'be lue i>f Wolfe's Ik-kiedaiu Brbnappe.ai .
000dOrdIgary--------- U For Medicinal I IA
FROM WASUINOTON. Low Middlui,. .... ... .....1."& .V. : ."En J.JI' I.'R BE8TORIVG TJ" (OLOR! of the HAIR t'LEAU iCON t'IIIFS, I Purposes Only ".. .'. $
widdIt55.. ..... .,. .. .. .IT"Q (Third Door BiloV ChurchJolt a ray in a b brows or bl.ck blL till. tlli.rGc b lourju.1 r replvvd .J.. e' isppe are put
\\.blll'6'1'05' Oct 12.-There was a two act|.. at Ibe Dent *<"" ''I M. LIVELY. sod by IJS A TIUUlTTa.Aug KCPEKIOIt lJlt OFFUKXCII > w iiwl wUli tbv .j.v..pnietur'.
hours Strict Middling!. .. _..- .17\aiS P COFFIN, Or $oe !H S4u>e. tl.U. cork aud ""L
Cabinet meeting to-day. Grant a as absent Good MlddUng. .._. ... Q ALBERT l.f.f, ;, -
Reyeaue receipts $445,000. BACOI.-Dun with??a downward" ""' ....., and aomlullyaackaa Jolt tt. VAN VLIET.IRMPECTFt'LLT 1CASTOR I NET : UCX U\'. W.'AT DO o$' UKLM ?

Gn. \ botb, Minister at Buenos-'Iree, Is very I 'ed. We.mte: akualden.. Uf@.11Ic( rtbh.dsidon. g Sugar. : Wul..I.bl..I..bDal. Il check u.dUuur.
oic" Uite .. fcloVe,SOc fOLKIT A CALL TKOM -ut-- '. 55gww.u duua
;clear nkUd 15319)! ; J ekor } 'vIi1,4K1Ys, .bu..f .
Uoited. ........Sl&tte. Trade la Fl-xult cud rUewbcrc. Compound Castor Oil and Glycerine '.wtBLilUH.. JI/JWS ANI> tOF- ;' -- -
Slatea Marshal Goodloe,' for Carolina. All urdcn will reetrlre prompt aitrutioa. 1000 Bl'iiAK I'l-t' | andforaale MrklrilaiM $MrhsiisptMtlwie abefurs
FLeca.-Tae rr..I.d
w'bo 1 Is deatoad U FaI".d price mlB cmtuiae T. IL&XWAILI) FOIl TilE: HAIR. yt TIBBITTB.A.gST U : WINKS the Amcru-au pubhc |ur tbe bet .
now ben by ellt.c.J.
rep rts DO impediment now to to levi is reward Ie....,. WeaeuU; kwaaavk UtiILlm.s. Oct. S3. "7. lO-lf > j1 11\IJmC.\} "mma' .

'Lepioca olu.. Federal IUIIfU.8acn. : .., |ia: sew Geurra Mptrnne. ---- -- Fur .A t'OrDr lw.rf kI UVELf. -----

.." Seward write that he will arrive fit; to eatt*. fIt a.,ve eiin (...1.." Ww, *11. (. I I _ 1'iritK: IIOLMNH Wore on Thurid.y.Tb. Sre..*.- '.. sad anHuafid. Y'. ,note:
and pow4md.VI ..!*&** A .1111..n... B'".nc / .: ." '
election ill ,,4.1iuoadria p.otr ; ; 'I'HE BRIG UATTAKO JiT'U.. Master. i Will be Sold SRLMEliILt.IIEEAE.: 11. I. 'No ,i..r.. > ekIrdmea ,- .
XQ quidly Ceun.lM<;yeUowCMei; ...... cu..d. ixe; Maaeondo. I to ,cd's Freight. K-itr. e Cit '1
debl&e returna bay. ready t : ---- -Se.I 'I.t."
been .Ac., IENIIIW ) ."IIIU1.
received. Matte.
sv Toaa, October tt 61. Marks, < V .J T.lt""u'IU.yl; aln -__ __ "l eIrre tdrkledtcai ;
THE VIRGIXU CONVENTION ELECTION'RiCMa.nO Fo..au.-r..w., lal .'ffl<. So.tb.ni Mock, eackoaicd. ---- J11. 13 CAbKd a BACON.g '1.10' III-l"l f:UM sad Ih.te's l )Ei11)Sd ..bl..I'.u IItEML LIUIIIs.car*- UuUt.Ii j.-r;

-83.-TU.". .fccUon 1-St_...... 1I5ll')(. Maeiey BJuce aetiie; YtA)11t, 1)1 A.r.leby KIN DON TIhtdIfls.Aug7 luda I fully sail "I up, a all Iur. will
day bas \HHELI >yatore ve.a\.yaadl.l igbt. .IIVi,
Pitted off more quietly than anlkipatrd. al sathanvd. OPENED v BALEM hAY ITO 5 W. LIVELY: Ibe rluuige of water.Ve .

aripiwH riota and two oUicr Two C-...-Ha.dod'-ned! V... aha sates of to kale marked 0. A. B To be s<44 for freight( --- _-_ a-- -0-_ "
duturUncta were a IS*. UNDIRi-IGiEO KEPtCTFt'LLT sad npcoaee. By Car.; .'1 .upt. THE PUBLICLyE I lIe-If... cbappnar.gned
'J'Ue4by tite\ MUitary. TIe difflcultj wu ,.a-B. 552 te, |' *flftl0tt: SootfceCB, |U I rUE- Ibe dlUdl'T H"lii"rTT and Ibe adj. FB P.Uf Oea- FreIght
e4ued by Ute attempt of Radical negnjea to mob Olt I eel fa.tr1. .returned from bia tsp OcllJ I AnE JiUW fULPAUEU TU HIOKI. IM .- _-- I _
the Conservatives. .aa.-rPvk at f st Lard keatr It* 'b"p'b.euouujr. and that 'I| ."I Ware4tua. acar (Ian lApot, ..(. $rki.Iai % _. poa
r Troop were in tasty,. in CII- a lit baad of .* Munacieepri. .
For Sale. Cotton Goods 1
square sad '.tMmed also St the Polls 1a or hlavssa.illhaamta.dIu ku-iw Ibalarbuieeartkle -
the Kaw Oatuxa, Octahn O. I em f. j.rrpwrd la rzccnM alu l all kicda of slag k* kid lbs Drug More ol LTv'B _. ,. a
rifT. wbile ..& I
cavalry patrolled the street t>* panlr desiring It We will Kite rdiai rf WarefcouM .
The CtI jot,kvke j low BiddU* M Picture CprUDruSbribebraatllul 4 SEW FIFTEEN' IIOK-E ENOIVK. mad..Li. uiweibird la all 1 .lbs lIM.
rwoJt 01 the flnt cia,'. voting 'U" Bv. tima Myle ol Plctare ih.WaatJatu.Lrtus \.4 N lbs eaiiy Jclv f jojlMtif etured wua ai and M LIVELY. r c -- .
..a and I.l the > ral t-t tbe AU tuarklaerr ( ciii, alii i.d lu 'b. .bllo..t ud .. ,:: .
ra.D.aWBmUf lor awdlaai lower U jeirtiseg. .1 ..e ur IWiT. W..t. iapip.r.
suly rvea wilts The TJ.Uo fr aW Utt't-mit? 1..1 11 $ .
majonty. of
can.a !
y Ie t.tb.dcs sales 5aM a ..1 ail a cotiliuoaac for ,ruaala fnY1wlt 1.-1*> .1.. Tu' the < proper .J".I" fr *.1 f al W1 end .tuaiWe "..L
acUte f 'lca1 tiK.'K.. Artlcl.be.tared
uad I.
IJOO. .1ti1ea \I
.Lass Dot let $ '; XXX. SnOwed A I P 4 Me>Ure) > blreliaSM be.kpp.) are hal
0101. 1.I II 1.; 1 f tare.Tiaars Caek IU'1 t A. I ctmjgEA cud will >lle>*at elisaMeatife wkuppears4ptn-
.sees .a Mtlsfcelwj )| ever "C tad ".." maid biwclkwwr hats lo .. _
The 'l"J ..beera prodoccd.Patu *." I deo proper secartly beIng(iveo. Oc$4'CT. IIi ae la parebaalac.VIIV. ; ( *.rl.k.ei. _
itnm Bitdicak are Baking .*%jru kOu > .aid .. bass. *d.U>per Doses j tlM .Lilt, D.' esgia. wdl..1 "lie .W.e.for -
"yo the QI opq = ela juhMi ; bid f I ) Og'kIdai. ebepp.ueguci4 Mrklrdiaaaa Sb... M'..u'P. sold
mead fit two day- ,tt 1.e t (. 11 V-Iut X J16 'tlk, te-U- 1 for fcluiaauliaui per.l UHHOI _.f.reil I. .... world U,4 I aad A "LIUi1EGRAPH. .&

: : : JL-

_______S-- -



Miscellaneous. City Advertisements. New Orleans Advertisements. New York Advertisements Railroads, Steamships, &0. -

.* .. Miscellaneous .. -_-_._-_ __ .A.a. _.]ilneous
'"'tt- "': ::: -
: '
F I'
:, A. P. C. BONTE, Garrett Youngsc.on & Co. NOTICETO

No. 33 Warren and 29 Murray Sts,
Oval & Square Frames FACTORS
: (Successors to Gregory, Delouest & Co.) -A5DMOTJLDINGr! NEW YORK, .AID

-..- WIIOLESALE.LANTF.RS tCCESMM TO -0- ..- General Commission


I' THE SUBSCRIBER,* of IS NOW. RECEIVING illS DRUGGISTS Pm.trait Frames, cfioiceit patternt.' ARCHIBALD YOUNG, GARRETT & CO. :.. I. Bearer Ht., :.
a.. ;;j .".iL. ...::. .or.
Largest and inset srlrctlnn of stock alway on
. Fall and Winter Goods band from H sIze' to Wx3 site,supplied to Photographer --
t I I. qoanUtlot to snit, and at the lowest AND -0-

f recently bought In New fork, at rcdaced price, 7> and othcrn wIshing to purchase ch prlce< WE are prepared,through resident A .
confuting of A Oooda the or package to anijily" their Call and examine oar stork before pnrchsslng advance oa and p?II .to
by plcie elsewhere,and save Urn and money. SPENCER SCOTT & CO. OFFICE ATLANTIC GULF R. R.,1 l Port .el CtOla.1 tbe '
; DRY GOODS, bend, will find (great bargains the way of JAR 11. HUMMEL, AgentSept. ; LITE Usa August 16, 1S67.!! f ,or rorw.r from New Vor or

II. 1881''. 101-Sm -NEWARK N. J. ATLANTIC GULF R. R. will continue to
HARDWARE, Domestic Dry Goods, -- TOE, the United tttatc Revenue Tax on Cotton LIVERPOOL DIRECT,

GROCERIES, BOUTHERX 8CBCRIPTIONPUBLISHING shipped from anT p..lof Florid via Live Oak'0&uuoalo.loiew
Extensive Manufacturers York. Ac. I our Mend may prefer. Our connection, ,
CROCKERY, I Hats, HOUSEor For any further lufurrontlon. shipper may ad. erl.r such *. will gIVe our eu.t i 10 i Li'''
dress E. F. HENDERSON of that ,all tb,
CHINA A .OLA SW ARE, I and Shoes ..T..Ln"RI> WOBKM, AKD'VIIOI.I"I.E Agent A. A O. R. R., Live Oak\, Fla.Augnit .el.olee m.rlln

which will be sold-nt"the smnllcst" .kind.of advance Boots 108 CAMP ST., NEW ORLEANS, LOCt8IANA.o DEALEHfl 20, '67. \l8- m G. W. HCOTT:: V CO.,
on cost nod charge. Tallah-sste
Clothing FlortW. ,

GEO. H. MEGINNISS. 011' Ron". E. Ln-,Steel plate engraved llkcne-s; INMen's Pensacola Georgia & Tallahassee T. on. Age'g..
Oct 15 8-8m Tobacco &c. the only I true pluure of else G'neral.-U.N. T. J.
_. 80'.no.h
--- '- .,. (STomwALL) JACKSO-,Steel' |Ilete> engraved likeness & Boys' Clothing I Oct 4. '<17.< SMills' 8t ,",.,
II ever taken of him.-
; Irom the only pli turc
Buckwheat Flour Butter &c. \1'I I Oat Abase SIDHIT JOBIWI, This llkensit I I. RAILROADS.CHANCE .
AT rIlE OLD STAND and will be w. \RRERT: A. s. SHAVER
now In Ibe bands uf Ibe uirater| c. .

! BUCKWHEAT .FLOUR: In one eighth and qear.t ready by September. EBEV TOUV, A. I. SCOTT.OARRETT _...::. : -. : : : HOUSi,
SCOTT POOLE&CO.'SMay These Engrarlnis hare been engraved by that di. .SPENCER SCOTT F. M. .
1 Superior Goslicn Butter, tlngolshed Artist.. l>co. E. I'eriuv In the highestMyluoftheart June 7, 1867. '70-10iu OF SCHEDULE ,
I New Bice' TAIfAIIAH:. riAM and rn Sts.
Irish PotMoc and Onions, 7, 1867. 67 -. llfcencMcs by Uena. BeRllr"lCllrd, Hond and olbera. by ,
Cheese Cnckir: *', their ..er.tidcatea which are In Ibo possession of thepublisher. MARVIN'S PATENT CHABLfi8TO.il

I Curriinlf"Mftccnronlj, i'Itroth &c., Ac. ITavt on Ilnmt t full Anortment of hEIR & CRAIG, These likenesses have, been !pollen up regardleasofexpen ON Tralu on these Rallro.d., may be expectet
Ja received OF.O. H. MEOlXNISS. ,. to tu leave and arrive at the ae eral stations about the 0-
<* by with the aim 'supply' our people' ALUM AND DRY PLASTER
0c115 8-41 true representative ol auto gnat men, and at price* hours below mined, the companies, however reserving -.
COMMISSION MERCHANTS to therefrom *t their discretlon WELL-KNOWN HOTEL
the ht.
to enable all to gel a copy. right vary T" Jut bro,

of the Fresh Drugs Price of Engravings, ,each,site 18x24! ......... fa 00 FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF : aDd thoroughly. now raired. rutted and re furnlht(|
Mysteries Toilet. -AND- In Square frame, IttxJO: :Inch moulding aDd Accomunvdalloa TnUrn RccoramodatloTHE of tbe
Ruaewiiod /gilt.................. ....... '701 Freight trarUoj public, wbo. patronage I. r..IceIMly
I riOMBINATION OF TilE ROSE AND! MU.T, Medicines In Oval Frame" ItTx:U,3-inch mouldln,. Roec- GolDa' Laces

, 1'I \J for silo nt i,h* Uruir Store of ,M. LIVELY. Q.R.OCER.S, wuodand gilt............>................10 00 SAFES. LeaveQuincy....................... '730A.M. ted.Merchants .1.lllns the city are ., .
a U.ll' 8 Arrive, lallubiuscv.................. II.ItJ: Coaches Every'.comw.Jlloll "'1 be aftordeltiim.
---- Chemicals INFORM THEIR FRIENDS AND TIlE BETTER LAND. -0- Leave TallabMue.1000 to and from the rlool. conrey paaenger

: Notice. WOULD, that they have opened. their place Drawn by Miss A. R. 8AWT.cn Engraved by Gio Leave Motillcello.....................11.10 The Proprietor proml.e to .n 10 bl. ,
Luuve ) 941: P. H .dl pOwer
Paints : i of business In the E. PEHIHE. Warranted the n.-.t In the World: Leave Live .. 604. for the comfort of meats.
,IooE ..1011..E.ADd Tbe design represent ihe form of a beautiful,salnlwhose JOSEPH PURCELL
: rro"rlelor
/ the District Oo-"nf; the U. ,S fortieXorlAern h...,.. "'rrl..a Lake City. 850 March '67.
/ eyes radlnut wills bollo\8.are raise to 1. III
Florida. Oils call their attention to their choice' and varied en, while above her bend an angel hand suspends. Savannah............... 800 A. M.

l District of lot nt Orocerlea, Canned Goods l.lqnora, Ac. On the celestial crown to which she uplres.' TUB teen Freight add Accommodation G.I..
t baud a choice lot of I Is an expressive is Faed'a Evangclinc and", wonderfully I CORRODE TilE IRON. NEVER LOSE SA.VANNAH
In the tuntlur, of the Alabama A Florida Kuilrmtd .Turpentine expressive!' of all purity,devotion and faith. I IIs ItI NEVER Fire Proof Quiilllks. Are the only Safe Went t

rl' Company, by which coinit'ny ,* pilltlon for.dJ') Hams Bacon and Lard I beautifully conceived exquisitely executed amhas .,1 tilled with Leave Savannah... 830P.M.
\ dlcallon of fiiinkrniitry ".. flied on the thin ,"tild < the rare merit ol telling its own beautiful" and Leave Lake Cit). 5.60 A. M. NEWS AND HERALD

; :17 of July, A..D. 7.ln said court.-In 13oii1i.t ny .Stuffs. Crnnhcd Drown and Coffee Sugar spiritual story. ALUM AND DRY PLASTER. LeveLiveOnk......................... 810 "
t raptcy.r" Engraving size, 30x3f.............. t' 00 Leave Madison.1025 ,
r" H18 I li the seventh of Green and Blade Tend Framed In Oval Rosewood and gilt S Inch lllx Leuve 1.IW P. M. and
| to Rite notice that on day ........ ...... ...... ..........1000 Catalogue .. Daily Tri-Weekly
I JL August, A. 1) 1'67.' warrant In Bankruptcy, IPetroleum, 20, Fmme I Please send or call for in Illustrated i. Arrive at Tallahassee.................. 8.08 ,
waa Issued against ttir Inmls and tenements, tumla i Java and JUt CofFee, Send for circulars' living full description of the. I MARVIN CO. LeanT.llah....................... 418 .
and chattels, right, crallls and effects, and likewise above publications, which will be sent on applies.lion. Arrive ( '. 6,IS lIAR Tug
and -0Prlnc.Ipal -
the franchise of the Alabama... & Florida Ritllnuid Fancy Flour Rice .
$ Company,* corporation chartered l>y the Liglnln., Syrup, Agent'wanted In every Pariah and County In the Wnrrhonet ".. Marku Train_Frrlbt and "e LAMCtEBT CIBCVLATIOl::

lure of the Slate, of Florida and doing bnslncsi In i > S Toilet Articles. Brandy Peaclics, Southern States, at from $100 to f>UO tier month comnaodaitlon i
I ul4 Mat and In the HIHrlct nfurraald which raid cominlaslun Send fur. A.terms HUMMEL.cti, >. AililnssJAS. FublUher. No 265 Broadway, New York. Leave Taliahnsee..1015A.M. Of any paper In the City or State,and It Is tin

I corporation boa been adjudged hnnkrni'l" on Ita own Brandy, Whiskey 108 Camp Street,New. Orleans, La No. 721 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. Arrive' 8L M.rl.....................1' .00 ...
I petition. ,That the payment of any debt and the. 0 '6?. 10l4m Leave$&. 200P.M. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CitY

I. delivery of any (iroperty belonging lo mid corporation .5----. Gin, Ale, 1'ortcr, Sept. Mar h 22. 186T. 54lyII. Arrive Tallahassee,' .......,.......... 8.45fannrmgfr 6-
to the corporation or the olllcera thcrrnf fur .
the. me of inM corporation and the transferor the .. Cigars, Chewing atid. Smoking Tobacco. R. B. POST. A. M. HOBBY_ Trnln for Nnvannah i '

I I L I III franchise corporatora or of any or* officers,proicrly.| ., or by any.the or Raid lhc.ni corporation, are, for, IT I 1.0.,iBtMtloo-- to lwje keep our STOCK eom Sugar Mills of different izcn on hand. POST & HOBBY ..C..GOonWIN. A..8.:.WOODS: LcYe..ekon.lu.. ..................... 3.10 P..) ITS*GENERAL and Local Department NEWS; COMMERCIAL are cnrclnlly edlird, Mi.,

I bidden by law. plul., ctabrarfnic. thing usually fonid at t irsttlaM 8& and no pain are spared the
I jl, That a meeting ol the credltoraof, the said Al*. every A u,. :U, 1907. pi Goodwin & WoodS Arrive Live Oak. 8 .prcurlnj
Drug Ethllbment. The lacllltlrs now offeredtat Arrive at ...... M.
I buna A nodule Railroad Company, to prove their General Commission Merchants Dltl.tUS 111 .8.00. LATEST INTELLIGENCE
debt and to choose one or mwe assignees of the Kcttlna supplies on short notice, enable n*to Paa.eager Train from 11II.....
*ate property and!franchise aforesaid will be heldat offer none but fresh wtlcle. We buy none but the GEORGE W. SCOTT & CO. NEW ORLEANS LA. PAPER AND PAPER STOCK .
Leave .... "'s.._ aU 4urteri..
Court of Bankruptcy to be bullion In the courtroom 'ct,aid oily' Iron reliable bouse Physicians and Ba'.mona.! .... $3OP. M.
L of the United Minle* DUlrlct Court at Pensacnli Nov. i7.18611. 20 !i'.. AT Ann Hi., .....w... nn.nt nnWllllnn Le".u 645A.M.
r In the district .r"r.'dJ.' beforeT. W.O.IIO.nc. other*ar.Invited to examine our Stock,all of which COTTON FACTORS Arrive at Luke : '. RIO A. MArrheat But always..romrel'able' lourcci. Tbe

Register on U>.SMb day September A. I).,.till, *.wern." CAKPKT:: WAHKUOIIHK. Hirer.., Jacksonville. .liUOP. MConnection. .

,.- .,.J .1 U o'eiolk M. 'I. ;/ LID !. Chnrtmi:: .... I New Orl..... NBJ'W YOBX.a BW" AND HEBAII) MTAIFTnclndea'Col.
I ijThe meeting of creditor, M heretofore ordered
t I ha been adjourned toll,.ttHthdny of Novcmber -- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A. BROUMEAU A CO., Importers, offer at low -_ :: .. 'W. T. THOMPSON( known u

I next ensuing by order.of _the Register In Dunkr"PtC' RECEIVED Tall....._. Florida. ,.Ir.... .' and Manilla The Steamship AlHam* leavea 8t. M.rl for New the amber of""a.lo.c'C"Urtshlp.w.1) .nK editor
JUST Writing Printing Papers
I CARPETING-English and American of all kind. Orlon'"bou' the 4th ol each the of lbs '' ; Dr. J. & JOHM,
11 ALEX. MAORUnER. .5. Floor, Furniture and Enamel Oil C'lolli. I May 18 71-tl 6lh and 90th of each month the editor and proprietor.the Tallabawee r.we
I' J U. 8. Marabal Nor. Dint of Florida. 'A'LARGE LOT OF OEO. W. sCO'tlt: Florid I T. II. HODGKISS.N T. ATTINO-ftOO roll China 100 pleeea, Coco leaves II& Mark for Apalachicol, 8teamer.e. AND JOO.MAL; with an able corp of r.RIIJ.
by 8. L. TIBBITT8..H1 J.L.8MALLWOOD. N.Y.I D. II. POOLE, }4. TWILL WINDOW SHADES Table and Piano Cover. Herts on the 7th, 17th and 27th, with the Steamship Correspondent at all R.prter
: Deputy U.8 W. CRU\lR-CLOTII8-bt1llCtle&, Linen and Felt. I B. L. 50111 D..A. Florida/ fur New Orleans.A I.pl piDI.
;: D. PA Howm for CURTAINS Lace, Ren Worsted etc. ..... .. .......
MoQnin MclNTocn: Attorney* GARDEN SEED I II I ADVANCE ON AND SHIP COTTON: Dumisk BITCB.li line oJltC between Quincy, Balnbrldge and ADVERTISEMENTSImerted
petitioner.Aug. FRESH FURNITURE COVERING n and CottonStrip. : .
Liverpool, New York, New Orleans or Havannah. :L. RITOH & CO. Albany wi with Ibe traleus.ROBERT
; B., till?. 93-1111 NOT. 06. ",etc.CORNICES WALKER
Hand, Pins, etc.. OeD'18ullerIDlellaeoi. a*per published rales.
$1,000,000 IN WATCHES Call and get a Cslalogucwilb Almanac,which give July 111.111M. 89 April DO,, 1887. II'- COMMISSION MERCHANTS April 26. 1867.' M .

'I) .- . fall. direction for plauling.rky.Iclaa. JOB /PRINTING.Connected
f H. 80HWABZENBAOH BITTERS. N.. IM Freest Ht, (cc::... Pine "..) .
ton BALI ON rni ropt'tm PERUVIAN BARK
----.- ', NEW YORK. PEN. & GEO. RAILROAD. with the Establishment U FlnlCUt)

I tSTONE PRICE PLAN, J2FJOtTIHO .' ____rlp'lo.. tareIIIy CELEBRATED TONIC fA;o CERTAIN PREVENTIVE -0- fiftl RWWL _...._ .. or JOB E.pr PRINTING ars promptly OFnCR.Illed.at which. oren by Mail
Watch-maker and Jeweler FOR FEVER AND AI1UE. JOHN DENHAM & CO.
c::.......... ,
ITI*T rT.O. A -u- MONTICELLO, FLORIDA. TALLAHASSEE, JiJiOAJir I, 18 The .......-0. Carroat.

Dec. II, 18M. I IN TIlE STATE BANK UP STAtRd, L. KOUN8 A BRO., !BO Common St., N. 0.. Nor. 1ft, 186A 10-1, NOTICE la b.reb'IfIYuu that no will Pc.I..aed

Handsome'and Reliable Watch In the Room formerly occupied by A.t.. Feeler,Esq. G Wholesale, Agent MannKicinred hy 1>.. M. ___ for shipment after I o'clock. of tho every local Friday. morning. coutnlns' revised* foil revlct
1 I "-0-' Pen' A Co., Wholuula Druggists, 1:1-1: Charters St., TO All coinmunlcatlona on busIness will b."Re be and m..e. carefully) ,.01.I"DI

For the low Prico of Ten Dollars I STATE MALE{ SEMINARY. WATCHES CLOCKS AND New O.le.uL, (Api II 5, 'd7. &11-1, Savannah Advertisements. directed to tb nndenlirued. R. WALKER clo 10Iell..n.e s synopsis W*I'ct also 8hll.plnl DaiLy and RaPes,.

1 .
tf ....*nd repairedat _ General Superlntendeat. .
WITHOUT KEUAaVD_ TO TALI7E, ._ .. abort notice tad on.reoaouabK Miscellaneous. Jan 2, '0 83 -0---
term A. ..
Taar i
4 And not to l Paid for un/ MVrfectly > SCHOOL IS NOW OPEN UNDER THE 137 AU. WOKE W1M"KTID.J% Roberts & Tillman, DAILY..TRMI........It .
THIS Sept. 6, "'?. 10l-tf n per mouth; tin 0 per tear.'
|' wing til.J
gatitfactory. competent' corp ... REAL ESTATE BROKER. Savannah and Palatka Fla. TRI.WEFILT..fTpr qn.ne; 10"y.r.
I J. I. CRO8A V. M. I., Superintendent and COMMISSION MERCHANTS cent*
i I'rufi'mor o MalbrmaMci. MYERS. CORMAN do do .I4.0 per hundred.
$It.y. CUAS.: KKNMORK:, A. M., Proft.sor Latin I ,
100 Solid Gold Huntlnir W.t.hr..p.o to 'IOOO I Ure11 .nd Belli.*.1"':1 ten. DIALERS! IN ; are authorIzed to act I Agenii
North '
and Side
100 Magle Caned Gold Watehe...... 800 to MO ,II. 14. DcVAL, Professor of Natural !Svlcnce and : Immigrant labor A Jlfency.ryHF. Bay Street & 111 -
I tOO....11... Walchea, Enameled. ...... too '0 wnJOO I KiiKllsh.Each: Bay 8.1. WaTaaaah, Coral.
: \! Geld Hunting Ubron'ler Watches, VO loam amiDM I Watches Clocks Jewelry Silver and totutid Door Had iff CUg Stchtngt,
I Tcatln havIng charge of thoa branche be
Gold Hunting F.mcllab: LiverJUOIO\! ) MASON &
baa, made his siitflulliy. II c..n hu readily understood nnderlfniedbii\liii'; established an office In N..tT.tAI1. GEORGIA. .EITIL.
800Guld Hunting Duplex Aalcbe,.. IfSOloMO !wo
but iniiilla' will/I I liu thoroughly taught.A I the city of New York *lth a branch office In Editor
1 Gold Hunting American Walcbe, 1110 t.OO! lull PLATED WARE, FINE GUNS Philadelphia l and Boston, la to Proprit'lol.
Natural re.idy
e..II..o..f Science. ,
Miithfiiiallra, THE Or
t 'I 500 811Ye.IIDatlllj( Lever*............ roo to lAO HIRAM ROBERTS i!BaYUD.b RTEAIER 2 9THE
1 t 600Silver UuMlnir Duplexes,... ..... fftto500Gold 2.10 jtlo. Greek*, will, be rrvuib lauKhl.TheihoulUirovlUud.HIstory' aud the Englishirani'hr T Table and Pocket Cutlery and plllftl I'pon: the Market D. L. KOBEKM, I
Ladle Witch..r Mm 2tiOl00OfloldIluntlngLeitnr. > JOSEPH:: TILLMAN. Madison Co., FI*. LIZZIE BAKER
Chemical and
with Plilloopblial
............. AOlo1000MlellaouSilver 75 | FANCY GOODS. I Oct. 11 'U7. 7-3io ,
) ) Walcbe( .... roo to ,' Apparalua. PLANTATIONS, f '

WOOkestlngSilvevWalehi.) ........... Eft lo ionM 'rEa 91 I tW Watches and Clod.. repaired ud warranted. Captain Ut>INA, Savannah
b000A.sorteudWahche.sllkind....... lOb 74 Jill,II.IIIdII. TIMBER R. J. DU'ANT
I Per sibnlastlc year, of 1'11'luoi.tha, ,ending Jun _ _
QF Every patron oblnln a Watch by this ar-. ;loLl,. 1..08. ODe belt payable In adrance,balance onl Lute Davunt it Lawton. Mlatourl. SYLVAN SHORE
I t ranitement, costing but '10. while II may be worth I"l Fibruary, IsiM.'Iwalial RAILROAD or other Stocks I Alt INDKPrXDINT, COMMERCIAL, POLITIC
''k '1000. No pan lallt v shown.JH ( D..piirimrnt.. ..,.....MM O 00 COTTON GINS I mckisoN Captain TUCKER. AMD FAMILY XBW8PAPCB.
W* wish to Immediately dispose. of the above 40 00 j. j. .
I magBlBeent ?'riiuary Ucpurliiu-nt.' .., ... .
Stock. OrllHcau. Mrs 1 SAW MILLS AND! REAL ESTATE rpUE former leaves Surnnn.b Fri '*). 10 A. M, -
*.naiulnii tb an ,are' t Snmti............... SO 00 ,
I placed In sealed envelope.| and wi mixed. Holder. ni'ldvutnl. KKiirnsi's.' ..........;..... 800 HAVING BEEN APPOINTED AOENT FOR ... OF FLORIDA WITH i .rl.lol at Jacksonville Saturday .IIDt 10 A. ESTALISHED,. IN 1804 !
are entitled to th* artlelea named on their. renltlcmo Ilimnliuu, fan oli.ilui'd, In private famlllr. Stn- of the aboveCelebrated of all d a.rll'tloo.located In' M., from tlene lo PaId.ku the same day.
upo payment ofTen Dollar*,whpt her It he.Watch ..',uIe can intrr lit any time during the 1"11100. and DAVANT & WAPLES UeturnluK leave Pul *Sundays 9, A. M.,arrlviiiif.
worth IOOO .. Gins at Jackiwiivllle 8, P. M..and remaining there UBlil PUBLISHED
| or on worth !I. The return of coy Mil lii tharcid Iniiu the 1I111..r entrance to lb. ,
... .
of onr certificate entitles you lo the artli'|* newel tliMMi tuMluii, 'nl above rule. I am prepared to receive onli r>fur. the sum. Plant Georgia .mke.rProm Htnte*. Cotton Factors Commission & Shipping 8. A. M.Mondaysat. which buur shelevefor8vaunah. *- and at Savannah
tbe.upon payment, Irrespective It. worth Each \Nii of the 8uwanne baa lb. rightlo Day Weky
county era In want oftIlns will ilu well to leave order ...1
October lAth, be will be to furulsb The latter leaves Savannah
I and M no *inlet valuoit less tu.m |10 I Ia named, t>o tnil, free uf tiiltlim ices, one ftcboUr; such aalb"r..a' demand III allow prepared 'n To.d.y..t 10. A. '
a unit the
any certificate, l It will at one be seen that' thl. 1* tflioliir lo hu iiiiiiilimtud' by Ib* Board of.Comralimurr. ,, to supply a certain number. beads Stale.manufacturer Planter with.White MERCHANTS, M.t.rrl.lol.1 .",'u'l.ou.lllu. Wedn..)>, .eaeblnl .

JVb Lottery, but a itraiaAtfwrwartl Ityitl- of ihi'Ir rr.|.relive. rouutlr, Corner and IOnc Htrcct. u A. M Ruturuh.;, leavea 1.1" J. E. I. "EI. >r esad I'ropSor.
I { ; Kor funh.r. 'purli.ulurs addrc MaJ. J I. Clto**, Farm Laborers May Thursdays and Ja<'ksonville 5, A. ..ou .
I I male trantartion, irfuch be Friday CLAGllUKN A CUNNINGHAM
may IItrtioj.pakd lil.stese-r,und get circular.I S.VVANXAU, GEOHO.A. TiE ,

in ntn by, tft* titottfiut"I fUI"I I President Board of F.Education.EPPE8 Also, agent for be s.ilc. cifflULLETT'S In any required number. Planter having' Plantations --.- F. DIliULE. Agent Ag., "lck.o.lle.nu, 8avaunb. SAVANNAI now REPl'LCAN

I A Ingle eertlfleate will be sent to Let or Leuao, fur will do well 18117. t 'WHICH lIoIYrl.ehowlejflyt.
by hI.lI. postpaid" Sopl 27! a PATENT or Sale. to CASH ADVANCES MADE OX COT. Auir. s VlyChange r
4 upon .receipt of 25 1'1.., live for |l 1. eleven fur I'-'', I r communicate at once. LIBERAL I : .': to ibis. huuse. Taxes "paid andI 0".of the mol btb .10.and reliable"ou.ou
I thirty three and elegant premium for $&. ..1x".lxaDd STEEL BRUSH GIN A. B 8TONELAKE uilon forwarded free of ezpeuaa hy our afeut al ID the South bus"Ol."rlll honorable and
I mon*valuable premium. for f 10, one hundred. Om.e Ml) Broadway N. t., Live Oak. truiii. all point/ un the Pensaccla and porous career for the passSIXTY.FOCR ..
and most superb Watch for 115.! To Agent or STATE SEMINARY. now being InlrjduuM lulu the South with great Car of 1'. WHITE, Bunker. O. Bo&15J. lieuri! )i K.ulroail. of Schedule I .
those wishing em/.loymeot./ thl I I. a rare opportu sui-ce**. Sample" uf the above can b.. ....b.1 tbo Sept :3 I ID' (ki.1. i"i?. 4-flitt n.Uta
'4 nity. It I. a 1 business, duly -0- Store of A. HOPKINS. --- during which liens I .bun
L authoried! by tll.IC..rllnwnt. aud open bIb most April ::10. ltid1'' 6V7in FAVORITE GEORGIa PAPER.

$ careful scrutiny, KUO.TVywWKIGHT /& CO., Importer. I' WEIIti.E:-0-IEPANT11IEIT.: P. B. BROKAW'SLIVERY LOOK THIS WAY. PULASKI HOUSE & F.Its W.present Sims, lu proprietor former ba.l., purchased*right.of ttl C"

and niwblnerjr of ,
I 161 UBOAUWAT, New York. 'I'lIR': NEXT FS:: 'ItiN WILL COMMENCE ON IDler to. a. ..
Oct 18 >-w8ui .1 MONDAY t*.1'1'iiiber Sd! 1H67,and end :BOth LI..1 delec4 its J'.I
SALE"Jft. slou. reputation asA
-4 j The Institution "IU be uiiter Ihe charge of J. T. SQUARE, First Class
CHEAPEST BOOK HeUlt II TMt SOUTH. BERNARD: A M..a..l.ted by ..I..J.. c. K..*.>Lr., THE NEW STEAMER N elpt per.

i ... .- .ud other cuuipcli' Instructor : 8T AISLES.TALLAHA8SKK k JAMES E. PUEDY SAVANNAH GEORGIA, The SATABIUB RuTBLicai. .wo eoJ
lbs largest will effort to
BLELOCK & CO. CITY POINT clreDlllu. s p.r* BO
TERMS; It. present the Nw ud COBmercuU '
Per Se..Ina.one half pat able In advance, balance :, r'LOlUUA. 19 NOW RECEIVING the W. H. WILTBEBQEB. Prop'tr. Paper In ib.Hunt*. B
I" WHOLESALE BOOKSELLERS 'n Iii Fi.bruorli. : -.t ....0- Stock ol liooda, In hIs 1arceatc@l: Cart. S. ADKINS. Among lb. prominent feature which will commend '

Academic ""I'arllueul.! .........tot) 00 CARRlAOU. BUGGIES WAGONS' AND HAR brought la Tallabaaaee. 11 Feb. VJ. lX,7. 4S- m. Ibis Journal to Ibo lavonbl ..ld.II
n -AHD- Primary 4000llifldrutul .I.. |Nov. T. ll11t&. 17 -- and patronage of all CUMC*, will b* it .

STATIONERS Elpi-utr.... .............,.. a 00 and COSSEQl'EXCE OF THE WITHDRAWAL daily and weekly K..ke iV-port from all parts'
Gents' Ladies'
EKua cba'a*leer>|.UoimlBrncb,, **. Saddles, Jut>. W. a.DIIU )!(. B. H. AIDIUOM.ecu. IN tbe Wednesday steamer 'In.tn C'harlealan, lbs the country lu Telegraphic II.I,.
lit) C::..al %trrr.. ew Orl...., I... UiMleru Lauguacet, ('''''''II.). 3000 HENRY w. akuciuuii, jr. L COLB. I Uy Point cu nir-d her lime of tearing Charleston from all pan* of tb* world,ud Its Prct*
... ....... HICKS Current and review of tb Savaaemb Market sisi
Mu.U- .. .. ... SOW) of fcind'and for Florida to Tu djy. at 9, P, M.,and Savannah *
Vie of Piuuo... 1000 every quality Jno. W. Anderson's Sons & Co. on Wcdnetduy,at 3, P. M. meDIa of the Cotton Rice, Lumber'Grala and rca
Dealers WORK duce ulolppln.
Supplied at Lowest Bates 1'. EPPES. C Kuiurulug, PalaiL Tbunday at Crop Comeri
I I. the Single ud Doable Buggy harness, wlln'l every New eareJnlly eipeneui.*<
Pie*. Board Education. 8. P. M. ;" ,' to snit prepare
Send PA.CTOR.S '
addrrM fur Frlo'm..rol
cud Mlaeellanaoaa"your Hooka.May .our Cal.ilojue. of Bchoul August:90. 61. IM.if .lM>btmllftiliB ....1....., Two Four and Biz Male Wagon Harness tide on bL ... Bar. l'eroaDdu Friday lh Reporter

17. 17.! TO-lj At his old stand below... Elkln's. Livery Stable noon,after the arrival of c CHAINED TO NO PARTIZAN CUQtE

where be wtu b* pleased to se.* his old patron and Cart and Dray Harness, General Commission and ForwardingMERCHANTS AGENTS' : Tbe Rxrt'wLicAa will continue Its fearless. Inu
Insolvent Estate Notice. NEW GOODSfor the public generally,and attend lo their orders with Charleston..i! pendent lu.devoting It**ol*energies' : II
I, prom|>toea and do their work lu superior milD Bridle and 'CO. deDlp&1ol our unhappy country from
WRITTEN 81'COESTION: OF TilE Riding MartlntpUea, Savannah..j. J. (.UlLMABFIX CO.Feruienulini..JEFERLYS a
I A : IN8OL: ler. lilv bmw a call.Jan. ud d"1 Mrivlng I lyargoment "d.
I I acne) of the Eat.,,. i>f u..nnt.. I. M lUon, d. :as, 1SS7., 3S A BRTHER. do to encourage Southern and
V ceased, be.lul.D. Hied l 10) Ik. adiuluUlratur' D." & Flue Eugllsb Leather,Bridle ud Mnu...ale. *, .'.r..! l.myl*n mad BI'J'.. Blrrrtat Jacksonville......JEFFRETS. A BRITIEJ .u.o.prise and 10 induce a *ta I tic U hereby gtve. to all persona ha lug I'lulmakgalnit Spring Summer of 67 '. ".......McCANTS A ROERO. dulgrant to our that tbeir IDtJ
f|I I' Mid E ute, lo tile tie auiue In soy ..III,... BAKERYAKO round and lat, SAVANNAH GEORGIA. AUI.9I'>7. W my help bd.. riches
duly aut bent dated, on or before the lOiu day of CITY -.- earthed U de.l. soil. It will wbl"b.r"V

April,IMA,fur pro rata patmi-nt according to Luw.a. _.. Plow Cart ud Stag Bridle. SELL on Commission Cotton Rice Na .'.teotl,advocate all.meaaure which tend bUeIU1and .
: .. \I. BLAKE, WILL Store.Timber Lumber Real Estate Pro REGULAR PACKET elevate the eneourag **o gpeople. tb
Judge of Probate. Leon Co., FlLf' Chain, Leatberand Ilenp Halter. duce and Merchandise.. _GUF North 8DU.d tb dI.semflisatlOn tot$ *
I Oet 4 'C<<11''. A-tiniw CONFECTIONERY. *
; And will do the buolneuol Receiving and Forwarding br ud liberal creed .1 will & <" ?h

I tf l lli Administrator's ?- sea- Wagon Buggy u4 Stag Whip,Urge...ortDlI. with desputib. 10 all Aujerlcan: and Euro.iwan The Al SteashpALLIANCE of concord,good-will c.o .1!
Notice Pratorius & Clark | Port,on reasonable terms. which tIes future

I SIXVEEKB after dale, I will "I'ly" l ,.> the Hun. MUNRO MAICE & CO. Riding Whip large assortment, Tb.usual facilitiea offered, Cntlomer PEACE, PROSPERITY AND GENERAL \[
.. Judge of Pruhai i.f Lrou con... Cottsbinmenl and Order olicited. VALE
I!. lor Inter of admlDUIrmtlon de *.i>i.1.| mm "|lIb| MERChANT TAILORS, HAVE NOW AMPLE: FACILITIES FUR Mum BDgj1. Plow ud Team Collar, of every drscrlption Nov. A. lo$-tf t ot or Nation nut fcrmr dep* d. 1"{ bOp I
li I If'( the will vinexed. upo the ealaieof FII&, A. Bruce "every article pertaining to that moat the Interest ud Ywi*J of itS "IfJI:
lale of aald county deceacrd; alto for 1.u era if ad luelul aud necessary branch of busme lu addition 'b for lb. _interests the! ." n.
minlaintlon ipo) the. eMal of Robert. L Bruce, .IID PKALKIt: Ut we will at all time endeavor 10 keep con>ttillvon AUSTIN & ELLIS, lanrild buD u and it* ,delt11
I lat.ol..d. county, deccao band Plow Cart and 'Dames Comm.lltld.. ,
dWM. Bug all that U pro ,
I T. COGS WELL & Gents' Family..._.ra..,rh.i*. .""11.. Boo BB4kbuca Commission and Forwarding comnwiid lbs Mar'aI.ICS' 10 the
Oct 18 MHw Ready-Made Clothing |f.,.. sad Abe, Ac.' Cart Saddle. le"nlowi classes of ppl. and unite It

Wears selllug our READ!.MADE CLOTHINGat MERCHANTS Ilrol.

: Notice. 1IJIEUWULU GOOD CVit.a* w* do not lutenil to deal any longer: lu Saddle Pad, Rug ud Cloth, GEORGE Commander, A Welcome Visitor
I I Ia hereby given to all legatee and per- Ibat "brant orbwinef **. :X.. li* Bay ...., feuTanBuh, Ga. S.U'L ud tbs 'oal
NOTICE dial.,10, In |- A. UILUI i I. waltlug palleally then for acttUuients 1T7ILL NEW ORLEANS ol the 17th to lb.CoaaOng Lw Workshop
I otberwleniitlrd lo "lull the Carry Com*.. Man ombs, Hora Brushes LU'J .
\ Estate of Dorothy O'Cn d........... lale, of l. oqcoumv of old and new ..."..D.ta. .1 Ac., THOMAS a AfSTIX CUAIiLES ELLIS. >" f ., .o.'b fur Key West ud IntermedUt ('Irvin. Issued MorainE sud 'VCIIICSand
April 1". 1'>ti7. lU Lute uf ApaUfHrol. FU. ud .luucuiiig at Apauu buuU OB or boul the' 434if Tb. RUA. .
,to tie the same with the undersigned Exec' \\Tl ARE NOW RECEIVING CLOTHING ud All of which will b* sold at a reasonable profit Columbus, Ga.Sept. pull. ) paid to the peU51'early .
nlor with the will and t.by the a nib.and fel. on or shoal !*- i&tb. p. .altau. .
annexed ,
; oIll..a"o. having 1 < Genllemu' Furaidiing l *....*, suiubl fur 7.11it1.! ltt, 1.U lu
demands aDd leaving Key Wet tb.id of each "' pa..t p-
against saId rebate ma l prwenl them thee.e........ JAMES E. DOU'IlieblDj
will rnmr.Var.b al St. Mark on or about the Mb -0T.r..I.varIabIy-
duly within two tear. i-r they .
be barr.4. LYMAN SWill!, COTTON TAX. ELY OTTO .d Apalacbicuht un or about the Itek.oe the IB A*!*.
ALSO A Fl'LL SVPFLT or 15 IN! ?'.
3-tf: return and .
QueUIe4 Executor.e o freight pr b On* Year ..,u. "j c'
Oct. 11 <<11'. 1'-8t. lowest .
Black. Bin ud Colored Cloths and Calmre, General Newspaper Agent PERKINS BER ET.Atfeula SIx Month*..,...; ,.., ....,.,... ...".. I ut4iwihlv
Notice to Cotton Tax Payers.ITAVINU CARRIAGE MAKERS : ...... ......;: .
Notice. V.IIUjeW. Black Drab D El., black ud tirvwi New .... ., ... | it
e bilk Mixture, Fanr) Spring t'auklmere, o ptAN FIND Rim, lube.. Spoke. Shafts s.... BBYA NTHEBT.Se A.- DENB.'M.Agent.. Ok. * MONTHS&Ster d.&e I will ire.nl float Blue luuuel. WhIle and luloted Navy -0-
nv \J burke P..DI..d Enameled Leather .ft Mark
SIX aau..4 vooeh.r..a* sdmliuIatv.tli of OucU ud Drillluga, BEEN APPOINTED AGENT FOR of carry lo the Corner i.f Bell at Ford A Thompson' **"***t ike I I lbs fetal <>f florid for myaiijg with 'b. kink P..w..k for Lining and Enameled" Cloths' of t-FUUOHT at reduced rate,ud delivered o* Tb. WEEKLY REPCBL1CAB 1 p
..UM of f. L Warden deeeaaed. "IM.uf Leon all New Dc""" .
CODXly Men-haul, kinds, Carnage Bull of every sue, at 'b> lrof Lighienuce.
and PUnler for the of lb. I b.1
I to III.l.d".of Probate of said coauty,and ..k which wears prepared to make up la the beat maaDr trrual Kevtnu Tx or CoI'....recovery whk-h baa besa or* Pl'RDY'&. S v. '. GEORGIA ..\. as, i_7. aaDESIRABLE S. .. I
to be dUcbarr1FLOKIDA and ou lb. mott reasonable term Muela 15. ItS?. Teme-I.'rartabIY .
A. F. WARDEN, Adm'x may hereafter be paid, invIte all lntereld com A Dj(. IS, 117.! IIf ...
c- mw muuk-at with MJJIW, A. a NOTES,of ilL W..h.. RESIDENCEFOR 0. ..............->. ...'. .t
a ApriliS.iSllt_ GIVE US A CALL. Florida, who 1 Ia authoriied 10 act tor n>. In Middle Notice to Shoe Makers t Mootb................".. ....' 11
Florid A. a COLE. Pen. & GaR R. Land .
[I, .,. Notice.AIL March:! 1M)7.! ) 1111Wanted "1'1 24! 23m SKINS Sol Office SALE. .o.-byIb.ruughtul ...
k iad tud to Ik* ......ftf J. .'.,lee CALF r"aD' Leather LinIng Seagle 0091.5 Iv.. 1'0. .
p foM ".bboe Pep satin. "'n..4 Laots, are all LIVE OAK. FINE DWELLING BOl'tW AND fgfr 1IC.
I er.1ate of Lu> county. dec.*.d.. ... rc. lo I.* had at PI-ROT'S. TOE the curMrt ol Ada** a4 K. Wji IMI o
1'' *...d.to .AkS lannadiil pv._ loth. ucd.-y. For Rent Mirth ti. IrtT.! 53-tl: -0 Aa< .U the CaiiltoLktoflereTlurI .lpl) n. I _
Simtd Mid ....., i LL peraou wishing to purchase. .Ir.fOltDI
I u4 tkoM"dog clela *Kalot RaI'roa.J.Laoda sl&I a Stable ad Cistern o* --
14 rUl pr.ant them' duly) .a& tlrard.. v ilblutwlrom 1000 CV H'' -S.for which lbs highest pric T'Hl: STORE NOW OCCCPIED: BT GEORGE 1)CGGIF3 sail C41UUAGU 01 .1\. or mike paynseni urn those" bcrt.dugi pnr- ,b* 1''TI..*.all la .ld.r.*|air.. U altocobcrn DEW OF THE AIJ ..
t, 1-- Ui dal*. or they will b. ...rre. 1 will be paid.AlfWllO ... .. --.lua gIven on lu October. 1)Iiua& carry pntDY'1i d.rlp classed, .U1 please' address the anilmb/BrO at U.e > .uf ih. .._ eosiveaicntIke sad dact3agsIs aboe"issacleee4 41
MJUAMrt J. 4AXKK. ".U&r.lh't A. UOl7..Ut S. C. 1.11\1&. UaL. WALtER iWI\V at,. Apply del1 Vd.4 ..Ur. 5rUI 10' It. .
) t. 1181''. lOWoa '87. ti-tf Jsgs.iii.st N-at ...,.*,u. tin Carriege Ljsaaitury.u.u r.b.ls.ll Jjl''. Land"Agent 1'.A G. IL IL C. I I..cLDEMILLT, .S.ganl. ... .4; ,- a
1144. _
(I k Its Wa e. .

The Semi-weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Semi-weekly Floridian
Portion of title: Semi weekly Floridian
Physical Description: 3 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: October 25, 1867
Publication Date: -1867
Frequency: semiweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1865?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -new ser. v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 5, 1867).
General Note: Description based on: New ser. v. 1, no. 5 (Sept. 26, 1865).
General Note: "Democratic."
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002060564
oclc - 10592207
notis - AKP8650
lccn - sn 84022792
System ID: UF00086645:00187
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-------------- ----------
= = -: -- ___ _ ..

Lofthi i

? ': :
-_- __-_ ___ _
.- 0. _- ._:_:__= := :- =___ _______ __u -____ -_ .__

BY DYKE & p 1A,YI\:. TALLAHASSEE, FLA.,_ OCTOHER) 25), 1867. NEW SEUIES. ... VOL. 3NO.: '11. _

------ -- --------
GENERAL 4..fr.-. t. ..,... -,,.$ It .:...... Order HFTII tI THICT-ONB PMKOV1F, : -- -
; oriWstn. ItuiUhI. und OeiKhl b. City Advertisements.JESSE Miscellaneous.
i i.'tthl I 1.11'rl107 AdvertisingDirectory. l ut"r. property \II one of the m.i.t t re- 8nn )( DIIITnu. ) Fnnklin ----- -
pl'ar I \ n.rAn' S2.J: 103: !t W I -- -

] fr'hing hit-ri-rsgs., tcenn to JVMWPM a pecu OFimot\, At..,n.' oFtonii> I T. BERNARD T""', Psnaiys A Co. KAM.B, Cmnmntm A Co.,

= Org.bir '_It '1v. )11 i'Lr charm to stiulinK, In clearing the brain and ATLANtA GA., Oct S, 1 HIT: ) &:10 237 fl ? ., e Fla.: *_ No. 74 Hall nl., N. T.

Friday enlivening the famlinj ol the mimI GENKHM. ORDLRS Xo.: 74. WXTII, MTRICT-MX DKI.RllATh*. I ATTORNEY AT LAW -
THE TaRs, t.1 Inserting crd. In 111. br.lu"are an inducing TAI i.Arus<., September 24ih, 1MT.WE .
= J follows, to those who already) "11 tin. tIt\ : chrcrfiilntti) anil,) fll1I"linj
Flv lire > nn Three J *1 hn clTitt enUllml "An Act MpnnkK-- thu moreetlkiint \ ., 2,10 8 IS 4t7 I Solicitor Hint we have msde arrantementa with a
month', t 1 \ In. ThoL4 <() di"lcr- prrulmrly silulary government of relnl MIU.," paiMtlMtnh I in Chancery,
j (ni' I --
rlvellntisSiniiiiib Fire Itnm I year *Js.til I| Th""1".1. year., f)ui especially in Rslhmn anti nervous lirnitaclic; and 3il. 1W17 and Iho Ads 'pl'h'n''I1II1I' 1.14 tiI 8thtl't TALLAHASSEE, FLA.i7"Orrtit First Class House

To all others the rates ,1 be a follow'! I il, h H )s'erfiii autiilolc to narcolic poisons.CtitTe' 11".1"\It \U mnde tIle dutv of the Couininnding arttmt TntcT--Fot nft KO ttrs. man Sun rUsa: In SAVANNAH, GEORUA.C..rtbe..t.ofCOTTON

*month, f I.'01 Three S moc., $1 oil also Is of 1"1111. 10 |icrini' ol neil I \ of I his Military District, to notice n tff- '>*
j..I. !3 ?.
FI.eIDo.I" .f month, B mi I I Three ".,ft 0"*., tm, cntnry. hahhs* nn,1 ', troubled with I Vi at Ion to be mairo of the m"le Ill/em of the .filTirvnn MM 174? 510,1FtmtTit July- ,
-Pl..U AD F.L'C RrLIG.: Fire jfar. 101) | Three Itiwn I year, em i iI C'n-I'I' 'pit li.n. nr Slnteof Florldii twenty-one jears ol ago and nurnroT-TittiFK DFIFOITF*. -- -
*"No conimltrlnns allowed to Agents on the abut Hut' all I In Ix'lntig I.gen Nilt Mullen: fidfl t 1211 I l :o WM. S. HOGUE inn arninKuinriiis wIth one of tbe
Rule tO WOrk our"RIUVJ ral. prrpnreil cc an i,\rVwnn, and ate 1"11'hc'n lo Noli', ami\ ailir such n'tfislrnlion U computeto ,
Having iccnred competent do t Orders fu pnblli-hlng curds In thli Ilu"... 111 tI.lorry' Is iulull<'raivd niih ihlcoo' or any out- I onli iin iki lion to lie hi-hi, al, n hkh the reg- MNTH t
MiCBim w* are prepared to .cmpDI'by the C'Atl"III not recclx atuniiou, Irlll, ,ulwimuc' ', niul al-ni "hl'l II is Con Nil-nil Miters ol mild Slate, sh:.ill tote for orBjrniixt H million, 403 SJt I 7>1Suwnmirp. Liverpool.

All IU... .r attain)* = :" -" terl,1 ( nirlulnul,I ln n nwr fiirile: n Convention for tho. pnrpi.,. eslnblMi- 8T7 MSI) Aid TAI I.AII.\S1EK, KLA.UriI.I. We its 1'.|>nrcil 1.ly.neenpODlbhmenl.ellber
: Coiikiitutioii and i for snid in New York, S.v inn.ib or ,
smallest note FLA.R.WOUI word) 1110 I dei-nclion ; Hi'it i i. when III U bL'tl; hut a dUl'lnrnmrllll -0- Llnrl".d can assure
IbM may be required from tin paperto TALLAHASSEE ami in his Inner 11.11'"f1 Is11 Stale,lot alll1! thu Union and for 11d""L" tonaulCominlion WO o0 I I.MOTKNTII our rr''trdMlhMlh.l.' .' cared

(Ihe Isrfrest Fsatouf LIST. Ju, EDWARD the table in nlneij-nine out PI"I'llt cvrry hundredln ; and lo give at least I Ihiity
BILL HUDa printed aDd ruled la say style retired \hol"le, and Retail, IVnler In ,.ii
or raled without printing. Olr. LIijli.N| Canned Friill", AcnUOKAW the alHiminable! ililiik nlneh we know R colTee.Nunondir IK' held : and the said reply)rat Ion hnvlnit 52J 503 ( \',,".(, nl the t'npllol -
good la JOur orders for ruling .to the FLORINA .- it in KI ikiioiiiuid by dot Ionian a been niaOe In the State of}Floridu It u II-/"MII ; ..311- Jo., 10. 'fl7. *'I-) \lyMcQueen

P. lon INMMHI-\eiy aln Indeed, II pniirrly prepared I II.-'rhtlnnilcuton he held in the Stitu of --- -- -
Orncm.r n. \ 407 (M 47.1Fl : EARLE CUNNINGHAM & CO.
KM I per of Livery nnJ Me SIRhl"ninlDenier it ninxl bi'.smitIhe nif>tln\e'erale'colTeeilrn.ki Florliln .iimnii'iiing\ on Tliuraduy the Hiii day
: in liitirjie >l I ;IMPS, *. .r< liuve liM-d In renl agP. of XntemlH-r 117. nnd rontlinmifr three diys, FVt:NTH ni'TRtrT-TltRFK I1PT tIt iris. Mcintosh
\ BilMcflben will observe the Crow (H) Msrk OB lnlilg. I'IY .it down as a Uuln.I/ thoU no cutler tan he at w hh-h thu reKlitered voter nf Mild Slate ma, V .Alnolinn 4112(1.: ( I7toTWFtFTlt ( COTTON FACTORS,

their peper.which rapreswMs t at lb.tr term of snbacriptloa BLUKI11M: J.Mei'CllRflt.,- 151'HH| if II ia lioikil 1 e a minute. M aur In >-'tuj "lor"( ,.mv'nllun." or "nimliiM a CIHIMIIturn r>l TntTT-TWO nKIFOTFrolnmlilit ". ADDCommission
has expired aad foTen tbemselve. _rdIDI,. I Tnilor niul dottIer in into ofehtilition becomes more hlvhly c.III'd. ," ,and for ,ikligiti'. lo eonstllutu the convention I ATTORNEY LAW ,

A M mark alter the name .111I11181 bat thai Is the last ]Dry UtxxK tlotliiiij A.C.CHICI1LOW I hut II fiuN to the iklualo arruia in owe n \lorlly of Ih,' voles /tYrn on Hint 477 81 t rl 1)01Hiikrr ) -0-- Merchants
'144* -- ---/ --- IJlrc llon shill he for, a comention. and In ffl /4 14.1.wa ,
WIf 111111 Itri.pt-r lea p wdt-r; nhilnllbe qne owe annjorily iirailtre In any of the Courts where his
-Burked with the nnmberof J. P., lit-i emote inio which \in 1"nrh'lll Is chit .produce m.all such rrglikrvd( volirs olmll hateMiirdoii iTiia Will ..* sr, diwlrvd t---tilllco np stain, laM :*.. ,1 '',\I... MIHKET.Joim .

Advertisements not Deader In Uouks, (ivjwrliillv fediool Bodks.) tlnllikiHti\ a of oppression, cud niuny thu qmtiliim "r( hoMinjt such conven : 370 .inne (link MuildluirMure -S-
limes will Inserted until forbid.Advertising. bluiiomrr "I1 tion. THinTFfNTIt I'TIIII.T-O1I h l 111), 15th?. MWilkinson
DIM KOATK.rinilfont
ll.lc.c. other ph)sinit; ilisconilorU, not In city poslhe inJury. H EARL, fnnin'rlj, ir, Siunllwood, Earl A Co
- III. It slmll lie the hinnU -- -
--- -- duly urrcgNtm- ;pn Ins 414 B. 'UR.I1COHU',
DAMON; OEOIWr Iho French, win), in mmlnrn time*, are i the lion in Floridu. ,., com mi'mng\ lourtii d"lys prior ('Iuy, 117 na !7.i Call Tuos. J.'p.aai; \*,formerly Smsllwood Earl *
Ratesor .Whole H'lni D.uKr in pn'at nml. hnvo untile" itt I'r.perlrl"rltiln'L lo the election hen'In ordi red I, and gittif\ reasonable Co. and J. L. 80..11".",. A tn.

_Grell: ft, C umlDcVAL )[nll.L'8' C.tl.lrllkrr.' Blu.ly. are mi m nmhlu of pnblio nonce of iii,' time und place, thereof fin? ino 1)97p'otlltTrxMhI COUNSELLOR AT LAW -.-

,- II. S., - the nnpioprii' tol the l I.u I UK "fc.illi' (' I that I lie y I lo re\lse for a |H'riiHl ol ll\c ..laihu' n' Ntrnlionllitu ni'TttrT! -Fl>t'II IFO*TKINnwin ". hAVING LONG EXPERIENCE TilE SALE OF
ri.SEMIWEEKLY' nt-et-r thai out suit nys t-iiiii-r hi and ution 1.11I1f Mii-ll..l, Hint any person TAM.AIIA89KE, H.MItin.V[ ,
I'ellenllurr.r.lthl.m.1 I nnJ Icr il .111'1(salting IroC. make n-e nf one ofi not rntltli'd therein bus !Iwo-ti retlsleml, to strike MO' ) ai7 477 Thh.u. Mil-mi 10 CSBPS In Hid I'nurts of Florida Cotton and other Southern Produce
..I.IU'h" of I.nml.Q "II' hut n.III" of adult rout the, I. and such r>'nvnt. IKn ;tvj |onO ( 0",1111 Ilia L'.II.I1111"", "'011'1'I nlN ,
FLORIDIAN i tin nuinerona e<(!tturet, on the puiiriplc, inoru or IHTKOII >nlilDa we mtrcifiilly solicit .
.. St. Juliii'n, all) I I tU 4 4wa .23 ton t'ltv. t.iambi for t'ollvrtlnn will | ronslimmcnis and are pre
AMBLED JAMM": I Icio ni'Hlirli'il I. of Inlusion li) Iliu l'r'.nI oft IM'rwm ghnll not bC'Llh'w.1' In The iMmnli ri ci tve Iromlilatl'imilu't. pared to make advances, for which apply" tnTIIUM.
ten in the wall In lhe IHMK, Ix .lul hya of gislratlon shnll nUo, .,111 rill I the s'line IH'rioil, -
Itenl ('till, of 01.ilnm ; being ,
TALLAHAfilSEEjJ'LORIDA.On -dor 11.14: Jim I. IHfl7. SI ..
1lnlg'll. C'ninini'frlnii Mircliant.OKEQOItY _Kpirn-lamp f", part of i Ihu al'I"rLu.| | add to wirh regIstry the n"inn of all pcrton w ho -- I'O.,
mill -

equate, IID..u11& AKl'lfrTil, tiny have two faullH, II.111 very bv Mid Act, who hm, o not luin nln'ady regialensl. '1iitnnm, 20S 107 431Marlon A. J. PEELER. Sept. a-l. W. 3-1y

OD' II.MrtIoD. I BO Uiiilere .MiMicim" riinnlriild[ iipliraled| ; s.nd the I furthi omi ol is-hug liahlu I. ,, ( 4SI K'ifl I 1751)
iqoare .
Drug" In ilerldlnv) wlionn1). lolie slid,.ken 'rom'or 1"1'0 H N K V
A 'I' I, A \V
And>t this rate for less than oie month. One month or Kiiiuy Arlii I .I.l Oils, Ac,1 to brxakagu w lien tlmpurt dexirojul not replaced Levy toil 73 878PI1 ,
follow < -_ .llll._ __ "ii hi.Ui conskleratile ci fihiulty Hint, 1 txIH adde l to the regiitmtton, the Honnl* will TALLAIIA8RRR Kl.\
more at : 1IOUUE 1>. P. .A- into. This la Htlally| tin' caw with c Stairs tho State
nt with which in "II"llly .k,1 thcrvloiaiiil I Ilieiralleiilion I It iKiniinlly drawn up over Bank. ,
Attorney |IIr'dlll. |
ig g g g I Olllt'c over In\(i'linlj'n, I llnrncM[ Store by I Ihu flmneaof thu lump hl'll nih' ill; \\hiln crl to I to tile imitpleincnlnTy AI'I t datul July lllth, 1H07. nt TlllrT-I>NF fIt'll'n tTK J.". 1 I. lta?.. 81-1,
fti ; { Y.-T(/,r mild ned ian "hull he haul III each Ilr-rrmmtn SOI Ids I 1ftnnter - TALLAHASSEE
I .t* I I I I I I I h'pl.l' II always ex|>eni> "I. "1,1.n"1 lu.i"w | FLORIDA
P1 : r. I. f fI hEIR C'UAUl, alhle.boine. county at t'i',* County Mi at, tinder Ihe superintendence 117 I 7H nit JIiN. MioulillE: .

$5--";Ito' lit-|t4-IMIH. in IMan 'M '1.1 Dealt'rn In Urix'11 u., frovUinuK, nf ube lies! coMt'C I ever h '"'.l 1".111 bo ot the lioarda Kiphinitlon pnivldisl ,-

,. 8 IS isi wso,' '. 181U if'S' anSS i 4111 i 4' Cunneil I r r>iiin, Lupiorn, &c iniide in tin fufctifni a coll'' e |Isit| Inliodiueil by law', and in acrordnni with Institutions, to S'l 3 HI 1118 Attorney and Counsellor at LawANI hAd
.11, 10 It III' M 4* 46 Mas III 68 pdt"f. JUST RECEIVED-
; In EnglHiid ,"", s' inc i tHiniyyear be hcn-allcr Isxucd 1 lo said lloanlsVI K"KoIn"rcTII hid rill T-IINR I'FI.KOATE.Hlllabnro' .. )

S lie' II : l8 weIl44e0! M; St M 70 at TH mM WSO :1 91C KIUKsEV & JOISOX. 1170. it eniupisleotut i ,,'rycI'A""'t bronzu urn, .-All Judges and, 'h rk, rmplojnl In eon- 211 87 208 4*

1ft 83 451 4'' 41", 81 MM 100 104| 108 Wboluiali' 11.1 H.i I 111."I.u in with A ulawi vaae above 1".wlc.III thu urn hy ,llIl'lInjlDllhl ehnlon shall 1"110, rommi'iicinirto Polk. nil! I 17 J jTfl SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. Htijjnr Curoil Ilftinn,

T 'I 11II 511 1I1M 101 IflSl 114 ISO, 111I Dry UutnU.I'ri.l.mlwlre.!, &c. screw.' while a I II.I nmkn II hold the tamo lie sworn to thu faithful, pi'rfonn* Manatee, 1W! id inn tT OlSen up stairs, In Stale Hunk, llull.lli.it. .
II U 41 591 siW 8l! StlSI ID*' 110 1911117 IM: Ito 1111 rltler
: uf their duties, nnd shall slut take and suli- r"b.II,11111O.) 4.1M '
air-ll bt. Ihe vaw. n IIIH| en- Slice ItniHin .Flour Sugar
S 1 liii | KIMMl 111, l tits 141 14ft IMia TlUIJlTTs ;rleclly >; .'D .
1 10| n : TI : II*, las 1411 IM 170 KIKDON A ". nearly< down to the boliom of Iho urn ;Iald scribe lo (1100 oath ofolllic l'n..rlhl..1' hy law for lint IM 2RiairrFEiTii -- -- .
11.11 I IIA n 9111fl15114l441iI01MlWlNi' DvnUni In Dry licxxU[ "J officers of (the United Stat,..
bottom of tin Is lime
Ihu ( Coffer
vums e
It 3.1n M 991. us! ; IMIM ml'lII las'iintut' Y'I.ID u "Tnll'T-oIJI 1)xt.iwan.Voltishmi D. PAP,. J. I). HKs-miTT JH (Rio and Jar,)
1 If l 111II11. [ -
'llonarl" VII I The shall be nHMird atenrli vollnil .
polls ..
u 14 "I' 14151 i las 1401 1118 l IMlas' 101 OrcrO'IIll'\f pi- .. on which thu colfi is | . .. ... .
I II I 87 III 50 tit, 131 148' 1110 178. i UK til tIM A Kinull MM pa'e., air into thin inn \laC'1- place, during tho days. |I.illI., 'ut seven o'cloLK 1 121 I 211 IMOrnnirr. 1'ututucn Irish anil
1tv ,ill 101 118IMl ,11II 11)71ST 178Iili1SlI54W McCUKMICK, 0 bit I lie scsi, ti limIt is mi( on, (.or. in the forenoon and Llowd at nix o'llcKk In Iho I ill17\ 800 PAPY & WESTCOTT ( Sweet)
ure, ,
IH 41 ,'Ie 108 J411 181im IN 118 i 17 MS I Dealer In Drv Omuls, 1"1",1 be kepi' "pl'"III'IWI'CII l those tlrrvaril,, ((1 :,1 i ftDmjr
17)) 4* 110 108 ISO 101 ItS I" BUD IS KM1 SJO 'I Ci i uml XutluiiH.MrDOUOALU : wise ndl.lc lr IInl'rnllC1h1alltlllh,11I 3 lniH / Butter atul Choose.
III 45 III lit 11111; I5KI4t JIllIIUO SIT. tail *tti Mtn roll _. I'II'licl TIl quantity I( hot. hater U to he tuiouummrutl or lulj'll1rllml'nt.VUt.TIII ATTORNEYS AT LAW
II 47 lIe 14 n* twitrrttM *6 ) si'row IK.Ing (Commanilliiif unici ol"the Dlstrii ,
III':' 4* : Iii 148'; ITS >i ti* tM, 1701 its itt JOHN \'II".ln'I\o 8IUk'I.IIII. of Florida, will Issue,through the 8ii|>urliilcndeiil T\\ lIit
111 Into .The IK ti lm' TALLAHASSEE FLA.
remit to ( ( urn. wren ; n- ,
til' II M &w IM' lag/ 111'1111II Mi MS SHUISK4 II.
lu.k..lcr. 1.ti.l.r ul.IU.ul'r the tottee la then int (Inlo Iho nio of ItegtstraUm for that 111""', much ,tullixl [In- NINKTP.RNTII Illxi till TI'P'I.IUTK. AUOTION SALES
ill U it ir; iu., tm tIll{ 1014 tIts, IN: us l01I' In Muxlc.McKIBBIN ( e a..lld | IIrrll.t IN UAHIMIC HINK lltnIUNO.REALESTATE .
lifts l0llltI11951lS145W11l4lJO5l53tII slrui'tlonH ns lUll) be nmtwarv to thn comlnct of Moiiroo '.'
Ihun )
( to a 3U. 01 49,1
Ilml' h.Lle. pint
Mt : 1 r: tM'tm t*> tin:, :11 nststi : I Im/II'ICIIul .) and the lamp AsIhe mild election In oonlorniliy o fih time Aela ofConpreM %tmri-i! I I. 1"67. .Ir
>!l M i14_ it$ tit & ALLEN 1"1 bll Igh"'d. be ----- -- EVERY SATURDAY.
and far H Ith Ibo law s of Florida
na as may
\\ luilfMilcanil Iti'lnil ,Ieul'r In WRI'r boils, it \is forced np Ile vnw, Ira Hi-a4 tllulpho"lIc'.a.IYI'rlllll'IUNIII| In

Dry Oootln, CiriKirlm, him uiul | ,wht'ro It bubbles among time l'Im'r. II"'klnl' cx- tills d B-'t. 10 tlV 100COTTON
lit CASH will \ LI'IO" AGENCY. |
nuidu t
Advs/tlsementa unaccompanied by .--_ ceedli gly pretty, and UilTusliig. the and IX.-The return required hy, law to bo fa 1'81"r.|

not receive attention. MUNUO, MA1GE; & CO: refn'suing aronm tliMMgh 1 tho rH'I; and, wh"1" of the results of 11II1,11'10"11, ," to IheCotnmnnillng. .
If the money enclosed does not cover Ibe number Bttk.rn, Conkttiunii.i toni Dialer In Iho Inuiii U exlinguiihed, It d''cel.11 ill tho General of this Military (.IrI'I I, s III IK- rendered -- GINS.

Insertions ordered II will' be Inserted .1 less umber Gr-rlc anil le.lIUli.generally.MYERS urn, and Is pound out by the rlU'cll l ual hy tim! persons ap|"oiiileil, lo SIIH| rintend tho. Special Notices McINTOSH & OSBORN,
of tINo >' same' ,through ihu Coinniniiilltig;' ofllix-r of tliu 1. -- _
WiY. tnt of and III ,u'.r.II.III'1I hh the detailed -- -aSMcCarthy's -
will be entertained for GOt\X. bo ash we have n|>okin, npilntt Florida Real Estate Brokers
prepositions paymentin Jon dry, 'II1 the bit Instructions aln'iuly, n (rn'III"I c- mAO: AND! l'oiII1H.o'l'ho: universal
.11 t'lle W.IlII lire now ,
anything but CcMSXT Montr for advertising WI. Fine Uunn, Ac. t't. lld forbidden n'culr"ldllg but Ihe 'hid In, l"ce.1 X.-No Registrar whim l It a rnmlldnte' for eler- demand from all smtluii* n( llm cnuntrr' Air l'rofinMir Patent Sea Island
Slvcr > FI.OIUDA.
One or two copies, only, of tbe pap..1II be sent __ mingling' $ of ; at tunllng, |Milnl, I liepiwili'io lIon aa a delegate lo tint COli nil tillon shall strveaa KAVToa'a fIIII..I..I. a |.....r tsatai.ive, that tiyaFsal )' TAI.LAIiANllt.

la advertiser, unless an especial agreement to the IHATOUOlI from
contrary Is mad*. erlu&ITI.I.| anil ileiilen[ In (the vjutl, hits, t/'lolully d,(m'rent tll.111.t01I" t to he seeks lo rrprewnt.XI coa.>t of YTUN'H ULE.U.tI: \ I IT.t. Iliu gr.et (l.rn..uLlnlUKnl 'Illd firm bavin* formed eitenilte "".1".. rela- COTTON GINS.

In solid matter ten lines. with sn average of nine Clothing[ 11,1 Uenlew"I'l Kiiniislilug UutxlH.PUUDY .nary boiling TIl tolfic Is cli cli"1, U ''I t lull.111 .-All public bur rooms' saloons, nnd, other fur IU.unutl.ni. NiurnlKls. Ti,illu"lii>, lUsilsch Is L"prepared Iliina III Ibe prluelpal lo plaee Flanuihins rlllea of tlm, l.uinlii I'nllril' 'Hlali rai'la.,
for his sale of lIquors at ril.nl III tinsrv< Huralns, ae. KAYTU-I'IIII 1'1I1t fur lilarrhmCrsmM -
words !.the line or 90 words, make a square. lull! of ; In JiiHt whai it I Iml.IM', places Wilma, ( iiy Properly and. all rriuilwHala locatedfliirlila
JA3. E. Meuuhturcr ofgil.iii. a"ll ILcl. .
era) county aeats IIh.lIl"tinned' fnmi cit| o'llmk iiiithn 1'.11..1..';, ...1 mil i KAYTUN
wlilib wa prrfectuiH In an In Alumin* and flMirnU, upon the market, Tho' Best in Use.
All contract advertlaera whose amnnnl of apace $ .anil I U4rntM, ,1ler In may clal '
C..rilCurlle /. ) on thu evenIng ol the Thlrlefhih I Iiy; ol NotiinUr It liVtil'KHTIU I-ILLM u>the .nnuiitura.. tiir 10 .III' tliwl pllMlllle. SllTSTltKUO.Ufflenln .

and length of tlm are fliod by above rate, will be .M.iU. rialx, Nun- KuRO3EXFELD. '!". & nge.The atrengili .r Ihe roHee di pi'ruin, ol course. until suit o'llock on the inoniln. of the Si'v the ly.1.0110 la._.Ir,. I w llm Marine H-ink Unllillnff'! up states.fthuqUEN _

required lo eondne their advertising strictly to their ---- the IsSue of the romuimer. should ho alwija 1. ,'nl'nlh d'Ly..r Xovemhrr 1WI7n J., 11") I shall he held res iisihln. (lor Ihn J,". I. KIT. 1\- ITT B., 1I1' between Wbllakrr and Barnard.
owl, business unless otherwise stipulated. Diulir (:buds, curved mmng to asiwoplu, In I Ift'.r Limit County | T. P. TatusM, OrungliU. [Jill, HI, IMIT io
Ill .Irlt'r. IlanoIlAb.llr'L 1-41
Gn"'II" triilontmiul t this prohibition, hthu ar
-.-. Clothing, II'II. th.", I 1..1.. &('. tri-in rnl cup nru of not dry.totfio' 't.llt IWI wiak riiiwof e.fli-e.-water aim nOli l:"(all'tmrllis nho may tranHgrevs the Mine. M.'...... Mss( aiaid slur Lust* of .
UI. ( ...
"IJBJilC..PT.O I SCOTT t CO., G. W., l.kl thu atnunjesl tolfie iiwd| for ordinarylUniily XII -The sheriff of enc.li County l I- furthi required r.rrurs:'hurTljr, Auusm end M.-11..I..j..lllhu LIKuun which fc.rni tie Imnlauf DENTISTRY.Dr. EQUITABLELife
!I" at the place ofolnitf during'
t'"elnr uw, one Mnall cup of gr'"lo,1,I cotfee to a to pnsent lime Urtviwt Malailles la hiS Or.l age uf iiiun, soul
I'rr Annum, '. 15 00 Colol C""III"IOI.n. JIiKlinnln.SCOTT pint and haul'oh water I go-id! rule. At the w hole lime Unit the polls are kept/ opt, 'n, and, luurfully aap. the vital (powers' wlib sure ,iiirsns ul ---

six months, 8 00 --- -- -- lire ,k'il-I.' I er<.am or milk In KI'm'rully' usedwllh unlil Ilic ilu lion is completed anti Is l made risIHinsililii rrmu-r tI'ullo sealed h'lt.r enY.IIII".I"'rlll"hll') '-. Assurance Society

three months, ,. 100 POLE & CO., inlIne ; those ahoulil ho serve I I. nenrly lioillnir. Inauiviied Iliat no Inlirferenco, with IhejmlKis, of AihlriM, Or. J. CKII.LIN IIULl.ll lu.S, llo.unl :P. :I P. LEWIS, .
| Id-lull the i'lc<'tion or oihi, 'r Interruption of good onh, r shnll A.uchitiuu
piiilur I'hllailvliihU.tSrn
Xo subscription taken for a shorter period than .1,1 nl'III.11 "ll 1.1 double.lnt' Shi-riff' il\il oillcirfhiling tul,1, :1 Caah
And or1 otlur : TALLAIIAHHKE FLORIDA Assets $3,000,000.
Dry Goixlrt, (IriHfricu, Himlware, Ac. KUg..r. Calico ,". or CIl'Uul' augur, occur any ,

litres month '. la ufel'Iv.-.I i uhi-iiiroye' the 111.1.) ol the ..r.I" to perfonn w lILa menry and good lailh 'I'. .__ ... I AVISO AKHIM' MTrll with him, B .
nf him thIs Ul .-Tbe Kn KliWAKI
SHINE R A. the duly n-qulnil by cor.It'r. w UHIII|
I The 1 .
--- InJlr'lh.C.r. rt. Or J. H jUW. they will,,.
; Illlllly A. M1LMJA will p. nil (lr.. uf clmrKOtu) it lndisirnli > DIVIDEND ANNUALLY, PATAJU IN CAblE
of elii lion he arro'st- .
AncliiiiiiiT, C.I1II.lol MI'hln anilUtulir (h".'h"lhl b I | lo each person al the table .I"'rllll".11I hyIhl' tbn prescription who Ibu dlrii'llnii' for .I .11111".., liaaliln Iu ki-i p Ihs offlce
in Llqnon, A.e, II\"r! rvrd 1'1 with by Military Aol uiorlty., ant nn. of Ilimu will make -0-
TERMS OF COURTS. U\rlt. and i niKur K'pitrnlfly, nuking au4 a lug Ibe sisapU r.iu\ly hjr tthlili bewjutuinUuf opun.
that iteiy niie mi) unx, .the | his Mil -Th. following' diiracH from CinemlOrdirs lung alfwtiluu sod that,... TWO Oil TIIHEK VMITS ANNUALLY "If'.' nan provide aiti far hi*owe, sad specially
SLL'St EU WM. I'. 1..II.rllol.lu No. SO from IbeawHeadqiiarltrs, snt ru- for I"".. 01 hla .>. biHUfl, h* bath toted time falib
lume. Wb"1 en'am or milk a Ci>n>uiupl| lila only object I. lo bun III llm lo Monlli'rll'i' M.lla" u, ami "..r points .i9all>l*
-0--- Worker In C"I'I'r.Tlo.| | Sheet Iron anil lump (if unoalteil butler ailrred Into the .. .enmkra IlIIhli.loe.llterc\\'lIh.ro.r, bite IJIturuhiitioii UIIII guldance uilIarti-d' sad ke hopes every suB r>r will, try thislirvMirliiUiMi liy rUllriMil Mao by aiubul Arum reusacul and I Ie wnrs them *. UMeL

cimcvrr covwm.Jroicui. Denier In 01"11 Uou.FurnUuiiig GINHI| a A stIll better ; of all com t'i'iit'di0XII.VIipipnce aa U will emIt thaw u..lblell.o".III'>) Hi lsniia.| 'llItI HCKIPTUKK. Th Irat sad most is.
hue olk Illerlll.ol oll.llil', with [ or threats of violence anyoilu |lr"te s blessIng PImp add,.. Kiv. t_UW till NI". j. is-tr 1. purUnt 'provision u for Ib. suit ; lb. Dell ta
ia ) an .gg| I""I.Urllolou'hly A. WILHON No. ltd Boats Iteeond Street llhs'iis- fir your family'* temporal wan. And here tb.
WE8TEn ; .-SpmijiO TEBMS.Walion JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (lHiOuli'1e11 I"(.lr in Hie "U.llt'l Marred, wlib' (lie, 'r oppressive mean to prevent- any |1" rsonI'riHii buriili, New Yurk.MjJ. ----- -- Eiululila Llr. Assurance 110'let," efftrs Ib*
eoanty, Ut Tiesday after 1st Monday In -- ci.flei, w huh is iKinred I. I) upmi It. This, In- ri'Ki teriiig Ills name or men Ulng hilll"Ii&-| ISO?. (M-ly MKI:">UAf! NOTICE. nitana. This Company baa Economy sad BtaurlljrInrwonitnend
.IJIIIII U ill* <
ApriL DREW ('OLUIlt. Hi"i"l. i I. pit 1..1.l .lo i'ri'sm "Yllnyal.leut In (cal rights are |'NlIU"I'I"'hlbllel| ; -- II. 8n aay lb. business men of New I''
It.ilmea StiitloiK nn.1 plo, also that m.lIe. should be. ma'la I tImidly nnnoiineed IIItIl' no contract or agrecim-lit -0_ York 11. the ulusnnur. Monitor sad W.UII&
county, 11 Tuesday after 24 Monday laWashlnftoi llll.Uer, | sit .........Information. Kuannluril ,lo "
AI".I.. .* Dealer In Mu-li'. cote ." "', und. hiuiid ovi'r again ho.r diluk-, with 'laliorrrs, which,"!rifl'. iheinoftlHir wniiex pruuuce a luiuruul growth ol balr upuu a h.hll.ail Drs. Randolph and HerndonA RevIew Nest 10 the .Mutual Ut,.'stands the

county, 1st Tuesday after 3d Monday in liuute'vir' IM'r it may' b 1'.I'.r.- for any longer lima than that actually innsuiuedin I,' biMrdlv face, aUu a rvtlpe tar its rvniuvul ulI'liniilia EiUllalil A..lIc".r aLlah Ibe big list of
In .VprlLJiirkf 111. uxraium\ km, itE A.H.iHCMIKI> IN TilE PRACTICE UV the moat pnmilnitnt. merchants I..redlo." I I.
eonnly, 4th Monday April. NEW YORK CITY. I lie 11.ni'u-lict| i.l| tin' nu illi"-M Itllllll.| 0,|| ellor'cllIgulllllllh"lIIlo hut Distrh I nnd, this luatluif/ the nine soft clear and beautiful, isti Imiiiililniil ,MMIIIII| | prmif, ThIs. fix. I you can have eslablUbrd bv oalllsc

Ms' county, tae Tuesday after lid Monday r Ih,' colh, whuili must kept particular in ar Ihe tire 1,1 ottlniiu, any prertonsly mentioncil this pirairniph wllUoul clMncii bip addruuiiiK I HUM( r. 14T'>1"0" In tliv M.nr IH &
SM.VLI.OUD.. HODUKlMi i to, b but-nin t allowed w ill i'icistt thin 111I11111, 1111'' arrol of tintoffi 11.\1'1.t'd.V"uwl"l. 8-a Broadway New Vuik Hl..r*. J II HAMXLt'll.. M. U, .
Fnnkll county Sd Monday H.,. liirliily il'wd rolfie (" not b Mum ii, IKIT. /. II. IIEUNUUN M. U.Juty9tllit .
Kama Koaa county. iM Monday la Jua ..110.and Colll..n Nu. 10)(crc.4111. 'L lo hod or it en aiinuii r. until the DI"I'Dt uf ndi" r and him IriaJ! U**. a) Military. I'oiiiinhtsion 1 _, iSVly ) MUfMKDIOAL

Ewambla 4ib Monday In June. tl, ne i'. ary, benulea, therof-- SOUTHERNLand
county -- ---- -
drakilI L 'XIt1.-Tiae exercise of the rllCh."r.tlllly. KHHUHM OaV "UI .. I
,- .I l. qiiii' 111. aaolherwlae, il acquires A O nll. .n wbi.. f4CwMn N li.,-
auihorl/id under the late Aits of Conir FALL &.. CHARLESTON $. C.MILLUlr 1 strong id .hh bil exceedingly voter bllll,. frana ira u ox. itt all tip.'-.!.id fuulhlul In : NOTICK.
WaltM, lat Tuesday after Sd Monday In September. ilW'iKreenhle, The Ix-M colTir, reheated Without lo n'l.'r and vote lalrmrank.'ed "hv. Ihe MillmryAuihoniieaof due' foiluu. will, rue UM*ak. ut sunwiutf liuiuuiiif,..m4trim -- and ImmigrationCOMPANY.
ami dsvor.m..erit tliui Du.lrictlaa.II&III"'ItI who- loall wbn used It. Lb. r clu asS 0.11'.1.r Ins
II..IID.. 1st Taeaday after 4th Monday September.. care, 1 lukea its nronia
E tuiulirfiro kin* ta> ilupki timUr kl kltk .. eund. uttnn H. RANDOLPH
\\ sever are waruud against any aiumpl M Dr. R. I
a.bbctosi." alkr lit Monday Urt'r.
Tuesday J. -
-- .
1'11"1. I'w\rlor. 11.1.rlA'ltt wl.Ulug u pruai bjr Ih sd> rUM> s. .iu.iiui,t.u du>ttbjr
J"teOD.1eI Monday October. to Prevent any man friMu exinUing .
eellg[ Jueeu kin i U. sdOraMlnir. Iu prrbrl e..ei4eae., nu i-itorrHaioNAL BEKVRKM TO
Calbonn Ut Tuesday after 4ib Monday October. =-Cm"r-- ==-- - TUB II frrsl.kliu.IstMoudgyI. November \\t puhlinhi-d in the Ouutlur, ( ullwl olijecllon hv the u.llalll'1r.1 miHle" May I. lit?. 9017flAMiAUii .-,. |I. it at Ik* limit Store of AI_.. llrcory.V | -.-
fyota Bo.a,4tb Monday la November. SAVANNAH CA. seviral -
The of than
XIV.- registered voters A..hll1 run'l'pruiiipl alleuUun.
.... ,M Mastday Ar 4U Monday November. V{. T. WOOD, $olacunitli, Utt., bar Olul"r: of counties of Iho Stale of Florida, shall voUialsuidi GLiDE.A I. Ki-aliliiueiil l I'r. N.i.h's.Juljto07. rpllM COMPANY ls onrtnUed wmabiy I* Its
In the August UUIII.'r your p'llr.1our corr. lit'(lion forth,legatealo the tMailiiiitilaii I anording NT11k11 EUUION JUDT PCh3i.i5hl5i1 IfMKDICAL A l b.n'r. with Ih. (foll.mluv I oSV.rs: S
MIDOL* .-8r i.o Tuuia. AK">| tor bniallwooj IU, U..gk\1&Co,V. ." |Kimlcnt t..Iu h|1"lllol.t hug., auya; "tliilrdl'MjfKaarefiw lo the following! upportlonment ms'lr' [In con II J% lug the batik of lime J'IMIUr .til.LI.AI'lJl) --- -- III. KicelUuiy: lUVIUtf. WALKFR rr.'.

iadwl.n, earned Monday tn lI rcb. o laver tl., : "cl'l (' .I'r.' ofw fortuity the provixlona of the seomd set lion of.Suiipleiuiutary Or Lvvrjr Joe (ala own Doctor laeluillng a Ireuilmuu ; NOTICK. JAMES T. MAbBKE. Vie
Liberty,third Monday March. PULASKI 'bk.li b.I. not preund| to treat. I Ihe cholera! Act dated March 'U, 1HI7. UUwuta &'_'., IrrvuuUrUliM, die, sub a rmMm and ..'..r'.
Lena, fourth Monday I. M',h. IOrSE La lint awniple .1..I., very a'UII.Ireuluunt buuilrwl engravIngs tii.UluiuK ibuan dwiuca Iuboibatira. --, P. B. BKOKAW, Trraaarer.A .
Uakulla Ira Monday \V. I. <-r. U 1 o the let District-counties uf KsiaiuhUi' aud tJ wV Yuino M? H.Kvcryuoe H BTOIISI.ASB Foreign A".al.
April I'rol.rlo. will cure iuud ( i liIIN. that ,
Jefferson, second Monday Iu April Juholo flllre.| \I why .I f Ihl. fulal S'inut IbiS three (18)) deK'gates. uwy eunilwi soy ease of secret dixou.. Dr. Wm. F. Robertson Ja..sT. Hsa Madison, third Monday April an many ptreaiie, an MI Ignoraut <> illiiiM Tothetii, DUlrict oounlles of Walton atiallfuiiili'e sell aituac,ur IUOM dUlriMlug di.
Hamilton foanb Monday AprlL NEW ORLEANS- LA. in bi gs. .1,111 |I..r' \ I.Iluu.ol I II biw F It been la liar one (I I I dekgate.TotbeJd ., Iu ,Ollib. luauuuud ur old age, .Ub.ul nauriliiK I" OrFEIH".". ul 'r. ..* sad surroaudliiglounlry 1. Tiatsa, Ag, VI for Bomb Florida.
Taylor Ut Monday after 4ib Monday ApriL the want of 1..Iillol.; ever a DulmfrouiiUi'' of WaauJalugti.mi. Ibo iu
.- WIIAHTOX i CO. C.. 111"r.r aurprw .. me, 11.1 &little attention., Calhoun and Jmksou (our ((4)) Jiigait\ |.Utiug _rl"t. IK auutbur boor without rcwliug Ju"* II. 1"7. W Uiwls lu dUx| M ..1'. .by saui ur 1 lease, la*ujit nnlcate

.FALL TERMS' Gi.ncral Xmbpajxr .E AiltrrtUUij Aginta Y"I Imlgl.v no ...... -baa hero Kina To Ihe 4th Jtlr\l't-ioUOI: uf (jadicli'u. thru Ibis uuderful book, a* It dlitclose. |1''IM'rlA'ILeoLl aw --- at uute,"listing,. |>rii e per *cr., locality, luiyrvv1 .
this IU'I Ihe di ta>e fint made iuapitearanie *"kll.b..llid be known lo them pwllioljrlyLM lucIlle
liadaden: second Monday In October. No. b Common StreetA ho '. knew of no ((3h.iegotr5. Ibe weak and Usuk/ul yuuib who luu rumid. hiseuwutuilon MKI'ICAI.: NOTICK.Dr. bry dnalirn Inlroduclna.Ia,. ..! of European
..iber1,, third Mod in October.j0 among my remedy. To the 9th DUlrict-counties' of Liberty and by Hie detwmit b.I.IC..r full abuw 'CII.I -0- Iiuiiila-raiila durIng| the russlnir till and deslr*
{ fourth M v in October. for U-all nml lo .1.r.1 it .IQ lfLI" My Frtnkhn, one ((I) d<.legnlu.To this buDk. II sIll /co Hut L. ail of the lulled l. |locale them upon Iho brat .. Icrrus. I'sr-
Wakl'IrM Monday I. l..Db. KtMB *BiK PBTCB.-On Friday. nk-lil bogtdu.il .pily.* J .1 that I would try the ttth Iiaatrkl-countie. uf Leon and Wakullii 8UI<. and CanaiUa for flu nnU.HT ports John S. Bond ti.*. Intrrestrd lit Ibis movvnicnt, upon time success

second Mondaj buYb. a DLolng.t the Rep'ihticne| $ o Ku'liuiotxl. V.., some rx penult..on Ibi in, as it could do uohiirm. sit l fill I| 11..1.... aWu4 fur *fuxai *:LL..r" a. ul .bit." tbe future ...'. ol oar Otis so largely
"Mdls_ .third Mondav i. .hr. wan held. It ,u. CIMIIKIMX| | of whl..1 lilacka, A* MJCO in one rat, I put il iu a To thai Tlh Dutlrict-county of Jefferson four Or. WM. TOL'NO, continue time prattles: of UaJlilu. Tslulcluliy depcuds, ....1".11,410 coiuniuaical with any wcwlx -
la.lourth Monday I lu November. and tips pnicreUini were colored pin, and of Its howils "tre I..lve. (w Lie b [laaptlo HI'd legate Na. 414 .pr..IIL.I.b..lf'.I.| |' IV WILL lOUd Uittc.slhlareeldeuce, rs uf ib* Company.IherUuia .

) Monday al.. Monday io November. won. nuking lbs following, c'/n.1 pmn-r: be list case, In the fint ..g.1 the dux-aa) I < To the ftb Dutiut-county of I"tl II"II. llurie Jill, '. .111II1.I, In rear nf llm .I.II'.C Dlflce.Suv. buuh of tb*Company I I. now oprn.andsul'StrlptluusaresoUciMd
lar iU_ ol lia lea- half II; lMl. H from all wbo dcalr aue-
it e u> -wy cup
SCWAXKEE TERMS. .Oh. Ixird God), l-l'-w our nicnji-, *-..-blew Pret- gave a ((31.lc..j'LTa er.a tu our mtvrtriav.
CIRcrn.-8PRIJO ident Jobiinm.Se not even have him ful to a hog I j.old or up\ tiIt Kit did not the 9ih' DUtrirt-counties Hamilton and May IT.
LafayetU, list Monday .ul THIS.
icily Iu flee or alt hours 1 _, DR. MILES H. NASH
b.IL Came .ssJ| r.1 I.I( ,
e, second Moo lay ia Sent to C.De ri Lr ,ndUiuib Huwannw, \ delogitmis.To ,
had the
Columbia, third Monday April bin bean even .hiI nut wlib which always d.'r. soon the lOib DUlru-I-:ount ea of Taylor and ITALLAHASSEE
Biker, fourth M..cl. April you here to night. lAm..nJ[ ] ghow liioi the trmrofbw a li cl.'or the opiritiona' l is-,'in
nrtiUurd, .M., aer 4tb Mond lu ways. 1(4V uiinjr upon oar 'Mow*,' 1 gave two tea-epoonfula of l"ul.oum.. To the II Ik Di.lrk1-rolJUl1 of Alatliua. three TALLAIIAS-tEE, FUiKIIM

4Lba a/ Apr [rrrai I"utbl r and aniepibo, Ukt E.au. baa aa much w tout w aier. and t' pra ,
L..1 Monday t,. MondiJl/Aprir auld bit l.tnlirVht lor a m.nwl of pottage tuoktuloibo dive, if o"_r.1 bve .kix 1 nevtr. had Iu To tbe 13th Distrb *ounile UoluniIHa and Kay 13) lIJlU( WITH : SASH BLIND DOOR

.fourth Monday after: Sib Monday la April. wilik-ruru ami I lift u Ib.e Coroedown give the third e. and frr<4Uently one wouldanawrr Maker two t'l) deU-gjIe June S, let T. 7.csw ,
1 discuvenxl this simple e *'rimi-nl. a -
[ -
irttl-t'wulisof and
bimob ua thy Tu the lain Di AMDMOULDING
FAU TERMS.La upon L.r" bll. aura aud speedy cure t* thu dutriu'u, .. 1 1. almost UifaL EDWIN A. HART
ll15 fjtruiau JJulmi
tleu u. iq our aitrtmg ln-nigbl, ad Oay, one ((1)) delegate (treat ,
yett*. A Monday In October. oa I.bat we da G.d (rbid iLat m. should i bate in-aKxt a 'fll"1, aud alwaj 1"t To lb, 14ib IIlrkL-f'"nlk'l of Aasaau, Du- 1. Uul.cur*for ATTORNEY AT LAW FACTORY,,
lu".ODc October. it a certain cure, Itgieu ia Uuic. Uogn ,
o.dlool. cbo any Coiaff aiive that baa tbeipiril or the ar val and M. Johua. 5eirlluicicg.mIi-a., 1 RbeumalUia
l'olulb Ibl4 October.. devil in his .r. and .bO terl take bold ooIn running .e at iL> buaelanctdtaothiiog but Uudanum l To the nth Di.lr't- ."al, uf Putnam, N.uraliria MaDlaO.V7ILL FLORIDA -.-

Is' 10dal. Monday la .I God bb..ur old friend-true and tried-. [ i made iu appearance spun Ina.urer Marion anal Levy, four .III, legates! "".u"to.11I \\ PRACTICE( IS fllE lOfllTS OF TilE
J October. ,
b..wrrd flueback liz WIlT UIMDOWl
loa" a"I two my bat 1 or U ;
I. October. bo Last Muoil a great aorrowa 'w h. .I&r Totbe 14th Jj.trk-i.-4-asuutw'ofhirtnanukind 8. >> Middle JaduUI Clrnill. .
a loa" JWDI.UU. e-l tur it, and whilo .
soon &u of HUlA LtnytK.
,. June 70
J- ;Monday sIs 1004,1 Octob. I.e cl ramiagrrat many Sumu-r one ((1)) ih li gate Aides ot JolaU,
_.ttb 114 after 61 IUda, 1 Oo.. more. [tmaghier]1 !. our joUc' ", Mr. I'a- lost nearly altti hog T U no diflkulty To the hut ( & counties of HilUWu' Toothache, oft a 10. 1 feet 4WUcha.I" I feel 10'- U.

dr.ood. w wi>d ,wo here. auf af a and doo't In (' hJ. .some might 111"- Polk and ManalM>.,ui (II) .It.' l"Tat ) cros. lleadwli. A. A. KNKiUT II 1 feet IK'V 4 fret 6),'
EACTKAS C"P&1 T&IUf. anything harm oizair.'tbie b. ad, Turn the h.upon bit back, put a Tu the IlJlb l>"i irkt- Dsval RtouUi. pfrtenl bis Uun- nil the lollle Dexk, ,. 1I" Ifert IK 101t
'Uoue acelUuKa
tnt X. ---- t Orange Ibevanl and I> 11)) drlegale. ATTORNEY AT LAW feel
Vacl 11 I lit lfr.t t'1
tUjr.aeeosul I. ..1l.d.aim.. snuhlleyazevcrj.neulydzeaelacd. To the IDtb DUtrnl-county of Monroe, one CuU luaet-t Bllea, 4:1
IIODd "p. aLtos 11.:10. Jtrrt 4L" t fret 8i<
8L If the BoriS
Job. etc.
.I"Mo.tsy I. ".1 Xt rcr from *n WiIdet.iit duir.Bo worth)". Ihlk.the. Et (I'wlrptl') SOllCITOt CHANCEir HabM of the above lames aI..)* oa band (Used
11 r. ; I. Wi a v! Cl na.I"1 may publish uf Urn rl Mil Oen. Par*. be I. Uotta for ...
Wo. lar la &Ipa.uiiLso ecU a* Ul acHoa. ..od By Cttmnand This *real remedy sboald every -4 9 0- or without tr"iii. uuil lu suit the abovtalsna.
IL 1 with
.\. ..U M" a." X., .1.1 .ud lake Uuljr uf irxrr- I.( II CUV VilK). horv*tbla r ur.11 baa niirqaal sUu all irtUr plan nud al abort olk.._
.1..5th Moedy a. tl. .1 nr luutulug will try an.1 I scud ,O..nrw ..uI.cnlr.aVUqDeAlvoLnmm. AJ unt AdjuUai UvocrsJ.Af A.k for aUjuiu 5 ..1... >U.. Tsk no otaer._ JUMMIHSIOXEK OF DEEDS blInds V Lamb oarrasirr said i' Inch louf** tbaeBaabca.
.I Moods, ciw.Bu I lama urlKAYTON'S .
Iiriq. tI Vent Lu, Cij reaa <
Sib 11_y 4Ui )4-1. open tut corr if are in tue i volt Till ltrCHC\T UfATU.
a. Mood,i. J; O rooj auould lake it. la this day uf COUIION elZEO DOORS
frankly acknovrd| I they cannot keep "rvwallvnl'l. .rH...f.t bjr UUlrlrlB.nut MAGIC CURE, l sb. lIly, florlsl*). ;

FALL TE J a. & ,iniK>l ii luiuj sad body, toil let your without aw li a paper. Youn u"it.: t twt IJITILICI-Tllki. entuTta. "* REMEDr: tfrdluubesite.tb. IV lUek..
I. thought br pure. AV EOTrTlAV rIU luik a (ect 1" IV thick.
Dna Mjaday October. U. (I DICKO fBACTICE in all the Bl maul federal
d "ud I. (koter. Ilcu.t-1u1Z.rIL.I.ve uf uae, wul n<4 for the Talbot county, Us., lbGl. CbcI. Wldet I'uluntt. Total.va for the cure of udd-n Couiba sad Colds Asthma, WILL.". I. florid and la lb. Supreme Court it .led s T. 1 IX Ui IH IbUkl
l .,. 1 October.rtb crnlil ol being uirfuL .5 Escazziblg liltri3 i Acid Stomach, Herr>l>... bore ell,. Sea Bicaeaa of the taiud Male*, mod Collect tUiua sgolnt lime 9 (eel s T fid *, !>, thick.
Xtl. Improve oi.t-Lt by tlw SaDIa Russ. SIT W1 VAUUMXIt Cbulcra. ItiarrluM. tnuip. sad falti la Ib* ticoorul ".. ."'. ebb or without suouluiics| ; ahw saouldlnKS uf all
or. ,
\.01.. .t .*, C IIc, I. ttMI "a.h lIUI..r.Jllaly A man in a blouse once a M, .I hare no more Stomach. Seth by Eificas f'" IIKayton's Jutj' :. 07. WMf kliHla tot d4ior mob "beU41o.; Baa and U U.
( *4 Mo.4q aAii & Or. ) ) than a Cuthing rDabll hL* t Well,* Mouldings vtrlout kinds; Baud Mu.ldu.r..4all..1Ier
1). ( fint aiui laarf N 1."J
..I. after Movj 1 U f .u u.o.IJk n' ly tithing rukuh bl do vork euoaauuly vacd lor knilJInf.
$1 Mo t Pills
Iuo. 1 then v t o .Iy anil w. 11 giteTg&1-ttJi "CUAl4' Dyspeptic Salt. All etdun DrunMly &.. Terms ca b.
111.dl a. :1"-,1 Octuto.SoVTni.ji deal ; u tan act a yUck un '"; cia Bagging Rope Twine .
J allow lobeJed. I..K T. J. KAWL8.
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Cm.-raIJI: : :; TEEMS. i lhoul Sets j klgiug' 'I jri..r.rltAdfem'y b le a chapter i G.J'. Ill 27 {14 tow 0.... CuI,". and ail dUor der* uf ft'B4LEH HEAVY Ol NNT (LOTH. A... .1907.< 'Ita"L

H rmando. last Monday J tftt lawn .Ie U & Uo crtu,t r kl ilg buok- Ute User sttunaik sib iIuw.4} ) wae* eke.regaleeli 1)1 bile |la "y Duadw -"I.,. to ..k b>a I land -
lcl statq IB wkick your way soy CD your n I .UI cleaiiM tb* ,_ TtMaw are tbtlxrwtat .
Irct 1 .Alr Uu a au Jf-iruc4UrIy lismI b. Light I shine .._thai others, seeing your I M 11 43TOiao AntVltUlMia rUM .v. placed beSot, U* Lutliw CoiU IB.M Centai ICE ICE !
Mosda Rupt
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U4 1 "I.1 "o: Ce Father U tO box.
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.o may glorify jour ,J.i l tlTlLlt'f-ruc. ba.ikvu4Tn.WaJJaglon. ,""1Ie. Best by null cents .r I .!. lUnisw Twine,
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I Miro r. 10l.1 UtuuU iaiU'e the 1 nJ 'i>A U 82* Address aU wdra lu Ih* .r..rI"'r U 11Ift. ".. Twine. I HAVE MADE AKRASGEUEMT' TO TILL )
1- "D""U. & --.- CaiUuun Id M fM IOU blubcU Key Wnl olt. all orders hat ICK ioe< UM bnf *{ rallnMd er
c .,11 J. u Prof. H Table sUll I..ur.1a ultout uruiab desired the ciUacn of
FAU. TSKMI. .0 Wbeorrer GenerU KberkUa dd a toseimUage Ja&N A U>: IttMJ1U il In may quantity la
Rersas4o. e" 1 IJ.IJ Ir He ii.LV.LSS'&JI.GWUGlA. fit, uum ia> _..4 for ul. by Tsilshaoee. at muonabl wLos.
be Le pnrcb.
s.eo d says never ,r- B.lnu.
m i.EO.: IL MCQLV Ud.Oci W.
4lsbwe.lcb.' t.Monday. .Oo. I. the *Uir.] UMt jr.4 the (rub brim rrmiud. u of tL* old .. spoke oat in am lilMJ'OC1&TtI A. A. lUjLOMOik Jt 4.$*. ..GLo Whol4kul U t-lm April*, mil. W
:"1.1 I., 0". .0. ieo shstieft'. ; t ii i,. lie dnh "h. UlkedrurAiiw4iaiiK u./ I*** lIWl'u"1''f1UL&1.IIfI41'&a. Uncial and A.."U fur lime al*uf tu* abol* -

&1 w. lav 14 Monday it October. | t bMurjr c that Uw Uutcrdy t.Inset 8 abo cuo'iBunl. "1',. du .e i Da God |eatdiea.April w.ar.'. SxkU4 .iMla.a>iua.. ire;.a WetUe'e) K<-..* lai.H *U-bun>a>. 16.aced
)...Jo.l) ... I Il ats." .>. ."10..r.-.10.. Gsde..n ,U JIM M. laT 48-I, 1 fat ,.its seal !IS U. ect.4e.tw all *.ef Ute wield b| ta* ,Iot-- mMEpZaCII.S.


-- --- -- -- .
- :i- ------ -

. ', .


____ naVf Course r r.C.si.*rr-.. I..w.We Trolls I.* I..r. Fa... Itra.rl.a. fl.vd.p..l.. The Remit I. AlakniM Ea.l'rrshl..t Pt rq-e .. 'h" -
Only nl..p. 1'--
T.. nllvro.THK publish of IT. HILL, who '1 recently In Wash The following etnlc from the Washingtonletter TI.e vote In Alabama arlrlo have decided ......
1 tmi.eth1iotibian.! Ir.llt\erilmet n Boston JW contains extraordinary In favor holding a Convention. The EufanlaJWioftho Ex-President Franklin Piere"u
of the
n : bead to which wrote a lengthy loiter to the Au some 'r h t
OM-T TO HEFFA A CITEKTIOJ Esq under thli quit In Concord, N. H. on l'd
11.\1 CoNSMtTATIVB: AND entlon of th/J Interested. The ( In which we find the (allowing elalcmell la regard to Ihe policy rf Mr. 12lh saysIt seems to b pretty Democrat who were. rejoicing Wednesday over nhith the,.,& !m*
: :- DEI.M4ns Lincoln In the Southern definitely ascertained (thai In Alabama more than return-. Halting in front of
Kate( the of the t rstctng SI.t his r""IdI'nrPI"ft
1 TALt.AIIA :;; : NOT VOTE ON TiE CONVENTION QUESTION bankruptcy-thai requirements I Is conversation which I had with a very which were first dllO by General Grnt half lb registered voters of the Bute have voted crowd gave three cheers for Pcnnwlvsn.. 1\\ *

1 -.1trhlay.Pelob.- AT ALT/ Let every Conservative whit Toluntar* own motion applies lo lie Republican ended wit Ihl speech his testimony before Jndidary Committee of i on the question of holding a Convention, and for President Ohio and appeared three si for the Geneml I Rerw hip ,*.

::_95, l".7. and colored man In Forl,11 remember thl, and f-opt-with snob clearness M to : 1 belong, Mr.( Hill, know publCn Congress. It will be seen that the COlt pursued i, that a very large majority of (those who voted astlcallv ihccred, the band door playing and was the wa. *
I do
have *
a yon seen. ml by Mr. Johnson, and which has brought upon have cast (their ballots, For Cnenllon. We Bpongled Banner." As Boon Tihc lar
govern Mnmclf accordingly. A vote t"'n"' (the on to understand precisely what do not desire to do InJI81c fx-Prwident as ( .
Our leader his administration the bitter of that Gen. will order CODe, ped Pierce spoke as folloS0"1"
Southern plume
invention vii not do. be done, with the advantages people. tld fppllon Pop rock limtj. *'cir
PEELER'S at (the bar measures were necessary ( keep Congress, w'8 Identicalwith had ion to assemble Illn al tbe result Is officially ** It ban been
The :.1 Section of the net of 23d March read known reputation that spirit or rcsis snce at the South. We determined upon by Mr. Lincoln. It further I communicated to him. Thus has tho first condition friends and neighborso long to your breast part and! nilor:
energy give assurance discover that tho Southern ben anti smile b mk
to peo
Ihl.l that Stanton had drafted for Mr. Lincoln of reconstruction been con defiance al what we have
CongreMional believed
will not to
the commlted to him willing to live by the and appears Iw 1\i ,to,.
.- --- SECTION: a That at atuid election, the registered of attention.le the : leaders may Conaltulln., m.of "a proclamation on the subject of fIIIrclon. pled with ,but there are a good many gaunllcU for rein rent of notes evil that of one hardly know. bow II tV.
-- lam
voteM (If cadi, Stale, Khali vote 'for or kgalnst a From the ol will exact nothing more. In which he claimed that the whole power on It to run before Alabama can b Ifcll.tde In howeverlhat the triumph freeto
Aolt1'rT Convention to form Constitution therefor, nn- present .pt lo repudiate the policy of our leaders, the Executive I the haven of the the place ft result which yon have :
I belonged to Depart ,
snthort. Agtnl for doubt of will lie this subject t Union fnl to announce are not a mirpr-e! f0 TIme
The(following' in our dolf eontr tier tItle act. 1 hose voting In favor ol uch a many our not like Democrat*, and there Is n me
ctlng fat advertising and rtb.crlt>UO and receiving Convention hall h.te written or printed on 'heir themselves of(the benefits of the d. Neither do we like Andrew John met Tbe correspondent o the Pod says i majority of the registered voters not Told have been muttering and some distinct cnunrl.6

b and receipting fof money for Mme: badot by n hit li they vote for deli.gale( M aforeMid with those who this .tell you we are troubled with the I telegraphed you last evening a brief notice for CDeIIO.and It Is by no means a certainty lions which proclaimed them pretty slnac.dnc,, ?J

B. Cf. Wn.aw ft Co.,t Common .t Hew OrlcM .,tA.TaoM the words "F or I ConTntion." ThoM agree oppose that such S bad, man as of some of the testimony given before the Judiciary ) may b mod by the lo my mlnrl. and Nol the least of theee wai the #
the we I-Iempr
., Mrailecllo. PI inch a have grlnda On contrary, is dim Committee engaged In considering the Impeachment conragement hope which Las come down
1'.0" Etq voting against Connnton. ehal may possibly tko Convention will bo adopted by the people, and If from i"
us Stole
which the our neighboring
roi.rnsrs Dtttir,J.cklon.le Fit.JOMAII written or printed' on Ri words Instances It Is a duly ere what we do, or cl do but on question, and would now rail attention Montaant\ rtt
i rason, Tampa, Via. Against I Convention. Persons appointed| t( lo his family, hi* creditor and may rely: The mauei of ,,&ukll to lie Importance of the same. Tbe principal ll should b adopted, that will only b condition -a noble Slate dollamcr.represented by hlnh im

RUT OTTO, 11..na.l, G. superintend mid ikction and to make return of himself Its benefit Take for Nf* nrrtr enrumt la charge urged against the President, and the number, two complied with, aud there are about fPllra-Jlldgo of like Governor Fool IIl1aoJ
T.P. Mill C. votes given thereat, BI herein provided I, of which a fortrnment vtut\ ire wuld not one which the .dvote of Impeachment rely a half-dozen other before the thing cjn b set stamp. Then tame tie
merchant fresh voices
of from
ILln. .Crl.tnI.. Khali count nnd make return of the vote case a (one 10 t1' I only wish all the people, for conviction, Is >at attempted to reemttntetthe tled. -There about fifteen freedmen elected 18.000 Maine speaking
given for an,1, against a Convention, and mind's eye,) who wa largely in and understood each other 8 you Southern Matr mthoiit Ifgiiiatire Gltlf are couragemer. and tope. Then Ionlana-rllr, n<
::.w Atfterllvrnariitii.Altention the commanding Uencrnl to wbom the came on the breaking out of the wa. 8nlb thus vturpinf kiffupoweis i,"l, among the delegak Montana-camo over the high mountain ',?

II called to the follow'Inn new 'ndTcrtlacmcnU dhnll have been returned fttmlt ascertain and declare which be owed were sold for Savannah copying this para Cmtiiiuttnn. It Is not disputed Pl. The Mobile JtrgMtr, remarking on the result her trumpet.tone t --saying-. -t -Rally. lo the resel1.1r
the total vote In each Slate, and against 1 &puian dent's policy has been consistent and that your country
fr -he was compelled to take this remarks follows :-The sentiments I In the State, says I ,"
I u '
Convention. Ifs majority of vole givenon completely shaped In his first eelstlve Wave Munich all lay banners
Notice In by 9. L TinnrtT', that question shall be for a Convention, then In settlement for them. The l the above etACt our Southern to the restoration of prl.maton as a Tbe elections for Convention prT an Impr. And charge with all Ihy chivihi-wave..' '

Deputy U. S. DnknplrJ smli, Convention ball bo held, M hereinafter trated by the Confederate States. may rest assured, ar thO entrine State in the Union. The policy as contained In ant fact to '1: that the party for we are striking hands with

3hrllnlFor provided } but If a majority of Mid TOe81h,1 of the war, he goes to the North great majority of the Republican Party, that proclamation lisa been steadily punnedwhenever barns it I""T parly. In ibis county less than battle for union and Independence.you In ThinS
land their faces in
leM Mid -sale, and fmlnl Implements lie against( a Convention, then no and wherever the President has actedIn one hundred white men showed
I condition to his creditors. Some too, the real wishes of the tbe Radical ticket. Where are the others f California booming over capo and ocean si
by ROBT. GAKIU.110 :. ( shall lie heM tinder this act : PROVIDED represent the premlR If his policy of reconstructionbos voting Pacific t in
ton? itCH CONVENTION SHALL NOT BE HELD release him entirely | some are The statement Mr.I Hill m.kC of his con been vlolatlvc of tho Constitution, and has Does this, show the whole white strength in the sure us that the has recovered its f,7!

-$ Reward for flue Jorr ofi How, by UNLES8 A MAJORITY OJ AM iCCtl REO1STEREDtOTF.US him In business again j some with the promInent Con8e".tiT Re rendered him liable to an impeachment for high, party. T If It doc, then the black people who are and learn to that ready for the great conflict ; and now f
4. : VOTED ON OFMul.DI.VO and this Is all of redect ing lund better put on their thinkIng we may hope for a victory In oino,
UUIO:1nanknlpl SHALL HAVE crimes policy embodied capable
T& QCETOl on the dollar, some twenty and correct mh.temp"nor which seemed likehoping
In the Nurlb, a* a pen and how long colored against all hope. And
: Lnw, liy A. J. Pr.F.l.F.n.Northern BLCII cO"tENTtOI.The dome demand the uttermost of tho deirC cnvp)1 feelings of the In frl the aroline proclamation.Let Oen.. cp cn.ldor up against white purely party ne.rlytbr finally old sturdy Pennsylvania, which holds !Iii.!
me now given by cn Inod
Ume rrrclvi-d 1 flp.o. meaning of thin section In that no Convention and suit to II testimony than ltseifnurnericuuily, anda dependence Hall, and speaks words of
Just tiy If. cat, at once bring ll the Northern people could well b Grant before Judicar when testifying stronger I the and terror to
(ttrm... : -- can be held u>,less a majority of alt the sacrifice what little he may b." In brief an article. We have striven In the Impeachment. The hundred times stronger In Intelligence and thepower wrong friends encouragement to to (the right I
warn note the fact
1 you my that
;n{ ftorlh >f GnF.donrA AnciiKH. of the State vote on the can such a debtor dof he ( three to convince the people General then stated that just prior to President of organization. 'i nmphs, whatever they these ti I I-
mo'CI! ("r. : registered lhl I past years Lincoln's assassination lIe called In consultation The result shows the wlom of the whites in I are no party trinmphs. -

Attachment; notice of' VTM. If. Avertr tR' owmrixn' of holding It. I docsnnt mean that a locks will get all and Lie generous and the South thai the North, a* rp on (the subject ol WR Carolina, and that abstaining from the .pla only question in with .consciousness The people of have heir risen In their mnjentv
ing. By takIng the benefit in the National Republican Mr. Lincoln then In his hearing a proclamation the present issue or no convention. a power, and, disro!
RlIT. LEpwrrn, by E. ]I WEST, J. P. majority oral the registered voter mu't vole in pels an equitable o desire to great wreak or be which had hlu rd and which lie proposed A, registered vote nut polled '1 a vote riurding been party lines and party a.plralions( have
dllrbullo govern silently considering what
.-- rot.I.Ilon. against a and that was all that the belongs 10 tut-
that vth-
I / Conenton \ a spirit of and revenge; whites lor. The country. I think the
: Tit Inletligenftr-Please. ror- mic. I aequently issued by President Johnmnfor the rteonttruftion cntlnd mongrel ticket
ti 't ln IA-.ltnl'! extract keep before vote OH the guentio \\r; Convention one way or t start the world anew wlbot a pleasant duly for us to publish such of Forth Carolina woo tht trfeiitienl proftarnation with some respectable( names on it nut cn great battle ha been won. If the results are tieniflcant -
you In else
I lie Ihl ing the last crumb of evidence In corroboration ol (Ihe u-hifh had been prepared by the late ing and winding up with a "long-haired, barba I II nothing they are In this -that the
thin other then a majority of this majority no brd
Ilic people" from the Sth'sccllon of the Sher.i. I J rl m" who had (failed In the to the while race-our race-the German, Italian
It Is thus Gen. Grant
i. man-Shollabargrr bi" of tho 2d ofMnrcli, 1807. voting shall settle the matter either way. I a I mouths of hi wife and clll"rn. I which we have heretofore expressed on dent.policy of Mr. Johnson proven Is hut by the carrying thlt out of I negro and the 10lel got the large sum ol two French, Irish, Scotch and Anglo-saxon peopleare -!

You It I In until Slide '" do not to b underlo and of President Lincoln. votes. I' still to be the controlling parly on this contiilnent. -
print imperative lie the plans purposes
in then
., majority of Ih..mRJo ll vote fare, man would b justified I a volume'of goodness and sadness I is But the evidence of Mr. Stanton Is still more In.Illnp The Northern people will now understand the It to for you, now, to-l6ivmber3our du-
when the language of the li w I li, shall he tm> .
e prratire Convention I Into held. To Illustrate situation nt (Ihe South for Ibis election will lies-your fidelity to principles; what
.b : Sup- tending at the same time to up In that single "I only wish and hOn up the position then occu open .1. you one
pg. In lid Stale. \ .nlence of War. The fact their, pyis' to (the tact that tbe Radical part) at to your neighbors-whether they agree with you
thero arc rrglalcrcd voter In the State' the law-tho debtor must In all people and South each n.Brl"r was not- nd to take that
( e. or cure the
pose 10 Nort drawn from ( had drafted a proclamation the South is composed| almost exclusively of negroes public Real
Wo were 1"lnO on yesterday, to learn of llif 1 of (hi* numbr would b I majority. Then We cannot better conclude this *you Ilow do." It U ralylurent. for Mr. Lincoln, in vhirh the mtkjrrtofrtomntnietion who have been banded together by a few suffer no detriment al your bands. Ithankvnu
death of Dr. nANDI.rl Deputy Collector giving an extract from the closing see with what aviditv the people btb teat .lo the white scoundrels. The telegraph will carry tliuu for your very kind greeting; and rot having
i I C. S. Internal Revenue Dili Division District of :SI vote on the ,yutntian of holding the Convention .JECII. the author of the'Bill swallow, the most ridiculous reports utite Department. tim'11 requested to E telling fact to the North to swell the tide .of strength In my present state "of health to tar
I bid all
I ( a majority or this 61, which would 30, the Judiciary Committee with of this while uprising against negro in American more, you good night.
b of May : and ol their political o > : I copy siipremncy
Florida, which look place at Marietta, On.on HouR Ul'prntllvl 2 ouduc | po-( I draft and be to comply If the documentcould politics which to revolutionizing the Nority
; ii Saturday lost. In hli death our community I"r 11 call the Convention by voting il Jatr of It. .My reply U, (answering ]) tnt tber I. greater social Interchange I be lrmll, afterward took and shaking the very marrow in the bones ol the From the Macon Ttlrgrtph,,

I good citizen and a good and lilIhf omcr.e. But 111 of _the 100 do not vote at all, then It that In the P"'g of civizton and Southern people, our that It should not be found-nor .glll tncmies of the Constitution. 1 Price .rctt.sa.Rlilor .

_ .. would require a vote in the affirmative to repugnant Cllenc will continue to suffer from the willlul furnished the copy. It would no doubt prove I We are happy that we can bid our friends beof Telegraph t Perhaps yon will consider

GIN Horse BCRST-On Wednesday nlghl, o 5 tions that ther should b that are made bye.1 men on mOt Interesting dnumet just at this time, however Tiiere good is cheer no at longer the glowing a shadow prospects of doubt before Ul* I that the following table and remarks have !sit.ficient
make the Convention valid. ) much It might damage Mr. character -
I the gin blUM and screw.of Dr. W, W. CAn on dM. There are two parties to .for the base purpose of manufacturing (tor consistency.1' 8tnton'l marvellous has come over the face ot Interest at lila time to be published.

> i Lako*Jackson, In this counly'wf; burnt, 'with In thia view of the matter, which 1 tho correct and there are uncertainties wlb capital and advancing their selfish ends. the disclosures mlleln I W011" Imhle to Mr.Ime"bat Williams' Northern rlng The summer session of Congress Prices*of middling upland cotton, In New

I about forty balei of cotton. Tlio fire was no one, It I la plain to the comprehension of every performance of il by each. ;AI than one.half the bitterness and sectional amendment to the Civil Ofc Tenlr Bill, Im did the business, and the Rump" drove York market, on the first day of May, for fourteen .

f doubt\ work of an Incendiary., This Is a sad person that, It.I* the true policy of tho white tons have Uncovered that It I* a that prevails between the North and viding that without Cabinet the consent of the Senate.not be After The lie last white nail stomach IAtl(the of coffin the North of Its has own been parly.overloaded yean from 1847 to 1860 Inclusive.

s tons. In times like these, planters need every AT' AM. ON TUB qtESTION OFCONVENTION. the prompt transaction of can safely b attributed to the gross Igno move. effort to avail himselfof with the negro, and will (throw the negro Cent

bale of cotton they have made, and the wretch OrNOTTOYOT ion 01 l mercantile honor, and the and mIsunderstanding that prevails among ftnlo'llnmCnt provisions lment. It became and his worshippers off In retchings of violent 1847 .. .. ... ,. ... .. .... .. .11))
I who would flre a gin houR deserve In flnycd JO Being in a minority, It I I. not of trade enterprise to real sentiments and known he had written the message vetoing disgust. 1848 .... .. . ... .. .. .. .. S*
b and. pTide people of the t.t At .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
( The Ion full. In this Instance the In their .defeat the they the bill, subsequently that he had also prepared homo, time enough will Intervene between 1849 .. 6(
alve. upon power !?. CDentl I the honest unun.t debtr o the two sections o our unhappy the amendment Ihe original bring In (the assembling of 'the Stale the 1850 ... ... .. .. .... .. .. .. 12
an well .upon the planter. Working should vote lo a man against 1 It,wile, 'I they are cution of some ,grasping crit. May a All W be Providence hasten the own handwriting. It Is believed that Mr. b8 framing of constitutions and CnYntoD lubmllion to 1851 ;;. .. :. ... .. n

''f I for a ihare of the crop, they are equally a* much silent, a* ought to be, It will require larger remedy for the creitr we shall know each other not as ton'e draft of a proclamation for Mr.( Lincoln Ig Ibo people for the jralet events to happen 1883 .. ,.. .. ... 8}
they lime to 1853 .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. ....
I Interested In ll* destruction ai In Its production,, debtor. The security, even the and bound by in lotS any ( on the part of Con enough an lmpir.I lOj
'I I'' and to unite In the effort vote In "I no,to call It (than we are Inclined to but as true InCr t'nd. nor subject of and that will bo January before a new can I 8.M-; .. .. -. ... ... .;. .. .. ,t... .. 94(
'I I they ought t dllTr believe will receive. quires that the relief provided by cord ol 10 ad nnlld our heart had Mr. b he rnlttcton.exercised submitted Ihe people of Alabama, and weconfidently 1855 .... .. .. .. Ot

: the Incendiary. Should they detect him no one I mutual, -otherwise honesty !Is golden links of love and fraternity. exclusive Ue restored the States by that before that time the Radical IRfUt i .'. ,"* ..*'* *.* ..* .. *. ... *. ... .. IUf
I would blame them If they mAe DM of the fleet The ncx't'quWtlon for consideration I Ii U to and misfortune with crime. m isi prl.malIO.Authortllld hack bno bop be broken In tbe United BIC 1857 .. ... ......; .. ?. .... .. ..14J

I t'li'iiiij' swinging limb .t .band.- .br.ker home the proprictyofeotiuigfor DlgI Some.suppose /Rul A wel adjusted system of NEW, You BBJULD ol Thursday says: and the negro leagues at the South will 1858 .. .. ... .';. ;.. .; ,. i2ji8
and The skies 'ndbrlKhlcnlol I 839 .13
e ij j and gin burner are a'common enemy, who are that a voter cannot vole for (delegate alone vides remedy, and while It wassoms lime since held by the A. Penitentiary. decrepitude dear decay.and suffering brethren are bright of the o X; ,!!;!!!!!.".'.!!!!!-!'.'.!!! !!!'.!!
beat gotten rid of by a leaden bullet or a tough than ( creditor rights of In the city and The necessity for a State beginning
we.kpoille men party BI.lo Penlllntiar I The In New York for fourteen
but that If he vote at all, b mulct vole one wayor lb to felt In this __ average price
rope. ___- rwardl unfornn.t honesty with United Slates Senators Morn and city. The seriously laws the punishment of crime fall rears preceding the war was hardly over 101| eta
the other on tbe funlion of Convention. This, Hereafter, If thIs ex-Mayor William Evarls, From the Atlanta Iotelienocr. Oct. 10.An Ant to argued that the log cents was in com, It
I Helical .! the Ceil ton Ta. Bi bcome. )1 1 far short effecting the end desired, that they
A memorIal to for the repeal however t II a mistake; (the Instruction ant out ment for debt, rnc O. Opko Sherman, Ex-Con- seem to afford a full and free license to evildoers.Fine lot Ueorgla .. FUrMau' should also be remembered that that price a u

i of.prnt Us on cotton ha Cngr at the More or by the Superintendent of ItcglHlntllon leave the still linger In some of the Frederick A Conkllng, William U. and Imprisonment have no terror to a large Our glorious and patriotic little sister, Florid., be free paid from now.a tax of 2} cent per pound that has to
On class beings who have nothing to flues bo not the Infliction
A. for Let the discretion of the voter. We exist and can never A. Chittenden, Amos pay put upon Georgia. During this period of fourteen yean the Southern
JoPll1 III.IU. every pereonwho matter entirely to b mt. n CrD 8 n with and who do not mind an Imprlaonmcnt that We let of her the Tallahassee
of the unfortunate U and others of equal Is one organs- F Stale had virtually a monopoly of Ihe cottunsupply.
In not with labor.
Interest lbs question-(and who deb wi accompanied
rlol. any from those Instruction: Wiia B The
iJinn result of the
speak her. the has that.
quote Commenting I war changed
does not f-call l and sign It. to his family and bl country. led an important finan A Penitentiary U Just what Is wanted for the to 0 ele.
I of
The commencing to re whi of tints order ol General that The crop India, etc., are already ample la
offenders and the of paper says:
Public Interest wi compel the repeal of the VJI.balo. .udll bror l Irlahno aloud, Its retrospect of misfortune and I) which It Is proposed to es- punishment, could be inado solf-sualniuing suppression by the Gen. Pope seems Pop a special londness prevent anything like ft scarcity of cotton, and

Tax. It I I. a upon production which, I If thud ( p"l. are open. bnl"t be will no longer cut IU baneful .new Rpnblcn' organ in the metrp labor of the convicts. for (elections 'long drawn out.' There to a sau- they are Increasing every year. But due most

got removed, will speedily check. Investments In received 'rm each voter,which containhis mind| his ttur will no longer secure b from the erratc pro- Tlie Ch.tthohe Arsenal has been suggested sago.like l.eelne In them delightful to bis taste rival serious cotton fact connected whim countries thin subject to with that

the culture of cotton. At the present low prlco vole upon the question or Convention, and bOIK.| pursuit 0 the .' and Jumping-Jack a* affording buildings and location, One would suppose that In a Slate registering with labor that producing to not compete expensive ui
J for or 6oM, a* he d<*lre. 0 and It Is It could bo one-quarter as
thought obtained from (the than thousand
may less it Is not
thirty voters necessary -
dlrill.t honor, a career Induitryand the The who ,
( gentlemen
of the itaplo, It I I. idle that the growers 0 as ours.

? I, of It can pay the Us t np'lY'Ihcmsolve from Thus the authorities having control of tb matter Its rw.r will again b opened zirss.'I undren o T having secured Uoll application.We Stairs Government. for the I'ur upon Vlrglnl.t keep with the a polls registration open for of three over days.two hun In I I. planter This Is but an for unpleasant all( classes view and for for not only the

i; ruin. Such baatard Statesmen anTiiAD. BTB decide that a voter may vote tor or against .I entr anew as a reole of ,b President of Ibo Broad hope the matter will bo fully discussed and nd, Gen. Srbofleld consider one dR than the freedman. none more D.to

vii ma suppose that cotton 'can b grown at ConJ.nlln.U/dlraIC: or he m. vote prosperity o the Slat (which Institution elJoy the large an effort made In Ibis dlrllon by our cllzenl. lulllcienl, but Pope I oo Bcnnfield. Il b ) sa inTho es
crime I I.
) fearfully on thfljncrcusc.
) mail matter to from the cotton
4 ant etnl pound, but It will only require another and the of the city ) h." to sub l.We I.brr Frogi-ciM .f HaISI.re.
far delegate* ,10 vole on question oConvention. l'hue of depll ae fields for three day a every hoar I I.
llainbrtdge 4270a fully the above sensible remarks A tme
years* Congressional. experiment with labor t The ot the Instruction the folowlnl .111 to commence opr ed precious-iU least 1 l'op thok.nd an, plan. Here are some commercial statistics, which go
aalUly even cratler r.n.Uc than the great corninoner" I.ngulg (tion the death oB. DAVIS J Palmer ,and of the Flr'" We need a State prison. If* ten must submit. cu. nobody to show that Baltimore to going forward rapiJIy.

that a fatal mistake I I. made when Industry ."rither or totia* may delr." I U, therefore who died o th day l'rvIO..t *, twenty thousand dollars each; o man I Is convicted of any crime for the commission for a moment that Cu. \ IUPp The Gazette says t

( I ha tampered with. The d)11 I not fur diet atut evidunt lluil a|voter may vote (ur (Ultgatetla Yen.< M>. TONGK was noted Cklng. Opdyke, Sherman, 'Webb, of which/ punishment by fine, Imprisonment, a in three advance days'thai no contract Gen.or Pup tells with him Notwithstanding the extreme dullness uf

when Con'fl I will repent It blandt by offerIng tin CvntfHlian, without being r".ne to Vote for his devotion to Iso Southern C.11 Bogelt Eon, Murphy Chitten whipping or the pillory la prescribed by the Statute laborers, which deprive. Item of wages for any trade which has prevailed last year It Is gratify

f a bounty on every pound of cotton. r.II.' on the question of Convention. mole which he contributed, In JeM.rin. Bae and Cowden, ten lawsofFhorida'what is the result f Under longer time than that aeluall.unaumein reg ing, however, to note the steady advance whkh
.. : : meant, more than any other These parties command tlie present state affairs, ii Inconsistent with (staring or voting, b It enforced Baltimore U making as a great Southern commercial -
-. This being, fixed, our advice I that the whit! dol.eah them In prmitt b centre. Nothing shows this more plainIT -
RonniHY. daring II form of against
D4RIKO Tuesday night, a .,. ) of six huollr thousand dollars, which a "Itcpubllcan government, (Q whip or b three day In Dlr' I Bmb than the statement or the amount of duties received
t robbery wa commuted a named people of the 8 llo'MI.llol on t\t 9uutil of I The Confederacy received the pillory Then the only left to Imprison m.ler
) lgr doubled necessary to carry out their punishment I chUng It, ho he not a right to do say al the Baltimore Custom House. For the
I JOHN BUDJoR"' entered the bed-room oMr. Cmllil. but that (they shall vote only fur dtltfiittt cent donation (from Mr. TONUI b. They have purchased Tammany in our county JaiU or to fine. put a be bar, and 1 that'. the end of ll.1 Pop 1 year 1803 It wa 1,919,230; for the year 1SC4,

)L F. P4r In thl city, rifling hula pocket In such counlle* or dUtrlcU where they art soldier and Government, of remodelled the building, and mde U.II,
of money, Mr. P. happening to awake ions, bestowed by any one call but In thai cane, the States would have foot tears the State Into r I'uun' It throwsCounties :year to tbe large sum
"r.C In the ascendancy, or where by tam&inalionithey to issue a morning t b t together a dumpling. No of$4,603,064. For the current year, the duties
MW the ru.1 tbe.c"escaping, when be Wrests of the soldlen' fiimlliea, at and to ppr. lu sale at the hill. To Impose a fine upon the criminal, respect is Stale law in apportioning received up to' October 'lit 5 are .14,470,780. u

: sprung upon him but secured: only Isia bat. This, I may be able t eltt'Cntn.t" delegates. hi* constant solicitude. At one Telrph copy, subject C'mmeoc, of course, to inch ,'oullio no better, because In nine cists out often representation, t tbe effort seems to have been against $3,485,571 for the same period hut year,

however, gave a clue to hi* detection. Our vlgl- tender t the Government of forty I hereafter This. WIUI go t jail and the Stale would haveto directed alone to securing the complete African- at which rate Increase the total amount of
l)1...lr*>.. Fir. baoon u may b alble. lint Ion of tbe By the registration returns duties up lo December BIas will be nearly |6-
Marshal QUMLB took thee worth at another ( We know that first
city 841. up I.r ; forty pay exiienscs. at a
lot organ will under man 000,000. a far larger amount of customs than bat
About half nine last flre b officially promulgated, ixtnty-jlet out the thir
night a Rpbll Il.
e and soon after day-light hound that the rob pasl o'clok. were offered upon the altar of A. Duns formerly of the State prison would b very expensive to the State ty-nine cunutin which the Slate 0 divided ever been before received at (his port, and one

bee bad purchased a bat to replace the one broke out In the rear of the Clothing Store olMessrs. other time bll.shlrliug, anti editors Cbae Of the New York Tribune, In but It would Illnlllely. under proper 1101'cl.r white These l counties, which represents an Importation of merchandise
manRg mlurille.
t sod In a 1' minute bid him In arrest. Ou bl.pn PiuToiiif 4 CLAM, which soon communicated repeatedly were donated; and the of States ment, be a ,""reor rather than bad a law been pursued, to the extent of about $19,500,000 in gold near
with brother Un
of Mr. T. P.TATCM. le ly quadruple the Importation ui 18&, whIch
10 would have elected
Drugstore one-half if
11..lr fully not more of
found stolen which bad Uh him At
lut' .
some properly w e w peiine. any rate have a State prUon.11ltilltulll. double
1 eoyrtl Its will check amounted
Both were consumed, with Conkliog. object b to the Convention, but under Gen. in $3,466,458, and more than
a* hi. own, and soon after Ibo Iul"lnp' be would have willingly ottered absurdities, vagaries and vanities of 71'11 gerrymandering they will not bo POp'llklrl that of 1863, which amounted to $6,211.257.-

thief(old where ha bad thrown a bunch of kejs, their conient, except a small portion of Mr. Ta.TVM'I cur the Independence of the 11 and Times, and to ( the position .-- more than len out of lie forty-six." These are interesting figures. They need hlllc

which wa found at the place designated. goods. PUATOUICI& CLARK lot everything During the hut )year of the I.k The (1'oai.rrvuliv P.r'II. Trste C dcel.lr a comment, and they are worthy of a careful study,

This seem to an thief.- nut even saying their books, which, how. near his residence, a Soldier's,'a recognised- Republican organ the Stale Policy. .Of course the dUly of the white people' of the nol only by those who have the interest of Baltimore
; negro b Incorrigible In ft'Her The AuguMa and in the (ace of such is at heart, but by all those who really de-
with York" we en ImposItion
ever, notes, account, were CArrii 1)1 fully 11e glaring ,
he bad born the wounded and
i Only an evening before rld .1.U' -- : They should h"1 nothing lo do with lire to see in Baltimore a great emporium for Die
Bale consumed.
from jail for stealing and will ring anllm.y not have especially those from his own dotl thl supply of foreign good.1'
t gun froll OHIO ELECTION, the Lafayette (Ind.) question of Ihe Convention, pro or tW 0 will
The were owned by ISHAM BLAKB and says are sorry t la find thai in name of the Election C C
to take him home but than bullhng found home ami not advise against In those
money ; were partially was no lusurauce every all'ntloQ ha tltt the question of $r, Cbu' DistrIcts In which the negroes and Radical few ditttfict where they voting.( dclegle "In looking down the list of import* we dud
twelve bourn be back 01 In.ure Th. that their want and situation
was again, on a charge il will llntancy. that there have been luo
on the giNnla two parties wo "lark"d b remem have very largo there hi a disposition but we do counsel Imported 14,284 bags
a more serious nature. Take all and i it .rlhe ouplnl II.t we forbear a farther ctfort to lbs that In muJorlte. unbtl.lnII tl coffee against 130,130 bags during the some
I .11 day case volu on tbe the
one of the boldest of the store, w hose losses must b heavy. Volume could not contain o blr elelloo on the part of some good men to run opposition question Otntin"H period ant year. TItle to ft large increase. Baltimore
.. rbbrc The condemned Dr Chase would candidate I lor the Convention. This to cht, biolber HtrlMmf You ( coffi
Since the atljoining store occupied by leu.W. exceeded blat In .ulrg. extremely npr always has been a mot important
above wa WrUI'D. we ever IUOI'f.1 from the ad Grt would I Ills sentiments thai animal us, as we they wi market, and, with its enlarging Commerce and
an. b conceded
A UHOTOKB, u"I. very generally now.th.t ,
that a colored man, commonly called DOUGLAS, n E public spirit; and the Ilul'nre forward more The result animate every Gertl.n that goes to (Ibe t improving facilities, will no doubt maintain lu
KEMP ofMr. JILI41 HKTTON were in great danger, but foitu- (the sordid prominently. through want of orl.ll andw vote. Where tan to defeated, vole "
(not Duou. ,) wa (he chief mean. ample upon ,'hL Grant stand forth propl ri" position a* such.
discovering ibis Ihlcf which u ilely rraped. Their good were "moel but thing or thIs ha been th pricton ell directed and eaurt. on the part of defeat them ; tben is no hope of thl, stay -* ._ -
ro Ir. community at once the and of the Repub iroin the poll In
of glury the CouMrvathe to their influence away no vote either Hit-
course greatly bop over GUI. Dvu's
P. made him a fine present. The freedmen oilnug We regret that the of preserve Jor" or "otiinst monstrousfaret
should ferret C4IEr.Lo'. (' (rail blast when Ibo iU .1"111"1) party, \in Ii Cn"ld8) the nl'gl together with the fact that the Radical which CINIII" ToRT or MOBOAH'S Cavanay.-Aa article w nt-
out being would
I always to
b rOlue prnate to needed mihlrl put upon in the
eocOo InsplM to ten by Mr. Edward A. Pollard published
fire brkenl., and In a 'minutes hundreds of 0 deplore hi. loss; w e ellrc have been active, unscrupulousand you. Above rmmbr. that he who to not Bauthtm Unt Journal, at Baltimore on UKLast
DAN CA TELU>' GREAT Snow arrived yesterday people ""'r on baud, ready to asalsl In ..rr.tngtbe the country ; a lu* to apathy produced by the selfishness, vil (HTsislcnt in their Ib"mt for alienating the with ui, i II against ; temporizing and affil Council Board of the Southern Confederacy

and the grand cavalcadu 'of Knlghll flumes and gating goodi The freedmen, a* t the community | A an a I" I lo the Imbecility of poltll.n. Beside, tile negroes from their former master and present biting with radical mlk ratluuUt of them all ," ha been extensively copied in the Northern
: steel and and main Armn.wltolU, reticence and patriotbui best the (black almost -. It to a bold and barefaced pUgiarum
.- a. burlbbel armor, the grandest t.tur they always .1"I.b.re with might ; destitute| a* a loss to the t'burb the frlen.l will\ unanimouslyVote The Prcuprrt of fvtl. P..aa. pres Cavalry." w nhtCU
the Bcaiti free and untruuimelct and tbe their It said a bead the GernmepL He : ul Ik ket. will from "The History oT Morgan*
King men, to u Opposition -
al his douatioua Whatever uutaace
b the
o pr a to Ihu to and of I.rouc may b quantity of cotton pro by Gen. Duke Ail Its Idea, and In some
r UfO U top of the cage, made quite a gorgeous contributed( all (Ihe aid! lu power. Tbe wlnl..nd to all the & liberty, 1 1 possesses ellenl a no other el.t than to bring to the poll every duced thi. season, I seeiu* certain from all accounts its very word, have been stolen by Mr. 1wlard

I in their man'h around the dry. At two great DAN scot his torches at convenient point (*surpassed of auy other. leer. be thousands of Republican npjoter and intensify his feeling I I favor of that the pllnteJ wilt rive little remuneration wilhout a word of credU to Gen. Duke;"

o'clock In the afternoon, the CM performance uf which served lo light up the *oeue and Ihu enabled massive Corinthian. column tired of supporting a party 1 bL Itthe rool".llvt In these negro fur IL -i negroes, by their Indp. Thus, Mr. Pollard says,in pulling word* IntO the
t a prly. don ( labor, have discouraged the Davis .
1 dominated :
unfaithful President
and of
by Ir mouth
: DAN' celebrated lron ol ( and Aero- Ihe the good strew ed iu incompetent di will not refuse to canditlotesfur
I | EqimilrUui guards pl.icrd over edifice that bib wit his fall, and and thousand of who only run ftur elor Those who paid rent for planta The arm to could be re-assembled. and UW
: bat ".a given t quite I respwtuble audience, the attcel lo see w hat wa going on take huts place. Dmont too, the Convention, but will, I a body abstain actually lost money by the cotton cul- would be new call for enlistments and new 1a j -

and we learn from those who all'nd that the We 1"1,'lnei many tires hi our good old t These acts recorded by the from U by horde peculator who from going to the 11.II, they will thereby/lessen O'"tiO The low pries o ctt to t1discour- cenlive lo the country's service. .He said< rVCn him

whole entertainment .quite toall city i we never saw the freedmen work ./ Ub venal Colrun recommenda the ardtr anti cool the enthusiasm ol the 'gog.t Atlanta and pt U to wiling the few hundred men he yet counted around
aUrllor monument to that n"lcal. the paniC
h memory cents which u tlie war until
pnl specially thu "little ruk. The w jib a greater will lion on list ulht Wherever eua leeches venal the I O'mC" fast who, finding no opposition to their ticket, vt ill, rather ODI.0 Ua aOullQ te price obtained in specie I had were passed enough away to prolong. and they would then De a uucleu

''er good, getting off l'UUI'rU new there was danger, or goods to 1 lve or water TUB BOOTBCU MAIL.-The lik upon Tuul. wou" at in many instances, fall t turn out on election 1 HK for thousand more.

joke the leaping w.n \'ul. and the riding 11 b supplied, l uy..re present, and we are bir of the 13tb hurt, say*-" We k to our ad carried )Grant. I day, In this way many thousands II the State made Then It i Is true, cotton could be profitably word of this la taken from Gen. Duke'
of Ihe tore hi at seven cents for all Every
the best that price were corres
our city has witnessed for Ihe ,1.101
thai universal sentiment I from P01
r.ny iday. sure we urn. without ouiyualla, aud a may b prevented voting at 573. Again Mr.
a of cultivation above stated
-11 all expense work page
over and Ihfough J"lnlylw. Ti
I Mr. 'lb8 1
CI.IL D.N"* b.-bk r.lt'r. when 1011411 TUIJ fur contributing I muchto the freedman who the &e lid'nUa ._a another year I not at
_r1 I bids fair t be, tube U not already the i-lmmpion stopv hat at one lime bade lair to I b au extensive BrooksvDlo dee b conic of the plt1 II which case of GOVEHSOH OJ MASSACHUSETTS.-John Quincy probable that the freedmen will b I L Idu a lard quote; chief 10passionate

1 rider of Aineriea. The ", Nol only by did t Do the Ifi.alr1 parceled out, every Adam has written a letter accepting the democratic een under the stimulus of t "No. no r exclaimed the unhappy width
rulrlulnlett.1 'e contlllu example that be had no umcient borne c. 'I will bear ono plan
niog,when Just, country rejoice.- nomination for Governor of Massachusetts. pensation. Having control of the government aecents.
ought i ,
approaching moot iiilvrrating tl.y.huw people A. to but by preceptdid time with. How long are we o t t the cotton.grow ing State with the of has for urn object only my safety. Then 5P' '
r part, .Interrupted by the tire, 'bleb L noticed they show them how .preserve order. poat-d upon f Mr. lleed as he would be, t save a inking p"1. He declare that the recent course of the republican the Federal army they w ill become more support thoroughly tog slowly and with a deep and!r fr'

u r elsewhere, and the audience wire couavqueutl Too much praise cannot b b'wl upon the have the Wi this ao business, b free front party tmmel. /ce party b been such a* to destroy his confi demoralized and indolent than ever. 1 change settling on fflHS3ssf

t deprived of the pleasure o 1 witiuiuiing th beat military CII"ail| Hoi.LUTCU, commanding the remedy this evil o? If not, we do to public leader Sul a President dentin i il> He think it ha shown great in- Ulaiion some of the tlie they .ill use the p'e ok. when bopeis all good the Alas,

feature. o the Bbow. DAS give another Pl Misled by BvL Major UrWL and Lieut. t taryulburill.. will take the now lee who bo no particu competency IB dealing with the question uf finance the extent to ofcoafiacalion.hind and consent to her ." Ue sSS al

exhibition thin afternoon for lUe vbtUlrvn, and NXUI. .everywhere assisting by judicious We fuel assured that the P O. t reward 0 enemy to punish at his and txln. and d"oounc the tariff a* The cotton mautur we notice are now down In silence ; every one in

; all ahoulJ attend the ,$*at. tonight "hen will counsel and a proper dupi ilion of his men iu would correct thl. expense.IK nothing more than l legalized robbery. He says beginning t cotton tax, which ted him too much to reply. -udjenly
I'1 l b presented a I Oiport| unity of judging the preserving order and preventing waste and pillage. Washington p.- that unless these evil the overburdened they allege destroys the cotton trade, and addedto A eight U year* appeared *>The e-2 eyes acre
o were by .. crted aunVrer.
Uralau ill tlricken
r.pf.ot.tiuu ( Waul the the of their fallen on the
me on product w -
of Moral
u true r. C. Exhibition. None except those who have ilnesscd afire taxpayer will of "I mi foe fccei and so uncertain
merl bn Ime
lmbLc in the pinched
Ib.lli" of the (full eon cribs of the bent out of the market uneasy
I we a confident will leave a vtry "sor.I in the very heart of a cluster uf buildIng We commend this complaint iw feel Slh says reason in declaring in favor of rpuJin. Believing ,-bol subject to British At the and tottering was his step that Gen w buinndge

I able Imprcaidon.ConnotU'd with no fire department ) no fire apparatus .cN. we cal."upon that the democratic party proposes a remedy meeting to Philadelphia this subject the moved lo his side, and, gIVI1i*JrvVorlarm
of the o
aI a people South Florida too lavish fO4)inOt
with DAs Circu i I. a flue collcctiooof baud, w Uh hundred of excited people running t our people against a W I for the national troubles, he consents to cotton muufactureraUeged that utiLe whole supported him from his

: I lure alal.mog which I an EU>phuntuvenl hither and thither, can appreciate the confusion J KD ---__ of rn. Notwithstanding the i iU candidate for O"fcrao. b ouiounl of thus tax imputed on cotton of thegmwibofthis.eauuontsuta was spoken. Gum- puhe, "*,*lat
small from
is stolen
yield and Western port, though This also,
Lion, a fine Bengal Tlgor, Ac. Our > The 0 t Nor -- ----
po attending inch au ; but those who have Richmond Dupatck says: collected would the will do much I"

I pIe abould .ni thenuelvr of thU chance to see witnessed such ft le ennt can readily understand the internal revenue deportment in of the agpo there certain ha districts been a partial which Te Nashville O1 bays: The *" o Half of the r ot Trr.tx. -,1 Ce tract ItttnUim.from: the Tide reputation exposure Mr. pflrdbai *cq< ;

thete An plenty o time beiug allowed to the good a calm, cool man, clothed w jUt authority Tuesday made a descent on the T6 fought against the mother cnl'because cousumej by expenses cetl. o I bun al s i
.t before the Circu commence. can accomplish. To Captain his of a gentleman living the b supplied from others -more irun.te'; they were taxed without being .1\1 ed representation direct way ael.1 from ed during the war, and sump i itS Tf
10LlE a la Low to of rule tow and in describing
.. there latin Impostor
b sprung up Europe a in the c 1 i may
officer and fur For
4 T. rrrlBhl we tender the of the entire I for some d.mt b: than two yean have ly nominal the cot .
A friend who pociiiun to know writts tab cwwuoil' manufacturing g I te ct ad any i .-
( W. -
l : the United
.TU dlfcr"nc I I shipping at present by U Th origin 0&e fr U involved I mjuery. way. Two tobacco 1.I and ] I toni that 8 ctbusheh see ii been taxed .they never w ere before and a denied ton.lel.ad latest intelligence I that the Corcnatr-I hitched mv cbji r >ied*
& dt> not however think it th per 'ck rcpmentatioQ in the promise remarkably !?
wo the work of pound ol tobacco seised. a that we and shuddering
I )fark.toNewYorkis i $1 W per bale of 500 Ib*. a wer : to York the Lgawr \fJ Our manufacturers and grower ct will up to her-n. she sty eyes
incendiary. When or rather when there several ae tbt pn these mace. If Radical o a I've been .Werti.g attef you .:
I In iu f'G. The reduced rate* cf (night di'vered a uber pra indicate of l c c Q"nb" b driven out of the market at ho ad .b Sally of
ken of of M. the alarm w a* given, b progressed too tar to same kind In the city, and the 'Q T. a dlul grain b'aw.lke: our "lclt utr al this foreign Tbe u O the fool of your sole lo the bead .J'ouff on .f
a uftiuree
I grow cwblu.Uua : which will Cput it.
o ; but the general Impression that ter 1 S." probably pN tyranny, we may 1 well accept the soubriquet, remedy for il- 0 the. come and I don't caw who nose EphjnbM ""*
of ateamen off the fourth hue. b I I Ihem screech
run fetch
t They have home another Radical financial and With that she a
& it was one those fortuitous burning that ._a price a bir ba .they d and make I policy, pll-\...
reduced the rates n she sex ;
transportation V cwh b.p cro is1dLrarm-
o front pen, ao body know how. A TEXT AKD A CMIUT.- rnd a taut l some part* of the "I'niahr
h fork I&imMMk one-half; but d not touch Ihorale I Is ignorance" to all-take rare of STATE FISAXCKS 'e. 41 *
-s- says 1. say &er or AL.-T Montgomery The election new*, lay*the New York Courier, Sally sex I-
peril to the of
1: I between Bavanaan and New York A prairie fire o the Ilh Instant,swept into thet.uvernmenI institution of cause the good il ( -a" Advertiser o t 18t l ti the (rout Pennsj Ivania and Ohio ihte .eek broughtuptusthessurtaceagiettweny *- Gklrv" says she. bldin lust kuijompswfltSdlince.
Utjj I Tba diffsreuc.of$1Nsbaitth. baaed ougftt al Furl Ransom, Dakotah thai the CU. I .a Alabama Stale note are eagerly sought tftrv- poIiiMian, w b t gnlutiitsI!
li cent which I ill now .tk'a Trbune. NOMD.n.R THE Pn hate, for ft long been lying torpid in Hooray-hooray r bvl ht
I ttLf I further expectt difference, b cud destroyed a the Government h".- in 750.000 n t great body .-Tbe Galena \11 Oa'I uf to ft I But few of the note a being presented for redemption hole, like t load in the winter tone. With that fsarter sluabed .ysrlUw5 biseriouot
of 80
j ru a The I fro ran lot a hl-b camp end geuce lb'll' with hypocrisy election to rrg t Ute ,I County &b l Jnbk T e notes a perfectly New Io bm taken poasessjoa j of than, and ihey and clinched. Talk about your night
LI. ,- 1M bale. ten ten .vn Sin, ** the will their ibeu Oiuoul Olu.biuO'* strew
inure will dingy scour ba-hit
t up aruuor.
p bat dat.d thus th ballot U o tei dl giving .b 6.iMf
upon placing
lo !ly.sus. 6. for President subject c. a I Ef Soily's
% 'I .lbs ( to companies were to dvt- t I rusty once more essay place and o" can be
J luc b1 be lht tci u f of a million. of tlie : of the N.r Republican cvn.t at t ba. &d increase ence. Go .d Jane thai iu. tnd utul. 115 $in JI detwat W
cc r o u B. p' JIt, I the land 1.,. leek facilities 0 t. peopl 'paying their ui<* turning U b1-I.t b bsd' I da Uitrve I'd *u>d all sutav

-- ---------- -------
: The military undiT Gen Granger, and the city -- -- ----- -1 1 _

police will be ttpt on duly all night. The Jxills i- t1l. dcrticincnt.REMOVED OHIO HEAD-QUARTERS FOR BARGAINS. Books and Stationery

=-- H will J1I'n'lo'hlorro ', It Is impossible to tell
FBOM the State tins gone.

Oct. 20, noon.-The ttnllnn twp -
ieppatfronUcfhTe, been reinforced andLrossod FROM: CHARLESTON.: -- -- OLD BOOK
effort made to guard the wliolc fronior CHARLESTON, Oct. 21.-Tha nicmbcrj of the, -. p

ItAly I ts greatly encltcd lit the threat of Congrcssioimt Railroad Comnilttrc addressed a A. T T JS ST rr ION !
< meeting citizens of llibernlrt Hull tonight.Gen. HAVE GONE I I \NOW RECEIVING MT FALL STOCK OF
tolerrenUmi.Boxs of works In
French : Canby has ordered tlic regular election of .ok. consisting every depart
Oct 20', noon.-Iteporls lo. Friday rep- \ Mlt\ THE PEOPLE OF ---- ---- -
offlcors not t to be held allllhe Tt.IFF
municipal notice
fight at JferoU during which the Jand vicinity, (Rail.coil ) Literature Law Medicine
oll fierce provided by the city ordinance not to I I.* j>uti. their Interest, the bode now opening At I lie Jtr
Paral troop* recaptnred the town. The Gnrlbnldi.ni lished.A r. and
GREAT t.1 .
suffered a All the Intc-l wnrks of Flclo.In cloth a*t paper.

VARIETY STORE Hhink nook of every .
BALTIMORE.I All tf Writing Paper, large .nd small, plain
B KLTI vone, October 22.John Bow rrs killed and (cnn.

BU.TIMOKE' Oct. 81p. m.-Th Synod, after Elislin ,Brady,, a well known nard 1 poliikUnto : -!' WILL O-O ALSO I Envt'1o1uof. errry sue and qnalltr.
IliscQ..non.l referred the mailer of union of ,' K lrrhll.l rA .el'hMle.fold Pens and Pencils.
.Ion I !? lay. The qunrrrl) originnted In the rutting Finn "
the Old and New School to tho Union Committee of the halyards of ft Democratic pole erected,! COXS1STIXO '1 TART OF FALL AND \WliiTEB' PhotoKraph Alb"mft. ,
with resolutions! of Presbyteries. The ? GOODS W.llnl n..k.
In the Twentieth Ward.FROM small,
IheW will lead to Ilrlr
svnod hopes that a nuuiteil > Crockery, Lamps, Hardware, Fire 1 "re'n..

;;; church not only.In doctrine I ,but In spirit, GREGORY &ARCIIERnAVEREMoEI Wall 1'iiirr, I'Isylng Curd,"t',
IInd' ''OTft CUTLERY ercrjihing n cful and fancy usually found In a
tnith :' Oclolior 2;?.-Hnyrs "l1kllllll1l1'
At the Lowest Prices BOOK STORE.
FROM W4SI1INGTON. jority in Ohio, 2,110. :\ To '1F STORt ONE & Tinware atKIRKSEY
: rE.i. 1 where Woodenr.Wilow Hiving bnovhl Ibo above for Cash
I \
T..e Indians and IEI11
,Pence Commissioners\ have uluAIYly.1
2O'uoon-Judgo: ; : Redflcldof be .
WAiHisofos, mny f.iund a f,1 iortnieul of lure sin iirppnrprl lo (111( any order nn .low
\ sails for England to consummate ht'ld! another council nt .Mcdlclrte: Lodge. The Boots and Shoes cnn lIe bought at In the gnnth.

m-ttlcmentofthcTrenholm-Fraser affairs!! on the Indinnx talked pence. nntros, I. JOlN )JDOCOAL

Ms adopted by th OovemmcTit and American On nn ir.tormat, [ ballot of'tli' Tennfi'eAI"- \ /<\_. Hats and Caps, & JOH.NSON'S.: October .

lature, the House! voted for Brownlow and time MEmciNF.s.:
partners.-Gen. Grant has ordered the trial*or Capt. !Sheaf'- Senate for Stohcs.: A Joint session! will lie held! Dry Goods and Clothing. -.- .JlS'l RECEIVED ,

the murder ol CutS Shepherd near Mobile. to-day when Bronulow will probably be cKrtcd.Tnslice CHEMICALS

flf In allomlacot1ed Snbrnntc doan :Miller ban oruYied Mnn[ >liy, tIme limit:,, The, ahoro CooiU Are ITcrcd at (lurker' Hi it tmi't It. fCnmrrt" and' U JO"riuA.
Mexican grant sell I turin 1"\ POSIII\K FACT
burner, lo be taken 10'I' oL Tennessee, lo .ait. I IT \\laIHIlsulinoI AT I rM I'lill E IN -0-
> n
confirmed to Maria del Rosario de VATENT MEDICINES( I thin I
Jacinto .e 1'1'1"1111.1 .. h'eco.hlr Ir.ll I I. the hot cM.lrnce l
embrace forty-eight tliousand the proceedings of the civil courts. 1"1 I I. .1.1.11| | hl. I h In qut ill ty nn.l' niylis ntcomlii, A i well O hurl ta. ahl111o !MO SACKS LIVERPOOL SALT
\rqulrre-tract Groceries I II, esi ' Ward ( sent will InKe
ACre within eighteen mites of San Antonio. meetings are being held lu fivor >r, niul DYE STUFFS, 1'III.elllh'I'k 011.1.ly Inl, s. I 10( I finis Shoulders,

I'llIbalhmllng In Plilbdelphin' to support| ( Ilirrels
WAsamoTOH Oci 21, p. m.-One million Miss Pork,

three hundred andsevenly-Oircethonsnnd! dollars!! for General the Presidency.Howard says the negro r'OIIIIIlIi] 1ms PETROLEUM, T.TQrcm( C.\> 'I!) I.UIT ..IKI.LIES, Cotton,,Hides. Talow. Beeswax, Bacon, .11)M l TienC 8iiar Idr.l.) Cured Hams, .

hare been expended on reconstruction up to date.: M") Firkins, and Kegs Ex. Goshcn Butter
decreased oxer n million and n finnrtiT) inre their ('ON'lKXSKl: aiiilCiU'MRV 1'UODft geiaeun11m-. f.r |IKIC| | *| ni.iiXel .rlcr nlll de ,
Indebtedness Southern Railroads to the Government ) )1.1. &: :'., d-i well to examine i.ur. Stork and Price. "Ikh 1. | ptilil. I'urehscn' will M' U.IXM Clieese '
Is between six and seven millions. emancipation.: Fancy and Toilet Articles. 81: C'aJdies Ulack and, Green Tea,

Fancy and Toilet Articles :'-&ivi' -: (' .\ IWE ( SlIl\VIN< } ( ) ) 40 lao. Coffee,
Ql"t8TIOX.PAnt. 3y Pltysk.intis' care- NOTIU FOJ (((( .J 20 I')I'a' Biking Soda,
FROM lUCHMOm: 11'cscritilll I dues ,
October S3.: -The Moniieur( Family
tlmls 10
RICHMOND Oct. 21, .p.: m.-This afternoon In lie oflirhil.. nrlii lo. announces the cessationof l fulljr (compounded. PIPES: AND TOIl.UVO, JAS. KIKKSEY.Oelober L. E. JOHNSON. Barrels t\
SO do White Meal
Ilnnnicutt, In a speech on the _Capitol Square warlike preparations ngaini/ ) Italy ntid says Oct.- 2S'C7. -- 1 POCKKT : IS, l IN17.; 8ln 2.1 ) do Mackerel,,

denounced Northern men here. One of them France beheld the ,f (eT.lm\ lot( Barrels
sx-cliiIe| ( an invasion of Lime lime --- = l'otll"1 .
!II! -
aid Hunnlcntt& was a damned; liar.'. The negrre the Pninl| Slates' by nnnc.l Kinds, (Vom the, IIdplI.: M. ; = RO Barrels Onlllll II) H'ks Rice,

atl'mpled1Iob\ him and.caught an unofTcnd- l boring prox'luces of Italy Site could not consistently I <'A BRLS OF NORTIIFKN LIME jut rrceltcd McCORMICK. :BrU'Y AND: : EAT.: IWM 10) Gross Bushels WbUel'un.

ing Dutchman( and wereibont to kin Win when with her and lU l hy I to.: It. MKIilNM I ; !*. Octis n-if Century Tobacco
duly dignity luitionnl: : honor, O.ta'i 11-41 10} Boxes Tobacco.
the police rescued him. The negroes followed stiller the ScptemlHT C'oiiM'iitlnn, In lie thus \101111 -- i .1 II) and 10 Boxes T"I.cl'o.

him to the Station House, throwing stones verydiiimlerly <'11. So.ihc |iirpared' I toxin. ) in army across. law. Books Stationery and MusicAT I --- :.10 Ruts Bourbon and n.'iled Whl kl''a,
aAH quiet ''now: There Is much excitement Bankrupt t Cases Plantation ,
the nnda fleet In tiomi(
Alps Hut I Itnly has .T llnrrels' Refined{
In regard to the elections. r-pue u. COURTs TIIK: I ii.l llerrl .l nn.l in IIIUM ill ull .lls'. .iey nnd .f Sugars,
since Nupply
lulnl 20 Bbls
given ample pledge in on her part J. are (elCtT ASlllHnCT, 1'1& Syrup and Molasses,
open In hunkrnplry -
the obligations( of the treaty in tlic l ioadc.st sensemiiM'quciitty iiuil a UigiM., r (la.h"r In thcili>thuigcof lime NEW BOOK STORE. and a largo stock of

FROM NEW ORLEANS. i' all hostile pivimralions Imxchccn dulle As nn Attorney o.III"UII"r.rnld. conn, ... GROCERIES AND FAMILY SUPPLIES
I offer service, -- FAMILY GROCERIES.
XEW ORLEANS, Oct II, p. m.-Special Orders suspended by France." my reool.hlu I'rl" iho.e ,
| ileMring to thu, uf tim,.,
No. 166 declares the total vote of the State olLouiiiana FLORF.NCK, Oetoln-r 50: .-It Is niwrlvd that anillhem.elna ben"llo ])00"", NCIIOOI. IIOOIiN. The most FRANK
at the election 'of September 27 and law.lti voluntary, bankruptcy the. h"I..II tm unforlunitudeblor > popular\ Novel houml In ,,1,11 I nnd pnticr.; AT THE NEW CASH STORE OF SMITI. BRO..
Garibaldi has not rliutud PoiitM .
only tie \lgilunceolllie.lovc'riuiR'iit who Is unalilu lo tile W.r *. Mii'lc lt..ok, ( Prnycr 1 \ II"rlt.
|I';i\ uVhti In ( II .k
2> In muking his escape fioiu 'll'Jlft'fII. who owe innrallmn,, $.M 0, Hymn ( ami I'r.h'rlllll"") ,
the purpose of establishing, a Constitution andeh all lila property ( ii..Us. hohi 1..1 .lr..II'.rlj. l.t Pwilinorty, MulhodlM. l 110.11.111,1111.>l | | f'hn.1
but has succeeded fe.1
I r.ii; hlnj Italy( ami. .. I'II'III" &, H.ioU. Sunday ", 1 ;
nit *ir.nlui d $ tM), ,,
for State ire. nt 111,1 a tnrt I .. 'iMlninimV !Pumhiy
il loyal 1 to the CniOli. ,
government Is now with his MIII Menotli[ eclfunil, fniully, I of the Au :.auml 8. hnnl Tli'kcis. A. F. SPILLER NEW GOODS
to be ';79,174 of which 73.083 were for a Convention The 'nIlIHI..rllllrri.IH, Is not ended. under ulI'rlcc.1IIIe .I In lone tu &""X"I'I.Ion '.AKER-Fonl..p. 1"I'r. l.gnnnil\ I.o'cr' ,

4,008 agatnsf! and 85 blank. r'A majority of Thump.nl'a 111".1'01"! I.OIIII".r, 1..MI, |lace Cop.. N"tl Plain al.1 Bi. Pirfuina Note, Hlnnk ,
General C'ialdini is imalite to f f.rm a new cnlnInet 1 K0>.- be I t lute di tie, hut ll kind nnil d"II"ol., NEW STYLES
I the
I"'y from.1 ., 1. 11 war or
the whole number registered having voted and a [ and has pl\en\ tip tiu,' H: .k. It Is \jxisslbld! l.cll..I.lu>ldbo mud Muiih, Is,itt- a ENVELOPES. ,11'11' lid. ftIO'N" ,
of the for : not he nnle.* IRan' of nil klndi 'tor \ls,4.Lead ; Flour, Hiroii.l.nr.t.triii. Slureli,' Riot, Tolmoo, C'linrn, Senses, Cuci-s .
majority vote cast being a Convention that nlllll77.1111 remain in ,1 granted thenrnetiiof the tllr. | \ ,nilvcOII.B.h.ul t Oil'ColE'
ofllee .
with [
perhapsa bankrupt II tty tbe ctiilin: ,. r'n'I..lh.r Ilhh'r I 1'al. Frcmh ,', > t'l'l'., 1' ., Birnln Wo'r -ro
pav c"III.r ni;>lnt "I''j 1..11.1..1.1. | 'I"m".Ollol' Suit, Null.
a< prescribed! by acts of Congress, the .delegates few changes Ills 1II1111.lr)'. The |x'puliir agi hlsinlati', .' Nn II too I. Ih'r.f.r. l.i hi, |,.,. .|Pith.| Dm Pencil Ink. ,1.1 I ; .Indelible, Keru""lo Oi. t.I"I.I..i. 'l'U'"II') ""I'kl. Ketohul"| %'.. Ilr.tCale.j iluuols A Shots.s'tiia .
tli-clcd at said Convention hereinafter named lion for Middle t lorida alt
as t.tlollis'er,)" great, 1111,1/111 cxtr"II\'I'I.illl'r, feelIng of Ibo District, Court at niu.l Tallnluuwcr, Ol'd", and,lit time, I lerk Sin, t Knuwra: Siallmierit' Cum: EII-Lle"luu.I., : 4JOOI II.I..IITH, I'lor.'Apl.trn; \ T'nictn-uu. I'urh.Ji'llli-n, Ac. Ar. In Curt nt'r,.
arc hotlflcd to aswmMo Id :'convention at Mecbanlca' Is show against France., mm hill the. Government the court $ 0 nml tut .iliponlied uiiilerlheruleof with I the Steel Punt of evury III.I, nnil, ll.u lnl.Inkatand C Ihlll gunid t' cit. I 1'II''I.llh.|| |.lnrv' -the old Clued. of L'IAI. IIUTCIIINMUN I tnt t'.I.II.. FALL F AND WINTER OF 18671
Institute Hall at city of.Now Orleans, clerk at time uf nil h.I.. IluuuIgrnlhi' | Album,
is loaded with lies (for yielding In ofming 1'.1110110 ..rcont*, Ac. '
repront I'nrkrt Alhnim, I'h.ln .
The bankrupt tile I., ..,'. | | 0..1 10" A. F.
La. November 83d 1867 for the may feeoutof 8PILLER.T.loll".c"
Saturday purpose the dictation of Napoleon.' Se\er t demonstruUous bis ealato before thump"rO'\e I. ,) ISK8.r.llob1.lc' rlilnii Fluid. .'r.n1.1a. .
stated according to the acts Congress ol of bltlign/lilolllll\\"o been miide., The relhlol.. J. I'EELEIl. let Copying Ink, Arnul.ru Urtiln* Kluli), 1).yhl.' Oi-lolier' I\ tM';?. I.11 -.-
|mpnlaco ,, '
Ink, Firnrh '
WrltliiK Cnrniluc
M.irch 2d and 23d, 186?. The order then recapitulates In great crowds are beneath the windows If Orrita ON FIRST FLoon or STATE RAM.n C"rlinc LadlrV Cnntlnriilnl Ink. .* atimi Dnrell't .

the names delegates elected. Signed of the Government olllee shouting for Rome as Uc 2 Drawing. .Paper, nil pin,"., "I'liulng, Piiprr bloWnPl..r. / FALL OPENING I I
command Brevet General A. --- W. R.
by Major Joseph Wilson & Bro.
Mower.[ J .=. < the capital of Italy.FROM. Notice in Bankruptcy. "nil II.JI'I.-VI.lh'l.,' .Crjulal.. llrl.li.l Ilimrd,. Wedding j .' LIYELY:

GEO. L. nRT8Crr! ', Assistant Adjutant Gen .VVCfST.V.AcornTA ; lelldllh.rll... 1"111'1, Wax, Pnrnlli-l UiiMicr VRK NOW RECEIVING
T la 10 gl lye 11le that on III*8U| iUy of Oo- .' ,,,I h, Writing (Peek, 1'arlKolliw. THEIR STOCK Of
Oct. 23.: -The Itepubllcnns\ have A. I). I MILLINERYMissE.
eral.A Inbr a warot In bankruptcy, 'e., .nd I'Virjliilnir rl.I'| fnunil Ins
WW n.nolv
ship.load emigrants: has arrived from Eu nominated (follow lug! .tieket for the 18lh Senatorial la.'In.llh. estate of "(IIUI. M. I HUN, of flunk Store( and I nm, |l'r"I",1| I, any, pelt-non Fall and Winter
the eouulj of Iron hl.ilu cf lower tirm than they run, lie hoiiihl In the Al'- Gods
Dialrii Foster B. city.
rpebussre, permitted to come to the city. it Iliodgctt); IL Bullock ., a l.nnknipt' on bin j Any and that AND
The thlp[ .Is"ordered to anchor below the city until B. Canley,' P. E.' Bryant, Simon Beard John, 'Iurd.'IU"n ; that thu '\ud ol' nnjf, d.-.|. or do. I unto .YI'lhlnl n'red 1.a "all.dIhlt Which imihriiccs a. complete assortment la lh. fol-
J. STEPHENSON'S.MISS |lowtlg| vIscera| -
itura.J. :i1.itliea'
the emigrants are laken on board a steamboat Neal and Alexander Stone live whites and two livery ( )proptTty nrlonxlnx I" i>m'h bankrupt; l>. ''ICICIII.OiV. |
to lila or f" his ace and the .
an,1 l conveyed North without landing. blacks.' The party seem confident of carrying t..f'r.r uny l'r"I''r. hut IS _0- DrcNit Jooiln
'. ly by him are forbidden by ; I Ibll a un ctlnir of -- --- DKALKHINTALLAHASSEE: Trimmings l.cNUluvl'R.l'lnRk
>>> the Convention question.. The Conservatives, or the eredlor nfiald biinkmct" to prom. thHr ili-lil STEt'I.Sloo: II \s JW Eiubrolileries, Slampc'i

IMPORTANT FROM EtROPE. antl-ConveullouItilt\ ) fa\or the of and l.hoUe or more ai'elgiiu-t's' of tile mliittt' wi Dr. BELLSAromato ( t ork .llliIhuhiiwl (
policy ( llraiilingetiliyr) Goods
be bed si Iho Court of U.iukiupli-y lu bu ileicant mnl i''''ph.iv' .1 loel> 11111. ,
Rout,' October! 19.-The French minister at voting neither for or agaiiiHl tho Convention, but the .r the Rirutr In Iho M.irlno, Hunk UulldInir Vegetable Saponaceous of Mllllnury Ocr lr""Rhll" I tile .I'ily 1'11'1.| Jllmor"I., Opera r lannels, Rnf-

Rome baa Informed the Pope,In the name of Napoleon to vote only for delegates.! 8e\'nll'lIlwra, advocate lu tbu. ally uf T.\III.u.ee.|| | e."tv.1 Leon, Hliiio, UUMlllltlMI lit !., ., .
of lief'<>re Itnjhter' In Kink- .
that whatever might happen the aid of this line w hllu others strcnuonhly urge time Florll.. .. II day of lhorl., A.I I 11(17, at .. ..... Hu,.. .Ii.rbssse.
.. 100'c ock. A. I. )REVENTS DECAY d''lr.). Tnrtitr on lh> HUpln Dry Ooo.l,, DmiU soil Shore. Usls sad
to the Pope's. temporal power people to keep away flout Iii poll and take no PI.ea. USIhiso. 'c'h s-ic. ,
ALEX. HACKCUFK; L Teeth Inn Brralh.nnil I nuikc, the let lit Cup'*, Kradv Ma would not fail. put t Iu tin1 CltCtiti.FROM U. Marshal of S.nb,' |hiet.' of fit., beautifully a t'lrln.lilt,. For ..lu l") .. ...... I.U4-r, Tin W.r .. ..CI"lhlnl.Nal.'Mcky..1,1 Wo.

Th garrison at 'Rome' baa been reinforced, 8 by 8. I. 1111111" I IT*, M 1.I..l.Ocloher Ornnntritlo .SillS, Jet, .'1... j Our Hlock of Urmitrli'..|ls *,* good r Be.,
1H. IM7. 0 IUiu, Lord, .,. ,
: [ TilE PACIFIC COAST.SAN MarshaL undid ( .u"lula. Te
and the town of Orto recaptured from the Gari- .it-Ill ,1.. ] It.", Soap, II.r.b\.I'uwd ,, ., Crti
tuliliana.FumBxcE. !' FR.II>CIMO, Oct. 19.! -Tim Ooldni, bite: Ocl2 English Chest Protectors Also a Urge' t.' incut ,iFRENCHFLOWERS 1. I.udl. !ero.cle oil and many kr.

for Panama takes f: 00,0 October 19.-The ministerial credit over > treasure.Among i iand I
For Lease and Sale. ,
bos> occurred., i Rutazzi has. resigned.: ..CUUllnamaceeds. the pawicngcni are Senators ('nn'II",' and rFFImCTUALI.y: DEFENDS Tlr('IIFSTfrnm4'ul : In hu, i article foiind, hi lintloe THE WOAS'a FRIEND
!Stewart JObll'OD.11111 RepreMiiilntive (:itm nilsMcCook 4 0".11.111. ." :
( k
I Wil. NOW ., I Im IIPII, itt Ibo ill'Ilia'ikin .I.hl..u..I. 11" .1 '
It is reported that Garibaldi escaped from Ca. and French. .. renmrknlile for Its bealib and flue water ,1 Putty with w"rl wl'.k lunv "Imil coltl- IM-.IU flitted greatest ,.r', I In rrlnrn, DOBBIN'S ELEOTRIO SOAP I
S"I'run| i or ol'ji'rl In ,
The Continental has arrived from :M.i/atlun, and cnlhdnl"l, alonl 01 acre of ('I."re u\nd, hiiulil, Im C lihnnl run, dcirlnit the \lug thinks fur |um pstron.ie| ,so 11'r.ll, liiNtnwrd,, I FLORIDA
(irera, and is now iu Italy. for $ ( ,. .lnLer. .In. invites I III *,
\ I Ih.Y"lr I" Thu ." |; to Ki-coinini-nili'il lijr the Mi'.Mcnl I lliroiil enriiuMily" a I vuioi. Welnvl. the pulilla to cismlBs our Block which
Fxculiy |
TOCLOB, October 21.-General Dumont has with 1100,000 In treasure. purchiue I his ,projicrtr enumerated "10.1 t out lie wurlil. For ache at the Drug Kion, ..fM. ( ."rl.1 all that .effort wiI lie puml lu ph. e.ufMIer.frorn b. |I.ob.ld cnllrely,

arrived, and the troopa'are now embarking In U I"I Mule" ,. 1 it: .l.i,'1'bend ufduur ol Cm I 15 tie t'lowi, ] rod, U and ttweriie I one, I UHf.\ I ti.lt prmpl"It.d< I" \\rULJ.u, itKHi-KiruLLr. CAL. TiE, AT.
pmL.U o.t U 9COMPOUND of lute 'irlcnd, ; For
.it khipa, IDclulIog"o: iron-clads, with steam .. .FROM >ELPJlU.1I'IIIL.IDELI'IIU 6 itew ('uttlestor.' itco'iters. Twiatrra, Ac., lloe.. 1..1, Ibti? -lm .hi. lang and, of Oa.J .
leave Oct. 23.: -The cotton merchants Axe Jlliiktmllb, and, c..nr,' Tool, B One Ml 1'n.r.I.lo .1.lw0.,1
up ready to to-night. We.,.
Saw din and, Hiiuil. of Corn, CAMPHOR ICE I I prepared to ol'r great ladnnmcnli lo
PARIS, October ttATbe MonUeiir It slkat. have voted to request a reduction of the, I.u"d. of FiHl.ler. Cii 11 Seed and 10.0 RECONSTRUCTION.I ('..b t'urt'bsaere. Ulvs .11 buttons |
The Etendard, referring to the preparations for cotton lax, and Potato "ettl. an many other Rlono.1 iclc, *. With Glycerine W, R WIU10N I BRO.Ocl .
/.,._-- I For the .1".llc.properly I require 14..VO, -.--- DRUGS MEDICINES hi./07. 7
intervention" says everything ready at Toulon of which 'J.O e.h. .. January I Will, FOR' Clim'ED nA1D. FACE. I 11'1.) Ml'N- ,
for the expedition to Home, bat the order to go THE VIRGINIA ELECTION.WAstzIZOTOX with lien on cop mid property, la secure the deferred *, <*. For Ibal/nl" .l I rPUOPOSE ro. BltCONSTKt'CTTIIH HTATK1 NOTICE.Ik'peSy
HryiaaM'ii lei I'ulfntt'umtp .
Oct. 23.-Louisa; Orange, Fuir- liartnent rent. r.
U withheld until) Italy' anapi\ ', which maybe U\I.\ w liblaauuvuloue.audaiiciillrilji'iiilcr.' I
) Adjoining Und* now leae for It per acre.Addrra oa is I i iml
delayed' some hourroa account of the ministerial fax, Cu1xppcr| : ,suit Hampton counties have goneRadical. WIEII GAMBLE. I'uiup ftuiu any bit .liwu lu uu her. |.i.cr. TAINTS OILS Ca>li.rta>rsi 0.. ,
Norfolk I suit tow prepared to ruull or ." II tint Au' a'' I.. ,
county conservative. The negroes Station S. 0 U. K. Eta HAIR BRUSHES. ,
crisis at Florence. or D 1.. MKfilNNI.SH$, uf I I'uiinllue, aa I haC |iurcba.rd III" 1'' h.r Iheciiilte United States Internal Revenue I.'
The Patrie published a telegram stating that county by five hundnd fiorlilo. 4 MUST COMPLETE A8$"RT\FST. wliirn "I..'. uf I 1trld..lu evil tb-.. "' ''' 1 hi y ,
and four majority. 1'alaha..r. New. 1rvrtfone who nmdai llnlr ..ultedto ire purliculnrly, ad.iptd" lo 1.1.1 and \\.11. I SIXTH DIVISION, IMST OF FLORIDA,
and lr.b
twenty thousand troops have been sent from Lyons rTnnll"leyI.erl..(lv.oob (.rice mil 1 iU| lilly; .l the Drag .nf b.ro ....I.. operation ., my rwldincn, .hub I In- Toilet
RICUVOAD, Oct. 23.-TIme vote today was' as nl' .Ck rae weeks and II" Perfumery Articles TIU.AIUB.SB, October Id, ItO?.
to Toulon. Another corps d'armee was prepared end bill to Dili olliceOcfJS LIVELY vile nie ad all tu eiauiluaj j they IIIUM bu .ecu In .
to in a different direction. follows : 11-Slw 0,1 IS 9Dressing bu appreeluli, | '... .. iraon* who have mad r.I. .. of Income
operate ,.. due Wet the nmikit and li.lboune A or other Tare, oa lb. for ItO,
Whites d..1 are
Lynchbnrgh- 633 blacks, 701; l" lng37J fOr .01.aliL
La France It'la certain;in event ; li' brfor &o. &0. &0.
says any un ft lh IVini-li ry hereby notlded that tbla I. anti must be
Trance will arrive at Rome before Italy. lens than the number! registered. Terry's $100 Reward I Combs ALBEKI II. I'USK: 1..0. wilblu Twenty Days Iron Ibe dl al Ibis
Pret'lncl-For N. II -I also repair Ouna and I Imti a .
Convention 33agaiubt.: 2oV for I'Ulol.
It i is slated that the Italian Government de- ; from, me on the night' r (hue, 17th < IVORY INIIIA Rl'PBFR A ,bcitrr. and lerg.r Sloth uf Tools than ran 1" f"u"l. uuleo.'fbo....h.fan to pay oa tbla aotlii-alloo mutt
Hares ItaeH. bond. the Conservative ticket 200 ; for the \KiKliruIx STOLEN r\. OF FIFr.L IrIIo. lime l"rr.l the I !. liu -1'- _. P
powerless to arrest of Invader nt (Juilman. llo., a Ititlull r 1'hC niiwl ucortmrnl Leer tucrpl | 111..10 Mouth. ) tipeil to Ialb. fieualtlee prodded I auck ,
33--: Ambers Whites and 813blacks. ." nd band ". PltloU. {'-li puldfor ,mode oBee .1
or to protect the Holy See. c""nly-IOO SORREL llul-K.! : of II e followingdea4.-rl4luii| : IbU ID irkfl. fur "Ie.t the Druir$tore of ,1..1 r.l welt al uiy Ibe Monroe
XorlolkWllil1'8., 1,381 colnl'l'll. I lIil/'.!, \bite bUi.i In the r.u'. ; white on one ..bouldev.nau.ed M I\L Y. oh hra a and.Coptier. -. ,I bulldlu*. A. 1 JANILPJ
PARiS October 21 P. M. There ; I 'el. .
la great excitement by collar; one .bile hoof lu moat; Tyeanold Oitoln-r I I I I'l. I. -liu QUININE. Ppl Colet.
The French fleet with troops intended ufinjSH/ leas than the number rrii tcred. ; currie bl..1 iu good aljle, rli.au coupled, -- tint I H 9-U
( Petersburg for the Convention two' hundred carries hi. b.,1) .hrl under the .addle oa a level --- -
or Rome has left Toulon.LoKDOJir. witu bus, -ratk. utile II.. sumdll*. Southern Belle Pomade Porcelain Ivory Types i A large auiiply of Oululiie, rbolve b'.Dd la store DEW OF THE ALPS.
!'. October II.-The situation of affiiirsin and eleven against nineteen at I.yiiohliiir for I will, glee a rrwird .r ONE HUNDRED DOL. and, for aitlu by

Italy is much better. It Is said that the Italian the (Convention two hundred and tin en aguiiiHt LARS for the appr<-b u.lon (if the hint cad the FR PRR8EUVINO and( BPAlTrnISI TIIF K. UVELY.I 1."OK. sale wbolraale by all Ib. sneer,. la New
one hundred anlllll return of the bur.e, or for bU dellverv In me a| .UK, together wIth .Ih. I Pomudre PHOTOGRAPHS. &0., ... Lbarlealoo, MubUsV.aasabaad New
: government baa aatla8ecl the French demands| lely-one. ( uuimiiG. J. M. HI.VlMO.Nb.Oct and prrparelloos fo Ibo JJair Sir *alr *l lb.UrIW"I.r..r ItISTEDANPCt4)RED AFTER TIIK: LAl Vurk.
---- -- -
and that the transportations of troops to Toulon At Lyncbburg the live of Con w'native negroes : J.tAttachment N. \FLY. l .l atyle, by Mro. ". .011. fldr Dew of the Alps

bad stopped and lapse ready to sail bad disembarked were threatened by the RadienU and lu a (k'tI't I 9 |till with key at ths City UvieJ' or ..,I"r,lf lIme
disturbance caused Notice. --- Hook Slur,., promptly loMr Received the Irel al the Park Kipoellloa.
aa4'aIll'Jucb by them thU afternoon (threenegroes at."de OILS OILS OILS. pr.uiluoi !
war preparations discontinued. .. Kfiiuinre will al. In.lrucilou un lb.
: Rose Leaf Powder.
were ounded. Order was r""Loll'IIy, /, Juiticti ('ut2ul !1"n.l. the "Ccl awl lulUa | Dew of the ,
the dvil and Di.tric of JAI and Water (:LhII.I".w.Inl. Ap
General ClaldinaT succeeds Ratazzl military anthrrilie*. ..,1010 Tbe ,luaaafavturere tit Ibe aol
as Italian ('uuI.IM. I. 'Iomm.ndc ;ir.f.'rsh.l.| lo riuwtra oalyreerttid
Prime Kinkier! and will form a new cabinet Pauletts' preelnel .ho.four hundred and( fifty- Wilibm! II. Avery ICe. r'lWDFR for errlalnir<..aniury liifl'irnreonlheikln \a AUK .ui tW-Vm Euibruldir/ Ac KEROSENE OIL, It.. Krai 1.o.IUI al ., Xalla.

a how policy will be three for the Convention, and two hundred anti l })\ SuflI twin to and Impertlnr e dcllcairbne 10 the but were decorated by tb Kiuperor.
anti-revolutionary U7. compleiloo. For cute at Ihe Drug Hi ore ofM : Arnr. the cain. thai uwd ,
New YQBK, October 23.-The following the eighty-five atrainot. C..n..rvatlnllollllnlr..1 R.hert Ld.lb. ) UOld. "&0 LnI.Y; For Sale Or 111"II'I.IW'III t. L"bt ilouae arpoees. ., also Dew of the Alps.J

summary of the cable dispatches : and ninety live, Radicals four hundred and fiftyfive. rn by E Ocr.uI..1 uf an lb.I .1 oiuiurncemeut U ,* lutereated uf tItle are her.mil,. { n.t8.. AND FARM one mllu and n bnlf'' Store. lu the
:The Italian people a Jiuul r'. Court to tie ItHd at lb. MY. IOl'll OILS, l.Dlk.llt.
suspecting) that the new ,an"I. ""Ib. _r'r.uie Liwilliui, *Hb I 1\'IISr
Alconated .
winlatr- WIllbSfOsThedlnthetnteteatofNapo. Court .".In TilMiawe, un lb nrcun" Monday Gycerine'Tablet ate r'lu'.I. eph'iidid; well uf w ili-r and il.u-iu *u4Iare. Brandy, Rum and Wines.5.0K .
In "l40ik A. D JVM. and to and
>rjr flead to uf _
.1'le. eoru ciitlou laud The prrtrut iropi' MKCOA I OIIJ4
leon are pouring petitions protesting against MARKETS. Ibe .aine. without '"''.0 will IMI worth fully otis balfuf uiy ., ra c*old Cognac Brandy,ported especIally
the desertion of u.. Gives| under my hjn I and seal Ibis J4lb day of for aae. -
National cause. by the GOTrrniuent l rlre. The Ilouae will lie repaired and' put in flood | ;private
October, A. 0. IttfT. SOLIDIFIED GLYCERINE, unit. ready fur delivery l., tins I.I Jmuurjr r"r STHATKS OILS, i UK* old Jamaica and 81. Croil Rum boulrdbefore

BaTonnab. CMober MCOTTO EDW. M. WEST. t. t ,. 1.lkulor.[ apply t t..i.: hugh b A,.her pi '4 shah.. ike war.lu.UK _
TMPLFXIOy. the Pklu
The 7OR
report Garibaldi's.escape U contradicted .-Onr.....kt-t opened 10-40, with. aa letl. Inqulry. O t S3_ __ __ll-3iuw: _ 1 tod TiE Ulr; prttetiW ,."er"l. *'. see, ur L the uudcr.iKbed. ( OH' of old sad. ) caaee Madeira varioae, Sherry bran4aall and Ior..aooie. very
Report from the 1.1-CIES 8 .ulJri'Jr auperior, pare,
Papal .
States 'L\I ; e.\STOI 1IIIaill'
are conflicting and bAldtn wrre rra:nice being wide oa a ba- For ails by i.l.a ELY f'.reelsby L'UoLPIlO
C. _ _
TrU-grams (ran Florence represent that MenattlGaribaU eta of,..unIa,'.,aoull...... THOMAS HAYWARP; ta-tid 9 ,1.1. 117. IUI-If 4 : M Buaver _, UL'J
--- -- IU !
: not only maintains his petition but About II A. M. a... arrived of tbe _.1.... of the Late of TalUboa, Florida, wlib POLISHING"SOAP --- I 1.ISSYJU: OIU' l\\M\ an.) Raw, at lublUbra |a> i*>5*. url
Bank ol Liverpool which Immediately ckwked j jTVR Heir & Craig
hourly gains strength.' Dispatches from home Royal operatioci Aug. Ml, itO?. VTSiaTU
I. this markrt. Lain In the day Mew Turk COFFIN LEE CO. U. LIVCLTUWHITE .
) reported ( 1 FA V rvfl end P.RIITTE'Iwua ILTFR .
represent (mat'". with all his followers & -
as having a decline of*e. and Liverpool market wu ewyfnwMke J aad Plated Ware, B' I.n.la Tin and Olo... Noh"a.k"pr I IAVK JUST RECEIVED: A' IIHII.K, LOT OF A 1.1. WHO liNE )..
errruoks TO .
fled from the dominions .'.
Papal and abandoned aaie caue.AH ebould b. without II. For > .t Ihe I .

the attempt on Rome. of the above deprcMlog report bare had their HfectpoaaAobnyen COFFIN', nill'CK m.IOI.! CO. M. LIVELY, Il4tiraorts'Ruw. IlerriiiK"' Holland Wolfe'b Bbl.'a only Schuapp knowa I*to ieanata-Iurrd tbe proprietor la,

PARIS, October 23.-Tie JfooUeor announce and Mllera. A. hers WM aotblnfdooe ami llfiUrt in (ailS B New Flour uii'l C.iinamM. I Intuit.Augas$1e6 LEA I). .uo ,la ..)."Ile.tl. purees liquor ever .urae
...... b ....
LIme k f"/ftr.
the *pen.lon bating oiade
definitely that the expedition to Italy baa bees public. the eurkH doMd ojl. Our n..JIa&Iuaa.,. far r u u i ., > I u .m: "TI CIIAHD'r SIUMEAU! SILAMEAU ?. 11 ___ ardU.'H

ronntennanded,because Italy pledges observance alee. made .hem ,.the account sees retriedOnila.ry. -* I -- A.u }'ELM.:

"f the treaty. .. .XuBlul. J\HE SILAMEAU Groceries.1IIIIU Tb. only |>,, eulUe kauwa fur cblU aud fe