Title: Florida clearing house news ..
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Title: Florida clearing house news ..
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Association
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Winter Haven Fla
Publication Date: March 1, 1929
Frequency: semimonthly (irregular)
Subject: Citrus fruits -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- Sept. 1928-
General Note: "Official publication of the Florida citrus growers clearing house association."
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,-.,r -1,

*r .-..-- .~:. .
jl-'94 19,c
~~- Z~i~:`~"
O'Is -11

March-- '0, sCit

D z. -N 4. .. .. .
Scala, March 15, City Hal
Land .March 18, .er-
S nCrct Ciy, Mrc 1
|r-i HigK ol3 p m.
i- -, r- *-

il .'Ol ao; March. 18, Chamber -

^M11 ';*p ;^ h:-19, William .
..Edward .Hoter, 2 m. .
20l iimee -March 20, Tour
. -9. z..t Club,..2 ,.m." -.-.
,b -D 8 -b to ct' D No .
.ebing, March' 15, haotemb
. Snana" -Rosa' 2:3,0 p. m.- ..
So.Fdt Pierce, March 18, Courtl.
"' II '

t^ oh e,:7, O.p.mV" .- -,.;
SBahach 19, City
Hw all,.7:rQi;p.'m.
,- Co-oa, .March 20, City Hall,
S'' 30 p. m. ,


cl-bal-I Al


ing ii .uinunuorCTnurMEyGiLuuw.

dlW6,Mlatla ;F_
6ftbtq~of hAWL Rida -.3x
Orznd -C. .CidrThin~
-,F -Mdi;-.--abion- N~t J.

&* . a
-E ~ naturee VA.o-ka; F.G. ldoorebea&De m ~de,.a -.4
"A J. Bumr,- JrnjLake-Wales; sR.
reomnekeenie, acsis 41jci~ iwq
gif-mkM of; t_BeY:eq
toii.;-,emw e vlie. d
e~C aeo elected- chimnoftepeeting- ~ig c
Y PacIiiii j bouse ,Aftr 'a statement of tliepjupos -
.owarprat., h6of the mesidng,. it Uaikfdni~d,3*
it SuE.ek consider? thb-recqmA4#0i nsxhicliV li&
7 lDSad alieEAba beenmaae 5theGieen jtc;a
grl' Fruit.Comimftteo,: df-:,Ak,
hD- -4t-.was. mtvef-. Wi'.HWMbs Ihi
e ~ioI'tion o th at itbe theeihat it
&Mrnyuf t _h rles itee.t the ndard' of
o'iatd~bythetet ~-.E;l~tiu;fors oia~angea: of.~i

.It ~~a~- lv~a
~he4~~t tei twee Jul 4sAtu 1~ ~ s~ en9 H
df any year-adths datxtb
7 i. -ft

ME ~ ri X une .I ie iam

i d ite was adidA)

of tbp eaup ofU f "I
-.6 f if'f~''-is'e iect pou, tw. iifajeli
jier exi t f. Th1`citop, -he saidd. suffer a
rea',of-the lo~!ss',6f alobnd $5,O00OO ~a- Wi
4-x6i na ifly fo eanos6,and450,DO
l 9temend rot. TheVosesfryiA
MhrIs :_:'Ae~b~ dtex7 dav OWen _6160

0 pg1 btiio

usk-" gave~'. tgo~noi
ab cii g x Ahet.peentage fof
lRth4.;_r'j~ .-dndejr- Atiei different soil ciiffl
isit4ofvthe tniohi-o-ithe state, whicih- "he ~id
W.t6 Iha ---d b ':fl een -carefully estimated As
fjt~l lisied-,%jy. bim_ -they are hammnock,
on-,i hghndtqowj I24 per entk 28eafit
cbvte con pmaif -~ eni~ia niindck 23, fC.t
~cLpesta, W6diinieludig semi-flat wopds,
942;, and-xmiscehlane

~Agi~s Byerz

F-members -W1 -anpy 4-pnatance are schemi'UnKgt'
zs~ t~jherob the girowers- of what iighfzl
by~iu beidongsto them~-and .4ttem~ptalwmcl
. p 4-

&d.j-- ia be made -by -out~idervu o'A I
ftifkembjt9 h jidw-mIiiben r s of the AAiaii &R!i'
1. emb~ii "Ho l.-Ap. I~earv theii~contract. 'Sim,

a&- &i~ pI Iiiieljnean 'tfbuble fir b-for iie
1o0-ther -grower and!.oiutide. buyer in -quph
Xqi~ger tion. -
_%. "h- &(U_ T nM I

W.flosnames ,do appapon'

Iti' Iplhwe oiT the- districts
14ity' "Hall, Winter Haven;
Ie .fo6f"Commerce. Tampa;
aileesburq;- Chamber of
e DeLaind; ,Chamberi :of
", Orlindo; Court' ,Hosie,
eacb) i C6dot rHouse, -Arcadia.
eis-.of- the,, Advisory Com-
a't bhe chosen: at regional.
Sdijfferefit points in the
doifncts. Sch regionlmeet-
.een 'arranged -in each
y testo.be held during the
-Mhirii 1. -to 21, inclinive.
Egni meeting wif .ij n
onrocituis problems and
addressed by1 leaders in the
in. -that f tiese prdilems
dial interest to all growers-
ieiibbrs:. 'df the Clearipg
ap-d i'non-menmbers-effort .is
"de-to- have-all growers at-
; .- . *... . .
#re `fr nominations for the
r-co mmitte- has been out-
eNt e.e Tebtion committee as

.nitt-.. ..L 50 .i ondinees-
&A lno ameetmg shall be.

WinterHaveni; C. L --Biidi ,Win-
ter -Havelq;Th Tr Tho4mfion,. i-
tqi Has.enj W. R. Hil-Wiiter
Haven; Jaimes .C. Mprtonz AbuAnb -
dale;Jon D. Clark,,Wver
Lathbr', Winter iay.. D., G9. y
Haines City; JameesiompsoWin-
ter. Haven; IL -E. Faircild, W
Park, ha.es P.ani4 ,Lal d.
District Twobi Director J.ames T
Swanin Tamp -.- .,... ,:'"-, .- .-.
. Members of Advsobry..Committee
R. p. Clewis,-Tampa; C._W ..Lyns,
Tampa; C. C. Wiggin, Plant ity;
Harry Jackson, Lutsz; C. -A. Free-
man,-Lithia; H. H. Constantite, Jr.,
Clearwatert J.. S. Taylor,; Lago.C..
E. Jackson,i Palik Harbor.-'E'. -"- :
District .Three-T Diirjctor Wil M
Igou,. E ustiefr--- .-'.' "
Members .of -Adv% ry Committee
S., P; Burt- on. raildai T.
Daniel, Br.ooil. ; T. homp.
son, Dade;: City-3Bc reva-t'Ta
vares;-WC-LDa uelEstis, Alfed
Armitage; UmatiUl X2 G- .Bown;
.learwatr. :- -;
- Di t',Poiui rector, Tdm-.S.

.ajA Jt~

,. :.-.-...:.,--. 4 ..^ ,aA _
* '.:.. -. -L
. ,To -al.Oi- ge ra ., -

. RAPEF. i ,I,.I '-" B. .

-% T A -,.'t'a'

T... f.-_..i."&

- ern -_ . .--'1. -E ~

.4A*brvo 4 tr_- -:Txy-

dtir bn the comniittee Members of Advisory-Comn
hearing House member- W. Reck, Avon- Park; J
iricuar district. The Brown, Vero Beiaeh .,i-,
)iitteiemen by. dis- Fort TPietre :-W.A.---Hestot
:" .; :( Dish& '., Bferk6W

.__ -- D" /h.Q4. bir 'ti.y 0 i j
^rdp ny-^oSiai

, .2 .- .e i.

-6 059 -' 1'80-
.- ._ 583 '-'.: 86
6966 199

^* y67-ei '2.08
-,741' -2.06-.
.-." U -. ; '-.. ,
. ^ -y- , -T_" ^ ^ .,-

$'J* ~-.7

:r-LT- Todda-
1,19- 1:
2'i67 - 2,
:.-851 '2.
"4232 2.




ag r~

;F. T ~

Sij._.-- ,',uunuu .un, mr B ravance; Ox-'mU a
i pro7o tion of lordidac'dtrus ilaBa ith
piis season i ad'been shipped ip'to killed wbere:a
-March -i' Oin thit date th'e rto4 1iQlk l -018,.
%ioveiientzf-or the season; scord iied citu~s, 48
into. Associated Press figures a6,6S cars
plied by the railroads, w as 36j128. saei te" this s
carisagainst-a. Clearing House esti- or nearly 10;0QO'cahs
iatie of 55,321 cars for the' sason. season's shipments '
-'Up to -March1 --the Assoeiated .''
Press' reported that 18,964 cars- of .
.ranges had been transported; 14,- DISP.AY. AT- J IL
i79 cafs of -grapefruit; and 2285 ,
cars of tangerinei. Various o
2The Clearing-House estimate for now are contri
the rdpi is: oranges .30,700. cars; State Dearentit
grapefruit-22,275 cars; tangerines, exhibit in the Jale
'2446 cars.-' :- the fruit& -and
On -th- Ihasiasof -hne OClearing cha ti
S seeestitidiegzip .March 1- there lhch-tiBa&kie
oui -t -y-have.beei approximately- .o the' r.i
12, 00 ears of oranges fo -rpll-to Aprif 1

-,- -25 15,933--' 2.97- 2;826 -.2.94- -
.26. 12,248 2;74 3,778.. 2.94X:.-.
27 119045 -2.64 4,343 2.89,
28 10,895 2.60 -4,850 .7.1
...- _28 oCi -.2: ;.: ;..:

o.rs- .. Gra,
a ':.te eBie Av erae K-Y' e-Ba .e- ;e
;eb4'12-. 2,146. $3.02- .- '2, .060
S. -13 2,109 3.07 . 2492, "
S 14 :-2,321 3.04 2,469 -
S -978 8. 3.43 -2,119 ;- .'.
+- 18 2,42'1 3.07 2.32;899 .-
S19 1,487 3.10-. 1,889 .. -2.9', .
2 NoAuction today. ..
21--- 4,305 3.09 - ,0o2 .
26 5,795l 2.84. -894,9 2.
: -26 8,37-76 2.86 3,8
22 1,714 2.86 -- 5679 8. '"
.28 8,549 3.04 "- 0162
On. Oes -r
-Dite. .Boie-AveraRe t."6x-epA. .*.
Feb 12 No.Auction today. :
13 2,704 -$2.62 .1,95. $2.51
14 No Auction today.
15 2,423 2.49 1,508 2.54
S. , > .. * **;- ifj

[: **'
-:y l,.

'S~~; Gi~l$wars
eflA.,Pofrts t,-re-

in 60`0cars
hP&f-6t ii rerop
06~ls d !byen

wne --am.ung
'ers--Avt fi'be-
maitst -W1
w. 1qunc

prnenw uowil- 1
P(lesaring House.'

ItLibwiiig ~a I
joVMOO 'c'a", --the
oe- led-i-m' 15
pt-Wek. In June-.

"i. 'L_ i "n"c t "- M),i'-i." 'Ap-.8
bloom,^fob ca.L ,a. rn.
Bordeap.. plui '.pcent o.
-.44iinkegjlphur. ^Eht ap~ud?
peail ~ind, -Plm f_ Spray. am
witli lead ,argerate to t con'iol
curcedIio (wornmness).- gan
Turn. .under winter cover cro
and' all disea ed -atair:il' to as-
sist "i-j.He control .f. scab;, -D-
not, set trees after March 'o'
Sidi graffsnamiy.be putnarsin oor
as bark will slip, but hip bads
Before. -

of- grapefri t left. In other Woirds,
the 4-unshippred fl,;00 I'ca.rs ofo-
anges and 9..00 caris of giifrii.
making 20,000 ears yet to go 'o'-
ward, make ;a total .crop _of 561)00
cars,- which- is higher thani' ost-are
now esfintima g on.' accoufiitt'ti he
constantly-increaseing prcenlta .o0
waste and drop in all variletes.- :.
Ever. Distribtiob u DifRficlt
"Using. these aunn figures,
our grapefruit ishjiment at 800~cars
a week would be inoved, by- the flrst
of' Jin e-.Bec~iae of the los-t by.

unase at-u%_.ised~i
Mi A5.TB- UQ; C-- D-Uad

-~Clae &NL- -Tkid'

j' ,-- -

~~~~~1 .-~. ~ ~ u Ijn

08ogte, :Ched
C-F& eide-P4ckb

ly the result obf the-.Clearing Hons
advertising campaign C assifym
a third of the miied cars asigrapt
fruit, -goVeinmi fnt fires show 99
cars of grapefruit ishipped- o -th
we 'w iSiv--,ebri uary~ 2nd; 81
cars the wedk -following; 860 fo
he -we6, eniding'eiBrary 16ti ain
.867 .o, lf.r3we4ekj."- jfaW d.-i

pped mto, mate or
and two- I frost dam





LO grpi

It inni

.f p .
4. - :. -:
o -: '. ," .;-- ,'" -

1]P.GA -)ALn 6ffoi.;t yW,-he, mmdetd stand

r S:^*i\ g ,' \ -. *ia

03] ._ttiedvertiaement app ,ng.

of iork oni the otbf yo"ur r"B.ii
za'itnowirill"be a great }el m in ;
irng this te in the position t right-
full deserves .. .'' -
'iion ia e m best wishes forcon-
.tiied success..
i. Cordially- ours,
ia Retail Merchants' Apn.,
A; .N.,-Brady, President.

S.Miami, Fl~Feb. 7; 1929.;
i ":;," .,ro w e r s. r
leading Houe Ass cateion ... .-
J, B nj l ,^ uie ._ : ,

entleme.: -
Allow me to congratulate you oon
the full page advertisement inithe
*,Ladies'- Home Journal of tlhieFei
mariy, 1929, issue.. .-
This;. tpe of advertising- means
miiui to-EIorida. .It'is not onlyf at
tractive aind wellH gotten. up, but.is.
initrictfve, and should Bring a-re-
tirii that will make the expenditure
anal in 'omparison.
I' sincerely hope you .will -on-.
tilnue-to rin these ada every-moni
tis:fiteresting to note the compari-
son-be4tween the' -Florida, ad "ihd
that ;b -fheCalifornia Frut.'" o?
ers&Assoeiation. Their raisi:ad
very fine but their citrus ad is i -
ing in- omparison with that-oflor;
ida. '
.-" write you not only as a ceit
x ecuflve; ..vitPy, interestiedt.in.ei
fitfuire growthof Florida, but asya
oirner of *a 20-acre grove. ,
Cordiilly yours,
Miami Credit Bureau, Inc.,
Frank G. Hathaway,
th. 'Ok-.A qz l br....A-lr ,. .

recommenaea .as
- :-. .n .pers, On.
.provisios -of.. t
- commit any. ac
ti T-e. unlaiwul
r jknqo8in gly'V
able-rule orrei
promulgated bj
of gil*ue
the authority
given sah -bet

than five s
-. t
I wras-m ea

~a- c m a r A a -ue -


ed yar i 'thd_- a3:s
H14 a a-rwrb i!tUeiner th ff -odm6ebeIh~,
-'K 1

'o 4AWi
~~T~ ~ sn- layi~ e-h ~u e jwe~oim.
j f 'Sd- -.Cdffi-"

Afr a- agrwe bZZe
- as~di~~ :this'e~ in t~ ivi:c area a

-' -paratzve-lyabua 'g&* nr cwee thathih
Mr-i' N U iiiA -etirns hs th r Vv.h Oa
~b~l~S~f7. ofi~S~~tv Tprlce ''

e erq.ea.r we n ... .Ir
t -,h rT
_1k .. ... ..

iW_1 aLpei1 10
'Cffho-fff, o,riqjrzt .. W-, -80Abr
i II tiedt itit'le

: 1; -W 11
rKPF.-thn -.our evious -_ _*

m:t h;~t'bj of0~f,~

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