l'OoKIMTIoClIlI'AKT! ur j\ New York,tile largest and luiwt complete" BS.8urllucut .

Cassimeres. l'erJ'l4l11t ry lfil /JlllIlkH, t.everanil. (')'lIn.ll'r Wutches, Vent fhulim, tlf (i1:0l'ERU.: in the city Order by Also, a comfortable DWELLING HOUSE[ : oIqo.
f i'l.ilu and Seal KiiiK, mall accompanied with rt'mllll'ncc'wlI'l'tly, filled site the Foundry, with lots No. 100, 107 and lu>-
at lowest market rlco.
C'oinfa /I"IlI//ItH ,11,1 The house has Kitchen
a new attached.
liiiinond, Hub and Opal RI rigs! ,
Fcb. 1 9, 1NA 4.P.'iu:! ,
-a- dent's Bosom rini>, t li'rtc", MuttotiD, and. Studs, A Purchaser taking the entire property ofUrti) fu
ot/irr ti>!lt t article, |Lullca KrocH'hp and Ear: Rings, subs will cot, a .
told' Ko)'+, Lockc'tn! Ac.; ,1(('. Also for i.io a SIC HORSE POWER I'OKTABI.E
i..: LADIES &{!., U'c1., tfv.M. TO SOUTHERN ESI.iISE.ln &food order.
S -AL8U- Apply to me at Jacksonville, Flu., or to L'npt.' t E
Silver and I'latnl !' Forks DYKE at the Florldlun Otllcc. JOHN CAIiDtIctohor
1I'OOIlIIlUd ,
I GOODS LIVELY. Fine Talilu Cutler: |, ( \O,_!.>Wi.: ___*i[_
DRESS Shut 1'..oche., I'owdcr Fiu.ks : TallahaMCP, (H t. .T, !>*;;% 14 Wrenches, Wad Cutters: ,Ie.0 In Leon Circuit Court-In Chancery

John VeiuLle
French .M; rinog1i Musical Instruments. MANTILLAS, vs )V Bill for Divorce. r
0'' A Jo'UESIUPJ'I.Y( :; OF I SHAWLS:! LACE POINTS, Delilitli" M. Vcuable. ) '

K Violin, II."JOM. Accordeons Tambourines, HOOP SKIRTS, appearing' to the Court, from affldaUt lilcJIn ,
\\1. "- i" ( CITRATE OF MAGNESIA Flutes and r l laKeolets.Ht.'JO BALMORAL SKIRTS, IT this cause, that Delilah M. Ven bl8tlu.Mto l
alit in the resides
same out of the State uf r'lurUi{
Alpacas, At the Urnif Store of M. LIVELY1 : but In tbe Culled States, It U ordered that notice, "}
_. TRIMMINfiSAc.c. publication of ibis order of the luHtltutlou of this: '
1i *T' ---- - .
,I suit, be tirade according.1",,:. 0
Ii ELIH & CLARK, rPIIF. subscriber will lime a full line of Ibo abovementioned J. VVAYLKS BAKER, Ju.lt.-r!
( i; J f Garden Seeds J. goods, of bis own manufacture and J.In,1'. 3i-Jm. :
i'1 selected with the tlcw of meeting! the words of the ---
POPLINS MKKCHANT{ TAILOHS"TALLAHASSEE Southern market to all of which be bell to call In Leon Circuit Court-In Chancerj.
A t'lt.l1I tll'l'I'LY-alll'I'tell| to this cllinate.- your attention mid respectfully solicits a stare. of
Fur. lu at thu Nancy E. Johnsonj 1
FLA your piitrouaKu.
POIL DE CHEEVERS V.. > Bill for Divorce
DRUGrf JACOB LANSING Robert( .Johnson.
STORE Agent > ) I
Plain and Fancy all Wool Mm KEEP a l.iixe: and varied assortment of 70 Chamber" street, IT appearing, to the Court from afflda\{ flied c
h'i of M. LIVELY New York. thin cause, that Robert (i. Johnson the dih'eJant ..

GENTLEMEN'S Jami.try Irt, l>;f ll. 311-'.'m in the same, resides out of the State of Florida,
I DELAINES CLOTHING ; but in the I oiled States, It U ordered that uutiii-
b)' publication of ibis order of the luetitutum of ti.- .J
I Congress Water -\LIIO- BOOKmNDERYTALLAHASSEE. suit, be made aceordlnir to law.J. .
-I Jim in.!
I a-tiii
Fresh from the Spring, at Cloths, $50 Reward_ ,'
FANCY SILKS for the Thief, or
M. LIYEL Y'8. Cassimeres, '[llE Subscriber halncsupplied *,.'> FOR TilE HOUSE.

himself ,,'ilCa I V tbe moraine of Feb. Si),a man callln IN UHEAT VARIETY: O ?
superior stock of mate ,
Vestings, I himself Blackburn' stole a dark sorrel JO?
I2HODES'FEVER: prepared to do all kinds ( : MARE from the subscriber, with bridle, ssdJlf,W
SHAWLS AT ALL PRICES. Neck-Ties In the best sty Id .and In all its branches and In the. sheepskin under saddle. She has small whitespe "
most expediting manner. I'ublicpatrnnaue solicited
I left
on shoulder from rubbing of!gear and l'rubadJoue
; He can be found at the house adjnlninG! WILSON'S OD riiibt from same cause; Is large nJi'J
1 : -01. -- Suspenders.Gentlemen's 1I1.4C11M\t1T11 Miop. .C. A. UNDEISEN. paces' well ; shod In front. Blackburn Is a slit
,, Feb. W: JMirt.AT i.I 4F4Iw man, weighs 1UO to 170 l'ouods.:11: or 22yp..n oM.! l
CUlt) -- with red Taro, no beard, and seems to be an Inb'
Hose &c.
CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES. AUCTION !! moo from his tpeech. I will give ISO for Bp|>n.tro I'
dun of thief ur |:J5 fur tbe recovery of the mare.
ands.uppiyofother CHILL and FEVER REMEDIED k tlcmeu'a garments, cut and nude lu fothluua- -0- J. C. ROt'sE.
IN GREAT VARIETY.Hats : ble style' and superior manner. March i. ISM.. .
i sale
Just n't'chell.md for at the Drue Store of Sllbtw
f-af' tlore.CI. to T. P. Tatum's.M. Large Sale of Live Stock, --
M. LIVELY. U. I. 10-tf Executor's Notice.
and' Caps, _. .
-- IMPLEMENTS, \\TEhereby call upon all persons who bi.*:EJ "
Jl'8T' \ RECEIVED: A LARGE SUPPLY OF f aniline/ tbe estate of Thoui.u Bt.t-) ,
k Boots and Shoes, SADDLE HARNESS AND CARRIAGEESTABLISHMENT FURNITURE &c. zell, deceased, late of Leon county, to ,resent them ",
without delay to us, aud we hereby elve antis:
f Hardware OSGOGDS' -0- .all creditors, Irinteet& and persona entitled to di-'r!
.....- \\7ITII a view of chamting bis residence George; button against tbe estate 01 said tC8t"lor.lbollll.'I' '
? .1. C'room ntfirs lor sale, at his plantation, !a claims aDd demands must be exhibited within I"'
Crockery. INDIA CHOLACOCUE Ill.\VE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORT- miles Kant: of Tallahassee, on Wednesday. April. year. from the date of this notice or the ...ru' .!.,.
, I of Goud, consisting of ; 4th, 1>tie\, the followlnu. property! to wit : be plead In bar of their recovery; and all persons

AT TilE IKU STOKE OK (iENTLEMEVS LADIES' liiiii& Sixty Calile,10 Colts,110 Miecp,lot) Hogs,4 Jacks debted aid emate are requested to make i hlillor-
Tin Ware. SADDLES, .,... and Jt.units, diate payment.
Fine Double and Single Horuess, B. C. LEWIS I Eltr'
M. LIVELY. Bridles Collars and \>hips, Household & Kitchen Furniture A. J. FEELER }f
i Saddle I'lotbs.Shoe Jan.. 30, sAL 40YtwAdministrator's .
---- -- -
Findings! of every d.crI'I"! !. LIBRARY, ONE EXCELLENT PIANO, Notice. >':

Leather ot all kinds, CU'I': nltr'. .and Blacksmith Tools, and lot of Bar
GROCUES NOT BAD mTO TAKE I roil. Loom, i.iinuiDL'htels|' and Cards Baleof SIX MONTHS after the Seat pubUeatlon ,.fU:
TRAVELING tj\Tl'IIF.1 AI) I of n
: Wool 1 drain Fan, Hoes, Axes, Plow, Wagons, wlllat'ply to the Hon. Jud e
TRUNK;, I bate of Madison : for dismissal a..tdmn'y
, 1 Carriage: 1 Pair Carriage. Match Hornes and liar- County
t>o>Idle and Harness Hardware. no., McCarthy Cotton Gin, Iron !Sb"ftilll.l'ulllt'a, trator of the *tale Archibald Fair, deceased i': j
'I'lIK: f..ll..lllit valuable tnediclues are so well un1. t arrive TrimmiuKs, fIieoud' Rubber Belting, :'M) Buchclt Corn, 1 Set of said county. .
.!. FLOUR, drr.lutij by iuul |>vnuns that the) seldom. tive U oiou, and Bu( gy Hubs, !Running::; dear for Giu Uo.I.uc.l. Eight Horse Potter VANS RANDELL AdtniuibUatur
their physiclaiw au opportunity.protribiiiK them Bogy) :'h:11t'1'0".1 and Him, Puitablu Mmm Engine, in perfect order !50 Nice J..o.fI. :3o 4'ww ,
SUGAR and n.,n,. dud it n>'c ...urtbat direction tbuuld .acccuniuii Buggy Axles and bprinpi; Bacon haws, t Barrel w"11! Buohels Plotter, one
{ ) the "bottle." these specially{ will reftiuiuiend CAKKIAGES AND Blbi.lESuf I Tierce Rice and sundries.FebiO. Notice. /

theniMlves.Fine 4 LL persons having claims. demands s.2V ..r-*:
TOBACCO, &0.I Every: dvscnptiou, ,1.6.: the elate of Ur. E. M. Mettauer, late uf "'

Old French Brandy Voihiue Belting.Work : lulls county, deceased, re.eot U<3
, Powder Shot & Percussion '! made to order and Kepulriu; done w ith di.. HENRY to the undersigned, duly authenticate withm ;*.
1- Caps patch.A.'ntforWHEFLFR. time prescribed by Jaw,or they will be barred: !;al.
Sherry k; WlI>ON'Sand ill'WE'S rplHS HORSE) will stand, the ensuing olliujJeUcd will Blah pay men! immediately'
-0WINES SE\M\i: MACH1MC: J. E. PI KDY 1 seuon.i. Monileello,tin Wednesdays, estate being evidently Insolvent.
I / ralUU.is.ec-. Fla., let) -4 I IxVi. J-tf Brukaw's Stable Tallahassee, on &Iur.J D. L.tbA ,
Port and .).and at the U"II. three miles from TaiuuoMce, NewportJan.23,1Nt9L SS-8tw
& LIQUORS A New Mill. on Monda The>ea on will commence\\eduts-.
Madeira Wines dav, the 14 February at Muuticello. Number of Executor's Notice.
: IU\1S\i; CORN TO mISIIRE: mart-* limited. The horse.LU be In the hands of a MONTHS( after date I will Eli mj n Da-..'
'I i i" The largest Stock in the State, that we bate tilled up a Mill at Shine's Careful and vouchers and applyto the JW?*
for uiediiiuol purposes uu baud and "'r ,sole ty Brick Yard, and will be pleated to hate their fatruuxre groom.SIR HENRY Probate. of Leon county for letters of disits.-.r
CONSISTING OF ; \\e ol.o boBIUI'K for sole.SHFPPARD Executor the estate ot John \V. Cotten,drer+. ,;
I" FI IIER. i> a full son of the celebrated {ol" t"lIIoo Sir late of.aij. county. .
M. LIVELY.QUININE. Mereh2,1': V<1. 4A51Executor's i IK'nry, dam.thethorouh"bre4Engh.h MareNow F. R. COTTEN En
Whltleyt JtranJy, Gin Claaml'JlI'it, or Settr" He i is a dork bav 17 baml. high: :and February 6, IhtXI." { 4J-6mw j
j year. old. HE.N'RY HALL, l.room. .:..._ _
' I fort, Sherry aril Claret Wines, I Sale. ;-tr k'amil) Friend copy 4 times and send bill to Administrator's Notice.
( .
('vel-tIJi/alid Stomach /Htttrt. 'lY tirtuc of an order of Leon Circuit Court in th. Uke ,
r I LARGE 61TPLY OF TIl1:1.\RTlCLE. BOTH () chancery, in a cause herein J\MF: E. ANUFRSuN JI&II.UI..it1.:! .. ti.! 4 I i A American and French Brands,for aale t>1. : el aL, ore complainant, and TI1U J. J.V man, late of \\skulbi county, deceao.J.soo*
The uierchanU of Florida. are re.p" ;(idly reijuestd I M UVLLV.HOCK PFKKINS.; ant IWIIT. H GAMBLE, executors of WANTED.IlO hereby notified to make immediate pajnwnt .;
to eismlne our stock before dnidinK to pure'has* J. liroKuE: 'SLIEKMIS.: dee-eased, and others are I CORDS RED OAK BARK, for which I will those having claims against laid e..late"ill. pr f*
r f ID New York, a* we wlU duplicate aU bills at New dreuJaut..itI- w ill.niiatpubhroutcry, before the1' ) pay the highest! crib prue,delivered at my them witUn the time prescribed ty lw or tw ea j J,
i i York prices, th.r.bYlenlul them time and frelgtLo I'OTASH. Court House in TallabaMee, on Mu Jav. the :'''ilb.u Ian lard, the Toliahos Depot, or .any of the Sta. lice will be Beaded in bar of their recojery.Adlll r.
r ) of March next for cash tbe following. town loud, Ito,. un the I'co.o&rolG..rda; Rail road. The I J. A. BOlR; ,
I '\! Good Sold 1 niT RECEIVED AND FUR SALE BY Til. Lois IVtf ( at Jtttail.J& tJ M< JLl\ ELY city of Toll OiaMev ,1110 101. S1.Io:! \,'.'4i,:!47. '144, leaned a:':aioH the body uf the tree the rough aide
-- : M0:2l: : :: : ,::i-:, MU.'JK!. atl; and. *4 in the North up and if the weather U fair! It will do to haul iD 1 For Sale.KOVALl.rLFUJTTUN !
addition of the v-itt of T.ill...."" ...... I' four days.after ttrippmi Persons will be tUi'''''' '
& ALLEN. Petroleum and Kerosene expected : : short 1
Oi1.1 THOMAS J. PEKKIVS, t t Fnt to at...i 1 loading on the cars

Husk Y, Le/L tVrl OF ty *i UUU. TAil.haes.e Feb :a, laid\ 47-tft Tailah..aee. F.II. 23. Ibod.YHlLI PHILIP1-ItEARCE Ftb. 23, liM. t1-1{. }


rl '1."

., ,
e .
I t jc
'':;' "

1 __ __ =. .. _..... .. "'........"n.- --c >-.w .. .. _..,,-,; ,,,,,,, ,,,...oW.)1....... if" .'" .::..,....>(toi. i L"S''<;'..a '-- 1 I. I" """'-"'! ........,is_ ,. =-: -. -T4_x ':...J;.Jg'

The Semi-weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Semi-weekly Floridian
Portion of title: Semi weekly Floridian
Physical Description: 3 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: March 13, 1866
Publication Date: -1867
Frequency: semiweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1865?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -new ser. v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 5, 1867).
General Note: Description based on: New ser. v. 1, no. 5 (Sept. 26, 1865).
General Note: "Democratic."
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 10592207
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lccn - sn 84022792
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Full Text
" ''''' .
'I: -

...\,'., -, '
.-\1': '
.. .a y
ft p

., .. .. -- -
-- -
__ .____ u -- -

';, CQa/; 'he eel\'i\ fl,4111411 I 'I iln


.- _'- .-- New St'ries---Vol I...No, 52.
March 13 1866.
,:: By DYKE & SPARHAWK Tallahassee, Fla., Tuesday, ,

\ '0 : : : trHi II. ai.uusI:.
at "" : 1'1:111 .

jtmi. trftkt ltoridhm. : 1866. For 1866. 1866. She: rmi.rtM.. jloridian.n : ..- '

iht .. ..,;.J cnpalion I :: | nt MI-KIUItl K: WUKTl 1

,' :: StWfri'ign Knit on, Hum ball, rul on !
HUSHED: ETEH TUESDAY: AND HUDAY flyIkE u I I IH-lle I I I I hnmijli iinthleM r..118 i-f 'pm '.
NPAKIIAWK.TEH' 0C plftt'ly 1,1"1'

the titil \\ luit, tlioutli 1'1 In ii slImy ',itp *
\ 0m I IM( : \\ tint I tlnMlili I r"I'lmrrl in)' 111115 ?
It i iI i:! IIIltt' 11 % it< li 13. 11.611. lis.1 it ran I \\ h.II"'lh' miller 1"II.I'h..'. llli f

l . I3 W r "" lienefitt- ,. \\ 1111 IIKI) I sa.sib, ,..>ml".I.I.'rrr 1 | ..*
.r one year ..
Ki>r til month. I"0ShiKle The following, Irttcr I ...l.lrfftl to I ,.1. I IInl.-1 The l \ ,, I"II''I"ln.I'H 1

copy, . III' 1.\11.I one of the "IIIIIIeI"f, Mij. til. -:, n rr"lIIlhe I i broad, : .

".'TEII OF ADVEIITKIIMJ, i 2Q pen of a toe, iiiber of tlif rioiUU H"r--Jn ilge l, >>AM. them laktnil tip" : l ,I I \ -I li.'ll I liroiik.li"n. llnni iteiit 1..1. r..1. ir on '!

To be paid ibr iu Aclvaiu-u: : Zn J. I)IIllI.A''s. It WAS not written lor; l'II\fIi"lIli"lI.| \> .' propelly\ 1.1..1: .

.. ( me *qn*rc, ((10 minion tIne) or ICM, for the flr.t rn but us IIlrni.h,1 al our tolu itali.l; .'t. an argilinoiit It is \not ti ,I; I' I'.lr.1"1 n", .liiiln tii \Hlr.
. *' 'Ir "' ,ro'li.lhl'' u l lier'n hill l I' ,
Innertlun. Z in n|'|Hisiiioii In |'r.wccliiij; t'tiiiiinallya.gitt Cun-ftiti'd I Irl 1\ .,. ,
5Ef I It'. true lnn iii in nil huh
> W I Ill
Each .nb.equontln.crtlon, the Mine .. :: ",.11 tig cinlir.tLCit, : i in the cniimUliotHi| >l' tint point : hut il .".11,1 I tli.it unsettle I j ,nieer !
tie churned .
'.; late anti Leprt Nuticei 10 Notice of HI- c lie Conteiti'lHlc. 1I'nnRI.! a ni t hi.1.1 iii. II",' |I'niri' would lii: \ von mind1

tranMent advertisements Administrator.except for whH h the rharuf: a rn n1t-g |, ',Tilicil tlirrtm it i", to our ill i na.! tin The true, 1.)1 nn | It IM//-/liA4.iny5.,"I
mlMlun u ; I I (
-i shall i-e. '; 'I.I' I Hilfll:: 1 loop I blMlILT! : ( 'ontpt i :-'IMl I 1m." crable : t 04 1,1lm'II.r} : : ;

: ; Obituary Notice and Tribute of Itvriwtt thawed a* or 1'.1.\11 ,$,, r.K, MlH: 11 Mil IMili.My (; I aeter I Ih-il : l'r"l tin *|triiiKll,'M; I IWlillll llI'jIItIlIIwIl. .t"I' t

,i'I itdvertljeint-'ntt. I)""- N i> : -I I sec Irttiu I the i ptH'r.i| tint I tho I It) the III\\ | : I ..h.. 1"h'unhc'd':

.j>. Two Perfectly Tempered Single trill of .M"'ijnr Jon' > I II. II-K! lut commenced\ and till in ( .
hat I : I Ih,' dotctioo, net lip dv wiy of plet I in bit', no HUcMi"' ,: : l In I tin 1..II..II."II"li.l. Itill.iwhiK .i soon up-
fcarite."k I In- fountrthcrp lit
J' !luint SPRINGS Unit' IIPMH imlitdod' in tlif capitulation tni.lcwith ; I '8,pit tiliit'" I : loiilitler fl the t. "t,11..n" lor pi-ice:invlci) Patriotic men
I'oI"commander, t tin- mirrrmlrriifIho I II ,i iI l ironil : l ...h..tll
llrinlv tnkMlnr' .1.:1' to lie nn I I link If Ihr pr tin .'". td our i nrlnicn
\'h =- = = = I BitIDF.1)I I : tight 13 unr unit. 1II11l.llIlllbe\ ttmnit- I 'ulilcdi'niti1 l force* under the command' ..I" nt.indt. I 10 .. I lv. rcnh/cil ..1.1 pniiiliir| I.\f"u'lil In HIP l,1
iuz IiooI.
EDWARD BRADFORD, JR., mt and innrt. llexildii tbti, hulitt'Kt IIMd inn t durable lien.I .1.".Frii: R: JOII.ION I iiinl I I Ihurl'l 'fI' uolliililo >i nt'nll", | ; ,'II tO.it.'s tt> Itpne" iiil.t HIP 111. I ii I..tdrr..
:!oIl'rllllt iniiilt. 1ht Y will I I I tint l"'II.I..r break like the : t.. trial ainl punishment,, lor his, Held. while, lull Ill I n Ii,* Poutlititerle.in rcpnlillCH w tier, I
AUCTIONEER liujlc fpriiiK', but will\ \ ulw.ijii preserve, their b'rv III!; in tin1rouiederiito' nriny, 11114 lieen overruled In do KO. I .... In SIt riiillt'itit scrtt ol. revolutions' I'.r
l' mill ii in i'gar.le.I li\ tin: muliulitics, at I \V,iiiliIngton. ,- not be I o I thiit nh'lIl 'me iiI rt .IHIIII iltle, mul jet h In easy J I IIi
: ANI I IIKAlTiri; SHAPE:. I I,1 i i" Miiinenh.il l fur 10"111a' ( $"','I" 'I l by 'mittIt it ItlZ exliiliii" ; mil ,iIInlllls. In.
TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA.VLL .1'KUFKt'r: a-, it tine prepared' |piid ol l al ml I n if tin'in.", tin I country ni.iv for u .hll
him promptly Ihi'.5i1\l'r the r"lt'l of the I lri.il nf'\N' I III/, Jll ..' .' ,' I .. kept In il M He ol I ditniili't, liunllj KM .100Ifll.
BUSINESS ENTRUSTED: to I'll AU. Iho tuoro I ntlccl I tlm subject, I tho moio I Iam fiillun | l Ititi IINtilliliiir. .
upon I I-I-I
(11 Ice.-I': ;, 1;'.. 31-tf : ,\ .1,1..1
1 to. Hiiltstird the mulmntict. ut Witsliinirimihave rhaiiei't it ticciiireil I I lint cull prnprily I
--- I I'KO\VHKI, ) : I .\:01:0: F.M1II.KS< : Hint :" in 1,1
"* - llflllllK.S!: : : f.illt-ii inliia I crave riror 1 ubiili l tuny ri suit dirt.iken ''' ..1.11.,1, a ii.lliii.in between the l.i'uii-UIUti'mnl
R A. SHINE, in thti c'.IgIlislijiiuz "I'a l preieileiil. that to I Ir: an pritotiort I : E"'II'| t.r,"" Inn uf I Un I liovi. -rtiint lit I lie Prc
!. 111I\1'HEoI.: / iiu\c I. I "' II vetoed a hilt h h .. ..I".tll.. him I In hISSiiii'.Itit
I In1 tinsstroui
the 1'"lIlrl'OIl'NII"I ', rainn>t bill I. rt.I hii.
AUCTIONEER UAII.KOA1) CAl'.S: i ; It iihl..Ii.I hills .".. nnd I nniicii. I ban, f.til. d
IIn1;) if illiolilli) heioatter In* innlnl (' \.
l :, Moody, wo llii'M'lu 'I 1 Ill-tin
Fi 01\)I I'liOMKN'ADK: II p.i a llie otir nut mi mum
llul.: UUKsiS.In : \ ( in narith' a fcirolii. |1.'l'r. NuthimrUhrtter :o I ly. Lie It .l 1.,1. iiur 'nei "',.inh iiivoltc nn.rlllh..r .
TALLAHASSEE: :, FLA.Dec. Oil stalilmhcil 1 tlllllllhlli: t it I h I.. tho i.lr.1 ofnil i pret-.lv I n..I'.lln.I'i tliitiiijrppiiit'iil, .In'.1,lii wllbln I tin' power ol
r,11'I t tbcv lire rnperlor' to nil otln r', ..",,101 II II III iiutinin: U'liv'ii,>M>ly I In ,,10-1'1 H' the ICIIIM ttuililtilli lit* ul' ihi I ,'IIKrol.> h line il bill III m peil' .llie It..III'1
9, 1'I. S'l-tf; t'OMKOHT( KI'OSOMV: M ;illTNI: :>:S\ AND: stipill.ilitiix inihl.iry coti\t'tition-i tn.i.lc iirI.| hre tint II lii, h (th.I "Pi".,ll"1111 I..I..I'J"', I. IIIII"Y I.110 I.,
._-- --- -- tho rill : | II I I.. I'.r t lln luw ,
1l1 1. % IIIIi. 1'111"1".11"10 by tin-in ; an.) /'"'i.Ill \ hlr'AI .1.1.,1L..I
A. J. PEELER ,mill: titii::oH nl... hrHtiiinvirlire: tlciniiiil Hut, I and $ \ oneciir itticr I tIP f.II rci.lt.r.iit..n uf Ih. I "
l'III'IIlE t'lIll h I I.e.j un no' mn'b j'ri.-lsio.iI, I.|,iiI
cMciulc.l I I. ill.I'jllIut'.IIo.
hen tho tonm are aptcnr I |
LAW. H at I Ie..t it Mr In nl.l.li I
AT "" iiiicreHhiii '
(It f 1. that I I
Imni. I
.hllllhlll'r beiolatci| nr pnrlnl I li
I "'"II.II'r wliitl lull iiii'" Inn' ? IIP I ii.'iiass.y uflerIho
TAlt.AIIASi. KI.A.. BRADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC in.ly, alul I tuiinctinu'il 411,,'. happeii\' I lh.it tho < "\oreijin i the I II: e\pli, ,""" ul tin1 pri'm nl I li 'l lirrl I. ,nilniiicelor
Bank. IHIWIT rclnneH tu raiily military ticaticdcMciiilin thr least* I 1 nn.iilier! ,1ut1rclii., un I IIP I li.Ii It| millVat-e Mil
Office up Stairs over the State "it i ;: to an enltro. nriujr ur army ci.r.4.| nntho he wat Ittii. Mcliuli* PIIKM 11 hut, tIlt I :"* II lame fniin I lh. ,
Feb. 9, ISwl. 4t-ly: Kromiil that tho ullicor making. t it h..IIIIII I I thoM The Un it I 11111..llie I I'M.nidi" ,'lit 111 vein II, lur lit.I b IK dresilyh'il.ii
-- -- - --- ---- DOUBLE SPRING SKIRT.For 'I. llllllHcIf | to | sii II I 5I1 |,..rI
-- |I >\\,' to enter inlii it. us "llIIlh..u.I I IlIlh..III.1lrel'lIIl'lIl that a IIIII) | 111'11..11".1 .
L.: .A.:.WHITILIV.: w. H..rxiiiun.. : w. R. tm.Lix. tale everywhere. M.iniif.icturcd t'uhiFivilyby : l fur. siirroiuler, tunic I liotwien liineral t tOIU.H'I'Ii to ""'( ; ; I Iif I IIP,, .l.liiek. I In HIP I IMtlrlcl l'IIIII't! I In' .l I.hiq nl 1 I thepie

WII1TELKY FAKRAU & COLLINS the sole ownim ol" (llie l'IIIl'III. :- I mill I I Octi. .h' 'II'Ii'I'i,' ''.'. ; I I.IIL i it liclicxcj I : it had I I t t lit vuli'inOilier ,ilillTi'tn' lii.y I lIe \eliipeil. and will IIP,

& GARY lint no rase 11,4vrr uri-on aiming: i hri'tiin;' porr' \\ flrera I m If tIp di 11,1'111.I bifin b nnd In i rrIP

& Counsellors at Law WESTS, BRADLEY ; Ka\e tint.l." MinhilNi-v: : wherethe cumcn' tor and It .11..1'I'r"III..III.. ,I"I.r. "." I'tiiitriil, ib.niilun
Attorneys s... WUIAVIIKKS\' : : ,v: V... WAM I UEAUEKIS: : l ., I ion hut lieen 111'1,1| | izINt| an to the 11I0111101.; nmlct ,,'; /: / | nil, "tiiikrrt'. ".1 iiiiliirlniinte' Ihull, lead
AND > !:%%. 0.'". Mini in tu iinhviililiiU", of Hint 1''lIIlIIlInl., l tinlo I&n.IIlir; ) | .ohll.r) II". Itt'piibllmn nn.rllv| In |. ....Inn

SOLICITORS OF PATENTS AND CLAIMS, TallahiuweeVlnili'..ilc und Itl'IIIIIy1 ; ,* at the lime they wen* nicchilly| vxempU'iliiiil \, I Hhoiild b I f.I"I ,... mn li Inn.M Mr IPM-IIH In a utrmiK
..h'llI I
For ,
I I I hIs
I I In erimlmi"
rxt'liiileil I Iruin in henrlitit. Tho t'ui'biII for llirir ,11,1. r"I.I .I.I"llnn.,1
rRACTICK IN TUMuprvrue \ < KI \HIN .\: AI.I.KN.: '" .
MKlilN'Mis: : ,V(0 UIH i Is inatiilcst. Tho ('iniiiii.iinlcrlioiturroM- IIIOIUIN ol npinniiiii Hrv "'SI r'lilP l polity tl''I"II'
of thu United Stale*, the Court nfClalnm I II. II and h" aol
Court vet
and the Courts of. tbe |il.lrlct of I'oluuibia. KIKKSFV .\: JOHNSON'' mrs Uii lorc,' or cull'rt lulu itiiy other military willi n .!; try to heal aud attend to the I'ronevutlou A. lldPKINit, .1 ll\ ('iitii In. iluen no lur I Iu' lienctit An.1 l pruteo. return to : Hint bUilt will know l Inn buw to inn th<
of tLlui. before the Department. Ii Ell. II. MhlilNNISS I : lie in uf.. every 11I.1i'I.IiUlIIII"lIIh.'r..f. his eiiitnitt,'I, till/Hit, ) I'ul'v.it lined .1,1.. lr ".1 Hinting tin* 'Inein
And all other Hint. nell first Cl.u-: Skirts. III Talhkbatwee iu well nt I lur; Iho whole ('nllllll.III.1 ; allI/.>n ran- the I'," : r.r'1 HIP ....'" ". r..I" lila, |iiirpunp I Ubl

Offices, No 200 Pennsylvania Avenue, anti tlirouuboul. TK\1I.Die Southern lull the Stated.The In New nt'it. that he wiiiihl, Hiirroinlcr tlm arm* in Iho iibli '' I I'r. avowed .llrrl"II.II", tl.1. this .. ,1.111 11..1.
UeWll'IU.: $ ruc
t \VaHhiriKiion 13. C. York Lniiiluii 1ii na uud throughout Kurniu: | and Imn.U id. lii I'. 1.1,).llcr'l an.I 1 their uu ann uf soil|| .|Cknee 'Hit horn'' ; rrlll'I'. .I I.. .rg inltrd, I" illreitluli -
I I Lincoln, and Proldent '
this .r"Urt'lll.111 I I Slaj (Ii : .JII..II.
mill"- pruledio! was /
-- .- Aflil.Keh. I rbnll I In annulled anil ilitlrortil, a nd military I amirUII
IMA 41-1 tlm IvriiM ..capitulation. A ruiirHi* "wt4lstiI I l i .
KlrIIlINcr.A ; 13, y by luntrary Koverniiieiiln rulni It''U
wiiiihl lead! to tl.c most .Ii.u-I His ami lilinxlv caxe. .IIItl.hl.I"Irlr
ri Hie
his .I'r |I..r'
VILUI'IGI' .t (C0RI.EY I IJoti. l Tallahassee, Fla. Scott & Co. DunseipiruiTH. No 1)1 sly nl i ulincilv.l.licriuiih I I I ) | I have 1 !; I Ibn ,1'I.rllo"luIII'".. '.-,I nnildUtrll.iili'il" aninnK
h'KIPnIN .\ Co.. Hodgkiss In"l lt ,
C. ) :
i'\er iiiiisent to 1.1) <|II O\MI tbrir iirinn und siirrilI'I and a it tin ni'crufn uud. Cnlun mildmri, mid Hint I tiC
SejiL !2'J. 1>' W.. t;4tn. MERCHANTS if it win iiii.ler-toiMl I bit tilli'rw.,ir.U I they Iu"III'r:Si.ilrn. ulinll I be ruled un fcrilti.il.'n fur an
--- -- COMMISSION IIIIjhl.! at tlio will iii| ilicirraptor bo Hclccicil fromlur it .",EUrOpS.'U.' 11.1..nul..rl"1\ 8iipiu, | .p Conirr... ulnill IIP I In-I

Medical Notice. trial hull piinir.hnii'iil, notwitliit.-i'iiliin' / theleriiKofrupitiUatioii '>1111,1| torts I | |: ''I' 1",1 lUl. Hlirr ol, tWill ineiiniirpn ; (iippoiie a
10. !41 OI.D SLIP, !KOIIK. for mipprciiiiliit Iliu M.ile' Imtrriiniciil
I l
:iiaranlcc.! t. m flub JIlil Kreal!; 1.11 1.1
WM7 rilu. II. i It.Hbkln. late of I lUnilHlluu llrim lI..Itii.ru. nnd full! prolittion I Such u "IIII..trlldilln 1 ) ol the Klcr' i '' I, ," 11' Fxeculni': lois n-ci.inl/cil IM regularly
DR. F. SHINE I II. W. Mcnlt "if II rill I. W. s.1t t .... Tulliifiurrvi', '. I UI r"rlllI."llrllll"i '" II I n.'p.U. no wlt. to uliowHill
I) 11. PiHiliif 1 'tlrin rxil A ItiihMt ll.ilnl.rlM >., ImV. IIIWH and! U "..'''* uf war uuiil.l iu\c-i it with IHTrur balm'" h \ I 111.11. ..,. I.. in-til.il ci.ll.iion.. 'Iliu Pit nl.
HIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: : TO \ II. 1'iKile.::: I :nf Ural:: U. WN-ditAto Tall::ihan-iT.: Kla. that would, nptuil I h? hearts .I' I the l.m".I. liavu I [lent 111.. r<.ftinc tu enf.in .mich nn net bit "QI'I'

OFFERS of 1'allahlllloeu) and icluity. Otllee ... .- mil men would only irmu I.i ntc Iho IS' 'i|S IbiS in iii, ieee. : I : rrnlnt itn enforcement with all hip power

OI'l"o..IIU the Court Houi.e. lale ..f all kind "C heir liHiuls for their di-fenec whp'i! they hid Hunk lice ... Iminln, und "-.".Ilu 1,1"1, ""u.lo to do by bl*
January U. I*'')I. 34-t'nu 1lI11I'l'l1l1) attent lou then to the into the lflV". Wars would I Inwaned, under 4iont : .until tu iimintnlii a.,1 1.,1 I HIP I i.uitIl|| uIhi.i. 1 l heIIIIIIPIIIIPIII'ua

=.sOt'THKUN I'ltOWCK: :, what U known an I tin- I ltl.it, 'k. I 1'1'1"\; / onewuiiltl matter hi ; | ..r .,i.li. n .' uf aulburlty 1.1..1

Thomas H. Austin, ind to Ibe I'll rd.".. load Mhipinrnt of !L'ivr or a-k. f..r ipiarleu' ; ; und,I I HID prulr* Hum ,: \' i I i ."tint' |1.1.,1'I l'r..iI"III",1| \Ilil Vet I ,.I.lr., ..* I urp Hilt, too culillnllv'learlnl, I ilumtbltrl'cl.trcj tt> "/"-

GOODS ,nun of aniH would I In rolilied! C.I'1111I1 halo orIllIry (tower. pohiy of I trunted' and foil.mud lej.l. r nlHIP
COMMISSION HOUSEHOLD I that has in till bIL5 Hiirroiindetl' it. I It ha !; i I Iliiune pointTb ,'

SAVANNAH UEOUGIA. WARES, IMPLEMENTS, I U'en Iho ireat; .,1 ulijct of n, >di\ -rn liuieto i hiiniati iii:.,; a .riitnittrupbit I U ,cl..irly punnltdn It I 1.1"lh""I.I
I if and! 1'OKHu a< null'114) |">.. OFFICE ON BAY STREET. MACHINERY &c. uf war which in IN must Uvurulilr a.peit, proM'iit I nil (iiilii"y of rcci.li.lrin-|inn rnniint bu eyen h'11

1>0:1'. 15,1SG5.! ; a-3m. .... ('iiormitici. at whuh hUIIIIIIIII)' lmdilrr>.- rated w ll hnnl II Will I o.inrlo thIs W'i. 'hilliP
._- -- not we hC'h.,1. think I'i>nirm4 will PUI
--- REFERENCES : These arc the gl'lI'rlll prim iplcs :guernin!: tim ,, .. ,| I fullnwii Ilt 'Inwltrito
R. B. POST. A..M. HOBBY.. law and usas'infwar, nnd, prcwjit reeouniedand ; '.I.". (.',.,1.. I ,; .II''II.II'r 'II.c".r.I iieiiHiin

.- -- --- ,1.Mi-llu, L. M.iorr CurrU-r firiUiu.\; ,Co.Go.; New York. ; -practi-wd; ;;; ; : liy Illlrivrli.d' ;rhriwiaii,; ; 011'II..na. : H .. la mmpente lint prrelplm, let allrlo Whl.l..n 1.0. great piMmr<| their. .,,"hl"L1''I

POST & HOBBY, Hr>mi t C'riM.tn, Miiiitoiuiry( .\1.... when tern iirreHsily ilrive* them to tutarbitrament | 1..111.. ", .1,1"1; to the 11'.I'.r Iliu 'rial
nf the word for tl.r ailjusuneiil .f! all duielilit to ind -
A. 11,," Merchants :. U"dI. t"o. (in.Ja. (lillcnncc IM'tuei'I) and amon:': them.Surh NEw 1 rp.il. I 1111 him I 'In al I renpeiU. M I tIC rirenine
General Commission Ii. Wliiltteld' Itviuoixih*. Ala.Viu. \b nn; the general law "'t> are hut with. from 1.,1 of. thn initiini, Ji'.. ,-. lolin trratrd, "VI
\ H.iik-y, I'ru. Mate Batik 1'I..rll:1.: TulluhiieMc1lint. out iniiam' of il* rti'ruii! and adjudira-! learner? if minn: of his puliht, ulU'Miiern are iii I indUi'revl 4111!

NEW ORLEANS, LA. K. ll.iuiln\ du. I'ri.. ML!. tire luo. ('011I' tion.many I iihall: only n-ler to one, ,which lur its I imHirtanir tlm Mth ( | uiidi inUrd a. Ihn I 'IIJigrilIisjIiIl4I ln l thr I Inrtlmutlihln.4UU I*, upon putltiicn blmAndrrw .

Suv.17.ltII5.! 1 00 luiny, BnIiun're. and al o on art'"III..f tllft ilhlHtrioimpartir I Three I | J..h".o.ll.a ,
i.t A Lincoln allbnuuh
'* ; 4ttNathaniel ( I ; .r.h"I
j ,), IM'A. ed In % a..1'nl 111..rlll
--- --- 11"1'1. .
, \ ---- concerned I. will lie Hiillicient/ for my purIHIS I' blll..1.'I.rt nf ", ..In\IIru.rllll| | j but

.. t. MILLEK t. B. THUUAd O.. .U.. .L1VINO1TON.. .. ... .. Hamlen ''. U"D'r.&llh 1.1)' I-. the Freiu fommandi., tureil 1 ( iI.iii list be th.l.n..II..1 111\f I-
.. ... .. ... .... .. of an army (1195, $in !Spain wurcn Ivrvd his armytoTlloNut I r. .t..< in.. .ridieul a"II"I I >< I ii|{i-oue-a.Irns rrl
Thomas &Co. MERCHANT de .Mouu, the! Spuniuli t)1.rullr ofAndilnnia. killed \ lie t..ulb Ilitu I'r.'u& IJlrulu ,'...uld bays ,dune
Miller COMMISSION tin the h.II.1..101/ of |i\leii. Afterward an : Let. I. I.'J juil.'s inuirrM Ijirly. its cnntrullinKiurpiiMi

iuquirr: ill 'Nw. 31 .t.tlrll". ...SrrrIN tie| Mniiu, ,1..IIl'e.1 l the ntipul.iuon: of the lr""I' .. i | |I. I lo ["r".. t the Ir.I""" ..'Ilu 'I'ur..lh.
MERCHANTS II i rrnturtiluu thu I nlmi a sums lassie l i HID
COMMISSION and, ID this 'Utoldirr dred, ; | | .r upon"
l.H041..:.\ -=" :": treaty by inhumanity cru..lly lost I of ,I I I majority or Iu unlnlitr .rl hilt iu tuttrd by luintillty .
-AS\- .......tllEFkK"-- and lilt a.lie nf Krince s..1an.r to the Muuib.and their lire fur country rUratliuvn
:: K. : thU, de MUKII[ wan ohut 1)1'>| In M jdnd wli"n the ketn, rtr. I rrifard t<> pnrty Interests. If ('nuirress. suit
Wholesale Grocers, city waiIIs'Jy benieiriil, ; 1 l.y thu Frem It army 1 in I tie Kincutive: shall uiilortunatcly' bepliurd II.n attltinie -
NVw. U.tiky, IKirk
UA.riROMFT (ien.. JoLiwuii. / Ta1la1a'.ie.. r U uiiuiimnded\ l hI y the Knix: ; -ror 1'Ial..I..1I| in INTtoa. : fiiur' if |J-rIuisuisut Lmtllllv, it I" fur the J.a'I.pli.taUnld
aI.'v ASSAU. i J'\: [ !
Tile and rl lurnni
I.. \v. i,: A M !!IeuII.1.1.., ) lli i1 battrne 1.ert upon the ibsighlJorimigheights ] I ", tti 1..1llr.: IliIartlahly, tf lie
-0- ( them turtl pitrly ; forget
JuIKI""uI 1.I"c"o
reduce 'I.lri,1 to
l Ilr. Tb"lII11rotf! !, i and could peeddy '
ATTENTION PAID TO ORDERS and lUrn.Co. 'lullll'>. 'IIrrl'l.I"rIb" I I dra''hi ( rn..o. fi.rtc.-t every thlntc 1 but I.I l'"otlulon.lb,
1. K. : a made on Cotton consigned to tbeui.Oixxl .- 1 awl', i.1'." "I.rla Juoll. "lliroleeS .bo. 1011.
receivedand I I'ellbollu .\: 1'lIi."r. '. 'I..ntiedlu Junta hfnt two nerutiatoM: lit thr hfa'l<|'lnr- i i indall whit .
fur any part of Florida and Ueorgla IMd t urubul1.. I Ur of NAful.Ro.N. < >ue of tin-b men wa lie but hu | | | yet --.- ..

uLJbGr forwarded.BEXkT : ,. U-ly C 1'horn.K. tllultb!.ivl"I"; .\: l'o. I i \1 leOU.lees M.IIUNti'oi.boN received the depuutiun at I I'I'1tI" 'I 1 1"" IndleutiulK Cnntlntie that there. will, ." a
!! with cold and
the h''il of bit hll! a stern courttrnance. .
& Wrhhl. t ..... I I euiiKrittinn TI-I.H from the %"Ib..r
.e Cily. MORU ( bray .
... ... .(..BY. .*..*., .A. L. .UAKTIUIM.I.. ...... 1.ur.. . .. Lo!' Wiu. B. Ros... \ lie fin'il hi.pi..rc-illJ; eyr aUu upiiti i i king., IUIM, rt|>e<-ially in llie ". H'luw. the los nit
ktered tlm
:d. Ietuiugton .t toti. ( ... .111.. I'... lie 1 reproaihed him w itb h:tvin j( :{ .rill.
Bryan Hartridge & Co., IIMJ".yI"illeou.. Tb um. unfortunate Kn'nch a ln> had f.Jlt-n into luibuodi :: the (151r01 Iiou. on tie hra/'K, In : Tnu a \large pur.iim -

Jin..:3, !"'>!. 3"J-Iy. ami with baviiu .uir>'red two servants of ,, ( ( of the |1,11"I.I.lr"l Ilru"u"CI.iro, by lliu.
Commission Merchants and Brokers, the ukUn Kin'i-k..i'ir to IKilra::;-ed awny all.t .*
SAVANX.U1 UKOKuIA.STRICT ARE YOU INSURED0 ? put to dt*tli in lh' n'rteta.. IH-I-UUIW' they wereJo..nl'l.III..II. I. rlnl intu tui ail 1.,1 and n UUd Ilirut to i poor o o'
t ." I He'nd Tlui tfitulti'im ,.fit. boun.
... ffHE l'SlItItlfiSf.1I: IS MSFI'AKEH: ) TO IS JIoIl"" ,,b..t ) "" lulu nuluUti tin cdni'tliIMA ,; The | 1.1"| mini are. 1..I,1 thuunainj lulu! C"UUI airituf pluntlii tbi-rlihut are

: attention given to the MIl of Cotton and 4. tirE l'jLICjts:: ul' Iliu I"nu"iu r".I"'II.ibleU.UUIICU tl4 ..fI."r.-" irlml irtiM th* mini net uf Iht 'lr." ruur bloJr.,1 .t..D
produce In Sivaunab and New Turk make& ] CUWI'dOic"The J'ili..h, who art furfiom prulir.y. "'M'lr.. "p" jilt. : I.nul the llri/o n!'r glirie atilt uutoucbed by

*. Adyaucet made on cUII.lICoW"U'i 10 our tiruiod I Mug utiifl uIr..f ''"* t.,.:. of aeth,,,.. T.eyeI2JA4li4.4I negro, llit: 'pluwtut
to )f ...u. BACON, L'LAHlit: 0l.u.: ., Collou and Gulf State Insurance Company,, lI.ron ,.l J/l"1 (sefr.,. 'jul /1"11/- 1""nl"l. I -.- .
Tobacco Fai-lor, Isl Pearl Street, New Vork.Planter Irtatii it ,, & 'huE.n lItliltilarue. Tcuorwee IUJIf -
; riiiatf m&ttiry r.WL .
I *' kopphe purebred la either market.SeIru .- The Georgia Home Insurance Company,, filth it. T" .
thrir L'biuu
Frotluit for mercbjmU _ill 1 be ordered fill ,iril -" "',. : li> p"t oMrvlttt onI Irert ifith tfi* < !. f.1..0 tu niiitrol ib.grand C..o.nluD

from Boltlaiurt\ and CluuuuatLueniuoc: The Eufaula Home Insurance Company,, It.ibj'jia.i .f lit lfrtt. H"f thm diin yvu Jtimtiuituliilu'U 1,bi b .elllI..IID ,.Iule..o lbs 'Ad. oiL llruc\

tb ; Tin litniiaiii't Im C" Tile llirwtr /loA. Co.,, II ; y' >fHn riiJaUif this of Jliylenfrif .: br) ,I-I'.U'I"d iu pro' <.<..:dmyi Tu lu.lnlo: the

Col EnWAHO Uui.Tolk, Tullala..te. r'U The X"J":"' In*. (b TAt JlpvWr*. Co,. ...... i&jiutift and Ixi'l f-itth terr nrnl. tiftitif rjr Ix-p* l nilluu uflbe Hila-jl, i-tion, the 1.ltl.I,; anrvb -
tkf I lufl at I 4I .
CoL K. F. ruirn, JiukionviUe. Kloridj.Judee I: /N. Im it" g i. Ul.d I u.ll.. truth ,.ud.J fur
J. C. )fcfiIJlU.bdl.oo.! Florida.Nov. Imurini! aiiu\ Lu.s by Fire ou 1J1I..lliu IIout's. I, ..ill.1 h-ul taatt ilifrt ... tii Ua hirlmr of anM>i. there \ \\JuUtbviyuH' wureadlufi Ws.Lhngtuns

Il, JsuiP. ; l w iorciCtiuritie. %..a1einteaI18M' at.tdesi3arn.,. I 1u'i dJvtcd iif/Mui4! it IIU uuort.a.oeai. wtkA f,, ."ur. Kll Ad-tress' tu Ite 1''W"I.o, a well kouwu
\ eeuvralAl \. J A>ul '4 SjHitkiMtt "' 1'1 .
Workthoti. and builiiin. you fttHiH'iftdt'i. lArntjtn JI T .. lltr4 r.eIk-al l mured the K lluu" of K*-
B. BROKA W'8 .o, on Hou.-tioM Furniture, Mtrctundizv, Cotton : i ,.,,,t.. prifrrriul tu nee it CCJ/MI to f.'wJl..4.Ai/" .ue I ,m..iriiI4-Sifl. bll iu. < x>uvtiitiuu ..1' Are
la Waretiouw. or ua fUntuioa, and i4beipruI'erty I\ an At udraIe 1 rtc of]>rcniiuui.b I 1 iiftftrred H'lniuj "i.* w"l ly' fur I .nurtitl ii"uiurnl, b" nll..IO-d A. d rebel, due-
LIVERY AND SALE 3, l..iII 3If C > ,.,..,,.,i wit ta f'jM, to rv>l.w"J ytud /ji'A aiutiiunir" _iry tu | : : lUirbl' Just ga 1 Uj1et.
h4SeeJu ; /
TiA Mflrid wa* captured( \>j the r'raih 'I. I -
AND MOST DIRECT truop (but' 'I HUM title M[K HI A 'fI a* uuL nnt-d by .bile 11 A""I tbe list UM ililttlVabiDtoi| I. ".to
f: STABI4lS.T : QUICKEST awhiLe I that ( Bancroft' frlrad beet
N Al"ol.txis t'.uuLiaaistheIaug'a-ga. : and $' ./ ), II" .I.. < <>rje bar
I ROUTE NORTH. at ti m of hf ;fl.at..il UiJilur) mill of ig..Ierij l ". rv1u|( hill fur tbe New York Collfcrtor! .blp ; tat
TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA.AI.MU I wiUleme V"--y' arri'l'i limes. "Uo,.e kuo"ledje of I..of Science of war f..,or of / < Lat b. .dtt Uo"d iuixctulooof| beeoiuiog 8rcet .
I HACKS Car' from UllaUUuincy .- : Win only tqiuJvl by Li. prol...t I knowledge of l ibouU tbe Ctdiotl bo
: eunorrtliijOct. ii. "U"wy (.euIb4 1; lilt!. IL.. inteiuilwual 14* aol tuto x-ituce: : ii/n-ruimrut. .lInt II Ir: ry t544irfuU'iLxicrt tf tl..le. for the boulloo arc rdwOed-ooiuUwd .

Bl'UOIES WAUONS AND UAR- I Surtb..ru Tr. llo.I 'Tui. it muit be under'+ta'I. waa: after the obdiratioit 1 Liy | .
CA.RRU.G we.f6lUhee. I %VRIUIIT .t hILL, frol'ridCtIL .CH\UI.E tbe Fourth, the "l.wi.b Kiug rtUn 11.1 .rwiJ.bl"
Nov. 7. ...a. 17-" 20, ls t\5. li-f



>> .- .
.- .
.' r1f.
;. <

' '
C .'. )
: "
;: .!' t

.fli! '. 1

-- I rliool. lor freedmen. REI'iRTEDRESIGNSTIGNOFSTANTO\' el;
l fi.r i
.i ( Precedent Jolin" n.Miott which radicalism!| ill\ itp' 'the ps'nple-nn entertHinmciil .in n"lwll of (.Hicsun. March 9,-The Republican has a telegrams 'j
She: 'cmi 'U'cchlu' Joritlian. A, hiM liccn lisp administration> of Mr.JouwnN : nf shuts tin Prc-idmt refuses to partake / : I 'lake this method. of saying to the citizen from Cincinnati Hating llt., private dispatch

t.& lip to the, present' time, it ins pet licen wliuh he di-ll.ires\ Nil! prison t Ihe hole FI"rioa that In the absence of funds for Sabbath day- entirely reliable fiom Washington been tecele. ,

difference according schools, we have gotten and arc getting up I' that Mr. Stanton, Secretary War
TA1.LAlIAPP61.1 5 long enough to illustrate anew the miprriority of country. And this i is the llil're I there Mating

Southern over Northern, !statenmn'hip, so often ; to Mr.I ..w., 111I. eliding hit Necn "thepilnta"aa Miooli all over the Mate, for our coloro.I would soon rfsitn i and that (General Pteadtnun bal| i{

,, .' e UI 1K/le. Ibihitcvl liy the. m'''1I1''III.r, the \\'hit'1 Huuc' thoiuh. any thing could\ lie more irre- I Ministers and citi/ens respond readily to this agreed) to accept the position.PEXNSVI.VAMA .
.HARM: ,
'r1 1:111),0'. wotk We have, Sabbath Sehonls in T( llllbl\I'I',
The .\ Fii.iM'iiih liable.! the antipodes of Carts CONVENTION
, 11\\1', ;, I'lP.iuK: ; \HIMIAMKml Cent They are very "
. -" LINCOLN. were, doulitlcm, hi many re |ntls other. The one ,eik. to Irl'o..t"e. ('oll-Iill. Itt.11 )'II'OI. 1t1-loll, 'Lake City Concord No.l, IlARKisin-iio, March 19-TheCnionState Convention

} I Jr 1.t<<'1'-' of omits and ",'II\ctl.t: The elder, Lion nnd to administer the (Il\rlll'll in strict (Cliairt-s'l,, soon hI\1: ene M No. 2. .\ have nominated Irnerlll! Geary for Governor.WA'IIISIITON .
lie I
. t .\II \\1-. tiiiijiieMi'iii'ihly" H tn.'iii of "ardent, pstriot-, :i accordance with its' catholic piril-theothersare' \\,opened with over 200 pupils I 'ONhiESSIONAt NEWS
( (
.: \ sin, n va- the) joimger ot. M' -knowliitje, Mr. determined to modify its most, coiwrvativr fea first l ladies and gentlemen of Leon county are March 8.-In the Senate today ru.ululious .

t;" ''it.I.M'HIK. 1I1III.i1 Mist t'..f Pt r I'n, 1'lHU K.; were, lures by, interpolating party' dogmas, not fur the rralonsly "nil111 were offered declaring thai to ConresS
Z otimalili. while Mr. 1 limi- ol the hut for success' e>'en The like work ;is g"ill on l in Uadsden county, the of
} all iiu-iM\try" w NY good country' pony tin and not lo the Executive, belongs power reestablishing

. .ISAVmml: hi Kiicinsor Mr. I.i\im.s=" wire certainly though the result i j- the ruin fr the houtli. O ti besides on almost every place ,,1,1 plantation ch government In the lately seceded
'. n I 1
above! mediixirily! : : yet "n.i Utcmf, hew, fardo there 1.1 a r''oncli"tiol' We doullll'Iy: blacks are Instructed daily. gentlemen 8Ial l.

:; these Presidents! fall below the !utindird of indication jioiuts/ the cither way. =",ot1 do we have found doing it taking great delight In and Pending the constitutional amendment debate In

\VA-IIIM.TOS" Jhrt'MiwN=" MADISON:' mid J believe that the eonsenati\es like lUtMoM in say they hew quite a proficiency. he House, Mr. Bout well, from the Reconitrucllon
" I. AC"'I' Where i is the gentleman and lady with a soul Committee made a report signed by himself and
desire it. ,
.. .' SOS-the men nhoni the South gave to the the Boise and COWAN In the Senate -

\.. Subsrrlbi'rt IIIIh'Me observe tli' ('r" s (:X ) henry, to the Union, mini, to history. Of Mr.bliNviN Their |K'litical' I future must be n blank if peaie/ "' I is can withhold when they look at the ignorance of Mr. Washburn of Illinois, Mating that East Tenncs-

Mark ..lid govern Ihcmsclvi-aeTordlnul. Pubrerip" =" il I is pcrhapt too wan to rpcnk with I mide., since the lUdicnls. who are, .cf /irs'(1i.everwhehningly the race and their anxiety to learn' WP don'texpert ice Is loyal, but Middle and West Tennessee are dis.
,,,,,,.,. politicians or The propose, ns an condition for
doctors > a"dilonl
" mllnlhs,1 I make
|3 for its to lawyers loyal
IS in
lion per year absolute from his first in the majority
!ill.'I i certainty, jet, judging; Ilwlr1111) wordof admi ion that suffrage be conferred without regard
:,'i; w annual niPMviijc, his veto message and liHli'Jd of will not forgive them for their d.-'llol laf'm'I., hut ire tan kara tl&l tit rtllhe to race or color.

1\ :..w .h..r.I..n..n.. February: JI"I'h| w e venture w ith a good deal. l of nppetrs'! to be well nnderstnnrl-and, henrc Hw. (1"dlln.1. we trill lo-it. .\ bill was debuted declaring blocks citizens,

Sl. -M. PATKIC K offers reward fur ttnlfti iud confi.lence. to predict' that if suffered to complete \0'1'1 paper, the Tumi, I is Merlins' its great influence MY PLAN. conferring upon them equal tl"he and Investing

1 -(}. W.& A. M. Se are": C). ortVr ili>rM nod hill term: ot service hy the men v%horn he dciiounceg! to make the preach wider neers, craft, 'Let planter build I house for a church, niinoritle's with power for their own protection

aumlry New" (l KnUat 10\\1'.1 nub juli-M." M inciting hit assasHinatioti, he will win for hint- epithets' luvilied ngiinst the" rxtnmv Kidicals.abound sabbath I'\ry and day school-a few Saturdays given LATER FROM EUROPE.

-A. HOI-KIN ailvrrtlse-H .sprlnjr' O.KMN, elf a place in history IUI.IIII the memory and. in its columns ; and on the, other hind, for this purpose can effect i it and form a kind of New YOKE, I.mhThe Jbas ar-

I "Drem OiXMlt," .Summer Clothing" ,Ar: for ,afTiTtions of his countrymen, "liy the side of the, the l K.nlical. j'Jrnal' are equally caustic n"iinst peasantry' a little field of usefulness for the family riled Liverpool Itl'allr ndvlccs to the Mitts

Bile. llustrioiis {Southern n inn*, aln'ady tas ntioned.II .- the President., Mure than this The Northern There's missionary work without going ult. alllhlllorwth

-WM. K.: AM :UII
\ 'iJ;. iw Attorney IInll
:. : Jn.U.N HKTTON=" Huol ntnl :Shop denier, hmanother storing to 1"'III'e, harmnny and fratiruily the wnVnTiifti rlllr I" II silt t"'I. to endorse the voting servants.
w,:" lot of fine! boot and, shin.* to hand lately diatiacted. and warring! member ot that one !n|riuivalent to a ensure
'' -H. C. 1.y-wl" advertises, Knickerbocker Lire Union which WAsiiiviTosand I M\msos I formed, President, will not jit Id, neither will the Hulltals when to leach clodini easier.
And n
we can gut a 1'lller day Console were
Insurance Company: and which .U('MOV, then its' unity was threatfned and both, are evidently looking to the peo !d'I"lln' this nice white-wached log building Five twenties unchanged.KWlti\c.' [ '

, -IlcinboM'ii Hue Inl-in''i1 1I,1\'c'rli"'II1I'III. held. together: who can doubt hut Hint he"ill to decide thin 1 issueand' history I Is not \\ wanting in
Ill nil e southern young lady )jour family young l'olUellewl unltnportnnl.
-See I lodge I notiee.print : ..Iollrej'h' WAsutoiIIN.1F.yFEItNNMUst-' : Itit lrlri"II as to Hie result of su< h contentsIncreased .- to
not daughter
) gentlemen, your son or engagelieartily
I WIN and, JAIHOON' the ne\er.dying r.1I1I1'.r. Ihe bitterness" and, a wider divergence will in this, work. I love distinction thatstands CONGRESSIONAL
$''J. 1-We a most signitlrani artieletotn follow. In that side IS'AstltiUTUN, March 0.-The House bill sccuriugciil
//tr"ullin" Southern Presidents, ? inevitably: struggle one or .
from the and the vicious but
a heretoforeregarded 1\1001 vulgar rights to all without to color
t I the SpringfieldjriuMiViin, paper -...- the utter. must go 'I'rhoul,1I", people will persons regard ,
the :North' the of the Itepiihliran II I iirnore that false distinction that: would I isolate In all the Stale, was referred back to the
at a organ .
a Th.tt the less rabid 1C"I'II"liclIlIlIlo"' WIOTreason | tint Hif-ttin, both in the snide btenlh. I I is inipossible Judlelarj)
In MonsnchtHelK In tlio estimation me from "humanity and go through the world Many liepublleans disagreed at l" thc '
I' party I Is tinder the control of. their passion*-are 11.anlillll. we nf the South, who h.i\e "llllltce.
of that journal there IM reason to fear tint) fmpii-' dead fiend 1 on the theatre tf existence! Jonptltutloiial power to pan' It In Its present shape,
apprihcnsUo' an irrc'I'fllI'illI"lI' and final split' so mach ut Make, he nothing more
tar government In thr t'nllcd States will lip: c I'al Ihal Southerner, awake from Ibis delusive dream believing that It lutadcd to a great extent, the rights,
irtwc'i-n their I'nrlyall.1 the 1'resihtitand. are FH>It.itors, Lien panting to take part in of the Stales
with the anarchy and disorder. of tho Snilli 1 hil. let )jirlih' go to Its own 1.1111 where it originated, .
seeking, ID" avoid it, I is nliundantly inifrst. Mr. the contest I, for with the nil ournympathii's Thu .Sciiute discussed the Constitutional f,
American tc'rulllll'alul especially i ii tlili linininmit Ir..llh'1I11r go to work-Ike itork (!. intend r!tl tl>; amend
<*t\Y \111I. Sfnator SIIKKM"' <=>" Uiiv. ('UNcurbin> ; but our vol.e uI,1, wishes I I'lll ( iiicnl apportioning representation the Stairs.Mr. .
l'oul know the colored character end. know
lire radie-al intlili'd. STKU.Mli we they Imonl
if jKilicy' on by
his way )his raised a video of warning to their 1I\'nil. wt> would chaise) all the! oppuucil' of Henderson a lhalno
ns ""- than frit' flood this I landto ol..t ceclarlnl
) prcTnil.Tli asHiH,iates. Mr. Shw AIII, In his ('o'I'r lnlitute wit'ioiil'. rel'iTenie to past', peilitiialditfurc \I.t "trun1'1 ,'i State. iu prescribing ,voters
-.- IllI"'II'I do, it if We have' been doing, but
1"'c".It., Humph. he. siL"mined, the I'r' ,iIt'lit and neen, to unite as 01 e man. To this fompleitiou \\1 110n'1 .h,1 disiriiulnate on account of color or race. He
Moulhrrn 'I..nae..r; doing too feeble the Statelhas nobly moved forward .
In of his mverthelessinsisted it must the ; said bin own Mate, Missouri, would give nrgro uffhigc -
I ably argued support' \eto, ; rump, nllille sooner tctl'r. .
: I'liblMieel at iIi I'4)fl, 'Iorl.laW.. I I.. I'HIRY, that the I ditrcrenco was merely one in-, -. 1 on an enlarged: plan, if1 e carry) it out the and thai t he whole South would compelled

Kdilor.:. "nlll'r"l'tlrl"r.' $3:I In ndvanro.We (hhr' readers will remember r telegraph dispatch world will admire. and heaven' bless us-in Iorlll..lll lo do so Iu five years.
tween pilots. "The,! liohle khip, 'Iiclill', "has
,' wi'lioniit nine more. a paper under" the- eon- w hkh Htated that an u.lrovljllll\; a !go nt it like putting out fire. The 1III.tllle.1, disagreed' to, and the original
from nll.IIIIIInlo I
l'ao'l'll tlieerge
t' trul and management of our friend I't,iiltv, whl- | tempeHtu crimr had waited. an the President and told him Yours very kindly and nfTl'cIOhlfly. resolution then rejected by a vole of :to 2. Mr.
of sale Imrhor. and is' into
a no"rl'lIrl'11
lam of the! Miidi: I ..\ffnrnytr.! IIn prrsrutruter' that the troops ought not to be "'III.lr"wI. from F II. DUNCAN. Sumner and other Radicals Voted against It.
her ancient mooring iihout hroken or
i Ilrl+e has a neat, healthy, look, and! !ngro we are,. / par the South-.th.it their prcse-wu. was nere.siry to A'-t. Sup't fur I'uh.lloII: for Freedmen., MORE: TESTIMOXIALS TO TRESIDEXT.WASHINGTON .
.. .
k, Maihoiird or lirhoard: fore or all. There TiE
that If the gi>od people of din county and the, merchant the protei' .tion ol white and blaek, \c II turns Nut .-I have \rl applications for schools) March 0.-.\ Coninilllce from the
reefs liesthose
'til to
are mime sin asHheappnmi
yet pass (
III of the tillage \\'illjtlve him proper eneourAgemcnt out that this Provisional (Ilovern"r! was.lMfsJOIIN from southern young men and young ladies., I Maryland Legislature presented to the President,
monrings. Our pilot that |Rmay"
\ he will furnish them with a paperwhich \If enter them. The other "OS "if(Je-orgia. The Nii-h\illi ,'/, nl'/l lTtiui would say we shall have to get tip houses, and jesterduy, the resolutions of that body approving

they will fcrl proud.' Mr. I'KKIIV: Is a Hufily directly thrnugh the tax will not be available fall: the his policy. .\ Kentucky del gallon also led
; says
Unit she must luck, and, lowering sail taketits 111il"1 Ir.se.
I '. clear, Ii.rdlllc'Iilt.t, not easily just t.'0 from hit says "Hun. J.iiiU's ohnsoii, K\: I'r\ i,11111 liovernor .n cents rl'l each pupil per month Is all we the Ilrol.tediujs of a meeting al approv
' to go around' then( That is the dills'renee.I .
propriety.W. wish the Mtn>ei jfr a priwptroutmrwr. ; ; apHiinli'd| by Presiih-nt John could promise H. I). ing mcsnagu.
V I Ills I merely the dilfercncu lietwcen. the pilots.' "-- I ,111'nrrilA. [ the ulliirilivtli.it Papers ll''I'It Ihe State r: The President, Iu response to both delegations
1.1 In'lIlh'lt throughout
J -__--_ And this heing: all the "diircrence," whysl.nnldthe t'n. .IIIII'II'1 11 still "llh "IIII. lie --- please c (py. reiterated his determination to defend tbe Constitution

s 1'01. 1lnswell.This : "pilots" full out and gIII lilting each oilier ?, \\.1. in that Mate" to protect both whitei and. '1'1. is 'or agaltul all attack., from whatever 'quarter they
.1..nlo.I. .
that 1 the relH-llioim nn- Uraellnldnl
spirit was
; be received.
I gentleman; has removed, his( resitlence tiFernandiDa So, too, Mr. Senator SIIF.RMIS. of Ohio, tells hit i lameii and : ana that' hi.1 troops sirs lay
friends In the Senate that mint not 1111nII Ilre The New York Times ((Kep.) whimeldef editor U -" .
where he bus" engaged! : In the piactice political they should be "" ( delay, This is the, In ban a despatch from that city Iron -
4 of medicine. The Jacksonville l'IIi-/i oft for a moment think of alienating "the pilou.. "- h'.II'"I"I' '.1I1 in whom the 'President has W"hllllll.U.I"e nn vxtrmt THE MARKETS.

1, Saturday : "h afTorded miieh pleasure tll, They must hold, nil to the tout tail of the. Presi Ii greatest ,11,111'1'." "Hip ... have opened vigorous anel'rMc. ,i.
: \ : says So front this ideiu'nt being true, air4 the Iliul cash itch!! 'tdn'l tin 1.ftlI'I(. the "mlil. .
dent It I Is Im should not have made his f.I harksI.T.uanasscr
meet Col. U. TitoirMxwKi.i: of Tallahassee" true 111" | | ut ibucaueiis I.II U thorniiL'U Tal.b. .
; II.icon Tt'lii/r'ijJi, it is notorious in no "lollte,1 .) Mash 1:1:, lash
I in this city a few dart ago Tho Colonel bus jus wad: of Fi-hruary speech' .., tint thou he has always r.llhll and Its d'll'rmll.ll..1 lor brink with
Stale of the South are the pifiple class Mr Johnson. It 111" l mi-itinir on I theXuhjeitmudhas I'IITIUM.Orrliiiury .
been comhattlvc back whims struck every .ey'r.1
returned trove the North and Ilel..dlhll. city tot a man,striking: .
| renolveil lo rnlse |; I"Oy hvy Iu 'rl'llhldlnl:1 In SI 1'1.. Market
: meet his family, for the purpose of taking "1hi.. and you, Mesura I'\I",1I and SIKNKNS: hit hima and color getting: along more harmoniously I 11.1 11"11| olllecbutdrrs, and by uUcri'tion| for the -- dul.

t ham In the Bust, and at the Island city, Fcrnnn. lit k, and IIP only gave a.s good' I as wa wnl. showing a grl"II'r.ir..' to avoid collisions and and" priweeiiliiin circulate ofhv'"ar. II /has de l.led ti SEW ORLEANS MARKETS.New .

dins; where he designs! to resume the prai'licpo Hut for. all this we must not eparatc.' The Sinn" disturbances of every I''''rL. With I the solitary print Frase-ndeti s rCII"llo elormOI.the Iditlul"veto orTrulbull.Rod 111.llrI CHILEANS, Much! 5.-The cotton market Is

medicine We congratulate thai city upon tile tor goes on : exception' of thin affair nt Columbus, I lid I Ia'I't''lkl'o I Ili" clhtr\11 Ilrlllll, att.uk: nmileuponlit, v cry uls.tlcd., and ijuotailous nominal ; sales today
,. da\s mm. in thou HOUJC
by the the Irl'.ld'll "ylr. bales.
cquialtion of a physician of the experirmp, and Where will M'Ihn fnnr inililuns of ulavrs! N ham presence 1111111I"nl"II'1 \ \\11.1', inuips' not a disturbance" e>f note has Sugar 11 to 1 li-. ; moliui.es, to W<{.
have any t
commanding\ abilities! posse-wed by the doi tor.- hY"r policy you cimmipatedT: What n"r 1"1101 .U upon 1'.1 h of the I'ulon m"cl..u of 0
i wuuld lie their incvituhle file: if now surrenderedto taken pl.uo In the Slate: tor months past: beyond I'lingrcss, some of \hol have paid up una others :NEW
Now that thu stern call of w ar is over he sheathesthe the custody "I| the rehcls of the South, ? Will the usual amount law lesmiess, that m vet fails are holding HID Clatter uuder euiislderatlon. 1 Ley YORK 1UKUS.cw .
.1 "I propose' also to Make Jay Cook treasurer ot the Yoga, March C.-The cotton market Is dull
sword be wielded with so much gallantry, Mm, I'j' your demand: of universal milfmge' du- / orSanizitiou ; ;
to sneered a tate of war. are und lake rooms on 1'eonsylrsnta sales (
1..da.I.IH) bales
and again draw the lancet, which we guarantee, stray the, jowrrohr the I'liioo party to jiroteeltheiii \d.llilll"II"p a\t.
line us the | ot the
in their deally: I'lIrdlI'.1: liberty Willqoibe not 1'1'.11,1111. ( ;ieor;ia to I'rl'It' public. orderor huI'luorler.| new rru.a.le Aseverybody told U al 13*.
lie will use with great advantage! to the |Hoplcamongst ""lielll'd.| Cut. Forney, I U. I h" |lusttin 'Iuulee .
new issues, iiHin which you know. ) uunao protect anybody, and I tho u\\U stntrtnent' If tune II : a candidate for the New \Okl. March..-The cotton market*steady
whom he lus east his lot. We wi'lcom
taut the views of the people, jeopardi/c. ever nude by Got! ,I..hll"/ is utterly gratuitous honor und Hards nl' lie him sent at with of 1.1;) tales.C .
him lo the East. those lights wbiih- you can, hy aid of the I'nlon ) elaborate Illuorhll. the committee, representing( old !
quoted ut l: .
freedmen. We and .1"Mlillll' r'"I,1 limn, as every good citizen Ih..I.r' "I hrunlele" Is \ ;
1"lrh. Mfiirc to thene know that: 1'1 ) a hiKlnff comics-nn and up-
Dw.IIIuN house II..r. th" I'resi.lcnt.. cannot will not, and neur did knows and will testily 1''alnllullrlaleUlllr count it ue nts fur suti'tan. SEW YoKk, Mirth-Ceiiton dull Sales to-day
oVliH k the dwel lIr'I in unite with the j" III'I1I1 univcrnlMiilfia uht eOlllnel' votid to give him their 1'JM bales at 4: and -t'lc.
1 Yesterday morning, about 1 : usnpon As sue h testimony as I this, coming front sin h a
Hog (house! and kiU-hrn of ('01. .0\. .\. Flsiihliaoni : ::i sold. dead :-11Ilt" No" Midi! tlullIIasrre ami re'e, I is likely. to prejudice HIP, interests ol. the |I'riulnl,1/ editorials to pay for as and way circulate serve. their as Public turn.du.It Gold 'IUolte at 13:.
toiUeniplitud when for his heroic nertiies in I thetausent Sew Marsh! 9.-The
Ik \'OK.
that the totiuo market Is dulluud
two mile from town, were burned! to the the I'liion him vide hIII..... whole State: w" hope the mi'mliers of the 1.111. uul'r-lull committee is also d.m'e..tln"
we t. lu.t Kasitile, means of ( out aUl'I'Io.lIi"lIlu declined from 1 to Sale bale.
ground. From the fact that there had been mflrei with Mr I.incoltIa4ourstandunlb'arir.! : lature, who have !In.'t"'lIt| ,'nrmuII ltjnll with the.L'uiul ranks to 'ru.hlul! desigui... at 41 to 4'k :1' to.ay1O '

in either house or kite hen since Ihe Saturday not completu tho work HO glorioiislv ( Wh'j their respective I'UIIII,' will take the mater in -. -- -- Gold; al I 1S4MAlTliETS.-

previous, no doubt (exists that the fire was the our uMii. n by ncLining/ I'niun and liberty hand, and, with the ( Jovernor, inaugurate suds 12T The prophecy' ( imputed to Daniel Web \UOlct
men without distinction of color Icatiiiir$ to Ih"1 rtor IN are |ieculi.ir signiticam at this day : .
work of an Incendiary. The family saved' nolh Mute as before the luestion of uulfriige ? 1 measures as wi'ill.li"111. 11,1 dIIIAI.I'r nf our these 1lllic. and abolitionists ever get power The Liverpool' cotton

lag except( Home bedding a few hairs, and I rp curse of Ood; the maledictions of millions of our pI''lo and place th"l in the proper light before into their hands they will override the Const it u- Soles of four larkl.t had declined Vd.-

., mall iiiantity| of personal clothing people. mid the tears and hlood of new mime! I'm- the President and Site lountry. li..n. bet the Niprtme Court at defiance, change days, 31,0 bales.Consols .
t, -.... men will, iu my judgment, rest upon' tluxe. who -...- and make laws to suit thim'Plves : they were juoted at 87>;cfts,7X.
#: ArrldeaU the He.. A ."11. H. K. uou, fur tiny cause, destroy the unity of the great '! (1'11 l.u.hlaE Ttarm. will bankrupt the country, and tina1f. with Five iwcntie* at G0'I. Ifank"rales, 7 per cent

\4.t The passenger, : train which left Saturday morning partv lh.it I has: led' us through the wildernoi of I W.vuvv irk" the Washington correspondent oe ... ." The general news by this arrival I. uolwporlint.I .
war In |"I'Il'e and n.'c' 1UII".lllll\l' look to The arrests of Keoluns
last for tbe East, met with an accident lit our I'lIhlnt"it.\ We hu\e duties to pt-rform to the )111'01 Ttltgrnph, says In II.. letter of the ':' I continues.

.. Biiukins' Turn Out, about fifteen miles East: oMontlcello I he lui-incf interests of the country, in whjehwe' ins-"The l'rl'.ill'11 U mil jet demo lashinj; BY TELECRAPH. 1- -

t': f by which two or three cats were badly need the a-sHistante of the 1'rcnidcnt.. We have lUJieuls. lie iseiidlntlydilenniueinuttoshare OBITUARY.

and the train from going ou.- every motive. fur harmony with him and with "'tlNGltES.IuX.L NEUS ,
!- smashed kept the rod, as long as they eoiuinue ""IIIUI.doul -.
eat h her and for a manly, trust in bin I I
u generous: WASHINGTON Mirth G.
Tbe accident wa caused! by the breaking of aS (IlI\rrl"li,lII. If ever the time tihull come when I In an a.Ilr.whkh he 1.lte yesterday to a delegation the constitutional -The Senate to-day discussed MARY TAYLOR wits of th, late Dr. Jukn 3.TsyturuthlaCity .

: ; I truck which threw part of the train from the tan iu> longer innflde in Ida tletotion In the prill'"Ilh' fruiii the MLlrybuld he said ; umcuduicnl. ,, was burn to Cambnd0'e, Donhc.trrto
1'JI.IIUI. I lu the 1.10., a report from the Reeoustruetioa : 3.1Iaod. ua hu.:January, Inl and
Th which ho was elected I will "1.1sre.' I Ii "o l..d. 12 departed
Iraik. Fortunately uo one was injured. | iiuiu| that the lUdical were bent upon' < strue'tinuof Committee tills life at her residence lo Tallahassee .
,,, li'ndrew Johnson with unatlected I '. embroeins the voluminous 2Ulb. IsdtJ.
track was not cleared until late Saluiday nightA sorrow.Nnw i the' government by changing its IIrl.tl'r. by 1 1I testimony of wlt'esse who : to the 1'r brilliant and cuJfnatcd miiid energy and decUloool

soon a* the ai-cideul was known bore, an cx. all this I is very pathetic, and, rf-illy, v e I consolidating it. by cone'cntratm; absolute power dislojalty of a m joriiy IIIUlc.otle people of presumed the character, made her aa lueDtl and Oseful memberofthcnUsliMnandtsxlal

i. Ira train wa started to inset the train from I aka shall not cry if a reconciliation is br..uhlllbollt. ; in the Ilu,11 of the lUdical. uiijonty' nf the present South. sad her departure clrll 'uhicb. she belon .d.

City, which returuf'lth' the! pu-sstngers and provided of course that the President) U Ids notuitV Congress, I He .eU""II'd such un atlempt as The .army Approj' riatiuu bill "-l..ed. with an In bet lost illni-..leaves, a void nut e.LII.

baggage about 0 In the tvening.Heitalwr to. (he other pilots." We all know the' hart : bring eiually| as w i ked. as the attempt to break amendment disallowing the pay of auy cadet ap"loiniedsime UUuwe. her fortitude\h..h.and .alienee prolr..c.afforded painful aa ediry-IDlUe

.w \lit w" the h Pie navigateg: the ship. Cotrred with up the Union bj) 1,1.lilg and war He said, I { January last. lug c.ampheoftbsp.weroflrivinuGran.! .utd'lu

C'isll. dust I. it has beau drawn forth audagain nilrolled. ;. were very great, tat Pasta amid Hops triumphed overall.
"llofure the recent N.ts one MIofgenllemen I I MIIUS E.: .
{Nan of Saturday
Jacksonville l> re"tI"llhl're (
: ." :and if ho (HTsUts in fulloalug iu directions who NEW 'owm"ndlDI her children to bet
\\ dissolve und DKLEAXs, March 5.-The steamer u klode.C
;':; i "From private a.lvltor a late elate tIe banf' there in no doubt about\ the nmlt-the break up the I"\'runlenl trini purjtoho ct' pre' I I. Ilearue, bound from Shreveport for New Orleans Mary freDd"peacefully ihe prutection 01 Alnjlfbty tied, calmly and

been Informed that lion. Witk. 4L1 H.'lIal'rell'Ct ship w ill reach her harbor and be "sutVIy tniMired. lninl the il slavery, and another set i: \o burned ou the :'Ib ult.oo Red su, Is gone, but ridde op .plrt. ouratstersndf temid
and that he i iemploying ill break lvcr. \e aUlnotrepluefor loss Is her
arrived at Washington willing to the
has ; acre up ou galo'B.
Ihtllusuld! be yield! to the clamors of u mntinoui ul IllItlt'U"U gov hundred ",1l.01 eottou und Federal suldier .
in the destruymg slavery, out .
with industry doing
his ,
time great
: 111.I Lust.The .
rew, whii deuandthat! the ship lull Iw nau and they so were .
all that he ran among the heads of Departmentstad sated l by it ditlennt chart lI'hlly other I.il..ls.lhe. Though II\"Ut. pcclive parses: disagreed' i i' sehooner IMJ lri. from Havana for New Leon --
Lodge No.
with tbe.'ruideo&, in 1If'IlIIIrofthe interests the wished to Orleans, put iulo l'fd iu 5, I. O. O. F.
they agreed Keys a
: p'>'*'eucr* Way: will tremble for their >safery.Itut > .- utj"llhI'Y ;"IIII.I| leaky condition,
t of Florida, and that of her cit'ueuk. The saute IK I lra\e' uirtaphur and return to sober priise. iu one ;, that \\ W I tivl ot the with sails, split and spurs tarried away ; the t Hrubriu are reminded that there will
advices stale that Mr Call has not presented hicredentials gO'l'tllll'll. and a.. I tar R that point is CUD- wi.eouleo.aid, "e..t b a regular meeting: of Leon Lodge,
life cf the South M involved. in the issue! .
, Tho
trey It'rueI l the the
one a* as other 5
scrupulous at their
il U he will wa Brun.miiudatenolhe Vslb old Room Ibis
but that thought stale thai Maj. GeeGtxty
as yet Lode
t < cf whit Mr. SKWAHO sretiH to consider only a The blow was first struck. al the .outhcrn cud ta I unin., lath iu.t.. &t 7 .. .
the President the subJect assumed command of the Rio iroiide die l'dol'l. A full attendance -
; await th advice of upon{ slight; iltTirrme" It U impoiaible not to lie of the hoe It bcuigstruek. there, the spirit a bi h triet .-... lien Bruwn Is desired as business of )1.
source of intelligence\ confirm was war the of the Military matter were Importance ,'I
The same [ gov- quiet
!.. couviction that the f mal..il' Ulnl IriucllL' transacted
imprriM 1 w ith the success t> Cortina lurking about b
itself oa
elsewhere that Florida fnnllt upon, lid\ ol
v; : the statement* : radii alistu U the ruin tif these Mate TL measurer and joined' with those who" were (tar Ihe I'oiou the river, ( elveuiilus below Malanioro By order ..1 E M WEST, X.
X"'y: 1, h stands. highest ou the" list of acieplability with I projsisrd and the spirit inanitttird' it) their against tLo who were lor tl'b..1on. Hut now, The death of the Liberal chie'! Mendez, from I March. 13. l ISQ.J lt. \. CoRLEY, Sec.

;:;,;::. the party In pow t r. ... advocacy lead to no other roniluMou. Plans for when rebelhua i j.put dow u, tn,1 an attempt wounds r"ri'eo In taking;.tU Kaucle de Fau-L- -- --

,- .. lies'-,. fww- FUrldu.-- I It at altering the. i'onstitution as to make. the inurnment to must change Dually 11.1 resist character., n The ot the attempt gO\toUlut.now is\\tocuiKrutni'.e I lUila, bos. keen eOLlrwl'd. I IAu I :-i' Illllurj d.raa.I..dh.*.

: : Th Georgia Legislature i il about to put iu about, as resjw'ctahle"as) the resolutions a..lull"iMue-r. here It is destruc iuieriol| d erei: baa. been published which'seems ''' The medical iron .. nut an exact science-It Is

.I hand pretty deep into the Slate Treasury for the i>f s towu nutting;" proposals to keep. a standing live of the ge>vetnmrut. sal it i a manifestation. lo do away with that making ihe Rio (ratide. founded upon observation and eiperimeut Its

1" of iu members and oHlce-re. The Macon ; :army in the South indefinitely and for levylu of the 1"ln wbieh" attempted' to 1.t.11 uptl.e a free port of entry, the duty "dol paid when the i jTaaae precedes Us science. Among the lnlua.
1 pay ,government 1 stand! oppose' ,! to bl.lh goods ,ore .eut into the I ble e0mpound--| which
h tliut a bill has phased both (Houses ;; contributions oil the people! to siutaiu it ; 1 stand lh up..rimenL tterh. b
-rt!.' Tclffa says: 11 you for the livHrul..nl. for the Reports of murders and robberies vu the line of added to our list of OSCiOOD'S
> 1.., which fives to each member t'J' per diem andy propositions' for nunOMd taxes on the products Constitution tLl'lllt"I:1 of the law, and the Rio Grande continue lo be recehtuLlOuRESsIiNAL. ('IIOL.1Gr rGUF., fur fle the
mileage j to the Socrrtary of the Senate and Clerk of our UU: \ >r ; clamors: for our blood and the con- I fur obedience to IVustilutiou. fi.rms of
U'C Complaint. bu deob-
dit'DuuJ and li cauoa iif the little now left to us ; ills.fruneki.tulent -. I IWAsiiisuioy i I a
mileage > property itruent
each $12 !
of the House, pet
Out population| ol tifc i'nderieLs- Slareh vl..rlloo upon like a
Ihou'ln. 7 -la the the Seuol tilvl'ri.tng
ands uf all whites engaged in the rebellion lo-day, I I
$750 each, extra allowaue-e ; to tbeui.lant ; bur4 sent oar ihou.auj mu hundred to rebel Mr Sumneriuade a !ell eb.I vipontbU organ, removing( obstruc
Journalizing Clerk $13 per ..diem and to the latter aud the conferring! the right of suffrage' ; on rui}. user uuelembul tb number acre tie k4JJ ""lhYII'relh i>n the pl.iot' lions and purify)Ing the blood. bi.&t

|500 extra ; and to the remaining Clerks! of a race of ign.raut degraded' and! superstitious or died 10 the salter, ,and.at least ten JfrituL CUlltllutlu.Ul'lUtW"UL- ... .eeowidcretthebill for reciprucuy mode I' 6oWty LIVELY,

the two boosts |tt per diem, each. '! blue "_these make up the entertainment' to more are di.Llto 1 a ith the Brit'.h: Provtun t, but came to DO decislau. M.rchl3l I "i S Druggist:_Klss Tallahassee.



.>...: ,. r


--no e, ,, ." : < : ,. .,.. .. / ,' v. ;.4; .0 f't t -
< : .- ;k. ;
.. f.o- < .
.'.; : + ," : t : ; .',;.-- l .
: I
,, d'.

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-' ..... ... M a

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;( -1
'L' .
-' --
-- -

.. alion Wnhil1iltoortilll'ry.of New lrlean, that, un sertil nlJ milit.iiv w ill) suchNhntry lit.> Another Lot of Philadelphia NEW GOODS! 1 :

$aartn$ t the and war distinction\ha been in reorganized General I.te'e and, army it is SHOES ,N Ie W DBDfi[] STORE.[] :

11I4 will soon lie reviewed hy Otnoral SHUDHS. NEW ( iMDS t ( )( ( !

Jt.1.iIE'F: :11'FI.1\1)1.lI: ) ) :"Al.t::: AT -.. ---- I .-.' -

gea trtit'tnU'nt' .. I.Altti.1MIIt1'iii: !' !' :. ''' or \

--, -- BEri"I'ON'S) I )lilt It.I.'II'il't',1| anll'ltinO-1\: : NainsooksTiirlottnis : ') GREGORY DEL OUEST & co.

AND RETAILSTOHE. Mul Mn liti .laoonet: )Imiati !' ,
BOOT AND SHOE STORE ii,CheekI.:11111'' ) : I'-, .iniuLauUe: !

i.onq Clothe I, ltrillitnt: Irinh 1 I

I ruler noeii foiifii OF- tnr. ,TATE nNh. Linen 1'nrw'tIe,, uiilkurc1iicf-!:I l.iiiiti ..-<, I'' WIIOLESALK' AND\ IlKTAII; \ 1 Dlil'ClilSTS.Tallahassee .

.\IIIE I.A. riV( HLTTON 11KK1.j : 1L\ItEI: ,
.jt --.- ... -- I lil lore Klil I.K-C Heel Route, I ).III1\: 1,.
treuih MorcHvo 1 II 1 oil Route, l.itii'iiTow iiaPdr (
<,cut9C! .ll muni 11ea, I ,
Strap ituckiedo.. tie, 'r:1: h. Lade Florida

G/W.&A.M.SCOTT&CO.: : ALSOA :""i"\III: (\.II..r'anI'lIlr!', I .

few pair of ,cuts rerx' Kine Calf Boots, t'tlder.:'h'eves, 1'aldncience: ); (' .

-, -.e. --,- March 13, l'! 5:J-'!'t l'unlI'i, :lull Sa ire, IMginj, A.O., I .'
rot i.D I' \i.i. 11 IK 11'F111111)P: ( : in u KKSM: I> ti t\-: t'"o)
t i-., .c., .&:t'.. 't: (.'., A: ., tic., t V.o.. A.;f. i "
HELMBOLD'SFLlll I auuirtIutheir largraudarhnl.Lraailmi I utl!
friends that we are now rervUlnga/ Urge
Illoek of ) EXTRACT lilTHUmu MufhlM-Ht I \ I. vl-'!'t Drugs, Medicines Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,

SPHINU, .i: AND SUMMKRGOODS *... .r. .i'itihii.. :. J. i'. t. .nil. n.low. K. .*..SIIINI. Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, Stationery, &c.,

1' Nun.Retention I ur uue I iiiiliicmr, ol I'run-, "linl.itlun, Spiller, Crichlow & Co., I'ngelhri; with mill lit n'ui1l> kept in the < !LI.< I'rni Slon: *
Inflimnution or t In MI ion uf the Kl.iddir or Mil
ne)*, 1I1 "II"'. of the 1'roMrite Eland Stone In the '
,4 Madder C'nlcultK, l.r.nil I or Hrlik "".1 Ile, .aril, COMMISSION MERCHANTS I PAINTS, OILS *C.hlte .
and all l(> .c>ars ul I the Hl.idder, Kldmund I Mropsk '
nl S*filings. AM l liFO MM I

i tile Old Stand In Tallahassee, hero we are pro. "' "' 11.' /aeo/1uiiM: :!' I \\ 1.11.1. Sl l11dua' ill.i-... ,bath Fn mh" And t 1 wpdean, I ,
pvd to supply cQstomcrs "lth nil kinds of IIELJIIo1.1FaFLUID : : \\ hilr /.ine, .lInl 1lI.h., .
Crockery Boots and Shoes I IIrllllle11..''' Pendldng 11".111".
*' EXTRACT BUCHU hrome dreili; \\ hilt. U.mh Hi II-II.,..

:2T TIN AND WOODEN WARE &c. Ilnllydl.lmi.et'dlhl. .-petrnthl.limit, mil le.
FASHIONABLE KOI: \VKAKNKS, :>KS : din I.Imia.-dlhl, ', Iten/liii ,
..tfi :\tllb II. 1-tti./ ; M fpliII* liirpriiiii. Hull Ililikn.I I .
w AitllI'GnM. :\< M-I.I: : oi: I"'I>| 1:1:1: 1u\. \'Hriil lii'i., I lllllplilli, k,

DRESS ,GOODS The Constitution onicullccled by ii.ttiic! Weak Internal Improvement Lands Mieliu1 I.lur, U Inine.,\ I'lllU
nee requires the aid of mnlii inr to treniihrii: umlluilgiirute .
lllld Illlet
.llld( I'.lpel' .
> ,1r tt'.
the 8 I"III.I lleltnbold Kvtr.icl: OI-TKIIK1): : : FOH :>" A1.K.ON :. ( i
Bucliu In*:trlably itum. If no trcxttneu' ht puhmlt.
ltd to, C'umtuiuption; ur Infunity muy cneueiIII.MBOLD'S omit uMT the !lir't day of .lunr nest all the
Grenadines Organdies FANCY AND ARTICLES
,'ln'lotitflntf: :; tin !liitiTii.il ImproUMni'tit' ,
a : : Fund, l.Mnif In Mulillp Florida, "hn-h liar not lirrnliiTttolimMiilrri'il
....In i\TKtrT: 111'1'111'. I Inr tnlr, Kill l 1.1. subject tni'iitry i
A orlini-nl' ol line I'dli I ,'I P
MUSLINS AND PRINTS :nali.h Ihiir llrimhw.Kiiicll "apt|" ,
!IVrnoni n"1111111 .11,111111,10 will
In airection peculiar to f.-wal.-e.ii, I uuciutlfd| by, ; upon .li Tooth. llMislii'H, Mull,! Itlinimlintl',iren,
in ,
to h.-rulitted" to ruler I pn'It run e to other n| .
tiny other prep.ir.ition, an In I hlonwl or ((liclenaion tiled\ Lillyhlli-, Coroilont
Ian In1
a LACE MANTELS, Irrr 'ularilira\ painfulneM or .ul'"r..lon" of. rutonmry -' In c'UO".I'rnvl.I.II.r""r"r..II.1 my olllie on or Ixfun t the p.iid Hot" ,1.1).1 .'.June.Mirre 1".tllIoli, I 'olotni. *. Hi'milreel'n II.ilr I Kehlon:
eMU'iuilon- Iceriili.n tfrlrrkini 'titiot. l.iililn's\ KvtrieN: I'huliinV lluir :
or Iml4olainr: : .
\ thrriMiri! r..llnl< Ling I : I'hlniK, the llrot rr.ldrutw
'J' the I'tvru-, l.cncorrhip, anil nil eompUintu Ineldrnltutlii ill\ prrlerrrd' : und liitwun; pi'r" +on. who do not. ''...11I1'11.1"|iie, I'om. nlre. ,\r., ,\'., ,\'.
art whither nrinim from h.itilts of
o11ars and Sett ; dli"ipntlon -
rerlde Ih'I.I.I'r. 'lerrnre will higii'n to thi-,
Iwprudcuree upon{ { !
or In the I UecliniMir ( of
Life h.irme: :; one o\I ninn I lie mildest. ImproM'iiivnt. Swim prelmice U.H: .k. 1'i.U-li t 'I'litrrK! \\ :Her
,' will\ h"lh"1I onh with renpnt to thermulll IVtroleiim Cltnleol: Micni'Kli, ,
GROCERIES HKI.MI50l.irs) :; ,'. |hg|; ii mihdi\l-ion eiiiliriuin the liiipro\eiiii'iilit !Uiirnlni:: Kluli!, l'1, I lie, Puny,
All .,'III'r' anilel.iniuintKoD, Mild hindnarfnoiiUed ToppiriK, Sillxir'a \1'Illrut.,
., FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU to furnli-h. the ueee.aary' !proof hy tin- day aliovcnpiTillrd. Kxtrait l.ouuood: luliilme' ,
an.I'I..ItIl.llllo Iru, IIo.n..lo.tinn.IIt.1\t !*.np In ""r-, Klui'iln. Kvlrnetn:
A11)Improved I Ihe, i""rl1l; Itouinhiry' /line lire ppreinllvnutlllrd Minh, Indii-ii, I I.eliiium' M',
Boots and Shoes thereof

Rose Wash Uvordiriif. the lln.ird of. 'lni-ier lilt lmpro\c-
mint ""n,1., 111 till A t'(IKI.K\{ S.ileMiiiin.J FRESH GARDEN SEED, FROM THORBURN'S.

.| Will radically: exterminate from 'the a,.-ti'0i l"ii.riirsof .1*" I rnnillv "rh'nI""I'.'
i HATS AND CAPS, the C'rlnary Oreui. iirlmng Iroin Imlilt* of di-wl- M.ircliH. l iNirt. Rl-'i'it, DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS.
lint luu, at llltli1 expen, hllle or no chungr In dirt,
: and noexpusureo cungdetclysuprlaImgthose unpleasant FOR SALE.
CLOTHING, HARDWARE, amid d.oigeruua remc-diei1, I'opailut and Mi>rcury : i'. .'h1 ....Iu.... |'r.'..'rl|.ll..n.. art fully eomponmled. rr"IIII'11tI|' niiuiln and mnliilnm, at
lu curing. tbiwe unplemnttit amid d.wgernus, dmeait 1'ltJ'IIS. IMI.Ktiill" : ; ( all tultre )
f CROCKERY *. Fft>riMryjidt: :: I wul< )I.C.E f II .au'I': UII.OI: Ilr'1':!' A .'o.

t M- llii..Mltol I ppllK l : .auharrihrr| in order. In ruiie mnmi' to ( r T..Ii"IIIbrt'b U;, I 1MW. M :lm\

I I conduit Ida diTitiip, otlern bur ...le. ul n .LL.I !!
.Agricultural Implements, .*... ll. i\TltU"r: 011'111' Inr".un. all till .11"1.. r"III.II"II'rallll..I. tl/

In all cine of the I'rinury I Itix-inn/ ....ctlll'rI.lIul' :;; A HVVKI.I.IMi; 11111'1': unit l.ill.mid OKrKTand ; JULIAN BETTON 'FRESH DRUGS
l.lll. ii.lv.ml.ni'oiislj; nitualed In the (I.nuts ol.
j| AT TIIKV In mule ur female, from Mhatixcr cause. originating/ I'KAIUI" IN \ .
unit no matter nt haw lung/ Mninlini, :; It l I. pleaaant' llllllll'Y .
In hate! and odor, inimeiliiite In Its iietlon, and snoreetrrnltheuing A IU l.l.and; net of iMlUU.K: 1I.\JtSEI\:4. toKither Boots Shoes and Leather
x nth m, n,) iirtli lt<. u hli h "ill''lie wade known ,
LOWEST CASH PRICES :; than any orlholr''I'"tallollo..f| Hark
or Iron. on ill'!tillriitloii, IncliidiniII'IH,: h1 ISI-H: IKMlKSiind '1'\1.\ I J.\o.: SlI; :. 1-1.1111111)
I'l'I'IoIl'I.Il'IInnSII' | : \.
Those nuuVrliii Ironi .
IIrol..l'lI.III"1I Delimit" .
-- Cniiiitilutlotm, I.rll'ure time Kemedv' at litH.or,.. Apply' to Ur. l' .\. dKK: :, my .\ (eiit ,und \ttoinr), :1-i--till.-bust./IOIInF' \ ) .lJ1I..I.III.II\ {H*
ijsIbllaTlng The reader iiiu.t t tm a".ire that; however alight in tart, tjiiineKli: JullS II lfK.lareb :. V
\ II. I lM;j. M-3t M'.Hill 'J.! IWa I It:' mi
:. : may In the 1111..1..1'. the above ilioraiir, It in Mire toalt I la
established a branch of our house In \ua | ct hit bodily. limit, .h .
"pplnr' ii, ,
York we are prepared to furnish Goods of all kinds, iiiiilth.it nfhla. piotrrlly. IIIpnlall"'r. blood are I SUNDRIES.lU PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S I I'I'

La an quantity oo the burtel notice aud the most supported fn m these murrcs.. I
; | : uF IlCI.II l'UT.\1I1E:4: IIIK'.ll.ll I.INr:
M' nlagfou term. /vn''I.11'.I i :; ../; AV TICK:! .)I) lillalin.it II. nty l imliuriii/ ,
:mien of liext (n'orulu I'iii ton } arn, TO CALIFORNIA i
We nuke no tvfrn of. (In- IlIlIrl'.II"III.l1'1 :tmilm| test, Cot tun I'l.nicll l.lnen, '
Cttitli uJi'ilttce. haste Cvttiiit to 11)UC111S1iATtiixo; XM'iilllt.M: : ('AICIH!
Oil Mitjywit '
IHtl.ltH H.l'lli tTIT\ III //riarompoM'dof 1 1I..ltt..1 (itor ;l.i Mifetuin,
I ISO 'I UK: I I' M M\ .Ml.IKAVK .
'"'t BiiLhu Cuhi-U. and Juniper HiTrim KfliTicil ;.HI Itokm Niitmei; I'lur .. .
vtlth irrrat rare, and ,irrpari'd In VIIIMIO tif // TIlk : K.irn.ilel.v Ii Ml II. Ml:I.1SMSSMan'i'.t !
HODGKISS, SCOTT & CO, '/..Vltol.lt, l'rllll.t:;; uik-l 1'lifinlnt of. -aixleenyear. IM'A. 6141WIIITK l:
txpi-rlrnic lu HIP Otyof !1'uilnilelphl.i, and "
which It now priMH'nhi'd. l Iov the inoat emim, ntplq.1Claus !. I I'.TA'ITiM( I
NEW YORK. h.ut been admitted to use in the, I'lilii-d ft.Urnarmy ( JOODS) &( ,
t and, 1 la .uln lu in
) l'pry"n'r.1 line Mate II. ipl-
,,*,"I'a1II1b..see. January V, I...* :N lq taU and public $anil.iry In.iitulli>n. throughout; the I Ilt'\WTU,
"- land. Jaeonet Swiss| Mu Cumhrlen.lin., IHI'JJIST! ( :( AND\ ) AI'OillKCAKV) ;( ,

'trPKI'NS: :...* Dirci-t letters to Tirleton MuKliim I : I'IEU S... 41 :MHflll, I I II: \ ..IL. font. oh, Cm-;
Perculen' Krenih Kinuhnmii' nt Ijo'iliMk. IIIHIII, on tint Im, I llth TALLAHASSEE FLAT
HELMBOLD'S Superb 04 Muslin' "kirlinc' ,und'1 :yitl of nrry mouth (evript whrti' tlio, .r ditmfull ,
nundiit, und thin the preieillni :014 rin
sheik\ II ii till ng, on nu
.1.8 sow KECEIVISO .\ I.AKGE STOCK OF Drug and Chemical Warehouse Imperial trilllni, oar). for. ASI'INWAI.I.. eunntiugl" : tli 1'itnnm.t .11 M lHH\H: A .1'1.1. ASH ( I DM(.
:'at Kojal rrillini, lUilwit, with one nf the roinpinya" Meiinn-liipi, H\H I .- 'I". k III pun
'tram f-tmalnatar d.tit \:\. 'Mil, !loinhiiiK, ut I
5WI HroudMtijr, >.-M lurk, I'roihet. Krillui);, ; '
SPRING GOODS 1 .ipr Trlllllllillo'Ilrll',1 /;, .\r.\PAfUo. ,
l''r' in'li ami .'bdi.'ileS
-Oil- 2 { Indhi Twill. MAKCII. I HiKjUilttrui; ,

11& greatly reduced price, i bating purchaiied them Helmbold's Medical Depot t I Hulled+ttl.a Mull 1'1"I.Munlin. Muslin,, i /-'In'reie.Lc, I'liintt, Oilt, !>;/> -Mnjft;
l AIM/ON, : A unmirl'tin-. with JOl.D>>
"flhce tbe decline all ot which be oiler at Ibi I lliin'nr.l l Mu.lin, (
101 Itoiilli Truth MreoliHclutt, Il'i"1':1. 1'iiini
.uu. '
w FIig: held'II ralty. KV:: CITV.

$i LOWKMT: CMMII' PIIICKN.ALAUGE : rillLADKM'lIIA.: 1 ItriTlianH, I't'iue Cloili, ,SM. ., Bally ll-iir mill, ,
While. M.irai-illeit, I Iith-III'\Ia'( :: CIIAI'XCKV' : HIII.TI.
... KUi k lure 'Mitt ..I'all illulitien| ,
ASSORTMENT OK I.AD1KS: INKGOODS : Black (rape Si'II.. Illii k 11'1.' ..., ill.tlith; ( 'or.cJI\IIO.) : ) /'A/I'l ill'/: IIrN.loai
Mold hI IkruuKUlB I:" Mb.* .
a TJ rr.ItKWMtK \ 4)1) IH'iciii I.ice Ciill.ir mid Sett,
rui\Tt.KHlT1 1.lIu'lIl'.lIdto ..1II/'IIo'"v,-, I'l.iin and Kmhr'd: ., ,' I.lW01:1: JE, odiiH-i-tin; \vitliCO.NSTITITION' .t .. H .. -
DRESS how in more ,and lor sale )b ( : :; : .
-I.SA" fOlt iIEL.t1CULU'.t.tl11id .

Wholesale and Retail by Marsh 6. lye.. :. 11-1I11 dl.coiint nfOVK ((11'In..I\ : from alt unicr'n A lot of Fancy Toilet Articles,

ItTH U M. IIVEI.V. rjten allowed to keeond calm und olt''r"I:e piMinKm .
Tulluhu-, HATS, &c. with Umllluk. AI..II ulluwunit ol 0\: .: .. .
March 13, let>ti.; 5J-tf: 111'ARi r:K on thr.iiiL'h nte to < Icriftnirii uml their shill
Printed Organdies --- \ S \MIHT\IF.ST OK HDIES, : Limllieii, and nthiMil*..< h..to. noldter* ,hating honorahla !
J and licntlemen'; ll.it, new .ivli"o.rIl8F.l1I di'....h rie.. Il M.K t IKK.: (,'..tiiifiiint ll-iixlhttcliiif itinl I'l'ti-iirliiij
KNICKERBOCKERLIFE Jii.tncelredliy liEU; / II. ) : One llundrid, ieunde Il.u;:iirulhuri| mi 1 h adult,

JACONETS AND LINENS, NUrchH"f. I. rJll-lru Itat'tfiMJu: wasters .,','o"\"y\ b '1111.';" through und4tti 1lrtntil'iiiiiiiitin, /.illII'i\ / 1
INSURANCE COMFY ud lu lodlv uud l without mile |prutrt- j
.: JliiiiKs Hlnster t"rw. HiiL't'i, :e. rei' elved." Hit' dm k the diy In.t..rv | Unit lifnnliii I Ini 71tlIlll.lI'un.La.;
Plain and Embroidered Bareges < and "IIII1).I'1n tUuiiitujut, rmlrowl, und pai i ii :rr* I
Of TIIK: ITV OK s.w111:1: \, who prefer I., iirnd down curlyAn /),', ..*i"1 ,
t'11rh'I."d/(eon on 10",1I".lid"" and
'..? ALSO.- ASSETS 1865, $700,000 -.A HBIJ( OK TIH>M\HTOS UMK., : .tI""d"1:11 Irtc. li
IU Itltarrelan1 I'ljnlrr, A Mcumer will I liar Jeuu try |1.1. I -
'Lidies' Gentlemen's and Children's .' Urreli of ument I..*I. t,, run from 51:11RLI.t\; I" .\t.-N\V| | .\l h 1.1", i
.laarl. <
'rnJ.nrtitl. 'I1' ,n t I'UI tIO'Iilitin. ,:/ UIIAVAS'\.

/.;., .. IIOH lu lure and fur sale lit.U.I by MKI.IVVISS.: ; Fur I'atnit'e Tli krt or furl/In.r 1..1"rllIti., .", applrul 1 PRESCRIPTIONS.

I SHOES -- Mortb'J, I Ivi i ti>-:Jw: tk. r<.."pIIII''* tUkcKifllir, on thin U .h..'r. HH )1 I IOK
'plIE attention of the puMie! \ i i. rallrd to. IhU as CANAL hiKKer.: MIKIM kIUIt.oY.W: rhtiluli may dy upon haying their Pienerlp 1
< .r. L one of the tound<'*t ionituti'in. of the kind in IKK. I I tloiii run..lull) end 'w'''lIr.I''Y'' omj.ound.4i. of th..
to treat variety. A large assortment of Meu'lVu- BALE: HOPE A1'1)I K XV li.Jun. ;. k tI.J.1):1.: : .-\it"lIt.
America, a* in rrr' cent ol aefet to Ilabilitipehow! very ti'iit ui iti ruin, at all hour* of the day l amid
1\b'e and Children'; i During its rsiitcnce it hm i.'ned policies upon t'J 37-3IU I .I"l.t
the lire of more thin six tbon.aud person, and fcapaid. BAGGING, I

HATS, CAPS AND BONNETS, a.Ollllns..t. In babes tboe, I.1"IO.UI.I who ban to the dettunl fainille: w und hilnieu4 r"l're' I t\ T I'.FIlHrll I'ltlCKS.l.K.O rOlLF.II. MM.IVMSX: In'J : sons. . .1.. ..wakt.. . 'III". '.!. .<. .,. .ao. ..Ka. .,.ak.. .

-to ler of the company Muth 6, lift f.VtliuCROCKERY LAW CARD.SDKKsK.Nr.Il I
'I' aLW a PIM! LOT OPrSU.MMEU The bubinesaof company betel Mutual I prubt -, Light Light !
are divided among the poliry Uolder 'IIK: l' : ; : 11 UK: ICrMO\rl:! IIwir'
Pulklci war be secured for short term, Endowment : 1 olBce !from Mavauuah, <*eoril: >, Hi '
*, or for Life, and ut death or on IMlUOKOIS: KHlOltSt: : Oil.,
CLOTHING.MarcblS IUltl"Ja'e 110110/t11N'.11': lOHfe, I Kerom'n 1 l-uliip*,
tlif party attaining a i'reiniuni maybe '_ BETTS: : if tI hit" fr.tah" C'ul" and .<'"ul'
paid annually, semi annually or quarterly| to eon .)(IU a do:&. 01" .. 1'mra. n. uhere they Hill with pleanure, atlriid t., ..uylu.l. {I heromneIcL. *..
linue. during the exUteuie of tl e lolL< or terwica i .. K..ruIII I bilill. )a.
| y I ,
n dot fir" Uiuhe d
lift are
1A S.o"tNY Lie the of ten 'I. .he ""'''|1'''<.l and l..--l li/hl in use, for ale at the
ou payment year premium IU it'it (ot. CbimlM-r' *, Every: altetillon Kill !.. ifivmtolhi rullri 1t.II.f
-- ---- Application for Insurance received by 1 i ib |, atli. ..* than NtVork I'rieik jt .ltlll..I", and at Southern rlttlm, and urranK"-meut: hjv.bet,u made I Iwhli ( '( Jim\1'It: 1)1CI', .4'I'OItIS:
,. I:. A1)EIIIATTORNEY %.." C. U.WIS: Agent' I :New fork I'ncu at rot..il h will Ui'ihuie their l early tettlriiirut '
T lLihdxiee, r lurid lL I I i.E' II MKl.l.NMM.: : '! i.y r r TMTM
W.\k" J..\.: I.
C :
;. AT LAW March 13 (*", OJ I Minim( I"'w'i: '*>-:-iiu: M rcb V, IVA; 4d 41
I I jl
-aaoSolicitor I NOTICE.COLLECTOR'S. Goshen Butter. Garden Seed.


Chancery, I OFFICE I 1JMNE' : [.()-!IIF.S BITTER just mcltnj and for I

MARIASXA, FLORIDA. United States Internal Revenue .. J KO-KN rtl.US.: FOR SALE. .1\1 1.1 n OK I. \lil'KS I : At.l-Ilult4ble: fur
I next di to J E.: Purdi'i j\ ao..u.bl'tullIu..t.( t-r'-ulU.' !../,,just received
y ILL atteud to the Invention of Iwind Title. i DISTRICT 4)F FLORIDA, M rd the 1 tbe "f Adum all.J.1 Jy' '
pro.ex-utlon and defence ol suite at TaLLaH.nf..n'h \\It on timer __
'IMP and .n Equity, In tile various court of tile VN'e,t4H DR. J H. RANDOLPH. .'uuolilllt hlrteu, truut I lilt Ilia < alI."I01\ <>tfi r.d l I".r : ( J : UIM'fi :STOIMof ; I':
Circuit. I I"lOS'TKVCTsuiib laborer must have one Five .lie There a t>\ Kitchen KUtlr ,4ud < "lot' ru on i
U March 13. I"'jlj &j-3u V' (',,"t Mauip for e.ett& .intrtmj; partythea410a ---11--- tbe pr.wue.all In pnl rrpair.sud i. .UtuKitbetone T I'. TATLM0t .
''" -- if in duplicate or mpli'auHefeipt : OPPOSITE: T.11f'e UKl'r nTOKE. ol the lUuat fonimieul ind dmrahlr d..U'II : $50 Reward of and Initial or any mark or deuce i> comidercd a 3l'co\: ,. aSLaborers I. t 11FtfILLYnt.: I IN'U I I1.
STOLES from my place,levee' tulle from aienatur No iL.trumeui .>r document cau be letrillj Marths,1v. 1h
Dissolution of Co-partnership.
on the Bambrid.'e road,on I u.edor recorded without the projerump -
-*.nJiT otfhi! lltb tell, a medium cue Lay alamo are to be cancelled ..heu: utllud by .ruju: Wanted Ploughs and Plow Iron. : : tiru of U l. WII.fJ'IiS.latltl..
jareMl'LE, with DO particular mark nU'I' teat airc.* with Ink the luitialt of the party. ... ilh date of ( H good HBOKKKs, .oteij to work on )I'IEI..o_, .. by mulutl ( Glut-lit rithrrnirtyot
it baj recently! been reached: A reward of T-enlyAM month and year. Feuall) for uc;,;lecl Leafy By 1'a) .. neat tau TOo good h"ulls. ten 10. It, to and. /'>i H.OM.1N, I IU. *. Uti tirm i I. 4uthnru. |i. .,ul< ..bualiieu. oft
dollar will be rinD for the recoteo of the intructiou from Trea.ur> !*,'partuient.buuun doll-sr. 4 uvjLttl and tW'j .u:,. of <--lolbe a >e.r will \ "0<1 tin li I a.l ; >>h>.tel. t be iiiL
Bole and Twenty-life for the arrest of tbe iLief. of different dcuooiibailou be. bad at tbectficBCf be paid Apply at tbl offlceir 10 .1ln< h It Idelon. ll t \>'II>.llS,
.;. .AddreM me at TaUabakee. M. fA nUl'K. JAMEe B \MBLE.. Collector W K. EEAKD for sale ..l f li B. Mi.dlNNHn: / J Idvf W \\IIWiN:
March U: 16. 5'i--it T.tlaba.see 'eh "JT ly l ,; 4tf Ida f \I. I .
Much tt, }"' 4S;, 5l-2t i- 1Pd ..- J. .' l'c. .0 tl


}: f
..; ..- ,

,---. ,.. + ----......., f"w- ..ta<+drY+ /'.-""":. ''' ,.. ,;>" JlI" P ...
; ; ,-i I' '.' ( .. \
T '' : .'
Yo ,..
MS1!I',-...! 'f" r5 .. .. "..4 .. ,1.iIIIr I..
._.. ""'.. I Pr & ,.i..i .t. : :: : .: "" ;Jt.
I Mwr' '
. 'IIW .
r. '. _.1 t

;: .

$ $. 5

i'' ; ,

'. .
'. i
.. r
'. ,
\\1i 4 ... --- -- -- -
! .
\ S ..1.'r.: ,1.\ JIIII: :, STEAMSHIP



\WHOLESALE( ; : & RETAIL I CHANCE of SCHEDULE. I 1 OFFICE,,on'si-c the, Florid I first-n-.iI dour or the Marine Bank,

-- I Fcb H, I lou'A tl. ..
i1 O N AND! AFTER THE 15TH HAY I'>F JAM I| f A M vii ID MHH r, HITH.. Jl. B
1)EALEIt IN ART, I liMt I, three will bo A Dally Train I

o LeaveQuincy . 4 :HO A. M!. MICCOSl'KIE FLORIDA,
3Z' ArrIYratTailuhaaeee..r.' .. fl 31)> J. L. SMALL WOOD

LeaveTallehaee,... r. ., .. . .. 7UO formed a copartnership in the practice ,
ml.y Arrive Madison, ... .. . .. . .r.111A1 f HAVING ine, offers their scrticrs to the public JEO.: W. GIFT, MASTKIt:
I 1 Leave Madison,..... .. . .. . .. 1138:: I lallahaasce" .'cb. :'ii!;I. Pail<>. 47-Mt* .
C :.s o Arrive Bt lake.'Ity,. . . Hin':\ I'. MWESTWARD. WILL ply hereafter regularly between the p r
vt. A. IK.KB. T. I. EI'I'E'. MARKS and the above Port, ton<1 hi., .'

McKlBBIN & ALLEN en I.cave.tkeCity.r..r..r.) : .. .. H.KIA.: M! COCKE & EPPES. MAPALACHICOLA.For freight! or;further particulars' apply' to
o Arrive at Madison i ,.." r. .. .. r .r r. ....I Ii'JD! I' M.LratcMailison. I. McKiBAI\: .t ALLEN:
I U ..,,......... r..1'A: ) ATTORNEYS AT LAW Tallahassee, Feb. 87, l.I}. 43-tf
.. Arrive at Tallahassee........... ...... 4.tO!\ -- --
r-;, ', ::) 2 Leave Tallahassee,............. .... .. .. !S (00(> )[O TICEU.O, FLORIDA. NOTICE.

4 IIAVK: JUST\ RECEIVE) Arrive Quincy........ .... ... .... .. 030 M'HE uudcrsIIllIC'ha'c{ \ associated thrnisehes InJ.
& 4 m TAt.LAiiAsrtEE RAII.UOAD. the practice oftbe I \w. They will attend the rpIIE SUBSCRIBER HAVING(;

.j.jj 'J Leave TilUbassee .......... r .. . .. 7M:\> .\. M Courts of Jefferson, Madison and Leon,the Supremeand :& J. t Ibis d.y formed n copartner\
o ? .e Arrive at !SL Marks} ,...... .... . . III Pi .'",h'rullollrts: at Talluhasses" the Circuit Courtof nershlp under the style of

j 11 The and Handsomest Leave St Murks,.. ..... ... . . ..Uu: > M. Franklin and the Federal Court Apnlaelilcola.. H. B FITTS &
Largest Arrive at Tallahassee,.... .... .. .. ... ... IIr. I' M. r.>f Address the undersigned at Moutlcpllrt, ..lefferviii CO.,
Conncv'ling Bt Quincy with Stage'!('niches to Haitibrldffp county, Florida.( %V, A, (''OC'KE. bogs leave to Inform tits friends and patrons, aiu
Tallahassee Florida T, J. Kl PES.February
and Albany Connecting at Monllccllo "libCox ASSORTMENT:; OF lies to homastlllc' --- .- mints to carry on theBlacksmlthing
F ItorsTOfN! PrHdenl.Jan. --
18 HAPPY/ TO INFORM "HIS' FRIENDS:: PAT- in, isc;. :itr i FO.UNDTtY Business,
runs and the public irenrrally that he is now receiving In the city of Tallobiusee. ,In all of Its Varloin beast
n full snpply, tthli oinprlscs every article es, more extensively this year than ever.
DRY GOODS tlnit should be found In a Mri-t class FLORIDA. secured the services of some of the

1 --, .. -or -- JIKST SMITHS'In

DRUOCHEMICAL I.ilF. SL'HSCIIIBEi: : HAVING REMOVED TUJacksontillu the !State, they promise that all work sent 1.\1". ),,
\ Is prepared, to fill all orders for Shop shall be done with promptness, neatness in

J/ills .\ Jlill., S'eam ilt/il/l.+ decpiiU h. This arrnn".uICOcaD enable Ionia\ .
SIIt/"t' P ,
2 lv:>>. ,
TAlt.AHAiir.E January ,
ANI> supply themselves,at the'!shortest notice
with 1 urn
and'ctery of InhU blue Repairs
Ever offered for sale in Florida, 'IITll'f I In hereby !given that no FREIGHT will attended olberartlclc lib f.lellll1t'ry lug plows, Turning/ Shovels, Sweeps, of Iron. .
1" lie received for ihlpmei.t after 'J o'clock. low dcxpulch. JOHN CARDY. :Steel: Scooters, Rods, devices, feel 8c rews,L\i
STORE.His All communications on butincss will hereafter be Rings' Back Band Hoops and In fact everything(rrqulreri
OK October 10 IHIB. 9tfRANDELL
directed to the nudrrdirncd. *n a first class plantation. Particular uitcntlon -
.f R. WALKER (ipu, Nui{ t. paid to Horse Shoeing, Carrlacc, Wnirun. ,u
9 KKOWN() AND HLKACIIKD" : : .Ml SUNS, -- Jan.: S I. IsfiO. :al: & CO., Buicicy Work. Will also furnish Boiler 1'l.itt :
----- -_.. --- Patches and Ritctsof any kind, at short tiutke-.
stock bits' In GO sclera-il wltb Ibo greatest are WHOLESALE CROCERS, Will also do light ReparlnK for Machinery, l.\ti-\
MVKILS I .GUMAN Caetlnirs. of Brass! or Iron, when thc
& '
Jaconet and. ctritt .attention will be mild low pattern jrturnlshcd. -
k i to ipiirlliind n Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia. Saws! gumnedand, pat In order ben rtquired.
as can potmltily 1"11)' oliullar{ entiiUiHhiiient In Piping! and Elbows always kept on bond
DKAI.EHS:! ((8. W. CciK>ER BtHMAKllST.! )
Cambric and Florld.i.PHYSICIANS'. II. B. FITTS ,I( in
-0.- Jan. Ill IvW. l-3m"
f i A LARGE and complete! assortment of Groceries ,
----- Watches Jewelry and Silver Ware jcoiiHt.uitly on lI11u.1I Mdl arc uttered lowest
Valuable Town
Swiss Muslins
market! prices ti the traite. Special intention to orders Property for
f accompanied by remittance. !
Canton Flannels, I'KESCIIHTIOXS Jan' :S::1. I'M a.H-tin: I II. SALE !II a I
cniiitniunded with, care and neatneM at all hours of I.:. G.; HILTON, F. M HAXDELL I OFFER for rale the following Town Prop] ''*
PRINTS from 2o cents up, the day or night. / f TAVE JUST. RECEIVED SAVAVNAII. NEU' lllllk. arty, situated In Tallahassee: :VS.
Ills Stuck consists\ part uf the following/ articles :New>> York a general a8 from Ol1e'oud DWELLING HOUSE! on the I'IIe i:
vii : lUC'tlt Of Hilton &n Randell, leading to the Depot. The house Is nearly! m'\\-Unix .
Tickings, comfortable rooms-barn and other necrwary
WATCHES JEWELRY WHOLESALE GROCERS, outbuildings, and probably the best well of waif It
Kuropean and American Jtruy anti the city Two low. 175 feet quarc.ifo with the !house
Blankets, AnnFANCY IMS liny Mlrerf nnir llurnnnl, Also, my.MACIIINE' : SHOP and FOLNDIH: "nn-.
Chemical'nint; Oil, Finf English s.\V.\'S.\II, GEORGIA: the old depot and directly on the St. Marks trul k
and COODS There U a small D -ellinir House attached tl
Cloths Cnt Oil for family, 4 RE constantly receitlni, per, !Steamers' from ftlth .