It glm uineh think It wllK nl n&ll'l'i.thl'II (In ,V. IL ('olnuit.t iSiiviuiUaU (Ju.
Smilli was engaged in malting an eircavn- men I. lb. aanetaot aanclornm above; therefore fa I.year. 50 'I ,
the amount with ibeannie pow Hour. 1 /.j ,
tion near the b01l1M 0(' tbe former,,about *nwhwl', That In the untimely l death uf our du.be J. M. Ol'TMFK.. U'tiiff I It"III\lolI, ('uliiiiiliin, S. C. .r. tl/ 'l\lIn".n.ri"\llalltn': On?:
''hntfatnilo. STortb of West Hickory preparatory worthy Brolber,* hOl. A. Bradford, thla.Lodge baa 10 -
f to erecting a derrick, they exhumed 'bit one of I Its brightest Jewels the comronnlty one Mttan. BoTVOHa it HUJIIIKJII.-Your UoraePuW.er Whiskry, ('hiiu'. II.I I I'llilli1J'lIgubta., fin. / .1. M. .'Jhn on. Atlnntn ((in,
works to xrvat advaniaie We can n. ear liSy ,. .
an cnortuonft helmet of iron, which oflu boil citizens, and tho widow and orphan one saw Kin wIth two mules with much greater eaaeuadapeed 5) J\VSS Wcotc W'liiskoy. I II"d,1) I i K: Hutler:, MIII tllI. (iii. t. 10'.1111; ;'oI01I1'1Wd.4J&rlottf'. ; ..... ',1'Co! WIt.
win corroddd With. rust. Further digging who waa. a friend In time opecd. YRrtatKitffrtliijtfftfA than friar mulii run run It Klin Ibe old tvluof ,
'l.ruglit" to light a sword which measured, and hereby tendered the to bnvtfeIsympathlee the bereaved, butily l be of Albany gear. Nov. 5, 1IU. 8 M.LirT 8M1TU.Aunxr ,. _)r LCXsos: Proctor &: (;nll1ltll"" I Lnnl; in :tf, Ititlioif t ToomliiVitMilngtaii. ., .(I lit.K. 1 1. I I.. Willillghnl1lIcuJlll', S. (c'.

time *fet in. length. :Curiosity in- < are n. n. Ii lit ..ttluii'a I li'k W. A. (Jal.Jwell Orocu boro.
4 brother la the hour oalfllctloti.Thatabiaklest o 7 mid 10 ,
I ur departed
riled them to enlarge the hole Knd afler > Ju "'a61.1. ( pound) $ ( cans.
some little! time, they discovered the bones AwWMi/iirttM- In lb. record lr. Hrt.ama-br:. The Hore.lof' yon 5 K :. W. I H..llall.l.llnlllll: ( !ta. IJ..l.ort Thriat,
book be tnierlbed to Ibo memory of oar deemed nlibed the Levi Long ( savIng of "'gs (< OHICM| ( I Bllth'I' .
", 4 of two enormous feel. Following up the ..brother with t baiucj; age and maaonlc rank| and asS power, and II iiiild .ecuiiumy' for 1M, .to I 18.: .1. Smith, ( Ctitliliort On.I -
lend" they had so nncxpeetedly strack brtbw mark of reaped, Ibis.Lodge be draped In purcbaau it In place tbuir old gear, even If they 20 Barrels Onion. '

\ tn a few hours they had unearthed a wcllnkeleton the bablllmeola of woe, and the naval badge of alI co.llo not with wear to gin of tiinlrt.but onu crop.T. J.They BUTNTON.Mrrvnu.1. will save. 5 .1.1a r

Ii .rcscrve0 of nn enormous giant mourning be worn for the space of thirty diiya.Jtexiltfd i Apples,
. hebotiging to a ppcelon 6f the human fiunilywhiuh firflitr, That tbla report be puliliabed CorlT Hot. Mk, IHiti. j '
'fJi probably inhabited this And other Ib* FLoumUH and a copy seat to the family of oar Dr. J. V. Ir1fT-3: The Bottoms n". II Boxes I Lemons( tl-.- \ \'it'61 : i )i.'i\ ( ( :PTi.l: ) TI1K; 1II,:\aH.\: AUKXOV OF) Ill !En"I'1

'Y.t parts of the world at that time of which dcceated brother. U Power mnuirettlx which a tool Improvement Dolle Hlllycr over IMnnuUi't any other I 10 Choese \'( ( 'lIlIIl'nll11'i ; tlio i Stato tif Floridn 1 uiul tako grout plc.unro i in rtooniiniMicI'I '

:t, I 1'1\' F iUe speaks when it >uAnd THOi. P. ikHENRr, Chairman. Power dear yel made, not only fur cotton ginning, .ing it Id my liifiiiU( UH in try wiij'JUoialiy' of their piitriinago ami Mipport.Itctiiro .
there were giants in thone l'l's." The t rCbrletlan Advocate pleaae copy. but fur all'purpoiea for which power gear la u.ed. I ,'. i :
, Kruiu running i know that t' .
helmet U said to be of lie of those February I, 1870. my knowledge wil. / I I ; t tic i | liltlu about l.itB I Innnnince
t shape four h.IO will run a saw or of romniou 3c r 'J.n) ) \vnr our |icoiu tlinnirlit vi ry and most 1
"I. found among the rains of Nineveh. The ." 1 wltb eau* O. W. IIANDLKY. I..: kH Baron; ut'tliiiM'I ulniilM,! luKo ['nilicit'rt itt iIt hrtrii Coinj>nnioa )li/idtbo mi.foituue to hire

tooth are of extraordinary sir*. Thecc rel- 'ptch\t totiCt Dr. J. W. Iirwrooa-81r: Time Buttcma lIlt.', 2 Slionlders t llirni furl'cilcil.; ; I On) |'mUgtl li'JI I dl'tltu ifigrt| of tlio Iimnrmieo 'onimisnioncr fur
ion have beer taken to Tionpsta where Power, which ginned the crop on the KnunPlantation ) tim,( Si ata (it'Il? 'rttsut.lmitatt, fir t SIt J. ill, 1'1111110' Ir:) tllO large Inei'en..o or time
"'J'." they are visited by a number of persons this year la all that I I. claimed for It. I .f Niriht'rn, '
2 ( ilt1toughi
Wlien IMt: know from observation that It will gin a clnOerop"ILb Car Loads Sail at $!:{. 1111"1'1111'' 'ifliliit'1: uliit'iiig tllU vur. they ha,1, earrietl time
r dttily. hi. giantshin was in the Vigilant tin one-ba'l' o l lea. the mule fore* any olh. Will' I'ink 1111 Iht.i III.J"il'I'1I wilhmt extl'a 1'l1lt'l premium' ." ho u811.t11O fu1Iowiiihituigli

f flesh he must have stood eighteen feet in -,- power.gear. Henpoetfully yonra, _d _. : .\1110111" I bin I,.' whi.11 nit r l'cl'IlJiollll.lIIll"'B I Lii
ag. ligil row away
j 1'0',1', bin stotLingg. Tlie*)' remarkable relics tST"; :lleinliors are hereby notiticd of (it>PuM, Juu. ll 1). MiJ. A. I JAC01. I't''ltlti4U 1111I/" I I.IIIUI I Ihl'!t' in 1'1:11..hIlI'O i'I' I lil"'I'ly i I ) \\1 not Io\\"t though h I fr tJll'ril,,
: wilt be forwarded New York
' ; early next Meeting, at their Hall on A LARGE ASSORTMENT\ OF llV) (JOODS.Wo ) j in Nnrllit-rii I rlltl\nl T.i L'o .
Mi'fk. The joints of the skeleton are now tbclr Regular Monthly November 5th, 1169. %wit H Iitrp' |'iii'licipiilicin! ) our Cotuptin| k's-- /"'! have n< ?iu

f .j. buiiig glued toge l".,TheHo remain,.were MONDAY EVENING MILF.8, Fubru.rj II. NASH 7lb aL T Cap o'clock.:tt". ''Metara. nO'Tor.t 8V'II: Jvno : We ba.ginned iifi" "iII, our' (Cuiiiimiiiiv wtrp no liwor liy thin liouuivr for they iiruiitcdl /

,: funnj ubout twelve fuel Wow the lortuix! our crop you ua, l ihoj'urfrftiuvut; Sontlicrii Immlio'irst t to an amount far renter than Hiillicicnt to

':.$ of a mound which had been thrown'up OUlclal February-Jio.t, J8TO.E. DuBosg &' and Una that that It we c. to KID ran fuur any olbo.wUboaekaUlbemutca old power <)(d\vare, Tinware, ( 'rorli 'ry. ( IolJiisrfI' co\rr nil tin' rttilihyfjncnt' war risks on tlii'ir DWU uumlujru.I'LtutJiiaAluBjiitchn, -

t probably' centuries ago and which was - -- geari. Tour machine 1 I. dIIu fur ttrtts CiUinit-tBluiior, ( |'1'1'1I1dll! Hir' nil llui NurtUcrtk- Uumpntitjr not'only tnnnt.< usvitli

., not more than three feet above the 'level Leon Lodge No. 5 L O. O. P.Z1BRETHRF.1 \doea not yet show an} appreciable 4 U. HAMILTON. Hutsfriiid\ ,Caj J s. \ I i Jill V'I tig j 110 C'IHlll'ILII\[' uur "\111.I) (ml i\ it'j)''rciniilert'| our I niuiicr i ninl I tlifii
of the ground arouud it. Here is a nut for -0- -t' ; .- III1L"I'' il u ninllcr of pulilic Lr..iu.ling.. ,
antiquarians to crack. [From tb* Uacon Telegraph, A Meaaenger.)

--- -...- ( aro reminded -. Bottoma' Horee-Powtr was tested yeaterday before Wlirii HIM "it'|''ii t iiiiuiim'|, >il it Im II itil'rel' of tho niOht inlluuntial ami, I wealthy I:

fore housing "11I1It.lo.the floor 'witU m- .ng of Loon Indira, u. *. >t tlidr.Iu4ia,. though eight la the rule. Tbe all propelled hlI..J forty -III"ar"" luooit' ( Comi'iui) uf hiT/'M'ii, ninl! Lho rt>iU *

nluuL il lime, throw ill.shout 60 bushels Room. "I.I| | (trinlnf( .11 o'cloca. F. 'ii,);, ,rAPN.. Jl. aaw suit gin will Jet .pe. dbree no difficulty. In driving take T; I -a ll>ls. Ox Tongues, 5 I 1-2 Mils. I'ig.i |J'vvl.. | :

: nf corn In the shnck tileD 'eprtullo finer DIIINIlIt'rXnk.rr.' ol. a full roll, ao IbM three negroaa can drive FrH" a hbls. I Lamhs
over thai ahhls.l'igs! Tongues
any faat enoagn-wllb hnnepowir.W spiced )
'ftbmuj 111'IO. lIIall'.I" ,
: 11 In, "pile hiilf bnshel of common.salt, and toon ----- blghly. pleased li. corainltleeeiiireaMd.theiiuelVe the prft>ruuiac.' SOUTIIJJKN LIFE I IlfSUKMCE I COMPANY

fur; I""ry'60 bunlicln' of corn hnlf' bunhelof lvHECMATIO, LlTEN AND JF.\R !.,- Ihoma.J. BuWonn Tbumn.vUle: ,' b the Inventor ,

'YOII' wont find a wtevil, add your Prut Ka jtuu, the pupulur our! vcUbr t.dturcr .isaruua. ..tUnlment Albany of tbii, 10'1"| "proprictnry.', sad with right Dr. W.It J.LO llulUi jui-l Jiamilit.Pdllmsli: iii\ Lumps, .4. cusenlByles'uiiibiic8yriip :; !
of Kojton'i CHI of Lift the b taken the Drat premium aad liuoomblo rueutlon at
cattLe Ami horstsVilL; eagerly ilcvour your far rbeuniutl"ra known, lIsa how dUcoptltiuci Rowe and Fjttouton. and b"o. J ?In)'I largo siKsbrlwent of wit* "1' IL"il.l"1." It* llrtit p'out, objnrt. witrt tu j>rc\ent, jiocflible, the imlJlCII '

.hnl'kII.-X &'. .Cultivator.. ., ] bl* (nvolt throughout Ilia States to sue HID .Feb. 1.1*'. : { Lamps, drain i>t f,pital from thin country tujlio JS'oillt, which by calculation, bawid on
S -- --- -- Uma and tire cripple and lbu e otherwise olllk-lcd --' -' 4 lilfls.. : fCi'rosene; ( (? Oil, non-explosive. tho ninfct t-nnTul KtiitlMirH/anionnU" to" over twolvo millions of dollars annually.

: To DKSTBOT CUICEKNB '!.-Scatter by rheumstkim or neurolgiti or j loins' tu the aide Tax. Sale. i Tliiii, vomit Bum I III tiilum from time Sunlit I to till IS'orlli through tlio iiiMtraiuttntalitv

NirigH| of ctidur about the fowl_house arid1int. cure Ac., fur tLumwlTtfc ho .rcnc) .,without.nd well him ton, that\\J* unlnR the pcoplo M. Oil coo of 1 .V virtue of Colect9rs m* by law, I will i 4 j'l i t. : : .. yf tlio twuiity-\Mi Northern ('UIIII'III doing t htaltma, in I tlio Month. '. .

tnr m the chicken trorigbvMARKETS. J offer for eat on MONDAY the -Nlutb day of
Life i Ibo virtues of vlilchirennlTuriullymkunftlelided. I. May next time following' duncrlued property" *fo irtaice 500( ) hoxcS.f! A.\jy J G cjajt't I hlil.J.unl) J Oil, 2 hhls. Tin: HOlT") '" JoHN I.IKK: INHIFKANUi UOIU'ANV in, 1 believe 'tliooi.lv.
Some Cnulliih to Iblnk for the 1WH and
puoplo were enough due thereon 11110.
yeses V L '
: from Urn swift Aud tjiucd cures uioila ou the >i"ot, I Ibcfuro Tbe B half of H B quar. of luri, aodVlialfnf limvUiS.'l.ljloilcdtdo. ? <}* or.f Ta mil', Nuith or South, uhiuli: rotiuim tint nioiu-y in time. Stuto in which it fcliall ?d'/
; Ib'lr eyes or their(cicada,tUiit the I'rofuuor'i H Wqunr.and. N K W qnar. of 6 VYqnar.aadN'R <|Uar.andBKqear : ollix-ted. Not onn dollar cimtri tinted by Floritll tlio nuaetfl of this Conqmall')

"C 0 .. htuil wu bewllchul, but we Ufiirc all Ui lllic and M ol $... ofN\ T I R quaKthe.fiITlit1S.t 1, 1 ii W. properly ol U.WI.| U or will 1ft1 tulcn tint nl'llin. Stulo, but; riiinniiiit to "bo I'MVWv' \$ bnilil' uji])
Tti.tAUiiutta, Feb. l.-CUtuN-Received at J. P. Lift, iroBicriv.Thi .
sterling tinge llo out/ In the Oil of ADd foot Alllgood.Nb ntir iiwn ]! | (
(.'ull'.' Warehoute from Feb. lit to date, 840 balca.In rabbin;. For rhtButtlim, neuralgia, pftliM In the .lf8. 1 Tl1tlNmkF.t; 8 W quar.OesnO1. 3000() Ihs. Wliito! Lead! JJOO() Ihs. Putty :J i hnlf -
I ( T 5, 1, N I K hnir of qnitr. tk'e. 80, Tl.R : ,
<) hHiid M ttolu. Shipped SM kalea. Prices range bark,Joints or tldua or wburcrer a Ilulinoul can be B, 1 A K: E i. of N K >|I I. and M W uur, otN ill I 11111 UI.tl'lIllollllol'I'1I1Iltlllrluu'O Caniinny| in t>\nti! >iua', mind ?Jius nipt with
lriutLW22i. 8u&L&1d58W4O.* used thai Kajrtoc'a Oil vt Life Ja iwkBowtalxed K nuar. Bee 81, T *, K a, N ea E,aaaeuvd to HenryCotieland Cotton Yarn from (> oor ia (Victory, I 0 cases I tlio I I nioht I iiiiprfci'dontfd' KiKTOitH wliorrvcr it linn I licim in troth ti cc.I, mitlio I I li"llll' i itH t
'Al1U., January S8.-Tbo. market .ua qulcl rvai and without an equal, giving the patient ol Trustee for .Ponder and daughter.Thirty and! Koutlt
( acre or land Inc UX, and mk aera*U Bee, London Dock Gin iMjliuy liul.lriM in jl.trj.ill Cnrolina, will show, ninl" licncu! it IHIH lu'un'
HiarirtlpU dvpruttod thBiuarkut In jiew York moat Inatantaueoui% rcllt'f by one rubbing. For 111.0 t<> 11."n Hugger, biilou*)**to M,., pure. bitterly nwnili'fl by, Ki'rthcni Ilh.llrl\('')'III'IIIIIII ; uial In ono of IlioBo attack
: and l.lvurpDol. We qndle i Liverpool aprittpa or liruUoo has.110 l b.ul&Mll with luarkciUCCOM. ojirCuiiipitny
middling W.D.ale. .
*44>. ; IowmIditIlng24q." | good orUlunry,:.',, OlrOI. 1IAlld KI : acres, properly of Mm. Mury -- -. : :-- t r U uJu looJ to turn utur iU biHint'Bi/on !orlJifni tXMiiuiiyurt| time Sodtl..

NKW YOMK Jan. W.Cotton eloecd Kales Ka>'ton'i.Dyspeptic FIIU,purely vegetable,are aa Iladly.B T, B- W B, W 'I\.J.\I' islj Mutton !ill not yet Hiillificntly I) nd. > ancod to attempt t tho MfU'uuu nf Lil'oliiaurwutj! ; t Hint \M>
'lower. K uwir. Beef all
quar. 8 I quar. Oystri : at times "
8 ( IUII1II.rA. .
neitltur luuo Limo uiittl.unmtii'itl. 1 tlio, ri
I bles, 'Uddlwl, 153e. <' excellent ralhartlc. McKeaion & Bobbins wbulaaalcaftiu. 17 T li, N ill W..e ae properly 0 K. on nor t roiiiini'rpinrG\fir> (>nr6.nTliPfo

Li, ur --
I l
If MThnfrMto Drug Ilouu, Suvanuab.Wanted. q.A.1. I nttiirkt) Imvo only nddcd to. our 1'II"illl'IIIIIIII.1 I ealled, forth I ra'j ml ii's Horn I the
I U.
llVOn.lOrlian. tXd. Balot. 10,000 boles aa the pru.rty .r
Imluilliig a.OOO bales tot export and aueouktlop. J A* 111.1.lutereit Kdty.>.r uf laud ; I bit aaK aKe Express. ofliuor oftlio'onimny| wliieh nlntw. I that Uw! yUUTllKIN( ] lJk.ji, :.not; Widy
011 W half of Kqmmai has .. entirely ohrnt! huttt.") 'trr'lI(;c'M'l romjMinv df>lrf> 'iTlMfriMi/lff! $ tli>'f fnll;"

We' bad 0111011II try It the olla-r Jay fur Jiv' 4rtttitmtutl. ;,8: VK" ";.WballN aIN B iinar.Wquar.see. and W half TTIHMNdiT. of I N K qaar.ae uiJ ;})(f) gg cullcct' for and (lelivered
U. T IItdN&l| B E auar, of IY.qu.r.aidS Tho, I Iruo I lent IIj'lI roinpunyV hI l'tii., tli I t in I not tic uuiotint t ot'm"Is, hut tjio irhition -
Imnm In 'f l itlo altonliiliiuxtl
IninuJlal our family J'liet.sun, TbU
lulrtmiHtrnJrpfitilfiit\\ . Gn. ,, eAWYRR, wboean tnke charge of and rosaCircular T. T. Bultb. dopol' I e\'f! ;ry , In Ortlllo Iu article' Pt'UVMCTK .
an upon' ieiuave A' Wanted N E quur. sac 6.T I I. R I, M A W,.. aaed (Win. ;
Mill. alao
law "
a wan 10hilltop. I limni'aiii'i'Coini' I ,IIIlIl'I'.1! Nfew Yolk, ithm'.ri'tP ha' tcvt Mg-11/\/ ( 'fnitliuiitj'I' ,
Fl.l'll A. Klchardton Ageut Mr* Klehurd.im. ; :
reference la 1 I
-. -.- Apply K. II. BRADFORD. N(A One-half E, owner N unkaow K qiwr.*ol. B W-'fIt ".'. ore II, T 1, K 3, J.fffli J I r( : rt:! *.) V/ i A. ir. R.] 1 t' Ji.Kin I

"j4"nh In H rii) *fHnpi ft I cxK>rU'oca uu one 1.b.IlWrfl. 'Jft--f- W 'I".'. of B |C qaar. see .30, and N E uu.. uf I tA..AIU\.U.. J,.. III M.rrbW, '11114hATS : .i, (CtiiiniM, I lii'i t. .' I ::11) frt! HHI' !!
i in im.niMf, UII"> l I Jon't know what It la alMHit | N E quur. sooll- shin TS owuir unknown n
I 1,1, | ,tU pi'Jtiul& mi) iu Uiiilifih .onirililng ,DAVID S. WALKER, I T.T, i 11614 anppoaed and 'etf.to belong JUt:1I loll uf fl.l (1""II".I"III I ii Mittiml .l ,l I I'Jl.tlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII /;! l/()(

Ira LW nifiulug Imjipcii.; 'fjkprcaWcxiijJltoUHV ATTORNEY AT LAW I E half of 8 E nnar, neclH.T e. R 1, K A E. belouv- .' I IIS, Y.I.( '
) nw coiwliiully raping from fines iull> I Inr toe l.teofj. A. Leo, fur laxn of 114CI H amid 'CU, .
r. Also the descrIbed In IIATS HATS 'rAAk ,41jcwhi82; 1tU' .J
Ibo ( :
log /foul| liver disease. It they won 1.1 ou1> ulaHiniiiinua' TAI.LAIIA.SSKK, K1XW1DA.) nf Tallah.Mee following t property lily I x. ., Ur'1 '. 1"1': .U ", I..

Liver Itrjiulakir,. tinik"'modunfyiriwH -- Lets .No. 4a. 2$.tO, JO 81, N half, county qn,rter, I,llil4iJh. .e' 'a.'t"i I I 1' ,.
) b, and (...1& tnrmrt tn C A. nryan, Ageut.IJ1S --- ? l't I 1 : t' .I '; .15f1
the ,
iHwlpa.htl, llic spirits[ \uuKl lie LlwiTI1il PltACnCB In Bapreuia N .
III. .dlllad
I IlK and A. to Win T.
r .. oflue Buto .nd la Ibe U. B, (,..1' part I' I 1'lIill'll1,11'-, Ua t'l I
the .4
.11111 nuluruj bivllli. of .
body Iu C'oEiwell a. Aguit M(4. EMuUtt H Cou> ll and .
aid DlitriiA Ouuila lot lit* NOI1"Iotrl..f .
KhiiJ- I i
_.--.- V'Iorlcl. Offlit oa I bo eeeoud Boor of Iba Monroe MI..O A. tTt* / A IfTT :, ll .B''t Irrt'T'O' N. Q. I Knic, kellioi I Iii M i' ,111\1 I I III |11"1( .. i
N jir
Irthabi.lnillgeatloa ..,.114" Lot S7N. fIll, MO *|>erty of Nat humid. 1, .1.- i rfJU'i. MIMI
not < .'L"rfT"'llIlhe pliyincal brtl'ih 'reiTl. 11110. !211-1)_ ._ __ 14'10110.L..u NJI" "Ij,.O l, and U, !III. X balf CIMU I 1'"h"'II.' lo IIHI/ ,.

,Nit Tim the dyipi-pttc( "hcconut ll iia MiLftvmfm Ino. la 4 nifwura of hj xlrtlnm 11 iloioo- $20 REWARD- on preparty Dr JII ro. O. 11'4.. 1. J. tLiliK.f l u iA; L ,Lt '..."tll\\) .\tnl1l,, : (IIli tea; (IIM'. 4 U'

Cullwtur U 'eue Leon icuulr, t U. ', 1"
ral..ttiJ bf hb lolferiujjs. Hu la l aulijit-t' .10| flm ufIrrulHtlon r,b. (. IlltillAdministrttor's J" rl, ;, I
or .
aulluniiPM -- -- I Ui1:
iir drtpulr, its the case may ,, OTAIHK OVKU bIN 14.
lie A |.iuUiruul vnl iiuMbi "" .\10-11 I ho can- A DUI BAY hOUSE .IJOIINI '!1.0 wIth, *v Notice. I .

nut Ulllfljl WII< Liiu to'iulniHiatruti ike nopHaiul -. era, grej'Mi around tU rout of Ul 1o. *Vp? ptrioni hllvln,'cblnil, ur doinud, U'Un' .l SHOIJ: I ANDv.- EATnER'BA'ZAAR THE SOUTHERN LIFE
cbuel ALL
lib uil
acU W tiipi.nMund nniK sail>l bin Inlrux rae "111tfllll.flal.. and frrrkeob one "triad luw'e! UkTbe justsboe """ of Gr.mrg. Klndofl, late of LI en ? :-liUHAd! W3W
the ,,111 of'I"! "> solely, ftnrtda itenMrd, are hereby noltlud Iupraaent Ifu l lulely 1w.mt vlockfl, with SOH
ni-u with ttio*o umrvit arfJ iV treat In Uwlaruiiu.'tMy. / abovo reward will b. given upon his delivery
them wrtbhi time time tiw
| ] lutrlej b) bibIiMio uf UnHmuItifrhjrn to me at F. It. C Leon county, r wi nla rml tMliltv TUCHO ary tlifi uiuilal Veb.tNO.Mjvtinistrator'B. a3l' > I'll" 01101II141e1e haii'l HMii.iiiiL'.au, it > u ihlitj| tlTl.tf'Jit.M, tli| |, giiiiiK

|.hfnoiiifnu.of the ill"umj, fur w hltb j ,lbs| |DVltij| -- -- - --- payment WU, II. KINDON h., KOI t )1! 1I1': :'SJJ II')\'' WKAILlilrl : i-atiiiol'../l'vlu linliililiiI'CAjlMi.liV' to ,\'lI': ..' Ainu.' 1 In, otlirr. w.H.>'U llu' < :i>niipuii

iiiuint InJuMly )ItnMrBKpxnf-ibk- they IM.XHBIIIU Notice. Adm'r da boult DUO. > itoiiUI ruiimni'i'" nil. ot i itit! :niiuiiiailiiix: r\\i.i\ \ pity' ) it-- d''lituud) uta.K t: hU,1hlo

wiuJi iuMMibuld UMiewrurt. II k M III -JtI. 1:1 l'll week after date, I .hall) make application, Full I, IS7U. tW-Mw .. 'I' ,:HI; 8 uith It 'iicplii$ un Inuid, t>i ii.'tuV.OTI I )". I II I' tlall.U ../111:..,.. .\\1,111', i>i I liu I truili, thmij

truest f the home elrcle 1 It h rtucRtlitl Cumly Court lo for tIre lion Lno Judge county,"f'fur' Prot/.te pcrmlHlon nf" the 110 County..UIIi. I NOTICE i I'rIne.. A-gbur'' .ad1 'IM..be, lIsm ('.r'... .4.; ...... ..'....r.. 14 wee. in a nliow i tig( I IlilLl"I'IIIIIII.\" I i i I | "'"-, (hi.1 ( 'i,ui[-ii'iy""n very Idjjli { tJilitll.linllu1U"'I "

lutrmuuy aa .ttl uio Uio KatiM o|' OicpriueilalTerw | I Kent K.ut. heir B,lug 10 the L Utv *f Ocorge Kin -! .t..rlC""" .l. (.'<'urm-, UNd I'nuhUiiNblti llltM-h Hruttrm tlic c Ii"I'lll\'l'lIj"lIl'1l1l1* rrport'/ ti'iif !tin-I,; ''mt, la:<{ !i. "..kl..11I1' lo ilcci'hi',1"Th '4
from a Stole nM rllt Ihimlncl.iieiit dun, late of aald I county, deceived -0rpllE -

| Inwlilty' tliat I Ilicab IYIIII'luUIa rt'IIIOI'U\I| l of im'iiU.1, .j ir MTM. ttjUlUDOS Ailw de bonla, .sew.. UKDEIU1QMEO BTILL KEEhl A LABOR Art all Ilimilminni ninl "". / ,//11{ 1111.I iU >: rij him't
ili-turluuicu U piuiuiiljr tvinuriia Till can t*b._1t.15T8, 9t4wMaster's 1 supply ofSash replY uiul I do Hoi think. tlnll our [itC'J-li ''-Hi, !t.(' 'li>a

i"rAIII'III$ of Ik* funrltona of HIV atoniark ituxlIu Sale. tn it tal-i' xlati-nii'lit,

uU) .I l \1oeei tie liver and Uw Lt,.." l'p. UNDF.R is aytler aid decree of Ibi lion. P. W. on band; alto all tlie i of -
Judge of the Hd Judicial Urealt of | I ,do iu''t itrk onr ''K' t'i, iii.iii'o with: hI\ ( i"1)1h.1;; ; null, *** it vtin DIQ.i
mi llu-M- three linKirianl| tlrjnin '*iMlrr'a Flurlda In a certain came In Chancery W.ikullacounty METALLIC BURIAL OASES NEW BOOTS AND 'SH'DESr |'n; >| | .
S'Hinitch hitterS act vniulutnvounly, |1"'k\114U11I1I{ wbcrctn Alfred Harvey, Excciiter of Thomas -. I t II"II I'll II IOU nil ,.Iwftl' ittid I M'cnru M any utliw ( 'oinpaii\i i ran oit'ur, uiul t tl.U l lit'. lt

tli Jtl i I k
u-KclaUe Ingmikiutit of whlck Ihu preparation Mart b, 1S70, to tke blgheet bidder,for cash, bifrre > t fir'l1iuae Indebliut will greatly cullg me by t .
U ounipmiuil tIC) the OotItt 110"" door, In Ibe town of CrawfordvUle, 'Dlllio, htlwCl\\alelr. J-TT3L.IJ3L3NT :IBIDTTOPST: I i pp
are a mimmlng
regulatlog j DAVID S. WALKER Gen for Florida
In said couuly between Ibe n.ual hours of wle, the T. J. HAWI.M.TalUbaa. Srf Agent
an I a'ttratirt cliarucU'r ftuj l Iku Uiuulaul .liirbIrutla following doctlbcd laud. lyiug la said county, to .**,die l3.41.* TilE OR10LVAL LIVK: SIIOIS MAX OF TAU.AIIASSKE": FI.OItlDA, ,
wit Tbo N Wou.r. of N tqu.r. ofBee. ,
activity to their ronnxlial vlrtun la' the W/lowD .
-- -- -- -
2.Ramrge18 W ; sad the N Kprar.vf Ib* N E |II butil and It | HUGH ARCHER Special Agent \
M now CHI
purt t and kv l llinl (olD bv HtructeJ fnnii I lUuiiMit quar. or BM. Bi. Town. 8 B, Kanga Waat contain I daily rwcltliiK u UIK atom k .rMen's "
rtliuKsoiaoof( oil curtly vU( sound ry..- hit; altogether Bttf acre. i and the 8 X quar. of tbu Dissolution.M'llE 'ii'' l

Nn Jynn'iuc| can ULe title genial rnlontllve for and Nq..r..f the 8 W Bee.quar 84,,sari Town.the f\? b.lf.of fbaadW-8 E qq.r. ol' I I CO PARTNERSHIPheretofore Milling b* and Boys' Boots Shoes and Brogans Dr J. H. RANDOLPH, Medical Examiu01'I., : : .. i ::" ';
.1 Miigl WI k wiihonl rirKriinicU 2 a nuiiUeuupruVMiuut : Be*. Id, !I. Mm Ton.blp and Kan e, eouuluingaltogether 1 tWMto Hubert Ullll.ina and Jacob Burkblm, I .",. .41
ill Jill Iiezilih. N..I i "ure*; and lb. I W'Iu.r. of the 8 E under Ih. iuu of WllXIAMh 4 iUJkaUilM, UILI Of all kllliit (Nil .11.1'1.1111.|', .. AimWomen's i f 'Hf I. '.
gtwral oilywill .
qoar. of Bee. M. Town. 1, B, Range I, W. and lb. day dUaoived by laalttlMaient I' .
fits almte from ar. and E Lit All drmanda ..ld lImits X. Jl.-AgvuU wiuitfl ovury jiurtiuti uf tbo Slllh, IS'onij mtxl upplyviinioMi|
Imdily uIIVrinj day lo day g 5 q of M K 'Iuar. Bee. S, Town. agalu ar* bitrtbf aaaiuuad '
but 1114 mind mill recover upiJIy front Ito The, 8.total lUnite' number, %Vesi of, eoulalulog I altogether _. :' amid will be paid I/J Kobl. Wllll.n TKOBKRT GirI ) ami Children's Gaiters, Balmorals Slippers, &c., they aro [prrjiurwl to give tlto buninoMi their vwlmivp Btteution, fnd \letf rinftVKto \.
aert of laid described loads WIM.IAMS.
o'tif''hlI.tiyt4U3l l III lal bull!wick. I H h. VTVn III
Lt-eni.i. and irtltabUlty, arid tblt happy changewill being too, Bold Ruder decree of for JACOB BCKEHIU14T if! .
Ufy mortgage. Either patty I I. tulboriMd to'...payment
manifest Itwlf around
l ID doimwuor all
i" to W W 7YALKFR. 8p.' ;I., 'h'lr, "r 4c) debi dui ulil nrm, and ret.lp< fur 'the ain' Jl, "" '1'711 I I.. m ,,1 I 0 1 i II.I I I." I 1'1 ';.,
in p. 1 I 11711 "- -1., 'ui tM !lot' JULIAN OETTON.



-- '
1'w. J

k- _--,.- -= '-.-- - _I.-- '- ,





i't. 1 :
-- --------------- ;
__ ._ --------------- -
--- "d7i
.. ._ n
I P$1 4.4 I I ; .I." f.nL' ", "ft 0

.. .. j. .Mfeo? fltlT Mltelltt1c"ji'd4 lI .
-Miscellaneous; ** 'SAvannah' AdvertlsemenFs! 1 cjT1ADyRTISEMENFS. I ; = lepus.AdJojinis'trator'ariial.

; s r,, _ T 1 '-, -, -
: 'r
; -- .

,pI i CHAN -OFsCH DiJi.E. Ai1b1SEohnson = .tJJtfil N Q fl c! Sheriff's Se ,. ;Xr<"ICK 'II hereby given' that purtinwii,.t to ,.
writ of hart nn '
T ytrtot oft out
: I> otl A"! lor of taa-JiHfo of ta*Voiswy Leon
EI3ll'Dj 1 !!-1 ) CIreun O"ef the eenn4 'th'e eounii tf,'""'\Stata ut .'I.rld..1 "IU SH", "

Tallahassee -and-Florida.Central Square, Savannah, Qa 'McEo: OTi: ) c E g, JJ3 : The Amaociale.belngorganlzedby the lu honda 1111., .I ., Alice toonty.tnd, I b bav pl'lll t I.dl upoBandwIB wker. M. Bfletletr..JJClout laid on, toth MOolnAT.tb.61L In Uie highest,lew a of'frldner Mvatiaallu day of rVfbre lJ' ,oounu the iou if"

& Prop'rs. JHIutiiaX Relief f Co. for sale to the blgtjwt bidder before .pmbernPiI i
expose lbs (
WILTBERGE AROLL tb bUoWlBtl lands IMltMHtSIM lu th*CM St.of Th ,
RAIL ,ROADS; '.( I CO"-kens*door,re the City.f Tal laBaetM. oe> I CMcKsli, decea*<-dJJ.IOI I. said 1

I'I' T<,, ) > -* t : I' Hr KN: .WHOLESALEtANDRETAIL1 HaTlnt;,BOW reached an_ igfr!gati.Mf mhorrtilp of. .t MOS4IL7 la '. WTO, w\W Skis. Ip,Tn W'X ol tb, W hV. W* vTV county.Ibe i few'nf wit i
Iii'fit BI BE QKB9B25BB8E PffiQfflQ 1'I'l'orl'i.AI HOUSE fiirnlflud HAH < i. bon o.ro.the followlnf. A VYof! Ilea W; andthe K IJtVaiid Ik. \ ,-'
4 q ryyia a aW q re .
AND AFTER SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 7ih. ring the past suminrr,and It now pn' I j :ONE 'THOUSAND.L twl\He'a Roller" Cylinder Pnwrr Pnwt, 1 Cordn _ndflia-VTtfortheS tb. EIof, tbN vVfrtBu.tbelVoftk.iU Ft1ot8sc55'i tbeVt'd :,'
ON 1WU Pu.cnorTrIns theae Kallroada wIIirri for the recrptlon or ?1..I.. r1SJUTICB Jo_ do., 1 WjaMnvton No.Jllanddu. the 8 F.C of See 80 r
In at and luTe the leveral on Station. at the houM Mr. JAMES eAIIOLI.formrrU, of dn'j .I HEREBY 9IYRJ Ibid tine Admit1 .., nelUr k.
Entaw ." York \ sloe r OqI ,RnuIIy by rb. On 310IVn.lW Cutter (bad ,) 10.
below named every day, the Commnlc| however Jou.e. : 1.\1.. .. de' Pre |" 9t ICM.. Term nndfl. kvowo oo Site d tjr of tutc
reaervlni the rUUl ta thmfrom their d. of the VIt Springs, Va., ks t>i play, "be "ar.all ( tor large BtmtdlnfOailcy(bad ofvMlMelalTypeauml \ BtSJ. .. ELLf80S. .
.'1'\1011.1 ) 1 *-) ; vary i" %H* (1 lbs rotnaevmini.of 11""I* DRUGSIQ aMp ed Ttltt* In Ortnbff next. 1 (JulIet )1. I T.bl. Ilo,a41i 154wfThe Ad.U!
1 *.m40 n*<>lhret, VttrM wltbflirtf iTrln Slrtifl. thu Inn name w f Vu rLTBFrViPH, [,\ : I The rate of admloaloi will lien M a* follow: I small Dosks, H large do., 6 Choirs ... above sale baa been
\ I
era, but when not required to do .n.lh., will run I ( W 11. : i rnccaiIB Between tbe ofltani! l'' years.........(4 0 B1Ia., 1 large Pot,30 feet Green 9 Blind. leeeU..1 (nt MONDAY hI tebrai..18 U.9Itllonell 11III1111,
which al" !lid
Caret ,
regularly to Bt Marks and bark on Tlletd..y.,Tbu.s-. IMetropoltan '_ b calls tht ," 2B .... ... Sheet-Iron Wore,.pntr _
0"I .0 lIe.ee,1do.
Job of
d. and Satnrdayt. 1{ ldl" 4Mngied0.,1C't Type
j ) ..
Freight and Accommodation Trulna will lcn\e Restaurant.Oyster'and EEPt AI.WAnol BlMtUloaofMKUCHANTA 1 : : I .._.... 1 U cues ZOO '0.1 Job Tp 100 Cut*..1 CI.ol., A ini6tra.tor'8 Sale. 11

I I I T.II.b.a days and F.Io'.1 for' Jarknonvlll A 89 A. M.on, arriving Monday' at*,Jaikaunvllle Wcdiicn-- IVI. LIVEL'Y I W 6.4 45..6 C ........00 0 tare 1 1 Cat,it* Labor pair large Ba\lng Hook Chases, t and.m.1 Mel..FurrJt'1 pair .J.T}.}Bernard partBaBC ol aa of order of She Honorable J. 1 ".
Jsdge lbs Court
J .: at 8.00 P. M. ; returningwllllcMroJaokroivlll hand a full gtoik of Tbe Association'I, coulat of Four Clu : I IM.Ncwtpapw Cbaect Job, di5 1 pair Jew do. : "
J on Tapodayi, TbartdayiandHalnrdajii.atfclAA. M, Billiard Rooms. ,, 111 i Ln P'hl
; ir lidlbs. bWeI..Co.II.bernr.'Cn1II1 Henq'.r ,
.. i (III
Mtnloi ) tit
fur arriving Talranaaace at 7 Oft P. M. Clua (1. .. 1,000 lb 8 mor 1-
of TalbUiaeMe MONDAY
--oJ. r ) 'fa .. FIrs ( } i City on tM MihdiyTf' r
Isa.eatBrr Train fining t'.n: .t i I MCONNEIA4, : 4 I IIr..gn flaw 11 1,000" Bmsll onr.llIbl., ,moa 1..1101b January, INTO, th. following described 'lauds, i,-

1' Leave QuIncy..... .. ... .. 112.'P. M. _nSIGNRED____/ ? l'OI'WloK. <: ". I ('IBM O <> 1000" .ormpnllol..B.onz.ec.4.lb.News'8., longing to tbs amiNe of*tm. A.. Bums, dm.,,, <
.. Cla\M.D buM to-wlti The N Eli oC8Me.To" $TNortl.ofKii11t, ,
Arrive Tallabatsee .... ... 8.00 H lI t 1100 do 0.
: Bok. Rail
Leave Tallakatsp....,. ..... .v SM ,. '. ., __LIGHTS rJJilidiclawa. PIY8tCA)8' -' 1.O.nunnllly cad.,Tags r.p'l J, ( EU8 E)L Bee I, Town 2. North,of KinJ' ,
) v ., F.. Ac. Ac. Rsi'Ictiotaitng Z4\I acres,moPe or IMII. Also til,
Lean oalkello. .;.....,A. ... V.4I .", T' Aa ml Marble lod. title
4. Lear Madlwn..s..4.k. ....wit IV* !? oen im.Drymi 1.1" l'A.klad., *4 Tfsnnalt opPele ., 4i." r ,,: i ona-lmlf l "e .b. "ml""VIesnd la Jy.hl.In 1. CI.lo Ma.Trlmmlmr* 1 Pa..n i nldoary EV, (wish ibe to exception the followtBg of *)atrs i The* owicd 1nr J IK tli lir, H
Leav Live Oak.r.7.... J..I.. .. of U publishing '
la A.M. the Drat la <*>* 00' \'I. .
: -o.-- $ I. I & I IL Blake.) and the B Ey of the H Wt.; In | ,,
Arrive Savsnnali...... ....,,1OO 1 l *. t one and qiul Annual PM I c 1
J i >f latiUlilHirdnyaadnkTnj *" .11' Ad.ll..e I fbei &lltL"A. Town 9 Range 9, North and Eat .nll'\III"1I\ ,
) '
Leae ...o.b.c..iI.,' '.M P. M' o I / or all the CI_ MTNOER., Bhwlf. ( I'DExecutor's )
Leave Lake CIt)..!.!.. ..?Tt."r?.. .! 844A. M. New fo.1 O'le.always on hondo Co Ib.lp 0' DeMlMO.td I.a Dec21'S r.. I. A. SMITH, AdlurI

Leave Baldwin........ .. .. 6 0l food 1,0dglnj. 1a1.a. t r < Tfce'llortaiauryI "'.. --- I ,.----- -- -5l ..
Arrive Jacksonville... ..... .' 1-flm .. -4 aid illwfco inif'.wsnl One Dollar a.d Ten Clil. I pol bf eacti Sheriflfs Sala !
Class which the d* Sale.
t\ P..r Trnlai
q Leave Jarkionvlllr ..., 8.80 P. M. I.. !l.on., K: ,'. Wilt. MN, -d t.. anyLblitgiy b.llne. Jacia ;Ieir Jj .lrla.o.w"toter Judicial Circuit of )I V|V 7tLt, U be told ot'illehss.eeonihe tiefafe tht Court Home d.nir,. ;Ii''
4 Leave .?.. U41 Ik uasDUt to Iclt may deatennt hU or her kvmclckry I. lb.Aprllcalloa rlorlda, for Leon county,and to me directed, wbere- < City third MuS'
Li-aveLakeClly...'....11.3 N MEINHARD BROS. & CO ( I O by last Win and T'Ia In Oranvllle Sbepptrd It plaintiff, and Elizabeth O. PAY In Jioumry" nut" the pl.ntalloeho.. u ik, .

Leave Live Oak. g: A."M. DRUGGIST I them ulowaa lroOi,>rrtlclei met; al Melbbll Fills It defeadnr. I have levied upon .a.1 ex. .110"JackFtrrrlFUni ee tot No. MI.nd, on fractional the florid Lot Urn No., kn".u Su,. ,,',, .
A.rlu.18..anah..IUI\O bidder b.r.
II for
,, I.ave Savannah. 4 vu r. M. HDOIKMl.t tllAI.KK can boo, Our'bnrfer, pose t le. the City highest or Tallahassee, on the COrtloa.a Sri the Bad DUtrto of Tkonat co nty, but by n tl, i iurf
Leave Madison. ..'. 8S7A. M. ) SIIOKS AMI!) HATS! Toilet aid Fancy Tallahassee Fl- b ( Ibabcocltt: to tbe parties .o designated dorl.n tbe legal kauri .> louU4 In Ltonoounty,Florida,cuuuin, I tt
BOOTS. r&rui. contend IwMlttu or the de .ury.l1 will o 1T7X aero more or ICM. On seMi place U
Leave Montlcello. .. .... .. 4M ,' -1t.I"nr "ork my 4. o sale the "wl:. ) a 11'.1-- \
Arrive at TallahoMee.,_, 7.07 ". r, aay lien against him by Judgment TieW4ofNWjBecRit-1. R f, ctrUlnlnrRO ito H..e ana Bcwwinfl two (rood frame b.> '
Leave Tallabawee..... .. .?.<.. t4tl- 'READY-MADE CLOTHING, Articles, __. or PUapli *' or otherwlio. acre more or lew. Said levy m.'p. IDK*. It U om of the beet ootto heats In Florid.wclllmp..d. 4
Arrive at Qnlncy. B.I5 forMnnk 'J apply to lIfe Interest ul i Villa nuoal TO eerie cj *r ANt) aplUcUon." the of < E 0 I Dd ll. John
UIMPK'lAllVPhysicians' PreBldcnt, U. Terrell deceased, far the '
I t f : : this 28th ; i I r '.
rrrlftbi sad ArronanaedalloM frmln -' OIlUritH: fo..i.J1 r or E. T. Boc'y & Treat. Jcelbr.llI DOM of distribution. Trm ..b.' .
lAKt. I.
TO ST. MARKS.Leave Genteen's Furnishing Good, ( \ r : ) J 1 T.lah..e. I la. DeotS '89. 21-Ids .Go, B Brm<. Ei .,

TallabaMee........ ..... 000A.M., JmOlm'; .X bT. I? Prescriptions Compounded at aU'fl\ onrsDay or'Nigtit .. O..8 D. WAD,. B iui.].
I Arrlveattu. Marks....... ..IO.iO: .AngIr'00. IDRfBASS'Mo.Uelll Sale.
Leave. Ifarka.......... ... II lOO P. M. Savannah, : : Georgtf.'I'll' -.- Sherfs Sale.
Arrive Tallahauee. .... .. .100 8 White B virtue wl Ue.III.. Istned out of the the FIRST MONDAY In FEBBUARY, 1*:
E- : II. : Circuit Our 0' acod Judicial Clreill ot I ON VIII npoM for Me KCHielilirtint bidder, ,
Commtctlomm. Bcpl, 21, 'I\ 7-1) I am now conducting my bl.me.on UK basil of Nmnll ProOlai and !tft Cash Price.. )10rl.for niodlrcldwbere- foretheOourtUtu edo rlntb* City of T.IUI, .
Tralnaon the Tallahaaice Railroad 111 connect By adding Intcrrsl I can however grunt a few months time for city acceptance or inch paper it I can B. Christie I is plolulUT, and Tom..n. lee, for a division among the heirs,the plitnutl"
with Uuir Steamer at 81. Marks for Huvana, Key + reallie on Bank._ : Went, Oen'I.I. "lbC and Charles B. a. called "Beirut," tonlalDinir ans ten, mart or !I"r i .;
Weat Tampa, Teniacola, Apalaiblcola and New J. J. HKKIrtON, R. I.. IlICKISOfc, :: : ? 1iMt.iEJY. CHILL SPECIFIC .., open sod will uncut tale belonging to Ibo MliiM of tin late Mr. C. A. Muni.
Orleana, twice| a week. Of riorlil.i. Of Paiannah.J. L : to the highest bide before the Coin llous door 'lylnctwo irtllo Went of TiflahMsee and bpinj ".
Gulf Steamer* from Havana are expected lo arrive TaiiabaeLfletder 29, 1q47. In the City of Talh..co OB the Bret UONUAY In. Boctlnu M nd 84, of 1 Range 1. Nun''. j
at and leave St. Marks for Mew Or".0" Tldadayaof ; January, 1870, legal bor or .lei the and Eut. O U. GAbdUEN, Eat,.
each week and Steamer from N' Orleans fur the of .
w Is Only Certain Cure for Chills ever following described propertv. I DeeOli'SG' -50.4d.'JAL.
Havana on Wedundaya of each week.ROBERT COTTON FACTORS to the I Ibe N EX of Bee HO; EH .aEws.afE3ofthe -- -
WALKER ,preetd lublc N E3(.sod Wjofib. 8 EV oftt** IT.and hue WKofih I .tor's .
Ad.IIili str
O.a'19ap..lnl.ndoDI. -MD- '' B WV of the N W}/ofSoc 10, 111 Notice. :
Nov 1H [May 1MV TO THE PUBLIC.; 'I -; Range t, .0.1 and Eiot, containing To.ol. persona having. claims or dcmamli uc COMMISSION Ill tmiait'nQulmuIn.,Aforalo, or other Delator-! or let*, .cash Pirckar to pay for ttUro. Rotate of i. M.. Marvin; deceased Titi ,f
ME.CHANTS. .Dr!. that-could possIbly Injtir the most. A. MUNUaUl BbcrlKIJot Jnffonmi_.lf, Florida will present them to hue
Alliance Line 3 H liny ".., .. ,1d.Ur ie ale. No.30"OO B. undersigned KlmiBlflralor within the lime prr-'
.. 'Thii i until Lee Monday ''r1bed''IA.Or this notfce wlll 4e plead In bur of
--- -- ., : it nt On hottfo K warranted In fnro Ctillla of the tuo l all 1 pltpnc tk trt_eTTi, and thoM Indebttd are rr<|UMieil to
BETWEEN A DVANCES MAUU ON ALL CONRKiNMEXtS obstinate aid protracted character, and al the in .kt\/JILm.d1.JIDI I1Dt. '-
2\ to our carreepondcnls, either In NeW York *r ; lime 1a. aytitn agnlnal their re- --- ) .. W, f.. g4ItvIN, Adwr.

N. Orleans and Florida Ports c'I'ool. ___ _IrieptM.'eU. dlm. :'W R :IILSQU', ( ,BRb CnT.oe.. pr- : Wakulla' x Sale.. I.- Ne110- 111I' .7-8w'" S. r -----.-

\ J. BERRIEN OLIVER, Nt' t"'e.IH! can be .dduc" from gentlemen Ivlnl([ virtue or the authority In me vetted by. !taw.I Discharge Notice. 4 4I
I ('ou.. I'nctor und (Jenrral 4'0..1. i t. Florida wbo will BT will offer rO tale,betore the Conrt House floor. I SIX MONTIla ',Oer elate, tbe BodeHnaed mill
.1.. 1fh..., \ i : >'bl.n 1nj Cbllla for two ycart, and trylagvery In the town of Wok alia county, Khv, I bit final account and vouchers at Ailtnlnlstrttor ,
iVAN know* for tany were permit- C.udUle. lLarcbl8tJIbrState OB tEe Emote of Wm.R Urlrwtt,late of ,
VAXA/f rme CIU. on ,
\l. W 1ITR1'1'1. ., OKOKU14. NOV) J5K: KOUNW IN THK STOnE OI'I4TEA. J O INS', HE fleetly eaed by tailing I of tb*SnaciBc.inn \County Taxea cl 0 for the year Leon SteaMy, aeeeated,to the Judge of Probate nt,I I'
Collosj, t..eo'
Wool I aovolc"0..1., on consignments ccntly ol'I'flic.11 l by I Huu I ;m CIIAKI. 1H6K.the following described Jnd and belig Mid. coBotv.aad. Mk, b. dIscharged.K .
/11.IY.II' & to all orders. | J d t. .I I' l'"H II i I... rNPQr'4ERP P1YT rosw Ej'OlY In said county ibe or 1 mach tbe oa-wlH satisfy. C.. G1U8SETT' Allm.
l'rlllllc""nllll.llnn Rope and Tics .t :TO TUK MEDK.IL-WOSID; the Taxes for ,. & '
rplIIS LINK I. competed of Ibe following Steam I lowest (! ill. '60. 4 nj I t Tba8Equsrofthe8Equarec6, B.111'alrclutb. II I-- --
'kel.rle. AII 4, containing 40 acre*-property of J. Discharge Notice.
J_ toll from ---
ships, to every Batnrdny New Orleans --- j.WM. .Tb. following Certlleat I Is from employed SJO Wm.
to Pentocola Apalocblcola, 81. Murks, Cedar Ke)., -.t I oH i- aa a at tb*. 'ltenl.m.n Tat .ce belonging to Lasbly.of MONThS after ,wUI J'ol our Cn.il
IheNEquuur, SIX
I 1 -' < W""lnl.I Dept WquaeotbeaW ,
Tampa and Key Welt: : ubowe, who speW of the virtue of l. 8p.ciicfrom S Tbe'l, and W baifofthe qU quar, aiim in Sec ii5, and Voucher to the.Honorable Jute

""ALLIANCE" B. (CLAP II. 1IHOX. W) W. GOJU'OH.j.j.' WE AUK NOW RECEIVING A 4'I < experience: RI, t2; NEqnarotheNEauarSEouerottbeN the Probate EitaM .JeflfetmB f Oeo. W. 0.1 county_,,deceaaed aa adnilnUtrnton late nf said

"LAVAOCA," r I,. n. LIVlNOog.a T AhIIA1I. FLA4 AprJ)BOth, 18WI. E qnar, 8 W qua and the 8 E qa.S C quar and tonnty, and aak to In dlavbarced
the E half of tbe N K all Bee. 34, R I. TO
FLORIDA" *' .' M. O'LlART. TISON & GORDON1. '- ; M. tlTBlT containing In arres-propeof quar 'Grey J. V. W. COBB I 1 .

DUDLEY BUCK" D. J. StfBais.Hteamer Grt'l take pleasure Holing that I bare .and. Tbo. alll Ine for 180i- I W. W. 6ELZERfAdlBriOft J i"
D \ 111 'CJ8 Il-
leave New Orlaant every Saturday evening COTTON FACTORS MERCHANDISE u best .allL BAH CHILL Briciric.: ---w. G. ROBISOW, --- -
St. Mark every Wednesday eveulng, for Ky My wife bat alto Chi and Fever, (.00 Tax Collector Wakulla counly. : "
-A D--- tba bad immediate I believe It Dccl46 '. Discharge Notice.
Wwt and Havmoa, via Cedar Key and Tampa.IMunUnp ** w lc tlO-Sm ___ ._ ,
leav Banana very Tieaduy and 81.llarlu I the bl CblU sod Fever Remedies low 'montbi after the Oral publication of this a.< ,
every t'aOld..enllllr for Now Orleans via General Commission Such ns wo liavo: iiHimlly kept, and rcsi>colfti11y rofjuest a cvntiniution t jf the \cry olet to l. publC" the disease It not liable to Wakulla Tax Sale. SIX I will praent tnf final aceoanti itnd voncli ",
Apalaebteola and Pensacol! I I ,A la the ease with mOL otberremedies. en a*Adiulaltumlriz ol the Estats or William kcr
CoiieeUng refolarly, at Bt. Marks, with tbo TaL MERCHANTS, ; liberal; jmtronago' hClctofol'o hCHtowcI1upOl OR. 1 eootldur II a perfect Cblll and Fever vetteA .c deceased late of Jcffitraoi county,Flo.. toll..'
Y virtue of tbe ; In
Pen. & Go. aid }' Central dottrojer. JOU.N LONG. T) .utbo.l me by l.w.1 judge of the Court of said and,,k
Blol SAVANNAH Our Stock will be and tho Lowest Caiih Prices-our Connty county
Tb.lablie may rely on this certainly)and :Il&LI| OA. entirely new, bought at cry JJ wi offer for Ilo, the Court 10u.e door to be dhwharnd from further admlnlntrutlon' i ,

c.pleb 11. former Stock having: been alniOHt entirely coobuinud:( by fmrcu1uon ,tlie uorning of I the 80LD BYM IB t..n of CrwoI., ,day Wakulla of 1470, Fl.aD told KMtt DORCAS K.KBSEY, Adtai .\
F. W. FEKKIN8 and Rope or Iron Ties advanced on .' % / I LIVELY Druggist .IATURDAY Juoe .Sep 28, '*19 8- ju* ; '
Agents, New Orlcau. Bugging crop. ICtU instant. j j County, Taxes due the year -A.Ap'Dlication_ _-
Liberal cult advance made on contlganiuutt -
ii'I Tallahaiaee. BOa IIJ.the following described Lands I being
A. DEMUAU Iylol.nd
Cotton. I May'.-9. 8 county or 10 much thereof A wi for Discharge.SIX .
Marks .U'I
AI'O,8t Grateful for liberal patronugejn tho put, a cod- ibe
the Taxes ,
39 --- -.5. tfV for year 10.ld lo-wit: MONTHS after date I will prnent my Hull
ApUle "ou.ac of Ibo same l Ii, respectfully solicited. THE symptoms at liver 1,1 a..e belonging Judge,non.resident. ud Vooobert tuttle Honorable .
Aug 1. 'flit 4-Oui I I cOD"t.lala'.uo..lae..ndoa 1,0 acres, belonging to .. C. Kenneth, non"real- of Probate of Leon county, a* admlnlairatur ilcbonli
I I SIMMONS'I | non, on tte Estate of L. P. Boljaday,deccwiil .ti
CRAB ORCHARD SALTS. Call :DoorHoPURDY'S f ] pain It In Ibo shoulder Lola 4,1.lo 3 ITS, IU, 93, 103 113, 116, UT, 18 late of tald county, and Mk to be dlnrharyrd.
Examine Stock
--' and Next W
our J.IDO.Is mistaken for rbcumaHam. 131.44 ) coatalnlng. 6, te-opl o .; ; U. U. TKO13B.
-0TI'IIEBE F.31. FARLEY, Barannah. | B. F. I!MONK, Florid 1 bo BlomttLb It alfecl* le rol.ell non rcslduut.W. Admt'r do bonia non, cum icaumaBto suite< ,
cd with ION appetite and sickness,bowel In teaem G KODI3ON, AUK. 10, '60. jOrnApplication
Tax Wakilla
eonnty. ----
sometimes alienating with lax. The Cole
X evaporating a water obtained from a spring at bead eOt.o with and dell, Dee 14, "6'J.' 111 for I'
pain heavy ens Discharge
Crab Orchard, Uicoln coanty, Kentucky., They COTTON FAOTOUS HARNESS EMPORIUM. of -
thom, considerable loss
arc moderately purgative and highly wile, and 1 La a m..I. accompanied IX luonlhi"Hn* data I will present my IIl1al l Acounts r,
complete substitute for Cathartic rills,Epsom Salt*, -AMI- with painful sensation of hnl.1 Io OBdon, somt- Wakulla Tax Sale.By and Voucher to tita Honorable JuJi
Seldllu Powder Rhubnrd Ulue Miss, Calomel.' Ac. i j thing which ought to i Often com- o Probate of Wakulta county, Florida aa admlni
It exerts a specific/ action upon the Liver, etchingIt COMMISSION MERCHANTS pil aiD of weakness, debilitysad low spirit*.- virtue of the authority 'In me vetted by law, I trator do bnnll non on the Entitle of il. 11. Walk'
when languid to secretion and rcsoMng lit 'I'Lttunvrit, Ore. 2S :) ,'j f 'somo gf tie shove symploms attend the will offer for ..Ie. before tbe Conrt Monso doorIn I deceased late of aald county, and ask to be di "
chronic SAVANNAI aa aBBBaBBai B aicUaase, and at other time* thetown arC."( Waknlla co, Flo., charged. W. W. WALKEK
C8 IIAV ST., {. OA- o.dvilo o
It Is aDgo.geW.DI.. of tbohcpatl .er few of them lbo' theI. Saturday, tbe llth do 1870, for Stale Sept,08 5dllll', de bouli nut \
*0P1&1) ,and of II'oaoK.le.r; i for Croasdftla'a' Supor-TL'csphat. I LIVER _.I oel 1* the organ county taxes due thereon for due year Ill tbe following .1.. .- .,
'l'prU' cbrol' Agent 0 I."olved Core the described lands and In
1 erully, In and Inrl' lying lid Application for Discharge.SIX
cal"loa Liver
Walsh ,
-Messrs. Patrick t Co N.
of the liver and case Y e.nly. or much will the
0.110 or deficient biliary tecrellou. It It Messrs. Nonrtu .I llrooks, N. V. ', u.).1 tber."wi' .Ut months ncr date I will preaeit niy Anal A>

employed In dropsical affections depending on obalructlon 8cpl2V 0\ I-1m.; I Just Received !! DR. SIMMONS'LIVEn C.c&lO ruod.p.r 13 R 1, T 8 containing and Voneber to the Monorails Jttr2!
of Ibe abdominal viscera. :: IlKOTJLATOR.A 800 .. property of W. U. Anderson, Boaresident. of Probate of Loon county,aa uliulnuitralor O. IL>
: W. O. Estate of William Grimm, deceased, late ol, II
I. tonic and digestive-nov stimulating' and .
4 of roots and warranted to be
( ,. d.lo i hence t. O of U will not only ..n.oeIID Savannah Bank & Trust Co"un"I. I h' preparation vbl; and coo herb. to any TK Collector Wskulloco. county. and .kSept .10 be dl.rh LEW1I;'Ifed.QRlItE8 Adml'r
one ,
Jau'yll.'TO. JJdmlu
aperients, but tend
It kit hundreds, .
h.bltu Doltl/r by ana)
II.e Ucoilu.rpJIIS iRon
''mp.r n.hlrl .01 ) tool to l. 111'AS years one or Ibo most reliable., efllcaclout 7, 'ClII611I __--
stomach .. b.I. SECOND) STOCK )FALL! GOOpS ant hftrmleaa pretiarttlont ever offered to the sufferIntf. Lcou Circuit Court.-SeoonJ JuJioial
Application Discharge.
Tb dot I to Ihn teaspoonful dissolved INSTITUTION WAS CIAITERJJ BV .tArl If laaeu regularly and HI I. sure Circuit of Plorid
In a tumbler of water and taken beluroI L the 11.1 Iiollrli. ." of p..I.ly.. *. -SU1IIOIItba..a.1 will prvt, an,
breakfast l.w.o*) : ,..O of whiih baa been Dyspepsia,btd.heJ'.D IU4.. u.JncoA.T, ) la Chancery to the Ilou. Judge i
I Tb*solid 00.11a of t gallon of .from actnal paid In. I Illy SCOTT'S. loo, V9.ROUCUT > Probate of Leon county u BdmliilntratrloutlEsiaie : .
1 analysis are .< *iSuTpbata Its Charter the Company I\anllinrlied, to ae( A. M. llepiaili R I ..cke,phronle -Baaa.cIon W, JirrcoAT. ) BU for Divorce of Janet u.BreOlll..cIe. lute of u '

or Migaoslafd.q.... ...... $4IB8nlpbat.ofBoda 1 Truktess, by al'l.olllwool' of any Court of tb* of the bladder, camp TT having been made appear by affidavit filed la county, and ask to b* discharged.
.... 213 81.lel' or by sueellon of any oceulttr or ludhlduul, i !J"oley, .llou. of Hit A this ease, that the defendant resides beyond lbs FRANCES R. "BROOKS,, Adml'i
Peroxide of Iron.'.. .. Oil for IbemMilvc* or for Ibo benefit of any minor ol I LAVINU u"ou..., limits of the State of "Iorld and wIlMa the United .Aul7'Gth.'Gmi
I Water (combined wltb these two). I.C minors for whom they nmy be tolingl and buds I lulltlimllon liVEN uoruiiT SINCE THE W.CUNE: IN PRICES. WILL BE OFFERED AT AB LOW cullla, dl..e.,of the km, Impurity blood 81e. Jl it Otrtfun ( Th th* said defend -. .- .- -. -
Sulphate of rotatta..'. . 1 In HID various Colirtii, of this Khilo mm I lie] Ugiiras a* they ntu poutlily be told at IB this lUurktU-COBsirtlng Id jut a* 'l' muloboly. depression or '11.11 o bI.buo. .lt appear and plead, demur, lo she Discharge Notice.OIX .
Sulphate, of ..!. II BANK. ANt TRUST fOMl'ANV t In las bowel pain bed lever bill filed In said cause, within months ,
Carbonate Lwe. ......... 023Trace.ofSIUceaud'VhoaIborlc dOI"0110dluold thns e
Aild... OM hoc all llud held. /lor ( dl..llol d"lo.llury ;, )Knit Hood Clotlis niul Ciwsiuieres,. LnJiog Drctm asthma, vrytlpclat, b'uiule .and bilious taken pro eoufvtaoi 1 aid a bearing will be bad opus ef kJ7 Probate Accouuu of Leon and Vouchers to tbuiwuursbic'Juuiicc tl
11IIp administratrix
They ) atilborlaod a.d lliilPUOUUCK the lu bill the county at nn -
diseases gentrallv.frepaxd chtrgod al expiration of said
100.00 Of TILE COUNTRY on CoiislgnmenUla ( in great variety. ti.nU' l''titlht? (4A1 only by J. II. XKII.IX CO: ,- f1 Ald"1' 111 OnlrmJ, Thai this order b.1.bll.b Etlate ol Jesse A. Odnm'Iate of said county it!I.. ,
view of (isis they have constructed an exteualvaFIRR ceased, cud * FOR SALE B Qa month In the Flo
Ileiidj-iiuulo' Clothing, lt 1l.I M onc. wel Corb.
B fud Shos.XL"
I'ROOF WAlE HOIISE, and are 1'1",1' tul Price $11 by> mail $1.23. a .. Tallahassee. MjJiY A. i.wit AdwL !

M. LIVELY make.,I.nO" 'y.iirmlneu .' 1 Ihel. The follow Ing highly respectable rcrtons cat(buy In testimony whereof I late hereunto set my beoY6O -6m, .
or stored In thulr waro 6ou.o. 9 ( ailwl to tbe virtue uf tide valuable tuedklia, and band and.teal ofiald COI.I 18ib day of Decem -- I I --
DRUGGIST.Sept FOUR! PER CENT. 1MKHF..ST will be ulolel! t,7.r> PiVi'W of CuliwcM from S rents j>;, (! ah ; I (whom we most respieUully seleCt bee, A. D, 1WW. 1.1. Notice.
hold In subject 10 .
on moneys special trust lII'\nr Gen. W. 8. W. K. K Company. C. II. EDWARDS moDlba aOar tat l ,
I'rdonll date i ( '
/oll. will
14, A tt uud BIX I'KK : on di> ".ltt miiile lor' SIX present my
tight | Col
'U ltSl. Bay. J. ; Hparkt. Clerk UNIII Court Leon Co.
Li. and vouUiurs llou. ol ic-'
200 BUSHELS f1 .lu to the JiUgt
., -- -- thou "nol. ( .. Laiitfunl, Dee tr.OO 10 3iula
I t"ll lu.t."nl. bale of
11,0011t j ,_ Leon "
Alhn.UI' e.duC' tb.I'II.
E'l at administrator
1.- on
may also 'niudc at Maton.MOIIKI TALI.MUMIEI, Nuv il C, Moa$utuu,. Kaq., -: ,
Dep"l. Alu".y rtZ1Juy00,1uhW. I of Jaus
ly A.
M 1) M R Ilbb eua. Heresy, deceased, late of sold ronnla ) .4 I..
A batter Light on the Subject I MILO HAt'CH11.1'.1.* K KTCH U .". > ... / ... t, A Untie, Bolilnklga," Tollabatae Uax ; l)>tUr.vka d i.> tprl W.I..I., r.rllW1tll. RQUrt-JeoIl. County.lBth .d MIl ts...,rect.. ___- -

EU L'UIIEI.r I Xd1llldl.i '( Or'tbe btj. UQa UAKIR, 00GunL 4.SMITUAdur..
/ ) Dedi;119
-. --- PLANT & BON, Agents ut Mueon. til.KKTCUUM j ISOUTE1\N k' JI.Daulel llntlard.w.lupou&Udull., Bul.. 8"0'. Me. ABraatwlck deceased. -. -._ -
IU'I'HWUt.COI..c.1 .'a M. 81, < lll. administrator aole Batata having filed la
M. LIVELY Ale.I., San..., (in' r/9V." Wood'e 1T.iIP W.l..II.1.| R v. I- r. THE. Court a,writ\.aiggettlon of tbelu..I..a. Notice of Discharge.

KIUIOTOHH I : THE CONNECTICUT; ; ; '. P. K. Florida i Mitlor A. FWuolcy cy of said Etlate; furtM I nireby given lo the cred- C1X Doitbi after date I will present my '"
Is BOW reoelrlng a lot luporlor Morris Kelt bum, I II .- r ..i ; : Kingston.15.1 Editor Macon T&.I'b' lion thereof la file their cUlius,duly authenticated, p Account and Voucher to the Uun. Judfe' :
I P. C. C.lhuua.I'f"., 4tb Nut. Bank, I( .'" *' For I by.1 Dolll la my oHlce OB or before the Ant day of MArch, Prubate of I.eon county at administrator, ou tl ,
BRILLIANT ILLUMINATING OIL I Cliarlet U Ircoli.ofl luu. (. ..el Moil a. Co. De 1, II A. D. 1870, "ba tber will b* a two rate payuient Eslataof Wm. N. Harvln ,1IIICd, tale of L.<"
A. I I. lUrlrlik'n. of Krtcbiim k llartrliliru, I ilutual; 3LrfC Insurancellurtford -v 1 -- among creditor to ruing their claim. county, and auk lo be dUJurged.Notice .
'\ PUT up lu convenient site Portable Screw Top/ Jos. (I. Mllln, vi 'I'. R. ,t J. II. Mills.Kraiuls r toupaii For Sale. .. T. NAKUAdiTiiuIstratoi "", '.*,* I t..I0IL f. 1LLkVZN, J.II01I' .
of one two and five gallons. 'fhl.UI Mnlr ofN.. llulter.by \ Co. Aag 17. 19. ,? ?'.011 i-Ura r'
jucoiuuiuodi Itself lo the public for seerul goodrTUBA7ETT..Tbls John C. Kovlnml' uf J. C. Ro"lniid Co.Mllollnlili C. -- -- ..- ",
Lana reaped
ri'iuI'LANTATION upon wb1Iu 1 "
I B Notice.
Oil It w."ulod.over legal Hro Edmund COllOCtioU1----- --- J. note Mlccosuklo Lake for many year I for of Discharge.A' '.'j,'

I I t lest, 110 accldvula.II. degrees.and la guaranteed agalnsl all explosive Nov lo,K'blm.0\$ I5-3iii aale which U U eoumliis nee nODI about, the remainder*JU acre* oC,Jldllt oC \f flheFlrs.1 will tjiply to Mont Uie ll,.n.In WlUUmlVDmaL February next 11fW Judii( *I IX Bonthe, after date, l 1'M'

I I .1 pu? UUOUWJ N' l're.iiu-ttt.!. I I \\VIU'O\I t ...ro 3culkx are many advantage a*to health,which 01 he County Court of Wukulla couuly aa Judua count aud Veueber to the Uoiorablo J Jt', ,''i'
I. wlilto and tritusparenl : > IUt"ud or P.ob.1.O of Leon on \
IRILLNCY.-II U'OJ1 f of 1'robutt at CfIL.lo..If..1u laid CutOut at aduiLoltirutrli fI'
lIne In without Hodgkiss Co. OI..h1i'EI: ). Suvn-Iary. t : < "Ir.COlJIIE purchaser wonld do well. Fur tuirn. coolly to eraut Estate or t. M. '
c bur. .Ul. brllOI any lamp Smalwood, t 11\\N1. .UI.. .. an order for Ibo tale or the following described real Folsom deceased, lute of ulil roi\"
be used lu er.r uio Uulucy I I
t. ell..odlal may, any I.". Orl'IJ 1 InFSTI'C 1..1"11. I 1'1'1111 u THOMAS K. UttNARIX .I..IOJ belonging to the estate of IL H.S.]Ur and ask to lie dlachtrgcd.8ep .'
wlboul.woko. tuiiill, or oilensho tiipor.a. late .r Mid deeed, MARThA R. OL8QM. Ad1Ut'L
Juu 8'liU. 4t-tf .1101) to-wUi! Lot llu'bl. ,
1 I PURIY.-I.m.lullu.od by French l"Ieul : ____ ._ ." kciWMB late No*. i* II, tnrvtyed b, a B. .t ?!, w 7SweDschage. .
t ed process I'elrolemu ol ( : 18 n &*",.lIIIttIIIIlyk...as lbs .W.III..or'Ihli -- h r

., 1'1111. sod Penrwyhanla.. Oil ellll.II', uoolalllo a Ni I OlLIylnX y.1 \: PKnlKTUAkA For Sale I Fobs of Fishery." foidseleso be made for Ibe pir.pose Notice.SIX ..
lNlrOIUllY.-l'bl. .
or .| aom.II'.ld 1"IIIIuhJo"II" ellmutletransitions Purely Numbering OF P1UME LAND paying d.bll.galall said. estate.iv MONTltS oA r'dTl*, f lin present oil : "J
Company Members. W. WALKER ,
General Commission Merchants Nearly 70,000, )60 AIYI (001 bel'I. *onnlandTo'r>'i to the Uua.tvifral' Iibate
I about T Adw'de honle non, E.I. H. 11. ,
hlh..d. Walker. r rD
.It.a tllm Lens

brilliant 5. ECQNMY.-TIis, uniform and UIII..llhlyl'u.e., b.U'o sic". ,, >.. IO llpttter "..j j""avrk, Assets -Jan'' 18/0/ over $$3 OOOOOOO--SIus$ orerJO.OOO$/ t l'olll.o. I.Lll. Ilnl. on.,tbe desirable 8t. )01.City 1.1. Jan.4,1R_ ). ;1. __ .II,. U. M. LaFitt euaty, .", .1"1"1'.Ezeuuri laic a(i"M oa Ib cuu"lfDischarge Isu,"'
) $ 101 so be
and I.. adapted for dining rooms. parlors, klli-buu, -- .sWE .- ,, ., .0.. use be oMiilned by tnrllcstton to ibis Notice. d1..b..JIt'd.
Hare bouse*, steamers, .. ""'. orb W, T. t 1"') ) \I I ui 8. J. SMITH Rxcui'iI-
It Is put uu In PSTINT h&rsvv CtNtof one, l tao are 1"1,1,tlrottzli reslilunt Alell..lo "OTAI. ('LAIMS UVilifnT"lilll5! (! date,) over *1.U..C) ( Total dividend,. (pall 10 dale) over Oct. 11-tf (lU\U. ( &? UII.'r d&tQ\'J \. IIt It ;o, to, 'lID tT-tiw.
and lIve gallon 1I.lg. and In bsrreln, and for sale, advance ou and sell ClII,11 all lie -I _4iWiOiiu) ('u.roll Is 71 |tr UOL Clrll "ono over 1 IUOo i.er annuni.lialui'om .- II. 61 U I. the Judge for Lou count, for Lttrr of
at the Irul 111.0 M. L Kl.Y: Ports,or forward from |hejaluclaliuil by death. .r NoticaN --rU7 ,AulelInistrstio* o. the Estate Dr fry L. lIarolul' Notice.

_Nov_ U'I _11_ __.H.__. _ LIVKWOOL: THERE BEING NO STOOKHbLDERS1lUMiriilii. : Tbuaday. the M day' of February IsJO 1 &aD- tIIIII, lit.. or- said MART enaal1.O. ItUltI'GTON.J. CIX MONTHS after date, the underslgneJ .I.tiluilulslralor l lO
lHECJ ibtU lo UteItu v3aeT.fiwBwdJiidg. DrIll 'III p.t Us lial accoini med woracr* as
.. NEW BARBER SHOP. belongs rsclualvvly lo Ibo uiuiuber,and la Muliibly| divided aruou- them In Annual Dl.ldoudt l- of lbs County apply Court of Loon tuiMily, kit odes al .. .__ on ibe EsUla of Wiu. A. PuU'l'Va'i S
I our rrlulIlm.y prefer.. Our eouolelol.l" 1.1 v. ,bleb may be am-llcd In rvdiieilon of ., or may b. aocnmului M Interett for Ibo kenolll the Court uovta, U Talkbaiwe I.'autborlly 0 Eiecntor's Sale. c..eeIJ late of Leon county, to tIme Judge or T"
of tbe A urodormayber U ati}' tbeui la raah. AH J-olliiw -"- t bal tald .
will give the county, and sib be dl. *
n..r.rijtiug.y I. kargf
\ 1 hAVE UEMOVED UT BARBER Bllol' from 'I.oII.r leb a tu.I"o. 2 tell all Un Uorriao, tte let '
I hind around Monroe tdvaiiliigea of Ibat m.rkcl.U. belrof r.ll. 0 bum1, lying IB tuft O day of February, INTO, will be old at a. FONDlE **".
Old I sirout
I on Its
my tutu Responsibility-for every $100 has $145 of 1"o..loo dee the Court louse lu Mouilctllo,Jelfcrsou Cw 9, '60 ni..i.
I door North of tbe Exchange corner,wber I III be ofLfabiltes.1 sset. count;, .u'l.. bVITIl.Guardian Fiurluls. Cur toun1SJ. .
pleated lo .** my old friends and "polront. My,shop W. M'OT'a1 k ('<).. Last Year's of No.UI Morrbou. & .[&I koat.-baIy..lta.leel clhlWua .ooC the I.hairs, lbs', -- -
ss : the I lower
b now Died up and furnished with every im- Jan. 4, 170. part .Ielfullluo Notice,
DOt Tallahassee Florida.cKi4w J: .
tenet .. to carry ou a tlrsl-clust cstubllsbuienl I IIO |>ullrlr, Issued, lM.iarlaiK Hbui .a........O ". .tbu ate Nra C. .scanty W".IIIIUfr. 10 the"1""oC. QiE moalh ut. data I ..11my SItu Att '
and from long experience I can give tatUfue .J. ... NIIi1I.'OOu A('4).. Notice of Discharge.SIX 0. 1L GADSDEN _, couuu and Vouchers 10 thus U..ble Jt5'
lion 10 every one. Charge at ,iiiodcntl as al atother ) UV 8L., ". ,0.. INCOME RECEIVED AH1nqE .$'. MONTHS after the (rat publication of this .,., 4, I l70, ihi-45, Ratr. o? Prob.IO or Looo county. as adpuiulatrator of ti.'
Thaukful for favor .
ibop In the city. pasl' l it.Oe6.fe Jtatate or Nalb.n bp oil.tb.rllo
Helm tll
I whole record nr this 1 will dual and deceased s.d ask
the of Ibe public In tie futnru.J08EPII The Company his been one of iimimtfvuimt present my account .
ihl11'u. Adw1'51lie
.01.1 ptoo'l lIllKaloN. 1.liuu lrlI.ot I". .11 i vouchers I Adllu".lor on ibo .1.loOC J. Admnistra3THUITY Notice. .I i'A1RICK
!.TSa iftsseauWuB ra 1111'1'0 COtulluuuleS autae ii .iT. .1y no 110. ,
WUaou lute /
Dos 31 l I.'OI OIu______ Cash Advances on Cotton. b. .thu Lr .ny. Olu"lo a county deceased,to the days alter the first publlutllou of hue ---.- --
Further lur..u.lol couciruhiR this oil und h'I.,1 Cuiiiiwny given b the AKUUI. of the County of ,, and uk fur a I will make na to the Judge of -- -
) such Administrator. Notice.
CHANCE TE WILL ADVANCE TWO.THIRDS.New dll'bie I Ibe County Court of J.ffe'rion counly, for an order
A H. IIRRX o, W, WILS Adia'r.Jul.4,1674. .
Turk vlu.lu U. or for ( .UnlFRT -. ( to sell tbo r al.1I.* bslonglag lo the estAte of SIX MONTHS after date, I will prevent mj 811 '.
FOR A Consignment 'Ilul Il'u"u'y I.hl 1'.11'11.1, om. 101 mtfss I a j"" S" 'I.i Re'luu''block. AI'II 11'00"110.11 riu"dJU11X 11': W m. II. UeWIlt, lute of said county, decUtci sod '"lLc"i,ra to the HOD. J.J". "..
JAS. liul.I. Probate or Leon null"
I. II\\lTT. counly, a* edmjulstniu.r
''J GOOD INVESTMENT Messrs Duncan, Sherman & Co., I lu. E iululnic I'Uyticlau."Administrator's .all. 11111. .- '((8e'' '1 \ Administrator's Sale Jon. 4, 1S0. --4 Adlu"f staG..'t..k 0tH.to b.. 11.dacUllod.Thten deceaacd' u" "..Id' eoonl1 ,

Bankers New York -. .,. t ( -. Jl JUI Jl ON Monday, Tib. day of .. .t, I will -FOR RENT "LE AIIWI'
to TeTES,
Notice. Notice 'for tale the (110.101 land, belonging to 1. a.110. 5Uut.l. f
-.. Or to their CII.re'luI.I'1111, Mlmick' 01 Euroiiianuisrkels. : \ Ll. l ixnoui uit\tni[ rlaliua or deuiuuili wulud 1 tbe etui* of Joshua deceased; .24WofNKEofNE1andNjofNWW.5eol Till:I: Lake Plantaidon knowi as lbs 'I Wbltkc.d -- ___
f JIIS) |,('I1RI81' A JV the ntule' of \N.J. Aklua. hate 'l'IRT1 DAYS after dale I will arnlyto Han ) : ; .n I ii c., nut ru, lb.year IS70. u' "
ALL THAT DESIRABLE PROPERTY IN TIlE J..ouvlllo.' ., Ni' U). 'ill' U. 3m \t l.i'oii ('la, will preen uiim dO".I'd.la Hie 'uf .. JvdKf W Vu Couuly Court of N K V of N t'V El,' of 8 WV?uc IV' lAvV and Aptly 10 .L BOPi.Ii. Notice
outburnpartuuflbeCltyrceentlyoeOupiedby signed adiululilralar within the lime | b; Lcuicni .Te toicll Ilbe folluwlu land WWofN KI< ifcc W.snd N EVofN WyBetTiiO, T Nov.'l(. '60 S It MONTIU *A. date, I .I11I""OIIllIy I'accounts
bounded ( tbe North, lr..lbel wilt K W Q of N KW of N 10 t U 8 K,coBiolnlug *JO .. also the I
the Army by Ualo.tlreet OB la*, ur tbli nulli'O a ill be l>livtd |iti '0. W aud Krf of Mj .; .ve.lllu- --- -- and vouchers to lb. Uou. Judge vnohal.
\ "d.m ou the Brontugh 1..100 the co\try' and tltiuu Indebted are '.' to N yv8Uo N itviftv./ E 'os Ww> gci .ry ol..e.llu the following d.wo loads, 10.11-: Notioe -- of Leo. county a* E if color on the E'u"of '
Wel. running South lo I Ibe It It WHITE LEAD luiiiK'illutov| ">'meul. J T. .'1"1"1""0,k N Vand WW of N KVS- 'W.and N K\ oUt W 8 W!oC N EV and 0 K<"of N \VX of 8ec 1.T 9. Dorothy U'Cse. deceased 'late of Leon <'ou"- }
0 the Lots ou the North tide ofUaluct le.l. Juts) 'to. aa.-"w I. i \.8e 110, T t, B 3. N A E-oiW .ee-b.lllagiol to R S, d E, subject tl euaO.w.I.1 by J. T. IX weeks after dude, I wlll.PI.ly 0 Ihl UD_ and ask 10 bo discharged.LYMAN. .
upon which ibe Guard House stood, ( I late of Joshua M..alru.I, ; revcrjlouary 10.u.rd.Judge of of Leon couu- ble Judge Probate 01 Lion cones. fur Mgtsa SMITH EIU"utorAu
nine other Loll In other parts of ibe ('IIY,00 five of foUowInc iower land of :. JKdSE e. MON&FORI Adw' o .dmlal.tratloq 110 the Ealalr T..IIoswqIl ,. 1.11II. aw" I II
J which there are new ttuflillugs/ which tent for ten OILS TURPENTINE Administratrix's Notice. i I I1. aid estate, tO"" L I W' $3inl8K.of .Jan, 4.li' 04104BiiCoUon ceased lAte oC tall ounty. do. -- .
': dollars eaeb per luoulb,representing the Interest ou 1 W' J. K -
t 1. I JAME.1L.

a o.VII unimproved of loven properly thousand It hive worth bUld.ud at dlll.-. -- .- i\\ .(>:F"11. '' b..I'1 AlreJ dims'I' Marco or, dcnuudi dii'eutid sgalunt late o I J.n 4.IsO?. JEE. -8.-:,()MOST'ORD. Adw' Seed.I _Jae'y1170._ _ _ _23-S.. Administrator's Notice.A V

for ecveu Thousand iuiiars-funr l.vuu "-'.UIIY. ,1 | l'8T RECFIVED-a lot of pure While Lead, Itbln t -- Notice Etui of Ttbllu A late .' Lf>"
thoutaod cash thus 1 balance IB In exlcut one and lu two year.-ality .J Llnscvd 01. (raw and boiled,) 8plrlt, Turj'eu-. d..I"lel l AIullllrulrx"be i>Ih.llo"'w..lbett I House for HATE ON UND ABOUT '..*. Bl'SIEI. weeks after date ounly, deceated. ire hereby DolI..d lo prrt' of!
equal Rent .
Tble properly ueurly Jars BOVD SIX .m.p"ly to Uie'Uouo.. thrum
ror uppl' ) lo JAUKS line, Clirumu (.ecl., iVc., for tale by recovery : aiiJtbiuvlutk'budimirtiiuotlt'd to make CwrtUH eno, of uiy 1.lug. .I.lgo? oC to the inderalried, duly tnlhentlcalea, allb' "
.oI110t. arllcujar ImuKdUli which are uttered anl. si oC L COUIII 'III the ". will b.>
". lujmuil.MAKY 1. : ro dil.per Letters prescribed by law, this nolle
11. 001"'ih '.: (LHI M. LIVELY, Druggist ASS K: BAIiCO, A.lm'i C'mA.'OJVISIEt' TO TilE PEPT.L Q M pouud Warranted equal If llp.lo, to I Bosweli,Admlal'IMIIloo dtceetcd OD the E'III& ol 1: w' plead III bar of theIr recovery or; and all Indebudtald to'' \

flcull'ttl I Ta\.ei, IT n.Y gi-pl 14, ''ll'.l\' I '"!) 1 I 1, '71" it'; .., I II.'. 'J '111, ..1 Ir 'ov variety III lit of eno. Il the country.A HOPKINS J.tti" 1 14. '7ti, 'late)4II.of..sold eutunly.J.\MF.a 1.1:1': eststt. .tv will mske immediate S. l'.mPDI.ItUtiLRT 1JKIR., ..tIuurDec21

v ,

1t _ li

- klunl. !&utMli&LJL(4 <" .- '" ".. _. '".' u __._ ., \ "." .

The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: February 1, 1870
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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h'__ -.

] .to" .h" .X H' t tT'f. -. -. -"- -, ,
'> ) -i. i in t y .li*
.'" ,
'f' f K > II III It .* l< 1I
I. ''f' ., I .
.' I. I. -. I i-II "

1iIo. ,

: > >. .i r Icrt "h[ 'if.jtJ I.

:I :..., ,'.,, .', :Iy J! I I V:) : ; f 19 ft I 4 :

.' r ,'. .' __ .
"" A,. i
'J' ,

.1 7- = $ .. -

jyim'o' -1iLiA i\SSEE, f LA., FEBRUARY -, 1870.: NEW SEUIES.,4.YOL.5..NO..2G.:: '

-- . .
-- ---- -- .
--- T -- ------- "- -' -- -
-- : 1 T --- -
for: beb three :and loyal; au h j ears as Oity>(Advertisements, Miscelaneous, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous.

t loribiitn.TUESDAY patriotic! as any Kortheru .rAVffterir ---"e t- J .- -, -
State in the Union t ,So fa from improving B .A. I TL.' IDUtOKtDA -y" S [ '
John S. Bond
-, t-- in weir Jispoiitioo toward amd treat iAGNIFIGENT'II' INCORPORATED. 1859 B. C. LEWIS

: i 'i i FEBKUAHY 1, 1870. JMi'RO\l) continue the prif Hd f MnllclnrlnTalV ,
+ mcnt of the South,the federal go* eminent ,, end YlottlIo. O..al ble"hl"IM'.

= = = which is Congress,tis. Iffootning; In rcnr vl thn vlil full UlUuc.Her. ,
Prolific Colton Seed I Ie M: 1M RlI liTSUKAlCEAGENT
harsh and. merely I
more dcupolio jw4 punishing 0'
; h 'C
.i .. i.o. <"i: ;
'" : I.
the unreconstructed State by ... I 'Atlormrj in I.. I "
> :
tliuin, Imt aiming Uietiioit lualicnant Tn.L rHACTlCF./ DJ TIlFCIRll ITAMIKUnreme .f

blow* at tkcir cflorts to ameliorate 1 AM X<)W PREPARED tO N'rTtT I'/.AN/ ', t' ikmn of ike Hutu, and In the Fed*nil i I or I ,
Cunrt. Offire In tho Marino Bunk llulldliu;. II
ADVERTISING BATES their material, interests, as witness the ten wltk Mjr (Florid* ImprMi'd) | T AJ.uh.... S.. f4, f*. IA < I

of determined effort to prevent the South, Prolific Cotton Seei ,BOLLING 'BAKER HOLIDAY GOODS I Ttern'esen t- :

from securing Chinese labor. Judging the rfonio Inxiiranuti Cuui)>iuiy of New VoikCity.

THE WEEKLY FLOEIDIAN, future by tho pant wv may infer that the I bar*'/tJeli fourteen yean Improving ,ibrm kn ban .other KM OR lit, )4.ice. I bat* nrn dUaana -.- 1 A
TJkLLAIIAiWEI FIXKIIA.) f'flt, : : : $ '24.1,2.1 t:1:!
liberties of tbe will I I
TALLAIIASSEfi, FLOHIUJL.a. new remaining South or my other cniuiiirrclnl fiTillltcr.tlih '
tb. l.Mwbra .. tf yrtica In Court Iliiiuc.N .
ei4hnof mm illliini
K"CBIcrvjtblnir I
be further encroached. on by Congress"and IS-lf'I lAMWOMk 8KT1K: OK CwKAl., I I
-12_ m.in J.J-J -Ji.-J-t-- = f before Ibtui, 1 b\ di oiu tinlt lathe T3.W .
Ai i sign aro not 'W'lintingthaL Northern ttn, whrrc It wm plantrd In time and prni'trlycuUUttud '' I 1"I.lhr..e, Pur mil .r J"'lr I I1n.: I orlnilUngi. rllI"I.W 'fU'i'V .\ I'IIl'J' Af New York
\ ,BTcr tar liioe l \iL.T bare ''' IIh.l. IOAPIT.\LI $350,0001 I
SIs1fls hraiImprorcd "GEORGE : : :
: j i ...1.l'huol P.RANEY Netklaiei unit t ivl Cliin, (, t ( 'ilj'.
I | and Western States Yo ill be mo.lt to ltot,1tbe on llic nulnrnl Ilir nli i-f Oolil: : i. : ; ; ;
IhlmM-' ( > niiit.< < iinl ! *1 JJ JHL-J-A--! ii .\ I'I. ;
= .1..11I.1. ftttUliwri, pl" IM !"*' 0101.! .f| : : : J11)/H ttJII
II I f.I 9n.eo 1(.I.J tlflMI a.e', 1241'|| .do "f *I** fiit.1 !WI .io II pressure of A "strong government," il f Ukkxni't (Atrlcit, .eool J i lli. .it lowun uirut- ATTORNEY. AT LAW, ml".*,. l.i.lil .f"!.| *n<,1 1.I C,1.lltl. wlili I ..ifiiinini. I''b .1. I'. IIOZIMI.%', I'rrfi'l.i -

9 loo "III T Ml I.T4,13.00 14 It II f4 the pcoplo da.uot rouse from thvir "ll thy ton 101..1 one wer* tarlftor. T.IU..H/J... "K, H.VIUM.Oiililn Un', th. I"I. f. tin.....0', MMCiniliinir -*?. '
4l I 400I Ten Wen1e ,. .,,I4.Oft I' t4 II to 141 1 reiKu.tfull| > reler U> tlut rulltwliiic rtm.lii oftcnilrnirn 1""r'I' ol'l'l.n rl'''' ,II 'r'i ClnriEH.'AFSCOTT -. .0.. I (1("1'1 lu, Ifoiiio liiKiirAiicp Company of
| *.e* ..;11.,11..h., 111.17 in good time an.l'il'tlVllllt more violations ( bn bute pUnicd hO'.tI..IlIIIIoI.'r. IU. 'IAI If I .
I: eo HaolMeolMMlWMII ID:oo.is I. ooije' wi i iv. .
| I" 101 .'SM" : : ""IJIfH.::
ooitr nia.ei) .ooM.u t"7
II I. 24 ooM.ooU,[ A..i on.no|n M "I" 175 tIo balance. between cv-onliaet* Wanche Certificates, : j'I A bann>i>mua mrtniif tltttilitfr ty Jim "i "ft I. ___ .

of governnieut, and tlieok tlte elarming ATTORNEY AT LAW.1.LI..U1AN'EK Prosonls.t tint* iftninraH" ? f h>f>frty nt"td"'l"ll" '
'I Knfnnln llnnnTnuraitru
roiuian' nfKnfitnlit
A ii" ltt imlnlo i.AdverttenMiM '
.1.+ tbe CAfH will net tendency to cxu.in'collt.rali&ation; We I liaTtW ii C'lX. nuil<7'.linlrovetl| Cuilnii 0, i-d, FUiKII nrrri.Ajjrnt. t .
mMrMD 1 I f .11.I .
I tnd alto otber irAT.tlil with our fipt'tlinrcBullef be ,
*MiM*U.Utlt Jxxking at England-a* an example ew4 MM "l.1111' ft "...IIO'11I| l f-lirrii'"> In Sl.ilc UiukAII -- -- run, "I'c f.1I1II.I"t tvorViii'iir l'l't"i.,, I A" t.. : : : f2t 5/IUU! :

, |IIIITUxdcred If Ike money ettdOMd, U will duve.be Inxrled lot eoter. liai tbe mnnber number ofllmoe. ol I for comparison w find .a ustiota no ". .olUw.Ddlnc:' Ibt'n..' J. I It. MORRIIAl.hH. /: -trtr|{..II.VIV- ..XI I .. Also Fine Fancy Goods. jxMiif In lli N VoutfuTii 5s! itci to I -,

''I suction of which I Itowever rebellioUB il H.:. n:.rirr.: :.j:.milk.' *. mitt Hi,'tie mid, V.ftr-n Tork lli'Vn, \\ IU'1 lH'I'lirlllillllB( !'.ll'! ill-lll'IIUi-r IH1! > I |:*rOUI.siato Itank Iliilldlnfr.I'lorldn..

One or two cnpln only of tke paper will be Mnt 10>dnrrllMini have been, ia cut off from 11. trtn pHlilM '- ." NII.hll..u 1." ,i"'I'111,1 t..M" I.. .1..0.... .
unit. el npcdil *(rement lo the wintr.rj te may representation Ib* Hallry Purliament. Jrelaud i. .Had tun" inpttior to any tbat t ,bea. 'e Flulr, Yootrx ShnTltm. i, : n i. is, '..11I 10/,lyRHEUMATISM
lII.d.. Kngtaid '. T 'A TT.dRNEYS AT LAW I l'rl.I'> Irory l:1"* nnd Mlrrora.u J1. C': )::1'I .\ IIII. .. .
Ad'.nl..s wl&lo the lumber of llhic* what the imreouulruvteU; Soath. ''was : 1f''., -.1 JUNIL TUHMBV1.I FIoJ.II
will be Iniirted .ntll fo'bl..d charged accoidlogtyj 'TALI.AIIAillKJo l'I.A..0" Tvtltitni*" / .
All contract adrertlurt who
'Icngrti of time are Bted by alwre ratee, will be required to the Federal Union. .But Ireland, eeothring I lud tbcf *rt >irpw lur lo wiy I Uutc .>v niU1u >'Kl MPT.\TTKSttO-M dlVKNTO BURlNKi'SIn
to ewiDne tbrlr adrerlliiliiff etrictly tolhdr' own dminkia, <7 .r'.befler dtitod| lnlil! illinnl, (Imn, lltkII. r tbeHnpri'tneand ClK'iilt (.'"rl.., inn Hint, liollar', H.iiJ A",0.al I'liil. .".,
iiRkoi oikrrwlM etlpolated.Trrrn all over to-day with revolutionary emotions OIU.. )1. '. ,. 1 :;, %IUlln Ib* V. H. ClrcuK nrlrl HimrlM c'linrfi M \\iiorlliuru \ lollim, \ Inlin 1I..I'lar, H'II"is > :DEPOSITORIESroii

---0- is Curlyrepresented, in Parliament ,' I .* C.. P.UlKIlU.t. fl' I I { Office Dlitrli on I firm of Klurlilu.M floor. Hiule. Ilmik'i r"SPECIALTY. t I'ui' a Swift und tii III'I i Curo nfoKAYTON'S

with the most districts So .\"letl1M JWky .lWlo1..11\c..I' a. IM.-O. H, 'lld. IVTIIK.
of HwlMrrlptloii tPrr equally loyal ; I I
.tder th. IlaJlr, ,b. 10..1u crtty miixcl IbM tb.rI __ "I'm: BALK UPTEXT
Annum, (In aaVantt.) I : i ,$* 00 far from,inventingnew perteoutlon for *, li U u. yrvlUix k toot lot roi, er fell enkorbed. Vine' l.llillo ,l HIIMI,

BIT Monthi. : t > 1 : 100 Ireland the whole labor, for i DBXTEI. Tulilu Uh and wlikiiut" iMkiRoitfi '
r .England T.:' B. CTMRTH4Rates r'. PIH' I
Three Moalke, I I' > I 10. I ) kuJ CullifjEuiillib .
iliaci."oPJ. I : I ,I I 10 months has been to remove some of the ALHO BOOKS(
.- -- -- -- --- heavy,oppressions that weigh upon her.-' --1"- LIVERY STABLES *ud A.H-rl<..it) Mi'il 1'uui'liitf "Do l'u.,di.r ; OI'OF LIFE

Knwr" OK FUKRST J"-It eemi now, The reformed suffrage, give to the people wi Fluikf.; i.lij', "". W. 1'.l'.llf. MID W ., mid Him ,

thnt the pbra o tn the I'rceident'gjncsnagc their government that we have; while the deU-; .B.. IMMI>H riK' THE I.ATV'T: .
Seokcd awl at 81"'IoaNo. 8, P. O.K. iT'h' -1 TDK-
M originally published "Uio Ministry are far more responsible' to tho I ., or at Monllcello marked aa directed-t) per k' '' 0 R I": t ."ri

United SUU ia tbe of all nationi buahel. At a CIa bmiia wUhoul aacka, 'I.. per I
first popular will than the Pederal administra buKhcl.Tlie L > For Sudtllu or Hnrnviii, One mul 'I wo-born lInll FINEST QU ALITY. FLORIDA 8Q"'OO'L8'Yllt
wax written the United States it the tion. Leaving out the form/and and Two.bone C rrlnri'FaiiciiKuri | ,
ompty uf U. 1. Kllob A Co. can ukulu toed tukrn to au)' iinrt of tbu aurrouuditifftrmntry -- I -
frettt 'of all nations." The President show of the Throne and House of Lords,' turouili patruni Me..... John OeDham & Co. 'Ibe on ihnrt 111111,... ('.1 nnit, rinmlnft, (In1 hnntVrihiP. ntu" nf JrutlivHud -! OF 'Ijllli AiiEl J
"till contliinu fur .
proprietor to Oil 11I."do.
would hae done better to let the mistake tho government of England, in Act certainly ttJ IIIER. 1111I SfHF.t, J'OtlJ II. \v., Ac.fninitlielrYard r'niic// Ovixlual1laiilN,
lU'ed can alio bo obtained from 101_,. I>.uli4int .
luicorrected. Tbe erronoui rainier 8. Dlmklni and II. lIfoI.cello. nt-nr tholr 8uililiTerms-. : IJOIITfS'N, IIJ'II'il/l IIJ.II/i>r'uUt'c Jin itruvtitiH of
go expreHH'IOII not less free titan that of,the Great A. McCsnn lBc l- It Works Like Charm.
> liilt.iliiimit'1'/ FU.UucEl I
'I III'n
passed for a harmless bit of brag-not Republic } and thg tendency of the English tfi it Tboraa. an\ A. LKlu' ){.IOn Jk Cu,, MtllmO Cash Hi A.111, 1'U: liilmA. t1.v 't.tt'IJr'WI'W: ,',

in the beet taste, but founded on tl'tlth.- system is decidedly toward. decentralisa *. ; MPOfflce'utid fliablri to i I
Lake City. > '. -
The genuine.v rstoD challengei ,ipquiry at tion and ft jiwter distribution of the powers : T. Ifarindira flail.oJaeli.o.11c.I ) Capitol. A AVKIIV HU:. ) _. :. ._ ." i. : (

home and abroad. Equally with the other of government among tlie 'Jople.It Savue Teudnle*A Held,UaliwavUl Halatka. TiU. iuiuKa, Mu),11, 'UU. ,40-1) \ UOPKIKSI l

it savors of Buncombe, but the gravest is. not welcome lnh.r to ottll in -A. Hopkiui., Uulucy.M. Lively' ,aud Poole A Kaltber TllUbaieee r1I1t |.nlIUIirr of ill* A.Kiiif. >.. Prir>/Tn>Nii, It IIM belli applied to tb* maim In tbe itreeti of

objection to it is that it will not so well : or from tut at residence In Jcdentneeunty MULES and HORSES.IorvER IILU''iiM or tfriiuokAlii "UI.u'l'., HuoMulli'r
question ,the l'rl' iJunt'* boa V'.that the HorlU.i.j my. HIP liilloMlnu tiiiiik", I'i, ullmltiil rViiir.nt ibui ou'.oll.ba.JU, AugutU, Columbui, Y"IK"III'
fttAnd the test of exami latlon as the spurious United State* ..is. the freest of all nations ry low .//11I< iifk .nl.od loeiun. for Ibe inirIMUM'nfi'ii cry, runt all trading I'ltlua and lowua lo tlia MinUDlppl
TO iKiruufi.K< or I.EON AND < now rerrlvliiK' lil, uiiiul Mnuk, of .ililln_ 1.lii'rn ".11'1'11.' In olilulu thallfHlU ilvr I ,frum hll fnmbui rnrrlngc' for
spirit, that we are the first of all ;j" tint opposed 1<> thnt is the painful WILLIAM J. BAILE!. counllae, a flue' lot of adirpfd" .! Illll l l.n'l ('n., III t hem."h., ninny IorA.

nations." That we may become the alternative of allowing Federal despotism 1>. 0. AddrtM.MonUcello Flo. M lesl&: Horses, .k inoli'II"IIII l tin1."d.lllno wrlfjnnf null Jill iiiuiiniir, unit ruluhllidi ua,, will tin'"iiulnUwt priwin'rltydf '"' WITH WONDKHFUL SUCCKSS.Tho .

freest as surely M aru now shall ? llm ,U.O (if Education In artxirduiiie, with tbi>
we or to drift on nnrubuked until one by one Otter |nrtlei, are advertl>lniiuy iced forialu. Iouly lALL ANDrINTER\ r
lean be found at "Ol.n 8TAUI.E8" luw ol Iliu tll"I,11I1I'I I'lmm nnil rituiuini iiiUiHonnf
lu '"
be, the first, ia possible j though there tho reserved power of the State have .. reeponilble for purity and quality of thole h_.. My Block inf 1* of the tiuel ilicrlpllon 1 UK Hiipnrlntmidf'iit Fnlillf Inntnirtlon.NOTK. .
rotten direct from me, and 1 uko eepoclul yalui to mot! Severe CfiU'd ofNF.fltAI.OIA
Is a powerful and dangerous tendency obserraMo boon absorbed in a gigantic tyranny, teen mine pure and unadulterated. purQbaiiTi( limy 'I)1 on (.",'UliiL'Ml good S. 1011'11.111.]' .-ri'tnlt Ilin' prldi prluiilu, tlumu Iliu lull In Itiiuil(tin culuiuu right bund iirelhuriirnliir coluinu -

towards centralized and : Jan. t. 1B7U. lm .lyKIff, Ibe .tlui ,ia wbU-li llie liuuku will be furnlilii'd -
a more whose urn |
headquarters are at Washington. lU1tt lAl'IIUI, .
Mo W, VK II ITR. ,
for IniriidiH' Hull Jar u IHIIH'/I' Iriuii' lliUrtate -
5. so-called stronger form of government Journal/ of Comtiierfc London & ,Liverpool & Qlobe --- )@ $ .l i Itbor llrpnullorr I

which is with ..!. ".OS!. A. ,M.J HOBBY. ,
. incompatible human liberty. -- '-- -- FIRE i'HtrRA icn ro. [ ] I iBiuiiliu'

t}. Hut at present, however hopefulVe may WHAT W12 IUU-RlIIAtI T.II H' CASH CAI'ITAL.r8ooo.ooo .OLD.; POST & HOBBY llW p I'\ISIIIS THE BACK,

be of the future, freedom is not so largely ArFAinH UKORC1IA.. JAMES GAMBLE, Agent.Per. j l UHK.Ur, JOLNTB AM HIDES,
. 38, imm. 81 3m
and A Woxhiugtou of the N. '_ ___ General Commission Merchants ,
generally enjoyed in all parts, of thin oorrespondt-nt > To Ih" llm :ill< nllun .,111)I'l.

country at to entitle the President to put Y., Tribuno who writes under date of The Old and Reliable NEW, OiaKANH, LA. fnhr I'lliimrji rnrilK, prr tlmild-H art. .Nimliuiion (..1011.111I. were liroiiKbl tlia iwtlenl lo Ilia Ikurougbly I'mrnaor with, wko lilt aa qnlckljrrubbul

/ forward the claim for its national posses Tuesday, the 18th ins., give Gen.ShjT- NEW VOIIK I-IFBI rPII'KrK <-0Inoorporated Nov.. 11. 0.1. iiO Vniillu*' 1'ilUMirj (:"liiU- Nuiubur
'" .. In 11111'111.( "r ii t. I IM 75
-- pi
sion in a superlative degree. England, wa.11 weal of the situation in that State. 184 I. JOHN PBATdiniS Union, I'lulurlal 1'rliner.....,. *> III OIL OF LIFE .
from CAPITAL laVOOO,000....)0 8TOCKUOLDEKB. I'rlumryHiii.lli'r' leI MHprllfr
and { which make tbe following ex .
Switzerland a number of the South wo .. . ST lit Ilium
feuding la Itmtnc* '
American republics dispute tract. It would appear ttuil the Gen. lias .JAMES B. OAMBLB, AKCIU.Die. ll...lrr, No. I.,.A. .. IU IAa away every entlroly rr
may fairly S1", 1 W. ,81-8u MERC11ANT JAILOK Dry Goods. . . . M *, !luY.ll1u. eaiuliiK uua boUU o( Ibe Llnluienl toiavo
with us the supremacy in respect of broad, some v ry diNloyal" idea about a good ", .." :. . . 1/1 ., liululncU of ilnlhitt lu durlora' bllll,.

actun.1 freedom. We have in Ml many things the election uf United States D. P. BUCKI.EY I 4.. I I..II IV
opera- Jt'ST HKC'RIVFl: FKOM' NKW: VOIIK >OTir rAN'OY A VII HTrrtt.lc: .>r rv V'h'l ft.. I 111 1 Tn .
tion all the odious machinery prying Senator especially :, nAS cliiiluj aworlaeut of aullubli- lhaw.n" of ) tl........ ..... 4.UU I'I'K..rr.1"I.L '
. .. .
I l.funnnn III llruiimnir .I II 'tl --
into people's private affairs and assessing Geii. ,iTerry has no power to arrclt and I i:iiiuinim Ut'lioul .' I 1.*' ill
try; mentbrrs of the LegUlaluruj who, It FRENCH & ENGLISH Cuiiiliuallliin' will Itbutiirlr.. I.U'i IViuenmrlnii .

,,: anJ collecting taxes, some of them clearly may be alleged, may 'or have lIutacriLed to Iv'j Grceries. I'orn, Ikinkl, rai-h .. 'JO |1/\
8 Camp St., New Orleans CLOTHS eAss'nIJdtE W. wriuniijbHriiiai| iii.. uui IUTI KAYTON'SPJ.L
: unconstitutional, which the most oppressod the oath' by perjnry. They w 111 have to Utrieil I.V UIKATBoots( : VA1IE'Y. Key lo I'lniimimlilii" .. I loll, 7ACVNiiuun

nations of Europe groan under and by the civil oDM.. The rcon tr ic-, WATCHMAKER, ,., I Ino Hcboul Kdiiuailon ol ItrjunlV .
J. Lion linn observed in (: II.AU. ,'J- All lrulI,"'. lli.uk kniiliiK, IW liOCiiniiiiiin : OFIt L I Ii' ]
I .
were ieorgta J tn
the overthrow of which is the ebutf liberty tip and Shoes. Hi"lioul I ViliiMlmn, nf\Hrymil
the, hour when the .Legislature deprived Fine "11m'! Jtftlry,Rliertire I II H d tts.! : VmSTXNGS .V hfmluiiii., Hl.uik TTiIllirli
it' for ,hiuh they yearn. Hut upon this we certain parties of, their seats by reason of e' ALSO' iMnN. Kobool Vdiirntl.in, (rof "llryunl X How euoddi,'led l/y all *fc* bar* wllnemed III 0i.lillculliiu .

!, .nUno' lay strew, because It is asserted race nna dolor. Up 'to "that Lour all their ; GUNS A jci.1 bluk aud k*iniml le prepared nublouublo, moka to order, In tlia, Intei-t, lurliuciillbitt WOMKN"1111'-11.) | !Aff) !HttMiAFVA| .. ,, nAiHi*J JHardware 1I"1"'lllIn'.II.nlt.k""I'InIt.K.Jiool KilnuHliin| .|r .Hryiiir. t.. HiX) tWHlKli la Im tbu Uu" awl rniUbln .., tut11UKUMATIHM

and buficvod by mnny that the scheme of aew were1 legal and binding, !Including tin) _J \ .- VatrnHu-llaii (Tinranlcp'ilyli',!. Iinil al moUi'litefrtm. IIlmU",'* Illinke .A 7 election of the U. B. Uvullemeo will Aini>rl,itillllrtiiryi, M ,Ml anil Ai tin wTirrctrr a I.Inlinrnl cim lie ini-il. .
taxation Irarrevtvd from. old-world duspotJ8u Senators. The lot I I I TOL8. ofFURNISHING ajw> Hud at Ul pluia M bandMiiiilannrtinenl l'.rlu>> 'UI''III''I''' .... JttU NOOrNj'i .. ,

.. >g wan a uece ity growing out of tbe I lately passed by Congress, -and nndor. ",,85 1117. -, .- I LLuw l'l.uU J.i"W., IJfl no I ,
which we are now acting, is simply amendatory T --- Ulay'! iJiuu] uu.J t lt.14 11..010II Hut
( war, and that the burden will soon be 're- of the law fur Notice In GOODS Or) FVKItV KIND, fur Fitrii oll'II'I.UI.II"' u*1 any 8.00 trUoiKMilory '
*, so as Bankruptcy,. KAYTON'S' OIL OF LIFE !

inoved. A better point of comparison Jtween J- Georgia }II conceruwi aud the duty of Geu. Tns la to Klve Venice, Uiat on tbe iflkb day gf 1.- I. "" Country I"'! Faatiwii, hi llm Mtoru Florida>>(uudlli* It, JoknlIliu I .r', ,

our-on n condition. of .freedom. alld. Terry is simply to'carry out tJl08lue'1I1atq- ,.,'A. B. 1110I a "aiT lit <.f tlallk"'pll" Hats.and Caps : COl.LMUl/'li bllKW, Iliu 111 er.Uillni l Ueniian Llalmenl launiqnjllnll
w..l..o" oul nl Ibe Vl..I,1 ul ,. UuMidDuiUe READY M IE CLOTHING I
that of England Switzerland and various ry acts. In- his opinion, all tlie Legislature (bribe Northern T'I.I.11't l nf Florida, aintn* ., ( ) ItJY.JI lJJcp4illory ).It'"n.lll A MMIttU. t",,1". I l"y H. itviUiiK tlrtui4 lit Uie klatury uf >ltdU.Una -
enir' do to commence'' to do where 1'lIlftA't.1I1111"'I.rbhil1; n'/t.i, ,
right alte MUM uf Fruiela f, llaywood, of CkuiptnUtvn.n in.ikluiaiwUland lure i'Uuiltliig| nllcf lu CUT;
republics of South America, U the. right ofutfrsge they left off aad commenced doing wrong. Ibe county of Javkeon, In laid UUulcl! nUuduilla I'CALII ANI' BKR 'I HIU' .'| and warranted ta aittl all t..y.r.. ; for Wil,w. .lurlila mid IlieUllft'oatl.UIU ; ra.0 ilinimt by tho tint ruliblnj. .
in Hunkrniit. on lite ow. pel ttlM > 1 kat Ibe,.ijof Nlf-government enjoyed All law they that time 0.10, 1\9 IIf3ull.. Read Ike tuMldinnlaU kvor Ike .
BOMM previous to anjr dukli and tbe delltert of auy properly |ionrli 11 ILlJl t'II.LIJ. and opinion' nf tlie
this country and those. And here we appear liold good, unless .repealed iu tha regular | >Pto I.rb B-inkrupt, to Dim or firkin lie,aadbe ...-. _. --- -- Rope and Bagging. J. l'. CllL( U>W, .III.I. .
And fur tIle Iniuufcr of any prvuttrly by him arc Jofkitlilteiy TalUhiuatt, Flullila.An For bulit li .,.
decidedly 'at a 1ill ad\antoge. Tiin) way. a* Senators !y clear ) 8111".PPili 1)'lIIIliltl' '. .
b Uw and tbul a mreuiiK uf Ibe Creditor of uldluokrujit
nation 'U now in thll fifth fcfUr lliis ly1 cannot onnhTthe 'election of those whom ; ,to proro rnetf drat and tn cltoi>ae one ornureaatfO Millinery. and Dress Making. I N'MA'ASo'lI!.'/.AS1t/ nM;'(. w. flAI.IiI.( 1'.llIuallJl. 4111IWu'". Ur..u: .
year they elected' and thiMe who n6w hold the | c II' kUeelate, wtllbckeldataCourtif ttopaudIinnTle* .f ike inmt npprnvrd putl"ni| tin Uliii' l I. lllilll'il lit whi' ,III. 11 l." aluivu' >>rli'fl !|
war, and the luost profound peace pre\'ail* certificate before liitukrunuy, lu tol4 u at the Clcrk'i ortUe alfallabaaaee .n o ( |L r >re m.lliiiiU' |ilMMi .i>iirlli,>> (NWHII .f tlinui, I li. j jiroiiii'll "
proper they riolnted tlie ;In .ald Pt kfrt, bffan Franklin Vreier, > "rJuryiu tUu b'iii*.. ui 1 lui kuuriihui'tn I McKESSIN & BOBBINS
in evory portion of it. Vet I 1\ the great reconstruction Uw.s,, In a word the pro- LiI. I.I. lu lII4oll'J'101' .IA .. Beadsteads M Mmrtplrnllon, ,' .f. ill I,, i1''r ifl.jftlntiH'r ,

States of Virginia! and Georgia Texas ajidMinwissijipi lent Senators hold good 84 do all fbf la a.do the 'fehh def of Mircb, A. D 'JS8 at 10 o'clock, Mrs (.A; LAMBnAM tIoo ..' ', '' '. (..I" in knei| IIM.fll, .., .4. '
> ill { 'i 10"
will. I IMIII. i "' < i < i;'ii"in in.Irurt I WHOLESALE AGENTS
tho people" are allowed to take states that Gtncra) Terry Is after iu office iUt. t.- WEMTtVOJUU- rvn kETUHNfl 'RIII1tW YfMtK OQMj AFIltIltHltS'ol.u' : <,'11.". t'IIU"" IH ai ..r'.'..' 0,1.. ,
but he will do I.hOh.I".I" blitria.By Hint and unitB. .
hi* and V. B. .
promptly ) 1I\411' ,"! .
no mure in national affairs than if NK\I VUKk. < > .
part anil bit instruction him 8. tONANT Ueimly. .. no.'." -..
fairly to are to I
the debifena of J.o. 5, "HI. '&** Millinery and Dresa ok 1U '6\1 I'J hisQn Blakeman & Co.
they were Patagonia or the tudy the hiw aud aut upon iu Iit.erala! en>eaud Trimmings, 1- Phinney, ., I

SarnU Ifh IsliipjH. Eu'ry attempt ukk'h ineauingi .Ouc""eJ'ry will imtlmiin 'AlMlNISTBATRIX'S and I Ie Meily lot Cu U.nre to InnliMt her Ijoiiita. '1
&ALEReaMEstale TU.iukrul A FAHNESTOOK'STltT 1'LHi.UULIki, \V I Ilk. .'U" .
fir i
MH I'MronaKe, .Milk In tuninunamlntkeniaM i-i; 01: ,
make to do with the KIUIIIIUaJilll't .tu I
they to ri'dnnert their citizuukhip,,ruitiils )thing1 \ar ). t. "'
upon them ID new forms of insult and Lhere, ftmt he Im* so Informed nunicroiit _IW_ Urduri IMIM .UnUuie ""11'/1/ JllUd.iM'Jrt. V'ERMIFIrGEe American Wuoational: Buries, .
parties who have tried to enlist him on Wl U- 10. ..1.'PB)4 PI f\'I\ .
oppression, and if federal do ,I .. ** > III .li; V' \ I
bayonet not their particular side. If dl Ix>gi liture \\ l.Jlllulio; iiiinvililldriudlfuuili'rtba" ; IT II nil tji-i'i in Mi 1 1 ii| I*

point at Illeir'1reslil' and coerce their aolinns bay* a quorum, they cun tfOj.QIt anil pw 'Y virtue bfau -. ., from tbu- UuurtnfFranklin D. CAMERON I .o";r 've )rc..f Thul u hirne "iiropoitlanol I (I. ;, i.',,1 i 10. ii ttii<>u AUi 1. ll.llfnr..
it U because tlie citizens amiitbh the Fifleentli AnienUmiMit aud Oouaty i lilliln u dli .".h'r |li il ityi, b.i. IUI'II>i '\\.11. lull
are so oonbe })
jto.t rnnalf, I will n II, ou )tlN.A J,< aT tfmntlt, enil" .rliliniif" .uilrriiiinryrauix'iiiiurlaluUiil. .
'- > ninl well disposed and inxiuus' fur admitted! into the Union of States.Heorctary Y. ,. 7ik day ./Man-A. D. 1170.e pabfiao It li iurly, u. .. .q.\VANNAU, G l G' .
peace on any' terms tdat'sueh. a mtioimloverawing !. --- AwUHiUola| :county and eutte aforoiald Ike lu\-\ JUSTICE PEACE, 'n,1I Hi Mrliril. Inhuujri,' llii.rliiii.1..111. t.. ; .1 |U) ml.
IlelkMp htm anthnrlr.c'I officer li"wlninl "III., bflntirlnK lu the, nlateofjokn. "1.11, ,."110. '.. """ ," '""1" ,.1..1) IIUIoII. '
i ii
But ., ,
iiiuu.> '
ceR Cougrcsexercises It. Alklni, ili j l.
ary. d..I. lo .. .... ,, 1 '
hll.t' .I
of the on duly in -TnltM. Kiwid I ".1 I" "" t..f U. n "
army Au undlvlUfd ouo-Llglitb lulvrLil, (I. vtrtakv lota .
towards the States a tyranny 4 M. .. 4'._. _, I I"I"UI.. tI. *" ';' >. 1
Fnnkllu. .
and Oeorria, to lonn plstah and riflfcnlo and ,parole ft* land III "Id ntiniy, fonWi t .h.! ) r. .O ery"Vvnlifr'i"T'siYli'V, | fr'." :. I
sit rompletc In Us effects asv if It Here adniinlHterej ll" X.iM atrna, uiur.ur btf,- kiown>4 tfaerttiml .''f, II. ,': lit,., UH.IC.UKlS'r.Vi'l.i: I I I.) 'Ioe liHil| > eruf "I ,' .1 r
revenue oflliMM1*, and to "oil them, pni'' oo Ibe mine ol H A. hlllliuw' aa 80-.. I It; .Iti
by long and gtetmtug lines of4oM VutWW of. il, IM W'< He*. *.1.| krtiNo 6. A. I'"bueatc.ck'i' V r'rlJ1ifujtI'. !, .* PYRA p U.tt E
der and shot at cost, whenever they ,y 1 mill 8. In Iractlniul'r. IN, tad IIIr... :.*, .
utet-l. Hie BURKHIM It I."f I'M turrn, M'Kuri ,
humiliation votiUMi. >
vbjAjatfon ) J. ** |n ;
.u 1
.1 oM .. '.T..II .,. \ *
'hiltr 'Inuittiij tho 1.110'.11..11.11" W..t 'tlllkl.Y \Ull.K < I
rivjulre tho snntc w \ ; Uicit Mnif VK'.F' ; ( ""P""II'! I |UAad '
of the peopk) owing to their brokeino l nji fracllouai Hwu. !:. 3 and <. to !". N kWuili, iua l..ailiulnlilcr," >. > oiih ilw tJl'J\le'lIlA.'". Of ''UK: H hlH HUH I 01.
tltstillerii'* aiiil'lhu vl iaU>rs f>f llm' Internal lUnm T, Wi.l | ll.o ftu-tloi.1 ... I. in .fo... V, IH tl.l. -ATinsor.n. ''I'Of') wn"rx TV Tu >lIIII.imt.N.|.Vl.l. AI.1'-11. OSEPR.
n and spIritlcM ellll,1itloll-ar" easilymaintalnml kowk, UMI.. T. HM. aul I fiat-tiea>l KM lu b I, tu owl; ki" > Wwriii : tiiv
rixirruliine. miwli. more for fClranlny Chiiutt! l-'ov rl
; iMtrrrMff. :
" In'a. sluo li -.p.111
'. reveuou Troop arw at Town U, Ranire auulb'! mid Weal. I'U J' ('U .11) .III
without IU" nf ,UK dxiiui .
recourse to the ultima (mlJliHMIJ .1I"lI.hlj \ ,
i To eold for I pw?mem nf''hl. T'nrn re.ti. 'HALUIIIROIA"Fever
the command of tlie ll munufiriurrd, .II'v' lln hill
revenue > <*4or* r c/.initi
ratio tf/>iin. Thdattcr, howe\er slaml* 1 AU I.Ui" v. \T1"'', .\tI1to&. Re3y.-Made Clothing Unfin h.'II'(iiwiif UI" I. iim j ."..10111 mul U and Mir ,i' i limit PII'I! 4. .\I"'IIA..hWlllh
ready to be :if whenever desired. J.n tII. 1'1'II 2ft- -- AM>"- ..11OENT8 A. ".''".1...'. VtrinlliiK' ..,'h... > ,in 4' ,' Inbvor Ague inlhit .IrilinU. ,", "' I 10"11"111111" || I... -1011, (. ''',I.liliu I.
applied uwMnwary an we -.- to'Dilicharge ? < '. .irnin.if itil I I.. ill iirllmii' I., ni.. ,IM| nl I it
learn from the lat Notic CAU I loN' ,111..101',1..1.', If. ANTIDOTEAlway ( ',
wiliUry ord/r' uwue eeum crimty .. .
FURNISHING 1 c It A r'nliiM.I. 1 ViTiuKiiii.'. in l"1"1' ''rh .
mtuix tlig lu.uv.. thll I : SIX MONTHS after dale, I will |.,...ul""UIlI I (ul" in "hat liillluU anA 'Ikl,* >. (lap* abe thill*. LoII'1Il
outrage as Ivor-- milks who ha* been \ to Itudicul btnator and onrbc.. TUnkful Im loltilI iur lh ,. .'.., .1
I aa adiiiiuliirniur on the.UIinf llie, art i [r lli.i( I li, 'liwn >ii Ji.rMy tnm"i .!> .HetUotu bat 10een bot.IfO tb* PQbl' | \,\ """ 1'\111; I.' .
,ill bill. The durninallL'pllrty have li .MiiiU J. W B.ikrr. dMMM-d, laie n( I.nniount I mulluuuuwiif Ibe u'u. 1. *UI ilinnle bla twIreilieiillou I "Itil "
can't will hsvo I I tWUand li IilnnbiliiK II. ifilillvuni fiftwn ami la
IM> ounfinnciL (irolit lo ,, In Die l'iuhi| "., KUi' (.' "J't"utlon |I'lrellllour.' ilium yean, itlll aliead ol all othur
Iti.pi.' thitt' they wonld gradually rthxthuir to withdraw hi* u.une: or snftVr tliemortilionlkin tv be dlar.In.rl'yhlll4lol.\ld"' | \ colMily." au4 k t 11141.l to bute ...1.,11.1''." iirtnl ul"| .IIIIHIH' known remsdluc 1 1 doe nut purge do** T i. i lUM, I J\lg J&tilI' ;*

tlie II. ". IU.KU,, ..'r, Jm I. 1 1 NmtrtitT/ n iKi.r.TT: not 110m the atomuih, U perfectly tab famy
throat 7. .
grasp upon of the unretxiustructeU of bat Ing him jcctcd. The etirpctj.iggert ,.D. j.. ,1t1O. III-11m. I fvunerly U. A K.linf.l'H .'. Itnn A1 ".'.' H,. dot udur all olrcanutauooe aoil I |\If.\ptr.. !! Fl..'
f fII.
Southern States but tint I -- -- pruion. I'uuOuig, ft .
[ from the South demand that one "EAKIArROSE I Doe 14, "flU l'> I 1) 1* the only Uedklne tlial will .. Ftli
.11 e'IIII. V7-U
oloso of liut year left item more pauivua V jf their ilk aud k luej bu put in the 1"Ri. ..t, Executor'* Notice. .-- OURC IMMEOIATf "'" > "'

aud liudictivu towards Uuu JIX UO.NT1U uftitf Ibe tr" |1..11. ua ul Ute and rwrnunently erury form of FeV r Wo4Afue "I f.J
i and de l than ion; to whom Granti. replies that in the J nolle, I -lll I'rcaeul luy lual aicouut* and POTATO REMOVAL botoM it li perfuct AJillAet* .. rIA\IKS J \ ,1. V.OKUM ,
ante< region ever Th; leg whole range of the tribe he knows not one "KbMa aa Bieoter tb* nine of Tbo Laeer JIaJ.Je.
lie, du ._d. lale uf Lcou lo ike JuUice ofProoate
islation towards Georgia excels in cruelly the of uld cuuuty.k be dlai-banged. 'la fMVU VALUABI.R r VARIF.TT 'I'Itp. Bob bf all OrufcUta '
worthy position. roumy aud in [ ANT -BINDE
and harshness almost any act passed W, K. HAIX, ,,',. CUID.I0 In Vi-rui'-ul' \lu.l i. U a SiuxllluifIjt Hold al U bolt ule mill U'Uil i>)
upon .*". K. 1 1370. Zoiu Clilll Tb> t "I.t la quite" inuxilb, 'i I I' -i "n M, 1.1.I.AII..1

the heeU of the war, and from hints TUB SCEZ CAVAU-A correspoudeot "- -- -. "- aieriuf'1' |) xradaaH>lrlritL),,,111'lo' cud tiiiUk, |un u|tkiiUow ilw ri-uire, hut, CARRIAGE SHOP lejli -'.I'IlIv"a'.I"UI'| rl 'lnr'.I'tI'| .>.iil'iiUbi- !. '_AKD-r- ,

thrown ont .. mal gather that timilar tke'Mornuig Pott writing from J.nuli, Notice, ab and Mrunyty, ,.ahl* )ikln anlld Ilile.aud Ikoniih triKJu. .f.' .To..Ibe..I.d|I..,IKU the llrlik Ftrrnr Iliiun(''> h".rl rtllI/) NcivOT.'lW III. lyGEORGE Blank Book Manufacturer.

measure are preparing fur the other unfortunate that fifteen 'I .uI1Inl.b .I. U / ,and tbe Jo ,. .LI.' ..01 W..I .I I II.,.
I say anything drawing otrr rfjrt OlTr"8f8I.VE* or C. BCIIWF.RI>TFtL 'ul..11. rrry ineaf/ of v -L
.rI.1 kaw'i .hf.Y Hlaklii, iarn< lly >'>lli il l. I llm |1' O. HALL ,
States. Almost tho liut thiug Vet of water must be lightened order to UIK'wUI k* eluud derto. tl, au aciuuetIboae able uuauij.We b receirtd lucli. Djllerlnir bbnlrnli aud Ilw (mbllc. Mnueially, bclnnin -' e
uccoimn If Iblifa
I .
that Mr, Surnner did, prior to adjourning through the Sue Canal, I I red;es, '.I.ed. .who. natkiMd bare (ium lo or erfl 1'1a.foreaa. nil fiyibettKliit abov, re- >UHy from. ertry d\.I".f\ I. woud.rol |rrl' mli dUli-ti bult| .r jiri't'h."I'n." 1..1"01"' ,' unit fecit aurk rnnflilint wlib nrittueuand lb>t Ini wini l\l'illl1lJLIIJ TO. ANT PATTKllN Jot II
Uoeki. audm
for hit Christmas cheer to Febiaarr ail; If aot, I will aet a nrdlac tobar. du'lho.. lad .'luoll" ,< e "l lao jUg ili.f.uUori, I'lill .ku rlti liliu IIU'IIa'"O uun'4J. 0" I (Caib'Uooka Day
was report a u 1\ Ulul.ir .-k .
U |
>o obstrrct! that the paimage it hatardoua. Rmall will be received and bMllallnu la >U iimdu to wrdor, Nuelq 11"" mill' ijtf -
Jol i 'fnnodlazl. ,
resolution putting Virginia under tie same The > Frkruary ant.nt.tly ttter eiecedinUIIMMkdayof fur- 1 'Jtii Muck 110".1 a.".. Tiloamn \ All i>rd.. >u< "1",11. |1"1)111,| Flour & Produce Com Merchants *lnca buuuillu unt 'l>lu. .
decline Uku
company la any A : York I'nrtU-uliir 'illi iitlonlttDtorcp: rla"h".II.> | I
uleaUFLUJMSand AN\11iuiUbl4iroi i tilack.uillb .r:1 .e".D TERMS ALWAYS CASH. 4'to n f' Hli-tfl, >. \ | |/
thumb-tcrewi as Georgia Virginia risk hatner. I I F .r .u,lnl nr "i.arnlAI. AlliuiuiOilier
w It require* mint fcf mon- I al." a 8IIOW-CASK 1) ( < ., 1/.1 I, imi mil 'i.i c" 1 I '. l:ii i I'1, l i I 1.1 l lII.
which has Wn a model IIf 8'1 f l behavior i.\. to '(' I IIP work In order '. C' BCIIWEKDTF liKK: -" .Kirli'M i. ".j "I' all. o H.ui.. '.. II. II. IIDIIItt.: Jr. "I.I. I I. I 'I /III.I Ml I .' II ""d lu |li.. "Iurhllu." Iliilltlluii.K. .
i.i" ; -cu "V4i *' M. I.III 1.1 ''I 11" n II > i '"i i 1''_ ji -



__ .
h ___ --" .'-- .
-. <


''i ,

L .


-. -, -. a--- -

: a

y _____ __ ,. ,_ ;a
__________ u,__. d -. -- -------- -----. --
; : : I. "' .3.OTDlI4U MAII.HOAI UILtl 4'TXCA" ""''TRJ Maiylmihlti'lo onr iTecifrTend A 1 UT'wG.P.. (From the Hirirnrl Time*.)

I ., .. :'I i bt- etkI!- <1oribiitnl A.writer in the .'Itml II.or the ItKIP.-80th lilt., Tie I '"jiMnlitro I has posso' - 'n!,

Illr'oing huifelf. In tho editor of th;t 1': the SI"iOI cominviiccd, ".1.1 1* pregnant rmrr.OFU''f OT.t81 ThoecTefm' hat just the of The Railic.il party hate' decided ,ti. i,

l'I'r| as : with good or ni to th' {We refer' ARHAKOK1U.XT.-<3STICK HOT. *'' received, froii ttegreat Atlantic & l'nci6oCotany current' a construct Stales of this l'lill wlu..i, t II|,, '
TALLAHASSKK; time ii rnlc mJ
V .s4* "w jtfst bigot pf n
-4 ) stpjT1ofthis fit. thc
pourj They use ,
It U will list lbs th. bill amending tho act of tb.lMIes- Idot ,A.X.N I variety great |1'0"1 t ,, ;|
( s dixlwllnrtng day rn'.pt
( -- rnnngh \ 1.. M "J' .:tIM ] and KnglinliIlreakM ; of : 1 looming tVi efid: niVl I Ithlt large sums of the public trcinnr.. ,,1 I", t' ,
1HTOR. shout Govrrnnr oi bF.IU "
TfKSD.VY: FEBnUARV I. () rhftrffrs floating mnln the you lion to J Perfect tho Public Work the In.d I t 1.1 Jj as '
i rhoulit In I tlraightlorwsrd way defend him ; mutilate'and 'tmoorvra.s I pKIKTKR : T uYlo1rmra :B j icpuLU.can pArt/sliofs have been put into their hand, in (fl In, lt .
but, 'Is rrccnt article la lull- State "tllc :'att jlat WAS ,. ou. construction _.
paper joa ,
c'. DIRE, $r., \.". I your \- .P' 1 <# a new aim break Ai7 from the bl"iICI Thvy ,
aIsle list M has not been In Mrip and about which much IMK nfud. Tlieimportant 1leralJ '
State in
A.sIe ,1.1,
4' E. DTRE .lr., Sen.tap ".11. (1 4 BiACKwoon few
K.A its
roiiponn M murh Inolnllllnp PtlwrpnnUnhnvr mail Sn.tiiI'rl ( strong g'vl'srfrnipon linjbsby a of the M-C the, .
: flinondmcnti amount to .a )(1"1" 1'1. people al,1 standing ,
und of lbs \111
knowitig( I ( Irl' and YSd.va I this ]opn1ar magnrtne is on our !taMe./ It fanatical, Radical it ;dcrit' (this
1111.upon| this (Kilnl, tho vrrj UiiKiiHfi) > this : 1 Sixtoin thousand dollars per ( a.f.irdylii.. ""I clew'.all P 14. ("..nd1) iidTh.r' es new spirit and Navy to do the work. l'n'hir< i. t''
fitted, tnctrilr unjitfl .pklon .ugeitisiOtlielS. |! l mile I bond in for the 4 ,) fully sustains the high repute of formerlays from the Influence ofml'n who ha\1 scorn pretense rcconKtrncting .rebel Stm" .

in tl. exchange Wilt. Rim 1C, oI1 ill table of content embraces ed lie restrictions anti intolerance thatthsrarterJEe )I W" in/acj.rceanstrurting tstf of iltltO '
Now I" loRtk If 8liili' > rlll! or voted for wliole wr't tk .vt Paul ,tait .t tin A. M. / / "
| rnniHinn are -
I lit l/n.\\ tie ,.l*.wriMatl 6AII.II4kFI.' / LrtialeJ en'of' established reputation, Sff: Unloitl-oliahtfng tlic'rtni.' '
are not falrry mutter*if trade ,1wt'lilatii'ti| COI"AIy \ < ., some of our Eastern lie. Q
Inc ron4 from westwardW o tk Nun wrftm at 4, P. M.(Moniir) W( Ay* } ,
Everybody: tint hs the nionim, in l"nl.IIr.ilr Qincy iMii4a5.J< ;=aa***'-*"' >'*'*' and-of rrt-cl w nrerlr-UI! rtwtoV( !UTThr men." It declares that 0 there i is w .I. fl 1 '
oftlM Unt-* 'rwwii,1i1. MalTurlTn ,.' growing j job is accomplished nnd
or of the Uiir rout ".M the txtrcme'Iimlt of FlorMaline, diA(MonAij cunon l.n\.
J .LOQAA"'B T", And rcnlly UK Ir lrH'nils| iiknitlirlr | ) literary organ of KngBsh Conservatism, up an antagonism between the Ideas ., '
Rtrttrt Adrtrtlmmtnli\ and in the direction .Mobile.. 2. The same TUn4'M'L, I'. SI. or tt.1t9tit' ''IJt' "
Anlhorli to
I .. IInbplO.r.rlba nrgutlshlhty. ThcyancrralnllolielmuKlit TIDnITI. and as inch commends lUelf to the Vest 'New England ani of the West, whfch CA f4 or' '? \, '
TLoh1.AIdrIitngIn4 ( sold Issued-!
..pln'r.rmn. In,1 for this very rrawm are amount mile is be gi'en in Ilts't\'er
sell per t class ofpeiliftthjs; Ttnt17.Ita4lcaliani reconciled tub i took away' the liberties ::1
fur the 1-: Why then nmv not any tulsa' fnlrly buy or lands' only by lowering of the
Viun .fr Stele Florida well as "ithrr for first mortgage heads of tho Tallahassee &4llDr R ) Tn b without some Usually the v Hodncss f'
l1u'' "rip< ss say nrgictlsiil A1AT.-yAt11e religion, literature, and politics has no pretext.
Q.0.." .... ,. ",", 1,|. e! |*p sturdier foe which fuel alone
..I.A .' Ru.nvnnnUn If w>, the mere full lluit* man inuy be a nicin- anywhere- her,' Bother and Wilson will not nile the I of The Radicals are .,
,, "
miles, ? of of J will Bold
Oat, Fit,-", S. Joi. ) of the rnnii t, with beruld any part rnlron Montford, deoe Ubrly. vinl. t
lMr CILlnel any jnnllro IK sufficient of its cxc.cllenre.IfitirMs '
a. t '. heed the lash of Wen- State Governments ,
., L. him from in II I IS guarantee Tliey may il ii,
Killing In thin
I T.0. q" in prevent iwrip between Quiuiejand J before the Court door far
I I J.r, ", "UI *.r.A PodnrtmjMol /, A fulr btt'lmiM Imnwicilun and the b ntury nf Ifol.m 1on80 city leoHanf&PnU d Ii4 1 Phillips, bnt that will 1 bodisrep name of yalty.'VwWeh Lclonp, : to .1|, .

I \ ; N. .-.' IJA'. ..nHk.lfflr. IlniO or the Tr-nnuror llir O,nernor nmy "lily ;,ThC I bond for the !_extension on next M. "a1'_, i t., New yO! ( rded 'in Ohio fngYlonnl potism. Thev'are. forcing constitmi,", I
0'111 ip Jiift s* he would fotton or rnrn. A .to issue ai the work progresses. 0- Ind be'ono amendments by tbe"-not in the t tiim"brrecog 4'
\' TIlE: LIE' '* : This I all well unougli, provided All Ixmils are t<> bear eight 1'(cent. in- which, i*19 coiie off fi l < pcrorrJ I"'"

I :, .LK\II Uii f&itinil' tt the 27lh ull., parties
I )ha tcn t& the htTef'oflilt"fHclll, the 00ror. \' own money. Hut whin money in used in nnd intercuti yiJd, at (InyablIrincpT,\option of thin new invention. It ii ,very ..highlypoken complete success. jut 14 or 15 Knights L have harbored muit go dowr and instead the tution war.wicked It is in in its violation of the (''jn-ii, ,, .

Ho rails the caption the article t ttEnlilda of by the press of Georgia, Inl we ] there mOst be policy liberality.and conception, 11.111"1
scrip which /
( t jiurchasing ) belongs to the- .CotnjSaoy, "MJ havi .o lie liitv whowill ride, hard strouslv so in its execution, 4
which olcnrl',1 in the FLORIMAX. of la.t the, transaction assume nn altnguta. tho': Wextcra .."i.J at mv, no donbt !I" detm.t In the course' of and fur the glorious privilege oferowning' I 'Ig erolit) '"nd'onfdenoe:' 'It the I The Uadicil ct': Unite* n d&rto, atnl "

but think he illtitfl .o' imo to snperccde the old plan ginning litblul I New England do not comprehend( then canuomi'sThere
Tn/.tnf, unique; we *poct. I the money of the 11"1, adding the lt the* of. lore and beauty. leder executes at the rl"u!,
Queen ,
b ; all Jotton. It is a mutter of the iraortaiicp I this will to .' Tho South h no -no
on inifiiiry that in t the ipiniuti' of from in nH 300 miles greatest '\ they go th Ir greater tyranny nui.
State He imrd in spocir* of xpcciilation, Quincy, making The to ,. lieu ol a
any managers
propose .
oihrr InwjVr ihe tnk.* i it the to our planters, and they wonMlo in corning back to the Union, nnd it eoinrs complete concntratiol of power in Rti ,
|position lit all tilt benefit, Ji'rivr therefrom should no- nt '10,000'mile, will require an inne of circle which Rome of tho Knights desired, Prussia.

j ._ more "lli'ul'ho the author of" Lex" crime to tho Stale Ilr (1: This is but justice State Honds lo the amount of .',800OOD. Hell to look into it and, examine th. three rings in straight line, so, ,many "th' a dislike to N England: M inveterate or Step by step-boldly and by the aid ,",;
1 is ii immntr He it dou1itle notno claim of thii new gearing. I as it was More the war, for in the
: and equity. Hive any of the officers We will publish tho bill entire in our .. yards apart and certain thue allowed to, pro tho sword -Is the Radical party binding,
who has received) office from his exrelli'iicy --- cess of 'reeonrtrnclion; it has found only the hands of the people with with. .
hilt of the Government, whose duty it i ii toted pro- next that our reader may study its pro Fsa-nvm.-Tho ferrtnlo member 6f the make the whole TLe gentlemen strong
In.ll. ii now (paying the debt, of gratitude credit of the for themselves. For ourselves di.tnc. hesitation and doubt and nod a They reconstruct ,Stse.( If it doe* I, -
thl Stale, le(1 dealing \'iMion wo Africal Methodist Church gave a Festival who'nro to tilt are \engaged In practis obstcO do their bidding, if the people dare to ierciso "\

which all len arc supposed to feel in su'rq]> ?" II'si', have they given the State are free to cay we don't like some of itsNotwithataniliag In the Capitol, on last Thursday eenng.The ; .- ing their horse t the track accustom ( "of"vengeance fom tle people It their privilege !

wha arc tho recipients of rriimM from the tho benefit derived from the t anxious a ncve had much occasion to hike The is o I"rgovernmelt-,
tralNltol Irovisinl so tables wore wel laden with tho good ing themselves to the use the lance. the State again b J
table of )lb0er.'S l.x" may argue tilldoomsday Let Take the of the Governor. road built West 8o lh sees ah ally in the West It finds military rule-again ordered (I. tli
IH lre. ease arc t see a :through of this life, presenting a very neat The spot"eeWt and) ho will never ClfliIWe the thilg O' a broader tolerance and a more hope bidding of tho master*-again tiuiecteilwith I.
In 1808 thousand. dollar of Florida that to almost
some forty we are prepared go Appearance, and the gen-erl arrangements back ofJttdg UAXU. Y'H place., ter
-border ,
public that the fraraers: of the Constitution ?_. faith, and it the more readily attach bAouft encircling (
( the of other short of absolute ruin .1
States in
length to ear
111.11 were placud any accomplish reflected credit on those who had the management -- change ; and to aid i against th,
Intended. to give the Governor of tlie State his hands for tale for the purpomt of meeting the work. We I.ope the State i is of the entertainment. Wo learn .IVof. ANTUM, with O Son..al Jackson itself t the. States which evince magnanimity will of it people In18 in changing tile Coimtitution .

the power to appoint his own Huoou*"or. some obligations of the State, purchasing protected( thin bill. that the proceeds reached satisfactory Lilla Dale," and other' elh, in the hour of defeat and suffering.Over of the UiieeJates, which cliangc .
Nor have they. Tho opinion of I",)t1 scalx for the counties, etc. After these _0'- sum. attracted quite I crowd on the streets ycsterday > and over again we have read in takes the regulation of the ballot from

nra generally n p.rt but everybody 1)1111 were sold, the obligations met and, NUHPIflOlM.; ; .._- al\ernoon. His horses were well- Southern papers appeals for this alliance, every Stt in the Union !

knows that fo A consideration they will the seals purchased, there remained aboutseven Thin Nfntintl has a sharp eyo. It can see EXTENSION; TO Dup 'V AUK.-The trained and under absolute'control Without and there are now fresh signs that it may is State long is this work to When last? h When tlm \

expouso either side of a question. There i is, tIIRAnl'dollr8: which amount was as deep. into the millstone as the man that Board of Direlto"of Tallahassee and the usual impiment.of bridle,saddle, &s< l he made soon and 1n. business a to ron8trete', tIle allowed -

however, among the. WASCINI a ni4er.cur. turned. over to I il greenbacks. Thesegivrnbacks p (ks it. Referring to the recent election "- ,Florida Central Rail Roads have agreed to A o ciil" acepte bi Truer'words' nlrl. the Macon Ttk- to remain in )peace f'l' for cOlnll'thin, ,

rent of good found eOrflthmenIeWbichenablea 'belonged to the State, and .f a President pro tern of the Senate, extend the St. Marks' road to the Spanish proposition! 'of tcachinjf .howto" pure graph) were never spoken, and a prophesywith work of war, not peace-the decision, ol' .

them io di8i1glh 'be'kn "Right should have besi into the Treasury.lint'didjKor. '. and other matters cnjectnre to b connected lolc. This
mid "Wrong Error and Truth. f .. RKH:!l"i do Uii* \Not'\( bit of therewith, it says: then have on the Gulf an excellent harbor. Whether they really learned anything and ly ever'ltere. The South:will return to tho When Ua is it to cease ? they Never,have, so divided long as :!;}

It to that "Lex" know" Ex-Governor Walker had been often, the the Union with heart and filled seems ns must : with a sufficiency of water on the bar Coral compensationibr memory
it. He put the greenbacks into his pocket, seen in the lobbied bearing a sort of sub-gu rend tree dolir: I that I so as to \'otl for 1
that tho Constitution never contemplated. the Professor' the lessou with' scan of undeserved" and Villnnons ,
r elect members of
practical w they paid Congrc ,
and scrip into the Treasury in lien air, and brother Dyke wu purposes. heli l l'resient
conferring upon, Uio Goferoor such power IAio the bcrnawria a look out oL f--' we do not know. We expect ii was treatment' at the hands 'of New England.She involving life and death, anti, M.
ho exercises !In'the of Lt. ', having previously' len 1< keeping sharp DiRKcr TRADE WiTh NEW OmujuANs.We .- in will buck 'with regulate the legal affairs of million >"I' 4
ns appointment a legislative movements, nnd m constant and something like I'rol. It VAN'Slesson go too; a power, tba a
nud scrip at ,
Governor. Jt to this, .Jx x",, ml&u purchase close communion with all tho uneasy spirirts ". are gratified to announce tliat Gene I Ventriloquism. At least we feared it if and wisely handled, will enable people-with alrthTraepftrttneftM'or) poernmenty \
frtna thin ,
aroat i
.rnp jing JO to 00 in dollar.Ttieso war I legislative, executive, judiciary, t
of vindicate ral has of
the and anxious to : '
'eorrtct ,
< place very
i*i that oiuticipstion f facts known th would be no. better anti therefore refused her legitimately, 'not only to. right her in full be turned into
arc operation may
'I' vernor.n 'I'I throughout the Republican party by the .impeachment between New Orleans and St. f"lb"
of a vacancy gubernatorial length and breadth of and cannot of its Executive. steamships to go into it; wrong but at the same time subserve' the chaos and all of it* citizens placed as pi-is-
office, may go out into the 'Iorl" Marks, In,1 that tho first vessel will leave --- material (interests of the country at largo.When 'oners the hands of tho army)', subject to '
denicil, A far '
after thu word
I I.I l Co DraECTOKT.-We are
New Orleans to-morrow.This will be nt when J
streets pick Tom Dick OBEO the South and West strike hands anytime Congress
( up or Harry, gratfyng't arm
Again : In tile same year, ( 68,) he took I .brother Drk is concerned, is nil our merchants and business men. Indebted to Horn T. W. OUBOBN for a copy Mil fit to order the army: 'to seire the J
him Lt. Governor and thin when and'
appoint of the Government
thirty thousand dollars. of.Slate bonds for bosh, and has existence only in the excited tood that BABNKTT of tho Congressional Directory (or ,the &\posicmion people.Where. -
the vacancy happens, install 'him in liiiilae OKtciiHibte for of Hut it looks Captain New England is at their In aidingthe did Congress this ? .:
of l'Ay1ng'' the imagination tho $ntinel. mercy. got power
Second Session of the )
tie purpose will boat Marks which will Forty-First
a on at Congress. '
the Governor of put
as the State, for if St West to demolish the power nnd When is war, usurpation, )', tu I
such hum- tyranny
arms which ho had purchased without au auspicious) two find
ho is installed at all, i is thn work of Gov. wor) 'hel ply between the tamer the Spanish In it we biographical sketches of our profits of the gorged manufacturers and (CI01 .
thority. After the wero ( and bio drop in and take a peep nt S. "
neither Constitution the bOlls \ inlvitlall Hole find tho honorable .representatives .In the U.. form of government !
RED, as nor wharf capitalists of the South will rtplblcl
law such The tho arms paid for at an enormous prce, the Hho,. hut how aboutbrother, .- .-- Congress, which wo hope to print soon. tbat'letion The cntral power at Washington whi'tlotit .

lutoriz any proceeding. there remained in his 'hands over fourteen "(1' think we hnvu seen him hob Hum Trnirzr'-We' were presented last We also ourselves indebtedto b taking full revenge for the 'past and down the wind.UF.OflGE ;.
acknowledge :
and.) \
proceeds specifies The citadel of the Puritan
regularly hundred dollars in greenbacks, which, lic- nobbing with tho members, and ns for week with a turnip which weighed thirteen the lion. HOBACE CAPBOS, Commissioner present pocketwill I ,
who are to fill the Executive office.- stormed. Can D. riiirvrin:
lug tho funds of tho State, should have brother CHUNKY, he can bo seen on the pounds and two ounces. It was of the of for of certainly b language: 1 'news
the of the
First, tho Governor secondly, the Agriculture th report for telegraph brings t'
proper ; been into the Hut did Gov. ill iho lobbies sod everywhere else White Norfolk and cultivated paint a nore'terble punishment its )
Lt. Governor both of whom elected.) paid Treasury. floors, variety, was that Department for 1868.,, death of this well known journalist, ono of '
REkD: so act? Not he. As in the case of moving hithVr and thither, with an ago in the garden of cur friend, M. LIVM.T.lie .- enel' Three cheers, then, for I Westerti the brightest i Intot and most brilliant
-- -- -- -- -
directly by tern the of people the ; thirdly, the Is President elected tho'ftrsi batch of bond, in settling bin account nucd expression of countenance, looking c rainy known how t grow turnips, COMMRRCK.ot SAVANNAH.-Tho :N'w allnc with i tbs objective.- r* point! wits that hJ.\'er 101 himself out iu.editorial i',

70 Snattbo this balance was paid in tho' some ono i is continually scratching for the one he us was the largest wo I t. I.,
iirrijt B gave of the 28th statement exhibit LABOR. of '
by the Senate. orw of Governor publishes. .a .S.IT.W -Complaints alack In his day and generation ho was a power
Once more. lie received over eleven iinjicdcfiniriit. matches, ncross his back.- ever saw, and when prepared was excel
becomes vacant from cause the ing tho"commerce of1 Savannah for the of sufficient ,forco to carry on the in Kentucky and the Southwest, and
any hundred dqllars in greenbacks from the Poor I fellow, we pity him.itr.i'iti lent Who beat it in weight? the old Louisville
i eating. can December O which plantation the its a
Lt. Governor, by the people succeeds -I IJ' quarter ending t,80.9, : luerell present year, saysthe JoKl
electe ( 1' R. R. Co., interest line by that -- --- ---- Whig probably exorcised, within
10 and Savannah
I. shows ; ooait- of the 27th
him Governor's office a grand foreign JiqmUioan ,coma .
: : 01THI: ro.IJ4'E
; \ut Jt tot its influence the minds
NT" ,
PUBLIC Lxci-uav.-TIue Rev. Louis IITAFB sphere moro
Company on certain Internal upon
become vacant, a .new ,election is outstanding A"(T.Early wise, of$28,158,322 I' _value. 'Te value up from o\'erYlart of the State. In talking of its political allies, than other '
of tho New Church
Improvement bonds. Thin, interest belonged any
made tho President]>ro tern of tho Senate last week, the HOUHC, by a nearly Missionary of imports during the same i gold with memLI'1 of the Legislature, n ever 'nblHhollln the South. An intimate
in South Carolina and
succeeds.: This is the law and tho commonsense to the Internal Improvement Sinking unanimous vote, passed n Hill repealing Association Georgia was. $300,000. on which dutusjyerepol- week or two ago, we found that the evil and frend of Clay and all the other
Fund, and should I have I len in Florida, will deliver n lecture thi evening, and his
pnid-in of he
of it, and it strikes ns a* being absurd whit is known ns the"Secret Police Law," lected tp tbelq of$ tl8Q prevailed in every county that \\o COII magnates Whig party,
the kind of at halfpast seven o'clock, in the Represontativ powerfully socon Jed their efforts \:
to contend otherwise. Unquestionably same money ns was icccivcdhytho cud the Senate, by a Ol'tonnage, .there wore port on' the- _hear from* .May'plter: who had pAlle; Dost .
.I'terly"e\ntlg( The of the lecture lful to secure political control of the Go\-
President of tho Has it been e
,tho Sup. Court of tho State was cor- )o/l1/ vote I to/u'lrre.1/ in the action of a. subject day mentioned, 127 vessels, with I tonnage for IM'e; hre' only1 half force ernmcnt. Tire Journal was 'an ally that
so paid f We know not, but ihis do will be, The Trinity in Jesus Christ show-
rect in deciding that J.t Gov. GI.KAHON we the I Jol e. TlaiH, so fir as tho voice of of oyer 60,000 tons, and manned by 1,200 while some are utterly destitute nnd wi n leader could afford t regard withindifferenef
the whole! of the dwells in
know that the ing Trinity
nnd] odd
was aud thore should have ('Icnl hlllrel lie 'People, ns expressed through their tblt seamen-mote, J says ,the iAVpt than be compelled to abandon tlanting, and go or treat" contempt. A
ilelgiblo Len which Gov. Rr.u had iveuivod, in Him bodily. The lecture is to be free and faith
.Warwick of that ,
11"Iul ChaFmi&QU, Mobile than else for among
an ( of question ; but that gentler rtresvmitativcs! in both branches of the together*more .t something a living. le'spprl
grcenbiii WaN tendered in scrip, nnd tho the public are invited to attend. D it put up, and pretty much
Boston, and with the This is serious state of affairs. Where
that odious oomparingfavorably a
whether rightfully i is unnecessary
or wrongfully Legislature l'olfml" We learn that.it 1 is intended follow whom it 0 was
tender was rcfumid, but for w hich refusal! to pleased.< : paper t'I'r'moro
commercial nmitNew Orleans.1 have
\ took 'nn Bpfrcnl to the Supremo Court of and expensive measure census great the egroes gone to f Many have plnckity .
II lie would have made another nice little up this discourse with some others, setting lltbt8Iastlca\yMckeo
"1 the United States, which appeal is still to be a law. This certainly l In a proud showing for. died;' very'many' have'flocked to the nUJmerll by Its friend, or I

I Vending sail he has continued to act ns Lt. "pecllltil tit tho expense of the State's It is HAi,1bB'lO) ,. Rwa' will IlteloKeI forth the Ifordn dootriuelalk Sw'edenborgi d'nIu: ( tho. writings the Forest City. May her commerce con- rail roads completed, or-now build crated by its foes. What it was, too, Mr. .,

Governor. Gov. RID recognized him as "'lhll. I\ in tho matter, but wo trust not- -- tiniieto_ "neMO_ .) fjffl. .*S H ing} the I towns have ablrbe a' god I'renticemade.' it. lie to the LouisvilleJournal.
Now let us see what the Goveinor ,
once --- '
such when he invited him to and Secret detectives are well enough iu cities, share ; some have hired or'bought '
,1 appear of much transactions as these. TIIK WIctTmtmut.-We have had mostmnierabhweather COTTON RECTWW.-The receipts of Mr. ITcntico was a New Enghmder by
alt the presiding officer of tho Senate nt thought J hit who ever' heard of a whole Slate going for the all the up"the4atest( dates cot and gone to work-on their own accounts, birth, but a resident of Kentucky since his
n ton nt
I his first annual to the past tw week. port* ,
the Juno session Iastycar. Ho also presided message lo'Hlltnro into tho detective bUline"s'l Hesidcu, whatpeoplo Neither but and thee women, as ,a gelcra'rwe, have youth. ,, He married tlioit and wait thoroughly
: delivered, Wednesday, July 8th, 18U8, who warm nor,cold, maintaining avery were !f,5pO,407fbales, ngaintft' h 7 10 wholly deserted 'the' vacant identified with i itq people,. During
over that bodv at its session until support a government by contributions ReMa
t present at 12 in. under the head of 1"Speculating in disagreeable betwixt 'wen, bale* same,um6 last'; .y'ear there places must bo supplied from some the-war ho was I Union ,man, and threw
of their of source
I disqualified by sickness. Now, at this ]':\\'idlieo/indebtedness of theBute, ,"he means in the shape the heavens for days would be obscured boon rive at'New Orleann to January all his Influence on lie side of the Federal

I late day, comes Gov, IJun{ and in the lined this excellent language ; I. taxes desire,. ,that government ,to use those with misty coudlind the sun .Jotally shutout 21, ,03nO.baC and at Savannah, t Jan. or else out .goulturl interests will suffer Government. After its close, however,
face of we conceive, 'in tho face means to a Nut of spies to dog sombre most 'that the interior and when thelpurposts I of the: Radical
ala.a 01)101 their from imparting a and New Orleans and Sa
I Ofllcen: the rev imuc,whose duty It I t"rO vil. 2',3',878 LIII. planters are clubbing and were shown he himlelfwitb
hevJn thoir I Bending onto party ,
- of h and against common UK.t tie cnxlll (if the State, lime, wUhin imtl hang dwellings, peep| gloomy aspect to everything aronnd, anddepressing ) \'lnn' are now the two leading cotton tho clearly ale
decency, declares that there a two YOn, if my InlonnRtll 1 correct, InipttlrvdU through their windows and< listen at their ono's to in the South. Virginia and; ott Carolina fo hands, Democratic party., year 01'two
spirit an alarmingly since, tho Journal consolidated
exs' was (
vacancy in the office and assumes tha very espouse seriously uf the wall-holle.1'jIUd speculationat | key holes ? What system of tnj>ionagt low degree. In this state of the weather, por ..' -" -, -1.' -- I tha St/te,we IU e buy' them from bo with the Courie; also of Louisville, under)

- self, doubtless for purposes ofhiitsowii, the "Th< UXMMiiwur, amounts uf could bo tuora odioui f We hope that the the clouds would make desperate effortsto Tint CASK OP LT. GOT. GMASON.-We foe the war. the annie ofho which
of Cu/rtournal I
from the Inutond It to
of filling it. money revenue oylng Governor will think better of it and I not learn ,that ,tbi.s .nso. comes up before the -- paper Mr. an editor -
(power the government buys"nrrnnU tud CrllOclc it relieve but only succeed in will seto, Prentc WI'II I
Now, suppose U Is admitted that tho appointment silly, ncventy-five, or eighty' cents on tile dollar force I nuMtsure on the people hioh I is rO ejecting tbemaelYe of rain which Supreme' '.Conrt of tho United States, 08AlJDD the Savannah'T' L.r1 b at, 140 per \cek 'r), His )Jiuoltli
and settles lib aooounta with the govrrnmeaLwith to ihoui.TIIU elou : says fiqniMlcaribtthe 27th, has not bccu very robust f.r some mouth,
whither It been
WKKKSSS Lt.Governor carried
ofMaJ. hit w.rrfl at ir.I pugnnnt __ was provoking beyond Ule/lrl to sea, asa by appealon from our Atlanta dispatch,'ihnt the,Georgia but he 'vnu still 'a worker whogp sparklingwit
is in accordance with law-then it be I The revenue of the Slate culolmlln 1808, 4s4 --- Friday, on a motion to the I '
may accumulated net dokt' '
of i U pithiness ,
from amounted This good hearty discharge Legislature ;after a fashion !rvale expression
- asked, why II not this officer seen presi- nlo\lur: l. t : "(UC i I,1.>U" 1" JACK ) This being done,the Court assumes organiw and o sledge-limn-
,1t ,U>i the prllio Ihn MMmr. -*- waters might have cleared the sky for a ore > Terry logo strong
ding over the deliberations of the Senate This dnei not, however, dlllOlho whole NOIILI.E.Umiaminoumiceti time. Then such suddenness of the, ease and will try it"in at.r. Gnera mor invective and attractive
Jliiol mae
furl ; the same state tilings M to rouu- \ for, about long lgnnith them, lueOe in throwing out any'subject he J
for that IU'In"rl'pal'cd the
the Constitution instrument order unless advance* hnodle.
,1(5 regular on
Most iroUt U nmdu at the dazzle '
would make
a prlorb ty Use oIl) two hundred of Green Line" Railroad as to Sl three D mocratc members and frightening la him one of ,
of the mid tl' Jos
shell of honest docket motion.
says tat pen, Oml'ln govI'mllell./" big appearance in a clear sky trrayed by special more, which the Radicals and the'Southern an Anak of whom-
In war inch .. gate press
nufnlity Jaiksouvillo
Umn| .
_ _ President Senate and he has they Ihoul Inlo party il y aster- il, i' 1
b no ,. !) 74 /A'HW Jovriurf,f 1008 all hits and towering stature all wore
"'f : 1' / day moruiug from Savannah. The delegations glory, as It having gathered Tin FI.ORIDA Lruuaxjf lithe name I i majority and secnred the election proud.
right to say, "I Lt. Governor, Lull do o "God rest his soul t" is, we doubt not,
Now the of thw from his shine forth their
contrast language candidate for'
quotation tho Louisville and Nashv strength cu6neilent of a new started, in Madison by Speaker Bob Mo- the
act President of the Sen. straight from the heart,
not cha t a with what himself has ninoc doneas 'illo rl'lf'Kl'lte.1 with apparently Inereled splendour and Messrs. pp Whorter i il the man, and)jn the will payer
ate. It his constitutional duty, and iu alhvii 114<| Cballauooga, the I : Terma'o beginning respouse to this sad news, from
U he does not fulfil the shown sl>ove. Ho denounces Ihe revenue Atlantic mind Wcslorn, tho Maoon[ amiWestefn I magnificence, noon, however,' to be shut subscription!|2 per 1pGTl. welcome the Radicals had another'candidate in tlie thousands friends l and admirers all over

\ flUng to discharge of his office, officers, and very ,propvily, for speculating tho Maeon and Hruuswiok and I out from our anxious gate by intervening it,to the 'rank* of'journalism' and wish it field,'Tweedy, ot Richmond,'but,dropped this broad land.-Telegraph all .Jfeiienyor. -

.Lex" thinks that the people will Tub- iu scrip vith the Htnl.1 money)',, the. AlUutio. aud Gulf Railroads, with' clondi. Thus has the weather alternated success. liiiu B took up MoWhorter because they ---- -

Iharaetcrlil1 such speculation as rloa.l quite number of merchants from for some days, but so uniformly mild has -I eat the Dmorat Intendet to run ,BURGLARY. -Mr*. Shole'g \ neai
I' mil to tho apK| >!ntmi>nt of fj.Ytlk I A member,pf the House I\\'inl
himself his Iloel'esalII the atmosphere burn that vegetablesare ltI him. We are to
t I .cheerfully." the belt way to test 1.hlo rl. "l Louisville,.Nashville, St. Louinand Ciiiciunuli. green Vctuntativet, hi lik private room 9 opinion that Mr. Grilsol'l discovered a of

-- 7' this is for Maj. 'V\\KI'Vei to commence w ith goes into tho business II to tho armpits Each delegation ,,e"mo iu their own flourishing and orlng and 10 trees night, at Jackson, Mississippi, Wil t criticizing they wilt pot make much out o their vic the Fifteenth Amendment !1u the upper

: his and to take his HeatHS .thus proving himself be the great- car, samptuoimly furniiihod and as1tedial about to bloom. Rom. planters are the members of African descent, and tory. story of her dwelling ]lust' 1"rIJllllght.-;

President own party of the attempt Senate and cut speculator in HOI) in the wholo State, oar f'l' relVcslnnents attached to tho, trk\ l. deposed to niigur evil of this unsteady anti makiuglspditbf thwrsajiug''dis," .dat," An now, a Qcn"ral Sherman has prom. Unfortunately the! first burro] of the six-

.- : J of that belong,to his us own I majority Tho (jiiestion J'I'I'lrs, il it is .rascality" in II this party' of distinguished geiilloinen' wjirm M eftther In mid ,Vmter pad predicta .of tudder of, 'the etc colored He said member ho was so who ashamed l 11t le a new election b immediately, shooter, with; which she was armed, mi.

)., their reception body of him would "bo ll.t il- tho l.t\'l'llt tiHiccis to net thus, \\ hat IK it had given nuy notice of their intention t late, (01 "Irill) I berehyal the fruit 'tin one talking so long, a going on, with kept his ordered to supply all vacancies, at leaaf I Il.\ fire. Tlio; second sent a ball whistling}

1 01 in the (n Jovci'iim'i: \hl.I'I'I'I':11' : to bo ticmuitiehi visit our( Jacksonville f fiiutuU .know will be ald tho growing crops soon as the ineligible ha\e around tfto ca'rs lie
dex of the feelings of Republicans in thfi we ki o foolishness and nero talk, that, after awhile IadieulBhnl : of seuuiulrel! who. sue-

matter. We would like to see him tho, 1111\ 1IIIn1I'Ihl'I1' \ that a bountiful provision, would. have bon seriously Impaired. We hope wo may escape when ho *seat and sol down, been turned out of bh -,-and there ceoilud) in junking isis escape unharmed./

'. and if he don't, we would suggest thu try propriety i- I Now i it Y y t that tho Governor' cvalied mado for them and every attention paid such I 1'/aluit)11! this. The winterthus ho fet a great relief. 'a.t uumber clearly so-aud ti. done, Galum'ila Krit, Jilt 19.

position gives him privileges iu this them their hurried iu been unusually A very common occurrence iu thee let the Legislature adjourn the
A it fi bl
of impeaching him for trucuh'iu-y. < during trip was, te people Is, ,nLO1 an evidence of the remaikablo -
; denied to nil others I ,but wo I mild and, fear entertained that Such criticisms the remark of
Lex" tries to bo and sarcastic at particular( Maj. Walker, a genial host In himsct! ono, are part upon can bo represented iu its deliberations.This niilJueHji of the '
witty season, wo u>
/ Perhaps O J.e" can" there not ho sufficient cold enable member of the Legislature of our
I'I''eIt" and an eminent representative of our railroad wil to clore U fair There are two counties, wo
our oxpciiHC, but ho has not yet reached ice do-)}e'1'iel In bloom, also haw and
interests, extended his tho Companies to gathej foe for this year's Stl by the white ea be believe, that never bad a representative in
standard of JOMI Bin. Let him to cJoel bushes.
I bosl.itallici
tho : i vis. AI.IJ&HI.E: '": this while such plum Mulberry, tree are iu full
tII The bare of ha\ heard not oDlym room Legislature, men a*
uoimumpliou. day private ,
thought Dra.
the and several of ing every
1 try again. He writes, too, like I Judge.I'erhiapa As IUIITl.f our exchanges nre fur Wlill party, Jaellon\'il Icy'should not be allowed to sit a al leaf, while thit yellow jesamine and violet,
to whole but the streets and in the broad
down on public
Hoard of Trade did likewise. Capt. Brook pan through a summer
ho is a Judgo-ono who has stc[>- their lady l'cI'lll'I'' with valuable the representative from any respectable with other wild flowers pleiso the senses
of the steamer hattie the whole hero without of the pongcnlod fluid to opeu daylight. Bat this S Is not to wondered .
gave community.COTTON.
pelt from tho bench to minglu in political to follow Timr exam any) with their beauty and fragrance,-JbiJ.or .
10 hu(111114.t entertainment the Is distracting- The at when members of the Senate get -
a pleasant ou .
thus himsolf a fit party ny.er mitijat Itlullring -
squabbles, very plo and tho following, w weale
to decide questions of tho HOI two 1111'u.1 lk'h' and treated them to tho excellence ofa 1111 put their trumps to account off such thing as the following! .Mr.l'reidlt .-Up to.this we have received COMPT.iMrN'nis Time SSAsoNTheCincinnati :
person unite I.t relied upon : about one bales of cotton
lurlllAY direct tation." for this warm weather, and we have I think those resolution wero tousald Commercial Radical referring -
impoi ( ,)
have been discussing. If a Judge, wo commend 7i> Ours I' /I/on: I'Incllt lu chnrgo: of more than, w o year, and we)liavo

to him the following f'OIII I English Col.um; Florida IVnitoutiary: for the Through the CI'urt(8)of F. A. Dock ray, yet seen no satisfactory solution of it. The ,'Itbdcw 1"e every reason to believe that the present to the bad leek of one of the Egglf-

) ESI Collector the 'rominentgCltlolel 1.1'1 that tho year after *- --- wiU increase the trade of stout family, who Mississippi
writer who flourished famounly il the year next ten' jears. ] Cu.toms ( country) )'ea I year Palatk.- carpet-bagged to
,e' ; ) ef the party Including Milton II. the vast forests are ",n, down,, and clear- Tut MiMtwstw NKQBO SKNATOK.-The Planter we learn wi in a InCsre [ and was defeated, first for Governor

17091' utlmluUttutlou ol FvrJilMkbeivyJum: Aloud Uio J.e Smith of tho Louisville and Nashville RR. ad away, becomes colder and colder, receives negroes of the Mississippi Lgillatlrllut don tho sea Island ad plant the short fiU- and lastly for Senator, by the negro Revel,

J (\'rhkl1.tie iiuro Indlull'"rlh,1't bond lo secure justice u \'ell of his xI1ll'10Y, the Governor ., K. 1 1. Paino. Esq: Pros of the Rip[ Van a blow her, and the pet theory of a iu a claim for one of the three United I I plo cotton that will, a wise secure measure a wo think Invest., old consoles him with this remark: that the
cheerful of lie |KX>plu,U and not to ullkluul tnmga 7'u J't"lt Illlu /roin oVOI1ilf: Winklo Sleeping Car Co., Hon. Solomon certain geological school that this mundane State Senator,and it wa In pursuance of 'ment. Raising of sea island cotton has average carpet-bag Congressman in far inferior
their ktrocUoui' to
J, list quoMioui of|I'rlvile government(I wrong are Just Leav them ou tho bll'll of ) Cohen Savannah amid Mr. JalnC 8ult, sphere, iginally a ball of( fire, Iss'imoV this claim that Bevel wa elected for the become extremely luuardous when made to the average negro,both in capacity

ly doubled, nor Unit Judges are uurMidor to himself UiovltcnoM just a* the Legislature adjourus. of the A.& G. H. R., Cul. 1lj. beD gradually cooling, the molltn Uv fractional wrw Another negro and seve there i no Ilarbt for it and the manufacturer and honesty,

of pecuniary crrplon. JuBurle tv/i whim tie court .an upright Walker, nl.1Hun coutrscting compass 'ra
Jude A court of \Il.t Dl1 to lubJu.ttu Senators( that they mire not woilh their ,, John Clnik, of Jacksonville, were centre, and loading the external earth more day, and on that day there WM no ejection, alit, Jan. 20.DANGEl MOSSY EA Y.-Money U cheap aud

.'' > of bias beyond, more(Important Intercut aud of individuals JUTulclous -- salt invited, to n dinner nt tho "St. J Iles' Hotel and more temperato seems to b almost a while Radical leading. The term for fear or TUB that CHANGE the Cuor..Wevery plentiful agaiu jn Now York. The reports|

;i ,I\'cIC u.o" tt community.' AJudg To Iinprovt tht L1j-, ": Avoid looking ," where the usual hospitalities of such entirely elI lu. But no matter about which he was elected,.V\\ expire ou the4th this )mlcb will be seriously Orange injured crop by tho of I of the 2Mb say, Money is abundant st
under lie Influence of government, 'cr I low rates in:Wall street, Rates
enough iu tho decUlon of private dailies may, through it thick-bottomed tumbler. nn occasion wero interchanged and tho ut. those things e bop wiuter wi not linger March, 187l' Amc \8 ejected late unusually warm spell I of weather. I ranged from three to five yesterday cent on

t yet a traitor U> the public. When I victim i -" '- .... most salUmcliou& expressed with tInt brief I in the lap of but the season for a term running three year from the During this entire month the tree have government bonds anti six to per seven 011

r,, marked out perform by the mlnlt ll.t ho Judge will,1 oterJlnllo Tile Tcnnesbco Constitutional Convention hit to Jacksonv The party lull lust will bo moil auspicious for planting 4thV March, 1871, and Aloorn for a nix budded Uulcs unchecked L) a return mixed collaterals."
io. I Iurp
f' Ms dignity, and betray the suucUtv will undoubtedly adopt the majorityreport en route thc West, Pee and all go well with our 10I tr'a term from that date So that I it U of cold will soon be in blossom. It would u ----.e-
evening leaving I ) bo sad calamity for this
to( of hU office lo,government whenever an, or arbitrary toe resentment mint \Is on suffrage, giving the franchise) to few to rusticate ou the bank of the SI.John's. I are. our main support in, these our days ofI.hrri pale Alcorn may act a Governor for a hundreds a are dependent npon section their orange where There Legislature are only two who member cannot* of lake the Virginia the

of b I rOlr care jrntilflwl",I "hit and Mick nhik. y- Yiar Illr tho State i I. restored. crops for a, livinp.-Hi

1l't -'\ ,
-' : Z-
'. '_. -- ----- '- r- :
> '' -
& .A' "> 'c" .


-up "' '". -

------ -

: ---_. --. '-. --a .--. ..,-- .- --
-- n __ _" "-

ii; .>MTni, :., (i..o*; :Ki'tt; -j. TRIUa.. t .a.. h..OV J1EPSPE(1': The BonomsHors Power.r - .- ----

.% letter to the) Cineinn.LI CornmereIRUkt1' ur Florida. --- .
') r : ,
J.j'H v -.v
'T.L '
fP''lnTmtug! Allt oflyJiy fj 1.1, 1 IMOftANT AND'ALUABLEINVENTION. / : { -
I .
( mupfny
The uiiilcnlgiied Committee,appointed K rr- '-
;in Jf w Y orkm. Inch J tlll11 pare anluble teaolattoae' *xpialv of lbs ftellngftkmnbenof I jiE- -

the rirfusM of the pcoi:U of MiiuptU tow Ibis Grand Body _lolled by -v'I I I GOODS, .AT ; COST : i1 1
I M r. O. M. Join B. OALDA1TJi, atk or tilE REASON .ALL '
tilt dm a* COME WilY QOTTO
*j> OYT the'bier of fh* painted StspitoiK: I laf to eabtalt the following report I O naaten should, uia>|awn tb lrlM Power -..- 1,900 Policies Issued in Last Six Months I
ton-rid demount: Gear ad put thy n*..mw .... r.wer l.
TIiM' I kuer..iil.l omj WBaaauta, K baa pleased tie All Seeing and tnttrnfow la Iu place i
-I fOil' wl,1ob) 1Ati niiirre4M 'Wn- Grand **wMefc f v<*ni and fol.," tbe Antbileenf 1.1. Tbe crop tin be ginned wltb 1_. loan one- :JIlOLtNm ,I3NT C3-O1L.ID L-L L't
all fflfn;to remove from Lie lalwta here on half the mule mreugtb.and cuoa*<)iint1y with tins { (
Opt'rs He'om eii'rn or IIII rPitnl and bllcrdatUa than m-fcalf tb* injfiryto stock,Iken any oilier AMI COXSKgVENTLY A DKd.INK: IN : : :
Earth a* we bop, 10 higher .. .
Ilnrre .
i Power dt.M. -
ever ro
yet -
tkhibitian'of oounWrftir rrel8ntAt tI< H. of XI .' f' .
..bIII' highly esteemed Brother, P. O. MhenoncpMprlyivt, J
I pllaUyalnpeltlu r '
'iiIl /
Cvluhrilk* aucliai'Finl-' Grwtey;Grant, Join V. Ojlbnltb, since the hut annn.il tncetlnof and la much leM tenable Uan oilier Fewer I ) nfi \ ''y,1 1'1'
$d. ItriiMMiBnah ... "1r" 1i CAPITAL STOCK PAID UP I
tbla Grand LodgeA lUor.IMDed"t all hIss M"'I' .G1 ; mWm $250,000-CASH
!"'() nd, other flrlef f the ilinloyul aunI be run with It without the traMe with snail|| |1.], \ .u K J JB .. j ro. w, < \
il 0 nWvrf, That In tb* di .1 I 1iitt of he ninlienoB, < nipoli 11 ia to *ni' I
Briber the Order uf Odd Felluwiblp baa cause 10 It la not dangerous driver, at all other
the rnrrt *i>wlciit\ narr tfng ibo*"t-t of lamvol tbe loa of cue of Ita &jewale, lbl row .n are.4b. -.. -- --. -- .
Tile flock of
mnlet will be In ennush better
the Imrrowiit dt'tftil! : Grand Lodge on* of Ma ami atUre sad nrpcctd condition at the eel nf each year') ginning to pay
WaUeT ( UTh4 1Orl'grodlld member, and society norM and pronrtaem tM! the coat ot the I Power annually. W NOW OPFKU Gra: .\. FNi>rdMH\Tsl: TO I-KKHIXS: 1:1: VINO(
11,0 fhxir I 1 lilt,. Ibis Power le durable,
vry glnhnnirmty of tliorMlo\\ii
frllm N.hind enrtftin (lt tpw-arlng InJ' 1110C'UloD.tlue I, Iea.kv..kiui, Tbal blank peg 1 Ia tb. Record Book be built' much, pnmllrr and cheaper. any !>: 0 iond-< : SOUTHERN

at & time licit of them ctoitJ of this 6r11.t Lodge be sri spoil, .ro' wkleb the Linen Towel, from : I ll'l} CCIllr. I"I'It I ...
in the fltulicnrr and
, liut fW Il\ter.I' than Inscribe" name, age aDd 'rtR"T''IA.. 10-4 IflixnketM. ,
.Grand Secretary Winthrop .1lr..t. *:,.:"ll por pair.frJll.OH .
.,rJ cnllfJ, forth' onfr GrMit' liltlf laughter.however When date of mamlicriklr ..".. of our worthy (Freer the Atncrlrnt:; Courier |' It'IIII'II\CII'1\* t aiul .Nfvlt.'ii, Hiii "fr IlIW.. t ) to t'1it ''.""

1.: lite figure of appeared| Brother.Jfonto. All lnt'*nthMM/by our gnulkrnf'pfviflir, "hi>nnierltnrloiii IIatniItonr1aiitji, t": "...- :! to i.i-. 1 v,l.
J.' 1.,1' l in military powtiirn, 1I.1 l imokiog a cigar *, That( the,member! of Ihl trIad Lodge should fiiret with enronrngtmriit from I pi1 Life Insurance
Frcncli Merino 'r' ', Co.
I I.
:.fl! there were aoins nigus"of wakliir.p in. tuailer Uielr wormclt .,sympathies Iba rckltic of .11.; and w* are ..atUac ."".Intention will >aeluixiltou l j .1\I.hlrI.P"III'I 1
I- the hoiiar, awl I ahnoJd any that ntxmtnuefrtnrth oat deeeaacd'brother I. their affliction and commend planer the CUM of procuring 1& every. .amorterl, 1'rinU, ,.r 1 to 1 tI t'l'III.
of the snJioncc ftpplwlo-V ami them to tit cart of Rim In wboe hi\nd. are Sri year, feljuxed II la wed, puUMMfl kit gluntug and I unrpoara.* laud nnnlna H hen order pr p,. IVwii-li: Opora Flannel; *, ?? ,. I I'l'll'tl. t Ill ""Ii' IM'Ilt"" .

And another Lied V Mhilq full/ .uehnlftlte ) lbs l.iuea of life, beyond the grave a nmJoVUy oC those prownt eU.. that a*much IVantifnl Pcreinit Wrnppiiijrami Dn"> c< in -lIil.. !

:t whom' Udy took no jmrl, with 'either A-Wmf, That tb. W. O. 8. of thiS Oraad Lodgedo cotton fore been ran hare be ginned with *with rin'-limee one mute lave the.. bj ue.of brreto-three Sjllv mill Wtnil Serjjd, from y 'II. t'rnte to !*I I.(""

\i M.lc. hut maintninpil, their) ordinary stillin emine copy of them rnolutlmi to he pnlilUbcd mnle dninlllh.lliotliol aenaon.Ibe Knit (lvx>J* autl Xii'k liawls front :;, im'itt'" t.I til -1( > _,_" r _n. .t
*". In the city-!,and In she procccdlnga of this ComiulUM appointed by Col. lltmlltunln I DroM Triininiii jnll; kiiulg nnd prlc ,
J' ; w.
..c j Immediately! liter 'tbe tbunurfyif ,jn.. bool,. HeapeelfuUy r. J.aubmUted WRA tON,(1I.IrIloll., report One mule npim gtnitM the trial, on made a fortrnw tbd fullMiiint)Tn)lor riturn din dfty VflT Chriilrt'ii, HOil Mi"iM wo liuvo jrivilin 1 ;"I'nl1111'1.v, ninl will In- -'un. incompnnVm .j 'ATLANTA DEPARTMENT. t, ""'*'"' '.

;:; li'OtiiioDt of Ueu. Grant tad JUai' "nrin!, IOU McDOfOALI.Taj.kAHAMita pounda *f entloa la seers minute tft nlnvo. All "1.rj'11' : t\r H4II.1. I'| } HAt: :; ,:
A part of Committee believe that I '.' '
lit* figure of Lee grave stately Ih..IIt..h. ) "
( .
} Jan U, Jm .1ln.1111]I" cent. In power, otb" \ .. .*. (
: mid dstpHHntbo foreground, I..r b'II' li a grout of frnui, l.'iO to I 'I rcent. POOLE & GAITHER. --.s.as. ,
;' mid mutanttlie! Louie rang with loigrxmtiuned (JOM. V.J. Plll'F. (!'hralroroti.hAl. TUf.ll1u.n. Jan. H Miy 11. 'dli. "I I'di/.I./ i t'! :" ... :

am>lane that omeJ to come The Committee charged with the prcpenllmi ofaeultUibj W 4, BAKLOW .j'
: from the whole body1 of tjtecUtori, There preamble and TeiuluUoni to express I the JEME: OTAU.INOS. tni ; ? OFFICERS : -
did of AUcbua Lodge, No..38, fur tho untimely W.I. PAVEXPtiRTMemitti. -
were doabtleaa *rson" prwmit who rigrul ... C b.i.. "lt1"1
!: not join in the acclamation ; but certainlyone duath of our worthy Brother TBOMA A. hAD"alh. C.U.U1+f, Secretary.IFrumfl h.'.. OJlX n onrmor't'r.t) 1I1.

would rarely aw or bear a more vigorous beg leave lo 'ubmlt the following' report the Sntn'erRepnblUnii! ] Just Arrived ,
domonsWslioii in theatre than wan A prince baa fallen U Itael; one of the great Uuaai Powiit--Ls.l I lion. I it.! I II.I: lint '.' :
any 1"111"1 i Tnnday aftir-i J JUrn. .\. .\\'':... "
the light of Alaehua Lodge baa been luilileuly eitlnguUhed bou.11I | a number of our ciiij. \ I Ill.- 1 I'fti'IttOiit.. I I }.Piivttiv'u ( .aui.I
iniido op this octillion upon apjvr.liiiC ]' i ouuof lUe india Arches of tbe Temple bnacrauulod no .ce."lc on'I"'I"h, &nl CoL 8 11. HaniMUin A 1 I I.C""III' I 11 I r. I K.V.. i Ho,.MM', _,I1
ot.tlio Southern. rebel '.h'r. to \ iiUiitutlun wltuuu an
Into dual. High Prloit Tbo. A. Bradfurdithe Ald Ib.Ih..r .
Improved l.J.Ot InveSted .. t>vC.pt. A T-- \\ (I. \1"'\WI'I'IIII'J.1 P.." .,'." \"a..TI': Su'rie.i'.
.r..I.\T Albler bi BOW a firing store to that .
nrJ1A.LiH' OF .:..lj. perfect Ti J. Tbolll.IO.-, I prnvtd. ,. I .4 t .
tmltdlDg net mud with band, eternal In the Unvton. a perfect IIW&ea.< --*- "
: .
KB* I'KKT .. .j
btTall of our M.iaoulc Temple bat been rent From two 10 three "I.o..r intum /be.lnn.f, u'. ,'" .

4 following story which we find lutwalaaad our aanelum aauetoruui been made "In.lually 1 day. "IU* but ru ,. lul ,mllUv,tub>.boy .other Y .J.&PJLL'ER.'S. ,. I .,
"' Oil! far Mont Ciorlleilt PriNt u BOARD Of DIRECTORS : ,
'credited' the City XVnaBylYituia: desolate our High ,having pu'p'wbrreborae-pcwerUapplied C ,. ., .
wonderful if and wonderi &et'*lDl'lI.brel hla labor on.earth having wrought ,--- ,.
Tinion i is true, a I' "
OA Uth l.ti
Auumr ... .
la tbe and brought plumb work 8''I.b '
fill "piece of imripdcnoe, if untrue : aquart Mowr: UtiTTOua A III irrooK-Ant am runiiltaoneofyourlniprvnil .1 lolm Pi. CioriliiM I .\111111111,011.t I t ( .1. I.". .lc'Iftntl'l'llllllln, ((I in.Kdwanl .
work suck work will the of the .
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piu squIre ti "
l which I .
On TuoDilay morning last., .AV)Lite Air.WiWam 'Oratid Architect of the Unlvcrae,baa been called am well pleated.' 1 Ro.lo"tn.Ih. Uullol with lila with I t 1.fi1) ; F'I "., '. "k ,.\\IIJ .p,, AilmiU! tin. t ): Tlmnia.Aii. tintn, On.
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