nnd, promulgate a plutfonn of prim |pln" I In those States' only \hk h hat'c Itepublkan Governor {'. II. Kdwnrdjt, County Cli'rk, \il r ,' tlie canal to run by which contained all the virtues pure of the best manufactured i reception, with tonsts music, |>ec( he- and i

i for Ilinl parly Ilic, IVmiHrBlle Nallonul I'nn- *, how Is it thai those Governor* do not mil proposals for tlio pun'linse of land for of the party' loy Gliumm, baking powders. It iasald 1 that if Hour the usual 1m Menial*
I 'IST2 will Iteihargcd wit'' have | constitutions Algier weri lo-t In the I Is mixed with this water the, bread will ri. to The General when i hicd of the fact mid in
I \enllon which Ir"loll' upon tho President, ns Ihey -hI I'oor ann until Uic lit or June.Klarkliutdi ilcamer waited morning, Tiled to attrnd the affair, Inquired polnltdlt uIho

,. Aca\1'IIJI that responslbillly, and dill} The DemocraticmtmUiirs right (odo! I'r1' Met ling of tlio Florida ( and Hill no tidings of tliu any Ingredient.extent-required fnfon,,8f without*. the aid of nny other Club w as n political one. IntlmiUinir tint ft i

Bw-tlit AJrstll rm rt sad ktbtrrlptloM' "'jiifll'liiras tluy were withori/ed The answer I Is, not that they want Presidential R Co.. indefinitely /". Olcavin I It n capital was be would prefer to be excused. He w n* m

for th< FLosmn"W ,mt rtcelrlnj ind rrralptlnx fur mon f logo Had noftrtlic'r. The}' said ncldicr, too nlueh Interference in put down lawlessness, but to aid Blb't (lumctt luiil a liny pll"lled.I"ml Mulo I they will find their way WCIHK Kon TnB ('o n'lf'n-Tn pursuance of forme,! that It was not political In Its churn ti r
the advertisement of Adj't Oen. V arntim. 'lor but a social organipation of
pro gentlemen, m mt < t tw
for the nine:- nor" too hiilu. and !* U-st et'Idencc of the wlndomof 1 Uiein in thrlr own Inwleiw act* \wheTcby they)I him last Saturday, lor whkh lin olTun .to press wo tint Oov pojals lo biro the prlvinen contlned In the Slate horn w ere cx-offlccri and soldiers of the I m ,

yulnoy.Ihfnn W, HnaMt.irVMfMfe. . their cotirvj I Is found In the1 h'rty upprotalv continue tlm"'lve. In jiottcr l I.y frauds, upon I reward.Hi'nry on the steamer Hatty.- Penitentiary, several bids wire received 1 ami' the army I'ponthl* assurance he accepted th, m

flarTMOIUS HI K"| .. > hich tho CoiiM-rraUve ami Dcnioe ratic 1'110 ofIheroiintr 1111' the matleT tlte-s uotlce Dint lie and none the worse contnut was finally awarded, to n Northern gen \ ilntion. and on Thursday evening the n cepti
Haltm No.1, P. rf a. K. K.-O, W llnrrorVi'flmi bl"t.ll'Im! \ lh'ks : \i of the woods They tlcman nnmrd (ln'irord restdlnv In Tnllaha.i took .
rive lolhiir No ft.lend -.. IllY now place HI Ihe room* of Ihe Club, in Si ( Imrl.
( fllT.. )k. } ( \ord. "il"lr The retelple>fa telnmim from Jacksonville, a buggy, held 'h)' I1'1"' f"r be dredged out to Lake oe. Claironl agrceii tn employ all the pri om street. Thu fact Is that the club is < ompi I Ithlelly

loN Oak. jr// .- ... of reform 1 ould havo had It otherwise, When annooncing the* ileath by iwsanslimlion of John Chi Muri'lcc' ol'r for Nlo un weeks.-I'alaHa lltraM, rs, not excused by Ibo I'IlIrll..nln agricultural\ I of ultra Iladlcal twllliclans of large exp. .

J. f. .O"1 I... lO. the prpcr| lime urrlvcH, delegates lavli from H Dickinson, K"q: ", bus fmled the 1 tuuwlons of all a Duelling House*. and mechanical work, within two mill's of the talions nnd correspondingly small Intelleetn il

.'II, Jnwi t. Prm wlih' sr>t nrdr.B11 .the people" will proclaim Ihr I.IC to be fought parties A rail for volunteers would raise a regiment -- SAIK.-The franchise of Penitentiary: and pay the Stntc slxly cents iicrday force

F..II n. ...Rp"lu.cintecX out in the Presidential olerUon of ne'" 'ur amitlierc eif onethousand men to march Immediate'}lyto / : Company 1\1l11 sold on "iwh for each person sormplm" il The The toasts and opcothcft wernwlnt mi.-lit '
} VirMr The ( Court
IIT County Slatt* ftirmshes food lodgings and clolbmg. The cxieileil| ofsticli
Jncksnn remnty. Any person' \'hl has forgot bherilf for |10J15 pur- anorganl/alion on uilinnicasion
A w III lie lime enough then for crittr:li.ni by his, manhood *>i much n* to olfcr a word' of excuse I""I'Y. hi* honor Judge1 HnfURn ,y. Tho judgment agninst contract extends for Dve yean, mid, the wages with Ihe exci nlioii of (he (icneril n

I'IICIIIF wi ol"pr\ hrGrol ahll''Clf ihei party now dominating m the for UieMOCeiHurdly iisnaMini, Is looked uHin| with lir fourth Monday, Illhl for a lltilo more than nro payable to tlie, Stale monthly. Mr, daflord marks, whiih fell likonwet blanket on lhFplritH <

( ) Murk[ ou tliuir pu|>ur, wLidlli government Iho lurrl'II 'lings, of hatred, loalhlng and con- \theSSdlnst I ronV.nlll, t. A who'e-ek lor sugar getting wet lit to hate the use of all HIP workshops connectnd of Iho manipulators Ho dirlliu.il M* ral
tt'rtt l/it JiirLumtillr I ye .1,1111 with the prison ami also to put In times to speak, iiml at l.ngtli
Carrrnjirinilenft tf the Ferry. There propones up. vtry hliiiianlhresponded.
h across
nitl" tlmt thi-ir t'tm nf ,, cl'liP, Whul will be Ihu platform upon whkh the l'"irI. on tlmt day. ) '', F. A, Dockery hid addition, a grnl mill and a cabinet hhop lie- It was very evident tlmt he did not
,! tlictn. party 111 londuol the mmpnlgn ofno -'- also Iiermiltcd to liw as much of the land lielitnglug wish to ptiik. but "Sherman' siiirnmn'n
!" \ exe1
I/M erjn'rt, HIH This I* tho WAY the Itmllenl slang w''IKI'r. to be HID ordi'r of tin thin nieani nobody
jUVI'rl 1 one ran, at Ihls oiirly dy vcnlnru to say IIIIU 111111 t<'11, a* Uie franchise I is to the prison, not lo ecrcllhur, hundred, au'ain and iigam over the room, iml
wrdin IJ' with }. but thai ttill be such us to work up public. f.nlm.'t A mttn Is klelll 'lie white 1lk. colored ".lk.lhl much when the Fourteenth acres, as he may require, aud he I is to cite such finally, after iH-gulmi reimileillv to be i \i IIM d Inrespondi

After finder' lias liccn ,J'/.l l twu't, command c..tlnilt, Uie nud I cndorsame'iit of a ,Jrklnunl} Urnlghtway A "thousand the littlo folkii, tlio }'oung f,11 oud the ly applied to It. Jnrk- bonds as shall be approved by the Hoard ot Pub d snlwluntlully as fofloKS
1 upprotal are1 rpfly to lie the Innocent hate, all bun indulging In them for tho 4. lie Institutions, for the l.iitliflil m rtormnni c of
rrrcpllr.llpon < II1KIIMAN H spf.Ei III
will IK dbcontinmilif of the of State* |IOHnud '
It Hitivcly majority iicopli the his contract
mOt i I people of the comity who nri1 charged, without or three wri k*, and wo learn I hut Ix'licvc ujs, ill
I believe. Tho 1WW! will MIIH"lrll"J Ilre / of Polk county wan There arc now bctw ci n i Ighty and nine ly prisoneri government w keep on u-tow n.
the amount of snlwription i is not reniittfd The IIMI"ke"f, nnd crimes committed one' particle' eil proof, \lih complicity In Ihemurile eral morn In come olfct, 24th April at which the at the Penitentiary, and, their v>ages, undi t until[ it spn ads Itself oxer the entire Amern uontinent

nt once.WKKA 1.111,1,1 r. Tw o }'('Af ago a lovely young woman -.- the con tract, will piy the expense* of their loot! but in order lo caiu this much dcnn
I.v t. lu power will furnish 1.lel jiiifllcienlly was brutally shot down by "negroe In a public C\"P Tf C"": .--Sex ral young \I ero adopted. ami clothing, thus relieving the Stale of a lii'injexpense. end, and lo maintain ourselves as n frie iml n
without the of good cltl/cn dependent Hi public, we have got to show nun
sharp Demotnwy stumbling in li' last duly every .
hoti'I In the- same c' w c never heard that Stirling 1 flit nin on Bundny
ounty, hit ) obe.lI"n'e'lo hlwlIl.f chanty to each other. It has been remarked In
tlie The into cITect ..1tin
muck Ihe contract as oon
Ihr fatal of goes
Into error running a against
tilXV .ViTTKH O.V K VKK T/'A HK.JflJ. I Uic, Itadicals' of Monroe or JuvAIlr of an} either gnifliy IhcrimuHliliigofa wheel \ hleh he lives and to annis! neiessiiry papers can be made out IM some gentleman w ho ha* preceded me that It w i-

-- --- CII.IIIIIIIIIlln.hleal em Ihr om* hand' orIho county).were ready, to, Ilreh 1110 Joc11 nnd, the horse'to git up and dint." '' and bringing gem rally conceded by the soldiers of lioth nrnin -

l>. ". llnllrond. question of impartial suffrilgo" no-culled, em exterminate ihe "cowardly nsxasulns, but wo eral bruised limb* and soiled couta.Manit j country the perpetrator at Ihe close of the late civil war. that If Ihe nui -
l The llntllcnlx ntitl llii* I' rorx.We tlons and nil mailers of the wttlimint of ihdifference"
The fir
A of theHtm'kholders, of the J. P. M the other. >" "bothu rightfully or wrongfully I heard of Uov HElm Pi IIMAN ith Don't rldu on Sunday.Poon .
m'' 'ling fI ttnrglng w wllll mwt Indignant between the North and South w.lelt .
are and pnncl of the view havo reically| told the ncgroo* Ih.a all th i iHadiculs
held, in Jarksontllleoii Wedneadny' part 1\1111111 the rcspoiisiliilily. for will ns for of Nathaniel lied and the lo Iho urmiv<, it would 1* settled nt < nand <
n.lraJ I Itw aeltnllli'd imrh llfAitthlmst 11111\1011 FAIIM.-The County cared for (him was to gel their >oies
tnlH even by 'I\1 btllc\c It be Uic ever thing would become t aud ordtrKI
lust. Kexirti were rerelved from I the1 treasurer Iho munlcr of 'INI.AV"N, .this latter and to } quit
linslncNi If, while the other 111 matter for Stitte rig 11< Ir I.con ndvcrtisc. Tor proHwnl, | fur land, honest citl/en to a..si I"t that the Icadi rs of thu Kadii al party w ere uiiiifUiem so belli veil and before signing Uio agrcenu i
and other murder.
and from the engineer, Kn ulaiton, nnd should left to lie disposed of and, -- to wirt aoor| fumi. The thing, If | firreting out and bringing for their on n advantage, an 1 thai when with (ien. Joe Johnson, I called together all t''

\as transacted, after ,hich tha follow Ing sottlu.l, ns It is Ilru"lyl.y., Iho States. In the The having clothe.l fJrnnt with ranged, nnd, Ilnul..I. might he made country Iho perpetrators ecr the time hhould come that they could not w Generals under my commund, and without mliscntingioicc -
board of dkrclora WAS elected !<>r the l\ul"IIIIrly unlll\l"ullllta. they agreed with me. Ibclkt l
ensuing 1 the nnd ,' highest Institution the county much use them, they w ould not cast them off as st
South, where Iho evils of l.rftrlll suffrage ]low'r If 1 n'lltmllh II\'O Iho most distant 1,1elllhilt they surrendered In pood faith, and would lin

yean: aro more! Mriously full tl"lln any other set'tlonof Jiiillclal tribunal In Ihe country to .A ,political now Incurred fur the Nippon of hlll"lt" | nny connection directly or much worthlesH rubhUti. The m grots have hcci lit ed up to the very li tier of the agreement un '

M. 8. 1.IIMlfl S W. Hopkins, E. M. Chcmy, Iho country, no considerable portion of the coiirl," ""ml of the meirc tllsrre'et ol the party are See notice i New "re. of the eoutragii<. very slow tobclicto this, bin ihe} are gradually In my opinion,If there had liccn no reconstruct.
K. A. Hopklnn, M. L. Stmrna, C. Collins; W. J. acts of Congress, and tlif armies had been li ft il
far able becoming nt thfl The New a becoming COM Ineed of Iho fact, (ico T Don
Demeicratlo so us wo have nllfl,1 named Jim Pernell was
party, I'el Iltllol. the settle all of difference Intw
timo to
Purman F. It. and Aaron Harriett. A Joi.l.v questions
Flagg lo galln r, exKi't or desire the National Convention York Krminii l\"t, (ICadiial,) In (11 J'nsxing the TI\-Olr II.htew / last aturday night by gome niug, anejrroof inncli nolo In Wusliln lon. amiesiccliilly ecu the dilfcrent sections of the countrt ih
of the tn.Mttlefleld ) : lift ,
At .'lb''lrlt meeting Itllor : to lake ground against On the con.trary .vote" In tinsupremo! { Court by w hli h the previous town to-dny In u lniily f
was elected 1'n.I.lell, .1. FlaggBeeretary Uic It of tlml decision In Iho legal lender, case was reVersed Lake Jticksem. VITJ)' extensive 1)0 stopied| Tlio. law New YoikV/wiM touching the rdalionsof tin I probably Imvcasgooi! meansol information

and Treasurer.Why If ,are over\l.lnhll, majority Utterances of its parly lead ha* the honesty nnd candor to say : .Tho IIe iH'vn made for. tin- OCCIIIII even ) and Iho perpetrators to justice, which ol thrc U Hudical |mrty to hi* race, in the course ot u hk I Ihe ns most persons in rtgard to what i-
_.- we tl (1lllhe dering of several kcgt of "lager heel' called tlm Kti-Klux, and I am ]H --- lug prcucs and the declarations of It* Slnlo Contentious tlecUlon Immensely' slreiigthens' that growing law and order can he says tint the Illinois ffreutly over-istimiled nnd H

In .Allowd the mutter us ono to ho entire'ly f"tlol Whle h advocates, tha gradual ccntnill/.a- Vaiinau, and we i>re.Miine tlm ihildrtn tlmt such lawless nets arc It U painr\illy c\ldint that there Nn link o the ICti-Klux Hills w ro kept out of Concnnud

We u. lci Uiid that In 1'\'enlof the Hasten: regard \ In Iho government of the powers will have a glorious day of It.ArroiNTM better tllIIIlI of our people, due respect tor colored men on the part of tin Iho army kept at their leginmtc iluties lin t.
from. nud come- general -,- will _lilt in bringing the I I ailed tie
Nlt ulll.lllel let lo
\ll.lrlwl i on and true in all Soiitln
Republican party. are enough good men rn
It Is thr of the officers to
*, cnslom which withheld, from It Its
counly iUcntly ns haviitg no prope place In Uic, platform, \er jeajoiisy by > Cut oHI.,-We notice they III'Ierve.T..rnJH' c Lire that a majority of those knon n as Ucpuhli Slates to put down all Ku Klux or otln r I' uof

I charge Fees undi'r the old Feo Hill, and that the of Iho National Democracy. Here and theto u f"lllcf. I IiilrtMbni'*, for Ihe first time, Into 1.10)JAY, n New Jersey hummer, ]11. { cans in their example practkully illustrate Jud i iTanc marauders

charges aroaUowrd by theCounly Commissioners.If Democratic newspaper and a DemotmUc kader tho pi act Icu of our highest Juilklury, Iho thol pointed a Colonel In t"l Sliilu wo huvo had occasion to }'* declurulion "Unit blink meu hate in These were just tho remarks tint his i nti .

this h so, the poopki of the counties, wlicro: thu It Is true demand that the National Contention of Inlcrpretatiein by which nil IMIWIDI not exprtisly Ho must lime advanced rupldly Flurtll Into | Polk and Munatio rights tlmt white men an bound to respect" I tniners did not want him to make, nnd tlm.
In tlio Semite of the t nilci
thing I I being dono tiro paying tiny per cent shall make Uie question a tor) of issue, not by I>bid,h,, t. Congrew by Ihe Constitution nor'i) confident'o to huvc commanded unusually. crops generally late. The looking crops sat Slates not, and long heard ago one of most noted Itipublicai had were made many a who hlumli doiihllces r In Insisting concluded so pcMti that tin nt t

more than the Inir Authorize*. Tlio ground for proKslng| 81 the result of a n"I."mdc'w"'r)', aro rtgarded u* he'hinging to 1; und byw ognition of Ids merlin in no short it and IB good condition. Senators declare, without restraint or cover, thaho upon having n seeh| from the (lemrulof tin

the allow anco is, a* II.o by Jll'lgn PiucK, that the rejie'iil of all law conlrrrlng' Ilie bIb, Uiercfuro Ctmgrcul* to bo ma Ju as supremo ever, genius, like l'h-nc"wl show' ; are turning their atten was opixmd to enfranchising colored men Army

tho net approved, Juno /,1870, prescribing the which would Involve nil npptnl to the Illfnl..IMIXlu li Iho I'uillameul I* in Great Britain' over JAY can flght n* w ell ai he cnn tt rite, than lormerly and they are that he. supported I heard their less enfranchisement disiingulshid llcpnbli ns a IIPccsslly. U is difllcult tn convey through a kin r tin \
\ In law tho sub- most sanguine: expecta a no act Impression mndo by the manner, ns will iby i-
Feet tota charged, not bl'll individual State and bo altcmloil Iho local laws mid rights of tho iicoplc. Ilitlurto a good ( Senator record his volo allow In
the wry know ngaiunt
\I venture lo'lllko 'olole\ lands and they can ) the words of the ]>eaker, lint It | very t h n
I, Joel not specially mentioned" In Uie lr"IIla., the ono barrier to the usurpation "f the -- -. In- of Afrit un duHXUt to bo natuiah/cd. inoviic
to predict, \ith (left-Hi 1IIIne'nlhl'nl them, greul and there lire no more IMTWJIIH that he had no faith in the legislative
lion of the Governor convening tho legUatmcIn but by going ouf of Ihe way and Inserting plankcciilrtemualory }'l'd"rl Oovornmeiit has lueu the hupreme NKW I< R IIoi-dF.: .-It A hniM! indc|'endcnt people, living sec discriminations nmde daily bv tho parly thaaro called recnnstntclioii acts, nnd that IIP did not

sewioo.! This would bo good' 1 Court which bus refiuj'sl to not auIhorled an lee-holM near his store, where this .. of Polk county. In odious, ungenerous, unliilr, depot-sing UmKhow consider tlie Ku Klux of sufficient tlicngth or
e.\arlla 1 thereof In the platform. Hut, mi"inn I'lfon'e leI still a lack of respect lor colored men 1 seo Hi
reason setting tlm net nsl.le Inn for mi' con I' / f Not ole ol then* prtsse nnd.uvt' one of by the fundamental, law, ThU barrier, and \o may nay lndlnpen nlie) luxury do the not drought look so well con bill party to-day proscribing men on account of Un i consequence I'nlled Stales to require nnny.thn In n pressive fact, he spoke.uirencv< > 1 ntemptuoiisly 1 1tho

elusive fact, \hich-llc Is, that the Uo'er"r. bySieclul lea.lcrn"." make Ildl anlusno now, In tho moHl lmK.rtiuil| C/l lu which It bus tained m any (mnntity and at nny will soon bo plenty .of color, by legislation, In cases in which it has Uu of the whole business In and out oi
iho I' lllJlc1o 'nul li c-houso n ill kept from 8 to 9 and on unquestionable right to act cane
| message Dialed Jt y .27,1S70tailed In a simple Htatoelecllon. 1 II wan not donoin ever boon lelh..I. Is withdrawn ; und the |1,1'(11' b open the young crol-lbl. power In which demands action. Congress.In .

I attention of tho. Legislature lo Iho IIUer. nud North Carolina, or han no security whatever that Sunday 10rnllg.hldl IK an '.-There bus been an arll- duty private conversation bo was even more t inphatic

sent In a bill prexoriblnj iho ruto of Fees 101 lie Unorgaot AIII.i.- State In iho litical parly may h found, n.rkle81 enough 1"t to Uic Ilhlc \1 doublliM bo of tho press, copied Irom the [From the <>< tlnnnrr. Republican ) flchemo and unreserved.he said to Sjieaking me"We of the San 1 1mingo >>>

clared which UQ b h 4"caused to ''H pre } ISTO.T' otle why cncumlier altiw.k 1.11 local Illiertlc* to any 011'11 under preclntud.Mr. gMng an account of n Ku The Ooborii Mprrnlntloii.la havo territory enough more thin whtveiisefor. <
thll'fl. this Mate.
'bO In
which both bythe .lellnllo SUI.VE run an ict-uur from county 'I'be another column 111 be found one of the let We hire station in tin
( I"r Id ".pu house. with anseUw and nils*'hluvous (l.tlaralion '- tho forms of tlm general government, n i 11.lllml wi credence to the re w can n coaling
paign no
vlllc for, the ten of Uie sjicciilutors In public lands for tin Went Indies for three tlnmsuud dollars ir
approved l"y Uiu Uov- court will not IKI fonnd enough toe Went every Friday tho a } i
ruiillliorl11 al w hich can ouly *orvcasa club in tlie 1II.rvl'll Itcpubliian benefit of Uiu public Taking Iho \\ hole cxposl and we hail better ilo that"IflhUhad
tlioitc tho lino of ,
Juno The 8th living : Ibo article and
t0 following. hands of our opponent*, with uo pcrcnptihlu cortenpnndlng 'n forte Its dee'reiw.' along nllfa\ have copied lion as concentrated In the letter to which tin tx-'currcd In New York, tlie Sun
Section of Iho Fifth Article o tlie ConstitutioniiiakMOXprem or benefit lo result lo the -.- --- Suo advcrtinement ..Ihrro.. K. K. outrage. This space at our disposal limits us, it Is hardly possl would have hud the full remarks, if thu rtporii r
provision for legislation on due'h udvanlago }'EI.\.t Bl KKHAUK IN TIIK HllITlHII 1'AK- : false. A negro and a' bio lo conceit on condition of public affairs portrayliig had to tnko miles on bin shirt culls ; but here tin
? Wu.thJ toot dxmct| Uio to OHDFIM ron Iy" .\ I Johnson (Ducky Johnson')
party :
COIoltll Ixindon Muy .IIIn (w"IIKI a greater disregard of common honesty (lid not have the to uiti
attention of Uio 1.IA"/T.-\ ncwspapen enterprise
tw to the dUlllehof :
subject' a* may said, in the capacity
c.lo itio "lhneul as they
sanctify by endorsing Hev A. local of
us of
tilllltounAI lint House of Jacob Hrlght TIE agent Apurty men, who nro not directly cornice any rejiorl
while In HessMb aot CU"UIII' to-day for the of ar
alUiough men-
legislature Iliem in so many } and Immigration purpose kid w lib tho permanent Interest ol Florida, propose
rlr'hll .plrhl/ of the bill enfrunclitidiig .
tinned by the Governor lit hi* proclatimtton convening' Iwv'dl J'olll.e'alnl 'lnrIII.\grlcllllrl Caraway. They went to to monopllze the public lands upon prctensiof
I l tbo suuloii, and tho u* strictly '1)1,1 vt ould "Il Ignore and, overlmik' women, nnd II support of the bill, UHvil ull the lon. I II 111 city taking ordcri the negroes they could fiml constructing a road through n portion of tin (From tbo cjuili Itanutr, Ilc ubll'' in .
l'l\Nou \ oo-oned udoption by tho reixiUHlriicletl for Rweecllsli lalxircrx to be a and nmrchcc The .lilt boon* Hlo I'nlon.Tho .
favor.Hoiirle ,
Ildr known 111 less than other
In lo the Foe Hill. IlM ol.l and \1'1 argument* it* Illnlon IU".n Btato powcssing fertility any aection
.lpli 1 I Jp& State*, nor do we expect It to go Into ecslnt ic.on'ran (poke In opposition/ to Iho fllL Tho Dislrlc t Awirliitlon to near Caraway's house" ; and Senator Obliorn, using,the position li Jiidaioitfilie Union" has nt length lii'l'
l.ur ro but he ab
110 lw, and any Com mil IOU I'wl"1mlil unrestricted suffrage enforced, CongrtM Caraway w an has attained exert* all bin Influence to prevtn
by luof pealing Iho \11"11 lo Ibo exercise of oud qunrtcrly) meeting ut 110nilrelu with Ibo twodeputy the courage to so fur present Itself in the rinir ito i-
auUiorliod 1 obJel.tooa
( Foe 1 b paid not .1 prt.Ir atlmltlod lo havo been "auUhltwf llhe Con- fenmle, Uludslono that where thu.arrangemenU for lniiis| returned to near Barlow all appropriations to roads really conduclte Ic publish Iho follow lug
of the in ordi t t"grab"
bo rlnwl1)'jlg the dorelopmcnt r <
1 by the act allow* the lo lulfag. proper
(1'10 The Itl llun" by thor leading, advocate and n'puled ho w us 1,1 prepared' '' to siwtitlu measure, torho will be cum/.lel.(1/ ( through Prof. l, tho negro deputy returnluu all the lands lor thu benefit of a set of w I THE FOCBTEESTII AMENDMENT. The (h i ittinilfr

\'fngd. Tho outage should be alullll full: THAU SrKtK.\n, but wo will think i au wa* disinclined lo involve womanhood In try- who will be preient iiml who will his arrival here report'! d I .fish eiwculnlors in iHililiui n ho huvc no other dt has a queer Idia of an f-r ) < fiirta la
him to run for dear
bn enough lo bar wltbuull'lnl 11"1"11 act of stupid folly if tho Convention shall luko n nnd turbulent excitements of Ihu elcc-- den linmi'dlntily liner ho ,\ doubt but that Johnson sign than that of filling tlnlronn pockeli and does not npprovo of tha Fourleeulh Am< nmunt.
lug K cue* no It
|o gratify tho lust of When shemo ol villainy Is conducted w ill says
greedy 10ellll position In lu ]ilulform which no dtlcguthm Awocintlon. Aa for it turned out that JoluiHon any
., -, ; Ho preferred tho llullau Idea of ftmuloiiiflVago al.1lct i so an ability that shows that those w ho are Its tirojectcra \\ahave ncxer approved tint fouiii < ni
7 &UUI.
therein Sfhla/ would bo willing lo tuke made tlio, flnt our > and former acquaintances Constitution of ihe ln.i. I
Jut any founded on property" but exercised by by JIIO. ] are possessed of brains, it give* it an aim amendment to tho <

lmmlralloM to tl.. Ir."td'MIUe. or ndvlsc to b lakeliu n simple State e1'cIIII proxy. Ho w a*opposed 1 to tho bill In It* presi'litHimpe time to II.e. Wo bo|' Mr. .\ returned.) have to conversed Ocala. Sever with respectability, hlmkenpoaru tells us that tin Slates, whether regarded as a measure of -inianslnp ><

Dtirinf the year 1870, over 87,0 luimlgraiil* to touiluctud\ 'Oi loeul Uuuts lreH.tlhed by a bul to relvc ordon for largo nuwtier or who accompanied Johnson Prince of Darkness is a gentleman but the utleiImhci or eten ol pary policy. A\e hit
\ was ready II.IID 1 c"Culleo.uror.r I several ixrusions, cxpres.siil
Ility w liich mark thn )roccdure of Oshori moroovir, tiiwn
arrived In tho United State foreign countries. |
There would be litthi ttlmlom, thin to and all
lrl con Caraway's they
cn'eltun. tho lama object dord. John 11"nnel1' ) <& t'o.'s transaction robs it ol even a claim to resppcl conviction that no party can long siistiin IIM
During tlie present year, owing to the thcrufurc, In a National Convention making' unIsHtie puixlctl to dist'over the ground* of Hall.loIU'1 Cot'iiT.-The Circuit I whatever was made aud among scoundrels.Tho self which ail* in tiofiilioli ol righls uolhin

French war, It t\1 elhnaW Unit n mm'h largerImmigration directly or Indirectly which no State opposition, nnd said Hint thu scenes nt the elections county CI"I', V. W WHITB presiding, nailing was molested an 'lalse In another any man re Jtov geulleman w ho makes hlsapproat hes indeed, cau bo permnnent except that w hn h
Is calculated Judge to Mr. Hamilton lias not cren the sense lo tier Just
will take pliioe j especially Convention In II* separate capacity und .
In I 'Iberl \ \ere easily avoidable by the Imo means ns at Iho (Ulf lloimo In thin city on ), ,-Itul. celve Iho ground* on w hlcli he Is stepping, but "Tho Fourteenth Amendment is o Inr t j"fartola

I that larger numbers tll any previous I I Mould vcutuiu IIKIII.| 8 far from It, had already enabled 1 Iho member* uninterested lovote. An Imiiflhlrnl number of finind | lliiiiiitr, Republican refer supposing Mr. Hamilton, like himself, to him it* action. In that il impuncs pumllu s ui'llorteltures '

yenr of Frenchmen VIII &tk our shores.' The l.u8. tliu* made. would be to cauiuilmMly Invlto Ilereslord' Hope Iho extension e if Ing, the Court adjourned until 3 outrage exploded by, tho Imt one object In life, Unit ot accumulating mon upuu persons by legislulion iilont .in
French paper* aro ilincuMing plans, of Ilr'tnl attack* und drltc from thosupimrl of tho Dunioorulio 011"11',1 cy, regardless of tho means by w hich this priiU'ary % iolulcs that great principle of justice ret 'vnl"by
IUlfj1 1'llh'l as In outrage 11"1 \OI'"I.' w hen It nnuln nl.t and the follow ing : thu law \ hich holds all lnii"< .
and systematizing this emlgratl ,m, nnd' npimnrs liekel in tit Slato of end U attained, approaches him with tho in common >
I cry many 1\'ullld. }'fair spoke, In favor of woman suffrage sworn in a* Ihe Ifllll'llrl| t of tha d victim of the Polk coun i tire belief that every man I* a rascal ; and thai mull proven guilty after a fair trial "
that several companle* are In tint count! of or- Conservillve| voltrs, who, opposed to Iho ceiltralUed Thn volo w a* taken, ruling In a I). It. Kon'man ; Ashley town wifennd sound ; and tho only difference between meu is the prit e then I* Ihu FiftoenUi Anicnilment an ,.-"' '

limitation for that ]1'\III'. despotism now striving t blot out of exMnaae ((19 against the 1U.oriyof 1f'pIlnll. W T Hurgrr, out to be, as w e apprehen services aro worth hi tho market law also? Jurltnntitte I'nion.
( ) ;
What, aro the 1 people In thl* Stale doing lo the Stale* f sni h, and ho al tho mime hi. cj; .Tuhl \ ; sheer lubrication. We Judgo others by ourst Ives noUiing can IM Any lawyer who has tho slightest kleu ol 1 1"us
Kent, (c) M. llartxfleld F. ; that ho called six colon d will admit that hli h
wards making known tlm hich time believe tn the rlghtfiilnrsa of siif- THE April number of tho rcpnnl of iho HiurIKII 11 us more true than this uia\im and n greattr oxemplltication a Hcjeueo legislation w intcrtcrcs
\ 111'1..11 Shine; Peter Prolz.; Peter Hull, (Ir); mid, that the parly travel of Ihls truth w us never exhibited thai wlUi the socuritle* which hate In'
Florida oilers to European\socking a honui In lle) lu it" L\IIIOt IIU.would olherwino act qIJAITIII.V I now "'I
'I) tho New World f No section. of this great country with Iho l"mol'Y. Th exH| >riiin'iil' IH loo not u new councillor tor public favor. I bosboim Hiirlhm
Is better ad'II'11' for French and III.1 emigrant hazardous uud ixpeuslvc and should nol bo tried.We \lu existence for u qunrti.r of a century, and ; who committed Iho iccent the resources of Ihe State, and to uso his otlla committed anterior to thi'hglnlaiion i-
tn all-thirteen w Idles and, three ', and be was followed. for the benefit of those w ho honored him by pUcinghlmln pottfMoWo
than Florida, and If Its in 'ant :Inwl Isnuis, sueh as ha* won a high rauk among KnglUh:
w nru
.hlCIWIII prat
pllUrnl' of ho all hat bald in the
l'rKI'lled The Jury w ere then clmrgml by Iho | hip rniwrs, was It, tho opportunities were ample reiteruto ( we quotati<>i imadu
cheap lands, hcaUhfUlueu of climate and capability lu the (Congrcrslunul uddress. And llieso are A* iho n'lrll. howotcr, only L llleneo\IU tlaboruto and Instructive! \ Had he applied liul, IH traj ing tills hliih trust, ho ha* cndeat oretto by Uio Union. I'pou tho principle tt hu I

\ for nrllII'rdl'lloul. wore l'fl'rl' made abundauUy fouud lu Ihu r.MII taiilT (IMlky"f Uio l'I'nl elr, It I la nol so well known in thl very 10 of tho county he would have use his position only for bis own advantage the imii/na earla anuouncen, that no pains uii'lpouiittiiM '
hkU the Court
w n"Julrne.lllt assistance m tho execution and If It Is to noil tho robe ol Senator shall be Inflicted upon any one, exc< pialler
know n In Uie right qu"rll'r and Ilyllton the pie will administration, w htreby the shipping loimtry nsit dmerves lo be, or a* probably | possible so a
morning. and degrade the high calling ol a Chrisiiui Uial by hi* pot rs, reposes all the scumu
given with proper encouragement and co-operation all el'wII'rehllll'IOMt"f ,Ibo countr)' are saorilluotl \ill bo bloolong. now that Uio very low price not thought that tho w of ordir In portions Minister, tlmt to wear tho one or oxen iso tho ut for |K rsonal right* and to disturb thai tot unit

o our part Iheie can b uo doubt Uiat a and Uiu grout uiasnes ol tho (Hitiplo force il at which It I I. olfereel by Iho Leonard lot Publishing I I neiuluu. The Ornud Jury present ; but only such as occur flee of tho other w 111 never again be the ambition U HO dungt rous us scuiccl} to tie jiu.tifled uinln

portion ,of Uio, Immigrating lopullllol to eonlnbulo to the aggrandizement and \eiillhof Company of N ew York \III bring II w ithlu furnum long ImsIniiM sutlleieut' to may w hli'h the authorities are of a gentleman, Senator Unborn and his rctercnt] any circumstance whatever For till* opinion
vryllrl the of all. The following are the contents d1111 to deal. brother hate ellectcd this object.Noulheru no ono i* rc |K>u lb'.o but tlio wr.ter. ami nUilnk <
Europe would we-k homes In our few uiouonillsls| ; lu Ibo UCl'Hl o tavullunti 1"111 icsulon nomu tlmv.Tiif .
1 accounts of lawless none, suvo those who are to" stupid to un
to Ihttlr own mid our advantage. Our timvernully and Uio ol iho present niimbc-r lurlol', Iliator}' olScollaml --- li1
Immljf- 1.1 > "IU.oll i "il genciM K\ciuHiuN: ST. JlAKhH doing tlio country incalcu Cullltulor lor Jluj.A demand the main principle upon w hich tni
lion and Industrial asmxlaUons aie 10 rovulutlouary) polity uf tho Itudkals Ihuc"rrllllulllll -Karly:' Kiighsh: 'I'e tI'arth.lu Ihu TO and In tho future. We most excellent number, full of plalu, practical city rcktg will daro contravene ittho

,right direction, but they 1'1 accomplish little dumoialUaUou limy havo Itwliretl Episcopal. Church-Ingoldbhy-Downfall of Ho- day liul UIM Uio I UJ I eljlyableltllr on a former (occasion that reliable, original maMcr. Tho numerous suggestions best mi'U mid Iho obliat Journals ol illiepublieun
It ever Ixtu our gooil lortuuo t l sale In Florida as anyn hero Put ly adtiso that It bo practii i
nnd National I'nl- bal
unit** the pooplo aro wlllliat to domorcllni* Ild In all di'parlnienls of Uiu publicservice uII'art8m-Hulgluu. 'e.t It aro prepared by practical, Intelligent bill llius adim
rll'Jlmgl Four l'uucbollulIle.1 lUt human abrogated by a general amnesty ;
wurling mat, w ho know w hat they talk
limply organize soclcllc*. Agent* should be *cnl ; tlitlr contemptuous denial of "lul from, V.II''Wlr IS.ol-ll.huII lerkleY'1urk.'lo hy a fluo eugiuo fitted up exprewly manly and straight-flirw aud write about. 1 ho editors, whilst advocating ling Its present injustice, 11 not the impliix ? '
and ludalncd aud the work ln Ihu* Future' of Europe-ConcmH( | >rary Hi enactment.
out properly Ihu blrtel ol luxation ; Iho cruel .1'Vll.t. by \ ion and decorated wiUi r to the imitation of the progress, are not visionary, but cotisertutivo "
profusely the !
lent lu thowtir >
UUain ,
Julfi 1fya n
.y otherwise wu are afraid thai other o 1 und | thu : L"'rRlre practical men, who appn>ciato Ihe situation ol
they bl pltimhntl <
lelalled. \10b 1.ull.1 ---- licit but when hostilities tic -<
every deneriptlun lelt Ibo depot aro iilcnt, (suspended ,)
the Southern farmer and tliuir best
are doing
State ttill the baneful w hit h Florida might their 'kilatlons IhoCIII.ln..t
reap llagmnt 1 A lioiu Louis _A uiovvmeulU of 1
bt control
(IM"IIC the
II su} tho must return to 1 1It
IKIUII MIVIU o'clock la Ibo uiorulng, Uio -111'1. }Ruler who It stems to blip him. We should be glad to se>e Jthe Cultivator country
obtain by proper' and wlsel\y\ dlrec led I"flrt principks ofjiiblho' and ol right, andthtlrluwlfw organulng uiuong pnnuiucul uiuKhuuls, banker Jornut Hand IlrllolullllP" Cheer, Iwys Florence,lame up on in tlio bands ol every reader ol Iho Flandun. is still in a revolutionary condition.Wo .

---- usurpations of'. (Hitter I to 11111111alIIIMI"IUlo IUIII'II'"lhl" to loan un tueoclatiou II UieInleresis moved otf 1U1I1lsllbe Capl. tI"llb11111, absent, he a* tho imhetii8| It w ould give to agriculture, huvc repcutcdlv declared that we hoM <>'
Hie train hich claim-1 '
CoUMllts IlllouT 31lthl' e >eclally w hat w
for the government |
\ Orrl'\\-1bo Hit Ir ( ol col lou and Ith Iho put' back purpose w ould rcuc t fat orally upon our own uusinen,
n Oiunrr sai that the of ofll- lultiull''udllcJ' publican sugar pIUL'N. \ ber of personi w hu hud not found steamer In his own pos- aud that of every other nun In tho community republican, was instituted for tho people al'' i
f fully In Jaiksotn I and Widioii 'l'h1 mo Iho IHlke.1 1".111811 .illgl o COI\lhlll iwrliou o their irudoThu .- loaccompnuy the happy party. a coast p lot aboard shows and we again reiterate any departure trim tl"undameulul
eN'1 iH'rforined tho Intilu i vslttblUbmt'Ulof ( principles whkh are the on I) -i '
ue oflh-11".IUI | tho the bar, aud Is by this I
ul'IM.iilluIIII 11\'Ullell ) iilUT' pkawut ride of a TIIK An STOCK Joms for
1 counties aro those of Tux Awtt'iAor* and CUII'w.lllel Murks a uiu AN u M.iy contain bo I -
(11. Ily for personul liberty can only justifttil
and dt'ivtiilelutllf li failed to lonllbo its attacks a buuk lu with out of Florida Jurisdic tho follow articles Colors
Itctors. The people coino font anl lY meet lel Illelnl f.O wltliout the mx-urruiico uf any belonged lo Uio Itrock Imp I lug Intc'rctiuug uecessit} whiih I* to appnrc'iit to be qnestl' nIf
_cbW for 111.Imllkll uu- lu positions, the inobl \ uliirrablu, atd| thtreftuo capltul, aud huge cotton pres' \""hll.. audsugai w'hole party rmlwrkiM 1'IIIM.an a ,%, on the St. Johns river. In Horse*, UretKliiig, ii.c.. Training tho bhepherd this doctrine Is hcti rmlox wo Invilt mt"luto

&elld Ihe kt.} lu .lee..llnlll"l iuwll"lotxnudiUiUfirglus | kliutl oil Ibo leve-o, ttiUi ariaiigemeuls had bevii. iliurlvred for tho day and II. Dog, Shearing buutp, Adt aiilages ol thu Fat lory tlio ring" to demonstrate It, nnd f*|" < '

ullr year. ''bf ar tUel '')' for y I JI\'I'f' uud force, tthiih, 'for Ih'Ijjhl, hit h sliall givv l. Louu Uiu atltauluge system In Chccsv Making, Improved Itcrksklruliogs the Jiiflmnnllt Cnion, which hai shown isucli i-
IIIllbt m..lll" \ the w here tho slow, afterward* Intercepted by a Iho Caro ot Hariicia
incut they do uot geL No to ii\l| '"' to Hospital, Itusing Sheep outho a bright exemplar ol loyally tu partt '
1.leel Uiura Is to Uic miple, ol" tho Uno hundred ihou '
( ( I'roirius 'Iho Ulwusea
a culprit perform Ibo civil duties ncc-i-hWy fur evtl' n'nbI ,'le\ U.. 'uIIIM'lnIIN111 somewhat dangerous I process of carried Into Savannah, from otouug Lambs, gallon*.

thu well.being of or make Ihe lie N.rt"! 111 ptriiiil lo, 1 1' reopeni'd' und r and duII11'OUI' lor Uiu Inauguration ol continued until all wire iaM ly I regular cleamnev and tlark Brahtua FOK Is, Uriting Trotting Horses, Wo liate emleatortd In vain lo imlunInioit
smli'ty In Swlue The lioal
.11.pn'IIlonl Leprosy Angora Poultry li i
und said ol us t '
\'IU\I' till eiilfrprlsf il I* lhal uo dlllluuky Uuic It that CuAHLkv to discus* the ca-w of one
for holding court The 1,011', I < jiriM. \as Houses, Black CaUga Ducks, Him osca of CatUe, u > '
other In making
\ countenanced tho ,)
with Alabama ( by
Wo enliuly uu | will experleucetl llu speedily r l unu mil ,
agree ing
placed at sustain clullO' 0 i 'iM'd quitu a painful, Injury lu Wo ha\o, been frequently 1 ho Hoove, Huveu, or lilowo la Callle, Du cripUou otllcial lo hlniM-lf luto tlix M>n "' >
1,11 Ineol'olenO. ION pobitlon put
incur nr the ri'iiiitMiew' und luexcu'. "t. rary thai tho SIUXXM of Hit U'llrl) II 1t7::) luI dollars ll.lll'be projicl ha* been talked jump \ hk u old JumjH'r hlmst'If uud Oiakt railroad Is pro- ol He-ury ItuK-guo'* Mmkeriy al Verxuu, lictra.tlng tho inul reposed In him by Inp "

sable Injury through of worthies Kxeciillte: ttluneliher will settle' tho 1 jKace, prosperity and du>Uny "I somo ilmu uiid luu now ""uinttl 1 1 tkuuiioshape ha>'e uccomplithed. )' answer that we do not N. Y., Short Horn Luttle, Me-dicluts IVlul inDiaease colleagulngwltli the Pmiocrat* and lil il> i"tho -
negligence a *
I of Horxv*, Breeding Game. Fowls. Also
for half It ttill rtstoroy unit ill IKI carril'd .
Ud election
a undoubtedly out returns.In
I know* nor cares tor the |xiiplo nud country century. \ "H'I. All korts of aiuubcmeuu w tre tliiu bauds aro working to re five handsome Engraving*. N. 1'. BOYHH & Co Uio Thirteenth and r'ti' "
and the ul': --- rtgard lo
tho of
Suite, ouly 1 far u* lull'rl" concern his plans, era l"o flcllng heal tip WI'"ld. "1)1 lhul"iuc'u lluuullou, Ibe'a. oiiio dauclug other pruuicuadiug ; aud ills reported that Publisher*, Parkorauurg, i'a. AiucudmcnU w o hat e to, *ay. that lor no '

and purposes' of corruption, and robbery, It nomean I V bl 1"U) Wil. Kpevlally .IU thu fuluro pro' "Tie I bag lui f x member of Cougiv' from Florida umlulug tile rulus of 'ho.old lorl, Uio now at Feruandiua. Tho dtrailou will we llslcn to their be'lug dW'' r1"
: jrlly! ot Ibo Statin depend ou that sueciV pi und other points, of Imprest others appear* to bo a nistc- TAX AmESttOllS UAMi SO At1UU1UTY and go furthir. and advocate a SM'' ""
of bo afforded tlnwt 8ulherl
aro to < iUarrt'llt'd llh bt'nalor DtUiru about Uiu dlt '
the uuiultialed.. If cl.n
BvI'rnmen& ihango tlio H>licy of Iho Ucuciu! | \ I.il oldtr uud to TU C'AU.>OH Hlil I IL\S. 1 lie (ollott ing Amendmeul, iiiuklug the lalilljlng of
| uiori1
bllu tho
counties, It I tllo thll they should r1 II be 1 11 ol tho sHiils| tu tin. Uruul boulheru lUiUa} 11'lugI boshed upon tile subject, letter w as w ritten to-day b} I ommiHtUincr pliiwuuton returns a cupilal crime. Will tho I /'" i '
plundered for that purpose, und thu withdrawalnf toerumi! ut,ton ard us. 1IIIel'' of proscription' job, Iho duonol thohiiu HOUMhuvo liccu lituiU buuud tUemsclvet lu pn' \ la giving to our readers. und eut to simnlsor Dutuhcr, New- in procuring it* adoption T

tax officers made. \\ e \ant w hal o pay we Of1"1 have fraternity j iualuad of lHltu.I. closed him. Gmul must hato betu <- wuiite u thu Inner mau. I of the Mn I arc out more York .
b \ agaliul pu
'lor, or w e demand thai this robhiiy)' cease. Wu bllllkt *, \\1 havo 1 political equality o rjhl1ihI8""t1 hUclioii'u Ulwecu rascals"Iho lIiullcrIl1l1UIIOUneod about two i the lilllo actions of this able company. TKEASUIY DEI-AUTMI..NT, iOrfll Thp."llo<>ler ."
I ol having Inferior ( | ale.111 t..1 II ihut might well bavu wo wire losay R C'tltlVlKflOM'B iNTtllNAL ItEV t M K, [ Itatlical Ua word derivod (ruin U '
IHltclllllul --- \\aa u npant
havo a right to expect a government, 1\111111 1 Ocala railroad, wo list u April W, lol ) The Uadu >'
rlMou Itcod Inlcuri* to Iguorv I all Uiu "el"lfll'UII negro, Io \1 have at 1181 ptihtlcal eqimlltywllli Hou. John C llrctkiund de-chuetl. tokeitv 1 h 1)' a KiliK Uvcr) good aud our public spirited citizens Si h there Is a minundenitauding Ibtdix, "w Kouicrn.hich means" Iheir root. nuliire has u
appears aslo Uiereloro
>tutd of bclug we will cuudidalo-iu Uio Slatu De'iiiuclulic dilicane ol tho tho road ou his owu ac '
leveul tho
innncuteO asMkllusull
iiiudo 'for the proper, discharge- the tune-lions ofhi hllj1" a* I Uw (iropit evueuiiou ol Uiu act ol Lougrtaaniisliig mont of iwiuUhucit* lor swiuo aro bom i '
thl* partlculiir, would ronsldu- be UxKlt'uJ U brellireu of one lulth and houwhold i Couviuliou of Keiumk)'. Hu is tloiihlltMol m tho uliuokl 1'l'ul'lI.1uu. It.f ; .. tho opinion that if both incomes. 'Iho follow lug dicUiun ttill Indeed, Iho Brtl real Itadicul. the first lti i.. '
1 0 lib the that char
vigor now
raM oOel1 In him to signify ( lull'ntiou toIho Instead oV o|>II'rc.ill11'011 freedom Insltutl tlio opinion Uiul the lliuo Uu uot }'el arrived add Uiat, full JUKtUo 11II done Uie be will bo able loinakoa got eru section eleven ol tho actuf Congits* ol longed to Ihe genus w Inc To that flrst It"' l'nlladicul
lu& 'hl I of hale ol right | iiikteail luu did uf tho July (4, 18JO,only requires et ery persou ol lawful can be tjace.1 ihe lotty ancestry ol our ni'
I, people. The Spring' term of Ihu Clruill 'Ilo"'a" < \Jg. lor him to ra-cuter Pliue. Uuuier duipalched, mont other party before tho cloo' ago w huMi grout iueouiu Uuruig Iho preeetllng They ihmild be proud i>(the pt.igr!

t Cur for both of theso counties ha* been ekfivt- i olerucly\\I' ) Uxut- lulroduei'd lulu Ihu to Uio walvr'sedgv, w litre thu Uaud Utatu ilauiirr, ) ears vxcoius |juuu tg muko uud reuder a re lurulo They arc lioni w nil the grand propt n it} t r "

ed by hi* failure to make Iho liecenuiry upxiint-| 11 t "ill duiirublc I"ul., no 1'.tlol I olUiu A bill ha* luull.'g' wiUi nceHi'Ul inufcie fur upwards \ .-About a month Ihe afeloiaul aiuei or ol the dl tricl in whkh they must root, they cannot help but root i

when tho time uttlckntlor fuunutil n ullord, lo go baek and rut ItUumM hhllUrU tu divide Ihu blaUi luto Lhr Mule*.- uhi'uall agaiu ruibuikutuu' buurd ) ol Iho Secret bervice LU- lie rutldui. Persons w hose income* aro low than the law ol their being Hooter* w ere ven j jtlonable
" menu, clall-has-been I w hk h ( had bolter U UU to Ihe mix r secoinlUioughltif Iho ptxiulu' aru lu toU upou Uiu quuntiou bcforo la this teceUed inloruiatlon from t J.IXio are nut required to inako returns, uor l liherv > to the Jews ol old. Mu es, liudoubllesa >
him 1 Jiavs treuit' nearly uny tliuo l Il'IIlu' lo coiretl whulettr rtil* tbu ditlnlou beuouiu* >klid.AsOi.pCiTiruiOu.Me. lor a sail do\ a Uio bay. ibttt a gang ol counterfoil- any authorit} ot law lo ussttoors or auiktuit a Democrat, forbade hi* |*ople t" I"*

Slate In the Union." eiMrleiicu| m "J show lo hate grown out of 11'1 -,- uer* disappointed, tot 0111 lull to the this Stale, making and bull aucMion to cull tor such return* lu ease auything to do w lib the ancient four looU.t '

.---. Illul'111 \ .-Dr. ot' Uio thauael (the w uid being dead ) gold pieces. 'I he becrciary my uteubvr or asuislant assc* or ha* ullicieut ,cal He called them foul, nnckau l>eaiiU, '

A writer 1 tho AUymiteiiu Aut/Jmryer iftiluiig. IXmootS,11''" -JoumithT-->a} i-ih'e New au old, aud clUA'Uol:.1ltEllr. Aujumme, lIjbterer one or two taiks riui | .- Ixiuis Uclauo, of tho idi'uee thai a |>t ntou w ho ha* not made a rt turn aim a notable luct, that once upon a times i-'
who know the plan* of Ihu 1'le \Irl \'Uo tile caxup 110 assisted ju Incomo has Ucaauded the govcrument, then mon when driven out ol a man, begged |
profewHi' C'"IIU'Ilt tluik lintil tho uexl Udu.
t UA 1'rosktl ml GiusYs J.Himey through Iho aud tfiy cmitieul phytlimu died on the iWlh w heraah such brisUlnr IJooteri ho bai'l"to
of be e.1 1 upon ilmlr track al Lake Uiey w proceed ngaiunt (Hinkin as I* proicribed slou lo enter some
1).r My that I"be-never they .111 country _w lng\t\UI"> \'uld the circle." Thin term lilt Jtarty had Iho good fortuuo to gel CUrt-d numerous siiccimcns by law.A. bo rooting near UThere muit be """ '

deided defuatod b) Uio "0\11.tJ they .b'y .loop aud bad a delighUUI sail. taking Uie alllnll. Lroi.e PLEASO.NTOX, CouimU IiuurS. n tint Hootert very atlrmcilve to evil sixruw -

will order Ihedly t bo pillaged' .1" bull'i I Uul IhwoV'l* JUflH..IDIUU.ll.U.. tea I UAIL tt'I.11P-'lu 1 Jtitknouvillo ( itu* Tho pleasure of tho day at an end aud It'll take Cit)"uut w ere B. DmiiEli, Supervisor lutcmul Itcveuue, ould be a curious chapter lo trace Uie il!>iot i-"

and during the universal disorder they 111 retire 110. \11 11' dlferl1"11 Ua* suspoudul II.daily issue Iud uuw |ltbu. Si *, who overtook them at S'cw York cliy. liooter* Irom the original Itadiraliol >
\ the two vasuL Jh Wl making bl"'I'b.| I Tho will resumed aud happy party came up to Komulun Noblo of Macon in knd| to the late l modem development
the Moutmartro aud die lih their arm* III weekly. daily tad reached the i ing
only b ai>
aboard Uaiu
I Uio Itadicals
t \ fi iMNTbai | tiiado moro bushiest Well all over Ihe laud UIIM
Uuie, and \ rifcutly dolug u The Duo d'Aumalo, bullet td lo havo high hope*
In their band That I bellel all UID fall few uituulf atkr lIuelllll Lbe ublic i* -
horrid 'for
10 II of TullalnMt railroad rooting the soil ol Uw re|
>. speech i *" M''- Thli he rcHu| the >f Iho Fnmch crowu, U rejiorled to have au lilwmo up
al b. 0" !
UM] yet 1th the French Communltls 11 bo --- eutly couleut ItII Ibll day' el\lo) Hazen U M. hextou out all thai is good, rooting deeper and
may J tbi-re 1 InI uf ii UO.OOO frauc* t>er unuuui. He uiheri-
"'houtt hu 1 I. fo i <* : ( I uoihlug A luruier out irloadcd beutiuo, loo uiuib pritlMi cauuol bo bt..WII around the louudationi of government uui. '
xwtlble.Hou. II IUII \It at St Mao's A ltd hi* w ealth from tliu Due do Bourbon (lathiijf
( ,
.- -,_. I, It l.kr uo tllfIII'/ Jeuoi.>. wa* 111l1b tied hi* team to I Irvlgul Itatn, \ hu went mauagirs Uiu excursiou, Mr ) ''} lor milling, stamp the lamou* Duo d'Eughlco) uiurdeixd,a* U boJt 'air fabric of freedom seems irady lo lull '
aud the shall t
Andrew Johnson U lo dcllter au oratlouI hi* upcvches, : ) \lt th. loll) of hi* tor a di ink. ''he boru.' aud \agon \1 uiuulng Collutor at Si contributed itarks to dies logelher' wlUia ved, by hi*uiUtreas, Madume do Fuichers, w bo O, lor the day w ben these lioolers *

the ppronchluK Meehanlcs' Fair In Nunhvlllopa ) OHA i uCM 'h" |Ih. follJr 0 hi( *tutithoutuuy win n Il rcturut-il but In 'lmt 1 Uie tragmiuu uliu aud llghu-r happiurss lor all of hoI holo largely lI"a '' live dollar gold piece, icing u svlte* be rooted out of this lair land'
lt. 1'1 "u Uu truck and Amerk, half dol property l' n>i> Ofl .iavnewn
te S7th lili. | sptit-U i .11J


-, --J ,"- -- -- _.,, -.- ,
-- ,
-'- --
-- --

- .
1 r


--_ ___ __ __ _ __ n__ _u .___ h .. .. __ .

I Y1EIDRItII.:: NV ririnn trvjuy I wilt to rrwmivf Kvmor Ffnrn 'the (.loa.

row, soil it ; ill |"mhaLly l inaxlc gnllrl"1 1
11> r IIJ 411 h I-fl. i4liflila3', 4 ....S..1... ICE ICE ICE. City Tax Sale.

May (I.-Tliofonimamlini I ol .'ur Vinecnnc Ibl statute. vmUtes, the J Idler.il 1 the I 'n-i't;'t <. V
While Imlugly to day we deck Iby grorOf ., ri'crntly armrted on ausplolon .lo\ 11(11 )' declaring that i Ii t,> I rebell.n| 'i "-1'1 I Ht Tsllobaatee SoibOrity I/bn the odlnllleMat thiS City or
those who sleep bennuli their native fo.l, ally to tin CommunI otulcJ thai llowcl, Ui. iuisW the tinted States nhlcli it nuthlng mure t Uiai >*f for sale, before the Court Intlcd: llo upon' *nt till| u.
Wi, Ml uot furtfct the unrcturnlrjjj Htt\cs" llif rotnnnndiinlorti'y for lnsuburthinsthw, ,iownO 1i.ludjMibni! i'lll hy [ncfrrdftltl thnrttr THE CELEBRATED ,1I1..erll' Inn noun of I ID' .. H. md ::1 P.in..said, nn
IVhctt toting pltco It only known la d"J.4ndlhi The t'ruuuins aIUlotI'1 ptovUlotis inirr > .''.,*r/I fit| an ppfldt.J hi Ilml"t 'If!' 11.\Y. "B rlrT" HAY "' JL S E, 1..71.lbn

hand strew wnlh ttidfloii,i.Ab.e i. Av\\ lor runt, c pl.n.itl'Ui ;p. oc h)lulh.ilnj the IVsidctit to l tl| 1'Y ICES c.irt IUII"1111' deaeribf,1, property, lyluig wIthin lito cor
> Vi.n. .\ May' 0.-Thiw was tiring all hluU'ht the repressing opposition t ti I p >"II" limit of sail, cIty, or .o mul'70U1o"wil"n thereof, will
them, ami 001..1f cm there bo' tbcrl ; I In thf Slate !litas without "\ 111 : t F JVCKSOXVII I.F KKKV: KR| hay "llteon! nit Ibo lwipu 1419 \
I sod wme rngatitnenW treadss.- anY.III'pllralll| from' Stitnittliontie I < .\\ K\KMMi.: / 'topiin.- Ml ituli. lie aol J-' :
Although" nu monument*bOT them lower Cumruimkalloa batwi'fln Fort tvy and \ aiivi-4 by <' "Magnolia Ham !
.Jakauiuvhilu' and T.ilUbansi'e .
.swDllni 11 prhlllUlh.llh 1.0'1 inuunb I to
To mark the pot whfre sleep our Clorlon'% pr.nl) I lit 111'n dll n''e. )'ourtt't nlh .' CI. pn\iti' Wippl the d..ld (br l's'.. 1"1 lI'i u.' Ji: Pt ail I',4' ,t;:.". 114 r"r '11\1, 'io-I'rol'.ny

I ury will nut I b* forgotten Xo, their u.iiur' ell tnllllir '.alci" in' tin wrong ; nd by cloihln< liii' nnthoutl courtS will lee hoists h. Tabtahasar, \-il"; Sip,', "IP the 1U31.l) '- ... .
tllp"I.I.nla. Ion
Will live fort'fr both In son? mil' ttory, l \| uIII niter :tin' '11ru.h.r..t Jtirlillrtlon ovrr OllllAr ,'rllllnI with UMmnrliimofordiniir Lfnoit.," '111' w 1 br ki-pl ,1"iiinlnrr lor llif > 11' : 11,' "r..1' 1. t'.iuuJulutl. 11' t-I'rop"n es
) I MlniliH.il -
pnblli isti I il -- -
Paris I ,
AitA la our hearts am) memories racb name |101'.I'.I'n' IttloJstes hw .Ili. I Luti' 1lil, 1:11,1.1: I, I nJ, 1iJ.I7IIt, IlIr'l'.8,
l''.rtl'. May! t! -Tlie('''"lIIlIni'lo t has' ncrnpl- the l'nlr spirit ol llullll > conlVrrim III'." ,, 'fI ill. ':G-rrola'n' or .'. Ep1uq, Il'irt
t. do-ply with Its deeds of (glcry.p 1..1. Hu will i I dipt oiii." nrii i .1 i' ,it'I
traten ,'.llhr I park of The Cominuni1 ,di-ebin that upon I Ir .iI'nl i In time t pence i nillitnn, k. i- uit hit 0 0 P 110\ l I.', It, S eo
\p to" them wild a..ff bloom theism ..1II.e.od still 1.1.> "W.. & r. r 'fl4, 'Ill), Ii. qr-UII p
; Kurt \ afl5eq l it lenulile, saul that their troops| discretion \inch 1"11. him only as cnimrtnderln 1 1 I. 1'.in l> k4d .11 nit t.>n "XLSON 'm-I""I'eI, u' H I'fIlR' 552520.
.\ bird will ring arc'|Utcm o'er their hcmls : lure carried the Imrrlcodf" onjthe;! NtaniLi! of Jato ] (hlctln lu actual nar. and IndiMrojIng I "1-11'1!' tri it.:t. WHIM:. K lEI1 Lot 'I'ta l" (or '1\1I, '611, '71)-ProIH'ry or
't ,.
i | 11)1.) We t'l.bur'.
) : !
mil witoni with, kls dew each lonly grate ,1 llircau.lllrtnelipt. II" sepnnti'-nltliiMigh sulmnim.iie WI,1 I '1.1:11'uI'| | nlw' ? IMJANDOK IfA.MS.I "II', limn." .1.1. .
f..1 lilt '
N '
\n.l o'er the ceno the Sun his Mdlnnce.heds.AlflilloliUwiu n memlxr ol llic C'ouimunc. Inii: lll'll' nf the States "lhllihei.I 'ippropri. Notice for -ttrtltu.sliI| li\. I / ./' ,'.//y/. I IIreeu'. ,.llIll'.\-II e" for 4l 8\. 0-jroperty or

,bllu bern nrrmpil by order of hi. aworiaten.Kn.iKKoHT. ate 'pb., w hleh 't".lrl ''lhll.hl' iu tin Proposals. 111Ilili"1 ,t' hi- ,lirHt-i-lrw* .v//( f>!-' /> )" (fffO/ In- will I Pirt or lot lii. 0 '- "! for '(W, '1\>, ':(>-.'nt,
lle. He'Mnfe -Gnd'lI1I.rd May: (I.-lli i
IIi< mill ba.JoIued hiS Army of tfc. Tree, Pourer ( ttcrlier arc here *. L tIOI. will lVSiC .l.I..l Itdimiiab; I i. r "ICHOICE S >I lkproperty ,ir \Ir. II. W. .htiywirtl/

With laurels bright t be angels now have cro.o'ii him NEW: Yo"". Mny H -The 1/"' '. |HTla1ftuiu Ih."n" ,i- urn miUnlilr 11. (l.1n4 fot, i\ I'LHUI 111.IW"lhlnl.< lot 4tl. M t/A-b r4 for 'r ,
dated the Dili, sti I KoMel Is irL" ) ""i.' ,.".i., until 1\I I- oi .Itri. \\ ron '; >'u'-Jrojety 'C J"'k I ,,11', ,.IIIt.
And Immortelles, the wreath of 'Ioy.II. r.ri., an offensive movement, \lib 4n,000 or! prcial\ !\lotiff OIH' to !I... ,'" .rt -. '10 .1 li. ,'.1. I lot tInt: FAMILY RO1RrES.Iii ...J-"'" I ,i, 1,4' N .\ i I..u..r lot HIM, II I'-Uxr for 1 11 I
Imfure the Throne, Ir 1ill i
Uy* breathe prilse au" his The CommunlnU raiiuol be t\- within HIM > uilleml I I ilLilu-- i l'r"r""y nt \lro. E.i Kliidon.
lraWnilfc' m.! h ndrt |H>lled from Port Usy. the advanced Ixillerletbavo I lt. Tin i ill| : j.\\, ".:
nunitirr ot iitui i > \\i.1 nt iiiIu'jtuihi'" I. SKI.1.S I.O\V) IMII-I'in, tinIr.'ulr.M.iyil) \
--im '
And wr not cull him now our o.n.W opened Fort .V his JI
tboiiKli may nit J.
Ih.rlnn. !J.I. IJ.o.
Locality 0",1 .
Leon No rnn-" 'Ir-In. for or
5 0 0 F. j .Gtl-I'ruprrI1 ,
> will nol woi-p f.rhlm-he I I. at r't" ClT in I&l"o.Irl :1.Irlleslnil Lodge, 1 ::1,1 I d.e"II.I'Inl.I'I.in', li \.y..' 71)t .,. /I IIInlt.r
1'"IIII.r ,
Church his 11"1 TI., 1 I.to I J I part 0' 1"11:11.: X A-t I" for 'II'I,
';,.r by M.n".I.l .1 lonely |IMKnt \*, lulIlilt1) 'c.w.1. I 1.liiCII lltisetlled. Several jr'; rclliron nrf romindoil %lh. 1 rmn of Mle to tin t """.> .1 i l.. milly Itt';I 1. -l''f. ofJhn IIh,"'.' *.
iiunel holy w.itch are o'er It kecpluxi.ov : "r..' .it''lb.. 'Ikunl I.w I I J. U. \i",u,- iii',ill I.'>V",'\. X A-
IN immllWl1 that there. will Iw a ll,--prop.rty K. W. William1
\ It o."n.I wwpln" wlUo* wave.And .Vs ** ,. FiIIII "...Ir.l.ola. '
uKXKCTICtT.NKU I.ODOK. Xn at Ihrlr I. !,<. ""* \I I 4H 4| ,, I
rw .
M 1 ( :
r;>foi 1t' IH'LI'1I 'in-nth! lls soil U ilu |'iliiit. .. 1\1'11 )ti I.l'i h.llt of lot itt. If .\-IUN '
.. DlcH'd an-the I'larein burl ;" all doul> and i\nirr: I lUvKx.I Miy (I-Th I ,' 1"llcIIIII. (',llil. lu"m.lbl. n./lnl. I An cuck.n.I" .-ptolll'rl1 fIr J. II.1..t.>n, ..1.111.,1 iir $19,
miller .1luelllI" hundred cannsscn' : mI'IJI"Jf: : uIro Tl. LKONA1M D. /' .r '. '1.51, .'-"'. r sir '"\".
tl .1
envied iliould bit be t-rrOp.ly
Furi'ter boa HATS
passed, re| -r.irj HATS ,.r Mr. \. /Iourl..

: to all earth' ill. tnrt tcrmore a llrant.r- I"Rn'ull itiy | Iu II'l.t [I.." *3, iw, ai, .iulhS: ,.? ,( -\,. for 'It<),
From sorrow. 'l\11 iind death forever Ire'!I'I ( Iml"II"x in .New llnvcn, WI Illnp'r.cI Ockloolnee Lodge, No 12, I, O. 0. F, Tailor & Draper nprvrfjrof| ('. A. llry n.
t witli. w..I IIH kcd Ith n common I I'in 01 ,lot t\ t> (I'-I'.,M for tin, 1O'-intl, tmoiiiii'

1 IIP To Mui TIIIOIKIIII I'oloui.ic UwiKKt tuourui rc lull"b tlntf) uu lit shore kev 11.1 not "i nlcd h. \ :T.J"that |II'lhn'l;, ] ;!nrl: ;1"'li".I';;; ;,. .. s'. 1"1 I' ...1 $1,., I I" .i..*'..',1| thdrcon or I I. M. Uhikrt for ltnprotent, ,t l... on tldowiilkpropirly -

.. uSOrKI.HTKVEE 1. Lot .1.1. \rt, 7, ,, .nf.lIvl.IIIII! ,,f|tot K7, \ \v A-
lie \1... nol. for Bi* bo-otn's Uti-tt ilgh (roar KltoMVASiriMlTON t ".IU Iu. .. )111. [ SPRING and SUMMER tts br 'us. 'y, '.f 't mil I B. HeConrcey.

1 If hushed ; be hears But now the river deep.adYep \V I-I ',.T"S. May (I.-The, War Drpnrlimnt rIm: \i U.atfhi-IrT 1.0' '2', t I ,I' Its,.. rtir 't.. -l'ru'e,11 or Itoll
the brow has pnlilUhed. in order tIes Mil l.oiliw.1..n.. next PrbUr 1'ln.: nt h < ', I, on 1,11. rot II.'.
\\ not for blin Though nu buy general KII.II

tlfth..II"n. shore bin proclou 0111.11.t laid, !I'lciiMUtnn" Illniue hui: ,tfoue a mOth away r for I neckSMakcr C K.mk-.ir. .s.ePnP.onu. / '''\ "". .Nlol "; GOODS The Largest Stock of HATS ever Brought to this Market Orti LIIIII.(llluh.I. W ,\-1""'" fur 'ii>11'.' -vrovcrty or lUsh.

Ill\ spirit brhblb. crossed. the rh'er" now, (trailt| 1.1..1 .md rrtnrns 1..11.1'1. n I' ',1I..r ','Iprol'rl, or.\. 1..lIIr.
I in
: \iiiI' with, bincomraderc n beneath Uie ilwilv. fin Motiilay hmgntic lellI'/IIII 'i'ut hut ... 01' II .!. 4itIti:* IM .11..1! (OF KVKKY: STYLK i ': & v IIlnurllnl I iut 1.S I 111111'I '. ,$'",""'I'. Lur toe .'1, 'jl-rrllJlftt1, or

tit has liceu arliitator in the the tlieoiv that the linn i, or illseai c ..ni be sileltcounlcr.h .
Judge to 11'
9 .
.AJIETY. "his. II'' '
ir Port 1'iiliitkl'a dunireon vail* could tell a\l"IIIII unit Men 1 hem.Mi 1'1. tj u theLines ror 1\II-Prol"7
mhcd .\llriCI, and "ioii. ted,II} ,I I. s Tbc tollerlng of heroic luaer there ('aiiiPron and Morton think the treaty niudc Wltbln the h Ii-t I tivinlj lUryrarsnot bv. I limn' ) .. Tl ..ii I. FROM TEN CENTS UP TO TEN DOLLARS In price 1.01 .I'. If W .\-13' hue -ptol''rly' 01
From wound, disease, .1.%n""llon. nnd the knell MIo' lIuIII'r. ,
the I Iligli rommiwtUm ill the II
liy : ,
\ pis :1IAIO.- a .,' pol 1'" I Die .
Of" Xo Elehltll e" which smote the I'rl.'n r'. ..r. 0" ininniissliinwivs that .r. .I ,1111"11 h.'I"1 .11.,11" ..DICKSON'SCelebrted huti -tin,5 rllr ::11. or
A the O-prullCrt1 lUrry 1/aw.|
meiylxT ; I lln. rcpnsltoiy of the medlcnl |lricsh\,. TUvy ore .\ .ltill\ .1'n..II.1 Inr: ,' :al II" ltOT! )( ) A SIKlM, : I'MI'OKII'M: ( ) : I kin,. J
How might e'en Foster blti\ -h far very phalli hike piincipli> ,1
,1..1 HIM "lh' 011 lv > in siii.JI dotes otbernu,, lot ::1 t. .tibdlXslou ,
( < ii i boy w 0111 ui.iLru> Cotton Sweeps I .r lot t\ N \V A-\ torturing n hero such an he I tf.i, 'nt-propurly, of .
life IliiuirJl.it.lbut, i ( King "Ptn|
not In inliint
isKu.\i; : : XKWSXi : ii.iuiitlis.1 I \ .
.. lIon, showed nn mercy but the impels came | D. B. MEG INNISS. Jr. Lot.Jll I IJ !-ii I), }[I.I. ji|II., N A-.l.rtr.furWW.'TO) -
U.-The nf itssitl thej ', ulllni.itclyIT ili-.i-trn- ,
: slay Imixirls dry -
prodtKe > "If"t A "property "rlr.1 Jonen'
And liurtt bli cbalni, and ret the captive' fee I IR\VO\il\\i 1 | | t i .1.1'I' | esinlf.
I this neck ",'r over eleven, millions II U unit i.e and ''I'bl''Ihl.11| ." 111.1| ;,,5. i. reinedle 1'1'1.1. .." .., \t ti MS: 2 2IVIS. 1.011.I -J, .15. tilt m '|-|aM flue 'if.l-propert) of
The rpx>rl the death of( Ikulouiiu, nnd I'. it ii II.l .I.II'i Inrlrs K,'ill
| ,
\ I.r..r heart ne'er bent than tb.it whli'httirili'iI, I.hl. ,IIII"c I lni.nbltb.' hi the illncM Iollerrlll \1| ;. IIHATS"Mens, '1.1 9. S \ A -I.ne f"r, '
Borlmis the I
r.SN (
or11..1 | ., "II
Wltb patriot tire In (pliant I'iilKllll.l.'K breast ; KlUM CAIII .\. Ju loo 1..0, 'oII eed or iiuotlirr tlll ry \I| iuttuwn.halt .
0 The Jledteal
iv o, sociulion -
Hut now alas! It li jfircver ttill'd ., alter.Inn tiava I.I Ill nngry diM.'iis.sioii imlullmtely more iiniuiiuagi'jbliXone, or Ilii-n' trrrltile ,nirdlcaineuts and Boys. .f lit I;!9, S .\ --IIItH fur '11'.IiII-I""I''rl" ;

The Howell (innnl-i", bare 'borne him to hU rent.S'olilv >stHinrd thin femule operates! Kith .muoh ilirnlin-. .,"1 certainly ur 1.11",11lIY.l .
|H | (|II..UII 'dt*) 2I '
II I' .
the light was fought the vk'lory won, lph'I,11 Ibe elus's ol Ji.ean,' I ll h'.uuiur'sttonuac'h W : In. for 11\1\ 111-Irol.nI1 or.1.
: nml ailjoiirueilinf ilii. upon v I..",II \'Ii|; I II| I I ,ttrliruu,,: .
And forcmont on the Held wllh sword In boml, "I'I"I.I. :ii)' 0-Tue I;,'oriI l"il""Ill''II.I, I Hitters, I tonic and porn''ii, irllieuliHHtftf "< .t\ I' JL /.1., 7'J. J.I. "ii i. -1'1" III' 'iti. 'o-I'ru..rl'' I

lla truiillUK; fell, and ere the day wan dour \entiiinmeels her nn ".l"ln.II\ tlilctrrk'M* ih/rr>/irnf IH ,,.."/../,./ Arsenic I ur Kllrft1.(1'0"; I
The ('thou SmieK b>iir hold their SUMMER CLOTHING l.ot 311, 4 tv \-I ",. rll' 'IV' '
I Hid I joined the lovi-d ones) iu Thii> Oettcr Land nnnunl liortieultural meeting"llniiol on the Illlh and, and qululaare given for Inlcrnilttciitii ; Irlliol"r I 1I Iliuluntu, ;:: %l II Ill'rI 7I-rro/rrt1"r I

pol.v-liiMi fur ucrvim dlmirden stri. titiluw fluidlurusete IS "la1AII.n: : reninilitil." day by Lot I H, 1 111.1.\. ror ',', .
And be who lato no II lib us bright and gay lllb. Tho weather l Is Tory cool 'jI-I"OI.ly of .1 L.

So noble, true end beautiful and bra,, The Ueoriiia l' Association tm-cts on the acid Inc '"II.Ilebll Inert ury, In xarl- .%. norwi M. DRUGGIST. IJwi'lis.liii .'I), Nt ', '
< co .ir-liixc' for tIP
forms ,
huh' OIlS r.1 complaint; or April 'JA :! ) .illI'ro..rt1Irn.Iew
I..r l'rel'"r"l"o. h.1 .\ ,
Tbu gallant Clicuru, ban gently |l'at8ed> away, ttIulsu'y.
chloroform ..
for .
And in hit bohood'i home hot found a grave. "1'111 t..JI.I" ; and yet 1.11'1. U /- uxcs (for 'il-propprly! of I II. .'. Him.Lota .
FROM WASUINOTOX.WAIIMMITOX tbeie deadly ilniifn do not ,|hi'silt.s fur Guns; & Cotton Gins Ill ilufi
.t Repaired
oh iad, to bear 'hips, ruml"
Help u gracious ) Sehammcrliorn. tbu dlseonet above enlllerllle.I.. tint SI I. VI, M, HI, PI.I.n""II'r' 'Il':\ 70-
4nd fee thIs lunhi'um gliding thy stern rronu by'pt .11 1111l propi-rlir of 1C II. dhniiaril..
of the \NI I I
Th.it w bile we'reitruggliuirhcre bincuihtbeCroM, (' IIInrnc.. ba len rel.ed. ) of Mexico omc' vegetable IIIIo"nl,1 alll.I".III. II hi'II..\ Lou, iff I w, Tl., ill, N .\- .\' lorli'.i' Til-prop
Inw ) are all so I.rulcol'I".llllo ar-tonUhini in) lhh' )atchaii ,i-rty of \. K Mplllrr.
lli'V rii-cn II lib anu\erla.tlng t'ruwn LI'li'r tin Mexican Commission. I Hi; tills also Lola' Ill HI.
should luke the uf 11.11 I. | HLco.r-l.ne| rir W.i. 'Til -
Jll'ol.lhllly lr''lU,11I1 t"
been apHiiuted I Attorney for the I'nited SlaleHagnlnsl ,
| l'rlll".I".I.IIIIIIII.II.t
| ||
V hen HID but, reveille anakei us all, fur, adjuslimf Ib"1 lit InvalbU, for i ir own skis. try the i T rll.UKES'.MII.I., .:. II lirTnl.T' t I'.rt or lot '',
!ilf' iirniugement' \1 I W, : t. Nt, co 'Ir-IatCA( for, T'l'1. 'l1t->
And each ouu ri.
j To answer to the 'list and ,dreail Roll Call" Corcoran l 10 feebler to day. they will fipurlrneu from t course or Ibu btrinlesnpeclHc ls? .\IY one at .1 distance, t Hinblnc Ui ir I Iinsreuilred .dl I..U' '!.Ul I. "lii'. \,\. ''.I. 3n1N.iiolaia, |II|, 'JU.l

Whlrb the Lord of hosts will then be read .Morton aid C'nineruu, had an inn rlew will render recourse' the UD .ifu prcpa | on t huh. pl.ne. 111 1t', ". 11 us kimwllirii NA liSts. ru, .ll-propnrtji of .1|. 1'. Archiir'ac-nii'' .
by : I
'lulol k '
Ijmnt ;li Ih II.t (llllic, .r.1 t I' ( ..HYII. 'L.il' ,il I, Kl, ,11 ,ir-tampa f,>r .71).-I.n.I".rl1 III Mem
And whit" before Ih"Ielll"\\'hIIO Thruue" we stand, \ today.The ration r.r..reol to, 'ijiilte ulnc..r). Jy-II I' WII.K.- MISS. brv' AiliuiK.

And Christ shill hit tnjudge Ibe quick and dead, Cabinet considered the 1 proH| ed Alabama, Aril -!: ::1' -u: AT THE OLD I..II.' |.M, 1:1:1.: : I fli 1 I, x A-lane. (.ur '()-$proi.Crl .
We'll wed them there-that brave Confederate Hind treaty but nothing ban IfllI"ir.d.A.i.lunl MARRIAGE GUIDE ESTABLISHED y of llohcrt( I llnicn'4 ..,.1".
Serrctnrv Itichardson, w ho goes to Lot ft, N 4 W A "..* ror '70) nf i.ldcon
With Lr.t and SroNK'HLI'.J..CKJlON..1 their bend! the EVKKY: ONE 1118 OWN UOCTOK. THE DEXTER -property
Kuropa In iK'liall'of new loan, n ill bo accompanied Iliitliir.' "
by ..lohllV.. Ul-clw, Chief of the Loan A Irh' be,married hulrnrtnr for marl'l person cIliate In or in thins cry. Monroe street, Tallahassee, Florida '1.1.1.' N W A".'"'" f"r '"'>- l"operly nf Kllu

lvl.iOI. of Ihu Treasury) and 1..0 Treasury 1.lul voneernlng' the b011//'bY.loh'IY.lld 1.lelnd and relatioimof, rlur LIVERY STABLES Il: 1.:1 I n..u.I'.rl "r 1"1 'J.'. SI- ,." ''I.-tour. ruin '7.l'lrrt1.,
BY TELEGRAPH.Ku.Klux cer! I."I.oIOII.,1 prr\en .r tu'hl., IrIli, IIII. .
FltOM( NEW VOUK. tlon Including all hue dlitroverlc

- -. -- NEW 1QIIK. Mav 5.-Tho Republican! Com- timer o'f'l'rln." i In tbu Kngllsh language n'W by W) Drugs Medicines, Paints Oils Varnishos, Painters Brushes flrtitit.Lot, .J7I, N A laxi-H for 'ID-property uf K.: I'. F,.
luiltce, Mrlu[ meeting lo-duy resoImionH YOlJi M. I n. This It reallyalualili" and Are now fully e<|iilpNil'| ,1 and tarnished wllb Lot
| *IS N IVIII for ,
1'ruflninallon.H'A dlsniiprnvin of .IIII'q of.Suinncr work hIl" rllten in plain laniruaga fur, and Brushes of all descriptions. loltnllreeii| e. 'iII-I'rnl.rty' ol their

j. "in.sfiTxiN, :lti)' 4 Grnnt Inn Issued Iliofollnwini and of iranl's SIU ttot. !Cltlent(bully. the enurui general IIIL.A.. reaiter.and All I is married Illustrated with' ,numerous or those HORSES, Lot :ikM l, 'II'I..... for '7i( -propcrty of' It. and .1.1Lola I I11th
young people
; pmclnmiitlon Cohuru's I if,' died under. circuiiHtrtnivs that' contemplating murringe, and honIng/ Ibo least Im !1"'I'I.i'l| tir\: ( !iH"|Is. FII"1111" 'Ij I.t Artirliw, I I'lin- I Clii'iniriiU' tutu. ii.
| JJOH ro. I'J
The silt tif ConKrvM nititlnl mi url tu i cnfoircihi. w ill detnaud a l'Iruu.r'. iuventlgutiun. Thin interfere pediment to married lire, should read this book.H For satbllo or h.r'.II.' anil I ".bllo II"'I MS. co itr'15l4| fur 1oprcpcrly' ol
with the light between ( ,hllm and dlitcloftc serrate that should bo anil tuo'lioree carriatfca! .'_uuKcrs I" ." Henry Jdiliuill.luutui
provWon ot 1 hit Fourteenth Anii'iiiliiieiil. every one acquainted
1I I lobe
177 17S
CoiiHiitutiiMi of tliv I'liilinl Sinlc". ami lor M.icc' and nil outside Ills will bo dirhired, off If with ; still It I la a hook that nl.1 bu II'k.du. .irt ol the .lrrOUI.III' ounlry.. ou shill CHOICE PERFUMERY. (leorgil Kliidon, N Alimn for, 'W-proprrtr or
'I tiu lo nil all order lor .
.. and about Ibo house. It will be l'rll'rh'II'1 I
oilier .m-ii, nppmvril' April -Hllli, I"il I :11.\1 111191' ulHm| the fight under lie ctrcutnlances. noilo sent to 'ullll. Lot Ill 8.1.' ,' '
ptir being any "" receipt nl (JO cents. Addn-M. : I'OH'IS, ,\, .I 'Ir, late ('ill-l"III..ly ol1Orlan ". 1
nlor"lraorlilulrJ'I'"hl., .' 11121K| )! talie, 1 con 1.)1.:1. IIS/I.Ed. \ > I ''O Nt( ) ; : : 'Luke, *.
WM. YOUNG. So. 416 aliove Kourth | |
The creditors of the Alabama and ClmttMioo- his aril near the stuitilt.'i'ut. \1"11'1'11"1 'EXTHiTEI 11:17.1 ,
hlilcr It my duty In IKSIIU hhti.. my prurliinintlim) : Phlladulplila. luc.llrt'1( 'ii 1 IB-flm rrll > I'atl or 'bit H7, N W A-ixm fiir'70-prnperly of
tailing the ntti'iitton nf the pcdplo of tIle Unitccl jlltliwll. hiive Hied' a petition that the road, : '. f' .' ''. '1".I.kI'U.I.IIIIIII'.I'I'J.lltl..
; ami Stable two I J imv lull IKJ, \"', I HI, N A -
Mutes hlicrelo vnjniiiiiie IIKII; all RIKK! cililenM. "nkrlpl.I l--jf-lllllee s iinri| loulli iwtrrom PUE i A1.XCA QXNcn '
tine Mr 70-iiroiii.it." of W. It'. .Peilr .
Tho railroads hence to Washington, have the *
I 'lslighijaiti. r'la.
c< x- 'hilly ll oil nil piiblii; olllccrs, In \he f.cnloun
r \ In|tlinonfiircpmrnt|' nOd I compromised c.l. aud through tickets ran now be 3ctv\ ,. Posrs.ln|{ nil the ..rll.rll..r, Janinlea lllnpr| In a ..n."I.I.,1 rl'l. .hkli I. highly rocoiuinendi'd' for Part of lot ,1, S W A -ta.t. fr 1I1-1''I'ell ol
llii'rcof wurnliiRhll ]'ierS.IIK \ 6ttntttmtt l'II\S.! 1.Et\ tbrrnreof l)." and I 'I..1 Arflirtlnna, I llrailirhiminl. nidillnrliliirrhinilpn-I | John Mtoki'*.
tu abstain 'Irnni 1'11111I1111111 nny nf the ui'U, 1"\1 :. : : April, i'., 'fl} : eral, ",'hlIY. I',ulle. St"'I. Ac.PKKS01MPTIONS. IY'f.lln Lot Til, 71 t, TJ. ri. 87, M, Nil,,DO.) 01, 101, 1 1111.111,1104.
tlilrehi3' I'rohlhll.ed. Itt. *J, I III. I Ii. Ai .0'lr'-13u., fiir ''Tit-pruixrly' l
This IHW of Con rcK npplics lo all pnrbt ot'llio'liltpd I }'OItEIGN NWf.: White Sugar Cured Hams TallahMMit It. U. Co
State*, and will liu cnforeixl every w hero I.OMION, May( B.-Hopes peace have l I"en, Millinery and DressMaking.Mrs. I IIKNIIV: IIKKNKKL'TKII.: :

Ui the extent ol' the jxmpr vculvd In the Kxwulive. nlmndoned. &C.:; etc. &C. ('117 Tn.'olh f'lo, I
Hut InnHiniich Ih,' necewity therelhr In I lelcfalions of Free Masons have gone to tho -1- l'rel",0 with atcione), ililillly, and I illsjialeb' ,, for which purKi.| a nl and coniplom Maya, 1 IH7I :Ilrt-lm ,
LAMB ."r"e"I. .,
( agitato In furor of lie Commune. J -. "- --
well kni to hl'e litcu ciiuscd liy pernislc'iit Iro'in..tl,1 KECEIVKD-A: !XltE LOT OK
violutloim I of (ho rii'lits, of chl.ny of" tbu Thl ) nut constant and. heavy yesterday.Prussia lIT I HAS IEllSEI Il'lh{ Til111) 11'1 PURE CHEMICALS AND I

('n'tcd' Sink* by Uie' 11111111.1 allows pro isloni lo enter 1'lrls. w huh White Sugar-Cured Hams, ., l 11"'k Mllhl'r. 11,1 ''"d'r GENUINE DRUGS () \
.umlllllllll" ACRES.
iH'casloiiH nt II I llielaliM .1) 'I I me Intllnl 1 lo 200,000
.liI.III-'I', .| ;' in '', lately thu The 11I 1.llIel betsy Is V..nl.. Tho I Insurgents' Beef & Breakfast Bacon, Intl .unlne her .Htoi k *bcb| a lll alway. be I'pln Will bo kept constantly ou h.ol, together wilt, a Ft I.I. tuTu u'K nf I tbcOF ,
1 mid military I doitutiriiliirly l'Iqllo..f hunl..I. ,
If hIun 1111 Fur to ifisy.
ellllir. hnve lout tno thousand list In killed .from, tbo Manufactory uf Mesnr In'I".tun] .1'r
rvhort the of Friday I F.'r.II. ,
,1 1 1.h II"
( IrI" |I' .inpil' ) fiFFLORIDA
1l.Ilo.. and. co. jio; ), ii, : : II .11.,1 :
prisoners.I'.Mlin 'fH'- '! .h 1 rll I lt poll, Oe1obrn'eC Propnrn'1os
I lie country lo MIIfl)| coiiililnalions, May blll I 'lor l pait lavor II. a lonlinu-
liv ihejrnMii tliu [IIThe 11I.llrl..ll. still hold liwy O-I uI.1 I iniilic, : pAlniiiageIjThb
n{ ,lot-jl IHWS"lllIwry, mul In 'IJu.lhrlllh' npeiiry ofiilIcIll.iiIi limy 1211(1anvria the iigaiusl I 1 ,c .\1'111' WKKI-: HKWIMI I MAIII.SKH. mUI: ( .\ URIcI A ANIUU'S, LAND
tliu United Stnten all perfect; hud, from the Vrrsnilllsls.Tbo l : slut bi.'l'v' ,' I n I. ""11.,1,l .
: ( wrtiro to
mich ,it/A'lalho I equal protection lu,111 of HIP hIl a Vereiiilliula have unmasked a ft.nnllahl"Illh.ry CORWM Mar, < li > II trICE To Ilio MMirllniiiil of which I would, ...1111.cspei lul nltnnilon of IL).|"'"' Kunorally. j

IIHIII| the Kxctiltive: by tbu net of 'ongrcls to 11itllll.Tho .
ivhii'h iiitenlion la now celled, Mid, relut- VCflil.l. am shelling Clio Commune 1

bill to(1111'l'II;.. ., iurcjs. IIIY of the e,trhordlntiiy rl'1 (iermain. Fort Usy ,'ple| \ 1.OATS. COLD mSTIUWJTUIAMONd I I J .

tbtreby except iu ehnrply to thin Veinailllsts' firo.IXI.NDOS
nines"uw.n of inipiTati\e eOlf'II1O/ ,' MAY 5.-Prince NaKileon| ls here.lien. TIIK-I .

it iniike known Unit ;" I 11..lls, II ullh.d In the shoulder.
\Ulllt 1871.
ii)pi"tile 111'lul.llhulwef, thus ve I Ad'le lrl HIICIHM' Ayre represent' the yellowfever BOND HOLDERS
1:1.: \er It shall lie.SlilUl' an ,lug dreadful, atTIC hundred'

uucesury for the | (il'mfurlng deaths oellrinl daily
10101. Ilrl"1 V 5. Tho Inland of St. G ier tilT 1 1fl ..HI
M. to Jill lilted. hiiilca' the peaceful AU8\.I.IM. I"y : Mrf -S- 'rll r.
( Cllcl the rights to mllil. between J IIulnlollrllld Issy, \.I'
I'tijoyoicnl gllrnll.ed tel Is occupied by to leon tlorlH st Off ....... It..1I. .
Jiy the (lu.IIUllollll.1 Ilwa. shell tho guuboaU\'IlllliMI'iu IhO river. .\ Illeri. 4100 bushels Corn and 250 D. (J. WILSON JIJ.J & CO. .!' I h. l'rn.ii...lu A Urorglu Hull
engage !
in that and I
|ieuco n 1.1.1.Jljl ; .
IV clrm'MI bushels Tli hlllll'll Idiisil 4'oiM In
J law cl'rfllull'lel" m'nll'lI.olldl.osIUf. Oats. Ih.JpIIII ;10 | iin> |'ii> inns* oi'wulil
1< lila) prevail lloinl nu" 4 UHIIOII*.
nil miles of our late unhappy tivil May 5.-Tho Free Masons or Havreaud fur sals LOW i'OH I CASH liy BEVERAGE

strife may II1t .kx'i lily rciuuvud. 1hel ends can Fecamp have ugreod to lake Jolul entreaty May' \ 4lni DAMS54Notice. & _n,. ...
Ii reached to guvernmcnt sod U> the eUI.Dlne. o -
) eo-sily by oftbu IhOVcllil' .
)USI'KXSKD: : ) ) \ (

the t elllllli.111.1 now proper"rlh l'lf.rnllIl,Illur 'llllllol.IOd I'AKifl. May' S.-Thu Commune hal Issued u I.ILXJITLY, Dress ( :loods, clnricr'rriiiiiuin ; l4Il/t.x.! 'I'lIK: KlOirr hEll I KNT. IIOMIrt 'INK: I'

) of professional
Until 9 O'clock
111,1 liitpiirtial 1.1. every part country. amfJllliug NOTICE CAI.I.INI A MEETNO) of Block-
of local \ Tho (lie Communu says r11 Kulalc, mid'. liy Hiicund Morlgiign on Ibu lloudwuy", ,
failure eoniiuunulc
1le lu rnroi"I'III'b IJful .fuurla f of the Plorlila C.1I111 Kailroad CoiDp: / prunrlilM sill ,
11"1' lor Ill), almlemcnt of results 1 enruestly lint lie lt Mill Haguct yesterday ny for Friday, l-'IU! ot Mny, ., I* wltbilritwn, and ICJU CJOJL.ID: s, JtihhOIlol.c., \\ e.I epols lit, INK), and, lulllni Kiiilpnienu|dun July ,I."hitirlng 1110 l ,%,d.ituAltril leg
Ibo Natiiniul was caused by tho treachery of soinn or the garrison the uni'tlnK, ,
r.Mr I. hlp'''upon| Government proposed lorintlnllnly 1"11'111 now put due, ami, there. 100'\11' uu ons'jsu' for their
duty of putting forth nil Its tIll, who sold tlio pussword, to the Venaillmts. I'. MiH'MTIiUN' ), I iiiu'Ill ( the -MtftH) nr blllil
eiuvpt *
I .'rl 't'1! of Iu rlli/ens of crerj- 'rgN'ur The Journal add 1lllhullule, has been rerapturesl M. l II. /AY. Sctoikholdei*. 'roiil "llow'i J $ I 'itt t'lit I Ici'lii-l'o ; Soda I iN'rw Spring) CIO: < MM| at pflplilitl'H'tn.; : 1 III I'; :Hi": knnili I of the unilin: >:lin>d sulrel'ss'ursor, remalnlliu Wil'

.m,' tliu restoration nf penru' lied, order together a uy station nl ('in' K: HOl'ITOlS, I liam, llullry and, John, C. M, $.,'lii c, I 111- Tlll.locx,
mart. T 1 ho annul journal admit. "'rhmoll" of lly M. I I. I'.n, ) (May 9 40-H( Fttltail, witl aid Cumpanyollr' -
thrujllul14e entr C"01l'II I hereunto nut men and Jt aUo Hint the VerMilllxtii -- -- .\ U llrrrliy Jltr.. to the bulilersnf
'I.IIIIY( ,'llreul teal Illvo of the United my I to relnrned l lo. nnd. Rdli. baltul InNeuilly. Dwelling House for Sale.'rilE re8h: and Genuine Fruit Syrups, lOut" llond aud Coupon: ., that salt bail, after
In I"tlo, 1.1'1 be lUll llrnt *u .iUMlUea: uut ,ra-aiiprulsi" an III"llIuU.e
lie ni.\eO. I the city of W..hllllol.lhl. i I' 'I'UK: lll.44 MTOIIII 01' tliB relative prices or tie ,/lttu'ruuit, truu
the third day of in the \EIMII.I.rS. I.'n" Cummtinlst slut-- rnL.IXG: HOlIF ul Cal" ...
May 1 .e'll.r !' ID. c. -wiaLsSOPJ-. 03 oo.Iluvi truing to iiiullly| location or ol'lust, i .1..11'.1II'' "
,'eighteen liutulred end "'vrnluIU') nnd of tint, I In- ul"lt lie r\'I.lpnUul ol cjamart lafalse. :SO, Norlb Adihitinu, .nl.CIty.If 10' oiidj M. LIVELY. iSti, ting tbnlr nripitutlvn 'iuhuup. *,11| u the niiiietluin ,
de 'iideiirc of the Slnti'ii ninety -fifthI" 'flla".e,11 uUer.1 ",.k.lh. ucnurul" tie iipial' to all I tb",'
| l'nhl' .1111 '
: II lilUNT. fl"f and I'onifir Cuertier havo gnnu to on r.on.blo term April I I', .1? I I 1'I'I'I.j".III'I'ir I larjjo mul I vurii'il I SKick ul' outntandinK, HomN, and' (!'oupoiK, irll, tic. illiirlliiiitilamoniilb S
In II, and I Is In Miry (gOOd repair If not told prl- -
}'ranlollo )hasten the, -Itnhlof the treaty, slid will\ holifcir nl t lIlt> 1I"d.< ami impair ,Ii i
by Saturday hell, be disputed of it sue
A TCKIUFIC: I.\ difficulties iu the way of I comple .ulcr For terms, apply. SPRING AND SUMMER aid! ppraucil ui'leu
101\11, I.OlbI\A. Irr'lnjc|hltt5.toi.loi lon. loCUAli GOODS This ifl.lrllmtlim will I i., i.it "I I in I Ibc lift, mi.l.inxniit u
UI"AS": ( MI'SIE. roiniMi'in In.r .Il'l.I I 'I 11111 Il, 1 171.I
n nt Itoflge nnd iu tin vicinity, May 3 -It U Illlnl}' ktated that Maytt Quinine .
) 4o.l
Tuejdny 1lluu )10' Slut u niluu> Irom ilty lu il y until quiniiliW, !
Tbiers reluso. ;into I lu, uliicli I lull tutitiIw'r1IrrE
to euur
,' tnutywiUi inu .
111'1.1 )) Hold ,
c.in"iu 11.1 tirotH/rty. Trees 0 All till lion I n tn iiu| *lnl I. i ii ; ni Ml 1
w i'i.Mr end brick uml pliinLi Hlilrlnl, Iu ( ,'rlll"IY, all HUmimk bus protaaiMagiihisl Take ,Notice. ./I' ,1.1 l l Ij) < |lln in' |1" < ."I: r f.) |pu,|, 'I
thu air TIM) north anil south walls i4 Ihu |n>nitcnlinn C Ibe unjust' dis
Lrlher \lib, I tin' ahiis| ( 'factory)' mid Ihu aC'IIII.llenll' 'm''lc' I i I. rexirtcd| that. 'PlllUry DAYS FROM T1IJS 1.\K.I.11 I olJ Lr"a8u\ly : :p 'K"S rim I nor", Woiilli ilt'i. tli'iida.A .
vllia in ( M"Ulll lug ul the 'IIIUlle II,. f'I"8IC<| I ( ... J forsaluat public.u.don.lo 'II! iltSKi"si' I
.. hllldilll. MereMown III' illl'uri. to leave cilj II"rICnllrll the fiillnwliiK diocrlbrtl | .blh"1 IHMeulou I IX ILS1EN'S.t BLE; .11'11[ II I r I.KWIii 'f 'iruI'IshI.iiusost "
iiwu\' The 1h.h. of tl. storyiiiid 111 for repair property 11 ray ", Kla April, -'/,. I R-il' .,s. 'i
I I'nitwl ShillS \ Tim"edihrlI. tiutithi L-lon o4 lie liii. IN EVERY PATTERN.
r'Nfu11J .111..11..111 ted Court In of the coimtltulionallly One iiiimty. brlonllu' to llndton Willlnoiiuniouiit .hti I 1 i nit. ,I ti Hi, DruKrlton ol
ullli the LabraUi- .
\r"lal. Ih.. nf 1"r due '. ) HENRT MICKri. .
SOY Ir.inie Illhlll soil, the nxif of OIIP of the and violent ol and the legal I "' ,a I* 1.,11 unjust lo Ihu May !i 4U-' 41 i.i El." m.KACIIKIt: : ( : MIKKTIM.S: .\ Nit* SlIIUTIMJS.; l-.v D.i.inv. | m' uu.l. SUMMER R'EINTS
hut)tier \ere Mou I away. The nofnl wi prove rl.flrUI ,
he I CaUiolic t'huall nnd the Ccjiietcy fenco country'
Menblottii" an ay, 'nnd n Inrgu uuuiU-r of frameliiMiwtt __ Stolen I II ( !AI.K'OI'( ) >, nil '|iiiiililii-': -. i'ln.ii-1', |1'111\1'1'/1". ST. ,1'ltbi4'I'INX.( :
J nuMiKed % };fl1'rEs'r FKOM JtIW/1: INDIACH'OlAGOGUE

,V mtrnr him,*' a"I.| nuiubcr of cubiu ou Joy. .PAIIW, May. (I-Xl ht-The A u the ji'WMltlF 01/1,1. 1tIICtliK. on.1 8Iur near llltOWN) "IJIIITISljlI"IIIE'1'Ii( $ : : / !. (roT'lKNADlis( ) '( ) : raKLolllMilKit'HK.oultl: I : I l.r ,i1 t i- -I
i I. while at and It '
Here blown awar, ami ellY vlll"M" Neuilly >ller'1 Hruks'a In Tiillibaiwef.
lr.I. 1IUIlIII.1 a \ *rnallHAr door >''mli "f f an woo llntxi. i.ef'V. '
AJU] veml wounded:, 'j is "'" fng aod weak. A Irnh 'attack IHiKi'E with shill moutb.TnT'tnearly l .
c"lurl,1 PIuuiitiIt45l I' 1".t.Il'.d. il
II'IU Tie MI".r. mono 'lrtllti ''
illtur' bouw) fin IIIHI* uiO c..liln. ou Jutui. nn the luti.wf Ido ol the city. i i. lmi|.ndiu( (f uu rlybt rurup and crupper' .// ItJ74It, IiIe '-1 OA'OTIO.YS" lion, btr (u tuimuiU, S

l'Alell'l (ilaiilatluti wtrs all Jnuroyeil, I. and sev- The CIIOAI.lnnl. al'III.elln.. .a.k"llf're bone. Any one '11'llul hliu lo ii.uhidsrlIiglied .%{I'.ut. H'.JHI I and: lurx.i, L..I. V .. .' ,<
1.11 ,'rins A liurtioii f.1( the I men Is. will b litwrall) rewarded.ROB'T An \\tuM\UJt\ reiiicily lute I .nru* si",| (::nnu airnrls, liii| ",".utjlI" $5 55 I iIihI..s.vrnu
'u nr hniiw anil all W''lltr.L ulV., S. 1'ike's I Il..d romphdiis, of InUTference from th Cum' BCRSETT, CALL AND SEE THEM ruuIsa eo..II"ul Ituuii4lisu, II
III ,1,111.
: Safely.Patt Mit .i' f 41 (0": >;bu. Cfialrw' pUninllonMlllsvail 'Ibu h aUore 1""I.rrI11." ilso for 1jl,
l nero Movki Uowu itaid l tuu colored 'Ir
II"1III"f'l./ kllkxl nml wvi-nl ."II"\' .t uuiulnr lias icslgned frun the I Cumiiiltite' uf I FEVER & AGUE T..L4NA..U, AprlMI [ Virelt t I i.v'Jli' 'Irlll. :K7, -tf Will IP 1> f 'I.I

: w oml bouU ami UaU runt were I Safety .

sunk. Tim IUM will rt.b laJln11 I mind 4..iari&1)uring 1"1'1 nienlnj Favre ask OOIM I'Mluo. And eU.hll'( PUM Strayed or Stolen

l I he an nltcmpt wa mail but itlsiuun.k, liisUli upon ttilct and IlInI.11 I CIIII\I tin turMcrll *
.Wfl j .'i, v-d indrnrssi .u LIVEI.VH.t r.a < oi it ni" I
coolct I'ap. Only I I few got out, amfthry compliance ulih lisp prelluiinury P' t CALL AT A.t. SCOTT'STO ( ) I (, II Mr i"UII''"'. 1"1'1.' u" it. jfit .
wire I IKUO.M Another consultation: occurs on Monday bi.Ul' vl lllUiltl, \ '.'I|I..4 I IIII.i A ,fc..LO.ihiml .:
Ip' ) I I u",' I I" .ifS olo. II lioi.i-' '' .1'4t,, II'.
HIIMI: Ml .'... or ..
1 NE'YOllK. "i' 'In ten 1II.t"K. ulibi.iUi n 'Mii Utmriand '
; ( .. Mttrbrt.KM mT111'1: : .,eUel1. If .IN)"j, "U' IMcluwn jruil" t I'1. I
Nrw YUHK, .M ty 4 -The *taW| SniHTiniiml.' ,," ,", May /) Market active and mo k ; ; Milk, situ I. ill dnoil link-' I tt.' '10",1.' 1 _
lot Ir 1..r"II"'pr..1IIIIhl Knli kcrlx-ker, orTLiini liiut.; b )* RiO.bales. a* followMld- .ow.t 11"lElFLnU A '11.1, ri wiird will liuiflf'ii i
Life ) hl. n\1 all lejriUnmlorUinu dllng, ( PI* middling, IS j dinary."i.: BROWN WINDSOR SOAP I 11"/lI" h' "sill' 'I' "" "" Ib JI' 11I'' '1 tujh
.1 tiv (iouM ,TolunUnly i (iirrpndervil, Al'dl' ,'1 .it. ," 'IfI'A't.\I\I' ,

and .the |hssika| mmlred)were 1'luc.l.bhlol.I h.1 Nfcw ViiKfc baits, JIa> 0' Market, cluwtl. I r,, "

bap| : .
; roNXKCTICff: umI.Tln.: J '| : I:.jo' IISOMI aar.lsk.-'ir. 'IIE h" "" i-Lip' I.elu", wUUlllt 'iHtHvUllillibet -
1titlTyliK1i, May -The 'l) "t t4lr.ttlt/ I. i Ito I..e u ciiunecteil( In busS)
.1.IMtr I I. 1"'I A joint tlo l.ul.tllleIxirutu.i.e .r".&. all lbs "property w* "iwi, '; In tLi ,world tbat Which Magnolia Balm nets is ihvry '.."Io K..'ifn liil Lnnibiir ))1'

. 'lc'l. 10" llmllN.'! May ] "a' i ia '1.1,1' 'me itrnttsi If u ""a, iwn bd. But .h..h.l.l ilils ;iliv 1 dualiSt 4 l>) mutual euoet.I .
PVWIT II 10,1 |'' pnp was -J..lioT" I'JMI I.abnu \ | ofllO.MKSTIC I ) I DUV JJOOIlS I tttnl I I'.DOTS t mul MIOKS I I aill, be ,,uuitl."Iml
uplKiliiitd' tu iuvitilgatp urrors In .lId lair for and tee ..1. 140,1 fc (lu babk, *u) I nm r"N'lv1e".1 III'I"J I lit busini'n 41 I ILu \1"11111 A

lit l iciJ'iwn'Jourmd' Ut Wl-m.la f'lnfl., "Io io'II.I 111..1111. c.k..clear 1 ru 1>"1.I at 949tI II.IUK tui' I..M..I.-I Ill| | iiiaii tb< lUti.glli. /E.TJ1'IXI t ; TIIK I COMI'I.KXIONI: I IYtisZsM < {)(?KIUKS: 'd' nil kiriilit. uticli m Flmtr, S) rill'j TWMI, Sail MM), SOHJI, I t I.) I'IUKIUI."t.\, "KMii't 1111.! .", who-1.01 b.. I"r"hao", cbuiueIi. tIi.
thu result ill tlw nn."y" '. 10'.1 I car lual clear and sbooldcrs, T|<' 'lor Iu.hiuhihirs i >lz
anti 1tt| for clear rIb .le aidlOcuk( j '. lUo MUo: s mlfnii-r' the nrrrou Intslld ) CANNKII: "HI'n S mi.l 1'1':111:1'. \'f) I.. j -uuuu to pay JiiJ du>ehark' ,ill inItbt.iliirsidue -
1'.uII Ma) S.TkfK I'ommuulst battnllonsiplurr and wit on "r.l.n include b 1.1 tierce pugir.euresl | >", ..., an4 'I.ply. Tobacco .all 'I Brother, .uil u akiu kimuid$ (u eli. itI J
dyspepsia. debilityan urac1es ctollriJIen
enie tisialto( Ibe Couiiuuaa Bolilbt has. !, lot* art held at le I per B> uMe l l. Lr'I.' renof*hl "I.TARRANT'S SaJilli-ii, 1141 k liamln: I II:linen, 'I'rll""", 1'1",, 1'low r.lIl'S, f.V.\I.II1AnH\r AVhllYi: ,

I timii arrwicd on a chtnre Ode4isllIg i '| HIP ('urnrannt quiet wIth tales nl I n llertts 111t@lt \ SELTZER APERIENT & FRECKLE LOTION A Miovclx S |Ii| Iron aul SLIM/ auil nil kinjn orPLJUVTMTIOJV TollakaMva U :ft ... ,
in rg'r>l t *tor. la tb. ilii|* wider! lila |n>rk b quiet it $1 ltfltj.30( u !IR'lWnf .if, |1.a.ll.'II, ir April I HT1. > il

-.. I. .pl I.I. II rSUfavlutes lbs stoiuub, t
Qllnd... /\ 11.iy :-li i I. 11.11111 Vases 1'Ji, itlmaoofUi HftfertotU flphiniI II! tptte| ilfsn.t IbIS bun let, rnu- Jfot/t, FnclU it- 1im SOW PLIES Hubs Spokes, Rims, I

tu (on. t'nok/ir\ WOfUn'| 0 the I Ilierman I rnenuxl by the Vrtnil reI' which thlnil I._lIas. ,.1 \..,, .D 4a.I.d."tnt Shafts Poies Carriage Bolts &c.. I,

ti'JIh. If the \.lil. thtitl I* ( luld loit rwtlTwl sad for sale> M lbs l>.uu tf .. of ,
&lle. I I will sell|| .t 11111) VKHV F.OVKST ('KICKS: Foil 'ASH.
UUed U) 1 by Monday 1\) .. I IwotUil borne a pretty fsa' IruOI.pl 1IIIa BOLD *14. IIRl'tmna ripWhkb' .: At U. 4. H.l.eVM. (

wi'er on Tuwday I" ,t. 'T' ,vt."Qn lr\o. Kit '. 4J l< ,0 I.IEI1': I.u' 11, "fi l (July' '.1'1111 Felt II Putiiy'i Old "laud f

._ h_ _ _. p
1r--- '-- '
', I
-4 0. __ u -_ .
-- .

*<-* ]



\ .

_... .
_- -- "" "".". : I- - .- _. ._u_ _____ --. -- --- --------- .--- -- -- ---

\ .Well I'm sure I do. What I spend for Special Notices, Savannah Advertisements Miscellaneous,

c! !rhJD! larib tn. tho p things i is n mere 10lhinc.!:"I"-R Mselaeou_. =- -
!! mero nothing, I 11. ure jon.1 --!

r -. "" no ._- Without rrpljlng, Mr*. ) ro-,
HOLE I 1.lI'j rOC' .T. went to thp secretary find her B. C. Lewis & Son, ,

.. ('hllrII'Y." li.1 lit K' \ra.| iHnlbrtli. writing dek. From it she took a thick I ftop WHOLESALE AND RETAIL
| n* roll of and brought them to I MERCHANT\ TAILOll\
___) 'lie? -!ii )lii'uMi'. iMr "i-ory |>nrlor lire one Clinrlen."TlirwJ".mAlllpl : ,

./ t ,'UiIlJr. "I "-aiij to do 7 lutli- !JlI'I.illgI nid shii I I found ad these : BANKERS SADDLERY WAREHOUSE
t'nn'P HAS .rlf s.w'll:"
/ .ton nin liAVt 'inic j just where you happened to drop them- I assortment ofFRENCH
nullify ? Florida Wtilf akrr and lie .. ...,
washstand Tallahassee ;
.' on the hoot, under the grate on : : : ,, .. "
Why 3't., m4/ dear, I RIIC'1 S 1 cwi, wM1 and e\'l'rywt're-nnd & ENGLISH

\1 1 r. I ':IIII'ortb,at0\\ly Drawing: out 1 his nockviliithlt they nnywlierc me that in a little over font Lair \ 10:1::: IU'IO.-J \VILL LOAN MONET9, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA.

alovmuch Jo1 J joti) t want?' month lel mere nothing'. )lnw cost you four war 'HI -.- CLOTHS, CASSIMEKKS.

I rnnfonh', JtW Ttinc'n can you cpafc*" i'Tok for your P A I Ii'.K1 L J, 1C IIPERRY ItRLI."D AT RECEIVE DEPOSIT, SADDLES HARNESS, BRIDLES, COLLAR. -A -

Miiilini Ae. The 10VESTXNGS
self. BUT; SELL EXCHANGE, .e. andel/nell )
Well), I 'Uiink, I can Jo tn-tHtv well\ fur" Charles took the paper without a word, iU.rr.CYI'lln I .peHullllrorm biB Forid. ad th. public

: you to-night. Will twcnffive' '. dollars: nnnwcrt" spread them out before him, and slowly DAVIS & SON COIN STOCKS, BOXD8, len..11.and Whltaker. 8lret.vAeDb.I store on the, Ua.corner. and ,

looked one bj one. /, tht llrtl : bason hand large .el .I"eled ..C of Which be I Is prepared to fluke lo order In the 1 itr-i.
over J-'ianly .ViiltfineoftMt Agrnnil irhy AND OTHER SECURITIES
.. i iflwulit
YOT ) tem. i Tallahassee Florida Saddles. Whips best and
replied thu most r.uhloDablo '
IStly cheerfully. Upon Jlrn. Cla. Rohe. style and ot moderaliprices. '
When ho ha rolled thorn up I'/'i nl tp ii'iir *tt h.,"I t Hone Ac., Sntlsfiictlon
BlakeB. 8adl. Inb. gnannieed.
\\4 whirh. Mr. Danforth nettled himaclfeasily And Collections In Tallahassee! ind viciatty.t4OflIe.Miaie "e.
1is stain, stuck the roll In hU ]Ilcket' nnd sat Paid m.t city r.peeUuI1Invlled Gentlemen will also Und at his place a haudwiinaisonmenl -
Killer I li the mist certain Cholera .
III chair! fur
\ anl l l I.eltan lading the ,Mlefit for liile, looking into the fire with lt. to call and look through bli of
Mils from his Jiiir c ('ro.* his knee to I a \ that nicillral. scknce hiss ;produced.M. llamk n.lldla r. Agtod.upplyefBeltingonbsnd whlcb
expression, on his be lelli at New York Orders front tbe
n\ery peculiar connie a and Djufnler r"e.
rount them. Presently' he nat ur ami.I Illn.KUn Illrh..a Anj970 1-ly country promptly! lo.Whltaker FURNISHINC COODSREADYMADE

counted the hill again and then lia look p..,I nance."Well nuked Mrs. I smiling remedy, li unequaleo. II seldom II ever ral.. I TIn -- .- --- ---- J. I.: r"R"" ,
H.lrurth. 3d. I'uln Killer
will cure Crnnipi or In ant -ISO-
about him with a perplexed air.MVh 1111. and Bryan ft", Savannah, Go.
.have yon f"nnt the hole in yonr pocket V han of the .r Y. .S"lIio. he laid "I thoui(lit I Chance got up from hii scat, deliberately cure CLOTHING

had more money than I have. I surely walked over to riallie's chair, and stooping 4tb. I'aln Kllltr alit cure l<)spcpila, and 1.liKe.;

did hare mnrt wh"n'l I tinted the store to down, kin
night." "There., f-allio/rrt'tl he, "if you wil nth Pain Klllrr Is an IIII" ni-vet falling('cite for Oldest Paper in the State I IIn Home Insurance Oct. 19,'89 .
How much, have ? .ki>d Company. 1
now a Ga
yon never' say \orrJ about I fuilden CoM, Cough"', t.
anoh"r Savannah Ga.
tl1 wi
Thnforth'with a "lljjht dinngo In thnrheorful get yon the, llue t uruncnt caf 1h. I'aln.Killer him provrd, Itself a Hoverelg ,
accent of her'vo ru. Ittm'ily for J'nrr and Agne, anil Chill Fever I II I
And will mend the hole in ;
you } Proprietor. ALL.
Home Insurance N Y.Underwriters' ,
dollartaltopethcr. his d DIP .
.WhY.'f only got twenty-five | ,('kt?" asked Sallie roguishly. run mint oliHinutirama Company, ,

.YP, I'll promise that-)01fl't, lk.lamiy Till "I'.un Kilhr ns ., llnlnifiil l Ir uneqiiuli-il.' KoFrorrilltrsC'hilliluin -.- nO.Ut) 1'KU DAY *3.oo. -0-
AnsI how Hindi did jon think you ',BimiiiIlrulsmCulsVijriiInil, .
more holes "-allic, that. rin't (
hal, r' )01 'I ,\C..I" l'hy.Iflllan do more than It. of New York TO
with a neeil'e' amid thread. : I HOW A LITTLE PAINT
8th. I'aln Killer has of ---
I I for I rcraemW I/
thought thirty
11.1 Now reader, hunt for the moral nail eureo .c IU'umaU.r
putting) it in my ]>ockot-1mok. Where heaven and Tdnirilgta ale tears Hindlng.tli. I SJSSt.RIS lo.IUIIII. I r t. lOatVtVK. \I' OEO. W. SCOTT WU MARK: or.1! ThINGS LOOK M\\:
c / extja five have gone mny f..Ilto quest.Thr J'.ln.Kller.1 dwlrny Bolls, Felons, Whl nrl"rlo .1 10 inaks It t'r respect' I OIN HOUSES AND COTTON IN ,

.. "Pertisrm! unt-nt some on the --- ions, ) Burn and 1".1.Joints, ghing rclle very low rates. Also Insures all otber.Irel" KIKKSEY, JOIIXSOX & SCOTT, -
you way from Puin after ( of property at current rate
Kai'Klas Hill.Miiny
home?" oWrred! Mr Danforth. L aVIlk.loa.Ilh. .'i.0, Ktllfi/' Korlt, D'I!i., Suwmnali, da., T) *I>'I'M OF ALL COLORS MIXED REAtIV
No that il. not much, only triflo. I or tile puMlcim, Journrils of I lie Nortl Petit euro Ir.d ,li f,Tnollin lie, lid A RELIABLE JOURNAL, :.OFrrl it STATE 8.u Brit.mKO.JEi Factors & Gen. Commission Merchants. L for con, and ,put up In AIH-TIOIIT CAXS, In sirenlo
Willis: and I Parker in street I And Vicct ronrlemn tills bill. I fere Ncuriilglc 1.111 In laY port of the bud}. suit customers, and at Irle.so low that sty
; Eighth unlll"ll..ly
let Ilth. 1'111 Kicr.1 >uviou du>s of Clrlobi-r4' l INTO. ( 9'TO. 1-1; "ll/'E are prepared to advance liberally on Cotton body can afford to do a little PAINTING.
antI we droppei) into lirookft and took adish the New York KteianyW,mining Hepulilirunpaper and many "it Dollar In limn and HiKtor'a Hills..Ieloe. Woslmll no pains or reasonable fjptnse \ IAul. V\ and I Produce consigned to our e.rc. and also U. \. 1.1.1.AI'rll .
para on to oar correspondent In New
oj stern. 12th. I'.iln Klllrr i Is a purely Vigi'inhle" ( eoooll'l'nl ID IfLIPPMAN'S IS !17 l'urdy'eOiulBt.ind
"Aud a cigar or two." stiggpstpil Mri. new TOUT: tIcoNMTln.TJ"NAI. I.KIilSLATIOIlTlie tlnn, safrto ki-ipaud l tu use In ev,ry fimll I.re"ar.) The to give Hit Stationery, Magazines, &c. [ 'Ul 'TU : h_ __ ___ __

Danforth. ) IVnidi'nt, having, slKtiml the Kuree Hill slmplU'lly altftidlng' Its use, together with the great

.. Oh, of course; but that was nothing; lie I hole sulilGCl of IRliol"1 !Hlc., li'KlKlnticnienters variety diseases that miy bu entirely erol.alr! LATEST NEWS JAMES. [ ,T YO K U 1.
Hie fltlilnf "Ii'Kitl "" We ventercluy -- --
you know. < 1' > b, It. aid the gnat amount nf ,him and, .ulrerlnr
pulillshi'd tlie full, ,iiml advise! nil ill!
.And a class of wine to wash the oyiw Aclil 111 cal be nlli-vlutvd Ihroug'i, lit use, make I Inpcntlvc BOOKBINDERAND
t ln.ho wIsh U> uniluntUiiil Ilio history of Ihu
toni down?" suggested Mrs. Danforth. times, nUl to take an, Intelligent: par in politics, n"nn every person: to 'upplj IhemAt.f.. 8. L. TIBBITS GREAT GERMAN BITTERS, -
Well, yen, a glass or two. But that toriumino It cnnTiilly fu 1111.VC. It will hr with this valu.ihlr: remedy nnd to keep sissy By Telegraph & Mail I .

didn't. coot five dollars you know?" seen Unit It dl.rly1"llte8, 1\'etl
Now Mrs. Danforth did not know, and vwiuns of Constitution, t aid that,a mil nlo The' I'ALN KIL.II; 1"0' known and apjirecla TPADE M48 .
t tlirenleulij Il. i violates( the s4rlt| of tha n. led In every quarter of this Olot,,. IlAS FINEST STOCK IN TOWN OF -- -
fllie did have her but like wind l'b.ld.l. TiE
IMI.icoIR, a stilutlim its letter,nNmtrlng 'In clinn ofundamentally Also Reports| of Lending RULED TO ANY PATTERN. JOCK-
little wife, she kcjit, liJelt. and let Mr!. Iln theory on \hkIi cult s)BII'I .reCllm"I,1 II In their pmi'tlrc blle! iiiiius. o French Initial Paper Envelopes IJAPEU Ledger, Cash Jook Day Books, ald10ekelB
Charles go on. of government Is constructed, and therefore ilv- .H'ley have r""Illn It rcll'rund 'olrorl.CVE mad to order.. Honks and :0.-

.Where could the have: got hii.1). mandlna reversal 01 the gnTcriimciit on which IT A TIUAL! and Markets I and every drsr-rlptlon! of Vit In any tyhe.I'articuiar.ttientiongiventortpusirlng
inonoy Iliesuipreme law liltliertu, sninnfurccd. Don't h or to bay the America Foreign rlllOlrl.bAlholA.
7 I 'hail. and 11'llal'rpl'lc daulod Indueee lon) .
away Im sure it 1''t ran I this bill I Is 11' CIII,1, Mlll'* wnrthhtas by unprincipled into %Writing. Taper, Wedding Car.II,Portfolios,
Rak"ol'ver \tmeket in \' Imvo .ufl'rd. hy the Hdnpilim, ( n'c"nllll'nl., traveling through: the country. ork.hoxel Writing DuBki, Morocco ttfllre In Ilio "I'lorhllun" lliill .1'crhapn,tlioro there in-" nn : n revolution, nut le,sroinplcto 1'ortc-monrmipn Feb. 23,1 c W. 30
illo'lhap"| Conllllllol. 11" sure and buy I Ibe genuine. Every UruggUi, Tlicreliy keeping our rATnosn posted on every Fancy Inks and

eagerly cried Clurlel. ,beginning to tnrn tiii and IOmIUI""A tin Hum wits wrought itself.hy and nearly everCountry Store Keeper and (irocur point ot' Interest to 'this Section of, Country.POLITICALLY Ink Bottles, Kulera.and largo t -

Ilia pocket wrong Mild 'out. Yen junlns .orlnlildoplolof in C'"llllol nHSiunplmn by IbrolfIIUllhe I I"HI. keep It for sale. assortment of Pencils. Special Notice.

I in a hole, and, that bill 'r: '. '
epocled-II'ro the Federal Government of thai tniinielpiil isv.iruigatywbich ) I XATI M.
Also, nil the New Tork
iniiHt have dipped out of my pocket ami waist flint nwrved t tn the blatt, -- together with lalonii Weekly MagazInes and Papers MoutthINov.l70 Ties undersigned hereby rCII'.ellly.nl"ul"' "

gotllere. Look, Sale, I shall have to't( | amid has. IlwaYI.be'l jealously gl"do:: br a them knoHB Ln..(act.'.that(iHLAT theUurman"iKUUAl Physlclnni BlTTIHI.-have ItlsaHe alway'U! -.- le.. al ( 18 -THE- to crnlly bis the,IrlenoB has and beL'lco e'lome"important to Introduce. .-
to new it -- --- Into management of bIB
you np. It cannpt bo disgulteil Hint the pawmgc of this made It/study how to control disease In the moSt I II PUREST the risn 1'RinciPI.S, thai hymn eloduet no longer .n.rd 10.lue.
Sallio obClonl'loo\ed, and could linnK Mil, makes I crisis In history nf tliu imlion I speedy manner, cued It Is to this, that the world I t White Lead Oils Varnishes, MEDIA CORDI sell his goods lo any one under any circumstances,
ly rent RIW Chnrlt8witl| a crisis I hli-ti ralln (lor .nil tutu \Isdoni of I go-lit' Indebted, for the the happy" comhlnJ on even Ibo shortest time He therefore hopes' tint
surh an innocent face, hold pockelin people In meet it propnrly. In any other' onnolrythiui dl.ovuyor. Turpentine Colors & BrushesOf OF THE AGE.ti7Llppnmn' from and after the first day January, 1N71, no out
doe that a4tdirectly ,
it would to produce Ihewgreui Bil. Tliry ) will ctpect credit, or he offended at a refusal In fill
our own
,' whiuli indeed there was a hole Lilt nexceedingly < Imperialism or hl'vluhlylc. Is I craitralliHl on the dl.e.d orK"IA. and by ..lrN'llb'Q.III ALL KINDS I orders uOlt.od.d with Ibo looey.
that I aud 1 his demands
a one by no of to own
mal mnll n loag liibltunutd lo frBedom aDd blmoel credlorl
pooplo ale InvilorllIn.I..d w.ukrnln/
Window Glass &c. an Indexible to this alter the
!. nor of means a five cent ncrip ( to r''I"1| t for law Ihiit ruh."could ho found to a hr CIO heri-l*. Putty, (treat Uermin Bitten itrengthcn above date It will be rigidly enforced wltbciuliiny

made its way through, much loon a large hold Hticli powers' cY'I'hr, a week, witlioutdauKer lore the cure Is most speedy and' .lr'. Therefore. The Fix>aiDU* rill ilvocnle, the conitltutlonnlrlghu CHEAPER than ever before told In this market Ibo debilitated.I.'Lippman' discrimination as to persons.
l. lo 111'rly. In other nations, vtlth smith n tn'II(I (icrinan htittira.CONSUMPTION. At U. A. I"....'" Great Herman Bitters T. P. T.'Tnr

bi.I don't Hoe how it could get through grunt nf ( \I'r.tills, a strong reculvolul, tryl.III'mon' nod tdol n the whole Ai the people unrest, antI unit,1 Fob 14 Purdy'i. Old Stand. eonBUmpUY.r .lrllbenB.Ibe :-uv. JK, '70. 18GUANO) .
strike for absolute spicily
sovereignly ( -- -
--' ---- --- -- '--- Grent German cure*
Llppman'a Kldl'1Cumplalnl.
110 ml.r.
such \small hole, she could not hell Haying wUlhl'II| kl)' bo led by ambition*udvliMira toil <| t method securing these all-iuixirtiuit|

._ the sntne. I llerewonrasnfrimlnst' mich,, ndnngiT. Its Cure and Its Preventive! llkC1 it will suiiport the DEMOCRATICI'KINtmiler NEW REPAIRING SHOP I II (9*Ltppman'i' Great German Illrtl'lre Feni.tle !

Rut it must, von neo, hevuusu there Thu I'reslduiit wlmlcvcr' mistiikis in..ltt.IIIMhll. BY DR. J. SCHENCK M D. em1 Complaint.
I wan no oilier '' Charles luglI bo may have Hindu,in an homiest prttriot; CIPLES which alone cuot the country tie fy Llppman'a Circuit German an old German I
I way argued uIII"II.urplltol which (letieral (!rnnt Is lice restored to peace, quiet, and Its former Agricultural Tonic. Iler. AT REDUCED PRICES !
cally. I Im sorry Sallie, for I dotlre and \ ANY a biiHian for whole' F TOU WANT VOfU .
.coara plr even S t'kle. .beh'lhll'.oed a..y. /Ul Commercial Pronpfrllj. tLtppmsn's Great German Bitten the moot delightful
IInllllVO you 01'Wltl tlftcen ilnl- eorrupt nmu In his plnco wouldm too pmdl'tt Jt 1 di atb there 0111 relol than the Wagons Carriages or Harness Repaired and In the world.ppmnn't .
k-i-t of and el.eUve
"' j I r
\ time. I'm have: a tens nllenipt The Imblt of has destroyed klO.1 Ildl'I'Uhlly I'ru"el IH1' "
IrrR il rree.lol cure .. near al.1 family and frl. -GO TO- ; Great German Ilrr. enrei never
to pay a tax bill in the moruing. Ctin't alul/our people the material of which slaves are sleeping, the drranilr slumber into which, hdthey f well" people
you get along with fifteen 7" lr and nil middon seizure of absolute calmly adopted 0 F. AVERY'S NEW SHOP IT an'a Great Germnii Bitten gives; an ap Phoenix Guano,
I In to be feared lioro. ,
|I"w'r hr. Joseph II. Nrhnnrk'n Nlmp4. petite.
I mURt liuppoBO, 81 Mrs. Danrorl.. The (also step' nmst I be 1'lf,1 TII\ set: must .I..n....I, -.- Oppoklle ih. Kicttunge Corner. 5P Llnpman'a! Or'a Gcrinan, Bitten cures LiferComplaint. Wilcox, Gibbs & Co.'s Manipulated -

with iipti."Well ; ho disowned by the nMlol. It Is with reliiouitrance and availed Ihvniiclvea of his wondenful elllcaelosinedklnca Tur.4."U. Feb 14, 1W1. OS-I; Guano
tlint'n Herotlied that patriotic citizens will hear the --.- --- -- .*
a good girl they would not have fallen.Dr. {3f Llppman't Great German Bitten gives tuuc to ,
I'm to give find if eihorlnllon already uttered some qiiurtcr 'Inmwt Schunek .In his own case proved. Ins dIgestIve orpinn.
1 I 5 Imiln't sorry been fur tluit you anfortnnnte, hole I 1 I by violence nnd disoider.' The Constltii- wherever ..11"'lt1111 rOlall., hit tltullnhy '. Dr: John S. Bond f-fT Llppuian'a. Great Gernun: Butters. gtrikct ut the Guano, Salt & Plaster Compound, t
thi, huh IIIIH been ocilmiiud by tills II.Udll.u.1 dl".lol' liir IIll nun.10 root of
I my should have Imd: more." hill, provtdci the minus' fir ra.lal "Iuh| k'n.dlllo THE LARGE conllnuo the pnuitlco of Medicine In Tal- dl.eOo ALWAYS ON HAND AND FOR SALE In mnn
"Jokot.'ol it mUHt have been tlio On t thin Unit lest inch i.OWI before In this statement' there Is lolll""ll"m'u.d.,, WILL' and vicinity. Office at his residence, ly Lllpman'. Great German Bitters gIve energy. stilt, rrOI :) n*. and ul.ord..1
t'RHI" 111 brought To the, fulth or the ins alit I Is In rear of tbo old Post Olllce. Great German Bitten Ner- SAVANNAH expense only ...Ide".
hole in your pocket" ,lid Mrs. Dmilorib: ( Ilia Hupremo Court, of tlio Lulled Hlalrj, U that Is not a ttousnnd 111.snhitnntlaled by lUlag Nov. I:), 1J.) 19 l- uu.oe. Peruvian Guano, Dissolved Bone Sand (
will doubtless be found, and dot hired nuyw and visible works. of the 11"1'1.
,11 theory Dr.Schuuuek's
bho The I 1la cure hv AlD |Agricultural Agricultural IIIVI'I
arose Great German Blllen I.IL. III
auny. tLhppnuan's purlOe.lbBluod.
I put money bltli fanaticism: will heed that .
Congress eiuinotnlHillnh rnediclnes as III. dered when .
emphasis in f her itilco, cansbd. liar Ilio States and Constitution.Kven Its ..1111. Is II) A.. J..rr.KLIK.... (IEO. P. BAIKr.Attorney ) Ally 1.1.
!peculiar repI'ullhe phllosonhv rninlrra I .. ....... one mllo North of Fla., to
to leok cunoiihly lip to her, but, : should It lie lmMuMihlo| to obtain such uJudgment iiMiirlng Bol'e"vl"cl/ PEELER: llt5E", l-0 Llppman'a Great dermau lien, the bent '
.. l 4JIIIIIN A. ( 4).
cnlni fiteo told him before, Ilio next meeting The MOIlnlko 111. are thoUna CirculationFLOKIDIAN Spring
sweet of .
nothing Cul/rl. Increasing at ,
til 4 will. two weapons'with \bleb t the of the I.a\ Llppman'a Great German Bitten rcKUlatra the Fcb 14, 25-tf
yet tin) set (Ti) then liuvo been" I. 7
hI speedily( forgot the 1011 she Imd jl.t'URO. the people; nnd{ puhlU) opinion,, will deumnd. tiniN'riillvelv malady U assailed. Two-iblrds or the ..of consumption TALLAHASSEE FLA. ..bowoli.tST" .
orlglnato In dyspepsia sal a funetlonnDytllsordured
ATTENTION GIVEN BUSINESS Lliipmnn'a Great German Ultiert etches the
lieU It be removed from thu NUiluloiHKik. PROMPT
Mrs. Dun forth tastefully dressed l fur Ivor With thin 'undiluliho bronchial. Supreme and ClreuuitCourtciollbe ILle. Torpid Liter. 1'ltllst: oi' TIIK
fly such ".
means only : under tubes
lucy respond and In the U. S. Circuit and District
CIIIMlrltlm. .10Ia'h. IITIE Courts
the htroct, panned, through the hall next the forms ol lnw, be met wOIII)' to)IJllhl.11 the IYer. flora Northern Dialrkt of Florida. lLlppman's Great Gerumu Bitten, best I'bjnl- MASON & II AM LIN
of Ihu nation anti llhp menuo, we an then culminating result, and claD recommend.
she picked a tiny bit of whitu eUlulhe .ell"a on lint floor State Bank
up tUIc
Iuming. lira *ilwtiitu|' ; to the t'I.1 in, al I. dlolreooh/, nyinploina, of Ilreb 7t 8a-tf fST Llppman'a Great Uerumu Bitten will gin( CABINET ORGANS.
layer, which looked utt thou h, it might Youthful Vigor.
>ll hun. -- -
I have fallen from her husband a Docket the --- The Mainlrski '| of of Nature's t-if Llmuuau'a' Great Germiin Bitter cures DoNTLIppmau'a -
night before. I appeared, to no a little 1..I.n our "'"01,1. I IIhl'ol1.11 l'I..r c"I".od 1"1111.-one "I DAVID S, WALKER, b Uty.

4 memorandum ,If that Thin 'they I'o"hlll Great German Bitten, tlOUOforabetter I AVING VASTLY INCREASED their fl lilt!.
something ( Hml, pnrngrapli' taken fioiii the MoAo ..r.llli. ATTORNEY AT LAW
IIluwll1 properties' of calomel, hut e.lul", they MliouM commend it lo ,ami Ilh.n as the remedy. fur manufacture, the
and smoothing out its clll"leil foldi, : rHo \ \ 1 !; ixprcwca the scntiinaiit nf every .,..rV>.m. Hllnjt ulike llelilnd.. TALLAIUSSEE, FLOHIIU. fjr Llppman'a Great German Bitten, the f"vorlte. Mason & Hamlin Organ Company

Danforth read it: honont, IrIO.II'llrled mim at the Sulll0 endorse The work i>f I.roiB nnw brglniilng., Tb,;vitiated 'C- of Uermany. .

C., II. lianfurth, I with all our huiirt. I U the urlh will only and mucous 'deposits In thu bowels and In theIlmellry BEST ADVERTISING AGENCY \ ILL PRACTICE) In the Supreme and Circuit 19*Llppman'a Chills and Greut Fever.tjjTLIppinan't .Gcrnmn Bitten prevents Aro now enabled to which offer are their the welt-known Orinii>,

J.\ To Brooks & Co. Ur: lalicue It, It will Ice saved from many)' nn error canal are ejected.) 'Ihu liver hike a >V Courts of tbu State, and In the U. S. Circuit
I .olnd up I It arouses from its torpidity sod District Courts lor the Northern District of Great German Bitten met ath Ai'KM: >WIiiMJKI: : NTA II A Iii)
1 ( } oysters, self nnd, friends, t 00 .If there ls any mim, clliuo'| or nnwspapur Iu llui, olullI'h hIts pnislvely"'( and the patient bu, Florida. Office on the second Boor of the lee everywhere.CaKLOTTiTii.Li. 01' lIt'El.LE'Eatuuoug : :
cigars, 00 the North l\uleul) or i Democratic, (that wishet gins Iu (.ellbll he U getting, at l hIt.t That' they run poksibly employ. House.Fub.. 'oo"e Instruments class,at .
"wmp, 2 o the people &llh t conuucad, theniHulvesIn hiiipply l nl GOod Illood.Tho 1, 1870. 2ly. work. They orb.lowest pric. oflferiur,
tlio liver nl'Il) poner on enrth, by eating Si-unoiMl Tonic, In conjunction) wll the Pills V.., May, 1170.Mc Uerforo. print to all, prCN., ,
their \I\u.I RI.lnfI| /II for their t"1 tilts, l'tlo.l.and aosimllatt's with Ibo Cb>llllca- ".''.'EI. J. lOl'GLAN. .rt. Jacob Llppman Bro. : .: r.lo111
Total, 13 00( or by maligning, uirwui| > their own lion I Is now progressing without II. ,previous tortures Wmr Orlaif .
Mpllll at Law. t'*>
1 Ueceivod) 'ment who longht wilh (them Ihl'yIIfhl "Digestion, hu'm"hIO' and thu cure Is Attorney, (Yodfrnuecihterohi! Certify that I have examined, .
1 I.nlh.. IV
pnj / PRACTICE IS TIlE ASD SU- and need In LIPPMAN'S GREAT Ti Son. D115JN"
practice GERMAN
as well up their( ,lucia'\ at Unit seen to ho lit 11111. Ti *' i Is no nninjthitulcnre.nooui'crhatlun -. WILL CICLIT my funvd ami
lirookd it Co. Ilko I 111'1' tc thu appetllo sets In. Court of the Stale Federal BITTEHS. I regard them u an admirable JI.II/o"Ura. 11" 7""JI.
not to sneak Into HID Hiinshlnv uf 1111 Al l iou( l
Little Mm. Dnnforth's Pretty faoo worea such hivor bv 1"11, any sin h 1"11 and bin-k-door in. Now colons the greatest Iluod .Portlier, ever }ctkflven Court. lOire n.Iu Nov.tbe Maine, 69.Bank It)Uuldlng. Ionic and .PI'eller. J. W. PUISDKXTIR, M. D.MAIIW'I The Im". l.Jtitil, tlA fun .S11i.. 'U'turty >
curious she with the by an Indulgent II .11'rlnUI TULAln : Ulr tip to... lOnil.
variety expressions as put Ilf'lll.I"firen',1 l'IIIIIHI1'; ichcnik'a Pulnionlo (>rup Itsfupcttiul -- -
cUII..11 8. C., June 8,1S70.Meatn. .
and, lieu hut tciruiii' of BLcr. -
the in f'lfhlll'I lel; I and to tho cure. It
"lulo"paler pume Ilrl' agnlnst ns, we surrendered like men. enters once iip.in \urk.'m"I'lo cannot be BOLLING BAR, Llppman & Bro. : All In solid Black Walnut. All the Organs undo
she to herself, I thinkI I Hut never" entered into tin mind of mini or'iSliflullil chtMti'd n U collucts and rl".lolho Impaired, ,' unit! Terms of Subscription : Incloied please line money for one caae of your b'lblB Company .thoroughly lint cluii In every
hare discovered, the hole in Charles' pock In lie Ilulh. Unit through this (hunter diHcasud portions of the lungs. Illh. rl.1 of gmherliiKS ATTORNEY W, German Bitten. Persons .Uo have bought them respect. 'Ihey will not iirnka Ibo so called cheap
the ". It them for lo!I from me having been greatly benefited by (tains at any prlcu The comparative superiority
lunch Its We
et. ofldslory H"lth : r"'luIIIII. .10 . TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. cxpreu
I Helots ) from.1 18Iho"l. thu I hut U cry P"I"I, I Iholllaly | the 011)'elr. .. .. .... fl: 0 their UKe Yonra, &c., of(huh II"rumeol.l.now greater than ever he.r.,
She drew another little sigh, and' thin were whips not nf scotirge but < { 1..1 ,by in the I rul"1 Ihrll".hmlll.II occupied I Is rcnotulud and Six months .. .... .t.. .. 3 0 tST orriri In Court House. -C. R. KITTS.ORA as every competent Judge "bo will carefully eUU'
down about intent IIIIII'n. 1I'I1IM-I'fIIL' t Ibo all the dignity of regained Nov. 1 W. 15-tf Inc and compare' must lcerrrte.1LLUSTflATED .
mid after Ihu ""t\O.\ ther lira vile, 1."e lew.vigor uld, steps 1".lell.11 enjoy') tho manhood or Three month. .. .. ..... .. . 1 0nfullrplul.llvarilbl : < making ]I'OK Clr8 "h'r. mi IIHI II magnanimity and thu wUlllh".llh. ""I E. H TAPSOOTTrATTORNEY -
>n. Llppman t Bro.I
siblo. chivalry an not to 1 lie satisfied with licaUntf their jltrn 1'p itS '.0.'. CASH. CATALOGUES
fties In HIP but Iioc.e, hale Incluted Und t-'iO; lend ui more of Blttera ,
Mm. Danforth said not word of lnrdiscovery dastardly jour
a 1"11 Ih.h. \ The second thing Is, the In AT
stay Iwcuriu LAW ,
111'11' 11.1 they are taking well. with Wood Cult from Photographs of Ibo dllferenlsi
; but she was a sharp little bod}, can Is'iieath only "RIIM'I| of by degrading Unit his tarrion UI'n room until they get cold" 1; Is nlmiwl luinwslhlu | -. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.ly Yours, .\e., F. I W. BHimuiAi it Co. )lea, rulllfnrwllon and lu.el prices; also Ti.s. "
11111..1. 10 prexi'nl' taking lungs are diseased .
and meant to follow it Charley wbolihe bo sent free to any addrussMASON
u. win \
I upiH'tltu I I bo biiulkud hl'I' Is there i but It OU.t boprctentcd" or .cure cannot OrlCI In BIII. l.nk. & IIAMLIN ORGAN CO, -
careless fellow, and left hit notes and Imment.orantlumns any \imrly the Mnrth thai thinks thai thr UlaBfrallng I bo clfucicd. trcnh air and riding out njiecially' Iu Aug. 11, W. M Order may be addressed to the following Whole-! Ware-rooms, S'.il\ Brondwav, New York.
lying around loose ; and w hen- Hulea will never, IK> lit nssooUtei( Ibr It I this section of tIe ,'un10 the isthu antI wiuitupseason -. tale Agents: Me KESSO.N A ROBBING J |1Nov20! '10
of tois- Iu thin icBlorcd 1 family nf thin I'liicn until Iliclrpiiiplo are all wrongrh)..1.1. who ruconuueinl 01 "ullnl Or'el. New York -AI.rll -- ..\-111
she ) of them
ever foul any inde.I the mean hpiritud, ; that course hose their I'.U, their lungs are M. S. ELKIN or to any "'adhll PriifrKlmn Tal"II.ee.nrtotha
them into the fire she I'elli d"gmI'1'1118111H diseased and Tu JACOB I.II'PMAN A KKO.,
Ing carefully sa\d trying liPtimku I .\ ) Inbu I badly yet b..all they are Ihu No Choir Should be Without It !
them and luid them for future refer \ Ih"I' I I home they must lut alt do.0 'III'I-Ihey must Savannah, (io.LIPPMAN'SJPYRAFUOl .
away hMH'III'8 i mid hii and thu lugrntea 11'li'ro' room aa much as tie
(11't. )In the space of three or four moulds we ore tl keep pollilcul company with thiNorth I,. .ll'.ullb..I lo gel np a good&11 .circulation r.1 nfblood. AUC'tON Ef

t'((' she pile became of these almost little alarmed, she to hud see accumulated. \hat a. kocpniir F eompany 1 thin lustier Popular U, >or''1 unpopular are not lit wewill 10 determined. pIOIt,must,' keep Ibis I has In, good a grval splrlls IL'Illo-bo THE JOB OFFICE. TALLAHASSEE, I THE AMERlSjUNE\ BOOK

papers amid and Is Die ..
imml n-s'.u-uiee memory do wIt ii tile al'l'oIIO.' grout point -. -
The hole was a great deal 111..rIhln R: l.ee, ; nf our \ HI..r 1 To despair. elro after such ctldence of its 111. THIRD EDITION READY.
IIII.lnr Ih"f'C ANKFL'L for be
Inl.th and moral' ,', past a con1 Great Chill and Fever I
she hud imuginud ; but she stud nut I dead \1'\llnl turn our 11,18 IIH'1, Jtller- sltilllly Illbo. orso ases 'rllln1lll. tluuallou of the patronogeJ[ uno 7, '70 44 Expeller -
word on the subject. suit I Dis Ir Ilr Ollr 1"llh'r h...llh'rNIllh all edicts' .1111. Ir. thbUI.k'l 1'.non.lol.I. I 1'1'11\' complete out fit, we arv prepared lo ,ilu .- -.- A COLLECTION OF ALL THE WIDELY Pol'
to the } cure t
'Iell ..u ..111110 uRic Church and I'leifwblcb
If we cannot rwinninend' nnrsrlvea to 1"I ) Tlue. Allb.mB. Set
()ne night,only' a few lays liflore Christmas 1M. )you 1"1'.1 words : CHARLES p COOPER ONE DOSE STOPS THE C\LLI I have formed the of oar AnierinnChurch
nf tlie North, wu c ( ut it-t In our roundolOI
111'11 I'n..no III the of consimipliiin ,
Charley returned, from the storevtilh Many ye.111I 11.1 .tl' Music for tbo
\u wll'-respeel < will not rend" onrsilveaand ", )bud and lime IlYlb'oel.u. ALL KINDS OF'Plain. ATTORNEY AT Nina GHAHAUN'I, LE, 8. C, '10, choice pieces selected len.) Teachers JI
a perplexed fiu'e. After was over onr uIiicfs., like w ild IHII., nr trample, on thought that I could not live a week :0. t"O. 1.0 Leaders. .
and the children gone 11111'1 instead of theasli"iinfourdiiid"WABHINU a drowning 1.1 l'h'bh'l' '1 itraws, I i Orrid IN LID*ITU'S BLOCK, Mr. Llppman: I (1 -VI. state per docin. A tpecluien' "0"1" 1
heard of and Ihl.llulllbe whiib I now BAY STREET, JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. Druur8ir-Pieaso end me half dozen bottles of on'
down read chat Sullie sent mall
sitting- to or us -- -- ---- "I by any Iddr., port J
ollur Uu and uiadu 1.110.
public they a .
I perfuct ( of lout lavlulbl.and Infallible The bearer
find :
'lre if
1'a his wont hu took bin pencil ami expense KHHM Jr.sit's"-Thu following UI,. It acMned .mo that could r'ellbelu 1'.1. JroHCYPRINTINC. -- -- .. .. 01( a two Ilrm/o.. cbl and fever, rerelp( price OLIVERWTSOXCO.,
make calculations.Mrs. Irate whole syslem. They soon ripened tie practice In the Circuit Courts of the 4ih and bla whole It boa In a tinKle -
to I 377 H I
began sen tenet) from the nmslcrly |1"1 nf Jiinlua'' mailer ) 1 would WILL faol11. no.r fal.t WaihlnKton II reel. "101 .
my Circuit, Ibo 8tala ttnpmna Court, reapectfully, '
hll'oudl .Ilul'lulr Ib.1 Yoal II. !
Dimforth sat work observant niTSON A ( 0.,
at quietly ought to bv committed to memory by (the h'l'r s ,pint of' mutter icIly uiornlngfor and the I'' 8. District and Circuit Courts fur the \. F. HOIIISHTS. CI.\S. Ill Broadway, New York.
but saying nothing. After u long hue I J'l'iniK'intie party mid In udopled as a 111110. Northern District of }'Iorld. NOT '70 15
i while mid aside bil'a'I' and II L .011.that began lo subside my .ollb. re October, IS We luTenith of 11
Charley : I one the certlOcatea --
pencil the at Ihe head ul( the IVmocrnllu lieu\8"Illl. h'r.I..lu tld night sweats all bignnto u., lune many
drew a long sigh of relief, and hr011 lolo' and my became so for the lloou. "OIL OF LIFE, In our potaeulon : Tax Sale. :
| appetite WI Iball. Manhood Lost How Restored
.11 I I II
the silence : dillleuliy, L'Ull keep" fll HoW MAVOH'iOrrtrE, GMlrl., GA., I! Wakula
ner sulfur 11 Invasion of the political constitution I .IIIIIIIII", r.lh'h. .1.1. I'olullro llesh .February' I I8 f \ In me vested I b) low, I
Sullie I declare I believe wo imiht invent hO""lrl.lln I'ST PU BUBIItO,t utw dlilou J
how em Iho Instance '
mluul limy apxar This la certify that I huts used Prof. II.Kaytuu'a before the Court dourInlbetownofCrawfordtllle
some way to bu more economical." | 10 wlthlli I dolcrmlnod porwu'rnig "I.I .. ,uMiod shortly after luy riu-oru-r3," IJdu -_. f Esa J ji tb Ciivnwiu. rfWni ,* (... I ".Oil of Life" In uiy family, In a ,'1.(' ol Wakulla Iou.e., ., uv

( "I try to do ns well ns I can Charley." (p 010 preccdint create. auotlier.Tiny .- Ilio Doctor, .Ib"1 InoMng like* mere .,' ,' ;. elm) O l-rwiHTOHKilii4 r (,wun at Beuiunl H..auta., involuntary OKuravatcd "Neunilgia In the Face and after Ibregai'ulle.itloni Saturday, the !aLb day of June. 1_71, 'lot dime' and
HHIII iiccmmiliUu 1\-, weluht was uuhiui'tyiri cuu poundi, my present' pernikDcnt relic'?. lane thereon for ILa year 1. the 'lhawing
county '
lu.1 Suwluut Looua 'v .
"I know you do, dear ; )jou're u guud l'ou.ltUlo weight Is two its t' ) IvromiCT. Mental and I Dud ''n '
What )jrslcrday nu t.ict tivday : \..\ hUIllrelh"I.ellj' : 1'11'1. W. M. Cl INK, Mayor. described lands hlnjj titlnu .110
little Sallie and I don't to scold l ut IIIIlrllo. and, ril)"cars I L'IUI"d IbjWa'D.01blhp'd111 to .rll..olc June U, '70 Vt: ly much tbcreofaawlll the ;
Il'DI ; > ampleii 1f.UII.I| tu justify() :hits luucwt dangerous ) has, uIII"'rrul.od helh ishis Fn .Induced AUK. 3 ---- county or so aatlify la"
there is an awful leak iu our expenses here not evictly '- Ir. t"hm"1 sail or aiu4 eVKTunaM.-- ) 4 for the tear Drur.td. to-wii:
II.I.I. lu'.1.. Alit II .11111.101 Ho or his son, I Dr J. t,4q".0 Tbe lands tie II Oliver dute. cuul.inln(13M '
somewhere. I find 1 hav'nt made near so dli'e\l.\ tnphlied/' l )", 115 ussurrdthai 11. tlll'II' Jr. to I'.1.11 at In ronnpctlon with our Job (ifflcf we have a 'tIi.lo a s.sl.4 ""p only I cents. TO HOLDERS OF acres kio". W. (1.) KOBISO.N,
\ author
much this as I ought to, and wo Ih"tI II'N prolecl ui In our oivl rbhugrow *. Nq 14 North' Hub tn..t."b) l au.lrable essay Tax Collector. co.
I I year nut of the ('UII.IIUUuU. and theiiiUst every Saturday,from U A. M to I ,. 1'1.II'hl cleulydnnumstrates front>tiikrtj e.ueeeurn" Dec, 'JO, '70JOtini .
try to stop it, 'ou know fall or llourish with .lo l a tborovgb examluutlon &(its Uoplromcicr, l'uC Ib.t.Lo &.1\1 uoacqueucea of selfabus JOHNS ,

.You think \I. the household C1pQii.$ "K. I-0- enact','cblt.' the 1 he K'ollrolo'o| iiilares. ian rtadl Hie Ruling Machine .it (totcn-i miHlloInt or without the application the dangerous of -- .1. --- Jit (hunt; ('ourLum ("'11,. J"i, iu C"""!

then 7" Raid Mrs. Danforlh.'drjly."Of ""|'K .thy. 01'lIiteira." I I)' learn .b'lbl'r, they are or not. Ibo kulflloU11 oil t node of cure at outs simple 'i /'rtottutr.lut .
course, must be, you know, lor The directions for la "I"t. ..are adaptI'd by means of which every OFFICE OK COMPTROLLER.TALLIUUSII I (be mutter of tbe Estate of A, LASS dec'd
( whore else It be? It ia my own private The Sewirk EKHIIUIW" (Ih'llhllrl.I to the lutelllguucc ."iliibe chid. .'ul"wlbNe sufferer, n mailer what hi. coudltlou nay be may FLA., January 81, 1571.NOTICE i C 'liE administrator de .uUI. non having died iuJ.
cule after show directions and kind Nature cure blm.emcbmply, "privately, and ".. IS filVES that the clrculi- '
lug ( l 11. the Probate office of this a written tuificsllou
except- And
it can't bo through he' uud tubbed tlllh 'lrlhIIIIlIS 11'1'1 I'I' hub tb.1. In sonuca>i> the Mandrake i'llli are tote a|11'1 lo do any kiiivl o m'LIN* nlulrcd 1-ITThU Lecture ba In the hands every oftbe BANK OF ttt.jttiisti.signed| of the Insolvency of (oar notice 1 I.
buainOl; I don't have extravagant by an Ignorant mob of nCI'I', ,'n Increased dusuai\ the bins uiedlciuea need luck ulli.k youth and every, man In Ibe laud.Seut by A. ST Rein, Prtild.nl, and ChoRuS L. BatikT hereby giseui, to all the creditor E.lo.Ibu'f tu die
directed by ito other than (tie .al. In t plain envelope and bis will b redeemed out or
tailor's bill unscrupulous," carpet save ample Inttruclona aOYa. l'.bler. claims, duly l In on
.e"OIllw.ol aulbentlculed. olie
rnrorliinalelv Hie "' bIIc'r., South, tint ae010\.01\ First create apputlie.of dress, pmf-fMdf, on receipt of all ,'al or In of the Trust Funds to said Bunk, now In before Ito 27th day or June < when Ihr..1
\ No | but I am afraid your hole Is in {ill hunger la I Ihe most welcomesyiuptoiu. lamps my bunds. K.b"lolllol Comptroller\ be a rata dUtrlbntlon the
Carolina caw1, 'lit I thin aide pro amonf elon
on the Also Dr.
\ sometimes Mrs. I 0 'ring' Wb. II comes, I I al'mr. let the llMh*. UIII llrad, UIII pa. I 1.ilo Guide price JuuSl71 iW-ly ___ Sling Ibelr claim J. T. .
your pocket interrupted \hiosiu handiwork Inn 11"1 vxblblteil 1 11.'e- despairing' once be of good blood :e.at Addresa the _. '_ Pee St7, '70 lia County Jud ..
\ Danforth, mischievously Thu federal U<> rnuioul l I. to bv 1".d. unjur ilu >l sac e fulliii, Uio cough booms, tile ,'SIta( : per, Railroad UUaik, *c., ChAd J. C. KLINE ft CO., -- -- "-- -- --- -- !
'%thy, what do you mean 7" anled Ku.klux bill, not to redwui !lh arnlln. tVomIta -': I. aimed. Iu t short lime' both vf lib morbid '1 127 Bower ittI-ly;.New York, P. o. box 4J. i. Lmcsoa-q. .*.. r...asoas... Insolvent Estate Notice.

I Charles, in real unfeigned Nurprine. lhuriduofloscauiii robU'tW|bil| lo fiuitrp Ulkllhe|) U* pnyeii the. nipnms Dr. fchenrk's are gone ''or"Yr. are eoDitontly kcptjuviis 1'rll _7 __ ___ __ WRITTEN of the Insolvent)
phuidering' It.- Bl'OGlSTO'
| "I Ii .ueldll II any seat alit, BROWNS V
Oh 1 priubtj a HOTEL of the estate hiving beru
At Uxilhc 1)'lllltr
cigars will ( I
onlylrllell-wlno oysters, Tkt tWtntt poietr fp/II/ I tlit ffulhfrnHt'ilt ofbll.aud. Ift.wIU. or pur- .up. R. 1.lb. /
riot B. POST,
art a standard WW t A. M. hOBBY Sled In my office bllbs A u U/ .
tfui Di.r (* amiolorrl.
ocuionl river, tickets to .vnilfT u-11 Ml 04 "u allu lion, wbll ,u at baUag
a carol wktr peraoDS
>nip cougbtMd any deUd.
Ib, State.
the theatre, nnd all that." i.pr4srktr mIw4Silh'r4&t. flll ull.ul.,, tulds, may to ierarde4( M a propbylacterlcr II POST & HOBBY. Opposite Depot, nut file tbem la my office within lb&\ pre
'I Sallie, you' would'ut have a man -- .cnnsumpilou In any utile forms.Price cribed by law tot pro rata payment.County .
Jut t2T H. Frulir Michel, 31. Da 8 sv T. OrVAL.
Sirup and eawsed Tonic,
gire a hit pIOure.olM you J" ihytKUu ot Montgomery.)'. Ala, says tillujullr .''I, 1.touch,or$7.BO a half dot Mandrakt Pills, Especial paid to General Commission Merchants MACON, CEORCIA, .Judge Wakulla CoO
Nor when he want e 4 a t'oi' For nile all and dr len. aitll' Dec 81. "
in bl. family, I'd like economy to have practiced him "rophylittie" }/laid \I. an exci llcut application (or JOHN F IIF.NUY I by"Uule IrUII.L N.w York NEW ORLEANS, LA E. E. PROWJf & SON, Propittvri.Jio. J08 SlWORK-of'-nil' -kind--done alt

practice it a little I wound. Wboll..lelolt I PCI 47, ) : ('. IIHftWX. CUrk
71)311; BOOK & PAMPHLET FEINTING, SOT t'. 't 5 so Sol 13, '7 5 I office.



-"'-' : -- ,_ ,_ .
- --

The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: May 9, 1871
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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wr -::..-- -
------- -

rt r-

-' -
-- -- -
u -
-- -

, T t ( ,4 1[ ', tjCll\ J I I l,9 (e.. if l 1 JO" t ./ll. h''r', .1' ., tt\ 'I !- _

_d --- ------- -- V -

I I BY DYKE & SON. -C-- Tl\L1.AIIASSEE\ FLA.: .MAY !). 1871. NEW smms.r\. L.6.NO.. .

--- --
wanynt ran via rtnnipi**. From the Ws'hln;oa Tapltst'Aitiir 'prlt D I truth at'.l malicious: tntureltr.eItatiuIt'i< uti, I (Kinni'tn,,V *>i I.,!. "" 1,1 11, 40 Miscellaneous. Railroads

ttbt Qtthlny Ioribinn. I I E: '.n i :* 1 1 : .Ht<. II; 'OMI-HIVc :. hntu'Bf i.,ueB, let tho Semfor answer thmatin !"I I:" I'on "U. Steamships,
\ pubtiB.li in -( :'< l.Bne !ii liriet'i-nri : I which implicate him in tIIl'I'MI"-, The spirited, discussion nl' constitution,

ij- When the wmbre ahadul.f tremble from I Ion. C. ?it. Hamilton It will l 1.o ic rill: trait',i'tioii'i l by the rn'iI'nnl directint"e'reinv iiie tioni that him been going ou in till'olltbl.rt1

On the brow of tljiug day, collected thit this gentlemen brought 1 he- nl 1 hits !1 r .th..r' own oHteini'iili. | '' CHANGE OF SCHEDULE.
TTEMttY MAY 0, 1 :1. { = press lor .,'\I'flll weeks p.islJ ': .CITY I HOTEL:
Silent a Mnblo the 1 Ho !I. trial, with hii oollenijiies..r.
I'lkellt fore |wblie' through our column ci r tipim .lines the unusual importance: of th' --
In the I\'ihthl'melol gray, tain grave charges fig-unit $,'nntor Oabortin Oslmrn) nttd 1 H. .Mboreer., not I ; am J'icM.b'iitia I election ol' I 1ST:, /an.l reveal I ,

Uobing, all the glory his offioi'il! caI'3r] l'lnn,1nnmlter] of confederate he cannot e'eape: by an altl'1I11".lli'I'I'O.Ii.l" also, we fear n disposition un the pail" oi Tallahassee Fla. Florida Central and T TallahasseeRAIL

With (lie iun-tt'a f\li.ki'nlii glunuio, cttrK>wl.iggurs infln-to.1 bv our table It. de'perate, te ,shill this eorrnptinn, i i some Southern I t t'mmtu.ut'riI: I to .jeopard: I t tin ,

t'rotttimn hill and, mountain b"lr Paternal Uovt'nltnent upon the unlinpinState ) ." either from his own shoulders to flume or. triumph ot their. partv' in I thai election, i b'Imsing '\' MARY S. ARCHER froprictross. ROADS.
of Flori.1.1.If I his brother tho doctor, and I hi. pri\at<. I ,
With the centuries myitlc drRm' : { ) it on n wiom issue., Thn I Kepubl, !
Itow the leallctii sob and shiver these charges were trtio, tutu Mr secret: \', .\II'r.I'r., or from I the I inn's, t. e'au party! wants: nothing better than: ti' li l __. lii .. EP

ADVERTISING RATES .\* the dark nIght ti> e round Hamilton male: out a very clear /n'm, II1 tll'. fight I the loming battloon the "'"l1otilutitill. i On and after Sunility Apnl 2 ls7l1)ANN9Pt
the Senator I had n light to expect th'it', instead III' I C nil is llelTkU hatIng hem ,
or- And the wild binl' throated (miverScenu facie case : and his ronfc'.le nl amendments ; and i if its opponcnls xhalm : IhimmjUlv' rr.ir .l TRArf
I mul relluej, b.>lu (iN TIJ\lIIP. ftl\I
but echo of I sound rates are can.li.l.Uon: for the pihlitehtti..ry. lilt' uU.ick: upon/ me, whether m.idodirevtlii } I f.ir, deter' to its t intoiots, mid so I:irf\ i '" ,,'Know riimlliirM.<, liirul.lir.l mm .m.M tbriiuKnnul rr the .III. 1 will run as follow, .

THE WEEKLY FLORIDIAN Thud the heart, with weird \Hd 11.1"', Senator ()-d>oni, in ru'sttnup* to tins frions i tur indirect i !* or I through. Ins \brother, 01fiit nore their', own as t<' accept its choice ol itt 1 lion of Uie. ,'"hll... No rain. .111.| 1 iiuire'l, lot reeep-ripV| PUBBrnarr Trnlsi C.'olng Dnat:

Huildetli drounilnn.bi mystic IWI'N: indictitipnt npienlnl| i to the >en tIe tol'inii b.ised folclj 'upon' malice, I'.iNcho :: -. t licl.I, it* victory will I be half won' even I before ili-r 'iim l. imli.rl,, ,ill' ,' IMn.110:p 4.I-jf Leave Q'llncy . . R.III'I l i

TALIAH\-: :. KI.OIUUAI : bringi.th all tier lrl>ln', on a priviU'jjtfd 1 'IJIK ption. ami,! nl\cr jrirblmr "I.11,1 I run i'ile, tin-, Setrilnr: woiil 1 denviiid the battle: begins. I It I is novel thinjiu ,| Arrive at r rBllali.iaBM) . .. /I uu ..
\omor the documents riubiuiltcd cnliru tli : n e'ommitlee'P of I It'\ ('SI|igat ion. I II I!14 I.eavi. T illnh"0"0 . iV8I:) ) .
Culled front out( her secret l>o erUli to |n' 'I been I vvailaro: nut onl\ to select his own pohitiou BOARDING HOUSE. I.BUVH, Munllutllo . . .. ... 7uo' .
tribunal creitcil
--- -- Bitch (
rj -- pin he indulged in somu pi'i>e>n.it: :ubiiic, 1'':( special \\a but' to appoint the |I'x.isitmu of hiopponuit I ].esvi.. Mi.liinn, V V .. tub 'tie "

!. I I" I .i the tslonrt. \brlglit, enchanting, the prosecntiii! !; witncHs, Mr. I Hamilton.ov .- I ptcpircd not only to snli-lnndatp I nil thai aUo ; and it is (ho silliest (thiujjfeir __ I.***'., 1.I'dllllk ... ".lii/'AM' \|I.
hI,1111'1'.1., either) iu 11Inf1iInil, or tin'f Arrlvgal HBTtmuh . . .to| 4.\ "
I :
& I i i How Ihrylnl, upon my ball, \ adiniltin all that the N-imtor: :.ill, : Ins opponent' to a'scut(( to sin h :II onefi.lcd 'S 11111' l.toll'I.\S: I 1011.1"11 ISIIHST: IIn.\IW '... ) Havannati. . .. . .. | S 4.. |I', v
s. __ Yi_ioni oft-times mid and haunting, to bo true, ill"I1'-: own IM'(' mitourliJ 1 letter, (not jet publMiedi! ) I to 1 IIr.) P Osborn aiTangeineiit. I VI i. in IK bnl Bt l.evo Lake t'Itv. ... . . .. ... H.tlAleve \!t,
I : and! rt'tilt'i in mikint Ir. I ll.unil and,I mori. ii' tH'I.. .lIrv, but further t thai' : tlslilwln . . VI
;;- fi only Yet this is hauL I '
-i t,: ; $13u0 Burdened oft with dcepeM' 1 pain ; I IIIM, :1o"IHitll'l'nr"I'II') nil prerise'l) 1\ the Ucpubli Mrs. Allen's Boarding House Arrive at Jaukiuuvllle.. . .. .. .A4Ilii : '
: II :50K w flu l'i: 00 20 Oil I 110 tsP' Dark cj'us (jleuin In tdiunt splendor. ton ns poii.iiictioiis, .i< hiinselt.: I Il'tho h I >ciiatur thnt. : | ill1l'lI' can p.ut: 'propose*.) to do i and! 1\ hat: xeuiir I .. V
:.1 04)) I.; 00 ::10 Of) I 2: () 4P) tSP in willing/ to liatiit inipular xordicl t:Hums, As it i i., the ea-e lii, i>nne' fmirjlu rash I Deinoe'ralic lead!, at tho Sonth Miuitlil ol Iii,- M, .,.in,, 1 1.,1 1 |,iihlnc >nitrr 'I'mIn BODK Wftull
In tin Ir clear depllm purest 11'1"fk ; is limithuitPut' F.\"I\ ,. l.i'avo .Iseksnnvllli, ,. .. . . .
I .. .
4 j II I IMP 16 00 2'J Of ao ((5)) I 4i 00 I''corlcll"Ill'I rll'ect that liulli I Hide's I Se'tiati' where properly" I belongs, |I.' i-ot iil.nt in I vii srrancnt. T27 P \|.
:iii to 1I1I"lIIill.. III hut Lam,.
:approachingtnigglc : I -I 1 IttdwIu..e
U" "III"'ml
In mine wllli a. w .I""n In I ihn 5..45 "
Miler ny HIT -
411 0110\; IHI |11"IIInll -
:5 1.1; 00 Iii 00 2.3 Of I .; to be bi'licvi-il I, lie lm' 'I'roh.hly paim-d: lu. the t i-iiimtn." to I whose' .1 111-1..11., ,.1 f riijliland I tin I Uepitbtii, 1'1'1": being inpunir Tninlir-I .tiit'i.lnt: Ii. n i i" .1..18| will lln.l, U to I.eou' l.aki.( ity. . . . . . 10 VIa "
II.i 1M) 24)) 00) ao lH) r.o Ofl 70 IH'' the snul.' uf God ulxn e 'point.Tlii. : dnl/' 'it'nllll'r. diTe: I ,do. submit it,. I Ihi'lr ttut.uV.t' P t.,11'' i.j. it i l I. |I", ?.i -earrtl.lvnOik. . . ... .. ... .nA. %t
U tf.1 00 4:1 no 1111 Of 7.; Of 100 tsp SmietiniKliKikMllimeik, mid pleiidiiiR.Soini I, O will have to diliinl itself: and il I JllK I'l' 7ll VI\ II| Arrive alSsviiuinih. .. . . . Is' 4t
I IIC 411 (IMI MOO fil 00 I PlO OIl 1p.: ''H'' >, 11t)1\\ er, is nut the case inlucli :and p fliepi'"iti'i, I >ii nrenpted bj Senator: will ln (the tii-kol'tlie I ''IIII'rII'I': to assail: Icay.. H ivitnnuli . . . II I*. MI
24 110 00) 70 110 7.; 00 I Its) 110 I .o( ISPV timed pale ,111 V thu conntn is illlt'I'I""f)' fen file" I born i j- I that ifi inin: who due 'not? 'fice,: II it. Where shnlj tin' alt:hk I bemadel' ; .1I I heat,, nrett.n. . ... I'l ,\. MV'sJ
Tlioilgli I pms tlll I by, unheeding know whet her .'sl Ir. I Hamilton I 1:1: 1' itiM, t't ti.Mtiiiii: bncked" though lum I George Page & Co. I.t iiv" Montl.'ellorrlveatTsllabwter... .. . .... .. .... ( ,
Yet their never die to : a puittriti.on I 1101'l'1'"I." t II'"il'lllIl' its di'fencesits" mo ,\ . . . 1H!t "
gl inces
\ jrAns lii one Inch In rpucrtt mntm make a column is n \ iI11101l. or a uieki'd mimn.-: :is I be, i in tin}' '|iiiiiitir' t', ill 1I1'I'I'e'iali"II"1'' : It"''h,"thy' taiill: !, its uncipiiil ami oppressivetles i.,. 3 .s,. Mhaioslci. l.SuvitTaitahitua,',,. ... . .
Ml.. "
Ad..rtIHm..loln.mfod !IBM than. one montb fI I Q Sweet lips w hlsp'i; tender minnlne. \\ hat u u art! inte'ri'stcd in is as to (tlic I'-ioH i I his: M.te as a.iin-l} : Sinnner, and httempl usitilat ions of the t'onstitnlioti, its Mtuuiriiir, '. .1 i .I..orf', Arrlveiityuluo-/ .. .;: ... ?. .... .\oVIfrclitkl
for In-
and W rpiiln internment
per iirrtliinAdvartrMnwnls qnare. For Ant Sliiiilony, KN-,e, pntw' on mine chat mil I tlt lOW light, UJHIII the otmiu1 1 net ulft to co\er up bin own footjuints/' i'y :.iss.iult ii'iilrali/.ing( : temitlimii.y" ', its "'III'J'"lillll': nttlits "Ull.111...: iun srv IIONitv 11,1 ,%4-fvnnHotlnllan 'I ruin

sn rrnmp nlfd bjr the CASH will not I.I ps w lu re lou, necmed ever gleiimln?. hvnatur, and the U.tlity| ol'ii pailj: Ihil ing the way of others. Idefj t the Sciiatm pi'ofCliptions ; tip,lit the nlrougext point'' TO) M'. MAIIKS.

ri'ci-l.e attention Hiddin 1 snei'Is tlmt H'cmed .m'lle. will ust> a higli placet: 'for purport uf rolllicry. I"r the trli'; to elmlleligPim! in\i'stigatinii. I tho e'nlislitutiiinal, amendments,I ? This\ is STEAM ENGINES & BOILERS, i.cat,' IaIiahs.au,. . . . .. ... .. M
enclosed duel. not the number of Hut I 1111' 1'11.1! is not' 'L." riTrsT mi'mum. ioiiT>nii %rriv. it s|, Murk, m i'i
II Ph It is in winds, V
charged so the (Duliloe-lacv 1
Bflt! the eye lost their many ,, ) I plelilliiuiiry' '|1IICiulI 1 to l.r'ivufl. Mitts J flit Put.
of :
liuertloni. ordered. It will he Inserted 110mb dl'l scaled their smile sll'nd"r., Chilli\ Soimlur han u.eI'lis' place, not onK C. \1.11\11111'''. de'Udo bc'foio this sliuggle fail i !ly begins CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, Arrive TnJUlinaner. . . . . :i sn p

time Out or two eiifilra onty of the piper will be tint to .dvntlttn Hclll lul.lo) pure and ti'ndcr, to steal millions' lint in ileli.iiiili: a St.iieip : V -- t for; unco beigun, ihcic can I bu Uo safo tdiirting t I J ii tin. ,.1., nml .... MII. ii 111., 4'oNaCI'S iou..

*, nnlrt an c.|juclul agreement to tb_ fimtnry Ininiule ViinNlieil the last faint breathVattiplt'ul ; ; > eriiuiuiit for the boilelit of himself and I 1-'nun I lie VwhUllo, t'min, ant, Aiiieriutii, | of the lines.Wo I! (;ml' '1' ''111.1.1\' 'I"It hTml wurr.tj. \11t Ot. -: ( l.>MouuitlimratUveiiik club| | \.tu, riilua,
o his raseally aitsocialcti. The attempt tu 'a ii r:". .1."lun.: call Ameiidmciils t a the ritrongei.1paitoftho I MAl'HINM I i ,Ve /Henlen In t'lrenlnr rin.., 1toI1I fur Hitvsnnih. snd itt Ililit ut tip wIth Irajiui hue r.r
to the fur off glory I lint Slid Mill tinnrllnt Mil ('rnlsr
i Biimillm' Kiys
tdtmlwineiits not ninrkul with the nuinucrof"tlmt. Fur IJolllhl durk, wild sirtainuinIuit'u1 ; slight the issue ami muddle the invc'Nti ition I It np 'ears to ha\e: solved" 1 but tittle P pm ': I Iieiublicaii| : line of the .ldj'II"'i; t.etl,1)a (,,Io'hmll',1 Kiiiiuriillv TiirhlnnVmnr iiutiuUilnnr'sBKentsf.ir \\ limlanil lVIVahns. with' contqw-t ,11.Iniertvd until rl.bld. Mill charged accordingly. by makin: clmrges on itt hers, must 1'l\'ll't the libellers, of I the South it i is tho point they can 'mont I'II-ily defend; I everjr ileBerlpllim' ,"f, Woml WrtrkltiR Maehlnvrr, Kill riMil, stljitldwiii fur turtiiinillii and fur Lwlnurtii1 ,
the old old S to
mount of and \ ) t 'Ti story- '
advurtIoer apace pose iit h of "
All clln1 "bot ticcc'NbHrily be1 a I'ailuro. Stnator in ('lIll'ial, aud! it is the pointvheio the inviloutl.uk tHitn-ri.rrint. nvfinm .i #rmi\r.Tr\ : *lllwln 'hoC 'Cl1"1' KfJ* ''""y. <* "i't 81111r
li-ngUi of tn.. lira tied by shove) rt..1 bo rll'd I Dentil" the rounding of Iifo'aKSFANT I I''AI. Mr. 01'11" atrocious calumnies I they} luxe: heap.ed : ) l 1"/1"111', for 4 iluBi"-rlllvo| lnlivKurt \ |i'rteti Mull 'B
... su.l! not ( I H.imiltoii.Yo had: a I'ighl In' I these amendments refill Trains .
nut cause III'l' UI
to n.mlne thitlr .d.rtllluK .irlctlj own bn.I. : upon I the, people of. t these Mites, lor : ; pr'l| 1,1, 'ill) tl I) pun JiUy bctwi'u'ti Jicksntivlllo
IFIII. to that the uut'iinod winildreiiiosl / I ..1'fl.ihlII"II"'IIII'e, lucy out ninvllli'_
Utee! 11h..wl.atipulatod.0 OXIut..t person the)' aiTomplwheil their purpose, in gettingi'eillglfKN leg/ill: ) ( wire .MJIK8 '
-V -- --- ANDKH.SOM.
| n committro P oh' in'\ t"ititut: i'om. I'nil- f.utly: adopted-not because: I they were /anexpression
of jI' to a l.iw: wliiell elnthe- t the. Thf Great Mrdlral Iiau'ldu|periuk-ud viii
|> pass Discovery
Miuilm. (In .i"Ciiilwrlpllon: |l Good ad.I. l u egrors. lug in this, the public 1ms tlin right to ..'- I I 1'iosiiUnt with stub as thesoereigu of t the free wiH i :and, wish of t tho April <. ,lilI, :i a

r Ms Moulin..ah.n ISO 0 Tho Meridian (Mi'9.) llatfttr publislus n litter ni.ind, Htit'li iiiM'stijjttion, : at the, hands ol' .'if Kngl.ind: : powers does not possucs' Still, pe'oploj i but, because I tin.\' am now reg.tr Dt. WAUCEU'3 CALIFORNIA

,I Thr.'e MonthJ, : : > 0 from Ja. Lynch, the colored !'n'lu' of Wale, his brother Senators. Ai the matter( now I: 111l' e exposures 'luxe,: er""lln t hhow ulint: di'd" as a settlement nf ililHeiilt" ''um"st ituti' I VINEGAR BITTERS, New York and Charleston

hln lerni.jr, V : 10 addressed to (Ito leg'ol in that vicinity, tInt stands juJginent goe-s by default: mid,,! Senator chai'aetei' of men liivu been ihoneii" I by I lie which the people nt. thin Noith( will not I 34 Hundred of Thousands ?

scene of the n 10t4I'.Ol'IIE: ()'II'I.: to Inilul no feelings of agaiunt man. I tin-Mi* amendinentBoild I 'J Ciii 5511111, auwis..0.4' I"
vll rl.ng lilY S the 5,ttnht. One of p the most >ndietiu! i eairyus '
whites, but to cxtrt thcinseUus I'slore Iwa.1. Wlmt nro we to think, liovt evci-, of nScuilo ot this l'IlM: 1M S 111'11.IIII' who asMimcstu back to the: tmttsi't t Iu'h and d/ingerons ARE THEWff. lF F1K* T f LAW

K\.rjr. d.,. vinijtt("ald.y.)PYICK frum Hut 7 PUS.A. )to o.80 I I' M. order Hud good will among all riti/.tnu. The that spends, week after wvk in its I r.. 'I.I'SI.lIt Mississippi[ I i I in tlif :1'11I1'1'1'I condition, i of INOA, nut, i invite endlo .

Miniliijrn r.ul1 to 8.:3U A. M. letter contains nun li oilier good ndvlci', and tl>iOAzttte anxiety to Ht'curn the pasqago of a law to I the I'liitod States. During Iho"II'III'y troubles, ; to defend them, will have t the a p. i: SIDE-WHEEL STEAMSHIPS,

En-lorn MUIS and TUiKK.Si.rlli.'ni dully. Sundays thus rifers to I editorially! V suppress tho Ku-Klux outrage', wlie-u it III' the l Kii-Klnx bill ho ma.lt: himself !..III.I I uu'rnrnmlot' of averting" t these I troubles mid inMting ill ttstllluift from t'liib

i-il. at 0 :HI)' M. We.lur. n"lli"nd.y. We have 1"1 1"IICICdy some of the colored I permits onq of its own mcMiilicrri to violate I Miiuuous in a bitter tirade ho li\t'rud iu peaiie.' 'I'hl' harI that goes into i'umtcry

.. Mol eIn.t(via ft.4 P Markil M. ) clom al 8 HO A. M ]K'oplu to publisli au advisory letter from Itev.la his trust and so dccrada his State tfovcrnDiunt : I the Senate by chaigcH of \ioh' 'nee'" aud, out thin, ''iI.II, therel'orpi to overthrow ilium will bi biz:1 l Tuesday Thursday and Saturday

(aeadara. ThunMla and batunliiyil. Crawfordvlllr MallCuUO *. Lyu"l. and uitnply with 1I'a, with I
at 1 P. MMUIc1', and AIIRPVE.Nortliand TburYI.WIf letter, and II"I freely ouo,circulated replete will\bo bolCmllut.vico. produettvo liable', mid this too, without e'\cn' $nn attempt is c'U.U'nce for tho assertion th.it: North, :and,h find Mil thono who lire nn varyof -'-
I r ;
Kant (Hi A M, of mm'li good. The negroes have bad too mm li nt investigation.To these allegations: nure f.ibiicaled to aid thepassage striti nrrayed agaiut-t, il. I Iu ileleat ..: ..
A eili,I 'rn Mall dally,'il.7SDP 'M. politics iu the pulpit) here ; it was lu the church P I of tho new Hudilion law, and, xustainudliv mild bu assured at (the iHigmntiiK, 1 fur;, it I 11 J..
""I".n.M.la.I., .BI4I M.Toy.( Tuundayiand all the political mc'Clinga toro held, and it was Hi? PnMlr.On : It fewen.il: iiiNtrumentA Iu that would hardly carry n itmgln Noilhern In
arrive at 11.:HI A. M. tond.yund hero the nuIa&biefsas coucoetad.rated. artd ituauu. I -
!V erawuirdvllluMyll ( al and I would; not half the Ninth
'l'hl.lnl'! ), Whenever a "mischief meeting" WA the DIll instant thorp appeared in State, 'I'hl')' weiu piomptly,I exposed amithi'irf.ilsiiycHtahlishcd Slate cnrrv .1c J Cd
tTitlTAI lutt.ES.: hell pickets were thrown around thftcunrc.h and '/ Capital an nflldavit made by me inanswer I : b) < HIV. .Alool, w ho el'n i4tnt vs. To tight the \'IIItI", ou that issue I 4! f- "

l reuuulutIon.Pu my error*orrnr: by perona. not ohfcrrltig tha followIni men prevented from going that way ifJames to what purported' to be n uopy of was elected by the HadieaN aud ('tutltlmiitu. N is to sint pill' ,,111.1 ohsnuie all thoso other =ii5 Iia. Manhattan South Carolina

ikposllliiff lotti.ra" paper.0' mlicfllaoeao matteri I.Mich ell get Ills colo" brethren to hogovenCII an nflldavit: maite, by the llev. )r. A. (', to ael with thc.ni. Hilt Ames' libels weio issues, on whiib, the I Uepubhean hart is .J ;i ,
i u tlm "flPot' for mallliu;, all drop Iulc" to b 0.,1..0 )' hi* counsel, In" \ send I minis weak and. thou Di'miiciac I ) strong, and I toa Champion, Charleston,
New York which mich Hadienl h.i\e )
u :Ithln. the city, munt In. prepaid' by po .II.tA"P" who Ill fWllUcsont nf the pulpit Ohborn of Brooklyn, repeated by joinnaU as n"
i rrl" ol clue: cent' by per half ounce required or under.on all lettnrl places and out of llio )1'1; who will makr U in wan filed in thu Attorney tencral'H otllco, I buun schooled. iu thu gospc'l of hutc, and, power w hone ow II adherents publicly, d"I ) ThaT iiti SOT A VILa 511 Georgia, Jas. Adger.lu .

a I..py"u.'nlted etamjta Huttei, at the ratu u three cctitB per truth and In fact, a 1oul ofUo.1hef all whl on or about the Olli 1 of ilarch list: by his aided in securing lliu jiais.igc: nf tips 1\II.I chore it ought to dip. Tho' silent of' I hue SSFANCV. DRINK

V. knit Full mince prepayment or under by aUmiia required on all tranilrnt seek may come Inl t" Buvlour brother Hon. 'J'V.. Onliorn, a Senator I Klux bill tin'oiigb the Senate, Xow no high tan hi, force bills, Congressional election "kulS.I"'ta.of .rnr. a.'to.K".m tJqur.iioel'w.d.pie.dand WkUkrr. Ii,., I'Iir.ss&k I'kthcas >>w ta>rk

printed;:: mutter, .feuld domi'ilic.Valnahla : walked, ho will endear have himself,dono much this to promote tmfiirtnaataraec harmony from Florida, charging me with haviiiypreiflored I hat o the tc'Hlimony of I Ue\, Jamen I. itch, laws, I Presidential usurpations, an.l I iWMloneil I., |itt... Ilia lute ralloI"TUII'I. May IM ubuUind af Upiu Aeiits of ib, flurtiU Htnnii
F letters In all _.be rpflrtered, and :.and to of tlioKurl of Jttihju'itl, miKgovernment nt thu' South, |lill to I IrB.*"* AppBlliori,'* M llmtnren" AO. that .teal Yiiu-linI Column at KmiNVlLLE, FciDimilliu,
iiU'tnber eif
hen lednlrvd la be Hilt, Money Onkrnlioulil Ihu majority of horn have been led Into while a }* tho negro Secretary State MiHmmflj
:1 'n \ I minded. .. tippiM on in" .'....._iiid ruin IIBIBTBSIBB HI AuKiimliin, IMutkii suit fnlcrprlun; linn ill Ihu
I lie
: practicable, be obtained bad! )'Mbsly the worlhlclcaTl.balrltJ'whuliavo hirst Congress, my vote and inflnrnro. to pi, that .\hii'$' representation of tiolcnuuand ) drive Ihir Kcniihlicniis over t 11I..11.,..,_ Wrr .lll.)(.UT. llHU.Bd I'ururB or Hi i* Klurl.U $(Banirni.Ir I
V ,
MOSIKY OmEI nFPARTMKNT.Kpedal te8Ir'llg Ihe'Jlro tnmluilty secure the passage through tho Houso of outrage aie 'hiiht'iu.a,, thii'u. Ffo ,I"i iI'S, huouiocrai'hut the cn'oct ol'ii I Ditmool.itiomoveinuutHKaiiisttho : hen ,. of Csllfun >,!>..I>.. all| A"'.""n All lnforiu UnB mt bi Un. UullluiilliiurB attention I tolhB money onlur ivilemB. of Filll'c.ltlhmulI.l.. .. tJrau.n.uiupav'ni.osnrwutuvticit will hnrnriiNlinftir tho uiiili'Mliinml,
Uie llh. of hill introduceil] In in tliu 1tll'lnrlll8l'11 Ill .O'A.
a utfeand rheattmethodoftraniimlttlnK money through Ueprecentatlvos, a i emjihatio teims, Jsxsiur, AasBV (fnrtlmHiBti.ol rhwlil, who will
niallii limed In eiiBia not exeecdtnit fIfty \Ve e'omnieml this sound) udviea to the si'rlons would, IHI to drive the last nf null StylI VIVINK raIN.
tin ment otiu
u.de..r Hon. T. W. Usliorn inado in tho Senate and in I'uigu.igcwhich : I..u. IllkliU.
"grant- :
PoPlar. amoum can tu Ibe lame the Senate by I weio ('U'I.K. "fI.'II.r and I."rawror BIKUril StiRs riHIBK III WllSUCU, UllllnltiMiil
,"n>on .,0 iAriptr at the lame time by b In".mlie".. consideration 0 f Un mlliau.1 ol the A. ?'f. K ins butts, to aid iu'coivtrucitlug certain: Hhotild cover with rsh.ltnc: I tho whim them hank again. Ida. System' ,frylnf ftrr.n |UilBiirioil, malta sniP iiitrully In tin' liiinlumm uf Ihu linn,
Church lu this State, of whom have,hinaud I"uucltl'rllI I I Infinite dilference rml.irtliM. IhB Iil m4 la B ryBllliv' Bituillllon.' MapertuB tesspRul K: 0, Ollllm.
Greiit is
1UTKS.OF1 l'mr''fON. many railroads-specially the a.hpeatei of tjranny, protects' ? earnestly Them nn between. Mariibl ol-lf Jm lusuiilfli,, his,
i i MI in "0"1 uder.,',over not exri'edlnu.Ju, and nut*JO exceeding, 10 cent. Ml, IA cents null! are making {political jxit.hnuses, hit of Itailway-in the State of Flofula" for pecuniary I I against IVdeial, inlciwntinii and I the tunihijment I iclicving the fit'cumsthl nmendmenl t,( h:u oiceii P II"" .",1.IaII.r.iu.iai.'tg' lrii''..uellt.O" ,MnifrB, MeurilliiM lo41rBO*

,V :': on order .t 10 and not l.cal;I Sncentaiu .. tb,1 l'hulch" Tliiii should not ho so. The and other considerationn. ; of I hot, "bayonet." 1 His 1IIIIIIIy11'I1I'r : violently and nnnoiiNtiliilionnllyadopted fuft..omlllnrr, 'Sa'S "benln flk.iiiiiatii _. N. &
V < ordero>er i'a au''O"IOI : iceuia.l buildings were erected for the iii l mibbtautiated in almoNt { ( Alenrn' und to iinda it. Alli n" CI..o 0..1. 3.4k Xqrk
an be obtnilii 00 wooliip Gl My ufliduvit, I to to\einor preMentu a niOHt proposing ....,... IIlIIn.,, "..1..& aid 1.151.InhuteHi .
Money. hey Order Wert ofllre T.IUIil In.Florida ce. are an folium Uarrlnitoi a: Jarkunnville. HI.Miuustineand -. und to that purpose should they IKfxrlni.lt Uyapplied. every lioiilsr bv letters to mo (vomit Ho.v ,h' eimtr.iht, : in sjiiiit. and candor, to I ) 'mocisUaml/ all I rellovliiiK KepubliciiliHBsHont "".'", tll.o". ofib. lilacS LIN'E.

rerBBntllua. In..olo. A mluUtcr should consider It an Insult, J r. Osborn, which, wore nl hum pnbtmhed, in I IllpI nked. ctl'nrtH of, the ill'I'IIll06r"I".ti., tu the former ; lint nil I Uepiibbeans Ih.r. "Id. 'r', a.iI iliadSer. 1"_ Hlh STEAM
Tbo nili of hula ufllte forbid rioni nut In Iti e'tnploy ,.. tarn Paul .,.. .,......1. ...10 Dia.Ca. .
ur ronnicted with Itsufllrlal trAiiHacllona fern entering no less tu hiinsvlt tItan lib milker for an) one' connection with sworn statement, and,I i I nans who ate clrhing (to Ktir t i un strl tip ax nsonreo 111t.1 I many Demoorata would oj.pofu/. the. .". "" .q'.I. ly n 1IIAI. htt.ad which'

iM-htnd the, ralllntr violate: !II thete la hoped rnl .. no one whaUtver thulri l'l'el to l'rl"'o] holding a political, meeting, In marked .\," li," and. C," refuted, iuMo i I of I politiud, and ,01'11111II'OUI., and utter, 'J list imivursiil drill ol politmal I. .....11, muruluii-p'I ty "'r..y.n.u' 0' its

i>ltlon will 8. L. Tinmrrs, r. M his Church. Poltic and pure, ntukfTUd ]!(hg- nil thu, imdivioim aoeuHiniuiiH against I w ho He-ilk by falHchood, ciihimny and ci'iininalioii novemenls I in the present ago, in tu Sit tu'uiil It1.aIii. tIrlau..

Ion, do not iuiwull, aud thoso \ho cal tin" insch me ; while it, on the other hand, fully mstained I to .in'''pare tho way 'fur another cit liiind politioal righUUilhuiM) Hlii> lull'" llFBilB.11'I.l el'tl'cit,.. P.lil Iii It,lilt. StinulilBrt IMIU4KMTIUN., CaniM, TUlitiiMnf -

.l<.liln.oB'i> :Mnrdrr *.& lllllrul. \ Ihu 1'lha"Ilol of ('brC" stand' by said letters, revealed most Jea. 11'11 il war. '1111 following ill'bin letter : 1'0"11" witlioul them' and it may, bo sit it,. etial, ..''..,RiHir KrBnuHone orUliUiin

Tln're IK I btri'nuoiisfiidnvvnr IlnG math by aloof from all political excitement ant ctmlrecnynndnereraUow IltIrlltll I cud uilumouH elloit-on thu part nfLiu (OKHK) K hw:IIHTAUV OK StAlK, ) down HS moiulimd pbyhidiil illll"RiI.iity. i rti., 11.4&OOIlIA"Pbs....Uuulll I, .mlU.lI"n..r JlIII.. AkUrki

hit ICiKllciil )jircxs ami) )Icurlurs party' tui \' the cburchei, titider tin ir )hononililo Senator: Onboiu, a inembvrof I'' ,/i'A sun, "l'l'illO, 1871.I j jiov. CII I'ituul tit'.u U SlIC-OUSKlul lUHI'tioll/ UgliillHt lh, I Bni 1''pll.U"a.r|.l'.ln In (Ih.'.11"". nrtliBKMa.7.,soil Tim A No. 1 Steamships

V.. rente the Impression this! tlmt the the nmnli'r third nl InPut( ttpl. 1. charge t be delcal.llnd! profound by the unholy the hmrile: Committc'O on 1'ublio l.amls: ( ; .\icuutmi-J Dear Sir : --I 1 1111\ u rc.ul: this U'uduncv. XegAi Biillrugo ,m an exumplu BhBniinul .Ui>r p.lnrnl IIBIUIIII| are .. of.BprlngBul .

I H, |inliticiil|Iit' ktnsuu iissriKslnntlon at place,anti, on, IhRl1 wipe touimit-kwssi and violent bickering and quiirrreliug, Huh (i:wlio} bufoiu his adinismon to n sent in with great p.iin the I IvtUr of I 1\I ,". A.AIIICN ofnticn exlunsiouof jnivilcgeH. Ti> They' luvlfirBlB Dyii|>'rMlB Iii*.. Hu>mrli Bml flUmurilB lie CATUEHINE WHITING & SHANO[

h.tlu tliu knnwlitjge of If thu Implied as generally 1'lurNerl1 political alhI.g. Congress, expressnl n determination, to buluit United,I Stat: es Senator, addieNsedto ,I nay that: it was illegally tiit roil iccil. and Io'p'd' mat inS| knwi'U.vlilrliriM'rUiemnr' in
"blos of(Mir citl/ons. There Is not the of to-day, on said committee, H> also PiN to the I lion. C. F. Norris, nieml/i of tho Male hat tlm I pru' < tiMMtei by wh'nh I thu, Fifteenth" ...11ed eSleBtf In, .'.nolnl tlm bleu .f Bll

louiulullon for this vie inlsreprpsentatinn unit ----- NiiMil/ (Committee of which( IIP is a mem- Legihluture, dated. Sitlu.bhigtoii 1.). ('., Amendment" luloplod wvtv uncoiiHtU 'p"'IIII, aati itapatling. uvlitBFOUMKIN Sod tllu tuiIt list UMII (ilwicilou lUn ;J.INi'it ouFERNANOINA
bimo hlandi, (itt, at limo of Pipe muder-,-lho Tho Yiekshurg 7/miU adv lues the Democrats UT, who introduoeid the bill in all lit various itsith m to state ail unibmiuble, truth ,. thiulasysiatn
tilt '
previous to the election on the constitutiiinul ,) M irib 27, I 1871.I The chargo, uhi.li it l>|MKAMIIIlFriiill'iBBTBUBi| & NEW YORK.
netting&PfllPfliiflteTltflttt only no political I differi ofMioxisslppI t probe the Ku Kliix, storiett SOt t numbers and title, muUifuim ,ititsesSnVl contains carries its own rcfutaliuu to c'\cry w Ineb has lost, or is fast losing all !I'adi. lull UkBVB,HIOUIiM. SpnlB.1'''., fuUBltB
the decvas- afloat by ]Itudicals to the bottom by bringing Urn Uev. Dr. On- cal Higiiilicaiico but to that the Kil'nuntli IMU.I:BtBaBrlM,Illuf Wuruil.SCald 11..1.lure A Sleiiiiir wlllliiairiiuli I'lu'i' "M') ti.t'l'L'l!I) t
1'I.te.)1'1\ ween our 1111rnSlld triplicate pin POHCS citi/en of tho Mate of MinHihuippi' und t Ihete'Ktimoii ; say X ,Kriilp'lM, Hell" Sewn, niMuilnnllonl nf IferniHinfwMiiinrt, .
1,1.111, lie Htm known tu be in perfect uixord for the grand! juries every citl/en of Northern horn, I'lccident, of the (Jreat SomheinlUiUay )' of the people of thin Commonwealth Aiiiendmenl, ought to I MI over 1KB>M IlklB, UUIIHIIB .4 IKBUBMB Of NlB SUB.Bf | will In l.ikil) uivlliB tVt'thlKltlMY.v1

u with (thnt CnnsvrtBllve he ardently' fivnred element eneli mid, he and Imcl nil told of birth every ofllclal, national, !lie and municipal C/onipany and pne II. M.r: Alder- : ,, iu you \itt4icat, ioti' cumiot be outweighed lirown, i in to say llmt' thu uegrocH ahull luuiw ... BriiBiiire. BIB UiBiBllr. dug up| '-' t),I I sliP I N u P April liavliiK POut Mitt tViumiilluu! t.M, .Munli I llth nmlill
inuny his ttl a liiinllnin liyIM '
tlu'ni. It 'us a subject of remark he woaloiugruiftlng ) Including members of the Legislature, and lcrarlutuHi(' ,) HwrcUiry tllI'ruoi-to inluce by that from any other noiiieo. I IMP deprived of t tho I'ri v lIngo. whioli by no BiulearrUiluiitnr 1M of tli_ nnuri| iii PHI b 1.11 I'psnaiae 'rout IVrnnntlliinHmniit
i his lntrre, ilh those county every ldlel editor to testify what they knowas ( thpe nmUrsigned, to lend, ] bin nid. to hope that during 1 jour tisit North ) ou will imll or rime of lliuir own thoy now (pusess. *Will BBBHIUBB.. BMel M>0r Odl"lit IMP|

iHiciining tu pacific In his views nml rendering to the existence of the Ku-Klux. This Is a have IIl\icllJiIll.aRs) the I HOUKC of Uepre'senUtivos ill,) much to convince the national IcLricln- Il would put" u\eiy OtiS of them "nnin aiirauva..... i.3O !

V lilmsclf marked so 81ilhly, 11"I|wlmlevi-rbe>owd with cshlliitlons uf gOK'"ggc81IIu. I would be a 08),111), hh'l to by the dlahonorabln and,! unlawful: hors, and pitblict' opinion, that rpoonnlriietinii (hiM dulune-e, und, onlist( iu Ins bulnilf tin lu:::1 linpBrtllM.._ \.dBnllBS1 Vitiate Itennuk mOineS vlninem tI..o".n ton IBIIB Sal. | mul mreMI (1ellrrr nf Yr.l4ht.

eonlider Kadicals In this Stale-the means ntated in sflidavit, w Inch appeared Is yinpulhii'Mof neuily iho It hole SOl uli.-, V .
cnpahlu of advancIng tho interests of county Ibilkllg lilY in Miiihsipi l | nut a failure, and that |IBB, ...pll. ur NuroB elBBUJB Ua hilt' 7iiiiot'oii mi.i.rt op) i.AniNo divrsbntwMri
that whatever prejudice existed ngnlnst him hud A\A""I. IhE\M.: 11"1.18, CONANTS! UHIIOIINS, in The Cnjitdjl on the Dili iuntant, the civil gut' eminent, of ourf State, to ns hid hit 111"I fatal: Haw in ihw vviir logiu of tho South Bn4 II ulKlrueUil Sal ilog.lili In its nliuielrsriM
New York
) all lullrm.l rliatlmn In tliubUilr
II *ti n It u foul sill r tiri t will Bin
I tensed. Moreover, the absence of any ixillticul and all of that strrpew ho are so ready to tell which means were the following otlerud has given birth, can J protect all I its .ihi- III ibe late ntrugglu Hits thai fad: that a hiSs", tail ion ..... Keep a' bliw4 )l'. nod UMM.BIIII ansI Uiulhina ou tlit hi. J.ihna lUvurvAn
V contest In the county for nearly I year,, and tho world that the lv. and! property of Hi" publl- bribes and thrusts: tl.oou.t'lfll I ) > ) ) worth of yens, without regard to race nr .' lorAnticipating they ns ore.lighting t and milfuring witl "1,11'11'diI iii UIB.,... will, Iumt.v.P15 tin Hloanmia un this Una will lull I putitI unity
therefore, a want (sufllclcnt( prcsuniitlnn.| Aa Great Southern Com- thuir T i fH and eUurVOH MK. ltrlulIig In' nil the niimilnti"' iy.., thunttenllun nf I1KOU t.IInf $
stock in the Uiilway liitioiHiu fur
uo political antagonism custed bctv. l'l('up4.| I)., cans are Insecure, ami that law, Icssncss l K unl- II wimi ,iidinlnlstrati' of independence, IM.,.lor MIBIBBf ......10, BTB BS'eBIUBllr V51sih.Tjig4 lor Now Vutk intrketx.lB InvlleilJ
and our citizens and thiS alxencc nf, any I'h'tol ve'lllllt( the l'lur" tue jl\clt go Ix.foro a Itamly, ," or a largu ul'elor township of our Mate covernmenl by your Kxcnlleiicy' they, wvnt 'deli)ing libel" ty lu their bund' .."u.4 Sad .....wl. l nr sit 111..110",riail V IV M IIOUl, KIII.'I HuriJu It, U
wlllilnsiillleie'nttimointhcfiiturof Ind'f grand Jury and, umku known thogrouiieuinr their and! ;it the 'I adjustment and rc'apportiou- ill P tin- future, u' we 'have enjoyed' in tlmiH"t ncn. I It was ibv irn ahillblo niorul I'ri's CBTcrullUIB clreuUr Br<'Ul>.| reeli bulllei Pl'E'KIt Put %. WEll. ,tl'i)., 4

dcatli iifiulvantae| save those nhoM pn'jutdiuuIjUuiPCttPiI1t fears. They should be required to t 1 who Iseluiug mont of the tedural patroiuge in Florida |' I III" full of hfiin, es| *('mlly in \.w| iirouflhis miiU.hle'HH ilur| tu naught' and WBlKCII. '<|irMi.r. H. II \MnlKltAI, 51'erbauidiia,, keb iJ.M, 'ut iiti'utI dl ii., JonliaouYllli
will l foundallop fur \bettor Katihfaution i" to bo received helmed, them with li 'mter ill the rBiirlUBii4IIM. A..... ku ....,.",
uOllu'cl'lllwl'r all this Let" have fuels and, to my ; nf tho general disposition (if thu whites, lunivignixe 1111'1'11 ,
a tulumny I than and iidvanu1mi 11.lef. W <.1.! ..C I SI.IXlM Vol....'....1. Nrw tlllk
all I ami deuuneliilion. The permanently into said company UN attorney an identity of interests as 'ml'. l a not (his IHUSIUI, eiiungh? !N it |IM' -
nt of their selfish I'UI"e8' poiowsetl ol any names not wordy country regards IIIIWIV A I.I. UII.IHI1MI" llrtil.rilK.Jill For Mobile & New Orleans i
'pint justice or magnaninnty wi ceiisu to haM lout of mannf.ictured fulaehixidi ut such salary an aught oaine or the relations, ol the. raws A sanic' .ililiuhut, them me mini In tint South rash '
.Ulnliult this murder tu isillnos.) Thl tentnnonyli enough- -.- 6 .5UOO |Iter anullm ;' "n draft for ..'o.-- of mll IIItII"pl'.I"IIOI nm'tus I to Ie daily noiilflr) t.> remat| In thu aienik uf politirs il, .1 0I-I) 5',

I li MI thoroughly antagonistic .the extmeucn of I'ROI'fI'or A HrtKK7.it WITH ('nis-A4vi- 000 upon bank In New York, and, my inerenNing lho *mi tak" the)' Hindu, in this lli'UVYotild .

jipujpptntiitt this!presumption"' so nnjiim aud l., that so rnruplctely, the whole dethrones uf it hiving, a CC from I'eUu Ih.le that U.I imjiorlul!, gmera- return to Con; eaH, or my defeat theretor The dnadl> ausaults on men of' my racnut they commit lliein I 'e.uiihlH lila I DARBY'S.I'lUll'IIY V ( ( }

1'1 pulillsliod, fll U only intended here to show wen I hal umdo I eltuiaud II|' MI tho fon igq ambassadori and lily position j in the company' to but Mendiun. and other plmua aWng tho ,I"rII' tl"i"tt(, Oil''P hiss I'remdriiliiil earninigii :: I

"ltelnt of probability 'for suili I Unit, schools fur Uie education (if made all 1 could desire, cHIn should it/"- Alabama border. have their origin in local of I IH7'J tu anil ic vn their own res.nrsnehini :

(r.umlllnn.--.Vri/11 {_b'AIr.. mains! tw abolished ; tlmt thu (niching .In male quire the resignation of a New York man.: cmiKes rather than, ill thu ,predominant feeling ,:ment bv' /proposing) to di.ffllr..hiMft .I I ( ) I I I LACTIC( I

subjects nf the Gmpi ror of all doctrines 0tx| td In feeble and discreditable response to ol thu /people/ ot this Male. This t:edvmrnintit th(* lIujr nm? llio simple, matmunut uftneh

1'iiw1 \ \TUS OK A Wn of IUCEH: 'iSILTU IhoMi nt furlilddi u.: thnl imnonaries this (by him) forced revelation of a broad I tho belmf tllullho I sa "sins; who n I propoKal is sullli, "-unit to ,1"11111111111'11111 -
I V ML n,IN.\ Flie C'oliunbitt corre'SK| >udent! of the t C.uflhl b ac.he.uie curich hinihC'lf, and bin brother \ ,
lu .Hid
I be MmsiderMl, Chlnewi *ubj'' I'1; to 11'0111e.illlu, Muttt with disgrace, will' hi iltlitalI.lill'. I Il t would jut

l'hBrl.lnl News MJS, nOlwlh .''I.IIOny.. I ami thai wftnien.bll shall not In[xmultud tttxm: t uud frienj-i the jirime inoven In the pro 1"0 mote MUMVBxlul iu siibordiualing thw 1'11,1,I illdl>!\tflVeurw FLUID.'rlll if MARY
",1' > ''les i 'lanition of In* iltl'nllilo wlllnlrawUn jact i ut the 111'.l'cralt of a miuan-' \ &I.L.j\ | IIHII" utiigu )
expense ,
the empire In that cajiacity. Tlie? ambiuuiidors peace uf citUeim: to (their cruel utr'M itvthun | ni'gio | "
Nntu arms from tlir nrjr militia iu l..L' are uotifled 'that u attendance of women, public domain and the futriro Induic'iidfiice tIll h'lr'I"lhiC'C8hlll .t rotuhhu miuiy unl, *1\ e Ilu not ditty 'du I')ta to I thu foul I \\ S
i bull it >
li.l kith ittiAH kVrf
Mnli*. armed, bodies of ni'Krora 'll still drilling ao service of the | of my State: of a powerful corporate of our ciniutHSAsa: .vil" it bus It'c."| this nmt runifiit uf ill Iii":"- .
religious was one MFI>ICIMt.lut/!
UIXD| O'I.nlfur I "I\tV
Tin \NUT says PItS recent massacre nf and that at bunnies und political' monnpoly (conc riprtneiitauvo man of my Vnce, 1 hug oil the sutliiriug projile, 111'11. 1'.lIth.- EVERY FRIDAY

In, (',I mlil this drilling goi'on now lduuoa't1fltlFUt' but (111,1101'1 Im- 'Jiiii( I'm' ftcheiuu of the Oreut Southern' wihli to iii". the, ctpiriment' of si If g,vi'rnment VYya/uoul) rcgar.linK: it as un' clltll\Ii.t..1: \ I l'OIIllhll 1 IMII IIIII, '.W"'IOV' ''i at and In their Mclnslve liaHa those events cannot deplored by 'flit
b is "tifinilli. tiiitiurjtimrra -
Uuilwuy Comjiany not a intv'rventieiii Inch what) uunnot bu undone/ ,iiml |u o i ul.empt
mid, tltls li'aturv adds in the luril tint ">B1< ensamuwheru penal goyernnieuOoInpettaittitPiP Co r tliejrcommissiou without l'e"leral Iri".11Iiul" km,* "r .i'' I.HBM V r' i 'irnfr > .II.. wona ll..WA'K'. D.tily Line i !teut.t. .> '
In the "\ connive al it. if to thus which J challenge' the proofto I while longer in the State of Mumissippi. wliune uwlllill111,1 i invilii (.till I IWrtusit.r -
ilonu \ Is absolutely' f.fl.o. the ) the honorable $n.itor inlbutiiiiis the Niutheru whiles, K, j .IIN-II' n" 11"11'0"II" kln 'tt'isiw; NEW O11LEAN3 t's OALVLTW'i.
1'1.' not dlrnctly by orileF. \CtnM the jiver, will contrary, I have no doubt of the result. S On* on t _
la I.i' ln"lun, they Ilriin fyll otitfltuf ani".. and This 'looks as thnngli the ".ti'ni |I515m row lu! his [.ihiC'U to a "jiernonal,, eiil| .tnnUoii thing is CM'rtaid-the, hui: ) pupil cannot |;ivo h[ in tilt, tin*, ni'/rof", nor js; il iic|I",ii i it, Ili'liklii rl', Hit Ill ItI'iil| lirKK'H I will-ik'tAlilnMlioO* '
.rull""rul, In III by day hll to take the Chlneno t"plr:, tine 1 I button ," HIM! hud, read certain garbled letters, tIll proHperitv.' It inaiiiuirtorder >, but II is I itmliealisiu UiHl' U'1'. IfthM 1tuill' ''illliiM lii, erMiniiiBii Situ BnkMHt.Hilln.H'Kh
entire In this matti-r Ui, In Hit for llrely breeze UM11'" may i it, IIIVB, i,,1.I a WRsII I IIctu and ""
u. IWpnll'UI' haute or two, 'lt pmnpeet n and Umpuretl eJitrielt of interjK>lntud, wriirgs the inMrumviita of .lon that i iK i ) 'I i.r. vii. 'Ullltr iis.) | M iblfc .
the 'ba.l dill kept by military trranch pf the w hit''' it glistens garrisoned tow us, uppri- I S (1,1, ,, V "
Slute government n Ilh the | The |xoplcIn I. 11IQI.III. _0- and' partially siipprmned( ( commuiiiea- but we II l II'II' more than this, this reul nut laity of boiiilwiin iiiUeirmg' ; 1111,1 'tiritultIfu, I'. -i.il ""II'''" hilt ShiP" pi, mililBW, I \l ll'i'Mi tiii r Pti i .II I4l't'i

uot eun' a hutVin% \ 1"'lh' neKrnes have I 8u.\ ) !.t u.-I'ull" from Hull Uke City tlOfillt and brazen falsehoodi over tht" signature J lalli, VCT) r""I'CI'lrllll! yOur obedient, I IlCIliuvtl ibulif litii power w'ru II'CI thrown Iml ,win I thea IsitartusRO w .< il <. | KK tlt.flLl.httih
I 01'1.\1'01.
; in> and ifrtn with them nr not bin they do of bin. private JCCrtflry.1... unclmllened | | ,% JnK"'Mr
; PIuS 3d of April, say that the mining t ver *> servant, JAWLS LYVHI, i-aviuu IIDKCO .t&Jl'raloltl tu ttxisl : ,guui.
eRr for Inid' faith, l>ccau* In that ll.all tlie livBivnrliy $110 ufo ..f Mud raW row com tlie lnu of the ","thl'1 inrnnllv a.> litirlir! ru'iswiuusiitad "f ,ih she heatl I ', i i ii t I iV .'-, 71 I Il> I
in matter long and skillfully k"f1 ,down y lltlKlism get, secretary, ( paly Seentary (,I' \\'. (" w pmipln ,

J9 "v.lnt_ lit Young, has .,",I"n" out In full font' In I lull ami concludes i IB an unintx-tligiblo HOUIO- -VI -- (n.ily forjfet the, on" in thoir joyiuw dvhv. mil n i ii' f V i -uli I I.) ill lininii \j, ,nn QiusU 'uIIII,

Jit noiii it TUB KTIW Iaoit.-A dl1>1rb property has bwn at hlgUfl,1' thing so parse, ttlendir, sat, tender thai I Ifajipines I 1 Is ;in Inrii. It It not 'an' outward ItT from thus other. .l MERCHANT'SLINE

., from Han Franrhro of ihe Sfltll' "Ifl.n)': I ures Mining-gcullle Imiulxratlou lrn.I1L' In a.1 \*rlygamy should scarcely have the heart to trim truit U is g"neriitcd In tile soul. It I'he very" llmt 11".1If th, Ninth it .' _uriiIiaiila' IIIBJ In, ",,,,.*! till t. III ul| 1,1,1

Ttejuiy iu tug CSMI of Laura I m trial I i js desUued lu a speedy| I r.blli''lbl Crlglnim hiin up," even if il were proper in thin I is never bought, or sold as an artichr nt I )emi
the murder, of A. 1'. l'ri"nI'o. out I unable Uinger tu rfpnj eonnexrtion tq du so-the explanatory itslw f com mi'ree>. You may 'till your 'house with all, it must como frum this North., Tho Ii'
relrllti Uniting hlmaelf II'> W'' SY
i'lorty V ninrdrr uiinulHB la the, "fIrst hen l r.tJI. of I the Young move'ment, now !Ii-ails The Rln" under menu consisting of a malignant personal I all manner' of beautiful and'! cunous things. with \\t helplossf the I PO'II1'r'UI' "ut the in

| aniutw bias j del'I' 'fe prUontr lie-u slm w I)as ti- his "!" have enle-resl I all Uie arable! land In ttlwk upxjti the undersiuuoel for c>p|>osiiighe but )'on cannot lay in H sux.k
1.len Illr.Iroin I SItS /1'U.r""I.e gilierwlse, 1 the 1 us "duD (hit mines, ami wliilo tlwy ate lotingrbr M'H) land-grabl/iii( bill, and of an lit- I' in this same way. If >ou are happy, your Its dellverancp. This it i il \lons to do)1it -I INewiork

it may luiproMr| lossy that proximity 1 "f tempt to distort the fact of my not betingt'turuct bnppiiiKs ill that whiiJi you art Able fit Is the r"'l'minlllt purpose( with which it

.t i this verJitt, uutil, "IU.II the kut week, .uutgeuerilly l tliHr rliion. the of sEcurity 1111. they I ] to Cotijjn'.* into a coudernnaiiou luako by lh. umnt'the miud lUelf. A fundaiowiilal will go into chit rninptiin of I HT'J. It ttftV 1Ei1YAUDC. s [ to Jacksonville !

IU IY.lulurote uua.iItlo.ueurIyevcrLa4y| a fuae, ending exLKjclinu I "II rep. h"I,1) -0-money I I by the 'auilu. ut ill)' unyielding ripposilioii I ivmdiUiui! of huiipiuus in tliis loihiug but tint right to perform this

IUlrlO the wiMiuer or a diuKretmem ,"hI, I i Wim jcl| PUIIips .a)> !that uthlll .Jlurt tul I I c.t > tktt Moheniu fur the material development I world illldi"11. aiol, that kiifl ul'twthity jrund fraternal dnt) ill its 11'1I'y, ouU ff! \ fi

jur. uf Uie comiuuuity regard the I tiooting half uWu ftouthnrn) miluoiuiir.* althe of tli. !*t.te T which carries with Unit the loeulliva.ASMS' I own (!'rounds, and with Its own snip-/ TAKFN: AMr'fHKlHItU HI I I M'|

I a* JiuL stud I ,rust| vlntll&llul nl the the Ku.kins Into labizjlasktn" I I II The Senator kt.ihds before the country -.- 'inn, and. Southern Democrats wilt simnIil84corul | ) \ IWH.tri; 515cM (5 HI 1ShsbWt I'alull) ""'
law aaii I rvbuke lo tl>e oULllN put I'rb by drumhead will awe MIl kiulC auWiary to, and-being t tuiaJiM'tr ', .111.Ulay' life our *lvfswith I : j il tlit. full discretion uf notionigainst All t'unit uii lliu HI Jo, unlUver, .
tii.iU'fetie In tu* tax- Wendell exactly right about that, PhiliPs flit tin- lnlorl. Lmd'ir at H illnmrlW i irlni'ij
The will bu inferred until the Oili I for 1I1J1111111A1 u bole I, /,11,41,1 widilll tfJIUtJ..J alick our dvvoliuus' and fill heaven with an unoiiiy whieh it folly undvrlUndit \'HATEJlWHEEL% Yureiuriied 51rse 5,1 1iiui.iiuu, VtuI4tlt
there If Southerner
of the /JI.swath, her counitl u uot a I' /''',"-implic*li.l in, I ax-Aom*, the : vai/i ttitnplauiU, wid'. yet, bj all this nn| "r- I thu rust election will !iwl in the 5IMC.IItSis,4 bjui ulit.r ilulI
prmut l'lfill. length and breathe* the lund that can be termed |I HillGearinfcSIif ftInt&Pulleys I,,u IruitIu I 1,1 I I I'i'r ci-til,
-11, ouiuilt's rQ tu preparo su apiJkatioQ I mcuo eitiployc't further 1II"II&Ioeotnlli.b| .I luuit, obula uotlingul (i04 bandit like rritui vablo d ftaland aiini Ijlnlion' of the il.41VlI NILLKIt.it ESIMt4uUlbaLeiit,5S
uu 11. they *1'IUI rtft'about forty sucjtiona|> a "uillllonslre and all iuiBm I \I LieJ. ate not only lu willful! violation of la/y begg'ir that are always iuplubiingan arty now hit jniwer.VLftt ik
"/ .<** ruliuif* court but genuratiy urxmiuiporlaBlLJuiots. I millionaires are carpet barger who tame In our Lu llin I I aSil i 1' Mil(',i.N'TS, Aeul ut.l.n V
}, ", !l country begL-ars snS haw stolen all they ban I irk "'atllN but uifsniotu tstrerne., l always nskinpr, but will not work will j jdo I V. __... II tJJtOOl"HV ty baei.ovitt., II..

," tin prtBB (In CulUorula unuiUiwuiily lu their I we ban no doubt but that ihrlrr xerarirm soul fx-eially to whn rwortwd l to by a htmv notUng to help themselves: and U-tler i ithtir \ Is It thatK"i I'l'the' .till) mid I I 17, 71 U -tlmi
edit,m*i$md<>r* I hIpeyCfjkiIp hue Fal caav, and 'I hays a very oiolUiyhig eflerl on the K-Vlux I silt ot the United Matr and I nunisu-r of: rona'tion, and, tlvrcfbrf, we never )n.T1MO'ItNDTQR
L coutfratulaM run lftaueo end) Ui br1 cu the 'i Warnioatb. of Louisiana and Steed nf K"ith the cburcL of (;"bl I'luU-a-l ofnlsltioClMUiI bk. to move the pity Mull uiinpamiijii frfft I Iowa tint biU* kinl yvl I uover mcrt IItI'I'Lt\ ''A C1RCULM-E i JOH J ( WKKlv I ot all kbiil ukixiitv'l >UI
vindication of law ju uu>, morality an 1 df'lr ( ..ollna..111 be coo men to brgfa on --,4Vrda I .uI.4lUl"llU l/rucd, uII'm III'"rlotl I hers. Ari-hUilK TlUutvm, I' rU\I'd t IU' "W IS .. I tills ciH'u blIP ki HI-HI tilt%$ ami i 5IIJ4.Ktt4 I IV
u II the result "'< 'he trial i: &amiMu

'r ,


,"" -
V ;" -
-- -

-,--- -

1 -- ------ --. -- ,.- -
'fir. __ - -
-- -- - -- ------ -- ,-------- -- ----- -- -----i .
'I' Ku.kliix Hill >ot ..:"". : lars were also r/ed| nt Fernandlnn, havlmtbccn, !
'I ttf llrmorrnllf t lr.-"" nnil rmorrnl "fd"tl. LOCAL
Noble. Noble
ent tin re addrrswd lo and Pwrat

t MethlnT Ioribian, If ..I..v.ule 1'hR niile IWIuhllll jimriiul, the New York I were examined yetlrrdny, In thin ell!, btfore L"S llr I ilic
llnon Nurery near I-IIOIIIKT liii.ltlux
words. in 'ganlto Honey "I'ommMoner C I Hoblnson, and committed' inn ni|||
/ / has sensible r.
ol Uu' I ll.ulK il IK "" | some more Imlrt to > > *
"I'r-U"lfln. \d..r.I."I. to mat city this year about Niuoait In default (.ft'O.OIIO bonds Hnn l oinlnc to county jail
ted Ith th" Address cently | the Ku Klnx ), and\ lome
\ 1"0 Mi gir. *, which sold remlllx, at I for Noblo anti f 15,000 bonds for "'r.llL Seitonirrlvedonth
A L I. A H A B B K I.: : ocrallc members of Congrejw lut! tthyf The proofs, that it |< not hcrlel nf Uilru, < u Clovertm 1.\ NiimIre tar leaves .llck'>\' basket The Colonel in' NlckKin lasl night, In chargi 11"1 f I i' r t'i i ni HII T i anSE

address, ¬ prepared forthilrsperlulfilipctinn *- \ of Southern ll. ten uro It'I"IlraD., one Friday, mcnlng, stopping at the of the Deputy Bhrrut of Nassau, and will bt ex OIII.KC- \prtl HM ? v. iSlierman

nor w as it given tn the public with Ihe fXJieclallon II"i COII""tTI'. nnd two are T11rr:1 W@ tions enough to inpply tlie nctt J'ear. Hmllleolln-day.-J,' '" VntoUA, nnhl..l MiC lot ,,| h,, i ,,r v | ,, ,
Tl'KMJVY: \.\ \ l'Inl .
|si; of thiillinglng tlulr Irl.! or ,dlsprnl'eTheysa Und, the! writer says, tlmt from AllllmB, which Ice'. Iie> hou' in tliU city eippewltc point at whHi thedndei I Misr.nAi. ANti SOUA W m.n: -Hon, W Itfiliason Jure} Iiikpotor (.enernltil tin iln I mi. 1-1,1, ,

-- }' that It condemns, Ihe polleyof Urn lias A Diniotralic" iloterneir, and from Virginia, have Ju.t l receited li)' Itltlrninlluatiofliikr from on his return, lust' I week, from his trip nnd armt.ariitid hire la t wok i n r ini> t T .
H"mll.on tlie Western
IttKK, Ir., Kdltor.C. : wfco 1111. the rlviT,1' bac'k Ironlli r
I' : hrouifhl 'I'mIIMttl '
but I tils to lay don n the nhkh has n Governor, no Kii- from Net Orleans lirw rUimlily tln the dredge 'I up conlulnlng The
Inform' arrival
R. DVKK, .'., .Issls'l Kdllor.Ulboriuri \"T'IIIIh"lnl.tmllnl. "Ctn'n'llvr" \ :'i | us diirircnt klmU of IIIhll'rnlater., taken of the (irm ml of tour*' mill ,
iK'fnocralle I policy In conlriml llnrewllh nnd In Kluoutrngi'"s are repoi Ir d Tennessee,since the ami. II.ll'> w hli li Ih"I'" epflir Ion for, .111'1"01Ihr channel from tin springnlikli nlHiund the Interior stir ainonn the Federal offlci r ilII and milit.inund

opposition the,rulo. 'I his I Is I' it should be. The lasl I h.nll. has been quieted. )I-Irurl. in Oeo II McglnnlIm j"o't "e'ln,1, a water depth' ol'"four> 1l1l.111 I line' of tliiw, ..1111111I1,1111'' < ,I M> mufti' Milphrr set Ihe Ididical politicians lo IliinUnir ,.| I, iv

Di-mocTAlk mcmlifW f>f noi Ihenrmneratlc which | 'nil as the I < w route from andiiilnt I that a tingle tmtllc' lull iKlorld' law' room ina they might, Inditlditally and oUretivel} iiiak.nmi .
lnrt'Il' | .rrlrllt White f'nnHl Hiini Ror "
( IIIII amnesty \ ( wcrelhc *
I !dj..r il.oiivh innn> few minutes, The reniurk.ilile ,di. capital ont of Ills vl it. It was nrranc- '
I ILOCA Ii party. Th