and "" Winter HavenNeweit -- yiw
IW. MM730. 19-30: Low Mileage
Or writ P. 0. Box 13 9 1958 CHEVROLET 4 Dr. Apartment. ,

Lakeland Sta Wagon, Auto. Trans., 1962 DODGE LANCER STA. 1-1
1 ; 1S-20 ((7)) To Buy Or TradeWE Good Buy Only .. $795 WAGON Auto. Trans, Ifjfi I .1'

Rill, Air Cond. : yL; *

NEEDED I Immediately, tractor ,and*xnerlencedmechanic truck, BUY need t appliance" and fiif 1957 OLDS. 4 Dr. Hardtop "98" 1UFt
nllure and we Mil Fwd appllane- 1961 J1tIALTYeN4a1 I I'a
run time, Call Halo. City HA Folly Equipped.
S-36I1 after S:SO p.m. 161SECRETARY A ft furniture and furniture S9S1 Bmok llavendal Appliance Blvd Clean, Only .. $595 DR, Auto. Traot, PS. I IPB. COe I' 1

1-TF ., RWI. LfLeek. 'Im,
: typing and ihorV I rtrC; PICKUPPRICED do

hand aeat appearance for P.awnrkTlu WANT TO BUY Shallow Well 1957 PLYMOUTH t Dr. 1961 DODGE POLARA 4 DR. 1:1:
I day week, Hill to itart a AIIa.rl. Mealbr
.... r Cure
motor. Call WO '-047e
FEDDERS CY a-nil. Mr. Callan. IT-IS alter I p.1II. S-TF Hardtop Only .. . $345 PS., PB., Auto. Trans., -

Factory Air Cond. 19.22 (I

W4eW'1 Le'1"t SellaeWh.I. R'LI' Bd.Burger Queen 16-10, ((8)) Automotive 1957 OLDS Auto. Trans.4 Dr. Sta. Wagon I960 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE FOR SALE: Small Welter AuAuoclale

". H... Only .... ...,... ...... $595 2 DR. 6 Cyl. Powerglide (oration etore Rent Good reaionah btulneigoea I, or

AIr CeHltlHI. B Loans I R&I[. Daytime/ phi..* 172-1414 Night \
((2- ) $1,000 Up 173-1936 It-Mar. 21 the lOWEST!

1957 CHEVROLET 4 DR. FlOyd Roberts cJ'I

Sta. WIoa.PowerlId' MOTEL 11 unit, I year oldIAA00 I 7t
ATTKISSONHeating CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 116,0(10 down. Best Location
. $8'5
Only Motors In Winter Haven. CY 34179. $0Or!

ft: Cooling MortgageLoans "
1951 FORD 4 Door Sedan Your "Dodf Dealer

Standard Shift .. .. $445 Ill 6th 5&. SW CY 34161 WANTED BEAUTY OPERATOR: f
Are you Interfiled la owning your IfC
Call CY 3-0289 8 .
$1000 and Up- own shop at a reasonable price.
T.lldo lt-21 Wrto Box A-13M, Fro New* us 1951 PLYMOUTH I Dr. 17-11 r-

.bout yourproblem Sedan .. .. .. . $195 -- ----- no
I Ie

Jpo bare nice clothes NO APPRAISAL FEE 1954 CHEVROLET 4 Dr. Sta. I : ... ewwwwn.n.ewnw..e..en..wen..wnwnn.m w. .
you you I r: ::.w.wwr.rr..wr..rr.rrrr..r.www.rrrwwDrive
ON Wca. std. Shirt Only $J S I
cant wear! FIRST MORTGAGESFIRST Oar Way & Dtal Your Way On il MaSEEThNEW

Let Wan us men dont them deipalrl for pool! CORP.MORTGAGE Jerry PIckard I Used Truck Buys 'I Checkerboard Specials II I II

60% RETURN ef WINTER HAVEN 19& FORD H Ton Pick-Up I !
We Clean And Press Sit Central Ave.. CY 3.S1SI '63 LINCOLN 'CO CHEVROLET 845
8 Cyl. Good Bay Orlflnal Gal 6)ir I a-Dr, }

I AD Garment Only . . . $495 Owner _...--.. V6 Ayte. ,.,
The Encore Shop 1 I-H LINCOLN Wl I
; 1M3 CHEVROLET H torn $1595 62 .1...... 59 MaMCunv' (995p I
((3)) Situation Wanted to. '62 COMITJ $ 395 .... A/VVi' 4H.
,: In The INS INTERNATIONAL < ...lity Pine 1" Geef ajukker,

TBB1TWAY SHOPPING Slake, Only . $245 Litre CI.... : i
62 FALCONg 61,095 MODEL
| CENTEROr WOULD Ilk* regular Job 1 day a WKS1MS
Call CY week (maid). CY 64967. IT4S Irene : _.. .

EXPERIENCED dealree full Executive time$ work.!Secretary IS 'J.I'"OliO nirian600"* Ort795 eea FOMD. $775 WITH * *

FAUinT a Cyl. 6t Vf .. i
rear* eiperlenc*. Reference* .Irl. *
.... .
yoir City Trail ,
{! tri roTdFUT lalne* tU-JOll 1640 crt
Anwer any and all (.ueatlona, Mworvld WOULD Ilk. to seen my ham 60 A Whit. $995 8 4 0,. i
troubled or la doubt, eoa- with working girt Share expena- uburcdilr Winter Have A/T, HAH, P6 V$. AAT, Raeli*
lull thla neychle and' Located between .* Pull privilege After I'00p W/W Uree -. New tkee. .--. '
Auburadale Lakeland oa .m. or before t:CO a,m. IK HI4016M. WO 1-tUI CI M1U
lfooI2.L Phooe MU s-.At: 61 :aivi $1 1,095 'J.I'.ALCON gv. A/T. $845 i !
;i : .- :00 R-m. Beery cr. 0. A/A.
MM Wekiome. ....... I Bill Ward Sate. Tend, Sadie W. 9515
: ((4) Los} & Found I @) '
I FOIl ....... W.... 1tl7 CHRTSIII

WHITE male toy pnodl. Lost Saturday SALE! 11-20 HIT PLYMOUTH ItM PLYMOUTH 'A lION!*
14 between Lake Alfred aadAuburadal OF
.eel Rene tea la vicinity of boat rae> IHT'a DOWN ,1'I.elUUMkTOR r racHua*< IIS4 CMIYtOin -

I eon......._ u.Gardner Finder, IU plea I-liMS.* contact Oeorg IMS Prices Ranging From v ,i,'i, u aerviee and raw eae*** TRANSPORTATION -

S3S VT to |.. e It.-J **.rvlc. Ill elk V. i-rr awto FAMOUS KOZY KAMPUS (New) New trucks at new budget prices Get CMC quality
WuNh 4Nd I
Q.atp roUND Prearrlplloe glae black, n To Pick From -- --- --. f*..*.t Freekl a... Iff and durability with a thrifty in-line six engine!! Ask:

Jeweler 1.1.h i from.. month y0 vicinity MoCrory 194 OLMMOBUJB Stalkm Warm.Trad $245 ObcwJ about our full l line of better-than-erer V-6 powered
Cotact N.wo CIML H1-- tor 1H ton truck or mac J
7-Apr, 17 tit,. ay rllt' a4. IWO- PinckneyOldsmobile IUU.IU ah elk St. Lake Ida. UaiIM1 JACK PRAYER Used Car M'". trucks!

I WILL NOT b* reapomilbl* for LOTT Black and red German HILLMAN ........ >haae.
debt contracted other thaa my Maplard (Police Doll, Nano i.'Ri.nark' Cleaa. fine cendltleev.. _leal Motors Inc."YOU CENTRAL SUPPLY CO.
.wa tram thla dajr onrard. Can Phd 364 PR 9564.01 CY MT7 1M Premier
Jack CrayHat. .UlT REWARD: 1I-M Used Car Lot .
17. 16 ----- --- --- roil ALB IN6 raUwm. Ooo HIGHWAY 27
n-is L09T Tueaday Plover Khow to Corner ., Int Sat the *.sdlti.ea Owner. Call ft '.><> UNCOLN-ME8CUXY DIALD-
Armory or In front of Brurham ...w S Mfkt North .! Lake Woks _
n P itTAT B-ro- School. (Av* C.Et: large oteSpejilah > water tower.Ft --- 324 3rj St, S.W. CY MOM Wtorat Hamsi
6, ntOM LAKCLANT AT T:- AMaid eels uee< u charm for >TU7 1960 (MET? Rune is finedr. TRUCKS
1.00 P.M., t r* s week 16MKoeetawa bracelet Valued for aenUmentat *** .., gad brakes, to rust IllvellM TRAILERS
CT $-SMt I:10 F Ma ruse Liberal reward PhoneMr 903 W twice 1M Dr'a 94 T1NI
$ a:a. :M, aar wed tuf. 141 J. 1 Seato*. CY MIOV 16-W 4f -It. .11.



.PA"- a l Fifteen

@t L1IIF1IE1: [D7AID! [! S

fVL) Articles For Sale ((12)) For Rent, Furn. 111:1)( : ) Real Estate For Sale i(13)!( ) Roil Estate For Sale I ((13)) Real l Estate For Sale I II I ( i :) RCJ! Estate For Sale ((13)) Roal--Estate-- For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For Sale I

I ,: Wbesibarrewep..y.r rood condition. CY' =.. Lake Alfred t BEDROOM HOUSE I HOME t FURNISHED' uwm wanl> buyer NOW for hi* I I 1 HETIBBlllUfT IIOltB

anion. It-It I E1tlUSIVERENTALS LA1IA mud m lakefroal home en Lake Large living roam, S-bedrooma. *
__ B \. COTTAGECB I blow:' near Cxpna Uardea 1- buiht kltciea wit bulIMn va,
Ready for named!ste .
WE HAVE: THESE and many occopaocy iKilroom 1 tile balk, central air ....... and duhwaaher dinette. ut Vty
.AUTIFUL sky blue party (or \WA mare very desirable hornet in BtiDt-lt range, awning home with 1 BR dining, '' u-iitlitiunlnc completely, furmaked room and Florida room elite a
) drew. aU. 11. Worn I Ylorda room and livln room ereened
JBiuii.r large
Oar windows, full tile a'h. terrttw patio Coat decld*.
'all CY Mid lt-a I >6 Dvdruuiii turn Hum. cMraale Lake Alfred. terms to su t you living room and kitchen Lake I liruutltul kitchen with" bullt-ln, : :until you have aeen 1e1Dctv. Atuobiw
----- MANOR floors sensed posed No road between, haw and lake .. 8E
---I I You would like living in Lake accest. Cottage ia furnished Phone. CY MM1 4-TT
W II eacrtnoe for UtaM.. in-
only --
rurnimuu a..rll.I ft 1 bed- n .,
)LID WALNUT Klmbrl Piano lea rwma. Alfred so why not call me today Prtwd it ltN9 $3t.M Me and nets for $*) pr month I' collenl term Phone CY hill ur $100 DOWN -- ,bedroom hour n
T I than 1 year old Brand new coa- Km Btoemendaal tad let me show you what after low dow. paymtBt .. 12-Jttli St.. NW. Price "',110O. own ttocoof lit II 8t. SB and Tertni are low Call for an appointment
lion over ITOO.OO new. Flrrti85 Lako 1MI Athertm Realty (41 W
1 > .. ... '
| .00 taken It CY MtTl or 1N at 3 toearmmi ;at |KKJ S we have. toad tlHaem,. Central CY 4-W4. IMFIII
115 Ave M, BE IthNGER .** I I becruura t bath name Large Bedrooms DAN WINTERS :
worn .. ? ?.. :t. IV. Baths EXECUTIVE TYPE HOME k. LAKE
4 I beunwm ('L ......... .. 17 Extra Large Florida Room Three Builder Developer EDNA WATSON fL -' 1kbMroaG.. *0* I* lust this week* ode far
SLANT-O-M\TIC In 00ft0 bedrooms two baths. ka i*. Lase fully ..ul_ klteho.nouilHiK this; home that need abeoiitlelyno
I pole\ Balance SIM 0or $10.00 ..xEBEAA.EY : : Built-ini Include refrigerator large Fit. room double oar CY 3-14M REALTOR: dlihwaahcr. Separate ..""'r. There are llrtte In all
Inonthly Phone CY440M. 11m N.W. CV 44MII dial,. Uvlnc ream fire- ....t.. celled.. heal In both bit ha.
REALTY CO. oven and range port, air condition' and many Jerry Mardit CY 41218 NH l W SI. lao*. Florida'OW room at lathed oral a eooper aaniln Ibrht In the
tM ctk at. NWtv Formal Dining extra't. Owner transferredlermi *, room .Ia etanute eUwet: dlnln room which ailloln the
I "*- t-stsj lit cv Mtia14Th -TF .18I laundry rosewall: tad *wrlnklereowlet watlo threurh. double ."'1... doer
IrUBFULLS Central Air Conditioning .
of $11,150.00.BEAtJTIFUL
Maidenhair tern declrable nclvhbxirheod. walk beautlral built-in kitchen double
1 MOO Make beautiful bout Gleaming Oak Floors In dtitano* to eohooli FHA valuation caroorte. eonorate dHvtn title,
plant Enough for ..".ra! TAKE UP PAYMBMTS of ItOOOO 4-itTt. ceded lawn, shrubbery lake
pot ROOMS Dowatow. eo..nl.t. LAKEVIEW III,00* CY llMNmd tame
14-1130: after '.00 pm.I .Ail. 11.0It-weelL CY 16C\I 4-TF Priced at $27,500 with $3500 ,11.". '''tOIII. .-..th on H'it Bt Call I I KLfUSBBSSBO 1IOMK8 Low and eha down $158 per monthWARREN Three bedrooms, two bath,. <"Ylilt.. IMIS m.. Ihly iaymrnt Modern CB laJ --- -- he duDlloated I Call Canon B.
FOR SALE Phllllp'i Saw Shop screened patio fire place, air i----- "'''''o..m ronntrurtlin t'nntact OY CPte.ah.. aV-flOBNTHALBM *
I Iii 34th fit NW Modem lap. I =' buyer NOW My horn I I. va- week.
R\I Sunday
VANISHED apartment. 1 room, 4:1611: .r MiUf >II a L'I.an4
I do any kind of jrlndtnf or flllnf. bath and ecreened porch, inutile condition and wall to wall carepet. : .'HWlt'B BY OWNER vnuiun WIJM FIRST MOKTt.AlIKMORI runt mpltly Mralahed Lake- IMP
I doing buainen. Reaaon for ..eRIqg.II furalahed. tit.00 per week. 145 :. "' '' H'I :J." $11.110O.00.VERY haw Ibis auallly bona at OF n.ORI04 1.:12'I : view with dock prlvUecM oa Lake "
I: health 1IAKWINO -& BE our nrlre. anvtliln reaaonable I I 111u1:l l e .j-bedraom. CII hones. Air lie Dowse
*.v* A. 17-11
{ t4tc < 1-bath MM ea fl. OMjdlttamd, many feature*. Ukt New Concrete Block H_
: MACHINE: lfe NEAT Three bedrooms I ir'am.S tar oM nn ehalnlakevtew : 'I| 'IOO 00 awn bu>i lance family Only 11100 II, : 17500 Charie. MoComK
1961 White Shy Zac. Ilk. new LAKEFBONT FURNISHED: PR tTdllb .fiiIo two baths, air condl ( 07"." homo Central boat and AC In. per month Call CY 4.15U or cometo n..t.... Broker 1W4MI
I makes buttonhole. monogram APARTMENT: TV ulllllle In- i.taraM, Idlon.t7114115m 'e' ",, V K I...'atlon atMIM. 1M4 INN I4tk at BE: 17-II 17-55
lion and nicely landscaped lot ------
Mind hems etc No attachment cluuvd iUanonable weekly rat. SECKEL Realtor
Hi-Hied Take T payments of |7.41. WILLIES MOTU: 29J-7468. 17-M 111,300: .00.

.t.NTfQUE Dre..r. for eal. ,a 00. ISO.00 PER MONTH dean private I ROOM attractive well built NEW Two bedrooms, extra
"' .15211. Mra. 810n.r.I" trailer with erreened porch", nouee. Hardwood floor, furnace Urge living room, big kitchen
water and electricity furnlihed.19H5 carport, high landscaped comer and
dining area with built-in
40th 8t., NW Near Lake Blue. Small lakcvlew. | ,IM. U7 |rd St .
( ) For Rent, Unf.GARDEN 16-TF Dundee. UlOiiiiinmiiminiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiTm oven and range. Hat many ex 1 v IJ I

; tra's and a good location for

SNUG comfortabl. furnished Oottmre retirement. 1150000.
on Dinner Lake All convenience Good Price

StMOlJ.*. Adult. 17500 month. Phon.1947FHtST Good House $300.00 Fit DOWN room- Two close bedroomsand schools You'll!! Always Find What You Want In Winter Haven ;

FLOOR Apartment WalkIng I Only $8,43000.
Good Grounds
distance .
to lake Clean
and quiet. Adult town plea*. Ml Ave $400.00 DOWN Three bedrooms Why Drive Miles To Shop? Try Your Friendly Home Town Merchants. I
& NW 11TFFURNISHED $13,750 l
two bath, Fla. room,
air condition and double car- Keep Your Dollar In Your Hometown Help Boost The Economy!

ew or UNFURNISHED Where can you find to port. $13,30000.: '1
to EFFICIENCIES and Hi BEDROOM much for to little?
a Nice large airy room. I
Conveniently located In Old PostalBuilding QUIET $500.00 DOWN Four bed '
H167 J Call CY M8W or t-TF CY NEIGHBORHOODS room older home large pan J

bedroom 1 bath home elled living and dining room. "

COURTAPARTMENTS 1-BEDROOM cottage turnhhed In apple-pie order. Screened porch. Good family TIRES MUFFLERS INTERIOR WESTINGHOUSE GIFTS .nd TOYS
Carl Brvece. 1730: Lake Blue Dr. ,
CY S-S1M. ItttJBEDROOM Enclosed garage tool home near schools Bal. $65.00 EAT COVERS;; Cccorcd1r.7 Serrico
To tee callGERTRUDE month. APPLIANCES For Boys and Girls

117 Ave. B NE Prices For Our Cialomrrtbf
furnlhed houae o5CYlh14M6la *r Fieri la's lawet MM ft f vUeW

FREE!I wee1kl lTWIN Evet. a> Qua CY J-OMO 90 x 140 only 400 feet from IMPERIALDISCOUNT HARVEY KENT reeelt .11"unite .1 f The Play Shop ,

ONE MONTH'S RENT! lake. Perfect for level I.,.. 1114 small appll.e4.e.LeROYS .
I bedroom and bath. Gentleman split or ; CCN7J3eOI : MATHERIIURNiTURS 3SS third St. N.W.
preferred April lit CY two story home Not many like CO.:
Tear round climate control ALUI6lectrIc I I2W6, CY WI33I KM Av*. U. NK.1SM. Hevcatfale. Sled Weft "THi IIRTHOAY' ITO I"
appltanceaUnturnhrhed town. COUNTRY this one. $3,30000. tik St. 5 Are J. N.W.
MJ-0141 'Ml Third > ,* ., |.W. Near New City Hell
--- Cell CT 4.J1I1
fureUhed IM50 Per Mo. I ROOM: FOR RENT with privateentrance -- Jl t-tlgleB- $ GOOD CORNER LOT NEAR IfM4lt
be f
(May by arrangement !
and private bath does .
). SCHOOLS, 100 x 143 Good garden
I II In. CY 4-2333 39TrA
spot A good place to raiae I
your family in a home built the
want it. Lot
way you only
; I II PEOPLE t. 1 I bedroom.HOWK4 *
BY I IJ bedroom S bath. home 40 't.t __ FUSHDIUCIOUS
j North I-Tr
deck; n1 porch doiihl, enrart I llg. B el Stone..Collin.......III.Riots Solid reiMenketrcn and. ...._
Dee.neeUetirvle' fclc
West side Lake Elolee 200 OUEEN
J Except individual Electricity I WINTER HAVEN'8 finest one bedroom lloover \ CAmi1p1atN dlaas4 wl .,. D..... reime .. ..
I.d. CY M74U CYQ&,2: 1-Tr .
Varsncle.avellabl. feet to main ,
18 WI
apartm.nl. highway x ,I.' l\ing. and diamondpendMe -
PHONE ,. April It IMPERIAL built I. .,'.r. All 1 .JaeEGt.tcv
.. :
I building
Juif..eompleted. $3,800
f APT8 Wt Ave. H. $B. SM4W7.1STF. I Orive !nNvee COMPLITI RIAL ESTATI work. "".'luII! FiN.h.4" Par ..1 ,
293-1705 Gold MeclahionDisplay for lot and building with $500.00 I SERVICI lllt/.0ale I, Measly C AN Die '

cash balance $50.00 month I

I Town fc Country OR CALL Real Estate 127 bedroom MARLOWE furnished Drive apartment. 81C. -1 FOR MORE INFORMATION ao1 IUyty'I ilvd BoaslrHoilly: Co. CITY JEWELERS DRUG STORE]

I! 2931141i fW) month Athfiton Realty -- MS n4 .tk St. N.W, CY M7I7 41 Third Street, NW. L'. I7f W. Central
i 17-22 W. Central CY "8284. 19-TF concerning: these and other ___ n_ :J

properties in Lake Alfred call EAGLE LAKE! :: I
I ROOM unfurnlihed dowiutaln. 0ERetirement
duplex, newly decorated walkingdlatanc : ) or

Call 284-17S1.* to downtown mid K.hool"-$ Homes 2.1657 Home FR 21671 DR. LARKIN Pelk C..",,?, ....... BIO EDGE TIRES Van
Duyne ,
I SALE OR RENT WITH TLMml..on.....,.1,el CH:YROLn DEALER I Mere S My Mere Mu.',* ,' ,
(BEDROOM iInI complete bathe" OPTION_TO Newly BUT decorated- Owner 1-bed-transferred IBGarden .........,". N..v. KEIVINATOK APPLIANCES Runt. filet A 'linWfiM
oven and range 1-bath lakevlew VOLUMI SELLING
room near
'large lot dtUac In excellent e( Elbert neighborhood.. Elementary schools, air IODrl'.Ofw all I Grore home. rloee-ln' two ", .t.r'Tune U* CertCln4. ,- ., II t GOOD DIALS MOTOROLA TVs STEREOS AGENCY c ",
Walking .1stIel3 BIUmore I at
bedroom 1U bath modem .
Lake Jeeele. If-M MODELS OPEN DAILY convenience' there I* Make offerL5pNA'a HONI CTJITtlLAI 171 Wett Centre AveeeoWINTM 'r
VERY NICE J-bedrooni CB hpu*.. KIN'STRANSMISSION B. F. Goodrich
MII7 CY S44M John Ramer.Asex Chevrolet Center
Carporte TV antenna. Urge (12-C Loans Ealraact lest one hill mile MU Av.. C. SB ItMuiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir MAVIN, PLORIOA
yard ISO 00 month to right parthn ) Mortgage StlC? lekhe" the Pl Offlie
---- -- ---
7M> JTUI 8t. NW. 111'J..BEDROOM Eail of Crpren Gardeai M IN EAOLf LAKAtroee 2614th 1I. SW, CT 3.5143 111 Are. A, LW. 291.4141I tfl-4114 :

unrumlehiMl. home and State. Rod M j frem Plot 0 r u .

apartment. IttOO and $. 00 i!qIlI11111IIIIIIIIIIItllIllllllllllllllltMortgago : I Large House ii II

AIM REAL furnished ESTATE. rental CY 4-U1S ATKINf. i loans! | JOHN G. WOOD&ASSOC..Inc. Large LotS x Cypress- Giln. Rd. ____

1U i
I Up To 23: Years | LaWrHEADQUARTERS FINE FURNITURE Alln. FOR RENT WITH OPTION TO The anawer to the (row. g AND APPLIANCES TYi Air CemllMnrsNam
loath houM Developer Builders -
BUY J-bodmom
Sales ServiceRCA '
with OB built In*. WO00 per S you'll be pletsrd ix E log fa.Tilly's need*. :: BrandiH -
;.I-il7 rk B. 2MIJOJMO : 7IRMJ TO SUIT YOU"ime -
month with 80* applied affalnet with the prompt courteous E Within easy walk of :| TOIO -, VICTOR

down Mt-tOM payment McEUtOY BUILIV 1TF E: service EE 12-1'1' E Southeast aetaula.E :: rOMVLIT Autherlie Sale SMALL' At'tKOIMSIKMVICS ''t I N. run' A A','111111 ."*..ln> Cords "Metkei" WHO TVi RADIOS ..

: compar.h.. closlnj ES IU FEET ON LAKE "= "ICAPBS MOWICI ON ALL AourPh..00 At Oleeetinl *,.... r.e
((12)) For Rent room. mitmore Shore 29MZT7 after three batht Owner will | '_

Savings and loan type E 151 p m 11-94 E pay coat of eJoilng out E MOW;. SALES INC. 1.
ONE: Newly Decorated 'uml....... E financing insurance com E E maximum loan for a qua I IE E: SERVICE 1r4 N, N.W, JfJ.1U. lit W. Central Ifl-tllf,
II let It. N.W. CY I HIJ
8K > loans Till SUBURBAN LIVING ." :........
apartment Ill Arena B. E ?air or inE fed[ : buy**. :: I h Cl CypeeN

CY t-loue. H-TF E lured loans whatever la Beautiful E Price: $23.000 :: "j

5 your needs, tee ES E For an afvolatment toE :: ..
FURNISHED > room* and ktlo \. SUN ACRES
Water furnUhed. M Mr week Town & Country E tee CalELEANOR BUICK Loon. Ui T. SiOO FOR THI RIGHT DRUG
: fi. -
101 Av*. O. NE. CY W Modern 2."-. Bedroom hornet E IGLEIURT = CYPRESS GARDENS :

Modemflr.t | Mortgage Corp. | are now under coutnictloa. x Eve. It .... CY 4-1I1J PACKAGE STORE A.,1ae4-f.-.,-$*", '" REAL ESTATE LOANS KtK! py.llty RIM! ,

GARAGE APARTMENT 0. v.uM .r repro-oil IeprlpM H.... eWer akcnc,14.1'
floor Suitable for couple. DarCY I 277 Msaoolia CY J-tUI | Select your lot, floor plan er :: 0...,. Meltelm Pepe JEEP elalne NN.9.0Nv., M/e. year .
to appreciate
Muse be peel U d..d.r I sl d.a.le peeMPip/lete
pear 1w
4-4311 614 Arc. C. Ml 11-TF ITT i: another quality featurei de- TOWN t COUNTRY I IEU1U1Jd1 Meeecer, R. C. 0..liSaa Ve I ltl.l l.le. 4 Jervle llfl-... e'ee ", .U led .er .- a
I aired. SI sees meet' .lean eemeu... Nit. Calls CY 3-7721
BEDROOM apartment Ground ZlllllilllllHlllllllllllllitllllllllllilt'CLASSIFIfO 101 Ccleclcl. Ska** GIL HALL 'II- .ant. er .". anIld.MU1 J
floor. K4 Av* U MB. 17-TF ijVrfi1..4. \ emus OARDINS lOAD "*M
-- DAN WINTERS << UIiIUt[ BUICK CO. INC. Domestic Loan City Drug Co.

DISPLAY Balder. Develeper = I PHONE Ill Stark Se. S.W. CINCI 1.51Cer.
99 lid S. NW. CT 1.1724C.et.i
5! ,

USED CAR R-l-O-T Mar dig CY tUlgllTT .
----- ----- -- -----

t6J IUICK Electra 4-Dr. Hardtop ., raM. e( Lakes I

Fully equipped Including factory air cond. $34t5 P.a.ILDO... IcJtiOT. down buri bulN tare*-'*biarccm elove "I" For Thi LI x '.". PUNTS PLANT FOODS SHOPCLASSIFIED '
mi CORVAIR "700 4-Dr. Sedge .VOOM, t tile toihe. walking dllane IIIm$4151 I Ht Ave MEAL C. SC BBTATECY > It-Si ) I WilfKMe. ffRTILIZIR FEED Pelk

Automatic tre$sml ior). . . . SleT I 110 AM.aII. too arnoola Julia sanpplnq.St. IfsCT _. FJ r" V1 I rnr ed.*> "111J5 PETS IeIabflISeJ. Ceay'sl.dla
"2Z5. : ha t.,*H.*. '
tu WICK Electra 4-Dr. Hardtop 4-1IU and Pet
"Apr. t For 2 BR. Family c .; SupptieiDOTY For o)e ( e 4
Fully equipped Including factory .i,. S24t S ; :::

1142 BUICK USeVe 2-Dr. s._ ItllllotllllinlunHIIIINH5HIHnPjFor ( Dtwring Comfort SlocumWafer GoodBuys

Low mileage. Real chin S21f Garden Fern A .d.. Supply I I 411reRfatl HOMIO

19(1 IUICK Electra 4-Or. Hdtep The Young | And Beauty till C**.... 0*.<**.. ceWIN7II < m Shah St, S.W. OUAUTY

On. owner Fully equipped . . SittS ![ In Heart | NAYS

mi. OLDS "f r 2-Dr. Hardtop Lovely new home located

Fully equipped Including factory air cond. 921 f 5 | Any Age | on Utb Ave and"S"HUt. NW.Sta in between beaotiful THIRD STREET INWOOD w_ II

IUO Fully IUICK equipped LeSobce including CeeyerrlWe factory sir. lie!5wo ?:I: A modern one bedroom ttytinf dream brick-of = Ksvendsle Moiety Blvd.aka lust off A New Service !It'. "Finoer.lkbn': Gee T HYBRID ANNUALS BE SURE TO

S2ltS To Our Ceitca ......... INSECTICIDES
coivnn 3 ereU' conatrucUoB. A E: .
I "ti 0 kome ktt 1 MR. 1% e pismizasC REGISTERFOR
mi IUICK Elecrro 4-Dr. Hardtop will tlidiiig glait doori = .. ..
bales, and s FferMa room SYCARVABRANTY6OOO **
Redie.; heater. P.s.. '.1.. atrto. trani. SlftSIfM a that open onto B 10' 139'E : I Ur.* enxMfb i* be es.Wiled 0.,,,>>. L.... 5-""lle. DAILY JACKPOT
screened porch .Is )uit 5 :' 1'tJIIIocI Bedroom CHAN USCO pWd'I cad Ori e.iitl N....,,
FORD Srorfieer 2Or. Hardtop r
of the GLAMOUR :: I IUtI. "
sad family ran tea r. Cooney'sGARDEN
Extra nice Fully equippedincluding E elegant miniature = I es' Anderson Drug Store,

air conditioning . . . SMtSIf with SPACIOUS plaoniiig : the family reejMrhir menro R&il; AUTO SALES .. WAY
mt Jill AVI. 4). N.W, til W. CIMTRAl 9
SI PONTIAC Sifpef Chief 2-Or. Hardtop E wffl bring to ,.. Owners =
N.W. J94.22JSSAVt
IJI W 1f.. I.w. CT4lf7Oeeerel ilk St. CTtMtll
Radio end heater, euto. hansmisn'on. $S9S E are traniferred giving = This .some ass maty do- I

the ehaoc $U,oa STo hue (.,..,.. at t moderate
It 51 IUICK 4-Dr. Sed you price of only tUJOD AVENUE E, N.W. j II

Radio end heater, euto. trantmtiUee. SefSMesrr pee caD (.'mam liBaacteg swaB r .


Man esvd ....... E : ... CT wttU | Seeet Metal Weft TV REPAIRS SUVICE"fIlAHSt.fIUIOH G-E APPLIANCES

T. C..... Freei ei .lew a S79 LEIS BROS e AIR CONOCflONtHG 1"I! .!.-
ETows REALTOR e ROOFING /.e.. AN. T..... n v ...,.. Alf' Cadtaae New and Used
COUNTRY5 .., .
O.eeedlayer.. 1'.. EASY TERMS -
ltlt /tb IL MW AM Week 6..4

GIL HALL BUICKUSED U1 fiimM mIi 'iaa.uI (Oyyiilti Nrt Ctte Ed.MLL.1911 Ceeroe 4..
&&UII.im.nl.m..amu..tmG. m-ntr L M. SCHNEIDER Mel. "U_e Cerate TV

CAR LOT Ere A Sat NO $-2711 SHEET METAL se. .... te niw .. "..<. t* MOTOR SERVICE STORI ,
;: ....
t 1 a.
101 irk St. sews W-4144 nl sPd s.. tw, CY J.U91 we ., U M War !<_,. '8 II.*,. I NW 14-4147 111 1M. Ag loW., CYl-im '
u I t4 thunday t\



CI.ssifie4 Ails General Motors Planning Wages Aleurecl Republicans: See ShriVer MEET THE STRAINS

(Soviet Farmers

((13)I ) Real) E-.tate For SU $3.2 Billion Expansionmore viet MOSCOW Union (ansjouBced UPI) 1..today. ... As Budding Poverty Czar

How FREMONT Csllf (UPI) than half the cars aid that collective fanners III tile .
Number of
'Trailer. Oat Motor Furniture General Motors looking ahead trucks produced In the United republic of Estonia are now WASHINGTON UPI House.. grams In fields usually reserved rr

itnd LOTS OF LOTS'. CY J1JI7Y to an expected annual domestic Stales, will construct diNe getting guaranteed<< monthly Republicans are picturing Sar to "old line"federal departments -
< S-Ml car market of 10 million new U.S. plants and others la ...... gent Shriven. a budding"pov- such aa labor and HI:.W.

by 1070 plans a record investment Canada Mexico and South This was the first Implementation erty ccar" and Inviting Wash It took the White House weeksto

((1 )-A) Groves of W 2 billion In plants America as part of its largest of Premier Ntktta ington's bureaucrats to raise a gel agreement among the

equipment and tools la the capital Investment in history Khrushchev's proposal for Increased howl about It. bureaucrats on authority to be f'r
material GOP members of a House education given the newofflceofeconomic
FOR SALE Ono oUoa H.rtlaoucounty. next two years to boost Its incentives as r
W ar rst.sredsolnsnd production capability la UM The expansion is expected a means of boosting lagging. and labor subcommittee opportunity .
in.OM lrrlptb. nth low. United States and Canada by to create 50,090 new lobs in Soviet farm production. triad to make. Health, Education But the Republicans couldn't A /
and Welfare HEW Secretary open up any of the wounds left
rrtced at ltd.IN with tr.. Otfcerrrove W cent the United States, according
per J. Celebresae their by the White House decision to
II n..11 ** Anthony
* orodiwln at $33100- wttt Ir..r" The giant automotive company to OM Board Chairman Frederic Germans Nix champion Wednesday but he declined mole Shriver answerable only
t.* down Can owser makes O
which already Dormer who made the honor to the President'

the announcement Wednesdayat Playboy MagBONN Labor Secretary W. WUlardWlrts

APPROXIMATELY 2500 gem .* Logs! Advertising the dedication of a new (UPI) Playboy who also was reported to
lemon rant up lo %". ffMlf*.* car and truck aisembly. plant have been In the thick of
on Switch ATwater13CS. nMd magazine was placed on tbs Lynda Johnson
IM bureaucratic Infighting that attended -
M, THE clIU'l'IT WI'IIT Olf THE here.New official West German government
iikHiri JllMUAL timilT: : OerLOItlMA plants will be built lo list of publications considered birth of the $90 million Busy On 20th
IN AAD 'till fOLK! Kalamazoo and anti-poverty program was
((1 4A) Lots & Acreage WUNTV! AT LAW Tecumseh, dangerous for youthto likely to get the same treatment -
CIVIL: ACTION UAMAUKSC Mich, and Lordstown, Ohio. read Wednesday The official WASHINGTON (UPI) -.It's

WILLIAM M a N.. li -I-M7 Gazette said the American two today.In days of hearings the Lynda Bird Johnson's 20th Left to right: Hobson; Hobson III, 2; Helen 6;

LakefrontAcreage DOWNS.PlalntlEL Legal Advertising magazine will remain on subcommittee has heard only birthday today, but It appears Elizabeth 4: Kathleen 4: Anne; and William, I I.

JOHN WALKERYJf. at alDefendant the list for the remainder of praise of the program It la designed the President's eldest daughter

COMPTROItrR: OF THE 1964. to offer new skills and will be too busy for any but Dew Wlw Pelt CamrleMi.

Over 8 Acres Land and 1200 NOTICE Or HUT Cl'RRKNCV TREANI'RYDLPASTMIbNT environments topooryouNu,1InanCe the simplest of family celebrations If It .la human/.ulbl. .. I wall like r. meet with cock efVe
Ft Lakefront on Lake Pierce JAMBS TODD and MAT1W UNITED HTATr': Hit domestic Lynda, a sophomore at ,.,..**..lr"* WeN the PmnMiwtk Primerf .*4 'item with
Investor TODD. his wK. taatdrac. Un- WAHIIIMiTO. DOWhertaa set up a new
Excellent Money maker for : George Washington university, you my cJi4ocv for Ten CaJtoclw,
eatiatactory evldmcha Italian Peace Corps and provide loans
or developer. BARGAIN YOU ARP HEREBY NOTIFIED boon presented. to Ih. COUP; City businessand has two examinations, in government -
and grants to small Pot eve five pen I Wve .rv4 la. peer folk, CMHTV Tu
TRICE $15,900, Terms. that a cull tee el ill dam**.. fur and EnKllsh literature,
Cellactwr's ,
breach of loose ha beta (11.0agaWul that Th American Natlom i TRIESTE. Italy (UPI) farm operators Office, Hwuntff bclag CaM D*""ty.Ai .
Bank In Cyprea Garden. local' on Friday. Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter -
SEE you la UM above entitled Cypr*.* Garden.tale c) An earth tremor rocked this Actually, the Republicans the First Lady's press tW CM .....Idate U tkli race with ACTUAL (mil[NCI
and that under writ of atUobmwit F.rt': had little criticism
can* a : themselves have -
"uid herein fwnonal t ha* oompllad with all pnvlloni Adriatic port city Wednesday, secretary, said Lynda and her ..4. nOUN AIIUTT la your ,.. C.llct.rOffice.. I eik the
lo JAMES of the statutes of the U tilted cracking some walls but for the sweeping program by your yes allow me t* same .. Tu Colloeter et
J James H. Cross m".lId"llfr'1tll' TODD, bas Staiei required to ill compile.i j offered by Johnson but they White House roomste Warrle Pelk wppNA pee
with before being authorised to Muring no casualties The Lyon Smith of San Antonio
to. 2401 NW. Winter have at the the
w on Avenue O commence the buaine of bank pounded way
RealtorOffice Haven Polk County Florida, a* a National Banking Association! head of a stone statue crashed President wants it run. Te*., were spending most of HOBSON STRAIN
hu. bn attached, thai the nllelherein Now, Therefore, I hereby eertll y; down from the facade ofI The program would centralize their time cramming for the ,.1. KM* HOISON STRAIN .la ,.. Tit Celltctc/s Office.
U that the amountof
prayed that the above-named aaauelatkm I
,Z93.A Ird St. ..". your Indebtednee to plaintiff be aulhori.ed to commence the bud St Anthony'i Church Into a under Shriver a number extma. __...? _
Ph. CY t-ZW determined and atlrid from UM na of bank a* a National Bankln r i parked ear. of new and existing pro- SHOP IN WINTER IIAVEN 'fl. Pol. A.V
proceed of the sale of property Association
attached. You are hereby required In testimony W".NOII wllaeaa mJ
17-M to *erv* a copy of your ani *r or .y ,stun and omen thl,
_ other wrlttun d..f..n*.i upon J. JMh day of February. 1M4 se
lot In Sonny Oem Into ad 1.1 JULIAN BENNETT JOl Vlmar MEAL of The Comptroller of Th.
to Camo Looter and Camit Macon Bulldliur Winter Haven Florida, on Currency. Charter No 1S1TOBinned .

ni'*.prlvat River.water U.ht.war. water Into. Klulm-..w..... or before April 1. 1M. and before. Comptroller( by) James of the J. Seoul for Buys that
or Immediately' thereafter fll.w"h in
and teleohon Mr Clyde Uun'tj Currency Dash
1DU S LK Show I>r. CY 4.lit the Clerk of the abov itylad March ( 11 II, M: April 2. I U. on are
n-Iu Curl the original of said answer M 30. 164IN
or Mid written defenne If any
BIILDIIO loOT S4..*a If you fall' to do w>. default will i THE find'IT 'OI'.T OF Till
Loa x 149 on paved road oft Highway "' -. be entrd artiest you for the relief TfNTH IT tout north of city llmltt demanded In th* Compl.lnt.WrrnM HAl R III". IX ANt tOil POLI40LNTV K
Shade tree. and producing orange my hand and offlnUI II (HANCfKV
It.'m Chiirk """'mk. niT TO ItlET TITLE:
oral nf offlo" al Barlow Polk
2tHaIl STHOENTHALER,....123. NIU and* CO Wefcen Reallort I"ao. County Florid. 1M4D this 28th day olFebruary f, FIRST AUSOCIATION FEDERAL 8AVINO8 OF W1NTLI AMIXAN InG an VAIUE !

H. SLOAN, $P. HAVEN Plaintiff
IMPROVED M' LAKBFROMT Clerk of the Circuit Courl ...
LOT. S mile. north ol Auburn- by: Vivian A. PjrvlnT THEDA IRENE HL8SEI ET AL
Hoi A-I305 i. New-Chlet lfr.. Attorney for' M.lnttrr2n1 OF MITT '
SAUB UuMtoeaiMd eonor Winter Harm Florida STATE OF .,K1DA:
root Inrludlns! lnrlallo4ni' Feb. 27 Mar. 5. 12. U. W4 TO' THrOA IRENE JlI''>>I8EIJ.. '/
a'r.had* tree*. MF a 1ST. LoeaVd W. F HICRRINOTON JH anr at theHAILEY
Contact tMck Hopm rat ri Dowupon THK TENTH': JIIMCIAl rlHflll Interest and all |..niM rlalm
HA 42MMS U-H IN ANn KR rosa (COLNTV Inn bx throunh under 01a r,
FLORIDA It CHANtrUYi .alnat them. and all parties hay
CHOICE REBfOKNTlAL LOT .. '*>* 14., siimaiitDIVOUCK Ina or claiming I I to haany. right,
Cypren Garden Road. Owner : till* or interest In th lollowlm.,
will finance' Call 2S4JIMS.TF MARGARET LOUIsE WRENCH described promises 111 Polk County '
--- Plaintiff Florida lo-wlt
Bi'V .u lot now plant a lumrner The PAST 1116 yard" of lh e
ardep 1 ar build or resell JAMES EDWARD WRENCH Wed 211 x.r l. of the Non
at ro'rl"t r.:ntart. Churk BF Defendant 211 yard of the NW'f of thi
..ink. BCHOCNTUAI.ER a.. NOTICE': TO urrrNo I I]
Mgrtn: Ran.a nsi.I8
t \ m-&I:11: MUM ..*..h.nd..wet TUB STATE OF FLORIDA TO- aat IEW
. ) 11.991 Jame. Edward Wrench AND EXCEPT: : the Wet IUU

8111 Elton Nonh Pa.Elton Lan thereof'fl of the North nollfled lOt M th fee* HOME OF FLORIDA'S NO. 1 HORSE TRADERS

You are hereby notified that i a.L You are hereby ,
lull dlroroe ha ba fllei I plalnllff. FIRST FEDERAL SAV
In th* above entitled I
cause and that you are hereby redulnd OF WINTER HAVEN ha* Ibis da, '
lo serve a copy of you r filed wit Malnn you In the ahoy
answer or other written d.fe.Mupim :: etyld Court and the nature Title of ail:I Iplainlff ,: OFFERING THE NEW 64 FAIRLANE SED.
Wailer a Bell. plaintiffs at ult I* a Bill I to Quiet
t..,in,,, whoae addreaa I.I 111 VaiSki I lo all of the above heor delcrlbed
premise and you are "
,_ ,: :"t..rolnh. : da < ul"" '
VI .la. on alb ) oth. pleadinfI1witll utheaClere k
>f April| IN4, and before or lmm.; f << above r .1)11.1: "Jh In Bar
dial. Ihrreafur to file with lh"i e the For Only
low Florida and serve a cop: ;
< "rk >f the above elyled Court th i 1r
: thereof plaintiff
.f said anewer or wrltteidefine whorname and address I Ia an
**. If any netted hereto, not later than ApH
II ?>u fall to do *o. Deere PNr : Decree Pro Con

.'.;nf(loi"the,will I nllf be demanded entered apalnMi :In (h t 10 feeao WITNESS IM4 to or be uffer my entered hand an against:Ihe Clsrl youq ,1

f.mrlalntWITNtSS official of Ihe ....... rtyled Court and tl.
MY hand and
oral of sale Court at Bartow,. Florid $1995
unit I of office at Bartow. Polk CounIj thl March 10. 1M4
Florida this IrS day of March D. H MX>AN. JR.
1M4 Clark Circuit Court
1' Clerk Circuit Court B. NW
t 144 Avenue
D. Busing
Deputy Winter Haven
BANK March 12 11 21. April X 164
<\vlif re vo
Mar' I. U. 19 M 1N4

.- $19500
.M . _
. . . ...
. . . . .

d OR $4350 PER MO.

Weekend! Special

The Dealer With The County's Most


person Six tomato visiting plants us FREE Thrus.to each Fri. Complete Line Of Cars !

or Sat. No purchase required.THURS. 1 3 :

FRI. SAT. MARCH 19th, 20th & 21st e

CI: first polo

I ALf s498e ma XL 2. 1163 rONTIAC 2-DR. 3 a 19.3 FORD THUNDERIIRO 4 > 143 FALCON 4DR.CONVERTIBLE .


sicoid gal. J A M..HIsl! fairav.M! fislh-wlh whit. A k *irtlfyl I rate ter with .**ckhi t re A b.*.tify keky fiahk wltfctrl
f 0. ItO VI ougee! Cr lM-O M.Hs l Jet kleck Gail. L*..l **__.e car Inleflor I White! viey| ) tep. This se l l.k.MW kt tHcl l k. retie, Meter Luau with
traatmlMUa, M**' ttedag, *werWe with real l .Uw m2e.a.. !..14.! ..4. ..*. U M with all las' war wta wllk reel: Uw mit* *.
ORTHO-GRO LIQUID let. *ll. end bate. Leon *....aeri.>.

PLANT FOOD roto rtici .... 'erI7Art. POID PtICt .. $2888 HAIAIIiYNEW OIO PtICI' .... $3588 POIO PIICI ..._ 9IOOOI .
-- --------- -

12 6 $499 ft' 7. ( '}..
S-r tra.Ll ...,.... _' I .
.. -
3. ., ...d4
,. "Joo.- "" '
$9.96 VALUE B "" I .J. "
.. . ,'
'..- .
........ ....Gt. .: -.c" : -


WEED KILLERS, TROPICAL PISH, PETS a PET VI *...1.*. **,.mei,* (ra.nlnl a, r.- A k*...tit. .l ..r .le-O1.gal> ..L .NN.toJe 1 VI ...!.., SM.*. c.*, .4J. aid .*... .hrl.He*. haze 100-k i.n**..wM pees*.glee.erU. *;

SUPPLIES 4ie, .**.*,. nit Let sly 11000 kesl l Ct...tamest wink tow I kdJiq mile. *** *le*e...., alt ..... Wkt, ist4.4.et aN 1 keener. *..*
es..wee.will M sibs aw.THI wiadewu. pe vM cud 1 .atery sit l
mil**. L..I l ....
1itleil ,
c* *

Mary Carter Paints THI MIWHAiirr ORS PUCE ... $1488 TNI NIW PCIO HICI . ?CIPflflHAIliT NIWHAItIT POI MILS .. $1788 THI NIWHAIUT POLO PtlCI .. $2688


Doty Farm & Garden Supply

Complete Peed, Garden Supply
311 Lib $Mesl, SW' and Pet Shop lflw ts5eTJ1a HAILEY FORD CO. 1


U m B 104 E. Central CY 14111Page I I



Thursday March 19. 1964 WINTER: HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF--WIN1IR:: HAVEN fLORIDA Page Seventeen
--- -- -- -

J & ColleeMaXWelt59 I DetergentFAB I' CocktailThe

I 1 C Ext.t49 I : { C Size Ct 49c ARROW Gt.OfilLUE WNTfE'Size 39c i 5 El. sloolIillllILtI.u

,.. .
-- -
\ WIl lJ _l"j' '

PccErtr SMART Place To Go . For GOOD Things To Eat i! I II

I :IRIS flil50Jil? : ( : 96.LSb.
." : ; ,. COVT. INSPECTED GRADE 'A' QUICK FROZEN Oil Limn on. 99c


) FRYER PARTSBreasts SOUPS '7' Jt$100\ .:


Ib. Thighs arDrumsticks, 49 C Corn U I U 303 4 'Cant* 49C
10 sseFANCY
off' '"- 12.SII.
ExCELrtc. \$ lb. Mild LImIt .. 6ge
.! ., .. Effective March 19 Tkn Mud 21 SAVE 33< THRIFTY MAID CALIFORNIA i
_150 AUBURNDALE FOURTH STREET STORE N.W.- Lemons . Dec 33 TomnloesS mtw h $100 ;

FREE 500 EXTRA (Apples 4 ft 49(5( 1 Juice 4 4EI.', $100 !


You Clip and Redeem All Potatoes. 25 :; 99 Catsup. 4 12Ith limit Fur, 4'c

The Valuable Coupons In This Ad FANCY TENDER I SAVE lOc TYKES CORNED
1._ II I 12.!.
I Milt Pole Beans 190
Lb. Beef.! 39c
IW4_,...ml.the, d
W-D Brand Lion,FrethLwndBuf SAVE IDe CHAGRIN1 GOOD FIG

9f4" Mly Kw*c.....5k*WliwJMiita$239 ttoratUMIT rlt .E oze .F90DS Burs R UmltTw.-b.Phi. 39c

/I.. ti Fudge Bars 4 P" $100 e Bread lt 1ge i
wM IAN. --..... n if Shrimp 2 >*
"'rnow Whol.Hog Country GARDENS FROZENLemonade Bread I f:: 41 c
'Oak Swage :. 69
; .) ..8c.u $100 1
Beans 6 $Io
1'I IoI I Fries. 32.$100! \ ivIl 7 I


.......$y 1-e cw. I WlAw'INle'ct: 55 1'- BUDWEISER BEER SUPER HAND CREAMY SMOOTH um"S"1IIIII1III1111111111I11oIllllll1ll0hllllll'lII/IIIIIl' ::
e.LIMit.,...M ONI Tt Ml>fwli CUIIOril M....11K PACK 12-0Z. ICE CREAM I Is(
"j 7 2 HALF 'I
"(i"n n M/IJUIAMJI/KIJ/IJI/I\ \(I QIIIIII, Limit twe will other pure...... GALLONS i
TOP VALUE STAMPS IIIIIIUIllIllIllItIIllIllIllIlIlUIIIIII'IIIIIIIIUIlmIlllll llIIIllHlllllftII llltllllllllllIIUIIIHIIUIIImlllllllll1I1I1I'"Hlllmllllllll, / nllllti MlNNNIgilNliqNNgI{ INIINIMINgIpppN/gIINMgININaINIIINgqqllWplNMIqllqplUpplNlla/ I
50.Nh EXTRA!hit.......... .IM,.,....... ---I
I AIt.SeIu". '.:: 59c.. : MOR : $ MEA]' VALQES CHUN KING
Oat ally K *dwk t WIM D. iMmJMIT I f I II I
C.,..V.W ONI TI fit....CUITOMU.b Mods IImm1Nftmmm QUICK FROZEN S TO 7 fc.A YG.J.AMB Chinese Food Specials I
1 1 Chow Mel Noodles 2 c': 29
mfJ(} I 1I. 1( '1I. '(W'1IA'I LEGS
SOtXTRA lOP VALUE STAMPS.. Soya Sauce 2 &&: 29c: 1
wIlT.._, mri percIteM. .r I
Sup*rot* Whale Divider Pak Chicken ',-: 59c I

iiI OM..SwMtMT...,K-A CM'e t?WiM-Miw 69 llw. J Per Pound 49' Divider Pak Beef X 59c '

WIT.v.OM...Tb.Ml. .CUITOMEICap. ih. Mire II Ii'; I I'I Divider Pak! Mushrooms. V.* 49c

NJJfJ/.NJlN.I: Jllf.
Rib Roast ...10 fc. IB. 7gewo LENTEN SPECIALS
50.IA EXTRA 110....TOP,....VALUE..NIo...STAMPS........ < I

... 2 "nM'__........) !
.M ..wiII cw I w Fish Sticks 1 mn 1 79c
.1UMT,..Y.M OM TI.PU. ..CWSTOMMV ,....II'mrmrrrfNtlfmftttm Beef Stew SmIOtfc. (IB. lOc WISCONSIN MEDIUM AGED

Cheddar Cheese. *. 59c

...EXTRA.........TOP.ii.VALUE*.....STAMPS......d Caraway Choose *69c
......... 43c
.... UMII ole....f r CWttOMB73FffrETVTfrTTffflfffJ. nOUN SONEUSS VEAL
ic...... IIi.gh M.d III

tt! I .I .. Leg Roust 1&. 79'loo

Alder Ffel e Delmonlco SPECIAL

Said.s.n...1-e CW 4 n.I.....STAMlSI, 3 1iIL $ SUPERBRAND
.un.,...OM....Thu MI;h.. & 49
I URNOWS SLJCfO Margarine4'bs.49c

'Itci&& Bologna sri: 45e U OFFER

SO...h EXTRA...-TOP-d AWl,..STAMPS.....if .
t "pMJ SIKUO OUAITERPork 2 Lk DElMONICO Elbow Macaroni
: Otra SaW x. 79cI .......... ....we .l4 ..........,
..... hI aN ptls
......U1f1 afS ---- Yew......,..........
,I c.-Yid.PU.....CVITOIId..Mwd. II loins .. 5ge kAAA I




I ::

, ( TIME


Y'all Come 1

And Pay Us A Visit. fkt u

: X Enjoy some good old time -

; entertainment by our string STRING BAND Qf
I 1 # band- free old time A
\ snack and most of all
;. joy a store load of old time i2881

j a bargains! 1:00 1 'til 5:30

, ------
:f1j) SAVE REFRIGERATOR y; : REGULAR PRICE $495.95 NOW _ "D.yliglit Bluo" picturo Rich char sound e N.w GE"Soled'
*139.88 Bt.tn"- daign.d pleturok
13 cu. ft. ONE :7ONlY FREE TV STAND DURING Lftr.E VALUE DAYS w for bttt picture
2 2 400
WJ $299.95 NOW _
0 "D.yligKt Bluo"
SAVE REFRIGERATOR oNE,,,.w/_ERg: 5 7 4 0 0 \ 0 Nutrlizd triod*
REGULAR PRICE $775. NOW _ J '; for Improved
i fringe er.e

SAVE FREEZER 18 cu ft. ONE OOEL X ONLY 2 6 8 0 0 0 Damp Dry Spin I I ii/ a porformtnee Rich ctter sound

.i Spiral Activator ;

REGULAR PRICE $399.95 NOW - Lil tl 18988
r.'M 1e $16695
SAVE: euzYntowI '4 2' 8 00
.. ., : I REGULAR PRICE $569.95 NOW _ _
A touch to the control toltcti the """
/ .rrM/ panel
light ten' for each particular ,, '' _'
;4i 1 I THREEYEARS perotur. *
with lad..Hot or Worm.An equallyoiy
touch determine the amount of obile MaidDISHWASHER
LP'1I' ; :; ::? I I water for each.particular load The
R proper amount f water for load under
= TO PAY the pounds creates a great,00ln,.

"'nu ., a : SA

== TWO/70
gives you sparkling
clean dishes

4 I d hand rinsing .
or scraping!

_____ 7___ rowEB
t I a TBdEB
; wwuw

em"e y tONEwtlll
'V ,
/ /

S 88 St lo rt


=seEa s=!! g5 ;-
Ile=5==============-- .J ,

;$J Two Door 13 Refrigerator Freezer I .'f

I- IIO Holdi iERO up-DEEiREE l. 108 Ib FREEZER.. Only 24666 HIGH SPEED DRYER 12888 jj a
WIT Only '
4 ceblntt ih.lvti,on.tlidei out-Two porcelain THREE YEARS CONTROLLED HEAT THREE YEARS TO ':: '
v.9t.l>l.dr.wri-No coil.n b.elt. TO PAY PAY


& FRIDAY NIGHTS POLK COUNTY'S 1'f1. i__ ___ ___ _

i,WE ARE CLOSED MOST COMPLETE IlL 1I'iP1' om mlus Clock'Racfio Television o r MIeoY

A SUNDAYSERVICE. @ CENTER Sixth! Si & Ave. K, N.w. Phone 293-1129 AND manic AUAM aoac.... IUD twtrcH

.1 I _




Chemists Playing Baffling Democratic Executive Group SPECIAL

I [

Hit-Run Game With PoisonsJACKSONVILLE Meets Friday To Plan Rallies ELECTRIC IBM TYPIWIITfR

-- -- ---
Chemistst legal The mu was released The Polk County Democratic meeting Wednesday night to determine 250
M-outlve Committee win meet final plaaa now thatthey
the State Board of Health Organic substances Include v ,,
have DeW assistance in play. sugars, fats proteins, vitamins I y I Iw HuUy, night Ui. complete plans know exactly how many
.log a baffling game of hid. and a host of things with hmh: I I" TIM| <'01-imn primaries and canidates are in the race STANDARDOFFICE
aod-sevk M.I! ilults for rallies through All but eight of the 4 offices
in identifying
poisoni. ly technical names Each his .
to bf filled this year an .* EQUIPMENT
drugs and narcotlci p Ii i The I' untvi
ill own individual Infrared\>vM I
an instrument which absorption pattern and this nut t i IK> ea np.ultn' committee willike (h'sled. meaning that 54 candidates II* THUD ST., M.W
have opposition and will
n Its iinnnirndstkuis at nJ-J"
see name any one of over tern is traced by a pen on a
. this time All tw! landidates for want to speak at the rallies
,000 organic substances in 10.lIMIt.
graph which revolves on a drum
. .. aunty" offices have been In-
Because glass absorbs infrared w
Lawrence K. McEMowney. the light a prism of salt is usedIn Micd, to the meeting to express Need Cash To ftjf Kit?
board' chief chemist aaid the the instrument The substance their\ viewa.
If all of the candidate do
instrument can help live *
save being tested must be
or determine some obscure pot. purified and reduced to powder : come to UM meeting they will iiVtiCR30
ore which may have caused by a variety of chemical : w l out number the coMmtttMmon 5- fi Tie Mai re SM
death He Hid it can help convict means This powder Is then by two to OM since only about
lawbreakers or acquit a r 30 usually attend sash meetIng
combined with salt which la ACCEPTANCECORPORAT10H
person inspected of illegal posaessMMt pressed into a thin wafer The .
chairmen Ftatk
of narcotics. wafer la placed in a metal container Co llwrsey"
The board la charged by law with a slot through which and Robert Bramea of Lakeland
have met with members of their
with watching the purity of infrared light Is beamed to the OP FLORIDA
+ committee several times In the
druga manufactured In Florida,
prism The resulting light energy
and mace many manufacturer is transformed and proJected 4r past few weeks to set up plans (oMpa! owes tow low 1AYMIurs
for conduct of the
are making drug increasingly onto the graph. Board eta sA (Ass is fA3H uv
I complex the instrument can experts then check this graph The Democrat will hold a hl uwa h let IhMI MIA
the series of rallies throughout the oOgr $ae0roNODtloatit
Identify component parts with already.Identified graphs
ao that board experts can determine in a master book. When one county The candidates will WILW tl/ 7SOii 11140 t500tf 10.
if the drugs are aafe is found to match the other probably be divided Into two CenWnNM. Isla itrlr. In Wlmlew Harald r.llwk
and if they have been properly the substance is identified. or three group so the rallies LOANS IN 055411 AMOUMS 01 rot ooi u "lice 41a, lei Tee"rfIIOOS
\ labeled. MUTUAL OFFICIAL AND 'THE REAL THING'-Robert Rutledg, execute vice! can be completed In a reasonable Aar COMIA5AIiI
1 MT asavlq
The Instrument it an Infrared president of Florida Citrus Mutual, displays some of Florida's orange 'juice products as length of time 341Hr
RecreationGroup Qualifying closed Tuesday *
Spectrophotometer. It rest on he seeks t* rally the Industry in the fight against synthetics
the committee held their final
work. .
top an ordinary laboratory
--- -
bench and identifies the substance Planning
being tested by means
of a gridded graph on a sheet April MeetingsTALLAHASSEE
of paper about one foot by UPI The
( ) -
three. Each substance has Its Florida Outdoor RecreationalPlanning r
own identifying graph of hills
Committee has act up PRE-SEASON SALE
and valleys, just as each per. a series of 10 hearings starting
son has his own fingerprints.In April 15 to get public guidance
one case, police found a
on the new recreational land
man unconscious. Between his
teeth, which were false they purchase The planning program.committee. In a
noted a whitish powder which meeting Tuesday, also established
he had chewed. A
apparently a special subcommittee FRIGIDAIRE-AIR CONDITIONERSOUR
sample was tested on the instrument
The operator, recognizing to set up criteria for spending
recreational funds for special
the graph pattern as one
applying to barbituates In general projects.

checked It against a aeries. In The Tampa public April hearings 15 and will were begin to INSTALLATION CREWS ARE NOT BUSY AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR -
of individual matter graphs.The
wind up May 14 in Fort
immediately specific Identified.barbiturate was Pierce. BEAT THE RUSH BUY NOW HERE'S OUR LIMITED TIME OFFER.
The committee delayed
planning -
In another case a man was
board action on three other matters .
picked up by inspectorson
suspicion of possessing narcotics pending a report from the
The suspected material special criteria subcommittee. THROUGH THI
was checked by the Instrument. FREE WINDOW ::'iLO. INSTALLATIONTHIS
It was found to be nothing il-
Ammo Is Shot

LONDON (UPI) A reporton

Dance the disclosed British army's Tuesday expenditures that 82- WEEK ONLY WE WILL INSTALL, YOUR FRIGIDAIRE

At Lake AlfredA million rounds of .303 rifle am

dance will be held Saturday were munition corroded valued and at ruined$S million because HEATING AND COOLING AIR CONDITIONER FREE OF CHARGEBUY

night at the Youth Cen, too much salt was used
ter' from 7 to 10 p.m. Music 1 In making cardboard boxes m
will be furnished by the MelloAirs 1 which the bullets were packed .
of Winter Haven for the I THE NAME YOU KNOW AND TRUST

Teen-Agera. ,-..., FRIGIDAIRE
Dress will be semiformal and
members and their guests are Has Own Firm BUY QUALITY TO BE SURE BUY
cordially invited. Anyone living
In the Lake Alfred area who LONDON (UPI) Harold
are eligible, to join art welcome !Bowman who was fired from "
The dance will be chap- his $11,900 Job as sales managerat
eroned and admission will be the age of 81. wrote to 9,000 GUARANTEED HEATING AND COOLING
SO cents per person firms for a new post but they
Ruth Mince), chairman, hat all rejected him.
named on the decorations committee But a court ordered his old
: Kathy Ilarrell, Linda firm to pay him $71,400 In severance JUST RIGHT CONDITIONING FOR
Webster Joyce Elliott and pay and Bowman set up
Ricky: Wright his own export advice company NEW ECONOMY 15,000 BTU/hr'


McMAMIM Room Air Conditionerr t

r,.'. r'rI n, .
rn p 4. n
,4 i Three tpetd fans and
four wty air discharge ROOM OR BEDROOM ADDITION
llllffll'ffl'l for maximum fisiibility.B .
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/Irnllil./ i >f moisture removalrslsd -
pint per hour! Gay K- RIG I
av sass to washable bac>
'Iclde.t..at.d blur
r(.7 Only easy.to-uie
\ controlstwo for Man Ilisd

; Solid Comfort. FRIGIDAIRE F I 18OOO8mt.

I I I I' _
--- :
----- HIM CM** ctMcfty HMM Payment ROOM AIR' CONDITIONER
new colors! lasting comorfIJ SUH4H C" IMt or





rated capacity before you buy AIWII4 2 DISCOUNT 01

R8 .a.Ides.ew. r..svwMIMA4./wdprbIWe % CASHFRIQIDAIRB

1 r----- FRIGIDAIRE Ask about Guaranteed

i Guarantee of Rated Capacity Rated Cooling Capaclly'R\
M41Wet eersesh esen eTor.
arrlume _._ saw en read _...
adds beauty to your lawn, porch, patioA .a.r., lid wawa, wrny w.. ,n.ewl es=
a : ii
sturdy tubular\ steel ensemble with a beautiful aw O.sdlwa.,. .r .M.esaaN rid IM rMNNrwM
7 foot canopy of double laminated plastic on nylon. a H CSfMM* -pnacnM kr Him etr4 BUY THE NAME YOU TRUST
Sun and weatrief mtttant colorful patterns. Lightweight -
u M MT la..uMa I rvn aSise W SillnryM
aluminum' umbrella shaft with bring action. w w Wcd -- ,M.naes.1.. a. ...
42' steel table with rend edge can be any d>s* L M..N. M -, ....rise .s.danu Gov FROM
assembled. Tubular steel frame chin ate durable .IpM N -....1M wl..r m.e rra....ra.d, _s,lid 5Eu_.__re...
with exclusive ash coobnc. weather mutant fiber nil lies __wt_. ... ....-ear hww r.
seats and backa. ClNxa of =.::.:;;::" "MM',I.C a "= THE DEALER YOU TRUST

color combination. $9900Tfialh0u ......... .-..- ...,.,,.,-. A..wMe,.

AUftPIEOS-SAUreiCEOAT t es mosese emell0a es* uore.e tasro.at'm

Exclusive at L- "The House That Quality Built"TV

S /

'. .",- few d.alCorner ..

." and AppliancesACROSS .



Comer 4th & Ave. D, N.W. Ph. CY 43291Thursd

6th St. & Ave. J, N.W.



r Nit\l11i: HAVIf ; I 1/1, I f N JI! '.v\ ', ( nil'! WINIFR: HA\mj\ l IIh'I/( __ Thursday, March (19, 1964Methodist

I Church Official .. Quotes From The News I IBy

Blasts UaJM. Preen teferaattoMlNEW lapsed into a coma Tuesday
Companies YORK-Pmident Johnson Bight:
speaking of the need for "Now we cal just only hope

i i WASHINGTON (UPI) A too mild, and the health ommlsaioner equal opportunity for all Americans his condition can only"be described
I Methodist Church official hit of the nation hit at a St Patrick's Day as grave indeed
charged that the tobacco Industry test city warned that if the led I banquet of the Society of the
wants to leave control of eral government docs nut>i II'< i Friendly Sons of St Patrick: KNOCKS MUSICAL HORNS
cigarette advertising up to Con local officials will .e "We want an America that is ROME (UPI) The Transport
gresi because it it confident New York City Health (011'< 1J',1 eager to redeem Its promissory Ministry has ordered Oral
the lawmaker will not act miiaoner George James sod notes of equal citizenship, fie police to crack down on motorists
Lester L Keyser a memberof his city definitely would adopt ashamed that they are so long whose car horns play
the Methodist General Boardof a law requiring health warning : : overdue, and determined that music Instead of just old.fashion .
Christian Social Concerna, on cigarette package and \ never again will they be discounted honking
told the Federal Trade Com- would seek control over adi l or denied In the treasury The ministry said in a circa
miSliOB that "the tobacco toduitry originating in New York of American conscience" lar that musical horns longa
it confident that Ita $8 ff'wL subject of complaint from
billion cudgel can effectively DUBLIN A hospital spokea other motorists and pedestrian
Uook meaningful legislation." Dickinson'sBalloon man on the condition of playwright -do not conform with legal
Thii. sound like a delayingtactic Brendan Behan who specifications
by an industry which haa
not hesitated to put Its corporate I
l interest ] ahead of the Downed
health of the nation," Keyaer
said LAKELAND (UPI) Gunning
The FTC hearings entered down a cindidate'i campaign P9ro if
their third and final day today
balloon it going too far, the
with governors of three tobacco
Lakeland for gubernatorial
producing atates scheduled ,',
candidate Fred 0 Dickinson '
to testify against proposals that
complained to police Tuesday ,
t i"ii
cigarette packsgea carry labels 4 ot IhE
(jut they are I health hazard
Ed McMullen said somebody
the wit I n e I. list were YOUR CHILDREN
ion, Terry Sanford of North bat apparently been taking pot !
"Dickinson" balloon WILL ENJOY A
Albertii S. Harrison choke at a
Jfc of Virginia and Edward T. which flies 100 feet above campaign SENSE OF SECURITY

Brcathitt of Kentucky headquarters here T--: ;; ( i'? ; .;" : ': 11 The titling .f b.l.ngna! to a
: "
Scheduled to testify in favorof : .
'i: I; neighborhood elves )'.unD.t.r.
the proposals were representatives WATCHING POLICEROCHESTER \I rn.b.a a prle>l them... MIM happier of, ,..curU they)'.b,It.
if the American Cancer England (UPIA ) _.i lrlI ''I .."' better .dJu.t. D.n't denyyour
Society, Consumer Union and motorist ticketed for speeding ... children. end y.urulf this'
Public Health Service. sent hit fine to the court :It.JA.CKSONVILLE. pl ur<
At Tuesday'i session, advertising Tuesday with this explanation"I OPIN HOUSC
spokesmen challengedthe wat watching the police 1 to t >.M. Dally

FTC's authority to make ear so intently that I didn see ART MUSEUM-Clasitc 1 beauty>> expressed itruction and to be>> completed 1 by Fell The
rules, scientists generallysaid >> $550,000
any the limit
the proposed rule. were speed sign In contemporary terms tt the architectural concept 1 building>> It being built of reinforced concrete end gUss.terday QUALITY MATERIALS Sun Acres
of the Jacksonville Art Museum, now under cone FEATURED IN ALL

that restaurant owners gument came in a request for Old Winter. Hav.n.Lak.lan Rd.
Birmingham Council who cater to the public forfeit the court to assume jurisdictiontheir
Fades away age spots! constitutional right to re- of 740 civil rights cases before Villa Lumber DAM w .I.p.d WINTERt by
fuse service to anyone The ar a state court.

Sticks To Integration awe

t %i By United Press International persons swelled the ranks of the
The Birmingham, Ala, city biracial demonstrators to 27
council Tuesday rejected de- Tuesday In their second day of
mands by segregationists that a a water and Ice diet. The group
planned integrated Easter servis seeking passage of a state
"ff i Ice be halted public accommodations law
e A citizens council group said The council of Oklahoma City
; ,the proposed meeting, at which Tuesday tabled a proposed pub.
evangelist Billy Graham will oflie accommodations ordinance, s.
flclate war "provocative pending further administrative

U I t r a n a d I n. 01 I ae I(blood and) will if violence be on the handsbof to ttudy.seek A a Negro boycott leader of downtown promised

.dMfyUI-rITIIt..I'IIIOI.'IIIo. the rulers of "
.I\ pgaeel ehute, RJn!I b!!. Ihl 5Mlty
"'N1 c ', S 150 ml el lets, as. The Birmingham city coun- Elsewhere In the nation:
:WIIKI lurf: MMM, nudy K.rt :r.tIl!,,, = ell, to another> action, refused Scranton, Pat .Atty. Gen
'I .i i.tli<"'.._....... i"i ekes tllNnl. rrm.. wit .. ...... MM 111 stage a "prayer walk" through called upon all Irish Americans,
+ 1
1111..001.1. Owrl
the city this Saturday The
re "the first of the racial minor 1ywtM
ligious group, contending the ties," to be leaders in the fight
proposed walk la "the result of against discrimination
divine revelation," Indicated it, Florence, Alas The city com- TR
would try to march anyway. mission' said Tuesday It has
f At Frankfort, Ky, civil rights added two Negroes to the podemonstrators -
continued their lice force with "full authority"sit rnSB
In, hunger strike in the to arrest whites
gallery of the Kentucky House Greensboro, N. C.t A Negro
of Representatives. Four more lawyer told a federal judge yes.I .



A rugged fire for your

1 1 r car..with sports-car

I i t 4 01I 1i tread design for r J. '

I I I :'i'I easier handling !

t.i i rr1, .;, e For the first time: a premium tire feature at

real economy prices! NawB.F.Goodrich Long Miler 330!

I n New Wrap-Around tread extends around the

.. I f : irdor shoulder of the tire for improved stability and

I \\ ,. C11 L. '' oard0, I pr I J'tavn" \\ steering response.

in Wintr I Tread design on the new Long Miler 330 im 1 545. ,

'Yla.Uon"' t :: I t. I ien proves skid resistance on wet and dry roads

,a ,, ya I
) I. tt" lo

Q Jl oudg 'I TIRE PROTECTION PUN additional( IIU(.'.I rMtu. ) ,"ADI..N .1Ite1-
Pn f? J.n charge for mounting loo/5.,0/560.IJ Slsn!
f wta every new 7.00/6.50.13 I .In
,, .U RaW 1 e rgs9an y"I \Li guarantees 330 for as INSTANT CREDIT .oolong s.ip.toa. IS IS 21 IS "tS

in p as drive iti! Tour credit alrtady t.tibt. htdit SOa U/r,.0. is n.4MII .
t you you h we any national credit
\ I.IC11 ;ra _ _
'Yl"Uona .t'- ... .. .....
: oM> Mrw'a. lii' ta>We II weed trod ear MM..._.MM* N.ed IdtcK r.d.d.M OTTMMMH si epaA HMMK.Mi mw Used kr W4 xto*
Ar\tca.n _''fl rt1. tr0 fat aeei.w a eased..... 5 1.-- lorD N M keyed Leetrpw,Mw...... nnM ..rasa Ml IK mil l.nniiiliin MX m .IX pM t n d t mlllimn*wad Mat M f>-

..Itt.. .. .1' 11M,.."" t. 5..111'.'t rt. B.F.Goodrlch products are competitively priced at locations listed.
S,t S *Instant credit ovoilable.
t **Budget turns available
Si.L, SIN d df t,,;ppVpe


\ It !I.\\.',
.. r 1\ 251 Ave. A, S.W. 2010 8th St., N.W.

...... ,\... 293-6341 or 293-6325 CY 4-3161
; 4

2000 Ith ST., N.W. 2600 H..e"d.le l Blvd. 704 .9"oIi.
CY 3.9117STARLING CY .6412 A..I>>""fId.le. Florid


r 3106 Ay..G. N.W. Eloise Florid
1 291417 CY J.o190B.EGoodrrch
., ; ..
.i% M "
,.': t. ", ";rr; :. ", ,, //I;. ,'" 0','\ 10 r'

rtsaa.e..n _




OPEN 7H 9:00 P.MJ8

, \1 r) 831 ith St., I.W.I I
y Quantity; Rights R.Irwd

: 0 r 0 i c


i I D E\


. PKG, 9C
! __ ,
n 0 0 LBo
! 4b OZ
"Maxwell Hausa"

Tomato"STOKELY" Sauce.,10 S i 0 R K L 0 I N Whole or Rib Half Q\) COFFEE ALL GRINDS

Catsup .S ,6 ',';:'

"STOKELY"Sliced Beets .1 NSi": ROAST Lb, LB. C
5 9
Com . . 7 Nr
"STOKELY"Corn 3fVx ti '.> 7 9 l&r1 'nd Beef 3 .si29 1 Slab Bacon. LL 33| ;1UMITv MORI ONIITMTOUkT.OR tltAL1 FOODOROIKI '

, "STOKttY"Cut Beets a 8 NcJ s03 SLICED LEAN MEATYSpare ar A' ,

"STOKELY" WHOLEPotatoes No, 289" Ribs. 49* -
a a a 8 ?s03

Alaska"STOKELY" Peas. 5 H'cT: PAC Chops 59 Pork Steak. 49 Wer>ihoy
Peas . . 5N C...." MM SUGAR
Limas . 5 No CentS 303 CLUB CUBE CHUCK y.!::o1

"STOKELY"Green CUT Beans. 5 H 5t4ClL\ 88c u. 68 c 5 kg Lb. 49c

N M .

I TUNA . 4 ST Lb.
HOLSUM"NOODLES. 2 8? .K ii J'1llVj 9-oz.PKG. IDe

Peanut Butter . 2 .u. FRESH AUDI TfllStURY w 1AUARD- "MORTON1
"SUNSHINr FOOD CAKE BISCUITS . '::- 9c Meat Pies 6 ? *11
RING 3 9 CHEESE . '::: 49c Fruit Pies . 3 20.Os. $1
"' rum "PHILADELPHIA "McKINZir 24-01.
r . .239c Cream Cheese. n 29cKRAFTS Pole Beans. 2 :: 99
IgNG StZf DONNED MJRACll .d1HJl./ CUT 20.0..
PLASTIC 79c . .1 :t 25c Whipped Oleo. Ki 29c Green Beans .2 89q
-- -- - - - - - - ---- ---
- - -
IL 1M anA_ 1w : C I .SO....EXTRA-. *SOETTIAn i l A GOLD wG .so...EXTIA- &
LIP WIa a .. I W .rr.r..r d %iSrDtissrna* w... W /w.MU N
: C *v -
:; war I IIIC I III : I EXTLIII : 1 1
1 I ......IIIJ C GELATIN 2'"
.... 4 C: 669c MIXES STAMPS 1: FRYERS STAMPSThursd
5 IS'l" .. .. C- 2.35c. .. .,.. ... ....,..,.. ..
: c-:: ..d MTV:*: .4 .... TM N EAT' ..rv'w.M....r" C, **TC2.*rtv*** *MT* "1''Marts'* C.



r Page Twonty-Two WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHIEF--WINTbR HAVEN. FLORIDA .':, : _Thursday. March 19:, I 1964 j

ilMstQubjars I Pienwnta.Buano Speaks In Tampa| Street Closing Hearng',April 1 I IA

TAMPA (UPIW PlmenUBuem that nation's position In the .bewiat at the t'.t.neeIlOll' .1
farmer member of the world today close gs of t4 ... one at Ave.
Manager Brazilian delegation to the Ave., y e* u. us place
United Nations, will speak. at --- for iwtwray, wll be ,'-It.( Second St.,
the University of South Florida Eagle Lake PTA tile Algdtl*otlng or the from'i ta tateraoct with
meetingthe COllI .
e regular weekly Tuesday. : ...
( Winter Haven Optimist! The.gnipatilL made by fa MMfMhediiltd
He is consul general of Meals
b i was held yesterday at the now TonightThe Swing tit WJltter Haven, t ..m.
Brazil at New Orleans He wasa
k; Restaurant rides 'fat be closing
I rite guest speaker was Geney U.N delegate in 1959.60, and Eagle Lake PTA will section of Magnolia Ave.
manager of Grant's I>- was a member of the Brazilian meet tonight at I o'clock in the -
rtment store at i southeast special mission to the West school lunchroom
aza Shopping; Center, who M African states in 1961, and a A report will be made on the
r I e an outline of (the lift ofT delegate lo the U N. Organlia. operation of the food booth at QUICK '
Grant, founder of the Iran of American States seminarin the Florida Citrus Exfwcttion "
\ nous chain of retail stores Santiago Chile, in 1M2Pimentt The program knight will be
I guest Included George -Bveno will speak on a discussion of fee PTA In Tl.
I p U.r and Ralph Rossi. lathLakeland the development of Brazil and school functions,
who running ..
i are ------ -- -- -- -
.II I r county offices this year. _
; >th gave brief speeches. which U.S. GYPSUM
II Ire followed by a question
'rlod by the membership of sw
II meeting was presided
for by J. D. Pope, president. MASONRY PAINT GAL. 3.95REGULAR

PRICE 4.95Building

ike. Alfred Aetam4 Materials

a Vernon Mineey has re"wed -

from Lakeland Hospital _, 1801 7th St.. S.W. Phone 293-1102 HY THE BAOPULU
e she underwent ear sur .4 : i .

:ery .
Guests of Mrs J C Cook -
nd Mrs. Vernon Mincey are '
heir son and brother C. C. \ : :
: '
Cook wife and son Charles STEREOPHONIC : -.
returned to the
Who has just
United States from a three year HIGH FIDELITY PHONOGRAPHSMAES ''
'our of duty with the army in ? .

>rman> The visitors reside InSnfcny IRQ SERIES' .. ..... .,..
i Custom craftsmanship marks detail and appoustmunt
: every .
Mrs Stein of
Mr. and Harry
,' ? t of the elegant Sylranja! lUaetro find Concert s
S. C., who win'Ipsjng -
Vstcrtown are '"
Master Series,Heft saygpi2iA! Instruments, magnificent In
In Lake Alfred, are .
every UHiUllm with
np at component
several In
,.spending days Safety
jiarbor, visiting friends : t Stereophohlc.
1 'IJ Ladles Night at the Lake Alfred .
Lions Club Is Thursday,
March! : 19 at T:30 p.m. A large -- v?

4ttene ante Is expected BOUND FOR NEW YORK-"Congratllraticons, Buster, you're going to the New York
A mllCell.neoullhower, sponfljred World's Fair," Jimmy Kline one of his star stud.nh. Kline I. training the troupe
the Womans
by Service, will be of porpoises that will do 10 sows daily In the first liv. porpoise show ever to be pre'

given for Mrt Alice Anderson, nested In any world' fair The talented sea creatures with built.ln grins are In training
who will be married next In Miami, will fly to the fair to perform In the Florida ..xhibit.Floriclas .:
fronth All ladies of the Lake vl;,
concerned with taking care of
Alfred Methodist Church are \
the newly set and young re
'(Ihvited, and the event will be Weather ccnlly unbanked trees The fertilization ,r
given at the home of Mrs. Maud cultivation and watering .
Telford, who will be assisted by of these trees along with
Mrs Peter Jensen, Mrt John continued .
prune hedge operations
Boyd and Mrt. Leonard Hat ton. And News Of Crops and some spray and dust
., A rummage aalo at the Reels applications on older trees constitutes
,store In Eloise, will\ be con most of the grove work
ducted Saturday: beginning at WEATHER SUMMARY: This the Slate Daytime highs were No major change in the harvest T.r.as Ave6.bt.
am, by the Womans Club'was an abnormally warm and In the 70s or low go's in the picture occurred. Activity .
week, "
f Lake Alfred with Mrs I]relatively dry particu western counties throughout the
continued to be relatively slow
cbairm.n.I I lar on the central) and south i>>Il II.IN.
'Urence! Smith at week Scattered light showers with concentrators mostly closed FREE
.tembert are to bring their ern Peninsula Daytime high In the northern and western but volume use of Valen- .nUHIATTTO .
ontributlons to the clubhouse I temperatures reached the mid areas on the 10th and throughout II ftlVIN AWAY JUN11
clan will not be too far off.
.i.I n Friday preceding! the sale 'die and high 80 s almost half every of the State again on the 12th MELD CROPS Farmers in Cane U ... KtqiiNfNotklnf
in the southern
day accounted for all the reported north and west Florida were re ly! <-*
rainfall. The late week showers afforded the best opportunityin SILVER SCREEN 85
were heaviest and more Ren tome time for preparing This set has Sylvana! Power- '
eral on the eastern half of the land for spring planting This Steam Chaiiit, E. c I u s'rv r e
southern Peninsula Abundant was the first relatively dry Power Throttle,'And 'Offftin9
1.1 MATTERis 1 1i. sunshine prevailed In most week In a good while Only : .
areas of the Slate on five or light scattered showers fell during for the first time,.fi'" 11-.". .
Grid Tuba in TV Chassis
more daya Sunny and warm the week However some e ,
weather prevailed In all areas fields remain too wet to plow. which provide five'"liigti
on Saturday and Sunday Light of video signnl. Amplification
In ventral and south Florida
19PI bW
the Letton-Sermon Subject in ,the showers began moving Into the lign; showers were spotty Model Insures more sufficient, more
western counties late Sunday Warm weather during the dependable performance. The
Christian Science and reached the central Peninsula week along with adequate mots, Syivania Famous. SilverScreen
sections by early Monday ture stimulated growth of small 85 Picture:Tube, with
.u CHURCH SUNDAY CITRUS: Warm dry weather grains Tobacco seed beds are Bonded Shield, ii' in every

I 1 First Church of Chrltt, Scientist Variation.flushed out In a the heavy bloom picturethe bloom. In good condition. Top-dressing $12995 Syivania TV Set Seeing. Is *,Lt."r.bwnd..k .wliif ,I..u..*
Ave. L 1M bib St. N.W. east coast and southern Interior has.been necessary due to leachIng I ONLY believing.! Come in and ...It
SUNDAY SERVICE 11:00, : AM. Tobacco fields are being tod.y.Jordan's .
SUNDAY SCHOOL and NURSERY lliOO A.M. many orange (roves have prepared Transplanting Is expected _
WEDNESDAY TESTIMONIAL MEETING ':00 r,M. put peak bloom and petal-shed to get underway in a
Reading Room Open to the Public I.i very heavy, some groves few days Harvest at sugarcane
Cor. Second and Ave, B, N.W. are even ready for post bloom continues Land Is being prepared TV Sales & Service'
Op** (10:00 A.M. I. 4:00 P.M. Monday thru S.tyrJ.y spray On the west coast and for new plantings in the
"The Bible Speaks to You" W oeao .rii;\\ ::JJ: Sunday central bloom and northern la good Interior but Loxahntchve areaLIVESTOCK. .
orange very AND PAS
more variable Many trees have TURES: Pastures are respond. PHONE
both open and unopened bloomon leg to warmer weather and .
/ I tH t/ the same tree Portions of adequate moisture Growth Is "FASTEST TV SERVICE IN THE SOUTH" '
a tome 'trees have exceptionally good, but grass continues too
heavy bloom with other portions short to offer much: grating
exalt lighter Trees cut back .. '-' .-, --
from the December 1962 freeze

,I are growth putting but on depending excellent on new the Less shoe for the The Open Look

f severity of damage, there It : money:
considerable variation in the
amount of bloom Most gripe
I fruit and tangerines In the Interior .
II a presently have some
amounts of open bloom, which
increases daily Indian River ,
grapefruit bloom Is further advanced ?
I than interior. droves ie
continue to be In overall good 1 "
condition The lack of recent ;e >

\ I ,. rainfall, hot sun, and drying \ I'J
winds have reduced top soil
moisture; however, an adequate
SALE ENDS SAT., MARCH 21st level of total moisture is still
apparent (In most areas. excepton J
the lower interior ridge where
I' IIRDSEYI 4-OL 'CAN Irrigation continues Grower In
other areas art closely watchIng .
1 LAD 'N LASSIEDIAPERS LIGHTERFLUID for the need of water durIng
this critics period
Citrus caret.kin, is primarily
Reg. 2f e
; k .

of 12 5188 NOW 11 ? :i_ -a. t i' -



IS".U" _
Appro .

., 33,1 EACH AU wooL 39"BARGAINS a y R.P.I. Enterprises, Inc The Eve For e..ill.A hit".el" pump.ith Th. Godtva Let you hair down Ope ., a The Ye **-Betttir, .ny bated ...sweep *.orial .

ONLY Nun Punts Jeep,plunging cutaway tideli.. Loosely tied littl..Y h've .!K w.,1 wanted a shapely *fi.g set .... off their feet A.odi;........ p*" P

I w.... w.re./y.ha bowstring gnres U *added a'*of'fr.ed.m.Wer .* niedNi. KtgK-lieeL. So what ar.you walking .,wooped! tdeK e, ed the MOT*** .kml ol ,

THROUGHOUT THE W IWO ty th.mtediaa.a@utdodtsoIe.yappl... 5.99 for? Get ... your hone, 64)9 a bow N string tfI... .-. 599

STORE = REGISTER FOR N.%. rectory *.awft
United Motors You shot td t f iee.Thorn's cutting room floor.It'* a heap of SCf p What1' *l lvocatrVelypafccJpumpLSureycKjWpc kiiw """"""" l'A n

Anderson (! /) Co. Service Center [ Fasemethingyoudal tgetButwhowrtts ', ; ln,01t\.nC'--

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CENTRAL Att. CY J-2TO 4-4147 mat fltade.p tent,or a wriety of ther colors.Or how off I ttIe more. Get two p&r
*27t W. Apse 10ILL.h w WOSL 911,1 Set.


._ --, -, .. ,-- -


da, Mexico. Virgin Islands, -
Tour New Zealand, Puerto Rico, -
Days' leadingNonFictiDn I
'I Veaamela and Korea The
Spaarnstad Publishing Company :
In Holland published 40000 SOMETHING NEW !
.. copies of a Outer edition I II
SellerNEW UPI and American Heritagesaid
today that current orders I II

YORK (UPI! "Four now second only to the late for 'four Days" will necessitate The EVERETT ORGANby I I,

Days", the UPI.American Heri Presidents book Profiles in a fifth printing, which Is (11 Hammond t
>> )
tier memorial book on the late Courage It also Is high on the now being made ready Sit j I t
President Kennedy Tuesdaywas be't seller lists of the New the presses .
listed ai the nation's num York It'raid.Tribune' and Publisher .
t her one nonfiction best ,,'ller in 's Weekly Book Worm $2510
the March 20 issue of Time H Ito sarrr tour Da)'s" RENTAL FOR M DAYS I :
ll ,, magazine leads local I ben: ,"Her lit in -
ai Dishwasher Harold J, Peterson,
In five weeks on best tellerlists hlciff Danall Minneapolis j
the book stole edition duo, New Haven, Imroln Grand tt la a book worm cum laud*. 6 PRIVATE LESSONS I
tnbuted by Simon & Shuotir Rapid Evan \'II1I'. Ind.. and He was sentenced to TS days in j
other UK workhouse Tuesday. for fail RENTAL APPLIES TO PURCHASE.
has sold more thin HO 000 cop
hug to return M books to the
11"s American Heritage officials The retail distribution by 81
said that retail sates "'llOrt1ft mon A Schuster Is In addlttoe )public libriry
dicate it is one of the fa.test' tit the sale of more than t mil Authorities said one of the |
Peterson used
selling books in publishing his linn copies of the book through to
check out books was the North
UPI n""'spapers and broadcast
a tory.For the past too weeks, the era which began In January St. Paul police station In Winter Haven Cad:

.:,.r,,,$ New York Time Sunday book Many\ tiP, newspapers are still In world cattle numbers I
fM" / i" ri'Mow! has reported "Four making: the book available to India with an estimated 335 293-1731 294-1416
\ Da:. s" ai number two on the their readers million heed of cattle and buffalo OR
'f bent seller list of general hooksIt The book is !being distributed ranks tint: the U 8 ranks -
has climbed rapidly and is in Europe as well as in Cana second with 1031 million - "":". i
<, w.

el+y .. .:.....'. .
.. ..... ipyfl;
: .. .. ..j/ s., ,:I.o:
+ i r '
"; .t _. )
''! .. .-
f' to.\\\\
'.:i' ,";"

LOCAL BUILDER CITED-John G. Wood, ,lift, stands In front of ono of hit flrm'i o GRANTS-OWN BRAND 1'5IS. SLIPSStore

nlwest homes in th. La lie wood subdivision, |Iud cited with the "Living Effects Award"by

Emerson Electric Ralph A. Maynard, regional' sales manager of Emerson, li at right

Wood Is Cited Pope John XXIII's Diary 10 a.m.-9 p.m. PROPORTIONED FOR PERFECT FIT...

For Lakewood Published In Book FormROME

(UPI-To Pope John lives it up today bawling It.
Home XXIII the army barracks was mainly Utopian ideals which, '
QualityJohn terrible and he wrote In his at times most just, are almost
diary. "how ugly the world Is, always deformed and profaned
what dirt, what filth!" ."
G Wood, president of 2.99
John C. Wood & Assoclstis, That was In 1901, when the The diary Is a collection of + A Only
received the Emerson Electric late Pope was in the army It notes that shed light on Pope :
"Living Effects Award" during Is one of the entries contained John s spiritual life from his r
open house ceremonies yesterday in the diary which Angelo Ron. young years in seminary until
at the display home of the calli kept from the age of 14 one year before his death in
builder's new Lakewood subdivision to tl-a year before his death 1963,
-and which appeared in Italian On July 9, 1961, Pope John 1
book stores today under the title told his private secretary Migr 7 \
Ralph Maynard, southeastern "n Glornale eUanihia' Loris Capoville that he Could \ .5' ChooM the length that's right for your
regional manager of the Builder (Journal of a Soul), publish the diary, but only aft. k A very own height and be assured of At ,
Products Division of Emerson The Pope spoke with rare er his death r, 4T. that la smooth from neck to hem, event
Electric, St. Louis, made the bitterness of his military service "My soul," h. said, "is in ,, under figure-hugging knit dreaaea.
presentation. saying "I had to submit these pages"

The award reads: for myself to military service Msgr Cspovills recounts in This collection Includes softly tailored
outstanding and Imtglnativesppllcstlon which is an unjust and barbarous the preface to the book that
of all 'thelittle things' Imposition on the ministersof Pope John said to him that style, and dreaay styles with a
that make for more distinctive, God" evening as he leafed through Cront..owe brand variety of delicate lace and embroidery
Comfortable and convenient Later he drew this lesson pages of the diary: trims and dainty pleated hens
living ., and for using through. from his military experience: "I was a good boy Innocent I'SIS'STRETCH STRAP
out these homes high quality "1 do not live for other than a little timid. 1 wanted to love LYCRA \ All have shadow panels or double skirls
Heat-Llght-Alr-Sound products to obey the signs of God likea God at all costs and 1 didn't IRA WITH ,
for that"lady-like" no-se.-thru look. In
pre-tested for trouble free ser- little soldier at attention before think of any thing but being a '
vice by the Emerson Electric his superior .I am a priest And meanwhile I white; wash 'n wear fabrics.: Short,
Living Effects Laboratory.rClvtng servant .and the Lord has struggled against an enemy In 30-40. Average, 33-44. Tall, 34-44. 1 10NIy2.5o

Effects E bora- shown me His order. .1 love my.elf.he\ love of m'lelf..1 ,
Electrtc's health. Here Is sickness Godsends look everything seriously and Short, Avt>rogt i
it to me. Well, sick the examinations of consciencewere
and evaluating may
:facility all for products testing In the areas ness be blessed then." detailed and severe ." A V. A Toll 'Itn0 hiNylon
Pope John was drafted In November tricot
Of heating, cooling, ventilating
and lighting under usual to ei- 1901 and served as a DUAL HONORS or Dacron' poly'
treme environmental con- commissioned officer In the OAK CREEK, Wis. (UPII- e Entire bra stretches t
ditions. The Living Effects medics) corps Mrs. Lester Scherbsrth, "Suburban except nylon cups /d'
Laboratory is built to home The man who later wrote encyclicals Homemaker of the Elastldced with Lycra t / dl
proportions, using materials hailed by the working Year here said she thought apandex B-C,34-40. 0' "
normally employed In home classes and who did more to "It was too much" when the w
Construction and Is completely ease tension between the Vatican Chamber of Commerce: also
instrumented.Wood and Communist world than named her "Man of the Year m!
any other church figure of this "We just felt she had done .. < who received similar century wrote this way about a the most for Oak Creek latel,'' Granli-otvn brand '
award from En.erson Electric May Day demonstration In a chamber spokesman Slid f;ranisoirn brood (;r.nli-otrn brands

last year, Is one of Winterfaven's 1803: 'r I'SIS' SHin OR .'SIr- COTTON
largest builders. Two The wort liifmen. but without L p CP
Of his other local home projectsare religion and without God, The beaver U the largest CIRCULAR. STITCHED IUTTOM FRONT t 'DORM SHIRT
Garden Groves and West dent lit the world except till 1)1) :
the exololtrd by the demagogues -
poor capybara of South America s._ SHORTY 60WMS ; SUIFWIAR
Howard Estates the unconscious crowd COTTON IRAS i /

oIIIYI.oo only2.99 ,\ } Only 2.9', :

t I
: \ ;i Latest. style for the young.

HEARTHE A The stitching retains thegr.afullyroundidebspe Fashioned of airy-light. r i in-hnsrt Great for JoulJiing .I

; wwaah 'n wear Dacron* 1 ( ,sleeping. Gay strip**,

Lycra spend yoke t1q polyester nylon cotton t prints. In shea: 8, M,4%
!c A AA-C Cupa, 30 to 42 \ Lacy trims, 8, M A L ?ff -j' t '


,.a Grants-own brand I'SIS

t 1 i Grnl+


Austin T. FlettWriter 2/I/ Only I 1.59 1 GIRDLES..WITHLYCRA* SPAHDEXf '

Lecturer Publisher 1

10/ OnIy3.99

I t AlUruund etetohUstrs
Smet 1959 uttin T. Rift Ki fled a slgn.d Mans .mbr.id.fe
..,leer super It, H40..
Federal. Income Tea Return with th. seree..ry of e. n jN..1 tit

|... nBWKafcis1 |ia eM1ft e Nylon, am..*. rower
the Trwwry. H. insists I N *& Nt py until he h 3 ew*'e, eAastet ,..... fiat with true

/' ....... A. .36. It, .. I firm, y* lia*>l' WlBW
lfKf t*
r atfsbnn i ..,ma' ....... I !ernaU mdhrn. ,. bur

r1s A e' """". u..q, and estra Map


Fuller Auditorium (City Hail)

Friday March 20th, I:PMScpaetiee'.d
.....- !0 JOVTHW1 PLAZA

b, Pr.Kf Alert t ..:-sessaee+ er.+tee:.ereg wuma HAnMThursdey

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jn "' : .
'" !W M laNaH M M M 7I% tow .aiN.w.N11aw
ra isla.rLOLS.NSS1.

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DRESS _.....
a w .NN UN. .IYiN k..-1"-lull tr'. TRAY
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tal fram aid Iwtn
".ft_.",',, .. It. ....... ...,otlo,_ : -
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I t.MS l laid- 24MAGNIFYING Aramrf.. .1- 59' 100 59' .< .. Mr inrllnfrallMt
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I) I If yss wuw H IM what'l witlai,whs..=l.q, ) w5aiNMy ss W 1s
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d .. ... ..,
wawaSN..arlr .M1nSN tv4f *
Sisal W.n
-wall 1 r- IM
__ LIoI.REFLECTO. .., ....... 1M". takta. .... ttv+t h MH.. with rW, N,.Mw..i1ht
nk/.n.d prl.a lass wail .. .... .... .. .
.I. h. iylu I laid I -h y. N.d fw ""'w./y,** **.
-SM.dsPd. .'... Mn n51IMI hl Y pn"i .1.W.5.a lR.o OR SQUIDDSPOONS POPW ..e1. fw ........, ......

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I a ,' Volve 2w > A ru.ChA d

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Pal 1 11-U.iIMt. r.. Carton of SO rtgReg. hi......... ... .....SALVE> Ion* T.
I P..H Iin. ..... w. P.- 17C h.aw w. c...,... 14C pdeP 144Rug.
g' it*. 17c ,...-1... Ita a,.. :,:$U.

I arM 1 rrr .... ..... uMI Laws I wail .I.r pro 111. IIHI AIM. 1 w .1.r .... w. arils AAa su.N 1 w ... .... vs.e

Dmmrml\! 'lf 4rt.( w. l Shp t&lMDw, SfMU/ MRSAVINGSR (tcfwtbShp1Nt'EdMDw, Stattdl J *SAVNGSRPog |

t k


158 Winter Haven Students Miami Legion

Mather Guarantees Greater Savings On

Make 4th Period Honor Roll Group Praises

Bareaa 1 Whose Haven High wsks sld. Carol 1 Wethertagto.
School .oMwta nade the 4.0 or Jan Wurdeman, and Bert Carload fr Compare!
top koMOT rod for the four siiwoeto Gerber. City's Kindness Purchases..Shop
....., tt was aeaouncedtoday. Sophomores-: Lynn Barron,
"B it
Cyndy Brouasard Susan Burtchin rip ever" and "the
Aassij those were seven seni moat fun we ever hid" are
tore. MW1#.ors. sad IbI Kenny Bush Brace Conner typical of the report to the STOREWIDE MARK DOWNS .
............ Charles Davis Latane Dod- Greater Miami Drum and -
soo, Linda Dubose Tammy Du-
AthWec !.g average or bone Mark Faulk, Michael Bugle Corp slay in Winter
better for the Haven during participation
fourth period Feldman, Nancy' Fisher, Jan in
were 45 teaton, 48 juniors, and Fowler Barbara Frank Steve the Florida Citrus Expoiltion "I
50 sophomores, for a total ofUL Frailer, Annette Career, Dan (parade Slim) Summerville according ,to commander H. R
Godfrey, Kathleen Harris, Jane .
of Frierson Nichols American
These students making a 40
Hayman, Bruce Runty Nancy
Lesion Post
average were, seniors: Jan Ar
HoUmeyer Robert Jamison The head of the Legion which
thur. Jimmy Cox, Martha Sue
Jane Kendrkk Keller
sponsored the youthful musical
Crowell, Margaret Norman
Pam Krebs, Bobby Lang, Shirley
Iris Shirah, Sharon Sparrow group hat received: a letter
and Susan Stone. Loots from Dick Klund, business man.
Juniors: Sherry Athertoo, Ken Mahatfey, Barbara Mar- sager of the unit It said:
Sherri Hartley, Arthene Hollis- chettl, Carol Maringer, Joe "The boys all had a wonderful
ter, and Sandra Wells. Meagher Jan Morgan, Melba time with comments such
Sophomores: Genie Cooney Mott, Michael Murphy Elaine at "beat trip ever' and 'moat
Patricia Desrochen, Phillip Rabe Linda Reaves, Max fun we ever had' being typical
"Your Nationally Advertised JAMISON IOONylon 100% Foam Cushions
Layton Margaret MacKenzie, Reits, Claudia Ridley, John hospitality the rt-
Robert Thornhin and Kay Ting. Roberson, Wayne Rubioas, Jane caption we received at the Press xi '
Student on the 3.3 or better Selfert, Elizabeth So v e rD', Breakfast and in the paradewill "
honor roll were, seniors: Barbara Philip Taylor, Margaret Thompson time.be remembered for a long 2Pc. Sofa Bed
Bond, Cheryl Boucher, Betsy Van Chef Ruth
"We thank for
Rosemary Brown, Marvin Bur. Wells, Bobby Westplul, Miles sincerely you .
dette, Tommy Costello, Peggy Wilkin, Theresa Williams, and all you did for us. The breakfast .. : .
was a
Coulter Betty Cox Sherry Curtis Everett Barber.CommiUee, manyof S "
the boys who came with Suite
up : "
Davidson Mary
out any money (despite being S ,
Dtlg. told they would have to provide '
Linda Ever- Says
Shirley Browning
several meals for them.
age, Marie Farrer Doris Ford selves). @ NOW lit TIrt
Patricia GUI June Gillespie, Not One PennyFor "The lunch, too, really hit e : "" I I
Jo Anna Groves, Sally Hanley, the spot. The $300 you gave ui
Lynn Hendrlckson. Patsy Rig paid our but transportation and
gins. also enough for us to give each
Judy Hill Sally Hoensbel Fil TALLAHASSEE (UPI) The
of the boys $1 for their din. Large 4PiecoSectional
Jesses Dick Junk, Tommy Capitol Building Committee, ner meal.
Kirk, Linda Lockhart Mimi headed by Secretary of State
"We are ill hopeful that we
McDuff, Pat McHale Sherry Tom Adams, decided today not I
can come back agald next year '
MarreU, Nettie Massey, Rick to spend one penny more than''as.we had a marvelous time." .. Sofa
Neldringhaus, Barbara Novak, absolutely necessary: to dress up "P. S. Our most grateful appreciation
Elaine Patterson, Edna Sea)', the Statehouse building until to American Legion $138
Judy Smith Judy Tapley Carole the Legislature decides If it's Post /. We would like the peopleof Nationally Advertised NttSTIGIGenuine "too% F.*", .,M.M OZt 1" .'C...*"
Taylor, Susan Tetreault, going to be torn down. Winter Haven to know how Foam Rubber Sofas JLIGHHY DAMAGED .. .....
Marilyn Tlndle, Ronald Tucker, The committee of officials much we enjoyed your fine city $118
Pat Tyler, Evelyn Wagner, Or. and citizens rejected and the seldom QUILTED
legislators .
you .
> ttfton! Arm C.v.rt .11 l\t\ Dick Plttf.rmi I
I Iff
rin Walker, Sheila Witherby proposals to spend thousands of find in metropolitan cities" a .
and Rhonda Witt. dollars to paint floors, lay tile, YOUR CHOICE . . . NOW i
Juniors: Sheila Boyd, Ann put up fancy numerals on office f ,
CasUeberry Fairlie Colyer doors and the like. Barans RunINDIANAPOLIS Nationally Advertised PRESTIGE \ I

Linda Nancy Estes Coppage, Shirley, Sue Gedeon Daniel numbers"You can at the buy dime some store room ifthey're Ind. (UPI- Genuine Foam Rubber Love Seats NOW $97 tI .f.r! ,
I Carol Georges Pat GrlcrlOD.I needed" quipped H. L. Walter Louis Baran of Gary
Susan Heck, Betsy Hargrove Scoring of St. Petersburg, head I filed for Tuesday as a candidate No?. Adv PRESTIGE Genuine Foam lubber
Nancy Hickman, Ken Holt, Susan state legislature Sen.
I of the Stetson University law Walter Andrew Baran of Ham '" $187 ..l.IB.i.
Barbara Johnson Ksylor, Jeanne, Talbert Kennedy Lau- school. mond and Sen. Walter A Bar Contemporary Sofa & Chair ?? .I{ +ow

ter, Fayette Lawless, Da Mann, It will be up to the next'' an of East Chicago said they Nat Adv. PRESTIGE
Ann McCarty, Linda McNeer, Legislature to decide whetherto were no relation to the S Solid Mopl. Arms and Frame o All Foam Cushions All Zipper Covers
Patricia Miller, Edwin Nix, tear down the whole build. Gary Democrat or to each "*
Letha Owens Erik Olsen Judy ing and put up a new structureor other. 5Pc. AM"ICAN Living Room Group $ Genuine Foam Rubber
Peacock, Bill Pletcher, Rodney Just tear down the center i CUSHION SOFA O I-CUSHION CHAIR I STEP TAlUS 217
Redd Elizabeth Relti, Jere section and rebuild. The wings REVERSE ROLE o COCKTAIL TAIL ... .... ... .. .... .. .. ... .... .. NOW
Reddick Jana Riddling, RlckiSdtopke of the Capitol are much newer. SOUTH BEND, Ind (UPI- Mr. & 'IrS. Lounge Chair
Bonnie Spaugh, Ann The Legislature also will decide The Rev Austin Davis former 1
Stephenson Elizabeth Struth- whether to build a separate<< superintendent of poor relief recipients FULL SIZE HIDEAWAY BEDS at Closeout Prices
ers, Joy Smith Tom Steele building to house the Legislature filed for welfare pay CHOICE OF DECORATOR COLORS
Cheryl Taylor, Fred Taylor. which the committee will ments himself Tuesday He Is Net Adv. JAMISON Nat Ad,. SIMMONS Nil. AJ. $IOUTHWN. CROSS
Ruby Taylor Gall Tate Jim recommend. the father of nine children.THERE'S I All Nylon o '100% Foam Famous. O All f..m CviMcni fOO

Bed Hideaway Bed $99.00


NOW $156 NOW 5227 NOW 5186


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4-Pc. Modern Bedroom Suite

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or Gray Mahogany $9600
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> n Inc

CHEVROLET CENTER INC. AMuLOUFfGE.............. .... MOW $16 Ol Winter Hartn
lied ..,... .. /

.., t2 F.1.IAHAMA e..4.LOUNGE.. ... ... ... ............NOW $8 FatHWAy IoYAf.eel. / r r
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CY WIn< 7-2117 CTMHt gaud a.4Ala .. .. .. .. .. ... .... .. MOW $26 Au.aa isle .
n. t.., "A.

-- -- .---" "
. v ,
11 ;rThursday

.. .
f-P. 1



-- .

d ht
down produce lane .

I .Compact Light>Weight FRESH PICKED FLORIDApints

Handsome HighImpact
r Case with Record Holder STRAWBERRIES

.Stereophonic Cartridge
(Playj Monaural, too)

fh .Two 4-Inch Speaks( volume Controls) 3 87c
'4-Speed Changer
(16( ,33,45,78 RPM) New England Cortland

--*- & r ,.? jf Apples I . . . . . 4-lb.bog 49

California SunKiitLemons

. . . . . do., 33
.-7 Csf i sapht.r.t Fla. Grown Red ButtonRadishes

((1 day,March March your 21 2,.1964.nd hvorlto d..+.COM!Pwblln of.bttwMfi butlnmt TIwraod.y .....,. . . . . . . pkg. S
Gum the numbtr|Idly.bur ht'th..p.d.lflwh.arY ,
-I |w, M the Ctwtophwik rhoncgraph -
.. f Dltphy,, .
f i Th.clowM "m.' tl web Publlx will win thoCE I
j d .
Phonograph 'In th.want of.'la.Mloctlon
....... .
i r will b by M bnpoftlil third parry ofjudg.
... _
At Employ of Publlx, their lmnwdl.ttmlllM +
<< and vnmtrrltd minors will not b.Ilglbl. *
la All
MMIMIH,ifc.ni. I......., ? buy,yM two .....
i Mt lie,.......to_...lath.....'.wbnor, wlH lV ., ,
lie..IIIM. ,;I(, ..
_ / WIHNERS! \
100 C>',ICES
A \ PUBLIX 100th store Celebration OKI AT ACM PUtllX MAIKITo EFFECTIVETHURS. t ManNy/ .

., FRI., SAT., i
MARCH 19, 20, 21, 1964

( -t1TI,A
Drip or Reg. (limit 1 per customer with purchase of $5 or more)

----H dairy specials e Hill's Bros. Coffee. 1 con Ib. 59c

Mlr.cl. CM Oil 4a Off "....1.1I Whitehouse (limit 4 please) .
I .-Margarine '.-. ; ".:;*. V*." 35c
r .
I Sauce I. 2 303 25' ':'
Pllhkvry Swttt Or lutttrmllk Apple can:
Biscuits 4 a:: 39c
I All Flavors (limit 2 please)
........'. Wklpptrf
Butter ';:;. 39c Sealfest Ice Cream half gal. 69c

,I Kraft't Iirr Sh."
I ''\1 Cheddar Cheese ''S1:.;? 63cKnh' !

I; Delui' Amorlccii "",."t. Or Swln Dole Pineapple-Grapefruit
Sliced Cheese '"'. 39cWtMonihi z. f ;; .,
Fruit Drink . 1. 25c 1g( _
i ChMM I., T.t .';
I F&P Flavor r.rfectFruit
Cheese.III< 1
) .: Longhorn 65c

I Cocktail 2 cans 39c 1/1 VThtki
WI, 't I v
o frozen foods o Cream Style f:' I 111

+ Town S, ." Shwb.rryShortcake" F&PCorn..2303cans 25cEarly .
3'. ':'?;' $1. Garden !,1ni

Gr..n Clcnt In III"., Scuc. _
Early June Peas fS:.?: 29c F&PPeus..2303cans, 29c

il G..." Clout I. I.."., Sane Royal BrandPink! .
j Niblets Corn 'ft-: : 29c all II
Salmon . : 59c
S...i".,'. TII".HeMl.Casserole .
. 0";;"'55c Carnation Instant SPIC CrSPAN Comet
plvt, SO t.rr. JhV Gras St.m.. with (.upon Cleonsn
I Dry Milk . 10 l pkgs.::: B9c rM [,' L. CLEANER reg. .r 2 rag, rise ; S

I o frozen seafoodsMr Nabisco Chocolate-Chlp ; al.. 24 33

I *. '...1'. Fcmlly Si.. Cookies . 14jfc: 49c I
I Fish Sticks ':ST49c Strletmann Chocolate Fudge liquid joy Mr. Clean

sJ"......'. 1..1" I liquid
.! Oysters I',....... 89c Sandwiches . 'Lr 49c L detergent than?

-J I H I It. SS
t IOO r Tf iooJyGroon 50 maptTIAillS0I !SO mlr' lIA lf SOI I

I ( ate"".wf..d Stamps twrddw ell I JW Oroon aA'"-_..4.Stamps..._sHamtaa's I J" Green...Ms_ I
Tamew Asserted Slice) lencH! Meets | Orange teed Sm'. Se..... Sreefftr T.-H
rwtra. .N..d hm..a .aNI. ltIto lb. 69cM.M..1MM. 111os.. p.
87c. .* ft ...'
: r::. MNr1a M4
M tli I* 4 uMiAAArtrtftnnnnnnnnnrtftftl'-' I"I
'p9iQ. j IV
10 0 ll'lf IO 0l.bl !50"1r' lIAm50I 50 Vuu l tRdE SOI

1 Oreon Stamps- J" Green Stamps J" Green Stamps! I
ate Ala. ...AUTIiEPTIC14ot. ....4.........oh I (_nlaiTiOUH? ...REMOVER.-... I CARNATION wi"AI4" .INSTANT......4..DIY._Mill ell I Giant Site 49CI

4c off 35c plus to.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO teft 19c
bcv 9lc ..c ..: 1-Qt. "p4s.
| MMH M. ..... __
.._ .
M4 N. It IM4OOOOOOOOO was IL IM4 r::;:,
Nm Mm IfiJ: ... of $5.00
fIEA OOOOOOOO VVUVVVVVVVVVQOOOU limit 1 per customer with purch t f If more

sweetheart new dutch trend liquid trend powder dash ivory ivory salvo tablet

toilet soap cleanser detergent detergent detergent I snow flakes detergent .

.. .. .... .... ...
...... 31- 2 ... 33- en. 49' .",... 49' SI79'. .... 35' ,... 35- .... 79-




._ ,,' ........ '
r .' ,' -------------------------------

J -
.:,::.;...... rai (tfiiS& -
arrfMMllaerr. rrrasrDrrr_aar.rrrrrsMeiMrwN, "' x-vv ft. saFX vf f< *_L*!_*,-...-MIMAM

i. T s; ASSURED. 6 din r

; I' EVERY CUT of S Swift'sFro1enBEEF Freffijum :! 11I 1
IProle. n* I
.MlN..........Mer/.. r !k' r 'f:' ",

MA NfT !i
1 _

Sirloin Steaks 5'':'. lb. 89pBone : Swift's Premium Boneless i
r '..'." .. 0 0 e Smoked Daisies '

.Key Club Steaks eo. Ib.89c lb.65c

Premium Label SIle-Sealed
Steaks 1 lb. 89c. i Swift's franks
j't.! "
., r:8:
.. r$ lb.49c t r rSwift'

,:Chuck Steaks e . 49c II 'nerveSausagepkg. Premium TastyDrown

oneless Pot Roast Ib. 79c
e 8 01.. 49c

Boneless. Round Roast.89c : Sliced Copeland Bologna"fcttfctt Flavorful

: 1b.I 49c ".
Sirloin-Tip Roast (BONELESS) 89c pkg.

Short Ribs of Beef. 000 39c : seafood treats""
Ltnttn Seafood' Spec 141 I
I Trout Fillets /&. 49c
Fresh Ground Beef. 49c I Ltnltn S.'ood Spoci.lHalibut
Steaks /&. 65c
J3, : wN
URf.FRLSAT Flotida

/ _w drr: .a a MARCH 19.10.11, 19641! .Vi I sitotsG4 ...j SHOPPING CENTER
u ",,"'",;:Iff.. .J :,.r
y A I U r IlLl l I n IT 1

erntilf NrtsT j CENTER1:00th

c _
liquid ivory personal ivory,. ,; chinito I log- crisco raft's ronco elbow ronco thin
detergent I she ivory I soap ":. patna rice shortening. safflower oil I macaroni I spaghetti
65' 427': 221: z:: 33' t, 83' 2= 49' 2'39' 2'39'

-, .' ,, -'."., ,t_. ,...

_.# _
f t
1 t't

I, ;MARKtT e54 -

'1. d.

p&- -- --- 1V4! qt. Covered Sauce Pan
qt. Dutch Oven W/Cover $6.25 Value
'I $11.45 Value


H i a' .wt_ =1 __

YOUR CHOICE OP ONE WITH EACH 2'/i qt.Covered Sauce Pan k e'' "

j $100 WORTH OF PUBLIX GOLD $6.95 Value
10 inch Covered Fry Pan

j A
8 inch Covered Fry Pan
$6.95 Value

These are Genuine Wear-Ever
I' (ALCOA) aluminum cooking
!, # S t utensils-with handles guaranteed
to withstand 400 oven
the finest 2% qt.Tea Kettle
I temperature
h \ S ; I
I'y 91 aluminum cooking utensils on $9.75 Value
.t: to ," the market today. Look for them I
I j
.o"D t j' ; a on display at your nearby Polk
I ..
....\ :' County Publix Markets and bo
.. v 1 e sure to save your Gold Cash Reg 8 Cup Percolator
I 'j f $9.75 Value
ister Tapes.

I, .. 4' v.>,,,,L ,;l.,,!,. M\,/: ..
> "" '>' "'
.H 'I" "
; / -; '!; ':. <" ) /19lIW J ;>1 "" ";wM ifJ'
U B. LiI I .
Ii ;1' th\DOUBLE" ,


,I.. .,'," ". \. .',.' """' ""'.
", ;. \. .
", > v' < ,
-\ >'I.>
i ,, >$ !"#J' "'ji,:, .' ., BOMU
I ; J"- '.,/1'\",t. ,'

rt L 1 1j j 1 IIH __ _

MARCH 19 THRU 26 r __

: Pink THERM-0 Tall-Boy t 0

., '

I t

( Actual $1.25 Value ,,p k '; ?
I", f Turquolsi Pink' '

t Ytllow Blue e Urn :..
YIoUl Coral. Orongi '' i,

4, i I LWE: ii f ti I- 1! 4IIAlIR00f


) r LIlli.I' n.

ouna .
I' ,
rs."" 5.00 OR MOM ,:,

: .,\..
,, : ;J- J8 ;: '

c.ron..aef. wick afiffinnt .
< color Tall-Boy ;
f Tumbler will bt 5* Cookware offer available for 'r
with your pmhastsef a three ((3)) months or longer.
$5.00 or nor. j :11 Tumbler offer good until
'1 : IIIIUI IV t May 13, 1964. Both will be

B / available at all Publix Markets
$ D I in Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow,
-I. Haines City Lake Wales, Sebring

., and Winter Haven.I .

I ,
I J'

Iwas f
._...- .. -. .<

Thursday March 19. 1964 WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHltF-WINTER HAVLN, flOKlUA PacM Twenty-Nine:

rEA: And CTD Citrus, Vegetable Marketing J# p C

t1an Meeting Clinic Slated In LakelandA

meeting of the Polk Conn- "Are We Competing With or Plct Co-op, will expresk the
> Florida Education Associa- Ouraelvea'" Is the theme of opinion of vegetable growers
lon delegates and Classroom the second annual Citrus and and Dr Henry G Hamilton,.
teacher* Delegation representivei Vegetable Marketing Clinic to marketing economist Unlversily
> to the F.E.A. Cooven- be held at the Lakeland Civic of Florida will present the
will be held In the Inter- Center on Thursday April 8. overall. Florida marketing situation -
htional Mineral and Caemikli This will be a one-day session
Auditorium South devoted to delving. into the "Are There Too Many Florida
., marketing problems of these Marketing Organizations''" will
in Bartow,
| Friday at 7Im
two major agricultural industries be discussed by John T. Lesley
," reports Harris Mullen, Florida Citrus Exchange and

J Iroup[.Candidate T.D.. officers for will speak F.E.A.to and UM Rancher publisher of migtiine Florida, Grower sponaor and of grift Roy.Williams Vandegrlft.Farms Jr., Vaode- LOOK TO NORTH GATE
the program, an the clincl. Featured speaker at the luncheon -
formal social hour will be is Clarence E. Eldrldge,
The morning session will be
beld in order to five the delegates devoted to a discussion of, director of marketing General STORES FOR FINEST VALUESNo
an opportunity to meet "Our Ability to Produce vs Foods, Inc. for over U yean,
nd talk informally with the Our Ability to Market" Three who will forecast the "Futurefor
andidatei. speakers will cover the subject Marketing Florida Citrus"
Candidate from Polk Counjr : Citrus grower and banker At the afternoon session Benjamin need to hop all over the countryside search-
are Mrs Betty Furr, of Ben Hill Griffin, Jr will present H Oehlert. Jr president -
inter Haven, and Mri. Caro- the views of the citrus of Minute Maid Co. will ing for Easter outfits, gifts or anything else.
>n L. Dotion. from Ft Meade. Industry; Louis F. Rauth, Flav(316 speak on "Is There I Need
for Drinks and Adea in the NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER MER

Citrus Also participating Industry" in the program CHANTS have stocked their shelves with thou _. '

y 'P P Faui a bUEEN Citrus are: Commission Homer hook; ,Robert. Florida sands of brand new items and priced them to ,

W. Rutledge, Florida Citrus Mutual
and A. II Whitmore Florida make it ever-so-easy to buy! Come ashoppingright

CASUALS Association Citrus Production Credit away-we know you'Ulike what you see! ,

Those attending the marketIng "
I clinic win have an oppor ,..
( tunity to sample competing
drinks and adei, some synthetic
others partly citrus
WR The clinic la open to all *..
116 sedated with the citrus and GATEFREE
vegetable Industries, directlyor
indirectly Registration fee
4 of $S, which includes, luncheon,
should be sent to Marketingclinic
POBox 2360, Tampa. FREE

Cubans Being

Trained For WIN A 6 FT. TALL 3


(DPI) Rui-
\ Ian forces in Cubs are reported
to be training Cubans la operate
1 the advanced ant!.aircraft
Blouse \ 1 Installed In Cuba in 1962

Sleeveless, jewel neckline end yet Sources clear whether here said the It Russians war nit AT NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER. SIX BIG EAST-

button back. 500 planned h turn complete control ; -
of the missiles over to the ER BUNNIES TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE! ALL THE
J317 Skirt Cuban; or whether Soviet offl

All-around pleats, sidezlpper cers them would remain In charge of BUNNIES WITH BEAUTIFUL ASSORTED COLORS r

) end narrow waistband. t 00% Soviet personnel have been
Arnel manning! the missiles, which LIGHT WEIGHT COTTON-EXCELSIOR FILLED JUST A
sharkskin jtfr .900 ...
-,,...-,'" ,.leI. ... ivl M'lIf tl*na Ft," :
"A" (here will be sufficient Cuban PERFECT COMPANION FOR ANY YOUNGSTER.. SEE N
Placket front, roll sleeve, crews trained to man the entire

tie belt shift 22$ silk and system The SA2 It was n reported a ground-to.air THEM TODAY IN THE STORES AT THE NORTH GATE
78% missile capable of bitting a target
rayon. 1100 reach at 80000 American feet, high U2 enoughto reconnaissance SHOPPING CENTER. REGISTER TODAY IN ALL STORES.

1. planes.
Defense Secretary Robert S.McNamara YOU MAY BE A WINNER!
reported in October
im, that U. S. aerial reconnaissance
ihowed 14 SA2 locations
.1v in Cuba, each including REGISTER TODAY
Q FREMACSV six firing! sites.
The United States classed the
SAX as a "defensive" weapon,
iHlwvi Sftorti* *r and it was not among) the offensive YOU'RE UNDER NO OIIKJATION NOTHING TO PURCHASE,
North Got Snopplng Ctnttr-Winter Hove missiles removed from NOT NECISSAIY TO II PRESENT TO WIN.
Cuba by Russia at U. S. demand
---- --


I9-20.21, 1964(

Is qt&RYsPEClrtls


Assorted Varieties Of






Coffee Cakeeach DANISH BAKERY



-Y V
---- --

l1, nislt13a1ern L t4. NORTH GATESHOPPING







f I
I f=
1 li d RECORD

, b' Q Fu wetfa e 00
yds or star AAt
I while you chop! (45pmat.r_ portahlA is
I. Y LOE$!

r I fore '
VAIUK urn I le' trlDt a,,, HOIIM Current =
.UYY Dt.TY lJ .....
,ere LbMr HIM ) Ar
I TOOL IN ONI Llvrs wtlh
Charcoal Lighter AUTOMATIC SPEED

Utility Tool Push BroomSuper 11 II! Nomuia.fumesor $199 Seat Belts Coffee Maker Steam Dry Iron MIXER, BOWL Vacuum Cleaner

For1ed$166 Savings $111 Hf odor t-Proof Wooden NMy lon etal& $354 Etuy.Pour $G 99 Super $ '77 [[Save SovtWorkTtf77 Money JO Tool With 4988
", Spout Value
Like carrying;a tool kit Full flair brush hlrd. tier u. now' HI""II" Super power 100W/ mixer
Use aa hammer, pliers, wood block. Double. la.ptlr J\ Eliminate matcher, bone web belts xdh, n' Plug It In and forget it Easy ironing with maemum comert from stand Modern Eureka vac
nail cutter, staple pull holes 10 i handle and explosive fluid. atant.r.l.al" mplll r"," Pfrci coffee, turn *elfoff steam effect.Alu to hind use Three <|t, uum,(cleaning tool,
SF, wire cutter orwrench can be ...".rwd. Sates < Heavy duty G.E. heating metal blltkll'l. Sufrtttrnted. > ,keep coffee*rrini; late, fabric bowl. U. 10H" long, work! element 6-ft cord. hot Cool plastic trim heat controP Save i trrmi FREE storage chest

,..,Wti1f2 l .<""'-
----- ---

/ A.I.I i I 22/ N.r.Rotomatict'4 a ae.a.atwr.frets Paei, ,1.terwtA4I 19"RotaryBtly ELECTRIC I BIG VALUES on FAMOUS 81

.a.q Can
et Te et V i*
I .
tIW Ne1rW M NMtyNr
24" Mowers OpenerKMFE
Riding a.w9uers laat.. LIetes....u UP '
$149x' Smooth 99 j M44KPEVEK 36 NO PAYMENTS'til
.. Cutting Value $1277 ,
.. A N..h lede.l T... $4900N
Automatic release II DOWN I till A WttKt:
clutch, forward, neutral DOWN, It.n A wtrk A Goodyear Special'Non Open most type, TOMonths
NvtrM gears, so ffig +slue buy Remote scalp staggered shapes of can tharpen
to-type steering, recoil thrntHec intr I rai wheels,adjustable bladehelghL standard type cut to Pay JUNE!
start BAS d-cycle baffle, big uheela lery HurryWEEKEND PAYMENT



Electric Freezers



Your Choice .



Irr,, .110 KRO DEGREE FREEZER :. :
tii 1 HOLDS UP TO 101 LISt)
j- REFRIGERATOR SECTION! 12 Ibs. 11" (diag. meas.)

258 YYR

132 cu (t Net Volume Ask about mr mi payment Urns

I i $ 8iI Console TelevisionWITH "The Kingsport"MODEL

SUPERIOR VIEWING 23-INCH Beautiful Sound Ri Reproduction 7100 $12 900 I

I 670i IS JSOtNor 288 In. PICTURE! in a handsome cabinet!
tubitypiplui 8.70115 black DIAGONAL TUBE, Sq. i
'In indrtcippibli tubiliti.plus lit iI
tire and recippibli lid I
I Add $2 II your trade In Add JlOOil., your trade In .
I I It not ricippibi it not recippibl. C Slim Styling Famous WashersFULLY
.. Set A Forget Volume I
t ... .. c .
Choice of Finhh



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As .7.OYGeneral

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safety cheek 1217
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., "
-e-Ili-H.: SIII Y et- ah r-Y-
.. -


vu* Nor P'S TAT
Legislative Klualr, \ CiAIN ''stow. PaxMeattf boat, .
MIr'I1.' ; IF XX) EVK \ I

Group Meets M AND WiANT I I i
N.LP, 10UuN r. .
If moa
vf Day
you knowis On TeachersTALLAHASSEE 5Q

(UP) An
Interim legislative subcommitto .
moving. t MI
will meet Friday in Gaineivttte -
to discuss the problem of i ia
A friendly call by theWvlcome fladtaf qualified personnel to t
Wagon HaNass teach and train mental health
will help them feel at
home and retardation instructors for

Florida Chairman instttutkwis, ..... Beth Johnson,
@ Orlando, taM! the committee
would aNd, poatible ute of federal ,
Kholarihipt, date educational -
Join in carrying on our agency grants, grants forInltitutlons
community'atraditionalapsrlt of !Ufher learningand I 4 sI
of hOllwtality.Toll state scholarships in addition -
name o'nd:: ndama the of to servke training (act. I rMSOsKt .u'rNs ii'-'"
families you know who UUei I e
ure moving "The day it past the said
"if Indeed it ever existed, whenwe =
2942919w In Florida could depend on
other dates to train the people

and needed retardation for our positions mental health iI I i iI I a IIeooN

We are going to have to
train our own personnel and CONCERT DUO-leli Hunt and Earl WrtaM.on will
teach these people so they in present the final Winter Haven Concert Association pro>.
turn can teach others" gram Monday evening In Nor. Mayo Hall with an eveningof :j v errrarn,vast. ,,.
w American music from the turn of the century to Broad- .... M/O714CR oavrurArrAeA 7A1W1MaVstU, V.ANA4)wc rrno %

way's treat ( .w.v-"! rr1 '1 AeADKiPMAM M NRhMNrror .L0 r
I .

New Investigator Wants 2 o:


; FENCE CO Probe Of 100 TeachersTALLAHASSEE :2: Lill I j / I ra

UPI) -The a bibliography on sexual devia, P
new director of the Legislative lions, photographs of homosei ':
36" Chain Link FenceAS Investigating Committee wantsa uals and a dictionary of terms. le ins dIU1H
new commission of educators
The committee, which Is empowered .
to process: moral allegationspending
LOW AS against 100 schoolteachers to Investigate subver .. .. .
--- - -- ---------
lion as well as homosexuality,
o Installed 58ji1e John Evens former assistant promised evidence later that "In I ( r/u/ XANM o SUDS mi WTHUI UM, I KtA1 ,.,wNocrt TOuut.
PER to Gov Farris Bryant, said Inan Florida at present there exit MO tarn nfouM m AITMIO MHVKKIH pON'r so AwAr
gate, potts extra FOOT Interim report to the Legislature a handful of organizations 10 I'I MAATT "INrit Ad T1WrfN rNt DAri ONl AUD TNAraTAANetIY A TIMID/ LIUMftNY 1 i q
that 80 cases of morals obsessed by allegiance: to false' >;r!" HUNT TNLwO0OO pNNnrcN1AT/M/afL
causes and craven credos as to, ptiiow OUOT n aeq INr rtAWr//1nY/
charges against teachers WPDtMLV MOtto Df1ANO Avouxm Ad guilt,,
Chain Link Wire ONLY s1880 ,..100 Pt.I are pending before the State pose an abuse I..lnillh.."posessod TO A ( minuet:
Board of Education. dignity of the stateAs re 'Mxr rumINMN't
Evana also said the committeewill for the allegations of mora 1 INDIAN WMMIK",
recommend to the 1963 misconduct against teachers,,
II I I- Legislature adoption of a homosexual State School Supt Thomas D, o'S
practices control act. A Bailey has recommended tha )
booklet released with the Interim these be handled by the new'
report entitled Ilomosexu' Profession I Practices: Commit urr, ,i 4AROUNOah
ahtf and Citizenship In Florida" slon, which is composed of educators '
WINTERHAVEN'S ONLY estimates there are (0000 or ,
more active homosexuals in the The proposal that the new
state commission handle such matters .
Most law enforcement, prosecuting was Bailey's answer to
.. .
--- --
and judicial officialsare this at least until the 1965 in
Chain Link Fence Outlet In honest quandry how Lion
i an ,
I MN lArtR.
'best to handle such cases," Evans had Indicated he wilKO p1 OpStr See Wfs l MLA{ -
3110 HAVENDALE BLVD. 294-1344 the booklet said It also provided along with this. EaDACt10At / I 1IN!>
IEfURt, MA UN Need ten HAVl TO
1UNNYpU IN ron
fttCWIW SWAM 1 1HUUIt i u.-


8 .AeCUIt A/N17t 7.JK, is

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No Ands GRANT .MAID 1M'OU Ct! 'e

, No tuts w
.. .
------ ----
Twr M.wy er Automatic tilt WBLLLAb71NtK I IWU iir WFLL MUNLV HUMAN *T
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REGULARLY 9.88 OeWfANTtter r R


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I P.Thirty-Two
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k Fresh Fla./Ga.



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I Mb. Strawberries

f, Bag .. Head S I IA

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.;i' 1
tPa ." .,,----- .,. ,

Winter Haven daily news-chief
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 Material Information
Title: Winter Haven daily news-chief
Portion of title: Winter Haven daily news chief
Alternate title: Sunday news-chief
Winter Haven Sunday news-chief
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Winter Haven Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Creation Date: March 19, 1964
Publication Date: -1980
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Winter Haven (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Polk County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Polk -- Winter Haven
Coordinates: 28.034444 x -81.721667 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1948.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 11, no. 12 (Nov. 2, 1980).
Numbering Peculiarities: Sunday issues carry separate numbering scheme, <1973>-1980.
General Note: W.E. Rynerson, publisher.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 33, no. 30 (Nov. 1, 1948).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002079807
oclc - 01746535
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Preceded by: Winter Haven daily news
Preceded by: Winter Haven daily chief
Succeeded by: News chief (Winter Haven, Fla. : 1980)

Full Text


THEWiATHIRGmwally' City'Of 100 Lakes

fair today. High sly W News-Chief r Of The World i

to 80. Warms tonight ***> tow In MM Winter Haven Daily
60'a. East and southeast wMi 10 to II You Alwe It First

r mile pit hour ?

a a t tI


Johnson Asks $3.4"1dion

For 'No Waste' Foreign Aid

iftII Fragile Cyprus t ; 4 i i : : President SaysU. ;

Truce Explodes ; tI a S. Future j I

With GunfireGHAZIVERAN I $ i I Depends On Bill \

Cyprus (UPI: rJ WASHINGTON (UPI) -Pre t
The fragile informal truce f Ident Johnson liked Congress
nqh1) throughout Cyprus sine the .r today for a ""0 waste, no re
___f rival of the first Canadian United r treat' foreign aid program I
Nations troops last week collapsed cf $J.4 billion He promised to
today with the map and cut bureaucracy and to cored t'
crunch of bullets and bazookas up efforts to put recipient nations
into this Turkish Cypriot village on a self.supportinn basis j
It was the smallest foreignaid ,
> -- The indications that this la- request since the programwas
LEGIONNAIRE FATHER-SON FETE Frlerien-Nichols, American Legion Pod marked land may be entering a new p started In 1948 Johnson,
the 45th anniversary of the organization this week at a father-son dinner. Among the rind of violence were supported aware of the growing tendencyIn
I family teams present were, from loftt Stove Summerville and his father, H. R. (Slim) this afternoon with the British 'F congress to cut foreign aid I
Summerville, post commander and Bill Clarke, 7th District commander and his son, announcement that firing also f + A funds. warned the lawmakers
Johnny had erupted at Kalohorlo on the J alt against slashing his request
northern coaat It war feared We will be laying up a harvest
this firing might be directed of woe for us and our children
from the nearby Turkish Cyp It we shrink from the task \
Nineteen Acts rut stronghold of Left and I of grappling (In the world community
Mutual FloridaOverPlanting
Says represent a major Turkish retaliation with poverty and Ignoranew
." he said In a special ,
At least four Turkish Cyprili message
ForKiwanis were wounded-one critically But the Initial' reaction in ,
Citrus -by the rifle and bazooka Congma was that the proposed
fire which green Cypriot police program would be cut anyway
and Irregulars lofted Into this Rep Otto E. Passman D.La., j
Show northern Cyprui village There chief House critic of foreignaid \
Florida Citrus Mutual,meet and the intervention personallyof
were no reports of Greek Cyp said be was lure there was ;.
ing In Lakeland yesterday with Senator Smatlmrs that Rut- riot casualties TOURIST CLUB OFFICERS-New officers of the Winter Haven Tourist Club 'In. 'plenty of tat In it" and Senate ,
planned agenda of ledge was able to appear personally
Nineteen acts have been I business carefully, was thrown completely before officials of the Each side accused the otherof tailed yesterday afternoon during ceremonies at the Civic Center are, from left! front GOP Leader Everett M
signed for the annual Klwanls out of balance by two big Virgin Islands Corp., Includingsome starting the fighting row, Joe Peoples, first vice president: Mrs Nettie Porter second vice president; Ernest Dlrkien. Ill, predicted wouldbe I
Talent Show in Winter Haven block busting developments- cabinet members last Garrison, president; Mri. Beatrice Event, tecretary. and Herbert W. Hamilton, treeiureri cut.
next month four of them having on. highly optimistic and the week to present a hardhittingbrief back row, Wlllard Lines, entertainment chairman! ears, Alberta Frantt, chairman of. din- The Prtaldent requested new \
appeared in last year's other somewhat pessimistic.First and that caused the post- Flett To Speak arts: Ambrose Chamber, shuffleboard. chairman; Mri, Charlotte Allen, sunshine. chairman legislation to permit known the foreignaid ;
show came announcement chairman and Mrs Elsie Moore chair agency as
from Senator SroHhsr'e office, (Continued On Page,,,T, Col. 2)) ; George Rodell. improvement ; registration the Agency for International Development :
The performers are from just before the Mutual advisorycommittee -men. (AID) to tutdeadwood I,;
nine Polk County communities was to convene, that Here On FridayAustin from its stiff ,
Those appearing for the second President Johnson bad stoppedthe He also announced plans to
I l time are. Marlene and pending... of some 1,750 Cancer Fund Florida AlumniTo <. Ruby's LawyerReporeci appoint a new committee of
Borden vocal duet
Marlets a acres of Virgin Islands sugarcane T. Flett cf Chicago "distinguished private cttliens"to '
from Mulberry; the La Fon keep continuing on ski I
land for the planting of < i ere
for his
false Trio consisting: of Ann citrus and the establishment of known nationally op programs and advise him o.pon" .
Susan and David LaFontalne, a concentrates plant on SL Drive SlatedThe position to the Federal Income Honor 1914 Fired .
tax, will speak tomorrow
a vocal group from Kathleen; Crolx. Johnson said "...:It. or Inefficiency .
Patricia Pinion, acrobatic night at I o'clock In the In
an Then came a report from or extravagance'
dancer from Bartow; and the Mutual officials such as Executive launching of a drive to Jack Fuller Auditorium In DALLAS (UPI) Convicted of the trial the aid program could not be
Teen Tones a vocal sextet Vice President Bob Rut- enlist volunteers for the 19(4 Winter Haven City Hall under Local GraduateWilliam killer Jack Ruby wii reported The News said the .letter out tolerated, but It was "equally
from Bartow The Utter group ledge, Indicating that Floridais Cancer Crusade in Winter the sponsorship of Project Wednesday night to have fired lined the/ family's chagrin at repugnant lo our D.tlolI.llnier
Is made up of Lynn Duke, planting "too many orange Haven was announced today by Alert H. Scfiuli Jr., of Melvin Belli si his defense criticism they felt was aimed at lit to retreat from our obligations
Theresa Blankner Dolly Pet. trees, too fast. This was supported Carleton S. Lucius, Crusade There will be no admission JOSAve. C, NE!:, Winter Haven lawyer because of statements "promoting only Belll's personal and] commitments while
tit, Elaine Puckett and Chrystl by a map showing the chairman.The charge. who is observing the 60th anniversary made by the San Francisco It- fame" freedom remains under lie! ,.,"
Saunders situation in the citrus producing Crusade will begin April Flett 67, has been In executive of his graduationfrom torn blasting Dallas and the "My brother has been disturbed The President s.t !that foreignaid
The show, seventh in a row, counties.In 1. April Is Cancer Control Month vales work with Chicago the University of Florida, Jury that condemned Ruby to and upset by reports of request for the flies) year
win be staged In Nora credit to the entire by Presidential proclamation.Lucius the stockyards beginning test I at 114
Mayo giving corporations In will be honored at the 1964 the tlectrle chair. Mr. Belll's actions both. in and July
Hall on Friday night April S. Florida congressional dele appealed for a record for more than SO years Sprint Assembly of the University's Belli vliftlAg In Mexico City Out of court," the! Newt quoted billion, made up of fl billion
The other performers who gallon, particularly Senators turnout of volunteers "to helpIn In 19SO he published a 10- Alumni Aiaoclatlon his home to California' Ruby's brother Ifyman, of Chi- military swtauoce and 121 billion
have been signed for the show Sma tiers and Holland, W Max the many jobs that need to be year study and analysis of In Gainesville Saturday said "I way haven't heard anything cage, as ..,III'. eeonomU aW.
Include Acre, president of Mutual done in the community during mutual fire and casualty In Srhuls, a member of the about It" "The opinions this mm expressed He emphasized that this wasmore

From Haines City Mary Jim pointed of out the that lease the between cancellation the April.branch"enrolled Last year 290,volunteers the local surance, pointing out "the sinItttr Class of 1914, will be a special "I U be In San Francisco tomorrow about Dallas, the Jury, the late than President fl billion John less f K.than..
Wilson Pam Klplla and Susan
methods used to mislead of the association at Judge Joe Brown and
guest a and I'll talk about It (Dlst
Virgin Islands Corp. and National Those who would like to serve
Haikms, vocal trio and Ren.DtCrll'tllla 'Conffinwd'oit Page f, Col. 1)
; the people as It functions '
breakfast ) Wade
Bulk Carriers, Inc., of this year are urged to call Saturday morningand then, he said' Ally Henry are not
and Wayne Shuff. New York owned by one Daniel CY 431JL"Because deeply Intrenched within our will be among IS graduates The Dallas News laid Eva shared by Jack or my memberof
folk song duet K. Ludwlg Is a distinct victory cancer touches economic and political,. to be Initiated Into the Grant Ruby's sister, told them his family." Hyman told thepaper.
From Fort Meade, Susan for Florida citrus growers" each of us, either directly: of tem." association's Grand Old Guardat she mailed t letter to Belli'* Satellite Lost 3
Marsh pianist; and Becky Rob- Through Mutual's contacts indirectly Lucius IIld."e.cb Since that time lie has lectured a reception Saturday afternoon office In California' firing Belli. The letter said' the fimlly did
era vocalist la Washington and elsewhere of us must do his share to combat before many groups He will again be honored Ruby's lister laid the Ruby not know what to do about further -
Winter Haven, Pat McHale. the super-cooperative got wind the disease which will eventually pointing out the dangers of at a class reunion banquet 1m.medl. > family was dissatisfied with counsel, "but God willingwe
folk vocalist; Barbara Adams, of this boondoggling lease proposal strike 48,000,000 Americana communism, and has written .tel, following the reception Belli's defense presentation and will get help' somehow Wewill In Space Hour t
organist, and Verna Blackburn some weeks ago and upon now living unless the another book 'United States Former Secretary of shocked at the tirade lit let pray for help and hope that

gospel singer investigation found out that Lud- I(Continued on Page T. CoL S) as a Satellite Nation." (Continued on Page T. Col 4)) loose against' Dallas at the! end Mr Belli will do likewise"
Kathleen, Hajrry Jr. wig already had several thou
accordionist sand acres of oranges growing After Blast-Off ;
Lakeland, Jimmie Lanier in Panama and planned to rout.
dancer; Vincent Simmons Jr., that fruit to the Virgin Islands School Groups .
folk string player; and Mike plant mix It with the fruit (APE KENNEDY (U Pl)-
Haieman Gilbert Potter and grown In the latter area, about r b'i. The United states' todsy lost M
Mike SkiUman trumpet trio. 10 Panamanian oranges to one 1 nT i. Explorer satellite about in hour
Auburndale Randy Green. VI orange.-and then send the Plan ConcertThe after It was rocketed into spaceto
vocalist; and the Freshman end product..troten concentrates examine the ionosphere to
Five composed of Din Yaw, ..In his own bottoms to test a new space tracking system
Tom Spin Bert James, Ronnie the states duty and tax fr... Winter Haven High, Being Intense beams of
Miller and Pat McCarty, In a letter to Pre.ldentJofIn- School Music Department will light railed lasers
singing folk music son, Rntledge had caned the present I concert In Kayo Andlorhim The double duty moonlet wee
Lake Wales Carolyn Wellingand plan ". blatant plot to brine next Tuesday, at Im launched toward! a planned orof. -
Cathy Cam each singing the cheaply produced citrus of '. 743 miles above earth by a
vocal solos Panama into our market free0I r Featured on the program tNN.II... Delta rocket at <:14
taxes, free of tariff and will be the High School Mixed a m CUT Tracking .tatlon.lott
aided by extra subsidies." Chorus and Boys Chorus contact with" the booster's third
Rutledge also claimed"there I VI directed by Mlllard C Wilk stage and satellite about 10
Reds Reject 1s no benflt to the Islanders er, and the high school bands mmutei ,later
by replacing sugar cane with directed by Roy V Wood The Ow,''. Delta rocket bar
a little citrus growth, nor are The Chorus has Just been cored ar preced' nted J a !
there great employment opportunities awarded a superior rating In straight, surceases Its wily" failure I
Bomber DealGENEVA la an automated concentrate the district contest to Tampa earn on the first Delta
punt" and "there la and the band is preparing to In May, IMO with\ an Echo
only one beneficiary for the! district Content on the .bemuse MteltteANM
(UPI-Tne United Daniel! K. Lttlwlg (owner of tr Thursday. following the cCJ&oftrt ...h the isteftte's primary ..
States offered! today to destroy Bulk Carriers)." Both orianliatJfw ares Job was to explore the
more than $1 billion worth of Mutual officials have beaten top shape and the concert will ionosphere on a global basis for
a well-worn pall between the first time, It was the unrelated
B4T Jet bombers if Russia .IU.cr.p btr be one of the bent of the current
Florida sad Washington,buttonholing Laser experiment.. thai
a comparable number of serle, thou directors ssid
its Tints every legislator, every : This the ttntl of the lave the propane shapediMtofltot
: w
official who year .
Soviet disarmament negoUa. could lend the least I school concert series, TIle con- sfweiat itgfttfkanrtUaere .
of .
amount help.U .developed. only' a few
tor Semyon K. Tsarapkin immediately J recta are sponsored by the Clay
was only by
anl.tetIQFlag already nave found
rejected the proposal, 1 Rerrestlon Department and admission rears ago
saytirg such a "bomber bon U free to the puMtc many use raagug from drilldiamond -
fire' would not represent real -....- nag to moving eyetaaws
disarmament and may dv.l ln>p Into

Tsarapkin charged the) propad Ceremony Former Deputy ae 'ultimate' rommiMiraUona
d vice The U. < is also study
was a Pentagon plan"to Slated SentencedIn
replace old bomber with Sunday mt Laser peesiMttttas I* a

new one such ai the lo c- a. For Bribe Case death raykietleu
pet boat A.II.Al'Hflcal JanPhylTbe plan to attempt the)
Sit or"anl space application\
negotiator Adrian Jaa-Pbyl Village Garden J /oh w. AUsmsa' JanMi .I Lasers tonight K the sky U
S. Tuber rejected this charge dub wffl present a saw t ,I v ,Hate win ordered y..- .1ItuII1eI.
He told the n-naUon diaanna.naent y ?
fUg pole to tk* cosaaaiastoo t.rday W pay a II.OQO tee. er A device mounted .n a UU-
conference that Meuew'scomler en sad the fire station at 1 spend two rears hi state prison cope at Waffope Island, Va,
'prop *al hr the oVtmtfaa ,... SundayTto rtt shoo the Laser beam of
ef an bomber aircraft ,
The ex vice spied deputy .Wnred the aateVMe
ttgbt al
in the ward would ..*.. the meets at Boy UM Scout fire state trap that will UTTU MISS WINTER HAVEN CONTESTANTS Becky Levf, Patti Kerce and Ky tVae. The be>yt, from with th* Pet: Cowry HwyMTaDepartment The) bean is expected to

balance! of atlfcury power by participate and. everyone K HEAASE Gett. \f for tfce UHU Mist Winter ieft .,. Peal Scftee.kc, Greg Griffith, Steve Speei. cad was tonvktod ...... off the mounlet't MO re-
leaving tone aoA-aurirar na-. Invited to attend .the abort "e.. eU,t Friday Nl.. More My Had are three as'l Gary May last Jt* *ry of trying to Carters and return to the
.without any .can* of deleas. ..,.,-. the *.4ide4ef with ttoir ewortt. n. ,irI. ero, (frm (Continued On fags T, Cot I) round[ station

1 \ i

--. -- ___ ... ... ...___:......... ._:.... J'.L---; ....;...;......::...=-.;.;::.:.::., ::=:,,....-. -...--- --_-.. .__.._ >. __ Nr .'.....,_....



BrighamPTA (The Weather Local State And National I Courtesy (M: HST Praises Poverty War, Blasts Critics

DUCK KEY (UPI-l) ..... and a half OB thia Florida Key States decided tag ago to treat
Hears President Harry S. Truman before breakfast even our littlest neighbor as
Prexy Is Scheduled praised eesid Wearing. a grey hat and an equal, and we have kept
poverty trod yiaandd
war on alack and a white open-nockad that policy: It's human naturefor
its critics "don't know anything. shirt be appeared on the step the little follow to .Insult the
Dr. Fred Lenhatey,pr.*|. about what they're talking of I his vacation hotel and told big if he is sure there will be
dent of Polk Junior Collet., : 1wetrciv For Next Week about." half a dozen newsmen who walk no retaliation"
wag the guest speaker Tuesday "They'll talk about creeping with him daily to "come alone, The former president also
night at the regular meeting of Questions of vital interest to socialism Well, there'll never boy.." confided he's in favor of the two
the Brigham Elementary School every Winter Haven businessman be socialism in this country Truman blamed the U.S.' party system"We .
PTA and retail tales person They don't know anything about, Panama dispute on the fact need to have a strong
Dr. Lent uley told the group : will be answered next week what they're talking about that "the little fellow always Republican Party-and a atron
that they, aa parents and toach- rLxi by Howard J. Wlsebaupt dur be said insults the big man if he can ger Democratic Party," be
erg, had a lot of Influence on .inc a Courtesy Clinic to beheld Truman, merry eyed and get away with it. said
whether or not their children next week under sponsorship tanned, made the comment "Nation are just collectionsof
attend college. \ of the Chamber of Commerce while stepping off a quick mile people," he said "The United Shop IN WINTER HAVEN
He Mid the teachers have to .
be positive and encourage each
Such questions as: Are you
student to do Ida best and strive ? I.
earning enough money
for education. 6 PC.
your business' chalking up the
Following the meeting, refreshments 90 loo profit It should Who is reaponsible REGENTSHEFFIELDSTAINLESS
were served In the t
for the decisions to
lunchroom In charge of Mr*. iiiiiiRtcj.
QO buy 80 per cent of the retail
Pat Marahburn, Mrs Jenny
Carter, and Mr*. Carnello JN"l.i Siii G today? Has your borne life any
bearing on success or advancement
Mont deOca. ? g4f ? KNIFE SET
Mrs Elite Laughlln, principal ) _
introduced two interning 'RN pat Wlsehaupt has the answers
teachers, Miss Donna Gran and '"'' to these and many more that 1.005.TRANSISTOR
Miss Marilyn Mitchell, both .),;y!t SNOW 34 6 annoy the average person in Price 1.2f NOW VALUE
students at Florida Southern business life.lie .
College RAIN AND 'THUNDERSHOWERS Thundoriliower. is a keen student of human RADIO
with tome rain It forecast from
weifern Gulf outward Into the mid and lower Mississippi Valley. Rain Is also expectedover nature a business analyst In. y 4
with acute Insight
15 More Bodies portion of the Ohio Valley and parts of the Pacific Northwest Snow It due In to business an problems, and has Complete: Carrying Cast,

Recovered FromPonichartrain northern and contra! Rockies and ports of the Great Lakes region. spent most of his life teaching Strap, Ear Plugs, lotteries AWhile
Ms "secrets" of getting
Florida Zones LOCAL OUTLOOK ahead.

Generally air today, becoming ObituariesMRS. The Courtesy Clinic will be 666
PlOIl Rig. Met U.9S Last
cloudy tomorrow with
held Tuesday, Wednesday and Pl07..
NEW ORLEANS (UPI) --Dls- Panhandle scattered showers High today BARBARA ANN DAVIS Thursday mornings of next
aster team Wednesday Identified Mostly cloudy and mild today 75 to 80 Warmer tonight with Mrs. Barbara Ann Davis, week from 8 to 1:50: in the
15 bodies recovered from scattered, tonight and Friday with low In the 80'.. East and 27, of 121 Palmetto Street, Au Ritz Theater. It is open to all SILEX GLASS COFFEEMAKERAND
the murky water of Lake Pont- shower High today southeast wind 10 to 15 miles burndale, died yesterday in a employers, employee business
chartrlan, all victim of the 50'M .to. 76, low tonight In the per hour shifting to southerly Lakeland Hospital. and professional people-man. BEVERAGE SERVER 8-CUP
crash of Eastern Air Lines East and southeast wind and She 396
an Increasing
tonight was a native of Alabama gen and owners and staffsof
10 to 20 miles REG. PRICE us NOW
DCS Feb. 25. per hour and tomorrow and had lived In Au. downtown: North Gate and
So tar, only 20 of the 53 per. through FrIday. burndale for the past eight Southeast Plaza stores will
sons who perished In the crash years She was a member of participate
have been positively Identified.The Increasing North cloudiness today Smathers Says the Polk City Church of Reservations must be madeat MITCHELLoSPINNING REEL
Civil Aeronautics Board Christ
with scattered thunder showers the Chamber of Commerce.
awaited word from
meanwhile, Survivors Include her hus Wisehaupt has been In demand 1638
Washington on the next step in and beginning turning tonight cooler ClearIng band Earl Davis, two daughters for Important trade con REG. PRICE 30.00 NOW .

the search wreckage.for remalningbodlesand Most of the af rnon. High today around Friday Negroes Want Louise and Alice, and two ventions since 1920, has talk
ions Tommy and Robert all ed in 700 cities and has taught
75 Warmer tonight with low GENERAL ELECTRIC
wreckage found has been In
55 to 60. Increasing southeast of Auburndale; her mother, many thousands of students. SCHICK I
twisted bits and pieces.
Mrs Bessie Fischer, of Louis.yule Even her
and southerly winds STEAM & DRY
The delay followed discovery reaching Better HomesWASHINGTON / her
of a huge, 150 foot by 150 foot 15 to 25 miles per hour by ; Oliver CORDLESS
Simmons, of Athens, Ala.; two $$1 Million
crater In mud at the bottom of tonight Hairdresser
the lake. Officials speculated It (UPI) sisters Mrs. Sylvia Haygood TOOTH BRUSH I IRON
Central Sen. George A Smathen D- of Chicago and
have been caused by the ;; Mrs Carolyn ,
force may of Impact of the huge Generally fair today, becomIng Fla, laid today southern Negroes Deliha, of Louisville, and her Rtg. 12.75 Inn t sure Rg. 12.95
plane partly cloudy Friday with wanted better homes, grandparent, Mr and Mr. Sales GoalTALLAHASSEE 799 888
showers. today Tom NOW. NOW i
Those Identified Wednesdaywere scattered High jobs and schools rather than Brook, of Auburndale .
: Mr. and Mrs Lout G. 75 to M. Warmer tonight with a "tyranical" civil rights bill. Funeral service will be held (UPD-Flo-)
Meltzer of Washington; pilot of low In the 80'.. East and Smathers who was born in tomorrow at J p m from Ker rids manufacturers will go all '
airliner, Capt.William B. Zeng southeast winds 10 to 15 miles Atlantic City N.J., but movedto sty Funeral Home Chapel, out on April 15 to aet an ambitious p ..rAc. ,
48, Rlngoles, N, J.; co-pilot per hour today, shifting tosoutherly Miami when he was 8 year with Bryon Connley pastor of pact for themselves by
Grant Robert Newby, 40.of New and Increasing tonight old, laid in a prepared Senate the Church of Christ assisted trying to do $1 million worth of : : : C'.q

York; Gabroelle Brlson, 3, of and Friday South, speech that the answerto by Norman. McDonald, officiating business In one day at the Flo. ., ; t
Lancaster, Pa.; stewardess the racial problem was rids Industrial Exposition at GENERAL ELECTRIC
Barbara Delane Norman Eu- Generally fair today and tonight "understanding and education Interment will/ follow In Au. Orlando.
banks, 21, of Atlanta; Larry becoming partly cloudy and tolerance He claimed: burndale Memorial Park Development Commission HAIRDRYER I REPEAT
Dean Jurgenion 21, Chicago; Friday with few showers .
the House pasted bill would Chairman Wendell Jarrard announced
naval officer Joseph Warner likely High today 82, low tonight SALE
not provide ruch understandmi MRS. tILLA JYAL ., the goat Wednesday,
Morgan, 48, Atlanta Louis G.Meltier 65 to 70 East and southeast .
; Mrs Lllla Dysl, 13, of Hwy saying the exposition scheduled ;
48, Washington his winds 10 mile But you can b* If
; toj per you FERTILIZER
"On the1 contrary Smith- 92 Auburndsle/lied Tuesday April 14 IT, Is Ideal placeto
an ..
wife, Mrk.:Natalia Meltter, 44,* hour becoming southerly and In Bartow l following .large .fI."t com sit our wonderful
Joe James Cook, Dalton, Ga., Increasing today, ers laid "it divides u.. It ere a hospital. make the coordinated effort O } bat MUctUnt plus selection of then TH.
Roger Murray Chown, 84, Port- KeysGenerally slew distrust and doubt; It a long IllnessShe "...l" fr mmm.rtl,,,. Dam Trolls better known 6 5 5
land, Or*.; Robert Hugh Slbley, fair today and tonight will result In lear and Intolerance and was a native of Florida Navy Children e T*.4vr4 .ntlqy whlUMffylnt .i "Dam'Trolll). Thit I
resident of
20, Yuma, Arts., Samuel becoming partly cloudy ; it will stop the progressnow dale for a Auburn. .*,4 itr.|. ease homely' lovtabl, unique 50. I IIII.
Trustin Adams, 68, Harahan, Friday with few shower being made, and letI, many year
La., Fred Klrscbenneuter, 38, likely. High today 85. Warmer back In our efforts to solve Survivor i n c I u d Ion. Help pmci it.ti good luck mascots will Lb 4
daughter Mn Jewel Hart, MODEL add pleasure to anyone's 8 7
Chalmette La., Madame Marl tonight with low In the 60's our problems. JACKSONVILLE (UPI-An)
Helen Lebucheux, 60, Paris, East and southeast wind 10 Smathers was the scheduled and a ion, Paul Dyal, both of estimated 42,000 children of HOS lift. Cam itt if they do
888 B
France, a delegate to the United to 15 mile per hour, becoming leadoff speaker today In Senate Auburndale; and a sister Mrs. naval personnel provide one NOW It for yours. $1.25 ag
Nat'ons; and Lynda Gall southerly and Increasing Fri. debate on Democratic Minnie Prevatt of Jacksonville reason for the Navy's willing.
Smith, 024 Oxford St., Ramsey, Leader Mike Mansfield's / .
day.Temperatures motion nell to help out in School Boot. While They LostTLp'lmo
N J., 12. to call up the civil rights Funeral services will be strap Action Inc.. an organlia
bill. No vote on the motion Is held Saturday at 11 am tion formed to Improve Duval
expected before the middle of from the Kersey Funeral County ichools
next week Home Chapel Auburndale, The commanding officer of

HorticulturistTo By United Press International Although they were Impatient with the Rev. Percy Knight, four naval Instillation here (
Low High with the series of southern pastor Ellison Avenue Baptist joined the group Wednesday.
Albuquerque 31 59 speeches Senate leaders Church. Jackionvllle\ official
Atlanta . ? 42 M had little hope of being able tog assisted by the Rev W. Auburndale Interment will
Speak HereA Birmingham . 47 70 to apply the cloture gig to W Watson pastor of the First follow In Auburndale Memorial

Boston . . 24 35 shut off debate Missionary Baptist Church of Park

Chicago . . 28 30
---------- -- ----
horticulturist with the
top Cleveland . .. 21 31
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Denver 29 83
will hold an open forum Detroit . . 21 35 -&at l2tf ey M'1f
tonight at 7.30 In tht Leisure . .
Jacksonville U T'1
Room of the Tampa Electric KanassCity . 45 81 .,\\ \ FOOTWEAR m1rtlJo l IJII"

Building Lon Angeles . 54 15 f ,4ro
The speaker will be Dr. Miami . IT 82 ( ,
Roxy Martin, associate pro- Miami Beach T3 1T \\\t.' "
fessor at the University of Twin Cltle. . 21 32 ..' / Ladle0Y
Florida, who I tl actively! associated New Orleans . 54 76N.nYork Just Right For ONE ciour Misses &

with the U.S. Agriculture . . 24 31 MEN'S $
Department. Orlando . . 52 T' Gtt the real feel of with
The Ridge Chapter of the Philadelphia 25 41 LADIES EASTER DRESS FLATS : Spring"
/ Hibiscus Society Is Phoenix . . 41 10 SHOES 597 these lottst colors and styles!
sponsoring the forum and the Raleigh . 2S 55
public Is cordially invited to 51. loins 35.S DRESS HEELS $ UP All Leather Uppers
attend Admission is free and Seattle 34 48 U.S. and Italian. made $ 93 Summer Whites Bone Patents
hibiscus plant will be given Tampa 10 J97 I Multicolor I I Pastels I
Block ond Brown 2
Washington 2t UIII
a* prizes
I In
dressy Whites, Bon ,? Oxfords and Loafers
and Spring Paittls. uses,

All the latest colors and stylesBOY'S ,
OPEN 1i45 P.M. Conrliwoui Shows from 2.00; P.M.


IUDDY EISEN of Orlando, FILl 2
Iii1ibl1il) r M} LOAFERS I'3 Cushioned Insoles
1V1'tkiilll J JJ.cA1i
Black and Brown
: a Two Tones Whites and Straws TO'lAa,

... j r

Pea..,..... WOMEN'S .SAVE $ 98 MEN'S sAVE 1



LAST TIMES TONITI SIZES IN EVERY STYLE.Come .'Easy Soft. --fTr.I"r.I-; /1 rashioned tnaM**

Color 2Sc Coupon Mitts Color in and theseexclusive


Friday Htto Saturday Nit -
American Girl Grace Walker ond many others,
I Frank Sinatra In "4 FOR TEXAS"
840 CYPRESS GARDENS ROAD Nationally AdvertisedLUES
Shirley Jonoi in "A TICKLISH AFFAIR"Tom

Poston In "THI OLD DARK HOUSE" TO 18.95 OPEN NIGHTS 'til 9 P.M. at 19.95.P.qe


10' .

y, March 19, 1964 WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS.CHIEF-WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA ..-- .. -Page=..-Three--

1 7 Governor CandidatesOn Tito Vacations N Frost Geiger Elected CoYcred-K

For Health, Rest moralM LAKELAND temperature((0.1) -bulletin The By Space Firm for sstighYf

BELGRADE (UP1)) -YqD. from the Lakeland Weather ORLANDO (UPD-Dooald) A. yleek
WKAT Radio Tonight aUv President. Joe* fits Bureau: Geiger of Orlando WM elected DnerAtVfW
AdrBrcm vice president UM! secretary of
hat departed to hi* U- Forecast far peninsular Florida -
MIAMI (UPI) Campaign the other candidates to publish land retreat of Brian lar Ml for tonight and Friday Space Science Services, lac ofOrlando The Hays ea-Redrtoh Poet
en tot govern. converged on a statement of their flnancial and medical car on tile advise Considerable cloudiness north firma Wednesday at the 4lte, Vttenaa of Foreign
l"a".1 stockholdersmeeting
Miami today to go on record worth of hia physician, a government aid moral partly cloudy Ware, will hold a covered dials
baton a statewide radio audienoe High busy for the day at spokesman aaid today southern district Scattered John L. Anderson. of Orlando aupper Saturday aifht at 6:30at
with their stands on his mayor s job fired back The spokesman gave no further showers extreme north tonight t the Club Houae on Dundee
major laauaa by telling Dickinson to "quit daUUa onto ki Tl gars and IB central and southerndiets lifer was re-elected and board president director traas-, and Road and Lake Hamilton Boole- for the gem arete. MNi1'$
A Miami Beach radio eta old. Ha presided at a pNnMunion Friday Warmer to. .
dodging the isiue and come Josiah. M. Scott of Wilmington. ,
tIm WKAT which will preaeBtthe out with a financial statement of the Yugoslav Commu- night with 1 10" fit tempera. Del., was re-elected ai a dim- will alao Included Corner 6th St. 1 Ave D, N.W. Next to Haven Hotel!
caadidatea in a 90-minute of his own. mist.Central Committee. on Monday tuna Friday morning H to n tor. oa the aoelal program
question sad answer aeaaionMM n.
licit III we six uemocra
tic candidates, only state Sen.
Scott Kelly of Lakeland bad
not committed himself to appear

The. station laid one of the
three Republican Candidates! f7asmr B6st
Ken Folk of Orlando, might mdse @ l W@lIDOO

show carried between up.by here The 10 and program other Tallahassee stations, to be, y

begins at .:IS p.m, Lcw '11c
Wednesday, the candidate tt
were on the move across the
state Kelly seemed to be set
tine the fastest pare with his
stops st Fort Lauderdale, KAY WHITNEY'S
Live Oak, Mont'rello, Talla 1
haisee and Lake City

Jacksonville Sea John, campaigning Mathewa of at Kiin

Vero Beach, called for a Lady Like Lovely.
freeze on all state land sales .
pending determination of just eI
how much land will be neededin
the future for recreation
and other public uses Charmingly yours to liohtheartedly wear In new-iaaton fashion
Kelly took the tack In hit -: ,,, Is Kay Whitney's 'Gold Labtl' featherweight Dacron print I.
crosi-the.state stumping for + '" modified bateau neckline, front waist drape forma tunnel for v it e
the day that there were really contrasting belt, all around pleated skirt, back tipper. Sites 12 w'h, Ip'
only three men in the race- 4 .r'y to 20. 'ye. ',
Haydon Burns, Fred 0 Dick .r d; V. vt
inson and himself '

He experience wrote off Burns beyond as lackIng his. JI KAY WHITNEY STYLES from 599 ,. 9991'

terma as Jacksonville mayor, \ .
called Dickinson the "boy" of /
Gov Farris Bryant, and said '
voters could take their pickof I : }
these two if they want the

continue. '
I .i r
Burns also caught a Mast i1'S '
from candidate Fred Karl of $
Daytona Beach, who called ,;
the Jacksonville: candidate : ,.
"arrogant" and reiterated
criticism of Burns for refusIng ; : 1l
to take part in an out.and. ;
out campaign debate with the ,
other candidates
Karl spent Wednesday
speaking in Marathon and ? ,
Tampa Y a0.jou
Burns was In the Hollywood
ares, where he vowed to give
top priority to extending Interstate 9 I
Highway 95 the full
length of the state in the east

and extending Interstate 75 .
> -
into Sarasota and Fort Myersall tI 4
despite any agreementsby w '
previous administrations( I r

to avoid freeway constructionin :
competition with toll roads.
Dickinson was In Miami and
hailed the cross state barge
canal as a development which
would make Florida "the
greatest shipping center for .... r. icy tin
Central and South America In
the United States." B.
Ik also called a publicity ar.nreur
stunt the challenge by Miami .
Mayor Robert King High to z

. ,

Safe Tobacco Cool Easy-Care Favoritesby

Believed Near L\\"

Tobacco researcher Kennedy
R. Keller said Wednesday -

a safe breed" of tobacco A. A fuq-slkirted creation of fine 100% Cotton. Beautiful black
can be developed but
it may take a long time and whit in Sizes 10 to 18. ,
"We think we can develop 14"i '
a safe breed through genetics
as soon as other researchers
Identify harmful constituents: l
which can be eliminated" from B. The chic slim skirted fashion in cool, comfortable 100%
existing breeds, said Keller
The search for the harmful dacron polyester Sizes 10 to 20, 1,6
constituents: however,
might take a "great deal of
time: ," be said

LAKE ALFREDMrs "Rose Trellis"LEFTj

Norman Boyle entertained .
at a coffee, Wednesday 3"
morning for Miss Edith fist
of Lexington K;., a former Easter Parade Preview ;
Lake Alfred resident! and .
classmate of Mrs Boyle Invited
guest were Mesdames
Msmie Boley, William Wig
gins Van Brian David Gar (

rett. Orrln Thomas, James .her Coma tea all the enchanting oardert-- 'Irlst ,
Telford Agnes Smith A. W. malinai 'In V
rah flower hats draped y ,
Brian of Lake Alfred and mint candy colors r crlto strew suitors 1 ,
Martin Scott of Aubundala rend all the other new l looks of Spring a t y
Mr. and Mrs Roy Shafer
of Ft Myers are guests of u 1 t all detigned to make ovary woman a /
lovely' lady Cha... yours new r whil/ ,
and Mrs. dsude Bow
Mr '"
few selections ara greateit! I Wa show 3
for a days.
man ,
Mr and Mrs Orville Smith from our huge new Easier collections.

and son Kenneth of Battle ;
Creek Mich ate visiting Mrs l' ., I
Smith's parents, Mr. aDd Mrs
Philip HuH Others 2" to 18" held Flower" Situ J
Guests of Mr and Mrs. Horace -
Griffiths are Mr aad 3" ;
lirs Wesley C. Van Dusea of
WiUaber, NY Mr and Mrs.
Arthur Dlendort of Palsntiae
Bridge N Y.. Mrs. Shirley
Shannon of St. Johuvflle j!
N.Y. and Fred Bogsrdua ofClowivffie

Cuban Exile LEfT: Use Your '

MIAMI (UPI) The total -f
Cuban erflet receiving: relief 1M'9 Rowers"' Cloche
tram the US ,government.. / Charge
dropped from 13.000 to Decent. .- 8" LI1u.Lii1w1bJ
her to shout 4X000 at present AccountThursd
Director i Arthur LaW of the
a.Wednesday lei. Refuge* Center reported

.. .. .-, ., .


Winter Haven Daily News-Chief -Today'sCommentary- THE STORY OF EASTER Television In Review I

w. I. S.YNIKSON ...,..,.itMhar.
JOHN W. KYNIRSON. Assistant te h. NMMwrPublltk .
Blows FollowedBy Bv KICK DU BROW But law serious parties pay at
d daily (I..*.,. St rdy> by fh. Winter.; H.VM Mockery Ursa Prone I.kteadeeel. tendon any men to tie non
P Ali.hinl c.., ,In*.. 114 Ird Sr..., N.W., Winter H..*n, FI..w. HOLLYWOOD (UPD-Tboufh statical arguments that since
----- -- -
CHARUS eOSHORN ..n.r.l Men..., Congress may Investigate tale. Shakespeare mad other great
------- vliion violence again, ft ii likely writers employed violence the
JACK IEAHAN AM*!*** Editor; UPI By Ftrga PHIL News NEW6OM Aealyet" Crucifixion of Christ that real.life terror on the many crude video handlers
-- --- --
PETER J. SULLIVAN == : AVrtl.lne; Mner_ A little short of a year ago home screen In recent years ii should therefore be considered
Cambodia's unpredictable chlel i hiving more effect on the view. In the same light
NATIONAL ADVERTISING' REPRESENTATIVE By LOUIS CAMELS words of the 22nd Psalm a mankind er mood thin the fiction
taking on hlnuell f[ It it probably m accident
of state Prince Norodom Siha
Shnn. I A, cl...., Inc I .
n .
Cklc III.
_____ nouk declared la an Interview United Prow Iirternattenal psalm that goes on to ..na..rthe the total burden of humanity'i, It may not he too farfetched that the highest-rated westernon

En+.r.d as Sterne1 Cl*.. Mull ....tt.. $*pt. *, If 14 .* MM tat Off)*. that "the real interest of Cam The gospel aoeounU tell the, question with a fervent affirmation guilt and alienation from Ood to suggest that from seeing the air "BoMasa," is itia.

In Winter Haven. Fluids. usd.r.et.f March I, ,1171 bodla Is not to have the NorthVietnamese i I story In four stark words: of faith in Ood un- When the end finally estate, al t these black moments of reality, lively light! on violence, and

,.t sea at our door we i ". and 'INf erwifitd Mm" hanging love. 3 p.m. Jesus was once again,: Mine good is emerging In that the majority of most.
". MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU do tear South Viet Hem but we No elaboration Others however, see In this serene His dying words were: merely making the vast audl watched shows are comedy

.m-' I I OF CIRCULATIONS fear North Viet Nam much at the time the WM gotpela necessary were cry of despair a brief glimpse "Father, into tit, hands J, enc! of teWvlsweri more senaltlve There will be even more laugh.
,. more." of of the ultimate agony which commit my tfirit" to fee horrors of violenceand era on the networks In the fall
.,. written, to convey the agony
This week, whatever his Jesuc death Crucifixion was Jesua suffered on the cross bate In aa edgy world. Last week the National Assesof
MEMBER fears Sihanouk by his own known; throughout the Roman that of "bearing\ the atns of all (Next: The Burial) Consider some of the events elation of Broadcasters tough
Acriv ,.", !... words ------- these that have been its for
UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL was contemplating diplomatic world as the most horrible form yean coed guidelines commercials .
NATIONAL tWTORIALASSOCIATION Th. lni) .d P,... I. ntrfl.d t. / for r.,ubll(,'!en ef .11 l.*.l nw. printd ;North Viet Nam. slow death by torture The Lighter SideBy nation: which once had three
In rhh n.wip.p.r .. will *. .11 UPI It was typical of Sihanouk's There
IU4 N.w. ptclis. This form of capital punish was the night that p weekly network programs, will
diplomatic gyrations that a few televised boxing match ended soon have none. On April 28.
ment was usually reserved for DICK WEST doubt that the needs of the cultural
ADVERTISING DEADLINE minutes later he also talkIng with of
the David
was one p.rtiflp.nta.Benny Brinkley narrate a
slaves and Insurrectionists The United Press International center can be satisfied in
CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT! of renewed contact with | (KM) Pares being fatally special called! "Boxing's Last
ly the Words I P.M, Pr.rloui D.y ly the' Inch: I P'M, Pnvloui D.ylo 'South Viet Nam But the facts condemned man was nailed WASHINGTON (UPI) that manner. So what U the solution injured There the kill Round." These, of
l I PM. Prtvtoui Dty. Sunday: Edition Diodllnoi Friday: that through his h.neS.lnd feet to a Groundbreaking for the John F. ? was course, are
DISPLAY DEPARTMENTS. are since November Siha wooden cross and left to hang Kennedy Center for the Per Well, the action already has I log of President Kennedy, only Items as was Gary
Sunday Edition-! P.M.. Thursday: Monday EdRhn-1 '.M. Frld.y; nouk has been moving ostensibly there until he died of what forming Arts is expected to a Peace Corps There are proposals which while not telecast at the Cooper's lament shortly before
Tuursday Edition-Noon S.'urdiyt Wodntiday, Thursday ond Friday neutral Cambodia steadily modern medical science would take place this year, provided before Congress now to, moment the shooting occurred, he died about the overemphasis .
Ed tioni-1 P.M.. Two Days In Adyenc.. closer to the Communist orbit sate quickly aired in recon In western fiction on
__ describe M a state of shock Induced they ever decide which ground create a Youth Corps. And I I[[ cow.
M.", !.., South.m N.wip.p.r Publithon AnocUtloR Carried to their logical conclusion by excruciating pain. to break would like to be among the. itructed film form. There was boy punks The prime fact u

M.mb.r Florid ,.... AiiocUtlon these actions vastly It usually required about 12hours One group of planners wants first to suggest the estabUsh.mtDt .. the fatal shooting of Kennedy's that neither do-gooders nor per.
could complicate US objectives accused assassin. Lee Oswald, formers can move the

for a crucified man to die. to build the center on a site of a Cultural Corps public
SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1 In both neighboring Laos by Jack Ruby There was the like a firsthand look
Cicero records that most of the near the Potomac River, but The Cultural Corps would b at the
By C rrlr Mail
or I and South Met Nan. televised verdict of death etho true face of violence
Y.". 11120; 4 "months, $9.10)) I "months, $..SS| I "month, 11.511| They victims became raving maniacs this plan it being challenged by open to volunteers between the,t itself
w.kly I IS e.nh. Single Copi.u Doily, S e.nt.; Sunday 10 ants. are a reflection of Sihanouk's It was often necessary he adds, another group which contendsthe age of U and 83 Those w t Ruby's trial
I, seeming conviction that would after abort One of our lawyer friends The Channel Swim: Jackie
to cut out their tongues to put a location is unsuitable signed up a t l
TELEPHONE CYproii J.2191 l U.S. efforts In South Viet Nam atop to their t.errlbleIcreaml The dissident faction objects training period, come to thc i t thinks that the harsh verdicts Cooper plays a ventriloquist

already are doomed! and of hit and curses. to the river site largely for esthetic capital and perform In the cultural In the Frank Sinatra Jr. kid- who Is the victim of his gang

almost hysterical belief that his Jesus had already undergone reasons They point out center at Shakespearean!I taping and Ruby cases may sterlike dummy on CBS-TV'i

A Thought For Today i borders are threatened both by many hours of suffering before that in this location the center actors, ballet dancers, opera.Ingera i I well stem partly from a mod.frD.frl "Twilight Zone" April :o, .Michael .
South Viet Nam and by Thai he reached the skull-shaped hill would overlook s sunning panorama and cello players.It reaction by citizenst Dunn the 3.foot.11 actor
land called Golgotha on which his of freeway approaches, is possible, of course, th t t against fear of bodily harm. In who got fine notices In the

"/ know both, how to be abased (and live humbly Last week as anti.American cross was planted ramps and bridges tome of the volunteers would I I short that the uneasiness o' Broadway drama "The Ballad
mobs sacked both the United During the long hours of the In my opinion, however, such have no talent along those t I current life including the of the Sad Cafe" and recently
in straiten nreumttaneet) and 1 know how to abound i 51.tea' and British embassies night the soldiers had buffeted s vista would be entirely appropriate lines But that need not disqualify l bomb.-has made possible bodily turned in I standout singing

(enjoy plenty and live in abundance)." Phil. 4lta In the Cambodian capital of him and spat upon him, fitting The original name them, offense a more personal performance on the Jack Paar

When one learns to accommodate himself to Pnom Phen, Sihanouk announced a purple robe around his shoulders for the project, as you may Members of the CulturalCorps I I matter. show appears March 29 on
every he would turn to Communist and thrusting a sharp know, was the National Cultural who are lacking in artistic Be that as It may, there Iste ABC.TV's .'Arrest and Trial"
condition of life he is assured that nothing ever just China for guarantees of 1 crown of thorns onto hit head Center And what, may I ability can be assigned i I no question that present and Steve Allen takes over for

happens to a Christian lie has then learned how to Cambodian neutrality and to to mock the king of the Jews..' ask, is more symbolic of work on the freeway future network entertainment Carry Moore as host of CBS-

be abased, how to be hungry! how to suffer want so Communist North Viet Nam Pilate had "scourged' him A our national culture than a schedules contain a good deal TV't 'I've Got a Selret" next
and the Communist.led Pathet scourging was a brutal beating freeway? lets violence than in the past- season .Allen will also continue .
M not to let these temptations overcome him or to lose Lao of Laos for guarantees of administered to prisoners with Actually the fuss over the location Wall Street and congressional Investigations his nightly syndicated show

his trust In God. -Dr. Albert L. Carnett his borders a special kind of whip whose Is a secondary issue anyway of fiction are by no means

The Pathet Lao and the Communist many thongs were loaded with The thing that bothers me the only or even major reason
North Vietnamese, he bits of metal. Is what will happen at the renter any more. Violence, of The male swan is called a
said, were the "future masters In keeping with Roman custom after they get It built Chatter course, Is always around, often: cob, the female a pen and the
News-Chief EditorialsAnd of Viet Nam and Laos" he was required to carry Anyone, for Insance, can put In legitimate dramatic form young c"nets.DJj.t .

The puzzlement was that the heavy wooden crossbar to up a building and label It a NEW YORK (UPI) RobertT.
North Viet Nam has no com. which his outstretched arms sardine cannery But It doesn't, Allen of Shearson Harnmlll
The Phones Rang mon border with Cambodia would be nailed pole of the arose was already Inpl.c.
which does border bring In some sardines
We felt flattered Monday and Tuesday evening on South at the continue to adhere to s conser 110
Viet Nam, Laos and Thailand! execution site) Exhausted By the same token a cultural motive policy which involves TEMPERATURE!
when all the lines of the News-Chief by his sleepless night center
phone Dally were Ills announcement therefore must a certain maintenance of cash ,
reserves, Uurtf5J
and the beating he had received :
completely tied up for almost three hours by people suggested that by recognizing amount of culture to fulfil! 1111I careful screening of holdings.
the Hanoi government of North Jesus stumbled under the function The question Is, where and profit taking In Individual IUH N1. AtION 1. UNt:, Mq'flbt... ,Uu.t,
calling wanting to know why they hadn't received their I
load Is
Viet Nam he also was recognis The guards compelled a the culture coming from Issues which have outrun their
NEWS-CHIEF. Each was told that we had changedover log it as the capital of all VietNam bystander Simon of Cyrcne, to Washington Itself hardly has Intermediate term potential
from the old letter the of offset carry the cross for Jesus Cy- enough culture to fill the buildings
press to new type Allen says that for new com
and thanked for All And, while Sihanouk Insisted cane was a town of North Africa that already exist mittments, there are plenty of ON YOUR TELEVISION DIAL
printing were calling, except a that Cambodia would remain and an ancient legend According to C Northcote stocks which have
lagged In the
couple of people, were quite nice and .we deeply appreciated "strictly neutral and non holds that Simon was a Negro, Parkinson, the British author general advance but considerable .
who later became a Christian who propounded "Parkinson'
it. engaged" between the Communist > care should be exercised In WDIOTVClMMwIt WFUTVNIC wm-w WTVTTVClMWMllI
and Communist world., apostle. Laws, a bureaucracy will automatically choosing c...... I CbMMlf
Any change-over is rough but this particular
one he aroused natural suspicions At Oolgotha, Jesus was stilp- expand to f 111 l the them CISOrtml ABC CM
was a bit rougher than usual for it meant going into that the Communists thus would pad to a loin cloth and the Roman amount of space made available Oitaofe lease

an entirely new process This reception on the part of find new supply routes to their soldiers rolled dice for his to it Thomson & McKinnon says
forces In South Viet Nam clothing. Hs was offered wine Thus far, however, there is t the inflation potential loom Thursday NIGHT March 19
our subscribers was really wonderful and we know that
Sihanouk's recognition of Pa containing an opiate an act no evidence that culture posses- ;large in the demand for strong

if they'll just be a bit forbearing about the matter for thet Lao forces, further, would of mercy which women of Jerusalem sea the same degree of elasticity ,common stocks, and any :0()-N.ws N....., Sparta. News, W..tt Pyl. Nwi

the rest of this week we'll have our problems licked. render much more difficult customarily extended to change in credit conditions, or ah:IS-Sp.rf., Wlk.r W..ker E4i,.rUl. Sp'" Spark. Wtktrt:19
Western hopes for ; crucified men But he would not It may be possible to borrowa specifically, a rise in the discount : ( -CIS News NIC N.w. Ale News CIS News
Our subscribers will receive an excellent appearing maintaining take the pain-rasing drug certain amount of culture ': S-CIS News NIC N.w. Inch'tcl Mime CIS New
a neutral regime there rate could seriously alter __ __ __ u__ _
paper and we'll be able to do many types of printing Altogether, these have been It was nine o'clock on a Fi'I I- from other cities But I ratherMemories the present optimistic psychology -Hu"1,: >> Adv.ntanr Vlr-tl.., Icy. Maverick. -

that we couldn't in the past. We appreciate your callIng trying days for V.S. policies 1 in day morning when they nailed of the market. 7111- I FIhl"1 III ,...di.. Yhgisis, ., I.,. Mawlak.
Southeast AsiaSignificantly. him to the cross 720-Paaawerd AdYe"'u' Flhtrtona. M..erlck.
for those ringing phones meant that you missed 7:4I-P..o. I" Per.dise FII"ta'.".. Maverick.
Sihanouk did Curious onlookers wilted for Leslie M Pollack of
and that is the kind of Reynolds
your paper a paper we are not Include him to and rail like .
France other
In the "hos curse & Co says that while a near 100-Rawkide: Do.1e! Gulls Dawn Bud a..hI4l.
triving to produce. tile free world," a happy circumstance crucified men When he remained term setback can be logically II-It.whld.: Debis Glllir Diana. bad ......hI4.
for President silent, some of them began 20 YEARS AGO 1,20-Rawhide: Dr. Kildare MV Th". Seer 1t..hI4..
Charles de Gaulle's Intentions to taunt him"If you'te the Mea- A congressional subcommittee expected at this time, he continues .::4I-R.whld. Dr. KII...,. My Th" Sam Rawhide. '.
to feel the market will
Now There Is Light. I of reestablishing French Influence slah" they said, "come down on agricultural appropriations Masse
work higher He advises clients i:oGPorry Mass. D", Killae. Ti Jimmy Perry
In Southeast Asia, Happily\ from that pole, and we'll believe reported favorably a bill to build up positions during .:II-.rry M..II Dr KlloI.,. Dan Show Perry Masse.
We wish to congratulate City Manager Cliff Ryanon also for Red China which hat In ,ou." which carried an increased appropriation lolls of temporary weakness per .:JII-,.", M..." Hurl Thu Jimmy Perry Masse
solving a real problem at the junction of the streets endorsed Cambodia's "just "Father. forgive them" he of $40,000 for the '::41-'.", Maus Haul' Due Skew Piny Masse.

Lake where patriotic struggle" against the said, "for they know not what U.S. citrus products station at .w.11
at Elbert the Dundee road comet Into town. Winter Haven 10:0Il-Th.: Nunes SUlP'"M The ( DIck
"Imperialist United States" they do"Toward Spear & Staff Inc. says that 10II-Th.: Nu".. Tiesha Adams" Skew Th..'"
This has been the scene of many, many accidents over 10 YEARS AGO Thu S'.ry.f DIck .w.n
the end of his six- based on I stronger fund a 10:20-The: Nu".. Supesse
the years. It could have been the scene of many fatal hour ordeal on the cross, Jesus A total cue load of 91 was mental picture, there Is stillroom IO:4I-Th.: Novas Thu". A ,.... A/id Theatre

accidents if something hadn't been done, but some Boy Scouts At uttered a cry that has been a handling month by during the Winter the preceding Haven for new gains before I I 11:00-N.w. News, Spt, W f Nw.lli Nw. Spar.t
source of great perplexity to his major top Is reached In the if.rl.l VHlwr WYhu. E'+erlal
thing was done and now it is like daylight at this point. Welfare Board Of the total "11:11: -Sp.rt., Wtk.r T.IIIh' Skew ,
IS '
followers Dow-Jonet industrial Let. Skw Cn! .
average II.JO. Tfkt!
To further the Road could Peak StrengthNEW new cases were opened while Seen Skew Hu/rr.d
help, State Department He cried: 11:41 the T**i,k' Late thaw Oilii't

install a large sign warning of danger and a multiple BRUNSWICK NJ "My God. My God uny hast seven handled recurrent and 68 cases were were carried also Help Is available for the problem

street intersection. Whenever we can eliminate a spot 'UPI'' The Boy Scouts of thou forsaken mi?" over from the previous month.S drinker who recognizes his Friday MORNING March 20

that could cause trouble, we are ahead of the game. America has grown Into the Some modern scholars point YEARS AGO difference from the social

Again we commend Manager Ryan for his swift action Free Worlds largest boys organization out that these are the openingAlmanac Northern housewives were beginning drinker Information may be 7o0-Oprrdiie: TH.y Sh.... 8e.d Day
to feel the effects of obtained from the Florida Alcoholic 7:11-: Alphabet. T. -.y Skew NwMickl Gid Dyy
Latest membership reports the citrus belt's heaviest non- Rehabilitation Program la 7:10: -W.k..Ua T. .y Skew IIMMickl 6ee4
Issued In conjunction with Boy summer rains In history. Avon Park. 7:41-: Movies. T.4.y Skew l. i.*... GeM D.y

Scout Week Feb 7-IS. 1804 IOO-C.ptai.: TH.y Skew Midi Bases Co*.I*
I Science TodayBy show an all-time record enrollment DAILY S:II K,",.,** TH.y Skew Miskle EvtS K of more than 8.5 million By United Press Interaatloaal CROSSWORD :JO-C.".l" T. .' Skew Crt*.*.!ll* C.,t..taf
boys Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Today Is Thursday, March It, ACROSS 44.Confront 18.1IoU- H &II :41-: K.II.*r*. T4y Skew C.r>.*...lll* Kaegeae

DELOS SMITH victims found relaxation and! and Cxplorera-and their lead the nth day of 1964 with 281 to Epochs DOWN try .. u 0 :00-Am.rl... TWi Meets. firb Mmlltf ..... *
DPI Science Editor release of tension the most effective follow 0. Extent of L To enclose n.Kind "A E. fill: Hi.tery "M.** All**** Cr .***!IU ",,,the_"
NEW YORK (UPD-A) newly remedy But avoidingthe en.BSA statistics reveal l that The moon Is approaching its canvas In a box Gt v .. I 119: -R.mp.r Room Ell. Drew, Crt_.!ll* Phil' Cry
written 'natural history" of the substances to which they since the organisation ..a s first quarter 10 e.Trap Arctic Wharf inhabitants factory Insect 1 v.. (II.e A v.. .'.. .. 9:::4s-a...,., Rm Pat O lrl*" C.rt.tl.!ll. Kim. N."*

Itchy skin disease which it were allergic war also effective founded In 1810. more than 37 The evening start art Venus dwelling a. God of war :Famous : 1000: -CIS News Ted.io.li ./. Merle. Spanish Lessees P. MesMvnal. .

connected somehow with slier- million boys and volunteer leaden and Jupiter 12.Com portion 4. clique V1rI1nJa A 1 I ,., .. -cis News Today's Sp.eich Liu.ee .MI
glee, (although medical science The histerytakera were Dri have participated in the On this day !in history forSparta D. Deep flJn.1ly...., .dt' R 10:n-: I Lv 'Lucy Werd fr Wed Dumber I Le.LuCY L
doesn't know Just how,) offered Harry L Roth and Robert R. movement This it about 7 million la 1>1T, labor scored tn Important brtathaof 33: TImI4 I 1041: -t Love l esy Weed f. Word trld.Ml I U' *Levy

little hope to its many Klerlad of the Mayo Clinic mote persons than served victory ss the Supreme IS.Pert., to sorrow 26.waits: ,. 11:CO-Tk* M..Cyt CMMrtM! Prt I. Rtfk The McCyl
victims And U only accented and Foundation of Rochester, under arms In all the wan In Court ruled constitutional an 14 the throat I. MalariaeoUoq.. r..rwa.y'e auw.e I Hill: -Tk* McCoy> C.eeeevaNa: Price ,I. Right Tk* M Cy<
lit mysteries Mina. They reported to a technical which the United States has act that provided for an sight.e fish A gameIS. like illness 27.I'u- S2. Ponders I 11:It-'.'* a GI.4 V. M.ulM Lists n.ol.I./ I I. rV I 6IV
Its average duration among organ of the American been Involved starting with Lb s 1 hour working day on the raJL .Definite 1. Sick ..... $3: Mountala 11141-P.t.: a Gladys M..IM Hota Tk* OM/*" ,I. P.>* t Gladys
I. A kind .
ot. ,. \\a The.aszy
long-tern victims who provided Medical Association. American Revolution roads

facts for this "natural hlttory" They questioned 492 persons Joseph! A. Bmnton Jr., chief In 1920. the United" States rejected IS.article Iron: .,m. /. fUtahoe.Serious .1&theater a M. Brass: : AFTERNOON

war about 30 yeart The longest who were treated for atop)c Scout executive, said the growth J the Versailles Treaty 1T.Plursl Mountain 2S. Vehicle n.Not print. I I:00-elev..1 Ute Yew FtntIMS Sao Kyi N*.n, Weather
tingle duration among them dermatitis in the Mayo Clinic of Scout enrollment has bfton.tl'ld which Itt up the League of Nations ending nymph 21.A coundl: working -l*.* .f Life ,Impessiie. Save Revs l... $41. MM.
was 63 years. The disease Is 20 years ago to find out how since the first membership IS.Sloth 15. Fasten Ru3t.IInCI.lIII1t lll -SrtklMTmrwI14S Truth w father Ink ff T.rw
"atoplc dermatitis It is anonandoff they had fared meanwhile count of less than 12,000 In In 1M2, all men In the United IS. Meadow 1!. Sum up 20. Foe .0.Chest : -4 ,'id."fl Lhjkt Cm*.**mt Kvi**. GdrM 119"

itchiness and Is believed They were divided between 1911 States between the ages of 45 Constructed I" a L. 1 1 |:*9- lrTlk Nice $,.,*a. T.__ Lees .* LIfe
due to deep-down allergic "server cases this no-dltetse- "The Boy Scout movement and 64 were ordered to reglst n.A anew MlC.HT.lk W..* fIH ...... Fwd Lees ** Ufe
reactions. now rate was 29 per cent hat become a national force because r with the Selective Service 24. India pMr n I:JO-VrVW TTMMl *4 Nw WrU TTM
Among the now historical Cataracts and pneumonia Scouting satbnea a basic tx sos.military duty : 1 : -WrM TTM -.. Lafftl. World Time
victims U per cent were also sometimes art associated with nerd In the lives of boys and la 1M2 Argentine President l3.Ja a" "t ......
fever Roth a n IIKlerl.nel panw 100:: -P........ .... Met. AM Skni P* .42,11P.
given to asthma, hay atopic dermatitis young men.' Bmnton said. Frondtdl took control of several coin .....**.** A DM! AM S* kni Pawwwd
hives, migraine headaches, and. found the rate that Scoutlm provides youth witS provinces to prevent PeronlsU ..8top2S. H IS F r JO-H..M:: hrh TIle Dee Day I* Crt: Haw .rty
allergic rhinitis which Is a runny could te expected war 4 per an organization with which to from assuming power la areas .Dairy 2:4i-I4aes.: Ash The Dade Dv I* C:*..f Hires P.M3.00Ta
nose not caused by the rent for the "mild" and 13 percent Identify Itself It provides outdoor where they scored election ,ia- product a 'l/ 'a : .9
common cold. AU this emphasized for the "severe" at retards life and adventure It promotes lories U Aft !lt / Tel Tr** t.-tt. Yare1 Ge w.l) T* T.. TrvH
Its connections to the cataracts and U percent SlOlrTa b iU u ItII. 111: -TTflTr..k TlM.tr HotpIt.1 T. T.. Trrrk
the ability of boys to do name / 1:JO-(A.* *l Nif M Y** Diet Say OM* lee DyY 141.. .. NM
generalized allergic state called for pneumonia.rtv thlngi for themselves and A thought for J>e day Forward V.h 1'5 3t: fe* .! N.e kt Diet Sy o.-a fer Day Uta" Nt1N

/to" -rr others, courage It teaches and them seH-retience patriotism French novelist Marcel Proust $4.Bone: 1I'h' '7/ .-s: ::* S+*m M.... C*** TrD..<....*, ...... Boson
In 64 cent there was a once said: "Happiness Is beneficial aaaXas.Btongtaf it- .1 u I a
per Tr. 4t1-Secn1 S-. .....11 $_ Trcfo**** Ssenl Stan.S .
family background of atopy On and encourages boys to be faithful for the body, but It U 4.J -UMk. Waft's UM<* game Tr*........, s.-e
the other hand the snacks of SAN FRANCISCO UPI) in their religious obligations.And grief that develops the powersof tow 1\1 II r ss3I 4:41- A4.*.< *. Uxl Men T.n..oter s.--
Itchiness were brought on most California ranks third in the for the hays in the upper the mind" o ...
frequently by nervous tension nation In outboard motor users ranks of Scouting! it opens vistaa In" te water N ss V. "car. -00.-Arfr* Boy Mklt the..... 11... Se.e.ee
dramatic and rewarding SaMUOtwrnaU4L 11-oAttte: ly M.we CI.It Blab.These It..e**
and fatigue In 10 per cent. This with 413000. trailing only New .' Persons employed tad trained 40.:Tob.ckud a. se N I.Jt-Li. It Wa" ,. Gecfu gk..rbas Nina W......
gave some support to s psychiatric York and Michigan according'careen by Goodwill Industries tun Metallic t1Ta: Sieve Me. >s\. 6w1 ..*>*... CIeud ......
theory that It hat tome to the National Association of Use oT the words '--froc and I household discard Into saleable 42 NarrowclBodteaof 14t K
connection with unconscious Engine and Boat N&nuf.ctunn.nd 'toad Tk*** pvelraa kIte4.oIec an pvevidiby tile Islewlslea. .......
conflicts.Furthermore the Outboard Industry Association often confusing In Merchandise Goodwin pays outsome roadwi ., N eel ore .ebiect Ie ...... N esy "--. TIle Dely: iaws Gi.4 pebSekesfh.
'general frogs hare smooth $400.000 annually hi wages n .. aPage s.10e..r.k. tad It set -..-.. lee ...... shears eel
many othe skint and toads warty store to handicapped employees. water I"re lulu. :. Il.s. rd.l.l.a




Page Five

Tyson Elected Hospital

14-45 Inwood News CENTRAL J Exciting News In Time To ;

PTA PresidentJack Mater Have
Mn A.M. Ketdel, Leonard
Hawkins, Mrs Gerald J Prochaska. .

.lag s of meeting moo the Inwood was held eleeMI last PTA night prsUnt dur. Hendricks, Taft.,. George Muter Heath R., Richard EverettWMtakMd. Leyne I ;E Bast \

Paul meseds!.Other the. PeWgrew school officers Robert cefet,elected Lancashire vice wtum.were pres He*:. MM ui, .MM Joke DsMM WUU C.. Wtfb.AabarBdale L.M r.Motttager.Mri Wide.. @ID[(: {mOO asfur

feat.; Mrs Irene Zump, reca4wg Mri C. K. ttaftMS. MfLNit
secretary; Mn. Kalhy FttsfrmM, Mn WfUemC
Cramer corresponding 'secretery. Davis Jr. OUR NEW YORK BUYING OFFICE WAS ABLE TO SHIP OVER 300 DRESSES IN
; Carl Strang, treasurer; Tampa

sea Robert. Lancashire bisteriah Mrs Jesse Halnes Carter.City THE MOST EXCITING FABRICS COLORS AND STYLES FROM AMERICA'S LEADING

The new officers, who will Lawrence EL Robinson.
year, will be installed on Baby Mary Jane Wood.
April 21.Members. Baby Travis CrewsDavenport.
of the nominating
committee were: Carl Cooney, Baby Vicky AdUns 3 GREAT PRICE GROUPS
Mr*. Ray Johns and Mrs Robert Lake Alfred
Lancashire Mist Diane Ross.WEDISESDAY'S .
Ralph Dias supervisor of DISMISSALS
elementary Instruction for Polk Winter Have 98 11198
County, gave a talk on modern Mrs Charles L. Didier. Elton 69
mathematics in the elementary McKenzie, Mrs Pearl ,
school. Whidden, Hugo WurLAalMandlle
Room count war won by Mrs.
ShUlers' fifth grade Devotion- Miss Janet Frankenberger,
all were given by Mrs Ray Master Robert Reiter. Matter
Jones Timothy Reiter, Henry Scott. '
Lake Alfred .
Refreshments were served by '
Mrs loW and Mrs. Gra- Mrs Harvey J. Jackson ;" NEW SPRING FASHIONS FOR
hajm with Mrs Carter In Dundee
charge Bobby R. Noble C PETITE JUNIOR MISSES
The cafetorlum decorated llamas City
war .
In green in honor of St. Woodrow Pitta. md HALF SIZES I
Patrick's D.,. Bartow I
John Maddo ) The soft new shades In one* and two-pieht

Priest t that f flatter .
Who Won stylet you most

Medal Of Honor Three StabbedTo r .i% 1 'In the fabric that's a dream to wear f

and care for ,'II'' '
Dies Al Age 58 j'1d '1A I
Death In
WORCESTER Mass. -The Rev T. O'Calla-
Joseph r t a light' fluffy Dacron Cupfonl
han 5S, believed to be the only \ polyesior
chaplain to win the Congress Prison Fight 1 $;4 P cotton blends
4kmal Medal of Honor, died y i
Wednesday night at St.. VincentHospital '
a ,
The priest was awarded the REIDSVILLE. Ga. (UPI)- r '
Jlltlon'l highest military honor Two inmates of the state prison / j i (1'1' .
], :In 1M8 by President Harry S. here subbed three other + .
Truman for heroic conduct convicts to death Wednesdaywith / v
aboard the aircraft carrier knives apparently made '
.,;;franklin March It, IMS, when from pieces of a shovel i a 'MP f3 f3A ;
,.'the ship was under attack by The killings took place t
Japanese ksmlkate pilots He among 55 other prisoners in / %' 6 a
was wounded by shrapnel fragment a cellblock and despite the efforts 6 ,\
during the attack of guards to stop the
layers, said warden R F. i
BalkcomBalkccm. 11 S .
'Winter Bows said the two men,
Franklin Flanders, 26, Chicago LINGERIE
'I \ ,..., .- serving a life term for
bank robbery, and Harry M. A
Jut t With Bang Wilson, 33, Newark, NJ, 1 1'e'S. SLIPS ,
f serving: 15 to 20 years for C
armed robbery surrenderedto
By United Pr M International I 'C Wr
The last day of winter started guards without resistance s.)? GOWNS i iI
after the Incident.
with ,
a bang today when 75 mitean ,
-hour winds raked the Gulf The warden laid the killings I(
Coast: of Texas and a Great came as the 80 prisoners were DACRON-NYLONS
herded back into their cellblock -
Plains storm piled snow 3 I DACRON COTTON BLENDS I Ir
after lunch. I.
Inches deep across the Dakotas
Twelve Flanders and Wilson suddenly i9
persons were injured WE CARRY EVERY SIZE ,
when tornadie winds sliced attacked Raymond Me- N '
through a trailer court at Ned- Rae, 22, Carrollton Ca, stabbing TO FIT YOU h
erland Tex., near Beaumont him repeatedly with their I:
None was believed seriously crudely-made weapons, Balk

.hurt com said Then with guards ,_,. J29 399 '
Trees and sheds were ripped !'n close pursuit, they ran up ?
apart by the strong winds In two flights of stairs to the
.the Nederland area and three top gallery of cells and
Navy ships were torn loose stabbed Berlin De Long D,
from their moorings at Orange, Gainesville Ga., and Ram GIRLS a j4 HAND BAGS
Tei boa Duncan, 27, ML Vernon, I
The Coast Guard at Sabine, Ca ;
'Tex., reported 71 mile an hour Balkcom said McRae and WHITE AND BLACK PATENT I
winds while hall battered Port De Long were killed in the DRESSES SOFT KID VINYL, EVERY
.. Neecbea attack and Duncan died aboutan
Heavy rams drenched
southern hour later in the prison
Texas through the night hospitsl All suffered multiple
Thunderstorms [ruin b I.d wounds, the wardeD said AU
eastward Into the Midwest and of the men Involved are white 98 \\1

stockman's from Montana warnhgs to Nebraaka were posted milled Balkcom the said killings Flanders and said ad 298 5 J 298 I ISpringls

Heavy prevailed snow and through blizzard the conditions Da- they had been planning them Fed, Tee

kotas.The stormy weather steered they sinew gave last Saturday no reason He for ssld the Newest. Most Winsome Stvl s'

I clear.of_the Atlantic Seaboard alayings
ana UM racuic Coast The swallows by

I their were return expected today to to the make historic Harold Weldon 3 To 6X 7 To 14 () I

mission Saa Juan Capls- steals I
trust In Southern California

told The and Weather windy Bureau wlntery. said weather the. Dies Suddenly l\FMl! 79e; t )

would push across the upper r
Great Lakes states by nightfall
and scattered thunderstorms
would prowl eastward into DUnoii Harold Weldoa, formerly
\ manager of Morrisons Cafeteria

Indiana and Alabama
here died of bean
a attack
Spring arrives shortly after.
I .,10 a.m. EST Friday soon In Dallas yesterday after and SCAMPAROOS

I Weldoa was the first manager
! Stale Receives of Morrison's when it
opened to July of 1851. lie SHOES rot U IOYS AND Oltlt FOR IOYS AND GIRLSCHILDREN'S "t
i ;'Federal Bonus went to West Palm Beach in
late 1X1 and to Dallas with
I TALLAHASSEE UPI) the Hot Shojtpe chain more SHOESAND
I adversity construction bond Iso Weldoa, who was married AND BLACK PATENT WHITE KID J LEATHERS
I sue last year win get the statea but had no children, was orIglnaDy STRAPS OXFORDS LOAFERS
I federal bonus of better than from Wa1c..... Ca
! tlSmi&on. Funeral arrangement have
i Dr. John MiBeU. former president not beet completed and will Yin 399 798
of Miami University of he announced later. to
Ohio and consultant of th* U.S
Office of Education ssld the rarNrMI1Nr r unl rluMal

hats wffl get $1.1 mfflioa anna SAN FRANCISCO' UPI. SPECIAL PURCHASEFAMOUS
alf: fir three years under the the UA Oeeat OHM ....... MAKES '
Jfigher Education Facilities Ad ,l& mMI ..... teams Mo =of SHOES -
1X3. I ihroiMthout tMM4 Stales SB SHOES We eel rant at &W.333 POt MEN IOTS
143 u sprM4 boatss. MftyrtfucatM Ladies
to ........ ui., fed !. mentten i OPEN
SHOP IN wcrrct MAVEN : b/eM 4) 'M.
pral control
Easter Shoes FRIDAY 698 499

I Tout CHUOI PM" h
299598mm NAME FOR HIM

GPU&CHASL wmi, 1 1098 J98


'. ". .. .- -

Page Six WINTER HAVEN.!: .DAILY NEWS-CHIEF-WIN! tR HAVLN, FLOK.DA. T Thursday, March 19__ _

Six Navy Veterans Girl Scout S 4 ,, 1


Join Local Reserve Council Meets .LASTS

Six former Navy. veterans Beaufort (PCS-13S7) St. InOcalaTbt DAYS
and six Winter Karen youths Petersburg, while Division 6-16
have joined the Naval heserve had quarterly drill, (one weekend Heart of Florida Girl '
Electronic Facility, Chief ) aboard ship P4
Council (MM its secondboard
Bernarr V. Magee, USNR, Gerald Lavon M Wtlam, son of Seoul ; ,,1
.. ..
of the today
year r Cr #
announced today. Mrs. Ruby PlymotU Mllam, 124Berkey
Lake Weir. OcalaAkkodiag DISCOUNT V
Ex-Navy men joining are: Rd, Auburodale.Theodore .
Charles P. M. Schiller, communications Roosevelt GilbertJr. 0* meeting from
technician tad ., eon of Mr. and Mrs. Winter. Haven were Hit. J. n
class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Gilbert Sr., 1017 K Hays. prvsldear Mn. Bob-
Carl V. Schiller of Winter South Pliwwood Av..,Lakeland. Aft Eastman: asiitat publicity \ ( s
Haven. Schiller a graduate of Kenneth Mlcheel Lone, son of chairman. and Mri c 1 I WrPf Sm iFnin NORTH GATE SHOPPING
Winter Haven Hlhalsoattend- Mr. sod Mrs. George A. Long, Harold HII h'OaDd Mrs CENTER
ed University of Florida, Is I Ifla South Lincoln, Lakeland. Forrest Judy board memo SPRING< i '
now with the AmerloanNattonal Irvin Gail Whittle, son of bert Mrs George Costello, ICY 3-2129 Open Til 10 P.M.
insurance Co. Schiller and his Mr. and Mrs. Irvin S. Whittle, of Lake Alfred, executive director :USHK .
family reside at 1010 Edge- 1680 West Lane, Lakeland. also attended rrIftfl

water Dr.Thomas. Edward Smith, yeaman Said Chief Magee: It you'rea The board meets lour timesa CAR Don't Be Misled By So Called Discount Prescription Prices]
veteran returning from active year In various cites in u.coundl' .
second class, son of Mr. duty with a remaining militaryobligation .
seven county to
D and SW Mrs., Winter J. T. Smith Haven, 177. Smith Ave or if you have com discuss ways to Improve area the SEAT WE DO NOT advertise large discounts on "high" regular prices
pleted your obligation,the Naval
Girl Scout
program and foci 1.
and 17th St nil, NE.Celbert wife. reside at 283 Reserve offers you I retirement ties in the Heart of Florida WE DO NOT advertise discounts on some prescription Items and raise the price on others
plan that is really treat, and ItdONn't
Franklin Terry Jr., cost you a penny. You The council ii one of the largest DO believe Touchton prescription prices will average as low or lower then any
radarman second clasit. linn have credits toward such groups In the itaU / WE _
of Mrs. Eunice Pauline Terry retirement as a result of your 1.95 [m i, to M drug store In this area-on any quantity needed.

3414 Hickory St.'d'fi, Haven active duty service. By joining Vain
Terry w sui. ;radar man KNOW YOUR PHARMACISTS

aboard the USS Observer(MSO- the Naval more Reserve valuable you can credit.accumulate PTA At Garner e y v a TOUCHTON'S HAS 3 FULL TIME FLA. REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY TO SERVE YOU

461). toward retirement, earn extra _.,.,
Charles Otis Jeter, dental .
pay now, and advance In rate. g
technician third class son of The Reserve Center .
Is at, Ave.C
Mrs. Made Turner, 31 Cedar Elects Officers ELECTRIC
and Sixth St., SE.
St., Haines City. Jeter's active SPONGE
duty station was U. S. Naval ANtI'POOaAN Charcoal
Air Station, Key West. Officers for the 1964-83
Jack Horace Tlson,radarman I,Sport FisheriesTo school year were elected Tuesday MOPl? I j
third class, a World War n night at the regular meet. >o jp c i Lighter
.veteran resides with his familyat Get Land On toll of the Garner Elementary t Ye4.r..ww .
2900 Ave i, NW, Winter School PTA.Officers tr+. & Made by F.mefChremalM
Haven. Merrit IslandCAPE elected were Owen a Ihd tit ?/ fr,

Ronald Smith Van Duyne Jr., KENNEDY (UPI) Lee, President Max Day, first NN DRI .OderleM 799c
seaman recruit, son of Mrs. vice Y
Kennedy president;
Space Center Director
EHmrwth Witt. $00 Second St.,
Adams, second vice 15cc ?
SE, Winter Haven Van Duyne Kurt H. Debus said today the president; r 1.50 Value
Mrs. J. K. Hendrlcka, treasurer
spice will ,4
agency permit theV.S.
transfered from USS
Bureau of ; Mrs Lisle Davis,recording pC
Sport Fisheriesand
Greenwood (DD-678)) St.
Petersburg. He graduated from Wildlife to manage about Harris secretary, corresponding; and Mrs William secre $ 1.16 She I 3.95 L88
Winter Haven High, and is now 40,000 acres of law) It the-Mer- oyle of 100 a Value
attending the University of South rltt Island Launch Area. tary.The
principal speaker for
Florida, J Debus said the bureau will the meeting was Mrs. Louis l 'c ,j' spl, .
New members of the Naval be allowed to administer all of Suprlna, a local artlat who holds ,t PK LppR

Reserve Electronics Facility, the space agency's lowland and a master of arts degree In art ,, rr 98e Slse e e .
all seaman recruits art! swamp area wed of State Highway education She chose as tier Ointment
Thomas Grant Johnson, son A-1.A from the southern topic, "A Matter of Identity"in S I GIANT 24"
of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. boundary of the Spice Center to which she discussed the T AB LL

Johnson, 711 Ave. E, SE Winter the baulover canal artistic capabilities of children. 7 TRASH CAN tuMs BARBECUE GRILL
Haven Johnson took his
enlist Most of) the land was acquired 53e Sixe
The meeting was presidedover eW la INtrN
ment oath aboard the USS by the space for 01100. C
agency use asa lnebrr
by Kenneth Shult, president gotde
buffer one for the moon and the devotional w.arlv.n G.Irair) pWDE '
rocket ,. ,
launching area. The Na
Latin American tional Aeronautics and Space by Glen Hicks. etal sea S i 1 r e.It.Mr aet ear, .

Administration will retain title In other business, the whklete 1,13 Slxt i r'M
Center Funds to the land.Planners. treasurer's report was given ) os, Con C cn.e r.11Mrfd W.

by Mrs, Don Harris and the 4t/4 I "
Reach $15,000 minutes of the previous meet e Hudlea SPICE | ,
Invite log were read by Mrs. M. R
,ST. AUGUSTINE: (UPI'l'b.QUadrlcentenntal Steed OlAfterSh.re 25 Sjae

CommUtkm Mrs. Frank 88 Lotion
has received check totalling BoydTo Coach Billy Moore told the
$15,000 for erection of a Latin members that the Garner A
American center at St Augun, Tour Cape team had JlnUhed second and *wtid,: '. Telw
2.95 Value
tlne'i 400th anniversary celebra.. the Garner,B team had finished
lion, officials said today. Mrs Frank cyd'of Winter third In the recent basketball .

Herbert E. Wolfe, chairmanof Haven, secretary of the Polk competition.
the commission, announced County Polk Planning Board, Tony Kalogrldls, chairman of CHAISE LOUNGE
today that three companies each hue been Invited to make a the ways and means committee, I .
sent a check for $5,000 for the tour of Cape Kennedy Friday reported the PTA plan to SUN PAC --= *. American GreetingMILDEWCIDE
e < M rv aluminum tuMmj and aturdy
center which will open with the guest of the American Institute sponsor a sphagettl supper on A ,ad.Nea.w ,ne
celebration in IMS. of planning Officials, April K beginning 0:10: p.m. EASTER CARDS
,., ,. Ntede- Kill. Mlld.wAnd etans atraiM MkMne y
The companies were the Stan. for the supper will be etera .
The planning group will hold $1 1 for adults and 79 cents for Muaty Odor. Ot.lnfatt*- >*
dard Oil Co. New Jersey Humble ,.... All CtaMiIng New and I a tird.I. 4
Oil and Refining Co., Houston Its quarterly meeting there in children. ''m".cI. 44 h C .
Tex, and Southern Ben conjunction with Its tour of the Mrs. Lang's third grade won nN.w IM 111
missile site the attendance banner. 4 1.00 .".e MM N I'
of Jacksonville
Co. FOR Metr (, Value UP



/ !

In a smart new Pair of .uMlb "4| 6-FT. UMBRELLA'WeNeer /

e La be'n" .
e N._Emulated. radllaard 4 e s.r.*. >..i. WIM WM M tin M '
aarnrlnt MM14.9S e CalarM flaral. .rl I.' V

: ; e 0- _,..Nd M....-... 'P,
"I.Utr'fl \\\ >". Value r t 1 1t.t2 Seines

a J. .D
rti ,



1295 eau2n.
BLACK Adjustable, Water cr' o om r HIGH 4 1 < PlaM lane akrla
t "
\ ixiS inaaiMM
areas up to 1800 sq. i'i'
S.OO VALUE oar"t.ww ',e
feet, Guaranteed I k

2.99 f 7J 9 ILflVALUI

M. s u i 1
Get yourself a pair of handsome Jarmant to complete your new spring outfit s n +
and be fit for dressed lady this Easter
you'll a companion any elegantly r !/2 GALLON
ne numbers shown here ere lust two of the many distinctive new Jarmani we're ,

featuring, In a variety of pleating styles, leathers and colors Whichever TRANSISTOR FRI"Y"T"'lEil.A.LCOOLER/ t
Jsrmani you lelect you're lure to be right In style end two feet deep In comfort *

10 drop by right away and get ready for Easter.H tp BATTERIES FRIED HADDOCK A earl KaaM*weeed ka4 MMere.," ; i

e WdkraMiakM ftHUt NMT


3 POE 1.00 1 .. DINNER j 1.SOVokM tp:;I j

I 2ssWMMIMsl... t1 M Ar

tp1 """
M l.w wY..MYrI
BROWN M w t t....
REXALL BRAND REG. tic ea. ..

2 FOR $1.00 1 DINNER 1.29 :4t


k _I JSBOI4,: : R'I

, ,
230 W. CENTRAL AYE Nut To Sean

.h- r & __ _


U.S. Seeks To Cub Hold Pack Kite 123 Rep. Bolton Pilot: AccusedIn DeGaufle Seeks Daytona Seeks Jail Beach Dean Seeks

Third Visit Derby Saturday Asks Check On I Plane FireMIAMI Deal Linking( The Wednesday DAYTONA City CommIH'on.ut1IorIatd a study BEACH Into(UPI the)poaalblMty ) -. Release Of

lamb taut Peck US dodid of temporarily .leashr

To AirmenBERLIN Church Beymer wttfeoM)JiIt..t a Uto derby Bank CharterWASHINGTON (UPI) State Atty the Constitution which was one Latin AmericaMEXICO city space jail in to the the county Daytona Beach U. S. PilotsWASHINGTON

Saturday aftanooa from 3 to Richard Oerstein charged a of two built for the Navy during The county has been enjoined

S at Winter Hove Ugh. pilot Wednesday with setting World War U CITY (UPD-Talk from constructing a new jail a' (UPI) Secretary
All Seoutt and their families (UPI) A Are to one of the world lar The huge plan, capable of ot a "Utin axli" I linking l i DeLand until a dispute over of "Me Dean Rusk

(UPI-U.S. authorities are urged to Jobs la tile fun Republican congressman today pit airplanes here last July 13 carrying JOO passengers and Franc and Latin America today moving the Vohiala County ten' called In Soviet Ambassador

today sought Soviet will home made or purchased demanded an Investigation to collect up to $182,000 worth two complete crews, was badly highlighted the eoaehjalonaat to Daytona Beach was aettledPctMiuM Anatoly f Dobrynln today to
pasmission deGaulta's
for a third visit to Utea.Prsaea. into charges that "politi of kMureMoGoratoiB. damaged by the lire but was President I Charto again wk relent. of three
injured Air Force officer heldIn an wU be awarded for cal influence of the highest said the pilot Henry not destroyed. four-day visit to Moxl- to move the county American flier held prisoner

East Germany since his the highest fifing, Wiled degree" surrounded the grant- A. Wi....., 36, wa In Germanybut Qerstoto saM the plane at the N. aeat wen ruled .Insufficient and since their t .recoiMaUaanceplane

plane was shot down nine dayso. tailed, largest smallest, prettied lag of a federal charter to a that be would IlK extra- time of the fIN was fueled and Final event of De Gaulle'stour Circuit Judge P. B. Revels ha wn shot! down In East

' *t.. bank in which Booby Baker dittos. ready to depart for Barcelona Included vtatta to the scheduled a hearing next Thura Germany March to

There was no word from the Cub matter Cart Heck has was an original subscriber. The plane was a 91.ten fourengine Spate, whore It wa to .be dls ihriM. of Our Lady of Guadafep day to decide whether to lift the Dobrynin told newsmen after

Soviets on the whereabouts liked all boys to wear their Rep. Oliver P. BoHon. R- propeller aircraft named assembled and turned into a Roman OaUwtk patrontaint Junction The proposal to .lease the minute meeting at the

of the RB66 reconoaiaaanceplane's uniforms. Soft drinki will be Ohio, formally requested the night .... Pilot Wanton and eo-! of the Now World. and to pace was suggested ta the State Department that he hart
Bombaek Jr., 31 the niiM of the ancient ty cf vent there are farther delays
served courtesy' of McDonald pilot Lwdwlg no comment concerning! the
other two crewmen despite House Banking and Currency
a strong protest made *. Committee to Investigate the 'Moral Evil'Label had checked the plan over and. San Juan Ttottfctaean. north of in the relocation matter. fliers beyond what Moscow said
in left It for a white before preparing her In a note to the United States
Wednesday )in Moscow The Soviets granting of the charter .
for the Bight A watchmen The last foreign chief of slits
the after the RB6
were warned that unless) 1962 to the District of Columbia
all three crewmen were To- Court National Bank here. reported seeing I smoke to visit the Guaditope Shrine Florida Trend downed
turned Immediately, the incident Okays Baker along with many Given coming' from' the plane war the late President there Kennedy the In the March U note the RUI.1. .
investigationshowd who stopped on
would Oentom said an pans accused the United States
jeopardize U. S.-So- In
other prominent people had been of hla final visit to
that the fire ctoilAg day of tending the plant over East
viet relations.
Col. John A. Hannessen Jr. of Nine Ban Washington! subscribed for set Intentionally He said Inves Mesleo.During. Germany on a military intelligence
-Day stock in the bank before the Gov. Wallace Illation also showed that War hla slay here, Do Endorses KarlTAMPA mia lon.

Freeport N Y., visited the In. charter was granted It was ton had bought the plane refurbished Gaulle and Mexican President The United States has denied
jured officer 1st Lt. Harold W
Welch, 24, of Detroit in Soviet the first National Bank Char. OSHKOSH. Wli. (UPO it inside and Insured for Adolfo tepee Maleoe repeatedly (tmy-riorida) Trend thla It elalmi the plane was
army hospital In Magde a On RR Strike tered in the nation's capitalin Alabama Cov George Wallace $100,000 on June 10 and added treated Meiko's "cuKurtI ..ndhum.nil.n.n ntagaiine editorially endorsed on a routine training minion
29 years.Among worth of Insurance heritage" from Fred B. Karl of
burg East Germany Wednea war br. lIed by the official another *.000 State Rep. over France and West Germanyand
the stockholders on newspaper of Wlaconain'i five days before the France. Daytona Beach for governor In Inadvertently strayed into:
day.Magdeburg REDWOOD Calif: (UPI) the original listing were Sen. largest Ronun Catholic planned night to Spain Talk of a "Latin axis" was Its Apr1llllue. East 1 I. near the scene A San Mateo County Superior John J. Spsrkman, D-Ala., ) killed last Initiated by acting speaker. of he
of the crash of the unarmed handed down a diocese Wednesday a.-. the personification Bombaek)! was The business magasine aald Dobrynln told newsmen
Court judge second-ranking Democrat on of moral evil. Dec. 8t in an automobile accident )- congress Romulo Sanchet Mle- and Rusk discussed the matterof
jet which strayed about 40 Wednea Florida la on the threahhold
nine injunction .
-day Committee Tuesday.Newspapers
the Senate Banking "Moral evil" the CatholicHerald In Germany roles in a speech the plane "once .,.In" but
miles into East German territory ). day night against five railway ; the wife of Rep. Abraham here amplified the a new era of maturity and faces would not elaborate
Citizen of Milwaukeeaaid
operating unions to restrain Muller, D-N.Y., a member Idea In editorials aaylng France grave challenges and unprecedented -
lie said he fotnd the lieutenant in an editorial on the (egregationiat opportunities
from calling a strike
of the House Banking and Mexico are by
In good condition, recovering Southern Pacific! Rail governor'a campaign U. S. PanamaAccord New Road Work
against Committee; and four Alabama in Wisconsln'a ) ties baaed on mutual "Fred B. Karl, we believe, lathe
from fractures of the leg road-deiplte persistent denials congressmen pre.ldenU.I "Latin" origlna. I candidate whose abilities

and arm But hia request to that such action was planned. Bolton demanded the ravestigatlon primary, "walkt best qualify him to be Florida's TALLAHASSEE (UPI -The I
take Welch back to West Berlin Southern Pacific! obtainedthe con through the world on the two Gospel In thus challengingtimes Road Department reported. today '
during a press governor
with him in an Air Force Injunction from Judge ference. feet of an individual personally Denied The Chrmtlan Singing Convention ," the editorial read. road and bridge projectsunder 11

ambulance was refused. James T. O'Keefe shortly after The Ohio said directed by an evil mind will hold a Gospel tail week The Miami News way in Florida during
The Soviets charge the plane a railroad spokesman In he was not convinced that the and motivated by an evil WASHINGTON (UPI) The Sing Sunday it the First Misiloniry editorially endorsed Miami Mayor February totalled 287,398.083. .

was on a "military reconnais Washington charged that the nearly five month old investigation heart. White House emphatically denled Baptist Church in Au, Robert King High for the
sance" mission over East Germany unions were threatening to Into Baker's affairs by The paper said Wallace was today that President John burndale starting at 1 130 p.m office SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN: ,
last when Soviet ) known "for the i I
Tuesday touch off a nationwide walkoutat promoting son overruled Slat Departmentviews
jets shot It down. midnight by' striking SP. the Senate Rules Committee type of racism which has been last weekend In handlingthe

The United States has denied The order was filed on the was searching enough to provide specifically condemned by Panama Canal dispute

these charges repeatedly anl general chairman of the the background for mean. Pope pins VI." Press jecretary Pierre Salln
stressed In its In Moscow Locomotive ingful legislation at least "Moral evil It Wisconsin
protest Brotherhood of Invading gar Issued the denial when Pec
Wednesday that "Soviet Engineers Brotherhood of Locomotive in certain areas ," the editorial said asked about published reportsto oGrantham's I'',

authorities must be aware of Firemen and En. "Gov. Wallace of Alabama that effect "It'a untrue. I

the fact that U.S. air traffic glnemen. the Order of Railroad war the Arst legal baa come to our atate" completely: untrue," Salinger.

controllers tried )In every way Conductors and Brakemen Wallace, winding! up a cira- said
tender of the Virginia colony,
possible to keep the, aircraft the Brotherhood of Railway according to the Chase Man palm awing through Wlscon A report today said Johnson Food Store
from crossing Into East Germany Trainmen and the hattan Bank Money Museum. sin's conservative Fox River appeared to have overruled the \\I) J JAffll

." Switchmen's Union of North Valley, denied he was a racist department and his chief adviser .

The United States says the America and tentatively agreed to a on Latin America Assistant Famous For Top Quality Food1 & Personalized Service

plane went astray while on a Local officers of the union face-to.face meeting with Secretary of Stats Thomas

training Tight In West Germany were not Immediately available New York Catholic priest C. Mann, during sn emeriency Bur Wholesale Iowa Corn Fed Beef For Your Freezer
because of an electronic navigation for comment, but at While n... meeting Sunday with o .. 11

equipment failure. But It Cleveland Ohio, a spokesman night which also was attended 'II clhss aIt.. Vms 320 3rd St. N.W. Phone CY 3-1566
will not know the exact cause for the Brotherhood of Railway Court MovedTo by Secretary of State anility MnhinlM. I Ifw"

of the change In course unless Trainmen denied that any Stock ReportNEW Dean RuskAccording. .... FREE PARKING :
the crewmen have informationor strike deadline bad been set Orlando to the published

the wreckage can be exam He said the unions simply account Johnson refused to in
)ined. asked that Southern Pacific YORK (UPI-Mlddsy) JACKSONVILLE (UPI)) -The "long with aa agreement to the OUR mOD \RMUMRSRUR' \ 1; II IIo
The other crewmen are Capt reply to union demands by stock pricesAlabama Gas: 4H headquarters of U.S. District Psiama dispute announced by :
of Holland local time today Court Judge George C Young
David Holland 33, 12:01: '.m. . 42H mediators from the Or.IIIII'Ion
Minn., the pilot and Capt. Mel. but did Dot say a strike wouldbe American Can has been officially moved to ( of American Ststti even
vln J. Kessler 30, of Philadelphia called if no answer were American Hardware 47% Orlando, the clerk's office was thoug*' Hunk and Mann purportedly Values!
American Motors . IT Top Quality Means Top
notified Wednesday
a navigator Instructor. received. 22tt advocated a "aoftet .
Welch was a navigator undergoing Another Cleveland spokesman American Sugar Young, who li a roving judge r.tand:
T&T 139%
training by Ketsler on representing the Brotherhood American American Tobacco . 30 commissioned to serve In the Pedro's Features The Qiolceit Cuts of Prime Meats The Finest Frozen

the flight over West Germany. and of Locomotive Enginemen, Firemen said Anaconda . TH northern districts of middle Florida and, had southern made Trench Strikers Foods The Frethett Produce The Best Name Stands In' Quality Canned,

"We have not discussed a Atlantic Coast Line . T1H Jacksonville his headquarter Goods, For Naturally More Tatty and Tender Meal Treats, You Cant leatPedro's. I

President Says strike and we have not issued Babcock & Wilcox '. .. 38V4Bendlx 61H since he assumed the. post In End Walkout Where You Got Personalized Service! _.
(Continued From Page One) any authority Labor for a Department strike"The CorpBethlehem . t8 PARIS (UPQThree mllllot CHOICE MEATSSIRLOIN BRAND BUKS

backed the denials of the Steel . 3TH 1961.New state employee ended their nationwide .
nedy requested for this year up Boeing 41* Infrared strike for more pay)
and only slightly more than the unions Borden ItBrlfd today and life In France returned Per Sotoefs end RaclpM

$3 billion Congress actually vot Mfg TH Machine Used to normal. 89 Wesson Oil 2 =- 4ge
Lamb .. .
ed.Justifying Mutual Says Burlington Ind. . 4.HChesapeak The protest walkouts Wed Chops . b.

his request John (Continued From Page One) & Ohio 694Chrysler JACKSONVILLE (UPI) n.ed.y..ra/llln from t to S4hours Muelter'sThin..
said "We wish to build a ..tied up transportation Cfeolct Leer Fresh Ground CI..... SUfi
son : . nCllle
ponement of the aiming of the Animal vegetable or mineral
world In which the weak can lease scheduled for that day Service . . MH if it'i organic the Board of and communications and closed BeefStanding 2 99cChek. Spaghetti.. 2 !i39c
walk without fear and in which until Tuesday of this week and Coca-Cola .. . . 124* Health's new Infrared. apectro down schools, government. office .. .. .. .. .. . ...

even the smallest nation can. then again until today. Colgate . . . 44* photometer can tell you In II and strike many restaurants.The called because ,. Kraft Pur.
work out its own destiny without But Interventionby . . IS* was
yesterday's rom, Mills seconds which of 20,000 subutsn refusedto U.S.D.A. 29c
the danger" of violence and the President mad It a dead Continental Csn . 4<* e.. It Is buge the on government its price.stabllIulion Apple Jelly .. .. ..... K

aggression. IlIue..for tie time being. "rtl ..Wrllht . II at ...
Foreign aid opponents saw The Instrument projects wage plan which calla ?'",,....._oItI'.4+ ./II J '''''
Thousands of telegrams . 260*
\ Du Pont Infrared light through the substance for 4 cent rslsea annually
.President Johnson's lowered'asking poured Into the White House F:-tern Air. . . M* in question, record iti The unions per say II insufficient. CHASI ASANIOAN'SCOFFEE
price" for the aid program after Rutledge told crow.rmembeu Eastman Kod.k. 12- characteristic graphically, and

as an Invitation to make. of Mutual "Your Ford Motor .. . .. S7H Identifies the lubitance from
further slashes Even its supporters citrus Investment threated... General Electric . .. 81 the graph, explained chief ch.
conceded that further Tour help Is necessary). General Telephone 334Georgia mist Lawrence McEldowney Cancer FundContinued .
cuts may be made. the President of the
64H ,
Fiom Page
"1 think It'. a good Indicationthat United States NOW'" (
MH a
the administration now The other block busting development Goodrich . .48H trend la reversed. Rib c ,
Goodyear Wiater Haven, we i
"Here In
realizes that the aid program Included the project. Florida AlumniContinued a.
Gulf 011 49
Isn't doing what they originally Ion that 1970 Florida would can help save lives by serving
by ( From One .alt
tlllnol Central S3* Pap )
as volunteers, by contributing Jb.
hoped it would do, said Rep. have 631,990 acres of oranges Roast. "
Otto E. Pasaman, D-La "10 growing the atate.compared Interchem Corporation 44 State R. A. Cray will presideat our money to the Crusade, or limn I with ".00

now they are beginning to to a currently estimated 173- International Nickel 74H the Initiation. by doing both," Lucius asld. 1 If "'ef. P.r.I.N
International TtT S7H will not _, I
"Crusade voiuntaera ""
phase it out"Passmas 600 acres of bearing orange, Present for the initiation toff Ft*** fnm The lead of Cera "
chairman of a 2(8,00 acres of non bearing, Kennecott S3Keppers >only ring doorbell to collect eaHa.uxofnn4.aaalaIM.flblwnUSDA
certmoniea win be U members '4I ral r/+ la CftJortl WaMwf
. 45Liggett funds, but will leve at each
House Appropriations Commit. and with another X32.160 acre the Myers . 7S'* of the tl.... They will home a UI..Vln'l..fJ..t1tcli Chalet loudest. lump of SlrUlt) Tip :.h 33c
aid and traditionally of plantings" U Tissue
"planned Toilet
tee on from an section of . .
com ,
harshest next five Lockheed . . 17% tails bow to protect your niinlly 8ge
the yeara.Rutledf
critic, said program's of Johnson's $3.4 expressed the belief Lortllard .. . .. . 44 Florid, as well as Georgia from cancer. This free educational Beef Roast ...,.. .. .. II. SMW!
Merck . . . 120'Middle Tennessee, North Carolina and material atreaaea the
billion request: "wo are planting too many far CaUfomls. RotVt ........ R* of Thick deed 2' 49c
"There's an asking price anda oranges too hat" So Utilities . 40H as away as value of annual checkup and j. Minced Clams ,
. 73* They Include Robert L.Couldlng the importance of know III'c.ne.r' I
A handed to Mutual directors Monsanto 57e ..
settling price. That' the asking map indicated that here In Nit Gypsum . 48* Sr. of TaDahaasee; urea danger signals. Bacon .. .., ..,..... .,... N. :masenwwsa JfIII""' i>II. '.eplMb M. i

"I'm price. we're going to find Polk county-.and all these figure Penney . SOHPennsylvania James Thaddeus Crsc of ." ,"....._A. r.< :, ..uyarRATH'S KIAPTS SALAD BUSSING t
sure Crscevfll.*; R C Houghtallnc Last year, Lucia*pointed out, "
frasa and take HR S3 /
are poet
fat in It The American GLAZEDHAM
plenty of Into conatderatiofl cold dam Philip Morris 73H of Penaacola; James A. Miller some 11,000 mea, women sod HONEY r !'
taxpayer can expect us of of Clearwater; Frank E. children died needlessly 01 caa. Miracle Whip49l
make a substantial reduction." ar. there are 71,700 acre Phillips Petroleum 41
Owo of Trsvares: J ITar- ear because the dilate weedueoverd
Chairman Thomas E. Morgan bearing orange, a2.700 acreanonbearing Reynolds Tobacco 40*
din Peterson' Sr. of Lakeland; and treated too late
D-Pa.. of the House Foreign Affairs but only 4,600 Seaboard Air Line 48H
Committee said Johnson'said acre planned for the art five Sears Roebuck 107% Schuls. John R Springer of "Our volunteerswlQwevery

messsge showed that the year, for a total ofUJ.OOOla Sinclair 4. Orlando: Coy H. Vllaou of adult la every household to"INS :
Jacksonville. Louts E Trmey health checkup yearly
all three categories. Mobil 71* ;
program la being "tightenedup" Socony A. ThaU- said ".nd they will also ark "
and H.
of Palatka.
Lake county yea replaced :
with emphasis now on self-) Southern Co. S4H the i1
for contribution to help
Polk la top apot to orange production SO* met of Huntill toe Park Calif. a
help rather than aid Sou Nat Gas American Cancer Society continue

"The President's program ot with 62,700, 40,800 bearingacres lanonbearing Southern RsUway .4Soerry Others to the class who wfll it* program research, 4379 'nraM.'" o* si'v," : '.vus'. '. 'to 1 .I
this year U not the same old orange IS* not b* pr.wal..re Leon w. education: and service u>cancer
story" said Morgan, whose stages and 16.200 Standard Oil (NJ) S4H Alexander of Jacksonville; patiepta." !: Key r**. (PU..* *. Sr*..l
acre to be planted the next
committee tentatively set Monday Studebaker 7% HaroM C. Consul of Lakeland 2149e
ere year for a total of H',- oJ Mushrooms . .... .
as the start of bearing oe 400 acres.Most Sunray DX 31* ; J. F. Gilt of Orals Former The Gourmth Ham -
"The 47Texaco ef Miami Deputy M.... 1If'Leese
the authorising legislation. Swift' Samuel R. Insalac ; Del
of the Bon-bearing aad ,.,, ,.
committee wit review the program 'IS\4 Malcolm C. McNeffl and Al.;. On) wr..ewess 2 59c
plaaaed eltrua to aorta (Continued From Page
Prunes .
acreage . . . .
If can niMi tut, UMI,
in detail to see we of Polk: county eitttxttng down Tease Gulf Suipfetr X3H lade C. Shaw of Tallahassee; bribe another deputy to tip 118101 utuiwi a1L

make a further saving without into Collier county aDd a part, Union Carbide U1H James C PoppeD of Plant bakes operators oa raid. CAUlS UYIt, VIAL fWIIT UtABl, JOHMlAiir Serve Chilled or Jelled -C.lnpbd'aConsomme.

euruaing our cold war effort""I of Broward with dims aurroandiac US Pipe JOHUJ City: Judge C W. Vhitehurst Criminal Court Judge Roy AIM uuu t. Tvtur. CAOM .3. 49c
..'. much" said S1H Chester M Wig- . ..
think too Cto4ea Comty, whirl Rubber of Ft Men: ft AJBtdM s4 the sentence filial FISH & tIA OO01..
a.,. Frances P. Bottoo fcOMo. ha* no commercial grove but U S Steel t St% gin of Barlow.; August Dol yesterday after dcaytag AI.dent. I

senior GOP member of j devoted alnoat exelualvelelr Walwort c.. C Wiener of HeaderseajvBto. N. .... notion for a new PRODUCE FROZEN wept
the foreign affairs comutitUe. to sugar ..... m Heodry county Warner Bee Pictures Iris C.; lobe Carey Price ef ....... leaAlderman CRISP

"I'm surprised he would ask aloe there to a five year pUa WesCnlMM S9HWestisghoM phi Ten. Thomas PruItt free onSi
U DOW .hi
tor so ... Since he's. asking for IS.HO acres of citrus,eon- ) t AB 34HWestoaghouM of 1St..,. N C. David UWait Froth T.*dsf TfSMuro *

everybody to cut down at home pared to a nrreat bearing acreage Electric It of New Orlean. lA. ; .060 bed and t II expected 2 29c Breaded Shrimp . 1! 49c
to appeal Judge Ambon's rut Yellow Squash .. ...
why shouldn't cut dow also of wily TOO acrea ate... Woodward ices ITS and Harvey S Hester .,
abreadT* bearing of 2.MO acre*. Martlacounty Woolwortb 7$ Sarrrma, Ca .M l .... tech Lye French Cut

Okarlca House A.XrpuWfeaa HaBoci lad.Leader, was S4400 aor-bwrtacaadpiaaaiag haa 4.000. bearteg acrea, Here are the I p nv closings Apples .. ............ .4 Z; 39c Green Beans .. ..... 2145c

pleased the menage w a a t to If.000 acrea to Oar *.* fee ooj Florida stocks as reportedby ESTEE Is the .BESTEE Yet.* Sew.ati s.. .L.. Apple Danish)

Capital the year KB so Congress relatively wB early have to yeara.Tats u .a snap sad chart, All Fraacas CMtnl 1 depot and SH Co. Dietetic Candy Onions . ... .. 3 *. 25c Coffee Cake .. ..... ::. "c
took M seer backed oy. arras
plenty ., tssae to up flgwea. Electric 2/"
IB detail hi" thought 11 e Oat should" be warned lilt ....*" Tampa Florida Telephone 8* COME" SEE USI! we0'5 : QUANTITY RIGHTS RISUYtOThursd -

,........ fi*" "a cause of per. ....,nt.. ta eats tefaetries 1H
Clllllen R....,* ski plant siorr TO TMI arT:



r JereRedftk Around The Town Ohio Residents

Hold LuncheonA

IsDeMotey Two High i School Education Club Members group' of Ohio residents.

spending the whiter season
tr here. got together for luncheon

Sweetheart r t Attending Leadership Conference In TampaJudy Cafeteria yesterday at Morrison\

Many of the Ohio People
.d'I Carter and Sharon Goff, Cooperative Education students at Winter will be toavisif soon tc: returnto

MtHHMl DeMolay Weaktihrml Haven Senior Hiffh. School, left today to attend the 4th Annual State Leadership their homes for the summer .

," IB with the annualsttb Conference of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). The con- All are from the Lake

Wunun rt Club Duce by held the Haven tt the ference ia being held in Tampa, through Saturday, and u expected to draw over Deer Attending Trailer mere Park Mr. andMrs

hipltr of DeMolayJm 360 young leaden from 40 affiliated clubs. Distributive Education Coordinator, William G. Davidson
Keddlck daughter of L. N. Oldt will also attend. Lima, and Winter Haven
Mr and Mr Lawrence R. Wteging Del
Howell Redtick -
Dr and Mrs George Sta- Mb Bette Sue Erwin, a Cadet Richard: Hood is es Ohio Mr.
wa i selected the left phot ; and Mrs
at ford of Mklfend. Mich were aeeend year music major at petted to arrive .home from Glen Howard, Lima
Sweetheart Other Mr and
: contestants guests here this week of Mr. Florid Mat University spent West Point Military Academy. ;
Mrs Kenneth .
wrrc' Jan Burroughs. Painooney Blythe and Eliiabeth !:
and Mra William E.
Ryner- the weekend here with her New York this evealag for
Sue Mr.
( Diane and
Daniel Gin- Mrs.
eon, Lake Silver Drive.
parents, Mr. and Mra Walk a weekend visit with his par.
Mr Robertson: Susan Swarti Ralph Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs
.1 Jt er Erwin. Miss Erwin has emits Mr. and Mrs Elmo
Their eieortf were Bill Mat R. A. Carman of Youngstown for the third straight trlmea Hood. Harmon Wright Mesdames
tot Tom Sweet Bill Eons, Dorothea Boyer Alta Lauer
Ohio Is visiting here ter, been named to the Dean'a
Jay Hyer, Buddy Simmoni at the home of his son and List, and was recently initiated Dr. and Mrs Frank Smith Spenccrvlilc; Mrs W. E.
and John Schwm have returned to Henry, Akron John W.
daughter law, Mr and Mrs Into Beta Alpha Chap. their horn ; Flora.
Decorations of red and white Charles Carman ter of Sigma Alpha Iota. in New York after a fiveweek Mr. and Mrs Harry Flora.
i is s streamers were used throughout visit with Mr. and Mrs. Canton, Mr. and Mrs Guy
the party room. Music Mra. D, R. Ellis': and Mrs Dr. Walter C. Langtam, Robert Greene. Mrs. Greene O Martin, Youngstown and
1 1f was furnished by The Dynsm Florence Streeter have return. University of Cincinnati pres. returned with them and will Mr. and Mrs John Gerber
Ics-JIm Carlton. Clark Still ed from a weeks trip to Due ident has announced students visit for a few weeks in the Pandora
f i Squire Smith Terry Shyte. West S. C, where they visited whose academic: excellence Empire state with rela'ivci
Gary Bates and Jimmy Evans with relatives has earned them a place on Cover sets for ornamental
The contestants and their the University's current dean's Cadet John Hays is arriving silver serving pieces and tea
escorts were Introduced Individually Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hays1 list. Included: Is Carl Hsllik. from West Point Military seta come in standard large
.. --- -tea... / .I. A by Stewart Fsrgu- of Henderson. Ky., are visitIng 931 NE 15th Street Winter Academy t b I 11 evening to and jumbo sizes The clear
TIME har. As they were Introduced i here with Mr and Mrs Haven a student in the College spend the weekend with his vinyl covers come with a jar
Tf A they entered from the rear Walter E Leonhard at their of Engineering parents, Mr. and Mn Joe of anti.tarnish crystals Included. -
"* of the room, and took their home in Stately Oaks K. Hays, Lake Elbert Drive. .
I Mrs. Fr.d S. Atkinson president of Phi Gamma Mu Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi place on the stage Last to

left, and Mm Barbara Mawlt, right, social chairman, chatting with a ruthee, be Introduced was th 1963 XI Beta Omlcron Chapter, Ing Cadet tonight Roy from Jones West Is srrlv Point
S. the chapter1 Preferential T.., Sweetheart Mill Mary Fries Beta
I Mn. Larry Dugger, preceding Sigma Phi will meet at Military Academy, West Point,
nero daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. seven o'clock this evening for N Y for a weekend visit Now is the time to order
John W.
Friesner Jr. escorted a covered dish at the
. Phi Gamma MUS DAILY NEWS-CHIEF, Thursday, March 19, 1964 Pag. 8 Sweetheart by James Bockover.: The home of) Mrs B.supper Joe Giles Mrs with R his L.parents Jones Col and Easter Flowersfrom
selection w a i Following the supper there
Preferential Tea WINTER ,HAVEN, DAILY NE'HStHI'FWelcome known to all when she pre. will be a Ritual of Jewels
sented a sheaf of red cirna for pledge members and a Mrs Mary Bnshnell, Mrs
$ preferential tea honoring lion to Miss ReddlckMn business meeting.Chapter George Wood, Miss Alma
thferushees of the Phi Gam. Howell Reddick placed Runge and Miss Alice Grover RAY DANIEL FLORIST

mfJMu chapter of Beta Sig the sweetheart pin on her No. 553, National all of Madison, Win have New MtMtaed wlrk Flonrfw
m C Phi was held at the Lake daughter and James Bock Atrotlatlon of Retired Civil been guests here' for the past
Region Yacht and Country over presented a sheaf of red Employees wlU meet In the week at the home of Mrs Ave. T & irh St.. N.YV. 274-4188
ci4frs carnations to Miss FriesnerIn Tampa Electric Leisure House Elsie Moore 132 Avenue B,
Fred Atkinson and appreciation for her aerv tomorrow at 6 p.m. A potluck SE.
MJas Jean Blair received the icei and help during her year supper Is planned. Those
K csts and Introduced ruche as the Sweetheart of the attending should take a covered
e Mrs Larry Dugger and Chapter dish and table service 231 w. Central AftttdQ .
MIsi Karen Mack Punch and cookies were Election of officers will be
\ floral arrangement cent served throughout the eve the order of business Color
ed the long table overt I Cdted J by BiLUC CUIS nlng Chaperones were Mr. Aides\ of the 1964 Rose Bowl :
I king the golf course Mrs and Mra W. G. Enna and Parade with sound will be 1 ft1jJff; .
L rry Davis and Mrs. Vern Mr. Leo Gregory. shown following the business
od Terhune served Sunday the DeMoIays attended session All retired Civil Employees .
(Guests were Mr.. Robert Wagon Club Elects the First Presbyterian are Invited to attend.
B, Hancock, Mrs. H. L. Van Church: in a group and last
D 1I11melen. Mrs. W. A night they held a dinner
Mr ml Mrs. C. Wa
Stforts, Mra Helen Covert, Mrs. Ellison As PresidentMore with their parents aa guestsat ten and daughters are new.
Mrs Harry Turner, Mrs V the Park Restaurint 8M1
comers to Winter Haven They
Burnette Mrs John K
T. than 70 members of white banner made by Mrs formerly resided In Cocoa and [
Mitchell, and Mrs. JoAnn
the Welcome Wagon Club met W J. Pruitt. Mrs Mona are presently residing on 12th
Dstnrun State
as guests Tuesday at the Moose Club Lawrence I. heading up garden T Court NE. .
where they enjoyed a luncheon club No 2.
served on most attractive :. Mrs Ann Woll won the Day Luncheon Mr and Mrs. O. R Martin -
ew Arrivals and unu.ual decorated birthday gin and the door are returning to their
tables using the St. Patrlck'a prize went to Mrs Susan To Be Saturday home In Syracuse N V after
Day them Cummlngs, spending their second win
r. and Mra Donald L Entertainment for the day Installation of officers willbe ter season here. for Sensational Savings
singer daughter 8:27 started with group singing of April 21 at the regular Trt-Elgma sorority Stale
I yesterday, six pounds,,, Irish songs under the leadership luncheon meeting. The board Day la slated for Saturday Mr and Mrs. 1. W Harris t. ,>
ilk and a half ounces of Mrs. H. V. Trufant meeting will be April 6 In the and will be celebrated In and children are residingon
:Mr.. and Mrs. William C with Mrs Fred A. Creal at home of Mrs Antonio Alonso. Florida with a luncheon at the Walnut Street NW while
Davie Jr., Auburndale son,,, the piano Mrs Guy Van- Garden Club No. 1 will meet Great Restaurant located In their home Is being built. at Drastic ReductionsJUNIORS
s-OJ: p.m. yesterday, flviptunds r t marter of the Ridge Art Cen- April 29 In the home of Mrs the Pine Hill Shopping Center, They have Just moved here
twelve and a quartet r ter gave a talk on arts and C L. Ellison This will be a 5100 Weal Colonial Drive, from Orlando.
ounces crafts, using the work of students carry-In luncheon and swim Route SO, in Orlando.
and teachers of the party Alumnae from ten chapters
fr>r. and Mrs. Harry A. Palo,, city as examples of accom- over the stale, from Tal- & MISSES
lah..... Taylor CircleThe
to Miami,are expect
i"h. S:S3 cam. today, six; pltshmenLOfficers Green Thumb
ed to attend the event 2 & 3 PIECE
pduods, ten and a half ounc: were: President
e. Mra C. L. Ellison, vice Club The luncheon will be In honorof Fay Taylor Circle of
ProgramIs Mill Mabel Lee of
president, Mrs H. V. Trufant: Walton the First Baptist Church met SUITSFamous .
Mr. and Mrs. WUIIe J Clermont, National President
secretary, Mrs Stewart Bry On OrchidsThere this week In the home of Mrs.A .
Emeritus of who
prummond Lakeland, daugh Trl-Slgma
an, treasurer Mrs L A L Carnett. Brand Suits to Flatter you a. '
tr, 609: '.m. today, sixpounds I' will be mtrking her BOthblrth- A gift of has been
Thorn money as your budget at Easter: choose
fourteen and a IIIUoncu. 't The Florida State day, and her 60th annlvtrsary sent by the Circle for sheets from
Supervisor Knits Arnel Triacetate Rayon
are from 15 to !*i vxj as a Trt-Slgma She served
Mrs. Marge Cann, has species of orchids aa national president for for the Baptist Children's Silk:, and Linen Like Fabric In the .
Mr. and Mrs Robert J,, been Home and a birthday gift has "
Florida shades
appointed ai newest Easter
from pinhead In site thirty-four .
Cantrell Auburndale daugh 10 a years.A been mailed to Miss Fay
tar, 6:28 am today fiv.1 State The Supervisor.club Is now the proud large saucer, members of the talk will be given at the Taylor, missionary to Indonesia rag. 10.95
Green Thumb Garden Club luncheon by Mlsa Wilton'sniece $800
pounds, eleven ounces. to 12.95 NOW
of ..ndby
possessor a new green
were told When they met at Mrs Robertson Pegs of A New Member Coffee Is
the home of Mrs F. F. Lisle Douglaaton N. Y.,past national to be held at the Church on reg. 11.95 $1495
J. Hutchinson substituting president. Mrs Page Is April 7. Each member was to 19.95 NOW I
for Fred Patterson mentionedthat also National Panhelltnlc urged to bring a guest to this
Florida Is fast becoming representative and national event Special guests will be rag 22.95 $15 5
24.95 NOW
the world capital In raising president of the City p.nheU- Dr and Mrs Bill Hickman, to
orchids The plants need lots enlc Committee. Her address missionaries to Paraguay.
of light but not full sun They will be on the progress of The program, led by Mrs.
should dry out completely be the national headquarterswhich Jerome Williams, was the a
fore they are watered Mr.. have been named In final In a thr.e-phase program i
0 EL AS1ERtlM5KE S Hutchinson also gave pointson deron her project Walton, on a Christian's responsibilityto
potting and fertilizing the of Trl her government as well asher
orchids Sigma, the North Carolina church. Five action verbs Z '
Mrs. George Kunberger won Memorial Hospital. were stressed: Obey Vote l
the orchid awarded following Further detalla maybe had Serve Teach .. Pray
YouSUMPINGWdAS'ng the question and answer by calling Mrs 0. C. Stanley, The hostess served an
period. CY J7J7IA ._ Easter cake and coffee to
Mrs. C. A Stsninger was mesdames Morris Sherblno,
appointed chairman of the removable toilet seat tea Ernest Walker, Wbltten
nominating committee. Serv lures a plunger hinge that allows Craves, Mary Whtted John
ing with her will be Mrs. S. both seat and cover to Neth rcott, John Miller Frank MISSY, JUNIOR and JR. PETITEDRESSES
H Wooden and Mr*. J. Heyes be removed for sanitizing by Klnter, Dallas Abercromble, '
A white elephant sale will scrubbing with soap or detergent James Roberts, John Jewell, //T.
and Jerome Williams
be held at the next meeting. Buds :
The door prize for the evening .
was won by Mrs Roy f I
Jayn YOUR SON NIIDS THI New Pastels tc Fashions have been picked
Mrs Loy Gwln of Pennsylvania by Mr. Trie la tMs outstanding oHectten

guest was welcomed as a 1/BlfSHOIS, TOOl of new spring" styles, at lew budget prices

Members attending were

i: Ik. Ha.e ... h..tM tWy fed t* nfmSM Mesdames 0 C. Hirrold, J e 1 Give your ton tare benefit. of

i e rite ...ri war Rf>.... H SMC Kunbergr Heyes Roy. Andrew Jayne Kroeck George shoes that 'lo.i ai feed reg. I0.9S NOW $700

flwIM ,..., ft pact,. HMO H .*tMH ) John Miller, C. A. Stanlnger aatd ft.I as easy as Dad

i i ........tI..feehtna ... "..hI.. tales hostesses Miss Clara Espey, and the Let tit fit Mm. odVii reg. 11.95 $895
Mesdames Lisle, t. 12.95 NOW
: gullet oat tile can w. gM. Benson George Dean and S
U Wooden. s saro
: /firtlM *.Mf *.*. reg. 14.95
/1 t. 14.95 NOW $1195 I I
6" ., Perfect for picking up needles /
I pins and small metal objects
from the floor ia a small
magnet attached to the end ofa

yardstkk ( "Fashion is not a price. It's a look"!

MlY CHILD'S But, Mr. Trice Says "These are

!FITTING GUAXANTEEDI IS ggL lot 1"'he SIMPLEXREf Fashions at a Pricer.Trice's .

war N pau at .-

Easter Snapshots L

M> .., ...,..* -
tIP tM rt.<.r at _
p.' .> a w" .. ,*.._

J1ey Mel Lowe Camera BEE'S SHOE BOX Casual OWI"ae. TIiIa 'bb'a Pskr 56


SHOE t'.*..4..na..,.....,..N..w. 222 W. C1NTIAI W1NTU HAVENS Townr
MH eo- see..N. ....... Open FM., E**,,Iftt. tl I PM. C


--- ------ ----


Lingerie Given For ShoWer I First Place Awards In Horticulture Division Of flower> : Show Were Numerous 1 I I

Horticulture. Awards in DI. SECTION C OKCHID8 ,'ohn; Class H. Mrs Carl Flowers are regularly takento exhibited by Youngs Bonsai
Miss Beauchamf vision II of the "Families of CUT BLOOMS, ONE STKO lackaon; Class M Mrs WU. a local nursing home for Gardens In Tampa A folder
the Flint World" Flower MEN All are lint place Ham B Learns, Mrs J. Fnregoty the enjoyment of the patients on the art of Bonsai culture
Mrs. Richard Mnr Club Teesday and yesterday wards Class N. Mrs Edith Class M. Mrs H. by the Gardenia Garden Club was distributed showing the
:(sol Roberts and Hart Mn leer at tin Armory were award. Nelson E. AllieD, Mrs J. 8 Ger N,. Jordan School for chll!. different types of trees and
eel Whitehead ed u fellowsWCfffON : SECTION B. RO0M. CUT and; Class M Mri H E droll receives therapy aid from plants that are adaptable tt
entertained recently A. ANNUALS BLOOM OR SPRAY AU first Asbell Mn J. F Oregon, members of the Garden Club this method of growing" great
with at the home of clef"der AND PBRKNN14L8. All are place awards CUM 44 Mn Mrs J. S. Gerard; Class M of Winter Haven A sectioncontaining tree. In miniature
( a lingerie shewr -. first place award Jane McKIOop, Mn' Fred Mrs Ralph Thompson Mrs \ miniature garden
another in a series of prenuptial Class 1. Mrs Jack Wat Sclnetsler Mrs Jack Wal- John G Wood.SECTIOPi netting with a bird feeder DAILY NtWS-CHIIf
\, parties honoring kina; Class 2. Mrs W. L kia.. Mrs R D. Pope, It. D. RMB8. Cu: plants and bird bath placedin
>ncy Brauchamp Raley and Mn William Bentley H Route: Classes. Mrt Jack bloom. First place Class 44A, front of a decorated Christ Thursday Maroh" 19, 1964

.uestt were invited Into the ; Class 3. Mrs Tom Swann; WatkuM, Oats 4* Mrs R Jim Gerard, Mrs. Georgi e,' maa tree and Easter eggs
(family room where they par Class <. Mra Charles Leonard D. Pope. Mn' Jack Watktes" Kendrick. and bunny was used by the Page 9
iiripated in Several games.Prues and Mra T. C. McCoW SECTION E. FLOWERING In the Junior Horticulture Camellia Garden Club to ex-
were awarded to Mill turn; Class T. Mra John SHRl' S AND \1NE8. One Division Darien Coljrer received plate their therapy work.
Sue Stewart and Mr*. Martha Wood; Cleat t. Mrs W. A. Stem. All first plea awards a tint award: Barbara CIVIC PROJECTSAD Hard To Fit?
Gregory Heath: Clew IS Mrs TonvKatoarldb Class U Mrt Stuart Seal. Vaughn and Darien eacha nubs In the Winter
and Mrs James: over. Mrs R. D. Pope, Mri second, and Junior Achieve Haven Council of Garden -
The many gifts for the bon- MeKiUo. Class 15 Mrs R. John H Tracy, Mrt OiarkMe meet went to Gall Lawless China take turns In placing
ore were placed on a table D. Pepe; Class 14. Ruth Watkins .... date 90 Mra TomSwann Judge tor Artistic Dlvl fresh floral arrangementsand Wear A
beneath a mieiature cloth. Mrs W G. Roe Mrs : Class a Mrs' Wet alone Horticulture Divisions, patted plants every month
cs line hung with lingerie John 0 Wood, Mrs. W. L Itjr Brooks: pass M Mri Junior Divisions and special of the year at the Winter AAAA (Quad)
The dining room table was Riley, Chas IT Mrs. R. D. John II Gray, Mri Frank sections for the Families of Haven Public Library The
covered with a linen cutwork Pope Class it Mrt Jack Alexander. Mrs Tom B. Walk. the Plant World" Flower. Show landscaping of Drnlson Field AAA (Triple)
cloth and was centered with Watkins; Class 11 Mrs Otis er, Mrs Herbert Pollaml. .were: M Fl. Helen. Guma, was completed by the Aisl.
an arrangement of white gladioli Bice.: Class 11 Mrs Jack Mrs Blanche Thornhlll.: Class Clearwater Death; Mra' JereL ea, the Bouquet and the Gar.
t and turquoise carnatkmi Watkins; Class IS Mrs. John 55 Mra Louis Skidmore, Mrs. Stembaugh, AuhurndaleMra ; deals Garden Clubs while the
Coffee punch and an attortment BeJend; Class M Carrie John Wood, Oats 53. Mrs W L. Hajrnes. Bestow: planter area at the Winter
-- ':'L ...., of cookies. tiny Brotherton: Class 2<. Mrs. W Herbert Pollard, Class M Mn 0. T. Smith Jr Ocala; Haven Chamber of Commer.eebuilding COMPLEMENT YOUR
cakes. sandwich and nuts R. HatfleM.! Mrs Otis Bice Mrs. Frank Alexander Mill Edna Mixsell StbrmiMra was landscaped by
GIRL TALK served. Mrs' W. E Roe Mrs W. A SECTION F FLOWERING the. Garden Club of Winter EASTER OUTFIT
were R. D. Aldrich and Mn
I Over coffee cups Miss Nancy Beauchamp, left, Approximately twenty five Heath. Mn' Frank L. Cos TREES. One branch All first Joseph J. Waechtor, both of Haven A triangle on Lake with
and on. of the hOlt..... at a bridal shower In guests were Invited. nil! Mrs Charles Leonard place awards Class 60 Mrs St. Petersburg: Mrs. C Verne Elbert Drive Is maintained asa
her honor Mrs. Richard Hart a recent bride. SECTION B. CUT BLOOMS R. D Pope Ruth Watkins; Klintworth, Mn' John R continuing project by mem Heels $4.97 up
Class (1 Mn Thomas B bert of the Camellia Garden
OF BO.BS. TUBERS CORMS Bear Mrs A. R. Merrill Mrs'
Beta Chi Rushees Mrs. Boland I Open House AND IUlilOM ES. All are Swinn Alma Funk, all of Tampa; Club and fresh flowers are Flats $2.97 up
first place awards SECTION G. ORCHIDS Mrs 0 Fenton Wells Mrs provided for the nurses at the

Gives ProgramFor Honors Visitor Class 27 Mn Herbert Pol Growing plants All first place Gooses Huckaby. Mrs\ Walter hospital by members of the
Are Honored lard Mrs Earl B. White swards. Class 63 Mrs. Thom. A. Meyer Mn Elwood R., Gardenia Garden Club

Sorority Mr. and Mrs Harold Mar Mrs Herman Jones, Mrs R. si Gibson Mrs W. R Hat Pippin*. M,.. F. J. Ireland CONSERVATIONEDUCATION
tin held open house this week W MeMullen, Mrs Wesley field. Mri George Nils.: Clan lira John Wright Mrs Jacques .
LuncheonBeta Mrs Scott Boland present for their houieguest hall? Brooks Class X Mrs Earl M Mrs. Louis Skidmore: Brown, Mrs. R M Dwyer A display with literature on 7eSoet4
ed a program "To See Is Edith Mall of Lexington Ky. Chance, Mrs Earl White Class 68 Mrs. W. R. Hal all of Lakeland and Mrs conservation from the Florida /-
Chi Chapter of Beta. To Know" when Beta Chi Many friends called dur- Class 30. Mrs R D. Pope. field: Oast 67 hers Wells Thomas Gibson of Winter Haven Forest Service was exhlWted .
Sigma Phi Sorority entertained Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Iny the afternoon Class 31. Mrs Tom Swann Stanley: Clan 89. Mri E. E. served as a Judge In the Plclurei were shown
with its traditional rush. Sorority met at the home of The party rooms were dec Mrs L. L Marshall Clan Darnell, Mri Fred Ilender Junior Division, telling how to graft seedlings ?/
luncheon at the Cardinal Restaurant better pine treesCOMMERCIAL
32. Mrs Jack Watkins Class ton
Mrs. Roy Harmon. orated with spring flowers In ; GARDEN THERAPY
Mrs Boland quoted Emerson pastel shades Pink Gerbera 33. Mrs. Jack Watkins; Class SECTION 11. POTTED FOLIAGE A very unusual display was
A chicken salad' cold plate. In his essay on "Self. daisies and white mums wereised 35 Mrs John Boland; dais PLANTS. All first set up using properties of the "Bonsai"An Interesting display of 13. 60 Fourth. Sr. N.W.
served oA tables decorated plants three
was Reliance"."There is a time I in the dining room and 36 Ruth Watkins; Class 31 place awards. Class TO Mrs related garden therapy projects tiered terrace on t WINTER HAVEN
with green and white In every man's education the: table centerpiece was a Mrs J. M. Moorman, Mrs John P. Adams Mrs W. A carried on by the various showing each II
shamrocks and flowers in when he arrives at the conviction white cupid pedestal James McKUlop, Mrs. George Path, Mrt Ella Sanchei. garden dubs within the Winter plant to in advantage was
keeping wit! tne St. Patrick'sdav that envy is Ignor An assortment of hors d'oeu Schroll. Mrs W. R. Hatfleld.; Class Haven Council\ of Garden
theme ance; that he must take him. vres, homemade cookies, Tl Mri W. R Hatfleld, Clan Club for the "Famillei of the Nellie Sloat Ballroom Dance Studio j
Prizes were won during the. self for better or worse, as nuts, candies and punch were Tl Mrs. Carl Jackson Mrs Plant World" Flower Show.
afternoon by Mrs Carl Jackson his portion, that though the served the guests W. A. Heath, Mri W. M. A bag of fresh oranges and 10 LESSONS11 Hem $10 '
Mrs Bill Mrs N
Lacey wide univete is full of good Teenage Yacht Cone: Clan T4 Mri W R. wrapped gilt box for Christmas NIW CLASSES STARTING

Doug Montgomery and Mrs, Bob Mrs Wind-JackRynerson no kernel of nourishing corn Baby now can have his bathon ttolfinbarger; Clan Tl ..". were displayed by mem- PRETEEN and TEENAGE CLASSES j
to him but the deck" of the Ralph Thompson Clan T4Mri ben of the Aialea Garden! t'I
ham. can come throughhis "upper Club MembersTo : S.p.reteions. for It* era*., rah |rt*., llh end lull
Rushees honored Mesdames toil" family bathtub. A miniature Jack Watkins, Clan 82. Club for therapy work rendered SraOi end Mh sliest. far Minn.r* and edven.N awpllt...,
were The first essential to happiness tub: Is designed to lock safely Mri W. D. Klnnebrew. Mri. to the Senior Citizens
Lacey, Montgomery. is the ability to ex onto any standard bath- Have RoundupThe W R. Wolflnbarger at Rohr Home In Bartow. ADULT CLASSES l
Rynerson, Keith Ray Bernard mine yourself and say'That's tub at .t.nd-up" heightMOST SECTION I. POTTED FLOWERING The Bouquet Garden' Clubplaced CUtMi In aH Laths end AmwUan DiniPRIVATE
Eaton and Irving Wheeler LISSONI BV APPOINTMENT. .
where I'm wrong, or teenage entertainment PLANTS. All first miniature holiday ar
that's what I ought to do, committee members of the rlace awards Class 14 Mrs. nngemtnti on all trays at NIILIE SLOAT BALLROOM DANCE STUDIO ,
Members present were Fred Mrs W. the Winter Haven
Mrs. Roland continued. Generally Lake Region Yacht and Country Thompson Hoipllal
Mesdames Dan Mann, Bob It is the man who Club Ann Field, Jane Kendrick A Htsth, Mrt Ted B. during the Christmas .".on. tot Lear. Silver DP. Cy rtt 4-H74
Wolfe, Roy Harmon, BobWindh.m. has many wants, desires and Buddy Simmons and I
Jackson Jeff
hopes that lives a richer and Chairman Chad Coff have decided
Gaines Bill Brady, Scott Bo more complete; life not the e 41 that Its time for tenth,
land, Jack Cowan, Mason one who goes on in life Indifferent eleventh and twelfth 'wrang.Ura Miss U.S.A. visits our greeting card department
Wines Bob McKown Bob Hill, '
to what is around round-up ninth
Les Dunion, Bill Snyder and him grade Maverlcka and take 'em
Ed Pibor. Members attending the alp In for branding at a party and finds it "absolutely fantastic" I

meeting were mesdames Scott Saturday night at the Club. Y
t I *a I V B l.nd. Bob McKown lick Guests are permitted .and '", ..,I.. a. r u ..' u t. :
'A simple wire drying rack Cowan, Mason Wines, Bob reservation art required.The 1st. I
sits astride tub sides and Western Round-Up had
Hill, Bob Wolfe Ed Psbor, v re
drips laundry directly into Bill Snyder Dan Mann Bob been planned for Friday but :
tub. The rack it easily moved Crittenden Ed Threadglll has been changed due to conflicting '' I. t
to stand on floor without activities with the
Lynn Mannix, Lei Dunaon .
removing laundry and Roy HarmonPatents. swimming club .,
The party, slated for 7:30 .
I 1 A and continuing until 11 p.m., .,

1 ,. 'IV will feature special music. "
\ "','''. Wetttrn wear dun,.,..., ,
1 Mtr calicos, gingham, etc. will be rl :
In order and prices will be
HAPPY FELLAI awarded for the beat dressed Title a eyr ( r J Iea I

of Mr. cowboy and cowgirl. Biota :
Snyder ion
Tommy '
Teen Committee Chairman ? 'j
William T. SnyderJr. r
and Mn. and Mrs. C. Richard Daniel
., at he celebrated his will be chaperones for he ,
first birthday with Ice party which promises lo bea ,
cream and cake accompanied highlight of the season for .
by several of his the younger set..t.A

little friends, Le.lie and

Dougie Horn, Jefde and slick kitchen cutout comes .
1 Ronald Gaines, and Leslie in the form of a new automatic d

and Liia Ounion. Alto at.t.nding Ice maker on the model .
the party were of one refrlerllor.fffel.,.
The handy device makes fourto
and Mrs.
their parents, Mr.
of cubes
ill pounds per
Ted Horn Mr. and Mrs.
day It fills with water and err
Jeff Gaines and Mr. and freezes. ejects and stores from
Mrs. Lei Dunion Jr. r'o to 190 cubesEtbanAllen .

l I

'IWf' '
.. -:.
r e'

I 'ro I ,t, a, Mia u.s.A. on recent visit to the greeting card

J\ \\ I a -' 1V department of Villa'i Village Shown with l

\ tore manager Petri Robbing i


Send Easter Greetings to your loved ones. and choose .
&deccAt'E ,
11 1 E err

"just the right C 1rd', *' (rorri'the. largest selection to be

I) ,

c found this of the state. i '
If ye. cloy| the s4M m ef ttmIrjr part .
living sad frit. set rtefeaeg,
SUMMER GLOW ON yovU low shod wtnMtj sad w.tras> .
tt rock CUM
FURNITURE Ins cfwcr er ewte
SCENE v. All. fircttere y .airttierleHy t
THE FASHION FOR FAMILY Awmaiwdr. **.** se

t SflUape" e 4 the2250t"t": as

4 ::sheets free mart Met ..C: FORGET-ME'NOT GREETINGS
pafa M
jUnejriWle hasp wtt a aalla/d !
......a sassi ei tJ. hat t**& a
Free Interior Decorating Service I .
Xisatew, rf sates AveatlsV Ms.>. ,

.. mkd ... 12"

,.,...f #


CENTtAI I. K' Poll An. ..w. Aa.em- .... ....... try toil Southeast Flaw Shopping CemteiI


__ --
-- --- ...
- -= -


All Araby United in Praise Negroes, Whites Cast RocksIn PUG Fines Set Aside Ing Gov.OSHKOSH in George Wisconsin Wallaceampaii.Ale -president Alsban/.'i

I r TALLAHASSEE ( UPI)--The In another case, the commls primary:
Public Utilities Commission set sinn refused to reconsider $250 "I don't want to hurt .
I Of 62-Year-Old Chanteuse ( Latest Riots In Atlanta aside 1250! in fines against the in fines against Dealers Transit governor's chance la this elr yon
Orange Movinir and Storage Oo Co Inc. of Chicago, and ordered lion I'm not mad at anybori
of Orlando Wednesday nut orde the firm to pay up within This is only a campaign of
i r United PNM. iBternettMtal From poor peasant girl who mentUmKolthoum. Police to break stepoed up In a rock Wednesdaynight : -throw. New York: The municipalgovernment red payment of another $100 10 days or lose its license. sues, not personalities'.

I .; CAIRO (UPI) Um-Kol- sang at village wedding and owes the discovery ln< melee at a white-only truck ate la does not discnmm- -
hiring Negroes and
religious festival, Um-Kol of her voice to her father Puerto -
y thoum it statlni again and all stop In Atlanta the target of Ricans for
city Job. accord.
thoum stardom in the himselfan
to ,
rote Sheikh Ibrahim previous demonstration .
through the Middle East million by Ne lilt to
18201 after uphill who made survey releast'dWedD.ada
an Itinerant singer a
of enthralled fans listening groe
are .
I struggle Now' she Is looked up- living by singing at rural weddings Authorities estimated that a that New York, The study claimed e s .
Is second
on as something of an Institution and religious celebration crowd of about 300 Negroes only to
I Poi when Um-Kolthoum a rallying force In the He taught her tome religious swarmed around Daniel'Truck toe federal government in employment
I sings, divided Arabia becomes Arab world. hymns and folklore songs and Stop, located in the heart of the: of. member of minority
.' I( one. Be the listeners NaaserUes A leading Egyptian: journalist began taking her along on his Negro section of town. Eighteen:. groupsHaistertf PPiN 1
: Or Beathlsta, Republican or N.C: A student gNTER
a once said a nationalist tone by singing tours were arrested and jailed
''I i f Royalist, rightor JtIt.wLnl. Um-Kolthoum "1* more power Sheikh Ibrahim dressed his charge of disorderly conduct on from newspaper charges editor of was released ARDWARE
J era, they all worship as oneArabia's contempt of
ful and effective than a hun- One
daughter a* a boy In deferenceto policeman was bruised
I court by a Judge who cited the
most beloved
, I voice dred flery editorial by the belt prevailing local traditions when he was struck on the "apparent immaturity" of the
: Prom Bacdad to Casablanca Arab writers"Musk against girls In such work. Her knee by a flying bottle. newsman, Gary Blanchard, who
: and from Aleppo\ to Khartoum. expert say her greatness first\ public singing was at a It was the third night of bad described some actions of
people cluster around their radio as a songbird lie* In the adding demonstration! at the lunch the court as "nonsensical\
at home or In pavement tone quality and latitude of her counter which serves Negro Blanchard co-editor of the University EASTER SALEFESTIVAL
Probably the greatest breakIn -
safe and coffee shop, listening strong, deep voice, her ability customer through a small win. of North Carolina
her life In stu
1939 when
to the woman they call "Star of to sing her way siroothly all cam dow U the rear of the building dent
Cairo Radio, then newspaper, made !the remarks
the Orient" or just "Souma." along the scale, and from perfect run by a and the first to result in vio in an editorial
British administration, signed lence. repealed -
articulation gained from
Um-Kolthoum ha* been undisputed her for a series of monthly eon.certaan them while a witness in
childhood recital from the Henry Daniel, operator of the a civil right trial.Msatgomert .
Queen of Oriental I song Koran engagement that ha truck stop, laid the rockthrow.Ing .
In Arabia for nearly 40 yean, continued almost without Interruption Ala.: The State
Today, at 62. she remain onthe She has a repertoire of more came after some 25 Negreee Sovereignty Commission announced
than 300 tongs The majorityare entered !the establish plans to enlist
with no turceasor Insight support
love tongs In both colloquial A typical concert by Um-Kol merit. He said be told them to of "neutral" states in the fight OATHO --'"!
and classical Arabic, but she thoum start around 10:30 pm leave and they went outside against civil right legislation
Um-Kolthoum's season usually also has a good number of and lasts more than three and began marching In !the Target would be states like Isnorn Q-U-A-U-T-Y i
begins in November or De- nationalist and religious songs hour She always has a full street and singing "freedom Teneisee, Oklahoma, West Virginia ON HAHN ECLIPSE
cember and end In June Her house. songs. WEED
She war born In 1602 In the and Kentucky an official
monthly concert are sponsoredby A crowd of other Negroes began 20 INCH'r
Cairo Radio and broadcast Nile Delta village of Tamay El- At least half of her theatre gathering and rocks started said i
live have Zahayra Her family war to audiences are regulars. They ( with .0.ri -
They been going on lying both whites and i
poor that when she contracted Include Ssudis, Kuwaiti, Lebanese Negroes oy"
regularly the last 28 yean exchanging volley rho
and tome of Um-Kolthoum's an eye disease in her infancyher Syrians and Iraqult who Police moved in and arrested FBI Agents 1
fan bout they have not missed mother had to tell her only fly to Cairo especially for herconcerts. I demonstrator who attemptedto
bracelet to for the treat Her
pay appeal Is unique block
concert in all that time. patrol cars and four
t others who had re-entered the
4\ truck stop and refused to leave Arrest Two
. \ Elsewhere:
Athena, Gt.: Two Negro po

I liU cemen. Wednesday arrested night 22 demonstra at a res For Threats WEED-B-GON

HARRELL'S patronized primarily byniversity

of Georgia students, Kills these W.edRooh end AO
sild the group sat down NASHVILLE Tenn. (UPI
front of a counter when they -FBI agents arrested two W..J. ipr.ytd. with IMPROVED WEED.I-GON lineally REEL MOWER

i were refused service women Wednesday on charge "w.w thmttlvi t. d..th" by Sermon action. Leaves
Frankfort K,.: One of 31 of threatening "bodily harm"to a Cuts clean at tcittori
GOOD GARDEN BUYS civil rights demonstrators ittg Texas Gov. John Connally .ltd rods die! The weed.. ctnnot rprduc. Its 9*". for a All moving parts enclosedeeedl

leg a lit.in hunger strike In the in a long distance telephone .. U.. th* ORTHO Lawn Sprtycr.
gallery of the Kentucky House call shortly after the Jack Ft.X15995
of Representative lost con. Ruby murder trial ended. 1.69 PINT Coven 4800 Sq. EASY TERMS
SAT. March 19-20-21
clousneis Wednesday and wai The FBI refused to disclose + +
taken to a hospital Gov Ed. the exact nature of the threat eo e .et
'ward T. Breathitt made an appeal but said it "had to do with the L. ROTARY
Harrell'tLAWNGRO HrrtD'iCITRUS to the state Senate leadership convtclon and sentence of

RR to get a civil right bill Ruby," t nightclub owner sen 19 INCH
Is; out of committee and onto the tenced to death at Dallas last
floor, the cause of the banger Saturday for (the slaying of
strike, Lee Harvey Oswald accused MOWER
GRO Jackson Miss: A legislator of assassinating President
Pellets .. .. 2 'K$4.95:; Wedneiday criticized a faculty Kennedy,
For beautiful group at the University of Misliilppl The call wa made from
salt. .( for action during the e 2V' H.P.
Regular Mix 2 $3.75 to !the executive ,
.... fruiting trees. CmM M-ANCO 1962 integration crises State mansion at Austin, Tex., 4-cycle engine
AVOCADO Sen. W.M. Jones was especially agent said. A Text highway \ C Steel wheels
Regular I 10 b. 2 w $325 critical of report that faculty patrolman itatloned at the
2 $4.25 patrol were let nlhto
up at mansion took the call
with riSTICIDIS ,. Ills look for student
\ legs troublemakers The FBI said only that the I \
f In a speech to the Senate women threatened "to do
\M Jackson: Former Gov harm .
bodily not to kill"Connally
SCARIFIED BAHIA GRASS SEED Ron Barnett said Alabama who was seriously 295
i I Gov. George Wallace I I. "fighting wounded by the rifle fire .
our battles" against civil which cut down lilt ''
right and Kennedy 'I EASY
'w urged Mississippians Nov. 22 at Dalits \ Assorted Sires
to lend financial support Barnett r TERMS
J ARGENTINE etc per pound ,10 lion $644 tent a personal check to Mrs The Christine women Burke Identified, 34, and as DOG BASKET
Wallace to help in hit
expenses. political Norma June McGriff,, 38. have r Jksl o Long-lasting wicker

$222 Cleveland, Ohio: A oi Nashville police records dating Dogs love them
,, PENSACOU 2Se per pound .10 Lbt. the National Association for the to( 19S3 on numerous arrests iIlu
: for drunkenness and die $1.44COMPLETE
Advancement of Colored People orderly conduct VALUE ONLY
picketed the Cleveland Plain
WILKERSON SWORD Dealer Wednesday and called 4S WITH PAD
5% CHLORDANE DUST for a two-week boycott of the If you map !the frame of $2.98
newspaper because of an editorial plastic glasses, dip a cotton ONLY
( Kills Ants and other Garden Tools and the paper carried The editorial swab In acetone (available at
criticized the NAACPfor drug store) and apply to !the
Sword Blades threatening demonstrations broken ends. As soon as !the
t. garden P....." famous against banks and group it acetone soften the plastic, /2

feels does not give home loan you can fuse the ends, Let WAVEMASTEP ,,
SWORD to Negroe harden for half an hour.

5 & 44" ILADIS . ".I 75' PONYTAIl !


TOMATOES PUNTS : I- Iii! Automatic dial controlGuaranteed A
t.. 11 Heeltkf' -0' -I: C for Ns TD

I .. COLLARDS 3 9 ? rase PETUNIASMARIGOLDS'" prey 'l i Good rectangular one coverage year VALUE$20.00

PARSLEY a Value US .

) LETTUCE 'III Metal Trays ZINNIAS "I I % D AC PRICE $333 w-td's Flue.

: Boy
I Wheel
ea. suet .the/ 0Ft
580 Rw Service guaranteed for life

C C Ul ",***"' *$ P ; 488
"World1 eatieit starting mower whealS l ACE PRICE ,
Per Metal Troy r Pup fumed.
with fingertip starter
I V'-lach Long-Lasting
Value '4c

t Bolens I Riding Mowers Fe ..ed.rlrws4sgd.kl.r

In Bud & Bloom
I r And Attachments West Bend "

SlUOUM 2-Gol. She f-PC
SJ44 1 "
Con b rERFT .1 1

Philodendron ti

Our I A.r.w.s..s..5.-ralw.ulh.rw.we "

'f RegularSTOKE Ton complain about teen-agers ulna the phone Tank Ball

Sbrt oeeo about cake recipe for CMlt
e sTAtNtns sTta
Cedes Cans HOURS king
C gN? ? ,,
ib HALF r.Figct cook ssT w.5.r

! Mon. Thurt. 8 a.rn. to 6 p.m. r w Easy eh.alaq Sap ache.aeaylat

litMch Friday 8 a.m to', p.m. Solid RedwoodTable NoWSltor1"Sll 75

Saturday 8 ajn. to 7 p.m.

I yd IllRTfR

'\ ':gtv .' 'GR E .STAry.1 KINGSFORD mRSTER

Charcoal Briquets

I SOUTHEASTARRELLS r r C Smelslets Odorless

: PLAZA Fait starting s

i / C.m tet. whl TWO PD4SJT. lAG Al


1i.J..h I poi1. h'l'l' TAKES. LONG J2J4I r' + NOW 1-11' LONe ONLY: 51888 I New 0aIy 990



., .. ,



t IK \ Dr. Wiener, TABLECLOTH '

Primaries AufomationKingDies THE IMPORTED :;Ifc' "
'_ >>'i ... .." .. ...
.'. c..", .. ...: .; ; ('..: .r..... ..

'oik County wr'ST" .. .' -. ,' ,I,, ,...:.j...,.. ..... .i...=t"iI :..
...- R
t .' cwTI :
t candidates for
office STOCKHOLM, Sweden ';.J': _
Polk County primaries I UPI) --Dr. Norbert Wiener iJ" 't ; '\. .. NEEDS NO IRONING .. .," "\.:
..+ ... .
no opposition il wa re 69 American scientist and -- .. {: .
\ in i check of the lib! mathematician known as the ,' ':'; .-i' NEEDS.NO LAUNRTtiG1d [ ... .&.
*e who have qualified father of automation" died '
are. Juvenile Court here Wednesday of an appar \ t1tt\'J 'J.S :. LONG LA t ,"" :

G Bowden Hunt c rim I'TIh..rt\ attack during a .., ... .
urt Judge toy Amidon ",,- ,ndinavlan lecture tour Ir. ."' .,4 (1 tJo"VINYLI.:.. .....;: s.\.' ....... .. ... .
i "i-.
Judge Richard ... .
A Dr c \I ....
School board mem i "im' oust at Massachusetts IBunite ; I. f4
W. Ralph Durrance of Technology: where t.t A.. rl G 'f.t& /
Solicitor Gordon Mar V retired In I960 after 48 { [
\ .
\ .. j(1
County Surveyor WllA rears an an active' stall member tJ. ,' ,
Read Jr., Justice of Ho lived In Belmont \ .t4 !& i ) 'AQ. ';
ace District 0, Henry Mass 't ;
c "I Justice: of the Peace lie was a pioneer In cybernetic f) ;.1. .....". ,.,\,; .f' .
'I et J, Frank C. Stanley the! field_ a name of feedback he applied control to {, 1j <
e District t constable theory which la a key to modern \ JJ t 1 i :(t .iI. ,
: 'Jl .4.PA .
& .
cumbent Leon ThornI computing machines< capable .. .... .;;., .... U 'LI
I running for a full term of memory association, J h 'tt' ": ,p.
,name was incorrectly: choice situ) derttton.making. ,. ( !., A'l.( ;--;;..,
;/ ,
4 i" '
( in a report in yester Dr. Wiener collapsed Wednesday 1 ."
'paper. at the Scientific Institute Tow' Symbol of Quality 6 1. \ ., -'
pnty of the 2t offices an In Stockholm following
tiled, with 62 Candidates r. \". a lecture to science: studentsHe 54" ROUND +
Qg up for the races '!.\:);. died before a doctor arrived ..t& 0 'if 54"x 72"Rt
e i most popular offices art \ iJJ.J
I and tax collector with KELLY HEADQUARTERS-launcHinq the gubernatorial campaign for Scott Kelly I In He and his wife came to in a .... Rt* 3."
candidates qualified for Winter Haven are Tillman Whitehead, left, and P.t. Spencer, co-chairmen: at Kelly Stockholm from Amsterdam '
edt life headquarter on Third St., SW. following a two-month stay In NOW. 6. 17 yb, 10 $2 97
The Netherlands where be was ", NO W .
Police Officer a visiting acholor Dr. Wiener ,0 10
Johnson Joins had planned to give one more
Galled In Death S. Increases Viet Nam Aid lecture In Sweden and two at
Class Of
- ----- -- -- 1936 the University of TechnologyIn
ems Grady Allen Belger United States is staking Its Secretary Robert S. Me- ( ) returning to Amsterdam OOLWORTH'SNORTH
dent Johnson rejoins membersof
walJ Ordered>> held for grand hopes of saving Southeast Asia Namara and Gen MaxweU D. He was a native of Columbia
action[ Wednesday after be from the Communists on South Taylor, chairman of the Joint the congressional "class of Ma.SHOP .
: 1936" at dinner to
14.. coroner'Jury he panicked Viet Nam's pledge to use Chiefs of Staff, who returned tonight a
nd! ran after shooting a stepped up American aid possibly last week from Saigon. raise funds for Democrats running INTER GATE SHOPPING CENTER Phone CY 4-2629
J.,.. -old girl 'in a moteljvontf as much as $SO million Admitting that there have, bar for Congress next Novem ,
with what be thought worth in a plan to clear the unquestionably been setbacks" J r
... Red.Infested Delta The President will speak at a
.t.n unloaded pistol. Mekong in the war, the White House'
>Th. coroner's Jury ordered The White House announcedthe blamed two factors: In. $100-1-plate affair to be attend-
held for increase in economic and I ed by more than 3,000 loyal
Belger, 32 action: in the creased shipments of arms and
, [slaying of the girl Margaret M. military aid to South Viet Nam men In the Viet Cong, and the, Democrats The dinner Is expected 50 pc. Sets. !Iv
Snowden Her body was found after President Johnson stet, confusion crested by the; to net close to $430.000
t fatjhe motel om Saturday with the National: Security changes In government in South to be divided equally betweenthe
Council to hear a detailed re Viet Nam. Democratic senatorial and
JflEW: YORK 'OPI' The port on the status of the long congressional campaign corn
hamlRhake stems from peaceful and bloody war against the 8T LOUIS (UPI) Miss mlttees. Johnson Brothers English Dinnerware. .
Former Postmaster Genersl
desires of primitive civilizations Communist Viet Cong guerrillas Agnes Mohan fifth grade
reports Encyclopedia: America teacher knits a mitten a day. James A Farley, who war
najMe-n began the- custom by The present rate of aid to She hu already begun knitting Democratic national chairman
extending their hands to show South Viet Nam is $1.5 million 200 pairs of mittens for five when Johnson first was elected JM.
tthey were not going V use a day classrooms of student for I to Congress, will be toast-
their weapons The President and the coun Christmas gifts. 'master


Who can afford


to live like this?


'. ,

e be .r. ".


to Introduce our Qflwans Department .

.v nSi '1

Y to 9

W iHwM

;I.,; .
t+ (

n Rj
:/; .
.' ,"o ,
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h '.........._.. oa I.r.rr. ":'t; *3> ."

You Can! R

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For the Bed of your life, you deserve to live in a beautiful waterfront garden

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I Tf,!; 1 '"

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*.r ..,.rfc w.trfre.4 CM 0fII!M'M apartment WUpmont bf IrvUf Z. Masse I As.. fet*<, VflcL's VILLAGE

.+w aIM t.ilcltllf ta Oayteea leech. S."...., .......*.... M.M Ml sad.. IWre Vflt4t.

Southeaj Pti Shopping Center

r- --- \.! \I

---- -- --- -

. .. "




I : San Francisco Tops Tribe American Pros Manager Alston Says-

.; On 23 Hit: Spree 15 RunsBy Hurt Chances Dodgers Can Be Better

Mike De La Hoi and the
UN Settle WriterManager Wally nesota Infield errors opened ar? UPI I Sports FUttorVKHO the Yankees on a threehitterlo. ,
Poet gates for the Braves for the moat I
Alvin Dark was The BEACH, Fla (UPDIhusc )- per
Chicago White Sox scoredall National TOKYO (UPI) The main formance in last October'
grinning broadly Wednesdaywhen their batting champion t wh-i i don't see bow the srries
runs In the first three
his San Francisco Glints Tommy Davis blasted his handicap to U S Olympic hopis > world champion Los Angeles .
led the Cleveland Indians. 1S-4, innings and nipped the Washington second homer in as many daysas not Russian amateurism I m Dodders cjuld possibly be any There's Podrea who won only
after three toning elaliat Senates33. Relief ape. the Dodgers four bit Batti American professionalism .r I i ,, better are cordially invited to 14 games, but all of them bl ,
Hoyt Wilhelm .
The Indians, though, wiped three worked more, 3-I. Don Drysdsle and Lyman Bingham exerulivc d.] come mil I and take a look for onesThere's
the smile off Dark's bee wttb perfect Innings allowing Johnny Podres each went four rector of the US oivmpir themselves Perranoaki who won
a strong comeback and had the the only infield.two .balls to be bit out of frames and allowed one hit Committee said today The Dodgers approached 10 games end saved 19, to become .

tying run at the plate In the The New York Ron Perranowski worked the Bingham also /nave a rtf'1 ailed baseball perfection when they the game's outstanding
ninth Inning Mete won last Inning. defense of the conduct of Amrr aa swept the mighty New York relief pitcher.There's .
their first game of the spring lean Olympic athletes III' said Yankees four Bob Miller, who won
But It all ended fur straight
happily and the New York Yankees The St. Louis Cardinals suffered games 10
got games but who teamed
reports of off hours high jmk.s 1 last October. up
Dark the Giants outlasted
their first exhibition home run. their first defeat of the with Perranoaki in the latter
Cleveland, IS-ISiII a game that The National Leaguers best spring, 13-4, at the hands of the were ."magnified" beyond rccognlllon. It was difficult then to con.celliI' half of the season to become
featured 40 hits, eight errors Philadelphia 4-1, In 10 Innings Detroit Tigers, Newly acquiredDon how the Dodgers could do outstanding bullpen m.n.If an
Bingham and Charles t. Orn. better.
and 42 participant San Fran on a pinch hit single' by ..limmekm.n. Demeter, got the Tigers off any Howard plays Alston has
sleet chairman
cisco's "terrible trio" of Willie of the rommlt.te"1 Manager Walt Alston honestly
Jack Fisher, Tracy on the right font with a three- a settled outfield with WillieDavta
Mays, Willie McCovey and Orlando food and housing committee t ta tv thinks they can because
Stsllard and Ed Bauta limitedthe run, first inning triple, as Detroit in center, Tommy Davis
Cepeda played only three are In Tokyo to Inspect facilities "we still have the pitching anal
Phil to five bare hits. The capitalized on nine walks (no relation) In left and Howard .
but contributed nine I for the loot Olympic should have more "
Yankees combined Joe and 12 hits.Houston power.
Pepltone's f in right. Tommy Davis
Games, to be held here The won
hits end nine RBI's, as the GIants grand slam homer with blasted Joey Jay and Oct pitching Alston talks the league's batting championship
picked up their ninth exhibition five Kansas City the Cincinnati Reds for 1024. about merely happens to be the
errors for a a 92 ?? last year for the second
win In 10 lUrtJ. They told a press conferencethat w'r eK best in baseball. It may not be
9 4 victory. victory Jay was the victim of season In a row. Willie Davis
Three of Cleveland's 17 hits Hank six they have "no complaints"end deep but it's gilt-edged up
Aaron powered a home a run rally which featured that front. is probably the fastest man in
were for the distance and came run and a triple in hi. first two a double by rookie Ivan Murrell the Tokyo Olympics baseball and Howard can swing
off the bats of Fred Whitfield, should be "the best set ofUames That. added power he men
trips to the plate as Milwaukee and a pinch hit single by Walt lions a bat with the mighty
made It four In a row with a Bond, buth'of which knocked in we've ever bad. could come from big "Some day," predicts Alston
!,, Winter Haveniles 7.. triumph over Minnesota two tuna Bingham was told the Russians ble-end Frank Howardlf he's availa "Howard la going to out-homer
have fleet Willie .
predicted Davis.Alston'
they will
Sophomore Jim Mack them all"
Hall gave t h t Kuykendall'i two run
I Win Nassau Twins an early advantage with single In the ninth inning win 43 geld medals at Tokyo TAKES ON CHAMP-Roy Thomas, shown putting on power hopes, of Catching Is a settled spot
TripsBen ire declined course, hinge the
: to make on hope that
his third round tripper of the enabled the Cubs to edge the for the a prediction the 17th green at Lake Region Country Club test weak- Howard will change his with John Roseboro the No 1
Hogan Perry and Ben"Crimes exhibition season but three Red Sox, 109. team. mind man and Doug Camilli behind
Min- "We know end will have his hands full Saturday as he moves into the and decide to play this
pretty well wh.twe year.
both of Winter Haven, him. Jeff Thorborg, one of four
semi-finals of the championship flight against defending And
can do, he said, "but we word is
returned from the Stevens Memorial rcokiea the
Dodgers must keepon
don't know what the others can champ Mason Wines Four flights end correlation groups it would be "virtually Impossi
Golf Tournament In Sa Work their roster this ,
During Winter? with the fines for ble" for him to year may
bring list weekend and Immediately do. We had our best team ever play Saturday let Sunday play. click! as the No. three catcher
began making plant at the Innsbruck Winter Olympics If those two whack the ball Alston says he won't decide
for Nassau and made the worst showing with the added authority Alston his infield until
golf jaunts, all expenses o i opening! day
psld. Thst'i what the because the others were Wrestling Set TomorrowChampionship envisions and Sandy Koufsx. But you can bet I. will be Ron
pair won during the Stevens Never Say Golf Pros improving faster than we were. Don Drysdale, Johnny Pod res Fairly! at first if he's not need1 .
and Ron
r: event-free trips to Nassau "And I hate to compare ourselves wrestling will and Keomuka. Action is scheduled Perranoskl keep firing ( in right field, Jim Giliiama
w Grimes came horns the winner with the Russians. Thy continue at the Winter Haven for two out of three falls the ball in the same style they : second, speedy Msury Wills
In the C flight at Sebrlnf By OSCAR FRALKV "W3 U. S. Open champion and don't have professional sports National Guard Armory on Saturday with a time limit of one hour. did last year, the Dodgers at short and Ken McMullen at

,; and Perry, a 13-year-old linkster UPI !Sports Writer ...>lfer of the year "extend; the way we do." night with new world Tito Carreon, Puerto Rico win could National become the first club to "tird. If they don't make stand -
copped the B flight MIAMI (UPI) tn the old himself In the winter these Bingham brought up the sub- team champions Hiro Matsudaand star, is matched against rough? back League pennants don't bet against it-there
In fact, young Perry, ton of days they wo"!d have been d.)'.." "feet of reported American escapades Duke Keomuks signed for Duke Hoffman Of Detroit in the Braves to back since the Milwaukee are a lot of other candidates
Winter Haven Golf pro Bill practicing their putting until It has been years since the at the Olympics. main event of f a threematchcard semifinal. The opener promises 1958. did in 1957 and So, all in all, you can see
Perry Sr. was taking no dark for comparative peanuts tour has been this tar Into the "Three of the boys on our which will start at 8.30: to be a fast-moving bout with why the Dodgers look good-
chances on losing his tour of But now. as they finished a ,axon wltho'it somebody havIng team at Innsbruck went to o'clock. Pedro Godoy of Cuba and Jerry 75 They cent say pitching of is at least maybe too good for the rest of
the Island. Needing a birdieon practice round for the MO.Wn been hog enough to win III farewell part for the PoU.htum Matsuda and Keomuka won London of Minneapolis matched Dodgers per have It in game .The the league.
any one of the last threeJioles Dora) Open golf championship, lea,' two tournaments Right with whom they had the title from Brute Bernard for one fell Koufax spades.There's
to win the trip, Ben fin mountainous George Bayer and row nobody has won more trained," he ssld. "It was after and Skull Murphy in a Tampa Fans can purchase tickets hi well on his ,to who seems
ished birdle-birdle-blrdle in the :portly Julius Boros tortured the than one Jack Nlcklaus. who midnight but they had fin match Now the Japanese heavyweights advance at Tony's Pharmacy, one of the best way of all becoming time. He B Team Cops

stretch Ills 12-boli total was I springs on a cuddy cart by with Arnold Palmer composes ished competition. will defend againstthe phone CYpresa 1-3344.<< won K: games last season while Behind pitcher Mike Pouch

238 on rounds of 80, ti, and 78. Pretty good golf for a teenager i j for the eighth bole. the airway, has won only one they got drunk and stole a car. Bob Ellis and Eddie Graham. the Yankees twice In the World baseball team downed
of any age Only they wet going fishing vent. Palmer hasn't cracked tn fact, what they did was to Graham and Ellis are for. DALLAS (UPI Don Series. Mulberry Tuesday 141.

Another: Winter Havenlte, |In the lake bordering that piece through at all drive the car the wrong way up mer United States team champions Bishop Dallas Cowboys defensive There's big Drysdale, a It- The game was called after
Howard Perry, claimed fourth! if iI" i golfing real ntate It is, according to Boron and a one-way street But the car and pose a strong threatto back. Is a mortician's assistant game winner, whose wicked 4Vt innings because of the 10-
the C flight. "Nobody," mid Boros. theBESTDRESSED Buyer, a combination of many belonged to a friend of theirs the judo-chopping Matsuda during the ofl-aeason. sidearm curve ball handcuffed run rule.
events and a blood test showed no alcohol
in their systems,
"Palmer has quit smoking,
quipped Bayer. "Nicklaus ha *

none fishing like UK And Gary" Tice Shatters a Timely. .
Player is counting his money
"None of us are really playing Discus RecordIn
Interjected Boros, as he
tied a yellow feather on the end SW VictoryRoy
of his line. ."Palmer just Isn't

hittin It. Nlcktaus rested and Tlce, ninth-grader at
e aL hain't really played enough.! Westwood Junior High School,
Take a look at that summer bettered the standing county

schedule and you'll understandwhy record in the discus yesterdayin
nobody la honing his razor
a triangular meet betweenthe
too sharp right at the moment" Warriors, Lakeland Southwest .
c' The reason, as you mlhtlue.l.
and Kathleen.
0t Is the bundle of Yankee Tlce heaved the plata 139 CAN'T

dollars tournamentsA piled up In. those summer feet but the mark will not N SALE Ie SALE

count as a new record. All
pro-am tournament teed off
the festivities at Doral Wednewday county records must be set or t1 UUIIiPatsated
and while Perry Como broken In the county meet
coming up this spring
withdrew in a huff after a pre-
tournament beef about being In team standings, Lakeland pro.
went home the victor in ." "b
::9 kept round waiting the star for. studded a practice field all divisions. The ninth grade kvai Buy One Bag VITOGRO at Regular Price of 4.85

core was Lakeland 66V4,
Included of the such New as York Mickey Yankees Mantle Westwood STVt, and Kathleen :Yea: :';,;% (Covers 5800 sq. ft.) Get Jar of END 0 WEED

comedian Bob Hope, stoneface 26. In the eighth grade, Lakeland LAWN nor.,fir
Ed Sullivan, singer Gordon had 43*, Westwood 38tt. I FOOD ..., ((1.69 Value 1 ) For Comes With
Mae Rae Elliott Roosevelt, and Southwest copped the seventh C Attached.
grade class, with SO points
footballers George Mlra and 1 Kills Dollar
Billy Vessels while the Warriors compiled Weed -

e Yet as Bores and Bayer pointed U.The Pennywort
next meet for the War I
out between casts under a ft Other
red streaked evening sky, nobody riors will I I be March 28 at 'sr'l"Mn: ::=' Florida
li turning on the heat Just Lakeland high school against Lawn Weeds

yet."In Lakeland Southwest, Auburn- For A Healthy Weed Free LawnA
a period of about two dale, and Bartow.

months this summer," big

t George grunted, "We're gonnabe ( ) Apply Vitogro Lawn Food NowB
playing for about '740,000.It' ShelbyCobraSpins
1RROIPDECTOLENE $70,000 at Indianapolis

1100,000 In the Thunderbird, Info Tree ( ) Spray END-O-WEED Two Weeks Later
$50.000 In the Buick $90,000 in
the Open $100,000 at Cleveland,

$123,000 Whitemarsh, and SEBRING Fla. (UPI Mfl. ((1c Sal Good This Week Only)

$300,000 at Carling. chanica worked today to repair
1tffiiaN/// "Man" ha sighed "How 1 the badly smashed front end of

wish I could putt." a prototype Ford powered '

At which point Bores had a Cobra In time to run It In qualifying We A Complete Line of & End-o Products
Carry Vitogro
strike and they forgot all about trials today which will determine
golf and its never torturing big darting positions for
money payoff for about Sebrlng'a 12-hour sports car
STYLING 30 blissful seconds race on Saturday

The Cobra, a main U S i

Arrow Dectolene: Luxurious 100% Dacron hope for ending the reign of
Full Weekend Italy's Ferraris in this top
tricot Soft wstretch..
polyester porous.
American ,
sports car race and Special
shrink or discolor. Never needs ironing Occupies Cat ors top car of the Carroll Shelby The Finest Vtt Fonnauatrd

not even a little bill 7.fS entered Cobra team, spun off .... F'" 1Q lb. 1.39 :-ta. for driving
The University of Florida the track Wednesday and into a Form_ ordcml
Arrow Dectoiu No-Iron blend of 65% Dacron takes the field in four sports tot for ttoee garde

polyester and 35% cotton. Looks great without this weekend. tree.Ken ea Gsa 6 lb. .89. Azaleas ft pests from

(., Ironing perfect with Just a touch-up. In The Gators play Georgia driver and Silica team Cobra's manager No., was I Ca el1laa 1.29 joesyard..

"Sanforlzed-Plus" labeled. 5.00 baseball on Friday and not Injured. He said he "mis
Saturday and in golf also on judged the ear'i speed" going
Friday. The
roe ewe .....,... team Florida tennis through the formldble S-turns
meet Navy Friday of the 2-mile airport track.Shelby .
The highlight of the weekend -
sleeveDectolene plans to run his Cobras
Long however is sure to be
convertible '.tS the annual Orange-Blue ultra- in France's 24.hour Le
squad football game Saturday Mans race for the first time Find All Your Gardening NeedsIn
Long sleeveDecton night which win climaxaprag U they endure well in Sebr I,',
convertible cuff i.f SMCHNIS ; long grind
training Our Lawn & Department


SsVIOQ2SS Sliding Glass Mirror Door Co.Service VILLAGE

Store Fronts Vi'S:
Furniture Tops

Winter H.*w Door Mirrors

USI cog MUNICIPAL PAlIIN. LOT AT ItAI O* STOII | 170 Arc I, N.W. 2ta.no&: Southeast Flan Shopping Center


f I

fA' "

-- -- -


it4er Thursday March 19. 1964 WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS.CHIEF-WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA._ P..e. Th, rteen

... Jack Nicklaus Man To Beat NBA Moves Into Cage Playoffs

By IMM leas tatMMMMMlThe taut! Royals, but lilt u opportusuty SR Louie mesa LeI ._.... to
In Doral Golf Tournament regular National Basket-. to match their IMS earn ts* shot at SM rrweiacois

r tall AaaociaUon season hat ended league record of 10 wins They the West. Roth first roved

MIAMI UPI) Julius "But now when with Baste the champion wound. up with a SMI record playoffs are thfttt'-ou1.CJ1.
Moose) Boras the you get on thecouraea again to the Eastern Divisionand
golfer theyear The great St. Louis star Bob five series
in IMS, named Jack Nick where you mutt have San Francisco the winner from the
all the Pettit waa ejected contest Ssf:
Mid t h e hammering
Uus at the man they'd all have in the Western loop. at Detroit. It was toe first 19 Wteolq Left
er.IP. to beat in 1M4 Hungarian, "the cream The Western Division title .
when play time that Petit all time tror
opened today in the $50.000 Doral iaa't come to the top. And there was not aettted until Wednesday log king of the National Has In Bat Event
vlyon levHatioul golf champion than Nlcklaua better" cream around night's final action when ketball Association, was ever 1 rile first week of the natlonMd -

'){('oJ sWp. St. Louis made thing easy for tossed. out of any contest. in hlaIma..r U. S. Open Black ltasaChampionship
Ten touraamenU Ihia A 151-.... field started out a San Francisco by dropping a
year or professional career will end at h.m.
' have produced 10 different winners four day quest this morningfor 106-W decision at Detroit and Referee Sid Borgia' ejected a'urday' with 19 weeks more to t tKO

be. but Bores, who woo hi.i the '.100 lint priM with U then the Warriors earned the PeWt early In the final stansa In the third year of theN

second VS. Open title last year, foreign hopefult shooting for title anyway with an SMS win following a scuffle under the St. inter Raven Chamber ofCom-
itierted that NickUui appears what would be the first three- over the persistent Philadelphia Louis basket with Piston Don meree-apoosored tournament
'on ready to sprint front and cent in-a row win for invaders. The 76ers Ohl Pettit was knocked to the The contest started Sunday. .

up ter."Arnold last two tournament have been Boston wound up on !the short floor and had the ball stolen and the Brat entry was made
won by South African Gary end of 108.95 count at Baltimore !-
lerIn Palmer hain't been a from him No foul was called by Id Vtrchat of Eagle Lake
playing well and may have Player and Australian Bruce The Celts thus wound up and Pettit protested so vehemently with Rainbow Boat Basin The

trouble getting back t bat big Devlin four names ahead of the Cin that he got the thumb. bass was caught out of Lake

IIIL1it touch," Boroa analyted. "B u t Petit still led the Hawks with Elolse on an Ole Jim's hard

Nicklaui hat the game to dominate 28 and Ohl topped Detroit with bead purple worm using bait

golf now that the tour li Daily 21 The Pistons win gave them easting tackle, and weighed U

vis.w moving onto the good, big a 23.57 mark and forced them pounds. II took five minutes to

tw.on I counei" to yield first draft choice to land.

m Up to now, Boron held, it hat News. SPORTS New York which had concluded The current leader la Fred

nd been a 'plnball game on the year at 22-58. Black of Oooee, Fla., with a 4 '1

YIS courses which made the early Chief San Francisco blew a 20- catch welgttttng 11 pounds 14ounces. /
It was caught out of 41
In tournaments 'nothing but putt.lag point lead to Philadelphia and
Stark Lake Me home
conteiU. near on
ngm feU behind 7< 7S with eight minutes
a shiner.
ff -- r > to go But Wilt Chamber. The champion of the 30-week
lain, who led all scorers with .
contest will win a Johnson
er i 58 points, hit two buckets to
motor, Lone liar boat and
I put the Warriors back in bus
Murry trailer. Weekly winners
rot ness will receive Pttueger spinning DRAW FOR PAIR.INGS-ram. participating In the Florida Women' Basketball

I v San Francisco wound up the rsels. tournament to be played at the Winter Haven, high school field house were paired Tuesday

nd I season with a 4132 mark. The largest fish each week in e draw et the Winter Haven Recreation Department In char of the drew wet
Johnson hit 28
ur Rookie Gus will win a reel and the angler Mrs Clinton Debes left Bob Hill McDonald I
'P / points and Walt Bellamy 25 to : recreation director; Mary K. state chairman
a nearest
;iI n pace the Baltimore upset cf secret weight will win twodosen a from Jacksonville; and Helen Rile, of the recreation department. The tournament \

r I v ., Boston Tom Hrinsohn led t h e Ole Jim's bait.Regional begin Friday night

de I A 10 Celts with 25. winners will be

yon ,tI a Boston and San Francisco awarded deluxe Cypress ROCK ISLAND 111 UPD-

\. !thus won the player pool that Gardens Aster skis.CWPERBT'OWNNy. Ralph E Starenkn 11: will double Jim's Pizza
d. v\ + goes to the division leaders and as football coach and ath

m also earned a first round playoff 'UPI letir director of AuKustana Col N.w apes Tuesday" thru ",Id.", 11 sm te 1M: ,m.,

Its bye Cincinnati will meet Diisjr Dean was elected to legs starling next fall He ae.C'C'pled te present Winter Htvtn's flnttt Mnwl.hM tM aim, I
II Philadelphia for the right to t the baseball/ hall of (ante in both appointments Call Jim and ytu" '> girder will M wilting mien >.It arrive, r

take on Boston in the East and I9&3 Wednesday 4V Sixth' Street, S.W. CY I-ISSO

re .
- -


of h i BERRY f'.IuiTPauiwEws '



S r e 2 '

14.Qt. Capacity


TWO TURNERS with Hand Grips
w -- .

GOLF WINNERS POSE-Winners in the annual Winter Haven Wom,"'. Golf AHO. Controlled Separately a Foam styrene keeps

elation handicap tournament took time out to pote for pictures after the final matches. lERRY'S LOW PRICE Ice for hours.

I They ere: standing I" front, from left, Mrs. Clarence Bell, md.list: Mrs Harry King Jr, IIRRY'S LOW mid'

I championship flight ,.-I""tr; Mrs.\loh" Crisp, first flight win".r: Mrs. Ch.rf" Lathr,' fint a.

flight runner.up: M,.. Los Dunlo", championship flight runner.up: back row standing! 'In 159fr'

cert, Mr. Nils Bask, championship consolation winner: Mrs L C. Stewart, ch.mp.on. :

ship_consolation rUn,,,!,ap, '

I Haven Women Finish Golf Tourney 1' (2. i

Mrs Harry King Jr won the Prizes were awarded )lues. '/ i

championship title In the annual day to the winners of the hand
WRESTLING handicap golftournamentstaged leap matches and the recital

by the Winter Haven Women's weekly tourney. Winners of the

Golf Association this week In best-nlne tourney were Mi ,.

WINTER a 3 and t victory over Mrs King, Class A and lass it

Lit Dunson. Mrs H, W. McIver. ;/' Ili ''I it itC I
consols Also awarded was sale Grand. I Y
HAVEN Championship lily IV I.. I f
tlon winner was Mrs. Niels mothers Trophy presented 5.f ,t
ARMORYSATURDAY Bach over Mrs. L. C. Stewart annually by Mrs Dexter
Daniels Sr and won this PIr'
by a I-up margin.In year
by Mrs. Mctver
the first flight dlvl.lon.Mra. ,
1:30 John Crisp defeated Mrs Members will play next week o Keeps cold of hot
In a points tournament PairIngs /i4
WORLD TEAMCHAMPIONSHIP Charles Lathers S and 4. -
Medalist for the event was will be nude by draw at HURT LOW PRICE
Mrs. Clarence Bell, the clubhouse Tuesday mornint.
fee ,


; .
L JU\ kale I( 4r.Awlcw: : 1 ly e e1 F .#'#
:. Sltt L to
Woodrem NunlnaHorn* ST? n* Rac ft hen .!II' 8
Jontmn TV bats *i Imperial. Mondni :7/', I'" :
Pippin Packing Ca. M corps.: Qee.a 11 16Canlage
Pin Pali V Mark ....., is 14 -
M 44
Ckcvralrl C.l-r ID u R )
KIOMUKAChomptoM WATSUDA Relitni BO* 44% ririilgai. || .7 mM.
Fwir Odd Ball u 44 .
... 1
T.Mn M Ha.m Mill IS sI
lxioUn it8harj Cautkr* Muild.ra 14 MIIS : ,. :
FlMpotUni 414 tit Aaluledal. I.mah.r 1 ,. ;33', a
DUCT KIOMUKA Joe Company 44 M AYgylpee. w Pahtt so usI.i 1
.'* mrtn Imivrlal R nrIlly .,
Unuh-Uiu .
HIRO MATSUDA art eely rawe.
Uo Knapp Otlten Shan u as .... .....i.. .._ ImperialNlpa o .
M 74
"". SINSATIONAL .s IMlvleall Q .. .
MMM R 5pa lh ix s
COMWNI OS High' team trriM: WoodraM Nun
.lag Tlonw 1S71HlKk Ni. OeM Btbrr ate V S MGrapcfntif ROUND PICNIC JUG I IC
EDDII GRAHAM team game Pin Pal. sal "My ""
Kl e li IndivMual __.. Ivum*) Replace cracked ceilings FRAMING AND ROLL ROOFING REPLACEMENT JALOUSIE C Foam outer. with blewnboMle'
COWIOY 101 ELLIS MM Bohow 114 Elaine CircuiJr til, WINDOW OPERATOR
f'ttJ Ores 47S: final'hl&.r.:1. with new ceiling FINISH LUMBER Interior poly .
174 Bob Weld 143. C. W l ... SIS t rat lf-eeling and Regular
Deadens sound odds .
.. o Fill 77% of all pour ipeut.lERRY'S
Hl.k HMllvMiwI OHM ( ->mEtalM a. "' tai I o Association grade over
"t. I' WkMM aui. MM Bcbow1S4. K ,= .I ......... : ( :: Intulation.IERITS SQUARE TAI SHINGLES falouile, windows,
1 A lie* Ktrktriton tar..:...(m4) ...._. ............. 4 I ..carp.1.e.rA LOW MICE stamped.lERRY'S FELT i
Cot WHta US OMrst tit .. .. ... .
.. .teaCIme..r
I C W Deueyrar. = .............. a A es4w 12.12 lie LOW PRICE lERIY'S LOW PRICE I39
; t .. ... I I .... Plain I I E* 4JU.ReN .
c..tnctl. GO 93
amen .. ... .. t t Artan. 72C ] ]
"" 17Dr5TRIAL LIArrCpest. ... 1AI .. ... t i .. Aceusricoi lie eeL Cedar 2Hir U.
at.wue .. I t ..1r.auum. .
Ita,'. S.N.ur.at 71Pig. ... .. t I _
C 0....... lA..e N TtSTtlOAT1 RCSCtTIr IJ >>;
SHOAL EVENTS !;r N* uCerhrea .
'-- i. 111 .. WMM .... s .H.
mo A'........ PaHM M M.>M M t. rr5..t. I Oil '
a ..._ ... N .. I;I
C. '"lOt. amt. a Cava. I ;.. 9.
CAMION ImperialSJutM J'Iorida 011 II a.. 1M It' ft. aw... .tat 4 .
..... 1. = arena Leas. 44 4I L..a..w Ima sir 45/,.5 == \ e. rte 1"1,1" '" .
Aarkur BarPwlrr (
r fto H.'Palklr.H hIrIr .11tea. e=-... .. KulW. I t'" I ,

\J.-.I DUD 1W1o. Paa5 1h c rat M I :.. ...d .
f',_ 08444. tal 34N TILE
H.... .-... setNth c_ ee .. 5arr r M P- Blades, fit Millers FallsDistfen.Craftsmaa -
teem .rrtM Stay .....- -. SPRAY ENAMEL
iS-ei. FIIER.
___ f". N hr..Y8y.e.
-H'-' teem sam Oirfcna I". .... .t1a.e.151 ee M.e..mn r WIRE I', I.wl 27" H h
LONDON ....._ IK* w.rri eve here LEGSHardwood Hack end Decker Ram. with "Rest.Fia" Added CHARCOAL IROILER
II Hrh M$ *iial iWWia ** ....taw... ..caw.......r. s.8'l1rpti Stanley Weflef.SHE. .
fto M.ril all War HartNw till aukvu I wrought 22 colors black, C 14*l land 2020 "'
wee .... ... Rigid legs remove.
Han wNI.e v8 sir It run TW-Wen and others. end,
....1>IooaI ham hairpin.Siies white and ties gray aqua. for .. .
KOIOGODOY ; M""I sa 7a a 7n.. son Nreb"tea ': ::: a. LNM ell) r arty rrylng.lERRY'S
poi 1e' '12" I, 22" 2f
owtoraa sett
.ooorloafer weir o N..51.wayn. nth a .s Methea4n c..=n R a45.w- N r ...-........ nuts LOW PRICE JERRY LOW PRICI32ew HITS LOW PRICE BERETS LOW PRICE, LOW PRICE.
m sad Jack OMMI Mi tom

...... . . 1.00 Hardwood 4* 235 ef 99C t.Al At O/r Pt.M- 329

GM. A-. . . loSe

( 12 . . MON Tampa Wiolmle Pbmbinf & Supply t tor of TMI Mgwi WINTER HAVEN'S MOST COMPLETE lUILDER'S SUPPLY 1b110lltfNa

UU ATTOMY1 Haad>*rrert for. Of-Winter M Twos HanD Pl...-.VaKrei t Fittings t5FULTON BERRY BUILDERS SUPPLY Inc.


SM4 wee.MW.dent. Aw'..= :-w14.e.erwM.:; : '." R2 11 CY4.11UFREE "
I aRwL1nluleiJ H$ AVI C SW
3.3344S ONly OAJUT OttJVtlttSAb !
.==. M ; ee Ue. *She MM Ma IWL ...*..* I
tunosui ..AU CALL 2Y4-4247 WINTU HAVEN & WSIR MfO 7 PM

\ 1r/1

J ,

,wt.. .. -

11 1- 1

,, Page fourteen WINTER HAVEN DAILY NEWS-CHtEF-WINTPR. HAVEN._ FLORIDA n.r.riav u' March "IQ, IQA4.


.. .. CCU L111FIiI \ E ID7A1 m Sj

_u___ __ u __

I.i (I) Announcements I(I) Announcements 1(5)( ) House Trailers ;;'((8)) Automotive ft&Hl01F* 0* m40f ((9)) Business Opportunity__ ((10)) Articles For Sale .1

sa.lwl.nlaearl..aP ,

TheJ'N 6-T-R-E-T-C-H KUP your aervioamai K touch MOBILE LIVING A VERY GOOD CASH INVKS1
wills all the Hometown New byeendlng A Wholesale To AllComplete
Get The WENT!: Helen Harvey
Cotton TwlBSportswear him the Wtoler Havea AT ITS BEST CHECK BELOW FOR THE BEST Reetaurant 140 W Halne BlvdLake ..
Newe-Chlel rat .
Dally Special" Why not live In a tour star para Alfred Centrally located
I month 61.SB. Call CY 6-1161 now. '. new 11 pc living
uu a lovely lake I On that has Dee Bld< 1.I fully eaulnoedutaMlihed
oily type ..w...*. fine. drinking water Jump On .buln.**. Rent veryreaaonabl room group $195.95 .
r;, direct power company meter *. for avpolntatent _.-
lor minimum electrical bill aloha M'LOCAL SERVICE tact Wrlirnt Dee. 1"K .-u.. Cat T PC. New DINETTE 49.85S
byWhite CLOCK REPAIR \ fuu type recreatio be lean between 9 M A.M. I:69PM

moeeyMry.fr modern moat!... Work PICKUP guar are IftIUfI;at thin PALMHORhb** Sad more .Spring At U-" PC. New DINETTE (33.95

Stag : .* Open r Oreen, 198Falrfa Bll'VI Juat fifteen FULLY EQUIPPED NITS CLUB. SOFA It CHAIR $79.1$
NIL la the **.nl nta mrautej tram Winter Haven, northof SAVE MONEY. SAVE TIME a yean old. All block _t'ItC-
in til ion p.m CY .191. 26-Uar ::18 the vIII"" of Lake Alfred mar Our lion Tlk. low 40. pa'ment. CY TABLE Lamps Etc. $100 Up
Houie 92 on Motely Road 3-IIIT. CY ....11. 17.11

24-1447 MOBILE HOMES One A two bedroom UsecPf SALES
at Meeting, Tueaday, S:IS PII *, one with bath and V*. Aim ((10)) Articles For Sale
County Health DepartmentSrd font uied Pacemaker with nice 62 6th St.. NW CY S-802 n
St. and AT*. D, NW awning and air conditioner. PALM Car Lot J7-18-
P.O. Box 1016 Sl40REa MOBILE VILLAGE E..lat i
I WILL NOT be niponclbl for FREE TRANSPORTATION within I I take over payment u low as
wonderful for an 14 50 per wk Include Aut.etr.c
1963 CHEVROLET: IMPALA a aplnet range
debt contracted other thaa my BO mile to WINTER HAVEN
SHOP ova from this day forward.Grace MOBILE PARK Lot SO' a W. 6minutee Spt. Cpe. Air Cond.. I. CHAIRS for rant. AlaoHoepltal economy lovelleit ymive price ever Btraep**ea.have Brand the ., Take ..1or refrigerator part. -SAVE all:bk.UP new TO pi.s..

eGO Cypress Gardens Road Huntly Gray to Bartow Industrial C.IIt.r. Aulhorlnd Factory Service On Bed*. Crutche. Walker new, guaranteed IS yean, on aale ItOOOU WAREHOUSE: .s.F'
March 11, 1663 Spirit Lake Rd. Thornhlll Auto Trans. Power : '
.Chry tler ,Piymoutblancer Commode*, Godfrey RenU for only 1471 complete Including f llitMTURK: SALES. U 'tb Street
Open A.M. 'til 7 P.M. 18-22 It-Apr IT Steering Only . $%895 RVBRT8 CY Sll 17S Ave A, NW I..TV delivery. Choice of hand-rubbed NW. U-1S

WH NASHUA Trailer .' m IS'. S- FLOYD MOTORS decorator walnut: or mahogany dl
Ml Sixth St, SW 393-4101 phone: Orlando 424-1401 for horn REFRIGERATOR for sale In good 11III
Bedroom, ihower and tub. 1350. .
$ .
((2)) Help WantedG".fiua 17-Mar. 11 without obligation or via-" oondilkm Phone CY HISIS
17-11 It Slreep. at 641 N Orange: E, NW 1711B
Extra Clean, Only .. $2295

FOR RENT Space for two largeItalter. HEARING AIDS UPHOLSTERING EXPERT 1S-J4 HAVILAND China Dinner Plato' 19m
on lakefront property REFIN1SHING Complete l b, '
> raton pattern Now Never
BATES Alan 1-oedroom trailer Retired or 1962 FORD I'AIRLANE 4 DR. fabric election WOLFS UPHOLSTERY ROLLAWAY BEDS Chal- w- been uaml $500 each. 213-8701 18-21)) 11Ca,
middle aged couplet. No pet. Bar- Auto. Trans.. Only $1895 POLK HEARING CENTER SHOP 114 Avenue A, IfE. Highchair -. -
Poltabera U. DO ITRINTAI..B.
? Floor -
This Month tow SSl-ieW 1613 Ooker Bldif 91 3rd St. NW CY 1-1710 Day-Night 2J-Mr 22
Phone; 293-1693 !: 3(03 Av. O. NW. 2S-TF RAZING CENTRAL: AVENUE 4
SMALL trailer cabana with, bolt SCHOOL. Slat, plumbing fix-
Only Hal Opening for Experienced ed together construction. 130000 1902 CHCVr: II "100" REPAIRS BALES -- SERVICE SWIMMING POOLS POLY FOAM RUBBER Any lie tune, type and ..1.1.\ !..., lumber
Hn. Carlton for[ quirk aale. Snlvely, Avery. 4 Dr. 6 Cyl., Powerglide BATTERIES or ehap' DISCOUNT PRICES all demlnilona. window*, Venetian -
Trailer Park. 17-19 FORUM TRIM SHOP SOI Av. blind, bricks. tile,
NO DOWN PAYMENT Brake & I, Only .....,. ... .. 11395 B. NW. CY 9-OUL 3-TF folding antique_.... CY I-OSU ceiling anytime ((1
10th Grade Education SWIMMING POOL CONSTRU. 17.a1
CARLTON BEAUTY SCHOOL I, SPECIAL 10' x 61 1-bedroom, 1962 CHEVY il 4 Dr. "300" available W. R. Helm. Oe- NICE TREE Tomato Plant. GROCERY equipment for eale -
129 Southlin Shopping Center IH9600. See our new line of eral Building Contractor CaCY Reasonable. William S. Pea,, 114 Including dairy case, meat cue.
Up to 45 Years of Age BARON TRAIt-TRS: ManufaoluredIn 4 Cyl. Good Buy fc SERVICE for 1-6874 3 -Mar, 24 oft Dundee Road dicing machine, electric MW, meat
Call WO 7-458J the north CYPRESS GARDENS i Only! . . . $1395 Hoover, Clectrolux and all other r..orjtllo area. 13.10P'OR block and acale. 39S-1610. 10-TP
lust be qualified In aU typea MOBILE PARK TRAILER Free pickup, dnllvery and wtl-
of Automotive brakes 4 alignmenta 19-21 SALE: George Sleek Bplnett ONE BUSINESSI revolving colored
EASTER This Is a peraan CY 10389, S-Apr. > piano. Walnut Mad by AEOLIAN! dlplay light and one beacon light,
Cyl., Air Cond., Radio, Phone CY 1-7986 17-19 new Each 516.00. CY 4-1317 11-1
ent with the World's
job Langit
------ --
SPECIAL Rubber Company. Company ([5-AJ) Moving & Storage heater Auto Tram. $1795 TRIMMING ING. CABLING CAVITY, RB-SB.TTING DEMOSS- Quality reconditioned men. work

SWAP SHOP Free EellmateCall uniform. Not prepackaged, Be* USED REFRIGERATORS
Complete clean-up
11 Creme ColdWIT. benefits Include life and boa 1961 FORD 2 DR. HARDTOP LUKES TREE SERVICE, what you bu, ,. All amen and colon I Ranges Waiher Dryrn
pltalliatlon Insurance, pension IMPERIAL MOVING STORAGE:. CY S-9336. U-Apr. 10 1100 per cult SIS Arlana l Ave.Auburndoie Air Conditioner RocBndl-
Real Sharp ... ... $1595 Arrojn ,
Prompt and efficient mrvlc for IV D TRADE from Continental tinned fully guaranteed Terms
free anything
all of cost to
plan emloyee B'.r.I: .I.UG Can to. 11-TF
all your moving need. Call p HOLE Frunlnr. Cabllnc Cavity Work From 12(16 and Up. JOHNSON
Paid vacation and CY M196 for fre oetlmatea.Agent SWAP SHOP, US IT EaKl Lake and eradication work don. Orov APPLIANCES Lake MiredPhone .
$9.99COMPLETE licit leave Salary plus for Atlas Vaa, Line. Ina.eervlng 1961 CHEVROLET Dr. BelAIr CY 1-W67. 21-Mar. 22: care tor thing don right .call FOR BALE, 1: HP a Fedder'i In perfect Air condo Conditioner 172-1139: Kite 1711S9018TF
all SO "
elate* 14-TF Mohan D* Nike W-"
Mr. Canton commission above average Sta. Wagon. Auto. Trans., 11..0 tion. 175.00 Phone 293-8651. 17-11

8-bour work week promo Air Cond., Good Bay CAMP TRAILERS DOMESTIC table type sewing ma- GET. profeulonal carpet cleaning

AND STYLING WITH. HAIRCUT tion possibilities ((6)| ) Special Services Only .. ,, ...... .. $1795 Painting Papering hin.*. Good condition 13300, CY"r.a reeult,SI rent.00 per Electric day with Carpet purchase Bhampooer -
l 1T1*
: of Blue Luitr, John Roland Hard

'CARLTON SOUTHEAST SEE H. D. HOWARDFrom CUSTOM MADE DRAPES AND I960 CORVAIR 4 DR. "700" RESERVE for your camp vacation trailer! Pickyour now Repairing I JR. MISS Dn_-130. Sic 1. Likenew. wan 17-11
four summer IS,00 up. 29J-Z744 after 1:00pm. ALL FOAM Bahama Lounge nude
Powerfllde Only $895 Supply limited Johnson -! .
9 to 5 P.M. ? Southern Crow, Like new
modern equipment !kill) Hickory by
I Ih.p g Flue NW. CY 1-7066 Mr.. Edna 6homer.24Mar Lake Appliance Alfred S72-1139 Highway" 10-Apr.17-92 10 T, 3. McCOY Quality workmanohlp Pair 115.00. will take 17000 CY
Evenings by Appointment M fait clean and ream-, -is 1-8871 or See at US Ave M. ISE, Ed
OPEN EVENINGS 1960 CHEVROLET 4 Dr. able Phone CY MWO 111 4tStreet ltionde desk and matehing ohalis i :

Winter Have Drafting Co Impala Hardtop .a Jan-Phyl Vlllag 17-T lil 00. til brine Lake Terrace,
No Appointment NecesaaryCALL ..... MOVING STORAGETHREE Un
All I" Commercial a N.W after SO P.I1.
CY S-1639 G80D/iEAR Residential, drafting. 8 ,Cyl., Power Sailifaction Owiranteed Power Storing- TELEVISION REPAIRS I ., 11000 a plec Z M74i. lIIei

13.?? I Drawn BUg CY 6-1491 Only ..... ... ..... .. $1595 !! IVORY BROTHERS ,,10 10. n. NEW OAK Piquet after 1.00 p.m.
nool'ln,. 112.00. Phone JIIU481.
mmaaaau 111 Ave. A, NW CY I.UlI i EVA THOMPSON BOOKKEEPING: I960 CHEVROLET Sport Cpe. Loral dlitanc NORTH GATE SHOPPING -10-
L.o"1 TREE RIPE Valencia Orange
i i 6BRVICB Income Tax Phone o Storage CENTER LEXICON
I 17-23 CY 4-1160. 11111 A".. F, NW. 1041 I Cyl., Auto. Trans., Call Coiled S31-764S: Phone 293-8G09 1100 a peck Beautiful blue i
FABULOUS Power Steering! Solid WarehnuM" Oft. Barto Air .. FASTEST TV SERVICE IN BOUT 4.1116.FUEL .anlt. IIOc a dOl'n. Cal IEI
I. Winter Haven Floor Surfacing ,
17-Mar 27
Batlnfactlon OuaranletdL. Red, Only .. ... ,, $1695 I
FACTS EXPERIENCED: : mechenlo U do A MOUTZIU OIL beater and I.nllt. Good Refer Myally to tile bone) I
'IIIon. 1211.00. 21..1.
maintenance work on our .fleet /. First at Phone CY4-13M
of truck. HUB bare rood ..r...> 1959 MERCURY 4 DR. HT. or ..re'beare. ), or *..y ether
= ; Patel pink
II, and* Heavy Owa equipment tool deilrable.enperlenoeueefuL Call INCOME, Builneeii TAX, SERVICE short: or Long Penonal form- Good buy Only .. $895 ((0)) Automotive I4I1 I((9)) Business Opportunity organu rn- full length: pleated I .f a variety .' **,.. .,.. ;
llenheni Concret CY S-0416 or CY Including retirement Income credit tier* once 11500 Powderblue which Birlnrin.*; U JoRe.CLASSIFIED !iT'
1-041'1. 6-16 net ballerina length Neverworn I
computation My oflton or
FRANKLIN home by appointment SI,00 your up. I9SS MERCURY 4 DR. '10,00. Site 1-7 CY 1-5078. i

I POOD aad COCKTAIL waltre**.*. 173-1046. 1S-TF Hardtop Auto. Trana. Garden CourtApartments 19-17

Whole House Neat appearance, own Iraneucrta- Clean Only .. .... $695 ATTENTION MOTEUfl. RESTAURANTS :
lion. Apply In penon only 4 to ETC. 1 10' x 10' double (
I pm. Uunonda Steak IlouneCyprwu ((6-A) Animal & Supplies I faced 'neon .1'J'IUh 1 plartlc panel a
AIR CONDITIONING Garden. Road. 16-11 1951 VOLKSWAGEN Convert. double with red : ill.Ca
119 Ave. B, NE letter This elfin la cheap for
be CHIHUAHUA female, chocolate Red with white top. 000 cub. Phone 294-117S 17-21 :01

key la MW Immediate Placement and tan 1 month oiL AKC reg- Only .. .,.. ... ... $895 Air Conditioned RUBBER STAMPS For check yr I
.lateral CY S60. 16-21
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family living) for to Puppies New! New" 6 modern 1 >droom other purpoBM ale dating
patterns. S women wishing earn EASTER PETS -
1951 CHEVROLET S DR.PowerlId. apartment. do red for 6&11) keeIng tamp! aeale pocketflamp
'10 a day part time repreenting :linn: : Qoallng Uamter I Bunnlei.. Whit ColoredCliche. Mice"arakeeta .. I Cyl.Only and adaptable to any decor "* STAR PRESS phone CY W.VI
range, refilwnt, (urnlihedoffit 1-"' 111 Ave A. NWTF- .
Avon Cosmetics.: Call Etc Fnr pet..nd pet .. .. . ... ..... $595 1962 DODGE LANCER 2 DR. met pml'ng I clone In --.---- VII
,1F 683-4137. m DOT FARM Sedan Std. Trans, OneOwner built lor aal- 8 today toprlci DISPLAY
Ul'l\lb"'K\ SUPPLY 31" Ill Slrw.1, <. ..