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I WW A ot Ute eMalf t.ea.y.
fmuoaomtulonumuununri Realty Co. .. Mma kl flianr U Magnolia .*...*
ti.wl ..,R-T ....." rwndalo
20-22 in IGI 3i. .NW cr .mi a..1 H a. '0/<.' S :L aNt lo U Ivy 14. 0 14



': :,. -' .' -
r- ,..j;- W. Beresford
USF Receives ;
Hear Abb .
r riiis Attends CMC
N' HEIRS "'""'"

$$3,900 Grant Clerics' Corner ,. ,. Military Barnesville College, Sept opened I ,.ordon; Sept

4 for the 113th year with the
(' Abigail Van Huron largest enrollment m the history
of the school
\ For ScienceThe Wilfred Edward Bedford,
son of Mr. and Mrs W E
a. DEAR ABBY: I don t know the circumstances Won It tmfawrMsteg for them to have
: to Beresford of 106
:1 2nd St Jan
University of South which prompted the clergyman to Mk ..RJ those "P"*"*""" babies so soon
Florida has received a $3,900 the girl who wu planning to be married if she after Phyl Village, is one of the
grant from the National Science ? w were pregnant, but I have always found that wedtlllIf."D" boarding students enrolled at
Foundation to conduct a there are two sides to every question Gordon for the 1964-& schjol
tl 1 have personally married almost 1,000 year
three dap conference oa the i couples and hundreds of those couples have
communaUan of science news. f asked me to back-date the marriage license DEAR ABBI: I was disappointed to find one
The conference, scheduledfor 1 from one to five months 1 kept an accurate as knowledgeable, mature and influential as you STREET SWEEPER
A 4A record and In one year out of the 556 couples rapping a clergyman for having asked a couple BOURNEMOUTH, England
will together
Nov. 5-7 bring
1 married 354 asked that their wedding cer who came to discuss their Intended marriage, if (UPI) The town council ha
science writers from the tificates be falsely dated. 1 rather Imagine my the girl were pregnant. The minister was only hired pensioner William :
state's news media and universities experience Is characteristic of most preacher doing his duty A minister is not a 'marryin' James
to compare writing and j if I were you, I don't believe I would have Sam." The reading of the ritual and pronouncing 70, at $140 per week to con
techniques with scientists in k:4W4r cast this particular minister into "outer dark the couple husband and wife is only part of the tinue sweeping the steet out
half I dozen fields. : ness" so quickly, without having heard HIS side pastoral obligation It is important to learn if side his house
of the story the couple has had premarital relations. If they James had been doing just
Special emphasis will be given KENTUCKY CLERGYMAN haven't they will be proud to say so If they that for the past two )'earr'be
to meteorology, gerontology A have, and are truly sorry, the clergyman can cause nobody else ever did it
oceanography and math C e e either giveness.i give them absolution or invoke God's for he said.

ematics. In another highlight DEAR ABBY: I was a practicing minister for Then too, if the clergyman knows that the
of the conference, a scientistand a decade but now I am a lawyer. I can under.stand girl is pregnant, he can guide them in planning
a writer for the mats media why a le would ask a girl if she an appropriate wedding, if they sincerely desire -
will present their points of .rr v were pregnant before he undertook to performthe to marry. Otherwise, he can explain that
view on what the public needs marriage ceremony. A marriage is a there are alternatives Some 'forced" marrlaqes -
to know about science. covenant freely assented to by two parties, endwhen are worse than none. In trying to exonerate -
the vows are not exchanged in freedomthe you I rationalized that maybe one of
Objectives of the conference marriage Is illegal according to the law andInvalid your staff had written the answer without your
are to acquaint Florida newsmen also as a religious sacrament. having seen It. It didn't sound like the DEAR
j If the girl is pregnant, there can possibly be ABBY I have been reading all these years
scientific developments
with recent f coercion on the part of the girl, her family, or
and possible future even on the part of the groom. If the couple are A MINISTER
scientific directions of particular r being "forced" into marriage because a baby iit
interest to the stile and is on the way and hey feel that marriage is the the benefit of the you for giving me O
to improve the quality and the t only solution to the problem, the marriage couldbe for doubt but I accept the responilblllty -
considered a "forced" one and, hence, Illegal. every answer that appears la
of science +
range news published column I confess that I
ti my was not aware of
l It is better that a child be born out of wedlock
In Florida. the necessity of to
a clergyman Ilk a bride If
In than for
some cases two persons to marry out
: she were pregnant. But Judging from the number
of compulsion rather than love
Representatives of newspapers
of reprimands I have received for having
television and radio, as --- ----- MINISTER TURNED LAWYER criticized a clergyman for having Inquired, I
well as institutions of higher was wrong And I .beg to be forgives.e .
learning, will be Invited to attend e e e t r t
the conference DEBS 'N HEIRS Top row from left, Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. DeChambeau; DEAR ABBY: Come on, now, I've read your
The conference director is Edward and Kathleen, ton and daughter of Mrs.Norma Jeanne Paul; Buddy, ion of Mrs. Charles column faithfully and with admiration and interest Problems? Write to ABBY. Box 69700. Los
Dean Edwin P. Martin of the Hunnlcutt. Bottom row, Lori and Lisa, daughter of Mr and Mrs R, Brown; Randy, Portia: but that letter from the mother '*ho was Angeles, CI Ilares: a personal envelope reply, enclose astamped
University of South Florida's and Donna, son and daughters of Mr. and Mrs Eugene Wright; and Gary, Ion of Mr. and Mrs "disgusted" because the clergyman asked her
College of Basic Studiei. Richard Grant bride-to-be daughter if she were pregnant behooves e i *
me to put In my nickel's worth
I live in a small town, but I'd say that one Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to
. bride In four has covered a pregnancy of from Abby, Box 69700', Los Angeles, CaUf, for Ahby's
Southern Democrats Silent On Thurmond's Party. Bolt flowing two to four veil.months Check with with a any bridal clergyman gown and and white you OCCASIONS.booklet, "HOW" TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL

WASHINGTON (UPI) Sen. ing against the Goldwater he has visited on my state and been on their "team," they will understand why he would ask such a ques- A McN.u.hl SvndloK Inn l ilea

Strom Thurmond' party bolt threat, chiefly on farm Issues our people," he said"The time said, pointing to his refusal to BROKEN MARRIAGE r ,
hat Increased constituency demand Others art remaining silent after hat come for all good Mlsslsstpplans stop filibustering apln.t I civil SILEBY England (UPI) For BUILDING MATERIALS Call CY 3-3139
upon some Southern rather unenthusiastically endorsing to set aside party labels rights bill a few years ego after Janet Clare married Anthony
Democrat In Congress to support the Democratic ticket. and stand together fear other South.rneulcreed to Smith Saturday three days after gqLtIil)
Sen. Barry M, Goldwater Still others are maintaining lessly." call a halt. their motorcycle crashed
for president. solute silence, endorsing Williams fell just short of a They were also quick to point .
Miss Clare arrived for the A E as.CAvNA :
ceremony rag
But there Is little Indication neither ticket. Goldwater endorsement, out that Thurmond, unlike ai.eiVA L
that any will openly indorse Most art loyal to their party Thurmond's blot came) as an many other Southerners, had no with one leg in a cast 9' ..ANNo....eOwsi
Goldwater much lest follow but I few plan to vote for Gold- unwelcome surprise to Southern chairmanship to lose by switching while Smith showed up.with his Bagwell Building Supply RI6Re; ; owN IOUTHUST PLAfA
Thurmond Into (he Republican water, although they are refraining congressmen who knew It parties. broken arm in I sling I

Party. from saying so pub- would focus new attention on e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e .
Southern congressmen Interested licly In the Interest of their their positions. .
In preserving their seniority.Rep. Many were unavailable for .
Democratic seniority In Wash John Bell Williams, D- comment on the bolt for hours
ington, have publicly dealt Indifferent MI..., went on television recently and even days at they ponderedwhat :
ways with varying to announce hit opposi- to say. A
amounts of demand from back tion to President Johnson. They didn't want to be high-
home to announce for Gold- "1 will not be a party to rewarding ly critical of Thurmond for tear .
water. him for the misery, of offending their many constituents '
Some art openly campaign chaos, humiliation and hatred who applauded him; : :
yet they didn't want to praise :@Q\1ED One in a series of messages to advertisers ee

DAILY CROSSWORD him they disapproved.for doing something which :

d ACROSS ..Too 25.Tn-- I' I' a The result was slow stream 0
1.Pleased 4.Supposes rue: n ? I II. of short, vague statements affirming -
.Blunders Ouido'l abbr the right of everyone to C e \ As perhaps too enjoyed the of shadow '
I ( p' a youngster, you game
..Part In note 27. Behold n' I join the party of his choice. J 1
a play 8.Repaired 28.Chose '" I N ,' I. But, off the record, Southern e tag. What fun it was in the late afternoon when shadows were
10.Jacob'l T.Lltt 211:POlIto ,,, o v ) lawmakersespecially Senate
wife Sham ..shale Containing U. Greek pone ""I"I nIL I colleagues of Thurmondwererather S long and easy to catch. As we recall, there was a way of ,

12.Largest continent U.11.Dlalrea.Declines 83.letter Rtlldue h, ":. angrily over hit expressing action. unhappiness winning at shadow tag As long as the one who was "it" was

U.I.lt15.pose. .Prickly signal of burned Yoteedar'e ".....". Thurmond had never really a H OW to kept between you and the sun, he never got close

18.po..lon Capital: envelope of a fruit U.Depart material .0.Coniferous tree Wall Street enough to your shadow for a tag. If the real you got caught, '

Norway It.Measure tram H. Species otIT. did shadow.
.At home ot length 35. Shallow pilaster so your
15. Old- 21.Music: It bowl U.Man' Chatter .
fashioned proceeds 8S. Moham. nickname: We got to thinking about this game the other day, during a discussion '
carriages 22.Put In medal rod pas
20. Son of NEW YORK (UPI) Leslie win of circulation and how different there are to "determine"the
many ways
Jacob I l j i y 0 f ij M, Pollack of Reynolds & Co. .

23.Nonsenael 1 9 10 says that now the ticker tape size of a circulation audience for advertising. You can multiply units of ,
and the charts are loudly proclaiming
21. Erased: II 12 13 that what looked like circulation by units of people and maybe you will get reader audience.
print major top was merely a consolidation
82.10.Distribute Observe I 14 I 10u' period and the path Studies and surveys can produce age, sex, income, and all sorts of other

Province W.Can. : 11 t 16 I 19 of upward least direction.resistance lies In an atshadow factors which, when multiplied by units of circulation, might give you other '

::City Scorch train l.O J.// 139Kd 11$ ?/ Pollack says (that knee he kinds of audience figures.
of believes in following trends, it
lit- lb '?( 11 Jtj 1fa Is clear that t positive Investment No matter how it is figured a circulation audience can never e
.2. Celerity policy once more Is indi
... Like lint .51 :SlU. cited be more reliable than the circulation figures from which
for H Mn Sb' ::0 s46.Pokeretake the shadow is projected. While the size and shape of the shadow

47.:Concludes S6 IS 9 rw 41 Gilbert M. Kiggini of Hemp- changes in the light of varying points of interest, the child at
41 i7( circumstances insistence on

1.KInd small of 45 41 .%.fdI. //1 value greater in common than stock it has Is beenIn perhaps We believe it is our obligation, as a seller of the commodity of advertising

.Recline anchor I-li; several yean. tag space, to provide you with complete and accurate circulation figures We

believe in full disclosure of circulation facts, based on uniform standards, ,

Analyst Eliot Janewsy says permitting close examination from any point of interest. We believe,
100% Continuous Filament that as long as the basic up.
ward direction of the market further, that such facts and figures should come not from us or our agents,

doesn't continues pay to to assert take Itself periodic, it e but from an independent, objective circulation measuring '

Nylon Carpet stalls or squalls seriously and reporting service.

T .' That's why the Audit Bureau of Circulations was organized 50 years
YEAR WEAR GUARANTEE A S 3 ago, and why more than 4,000 advertisers advertising agencies, and publishers

Ji.f>l support this voluntary, self-regulatory effort today. That's why ewe
Choice of n'" are ABC members.
s 95 P 11 RACES .

8 Decorator A EACH NIGHT Come to think of it, we never were much good at shadow tag Just

Colors! 8 :00 P.M.D ask to see a copy of our latest ABC report-it will let you tag the real us. e

SQ. e


G 2:00 P.M.SATURDAYS. e e e e e e e e


whwret O cream I A R -Ial.DAILY or DoUILEC SlaiN- The Winter Haven Daily News-Chief


U.S. 41 NORTH -


Winter Haven daily news-chief
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Full Text
The City. Of 100 Lakes

Fair with THE high WEATHER today 87 to 90. low Winter Haven Daily, N ews-Ch Ie CitrtH Capital Of The Wor'd"You '

Read It F.rt.
winds Always
tonight In the 70't. Northoeitorly

10 to 12 miles per hour, In The News-Chief"



s Controversial XBOiasses

H r Test, Heralds New Air Age


[ Labor SupportTo Aircraft CouldCross

i Be SoughtBy NationIn

: 6

Johnson 90 Minutes


Tho revoluntlonary XB70 six jl.t:
WASHINGTON (UPI)--Prea- plane took off today on it

(Ident Johnson I I. expected to maiden flight-the first>> step In

aim new appeals at organized 4 I 19 pioneering future supersonic airlines

labor this week for campaign a that will dash across the

support, with heavy emphasison nation in only BO minutes

his economic and welfare The triple.sonic Air Force,

programs ihip. one of the most controversial .
___ __
--- n -- ------- -
-' The President followed this and advanced planes ever

campaign theme Sunday in a built, swept skyward from
CONCERT SITE-Mn. M. F. Ovorbacher and Mayor Richard Dontxler check speech at Morgantown W Palmdale Airport at I'39 a.m.

I over a map of the Winter Haven aria at Dr M. F. Ovarbachor points out the site! Va, where he promised his PDT ill 39 '.m, EDT) on lu

where the Winter Haven Concert Association will present concerts during the com. administration would work for brief but crucial. baptismal teat

Ing yaar. A memb.rshlp drive Is scheduled to bogln today. "compassion for the helplessand hop.
opportunity for all who asl It was due to land at nearby
Edwards Air Force Base after
IIt't'kotter\ life

Winter Haven Concert Johnson, It was learned, ( a lofty circling flight of less
Dr. Phillips plans to fly Tuesday to Atlantic than two hours over the Mojave -

City N J., scene of his Desert
nomination -.. ... As the XB70 shot 5,000 feet
last month, to address ,. -

Joins Citrus Group Seeks MembersCitizens the United Steel Work- CLOSE SHAVE-A Winter Haven man escaped unharmed when his car down with spectacular the runway power and streaked Into the

era convention !. hot forward ,Into a barber shop at North Gate Shopping Center In a freak accident sky, looking) like a giant white
On Wednesday expected Saturday night, The driver, tinkering with the engine' trying to get It started, dragonfly, It heralded a new
will have an opportunity communities, including new to appear before the International leaped to safety at the runaway vehicle bulled straight ahead towards damage eiti- era of flight for large transport
residents to take advantage Union of ElectricalWorkers
Station Staff to sign up for one of mated at $1,900. type aircraft
Winter Haven's fort most cultural of this opportunity to enjoy in Washington for a The ship streaked in to the

activities late this month four "live" performances by speech( that probably will be sky with an almost deafeningroar

when the Winter Haven Concert outstanding artists carried by closed.circuit .ele' Auto Crashes as its engines generated a

Association will seek to Scheduled! to appear during vision to five other union conventions thrust equal to a thousand 200-

bring its membership rosterto the coming season are: The Forgery SuspectIs horsepower automobiles The

full strength.President Norman Walker Dance Company It may be beamed to the engines trailed dark exhaust

Leslie Oldt announced November 12; The United Rubber Workers in Into Shop At Into the clear desert sky

that the Associationhas Stecher and HorowlU Duo- Chicago, Tobacco Workers Caught HereEdward An Air Force spokesman

dpi changed itt annual membership Piano team March; and the Union in Miami, United Tex called It a "beautiful takeoff

campaign to the fall Krsmannvirh W-Votce Choruson tile Workers In New York The Air Force said the event

season because of conflicting March 17 City the Minnesota AFL-C10 Northgate Joseph Edenfleld, Shiver said that he got I tip could spell "a turning point In

W" community activities and oth In addition the Board has In St Paul and the Missouri 24, of Eloise, wanted In connettton that Edenfield win at Walter aviation history" for the

\ er drivel during the spring aided for a "hold date" for AFL-CIO In Kansas City, Mo e with a forgery ring Kraft's Flan Camp on Little trouble plagued experimentalship

months Woody Jiacguo MM! bk orchestra The President 1s 1 scheduled, lomealmee i' lust doesa'1pay wfclajk .yoososl eve ",11)0 tu Ute.)farfon, which .has cost taxpayer '

The week of Sept 11 has lnA>rtl. It II"s"iWe. to fly t- El Pat, Tex riM r* to own a ear! At least worthless checks In this area "i round" out Saturday afternoon III billion to put Into the air

been designated as renewal !MOCK! that there win 1w opportunity to meet with the Mexkan this is the feeling today of a was arrested late Saturday by ," Shiver related, "that The sleek white 'wingedmissile

Ii' week for all former membersto for dancinf to hit president a4 a Chamlial boundary Winter Haven man whose automobile Chief Deputy Constable Fernon this acme crowd Eklenfleld ran :" designed to fly J.ooo

obtain their membershipsfor music after the concert settlement ceremony smashed through a Shiver and Sheriff's Deputy with had lOne U Little Lake miles an hour and to an altitude

the coming teason Oldt Since admission is m membership Johnson may make appear plate glass window Into I barber Ray Willis Marion and rented beer joint." of SO.000 feet, was programmed

aaid card only atauiione snaps later! at Muskeegee.Okfc shop at North Gate Shopping Edenflefd Js being held incounty Shiver who owns a house to go through a

In addition during the weekof to individual concerts, except \ ? and Oklahoma City, Center in a freak accident Jail In Bartow under trailer on the lake, then calledDeputy aeries of basic maneuvers to

DR PHILLIPS Sept., 29, the Association In- for out-oftewn IUMU, will In his speech Sunday at Saturday night, J2500 bonds, charged with Is Willis, and the two went teat Its radically advanced design
be avalisble. under Johnson laid i counts (if forgery and two to the establishment
ha votes all other adults and students not longstanding Morgantown,
Dr Richard L Phillips Edward Bernard Fair 51. In flight
rule the Associa ad human count of breaking and entering We went In the front ,
living in the Winter Haven of thai his anti-poverty Shiv
recently assumed a portion saan of .1 Connie Dr parked Ms Chief North American Aviation
and tion. welfare programs Bond on each of the bad er laid! "hut we didn't see him
Assistant Horttculturist at area surrounding car In front of Bowman test pilot AI White, 41,
Mrs Marlon Oberbaeher "strengthened the Initiative of check charges was set at $100 When we came back out the
the Citrus Experiment Stationin Barber Gate and hit Air Force
Shop at North copilot
first vice.president, Is heeding the individual the freedom of Aba In jail are Bernie D Adklnion front h. (Edenfleld) peeped
Lake Alfred
Saturday night and went shopping Col. Joe Cotton, 42, said they
28, of Rifle Range Road, around the
of the building
the membership ram the nation and the prosperityof corner -
lie will work
primarily on Rail Strike When he returned the and Nell hoped to streak the huge experimental
Marjorie EdenfleH.
paign A coffee for workers all.
mechanical pruning projects
car failed to start Fair hop. delt..wlnl.d ship
of Eloise the other two
Is scheduled for 1:30 Tuesday did not mention Sen. 20
: He
but will also be engaged in
pad out, lilted the hood, and slightly past the speed of
members of the "We hemmed
ring Mm betweenthe
tree spacing, dwarf rootstock morning at the Haven Hotel Barry M Goklwater by name up
and growth regulation studies The drive will be opened to but he appeared to challenge as it turned out, solved the Adkln on. who was out of lake and the bulldlnf," he sound between UO-700 miles
Hour Nears too hour if. the XB70 flew as
problem completely per
jail on bund was picked for laid Edenfleld without
lie will carry on studies! begun the public between Sept 2t the Republican presidential up gave up Intend
also to
planned They
by Drs A H. Kreidorn and and Oct 3, during which theremaining nominee i contention that economic the third time In connectionwith a fight when he saw that he
When Fair asked climb about half of Its
a passenger the :'o planned
D. W, Kretchman, formerly of membership will. hardship could be bet- yesterday was tr.pped.ShIver .
the Ignition .
to turn on mailmum altitude
the Experiment Station management and union (Continued On Page 6. Col 3)) (I u mnufd On Page 6, Col 1) morning by Shiver after Ed.n.fwld had 15 warrants for
representatives switch, the car shot forward, implicated him In more worthless checks and one for The controversial plane l
Dr. Phillips Is. native of ---
worked today to Jumped the curb, and crashed and break Ins. started at a reconnaissanceand
forgeries breaking and entering ....I".tEdenfl.ld.
California and graduated from
California State Polytechnic rail head strike off a threatened major Parking Lot Plans DroppedBy through the window into the Willis had another strike bomber called the/

College where he majored In Unless Tuesday.an agreement if barber shop As one bystanderput Mayor Turnbull breaking and entering wet.rant RS70, but It lost that destlns-

fruit production. He is a Californla reached, the unions representing it "That w a i a close for him (Continued On Page 6. (;;01, Ii)
grove owner and also 150,000 shop craftsmen' who shave Only Candidates Shiver said that a tape recorder
worked as a technician in the handle repair work have Indicated Winter Haven Hospitalmatter Fair had leaped out of the In the back of Eden-

plant breeding program at the they would walk off the way of the runaway vehicle Isrsmbent Richard Danti- field's car Implicated him In

Citrus Research Center In Riv Job at dawn Tuesday. At the monthly meeting oft the of controversy and rather and escaped unharmed. Pearly Irr and Tom Turnbull appeared mother break.In Sidewalk Art

crude California Before comIng The strike would cripple 147 Winter Haven Hospital Board than pursue the matter any I Roberts, who had leaned to have clear sailings Shiver said that I deputy

to Florida, Dr Phillips of the nation's railroads except four new members and two further it was thought beat to over and turned the key at for three year terms en the from Hlllsboro County is so-

(Continued On Page 8, Col. 1)) the Pennsylvania, the Lone Island carry-over members were voted take It up at a later date. Fair's request also escaped city remmUilon. ported to come to Bartow today SlatedA
the Southern and the Florida on for the Its.-.. board of The plans for building of the unharmed.The Mayor Daatiler. seeking with some warrants from Show

East Cast directors. new addition are continuing to Investigating officer, his' second term, and TI'"- that county for the trio

East German Federal Mediator Francis AIM at this me4H It war be computed floor by floor. Solon Collins, had no alternative bull, sitting. his third term, tremendous sidewalk art
ONeUl met separately with decided that the ho***.1! would The drive for funds, which will but to charge Fair with were the only two caiull- show will officially, open the
both aides Sunday In the hopesof start October I, Is still In effect
drop the matter of a parking
allowing an unauthorized ( the
Premier Dies person dates having qaallflrd at season for Winter lI.velCIIp'.r
ending the dispute, but no lot for the time being, for tilecIoctOt' and will be under the overall Soviets Warn
to operate a motor veMtl tee .dock' this afternoon ol the Ridge Art Association
progress waa reported.The when the new betiding supervision of Tom iw nn,
Of Lukemia dispute apparently centered is constructed.This drive chairman.: and Pearly Roberts wild unsafe The deadline for qualifying Sunday, Oct 4.
of starting of s motor ve for the Ort. I elerllosj Is The she will be held at the
on subcontracting repair of the Those returned to the Board
BERLIN ( UPI East German particular part .. this ,'.. Ridge Art Center at WO ThirdIt
work and Jurisdiction over overall plans had become a (Continued On Pane 6, Col 1) five .r-- U.S. On Tonkin
Premier Otto Grotewohl. coupling of air, steam and signal !sw from 2 to S p.m A

who had suffered from leukemia hoses. The unions have been y Ar membership, drive will also be
for died today at a ,4. f' AlMa ... started at this time
years free to strike sine sept. I, MOS(" >W i UPI i The official
the age of 70 tee date that a 60-day ban 'f Soviet Till newt agency said Member and prospective
It was expected he would be expired. d members art urged to come to
Web It thatU
succeeded by With Stoph, who > was fired the show and bring at less one
8 five
on un-
had been premier of their creations
acting WefttUM skips in lost Frld.,'.
Grotewohl't death war announced Inside 'the building, running
Wins'NewsChief Gulf of Tonkin Incident and
Jointly by the government Bryant concurrent with the show, will
thru f.I I them were **nk.
Lnd the Socialist Unity I be s Fir Market In conjunc
Tar tarried the In sststrmcnl
party" which was formed In l warning that refer Amort lion with the association's fundraising

1946 when Grotewohl merged Grid Nam drive.
ContestThe cast Inirrfi-rcnrr in VIM "
the Soviet Zone Socialist party The association has also announced
with the Communists Grotewohl may to very dangerwMtonawiiKnro that the Pork County
contestants In the Drat of Is <'hi'
had been nominal bead of the Winter Haven NevaChiefs16th t 1Yy uhlBtv. for which. win reel with show will again be held at the
since I 11 srmation RM,o Art Center. In the early
the government annual too tban contest rot the' United Slate I "
< IS yean ago off boa blazing start this weekend The ,diteual'vkef, sawscydid part of March This, they feel,
.. to the Ruasian should give 1 all who are interested
For Agreeing with only two major upset .
gRr in> '/I'Ir(1! for I Ma report
sponsored merger he was rewarded keeping several from scoring bmple time to prepare the
premlertbtp. of maximum number of entries for
with the perfect scores ,
I !S i.iluiriiiri/ in deseribfeg
the German Democratic Republic Al Bryant Jr. of 68 Are ISC the ItiMlrnl" have never said the I judges' approval
won first place with Wf Dunni the coming season,
and ably'. < were nil! or sunk Hittf
The announcement said Deaa of sea sots St NW, askIng many well known artists and
\ in' i'ini aft I the Vietnamese
GrotewoM died at 12 M p.m second place. lecturer. will be Invited to dem-
">j t } ri'ia) nightAn'tner
7 M a.m. EDT). Third place was won by R K.McM&lan l Isasdenttook (Muirate tile various techniques
It did not give the cewe but Of 422 Ave. C. Hi.A .. military M applied to the numerous
the Half of Ttfr
piaee in
for years .leukemia bad made > anusual coincidence re | styles In arts and crafts
kin if Tai said
him unable to carry out the chI suited to a tie for bank plan,, Two on( tiled Sept Stain, dootrovers, TIle public U cordially Inrtlod -

i es of bit office Nedra H. Martin of 2're which. MrimaMMalwateri I to nil shows and demonstrations
He wai the fourth pfd I, K, and Jaoeie Rathbaoer of in dates of which will
t fro
Communist to .die wHhnaU. Bog *W, Route 2, Lake Wales. had?uen4.JeMaftodA on. eMps j be announced..
both had tto soot not lasses !in both
weeks Others tocW4 Etas- same points painting and
lasxosl. Defense
iiatemo ay
beth Corky Flynn first '.*. and misses to spilt tile prtiemoney. I ceramic are now under way
Secretary (Robert) MeNimara
the U-I Communist I at tho center, under the
of expert
an chairman Palmiro Tog iat. The second loofVaU contest VOCATIONAL CENTER OPENS folk Cowri/i they wit be et their regular high ichool Drafting electronics on Sept H admits I guidance of well known focal

party of the talus Communist appears I tomorrow's. Issue of new "vocettoiwiol-twchnico cent. opened officially today radio and television. will, be offered immediately, Out tile ualde1l fled ships. had ,I teachers .

ti leader and Maunce tile NewsChiefAll entries .t the old lartow An las ..1 ,b .ud.; '''g 40$. Student from and other courses will b. added .l renovation to the five taken no hostile actions whatever k'or further Information, those 1

Thorn party bead
t iommunist part) a day, either morr9 or afternoon The I <>ntinu.d On Page .. t oi IJ

Two Vv it J 1Tl i R HAl'i'tl ) Alf'! Y NrWSCHlFP-WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA '11Y September 21 I 1964

I Municipal Court BOOKS 10 DeepSouthCongressmen

V.IIH Press InternationalThe

Age of Chivalry, by Sir -
DocketEarl Arthur Bryant (Double e

d day $6 95) Thin .is the second
R 1 in I three-volume history of I1M Rated 'Zero'sl
J. ting restricted UCMM nolle
Burney, careless England the first being "Makers
driving, not pressed.
guilty. of England" In this book
Charles Lanier Amereon Oliver LM, drunk, affray,
Sir Arthur takes from the
drunk, fined |2S or 10 days.: and resisting arrest, transferred rei g n of the first us Edward ; II\ \ || \(,10N (UPI ) Vot

Herman Davit, affray, 0day to county. through the reign of the second m, ,cords" of 10 Deep.South
suspended sentence. Marjorlelttp'am L edy,running k ,,miissmen hive been given
Arthur red light, Sol Mt.d. $10 Richard, a time during which
Montgomery, drunk, II"( II ratings by the NationalA'll'lalt.d
England became
I constitutional
20 days bond.
suspended sentence. Businessmen Inc
Haskel O'Connor, drunk, 20 George Peter Llnklns, running i monarchy, Wales was conquered \AB
days stop sign, $10 tine. and Scotland won IU in The' NAB which is dedicated

Arthur E. Price, drunk, $25 Walter ElUha Matheny, running dependence under Robert petting the federal govern-
or 10 day.. stop sign, failed toappear. Bruce It was the time of the tin nt out of competition with
John M. Black Plague and the Peasant's .
McCarty, runningred
Carol '- businesses" rated
LynetteAbell, recklessdriving i xpa\ln(:
forfeited $50 bond. light, failed to appear Revolt Underlying the all Ilou,c members on the basisof
ENGAGED AT II AND 63 Bandleader Xavier Cugat 63
Jimmie Douglas M. Mann, no drivers wars and the struggles of king!:
Ackerman, allowing license, nolle pressed. hugs fiancee Charo Baeza, 18, In New York, where he and nobles for and privilege their soles on 20 money mea
unauthorized person to drive, said he ui' which went before the 88th
forfeited Daniel Edward McQuarry had been thinking about marrying: her but didn'tmake the English characterbad
Milton $15 bond. careless driving forfeited $15 up his mind till he read In a newHpaper of the engage begun to take shape to Congress; ::
Alderman drunk 10
ment of hi* former wife. Abbe Lane. "Charo" Is from Spain.
day suspended sentence. bond.Myrna emorge later as I balance be M Vole- against such measuresa
Granville Eugene Allen, Improper Fowler Miles,nodrlY- tween a strong central govern. : accelerated public works and
ers license, tailed to appear. ment and the rights of the
governed for such measures is I pre-
start from
position, forfeited $10 bond.parked Mary R. Mokle, Improper Lake Alfred Lions MeetThe Sir Arthur makes of it posed reduction In foreign aid
parking, forfeited $5 bond.
Sherman Jefford Altman,Improper I highly instructive and enter were credited as "economy
Michael Nix, speeding,
laming narrative
parking, fined $5.
William Loye Barnhlll Jr., forfeited $15 bond. Board of Directors of the League testis, the Lake Alfred jteAnon[ the lawmakers who ,

improper muffler, nolle pros- Jimmie Euell Parrish,over- Lake Alfred Lions Club will Lions and the Lake Alfred Bank. Herb Gardening In Five Seasons failed to cast an NAB 'econ- '
speeding for conditions, forfeited meet tonight at the Youth Center ers by Adelma Grenier Sim. fur' vot< were Reps Ross \

sed.Arthur Berlan, no drivers $15 bond. to pick committeemen for ---- mons (Van Nostrand (695): Ba:- and Clifford Davis of Ten- i
license and improper passing, James William Parry, no the drive for funds for funds Mrs Simmons makes a full- ne ?e Idle Boggs, James RMorirl .
failed to appear. drivers license, nolle prossed. for Foundation for the Blind 'Jonah' time occupation of herbs- .raising >on and T A, Thompson '
Paul Jones Boleman, speedIng Robert Lee Perkins, falling to one of the Lions Club first proJects Story them, jelling them, using of Louisiana, Cart Elliot and

forfeited $HI bond. appear on written summons, $5 them In cooking and decoratIng Albert Rams of Alabama;
Larry John Bragg,nodrlvers fine, leaving scene of accident, At last week's meeting, the and lecturing about them Claude Pepper of Florida;

license, nolle pressed. not guilty, and careless driving, Lions set Thursday, Oct. 17 as Lived Man Her showplace ls. Caprilands 1'jTSPACE Ji,me- W Trimble of Arkansas,
Marjorie Aberle Branson, $23 fine the date for Ladies Night. On By Herb Farm in North Coventry, and Carl Vinson of Georgia
falling to yield right of way, Emile Robert Phillips, drunk this night, wives of members Conn. In this book she tells
failed to appear. and vagrancy, transferred to will he guests for a dinner and lovingly of the history and lore All are Democrats ss are 10

Mia: Bruton, no drivers license county. an evening of entertainment at In surrounding each of her herbs other with low ratings: Reps.
folio pressed. Arthur E. Price, disorderly the Lions Youth Center BuildIng GeorgiaYOUNG with sketches and suggestions John W Davis 10 per cent and

Albert Weker Bryon, running conduct, nolle pressed. on how to raise and arrange Phil Landrum UJ) of Georgia;
stop sign, forfeited $10 bond. Delmar Lee Pllkenton, fallIng Guest speaker for last wrek HARRIS GA.-Burt them In gardens along with Robert A, Everett 5,3, Joe L.
Oscar Lew til en Cannon, to have vehicle under con- meeting was Meek Norman of Browning, i young man who re for Evins 5.8 and Richard Fulton
recipes piquant soup
trol accident, forfeited $25 of Tennessee Robert A
drunk, forfeited $25 bond. the Florida Forestry Service S3 ,
sides at Gum Log In this county sauces, drinks and cookies. .
Clarence Carrol, excessive bond. Norn n told of the work in the has had similiar Roberts 77 of Alabama; Wilbur
an experience
speeding, forfeited $HI bond. Dennis Ray Pridgen, Impro- Polk County Fire District by D. Mills 10.5 of Arkansas;
to that undergone by the Proph The Worldof
Eugene Carter, driving under per parking, forfeited $2 bond. the Service which has its headquarters Anything Goes: Dante B. Fauell 5,3 of
revocation, nolle pressed. Fred Reed, reckless driving In Lakeland el Jonah who remained for Popular M u s I c, by David .nd Cillis W Long 5.3 of Louis!
while drinking accident, $50 many hours Inhale'l belly Dacha (Bobbs.Merrill $5)); The
Ronald Malcolm Clark,careless Lions President James Telford ana
fine after being swallowed by the strange, frantic and growing
driving, $25 fine said that the club's membershipdrive
great fish Instead of being In of .music.making Four Southerners who re
Abraham Richardson, no industry popular
James M, Coleman, no driv- will slat Oct 1, and he
failed to the whale's belly Bert Browning Is in this book, ceived perfect ratings of 100
ers license, nolle pros led. driven license, appear appointed a committee composed explored BACK PACK It a full sale mockup of the pace
was in the belly of I mule and a fascinating industry it is, Dark the USAF were Republicans William C
Orbit Couch, disorderly con- of Oren Thomas Gene Coopel pack Llng-T"ml o.V"ulhll" I* developing
duct, transferred to county. Lila Rlcharson, affray, 10 Alvin Decker and Jesse lie remained there for six Based mostly on the uncultivated Systems Command for Gemini experiment The pack with Cramer of Florida Richard II
John W. Crowell, reckless days suspended sentence Johnson hours, and he Is still alive to tastes of the vast population an EArth weight" of 160 pounds, contains. hydrogen peroxide Poff of Virginia and James II
driving while drinking, forfeited Lilly Bell Robert., Impro- Ja.k Derdrick Winter Haven tell about it of teen.agen, the production ol propulsion and automatic ctabilizatlon systems nitrogen Quillen end W E. Bill Brockof

$50 bond, no drivers license, per drivers license, nolle High School Athletic Director Bert Browning's novel exper bad discs by musical Illiterate pressure v.esel l. oxygen supply temperature and pressure Tennessee.
forfeited $50 bond. Improper pressed. will be guest speaker at next lence was the result of a practical has become I modern phenom regulating systems.. power and signal batteries valvlng Others with high ratings in.
passing and failed to appear. George W.RobertsonImpro- Thursday meeting Joke played on him by s enon. This Is explainable partly systems and two-uav communications IYlllem Including eluded Reps Joel T. Broyhill,
Margie Hall Edenfleld, investigation per passing, accident, $25 fine. Guess of the evening Thursday couple of his companions All of by the melodic ring of the voice and telemetry Thin back pack plus a smaller chest R.Va. 95 Edward J. Burney
transferred to county. Grace Barnes Ross, Improper will l be two beat Little them were drinking, and it Is cash register and the complicated puck being developed b\' NASA form a Modular ManeuverIng R.Fla. 95, John 0 Marsh Jr., "
Mildred Lee Frazier, no parking, forfeited $5 bond. said that Browning was racti machinery which manipulates Unit designed to convert an astronaut Into a one-man DVal 95, James T Broyhill,
driving license, and running red Ernest Scott, falling to yield tally overcome by the mountain unknown performers space vehicle for performing numerous tanks Independentof R.N. C, 94.7, James A, Haley,
light, tailed to appear. right of way, accident, not dew and sleazy tunes into overnight his Kpnce vehicle d Fla. 947. Charles I R.
James I Ldwtrd: Grimes, guilty Bolivia Plot As they passed down the road hits Dacha tells all about the Jones, R:N C. 94.7 end Howard e

speeding, forfeited $15 bond. Rachel Lorraine Shaver, run- near Gum Log, one of them cheap new music, its creators, W Smith D.Va. 90.
ning red light, $10 fine poignant climax In which one letter word beginning with "a"
John Wade Hall, running stop noticed the carcass of a large and idols in this
sign, forfeited $10 bond. Dennis Morrell Shelton, petit mule which had just died by the pushers account, eye of the guests at the resort Is and ending with "c". You turnto ...... ... .. .... ..... ....,.
Patricia JUlnei, affray, 10 larceny, nolle pressed. On PresidentIs road tide The mule was called linked closely to LeBlanciie's page 264 and find acne alec :

days suspended sentence Lonnie Lanier Smith, disobeyed "Old Hump Back" and had carried Bright Day, Dark Runner, tragic past amlc and aver This is the latest
Joe Hollli Hammock, careless traffic light, forfeited the mail from Brasstown edition of the book which 1
by George Cuomo (Doubled .
driving, $29 fine. $10 bond. first came out In 1950 and has
to Young Harris for
seven At time when
$5 95))
: a
Mary Machen Smith, reckless PreventedLA
This Is
Robert Larry Hannah,speeding years. Eric Sevareid. by been added to and cross-refer
bookshelves contain
driving while drinking, forfeited many no-
flS'flne! Browning Eric Sevareid (McGrawHIll enced until it now Includes
collapsed as he wit in "which the hero is writer
BeMa Harris, Jr., Impro- $50 Kerfnlt boml, PAZ, Bolivia (UPI) -- and his friends passed "Old I novel in which the hero 1595)): Sevareid has been re more than 12.000 definitionsand ''BUNS
per muffler, nolle pressed. Jimmy spell, falling assassinate porting, writing and commentIng answers likely to be
plot Back's" encountered
A right-wing Hump As
carcass ,
is cook is welcome This
to have vehicle under control, a one
Leamon Henry, careless on world affairs for many in the toughest
President Victor pui-
pro-American Browning toppled over, one of Intrigues and love affairs
$15 fine.
driving while drinking, $25 fine, paz tstenssoro and seize con- his buddies suggested he be the staff and years The articles selected for ties, Mrs Rafferty edits crossword
Hubert Involving
assault and battery, transferred Sprunger, disobeying this book written between ,
his was were puzzle magazines and
trol of government
In the
put tartans and the of Cod resort. I
stop fine. guests
sign, $10 s Cape
to county crushed Sunday with the arrestof mute 1955 and 1964. In them can be books and Is s crossword
The puz
David Aaron Stanley, falling sewn up. suggestionmet The cook hero (he scorns the
Evelyn Money Hlghtower! viewed the
Its leaders, the government serious reporter zle fan from 'way back.Announcing.
disobeying stop sign, $10 fine. to yield right of way, accident, announced Sunday night. approval, and the two title of chef) is Judas Iscarlot trying to evaluate what he has
went lo work with knives and
$15 fine LeBlanche. a tyrant in the
Catherine Jenkins, gambling, Former President Hernan seen and experienced so he unexpl.ln
10 Wesley Starling, excessive soon had "Old (Hump Back" kitchen but i friend to those
day suspended MIRACLE
before to WHIP
Sues Suazo was arrested others His range Is
speeding, nolle pressed. prepared for the reception of with problems They Include
Leon D. Johnson, drunk and dawn. paz ordered a state of wide America's position ,
vagrancy, transferred to county Lowell Franklin Strlngfellow, siege--Bolivia's seventh since Browning The u n c e n s c ious I I. Sandra the blonde college girl nations, the communist
among ,
drunk, forfeited $25 bond. man was then plated In the half his age whom he cuddles
1902- and sent troops and police threat and source of strength
John Wallace Jones,violating Connie James Summers, allowing to round up the rebel leaden carcass and the skin sewn up and consoles, and Phil a fa volt American politics( reflections the of ,
ordinance 508, failed to appear.Ennls unauthorized person to and their guerrilla force. Browning came to after bring of the guests, whose hobbyIs his In opening : r
on own career view of
Klmbrel, vagrancy,not drive, colic pressed. The government charged that in the mule about four hours I elaborate plots of revenge the fact that he Is older wiser the Dental Officesof our '
Roy Jackson Taylor, excessive He began to Miracle '
utter screams. ,
guilty the rebels planned to set up a against some of them. There than he used to be Good,
Jerry Lee Knowles,following speeding, forfeited $15 rule under Sties lie chargedthat which had a gruesome sound are richly comic sequences. Whip
thoughtful reading.
too close, accident, forfeited bond. Vice President Rene Bar- coming from the dead mule. such as Phils hijacking of s DR. M. B. GILLILAND :
$25 bond. Bernard Allen Traylor,careless rtentos and other high officialshad Several persons who passed tourist bus and his steering of OMD. L
Dennis Harve Lacerte, viola- driving, forfeited $15 bond. been marked for assassination were nearly frightened out of Its occupants into I bordello, :
Charles Robert Upchurch, their wits by the The Dell Crossword Diction Isle HAVENDALE (LVD.
along with Paz. screaming but this book Is more than i ;
A b.ch.ler never evhe gels violating 1-way street, nolle The rebel guerrillas succeeded mule" and took to their heels comedy Through flashbacks ry, compiled by Kathleen Rat Sept n, 'im YOU NEED FOR :

eve, Ike Id.. that he le I prossed. In dyna mltlng aqueducts, At last two men came along into LeBlanche's childhood and ferty (Delacorte Press $395)): Phone 294-1505 BETTER BUNWICHESDON'T :'

thin, .f,. beauty sad 0 beybreve $25 Evertt bond.Wells,drunk, forfeited a railway line and a passenger who were not easily frightened youth the story builds up to a Say you're looking for a four. '. .. .. ... ........
train before the coup attemptwas They decided to investigate, and
- i r r r r r r r -1---- .- -
rrrr r r r - -
TONIGHT IS THI NIGHTTO defeated. The action took concluded a man was in the 1 - - - - - 1

GO OUT TO THI MOVIISI place In the eastern stale of mule's body. They cut the stitches 1 1
St. Pete Times santa Cruz, but the capital was and out crawled Browning,
SIR quiet throughout the day, with bloody from head to foot, but VAIT> NEW YEAR'SEVE
crYo the usual Sunday football cold sober and so scared he
crowds. could hardly talk

Wednesday Endorses LBJST The government said 80 persons Browning swears he has goneon 1 1

Today thru were arrested.The the wagon for keeps, but !
Future ot government said the vows lo get even with his
100 ISO: 140: 70S ':10 PETERSBURG Fla rightwing Socialist Falange chums who sewed him up In (( a
The St Petersburg Time editorially party led the rebellion, but "Old Hump Back He says 1 [ 1
endorsed Lyndon B. there were Indications that leftists that he had Just the same es
A BLAKE COWARDS Johnson for flection Sundayand opposed to Pas took ad- perience as Jonah, only it was :
PETER ELKS taid i large vote for the vantage of the disorder to make nut as fast sailing. / Starl l Resolutions Now 1

SELLERS SOMMER President would I strengthenour their ment. move against the govern- Thus ends the story it Is significant ; : your 1pr'
International position not because the dead .
The newspaper which mule was named "Old Hump '
backed the Kennedy Johnson The click of I dial adjusts anew Back." but from the lesson it Oc L 1 ;

ticket In 1960, was critical of all.plastic garden sprayer teaches It shows how a simple

Republican nominee I Barry from soft mist for flower thing In this Instance a mule, "Y'

Goldwater to I sharp Jet for weed killing can be made to provide good I Fi stet
No. l Save wlwh {Left
The editorial charged Gold. The dial can select I fast six- wholesome entertainment with. Spend :

e I water with being "both recklessand gallon feeding for shrubs or a out a penny's cost to anyone 1
Irresponsible In his words. flow 15.gallon feeding for tree simply by applying Imagination
lie mikes s statement and then to the material at hand 1 1i
v The Scrim or turf. Get the Habit/-saving( ) i
v commitiiiKiniKvy. < must clarify It or have a Republican is/
comedy like General Eisenhower . . . . . : 1i
fo interpret It.only to find

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I I. Cater . . . . S 1.sees r..rr..rr.rr.rr..r..l


. 'Mexico Won't Break JTfie Weaf/ier--Loccrl/ / And National| THE Mississippi Negroes I

\I I

Relations'Savs.. Castrn Riot Over Bombings !

- w- aw pfm --- w- '. 0 c74j
.,., ., .

MIAMI (UPI) Communist speech this month that Mexico Pot\lwti at Pot/ 'ianI !

I Premier Fidel Castro has slat will never break relations with : r s CiAlg Two dynamite bombs set off congressmen The predominantly

ed confidently in hit third Cuba "despite imperialistic COQ( Y I I \IIPID !\pranllme.llul'<'I.I i m Negro sections of McComb Negro organization i i. opposIng
pressure" from America. / If '+'er? 4. JCO lion uses In the fall As \HcUion Miss, sent angry crowds of Ne UM regular party on the

ApporiionmentShowdown In. a weekend Havana speech Day comes closer. our politic Kitttt into the streets early to. ground that Mississippi democrats -
candidates fate swilling lull of discriminate against Ne
monitored here the bearded
Is Cuban leader said that other go re4iPLr ci s; .insult and Innuendo. You may gel day.The enraged Negroes hurled grow

countries the impression thm in the arcn.i rock and bottles at police iavcstigatmg Richmond, Pa. Negro Republicans
hemisphere particularly
Due This Week Bolivia and Uruguay- of politics anything goes. the bombings and met in Richmond duringthe
The fact it such an impression Chief George Guy called for re weekend and decided not to
broke relations with
WASHINGTON (CPI) The govern duct have tome basi the LW of inforcemenst Be ordered his bull their party But rather

Senate and House are expectedto mmt only under the threat of" defamation puts the candidate' in men out of the area until the than vote for Barry Goldwater
reach a form of showdown U.S. "economic strangulation
reinforcements arrived the Negroes said they would
on the issue of legislative re- In the speech obviously in.
Guy estimated that aa manyas urge members of their race not
apportionment this week. tended to cement relations with .
4000 Negroes poured from to vote at allMontgomery
The Senate today resumes its Mexico, the only Latin American e
*, their homes shortly after the Ala Goyernor
debate nation still recognizing w *
on a reapportionment
.M.w'8110IN 0 ,... first blast was touched off at George Wallace called the Alabama
proposal by Senate Republican Cuba Castro compared Mexi.co' 10
10 50 m CST. legislature special
Leader Everett M. Dirksen.The revolution with Cuba's He p
The crowd milled around for session today to consider a re--

measure would postpone for said Mexico Is too strong economically ,sjOWt.fllI1rUN
about two hours and the situation oIution demanding<< in amend
one year the effects of a Supreme for the United Statesto
o apparently quieted down. meat to the U S i Constitution
Court ruling that both "force" it to break diplomat. .:
/ One bomb ifrlously damagedthe outlawing federal' Interference
Houses o/ state legislatures be ic ties with Cuba 9"'J./-'V
apportioned on the basis of pop Bolivia and Uruguay were l home of a civil rights worker in public schools Wallace Is. re
and slightly Injured three ported considering a nationwide .
ulation. the last two hemisphere states FIRST SNOW The first snow of the fell season fell In the Rocklea last night with Idaho, children The other caused stumping tour for such an
One group of senators Is to break with Cuba and Castro Wyoming and Utah getting flurries. Rain Is forecast for the New England state thundershowers amendment
heavy damage at a Negro
working on a compromise said "Bolivia did everything it forecast for the Southern Plateau,and the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. Fair weather Is forecast Atlanta Segregationist
church restiurinteur -
which would only express the could to maintain relations with for the rest of the nation.
I "sense of Congress" that slates Elsewhere In Miaaksaippl a Lester Maddox. who
Cuba until it could not do so
be permitted a reasonable time LOCAL OUTLOOK TemperaturesBy federal grand jury at Biloxl begins closet his Plckrlck restaurant
longer. The thing occurred a peuul ijtcgory allowing attacks
any same Mostly fair rather than court ordersto
I to Implement the court order. through tomorrow an Investigation today into obey
with Uruguay and other Legal Advertising him that would "be
This compromise may be votedon High today 87 to 90. Low nltrl Press Irtrrnatlimsl upon the slaying of throe civil rights Integrate. addressed 500 per
forbidden If made
Tuesday.In countries tonight in the lower 70>. North. low IliKh on a pinatacilloen workers Bona Sunday at ceremonies ded

the House, the leadershipIs 'Unless they broke off (with easterly winds 10 to 15 miles Albuquerque 52 71 Not"'. T. CredlUriIN Reliable sources report that beating a 20 font memorial to
Cuba)," he said, "they (the THfc; ('IIINTV JI n1l K'N; lor uiiiusm nounshes demos
confronted with the problemof per hour. Atlanta 85 sa the government plans to seekat The Death of Private Property
United States) would not give lisle IN AND Cost fULKl racy. Better that a candid?to
how to handle a constitutional Birmingham 87 89 ( >l >T\, HI>KIII\ should auger abuse. the least nine Indictments In Rights The display I II to
amendment on reapportionment them a cent or extend their Florida Zones Boston 46 82 IN UK RBTATE ur soma tayi connection with the slaying, dnmatlte Maddox'a oppositionto
debts and would strangle Rudolt KI Mla, alas' knees ai law than that political debit
thrust It by the rules 14 the civil rights lawBlndlto.d'r
upon Chicago 64 Rudolph KlmMlg. should be MifloJ. which occurred at Philadelphia, new
committee. Panhandle Cleveland . 64 76 l>nae..J of Miss, June 21..
Of it I.! a mailer
Castro spoke to the "first national To All Crnllluni and Pesos> lUv
The proposed amendment
Partly cloudy today tonight Denver 40 Even: "be More than 100 persons are
forum" in the inn Clalrni or l>ni nrti AtainiljM degree democracy: can
would allow states with two- sugar and Tuesday with Isolated Detroit . 85 74 BiKat. hurt by an ovenliMe of freedom scheduled to testify Sheriff I Lawrence Welk,
House legislatures to maintainone Charlie Chaplin Theater in Havana ;I mostly afternoon and evening Jacksonville 11 84 You and If the knowinglyfalse
house on some basis other Saturday night before > not If led to Illr In dupll..l.| all for the theme song of his tele
thunder showers No Important Kansas City 64 76 claim. to be
and drmaede which you and hurled In nwlli. the Philadelphia County was
than population. This would nullify several hundred sugar techni-- toe Angeles 81 7G have wiliut the e.lst. ot MlDOPU Union show hat come a long
temperature| changes High today candidate indeed collect: dam the first witness
the Supreme Court's edict clans KIKaaitl. .,11 RUDOUHKIBMU1 may way Years ago Welk played at
Miami . 74 115 /
I 85 to 90, low tonight 68 to tfucrand. In the duce' a in In court The three worker*-A n d y
that the membership of both New Yoik Hotel Edison
72. Easterly winds 10 to 18 mile Miami Beech 7G 84 uf Richard A HroMm. County hut he hal no retired If the Goodman and Michael Schwer
houses must reflect the "one Twin Cities . U 19 Judt. at .18 uHlct la the Court "When .he played here he
per hour. accuMtMin l I. mask in good faith, ncr of New York and James
man, one vote" doctrine "- .1 Barlow Florid. within couldn even afford beer bubbles
Know Your North New Orl..nl 6 eta ruli-mtar monihi from 8..|>lrm. even though 'I\'n-It loaM if Chsney of Meridian-were last
Mostly fair through Tuesday New York 11 00 !our II .IM4. which li the tint of it deal with mutters of opinion seen when they were released aay hoatelrv president
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STEAKat Central Day Sept. 11. as, oct t. u, IIMN enlighten the public:. Hill Baptist Church, a (112

Mostly fair through Tuesday day forecast for peninsular Docs 1 this right of comment en, structure on the aouthnide of DAYS

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NIGHT fa wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. 7 a.m. SundayTemperatures: I III NT(III IN MTV' Lull tUIKUIAIX KIM l'OI.k him the comment may touch upon .

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hit Pones
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and north wind 10 to 20 mile from 67 at Tallahassee to 74 at h notified in fit* In duullmu all man Freedom Democratic I III .
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tion of significance, expected
per 70's Northeasterly wind. IM4. wMrh: b Ihr d.t. ot the flmimMlcktlon All In all cin: ,liJ le without. s SILICTION O*
10 to 15 miles per hour elsewhere around the state ot thl node Rkuh hick skin mil)' stiffer real I anguish
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mu* ..... ih. place, of r...- Still when thai hrickbuit are flying, DOMESTIC 1 IMPORTED
..4 s.. office vMnm I" he mishl .mi comfort in remll CORDIALS
BRANCH This Funny World hell -, imwt lIP .._ to and LIQUOR -
.!.. lug lh.il Wanhinglon wm culled
_lit lIP flM w aforesaid. or '
Grady Earl Branch serves .....ii will bWMM void. IrMiheroui: ," Jefferson a rohbci BEER & WINE
Sheriff Monroe Brannens Department / &lEietii u I. Jn>n and lincoln I a baboon Their

as an Investigator in WAI.T.R Q. Y eta reputations have nil survived.

the Criminal Division --- Altn""I""w And s" list demiMicvAn duL'UALrot
111 Van kvr! Bills'
Born in Alabama. Branch Winter ll.vall. r8ert .. Amrrkin' Bur Awmlalloit pub.
I and his wife the former Juan. b 14. 11 It, Oct. i. 1IM Ik trrvkt feature by Mill Bernard. >th! IT N W CT I SOU
uW I Its Meeks, now reside in For

: rest Hills. Lake Wale They .

are the parents of two children: t

Mike. 8. and Karen 6. The family

attends! the Westside Baptist

Church in Like Wales.

service W9pWer

a military policeman in the

II United States Marine Corp .

his education was furthered by

tending( several! FBI course .

and the Florida Peace Officer [

training school sr---- _
Before joining the Sheriff's

1 Office Branch spent five years -

with the Like Wiles Police De

pa"mint, as Patrolman. Sergeant .

Lieutenant and before en.

leaving u. Assistant Chief of
P dice ? wS=.we our

-- ,

STEAKS Malta MarksIndependence Y.Nr.M y.arr,I., J .0 '0SAVEBYMAIL

Momson't sttah Met .
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quality saint tender goodness

..but it special low priced With Violence

HOW Dome wlsrre
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$1.19 The little Mediterranean island not working at

group of Malta became inde hard at wt used to?
FILET MIGNON STEAK pendent today with violence t

that cast a ahadow on Its fu I') r i

.79 lure as the 19th and smallest

member of the British Commonwealth

Demonstrators nor the oppoal
.49 two Labor party knifed a police

inspector during an Independence -
The folk startedsavlngbymail.
parade Sunday He was

EVERY NIGHT hospitalized .
The demonstrators also
Saves time
stoned the Italian ,
FREECHILD'S consul fenerI and lot of footwork!
al's I car The consul general a

PLATES I Onjfrio Memna. was not hurt m

ra'tdhWlleaaranir Thirteen persons were arrested

led taw JIlIIIII The Labor party under ex
Premier Dnm MiMoff opposes FROM There i better place to look tot. a new of ('-ved de very ti ks Also new

the indeperxienre constitution tru: :k the:' In the I;::ng strong line of new dieted, ...?::d I it a :: :ilt 2M medium

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The document! give. Britainthe types si :1 steel/ to hoost from yru
right tn maintain its naval STRONG get a tru :k that's virtually built to 'fit your it's an s d I te. <;. aiity wwkpowu

and.l air ha'rs on Malta midwayr business and your budget That means real ti k a"ength and erf|-

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ai, in the next HI peers dell, and ,
pickup: r" the widest selection model' See your Chev of dealer


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l' K 1''T.J'

.j. S'.-t,.i rpt'j''.9 rue 5,5.-1.,...... J! CHEVROLET INC. Mil
.. .. .-1.- r._
., .. ... .. -. .i'n'.a.. ialilra.t() ,
A e t CA T r r1
W. Cettrd of hd St, NW A. .!a* ,.: 9m Ml N

WINTER HAVEN > : : 4w... *so a'to., OF WINTER HAVEN 260 6th St., S.W. Winter Haven CY 33143ond

-fiat si ,,a..,.. Po<. M ? Taos .

ii--- --1-

-" -- -

-Winter-- Haven Daily News-Chief The Lighter THE HOLDOUT Today's Commentary .

W iRYNfRSONitor.Publhor: ;; ,.. ...wr .. .. '. .
JOHN W. RYNtRSON, Attittant to the Publiihtrfubllihad rJI
By WILLIAM J. FOX Moscow-Peking feud. Red Chi
----- ---- -
dally (Inept Saturday by tha Wmtar HavanPublithinq United PreM International na's Mao Tse-tung has been indirectly

Co., I.... lit Ird Straat, N.W., Wintar H...., Florid Side Notes from the foreign news wooing the Bonn re

CHARLES GOSH lN" -- -.-- ....,.1 I-ManagarAttociata cables,: public through statements madeto
.. delegations of .
a touring Japanese
-- -- -- -
JACK IEAHAN : EditorAdvartiting By DICK WEST rl;S f t Britkh Polities: socialists who recently

-- - -- United Pita InternationalWASHINGTON The political in fighting is visited Peking.
PETER j'luiLIVAN:: ; M...,.>r I
(UPI) In growing in intensity not only in
NATIONAL ADVMTISIN W-PRHENTATIVE the exercise of their editorial the United States but in Britain These overtures have found a

Sh..oil S ttociatoi., Inc, Chit.9Enttrcd 1 I il. judgment newspapermen must as well. Britain's Conservative reaction in Bonn, particularly
'__. .: _
: --- the powerful lobby
decide what ia significant and ia expectedto from representing
*t Sacond CI. Mail Mailer Stpt. 6, 124 at tho Poet Offieo party strategy German expelled from
In Winter Haven, Florida, und.r act of March 2. 117 what la not. This Is sometimes center more and more on
!.._ / lands through Soviet
difficult, but fortunately we get the theme that opposition Labor their power
.". a lot of outside help. party leader Harold Wilson is a after World War II. The group
Last noted in its press service that
week for instance, the "one man band.
:' : OF CIRCULATIONS Democratic National Committee [ 'Yt The Tories plan to exploit Mao has suddenly started blaming -

....,o circulated a list of "significant this angle by shifting the heavy Khrushchev for driving the

_____ ______ 00----- .- news events scheduled for Friday guns of their attack from Wilson displaced Germans from their

Actlvo Mombar MEMBER September 18, 1964." The to his colleagues.! The ideaIs homes by annexing all German
UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL first item read follows territories east of the Oder-
aa : to try to show that he really
NATIONAL EDITORIAL Tho United Praii i if ant.tltd to tha uto Neisse frontier. The expelled
"President Johnson, who reJ Labor
local ? is the party a strong
ASSOCIATION roc r.publication of all nawi print.td
J turned to Washington last night, lot of group said Moscow interpretsthis
In this nawipapar at wall at all UP) man leading a Inexperienced
I 19. NlwOi.p.lch.ADvERTiSiNG ... has no announced schedule for nonentities. This will be to mean that Mao Is lookIng .
_______ "
----- Friday. for a "wealthy business
based on a number of factors:
DEADLINE Had not the committee partner and potential ally
CLASSIFIED crpARTMENTi, point. Wilson's firm control of the party
ed it out, some newsmen per his insistence on making all among the capitalist countries."
By tho Word: I P.M. Prarioul Day By oho Inch: 1 P.M. Pravieui D.v''
Legal' Noti.." S P.M. Prtvioul Day. Sunday Edition Daadlina Friday. haps would not have recognized major decisions, the personal Mao's attitude, they feel, strengthens
DISPLAY DEPARTMENT! that the President's having campaign the party conducted the West German positionin

Sunday Edition-3 P.M. Thurtday: Monday Edition-) P.M. Friday; no announced schedule wasa for him after he became Its dealing with Khrushchev.When .

TuttJay Edition-Noon Saturday; Wtdnoiday. Thunday and Friday significant news event, leader early last year and the the Soviet premier visits

Edition_ -I P.M...:..Two Days in Adv.neo.. _______ __ __ This ls known Is "negative fact that after 13 years out of Bonn, they think this may .

Mambar Southarn Nawipapar Publiihtn Aiiociation: significance." The assumptionis office he Is the only leading Labor enable Chancellor Ludwig

Mambor Florida Prtu Association that there must be some significance NO,, member of Parliament with Erhard to get some realistic
-- --- --- -- --- discussions of such
in the fact that the lySyr1' ministerial experience. Wilson topics as
By Carriar or Mail President apparently did not will counter this strategy with Berlin and the reunification of

Yoar, III.JO; 4 months, I.10; 1 month., 4.55; I month, 11.55; plan to do anything significant. one of his own calling for increased Germany.

wotkly I )l ".". Singlo Copioi: Daily, I canti; Sunday, I 10 canti.. Events of negative significance :I 11c iwr'4v' exposure on the stump

occur frequently in and on television for the men Indonesia Outlook
--- --- -- -- -- -- Washington Let us consider for who would hold office In a Labor Indonesia's President Sukarnois
a moment a press release Issued government.De .
expected to step his
by the office of Rep Edward pres.

J, Gurney, R-Fla., and ;- i.lr. tI ... Gaulle Waits: sure on Malaysia now that he
A Thought For Today"Which dated Sept. 13. It said ftV'tV'i'tfV. feels assured of Soviet backingin
: > V'' i $ France's President Charles de the United Nations Security
"Edward J. Gurney of Flori '"" Gaulle win wait until after the Council

da's 11th District has been -V.X7, U. S. presidential election before
(Holy Spirit) is the earnest (down chosen Freshman
payment .. _Congressman. making any new move to
-guarantee) of our inheritance, until (looking 01 me weeK on capitoi mil. call a conference aimed at neutralization -

to) the redemption of the "Gurney was named outstanding of Southeast Asia. Memories
purchased possession unto
lawmaker by the 88th But French officials in Paris
the praise of His glory." Eph. 1:14 Club, a group of Republican Doctors Check Enviroment say the constant political up

The presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer'slife colleagues in congress" heavals In South Viet Nam have 20 YEARS AGO
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Crawford
Now it so happens that dur convinced De Gaulle
is God's pledge that the believer will one day have more than were visiting relatives In Birmingham -
ing this particular week the ever that! neutralization Is the

complete redemption and enjoy the fulness of the in. House of Representatives hardly Factors For Cancer CauseEDITOR'S only answer to the troubles in ,10 Ala.YEARS AGO

heritance laid up for him. -Dr. Albert L. Carnett turned a wheel. It met twice, that part of the world. City Commissioners authorized
the minimum amount
necessary -
Its streets committee to

to hold the franchise; NOTE, During a I while It la chewed and ails might be related to a low protein Khrushchev Visit:: set up a program and preparethe
stayed in session for a grand tour of active duty Consultant solved. His considered virtually cer- foundation for
as a State Road
diet In and laterin
infancy, ,
News Chief Editorials total of 52 minutes
; received a In Radiology to the Surgeon i In Guam, I found that betel life a virus induced liver tain that Soviet Premier Nikita Department survey on the
presidential message, general[ of the U.S. Navy, Rear nut chewing U practiced function. Khrushchev win visit East Berlin beautification of all state roads

Mosquitos Again and heard four speeches. Admiral Wendell' G. Scott,, mainly by the older people, and Breast cancer II leu of a for Oct. T ceremonies markIng within the city and the areas
On that
basis It would appear the 15th anniversary of the
President of the American Cancer especially the grandmothers. problem in Japan. There are adjacent to Winter Haven.
Before this whole business of both the that being named "Fresh. East German state. But
controlling Society, had an excellent' t It Is heartening to lee that only 3.9 deaths per 100,000 Khru- S YEARS AGO
blind mosquito and the biting kind gets out of hand man Congressman of theWeek" opportunity to observe' cancer' young people look upon it II a women as compared with 21.3 shchev's scheduled visit to the There was no reason for con '
was a bit like being control activities" In dirty habit which blackens the West German capital of Bonn cern over a possible high
deaths American
we, along with about 150,000 other Polk Countians many areas i among wo
named "Player of the Week" next is the sulphur content In
of the Western Pacific. Some> teeth stains the mouth lips men. Moreover, the death rateh year one observers city drinking
feel that drastic measures should be taken. These for a week when no game was highlight of the trip are reported and Rums, and leads to mouth declining In Japan but remains ; are viewing with the most In. water because of defective

measures include spray programs by county and mu played.I here by Dr. Scott whoIs infections. The young Guam unchanged In the United I terest. This trip is increasing In aerators, explained City

nicipalities. They also include the treating of lakes. I probably would never have Clinical Professor oi Radiology fans are Influenced by American States Scientists are seeking to importance as a result of the Engineer Douglas Carter
grasped the
significance of the
at movies and -- -
Washington University' are consciously determine whether the lower -- --- ---
This blind mosquito thing was about licked and if we event had I not run across a School bf Medicine' In St I-ouls. aware of the gleaming susceptibility of Japanese women

let the bugs come back we will have thrown away press release dated Sept IT white teeth and winning smilesof to breast cancer Is due to ON YOUR TELEVISION DIAL

thousands of dollars which which announced: By WENDELL: G. SCOTT, M.D. their favorite actors and the fact that mothers in Japan
according to
our budgets "Rep, Bob Taft Jr.
R-Ohio. actresses.
I m' President' Consequently It is breast feed their children much
we.-)A'n'\.d04\ ,. has been named 'CongressmanOf American' Cancer, Society not considered "good form" to longs r. than do American WDIOTVCho WFLATVCkmiMl WFTVTYChwaol W7VT-TV

This mosquito control isn't something) to turn our the Week.' The honor was Written' for UPI "' hav 4"nasty" mouth and women" even for a* long as 1 CIS..al t I t ChMMl t)
bestowed by the 88th Club comprised I have they are not taking the NIC ABC CIS
backs on. It can cause all kinds of trouble. By not doing of freshmen recently returned from habit. up to 2 yean. Orlondo 7amp Orl..". Tamp
Republican a medical tour of the Western In Singapore I learned that -- --
something and doing it now we feel that our elected congressmen." Pacific and observed situations Unfortunately, this habit studies were being made

offficials aren't taking their jobs seriously. We know During this particular week, from Hawaii to Hong/ Kong to keeps the mouth in such foul among: the Chinese who are the Monday NIGHT Sept. 21

the of the for the house met for a grand total Ji pan that can be of help to us condition that early ulcerative dominant population group, to -
temper public
we receive phone calls a of 136 minutes routine. In the control of cancer. lesions i.re seldom noticed by determine why they are es o:09: -Nowt N.;. Spores, ABC N.w'u''" Now

plenty and people drop into the office discussing the ly sent two bills to conferenceand Because living condition in the patients and it ls only after pecially vulnerable to cancer of .:ll-Sporti, W'lhor Wtathtr Nawi, W.athar Sparti. W'thar

matter. It's time to act. considered the so-called Ihe Pacific are different than the cancer has metastasized to the nasopharynx, which Incidentally oilO:. -CBS Now NBC Now Maverick CBS Now
private calendar. those anywhere else, Ihe area the neck nodes and they have U their most common a: S-CBS News NBC News Maverick CBS News
-- -
I think I get It now. It Is no provides an ideal human pop grown sufficiently large for the cancer. Among the reasons suggested 7:00::Dig..t t Moment M.,trick -" ;;Big Mevia

About Advertising trick at all for a member of uktion laboratory for studyingand patient to notice them that they for this U the facial: 7IS-Dig..t of Foor Maverick "Jul..,"
congress to distinguish himself determining environmental will seek medical attention. Of bone and sinus structure of the 7:10: -T a Toll Truth Monday Night Voyag.' t. she GI... Ford

My friend L. E. Fay of Los Fresnos, Texas, sends during a w'ekh'n momentous factors that might have casual course, when these patients Chinese which mikes them 7:45: -:T a Tail. Truth. .! the, Monies Bottom of Saa_..!._Borgnlna' _..

along this contribution : things are happening In relationships in the development then seek a physician he is faced more susceptible to Infections 1.00-1'vo A Secret "Tha Wings Voyag.' to the Rod Staiga
the house. Hundreds have done of malignant diseases.If with an advanced cancer, of the nasal pharynx, especially "
I would like to add a thought two to 1:15: -"I'vt A Stcrat of E.I.. Bottom of See Valaria French
or your campaign that.But we can Identify these environmental and a particularly vicious one. since they live in overcrowded 1:10: -Andy Griffith M. O'Hara No Ti", for Tha Big Movie;
to explain the advantages of newspaper advertising to distinguish oneself factors, then they They are notoriously difficult areas. Another factor that is 1:45-A.dy Griffith John W.yna Sargaanti The Big Movie

over that of radio or TV. As an old when nothing Is happening is can be eliminated!, and we can to cure. The elimination of being Investigated Is whetherthe -
newspaperman f:00-The
: Monday Monday Night Wendy and Ma The Show
truly a rare accomplishment then be on our to control- betel nut chewing when combined inhUation of large quantities Lucy
I have run into the conflict in the past and I had and obviously event Ing that particular way of with tobacco and lime of incense caused by burn. MS: Night Movie at tha Movies Wendy and Ma The Lucy Show
an as negatively type cancer '::10- "No Time for Hollywood Bing
an unanswerable question that 1 would put to such significant as anythingthat could eliminate this particulartype ing joss sticks in Chinese homes t:4S: Sargaanti"and The Start Show Crosby Many R.turnt Happy

advertisers as grocery markets. The point I made was didn't happen at the White For example, circumstantial of cancer. U related to this problem. --- -.. -- ----
(House. evidence has long pointedto I could not help wonderinghow Chinese women in Singapore I 10:00: Nick Adams Sing Along. Ban Guy Slattary'i
this : "Has a customer ever brought in one of your the practice of betel nut much further ahead we and In fact, throughout Malaya 10IS: Andy Griffith with Mitch Ban Ctity People

radio commercials with items marked on it as they are chewing as a casual factor in would be in our fight against have a high Incidence of cancer 10:45 10:30M.: -Monday. M'C'rmick Mo io Sing with Along Mitch Ban Ban Catty Catty Slattary'i Ptoplo

prone to do with a newspaper advertisement SPORTSFIELD OUT cancer of the mouth. From an lung cancer in this country If of the cervix, or the neck. ---- -- -- -.
YEOVIL England tUPU( ) early age people In the Pacific our young people rejected cigarette of the womb, and the Dean of I 11:00-Nawi News, Spt. Wtr N.wtlina News, Sports
To me radio and the newspaper are complementary Liberal party leader Jo Crim- area and Orient have engaged smoking as a socially undesirable the Medical School in Singapore I Milf Sporti, W'1hu Tonight' Show E'torial W'thtr' Wthtr, E'torial

and not as conflicting as many think them to be. ond, scheduled to arrive here In the habit of chewing the and offensive habit. suggests this may be !influenced IhJO-Thtttrt at Tonrqht Show lab Shaw Championship

Radio has its place for immediate and fast spot advertisements by helicopter Thursday for election betel nut,, the fruit of (he graceful Maybe the motion picture directors .. by the lack of proper ((1:45- : tho Stan tamght- '' Show Life-Show- Wrestling I

campaigning, will have to Areca or betel palm tree, might be Induced to picture hygiene of the genital organs of
while the newspaper's major forte is placing find a place to land other than Just as Westerners have smoked smoking as "uncttractive" both sexes because of crowded Tuesday MORNING Sept 227:00Summar !

before the reader a list of items over which he can the local sportsfleld. tobacco for hundreds! of for young people, and perhaps living conditions. A recent sur --- ___ __ __ _____ I

take his time checking to see what he is interested in. years. The betel nut is usually show an actor with advanced vey by them Indicates that the Today Show "A.M.M
Officials said the aportsfield wrapped with tobacco and a emphysema or dying of lung Incidence of cervical cancer was 7:18-I So"o.Ior. Today Show Now "A.M."
The reader can turn back to the ad at any time for a war given to the town on condition small bit of lime. This "quid" cancer considerably lower among wo- 7:39: -Waka-Up Today Show Mick io Evans "A.M." I,

further look in a newspaper, but what listener can turn that It not be used for either is placed between the teeth and Japan presents' a mysterious men living in apartments and 74S; Moviti-- Today'ShoTod "- Mick hens "A.M."

back a radio advertisement for a recheck as to any gambling or politics the cheek, and is kept there case International of two paradox in the homes where they had accessto 1:00: -Captain .y Show Mick i. trans Captain
common cancers. 1:18-I Kangaroo Today Show Mick
private bathrooms. i. Evans Kangaroo
thing that might have been missed. Just can't be done I Stomach cancer is rising in Japan 1:10: -Captain Today Show Cartoonvill'' Captain;

Radio listeners are a captive audience and a poor and Is their Number 1 cancer Challenging' Task 1:45Kangaroo: Today Show Cartoon.ill Kangaroo
WSIR it Is in the -- -- --- -
yet declining
commercial will cause a figurative shutting of ears DIAL Program 14.0 United States On the other One of the most challenging t::00-Amorlcan 1 ocl.v' Movie! !arcUa The Mike
tasks in cancer research today ':IS- Hi".,, "50.' Cartoonvilla Douglai Showf:3qRewpor
until same is over or he can turn it off. The hand breast cancer In women
newspaper MONDAY a :k1) 'ilu.a For Grta. Is the search for environmen : Room P.rada" -00..11I0 Tho Mika
reader can pass up anything not attractive or in whichhe YUlullf1C- a :k1 Mutual New. is a rarity in Japan but the tal factors that could have a t:4l: -Rompar Raom John Carrall Cartoonvillo: Douglai Show
4 01' leading of death --
has no interest. Another point is the too-constant 4 06 Homo a HI.b.l, I a6 Good Moraine among American cause women cancer: Why? casual relationship with the de. 10 I CO- CBS Nawi M. McDonald Spanish L;;;;.. The-Mika
3U Mutual No.o I 4U Your "grlda Ollrdoa velopment of cancers. We al 10:11 I CBS Nawi
: Taday's Movie Spaniih Ituont Show
repetition over radio in both news and advertising : : want Hors. a a Jost Hgh.ay: : :: too:: a.gloa Momin' eau Japan Consider it causes stomach the cancer.death In of ready know some of these factors .10:30-: La. Lucy Word fai Word Price I II Right I Douglai L... Lucy

lines. A newspaper, using that same constant repetition a OU Mutual Nave 4 W Mutual N.ee 70 men end 37 100. and by controlling or eliminating lg:4S: -I Lane Lucy Wend 'or Word Pries I II Right 1 La.t Lucy
would soon hear from its readers. 8 us ain' Along : : Jim: un.nfi.ld' ahowa women per them many lives have oi: -- -
In how
closing, 7a Today In t'ola 6buary>> Mutual Nseea 000 population every year. The II : Tha McCoyi Conctntration Get Tha The McCoyt
many radio listeners are shorthand experts so they can 3U Mutual ivies S 7a. 1)11 Lynch Show comparative annual figures for been saved. "II| | |_rho McCoy Concentration Mo...,. Tho McCoyi
I ab ama Along ''U UtI Mutual NseaEv.nlne The linking of cigarette amok- 'IJO-P.t. I Gladys
; I
Lids Pata
and United Mining Gladys
men women in the
f006 81arll 8ho.
take down bargain items from a commercial at the eav.rty king with lung cancer U an excellent 11:45: -Ptta I Gladys Jt.p.rdy
UtI World New, 1\1 1\1 Dlch Eyrch 8hu. States are 13 and .. And while Mining Lich Pete t Gladys.
speed they are given 06 Walt Street Report I I.' 1.1 Mutual N... the United States death rate example of this kind of
II Van Plllrlck lpoU III" PIck Lynch Shoe AFTERNOON
-New Iberia (La.) Daily Iberian- 26 nil. 8portl IIIU :Mutual N..o from cancer of this site has declined epidemiological or geographic
III Mutual Neva 11 118 1Ir1l Lynch aloe I 32 per cent among men pathological research. It is estimated 11:00: -1. of Lift Say WK.n FatharKnawt Nawi, Waathar

Jeanerrtte EnterpriseAlmanac : NI rulan N.ihbor' Iw.ie Ir. n : Mutual MCal: o New from, Ma.iI6 and 36 per cent among females that at least 73 percent 11:11-lava of Lift Say Whan latt Firm Stk. MM

1 Soolltghl: the' Slat :: :: Dkk Eyrch Illwor In the past ten years, it hat of the deaths from lung IUO: -Srch far Tmrw T.uth.. TannattaaEmio Srch for Tmrw
ash ltalda Nan Ri'wl risen in Japan ten cent cancer in the United States U:45-GoIeliR Light Contocjuaacai Ford Guiding Light \
per --- -
7 311 Nutlllll New. U OU Nutual Aew. -
--- ---
M. Nlllie Wan Anorsuoaa among males and five cent would not have occurred if the Girl Talk
8..d lb. per :: News Sparti.Waathar Matin.; Movie lane of Lifo I
W Mutual tt u6 Sirs a Oro. Noesaua victims had not smoked cigarettes.
Noes 1:15 Girl! Tall
among female in the -
l'lub14110 I' IU Chit, with, 'b. Bb.rIftI" same "Doubla' Love of Lif.
Mutual News 12 U ILllua IA.'. Ir.I" period.' Io-Wor'' Tumi Lat'i Mali '.. ..Iily.. World' Turn'aW.rld
12:81 II With M..1Ot More environmental research 1:41-World Tans A Ooal .. I
By t'nltd Press InternaJtaal Duryea appeared on the Club 14I1O-Nllbl" : May Could the high Incidence of Victor Jory Turn.D'nnil .
W Il 3U Mutual /Ie. -
Nullllll Nan --
needed. need learn -
is We to
Today U Monday, Sept. 21, streets of Springfield M.... t 011 Clllb 1410 I' M Perry Como stomach cancer in Japanbe 2:00-"w.4-- DOOM Gals : ; Morgan PanworoJNawtlfoo
the 265th day of 1964 with 101 to In 1138, at least 450 persons a xi Mutual Noes 13 t6 T"I' of III. N... related to diet Are rice eat why the death rate from cancer tll-Pattword Dakia Cillii Paiiword

follow. were killed In a hurricane that 1\1. 1111 ss me Mutual World N.n Tedar 12 1 1JII III TodAy.."...Is...Florida 11I11.10III ting peoples susceptible to this of the pancreas ia increasing 2:11I-H...,a Party The Doc.." Day In Coors H..... Party

battered the coasts of New England U6 Florida l'1e.' a w..l..r. I U WilR IIdltorlalIII form of cancer because of their steadily in this country, why l:4t Ha..a Party The Doctor Day In Coo'Hess.. Party
The moon ia full. III Rigs OfT 1 I" lIIu.1e: tram 1M CleascaTULSDAT cancer of the colon the lower "' : --
and New York. 1'1..0 low protein in the diet? On the 1:00: .Ta toll t TnrtlT Anothar World Ganaral l- To Tad Tr thHotprtal
The Mutual and
morning star are Mercury II bowel rectum b the
6 Hacb.lI r theory' this may be the case, 3:11-Ye roN Truth Anoth.r World
To To* TruthOuoan
Venus, Jupiter and Mara. In 195S. Rocky Marciano 6 18 assts OsunrK 3 ::11 IIIlItual N... leading cause of cancer among 1:35-E/N .* Night Too Dais
the Japanese expert- Say
are far
Day Edgo ol
W Mutual I Ia Ilurne a Hlgiesy
The evening atar II Saturn. knocked out Archie Moore In the 011 llGOd Mursing Now. lit Mutual' N..o mrnttag" wish increasing the Americans why leukemia 1:41-Edaa of Night Yo" D..', Soy far Day I"o.f Night
EngQah novelist and aoclolog- ninth round at Yankee Stadium :11: MlllulIl Nvn 4 W H.mo a NVtAway protein content of rice' and trying seems to be levelling off among -- -
kit H. G Well wai born on this successfully defending his I at floMa 1'10. a Maraca I 311 Nullllll 1'1..0' children but increasing among 4:00-Sacral Storm Match G... Troilmaitar;; Secret SI....
5 .) ?wad Morals 4 Walt a Ju5' to raiN it from T to IS per 4:15-S.c.t Storm Matt. Guns TrailmaitarTroilmattar Secret
date In 1868. heavyweight title for the sixth 7 00 lI'ual 1'1... 4 411 a.ap I\bop cent. Dr. John Higginaon. anAmerican adults. 4:10-Unclo' W.rt'l laatro H Storm
time. 'U6 hood Mwalna a W Nu.uU Neeot To try to solve t these and Advoatoroi Suparman
Lifetime To
Cancer Society
On this day in history: Is PuAIng R I Sisg Absi Trairmtittr Sapensae
: : other -
t a0 (load .Mantas Mwual. Nen Research Professor at Un- cancer enemas the American -- --
In 1792 Franc was proclaimed t 3U Matual. N_. I. IItM Along of Kansca School of Cancer Society ia involved I 00-Woody. The Lloyd $....... Woody.
a republic and the royal family f M. noraa Noes a w..txoe 11II World Noes Ivtnity in the 1:11Weedpe.lee. Thad.. Sh.. Saahunt Woodaoclar.
was deposed. A thought for the day English 1 4U Hood Montag. L.... .. Medicine and a speciaBri in largest cancer atwdy IJo-Looyo It Tho Lloyd. S...... W-.... No_ W.atkot
author H. G. Wells 'M Muroing Suwl, Re9te. 106 IIporto ftoutMIliP ftofrahic pathology, lends tup- with human betnfs ever made 1:45To ...... .
once ... Skew N..o Editorial ld..
la 1893 the first aucceasfulgasolineoperated gees Murual N.... II Tndrni aii ; ori.l Eitray
said: "Human history becomes a 04 WIIIR Editorial JII wail Stress Ilopor4S port to this possibility He has a year survey of living .. _
motor car more and more a race between 01 Muming 1'1..0 ftAIuiId..p 130 "tual Noesa reported that in tropical Africa health, environmental and occupational These ?."/. ac"ad.l' ''' aro provided tho' to''..;'ion atat>ooi
made in America designedand 11 Guod Moser 1 m. HI N.llilbor habits of than and are .. oct ta elates .t aoy lose The Daly No..c"iof poblhleo!
the Eln 1it" there U more
and 1 -
built by Charles and Frank education and catastrophe. > 1 million liens, V pwbh4 *.".'** "... .. ... respe.Glle, for ... .. ...
Americans eregram .
evidence that liver cancer r....d !. ..... .. .. ,, ...

NaberGrooverAnnouncement Wahneta Girls Around The Town

is being made Club Opens Winter Haven Is National ConventionII.
I IK I t today\ of the marriage of New Season Legionnaire Attending
M" Ruth Ann Naber diugh
t. ""f Walter Naber of Holland
M M. II and the late Mrs Naber The first meeting of the WA- R. (Pliant SummervHle Is Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W Word has been received hereof Mrs. Merrill Waters was dis
A JT' I \ ,irMl droover; son of Mr. net Girls Club's Board of Directors representing the Frknoi.Nic. Smith have Just returned from the death of Robert L. Cobb, m.... from the Winter Haven
;. 'M\\ James I Groover of this was held at the home hob Pat American Legion at New Orleans La where they eighteen year old son of Mr HtsfHal yesterday where she
of Mrs M. G. Glbba Earl DcId.IOn the National Convention being accompanied their daughter and Mrs. Robert A. Cobb of underwent surgery is re-

'j'i a',. IIIII/hll'.rina ceremony Principal of the Wahneta held this week in Dallas Tex, Judy Miss Smith is enteringher Jacksonville formerly of this cueerating at !her home In Lake
% .,I inni/ort August 21st in School who is also the! Presi The convention will hold Its freshman year at New city Funeral services were ,held Alfred
: Bi'.irk. I Baptist Church drat of the Board of Directors. dosing sessions I Thurs. comb College, Tulane Unlver Friday In Jacksonville

II! 'lint 1 I Mich with the Rev. presided day. sity Miss Kathy Duncsnson,
f' 1.i '\ Bocve officiating Mrs. Joe D. Baugh preikient Pfc. Wllburn Smith has completed daughter of Mr. and Mrs
4 1 ,)uf" fern white gladioli of the American Legion Auxill The Faille Lake Cancer I'nlt The Women's Association ol two weeks of annual. ae Preston R Duncanson. left Saturday .
na rblue: tinted mums and ary, announced that the! Auxill will meet tomorrow morning Lake Alfred First United Pre live duty training with the Army for her first year at Andrew .
I '. ,1 taper; in candelabra ary has voted to continue upon from nine until twelve noon in byterlan Church will meet Reserve at Fort Euntis, Va. College Cuthbert Ga
d. utt.I the church poring the Wahneta Girls Club: the Community House, All In. Tuesday the old church buildIng .
Given( In marriage by her Mrs. Edward D, Hill will be terenled ltdies are invited to on Lake Shore Way. A Chad Coff has left for hill Miss Jo Ann Scales, daughter/
father, the bride wore a floor club director assisted by Mrs. attend and take needles, thread covered dish luncheon will be freshman year at Duke University of Dr. and Mrs W. L Carter;
length gown of silk organza John Heath Miss Matilda Ilcin. and scissorsJimmle served at twelve noon. Each In Durham, N. C He was Jr., to attending Brenau Academy -
over taffeta It featured a fitted rich will serve in an advisory lady Is asked to take a favorite accompanied: by his parents, In Gainesville Ga. for her
lace bodice with sweetheart capacity The club win have a Andersen, son of Mr. dish and her own table service Mr and Mrs James A. Goff junior year of high school
different daily five and Mrs. A. T. Andersen left
project Alf ladies of the
neckline and long tapering week in the auditorium yesterday for Cuthbert, Ga Mr and Ed Bernd The Whiter Haven Cancer So-
I days a friends are Invited Mrs. Sr.
S sleeves The bouffant skirt was of the Wahneta School from where he will enter his freshman and family have moved to Winter clly win meet Thursday mornIng .
UI designed with lace panels and These year at Andrew CoUf'ee.p.thlall at nine a.m. i tt the Wom.an' .
:2 to 4 p.m. projects are Haven from Lake Wales
flowed into a chapel length Bowl Club to make dressings
staffed with volunteers ho Mixing They are residing on East Lake
train Her shoulder length veil
are qualified from local workers Sisters, llen Tern Martha Drive. attending are asked to
of Illusion\ was held by a crownof take needles and thread
pie 28 will
crystals and she carried a in the various clubs and meet Thursday at ...,.... ..... -.....-,-..- .
church eight p.m. in the K of P Hall w.-noae eve'yoa" x s <

white bouquet lace Bible of white with a carna cascade On group:Friday groups held afternoon their first the meetIng knitting .. The! for officers the visit will of have the a Grand practice Zesty SauceTo DAILY" ., NEWS-CHIEF, Monday, Sept II 1964 Pag SI

Lions and pink sweetheart roses. Chief "
Mrs. Phil Hutton, who is
Mi Kathy Underwood of In charge was assisted by Miss double the enjoyment of I WINTfft HAVEN DAILY NEWS.CNIgFCJt.d
Chattanooga, was
I honor and bridesmaids were Olive Davis, Miss Bertha Terry Mr and Mrs. P. E. Thorntonand hamburger!: patties or meatloaf r
and and Mrs. C. A. James twodust'l children pour I testy meat sauce.
Mr Dale Lamberts Miss are presently residing
Willevene Ledford of Marietta, are held each month. in Eagle Lakehill', subtly flavored with wine.
Records for square lances, over cooked meat This sauceIs
their home is built
Ga Their gowns were of light being near
blue brocade minuets, Virginia reels and other Auburndale. They moved here quick to make and adds extra .

Jamc, A Groover served as steps are needed by the from Virginia Mr. Thornton I.In Is character to ground beet
best man and ushers were Dale club as are scissors needles the math department of Polk dishes
Lamberts and Dale Kuipers thread, materials for sewing, Junior College Spicy pickles and sliced tomatoes .
ste held in Zee coloring books and crayons would be pleasing 0-
A '
.. reception was
I land City Hall alongs for garnish and texture
MR. AND MRS, VIRGIL GROOVER For her wedding trip, the HOSPITAL NEWS An especially tantalizing pickle .
bride wore a white linen dress rather like Bread and Butter .
with beige trim, matching accessories SVTIRIWS SATIRIMY'S pickles, can be made from ; by QiLltt CLLIS
I I and a corsage of carnations ADMISSIONS: DISMISSALS" zucchini squash The thinly
Sorry All Filled Up! and pink sweetheartroses Winter haven Winter Haven sliced iiichinl Is marinated In .

Robert A Davis, Mr Sophie Henry G. Bice. Mrs. James WE'1I.susonl'dl'lne vinegar Paulydian Class Has InstallationMembers
The bride is a graduate ol f Warmolts Miss Catherine Hal II Chance and Infant daughter before sealing In sterile jars
< This it the reply the been swamped l llith calls Zeeland Mich. lligh School and heron Mn Minnie E. Goodard Mrs. John Donetky, Mrs of the Paulydian officers Installed by
Bouquet Garden Club Is and there is now a wailing is attending Tennessee Temple Jack 11. TUon Wilmcr C. Andrews Harry Grlce. Oliver R. Monaco ZESTY MEAT SAUCE Class of the First Baptist Mrs. Wrlghtmyr wirer Mrs.
having to give for its an list.A Bible College in Chattanooga. Mrs Otsl Bilbrey MrsE Jr.. Miss Linda G. Moore. Mas (Makes about 1H cups sauce) Church held their September Den Wasmund, president Mrs.
nual fall fashion show Her husband also attends Tennessee II Padgett Edward II Lull terWilli'amD. Smith, Mrs liar Three tablespoons butteror meeting at the home of Mrs J. T. Smith, vice pr.sldntj
and luncheon to be held limited number of Temple Bible College, low, James W Morrow Mm old C Truehart, Lawrence A. margarine three tablespoons R. C. Dillard with Mrs Irene Mrs. W, P, Hancock, ..cr.-
Wednesday in Nora Mayo guests ill be allowed togo and is preparing for the ministry Arthur E Johnson, Mrs. Edward Wray Benjamin A YonAuburndale flour, one cup bouillon Burnett, Mrs Pat Murphy and taryt Mrs. Mat Slnyard assistant
Auditorium. in for the fashion O Collins, Mrs, JImmIe cube broth one teaspoon Mrs Dewey Ma Gunter s* assisting secretary( Mrs Blanche
Reservations for the showing at 1:30: follow L Woodard.St. Instant minced onion or, tour hostesses. Duncan, recording secretaryand
luncheon and show were ing the luncheon. How New Arrivals AugustineMrs Mrs Max C Guy James E teaspoons finely i I chopped Mrs. Era J.nson, chase treasurer and Mrs Wilma
Nail Miss Patricia Ann Oravet .
Walton class mtnlstnes.Being
scher.. gave the Invocation ,
those do Julius C Roundtree. raw onion one-fourth cup
limited to 300 andI ere ever, desiring to !, Donald N Phillips, Mrs .
on a first come, first this, should contact the Mr and !Mrs. James T. WellsJr AuburndaleRay Edward II. Pinkerton JohnnyB California Burgundy or other
serve basis The club has reservations chairman of Brandon are the parents Ditty Mrs Sara A. Searcy Miss Cathy Sue W'if red dinner wine, one.fourth.
of Woodard Reuben J Hanson, cup catsup one fourth teaspoon
a Kin born at 11:55: a.m. Hams
D, W. Krantz Master Barry celery seed, Salt
Saturday in the Winter Haven
Hospital The baby weighed A. Ramsey, Mrs. Doyle Hall Eagle: lake Dash pepper The BrowserNw I
Naomi Circle seven pounds and six ounces lake Males Miss Judy D. Hart Melt butter and blend In
Program MeetingS Mrs Annie M. ReclfearnI llalnes City flour Stir In broth add onion,
Inn Mrs L and In. Iv J.... Mar.kIe=
Bobby King
A daughter weighing seven City and cook\ and stir until mix
The Naomi Circle of the to be held on December 1st. pounds and twelve ounce, was Elmer L. Vanllorn, fan! daughter Charles A. ture bolls and Is thickened
Women's Guild, Grace Lutheran The next meeting of the Circle, Davrnpolt Stokes Charles SarvaiI -
Blond InI Ine. catsup, celery
born at two a m today In theI the llagerty silver dusters at
Church, held its first meetingof October 21, will be held at the Mr' Dudley Mulfurd. .. seed and aalt and totastf' just naturally new
I al hospital to !Mr, and Mrs pepper AND SILVERSMITH'S reslly -
the season at the home of home of Mrs. David Wright on Brandon Mrs Jesse E Richburg Heat minute or
Mrs Lawrence Dencker, with Eagle Lake. Altfjrt Robinson.I Mr John E Wells Jr Collins, N, Y. two .longer slowly Serve i with hamburger to uII I Dy merely dusting your display silver pieces with
I Mrs. Martin Halabrln Jr., pee- Norman Stewart. this special silver cloth, you keep them gleamlngly and safely
: siding. fcUMUY'S ADMISSIONS pattk, meat loaf, etc tarnish free! (Costs only $2001)! >> Should your silver be tarnishedat

Mrs. David Wright gave the Winter Haven ZUCCHINI PICKLFS present, pollih it first, with llagerty Tarnish Prtventitlv
I (Makes about 6 pints) Gorham sterling silver .dresstr
devotional, reading the 100th Mis, Alice Faye Finlry, Incldivntally, notice their lovely
Four pound (tour-gts.) comb reduced from 110000 to 17850 Pen
Psalm. She also reviewed a Lro'ilrJ Mrs Gladys 11 llulchmwm Don sets (mirror brush )
chapter of Ruth Youngdahl Nel r ti aid W Lock, Mrs J,, W. Bris sliced zucchini, one pound feet for your daughter 16th birthday or your own anni
(three and a half cups)
son's book "The Woman versary'
tol Mis Arthur I). Surrrncy,
Beautiful" on "Your Scent. Mr James T Goff, Mrs Albert sliced small onions one.half Saw some of the prettiest next-to.nothing hats at AMELIA
There Is the Incense of grati Robinson cup salt one quarter talifornls MAC ALISTEIt'St All hand mad of silks and velvet by a
tudelive a thank-you and It wino vinegar two cups French lady who lives In New York tiny In size tolling\
will show In your face. ThereIs llalne City sugar, two teaspoons celery In lint they have in impudently romantic look' They pick
the flower of loving kind. Ma Ic James E WatU seed two teaspoons tumerlc, silly and well and art some of Vie fw hats .*'v. ever
ness, the fragrance of generos Eagle lake one teaspoon dry mustard, seen that would make a good gift! Noticed price lags from SI 00
ity. The story was told of a little Mr Willie L, Shouppe. Doyle two teaspoons mustard seed to 11(00 By the way, winter 'hours' are now In effect, ind
lad with a dedicated heart whose D. Smith Cut unpieliHl zucchini Into Amelia Is now open every Saturday afternoon.
fragrance of generosity encompassed o Auburnrfale very thin slices Peel onions Been watching that jet action Frlgldalr washer on TV M
the earth. Ralph O Matthews Mrs II and slice thinly Cover with went in to IIAVbN APPLIANCES INC to see for ourselves
Members were reminded of L Llndsev, Mrs Louie Cherry, water and add salt, Let stand and talk about automatic! From the budget model on up,
the rummage sale to be held Cord Charles W Lynn Floyd M, 1 hour, drum Combine vinegar very Frlgldalr washer features deep.sctlon: agitator ind

October 17th, and the Bazaar sugar. celery seed, turn- none has gears, pulleys or belts to wear out'' W* especially
frbrlng .eric dry mustard, and mustard (Bred the custom Imperial with 4 speeds, 12 Ib. capacity
Cvrus W Swisher.
s' lake seed Bring to a boll and w* could rive on indefinitely! They have a complete line of
WalesF pour over vegetables. Let matching dryers which need no venting or plumbing!
M Shaw, James Baren stand I hour Bring to I boll If you hive I homesick son or daughter off at school or In

tineSIMMY'S DISMISSAL and cook I minutes (1'lace In the service why not pick up your phone and dill CY J.21(1
; seal and have the NEWS ('1111oF mailed to them dally)
Winter Haves jars and at one

ria Johnny Alexander, Thomas
n Atkinson Andrew liaison C
: ,y.Jse W Bowen Charles L Brown r

Fred Dailcy. James liar,. Mrs
Jerrell Howard and Infant

daughter! Robert Johnson. Edward "Name" for
II, ludlow. Mn Marvin your gift
Murphy Mrs Thomas Pear
.. Ion Mr.> Fills Hlsnfteld, Louis .y your favorite girl
c % lAT Trim Mrs Harry Tyler Mrs
*J Hazel Williams
..- lakeland j iutattn monogrammed compliment ojdhlill7M1ht

.f INGSo "l .. Robinson DavlnonAnburndale

SIGMA CHAPTER'S LUAU -- President, Mrs.Robert Ferguson, and Mr Ferguson Mrs Shells Desn Baby John r ? "."
Durham Mailer Larry McCoy,

I Luau Enjoyed By Sigma ChapterSarongs Tip Poole
New Port R If hey "' Tee Imperial* styles I" '100,/

lava-lams and loud Mrs Reid Iversen Mr. and (laude NaundersFaglr r o For shirts were In abundance Friday Mrs Richard E. Davis, Mr.and lake V |IlIdi.ld"lIlf pretty withmenogrem ei
a mortgage lent at a Hawailaa luau held Mrs. Walter Mattson, Mr. and Mi Prince ThrontonI .' her Mine *mbr.M-
by Sigma Chapter of Diuq- Mrs. Pete Grant, Mr. and Mrs, .ake Alfred red hi n*> /lo.ort! solo)

loan at reasonablerates me Phi, at the poHeemaA'i Robert Fergusxw, Mr. and Mrs. MM Merrill Waters Sweeter Celero Whit. PeA Pink
Lodge. Little, Mrs. Earl Adams,
Ry ... Neither
Sunbeam Vtll Cry ,
you're wiseto Members lAd guettt were Mr.Mr. and and Mrs.Mrs Glen Damron, Com), loblfl lead Green 0...,,
resented with a lei as they Mr. and Mrs Robert Tl tty.III. *- only I ONE I 1's soil Ocean Navy, Cold Tartan, fler.nlln .

make. entered the door. ., Mr. and Mrs. W. C. henna .. live/ (vrgrn.

Hawaiian music played i In the Mr. and Mrs.Richard ColItas Allow I wok for menef rent-
Mr. and Mrs. Ml Harvey, '
01". end .
background, as set mint (ChlUren Mtton
everyone =
don to a buffet dtwwr at low Mr..and Marl Mrs. Jones Gordon, Mr RogctnMrs. and, There isonly : ...,....,.... Mels ilere end
taM. .N hremhe
Mrs. John Sellgren Mr. l
Mrs Charles WoodaU Mr. and one ; l
The menu eenelsted of ham. Mrs. Guy Van Mailer, Mr. and CkUerMllliMjMIl .
alate e11lek. awl yellow rke, fish, Mrs. Don PUnk, Mr. aid Mrs. WELCOME a e. as u. n (atrlpewv.ukPli'.W 4.98MATCHING
of all kind
roils and Doug Montgomery, Mr. and
rinks.Daacinc. 1N14aedloa
C1115' shoe
Mrs. DID Mann, Mr. and Mrs.
Steve CarUr, Mr. and Mrs. WAGON t ( w v IIIIk yetevw 5.98

followed supper Arnold assorts, Mr. and Mrs 511.taws' 11m lie Iwgaa U
/A Those attending were Mr andT rack Coyl and Mrs.Carl Heck.: .. ( w v IIIIk peg.... 6.98
port n ..

beeline .. &q4

BALDWIN ... ( V C1\1f' t

straight to .
ORGANS Ml] ,..r..l .lnrning .. tf
our (front : (".1.... ."".i will in : sew ... o.j nrJ &
for h...._ .nd IOIIHI'unity .
door! Horn or Church .. ,I" .,1 r' "'' .. SKIRTS IN STOCK SOLID AND PLAID

Mil iour \1 K '/I.It pnne
: ;

leek ,......., ..... Ml f ". : 294-2989 : PLENTY OF The Children's World

t LL INC. acrets teem the
.>rs. ION IA(ISOAII. Mer..
Aft GiA7 ON
116 L Pto MU 2-Jltl a..NM ttydH Ph.
)S7 TIM $f, N.W 2tM74tI
Of WINTER HAVEN w..taa u r... s. ..'


Forest Fire Elected 2 Local Boys By Solid FuelRocket ",!< ,,;.-, Walter Smith Reproduction DAR Shows Ecumenical 1

Rages In Angus GroupJonathan Set Found GuiltyWalter Of Constitution Constitution week Sept. 17.13 Council To

W, 16, and Stephen commemorates the signing of

Wayne, 14, Wilson, Winter Hav- A, Smith, 56 year the Constitution of U. S. A.

CaliforniaCALLBTOCA en, have been granted junior For Testing old Winter Haven citrus dealer which 1* still in active use Vote TodayVATICAN
in the American
membership ,, was found guilty of con- The Pone dLon chapter of
Angus UsocIaUonat8t.Jo, spli,icto commit grand lar- D. A. R. here U showing re
Calif.UPI Missouri, announce Glen rM productions of historical documents CITY (UPI) The
HOMESTEAD (UPI) The v eeneight, counts of (rand
A forest fire driven by '70-mll Bratcher, secretary successful lest by Aerojet- larceny, and eight counts of pertaining to this periodin Vatican's Ecumenical Councilof

an-hour winds swept Into this These new junior memberships General of a solid fuel rocket attempted grand larceny In Polk Rbclnauers window church unity opened voting

Northern California community entitle the members to engine here has paved the way r Criminal Court Saturday.The Mrs. Harry Green loaning a today on crucial questions concerning .

early today, and Mayor Bud register purebred Angus at regular for a giant motor to be cased charges arose from a mahogany framed reproductionof the governing power of

Hanley ordered Its 2,500 residents membership rates and to and teat fired in a deep, con scheme Involving overweight of the constitution and a framed the Roman Catholic Church.

evacuated "as a precau- the privileges of the Association crete silo here next spring, ac fruit shipments taken to Universal motto: "Fldg Allegiance To This third session of the

tionary measure" until the age of 21. At that cording to a spokesman Food's, Inc., of Lake The Flag". council, which opened last
The blaze -- on*of five burnIng time junior members are eligible company land.Edward Mrs. George Brown loaning week, will probably stand or

out of control in Northern to convert to lifetime memberships diameter Leonard Cameron of a reproduction of the "Declara fall on its voting record.
A 10 foot engine was
California -- roared down Napa in the Association Auburndale scales man at Universal tion of Independence". A series of 39 ballots concerns
test fired Saturday, the largest
County's St. Helena Mountain The Wilsons were among the has admitted overweighing Mrs. E. R. McKenney is con. the third chapter of the
Into the fashionable northeast 205 young people In the United solid fuel motor ever cast In a more than 100 truckloads trlbuting three nags as a background tract, "De Eccle ia" of the
section of town 150 firefighters tingle piece. It was the first of fruit received from
as States to receive junior memberships Church. The chapter deals with
battled to hold U. last month. South Florida trial by the new Smith's Lake Shipp Packing Co. A New England Comb back the Catholic hierarchy and its

"Cinders are falling like Aerojet-General plant here. Two The overweights were as muchas Windsor chair (1770) and two structure.

rain" said city councilmanRoy 44-inch models of the same 110 boxes delivery.The loaned by
per Paisley shawls are Pope Paul VI had referredto
Jones "but everything'svery Ford Motor Co. engine were fired earlier this key witnesses against Mrs. William E. Moore. this in his address opening

orderly. We are using year In California Smith were Cameron and William the session last week lie told
very available bus to move Rldhard Cotrell, manager of Hugh Thompson of Winter
the fathers that 'the hour has
people out." the firm's space booster division Haven, a former employee of
sounded In history when the
A forestry official, Fran Go. said the first firing of the Smith. Pilot KilledIn
To Honor CarrPremier church, which expressed Itself
well, said 25 or 30 pieces of 10-foot model paved the way Thompson who at first said in us and from us receives,
fire equipment were being for the design and testing early that Smith had nothing to do

moved Into the area to aid In Motors Winter next year of a 600.Inch, three- with the fraud testified In court structure and life, must say of
CrashPLANT herself what Christ intendedand
the fight Haven's Lincoln Mercury million.pound thrust engine. that Smith had approved the "

"Many structures have been agency, will receive four awards The motor Saturday generated whole deal.William willed her to be.

destroyed" Gowell said. "All tomorrow night representing 600,000 pounds of thrust.It B. Holland Smith's CITY (UPI) One The bishops must decide what t

we're trying to do now Is to very award which thatdlvl.tonof was the largest single pieceof son-in-law and attorney argued man was killed end another their own status and rights
in the church and in
save structures. Ford Motor Company canpresent propellant fired by the United that Thompson and Cameronwere seriously Injured Sunday when a are re

H* said about 400 persons to a dealership. States so far In Its campaign both admitted liars and light plane crashed near here. lation to the Pope. In brief,
bad been taken to the and that had they must decide who governs
high retail sales thiefs Thompson
Myrle Blackburn to find a solid fuel engine The victim and pilot of the
school and halls In St. Helena management manager from the for use with the Titan3missile. changed his testimony three tingle-engine, two seater Taytorcr the church, and how.
about eight miles to the south Jacksonville District of Lin times. '
ft, was Identified as L. H.
but there were no reports of In coln-Mercury Division will 'F He Insisted that both men,
Short, Lakeland The owner Pres. DeGaulle
juries. present plaques for, Customer 1< who were caught redhanded
Walter T Athey of Wauchula,
Relations, and Lincoln New Business were turning "state's evidence" was injured in the crash Begins Tour Of
Mercury Quality Dealer In hopes of getting light

16 Markets A Award and trophies for Out Firm OpensIn sentences. Neither has been Hillsborough County deputies
said that Athey told them he South AmericaPOINT
standing Sales 1964, and a sentenced
and Short htd taken off froma
special trophy to sales manager Lake Alfred However It took the six man .
strip about seven miles -A PITRE. Guadeloupe
Bob Carr the OutstandingSales Jury only one hour to return a grass .
northeast of here to (UPI-French) President Chtr
verdict of guilty on a 17 charges practice
SalesW in the Jacksonville
Manager The Highlander Loan Co. -
Report ... stalls. les de Gaulle today began his
--- -- --- against Smith.
District. located at 169 East Haines .
He said they tried a stall at 26 day tour of South America.
Four states are Included in Blvd Is a new business! located MISS SUNKEN GARDENS Lana Slonlger, Miss Sunken Smith whose citrus dealers of thousands of and
lens troops
Chief of Florida about 300 feet and couldn't
O Whittle, the Jacksonville District Florida at Lake Alfred. Gardens of 1965, presented Mayor Richard Dantzler a dleffen- license has been revoked by the gel guardin
mounted security
State Farmers' Markets, and bachla citrus commission was given 15 it started again police
Georgia Alabama plant today for his wife and extended all permanent Florida his first
today reported the sale of 14, Mississippi. Officers are: J. W. House residents a cordial invitation to visit the tropical gardens In St. days In which to file motionsby Cartels

151 cattle and calves, 2,568 J. D. Flynn president of field, president; Edward Petersburg during September for a small service charge. Judge Roy 11. Amldon. stop flew to this French
hogs and pigs, IT goats, and 1 Premier Motors Inc., said that Majors of Winter Haven, vice Smith has filed suit against De Gaulle
Auto Indies Island from Paris
horse at 16 Florida Livestock he Is very proud of the awards, president; Mrs Dorothy Universal for $99,000 for payments WorkersGo West
lIe stayed
Auction Markets during the past "To an agency they were readyto Housefield, secretary treas which Universal has held Sunday night over.
Congressman for Venezuela
Haley ReportsWASHINGTON night before heading in
week. close down a year ago." up since discovering the plot.
Gross receipts from 12 mar The awards will be presentedat urer.The Universal has admitted holding one of the 10 nations he

kets, amounted to $141,821.37. the Victory Sales Banquet firm has an authorized up payments and at the same After GMDETROIT will visit on the 20OOO.mile trip

Sales reported for the weekending at the Sundown Restaurant capital of $100,000 and House D. C.-If the "crush" and evetually absorb time claimed that their loss to The tour was viewed es a

September 11, at 14 tomorrow night. field says they expect to do United States finally succeeds Malaysia Having gained new Smith was about $98,000. move to spread French influ

markets Included 8,779 cattle Flynn was approved to operate business In the eastern half of solving the problems of Viet strength from acqulstlon of So. (UPI) The Unit- ence in the Western Hemisphere I
Nam and Laos, an even toughertest viet and ed Workers union armed French said
arms successful termination but sources
and 1,276 hogs and pigs the agency on Oct. of last Polk County, handling normal Carter Elected
may be waiting around the (without shameful help) with impressive contract victories De Gaulle would be careful not
SPECIAL NOTICE: The year type loans Lake Alfred residents corner, in the opinion of some of the West New Guinea affair, over Chrylser and Ford to make it appear as an anti-
Gainesville Livestock Market are especially Invited to high State Department officials By Egg Firm
Sukarno is feeling his oats. He today began showdown bargaining American maneuver. 1/
will hold a Special Calf Sale, came In and talk over their whose It is to look into
Parking Lot job the now has the grandiose ambition with Us toughest auto Industry It was also seen ai a personal
September 25, 1964 Interest In loans, he said future. of making Indonesia a world William E. Carter C. P. A., adversary-giant General endurance test for the 74-year-

Individual Market Summaries (Continued From Page One) All stockholders These analysts think Sukarnoand power equal to this country Russia has been elected controller of Motors old president. Observers said

Follow' for another three-year term are area Indonesia soon will give us and Red China. Central Feed and Service Co. Walter P. the outcome of his tour through

Arcadia 1,090 cattle and are; D, H. Corneal Auburn- businessmen, and Housefield more trouble-and with the This ambition of course, is and Cypress Gardens Eggs, UAW President Vice contrasting tropical and moun
calves 1 horse says the Lake Alfred office Is backing of Russia's Premier of the Inc. it was announced today by Reuther and GM personnel
dale and Sidney Smith, Winter one big dancerper.hapl Louis G. Seaton begin ttin climates could tell De
Glades 925 cattle and calves the first of a possible dozen Khrushchev In Southeast the N. I... Kraxberger secretary
Haven. Those newly elected to biggest of all-that the drive toward a new Gaulle whether he Is fit to run
Bonifay State, 29 cattle and membership on the Board, all offices to be scattered about Asia than have the Viet Cong could lead to a big war in the Carter moved here recently contract for nearly for another seven.year term

calves: 132 hogs and pigs from Winter Haven aret William the state, In cities like Lake and Pathet Lao. Far Pacific, for the Indonesian from Ft. Lauderdale, where he three-year worker next' *

Gainesville, 1,307 cattle and 1.. Raley Mrs. Louis Skidmore, Alfred That Mr. Sukarno one day playboy dictator has had It so was employed by a firm of 350.000 The meeting is scheduled for year

calves 421 hogs and pigs, Robert Dawson and Dr.George The president has had similar would become a source of trouble good for so long that he may certified public accountants 1:30 p.m. EST.Reuther North Korean
-- and danger -- to
Interstate (Seffner): 751 cat Graf. scoff at warnings to curb his called the record 54-
tie and calves Board members are electedfor previous experience in the the United States should not b* aspirations
Cuba Receives cert an hour contract won from Killed
loan business In various Agents
partsof to
a surprise who has
anyone That Russia's
and ambltl.
Jay, 147 cattle and calves; a period of three-yean equally Chrysler the cake; the Ford
Florida He followed his
262 hogs and pigs; 5 goats can only serve two consecutive expressed appreciation career in the past ous Khrushchev will come to More Buses package the "chocolate frostIng SEOUL Koeraf UPI-The) Re.
Klssimmee, 1,269 cattle and terms or for six years,at which to the Lake Alfred few years H* Is, of course, a Sukarno's aid seems obvious. 87 and said he expected the (
time they must retire for the businessmen In helping to secure blackmailer greedy for power Russia has not entirely given up public of Korea army announced
urvel.Cattiemen'l. and HAVANA, Cuba (UPI) The "a la mode" from General Mo- today that three men believed
period of at least one year. the state license to oper territory and in the its try to retain some Influence
cattle and
1,152 The old and new members will\ ate past for just as many United in Laos and North Viet Nam, but East German freighter Karl tors. to be agents from Communist
calves flU there Is the ability of a
States Marx arrived here Sunday with Korea shot and
be installed at the next meetIng dollars as he could shakeus evidence Indicates she has de. North serIously -
Suwannee Valley, 125 cattle of the body at which time Housrfield heads Housefield down for, tided her position is too weakto 30 more British-made buses It company to make possible a injured four ROK soldierson

and calves; 413 hogs and pigs officers for the fiscal year will Builders building contractors, As a good many of you undoubtedly achieve decisive mainland In. brought to 81 the total of buses sort of a la mode approach to Saturday near the truce line

Montlcello, 285 cattle and be elected located In the same building know, from my past fluence-- or that, in any case, shipped here by the Leyland the cake, then I believe the ROK soldiers and police are

calves; S36 hogs and pigs Also at this time the Medical which will house the loan company comments on Sukarno I detest Indochina (Viet Nam,Cambodia Motor Co of England General Motors to make Corp.that has the searching for the assailants

Mills, 1,327 cattle and calves, Staff announced that its Chief to be officially opened him. I remember all too well Laos) Is not a good place for resources possi Members of the 000-man() )
ble. I not
804 hogs and pigs; 12 goats. would be Dr Marvin Burdette Oct 1.Winter. when he appeared as an honor.ed her to challenge Communist am promising any American garrison manning the
thing. I am only that the
Okeechobee, 1,763 cattle and with Dr. David Cox assistant guest before the United China. Soviets Watch truce line were not involved.
realities of the situation makeit
calves States Congress and brazen.ly Thus the the first serious Incident .
chief and Dr Beach Brooks as outlook now Is that most attractive It was
Mid Fla., 620 cattle and secretary treasurer. HavenContinued told us how many millionsof Khrushchev will seek to gain In. (Continued From Page One) Reuther near the truce line since

calves, Those retiring from officer- dollars we would have to put fluenc In Indonesia with the jtroyers opened fire only conjecturing told reporters following Fri July of last year, at the time of
Ford settlement.
Cattlemen's, 717 cattle and ship of the Medical Staff are ( From Page One) up to keep him from joining primary objective of blocking that the above men day's The Included the 10th anniversary of the Korean -
Chrysler pattern -
calves, Dr. Frank Zeller and Drs Graf be available on a first.come forces with Khrushchev for an. Red Chinese conquest by sup. tioned ships allegedly had hoe retirement at age 60 with truce,
Hardee. cattle and other year. He got most of the Sukarno's tile intention
1,792 and Cox retiring from assistant basis. porting plan to destroy benefits of to
calves. money produced by this black then "It was reported that five unIdentified pension up $400
chief and secretary respectively Mrs Oberbacher said that Malaysia bring the Philip. Improved production standardsand Aircraft Could
Sumter Co., 852 cattle and residents who may not be contacted mall, but never stopped simultaneously Pines and a number of Southeast ships were allegedly a 50 cent Increase in
fired at and that three of them per (Continued From Page One)
calves The present membership of but who desire to join dickering with Russia Asia mainland states under an relief time from assembly
the Board are President W.E. and our other Communist en. Indonesia hegemony For Mr. were sunk" the Till statement lion in a series of reverses
may obtain their membership lines a week's Increase in
Labor Rynerson; Vlc-Prsldent, J. .. Khrushchev this would be alow.cost added. two resulting from a running battle
by calling\ her at CY vacation more paid -
It must be said that Sukarnocan "The world public remembers
Hunter Hyeri; and Secretary, venture for potentiallyhigh Improved Insurance benefits between the Air Force and
3 ,
( From Page One) D. H. Corneal Others are 6841. scarcely be blamed, from pronto only too well," Tall said "that wage Increases and other the Defense Department

ter fought by free enterprise Judge Gunter Stephenson Sidney Oldt pointed out that the. the crassly pragmatic stand similar events In the Tonkin items Afterward It became an ex
Goldwater 1964-63 subscription series, designed point for doing what h* does. FIORIIU Gulf were used by the U.S.
than federal action. Smith H.E. Apple A. A, STOCKS At Ford the union sweetened perimental airship to pioneer
antipoverty / for concert goers of all After all, for years past he has Here the armed forces as a pretext for
denounced Johnson's Lang Tom B, Swann, and R.L.Slmonds are 1 p.m. closings the Chrysler contract by winning triple.sonic passenger planet
program as a ages and tastes, Is consideredone been constantly and abjectly ap. on Florida stocks as reportedby piratic actions against the a Christmas bonus for the capable of flashing from Los

"phony" In a speech FridayIn Those retiring next month of the most outstandingseries peased by the West,Including, as Frtncls I. duPont and Co. shore facilities and inhabited 130,000 Ford workers ranging Angeles to New York in onlyan

Charleston, W. Va. art Mrs. Frances Brigham, to be offered in Winter I have Indicated above, the United Air Control 26Vi localities (of North Viet Nam) from $25 to $100. hour and a half

Johnson, speaking at an airport Jack M. Berry Willard Roe Haven They represent a cul- States Tampa Electric 28* In August this year.
dedication ceremony In and Dr. Frank Zllr, Melvin tural opportunity for studentsof Thus It I Is not very surprisingthat Florida Telephone 28% "Therefore the report about

Morgantown before an estimated Arnold Is administrator and Hal the junior college as well he has' undertaken to Plant Industries 2 the incident In the Tonkin Gulf

crowd of 12,000, said Connor is counsel for the board. a* the public schools, he said has caused anxiety and appre
hensions lest this is a pretextfor rip.looking for
that "giving a man a chanceto \ New York Stock Report] new aggressive actions In a
work, and feed hit family, "
that area
and provide for his children" Goldwater Will Seek Ike's Aid U.S. Defense Secretary Me- LOTfora

does not destroy Initiative, NEW YORK (LTI-Midday) International Nickel 82 Namara told a Washington

He added: stork prices: International T & T 58 news conference Saturday that L dl1l4
Hunger destroys Initiative GETTYSBURG Pa. (UPI) the U. S. course there was like Alabama Gas 37 Johns Manville\ M* two US destroyers fired on

Hoplessness destroys Initiative Republican presidential nom "being asked to sign a blank American Can Co. 43H Kennecott Coppel 904 four threatening but unidentified

' Ignorance destroys Initiative (nee Barry M. Goldwater met check In a dark room." American Motors 174 Koppers Co. 49* vessels Friday in the latest
with former President Eisenhower
A cold and indifferent The GOP nominee asked why American Sugar M* Kroger Co 34* Tonkin Gulf Incident.
tocolleclonElsenhow -
government destroys initiative. today the American public was given American T 4 T 6944 Liggett & Myers Tobacco 83% McNamara said the nighttime
r's of
promise political no details "for two fuildays"
American Tobacco 33H Lockheed Aircraft 39 incident 32 miles off Communist

"W* are going to strike support Goldwater joined Eisenhower Incident of the Friday shooting Anaconda Copper M* LoriUard Tobacco 44% North Viet Nam ended
in the Gulf Of Tonkin.
away the conditions which In a film making session that "Was something being eo,- Babcock & Wilcox 35* Meft'k" Co. 44H when the approaching vessels LITTLE

damage a man's dignity and will be shown on nationwide television erect up or, almost as shocking, Baltimore Ohio 38 Middle South Utilities 49* disappeared from the V_S. de.

self respect, and capacity for during the campaign. was there such a confusion of Bendix Corp. 44* Monsanto Chemical 84* stroyers' radar screens The L

fulfillment We are going to Later the two planned lunch communications that the administration Bethlehem Steel 424 Montgomery Ward 37* marauders never got close
Foods 76* National Gypsum 44H enough to attack the American
give every man the chance to and a "friendly visit Goldwa- actually didn't know Borden
build his own place In this tr said. what was happening??" heask- Burlington Industries 51 J. C. Penney M warships, the U.S. defense seu-

abundant land of ours. And by After the meeting Goldwater ed. Chesapeake and Ohio 77*_ Pennsylvania Railroad 39 retary added.

this we are going to returns to Washington, but Chrysler Corp. 66 Pepsi Cola Bottling 58
doing leaves for Oil Co. 73* Morris 81 )'ourREALTOR
the initiative of the again tonight a campaign Cities Service PhIlip

strengthen the freedom of the stop at Charlotte, N. C. Graham Says Coca!-Cola o. 134 Phillip Petroleum 54 For The BestSERVICE
of Tuesday h* heads into the Southwest olgate.Palmolive Co. 48H Republic Steel Soak
the prosperity
nation and on a swing that will carry Cross Of ChristIs Cone Mills 19* Reynolds Tobacco 45H

all" him into the Midwest and New ConfmentalfOan 49 Seaboard Air Une S3*

England winding up Saturdayin SolutionBOSTON Curtiss Wright IS* Sears Roebuck 124**
Dr. PhillipsContinued Michigan.The Douglas Aircraft 30* Sinclair Refining 45H

( From Page One) Artzona..natornreetan. (UPH-Evangelist Dow Chemical 73 Socony Mobil 82li TownBring

completed work on the Ph D. other salvo at the Johnson administration Billy Graham said Sunday. Du Pont 270 Southern Company 63H"

degree at Michigan State University statement accusing Sunday the night Demo-in a "the answer to all the world'sproblems Eastern Air Lines 27Vt Southern Railway 63H Your Car can find IOU the best bargain!

where he majored Inpomolor crate of a "crlsls-of-the-wk Is in the cross of Eastman Kodak 130* Sperry Rand 1SH Then when you're ready to build,
Jews Christ" Ford Motor Co. M* Standard Oil (:NJ ) 86H
). foreign policy" H* cited the To The Experts come to us for a sound
and Graham General Electric IT* Studebaker T
Dr, and Mrs Phillips latest Gulf of Tonkin Incident spoke at the
their daughters, Christine, 10. as an example."The meeting of his New England General Motors W* Sunray DX 334 HOME LOAN

Cheryl I, and Laurie. 5, are administration bas tried crusade General Telephone 33H Swift A Co 524 .t
820 17th Boston Garden filled Georgia Pacific Corp. 5t't Texaco Inc 81
making their home at to manage the news so that was
street NE. The two oldest the Incident is forgotten as with a capacity crowd of almost Goodrich Rubber 58* Texas Gulf Sulphur 53 THOMASWATE faenQ.

daughters are attending Elbert quickly as possible,"GoldwaUr 14.000. Several hundred Goodyear Rupber 44H Union Carbide Corp 27a = &

Elementary School and the said. "They cannot, however persons had to be turned away Gulf Oil Corp. 57H U. S Pipe 20* S "M> iTI YNW\Q&

youngest goes to sweep a war under the rug." because of fire regulation Illinois Central 6'% U.S. Rubber st* WA t f ysort

at Brigham The Phillips\ family Goldwater repeated his de- Hearing this, Graham went Indian Head Mills 14% Warner Bra Picture 13 H FORD OF WINTER HAVENPOg8

finds Florida riving very mand for "truth about our situ outside and greeted those who International Harvester S3* Western Union S1H

much to their liklnj ation in Viet Nam." He AId> could not get inside Interchemical Corp Hl, Westinghouse Air Brake 39 H


.""'.. "'.. .'.' "' .., t.. ... \. 1et7e, <,
_.'.,_. .. ; > Johnny Vaught iri Bunker Wins 17th ;But Birds


I r. I ) ;; Wasn't KiddingATLANTA Trail Yankees By One Game

." _. Bv I'nMed Prone International In the National league. Phlla Pittsburgh 4.] in II inning mot I
(UP!) Johlll1\i Wally Bunker is In a more dilphia Increased its lead to Houston whitewashed New York
i iII I" : Vaught the nation's most sue enviable portion than Bobby 6' games by edging Los AnseIP

oessful college football cmchwasn't triler at a comparable ace. i.X. Cincinnati defeated St 10Jim Mouton hurled hi' fOil nil'li
ft4'de kidding when he sin hisMississippi but hr"s in danger In running I ouis M Milwaukee beat Chic shutout and won his 17th it,i"

enough to be Rebels national ire clum I ix-d Into the same New York Van "11 S.2. San Francisco topped as he limited Ktnsas (ilv i 10 "
pioa. kie roadblock that stymied I holitveland single bv\ Dirk Green; m Ih,

I'If star In 1838 Patriots first must and one hHill
101 HAVILANDg If there were any doubts, Bunker. the 19-year-old Baltimore Brvan In the second
Ss"ft* Idles SK? they were surely dispelled' Salurclay Oriole prise rookie pitch San For the second time in 1\
1 when the Rebels demolIshed i'r won his 17th game Sunday Diego 33.28 days. rookie Marv S t u <' I hi I ,

r Armour Agrtettlture and Chemical Co.. division of Armour a strong Memphis state h\ boating Los Angeles 82 after R) United Press drove in a winning run for i i irago hi
I Co. is right pleased of their venture into the golf world They. 30-0 In a contest that was even the Angeles. won the opener International with a pinch "n'I., I .
: should be! In two years. the Armour Invitation Golf Tourna more lopsided than the score. i 8 '> in 10 Innings The Patriots have San Diego Staeil, did It against Del rmt in

I moot has blossomed Into the finest Labor Day Weekend eventin Mississippi directed by sine The split left Baltimore a acknowledging that its versionof the 10th Inning Tuesday a n ri
the Boston tea party Is over.
f the state And if the 1964 affair was any Indication it will tog quarterback Jim \teatherl .tIt came behind the Yankee, _ho Humiliation without retaliation this time camp through( In the
become bigger and better next year rolled up 439 yards and 27 first shut out Kansas City 40. Is unthinkable In the Boa sixth frame to break a :1:1: : tic
In fact so much bigger that some members of the downs against a Memphis state Feller won 17 garnet al the ton amp Last season,, San Al Worthington saved) J i mKail
tournament committee are considering the possibilities of defense which was expected to axe of 19 back In 3H. but It Diego romped to a Bl-lOvtetory 's ITth win with a fine fireman
rotating the three-day competition throughout Polk County be one of the nation's toughest. was the Yankee who won the In the American Football effort for Minnesota Tom
And with a little effort on our part, Winter Haven could be the The Rebel defense, featuring pennant at Cleveland finishedIn League championship. But Oliva led the Turns a 11 I a r k
next stop. What with two courses here Winter Haven Golf Stan Hlndman and many other third place Bobby had to revenge was sweet Sunday as against Boston with fan hit'
Club and Lake Region Country Club the City of 100 Lakes standouts, In turn held the Tigers wait 10 long years before the the Pals gained a 33-.' triumph anti thre* RBI
would be Ideal. to minus seven yards rush- 'ndlantt could win an American over the Chargers on the passIng Bid Fnwhan hasps loadc"I

The golf professionals at each of these two courses League pennantBunkrr of Babe Parllll and the all- ingle In the ninth nave Dctn itit
have expressed their interest In hosting the tournament al Ing.It looks like a rough time Is hoping to do It in around scoring performance of < opening came win mr
thpugh/ eact would have to: consult their superiors, respectively ahead for the other nine foes on his first year The likeable $40 Olno appellate ('Il'\'el.nd. George; Banks John
Clip Hall and the country club golf committee We cam forsce the Rebels' schedule. Next up t 01)0) bonus baby quickly halteda The Buffalo Bills kept pac Romano anti'I arry Brown !'Ichhomered
I nq roadblocks though, as the advantages far out weigh the Is Kentucky which was not as 41M potential skid after the Angels with Boston In the Eastern Division for Cleveland In the
disadvantages. impressive as expected In a vla won the first t game Sundayon by taming the Denver second game and combined lot

1 If both courses would. agree to host the tournament, the 13-6 win over Detroit. Then __ ....._ ,_..... Bobby Knoop two.run daub Bronooa 30-13 for their second seven hits ax luls Tiant won
entry field could be expanded Last year :200! competed at comes Houston which took a ble Dean Chance. bidding for straight win in the only other his ninth gamp
Bartow Golf Club. 30-0 beating from the Auburn LITTLE LEAGUE ACTION Three Sertoma -atan little his auth win for Us An elewa <, scheduled game !Houston stopped -
league crtdderi put the stop on a Moos Lodge Red Raider ball 42
The Armour Co.. which foots the bill for the gala weekend Tigers. carrier durln, action at Memorial Udlum '.rlutdal night The night Film Scheduled
Latman the
has stressed repeatedly that the Harry picked up
tournament is solely for
Auburn and Alabama, which Raiders won the contest! ,.0-0, Parllll tossed three touch-
residents In this county and surrounding counties. (Armour win with a one hit relief jolt
overpowered Georgia 31-3 both
down For
j. passes and Cappellettlscored Boosters
the Taut
over InningsA
has no active participation in the tournament except for footing look like serious contenders for 21 points to set a club
the bill A committee of Polk County golf addicts does all high national ranking. Each has seven run third Inning record as the Chargers lost Tit| film of Viintei Ilav
the planning) an all-America candidate at Colts Edge Green Bay backed Bunkers seven hit wr their first game of the season en's 38-0 victors over Au
t A subtle suggestion to Armour might be all that Is quarterback. Auburn's Jimmy form a nee in the nightcap lulsAnirlcto Cappellettl was on the receiving burndal will be shown at
necessary to bring their thoughts around to the rotation plan Sidle scored two touchdownsand got two hits during the end of a 17.yard the Blue Devil Booster Club
And with this rather informal Invitation to Armour gained 144 outburst and drove In two runs tomorrow
and the yards running Parllll TD pilch and shortly meeting
tournament commttiee they might just decide on Winter and passing while Alabam'sJoe Weekend Of Sam Bowrni set the fuse to the after kicked the first of four The boosters ml HI
Haven. Namath was even more out- In Upsets firework when he smashed his field goals from the 41-yard the Park Restaurant 41! 7 30
S a a standing with three touchdowns 22nd homer In the previous In line lie later booted thre*. a.m. All Winter Haven fans

REMINDER FOR FRIDAY NIGHT and a 22-yard bag It's an upset when the fax or. tic was flattened hJ"ihn B remained
This coming Saturday, Au- ite wins in the National Football the Metiers ''70,pound dpfrnslvp Chicago two game. from the 37
The Blue Devils' 35.0 victory over Auburndale was an burn will be host at Birmingham League end, in the pcond quar off the pace by beating WashIngton ,
41. Minnesota blasted
extremely proud moment for Winter Haven prep fans. But to Tennessee, which barely After onh "two week if the tor and had tll leave the name
even with such ',n overwhelming triumph they are not squeezed past weak Chattanooga new campaign there i ln'l t a The veteran New York signal fusion 114 and Cleveland I I
overly optimistic about the locals chances this 10-8 and Alabama will be trounced Detroit T 2 after loiini
season For perfect record team among I he caller watered rib Injuries that
the most part the team is unseasoned and has a high percent at Mobile to meet Tulane which 14 members are expert lo sideline him for 8 s In the opener of a double

age of Inexperienced personnel\ took a 31-0 thrashing from defending Every favored team was beat at least 10 days headerConstellation
national Tex
With the Lakeland Dreadnoughts next on the schedule. champion en Sunday In the biggest upset The Bear"\iklngs game de

this Friday night may well show the design of the Blue Dc\il as.In other games this past sat- the Baltimore Colts, 10'v point Viktjwid Into I passing duel he
football fortunes for 1964 urday, Florida beat Southern underdogs edged (he Green (wren Billy Wade and Mmneso
Bay Packers[ 21-10 when Golden tax Fran Tarkenlon Wad e h'i
And this writer is confident that the Blue Devil team Methodist 24-8, Louisiana State s
Boy Paul llorung missed an tossed for three touchdowns and
I is well of edged Texas AIM 9-8, Mississippi -
aware gridiron wealhrrvane Need
we say more
Stale was upset by Texas attempted conversion kick sneaked across tar another Favored Again
Tech 21-7 Georgia Tech beat The San Francisco Forty Tarkenlon hurled four scoring
U,1I S/,4L (;..471Es .S7JCOV. .4E1; (), Vanderbilt 14-2 and Florida Miners turned back the Philadelphia passes. Including a pair to Hal
NEW YORK The EAST LANSING Mich. (UPI 1 State beat Miami Fla. 14-0. Eagles WM, the Si Hwlsole NEWPORT: R. I I.. (LTD A
Vew York Olants did not pick -Michigan State which had 1 Opening day for college foot- Louis Cardinals .held the Cleveland Don I>,kin_ anti rookie Mil confident( American crew tails
up a first down against the exceeded the 100-polnt markonly ball In the Southeast was domi- Browns to a 33.33 deadlock Renfro sparked Iht (lowboys to nut\ of here today to administer
Washington Redskins 27 before In Its basketball and the l the coup do trace lo Britain ,
Sept once nated by quarterbacks In addi- Pittsburgh Steel \irlor\ at Dallas l Pmklns
1942 yet won the game 147. history. broke over the century tion Namath,Sidle and Weath- em upended the New York (n plunged for (the ( >.... ho\ first schling chillrnnor and unless
It was the only game the Redskins mark 10 times during the erly, there were such stars as ant 27 :34' in other surprise tan tnunchduwns' while Brnfiusnin the Redcoat fire broadsides
lost that season 1963-64 season Pat Screen of LSU who gained The Eagles and the Browns ,'d on ,I I 11 1,11,1,1 inters, "p the IK14( Amrrtra Cup compe

183 yards and Dave Waller of both were favored by 8' J point turn d-(urn .nd i 'I't up an.iihi" lltlon Is over i
Vanderbilt who completed 20 (he Giants by 4. TD with( .1 i 46 \ .11,1,1 ki -kff' tun The United States ha won
vJ 7.JG Ihrpi races in this four out of
passes for 217 yards In a pair of "ph i i k 'em back ,
Mississippi end Billy IrWin games the Chicago hears sent M-vcn aerlPk and little ihort ofwarfare / I
entered the Southeastern Cane fId a J4M victory over thi
ference record book by becoming << Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas come .
i iz3
the fourth SFC placeklckerto Cowboys downed the Wash 1 itiapr| leaguestanding The I'. S hoi t t. ConiKellallon

score three field goals leone ingun Redskin 28.18 has. proved Itself MI superior to
game. Those four field Coals The weekend thi British challenger SOVPI
that Alabama's Tim Dull series of upxetwas rim" that thin fourth and deriding
triggered Saturday night race stems to be Just, a
kicked' against Mississippi In
when the ,
I Angeles Ram
the last Sugar Bowl didn't count National leagueW little more fronting on the rake.
held the heavily favored DCI I. Pit. Ml
toward that record, and nothing ease
Q Qat..eta
'I, The lone opening-day upset roll I Lions to a 1'7.17 standoffAs Philadelphia! 9U) ro nw) Whit K the reason for "(''on.
1 1I
was Mississippi State's loss. a result of these earls St louts 8'lid\ ',s? 6''im nip's"superiority' Olin Stephens 1
That Bulldog luck which WM so season shockers. the" Cardinal < <'mnatl 81: 66 >'>7 84 and MM) Stephens Jr who I
prevelent a year ago vanished. and the Browns topper) I Ihr sjn >'ranii ,n> 81: '1i7 ill: : T designed and equipped the 1904drfvwlpr
State fumbled away two appar Eastern Div'ision while the I.ions Milwaukee 77 T :517 121* of a I trophy we won
touchdowns.. and the Ram shared first in Pittsburgh 78 72 :SI 4 13 and rover have lost In more
Fumbles were the explanationfor 'the Western sector with one vie U). Angeles 71: 75 VH) U than a century of competition
a lot of Saturday's unexpected. tory and one HP apiece Chicago 87 82 4W IIHIkMMtom are not surprised
Both LSU and Kentucky Johnny Unitas pitched the I 81 19 .411 28Mi Roil !Hlrphrns believe that
should have won by much wider (oils to their upset. victory at New York 51 98 141 384 much of (onstellallon specially
margins but botched apparent Green; Bay The old pro completed Saturday's Results I designed equipment above
r scoring drives with bobbies. only six of 12 pastes but Han Francisco 13 Pittsburgh 4 deck Is "one of the major fat. Maximum safety for every
It took some sterling heroicsby two of them were scoring IXM Angeles 4 rhilodelplita' '' I, tors for the ship decisive vie.
halfback Roger Bird to save "bombs" ".a 82yarder to penny It Innings lories
Kentucky. Bird Intercepted a Moore and a 40 yarder to John Houston t New York 1 lie point. for example, to account is assured at Peo
Detroit pass In hit end tone, Maekey Moore plunged from Cincinnati T St. IuU I the coffee grinder winch

ran 27 yards for one touchdown the four for Baltimore's other" St Lout 2 Cincinnati 0 !UNtt. raise the trim sails This Bank of Auburndalo.
arsw..d:I... and went over with the winner Chicago 8 Milwaukee I dork equipment Incidentally, pIes
after returning i punt 41 yard TDMike Llnd came back In Milwaukee 8 Oikago. I sot Ind.,', dpfendern of the
I "Did you ever see such a tough course?" a few plays earlier.iMTEIITAINMENT haunt his former Notre Damp ,Sunday's" Rrsults battered America Cup asnuch

coach Joe Kuharleh it I'hlla Cincinnati 1 fit Iia i 8 is It did to build the

delphia! scoring three limes Milwaukee. I Chicago 2 ship that won the trophy In A Account
from Inside the 10 yard has for Philadelphia I Lo* Angeles 2 (1111. Open Savings
tile Forty.Niiwrs Join Broche San Francisco 4 Pittsburgh |, Their design i ss a result of

also had a big .band to San II (MiinfsHouston mtth painstaking research TodayIT'S
Frnclseos first read victory I New York 0. night CWlaldvrshl work In "pwttionIng -
sties IMZ He clocked M I II of Mondsy's Probsble Pitchers them on the deck and a
24 Mesa lor 24T yards, with tincimut! at Philadelphia M of work by the mw,"
d' n1CrHTLYdial. Bowel. Casey eatcMflf six of (nitht>-Tsil\cMtris (Ill) v*. Mahaffey Stephen aald But this ha* A PLEASURETO

dies. for IM yards sad one flU paid off
leuekdoten San Francisco at HwMton SERVE YOU.

8:30: to 12:30: Jim BakketTi fourth Held night, ) Bolm ((1-11") Johnson Nicklaus Wins

gel of the .*.. wteh Mly five ((1/ I8| Portland
seconds .tWofIc **r nd tile (Only games. scheduled I ITuesday's Open

Crdm4 their sUwMf. atCleveland Gamer PORTLAND I Or*. (UPOBig
The Brows bad 8t Louis at New York, night .
UkM Jack NlclUus, happy again
a tt-30 lead with 44 s** ndf CincMMtl al Philadelphia, with his KOlf cam and |9.800

Ml m a on* yard plunge by MgMMiNattkee richer. started a furlough today PE02'-1
at Ptttjbwgh. night
Jin Brown Lou Greta also from !tie profession lour and
bwnd four field Iced. fee Lo AsgeMi at Chkago won't play again until the rich
gas I'ranrlsc* at HMMrton. night< ( La.
Cbmlaad but the Brews ghrs *'" si Vega nest
Americas league
MMldn t stop Charlie Must. month
who pegged three scoringpasse W L. ret CB lie cam on 'elelillelll al MIMIU HDUAl DEPOSIT INSUIANCI CORPORATIONA
New York "II 801Batimor the Portland Cotf Club lo wings
*. tocMmg a sir to O.nay
1IO..SAt 1 Shed Drive Ones H*>** Dele 8l.d. .
Rswfle 840,000 Portland Opn !Sunday

syj The Giant 'lost more than a CMcago W 83 IM 2 shnMIng 87 bar a 72-hol
w game al Pittsburgh Y A TH Detroit 78 7317 ItH total ut 279! under par by 11 Cat Pete Leeds. Dbtcrlf fiM Pent ,.,\i.. Ul I* lk
Cleveland 74 72 IM I HLa strokes.
Worth AMlrs. H 74 JOT 14% --
Knowing MmnMola 78 1f ,417 1JHBostoa

__ Wt rod uiuk 88 84 .44721WsshmfltMi !
definition of II.AI 32Kars. HURRICANE GLADYS ..MAISANO''

bu.blldaTlwI CIt, So4IIJ 340 :38
arc men fltUrday't ....11. WOIKS AT
u who know that New York K.HN City 1Bosion
wives can cook 7 ... **..,.. 2 HAVEN MILL SUPPLY

up all kinds of Wads.gtoe 1 ClIMate.. W laVvelaayl .

things without aisga HELP SLOW HIR DOWN
a stove And ( tl DetrN. rail
we're told that Lot A*.*i.j at BW..f.. rsinRiuday's JIM GREEN
.ttft. *.r .am t .A SSM Rrsvll
S(0 ---- -
Yak 4 Kaasai CBy t
rage a man fan look at a waveas CLAMPS
without seeing her and aw \s* A..**M 8 B*ttnvor* S, M TAPI
8eIthaeN 8 Loa Angles 2. 2nd TOOLS HOOKS
*man can *e. right thrwKM I
s>aa without looking at .bias. De4M 8 Cleveland 8. IMChmlMd Cl tUJTO TURNIUCXLESCOIL
7 DHMM >. 2nd
Frankkn P JOA ..
says I -
eiwtd9 Chicago 4 WatMNftM I HOISTS COIL CHAIN
Mtt husband W M>* who n.
MwMlar's Ga...
ports notMsig on a aver plaNer.seeps
c taraish But scrioualy. an (No Tsevday|* >e* cNrdttled Ga.ee ) Industrial l Grove Hardware

paw lad and lassie. right sow Oiwafo at Los Ag*<... tbtMianesot 2)0 AVI. C. S.W. CY 3-tStS

,.,.- we have some terrific. buyadon't at Kasjaa* ty osghtBaltimofr OPEN, WEEKDAYS 7:10 AM t. S *M
them TaomaaW.lera
Cypress Gardens Rd. Phone 293.1321 nw Ford 104 E central- New York It at'Tcveland Detroit 2 Twt- SATURDAYS 7:30 AM t. I 'MMpndoy

CY J-411J. Ad, n..hi

- ----



--- _____ __ _


(I) Announcements ((2)) Help Wanted ((6-A) Animals & Supplies (II) Wanted To Rent ((12)) For Rent Furn. ((13)) Real Estate For SaleLAKEFRONT


Island Thongs Looking For Secure Job? SIAMESE KITTFNB $lttta) cash WANT to rent unfurnlahed Sednxim FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED
:303 61 h II. Jan Phl <'V :1- 6il home MUll .be in food EFFICIENCIES and IVk" BEDROOMS -

Train for U.S. Civil Service 2l'fl: condition rail CY 1-4MO aft<'r I 00.Ul2t. Nice large .:ry room --
fonvaaliintly located In Old Portal $14,000
From teitf See our ad under Instruction To Good .- Building! Call! CY 3-MM or CY

classification Lincoln Ser ((7)) To Buy or TradeWE I 1.1'1(" 3-bedroom houne: oulnlde. of 8-4111._ I-TF 3 BEDROOMS
city limit. within 5 mile of Lake
Hawaii vice Established 1948 Alfred Rent around MOW a month WINTER HAVEN FINESTOne

WO 7.ISM or 2M-MIM :21.TF bedroom air conditioned all Modirn <'B norm directly on the
COCKTAIL WAITRESS Salary ; BUY used appliance) and furniture liftrfc IMPERIAL APARTMENTS water screened porch IK
; $3.50 to $7.98 plui eKcallenl tip. Apply KuHtlcBar and we veil used appliance 59 Ave H. SE 3M4K7 30-22 baths built-In oven ft rang -

Package Highway 17. 20-TF and furniture BROOKS APPII ( I ll-AForRentUnf.) -- ---- II a 17 foot Florida room Only
Sizes3toCOTTAGE ANCb; ft FUlNirURb: 2\51 lla- lit floor apartment Walking die- 314. ouo 11200 Down ft no chwIng -
vendale Ulvd I-TF -.--- lance to town and lake Quiet !
WAITRESS wanted Neat and d. \ and cl.a Adult. please Ml Ave
-- --- --- -
pundabla. Apply at Sundown Restaurant WANTED lo _- U. NW 31-TI'
bit....en 1:00: p.m. and I.00p electric Buy I mm DUPLEX APTS. DUPLEX

{ l .m, t IN pm. and 11:00 pm. driven but eya not-- preferably.._nUal. Movie motor SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME FOR RENT

1&-TF camera for cash and permission to ((12-A) For Sale or Rent CLOSEINWithin
have It checked by recognlied photo I Jlr l.k-front 150 Mo I,.. Silver Dr.
repair lab Reply Box MOVING-STORAGE I Ilr Lakevlew" Mo Ave NE:
au Job. on Naval Civil Service Jay Dunlap UPHOLSTERY (90 L walking dlitanc. to town -
SHOP manned team or dleavl oceangoing A-I486. % Newa-Chler :2-TF :J I Br Lakevtew. ICn Mo Avr L.. NE' RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY 2- very large roomy duplex each

>hlp... Coaet Guard llranur MIKE MAISANO "bedroom completely remodeled unit ha 2 bedroom. living room

860 Cypren Grdeni Road required' Drivel expnnve to Nw. THREE. IVORY BROTHERS FINE! VI'IIOI.8TEIUNU EXPERT 1200 LAKE SILVER DR. home BE .....UOII. Phone owner Heparatr dining room twocretned
((8)) AutomotiveFOR I porche, off tret parking
York relmbunlbl Write MSTS MOVINU COMPANY CY 8-4KX). 17-23rB
9 AM 'til 7 PMITS R FINI HINU. Colitpletlfabric 2ND FLOORCY be'
Open Brooklyn 60. N. Y. An Equal Ol|>- Agent ALLIED VAN LUifc -- Only S12000 ft Term to

portunlty Employer .31. Local Long Dletance *ectlonWOI 3-7465 home. J.bedroomll. living room. irranged .
Moving It, Storage .FE'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP I .
SAIK 1862 Plymouth I 18-U kitchen and dinette combined Tile
TWO waltrew wanted Air conditioned Call Collect 6SJ7644Warehoua bath, screened. porch separate A LOT FOR YOUR'MONEY
Cheap Phon 293-3MI after 6pm2TF Oil, Bartow Air Baa 214 Avenue A. Hi. LY 3-2710 Day- __ __ Ial'aae :
Haven Club txcellent Small down WO
Salary Apply after 4'30 p.m266ept :la- epl. 2V Night 3 bedroom hou.. Northwest ..rclion. 7-3348 payment 18-21
-- -- -
27 27 Appiiance $47. TOWN A
:29 Iota FORD Vpickup. truck -Sept.
Flat "bed 1375 310 Root Thelrrm .
NEW WOMEN St.. Lake Alfred IS-21 ALUMINUM TELEVISION REPAIRCALL - ---20-22- ((13)) Real Estate For Sale $450
--- --
BH.DROOM Unfurnlnhed Home -
SPEEDOMETER Tachometer.Complete NW Section Oarage 390BtASI.KY owe It to yourself to *e.* this
service and cable pleaunt 2 .bedroom. 2 bath home
new Screen Lncloeurvt .Carport REAITY CO 934 aIls
From ZOTOS Christmas selling starts early L. ft J Service 165 6th St. SW Awninxa' Window 8..recnUulhlluK JORDAN TV 81 NW CY 3-27S7 >>T'" HEY LUCKY full) carpeted living room -

with Avon COSMETICS CY "12 8. 1-TF e Hpeclillltle -- -- -- .- ---- .cr..n.oJ 1 Inch lovely fenced ft
-- --- --- --- hadedard Only 116000 ft can
Barbara part or full time valuable 1961 IMPALA convertible Red with DISCOUNT.. BALM: CO INC. For TV Repair 29J-M03 TranslatorCar J-I1KDROOM' unfurnkhed REALTY" 543 houne.AIIILII'I'ON W.. This is really your lucky day be purcha d furnish.dGear.
white .T.
New A
top. tire RAil. Let George Do It"
sales territory now available Real Bharp I'rice. $1473 is(). Phone Ave A. ft 6th St, SW 293-5594 Radio, 111 11Ouaranleed Central CY +'*.. 13-TF If your family can fit into one

$7.95 :283-IW3 18-21 27-Sept. :fl of these Builder close-out dealson
GIBL TOLD Write P.O. Box 1395 or Lakefront 3 bedroom 2 bath Florida -
-- -- --- -- --- -- M
WAVE Complete Call 6824137: Lakeland SMALL equity and ajwume pay t.TF room. '150. TOWN A COUN- model homes in Garden ATHERTONREALTY

mxnt 1D5R Ford :2-door Sedan TREE SERVICE TRY REAL K6TATK!. CY S-1141 Grove. Drive out just a half
FOB A WAVE THAT BTAliAMKftlCAN "' Call after 6 30 CY 3-WM 20-26 :3022
2022 mile east of Cypress Gardens
-- ---
195S I'" ton International truck FOR RENT. 2-Bfldroom duplex on State Rd. 540 or phone CO.Joh .

CARLTON SOUTHEAST GAS DELIVERY route driver between Insulated and Make body. Duel rear TRIMMING. CAVITY DB.MO8SING with cell heat 11350 per week or 293-2517 or 293-9338.

BEAUTY SALON age 1 of :30 and 30 Mint know wheel In good condition Phoni' CABLING Kb! BKTIINl. 146no per month AIM hav. 3"droom 13-21
rural area of Polk County Kree Auburndale WO: 7-lt>9K 21.it: mplote ..I..n-"I' b'r, i. Ktlmate I WIlh-t-L: CHAIRS for relit Alas hume. living room diningroom C Lester AIlvetop. Stealtare
321 Southlan life Insurance. medical coverage i -- -- -- Call LUKJo.'l'J'R.E: SKRVICbCY :. Hospital UmJ. crutrhei Wallmr. kitchen with Hi bath. 1114-114
Auburndale WO 7-1588 uniform allowance vacation and 157 FORD 4-dtKir. Falrlane tun ",::1341. IJ-Bupt: 13 Cummude. Undfrey. e K..ntaU. CY IMuu' per month' or 11600 perw.k ALL BRICK HOME .

Evei retirement "benefit No I'hone call I 'ord-A-Mallr. K/H 3-tnne .paint. ,1 1-2411 175 Ave. A. NW. 14-TF 294-loll or FR 3-13SK In.21 -Bedroom large. 3 bath Florida. paneled built.livIng Ramie A.....

Open plia*. (Green Fuel of Florida OiMid condllkin Bargain for 54ftt. in 0 room.E. kitchen with lumlnou room. cell- Mghti' Aad Sundays JHJ-7101
Qorp. 8815 New Tampa H..y. (Hwy CY 3 1433 11-TF FIRE EXTINGUISHER
18.TF AVAILABLE THE 1ST. I bed- leg. utility room. teirauo floor .20-
-- ---- ---
92 We.ti, Lakuland. la-Ti VACUUM CLEANERS .om. 2 HI" balh home Kitchen Beautifully landwaped Outilde

1964 BUICK HT R/lf tlck ehlftTHK Equipped!: Sectli BFASLEYALTY city. but ha city water and .ewer
HOUSEKEEPER: Whit middleaged | tire*. giHid condition IHio' IKIIW FlHh tXTINGUISHLR BAI.EH ftH II .., CO 934 6th St. NW CY School bus to all Khool .
PLANNING A NIGHT woman, Ingle 3 adult. 1 fore S"ito a m. after I 00 P m. RVllh: : CCU Recharging 807 3-2767 30-TF tWO DOWN 195 MONTH NEWLY PAINTED 3 BR. 3 bath
teenage girl Sleep In Moderate CY 42430: IS.2119IM 2Klh SI. NW Winter Haven )'Ia PARIS ft Bfe.ltVICB: for K.rby.ilsosoer -- CY S-13W C B "home Double carport porchVacuum .
ON THE TOWN salary 9am. to 12.00 noon ----- --- --- :293-I3U 24 Ilr, lIervlc.TF: Klectrolux and all other 21-TF ; svtem. fenced yard, De-
) 29J-38G9 15TFSFAMFN I Freu prkuii diii cereals 4 eetlmate 8-t\DROOM. D t, L.R. and den. -- --- ilrable 8 L location near new *hopmip -

Then come to the aU NewLAMOND'S ---- Y .1ICh.an S pamnwrlatlon ; Kt.YNUI.Ua. VACUUM CV CLtAN: *3 A C and attic fan 1924 Ave L. center walking dlitanc ALL
IK StRVICt I75i.tie *0 >
wagon. $3-4llN4 NW one block off Lake Howard Dr. 'Jchool Owner tranaferred LowDown
2300 12th St. NW
STEAK HOUSE Immediate lobe for 2022 Fire Interlachen Park |100 per Payment Ansunve Mort-
LOUNGE We serve only one I Ali.. firemen water lender. nil-" month Phone S9J-H749 or 294-2262 1'113111 Seventh St 8.E. 29S-9U11
.... and electrlrlai. ( on Navy Civil 15.10 1 DYNAMIC Oliia HT, (> SPACIOUS HOME IN II-TF
teak dinner it one low price Hirvlce manned ocean going uhlpaCoant And 196.1 Ramblir Claailc 6MI. AUTO SERVICE evening _
Moth Hole TearsEopi't'tly --- ---- -
uard |>a|,,T> required ......r. led linth undir retail value Burn R -woven8MARTTS BbDROOM. I bath home 8Wctkm CHOICE LOCATIONPrice
ONLY $2.50 PER PERSON Travel expenae to New York Ceinibureibiv. Hi e at Lake Region Bath of Commerce : RK-WtAVINU For further Information 5 UNIT APARTMENT HOUSE :

THAT'S RIGHT! Write MISTS. Bmhlynlii ls-24 8H RVlCblU -DODuEAuth"t call Hi :3-1739 20-22 reduced from IIS.900 to
) N Y An hqual; Oiiurtiinlt| | Kml --- -- -- : COPE AVh CY 33739utabllehed of With basement I
,.ed has-tory Servlci On 116.110O. IfttO ft living area 3-Br. Large corner
>lo>er -21' ': ID49 .JtIJ!: AVE F NW 3 "bedroom kitrhen 3 tiled bath. large FR. with til.
That's all you can spend lora 19M DUKITO hardtop ulanilurd IS-Sept IS I hoxlii eJ'lym"ulh LJMCI equipped. '10. BFASLEY floor. L R., 22 x 30 with fireplacekitchen lot Uptown. H price M.500. t

steak fit for a KING NURSERY foreman ExperiencedIn tr.nomlal..n! new tlrm. good' Valiant REAlTY: CO. (M hIlt 81. NW. lY patio laundry room work Must sell Don't miss this deal.
operating large cllru nurseryEnreilent condition. (378 hone 2941166 FIXYD. HuUrKId MOTORS 3-2757 :20.TFNtWLY .hop. :2 car lI.ralUloUm.. root.
pay plue percentage of 17.23 U\ Moth SI. HW :Mi-4101 --- --- --- -- tree, lake accen lot 130 x 145 Home and income, 1st come

DANCING NIGHTLY profit. Phone Winter Haven CY CUILDING REPAIRS 17-Oit 18 ...........Ied 1 room apart Wall cull lntallalkin" 3 ACCall lit served CallWright .
From P.M. 4-1270 .collect or Writ. to P.O. Bun mi-nt Stove and refrigerator |60 LY I-I7M, or Barlow 633_ 171
KIK4, Winter Haven 1723 Business local- 1TVDESIRAItIE
( Ailull lonvenlinlly
(8-A) PropertySTORE monthly
Choice llquori . --- -- -----
CAMPING TRAILERS ..-' Ml Ave B. NW. 18-21 R. Dees
For mall repair jib call retired 3-Br
Live entertainment Friday ((3)) Situation Wanted builder LAKEVIEW HOMES Re,. Real Estate Broker

Sat. NlfbU Phone CY (023: FOR RENT CY 13470 ((12)) For Rent, Furn. Nice election-ALSO 4 Hr.-Home Lake Alfred FR S-126*

U-TF llunlnem and Lot Arm Print Bank, Day er Might
for restorations I 000 Nss. F' Ilh Bt.. NW aeroae s'ffozyFAMPER I
TEEN AOD GIRL will baby (It. front San Marco JIA-.IIu."t. ATKINS RLAL ESTATE 20-22 ,
eauma.I I-TF / ) CY 4-1119
-. ,
t LOUNGE WILL KEEP children In my home L : i.v.T..Tin.7l.LT ,1 ---- -
__ 15000 ft Up
for working mother. Day or evenlng J-7185 110: Ave iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiRELAX Furnished Home For
38363 1931Will.
CY T 110. BLSr! I BE CY 4-1111 24-Sept. 27
J8TFWARtllOLSF baisst-t lunlAlC and .pair. Sal H Servu Rental.FhuitllA The Limited
15TFBrtngle't 00 wanhing and lronln. ---- -- -- -- CY JoIIIOa WHOLUALb: DIST Inc 3323: 7th Street NWFumlllh.d: I Budget

--- -- Call CY -2272.. 111-21 : apace for rent I Hat ndal< HhJ !:1\13-79-1\ .bedroom hi.me. '65. Beaaley Realty
--- --- hone 2d.8171 or stop at IH' au-StoI,1 311 I 14-TI ( M4 nth tit. NW. CY 3-2757 E 12,040 square feet of beautifuUy E This ia a real buy! fit,750
REFINED lady d..I... work a> 6th St. SW for furthir Informa -TF E: landscaped and EE
companion III Christian homeCT tlon >>OC-t. :2 nicely furnished home and

Jewelry S.6al<. 20-23 '- Painting Papering SAW SHARPENING RENTALS I maintained residential EE Is the total price for the
FOR SALE I Store unit. filling Furnleheil Unfurnished real
132 Third$ Btr..t. 8WH nation and Iesisl.'ncsheart of p: BUTCLIFFE REALTOR estate graced by a E extra corner lot. The home

Block South of Pot Offlc. ((4)) Lost & Found Brandon Florida Seen by appointment RepairingI. CY 4 4131 Evei. CY S-73U E custom-built home in A-l EE consists of 2 BR, bath living -
Call Haven h,' garden tool New
I Y 3-&ttt! Winter Save > ui-e 7TF condition.
2 bedrooms 2 EE
Quw" Watch and IS-21 and untlqu.' 11,nk*. anything floatsbust. __ __ d ___ ___ room dining room. kit
Jewelry Repair I. McCOY Qualll wnk .'" l'h'III"' K Saw and Service Clarage apt Bimtleuly clean Air full tile baths-air conditioned E chen with breakfast nook

i LOST Small female Pointer Bird\ mannhlp, f*.l. rl 10 an and\, iinon: I' Hhi|. bark "I I Ko> Kornur 34th conditioned Ctaae In. (H. flue E kitchen built.ins EE
Dog Dark brown .putted Collarha ((9)) Business Opportunities abh'> phme CY :J5MJ 116 4th 1 and Av I : Inwood 294.21JS. utlllllet TOWN t COUNTRY and a hobby shop ThereIs
11.ort. II I Berol Lodge' Box 3IX Whippoorwlll 8Ir"1 I Jnn.I'htl I Vilia.t7TF 15-Oct 18 HBAI ESTATE: CY 3-1141. 20-22 secluded rear patio = a shallow well for lawn
Rd. ( hapmgua, N.Y. Call ----- --
---- ... E area for those relaxing EE
Malone Hari, 2\f3-III6.: 1-TF .. - - - irrigation No qualifying
TEXACO INC location available ThREE 1-bedrisuin. stoartmenta, moments owners leav EE
I -
- - necessary For additional
Cyprea" Uardi'n and 3rd lIrsiUnd fIo.r SOS! Ave.. I.. NE. 5-TV for E
NOTICEClassified Europe soon
((5)) House Trailers Bt HW Paid training avallabl.tall l. Information call:

Lakeland MU 3-7711 REFININU. II-Oc co.I 11Tllh 1 ((10)) Articles For Sale ((10)$ ) Articles For SaleRElossE38lD ''I ONB NW.br Klectrlc duplex kit apt, water 2N04 Ave furnlih-M. E= NE Drive then by call 931 for 15th appointment Street- E i Zella Pearson

Ad LOTS FOR RENT II.. foe kane excellent. service elation I t. SUTCUFFE or 33721311TF i E to see this excellent EE

Want convenient mobll horn living location now uncti'r ronatructlon HOOKS PAPER BACK Ilk hair.. dinette. value at $18,500.PAUL EI ''LEIS BROS.
Moos to Lake Parker Trailer on Cypress Harden I i.vmi: ) Hard Stock :J.V Aftitm.,n. n"fa, > Ie 1.ike u* an offerViARHIOl1 I.d.

Deadline For Villa Free of charge We pay all Lakeland. b.ncall.'nt o|, us.1i": fora COINS ill. Magntll. Jlwt '1Auburndale "I'! r KVnCRI638th: .37FOIt ) apartments. for rent : SMITH: EE Realtors
e 1 lot*. private dockflenlng IS-31 St NW 31
expen man to get Into a growing buil
.bo.w.:: 0 Hart hone WO 7-33M
Sundays Paper automatic laundi'r- ness for hlnterlf with a minimum 30.Sept 30 Evenings CY 33002 E 1200 Siith Street NW
fiat recreation. few minute. lo8er Intiatment Paid training and flnanclal FRONT ft REAR ARPh.TS IN SAI IJj: :
Town Children and pet. aealelance. available. for the IITAl.UO: IN MUST CARS 13996FORDS : Beamat with electric eye match :I TOWN COUNTRY (Opposite North Gate)
I 3 Bedroom apartment. on !
Lakeland B. |
welcome Phone SI3-4tl32 this TRIM SHOP. eel Ave
IsFriday. right man Investigate now needle ex...*ure ayitem entra month and Including ,
SOcl I Call Collect Mr Van Ruren, Bt NW t'Y 3-011. 20-sept.20 lena. Ha _IItlm.r. a up ZtHln
harp 46 AIM P II
uttlltkn. Aleo weekly ratea Stem
------ --- I 211 M.Jgnoll, ri'@U! lWa3.114Ili1
etenburg M7-63S3 after I P m fur Hulb and Mnbe ij1rUi'R
ync 17 North 17-TF .
Court Mntel Hwy
Sandy Beach Trailer Sale.IllS Eve. & Suo WO 7 mi
and weekend. 20-27 Like little over a year old
2:00 P.M. Hwy 12 Auburndal RIBBB.R STAMPS For chckendoraement I new S -- -- WlL UI IUiiiIlIlIllUlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIUIllIIIlIlIlIUIIIIH'
---- -- -- 6 28-TF
CY 3-47011 after re .
WO 7-4012 tlgnatur I $20. ..p CLEAN trailer* Adult. Only
'."\ TAilSlI.ItLA'lllIit other alia dating M Id-Lake Mobil. Hume Park ,
Special, 10 x 45 bedroom" 1M5Model purponea *
Call 13406 Come and select t ICNTEX: lamp Mai pock.il Head Thorohlll and Spirit' Lake Road25331IS. 30-11
and RAscals
A new conception In elf service stamps STAR PKIJW Phone t-Y I INDIAN HEAD 2&-Tr -
your new mobile home from u. Bunda -
CY Hill coin collection May be men
l.uolrh' excluIM
featuring Maylag 3331 11 Ave A. NW. TFPULVLRIZCD --- -- -
We have 111II& model. 12 and in
.' .. .. >* 642 Axe I I. NW week day week
ad HIng Hike operated a her Hvexill < --- ---- I GENTLEMEN: Room by
wide bedroom. front >-
to Front 3U33Ugutrum
place your andfront ..nl location next to new 711 after. S 00 i I' m. Keaeonable Sierra Court Mol.1Itwy.
WTF, room front dinettes' Store at 203 E Central Approxl PFA1 CY 3-JWO -- -------- 17 North. T.TF
kitchen. We take all trade
mall. Invemnent of '..0<10. balanceS I Dundee Ho ad. Robert JUlackwelder and -- ------ --
In*. __ 16-30. \,.ar We handle InstallatIon flna l-CH-t. hUt I Stirlna Mr Cherry. HUUlcu } bedroom CR houe Nice Adult. CHEVROLET CENTER'SSUMMER
"ting and tirand opening. Write -- -- hedge only ITS TOWN:- A COUNTRY
((I.A Instructions POR aAt.E. Blnlle 1.1. trailers.CV I I,, Harry Feldman 2b64 AmidenRd I Ingle and double 3 for ".tIII at REAL UTATE; CY 3-1141 >>22
) In
5-3402. 16-21 ) P7)R SALE 'n tlM BROWNS MUMMY -
Winter Park Ha. :JO..Oct.IO: tTI' N".I1
d CV 4-315. Lake Mock with wtr
OOH "t ; -- -- -- n-n I
TRAIIkR 3 X 34 tank Hearh. Dock No pets CY 3-71)
bedroom. full bath with alumm QUALITY reconditioned( mon's work 163 llth 111. NK. 30TVINTERKSTI481
U.S. Civil Service Tests! uniform Not pre-paikagad See V8ED n.Wi19( machte eh.'ar-;;;

um awning and 3MI1S3.screened ponhf'rlc.d >>22 what you buy All 11 lae* and colon while they la*. keoiw Mat:....* : air conditioned TODA V'S SPECIAL
right WANTEDlm.itlu II mi per mill 616 Arlana Av*. E chnge 46 6th St NW. 29"1""'. rmima. and kitchenette. Next to
Men.women, 18-52 Start higt I Auburndnle Acrae from Contlne.n .Tr 1C ituaa CY KHU4 21-Sept. 24 _

week. Preparatory .11 man Wits. Sal Can Co 11-TF -- --- --- -
as 110200 a
Tbous: ((5-A) Moving & Storage wantS ,. he as indepsirdentP.etl ----- I ROOMS and bath at-er-n--I
training until appointed M."t. Feve wsskSad SIUU per day rental Sue Electric porch eleclrte kitchen Adulti N
ands of jobs open Experlenci I t''I''I' Is berelci atmt.os KINt.rH AITOMATKTwla Carpet Snamjwoer wltt 'puwhaeeof pet. CY 3-7 M........".,.,". and air'. Needle' SleIagli Blue Ui.tre John BoNtad. Hard- 11-3 -
usually unnecessary. FREE lu IMPERIAL MOVINd A STORAOF .co. The Psri 0.1 Cempany 11"nde sewing. ra bluet Butlon- w... 20-23: -- -
.. Prompt and efficient eervlc\ I"' Plan hl.0 I blind hem fancy pattern TRAII.EftS and .mall hues
formation on Jobs, salaries, requirements all your moving need. Call a ivelern fuil-fanlist 6 I a
1..1.0" fee lions ci tile lypen. miilxul altachmeql year guar- 214-1702 1..21
CY 2 41M for free eatlmatea. Agent
Write TODAY giving ant-c Free equltj aawinw I pay aeeilwial .ot.
0 arlen. Road iliac the FOR pbs - -- --- -
for Atlta Van Lines, Ino. ervlng
name, address and phone,. all 60 Mate 14-Tf new Plana, 1"1' Csntse m" n so if M4. Dticount for eallll. Color cherry Cai table 407 W FURNISHED garage apartment 114 __
t and twtht Winter Hvnreeitfent i all CY J-4&II, :2tHIBKD lake Deer ivies jSJafta. 1S-34 Ave C NE Dar2H-UJl- ..,
Lincoln Service Box A1408 'al .1'11. Will ,.*..'r* --- ning* 2t4-IU1 :2S-TF I

News-Chief. .em. apitl fee .t.... *ndequipment REFRIGERATORS. TV ..I.. turnSsSslsry -
-- ((6)) Special Services 1"1.rit..r Call elect rlr nr ga rang**. f6 and FOR SALK t ''_ Wwtern- IID id (1ARAOK!: apt LakafnmL electric

PiANo-l I..aon.: For Information; I .e writ D. f Driver P. O. up WAREHOUSE; '"'URNIT lure leather *>-O Kit.. ITS 00 imittie Included\

call CY +Jt4L 1641 I ..* 1&1 Phone "J.IIIW..t. '.: SIb St NW 2117 CY 3-2IJO: -- Approved Adult E. SUTCUFFa I Brand New 1964 Chevrolet
CUSTOM MADE DRAPES AND ., Haven. -- --- -- 24-4111 or 21-7113 14TVP1JRNISHED
FOR SALE U. .. aluminum ---- -- -
tltched PrOM
ALTERATIONS Blind Due to Ul.... BSUJNO OUT complete
WantedAPPLICATIONS modem equipment JO 10 HickoryNW plate. 33" a X" :lie aach Exlellent cork of nwrmaladu. honeybill COTTAGE on lake I Impala Convertible
((2)) Help CY 3-7564 Mr.. Edna Srhoaaer for UM a. ildlng. Ineulatlm **. also packaged rnarauladM.leUte ..... C'Y N8f1. 20.22
I Oct J material heat renecton fur barbecue IDEAL for -- --- --
__ ____ I oth.r home *. aid pertmn. n'RSUlHED APARTMENTS I Equipped with .
grill I and many .
f** re-
Gina Priced at 80* I
Furniture $30tO$78CU.
Winter Haven Drafting Co and Industrial uaea At the News
NOW durtk Sale Mart ( a m.. Sept
Beaelev Co 134 "lk At
I IgealtT e Powerglid
All type Commercial ft Chief. ...m.124 lcd St NWT'- II M B SrkoMiOalfir aone NW CY 3-I71B 14TfI .

TAKEN Residential Drafting tn.1 from Haven Hotel Phone 3O44O4durtng -- --- 195 tiP '.cyi Enain* Stock No. (14
BEING allot
Satisfaction I'\lr.nloed Cufl.pl.t.boo.... full of new U gage Rimlngtxn automatic tale. 1.11 BJCDftOOM furatehed apart nrwnuItt
Draw Bldg CY 4.MM furniture Including electric .... sun Phone i-y ]- W7 2043 -- -- _III. ATHERTON REALTY e Tinted Windthield ONLY

United Sales Consultants now, __ ___ __ I-Tr and. refrigerator. ot....... table. .1 143 W Ceatral An 2M-33M e Retractable Seat Silts I
De.rl ..---
.. lamua etc l I' roomal UII4.. FOR SAI a CwtoM w-TF
management, CARPENTER work. Roofing R ,, I hoSt roadHtoe AilS e 2-ipeed Windihield
under new than 3 monthi Take over pa) r"PRINTERS nenre -- -- --
modeling Repair Cabinet Formica menl. 50 'U6 IHT weekWARI.HOUMT I i brown upkoUHered arm ctalr APARTMENTS for ntalurv lad" Wiper;
Needs: top AU power tool* CY. Fl'RNITVRE U (til 423-1344 HaUMW City 2146 wrlk own treaenr.4 poeeoaei".n* 2899
44)75 >>-T, Wmd.hUld Watker
St NW ." X s'' ---- --- -- Walking dlalaar to tows VTreaMialMe

I Part.time girls, to X CY 3-K41 11.TFBKt Wheel Covert

S:00 1:00: evenings ((6-A) Animals & Supplies ((10) Articles For Sale MONO YOUR PATTVtN-KELL >ROOM rurnWted house H e Whitewalls e Fresh Air Heater
1 Qualified Secretary ) COMMUCEINDUSTU 'CW1411,51 YOU WAIT LOWtRICE. Lake Alfred for .UJM ATHFR
FORDS TRill SHOP l> r TON REALTY M] W Ceatral i'Ya121t
3t 5
5 Salesmen yean a NW CY Mil 30-TF I 11-TF

of sge Best leads high I I MALE: BOXER Stud ServiceRegistered LCD RLFRIOERATORS: . -'- -- -
commission and good bonus fawn and while ir Hang Waiher Drier.Air RIDINO .lawn mower Needs scan.r.ra 1O-33* I-BEDROOM c4UgiKMtk. > 141I 00 1" Remember JW 4lw jt $t9
CY 13641 24- G VERPUIENTS I .
CulMtIl_.. R ooa4>- ALSO l-be4e_ Irslo
allocation. --- - tinned fully guarantee TamwFrom : a" ........ I7JO Lake Sit,. Ont Hit Eilr* $100 t* $300 At
FED BEEF Slaughtering .
Call for appointment Winter and proeeaalng M M FuMell APFUASCBS: Lake A rdPhon II (10-A) Boats & Motors -- --
WnoleMl Meat WO 7-1WX, WO ;.'AitDro r
373-1IM Nile. .
Haven 293-8068, f:00 s.m. thru 7.-s! 1I..pt. 21 mI6lOT.1 i i2nd .qt APAKTMSMTSFttrmtekW Inc.CT
... Chevrolet Center
; I
Pp :1 10 .. UnfuraMietf : VO.
$ 1C nURIH.A.. SeafMT wIth .
00 dally.
: p.m. 't 't ,
MIMI central IMM air Con T i
Haad JsllaauiU. 3O-
I good
15-21 email table I i ichalM I trailer top H HP
Complete' profeuional grooming! for detaIls ATHIBtTON HIAl'
twinge. glaaewar and T- {5IJi31 reU..nlIt_ "..oa FR
Poodle arcaorle. Phone 2OI7Mfur : CO *49: W cValrml *4
'' TT C'Y'"
11-TF ml c (Item 23-14:: IB-n ; I ,Mill vr see at MR N. PvaaiyhraaiaA
ha* ope"Ing appointment uTVIRKDRic'M
MAJOR TIRE company 1S-TF
-- -- l lake AII..t.
recapperHue --
b.for.ap.rIeacad I. both truck POODI.KJJ: PARADISE SAXI.A AKTION. .ALLERIB ; 1\ AI I MINI M .Ihrn-raft beat fovalle I apar1Felus. )> >
\ jW1HTH
Will .. furat-
Ooo"trtlig mil.I I.i.r.i' I so ".il i .gnamlngi pa> v uu h 'oor your
and retreading : W.la nll.l .1..1\. sleseOP4. Lakir > Solver .,rleo a _
paawnger blacki 111 AM. A. NW. 8442Z5qic4 inti
1" I. ""I i .td dII\ AKi lure and rt" lane"u* mennanglue .
plu* C 110I" Ant A'1' ; MAVIN
:; 1 all t ev If- Am' ma'ie .et .n''
uifftin :C"-' I..'U.i p i > adaabl.! Phone !1\1\14 )1'.01' Ml M031 Laktend. "- ,.., .. .. .. .. .. n
ill 1J.TJ' i ..iai i3$ """ .Aoot ? 4 -.. Lo """,. 'I *40Sl1. s.a 2>i-uM
** appointment

-- - - -- -
r--- -



__ ___ _u_ __ ____ ____ _. ___

Legal Advertising ,1 IF W"l 501-ID MHWOY, rO LIKt 10 flIT A WOT OF YOU
[Ct L.kS"lSi I II F.l11 I (iI DA1D: }51'I II 6600D EVENlI4GMR.WRe4t .. OLO 'I Mtt t/'tDOIMr... fUT ON THI TttftAa...OAIW6 AT THC liGWTCDW.VUNf.1


[) Real Estate For Sale I ((13)) Real Estat. For Sate ((13)( ) Real Estat For Sale DUTRICT* I-KOBATE Or: COURT MRIUDANt I TIM_[ fI A71oNgaRetSS PRRMTMIN I NAVN9 Yer. -IHSIILTC4/

September 14th. ISM
In the Halter of JAM :8 ROCKLIN I [ ,.... (:: ,

TO THE OPEN HOUSE TODAY I WALKER: of Mvrlden Omiuli ," -i '
WORD CLOSE-IN In raid District minor. i (t 1C s <(

WIVES ISSUFFICIENT New 2 bedroom 2 bath retirement KLONk:Upon application ROeCH, ol M of, nd. n Ng i 'IJ"\I .; \ ,

LAKEFRONT home. Corner Alucha and nectk-ut WALKER, praying, lath.that'r..f om Mill JAMB niuiwhoae ',I! /\ \\ ,

Volutla Drive SE. Drive toward uut known plan of n., .
I Cypress Gardens See dance .... In WINTER! MAX r. 3J. L I \ ? > ...1'r '
!lea home with a wrlcom FLORIDA be removed a* guartli r. ( "
|h' built for living enjoynun ,, house sign at Lake Ina ot Ike pvrann of amid minor, a* |wapplkxtkio : t I k f 1lJI
a minimum ol rare Designs on rile more full) at
families In mind but loadeicaturra / New 3 BR., 2 bath SE. yare It laORDERED. Ui
will lovtL
( that Mom That said appltcatlo I \l\VI l&fA
the kitchen. for example JIlt.d 3 BR.. 2 bath SE. be heard and d.l.rmlnft.t 1 th. I .J
vrouu. two-tone. turquoise' and 4 BR. 1W bath NE. Hake an Probate Office In Mertdrn In ..Id -- -- -- ---
cabinets for all those stoi District the lath ot Septem
It on day
net.da Including a law end Offer. her lt4. at ten clock In Ihe DAuLVUJC l NUN[ OP THOStLONfalNto THAT 6 THE *k] WE.I.L OK.AV r ? u
.. auspended display. cabintour t 2 BR. Clean as a pin forenoon. and that notice be (Iveiol ( ht VINU TO (' NECKL Nt \ I STVt.E THAT & WHAT J Puv A TURTLE i.NEEfv .
good china or those aentlml 221 Lake Howard Drive Extnlirt the .pendency of aald appltcatlm A NCL\ t1 ArTAlR'j 1 SEE ,N / THEY K. wt AR'Nd j I SWEATER nj arJEVENINu
Itenu you love ao much .' serer Kt tots of clonHnIH $13.800 and a bargain and of the time and place of th. r+REb FIL MAuA7INCS's nvnER IT' J ,
.-fully formed and curved KVri 'it h..".. dock Irrigation .:n. Air cond., Carpeting, hearing thereon. by porting a nip THIS CALL. I -' -, ._i 1 g, ,
counter top with no dirt lu.1 (I ISi. /,'Wlt' ncr path. hereof on the uuWlc sign-pot In th
hint tornrrs, M stay to kee| : 1? .Ii",,ni" bath ('rn drapes. Town ol MerWen. In Had District:
(o and sparkling .1 Count trill 1111 hUon'd., 523.9U\I. 2 BR. home SE with Rental and by malting a ropy ot this orde
in range and oven too tan to the parties Interested In laid a.Ipllc.llnn r0 .
t.ineral. Electric quality\ In Apt : and It appearing to tin. .
chin, turquoise, Double ilnl \lII'" 1 IIU'I:_ Court that the present reddens III I
,'r a window that overlook. thIren S. A. MOORE, Realtor the said JAMES K: WALKER I. unknown wI
'i play area. Breakfast anci { f'4fqJe'I.rt4)16S' 1622 6th St, SE CY 3-6616 II Is furtheer }
too with additional cab I
i k bar ORDERED That notice be Kltei
and drawer apace savci to the use JAMES E WALKER o
and footstep. Three bed' 15-TF the pendency ot laid appllcatniiand
,,is with plent of closet. larg WARREN SECKEL, Realtor I' ot the lime and place ol hiar
rg-dlnlng room and a famll' lag thereon by publishing thus or-
ii. off to Itself makes enter ,21. $100-1500 Down der once In some. newapaix'r bout
small -- -- ---- -- New and Used CB Home
ng (simple for both the a circulation l In WITTER HAVKN:
and adult with privacy loii 7 ROOM house. I lot In Eagle ERA. Conventional. VA rLORJDA his lam known place oreaMwce
fcjy to cart for vinyl aibec, Lake and some furniture for Charles MflOemlc. Broker at !leant five. day beton.
flour that can take a beating' sale Call after S 00 p.m. CY 1-ftUI :zt3-26t1l Mid date ......rd by thin <"ourtf
"always look new. A *ej> 15-21 n-oct n
utility and Storage room aiirpa yaa"MiT,
away, with room for ANN B RYAN I
Iher bid dryer and all the gel.- THIS WEEKS MODERN NEW l-bedroom retirement Clerk 1
tool., toys and extra that1i home. 234 Av. P. 8K. |13 MM Sepl 11. 1W4IX
lit any other place. Two SPECIALS By Owner A Builder CY 1-4255. 4 4S1
rkllng ceramic tile bath with 4TFVFFD e
i. marbellied vinyl floor THK: I'IM4 I'IT lot KT OF THITrNTH :
|I luxury plu built.In Korml- 2 bedroom home In NW Section ) JtnitlU. ('5111 IT IMMOKIIIt
topped vanities with added ator- (7UUU I3M Dim a tM per month. A GOOD DEAL TO BUY A IN ,,1\II Fill 11)11
apace The main bath baa I Iincthe anutterdoor Hove In Now HOMB-! Call 2SH7M! after 1.30 ((1)1rTt IN 'KAl\ltn.'
medicine p m' for key to large 3-bedroom. \i.. kls43-a-M
,net that will delight you 9 I BEDROOM home In NW Benton 3-bath home ;section. 3 Ocl, 3 RE ADOPTION of JOHNNY I I.t:r:
beautiful. 'large mirror. too 17{ .500 I3M Down $60 Per Month ----- C1IAMBL&8H: and I.AVKKNhJOSLPII :
,dental! '. the ceramic tile Is the Move In Now ( }fA M 1I1.1:118! III
.oui Pal-Tlie crystalline glee BEDROOM house. 100' saltwaterfront 1.\VtItN JAMES:: BROOK
k I contrasting. sculptured ac. Boy If you like to party this I* the lot at Pine island or and i.ARNETTA. H.! HKtH'KHMITIl '
very distinctive and deal I bedroom home on big Bokella Island S mile by water r. (II M IT
ming Sliding .lama doors lead clean lake with bar and dancing from Bora Grand Pass CB construction TilE STATE! OP rURIDA TO
in the living-dining area to the Imo. Only I til.000ntA completely. furnished and JOHN THOMAS CIIAMIR.EM
,pletely private yard complete air conditioned large dork and bow last known address IB unknown
I bearing citrus tree and color A VA Acquired home hell yard Ideal for second homeor .
F landscaping. already In. Outside )own payment Start at flUO with weekend cottage Price. I*.SOU. You are hereby notified hut' .
hurt aa charming and dlitlnct ow monthly payments Approximately H rash -- balance Petition seeking the edrytinu. l lJohnny
t warm tone of antique 150 per month Phone CY 4-4189 .leer Chambleaa and: La
Ally spend all time looking day Night CY I,SI35. 4TF8th
Ik combine with long white shut your verne Joseph Chamblea haw b? u
end the beautiful. lifetime cetll for a home let u* know what youvant filed In he above entitled roan Ilti A TELL HF IM ]" S SMP560NE, MA5<*B--J MR6NAYeOR 1141516PE61'
.t roof A concrete drive and we will try to find It for ----- ----- that you an. hereby requln.il. Isene ... } TAlON A / 1 I ease JUST HAD SOME / MAGiII 7 JUST 50r

complete with. turn around )'ou. & BtY AEM'EEagle a copy of your anawn I. HERE COVES MRS ATM ** I PUB SOBSlP ABOUT OUT 331 TMI lUe'
don t have to back other 'written d.
f s *o that you the petition or '
on the street. lead to a dou- WANTED Rental Lining Lake near new Polk .. sera upon WALTER W MAC: NAVBOM FROM o 'T"" MaR MOLDEN /
?ant fill all our calls NEXT CXPOR ) I UEAV1KIO HER I HU6MMD
carport Th front and Side Junior College Nice CB 2 bedroom I 1EY, I iietlllonera attornet whim'
n* are fully todded with lush addreas la Poet Office Bo" 3Mlakeland o
J,la grams and landscaping Is alIJy CALL home. tile bath Carporte' Florida. on or beloie Ihi.
In. Two beautiful planting and utility Rented can :Kith day of October 1W.4. and bore
l thereafter 10fU.
a, on with the moat unusual 01 Immediately
delightful' curved trunk palm CHARLIE FIELD AT give 30 days possession Price with the Clerk ot the ....'\. I

r you'11 ever see. M.500.00. Can be purchasedwith .1)I..d Court the original of MUIAnawer .
or said written dd.nn *
this I for your familynd BILL GARNERREALTOR low downpayment. If any
.. new,.1.t completed and lor; If you fall to do ao decne proconfeaao
y 117600. Including the king EDNA WATSONREALTOR will be entered again!
kit high atop the hill above you for the relief demanded In Ihi
k* Elbert truly an addreut CY 39959 Petition.
you can b* proud ol our WHNMW my hand and official
ndid by I o T e I y. expensive 20.22 128 6th St., NW CY HUt eel of office at Bartow Polk Colin
to school: Juat a ty Florida Ihi 16th day ol !Icy!
'7 7:0:: ( the new elementary .%1. limber. 14!
hoothandy to shopping. down. 'I BEDROOM house and t-bedroom D H SLOAN. JR
house. $100 down MO 00 month
Circuit Inurl
*n and churches Financing cant Clerk ol the
--- -- -
"t rail 284-4.K4- .Lvenlnga 299-04116 If good credit ll 'j51wJiT"J. By Ronald llendenon
y.ir.e:I fiullder or open Sunday MOhTUAOE (I4-AILots) & AcreageACREAGE Deputy Clerk
'. ,n""n Ur >"ur admiration AI HAVEN aa-Tr Sept 21. 31. Oct 5. M 1M4IN HAW! V AW see 1 NO, BUT J2 WHEN YOu'RGWOW

i r"rni-r ol 15IU Court and Ave. --- -- -- -- / 6UTk't ", loll WUtT 01LADPER BEE Tit'6 \ CANT WHIP 141'91141y, TilR0uel4, SA$6,
fc: NE IS Trr TAKE UP PAYMENTS (bedroom ( t
on ( CAM Z MAVi A
modern home large kit Tilt: IIH4IIT (01 KT 01 FELU OM ..e TOOwI4 "r6AC66 TUB 1 SARSS ,t TOU4NE5Tf J J4 ,

Balance 110.351. |M 48 monthly 4*" lilt. ; n.\TH JI UK Ml. IIHIIIIOt 03 AND Mf GUY IN CAMPPIPNT TOU6a6T ---- PAtft TO TOWN?
BEDROOM IH bath, bullt-lns fret mortgage CY 4-1311 or CY rIOHIIlA, IN ANI> IIIK I "It.. I .
Brewed In back porch CY W264 1-1433. 11-TT m Acres on Canal $1000, 20% OIl\n. IN l5A\i51<< NV ;

3Oct.B Down, $2S per month, t% tnt bell' .Te lureiluoe >larlniT I .. n1, o -cr I .
.. i'.. U4H4 13-1111 .

Your I16IUtilBUltmlmmini03m1BUnuUlllnunBiGracious TVi Acres partially cleared or. .FIRST' ASSOCIATION FbDrHAI. SAVIN.H O*' U1NTUIIAVHN t.UMX r, of j I I I. ..YI,e
t OWii +1
road. .
Retirement i | paved Plaintiff, J Yi
J.- i
| Living I II 700 Acres, unimproved pastureland UUI'KKYE INVKBTMKNT v. (rip !

Home I at $150 per Acre. I'ORATION. a Floitda' corixiiatli n. / j

NEAR NORTH GATE 3 Acres 25% Down $45 per : K or CALK
HOME E Notice la hi rebv itlun that l put :
ENTER!? Yes, this can be month Total $1,650 auanl to a final derrr> of foiivli:': '( '.21 7 -

ours. Well kept on large corer 1 Centrally heated and air EE 101" ...nl.rftIn cause numbrriK 01. ( L
Circuit Court
6M11 MI7S the
fenced back Ei VARNER REALTY ._ -
> lot, close in, conditioned. I' ilk County Florida I will cell

ard, well landscaped, trees. 2.edroomi 14 6th St. NW 2 .S4S4 Hit. Ij\d'd:::\ chill. In Polk ("un' .
A den and bath for the E I1 .. a* -- -- - ---
Fla. room, air ion 236471 or CY 37700 Uil 4U Hundred. l..ke* for
ition IH baths CB home. Hal = "man of the house". | ''oalka's Bubilltlslm InwoodNo + A'N0w1bY +147bt'NNAA'DJu'rr//NO ,AugUVLYMMYro 4357LWAY rN/Nv t a1Wr/INDA
REALTOR I : I, Wlnlei Mat en. Florida, f 0/9 4&frr TAKIM9 Off IfV 71I+B PWVN Fa4AT! 4 A3Idvrr Aw4V/: J/I4d Awv TO fur
stage Includes electric range The most luxurious matE E a* shown by niup' or plai three' x WANT ro pp 4TOAl rNiNaAwrr /* rut CASINOS ] \ *+ovror

i relri,., washing machine,, ter bedroom you ever SE 2022l of recorded. In the office of IhClerk pT rASI THt LAW JlaW r&4Z / > I fU*+hgpWvpC
I of the (',mult Court I In, air
incite act with 6 chairs, daven- owl I FLORIDA ROOM = l. nranlrr Count t V* 844 acre, and for Polk <..unt> In Plal, ntvrM)y.r

ort with chair, coffee table, E Formal and inform- cal land 4 milei waterfront yam lju .... Book 14 Pyre 2 2A and 211
> worth mark'tabk timber at puMIc sale li. the hl he.i .".1 I Ibeat
large bedroom wall
mirror on E dining rooms! AND a EE Idral for development HUrrORY- bidder for ra.h al the South
rapes, cedar lined closets. real working fireplace in EE LAND 8AI.KB: IN<* Lamaater, Va Fr.M Dour of Ih Polk <'.unl v
I Ph 462-3300 it- I'ourt"10 Barti.w Florid b.
finly $16,500 I the living room. Recently EE --- -- -- wren II Oil eel and 2 01) p m oI'

reduced to $22,500. Orlobrr 164
easley Realty Co. I' Commercial Lot D H LOAN JH
Clerk! Christi <''url
50 x 150 Ft. totaled on Ave. C., AvenuB. NW
I To See. Ca11ELEANOR | I Winter Haven FloridaIfeiilember
from Exchange
13. SW Acron 21 1116.'I" .
E IGLEIMRT Ii i Bank Parking lot Wide newly

.(AGJnnCENT roomy modern I Eve, t Sun CY 1812 E paved street with alley entrance I TMr ( IIUIIT 101 KT pr Tel
bedroom home with unusual lea'jres I I m teat For aale by owner frNTM JlltKUL V"'liTv IN
In decorating three bed- = 1 AMI IIIH POLE .

ooms everything for luxury. Iiv TOWN COUNTRY I Phot CY 33771 After P.... rIOMIIIA tv IHAIirBVN
ng Is 1 Included I Call Leona a Reel | t, | I [ KK: FLOYD M DOWNEY AND 'NI S N P F PA, e I ,, HAV1 A 1 aN 31dCK ee.iil. l i
Mate MS Ave C BE CY KOI" er Edna Watson, Realtor, CY DOROTHY A DOWNEY I N S ?I rC "TA' IAhtS .' Tvi$ .a T A Mf n.T
Y .::146&_. 11.30 2"l.4+Jglg9iY ij1ri'r 1A I 44141. I HIS win FOR OF A TIIFAIKJPTION MINORADOPTION 'nI, '_,," ,, ,".?RnR d.!JAr-IV.. WA1' Rey Ao .if.A r 't. ,A IN 1' 1556M 'K 1cr.e.k. w1 YA7U4DA.IkwM

= 3.1141 LiJsliiJlL! UIi U!} = 6-TF PROCKEWNOiOTMr 'r '.... .., I' >t rae 41110 4 APP., '/ vqu.Il

BUILDERS Construction TRADEINframe MIS AT*. I 20,21IWHHMInnUWUI6niMIMHIMMIMIMIeit11illlll E I I I :\ II"AIMIPTIOX r Im< rtWIIOHMIR .., L t

1 NW Balance ol Mtg. M 300 at14S RESIDENTIAL LOT Nice see. and NIliIetbPr2I
per month Call Bun Act*. Delopment hoe la Calla l Lake. II.'"0 raW TO Jm. i.ranrillc' Owalev hi. wife
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NEW t-bedrootn home on large lot. anytime 'TrLegal I Star. bileBluntatllle Alabama

UKE fLBKUT F.KTATr.1tbetlroame. 1H bath, vinyl the throughout YOU ARE IIlIlIEtlY NOTlnED
r 1 bath. family mom Built-in appliance, central .bat ha ,
|"UbU garage. central heat and airUrpet that a Petition fur Adoption 1 J t
Large Advertising f rirtBarlow
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I',th m. NE after S or weekend. may area financing LnraUoei: N.W. *eUon. Key Ow.l rvrlda.r ky r\v.r\:: Duwn.
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ll't bath. S-bedraoma separate dinTmg and want Io move mat bedroom To All P rsone Havtnif Claim wIlY said Petition should nM Ixrranted
room, riorlda room carport block home with payment Or liemand Agalnal Commental on PetlHoner Alt"mWaNer ,
Larva utility room. Nicely laad- 4 MO a month Call beverage Jar (S Bell. 111 Yea Ikh.' I
.raped. ha well with M Pum I, CHUCK RrROEMKEBCIIOCNTHALCR The underaigaed Iftt..de0 purchase HulMliie Winter Haven Florida
IM3WIO -- terms. May be seen by CO 3*41131. la bulk the Mock ol good. ... e-talaal'CInrr'ullba. lpC
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IIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMOutstanding Conllnenlal Beveracee lee te- >n> ConteeM: will be entered MataM r/
DOWN caled at the comer ol """ r- van and lb. renal prayed toe laPetitioners
$100 NW.Winter P.5NS0..111 b* grant
\ i..d Street and Avenue U
Haven Florida mad U e.S "'
had ... seal "'
Buy I 2 J BEDROOM HOMES hole such pvrrhae am lspbseber ln.WITNESS. Clmrtl r my.,.n la Batow FU.r.
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3 blocks to Garner E VARNER REALTY Maori the *e.d0r "are adimmanhodto g.OAN JR
School 2 blocks to Lake = ae Uy la* i4r..ga4 at thaie4m CSreirlt Court
Soak Street NW
14 or hefare aaM
o > fMa lt-n 1964
Cannon beach and park = Phone 2M44S4 or 29H47J Dated al Winter Have. FtnWa.IM *"* _"_Sept __ '_
No "Jammed up" E 3M day af ..a.e.. ISM
2I3-noo OLD rUXUDA RUM IIOTI( E TO ( .l.lInOIll
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landscaped IM ISO f- = "" "1101.. fARR &IM& aWCK. "" Tr'j

lot 3 bedrooms: the | > *>I>M OM ....... 55..11. tMdpwa KALOORUMBro o.e.a- JIf
E Ulna **u*. Jimmied TIIItIr .n-re ,. All Creamer and rla e r ra n a ( 4
I master has a drenlng MR 'Ac.. a fiw CM CTrM> > acCWm* D maa4* Aialfulaad 1 \ 'Ji.tJg
room and private bath = W t" MeEvera.. >$Oe t IS Plats H..... P1.rWa .5 111.1.Yoe .
PLUS = -- -- -- a.a.< 31 1955I0TKR Nib *f you are hereby
Fun Florida room ..
--- ---- ---- 1IeI.glad a file III dot/kal. all
ir x Z? screened patio i of or IiTc.tlow TO ..._... 1 -

porch PLUS 1C x 'IJf E Plenty !, cams Arrul4TNre bind M""EI roll I'I""L ='C sa a.J"III-:: :.: :; +," 'S s 'T64'51A%' lTl' : 3R' Ar. AS/N A 4DNXRAIYVH/S

tropically landscaped paE B Space. I J Itl SPrAYS orlUUE ebudA. -= = 1.5ehi. ,- I NUAr! F4f.3nPe A&'L' 7mfff,
X. JlHAaU dfke = ( 34..ar ml C'I
only $ '-- --
tin Offered at EACAot ---- '
i Large Lots 11 ........ Pleetda wIb51 .r eMaC /
$13.500 with excellent fin = Te All Whom U May Cress wear from Ara.M n. llakHra 11MATT7rcD TO FuM 30e'A4Ml
You can set E ,........ Y sway .... Slat I ... r t'". Mu .5 the ftret Malt rrsf't ) e I
acing Enjoy this roomy 3 Bl. IV* .eve fIW mybr.l repo. em Ad'nucIrwter W IbM arilsLeob. ria. MEF 1
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TOWN COUNTRY! ry lltOOO Owlet toil carry tar Ilea :=* ae A: W X_ :
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