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Title: Florida clearing house news ..
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Association
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Publication Date: May 25, 1929
Frequency: semimonthly (irregular)
Subject: Citrus fruits -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- Sept. 1928-
General Note: "Official publication of the Florida citrus growers clearing house association."
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*..w.- .i '' ri ILJ2~ IU BOU
_-A. qt y'v r - 4
04 8 ta i. rbwen' f.( ( C
jj_. 'Hdddqaai-te,-r.- WiNTER HAVEN; 01;ORLi

. Y25 1 9 9 m.

S. Pratt Noinated President and General
... ".- % :-.; -.. .-. ,,.- ': : -.,- : : ....- . .


I j..

1-t .~

,y- .


Executive EBlady
te'e of 5Q1i9 :(

Jthe Boa~id!6P D
A, G Al XiGB'I'FF, I.'-
C1 ,eaifihg
change Tti-
was uziiniO
dent of t'e/(

p4rni 90f.
natei gene m
ida Cit.us'
to succeea.&)Y1i3'.
bas. retugndedv' e
give bi*fuU( tU6. to
secretary aid maag2
eiis and Shippersjigf

* *

:i -

, '_ o. U' .


Jts. ,.ir

. 14923P


|hout Zones 2oand.3, civic or-
6tions and entire municipali-:
ir6 engaged. in cleaning up
rty 'containing host fruits or
iiles..'Groves are being clean-
pr of dropped fruit, garden
!s bearing host plants are be-
g. up by the roots and a de-
ied attempt is being made gen-
?q,' thwart the fruit fly and to
:'.it into submission.
arelessness Is Dangerous
ders in the various clean-up
igns throughout the zones out-
( the infested'areas have been
g .the importance of thor-
es in' the work. When the fly
covered in Orange county, it
-,Wit supposed that its spread
i'aUll probability be tow&il
,.id west or toward tiF
ia deelopmeit. The' hu-
iquation entered the situation
ly date however and within
lime the progress of the fly
aceable -along the roads of
.s-a result the military
Snmg the- roads leading from
Sind" infested areas has
aty l, strengthened and a
ath'maintained for both
rn.eyors of fruit or vege-
what few intentional
e"'of.-rnuit there may be.
difte and control forces
adi&i6e literally- "snowed
,',ount~.ii of details in the
ti o their work. Actual
ith; flj, as been the
'the:bild Orange coun-
o ,headquarsers bf the
is end the execi-
day and nsglit
Sregulatibns are
frequentlyy. due
ti n t arise anai
t ge.worked.
iwre ye i' bei-g
fB States De-
io ien re-

S. Part
-,' era)
S .- .,. 'atio

Statement by J. Curtis Roi n
_____: rui
S EVEN months ago I was ,etain- been de id by' the Conmnission ini mien
ed as General Manager of the favor of 'Flrida,.w.hereby; areduc- f&tan
Clearing House Association. -;tions of lver 'I'$10.O per car ws Fo
I was very reluctant, to.'give up realized ie of'iayig erae in no
my active work with 'the G owe5 s .icreased... :' .0": L' a tai
and Shippers League dof:-ELorida; o., o -' tg
This League was organized in .&e e
member, .923,.and I had been'lec' 'tignoti.
retary-Manager from the beginning. fact;ihahe e edere e
Study of the rate. situation dis- not 0 at-e lt. 'oia ru (
closed the fact that there was heavy' titled to I'eI oned v eryis- ia~
discrimination against Florida as. ly the abilityof.any .an tod le sponf
compared with other sectionsbof the tWj suh mpo iio~tant Si.t':.lie accept
country in' the matter of 'freight workof the, Lea ea the work of mg
rates. To correct this called for fur- the Cleariig Hausefocition aidd ii
their and extensive studies and the d'ofull-justi&eto Bot i: I theife- t-i ti
preparation of evidence'to be sub-6 fore,'eitremelyw'Joath: i udeiake :was
mitted.'in.'connectfoiiowith applica- the experiinent .'~,'- :' '
tions 'or relieff '-tp the .Interstgle' I as. i d
Cdfmmerce ..C6mi ision, ,the 6i og
od.-hch, y.iasjrisdictio n-g ooyld gte &
1~,~, ; Bb;,l :

M1fig to what may ormay Tfot nd liad'bieerin' nly partially s ~UE'= -' N- r
own in Zones 1 and 2. The cessful. We had secured a reduction felt it desirable to
isfollows: of approximately, one million dollars .exclusively to; the
e...':.--i:"... annually ih'the.freighiton qtr.-. 'rLer i,-UL
latons cas invlviigthe- f
CroF.:z plant nothi- egetables' was still peidingefoi -' -'
ch are.non-. the iksion'. We
ihi ;vp.. pjd' P. *.ern ;'" .~- :" ..-. _" -'. _' J .-

owersr weaesrin
25 o0D thiht lir
lifty eiel
eg ytiftC

-------.... I

II. q~ :, 4

o6d and


de boun-

' outside
ie .Three

is,;:rtab agas,Viumpsg-

leaf yor malad.dvege-

tables that & can be
One haieeben desig-
i'^of such stress, we
sebtlie respect of iur
ndhthethodusarids 'of
'ti t UnAtd States
rii with 'n -and nwho

abeen ackbi., .spinach,, c6olAdV
Swiss c s ee. ,"
. What vegetables cannot be plant-'
ed inZone One? .
SAn order issued may 18th' says do
riot, plant dantalpupe~ .cucumbers,
eggplant, ,gourds, tomatoes, .beans
of all. kinds, includingg :string and
lima, cowpeas,' pumpkins, peppers,
squashes. i.: : '
S.Will cover crops be barred?.
The authorities haiee.advised that
beggarweed, crotalaria,, soybeans
-and-velvet beans can be grown with-
out aijn, risk.
'*What restrictions apply to -Zone
Two? .. .
L v0rbl knes-.may be
.one from November.
T1 rt~tAi.ril-30th .The period from
*Juie Ist to Noyember 1stVis known
as the hoBst free period, adn'd cit-
fisor other fruit and vdietables
tit~ i. hUs for tihe- 'fly- will :be-
ai wed .to' develop t~ susceptible
.ta.e_'f maturity. After the five-
mothsiAhot free period has'elapid;
thbes'fruits and vegetables caii' be
shipped uider perniits issued bj the
'quairatine enforceinent authorities,
. 4'How'do the regulations apply to
Zone Three?
I Ai finits' and ,vegetables can bd
g nrot'and allowed"'to reach stage
aturiyihughou the .year in
,Zon ..Three. -t :
S, id ..re-trctins h. ave. beed
placed- on s-hspments from Ziione
Threet,. : ..- *I-
. -Permiis 'are required 'in ::%'oi
*Three for the shipment' 6f cititij
fruits and, othei fruits and vegetal
l1es that. are-popular hosts for'the
fly.' Permits are, ieqiired for'the
.shi.inent of the following, from
Zone Three: Apples, avocadoes, bas
iianas, blackberries, blueberries, cit-
rbs fruits of all varieties, figs,
grapes, grapefruit, guavas, kale,

SThe Stte'Plaht~io
ed reg lotibs," adlbpi
under Rule 42U. sa
fruit at a stagq of, '
,tible of infestat:ioni .%
ranean 'fruit' fly"oiisi
and/or potectie,:.
zones (thit ,is in'Zoni
be removed frdinmthli
the ground on .or..bi
1929, and shall be'd
cesaed or treated in
as shall be satisfati
spector; Provided 1
may be.kept in SrtoAr
sumption within th4;
.ida or (b)' nt**t
under such-u6nit
**ibped e'6heU* ,
ment of"iAgkcuHtiiaI
further' thati
ply toi
of the,* Q
areas andor ons

a. packing h ~fu

itself in Zobe-T

ed-top a pa cking-
The Ofe- e
ferried &fld
fruia ani0
ed'as. to:,i44

, 0

belie ho
Plant Bbar
cleaningg p. e
plying eagerly
to e terminal
quarantin'e fore
engaged' with Zt ,
the clean-up w.orli'


*.-Yok .........
iladelphia ......
itdn. .........

taL ...... ...

Boxes Gross RBpts.;


$ 7,484 296.52
3.273 800.49
661 95899

4,724,411 $15,222,76566
(12944 Cars)




'Bols GIii~~ptm.':Mos. A


$ 4,801171.20

2,925,860 $ 9,794,601.35
(8016 Cars)



S705,505 $, 1.471,092.51 .'2.08,
*276,128 ,549003.97 1.96
133.457 265.863.66 1.99
90,342 1173,937-62 1.88
S142,044 262217.37 1 93
105,892 .208.505.91 197
59.948 112.877.15.'. 1.85

S. I .

1,514,116. $ 3;036,498.19'" $200
(2074 Cars)

.~r' .-i.

,. -465 .,452,..

391,964- -4

,ab- whole~stii

* __ __ ,_ .. .._ ,_ ,. ... _._ _"

k Sub-Exchange

ges Support for,

The Clearing House

imbers of the Polk County Sub-
p'Exchange, at their annual
n gat Bartow, May 21, adopt-
.esolution pledging undivided
t to the Florida Citrus Grow-
learing ,House Association and
gipo6,the directors and man-
of, every association in the
change" that they do evrey-
,iNf their power to influence
grower members to sign Clear-
se membership contracts.
endid spirit of co-operation
ifested throughout the
aidi "President Brown,
as regards close a'ffilia-
SClearing House. That
e '6;ch to the industry in
df fixture as it will bring
rs in to the Clearing
lave,- .beeni. standing
ev.also, -that. one of
the'co.-operative' spirit
Sibe. h a. thorough

aid infes a-
4,.-y"., ; : .~

Newell Calls Upon Everyone

To, F A id in l

charge of the fight against the
Mediterranean fruit fly, broadcast
an appeal the middle of this month
calling upon every person in Florida
to help eradicate the pest from the
The quarantine of the -infested
area and other' rules, Dr.. Newell
said, may appear to be an unbear-
able burden, but these :WilFnot com--
pare to the losses that will be in-
curred if the fly is not stamped out.
"Under all the-canopy of heaven/,'
he said, "there is but one, way'oof
escape from these regulations, and
that is by- exterminating. the Medi-
terranean fruit fly. Until this is ac-
complished, these regulations or per-
haps even more severe. ones, will
continue -upoi us,
Must Act .Now
-"The need for eradicating the fly
is desperately urgent. The time to
'do- itis .all top~ short, forlif the fl,
can, have. a- few,. nnthia.nd;.theqma-.

about an immediate and complete
-destruction of every remaining'ripi
citrus fruit in the State, slve on~
those which can be marketed.uriei
the federal 'regulations. This de
struction must inchide every ifuit
on the ground, ifiddeij in'the~i 'fo
iage, lodged in the fork'of,the t~e,
or stored in the faiy kitchen. Th
destruction-must'be b. biirb'ig'the
fruit. in" a, pit,- titix:ig ,it he'avil3
with least three fet of earth ~: ,
"Every peach tret.fikl treefLahd
guava bush'in the.areasndierq
:antine -by the -.4ite Plan~-'Baid
shouldbe hunted -ot, dug up by the
roots and. burned, for thqse fruihi
are likely to carry ,the fly'throughi
despite all other efforts-. The.s;e a-
tion is desperate and if we hesitate
the battle Will be lost .'
TimeWIClimKed. ", .-
S"The tap. far too..gregt for he
-relatively mall handfull of. .trained

r"uga ln inIesr tion Dy rne pe must meet this emergncthem- tota. num
ranean fruit fly. Paid in- "The response to pur suggestion pe must meet this emergencthem- idicaing the total,
-will be put into the field at of a few days ago that growers, selves 4.. . ise entry
..that all owners take shippers and property owneragather "An.d so LappeLt ez it h
pore all'fruit from trees and destroy; by buryingwithqizik to get.intqe the-battleafn.e
-the ground in order lime,-all cull ~nd fallein;c~itsus f -ts a4t#et ii. .. ..
,eJery rule of the- everywhere :asget'ith
tl.-hhA .eei h u fl C .q e ,i5Ei f'l F--. e ai" ,. e .10

Dirib'uton. l~a
' I J : .. .

r .

is .bel


I-- - ----------- -- 1




'ra. ni, pu ". .-. ;
*'s are to..' b:ad '.i '

-~ ,-- -
o '- (Indian River Fruit not Includla) I '. '.
.. Oranei ,I Grapefrult
a a-ssmon ," Val sei -' Early Mrsh.Seedles
Bo -Average. Boxes-Average Boxes-Averare Boxes-Avergre
9lJ 812' $3:10 17,101- $3.63 4,219 ,$3.66 3,008 $3.86
0%' A473' 4.21 13,645- 3.51 3,927 3.53 4,071 4.10
50 2.62 9,923. 3.37 3,681 3.61 4,124 3.86
S..539 280-,* 10,043'. 358 2,764 3.40. 5,614- 3.74
Z Nne Offered ,' 9,386 3.44 1,469 3.92 3,680 3.64
-98, 75 14,995 3.53 2,855 4.04 3,321 4.01
"r- Jone Offerid 115,541' .3.56 2,281, 4.01. 4,170 4.15
,- .381 ,a 2.50 14,681 3.56 3,407 r 4.03 3,983 3.98
'Nori Oferid-, 12,138, 3.36 4,451 4.04 2,648 4.10
i" "8 S .1.90 :O 7,807.. 3.46 4,576 4.02 2,570 4.11
N3 .' biN Off erred 15,616 332 6,836 4.00 5,948 4.03
,-_ 79 2.93 16,073 3.05 9,124 3.50 4,950 371
." 'N&'e-Offerea 11,083 .318 5,879, 3.54 4,255 3 R.

I .'' -% .
.8 951- -A

S(K dra River Fruit Only) /
:'" -Oranes ra t
.,. *U-Sewon -- Valang as ary%' Marsh Seedlew
Av.ixdg:eB.., BoxzeAverage .'. Boxes-Average Boxes-Averare
o4 nOfferfd'j- 6,396-. $4.17- -323. $426 1,670 5.86
g;; s596'-t3." .- 2,153 3.85 293 :: 4.59 823 5.16
e-,251.! 46 :- 1 30. 14432 5.02.
2' No"Offe3 .. $4439 4 9 686 -.03 925 4.73
3 35- 29 -;.4,107 "4.16. 386. 4.L 1 695 4.62
B Nohe.Offd"i' 3,718 4.45' Ndne Offered. 3,013 5.43
218 26 3,971- 4.34 118 .4.43'. 932 -5.09
r 2,837 4A28 438, 4Q4.W. "198 5.16
I ''e6 30 116 S'.85., 1,0-. 5.83.
2.402. : -3.7 .-462: 5.01 447 5.05
2. -3.90 .129, 383 -: 658-, 5.50
,2 3.98 205& 5.10 '244 .'4.97.
,580 3.47 15 .00 733' 8.13,
e39 ;-3 5, '407,' .4'.02 1,150 4.37
8 O-, .4,7',808 Nore Offein Oe 1 15 3:96

-. . ,.* -'_ 4 ,,*

Si ige., '' i- i; .Grapefruit
ad.mso a Valen : arl- rMarsh Seedle.
'Bre-Aeragse Boxes-Averas e Boxep-AVerage Bo-ee-Averaise
$.61, 8,157 $332. 2,391 $2.97 1,226 $3.05
7,,ffed. -5,895' 3.61 None Offered. 1,564 3.20
Oferedi.: 5''8,585 3.49 ',1-637 "" 3.12 1,040 2.89
7. None Oered '6.049 3.49 1 .of 21 Q A2 fi

:'Sho Real Progress

R. B. Woolfolk, member of the
Board of Directors of the Clearing
House, recently expressed optimistic
views on the prospects for, success*
ful.operation of the Association, de-
claring.in part:
"I believe we have ironed out

Apr. 29
May 1
'-. -t
15 -

Dae .
Apr. 29
May 1

Apr. 29
May 1

tn'terially in effecting a -rn
tematic distribution.of o if'rti
There is considerable .wor1
done to perfect the orga.
'but I am confident that .oti'
will meet with sdccess.a-fas e
ciation progresses. .*'
- "We expect to add a.coise
number of grower-memb.eisk
present campaign advances'"
believe that our present ni
ship will remain intact"

Oranges Grapelrult '
Mid-Season Valenclas lEarly 'Mar'
Boxes-Average Boxes-Average Boxes-Average Bole
None Offered 3,771 $3.38 1,628 $3.24 590
.......... ;.... ...... No Auction Today......... i.
353 $3.66 7,008 2.90 2,633 3.05 'y 1"
.......................No Auction Today.............. ,
None Offered 3,471 2.91 2,992 2.79 f'-4
None Offered 4,141 2.60 757 2.51 91
.,?..:;.................NoAuction Today...:... ... .,
None'Offered 1,774 2.94- 768 2.56 ..,'i
.................... No Auction Today.........
None Offered 2,824 2.63 814 .330 "-.
None Offered 2,185 2.55 63 4.23 .
.......................No Auction Today........
None Offered 1,186 320 779 3.81 .;1
........................No Auction Today .........
None Offered 1,810 3.07 1 976 3.74 "'

Orange .0rap
Mid-Season Valenclas Earl
Boxes-Average Boxes-Average Boxs-e erage. .;
NoneOffered 4,141 $2.90. 1390 $3.21.
None Offered 1,980 3.12 238 358~.'e ,
None Offered 1,828 3.13 None'Offered .
None Offered 2.002 3.29 -1,213' 2. 2 S
None Offered 1,173 2.98 367 .3.31
293 $2.56 4,710 3.01 448' 3,40.
215 2.30 2,584 2.84 134.-.. ,3256',,
,Nbne Offered 1,102 3.00 100 3.24 ,f
None Offered 2,358 2.77 1,494- 3.19 C
None Offered ,1,084 2.81. .715 .'.3i30.
None Offered 3258 286 1,679-. '-3.85' v.
None Offered 1486 2.80 495 i,3.61 .:i
None Offered 360 2.35. 597. .' 3.54'
None Offered 3,192 2.62 1,262 '3 .42
None Offered 1,464 2.16 '635 6 '130'-4.

Oranges. rapt
Mid-Season Valencia ..Early '*
Boxes-Average' Box-verage Boxee-Averake.' -.i
None Offered 3,676 3 48 1,847 $3.04
None Offered 2,978 326 2,751 3.01 '
None Offered 1,684 3.25 1.298 3.20.

:.'None Offerfed. r
? ...
; *~' **".i-'j'I' "'*.**'


'' ~'-

o r Infeited Zones, Usually
bu One Mile Radiu. .. -
.. . .- *.. -
1C.tiesnfes.ed up to May 20, and Which are Shown
.4 7'Herewith are: Putniam, Duval, Volusia, Lake,
:.' tSe-minuole, Oringe, Brevard, Polk and Oseola.


.;. r j ... .. ,. r i , i '.
."c'-.i i-""'h;
. .. I i ...,,. ..i.i

q~sr~f 7 AT t~~y"tUS7Wit

rT~: i - ;

--- .

-L --. 0*

,, m I ct ~I I ~ I ~

r...--r sI~~..l.ll.xIU ~li

)-, ia~ -'I--"I'I"

st II nl
Y\IB..l;li r 11I1~1:1111


c.l II'I


Ilul '~I ~I ' Ili;l I1Y~1~I il~UJI nl LIl

Ill. ,I
~.~I: I I II~L-l, rltll
'' Y rCb 1I1
"" ' "I'" ""'
I11 Il ,,I *, u
' u rii. In

R-)~-L R-~~-E

.77 L;T~i~L.iT


: - -:)~q~~~

-~- ; ~CP
I ._..~.

r ~- p*

`- --I- -r


~llrlcl !I~'r~'~::

.I. I .. I .I .. I -.I ~Y-.

I~I IIIII.Iljl nlll'l
Il~oul II lvlul*lrl
IIIIIIIII Ilrl ~~lrlll ,,





SMAY, 25,1929 .
blushed Semi-monthly by the FLORIDA CITRUS
'" Taylor Bldg., Winter Haven, Florida.
ihitered as'second-class matter August 31, 1928, at.
podtofce at Winter Haven, Fla., under the Act of
eli';3, 18079.
ii;NDREWS . . . .. Orlando
.AURIN ... . . . . Ft. Ogden
Si' CARPENTER, JR. Crescent City
iCHCASE . . . . . Orlando
RIFFIN . . Tampa
IGOU .. . . . . Eustis
i'MUJDGE... . .. . Fellsmere
N'A; SNIVELY . . .. Winter Haven
JSWANN . . . . . Tampa
SWALKER .. ... Winter Haven
'OOLFOLK . . . Orlando
g42.00 ,. Single. Copies: lOc,

HE Citrus Growers Clearing House makes
oii.mnendable selections of officers. Tam-
s'i)f course, are particularly pleased that
impa man,.J. A. Griffin, is to be President
.'.. of the organization, but
ag House Mr. Giiffin's election is of
'. far more than local signifi-
S chance. From the outset of
iient ,which resulted in the Clearing
ewas an earnest supporter of -the
variouss stages of the procedure,
ure threatened owing to apparently
1a) elements, it was his clear brain
liiet diplomacy which smoothed
.hispots and brought agreement
;..He believes in the Clearing
industry in Florida; and no bet-.
S have .been found forfthis im-
.. _
Stfe w.nGeneral Manager, suc-
oison resigned, who:saw
k onghift rformatiapbeperi.di.'

*ne w 0 eI 4 wraqi.La
".. Q-fcoursei-noonexcep erti*nA
right to say tat he keow psiely. t
fly:,exmts'inFlolrida. The rest pfus ifit draw
our conclusions .from,wht the ,experts:tell up.
The'-goverinmn ts, botliState' andi National,
have spoken, and the .sta map -of the govern-
ments is-upon the conclusion that the fly-does
exist in Florida citrus groves 'and in large land
dangerous. numbers. From these deductions
made by the government; people in general
have put out of their minds all. question .of
whether the reports, are 'correct and haye
gone about dit in. a determined way to stamp
out the pest so that 'future-citrus crops will
not be hindered and destroyed.
But one man.says-it'is all bosh. -We have
heard-these's3teinents 1abouthbistreets i,. .
"It's graft."
"It's the old crow fly."
"It's just a way of gettingssome-money."
"We've had this same bug .for'years, etc.,
etc., etc.".
Well, regardless of whether tliese'chiarge'
are true or not, it still remafins:the'duty of the!
people of Florida to carry out the'drders that
have been giyehnthembji..the State .and-'0edi-
n :i h e-
eral governments. ; Te ienhn- o have ex-,
amined the larvae'and lia vds ed:uipon.themli
are men- who d6dote, th ir fitite gViudanii
time to just such matters ia t _i ) p," t
the slightest reason fdr belie vi attLey; do
not know what they are :tH .ig ab.~ut,"-and
there is every;reasoni to believe that the';aer-
age citizen;'knows'very little of the actial con-
dition. If the expert .in tie State and Fed-
eral governments are to he dispte d, thqne
have come .to a serious plight :The doqbtirs
are not nimierous, but the rae gett in:
their'work; tearing do.igth wd a k .
. '. .- .. ., .*- .. .- ' r r'..' TT' a : '

aind .the -croA'
'-Andthe ii

.situation thoroughly. With A. M. be correct. The duty of the citizens of every _PUy- eroy
ead.of.the Florence Villa growers, as county is to fo.ld.'ot th odee -.. '.." .
i&ent, the 'Clearing House has three,. v edeai o tho'e '
i9 e i ,. nid ; ederaidthortef b.
;,Qwil do their utmost fow l'A,-c U,.'
n 'and;..'

9 :ci
han.the ansly iie
com e:,:y 251
aer coil A d3sdint
United ,statesr~Ddpj"tment~
'culture ~.rnd~i theofid
Growers Clearing .ho
The :eiceini 1ueded:
.the daily. mb'bmentA of&Wii
citfi'u, as well as haht,,fY4
niiL,,Texas. 4and Arizoxie;si
,to the' amount. shp'PdWja
to various market*4eA

Ts:.li'eetrizereport -wss
-the growegs without '`cbst
portb-going but uidrixfan
glee. 'bedreportwhti

s :,BaNk Tmp

01 -

tL. your: election as man-
h. Gleaiing. House will do
AsiVe.cofifiden#e than any
Slias been madeesinvethe
ionf tibe Clearing House.
est ';,in; m~,opinion -that
nCfen ill Meet witb,.the,ap-
iefKe;.ajority of. the range
sititn'. niow is :oase 'f real
to the jgove, owners
~ ~ -1oi

11. :skew,
i codg6fat0lat e ofa-
e~tb litis e aenI' htiw e
mi you 'and your ability.

70ftrI .'L. -Askew,
c.-Trek -.. Mnagerd
-., .* -.
ee .a, May.... 0, 1.929. .
.,.tt^ ....: ,-* ....,!
fla?., "*- -: "- ': -. *
into congratulate Clear-
.- wise selection of
;FT.'he i Department

^linido^ggl ^;?
p andrsgtad ar ei
mA iiduager CleariHou

.service any .time com-
T-E ,: C.', IHT.
Hi ] EO." NIGHT.

tionrI'Keep;r ',le avisedi as.' to ,,yur
plans a'~d policieisanu'diw will gladly
co-operate with; you. inm every. *ay
poss lble.--C. C.: Commtnder. '

Statement By J. Cirtis Robinson
(Colninued from Page One)
has.been made. If-thegains already
made can be retained and the Clear-
ing House' advance, from this point
without 'loss the prospects are
bright for a control by the Clearing
House of the Florida citrus industry
which..will enable it in succeeding
years to-materially improve market-
ing conditions for the benefit of
both growers and shippers. This is
ny- earnest hope and wish for the
eaing, House Acssociation asJ e-
t *6' i.o the gen .-managership.
.' I cannot overlook this opportuni-
ty f ,expressing -my gratitude -for
the. hearty co-operation which'. I
have' received during-'the pist-sea-.
son from growers and shippers,
fromthe Board of Directols and the
committee .a'd from 'the vanius
members of thie ofrioe- f6rce. I be-
speak ''for 'y successor the same
hearty co-operation anid support.

Bill To Reimburse -

Growers t rjFrIt

: 0Loss is Introduced

*A -bil; to. reimburse farimegr and
fruit .growers of the south -hose
crops--have been destroyed by the
fediterranean -fruit fly, was intro-
'dqced-.May 12 by Senator Trammell
oIf Florida. -
- An: appropriation of,a half mil-
lion dollars would be authorized,
part of,which could be used to pay
losses sUstirned by growers as a
railt' nf tha wnmntniAn nf A rtrmi-

ceFit P9 .'' E F LPierce
.Adam Pcking Co.. Auburndala
Alexander ,. Baird_ Beresford
American Fruit Distributorse
American Fruit Growers Orlando
Armstrong,.'F. .Palmetto
Bilgore, David, Co. .- Clearwater
Blake, Ellis G.. -Lake Helen
Bredow, F. W.- Glenwood
Burch, R. W., Inc. Plant City
Carey; G. A. Inc.__ LPlant City
Cartlege, W.'C. -Crescent City
Chandler-Davis Co. Lakeland
Chase & Co. Orlando
DeLand Packing Co.- DeLand
Edwards & Weller Fruit Co.
Ellis-Chase & Co. Lakeland
Emca Fruit Co. _Crescent City
Evans, C. H.___..Palmetto
Fellsmere Growers, Inc.-Fellsmere
Fields, S. A.,& Cbo. -Leesburg
FleschiL-Bros& '. Auburndale
Florida Citrus Exchange Tampa
Florida-Mixed Car Co.--Plant City
Florida United Growers, Inc.
Fosgate, Chester C., Co._Orlando
Ft. Meade Packing Co._Ft. Meade
Godfrey, T. E. Orlando
Herlong, A. S., & Co. Leesbura
'Holly Hill Fruit Products, Inc.
Indian River Fruit Growers
International Fruit 'Corp.Orlando
Johnson, W.'A. Ft. Ogden
Keen, J. W. Frostproof
Keeie, R..D., & Co. Eustia
Ladd, Thos. E. San Mateo
Lake Chrm'Fruit Co. Oviedd
Lakeland Co.' The T Laeland
Lake Walel Fruit Packers, Inc.
SLatke Walel
Lee County Packing Co.-Ft. Myeid
Lee, J. C. TLesburg
Lovel~ee Packing Co. Winter Haven
Lyle, J. P.- San Mateo
Mammoth Groves, Inc._Lake Wales
Maxcy, Gregg, Co. -Sebring
Maxcy, L., Inc. Frostproof
Milne-O'Berry Packing Co.,
____ St. Petersburg
Mitchell, J. M._. IEfers

d, eeg-etab ?l' In1 a,'tateiim
u d-M ay 12th,'Dr. Newell ,
.-"Just- one..ripe .fruit ove
or neglected may carry the. fai
through, and I now appl.
earnestly to every' citizen. o"f
ida, from Key West to P6i4
regardless of calling or cbl
exert his efforts to the ti
bring about an immediate ad
plete destruction of every:I
ing ripe citrus fruit .in ,tP9i
save only those which can-bi
keted under the Federale'gul
This destruction must inblud#
fruit, on the ground, hidden
foliage, lodged in the forisi
tree, or stored in the family n,
This destruction must be b 1
the fruit in a pit, treatingiI
with quick lime and coverini
at least three'feet of earth':
"Every peach- tree, -ig+tie-
guava bush in the area unr
antine by. the State Pla-
should be hunted out, dtikjii
roots and burned, .tor.t-l
are likely to'.carry the-.'fi
despite all-other efforts,
-Are the quarantine fd
ing fruit in Zone Ohie' i' '
been marketed 'when.
The first mbnth ft
discovered the duthoriti '
295,000 boxes of such.,
Zone One. And-the,.. l
ward as rapidly as'p
After the. fruit' haase
from the trees, in atin
erty, what efforts.iar
stroy the flies in t
may develop ft-inrom" s
in the soil?. .
All infested i:
sprayed regularly t
and- the work'is ein
rapidly as forces' cari:
organized. At the ',iB
month 2274 employee" r
job, 17,000 acres'of it
had been cleaned. A' i
load of 21 cars o' eq
rushed to the State by
i States Devartment 6f A.riii



*. . '- ' i
r made by Flaia Gleason..State.
iUstrallon. nt. at thb meeting.
lbidai: Strte *ortiultural Society.
pri 9-11). ,'. .
NKING over the subject
gned to me for discussing I
-impressed with its import-
ram several different angles.
,been ,wondering just what
[say that would be of inter-
oYpu. .
Tlhe Family ,Diet. .It is an
iytbat fresh fruits and
lesr are essential for good
yet .too many of us do not
em: the necessary place in
t,.' bat eat them rather, in a
,i;,way until some form of
h.forces us to them. They
ie'c greatest doctors in the
i4a seem .very indiffer-
"to whether. ie.have:,themh
onis daily or not. "Are
7., All Run Down and All
a.,plendid article appear-
ope of our southern agricul'
ipers' a short time ago. The
*told-how his neighbors had
i*.inost of the winter with
ffAihe '"flu." Not a mem-
*fiamily had been ill They
ity.? of fruits, vegetables;
milk~. products on their
SthblA ese, foods are
s.- iv e-but not
;bills and. -loss of
or' schooL Every'
lit:'to .'ood health.
to give' this.

,fo' rm.ilk l sufc(taleeI hatftfu
'anacid t13-' .hbl%('. TuJ
the citrus 'fuis'4. ital,' ,Jii
ed phlisph'atls' :a. 'd tht ..i merat
necessary. 'to souid 'teeth'' -tW'iQr
in daily need of. these ma~ ri&li-
chart 'prepared by :Dr. iRose;'.lii6
bia University, shows ',t,'at,,,the
orange'has almost three ,ies;'as
much calcium as the potit&.' ,r'
The salts, and aci4s of orapges
together form an excellent-mild'and
natural' laxative for children Wiriie
the vitamins help,to build souid;
healthy body and, promote grbwth.f
The use of citrus fruits in school'
lunches is strongly urged by home
demonstration agents and home
economics'teachers." TIn ordei' to'
collect more data .on the value .6f

an experiment was. carried out' at
the Florida State College f6r Wo-
'men, under' the supetvisid: of Dr.
Tilt of the research department.of
the School of Home Ecornomics. The
children of the 'priniair afid kinder-,
garten division of .tie Demqnstrla-
tion.School were used for' the.test.
At the beginning o.f the experimnt
the age; height and- *eighto.of each
child was obtaiied.i Thrdougi th
boop eitioi- df, he college ahysijean
a physijil akamiiiaiio ofiictctild
was invade'. Only thosp.'chld n.
were ftiee gain were-'us dn:"th
test.. Two groups were select
'contaiing' about the same :number
of formal and 'unde~r~iglit c~l
drbn: 't" the iecess. Oeiod -ti.l
members ,'of- one group_ receMf d
;glass of milk. and the .mne ts
the, :second Igroup the'juice-.of'
',ranike.i All children; weretweigbed
'weekly. In most 'ces the children

nean LnaS Lne mi
food ele- Igain.ol
appetiteb,?' ected

formation .can
couniity home'
-(3) Va pe

: group
%A v'-

4 .... _ . A

S.'r HEREAS, the Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing.House Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) i
._ A ii a gi .... . l.-" ., g-. .. Gro w e r s F lo r id a c itr u s i .. T J-
i-':i-n association' Ebnposed .f growers of Florida citrus fruit, incorporated under Chapter 9300 of the Laws of the State of','"i
i' Flori .,.anid hias.for its purposes.to provide collective action with respect to the marketing of such Florida citrus fruit,'_\
Sto itriibute thesame among the various market over the marketing period, to determine the conditions under which it",
n.' .. .iy be..marketed, to provide for grading and certification of such fruit, for the advertising thereof so as to stimulate the
." .-demand therefor., to do such other things'a s.iay safeguard, further and protect the. interests of the growers of Florid'a ,
cities dfiruits by the promotion of higher standards in the production, handling, packing and marketing thereof and to take .'
Vs'ych other measures as may be advantageous to growers of Florida citrus fruit generally, and,
'WHEREAS the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as Grower) is a grower of Florida citrus fruit and desires to
; Join witli uaembers'o the'Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Association to accomplish its purpose as above set forth, 'i;
ow, therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained the parties hereto do agree- '-
follow ;
1. .-Grower hereby applies for membership in said association and agrees to be bound by its Charter and By-Laws.
S .- 2. -Grower.agtees: -
i-) Th- all the citrus-fruit-produced .ac uiredr.e ntrolled by Grower hall be marketed-on troug
- o. = .. .f.. t.i.frith the- Ass .
CAZ ower shall be.bound by 'sichrdles, re.gulations and instructions with respect to the pickld hi h
p ackm.i-o grading and marketing of citrus fruit as may be issued from time to time by the manager of the Assocition.':
n.'-deauthority conferredby thi&-Board-of .Directorst- ... .-
(".) Thiat .the Assocition-d may provide for the official inspection, grading and certification for grade and copdi-'.
S.tion of such citrus frdit. '. ..
sl That the Association may mlake, and collect through shippers, for each type of citrus fruit for each market- ,
M' so -a. uniform charge, per box or-its equivalent, the amount m each case to be determined by the Board of Ditec-:
b-rs'~ f ie'sociatioii before the beginning of such'marketing season, for'the purpose of providing the Association with.'
i'';i-find0i-o. itsmilaintenance,. conduct and'operation.
'. *-,(e)'j) Th at Grbowe'iill-iubmit on forms.furnished by'the Association such reports and statistical data as ma~4ihb
;--'I :'e- request iit 'from:time.to:ime;.covering the production of each type of citrus fruit, the condition thereof, andlthed'
probablyl e"amount by sizes thatFwill be available at a given date ordurng a given period for marketing, and the qual.t"-
.thereof. "
(f) That Grower will profinptly notify the Association of the name and address of the shipper that is to map,.
ai. pa.rt of Grower's citrus fruit, and;the'aiproximate amounf'thereof that will be marketed by said shipper. '.
3. .bonsidration.bf the foregoing, the Association agrees: -
i~a:iYti ontify Grower on.request and at reasonable intervals by mail or through newspapers puhaiibU 'i
t ill'a~6f Floaida ; of the name of shippers that have entered iihto contracts with the Association to en4ble'i t
,> .1t'far ,ifr .'.t n -drid'ers' of the A&ociation." '
r -adb' Ti-w offre'rto enter into. such contracts with all shippers marketing Florida citrus fruit.whoiared
SeiM.a ` f~ib inaldiwho ,express a desire to enter into such contracts with the Assodiation. '
lg fiB j"c t i .gt.the-marketinj di Florida citrus fruits among the various markets and over the ,
i'. ing vdt ofr~~ficfliial inspection, grading, and certification for grade and condition of said frit in acco
i ti .thr'U niit d&ial, 'provide for the advertising. of said fruit, and also in its discretion for thh doing', f-'"sa
- W: oth things authoi~dd its charter and consistent herewith as may be deemed conducive to the interests ofgr
F lorida i.itus fruit '' .,
S4. It is mutually understood and agreed: *'
:.,, .(a).. .:That..ifsGrower should market any part of Grower's citrus fruit other than through a shipper, dist
y ^ .rb'ea'gencyt~dat.his entered into d'ontract with the Association, Grower shall pay the Association, as liquidated diimae
i: ._at the rate of fifty cents per box for all citrus fruit so marketed or disposed of by Grower, together with all costs. urem- i.,

*- ~ ~ ''' i

F Ln .. ?

t: .:' ." T;'. ...~- -'"i "4: -.t'~ "? .. .

,.I -,,


R. B. Woolfolk, Vice-President
American Fruit Growers: "With so
; many millions invested in the citrus
industry, anything that will do what
the Clearing House has set out to
accomplish is worthy of the support
of all. Encouraging progress is be-
ing made and the ultimate goal will
mean greater profits."
L. M. Rhodes, State Marketing
Commissioner: "We've got to quit
.fooling ourselves and get together
-.in a way that will mean a square
deal for all parties concerned, if
we're to save ourselves. If you feel
S,the Clearing House isn't what it
ought to be, get in and help make it
a success."
." Prof. Robert W. Hodgson, Uni-
'. versity of California: "California is
.'Ipeculiarly interested in the organi-
Szation of the Florida Clearing House
dthe West Coast is exceedingly
-D.see the plan succeed. By
eW shi'ent of uniform grades
of good quality fruit, control of the
movement to the markets and stim-
ulation of demand generally for the
Florida product, the Californians
believe it will then be possible for
the two states to handle their prob-
lems to greater mutual advantage."
p- Tampa Morning Tribune: "The
hearing House is here to stay-be
ssured of that. It will, by force of
imb.er and common sense upon
ich it is founded, survive these
ftV ks upon its basic principles;
itwill, sooner or later, put into
-'iefect the orderly marketing of
rida' citrus."
.ter W. Rose, Orlando: "The
.who-fails to join the mass
jt for the good of the in-
wtanding squarely in his

What Leaders Think

Of The Clearing House

own light; and not only in his own
light, but in that of others, for the
neighbor is made to suffer the con-
sequences of others' acts in the cit-
rus industry, where all must sink or
swim together."
J. P. Holbrook, Orlando: "Grow-
ers who try to walk to market alone
saw off their own legs before they
start by refusing to join the Clear-
ing House. Such growers not only
rob themselves but starve their
Dade City Citrus Growers Asso-
ciation: "The Clearing House is en-
titled to the heartiest support of
every producer of citrus fruit and
every grower should sign up as a
member. With crops increasing rap-
idly in every producing section, not
only of United States but of the
world, growers must unite to secure
intelligent marketing of the crops
or disaster will certainly overtake
A. M. Pratt; Chase and Co.: "We
must sink our petty competitive
problems to their relative position
and keep ever before us our com-
mon problem of survival. We must
co-operate in order that we may in
a far greater sense compete for our
due proportion of the food dollar."
E. S. Briggs, manager-secretary
American Fruit and Vegetable Ship-
pers Ass'n.: "Regardless of any
statements to the contrary, I feel
that the Clearing House Association
has accomplished considerable good.
If they have done nothing more
than to bring the various factions
together, so they can look on each
other as human beings, they have
justified their existence. The seed
of distrust and suspicion is a para-

site which drains the life blood out
of all business.".
W. J. Ellsworth, Dade City: "Fel-
low growers, let's 'wake up.Y Let's
give the Clearing House the backing
necessary to enable it to achieve
one hundred per cent success."
Review of Reviews: "One great
mark of progress (by Florida citrus
growers) must benoted. This is the
recent establishment of the Florida
Citrus Growers Clearing House As-
sociation. The new association is
working for the advancement of the
Florida citrus industry as a whole,"
W. R. O'Neal, president of the
First National Bank & Trust Com-
pany, of Orlando: "Citrus culture is
and has been for the last 50 years
the backbone of South Florida's in-
come. As the population of the
United States increases and demand
for citrus grows in the same ratio,
the successor failure- of South~'Flor-
ida is bound up in the proper dis-
tribution of the product."
Dr. J. H. Therrell, president of
the Commercial Bank & Trust Com-
pany, and former president of the
Florida Bankers' Association, Ocala:
"There is no doubt as to the eco-
nomic soundness of the Clearing
House fundamentals. The grower
who lines up with the Clearing
House is certain, given an honest
and efficient management, to profit.
Capt. F. A. Bizzelle, DeLand
grower: "Hundreds of thousands of
dollars could be saved if growers
would learn to think and act co-
operatively. Once they get into the
Clearing House and learn to work
together, they -will master their
problems. They will not get what


they are entitled to until they do. I
always have made money from my
groves. I want to continue to make
money from them. That's why I
joined the Clearing House and am:
urging other growers to do the same
Peter O. Knight, Tampa: "It is
the most worth-while thing that has
ever been done for Florida."
Iliff Conger, Tavares, grower: "If
the gain by united effort among the
growers is 25 cents a box, 21 cents
of that is clear profit over what he
otherwise would have received,
after the Clearing House retain of
four cents a box is deducted. And
25 cents a box or 21 cents a box on-'
a 20-odd million box crop would be
putting approximately five million
dollars in the growers' pockets."
W. J. Rogers, cashier of the. Bank
.ofi Tavares: "One of our growers
last season shipped a car of frit-.
which netted him $4 a box---an ex-,
ceedingly good price. This grower-'
also had fruit of the same quality in
another car which left for the same
market the following day. On the
second car he netted 50 cents a box.
The market had 'cracked up' be-.
cause of a glut. Such gluts are not
likely to occur when the Clearing
House functions 100 per cent, but
it can't function 100 per cent until
there is a 100 per cent signup of
Arthur Brisbane: "Southern Cali-
fornia, part of Arizona, part of
Southern Texas and South Florida
contain all the land in America suit-
ed to citrus fruit growing... What
is now sometimes a glut will change
into.a scarcity." i

Governor Carlton

GOVERNOR Doyle E. Carlton:
"All interests in the industry
must co-operate with the Clear-
ing House. I am loath to think
our people are less intelligent
than our friends in California
who, by co-operation, find reward
for their labors. To give up the
Clearing House idea now means
to fail. It means going back to
cut-throat competition and waste-
ful methods. We find our salva-
tion in standing together."

President Hoover

message to Congress April
16th, said: "The pledged purpose
of such a federal farm board is
the reorganization of the market-
ing system on sounder and more
stable and more economic lines.
To do this the board will require
funds. . to authorize the crea-
tion and support of clearing
houses, especially for perishable
products, through which, under
producers' approval, co-operation
can be established with distribu-
tors and processors to more or-
derly marketing of commodities
and for the elimination of many
wastes in distribution."

" .'*

Aiiio e s By Signing the power's Contract On the Reverse Side of This Page And Mailing It iqto,
2' tC Headquart at Wirv, F .

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