Title: Florida clearing house news ..
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Title: Florida clearing house news ..
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Association
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Publication Date: June 1, 1929
Frequency: semimonthly (irregular)
Subject: Citrus fruits -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- Sept. 1928-
General Note: "Official publication of the Florida citrus growers clearing house association."
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-- AL- A- --

i 71 ro'wers-,

gotten; lf(
'ciais, ofr
fidTnc anl

-. .i.in

gebyge~, as4 equettby Article
~~6tthe~s RyiWhat the~nniua1

berj~s 6
this ddont

I.rida- Ctrs Grow.rrs
H6*iise- acifieved' atif-
progress 'its first season
,idbi ditibiiution -of the
distribution "dat co&-
-Bureau" of Agricltuf l
:United States -Depart-
riculture shows. 'A'-dis
reyky..b the,Bo~eat-has

Ug i's show:'that cars
rree directed'to.696 dif-
eti against 428'-or the
Sor an ,increase of
: ,,?'.: :. .. . .'

an increase of

Insae r aki
Ranip- tld

*s." :

roof of the value
program. and ship-
;this year :.
ibr.. of- .markets

1 a volume of
greater. than .



ry. an d._hi Vekg
Fa]Ieled oppot-,

zasuceoe~d than

edei6 !.utfiorities are

ianrdwll -give us every
Sasiastaic ,to- that 'end,
o which' is just 0as i,-
Ml do: everything Tiey
aid p`okerly can to- keep'
ts, of-th'e country opin
L producers of uniifested
vegetables, if- we wifn oiil

er'Pro6blems, Too -
ition. to the problem 'of
i- 'p-ist, w-we still 'have
i notkeeping our imitkets
lIning -theni, wASich* ';ii-

Would havi
to ~ ~:~~
.was, nio *r
the: BitWit

iqJ6.jesp' ji~

-the delega

409o06b, al
ously,~_ ia
'gani~zed, h

tion,,the4 1
ignored 'i'

vised '~-reif- fruit statute,- abd&:a' Clq" `H fik
reasonableTegiulatioiiiof ship ent, I

te .nl. g
S."Every. fraii producing seatib.'in using to i.itei
thee country, not' only citris'i but 'sbciation's-m.il
peaches, grapes, apples, plums, apri- ing the.pait' s
'cots, earsr. and- whatnot, -including tion 'pf grade
the great trucking sections through- tion-wide advr

"i',r~=_:~:I3~ ~ u

JOP, .of 'Ceaing'Holtse&boIsteri . .re.
Se grreati.results already. comp eau
.and that even. greterresults can bebitarff ee ,
riup, have made up a fund between themi;of h
absolutelyey free as prizes to :those- s6eiii-eglng i ntiemo
ower -conitracts between Jiune 8th and .Jiiy; t 9 W,
ri es will be awarded -as follows: ''. '
1st prize b- $2000
2i-. .d rike 10o0. ..
.3rd prize .- -600- 00' ;' *'
-.4th prize 2 950.- .. ..00.4. L
a :th- prize .. -. --- 25oe--;
6th pr"ze 1500 .
,. 7th prize -
9th pr -.
10- 9th prize 1__ '- 00 0 .-
-.,,,' 0th pze_.-.- -.. + ...._ .r..r:'+
,'.; -1th prize_ 10.00 .
S '12th--- prize. -- --
p,13th. prize i
1&7I4th. prize

iOiffiers or-employes of the Clearing House, or n 'jinb .bf t ir-
iiiles, ae not eligible for.prizes. Coitestntants .will e.;fiihid.
.tirery. codilewt prospect lists of, citrus rbwsi'any com initr
ntestants desire to work. The Board of Directors slial be ltb
4 final judge and shall decide winners by JulyJlStlb 1929- ---._
-C1oitestant. for-the prizes.sbhould fil n' below-their name, addresss
d.the territory they intend to canvass.,. The -learing- HQose'Vjif
d you a prospect list with membership blanks aid cornplete infor-
iti n. "In case of a tie, acreage signed up will be the basis on .hich
w -#ife llt e- decided.. 'A .grbwer's contract pill le. foyd .on
T7.of this'isue f the* NEWS; which mnay be used if groweris-
f;e d l-i~ot e one o f" the specialloprinted :opie..',--
..... r "2- "

-.- (Town); ; (C., ou"n tr -

Fletchier Asks Reibriiint

S- enera ".- (.Conft43... fr. ae Os)-,
for- trees betwep thd-ages of iP
H'JUne4 and 15 .years, and: 4fdrtroal6
inki to be defined Be"pi
"e ketlfe -"tatRin-r'6 o evide .cisaitirA
^-' +" .': t6m. eeSei<:earr.<-.I-fa :..i
.. + il.jd-~it~d....
.. ..... .. "fo+=tee -e e ..ld--:g s o .1:

ii rwatheuu u uoAier, rits wtan re
'r. Pratt succeeds J. Cur- cther' host fruits of the:Me
son,; whoresigned. that he ean fruit flomp.epsaton
i;.itmi to the du n de' o "i o iSn
b asis to, cover insadiaii t
ia9%, and' 4exutWVe yice- kedp.'costs;. Wisdeda&4i U
tirweiand Phip- with .rehpetrt9 -
k -~~S

... ...y'ounr work ,innelon with'fruit
O- 'fly .eiricatiodnhoi oabe o fgeat
I nd serve. Tbe'ie.'grewer araelie-
P-c ,ily pretty much eal aware :-f the
'*.',-; . '.. n.., ecessity-to take every precaution,
S. ifo7, but the little growers and the manl
7;t --- 'i-=" IPwith a. few., orange trees or other
:- qi -a ;- os pl ai6.nts- eied education.
-, 'The fight cannot be left to the
f: 520-2. -, overnmit alone.. Every citizen in
S:W:, 6e2--..- Sta'es a: stake in it and
S should bedAucated to co-operate.
ertruly _yours,

Ofo rnar qfN^of SW-M ef1
Sf"`^ -; .r' ~a2627.T -
S-4 nile 'N of Aubixtrdale-Lake-
^ ^W 2p2'29r-- 1ahd road (6-8a8o2
'e"' ?. i4" 2 Infe- tations
-i - --'Ma S of t Lake- elen (5-
o0-17-3 (In land griit.- No-.see-
Sif-2-26 ,ti'descripti6n available).
sa:- 5.-. sub-section 13-17-30.
sI O.ge Laike: :-.
-NE- of NW 3% of 28-
njih -- 'sidnof I Umatilla.
1*'-:. :. -SE. 'of SWW-3 of 19-17-27
1'SWWaf NW 'of19 2225 -
of. E% of 26 29. May30 Infistations :'
St. Jo n- ,
.aaid -(222.27.:- -::2 iiei of Elkton (6-8-28)
.. :8 mile y f Riverdale- o'n-igh
-.. _y'4 4-8-2.- ... : r,
S .-O ceo : --. -.
: ,AV-NE% ,,of SEA' of 31-26-29 -(9
..c.on deacrIon miles S. of Kissinmmee). ..
:- -i E corner of 18-27-30. (SE s.hoi
B'-il T'ohopekaliga" Lake).
-13-26-29.'(No section description
.y.. t t .- .7 available).

JouranL Tmnan ever nex
Eogse ites ,the r~es
xrents, of Zofie T '
n northeasternn -territ.i .f
States, and .not- w4et.o
nia nor south: of ,Whof
can Florida *fiit'tomi
zone be shipped iq6, li
States and eiglit"'Pa'cifio C
under present .quj.ratfi
ions. ..-
Because of the limits.
fruit, from. the_.diferrt.
be shipped theb Cl]e'1i g
guards distribute onr
gar4s ..

tgibuto6i i*efr the
thde. 1a i He.-i

"and sl-ii" i.. "

-. ._

Growers of
eral other epsi in El
ahead .with tleird lpl.
sonable .assaeuni e
crop can be.nia
E. J. *Devini'
made ree a
.with Dr. ~ n
o, the s.

danger o'

si.SeTmj-monthly by jthe.Fl 4JI HRpwa
E Bkfg.,i-Winter Haven, Florida.
rid s second-class matter August 31i,1928,'at.
"ce at Winter Haven, Fla., under thei-Act of'
79 : -
I.N -c r.tOgden'
iAR IInR, J' '.- creaceii City;

S . . . T. EF
>1U Eastii%

A ... . ...... .- Ta tpa
&FWALKER. . . Winter Haven
OLK.. Orlandd

r. .
Florilda Citrus __Gr6ers learig
i. Aissociation- has -inaugurated. its
.,ersiiip drive and the next.five osix:i[
1ii~.ij ess th'e securing of additional.
,xqiqurak.s of this .great organiza-.
^11Westt"libihed a:.year agororth
fiV i ab-odt'Uf better imiarkaiti

een an ats act :Q
.ss-o the part dfthe Clear~g,
tlier to ciircuimsti es- l g .
-gn mai;agern irt a
ditio'swIii.ch followe'th.e
section depaitnent -of -th-e
7ofitiileh:fflif'entIy' durn

ii ns ;i d"'itpresailed "
t losmgi- should nt;' ke.e
B&n&the "-lear1inr-'ousee

Uoverne)pt-H -ugatuiM
ricu lture handi6-offo

:' f .tf iib6 di0
7I- th4 -tbiijnegiib
suit from iit
try. nhdividua ite&&st
tbere, 6 il -'suffj cjEihfd

!as ti' 0ow.
ceeditTrigx. l

.: A us

ram are invite to get in .
ier authorities and learn "I
io io-w beiig: accomplish-. 0
..i.. i SA

... .- .' .; .. ...:_ .. ,
;: :.=WVSV, TF,-."*1 ,
^^^^ S_^',,?_" ;'' '-'' = *i-i:. .*,, ,..-^^' i.r-.- ,^ir-.1

S ohereminafter referred to ias the Associatin)
ero 0 d Chitr 9sor00obft 'e Laws of'th 'Stat
s Vo. the41Fleting jbt .lch lbridaj 'ect-i Bf I
e r^hte pp.dto ii .t ne the conditions under lnc
ra c o ei it, o ihedave ts hereof so af.to stimuiatel
i y f rd,-furthdr a d protect the' ntexets of the growezi of44
rstdd ctionindling, packing and marketing there a to t
teous loi f Floia.citriis fruit generally, and, -
e -aa"Grbower)-'~ a.grower of Florida .itrus fruit and desiref
Gi o CoiseAAssociafion td accomplish its purposieas.above det 6
ntlv tn'eements herein contained the parties.hereto doa
- ^ .- "=:,- ._, ....
A :ik:^_, ^ ;-- -, ": -
Ef ir. e brsip ai;asoiation.and agrees ,t be bound by its Charter and B~"Li
..- _. ,.I.'
.itrod nce acrqirIontrolled-by Grower shall be marketed only

h cia Insbelio-d rtification- for igrddea-
m o ehroghB 6iAper; for: each tAye'of- citrus frdit for. eaciiar
.boqx -bitr) i ya nt, e o'aiiet'e tcase .to beL determined by those aBo r
eng ofuch marketing. -, Bs for the purpose rof providing the, Ais
onormsby Aociatin such reports and statiticl data i
le coven i. oduo' fech types of citrus fruit,the condition.'e ,a-d
1-be. aveilba -ividate 'd uridn a- given. period: for marting;,.da '
!ms o n.lthoaton orthfiame aid address of It b hippder tha
'a n_ tlfip 'martfa ofunt 'Tireofo that will be marketed by Baid pshipperl

t -t ""a i hjF "- .nqwp. paper .
a inefs erthathave entered into.contracts'ith-tlie Associationto.enae
ehe 2n. o. _e

if nt' uicoiictais with all shippers inarkietiig FlIrid citria~.tIriti .w
ip., eossa demsirto enterinto. a such ontracts irith the As oscition,'. if
He;r inetiag ofFlbrida cjtrng fruits among the various mmkelts and6e
i-Speia, grading ani certficantioinfor grade and'coidi:tiorfiif da(tin 3
eadertiig of said fruit, aifd also'"in.its di i e'tloii for 'lb
-ran4hd consiteient h'ddrewith as may be deemed conducive t th6 intres t

,ied:-2: ', . ....
o.l Wy. of~Gowei's citrus-'fruit other than through. a shiiper, .'is
nWcwith'the-Aissocdiation, Gr-ower shall pay the Association, as liquidated-
'forallf itus-fruit so marketed or disposed of by Grower, together with all costs,

4. . e W,
OB. :,. -. ', *,-^ .: .;
-. -',. :". ,, .


S- Vs[-M

:. - .. ._. ....... _-
1e bf., ;-- ....--i-y '-. _?.#
on". HIS new evidence bfhe ,Eg
Sill: ed mo loridir':i b'::

ng- House in the campaign to eradate t.he. JOe
:" Mediterranean fruit fly.' Had it noti'leen.ffo -aig
thie assistance given by the. Aosscfiich, -E
.-task-of fighting the Y.. woe uldi aves eC
mendo.sl y idfreased.. o- C-m_ on us.-
h.ad scrcely made his appeal -- or- ..e ,-

lgrowers and shippers to Washmgt tapRS4 $S
or '.funds. The,delegation wa Iv
vernfmeoUt19apprpiati 4,2%6O O ft-i44
[Y--- ..I *..,.* ^^,..,


Ae- sil ..-"l;-'-_.c
".'r. ",-" '. -:_- .-..';3-. _-.-,.,--.. ,': .. ..-_ ,..: .. .9 _

tea wIe ousIOaers:as wt
ip-impressed,-the Fed
. a0.. ei

- '

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