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Title: Florida clearing house news ..
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Language: English
Creator: Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Association
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Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Publication Date: June 15, 1929
Frequency: semimonthly (irregular)
Subject: Citrus fruits -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- Sept. 1928-
General Note: "Official publication of the Florida citrus growers clearing house association."
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00. &-1* K",Ef
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10,00Trowers ol Oranges and Grapefrui

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ai nfo ,_OOO.OOO to Reimburse
!all lOr,$O -QO0 "I0

.... toContinUe With Organization

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Delegaion Goes


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SF xptreI-Unlytoy
. ,Fruit In Stor "

% F fruit In Stora

EDERAL quarantine regula-
ions; imposed to eradicate the
Mdediterranean fruit fly, closed
6rida citrus fruit shipping sea-
une 15, after which the only
allowed in the state must be
Zn lThree and placed in cold
ae plants approved by the
Plant Board which is applying
deial quarantine orders.
Jblhree; fruit, thus stored, can
tributed in stores and taken'
imes -in Zones One, Two and
jbut must be properly screen-,
I~ ept-in--rfrigerators. -A;per,
rMl..bed required for distribu-
. .e^Ela .Boardaliso- emnha-
thit'this'fruit cannot be taken
oi Four, which is that part
rida west-of the Ocklockonee
noor-can it be shipped into the
ithern..and western states
i(fave quarantined against

Mlenp Still-Incomplete.
counties have reported that
p lete cleanup of culls and
I.idpt'been ieected as rapid-
'i'.ai a Aticipated. The. only
ials-say, the -Plait-fBoard
B6 atly the -regilationi
imte imit'has elapsed.
IBoa/d "'heddquaiters iri
t&:swa-said 'no permits 'for
f'hiit 'from 'Zone
iBssue'd next season
e t,.r*,d failedd to
b l ilderh rtgulations
Ailte cleaiup of 'all
Small 'or reectfd
rtes or.:rho- iow.
J '. vegetables to de-'
ble-ostage. .of ma-
vy.'i. .in.t he iprote e-

fruit bearing trees and plants, ;If
they fail'the'boad' will:remov& -ad
destroy the trees wr!plants.. s. -
Counties Raise Question .:
A point-has -been -raised-between~
some counties and their neighbors'
as to the rights of one county'to re-
strict a neighboring county in the.
movement of fits ,r vegetables.
'The TPlait 3'Bard tas decline ttof
give an ai-bitrary S.pinioh, .as Ith6e
question has been referred by some
of the counties to-the-State Attort-
ney General.
The 'Plant fBan feels that bhel
public has notfilly appreciated the&
danger i&-no'hius"-h1st"-f rieits n,
vegetables impose. The menace r6f
such fruits and vegetables.may be
inferred-from-the board's-statement
that more than 20 per cent -df the
new infestations the last two weeks
have been found in .fruits other
than citrus. It also was saidithitA
of 10 new infestation coffairnied
June 18, four were :foUnd !i'
peaches. -
Non-Citrus Hosts \
'While there are -dozens..of non-:
citrus host .fruits aiidd'vYe*tables,-
the Plant,. tBoard 6haracterizes
peaches surminam cherries, gnava;
add "maypop~i"aa'the greatestme
nace. t
' "Peaches',indi.herries are-6bt-'so
general --grEowi it was" pointed,
out, "but gnava bushes and 'may-
pops' can .'be .fouid -almost any-
where." .. -
IThe PlantiBbsrd e has'.nk, a ;per-.
sonnel -of aapproinmately. t5000,
which;iicludes natiodhl- guardsmen,
clean-up crews, cdorbmen? -office
stiffs and abouf50i~nspectors,
Headqusatters.otithebIolk edunty
diiisibn adf the .uarailtine depart-

Jaks e. liffe8 t ne,.- i ..e.
b' the. Pi.i.t BoArda .de.l regu'latl fa 1.. ARb6.&
/thorities .who'were -cpnvinced t v:t e p :w h
the original slight infesti6n m: wokid hav e6eid
.the Mediterranean -:fruit y gI n .3nge.''
beeneeiadicatedand that. quaantie U .to-'ati 'li
orders cold be rescinded without hen-this
any-danger of further-sp~read -6f th hipped 62 97et i
pest. ,This was the first zone-to an sti atesi accu
freed -f 9faaim nthime eina Pw h
inqmeithefr wasmdisdqj L eart' ,a-S
,ApriL- carlot shIM.nien'ts er-i
S-The -Plant Board -also removed shippedcby ts ic5i ftij
Zone Tto surEounding .theinfeated esp aidAFBt 4
aeaffr dibiancff n ue : eun fthelipf
.: f lire si^tokeibn *s 'C. -
iDuval..unt'i was.put bai in Zone To get all.the manietat
Ihree-ewithwapermiain to ship with- out d:ftlbeF tte ithhtlh
in -and ;seutside heostateaa.falmitL dd time liig;'. ol-iher"-
add vegetables. properly ainspeted. tit df-fth te lt-
in accordance with"Federal quan- _- a "s'eote_8 M
tine-regfilations;-- ..- ,- :., -. ent al
.i derp wieri so.issuediim 'idi- Cete f o
,tely for withddaial'from th eii m- are not i.a n, -'
tyt6f troops.gnarding .againsBi the t :aora4han
tnxiai ortation of host commodities th stord
A- -l.. .Conseits. .i Move I: oird e~-o '' litaid.
H- The atioii 'of the. State' Plant meant af 'tiiheQ a ft
oa.r j: storii he Jai~cb o- points. a ua tbius :re I
viTeaaaqeao fts original status, ils glu
Aakeinithththe consent of the Pl& na
uaraintineand Control .Adhi t
lion -.f the UInte4 Stiatb Depr he -i
ment-:-f .id.gri. It resulted, hestn
board' members:s-id, after i'n Eln d
spectionp.ad indicated-thaht'tarea fiajf iiifi
was' frieeof infeithtion..- .p: ... 'n .'. tias
-The -Plant. Boa~d mireib.., .wh6 atlri .anii'
met in. executive -seLsio6ioi .abek charges,- Wic.. ol" ,uni
sonville, also made several c igep teuarmihitiev-
in the quariitinengutte- regwulitid ihh 'oh-
were of minor importance. vei-
Regarding. the lift-ig .of the baa ~' i
in the Jacksonville' area, tle P'lant'f t
Board sued' the following.,e o- etinl
Lmdird'pdbnn-\~ %'~~- -:~~t~IA~rA.

. on-tbe trees wouldfe direction of Harold Mowryf super- about through tbe shipment or
,Federal prosecution un- intendent of the county unit since infected, citrus frui -itojarres

-4hm to citrus in-Zone ,Connectbd 'with th'64 diiiioar -jar
-; !. 31- inspectors'ad 4d0' b ho ne2O
5Ia..Acuaz*' -b e.-an usati.wb n Aij.?a-..l. -
eeen~ifle*One cterran'etl tatnt% i eradica

is l.ed, to succeed 4J.
isn;i designedd.' .
ktt,' whoewas active. in co-
tfriPt m:ark'bting in Cali-
f6r eiominkg"t' Chase' &
f. y.ars' ago, says that
V ni dipf the indristry at
-l-a R .. ,-i n l .' .u p _y
e' the'growe*r'_ compact:
seeldng-~. .car.ry'. : .' the,
.d'or; -whic):- he- Clearing
I6peratzin Ib Vltil
pwers ,of6rida have the
frtpfaizitf^ fo r co -opea-
rif;zntibnu'that "has eyve
3p ti.sodtherm agicultur-
I ~a t sadi "Tlat is be-'
Svery. necessary tytht some
ilKalpngth]ii~ lie be done
[ 'sNecesaity .has always
t "eye- fratiot-has as1
ij'seSarlI exemplfiied not.
06otiigifW& ihi fi G 0lifornia
atiW &" =d9ieti.p&I. am,

- thir

.- - -f ."
: -;ev ay, ybf its. nituLil. foq.ds to feed
I.' fatetlan ii oper P ln. Meanwhile. in the infested
idias betoiltare hfrt of'iTh a propertiess the judicioupl oses of.
It brees'of te~Stah nt Board Ptait spriywhich by reason of both
t.k ao th a tat PilantBoard dor a4nd, flior is most, attractive
i t1b 4 A-oerPlanti qaiitire a'id- Zo the. fly,wiUnp tvido food for'the
t the Medithi-andan. fly, frm othe e ungr sts. Amd'th3e
ldid. isconiingtb li -ither ap by y i f Res who partqke of the bait spray
ide geat ajs-o i f.t'lorida resi:. n most cases shortly will' be. dead
itHe g'-rea# linajbifit 6fP.-lorida resi
dents;-': flies.
That' idea 'is. tdstarve -the fly;.o6f. That, briefly,.is the plan of. cam-
is- fiatural, fbodsa ank~ d to drive it P ignfor the eradication forces ~or
Ito eat ofthe. bait .paywhichcon- the, next. few. months. It has been
tinuoslf at, intervals will bedi- ll devised, an if, conditions
triiutid:over 'the 'ilfestha proper it, following it out thoroughly
ti. f6a-tle rliesfto feed-upon. ad intensively, there is. every rea-
-Must Starve Fly on to. expect.satisfactory results,
By. cleaning. up.; thoroughly all In brder 'to assure success of this
;ibtural Food for-the fly from. the campaign, 'however, it is going to be
":I e3esEapjt4b.onoghly both
e ddt t, ectiv.je iiestfld: i 'the' pteQtive
o ..the fly-shoul& lie:le-ft1 ithoudt .(Oofitumed ori Page Four.)i

ly Westations Reported

SB. The' State Pflnt Board

r ME fbjllwing 'Mediterranean
J fruit" fly infestations, reported
by the State Plant'BBoard; cover the
period'from June b to Jiine .11, in-
clusive. Grof*ers;,--rqeivihg the
oflMay, 25th last; may note ifthey.
desire: these new infestations upon,
the map b", the, counties. printed lin
tlit issue.
t-It should.& be, noted. that. the. infes-
tatis include,some counties.which
wre 'noioincluded.in.the map print-
.in thbdMa 25t.4.NEWS,. which.
imapiinclaudd ednl thliineco.unties
im, ...hi. -U.estions, had been
found up to'tha_;ti; e. ;The 'legal
descriptions as.: shown, on, the map
will mqke it possible to locate these
new infestations.

Section.19-28-24. (No section de-
jscription available).
SPuitnam: .
Section 29 (48'of Wiggins Grant.)
l-'0-27.._(Near San Mateo). *
VoluJia:, / -
NY.4 of 24-,9-29.
NE.A, of-"SE, of 6-19-31.
NEI. of.24-17-29.
Se.ctjon 4A-18.-384.j (No section de-
scription available) .
NW.%. of, 12-17-29.
SE,% of NE4.of SW% of 8-21-
2SEI4 of. NW% of 8-21-28.
N%, of SW%. of SE%4 of SW%
of 1-21-27.
NE% of NE.V of SW% of 6-

4:. S.4otNofN. ofNE.4A
S Juusne 7 Infita
Hilliborough: .:
S.E% of'NE'% of 29-28)*
of'Plant City, 6' bloclks-n
depot); '-
NW of'NW of SE'Wi
S% of' NWW of 2622
NW14 of NW% 6fN
Volusia: .' .. ,
1% miles W. of.;HbI.
Section 45-16-29 (I%
No section descriptibi)a
June 8, and- 9 'nfae
Section- 35-22-25 (No.
seriptio, av )'
'SEUA :o'Nf' 1otf
In Town ofUmatil
Mfrion: ..
'Seetipn 1647-2 ,(o
soription- availliab)- '
Section 20-17-24-(Io
scription available). "
Polk: -
Section. 12-29-23t.(No
scriptionavailable)4, ,'
NWI% of SEM., dt
28-27:. -'.
In City of Lakel
North Street)t. ,
In City -of. ILakeland.-
Cannon Street)' ..;
Seminole: .
Section. 25.r129,#
saription. availb)A.
NEGA of, 7-.p
Orange, '.- I
On-.e.aile,.. 4 "*'4
Voli us '.
Rauler son'
Clay. St, in.
m%.i mesoho.'
Section 35-22-25 (N.4Bw
SWA of SW%, of L7-27r

'R4pL"7d23lfo ,

4- '
..9h &
4..' .67w q 6 .-Ae Wit!
a.VFLO 0

pray and Starvation
5 Should Eradicate Fruit Fly
d(Utimnu ed from Page Three)
d'tf natural foods upon which
fly '.ay feed. That is why
drss.has been placed upon the re-
val of all host fruits and vegeta-
Aefor a distance of ten miles from
Aliiinfestation, to provide a host-
I' period until about November-
&a'D'uring this time the ranks of
.flize which a short time ago
eri'so abundant upon many infest-
pf.iroperties should be thinned ma-
dieialy through the flies partaking
itfe bait spray.
&, Co-operation Necessary
On: paper this plan of campaign
simple" enough. In actual opera-
i[i'iit should not be so difficult.
iAin 5rder to be successful it in-
;lyes, necessity for the co-opera-
both,- almost every man, woman
~i ,6thivthin- ten miles of the
pbt4where any infestation has been
rEven though a large number of
ioople' are now comprised in the
o .it- forces of the Plant Quaran-
ifiand Control Administration of
he'United States Department of
Egtculture and of the State Plant
i4d, and these are extremely ac-
iy:,it, is manifestly impossible that
ee workers alone will be able to
741'"that is required in the al-
:lyarge area over which infeita-
ihaeve; been found. Other citi-
n~ust voluntarily play their part
6er ;to assure the campaign's

a guava, not a peach, not a
rry, not a .Surinam cherry,
6ia ne of all the known host
t vegetables, must be left
19ii'. each of the By this
i r', w are to obtain a
*i'eult from -the eradi-
-rlAine this period.
Sssible for persons out-
ta of Florida to realize
iH6itj 'of the task-this will
S f ."-obridinb -1with their
,~act, .ijidion tons. can

"howevft i'-,tP ihorqE ha* Sws'
be expected, i' thlerpaost.tlei .p6'6pld
in Florida have beeni aler ahd ac4
tive for the common god a-mev.ery
instance. It is unthifikable,'that they.
should for a moment consider any-
thing but the most earnest' efforts
to save their great citrus and ve'ge-
table industries.
Nor must the activity and co-'
operation be confined to those liv-
ing in zones 1 and 2, within ten
miles of an infestation. Residents
in what is now called zone three,
more than ten miles away from any
infestation, will need to be active in
cleaning up their areas to best ad-
vantage in order that portion of
what is now zone three shall not
through the spread 'of the fly come
under the designations of zone two
and one. Already there are ample
indications of their alertness and ac-
tivity. Must Not Give Up. .
As between those who, refusing
to face the facts, contend there is
nothing to fear from the fly and
those on the other hand who be-
lieve there is no hope of eradicating
the fly, and that our fruit and vege-
table industries must be abandoned,
there must be a sane middle ground.
,The fly is an actuality, the federal
quarantine against Florida products
is a reality. It also is true that in
places outside the continental
United States this same fly has re-
sisted.al] eradication efforts and has
overrun districts to the extinction
of producing industries. Yet we
have thebenefit of a relatively early
start against it in Florida. We are
:able to oppose it-here with men and
measures such as have not opposed
it in other places. There is no -oc
casion to abandon hope. 'On the con-
trary, if we act vigorously and unit-
edly, and for the time being sybordi-
nate all other considerations to the
work of eradication and attack our
job with' determination, we'-should
not only be able to control but' ulti-
mately eradicate it, and thus restore
tthe afeeted industries to their for-
mr.nlanoon a:.:ninmnriftv. Already.'

* m-- ....... ',,.. n'U UIezh.a

t; '
ADDITTONAL letters: of, cngratr
ulation' to; Mt,.- A. M.-'Pratt,
following his selection as Gen-
eral Manager of the Clearing House,
continue to qnmphasize.the universal
approval of his appointment and ofi
confidence-in his ability to help. he,
Association achieve its'objective. Of
particular interest among the letters
was one from Mr. S.- O. Chase if
Chase & Co., for.which concern Mr.
Pratt was formerly,sales manager.
.In this letter Mr. :Chase expressed
his regret at the loss of Mr. Pratt's
services for Chase & Co., but de-,
clared he felt reassured in that tjbe
company would receive the benefit
of Mr. Pratt's ability through their
connection withlthe-Clearing House.,
-Several of the letters, representa-
tive of the many received by the
General Manager, are reprinted
Orlando, Fla.,
-May 30th, 129. '-
Dear Mr. Pratt: -
When I read in the papers that,
you had been made manager of the.
Clearing House, I shouted for joy,.
for I wanted you to take the posi
tion in the first place, "s yoitieemed.
to be the logical one to have. te of-
fice, po now everything is all righC
I had' saved Wily earnings -'an
bought a grove out at Windem~ re,
-next to -the 1200-acre grove v-q wned
by Chase' &. Co. and bougthit just
in tiine to realize-.thldtj'woidld-not
have any income from'itfor a'eadr
or two, and have $22,000 in it. ."So
.naturally I am not on;y interested
in the iight management' of ,the
Clearing House, but perhaps seifsh-
ly interested in that I tfi -as! do
many others, tha you' are he one'
?man who could -come to the reliefe
of the growers now'-and help theh
work out this problqep.
I hae heard sb many .iomplimen-

-talker'that:; ca 'LeetfVyth r-ui
riight, I'.will 'aipreitfe .'I
here. We have several -hhidrqa'I
f groves here, indj b viiv
do the cause lotsa ".o'd, .
: Again co6igratdlatig -'ybiu li
'half'of the doganizatipn, .Ipi'
. Mosa respectfully,' "
E. B.jP I
SGrower 'of Oranges RTangerise
S and Grapefrdit.--'":: ;-'

'Citrus Grove Developn 't''
S Babson Parl Tla I-"
- M
Mr. A. M. Pratt,
,C/o Chase &-Co., '
'Orlando, Fla.
Mrn Dear Mr. -ratt:. -. '
Ever sinie the announce
made that you were to
,ger of the Clearing Hoq
:coming yean -, have intend
;to drop you a little'note t
,as .best I could, thegrat
Feel by reason of your.selaEtn
'hy time U 3s been so filioil
things ha't.procrstinao. ee
ti be almdst inevitah i ,'-
Iam'well krounde inthe b
thayo.u Qare. the best qulified
for.the job that there ismn the.'"t
;of Florida, and'I presuib Ime' fIi
also, -..available anywhe .i
'time. Of courses you'
,did not.favor your sel
ago,.but the only reasui; as
feltan outside. manpi ,tl
tiopial reputation, anditL
pirejudices- 'a'g.ii n bif i
ave been. elected. A'
accomplished, I Aliayiis,
'of.eep' regr- t tha ti-e
been oseq .at thattimire'
*inr r~ian~~~mQ pwaffA~vavt4**.1I;; ~iater~

JWVLlV -U[IItV tL.[II Will WInLc tLe, new .. .... .....
e'and discomfort To many the flies in the heavily infested area the new office.with the good wishes Ce
t will mean hardships. In have been greatly reduced in num- and the confidence of all the grow-
nstaiices the hardships are bers. ers. ce
a 'be very great; 'Yet it is r...c -I wh yyp eevery suess:.',,
r.ctiofi, and only by this Practically A I Shipper-Meinbers '-.Since"re ly,
j /fie indy' expect to be to C otinue With Organization.. G ACE 'PUCtfcE T"" '
tbe'.past-jwhich -conti-" eT. r e.
Statsaesi!,e -l~ngtiBasB .:s ;"(C; la- P A T. ,'5qpvgiSS

neral a-nager
Au eo. .-. WG Company .
..... . t eist ibutprs, -
-4_.....l A tlant%, Ga. ,
-, M a_.dusth, 2.7th, 1929.
4M. A. W .rtt
*'C/ Cbase'4& Coimpany,
Wpr ."f r "-`---E- -Orlkndo; 11la -
.- enMe r..Pratt
?OrliW "-:It'is:'aa great pleasure to learn
i, a t ,.gh..'.. .. "',i thatyol have '-been. chosen as man-
-' m ei U 'tt. ..oe d i* 6of the Clearing .House next
season. While it has neVer been my
e inyot- -an ,'Flesnre tb- work with. you, I have
a ionre the i sm- ha-d the.pleasdre, of meeting -you
.. .. d-sereral times since you came from
-~ '-r th y' selection:as.-ge California toflorida and, of course,
i mn l gei f' lt' TheClaIng.iHoe. I, knew. yod. quite .well before you
iM1RTT. :Asso~iCiati. tiee vetry beat assarL left Calif rnia as I, for a number
e f as ,disteic nlapeWer for
x U oern.ia .. .-rowers .Ex-
a. ;chw ang li4re.in Atlanta. -
*a e& wltbte Yours vity truly,
.ar* -:- R LD. GROVE.
ssmetf y n -- i -
odiJ- on ~ .-' o-iititn o -' : on soSanford, la...
Sybe; of tuh- i ~' -shes ,and xr May 18th, 1929;
-i t myselaff' The.loitrus Mir A M. Pratt,
~ yaw publidhitnihtalliotf /6- Chai e & Company, -
non sapor f t ahie f&' otie Orlanhdo, NFla.
ii coow o o wan Dear Mr14 Pratt: -
o f iei.T ,- A-.6.lfrme at I--waint to confirm my verbal con-,
S eyou.pl..er 'aao ina.ota I I an 'I tigtions ononyour appointment as
d -ogr . aish .ti 4' in~ yo'i~fi generl ain eager of the Florida Cit-
u I L;:or 'vrps -,roers Clearing House Asso-
.ke -dnA assurer -o hoo ciation -
--and'myi e pe a er-ate I is veryr-jratifying to -me, as I.
en iid- f .-wttbim 1o t Qt know ]ita to .you, to have oyercomee
f.aeoftipjindti ~ - i igthepast'eight oi- t&i.mionths
WN e .,truly th; bj ect, i. t .j nto yo r. a iti.Nent
- ERISIE which devi6jd last fall.
S") :'T:hReCitrus' lTdustry When yow~-iote _me la ninmmer,
when Ivwis in Ashlieville, ireqdeiting
: oh~ F-. Deegan.& Co :::j me' to si gest a suitable.part for
"arlot .Di~tbbuto: this position, the only:persbnI-culd
-.. Y, t7hik.:.of. at that timi wh6 would
S'- 2., fill the bill from the'growers' view-
rapoint: was A: M. Pratt, and I have
Seen no reason to change my ijpn-
ee . I "' Y'" 6'- ion since expressing it then.
on atio n your appoint- Although Chase & Company has
Sin. at. an .iad of the Clearmmr House lost in a way. at the same time I

rr inlilrwe:a4 tnersiaiJ
glow. oft who fits tnf76
that 6f directing thej'f
ig. House tian Diur-&
. With- kind .'persouri6A
assurance of close ijdoJ
any way we can hid yo4t
Cordially yours,.l.
Nat N. Tnc

Mutual -Brokers: Mpt'ie
Fruit and VeetblDe
Montreal.Ei, e
Archie P'att, Esu;.j
C/o Chase & Compayfly
Orlando, 'Fla. "
Dear Archie:
Today is the first opp
.qave ',had.. to,.o. .po
trade journals.- I;s
prise, *I read.MVc1 i
ment, that of inanaii t
ing House. Tlibre'fore;,
fer -myi cohg'otulio
feel- that the bld if'
-bers -and the enii.n
of Florida are the "j4
gratulated .on maingki
-While I am pleady
unanimous- choice fr
most responsible positi
tire fruit industry,;L
are severing iour ec
the selling end, as-'
lose that personal.
existed between -uiA
If there is e br
I,am able-tol' Vie
lielpful in _YQf ew
sure and i em

Mr. A.. A
Mani'e 6f .Cleari
Winter Haven, Fi&
Dear Mr. Pratt:
As owner of tiree-

rornyL;. y" x..N T ,.
.- : ,
Lpany; -.' del
:. th' e
.^ -^ -^.- it .. 4!

se8DeB.- e'sure _'To =rm~uauyyin.
C6 t hYi s gatlat.you 'a
hblid, Jnifst, mand cjnfiined.i iuA<
asr'' you we -are e ouse. .--
ie 'fillet asistan : Very truly
you..outline, as _e :.

Iqr '0adgr., rWinter navein riOa.ij *-4 .
assecoiid-lass matter Augu
Gae' at Winter Haveyi, la. iunder _eAc':
519. .- .
DREWS . . .. . . .Olandb
,IN, ....,. F Ft.-Ogden
ARPENTER, J .. Crescent City
SE. . . Orlain'd
FFI.N:- . . . Tampa:
0i) .. . . . .. . ... Eustis
YOE.- .........Fe e
SNIVELY Winter Haven
eNN . . . . . rTampa'
.'WALKER'. . . Winter Haveri
LFOLK. .. . . .- Orlando'

I;i Co iese .1

Atsa in part from Florida Farm and Grove) -
-,-- I .
t -tiafStats is at WAR -,
ii'urielye.is if armed troops had -en-
ims"lves or' our. shores and were.
Sa-barrage of shell fire, -his'
-ryLourslhas had its sovereigiity

le ,?bfie the tnited.SiateHdus6
e ..t eni thne.discussi~i~.n ti~l
o ,arpra;,e:,"fu-a" a, qua ter.
ste-6i0m -tM-heMediterranean
i ro lHon.t Ruth Bryan;
d i~,ai.-f.rom the Fourti Flor

-mjani a iien-enemy ad lan.d
Fo.t. ie shi r.es -.of Florida
an vasion. of my state;
-tirl^&oqad6,ughtvto beart
H^Kfi^1^K^Hn%^*'~t fr v'*6*in~^11 i s-~n'i^?

i. I think that the whole-coun-
ed an emeny from. the outside;
hisis an enemy of the Unitedi.
'i-just'.what: we are facing-ci
-Msi. ..atile 'not. o


.. .-o
caoni sr eat
t ie-a.r-'- n"

c~ajip .dow athe

..,.- .


might-al: s mean the JDSS,?

our citrus-and' iuci
-plete tie- 'of. oth ert"
i- "- lut ni&L
J l Huhidieds 6f thc~aitdE

In thea pr tei-
rbie pe-V d$ i
bulk of jproduce.fra&e4h
keted oroof .May-1'ii
next season -:,-

The4 -teaid-tolhe:suc
-But : _~ .. ..... ..





P M-,.,v -' -n. L' A.., ,1 .. .
.pll t. ,r,.'-'. p p.... r 0 .': .
iprfc 1: rw E?3 .ro ,11 11
S : 'v *' .-r -. '';' *''* '' , ~ . .' .

.-V.g.trom;. .the. Feder-', asnd
est'1. ,t" .-n.
lfrui ifdy, tough, may.lbe the
of--astening. this.coopera-
.'aituq'q,.,Mr. Pratt thinks, -for
ions. ai individuals -'develo
n haracter- and:inp .ailit'r-to
the game well wbeni.th'ey have
clek'to meet and overcome. -- I
e-that the-fruit fly .menace,
aili'hions and not to be treated
t will be the means; of bring-
Loutsu'ch Eplendid co-opei:ation
iorida will through .it. learn
greatest lesson along that line..
i'.-, presents an emergency
ch orida, i going to meet, and
ieve 'that this page'in our his-
yilj. record the. beginmg n of, a

.'d"the state,6into, e rest.
perityit has ever en-joyed., The
'e of the banks, the-realtors,
coimertial rgaiz itHiois and
aeas in general should be oiie of
nim iind confidence that the
.-'be conquered and that Flor;
soon arrive .t. its 'gieateq
o.o'f expansionn an progress."
cO K.' Membership Drive
membership campaign on
d'htle .Clearin"g'House, recently
iaed'-drew 'frii M'r." Pratt a
ng i 'endorsement, the manager
i- 'ut the need of a more ex-
S ahuctfibtal campaign among
growers, aid' dclarii-i that the
rb'eship drive woul spily that

iWit~;ueiaate the-.grbw*r$ in
iefit if'k e.Cle+rin.g H use,'1
i<'Theyireastated Adminrably
ekrttsemTentsecently' is-
by the~ e inkbership committee,
l . nley is the able
a.Such'a mpign will make
e thir, duty to them:
'ei ibpri and will
ijay for t iose who may not
S'in-ow but who will joifd later.

,equation will-. bperiiiitfed to- enter.
ibto0anodf the polices of the'Clear-
:ing Rouse,"' he said.' .('Our efforts
will' be along lives;ofeconomy, and
there will be no..dutside influences
to be reckoned with." -

Cearing House App'ealng for
$10,000,000 to Reimburse Growers
(Continued frbiou Page One).
heads, including Secretary Hyde
and Dr. C. L. Marlatt, and pre-
sented to them voluminous data on
the Florida citrus industry to sub-
stantiate their claims for Federal
relief. This data-is to be presented
to. Congress, possibly by Senator
Fletcher, who is the author of the
bill now before-Congress to appro-
priate. A0&,000,000 .to recomiense
groeoifr 'fx .fI.desfcoyesd. nce
infistaf'on 'was- 'first discovered
earr in .April. The Fletcher bill
calls for remuneration on a per tree
basis,; the -amounts graded accord-
ing to the age of the trees, com-
mencing with the age of six years
when citrus trees come into bearing.
The data furnished by the Clear-
ing House delegation includes every
conceivable phase of citrus culture,
sucd as thetcost of production, the
average production per tree, cost of
upkeep, fertilizer and the like. The
committee also furnished a number
of charts'of all counties in the cit-
rus belt, showing the territories
under Zones One, Two and Three.
O. their data includes a brief of 31
.tables, prepared, by the Clearing
'House, with explanatory comment
-relative to .each table and a sum-
manry of the.whole picture thus pre-
sented. Information of this charac-
tei rand of. so comprehensive- scope
*could have -been obtained only
through -'the Clearing House. and
Growiers & Shippers League and the.
splendid co-operation of growers
and shippers.
State Unable to Help


Tlhe. following figures, furnished'
by the United States Department of
Commerce, show the grapefruit and
orange exports from New York,
Jacksonville, Tampa, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, for the weeks end-
ing May 4, 11, 18, 25 and June 1:
Week Ending May 4
New York-London 2,806
New York-Southampton_ 1,540
New York-Liverpool ___ 1,942

TotL- ___ 6,288
Week Ending May 11
New York-London __ 1,849
New York-Southampton 569
New York-Liverpool 545
Yrk-lgow 360
lMw 0York-ni". *-" ". 3,80
ILs Afgeles-Liveipool- -6,130
Los Angeles-London'_ 2,024
Jacksonville-Liverpool 5,832
Jacksonville-London- 3,125
Tampa-London 13,820

Total 34,614
San Francisco-London 1,000
Los Angeles-Liverpool 85,437
Los Angeles-London __ 42,200
Los Angeles-Southampton 2,500
Los Angeles-Glasgow ._ 500
Jacksonville-Liverpool 728
Total 132,365
Week Ending May 18
New York-London 628
New York-Liverpool 403
New York-Southampton 380
Los Angeles-Liverpool 2,050
Los Angeles-London __ 250

TotaL 3,711

Grapefruit Oranges Ta
(Boxes) (Boxes) (Bo

ebU V W.2r, . e o ...
stfLi V -oly ,__,. .

t, Marc 15-Li po pol r 6,421 -.. .
ces o-thest March 20-LoLnddins'I .'... '(, -
e -, fi. M i ffb;.Ma.' 23,-L'iverpo"-
tha a isi' Ar --Liverpool- 6,2 .
at -e- *. '-~p. A.pril 27 Liverpdolo.Y ;,I- 0. '- ... . "+'
S~ayhI .: -,2 s.L
-5 1 26 ,2 6 e7
apfl "' A2Lv 11,171 2' 40

million re prpr ToIl. .- 12 8,174. ,222-: '.756
....... ..........."".... "".... ......'. ". ...... 'p.'... .',- .." ....
'lf i i ghi 1 Lvei ,O ol -'5,78 .
iti? i id M'iarch 14--Londoin 9,310 .70 2. "',
SApril 15-Liverp"ol 6,350 ___ .* .
. Ma Lond ____ 18,820
.: Total 85,218 770-
-310 .7.70

rroneous.i un]
s. 'ddmiiRate~
iiisfis ent;013 i~
iig X-House ;s
by. ,4nd- o
)oute.-X0io 0

New York-Liverpool -
Los Angeles-Liverpool Sf
Los Angeles-London 2
Los Angeles-Glasgow --.

Total 48,?
Week Ending May ;-25.; ,
New York-London '._.'S,
New York-Southampton ,
New York-Liverpool -- ,'.
New York-Glasgow .
Los Angeles-Liverpool ~
Los Angeles-London'
New York-Liverpool
New York-qouthamptonpt
Los Akngeles-Liveirppo6o
Los Angeles-Londdn. "_
Week Ending Junekl'j
New York-London
New York-Southampton -': .
New York-Liverpool l.- g
Los Angeles-London '.
Los Angeles-Liverpool .-2
Los Angeles-Southampton
Los Angeles-Manchester .,-.'
Jacksonville-Liverpooli -,1

New York-Liverpool 2 .'
Los Angeles-London '
Los Angeles-Liverpool
Los Angeles-South.amp ton. ,
Los Angeles-Glasgow '
Los Angeles-Manhlieptr' s-,
Jacksonville'Liverpol'o .
Total .

SCo. -'- Pierce
Plakig Go. _Auburndale
d & Baird Beresford
can Fruit, Distributors,
dian Fruit .Grower-.Orlando
wrong, F. C. Palmetto
; David, Co. Clearwater
Ellis G. Lake Helen
w,-F. W. Glenwood
. W:,. Inc. ___Plant City
, -G: A. Inc. Plant City
ige1 W. C. Crescent City
leDavis Co. __ Lakeland
i& Co. Orlando-
id'Packiig CGo.-- DeLand
r'& :Weller Fruit Co.
_A '. __Thonotosassa
e &k-S& Co TLakeland
i-ruit C6.. Crescent City
.- -Palmetto
ra':Growers, lic.-_Fellmere-
S, A. & Co .----eesburg
'BrB-'-. Auburndale
fi itrus Exchange--Tampa
i Mixed Car Co. Plant, City
a, United Growers Inc.
-'-, .---- .TJaeksonville
t Chester C;, Coi-Orlando
ade. Packing*CGo.- Meade
iy, F.E. Orlando
Af~;A"S., & '0bo._ Leesburg
Hll Finitf Products,, rc.
'. davenport
, r-..Pit* G powers so
etit Fruit Corp.-Orlando
1 AW A Ft. Ogdbn
r -Frostproof
GD.t Co ..ustlm
S Sann Mateo
t.Go..n Oviedo
?W ureland

-r *;". C&ZL Myers
S* -Leesburg
o Winter Haven
l Sa0iMateo
d~ier I6&Jskc waer

sistance beingJayen
2W. volunteer orkerd6is, ridri vi'
decidedly encouraging, fiatot,4
Indications from ovdr thesta te
show, that.the citrus growerajl the.
main arej realizing more; thari.ever
that. only through the -Glesring
House can they hbRa to-solve"their
problems and to place their indus-
try, upon the successful.foundation
which their investment merits. ''-
The difficulties, of marketing thie
current season's crop is beipg point-
ed out' as one reason why Florida
'growers should co-operate and work
together. Another and, at least at
the present moinent, far more force-
ful. argument for 100 per cent
united effort, lies in thbe material,
help the Association- iob4amg4o
the growers (add even .the staterat
large) in the fight to eradicate'the
Mediterranean fruit.fly.
SLeaders in the.industry are look-
ingrahead today to, the marketing of
next season's crop and. are wonder-
'ing just what problems may con-
,front. the growers at that time. It
is likely,.they point:out, that under
ordinary conditions the season.
should be.a good one provided, for;
example, that" fiuit whiih is. free
from the fly infestationidand.whiic
wil' be shipped, is not placsd'in the.
markets uron-, a too-co pejtiiVe
basis. In other words, 'it' inques-
tionably will be necessary fof-the
Clearing. HoiLse to see to it"tlhat
fruit'from Zon 2, (which if restrict-
ed;in its outlets) is nothampered'in
its distribution by the:-moveme.nifof
the fruit from Zone: 3:wliich'lmay;be
-unrestricted in its movement.-
Ih addition t- lielpinig*tie grow-
ers control this situation,' tie Clear-
ing House 'is even now -working
(through its' Washington Commit-
tee) upon the-problem of permitting
'f ititod'liemoved'neni season from
)Z'na1. 1 fin'lr A .ii tnmnfL pno:coiimse

with this'situaticti;.aceordi.t#aMt.Mr.
Hanley,. and' as. a' resultlie cat-
paign is 'being waged even, mote,
thoroughlyttihai it-wRasW last sea.s^on
"No' stone is, b6i leftAint rn edj'
Mr. Hanley, said,. "to.indice ,the
growers to.join 'the, Association.
*We are even making it as conreni-'
.ent as is 'humanly .possible' to sign.
the girwers contracts.. We want
'the' growers.to .undiertand'that th
'is-their own organization, ind: that
the officials of .tid6 Clbarifg H-quse.
are here to carry o.utthe growers'
,sire .! I 1 .
;- A a:insrtanc&. oq
"ness with' hici the'campdign is be-
ing worked out,' a letter was. sept
,out to the lihembership this; wdek,
with a blank" contract attached,.'re-
qpesting the members -to endbeaor.
to sign 'iip1 ;leai o-ie'member..The
names 6f three.nmti-inpb'ler grow-
ers in.-.each .grbor' 'comnmuidtl
were.given, thus saving, the member
froli the task of.'!looC1 ng up"'the
.non-memnirs. in hi town oricity.;
A'. Iegal growers -ct0 act als. is
printed' bp' Phge 9 .of 't h isd ue bf
the. NEWS' ,.(nd 'was. printed'-.liqe-
*wise ih the Jan is it e)' m" e i
.may leused'bj- t pe porik d
sir"g-to.jqin. fr.H ,unleyaAniadq
a special'. plea 'to. tho i'growi s re.
eeivini& the. NEWS bo as 6tyIve
not' joined' the' Clamring 'Hou'se to
use. the contract. printed in tth'e
'NEWS, sign it.'ant&d. iil it it';to
Clearing, Hbhse ieadipgarters.'
The letter issue&to.tifnki'dinbe-
ship reads as7followse. ~ .
..... ; Jine 13i 1929jz ..
To All; Grower-kembemi ;
.'WHtgrower 0now, fave> confront
ingz us- the .prdblem.oi reimbi use
n'&-- &- a l",4 a ,,'rnA. "A ', in n

Land ,the:.

.- ; ...
; ^ ,,. ... --- ., : -
F: .. ,.-, -' .F., -,,'

1NM&.. -, .:.

M. ifers -reguaLAluu oUapL.ziumnuc biU uUAML
M. & Crlandfe Clearing House is now seeking-as season so that no grower will' un-
irkpatrriHck erowers who have-.hadtlfni destroy- restritijps
S". Winter Haven, ,Towerso.. reW
'oein ,ad this seasoi:inr te '"cm eK'
f0- Co.l "O oftisei;pwblemi.no bd' i.
,li..-.. wilL be uri to tte'Glear-nanl uA' .'pfrrj


:'. .IO .. .R. .'. ..

9.R. i. .. 7!, .
I" 1W] *AS', A, the-Florlda Citras Garwers'FClearing House Association (hereinafter~referred to as the Associdtilol .is *t
.. asoIetf' i,-.posed 6f.growe3s, of.~Florida citrs fruit,incogporatd.under Chpter,9800 of the Laws of theiStaterof' '
o.'" da,1._- ioitipposes tdproidecllective action with, repectito the marketing of such Florida citrus friUt,.
t' ibutehe !.among.the'yariousm.arket.over the-marketing period,'to;letermine the conditions under'which it
.;' f:. y' :miiybe-markl.eted; to provide for gading and certification 'f such fruit, for the advertising thereof so as'.to stimulate the,'
demand theie"for, to dosuch other things as may safeguard, further and.protect the interests of the growers of Florida'
citrus ftrii by the promotion of -jgher standards ii the production, handling, packing and marketing thereof and to take, .' j
S such other measures as may be advantageous to growers of Florida citrus fruit generally, and,
.. -" .. -WHEREAS-thef undersigned (hereieiafter-referred to as Grower) is a grower of Florida citrus fruit and desires to.'
S'. Ji- -jin with niinebbrs. ofthe Florida Citus'.Giowers 'Olearing House Association to accomplish its purpose as above set forth,
S now, thei fore, in consideration of the miititl covenants and agreements herein contained the parties hereto do agree ai '"
"-ollow s .' ". ' '- .'
:i.- ;', ;. l .- '_1.lr~owe; ieibyap ,ies fr memb eiship in.said,association and,agrees.to be bound by its Charter and iBy-ai s. ;
2. Groweae.ees:. '
.(a) -That all the citrus fruit produced, acquired, o controlled.by Grower shall be marketed only through.shiper,
$ butors 0 e A 'here ae ashi e .jt4_yr!E9v wit.7 to a' t. in. t.el@ t .
Sv o byg -rles, 'atj~ons dnatructi b wnth'respet-to'he
S...~o ."i"if t-: asmay~vbe, issued-.lfnntime to time by. the manager of ,the.' Asoeiato n
T."'.- rpideta, bi9e.ty.c6nferri dby.the Board of..Directors.
^on -, -(6) ''Thatf the Association may provide for the official inspection, grading and.certification for grade and condi;, !
tioi of such citrus fruit -
-(d) That the Association may make, and.collect through shippers, for each type of citrus fruit for each market-' .
ing seasonba uniform charge'per'boxfr its equivalent, the-ario6nt in each case to be determined by the Board of Dire'..'
.: .tors'of the AssociatiM n'before the beginning of such marketing season,'for the purpose of providing the -Association with 431
funds'or-its maintenance conduct and operation. '
e -': ).ThatGrower will submit -onformst fulished'by the Association:such.reports and statistical data-as maybe'
':. :' ;reeiste d'by-it 'from' tiie t: time covering- tih- production of each'type of citrus fruit, the condition thereof, and .the.
probable amount by. sies that will be available at a given date or during a given period for marketing, and the quality
S- .thereof. -
'(f) .That GrowerVairll promptly-,not the'Association of-te' name and address of theashipperthat'is-to market )
i-any:partcof GrowerIs'citiui fruit,-and, the a roximate-amount.thereof- that will- be marketed by said shipper.
"- Ii'. considerationn of the'foregoing,: the 'Association agrees: .
.-. That it-will-notify Grower on request and at reasonable intervals by mail or through newspapers published iin, ,
'.. "the ci 'iar i df Florida, of the names df-shippers that have entered into contracts with the Association to enable'them ,
to .mari~et fraitor members of the Association. -- -
-. (6),Tcititi#-it oFerto.o enter into such contracts with all shippers marketing Flbrida citrus fruit-who are deeme
%:.'; ai, n 4iab 4 ho,3epr'esk.,desire to.entet into.such contracts with theeAssociation; .
S A .c nagth arket .ing.o Florida.citrus..fritsE among the. various iarketsand .over'tiie
& o o l i eciqngrading, and certification lorgrade and condition of saidtrhi(tin-a'coqoce
.Uthdt , 'idete veitisinv g dfs fidifrtit, adikalso in its.:dipreetio "~for'thedbiigof
"thigfi h istenfereith sk nr be&deemed cnkdu~iveto the
,- ....... .......
4 ..r;.. ii-- u da" t oan agrebd... t '"
e"rsho^l et'-.any ^par^ of Grower's eitrus fruit other than through a.,shipper,
.r ag' enterd.i to~contract with thetAssociation, 'Grower hall pay the Associqtioi ,as liquidated d
-' at the rtof fty cents per box'for all citrus'fruit so marketed or disposed of by Grower, together with all costs'pfre
z. a.msI.-oriboiids; expenses and fees. arising but of or caused bh litigation and reasonable attornev's:fees.exended.ordn

A." MUN 8

r, B~a'"'t, I ,


,~.;~ A '(1-4' tlLAsaLrny

-r'* F .7 ,6
I"' M%. L- C
'1' .., ' I-
~~~~~~ a-r C- ':. .' ''.'1x~ ~~r

'' .

*, , i. .: ,
77..' 7

S00: e

0--. "-. ..9._

Just about a year ago, when the citrus industry was confronted with the normal problemi'dof narkvet
S' and distribution, it was popularly admitted that the growers should have ONE domlinnt orgizatin.i
These conditions of normal competition made the need for the Clearing House movement self Pvidift,
Sthe public . -
-Even though the Clearing House this year will ship 75 per cent of the citrus crop, -jutifying its' .A
'from a marketing and distribution standpoint, the industry as a whole is face to face with.the mbstse us-,
menace in its history-the Mediterranean fruit 1fy. Unless there is real co-ordiation cif. e t.;
.batting this pest, ruin is inevitable. -. :

Official Washington, in dealing with the momentous problems created by the fruit flPyfestitioBeJo6 ps to";
Sihe direct grower membership of the-Clearing House as a necessa ry-foida.tion for its authority to repre
..sent the entire industry. '... ,
": An organization that speaks with the united voice of 12,000 grower. will .nIt 'bpred. is eprid
t ial, in the'present emergency, that Florida has, through the CGhariZngIHuse, lthe'immedite a machinee ry
,: necessaryy to cope with the situation, and its activities to date have pioven its wei -ithe'ihe
Saythorities in the Federal Government. ,- ..

,-:"-- ..-.. i rt- s THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE .- .-
ISel-p reservation is the first law of nature. Complications which never existed before will be-injectd
io our marketing program next season,.due.to time and geographical limits. Every bit.of.,it at~.
sly be marketed should be salvaged. The practical side of this Whole problem -.usb' pieeti
iomuncertain terms to our sister states as well as to the Federal Government. ,.There muUst- :MU
iOir.thiat is all-inclusive, in control of picking, shipping and disiributioni, -ov_: .to e"jtricat..
ions under which our crops. will'move to market. ...
I,' decisive tion, .with .almost .unl.im"ted' power tp me ,, etergnc ,e ,.ti"

'is, a ine. for an airoused mind, with. but oe p
ad-H.ch es y frce~l a if and tl ug
i' I.ruit'. flYjh' ds f cib_
ji.. ",, --
.... .,.,.., _. .., .,,. ,...'_t...

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