,, while Mr. was' assisting'9n! decorating but as it happens as official -- - ------ HT"All of which vlll h sold 8 low M ran be l"u" lil In this. tu nkot.January .
Hall'' my duty, I -' ONE HALF
Bettilim1 : for the-concert in the : REGULAR
13 II. MPoole1
feel ,
compelled to in t
! evening a step of ,the ladder upon whichhe the affections of those testify around sonic and manner about Leon Lodge. No. 5, I. O. O. F. JUST RECEIVED ADMISSION

f was standing brOke, and threw him violently me the constituted -.,- FEE
to the floor, Though no bones and, the authorities! of die citv. trBIUTlIIUi: art'reminded Hint ,

were broken, Mr.Sadler wa!*badly injured, I to citizens I at large. tho thorcwIIUiea\ Rogiilar. ootlnll of !LconiUxi -._ -: 25 BARRELS & $cott UNTIL 1000 )MEMBERS[
say rejoice
and will be laid up for some time.-Jack. welcome you priilrijo to .'c. No&. at their! I.oJcc llcom.lhl.1Krcnlnjt
yon here heartily and without ,
ffnidn.i; re- at T o'clock ARE OBTAINED.
1 lfJ/iri/l sen'c. As you havo: expressed :a deiro HjordiT of lit,... A i'om" ,m. 5. (1AtKX ,
STBAWBBBRIKS.- ripe strawberries long speeches shall not be indulged! in, .'nlln.r tt, 'h"s'' --.-
were brought into Jacksonville a I now, on behalf of the niuhoritir<'t.f. thr

feW days ago, which were raised in the city and the people of Philadelphia' iivf: FALL AND WINTEB\ GOODS Tho t'iy nicnt of r.1 Two to 811 Dollar(acccrdlaf I
I'l'enalr, on Col. Lucius Hardce's firm: a yon a cordial welcome anti tell.ll'l'011 A. HOPKINS.Jan. to ago,) wi tonUllle yon t Member of

snort distance west of the city. This demonstrates their warmest hospitalities. They rill It ron A Sl'FtlAL: KLECT10fX: !5, v o. 8J.1tSEED ,
tho fact that strawberries can glnlI' l of the opportunity to shak'o }bj, the ---- --- -- EITHER or ALL tho CLASSES

not only be successfully raised here, but hand so tinguished a man. SEED !II! \J tNSISTINI wlileh they or oO'r) Illr A OODRII.\IUI\\t:, CHOt'KFHV{ t11IH.IS'AIF.A (mOl'F11F.8. Of time Association now being organised by

that they canjje had all the year round. General Grant in reply, said( : To meet "

Ibid you at any time i is a pleasure, but on an occasion ) IJOED P.R.I.IES: CA.SIIGROCERIES. Tho Florida Mutual Relief Co.
and in ,
a like this 113
ci\os rise
place to FOI1
We have received
DROWNED.: the sad .
reflections which it is ; ALACHUA Loi'VTED,
intelligence of the drowning on Christmas impossible for mo to : : WHO WISH TO r-KlKfKE: A s AT TALLIU88K
night at the mouth of Escambia river, of do justice to in words. I will add.! that I ... GMtnKNVRS' ",,rim, lit of fro li, purr studgt'iimlnt \ \,
thank anti the citizens of -- --0554------
you Philadclphh:
Joe Jerningan and son,and Hill Laskey.-
for tho many kindnesses lime rl'c'ellIt l WIUUKV-: : l'i-I. in timeIht'prcc'titatlon GARDEN SEED
< vnemu-y
Tho hats of the parties were found also Cl",...
their hands. DRY GOODS, &0. A i.* tuiitfttto 1,000 ..feue&ty .
the oars of the boat, but to the In the As.embly of nnc Member wIll ilo well litc'illiMrly, or If you, lit cat nilUlnnreami '
time all efforts to find the up bodies present of the The {public was then rrrcitod, and at the! from, the County of Alicbtm III cnn.| "iu-c of Ihere.l.uolon w lt.i| I to ortliTliv mull I. tin*) enn hi* sent to )'on, 11RJscl MRK1MK4, W.At'K AI.r.\'AI. I 1'KWEAT In l l'O"s or bi limo pound. CI""I B 2,000 u
conclusion of tho hour Gencinl Grant: was I (if Jo,I"ill T.Vnll*. rirrfnlly put up, nil m llio follow IKK rules of /po.tiigr, 1.1.ln l'olln.111 Kiui'lolh, I"II., Siiear" and lln't"-l'r' : ;'l u' Class C u 1C.I..1
unfortunate men have proved: fruitless. InlIl.1ition' \' w hlcu amount ran! In- inelnnril, In jour ,'110', or ] (.'.ilora, it rII'u'i.t iit tel, .Inva', Cnffof, 8,000'
conducted to tho Common Council cham ", thrnfarr, I, IIA1UU3OX KFEI: ), (torernor 01el m."lit
to" the above disaster i : order, In aililltlon\ tlir Irk| u' of seed I artlfle of llnl, lllankels. runheil D .
wo have ber, where a collation had been of Florid"i, di hereby direct nn diction to lie held "I'AikitKO of 4ounii, And Whits tfoodt. In RIII""II'I. 11,000' I
learned that five prepared, or 'uinlir In ""'111101./:/ cents. .II'I..lne. Visit, .1 I ibarcoofl'iinry
sinco negroes were on the and at which were prt.tl'nt the heads of In snld Couuly uf Alnchna on 8,\TtIUJIhe :ldduy I'ltrknuo 0\('r 4 minis anil not over N oniues 4 rts. ._ Hrnnils, Ilhll'h\'lnl Tolitcco. -.-
ferry boa. who were also lost.-Itnsacoli and the or Janu.iry, liistnut r'r" Member "f .\.M>mbl. ), I'srknKO o\'er" ouiu"i. ind, flit\ over I I'-1 onnri'Sdets< .
city authorities, and<1 a r,,tknicnver' \ / .mil Enili Member
Observe nuin." a 'not uric III entices 8 eta. pay a small Pee oa the
In of Joeliih T. AnnUi
few invited guests. At nn hour Gen. pUiu W.ills recWneil.Is i HARDWARE. First. Tuesday In .tk'loher. .nd
early The ninslinuin it,1<1,1..1 l pukuKi'S' which, may lie I 't10 on Ibo death of
The, weather: on Christmas E\eand Grant retired!, and the!assembly soon alter \ViTKfsimuKov( I hive brrciintu nt myL. .(through the miU it lose rules Is limited. ti" .wiorMaAii.China, Glass and Crockery. a Member lly this trininjf be erewee for
'hand' emit' caused' the Christmas day, was the coldest known dispersed. [ 9 1 1.1 den lines ., "Pol Wareami oilier I Iho .
fllllhk. CII. or C'lusses lo bleb be
to be slllxed!,this srvcmh d"1 n Jinnnry, U. I." .::1.' ol' Member
clue In too numerous to mention. f I I :, MKK: THEM.T Coral ed from b.lonJ.
I since 35. The thermometer at daylight, --- --- --- A. I D. 1-flS. 5, lscil(,\ aTaxCollector's Ih'llne \11.1 XIr.ATin both sestes,and U yeara of

so tho Mayor informs us, stood on his piazza :.MomricATioi 01- TIM: ('n II. IlARItlSllN liKKl: POOLE & SCOTT. sic.r. Hlnnk hy appllcullons mind other Informatics furnlshi'd .

at twenty degrees. It is reported in Ti::>mi: mi.i. Gnn-rtior uf Florida.Attest Notice. &i.l.tHi .a. 1< 'JT, 'tiM. U-flm T. J. I'ERKINR, rrxi,

other localities to have touched seventeen. '- Ic.. U T. JL..Kt;. Seo', ATra..
There is
no an attempt will bo rpllF. TIME: : AU.OW"tly TROCL\MATtON n. Ray, 0.
In a climate where oven white frosts are mi- made to modify the Cit iI Tenure bill so as' J. C. Gist,,, L ol the Uovernnr for the rnllcrllon\ or Tsses eiplres im'. 15, 'tin. .At. BUNCU, O.n'l Agent.
usual, this ia indeed severe. The oranges I to include what General Grant Secretary uf Stutc, ( on Ibo last of tin' prrainl, month. I will b..t SJJDO..L >TOTIO3S.KIRKSEY -- -- .
frozen professes to Jan. 12: '1)9.) :33-3:\ Mleeosiikliion Wedm"iliit.ilu, :*/)Uh of Jsnuarr; at C
were solid on tho trees, and it is want, and not rclinijui what Congress C'ontrctlllc Thursdn. tluu'" 21st, and at llnrkrrs, on Is--' wu. I Tt.o". .wa...t. 8a-
-- '
, funrcd that thoso'who have left them thus affects to consider snored.! The Frldny, the 41. :At all nthrr times I IlIIny be found .

\ lute, will be heavy losers in their crop.- changes leave the President absolute proposed power J PROCLA3UTIONEXTENDING: ) : I nt Mr. Jolll: I'HATUHII" "' fton A', In II Tnlhihnnsro.C1.AKK. & JOIi SON TISON & GORDON,

The trees are; however, uninjured. Last to remove Cabinet officers at pleasure I "II"' (nn. >,if Kuxrniif, I.eon, Co.
)year nt this time our ladies were dressed though successors will be. the, THE TIME Full HIE: .',on. A, 't10. 2.duSuiiionWanted.I WOULD HUPFCTri'LLV INVITE TIlE ATTENTION OF TIIK CITIZENs OF I.FON AND (COTTON FACTORSCommission
subject -- counties to the following PACTSttulr' Mr. JOIINSOM: Itt. '1"11' works In
, m lawns.-$ Auguitine Examiner. chances of confirmation. If, however, nom- New York.elell"l a HOIK) OF JOOD3 In KVKHT way sullnblo( for tbli l'nt.1 -C N 0-

A serious meted like to have occurred inees should not be ofl'cred at once, or, if Merchants
We Cash Down for all !
offered the President is LADY who .Ims. had Pay wo Buy
during the election, at this place, on Tues- rejected, at liberty AYOUNO somr ronslder-
last. It in the meantime to designate tho official .' ,' itt (milling, drslrr lo obtain Wo Buy for Cash Only .Mo. 00 MAY N''IJET.
caused from
day was
a difficulty
\ a situation as (lovernrM In i 1101.r"lIy.\ llestrtTvrrneei
springing up between a white man and a next in rank in the same department, or OOLLEOTION OF TAXES, given,. time luiltn\ i" paitlmlurs\ .1'1'I.t We Pay No Time Prices for our Goods SAVANNAH,

other member of the Cabinet to discharge -- ..... this ofllie.Due .. GEORGIA
1 man, in which the latter wj' severely any "J. 'OS. 3l-.1t We Can and Will Sol our Goodsat -
. stabbed. Shot guns, muskets, pistols the duties of\'lIt'lntlaco! untila \\Vi: : CA-Application has: l'l'' <'11 nm L) .
1 bowieknivcs, etc., were brought into successor bo duly imalified. This is intended to me by many of tlio Collectors of Rmmic throiiKh-!; LARGE ASSORTMENT ranceil on ,
The hate humid for tho l.arg Trade Bales lull In Now York this Lb.r.1 advaneea Ilh on cousl nmrnls ol CotUi.
, requisition tbo colored It to prevent any such contingency as out the State,that time time for the mt nt of Taxes adranlaKca t.o Iurcluulnl (0,0. at ( rOt
mostly by men. pa) l P'lroiiai I. the
Fall, raakea our undoubtedly M irket. | jT Our fi will pi GIVE US Ib.I.1 put STery
took the combined effort of tho leading mado Stan ton "Mick" and, put General duo the 81nle Cor Ibo year ending Decemberillst, : A CAI.LI JH 1".k are always ready e..r..llnlha wllllnl .shuw our' llooils, but tin nut rimn.. to elTurt will be '1"o" contlnuo 10 DIPrl public. ....

. Republicans and Democrats to pacify the Grant under a cloud, of conspicuous inexactness. :. ISIW, owing to the cmbarraascd cnnillliuu or minof > purchase,b.llolol lucy, ire coimmpm'tenl| lo$JudJo thetnsultcs. Clluter Idoleo --- ..![.gcpt_I. 4-Oa

. infuriated blacks, although the white man, Tho second l nnd most important time citizens of Ibo Slate be ritemlid, LADIES' CLOAKS JAMES KIKSE. 1.tISAIJ K. JOIINBON.

who did the stabbing, was immediately proposed amendment is to alter tho method .V..r, tkrrtfon, HARRISON KEF.D by virtue of Oct. 21, 6 1/-m:/ S. SOLOMON

, rested by the Sheriff and placed in confine of change of officials, which now is only the power In mo Tested under the Constitution and .
of the incumbents and designation Laws of Ibo State of Florida do hereby Issue this Segar Manufacturer
ment. The spirit manifested by the color- a suspension a At Co t.
FrotliiiuatloQ extending the time fur Ibo collcc- .
of ail iiittrim who my THE OLD
ed is successors
mn> on thi. occasion greatly to bo ES'.ABLISlIEDvVIIOLESltIJE J1IIYAN 8T11KET
lon; of IBid Tares Thirty Pays I\'olllibe first day of ,
deplored,,while that,of ,the whites was aa serve legally without pay until the reasons .
TUiv "
much to 'commended.. Those most for tho removal of the original officials aro January, 119.Iif A. HOPKINS. 1.1.1 from the I'uhasuki Ho***,"
WITNESS WiUKlor I but hereunto set
in the blacks passed by the Senate. These reasons HAVANXAII, OEOROIA.Sept. .
prominent pacifying and restoring upon
hand and caused the Great Si'ul of tho Suiteto
peace and quiet, were Judge Goes are to bo submitted to the Senate within Ii. 8I) be affixed at TalUbaiKie" this sirentccnth Dee, 2'), 'OH. :il-3t! AND RETAIL{ -- SO, 18 8nl

Honorable E. J. Harris, Cola.) Rogers and twenty days after their rea' embling. If day of December A, I D. l l'4lS.

. DeBrnhl, and Sheriff Clonts, of tho.whites, they are sustained, tho official complained HARRISON 1KM( : >, (iovtrnor.Attest A GOOD ASSORTMENT
and Smart Wilkinson, Samuel Small, and of goes out, tho a
Frank Ward, (colored).-Ocala n"une, draws pay for as long as he has been in, JOKATTIH ('. illllM, ,
Jan. 2d. and a successor to- the man removed is Secretary of Slate.Wee. (tENTLKMKX'SOVERCOATS DRUG STORK.
-- qualified J>.y nomination and confirmation. ,.
IxmCTMKXTS FOBTHBASOS.-Th<> following If tl.e ;barges: lire not suslaii d.the official .--
'1'... OIIBIT Hint 8ofn.iiu.-niU halO bees'UIIIIII SAVANNAH CEORCIA
is a complete list, hitherto published, resumes, as Stanton did, the uilico from ,
10 millions. Balvea ban been rubbed in hy the pound.Dr. -
of the indictments for treason now on file which he was, suspended. The change in .MtaaiiL's two grand."""Ia..* art pulling mend 1 to i K ALWAYS Tu which bo calls Ih.Eirl W H, WILTBEEOEB
this respect proposed' is that officers may this wholesale tjitem of medication. DIM of his famous lop'V.fob. ,
in the office of the clerk of the United
be suspended, their pay to stop from date pills I.a dose. A bin of his healing ash,. .Is or more M. LIVELY I llenllun uf I 13
States Circuit Court fur the District of of suspension for cause, ad interim incumbents t alu! .,M a rt'med; fur olc"roulllld traptlte diseases,than v.t; Oost.A. -- : ,li7. S1.4inie _
a nblp'i cargo of tb< olnlmrnt.adTertlscd to rare eTcrytiling band a full Block ofDrag .
Virginia : bo appointed to hold till forty
,hut are all,In fart tImber 0.,1...or dtkiterlous.lt )
Jefferson Davis, John C. Breckinridgo, days after the reassembling oftho :;elmato. MAOUIBL'S motto U(tmiBhTUATioN. Us has placed JJOPK1NS.D MKKCHANTH, L. WARROCK
Judge Henry W. Thomas, ex-Governor These incumbents will draw pay as long as In the sniullost compass lh.K tire principle of the most .. H ,

William Smith, General Wade Hampton, they hold. When Congress reassemble, patent vegetable spfclflrs. Thin.ls no miners! .lo bus .c, f'. '*18. SMt: WIIOLESAI.r: ANIl RETAIL DEALHU JJT
General Benjamin linger, ex-Governor the President, within twenty days thereafter rui*-thcy do aol rlpe-they do not enfvibl They create t 1'IIVMCIANS,
is to inform the Senate of the a rlgerons$ aiiputlte.'" and correspondingly strengthen EARLlT CUNWGHAMTCO.COTTON 0 GROCERIES.
Henry A. Wise General Samuel Cooper suspension .
tint dlgvillon. They tw the llrrr,clear ths head" and .
General G. W. C. Leo of the ad interim incumbent and recite -
General R. E. Lee, steady the mmiXo rdlrlssr.. '
General 'V. II. F. Lee Secretary C. 1\. as ground for suspension) merely l for form uf scrufuloui duo....,can mint ths dl.lnf<.claol FACTORS, H t FAHMKItS, ALES, WINES & LQUORSAUCTIONEER

Mallory, General William Mahone, General cause, at the same time nominating a successor operation of the Halve. Tumor .bee...... Halt Hbnm, AMDCommission o

James Lon treet, General FitzhughLee as for instance: I suspended 1 on July Bulls rim pI...ruilulm, etc ,are thoroughly indicated ..nl....
4 J. II. Collector of Revenue hy this nnrlraled medU!lur, In bet tuuiiL's'. RILLIOIIS, Merchants --Len'-
William>E.: Taylor, Oscar F. Baxter Rally, ,
Drirai-Tic HIAKHHH I'ILW core when all other fall. anti all' who
George 'V. Alexander, General Eppa in the Fourth District of New York, for While Sue Burns, IkilJ., llillblalai,Cute and all abra .'.. 71 ''",'1.1. NI inirr: : ': '. may want General Forwarding and COUmiafoa

Hunton, R. II.Booker, M. D. Corse,John cause ; appointed John Smith to the, ofh'ci- stool of JLs skis, Mogitlel bslvs Is lnfsilItie.. Hull by -.- UI_. t anything In his Hue.

R. DeBree, General Roger A. Prior, Major ad interim, and hereby nominate: John all Druggists at We par bin I lie Kuaranters la MincHt.vr.JACKSONVILLE: .
D. R. Bridgford General Jubal! A. Smith to succeed J. II. Bailey. It is further "CotmnnrdTs" I Buy no M>iglel Jilts ur Salve with' a di,,,, I H. KASLI,formerly )fBiniillwnodt, :.rleAt'o.' DRUGGIST I .1
that if within pawphlit(Inside the box They are bogus.. The genuine JAMES H 4'i'iiNiKoiiiH: 'h,II Mlow .aliullnr KLOHIDA,
Early General Richard Ewcll Thomas P. proposed twenty more J. I'IHUIIH.
Tuoa. or
Esrls A
formerly ttmallwuod"
have the name or.1. Il,>du Turner William S. Winder, Hon. JamesA. days officers so suspended for cause fail to MLCglul.M. 1> The gvnglna .have lb. I'll! surrounikd. Co and J. L. Miuallwood it Co. Toilet and Fancy a.I"I. ell bt b'uuht|| ll. .- _ _
Tallahassee Fla.
Seddon, General Booker William H. demand an investigation then the successors with while iHividir4' M. LIVELY.:: Hoi.Agent fur Tallah --ShAVING this situ'. of New York PINCKNEY BROTHERS
Payne, Cornelius Bayles, Ricard S. Andrews shall be qualified by confirmation. If >iss and Stale of Klorlda (Oct 19 1* Articles ,
laninvest -
William B. Richards,lion. Charles they < g:1tionthel.re-

J. Faulkner R. II. Dulaney; W. N. Mc dent shall file charges and these shall he t\rtt'titmtnt\ Cotton and other Southern Produce, I'-I'I"'I.I.: : 'OI.U'I.I.: AID

Veigh and II. B. Tyler.) Jfofh" proteyuu tried as at present. Itthe charges arc geur $. we respectfully solicit consignments and are lure General Commission

hire been entered in the cases of Honorable sustained of course the man goes out. It pared tu make iwlrsncM. fur which apply' loruos. .'. .. Merchat

Thomas S. Bocock and Judge Robert not sustained he resumes office and Jill, <)ine I*. A 5.;. A <>nlral Kisllroudai, j. i'.iitHi" A ('4).. Physicians' Prescriptions Compounded at all Hours-Day or Night. 0'.1".1.'
Ould. back pay is to be met out of the contingent In.l-.lU4.sEii, J..n'y 7lh, I'llill' \ TAI.'.\IIAIBEE.! FLORIDA I II CIUIILEAT l 5. C.

..11" fund. 'Tb II change merely assures Notice to Members On :.-.), 'liII( :OllyUNIVERSITLOF I /' i.'ssry. I f. ;li.._
MATRIMONIAL MISTAKE EXTBAOBDINA- pay in any event to atlinterim incumbents, nf IIIKLegislature !: --- 1'I.t I 'IJ -'---

lIv.-NuUVILLE, December 20.-An ex and puts the onus of demanding an investigation of Florida. GEORGIA. I. now cuxkUluK my business ClD lb. basis of Msssisll lraUl ussd .He>( ('..b lrlrr>. JAMES M. & SONS- -
traordinary matrimonial contretemps transpired upon) the person sUilllCnJed.-t'ur.World. By adding Utaiwi I can however grant a few months hut. fir"'1,0.0', or.. paper. ss lean OALDWEL ,
,! iq William county on Christmas .. .... nellie on from Hank.Tallabasseo .t / IUOII(
........, ,
-ow' .c=--'J '""""
night. A double occurred in : n' ... IYI.
marriage -'-- I t Sixty-NintliAnnual Session. LIVELY. COTTON FACTORS.

the same honse, aDd'ttur'',,wedding; festivities TRADE IN TilE Sonu.-The )profpcttsof, During the present sc...lim nf the Kll"ture at -C*- ,October W. If IT, iiU. AICOMMOUAI10N WIUB7

were celebrated'\ 1n' th., old-iashioned trade in the South for the coming year'arc, this city members' tin'riuf i-ibiblliog tu our Af enli rAI.VLTr: ) I lsurlr.ls>ss, Mouth fisrllaM.
of ,,,emb""hlolllIe" >Iy tie Chief:
style, and"hi 'that 'Joyful way naturally on tho whole, more cheering than: the terrible a Clerk: certificate or tioiretors of the I lluute/ ; to which they belong A A i.tlec., mImh, D I>, Chancellor '.'. IIAl'A .5. Al U\'AXC'kd .U.D CCOli"UeQIa lUf rtao**
Je(1NE'I' :.
P II Melt, tJ tJ.11..{ nliu wlnli I .
prompted by Christmas and the blissful condition of that part of the country \ can I.nrch.leket.. tietaeiu Tslluliauee sod Cbanecllur Metuphyslea.VVm i L Me&.,"
M Kutherfurd.A M, MalbiuiatlcsWin. 1'II"ul.' P.l."i| Vif.sr
Bank, (: ...
event which k ilf fare
made double their humors at
a couple'happy. would teem to warrant. During the la-t 1 kOIn' W.LKEIC.1i..1 II. VVjildi-ll, A M,Ancient U-wgUa/es. S. C. ..
About midnight both brides retired to rest, two years more corn, wheat, and! bacon liup't W f. Jonrs, M D, Natural 'IvmVf. "C. cooi) S.u l8p'

and in half an hour thereafter the newly'ullide were made in the South than ever before, 'I IM. I U:':, m Ki!:I L,.H I.,l Hruun, A M,, Natural A M. Pblliwiipby. .

husbands followed suit. By some and yet during the year about cloning afisir ----- I ." A br"lur I I Ktrpurn" A (, ,1 1,Jucl.euhlJ.I. _._ ROSADALIS

strange: mistake, each gentleman found his crop of cotton hat beta rained, mainly I "A Thing Beiuty is a. Joy Foreverl'IAnd J. bmiiid, I'b I U W.Modern,1""lu'lo ,

way: to the wrong room, and actually occupIed on the strength of w hat the planter i-buM I (but thing I., will.,-Jt |U,,"tlon, Cbl'l.U LMit.b.ll Morris, A, A M. Law TILE OX130A.T

tbe bridal touch to which he had no do without credit,so that, he is not in ,unI.n: A UII.IoU"H!' H II 1"1. A M. l.aw.U :BjMsasrj.i PACE Blood Purifier
dsim. I D M 1). UwU. ,
Strange a* it the mistake will be mOlltl .' ,
may appear, and what he realizes Sewing Machine. T. Huutor, A U, L'oltir.ily IllgU Hthool.
was not ,discovered until daylight, own, to inveat in something profitable for I -0--' JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. 4' 1'1.;,
When one of the ladies shrieked her surmise 'ill be Ies Iss !(. 1isrls.. Spsm
is l.r..I
the future. That more money MRS Will 1 II 1 M.' al the Ifaicner lluuao, U the The wci'Hii Tarts opens u the lVb uf Jauoary, .
after a very vigorous fashion A distributed in the South than Las been j' ., anMT: -tiled Agent, for Horids. Orders 1-WJ. 1 bo luorr uaiued offlcrrs will cbsrgiof AVK NOW IN AILS l'SIIT.1N'I.Y ftUM.II AKKIVAI FROM SI' I .

!ifencral: hubbub was tbe result, and at last seen there since If60, the cotton alone being 1,i .tmirwiiaii....'Ibuifh"._hir M athi il' -sJan. bt" I"-u i.pllj alltnd.il (", and the their twnt.ropMtlx fM. b..r..J thalrsan ibid a uiuulb day-Tullioaj rosy t. lur re HOuulsllfg(.".. ..10kl. AI. '" aud the North' in l.k.11111\1:1, '1'11, IKul iwoiliueul uf (..lurnt....pJ..I.U..U.r. *.........

accounts the brides were disconsolate, on certain to realize ut 250000000. i! 1:4.: ''''". a-tl decedlu III b) rluhIDI '1 blny le brnetekvy ....1., ." ...,,, U t.rNe(.l,.I'kr..t., .
ai-count. of the scandal created. All aorta millions ohbls will be di*tribnU,l a'puintsuauia ale .all o rov hiiuauailasu. lXriiBll.. .,
Thirty i, ad: ,
s1oS .
Fur 4tf hkluTt
of apt'l} hr.Mlir
scheme &ll'
of *
reparation were proposed, IabamaIobile Fifty
from in
one point Book Stolen. Eye. A r., ,
!but! it appears that. no tangible pun fur undoing ill according to a fair es- : Pocket :WILUUII.SKY u. y. I On, Oa.it. I* part of CuRir. IUo. Butler I-aril.. I.... (..". klw, lluialnr Steal flair, I'ork, .J* '
millions 1& i pay j i : OX THE Dee. *<. te )-.11. l! JUcua,...,|'gelkw wlI sitS 1.. k..|I"ir sue I, aa Ho..,k'l.mi'In...lUnin.C'ol s-i.
the double mistake was arrived at. Ornate, all the debts leafing the.balance STOLEN FROM THE BBtRIBFH: f..d.- Hbot. *. Saul,_, Or. upWIcr.,Tiuw.rv. Abxi, IJiiwrs| ii) lbm< C...sad barrel,
The above ,.,about midnight", J which it hub-salt stud ( ind jatbeuplf I not i than other .
episode actually transpired as to put life, and hope, and prosperity once ,I U thai ,selling < \ & .111. hrepar wy esUbllsksusul AYPI1LI I
narrated, more within the enjoyment of the people. Leather Pocket Book GREAT BARGAINS the ell. I2ST AL FOR.l.
TgAixaays- ; in his"autobiography: "I They cannot expend this money for neyxw j' containing the following UeacrlUd. Notes and Pa- GIVE Tiiin A (',11.1, .IT '.'III: (un.:1: AIJOIEcG -1 UK ",IIU
'"'d as of nor ,all they seek to aid to. I pare as br aa can be recollected. va' 11 : DISEASES) \ OF WOMLS: ,
not know when a youth that it was yore Cba. II, Will fur $VM, si l'i per
ODe note on )
Wrong to sleep with windows closed. their landed pofekeuions, the small plantation -: cent inttrest d"Ud Vtbrmitrj It I*" SADDLES HARNESS & BUGGIES[ JecksoscIllo, riorlds.febrnary II, IWH : loss ff.ipiMtitf. tvH ilrail-itt, NHr (.

To walk jut after dinner.your To drink inchrtiormosrf system having met with general favor. One Dole op Th""* Unif-at tot 1310 IJ&J. datwlO hue "Il It f iuifrtutaart i. Lift, ,

quantities of ice-water when din- They will invest all their gains iu the purchase Janus One )uole' :2t OD 1'tItt.5. r. 'IIWee: tor II dated Jiuu.rjr -5- .JOHN PRATORIUB ft..r. r. s.J..rULII ncNEiMi iIl> nr.\nv, -

03. I WM Dot aware that eating so rapidly of improved farming implement, "l. 1067 THE OBJECT. PAPY and iUI disease ut 11
household furniture article ot comfort Op. rnUtraHoo lertiioiieNo! au t recollected: PROFITS NOT MERCHANT TAILOR & PEELER, ,' '
'w oftentimes fatal to the most robust of tOme recei(* from A. K. to&s; *.r a rot. |..lateilia I BLOOD LIVER KIDNIY BLAODI
books -
'men-that ait meal a day, ending with a and luxury, dry good clothing, I hi. b..i e I'I'lOt. tewing machines, pianos and other mui- the foUo.iD* dea.:rlUd. ..0.1 011..1100 Prices Marked Down HA* Jivr OPENED AMAONJKH'KNT & .
supper was cutting oil'so many years Jke. Indeed the bill Ib..j Ml)*. *Z'Ui Una .usual Ihe- "'11": or TALL\IIUIEE, ,' tt7
"om your life. How ignorant man is about cal in'trumei U, .1;('., I SiSlnTalUhatseeK. K nolrt. HTO( ? -u-. lO.i.UH L'8 ,rme.iluttnqesrp bled.g kaaud .
00.: I was not then aware that the doc- trade of the .South prumi,,e* to be a rich A Ubiursi reward wilt be FJ fur U. recesseS slit or J I )KOWYt GIVEN TO "'C, .0 ,,lona .lb. ant':.ay.'_ !..
with the Mobile book aod eoBUiiU.or Utounlnia lUt ATESTIIN "l'.I31 -7 'I i.4lv
'ers) were all wrong! about hygiene as the one, and we entirely agree :. lead BOket to tbt d "e"oD! of the JbkL r REiPEcrrvLtr IS\T(be pntu fjuu OF- aid 1 I time Uw C.$ I. Cwcull sad i nil> Court' ILr.. b"I" is f .sttii covar |>r4tcluTihe .
nmisten about religion. I could not see Register, that lie elltrp lIIlng men A. W. lIJiI&ELL.lilli 1 to call and""WII' uy 1.le Mutk, ulfffz NurUuwa UUrlct tit LliMi'K 'al' coCrl llhtix Injury, 1..1
that, woman was only the slue of who view this prospect in the right light, I| I IS/'OU -li and FALL'IN'fElt\ GOODS) lest Suite State 111. >ut a Mutriit Qnaxk RwMdy. The ar.,
the milliner rII&"O
Saddles Buggies I"k. I. U U Jf t .
: -- -- --- pebisehed asTiriluotOula -*
the chorea and the aeragjio that the and take proper advautageofitby -- Hare 1 4 I U tirfs e .
; .
"wrt !people) fived beyond their income" themselves in a position to push l'aciD'I'I ..Bivko'iVtukly; before f>.,cJ.( aa I mesa to sell low UE OirrERM TO IfU CT TOMKKJt : .. .
fur CUM. WBICU frlojds Ik* ,reasusultl Writes.oSai.tkeS .I44eSi,m..a. s.d.
----- are the men who are going to fOH BOVb. AND l fUL... i.e-Au pcraota IL.,wm' IbMuaclte wdcbtc4 tome e o METROPOLITAN BAR .. -......! ?_ leei tW.saa. -

Tua'DcADor THE YEAH.-The oecro'aical -' bowe .tly, even under a nulitary monarchy.1diJJ1Jtia 1 I IXtK: ..,. will be the beat .ol.u e jel issued.: 11 dtbcr by Suit or book 1.1,a/s.respeel.Havre ... -ANDBILLIAHDSALOON- .
record of the year comprises the -/ .t1! I1 wuleoouuiaeapttaUat r/us*"%T'*,"..1&111 tai 1..1 I atebe 1.- J J.: a t .. rr Iw u> -._- -- I' bdla..y &ecI t1.gdui1" a..her fir flKlr.fk ; !Ihla
w of Charles Keen Sir David Brew. lilt: MuaoeSMontate 015, S Talc 41lbe :". 1 Cts.Cassimeres and I ll.
jfe>, Lord Brougham, James Rothschild SE* IBIJ Resoumo; *,;.-The negroesin fOlll\j Old( Lmuugabonm' hy I1d p Barr"'I. aulh'ii rt : .
Berryer. Samuel Love,Coonerel,the sculpMarochetti 1 Perry ooonty, MJ6i*ippi have formed -Th.J.nerlJoyo/.. .*lWl,'' "U.U.B L1.Io, ot Line of Packets. Vesting E L. OTIS, I'KOPlMKTUIi.{ P$1APUD. i-m.j M <

"' Rosina and Dean Milkoaa a Detoocraiie dub, and bYe adopted several ur.. at U>lC Old rai-sa Uoae.. P.yMr., bJ.s) f. WI i'ek.III I DR. J, J. fcAWHENCE & C0tWdlllssavr .
I'ruf.-1oae of eIILmaJ* ;;:
-Trades&Dd wkkk b 4 U artar lac AND
at ALE*
prsf 1 I.
> Europe; and In tU country the resolution, of which tLe fuiiuviug ......ltl.aruUDa.: -&t4flPhim ot .1&11I1'-. I VMgY1J5S1VLIULOTUZUSE. .VdkIala ale get4 **> L I. Uisis always on UU4 Oaiu std Ova.tareeenedepa4.bot .11 *.. |( i.U.Lrll0H& i.
L'5 Bfehop Hopkins LeoUe, (copied firon aa etching) are a sua4: ,, : Iur fOIlD.r !'cuf r''c." I., ...... T S. Jlal! AM I."i"A4s1 ll..t. 1. tpM, the .a "al b tnwswfiosuit
/O. V. ljoeeea. I ahoy. < will l "..1n. MD.
lb. (.4r !/ la .
"uuiit beoOtera, the sculptor Ball follow'l tat. That the carpet-baggers won % du, I, -tr..Wed Poor Ueu''IS a frOm t..dtII "iJciI. Si./ ......, ,'Idatu.cu.e ... ,.*u' C Cu't.l te 11 ,_ U**Ik.*W.lal*.*,of lb' t...-

ta&nhh, Cfc**. G. UaJpiB*. P bet that the Southern white will. I MUriee $04 .....- alepaI; ) too. .>AraI..r ,iI rr-.rti: .Jv4': _. Lu .I JOB PRINTING F.r .1.. 5'b.1alal. ..1. .,

't4j5*;J R1ia D aa Hayae James Bncbaaan I :d. That the carpet-bagger can't dubut Tenaa. 'hi- Uura1dee'sm&I"10 Mrtlu.,us a:. .... lrl"I etstBETTEUM, .. I )it.OS sims CAIU1: c; e..r'Hp ... L.I 14rw&gI.t.
_c..p&ce'" pfuasa t- -a flATLY (XECtTEOAT .I..P1saM
Sf4 1'4J.1eu.s that the Southern wLuwcau.J I Tehl.bs.e.s-
of .
Stev.zi. Admiral BdI, UuSWIblL .'.:;..IIcra.I" CarrIage M.peatAuty.
Le 111&1. died while oa s ntc oa board i L That the carpet-taggers can't \*> J W rUE. A :0. xtoa t.v I"> & Ton THIS OFFICE. atwU I l sl ..". i.' iS-'
.'bite .. .
Isaac Mookea Jiad im Parin. i trusted but that the Southern can. U.h.M .-.'

-- .. .
I- -

Ii I .


II .

\ I .

.----L -- -"- -=..::_..".-- _.... ..-. --- --- _... '..-.- -_. -Jr .. SS" :S! 3SS3CSME scellaneou _
: lS ts-
GENERALAdvertising NCWrYorlt.11vei m :FrE celaeous.
t tti ltl!! (Ioribian) ::: ;;: !:: i: -feaO. :: =--=-. =- -= -= 4 .

:l, Directory. C. MORRIS, Jr. ,. Similia Similibus, Curantur. E RESIDENCE

1/ .
!Snccctmr! to CALDWELL )MORRI1') ,
;) -- ( SALE.
dAtlENDAR1F: ,
I I860. "J Oot.tcxtx; i tip.a-0 jr9r, : o 10R J 0-
"'" Tna. tim*.fW Inomfn* Car*, In ihlX>lr6tfti7araM ;
I" '" "" follow*,to those, who already advertise with n.,rli I -iKD- HUMPHREYS'HOMCEOPATHIO TUB FINK DWELLING IlOfSK AVnia..

; : ''l 1It1 flrfj tnotiths, fl((Ml) 1'1irte1InePThflL, IM Gen'l Commission Merchant ) oo 1roml.C' oil th comer the of Adams, .IU, Ri nr
IffHMB'M 'I immffiffi Capitol
Alrela. fronting ,
fl "
Five imp., Bmnntht, pnol I Three lInes,6 moo., ion rLaIL a BO.lert-
j : : : ':" Fire lines, 1 )'..r. .()$I\| Three 1ine.. I year, |500rirelinM T .. oid>iiip, :tfitr IOKK.BEN I jil SPECIFICS, the premises. all o KIlhen,8tableA repair an i

:; r To all others the rnte. "ffi be as follow. *' / c. MOKKIS General.Partner.FRANTZ Obe ofhe mostconCnlent and Jellrbl OltOcelbu
I. 1'6"7'1 1: lIlgo from Ills most ample erpjrlence. e"'e
S 4 \' 0 71 8 (' 4' 5 |I" Pipelines, ft months, 1 1(00) I Three lines I mos., |1(00) n MfLLER I[ &p! <|I 14> .. I proved, Simple, Prompt, fflclent, II tbetIT'Allyto L DIOeLg
JA"'* in 111:11:114: i: I 11! III t JnT.11 12'IS 14 I. 1.1I17; Five line.. 6 months, Bffl) I Three lines 6 mos, 4 (00]( WM. IIVRUAN '.%1'iJ' f Partfier an entire nieces: c bElUt. Aeent
'IT:IK 19 80 il 2JBt;: > |iSi| :,,2o2t'i! |2324 Firs lines, 1 year, lu.no 1 'ilimee lines, I year, OODiyXocomml.sloni _, and Reliable. They arc the only Medicine nlstakcs perfect. IS }
... .
-"') simple
-,2r22'8tr' re'w 97 ou ir 31.. .(. '.. ", l I 1| 2' 81| 4, 8\ fl TI | allowed to Agents An tho above FORMED) A LIMITED PART3ER-, eannI be mndo In nslna; thin \ an harmless be as to COTZ0Niijjj3
f 112 81 4, l I I III 10 11 12 13 14 riles* nAMNO nndcrtho laws of the Slate t,f Newi! befree from danger, and so cfflclcnt u to commendation always
U I'lIa'r"n,. G 0)) 1M! 17 H 19 SO 21 IV Order f.ir p"IlIohlnl nrds la this Directory nn- York with M\ WM. FRANTZB. MCI.LF.Rand WM. reliable. They bare raised the blithest satisfaction. BOCGHT BY
L' 14 t.'fH71! ,2i 2.1'21' i 2Ii 26,271, ;!'8n accompanied: brIbe CASH win not receive artftntlon. HARMAN BROWN as Speolol 1'artnera. under the'' from all, and will alwayi render

I 2'J 2. 24 ''iWiSOjSl: "''' ,, _. .. arm name of B. C. MORRIS in..". I am now con-' ; I"p; 'PUBLISHED Sos Cents. A T.WPTAME
..,. .j ::: :=.z : : Inflammations.....85 Savannah Ga
..\.. .. .. \ I. .j. tinning with Increased tncllltic the business heretofore 1, Core Fetcrs Congestion, ,
f 129. + 1 I 8' 8 4, i I.:'I': :: :: II 2 8 4 TALLAHASSEE FLA conducted by Ibo Into firm of Caldwell, 2, Worm Worm Fever, Worm Colic...,,9S veli0 Xi i Ziverjtoot: 1 }

: 7'I, 0 I oo'al'I i.' G 7 II ..110 11 __. .. h_ ____ Morris, at tbo came office, >o 20 Old 1 Slip. .. t 8, CrylnclollcorTceHilngofInranU..S5( ( andZo, { w On
It : 'o't \ l :''t" H Il1611,18! I It; C. MORRIS, JR. 4, Diarrhofa of children or adults,........25 Manufacturing Company.
1 : '" oIJ4 t.> : ) ItMI12112J? 2ft t 24 \!!Ii' AVERY XeW York feojit., I '6." 4-Cra 5 Dysentery,Griping:, Bilious Colic....:.V>
|: : ? 90272S2I30.4.: ) Keepers| of Livery l4bl\'ll. *nr1M I. .. .. 6', '. Cholera Morbus, Vomiting< ... ......4.J5 -0flAGS -

l "ri.,91'.&''311"81 II', 's,1.4. 's.'fl!I 'TI, sj 2 w10U .._ ;ij:_ .. Lunilxr.-.- ,- ..MvrtlmnK... 7, "" Coughi.Coldi Toothache, Drolleblll..2 Faecache.......85 .
t 8, Neuralgia SUPPLIED AND SEED
I t f1f APRI.1111213' '14', : ; 1218 14'lilfln.iu BROICAVV, P I!., Smallwood, HodgkissCo..; E V Eli Y' UESD A Y
I i I i 19IO'21:! 23 & '1 'iw'ao ui! 22 sa Keeper\ of Livery anti Bale RtiiMc anti -I' .I. ;' '''' ;. 4"JY''J' 10, Dyspcpl, BlI1o Stomach<......t.It.KS Write nerellndlDg 11 of shlpplni lle"lbo'L.
i 20272! 20 80MIT. ..S 24% SO 27 28 20,30, Dcnlur in Carrlngcn!" llngglcs antI! II n mess.Jlorduint C'I'' .' ..iII 11, Suppressed, or painful Periods..2.1 TWCTAME, (P. O. Box
.. '.. _.. COTTON FACTORS 133" R II Whftcs PeriodS..23 I. 8rj ,
\ ; 'Y5h' i 12 too profnso
f J \ "I" 31/.1.1" --" ----- -- t, :; t J' ,
I 2r ij' ,,6' 8IV> ../ : 41 5, 6 IIUItKIIDI J., ; / .. IS, Croup, Cough difficult Urcnthln.25 Nov. 24.'63. .i6.k: SMuoa",1.1
i 1 HlOll 12 IS 14 ) Nov. 1\\' \\I 10 II 1213 Tailor nnd iliftlor! In I AM! ., ......, ,, 14, Bolt Rheum, Erysipelas, Erupllonll.....2. .
It IT IS IK*'*) III_? .14 1! 10 171t9, ''ill t t CJ! | (!., IJ; : IV Rheumatism Rheumatic Painq..25 --
Goocl. :
If' 11.. Cl6Uilng, ,
: tJ : I I' !aa12o26272829. 2t222324232627!! : "f... io. ... .... .1 r : : I ." s"i.. .- IB, Fcrer & Ague, Chill Fever Aull..M THESOUTHERN
I lIiIi-- OommissionMerchantso. -
'I, JA Ot' f .. I .. .. Gencral .... ..
..I.., '" 1/1130: ..." '. I ATI '- 17, Piles, blind or bleeding.. ....., 80
CHICIII OWr.J.IP. ;, i.. ----
; 41' r. ..l..',-.!- 1,384, J- 18, Ophtbalmy and sore or weak Eyes..00
I .Ii F..0 .1.1\2,8', !i 11 IJ: ? 6! III< '71 [n I 10 11 Dealer m Books (CTpoclnlly! (! !RLhonMlnok' ,) .-% 10 Item cr !M." :\ew "ork.1 ." III.It Cntarrb acute or chronIC Influenza....Ei0 CULTIVATOR
1 ,,131411! 16 171'1) HI\ Ic.1213141313i7 14 StatIonery! Music, fcc. t I 9 1'T' U jvt :f. ) 20.Vboollo Cough, violent Coughs..BO

': 120 21 33 23 24S 26_ jl9 90 81 :!'! 2:1: 81 :85'jw'.w 6i.;I .;"in; I ; r p< ". t 21, Asthma. oppressed Breathing! ........M ,
_III; 2'1'\1\1,30'\ ..I..'.. : 117.J'I'' si DAMON GEORGE, ---' ] i I riWE 22.It Ear VI.chorje..lm..lred... Hearing< .....60 .A MONTHLY MAGAZINE,
', )VImoIestil r nnd tPlall: Dcnl.'t In 2.1.II, Scrofula enlarged (lands Swellings..60( /(
'j' ;'II! rItI:1'LIrM: : 1IIsEIInIN.: 4 Urnlt-r1r! Furniture lad l )rallfti! !O..ci. aro ;t'rcpa/cd.Uiroiifrh, 4ddt| JiKcntto> ', '. -, .1 ,I# ", I I ,.f! '' \ I f 24, M General Debility, Physical\ Weakness..60 tbr the rkmtatlaiii Ou Oarien,nnd tit Fmnly r
i and Secretions ... ....60 -,
------4.- .J 8---- on nnd sell Cotton In all th*Southern 25.It Dromy scanty .
1'.I 1>e\ .\tl-r., II. fl.. I Ports, or forward from these Port to New York orUVEHl'OOJ. Tallahassee Florida 2.II Sea SltknceS, sickness-from riding.....60 IS PCBLISIIED AT
vi In seasons n lien our funds are low Practical nod IJrl1ughl"lIInn. Kldney.Dlorase, Grnl..o; .'

\ J .. Surveyor.. . :' Ncrrous Deblll ,,
I fnbw'rihcrs slow Ell lln8.
are provoking --- - - -- +- DIIIEcTas f .. 2.II ATHENS
t! 11d! GEORGIA
\ ...
' 1 .j' : ; Involuntary ... ... ,
;, A few supplies keep tip the flow (1umr.r.. JAMES n., ;' ., i 21)), Sore Month, DIsehlrc.... ............1.0. .
Pi Of dimes dopnrting rnpidly.! Real JUlali: Agent, Collector of ('Inlm,, our friends may prefer Our connections Liverpool tit\, t ..;. ; c' 90.II, Urinary Weaknesewcttlngbcd..50< ; BY WM. ,& W. L.
I :" RcnL, &'c., and Conunbwkm Mereliout.flEIR are such .. will "give. our customers. all the ,. 8t, Painful with JONES
j 1 / : t_ _.__ Perloc. 8plm..o
j -"-- adTuntagc of that OInrk L. > ; .... .
fL But we shall sec eaddir! fiiglil, & CRAIG IS 'THE OLDEST PAPER IN THE STATE. 3.II Fpllepsy<<, Spasms, St. Vita.' Dnoo.\.lo\. -. ,

When duns pour In from morn to'nlglit Dealers in Groceries! Provislona, : 4,1. ''''. "tO'lwl': & CO., '" 3 3.It Dipthorlo\ ulcerated Bore ., ... .
Cnnnod }rials, Liquors, &c. ToUahuseo Florida. TERMS-in invAlid:
Commanding! every slxixmcc bright __ ________ __ | I FAMILY CASES .
PerAnnum .. i..i j ........
To be forkc'1 .k. < s. ..
j ti:i 1 over speedily. IIOOUE, I n. P. ,"'. T. WOOI>, Agent Of 85 largo vials, morocco care, containing:a Six: Months,.. .. .,'...>.... 0
: .
AltomeyMLmv, "' specific for every ordinary dlwaso a family Three Month .. 10
i ; > Bay St., Savannab, Ga. .....
.q, I Our bonds and due bills ore arrayed Ofilce l'urIY'lIlInrncSll Store. Oet 4, 'Gt 5 Is subject to, and a book ot directions,....'1 0 Single copy...' .........'r'.A.. ., .. !
.. .
with 20.
: -- ---- ---- Smaller Family Traveling December. 1808.
FoIehCIII) -- --- --- --
and -- !
I / sign too are diiplnjcd ; KIRKSEY & JOHNSON, to 28 vials... ....... .. .. .... ....from 13 to f 3Specifics ----I I'_ ---_
4 The holders vow they must lie paid for Private Diseases, both for
Wholesale! anti Retail! Dc'iilrni In : ni

: 1'j j With threat of law and, ellllRl'Cf) )'. Dry UocKl ,-(JfOCI'rics. Hardware, ic.. P ELLA TIT I E curing and preventive treatment, In viola THE SAVANNAH
\ -- -- --- .. -----_.- -- -- -.1.--: and pocketcilieB.$2 to $3 -
INflON[ & t3f*These Remldles, by the cnso or itnelo box,
TmmTT8 .4 I .
.1 Then to dcupalr we're nhmwl driven! tX t.... .. s are sent to any pan of the by Mull or Express -
Deniers In Dry OootU, WHO C., .1'.:.... i',, !.q eonntl.
i. oI"1 of MORNING
1" rThere'| rircclotm little use oflhln', free charge, on recopl
Groceries and Conlectinnnric -* I .
I How Poach ? ,
.When our last pper'i rudely riven AMr.pf lrURET8'
How Nature Colors the Plum ,. '. ,1' .. COMPANY,
141: i I fl: From: Imndq thnt held It lovingly Itookfldlcr,,Btitlioix RmlIJcllltr how Naturo Colors tho Green Grape t : and Depot, Mo. 503 Broadway, New York. DAILY & .TRI-WEEKLY,

[ '3 .. .r' S Dr. Is consulted dally at hi. office,
In MiiHla lumpbrey.
Mt I'' ;i...But larger yet those dues shall grow .. And Berries of various! kinds ? lelcr. n above for all forms ofdisease. A BILlABLl
I -------- -- -- -- .
t .' J '' When Interest's added on below MUNRO, 3IAIGE *.CO., riTE celebrated Portngceo Chemist and Botanist, For. sale n above prices by ..

I i ''I Lenlltl; 'Dlng otir.chln A foot or !to! Bakers Confectinncrti nnd Dcnltra In L Professor KSMFIIUJIO boa contributed ono oftho 24 84 'T. P., TATUM. loleAgent.1nreh Family tod Commercial Newspaper,
:,: _.. Groceries and )JlcrtlianJi generally. most ulefulftndvaiuabie dlncoverles of the age IT ; CONTAINS TIlELATESTI1 NEWS" ___
i When at them '-* "*' :
ruing hopelessly -.. -. ---- for the bcniflt of mftnktnJ, Snd known ae AINING THE LATEST NEWt BY

;.t \ "Tia 10, thai scarce have we begun MYERS Dealers& GormAN Flue \\!nti lies, Jest dry, M ESMERUDirS' PEIUTIIE Telegraph Publications for 1869. Daily Tcloirrapblo and Mall troll par. Foreign and Do;

'b : .i'' To plead for lime upon a dun, buyer! Wure Flno (lunsc.. mettle Markets together with a full Daily Arportol
.. _.. the Savannah Cotton Grocery and Produce
--'- -- ---- Marke
: I Before there comes another one POOLE & HUOTT Till Pullutlla Is the Concrete! Juice of the Fruit of AND ALSO REPORTS OF LEADING Every FRIDAY we publish a full J
' ': r- Ilnuillnn 8liru tbnKrows MACON DAILY TELEGRAPH Commercial of the Savannah Markets
1 f'1 -IVmaniUng pay feroclotmlyTho Wlioli-saln nnd Itclall Dialers tbo Pyr. hlJlI1" a) Report containing
\ .' 1" '' along the Lank of the Anaaon $ver..4! This Prc Current, Comparative tlalem'ut
( t, \ i Dry Omxln, Gnx'trli,*, Hnrdwnrc. \.. &c. Fruit and Its uleo postcssra the peculiar!propertied --- .' Cotton, Mercantile Statistics o
,.4 < / pt I Who would bur very bacon save | ruATORics: JOHN"Jlt'rclmnt glrealtan Elegant, Both. GLOSSY Brown oriuliuk: AMERICAN AND I\OREIGN.\ MARKETS rpIIIS PAPER WILL ENTER THE YERVITII of this city. -
Thllor tun,] dealer! la Color, promoting Its rapid and luxuriant. itrowtb.It .- .. 1 a very beo\1 circulation. It will In the future** In the the N.w."m punts
Waive:patrons, all your pretexts waive. ''I Clothing and Gentlemen' FiirnlHlilng (itxHU.PURlY wilt\ not slain the skin or rlotblutr.! Among La- : ''' .. In the front rank of Southern Jonrnnllsm-full of the same .trnlg'ht.orwtrd psl. honwt policy.-

( j'Afld psyche Printer rtull;. ; .. .. -- dine and Gentlemen' ttbeta' Hair la tnrnlni or at the Latest News-Domestic and Foreign. It wilt ColonelW.. T. THOMPSON, author of "Major JODt'
JAS. E., Muniifuttitrtr of ready become Grey, this Pclhitlto stand ns the I bo invaluable to the 1'lantcr.{ tho Mcthaule, and the Court.lalpIe I connected with the paper.
Saddles anti Bnslnens and Professional nn. It will take strong
Ab t1t would ;yield us pleasure 'Wto'Ct, Haraeiw) U'nlir In Carriages hold of every Georgia and the TERM8iDaily

1 4 A A'dullnfiucuts now to meet,' Carriage Materials, Mine I'llldlng"Ie.", VICJOJRIA I : I Solh. and wl Importal1llnleroa Implnj\'lnl all on the sphere I per year,...... .I" ....$1054
all Hair Restorers Agricultural It will contain more Trl-Weekly Monday,Wednesday and Friday)
Asking of us a clear receipt SCOTT \f. F. V. Of Grey .. timely and Important Agricultural Matter, during -per year.....r... .... (00
I For papers taken reg'larly. liar Room and Dillnrd Saloon, from all others follows -- --- the year, any them.
It Differs as : Subscriptions received for any length or tIm,
At.tho Exchange. .Corner.. TERMS- f 10 per Annum, or f for Six Months, from one month upward; and I yon wont a Bavu
-- -'-- -- -- -- Side. The : SuloOtNer'PrepenUon $I Montb.
The Joyful Melancholy or per nab paper, send one dollar try tbeKivsfori
1 : POtLTIlY ]
. A n :0.11'1.' SCOTT CO. G. W., J '
""' Cotton Factors nndCotninMon The PftUUU t month.'All '
4\'good deal experience hall taught us order.by mol or'olhells8 promptly
Morrlmnts. and Ifftrmlcsa' Are alt made of attended .
Is Clean a. prepmtra.Vater. :
1 that gnccess in tho poultry yard depends .. :# '+J .! fl f Iroo communications{
1. -- ---- \ lions of Lead Buliihnr, .s .it Georgia Semi-Weekly Telegraph flrAIl to receive prompt it-

.f, i as much upon good general management ShINE: Il A., It Impart It. Color at Limo, (beinlcal. A Min& a.nW) tentlon., must. be addressed to
Auctioneer, Coniink. Mi're'Imnt, nnd ruin. Theythrystallseoa TEEMS in Advance WILL be pnbllshsd Twice a Week. It will present J. H* Editor *Proprietor
When tho onco.U Invariably : ESTILL
as one thing. the characteristics the bo of the .
upon any eggs c. Denier In Ac.8LUS8ER the hnlr and make H .110 came as Dully- ._ .., tawooab.Gi
of any.hens indifferently aro kcot .for/ the| Groceries- -LIquors-,-.-- I Is free from Minerals.&! and harnh. They Stall! I '.t" rtli Jt '1.. some sire, and contain few or no advertisements.The .- December,1808, .Jllre. _

'rmrposp'of" raising young chickens undo WM.IP., ; J i (Chemical y dlolse.'bi'TbOl. the Skin and Clothlnn.. WEEKLY, 'rAnnu'ri\] :r<) ../I"i:t i 4> ..,M )?300 of January.first number will be Issued on or about the first

11 when little attention is paid to tho pal'ticu- Worker In Oopi,,'r, Tin, Shoot, Iron fbi It Hair.It Soflenitnd. are HAT filthT TilT-excrrableW 1K>. ) I.' '.4l 'a.' : :...1C.. ,' .ct. ,..', PRICE-H a Year and (3 for Six Montbs. :'Savannah

I lar Lent reserved for laying, it will in general Denier In Gcnl'rallt'm' c FiirnlHliIng.. Goods.t healing to the Scalp.I Thct are carried to the SIX JMONT IS, ; ,, 2 00' The .Republican,
-- ---
1 bo found that the .profits! are small, nnd :=. = r It removes;Daudruy. .ndieallle' val.'' .JJVtWItald! .' f 1 I t'i 1'1' .--t"ItJo"41"' < ,

the quality of fowls raised rapidly deterio P_PENSACOLA- ,...FLA.- -a--- I j teud.! < ; I ,uivm.| .,Bllndnr..,Bofl.It TIIUEE :MONThS. .= .I : 'z 1' .. 1 00 GEORGIA WEEKLY TELEQEAPH. D'AltY'AND WEEKLY,

rates. tITA.\LEyG.\! ComblnM *vnlr Dr|.*- rtluc: of ibe llrala, Lunajlng. ." &.a.*ei-arcJ, < .
._ I _J hey and Jkattil J l' 'V tf! ( THIS Splendid Sheet Is among the Largest In the BY J. R SNEED.
,la addition to tho usual plan of selecting! Attorney at Law IViuuicola, 1<1a. i World. It Is couponed of EIGHT PAGES sndPIflY.SIX ,-
'it IIOW TIIIT Ana rev IT.1I0rer. ,
Combine Color Re-| .
July Ulllro In 1'inney's littildlng. a :.c: ; ., ,
COLU rending matter,
oult.tbe best; formed and quietest hens for, They are put' up In colored al
) --- -- -- .: We for I It but few advertisements.It .
'lie wIth: the accept
; breeding \ro have found it of advantage > It tbe 1IolrtoIGin. \ -Ueb-
& purposes, ret aliosc. y Liuilr cluauly Fasted aCOn. Is complete epitome of tbo Week's 11l.lorysud ; '
!; to pay considerable attention to'ho e--------- pa-.,'1"T"FLA.- ., 7 I.?, -T! H 'ft >!rounitlieol I ,\ from Cork to ; u a Family .. bos no superior la the World.

\ igo 5of tto fowls which wo retain. For 1 lRE\Vk. ,COL.Ut11)US) : II U Imlliipcnuiljlofand<< J 'iBoiioM in: order toIL > ). .' I>RICE- a Year. or '11 for Six Months.Address1 ,: UNDERSIG NED IS PLEASED to aunoonM

i the production of eggs for domestic, conguinptlonwenever Lj3ooklKr, Butloncr an I I 11 141or.tlJde.lrtel.iDc'nl) ix'm THE hi. frIends and the public,. Ibt bo hot JfU

keep hens boyxmd their .Dealer- In Music.- -. WHICH WILL YOU HAVETWILL '1 i .. ::1' I_. .s.-: ,.. 'Il' -.*, CLISUY &REID, come In possession .of this
.r A .
--- --- --- -
second but for raising chickeus wet WHWI. YOU USE (. I Mocoo.Oelrga
i year SAVANNAH. CAT .. :11 R'r. ,. Deolb.l8. Journal,
I hare found it to be poor policy to employ ... Compare them. Text them, ami Decide. ,' -- TmeHonored
\ !; eggs! laid by hens less than two years old. OLIVER! J. BERIUEN '- .., ,... And expects U devote bis entire time to mnklneias ,
Awiy with flltly, dunterous and ose Its
SOUTHERN HOME JOURNALFOR second to none In the South.
I We have always found that the chickens General Commission Merchant, the clean and Comrnllnel.1) ..t f liberal a newspaper patronage of past and better years, while toRxprnLiCAH

I'I from tho older hens are more easily famed, No. 07 Bay Street, (over Wilcox, Gibbs & Co.;) At oue bound I It SWCIH|" the Held,and the old foirycrnclblrs was under his charge, encourages his

; I have stronger constitutions, and turn out .. --- -- of Minerals ore dropped by the Public like! 1869. to hope that by prompt and continued luppin tn
I'ULASJU HOLI'E.W. a Red Hot Iron. I ,J JrJm public will enable him to carry this purpose tall
better than those raised .
every way from II.. Wlltbcrgcr Proprietor( Go to your neim.t Drupelet: and ask him to fur- .- *_.- cfluct. _
I ,pullets' eggs. The eggs consequently cost Johnson Dish :you with tbo IVIl.ulto.. Don't lull to !give! It a TUE SOUTH,
flluare.rr TO MERC1IANT3 pF
I moro,' but this extra expense is but a small -- --, UU1 and don't wait until your hair I. destrond or PRINTING. A LITEEABY TiE'
yon are the In wale of a Lunatic Asjlum. Goat NEWSPAPE And especially of hi* own State,he looks with rl.
item on the number of eggs usually cmployed ,
I' NEW. YORK CITY. -- deuce lor a Kooeo.,.upprl promUlDK I
for hatching. -- ---------- once.What return, the news auj lulUle

... In order to have eggs during the winter, tm.\LI.WOOU. IIODQKISS:: A CO., .' tho People Say : TERMS 8S per. for Annum tiO and; four extra copies for to(10 the; that his experience nd capabilities can prouc

C 1 r beside the usual appliances of meat, lime; Fucton and Comtnltiblon NoCjO Merchant Beaver Bux-cU Immediately._"Jt does not" stain tbo skin but colors the Hair .- gutter up of the Club.A an copy --

I j\}\ f sand, bones.'&0.', we': always mako sure of u l'rof..or-My head was. sore from other Dves. $W SILVER WATCH for SO Subscribers.A .

\ 1,1) I having some very early chickens. The Tour Pellallle" bailed uiy scalp' and colored my hair ujTHE '3 SEWING: MACHINE for 2 Subscribers BEPUBLICAfl,
brenttfullT. THWEEKY
pullets of these will com enco to lay in City Advertisements. "I am delighted; l with your (' Ilallle-I will never A tOO GOLD WATCH for 4 Subscribers.A1100 fore planting tomy

October or November,and will lay through:: :c '. again use auy otbi w...b "r")c." GOLD WATCH for 75 Subscribers.If laity and others who .have not tie prl\iH){
out the winter Next draft No more Lead ur Sulphur Pies fur me-Your will be found to contain all the ne.,
season we FLOEIDM JOB OFFICEIS dolly '
I ;.4 N1MI: l-.l.: .1. I)4)IIJLtM, Pcllutlte I. llotunlc W"IIIIt'r. and no niluuke.! j on do not get enough to secure one of tbe pro the moll into a mall compui,ana
few of tho best of these and keep mtutus we will allow you III) cents on each
very yearly uw
U n
nt I.IIM.7"ILL Issue on
I L 1T 01'EH.\n: LIKE MAGIC. subscriber free. the dol of the year w* expect to
them as breeders, the balance being fatten -\\ 1MUCTICE IX, TIIBC1RC11TAND BUprvine Kuclosrd find *'. for ilx bottles moore Send Immediately all Sample Copies Iml'erlo.heo| of eight pac to contain more rew
cd and killed > > of Federal We offer JOURNAL worth $3; OurSCHOOL lu the Bomb
I off as soon as they have post Court tbe Htute, and In the moier any
DAY VISITOR, worth tl 25, and a large Steel ,
Court. OUIee In the Marine Bank .
ceased All this time Uulldlug.TALlailAMEE Vonc Pullatlte. ka\eimyhutr soft and I moot U.
lively laying. it is Plate Engraving of Grant and family, worth TERMS :
Not.24 '\1:1, 10 Gen .
: Other dyes made It .hsr.h and brittle." PREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS FOR
..wonderful! l; how hens take on fat.- Wo often Since using your Pillallte my\ head his been entlrely ':0 fgr>4. Dally One Year.....,........ ."." ....'. IX

1 i f see accounts of hens not laying because E. M. WEST frcofroui puln and, aihe. JOIIX Y. SLATER, t 81x MODlb.,.,.,............. ",..., isu
r fat. When Prof r'smeraldo's: l'eliattte Is sol J by Dru ,'cUts. Publisher, )1& for a IOH Ume( mouth)".." 'jj
they are too tho .B.Umore. ,
''I considering Price (1., Sent to any addrcua. ou receipt of the December,1808.Great. Weekly, per 1.r.....pr,,.. ....... ,
I case with which hens fatten as soon as Copyist & Accountant ('rle'o. Bend fore pnmphlct.' Address, EVE Y DESCRIPTIONOF N. B. Payment i* aJta** for either ellloD'iii

,they cease laying for the season, we have JOS II.\YI'OCK. 11 Pine Street. be required, without ecepLion Al lelclbo;
\ P O Box Sine, New York. Distribution be*ddre edM ..
often that tho _
thought true .
way to state Tallahassee Florida. 8ol Agent Cur the \United t-taios and Canada; to J gNEED
t / the case is that they fatten because they whom all orders should be addressed. BTTHI Republican ayauuabG'
J J I did not lay. At this age they are delight. --Au--!.'. IS, 08 53 -March-- 17 tHf: Metropolitan Company. 1ST; i. i. Ypicau-igent T.UC FUv-r*

m : fully Under and juicy, and we would about --- rldiaa Building. [

1 t'a' lOOn think of fattening cow that ga'etwent1 E H TAPSCOTT TEXAS RANCH FOR SALEFor o I
Club fin to the amount oi # O.OOO
I quarts of milk a day as to think of : : BRITISH PERIODICALS
'1 I' l fattening a laying hen.-Country Gentl EVERY TICKET DRAWS A I'RIZE -s-

\ : tnaii.t TALLAHASSEE, FWIUDA.Orries -OR- ... -0-
....- -- ::t1': l it) Court House. 5
A WABJHNII FASHIONAHLBfHA. J>ut.ioK. Ani!(, It, 'OS. M [Exchange for Ha, Improved lands I SUCH: AS 10 Cub GI. .- 5 .- Each" ttO.000 5,000 'Tie EUlnbairKh L.d. Itevlaw,

.-Bimviog stirred up a genuine sensation .. ,-. 0 A St jouo; The We.dL..IsKr nedew.
... 600 d
among the retail grocer of New York WM. S. HOGUE, -- 4" 100 The Portia Hrtl.U Review a5

city its of and DILLS HEADS, LETTER: HEADS, 2" .4 ULckwood's Edlxburc :a..e.
exposures light weight ATTORNEY AT LAW f HUE COM AL RANCh OFFERED FOR SALE: 8 4' 6
U adulteration) the llWt/has now attacked) _L exchange fur linfrutcd Land near a 1UU 600 ". -. .4 2 .-
Road I. Fiends.This 1JILLS OF LADING, 2 -
I 4 a far more vulnerable and mischievous class TALLAHASSEE. FLA. SO
Elegant Rosewood PIanos, Each f-100 to $
Ranch U In Coiual
Texan .. LEADING QRk
t I of, enK'r*-tlie renders of liquor by the -0lTIL.L the celebrated Ranch uf county adjoining M" Melodeon, 75 to 10 TJEcREPRIS OF THE
Lite lico W. KeudiilL .
A KU< !prompt' attuntlon to any bualneuconnected BILLS OF FAKE, >, CIRCULARS, sow 10dpJ
''i gla &.. To make ill exposures the moro > > with bis profession.UQlculnthu ItowuUtaor SUk dirr. MU of which are under 10 Sewing Musical).llle. -- "t to to 200 who desire w keep wem.oIe a <
etfectite rr Kiwm of the Clerk uf the Supremo fence and extend along the iuodaloup river for I 2 2 wa the the dY.5visaed
of to
samples Flue regard
inutit ealicnsio CHECKS CARDS Gold Watches, to 800 o '
Court ul the C'ipUol.: nine mile It contain houses, a",., and other BUSINESS by best 100d" tb'
hikky and brandy were bought sonic time July IV. '07. WiiyBOLLING Improvement,and I Ia Mocked a tth'4uu( bead of rood '5 Flue Sliver WAehe "ao to 0 tie .ehl.od to pf
since by tile Worl<:'. comuiiiiiiioiier'; at ..". -4w --- ;;:r:' --f- Cat lie and; too bend uf brood uiarerA; .r-.* VISITING CARDS: WEDDING CARDS, Fine Oil Paintings, Framed EDrVlK SilverWare 10 these Great Bru men who .Iaud.t the head Of'
*- Suit of Album., and Reve. A It
Th* County Cuun! to Wr Braaafrla, Photograph I"Ke on Religion 3
&v.eral! of the mofct foohiouablu: bar-rooms ,4 blch contains a |ojinUtlun of about 3.&UO. The of Fine Gold Jewelry, In all valued fl.oo lat of Engl.1.rl.n BleD" to worthy ,

in the city, and subjected to chvimcuJ aualyU BAKER, 'uiad produce cutloa.corn, ill I be terrnla.onj every RAILROAD RECEIPTS, A chance to draw any of the abv pur- Lterur&wbeve of!tbe O.'

I .. by ProfenKor John C. )Draper. The re- ATTORNEY AT LAW variety of fruit,and b well w.ucrrd. Then are very chasing led Ticket! for cel. Ticket docrlblng and cession Aele atDluI. variety PC i thi 0.t
few freed men U the count' ), md labor 1 II abundant. ( are sealed Envelope andthoroughly r
bulls obtained scriber can aLt..TEt
will astonish and
horrify TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA. This utter affords a rood ponoulij\ for ]>.rona receipt 0(2 cenl., a Sealed
tU gentlemen who hate been in the habit desirous of changing Weir j'urnuii and U'101ulla' Ticket will be drawn without cc and delivered FOR IbtA .
of their r.tr Urnci Marine llaiiL Buildini lock "" .toj(. LAWYERS BRIEFS, J.EO.\I.1IJ40\XK8. at our office, or sent by mail addrea The For of .... ." ,' 'I. 1
i taking todJie, at these |jTaces: For further named It will bo delivered to the ticket any one Rede..... .. .'
Nllv. 13, ((17 I:>-tf 'fnformatlou upplj 1,1 the bcpior: Editor prize upon For two of the Reviews .. :
under the delusion that high price insured) ---- -.- ------- of the FLOIIDIM. TaiLtbaseee.. CONSTITUTIONS: : OF on payment of one dollar. Prize wU b. For say three of the Review,., ..... ":"til'

a pure and undiluted article. At tut ono \u::. U. 34fFor : COiU'ANI&SPAMPHLETS Immediately cent waul addrcM, a* r".ce byexpreu For all any four of the Review,.... .., .. .,.. :(1
- 'ttin or return malL .. ...
bar in the list was: the JESSE T. BERNARD --- For Mauno. .. 7 I
brandy obtained BIIYe' .
BOOKS, Ydu will know wbt your Prize U before you pay .. .. "I fll
I and in this iuUaace Sale. fur it. be fur another of For JbOac Kl" Seviewl>
I pure, it wa'i greatly ATTORNEY AT LAW Any prize may exchanged For aay the I
diluted. The LiAey, wall bettor but .\ >UIl.L'J' IHteTERS the tarn vaoe J>o Bk For Bbwk.o and three of the gotiewa. ... .1 '
; generally AND f) | WAGONS: from Two to six Hune for laW rjf": on Stir dealing.KcfTUHiu. Ketlew....
k fount
( r the
contained less 1 Corn. or of kind For Blackwood *uU
I more or of the poisonous cheap' produce any taken A.i .-W* select the few .
I r fusil oil and of tannin, and was: iut'aria- Solicitor in Chancery, luiatuieui.' A|.j|>lyto T. J. E4IbEUTS.bcI.L :... : : ACS:, ACL: AC.r" trout tb* many who have lately flwlocumc vaul CLtl *
2t1 1eib. S-It will *
1 bly diluted. TAIXAIIAS.:' FLA.t.OrIt. J !: l'col"vIU. rrla. and kindly permitted I to publish A duicounl of twmtg' frr o.o -
.. 8. T. >tllkln..Bnnalo.! N. .$1.0; ) Annie Club of tour or more penn. TWbllb.l.<
The generalization from the facts oval Stirs BI K Monroe Piuov Robt. .
obtained .FoTRentl Chicago IIL,
'I 1 t of of one Rde.
J uly :93 toe 1. l>! 0
I-11. Blk.o
Watch,( ,
U that in Philip .
there is .I.klo told
our day .
I barelyone : - 'olFl'UTABLE hOUSE! 1sihu' :Sorlh. In the! Best and Reasonable McCarthy lubu.uc..II. ,. .. Clutter B e .
gallon in hundred thousand) Style on Terms.THE NSTAGE '
a .
: manufactured i\. are portloas u4 bIa City: ..n.& door to Ibe.J1l.re.ldeoe : *> ; A. I'alena. New Bedford, M. bl the I er. 1' '
JOHN I P. should
DUVAL pci-pal
that is not adulterated Tea get, $175; Walwortb, Subscriber "
or badly TM Foetiol ."iJCi. Tl
1 W 1tiu office of delivery.
rectified." This may be rather a broad:' !lp 4.' ,n IU.'UOLl'U..D..rJ )(., .$ ;. ; .l'it United I Xvt 4-11 a f
statement, Lot it is substantially justifiedby I I Physician & Surgeon 'fi. 17--" r- ;-; eoen p..bl no ac without pmlL rat .8s appU.1 to a"" S4'P. n

the facts. At all events, it is uudoubt- Notice. Ofikiok Ir.Tel bock numbw the postage I,01fWtKTOXEWSt
Hid t'UOltSto.1j.: : SERVICES largess bu. ; the and deserve wE.Ne.
edly true that even those who can afford OTFER4 '.... of TalUtluUMC Oittce atbisrul-. TO SIX MONThS! after dale tbe uudu-iinitd .U1 I their .ncectt..-Hwify TVOnuMT/ift. 8, IttfS.e hi ': ;.
to pay tho highest price for liquors, at the dcnci. opposite tbe Eplxupal Cburcb. ,," heir' Html actouet and tvucbera, u .\\ have examined their j>tem end know them S..barlbn ectflcd "
most reputable bar will in of AuK H.1H M-tf Exetulurt on the estate" of 1. C. Moulfurd Ut* of to be a fair dealing 6rut.1.. Jr e for lowW be l$5. Ib
a majority
- .-. Leon county deceased, M th* Judge of frobuie wf t Lat week a friend of ours tVX) Prize, the Fr& 501 '!.ay
I cases, drink an adulterated d.articlu. poisonous old count) aud ak til be ducharged.\ which wa* promptly rccejred."-iu/y ..Monk ta all Ar. l w. *_#'"
It is this fact which accounts for Dr. John S. Bond JESSE 8.MUKTFOR1>, J grati*. BUckwood 0 any t*> .
the fearful JOSH! C A MONTFOMU, i *.x *". ., Send fur circular giving more reference lo ll .btais .
of disease the T
ravages I appliin n .
among ; 04' asy .lo
\\71LL continue tbe practice of Medicine la TalUbauee I.I'L. 8. 186d. and favorable notice 1roo the pre Libenl 1.eecswcida iDb. I
fashionable: drinker of the The add.terated -- ----- -- i fo J.
2t day. > > \ and Tic-limy Ulllcp sUits residence --- to ll yii rtdEr"l o te Svi. troUt la t.

IT liquors derange the system, createa 1D rev of b. 1114! Loot (CWk. Notice. package o led Enl ud Blk bill the current DI...bl.La I' .
Cub Gift Six $3 K for |i:
ZioT. 3. VM}. 18Western ; l ll u
morbid condition which UON'TUS: after due I will to
demands prteeulwy CmiM pregaai
a continuance SIX abooU !. .
of the the *and voULhen,a* Lxeculor: of the it-: 10 I.a A I.u.e. b addf. .. .Nel redscedbars f .,
poison, brain and
craze Lands & Securities.IN tale of John W. Hale, oI ",_ol, late of Leon eualy IAJEB N. T. east l alo"e uales e mOe c*1 b C'
i make premature drunkard This fearful la thejudgeof rrvbtd.utsaid conaiy,u* uk BOOK BINDERY Dec It Br"1 ) p1.
and incontrovertible fact should be burned odjltlun to GoTernuient, State sad Railroad tu bo dUthoriccii.. 6 1 (t"
l'lab ,
Jiouda sad tkixk, e'bu) ADd sell, T. If. HALE Ext'r. & .1-F UHS" S
into: the mind of every young man in the LAN in Jliiiuni, UMA.tutufinitftot
"t. coil4r3rrfThaIOr JfaU, Juiea, A oJ.*.. and Attnuki.The -. r -. _

-_.. .- bltfbert price paid for LAND WARRANTS Notice. lut-ounection vitlj the JOB OFFICE u under tie of -
Jlr. JAS. Dr. Wm. F. Robertson p.
lIz BrK .-TLe Freeduieu's UureauIJW'We and ",I.,. to JMtele bolt) fur Tut*. HealkopuretaaM MONTHS after dais, the. oVnIgiM4 will, management aCI c aa
the at hl h&...all I 1tIl'rl.i! &:d WeHero Counlj: SIX ...., Ibm flial _'];till a4 ,Tovcber t.the : J. YOKUil well known a* a first-tlaa workmen. n a GtIU.
law instant offer
by 00 I U pro- "
1&.p City sod Toa Bond. iou Jndgi uf FrubatL, of U", .".Bly u adtuini TI T. ofUieMirruuudiagcoanUy. F.IU.E.
officials at C jrrespoudtnee" .. lUiti'4: inn ''i> tntunoatluii r' tmu! "r nn i'i! FtJti! i-f Kobvrt 'uL1eece.scdaii4! tensional nxt\at & Ca asS Ems $5ui'V. 01
711 cost :
a "e let employed Jt UMuaeat I .
lulrcd furalsked wltboul 3) a total. l ejenke in three : COKBLS: 4 CO.. f 'K. U-BtTLEBf ... I ir All kind of Ruling done uch Blank Books the Masonic Leiegc, In the r lately occupied e r. -- F
dt(18ad8P, ; < a* Bill Head. Dill
Booker l New Ywk Cutbtpt. 1'. F. IX'Vt liT f ........" rL Paper Port Sarzeoo AruuA M_ *i the 1 y .. the,. nJ 1-1p .

/Hrrot.'." tf.J4). dO, 1**. IMiu Jai,, 'I.... .. and Blank, in any style dckurvd ; and! also printed in a superior manner. Hore ef T. P. TUum, K.Ii b.ndtd (U.OttS5.e. -. .f

-- ,r -.-......- -- -.t ----p-, -
--- _- .

The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: January 12, 1869
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
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= -==--- --:. -n-i 1 :-.:=i---------------------- --- --- ------- __- --_ _ _- _- -
-f-- '- .;
! 1 *, 'W= !.o


: .ff'. ;t ,
Clin :1 '1

,..j.. ,
..1 ., ." {:_, ', .'. '-I I
: 11"
' .

'i 4'a. -.,.'14 --. .. .

" -
__ .
- ,
. ,hfr, ---=_ -----1 __ r = .- cBY -. .-- : ? _

1. .DYKE. SPARHXVVK( & CO. TALLAHASSEE JANUARY 12, 18G9. NEW SERIES. ... ,rOLe 4.. NO. \23.. "

D 1j; t.h.t}. : I ii;iiQ; -The r -Xew Tin York; co rro 7Iw. 'R4).': --1i'IIiL.i !mll: )iUu: ::iw: o. ..- -From. ---L the ew tr -- this I live now, -tlmt I II-\'e selnet'mteevottdered I Rail Roads, &c:' -- '_ ___Steamships____ ; &. 4

..8nys : .:: ". 10 .t: .tissu '1' .'II:' n.tT \ if old ]lnni!ulc Urnnpo 111'1 ,

fa = --. =--- Tho cotton crop figures! now ]>ubliihi d The jwople of New Oilcans do not op- not Ml quite dream.I .

.a."lIa..y 'Ia jiftify the anticipations of the early to relish the lea Q. 1 1 1 nnd CHANCE OF SCHEDULE. For Savannah & Charleston.
TR"IOda ''89. part of I pear of Sheridan's being : 1( LIIm I left parrntleas early ; with --

-- --1 the year, that the yield would be larger returned to theii department as military none to to save my "aged jjrandmothrr. -

Ch7At this year than it inw last ; in other 1orJ cOllnan,1Ir. thougi w ,' cannot see why, as fir. away fl1 lee, I." .. clnj i, not ttrango that 1 lovoil Tallahassee Pen & Georgia & .. 5C
I dreary seem ,
lt We lived in tlie homc tcnd
they show that ,
of 1867-8 military cotnm.inil.-rs oh
crop nro quite harmlejw .'. j-ounjr.
: ."I..J wi 1,1 't I smiles me, JIH.Whlt AND -
close alter parents died: wo* then
.'. .' upon two ami a half million bile i since the the States. I. my i
*, or reclntrdi')1\ 0
Nnnbino u\e. 'II t
y. that I aw 1 .Spencer.. I'titwo Railroads. :
Florida Centarl
411G .1' half million bales over the crop of lco- Ours i as gentle as.i pet lamb, and so .\ \111 hue thy dU, ')' 1"III'I"'II8 STars I lrlry... him\ with nil t 1\ "

; T. The showing I fronl interfering with civil afTairn is Are fondly 11m Ie.Im "11.
P.TM. l lTte following statement the \cry 111rt. hOIInml! 1011 1 tloii't know J STEAMERS

rol1o"lng.re ortf bIT; aatnorbted Agcnti, for con. movements in difficult to be niovcl even when military bleat Ill'Ot II 11.1":11': hIlt would not lm\c
shipping porn.
,' In i glee. tlllo'wl: AND AFTER: MONOAT.NOV. :111111.1016(1
met III' for dwtl'ln* u4 nbtcrlpllon and receiving' Will be found of interest : July is ou hand. Whato\'er be the ehhbuo done ; hut at tho end of that OV"..- ( Train on lhc o llaltrond will nr- DICTATOR & CITY. POINT.
,td receipting M hole,to r aame fI 1:1 rive at nml leave time .>T ral lntlons nt the hiurs ..,
.C wuaPOll'*Co.',88 Commoll.t.,N.w OrI AoaU. Receipts from Sept. 1, 1808, to case in Louisiana: the people dread Phil.Sheridan 111 fur /\a3 flOI e Io\ time time fficll was broken. A rumor below named time C'ompiinlo( *. however, 'l'Ienllllr .-.-.-- .' 4

Tlonl 8...oln1Bt .iMoBtlc Fin.cow1 j latest mail dales . ... 83 1,000 as will be ,een from the follow elnnot .' Ih)' flit ; rllh.hll my CAM that lie Inul told an tlii right to vary thrrufroni nt their discretion.
IR ,' llr rrnftor, the Hi Mnrkd Train on the Tnllnhnl- 'ItF. of the above la future
VdrleeluOll.I1Ie Fl. Jleecipts nt all the inlinmto friend of his that ho would running learners
ports, comes n
year to I..I.T. .
ing remarks of t the' 77/nf: see Kallronil will run on MorubyVccliie lnynnnd ,L wilt b. M tollowsTHE :
.= "=4=;- ; j.- ----c--- = ending Sept. 1, 1803 . 2,240,282 tn accents kind I d I warm, l IrI'.e l to mo if I were only an hdlc ., Frlilny

If Sablcrlbcln"Ul obicrre the Cn.f (104)) M si ton Receipts at till the ports year Itelc has, so 1"CUlllllte.l. going to I call thee 1)' csClmpltltlO \irl., '' on f ('0 ho hud only h"l'l whilinj; Krvlithl. nutS Accoinmndiillon Train will leuveTnllulm DICTATORWill
show that Sheridan's in' for Jiirk ninllli piper which represent that their term of ..iibecrpuI ending Sept. 1, 1807 last Indian battle That 10 Ib ,Iiimr.My with the Irate Palntkit at T
". heir 1,011,015 once was a\\a\ his tune me, \Hl't.1!1- \i-itmiMlitT and Frlt"'. nrrltlntf at JiickxtiiTllluM every Friday nornlnff
'! hit Plr9di and tf".rn th.m cln. accordingly. Exports from all tho ports, year was nothing more nor I ices than a massacre ( qir It a'niuscd all bid J.(M 1'. M. Ki.turnlnii; will leaMi Jackxinvlllr' lit o'clock iJin-k onvlllo every Saturday morning at
A M rtn> the Bi lignite that that I. the kit friendly Indians, that even Grecley llto p.nmy bin 1J' < 4 :MA, M on Tnnnlai' *. IhurndiMi and 8alunli, 1 S o'clock ; Fcrnondlna the name day al 11 o'clock, .
ending Sept. 1, 1867. . l,55sJs7 after vain has been Ult lb I thol,I IfI not li ar. and Inved'I revenge. I i milrd upon arch hill at 1 tillnUn,.,'0 at it(HI I'. At.Li 1. touching at Hrunuwlck gnTannah on flandny
p.p.r.__________ ._, __ Fstimated stock at the shipping many deuials forced at had morning at 0 o'clock, arriving In I'harleeton urn
I him ns I 1 nndwont '. .
List to nothing happened 'r..I. ( oln" 1iIal:
it and Iaauce'gcr a urtrrnonn.
nd.no1 lamely attempts il
ports, latest .dates . ZG Thou beuri.sI not. cv own lu\'.
"LU:' A1'I) F\'C" RULIU.: mai 1,000 to excuse him. Phil's impetuosity, on my way quietly ; out in the vo gulnry, . .. .. ace V. M.
Crop of . how cnn'stthoil tu ? THE
s. .. ZI:0.893 united with his conceit .II8 ''I meantime, Knight, who had Arrive nt TallnhaMiei'" . ., . ... 4.4S CITY POIN.T
Crop of 1800-7 .. . .. 1,931,986 wi lrletudh' K'ITI: |>n.ssi,nwnnnitt tone, lovr 'Wnl'rl t.t'a\'e TaIi.hisaee---------------------- MH Will Iravo ralmki 0017 Monday morning at Toiloik
1VI are prepared to Jo% all KINDS OF RULING The table keep him in trolLlc lie l> ('all reitili uul tu lltiiiv tar. lock oil upon 10 ht'fvr with more, thanfrk'itilly I..n\l.mllcollo. . . ... ... 7 110l.i'ave .",lIoon.l1Io every Tnmdny evening 8
following slow* the cotton bully, and that. had received .. .. . .. 9.SI .
that Inn! t b.> required, from the amalle.bOte paper a 'rl'e one at Nothing The hit no en- Mndhion o'clnrk ; Frrnamlln the ume tvenlng after the ar
TauGHT LIST. movements nt thN port the clo, .o of last but the of society fond cnvr Live Oak.. . . ..., .n.\. M! rival l of the train ; Savannah errrr Wednctdny
to the largeet t prejudices \prevented Are viilnly)' njinken naw, l'Illn rll"llnliIOW, Inl0 Arrive at Pivanimli. .. . . .... 7.:\ ninmiug ni u ,'clnck, arriving In Ch.rlet'o.lIm.
Bat IIB4M'printed and ruled In any stylo re week : him from setting up his battle: I nag in tim' iiinko me to Leave Savimmh. .... . . 7.00 r. M. alti'rnnon. _
00III ruled without printing. streets of in insteadof They no miiik ii| ,
or Xl" reality ,
101red and
since I answered hitttrJos t
Receipts 1, 1SCS$ . a more
order for' FLORIXIA2IOrIcl. Spt. 258,738 I i. glllllllL-fS' .iit |thy brim\" je.s ; l.i-AVi'" Miililwln, . . fl III l JRI'k.II"YIIt, JrrrUTYS:) I : BRO. Fernamllna.
to the Tho "j
IIIII Send In your ruling Receipts since January I 1st t, 1808..040,630 theoretclly. consciousness Ill I think, ,i'nl never ,,>ken thAI ArrlM-at Jnrkanmlllo... . 7.110.\. )(. JKr: FKFVH, HKO. .V "ON, Savannah U J. Ot'II.-
Receipts year ending Sept. 108.; IWDSCSSCS ow n innate luck of refinement Hut limp I tsswcillyTho' tlmt. Hut diii nut falter 'I'.nl. MA huN .11 (1). ; (bail stun, J. U. LIKEN A CO.
.032,320 courage "t cat
I RClII/ my I'ilascngr I .
__ ___ and ignorance of those social amenities Due. 8, 115 18
n Exports since Sept. I. 18C8 . 100,347 hich constitute the slot his I""'" iniiy, -"11 for an intaiit, and I JIr' Spencer (..""* ..Uiknonvlllu...... .... 711 1'. M. ,_. ,
Rales Exports since January)' 1 I. 1108.# .. .319,817 lla'.sport to social I And, the ji">ons tour. r m flineUf to ho wiwiny l.-uvo HitMnln .... . HH I "
Advertising :Exports ending 1 '08. |position, has soured his ilioll., Ho nhlrh I ( IWl'l0 IWI'lilj lil,1 Ienv. Lake Lily., .. .. .. .Him Alliance Line
year Sept. .375,850 lo nljnth tin'inn, hc IulintcI.I',1 Steamship
4THE''WEEKLY' is, consequently not willing to deserve I Isuccess i il .1 my M LuRY.I..oO..k.... .. . :iUA.: M.
l .or Estimated stock on hand here. 28,500 but aims Wiall soon wllli A-cml.Itig; mimi iire lucas, 1. RI1I Maillnon .... . . BIN "
I to ommll,1 it. It was . .. BETWEEN
( And Leave lonllr lIo... LSI
) The, returns from the tiy its Ml--ntimo
of this I than half time fooli-li .
, eottn crop this prompting which led him to be, in i i ( }pitied Arrive al TaHnlnum ... . I'ST '
FLORIDIAN will 'or riiLh ilnj of wnrinp't, fellow hen I Ins startled whiteface ... . .. .. HAT "
year go a greater way toward improving New Orleans, as ou the Plains, a tjrant.- saw I.eu T.II"\ N. Orleans and Florida Ports
.. .. . . .
t heart Kncli fnng our Irniln Inue, kin, \\n. I Arrival ytilucy .11.1\I A. N.Mt.
A alter tho hdil'CthAt
TALtAHAfiSEE FLQRIDA.t tho condition of the Southern people. so coIJ-tlood.1 as to plan and wedding, ihoiigh
execute the hundred I -.- his life niado him llnrU '1''Rln-'r''I.II' nn l Meromruoilnllou .
But its benefits are not for the South slaughter nearly two chapter ('1 more I t
( : ,
Indians, ot'nil sexes and |Is IIIUU: : of, than else I wouhi.I
r---r' : L-- { but for the \hole country. Cotton is not ages, I a man nn timing .- I L'ul1l T.\tl.liiti.ao .. . . .. 10).00 A. M.
*j. .i I:; II I. e I I scarcely to be trlllte.1 in a responsible position ) I 1 just II:uw him on hriditl' day.. t ArrIve uLIt.. Murk*.. . .Hid I ) "
I '.; ." 4. I t I'. lI./ ,I ,. rIII. ,, I, only' a great sou-ce of national wealth'directly in n civilized community. Hit There' a bt-flutinil fiui In ilip silent nlr, had gone )to my IJloihcl"1, I.ann 81. Mnrka.. .. . . I 00 r. M.

lI 5-rii-iw-i.** : u'* I" tr'liT'lrr'i but the most impoi tant means of the Radicals{ persist in sending him to the I Which follows mo v
I I loo lao Lou, :.fC I.'OII .' : ; : balances in the commercial between t-ommand, of this department they do HO I With smiling eyes nul inilH r hair, I'nnll 1 4'ounorll.. lOur
: : t exchanges tho lurch- ard. might have pitsnedon '
t.OO 5.28 7.50 73 t .9V2Q al } Ill .
10rI With vclcdt Vollowlng
** lips, wilh limilli i.r "e Steam1
with their rtMltS tlNEUcOmpOHdof
and jit
41 I V"( T.OO lO.MillOO, '14.00 I' 14 as IIIJ this and, eyes open nl'cllot I pmjer without luid{ 1 said to I'oinu'ctlon at ft. Mark f.ir fl.ivaim. Key
rIL Our Irofl'8 Kpuaking, not
47 country Europe. exchanges That I feel lint ihlpa, to tall icnil monthly from Hew Orleans
IL and New
11 I a.onj Lao 11.00,1100 : ;: : astonishment at finding no .pence" caiunt lu.ir Wi'ft Taimm '*, I'.urulil.I"IIU'hil'liI
, I:00'10.00 13:BO'10.80'' 1* 00 241 ,! 64 j J ought to I IIP, largely! improved him : Orle.lI. are aura mery W.d'I.llIht' : *"ain.era In t'.n..ol'l Apnlnchlcolo, ilL Marks Cedar. ,Keys. ,
. 11112.0011..00114.00'10,001118.00 46 d 88 1-1'1 by> they profess to desire it. ( Tunpa and Key \V eat lK.
inoiilli between New I ri.-mma and II-
I U 114 IS7 t'li' the recent inovuuenK .---- ,I The ilitnplod Imiul, nmlrlngli't of pilil, "If I had 011J) hl'l'l \lieireiw, how per laui'hlnii, ply al Ml tlio liitirmi'iUnto, polnlt' ono
rIu U ",U.00 .."|.OQIaodOlTiOO'' 82 .2.lid i 243 I Lie low In marble honored I i 1 Mr. Tauu .A.LLX.A.N"Om
a woik, workjy
uJt Tin: coi-rot: UOIITI, hopI I\i I 1111': hl'I, Hi'IIl'r l kitvlng cecil uty: every tliutKlvlHUii'| ,

A "inwe U tea minion line or leu.Adtu&iemenU Goon Abvic-K ron TUB $ic.tMos.-Tlle A 1 stretch my ann fur th- ilnsp' of uUI, f" I ruiini'cllon nuh way KOUKKT: WALKRR. K. PARKER Commander, '

unaccompanied, by. the! CiSD will Providence Jonrn.il Iarmert writing to the MacotiTelegraph Hut time empty air l niringi'l cold, I could not 1111 \lug It. The ojt- lioll'llIlIlorllltendunl.
11of not recelr attention. urges people pay on the cotton worm, in reference And my vigil ullil I keepThere' |rtnnitj tens I..II.; ) lie I lost. IKO.-0, ". IH-if LAVACCA.,

If thi'nioney inclosed doc not cover the pumber their small bills. It says : I The prompt to an article from the Selma (Ala.) .Who told >'oit thAt ho ontd, and LolL LI VINCI8TOX. Conmandor.Slonmrrn ..
ol Insertion ordered, It will be luicrted a loss wimroftlniei. payment of I bills M more a Milieu brow vlth nulliinl' t'r"'o. j
1m al something Times, takes issue with the, writer. He I hit lil'l grew white."No '. IMPORTANT TO ALL. leave New Orleans every Saturday *TCnlnn -
a : I than a convenience, considering its resnltp, says : And /cross laid (don a In time liistThere's ; mutter. Y"I% stud it." til Murks every Wednmitay evenIng, fur Key
Xo proposition will be entertained Tor payment a smllo whrrevir -hl,11 mini's, now, \Vim' nnil llnvanna via Cedar Key and lamp.
. III anything b CCKBENT MONeT for advertlelng. flnd the real distress, \hich the neglect of Tho writer states that ho saw tho egg And no hues ulmar f"fM n.w. I Ve, and a v ilcr sentence novcrjiiVHed miw ; Mantua' trays llmnna erery Tuesday aDd It.

, 00. (4r two eoplc, only, of the paper will be tent it often occasions, raises it to the dignity and worm of 1 cotton fly found in the cot. Sct le.J sweet Iii their\or lima,, in I II mist..ti ili)' HJM., I loved jou truly -' UHRAT HKDl'CTION or 1UTKH TO Mnrk cti-ry lurndajr fcniacoln.evening fur Now Orleans TlaAlHilaihlonlitanil

. to adrertlsen, nhle** an etpeclal .agreement th. of n virtue. There are many tradcxmcn, ton stalk, etc. Iro1 the history of insects, lii'ttcrthuii' I knew 1113nclfuntil todayIIo ." BALDWIN JAOKSONVILLE HID pulillo may rely on IbIs line fur certainty tad

I contrary I* made.AdnrUllmeutellot in cxtensi\c buMMc, ho have I can find no f'cts confirming his state ,, weil t nnd smiiim !I i "iiilng iiKiiln, ulijipcdnist\ me, and wnt gone..- dlitmtch. -
! marked with the number of engaged \ mentis and I ,I any the writer is totally Hinging her same old "mt I have never seen him tinco.If ANn ALL POINTs OX THE r. w.Agents PEUKINS New,Orleaat.'

lime wilt be Inserted unlit forbid. to meet largo pa)'incut*, ala who depend in error as to their mode of .repcIgation.Time Hut, oh I It onnils' like n 1,1 of, pnln, I were guilty uf all else, there ST. JOHNS RIVER. A.DKNUAU.AprIM \ '

" All boatract adrcrtlscn whoeo amount qf apace for them upon the aggregate of small sums. fly lays the in the "&'O ,8t. Marki
egg summer, ou A U flimU In the suimlilio and the ruin, wns 1IIIOr01 I.f in Ill)' noiil; to au. "
aid, loogth of Um& are flxwi by abote rates, will be It makes no sort difference to the payer tender parts of tho cotton {plant: the worm O'er lii'nrl of tha wnrltlV ireiit; tlmromig.There' make me' 10aill, the very I thoughts of -a-- -- L ,
I roqalred to coajuo their odvortUIng strictly to tbulr in speedily hutched out, growing omci: r. A O.> A v. I.. it. II. co., i l l'f4Ll.AnAUU
whether these small rapidlyto wliilo 1 ', ] toanother.
arc paid
sums to-day, loving ono wit* .. "
own bwlne, nnl.M otberwlw stipulated and forming the cocoon, in which state a ucmillnil nklcs, 1"1 III. t 1. I" f rNKW A.HiiU.wnnD dARD 1
region 110tho I would do that ronfif,
.. or to-morrow, or next week. makes n never t TllKOtlOII AKKAMIKMKNTS: PR- ,.1
--t.TEIZYIS -- I "
;' tho larva) exists all winter. It, however, And I tu reach In .im..re, 8i uliiiuli slut Jui.k I III,', tin --- ,
Inll novcr do it. ( I It Itoro "' uin nir.irdlliif
01- !$"' USJtI1'TIO. S weighty difference to the tradesman: whois may go through tho process suvcrul tiuius For I .lu.IIIIIIY, treasure Shire t I I I'rv IOlpl'lton. grnilol dl'|'>alrh anil arroininoiliillim' fur txilli the HntxiaiM A Co., t. \: II..i.,,xi.A Co.,
.> r. ", '1" 1800 obliged to keep two or three run- during summer. In tho spiing) it cuts out The litugliiug and ainlx r liulr out Henry SpcnccrV I iningo frll 1'.u..url"lIlIn. | of J'rulllbt alit Ibo I'amuUKuni' Imt* New York. MaTuwa UwrgU.
six months, ., 2 00 crk t-ye my heart, and learned.{ to love my linn- lii*; livc'ii cum luilad between tin At slit Ic > ; 1.. ning after little bills, and, to pay one percent of its self-made prison, mil goes forth asbefore. Of the loved ou<> gunu IM I 1.1'. V of Barnnuiili, tbo Pan. ,_ tit. ,5 t'. I'i'Mlral R. K,
three month*, 190PerAeaura l'crlun>n not as I might once -
j Insects that deposit their egg in blIHl lid llrui-k'l Lin "t River IlimU liy wlilc wu ninko
', a month for the money that Is due to I the pith of stalks hato -- -- ---eConfession -- ,and tenderly.. 1 studied. hin lute Abe rh air.l and, milckrit ruiilo lo lluldwlu' IN CONSEQUENCE or THE DEATH Of OCR
him in a cliullaIIP'cn.ilowitl t'ltV Juikiouvlllo and all Hip UiulliiKt thou Ibi) Bt JulnuKl title airent at BaTaniwk U., Hn. T. WOOD w*
thousand little that he of Woman
; ;
WHAT YOU IflEbI&. a sump, ; which they pierce lay Worldly 1 iKIll, illtl gratified tliem ; I humored ,rr, liav. demrmlnad to make a new orfanlamlloo tt the

Tho hoard: of Excise in New York should have\ for the asking, and {that ho U eggs. The various of locusts, I his slightest Cft'rlci's] ; und.! If I have II It lbs cukk| *>l and ob''I'.ot|' roula for your builuei al that point, uiul.r lime nan of r t .

have just completed'a chemical analysis of kept out of by the thoughtlessness of customers the Hessian fly are eamp"Icdel I'eoplo suid, M lieu I iiiiiirii-cl Wulti-r lc"1, iinfulthful to 1)ll.ll.. I havu not 'IVilKlit.>4 by Uur(Ih.limes tl) *am iiirlii now>iu8iiv IIUL imu iiiiiiliaiid bull Ibo(aiiiuuntcbrK liarlu, ,*. J. L. 8MALLWOOD & CO.

whom winli Tho miller that does the mischief to Walter 1,ntg1mt. Ion, nnd uudt. tbn ulifamitanuc wo ifuanintu limit
the various kinds of sold at arious ho docs not to oflond our Knight, that it vim fur Lin 11"II'01( ) Our Mr. 11000..11 will make Hafanuah blaprtocliinl -
liquors the rnto ihull tic ehl.or Ibaii by oIlier 1I11e.'u
cotton fields have no such nor BOP, in tho morning of'tll | any alindo, and Mr. Faun. PavrOK,who Milif cd the
saloons in that city aci Bourbon whisky," by importunity. do they ever vary in their Illenlage e, course, I expected they would snysn ; lil Iu01, I I'Wil hfippy : at tire hall aliiuncn advanUK' fIr of pea vhenpnuu rink tu (HUM.'biirlralon Iu adili'd, IliilUiiitira Iba in-, kta Mr. Wu>ii> In the cotton builoou, will BAT*

:and the result is published for the benefitof Tint is all truo ns tho gospel, but we we 8u1'IoSII, j first, the fly which deposit that is what i.i always laid"l |lieu II I ricli tho noon, I time I ., I am (.1111 country! to flhill ir !'hlllll\lollbll'|, Naw York and .lliMtini.;. tim Ill li'>...111.1.| ruprolul Mr.; S&I.I.ws,1i.rharKO, atnlitod lIutb ere by fully ln. oldpal eoouptlonl ion ut for oar all
would teach Mrttie 1 Ibo ollluulIL l III ba lilt llur lii urani Niioutluyuffnlnl.l
a higher |
thoso horn it; may concern. Out of 38 C\'IU 1 purer make \ tho egg then the worm, next tho cocoon, \al ChOIHla ]>oor girl : but what did t thu and 1 mv hIKh Im,I. hy thl. .111,0111. llmidiililpprd fTiiniHuviiiiuub Ibo Juliet In this liilorctU of 1*roa> Mr. Psi.Tile' .-
morality, and say don't small I the fly again. If tho writer in woll. Wll'l In Hi' IM'irhlnK' will urrlrc .l Jmkauuvlllotbo luvrctnlllo IIJfp rleO !In Liverpool and u.
specimens subjected to test only' 2 were bills, but pay, as yOU go. The habit of anllabty w-ill only reflect that a cocoon can I euro I fur their talk, OH lmmlmg an it vui time 01.1.1 ill", dhalf come, whore, Mine nlibt. Nil liimiritut'ti. by lila runla and all nilvt cinalnuneii| with EnglIsh buyora, ..Ib.r
of market value will
found pure. The ingredients of which getting everything charged, from a toothpick i Ilot question be contained within the "mll compass false ( I IUlt I not ]hmavtu m nmrricil I I nuyonu hat I ( ai'rUiliui' iiuiii' Fur, dilliini!... or fur dIIlimuIeg|uMfiitiiir|>roiui. are>lly pcrfml.icIlluiL Thin Nibanirr > bison with a a!practical utltuicu knowlodtfo, dlinoaltlon, uf.oulgum.ata| by

most of' this fine old whisky" is composed to a barrel of Hour is I most poinicious of a he will ice fallacy of for that ; nul l tlioiigli, tu imuvliu --- (' "frnm We, lumbliia with pn'd (great IDerw ialu or blpiiivnl to foreign port wb o delrd.
one, yet most people, would, bo surprised 'I cottOI'ltak.! Till: '4Ml,44 1'1.tl::4H I'.I0>. .. eniuforl, imshlie upon tub train &'ulumiu.t Mr. iisu.aoon Jrha* been conatcted with tho
are us follows: Fusil oil, rancid I hi* IS8ert1018.I loved I ci o nml luxury nit I did, ueallli Kliubair inuuiilllctul ilui'iilnu' car. Twu Iralni, limit of Kuiallwoud AnJorloo A Co., .Itoullwood
if they could see tlip bill made out There are hundreds of other insects that J'r"l what tho 1nllOorl G.s.a m'lc'a correcjMiiidenl will loon JiukmnivllUiriirttuvaiinahaiiiliiolnl, Kiirlo it (Io. J. I. Bintllwood* Co., and ourselves,
lamp oil, green tea prussio acid, winter- by our traders, to perceive how many I I the cotton of might have I'', \n very wii-ptaMu, iiindeemi writes d.lIl' IlIIo.lor 1lm, by pMarnirrr train bniwcunJiukwinvllUaiid wblch baa Rlren bug the oiperu-aco of lb. bulaea
: some wbieh. old
', prey upon 1,1:11 I wo 'prt'.IIh eiutuinx 11..IIL..la. 'lor Ibo peat 14 year l and w* feel conScience anti
green and strychnine. The commodities\ small charges they have, how, cen in many i no doubt, deposit in the stalk it was, I WWl'lot I heartless 11 are to bo with In thu inaugiiratiuii lurllnuluii and rl4 lUillu unniili,run I U buur In ronuevlliin with .niurkulou In tIme ability I to larva the beat Inleml
sold aac brandy and gin were found to be hundred of instances the whole bill of an I nifl make that their winter quarters. If the \orUl IjfinxThat toll away Ibeoe ",..1.\ Uinnillbi-r| of bIds, llinniKb) llikttt of our patron ihrouirb our rranicmanl, and roiput'ifiilly -

made vile. Some indhidual! for the quarter or the half) Lime writer advocate cleanliness !. tlicro IU been nn utiilcrcnrri'iit of mystery : of our military 1'rcNidciit. Wecopy can bo |,iurtb.id. HaK(>K. I hcxiked 1 hrouKb. uk your coollnuitlgn or euufldcac and
np of compounds equally wi generally I..k. fur lUvaim, |ialro"nt(0( to our BaTannah Ilonia, which ha* bits
Our eouuuill'in' l ft. Key
of the e pai'erlllaio been making these a the case may be, is less than one .car'l on a in my humble jalgmeut ho ftliont' mo that Hone hnvi'" undorttoml fl'OI a recent letter : Wul, Tampa, 1 Pinuiolit, Apuuiiblco'a' and Now "r.I. iu 'long Mlunded to our Maw York llona. and.
Probably the had the that there Imvo "1r. JolniHuii will Mrainrr. nionlli bIwotia wblrh we red ronndout will merited ln4bUIrreonna 1
inti.\lnal money) will contribute onie hat 1"1 Inivcs" inmy scarcely altir what: loan are *ur* EllChl jnir pit .
exposures of late, but as these were set in his the purchase, I \ Now (lrl.un and It.""" tuarblng al all timeiulrrume.laIa Kmnertfttlly your
pocket ,
madt trouble ; for in old ffiiccs, hedges, under life which none about me hitvii ever, ms owiirrud, commence Imugot irtti umlit ujiuit Ouu luavlny NU b ill: slur BMALI.ftOOO, HUDoiUSa A CO.
do\'u RS sensational they did not ntlract and, blieer laziness or the force of habit prevented old brush piles, are to bo found count- ), and that there liavo I'l this ,t.I"It.: and, grave point. Mr.I Adims "..k, tbu KlvniK imliil"U. II workly ronncetloa rash) way) Colton .'oeto..ou4 Uenortl Comuilnlou Urclintt.If .

much attention. Bat the exposure of the his paying for it down, and thus I lens log. lblrs of tiiosc; oblong pods in'question ill rrl.I i until! never stirred by \Ill'lthl limit Oi I It- upper lip ou the I ltd uf With Ibo ad aula lallnbullun(o> whlrn Ibla, anil ruato piMoowu ask tint, ,

ended the matter. Instead of that it wascharged and protected f fit do I 1H2 and did lint attend'I (nor did wa are sues tu Klvc, only W* are prepared to roak*
air-tight rum Kni I
Hoard of Excise aro official, and will perfectly I it it imsorriw lrch. our ability lo 01.1.' < limy blt'u"I. II alit bo boruuIn
upon tho books, drawl off upon inter blasts. of Ian IB aro ncknowlcg \ tu atUnul) thueeremoniiM uf Jack inlnil, thaI title Chute stillS .Iwo,. bathcnpir.botb .
I havi-
SOli for
probably open th"e; eyes of the {public to 1 bi and perhaps took tIle time of a dC11 propagated ill the soil or in the root of I ltt crime. Ilil, Imvu: nun's mauiuration. 10utte.I there have fur |iuMunKt-rand fr0lil' tban I uol any( .other limn, limit aimIfauy Cash Advances on Cotton
"omlitt.t no might tluiotboaiiiouiil' ob"r/I'41. <
the poisons- that< are. palmed off on them. In hour collect. Much as it (, decayed trees-tho common stings orm, I better Imd I confided I'el pirulM rases in h t"ry. I Hut' !I"'- cbnrKud' I b T Ibo Ivuiurr lo Jai.kt.p.lllo anti |'olnUon for Ihll"lI"lIt| In 8VIA/.LWKUU01X CO.
---a -- --- merchants and mechanics to collect thC iI' 111 t.v..ry tlifnj sides all!1 this Ibo Ml Jiibuo blare, Ika Ihrt brliiK luadakiiowaluLa .
; for instance.!-but the cotton worm never I I I learn Ooin-riMi; ( I rant UHIU| or J. L HMAI.LWOOU A CO., and will tell In Uforpool
to him in tho beginning immight Imvc >lluT. It \lU'."*., SumrtlalindiiitufTnmlmsl.onllili.Ili ) | ,New Funk or Huvaunab,at directed .... .
GOOD JOKE ox BOSTOX.-The town w as smal6uDs, they cannot afford to lose them save by accident, I : i ha inliniMod laconically/ to his 1"f I'll | fIr M. A. 1II'.c..I"hl> Aifi'lital : w. SCOTT by* tuBepl .r.lao.

laughing yesterday; at the reply of General aggregate often amounts to 1 considerable I am anxious, fUlpo.o.; that tlio 11'1'O\ It m to lute now tu know, ,lay that Ilulclir." <> hill and forever Jiukaoutlllu, lie dlm.r.... will al miner lie ro- I SS. 1"r. '.

Clanton u sum ; but their customer oiitiit worm shall bo solved, and time ha conic I 111 thu. trutli destroy the plubian custom of ( r iniiiguruliuiin funifed.Kiir. I
to a toast offered to Boston" at (1"eBtlul hOfl lut.O fiirllii-r, liifriii lloii apply to
not to ask them to submit to such a ta-k some ervcr will illuminate may Ix- told ; for if Walter Knight 11 and I -
elabrate t'IJIII/urlll.- ill Iii \VAI.KKII: icm-mi huiwriiiiomu-iii P. B. BROKA W'S
a supper given night before lait to the for it really amounts to that. Among;the subject ; for finding out the habits and lot,tho luno of all when I married, I 10[ will thi-rctoru r, t !'. .V U. II It, Talaluua4.e.!

baton Capitalists, who- have gotten possession new resolutions of the New Year le us various changes of our greatest pest (alwa I liim, lie i is tommy more tu IMC, titan the thu Vice,1'residcnt, hi time : II. R IIU.NKH: (Irnrml Hui"ruileiidi-nl A. JLt LIVERY AND SALE

'of the Alabama and Chattanooga recommend to our readers that they lake ) Unitud States Congress,) i whole world beside (['hiiiiilH-r: ilhoiit any parade. S"lh./1, ). IL It, Havanuali.t .
I la\.4 on6 / II. W1I.LI.VMH. Ocncrul A.A .
I. Krvlglit Agont
railroad.; The.General, says the Montgomery one not to run up any little bills, unless we may find tLe correct remedy iu getting I Let mo sPeak .Hoinething mit'my life lidinson'H |JmrusuIm.ft can therefora, I). It. IL, MavniimiliJ. \ rTAnr.I' a; k

Mail being called on to'reply to a absolutely necessary hereafter. If everybody rid ofthcm. FA KM tit. I now, and then go Luck to iii> other wtl ii lm4-iniul| with. A principal reason J..I'oUll'I.\'fT, .'ur.rdlnl.\g"ol.liI' \ ,
would make this rule and live to this chan of base in that the ,
up I'nto3r county (:Ia., December 23, 1868.ClIINBHfcTwilMnNT lift o coming Tuiinah LI4AUA88EE, YLOILIDA.oAL8O
toast to;" Boston," aid ho was happy to it, New Year' would be much more ------ I am a lady 6f fahhiuii, or, ut least I Iam 1111 1M .ill) orator, as Itrutus i is." I lint T K 1It'K f\N, "HnH.rlnU-nilciit| Tran.r| -' 1'

pay' hi;. 'respects' to'a city that hod just t happy" than it usually is now. In fact, ., >refitory toakiutsimig the uulf nkiii, it in I tation Jat'kannvilli*. '
IttlUIOlT I SAN called w ; 'and if drocs and parauo, H A. !HI'hMKH.: : FrvlKbl I Agent,Juckoii,UI l 1AHUIAGE1, DVGOIU WAUO-NS AND Hlll
elected, i 4 Democratic '.l3)'orhlcb was we don't know whether this period of bills FKANC'into.-Several days since a soldier extrHvaganw and] are what *.-- hough, will bo exceedingly Ilri'r not l.i-- C'. Im5ENNNew YorkK. I \ NKBS, ror. (Iii". T.1t11., .IT
< 0-
the cradle ofthe. Klux Klan in having is most Jread by debtor or creditor at arrested fur stab ftituto (mile. .K.cJ.,, J fir tjinn 1 Jio of chalk, of dinieuiioni a 1'AI'Y di-i.eria KrciKl.l and TU kel Ax'l.

originated that first'disguised.band which present. .- Republican.GtOBGIA -- Dae lila CWIIiojhal. wal brought before the tito.Ho te."rve .o..uver.)for marking d l. ,(rtuiu allalmwiu()i-130, 'W, I'l.mniil&II .-Sin. U I I. HITIU. 40..............A.....

I e Provines fur examination, and timewounded I from time word I I hUltrtlf' &i profoundliiitiral| II. L. RITCH & CO.
threw the tea into the harbor, and which IV CONGBEhM.A late Special lut j judge uothut imjiiiiii, sit' h a* JAII us luv, I'wu: !"- : ,
| wit
Chinaman was as a I "
Hancock' I ol"rel : I am to all thl- You light' it out this linu if it kinu- EJOONO:XISE !
Wad the home of John ho,when to the New York World says : I ness against II u.Fro lrilner'loun ann 1.1 01 l I COMMISSION MERCHANTS
never saw mal"woICI willing all
Governor of the.State sent hU All decamp Edmunds, is hue 'i"w. 1 and,the Court expressing / summer I" t Congress knows moro I i fMILEAGE
Senator preparing objected< leave them ton when mImIC thiiv' were i ilxiut matters than I Jo ,, 11 SI BCAVCK B?., (sanW4)uEw )}. ,
tlel i7neif.
to' receive President in of his bill to call together again a wish to hear argument on the ,
WasLingtoe, support j I continued. mater in its whirl. A/.1 ]>crliaM| :after all, uvu 10t lvcI ttiem** thought "I I have TICKETS. ; w 01114.
Constitutional Convention of Georgia the case wo Yesterday
declaring tbat the President was the agent the ', ot the afer- we have, as much pleasure M the ma- l.tl the horse HUlte fre.iientl( >, and --
time. JIU tho ( --
of the States, and 'should wait upon the and do reconstruction a second noon question competency jority. There are hour when >w>iiiu- liink the likviieM, woiiM bnanitVktly JOHN JJE>'lIAM. &_CO.,
bill! U of one by Pomeroy, such is argued nt length bv l\reo. I
corollary pro- |I testimony
Governor and not the Got ernor upon the viouslv, I offered, the of odmU-| Louderback tor.tl>. ,ronecution, and Xi L thing RCtmto beekon U4 away from I uuuidv, th4 pate of deoorum to F ( ) \IOI4I4i US JfoHtMto, }'leI.v. .

President Weauppose.the Boston Caj>i- \ of Georgia T'pellnl a. F Montgomery" for the defence. The former our fullict, and paint tu u I truer, fUr I ./Hiubt! hutrl.l.of Utoiuaodii "I anger bu Ticket cutlllluir lb. rurrbatr to .) OT, 'IK 4-1, .
sin iM-ctatom of the rlicoof >
talistg swallowed the joke and the yeC received report from contended. that under the Fourteenth bier life. There arc other*-I tix-ak ,he I Crolt ea.ttr|) Uril.t ..! Ouo I IbooauBd (lisA>) Mile over Ibc R. B. POST. OBJIY.
< oystersat h n Emuol'i i to tinFfdcral Constitution only of myself now-- when what I Lave t Capitol, aud dismiss them (hut abrupt AIM>
the same time-while his late Excelleo- $ury Cmmt.uy .le..J'u'nt Iy. The -iuxid- track I U, tbrrefore, indi-'
upon Gor.I Hght. bill, a1 |*r ons, regardless I heard some call an ad-liking ConllI("( TalL Pen. & Ga. & Fla. Central POST & HQBBT : '
nUmCI where duct
; the ,
suggested in soft tones that we harmonize I 1""aLlo may ,
-. gin ease is speculation. The light the of rat and no other- hSltl me like \ evil pirit. Hut Ir'II"lt
| itsb
D" hut
gentlemen. ,'harmonize have had to go by, thus tar, has been A nine disqualified, are competent| witnisses even that I can ulm<,t throw oif now. imu succinctly of nmrtli, and (1.I lca\"<- alIIUUt:and RAIL-ROADS, General Commission 'Merchants
.Iuclll"tiul ,
-e.- shed by Bnllock, the Governor, and by the ]I and cotil.t to the wimtt rilht. and I (i-ouLl not tinct ; )ou see I am pro- .' to Marcun. Schuylc-r llrutiui Iu a ,..r.11I ,1i.t..fJCHulu. Iuo. Ibtii IUt :1.11. NEW L.L' .4O*

Tux FIRST NEGBO is CO OKES8.-A three who represent the grievance privilege il curb of justice. e ease greasing' I du hot know uheru tlic !'I1UihuumL real! '.aim orator of' nuturu'n I a aim.*. Tl bets can to vMalofd at In* (>eiu>ntlIkkcl Hot. IT. tU. 10 ORtEANa .

Bin EXHIBIT."Mr, Hunt (whiteman,) the of nco njlle.l colored 1 legislator "&finally taken under advisement rendered, and hi. roa0) travel Itadto.. I havu not own C.lf.x.making.t I .L ) !I say of Ik(Julia* Muiloa, 'oIl11..CtI."'.'. ut l>ibuo y ." 1.11"Uoa.lt I..u.. LIJruu.cb ---

contestant of the sea*' in Congress from The have suggested for retaliation the I, this ntonmig Judge Prosines Ion time (I". my h'Hhaml I -- I, r. FAPV
of the >tate From fhe decision excluding the Chinese .itne e#. 1'.rhp 6rseraITleIt -: '. TlimsIuie.cs.lvi. VIRGINIA HOUSE
entire recasting He i i. of eactIlentj I
Louisiana, for which Mr. Menard (blackman Sherman He held that the ameuJ- can say. -truru into 01 '.01'iu: mic i ( I3.1WM. inCARRIAGE ,
earnestness with "hith Senator / anilheUtheorio that{ IIUFI'Ml..\\ tOIIU.AtHr .
f j judgment oix-nt.il "
) has the Governor' certificate, says pfeMes the admission of Joshua Hill!, Seoa- went refers only to (itu.tend "a* not the door awl, -.IcI" euU-r the glittt-r-\ MAKERS I .FEJIXANUINA. FtOIUpA. ;:I
N. V.
that he hunt ,aud Menard both I the present intended to interfere abrogate any January I.-Uo\'cr/fr ,
( ) were elect itl ,
tor UDll .
fro Gfrga j roles ofrev by the lag crowd. What .IY you, Wult r -bthe Wt, HotTuuu, wm tin* inorniit e.es.rte-I I IUt C \ TINt Kino Ilitlu. fpokrt, Rbaftt, iC.1 .- --
Candidates fill the I constitution he counted upon & ofJ i1encl ttaMI-hci SIleka. Paluuland EauutU'd ..b.-, of
to canned by rv.ry
vacancy wile ami turn the l lime ninth i
cud i
the 4iorgauiziug mea.uretjetproposed. 1 (the S te. are not itt- 1.emue Vuu Itt t'jpitol >y t'I'.I\ .II... l.. for Llmuu and Cuauinlad CJi>ltt itt f fall 'PIIUL\R<;K Hoist ('WIIT.US'
the dealt of Mr Mann j that after Mann against a believed of the zeus: and consequent! law Mate away. I am iu earS4t. If, ut the ". H.arl., and :-oinpiiuy of cavalry I Ilii kltiiU (.trt'sa Roll, of uverir tin, at I I I U it..u.a alum WU l.mut ur 1'Lua.
It U oChe .
Airltat UlltUUU Iou
-leath the :Legislature rediktritted 'ibe tha many their t'l in where ; I sun tu fuel iJoLitloii ami or- li j4saumar.i&eml. S"t Notwithstanding tht I fLKUVilUwcL ..YWm
with Mr. though excluding c iCUt r Jat I). IOU7. w-Ir'I' Uvil uuir tb* (JUKI* of Ik* Uoa*,
.jtates, and that so jt Lappned that inMann's it is ntor beyond agree doutt that :1.erwaD.. .to' white men are irt .|'I..t 'lie considered toW why did l you of all others, \lel torm," mliif-li i. tinu >.,I' of the neojioii, a I, I l..ll-iIwwy Uk. .*'.,_ Iu thIn ...
in full force. A* the case depend I me on } I kun'w that are |i'rumI I of large erowd) '.n.l.r.i-it" to witnen* \" o1lW -5.
district Menard got only 91 l voles wart the recognition of Clored mt I prt-Mrnt { you trIt'asi Notice to Shoe Makers i iftltr tI'I 'U J.ftLOKSAiDVlGAE4iie.mhnm4. .
.bite mneu'ste.tiuicalmb, w l llor i that ijut wlwt --I.
takcti 'Bwluuel
*hile Hunt received that form eligible to in tbe Matt will ou i I your wifeglory j \ 8>1.SII, I'> H.r and Huta Lather, I UsIng ikallk .
1,153, an.} ole I : G'caermmnr }'tlo. 'UH ftillow'si| ty | II U Ik* Ul i Uulb Pra-fl| r Uu'nil
I .itcrifici-l
further if eternity h< uM to .talr .. but Wai ., .
lormalities Menard I of a kind yrt appareut.UtiTt enmilti. al ioviruor Jlotfimn wad eut l the f< ValU and are all $ UAiiTii I ic. atHT.Tl wlUo W 4I katalI
9l I < i iAMiruUjr
votes were thrown I ITUI t pri. "tlt. < I lul I.e bed at J-lKUVr. I tbs Mtlr 7 .v
oot so that he elaira -.-- TIIK Na-f very C'lianjlr aI I ( <-k. Conr. ;, Ma'd,1& liSt &MtKEROSINE .lhUII'. Veils Cs .., Ib* Bom* ,*4'Tnlu..IAMKS .
; to district
represent a lUUJ 'I I will tell >tm how, I rmme to M.aj
I : SAUM or Cuus.-The S\UI" flrUJ" I larr or Feu too 4ujrvnee4 tb" Governor tlt& ---- -- JOHN &rllJ. .
in which be did not get a vote. This that Xow York H. You expttt that ;.p4.S'Oi(. t .l-I >. u
uah News, of ultimo, say TI'L Tau.nT.-T hm "illicit a cordial aii'l congratulatory iiiaiiovr, aDI J Jurrrn .
lIt --
is a bad exhibit for the black man tot we of aLl following sho.. the tars ago, ,'hf I heaven Jvrtf l him the of office. OIL
; Wednesday hut wa* the tea*ie1 day say lattWf& lve Lfre < > t jrnibol .J I J. YO K U )1.BOOKBINDER
dire lay that he win be consMere-1 the were larger &JWt of late rokvtt) l iu the ten Suutb I! Lo& above l me, Ila tho jJ1a \ Governor 1"lial r lh.In an equally i iui .." ,

. (roper soccensor of Mann though elected the cotton 1. 'e.a ;! ern Mate f> tinjtar Hiding Jutt :JO, locked btuihugljr ujM UIf j >oj4iificotar| & n [r<uY'I'h: I
j bar ben seakou 1 LA1\4PS. ,
from than they .fOr wa Kvtrv; uonwu H f thirtv loi>k. and u1jfjin-iitlr.. wilt : ,-
another for it will IN1 |
dUtriet; La. dune'trou. in to 3S 15 balsa.- l'.64 : I 1'at-k her tir-t I love the- fallen C. j b .- -
opened, amounting a u IM .\u fivjcb ,. swore ) -.--
experintef to trifls witk the (tretngger sold at thirty ..$2O0l.W6 Florid..I .W I Vn imeaveis. Nothing Jkvigu the U'T''V KtKodlNfc ulL 4M
A lot fancy \lrji. .Ilnlaia-----4011.0t4 angel ul'IU| i X"t.lr th eeeiaoiy VBl'PrKIOU
.tl.l .u .tsU.184o
elaimiug a sea( la Congress. eenU o .n.l the general range S 4ZUI1&.I.672j3' M-ek1'l. ..LO444K. ever like {ft azain. Why, I huve ttl '1 .t.ni .tr. 9meemed( l a'oj'MAl. are J for aa/tiy. L..lUr.au4... lm.ru..d sail| im..l KutrM>. Jut Mar recel Blank BookManulacturcr.IAl'E& .

p JJ There I! ('.0.. .. Trw. .. 1..1c..I "'llti/: that: I ,'ul wiiua'') % ,.l at the Kxeentiveirtut : '*4 *ad Sin aalc .t limit IITM, 11f.<*. ufM ._ 's.l'

A scholar was Uroed out of wj of tae .. tr nl. ia the .-j Ar.1a,1 op all 1 call life, ,1 )hacfc niaa&ma.iuti. >Ur S. ttetV M UvCLVUcU : ,

4utrict ccLaoLi ja SlUt of fJL4eliett.. ..very J"lel i any 1.11 grade Tu .. ".1 1 and hare one wh hoar w t'long Nftued G61McrIIl -( L-U--LU Nsw--Year' reo I I -,-- -, L ul, Lnlxon.K11ID CatkiK TO ANT> PATTHS., Kay Book JOIKU MH|-

t fe day, U>catt.*lie *rtjglt market.Geo. I to briu DM. al IndrpMijMMM HaH J. k.l* waoi toUBO oeoAM. Uoal* VwU Map-
:>ear* He Uut .Lk "---- The XatioBal Uauk ordered 1 lived iu the euitntn where ti ; tue : JOB PRINTING bondla auj.tylc. !I'Partieui.m
o pleaded t L'1 a*0 Butler Jyu fir<4 a brossUU anuo&Htiiiuie .tt a _, I ,.tlt'atlHI loheD to i.plrln PkotofmpkUUtr
klroJ of ten *r glad free uuHmuui ki d my ... "
l2. pore than ha Lad that | e1. ar I OF ALL KIND
k*VanieS Jearnmg & clergyman of Cet a b al&w tn paW 4<*.kl* U<* &kft r'f vtt I> fbevk here ;:-f.'' J m Woif all kmd done at UUtr 1. Ik* ...'...wja.. $wl14JagFeb. .

kf,l leaned to ecjiinutUe leUi op with were'ekt e or1.t .. a- i&bun i. aTLmLiguiojf tcfiuua *n4 p(4i mLLeht1staItast.the ti o b 1t wa M vtryrs .il I fl-rt-m from d! :* oK DONE AT THIS OFFICE. i S5, I**. .

-. ,' -

,-- --,- - .t i "
_, : .-. .- -
I ,- -, -- 5. .. .


1-w- .
__ --

-' ,
.. ,.,...- -. -, *- "' t -' .1 r- -
1 --
: n. -- -

-I 1 ..I UI"Tn-E nofUM.j has lie resigned, died! or bcoohflj incapflMe RECO:1E: : nG or CO fRE"*.. t'.lr.la Corrpiidisee. tropical fruits are abnt. equal propor A TOm Two SUTM.-Te' timrivj,

f be' Cfhli!!) Ioribian. j It i j- ilifllcnlt for the keenest t observ toke of performing the duties of lute office Congress rco'ele.after Its recosif ycstt tion t orangci. city of Bristol 1, wl hlr 1 II,

tj j3> u -fp) ? 'p pace w ith tin new pccts daily appearing tiy reason of absence from tho State or Jay morning, aye Mscon/Tktgrai, 1.01. AUELElCflTAD, 'TY.1 (.ot Of the fifteen hundred acre of ,land under much' in connection with Generalraiload ?hbon
.=,=--:.-::. connected, with impenchment' other disability J If so, then it is the business l- of tho cth.and 'itfsoon retire, apprehension 1jTbe cnlIvtIon. ton thousand are reportedto plans.occupies rather a tl

: '. TALI. AHASBKH: .: : t the Glenson case," nnd so on. Impeachment of the Senate to provide atonce for and.disquiet all o1r the conntt. Not alone' contUnt rcceptio of inquiries from : be irgt. shqwing Irrigation position, and is something likegins' li ingl;

,,", J_ \is \\n the hands of ft committee, conBi'tintf InN,1yingthocanc Section t I of Ar- in Georgia reason 'fc ections'bf* theitonlh L mutt our to have or tto..fosur the grocery Icksvie. Ln. U... 8 bant
Irp 'I'a."dn,., .Innnnl' 19, IMH. at) w'.la\'eP1 diftl'en b production of good is erected' across line I
of the following House members i ticlo 17 has no relevancy to n case like the for trading but wherever apology for ingJn"pnrt, the except very dividing. T'*
again repu *
1ItwIN: of Columbia, I'onnst of Jackson, ono now existing.. The Lieutenant Governor the Interellt.oftrdo aro unfavorably following statements'1 reference to this few loltos.of anything but cereals. Ag and Louisiana. I'is against the| ,ta. I

ItAnnts of Marion[ RANEY of Franklin, is not absent from tho State-he has affected by politiol agitation and nnscllle- city and It i hoped the ; other interests in the play cards in, Louisiana, and I I
has it'is fact that the. county. t b and is just in its infancy, and ,with lawful,to sell whiskey in the T equIIo. I
VARM of Escnmbia, SIEAKNS of Gads- not been impeached: displaced, or ho mont, a ]people deplore reader will bear 1 in min the, impossibilityof county, M eOuntl

.'11.. len, nnd Oi \:R of nra for,1 This is siip-! died. He may have r< {igned&n: \ it (Ss for and dread the melting of Congress. East compn ; ,'the :icts in one or two the increase of population and wel directed lie gets over both thee difficult!., u;i I

''. posed by both shIestobeaf'iirCouuuniittoe.Their the Senate to determine whether such Istle North, West and South, the i short 1c ting wow! require I many let-' Jabor, t make this the mOt important lowing all the gambling in the Teas, a,a I
.- sion
T:. Our Nnl''l'lb..II.' duties are to inquire into the charges case or not. But until tho. effect of the sam The pople long for repose, lers'and mote time tlWthe writer"could county in the State. Added to the pro of the grocery' and all the gnzi1ine- I

1 We sre fbrt*
,k.I i In arl't'lIQIhr/ \\helr\ subscription, lo HMUT in..lie'jrt I louse the evidence they are authorized; toollect. waste time in electing a president fro tern. a worse condition The manses are staggering spare? present soil, is a climate, no description of which Bristol, according to the following, I'hich

t n\ii\ m.miXrt; ".rt '\'We 1mr\ f6 pay ** We feel sure that we can peak when tho Lieutenant Governor may at anytime under tho veight of taxation and The county of Los ingelcs! has an nrea wi convey t the stranger any fair idea we take from the Whig1 correspond, I

T i for nil our malerlnl, nml IInlltII11JlII."iil>lo to /gel 1 for the filnc1 of the consermtivel on the step to the President's, desk nnd turn the difficulty of eirning a subsistence.- of about four thousanl five hundred square ofits beauties. Between the two extremeswe occupy a douttf status on the State', I

.t along'tin 1)10) frilit syejum. Many complain comlniUee, Messra. Hnu and OLIVER.In % .- him out. The country with 'nant strides is moving miles, with a sea of'about one hundred have peretua summer, with scarcely right Bristol is situated
f.ict think thatthe| conservatives are -- ------- on either hand to lie extremes of gigantic COat a single day's oppressive heat ; the morn pary in Virginia
t : whrn tlirlr paper N topped', 11111 we 1II'l' com we miles, the. port being the in Tennessee M
,. \ A c/'O1\ltk X tho only really impartial judges in the Cot OsnonsK NEOI.ECTISO HIS DtTIE. wealth and toiling and suffering poverty, pr ing atmosphere is cooled by gentle and refreshing part te man Street being
:; } JX'lIeto this course. : :* ( ) nppo'\ ) flay of San Pedro, npon which is situated the line between That
,' rite the mime ,Indicate" that the term of wWripllon !. matter. I being !' family IIrrel. the -Any one seeing Col. Osborne nosing around and the so-called niddlipg class is fast being the prosperous town of now breezes from the tops of the tion of the tw Iyg in Virginia j Ilr"' -
I the Capitol, intriguing and wire abraded and down between 'VimlngtoD. Coast Range, where snow lingers until and ?
: : ;1 Ins expired.V'C APPEtt. TO AU. II h" A" Republicans have, more or and Morn the he ocean terminus of the Angeles and larger, ,oaUe Goodson.ln I honors
.. mixed themselves with it and\ working to weaken our Republican Slate two. The conntr needs long after midsummer ; and between eleven Sauel o
'I.r behind to send In the! CUll. -' f"t. \ small, up are, : qliet assurance, San Pedro railroad. The valley, or rather Clone whom tk
!' irtitti ? U.W -*-_ .j... j-n .--.. doubtless more or less committed for or I Go\ernment nnd injure its Jxecuth'e.; security, scttlcmcct-but hcl"hich i number of valleys, divided by low rolling and twelve o'clock they are rep1ace by ington county,belonged,Virginia., and Bristol!it is in W 8h,

I-tf: Rending matter on every) pag against the .prisoner nt the bar," "lie I aclce secured him scat summons every new meeting Coigrcss hills, covered in the Spring with wild oats, the trade winds that blow te cast is in Sullivan county Tennessee. rp

,\\.p.d ---- ...- 1 Democrats have .tool, aloof, R n general i iI the Senile, would wonder for what pur. is the signal of '' agitation anti new clover and other varieties of grass, equal every day in the summer reaching ns with town has its own mayor and town office h,
rndeI-- I rose tho July Legislature fleeted him to disorder. I sufficient force to relieve of the it is sometimes
:::4 New Advertisements, thing, expressing Io opinions' except on : I for grazing and for hay to the best just us cale BrstolGood8n;
'V.It.\ru.IM'' such matters as whAt constilutes n so high a position. His Salary is *0,000er We see it stated that the programme I heart that would under other circumstances by long usage con.uolidatcd .
& Bno. quorum cultivated of Atlantic
the States
Imve'jiKtccived i ,
ij i: a fiesli supply Family' Groceries, mil whether, if there bo no quorum in one : ) annum, about sixteen dollars a day, nnd opened) Monday nijht! with a caucus in relation I average about twenty miles in width from become oppressive. In the winter The two in combined name, but have not in a government
his while the U. S. Sen. population
ho from :
i which will bo sold ns low ns can bo bought House, there cnn be n Legislature competent I away post to the repealof the Tcnure-of-oflice. the base of tbd Coast Range of mountainsto months our climate is even moro strikingly about fifteen hundred, eighteen Si o

J 4 i in this; inaikct.Notice lo .1o business of nny kil'1 In no ate is doing important business t It is not act. Tho expectation seems to be somewhat the ocean. The principal water courses beautiful than in summer. Tho hills and churches, three hotels, male storcl fcmal.!!
J conimillcd themselves, strange that with such a man for Senator .hat tho will extensive of wildflowers schools both in a
cn40 liMo they ns to general now majority Los Gabriel valleys are ono boquet flourishing condition
{J to members of (the r..ogl.'tul'e" are Angeles, San and Santa :
the merits of nnd tho Governor himself had to secure to tho come down to take the Ex. relieving with variety of one iron foundry a tannery a furniture
impeachment, they nrethereforo ncfeo every
: 1 relative to ticket between Tnllahassee ant of Ana rivers (called river from the Spanishrio
: i; purchasing State by his the Chatta- manufactory, turns out
to decide impartially), personal ef'rtl ccutivo 'hand cufft.RAILKOADS color the vast carpet of green that
: and their homes at half ice, by qualfc.l hoochco nnd Mr. Welch ) they being brooks or crocks that risen cover work, but intends, however to
i pi ( to secure
the earth while tbo delicate hue of the tanufa
and wo fin.) sure; that they will do so. Thus ,
I' the Coast and flow tnre the to bo
towards tho mostly
Range rough,
; -:! ROB'T WAIKER, Gen'l! Siip't V. & G. U. H. 'I tho removal of tho U. S. Court from St. OF TiE UNITED STATES.-In form i lent oft 1
fir, both Houses have unstained. the views ocean. Tho Coast Range divides tho fertile orange blossoms a striking contrast other cities bo put up and finished
; I University of the South, Sew mice :Momi-\( I of Democrats. by beginning as it were ieunfa. Augustine to Jacksonville, obtain survey 1830 there were, .41 miles railroad track of the from the Westernarea with the snow-capped peak of the coast Some, no doubt, will find its way -
Uin Term. 0. T. of the bar of the St. Johns in order completed in .th. United States. In 1840 valleys county t Rich
\ by Qu TAin: D. I n") L. They tnined out POTTEII, of theS"'f"l. to secure of tho but a few mies to the north, re- mond.
Great Lake
Salt desert
I... D., Vice Chancellor. an appropi iatton for deepening the the number had ricreised to 2,147 miles ; which rang --a-
: who) wns elected Printer nt the skirts the southern base of the mountains the bright rays 'of tho sun, almost
channel whilo Col. Osborn's efforts have in 1850 to 7,473 and in 1860 to 28-- SQUIRMING.-Tho following from
\ : IVocl.imnlion for ppcci.il del'l miles tho with their whiteness
('n in November1cession, whith I equivalent to far paining eyes dazzling -
north Rancho do
P I forth tho abortive 771 miles. to 1804 as as LSobre on the Chicago Times shows that when the ,.
Alachua brought impeach 1"101 a periodmoro aft
t the Governor. only
county >y saying that last pension wns bogus.,. In addition lino of Kern producing a scene that for beauty and
favorable destructIon than the county. cegenatioh bull the Radical
Wo would to then
ment. gorea ox
to to
Now)/s the:-.timo to purchase! Wheeler tho appointment of tho Jo l I corner there is
constriction of ads additional a squirming:
would great
if bo retain the little 5,000
4 1 A WilsoiiV' Improved: Sewing ;Machine\( committee is another Iroof that : ) respect rair of tho down even in sunny Italy, and forcing the most
I lull him after his follies bo miles of track were uilt. It.is estimated county 1'11 to tho ocean, Some of the Iowa newspapers are
impeachment raising
,L3r'. from Mrs. Wnrrixo, nt the llngncr Jnt( 'r. tho action taken in November' is regarded. which form dissatisfied skeptic to confess that Nature .
leaving like
had better leave at once for Washington that by) the end of 1870 there will be CO-. something a a great outcry a negro at D
,:;/ fl'cktUook[ { tolcn, by A I' .\ the question now stands, of unheard of fertility, and a climate of white girl, All noise and clamor
of about
miles from
I Pumpfi,I'InnpN, by Cnpt. SAM. Witrtiiu.Bnrkc's appearances( A TatE RKI-CIIIJCAX. at tho rnd. of this yelr ill bocompleted fifty the coast absurd. the I
H indicate l1iit'"iinM.ni1inu.>,nt' has pliyrdout. mies" and surpassing l with n view of making very negro was arrested
the \elncss
11 1I 1\i ij WJoekly! for Hoys nnd Oit'14. ---- or ono rile for every *'00 men, running to ocean on the southern is a shame ; that he was lcarccrlted
Tho Governor's bold. exposure and.] line of the San Juan this, of all others, the favored spot on 0
INAUGURATION Jt.ThoVamili. boundary county his in
I ''I' f COlt dUDgea
,) has ilcfixnco of hil! enemies in his celebrated that the hotels in that Capistrano sixty miles south of this city. earth for the habitation of thereby depriving him of the ,.
*fl Mr. A<; F.5rntEB our thank for ington pnpcrs say of the c 40,000 built and to be completed man.PACIFIC. fri
I I J nC 'olvid\\\ pccchnnd the gl'nernllmplessiol milej The principal included in the ilcges of his position is an botl
I ,"r the rnosP Roocptabte present of n barrel otoysters. city hav'e already engaged all their rooms within ytir, is .11,800,000,000 valleys area December llth against Hymen and the outrage

yI i Mr. 8., with his usual energy end thonghlnroln.e,1 by) unscrupulous in advance of tho inauguration and some at an average of *45,000 per mile. Byway of country described is tho San Fernando 'S, 18B. Human Equality {' and that ho waare-
ho their .
: enterprise carrj'ing on a big business in lfu'11crers' hal reslet of them have two of three hundred more comparixon |It is stated that tho valley, a rancho containing; thirty-six thou A distinguished Methodist Minister and leased! without further punishmcnt on

I the Fish end Oyster line. lie sends large Vchcmcs, have given him nn advantage that applications than they can, fill. cost of tho 13,280 |nilcn of railroad in sand acres of land, a large portion of whichprol ocnt Temperance Lecturer once remarked Irom\ following morning is t mcritorO th
t nothing t unexpected disclosures by be would, end of to feature in this dark transaction.We .
mil -- cca tho finestAvlefit) in the State a where from one the country
of.fiBhtoSayannah week Great Britain closoof
quantities at 1804
_! was no
every through' the investigating committee cal ICEIIEKGS.-By a vessel just arrived in thp farm 6t one'hundred acres In August lastyie1ing' the other, he hardly ever (ailed to Sad PLASTAIIOKBITTBRS tell the good people of Iow-t
4 t finding ready market for them. Ho will less than a sum half as largeas and while ho condemned the practice of radical fathers and brothers who
overcome. Evidently; to this present i it is reported that in 04 to 57 degrees myc)
up bushels
t .1 soon open a branch of Lin; Grocery in the England ) the J-l6.-20'tO kingdom and a lull fRj" per n-cre To the using these Bitters too freely, ha could not conscientiously to the amendment to the Constitittion-
time ofwl'hing. REKII has xpikcil the heavy South latitude upwards of 200 largo east and is the of Los ha would discard them from
U"ELT'I'hfr' \alley Angeles that
u store nest Ho Mr ; ', will 1 1m third cost of our own say the country expects no nonsense 0
quite1 an acquisition to thhtinl ot the guns of the fore opposed to him, anti if icebergs, somo of which were from 300 to roads time-fold ono of the most extensive and the most the side-board, for ha hlm.eICh.d experienced b.o8 tat part in case a likely nigger choom
having a length.
I H town." wo tuny be Allowed to ]predict, upon nothing 000 feet high and five to six miles in -' --. populous in the county and containing the and ficial close results from their ha use, and convinced that, from that a when long to clopo with any of their female relation
observation was
moro authoritative than concctnrehue in tho South Atlantic FisiNiiura TiitWoRK oL-AMIsTY- Their role is not only to clamor about macluoccurrences
i ; 1 4 I--.-.- length were seen cr; city of Los Angeles with a population often used and a medicine exclusively
1 'n'EnlllITY- OF TIII: HOfj''II .will not be driven from the defences he. has Ocean during the month of September. A lato 'Vashing pccal. from an authentic or twelve thousand situated I they modente1.11 was recommended.I At the same but to assist in their and carrjinjout
in other words ho -'-- pp10. time ho warned his hearers not to pull the cork too as a loyal patriot ma
already captured :- has i is
; It will bo seen by a notice our advertising lourc ls : good ten miles from the principal range of moun who voted that the white of Iowa
I A Portland lady to kill a rat often, for they were far too pleasant a Ionic to Don I
I columns that this institution will commence : won' the fight. attcmlltc reason for believing that President Johnson tainB nuto head of tho \'aloy.and skirted trifle with. no better than its negroes.
4 '' In the midst of the muddle, tho Senatewas that had incautiously \ ( her parlor concluded finish tho work of We furthermore invite tho attention
I r' 1 )Its annual) session on Iho loth ofFebruary. I < 11:1 to up on tho eastern wester s\e by a low 0
Fl I .- Tho location on tho beautiful brought; to action on S.itunlay: last ns when the animal sought refuge by running amnesty and that right early, as tho opinIon and picturesque ant range of hills that gradually MIOHOLU WATIB.-Superior to the best 'Imported the paternal Congress to tho treatment
i to tho effect of judgment otouttir tij 11 under her garments upon hpr back.- of three members of his Cabinet German Cologne,and sold at hal the price. this young Ethiopian by Radical lowantWe
,, mountain! plateau region of Tennessee nnd pronounced to-day slopo to the south when they aro lost -...!. ask that measures be
t I in a conservative portion of the country, is by the Supreme Court in the case The woman fled. slu'fedug from the room urged him to do so. It was nrgued that in the smooth plain that stretches from ANOTUEB Fioirr WITH INDIANS.-A spe ken respectfully prevent any more such outrages ,t 1

1 well\ adapted
this section of tho country. were offered by tho Jicw Senator somersault and landing on her back lesser offences should not bo allowed to proper between the hills is one mile wide says, reports thought tolbe reliable had State can be protected in their right 1

t? (,3 j Tho Head :Master Gen. GOUOAR, n graduate from Marion, Mr. HILMKH' to the tflVct effectually dispatching---S 0--the rat. I suffer in prison while free }pardon' was at tho foot of tho mountain and six miles reached there that another fight with Indians marry whom. We they please wish to of the be palefadpopulation. no mon

i 'of West Point and well know an!I the of Mmfaining the judgment tho Supremo TIIK ARKANSAS Tuv'uiui.irn.-A Radical I granted to all those who have been fortunate where it debouches upon the plain.. The had taken place in the Waohita horrified by learning that the nuntii!

J Chief of the Ordnance Bureau nt Richmond Court-hi other words, declaring that Mr. tho military authorities in I enough 1 to escape impriRonmcnt. A city limits, four miles square, known as mountains. A large number of Indiansare right of miseegenating negroes have bearudelyand

iii E is spoken of by General Roimirr K GLKABON is not and has not Icel Li'ul'I' l'w Washington ppapcr Rays have for sonic timo been dissatisfied I distinguished gentleman in 1 position to the,Pucbly grant, is, after excepting the said to have been killed. Santanta, inexcusably violated by the

I i laZE u eminently fitted for the,position, ant Governor of the State. Hut whilo this with tho condition of things inAlkansas. know, strongly intimated this afternoon, business portion of the city, covered with chief of the Kiowas, and Little Raven, of States.minions of Radicalism in onr neighboring

(fa'endorsed It t'ho. qucslioti'Wna )pending, tho Inter was suspended after tho regular Cabinet meeting had adjourned vineyards and orchards of lemons
\ and highest terms by Governor Clayton il regarded oranges, the Arapahoca; were taken prisoners. A .-.
t' I _lllr:: ri4 TIer; 1'7'}iIALLOIfT, Gen*. Biuou, or wihdrwl by a sort of resignation having transcended.h'u and j that the political sufferers at the limes and other semi-tropical fruits, that large amount of property was captured.The .- EAST FLOBiDA1.-Mr. Wnm:II.lloggart,

; I KIEnTSMT11I1, GORDON and other Major on the )part M. GLBANOV which some R of tho._trouble,-now agitating powers that Dry Tortugas onM soon bo rclonscj (t'their pass any country In tho world in the quantity Indiana engaged were the Kiowo, of Baker county, Ga, says tIme. Jlacon

''I FAIRBANKS, who has general chnre of thc means much or little according as people State nro believed to hive arisen from his imprisonment. Mr. Johnson expresses and quality of their productions. Tho Cheyennes and Arapahoes but the. particulars Telegraph of time 6th inst., writes in *

,.aflj lrs of the,University, and occupies the may regar. it. Ho resigns ns presiding injudicious course. great gratification at the spirit in which official report of tho County Assessor for cannot be given on account of the follows :

I -'chair History; is well known to ,onr citizens oflicer" of tho Senate. His letter amy be -- -,- his late proclamation has been recch-e by last year shows about fifteen thousand official messenger losing his mails while I advise all persons who wish to retrieve

4 I and is now' on 1 visit to our State, seen 1'1101: The negro Legislature of South Carolina tho whole country-a few sorehead politl bearing orange trees in the county and a crossing the Arkansas river. their lost fortunes to take I trip to Orange

and we learn, will leave fur Tennessee in To 'rumu SSSATK:-In accordance with in n luxury, the cost of which tho pco' cinns only cxcepled., careful compilation of their products and -.- county, Florida, and look at that country,
what seems to be tho wish of tho Senate ----- DKSTmrno.v ix NEW YORK.-It is estimated with its fine climate, rich hammock Innd
tho realized in the
had not counted. Thc disciples sums market for the
of month and will tao
the latter part long-heeled
I tb. discussion of whihky frauds is inter and that noble
charge of .Dn) boy whom it may be <1o- as ty to well tho an best with interests my own cOI'ielolS tnte. I of have du of Radicalism have had ono session, minablo.The The Government is cheated outof' fl'uit. bhow that the last crop of oranges that no* less than two hundred thousand goo; pople The hammock strCm.lands w t

this Institution. He which has cost the State hundred and alone to have produced more than six hundred aro now residing in New three of to
r aired to send t may tho honor to tender to the Senate my resignation ole three-fourth of its revenue npon this persons produce hogsheads sugar t
j addressed to'tho care of JOHN DKAUD, as its presiding officer twenty thousand dollars, and now a bill to trade by the distillers and the manipulators thousand dollars/ York city who have no work no real acre, and corn and other crops in proper'

\ .Esq., Tallahassee.HOBTICUI.TCKAL. I am also guided in this notion by an appropriate one hundred and forty thousand of ardent knows For the purposes of this article wc cannot homes and no means which insure them a tion. Cane will raltoon for nine yean.Orangea --
'I I .. S.. -: earnest desire to promote tho harmony dollars, for mileage, is before thathotly. Ipiris. Everybody go into estimates of other classes of livelihood. Somo of them beg or steal and other tropical frut can b
secure tho unity of the : I w hosogenerous this, and yet nobody can suggest adequate raised, in abundance and Jdo proftble
I -We have been favored all )party by a outright but largo number eko out
a a
Thiii is times much fruits deeming it quito sufficient -
only as aml-troliol As for fresh fish and it
hiijinort I, was clouted to theuueconil 10\01 remedy. Tho Government com'uicncod uScCI
i i 1\\ with a copy VICES' Catalogue of Seeds the to that limes and lemons miserable existence by running into debt describe' ge .
highest position in the Mate. as law-making l'cl'fol'med' by whito tax of dollars but say are attempt to t T
a two
I I t\ I' for the year 1860 for both Flower anti I cannot ho ungrateful to those who men cost eight )years ago. by the that ,distillers re even more profitable than oranges.The for lodging and board, or by borrowingfrom Is no fancy eketh'; for I have

I : Vegetable Gardens. Mr.VICKS ns .h'n catalogue have politically, opposed' the Republicanparty -S- ducc i on ground alleys east and south of tho city of week to week of whomsoever "'i seen what I state and vouch for every

I informs us, is a grower anti 111'OI't.1 t- lheral and indulgent course ClIIEP: J l'h"'II'1 ClIASK AND JcFFERSONDAVIS. woul.pay fifty cents rather than run the Los Angelus are San Gabriel La Pncnte lend them, or by quartering themselves on word. .

i\\1\ e of all kinds of rare and beautiful' (lowers, this which has': their )publio service in .-A New York letter says that risk ot fraud. But later. were not at all\ San Joso and Santa Ana all of which are reluctant relatives or friends Tho resultis A STAETUNO r. PBKDICTION.---Professor

;t! and his list of ,' bulbs, Ac., show an body.As ) Chief Justice Chase: in conversation with mended by this Iol'y There I is a power choico districts to be an aggregate of want, of Indianopd"publishes
agricultural Leonidas
sees every publio officer is amenable in a fid ring of whisky men themselves at large reprte an astrologisl .
r astonishing variety of those things that are largo measure to the demands of his con reference to the effect of the I''esiJent'lamnebty backto bodies of land, with water for irrigation suaor. misery and degradation fearful to the following prediction :

j pleasing to the eye fragrant to the smell, stituent's' ns well as to tho requirements of proclamation: on Jefferson Dav'is' Washington dollars trying for to get the tax put unoccupied and inviting the labor of the contemplate. I observe by the planet that a dreadful
the that
I and pleasant to the palate for tho \'egHn. law, so I am constrained to regard tho cuise, intimated that the country had prolt- two plain reason skillful farmer. Tho of land .-..- plague commence Russia,originating
sense of the Senate ns cxpresiiv of the will allow them to more swin policy monopolies MOVEMENTS: or PKODITCE.-The New wi i
I Cairo
ble department is well represented. de ably heard tho last of that ease, but that if successfully) that from brought from Egpt
II hire of the arid with the so long kept back the settlement .
people, consonant die the Oornment.. York Journal of Commerce publishes tables and It 'wilt extend
The catalogue a work of about 100 interests.In Mr.-Davis would! consult his own selfreppoct ... of the and retarded its Turkey. arolS ,
I public -- prosperity will desolate GermMJ
I! \ .page illustrated with about lfO \'o en- cunclubion, it affords mo pleasure, to Ito would Kpeiul tho rest of his days I there ev'er was :nny reason for Breckiuridge hal given court way to a more liberal showing the comparative movement cause Baltic immense Sea, and in England, M*
of fl6wort and isthe'most return to thanks universal with friends in of certain leading articles of produce at mortality TW
I J graving cgeUbei. < l'll\torl my for the his Ilglal1 Sl.1el George Saunders, and other and progressive, policy, and land can now then spread to ) States.
instructive Florvl GuKlo have Mip(>oit which I have received, the that port during the year. There has been the people to
I we COlf.cratell. remaining in exile, there : be in section of tho dreadful epidemic will spot
I (' giving )plain, and thorough directions remembrance of w hich l is not marred by n Considering, what: manner of men com.l'osc is noThe President'slast purchased every coun- an increase over cither of the previous two a leopard, and turn their flesh to a pnrp
certainly none ,
: f for sec the culture of Flowers and Vegetables. singlo ull1il,1 or uncharitable event. the Senate of the United States in ty at prices ranging from ten to twenty. years in flour, wheat and oats. The arrivals black. The pestilence will carry off 5Utl j jan
j GLKASOX. proclamation five will
W. II. dollars AVe have
amnesty everyone acre no means there b
per mortals
1830, and comparing them with the Senators of corn have Increased over last amount of
I t .The floral Guide is r"L.1Ie.l for the Tho common sense v.iew of the effect of from Mr Da\'il down. No respectable of the year the dead,
correctly estimating population of not enough left bury ortre
ISCfc New
in :Mr.\( Grceify, of the but are below the total for 1866. In all t
benefit VICES' but will
I o 1'111 customers, his ic'-ignatioii i i't this-that since he is court would now entertain au, iaJe. the county but from the number of children them Cb istia bur The streets
It : be sent to nil who will al'lly. by mal for '4 presiding oflicer" of the Senate by virtue York Tribune, admits; that human progress uncut against auy of them. There never between the ages of five and eighteenyears classes of met provisions and hog pro -cities, tOWS will be swara a
,! i in this country is not ducts been a decrease dead and The groani
This is for very forcibly ha with the
rl ten cnts. a fno oppl'tlnit) of bum [Lieutenant Got ei nor, he cannot \ was any good roa.ol for these men to stay i reported by the School Marshals, -*.-- ycontration
:Mr. will
those who, delight in the culure the- resign the ono position without resigning these exemplified.latter Greeloy the t! k that in away n. no one really) wanted them (,rose we have reason to believe i will reach D4KTER the celebrated French advocate yell of horror On fl sides every confusion *.*nabund

.beautiful, as also the C'cfu anti prudent the other. I follows that: the resignation, of lh1 principal qualifications cuted. "'I hop the nation will soon for- thirty thousand, and at the present rate of ,just deceased, was held in high e death knell wi cease to
I housewife who has an'ye for a well blocked eaIJiJ.hi: are impudence anJ101l'Y. for bin defence of the associations Te in The ItD d
t if such it may bo culled, means everything get its an towards the noble Mr. increase will double that number in two tem eloquent a rage
the former. b U>
I Vegetable Garden. Address JAMKS VK'''. (it meaus nothing :ho &either resigned mainly-) -..- Breckinridgo and that ho will once more or three years and still have room for of working people prosecuted. for of the dead will become a common

p ''t I Rochester,New York.. .11 l.ielt"lalt'ernor: or he has: resigned Senator Cashfily, of California, in a assume his position among bur btateswen.He those who wish to come. The valleys of carrying on strikes. As a memorial of his the Ilriyors- will not...he- it

1 1I1'I' How. T.-T.- LONG.-- -.We learn that thin nothing. An officer cannot resign speech delivered at a ,complimentary suj. U to great too good, and' to noble this county alone have sufficient agricultural exertions in 1863 in their behaf the print The proposed suspension bridge betweea

I1'j is spoken of in conll'ctiol with or throw up a )pait of his duties, and infi-l per given to him iu New York said : "The for the private station. land to sustain a population of one hundred ers of Paris composed ad in a Brooklyn and New York i. to start fi*
( gentemn)position of U. S. Senator., We can that ho is the oflicer ttehignate and must first money'of my own that: I ever earned General!- Lon-- -has- written- a letter thousand people. As a matter of interest style of execution almost unequalled in the the comer of Band and WadunSg.treeuin

': have *seine respect fur a Northern L reacted in all rCptl For in w an as a reporter for tho l'reS of New which, we are told.jstreet"ia intended give the folowing table, compiled from ,world a most superb copy of the funeral Brooklyn, and from JW
for of them: have ItIC'a Judge of a Culty Cour is madd York, and it gavo Inc a v iv'id idea of the t the report of the County Assessor, is sermons of Bossnet,and after printing and Hall opposite the Regter' o c
Republican many instruction to the element of Park- .*
t educated to believe by law the guardian of estates. He is required merit of the press as I remember it was disorderly submitted : binding one copy of this work,distributedthe in N It will be
r ben they ar(really the South, in of the new policy
[ to prolate: to letters tho hardest got I ever earned. a..anc types. Broadway, and a little o\e
parti. ,A man may b tutored tow nllil. grant money I which i. probably to b pursued byGrant's Laud in coltiyatou. 15,000 acres. -.- or a wide a the ..te
testamentary and guardianship: and to required moro physical and intellectuU: la in If span over
rong and bo somewhatexcusable.. Hut administration." would hardto In "wheat 800 The Empresss Eugenic,though a mile length. car

the idea of a Southern man of his former audit the acoounU of alministratorl guardians 1'01 than any other money I have; everearned clearly define the "disorderly I elements"b 'I In barley, .,-0 very rich at the time of her m.rge reprte will b 1800 fet and it will and have a foot tWO W7,

position in the Democratic party' to go itc. 'Vi any one suppose| that he .iueC"-.--- which the Geuera baa undertaken to ad 14 In cor 63 only moderately wealthy, 'it ways two carriage ways" """. nr"

i over to,the _Radicals, horse, foot uiul dragroons cal resign hi) duties as Judge of Probate A new car wheel 1 has recently) been iuvfilled. vise. In course of the document he I In ptato. 1,000 her spendthrift habits and the expense connected and its estimated capacity 1. '

I I -aiding and abetting them in all and pretend to )10Oi as Judge of theCounty The wheel U maJo in two parts, say that luteret and duty and honor In 50 with her exalted positon. bas
I f' I their.npposed schemes of 1iluni1erismorc Curt l To ask the question is to and COU Ltl of a web which U bolted fat I demand that w e should place our.elve ina with the following results, to-vit: to incur more debt ta..bo can pay, .t.1 'iiiira recently refue u

I t I than we could have possibly belie* .! Lt-t answer it. Tie J uJg.f..County C.ur to the hub. A ring of rubber condition to support the laws of Con Wheat 18,200 bWheh. unless she curtails her by two- Napoleanthe to Paul de Koek. .

I him go-he i joined to his 1,1.11, and maybe is also a Judge of Probate. The law that between the web and the hub inlellle I When we have done BO, we shall Barley, 150,000 third which she will epnsc One of grant a audience of him dedicate bio
f males him the one charges him with the Mure gels wished to beg leave t
1 4 hereafter regarded a Radical of thepurist duties of the other and if he resigns the by the bolts and flanges, receives jar ha\c abundantly of' help from the Executive Com, 238.:0 Spanish estates was sold a far back a latest novel to hi. majesty,.
gem whose colored coat of arms i is of the loaded ear. U claimed that by and front the other members of the Potatoes 10,0 I 1862 and the other, ,-Mo cannot be sold baaL.J.Dupreet1iCOiwl0 been wl.(0Tb

t aiD to-ebony. We might June some re- I one capacity the question is due. he not at this arrangement I car ride more easily)' Government." l\ps 50.00 pounds. under the law u heavily mortgaged -I Memphis jiulletin will lt the
the same timo in the other? The orsp "
for his i(they ould a < u; --- of debts of the !
cpect party put and, the danger of breaking the axle is diI We select the above being the leading -one Io:
I to hi. ambition and leave him out in i Lieutenant Governor is charged with cer- I The Alabama press contains awful a her Star, and make it a penny pp.
UC' i i tnmUhed.HOKBOKS! tae and produced by the farmers The tory of having effected
i til duties. 'hca duties can only be devolved from the Brazilian which went staple arce bier said .e J GtS'
the cld. If we are not mistaken, they I -- colony generally, a.l which are selling in the an insurance upon her life with a London Amer .are b
another in EuropeWberebe
on contingencies ix ARKANSAS.The thence a few chiefly from Mareugo
will fo i him a" elephant1 \hose appetite I telegaml fea. ago market at the for a high sum was a travagant tlrlt
u beyond their supply of fodder." and until) these contingencies ari.e there report a horrible atrocity in .\rhnss. county. The poor immigrants have following prices : company ..a_ eart they gather ia \ the cost o lvig

I I i -.. I is no I'o"'er ilk the Sen:ito to assume a>acancy which, anything can, surely ought to certainly Men a bad time, and are now Wheat 1.0 per buse PBOVIDISO .OB A lUixr DAT.-A citi--. sure increase, through their r le

I I I ..R v. J, W. Dai'tl died feuddenly, ut 1 I and proceed to fill it. I If,durisg a arrest the attention of the country. Five reduced to the utmost pov-erty. They are Corn, '5 ten of Portland, Maine, imagining b i use of money.A t '

hear; disease, ia Lake City, }'loriJa on vacancy of the office of Governor; ," U the reputable and ilent citizen were arrested al anxious to get back, but have no mel Barley Ij 4 cent pr lb. t be a [of Noah, and believing that beat 00

4 Sunday, the SOtH ultimo. language of the Constitution, the Lieu and by a drum-head court- with which to do so. We hope the Leg I'otato 1 rainbows to the contrary, the world is Ollpe O ao0 .
1" I JlishopPiercegives- ---notice that the col10 tenant Governor .hal bo illla'heJ{ disUced martial of the miserable w Lite and block Ulature of Alabama "'i make a appropriation 10J -0" shortly t b again submerged, h invested a freshet not, g they stOOd O o .i of a

; 'preacher Georgia and Florida will I resign, die, or bcme incapable of ruffian claiming to L a State militia, and to pay their passage h?m. the same report .e have the number the ,-hoe o h prpry. Imo"O swollen he O the r. aJ
J the duties of his office shot! Such .<--' of tines la the at Iteam.a'
Annual l performing or L an event U enough to freeze grape county 1383' in all, in building a ak Te bat .
.I met t organize in an l'oucrcnl absent from the State the President jwtuifjft the blood with horror or make i boil with The experiments at }'ortrC Monroe 0 from which ,-a manufactured be fifty feet long, Mon feet w. tlat-bot- thus they were me had bi

I January 0, ugWI-Ga- I of the Senate .h. tl act &Governor i indignation. Surely an eveut like this i ii w itU heavy ordnance against granite .-a gallon of wine and '.0 gallons of tme aute .with Geaeral Porter of, o Gr"> at st 1te .fY

"1, I A.SAO Fti.-Re v. L. G. Binghain on. I unt the office L filled or the disability i ouU have astounded the country duringthe I do not satisfy the English crtC w- & brandy. We eno for the want of hOI J to a adp Ho u sole pocket picked 11,0

of the oldest preen 1 the city of Ntu 'i-oase. The question to I* determined !i. aw fu times of the civil war ; but A a I sert that the .racking power o the space follow report through the horticultural planner bJu. ad it wien rrn ,1.1-
York has ba for tauduleu "Lether cither of the coutmgcnciet here mi-idem ofjwore,, j U demand a u'er i American smoh-br cannot L compared I department; having already given completed, t i w n ces* )*. Btt' ib aeve4 c

I prt I the stock market. I. age enumerated h Ic1 lies the Lieutenant outburst execration from all part of the with the penetrative force of the I''I the number of orange tree,and the at provision, and calmly awat to rising- of geon'. ca Dub

I feventy-eight. Governor been impeached or dieplacvJ, Union rifled gun realized for th hut crop. Too other eml- the water. the I f th wolI

-- -


V' .... 'SSTAI '
P' -. __ _. .
c1 -"'- .
'- .
, Eirf Cm1' POnT Art DICTATOR.Vo .- I From the . : .
Phllndorpnli tensor', JJn a -- -- ? .. : '
are glad' to state that these' two commodiww : GRANT: PIIII.AIEI.PIIU. It is n remarkable and very significant UNIVERSITY the SOUTH 12tli 1869. L HAVE ONfHAND !

and ,flht-clM passenger and I fact that there have recently been going JANUARY 71

'III'V'I freight Banners are receiving a fair shnroofthepfttronage'of Public Rf't'.p.-a;:: ;. lndrprB,1,,r(, through Xew Orleans heavy shipments! of S'tfanct JA>MAftt/n, Ten ntstct. ,-- ---- i
the llall. -
Traveling public Malaga fruits rte. from Xew York -.- 2,000 LBS GOOD HAMS
of the ,
IIt liberal proportion favors of
And( a In accordance with a previous Chicago. Milwaukee amid ull. 'pIIE lint Term ot ilti' Junior Doparlmcnt will\ FRESH ARRIVAL OF FAMILY GROCERIES. ,
" our shipping; merchants, and well they de- announcement f'tiL X C-c* at tnlftrol17 piece, Tcnnome,

serve it. Their trips" to and from Charleston General Grant hold a public rperp. The railroij charged: \ are so Jicivy thatit On the ICih'tlnf .r J .nnry, ... <*.. .- WHICH 1 WILL SELL

. and Florida to this port are mado reg. lion in Independence Hall! from two until l'a.lto ship'freight to tliei West 1 hy sea Boj-s. received at injajp, and..trepared Ibr Colleio. .

:t ularly and with great precision. They aro three o'clock yesterday afternoon lie was: from New York : lorcl Location of time ferfrrtlj-lie. HCO\!covers: all reel expenses kbor the for W. U. WILSON & BUG. VERY

well officered and have unsurpassed acrommodations conducted into the Board and Tnillok for three! months. REASONABLE ,
'for passengers and freight. by the Committee For circalnn, and $Information addrfM O. R. \- NOW 1H 8TOR8 A 8H.KMMI: ) ASSORTMENT OF tllOltK GROCERIES CONSISTING

y, The City Point, on a late trip from Chimes- on Reception and presented by the chairman OBITUARY. Tenn.Fairbanks, K:,q., Oen'l 1'rOllAnrcr. fnlTcrvlty: 1'Iatc I-I In part of .

\!. ton to thi port, had on board large mini- U. P. Gillingham, to ex. rn'or Me- Di BO,of C. T. QVltiTARP, n T>., I. L. IX, nallibiit Fins, Shore Mndt'It \\iit\ l\ilIIHI nnrl'c,) Lobsters. Scotch anti KooHerring. paR :

of pleasure scelers from the North, Michael, who, in :iv brief addre Typhoid I'ncnraoiiU hUUte residence vice Chancellor. Sugar ClrCt t C. H. Mes* Pork,
tier pre'i-iited In JcOtrson county Pie IK-c anh, 1S6S(! the Re,. Jan'U, (!U. 23-31 HU'\I. Si.1lI.
who\ have been sojourning here a short !him to Mayor Fox, who said : H. 8. LIN TON, ccd (W years s months und:S ilny I - Post Butter, Puckwliout, CI'I\kerl, Nut, Dried A. nOPKINS.

time, and took a tnp ovct to Charleston, I fool my feebleness now on this the fir The dcccnscJ was ..me of the '!arlj retllen of Ibo Pumps I I' Pumps Apples\ Haldwin and! Pippin A 1pll' Dcssioatod) Cocoanut and

th h for the purpose of viewing fort Sumtci day of my induction to office. I am incompetent 't country, and wjs l,'nif and farorabty known In the Codfish. Onion*, Country Syrti 1u..I, (Granulated, Pow- Doc 89, '18 21-Sl

and the various other fortifications erectedat to utter this occasion dinvrcntcommanllie I nhcfc be Ih'eol. Ills! Ions IebmourniI -limp. FXUINES.. ; rflR.t.Ul''IItSE8.' tlcrea ,and lVo\Mi Stigar, Rio niul, Juva Ck> Pluck ,
in !
the entrance of Charleston harbor during by it large circle of relatives and friends. .tu iA1 rnnnnractnred 1'I nil[ A ('o., antI Green Ten .
' the thoughts that impress thcniI, Turk.C olIrlnl'I", anti Highland ONE THOUSAND MEMBERS
the war.-Savannah Advertiser.ACCIDENT. Peace to his "ajiicn. A Fmiirt ,
ill md and PimtiUCapl. -
tliC. At anv time it U a ilUtiinTiii.l.n.l L Prospectus( ( ( Flllr. &c., fcc., &c.
I'I -- g\\t. WIIITIXG.n'gner .
or to welcome one who, stands so; ; ;; !;: T..ll hu-cc, Florida.
trong\ Itnnse RECEIVED
I Sadler.- 'Tnesdayi 29th tail., in the affections of the people) M you.