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: rl.llln.1 it lo 1'r"IAII,1 1111..n.llu all iIiiiiue used Monthlies. MORNING[ NEWS.rpllE b..Un. tin ktn' 5 la ., .: | Particular sties
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: !('. to c.nttii as to BEST ADVERTISING AGENCY Until I.I.II and ,1..nlvo..rlle In the very healmanner. NEW REPAIRING SHOP I II ff 81VANSAII MORMVd NEW IS NOW slid the health of the Intern will' follow. U eompl.d summary ao complete that no one Kb,
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IciMptrsons' ate .1\11, diiinn" in thu end, to Terms of Subscription : full and rdliible< .au,1,I "111're..1 .ike up of the I E; contain nil she news of the Ialhl'al he on.nine' / d
LIVERY STABLES continue the ,prMtli'oof' Modleluu I lu lul- paper" Is Ircvb, ."pusrklltmg end pliuaul. More ro.III by mall suit tolcKripb ( al par. Ibo worldand ,
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; after" thl1 :I i I Imul ( 11.1 obitilmtm $5$: HORSES, .J .I'UI.FI: into. ..I'..invtv... lo 1..1 Unit nr sissy c>r uuHspapcr iii\' other 8i\imuuh' II jourtiiu. -.,thus and MAGAZINE. first of January In IbH, l0slt)U, and 1S70. Thai. I

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free and i ICI." and, twti 5 loss.i- 1-.irri"igih- S 1..11..i I" ''O''IU') C III I.HM ) IB"I"rl" !.' TOHK IIV loll.lllrurm"llon of 0'010 evervoter, so.
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: Tho I "rl"ril 111""tll.oII till nil nrdi'is, fur I ) ItOMll' ATTENTIOV : ,. I4t'8INE8' may h. ".r..I.I..111 nnr I link and at our eipcm Tho Leonard Scott Publishing Co.Jl'AilTKHLY publication. In It aro printed full olllclal! returns
not' hi:ind "1IgJ; in itht-r 1'11 a m:'in w hois Jt\lau.: IIISII.1''ITI: ,Vr A.. ., I lu Ibe (Supreme and Clrl'lll Ins Cllri.(ul Hie 8late/, A 1.lr., .1. II. .:I....... every, Important election 5 Ibo volo or New fort'
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i is in iU'lit bo trsit Is fish In nee it is rl.1 Northern I) or tIV roa1 towns; Ibo name and votes of each candidate I II
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sail lvi usg Ihl/l nil titi) '" 1"ht: .1li. l" S 111 r ,nnd Stitht5 5 Inn > imiro' nuiilliiitl' Ulko. 1. Ii7l :IH-tr 1..1. TIMorlh llrllli.liTlip a.., I. members or the lolled Stales '

tor I has, lo fiamo, V\I'IS"1 to l'I'.ll". 'forpoMponingpa.Miicnl ; rr"llb'I'nlUtl., 'rullshiumee, Flu.OIIAS. London uurlrrly lift !ic-s. Rc-prescntall\es ; obituary record and list or impel| '

i. I 1111.I 1111'\1. t's I.'. AVKIJV.w DAVID S. WALKER Tlie lVr,t5tduiIu.tir 1.., I." Stilt evnl'l elh; a ear eOIIII.; crop summary reports; of cotton political..1.1 f'cOI'durlog 0-

'liim, ,lalily II" I routine t : falsehoodx. '\1.,1, ') '. 'il :; I) MONTHLYrpllESE acts of Congress, &0..0.. As a ,'oWI."II"UII ,
11.III'II : enough fur nnn who THE JOB OFFICE. ATTORNEY AT LAW 1i1lrc manual It has no cqua'l.TERMS.
I ISImtilus .: ilttijI.n,'.
will exeu-iitc u healthy,; resolution, to a\oi 1 1im George Page & Co. ".\ l.tu.thI.4SEl:.:. HIHI.\I Ir TiE'EEKLY) AF4l1. Cod' dlllmr& BY MAIL.

l lining ol\en' bccomeH, I to I .....-- PERIODICALS ARE TiE MEDIUM
second, and. Il'lllnl.i"1 uiuuit.' I II I iting I'limpli. Its ui. .UK .ilo > Nrlirortlrr SI., llnllliiiuro I X through which the greatest not of \VEEKLYWORLI).
; \eiy noon I 111 1"llr.llo| : \\ I"IL lit \C Ilk R: iii the gupri'mr .mil Llriultluiirlf treat Hrllulu and Ireland, but also of CuutlutintmtlEurolsn One one ,: '
I boirower bccomei$ uitangled I hat no Itto'M'ltion M 1111.elll'r. ti"OIU'.UI.1 of .Millie. and In I. I', S. I'lnuil rrJ: nKLSEWS, 18 A JUrt. NK11LY urc constantly brought Into more or lisa Four copy copies year-----------------------. ;: '
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KINHS' OI1Plniii \. d..r.r \o"roe 1.lur)', JoKrlhYr le.neo. Art, lull- And an cura .UI.lu getter up ,. Club
lint Nlep in ib lit. in iiko (lie fust htcp infiilmhood \11 STEAM ENGINES & BOILERS, Ili'U'CFeb- 'lI.it-h 4'oluniii. <>r Mnllrr.It time t..1 | past and copies one jear, to onus a.MI. '.

; almost iii\ \1 ing' the ,noceKNitof \. riTPNT S "IMIITIUII \. 5siNtIu.lI Sil II!> .I"dlu& uf today, are .. II their 1.1'. as the learned Twenty an extra copy lo cotter np" or ('IubT".tnl.oll.
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"II\'nd. ileltjsirtlt-ulurly tothoie who do not' alono ran treat No would keel.pace .. >c I'' '
proceeilmg' ) in the Knll 1'01' 1', ilebl, f-il- CIRCULAR SAW MILLS : ... IsOl'4JI.1M.Allornr eoji) >) Ibo Isnlilllc. of I daily, luau, and w ho desire Kith Ibo IbeD.. cut ntlurdlodo oem )carsiiparatelyaddrrsi Club

J'' 1.1 big i'hl, as he 1.11I,... and l 1i1tIL.yPRINTING. Ciiilnu iSiu.ls ) al .""" lo bite and Ibo inrreiil new orthedi 5 )' In I. heap, com' >erioUUals. .lloullbco Filly copies one rOIIO Iel.r address nl.r ,. '", .
1.1") .le :11.. rel.ble rurl. monthlies M.irJ-nni holds the foremost 8eml-\\ I" '
\\TILL \CrilE IN TIlEtlllCllTANDbL'{ Or.llbc And time ec-kly year lo guile up '. ,
\\VA i USI.i I Oln:1 i : I I'lMi'ihV TIMI u i;. .\ C I.RISF MIIIH I I ) "I\IF1 WIIFFI8 I I : 8IIIM.LE!I I pri-me I'ourl of Ibis Stilt, and) lit Ibo redrrtlCourt riicFFKLY: Is nude up with great care and |, Fifty\ copies ono year separately addressed, '
MACII"I.S I I ,Vi- I In Circular Hell- Ullke In t lit Mnrlnu, Hank dl'.fl"llltlul.! and rOII"lo." tbe rr.1 of the Daily And Ibe ScwItsekiy 1 year to getter up >"! l.
1'llmil.r of eight j1'llh'"WI hal. an II lUl\11'UI.I.t I ) .'. u'limlh t ,,.IIBIII.I'lu'r'j'I' 111 hinlluhiusg.TALLAu8oeeNuv.ldu4. : ( "., .:\ I. ulelely TKKV3: Foil 11TO. One hundred .0"lell.nr.lu ono address, 111)DIRECTIONS. ) '
I poinlincnt I I to meet at I \ > '.M.rilid. 'I Ihlle, Uhnlaudcicr low prlre Its careful makeup, and and For any' out iiftbc htt'oicws-------------------.ft (1 And the Dally 1 year to getter up or Clut
but thus ) dii ''ripii, .ii >ii.I.1 I \ Maebluer varied amount ol reading mutter which II contains, Fornuy Iwo of tbo Sic-deco------------------- 7 Ono hundred copies 1 year, separatelv all
1'111 thl'l were l'UI"III." eighth' ."knl :) BOLLING BAKER commend, II.' isIS w bu d..II' a llm cl.i.s famlh For 'tiny three of time Kevluws,. . . . .100 0 And tbo dally 1 year to getter up of CluiSEVIW '
I, in t\ apologies l for \being AII'I'I.l/HII n".fF. 'N"'I.I/f' new'r..r. forall luur of tli .
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'II".tlill( behind, til"'. "Thelime 1"H'I.I 1 1 '.:tl .llt I (.I.I"KU" 1.1.1. ATTORNEY AT LAW Thueekl) will he sent' issue jeur. to any umddr.... fur Illklood'. )1' lo".1.. IK) One 1 \ EEKLY WORLD
I .1
tl 1"1'11.1. I copy
; I l Sir lUmonili. For l and |Ileulew-------------- T
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i ( "passed; n WaS' i I his so t in)' -.- TALLAllA&iEE. FloKIHAItynrrua ) fO. fUJ. For Ultckwuoil" mind sty ole two r.f the Keiicus,. 10 0 Two copies 1 cuir-------------------S-
of it. 1 idea of ito I be. ) sent by the Southern iair: '' Compau Ion lila. wood three or Ibo 0 Four cuttles 1 ,
being awaio \ 1.110 In be nld ( . .
Iurllo".r.S.y. see) rur.d".1 ul our rUk and al our Ten ro| lea 1 year, to tine address,, .
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I am MHO llml we .holl.1 admit. th"UI'ISI' I uumbers of a 1..II'', II .IUlh' numbers Ten topics I year, separately sddrissed, -
Ilt ; of ', I bin .U\ .. .
Inlunnb. Crrl.TIE 81.'kwIU' ) two r.nl.I And lo of C tub
1..I.ll..1 an extra cop getter up
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I U wc-io I inattor of 1"'jli i E. H. TAPSOOTT OI"I"r.,
I ihon sliouliUt, IHUO wiistod ihine IWI('ipiai III (iiiiiiiilniiilili' mlr .1,1 IlltUi' iii' tutu(' 'n 'Lt.)! Out 1
A dlieonut of copy ysiur-------------------- '
ATTORNEY AT ir bo allowed to -
t lor ci'an "hour, but thtiu ai-o HI'\'II hsts.i,too LAW. Clubs uf lour or 11'//Ilro pi' .mo.. Thus, four coi'Us Ono copy II tuonths5----------------

Ill) sill, whoso limo thou Inst ssl.ti| con- TAI.I.MUSSKK, Kt 11111.I. of Illuikwood or out ItuUow, will be sent laaiitaMrta Out copy 8 1 umsonthe------------------- I
in the, whole t I. Urnci In Plate Umikn. fat |U."*>. Four copies, of tbe four Iteiiews Due cop I ,
to 1 two
hIIW.I. 1lllllil.t One II months, with Sunday Fdill>-nOne ,
WHEEL cop)
40 MATER and for J41*, and
I Im so on For clubs often
houii, 1111 ono-figlith (,I it only' wan thine Ruling Machine, .\ \, 'I.54. M TRI-WEEKLY Ilnel"O. a copy tiniis lo the cctur.up copy 8 months, with Sunday Edition, ,
1..00. Edition
One 1 month, with Sunday
Mill Gearint.ShaftinUFulleysgcpl of Ibo club, to Ibo alien dbcounl copy
(FOX INK), 1NIU. htuTO, sxo IbTl '
1 X01I: ..A XAl'IAI .-Tlic gad llyUa lo ilu nnv kind nf I i IM. ri. $ c. New fur ttubairibers 1471, ulll bo to entitled any two lo of receive the chute on periodicals 'of the. Price klnclocoiles of either year, pnsl. P* I f

: rover, nu\cr hta) ing long at OIID placeThu -. '\I.llrllrll..I., 11'1 __ tOj ; Mro NERR: ussr JA'vk'usfor Is TO. New Subscrlbcra to all Sims, Seven copies, of elt'her year, pout'psld.

l.ivoiito nnnwiiH'iil ol'lhu aicliobuar I | .11 I 'PI1E Til WHKL MOHMM. MWI: I'HE: dve may rtuho any ("of tbe / ... for IsTO. -
suit' fOOL l1UYT1Mu 't'I.I..tlI.tssEIFI.OllID.. L ..11. features' or and S.llbl prcmlmus' lo subscribers, nor discount lo .
I i in thu host S
aiming up I Meekly Editions, and la made up with In ,)'e to enl be allowed, unless time monty Is remitted Additions to Clubs may be made au) Hi" "
When 1 aak ,boy in tho, stmt tuimialhr -__ roRAcmcuu I ... Ibe wants of Ibo dinrt to tf No
a Illuuli .1... Hill llrudi., IIIU I'll. lo"ulll community Middle, lb.rL premiums can be given year at the ubo>'e Club rates.
cab mo, I c.ill him, lly catch- gcpl 1:, '70 lo-ly I 'PIHNKFl'L fur past patronage be sullrlls a Southern and! luUlh..I.rl lieorula. It contains lo luba.. Lhaugi-iln Club Lists made only on "I"'
I 01 my |M>r, Iliillruutl IllunUi, A .' '1' HI F9T : TFLKbHAflllC with further b bud M'5C' ,
i I Iliiuall" m f the same [June 7, '?O 44 .ltbl' ( t"RCUL. Cirouilr. 1'.rl.uln may > on persons receiving Club Pakagesslslioj;
t i I "t.U.SCE: ol going lo ,press, appUliatlon lubseriptlou, edition, post-oUUe and Stale ti'' 1 .'
rr.Tho must kind fish i in undoubtedly : and tuulerj circulation lo whUbUbMat. LEONARD It enclosing l lint
ot .1,1 REPAIRING FURNITURE. large TiE SCOTT Pl'BIISHIXO (0 bas previously bet-u sect, and
tho I'i LCI'il l'rh.: lu any Rtylu tleiilrcil nnd, ohio l.rillc.111.hUll I|I CHARLES P. COOPER, lie Saluted eon'.I.. .. .. u. that ll tills a high place, In 1'\1 Postmasters and IW Fulton Street,to Ni.w York. rateaddruu.lie cents lo pay fur Iroutlf of the change lu S
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Tho /0108 sand. /piper II' especiallynpjirctiatccl nor nmiuior uiul at im )l"\HA Ten ills run lu tissue\ ATTORNEY AT LAW The Trl Weekly News w Ill be sent lo an) sddrrts : ally dealt "lb elntulbcr. T nt-Cash lu advance Send i'oet-silt C u' '

in Gotland, mi Stall'l 1)fISOS8IA\IWI: C1IAIU8 I .-, Urrui in BLOCK, one )"esr for ft).00; six mouths, J.OOMoney Order, Bank Draft, or Registered Letter. HI1" I' '
) I INC 1111. I 81 \1/ ol LID.IU' Tb L. 8 CO. also therAiiMtirN by Mall will hi al Ibe risk of the sender .
i is I sent Southern BtB.
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I I Irnunlatioii out of I.flil into Knglish, it | *V Shop al r.ld."I'- )just the MethodistIburib I..hmr > > JndUlal' I llrcuit; :, the btate Vuiwiae I l 00'1aJOn 10 r.lel'olelo Alrl.rulluro THE WORLD"
W I'w.I III I aud Ibe I B,- llisirlu and Clrcall Courts for Two ( ) and
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: BOOK & PAMPHLET PRINTING 1.I.r) 1 \ liio "cillici' vtiili ne.itiu ntij ilefpa1 Ii. 11 December, l

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The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: July 18, 1871
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002060565
oclc - 08821943
notis - AKP8651
lccn - sn 82015289
System ID: UF00086643:00177
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A r
- -- ------:----
= --
1 4

.- -- -- .- .. 10 -- -. .J

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1 .. .A h .___ =- :=- ::;: - -- -- -=__-h: ..__ u .. __ ___ ___ ...._ ._ ..__ -

! I.Y DYKE & SON. TALLAIIASSKK., FLA. JULY 18. 1871. NEW EHIES. ... VOL. j..NO. 50.

I ,
and guidance to a condition] he cannot un 111..1 interest-, and to n hitherto 11110\, ,'1 nnd Hn-di-ttitt, to t\'okt I tor llicm.clvc',. I man, \1.lsl )' Fhniihi. which owes Notices

; t ittIt of derstand and I frolol lie is totally unable vialtnl,1 strength. Her t\lS, 1"1 lit the Indy. of tho) Iln.iol site InMriictiu-- him, so much,memory nnd for which ho endured .o Special Railroads, Steamships, &c.

: to apply, but 'hich, ticvcrthcles, lie IO\ \, grow ing, would soon expand, : I ly I liy tl"ii ido, a gindiitt) li.lt (II nwccloiiiidi 1 much, will ever delight te honor.,
. _.- strives to enjoy, ns nn animal enjoys it' into the (.tliI4Jrti0m)5) of cities, nnd HheIIJ in t tliointcrcM of social ,
|niialily I CHANGE
fihim tlrnt In tIn dnliali SCHEDULE.
now vmii'l
. TtfIO.Jl"LY: : IS, 1871. free.lol in tho'cr>' spirit of HlcncM and \ Icllt\.1 11'1.1 rank "il the galaxy: 'I philanthropy and \ 0ts' Hut, n to iitlign.t I'r.iinl C'tnoiiiro of Klnlntnin, nml nf
unthinking IllrOl'hlclcl have rendered) : : : ', cry truth, 11'1 peopli- I 01" ; (I crave pardon fri.miit And 'lieu hit rnrnmt w.u.lnl, .'.,. Ilif 11"It." .

the rich tno *, in are oppressed, and dei>res"ed in conse- I I h' nm 11.1III'laM\ 101 Ir "ton t the HI"!,luil.'ilcla I Krrct\\ Urn.and at Ihu Norlh bf,lulif Ihu. ." fur mir 1'\lin-ii\., 4 Jacksonville Pensacola i Mobile

; very ninny instances rlllltiol; nnd I (cjnence, to a degree in whirh they 1:1 f"11 ili'atjol) there are lon.I11,1, reptilct At olili-h I IIn.l..u.IJ lnri- wl.llb.. rrForrtoM ,-, I I."'. ,
I tho finest fie neglected mill Iii) in-t conception.. It I is not natural that I t in Ihl of nature in all i itsliorder I 1 ., fell Kiiln. Mini>inl o'rr I In- hin.),
( out life cultivation beneath under. i economy Hill, with hIs' .people 1..1 lili J..rou. ..111,1.An.1 RAIL ROAD
or even partial -houd! bo gotcrncd Tor esn1hrt tr> ni rovpcctalili-: dh'il nt that. '' ..' .,
the genial skies that drop down falncM by strangers. It wa-i n fkmn.lim'mitat : f.cn, tinlli of these cla" nre hnppily resli'icted 1 hle Krreilinn < '''I."lrlnl.1",.bin mint. r s.itu '

ADVERTISING RATES I upon soil so easily prepared' to receive it, 1'jlrilll, of our ouco ...II'ri.II,1llri.. to t 11.,1 Own slimy iiuarlcrij and I 11".lu"n." .)1.1.1m.\ I, I ..,.'.\rr\f. I thy. .r..I'.ol ,.1.1.. FOR THIRTY YEARS On and
\ after
soliciting new owners from among the can lllIh 01 ,'ho.o whom t iifjicr' day i I. not ,list miltItl or iutvtt, "oil i iliy Hli'! r.m.obllvlliepllliirtof. \ Ilir F)..",.I.II"d. Sunday, July 2, 1871 ,

ii .rTHE practical, nnd able-bodied farmers of tho they)' would to ru1% over them : nud it wasinculcated I their I lonthsoino I I ('. The cily iiOIK i I Tliy site .k,1 brluhliT Il.'. I Ihy ."e 11111.Ao.1 I'KKin: I-AVJS' 1 HKEKUIT AM> ATOMMODATIOX TRAINS
X ortb, or the adventurous wnndorcrs from nsn duty, that should of lre'II' ... i I lime. .hol own. .li l i>.1 IIK hmoni sllrrvil. nn tlino KoAd-i will run every day, except Hundn -
they conduct inn uif"I'nt I n41 t."I\i '.Ml lIt! \ .. IIll."'-Tilt "'""IKU'"IKI wonli'i iI VEGETABLE PAIN KILLER > 1'5s5l'l1'r Train bi-twocn Jncluonviflo and
WEEKLY FLORIDIAN distant hinds, with leI ,)systems of labor their own nfliiirs" in t their I" rural, far "II' the cunt name (; Snviinnnli will rim daily
and of culture, so nLII.lltlilil: their Would I 'II'rl'ali.I"" n.1 l 1lell I'h ontho 1."rl.tlil\'tllll. Savannah: : : 1 i' I HCllilll Florida N' lot,ii of Slates I 1" I hi MM IIEK: IKMTI'li: : tnltn: : \" uhF '1'rulnti ilolmg t'.at iLratignlncr

TALLAHASSEE' KI.OHIPA( means to Iltl'O.III. 1,1 only' systems battle ld.luf I Itctnlution: ; or .Massachusetts 11"1'111.1" |' : I'h.ii: for .ith.srmi':111ih] j ht .lall- ..I."wII".o. and desolate inUiicclc ( 'I.I\\t: AMI I liT .\\IH i 1tI: NA1'ION . . . . . MOA.M.)
to the : class here, but I Ihu ofher developinctit.! : t ] s 1 o.' It Is but, for, fl time I The l hNiiNVS I III i ."nII'\: { "iiI Arrive at Talluhaiwoa . . .. 1020 5'
_. ._ ._ ___ _ 111' tl'I'111 r.'lilh.1 II'fll nvenncifringed
:-ttt at : laborers laLolinj I hand 0"tho" I 11 Violator shall I yi.t relax' its, relentless ; Jt, l I. .,1.-1! 'Ill- i ,111nil! i mil) ,",,." "iriit) IIIIIIAI I.cnToTjl| h.iiuieo , I0..10 "
in I Hunker I
i. new to practical, Hill, iu'iiiiie cc in an) other, with. everyarlcly native \"J'lnlnn. the, nf th,' I Ill,' frlitlil I of I IIimikelt. irt tin' m Ir.ivrlrr nn urn l.e.vo Montlccllo. . . . .. .. isis P. M
I. g 1,1lttiol revolutions, ; not to from rule or ? I'lie, iiie-ion| | of nnivcrsal i. still IIII Ii and nttrnelivu t walk.- t avinncs r'l. al,1 R'I plunderer ,111 l.eHVO Mililllllt , ;3| JO "
1 the only homes ever Ir'lli.ijll which I the ,ruliiu nf t mid nl' stricken, palsied lo his siilo ; I 11.11,1.1.. anil mi urn-I'liiinlil ItII mi our I Itkforrltrir I.eiv-LUnOiik. . ... . . 5ftH nArrlM'iit
z i ', they Iu\l" InOll, partywill : 11"'s, 11.1 gardens uuitci t the sun of pnispcrily" I will yet rise ubo\o, ""1"11 It. H.iviiiiimli. .. . . .. H.IUA. M.
-" I .- those to the .manner born (or, bo held t to all t the necoimtabilitT, r.n'l I lij IrecK. thu j.tponitvi: thoirnjie I.BIIVO l.akoClly T
(\1 pomegranates I thiS lii'i-n liffnii' tin' nhllr en Ihlll 14 P M
I lIt rnr*
1 .3 00 t..1 00 I t600 1.1000 tl01'' polite writers will hivrsitemmtly i write tho which I it fraught with .danger: and ,If.ah'rfr in' I illc I the oninjje, uleaudcr, njoc nil the home* nnd il".I. nf 111'I.d nml.,I't.ilniMy !n-in wtitiTnnil| tii'tiiTri' >ntiitiim) ) I limn l.riivo lliildwln. . . .. . .". lOll '"

"JI r.o II 00 I I 1300 2000 :IUHM word), to the .Manor I born !) but to bo the future, i is rccncpiixcil; as .1 tltcd f.ict and/ (Ih. .d.iplmc, tlio List ","'diininulivolna'i. cal I Italy ; I Ihl cn!lo, 111.1"1 nf a pl''n.1nl,1 nnynUuT pMprlrlsry mullrliin of Iho| |'rr.rnt d.I' ,. Arrive al J.u-kionvllli-. . . . ., Ji'.j7 ..

.: 8 00 Jj 00 I 20 00 I 23 00 40 1M'' them, ns tcaclicis (if null exemplar* RII,I \illtl"h II'lulh"II. i if for, no other i t i' ". I ) cli.-irni'teii/.i's: i it I, but atliirne 1.1..1.1 IlticlaJIi I oneo more I Al I Isis i.'tliid Ihrrt' urn hut fi'tr ini.ii'Unliili'il Trnln, < !( lna Uml i

4 1100 100 flOO 800O 4$0) 11(1) labor, with art, unknown : ,' st ,. lulI1 I .., I hot 1 nlnivo 1 11'1' 'n"ill perch tInt elm. | | ,11 I.enti. .Ini'k.nnvlMo! . . .. . .. .. flnOAl,
00 : 2:: 00 I 40 00 no 00Ii 11 1:1', tlll : n : : a apple I. 11 ri-ilg I I'jln Kll'cr: ; bill "bU.I"1 l.e ..
1:1: 00 1M lal\IA \1.1.Jrol I and jealously! lowers liar I 'h..I..I..rlhl. >r.-llnhl I ln , ,. '4 Il S
13 00 : 20 00 110 00 I 110 00 70 00 to themselves, of forcing the, liulds] and con'picnondemonstration of, I I 1'1 tin- I I" ) ,of liii-i|, s, of hot fully 11"| 1..1 I an" 1"1.)' ''b.') know bill, hIlls' "r Its Ills' 'r 'In I.PAV luke t'lty . . . ..' .. jjjs <
: with nnd least of toil tnl absence of of bingcr freedom, i 1'1"Itr,1 .,.. ., I.eavo Live Ouk.. . . .. .
U 200 400 TO00 7001000oIs 1lI.dilletlt. waste statesmanship, piinciphnnd i nun Iluido nf 1..11 ili ig rest nlII'II'lic.l j I .111 "I..h"11 I ..I.II.rnl. s 1,111' 01 tiers nun bin I", M
40 00 I\.i 00'' ns 00 I 110 00 1J.'i ''M'I the remuneration", consistency, in the leaders of the 11"1"11"1' ihadovvi lillinj I sl"th''IIII.1 :".hII.I.I : Ihrlllh 1.1. i ills mircf., but "- : l.r.vo Mitdhnn. . . . . .' n'm i, '
agricultural graduallv 11.1 I II'rlllly i-tiilly|
1100 Ihl nil 1 ministrations nf wiwo r".1 l.cavo Mnnlkrltn . . ... . .. .. (joj
fO 00 7000 7:: 00 00 .iO 00 I .
: through the rare ndvnntngcs uhich nature I cxpirini i ; I Kailip.il: party. I speak not \illi ili'lii'iiiiH, (Valances: :nnd 1 lure t the I I"IIIIU. 1..I""lh..1 11.llral'Iiliell l 1i1".r:11: uf lit lii.ilintvlrluii'' s \11'1 di'illcil'| ,1'"- Arrlvo nt T.illnhiun-e .... .. . .. 7./WI/

has (mistily strewn around,I ; 1.1, in truth, for trI general South, I but Ion I the Il oniti- ." tlh"111 worthy nf I tho n.l) Wi< Still hr., tilth In my la nil, Hull II I" I.FitTQTaUiihnii(, . .. . . . M ?0 i.
A kaI 1. otto Inch 'In .pac94: tqiiarc. make \ inns, whom I know, nnd by. I .And ulitt' inc f.ilrott of Iriill I nf I Iho places honored. :and adorned h hII". I i'iit.illy| NlieIIhI1lll,"irhilir ii'isl Intcrnnlly or tiler- Arrive SI (, ulhicy. . .. . .. . .. 10IW "
ainn, AdrrtI..mcui.In.ctled $1e00'baO one monlb.11.00 It 'I. goodly: ilctit: to ice \11'11 .\IHllb.. t li-c nf llio hlilillii.ili'' never 'In mntr. II i nolilo nf I ihonast L'cncralions) I ) tainbi I lii.liiv. iinrltralh'il' nil I IlirI
and 75 ci'nla fur rath .ntwequcnt Whiil Heaven tin done for (bin dcllrlou., Ulnl' nm i known, nnd of\'h0I only have I direct j | It'l .1'.o"cl I by t'nomrniffr Trnlii iiolng t'.nut I
,p.. square. far grit What fruit vf fragrance liluoh on every tree' !. I' I witli Tho sonof I tho I', : '|I With all tho charily: : that: I Iho enormous' I I limit iMIithiitiii'- : -
tin.Advrtl.rmenta on''O'I."Ied'I lif the CAbll will not What goodly ,pronjicct. ocr' tilt bill rsrand'" knowledge, that that\111 t',..->;A< repeat yiotj/io) will cmpliasii I I bird,l worth I lie olio $" "h'III"Iill! t I nbiisei, inisrcpreseiitalions' nnd fatsifica: : I(It i'\hlriii.'i' iif It* ttrlui'n .nfl n .Iniiil.iril nii'illi'liitf. I In l.mvo l.ntv fusE I.I vo,. I link'Ily . . . . . 10 (Ml A.>.M.

ft-**)*. nUentlmi.It All that is needed for a m.tgniticcnt development reopened. Its e\ us will be! allowed lot otneli (Iii \1'1 thorn, so s ollen nnd soImisr t linns (.f t tho |hiIt: |, will permit to human kl/l Ih.llllo l now n-i ..1'i 'In nM' |.iirl' nf Ilic 11,11. I.TOVO llnlilwln. -. - - 1 II I IMP 14 M
mighty - -
th. money enrl.H-nJ. dos not covur Ui. uitmbur of nnd in the strong language of the fullest duvch'pcmcnt: and! demonstration jild: or sunj; by I tho poets, N a jierpet* weakness, it ,' I blessed I thing I to I be 'per- I, anil i liii tl Mnln U i-in.tintly Itii'trntliiit." No rnr.t- Arrl\ont Jmkausiyhllc- - - - .' .- ion

\ 'tn'riM """ I "IU h* Inwrt-cd 0 |..numVroftlim I I)r. J ohnsul, fi>r l'lllzatiol of 1 poten. of practical experience I with. ,,11.1 melody, i Mi" nnd \ :! its titil I" indcrribablc. I milled nnd I to bo ablo In hope' nnd I lo be- I Ii I I litti ni.sit Ills b.iit mud \III' .prc'iitl. .nlo or |11..u I'li-i-irnitrr TriilnIolitK Wrmt I
'. ,
, ) *. of the vlll sent toatl-- trility: of wealth beyond ,11'caIR of avarice ; nmong intelligent I nnd educated: t I'IYet.rt classes : j IRI\, if the writer is not revelling in ";/ '<' I Itniiiiiid |II '111111\1'.il .1.r..I.1 I I U purely ".I"I\1' l.oavn JiiekminMlli' . 4 (V) l>. \l
OII.F lwuroptcp nnly "" Knlf III l.nvii ..
itr Iliibloln _
b 11'11.1.
pl' to who and .Ml that i" needed. within, and around thomultiflorous niiiii, that ill lE" nil ultras, I II o.III"r'I'I II.kllll bOIII. a m
wisely Illi. "
any earnestly render these, e\is| less
!I.I IiI
'iTtl cM. nnl' "-- .1 w|>cclfll o".m.nI"' contrary ole wi damaging: ? A htu'r m Ihl I, ) l.h.I.I.I Hill i rcrcltliix llio mini I.eiivo lake City------------ ,,
address himself the work i is I is the of reasonableprosperity I muni nUll maximum! tho miihliiiess, nf .
the city nun
I tlliulf.Ailtertlpvmt'tili. degrnJing nnd conspicuous, 1 :all'ording; iiinii| illitcd teal ilhiolills. ID tin tlrlilK I I.enval.lvoOnk . s''iij i.
f uo marknl vtUb th, nuoiberof time j jWI iltelgclt. persevering laborer, with mod. to nil classes: the, /best opportunity by ( nndchances I ) to render. i I g..1 I 'Iis I truth nnd 111.1' lco! wi I Ilnelt nil I In these' de I I hlghi-iil' '.III..r smut ri'tpiiniilblUl f'.III''r.II."f Aurill' lii rliiminib.. . . . . A Ml Al.

J V 'luwrdfd nntll fiirhld and charged ccordlngly." 11'lte in his power to apply, nnd in tho battle: oflife, al.1 in Iii,' inrccr sisters .\n.l) the IP"III dcserto to\ .1\1 generate days nf I 1IIIIi"lli" 1 nnd reckless, ',"I..f I llio flrnl ''I''llhI17' rccumnii'inl lisas I'lpl. I'rrluhl and .tcrammodnlloai Train

I ,All umlmrt .d..I.. .who** amount.. will of fptc and reduced plantations. The present impoverished of happiness amid .. ; and, they in thomiditof t allll(
1 1.'tii.'tli.r t1nn-ir' fiK ihy .Of rl. ownmincn.b rqnl.), owner, i io, anxious: to divide undcrotand. nub, progress t hue : ings ; intelligent, ,'II'ltl.l. refined' has which, in purer limes, were nmde the mil only, llio, best ,rrntuily' nrrr knuwn for I.i-avoTnll.iluMi-. .... . . ... .. II.XI A. M.

jinti tn tonn.h.l... fiihfrwIi-ift-tlpiiUt.fxi.dvrl.lnl, ..IlelI"Ib.1 and sell I lie /'lcml1 101 \'. I He must for that progress 1:1 nnd hH'er its extent far:capacity boiler, I/lit ahht', thoy generously \ ,''10 t In their guides null. landmarks: for conduct in nllairsnf \lliul"Hi, I'm, Iliiriif, iVi'( ., but fur 1)3" 'lh" "rClnilcni Arrlvit Lon-rortl.Hi ft.Murk.Marks. .. ...... .. .. .... .. .. .... .. .. ...... I-1.2O-l.iW P."

-0- hnve it, iu 01..111 to conform to the existing than: it 1'11 bu understood at tho ollh.'h..I''lral'I.uJiti'11 -- homes all of like Intelligence, :and "refincmenl Mt ate, it may: 1 bo doomed' t I ircn'inmbio" I II I ,, nr nny (nrl of t Illl"! cUII.III. II '0. Arrlvo alTiilhibnaiii'a. . . . . !-.4U "M.

I condition of t things. I Plantations, nre I :adventurer I es without, question' nsto politics (.1' the I bv tIll Insnloiit prnscriptionisls, nf rrnii'ih niiHiirpnuiii'il r.o cllli'li'iicy mul riplillly' nf 4'aainrrllan.i.

'I'rrmx oTl I""thrlplou. I too 11IilJly. nnd there i U not capital tohoill. appreciate it. I ( past. They' aim t In make I their t lounnl* Ill ilst onfmi lA'itgucs," nnd I 1 by i palrinliopeculaling ( ,- orInn: I In I llii Rri'.il clllr. of I Imlln, nml nllior llnlrliiii.ilin The 10Ml) A. M. Train flout
II. And
,. Tnll.hmiifle
r -r> aiii, ('In,.dm". .).. fl HIi R.I cultivate nriglit. He invites viuws'thu Miliject through one clouded I 11:11'lh.: nnd to enconrago 'illr.II'lti1' "I'I''lilllnl.1 ,i : plaueinen \ho haut made ox I I lists ill', ,",' I ll I 0 Ilnl.l.rt, .Mi'illi'lni'l for I 11" I'. M. Train frnin .Inek.nnvlllo, cnniiect. at I.Ira lbs

MgUnIh. 0 immigration amid piirch.t.scrs, nnd cares not only if without interest ciitcriuisc by a class: of I I perinuintiilly)' manifesl tIll luioo capacity: ill I "inli '"ruiiipliiliilx) \ IH \.'1 u. I 1)1'.11.' l.horC'liinpliiliil' (ink wills A. A U. Train fur Hurannah. Tbn DUO A.
1 11'1
Thrr. UdnIII. : 0 11.llill I"II :I"'eil \ "I M. Train Iriinl ,kinnvllli''
and tile
I nllii'i 1000 A. M
antecedents to plunder mid politics but I I our government to become the most 0111 1.11..1 ,1.I'r. Furlliillitli
'ln.I."I.) I : : inKnini fr political or Iroci'iti's.Ihie111ro his 'ersoiIahuggrnhimiieml1.lIt_ and per ; .. Tmln from l.lvoiiitk, ('untied, wIth A. (I. Triln
nil apart fl'ol nnv petuation of political/ ojJ'omLimmilly.It will "('' II.1. ns speiiimcns of; t truest and I Iii j I rupt nf t llio nntionv, f..1 (Ilu, I 1I''si.I'IL nf mill. I'nl'.I'III".Ihnl.I ""111'111.' fVnin Hitvmniiili fnr '1'allAli.maoa and Jackannvlllp,
i 'his .H'lhi.t Cii Ku\\lio \\ill i '' multiliidiiious In tIll illllli'iillli\ i, ll linn 1"11'/0\.1 liy llio IIIIMI uuiiiiiliinl' viery day otecpt tfiindiiyn. Triilu. teasIng a. abovr
bearing 1)1
upon 1llstlliial illlr'IIs. ns is often loiic.hing, to notice the I i"n.llllth. //ei.\ "inl "I'ill Ill.) list ill riiiiueelii liMIt nt Ilnldwlii w hIm Train
lb At'e il'uelll.ltll. .1,1"1"1 tliikuny' In Ill 11I"III.t.l ""'111 on Flu. K. It
! Cul .
... Pblo.llbl..%. "planter or citizen. Irotlctiol-I" Kindly! nub tillirtioiinU) 1.,1.1' the best "' "Iitimll" aIls useful / "iiaiidertu'.lo bis grcud mi t lliu way .I I Irl' 11111, fur Ki'riuinillnii and Crdur, K st..

t .OII_ infamously asserted-needed Ia.1 lions subsisting mill industrial nil such; theFloiidt.m .m..I"ltill I'ator$ In rviterato, with sl tl11Illit'allulI'"I | FIll r Ill !I., '... I*. TITI'M..Inl Truiu.but will cunnoct nl HI. Shirks wIth flulf.Iranieri -
it i it nnd IIt\col tl f''li.IIIII.1hi Kecking relief from tlio Incubus I nf shIlls nut reipilrpd to dn ia, tbey will ran
of men (certainly not, no cliango hun i .
tiumg ,
; > I'A ft 0Fruit I'bnndny. finturd.y
11" 11". all FI"rrl1" lIe I at any time a necessity in Florida: ) arc entirely dillcrcnl ,those 11.1 which/ of debt, and' I in honest endeavor to IlpII.t, y A"llil""I' nf t the Forest-born I| J.tShlOl ANDEKMdN. *

,. i/Htil f.Hiiiitte, Soil ( .< *. it woul'bo manifculy: his interest to af jug mark tho adventurer fl'ol with hU by \iM' cncour.Uomoiit fl'(1 Ib..I.I, il' I Demosthenes" of Virginia, th(. sentiment, Uon'ianperlnlcadanl.
Inure" sully 4, IHTI.
carpetbag 4SFLORIDA
) promptly and onorgotically, because contrivances amid hm creased, or 1'lll'WC1lluo to theyrotlily /111. (If'all the 1 founders "Ilho I I I .,
materi.ilin H"I"II. -
* '111 Hiangp' 1'101 tile exquisite climate of the paramount importanco to hill I ] mncliinalioim. I Ho new reminds:, the olfur portions of their 1'11'1'1)t"IN 'O: ns it will continue through lilI, 11/1 I Ita Cnro and Its Preventive I.
.if to that of Pi-lii- in reference that the political plantations I their \ ihhti hicmimts nt llioprices nt the South less I.i
Iloril Pcunsylvanin to property, resources "citi/cn" ho is I 0' deeply-injured no Ihnl RAIL ROAD.
new that of tho party that BY OR J. I II!, SCHENCK} M. D.
Jersey and XCI York, during of tho State, especially in its primary, agricultural tho uilucn I a purchaser would nnle. And, nt (Iho credulous No.tl, who h'II' not i
ho past and present jears more particularly interest, be speedily and gat e 11 free.lolan. I clings Jacksonville jealousy to tint contrary notwithstanding I ceased to vnluo tho 1.1I RI nf inheritances I
shoul to tho % I ANY liiiiiiiin
of tho ik IIIH
lirtntt fur
hill source pim.i'il AH ttliimo
) ay
': "1'11 in the months of May and June, thoroughly "- ) and increase in but I with HhrewdneuH -and there iN no unll l for any -Iho inhoritnnon of their "1.0.1 if L I ill nlli tlii'n' was nn nihrr reaann, tlimi lie ni'K

livings the traveler into a comparatively value of property lie.Ils'arll. iu this, the 1'01, his ol\cl amid to such pallry) feeling, 'fur; hmulrcds would I'AIIIU ('AII, ('.111 I tI. I lurl of kmiHii eliot InilUpiiliilily' pruvrn "",,". uf CHANGE OF SCHEDULE.

1"11 flimutc. That of Florida during only way to cH'oet it. The intelligent, industrious penetrate! to denign.s a thraldom, character difFering, "hioslbmitinc prefer to I live i with, 11'1 upon I tho banks (,I J.S. I L euro<- nlnrpliii I tliima tlic iii-ur 01"11111"ll1IlIbllr nml" ilmir In l.iiully Into anil wlilrh fili'iidanr $ bail -0-
the Himmipr of 1870, wan not at perioil tho St. .1 of Tiillahasnec rulllll
any respectable Immigrant, is as cordially I"II'M-tilo IU'lltlfullesl Ibvy ) ililuplt'il/
truc. the "hcroditaiy Loi.dngo' but -In Ilia Flllninre Ciinvi'iilliin, I'lillnilrlplila, h, On) nnd! nflcr Afonday July 3 1871 I
here re ,
nnd is ,
nn oppressive ns wni experienced ; welcomed them one of surroundings absolutely)' beyond llr. .. ....I'h II. Ncli i'is .
among < ii Nliii l
a would hu > <<
bo cousidurod Atrmo In
rightly niprcci.itod iiiniilnlly th.) ttiiuMuilwjter. | r ',
, nml in the thus far, the same their kith nnd kin and | Mhatavfr .. \pnur 01 upon '. pit INS Wll.l. ItfN n.UI.V, Fiinday. c.cepl.J,
\present ycnr own treated far more and, hcartluss In its qiiubl IOI, : ill'f'.AluIH' random \1 hIm, t hit was 11 1,1.1., will I thrill I his rniliiK-HI 1 A. fiillom :
ri'innrU will apply- The months of March with all the characteristic courtesy of A pallini Il'I' '\Herliul may ha\ U 1 il'r pleading' ( ,. I lluroulil, ."" ,,)llho I Vluu 1..1.dl'nllllllllulll. Still aviilli'il tlii'iiiKi'lvcM (if hi. wninliitifiil, ulllrui IIIIIH
and coM.bluo.I.J selfishness amid rc..kllI" but bonmiUinndnilvorulril. I hit ",'.II.'m.' tile) wuiilil nut h".,' "ulli'ii l4Ol4i N01'I'II
, and of thiN which included has a
April and and aimmcerocomniunity no in Florida. I Ho I
, year polite earnestly peaceful properly illo'cht |IIr Hi'bi'iii'k ...0. In ills' nwn CIMII prrivcit hIlt' le-.vo Kernnmllna
, many days weather ollrcuivl.ly warm, Tho absurd stories of the disregard I have .right tho of speaks with tho knowledge' of ample experience -..,- ',',uve. milllrliintllnllly' riiiiuiliii, tlmt vllullty Arrive Hi llaldwh.. 1000 1.10 A.P.M.M
And unusual for tho Ku-Klux organization and outrages," are growth Flol'i.1 -and. ilh 10\1 thlt""hrlcl'l thIn THK 1\ by bin """''h'',. mul tIllS illri'i'llnn. fIr lln'lr u.u, I. l.envo ll.il.lwln. 1110 "
\ 1 Souin
x ,
t wore nil the heart could wish or a X Olth3 unjust and injurious to tho South, towns. Jacksol\ill on the St. JOhl'H, whole Stato: -when declaring that there il t.l\t. l' l\cl.nU.- ipili'kuni'il I\ IbU ptiili'ini'iil biKlililul ilicrM vlKor.In "I. l.i-avo (lnlne. lllo. 1)30 "
llko Arrlvo
A amid to nf" .1 II. Ft. lIuIMIIIII.re.IIIIII.III"II. at Cedar "
tin imagination conoeive, as to dclioiou- 11/1 insulting to the of theN relalknhlo iuNtrtion opposite no healthier "region il nil the land, from .hl testimony, uuhlgo Carpenter Tn tbn (ulili, (if tlio Invnllil nunlii" nn ri'pn.i>iitiillniitbnt U40

1 ties of climate in the beautiful land ofowerA. where, for iltCljOIO, they the subject in hlnJ. I is not n pleasant .Maine to tho 'far I'aciflc. It only awaits, before the l Kii-Uux Committee nn) Saturday I. nut, a Ihllo.IIIIIIIIIII.. .iibilmilluitul by living LilIui: 4)ItIII t
OI'II poltleni et B'O town, >ff M, located amid,10' ,k.. Tlio nf lint I.CAVO Cellar
beautifully lliuory I llr.
." But it is customary to think of extensively and industriously promulgcd tho sand j and 1)ltll is wholly a of trade. as has 1"1 "liI, (lip fructifying, li'l'gi\' Is Intei'CMtiiig..' I Ifo to.tit..ltllt( there had/ "Hrboni'k', niilli'lni-.i I. a. aliuplo a. II iuri I I. iiniitlllnif.by l.llVOUlihIlCSVilIii.Key..... . . . .. . 8 1 4A 00 A.P. M.M.

Florida us n strictly winter resort, ; and), nnd strangely credited. Notorious cliarnctirs Its prior to the 1.laol is said lug iniluviiccs of unergy nnd I money been KI.JI. outrages t ill various pnrt-i, (hi't It. ,plilluHniiliy rriulri'| no mKiiini'iit.' I It I In .,'11. ArrIve Rildwln. 5 00 >>
population war to
invalid and) others with the I it )' of 1550115 11I1f. l.c..I""Jf leave S.IM "
walk nil and : nn
) hIII'1: n\vay ulhal'm..I. 1,1. I"I bounty upon h. I ( Slnle mil, howuvor 1'1'0 uIWeltii iouilu Zil
have been less than 2,500. U is estimated 11\1 111 nriginating from sill IIhiiil'flkIJ i'lila nra (lie Arrive nl Kcrumidlna, 8.H3 '
curliest higns of fpring ; vthilo every sea- in the midst of a people through stern nocemity li., flrsI I s I) WVIlIIlh15 S II is S 11111 I us, rituIlli (It (tiC
HOD)) tht-i'e vindicates) the title it bliould if not fol impulses of good breading that Like the nil other new census :!! give it oxer 8,001). iuiierul I Itichard Keith Call, noblest ( I any hostility', I to I lie" ]Federnl (I iiivcrnincnt, iusniiiiy I. SnIlIliell. 1 WI) (bird, (It 1110 vaNe. III ('IIII'NlIlshlliiIhil Fiiriimnlliiii, July 4, 71 J. M. HOOP 41__if ficn'l Bup'u
loiols .1 ill
hear, of the Italy of America. Shall our exclusively attentive to their own its people C/lll mire wholly l'uillll,1 trading" to t
Italy have n lengthened, woeful! history, business," amid thus examples to nmammy.1emi .- "[, of their h'el I steadfast 'for thu '""iol. tho friend. had no redress through /.lliliHIlliol (1111115 "iIyihhihIll ihisS '' W Ill) I ku Nll.uuihl,ii 1 hi't' ma.NllhIllIi .
I Her is ) U dolntry own UNecial intoroHts nnd of Jackson IC) I Ilu ihIlIrilit, 11,01115 (Ii hit, liver flit, New York and Charleston
too living history ft burning nhamoi all of best-trusted
unwhlpt justice, refugees i to tho interests-also their own-of tlitirftvoiito III.IIil companion of law. 'l'I,1, government nf" thee Stato is de- ttsiii S'Illhih u till, ( IhiiiilhllIttlIg nanil, hull 11151 smtiuig
-I i nd disgrace to the spirit of American lib- fl'ol her clianlirtements, ulisoonjin I plunderers ] unable I in Iltll (i.impnigns' of tho, iron hero, foctivo, In In lii, t, ill Iii ha 111.1,1, 1)1115 ) uIIjhilIuIia, SIfa
city, to capacity .
In,1 depni) I ( ((5I '
invincibly pur- timi'li -
.*i'lyl; hut through no fault or dereliction for whose apprehension neighboring not 1111 / ((11)1 tho foremost man In 'o 1'HI.WI.I.Iil.V 1.11.:
: ccivo in other I I lias Ii 5515 III ill Iota.
of 'hers. The adventurer mid the bankrupt Governors have in \'lil ollcrcd' tempting atlutiol any the] Slate, but ('II'I,hiatieihiy it fhtlr. whihifor I increased thn debt ele\en millions Tile M.iiiilml.ii I'lll. urn 5'i5hph.iIb| uf inn uf Na DC FilleT I'l.AKS

stranger tread her once sacred, Court reward, with official roquisition insolently It is customary with tho JII.lsI\'illl l f\ultelI ) cars its (O\'I"lr, l'slll,1 inami \ilhoiit coimtrncling A milt nf mil road nr t hint' niilili'Kt Kin N. lbi' l'iiilii.hllliiin| IVIIiiliim.'lliry --

-and her places! of trust and of honor arc disregarded by .K eclti\'o coadjutors (lie must "pardon me) to say thlt il il : beautified thu city of his foimd.itioii.Ho n foot nf canal, nr a school house.. I 1 puMi'M il culuiniil nil Ihu bill hhinil xwi'hluir, ulinrullv. SIDE-WHEEL STEAMSHIPS
I prnpiirllt. ( niillkn
iiniirwsd| ) liy wretches too poor iu character in iimmity,., ono ya '
and that Tallahassee in is the YI'lr. II'i no Mllnu llclilu and purse to remain in freedom r"ill, these dai UIOI S/ State and, ) ed every county' in I tint Stain but one, .nndlicicr Tho wink nf rnrg I. now I lugi|II 11111g.| Tbn vlllulcilami
the rank soil that Cemetery perversity I I
them '
brought in ostentatious / i of Nashville
; highways, sumptuously : : I\illllal family) iinu'inm SillIlDhlt| | || In HIM huwcl. Stilt In tbnuliiiirnlnry
while the usurping and iron arm of the equipages, caul their vulgar dust into the to deny to TitHahnxnuu, the bunutifully and the, IrRt \ .) 1.01 in I tho '\ heard a mal utter 1 word against Cahill sell i-Jwli'il. 'I hss (Ivor, liLt A Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,

general government," in the sole interests eyes ol honest pudt-trials, and' there are I located and as beautifully, : 1111111: I capital/' ely was I daughter: of hh honsu. Thora Is tho Federal (10\011'11.( I Tim ('I 1 him In' ilniniu'li, I. woiinil sets up.ronpon.lirdy I It nriiinira, nnil fnnii tb Ita liirplillly,
All palU'nl he-!
of elections, and of ) to them afraid Ku-klux I Is every external Ittl'IIUOI: as I this much land "for'" mites direction flIusiLiCI
party insolently none m/kl 'I" many II'I'y/ was to (corrupt glum lo FICI I i Ihnl ltd In Ki I I'lUK, nl lint,
protects thor in their unprecedented and not toleration for a day of smili mel us Is "eijually' : 'unwise, 11.1 ill-considered.. Thegrouthand from Tallahassee: that was not once tho State (iovcrnment.Inl.allililtrllill Tho t p5.IIll ly ul 4-ioixl Illouil.'Hi'Hi'iimiiiriiinlr .
enormous of the axiom in otherwise decent i prosperity of the capital will his' With all tho instincts II.mll'I's nf
\'iUlicR. regardless these, nn community t : 01 mi of his gal- J 1 1 III I'liiijiiiiclliin wlih dm |I'iiIa|||
freedom, enunciated by tho "oonrlrmation" strong as I Holy Writ" that demonstratn llo* power :nnd,. progress' ".the lanl I, ,1"\'IItlllllluollo nature, lu opposed' I the', loyal leagini committed oltrll'11'h in ClimateS Mill a lnilhilcattlih (tin ('iou. tlitllili'n*|

founders of the Hcpublio, in their Declaration agMertiol existence of such ail organi.ation : State. %Misrepresentations" in' regard to the the t hurts) nr blunder" of ns murders nnd burning ./ HIll.I. tIllS priiifir.ilnu wllhiiui In prut Ion. lr.
: le""A.iul I (hurl lllKiwilnii lircriiiii. l'hiinmllI, anil i lliu
of Independence that is lie I Even tho heiiltlifnlncss of I tlio sent .,r government I the result with nil "i there were I kit kl"1" iirgaiii/.ilions. Thl nne I.iiiiiu I. II
predicted its
"governments an enormotu justly t stll'wih Iu hi at liuinl. 'I 1 hi'rc In Im tnurii It.tluli ,m-, nncuiu'i'rhnlliin
their from the arc, ill.-I I, verpersistent nnd I I people Hubinittcd I to I it for" two uf I Ilir miiiiiiu-h An npni'ilia IsiS *
.1111,1 just powers consent estimated Governor of the State, who il.lllolH. extraordinary: : |iretilslon, lImit died' I j, ipiiotly in. Manhattan, South Carolina '
and from ,t (ill iS II ; I redress Now tsluiia ills uritiii..i Illooil I'urlllrr ass ydSlvi'ii ,
; I !
governed. needed uo forged certificate of nLarncitcr p'o..e"llli.ty i.ilito"1ItioIIIIIIIICM" und/ prosci'ipliuiiv "tltl..y 1IIIIIthoy 111111"
fIll liii
by on hnliilKi'iil In Champion Charleston
mlli'ilni iniin.
.Italia ob lulli I thou who but ou his departure from 'ViHCOIHil, whatsoever iller"MI 1110 il trl.ll. They nro wholly, life, adhering to his OH n liimieandhiu ilK I I1 through l.h..tioIS f. fmlN of law.: Thuku 1, '. ruliiiiinlu, Hynii| ciiini'. Iu tn |ii'rliinn; II. ,

Tb rolollih beauty, which btt'aino he may havo needed or accomplished unj ilsi itltiIlt.. Jrmksonyillo i it in, F.nHl: Flol' will l hit 0\1 j Limo evil furtuncs that' ,, klux, ('composed nf 11'"of high, respectability fiinctluii. anil lo 111115(5 Ii null cuiuihii| | |hi< curu. It Georgia, Jas. Adger.
A of preterit and punt. da, ( Florida or us 10011f I i I nrgnni/.ed I 'for redress I nnd outer lit mien up.in It. wnrk Nal lire riiniiut bncliibtlml.
4). thjr.sweet brow la sorrow,.plnuih'd there, rilel abroad from eli to end of the 'alulll ( ) a t ''l I tlii'in sinking with tlieni lie- I j $ I I.rul.c. I Il iiillucl. nml rlpun. Ilia JmjiuJri'il, mnl
Aud auuala graved In cbore.of name.by .Iwlo. capital ; or walks "solitary and alone," ROIU say, il thoVest.. Along t tho l"jl' lil.lll.. sun 'if a glorious prosperity, hu i '11,11.' Carpenter, 1101401\ .III I 'mI indorse dhnauscil purlloii. uflbe IIIIIKK. I In llm furni iifiriiilirrliiK 'Ill run uli Tit-knit Iu >ew urUXliitr
lb. God I that thou nakeduraa, and tic course of tho St. J ul.'H. the country is tho foremost to I 'Iho oi'K'-m/.alioii.' | I In also I lestiliud that *, U prrpiiri' Ihi'in for r>|ii'rlor.lliin, null In I I be ublaliipil Sr(lie Aurnl. sit(lip Florida Bti'inu
.... tho Directs, nono no poor to do WIN among create nl.1 esliibiihli III a ShIll h Ulna I lie innliuly In vniiiiil lii'il I'lit'kcl ( at ACKMil.NVll.I.E' FVrnnn.lInu
und Mmrnlli'il Compaur
or more couldtt
lovely very |
Thy and awe pow.rll. back who .lhl ) /01 rc\'ereuC." No ono i sue I to dofl' low, 'Hat and ":sandy ; luxuriant 11111111.1. : : and liy WIOI, ,1.1, nil too late, I lliu 'Qtclill of 'I'our millions, leviod I thi till 111111 Unit It tlslIIlhiliIhh| | | U ri'iiumli'il amiiiiQiln si. AiiKUMlliiH) I liSt ka anil lLiilurprl.ii, ( alno nl Ihu
To ..llbl.) bloo. and drink Ibo tear of thy dl. tho hat. If met,-" coil! averting,"- Dig in oxtonsivu prospects' ) (ItS line kconcry, I lliu coiiniielt (If t statesman W'I'C. at I )year, will bankrupt ono third (,11111 Sllt,.. niiw, huh I llm piillniii, Iu all llm illKiiliy ul' ro 1'nr.ur. uf tbn Klorlda Mt.uincni
!" but topo riiphiiMilly almost i The' general in Kitlni'il vlK'ir.nli'p. lorlli Iu i'nuy| tIlt inuuhonil ur | f All liiforinatliin a. In the Bulllntf Hour ul
\e. look is Ku-klnx .litil.jl tutl "length, rccognis-i'd to JiaVo, thin, thoI
peopla away Thl all tho : ) 1"11 connHiiN | "UIJlill 1'1 HID ttiiiiiinhiioil huh waa llii'.a! Hto.inrrii will! tin InrnUhcil til tbo undcnlKiird.IISNSIUI. .
The climate, soil and kil'l of Florida, are ism klOl1 in I Hospectablo people ,'II to, \Ve.st Florid.i, MI which Tiilla-, I.if, wi"I'JIII.1, understanding: I'ottotI I I Slate is bad.AHIAIII Auckf for iou HUlo ul riurliU, who will
illll'll I I.inmsl, ,
all ] by the Itnlian. Knglihh) tourists resemble their elsewhere hasseo is beautifully II.tll.1 seven ) din, nI"'r, lifu's fitful fcvor huhlccp -... l> isIs Inniiii lli'krl., ini'iirn .lulu room. In ailv.ni'C, mnl
IluII'r .,
the'l ,
unOIQale peers ; u Tin' ii' lIt tihillg In, thy pmli'iil. in 11.1 iiuy IMAMnrin annul uunrrii.ly lo Un bu.lnio. of Ibe line.IIKOKUK .
I TinHuilt
hills arid I in -
especially English: poets il) tht'ir they art select in taste aid associations. n gel'rly : undulating ) 1.1" beneath tilt shndows of treesnf .: I'A.II.. | Unit ruiiui until they ui't WI II il U itliiiniit linpim I i C. (I illlllM I ,
)harpists (:and with them Vulgar! rulu has not yet attempted coercion country) abounding iu nil the varieties I liis own covered with thn sod I I. Uu ii' In li In' a IIKU lmiiiKriilinii) nf I I'urls llnlltrMilllriin al lily tn pi i M'lit (Ilk. 1115 cnld wht u ibn lnnia am dl.. .M.irth t at-If Jiii'ksunvllhi, t'lu
8pcial'ucatol. vf furOHt vegetation the, 1.laltill. |, 1"lhl. ills ciiii'.cil CdimliliTttlilu i'iuiidbui ll niii l hu pn II Iii .1 1 nl Cure I'linnul
1 insolent peculiar to would,I cimnlty -
lint this lie
jiortii iiunttiri ,) cs in or lictation of/ociitl; : t loo great to hut'u bo elfin Hid Kri'.h :,lr nnil il.llii.' lilt ripi'i'lully Inthl.
raping from the fogs of their sea-girt isle intercourse, although I little State-.-tlio magnolia, I in nil its (luxuriant: 11011",1--.11 a career (..f wonderful prosperity ', 11'01'.111"0 Noillieru elllri \1"'I.II/, I .rrlliin uf lila ciiiiiilry In I tin- full and) winter

I'VI wildly over the wondrotH beauties of mistiness i is regarded a.]ofecti'o IlturllllllWI'[ 1.01111-tho bay-true: live-oak and, "Ia. I II' ,"projiietdd nud forunaw, and (if Ii ull'in I U iiltnuly iliinjfcniiiiily t" ClIhlIlIt. Tim m'li.un, srI all 4rmu, I'll-!. n w hu lociiiiiinrnil, MERCHANT'SLINE
thai ruiifi I In- I lli.li I iilli'iiN ll Iliclr
'arth and ))licavcn as they tread tho cla sic as t aristocracy, at the I And it is rieties of oak ( tho hickory nnd I"eeh. 111.1. liiiiinr in I thn (I lolly nnd enlightenedohliifliiion J'/ult (',1"1.111111 lullie I miliji'cl mi- badly dkniii-.il ind 3 1(1, hi > tuiM* th,'> UM IIIUKI< li| tile run

soil ofhii>torio Italy. Their 1.1arl" as l fur from true 0 nro the poles asunder, of lesser trees tho wild plum, urab, crapemyrtlo :and il observance \ I 1.1"'lllhl"lI" ''' ,' mi} U'e ma liini*r I In') inti'i t no' >H)
  • n uul.) i I ih, v mini OF PACKETS

    comparison are the cloudy QII'st homo. tlmthoslilo feeling:cxistsjasainfit: the freed, ,, of sue hcrlJiblolnti, senn | (1".1, liljfli, pHtii'jti.i I tlly.I Illlill| | modest of, I i '111.rl..I..liy tlio 11'11'"rAIb| |' i llmt I llu< "Iii Itiiiiiu or wulk .limit tIll Ilii' i'.iu 115 mil, h .ill l .a 1 1-1 ru |till
    Uri'UJ'lll I'Uir.ln li'l' Hi| .1 KIHII! i III ilMlnli i/f
    And it wll tIHlrthl praiso of Innnor- mCI. und other \'ill1 ivory ''IU and hi l. I within the "1."llt. of his 01"1 nttrsntive I I "I'm)Is urn iinnnliiinu.ly' I ''iiNiiiniiilniK, Ib.ll.y tiloii'l.' 'I 1 ill- pull'' lila IlilIlt koi-p In K'Mid' ilisl .- lnduliiriiiliiml >

    cal Vln". apart olitssio aisociation Of course, tho, mutual: relations have cluding thu Lelltilll111 graceful: ,'el'JI I ,1""lail I the 11"lle of Ids fTuetions, uiih] nrc v'r Milcr lniimwiMi'iirOirilnilriliTi'.ilnni| ..1| In MItI II sill. 'I I hii. IllS Krual dual I In i I KO.M 4
    ', and l Is
    du wlih Ihu '
    which i it is impossible to appreciate been violently, and for tho bondouan' jessamine: \Iilh clmb. to the within u few yards of his library door, 14 tlml ninny nf Ilinn me ...lllj to Ain'rlcnn Tu ibMpiilr Pi'j'iilli'ul euro iifior aui'b Ihoj-rml evl'li-ni-u' | i.lnl nt In Iu gIlls pu| .

    too hghll' und the wealth of ill iiohlo, cruelly and rulhlvtbly tliaiigud. : und the loftiest trees, overspreading, thuir tops nud iiilyrini nlirine" tu all who Llew find loved I ( .111 mimI I II I nnyliliinl Is' ., Is, ny I llicnmiiu ii Hillilv In its worxi CIOIM, mnl iiiiirnl ci rbihiiy I In New York to Jacksonville r

    ''I lro Illes, with I the famo of in people] negro has become a (.itiI'I, ivhilu I tha law hanging, thcl" in II'ltooll on every side, him, in jel', through miivcrKitl povery, nn.ninikol I yliliu hue, h"11' film: of 'forclxiicni mill 111.0 I nil iillicr"Iu lIlt I. ValIum"Infill I) nf lie bin hcbi'iick'nun I'a hill pur.nnil- 555 In nlnlaliuinl Him.mudi'il .- I II IIKKS ,
    made him. in his nud! from every brunch, bearing in fichprulniuii I 11.\I (if tho II" ,1.ln."I,: '
    through nltimlloeh, painters, ulptors, that / one iinapprocinting any .kIl Kcl"'r"l rt (crelite I 1'.I' 'lfl" 1111111'Ills .h"w I wnrdA
    (. short, in 41131.altlll&OIt anIIIJKOlllglorl'IO! in "accepted ; nnd I 1.ral1 !th which, fairly illuminates iu which, while! lvilg. hn win Unit 'HIITI* in "'iilrniily nniie' 1"11111,1') in Now( 1 M.niy >uir. ''inn I M n4 In ill,- Ill 1.1.1 1 nf i.in.iinipllun -
    every Ilvlnl'
    of t.iine: the Italy of the Old none wOII,1 change now. It impoverished t .. .ijrrouiidiiigs, (? nii<) covciing ly held.I That I,o I I I still t j Vnrk llmu \10 (l.rl. 'Mniii I 1'1( Ills I'muro"The ., *>lr1lllMi, riiiillnud thuUhL| tu list in) I ii( mill d, .mil) liiit ill nun IUf ilim ilMi-i'k.my I (" I VMl 'Illlllil. .l.ll hll.lM.I

    SVorld j io not cOI/.alll.lo to tin Italy of thQuhal.l. and demoralised the servant tl/.ir'ff..t supporter a flli h brtn (if'gb.. iiii| Hiili2 MI.I ftrll'li"I of iinv within, "ir Ilir till hula' n lien c in I lit In uu llio ihjei I, Ihy'1 lIke u ilruwuluK Iii Ill till liluii at 'S IllS 0, I i all IVilii'n I illlllitf Oil KM'DM u'I Mi' .In All.ll lilt llll| I'rilllll. I, |,,
    Ill i
    (the New /II and compare hut thu decree would lot bo re\er/cd n. fi' i is tilled with lliu fnigrnncunftho In I lli" \vli'iiinu" t ty | It Is a lMtlltinnrmldenee witriililK |II|,IM I'miit sill in 'IIt I'j Ni1* Vnik.Tlie .- liter lirnrd l'i(if lbs and piiiiUc iiMnlni'd, und thi1 i ibi|,n inuil.p ir il hmH u hh 1 h 1 Uru I unw ulmo. lie tin' lull rlnr l.uniliil rli'Miiln nl UUr.,1,' \Uiuinml I

    lliChi, geographically. 101' (' of tcrri- if it were il" The form" r master Llo""lilj trees-tho cml.rlllu RIItlo ,for: ino in authority," or for nny "|'|"irrln" "-,"". nl I MIK New Vmk lIla are I Il ijoiiii"! In m. I tIll)I 1,1111 1 1 in pcrA'i I I llicin pi'iiii.Ir.lo Kielithl f'urttiirdid l-ni Ii l I ruiiuili, liiii
    tory, in magnificent: rivers, in beautiful( aro bowed los enrl h, In circium-lanccs to 1,111-11.1tl" woods with f.tmily: of u'cnllh ajid 1: ll'1,1 it Is MOW ui II liiiiinhil 'I hill Mini1 eniiM' which. |irci'Iii, vII my whnlo .y.U'in I'luy umi npi ni-il till I liiriiniiri'Kuni'iMi'iil I I' I in iiiil.IlKSTI.KV.ill bw. iihy lily shills In i
    'lakes iu elIillIstles., accustomed de the )iirovniling dog-uond I, fur silo !I"' ( 'oiinecled wlili It nmlln In my limit" .ml ii"bill' upll up munIlimi I .
    :IIwity fur production which they'CIO V. holly I are one 1.1"111111.,1.1 In I'urU II'" nl work In NYw a ( lilt ul iffilnItI. Ji'M'i" I'.I'IT' 1 1 rj iii'.inlnifur ti iii) Hi A ( oM
    its skies of their |.ib und of tho t'('Q tho liz11 the Northern Ibnver, nut I hundred I I acre Aiiiii) firiel, New V n'' I
    glorious dolidoll climate prived ouco ,
    Place it (1 in advance: of Italy. Iu liienni to replace"' I them, but nevertheless, tree of lueh, larger proportions.It land: In liluh; VU It I atucul. S'u.ir: to i tIC tinellaruiilul j ) .hllllllh'.rp wiuibl t.Hl,4' Into Ill'I,,1. |l' ITflMlflll ",,\inl'1 n'lilll mi.l im nluht lllll l ill mu 411.iu III nil ftlll'klili'i i., Inl I I I ..11(1am .1 \i.un 1,1.l.ik'iniiili, 41 ,

    all Kui-opo I is lot a river like unto they cheerfully acec-pt, the new "lllillol i is trito, n> I paHlul: ofl'sct to the gotgcoiisnetis I iiiuiiKii'ii i I. II gui(1550 uf grn.idpropnrti'n I Ii."I'IVIIllv.' | )1 .. and r my i .ippvlltu b'i nine Ill u.i it i KIIIIU llmt II li'i/oinc II.11 wllhillllli'uiiy 'I I u h 17, il 1 't DmA

    the Kiv *r of I, ikes, us it \\willed by the of tllgH, loL I making: a merit of n ccs- of I this natural profusion, that: [ yiulding hjijiimitiliilh 01 f -.- llmt I cinilil hi-'prriiin I iiiilnirl'i.in IiI

    Illiall in an.xprcwive word of their sity, LIL in tho. "coll.lclel of II certain that: there nru alligators hi tho lakes null tiling tlml' nliound. In Nor I hern 'I'll'1' O"'Y'"III(11"' | S ('1,1"1 tuL'r' Iii aver auuil aliico.tf'Unrd' ii: > vlri iiflli, '>nil IIIIM- ur.Mu Iu Uili LECTURE TO YOUNG MEN.

    WI Vlrlf'II'Ir' und, which, from memory, hope that, ('hillrel whom the ri era, Iutthey are harmtuss, 11.11 I'l Mltli I the. |ii'uduuta lifculiar: to the IvlrY'1 .,..I.IIII'"I'IH11"| | lo ailittiwafijl, Many (if llm "I wa. w.l.brd.h'irtl) ulii't my niinmhlul
    I may not venture to wril. I mean the war spared: to dlm., \'i reap : capo yuu if they can ; and. Iu strilHhtiirii'iduWhl'irles, lil.uk. iii 'Ist.I/.III""I.I..II.I'II"' : | -" I iln. this jinclnr, "Hun l I'i"klni{ Ilkij mi-n-il i,' Ii bIll, luywrlul.l
    1IVnILgp.ulklO1 1.1 11.le
    St. John's river it their in the capital' tlieni are swarms : Ii"., punches, i'iiuKi'il In aloi kliuMfis was uiily nlni-tyw'Vitu pound.) ; my prici| Jn4 l"Hllu/i) I 'it ,i titalnl A'xi/i/. /Vi'I.. "ul>
    itt wa subsequently' to )11 experience. bmng of tl'pll'rricl grapus 1111111'1, I .1 | I. Iu llm '1jiiUlnimIniiiilKrnili.ii wcluhl U IHU lai.iilii.il uuil 15(lIt) II I'o (Wii puuud*
    christened by the pious Spaniards, discov i the, palmiest days of prosperity, Still. frued, |>oliucal \'Irmin. in their "peculiar' season 1lul"I"'I.I 5, "|lP1.| (oranui'S, Imnnns, Iwl.I I I ('oImiaty, just (,rgsnl/iil t with I"ulII"I.r and fur yrnn I Imvo iiijnyi d uululiirniplv I hmlili.1llr.

    erers of the 111'1 X ot\lthatln.lillllr.: !, from the supcradded, IJrtwl of n most and hucahily-tho season (,f legislative! urnnuMiMriiiK 01. lliu, lic'I'U 1 jiiild of lliu Klapldpiiidui'tionn I .!: It)0),< ) .11 KM( uliiina. \ .\Ir. I'.ym', its to. H-'lidirk lies Vuik lIe.ud, (Uni'iiulluudl bitch |liv|his,ir iituluiiluiiiil lIe null, Ur xli-|,1 h .4(% lIil1(4: ; ( ( : hIll(IN lIlt ltiiilli.il: \ All( .liraHpiTUiiilnrrli'i'.i lilt ui s fllmliiui.l /

    sistenl iic.juii-ncence in responsiUo care, from \hich, nt any time, amid prostitution-who Ire not "f t. CUlltrYI cotton sugar, H Ill" lii alllUI'llln( 1'lilim si tin- nunrulInillvl'liiHl II Hi'liriak. Jr sOil ciMillniiiIn MM< p slis'111a ,itluulr ur Hciiilu.il I \\ i jkiietliivulunlur _ _
    trtnlit is ,lit to Morldian for retention of the majority: would hl\1 been ru- harmless, and wilt not lit tin* "Africaneiliwu lolmcco) to al or (./eitFier I plunli'n, Int. ciin-iKdl fl'"llr ullli'v, NJ. i l' Nurth Mnli .5 s Ill t. pilululi| | | | ) Kiiil, liiim, I- mil lli'lillu. >, uuupiillnieno ill
    \ .UI IhUIOhl rvrryHnlurdiif.rruiiilt I A M 1'illP M i TilIlsI. tu M.irrUiti jem I i ill} Ntriuiitiii'tt,
    Aboriginal nomenclature' more general thnnin limed. could, I I have been accomplished escape if he wished ; ,hem, "II l sinai than sunk-icnt for i>uvincit| <>f intur I liilMin' ra In lust' C""llry. HIM! III|IMIl. to rcnthIxniUmiiA taish l -I Ihurnutfh ovunilimUuii wllh ibv Hrnplriiiui'lHr{ I hil > t'liiiiuiiiiplluii, r plli'iwr, hIll > '" MiMilnl nnd |tl'in

    any other section of tho country' )', and j gently, U4 the circumstances demanded, tll|1001 ler" lecofoA uu Important; el. c'I on thu inni' that \1".1& I. ul.II".tOIII, I wltli Ih 111 Iliac fur ( .'f Kill tin uh.riji'il 'I Ia lli '|dr ui li'r dci Un>> Ilic |i-4l lueiSi'iit| I itnililii1 I n "i II .Mili'i', .Vi'. .,Bllunmr >
    Mhich be tlie ) tho Ibll"III'11 frkucl uiiidlUun of Ibi' liinu mid pAlli'iit (*iin rt'uill .1 1 liivtmt-.il I M I' Amhur uf$ (ill-
    might IladI if Ilh'"r81, sn cxpressive and with lau und] .1ti'llll regard to new, I'\II'c.lln,1 cnliglittued purchase princely property.! thIS nei t Tlmy "Ut all b'el .le.I''IIbo ly ic-un whiiihif lht-> art 11,1 i ihl ur Lul I'liiiii'ii link, As1 -.
    ( of a distinct nationnlity Trans- the Interest and welfarl nil-of the, order of things-Judicial, Lei"ali"] It in utter falit.) that thuro s c''j._ illniHi u) ufrMiui, snil. lilly hue 'I by illrn Hull Ill lukli'K' Mi mn.lU'lni lid. n'lit.cd | '| |p w.nhl r. hiitiii 'I lOll In Ihli utliiilrabl

    | terrence of Kurpjiean: names, of" lost, or of race espwiully-turned over lo and. Kxcciit'n bampicU, and I llLII,1 is or hm, been at any time iilSKCiirity here.. ni'J Iu his Imellhtfi.i'v ar. u uf a i bill fulluw liisias Lm-lurti, i-hniily piuti S Iruiu klutin ..kpurli'liroIbul
    a to wurk dir ten for ntiliil tii'll
    hellll'l ur ytnn ftf a dlreilluu-i, and kind Nuiurv nlll Un the tIle i Miikiiiuiiiiiul Ahuiio may bt
    decaying citles m is at once absurd and iu- > ". |>oiiiciaiis! with tho U'H vriior, Senators and flcir.ruisemlt3ititreil Life and proiierty and tvury inttreH are In KIIIII| | Tln, >ell lit iirnwnl In l.onl- lliu ShIll Ii *"mil rue Ihu M indriik I'llli ri'nl sre i nt-cpl In touliiu eirmluiilly me All.I Ill wliliuul iiiadU'lnts. And a lllinuluu'rulluu.

    'lonvulilll Xe,, York for u city that i i4 All they now saL for tlieuisehen, and and) kit Jown with their uf'iT' by far than in I" of the great citksof 111111 lIsa In M-ifwl .111, wllli the Iu liivru.b'd Jmn (liv Ibnn iiiuillvlui' mnl slsiig.riiu. 5Urhi.ii | .,bouglu.,lu.lruinoul..
    / lies their and) their ) AI.n. ( Imrmony tui'gpss1'Iiiy | Ill) other ai'i'iilupsiiliuitiil. than Ill ImlriK- rhiiga1 ur i'iirilTjl pululliiu out A Hindu i St tillS. Si
    to say nothing of .\",, York that sliould be theirs without the' aaking, duiifflitern IQI'I'itel th( Xoitli."Th uuiplu lulu lull which
    mill lullS en tutli-rer,
    uunmrrliul' lion Ibul tlh'i'lualby
    I with it* future biitorv of a thoimand years I Ir are the rights inherrited from the 'founders \ and ,daughters, und f.hi"h'Jh, it <- Cull I H iiitU''td"'| .."llal.l.AIlelJ.Illwl Are suit nearly YI'UII. niun, mnl Uf ri'lurullill* iioiiii.ny I huillh| buuuer luuiu : U Viral lbs tnulu moil uppcilia.nvlimuovmi'lnni un uuiltur wbut hU I'undlllou may every bo, ni.y curibhuM'lr -

    f The population of "'lori.JI Is 'pir.l. and I of tho Kcpublic, nub. n.llf from tl. ruin- may: be, in their Icllar" O'"lollh| 'I from e\erj AU\IIIII'IJ.I. i.il is are lieu I exct-llunt ,"rkl"" Tlity also AIlosrlo Wlirn ll iiinun, .. U will eunm, Irl Ih. i ht'Apl prlvali'ly, .ud rmllrully. Thl. Lrrlurn -
    IM (wrAtllyuiU'iili'il.' are tall i | dwipalrluK at uuco bu uf till! prutr u buou tu Ibuuuind. and tboiiMUdi*.
    | good ihut-r hluml
    v the inhabitants are since on tho of lime ; eilHiMie nf 'n..y
    thu ,
    the f an
    and no-
    I"or" misrule (
    vain grove ,
    > |
    surI oils "tralil luAl 1ht .1 once flilllIWo1| Ihu (uitjuli IUUIOIK, I lie tli 1.1 utiilir MII Iu it pluln eiivi'lnpi., In nil)' ad.
    I render.. Tlio upturning of society,., con I'lrcs, political ollrolllln. bankrupt po- hug 111.lri:1 truth : .,\1 bin tree of exeoediu beauty and loveliness 114 n IIUIII In cum'lty. Tlii'lf llll.are kejilH l.aU.Ud. I Iu A iliurl (hillS bull nl lilt ulnlil o lull iwml hIll lri .5 /' -// iiiuu ri'teljil uf .In SillS ur 151, |mnlumpr I
    the and ( / movetli doth love I I" : of .gri'iil uu HIM! tli'iiiillueM. Ii IIOII"" I-un- ,yiupUinia aro K'-u. furvrvr
    .qiicnt upon grrat acknowledgedtrror are drawing their life Loo.l, : I if fragrant and) IJtwIUI by WI) d.1 lrildl1dly Hihi'tiik. Aim, Ki Culvrrwrir. alurrl.ifi, lluld "
    itclll'ho llr. ,
    I.IAIII will Imru I large ( | niidlcliiei lId i l.flstailiJy kept Iu piln-
    of rebellion for which the d' ..- should fail to bo nutaiuod its farther 'IHI 'bll" |HIIIIII.tli '
    massesAre through comlunityf un" aVOIUI 1'/1 or upi) |"r tails uf IbuuMiid* uf fuiiillli'n. At a luiiilliu or IllS.Kathys 41 i-rnli. Addrc lb I'ublltlu'ri,
    ' not responsible and should bo forgiven, 10.1 pcrsUteut by thu right| merrily ,'Itbal and with native boundary ; and on one nlJo, utrttchln fur hIss M.ni'lruko hIlls aro u ttaiidard iiri'l-urit. t HAS. J. U KLINE A Ct).,
    I where their there i is liMrelrecullln fuitu.tiu of the, HiA hull. whhi. His l'uluiuulcB>rup, g i'uriruf (0u51l1 1 17 lluwcry, Now York V. I), bun 4..XI.
    on much from the
    to of light : to
    arm a .Bovernmi-nt, orotlicrw'ue grace they city ol.tholuo great July I '
    I"r 1 Il4l.t "IriJ away liliiliMclibcr .1..1 I 10"ln) l I. l>uMlon- amid I'olOi, may Im icK-irilril u. A prupliiliu'tcrlcagiilu.1 __ April II, 71 I)
    forgive, complete of nalor,. Cr.t which thould never in with their partners, to tha dulcet highway leading ( .II. ala and (nutU i guifrallv Il Is couaumiitlvil In any of Iu (lInusPrIce '
    law, anti revolution in the system of labor, j I its blefcenc. Under a different order .strain liich tnlircu ever the crowded Much was tho home of ; a monument xrlUi of hOI''I wbixa of Ih* I'ulinoulo Hyruu aud Hiniwurd 'i 111111', Notice.

    in8uate.IUPI|>y, owing to thriftlvst mug Stte unobstructedby Kxutiuliv* rweptions, (reimtutod' ty nil as it stands, It once, of the cnltirat 1.1 IIwir(dliwiiitillng Tli"u's liyi no' | > : i you! ,IhUII' Vt II 11.Maboltlo.or. a bog for I7..VI sue: S by half all dnmu.ilruiix'-'Mmidrok.* and UuaUir.I'llli.,

    &it. of the ylfjxt atcriji- ', I' Interference*, Florida would classes, Ilot. tongue amid puoplen, or .. \ taste and largo gfiieroiis-heartudncHS l cur that inrakiupanj d'o."II"ull bile.ynu Iml.I 'when JOHN V. IIKN'ltY, s I'ulh-KO llnrif. S'rw Ynik, DUIIXU MV. AII8ENCE U, lleurtl KBO1I will act THK STATK

    tit. sudden rrantion from ,1"11'ldlDN'| sprmjf into life ant) happy prosperity, in arty. with oablo HM PTW, '"Ihkinl from ki,.". (It a disflnjruiiihed, 'licncfactor and, states I your mily l tiswI Iv I. tiirne



    '- -- ,



    '- ., "
    f "


    -, .

    -- -- .- -, -- -- .- .. --. --- -- --------.- -
    ITEM*. the building of said road, ,Rod to be so held for five
    IUIIO.'" ,' .O""IU": '," '; paid, a tax and, yet thctie poll-tax LOCAL ATAIttS. HTATK Is
    uhl Ioribinn. only 101 ; years, unless the road sooner built t the County
    t !! .r.' ':R : 'IO'. __ -
    under bonds
    constituted, the
    members the ] Judge In bo proper ,
    pacrs lent to Logintnru *- -- --- --.-= = Tlir fXvnllirrn Hiillroiul Prtrlnp,
    I, reiuntly of tha In charge of tho constructionof rTho >
    HCTCD hundred uWn pine-apple* were agent county
    whose, l.-iHtcncnd tho real I> Hit MW-The prwont liol weather.M .-
    I TO
    --- .
    .. ------ 11'01 11"Tf said road which shall bo built on ft bed of
    Wi- print flsew here the |>n>uei>ding<* 1'1 cnpporlers of Ihcgovernniunt tho.in y It l'Ollill.llug" It entails prat perKonal shipped t(he Mobile market by Capt. len) stone or shell!I. and above high water mark Stale of Florida, > >ittiuii< L> I Incls
    TALLAIIABBKK : |Jlitoul Baker of Key West The fruit was n f oVar
    of Inconvenience. grow several the Convention wlihlii the(mat <, pmvd! l i i i
    Tnnycni of t'olnmbis Snwnnnce After speeches
    -- -- meeting | tux bill of tho l.i't nc ion. Tlic, proposed _0- plantation on Key Largo. encouraging consolidation of the seteriil rndro ids wrl ,

    llr lforil counties, held Convention ]lie to A awoiniwnlcj with considerable adjourned. The ntccllng wa'cr harmonious Htnte, nndforlhceomplelliin of vtchp.iri- i ,
    TL'KMIVY.: \ ,11r.18., 1871.ItlKI' nl.lln1r may not 1',11 remedy heavy rail RICH DKT.-Tho of 3ouro county
    IIerlf politics being Ignored-and not been buill, nnd to fiicililalc < li
    u< com i ,
    T/ikc I i
    .. nt City Ith The We acton
    on last ex-
    -- il81 purpose tho the wind, IHINMHI over our city I'r"eulonl
    til this, but it 1'11 arouse peoplo to e'nlng. feeds prisoner! on liam eggs. Tlio taken no doubt accomplish good for TRi I' the Governor was .mlhorized to Uvie i.i ,

    \ c'. 1>. !sir,, rdlior.DIKIt : of tie incoling will be olnlom by crushing abuse* nnd the enormous burden l peel It WRI bail night on the Oulf. him against inch treatment, as he may and the"I bonds of tho Stale to Ihe amount of i.uo ,?

    .,.) ('. I:. Jr., .\..!..! .:....... rending, -- -.---- !hne than he can accommo surrounding count milo In exchange for first inorlgnKc I. M '. ,
    i...______, tlllrfll'lliIR' from \liich they Iulcr. In this connection, .'o"ILI pulling I" the order of tlio ,ilny w ithllic soon more alllcnlll A nrw.bort colored babe, with two front teeth the consolidated road, named the Jacktoutm

    t'n'f18tionnlI| |)', the e\pril; counties tho Governor has. the power to do much Carmen". Tho j IcM w ill \I.small on account I dalca thing "hll 101111,I'r like!) to happen out nnd Another In light I* th I""olornoliion" t In Pcnsacola nnd Mobile ILiilroad Company Ti

    furftock under the, interim of ilid unfavorable' season. They should as in some, 111,111. 1"1 \> mUht mention Governor, about a jear ago, did Issue fffiwin,
    "Iiiil ( towards affording relief. There, 1 it no !\1 Tampa.CArrtK of eight per cent, gold boud* of tho State In

    improcmont net (,I I INftA Arc in a deplornlilc law which aiilhoriren him to pend the much .M | *sihlc.. Tho D-inntr I elated over the mal) hl1l'ry.. Tn t>F..-The cattle trade ban fairly change for 3,000000 bond*of the railroad ofil i M>.
    1 dwellings
    The 0ly ments said to b going on In Ocala. New opened now, and beef commands good price*. each, and $1,000,000 of tho bonds of the Fl t i
    Ion.lilion tl\11 impoied by collection of neither I in he, Authorized notice elsewhere of tlic Vhtilnnt
    taxed ,
    l.mhcl are lielng put' tip, law offices renovated am Wo learn that l\erl vessels are now rngajrei 1 Central Ilailroad Company.

    the Stnto are unprecedented, nnd \hen to to modify the tax art. Tho, Legislature. .'Ir Coni|"any lre requested to hl".t nt their arrangements making for the rc-ercctlon of the In this business, carrying cattle to Key West and Till* |4,000000 of Slate Imnds wcro placed ,:

    theKC nn> added, the county Hull on Monday evening next, lo transact business flre Iho war, Havana. Droves or beef steers are frequently the hands of S. W. Hopkins and Co., bankers ,
    1.0 ('." ,,"U': ,,,,,,. tnel proper) which created the law in the, only tribunal trust llmt member Masonic Lodgo destroyed by during sent to Savannah and Middle Florida nll-rIR- London nnd New York, to lie sold, the prouto >
    nnd on back' of nil i piled] n Kailroad of \Ve every Fluttering prospects,w hlch our cotcmporar)' may for
    AnthorltH In n..I.. AilrrrtlM-mrnK, .nd Xnb" till competent, lo repair' the mis'hicr Hereto Imprlane. I'tnintvlar,DM.Tu bo used the construction of tlio tmcomi,;,

    r"r lho "''''''''''''....del.lnl!I.d .......Iplln''ro rrlptloniJfonfleWfo ,mon., tax, thu, burden IprOlnCI intolerable. Hit fore there, hnvo hen extra aessions called, will b present.. _0_ well grow II,pry In contemplating.I.AROR p IT HIDE. QrEoTIOl.-Dlo.lrl has' become cd contract portions In of Kurope tho road.to dlcpow Hopkins of the& Co.bond nia.li i

    r..,Ibo .....,- how thin in to remedied I in HOMEHTKADK,-We Informed by Col. I.KM.: POTATOM.-Mr. P. L. DurUw. on theckl.ah" ho '
    Lr a problem hard the of them delivered with
    but net er to economy and Icn- ar 1 rU5be on question I"at proJ some were a large m
    Fh.THOMAS .
    ftivnov* Em| Receiver of Public .Money) it tint point, iwcot of llic Ktlll In their ,
    bcr hands.
    Hemlnotes remaining Milt. ,
    iliflictilt of solution WI.l1 ( rlerll IM.lnlo the In '
    to the lo us among -
    i nit l'UIII&orhe
    'ar"'n0" r l.nrllIIII'ly
    S. ofn n.0 have Kx.ecnt'n
    \V m rrVI.IWH. '" the load llio people to hear. .
    Land Ofllce in this It of which wclgltw Minefield, who at thi* time was President
    Fla.-F. M Kcivrr.M If we tho len tlint Iho rnlCI Htalcn city Wlllnl" yam specie', some Ho misunderstood us. Wo only i
    Hiroftlol. In.lerdtlnd cominitleo'd 'r appcaln have al been addressed of land undi Mho Home- and ten Inches In length and allce. Jacksonville and Pcnsacoht Ifailroad Compv .
    /| Oat, fla.-II. A. Wv... way now open the entry o pounds measure proposed to act a,fcr.il agent-not agent has held the of IWnl.
    it ii
    JitdkxmrUlf, Flo. report' dcHirod that tho State in tho direction and the sessions .load Those to enter homestead eleven In Tampa can beat tha IMNllf previously petition m
    Cotnics Daiir, E) oppoBilo Act desiring rlrmnferelc. -nnd, besides! e w'cro to wtt for ivy, for the North Carolina Railroad Company, linvr
    Ornlu, ".. O. ntAnnoi.tr uliall take lip the )' bomh'] and mtistitutc lands lie accommodated.I'FJUIIKS With the" Haytis. \ succeeded W. In ,
    have been held with a view to increase can now oursclf. We guess; tho lubJ.J had, belter b George Swcpson, OctoUr ,<

    iia/.Oa-on. 1 PCTXAII. Kith Krli...t. 1.,1,. in own botulu therefor-in other rather than lighten exactions. Now is tho -- _0--- The Fourth was gloriously Ocala. dropped' there seems no likelihood of our com' The North Carolina Ralload Company i \\&v,
    Kmircm O. cel.rRtellln
    ralglna 11 .. f'p.hlta(ifflrstlic and watermelons arc becoming as A that Swcpson, when President of their road mi
    wor.1l, that the Stato shall pay the The Declaration of Indell.oce WI read; lug to terms. amount of North
    Hui. till however, when the Legislature might plentiful blackberries were last month an.lal. applied a large Carolina Nv.
    rond debts of Judge J. II. Goes and other gentlemen deliverct bonds Issued to enable tho
    the ficveral counties by gh ing -- ---- company to hui>
    be called In the interest most Peaches, as a general thing, arc
    iWKtnSl'.HIIU.. oL"ln'" together fur onrt a cheal. orations, nnd the fun concluded with big bar their road, nnd that he purchased w ith sucli luniia -
    wi to their creditors its own obligations. To rather both in li/.o and, quality In this 1 Convention or Tux-Pnyrro.
    of tho people. It is belter lo expend n becue. largo amount of the shares of tho railroad fron,
    Ol' Murk r
    ( (X) on thel' jinjicr, \\liichsijiiilii thi! there nro two iimtirniountnblo' objections. thousands in the law than, county this Icalon. The net weather wopreinine Pursuant to a call fur n mas* meeting of thfl Jacksonville to Qulncy, known ns tho Finn '

    I > tlint tlu-ir ttrm nufacrtjitton there is conniiititional few modifying has the quality of the trull, while The cotton crop, lu Marion( county)1 Is thonght citizens of Ilrndford, Baker and Suwannco Central Railroad Company and bonds of oth,
    r FirHt no it lo remain and ruin tie, State and onlagl. I (olulla. of tho consolidated Florida Hailn ;
    permit the will cut short ono third by the we Ihe portions
    the consideration
    laM quantity explains b Into
    f.Jl'rtl, ami O\'I'I tlll'I (.Itct nc- power, HICh n proceeding-nnd, Hceondly if tho, Kxcciitito has, the, least sympathy Ilalll1e. weather. The r and cano crops nro vcr railroad couole olher t taxesnnd Ilko demise nm that Swcpson afterwards mid out to I.ltthfl.nnd ..
    ways that Llulcfield became liable
    ('o'llJly, if tha State had the power to issue bonds with the miflering tax pnycrn ho will not fl/I.INI OtT.-THIEKT; *.Hllr.ANIIEII.e now promlhing.AIlKAtTiytLt'LEnK.. means for Iud Iho relief of the tax-pa)crs, a larg tent as Swcpson to tho North Carolina to tlicsnnv Itulr. ,>

    1 impor luu IKTII frotwl twlcf, for such n purpose, it ro>M not roinjicl Ihe hesitate, to apply[ the corrective. It is useless offering their stock eif Pry floods 8K"I Show, .-At the recent scs.101 number of the cill/ens of all tiic counties lAm. Company, that liability amounting to f 1517,4 1,

    it will ino t |>i .ltively 'Illerl of fount!if Intuit tn fltnmjt their fcuritim. The Clothing, etc., at prices below CI They con of the Circuit Court In K canibla county, th bled at Lake Cily on Tuesday, 4th lust That company claim, therefore, that they ha,! ,
    discuss tho imposed
    llll'oltinlct matter. tax
    to en their lm.lncw In another Slate t.e right to toko so many of tho $1,000,000 of Ur,
    I ._ if tlio ninount of ""1'' |> I* IIt remitted WIIt holder of n Leon or JefferHon under under tho lost act for tho, In template a short removing time, and will of their floods original panel of tho Grand Jury having Ll'l The meeting was organized by the election oMaj. In tho hands of Hopkins & Co., as would pnj Msum.

    \ bond for 11"K quashed tho clerk w as proceeding to cal off thlist O. U. Ellis President, and 31en J. F, Criminal prosecutions were brought apm,
    nt oncc.I county InHtnlrc011 present year will ruin noven-tcntlm, of the regardless of coot, five them a call, a. a rare for a second w hen he was detected by a mem. While, of Suwannco I county, J. K Kichards, or Swcpson and l.lttlcfleld, and they were Inuiu.In .
    Kiirrendcr it for Stato and, wherein chance Is to secure great bargains. Sec North Carolina. They being in fear of DM
    I property 11Icr They arc nearly 1IIIIIewhlt lflc,1 her of Iho bur over names that the Jury and W. of BuUer, VIcc-Prcsl.
    the advertisement bklJI.iug Dmdoro. lo\el. criminal proceedings. It Is claimed, nmiU >
    I.RfI (J M\TTKK\ nxuSwr.l I r J'.HE.1 power to 1/,1.1 xnuh a surrender ? they wero in 1870, and Iho rate in _0- might lie fixed up uUl1 jxirty. Tha matte ( Iell I;. 1.118. W. M. Ivcs, Jr, agreement with tho North Carolina Ihiln >

    The mere Illh'II'lt thenj diflicnllicH i isfliillieic'iit unequalled in any other State. Wo nrc MOIIB l'EAcmM-Our: friends are (fuvorlug us was called to tho attention of the Court, aOI and "'. W. Moore, were requested to act ns Sec Company In April nnd November, 1870, jnvir

    I >i.ii leller to tdiow that, the, State MOlltioll'I'Olo.iiol ) highly this season ,illi the good things of lfe. Judge Plant/ severely rebuked the clerk for .uda rctaries. them so many of tho bonds lu tlio hands of II [
    1'"nUTIOl.-A frol1ulleII not partial to extra sessions, for experience kins Sc Co., as would pay tho f{1,287,4.10 ela.
    PONT, We have In acknowledge another Ho should have sento I The called tu order nt H o'clock,
    \.nerl 8\II'rlll'nll1 in impoHsihlu.f acuoiriplinh- has taught tin that these, hitherto, held havo "rcnllndYIhls ctilrageous cUI.lucl heel meeting was to have been fraudulently misappropriated
    ..1"1 for Middlo 1"1",1,11., hllrl, 101"1 Dr. HKN- 1111. would nucli, aosnmption bcjiistto time a lot of fine pent lies jrom Ir. K. It.Tthcawliikel j1 and kept" there for uwhie. A term of year : A. M., nnd at Iho request of the President, Co'' Mr. Llttleflcld, as President of llic Finn

    "iiKlii, Foreign I"f fin, Hwedin" on ihe 'been 1'llc.1 to nubscrvn, Dome swindling of Crawfordvillc. It Is well known In Iho Penitentiary would not have been UH W. W. ) I It* object.. Judge T Road, then wrote to Hopkins & Co. that tl

    10,It in-I. wiih "r.I\1111., .. nnolher Inilulineni olSrtides /tie!, other credi'oM of the State or lo Kchcme under tho guise of promoting, the that the snndy soil of W"kull county produces great n punishment for him., T. Long w leC.l as cl.l"ine caled upon, and after maklnj North Carolina Road had valid claim IIH| >I,
    portion of tho bonds, and directing them li>
    uli'i ate i.vpeeli'd I to arrive early in Ihe.ill the coiintirx owing 'no railroad .1eI. Tn public good, but if we 1/1 have' a session about the lict peaches' In 1iI.II Florida and A IHX! of red pepper, nile Inches long, am" a few icmarks, read n letter from Gen. M. 8. Lit- place to tho order of that Company $KOOOmi.

    .., U.-ileri 'Im iiiiiiiiunipls" tit nrrivu belwiN n point of flt. thu rouiilico, when they, Hubperilled which will undo thu evils of the previous, those ,'nils by Mr. It Were fully II'] to the large' in proportion, Is tho latest sensation I In tlefleld, President J. I.A.M. nnlrRII.trlo the bonds. Hopkins A Co. accepted tho onl'

    SMI ember and .1"111'' will I IN received bylii'U"1 ] tock 11"1 tho net of 1855, meeting and, thus I legislate for tho, benefit standard. Helms our thanks and thine of tho Jackson county. Tha people arc sneering am to S. L. Niblack others, In which he ex. and advanced upon. It to Iho North Cnroliu i
    The Florida.
    ( ,
    '" I l PII.NT l<, tln> Sieiiollri' 101)"In llic office fur' Ilie favor.1'oorroNFD their II.IIPl'H& desire to with the countie Company fo3,7It) Compan) < i
    uf rubbing c es a
    II up 2ill assumed thu to the, ) over pressed co-operato.
    A"f'f' Male r.lftiOI company of the people, and .not for the, benefit of n -0- learning of this, notified Hopkins & Co. tin
    ,'Ior\hen-. : colored of represented In regard to thi railroad tax. Littlefleld'i without nuthonu
    nn individual Niihsuribcns thu dillor- TO 1IOR.Tr-.Tho people agreement was
    only We iindertlaml that tho
    _0- ring it wiIJ11 LleM.il/ to the State in propel Jackson held a meeting nt Mariiimm, A committee of nine, consisting of MI'\1$S and Illegal mid void, tlio bonds having been !>
    that individual, suli8eriptions Comert for Iho beliefll of "The Tallahassee county 10
    core *
    being 1'lillll.ir cd for tho sole of tho construction of tl
    U..r. averting I-n.tcrl i. MI'O to come.AI..U the 4th to consider tho resolutions of the 1 L. Kiblack, J. F. White, S. J. Stalling, Jos. )1 purpose
    Cornet has been until full.This \fllu road and could diverted other <
    in hilu, the t'onnticM paid 1.1" |Hwlpoiicd not any u><
    '!!lil ihrly Miou h, n |firagmph' ha. been money 1 --- -- Contention held in this city short time sine Tolbcrt Angus Patterson, J. n Hehnr.19. Hopkins & Co. thereupon refused to over !
    I"IIA !I. crhatt liesl the weather is I pay
    r'111lh; ; ,')l'rpM< uillinut ': in bonds., Cut whether ns illi'i.llall, or HIM COUNTY FI .\SI'F"-Thc AewKnt |" | ,mid ns hnvc but now little 10 advising them tu leave Ilia county anlpJml.lng Jolla, W. H. Couo and W. Bacon, wero appoiutcd balance to tha North Carolina Railroad.

    I lli.Ullie.Tliccl.ly Pi'iisiicul.l: OamiMffM hull coiintic'H, they all thu, warm fr COleer., people for by tho chair to draft resolutions for tliconsideration That Company then brought suit lu the Siprcino
    CII.h nl,1 them elsewhere. The
    of contains call for Convention to nice -
    iH'fii rr\'h..111 the Inlere.t ol Itiidlenllhin. "I'lli.1 Saturday a a looso ihangn to dispose of Just at thin lime.- provide Court, In June last, to compel such
    ol the meeting, who mado quite B pinient >
    l'r'111 iiiliiinil, )iiriMiii.it, "' 'qiialnljinco within name rlall," to Ihn road I as 11.1terc of the tax-payers of Aliiehua county "'II'llhe Concert dan coma on*, ue mint to Ing was addressed by several prominent coloret nnd an order of arrest was grunted againS. -'
    Kdli'ir: Mr. t J.! N. Feimell, 'lnr 1 and also Messrs. J. C. ) lengthy f'lrl. the following only of which, his
    0"\,1 yeaniliiriiig aiily I'I'I.IIJJ': BIIIIIP riskn at to the, a sneccM, both musically anil, men, by lc1 am W. Hopkins and tho other two memoirs i iIho
    to meet al (na on the 22d inst. IN grind pccuiila-
    the I.ile iinpliiiMiiliiem' and kno\Ing his I'Mio Frank Raltzcll, nnd the conclusion reached wa been published: firm, on tho allegation that they held th,
    ., devolion plinuple nnd rlgh'e' iutriiiit" of the enterprise., An well might illy, and the time mid pl'ice, mi arranged,
    action in tho ohllhll
    their of
    nO'\'III' to 11 nonie' regard to that icmidn where II that Iho railroad ns bonds or proceeds as tho agents nnd in
    they they wero al seems system
    reKirt| "V'n bi'furv wn Irul' proof |10'" who lii pubHcription as to conduce. to thin (' TIII'f"r. nm R)51IOlnl.1 11\11H1'r luaugura fiduciary relation to the North Carolina It.nlm
    a private 11".kl'llI"r' l of the said, be inn 1.1 WI ted by the net of ), has am
    ihve. M Ihe tvHilnuy). JiirkuuriUe (Jmrier.VH lai.1 countyhieh arc to least until they knew whcro and how olhc 1ti Ien "lndouel. and that they refused to deliver them up Tliei
    | Instead of endorsing the railroad
    grot In niknou ledge !, dimu lh", 11IIIH his, "lol'l lk Stale to most de pcratc ('IIlition. The last outrage -_ _- homes wero to h ohllln..I. The Courier In referring companies now in for ll'erl tho pay bail was fixed nt f.100,000. The Florida Kail
    "vlnl roimliiirse him fur the counties who SATI'HI"NT hist HUS a illslrciwingry dull day.- ellence. road then brought n counter suit, r itIng
    I'liiiinii'iviiU. Injimticu In pronouncing It Republl- an on the, people made public in the approval II tho matter says : men of Interest I. the : actually Issues he r company
    One men-limit told us ha bud sold, rent nil the facts, and asking for an Injunction t<>
    thirty The bonds In aid of for
    of '
    have not paid their unbscriplions or their carpel-bugger proinisu "forty aua .111 Inklg
    .IU. Wenretery much In know Unit the Commissioners of lerl
    by County restrain Hopkins and Co. from delivering tiiKinds <
    glll"'II. worth of goodi, and all in cash too! We con- mule" has been slightly altered to "as mue rity the bonds leo upon roaW. s thai
    < ."' mlnlakio! of bonds which is the namu thing to ask n 10 or their proceeds to the North Carolm >
    m lisa ,
    \ 11"lu'n-I.y copy bills to the amount 1'1 Jiftffn Itmnlrfil anii gmlllll'III,11 on his success, and pnsscil" on land as you want. If Y"I w 111 go, for the tho people of the are
    i In' llrtl' number will IH the Inur of lliis ho ill n.go. for tho of tho State bonds by taxation, Road, and to enjoin that tho Road from prone
    I ( by i our Minihr favor. I U hard ease, but we connty w 1 emigrate to payment
    Alice nml ccxti for ilown the & to hear similar tales of from EI
    urtiilu Welniiu I ti"c'fdul'tl ftiirty-nlj' Direct woe Our colored population have Under Ilia old tho' Internal Improvomen ting nny suits against Hopkins& Co. They alnsk -
    ) H'slcI
    I 1 mis published, conclositily.hows. 1:11,1 nee holi,1 ix to 1,1 obtained ; advertising, lax sales, when, the taxes due those who generally" command trade when I Uto this hobby Is too transparent cooeu"edIhll fund was rc-tpousiblo for only tho interest upon that It bo decreed that the Imndsaro Ihe ppa -
    | Ilinl Hi" good )MKipliof the \Vi-ilHill, Il'uIlw be docs ride and, like the and mule Is Ilia IJOIKU, instead of the and Interest, ly of tlio Florida Road, held In trust fur '
    J and the situation i is all tin- more galling thu do ,",1 Nobody any buslneM now, but forty "CI a 10 principal\
    )1 ('lli.,' n hearty supnirt| nnd that ilsll.| on I'rolerly not amount to onciiartcr nil look hopefully forward to Ihe winter, hi'nwiihcntloii much to be given aw ay. Tho sooner Ibecolord Tlio .10 of Iho rOIls his no duubt' brougli puriMiges of construction.
    fioni of the manner in 1 lie case came before Judge C'ardo/a. Supren
    ruiiliiry: suceeM may bn rnniiiiiwnmti1 with IHisslng I'"oi.l'rli/I <| Hlm. The, bills were learn that they will never more about tills change In aiding railroad .
    which, the eonntii'S ] of their nt twenty-live ct'iits, money will be 1..Jlu a recomiense lor honest al. has already been Issued about COIIRle8.The.e Court Clmmbcrs.yestcrday,uiMin a motion on tin
    \ were deprived the, hii
    three of Commissioners tll wi
    1 f \"rl.. _._ InHKI.ely only 1lentul. hiiKlncM brisk, ami everybody)' pri' '|ierous ford them, and that tho dt'eive1 tku nd of State IMllllo aid In tho completion of the ohP. purl tlio North Carolina Road fora receiver ol'ibif
    Chatic nnd, Mancmk, as propel'ty.'u know very little ns to tho W. Itajmond, President and, and )'. So mole It lie.I'IIWK. vantage of their credulity to make Iheldi8118' & U. (Julnry to 1''nScll. nnd thsame SUO.OOO of bonds In controversy, and an Injum
    I J lo'rll' circiiiiistancei thu Halo of thu h"rl fled are their w oret enemies, the i liberal donation of Stale bonds authorized lion restraining their transfer; while tho FlorKlrond
    ----- 1
    candidates, f.r I'r."lel& Blo Vlee1.1,1(11/ Hie Ith'lllg 01'1. liirncy being 11'11'lt-tIO negroes loSAT:1: Everybody, now a.day, attain\ that satUfaellon which ealelthey wi by law to bo l.ued.11 favor of comple. asked for an Injunction to restrain the oilu
    Jml/says : In Iho sound, of .this ticket Central rond,I. ne\er I,having Hrl'l a report one w hitc man, the latter being Inw and enter the path to success nnd prmpcnl).. : tlon or the Florida linilrond from Waldo to Turn. road from prosecuting their suit; and Hopkins>\
    vcr /10 more or trusts to luck and this Is upon
    ; who stand
    Co. between the cither sid
    prohnhly firing ou
    If Clia-iC mid nlelck lliero I U Mrcngth. Let Ihl of iln business, ,,"I them wax no ncros-ily in partnership with Porter the S. shot] and killed Ben Thoum pa Bay. Tlio peoplo, of tho counties of Leon. idiom >
    Connty the reason' why the great schema of Ooncmls !.lol Ilurgcss ) Jefferson, Madison, Suwanncc, Columbia, Bradford w having any special Interest as lo tho fliu
    f"1'0'nl'y..1ol''& It, and they will have, no .de fur the mile of the, 111. .\fteo. road. That Treasurer, who presented thu bills.No Duller and Gary, and )Ir. John Chad wick, of> near Mayport Mill*,at tho mouth of tho St. John and linker, and the town of Jacksonville, determination of the controversy, seek to liat>
    hlllu to fight In J 18i Jon dead Issues ; bill nro equally by taxation with the en the order of arrest agalnsl them set them aside
    the Ho Jacksonvillnnd
    iniquitous, Irll.ltiul lot only depiivcd of the outrageous the Soiitli Carolina Immigration Association, river on 7th. went up to responsible
    striking On tlio of the Florida rond It
    they (ho lo lake the offensive carry III'I iltl'ution tiro of thoStntolor tho payment of these pan wai chiimt !
    Iho,11'0 war Into tlio \ .11.110 Chase or the people of Middlo 1lurl.1 of their property iniquity of thu lax law relative to has met wilhsueh remarkable success. A five surrendered himself to tho authorities. II /ple there Is no people> I" nny portion of that tho North Carolina road did not ow n tin
    enemy's CIII' but him of dollar ticket calls for one ol' pri/cs, the wlslo"ge.llnjul to await the action of tho Gram" the Stato to aid in Iho bonds w hen they were sold, and never owuo'them. '
    meaim inflicting the Hale of for could bo 2,40 morllng eompletooor
    llaucixk will ito.butCliusa nnd lUneixkin I'el taxen
    hnrdly tie pre.HI'ltellhRI Algernon S. Sullivan nnd Mr. Carter
    from ) lost ri
    Irolerly largest of which, Is an Academy) of Music w ortli Jury. men camo fal tho than tho Ir IhC
    "u splendid ticket, even for Iliu fight ngninsl irreparable injury upon the whole State.It .- i in this matter.- ; the second, : tho third, $25000 ,- and IUle.1 on Iho river The Illng lllIII,1 grew out of counties, for they flilly recognize I l'lo rights otho presented the North Carolina road, and McssrE. -
    t2j.0 ttO.O; W. A. F. Smith and Rol <
    Grant into tho, people lu both West nnd bouth Florida, am >ert
    0"11,1 Legisla To collect less than four hundied dollars of feud of existence.Cirv .
    a family
    illl'O.ICI.llorrllliol ; and so on, from f 10,0 Ilo\lwnfl Tho long they believe It Is tho duly of tha Stato Ittho well appeared for tho Florida rond and IlopkinCo. -

    n.- -< I 11,1, E\CII depnrtnients, and, him taxes, thu property i is burdened with a draw ing lakes place In OIIII"r, "111 \1 h under TAX COLLECTOH.-P. Moody, ludepcn- completion of these roall s far 1 10111 hlr ro & Decision reserved. A'ta Yuri. WurU, IIf'opr

    No inuil riiinei tlirougli on Jri.l.v 1",1- already nnddled the peoplo' u ith 11 load of charge) for advertising, of over hiindrol. tho control of some of Ihllo,1 11.lnl"19he,1iellell' dent cal.llllir. was elected city Tax Collector aIho & sources w ill allow. But of tho counties .

    ('nn so-llic Konto gent wn* unit ft. If"I'1 of Iho election In Jacksonville on Monday, tho lOll above mentioned do not feel that It Is right
    debt the interest which in
    Micro on cnl'n'l. Property hol.lerl are thtin robbed !UII f.1 them to bear Ibo burden of building road of Letter of Tax-Payer* of AUrliuu
    -- 0- will rcimiro less than cent, Tlio whole number of votes cast was 47 their own counties, and also bearing an County, to Cov need*
    \\' iiint an interesting ( cy lot ono per for thu benefit of Hadieal newspapers.How .- I'LA.NTKHS JII.ANTThe Jiol, HCOlrlllngwciilher through
    (| IUlllliclliul SMASH Alxiut 0 o'clock lout, Salurdu equal proportion for constructing roads t.rougbIho ] GAINESVILLE ALACHUA Co. FLA. t>
    ,July niTo
    all thu tuvablo tho State of l"-
    from tlio I'MlaoVlpliliiyeo\ \\ KIOHIHA' ,' on property to long i is Hiieh villainy to continue ? tho pott \e'k has eIR"ICI tho evening, steam-tug boat Charleston was extreme portions of Iho State. If this Is required

    wliicli will lio funiul : 'in meet, lly n juggling MI'eliol in tho law, -- ----- planters to rid their cul.1 lel9 of grass, which being hol R=, 110 upon Iho waysat Steven*' shipyard of them justice demands that the State HU Excellency Gov. II. REED .

    very rouIIIIo I four ,millions of tho bondu hao UI"'III' Youn HUMK at oiio tlinu threatened, alno llulll ruin to many.TliOHO a slick which was inserted between (he should assume Iho payment of the county bonds DEAR Sin We, as citizens and tax-payer*
    : JAl'n.-1Io
    from llio I'el of n Phil.IIhill, whl 111'1'lt \. 1'1 1"1'1 Miiriaiiint Courier of thu Gth I ho have Ilieir croM in gram to spokes of a largo \heel to keep tho bon wheel Issued for the of rn,19 already com. Alachun county, beg leave to state to your Kvccllency
    tlireu issued, uml now .rmiuir in bteoiiiiniijifii'utt'nt say B : "UI. \ \ any from ] gave war nnd (Iho 01& began troll pletcd, by any available resources at her com- that large tuxes havo been paid by < i
    two or willl' il olr :1111" extent can lay the hll"lcnce.In revovlll. mnnd for It should bo remembered that tho citizens for and
    11.110'01.1.0,1 that
    t/iiit trill If maila der thu present trying ordeal through, river Tlio weight of tho boa county purposes, no prai tic >
    --- "JJti"alol< soon a "'""lliIO tho \ll'will lie "out of thewoods" being speed increased olke"of the btato are tho responsible parlies for benefit has resulted to tho county therefor. Tli <

    .Among tlio gnuluntcH ol Iliu Virginia fur II.rl'r. m lill/more, TluiH wetihall which the, Const native papers' arc passing I ith their eollon as far as the cultivation ly us to s cause great 11111ho of tho machinery s rlI"- of tho roads, thereby depriving the people our county scrip la greatly under par, but we Ilicvo I-

    .Militnry" Inxlitutr" at tlio rommciicmiicnton have an amount of with the novelest test upon" their goes, and we don' think there bti anydifllculty volvo n ith greater rapidity and force than the'' of these counties of their projierty nnd means by judicious management upon the purl
    inh.III.lr'A. lil laU'IUgorr \1 causing them to Tholplcccs of liquidating their OndelllndehlClnef our county board that the outstanding sun
    'I'nesJ.iy, I, tlio fnllowing support, it Ll.hlo\'es e\ery lrlo this ) In to work 1e cRpnbll brak ; Wo bnvoln tho could nil bo redeemed and
    July 11'10 on tho Slntd neuily cijiml to ,". If year inducing were with great force In all directions.- 8sume,1 Ihll thosalo noon a good nnd 1 1slantial
    (''Kuiiliiinn : A. IKSI.\I nml, .J II. .M Iu. all the real and, within servative in thu State to rally to their succor during the picking season, provided the 111'rpl. One piece weighing ten and a half pounds was of Iho }'. A. & fOfl"lng( I w as n lawful one. jail (so much needed) could be creek
    ) personal thrown the sldo of the but wo do not "I.b our county court-house placed under pcrfci 1 1
    Iroll'rl and make substantial lar don't coma and leave bi.t Hllle lo pick. All I through engine hOI! am h uudc.lollhll
    t. MN, 11. S, our ., Thin il the l.ill'l fruit of thu manifestation of hand five hundred and seventy feet through the air Rod admit such to bo the fuel bil to Iho contrary, we i pair, nnd all olllcluls secure their nay for sen i<
    rUo In
    _0- -- of their, are \Jubilant over tho the price consider tho whole transaction fraudulent In Instead of
    appreciation cxcrti6nsin Into Mr. 1'llenn' houses; whilo another was nm money depreciated counlv w nTo
    miln of ,ronds. lallr8n.1
    TIIK I'OKT (1"FICI nt Jac'knomillo: isHlill fraudulent our There might More of the staple, which, If II (lllla1 relieve i Ilrown through roof of the bulhllg. No one void, and being w Ithout authority of law, 111 accompliRh this, good, tnio nnd sensible in
    be of in all thinDwindling \ common 'nlle. particularly fioni and thai tho counties of Columbia, Suwannce must be called into .
    without n I'ohtmnilcr nn of tin1Dipnrtmcnt it lolil'll MUli.tICliul many the Incuhiu of .le,1 which hn oppressed I Wil Iljurel. no damage Ilole ,'".- lrl- requisition.Wo
    Igelt if there wan would we impress, the importance of thin, them for Iliu l'ahlllo or three )'earn' and Tho (flrl'I1 his gono to }'erlnldlll where ford and Baker, nro now and ever have care not to what politicnl party they inm
    lu'ing" in cliiirgo it. Thul'III"I'IHL rnsenlily I 11'1"1tIf sho hllehed. tl'A' law ful owners of $too slock In said railroad, belong so they havo tho requisite qualilicatioi
    1'1 action in 11
    tint lrA"nrll
    of advancu tho business i'mon.
    week tliat CIIKMCV ul'tlut Komclh'mg practical being d"ll', 1'lnti"l to lending organ 1I11'1.| of our nierclianls nnd that It I Iho Illyof tho County Commissioners and have the welfare of tho whole counlrv
    wan Ilt State and other) general of of look ,
    the The T'/'Mdl'C< floriiliaii, ono eng"gl.111 I'LL IIIOlol.-Tle presentment all couulc after and prolec heart
    { "i" tliat there is lot n ray of light to relieve thod.ukness. _0- the Jury nt the Term of tho Hills, their We We fcnr
    ", 1111 1el'l nj'pointcil ; Lit wax of the, best and July premises. are now and that the Board, as recently organihavo />
    mixttiLo. Tlio nro 'h"I\'ol'l'e,1,\ of the bonds, HO most ably cllitl.IIJllerH in Cmri IT ('ornT-The 'Iedalll'rl of the Circuit borough Circuit Court howl great carelessnessand ever have been willing to sell said stock In payment not sufficient Intelligence and indcpemh uto
    I |11lcnlh t.gWI'III' thin Hell ion (, thu onth, ilesirnblo Court for, Leon' on of our bonds allliulreal. as authorized b) manage county affairs as would be desira''*
    far bine to t the ofprivate I 10ht comity adjourned by the
    inent : 1"1 npplied payment ( < 'fuls' mismanagement county ofllccrsgcnally. law, to the to
    among \\ ( \r (1. nny persons degiiluj your Excellency or our people, and feeling isurcd
    JONUH nmt ] Tli debts' and to thu purchase of rail pnll'r Iir'r)' resident of thu :, day hint, after a SI'IUI of nearly two weeks The clerk's ofllco was found, to bo lu Ihe to purchase tho same. that your Excellency In these matters lonkto

    In' Mayor C'lijit. 11Uu"l State, account of itn longstanding follow ing criminal cases wero Irlud : The Slalovs. greatest disorder-books, papers, etc.,being teat. Your committee, therefore, recommend tho tho welfare of tho couutloo, will so remiVtlio
    and Mock. A is
    nro miiil to l in favor of tlio Muyor [ l'OIIllo'll' lit now Samuel Brow commit adoption of the following resolutions Board that and
    111) IrlliJHII nnd, influence ; attempt to murder tcrcd around promiscuously, and the rncclpt : justice right will IK' dour
    "II'1 bcun New Yoik for tho possession' of I large nelloIc.lgl',1 as a leading by poisoning ; guilty, and sentenced to county J&nolctd, That wo do not feel authorized to Yours, most respectfully,
    petition fil1 book
    1 been
    )'nnllllg" having having a private
    I I and its cOlyerlellllo acknowledge tho railroad debt but
    ', intrirtiic) worth ns n family that tho JAMES B. DAW KINK,
    fllwaleo: ] in Iii:Lt'lialf.: 1'oor ('I"K\! amount of thesu Stato IJI.I to be nppliedto organ live )'e"I'llr.lluIM'r In the 1''lleullr. I. scrap hk. Tlio tax Ixxiks fur 6 and '0 lux County Commissioners of tho counties whlel W. A. COI.CI.OUIIH,

    -lifter ilonn HO inncli tlirly woikInr the Kcttlctncnl of swindling operationsin newspaper. ,.. Kama \'I Klizu: Ilryanl and Willis 1: liaxing charge lewdly and cohabiting together authorized to uso said stock to satisfy salt G. P. THOMAS, M. DUEO.
    lasciviously C'uiumUtoioncm, and tho tuxes for 70 footciup
    llic ami liowloil North ( 11,1 there no telling Ko\i SIKAMI.II. Ono of le\'er .
    Imllot' liov KtntVcrx KOInxtil 'llrllll I ; mistrial for Iho alleged inilrond debts.Jlutiloeit SATAOE,
    nlioul Out, in In to lie wlnit in to I. end of these complications. Kond, Steamers lias been 1hOIIIMOI'1 ; IUIIIIII to ascertain how much money ought to have That Ibis meeting appoint n committee P. PlNKUtWfN.KKH.V .
    ) KIJIIX. purclinsud 8.IIHU Jonas l'ulle II'r ; larceny ; 11.lllul.lir been ho call .
    tho Commlsaluners
    YI eolecle" Jury on of five to co-opcrato with a committee on tho
    however that the
    in best
    lliiust' 1 aside for nn umlcrlingYKlI.IKII I patent Central Railroad of Georjiu. and arrived the kccond lime. lo have the Court repaired at port of tho County Commissioners to confer w iththo or ciov. HLEO TO TAX PAVEIIK orALACHUA

    _0- intei'i'Ms of tho Slate nro made u lilt bull in Sn>'nnnnh hist (. was put together Same vs. Oldeon liuller; larceny ; nol guilty. U rapidly going lo "lou')'!. They conclude oleo railroad authorties! lor the purposes expressed COC-StTV.
    I 1 I
    AMI I'lw-'hu Hoid'llio /'/ by and idnstcri*. Sumo In Iho first resolution.Tho .
    \111: jobbers on In"l. steam and, itn U Porsey Watson ; burning stublo of their -

    14tli givisnliht of the kill.'.) nmluoiiiuliiil Tlio meeting nt I.tiku City appear to :of Saturday operating w ilnossed miNI'e crowds of .\. llopUnn. ; inUlrlut, for the second time.Samu l'eleu Ilconllllllhus, harmony RII feeling report and iCbotulious wero received and i, t'la., July IU, isri

    in tlio rint in New York oily on think I lull the ne\ornl counties, intcietitedHtill 10,11 by \*. llenjamin Itiiusom ; larceny ; found throughout the county IUulg go nil clashes Irev.1 adopted. Tho President appointed Messrs. S. LNiblnck GENTLEMEN I have tho honor to acktiovl
    people. The ."Ill it n An honest, faithful administration I). W. Cone P. edge the receipt of letter of the 8lh, rrttr
    tint I2lli Oflhe National pronounces great guilly nnd "'lleoelllu six montlig In Iliu Pent- (K-oplu. of A. Holt, W. M. Jves your
    ilHl (lnll. two retain their ,'uil'ol,1 stock. HIllul'" institution.The tentlary.8amo. 1.lsls. and an impartial CClliul of tlio and G. B. Smlthson, as the committee.Messrs. ring to your county affairs, and slating your tlief

    W'I'I Idl.IIII11'ighll'I'1 w""Iloi; anil, 1'1'| tll')' 1'\1' taken the necessary stops to test -.- li..ICNIU,1 cleollgl' desirable relations. P. A. Holt O. B. Smitlison that your financial condition may be rn\h\
    vs. C'rus Honurd ; larceny)' ; mistrial.Suniots. corruption tho W. M.Ivcs Improved by the action of anil Intilligent
    ei\ilinm: tlicro were 1 foity-niuo, kill"11.1\ the h'g.ilil\' of the Hale of thu road f Long results of the ,.t-l.tl of thu ollicers Abrani Iobioson ; entering house in lu ll.hOIII1 drive 11 from them on that part countenance' othoac Joseph Tlllmnn, W T. Wciks, T. A, Car- Board of County Commissioners.a judicious

    figlity-ccvi'ii woiimleil- 'making ilu> tnt.ilCHsnaltiea ago, Madison, Jell'eiHon und] J.I'OI wero of thu IVmor and lio! fir nude Hallway night lime wlih Inleiit to commit larceny nol. mipKirl| and (..011"101] that IIIh.goycrOleu& mill and W. W. Me Call were appointed a commitleo The present Board was constituted under lli'

    uiittniiufivil a f1jij1tijr.. I is urged to inaku this, 11\1'"IIIIllt\ it w nn not Compnny to establish it system of narrow pros'dSsmo. Ihlnk fil a tlio blessing.prosjicrlty and JIV.happiness reason lo thai be to draft resolutions relative lo a call for a advice the member of the of members Congress of from tho your Legislature county an IiIt

    '* tlt'iiiril tlnit liny orlel wan given tlio troopxto dune. The peoplo of tlieso ('Olllltl hae gauge roads, adapted American uses, ,.. C. H. IVurco bribery ; 11.lrlll-lbo 1'rovldel'has vouchsafed us in the past l. and lo Stale Convention, lo consider questions of State fulls In Itn duly, cither from faithlessness, miligcnce
    ; jury Htaudlog 7 for conviction and S for look into the future with cheerful hearts.CUUVKIICML and other taxes. Tho committee rejiortcd tho or Incouipelcncy, I presume thcy i
    J fh'l on llio mob, Imt Ih(')' did no of tlieir' slept upon their tights, and now we sup and lo .Il'rolotmto thu practicability I of IIIIUIIII
    The three caws of bribery t Milton 8.I.llllcfleld following resolutions, which wero unanimously consent to a change, which I shall take pletuurIn
    ', J. own volition ami for Mi'lfprolection.TlllS it i is too hue. They jieKlod tho mat (constructing long linen, without Hot eminent against> CI'EITIOolll'I'lul making if It serves the Interest*of the ciiiinnNo
    \ IOHO Here conliuiied until next lenl. The was Tampa on the 1st. lust., adopted : iih

    I ()/'AMI'AIUN-0. _OlIIO." -I.cltOI'H "IV- without I KiriiggKt and nro\ to-day)' in State or local aid, promise to havo a case of J. X Kriiumluger, Inleted for bribery, CODf'ulol lo device \n'hod and II means for Improving: the Jtftotml, That lu view of tho present onerous member siiccilic of Iho allegation present Board against U any mado IndU in11'

    .-, I eon)>eiueni'u' without I dollar of Ilu.k in n most important influence on the carrying was alao ('uolhIUI.1 harbor,commerce,etc,,of the port and the general rala of taxation winch Is demanded of our people letter, and I cannot of course determine w h l
    ,'il'llr"l Ohio, fnini nelht' nuMiilicrs ofllii -.- that the several counties In this State liu requested lion would be required but I beg to assure yw
    road vi lik'li cost them, hundreds of thousands. trado of thin This road, which In ] )' of that section of 8. I). i
    country. country
    > Mi'iiioci'aliu parly, stato tliat tlic- TIIK w lather I hot, to us tutd sot, but he I'r"perl to meet us, by delegates, In convention and through you the citizens ol your count''
    JUVM'in otcnlually to be/floo: miles long, in now under didn't complain, hu felt much I pulll beCIIIIKO Cliatc, Ksi|,, w a. called lo Ibo cliulr, \lien C IIMuhley it Lake Cily, on the first Wednesday in September thai for partisan purposes or personal 11 iU I

    ( uiiminign| on tin part: of tliocnils 1"II- The inccling suggests I Tax'paer'd Convention contract front Dcntcr to Colorado, ho though tip tils to his lip KH oft as K;"|1. by n"I"v.I| l, explained the object of next, to devise wayn and means to relict otho shall sustain no man In olllco who viosmolHcial '>
    of tho Stato of
    cup the .
    in to I'o' ono tliu ( tho and concluded peoplo oueroiu burdens obligations.In
    .I 110.1 'lt'l"in to be held lit Luke City in September Cit)', HO miles. Tlio cost of const r net ion he \oulil slid as ell IU ho khould under other er.QII.'IICU. meeting resolution by offering the following now Imposed upon (hem.llttulpal a recent letter to your county Trea imr i

    lii1, enc'i'getio II.lll"lill that IMS, 1'\1 : and also reipiosts I lln" lo\ernor! to mis- and,] equipment of thu PuciGo Uond] 'hl fwrr" said he, "U I heavy which'was adopted That wo recommend tho number of staled my view s emphatically 111x111 on* |x'm'' '
    I 11'1'1 know in lln> Stalo. / orgiinixaatioti Inl"lo and think KtriK>tt That tho l'hurllu! of (ILII meeting lelegatcs from each county be equal lo doiriila your county affairs, and If the County It-1"1'' '
    I 1'/1 fee fur a > I slop andnoi't
    -' 1"1,11111I'"I"liUI(,I taxes: until lifter Midi was about f 2H,500 1'11 mile. Tho' cost ofthu IIIwlY >i rooi I Il uIIoIUIII'veu| 1).1. who together him heir representation in the lower house of the thai or any other mailer seek to Impose ill tt>
    : for Mumping tlu> Slain in ||I.H-IHII, touch a drop In suih nualher an this not on commerce w hoilmll .Jcncrul Assembly.ltilctil. burden the shall M n''"
    shall The narrow gauge will be about I 1 cOlmllt' \ upon tax-payers, I
    nM'C two 111 11',1 ini'i'lingK lia\ing licinnll'Pndy I COII''lli"l INNI'IIII' 11'loHi. 13.100- nlthtliindlng Ihobliwi I .11 I ys experience In a I ha\e authoiiiy ll Commercial Meet' That his Kxcellency the Governor bo duly to luterpo o Executive authority.If .

    nppoinlfd< tolio addrcKxcd, li\' furl, !I li.1 for u l'III.'lliul i is timely, WI Thu 1lilj: in COI"trlcliol and tho, great lulu In.llllont Hut, poobl I 1'1 so dry ken hip und generally lo do ni things thill u 111 lend requested lo meet and co-operate1 w lib us on thoiccaslon the people of your county will nnwim

    hnpo it will bo responded to iniiuirsally.Tho .- economy II working, n.'I'O' very largo how '. go a pay for Itu lo .hlll'Hie COnllerlllllll'I'lor Tampa nnd and that ho bn respectfully requested day during tho present week Ibr tho iiunlic < '
    t-peiiki'i'ii M Tlnlnl, I'wilj: IViidli'lun, In 1.llh i1 111'-11 the .lrUIUII country. ,"11 cmwill' to ac u sunH.'iid| ihe collection of taxes until after Iho slderatlon of tha matters referred lo In M>nr Itcr I-
    Mct'uoLt I nomineo fur ideit of those who linvo aviny his : profits fl'Ollho onlslarl, and the HI""ril"| scrip, !nnb8el' allhal. \hlh is tho'l wim Iho water In I' meeting of said proposed Convention, In consoiiience and di-slre my presence, 1 w 111 be KM

    t. Mofgun, IIh1 11'1'1, not how 1"'IIlllil'IIlhl cheaply 1jI* to the stock and bonds, amounting to to 0 1 his Kkcvlleiicy: II ke.11 hen ho U lid lanipa Bay, MI as to bo able to give Information! of the depressed financial condition of confer with them upon being notified.1'ledglng .
    ( \i'i>or. County and oiguniMitioiHiivaily lo huvv t tweketl into MILTON'S control and thusjailered io any one on the >subject and llmt auid commit- lie counties nnd Slate.ViiKinW myself to the most liberal Co "|x<
    I to\lhhil the may bo administered, hit tl.OIOOOOI.II'u buen promptly lea Instructed to im Ito our Hepresenlalive and / That tho counties all mtemU >
    government b lion In
    nil u\er ,. tall'l hisoul." "No wld cooperating lu this with the citizens of all clas i*
    ( ,
    (urn-' we
    !Ilh. II how much l'nl bo ex tor tod from the Tho guugo decided upon, i is throu 111 h.11 you Nlalurlil: > t'ongr lo vUlt Tampa an soon as novemeni be respectfully requested tu lay asldo to good government and a faithful, uoinnml -
    "pli'te and tliu 1 li'inocracy nro" detiTiniiii'dto money hlr| it hlmll not b told "'e letl you I aslray on they, ( can find U convenient lo all iHiliticiil prejudice* ami select their delegate* equal administration of Iho laws.
    of taxes.Ve do "I' tho
    in thu
    peoplo shape not (h8.al'I,1 equipment differs littio for If In come, so that they be mado belter with view
    inrit'iiiii of ilm, ". a j..I.ll.ry ginol you yourrctohc I ri acquaintedw a lo financial ability and general 1 remain, very respectAilly, your oUxmin -
    O\'CI'OII tlul.lilll.,1 I know that: much praeliual good 1'/1 eomuof from that at present In use on other you'll sillY, l ltf a ijivp In an) uh our iHxiplu ,Ith the legislative wants of W0luA| vant, HAIIRISOX Itrki'Go

    Iti'jinblicaim' : on .nr"Ollt oflliu > "tu "I tliu I. thul'1' "lliul-I'I'lllilly liltlu will rOll and] i is (chiefly in suo and weight. rOII't pa.-' ""n..h"I,11 0 you can"I.IIOL so .11 without "allhli I III our!l'Uul, alll of tho tut Slate their ao,1118lany natural especially advantages number of other resolutions w cro offered and J. B IHwklNS, crnor of Florid

    ( .IOI'.llCI'"OI" unless the Ku'cntitc: wi() In longer cars, w ith eight w heels, seat thirl). I II'ulk MicceSKion, whhli rousui I ul.III our WROt 04 HuUroad: matters- that doujed, among which were tho following 11A.. CoLi-Loraii,
    i ,'t ilowli nt nboiit l.'i.liOO.( \1'1'111 Ion to light broad daylight I .1.Clllllo requested to meet aj a' \- liy A. feeler
    IlnIldil'ytu I'\'elil uiicloU.cu,
    the movement" ; but' there i> IIJII'U! four Seats are arranged I for two tllulll' Mti. CIVV.UB,
    Tlio Dumocrati nlsocxj-cct loderi\o lium-- : persons. Then forego your nip,and w'lllke your I alleol ouco a month, and that they call ItfMlad, That Iho J. r. i M. Kuiiirond Comiany Galnmille, Ht.
    or loss l.hultagl to be JOliHII Ih)1 the on ono nidi) and] ono on I thu other ido ofthu public commerclil II'ellg. as often it may be
    lit from tin disalTi'i'lioii in tho, > .rip 11"11111& aw ay A>r a rainy if you for the tha a resjiecifully requested tu pay JuiUrom.
    t H'I"I.II'11f i asiivinbliug\ II .. Thu South Freight muck Ihurt.rthnl 1.0110 h IllCI.1 city > llryson his claim against tlio counties ofolumbia i imer'i
    ofHII.h 'il' passage. we'll uot sir to to "n >
    rnnkH tlic vote, (11'llrl I pr.'r objucl, your tailing ie' i The follow lug gentlemen wero Suw ITT There U nu weed that ever gel
    as Baker
    tlol'lll annee, and Bradford.
    lauded 1 Ii"I incllel tmvli Hiinfiaitrck ('II'olillOI\'I'111111 was MI'I'11(11,1... Itgute I ordinary ones, and 1'11 on four \hll" .. I bit august Majestyyour woes to 1.lll as he sits the CommiUce on l'ODUIUN apjulol'd ItttulHd, That we return our thanks lo the ground su dangerous to lilm as di hi I'orju '
    in im I
    1'I.ll' .y men prominmiDe' by, iU tu'tion to tho 1'0"1. A ('OIIIU'i.OI of train weights khow s that In state, ali 10'1 pretty certain that he'l draw' John JII'k'o. KM),, Col. Johu Jl.irliue, lion. 'resident or thu J, P & M. Idillioad Company, limn the Cau Ja tliUtln, The i.iorirf.ii;'
    who that whilo ho will l"roIUIII) I I' a.I\e\ the curtain of his especially P U Cant for tho suspcnulou ol the tnxe on Iho bonds lu cm '
    .h'rll'el less cxtr.uagunce oi the curpet' -bag govcj'ii- an ol four passangeroars: carr u.ullllo'11 "ali JIII MiKay, 8r., (H. Moblu'sgbco'll her hands.lutulmt. ft cancer. Cnlew it cau be5.peedily
    lm\eto voto for Noyca, tlie Kqmblieaiinoinince If he la the humor of nip or needing some'greenback' :I I ,' l T. 111 drain the Uw of the farm Llvt ><
    J unlol.1 .I.t Jamc w out
    in that b 1on.
    State hud I
    ment 11.1 u good tflcctin )ing 212 passangern, w ill weigh about Hii) .I L. fc i,, A. Hemlcr- I That the chair appoint a committee ''
    I in preference to McCook, the ,). Go ahead hOI', but lookout : llcb of seven to examine tho books of the work curly and lute, whet your lugenuil) t
    cheeking, nbiises in Tho iiiis- loin, A train of six cam, cam'ing the Ir son, I' L Fnchle. ., N U. Ferris, Kta., 8. I Tax-Collec
    otlal> ale i lion even on a Sunday, I tor, County Treasurer and harder > i >'
    I the Deiuoerutio nominee, lio will prolmlilydo your money } IIII..I.y 1) \ County Commissioners aliarpcsl edge, and then w.ork )
    f"ltlnoih III is thai there in no direct number, "i weigh, on it three foot gauge 1 fur there's I tale lrund, 1 hleh In belief has no Mr t'bl 'E\Hdoker UICD offered tho follow I and that said commitlco bo requested to report I live stm closer to the bouo catjbut l u nu i"-" '

    bo reluctantly.Wvllinforined of Ohio responsibility on the pui' 't (.1 .11"1 to thopeople. Lit 7 tons, loss than ono half tho train I : bound, that bis .:It'loocy.finger about scrip U resolution, w hicli was adopted.UrtulnJ Ing I The a* soon as practicable. day, wear the coarsest Kentucky Jeans, "
    say They are all appointed I by tho w eight on Iho full gauge.. Tho Height of I I l'l'ul to linger, object lu view It That our Senator and liejirocotallve 1 following gentlemen were appointed.Messr bly for help, fight U out with your own '

    tho Stato will go Pc'inoeratio by ton thon- tOtuth'I'IIJ: ('UI only be I'CII'h.,1lll'ouh I the engines on tlio gauges in an 3i} tons to15J :: ea.y fur jou ury clearly la 'holo, although in the State Legislature b au4 they are 8. Wood*. W., Tho M. .Duke Gelsou, A.T.Pa-lcr M Weeks, O. P. Luther, J. and beads, and In ft few yean you ill hau '

    sand majority.Mr. functionary. '. Another li IOI'III" Is, I i tOIHln.1 the weight on drivers as 20 you may' Dot b told. lut) boll, takeuuradvictt ; requested Lrglalature to BJipropriating procure the passage one hundred of an act of the and G VEllli. doeiued your farm, witnout having pau| n-
    -- thousand
    Ii -at ouco get some Ice, and for \ .
    FEKXASKKformerly eomioclejwith that tuxes are imposed by thoxe w ho pay' 1 tons to 10 ton*. The renders a 30 Ib. rail wait, but swallow It alralgbt U belter nothing than acre.of any Unit belonging lo the Stale of 110 Judge S. t,. NiLluUi WM apnGtuitHj a, committee your owu dlspotillun.Col.

    the "Sorcveti Uoime," RavnnnI, has little or Jolllillll.1 of cOlt a do not I fuel I quito allen'lclnLI an tho :I lb. rail nol : gm and I ill .")your 'tin', and; 'It uune 1 1 I, rida Internal, o: undiT Improvement' lot manugcuicnt, (except lh..IIIII\of the Boar of ono tu ascertain the amount of railroad Tuouia* II. Huger, of tho

    taken tho 1'avilion Hotel, corner of Hull tho Llllons government. The tax book* in uso. A rate of of 25 to 30 miles you rebuke besldm It 1 on'I make you- 1 I the purpose co08tclni t ( bonds outstanding and the bolder* pf tho anie. Federal Infantry, who wa al one lini

    ami South HroaJ ulrecU, which he 111)>eiiei| of 1,001 county)' khow that of 2,042 polls nn hour U easily HIlt ou a threw foot 'you know how It U yourself.'I ThU U ju l I'Uie acruM the 'la 01.1" I fro& of Fort llrooke, lo The meeting then adjourned. Visional Governor of Georgia, under an ail*"'
    anchorage Day :: saiil land I The JY
    what w told Tampa u sys editorially that the >
    0 the cuss, and off be went for / t b utmost harmony u> < "
    in f> thoumml aiiJttyhty of General Meade ha been awlfneJ
    lo tie jmlilio on TuehJny lust. returned 1870, o gauge rOI.1 DHiNK'a |o cool his carcasa. given to the county)of llill>boroujjb In prevailed throughout the meeting cammand.ment of the West Point, Military


    'fI -, Jt ,


    I II I

    ! "


    J __ 4I .
    --- --- ----- -- u -

    TELEGRAPH. I O/OI.I.: [Fnr the Flarlittiin \\mr, d\'tttit1Umt CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS.

    -'--- ---.
    1'4ntl.u: : .:" M. nr 0. 1'. I'.

    l 1'.1"' $, July 13.-Tlio Government Ints' ilk.
    1 pitched a repnwntatlvc to Knglnnd.: 1 omlcavor- Beautiful Dull, fair as I cactus dower- GREAT BARGAINS. GREAT BARGAINS GREAT BARGAINS I

    cd In indttea the ItntUh government toronftit loa sweet M a lllly that on the ambient, air Its pcrfmnrbreathes AL !

    t tnodiflcalion of ft treaty of commerce between ;

    France and l England: bearing Into of January Lovely Oioll with Pallu eyes ilcepot blueboto RElOV
    i ,Va.I.Itl60.ran,1: custom* conrtrcnce Is suggested .
    \\ silken iMhes. sweep her checks If I
    : to bo hold In Ik'rlin\ ,and embrace delegate II
    each ,_ SBMPZERllrlirllioii
    They'd wipe away blushIng e I
    : 'Imm all the Ktironcan: ) Hlalon.
    j 1.ln.nrool..luly til.: -The manager( of the In. Who will on the diamond sparkling sheen CHANCE FOR EVERYBODY !
    . tIutrhtI l Awx-latlon liavo ilctrrniineil on a upeel- The opals glow, bestow sweet praise, whenIn A
    I I :\l premium for raw cotton from the !State oft these liquId spheres there iltrclls

    ."Atulmtni Georgia, Arkansas, Texa<, Louisiana A light that would Illumine farthest skies ;; -ILSON
    Tennessee and 1 11I..I""II'I'I-cach" State competing) Onlshlno the stars which" gent the lull of nliihl" ? -ss _
    with ll'elf In nddition to i a grand modal offered' From 'ncnth tb'1' perfume brcnlhlng, ebtplet on her
    the Ktposltlon: fur' the best balo In the whole
    liy 'The C'hamber Commerce and brow, 1 II.NN I l.'KMiiVl'.l: : : ) ) in tin Ian:.' ,''IIIIli'I' oei'npli'sL; .l liy
    country tnor- I M'KIIM > KI: TOHF
    1IM. KMIOVU !riSOM/: 1111:1 ( ITIS A >IIC>KT flMK. Ill < | rccntl.
    IiaYt rnl.cj -(100 cash Her ringlets stole, and /framed her neck In Kohl 1. "" ("n.ne-bTIII 4t. ni.1< I I.,, ',,1 / .uMKMI'l I .
    liant already $
    i ( as premiums \ ,t.' i..w .'rterltijr: I thi'lr I iirui >u I I..t-.ni.. Kio.kof A. Ami. tliri'i') iliditv) $"ulhlt sit' )his I'nnitri': Stofi'' t'\ lie ho plcnwil t ti td)
    lo exhibitors front the respective. Suites, for And wrapped her form like tendrils of the body pout rf nt* ill treatment !II.> u ict.illl.in, f II'rf wi

    this speciality.AlKJxrim. A trailing 1lnM.ome statue f lr. And when It rrN I*. tin'" Ih i r, the \Low I I'. ibi nerves lio )
    : ,,July I IS.-Thedifference between Beautiful {Otoll with voice as soft the circulation' !tin" t t'i >ui, ri\t| I Mi,I wl.. mil the J3R.Y: : GOODS! >i'\i Iti- iVirtitlrttiil) 'I I !1)I.' jfI'ral.l.
    the Kgyptlan: and, the French Con- : ,
    government As songs of ocean murmur In the shells ; whole system Is .11. istruu'l) ulntnl I'.idfj- mdrcKtilalr ) I ( i 1: ADDITIONS) ) ) ) Stock
    0111 General Un< been referred for settlement to ; I II.I 1J ( t.. IIH. )'lwt'flt ,
    ll.e French Cabinet.I'Mil" With steps as light: as icphjr's IrrnJ, she the dcrnn. ril( JljC"II i rir.in Cuss, ,ibid tbe .I".tl"f mu"ill

    I .Inly I U.-Tho members of the Commune Wandered o'er the reef that kixed, the disturbance in Iti.a di'I'| nJein I s will I I 'p. t-dlU ....11'... CLOTHING bits'1.! \\ill .'""til''"'' I in .Ii'r irrciit; itnlii.'i'iuciii-11.t f'" "/ /tuabJI.A..C.

    will bo tried together. ArreiU continue Morning's nilslj' cloud, and often, cr the sun The tonic, .illcruEiu', corrrdlif in \ piirlfjlnt' procrtles |- ,

    The journal municipal election. The vault cerulean? she with hair dishevelledliesk SELTZER APERIENT liools.. Shoes, I Hals I I Yanlic'e't.ion. iV u
    !.IDnlD. July 14.-The ('ortes passed. a \bill from her nminorcnn brow streaming In ,

    indemnifying, tho lUnk of Franco for the annulment I.ong golden maucf, tripped' lightly o'er llif roiks, render it an Irre-Utlhle! ruin dIn .',5-c-' IIr (InlIlo' b r i'iii 'iw: I'tiu i.oi MI." ) i .on.
    cif lila treaty! regarding the Spanish loan. And her little feet dissolved the de.YI"'I.- lion and Its iniomlum ultias. III' It l I. i line
    :NEW YORk, July U-The ItemWt Jtndiid stuluaeble, nnd its < .IIt cr11 opinion \U no mild
    Tries b, sorrowing fairies ) TO CLOSIOIT.( ) : ( )
    weptShe OUD1C1J
    Curie dispatch: OUT says the a Cuba strong(1ltctiot1.| debate The occurred lovernment In the !! witched the ill-liint ...lIlbo fir-off head laud and Ki-nlal.)ofdebilili that' iI n.M < r | roiliui, l ifjiiiptoms -llCtctc'st!: I IN BEAD I ) THIS I I I ADVERTISEMENT I ) \ !

    explained\ that It could\ not nliollsli slavery until Round, and sought; for shell unique sash samphire \\ 0 no reumJ to < O bItT I'"' iniin.t.( ,.nr-i'i..i',. I l I"'n"' in ""1.1. .nl' II sl'nt l K
    8OI.1)) BY |I'.y
    \II I
    the Instirrecllim was 1ued. The diicu<>Bfon reiiltetl In tho eraunies left/ the night he fore Dill ilillsl: liidully

    ",, \ In ngPin'ritlciiuecurrrncvliitliPuccrMltyol By moon.sllvcroJ wave !I" "si '!'I, This 1.lb"I IIPM i'|1'I"rlulIll| > rtf ..fli ,.,1111, Ihr .-ii,iFCius cIt 'I .illah.win, c 1.1 c l hi' iln.le : w'". .t.| ..I iliil., -I I c ncrv
    enishing the rcvolullon forthu ith. A proiKwliion Ozoll, lore"l'pdlne" uf this waMv.t.l.cJ sUit, I .< rlptlon ('II KAI'l.It: I bUll thut'.! nn !I" I'l ItCIUSKI: ) an) where rise

    niiiiibcr was I'MIIS,made sunstrokes July losend t.i.-it HO.OOO have Is 1n1'1I10 oppressively occurred.Cuba.' hot, end a This And, wild luticly bird Isle,wander where free winds; and waves. NOTICE[ TO PLE/ISURE[/ SKERSI1X1 [[ I O <11t; Onoo: E'V01-ybOCly, -ss -

    A deputation of members of the Left calk onTlileni Nurtured 'raid the ocean never still, she grew ; \. ..lIr.rll.-l..llre hit l'I UI.tI l-i'INii I OFF I'.unenl,. IMIV. "lie stnl all Imth. to i protest against the continued arrests What lo her vis pride of birth ? *, rich anil poor
    ,,,"llhe continuance Ifo state of siege In Paris, The glory of the fitr-olf southern dunn wji ltl"_
    f I nnd nl-a the continuance of the Government at But a story, a dreamy tale, Tiger, unrcul. s TKIICST: & HIOLAXDEH. A BEAUTIFUL LINE OF RARE PRINTS AND PERCALES
    \ ersnilles. Thlcr r l'lIe.llhnllhe (wrsons artca.Iiii -
    Free an the eagle sun ward ICAIIIIfllhI
    I ).Ilere accused nl heinous crimes : that the I II'
    , il'g"I 011111 shortly be raised and Ihccnpltnlgo A. the wild flower on the hill, she knew { I'UN) TICKKTSST. <

    : to Purls nfrcr the n''CRllu October. No other world save Hint mud !built tiling I MI.K.U'IIKD: : : ) AND) I'.KOUN) Ml' & SIIKKT1NCS.: : ; ( ;

    Hut one wan killed 1 nt the explosion of the projectile By Lbs sounding uialu. 1" All I I )'''1',.'''''' j iiulolitfil'' I lii UK') nlxivo l linn" ntv 1.1"111..1'i'l) t to ,.,,1111"I t uu I ...111"I '
    factory. Like a wearied, gentle spirit, th.il glides KW.IJ. AUCUSTINE
    ! In calm contentment so faded" from that tii| tlii-ic. u u's'.,.tutmts. without' ,fortlii-r) iK'luy.' ) Ho ,sitt't'" I.. i-ltli') williin) Ihil'I..I.I. ". | !| : ( : ) I AND; ) IIKOWN:( ) DOMKSTICS.) ) : )(

    , FROM MISSISSIPPI.I Beetling cllu" and seashore stretch the tat'" .tnh, 1- .Vi-lm nl\ 'I 1)

    JAI KSOX!' Minn.. July 12.-The public iirlutlngbiislnossUlnamuddlo. Brilliant day Omll watched the swetl 5 1II.rlou.. RETURN FOR ONE FARE !
    . lov. Aleorn" by the np- Marriage 't"elUllle day and night ;
    ,pointing |llO\\'eneslctllll him n year since,nppoluted ( And then her eyes, great eyes (that lit outAll AN ELEGANT STOCK OF WHITE GOODS
    , Klnibnll, Raymond & Co., !Slide prilll'r.I ho her soul, rested on tho distant waves.8bo ,
    purchased' largely innlerlaN' to do the \\ Olk.I .- 'I'liKF.TSill M AKif.M'lINK;\ : ,., fi .loll.VS $500,00070 BE GIVEN( AWAY.The
    .\ 'large portion o'flho work, including the new saw the sea bird voyaging lo bis far.oiTmuesl 1 ItiilUsr *\lll tie sold ut coy of. ulia< M.HIIIIIS, un .:
    I rode oflllwlllnd l registration: blanki! and blanks Beautiful bird, she said ; thy mate will\ twine Line of (lilt llnad at Ihc I..lion (leg rats. 'dir IheB..cna.n.d A and Variiul Aubovtmout of BASKETS.
    Ills downy neck with tbluc.anj welcome return -5it- Largo
    'j; fur use In the November" election la unfinished thy : : 'I'rlp
    t ";Jov. Aleorn, for no assigned cause, baa removed With ryes bright In tho Instre of thy own fond joy. I
    Kiruhall &) IIInllll &: C..., and appointed their The moon half sleeping on the ocean, woke From TAM.AIlSSF.E . .I l. $> South Carolina Land and Immigration Association
    I mead Alcorn and Fisher' to the olllce of thin State yfl.VCV I II .VI .\ | .' | -.luck of
    To view form fair and
    so lingered :
    a "
    smiling warmly SIIEII I S u 11...' tlm "$.,uith, Cnrolimi tumu' Aurli'iilltir.il, stub M"l'hBnlt'"II\\'d'lr, s Ill NtV" A hll"1:1, I .11'.1.|
    printers. The batter It to bo carried to tho Supremo On O/oll'. peach soft/ cheek and golden ringlets; MONTICEI.I.O( II hut I .,Klll-.1: !I : S AII.fk..C' :IIT$. .il b the .\Io'III.r. 'hl.h'.I'h.rh..lou,1I I' romnii'iielinrtielolier I 1.14il.
    Ii Court, mid nil the Stale work will\ cca . till! the third Mondny in Octolier. No preparation LAKKUTV. ; II uS.() homes of Nnriliernmil. Knrxprjn: rirmers uml others, lu b the 8t.ile of South C'arolliiii, nnd fir their truns si
    , bo tiiado for the election and the code FAMILY CROCERIES
    can portiitlun Ilillher sml, .UI'IIt.rllur the hurst )ear.IIEFEIIF.N'F.S
    Cl'ulllbo lolly moon bathed of Ibo reef ,
    which by law should'" lio ready for delivery on the ledges Thn, fsicmners\ KI.OItENC K:, I MI.1NITON! ant .
    : I IN I'AKol.lNA.-tfencr.il s : \\Vm1 111111I1'1011. lion. II. K. Terry. lo! \crnor M.U 1.
    first OctolHT, will be delayed till lulu In thou A shepherd lay;; upon Ids pastoral pipe \11A1T1K:, upon. Kblfli llifse. lltkuls 1 Kill only liegood II..IIhlllll.II"II'r.1, Jnlinson. I HimiHiil I lu,,". .\ntucis'act. Hurt, I lion. J.II".l'h""IIt. I llenenil .lolin H. I'res-
    inter. Thin leader is the name of the Gov Ho .played a prelude rare, for. spring was come, lejvu *J.uki,"n\ille for Toud itirv Momluy Ion, I lion., W. I II. Simpson! ., Amlrew tliiiolnls, t"'I.| Hon.! II. A. Treliholni. (Imrrnor J. I.. Mnniilnir, I hun.J. .
    J ernor's new organ./ There U great dissatisfaction Aud all things scet his soul to music moved : 1 uuu'eubay, \Yedncsdiiy" uml 8.itnrtl.iy' !ut. II.I U A.I'AI'V.uK. II. C'aiiipliell.', ,' III uliii-li, liiIV:,. t In, loilllil) iniiliv I Isihugu, to Irliipt, ),$ tlif II'PI'lil.|'| .

    I III Itomibliean rnnks at the action of the Clear-voiced' ho sang, for he was skilled to wed July' I II I l'i-tf' H. 11'1 TI..k.1'ul.: A.YO4MIOO: tv e I lie ,us arIII"II., .* Tlehet" I II I,,chihi'rp' nl' the" Series of I'.utis, Us u I I.I eollilllelt.. .* on. tIc,' Klrflot
    Governor. The U. S. District Court Is In M-wion. Words wlnitod with pasilon unto passionate airs ; Oeluher 1171 I I. ut the Aeaileiny' of tt isle| .I'hllrlc'III".II.l', nn, whleh ilny I 1I..I'r.1l1111t l | eommeiiees

    with Judge.. Judge Wood 11111., of the A 1.lrl.'O Supreme number bench.of, in men sitting are And thus he sang: T. II. HAXlJOLPII".r ) 150,000 Season Tickets of Admission, and no more, at $5 each :J'i' lift1 ..t.II1'.\ tiling. ill s nlir la.W' ..lurlv, III I'IMCKS: In Coil' l hiP

    expected to lie arrested and tried under, the pro Flowers of tho valley All Orilni.. 'lor Tli .Kits. directed In n. or .our AKO.I STItlCTI.Y I tiS t'IIIF.S1I.\I.

    tisioiis of the Ku-klux! bill. The U. 8. Marshal Yo touch. her ankles as she moves, ,"tic, '".... 1.1 h'ni. .p ,\ 4; citiuicgi All IhiMO'i'iiiliiiiis, .lu'lolIl1I..d/ nnd i'eitltleule ,,ul 1'Ullilo'IIlrIllY) of Mnsle, Hill he,, ilepovlieilHllh I I liiin-i.! I III'"I.II' I' nlnl, ) rullV illrl' .\"III"I.hl-.
    with B detachment of U. H. Infantry, U now inKast Unt I, that Wflrnhlp, may not kiss her feel. I tin Nullomil Dank of Ihu Ui'pnblle' ( New York.sooooo .

    : Mississippi" make nrreslx.KUOM I IS! XOW:() KKCEIVINtl; : .\ fD.Mri.K1K: : $ Or"
    (Hid 'ncatb the jutting: rocks I lay, XN' cx1TuI.;
    And kissed her shadow as It fell and
    KAN FHANCISCO.Sis Illntted out the moon light nn (Iho ground. DOMESTIC tfl I Hill i Ai'iuli'iny, of )Iu.I,', (Clinrlrslon tI. t'' rost to tuillil t MMitl) I. hint lug/ on minimi rrnlnl of ul.onl. I D. WILSON JR. &
    IJO.OUO troin, Opera I Holing, Hlnrea and", I Hulls; Ihn linllillng btJiiir uliont, Ssl (fret I', ,HO', and sib list Cit .uS.j.
    PniKciHfo!' July 14.-Mrs.I duly Sliintonanil corner uf King amid Mnr I1I.I""lo. In the centra of iho .thy and, well known, lo 'lie lhi> fluent linlldltiK, (
    :.Susan 1!. Anthony paid a visit of sympathy II ft8lrnl/tleaUl. that fleck her hair,. DRYfOODS, unit moKt tsbnilili- property In l'hllrlcotollIIllIeIIII.; . . . . . . . .*iVli, .lM
    ! aud condolence to Mrs. Fair to-day. And sleep upon her lips amhroslnt.Wonlcl p llfl .-I'.h. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . lun.don' 1"1 I tu toner, .buuui, '\I (Mnrih, 1 usHATSHATS
    Drumbert'er ho cliiiiim' to have !been privateSirretary that were yon' ltd Wit -fnsh . . . . . . . . . . . . \'iVKKI :.
    (lo President Jefferson 1111.Iur.. 4th WI.1.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . touts( t
    ing the war Jwu arrested joitcrluy: for forging I) winds, () waves that LIes and lavo CENTS FURNISHING GOODS I Alii ( -'I.h, .. . .. . . . . . .. . ... . .. . :tn.
    J check for one thousand and fifty/ dollars, as Her thnuiand beauties when shall it be ,mine \ IIln/-.I.A.b. . .cn,1 .tuhtki.. . ... .. . ... .. ... . .. I
    n vessel for \ lie To touch and clasp her e'en as you ? \ I.t.-C'.h.' . . . . IN''. . . . . .. . . . . IJMsJ J
    i he wan leaving on n Mnxatlau. I IWhlcb : WIII..h.; . . . .. .eaeh .. .. .. ...... .. ... .. . . :m'fJ.V '.
    .1 Jumped nverlioard, and wnn rescued with ililllcnlly. Tho blossom nnd' the breeze ) ..h.. .. .., ... ..cjeli (ill.. .. ..... .... .. . .. .. I'JNJ)
    And whispering wave more does she love FAM'GROCERIES :.VIO (;ilflB-fmll.' . . .rirll '.i.S. .. .. . . .. . . . II.J
    I SAX FuiKcist'O July' 1:1.: -(icorgc Kirk who Than lip or h md of mine CHOICE ,: ) WR.-l..h. .. .. .. .rui'li III, . .. . . . . . . I'4'SNI
    banished Imm \Il'IlIrul'.llIll're
    wax 1rlCllIllI1. !
    and, the VixUnnts( hung him.. This was tho song ; and even while he sauug1cOfl he offers at LOWEST THICKS:t KOI! CAKII\ ';:.IIWn..lllllllllu.;; .. . . . . .. . . . . |'iKIooil,(
    his shoulder lay her head : w lib
    -- -
    Amorous touch he woo'ej her neck and or Country Prodnce BUTLER, CHADWICK GARY & CO., ,
    RIOT IN NEW YORK Wantoned %U"'iil" onlli d'ilri.hhsiist Insist iiuil .tnkarlilll.iii.'
    with her hair, and Mused the 4411: 111.11: A (, .iI... ..Iar..lo.
    Curved lips beautiful and warm ; nor li.MtK. M. I'. lll'TI.EIt, _. .
    Persons Killed and EnvIed: In his heart the flowers, Ibo breeze, June 41tfQuinine JOHN I'IAtWll'K. :'I. I iMint sttcc%, IS r..R .
    Fifty-Six .. (. > ( I
    The a tral gleams nor barren sen.For raL
    more expected to die -- f.--
    -- -- l'U.f JfMfl\'A'/HI'l-fHVlmtRH lit' Hlt\\111.\\\ 1 The this Market.OF
    Stock of HATS to
    Largest ever Brought
    removing miMe from clothing, IIM (ii'iienl A. II. WHIOIIT of (ivorgln. C..IOII'I It. I I. Rrri" KIMIK, ol' foul ('..irollns.ii'iii'ml ,
    NEW YORK 12-J-vllnlug.-1'ho Omllg"procCiL.lun
    July ( Iliuhl, ,.nv T. JOIINSOV, ul ViiKlulu. A. 1""t'o' New York.
    formed !between two regiments anti Jar/'R! I'rol'ylllt'til 1"l.dsl.pcciat 1'.1
    'four hundred 1 police. There were only about two .. i ii AII A kl >U. (lencntl AIIIIIS| for tlio fliilo' of Kloil.l.i. ( ) KVICKY S'1'YI4ErjIEr1ly l

    hundred In tho, line, w Uh two banners, one the, I v I'tirtlex detlruns "ra\l11 Aol..1 AI"IIIIII.I| apply, lo I them (.""," .II III-ImlAMICS ,
    Stars and tim other the flag of William I A lArge of Ibl.
    Stripes[ / Supply
    !' of Orange They waited sometime for the band, [Joticc t FROM TEN CENTS UP TO TEN DOLLARS In ,price.

    of soldiers to loud! with\ bulls, nnd then the procession INDKSI'KNSA I ) AKTICLK: Si, ; K. I P U YVIUH.ES.rE
    -- -
    started. I J ,\1"i iuiutt' olli'ivil r.i-4. |II.,|.. nt tinliOOTiV, : ) SIIOK: KMTOKIlr.\l oh
    The Orange proceoflnn Jersey (consisted Leon Lodge No. 5,1. O. O. F. Just riftlicd at the Drug lUcre ofCHOUGOGUE t
    fir out hundred, mid liny, similarly guarded. The \ ; AII11)
    hirrtboats nerc held! on thud river until the character -0- u. u.uii: .\ D. B. MEGINNISS, Jr.
    : of the pussengen was ascertained. Tim Z::::;hJ" 1 liii'thrcn) lire rcminil s I fJJ J J
    .Ic'M' City\ procefionas entirely! unmolested.Till Hat lln>ri' will lie, a h>giitar Meeting of J('tlf._, SADDLERY WAREHOUSE 1 1 su n, ,/<'"o, i MIJ'c 'J. |..0| Jiuill71it"sr

    New Yiuk procesiion was IIlI>IIIlIeII1.'e. I.KON: I.OIMIB.; No 8, at their l.odtf.' t INDIA @
    times lit' t lo last lulvices. At the corner of 2tld: humus, this cvenlnx, st 8 o'clock.JAS.. I 4 WHIT \Vlillnlo-r I .. llr> ii us Ml*.,
    mil A the ordered lire. .
    11'111 t vt-tutu'\ trourw were J. YOKLM. :N. II
    About a doyen were, killed<1l1nd wounded. One .. :
    I'll** C. I' B, &0"'''''. 1.\\\SSAIlaOWII.
    ,imlii'cman was shot dead. Col. Kiik was n oundeil :

    smith one limn of the. lit h regiment killed. I Innumeralile Ocklockneo Lodge, No. 12, I. 0. 0. F.r' _1SAIIIE _- ;
    minor rows arc reported. ,
    4 4'lA; diiputch from' the operator| nt 'ilh AvinnH -0- An nnfulllii remedy' fur I IIAHNEH.S h IIHI1ILF.K I I ('oU.AII. '' .. .
    ve vc. Tbu 'L I E I
    Hotel Unit klKiut 3 the troo > 1 Ifrutlireii uro, rcitiinJeJ' .nlllI.1 rt ,
    x.its p. m., ns | s shIrt| fiiily Inloriu' bit Florid (, I hut .pulilleKi'iienill)1 : .Y. ,
    stint piiviing/ down flu Avenue, nnd when they thAt tboro will bo a 11[.' ulnr Mcvtlnn of S '-. FEVER & AGUE thuS bo I,,ou'ni'd) n store 1110 Ibo curlier .
    M'erc belts ecu 25lh and( 'JOlli .1"'III.IIIu mob flri'd( dfKl.UCK.NEE I.ODOB.: No. tub. at Ilii'lr of llrjunnnil, Whlluker II ree., 8s,siiiiHh, Ha such >
    tin,ee shots lit them. The military rl'lurllellhe, lodge \ ,.. III'XlI"hlll' Kveniiitf, st H o'clock. bus oil bund" a .ll suleelad slot'k nfKiMldlcs .
    tlic. killing eight and wounding thirteen. Tno IIKItMON .. DAMON, N II And other UMIom Diseases, llumiiis, Bridle., Collars, WbllI" "",
    1.\1811.1' a 'lady were that and sixteen citizens A. EuLRhwoou, .'I<,'nta.,. llorsa Illk.t.Bhllu, l'lulho. I.rut GINSIIKOWN'S .
    in /IIII ire killed on thin A vcnlle. Three soldiers JUKI revolved nnd for stile,,I nl M. I.IVKI.Y'8.: 1" ", city are rcspcelfull Invited DRUGG.ST
    were also killed.'I'Iurec !. AuciIilca to ,it nnd look through hl..k! hefoieliun' hnslnreUewlu'ro ,
    pme-nt, No. 21. 6.: 0. F. A iri' oil 551117' of Hulling nn hand whlebho .
    hundred here about
    Orangemen passed' -0- sells ut Sew York price. Orders, from the
    lilt hour ago: through 'I'M: Street and down liroud- t "'.":"11 M .'.'... Of country |Iru.uutI' | llysitcndad to. ANI I

    way, under, a strong eworl. They were cheered ISJT'i'ATUiAiiriisiiroi'emiiiiltd ; -: } I J. i:. .'. .inn.Vlnluker ))4' I ::4r .
    In passing. that there will be a Itotiulsr Monllnf ofAUCILLA LOWS( ) IIKJ1ILY! I'KKI'TMKI: \ and Urysn His., Mavniiniili, IU.lie ; .
    The latest
    fifteen killed
    gives nod twenty' ENCAMPMENT, No. t, at theIr 'lodge Room, I. t, I H7U. 1.lrMARSHALL I
    wounded on :;thc Avenue Lieut. I'age, of Ipgimeiit OuSt Thursday. ercnlnn, at o'clurk.. -IS .
    Is mortally wounded.! No exact de- I.tltOV D. BAI.L. f I*. BROWN WINDSOR SOAP I APOTHECARYAT
    do |lath:, art ulllllllllllie.f II. L TIBBITTS' KcrittVIGILANT
    I HOUSE ,
    I.A nn.: Just r"".. .-H.il I mid for MILit, M MVKI.Y'tt.Hagan's : ,
    f; :-;"W'OIlK., Juno 13.: -Colonel Clark, of the FIRE COlPANYlATTENTION I
    Tth Itcglmcnt reports that after/ the Orangemen I Savannah, Oa.
    had passed a certain spot they fired killing a ( THE OLD ESTABLISHED DRUG STAND

    page, when the Bill Regiment commenced an indiscriminate Magnolia Balm A. B. LUCE Proprietor. ,
    J. lire without orders. Tho tlth felt\ .. -0- I II I
    I I Monroe street Tallahassee Florida
    back, crowding tile ?Ui ou the pavement. Tho All hllebuberlioftlio Vigilant 1:0.\: )IL ) : DAY *' ,
    KOH 'J'II I E: : : PEl ICO.
    for time I NEW
    tiring wai kept up some although an Fire Company are requested to meet ut their Hull LONDON GINS
    IbI.IIEIL: : U.Drugo \
    : Colonel Brain hold his
    adjutant begged to menIn. ou MONDAY IVKNI.NU iHtb lust. at Ko'eloik rlejlt ti!, '711 .1.1sea. (
    When the 7th readied Ilio corner of 27lh to Fur sale sl M I I.H tL: \'d lir'''uPERRY'S 'it""

    1:1'i; ,street shots were fired 'trout window. A single transact busloess of Importance.By 30 to 100 Saws Medicines, Paints, Oils Varnishes Painters Brushes -
    order ore ,
    idiot was fired. at the window by u Mullion acting I majority of Ibo .members.( KIIUSI1II. I I. B. doiustsruums. I IIKO. W. M'OTTKIKKSKV
    -- --- and Brushes of all
    under orders. Heveral more shots were 'tired I from dosci'iptions.
    thu name ppotj( ; scvenil volleys wero then fired, I SWEDISH LABORERS. JOIIXSOX & SCOTTlAV !

    t Into tho u Indow. ThU, Co). Chirk claims was 0, Ktlln/. l&rli, tkiy N. .Vi .oA Hu. I < I t- I I'lin.'v iiml 'J'"il.l'I ') I ( 'liciniriiU, iiml
    all the firing dune, by tlio 7lh. The Sjd, did not I -..-- MOTH & FRECKLE LOTION I (} LIST'S l'riiirirtiir.v| mi, (' SIIOIII OK, 11'

    lire. .MemlxT of the full say they /fired uu shot J-i'r' Iavimugaeciire.Itlue[ ') Bervieos of Factora &, CoIl, Commission Merchant ( :

    till the young page was !killed. Several futile attempts 1'JlfJ.jJJfJflt.. 'M ; l K ariprei.arcd lo idvanen CHOICE PERFUMERY. 1
    i''r, Tun !
    cipuhlt sad reliable( Agent (a native Swede) fur < i .l' \ \T ,\UI<
    at n riot during the night were easily suppressed. the procurement Swedish I..boer.lnd Domestic > > Mid I I'roilute ,..".1111.,110 our fare, and .' !

    JUKI reeilted and for talcat. I' on eonnl/nintnts' Ic. "orr..ul.III.| lu NewY'.ik STEEL BRUSH GINS I\Ia. ., t lh\I< KV'I l\Tii: : KSSKVCK: : ( : 'I'
    t At tilt! close of tho procession yesterday thu tlenaol..I.ball continue lo receive orders for the the Outs cc' ro'' ol mid hiserpcual| [AUI II, "' *--ITO M | .ivuii.a| "' '1

    Ilr""IUIII"II.IIlIIIIIIJr their rl'gollllin their pockets same, until the SSrn DAY OK AUGUST NEXT.- i'i'I..I..II '
    a .11. 1.1 1 1:1.1 .
    nnd lent,, hug their Imnneis w lib the police, mixed All orders must aisle particularly( lb"' kind of cm xtIrLJI: Ln.xc.a.. := oE : J
    ellIs the crowd.Niw t. ploy, went for which the laborer or servant may be .. - .- HOLDERS OF
    b : YIIIIK July 13.-All Is quiet to-day. I /( ill l| I Ihu |.ro|>rnli s ofjiiinuli.i" lllnKii, In < ",ni'-iiti iti'd '',sIc, Hln.-li I Is hlnl.ly I."OMIIIO'III'| | | 'loiIhr 1 :
    Tlie lulioivrt tire nt work. All disquieting niIliois I needed. Fifty Dollars limit ho minjiwif lo pay' the BANK OF ST JOHNS NOTES TA YLOH'SCOLUMBUS! cure ol Dyxiii'ixlK, Nirvou .did I li' li"iiilil.uul' .ktbu'Chiscuca, '1..1'.1IIhllh., .... I inn,II', 1,1 1 r 'l
    proxi lb; unfiiuiidml.I (cue oftho Foreign Agent such transportation lo New PINE APPLES\ ) snub' I li.'lilllty. I 'uuhii-' ".',''1. ,. oPI

    I leiiriiendimscenes' \ / ,.'('ur ill the dead house. | You,k ; and a further cull fur Tacitly 'fits Dollars I ...

    Suven I thousand p"s...tl. the dead for the purjHMo' will be made' when I am advliod of Ibo dale of their OVVICF. OK ( O.Mfl Hol.l.e It. I IOSCIJ( I I'TIONS( )

    IdeiiHrieiilhin' stitch I rllrl..IIInd orcpsloniilly a 1.IIIIIII'rulII' Europe' which II'lIIl'al' t Irjmporlatlun' I I IH.IU.U. r'.6., .Imiuiiry Ml, 1 iii't., j jNIllKK GINS.

    uoiiuin, ivuiild throw /hrrseff on the roflln\ conLiinlng from New York IUd all oih.tr churgos. Fur this >J I's'l IIKI; KIVKII: : AMI: KOIt sAUK 111'I : IS IIKltKHY: : ,I.IVKN list the ilicula J'"' |"ir< .1 l wllli ,iti riiiiM, ,1,1. II), i 1.,1 i ,l '.'-i. 1.1"! ( i ii !c.., i li "i' n'tr>" i 'lull Ouch| "/111,1| li i I. ...'I". MI' ui t
    hir khuisiiiaitA amount of ttuvcnly live Dollars, the laborer( or ser '1" of the IIA S..",I I I j'" Jil Sri, slKntd
    II workmen who/ lell Uiu buuli'Vard and by A. )t. l'IC.t""II, mid, 11." I. IlHitiTnd '
    \111111'11I bo under wrlltcu contract to..n.lb. lul.
    put PURE ( : ( ) OBNU1NC DllUGS)
    l"irks yenii-rdny cunlrary to punitive order were | bis or, st Cusbter, li r.d enii'd outof CJIMI'AJI AN1
    disehargeil and llnrmnns such Italians employed employer for lint PerIod uf otis rear from the dale A. HOPKINS. (ii.. 'I riot r units'" (,.'lnUII,1 to said /0.1. now lu .
    Insliuul. .\I the llmoot. 1 call this inoruiiig IJllth'I' of his delivery This iulMn may bo forwarded tu June :'flSUMMER Iii)' haudi II I. HI.K, (' | ;iiic;. Will,,.k. |h'ili ,' ." ) on I,'II,) 'i..t.iii.i' S i r'l 1.1 N'lm' K ol' II,. I
    _. ... ', : '"I a -
    In lu Tsllaluueo with )
    IOu dejMjitltcd ,
    or -
    \ 11I1 lxiier/ uera mining. Two regiments/ remain tiuluey --- ----- --- J'II. .
    nn duly The pnlu. have rcinined their. i )1....,.. T. i. I'EUKioK .V Co., uuj certIficates of the cDO1O'JrLtC1 :E1s1.eipLLl.LtiJci,11; : '

    fKulur line of duly, but concentrate at short ;! saiiio furwurded (to me prior lu the said :iM'a: day of RENTS I .". a .u r.. BIIO I K. I II | I
    notice. All arrested, with uruit were committed\ AuifUkt. Thu Ageul will luko. hula! departure fur I ; (el! BEEPH! : :| aItIl ANIHtCK'

    ,, |Ion riot i NKW exaiuinalioii are: fifty-six YOIIK, ,July;and others more 14.-The l'ro wounded discharged.deaths will from dieThe the-- petted Europe: to un return this hal li> the of September hI Jjuuar, and) may be en- !ST. AL'Ol'STJNt/ ; I BROWNS HOTEL, r:;_t- SA\1.1... i.C I tin- HHI| I' WI.I 'I|1" ?i"u- .r'I,SS''I',' "I u .> !lu.I, I a "u.ul'i' i ill the l-i,|'cIsla""IIII,,", nl' 1'1.1.1'0., ''i ill'1) ,

    .. regiments are quarreling over the question C.; \II. iHfoXT' 'IMlLIOHISi: ; HofbE.unBl IJeornu atutet. tInt I ,11.,11 '--'I 1 I tthitU I1n.1 l uselessly" There Is uo <|Ueslloum lifu'l; Bup'l or |In 4: lu. .\.f.)1 ... V i door snnib of Mioioku 1"'Tal., newly stitch I OppoBito Dopot known 0,111 ( iin, ('lIt 11, U n'di nl! tin.Sumi 1

    lo the/ excellent behavior of the .",1111' Their 'l11' 1' ';U.Jul) I lit, I*TI. :50-lf cmupletnlftirnUbcd. -ten rooms, delightful, lotslion ,
    ) grounds.Also
    : eondnct .U universally prnlsiil. .. llouso mil lurlx>l, !N K. runner of HI.ieorge I MAOON CEORCIA | of I tlio I i 11111'niKII"1 I IVi '.inwieliiiix liCE No Choir bo Without I It t !
    Mayor I Mail a min' "'4 (the whole 1 ittponHlMliiyi.i IVttord* lo I lie .udl. ( inch, ('UII> 1".1., thoroughly ties I ly dlttd COLD Shoul
    1 t Velio's order forbidding hue Orange pnx' >ent neIghbors( I(: i E.: Bwm'"O; / '('IMoI.1 ) j ( i I I il.. I | ( I llu-ir r
    kl'1 ariiiithat. thu result prove\l, the a l rlom of o(a tired, listless r""lIolI.r cumpluto vtbuus- The sbofi J..I. ) I. also fur uli- ."::0, f'. lilt< %I.>. Clrrb j jH. I (1"1 wi \1'11" "lt" : AilKiiiaxrr.xKiKioK.\ \ : ( \ ; ( ( \
    Il.oorol'r Tim 1'"lIcel'oDlml..lolIl'l'l4. J"I1"'rlll l lolid ,* lion,, oo srlilng In Ihs morning On the' wife and I AJ.III| It :ai-If PIIILII' .1 b IIVAI.I. |It l IS, 'TU .. frl t I U TiE
    (iublUanswcr.. unaulmou< In the orof 111'r ) ,1 llc1"111.11. ( i
    | SODA
    luc order mother devolves the re lIJj i .ll THIRD EDITION
    duties, uf (the bpuiv':'uld. Lice care> ale nuuerOii I' SEA BATHING.Fernandina Guns & Cotton Gins Repaired o

    >, SOd Ihl w.olsl.luU\ ss tbo pdjrilcal (powers 8tiiI :[ ,*
    I UK
    t'JIIHI WASHINGTON\ I tr1'11:1' V I 111.1. I IIIIV If,1.
    are frequently calltd Into requIsitIon| Rbo often Jir J \ "1,1 .,. Ic Tunis, .\iii Ii' iii-, .",1..I.I'u, ., "
    July ll-Akennan Instructs hinds her slightest occupatIon a Unk stud <<, iii' li b.ittt Iiis usu'.I! llo* luiin.liitlon, ol our Anii'iic.in '"
    I likiricl A ttomers lo make exertion weary I Florida. Till' il.'litfMtiil' .nul, IM- illlil'til. ,.
    extraordinary .
    < lor tic I'milKliiliiK
    .Iil | "
    while thus I lino she lisa norcfUlur ..
    In the execution: of the Ku klux bill. Whenever btiinco I burden W saute l.ull.1 INS, : I 1.. .l 1".111.u lt I"i TriH.'bi'r slid)
    the) hwir uf 'outrage they 'h811I'rtJI'lIrc strnuttstruin Ulscsso. Hastullor's III..W.Jlller.. ., If I< 'IIE: tlllUIMt lIDS Hi: I. oi", utdfor riCH '$ of innrajrjdl, on 4 10Ple hilt "l.i'j'liT"I'j.
    ( federal (Commiuioners arrest' the parlieswcu resorted lo si this period wilt I'ro'.18 unfailing 1 tti. Summer at K.1>LCKU THICK, to .....,1. A1 srr HDTl'l O'I.Sol 1. Y IA'U BEVERAGE I'HK'I, II SO. .I.W| |lucy doHfll. A ,1.seliit's| rich.| )
    ""ed and have them "bound screror committed remedy fur this. aimojlug Iswltudo. This effects uf I aU Ui com. and enjoy tiiv tool tr_. bf this. l.Uuid. 1-0-Ant ".. M a dlslsiio' ,ulilnr ,let, talus I Aeont, a Illlni '..111 lu sny actiIrs, s, t>l,.t 1"1), un
    till) (he ell.llinl/lcrlll of thu Federal Court thIs "luot'IIOUI arc moO MOD In tics rwy. chock from |IO to tM u.r weak .,'"" ,diu. to roomsChildren I r. |, 1 ',,their |lilac'., will' \>\\rn. !>t in knowllirouuulh. T.I.J ..t I -- DISI'KNSI'I)! : ; ) ) \ & Nllill'II.V.Until ( I"111| of iiHi-f .'
    'I.1.lsol under I U old half pelt-s. J I' ( olns !! I.\IL\ (0.,
    Virgil S. lui-k. ha-vlx'tn appoInted! sjwclal ... yrar. I I r'ut (aicus! or 111\.tIIJTltS.
    1 elastic. ol the bead.( the family, as with ;i.su M. I'A ill "
    cud step Oilt. Proprietor I' and '
    Millinery Dress-Making Illlhlo 'OI 1.1"11.
    DiitrU Allornrv to push' tItus linr.li. fcal.I \ IILK. .II/SI. -
    lures ,.f IbiS l tsw In North Carolina. Tim Federal, restored health sod reutuestul spirits she lakes buriH'Ciuuiwud June 41 +; loi A.rlli"| V .Im I { O'clock I lUi II. IJITHOS Mrondwiiy' de, New, York
    the. famlllUcI If (this friend 71
    Ills call place lu *
    are at .
    irnniM Tue ('1t1' 1\W, eoucliides. an editorial) on ,the lu used "U regularly used, Iboso depressing Jtnp- I Dissolution of Partnership t Piano Tuning and Repairing.E. Mrs. LAMB XOJEJ C303Li3D s.. 'TI 1:

    ,17 subject thus "TUU action on the part of (the tows will noTtr be comtiUlaod of, sad not onl) p. I 5,

    I'1,( Attorney Qenertl displays a disposition| In exei i would Ussltuds notii\ criwrkoced but unwy dls- (j I naIl ca parionro II'TtutUAMiii.titftlofur. calMing l ouiitr 1, In"I its HAH s RYl'RSVU l ( HIUWTIIK Mllllnnrr NOJlr WI U' I'VolM I I I )l\vV I"'ill, el I I(',.hci'rg 11,111 I .U..1'11'. A,.tb I...1)\I\ .
    I IUm
    Ku .
    cuM the I.lulla. lu tnd 1I1II\lllbAt '
    earnest As iwdk- 1 I of ttislMwl styles 1 tin Mlt-s are luirllcil to mil r.jUlltlllll "
    I D.IPe..C Is Witll
    '; rain fulloniag lu advtul bo avoided. t XI.K oS: OAITHEK this d.y ill* H. FKA8TEROVfKM .
    aUulouirttioa' a 1 is evidvnlly lU-ienumrJ that j fluor I Iud solfeil. Either oo. of ,lk, letIliimeut and euuilns bee Mock *..il sill always bo ona|" POST & HOBBY 4
    . ""lljcot l II Us wbll plgulug
    k.dh'< s healthful oflvcu b.TS made U a geuer l btrurlM. C. I' (cAl Zhthit. .of TslUliWM* la lb<- .Um Url,. fioui I dUUui'c |iuruucphhy atlindrd to. Fruit Syrups,
    to: --- U Is front all \proportlos cakuhuul to 1..1., l Ibo Joan H-Sm builAcu. ha Lea on Laud Ibt bestI'lAXt for cut ( 'Ul ilin solklt a uistIm. General Commission Merchants
    i' Th rainy sesjim lias set lo at Tam I" and Iii.rvekst system, sod II. operations ire at ones mild, tooth- ... .. -- -- --.. .. '1' I: I ,. I snub< of nulille uitrunaga.JtfTML 1'I' 'mi': Hifil u MTOIII: 01
    ; are npUUy. fllling tip lad "Uixitnlig isa.passable hag and efflcUut All I rirJo WOIIIof all kiwI clone at I l| Ig.ul fur. Wtr.I'j. IIWISU NEW LA
    I' who bias vacd thus Bitters sliest ImO kIt .CIWII"'II.k Hu r wi r
    : Its vlnll" aDd eoumeail U to .... f July-la thin (Jfljc fr.'I'I.tl.llop Jool1 .7-11' Mirth 1 IH Api I l's' it? Nutr IT, '11BY \ : u


    .. \

    -- _____ -
    -- -k -- -' r- ;;;;


    .. '
    i/STT/ -- .


    \\I .


    -- .
    --- '" . .. -- --- -- -- --- -- ---- -- -
    T -- -- -- - -

    d... .i (!t JttI1i!! lotiuian.I Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous.

    '---'--- .. .
    w SS : -- -- -


    AH,I Illl'll ,lc"i IU' IIIOlll" | i .
    .' J tllK'J III'CC|| : ) '

    I It U M'i'\"I"'e\ uf -.rii'tiix', I iVcnl' nil, lOility. of Health Com Tailor & Draper, RAW A READY RELIEF BOOK-BINDER ,

    \Hut theru nre tinny: wlio I irr in the Tilt: WOIIHT I'AIM AHD-
    missioners. Tallahassee Fla.
    Now m'tn .>w flock ol G
    ... In which \pelnJ In front One lo 'tINeew .
    way tliry nnna: : ::,' I Ihr-ir\ j-ecnniiry FLORIDIAN Twenty Blank Book Manufacturer

    \fIirs.\ To nil "noli WP TeeulflItWlI. the I 1)V tlrtuc of authority nfirred on its,'. the ful SPRING and SUMMER -- ..- MARY S. ARCHER, Proprietrett : .

    rII\\lng cxlrnctc, I fioni $.\\lnl.: lllNr'worl. ; I'nllie loli>K rltlrens are.appointed, Cumm."rr.. NOT ONE HOURArtirretdlngthliiadverttsimenlnerdanyon ) tPF.R 'RILE!) TO ANT PATTERN. JOfRDockets -
    Hnllli 1s
    nnd I -0--
    nM" "" o Tallih 1.01'lrd.followsWARD GOODS sIT- r nats f..II.n. Cn.nol.., Diy Books, and
    cnlitlc'l City or < .
    I'elr I lIel! r. I. : with palu. Kidwsy Ready Killer I. a ir> Bontlnis and Maga-
    )10.1 '
    "How NII 1-All of the cltt r'omlb. fur bound In soy 113[ HOTEL, bating been thoroughly repan I.
    n man: C8 -IMO It :.tvtiit n'MHIIFII .tlllo' every fain I Wflb.lrtanc 11,1f.P.rleolaraleM 'I
    moiify A'ralalas FAt side of rlnnlni Nflrili to and refilled, being furnished throughout
    AdBn. lo e i 1'1
    on given pairing
    t, nnd. cn| >n
    liwt ti-sls of >rnc.ticnl! wi"tlolII.ItIIOII !h and (,. COlml.lonrN. I Dr.) R. ('sill And Her '. lirm.Miy 1000 the pnblc ". will be spared l Is. i i: ,
    | !; B. W. \allon.WARD Instantly the most "I'lorMInn" ,
    Borroutihs, I Mycrr Cbarlcs 1. stops u.rue.luK rains .r..n ..ldln. (May3170 4)) I if r ,
    money ought ly no \mean? to lie re :lr.le,1 No 2From the West sMe" <,( AJums J, 71 9-ly sllsys InOammstlonsand cores ,whether gelllomun.llo ;

    fl* chief uij oi' n 11I:11I': life, neither i 11 il n street to Boulctsrd street, rnnninic Nortb lo Me- the Lonl. Ilom..bl 10wo" or other stands --- 2 8 I

    trilling) matter, to l.c lu-M} in \jiltiloioiihicfontempt '! ee Florida ('arty sir,'et, embracing. Bronanxb and) \al.lr..u.. JOHN PRATORIUS or organs, 'IPlcl .
    rCI'I'cc"lIlillg|' n it iloci to M and J W. ToerWARD mtTES.

    huge nu extent, the inrnimnf|ihfic.il comfort No :3 From the West side of fl nl.Tard MEUCIIAXT)[ \ TAILOK No matter 'bow violent lied ridden or excruciating Infirm ( pain Ner the --

    .\ t am] uncial! cM| "clng. linlccil, "otnor street rlnnlnl.North to McCsny street, 1'lhrrlol, RnEtATIC., or prostrated with rllll.d. may PERMANENT and TRANSIENT IIO\K'', '.
    >f the finest htinnii )Iarllb. (o\I.nd, and day .lr.I.. ('olml'lon..r. ) suffer, Neur.llt. GOOD be bad at
    nn.iliiic: tmtnre
    nrciiitiinaloly .
    J. C. II l.dwsrdt: and *. Iekol.
    I rclnl.llo t the light!, n.p of memr.v s. TII WAi" So.lemll 4 -All that part of ( ..city: 111nr HAS choice JtsT.'RFCEI\'F1 ROM 1 SFTORK III UUM 'U:.' I lirl.ll.F: : Allen's Boarding House

    ; Kiuli a4p1seroMity, !lioncMj., jiiHiicp Me-'arty and Eaut of Ad.mis street ( tO' .ormenlorFRENCH WILL AFFORD INSTANT E.Si.Iaftauiiuuallon '. Mrs ,
    niloloners : fIr.< J. IlonJ.J. J. Illlams ant of the Masonic Lodge.
    11.llclfM'rllcc$ ; ns \cl ns the j-ractiral I. Talu,. 1. .. & ENGLISH of tbe Kidney FLUID. !Every thing convenient and well :
    .rUI.'t .
    Inflammation of the md'r.!
    economy 1. Jro\'i.III' Oi' > No. -All Hint part lying North of Me- Inflimmallon ofthi Bowels, TERMS aa moderate as any dti
    the oihc-r! liaml, there are t ('.WAII We-M nf Ailnlrn streets tn Bonlcrardstreit (JLOTILS CASSIMERKS Congestion ol She Lung, Traveler II0rplOl here a few diy will Itn.l i '..

    "I n\1'e. frnnJ, injnsticp, an.l; 1.liol.nel., Oldest Paper in the State I and M.. I(.olI.lun.r.Tapy, IS. A. /.1, A. B. M linger Sort Throat, Diflloult n'"hlli..
    iK.rti'-l'liijril$! by the, | A" 1) -- I-.rl.
    : .
    Jlfrlinll. hnrl II No. North nf Mr .
    WAnl 1.-\llb.lln'II)111 Croup, Diphtheria, --
    3'n : mill thn vin.% cleansing. r.n.o\lol Lad odors In all

    I trvagnco: ami imjuotiilrnrc. on the part era : C t. I'canc, John N Hlokes ant W II. f'ord.Th'lorp. VESTXNGS, lteaiachcToothache, l'.trrb. 'naa.n"

    .,f thoHp, who iniinan,1 thn or these appointments' Is lo rnlisl Neuralgia' kinds .fickncfl. for bum*. in ret. wonod..lnll;
    : Rh.umal.l 1871. 1871
    : nlI"l 1'nn. b.l. lo make to order 'In tbs I 1"le.l.
    of the citlrrnfl In the Wbl.1 prepared Cold Chills, Ague Chill..
    lot rnMt4 to tin-in., o as is uinvlvlncMp ...e- -- .o.or..lon end "Irrt"lor I. most lishlonahta style and at moderate I The application or the RKADV REUtF to the for .;r.lre., rbcutn-iii, alf 1 skin dlieasci,
    .1 l l.y I llfiin' 'r I'I"r| t in hit ". rrK Bro ."IBo.llllhl. lo tic abated I.rlrr. &.iilsfUrtion guaranteed .
    fnl: N'olpa; from: l.ifi'"n' ,iijht; thought measure; anil to ctamlnc iiremlsea and.back yard, where Gentlemen of will also Und at his place a hendeorneesorlmcnt I afford part nr case purts. wher.comrirlTwenty the.pnin or difficulty( el.t will for el..rrb. lore month, ioru throat, dl( btlicrla; for THE WORLD.i i

    there Is reason lo Selliiiat tbrongb carelessnessor
    :,,iI ni.inncr in iriitin nninjr r
    living, tnkin.i, 1 nl.1. | lo act nmuliiti& may act belono FURNISHING GOODS HIOMACir. RTRl'lSlllK 11.1ll IE.JACI bciutify thin fklu t" r'motek ppot mildew,
    I.orowilg. L"'llnlh. JI
    I) lists limits of hla own d5atrkLThe
    II luiti-ry DIMtRIKKA.: )
    I lug, \'fr.I'| J'lrn.hl.III n"lMclA third Hecllon or II,.. ( ., bleb Tilt BOWELS: and all I rEAR 171 HIIS FAIR TO BE ONF HI ,
    "diD"I. INK
    AssREADYMADE ISTIRSAL HA frail "t3lnfl uLen lutcrnnlly a* will oft applied ez 1'"E
    "Ilfiicolhu .
    lei> oiii> : -thuacriftcin lbn nppnlntmcnla are made Tr.I,.. should always carry a of llnilMHJ'P. mO'llmrornnt and rrlrulln our poll '
    of n pr<'cnt pnuil'i! .ilifiii fur 'h"llbr Culnl.ol'.r Folk shall joint!) e.n. llt-iult llrllrf with them A few teruftll) -" bU'lilx rMommended by ill who hive history I shaped l 1.1 Usui- I .;
    I stlluie CLOTHING. which the Presidential election of
    a B..rd for the city, and be required ,
    RELIABLE JOURNAL Ir le.I" rtroj s In Wilier wIII IU.IIII
    "prc rent or ilns 'In inchange
    'I'ntitru, nf llu In"l th'tt) ii .Ikne. p '
    < one > : from time to lo make to the Council U will be an era ol 0. political enemy
    oo.-i. .
    I. )belli I
    r 'r h saved it-Is fur tile by all and touulry
    In relitlon to the health or the orAf I Irnn.l) Irulll.. which for Ibo tlrst time In tweltc .
    1"11'11 (1i: ps uhirh, Wil k t) iIar.Ii.t Inr. suggestions TIIF.y.-: or 1.1" ., a 11,1! mt Bomb o
    us may appear lo thins .dlonlle. ami on Ihr.r.II"tr"el rCAU.SIIfF cornea unfettered Into n national canvass and
    ) ordered of the
    IIP Merchants and mi ,
    mialit lallrly: : rtpprtcl Innltie ,.r mere prehcnilon' of con ) dr..t era confident lo the Dcmociatlc ct. "
    UY FEVER hope party
    : mill, Kii .0. AND AGUE.
    itpnritin ( or r""II'.11 | Sin 19'li'l)!' IIB.C.Lewis& ;
    \ I lit nicmt' I 11.1 1"h.h) I tlii-y i'nrl.:. oh,1 tagious, 1"lc,1lolo disease may consult with one i DAKiiY 1'UiM'IILAt.1lC CO. .brre. lime superannuated .u.on whlib II '
    J I ihe* iridini" I, ,:, '5'i /Ivl I III I or more lhy.h'l.on of Slit city, and reiomuiend. to n\:1: : AND! A.tF cured ror slay cent. there Radial party hate stood are .. out ot pobtl' I'
    \1'1 wi \hi.h lnn"I' the adoption of lie Clluel smh lea.ur.to Ire-, Son 5 Is inc'diul aleliin Ihl.orh thai will i urc I -- \\11llaiaHtreet.N. YJui blunderlnl Imbecility, and profligate esra"
    lomi'il I t to and 1 Fc-vi and .
    'ntlli Irilk np 1llir ent the spreading 111.odurl1 same, W. Anne, oi oilier )1.larlou..liloo'l ganec ( Irnr. < : \
    ,':timings an I they go, renders, I h"1' In n may seem 10 Ih.1.' ,.rr" ; ami In I Scarlet | hold. y.low. and ( 1' 10 ;iVINECO'-1) to be faithfully, exposed turn the tide of put '.
    LATEST NEWS eases of .reency, that l.nl"t admit of iiKAbWAY's ) so '|iilik as RADWAY In wi''
    Uiwtt uvU'ut' 1111,1/11 I ,11'1'1.111'| npiinilw may at .u adopt' such precautionary .dey.. 'IlKMlV HHIrK{ : : rlftycentsirbnttlHEALTH | re.lo
    I Irlnl" the public safely' may soiinto require--.andainer- BUNKERS cry ,.. location In the great foe us of natbin

    .. '" ul llml liMnlroin, hind: siSSy lo adopt au<'b loour", ,suljett' to She approtal commerce and lntelllgcncoib rr.bne and chumanco .' ,
    Any .1/ 1"1 the City I .In IlsntrjndriaisI, mayIK of Ita new., and lu p..III\n.. tl .
    In ,".Mill Ulll 1\1 In- :'" tnli'linl 1 1:l"i.- I By Telegraph & Mail I IA s ,,,lrlllrlll,promote tbi- health nf s Pie r III I BEAUTY !11"in BiTTER leading organ of Ibo rrololl.d" ( lay uron i

    \i"lr":1i( : ?)' rrlail iinp.itrnt' nnd I A Mlp .r i I itt nlI'I rnp of tbe I'ItyOnll- Tallahassee, : : : Florida, a mission and apostleahlp which it "II dlscbjru
    the unmet Kill be fiiMilnbed, to inch, ('mm' ,',user onapplliatlon I at "i-ml. I'uirsIII. h P.lood---liscrenss of Flrub ml 1 whim unflinching I boldness, Igor and
    ', hnl il ( I to .lirIR.r "( n l\ In It 11. Uniitum, ( sty < Imk. 'V U.-MI. I ri 1 1- ir.-HninJ llmutlf.iK. It will I bo In constant connscl I and communion 71
    I llfiorl| oflintco I mil Hr.OI'. I .,\ i il i i;; noI'i'Kpict Is*, I 1.1'| ..'H I. .f l'ailiii/ ('. E. IYKF.n'",.. IM.' IIHS MilMttrt.: pb lon .olrro to all. (1' the tried leaden and sagacious statesmen of

    ) (i>rlhi'iiHUci, I I in n> jut 4., iii i-> hwCOTTON party In all the Btateaof the Union cordially <
    11.willi: InIFlnI'I: : ''T", operating wllh them, and they with It, In bnllilin'.
    t'I'il/ the "''I"'I "I II lIII'r.,, Dr. RADWAY'S up the party In order and unity healing dhhI.rtnrsiumfualiig

    .(>, Hit'", ICI must mctilaltl)' g"tuthe American aud Foreign Mturkets IITV .\SKI.I. FXUI\Sft. confidence. \11111 aud encouraging nro ''.
    PRESSES aud leading bo party as a bold ansi,'
    I uiill. \Vmilincr, I tint htixliandcd rroellO
    1"1\1 IbCKrcallrfuinpb which awaliTbe -
    I IsiS, Slut KM, 11UMIH, 1,1&I.nllo
    \vhii-h : : i nviisg'<, mutter t I how (
    .1 r Hlorijul 10 iii n- ilsi toots' the l.io.t a.loilblnrnrcs.! II In 15'i.
    10 shuck >
    rtnnill! / gi i\ <-< t loin, I lhi-y will l'liril l | AMI IIIIIKIt .bnr allotted to Tin WOULD in this coin
    il\/I'I,1 I'l > 1"1,1111) nur I ruiiciNH I |1..1| on MIIVIHIIUI fF'RI1F" r' arc I the changes Stir hnih undcrfoeuifdirthe .

    nt 1'\'I' Ilal': "I"I" '\", and, if ,o'.s.Miii..I of lit)Illlc'ril' .Illll 4ii lists l.f ('.,sis.5svPOLITICALLY IIOI5SK( ) POWKI.S.Tlio ) .. 110 Inllni-nie' or Ibis I In blned their l n onward disciplined'march movement to victory or, Is the the Luuocrns dlMcmlin:)
    And innUi- ( in .I all,ilu** e and ilthnlyt4r wonderful MsuIltincthat
    ri \ i linj II,) ,':llotl.IL, niril: with 'tl..li.l. lion of political truth ; a work which can he fruilli.' |<

    fi'ur :and )nlilini; the fcitiniiio"--!! I <) llulltliucAiiifli l: -l-j Iliiv ..Inrrrnxo In ..1..1 sansl i only In proportion to the extent of Its clrculaiit i iAVu
    ill' 1.1'.I I".n'. 10.1 \\rlthl I. .-..n thuS ask Democrats everywhere) to aid us In testis i
    .I llicir) ui\cxitid i I ",H.II"'I : fl" Revolving Wrought 'f' lug use good ae'cd broadcast over the whisillast',' 1

    "'''1' is im I''a-II uhy, ,the condilioni Iron Screw Cotton Press ( 7U) I-I) TiE I ; (JIJEAT l : BLOOD PURl FIEII.! during Ibo period which Is .Important In ri-fi

    t-lmnl-l I 1m -.- core lo the coming h.rT.t
    >l tin- s 11; 'r111111, not anfliil IHAV i\ipitD\FMFsr: ON-TIIE: MO4T : ) drop of Ihe IlESOLI I .C, Ps.n It...I s-once... ....a .tsniy.-'....'
    1'11'1' 4 ." As Vehicle of News
    Illtra"I I ccpL'i t:able 11.1 I happy 1 ..r riercw I.n...and I In pronounced" I d.In. the B. C. LEWIS Agent \'KM: communicate Ibroul" lood. Sweat, I Urn Tr-lltiionT. to thrlroutlrilul a ,
    I rlnr-, and other fluids of Mi! I.MONH WOULD In the eleventh of Us evil' \
    inn-" Til' \ *. body of I 11,0, \toikmt; 11101 compb.li. ., nnd easy working Press juices thevl.'nr \\ ( uratUr EttfCU. (now tear
    iiiurket or lifo, for It the wastes of the body I mice) baaul"a 'a held Ibo first rank among luetnpolitan '
    now In 'I 1 he whole weight ol the Press r.I.lr .
    ' .v.'i..i iiiight (uilhfe-w C'xctptiono) I.I IH with I I. lu lie box stands on a enabling .I OK 1IIK-: with 11' and material. Scrofula, 8}pbllls, They art not a "I Fa.., 1.llk. ".0. i-t poor. Journal's.. Its news on every topic uf Inli '

    lineal; \'iltlol.1.I.ilf'rll,I, nnd I wcll- two Colon men or one hers, to *"h..I.( lie Bolo COI.UIllol. dlandulitr dl."oe. leers In the 1.0. "bl.k.,.l'rwof, ," Itrfu.i- cst political, UI.rr'l.orlal. dsimj5ansi li
    of I 11,0If u lib cnatThe .. 1'1 ao Ga. Homo Insurance luuiors, Sod.in Ibo filnnds and 000..1..1.. \ ucteiutt-splea.ctlictastc. lorcign, Is alwn). fresh, various, flu '
    1 I t..I'liol".1' w Inl) il.lh'i.lull" Company. othi-r parts or the 'Y'I'I. Shire -01" T"nlc-& "Aitetiast'[ tt..torer'. that accurate, comprising the almoSt, eln'IB of current I li.telllgenco ,. ,.
    .:aini' cl.icK hue, alniidy. )' m idet. ll.i'iiMfKrs.Vhat ( Reynolds Horse PowersIs dlsihiirgis from the Ears: and E.llnnnoroU Ir.1 r"rOI ". tlppiorontoslnukenu. .nuns. hutarestru.a5,55e5sewi .. Rhu). rendered with such proinpltml. ..
    hkln ill.ei,i.<, riorcs If"- i I"h." \.tu' StOut-ansi Ctttt .Iril'b" has and Inerraslnelrcnlutlou I
    \ ,; MIIIIC* men sill without liticiillyisight i Fruptlims ter 1 Irr..o' and list puper I a large
    If nr. | 11n' KinitiiiitN s will stilt. ii Ill I I, (litiitiniiiil urpUii.cMl S for ii I, uuthi and ilunilnllu( They Klnturiu, tfilt lilii'iiiii. Frj.l|>tlan, H..hll''d., (.ml.frtF from nil llcoliallr ., ,,,. .'.. opponcnla ro lu snprlurity i I .
    "" Kmploy: the MalI: inenim, 11.1rJ j risl.lis iiml, fiii'itniii I nf, S Mir nliuli1, |*'iiic', nml, 1"JH.r.I timniifieltired. ixprfiith for iottmi 5;11,111., Home Insurance Company N. Y. tpcits. WO.I. In. the Flesh I. Tumors, Cancers Back ThoTsxri) thet.UFIT 111.05)1)I I'.11.:1..1: I In amOlllullc.1 ,
    (IsO same rcwiltn will follow. I Corn Mills, and olhi-r |Ihll'I.1| '|, work \Imh. ,.kulll" and ,painful discharges, \ |. (.tl'sli ''\ "llno
    Ir "I I lint the who is ssli as | )' ,"1"1, of "''|10111111"c| 5 Ilic!i ""1'1111.1 Tiles nrtlelis look I i 1.11 I: t u II S Mit the 'r.\us Night Hwents, 8,11-rm and all wantes the fator .. lnv5oruLoe of ,. H) ..cnrrylnn off all As an Organ of Opinion
    nnn \ .1I\lilg s5iiti-ks's.s| l iiiciliixl u nl'MI' ,lug 'h.'! nil tiiiMirlitnl| Burn 1'II 5'1l' I life prlndpliarc wllblii Ibo curative range n thin |I""na.matter...1 1 rent"irlntr tic. blcMxl t..n healthy con- Tin \\OHLD Is fearless, trenchant' Indomlubli
    . rJ ".11 I tl IIPcrgc, of want is in I -t tat, Ilt IIKMOI'HA'11C) PIIIN.I Underwriters' of New York. wonder "I )lld"1 Cbemlrtry, and I few dA)"' UK111 ditlon' No ptrwm ran lukc ih... HIII< .aronnltntf t"iltrfnlon nrdenllu Ita aihocacy, of sound Democratic print
    iVIII0LiI 1 fioni that f>f tl.icry.: I Hit in in no 1.1",11iolll..rllhp| 1.llflllf'.111 I S NIK Oih' in ..1.no..Ui -a prut any pe-rson nsliiK II fur either of these ami, remain lone un' ...J>D\tiled their IK.U pile, ul.\nriDI Us denunciation or Iolh.
    hia, master but i i. in coiiBtant 'IPIF 1 miler whiI MOIIP inn tlio rottntry ,liori'Hliinil : llt sOIIK rcirms or disc-aso) potent power la cure thsra. .not delrov.l 1 I"") 11".0|M.1.( .,. .r tier mean. abuses \ ; stud not confining
    rl"l own l hI |lost-(', (5111(5. tnil I II to rnrmir AllrlilIlmlll.1 Not only, does the lalapuILLI.. KL">HBVTexicl nnrl the \lul "1" w.o,1 ,iy,,ml""h. point or rc|-air" cuuloua to mere l'oIU. I uk.I wide ranee
    I of filiiin tinder. tho iinisslige: of otis' 'r', I '01'P1 SIM ru Mtiikcr AIM" Fi I.TOS Hrn : (.IN AM UJllUV IN all Ilo.n rellodlal n&enl. tho cure ofChronic They sure a (:milt* I'urantUf O will n. nTanlr touches upon a subject) and sins
    Ilri l .
    the turniN which.thcy ii bclulf I.II'I.IIIII..rl.THE' i | \ Ni',ir Markil, Issnu/very 10tH.:1. Also Itinuri's all other ., (on.IIU\ln', and feUn dl.- "..lnR. aloi. the i rn1lir nxrll of artlrta' aia la he a safe guide or public opinion on all toph .
    MI M.iry'u of at current rntes. cases, but I 10 the mil for ,relieving liiflwnmatlonf ) which engage public gives to08pl.uOI.
    I 1'0.11. 1".lnIO.nll. n.U. o ntcnton. I
    : to Ii I Iii. I Ho cannot help I btingn meatnrp 1'.01. I'rolwr) .
    finance set
    W. I II I. ": Bus huMS' ), Itltlne.l mul .., Uir I.iv.-r' .0 ll ,.\ ..! rVsftL prominence to and ,
    xer\ile for I ho, dates look 1"\'N"lf I'I'"I&'rU. 1..d..r 4.oll.lnl. .' EtutIt < OMI'I.IINTH or Invites comparison with otbi.'T
    ( not III BTATR 01 .s'. > miff ou (bee lopici any j'
    : jtrm'is n tx lush" H ..
    Ollli'o ond Depot Si t'.irniuli'li Street 1"11' trilor'nudomh 'I.C. Gravel DI.hrl.Drop ol I .'.<. alh. tUnn of ',.".nl".1? |or at at the .0Iler'b,1 metropolis
    .-, woild 1 boldly in the fitco ; nnd in adverse Urine Al- .1.1..I" JOlroAllobn.hed
    IIII'I' PlttirohaTn
    titncH( ho' mii't look pither to alum or the -. -.- l.lsi I r A/'nl. wlll'I'r> when 'Hend for I'rlcu. 4 tidier 4,1S70 l ( ll [Aui I'', '10. I I-I ly I"mlnnria. Brl hl's li.ea.e. nud In all cases where \lor Innniiiiitfiiorr 1r.I".To., .nut I hranli 1"Ian Ithramn
    ( ,I.IUIIB i? 47-.r there urn brick dust .. Price dollar TIII: awEiI'w: no.u.n.
    f.itcs. If WOI k 'f.iiU: 01. t Iiu In.llao', or hdl.'lan.' liii.I '
    1\\r'l hill nloglll.r per bottle I Ir.prp.ln D.d ..I'"rn' :t'r... a large quarto sheet, printed throughout In lars
    not t lie of luI0iulg Stationery. Magazines &c. lu.. Ir""rnl and Wednesday morning
    .1 mUls Dr. RAD WAY'S l>|... illnesS, T.l rr, KlilurM mirfItlndtlrr type, published every
    lit.Id (>f rtnploymfiit ; ho in lixed.' to Isis HARDWARE. TIN WARE. tH.Illllrr hntr 5.-., .. .uorr fulMirU Among lu prominent features are:
    like hiss to its link and can PERFECT PURGATIVE PILLS lll.irniir.iatc canI I I\lllnlcd Shoed 1. ITS VERT FILL AND aCCtRATI luau KK .5
    p.nit-h 1"1 ,
    I uluch, l-nttnt-rAlljr? )1"1..1)t 1 ilirrtuitrrmcnL the HI. PIT embracing Ibo LIVI STUCK w.rlcl or
    : neither natigatu nor nnigiatc. LARGE i-ocKirr( )( : AND) TAnr.KCUTLERY : l'errerlI"lelt., eleipntly coated wills sweel Rum, Br llvfl Orimi. Albany, Brighton, C.lbrldle FimlhaitIpbia I
    "Tocecmo iiidci I | (' '1 '"I I practice puri-, ref-ulati-, 1"ly. cleunse and strentclbcn.liixlwuj'n npr.i'i 11 I INOU.KHTION.. neaiwhf.l' ; Ibo ., YUHK CO"1RT.IllnlCI MARKET.
    pills cure of all disorders or the t sin I. the Otsiili. .1.uiiiilu. T'lhtnrM' uf the Chnt.Ufuini and GrEII rIO/l'I' 'OUOII
    (if ( I M nil that U uIls'ssary.Jti 8. L. TIDBITS ,. ansi reports NIW YORK Mossy I I'
    .illll economy Stnmai, I Ivcr, Bowels, Kidnets, Bladder, Nervous >>w&Mir tnictatton sf51 Btoinach fled TieS' rnl
    : iC'<|iiiTHneitIit'iHtipi'iior,!, ('sill rags.( AMI Dleii <. "o.d.ll. (' Lostltcness, In In tht )It-utli. Hltionturki.. I'tlttttatlunof, tho ll'artIntUinmatiOD these reports are compiled w lib great care. I

    not eniinent \ iltulU ; it it. Bttistiod willi oi. I HH, Ii I'S 5K :, KIM I I "IIH'T/5 \<-., |1.lnol.1llhll"r' l I'OST-OJ'IICE, dll"UUO. "o"IVllun.Silos, Fever In' of tin I I.urur.. l'tn I In the .... of the. soil contain the latest quotations thai can be oblol. .
    1 U s I or the Bowels, I'llcs and all KMiitr. a batidrfl'mlii"r,."nlll."p'n., l arv lie ed up to the time or putting the paper to press.' I
    .1 ulsu) ', imd t lie : I (If t iuriuu'iimiiul'i. S"lol..1 .111 HAST Jcrn\u .00 2. In Which iou' t
    ) ciHM-f\ "nlllil y 11: UNEsr STUCK INIOWNOFFrench 1.1..r the Internal VI..rn Warranted ol'prliur4of( U).,*..xia.Tliiy AOaIClLT'RaL V"I..T. J
    .. Economy, at is Lut thpint < Increasing Circulation positive euro. Iurely'It'lahle., no ,Inriiorato the Htum-.ch ml"I itlmnUte thftnrplJLlvrr tales on l'rl.l.al stimuli',' '
    of order applied in tliuadininiHtrationoI'diiincMtiu OILS Initial Paper Envelopes mercury minerals, .r d'lelorlol. tOltllll'l asil. tltiwrlf, suitS n>n