberia Railroad last month It has never commented on thespecific impress them with its military Drive Erskine campaign Made, will for speak.currentoperating CHANGE-OF-LIFE. I
States Britain and Rustia TuesdayThe
The Allies charged that the charges that
the' at. stater ErskiM IM the oldest fcwr-
muter of modern spy Russians went through the baggage taches took notes and pictures As off airs between nations became year daeMBinational college In does it fill you with terror..frighten you?
techniques-are quarreling over of the attaches and confiscated : Privately U.S. officials said the vastly more complicated Central Florida chapterof South Carolina. Read how countless/ women nave found
one of the oldest methods of In. personal Russian charges became the EraktM College Alumni Frank Hunt of Lake
telligence belongingssuch were "exag military attaches fixture Association will Wale* Is the way overcome cfcanoe-oMife fears
Travels gathering as cameras tarns notebooks gerated" IB embassies around the solicitation open for the its 1.general .... Florida state chairman lee ttteErskine Have you reached that time of countless women han, with
by attaches
military a transistor radio and a attaches world. No OM.doubted their Job 68 EraUiw Living Endowment life when one minute you feel oerttle Lydia E. Pinkham Tablets
subject of the latest East-West wrist watch. Military evolved during was to act as .1e..lspl.." and Living Endowment Town chairmen include John flushes and the In doctor's tests 3 out of 4women
Hap were a 19th Century meth. Moscow replied that the four the Itth Century The practice report everything they could Campaign with a dinner meeting Boyce White-sides, Jr., Rt. I, next are clammy,cold,nervous, who took them reported.
od of "honorable spying" be were engaged in "espionage began when nations Invited about military affairsA Tuesday at 7 p.m. at. The Winter Haven. irritable? Are you In an agony effective relief without expensive I
tween nations. The Russians said they' aeiied officers from other countries to Highlander In Lake Wales.The of fear "....."
This week the United States film witness military reviews They chapter president is Mrs Dent just suffer these miserable Don't breed. Don't worry
and Britain containing 900 photographstaken had a professional' spirit which new way to wear mink: The pendent la the jewelry change venrsclf sick. Get Lydia E.
protest. from the W. F. Boyle of Lake Wales.AU rJotIe1
tram 26 note oMifel I Hnkkam Tablets today
ed a raid by Soviet officials on books of cut across national boundaries Perdlnando Saiml used white Industry pet In necklaces for way
the hotel rooms of one British military observations' mink to form the bra bodice of Erskine alumni from Avon fall Pendants range from lal The 0.nl/t/ medicine with/ the penile name LYDIA E.PINKIIAMChose ,
and three U.S military attaches telescopic lenses and a reconnaissance They reported home how the a white chiffon formal. Mink, Park, Frostproof, Lake Plactd, bored ones styled to be paired
radio receiver' cavalry looked and on the lat. too was whine Lake Wales Winter Haven, with knits and suits to big bold I
white l they were traveling The State Department firmly est advances in Weaponry The Haines City, Melbourne,Winter beauties to accent or disguise
across Russia on the Trsru' denied the label of 'espionage host country tried its best to SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN Garden, and Orlando have been low-cut after dark clothes

fir So"bomSWIFT'S

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It PUDL1X )Il 5 M 0 -KED Libby PineappleGrapefruitFruit I Prink. 32-ox.can 19cSwift's

MAR K R T B Ox Smooth or CrunchyPeanut

ICNIC 5 Butter''fc-< 39c

sr.0 American Maid StrawberryPreserves.

lb.29c . ft-a 59CWaxed

LIi-I Beauty InstantlyJohnson'sPledge

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stampJ stir .stampJ 12 qt, doe 99 __ >
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lSomI! :.Amso t OV11OWi ISO, !! W50 SO 6W9'65OJ:1 $OW7t5O

II;( Green...as-d Stamps_.eM I J7// Green......- ; I I Oreen..a.a.._m4f Stamps..*m*+ '' I : Croon wee a..*** te4 Stamps...*-.S I A,1 Green MA ace e.nw. AaauCT..Stamps d.........ala
1M" ae4b
'" 01 HAIl 26t-QM seek OtOH stampJ ... 29 ,
( (lee c
sise I9c re 1 ,
| r.
-.4.."we-use. .... 49c I*. sect -11..we-.. -,k, wee r4 sw r=:t .... ?. 8 wwn, .... .rssee iwo
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoO 62 0 jimsmmlZ 000000000000000000I

-- -- ... -- . . ", n. '. 4Sunday v.w

Sunday, October t 11 I. 1954
I .tdIk .
..,. .J .j, ; .
'j.f .
'\\\I Iff- ,. ,
J ".., ".1l ,.' 'II f.! ,t' \

: : ;

I +

.r 1 aa GILBERT ROME!:: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert are the

3-bedroom, two-bath borne. Mr,
of this
newly White Gllbertls new owners employed by Leona'Maid, Corporation. The home wu I
Real Estate
I list- old by Leona Hrdllcka of

., _u_,._.

LEISURE SHORES Mr. and Mrs Frank Prathero and S f
recently completed four bedroom, three bath home In Leisure ,
I j and custom built by the president of Florida Trend Sun 0't
of Leisure Shores. The sale was negotiated by Charles

{Wood Products

Pit into a Child's

'World Handsomely

Lumber paneling and furniture
made of lumber are excellent --PJj .
choices for the for two-fold youngster'srooms reason ,- _..:.(...." ..' ,....-..
that wood can take the hard .,.
knocks that active youngsters ._.1' '. 1'$,
dish natural out beauty.while still retaining Its L .. .,. -

Woods such as knotty grade
Ponderosa Pine are Ideal for : ..
.,, 1
either a boy's or a girl's room, ]
while rough-sawn Western Red
Cedar Is especially appropriatefor .. Mr. and Mr*.Dennis J.Prather and their two youngsters are itttlni
a boy's room and smooth home at 1149 Carefree Cove Drive. A lone time resident of Winter Haven, I
Englemann Spruce for a girl's. .. of Ridge Candy Company. The sale of this modern, brick home was
These woods can be used to Bryan of Town i Country Real Estate
construct sturdy youngsiteddesks
as well as for matching fact that far In worthwhile Ideas
-- ---- - alert to things around them.It more
paneling. Hillside property, often extensively Is just as easy for a childto and lasting pleasure. I
When planning a desk area, are better
and manufacturers. This read a children's classic asa Parents should encourage
there are two possibilities, that 'ems era solve the complex more Nml book, and they provide children to this end.
can be considered the desk can
either be set in, with knee room
( )
below, or It can be built on the Hillside
drop-leaf principle. It should be
made deep enough to allow fork
fast-growing legs. The top of Gets t EDER lS
the surface can be flat or slanted
toward the front. If you decide Hillside land which hat been VWIr' \
on a tilt-top, be sure toplaie passed over dry builders because ASSOCIATION
a lip at the bottom edge ;
it costs too Much to put houses
in efder to keep paper, crayons,
anopencils from lolling off on it it becoming: I lot more of Winter Haven
I valuable 294.1218"r" I

Can't Do It Alone







can't BUY a home out of Savings. .

1-Come to SUN ACRES, and choose

your family' can enjoy the quiet

try living Look over the modern
can't BUILD a home out of Savings. .
Custom built homes also available (

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home and agree on a fair trade -

equity .
can't IMPROVE your home
3-The Trade is completed NO

REQUIRED Your New Home is out of Savings .

in your old home until you are ready to DO IT WITH A LOAN!

You Can have a home of your choice j

to sell} your old home! Take advantage CAN'T DO IT ALONE

"program. Drive out today.


.! our Loan Department soon.



Located Just 4 Mile West of

State Route 542 (Old Lakeland ) N.W. OF

I ..
------ .. ,uJ ri t::,! "' 110\1.\:' ......._A

y, October I II I 1964 \VNTER HAVtN DAILY NEWS-CHlfF--WlNTt-R HAVEN, FLORIDA Page Twenty-Five

rlta Paul Robinson JTHERE'S I IL'f DINNLR M!
r .

; 1 1 1



\ / /


KNOW IF ANY OF VOU SIrrERS l HOW MANY klOS I Icrorr 4ICArcGAvc4rr isAvDL.t4 IT', 'CMfooKS AN ....c.-c..Ni4 ANQI
n > Arnsc..v rslc ,l"
L S 00 riI "",41"5. IP
TONIGHT'j ATIL .4 l'W A 6MJKR V t I iTMAT' II ..N9r vnvO.41 M' AMRKEIt
i if +
0 ( i S .+
i r f ,

1 1I .a// I I IMI 1 1


l I

NEtSASH ." ? :-
r I l DCSf I1"

!? r

/ .
M 1 / Io

t. 1 l

,y 'Tl{
..... ....11I'I.#;, a. ... v -,.. uun nnn
.I ,, .y : 1
16 b ....


(A t i d1

.I: .', 'p. '.. JIl)1)

r4 ?. "c 1 ti

v 1, "\- f'r ;

.* : t
.f1 v t
., M: 'a...
AD09" WHO DON T HAVE v,4'iV"fWfe .a

1 V I' I I letlite JUt




ANKLE ,, 1 4t MAILMAN _ .m.mb.r y'ur nt'ny (fi.ndll' M.!Ud nywktr, p.ttp.icl' '.' only 20c''
WA USI I I Your ritndi will d.liyhln' tku colorful' cti.n p.tk.d tpuvtmr cdificn .1
ONTEST e rr'I 20" ni Winltr H.V.AI 9rowfh *nd pregrtil during the puts yt" Jui fill in thordr .

ai COPY bl", below. m.il, I. the D.ily New.-Chi.f and w. will, do tk. reitl' i

I H .y".n' with oeI". pl I..... $p.cUI off.r il. for $1,00 l .
i I


I -.-


AR IW.iffw. dAAAIA I Df c pt u r..r1I"N4
NNO WAY TT)0lA1 DgVy AK A'MOW VpfY TT1vrRcAA0 AND A fnWwrnuwsraL N Aav.newnturirir / CITY_ STATE.ADDRESS CITY STAT'........
AT CARD A.+o nrCtic&DA
/[ hwMrvcDwMWOM Ira






"LATER V i A > ? AM'TO kP R flff ; IEWRA2
Art Rruu L LLAA ro rAK'Ofe .T W aoab KAR TN.K.P.n NAME NAME
M KRO.! AT TeI OUR 11 rIOML M r' c' w AT
eNU1 A CRAfrtnelar ly c Au Tnxrbe aeeoaA
wM AaDe Tee


I ss ._
r ", "'r

The Winter Hsv,=I Y News-Chief.

.0.1" aiYMFArIM.IbIYAMft w.

"rr"I ..:
, f I

Y 1 -- ,,4' 1' I s + n1lr+n.yg1+N STI



What's Or OldIt New... Jewett Schools To Observe .

turned very cold this week
and that's NEW. Wolverines
met with their first loss of the
season last week and that's OLD.U. .

J. Johnson Sr., who celebrated .
his 70th birthday yester. National School Lunch Week
day says that by becoming the
first Negro to work on the election
polls was by far the best
birthday present he could ever
receive. He wishes to extend
Ms gratitude to all parties that
made this possible. Students Are
Eight Persons
He further related his thanksto '

the election commission who

community made machine possible that for was the for loaned purpose the voting to the of Admitted To 'A'i Urged To Eat t:

ti'S,''tiCY{' ; conducting Instructions on the
., ;u t w aY operation of the machine.
Local In Cafeteria
Jerry Priest personally In. HospitalADMITTED

strutted Johnson on the voting y
machine In the event of a pos. Mrs Helen 11. King, Manager
slble breakdown. MONDAYBob ; of the Jewett High.Elemen

lary Lunchroom Is urging all
Johnson said that during the Walker. parents to encourage their
course of the day he DISMISSED MONDAY
saw many children to eat in the lunch.
friends that he wasn't able to get
everyday Mn King li
around to see during a normal Louise Cuyler, Belt Lee room
days travel. Woods, and John Henry You. ; trying to set a goal of 100 percent
mans 'fiCi ; participation during National
Happy Birthday U. J. Johnson ADMITTED TUESDAY :: : ; .. School Lunch Week
Sr.. and the community of Flo. '. ""'a. A'/1ij'/
THERE'S MUSIC IN THE AIR Ml"l Joyce McDonald and rence Villa and the city of Winter Mabel Williams. A type-A lunch is served

Johnny B. Neal, n compos the team for music instructions at the Haven wish you many re- DISMISSED TUESDAY N>< everyday If your child eaU
I Jewett High School This school semester promises fine concerts turns. ; : everyday you can feel sure

both Instrumental and choral. Laura B. Martin. ." that he has been served a well
Many Havenltes motored to AMITTED WEDNESDAY balanced meal for that day.
Plant City last Saturday nightto
Tellis Donald
Henry and
support the Wolverines. How. Moore. When your child eaU a hot
I Let Us PrayLet ever, Plant City proved to be DISMISSED WEDNESDAY lunch everyday he is able to

quite a tough team, giving the Mary Louise Richardson. I progress more he ii happier

us pray dear Cod for we Please read (Rom. 6:3) (Cor. Wolverines a good thrashing.It's ADMITTED THURSDAY ls easier to get along with,

thank thee, our father tor the 13M5-47) (Cor. II:17). hard to win them all and and discipline problems are
power of thy love, which lifts Lord teach m., we took the loss with good face, Charlie S, Rawls, Jannle L. fewer
us and saves us from our sine and I'm sure that the Wolverines Davis, Pressler Wiggins, and \
to be of the best Ernestine Smith.DISMISSED. In observance of School
Amen. O blessed Christ we know will prove one
shall teams In the county. THURSDAY Lunch Week, please let your
Today I thank Cod to say thatI that In this world we have
believe that his blood can wash tribulations, but we are of good child buy tickets on Monday
away my sins, but I thank Cod cheer for thou has overcome the Last Sunday while many Villa. Lillian Gilbert and Richard -- for the Week. Also we like to
ices were on their way tochurch Sltt. make known to the parents
for the word In me that tells world. Amen. conducted on the site of the new
throughout the community,some NEW SCHOOL > Ground breaking
Let continue to for that lunch tickets will be sold
us pray
It cannot wash
me away my witnessed a conflict between two elementary school now under construction In Florence Villa.Shown above from left to right are:
"old man". I need the cross peace, and to continue to love three days per week on Mon
of the Williams Temple Church Claude J, Ridley, Supervising Principal
men on First Street which resulted Rev. R. L. Lacv minister ;
to and sin As Jesus did when he was day, Tuesday and Wednesday
crucify me as
you such as In one of the men getting shot Lake Alfred of Schools; Canary Robinson, Principal of Jewett High and R. L. Robinson Principal of
ners. Sometimes we wonder what assailed by temptation No tickets will be sold on
Both men were rushed to the Win. Jewett Primary.William .
Is a sinner. I can say that a are common to man and he had Thursday and Friday, pleasesee
ter Haven Hospital requiring em.
sinner who commits sins to choose as we do. Choose be-
Is one to it that your child pur
but before Cod men are sinners tween that of his own will, and ergency treatment. News chases tickets on Wednesday,

apart from sinful acts. that of his father. It appears that the communityIs Temple C.M.E. Neal Named for Thursday and Fridays
We think that If only we had Forty days he was temptedof taking their reporter for The Friendly Garden Club met meals
not done certain things,all wouldbe the devil In the wilderness. granted now. It's a hard task
home of Mrs. JuanltaBuU
at the
well. but the trouble lies (Luke 4:2)) trying to accumulate news without Please help us to make Jew-

far deeper than what we do, It lie himself said to his de- the help of the community.So ler present., with A most tasty repast members was being serv. Church Plans ConferenceThe Citizen Of ett'i Lunchroom one among
lies In what we are. sclples, "Ye are thy which have once again I appeal to your the top lunchrooms In participation !

Our sins are dealt with by the continued with me In my temptation good Judgement to call me and ed.Mrs.. Lulu Brown Is confined during National

blood, we ourselves are dealt Luke 22:28): and he was Inform me of all local events. to the Lily White Hospital In members of the Williams\ other visitors and guests are ex. School Lunch Week and
with by the cross. The blood In all points tempted like as Several people have been un. throughout the school term.
Tampa. She Is reported doing Temple C. M, E. Church, Quen. pected. The WeekJOHN
our pardon the cross we are, yet without sin. (Heb der the that
procures Impression one fine at the time of this writing. tin and Third Street, NW, are Cafeteria Menu
procures our deliverance from 4:15): must pay to get news Into the The many friends of Charles making plans for an event that Each night from Tuesday
what we are In Adam.Theterml He was not self sustained paper. This of course is wrong. Jones will be happy to hear or promises to be one of the biggest through Friday a special pro. MONDAY
"In Adam" and "In Christ" but needed like ourselves will be held 7:30
are prayer News is submitted to the paper gram at p.m.
most of the
to and
his promotion from private Important year. Meat Loaf, Diced Potatoes
very little understood by chris. and communion with his without anychargewhat.so.ever. At this time a guest minister
private first class and being se. Buttered Peat Lettuce Wedges
tlans. We are all born"In Adam" father for the support of his The only cost envolved Is whena The ninety.second Florida An. and choir will conduct the serv. r ,
lected for the honor guard.
Italian Hot
and Romans 8:12-21 reveals to spiritual life person wants to advertise. Is nual Conference of Christian Ices. On Saturday night at 8:00 wi/ Dressing
Jones has a brother who
us what we are "In Adam" We Truly today I can say Jesus So submit your news at will now stationed( at Hunter Air Methodist Episcopal Churchwlll p.m. the youth of the conferencewill Biscuits w/Butter. Apple Jelly -

are constituted sinners, not by had to pray for us, sincerely and f assure you that our com. Force Base Both boys arelrad. convene on October 13, at the participate In what Is called Milk.

the sin we commit but simply believe that he would never say munlty will be an Informed com. uates of ,Jewett High School, Williams Temple Church and "Talent Night". This night Is
"in Adam" when he no. If we will will terminate October of the of TUESDAY
by being only say yesterday munlty. and they are the sons of Mrs on Sunday, usually one highlights
sinned. to him. .keep us, I pray. Call me anytime. .Cy 3.4331. Daisy Bryant.Mr. 18. the conference. A special serv. Baked Sausages, Steamed
Ice on Sunday morning will bring Cabbage Sweet Potato Souffle
Cicero Jones of Jackson. Under the leadership of BishopE. '
the conference to close. Marshmellow I ,
vllle Is here visiting his mother P. Murchinson, this confer a Topping
A mtimuiie from tie V/vunurt of a (nit f,'ni>lt 1 Mrs. Bryant ends promises to be one of the The Reverend R. L. Lacy Corn Muffins w/Butter, Cookies
Mr. and Mrs. Barnes of Au. best attended of any ever held In and members of Williams Tem. -- Milk

burndale and Mrs. Barnes of the state In addition to the more pie extend an Invitation to the
Auburndale and Mrs. Wallace than three hundred delegates who public to share this week of ac.tlvlty. :. WEDNESDAYBaked
were dinner guest of Mrs.Peter. will attend a great number cf Turkey & Dressing,
son last Sunday. Giblet Gravy, Cranberry
Choir No. 1 of Bethel Baptist Sauce Green Beans, Tossed

Church motored to Bartow to ap. Technical And Electronic Salad Hot Buttered Yeast
pear on the program at Mt. e' Rolls Cake Milk.
Hllboa Baptist Church.Everyone 1

h enjoyed an evening of delightful THURSDAYRoast

1 ''ito music. Courses Beef w/Gravy, Steamed
Popular SubjectsThe
Today Is Woman's Day at the B. NEAL Rice, Buttered Carrots, Pepper -
Bethel Baptist Church and the Slaw, Hot Buttered Yeast

entire congregation welcomesyou Technical Division of Vo. craft Company, Cape Kennedy; John B. Neal Is honored as Rolls, Chilled Fruit Cups -
the citizen of the week, NealIs
to attend this service
lusts! County CommunltyCollegeIs Ruthle Scurry, Daytona Beach, Milk
the band Instructor at the
with the Sunday School Serv.
proud to know that students McDonnell Aircraft Company at Jewett High School.

ice At threeo'clockRev.Wrightand who finished the prescribed Cape Kennedy, Harold Pinkney, A native of Tampa, he was FRIDAY
his members will worship courses are in demand. A re. Sanford, McDonnell Aircraft graduated from the Milton High Fish Squares, Baked Macaroni
with us.Let's. cent survey showed that 14 out Company at Cape K.nnedyWar.; School In Tampa and receivedhis w/Cheese Frozen Mixed
not forget the
of It students who completedthe rnon Bell, New Smyrna Beach, Bachelor of Science degree Vegetables, Buttered Spinach
Room kick-off program tomor. course In June 1964 art placed : Martin Company at Cape Ken. from Bethune.Cookman CollegeIn Bread.Butter, Ginger Bread
7.30 at the Bethel
row Baptist night Church.at : Cod bless In Industry,with top beginning nedy; James Reeves, Bunnell, Daytona Beach majoring In w'Whip Topping Milk
salaries and advancement pert. Martin Company, Cape Kennedy; music.

odicall: as well as over time James Daniels, Cocoa, Martin Undertaking his first teaching
compensation. The students who Company, Cape Kennedy; James. assignment Neal started at Jew.
completed the course In Elec Brown New Smyrna Beach,U.S. ett In 1953. He has accomplish
Ironic Technology Class and the Army (Electronics); Grant Cog. ed the task of arousing and main
places where they work are as dell, Ocala, U. S. Army (Elec. tabling Interest In music to the
follows: Ironies); Alexander Mack, children of winter Haven. ,

Waldo Berry, Daytona Beach Ocala, Honeywell Corp., West Neal Is married to Olga Neal,
General Liectrlc at Daytona Palm Beach;Elbert Wilson Day. who Is the Spanish teacher at the
Beach; Marvin Wadley, N t wSmyrna tons Beach, RCA,Cape Kennedy; same school and they are the
How to help keep Beach, General Electric and Wesley Young, St. George, proud parents of a little boy,
at Daytona Beach; Paul Johnson, S. C., Western Electric at Or. Johnny B. Neal HI.

from mountainsideHigh Daytona Beach McDonnell Air. lando. Neal and his family are mem.
ringing every bers of the Hurst Chapel A.M.E.

---r Church of Florence Villa, and
be Is an active member of the
mountain. But
mountainside in faces on a
up on a up Florida Association of Band Di.

South Dakota, there'a famous millions of Americans are play rectors also the Music [due..

tribute to four American patriots ing a real part in the defense tors National Conference.

who did much to mold the of freedom today simply by During the summer months .
Neal conducts Instruction In mu.
shape of freedom. buying I'.S' Savings Honda. ale and arts and crafts. ..' .-i

Hut even if there were no When you invest in U.S. Jewett High has long been rec.

Mt. Rushmore, we'd remembermen Savings llonda, you put some ognlzed for Its musical abilities, -
and the credit can be attributedto
like Washington Jefferson money to work for your country Neal for his untiring efforts ===

Roosevelt and Lincoln. right now. At the same EDRICE CRAYTON In the pursuit of his profession.

For the landscape of freedom is time you're putting it to work Shown above Is Miss Edrlce The eooimwiUy of Florence EMMA WHITE
Villa and the city of Winter He.tea above a Mill Em
Crayton, itl 'J Mcblle.!: Alabama
shaped by what they did, not for your own future Aren'tlhOHe who is here In the ,It': u:der. ..... sa!IttC J IIIIIr B. Neal, H ma White of Miami S1is

by the mountainside that pays good reasons to buy one taking her Intership at the Jew. for his outstMdtag work In themu.teal" among<< the se\t r j| interns
tribute. soon! ett High School. l'r- medium here in the r i t y doing her

Miss Crayton 1s a senior at practice leaching at the Jew
Even today, freedom is Florida AIM University major. -r HI High School
uhf Od1timU
shaped by the work of mdi- leg in Sociology She is the daugtw r- ; Miss Wfete is the daughter

viduals men and women, like ter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. of Mr and Mrs J C White
Crayton of Mobile IrGAR I abe of
Miami and the
I It
Of course, only a few r I a
you. A graduate of raAiat.
Wi111amsonuigk II 1'----1 > of the N' rtk Mteni
Americans will ever have their School In Mobile and having a < Sealer Hick Sctwel of the
\ strong desire to work In the area t same city
of Social Welfare Miss I II
Keep freedom (in your future with will be In the city, tor ten Criortoa weeks - I .L. \ da She H a senior at the Fkri-
U.S. Savings Bonds after which: she will complete HARD AT WORK Corp Bogtajls, tnstrustor la Engineering I "' / AUf University majortec
her studies at the University.She Drawing U the Division of Electronics Technology at Votuila W BWMMM Education She
in the Engineering Drawingat 'The coin .herl.u may too it here far
has expressed her delightat County Community college supervisor s ten! weeks
t.- the beauty of our city, draw. the college Among those presently enrolled are: wllllaa force someone to invent 8 stay and has expressed her
Thomas, Orlando: John H. Jackson, Bunnell, Don Robinson, New machine that accepts credit Interest In
........... J,,, '' ../ ( !, / .. ,. fag tpftlal.mphall.on the manylakes .' musical concerts
r. '
\.g.J r'':" If fl.0.. .......""" J. -I In our city Smyrna Beach and Mrs Urnbeta: A, KUUUAS, Daytona Beach. cards. sa.t I Winter Haven.Page .


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