al was soon spnwd I Is lower that Mr.HtWM ahoner of the, a Florida puhlican If inlalurr member, 11 aa(kllld till- entirely, In your baud You have been appealed were originally granted, to v.hlch Congreu added

be believed wa a parly to the nrlmt, It In now .'hlllllla..lWllbt' Wmuleiugtuuu groiiliui rleh the vole, mil one ol Ua iuaiingi.rii lakes the baj- I Uui towu, aud I r.u birU. The repou to in U.TIIUI Lloqui'ncv hy Ui ie C'ouuiiliu.-c of thPuttricl 0,000,000 liikt year. So that to this' una private '
lot and .
INIX list inhere
keown that after JR\'AllllllCllpetJ.ho I wa* IB'UUMMlon and at a natq) well calculated loulmish the plain, to AW>poll I (Arm far In show Ixniae ling" v Itli tit nothing tiffrMitM many Jtiipli" u ho vlli 110 know aumt-tlilng a'boutthedlsiaiil an that a quarn-l was provoked, to secure tsoda Uuo, by Iht ,prom, nod by jirlyuloperaoua corporation has bcin glveu, of tbe best lands belonging

oonalderablo money whlek be vipondt| and bouiwt /pio) ot( the country. J( appears lou haU-vrr lo binder him from putting aa many Florida.1 I,!The lalNirhig' people| generally ,an apology for killing him.. lie war a Southerner Sluiko off yuur It'Umrgy and lIIaL..1I to the nation, a (territory equal to that ofrunnsyUauln
think well of cries ; bal the most ernm.ous1UiMt and (llft..I""Ie soldier,' bnt tome time 1 Ohio) combined In other
a am) ,
hivlihly. Wa ara glad to utaka ihtnw siatamvnts, the purpuMof lum bu gu| lulu Coujniui or ballots In llu' bu\ and\ .llciitluu iuiin| upon' thoIMillliodk'as the boulheni Btak ago churl tu ruite fuudt for bringing tbou liurjy eniiirprlaiug -
the and 1 elects
| Kopnbllfina tntU
joined was
hif ''.' : flt the 'end. 'of party wvrds Congress hua given to this corporation
ixuiilng flrum OB* who had been led lo rwurd' th"* poalllon nnder tin1 Onvrrnment to fill theIr wait '; threo aro ibllgenlly spruJout bv many ul' tint papn LegbJalur* In November. The Senator IIMlultert and inuch-uee Jed .SM.lca', Into ,our ,

i l'. mui'b-abusod |11eI'II.| Jackson county at community IHII-WI it l Ihc ripcn.*'of the nation, and llrunlluad dot flue inauoKeni al the county lake sv.it.th* boxe Tint immllonen tu thonimniuuloiiirs -- and also by tic IInI and landed proprlttors-r iKwIUvely aMnrtlng that about flue time of uildtt Success an aiu you It thin, proper| ctfort I.mndu. Is menus to build about 3,000 miles of railway, tobe

tiiU } .Thus I have been Id thai I am f'IIJtI lpg )h'101"pie >."0. '. death three man appeared In TollshSMeefur the private property ole few private Individuals -
off in wuik. \ bu ..
uf blood thinly annaaHlus. aiuiMig' hqmthn oLut4y.ias uro\ u 11I'"". In turn, kei-i) theta five "")1. The box /
her whk whl arriving In ronda) will 1i.
the uf The
Ilf of *t lU-publifsu "IK aiA If I hI tub MI llu protects he ha* reouivml In ounnldeii- so tin' then o|'.nil in pnmtt, wltli. Ito line J'N'II' obllnd to work the mines! Hoiu people flovernor llenL avo"ct1'J1Oll nwanVnatlug C r..T,4JIIIIIO; .-A, young men'sChristian government might as well have
eat hilt flue 'mllllll.litlilurt the road with the (It and then
( and theIr means furnished
The$ ,
lion 1IIIIIn"IIII'"II, Uu Interest hunk
hn OH us a litrgu they will lit f illud by the cHinalv. ur by Association was organirad In Jackson-
1I Tlie Hayaiinah New Is In Voles ar ouiinliid otul a return mod* t tu It It plula that there It a concerted plnn to nVgn \ have bestowed It these frw
( IE.- III at a gratuity on private
beasts & that 111
mror IblUoc.1 be Jui
I I. tone I this Pulumat also 4 utheifnuw they H r >
a iuariy| on ( apnvent ofSralr Cauvawiirt. 1J tIo.JIallut kt yule on last Tueed.t evening. A large number
and Injure this Stats Ira lawlrtt act
to Ultra iu oil to .lsvciYc'n'ie" are who rely occurs, IndivIdual Indeed that would have been
renrd bulpg detfi-tlvft 1I4.'I..oun. many npon ,
( from Uiuh it but \\ivui Atoll H Hit
,) H tJI'WUII4J"11'0 ' unit, ho llilnk, ibat II I I. amribed the Ka.I\lUI. When there. lauovlohtiifl persons
I W. are Informnt' thai my word rriy wisely a cheaper plan for onr children because I If the
ly authoritatively only tliin'u forereelinKthe m.w Tnsury lnUding\u) ll juan ( tiHkt n lint at M. 6UM'- officers elected Ja M. ,
'1' who but his In Klorid some limn must are mandfM-( .., and dif wore : Baker
) a committee of t ItS Att..nelJulI.,1 and Iso HIM It u HU .o'iulrrthiUA.' rtamne.vttMwmStA.y raitragea government hud built the road and given It awat.thebeneflrlarlet .
tutu procured. That la one In which tirant know lIttle about tha than lie.
a In mailer
way President I A. J. Russell first Vice President
A.IIl.'i rAwM (Arwu ,A lAo tint gfllwd non\ are represented at prowling throughthe ;
other pcrnum list bocu appolutud to villl\ Jnekaonam vorlant/t uf n ho w u" never of the borders of would have liecn merely a nil
1 said Otitur Jtiwlii-nki add l', Uinir wc 111110. 1 i.Mombtrt issMt. Hwwlcu or rnlblcM J. J. IMute!,second Vice President | A. M. Jones
,) cunler with and aarortat tbe even om of iho 'lye province. By (lib .new country, hooting victims (br mur- road by the plan hate
dlniNmltlon company ; adopted, they
of Co Vn,. bU bug' aad'enx iiii nother muiree Irritation
|Itoll" was
; nJu ) Uitoigunitatlon iliy. Corrfspoudlng Secretary I). V. N. Persons, Ko-
itperfrntie 1 bit bcn Hera at borne all know that these
auuviuvwi torie
'T 'bill' we -
lully ,
the pooplo, In regard lo'puforeJug 4ho law, and. If .all'utrrtUiluiton, and itt'coutret' 'tho1 tlouu ( of ue;") unlilla conii| nli, all over the State, | Itev, Fruderiek become the greate! land monopoly that tin
buuk abuul t.01( hiihwwus' blo .111'',.111 ilmi mnnulhctured lies bnt abroad cording Beoretary t Patton Trciwnrer. -
MV they are
delis'tlvMara there and the ivtuxiil of Iho Oovenjor lo iwrmlt tlmw world has wlUeiwcd.
any they aro acting on their ciurled ever
11\11I' tJIIIIII"'IU"' ..vill. IH' the l.mhioiinlile bulk,) the ImmlKntliouinrh Sweden shall li* lu .
own account." >y..wUl add\, Unit e IIOJHI 'mi ".ltrhtJ The .1.liytMHay I itt bite lo orsiilA lu a thnllar WI"1_ comimnlet a way al tlAt ntM ehararti'r of this ppupl believed, especlnlly by that deluded class who By these mormon grants, millions nf lnmllr.-
lpg can com- crml
were |juts cut ulutlkmverlnjl igetitite, and the 1't'iOtIIr, KlnrMa hnve beeji KlurateJ to hxik upon all Poothernert, OuYtn COIJF.UAS\IIS negro tcprrtcutaUTe to
will be kit' HaUkoa U 1 will tnakn II d.hribIs -
slept luiul up tutu murderers putu'the lingth'uuf lime II iin'inlnr 111I0 injoyedlladteal hut entirely weak aud lutftlcieut at military bodli I. people have leon deprived of a chanre to prnrnn

t of PirKiNMift, and we are 'ipilte stint) Iliut' !prltlleget froui the .It,. and cusl ul the *. I'Ajf Mnu/rraA-4 the irhiln ?by mnrfkuty tottit ,titt 11 rebels only. but u blood-thirsty barbarlantat the U'cUlnture, from)[". County, whq murderofl.'ffTilUutt home unless at axbort>ltunl ratet. lltvldes, tin-
Neil 1'1111.11 i'piMi to h ebb Omu.tuwhu'tu ..
the people of the county will unite earmvtly In be & Kdmimdii: pat, ilMhlif ease, tutu, rating, eatS, Mm uintiliiill wll[ I "vo r, <*In. -y. Two prnotn bYe been killed who uap- Brysu some (liuu tluce, wiu. illn- wealth and dominion conferred on 1hM (trrnlcorjioiatlous
uiaiitiuu conslnirls 'lIllllIr ( IfVUIlIUUI. a
( golilrangii| county
the ilrtttt, mM their gut r A* armnff vf I '-' (ho l>r Kvpubllcuns 'and memben of the charged Last week becaai of couie slight Irregularity
aiding to ilrU'Ol lIe orlmlimU and rnlorep th* the Birtulght almul future will leave finQnlncy, will make Uiern the ovt'rslusIoluug';
la".. ono) uf$ Die JKlsof adinlnlttratfon, Uu "11",41. hess tt* fmJitlnl, prvnil I. thus arriving ktlie toil of May Thii I bop LegliOatiue l \ \ In least ,
at Jo/en
h l line rmlilenco and. \ i; mii-liitH"ui cad rftu/fVf 'I'lx riult tinil ruling power a States. The.)
Jurt 't'IIIJlM..11I natorMorrtll | vinrdm
-- | t we hive now i M n (rood Immlirratlun vi tie untj.k-wlmintljf murdern} (from inollvet of tientiiiel( writing from )IIIIlI and, (
V /iV, twtii *OIl falsely signing t(1attires
in Ki'fCF1 ** mutt, (II gmipuu't? I* and not the Units'T> w ill choose KI-IU-
Hi llkk's tlAUAllkK BuTS of the tame Slate, )h tmlhllng B bmis of butte ; nud all Ul taunt* *1U now. 1 I'UIItIUI"'D| oiiiil and the or "
fllH AM GlIM* nit It t II". KIN*. The juinr aejtnHt mifferd .rll\rugs 'Hir"\it ij ronjn, kifling tdnwelf )ilaJiwuuun cxulU over the happy
l Wf have the May numlxf uf Uii* adinlrablu n'flal. 8 u.aa KuualuT FrUugbuy ,. 'N.J'r. lurrihl,. They wet hlpiMil, tnrnirod and IIIe sick treatment and entail o the iileawit luborci, I uh I If thvlr they du suit the othv. ,i>nc- -MxJioncr i>f ',CylumUIa.-grew torniluallou uf Uu iuuw. Uml Uryau Lll].i) the ton IB" CougrcM ; they, and not (ho nnbhiwd
get voice of
( employers th# people will clnct -
It It lint and try (in just bought 10,000: houw, ud Hcnator liitltdured by :"', U U estimated that HHJ 'of hi Tlepmicntallrrii
TnE of un-ruun Tint
only publication th* and with tk land no haul rnmon here IB put a lUflU-ulij' I 'I't waxvmiiuiltled negro ll ,ouid have bi tdlflcrent matter
biufKer line Ixd'ii kUU.il 1 sinew llu' They, and hot (tbe free State, will elect omPrwidunto.
kind Issued at the South, and especially snlbihli, West, a carpel (Kim LbuUliuia,I II lulUlnga llulr defeat at the full tioti.After tlevlluu I. the whllurI'n hwixh-n, ti |III|| liaible to destroy tlm vlfeil of IhfirLIHK ),a jMirkoa o had but, ntyVOIUH | ". "IJI.JI4t.wr

for Houthern young folks. It deserve an luiiiiclmv honte near Hpraker Hlaimt's, to to* (40,1100, ulmndoniil! attempts and tll"'ri'lillIhlll, \ 'they will svnd ltoiuiat to tU1 Hlato from PeBnylvanla, aud who .
at 1..11.111. Tint llAMT. Hr.
U their be the U UavldioH of Jacksou ThInk of a road stretching from Uuluih In tlie
rlroulation all over the Houth. If half Ih Judge Blruug ul Uio tiuprcuui CiHtrd who cam duclureil tutu, at their tillers i>f romjhstlon had Ihlllll'll'IIlhe contrary no It b
wile, WCI bnvi) >*u correctly informed, a Vclon
agent / .",1 thiw the Imman county U the happy falltur uf a uatw Iwo week'sold Pacific than },000 mllr* of rull-
wubraelng more
t good vonl pokvn by Ibo Honlhern for OB to the bench m the pluea of the lauteutedTrtuurtatt Iwa \|mruuil, they w mil it n.IIoi tune. Tbo 'll'1I.1I8. soldier during the "II& No but ,
IIIVHS 1I11fI"l MM an uascrapulout -
( who voted (to reverse tilt dccWon of Ku-KItu tujiliv* IHH-OUUI active iu all flue ,II.1Ii.'la but whloh masseuse but nine Inchi b) length way, flue property eta tlnglo coruoratlnn uwuinit ..
trumpery Northern publications of title olum w ere *>i> IM hate dillvunxl my DO IwuMiraultIn bitter umllgnanl would ascribe those
n here the ncgrues are not Lively: iu the I uafiirtunnto and Weighs only two pounds. I l'tit told, however alternate auction uf lund ur Its proceod InS
irlhuiml ,
that l Ik. I 1 '
n" wvl f Imek every
| oounlilulluiMlity Imiip roipy' tri IU lo julucv ajjln
given to Burke'* Miigarlne, ll would btv. th. majority Their' grmtrst anlufoslty 1 I. no, ,|It, i''CII"el".19 th. Kn-Kliii, or M In the
arn'etl circle of readers In Ibo South. Tint subKTillon at the: U'gul Itiuler art, has bought a costly bonse8liHiK "''led ajtaliut the ten nhltu 11I"11I I" ftl'ci'tt&'loMt'tt 'I'liui hoie| uhe with you IB the 1.' lnnlaF .. t remote! degree connirted With party.'that 'to be wry pretty, very vivacious and cheerful, belt at eighty miles wide, nearly the w hole
I Ilielofirorof June Uevrf thing I. well arraiifrod wilt Mr. and can Just t yell as louil.und king oil other of the line-40 urtions or 33,800 acre to
11 ( tail |ny length
U wat apHilnted| '011111 lie \I know u lo tutu Itepuhlli'aiii. It MHMIM tn be tin ir I Isvlthtl I "
l 1 par'aunoui and J W wMi of
prick only | \Hij, I lo return MUM mantis isuwaluhi tlonm nwu apMrtng| In Tallabawir '.
purHi4i'| to murder llu1** niru Jf I ma" buiby.t the mile wllU towns anti villages owned by f the
Uurkft A ( 0., Macon are the jmbllilier/ *." luntilnlng-tbe law which makes l'y" I I fr,.ifn| at I liita pfoial d the maui kauurvra for the avowed purpose tmunlnatlng Goveraiir -
1 Hue U) rc-.Jgu heir ulUYm. At ,
I COB! oat of Hit tu III. 1I''MII I who il I Is atutod that all ur it* favorites scaU rcd along the
iwiwr. ww a large sUxkhuIrtir wWi | ) utw [In thu fkll.lhut t1.II11\, ta the Counterfellers arrested j ooqiorsUoa >
.urll"'I'Il1n. Rood
t tbe sallstlml are hint. The trnfcn Deal-
TI js. U said by tli I' )lsco; rVfyr f\ MvutPb. lu a curiNimtinn. heavily Intitule.! ) In Inn'Ing, the I' to vote ebb nlilpplnc" until hat hcrv i Ip 8*.len At tlio, end of July utterly very and now confined In Furntndlna jail, an to bo I road, and the great Korkholder ntling Its affairs
promise never another
they llndlral,
ftr, and we heartily undone every word 't W Itr forniur ducUlon of the ('lIurllll'.t.1I1H1| Omul I ticket.lhavi.uokeu. i Now hi thfriuiti tupnuh the inttter.V. hop ly iHiqiiiM of the Mtrbood and ws conjnilnliitB suit tu the Pry Toriugas lute aa/b/ keeping until renldiug lu Ibwton and New Yojk-and we may
.- | elortedjhlm lo hurt kUriil 11M lmiul ratlnn In Ibo HKBI war list i>tape on this much VylJom-e of'i ft'lfl1llnlf' ; lua uuurl ntaelt. They will probably sail ua the (
NEIlIlO RADICAL : lo aid In tItle Ituilh al srhvuie llov, I of white man and HTKM, lu I i aud (from look tot liberal awi II' lirvvnuu Cutter Nauwniond ,.I' *. have some IJi* of ut hat thu JXatOMca Pacific Inlo
Kv.J'.I.n J1 lblll.'J.'fb.Nubnlo stead uf Uui uuuw uf' juliUcul because yupiul| we a t>'1111I of Jd>lIce nil (U |>arL ;V nlay.r ***, 131 |
I'nian it Ameriran says that tat tk* ?MeCurnili, delegate from Arl/ous, bus bought iim uuug<'lically |iury| Jlucs, are rate piullim lines, lu I liiioo ant10) uuuv frutiully nxrulluu, with --seltlsttONLtuoJoba -- -. be. and what chance tn political |*uuioliou

"municipal election In IndlaouHU on IheSjlost I }0''l'41' j t'nuttor PeiiUiu bus leam on I." Mouth Carulliia ; fit w hllo men make one party, I 11 hlrbyoarorttslu. last be Lcutuur dealt' hut 1 bur |irvmliul I hL )artl.. toallawagooimty Ku Kirx.- IIIIY lo
.. and the ..lInll1'I'ho numlier of mntrymen w honestly I of}'lIlrtl made a sptx-ch to ilia working uf tare If tie dared teck to restrict rtg monopoly
a nrgro nuin i ho vutad |k Dyuotratlc ". U"JrC11 ; vt hltu I and duwrn I ly ; and I know you wiN AiUI) my county, (I. U., fright- men ,

ticket wits beaten aud! eggvd'uts ba left the polli I -- 'r.- I, lut'ii to U-who worth hav Joined, thu lain J'Mnr.* being iou auiiehh I ,roUI'-- U. year or iwo there will probably i-ned oat oTht wits by the ritll of the Ku.Klux, Harrisburg, lu which he commended the meii | rutlniu lu vxix'tkint ur vtlienri oppose| Ifs *"

by a number ol negro bullle who were employ/, .M tt9 t..c ,'ws4. ', h{. irAils iiiiisnlerinr tiitn u\ art JlevuNteaMjnnH, wWy
ed by a white Itadical to do the wuik. About Hf- Title MM emma o*) (or> beariug kt tj\apnah uu j I Itlm any other uuititi thus fintlfir/ < ', otiS trill a Ii ly ban resign limn htt Ihnrnt.oilier, at Yet i If hav 1 hare found been already.1K'Ct..IIJ of hotter aunt ty him I 14, and publIshed tn tbe was calculated to entourage the recumnt miners, No section of the country Is mgre anxious than

Loch oth r negro uiiui, who lutendod voliuglhfUemocrallo I Ida lust, bvfiirt th. U. 8.() *all C'wrl Jus- 'fete hif/My hoiiuralitt WW/I/""'/ ,tv JVorfAiTH waiwAa I'' In my latutif n>r the culonUatlou/ of new, I Wlnuboro' .Vnw, whereupon hits Philadelphia Ktnii (Ytjr taut, J the South to clear away war Issue fur the sake

(I tIthel \11 drterrwl from gohijr lo Hot l4ut4ti.Wrpf, lua SUI.n'" (fltr&'%11I't'.hllllil.I' Thvlivllnguf*.w .ww ktrt Uio an hliv.,.*. ...,'',*.,. I try w lib in! lucent stud tndiit.trloui uiy aol king'IIflII'I\inu t- I "Mr. niilor pleaw eiu-nd thIs, N'otlc to the a sprightly and Independent lirpxibllnn duet of Its own pence. But no suction 1 ii nitwit Inter

the polls by Uili cxblbitkiu uf Ku Klu ruffian (thi':;bJ)otk'U o Oik .tjt' biUlf lrld vuloide o|' after thu vlupliuii but M ; it bos men U'was grow bluer tug enough. orsr i pie, I will M that I have done my ditty ; and I IIb.u (tlnt of rVlrnXd county thai I thh Day bas deciaresthewrfterotha.pouchitobea"sc'csin. < ctteil these same tlitn the war Northwest lenirs and clearing In throwing the uvetbeuri deck fur

S ." Had title ucrurred in a Boutbimi city to I I I11I Uiu 8t leyf}' ,ddlt,'u',tlin,Atlornvya fur ,ftc In- ever UIIClf. linos fiiuud thaf the ucw LegUla- i uf htuuj tin|, U 10..uillul live on traits my u,1lull owl pUcs rr* oi In'lorl-(heuiklut I ku tendered oumbmit my lo Kodiftialiiui lh. uflUi counteouiuii and 1 am BO Lourar lou. ts drel" and the Oovarnor a fuor for uttering It i the great struegles uf tlia tutu* with these mooilcr 4

a Itadlcal negro, it ,'ouhllloVII been held a sufficient teens) ImproveuMinl Bourd, JustIce, Braillcy or- lure Ib"lIllII, w Uch met, In. the Inter, was nmra tiirrupl I'' da and nutMuidud by toy old cuiuln nll.IIIb.." I I April tlt. :. 'Tt. Jwu )l. )UKTIX"We The same paper adds : No such deniagogue munupullu. to prevent them from HtabtUh-

t fauna lo have called for mllllttrt inter1r!) tiered thai the matl-r) Im irt fit tearing at. Jii') 'ksonrlllu II'II''me. that!n..IUl.r.It was \lo LcadlnK wI.I'ln"'lCulll'lehlllll.1 Kepuhliiaiislieiv, working IV pnMDvriMU future( of ttiefruew flilhfrtand Invite, says f Savaajua HcpMlout, thus ought torite.iurvTrfftbiriManyvnAuNfAAii'' lag on thin COB linen t *Jntelllgtac grand fcudal)chivalry syteia, with
| itch honor
coce It shows that the negro, I It nut to lust t4.I PD T IU'I.lbtll1exll 7Wk t tu|, ; \\/tIIlIj.ItI. Khjlay of( tie I U4 luombvrs ol Uu. \mirt truly.i I II I attention of our Northern (Mantis to IhU ciue.- If a SoutbrtB newfpnper should use such lau.fuagv based nolIUty uoou ,rorrupttufl, a were Biujhrour ot

I lowed to vote the Democratic 111"1'1111 the iVirih M*. JinuiuH: LAW Ton'' uuhj1 i| ,UMIIM.KIIJuO ) I 1 ii 1 uf Uiu 31 fccuntoriw Ill'jI.*.-. i ..' .. .-...-W.. .AUna. ..1I..lIxM... Martin b a Mr tiwdmeo, of a Una Hajority of as this toward tie nkkny Rudlcal scoun- money.
I" tours luau 'lu Ibo South. Thn Kudlcalu do PQ&-. 'i.. H. i1isuua.iiupuuustru4hjr: VOM, Many l'tlU'% not reader v. rile The)' nfirroi', w'Tin ,IIIIIIIIIUI" J. 11 Ilur4oa KUcal oaca-holdn la the Houliieni 5hstce, lint drrln" who ire continually melting strife between --
any 1ek .
Uuorant.I 01 alt the 'nnu."fh'CL.I..llolI.rnlll hat e a Ihl aanwer to the u/MWioa : ouiklniit the Aibstltatlon of T Cv an l, by wine
I' not Intend that Iho negro thsll exercise the rluhlof and Uewi. I'A" and PlULItil, and Attorneylieueral I ikuil but huts Imrm but ll not! been fof k n t 'now Alhinu, (lit 'nai s l lu raklug| ol !An'y'a niM-h fullu t u> be drhitii out ul oftlui by the capital am) labor lu the Bomb, It would 1 be I Incorrigible By typo a contermvirary I ts made tn ail

freeman In the matter of voting Dill:w fur: the Board, w lull. mcmU'i" v I h CIIIKIX.lad IIliNCIIIIIIIJ\III'' "1"11.mid \ know nutting IIllk'tiur II'' I ,Klul.lV'llluclKxtwo: 1 low bitt., would straightway cited at proof of i dUloyal uptrit (ru Tertfaw a rellirKxu hook nnder the fuulToral till

they he toleratH at the Nnrlb voting the KnKlui of Tight nfVmil Time"


-, -. ___ .
-- r
'- ? = -- -- ---- us- -.- _,. ---, _

u- w..' .




- -,: !I. Tlii resolutIon, wUliliwon d\'n<;; ;nt; 1 1I r -, --' t -

BY TELEGRAPH. I1ly ffet were l fliVOtlhl7 ?tX4TI'thnod : ICE ICE ICE.ggsaS&a : CORN

.11,1w. ..lopti/l Thr < ',n\m' _. -- .-.- -
lion I II In ,
KOItEIOX >EW8.I.UMMI.X tnllh&TlicT x !>*}'in' Om- I IMIOCLAMATION I { )
May Ii-Oolontl Uruwl kn Urnipnninlrd (IUI'OI. *. \N1))I.
slupted a .I.'k'D .a.ni I ) I I II THE CELEBRATED
C'ommandnnt o if > ,". the Ix-gUlnlure to Iniupinte the fy. |
A *Piir nf lmtwrl hive 1.ere errrtwltn\ iiroi \ t IHitllonnl : WMironcIt tlio Sinn 'a I '
t *nirat of the I'nmlinotk I" fit"Illlo lnirrii f flif' |1lbl. 3VE7ST Will 0-A.n. OATS.
.\ |m tlcnrr! Ii ipprrhrndPi" ) ,) 'In huh ili-U upon Miy pretext ,.*vV loitiuijiil U. BY THB GOVERNOR.Mil \\' 11.1. I.K.\\KJ\: ('KSOSVII.I.F.KIY( ( nil "
fbe NatmnAl ".'IAU..ns lire 1Ilnnlu", tit ,im lion l,w, M I' t prtt'-Al *holi0. (frattds. "I I 1 \ |>1\ KHMStit: tii'pl"K| >t Billion I tie- agnolia Ham !r
llnmt'i .''"11011, which ratmt diwnnrafuiinrnt I Ttie I'mnmlttM- "m tah'tltf.' .1.R. I 1_.. J .1"0_' bn rlMl,1I too ,
1:11'1 Mtnniii I KM HYKD I : 'ti\ 1I1'I"'u.r New fir
the kit jee. > i uh. VIf.
""'on, the Cnrnmaabit* I iu { ''' JI.ll
(;". luleai.luM U larnpabla of activity In eon rrrtirt of Its 1.loW.. em""lylll Will pmtwt.ty '. whom Ihr.. IVrncnt nhaillt .I llowpln T ,".h..w npK| ltf *Mrp, wit. rP' ."*
nf In I '1"lt t'm 1 ( ...-. r..... t I |tppl\ will be 'kept til "iiuilnrr fur t thr .riinn S. -
tTfiinto| ilcknraa but. s airrch juat drlivi I '''Jo'r to-imirnm. "! toil flimnriulrrlonm mud uliui l u'r the publli In C lixlii ,il h' suit '.t.ill, .1 l 4100 bushels Corn and 250
., Jierxproaac* roIl ,It'ncl In Uir luturr ttrfilum 'lr ptprrlod to mult (bun In nl'U..1 ItV.REA. The tint '.11.t lnliire andeS MT I, low niturr. bushels Oats.
..f J'rtrtc nwl lulhitminviiiof. thrfiltnnmnr -.- & "Ir'hiutipe a ,,111'0 k-it "I"'U "ii Sit, till,
foimltuilon of ['. of
\ 1 the 'Idh'! -IFlorida
Wi rt. 'V'V r L SONwr'UlJ.:11'
K.r ,1.! LOW TUft CA/Ml/ l b
J.ls. U'.h 4'4>niiiiU'''en.W ,. '. .'' 10.. rMty
.V \ i "illlea ,ilivputi tys that thi Inhlrgvuhttstsr. ( (' May 1 1 -"'Tr1hnm, MtahcUK did. In due form, M two-third mlr I .((411 lor Tukpt. cetu ,it' hold \I M' StunMiy -, It W-lm l) 'MO A. *.%.
.' nnnlilio' | rr|',ir their workc and will prolm-, tnt.UHI"the treaty. Tb Alahnin el'nl p utv the meuibrra '!*ted to each .or the two House.. "1 445''Irl I H. 'III" s:. l : ; nnmtniit <>ini.iilt| 'ut'ti' tilstu\'' |1I1\"iIHIF: I I I IIAM I I-. win.'licnn

lilt .IIt/JIJ.'lln. tk-foal tbr .VrMallUaM by I Mronx.iltiiflc referral tn five irbltraior*-UM Kxeciitlm: atEnghtutd. propose and agree to rcruln Auii'DilmrnK to taldCoa nut In'I -i40il ll.%. anv llnin I I t n, >>si' 'I" ,/.
: 1 hi Mnynr nf K. ha.* tefn arrmlrd tltutloi, and did raair ibt b. entered Tax Sale.
y lIrr.zhlSwitecrlaadItsly.tad! the Col- Mine to Notice (for Proposals. City
t Unrlll In Hfliliilun, t., Ii" ilral.i'btaa" ..S'7fl'u' ) HtHUtS) In- will kiv aiinnplotp
i'lotiurl hAIl U'ln en rout w |
Mil buiud, each naming one-laU III (hnevs- on UM ruperUtt jourualu' thereof with the yea and
.x. Ward .I bulk the 'ltli COL.NTT CDHMIMMlUNKHM or U'AIS i>tt"'k of |1)1' .iiilhrtrlty of the ordlnmtr of Ihfl ('11, i.f
Uio arlillralan
ofmukinar ( taken tnere n, and Jt J refer thf to the
hip Emix-mr. M'illlam $U uliihUy) tmlTto.ei1.' rutnbfmli nilfn She lt nay lame 1 ro."ty slit rviflr* "_"' rropowla Cur T>ll.u..., I u".n levied upon and wIll ex1'ixo -
li.-HlrJnx Frrderi.-k illlamIlirvhi'l. only wljimtmont. Lejflnhuiira, ehoavk at the general eloctlua now but the ;1'iirrhnir or" .ull..I, ''''' of I titus foi, > I oim fur laid, before the Court tlouie emir In Midi
Ionium. May board of n h pant and did -.mniT th Mime I* lie published ,iu I) Poor ..".. tnlil tin l\.t > > "I ti tutu 1
of the Antrnrnnner CHOICE PAMILr GROCERIES
I HIP otil)) 'nil one by the IVnWenl and tIr t\\ir"m hy IJi-d taw, for thr.' innnlk. V Peel ill,. to two liiiiitlrnl ""r..lu i 101,1", .> '"' ,lilt MONDAY, 11111 PISTIl lilY ti? JUNB, W7I, .thefusttowing
> ky
.1..1. acuil :3.YIUALU5. two-.Ill meet atr*>"'/ and finish th' pro pmlon "llhln the nill.f T .1I..t...". ,. ilmu-rtbed property, 'Met wllkln the {...
)1 fa r t*- -Tb Oomnuj' bnt $1'lnl| ) nilr of ucutnl obllgauon are election TropoMl will .utr porite liaiiu uf salt "Mr' ,or .<> much thereof *" will
u'rl maintain' I t.-rrlflc lire upon tli) rami!arUofl'itrii. .or' "n.| > A in Wnimn, Tinl..,,i.l.iturr iboetn al ".'helrefl..n I.I 1 b.' nmnl.fr of ..'r.. \VKifli ho will gtmriinln !1,1, SEFJ. .'i'-- l.l\V) ,- .uu !in-, ,' ill the| trnilr, pT II" .*. die IU.Tr.ni Pie Ihn tear* I'UI. .\
and the fnruHenUotia ore Mill lirM\ 1 1w .. !'il mil, ilrHfrlplrou I \ -', i I-"ii'Si sad IW. tu-wh
nimtral natinn tttiw Tbla l.orallly "
111 II dull] "Ihf Mty of I > t wlt the iccund 1 LfKifhlurr andeftali \t*, Viy-Jl ;\I) V2
l i un' Lotr.7', N A-Uifii fin '
the piwrlptlonoflniiiroMin.nl'
Inturgrnta.IxwiKir tH1lfCiir the haUling and fitting all 'U'lhtt'Oprupertyof
I ) OnnMltuflnn, ,;ly a iwxvlklrda |"- of
." VatiTrm "laleb 1''I'hl W
May 11." wn Intended 4th Ii Prkv \'rt aura U. Ciii's .utn.
rapfurrd hy the VrnnUH, wn- .idtqusntIv 1 out or CII of .ltb nhlcb to It'mlkl'Wt l Uatl the mcnbto elected to etch Ifntit* therivf a ur>At Vh Trr"o..t..lel.lh'1 'HIHK. m' LnnHy I ', Lot "tiLl, (1 P-late* toy IW, 'Tft-i,>mnyInuofj. | ci.
ulurod by thu CommUDlM. Tliu fort' la illI I 1"'n| to. mined and eonllrnird tbr foMmrlDK ol. s.iIduui'nttntenti. or.lrr ol the IWd K. ('.mrlx-ll. .
< .' l aoer aScofiudj PC to wit I II KI:,>U .\RI'$. Lot ITU, HI, IN, in, 170, N AMUtat ,M,
I i'I'I I..t" >ltlhnlllivli M tXniiit) Urtk, 1111, T ) pMM| >rtr of F. KppM.Pin .
I ltwi.| ha. nut wne i I" Veiiilln, bul r"IIII"M : In permit aiu-li v N-ucla to inter "I" for .Um L"I. .... of lot HU, o I' ; lulu I IV M, V, tn .\'-.,.
.uli,ldc-iif 1'ari. havlnir rnti-rril, flit. 'IW, 11' TOiiiuprrty uf I II. B. "II..' muili-.
| or IK the alary orl"c Oov.rbllr..t the SI lile kill I lr i'Eorxii1): : :
S'ini' rxcltrmcnt nceurrnl In the VcritIiittIIh1Y !! rf.in.' munltuo.! < l.pple. II. HATS HATS Curt "dllt I in, I op-'lux for '". ''fl'i '7i.jnilunnnnt '
t-d.n'. Tlitun,. ..n.>sb.l IrrlUtml.ilninnikil It I"rt three thouMiid fl\e bnndrred dillies |1'1" nnum, "._,' ibonuit 'Air ImprnTement on aid'1
the U nulioii in nw
ditty *
\ a 'o'iuof ixinlMeiicr, irhlch. rffitt*. Tbll alkll onl tie nf anrnftln thaI .( each| Justice lbei>uprinil.uurl plush IM & ",nlk |rM-rly, | "f Mr* II. W. Haywunl.,
'", 11\.110 10 In fnynpl.fThIcN.I. ( *n. vlr.l.t tbpcetbouasnddnlhsret: thntofeei'bjuuih.ftheClr'Court Draper I.... 4:V i iffoiliinh lot I'II VV.\-\\". f.ir W.
utitlvntiiina iii auy uf tie I.'r. "Bit" IU" 7111..r."J of .'.,'111{.'. .tal..
Mitv I 14. Thu Jomiiiunl clnlui vlr
I'Mil-! l .. Mill push br to llioiiwuil fit e unmlred dot
Tim ,ln"rJII irjnrllnfr t. !' "f' In iust N, .lttk-h Lou I fl, I 178, N A ,tart or lot M' (> P-Uira li>rIH
tin a
anil di-iiv' th'' nf Inr the i.fl '
in lurrvmx-a
lot reimtli I IMiljii \ N..m"" The fi'hericsrrpt rtvi'r coil .lmll. an open and dollar: thai of the1 1 I.1. dotrnior shall be tlhundnil \i. huts 9. *7. 't;, NS .|r-tiTMHir 'iW-iirnp.-rt) of
l'i ill Vgnrs Ui LBI-II "-'ktu by flmCninuiiuiiam I SPRING and SUMMER
alike to tin1 clll/fiii of ulthrr Tlir tree iloll.tr, mil! 1 h. -ln.ll rut cit.. thr *am' A B. Wunirrr
at Ihu point of the bn)onet. In hued II. rnnll the Imr ..10 Uli, JIi. |I''t of lot 1:11 I: S .\-tits. foi 'Id,
A ''1'II11' I'n *gen"'lItI1Ok place aMitndl Iraolol giMMl I mlU-oiir M nn'iuborof thi' 1"1.1"! ,iur. I'm pjof \ IW 1. 'lO-pniprrt; } .sf John Rh.I l. .' ralitli, .
I l- v. ninl, the ComniimUl" .1..111I10 harr maptunil treaty lustS U.ten yr-an I untli'itUKMl thai' niruibnr of ne Ui.-4'liuureihall'. b.. .> per dleia GOODS The Largest Stock of HATS ever Brought to this Market LoI'\I.1CI.1I.1"1 1 T.I\'IIYI..IIt'.III.otJ.IIII.\4S( ; A-
) "
WAIDJITON. 1h11 I IIUM fur 'eli', 'Uli', ';o ol II. W \\ .tlllim,
the Iturk nf l iy Ilic .nb.rlunht1 nrl"pl"of tinititirnfw' l'"in- .," b* lived by hisP.r ....11I..) stud ..ti'ndan-u4, ..I.. '

of T..r..llllliallllOre Port iUUIot and viilliug conccutratlng truneuiM troop iu fixiut hi mi"., _I. Wanhlnglon' t hear liiinunj, aid In "ajilliion thin to, i,'" edits |I"ot nilliflM- 01' .u.., .HI.UtI: ,A.SU .UU ,::11I& OK l KVKKY' ; STYLE & ,VAIUKTY LntaWt.tttl, hllir nt hit I 114., N A-i ." fur 'dO i .
Tbc Mvnnte on Foreign IttUUnnirrportcd traiillnK eiptu*' o>r rack udla from thoir resist' -prniwrty of J. II AUIi.ii II'III.
II"- Uoli Do UoTonc. tlip Cummil' t-tamlnln' Hip treaty, In pliuri" of n'.idi-miIt t tiniplt.il, trllnnil.il I I.) rail Mft.l !.* Tli.m.Mit Lou A, Jo. JU, :.HI, ..1, NI, ID 'Ir -I." lur '0:!,

Ire Tlii're tu-duy waa a, tuarp fnxllmlo' about Kurt B15C0 sail l after appointing. "N.mmllM, ti> '.|nalljih' the .III'rl..1 "''''11:111'.",.. itt,I ihuMino to return .1 tf FROM TEN CENTS UP TO TEN DOLLARS In price, 70 l'I\rlor'1""I.'rl.r lot II:.. C'\l1''I'. ,\. llrymi,,. for. 'tt','71J-.siulj amount

Victor" Si haul".tier hn bcn amtti-il, the prpinaturv ptililU irtlmi rI'lhl''I ailjonnifiltn all olbkroinnmol' Hi, 9iilr .hall .In- "'..hI bfiin : ...*.'. tbnnunt hit ItiipmtKiiiuul "U ii.ltttt.ilkpruperly .

LONDON, Mar 11-Tuu $1..1\l1".I..f lhi eve MnmUy.llovernor. tie, t.cIr dlutu fixed L b> 1.1..t Vi.UnH'luri,( entail DICKSON'SCelebrat .\1'' ..llrrp.l, lor-.I|(' lit I 11".1:1111'1'l : > | A SlIOK I i : i I'Ml'OUIl'M I 1 1 of of I. M., III4 X ('o .
Heart of In n lit 1uita M.4 11.11. 7,oC slit". dlI."n "r hot 5.;. N it' 0\
1'11 f ;
11..n" '
,/, bun n (llxjuucli, awning that the C'omniu hurlercointtlt' lnwca U( .wnf e y. )t .
< .
l !
1"jI.IIIIrr ltrgu4 CAIIII..1.1"11| I h. for Its -"MIII'PlT." of A, and I It. HHJunrw*
nisi Iwrc" are only twelve thoumind) alrvnir, SUhI,! tor, injury ill't ,' \'" AKTU l.K: II d Cotton Sweeps D. B. MEGINNISS. Jr.Ttausuuspp I.III'J'.JI'.OI'' la\r r.r, w' .ittiirnperty; "r l Hub
Wrnulllci ttmld, Intii Pnrk Inlit'I.IIrlnj .
lhai' Mir nrniy p> en nil.-.1 stile
lin ollin ol LIlli'tor 1I..r.I."d I "",.I..III'r] >
I.OMIOX, May Ii.-In Uio llnuiKi of Kurd. 'rom ('..nrrllom.il tot *. N W A .!''' flir 1". 70 property of Hirli
rnnIK \i "I i if. 1hit 1 l
li IIc.III.(14, wboiber Uio, t'nlwd Stele could of IiiiiniKrillnii anIn' 'rrl.y roiipollu, ,ilt-d IIuI,', IN! JHW "' insn ..i Jm.l.: "iWi ant illib..

lijjiUlv, rai'n the nupntlnu nt nmnmratluii fur .Ktmiu>, l'oll..May tt--lluUi VMIM* mini' ol oiumlMiom u r i'I l Land "Ininngnilion I ''". i*. .' 1 1 1 n.April Loll*', (( I' u\,' rr 'tIl<; I hr.ilt.'ruy|, 1r.\. (;Ui..
\nr(. and prn"Tty| detroed( by the AJiibaina. itKOdk 'n.'.otiln dell! .ImuU.'utictwIr: ;> 'A'HTULK'III t : '& ."II Lot 'K. N', ..M 'Ir| t i\r for 'nob '7t>-propi-rtr nf
r which .
I lie ,
it.tvlll Tn".I'III' .1..11 r4 lUnlmm.Un .
1 lIe t nf the AniericiuilTnliMi Oi
Iii urnied luut were alone impomlblo>tau fur the depredation 'lilly tlif IJ'gttlttiurisiUttli, ,-. Tin tlilrlei'litUauitluuof tb. Ulh oh" I I.- .f Iliit'oii'illnllon :I 'HATS-Mens and Boys. : 0, l hiJ. I'l, I" ro "r| -I.,. for ,)|..rtipprliof ,

l-urll I hilt( \
I' tirirhy iiriirnlMAinicLK
or the Aluliamn/ and kindred rtilp*, nnd COTTo( iN )I.ItK'r: Lot M, N W \ IUM for 1H, 'I-I''rortf'i iMlli.illanwr ,>
.;: Hint the 0"vermiiL'Utuf Great Uriuln could 1101 n. ] i i-i It 'It| .\ noii.K.Mwfoiui'; l : I ;' 'I .M .
hare legally detained the Alabama, fur llie n .. SANS \1 Mti' W.-Modorato I"'nl".I'nn,1 HituuinliLrof Krniiofthtt SuprriueCiuirl, : audbe 4\ L1 I V E L sr iitl 44-late' fur rl., ",il. |1''lworI1..r. hid 1) IIua'

; S nut urmrd *hen she Icrt Tiritlflh waters. slight middling, 13)) <' Inn inlildlini ( linn baldluf the aauii-, shall be Died liy UK.AimcLK .1".
Thu Kurl, nf Landcrdale, concnrnxt In I IeiprikMMl Ihl' view ;, UJc good ordinary, 18J c.VniiK SUMMER CLOTHING, Lot 'Jll.' 'Jia 'Jill, ill I. V A-ixMf..r'iVf, TII-
Lord ItvUuHlale.Knrl limed, linn V. pruptirty of Allrril JOHM' MUIIVl.ot
by Market I
:FW May 10.' JS fillFAT \\IUILT\-r. "" hug day by 1, -li 81, D.', .11 r-Utr* fur 'ii 1; )-I''I'.rll..r'
: (irnnvllle mid' he wanjglail, the quvntluubad. ) ( 16 \ ( b"I,' Ihe l.i nlnl Jlurc hull lisru power to .pitntrilumnlattoni Charles Kent.

,'s& been Mii'd, an it jfsve him lilt opi.rtimity oltnllnj ( lhldUIII." 1I"od., May IS.0-1.le t"cloaod(, liiiojiintplniiiN for mlllng 'hula tIn Buprenn Court B A. IIUI'KI'.. DRUGGIST Half nf .lot .IM I. N A-WIM for ins, .U-pruvri,
*! that, the lItJnllmrnlmlldo at Waalilnetnn KII..II. the leash hear isiS determine Aprilfi, :U ,
I, T| W n 0, Mln, 13,000 balm. Judge (fuf Court In < Lurliiila May.
had hut Inriu-d nKin| the point supposed' \"f JxirdHe .,' any tnttteri pcmlliiK, before use t."n.ln the lisle Low 'IW 171, I O 1 I' tmm for '(1'1. "TOiiroii' ) of
<| i1ulp\ "hil'lllhe Cruxn advlwr had, nut lIu"I iIts'luelmsiois .
< e" tilitnr nf Guns & Cotton Gins Repaired '
the thereof whit .h.lllt. dl..IIII.d..rdl..Ilo.t \
lh.'Jons C'liK Jnntli
I.tin ou;KualuL II* pmailauil lust liefure the TUB cI0..1 of any | : l *M, lin I.I l I'-latiM' lur 'fit', 'TO- |t-ui'| >ifyof '
in"-ni> wiurallflcd, thiira would bo ample otixirluml | Ihc ('lt.iit-MttU (South Cwnllna) Kfivnl. and nIMiwrrniiuiiiff In ascii tale frvm iulrreiti nthrr' ,muiir. AN'IAT II Kilos Uncoil

) lur u full cunhidc-ralluu of tin provUlon lilt inca ciniin'ly n'I'II.I"t. tinItadhnlis Ion Wmuui. Ibo LuKulalura v( 1 1571. jl He Lot !WI, V.U .\ t....< for W, "JIVpnirirtr ofllnnmh
h liui. III the, meantime he exproaard l regret at the wiying : "Uo m.1 have 1. 'lllir.1 Refrnlar Hew I on of thai yew, did, by Art appmtodJannary ? l.ol II, o I'-tHxr [or ml\ TO .property, uf J. 'I.,
'l ivtiirnmur ol desultory d!<|'ioidlloiia.( aslilo iniikv Time. V, 1*,71rll\hl. for thus laliiiiliwlon and IIA'I tlwuilftl.otlH.DI',
. I 'I hrra I'l nothing hit'T ft'Hil 1'nrU In main rlr ,'nll..r.! n"V'r of ild III'K iii 1111 t II' Nnrlh of "'""OIty ),,11.01 1.111)111r I l i isis'. fur 'lW-propcrtyof, U F. Situ
that bud Umnca' Ui da gno.1lmn rntilleallon, or rijvcllon Ainenilinenli by
m a party ,
I bil ''TIII Ili'li n in J. I' ( in a* APOTHECARYa iiion*
l FROM TEXAS. wirii, titTer; nerci1 \M one IhM did ''I'.* lb. people of the I!." of Florida at an election to |4*- Ally iin nl a ilUlnnit l.lmir' tin II I4niri Ij4 M, CIJ Wi, M, V>, N1...,. for 'ifl', ',11-
the be held on tbr' 4th dill of April of Mid yrar,' '171 .(wired ml their |,lm-. will |,Irani. let ll* knowIlirvniili propurlr' of Il. ii $tms'umc.l. '
true the In recoil-'
;: ,, TIIK I.milKI.ATIVK MVPPI.E. ffuni TII.I I. ,( 1Vlr" ill AXD W..".", Bald election we* duly bldand tin POM liltli i., or .5' l P rule. l.ntu M, .14 HO, W, S Alii'I |or 1", 'TIKpnip'elljof ,
'; i | Stinles. II. I' ttll.k* .V MN.-$ A. ". tilits.r.t.iila .
'd'110111I on' tuft 10th, aaya that by a resolution ollh 011111.,1 the result thereof duly rantaMi-d by the Board of AII', .::5-buii. THE OLD ESTABLISHED DRUG STAND ll.L III, III). HV, on ''I'-I.". for till', ';11-
'ff. >> llouiw1 S|>eaker Kvaiia .nmoTed by s vote Stale CanxaMen, and rertlflrd to lbs Executive i .property of J''unl HnulliillPun .

.,. of41 In 211.Ir.. Kviina took the floor aud laid: Offlc, is prt>tlded lu saM Ad lilt mentioned Ann of lou 'iti, 'Jul l fS n, 'II-In.| for lui, '10..
Tho mm, n 1m* Imued its flat-the drrrre haiuynii jptcint 3otict., "UIIL. from such eertidual that rack THE DEXTER Monroe street Tallahassee, Florida_ tiruprrtv uf Hiniijr, \\ HU.un.I .
forth, that bfcniitt I'woiiM nnt violate the ", ll.i'p..ro I.on 3ns !WI, 'Jrtl, 'Ml, -i)7! 'Ji>S, '.IMI', 510, SI t, 1\\'!,
--- - and e' of aald Auendueula nere daly rallOndaadapprqvcd N A- Stir of ,tO-hu'r'P ,...1.',
." thu huht'Ht or the ry In. -properly" J. T.
(roiislituthiii nt petty audjvlii i EtIsII: i >
;. .' iiuiiiriiy| ol. KqputilkuiK In thla Legisisture, In Leon Lodge, No, 5., 1, 6._ 0. FZff nf bllte( pi-oplu, of this, lb. said flute LIVERY STABLESAro 1111 AilMin, II"'.> on 1.| -..a Florid.
\ (nnx'tiintlnK our txiktvnL'c aud usurping thIHiuirot -u- Drugs Medioineu Points Oils Varnishes Painters Brushes [.,ils' l'TI.: i 1B.! I'M: IW, X .' ..- for TO prop.xrty .
(rgmlaiUiii for Ue, 1101O.1, of TexaH nflerHit AIM Mw '' 1 I. UABR180X Xa.JU, UoTerBor of of Rolmt 'I I. "",ro', tttM .
Itrotlirt'ii it'tiuiufaj
:Hd "f J>n.eniber next, 1 mu.t l Iro moriUced.Think .- \: are he Slat of florid. In axar4ale4 with flu rt alretm now fully equipped' situ! furulnhed with and Brushes of all descriptions. U* nI W A lanes for '7iK-uiapi'
11,110 bind the people by tile tnlirrprewulalionint 'ht(b,',will IM. a lU 'ul.. Jlecllnj *f SLKoV 'nl of auld Act but mentioned, do hereby, by Ihla, llotii
t'a wbooe pnthcIpit you Ihui Iraniiip No. R, at their Ledge HORSES k tins nt, "I" l tr. ft party dut-lare that each and etery'ofaald '
. 10DOI. my 1'.N.la..llon. I" ninl Toilrl I ( 'licinii'iilii itnd
'| i"ni. Vnu ('1111 bach ntme theHhafUofyuurimle Boom, do'elock. 5'i 't'IIiI'\. I ti.unU; : I-'HIII' Aillili'tSiiing'H| tirt' Ownl
yunr envy nnd your mallgnily, but they n.IISol I HB RT 0; Amendment, acre duly approved and ratlOM Kor laddhi or harnnea, oils aud two-horoa buttglM' lust 1.1)),, N W A- laxi's for '7i)|irupiirly 01 Lbar-,

'lull hihihiti' 1 I their iulcinlo.1 victim. For the iKno- Iun' ft, I U. S "'ii. tit\r4 for 0 ffllnliry "
shun Holler ijr propt'rty
each and of them of tbt CooitllutloB |hart of nurrouuilluK iountry on (
'r ml, miuplv thin who nn Inl In thIs movementl are every a part fI
l I.\. ,11111, 'riipulotia demuiugiu.ii' I live nothing lint Lodge ; No. 12, I,9'Or.0 : : of Ibo lisle of Flurlda.IK Time proprietor" mill ronlluura In till nil inlets, for I.on |TTilW! < M A.!..'tor <7U-friiKiy| nr
piiv. \ lulu l nr) their Imlll... I eiitrrtnln, the moot tVimni WaKHior afu.\lI'rea.1u lit I.U lIlIm. IIIIIS'Ur1'1111'18.: \i" \ MM. ''|.""it- n (CONCKNTICATKIl) ( : ) SKNCK: : nfFoMtouliiir (ItMirxn KliMlou

: |I'rolill.ullVOrII. end *mileuit. Wy huid and :: u'' thu (;ret Baal of Iii.ii. from 'his, yard ui-ur Ihu italIcs'I'EIIII Lot Irj. |5t5)" "to 'Ir| lilieS fur itt -1.rlll'11. ol
\111'1'11I fliii. the hour of jonr trltimpli: II 12T" lirutLrun arts rvtuiitdv4 H 4'tMII. .P t.TrLI 3AMA.xcA5 XrJcrI1L titian I LnkMI'nrlul -

. ;i. Ih,' hour of vour abamo and open| coufctxlun that thrr will b a 1.. .. MMtUff oS q. ('I. | g..wlubeamzedstT4i.h.ueetheCad. -rUllk' lull.| Ktalilra two iillinl| S "Mllh. east ,. lost, N W A-ia.M lot '7II-IlfOl'.rll, siChi
101. IbIs BfUwulh day of May, A. D..1811. I Liuuiliiuit.
the of Texas tbat lubnilwiou to Republican ICKLorKSKJ IX> No. HalUMlOLodge from thr C; T.tI1.h.'o. Eta. Bd"d
a Ail
.t' (Hiiple KEr.L ipltol, ash flue )l.r"I"\I > iufj.tmsusht4 linger Iu a onurulrled furiu, wblvk I I. bliihly rnriiun t> l.ol. lull.IW, 1IU, I5U, laO tbt, IKJ: !1513, ll. N A -
traurua II IqcnnaiiituDt I hUt au imth tn.iupV hans, neit Frl4i.; Kvtnlng. a I aVIocfc. 1'HAIRlltllX" ('HAS. K. .\ \ -:'. 'b. ears i>r l v.pi.li. Nervaniand MylxHboiiilrlnniltluclloii' ., nMtduihe IlhldliiiMi9irb'ralleirerril | ttiYi. for -prniH'rlv" of W U PI.KMI'trt .
I nurt the ronstitutlon. Let not the llrpubllran H. B. (roNuvm M. I i M(n; Ooriraor f'lus'ids April :"\ 'Tl aM.lyMillinery DrlillllVj ('oil.', N in>M, Av, of lot V, N W A -''" ,Ibr 'US, TU-yrupcrlr
1$ |iarty oCTn.llIIlII..r, fur this folly and niaibieM, (_'. G. Ul as, Jr...',1"r t-JoNtIUM' I. lilDIU,. . 't of Jnbu) tUokc,
'.t of this broipuiuible men'In this Iloune w1D are ---- tflXlu. HK-Hir rlfltSKRIJT!!.
lIIIIr'I. ) of i P1l JSC1 HIP I T I () NS
M In" rfprpMiilalive. in uaine only. Aucilla Encampment, No. 2, 1, 0. O.T. and Dress-Making. < (IT T. H'ollmorM.y
1 have liver fullo ed Ibr dictation of the c u1111 -o- !, 101;I Hi Im
!,, leers a OP BKiaaTAar or STtTI t -I. -- Prrpnml with Cdirry Odt'lliy, and dl>|itrh, 'Air this purpm.. 4 lull and rmiipM' ".."/11..1 ol' -.-. .
-. < ; hut, upon A mnmltiilionul question wbhb'U '''AtRUwim Are remindwl -i 7ill'd"-'I4., May I II, 181 rm. ( Mrs. LAMB

t;| In""lv..lbe lIst. I iiluwil tn observance I"nllIhp ul o1lo'IlIlIoo..r.my oath nf office rniicui, | that Shies Hill b". lUynl.r MatIng nt mat'.'' Excellency HAKIIIMIV Kran, (JoTornorSi HA.tltKTniNFII I KltoMTIIK SilK I III WI III PURE OHEMIOALS AND GENUINE DRUGS AOHESFLORIDA \ ( )

,J. amiiohilemy <.lh U) KUBtHiii the (Coiiktitiitlua At'ITT.LA ITNCAMPMK5T, !o..1 their todf thins, -In nht'illmuy to Cite .Jlr"U"o the b>*rduf ,ttttlumu'rymuitt' ',"> iiood. 200,000

ei, ol I tin, Miiti' I (Itt "- iiUo denied llie ri"blllf next T)turuUr. ,".1"1' at H 0'.111. |!t.' tauvawvn, 1 hive Ibo bduor to traninilt |01 Sinn UielalNtfitylr emmlln, $*meelr IV, wklrk Mm win*ra""4uvlM."), W jereli i.*nlor Will be krpt' fon.t uitlj, on Imii'l' 1 h, ,-tlifr with a h't'i.i.( IITo'K of ltuOolplor '
i I'liiunIn ,inxku null iiumlion' |Hirllhn In It. 'l'nn.II W.LTF1 < f b.rrwllb1UIc te of llie rcimll of the Election ouIk .IIY
ibir.iitei: alIt| roiiipel tin luenihera to abide by .1*.. .1. YOKIX, IkitlM 4lli day of April. uUliuo. under an Aol eutjilf d Dr.ler.Inipwtlon from alter a ilutuni-r to'ilay pioni4ly' | ntlrndi" d toIliinkfiil vto <3. OF roi? nr fvtlonOF

, I 111'\1 '!.lon 01 I HIP' esthetic thereon or to provlpt- Poisonous Ilesikilisirk. ."A. Act to provide fur the aubmlaalon of certain ; lor' last' favorn uliii .ullcitii, A I iiuii h nil

.11. lule. >iu b pi-tluii ux I thin mlilulfrhl ('RI1"'")' n Uli-b Tie theory that the vlriu of iiisaai eau. Iw MUolycouutrnittnl propotd Amendments to (be Coudltnilon of th. all-.- sit' pulillr; its:rilutaif.: n.rW.... HKKI: ( 'frRN lUCK: A ANIMU'S, LAND
\ | MACM
lukt nl;bl iloltrmintil tu n-movu me from Uio |I">- l rMliv U Aiit-nt lor
by dot of Ii hheind d.nsr- Mate ot t'JUllda lit the peoult thereof," approved I NEIl, a bli Ii .l.u run "llh'l> reeonmiuiil..
lit' Ihi lluiuc. r'O
uL 1"1"'II1.cr .
.111,41' To1hi t > w>.rllllolI..r a hIt It I would tall tliirnpiililultiiillnn, I of !'tu)vh'hiuui gs'iut'rislhyApril
not Innlhaaa .
"1 knu' 1 luiUntcd. Ihl "1111).1 nhfiili oat. Within th.I. yeses. J.uuniury M, 1S71.I )IAro lI'I.1'I TI.> UKI
|kiuxtl, I tin'* rauuiol' Ilia |n-opli. mid ('oimtilutlun. tcvru of rlrulfiil poljoni bate been xMwl la the I hai Mho honor to lie, \ r II, IH7t :.. 1.11 r.l.l':

::-i. ( In thin une liiiniT van the dutUlon of a hart r..pooUorl'or the medical profo .'lo I HIH'I'lll I BI I i'I'BU: I
. Lauuu uu Ihe oilier "''Ilbe Conltllutluii, wbiibf yUaa I. dealt doe, otherwise Vliey .wuilld dcaUuy Your "' seyvAuL ICECOLDI .

I II".I'\V'It II t In ul'hlllol.lId betweuo them Ha life liumeillatclr; but even ID minute qaaniltlrt, CliAatr: UJ OdTLht, '
% Ihi' hifakPr'H| ilmir. I could not hesitate u. to AMnMI" niK:
oHImalttly v rlTecuIt ,-- Board Stale (
my, rotirv My lint will bn tlint. of mm .11' all they p.ou. .r,di..nol. Soc'y .n"IIIl'r.
4, uirV who have dared to do right) Ivuiporerytluh U unwise ami UII"I"uI."I- employ, ,reinertlee I WATER. 1871. SPRING 'ANNOUNCEMENT. 0 1871- BOND HOLDERS
'ul.' mccccilnl by IB.liIlKhon"r. In this mutter powerful and Innldloui' druji, wbluh. In alA' -Mi',.Ihi- ulld.r.1jIIlt.J.' JO TMA C, iimu, Hrnieurf I SODA .

O lu.T ndMiniaruM.liitvo .erected to Uwmiwlvea a JuiallD| one dltewu, tow the tvada tit another Hill\ of(dale of Florida,(.11..11. FIMTBH, jerk '

iiHiiiunient of abuni wbich win rise higher and mot nnrounaiceablo. Nuuy of then terrible medlcunieuu of thr", luirrm| Court of (be PlUs amnwild aid Isp 1-lip

',JjJwr" hilt Im rtiaitinir year, and the tlnKtf of operate with a ininb dlreclnrx and rei* I RonHKT II. no""i.R, ToniptroHrr, of laid CWte thus -'- MI-I,,H>| JurliiKe *i i><.. mil. ....1.

,: i'. .JlII >hnl. | Ixpolnlfil' at them tiblthennever tnlnty upon the causes of dlneaint A Ho teltL>r'i lutli-r linvlnubieu dc.lnntcd III 'thiialwcur* of thus .>,. lhe lrn"unla A 4irsirijlul flail
tin' !. 1) C. WILSON( ) ,J H. & (CO.) Ii.md ....., ...... .deulil
< Htomwh Bitters, aud .corrri'th r, vlAunnngtf / 4 I Attornry Icnrral a* aulhoryed| l.y 10"rllll.lllu. I .1. '
1 Nniihilr 1 111. i-lii.It.ll'i.nker, | by' a vote of 44 I "ul Tin- "dillllI'ul., r'f'n..IinJ.' 1I1I,11".I1h1'ul, ..... unit < .up.ai.. .
i. to :m'. '"w't' j Ity/mUi ntiniU_... Arioultand I I thiK the IIfI' MM* 'I'.."'*'., In and hut said ,

nice a its ii fire nt Ilryan, Toast, yesterday, 'ul.I..r given for IntermltUulaj; bromide ofpotwiulm HUM, nf Florida do twreuy curlir)' that wit unit abflrti BEVERAGEs'iNsiiriAiiY --- .-- -
which ihiilrojiidou* Wuck building, eomUliiiI ro nerrcn ilUorden | strychnine and, offlc nf Ihe tfmtorj of Slits .",Mllld. at the .

,, in purl', nf tuehc morel. Tb.hs kesllmaled prussia SelL for (pascal dehlllty I In,t rtoua CapltuI) tli.a City of TilUhutetHt, on tie nlleeiiib '
) ; ) \ lir
.,. I nl nun'lor liiindrrd thnu and tud ninety dnlutr thousand. lUilIiinIniiriil ruria, for liter complalul ; preparMiona'o( day uf May, A. I>. ou. thonwud el IKIt' |hundred and Dress ( nods Choice ulylrx. 1| JiU.l U It i 'ii., ."ul.d t by phuiifiiit Ituitl

,s tiny chloroform suit olIQOlur aleepliwneu; and. )U aeventyone pnniwut, ID lie everal adjouruliientaui ) K'tutu( ( ,ill' hy Bi'coit'l Morlcu|;( ou Ihu Kon.lwa) ,

LATEST FOREIGN NKVYUIxmnoN thus deadly drit Iot ounpart, u ipodflca fur ihown |,y tbr neerO. and, prnimrded, tn CanvuM Until 0 O'clock, u.I''', Knoii him, anil 1 VAI"II'| iiii>'',' lii'trliif dull, '
ItihhUIIH \ ; A.'III.I Com I ), mA Ullluii due Jul J Uinic
May 13.-Hiecial| dbpatch from the dUoaeu* above iuuincratej with that wbolome the ltiitrD4. fo'r" Bpei-Ul Elertlon held In liii I BUI' rOm.'CtaLD' '5 'l'rimminJ.H, ) ( \fi' I low ,piwt isis i mil lucre tirIng' n. areu'eta for Ilii'lrU

I'nrli say Unit a levy en inusae ii ei| cct l vegetable luv joraot and altgnttlri, vlilk they albreaald on ttw ftnirib "J ut April, la tt<- Jri-ar.of f' Isymiiutilt IlUsihit the IIJUWI', ..,. 01' lulL fi-usualulus
; (len t i (tlrrlcrl IKTOUIM grnerahiwlmo. are all pernicious that U I I.aaloobUaii say phyil- Lord Ik'iUMud ijbt hanilred and levi-ul). hue kuaiU ol Iliu uuilurolMiiifil .ui.t..4iira ol U I II
1 hu (Commune male n demand] on the Bunk dl.bolt. takt the n.]Miii.lblUly of pnrrlhln I I'bel. out one, the Mine bring the tnt Tut-tduy .101.aUCIlb. V'poni' |II") V i'uti'iit It's'iui'rg Si"In % mHpl'in, : ( oCJth., til /IWllld" )JlI'i"/t, pail 1I.IlaIl.. (' ', mill, Joliii t: f'IJ"hor.IIII, ,' TriHti-m nl

,lrtu' of .u Art rnllllud ""\1'110 I'oniilnin nitliFreah I t- I .. ".on'I'"n111'...) JUoii, tn llm iiuIs-ue
Thf Blues lattice thug ron to hiS polnoni. The relief provldifor the nulmiUiMoii of cvruln ,proinMuidAmendmi : if .>,M,1| lloiiil aimS, 1 Ciii.: lotus, lli.il ulil I mil-, aflrruliiu

The lUriiture. of Ilio 'J' l..'" of tIi.. Tnll rii., lbey will etherhentrrow ac urie ftf I."m. .itl 10 the ( aiinhullii| of thr, mm of and Genuine Fruit! Syrups, I llr.l tlin o rulutlvu rocliunllleU' pilcr nuil of tun r<< ippriilimt dlllirt'Ul" Uui'li.tin tolUilUi

r.oune( and KJyaeo were taken and told toduy.Tlirciilutnn'Vendoine apeclflt, will reudtf lolO t 111* u.J el'| "- Florida to llm |. Kill Manila ritloiu rufi-rred to, quite nuin.euuiMajeda, ll$7I. ; f 'I,. o. wix-sor-r: : arr. cL1at'ut oo. iifudtliu tin" mp ictl,. 'Hlu.., ulld >i I lie MiiirIIUH
), Yi-nahi!! Ucputrh tayt that fifty riioumndtn tIle In niukvtliu ixuiiuful' iiruK4tu iuiul l ii" ill (biMiUluiiilluli '
W* do kr*"y e f Ufy hew lbs IMurui sin M. LIVELY.A 4anuung
iiiin4it bt anti, lll MARRIAGE GUIDE l theIr' ninl l'lr.ll'tuI.k .of Uonilf an.I C"upmi' will I''" uttiIttitiItt'uI'
>oKi nri enu> Ucnnain 1\ tin oBli'r of thi Hecmwry uf Put alurextld, that pi II IH :.7 w/'lvisl tasrge v his' hnj.l" .l will Bmi.lf mil < nii|1.iwnllalil '
9 i Uiv, r'ruuiprn-ii.l I> U a, Kiiiiid attack
Join iiuay XVERT ONE: HIS OWS ,
111R the whole nunilier" of volrccantI'pnn prh i iI i-it I
a oil 1',111., A prtMle lutrartor for murrlvd' ) peraona I'U I GOODS I r./'ral.,1/ ." Will I Ul >"I"'|l' III ".- 'IT! "I
lb. Amradment TlioiManlI'pon AND
|I'. HI., May 1-1 -A ipimii| >il attempt Man boot to be married, lull mal;and r.Ue. ... wu SPRINC r u .."..k. .ii.ii..i..liiit, JU.T 1 TMIHIi. IWI.
IIIB'' to mutjir U |iiibro U. A Ktrangrr. on thlnf coneerohif d1. phytlolocy' t" ...of 'due 1111)111', ((4Uu.) mil coBlluuu hum, >I.u .I.! ) until ui.Iulhetissit' -
H hunt a 1'IJ'olv" 1\ ua found aoknl (ir the OCD- our "'dl trMeni, and "oU'1Iu...pmru. \this Second Amenijiaeut wa Fiti Th'u, .iid Quinine I Ill MliL.li INI fotiti'l All Mot, 'll'inil, Hold-' in. .|in4ti.O t,,.' tip' 10''
i-,.1. mid iiuirnled| with the untlnel iimn| rtfit' lon oll.ID.IncludIng dl..u..I.M M f fitf Ob4'l" 1'j j ,I I F. I luity nil will 4i,. "Kin' r In |>""oii ,* by |tnI ,, iiI.
Thv sentinel killed tile bro. In lbs kDicllib iNnxuaKe, by tot IllltUnl "ll' I'LlU'' -U "lliJ\| t''lilir .\i|(')it Ul,
'id it'shiuLtituti'' : Ibe-Tblrd) Amtadmnt .
a I PIi TI.o.,1111I.11. .
line ulu.V l. and It ,
I. flilj
II. really a < > n i tt \i| ''I I !I' ff'
' etraiiKUi hilt Ui"( lM\pnel ; c U\iJ.work..' It It wrlltafl ki ph>la bnir *Ka Il ( .". and III. ( ,l l I. ,rlcilut St. 0'11'11. ahikit shows "'
ri hllnj "
ri" | Eraeral miter.and 1.lllo.trolell| wltaaawurouneBKratlnii. I' mn the Fourth Amendnu-nt wu Tour Thnunind \I. thWle \
Ih.tj ,... ufa4J. IHIWll iug. The Iis' All yoong innrrlvd nuoplc, or IbnMcunUiBUUtlnK | Mil, Hundred and Twelve fvDi.:i'fiVs .\ft.irtTTri.i: r: ; -. I .Halo.' f April ft, tit( -"
teals t-nmniandi-r I..nlnnlollIIrmllllltlit, of the, m.rr1(' and a..lni the Iraat Irapwllinest (H.IIII'poa ) IN EVERY PATTERN.
iiorthtru ouck-iu nf I'urU to married W,.b/ld reaP, this book the Fifth AO'rbda.nTbnllllllill' \ ,
.) News .|>t-cliil report" a naval exwilMt |t Anttbll 11 dlirluua >e
vUdutt, aud out lD,urjnit junlioar funk r. and sot wills lie,about stiLl t II"the"U a bate book lust It Pluol will! b be. tent hot kit to tb,w"el. lUwtM-r' ol vole Inst's' M, I.II 1.:1.1.'CHOUGOGUE. HI.KAClIKh: I MIP.KTINfUj$ ; I AN1 I ) KlllimNOS.' i ; l.v I ll.w,. \,\ .r ym-J

>'iAy Ihnuuju! trotipi M Ul crmui the MM lit an up? adilrna OB rerelpl ol. 90 units. AddruM IirI For Ibr Ftr t .4,,.ndell" WM F.
iiiuut t" miutoiuo hits, trialS( otcup: ) log IVMiJQtfft I WM. YUCNU. N.. tl6 PietIes| Hinwt alxive 1'iiunk, I and, fin, PUT.I". ')) I' (:'Al/fC'OKS( : nil iiinlili| ",'.' |ial (t'l'Iib,
nut Ilillaiuniirt., IL-4iii |
i 1'I..d.IIhln. JNoy.jIJ fccevnd. AunmJiumk Went
the 'rhOlu..4JIIIL
f Fur wu S

A special| nndrr In UK lkiml Tektnapli)" iikt ..dn,.,*lUutarvoxinnlwMiiiW ll. ..*_|11.|' IU"*" .*" "t4.r4lIu, ,". p nHOHnrrrWi: ( SIIKKTINMiS; ( ( OTIOS) ( .\ |IiI J-:>.\

hats rnlll I'Inllh"I\'iIIL'. ,1 F"i Ik* Third Aw.*diui.'iit sat Four Thouuud ai,. .
Hams r
.\ pcrnmncr.l cnort niarllnl ha* lawn nUibllJir'l White Sugar-Cured .lUailred s.uu4) Lhglutya.vsp,14tiaui.r ( (I 't.tI4J'J : (J"I e/% 'O'I'IJ. ," !
In 1'nria. The V'rmljl.u bav uUI.IW'\O\Ilb" &c'&e- & t I list tka Fwtrta Aidiueui "M Your Tb.ii4iidFrIiun4'd I
: c. .
Muniimn oflxy. The Yi-nullllmi are .rlhuly ; aM bl.S7'eibt| (41151ku .

|iiu>hlni/ the nppromhil Inn aril Uie .. Mix' J ur Ul'IIHII---; MIB: v/r or Fur tb. Fifth Amendment wu Four Thon'IIII| F"nr ..Jni( ''t,"HFEVER CALL AND 8} E TIIKM: !
f .
Uahnu ban iwuril nil IM.II( the Uonjai, qipvahintiieuy | I .
lI..d." aud Blsty lour (UIl4].
|wn-Miv.'| _to.a paiuj auaok 7"- 1 White Bugar-Cvred Hams, I, MIh.wituiisusaIrti4aot..u.iiphast -- j & AGUE ?asIausssast, Auth illI '- I IRasuhu 111. '1u

Beet & Breakfast Bacon lb. First Amendment wu Four "'.aud... ,
... 'Ia.P.yr' (_v.." ... I
('nsk, '!. May I II.-T t-pnlureH 14Hin,.I I rr",. the tanforlir of \1 I.s.csI I MerwIaA 1.jtlu4Yerty.la(544h( Alul "Ii. r blfl,,,ij.i i- 11I-.. Issiiiu.u'sul: i SlIus.l ...." 1.-
." doiuf at ColunihU sat tbn form.I tnU-nle i.r t.. ".;:0. ii. .*ii: Jiii*.. .'' ,II lin | 'tqsiy| ''', III. .i.,I 11...lU'J.'S .,."

-i. a ti* UJUu< ol tlcTi'n from the Tat'payer1 CINI' May Ik40-* *- ;au4'lnau ("I)) r. ., ,i oidfi", .te! ,ii' u vri.ru. (CALL \ '' A. "I. SCOTT'S) I 1.-i "II,,,I i III I I. I- I. '

4< Millionlib Goterm' Snm. Tile comuiilfc "riM.| Third AiuB4i. wu Four lluadred 1,1, I." I".- : "- ,I' i .

III aid they bJtd tuum, 1i..1.. (wrluaiw. but a* f M.: I Take Notice.r lId !lit'fl. ((41'). thing; Hint, r'| r,.<..nl. ep I tty I i.i', I'u. .., i

\ 1 ( '11" of I he buie to cll.I,1 cu siezsle V. HI, T1WM' THW 1I.\Tr..I.1II 1 nltlorI Xgtlul tb* I on11 Aanxjdai.'iit wad Four Hundrrdaadfvrlrbvii44 t rui:>n *>i I'.... orLOW'S TO( ow,1( >II l I ,411nil .liw, 'icIly 'if Ilif H.' I Irtuir I II-I
Ooveninr hi ". otwdltlon r DAYS t .
tlc HOIHB,' t' 1'111'.. bl' 4l,*
Brrv-l lb. rollenluf o.eHt pwitrty Wd Iu my putt I a.4ln.t Ib* Fiflh, AoMxImrnt wu Four Hundred i."u iml '"]'' li.u., Miles, Ml '1'UUI ". l5pi5illeter 4..
ttif* 1/h,1 thiiu ol the a. _VItI ....11I I and Silk Ribbons Trimmings Lace ,uu4 .. Ilf\
.. ,... all u.WI.Cj'lu 1 "'W) iui Ibe public solid I ".BI due >|.tttt' UKfif liii.K5. I WIIMM our kuXi .. aual I at Tellliu. QWN VV1NDSOR SWIJ I 4vii r. usi.lav ill*. tTARBANT'S \

1.1 |,, : irre iilurlllni' .en May V 44).41Dissolution I tkU IrUetMk dy at My, I* the ywrof II4 .Goods &c. Below Cost.-Silks at SI.50 per yard. SELTZER At'EKlL'&l} ,

*. 1..10 '1 our Lost Dp.l tkooMad iljW hin h-rd studv.ity4utis. Just ii,.i i put JiiJfor Ml' d V L'I.Ilagan's L
A long Awtukiou atmiii lxto en of Partnership. U 4 'I lecllti-l hr t them, 1 It t nnnonlM linluiirmi 5sHiHlutl4.,
..I" the Uovtrnor iirmiiMn in f |IM; .1Ito.. II. I'I'I''L.| | ,' !II .MI'"* the ".IN. 'rt I. ) |
:"K-- -- -
the conltln.the nrNormMwr ink[ unii. n I triLl parteenUp .er.Uf** il UuIxitwerii la* I a H *i MBLK.I thus livvi,, suites bu U' rH. iila, di ''f ill.,' I.!
1 MI.)" "I .nb la all eases. IIbl'r iilfltgt4tj]I .X ueJir-! ", 1111.II ee.. .l 4l.fcelMM t'OuI4rtuflevtL.JJOdATILLX ( | Magnolia Balm 4.liVu4" thuds f,

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i4iixe i" ,the 0. iiilmaBc of |ima.. KvJ ('ul I 'l' Iuu.iuusss .W 1 be eoudll11. at tlie 044 Iliad fry uf lute, y. lj) hilt| IlKAHIKVIS'i I ; I cHI'UXloS': ( 1 :' ( I of nil kiiMla, 1'1' 114 Hour Srtii/IV| I, Mull, Mi-nl n"I'| )101 U ::0- H .'. : \.
the- Iris true I.spt1ut luau: b1 Cutiuitis V A\lMr, wlw has ;._lu*<4 tb* In'l54si ."'U. U. FUlTtB Iliptitt l.iril. ('.,ffu'ie Kiiair", Sinrrii tutu J\'rOIlI'11I' ( ill, \1
I." ,4 \ ,Ifll 'Tin mlirview UttiI.Kjr -.I Ii'" of Yo'IIIIaIO 11 A\ .r). "I ayers cbMac.o.M $:lesh4l( S.pewia.VimtI, (i. s.J.) 'Fo te" M' 'tIVr.t.T''JI' -ootJ 1tt;.: OAXNV4I mi.1 KIMI An. aLit. t'
i l h1 'ind lur, I. .s'td .nDonltlp b"I The ..aidbarb. .. lMdS Ps.Ut (.._" I FUl'ITH RENTS
,Wnw. ) nhcl pleawivl 'St l lftfmetoTf '
...w.'llh. P .. Ai.rj It. ...0040 ptV suit 'elulurze aU hi May I III, I ItTI .5 ,
a.11111 lLlits4ses die and iMiUUmllni .>ioM. "U ann, or 'rcbiiooc, nil "rndc d3 n..1008. :-::1'. Al'M'S'llNtf.j 1 r
in Uw Cwivetitkm impuruiii, collies ,
t" 0\ Avery .-'II. stud l'I sIsal .milled M PERRY'SWOTH& I
E, .rirw .111",1 t,. rwwliiiwiiitrw I: '". '" ".". """ ,.. oaId "Ia Stolen 1 1I I I llarom, *, HnJIc hftiMIra, HIM'k JliuU 1 : | (JrOIlIl' Trufi-, I' ",.*, I How I,Iumi'.,
<)Ut the Oinvnilko nf> say |, nioftepuJUttoo ; WM.JLUIIY. I, 'IMIK I : luKINi, IIlIt'S. u" dl IliurKi vlivet, n*'l
A of the Irnl \ -'hl" Ida I l k. A\tKY .Hi M THK MCKIBKK, uu 1IMa"IIac FRECKLE' LOTION I Iittnuraiiuj Aiv, NiunJn, SjwI"1Iar| Jn/u until Mit t ,,.11111 kimU oflL4MJVIVtTIOJT $ I duiir ..,utU ul Mv.I "uin, Uuifl ". "I I) 'DIII'
ep tjirorgsslakaothcC'oitventk, ral.j l n. .171. ;.1 1' Jay 4tk.ln u ('usa rarlUr _, I louil'lilily' l liirnUlieit- rnnmi, drluhllu, !lu II
Prr4 .: b("il.'IJ'4 ,*->. e 5.5.4., IB 'TanatiaMM, a -.11 / Li MS thuD U'UU L'lOUIlllK.
leul and 8 VI P
.Lid tUKt Ibe < x 11I" ) t HU bf.ttJ. Rlml BAY IIOkAjC MILE. sUb wblte "".1' kit' aye !"//, l"'f>../lf, itt /i.I Also, lluu.u and lur;.i l.ut, $. t.. corner nl tit
!.,. U HOB*( V> iwa>ant the Mint at *tty tint .
1 .. _&.. aJ, *'" rtM rom' sail "?" "flrnrx iiidOiiii itreMi, tkorniighly halt li'dsilisl'V.'lu $

.ii4 I that ami lite lk Kieruute.4 M kil"lmlll.t tie(tiuvtUa wa k .prrBWBHII I II I I Shafts, Poles, Carriage Bolts. &c. Ume It : lay ltt.eroll1'tins.refnmtnr'U< him' to ,Ik. aa4rlridROUT Jail retired. inJ !top '- !. *| the Dicta Iroal of t. 'tsicL I Ml" ''IUi ,tup VKUV (jlWKST) MUCKS M lt CAMI. .*>J 'I'llu' ,100'callus' Isutu. .U"I t U lItsituui'lgtuliWL 1ia.i: fur ..ijitim 1

!la Meurtog tttf mrriiiai good Uliunitl P At U. .. pI.I. "I 81'BXKTI ..".. lit. -75. J.b 'Ii, 'ttir4Isi AI.III'| "II 1'1111.11' J 111'11T I
"r.. .. hu fnnil'b! I I "I 1.4 ..l 'U 'Pur f' )'.I \ hi .1 i u" i ,' rbl'| < litre' plarutali. I. If I.MUI.I: ,

- c_ -'-. I----- --- :-' rT '

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TOj __ n__ ___ __ .. .
1 _____- .r---, --i- ___ __ .
-- ----- -- --- ----- -
0 .," ,' j--' r -

'btIfrq tfJtln I. tfbiun'it. I fhe Niniilirr n tirctl oin- of has working nt.irrW, / ( Thy a/',fnn"-. Special{ Notices, I !, I f ,j i-rfJ! I i 'MlsceUanoous.B. pSavannah. Advert. !semo l t& -Miscellan oni

._ -
Sin- tlihtIgIt) married lift1ii 'i -

.. '_1"11., Jt, ,..UJllIIH.: .: 4' 'ti.lt'' f-nrlli. 11'wnl".1.1011% 1,1 piionlilintmcr* ftml ntlJ hf '81..rt II1Y, I vTHEWEEKLY :I'6.'Lewis. fc 'Son I : .IAMKS J E. iJtTlDY. JOHN PBATORIUS. ,

Lt ...',.' 'IIH.I: I'LATlf" i', I 1..}lL.iii.! : lim got 'lii-r I ; ,' nr$1q k ;#* WHOLESALE AND nET \lL

4" ""t.,,, 4Q1ii ,'L. : $ .h. ic, _Ilrst of tli.i' IDCIIIbnll'e-,, MHCIIAXT: TAILOR

(Itl'll." I lll''lllt I : i i.lid\"will\ :: II. "ills' .flli. Il"I"'I' '"I i"t, i ( ,( j BANKERS. SADDLERY WAREHOUSE

1'1,1\: .... lollt ,.i'i'y ,.''To"1 )h,. IIllIk,'" 1''I'uJ, ,,1 !\ :' juiusbiy kno# ,). I. FLORIDA HAS JUSt< Ki( t.lnu .'I.lJ'M01:11

with) n \ii w to ivetirp )lii- rl'.J"] riion t I II. N'mntier tttn ninrriril, I oratmflu1 .,! I mice a"ortlD4l.( uC
\11111 Tallahassee : : t J' ''FloridaAVlLt. / "_. ''."."rr hiaet hI" .. HI*.,
,In (hit. Thu Man Dnmiiiaci ann.'ulinllli, '1'\11 young siitrrv :and a jmpa willi n IIBM.tov FRENCHENGLISH

.I'IPMIP| onl nf-virjIJi. bo tXl'It'C\ltllo : income. Slic rotwittcJ, the intprp&Htriirr Z.f'J"I o/i:> ititito'j: I.IIAN MUNCTH: siTsVAir, rt: ltltU -

popularity, )ha utterly ) .& family. I Vrhup ., wouM} bfttwinvc IIT nil I -..- CLOTHS OA8SIMEHE

rncrpiriB |"olic'f which was Intornleil to |I..itIht' | eoneiilt.l lirr ow n inlorc'b liy, t.lUrtg' PLiI.I'HIl AT RECEIVE UF.rOKtTi, 5.-- ciQADUL.Ad !
ill tlip, Sontli ,iimlcr In I It tho PAI i AUlLJjKllMAKIfAULkllllir UAKSBiW / .)., U LUK8 .
t jwilitipal |xwcr ; % the licli, washing T ffoililf Out by -Ae. Tb. -
Troika .
BUT: A MLL EXCH.T?! control,, of 1)18 ,rliiitiinl'ntJniiiiRl to operate fl.iy to work. Inform bU Florid* Wen eft ud lbs public
Uu) Of I KFtinnlly thit b* baa opened a KVnfe on tb.rornlr V..mSTXNGS
pfjii'U* lhjX I'lh. in COIN 8TOCIU, bU.NlW
Nlllwr llirci niarrtrvl 1'"IUI< Mr*. .1 : oJ of Bryan" WIIllahr atree4s, ''h-toaaM 0* uti

likely! 10 )Iii e dii'u4roti ::3 the I"aII j Homiik'il, f Hindi l'I'U'r' I"ni: )1 jac. lioIvac h tin liml h'limilnfiilifiui; \ iflfiH *liit,.nd vVijf Urttwfbl Florida AKD OTHER 8ECCTITIIS, boa on bind a l rB and. well ..IHWI1 fBwldlra Witch be In |PiNed to make to tnjtrt \In the Vn.i
S Dortiinjri Mlhir. Even; tin'iinJor legntintAum, inoiitlinj.l.l.jRid1mother Tallalmsscc i H.Bridl. CollarS W lr., RabM.Uorw .' bnt and moot fublonable 'style mil at initdentt
t\\ Illy.nillor In.ltlc"I'n *. hjiftlir' null' lit !,fmntl ., ( Bhmkflta SaMlaCMba. Leather, *
thu Joint High ('ulhull'II\.n to &t.\ And ntaki Collacttrma In TMhhaiwr anil) veat&y. o print.- gaflrlwtion tmnitmd, '
lIe pur JifSfluUisa' with .n\lanl hl' ill' It, 1111 6uld tiw, truN "14 r'i': KllU hl'lbc mo4 ;f*,l JB C.U eii.uii4 l : r_. vIsiting Ik* city bliitock are tofeaUitUf Invited (MKtfftnen will aba lad tt hIs tlar* a bindvxi' .
$ M'mnW U call and look ibrongb before porrbMlmialacwker Meonmtnl of
I. hWint "II. ,
In- unKjTii1.irftnl)| ( 10 !fonk'< liito' itThi fi" ".- ," I Thil1' flliltnfifftlitlt'tWi.irSin-phXInrVil, 'I. urcunco."ad luUdIta.AuiIO'O .. A (cod supply of Belting on band WhIch
tinnneiaj | livy oFt1ii AJmiui.Lr\t. lio\v \111 l that, oiiMiAf, \ f been :. 1'itiivIUUfr of n 1'I"rrb"'Id, Llju'iiitrjfrtnnly h. inlli at New Tork priori. Orders frrmi the FURNISHING GOODS
1ljiB to.
nml it* party: for wliich no much i M flninipil Nuinlicr, four Miarrinl, iM'raimoolip! want- In nnC'imlrd II neldnni II itt? falln 14 TBK codtiirf promptly .
--- -- J. I. I'IMtDY,
I her WIN. I to :ui l I*.iln Killer .Hl cure Ouroim' or 1'.11I.I. any -a is 0READYMADE -
U rrfitrtiatwl. by tho hinw r if the pro-, $ f omcliHly tl pay mar- Whltaltr." 1.-1..11. ,lIlt'ln..h. 0.

|"ile. ID every rctBotl Ucn. Orant'a .\JininiHtration t'l$ fily'h.'m-hn11-UtY' I'fIlI.uIJ or". tPftit \ 1t11jlfII' tintltlyLITut'tC! a C. LEWIS, Agent, OiL ".':1'1). IttfMARSHALL. CLOTHING.

is dcplining l in mpnJr| t.tciin ;
| I r"l'lltinJ millnfrr
4lb) 1'alnKiII'r I |lIyol''I'nn,1| | \ r..dllI'1I' '

.. while 1hc orrjionltKm ftdniiy ga'm\n\ N'ntnlior, five maiTicil I'C'UIII Funny lio. Ir uoe" ;ircnrillni. to dirprtmnp.Mb -roir mix ; I HOUSE .('. AND SFK TURf ..IKOct.

troDgth.tD "'v'iiteJ4, '" "fI.1tbnti4 n4uIin J'.la JWlu l I an .lr";.> aear rllilln;ea.4ue- Oldest Paper in the State II i ,, '81! 1f
Ga. Home Insurance
v km't jjoMg-Ho to f V hl'l. Pitj-jr alto|, Sudden C<*J.( OtAi',)/Arl /*. t 9 I I ;'j' '' I. Company. Ga. 19.

M41""II Tilt HUl-aW tfV HKPKK.: Mililili't tgattnaijipil oI1icrka. 81 b I'ntthKlflir bnii4|>rovril lUell aKumrilji 1IOT 1it, > Savannah,

n"TATn 1':11. v v.5'. ? JL .A JL -#'- Ju rWJt. r aui Ji"..lMl .CUIl./vif U
From Ihi Cluctnnill CoruinoruUI.Thcrp iiiniii-r ,MX mami'il'"'I'OI'I' '. him utoil (lit ino.t (ibntltifite} caruaTib ,'tAJnll( ( .); J i:1.; Home Insurance' Company,N. 7.Underwriters' ., A. B. LUCE'Proprietor.* IT BEATS ALL.

|..iiir, nnJ WRII.d, HC.IICH, MIC iii,!ver cniint-- I'nin-Klller, on linimrtil I I. Kur ,
i uiU'iunkil $3..tl
ilrwii) not if cnt to H. ,inni/i figlitr BOARD TEP. DAY' 1. -5-
eu,1 f''ti :nil tlic ">11.1'1. tliinpK; that wl're il.I'1| I Float ,Chill. '. llurip,Urulni'.,tula,*|'r.iln",
ing in tlio Hall of tile Home, Wyoinl thnt '

It on ordinary ocrnsionM, Tlircc or four Hi,. ill.Jo. from tlioso rolivi'tnl iniirivil riclicR.NiunlxT '\i'(. l ni>I'nln l'Ii)plelan Killer can biu ili rued Inure raitu tlinn nf II.'lIb llhi inn.ill-Mi, H 'i 11P'i r j ( tri, t, r:), Y1 i ii'tt'rhI.iuls1i.tttkii el'l :i .! of New York -, $eptISlO-tI .-- HOW A LITTLE PAINT
: : "
: tirnfT, regular on in vari'xw pogrtiltMio parta.df vncoiintoncconMgo VKc Hull _kliqdiih4 MH'I'xhnuld like iLriw4i3uii.lr I"'IIIKI'I" ., aw1.tir4zta; .ifl..r,3eat.J1I., filllldlo. stswi1j. ,. ji/i. itiMiijrY 1 L'L JoffMTox I lieu ir. *rartKIIIKSEY WILL MAlCtfoib.'naxad' t lOOK I SEWP41.AT
4.\ XVf {"- ilffiij Boll*, f I I i it lairrfV'iin| 't
nlthont the) kM1I'll'iI of n miijoihT ''of I rf"". \' ) luw", (',lM I\"r,'; .mi' ) Swcflril. .folntil, "h(nit rellrthtfia (. '" J 'I J 1. t XNgfRU very (ow rat**. Also lurnm all ulkra < { JOhNSON & SCQH --

tli. HOIIUH and entirely lutyoiul the otMilrol ,nl /I I I tlie Iravelinur II IiiuUoiic I lii'; l'fll J'lUn, ufiot lli,.e Iln.aiulici4li, ",. I |>Kl. of proi''rty at current rate. ,

of thu :", lIkcr. To one nceimtamrj the 1t"1: llifr Wrqi ii,tLruiJiIJhl'rdlor..I I hllii., Pain KflleMiirii IS ..|*'Ur, Tmb4elRmil. A RELIABLE"JOURNAL A'o. 0, KMrtfi lUtck, Buy 1.1| Harmnfli f/*, Of Alt COLORS MIXED urjln
rTlInra I t4 fiTATI BilK Bnfl>l'.((. JEt 1 for n. and tot In von In
Factors & Commission Merchant e ( nn AIR TANS iiw
floor there known contlinul N ) ?,
indtnncni I'uiniln .
nro ). r ; Ut iH.uriml l I'Ut., fkLiilu .belltiC nritili| 'my |'inrl of tin' 111,1, 10 am* ciploraera, and at prices oo low thai an>

of violent tlinputw nml rows tint not-r \" roY had h\M'tb Mniiiilf n( :11. ''IttKlII'oIDIi' t.JIi ")&'or .l5Ifl'S October 4, jllW.I IA'Il.I.[ 'I. 1-Ijr W1J1rolIVe to advane Ubarally en Cotton body<'an rtir.ird to do a Illlte PAUITfNA.C .

get into the impcm!, iui<\ *ru bf'ornl th ,1'l'clIIIThill! "iccClf and inmi) a Dultar In time, 'and !Dwtor'i Illlli.1Mb. Wculiall .|(mr uo |* IIIII. or reasonable expense .; to cooibjcnad our cnrroprindriita to our cart, and la New olIO ... .t. ..,.....
on conilioimt-nti
knowlflgo ot tho menibcrx thoni. elvc! % itave, iloiin tier pond nt tllo rctlliltiIlllit"ht I .I'I1lu KIller U a mrely' Vgea1t. pnra-| i ID (give the York and Hmjiool. (luK 16, 'TO 3-tr April 19 !37 l rurdjr'i Old 8Um)

except a fo\e who lmj'x) | to he hi tho inimfiliBtP jlciiijf. 1'.IIIIol'f| vi1jt found. it .did, not lion, uTe t tu keep. anti to inu In catty funiily The Stationery: Magazines. &c. --. ---_. '----, --- -
uluipllc'ltt Ha lie '
np! horllnoli.) '' '' ; I *>' attundluK use togulbi with great it < : I
jiay. larirtyof dineaiea Unit rul l' hn mtlrflr erodlovlrd, JAMES J. YOKUM;
To a utranger tho rnoxt ,nutulilo, fcnluro NEWS /
nail, pil/itling ton, I is the' l'olllilltlall".lllting NnmbiT niniinarriixl, I 1'nnMeI") had,: by II, and, I Ib" 'great animilil of |1'01" uiiil .ulTtriuKthalcmi LATEST r- __ S ---0. ,1LiPPMA: : ,

Ii.nv\: \ n"nhlll,1,I "wnnlcd Sym- liL-ulluvlitril: ,I I tlir .uili! UP iinu, iiinke, It liu- BOOK-BINDER
of hand: or hnitginp' on dcnk<, liy wlilrn H'III"y.
tint, thinXf buv U. raJtbtLJiMw br1a. tr4gLu .1Ij1pll.II. ."jI GREAT' GERMAN BITTERS
the attention fifth i in curni an S. L. TIS'SIT 8
|I'Bj.e1 .hY.a -*' >-
with Hill falnnh!' ri-ini'dy nml toVeqi It alwajancur ) Mail 11 I IAJpoHt'iiorK
tniiil matters tiiTioeed of. It mike ''nodifleronce : i it UIP, iloiiKjulic ki-ttln i i" not BY Tt3legraphv&.I -
i I. and, the domcntin inmndonc. nl bum.) i\ T-oM'ICJo' .
wlml in who jkojit boiling, Turkey I : Blank Book Manufacturer
going on, J ji apeaking .
Novukiuid luit'U TIt. I't%IS KI1.LKR I :' li now LIIOHII und |\|>riiila.T 'WADE .M4RI;
or whether the jnuxtion nt umttt In ot JWI'lvw ( > *|,)-t'vcrftiarttr or ':' olelllill IlAS '
tbi'yQ1 ( ) THE ri.NEIT iTOCK TN TOWN OF '
importance( or not, the Hon. JffcnYgnt, [run very "'IUn' Tifne1. 1"11 J.01hIS.I rerumttli til !3.1* I heir j lrs.Icu.PliItIifl..dast'< ( of of '1\\ng\\ ::1)UEII RCLSD ,TO ANY'UTTER,. JOIKnalip
kcrmjnn4nuM; >)Pr French Initial I L&lgen, Cub Bnoki Dar Booki. III'i
in the niiiKt of of it will ola | Envelopes
right go to |"- didn't hold out I". .' HIMluty bate foiiml In U relit"fund comfort: Paper, buckets uada lo order. Made Beoki and MIL'"
{ling! )hifl; linndn t "th"r.M) ponndinff onIIH "jji.'itliy: ,vcpy (HV& :: IT A TKIAL! > ..d ewyrfnwrlptlon ilnea mend lu any ,iy1e.' .

ilctk'in tho rnn't frantic mnrftii't tor a 'm1or ten .artQd'C7\ f iit* r?l"l'( biiU''i'lt orlnrtnccd tojiaj1 fit (uabyjfOrtWjt American and Foreign Markets I FartlcularMtvatlonrtTrnto repairing fbotoicrapkAlbnroi.
., lilly to ronte nnd rll'rylnt Iii. letlor tuft, ;11( )hlMhand 'itiI beat / l c i hj. t'v'a trtVtrittfii ofll-rod by nDprliiclple4\ mast o-a.wal 4 .w ritin l'a 41r. \Vojiling; Cwt 1'0l'tf\lliOll. '

he has addr, MHcd to HOIIIO iluiigh-hcnd of I i.iic1oyei him still,o (pVj.nbly) 11 Win, ttff)/ IfirrfiiKh'Viu? !uiilryji',3Ltnjtlf'tiki'Uu ; .. Work-boxea,Writing Itakii Morocco .m. !. ihet '."Ilerldlun" llulldln*.

a (conHtituvnt find must have luailodi, freu kinuo toliVetLim,' *n happiest( wife lure and) buy Uic 2 nnlqo... Krory Pm/Ilni, I "frcl'llro""l' : .; our 4'ATKoy jttitU1! on c\cnr lJ*, Fancy Inkji anil. -ri.siseu.. .30

of expenite at once. When lie she nays.Wo and nearly rlul C'nuniry 8tor. XoqH'r anil (;iro'>rtnriiuifbuut pllln1'nI1 tapo.s MJ. ehli du\,J.rWX..MMl. j ill I ,' Ink UotUoa, Uol...and" large -. -_

hands together he IcaU wlth'tt book bgU i' th& fiplit at last- tin. lind ki'rp. lIbr .. AiKwrtmetit of Penoil T' Special Notice.

'hill; dcak. It !ill hard to toll Rich ia tho motn'l Koraaleby IVJVTjtTI M. .
Oil lone hih'wllPn( ; a desire all ;t.' Abe, all tb* tatty and Weekly New York PapiVttntnbiir Tal undersigned hereby rcapertfunyano'iiinreiitoblifrlendi
more ofltnuire. Thrrc) i in only one period 'TPKohiu'ob ,to ilatifeIIJY lejt catotJ.r"afl4 I.U'I''.!'. (1HX&T (;.BUMiJI Bl T ...It U a "ell T.Cv .,. wllb all tb. fopobur M"fCIIiOetl.otl Moutk- and customers, and the public rfuenlly
tho wholo l that thin in improvo1,1 t' Ha. [Nof. 1, 'TO 13 -THE- that II baa bwoml Important to Intmduci
through day umpcndcd l 11 ( (1rtm tc 6rhutO' PbyiltUnntiave'alirata I .. .
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nnd,) that in when) tho TJI'IT 1' i"II")
.dot'l III 01101111'01&41..111( 111. ,
Btmup ) most
fore ted.'annbt fail to &H- PuREST c all rHinoll'l.a, thu bcan no longer nHurrt it,
orator called n chnplutn: I iA ndilrcsninK the 'aiigotI'sven: lint ri i.Ioy, (late of* 'r.-e., ,iWnnef$>nil Ilia It" aIM that tb. world U White Lead, Oils Varnishes, sell hla ifooUi la any ou. uader any clrcunituinut,
Throne of Grace. The Inoment he eudx, 1 Indebted, fur (Ito dlncovery M the hippy tIImllnll' on even the abortot time. He therefore hope tliil
,tlnM;;. > M1''? inarj-y ffom M joiiff moti\c f to U'nii Colors & Brashes' OP THE AGE. from sal after he fed d., January, 1HT1 no our
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J > "ml'l ted thp laKt round, of, iiiiplniioethat ) I ,lilnvui, In III r"'ll ('f lifrli* 0a4\!; ,I Its Cure" andIts Preventive 'AIA.,| If will mrrpiirt the DEMOCRATIC PKIN. SHOE 1 C9XJppDM'. 0_ riiian HItters oars Fenuilar G U'A.N O !

"he thougLtthujtraer nojjruiit nIinkcH only{ |"IIIr"1: IIMIH| ''I'.r'l.' ) con BY DR S. H.SCHENCK, D. "'"W S, unilcr.wlib ulom oun the tMrilrJ) : 'u _.._ is rOomplalnli. old II ':
that the Kov. Stiihhn in Inn district [i'lM.il| I joLiu-iy the next, l'r ,t'cl'J'Wc | Ltppseaa's intel (,.m"" DiHor au Car '
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I I ___ t ""')' hilly stilt! 1'ltcrllll. or tAlmW hnrt(>,ib] .. loot of kamniwliil InAlainitiilily!, leo' ,en iiieani of Wagons., Oarriagea or Repaired, and effectiv\ In tbe world. "
vii'iit .II"JI"ler.llo""'" of the piirty. cure 'I'lime nenr mid' dcur to family and frbmdaam "-op: torG.f MT. Llppman'i treat German Bitten cures never
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whom you Bpcuk, to w yet speak| Illin / jan .S.a. .._._t.i_. -S ... jtgd
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'taho tti.t( Iniixirlnnt) fUft!, in liifyt' tttnt It In only j>r. Uebinck bill lu UU- awn uua 1".4. that orfaoa. .Guano Bait & Plaster
John Compound
wherever/ miffirluiit.vjlalit Dr. S. Bond
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I We are told therein nothing' mitde InS : tliruiiKli JlemiXTRtic 'I'IIIIIIIII'Y the .HnuHi inuIw by bin iiiudlclntii mid bU dlrucilona lor theIr illuliijr line? latnjkkrnvd I9T: IJppmaiit Grunt 4iernnm hitters strikes at lila : ,

vain hut Low about a pretty young girl? n-Hlnml to HH coiiKllluliimul rlxUln, iinj ruU'f' !1"Iw.I! rlifor. THE contllilmlbo practIce of )dlclne lit Tsi. root of dlssnsu.Ir.Ltiiueni A tVATS ow rum, AND FOB SALE in nu' n
Isn't she maiden vain ? I 1I1"IIII"ni| curtMT of iiriispwitan ji, '0 I ivf1 f flurlily <> (Ill Hi* Kliliimriik, Uiermli, notlilui( prc>UHiiliiouii.| .tARGEJI1I.M.o. \ t..4; WILL. ... anti th'Inlty/ Oflloe at his resIdence, G..I erniau Bittern ,Ivea cneryy.nreiilOrrawn'Blitcra J\. title ire suit from '11110 Iha. and upwar.k
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"There Brethren thin: ," Hiiid u h, ... -.-, l I. nul ailiouinnU Limes iub>:&uUitli.'d by litlnic Noy.ll1. 1006. H 1'ernTtnn o.noXNaaohred Bon*,< mel rii>i'r
,' hiuli I loved,) : Key U'l-jt ilujmlrh oftlio : Apiil says and, vlilbln Vtorki. Thn Ihoory of tnt cure by I>'. I Ao" -. -, -- urIJpPlGu''i (treaterun. IIItte,C pmiltn tini'i' A Agricultural ,and Agricultural liniikniuult "rdorwl
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} wllholltIn'.t.ff" 5'iliL'iKk'i mnUilinw bI \IA ..hlll'lc11 i whan ..1 .. IUu
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terms on' which,) Hcrxunt girls nr"f? "IIII'lIlIlhmgllnjo : ': buiiwucd 'liyilu ..lId Muydiaku Till ur. the 'j ff SIrIng" Mvdlclno.If IM V. UIHIIM A n..

engaged in Wyoming are *7 week wagen '.11 hIlIlIH'OIl eaiil Hull the South in cliuirilcily, .,.,Ant two s'eap.ns, with'Iwu.Uilrdaof\thleU the lboiuiN fltndi!,
and vote as the mintrcsn ilircctHf'm. I laUd tbat llle1"OJ Of "too who itra' iui wlwiM'* .rJkbiuMl' .. .
l|"4p ii: Sad finullrliuuy '"" OIV1VTO BU8INK88ad ireiil (;icrman, hitters strIdes lie
H 'f f J"W J'l 4! .t to one of tile t'oiiKuuliiig |MilUIcnl \llItlleR| ( ot tlui dliordurcd U... \\ lllitliliiiondltiontlieliroiielilulMibi pROMPT'ATTBRTIOIf. tlf Llppman'i .
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dol.hi. Uv lata Kupkl'U trt-et\oU/: (of III ilui'liirolincunil! Hun publicly suit nflldnlly iirtnil' lion of tbn liver. Here Northern, Dlllrkt of Ilorltla.Mr '. Grist UerinaD. filttHn, heal I'ltyuI.Claus & iAMi4I[ IN
with fumalo conductor' (Hint I have no ouowiou cull Um vUfiUlun bill coiiicAihu lulinlnulhiK result, "ud tbo nUllUKn : Ulltro on alit liner State linn" rtfcomuuind. ,
.1 ladies III' ills tirun.Uurv. of hit, enmity In any sit.eiill ,.with nil ltd dlnreMlnR symptoms, of March 14, 1571 9i-IfDAVID'S tf Llppman'i Great .liiruwu BlUurt will the CABINET ORGANS.

I "II', A shrill old hid) ut Memphis, nht'iicirHIC I vlnluidm itl fuWnnil'Artier; IIlttnn Ix'ftr my oltl.lul )- .'4ona.usnpiIo.. FLOUID1ANn . 1qyIbfuVIgor.: .

0 ,* *' h.1' itttifH. "rpnacH-tVV (. It'ntlinuny to the 1"11 "ml, ilccnrnni wliichprcTiill Tbu Miinilruku'rilUari. ruiiiixiiu'd! of one of Na- ; 1' Lt J1D1Q''l preot. Gcrninu plttim curea'. 0."Ttppmcu's -
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with, tVliero'H thom nhcnrg nppuarcil? this Coiirl." '1 hi'y PUMUM nil HID l hlood.luurebliiK, allt'riitlvo I ATTORNEY' crest nrrnitn'TllltrT., *lWforaMt ) ''ITAVINB VASTLY INCREASED .tile fuellliK-
proportion" orl'"llIh..l. bnt uullku caluini'l, thfy SluiiiUI eiHiimvnil, it li Aboil nalHiBil otkewUThitl Lu AT LAW 10"1. ., the
Tho I'Vi'iiL'h Htyloof liotting in quite no- f'II'lillg 111I11I0le/llr, P'I' }iJk.rueks5i \ ) \11\ q ,. ._'. ." t"d.a1I..I..t.. ,. TAU 1011'1 Ill ,
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tlemnn what ihv choom-H Tt' 1"* to b to halt lrfiA> f ?BJT1\D lTls' BQoGa >* Are now roabled to offer their wU-kiiow legato
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gives her whnt hhu ttkks for."lto .11"1101\0 III \\iiliT. li'i t t Ii) Kliind) liulf u'n lii air, then ulliniinlury cnunl are *Ji"t'tud. Tbe liver, like a WILt 1KAC11CE In the 8n]rome and Olfcull' CuUli end Fevvr i which are the
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('iiilnt llm |'llltstlhlL'l| | purU with Ii. Three nr lour The lorK., Ii wnuml' acti up.| U uruuart from III torpidity.. lUalrtol Coaru oUb.IIUIU.lot Ut. Nunbcra lal/let Uimllaad or' .'ter1JPPIOllIl'. Great German DiUera !luu. nlet, wllbtucceM :.U"K.<... .."'' < 'VIp..Hnp' ST. .( Ii I'iF )
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Htrongcut iiropuiiHity in OIUHIIN" nil- willlll'ver full, iDrnrulhc luont riMpuiiHlvvly iinllv.nl Florida .oUlue on.lbii icuwud Coot uf tbu Mouroellonw. ererkere.. I-tJl.l.l5II'li:
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,' to want to know what ia goinif on, and. tier huts, A.C, hi liiHtiilitly urrcHli>,)V hf II.. ii|">|'ilK I 1 >Th' bliioAlldiilc,!!! (, thtJusI4tia) wIth thin I'llla _PIIaI,1S7O.. -*- 3-Il.. ... .. .- C'.im the next iitrongrat III to box the Job. twit liml, 1 lii pitmii-utu aialmlnlui) is lilt the rllo.l. Chjllllcailun ILUII1.L .. JIOLGLAW 1
nautili!| iii cI"1I1) )pitrtH ol loinninn *rIxiimlonf ,_.. Jirnb Lrppmtrn A Bra. .

Afcording to European modicnl ntnli- wnlii, well rnblirtl, In ,on i Ih,' |.lmulillten .Ii now IMgnittnn KrvmiliiK hot'iunee' wllhnut pululfii' lit, suit prut Ibu luua cure Inrlurra. la ,I 'J '. ; a v i n ..._** m. Ltaw.IITELrItACT1Ck1N '--I kereby ceKlff hIt I kava-nnmlac' fbur Ktntt Oelam, tXxtSlt(kuu f.w.,).. f'iOTf uiHttxJeUnv

lion, thc diHiiHO of BtayR had diniiniKlifd, omtnnji ..11 (to bn it juiiiil.i hero In no more IIl\Inl..o.lIo, -S- TilE C1 C\JJT AND 8(7. .,need In BIT pravlk UftMAN'tt UKKAX Uh11.LAN ** (\. '
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Annual toinalu .IoIt.1.
mortality among 1111'81' (11.11' Court. OUlce In the Marine Bank Bull JIOL'TaU.i / ionic and nnpciliohJ.. W. PoiKDiXTkR M. D.
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nnd since thu introdurtlon .of chlgnouti WMi in til Nor. W, 1X Ill
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Two Utj'ui of MoUilo 1m vu a utandiug nilr* "L nasa nixm l tiaivork* Xniuru iitiiunt b, BOLLING BAKER, ifeiiri.. tlppniau' 4 Brd. i Ailia loUd Black Walnut. All th. Ortmim ui".ulu
Great [English n & $Scotch Quarterlies chiMti'd. IL ollfOli uml rtpucii the Impaired nmlillHCiui'd Terms d> Subscription :* Invloifd pleate floe mmey( Ibr'but'raie of your' by Wile Company on thoroughly 1'..._ lu ever)
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wager, upon the claims of their reslwoUve piirtliiuiof liui|{.". Inlbuliinuof viilb- ATTORNEY AT LAW German .- Peraom wko biv. bonjlit tb u reaped, They will not hickS Lbs w tutllad cheap

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the Kniiiiiuliooil Ibat win. ". j '.111' .)'J ". E"E rATTORNEY 8. C., Jude 4,

buiiig wUiJ ono dity tiy' 1 'IN MIWuiik H\ 4>lien I'|> MS ...... Uy"j; uUiitri( 'tiou 'lu'l|irUhly! TABU. TAPSCOTT, : :1.11'1'11111 A Hro. tInclmed LtUSTItATEl: VA TAJOWE( $.

lord in waiting. at Versailles what ..lifli'r.I Tho Lord Scott Publishing Got; ) ,Tb. ...ionii41W ., the Witlani.! ngurt May t In a' I AT LAW they are taking lid IV welliYoun );t send DI. more f,your. Bltt) .- w lib Wood Cut from Ftiolotfrapti of lbs dlltVrfuiiiylua '

I OMCO there Was between n clock and n woman wnriu room until they gut! w,ll ; I II II.alinoul luiprailblu I ,, \.- S. TALLAIIAMEt Ae,, K. JI. W. UKIUOMAK ft Vu.j full lufonuatiuu tint! .towed price; alio Ttliuonliil "
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JUAUTRHLY. Clrcujur will bn free
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to point out the lioiira, htul n woinnn to 'I'liy. llubui-tU: 11<.< h;>' t'tfciU'd. t'.II.lr and rltllUK mil, especIally In ( 84 Orders nuy i. addruaawl 1"/III..lrtCWb..t.. /Ware-rooma M.'sSONkIIAMUX, SMBroaitway New Ylln
ui forgot thotn." rii.rioHU Urillcli II.I./n M (LI tkli ic tk>. or Iho f.iuiKrj UikurW. April! il [Novaw'TO t7-'1tI I
Ilk The London Cto nrrl h.\il" w all_(. Vbytdai* .ao rw-ojuiiminl > 111 fuluw atract, i
Tlio Princess t>t Wales i I. d dpierlhrd! mi 'IIi. "'.v....I.I..r lirtMONTIILV. ) Ic', that badly cour iltifiuiinl u lu>.t> und Ibttr)ut 1'.II.IILII.'t'', buiauw' (theIr hey ire UIIKI 1* tau are : i j M. s, ELKIN1.AnCTEQNBBlt., rspriewr&catoauyh.dluglragglstslu JACOB; Ul.1'MAN..Talkbaau>.JlO erie.. Ibo be It I I0

\ .' 'looking very thin and worn lovely buune they lanai, not alt donn qnli-l/ -thry ,inunlalk ; Baraiaab, \l'. No Choir Should Without
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''t. !is caid to have lost in fewc.iri, all l.t lnr.4l..bU r.Uaaual..ih'r ItMBtt. *'rb Will' 1 pAtli'U-boar *o matt-fat kaapi n? t (In od Kx Imiktltoa>4 ifrtrHa.-he4 ofrbtOOU. r '. : i TUEAMEIUCANTUNKI.OOK.THIBO {! ; i

the freshness and bloom of youth, nhiuhat IUOTlTt..H.8: ARK 11IItMEIIUI ) .Uriuli> U.i> (..*.. <-'ll>la bui frr*.Ami to THE JOB OFFICE. T.tIL4TASSI1i,:, 110UIDA. I LIPPA'S'P.YBE '

Jf the tiino of her nuptials were the thcniu lliruiiiili hil'lIlh.! uri-nio.1 ,lutada. uul wily ofircat do wllb (lie upl'i'lIU'.' slid li (tie great point ta iraln."to ... .., -- 0-
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1' iNiiniuuiilrMliin st llh hit world ill '.Jyr. all others, li ilnful. l Hr. Hfbtinck'a lIl'nuIIIII.I.le. lIulnlll finieiKa| .flt.-urnr' pn'wrfil| lo ,iro the "olt. [Jane T, 70 f4 C01J.EOTIOH OF ALL TIIB WWEfT/I''"
girl lit St'; T-OUII i lioj IlhlJ'ill law Illituiy, IIh\ll..I'II|' 111'1"',... I'ititoCttltly|> An, Hull.Klon. nii'M lo \lie Vavnlly of kla 011 cur* .a* U tlitnouiiuli'tl j A lila ChUrch Tumi.. Aulbciai and Set I'I< ,'
mid' intudnn, to }1ractioeaa ant tui 1I""II.UIII"1 iU| >>>tliiiii ul i lhojHi'l anti worilft OH'ARLES'P.: COOP i OJIE posi; grws T 1J1 C11J..1 Which haft formed the fouudallun of our AnM"''"
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t ur alt tbu iniinlblUtAirimn,, / luiUU Ibc furrmunt hrnrj of and ohi.ilned Iba prvparatluuiwbtcb I new I BAY 01111!?, JACK8OMV1LLI FLORIDA. .aThd, .sr.JPleUe eeadtn.ItilrdO.e.h.ttles of Ddd'.PllOL..4"r..II'1 <' '
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kiln early in the woruing ; atii button* on .Koruuy IIIIY tao "r Ib.It..II..J'. ) .. . . .-. T W a liintf Umu sir) uiornlng fur PRINTING. and Nnrtbera the U. 8. Uiatrlet..aid ()Ire.. diwrt* for Ibe W. Roiij7vs. Ill I Broadiray, Nuw York..

l larU t io not rnke Koruny tbri'tinj Ille ttuItia., ... ., . .10 (WKur "Aininii' lutbul I'OLiili lu luhnldt* tn) roiiirh, ft- 1)1oo"1If t NevIS7O 15 _
your iy October 4, 187U. t-trAisteu ,
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1 New Yoik .......
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.0- .: .- .
-)00 --- -- .. .- "

The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: May 16, 1871
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002060565
oclc - 08821943
notis - AKP8651
lccn - sn 82015289
System ID: UF00086643:00168
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-- .
I -- -

: t lo t/iib i lli : ;'} ":

--- --;"" h H -- '

I I5Y; DYKE- d& SON. 'TALLA1LAS EE, FLA. MAY I ., ((871. NEW S IU] H. ..io-; N ;"II.febe I .

n __ __ __ ., T i
STATE SOVEREIGNTY alituUuii and tlio cxutcocc of Iiicli. U 1 L.i; -e l gorf rnment in 'he1 exercise rut nrpi in.u'foi 1'I.00h.1 Miscellaneous Railroads Steamships, &c.

' ( wi tthln loribiari. VINDICATED. illsllitpClIabte lliat( without them the get M iwworn Ix a very different thin .- Pn m Iii. 'ri.iciiip. Trlbiiu.-

(?.. IIn (Interfe rvnce with A fueling of dupri ,nion bus, w itliin n few

= -'--- -.- ; '. i .4 NlroMK Arfmwnrmi- !. Nnp|>*rl o' (rum the liuiiily l of nations "u"t.I1II: the pn of A government In which other w eeks ifttlud "1..111110011 of tliosu w ho tie CHANGE OF SCHEDULE.
I MAYISIr..t.; ltl bl.. U follow a* a rcAsouflUtsif uot neitxMr). tat..1| tJi..4r dtiwt am equally intereetoHth ..irt4, aitcccM of the Kcpulilioun purl CITY( HOTEL
TUKMUY. Mime .
: : OOIl$ Uoll'I', Uutl the tneanx and iniaruiuouuiiui' the JSuie which. impooim the in thu next Pri>kli'iituil mpnign.. ''ilu -- .

t>nipl I>>.d for curry uig ou llioperatioui tau. |In my judgment tint limitalkxiiif I ti"ji4i that iiiicli BUcceoK exn bu nlUiiuvd ,
'nE'DOOTIU.NtS OF JEFFEBSOM of their Juurotul'lItS Air prkerving .. tl" er of luxation ia the tcvaeral ouriiu .' through tde 'runomination of (Orant: ii, at Tallahassee Fla. Florida[ Central and Tallahassee

their exiiteiiou and fulfilling tin I whtuli the )prteoul di'oinion vilab-I present wcHtilgh nbiuuUined." If tlie Pftiident i. ,

Jl tMiK; :"I.saN AT TIIK, .'ROol1-f4 "Acniaem high and rmpon>4ibl. dittir* .iQ'lIfltl! I t.tknm t..) li.li
mt- ntdtm wtx Tuft fTtIIT' inUxiPoiiiittlutionHlionld be l jell( fn".1 trol. turn ara we to ""1' in wouuieratingUi I fhct 0nld tilt 'tie tho) unlicnt nne nf t the i..I1

WITH ,'nOjr.ntl.-! V", Y'r.InAT.1'nt. 0'" Snail uninij"irod, ; diould not lao linhlit to l boo ''limu oi haS i"tate got irnuieuuttliicmbeiuleiffrttd pre ont l,(ltlml .ltn:i1,". It i is iiilto| ini- -. -. t

ADVERTISING RATES *TAn : ttl4 "h -ripplad. mnrb I least IW"1I1IIJ.lty) th" taxiiijtower 1 with by Federal niHtoriMfhrther \the fpiwlng .ii-mil' oi' and after Sundaf, April 2, H71,

( nnuiher goerIuus.nt wbivli IKJW. but| 1i a Slate iiMorporula II railroad the l'rl"I.lcnt'lt'f'III1..l', i. well or ill pr.inndnl 'ltl" H.ITrr.. hII"" hf'f1\ III ,?taflsl.tJ rrpilriaI 1) AK d r;Vrt$ e 'ft"im\n; ; ox TltlL..t'ftO.\I':4

0p. '1'I4o following" tins ;opinion ort\' t'nltu : aeL.nowkxlx no l Uinii Lu; tlu 11.11. 01- w cui'\iul it t. liurtitHte' uf iuu'rnol ln>- elhVh w pstrltnlc: hh "It. II fault: m- .ullnhi I maul\ baa rvAuril luruiiuiii I Iniuii, !I.fMini'lii now njwu I I HIT! lor.iinlxim. Ibo r> 1 I will rui M Mlitwi iTrain .

WEEKLY FLORIDIAN THE ,, ri"li'"f' > W1. 'Mut U, ra 41If: .. . . .1.14 I'. MIrru.
J mo uflingtoti, late Ooflerlor of Intel. Mpcclnllr tlm e mranii ard inotriiwrntMHie rowrvin, I"'I'hnl'It pereentaii *. The only fpicMimi, worth ,i klnir l I.. I.\jnl"" .

TAU.AIIASSU. I'LUKUU. nal Iterenue, filnintitriii error V.. 3ot'pM. l which are the rrention of tlrelovi the "tacit, and p'roNt; far the haalhel'mlduiit mind, "allIes Knd l evnite>l lanliannitieti I...o.TaJlabaaw atTsllabisas.------------------< 5.JII' "

I'7, dno of the Jriilgp of PmliM i illJ >rt4gn| and ?ervnH rights nasa of whinlin ,ul'loI| }ill own irewury, will tU ..\. whlnh will sr..rthrnhun.) ItMI .fats Monllrflto TOO "
.- : '_ = : M&Mioliniiett Mr. 11'1M' XeUoit tit. tho""Iahll-hmfWltllftb..Jtt.lici.llep"ri. or .bv.f' such an iuvtituliiHi bo trite mnM the Kepnbliean party full with BOARDING HOUSE. I....n Uvnllnk, MnlLon .. .10.1)0 HWA..) .

.! I I 4'' lifetrd the rrw>nt> and the npj>ointm ot tat otlivnT tadminimpr <., fioiu 1-tal taxation ? How non wunowtell him or "II it s,1sp41AAlIIy I r-li'l' lie stAll ,. I.paYs iitliatk aT"' 10*. .

t 1 I their law*. Without Uihipowe II wljiceirtciof! toil decUion ilt bo ? slant: to .nnotlinr, In lm! to enter into the rKli'lU'EKMANTNr{ ? I \N'MENT! | UoAIUI 1.1"ft'HaTitnnjh 3.4i I I' M
n7Toear 'tir ronrr.
: ) : nlhlill" (',,'rd'l a at f it. w ri.IIlIlhinll in I llIIIIt.it, -regard. It na fouude on a fall.iiy next uluvlum with rnlhuii.ii and the. n* ITMrlnfMra. hM as I _I.....I..cny.. 'IliUloln .. .. .. Alt AVI A "M
_. ._ Thin i iot writ! of error to the rifftu, .
-- -I--II a IIa lug that nit on wfthe "tule nhili-r tin. I nij' ,llItlt will lead to lu iichieouscuu(9's aunkUow of "1kJoJII lIt Will the llcpuliUcunpnrtf AtI"..i Jwk. imtl1tr .' ((11 '
.J UO f.i 00 itl 00 .JO 00 41$ (00) ('onrt of th* VnitPil Stntf* fortfwlMntrii'of > Alleu'a BoarJiug Houso
*;frh ,loi-eflhfl flf t1arnts'si' bt 'tin I ignii.'li i>pt>(M>vd a* an M el\eo 1..UOhl., i its .
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1I I 00 I t lit 00 I 23 UO 4U OU UO lA'tJ I'tntttngton I : Cflllclo' I of the : tin prllntin' n<, iimr.. \Yi II fuel ipitlu t'lIrllli"hl: that rI Li"111: T'.... M.''1'' h.ro ((.w I alauss| will In.1 I (I InlUnir .... Ukrt'ItJ.. ..IO10 "
I l.i 110) 20 00 au 00 I t.o UO o i 1M) of tho Internal Ucvrnii, to .fooorer < bnol' .' "r'itr : tfI\fTTrr.tI: spc'rarrnr.th iioii f f itp'f; the1), Jit: !\t I'Owei-K of thi pen- parly, will win the next t' uiiiaiiu| whiuhnh ",..'. .% to iml S|' M b.r li"... Arrive case I.Uo Harann.h(Ink .* 1 III.111 4.% .
4'Jfl9 :;ono 7flO'1mmI) .. Initial. jnnitt MSP: \WMK"T* Jut I III, 711 V ifGeorge
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njioii erallolIblcnl: ; can ,'"aUItt rcvullvd.! IiMrtui.liH'nUf .li aflortl the ninjuritr of tlie enple I liebe jMTofnraraith... 8,4.I' M.MVCI i
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!4 I 1M I 110 7 srn. 711 'MI 100 00 1M ., ? .I., i il lilY duly to III "t ifKirriinro that if will ijive Thepynntr' ) I. ,r* 11"11..". a li.I.tIvs "
( Court of J'ruWa stud Io" ol\miuyl fo I.wel' wa' that: t.. ejtabld-h Jndirlal I ..a rd 1 irdi,.rnt. \\ lirii turd, m>nuti.!(Hi liiinmea* pr' '4)i) the eouuly of lliiriutaUU, Sute ot Msss acliuioUs |>artniuiiU U woiua lime |<,ei>ii 1111..46 NCi'II rxtendflil .Iuaciis lint be iI'"lili..1 juit I'allabuato .... .. .. ... Vl>4Irrtmtt .
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.inu. AdvwtUuuciiU liirrrtud ten lh.n One month,fL"fa j'fiiJ under. (irotuiU Tbe psiar;! ratu stud iu uoi'oilnuot| with the cxi.Uu>. I mon at Iliihuel. would aIl ,,'r no usolitl witb the rapid 1 DfttintfuiilinienKifthe imb ( of (JIiIsry---------------- ,111'10

tqout for Int.(
.< of tlg; State, :Tlio 'flII",S M I\lL- ih'alui'ik J Ulun weru iu llw | ''c.i.luli yllut I I'lIrlittl'1"1 -...- e'hll thO kist n.itioinl plaifonn' TI' 1': )r. II\\.
AJvliflet. MK i umoiiM| by lhe CAMI .It',1' milled to the uourt )below ou au agraiHtaU'niutit t power uud ba STEAM ENGINES & BOILERS, I...555'oThttt4s' '. :- .- .'. "1'I'

_U Ui..*.n..I1.BIOII',; widMui. dwu iwi COl'' u. ani b.r ut ( uf fuyt*. an>1 uj>6ii wliloli I juduranit i tlio. CoUkli\\tliiii, and it U HiA JUTteinuAf I ,-0KTf'VMiiuTi; f inleitiKt I. llie arlual .lmilli.tnLlill" 011'thn ron-r lIIs.aaaIa .."ltrAtlI' trrh..III.) ..Mark...*..IO.IW Ut l I'l" .1Aryirrit

UMtU, .,du.. I It will be luMitrd a Irtl innbtrr WM render for tne'iifnintiff., : it i 11 that Say grant of it to Uio) genera. 1, \ >\, Mw JK remirtimt I Iaius, ""."IOOtltft rIw' ra eof CIRCtJLAH SAW MILLS, 'f'ollnb1"l'e. 1.O "

tlmcf.iHi.iirlworoiitm. herd for tMtamhintljn. It presiht thi government /buud/ In that, iimtrnmiMit.Ui -. I, _ltia.VN lM.IMi.Nfk CoMklrtkU UitCn' vouTenlntj' our: whole peorilrInto U.M., n .U> niMl Nn.. Hn ,nill.. ., C..t.. ..
mill nt the p.)if r will W ..at In. question whether or not It h coinrwtrtrt ftOongrew > ", IhN'oliMutI' i>l lli* suvevt4gia 1"'' ( \ 1 Jorruwor*. )Ir. \\eestimatiu\\ our aUtNULRMAC'HINKA ''Hiixi, rfirinnMliiTia M ties flak with A. .t 0 Tnlniir '
.1"--U"IIlll'Urllll\1I Cuini.any
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United ftnte, to Jinjvw a te t "p ti Ihianliiry tii*, M'Uivb reiimiintJ unuUiii4"diuiuri'ptureU : '. )) > ) I ln( unit Milt '"|1'1'' |"'" crni'mltv. 1I.t< naltlll\l'III' sat CnUar KiTmhil ">
.\, not marked wltli lh. Buoihwu' tIme l be tI+otdfi triitj: MinriomHa. Tl'l"'' P: an #tim>,(i<>O,0 iu bcIL tUli .
orftIs1kissI officer e>f a $tat. ) aud reejosCi| to, I of the Indnwry' of whnUpooplq. al Hulilwln' rnr r rnan 01111" liiurlfd until dirbUl." auil cboQlt'nlla"I l) notion! ufio' pulley. of 11I1I1I'nlll'rLII gate enrnhig our I mud sari! d.iiuorliUeu at ,01'rl.illll AI..bl.ar1.J lun
All cinitnirl id'prtl.m n h..e immmtIcHilb If'tpI .11. MTAVKN CANNOT TAX A FKDWtAt. 'flVP1I. n" a* iuj"|xmd' ul 01'IV guttural got\11'11' ,I eou'ipUH' v Jit to ,ln>w I by other tr\.Ivr To talc one daJ") wnjci o\it 6ffive tm'I'Tf'N( U. /.'.;| .\',.. A "-,".-111.T r dot*. 1JaI.a"lnl..r I tstiar-K.ys dally, a>oit

I nf tint ire tiJ fcy tlMn rat.>, VII III 'fill"" IT* KVO1.DMKNTHIn / Insist .1 thai JlU\ orouieut i U Jepcudenl d in, thi) NahuW, : iu the name !it"iiicl.it ., from all workinnnnni in thaw onuiitr r.'IIend ..r a .I'r1I'III.] r/itintoinn f A '... lists KrrlfM TtnlMi, will 'run dolly hrtw m Inrk.rtiillln
raiiUnitkilr df crtl.l. lUlctlr ki Dolt m II".. thellIlc..j Jis uf tUo Io'\llcrlll .,'pt tA '111 0- I Ip mud Kll.ivllK.
( c lupremaoy
ttio pflie of DoMjlnn' r*. TbeOrnnma U miutl \ at ORini' tat tin' J cnr In which thu' >iii not the way luutlrMl '. u ._ JAMU ANDEKddN) ) ,
ftoL.s. .11.,1.''I"let'0- Inner of Erie Conhty ((18 '". 4SS,) It WIt )!o\ iuiiiuiit, Uierefore, IIU counncl MU. on tire oi'dirci!' it' \ m> nut t-tiatnnlly to 'l'he ItepuMieftn, )homier* in (""'/'. .* for I Medical I tll'n'1 UnpslIntsna.hIAjrlI '
iso rltLo Grrat; Dlxcwry
of ,
1'rrm* of N uheripsio. tCrr df aided that it wits not competent for thiLotpaliMra t4\1 argument hiv,: ort him1: ThigvatosIt R i< i" orii by five years 1"ll1t hia\' lind fttupln linn",. LIISlv. "'1, 11II
I Is idv...) : 14 uu $lRillLitr ,n,urrur in rwlH-nit 16 tltc iiieHti( <)i' I tow uud Dr. WALKHB'a OAUTtnlmA
r .oInm of atftata to levy rv' tar upot' the !fiWnrpil. bc'evllc-ni-e', 'the fonrt Pt- UK upee'tu 1''' 'IIItIIL', tavci,

.. Ml TlmMmah.Mutilki, ., : : :: >\ .afill 00 the mlkrjr or emolument of an oftINI'If'f I 11\'r..o.. } cannot lie iimintalnvd.KlL'AI.ITV I rMI".l1n.1.! typi-diot. -n< for the lnorrd. pt'uAII4Nu.| limuM. They Inu* prefeired, h' VINEGAR BITTERS New York and Charleston

I.l'u|,, : : : 10 the ITnltod HUt; .,' 'The decision, win tsp 1.I.c'; A1 t.n.vtI\\lt.: i I I' I give UN a monopolirwl .yleln..r liankini, I Handrtd ThautantU ?
the ground that tin "wnn TIIK I'tmlll"t.t tlYK1I1IIIItI"r. I ThN Ooitrtt-erceihe boldinpllmt and Inedoenmble, enrrenty, j i4 } '
marnlr imlgmenl a .
pliteixi upoii stagnAnt it? 'a'lu, Ih.I.; : I.' \I:
.'O".U..U..n'I'c.: officer wu a means or iimtrninoBtBiityeniation The twn gorernmentilare np.n ai> eqnallly I *he tnot, } should hare been Aa-'VhiRted higK taxun.'aud dull hitrd lime: For ttinvyuara -i 'II''' : rs4eI

: "Ior"d fur cal'fi"l1 into tll. BOlUe u( thI1sgUniatu Mnd tbe ijnpntion in whether the rn"r [ and jf to the' jury, 1111 U had nlioarinn OUT In'm '' IIHVO buun miiiik oropounrkel : (I ( WHAT ARE THv1ig riI or P1851 t'l.ti'li81DlWHEEL

orricif: noimii. powers of Lhu goverrnuenL to lay and collect !''- ennliUn th.- UMIornl f ; iinonia point In i,ntfov niy :>I .lraill.l a titlllllJ. *othklthoiw> who
..1, n narrow were the lat enterprlnlMi; rame1 oft' with I at /Th\ Ii Ii1if1 I STEAMSHIPS

MIM" no K.Miirtku or otherwise by tlitt :., mn idi>,neu olTerolwhich the los\ Two thirrtu, cf a them' are wore.Lbi.u .' ,I II! ''lIp'lIpI I ,tiling Oum Null l'uor,
*. .Kufc-m >nd Wwicni da.ly.II..., szcal>! the nalary or compvnliatiowforthe: nerviciof or Inttrnmuntality OC mj!loy,l to mi-, i in stif '1o'tl l\\.'lI''e to entablinhthe (lacy '_'I.ru thruv )11II1"* atfi. V IIr) !; I

ml.Ailniliyf., t 1'Mill M.i..1 4 P. M.. the officer wa iuacparaUyi
Hviltlun. Thnrnn.v Null Ivu and hi. Aattird.f Mmrkw clu.ni Oawl It uiYIIt..&I I A.Ysi M.Tutwl.j II with tliij oQico ; that if.the offio rv M mioltwu the adminiitration of the lawn,, fit m dinpiite.' or futnre lixlnmrr. fortlm mean to live the ,

(01._ at *I P. M (Mondir, aid Ttt r_). exeniit], the alary nlliiSOO.t! i for hit and fc hleh eonierni the etcr i( ofo right 'lr.JustIce bit delirered,! the
11.1. AICUIVC.Nurlli I gumiorl or luAinteikAticc wliilq' holding) the re or\cd t.tthet'I.< We "do not wij 1'uoi-kinv the war thoy.u'croVmU'ri. to the, gofcrtiutenU 9i1
\\\'ll .
.ud IC... d U at 6 :91 A M. 1 K 'flll'\UijOJUI. or ACyIUoIt.A1IPN .
; Pili' bflico was also for Tile rthso'ns, MilAn\ las mere vircumstauoe of the eftUblinhmcnlul'Uu S'oW they oaimnl wnlur hit u' v = '
Wrl .4. :- -
l onth T Mall arrl,.. at 4 II M.<..Mar Tkarrdiyi I ftl'lI't. ) judioial depurtinfiit and Ui n|>jjoiutmeiit f>.I'IIIIIe"1lril.lnl| di nHiiil.. o..S ut

and(Viwr II..ntaro ;
.). I \' Maryland, that Ui. power of tax atioq lug aiuvug Uia renurved po\T"r" of tit) Court5lii 4f tho? ; taxim U'viot mi lmirc) *> ttnun 1'rcnldent (lrnnt' ndtujnlntralioH \
POKT.U. :lll'I.K" I not ftbrfljiiJd.by of RtTmiilutj duablcii the general governioenlfroiuluvyipg liany uponbond' a ditlurunl |ioliuy, aud wu liavu' iiunally =il '
waR grant t\.IIle\
Mntijr"" oerur by nerFnti ant obwnlnf th fklhiwtu I by thin tht.1u 'I.11'11 "t th.lt lhoinpnny Manhattan 'South Carolina,
r..l.tllo.: JI\\\cr j to thaw governiueut of the V"ioll'|' the tax, 04 tbat1epensL. UJlIIii. ) lawn liuli l. .,. n tuIIMttI'|'iivniwtli. I wr..b. l I I
mlwcllanenni I lnroirato-1 nndor
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raatttila Sill'
lrttfr nr ( Charleston
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tIn ih-iMMllIm alIke be liatltlMt.puitrr all ilnni lust.:. to ka MlnravwiiUlu 1 that It wax retained by the i states, anJ thai ( expcvaa power! to lay and collect tax Ulin.iln fttid """'r"1Y mw enter the nevt 1'ixMlrR 'I Champion '
ik"ctt7.Dia.t be pre|>adbjr. pu.taj ibuapa a(tb. the iiowiir l Ix to hd concnrr ntly cxtrctxedl eji," but It. hiiowt Unit it i II au original inhcruot Of; and r'Atl'* tlal iiimp"iljH!( under tho heaviest of nil 41 SUKTA.S IMA "La 1 Geoflli1J.s. Adger.Tltr .
irts of 050 tent pvt kalf 1 nnnr* nr ttltdfr. nriftn lti brmtn bint Stnto ; that it'pnv* n .
- vpajrmeal by iMBiM raiaui94 afl Jutitn to IIIat ta< I l we two gorcrnmcuu ; and alio that power neyor parted with! and inr llcenio .n4ynqrm the raliie of its loud' tbe ninpon'tlUlUy far; iy> ire auj long FANCV ILDRINK.Ial .. -
wllhln nsse.rs lbs Lalted,.8tnl.., at lh. lattof three Mnl |ifkulf I there i is no exproM constitutional jiroWliltion ..peoi vo":,I'bwhJw tuprcmacy of ,(lust i ipotcruiiteui ferry Itn boafn prolrantvd duUiitm inlmNiueii lower( I ul ... ll... W..r.. VreofArlrlie ..kiajh ..It.... to :.w YorkWiy
wharf bonti 10 tl'ltbllt ferry i.15u5,54.ti.WNI.5k54sad l
Fall prapayouat by -. rviiulriHl na all Iniirlckkrlntud npon the Ht Ungniimt taxing doe net.ui..anal II uh inijiortanoo Mr. Itontwvll may Adnilm lull inontbly os : _*.*.*.N.lu 555114 'T. bn nbbUnurl nrnm Ajtmlt nrthnrtnrU Wan'.
teritahiAtth wharf InFt. I its Itd
.Iloei| .0 plsM
f \alaaUu maw felMta fiirHxa akaild and In dnmi-tlle.all aaraa b, mlalrnd".4 menu or inotniinenUilitiei of the g. | In determiningtheqnestion ; ao"! are hil.iLIIllf tin, rate, at which Jie in jmylrrjflhepuWin .",.Acrelai'n,') "..." ..., tAM UM hMketUoCTfMlf.5 .AOKtlClNV II.U:, VrnmiidiSt. ..,!
slims iuunt>y U dvelrod tt* bu .... 'tul Money (Irthrsbould lint it >WM huld.and 'll'i-j jagree1 further tluiLiMMUgmMUgiuaiand renerveilpowcr Ijonl IrmgiMhnn ton 'mtimte nt ntimo. duht' (tie tnt jiayiTl |kl\n\r\) ,fh tDMuiey 'I ii. tippler aw ki 41"" ..a. sod rule' Past sri ,. .\" & .l laaua :atsayrlsasta.i. ul Ufurarn
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wlM anctmbto, lie."taII.. I It 'When not n. the! retry batoll rarrtniw far, I Nsa ..,... I. fluis...11I1. S..WSsSff
bu and the offleera apwV'teilunder I proilurtlou earbi An la tn In. .llnir| lloanUikM .I
IIIII"W1001 III tr
iroiMriy judicial
held to prohibited .
Mont OBIRU',4PAIIYtaIU1. | Oil tliu IIKiii .\\.. The Ootirt below ..( K.niuir>..lrr... .I A"' .
.' Kiperlal ."..U. I. allied totk. noaafonki .,.h>tiAN t nccemiaty unplioation, olherwiie the Hut >|. it being a music or,.irwUMincutilit jvuitiloyod hdsf, 'thM the 'Was not Kahlu-' >r mom ihmi haS. ruto intermit on tb. imliwnat till..,..,.. y..g.reIhSA&ACAI'lSI.OD lt *aur Alias* "ID fur l>*lb.('""I..th Mast. of by Kl'irlila tIws.4or.iiuad.tIIaIsL won i lllajm ,

r tw S. .*sod. Onlr rhfMpmtMhndnHn.nimfttinitmniifrtirDiitl.*r* iMiavd lu UM feat 5Z5SS4tUgIIII] ] I might itnpoHe tnxntion to flu extent thai to carry i i' uiU? eflevt tbe, right tsxntlnn by Ihi profit,* r\ nnd 'thit: jinlpement. ': ilebt. They know, alno that for m e<"ydollar "1'1'IUI'Ir.tt.d.1"1.-, 11.0.1.w t.irc, asS"li lsg.pi.w
L d"I1".. IJirjfi-r, Miounit_ ran. tw 'tnwxaniiltt UithercmiKrtdfl t WQUitlh, iiupnir if not wholly dtifottt thfoperaqoun ami Becearilyi: of .iu ouiiii|'aired ek* rc' [ Sal *\i th" mflh. h7addliluniUMtlnr Qf thll Federal autueritleg Ut'| the exemption of ike ofllcef from ta\< | : off, wnliave hml to liurrow two Jollarn UK t bI.ao4abriitb? ....\1".. Oil I 1 lit tf J"'kulI'ftll1...
HATKM f>F (''OMMfMION '.' the .l' itaadnpim Mr..JIIMliotlll1l1l1I4III."r..1.hoo1'ill oi-tiiin. our ,m ISIS lliMn HtileraHim s.Srdiig. ii... .. ..
till .rd.ro) nut xruMliuit >*>. iUCsila.' / acting iii their flppropriAte 1I1'1t",<. Tlicni atlrm by e nr gnvertimonl, im( from IhtuigiM-apilalinU: by "xl| .| rani IMI5 .H.II. - -- -
*'m tirdcnt. uvcr IKiiiiH not ticer<1lnf Iflrfntl t \i jews. ,'e think nbuudiuitjy cHtuMiHh,! ts>4 fli s 'fronqd: and tr, maintained biimK; A* over tailtlnn develn1a.u iu ronlt ..ud UJkruil, ui.auillss. '
i 1111 HI orders onier o-a"'d) nxctMMlinn not '. oullr.i|%,.to S5r twot.uiv'n .*. koundiK-ni of thd decision of the case >4 liv "priiii'lpIi'K arid rvuHouit. coguitM.tbx) .miTt M' PUJ\I: At,, RY .t !IA'rK : < t we find tbi t our xnpplr nfbnniN fqr I fur l. Aid limit, flvsSiisla or lilII < N:York & Florida

< be A. M. lob Pi. 1)0""_ tit. the JoOiininHioiierK <>f 'Krii. I I which led t'J Uie oeeqaIiou of I.1tv pedernlotfiaer ; Kl'l'l' I'KKVtrtfH, TO rf I. ''t"/WII.V\I'f .oo., export it ufiojit Xliau 1 UiJ, that wd ,mutLruoufurtk I p.sb... """_ --| *>< USE UwVM '
MmtDy UnWr utHu**lit yiurida a r w folluwa: )aVtJu'>li ..... Vps5i., 111 at'"' WiSed.
ville. Ki7 Wmt TtlUhaM, rcnitneoU, Wirrinftot, HiTlie : wMehMettrinlnod that the Wtte \rore pn iiabobho.m's. //omiuLiaioQitrv: (ind.) NationAl Itailf r.hvall""l'lh ft at.m. produi 6 i tbe exports wlmJ) iwo I.h.r.. 1-1..1', aid itIaAA.r. ib_ nil.I STEAM .

A iuu.IIns ruIs sad uf this'"pfHce,,"(.i.rbI4. portnni lit U IU trnjiltj, litblted'' upon a proper coiirtnicti' of fli* nf Krle, fKjmtaintion by the ($t Mt ; for, i iiiyjt I Hunt. -Krror the, Circuit V!."r\ *fur' to pny for our Iraportu, and an annuil .. laili iriS med _.hli. WuI I".
a, toanirtd with l I'offlrtl mm Hun from nrt.1.! ". ('Ot tltl1 on from taxing tho MlarVpfrtolumctitu '$ ,' rein-e ltlHrt }n'Mn, re ij recqlJ r the r SN I bLauuu. Hunt 'iivVI| ..5Kii.u to rw/. drain of lao.'rtid.ooobeiiMai.. for ltitere tuforclgii StS sas.A f 5111usd timid, ImkI '

:I m, .wlO T r.'I.Ih: t!Is e ktjMi ao iBMt wbAUtmr Mialipu .. of.n officer of the ga\-wnmii M\M i)0i'ftliaSUW; U lU. 6TWdgaJ I ..ur Ute bHuk.,{ r.aliauJ Jfrom Uxij! loq4hi4slere(, .' I. i.sstsUy llI'I5S.syuirppmI 1"- ly S-sisaiIuiskI;4, Ii.IlIi.llVi

nj. Lo TIMI"g, P. )I. or tneVhitKl'rHatM, and '" e' mall 'no.> < iod >.iiJ int,. a*. Uiu eeueraX jo ernramt .ale nf" too"I..JtI' : * UMMuana-and Itestewnentali.tenti4o7ei1 tltn\ 1c'idl\tt llfid' tile 'timi awl tli,. lw-I K..4.' $545 Is lAs Ih.sId.I5. IIMI. ThIS,
jimwed to 1IMW (hltt npon the w m. coiittnrtjon tidif ,H mntii (.i .Iteming, the Alahsuisielaiissg llMlMIOM ufiinxliull'
I.UlUll| W ulir
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Tlif Sail I)i'nilitgii tehetn"l; with the umviiiHtlttilloiiul rcaHutix, the government j ill pf nMlrfted froihAxbift operation inilfc tn granted to i itrunooiwrily. it inad at the liiObat il'.uoul" .. npowHMMlon 'tbo Jtf.o'btI lUtpubH- _- l.splMi.aafisIMU' % imnmnminl' OIl

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in ,'1ilcli, country It wua niuilc urrlvwf In Waslingtot I the the oiUtiUiliotiin prohlbjii' :, 'hi cOUrt,'hMaloiJi J' rullux Mf tftud dnr will bIb Ill V* anldoni oltfer' a lvV'" tppiionohti w*'( 1II"'- 5"" .'"'. I" V"MM 't'apIn IIIuVA&I fl.uoaV.rqidlusil' ,
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t a \kjmi'v' rnniblncd covering strength ten' tliotisnnd or twelve inpcrltuiiif! 'laborer*jt.Tia v..-alt I clared lu thd leuth' rt1cle of the amendments .,- : 4* th lIr ,, w\y\ [|j4foVbtIu} {( (tVjjIl.f", -i : '' AlaUs .1ooI4IU' 'b lIaLAL'IIItUIIILUS. bur|(_ iliMr.' i.f..In-ibu thUr i.Ai lit'" nivrsr !
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lit tie Imperial .Factor)'. IIu.t l was a'I'I'III'' The o"l'n\nlcn\ United 1tah' i'eri.4' .| I : : \ rtalll',' liOi*. WUMM,1.dIIS41N III npUlMfd day*, lbs aiirnllnlt nf
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"onl1 1'IOllll" ?!* say it l It worn (flilfltirio.niPO. ,OIIOU *nd' the ''! I'r" ftrtnany 'gn.rtf'ff ; ''isa4t That cASs.j irn'mhNi a tronar illaMraViiMl .4'| Hfirnx iyllcge l Mbe i. he doAndnntEotuth9 A .1)htys aitin-, 1" 'twaffdh ;gn1lvpiss ,. 'YLUI. .10... a. U. ",'IJO'IIII'' Ani. ', ba4r.dIuuMEi, r li.* ,

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m by necewiary implication' Ti"''R .- VI. M8r71ItOi.] \' llul Ike ; lly. aKKr 4itlJitUiiire) "lliaii bi* WAS t UUh_ Wu454 ONnrn.sa5iri.S Sed I.a.- !
;"M ltAuJ.I tPIIuM Ui' W A"'II.11''".-''\1)1. ) aud whys ppu" il | the ,Vits& A'r.sksytasniiuebtiruh POLl II trI AlL I'PIII&.IPTIS Asii.gA5i.Jislfl For Mobile & It ItV
IuifWItIw4rktd \ul; King WiIIi.1I' 46ftl4rlllllr.JIII emil gQv'wiiment and thtftuu; *, akkongibotii ) power to tax involten tli..(iow. .lw d'* It.1.t1i',. M. court iu. ef'Ct in Miv ml liuu exist within -the name. Un'jtoriai Itiaiu iiivUv wliii'h "liil.Ihig that utitr th! bankruptft .t "-It -- .. .
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each other, witUmtlioir reHioutiveiiplHirc| Luwk aftor ibe UpHuvf Uuwi "uutUr* ot'uwitury l I Tlii rourt iirarm that /l:wuivuU Mr; Wo
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WaahlRJ'u' Lhu.ttlwr0abd .fl4trIIJ, well itatAl by' the present Clilef!' Juirttce' ki,. paul In.. 4iV1lTq"t w lit" I{ tin u flionhj, I b. ttbiii tiftty fltyt ''tftM, 1,i << .\ *l hi- li."'J J *ml **id 1 : \ I 'MII.t \IytUt: 1tlai: EVERY 'PRtDA V* '' I
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..II.1. lie U ttly three In and two linn) 1 IWHIKIIj "I Hollo' rrhl--how ymi WII., .t ilii" i.a.n ,iniriittIy, writ of SEIOssU t"n'1' a. I "
tlat ymn U.. Iii mauy of thy .UeI'1> uf thUltoii ult- 'l t'T..i.:; I.i' 1 ;9f Ar.T. ,!,'Y. I dtitrtot "at Vlrci'il ItilyM an bi (lout !It oln t" br mil' ) 18.(1
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Limlln.rQ tuu our 'yinpntlili' Wauav: I II... of Use ertuU J ji*rUiuiitU tl.t f fUss fr .1Mua. 1ar.tI. tar sMu,4ttIs4MI.iJ. Ute fct ttUwir | A Cllllllllly" tuo1bia is4't II tlOVWII a uio.iiwhliib.4hiP" I I I I tiuude Fnrw.rJrd IW has r'ri'lutrrlyr. of ('iminilnatiinI Utudi'il ut li:. lfuuilt 1 1I ., I II

bed! a aPOuktr.amt kuovt note atwtit fanulngIbaa t ljatsnapnuat. w.. JW.tcI.a. YII iaiaUvt i.. ,11... $ ofto *. *r pconi| ear i, t tit",*|>|><"tt. t>< a XUIIMII ,*. iwa In- 14 It' .*, aehtikedon't you .ee him I ami fri'luul' UMaiik'od, m low aa by tin; cilia Um. .
Ilamce Orcejey but he Ja ul DO lole .. 'I I .11fIIW.l 'IINJII thee.I ""srcii ofLWa tile uaa: I ayree that iimuni|
U .ir"l uJiyal ca UJlu. Ale ,llt/-l. 'o. l upon Utnvuuuwu pcIOIAII (tUs tI..ulLI the gcntmt rQYflrultnwill I the wine to be common property' our uu- diiti" \tu.t.'n.t, Ne.(0III YmkJan
l Hlrainoo fmnt Q' to U II/1DI" ""
& i's'* < "
tgiiu Jrea/lrtjllir.' He %M be tiny Dine ,.,.an i4do TI.It guiuaut 49 U, State pet Io s manner ?uoetJe u the rtbunc nf 1 toi'hUtK-atiMl oouAl/y fili-nH 1.'( .1IJIII' Mo, 1 dout MM sic, Juike.,. 1H% 8. I; I'- )1,1.4)0; I 11. AirOl,1 SI

L April ?7. 1HT1 but tint run iu IHTi Oie |" I It rlll"lWiC611 'touu of0uv nuuoullW'l} pro- ; Cll4utiQtll* uS, l. I tto $tvtst1MwW., wUnh .ell' I* it itli, U.. "..dUIIl.U'1o jliwn u Veil, dot U fu",.). A rnkJi hat told ; .4,1.,1110'.1'1..

f. laId lure uad too luudi** biiu ,lie -Jlluracti / tocu wwh agamiit iuvawou yr louiv tui vioUiitc ITS auxuUMal |*ii" (4 UM .,.teua. Lady .' 'Hiat' ({fxxl t" .(flaiim-i, |II t_ ,"'II'r .4|', dot to inn: i.,d I make laoidi'11I1I der vlteVI'nd 0011& IU)1MUI' -IT.-11- -- 't-flm-- -_ .. ..

tirmUnr W*. luaio a".JoiI kunai : *. Suchmuji\ tint .trfr.tu aJi'l iade f'liUe, tormmy ,lie basis whMi the Uie\ .inc, Iu.lignzutt4y.( : you teas lets t* "clioln I J Jill!* yo 1 ) nil kiml fXiHiuUHl 1 athr.

S.aUoiit 1811.Ctnaiiui Ilrii at luriuj.1 Aiuk.u(4AIIM4 n4. >cw lUutpauln nuyjr,Fats' | rvdvnt coudltluo of lhe Stlh', in
cntnfwl *., ... .Nl, p.t.kli rsiw ,nl.I.,r "-ivsti-o) aji r

p --' ..-- fr I ____


-- --- -
-- i -

a I 11

-.-' -' T= - - --- -- -- .
-- --- ,
-- - -- -- -- -
-- - --- -

&, .iciiii I It tllrmplrfl .I'rnuil In ....al.lnll..1It I ii Out oflliv Own .O.I""' iI;le'l them I Into I ;their I schemes I telling Ihute 10 I LOCAL ,AFFAIRS. si-t'i'i: .TJMI4. Iuoeat'uiuxeiu.'

!; Ioribhtn. I U rllltvrd that III111111'1)>' Itiir pussi'il I/ I Then t iv no i pnhlli |, ,urn'il I wbuWFilltortnl cokIUIIIIH I had some wniples that It Wilt tin, custom "fn I .- ?aul.ItIhl'i".r :t iut ,' t. Ft u,. Vi\| 7, |IMl i iIM ,
bprt ol all huuI'I'ituuri'u" I to make money ont4iUiHr rl \ > l"n.II"\\OOtlllnll Bootnil of New York < 1 1. l>uf t K:* ilhllinvM-e
tin) l.hituriof "if'lI IntP wsulon. him licen snffuwd lIlt and | :
York at its sii tennnl ; ,1 Iteuoiofn.- n T. P.'jAOOia, I). I Ii., will
silnri' -
f II IIM on n a largo body ot laid on the Bt Johns 1 MH It"a -I hm until nl l .
\ as iVniii'l, (to conltin, when It rraihed iho Oovfrnor 'lander rmpa'Ung tho alleged, 11-1\111\ mttfajre Hiich, ,i. thi. iMMiity led bculJ'lI odEs preach la the rrrabyleritn Danreb neil SablmthT bare rcoeolly'erected large i u' nub i n lonili.nelil

I A t I. I. A H A 1I' E K: : for approval!, approiriations| w hit b, had. as the Trffium: hut Its news columns nonl-h ii di-scrlbcd Dot Southern] I 1 p -1 usW river near Paladn im nuitP'' lier.ilcl.hn J '!ie n h i umlinn
never IKTII voted by elUier lIiHixd, but On tint an amldote to Its eilltorinl poison. Wa are ibis rerunsr! "ii as by JIlt t light colored cloth bill af'uN MF.UWBirflture water tower onUiclr pl lace,fcr the purpose of lrrlgilinj > bnm t tinfni'.'. hniin ,u i, ir <'
I I":, I I."l\'i) -M. \ i 'i., | I nnlrait_ had *' rrjn.to.1 by botlw \\ In, n tl.' |i>.vCOavli'I till li irrh falmanlalor out of Its omimonth. ..II'tnrsHrtmu" tit Dimnrratlc) I I ill putiilcan{opponents,panywMcijt.itliiil' but hy, :" r dnrorUk( ( bolc ke Tbnan I ; Umir orange pv. $. Tha IIlIO.tank Lai an. 4 ( .i., .,,,i' ,., ,|ii|,, 'I| ,ii'u', ,,,1 I tart') ul.I |,
j. iirta v.rrr Bi.wlr: known to Oov IIorr,Ai, he, Thrrr |Ii no Xorttmrn ommunjty hlch tlm very thing for this hot weather elevation of 8tlfcttaa4acaini| tlty( ,OO gutloin I il tin -i mi t .t I IIP I nil ''I I .inn
I nil IN compeer In Kiting rm th' snItnry .- Thr iiiotivi |10""')' a wind wheel Xt hUu In .
llii liiatliil\ I'lMlill"! lir l him h.-iili,
ntniuunrd tlw tlm'rr-.f thr llonsn lo Altianj 1\'lJ\lloIllIlIu'h'I iilMiiit to mull fend ui.
I. s,, DIKK, "r., .....or.I' ( two flagrant ilog- lit'hold, yonrhaml<. Mr frc! .tfl* ('TToxHeccivfd at iwo! JO flub, ... Wlln' diameter Pi nri' In lir Inhl fmm the toVf rrtlirough elfort
When airitod then' oilions i'liwilrnci Smith Carolini, | vlnrln of t his grat u' nn.l dignilliil. N tutor
; they a new Cf'101thl M prftsil
K. DVKK Jr, ,
"lu'IIt..r. Thry) nrestnim a lib tI" mm! lildeuii aijr house April 25 to May It, 41 halos shipped| 51 i I'uUllu and! that
hits MindKil mnwt III ill fiaiinU
Snppl, bill WM prcparrd. frmn whirh thraudukiQt < ranting to the testimony of the' Jrtlmnr'inwncorreppwident I | | mr to hue world through bit true and
rolling polilii al erlnir ever ""'vate,1, I tiik. bal. Iminl., :|Hmle Cotton vlllnr frtnllpto04
; on town fumlftlinl, a ilh a ciuiiplrti' .v'ti'm ol natrr tried Irienibt, the bite Capuiln lie kln'uon nnd
/ Wi
omitted auk our
np|'rii|>ri'IIOIiI n< re t Having si leu lion to acpplwu I Country, What, ,d'K'! II signify 1 that jon ldtfj|

tlJu* DIWB fcroughf bitrll trf the stale lik which ll extract from Month ('onU/, Better froM'lt* 'tcnitthnflsTy! tui n ymir hands'on ItaeilItU

JlM Lut WI U .. ourrvsuuudcul:', in Ik 2 riMwr""y. .DI.u TataaAa i tmnroMwrj- m-apltiilau- all IhcrWenSTVtf
.H pained >llure, Ika wee sign y spacUl priul* lIon M AtbanyrtrtM-n the flwwnf monTh '*$!IV> Jo.lIc.nLt..wiotwIfolk. vcucaiusuisLuuLaLaJusup

the ufllcrrs uf the t"o Ilotisei, and, in that form, >, Do eonsliltr flip valuo} of thU.ivlife'me ua Ia I ib"II4.i In corruption in eouteqtiej-( of Are lu hM'e .n excllnioo to Jarkionvillcon llre4) fifteentimes, the oUier day ala dead I aligntor. hr.iiJrfnt efTort hn tTie Kil

received the ugtintarc of Uu Uovrrnnr also Ifil 1 li'ad, 1 come' Ironllneliul'ratlr source measures whiiJi' have rw omiuendcd t4& Friday nrt t Tare for the roundtrIp, only four Thft f>tf* bad a it>,*f Mug on hut fellow, Klu* bill, Huffloi- to any that In (apt. Ili k
r The I'i ., friNii hUt .e gather their l larts. the wriur nutghutbe. "n ppr trd of l'ul1Jff'nttilin I whkiu you are responsIble f The policy .tM ch dollar A LIt old Om U U.ticlpate.J.) ('uf'tlDlIw. 'I IB "inipwtadantatlly* lurjjp ipian- 14dn) fctttr, W Oovrmoi Recdjmy u ioiq umirs >

I.UtI. A(4ITN.iith.li4 : ntL1't' submit II,.. fuctit to the public, 1 and Mil ,..n:. Bnt the bit of arorrotiponuleni rr.nt --- lilies arc BOW being shIpped North from PaUika | In the following paragrA|>li a* Hillown
lot I III own
are ten stamped 1.1'f\lr ooauIS
'... A..&... ii41psion. witkniit flirllut uummrnt than IJuny Oit. .>v.. hi all the nthrr/ way. It U not In i you Booth Curollii Tnt hop anti supper at the Vftmtitvo hou* "J ; The latent news from thin county l Is n< folkhro -
and trlmo. tltAmies
r.IM "M."..t_I..tnd' 1WtI1J11'1otfnt"'h.) "1141'l kulsliliok IB Oldih surb' fniiln, (lire nktutljf hU commMon' to n-mte and explode the aorasatlnhs I a blunder t orf Wedni i1nf evening la wa ;w, think, the 'irjtkiwl"to'Le t Saturday IsM John H. Ely forcod the (Wluilor. -
for th...". 1 erwpoi>) nll Ignorance and ruea''emOllt ( .. neha. elwt JIIWIRRS.We able to Inform Homer, threats uf Immediate
:- vl'lu| t bid t ori !ntftimlly, ftheiie Bryan, by
V'liorrJ' w, $iut.iFI.4eiolI I hld..I1.lIIo1 npon dvilirstlon and !rUral of hdie and jtmrlemrn we Bra, J'," that tier*. are ojufjert lu this part ofthimortil personal violence, to discontinue an ndverlNr
""II lImulllll"ll.l."ItIcnI1111111111a, in need of a thorough The fact flout he dim l lIlt \rg"nll1l1'ong
...".; Iui.Mf m triumph I downey, Hint rxlst on lbs Idea of the rfft.- ,vlnpynrd.. TV* nan dead V>*.iTs of ft>i(..I l mont for Uia tale of hi* land for taxes.
It 1' It O. R. ....d.:.. ttHi1.iM.vlUm. reform, : knd UJ.;iin iwlK(, ttrr ,fli.y may truth and honesty ovrf prejudice and party InIrtckf I And have the awnrnnc to wirtnd hay hot neen (werotiW In many"a dnjr.THM however which are lU'"rl'I1' bad | '' Ely has repeated threatened me for mhnf\ \ .
yet ,
ria.-ff 1 lie, \ ho dun- thus lo tamper with the authority m.ll*tlD1on1" valuable bittuse It eAII.I I yon aid aiding the Collector hi bis huiliiiTheM-
J r dally tirades against Uie want of JbBilnlvonps HKAtiix O> Kit-Tha teuon lor parties, :
O. P-l&'Wnu. print HOT TLu.-Oen.lrlm.y. fttatt'i I Attorney (for are samplv Itr
tIN of the Htate, nnd a hu, 1"ln.r.J'nl m k ftnliilo not l 1 e tusprrlcd that tie. hiss oviiivliarged the
w- I_ a. D..w, JU(. tn thn Intelligent tla ses of the hrtk '. 1M\II1,1Ii"p.rt, plc-nlo fMtlrat,an SX ? lent 1\111111. IIrt'I11U"11 In a law, arrogate to themselvit picture. Tie bsd 1 temptation! lo soften and
*saaiii the ol ,
fur the whole
Irgtnlallng But he lw boueal sad has
JI" slMvt, raurcu 0. 8.iio, II<.iiUlcu lifllrt deserti power, I pyo- militate incut lu not In )our ran roluinni a*, unendurable tiMI yet of Nit clUnn who do not lecl able to like a The Solicitor had DuDI.lnllleled, *t the rerrnt! a tissue of vile and Infamous; slanders, |iwrluu'truu'|
jib puulsbtufnl In In
: : s'utuulaud uetitpl.corIIy.ut */ sunk tbu otucrvet the palluau. view uf
I Ku Klux hill.nolllie ll enilnatcd you bare houndnd emigres sitE the fatlcnt pleaSure trip oh are Httllng down fur a qntet, term of the Court fir embezzlement of lunda;' ted, In my honest opinion, tn gain |mliiieal' ends.to .

tBKCKliiRH: will <,'li n-, tlC the rixcnl w liUrly ( bbl to rijilrpss flii.se IntiJmblo grlitnnn1tit; (oplu dull, hut imiimer, which wilt soon be nptm ni.tUmaiirruu while Tat (Collector but the trial resulted In a drow Into disrepute thcluniK-cutfurtheguilty.
t ., The people of Flflrlda are familiar wllh frauds slanders which wunt his |*ultxl, the following )- -... ,
( ) M"r'' "their pRpt'rwiikli of a fimi'What similar kind. In WOO a bill itatenunU froui the .TiUxtM rhallengeunivirtiil tlinn, fail, wtUi, FederalJmyoticu, ol'ilime, .w 1\1 liii partime ludultfcdln rerdlct of not guilty Tbni fur, Dcuni seems Inj and to cast a slur inxm. out county at large, '

"JgiIifis.4 tli ,t their of st'oripthn! the thi 'br-rc u !tity/ blU"1.t. r. 1I,' r.'. Lave tile bnt of It.Gipitizut.Tbc. I dislike exceedingly to speak ol the dead ex
trl |issw.d I/C'ghtlatur of HlaU>, authorlingUIP attention. Wa bog thai the great -.... *% by MAC a colored youlh.no Saturday aftcrnouaHe

hUA irjiirnf 'nnil gorrrn thcnuclvoa 'ao- iwun uf t<,mal inlUliui* of'Suile bunuVg1'siUy'tv ". b njftli of the eilritcl. will rejwl 'uo reader, a. the (kinD Onnrn ;..At flnnnal took relugo la the ante of UiecapiuU, but was 3tr sn.. Mi Dourlls, ofQainesvlllr mitt w 1th lie meat profnnnd npeot : but jimiicela

iord1ngIy. : iklj I; Itt' extending .dti if Cur. ruifriu'I. tolijii I now iKxupiut larger jtli.ir-iif: puhlio ai meeting of that Board of Trade of Ji ksrtjlle on hauled iml by the Police, aided by several rltl- have thiS season! planted sues
West tow "rll.)fu.ih', but natty" to pay for swlnd lentil Iliaa any oilier, and Igforioiitlon osu- the Bill met, tile (Mowing resolution,IbiVd by TInS aid one or twoauldlera. lib case wa dltpoaetl Beans, 4 acres of Cucumbers and 10,000 l blUe fIt fey bandit an illHiualitlcd rifutatinu of this a hole

After 1 pun'r| luw )b4PTh rirr>**rl bNk !, hug transactions III ollu' Suites and! to fill the U of Demonrtio WnsiSmilb Watermelon TInt lave sold anit >tati>uiuut Publicity lint been f\\tn\ il, and
Kiu-iiis-le-l Itvne
r not n I .t: Hn.Hn, r>| WM im motion of )' .\, A. at the Itayor'i m yesterday morn vugetitblm .

t t t in ,most pusitivclt/ Iti"t ontinu pockets her-dy adventurers Tb l biD as pn*4d Carolina may be regarded M the t/pint I IHnutlinn Ksfnirf received ind od mOl Inn of fjtf" ing. will sell at very remunerative price thnvforv,.I villl puhliily denounce ll as a 'f tffalsrhootl.

-- i tLo niount ('f a 1i' rrritiurl| not re- by bold Holism. and duly signed by the ufflwrx Hair I 11"111 the Southern flea, WM most '.ri Adopted, J -- -.- -- C'Kors, i* THB )L"ffl.5Air..TLe dilutor uf hbo
KVAMIPATIOK: t'BI,BBHATWK.-TJie colorod In HIP flnt pliu c, I have tu my posw wleib, ul, >-
liueJ At i . thereof oonlalnaJ ktrhignnl provMon fur n. |>rotpctloii fully d'ebiind, and bon the change to the Northern Jlexitvtt Tbll 1tsThe nltlhiun ofDllonrd) of Tampa Jtiuiuuktr hi recently visited portions
Qno. > HWRIUMira of the tI"IIn.. of UKM provisioas n- iTnlura of ginemment and .nIity; ut mot Trade, (composiHl about eiiially| uf Nm and (elks an to bav jraml time\ on Saturday neil of Uill boro', Polk anft, Maualea ,counties and j Jet I ID the ltwM-cUon| uf nnjr OM, Homer iir3'uiu.s.

uireil| that .rcurlft shod Id be :Irr-a lor ti< peymentuf I railirol. and Ualtimihul by the greatest _IoI.oco. Honlban (jtlDIIICIK'.1) that there IsnoMeln the w hen fhey propow tu' Celebrate the ftonlvururyol tinier to Mr. Frunk flultzell, direiOing him tuwithdraw'
Ui. iutare in advaw uf tint issue III' I The .HIIIlmll't t* Omttliit cAntOS hut bttn attornfatiinlniln L'nwo whets tint. people, a. a whojaiu moro Uitir litiiauclpuUou. The Irreprewtblc Jou5W ay* that the cropa though unusually I.Ie..e from the rolumni of lilt paper an adVirtlwnicnt -
MtTTK/l O.V KVimr fAQH.jn: > hlflt rtJrnrt, + \lien\ III I' ronstdcreilthat I where Immifials (iu all : generally looking very well; cupucially lu the two
uunruablH .nd'lwvtnr
any lionds, and anolher .. that no ImnnVlliuuhl no clvllltwt rommnnltr .'v.r underwentwidilnn .\J.ii k, usual Las been wdn'ted u the orator for the talc for tuxes of certain loin
-- > twin uf the HuUe.) ala more sough far, or will I former. Th farmer of Manatee hIve suffered a
I Weyrlul ulsMt. n 1.lr ftom Inn. n. lie isninil Until the, Hlale Vi.n: uPrHircd. I and Uiorout-li a revolution all Its social I* better rl'ertyei and cared fur: Where, Thinanitprnpa'u'ty : nf the day.Ve hope JOHN win give un a dual from dRnilH.An upon which steals this I urge'I tinul flnil storehouse -

J wblrhcffstlually, ilitpoHM FI.f. by a first luurlgaKe ,'u thai par) of Ihg nutd already Industrial. Mid (xilllluil relaUou 2Tutinnier, | ore mure. swnra than .tCie Main : fn'h kpeedi this time.FTXIC gnnd In Jackson noimty.. em-led nt an HH'iiwof |
| rouniy, -
.lf Ti lit otj.Miryktf.
l.m an "tivulrrt aiut tip Wiii.nl
vtittnliiy i/foiijf Out Htm-
of Klnrlilu. ifThu. -e- frrtznlon.ol't. over |8toO, ) Tlii* order in In I lloinei's ire ii
VtJulI(141. \i Tills tIi4. :'ta M
of tke mode ( J tes paaiu-d
him the late milnidam m/UMif >
by )
cbAl1 1."o 1AisIdcts n rantHHufi"ff> following (letiUeinea were i't4'I l otflmrsfortherncllng If* ..:We Mum our thunk tn Menn.Mrnwrs XAt.r.:, une of the oldest and moit wteemed dti- written In AM vim jirimfa isn.r,
Cuptald In aovnD by, Uifi cgUlatuicaihl, a* aijfUcuV by Hit prujicroffiren blind In onlcr to eomprphpml the handwriting
\i' Pru-aklentl.o'ollnuon : & Km, ,of( Rim City, (''"D., for one nfthidr ,.NiIitf Ohilsdeij'coiiliry, tiled nt'lii residence
&' of the two lIuUMVi but wlirn thu set OIIISP of 11 .|.pmenl dltlnrbiHl, cnudltlon of UIP year1! ; wUlioUt anycottip'itiui'tm, and banded me In the
{ 1 'ti ,
1111 upItrti) l ty 'Il at 'Wuhln !" earn lo be depufttnd lBtbeoBc(! .of the cr"llIryor butt, it \U nrvrsMry to consider Uia clumealt ofIU rl..1,1:e.I'I1..IIt'I\I.11., ) U Kmter.: a*>IQ d Vice- % flno White flngnr-Pureil llnrnn, .' .lthrnngh pear Mldway'a day sInce The Ciptalu bad i prewncc of Mr. Edward Everett, n simm In law of

population und their changed' latlons toeucjiother. Pr"lhl"III" T (It.11.111.. | O. II. Mr.tr(SiW, of this city, who bits many wsrrli friends In thtsronnty who wilt hear the kite Governor illllou. 1 bad lil .d -
_tdopII.n Ule .... Btate ertry "''" tminng tlufMnU/ apniutJUiWirW 1 In a total of m.ou( Inlinhultntit. thiro are J of BreakflwtIf'icon. natty y
fimntl taf finrf Hrtn 'fiantfiilfnl'tIfrltla'ii about 421.(Otto negroes, who as class, arc I Ijrnrt- 1n illtll> mfoi| ai|IJ ILe.: 8. r fs worthy 1111'111.fhr. idle. Also a piece elegant of hit lira tli lIith'mucli regret. temuticully the receipts for toy own, my brother',

W*jirlut lo-tluy |lle I ProcLimalfon' n tlM Oot- vl, TU& T/lMuif) bul rfcen, purputralud siunpwlmni '" 1111011., Mml-lMrbnrians, hut little ulevatrd of note! Mr. 1I11.1 Ivo wtio oHiredtls'a Nortl Tlnvc who thni. rrmember'. tlie! prlnten (ttrottTAKi r ACT.-Tho Florida /'/",laJi-? my moihcr'i and the receipts tat for my tliCr' -

eric; nnnonncing. the adoption of tbu AmonJ- t hbfween tlie, IranmnMon tit the bill from IlIlu.IIIpeuOIIaINln tlitir kiudml Africa. era tinai. and V r>fmnrfiit'judiUioiir| who sure humid,! (I" prosper' In buidnoH.TiirCinrriT ._ cii l, say;. Tile hand Jury uf$1, Jubn'ecowu.ty estate, ot which I am the Executor : but IH-
ineut, lo the CoujlUutloM! of Ui< Slav, submitted I speck ul tlie i/real man iff llu 'ntyruet uf the | -
for raUficalioii lillw py/'jifeoa: Hie 4th of .the' hgMaritt hall th "*' tlec"" (if m*? >s 'plantation Held. -bands." They art atrtiurlu in- .nhe4 It* rervpthin', Is tiled II Nortlft loin, and OOOKT Kir Ixxiocoaniy liatlieen publicly xtuclara* tutu there arc no organized lug absent from Muriiinua uu the cttule's pluula-

last.. April nca, and publla opinion ha long rfnop Milled 1,11I.11'nuite ito '''rfL'nt' Vyon/f Mat tt 'a prominent' Iiuojing Th'p1tIIcu'huo resohu- In .fton In tliU city Kir the patt _. But little 'Kn-Klu'm8t.Jolurioooulyc. Caruul-baggen I thou, on the Chatlalwochee river, anti other pur-

TUvsc ConnltaiMu' trill reducrj'UMI ,dur.a'to the couTlctlnn Uiui\ |ill! fijuid.wai doIgrwd erg I'll abtaifatid tiamgli to .i'JV Vr Ai (ifor. (Inn ltflf(II a direct'contrn.Ucilon td condrniila IrtnlncM hat been trnimncted, either of a rlvll or can now lake courage and cum among ui-*- lid using my desk during my iihnencc, one of Hie

l' IUIj.I'.lu.IIIU) tliuusumtilnllan ./ mid ,.canted through by the IiU"'OUII,.: They rarely commit frost crimes, but are 'Ifpu' 'or tbV tnany falsehood no ed, thronjh criminal nature. Tlie Grand Jury hm pnwented Due nouc* w Ul be given of ,the first appearanua receipt wit uil plucnl.
rxpnuwii uf llwt Bin I* totua fifty given tu (ictly Uiuivbiff lu a great ex.wul. Tu "
a In" view (if llrv ImnrfrUMa tu VMtHBiA,'whon .'rratinn.ln North Carolina wards th. while man t'lu-y ant still deferential th4 NortTi'ri'latlvp' to lliU ln.urt'property of lit1111,1 onto little new bu ., and It In thonght the of lh Klan, ,, I convinced Homer of IhU (net. He wits milIttlwl -

j out tai-burduuuil ynr. 1 people uf 1 nueh I iwlivJlon ,111. have nullawed( him \o\ }Florida, v. Ucro be d protivted and ..um..n air of ")" M'I siilmilwlon hint they III Florida., So I IH.""" born uncut Court: will get well to work to-day and windup A FI.OHIDA IRVBKTIOX Mr. W. .'. Bowcn, of with lh explanation and thuerfully gave
*i* dlslmsiftil, of the whit mm by whom" they originating. and clrrulii .finite me flue order above referred lo, and as litliift'
buy, fUmi gross imd
(Hipnlur vote liy! which illint, hum artriiMil WisrIiIkii1ottsuuifl'tut : by who iavery ilrooRly Sim- know they lire hated "pon MIPP people not ,active 'thotniflncMof the term t by Saturday Bradfwnl county, bits pcrfwloJ patented un

more than. one-rixlli of tliorcglMered hey IuuuI, Iron his known character, uf having hrcn wily. iK.lim-al rights Imvu beau oouferred but and lujurlutlt sUmtli'nj tjiau f fWkcd [tor _DHHOH, The lodlitmenC( agninst X N. tCfttYvntnn for Improretnenton the McCarthy Cotton Gin, which staled, iu the prchcucu of Mr. Edward Kvcn-lt.

volen nf the Stale jfuluff l I' ,lie polls' a ,*1' 'lit ftII'1I111I1\. Itiy lain almulult puhltnU .,..lIIu'1. TluM UfHu ty armg of !interested' '. \likrs. I" bribery wan quashed| on .'rltJtl11br Informality, i* said to render the gin very superior to any now A* tu tbe 4iccusatiou ollvdgitd against me Inhiving"

nil, ThibitWcper* uggrlixl another attempt' gorrtninf dipt tn it/ii/A f'ir
voting.inentionlng : lo swiiidlo iba Blufo, Iu 1,79, shill, yuirtlyamthoMedly ft* of trtuPf It* MTM stifle to'i/arm'Ther, nra ifan not nnteff't a iloron itpnH1 tin iiwulnud by, the florl't/ ,Oau>> (Cit cusv u III prnlmh'lv'romn' up on Tlutureday.us : .' eoooomy uf power simplicity and duiahility, mutt (the allegation! made hi his letter to Governor t I

\ IAEntl ., 1 irj, sIIII.rct4t11nl crriM through both "brftIK'I/I'1 of dluoaled ni.ftroos Ui lIe.1IIlooIQ, blalA .nd highly tic or' three thud lladlr.il. new'span' It 1 'III\I.t. I _- -*. quick| and ay odjtvtmunl. uf flue clipper, lia* no : Herd)) this IB triniply another fuhrlcntlnn unfound

( the nrrenl In (leorgla uf one of the IhalxiUUlare authorizing the Oovernor lo nv H Uola puuilur: thai call t.II.1 I aud ante* J*
ring of (MimiVlfltft; Vnmirty Vfi|.h."II"d atKernandlno ply lt(obtain and dispose o|Collie) I jind Hcrip, 1 mnll. Not in the leant supcrknIn .J1II''uilIlI. 10011111 to 1111 qJ.inl uftonns Traili', backward "re now 5iulu proiuWng. Kocenl ordinary gin-frame at very little exposes evlduuuf.Iteflec'tdig. ,

lay* that wlum tka Iniln whtrh wes diHiatod 1i>,tbe 'Io' by CongreM,'auxxnitlng to : white Intelllgrnco*-the or low-down virtue to tlii Tx.>i>pli m-procs>," whour are the jioveriy pne*, IUI111 (Iu I'Il\IlIlttPW& Ia rUlIot I Ihrii) huts kao unprtnrtd tics com .very much and rtom>it...ThiIowiBflti] (
ctTorts urijud4jlii \ .. if ,ll u now growing 1l1.I,. We thInk thought we j as they are unjust, 1 cannot sit Idly hy and
I HiiplMMrd to have Ihn primmer on iMHird reached, toiiMj'0lKlOaj'rni.f( ( Inml. 'jhe hill fortunately stupidity, and diiKr.ulatlnn art beyond the con- 1D1rof1a1"vouH u> ) 0Hf'd' minion' Ditviuotthuu! /Yiw, rs ralhiT

J Ltd> Clty,7: biind'ar twenty jnatkoJUsaValf. fill d.! ba reporlml by Iho Kenatii OomlnllU'V Ot! .,lon uf allY uutu "hat hu Diver 1lte0 Ihimi. this blalc. buv BO! ascertained dcfioltely, that a larger area roUgh: xeu niysdfcnluumlfitod In the public print, without -

f armed, entered the cart, and awoke and oinninvdccry of Enrollment In lime lo bo nl tusl by tL.omctm They live 'In 1m*, without ftiudows. aiid ufutn ..- of corn box been planted Ihlt year than was cultlvnMd 'Thabeadl.tiouvd fi clings of rvMiutuienl common to every title

b remained without floors They are totally. Illiterate, and tasmlfcrntliTka last, and with My thing like a bvorable H.c.ast ._' wr j I the trlnnhetrohjuci lieliig, prevkmt ! I posiirageron hare not tbe Hnghtiwt dnrire for education, or fur Nobody lo oiirM* cud lo.liwo him,
chairman ) .i-ommlltec Oistrlut IminlgmtUiu t i I IIdu.trllll Auo- season we dou't think this aon-produccn of the HtinMCtMli those inipnted to mo umuuntv from hairier
i IV wa &b"lDn.oap.Ot,uytijilerbfilar* .'..AHerU In the lmn ,' .f'pll..Gt, lhV affair l&'Iianlll'OI1t t ttiat tki* I A Aw ttyt afte'r adJourtDicnt. however, the 'l'huy BUM the rntgrwi with inurtaj hatred, looking 1'I11111111..f Middle. Florida. nil i dIll 1 uOII'Iuar rouniy will have to axkln pay I1-50 bushel fur 4.I I Ahl WIU PsTlt loriiig, flo'IU chso said e)your romlI.\\.. eunice (they may, whether from the tongue of the '
ul"'lIlIIwu a rivalK, :Tksuy vicloiu.rmatix'lwinui al JOth. Iouijc.ulio Tuesday Juno luoa! mmla 01' cum brwigltl 1'rum New .Orluun" ofDoltl from the of his nuwt
i loan,1 and"armed nothing tlirl burmnn are lazy, lolly uiculipg highest or IKIII r-
if m. ked men was I bill tieuur mill In tbe possession of
and. Is nuw Ito cue. Data[ might retort on Pnpy with the follow ing
nvengefid and capablu uf brutal utherjuuilnhsutuu
At that final it 'Hi 's Ill,be lak.nIhr tool for
meeting i I vile ,
t more nor Ices Ihun a parrel of, muMiieniiltn| of Uin'oninmllteo. ft Jtopubllciin mr ttorpf the enielty." Tim eduiateil hilt J1WII' ftlmi (thlnl( -.- epigram" which was applied. to' Cato( the Censor .

J Imys Wino ol w.hom dmwei 4) a* girls and othiriapi I 1I0 III'Mr'. Cabinet dl pvettd ou the fllciW. tutu i dec, ooinnnrallvely nnall In ninnrm, hut ownIng 'ulOlltrlvl.lon 'cllr Iu\lOl tic onrroht ydnr.iiriiiil f, Ot'tl..17" '(.1110. tinder th" nnnplcci '11.I and which we think suit Papy exactly pxrcpt anhi Aod' Thw iurM vniAlli'will! trunft pick will la pof tOrn Kintd bailiff ot trudiluu Uiclr hroud on, ,"
< all tin1 in tint rltata. To Iimnudlnttly/ ncr adtiuirn I.tl'e' 10calltl'f; I Mr PKUWR took 'lustTlmrsdny
Uwpresuutnnpreniu.y of P. T. place
| *rlng In ruKcuk>u* eoettllJlrt, who gut on the |"iniprr.iOcer/luly Mgnod and approvrd.wbat preliMtiled property \Ullla1 the color ul bit hair :
nf the la Uiinirunnalurul taut S'lf 1r die 'rtLIIIljlng ,I. I mean no disrespect to Governor Reed hal-
negro rave a w 111, depart purpuic the BrTlR liotnnrtcail bike
l on
C.1I1I.1 .JI11.abnPJ1 wa fupjiOM to how' | tobe.tbllfedUbtabUl, but with aloiullydlirtrvat With !> go gray, And hair m rita l,
and ulliiiictluir' abominable At;, tirsi ; tt: ever but / tip think liii studied attempt to cast
of ,
on a hotly 1:1.IIIIIDIJn.1I18 now weather who tn ilMurp mid ke's, '
thcimelves off-bent on DO mlwihlef! and ImVInno. tithe Uta'- and I JaLkAnn. ChI'lng to the wrt dimgreeable ,
fronj given,\h. original, they looked npun' recoiutnirtlnn u ,n I'nrre, and,! Tkn*'ll frlKhl m. alatle. iluud,
Intention to evqu IHghleu. aux .bu
1f' 'one oflhem 4toi armod br In 'a1l1.61.'(lilt 1 Wbeib The governor," eanUme.wu!; huut4t'ttbig to ll all away. Now 11 I Is a horribla reality. l lii i the haiti]. tit tJ'uu4> foreignlae" \ urdill' I duty, there'wan not art large a rrowd present aigcarrally Tho crojw In Marion and Levy Counties are ,'' true to lu the manor horn, shows a narrow '

front the state uf amaseuiuut' with which they ..llIiUlji; nolluclvd. ( 1'lclalt'l of, the "thl yearly' fratlval.. all mlndndneks not In keeping with enlightened
a 1 p" 'r'. This I Is the whole matter.' Washington w lib a'Vwtlfind copy of this furiMlSrf flint saw llui (w horn .. rol'' attend Still still b> Ut in splendid) Condition, liuvlng sumtetl
uiyrix Ih.yluull r<-
\ TIt -.- .t'J :4L''I'- himself ay* AullUary .tii'tie at the mAuxilliory ug at Mun .'.). things eouslJiTed, the Jllc.tllcall Bncreunil and tOO statesmanship and unbecoming the dignified position
"14 lit hull pocket Congratulating on gardcil as csttjc) making lant levying bixei, but Utile for r.iin. Tko hiruiurs, have bndDie '
i I. reported that the nOtOrIOUS MoJ. FIRMAN: TiolflmR vffl''e' and ailing Jtirymwi, soclctiiis, and 11C11.uu.lntcfflllldIII ulu rdei( good deal of enjoyment to all who of a man seated In agubi'muttoriahchuulr.
tutu 1enM4| olAf oooti Bundling Iho proceeds In lie they pnsssl > u a good SCUM. (fo plant I plenty of corn this year.Alachua .
uluu "it4. pronounces tbu,' Uityvr ffuni! oHm re.cvttlly derived fioih the m1p of the ((10,000) aerie of IjimlHi Into- condition' ,.if )IrftlirnrM and raffl, of this eularpriim, arc ntiqut |L.) ha\' heir or- went out. The nmric wat good,the danrlng fine But as a noted Rtatesmnn, now In the Bcnate uf
{ .published l ty> theMarUima tinner furgtiry. which violent'. and muhkr wee fttJalUf'l1 coo. ulehi, tllllI acpoiuistnlcd wtjlajlisluf .tult ileacripUvaand the dinner elegant and all the -other feature citml' baa pcrbaiw more lu"'nt ami villagesin the XTnlted Htatc) truthfully says : It U the uu-
NI.1.ha rip. But HJ. MupurlnUuiducl CIIAHK Uw ( ttb. KIIUUUUU.2tvaiiU. I day iu good keqiing with the ot-cailoD. it titan any other county in tie :" Tb<.rfit of and to learn nnxlerfttlon
ry. tenraernberadlkatPviutAN *& ccJi bumlgrantdewor thin : turn tyranny rapacity never -
lint mem Vt. referred, was (run quirk for hilt it fulfil la imagine a |Aife,ifmiiln aunt i.
letter beggtd the Clorl Jackson Von 11.(slncmurdarud F.llcIM" y. flu UiUgriiplivd 1 lo .Socrtiary Cox, rlihrcty, vnJIHnt( ft a rr)
and rohbod) to luuUUU the rooouls of biicked Ui* iininlon
the C'1"nt1Io order that lie,PPIIVAH,, might' lit liy hew nf wiN tn tpuNu ffiurt, tout no injtufttnt SK iiugontbe6ilsuJuutu'j' ,dicereufeau"Laux- !In the...Pbll.delphla1IIfUm.: I In a noiirtalilog condition and. Steadily Im methods dictated by .their 'nature, attribute tuuu
of tli Staid; ibat IbO (11J'"lnlHlrllacl Uttdct v bleb fairriaiMut, iiful un Migml to lufmil t. Ut rate
uo luii Cnllbd blobs Jury aiid lit vordloU In ihocsM'tuflmixirlnnt Hilary society can mm. u all appllcaal. 811lu..IItlll1rormallulllu TAtLAiiAWF.K, May 4.-[ tIl'dilpll'm tn the proving. frustration of their denim to lie want of miffl
HKKR: wancwkiiiK to gel pokinwliiiiof the I.auJrU'ripfwni vfurUaJH-t nltutalfntin ilawu, ami iMouiptr'nt. '
rebels'* stand unchallenged ttitfiaiil I giililtnre; (tn fftrrlv the .f/nA.W) /tntirtfmlKialify. ib .1II11Il'. ,t 9""r.I-Two] member of the Florida Ixfrlnlalura Gainesville glorIes In the fart that there In not dent vlgoi,. Then they redouble the rfforU nftlielr
but fraud. This telegram
nrt aitaminatoil the of lid
n the
|110 gron were on eight '
I locality.J $enreh the reourdu,"said he,".,nd ounfVuuUtd Iii,' Governor un his prcK'iitlng' Thii fnMlttiHi nf nfnin i* MtrMeumt as- 'l'bobIlllw!" lutk-r 'rllti.-.r UIi.ItIt' Inst Three nitiuuert of the Ku-Klux arrived InTaliabaiMie a prisoner In her county; Mall.. Rcnion-Mha Jull, Impntlent cruelly, which, producing, us they

if my name 1 ha not on the reglmralkm list, It airs and vniuiluml mad no fru tofal "f toil&tuul lo flue cilllur of the, V" ., will show to awnwlnatu Governor fleet! Upon 'won't bold otis wit produce, new disappointments, they grow
hlmsclfst. (tutu uflleu of tho of the Into
HnmUry it u tltar hiS tl omu.u4 Iu 1H08 the
.',t' tqqwuPr.1n4. 17P" W9hsvbe'elstkdhitlt ilor/Jidit yet be hn) the brnien pffronter)' in the lending WhIte ciiliteni held aloof from couvvulloni the jHniole, ul thc tilulv Ih: mctii'nbillty of niM'ii- betog whereabouts Informed of unknown their iotentioni, be tied. and L 0.11F.-Frodcrick( D. Stuart i t'I", Jraml irritated gainst the object of their a'sltuteliy| and!

nt l. UI' tOll lIII.II."t fuie.ut.htu oululuu uf Ibo I Uw vfuder uf Uiu Slate, and .elections and the new, uoverumentenmmcnfcil ring 14e l r"l1ucllu of igmntaUrsa ; 'bit I Sire of the I. O..O. F, of the ,l.'nlte4 StaUt, w an then ta'guefnry andmallcudinplacablo( becituutu-
"No member of th, Lave been kill.
: LegIslature
this Holii4| lUin Ui niiItguq *4>IKT In print j with little opposition f r Cm In ISTO.iat bWRtWI. I in PensuuiU week boron lund The 'rjre.s, III unprovoked) recruiting and reinforcing their nu'-
to pcrsW m 1tl* ilMUind tbat Urn (kirip should 1 betiwiuid Hlata 541 thli month to flu ai the public are advited.
hut tS thIs tlm$ j he hi* not had Oi"'harillhoiHJ Ille t>et ilritlon they mauls nn nirort to uU The Ircliron all trice their vlcfs are no longer human. From
up Jilln| 'Tho Scc'rclar-,liowtvcr" uiuhitt cvnuiliata Unl nstfroca, and attnnipted to create' A3111, HI11.. :IttUu't the author of the above dispatch tola- referrIng to visit says i ,
to do publicly what ho lies been doing, privately. ruforin part which should duuuganl diilinc- .W"r 'tinej.Auniiil'/ ,, graphed .u Intentional nntralh or be bat got eun delighted with Iho 6raud, Biro, and b. triul HUH they i.ni traunlbrnied Into tumyt lxul,
lee It, and th* Governor") to withdraw from a Blr- unite'i i send Tort'' I (
Acourdlng to _
) With all hi. natural proclivity to hUuliood, Im WUt.lllltun.1M1I'Ie %, defeated' Oltgrnred.' lions ol! raee. They aduptod a platform v.hluu few lines from my old m I Irb.ml.. where I Imvt* tblnn Leirfiilatare mixed who and were rcfeireil killed last the member month of The. equally pluawxl with tha prgopvcls uf Its Order with no ether vostlgcs ,of realm lifh', \but what

/ dare' not deny over his signature Iba anlbenlleliy'' In New York, act Ilk. these would raise curb gnlnwl lully riicognUod:and prnfrnspit all lie no rights(Imlisv the un'orto negroes Interfere had now lived a low Weeks.: DIB lour frmir )florid If It was publicly known three members of the I uure and tlia vleluity-hll expressed hluuvlf liellghlud serves lo furnish the Incentive and reflnenieniHofiirwfcM

t of thin "''"r. .lt li BO (brgcry; and no one kuo,t, storm ut Indignation agalutl hunt perpetrators with these' | and they nieceedud bi Inducmt a lo .JoI1IIIIIIell'ulfHta' cult auirwUng iiaiilaular Ku-KInx bad arrived tn TallahaMea tun pur with our glorious Uiuborand pliAnantcli-/ aubllety for purposes ff *tntbm -ls

-' that fa"1 t hetlei1 than' .|Its ,unscrupnlbits, IIII.II/lnllll' at Ui 4fJ'P'm from power In Iguotnlny' and ,few Bi'groe loauroul nomination au beAr lickal butt wpra.not. tu short climate, and and thirupled .leoplej no In;your sail hi paprT'octten 1110 Umt. I note of anwualnaUnR would-be-ataaaHloi Governor arrested Read t why Governor were mate.- During bis stay, lie, Tikltad Woiriugluii are lncaMbl| ,and utwtuck fiends would Miiih."

author. ., :TlMi uiovaiueul fiiUud, Thu ills- f pot thus and the Yard." Rexpeclfully
Navy yours,
uiyrroe '
other thiTa would
theIr autbors would bn rfgucded furluinita If alredy ly per '
1 a* trusted Reed, with thou 'r.bole cll1alld military mrro of
flue of ,
sincerity the white and feared l
Tim t.TK), liiSHoN.}1tallllJI.-A. J. ltkiouo' ', the balance of their rolKTahle live wits uol '. '.o trout then with power. They men went, to tho, hai|*' b* muoU lit lull1cbancton will thedtdenuMW( _. ,ofstltullontw the Bute at his command certainly would not QuABAMrrNR. vessels arriving at the port JOHN. K KIYrii .

poaiu'd: \ lib tli'aveil hcarti, ; Idiln'lUos\ oil*uf the TCAmn aiwtlnrt, IbtoniHl attentIvely hi the furauasloo -' and politic 'desert hit pml through fear of aataatinatlon, and of I'ensacola after the 13th iiiHt, from ports heremalignant a A
of yamotil, bri>thtr pf th* late tf J, .!.QiUI\' W* lua rUiruk Uiin uf February sad s irs aifbr bU wheroaboal bring unknown, It U well .
vi their former Parlflo RitllruudK.Few .
and than TuladIn diseases
lint here In manlnn or Infections are prevailing
UIWlII" I'enllimtUry i Florida, w here knaery Savannah, next i The day ftillowlnjf ,
V /oalUon'i-iuiyisaiui'inlt :, body fur the Iadicut1" candidate .Tin'1. luiown that be has been lu thli city (with oocaiiloual -
officials pad adventiiren It rule when on hoard of the Dlllt'r Herman J.\vlng- are to be quarantined persons realize thin monster monopolir
two wceki ago lo look lifter the aflnln of hit among thq) and whit mini were greatly enraged at the result. To '* visitS tll TollanasMio) for tIe put three ,

brurhe'r */. II* returned last week from honesty lbs e coitlon| dtuiuicjaliuu uf awallly make maltrrewone, they believed that In all the MOB amooir, I the bad the pi" of*nnillnfMnJorHmUII was then'going 14Uui I weokt ormore being detained here by the mere The ladles' Immigration Festival Qulncy on which, under this (title, have been sprung n|>oii

taruuiBa andean l lHe IuI. inch al this It eonulih'iej the blghel evidence of upper onuntl where the vace ar Brly evenly Now York,|1.flR"r iu work' iitabluiujug a 11In. fit Mr HemlT; the evening of the 27th April, was a complete the oonnlrj'. Mlnerrn-like, (full grow n. To four
II t4t T'"bi.-.h We should ute to know who waa the author
) ilnUsl thai iM'forc aud' ou his arrival' In JackJ disloyalty* tOol Kurtli'crn) llacUcalmin grow.flti4ouis balanoud tin V"Mfl'8."hat/6 mi tiny mmiltit kait maiM tn inaiiiff nianiilaulpry' Uuin 111 w hku .mutU'r' J. hnl" of the above dispatch and hit motive in nendbig. success: The net!' ', .reached the handsotuumm companies, the Vnlon Pacific, Centrtl Pacific,

? 1"IIIe, had been llrtiroughly convinced Ibal bit > Ihu. uujnsi ponucutliW" of lu tit, !OZM14 thu prrvluut, wuiler tho Li'Kiiilatnra IHUOIIfur he was Itlcrmsfiil.In 'It, audit he can tabtuntlati hit alleged sets, It of$230 89. We learn that the ladles bf Jefferson Southern Pacific, nut! Atlantic! and Pacific, havebe.en'granlcd

brothnr1 murder wo a nullltoal one, bat that mInvmllgitlou corrupt. reprrsentatlTF whom ''It 'regard astnfuirlug had pnslwid a new election law, Which aud Uw New York lo a.i Kant : d I honvy wa mil.lIoWl.nd .Ioel|- I. but right thai ba Ihould do to. At lha mailer County are soon! to btiva a similar J\o llnl. 154,000,000 acres of the public land
rtluui Mmorf fl |iie tory ilnmli now, it lookt u If Ibo dIspatch was Intrntlnd -mole laud (lout l in conluincd lu the Middle
where thi 1.r ..Uhad marly (fot |niUtual opluluu) wlthnut"Peuigguuratlnn, ON "' Ihonxh Isiih. tlaud lOaplalu anti Ih* utucorint When do the fntr ones of Leon propone to move '
Iragoo .
u a malicious slur upon the -
mart mfnitm mtauirt toiiltt! I tantrum taitril.MM governor.YlorlA Sutcj ttretuhlng front the Atlauttc Ocean the
-- .t.IIIII low behaved a* true In tbU t ,We thIs >
nunitlemcif. gen Importaqt matter believe
\ Cition 13. county -
completely Changed his opinion. 'lig (urwjigvlion fnnul tn 4Aa iHtixmt i! Hi* duau inaitt fttrtu,, .Voy
\Ybeh arri gIn Scotland I heard tUtutnislppi river limn the Stales( ( Of(
lta ll isl I.utwry 1st lV..UI bat heretofore\ done her1 whole more win
; lo
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