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1& well be eo Augod SJ'I 8Z pear Tana. thing of the men and manner U Koff Und tb*toot gradually tapering to* point. A f'Jlcltude? ) her back.u'urJlt41 >lary.: and *hem.tb. was any, there Mg':w>
August. between aloh &ptem-, Tb* exhibil a pktu; .pf aocJety--Wb Bv turning up e those of a cock. fpa the and abe was seated on;H low 'gbalr_by'. '; ,
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October 1he same October 13..'hP Arcs tuba equal,.. .; The evanhigeat about the root wwhsoft silk 1 )(. bed Tlx boddic of her Bwls eostttnv 'WiG 4 g
,v. p1aJIas. October 17. ta the.Cro.i.OCtflp3 Yankee oa sj pedlmg voyage U Jar.,, god Oa ptL lied of ..:;. of this has been .*K eed, and ber halt, .why eta im- gmanaj s wM '.
t, ,, between Ileretdes aid.rpenta fat Eebbde a banger on of aa $ogludietMduma bone, which eircttuta*<*4 had placed Lwlan4 '4&p 'with' ,sprtakkd. -\rr%.>' pl1ls" C*' '11\
October It la OphiaeUJ Ot&obe&a1 the to all the.devices 01 enaruoa.P ., DoaaeUoo71 okV the dorUtr K thane bar"..tte"tIo-tb* part tit tM it boas l*. la.t.rf
.mss Ho.ecabef 11.9ptai Ir24 duct W.P, potAt ofyiew which I &Q la'work u4 cart him i if po* ibl : U* tuft who bad Nongbt ber hom4 f rota'Ibejfet*. ISTwherethcy 8i" '
ba tMS, J Aatares. BMke these facts yet wore iateresuaiTh etaqUned bJ*i aJi of pri' y '
f thee
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h' be sII.>k'tilt to IV'with eerWatlt. obcntafB, mod eer iq. H %a. -ef, ; r1.r Tit >
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f ether rti iehee4, all.*ei ifertlt Hit ir; the few ,theybuytMily to .' "h :Dnati'r.Wm'Set...;; -, Ie i tsald.Wtlflht Leglit o.
l'1 1-.11 Look here* friendl what -The'lftader* in -eztraordtoiry V.'t'. i haughty William{ Dflgharty'Wm. De n>y approkhir ", "\..

)1) 0'u say u tbd;iieyl' .* ,\ label Ifmott'onltersaThaUucinaUon' ,.'wrifl "", ''i/ I.\TJqrD"A' ..,.." ., .tI'i.p1 1 e are re, uea .tq".7..hat'. T0 ':S
,What J. Itfyto, thtWwby.Iaayvdnnvingjn + e/out Of;: sit,.-Jlototiots*':g o>hlert- ) P? OtX a ; rrUkibttme ; Cj'j." I tOUfi1.. nj:ivilibellsdindldtte: for, 4'thq

hfcbrouhhrkl! ,letting,Jtj fort b they,wdr i worthbefartr theyba.nlelad d jt .fii''. .feftErri*, .Edward '-Stealing,,) J4f.lat q CouDcU'atW.apprua htnr 4 ,
,/aq+tin WIth:. rJ'II"l'9tteltsi."b; 'l ie nIhe.land bpeculaUOn l they he4 Dbtaly Store llanKJBotlf "*Bnv Eaton* Gov J< LUK,*. .i 14* nuPt\W.j eltdiOD.'J..' .otj. '. i-"f:;'_. '
ifl v'tlfl'*- IJf1t cost :mush,to? igrke wsn b wlToftsale and 1all.. I"T "l "
3 on Jk*,eyth4t*',. J'0l.bnorsLthey'sro..{tr.n ,,1i 'ilUatis diri.Vn s/* Fitzgerald 'FieldsUVFitrcimons '..We are//authorised'-.aimottnce Cola1ACK80N ,
tree paper fwr resonab i Picas< call andn.mhili. >s
it\ .iuJDh, I undersUaJ rye I l"ld, the.titherr -? sI, .l' ". 1 bom** ;an4a.ttoi '.'
, you want to. buyf rod i(up ,the uup IldtalkJo.y trndoub :!' '1V1titcould"+beisslerl i ', H 1os. Jt LE\rmT. ,orbeVK7M. '.) ".Fpquera. -.A. O. the,LegM u'eCouncil., ,.:.r.\>..next .**lec'**. *'' ,
r .. J C, 4 Fe| .on. .- .. ., .
with winkat,thff byowvk >Kd coaibltutiorf required l little onto rrwh' : 0 S: lfW..30..3f ,. Faqald Samuel ;FaytThoaid* ,
whont flowed .him to'the cyQnt( tiaiisi marklJThey giro tbelrfor. t grJson Jam," Furlong" Johd'FalconeAm AST FLOBIDA It AIL4tOAU COM-, ".
corner llk & tolled fourtM 7eritoiry.<6f Florida; Freeman' JohaFranklinJefferson.I : .
three n"
: next many rat away \ turtti f.onerourth- .'
( by a raC -ea&ebe, : an4f ell on:the::same terms) so,, tbatk .heo' 14 lilt Supertrirtburt/or 4eDiattlctbfr ; Tbog'.gJnard -, Notice U hereby- dive',tKat t.m i "
i My attention '"u now attiacted; bye the. wheel top.jisfop; .it must before .tff'ff; J-'lvrula lilting' (it a court vf Glasrock ; tio. S.Gsghct of the
1 loud wispering front- the midst oftinothf tony,alt t"wfallb"o.en.. and sdl.these : i-- act kfinetry.twcphlne ._ Madame Veuve;brace Tho..Green Railroad Company, ,willbe-holden at the .. Vj
group. Two men were stanJlag young adrenturcrs.wtto: ate turning' their /. Mcrlierson wiqow Wm. MePberson Capt. Joseph Curia T"hos. Gelles*/AKpheus om % fJlAAt.L 8. ,EWlRNoICommerclal II

holding down Heir head*''to the'' swrtni back upon alt regular ",a and 'heir at Law, of,Margaret, Graelhe.Mr. Giner, A.Hopklh : i &- h.rrq in the t ,&ly of Boston ,on,. iLe, I
Vand talking together,'lost.loud....nQab.j'aebeard' .to up thefr trnde i.Vieif shop*, aadthd'little Mcl'herjon and Grorge NcPhersonvs Ifttbof October{uexr& 183o,;lof'J. ..pur., .
one with"his'back. .gain8ttbe they have been earning fut. Fraoclaco'rDalcour' Executor, of:John *.iVm.'Hloardi Mi.iE.4{ Hub- toee organising sa.,. Company,by choo-? .
other with; tilt handsJu hit work!land ieber,industry- nllln4lhedtt ,Forbes :deceasedCamilla 'Jnanna Dai- bell L.,'C.,3 lIu1l0u' It. Hill Miss MaSeU, tang Directors,. ,U.n8attiDl; ,such. oth .'

pocket, and, hi*'!large,fur ,cap ehre* Worth"only lust what.ba; been lea Con;CatalinaSaphiaDnlcour.Joh&Theodo llolcorob.'Jame* HenleyXk>nwL,Harvil.*" I er business as may come1 before said mee\. .
and pulled about bls.ace,'*? of th.t.1itll'payment the/1 h w>'received, ; > 'Dalcour, Augustin Joseph Dalcour' Samuels, HoMernessBhiflingtpn. ; *t .. !H., ,; : y A' .
' I Ithat you could tat lust see the',twlnklo.ofMI after\dedtwtinff! ; \ the first 'paynvent,they ..and.Theresa Laura Dalcour chlldrenof Jones ; fegBAM'L'S. I..$ ll8py,V / v? ..;
'pt.J_JCll1Co.Dalcour. and ,SopJil.;;bis Joaepb.
S 1.eye, into.tal,1& ,torm:vof,sleet situ; ban,tad"'with' theiryhoteLabroad*/of J.lDlCes I. :"JOHN HENSAW.TV Tl v .4r
1 f driving"Near" ''tbM.were; number'oflyoungmen. Um inhch.as' '', Aife*latea8ophla'ForMs,, daughter of M -.ILl DAVID IUNSIIA'W l:orotnisaionera.
thrte 'sip, hcf .t.',hh .
of sAid John and Edmund Krcneriey \ I.
Forbes DupaU- "
mostlytbopkeepere-and;me.cbanie ?' I erbtlp.c t'lcutt'rnee.'u. ,'muel.ad"aU Abraham' L. "1; D. DANFORTH { :* w w'I'
*, who bad beea 'straining' their, theft prospect*In life Masted I6r ereri'Why ,tro ana Juaanajis wife Late juanna rorbc .' :-J" -.,- I,. STEPHEN WIiTE,J r : ;'>1.II v '

t f rrdlltotb.Ust cent, mortgaging all, tbe sir.,n"e person oflt'of every-lx yuir ice, :, *\daughter Of said John Forbes. deceased S Lewis ,Polly, .Lawrence William Le- 'I' Sept. 6th,126. .. ,. ,, .. ..__

m Jfroperty they had on earth'and :all ,the are'eng.agb4ln this tmsinoBtactlyVand ** {t' :5. .Calin Mitchell',the Defndsots.apBearipg satisfaction ,of were GeCbf Lnlh John O+ Laut aaon J.r. fV UH1NQ my tbTence; JHr. C. VvKcyVf' .'
to e /
4 hope*, A lutiinf 'theli .note for at least Another .1tnf lf;'h'7't. .1 pQidUliat the defendant above : -- 'f' MManryJames Pedro.JJ.u -* .ser Ujrny duly,authorized'agent.'AH: ,
ten times 'raoretuan they aref worth, eran I cah'tcmember na \ M. Martine: to4stake .V"
daresay yon:
; tMKnit persons indebted to we- are: reAeated' ,
.rid the limit of the. of .
I ever to'be 'wdrth : with but i Territoty Mattlson Lieut Joseph 3. Mathew Capt < '
likely some -lean, a*lilt'.'w te: yesterday Immediate payment.' : "air+ aks"''
FWrids.and in: the Island of Cuba it is
; Joseph, Malo10ha )lcNsUeyWm.Mart .' '
( and torn*) without 'umbrella and' gross.ootte when judicious men actually jwwned a-1 .. 'liIht.fORDrA
their clothe' dripping their boot snores'' 1 in" Ddrf i therefore ordered that unless they appear shall Capt. Benj. McCormkk ',EbenewrMinter Au '- j. (,: "
way their w.tch..to..bur' herd, on ot, before the fourth ) ( John Mun S ;;, Mi 183523 ,. ?',;,. 4 jy .
; ,
: ,'ueleblnatltep'.Ib.. west.inowijdiaglng Carlos, a rain valued at six .n4dol.: teoid .
to them allover in p patcbe'.ndItbelr lar.- # March next an4:answer the Bill of-t tony,-Madame.,'M.ck'Cape. Vm.iMorong .NOTJOEl.4'f. : .

\ Air cap lookmg like*o many drowni'ed Of a piece wth'the? gold I4u tibeTii.* epmplataantr" thanbeeune' be taken for R berlt,2-M<'ldrun Cap";";, M., roar. tt :'JL:1'.the6t1pniktmdt5 unti!u.: "
and the matter.hereof decreed ., .
t popple Dar would hard ,thought Ifp'mtntoiwlih ,th e Mississippi:;Scheme; coafejued, .-r .N. .I s Vof {> .
? : EscsmbliCounty/ a'tn1.
f755 I behavlobV of each, jwrtg'th !they* with the'South Sea scheme-i-aud, with thejotdt'stock'1enntpanied'ut an rd(" 11', andt'order I* .pubriab" re4'&bac 'Natarreno Jkfanuel,'Nenlvllle; IV.M. S, voucher and accountsv>n4 apply for a 6-, ; .
'.,hid 'rior a copy of this be |nome; Nortek Charle Kbo 8alomon>..MunesIkV
agreed neither to set hear i' other.-"' > >,>;": -T- they actually formed asspciaiiorn. for pup' moo'bJor newspaper six printed months,(ja, ,:the.district". once. a A, othtop. D.AJ*:>" 't; ; CARO deceased, andaskU;: be finally. ;- *-.
k.Whatll you\ak tor bargamT.snfd London withmiUc andfor'wasblng red t" "f t. "* ...
your plying : ,iCtINERb' Oldmlxcn c. tecS.i'i' :> ,"
tltall man,*who stood witrr,,hi* back ,to clothe' ''U fthef poet'la'' a 06 soft wliisper-whieh you incorporation President, 'director,' and ,,-I'... .,. 'r:''Hk, 11j A!.. O.hanea; James Osboroe} Pr..,Leonard "> .. videtin' tratrtx.ill ."- ,

,f Plight have heart halt i cro* ;th*,utreet, ever*o many solicltof, to'inenegnsinpse *" ,, .ep. G 22d.181ttrtrillce. .. ._ _, .o,,Osborne Lieut'J*, )n..t7,so'._- lu.'.; h.; ,
}f though the ,wind .blew;".a, regular"' dpwn t Nofmanyyear.ago' ,' etiiDflands '. .:. : P. .- .L r" .
;(.eter. ", ...".' ," .<', va .' ." were all the rage for speculation here'and 1'utllE, 1Inderillgned having obtatned,Let Pool Woe JA Phritcbettitfrt{ ,;8. 1.J Perry ld.beenobtrlnedby"thbnndereignedoa'the B. RS. .Adm1DiaUaUoD." U"Wf' ". ,

,., "WbaL'lI I take-t11j G'1. i1n1adeard many men,''Ju JC ;* calralating.men;;whoknswwhatthey'trerelabput'inrested t.. lets T ''William Preston Mrs'PsttersonarnL egress.otFR1tNC19C0'i1D0 x3.esea' :
\ddceueehditbynotitiea Price Christina. Pel-
Mta M 2,
to make an offer, heyt ; : ;: all Jaalie ,' : :' otl4edthat. .
'.Here, the yoang" Men:afh contrived,.toikltch they were-worth''In'these'1 veryr lands,:at all'p'eracns to''Wbom sldeetate 1. Indebted ham. .CbwtePielrrtCspC, '. J.'''}1'.:', ,. 'f, led four.weeks aH persona after}date are hereby)f( win"apply a .&'Ihe ,
a little nearftr'without'belnf'ipbsW' :> "weft &r*ettlemeftt. and all *iBdebted n. : '
J | into;, the: .ere I-r-thcy1 might; *; person Elisha Bend bow the Judge of tblCouDty'C'odrt'"A.
red, all, with ttlet''bea4'lamedit.Wall.( have thrown their money into the sear 'So to laid,estate will be' expeckd!:toinke*immediate ttRnnueon'It II;lUvers 2. ctfmbli County for leave os sell ao much

eel l1 "ups'aito'recejn.taxetrrrmatin'Ytr-and: ; ;;all.oddly enough. tO c nt- win I It be.,.with timber" "land W.the last 'purchaser ,' ,payment. JOSI ii"i vONfP Y ;'.. ldi J/R V.r.1ai"II.,Smith":."-San, Conwns .f the real fetatatof aajd Ejldo:.aa-.U1..be'. '".
the9 debt of nid
their.at*.. What could ',U have be.n for J ')Where will thWend think ye y' 'Pt7"f&rao/-, Sesdones.: -, IttD.,8terenaonP' : .. 6i6r-' sufficient'.- .;-BARNABDOPABGA8.r to pay estate. "ir'5 ? :'
Nqt"ultt. the |l rt& of til sober u2 f a ;, : ra.1\I' A:1 : .
: ;.IWG Ip.oaMtors ,End!-In the discouragement t '$ HII" 4dmr' ,
ir. < *
were trying to get a" teeth ia'reiad cord and'neadr;business In the deetruetionol "TTrNptic: : i ," "' ;; : T' 4ugd5tb"183" =4t.arit're ,> "
of them, hey?' And then.the fur collar of industrious young with _'TnortqniCapC-Ai( W. Thomas Newe. ; .
) hundred men r'UJ&;undersigned having))ngd14..L -. ', "-'" '. '.. ,f. .
Twitebell'T NoUee'.lpt <
Ion that aide come how Of;bthar.,dI4'A& appear ther} ,ftmllie*intheuvertliuw'fthe b- .. ;
9 to.flto,well a*they fohgkU-A **' .tfl lie,inprvl scn:e, & inlhtr tnoer.Ialiott Of the Ezekiee1Cobb?tergofsdotinistrgtiopultthee.tateof.deeoli e4 Icy A.,'L...Bay' \'Wnilam; Riley' -William. fflHE nndeiei edharingobtttnerl.LrtYa1 .
hereby'givcajioiic'e KileyMohn Rohn liilb'Rcle James It. ,' tetrof 4mlnI.u Uojt tf the.wttte .
WhatTl ye igivef continued,heiw, ,, wbnIocoininunltl of New*England'till e.pinto ,; .>* .
tech '
4b >. persbi) JhaTinff datm"Jlalnjtt'aa1dtateJ Kocheblave,P.'Roex,Charles Kairoand Ma.dlfme. deceased jioiifieis -
.f ,What11yuke?, 'ff desperate,nmblin-a.p1ritafrasb, | ; jpresenr, them properly attest of Thomas Wright, .'hereby
.: I'll take an-offr. bead attu adren- S an pen to w horn;.nud'estate. nbdebted >
tprlnrjpl t ruinous' ed for settlement and Io'sil 1ndebt- .
You will, wet then,J'U,,1.11.911, :.fifty tQre-mo t ruinous to those w.ho prosper persons .' 'V' to present Uieif accounts and claim*:'..:
thousand dollar., ,. .,.,.. ,' ,: most Ee&.UrrIi': will end in, maXlpg ed M".aldleatate nt.. V ', o.nujke Immediatepays" Woolly J cobe, White Samuel Woodward attested for sejtlement and,all;pupate.1n-. ,
t r .
,j 'No-ahakiutf, off.the, snows front ,his confirmed gambler and tldeoiis profligates pc : ISAIAII'COBILAdmiaistrntor. : Wra Walker Geo A. deblea f4>aid estate>|11 be' expected;:.:tomakalmmedlate ..'

comforter and turning on bit heel a* if to of buo'lrcds, who but a few'day* ago would -Oct.8d. 1s3&-30.x-3t.1L RELLYc payment' A." fva; :
a .;him'.hi* 'Ae -followed as tin hare been GougbrtlpsyIneburcb'atat ; Sept? th.12G.#' mUE".Ub ;; :removed W, thetlrick8iureadjdnln f DL.N JN. D..WRIW11T.; .
and other;grouper- a,DilKarJ tablaof|la a lottery'oflice in the $ MesarJerri-' r' .. d ; .AdnQ".W v
Sale Me,'.' Q918328. _'
." the-Mmft w.y-eape.mbre prflM(elate of opiuloa t and 'whatU J-kW or son &Foster where ail order for Clothing '" .j' .'
and all- each with the other war exposed pv1"Vor i- F\lbU9 can be-it,'will f ndin 'THE"subscriber' will Mil or rent, hit Mil| be puocttially attended$0. ',. J OTICE: t. } "t ,
Ibr the Toll
'running thbusiKdaj .hjO have held ibeiu* Dridee'lb' .. .. Do 4d"9nTJmOp. 8 vetithaflheYloo t ror'lrcebi1 1.'e
mouth of
tCHTal'.oow pve made my Offer. lt1*,your .lve aloof durlnth prevalence of title the Dir Bayou, from the first day I. I y
\I'JKt ht 1183l C., .: *Hock'of
Urn b metd our'n-it you're 1 1teti Tee able of January .;on""tfJ moderate term, ., ..._ :subscription to the'caipl /
e IItet Southern life Insurance and Tnwttonkpanywm *.
m.aiV buaincwsv The'wtiole.. ,neighhorhrwdtho R1' t' 4p wnwpnea at pieofllC >f*|w *a; '(.- M
t whole retinas of c&uiUry ls'drfiksdNew roTeartr. to' ...1 R: .1IE1tiERT oasEs j.-la the city Of bit Augustine- _:
I 'Ol..it- you what't will ,do Enjhfil is nV) 'n'flr f what she rear j'.Meit ATM.Sept. ." DELL.1 >'OAJ MUNC&a STRJ'ET, '. on the,second day of November oexfat, 10'}vTA

Weal e Opro: risk iio+r'wh4 is! not their own without re .JOtly 1833.284LANTED MJuMBUa Or THC ItOTAL COU.EOB,Or rHTWCUNB ,_M. and wUlbelefXopea' from' ;time tq .,,
,y eeeia".you.l don't care UI do, lo Is' whole of the .
prowh. What they 1( tbetrs-'Whai EDINBUBGIL
I 'know it to purchase; a good MULE.; / timebyadJourpmeatuntUthe
though ; worth,, two .hundred
laoujaaddollars' they Joarfis thelf creditors.. But beware t- TT Erfqufrftat this office, May .contulted on All dina.esincidentS : iP'UUrty -iI '

.- : ,v : ,
: to mad. He whomskef10Of10dolisremnkeahot11Wdollare4yar. 3"1'ptfenta ftom jdx "
,\ who ..
Jtav|< f .t oung Whowould for Sale. \ T 3* are.jncapable | ". R:RAYMOND B IDT11OMASDOUGX.A8..
!. :'u\eJ.tory-waI\.U.; tnd't { h1 Darouthe.for one dr horse ,: 811&.0 attending petwlnally; upon Dr. < '
trnihj sell J for that !In other.wordsjlvrjip m two ,"
> S. II. can,,by sending.particular";state
show1ou that I bVnl. noideer.ot.Jekey. -rcj(1I1.C.1-bnsjncs* ;that 'dfromfl'l'eJd .erm, *0 mo1)Were4lt. ,mentvCiheir,ajKvletoid.wbetherrtbbyaro : U\ .." a-.l; ,:" r.'j.1' .
ye what* ril.domaa ashion *: i- WM. -it:;'"I k8epi.1 { 1 ,
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t ron,times IhM maRjr :c- 1th.1t311- ''. curable '.: f; ettee ; $.e, '
inhere ; > ; tf. ,
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t'oilb'\Mi aU trad i rifH way; o1'k iu'xt< poet )to re
oioruf Tag.out 9 bdi Ck. to ef t'her. ,% .. + t-Mitf:arrivals from New.'York; and New through {U;:'sud.In' in:every pta he to make immediate payawhl and those fc4V-
'ho"aac p.apt ionyi'Uic Orleaps, attl offers for silo )low for Cash" .
visited:BO nunylnralid lab underdi&rerpntoompLtiat.y
Jng ing elahn' Mid estate
; tgalnet are'requestedto
.e; Ihouauid dollar*,CMS for J o.
r police.T: ; *% 80 Bsrrt'Itand3gbsILDsrrela Superfine ,
andaoptanr who their account
present (
trsd.e n1fSprodtr' ,yop'Urake otbe, i-.t4J. persona are hereby notifl gd that at Flour, ... : 1'.. \ have ruined'theit conslitutkm byappl; ,.' ptopedy'ttteaedfor.ettklMn oJ'I,\* .
In aWhr'wbitlifedevili=gli4ttoktg| IIt''u.i a zl the best April ..term of the County 'I 90 eleGaheea lug.toi., advertised{ nostrum' repeetfulioforma ")3.U.urlNe; '
dQ h Chee.e115 .
CourJLAf E.e&wbla.Cuunl1.1 presentto ibe. ,citizena'thatube ,Intent
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wWf all .
r were OpeimouIM
staring MtflTCourt mr'aceount* and voucher isidminiitrator rukin.Goahenuitxrr remaining lo-PensACola fortbe of hS=10.- & .
,' ; space 'Juir,518, 1"1. ''J
rh M bilK and UmbUng Jn , a t 'po bt.*'with !true. .' 18 Basket I twp lI'Io.utJ.J'Iur the purpoeecfrendering 4 UV.l'T'8 'Whol anct' .
,'deceased, and sits tlnaliettkmattaddhargaGEORaLr superior Cbampinge, his service to the aAMeed JOSEPHS. '. {
# I' '
what'.odsIrth"do' -.2(1( / SIJQE $ ,>'' ;
Kegs Lard .
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why yeu'aeUSt' 1" the
1 Dqctors'lnvariablei rule never to .
ly ',keep yoor lads' 'L: Vlntoretrainej8pe' slid'Teed fill btrijding:;Cornet.tt[P-l4ft ,_d.Jt
) .W. BARKLEY.:4tober rm undertake a case,armpit bo< is;confident of ". ', .J "
t 'Iii &or Ad.r. ,1 Keg White Lead |VDuality; ;and a ? 8 ; ,. ,. ,
.tr- '2t'1' "
effecting a.core. *
I *
I = 1 t --'I uoe "Jiw. ,
I gtnital- : iQ '1836. I.-3t.. ., large assortment'of Glasnd Crockery ,Dr. Herbert may be consulted athi_.apartmtnlatCollhifMIotet ,- N. j

a lit.t: J *!bee -and" hi'' 1y Notlee;vi .- "ft.800 Barrels Bunches Green Onions.Apple. superior? ,!; :' 'W-J'OT e j' e." tJt 'i-.
IIII : traa f flHB-undflrsIgned having" ---'I fjCJ Those ,peron"who are afflicted ;l :.
this last IteUye1ueya JL f'ter! Testamentwy.the' GEOBGB w, BARKLEV.NEW would do well.tq make a timely appllcaUlin CscUer orvten. rotthefsnk'otPene

.. want y w month latt et<; I i JPedro de*Alba>decnsedV.hereby n&tift all 1k&..''.183&3q...+:tL.. ,... .I.. ,_.. ._ ,Pensacola Aug.3d;."1898.- 3a-tt' _=, and is fully

llfyo teiMtofiedtS kt p persons having Claims ad lc. said estate, : ;G OODS. -\Veslem JJlfctrlet of Florida./ authorized transact all that duties of that, '
rlwWge parcels of 1nltedSufcM.BtnSI ; present them properly ted for settlement raw '.SapErioNlBurtfo ofiica durllntt1'ae summer' in mi ebeMee,rn

e* P Ws?two:thousand dollar ] you I ,;;:and all person Indebted to aid.es- nn HE undersigned t*now opening large I .1' ''Jdtkton County.r /. ,'It > AMEBJO.bsMjYr.ldt. ;

sed-nteoswUt-you'll it'all .right-,; tale are. required, 10 v ake Immediate.pay: JL>jind..general assortment" of/ ncy and :Martlp usrdI! *, "i '' "M .' "
w Pit liw'jro* lharVfor7 td we'll atoffwhere,w* areand otfo I '' ": ."" !$JOHN""AL' ;- .. Tiry'Goni1s i.me"W* Ex iifai24'eftjamtl) CfemimU, ,, If '' 'I till..' : "

"" ,,"x .1' ;.J'I .'EUGEE- f-ATAJV. > it -. IN CIlANCEfli-V "' 4 0 RODEJ:t a chag"t t- sa
rer.wurlelincheth., The_ b I 'Rrectrior.. Ol every _riptioQwtaJ l to the southam motion and tt' pearingttothe'satltrdsctmaotthal.uart'thstfeojamtn .Duel Pat oIi.anbe'appointed P.ri rle .

iostd stand 14 .td ; 'ho arri ,.D'ctr"loth',91r .... markets.' . Qlt COannta eetsAottth.Wsstaideofr ""
treredrawnandbftforenight, eizdof .._? ... '. Settee I, > Clemeut*;'on*ofthe defendant"aforesaid { etembfjRiler.ala4Joaeph
sunders were ia 'partnership with the ,i''T.th., next term.or; ftooorabie'the sGrocri_es, resides lo-the State ofTenoeaee, Fonyth,'James \y 'Earnest, ah4 John A.4.*

a i for the samebargain, at*> hnnoaani d 'county conn of Escambia foamy, to ,& ,JtUierefore.ordered that unless he'do ppetrbere < SimpaOQ on }h.Jsist sid of said rier*:.,*..'A'-
dollus,' for thoussnd4ollan be held"l the city of Pehaacoja; op the first : Boots. 'Shoos s, on or before the third Monday of, 5- 5 -- -t;1l.VANR1'f-W' -

ptsrpgl yaevepjy-fiv* Monday of April next,:1 shall applyfor the QuceniV are, Hardware Cut-' March next and aniverthe, romplalna ta r dtrseLlp, : c I.\ .
bill &be' will be 4. : OC t ,'M
pf he"Estate of Thomas NIDe takes poefesaed'i.galnsf .
esl.ettlement -
SS 1urho i.ibit'inaiq, said, ''j-I'' think oiovd to be'ir !0 5\%, .Jiery *e. teAllwhich bin surd the matter* thereof decreed Ids J ltd,1ar++11:1.o" '-,.J.7. 5f5. ".1''. st
fl've seen h4 fioab.ferot crmenyrdeeeuedtend { to offefwi on. the, r o t: mo. accordingly and It is farther,.Qrd red'1hac .. ) .
.Which do you mean rir.The TIIO1. )ti.COMMYNR. Jr. i i derate terms; : a eopy 'of- this order published 1* the '. .t1NjYFWE.. u, "..: .
tall ,cne- the aeller-he whoM ,,C t'ktrior: UNCAMPBELL.; Pensacpia-Gazette for;three mouths sap Hlf'UDderaijDj tfi vat ow i that tt ,
irlasactiofl* have been *o Jteavy thU, M .Oct.. 19t1ai :' ocC 3d.18939 k- tt' i u.tfeJ1', : tbe next term of\.b.the County:! ,

'Xlstof t eUer?, J.I A. CAMERON.*., Court Escambii Court} a:>illBpply fora wr;
Ohl as Nee rJlaeapi ire;,aua= e M '. : ftimalotat 1n the Post qlleePentae014\ .' ': I'.i-.JJ ii'J'. ,, r final settlement pf:tbe EetateMARVIN,
%t faaoy Fountain S 1'oanttln ,..Oct.r-1a'J ; 3.=iCr Petons enquiring bet'31,1$3.f' a-30,=3m. WAITdecewediudmovetobedischarted._ .
bredy Coraplt' v* .55 '
: ( thia list wW, aitof 4vtr> "I" : 'Wurp.u..u.u .
** heto Deft DUI ia Chancery of DivprceOTICEU Weed eta br&Wr f'tjrOUA ,t': y
kaam hoW'-erery. .farUding
eeruic Jtoowedgsi 'hm.byffvtt that at paid 1 et < JOSEPH NORI GO'g ,JaJ 4d"J. the Aprft 281 1835.i-a-.lJt. 4"0" ,:.
toy .' Tetm.MidCourtItappearingthattb ej Eaeambia Ritw*(" "qabIl't North
sara'h4' ,, pe,1A( : p .'A id'fle John Allen(t B. dams '
of '
lJaIvttWIn4 nonresident this Range
tt ;WM 'a of ,28 and 3Q West) U 0 laUeji from t'
,'ttTK.tQsnn And who U th.fc-tbe rprapepth > a;' .iil iOh .','Mat eaeentared tat \1 t DeajL Un. EmelylAUsp4.Ablem Pensaeola Bay an4 1? W *from Uu City '' ptIRBd IH'J'iq csdrrafs at.a; eta
Itte-'f another New Ilam Irv $7 L]appear before the first day of the next Term, f.' A 8J4,CharlerBoyl -.r a m/u -CoiUiWDgtm 85-100 acre *Judge of the.County Coutf..6lFAcuJa..j..
; b the wme will taken D wiO be sold for Cash : bit *eU at public dae,
iiise4tabwrth hundred theecow' $answer ale lj. be a* A plot uT'h14Ja1and ; uca oa
nubtr sorer we master of tweJcet *>- .u ,' ':, ; n Jsm*'*, D,,Blair WUliaaj, Batiste |i. lodged With"tM.Editor,of this paper and the Count wit '
John tUrtoa L "i, dell \YUliamr Bond ** ,
can bejeenu % A certain half lot of trooadt known lathe .
hndkerebiefs at a time in' his life : ;
f ; &t CoIDftC"j. Fnmdseo, .'Bifwr Ch eaTBaltxell Mrs
fBonthi and ,: ? i The title|fA indisputably goo4. plan V the .a* number
the IM r n
lie owner of.three *hUtv%lth O ibtbg 1833..a1-tL H. pk DsitDeren, DaJ.r4 WJUiam Dow i Person* wishing u> purchase will coramuoican S25, lying sMybemg ip the city'aforesaid
w, den 3r h AJtcker Jlpoey.B&Jppfor Coq
withWmTiv.. eouuifiing feet We-
mark Mitk fn< Pit : Nottu. : Watkroabf Wah- forty oal pa the
9 warrantAad .: I II;'cBlaeklur! Wm,.Dvebsnazs M ebnithmiutert iP&ton, ID they tricl dfColumbia,. : ;tern ajde 'of FlorM* Blanc*,.street by OM .

+ t Ia tbglltpme pf.sall it ja wore THE+ April krJD9f.laoa.Co o 5 WUtia.c '. ". ad 1 'sr4Q;. Ci hundred' and eevrnty feet hi depth, bounded ,

pMr hose ta0 rasotgey 55 su |7 Court EKambla County be.will 'apply Caro a Cagnet M north Jotn by.lot No,?%for rorrlr:Jhe property
SatUrda/Eyeulng Ihel2th lnt of
TH fouth
10 sea Wpe ptpltgsfid +ee4it f rot a final etttemcoj of the Estate oW_, II.uged. Uua limas Aut 'Csruu'MkbaetCapt. LOST Doges> } fay-Ut*otb
rose, Briauitpln
', k real( shapei, in ft' bsif o f lot No. 823 UMigiug'u..Ala-
N dee gedr red ptgv. io dir : "I".te. TUtNnya, Cbudletwtu.aria the '
a'J TitsMder .
centra Topai will rat 1h node,Cumtalna.
vs' the ..
; .di'
t efetf :;Cootab Tboma ..lj.Cottolea xpf- turning? jt, receive reward of 88.Apply O'ARNAS
a t they knee ''I 1UCJm. Jti OO1'' 't" ", I ,' Cameron. J. luny ,Sy rah D. at Mr-ttAleV*Store.*. i Arer. ? -
r R1 '*bet j 11" '. 1 I 00.1)11, lslii tti; hi .
f 'V :.4I". p'4 ce e'. r"tfI9tt { ,4
.I t 1 t. !
: ,.
: "
; reL'r
: ;
1- S II'

rt'r .';

w.n!....., 5 6a

"... ," ''."Mr'''', ,.
r "j.' .fA, ..d.l ., -sr. t.
f \ .
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.o' ,
.e ., II' .'
0 t .41'tI .
., 1 It ; .
l ; : .c t
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kfromvan ,. .

I" -. Account in the PitUneld. &n.t j iImell g.ton, met } subject And what other I found diAlenllbi, : ,
/ "NSBCea.a. )..t"_; .Another Instance of tb* Singular .1eet'1 tb.24t"AalU' lncturive ly sorted a* amusement for htm.. I have >
SATURDAY CTOBER of lijbtnlng, occurred at Hrk, N. 'Y, many of hi* letter}; which VouM not, d.il
JO, 183S. 1Ndr4LTMU ab+ ut'three" v.eks since (Friday, Aug. The diwutletectidniwltlt) '(rare any well educated man,Altho wriV.

8 p.c Wain- 21.&l\aecuantulwbleh "e received from: state of things under the *e* ten by him when-* w. A tchoeJ.lM 1' I
Ling 1aiW.this port j r > wittdwanf. Wo ken heard the the wholI place. Near the house struck,stood A tree sentationaof the governor, I I affair*.of men, and that his'opinion would .' 'h"
I will IMfclceVOW M MOW W IIt i & 10which WAS attached 'A .lightning: rod.-: the contrary effect, In his add br quoted by other I saw him After. an'
,"prhops 8t Barts abort the ta .H?.*raV the rod reaching to within.three feet of the house of Assembly, A* well AS Abscence bf two Jt...Wbere do yo tk tIt -
to prrceiT the Mfci. .. W. ground:bring there broken oft' The light' muAietions wa In A cage} and even then he was
f"04 the s.aadroft hat*,'towtni the do* ning descended the rod to the end of It, lad are contradicted and very I chained. He.we A maniac of the most de. re
rive.1Th. then divided into two brancheft.'One branch In answec to his addresses :tided character. The moment he saw'me

U. & firU.. armnnmi inivtii it VottM.t entered the house horiiontally/killed A eat (ing oTth assembly 4hat he seized car hand, and left on It the lmrcssioi -
tilt SI* theta mfVort' so** it c. standing close by A person,v without Injuring anlddresa In returw,-In "hi > > of hb own, for It wa divested of
and a half hens Havana.f .- &- the v person-,pasned Into the cellar, tency1 statement were very he'skln byconstantly'rubbing it in the ohor. +t
and being attracted by the lead dipe of an indicted his view : For years he wandered about when
For acquedvcv followed& 85 rod ed ., I' safe to liberate him. Out he 1 Ie now
sons days dnrfng Ibis Week,' ft has >>en entirely DM vanons point of was
l hers than it laM ever been'D.a'II' Ibis' melting it ln.il pasage..Tbe other branch measures rejected. To this and always will be, Insane. ._ .
-V by Ik*eldest inbahiunts.' OntW ZSthf I of the fluid entered potatqe Arid and A* A excellency replied only in 1 have known sorrow i I have en
October IStl, there .."* lSjtit frost kv>, farmer said f took lo digging potatoes." 14 Mr. gpeaker and gtentieman friends die that were a* near u friends c'
alibis was deed a rue:5iweusaas+ WeN It traversed the field in xte-cat directions. semblrt could bet-but the hour' that I sat by to*
bad no frost this year;anJ the woatbe has tearing up the ground with mach.loIent" ,* .The- unusual, style of y I confined Craay llenncL.-wa* an hour .f ..
en very dry, b M* ft*as..,|m onal Tomfort and to a. constdBrabta depth; ana throwing prevents my doing more on i tJ.a greatest anguish.I ever knew, Reiacavuerr
.noerned it ssssis a*told as'th* Month fcf Jan out the potatoes in Urge quantities occasion than simply 10 my,puplht !hat has passed ibis hour
ary. It has nut.every.) njtt* tbe thought Another instance of a similar kind, occurred delivery. i,." I 10 render unfeigned thank lo God for coo
f going into winter quarters. <*", la East Longmeadow In the early Immediated after the inulng your reason hitherto and If ever again \ -
part of the season some notice of which house was required in the you are disposed lo laugh when A erA-"'
It Is our melancholy duty,to record the was given IB the papers at the time.,The where the assembly.. ) Jty man passes, remember what may. be
ntimely death ef Dr. Lewis WILLM,'On last lighlning.dencendcd A tree standing near and somewhat angry' speech your own condition hereafter. *
the house of Mr. Taylor, and passing on a which I* severely censured -
afternoon he bad
aturday occasion to cross fence (being attracted by the nail'in the pen, even those which have I Ptanmca.-A Journeyman printer' In
It ie Grand Lagodn,'.on )O leh BeingtI fence) tohe house entered it, but fortunately considered favorable to his Washington, replying to some' remark-' .
I I U ..ppoeecl.. gVelhtM. 'with the passed oft without doing much dam ministration. General Green, about the late.disturbances r
I usual crossing place he attempted to cross a 11- Gmt complaint made of in that city, refer to A sentiment of
here the The above Instances show the Impor. expenses attendant upon 'the the General' at A typngraphiealanniveran v
water w.'d.8eP'A'Iibour afHerwardd ; tance of having lightntng rods; and of faav nl the local policeG 33CIOO ry dinner, in which he Bald All the reward
hia body.WM.found in, six feet log them made and put up on correct philosophical pended In' the first fix lie asked posterity for.his service*,***
water, abouj forty 'anl* from'the sbbrVoroster's principles. If this had been the establishment tyet they are' ]' A marble monument, with the inscription
Wand Every exertion was made case In the instances cited'there is reasonto flcienu ., hero lice Duff Green" This h.. e' )
\ believe the injury would have been en. The compensation lira would do him justice. The printer BAT*. .
0 i restore animition to the'body ant(the vtj tirely prevented. If any practical mecban i of apportionment, i la be would do himself more 'justice, If B*, u .

principle had fled, forergt'he'"vfltaft if the 5Md, and bitterly would place Immediately under the editorial ,,
angel of death,. irepometniee f visits would thoroughly study the science 'of ,alectricit on. Tbb compensation will head of the : that same in.acriptron "I.
ferry further are madeto weakness f; with particular reference to. con- is I aid to twenty pounds A* 'mottoIiers Utt Puff
; titit'lydm'then structiog and 'puttlollp lightning conductors I The accounts from the > Green.? .we do not much like the'"sentiment .
to infirmity;and to old--ttr end engage In this business, they; lands are elm liar. In St. : as-applied to A brother editor,but the ,,
Ihey.are always shocking'to"the'i I'o. would we believe,end it A profitable employment I prentices-were still wit i*good.-.HYhcJkwrfer, r----'.

How infinitely more appallng.U Itt to bare :beside conferring A laTorJpo red to work.-The caM was -, ,
on the community.--Bprliigneld.. DemerarA. I A merchant Advertising ta an' AlabamA
one of our number, who ha* scarcely yet .
sette.]. i > w The Approaching coffee paper I that he would sell his good At'coat
ttatned thgmeridlseot'lIt'thde_ l *.'striken '- five promise of bring most ., beads his adrertltemtn'-th\lll,ere ,
own In the ml *t of'ti7 Were him. reselling A Shrtvd lttitlitor -Th editor of the great Apprehensions I JOUr.'." .. T

In life aid Ibealln,end} rejoklngn Oreensborough (N. C.) Patriot, ID discussing not be picked In,.the ; .
nhe possession-of thinglthat the intellectual capabilities and attainments refractory. 1BnY. '
every of A member the last Legislature \ .
[life desirable f"took Agalij, and,all that oC\bl\'ttat,.now a--candidat' fortie-elec- .1 AiMng a number of" on ,tiis" Fua TBS PINUCOU ',.- ha'TIiK'R
[is left of him,w fr'maasof. i rneelo9' borer Adduces the- Glowing little illustrative Mirror of the 19th tilt,. Uth. 'S. ,
[for .worms! Dr. W; was In the SSlKyearof anecdote. v'"It Is reported that a .' oLUTJbll-, .
} !' He was in the habit of hav Mlt'ho, it I Is known has Ksrt trr pf tb.ladkk.cpleak tthe1a-. 4
bI*age. He.had, by his' Uam flees; WdouoraMe' log his- graJu ground At A mill where they pf eoure endeAred;\hljnselfi took one tenth for the toll t while all th other cy of the. United States was "Lrat jeilouardgn In my .,
o i All who knew.him, lie Wu'.&"th'e' ofirginla millers ground for an '|*/. Hav by the apprnrance and "I'.hcoaaJ of their charms--thoir.ft tike
'. .
but had resided In Florida for tenrapist. Ins been At customer of long standing .e tofflcer at the last Cadet's ,1M. the: : .r '
<' did hot wish to break off without assigning Point that A union was M I*tbs rrssoa TsMk ti3..S1.' k 7 t .

some rea on. accordingly repaired to during IN evening. The TheM word* torn I lo.'doae I I'get|li'*. ,
Da. Hua ow,.as wiUI bo _n%y hoar fe s+e. the millers'i house, big' wijh the business I fy where spoken of, and will, i FroM one J expect to ealhriJit 1 ... "
i ailvertieiag rolodtns; has l.wynlYOd tit that took him there, and addressed the be shortly solemnized to the I And If I sarowd a* per as to gH br,
oar town and offers kb services as surgsoii den knight of the loll box somewhat .on, thifashion' grin,'it is surmised, of the "'.SOTS I'U be 111m tot'Mt, ,1' .0 +
tut. Dr. II. has received tbe diploma.' of Doe* ; You know ,I've .been :. rood pectant relatives of the 9
tor of Mwlkine fmn &M..editA'' 'InslHatioA' inJPhU enstomer, and I've, always paid you the I Wb ,ra" *h.b.t .' 'Bet'hts baob. k.me bat saeing the girls r,
..WphU and Ikt&.most eatitttttory ,treat"oneal. tenth''grinding my corn and wheat I 'I From getting ofssaurs ry' tilt SMN, "-
af to" bis'JLAOwinig Jnthe -ysitieQleb Iat JVU Crumbling,t but III| the :other YOUNG LADIES I From oinhg- partaking ,tk.rahs'i .,1M'
to wbieh ho new"devotes his altrMion. mil_for an-f'fA Irl p a* they dov or I must quit Account of an attack upon ,With Wings ss,young and se.hit.
*: 10' On assured by the miller key, in the streets of that W
WASHINGTON,'Sept. 83. that he would =rind for Ales, as he was a day'iw'rmlght, in which It Ie I 1'.. strictly aahsrml to what she aJ Wd, ,, .
. Sir Charles It.J his .Britannic particular friend, and oniy charge him animaL-after pursuing her ; Bui M I f||>4*nolongert$ A
I Majhsty's lvntyExtrsbrdVnary and Min the eighth,' 'be went away,perfectly s tfsffed. succeededln obtaining the' I Thu h the promise I mads shouU BO cater Plenipotentiary, left this city yester. and promised to T contlrfne his car, pursuit,-the'contents of her t."t.' -. .pUJ. -> : ,
I day for New York, 'berate',will embarkin tolD.. ed with bran. ,c My de !re to lttta.'It grows itronge. h: A fi
A few day for l.ngIan0e took leave -
lof the president ira. Sstnrdaj,,and at the i 8 or1TAt+zoos BrRMtNO or TUB BODIES) erDsonFaan&l'be "OM T same time presented Mr.. Bankhcad'8c -i, spontaneous combustion The Klntntk Coma. Look on thm coldly, I won': ..;,.
Ireiary 'of as. Charge dc APf Bat cast off the fetters tlad.f on'rFa '
Legation pf the human there have often heard thi" .t, *
6J. 't "- of long andeonfrmeMdonkenew In ken 'of.and: repeated, "Let ." :
Sir Charle Vanghan "has tea j I nearly ten year AS the,Kcpr.enUtiv* orbit drinking of Ardent, spirits Mturete the Isalydi'we' hear of A 1LUTyEL ,
I Sovereign, and U I U not easy to speak Whole fabric of the body.makhtgiteoklgh; which,for..It* goodness,we& TAKE.THIS,
i in term. of the warmthrof the regard .
adequate Irhtliammabiethat under certain circunv columns;;together with the ": -
wbicbrhU frank.and,|Ub,ral,,dlsposi- stances .aere. flame 'is contiguous,tin, which tave jrtse 10 It In.A .. I.B'n WID l4UMoo.J CENE-:' :;.#; .
,lion, during so long A ,resU acaAmongstUhem catastrophe>burninff lo death 'ensuei Virgin! LcgWatuVe' A ;#1I'i' AI
has won fcoot all clasnes;of our:'citiIxens. The following account Dever that; MrttMadtsca' '' { LH'tfUtlUiwofUassomtwUoi, _,.
Threogh wlkh It*f fall W bat .
No Foreign Minister;irver;carried gie,' A French &. ouge'geueral man* ought to be received as the yaat beats.. '
[with him A larger share'*>f the good rWish- ner of Its oenwrencet-8polltaaeous' this country!which occasioned '. 'TsirthtMboA"Jl pw ., ; j# hexPeholding .i l'
,. ,.. rt -
| or our \ and hi" departurAj ftwUl fleme J* The tesV f,
et peo .cOiAOiences by A bluish being reply t gentlemen cumber altos *' '. : **'
oft OB .
leave A sold Ilnri the eooiety :1)f .WaahiiigtonV seen|to extend Itself by liftta and )Jittlf with: country had'not yet arrived ( I Bright I r i't ..t 100 t J'-'
which will not be easily c' an extreme rapidity over, sll'the parts of, moral turpitude And rsawlthLittybgsay' ,*w .v f' r
I Ass mark'of hit h$ tertalnedbyonr the body.Affected{ this always persist* until rccocnix cany other scriptures A. : : -
[ citizen for thi* :gea- the pert ere, blackened; and, reomlJy'boll and New Testaments, And a 'Jf.on we speeda.ftr' ; seway.'wdsShwl.ll '. J.
I tle i tan, A publitf(dinner was given..10 him they are burnt to "riDder.'irian): tbed .lope) but if cU ng wlpJe rind raja **m4 1; .
I on Saturday lawalsg/gii as t u skew '. .
I which,.for elegance bfcumptnosnes*. bas UiU'flsme, with water, but without I 'ihat,, taking* our' political Sil elosar sW t1 fMorr b pas., )' J. : .
never been equalled in this city;Nearly All When the parts are touched A view there.might to be an -. 'AB4na1u.,*ab.aaai.r lean /I ':_
the Heads of Departments sec well AS many ra ,matter Attache itself to the.flnger, masuhuentwthesewordst ; And it that rangy port ah-.-
other officer of the :Government,:M. still fa 4 eel In offering the compliment, .alt4 were a very strong and disagreeable smell, daughter thy man servant JJ.I. f.JIII.i" -f.- "
Amongst the company At the entertainment. baring analogy to, burnt born.spread Itself sen an I rte stranger or "auj htwhea 1f t pays It +
.r-'q -
L Of the toast given on the occasion*nd Jhet .though the apartment 'A thick Mack th'y gates, dare In any wbe to :' t
t very handsome and feeling Addres of .the smoke escape from the bodr and attaches hint at ndfuolulion tftkt : 6o rarla w. hoihptil tact tW eQ'; "VJ-iti .. i
distinguished gm V we hop to be able In Itself to the surface of the ,furojlure inhbe tt .-..-- Down which ,,'.rMals lift ... "J'1' :h.VI.
give some Account.in'future- ,paper.-/% form of A fwcat, unctuous to the touch & TH CoMrr. -ilalleyV ) T' M lb. hWIa.t'. p, S
Wl 8If1tW, lot an Inaul'portAbl./esor. IB many ease served* by Professor Anderson ; '.1.t.A''i tf1 4 t..
eombttslton arrested only when the ,1. T.'w.u..SE.u eyt
bin College the '
, &x ua Emm or.'l iamiiM. OnE flesh ha* been reduced. to aciner. And the on morning' 'I sAJahwiy .
the little before 9 .schhsJszis '
19th A
; '
E Sunday hct.fkldtheUgbtnisgstruckthelectnnRoom kwee to powder. Commonly, feet & the naked this t < ; ,
I der.1onD a A portion of the head are not b.rnu. When eye-- and again 7egrtbt inks) ,:...'ateeeja, '. '
morUltthlCtty about the ?
1 In that>placet building the combustion Is tinUbed, An Incinerated : : ; ". ,
I the second story of which is used AS'A placq mass-remains'which it Is difficult to. believe may b*r.adily0 A* he I. fORr:9: !' p.B C$> tt":_
aid an ordinary Opera glass, by
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]for religious sernoes. "electrk be the of the body All
can wholtt
know .It* place It should b : '. .4 Arrl.jd 't,, t"/f .
I BlUcMd Ib'o., t
descended the coaductot ibis may happen in the space of aa hour 4k '. "
IboiMlog, but owing to defect lit Its, eon. A half It i* rather uncommon for the fur range wilt two star of the" Drf; 'Mobile, "t 2' a ar
.r the:JIUId entered tude. in the knee* of to* Creole Curov NSW Orlean. ,Car fi
(traction A portion litvre around it to take fire t sometime. *.- t
much Above the higher f 'I|lhe loll Mkhe le JIoJ-r/ .
side'at f "
\with A tremendous explosion the: ren the,clotte| el Are_not -u red" About : ; ,
hat to above the lower. Baron and F. .l.r' ;
(the roof near the; south-east. eee d, _lad ,
[ passed directly bto.4ho room where ib.people q.'Ali act has beep proposed in the Legislature this Constellation maybe seen ,Bchr ,Kos* la.:Bloins1 ra' nra' MrfJl p sit
Ibe Mrth of the eastern part of Cargatoth*..r., : r' .
[ assembled-tearing a
were way of MassAchusetU, AIr abolisbing.epl- ; .
.. } Jswn Frederick Cfrrune Mobile
e Sloop
i much violence A window And several square WpinisbmattdssebititutingI lutheplac* : ., ,
I feet of the puildiAf. immediately behinjj out the following provision ; B rig W try('tteacby'at. Mark. "

! several individuals who were siUibg oa A 4 tnacttJ That 'The American People are 1 .. f
} seat next to the'; rallt, ItthenpMsed'.. wbeaaiiy perms hereafter b*coo tie' forth cause of ip thf, t1 HanD.N.. "1ppll4 \' ; 1t
i eral seats filled wUh men, i ball Across..theI ted of eM murder All contracts of Vet irregularitie*Ana excesses J m ; ,- 'ft 'JJ1f. .
room to the stove.And' travertine- the length whatever'fiaXnreUr which the'person so Bait must Injure not only their '...krz JYaw. .0r00u lOi@AO -
|of the room to the store pip to the elum- convicted hall be party/shell be affected, toys berths lAteresl of( r ua ..1LOwt1110feert
1 ray descended the chimney to, the MOve changed Or Annulled, ,In the same masher iy. We have heretofore nude kP.Sim
pipe bibs room below theta ..JoD1 a* they severally would bare been oy the torn the Canada'MDers.to 80; Lusum. I,. psoA.; ,t '
I the pipe ts the stove And to th> floor death of th*persoa a ieoetksed.3bebgndsofmatIaowybetweeii advantage i* taken of the ;
lit went through the wall into tke ground the.hnabaad.or, ,-the la o r couBlry. Th* (#!!."ie M. M. ....Z1Hl. G IS!

[tearingnp the floor*the wall In Its passage wife'as the case tosy be, And the person dlUoBsJ spaclmen, from the ;: BURGEON '!'' F 1 Agrees number persons(not U*|than so convicted.ball be dissolved}the person .,Idt-A'a/. Gta Y to'thrf'A 1.-i
1> on the seat next to the Wan}were convinced shall cease to bavf Any thleto M.Convinced M we are that wf folari.! ,vleialty.:'.pt IH..: to.sr
I thrown on to the floor and many other or iAlerett IB bin ows* esta' reaiand personal Jodlced democrat of the British ; i* e graduate of them *'Old BelAdclpblA.B "01 Fbih I
I severely .:. Several were rendered and the sari shaa W treated be agree riib ut J Cecribbtg also rectivtd AreruJar conn
insensible for some Urns' | ODe -If' appa disposed o lAd desceoxt.' use All respect plus Op.1ar violence to oJoItnactloo Jq he science *a4 practice 01 "
I rends lifslese for 19 or to raiBuflw I? all as if hi*actual death had Caked place on etoDo/, ,tJe 'pdoeJp1ee : Dt And bas. dtto&l several .
Jfoorteen were more or less Dn 4w.cI daywbcAhWM eoBTieted'A*. afer. nature uw*from day today ( I : : thepBrsuit.of hif ptoft**, "
I had their garments much torn by the lightIniAf. said t and all power *Uborf 'of whatever a ot cwiddeolog not never toIt ,U.J4lt nkfl.rut .
ituremarkablr, DOtwithstand* nature which he mlgTU-JAwfuUy have jot complete catalogues of ; dared do u ling so many were'. poetIJ trf Jhtf,TWencelof exercise over anr other person or person, mentatande ,AcienlIy.fuft ; aretioil >UI 1 m' .Accepted b T fclav ;He 1'--r .K
this destructive element not AMngtollf* shall from and after his conviction M aforesaid sedjikxis .'. To the' I i has h t sxbibltiig 1a. *. '

was lost Some hive been c .toItheirbedj ftU.a d temMu a* 'if. hf '., and ram riet.. 'hav* be** orWw"11 'when... GR. 4IJr
but lIa .fair way afrecot.I 'the wide possible : ,
sre 4ea4t.t_ 'give r _ai 111ttce .:
.". I r. Brttii-h AbMTlc*W in |W ; ups .

I The above particular, we bet..a. Lan-t x.x.te" r1Ji.,> '., !. Orbit. .dad I feU&e'ler1l& ,.e y ) SlJI11,_- I. Jf t
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.'..:1.11' ." lFf' .. .Ji .:: : } ,. : 1. \ /x. tc .' .

-'oV:. } :. 't1' "'., -. -11 yrranci4reoeil' -. ":r t 4Jt.i. .
01; ... I 4.. .* A jitrJ .
) i. l _Flodd.
li..S..U.t .
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j I petite atall Wparte* end BO swttrtsirt '. I b.t : rLhrCE c
./ JI .1hto t gfJotatL BnsCt er_ Lb strict'?b4 II1J11U1.1al"she of:fa.publishers, r i(Uwd*10 render it at$least ai attract! *:*A
1 ir.*:': C, U .1 ""':'f ..,' IrnI ,... 11 > r,.pstroni'sTi.thdstriedonle popular asanj tMlacontemhorarles.t| 3be I John P.;C.:>Ic)l. .:Aemo( Daniel'BurcKjdeceascoVCt E
-_The.> a_.m1rta uai be.,UsaM.ere' pat.t ';.rior'berf'-IN.AT1' CII .f. bearing )Is'mind how* Openenceolpstyes.rswUlgivT. career fidei>ej* Margarita oe .replugs La ItBa hitch U.AQeBf .
I bTICE to 'del .adage Ptbey that would 'al to iho* ;"wha have-watched' our. ,, ietuirix
B/enlngr 'tl3( flpor: : "bn ,rni4 U hereby gltea nobolyrT white'HievoJuroa.'that ,wlll'soon .4ose ; tUG\ Jubn' Je: JUs Ho, deceased, Joseph
ntu*, $i payable atthe; aiJ of tr month d."''dattt, of the thstituiion' of tKf* Wilt tae evrybody Kill'please will. be aa caniast'of that which I*to wa<5to : Bobtfay JeremUh R. 11. Knuih. bite

t t ,Or$4 payable at thoorplration'bfUiajoaft ''' siUcbtrUntV otha"Waahfagtoel returnable; SupertoV the Novem t Court rTernt ; AnBEh sW; It teem design* id. pursues. v tmr'wore recent' friend;.so that the >f pratailba 'IN t."IIANCEIQimhl ', _' '
thA .of the snlucriber. / .
\ option secured to pulflcatloatoay .day UJe..t".eoinpJalnaJ\
cmiiWlutramclled. ahakles.of :already our big
The all by.th anypdliiira I
If1'.1ltf t;Ie Uretetttoat44llutartevet :4efendao-'o; : persons'lntcresUsil, :
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,be maintained enhanced. U118d appearing to the .,are.
partyirr' making
and theJJbclaration )
r '(oart iCllne*(or .) are regntred, tb'appear pteed (o would not be Understood M being indifferent 1 o both we 4t lease lo'declare that faction of the;:Court,ty fLdai U tiled that
t sot,tAe Ant,to-l.yen4fut 'llt cgr- Bled In said,*;;(according toth.tt&nle1Inueh'"euet asp 'the Importance/of correct principles. ORNAMENTAJ/'EJttBkiiteli* i Noah tLi AUeO on if in* .feud.ntsdcti

tinwgea.nb.equen} naetateri.( .. bJad..Gd. pro l- to best nallv UO not reside the .territory ilotida
.: < ded 1" '- I ; MEMS of the1 Jntaaoa the Uth. v ot
.11'\ ri 'iT ." ALLEN li.l'nt1s1ft. They wish however di tlnctly to rave It ant has been engaged thai many 4>*interi( I i the State.,'aria onislana, 4l is Here.

jOA iiK Jt-AJVCUOlt I fw .. ,known,'Ib,'theywill neither lead the fan; b.6.lt.C'ehed, t umieaioa from*for"the :fore ordered}tlratJbe; aid .Allen sjuaron'
Mr. 4tty. PJI '
".An .t 12th 1834.t.t..liu' I or follow in the train of.designer polititfa eseeuloiol1.oE subjects 'of national bislory or 'before.the trtt,MoBdy of Noum-

4 4t thrEL: } Intriguers,. who re-**men of. principle. and national scenery and that engravers,Di I ber u tauidn Wrr,tlf;but (( con plaint
sl .. : ,> 'JiI.J.! W..*, *. to their interest. the feral merit bare been secured to reader Ale herein,or>th.>m cialli< be taken for
In'proportion 1
ICE f. 8obeor3b J ,Iecttulf inform4A jfrftCiPED-*the costedy phkelter'sba IeteraJco1a >DftheGazeUriw9lbeap these work fitiiDg illustrations of our bum- lConlueed""':"1 htmlJkl lie'ln.ln is &
e' r I ,CJ f the night of the 23ttn d y ofMstcH have: been i decreed
< oft ; propriated la Essays of,1 Moral.and Mineelianeouscharacter her* Jioweserbeaatifulmay' tbingslhereIpcontained acccidirig.lVf .
&friends and b_ pnbtUSjfn gemrratthai
t :Jst 'wiut mUmb"to1l who was ,underlie'head of Read the preceding works,jt t aft whfcb.have or ,And it I*furtler ordered that copy of
he has opened the abor estiblisriroent; eouvieted of stealing and/toed by IBe, .. ,u"oac1 1 older, be
which \ ndMh negro lagsforbaturdayeveningI namentedfttuf ,]'ge*, and, .,$ taeforegoing nublfchrd in the
h.:1ieta'en1a'ftd rotJJy Jurytbe sum of seyen Hundred Dollars& swenthe' |ilcb IJ>enact" :t.z lie; 6nce.aetk.
repaired, slid supplied wlth!hewbedding ',The publishers fully aware of the din and frequen tha applause \ for four
-r. 'and furoituf* of ever/4 d>VfipU rt.-"The .easaolprgrecutlon.Theaid) alUam11sre..Wilton fictrttie* or; .theii' undertaking bur they ttalehhaegrectedtheirpyblicnbniie'betoio: :months. successlypiy.1Superior .; -
Is about twenty foutyeanuif aae, aboutJif -. < thi ct..libetivlity n being enUed to,state I _
reli ftc Oft' pObl 1Ju" "
koowft aitoailou of this hoe.# rte Imrn place great sat
wjij :
'- +, feet seven and,hall,Inches high I aiid believe that a diligent atlentiou. to that tboie la preparation turffa*a" f cAing ;' l:JO, D "mL trlt.
tart Che iyeuddrftitrett
t proximityn& l fair completion and;ligbl,hair a UuJ..I fucfi- :business,'and, atealous'eflort to serve'the ojllnJi.:1wJ.
"tJkDa eqUal -It: .te'Iafty.N :1s 'rtlvbbothernUdj. nea loslop Vt'henslaadiua and la Jt>ronndshouldered I,public wilt vecur* ta ,taemselves a.liberal Mate*. No.literary periodical' laecJ '- ; o t"'t V a11 loridn

iaperkhdd'dalnotae.t Diih".been t lue eye aid his *bol
1 'ptroaurodend: as the proprietor'will devole ; IfamOieton escaped .without having 'lid City.r1'aJlabu being located In extended' :&CUL u jibe MJrrpr, ,w l.lcbi ) ., c 1) therefore .
the whole hls'tlme and uen iofl to the : paid his Che. Th kbova/eward JWlHJan the centre of<>FlorW.'and' orrounded by i II Of course the best proof Its congeniality ,Win.1U Cb"'it Dlptt. v2 Cora Ann BiocomK
will tMt twglveflforihe delivery of Ihe sal ,. -
niural"advautages **** in a to the national taste.Yard an unequivocal .
t < establishmfni oattsrs hi tiielf that those / Hambleton in the Marrlati mapy posse ; Id(AnnSlocorub: CuUibcrt harrison -
townof I given space b its cenlre'larger populaiioo approval of it *yit lBuitiid tUprinciple I blofonib and Caroline
t \.0 nu' .tl4oahJm IvUtrureasceuaept $ ; Abgusu felo-
Jackson district of West Florida
pa County ,, "
V of of oj lie r.
-r. than'that adr'otherportion managements
complaint f > ; I tnmb heir .U..of&D1u.l L.Clacoab
'. .? '.* ,.RARM" TBOKdJ, '.. tdlamed_ %: Yw' l:tum THOMAS pt', M.,WJinL-- b ; .. I the Territory within the same limits. ,, has Jar the course of the: v&bme..FOVL :_ '/JUeceased,,Defuc IN,.CH.. RT1U8.da1 \.
but One weekly 'fte1r. per. SPLENDID QVAk1Oba1uRIiElUhEL; : came IhetCroplainatt by hi.
/ Z 1y .r'F" +IA"'r,Nia1h il Oepntv,:tit ,.!1 Jillritt.JJ.:J5k ,In addi Jon to this there are many valuable L18HMENTH designed;pnatttiasdatngrOvtdr6ytheleataadnnaf ; ,I. ,'ttdl' to\lt Jstig.toftioftvt .

I .It tor Wk. ,. .. .4JIa&e, -r AplHH"t ) ; dll. .A'.. .' tract. of Lead-which; wedoubt notWill illi"tfI' rs- : tbe Com.sing. ltd that

iN.,. ",nUB Newr and B fen ."'FKrXH CARDBUSII : $; soon bt'bwubti1teu1tttahon should data m 1M country, nil! be' published- I defendants inithis cause reside te).(lu4
..1 ,, ... ''. ;JLM+'dM"'gtesm''Boatt HE subscriber basju (:rereired i JsJg the present price of the gieat staple of the gether *ith"'numerou*. \VOOpENGKAV'JNGS < ,the"Jarisdlltiokfoftbistrogrtsnd/ in the
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..; .t MMlCHANT; J 'stati of Louisiaea&t Tbertiwre it is ordered
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t' -" fafeobmander "un'a! ,' "They,were-- prepared,by the ., angment -the- p populallon. t of.,the ieonsideralionJi inddentt Otid ron rqaahe.,' !by the Court that tire Mid Defer.daiit da
to.IwJ{ end o(the ttaiiBowler 'edJ, doclety ,'f'Shaker*;,In ;Connocticnt*andHid e *** 3.oJ' with about F1F1V'PIECES.fofy French, iHpea'rberabnfcr' fora/tbtf' 6n' cia) of

mon a" *W&'V&>ASf are::}vfarfanted-',:,ThefoUgp dgjs'ecattalogn ;(stated;above, Spanish, German. ItUran and British MU( ihetwxt,term andtanswsr' the,lull ot the
,'i' .. ')'trt1)r' .. ,. : !. ;: !bf the Serfs : ", t store M hesitailor inbeltev bit .arranged for.luc. Piano forte.'Harp, r. nrtJhe: same;;wlU be taken lor
r &1,: 81.I'' tifrCh 'f$.1 ,.m1u.. OI Ob,YnUgtOniou, Red t y.wIthlonNdneetely for Uoitar.,&c. "' VV t,& &ed add the mailers aid things U.ereis -

:' .f.J 1i.". 'btBeieI, MiNidbloklleJ4"i 1tar1.r.jHoocr,"Jrialp' hIEtuti: If:tucccM of our undertaking' ; Tfie aamfl lisle which bat f resided ,over further ordered that a copy of this oicer

'AMT ,'i ; SoaAt ..cJi l-.'.flt 0r.anP __.'4_O..cal__ bn abe inoport;;of a generous public.i- our MCSJCAL) SELEC1 IONS?fcllTaoper- b _publia dln the Pensaool*.Gazette once
samelioer' for tin a* nd"P.' dot- a CKUtDtJ1JfS V' > week:for.four
VeplaceV or Bwtrt t hsrddo.--tong Blood Long Intend th&&nereaner.o Apt>ea t d the a months rucceasively.AAtttesl .
I -t.' x eaeol4"f1MA trill i Wh,al aU &llnt Scarcity The "TuDahstte!'Geo r.a1' Aavertieei'twiU c
ManIa Wjnrtzel d&j-onff fti'biq| brtotrples '
; .. .... ... itb1chguide'1uthe"departnlen }
:, .... ; printed on a ..u -sbeet, .a EO.1DALZBJ.L
."" t4 ;s 'Ji. doVbcarlelx;Carrot,' (fvery Bite,)' yra n I 'payable will be, as i Clk.
.i' for. PptY'1 .MS tMr deriplood"do.erly Uorn'do..puemM> Four d lUr*pI.nb1lm advance. ty;and excellency:the beauty Of tM>px*lrjYvaiid '_"I .t\l .l.4m:. ;
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r. ,- .*, 10}lort.lI8'f.v .? !ParnlptLOBsWhil Early7awstere; or-on delivery.of: ;no. four toonthaJ doUarufIRydatanltertheittptratiOnofsla .the" melody' bf the ''accompaniment. IYtitir a nlstrictofFlo
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m '? 21U r" "' "Frame ,do. Early dot PrkkryUhorUndo. or five duiafi"ttTe close year'No'an 1 eb1nier; onr'YORtGN'CORR$9l'o I 4 '9 ''Marc '
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I be for less
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.it .' '6n&lI\Imbft.: .will'be[ issued 'durUV bed co-co-operation epan. ot Hannah fchacklcford
'fP, AwAXllaatitet. a:,, Dutch dun)met y IIbh Cush Crook :do. ;the ensuing summer.or early in the f.ll.Com.nuti1t'.tlon..d r 1 I went roel that vote ithttatdug the,'tn*>? !'1 It ordered by the Court that notice be

,V<"" ,.: .mAi ; d v Cnx.kncck.Hurumer do. Cruokneck rei. ,to the mobs expense;we have incurred, jwe shall ;Iten't0:DtvidJ.; Shackfeford RilhardbhudJeford
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.fI1. ge e A [: ., W inter: : Mammoth du, >V hill tualu lUher : continue to appropriate all available talent, ; Edward'\6hacklefoid, Lt-land

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: ; :ettther.middleslxoindeot gar Loaf Lettuce Early'White .head do; .On these ground w e commend our forth the complainants Bill dead herein on befonMJie -
: .hQl., J Uo"Itti ice.of Green Head doi.Ico pu* ,dog\\bits lllcii'1\JlflJU' of ,the' .ltf i coining volume totbQnotlcYand .appp>b.- first day'ofourDecem6erTerm,

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<. .q -'*_-' >*'J, i lepers. LEEJA iudgIi.uoterdol.tgeLsr &DtltPepsperrIquaabtdo.CayennePurple supptuNi in numbers for $0,00 c sn. s leas floc than one'year: *"->**-' here ort f'berorehe"lrat day of cur text
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i I'huV or Pjppergnuw early half bound in biu.torredtnorocco' -T1FttlottJVotIte!
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v. of Xcw.Hartfc CeW) anwrlner' EarJ.8 week 1 J>.the pens',ofwell knownf.and istingvkitai tNa'4.AIILLIlouaj4)ohi'w i archer,: of Jfese hancisco Serrano, Jose Mi-
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'tI me'Qamantisdthe ar.'LydabPhUs Craabery Pole do. Dutch Case Knife Pole. int'ludng Original poetry-Tales and Y.- Gardner.*. "_ f"r* "? ". '*" \ and where they may attend and cro s
*ta aboot iWrty. .' .: dot,. Her Cranberry Pole Beans,.Wt>ke dada '' narnble the JeW';1ri toewsws thick
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and EojlIsh8cleotllSo and Literary Intel- JeremMh ,..;; : '
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i.c..oUI. pale I Ugeenee-Coploas noitces of Foreign Coon QAttt e ( OJ.I.O V'm : ., '-
b*. a'remarkable custom bee bead,A some JAqifJ l'V tries,'by Correspondents engaged expressly ; In the 6tli.predinct, tatidetpfEscambtaiRlvtVil ''
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ori.raar0izg ana exclusively for this Journal-buict* pe tors, Joaa Gaines ,
/; v York where' his wife's" connexion' re' ; .4f 'Oarstttyattd :t '.id:.j u res.upon. tbt'tartoa* production VK ",the NeiU McMillan and Angus AVNkhol* r:' u>,< ''zbSvgnCtmrtjor 5ri
1 "" : '. eariatr, Fine Arts'IbM are preaeated for the-noiks Now 7"At the of t SsjsueU Pallet? JT Mitcbel ta > *tf rtMrediee'd.

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Pensacola gazette
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette
Uniform Title: Pensacola gazette (Pensacola, Fla. 1830)
Alternate title: Pensacola gazette and chronicle
Alternate Title: Gazette extra
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Blount & Aitken
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: October 10, 1835
Publication Date: 1830-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 29 (Nov. 5, 1830)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1861?
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering resumes with new ser. vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 12, 1834).
General Note: Editors: P. Neufville, <1833>; B. Wright, 1834-1846.
General Note: Publishers: Adam Gordon, 1831- ; P.M.S. Neufville, <1833>; W.H. Hunt, <1833>; Benj. D. Wright, <1834>; John M'Kinlay, <1839-1858>.
General Note: Printer: J. M'Kinlay, 1834-1839.
General Note: "Whig." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002055169
oclc - 02704803
notis - AKP3157
lccn - sn 83016251
System ID: UF00086629:00214
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.Iii1. .. .. .( fT.' ... .' .' .,.. ,, ,'.. ,"..., ,..u-\. ,' "
.I ", a'JIIIt J' to"" I 7 '
\ 'I
'. 4 AJ : .

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)0 .. .
r. P'
: : I'J .

I R.'II.CtOI..Al.&II.I'

.. ,: .

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-.t -- -: -
i itpt
\ ., ,.. W. ,
_. :_ 4VOL
,t ; .
: 2. : ,.. ... '. r.. P SACOL 1'OBLR 10,' Iaaa. ,. 1' :, ;::' ._ "NO .1. "

.. ..
----- ,
I Mr M.Arago OIl the Covet trltkk hill pass.on what dy the comet will become' visible. ect,-themor senrltiHh t )which ir ereaes -ars, and-t turning I med he had meat tu'undtesIIter.Msb- bad 'evidently r'I tad,

BL iU Ptnktlum in Absmo 1835. In the The state of the heavens, the power of Ole ,-tho habit of deprn ng<>Jn a1 large kcatick'which when translaled-means the all ,IIlf1.. aU4..probaMy,1'' "' through
** AAlrt of 1832 )"p.bI-ted( a long notice instruments, Ibo gbodnusA or,the power of mm of society, upon th*'caprice of t ltfl' fyehoi cor bones;.. Never having beard lonely boon before abs eA into tbe hear-,;
I in which there w an elementary, explanation sight Dr the ohserter united 'to physic! variety of temper, AninjOnio; Af'ttl' ofsitch a discs**. I asked him what U y.skep bleb new bad possession of bens
of all that astronomy at the present causes, already mentioned, variations of'in racy couW not hate devt.4it a mnro CUM* wash opened his eye, and turning the Mary mnaimd..afiaid to mote, laid
day poje Mfl precise and mathemthkal *-' enaity, render all attempt to anhe the ting way of Impressing teen lu .a nwerliJ wrong aide'out, desired me' to hat slumber shtuldba broken, & her eye"J
information on, the motion and na, problem entirely aJlWlOr). M.,Obera be bumble state of society, huts of servility I feel or It. I did so; and felt a herd bony wandered around the comfortless room';'
,cure of comets. To that treatise I beg to tevel tbit in I its maximum of lustre; the ex which an American dopanrU ask; 'eve" of 'ubtancej the lid was much Inflamed. A black bombasine dress bung oa a ..IIIa*:
refer d -rtIe;. In tho 'present note I peeled comet far from mJrpassing aa Ms bis slave,'fuelings ofunoi-Mary humility le uow thrust needle with 'horse hair the wainscot a little, table, Mood atari
ahsJl eonteatmyaelf with mentioning) > been pretended, that of 1811 will not equal amqnff bb fellow mea. tbU dcgrnd him ,hro'the back rim'of the under. lid, & pulling with the leg propped to" make It ateady tc.''I
modification made on the former results the third comet,.of 182L, which,,tbo as a thinking man. InaieMufrrrvkre; a* it nut of the eve, 'cut therefrom the boy > I he table were a looklnggia, Mine bright Jibanda
pointing out the principal circumstances public> allowed la paM without paying any with IBS claiming )Jtshonrij py> sence P aabdtance, llieeye bled pethapei half ,similar to tboc,wore ln.ber hair.r'l la
which may render thia sixth appearance of attention to. N I here hers Its ply, and revive it, as if spoonfuls he performed the same operation roug c poi,a bottle of oil and Mark crap f I
the same comet useful to science and indicating It, Is towards the middle of October here ww oniethJngn>orc\hnTreciprocl. .w the other e)'er after which: he.blew upaeh 'handkerchief and under it, a" black veil t rlcontalalog
the constellations in which we are too that the comet of llalley.during Its nit I ty. Better attention mafUhas bo .uml nostril through u short reed about a a quantity. of farted cowslip aa,]
rJ $ seek It. appearance, will be nearest the earth We it U true by better J y* but bribery: spoonful' of burnt allum and bloc'pepper, tory rattle, some broken says, end .H|
After having determined by the assist may add thai its distance will never be kM will In many "eases do, j I 1Wr u*' .what ,ibich fortnight on t violent .net1 lp,. lie nfanl'e aash. A led v aa at. the furUictfl
t" snob of very laborious calculations the derangements than eight millions of tesguea, 'of 25 to the this bribery doc..pre.'tbt"UIa here "nksa then directed that -some garllck, vinegar bide of the apartment, and a carpenter'a,i I
or perturbations which the"comet degree. Thus those who have not beenw the bribe i I-,given, 'ft r1uanl JaAJuioslurelobHinmiltrVL MIld salt shotiM br mixed with a kind nfredrarih hammer, rule, andafewnaUis weialyuj
at present expected, and known by rely re-assured by the numerous pleading Dot b6p murali i. 'hu- which bad the"N"Iararlt'e ofiwl ngon the quilt Wary shuddered,.a- shake l
the name of Halley comet Must encoun published lately in fvoro comets cannot molt nature Ufgradrd-hwviftiuch of'that ochre,.and that bis mouth should its w..h.ed fancied hat, perhaps. Ibe) had lam therev-l
Utdurt; :IsrlU oroiKss,'from united attraction (in the present case have any plausible cause .' honest pride that ought*t\t* Uistingila1! Kith.it three pr four tomes a, day, for I since the day j t the/uuetal. Y? 41Jhetttres
of.Japiter, Saturn, Ur.null.J. and,the or jlincauinciw.DKOOKS'S. man. ,Is extinguished Ih$ Imoinent be is (bur or five dAys he next'.cerined bin I .' *, who is young and beavtif |,.1
EUrth, Mwsr ..Damolscall aad De Ponta- made a beggi even for hi*Lomr t.titie I J Iuo\uh. and put him into the Itnbl A\e .more sinned against than slnnlrg;' tell;*\.il
coulant fixed.the: ) one the 4th. the other, LE'rTEns.. would not utter 1 ward ft .In'lt> the, po>, have followed his directions and the home stor)-the old tale of,i aa> bcartksancti]
tho 7th November, for the time of the 'comet No. VI. likeness-theel IllywbielL w nnc from. the that for a long time past '.void nut lotJ harley and woman's devotton.. tel
perihelio'n; thai la. thi point of its orbit i June employed to the tntployrtLand so' beep'rocallybutithereIsany. now eM of it fittly, and la to all On this floor\ which #.nearest the'aurC Since these first There))1 one thin beyond description ping revolting I1rpt'.ranell.. ed at the first no one replied{,at the artond,j I I
researches astronomers have determined. noying to an American; traveller, a pei* it fs tho ever hh'kty-.hof'-red and tmm, .' Tins tlioeuMj and the mode of treat trios and a 0\10' voice bid her enter, with solo'
,that _masiof Jupiter'which had been ect-nuisance, when lie first enters Eug ulnr', thankeemN prf8M,cxi udttnref /t to mo altogether new-It may not te so asperity of ton wbkb made her paote.
considered u equal to the 'lOffOth part'of and and ever while be fs in the king- bows theta,' Engnshmaheirrussc. y 'u to others. From the inquiries I hue made For a, moment it crossed her unla di. 1 pperbaps :
that of the son,U equal to lO.Vib part. Dy hem for which his previous habits of\1'. truth when yon have pM hjm for what he I am fttiofltd that In ten day mote he the little actress was rot alone.a .
adapting ihU"new calculation,. and by taking cUing at home have never, educated him night to be P"id.- TharoM(\"',ff a .Hot* I oven would have Icen ruined.tLe farrier burning blush clrmaoncd her creek put *
more completely Into account the action a i Is the case with the people of the con In IJdinbtirnli; boned< to death almost .ild be would have been In five- The dl- on the summons to enter ,bung sharply.,
'of Ihe earth,_M:da PoAtecoulant hi, nentj-and that roust-annoying of all when we left hIm., :Now one or two Low sare sense U Is said it brought on by, straining epeated,' aha obeyed, ,and found herself ith
'definitely axed the passage of,the perihelion things Is that he never know. w hen hla bills civil enough when one'man leave rfntker their eyeslnanxlonswatchlitgfvrihtlr food a shabby room with a gaunt pale, bag-]
for the lit instead of TthjNovember.. are paid, such aa ,the universal custom, a* ,-but there I Ie any object over" rtinilous Alnrkkh horse stands haltered to,both IBid looking wan, the pau.tdlD the o>ldat.|
At the'moment of this passage the distance mounting to a law,to feeing every Toiinand In my eye,:it: br Just of a man ends of his trough,*so that be cannot turn of a painting lie was'finishing'and remained ->
{of 'the comet front theme' 'rill esorlpUofi of servants. I had heard muchof makingsuch gyration; auionmton-like. hi' head whkb of course brings a great gasing at her;Jiia pallet and tnisbea Joj
not'exceed,mx-tenlhs of.the ;distance of this-'but I hid no Idea of the extent to So it is etory wherCr,tbe tridexman kills train on the eye w lien he w ama to look on one hand, and the'otber leaning on the ae, tI
the < aun from the earth>_ At ,the otfwr which it was carried and the variously curious >ou,with klndnetni andthankVcu. for the ODe side or the i>t hen. = % I(1!. A wild expression or hope &hot,o er'<
.gnat xls of _the ON ways in which it. manifests iucll" time being be cmlsWera himself your slive 'J.:have mpa.u nod this hor e:from the his face, aa In a foreign accent he \exclaW:;
,tbit, la tiilrtyR-nrae years from this tine the fhe truth,.is, Eagtaud I iv dlldecl'lnlo two and acts accordingly r seal his English employer shoulder tq the arround-hol. exactly four I mod, tltladamewisb to '.ace acme of,my t
distance of the two heavenly'bndir"lwll1; greet-classes-the big plunderers:and ih! looks upon him M his' property. a( bet Aloe and a half inches high ((fourteen poor pictures? ;'- "
OA the contrary fa immense. .Calculation little plunderers with k various corps of least ill the job 1*done. Tie great difference hands and one inch high) Those: who ; .No i.'-sald Mary, gently; tr want to find
give more that thirty-five time the.radius ierl between and iHu chief diffymicT between ia this respect between the twit.ct u"- know Eclipse any thai tits homo t* a high? '-Mirt Fitthvrks-Wre. Rekl-a ,lady ,
.the, terrestrial orbit that, U more than the two is, that',the', big plunderer tries an Knglixnnian! marks the 'moment Iy flattering likeness of him 1 shall keep the :who was 'taken ill last-alght wlen: .ae- \',
thirty Ave'time* the distance of the esrtlj legally plunder the little en a magnificent he puts foot in thf United Slates anal an horse although have brcn strongly edilcJ :tin *
from the sun.. aellle\ and the little" plunderers rewugc AinTlcon marks it 'hciu-\erho ho comes to to send bin to America. 1Pimive &tilt ;arpJ't'o ''t lathe next room, Madame,1, aald the .j
The result of the calculation 6f the pas- themselves, wen as they can on a Idle England/-Which Jit tho I.otter lIl'm' it might tnrn put like nuny>nay I >oor painter) andbe ,coul1enu.ly'o"cr.e4.i.''
saga of itn perihelion by', 11 alley's,,comet scale.making up in Ingenuity"what they 11"fOnablo'! man would noon decide upon. may 'say Mil such .pei'ulations. Out if Vow the door,and bowed at Mary reUrf'd. bite, .
in 1835coraTirei ;with the result of want in law. The big plunderers are the Our> system advances elevates the, man now of any pne who wwhrs this horse they beard the heavy a4tb .ltb wb1eb. h4 IItu, :'
otMorvatioa.will inform u* if this 'comet, nobility,or the ari.itoc.ruyand the little Theirs d'lJradell.nd humbles him,-and If may write to any disinterested person in oHo his work h L' '"
like the sm,ill and feeble one which retui are fheirservanu and the servants of oiherv wo would but adopt 'to tbo United States this country to examine and report on him Mr.. Connollfjs not then- at short Intervals l ii sensibly deranged during lienee[ there i i. a constant \var among them a practice of feeing waiters In onr large Ho- and then w'e w ill) agree on the terms. blher'saM M.ryb.\hlnt1i..DO& jouf;",:

|ti,, pof rei* by tbe resistance. of the ,other. and hence the great origin of parties' England teis,ours would be attentive as theirs as I am now' satisfied there is lu:t another belri)er'I Tell ae,,tcjl'. me qukk-nos;* .
This con arison'lnjt. tarn,, \rill furnish ;the little plunderers having an tin hey are now}whenever a necret fee l I. givn Arabian in Conntnntlaoplei the sultan's him. have reason*,'for., asking I'fctf
IM with come notions of the phyoks)Cop; lenso majority of numbers which avail them If I were an English IludlraL? tbe horses are generally signed, very fnt and reoonefor askiagr I have rlht.o Mr 7
etitatlon oftha e >ra' which we up rr hem nothing. they cannot ose )it and the first attempt at reform with me should be cry spirited ) they look extremely well the worst*' 'fhClIln. low boom\ toner'
H'jfjvej.reshtliif molininex, rci"c* J6f > great; plunderers having an immense majority ) a reform of this ey"tcm, 'so tui to enable a iteth trapping on( but I 'aiu ataured ,he added, hla name is. not'Llouel 7*: w+
:)esa effect; According, to the volume and of the wealth with almont all the landed man to respect himself,and to expect and that he bal not '*' pure Arabian among \,,) .' said the unhappy' girl, hatj
;density.of the body which traverses it. merest & the/KH.h at 'their diK nA III1.- cm.wd a fixed and sure. compensation thew.-Am.Lj1rr. .,..- .. '- '" hU name-Lionel Pupre,: YOU :are hi.*
..1'1t1 ..e\-beot{",.ipu.. ,.. .". Sifm af nco uc.ts in .till \.-,w ? *rU**" A"U A TALE.. !
round'a san," from west to east In them when-be lands.upon the English const, wit :.rJ lletcr.frS- Cam. Port,,.) BV It..,KvaTOH. enable-and ah*.burst Into a fresh Hood Of. ;'
tnnetntthe planet In the last,c**,it* move atom very harmoniously Hf mustexpect 1 [Otitiunt Arabian //v.-*<>/' dMriMict ,,.. Woman'llewnrd, the prlutipaJator I tears .NJ*.. -{
ef jet 04 the 6o nor, which *nr""at short to endure perpetual l vexations uulens .-About a month vine I saw a sin (fur''1 hd Wife oniydrcuplca ,the third I '>o aald Marylihunnutitd: l nmjx j
Internals, which Itself moves from west Jo he lays in a a large stock of good temper gul-trly beautiful J ght rlientit sorrel I horse volume, and las been put prominently sure. I am only hU sister-only, bit sitter..:
east wWbedifferefUrom that which H will and if Jie Is wise be will attempt no reform standing in my yard& one> wad hoklinj ward for tho suko wf the title), possesses a thank 0611 1 came here to ;help. you-to jme
exercise' oa the:'comet :oC I WJ yV whose but give lacheerTirlly 1'.all the customs he him hi. unite wa# laying over bit neck, well sustained iuUrcHt. 'I'be hero aud her yell! "
Is th J
nda, fact
directed The servants )tare >jo
motion; on the'the'contrary.i. and the person havingtharge of him WM eroine art orphan ehiHrrn ol a merchant Along hysterical) tenant Interrupted berg
aast ttW' weU The'science of celestial usher way of living& they plunder. Thy .l\&udiuJj behind him plotting bill beautiful who diet at Madeira ; and dying CommitsIssonuitheguardiansblpof he person she'addressed fell on her kntea, t
movement, art.that of cosmogony ,ace are very excusable A. porter as be' ? Jung silky tail which trailed on the ground; his sister l alee looked tip'"U4ty tileS Imploringly la bee '
equally,Interested In the solution, of., the himllf'l't brings It porn antwidown atairt, be appeared to be full of life, spirit and in-- yean his senior. A. the tale proceeds, face, and t-scla n..b.ii> me) save kopek .\
and cries don't the
*. and I bU hat forget .
problem to which I ajludv)( "'" sacrifices thing-com. have forgot IM "and I, yopj but / "
every '
bands it feet diligence, and aa docile as a dog. lary Dupre you ,.
'and another
sir two
We da not yel know witbve ert&inty1teomela porter / up There was'something so fascinating in forte home, even bn gaueuicot"with hes Anttit Moriim r.=and wok in a deed
are of themselves(brnlnoua.of Iflhey. i 0 the Guard of the coach--(ajliost useless the of.this animal,.something betrothed-for .the sake of liar brother's at her feet- '<
animal with two legs, }n a red coat, that the appearance
borrow from ,the sun all the light With IlilabroUivl ti'r'Diarylookeotatl.rtyibst5IL
gazelle-nke that I was determined if he real or imaginary happen***
which they ahine. TV:Jnvestlatwa ,0 Eolglsh perch; up In a back beat of their was Cot sale would h are him route quo in a vain splondid, 'and exacting, pawiou ,td-- he spoke no,word0M ; :0
their phases seemed:to be the only mean.of, coaclies and make their horses haul,)-and coute. I linage I ascertained ,UF be a link ato f..aturetb.. betrays the playmate' of limb,here afik* .pataJyted.'Msdrfta arsme

of resolving, the question.but hitherto H ben this second portertepeate the cry, of'don't over sever, ywrfc lie had com from the his childhood to ruin-wcaraoot, the paicnco back ,obi"OrrtsonstoUbb vp *$
"has entirely failed.}Com paratlve measures forget the porter" sir'-to'which, If bUy Jullemaitic.nJnThaurditan( which aud destroys the happiness of hitter si* &h*hot bUL whit fruit or books for ber dy!4|

of the Intensity of light photometric mea: you demur he'sdd. this is the Vay ,I get I. a province bordering on Persia jwi i he and at last, hurriedly contracts: a no- tog (father.Lionel ptoying ia ,the'gatdeef
cures.: hnayt lead UI to the result,III a inynnernet = ny lit ing sir.,' Walters'one certainly,1 side)and.on. the other side'by tbe PSchalic leis marriage with a nobleman'. daughter, \\ftb hi*rosy,' flaxen "baired bu> 11picture any
.kN Ineon\kUbl 'This kind of two or three perhaps--rasl to the door asbe of ,fiagddd, which latter border on thegreat as headstrong: and foscinattug,.though. DOt of'Annl*.,aa ah.*;lay tbetYin'"tit ,
ob5e adolt will doubtleia excite the attention coach prepares too away and these desert of Arabia. The horso belonged iiila au lieartlesa-as' blmaeifl tltesfequei. door other shabby roomy.her|olVn
be settled with t-and then there Is th*
astronomers\ daring the. actual appliance must Joan Agha. who had recently arrived from or s bleb la, that I sister, who ia made rbeIJt'cSalDp masse round btrd4 '
of Ualley eornet The second chambermaid;"and s'bumble' .personage hence be said the horse:waa. ',little ei. referee on both sides In the quarrel whichare like Ytte'was burnt Into:WaryV been, A
of the Anrtaalre of, It>32,-prove tot who calls himself Ithe boots which in A; ; of such a '
edition and would not eat, and thanes the Aba the {Inevitable consequence her : :' ,
.,amateurs *>fthe"eclence' ,,that they 'even merican English means the boot-Wicker. was compelled to return immediately marriage,.is att;length ,pwmilted ,W retire I hlssuwhtie th'.''I"JDtn who beard'
whh'very feeble'Instruments majr efully When you change the coathma,'Wblch is bad offered the horse for, a sum which n* nttfobscudiy. Further may.nol stream'and:"tb* .heavy ran, opened '

a aslstia Una;cttrlons. rttL : twice or. tbrice"in, twenty. ,four hourseexpectant. rue knowing tine value f '. 'Iia'urdi.tan ..ave Uiatrompensatioti foi'all hw sorrows dsuor,'and Marj aw.ke ss from 4
In the-W l3ot1 1I'lJeJ comet use feet and last or ail eomea tits; I .closed sad endurance, came-thougbjvf ry bate;
horse could refuse to give.. finally
'utraordllary bribtnea In 14M ti drag; roOd; for nothing animal called the Guard, the bargain for the horse,adding a present and apprehend that auifioiess w bb- LAND SP ct1LA iONlNh1tNX.tt3.8o.jbs :

gad after Ittall which' embraced J'oihnta ukip for hit \\herevirjrou art the of tv'o)h und red and fifty piasters to the ea to shew that woman1 bt reward ia in .'IOIIt" .. :, ., .
waiter U to be and to such extant '
nd paid an '
of the spaeot betweeq the bmiioQ Aner trying th 'hor e under the he-calni and contentedness of her own ".l
the zenhh; tft '168. ;)though notably less U ibis carried that my hand,almost iuvoluii-. saddle groom.,-,and Approving of bi!.,1t.' & fleet- and not In gay wedding by special) 'Want to ut* a tract. thla pro t.-1.
brilliant than In 1301 or 1&8, tl+was Classed parity ra..lato.en) pocket whenever. one for the sultan's (farrier who tense" or the more sentimental bspplnessofloveta No. 1 ieni
among the btjU.nt 't!, and'ita tall even casts his. eye towards )ne'' I have the lees moment, be saw tbe horso pronounced *eottager.. The character of Wanltosellf *4" .+ r

.was,1ItIU 30 mW.J lu1759'Ita '.ppnta n beards' good star, of an American,who him not only a pure Arabian, but a beauli- Lionel"K) well maintained throughout J lClavetingMsry'tloter >Vbytk* pen4V npon.wbatlWglel eliUetane e'
,. when be first landed after /or
the .Uea.tion summons
would have occupied is Jess individual 'H'1Io
certainly |
(ul and MM that hrbad setn.but one .
of none but mstronemm if It bad not two from aomeorthe rrvanta called all l been the first eo;;\aanoanced a long aim ,getter and, ranged them beginning with so]pure now sent immediately to the Alba to dreu ."intrusted) form disagreeable, i' by to tech the \,'!don't care much;

p.'oaIy.' ''These' faettteeaa 10 peevethat be chambermctd j(then parading the wait request him, if In his power,, to given* tent characteristic group,rcdeeauid byline :about sdllng today turning..toU of ,*o-
sre dh lnlablA, 1a )rlgbtaes, er the boots the porters and the, ostlers in the pedigree of the horse; 1te sent rno word losabel, irbkji last we could have marrt I bacco la bit oiovth, and'irjlof M spits'i
and we mig :the tempted aeareh for the regular platoon ,and as they eJlelnimet thai redid not know bU mdlgree; ported futraeivea, eteq though she dM, :not tin gainst the wiod throws hi*',itvt teethe-
pby'Ical.awe ia the 1R&Itet which Mt the ,pay for something lie gave them hearty the person from wbont"be bougljt him- ilerstand being wooed in poetry. AndfOiirtmiodstuj timber laadli rfein1 :stilt no r,,'}a frlM

I perihelion separatea Itself frost the mebelo'stty .tensing foralieh impudenc their and then de of that the Kurds'when they stole aa. horse, to apeak of, the, great.aUra* caq't (keep ti., w tth'K .JtlMat"_K 1h"
to'form the. tall, and which\the ones parted much to astonishment : slob only the beat, a anddid not ctof.la Inquire Ions of this* v lumes-lhe. lyrics ,Inter mote l rl .ot"Pt ,.}be
of "
teemetadtssetnoaieiB:epaee- MOftntccrtaialr onree. 'fh1.entWIII; feeing prevails which trirtbAbestwe ,hav* ettti I
after thi t>edlcrte t f but If I wisbed to ipcrscd pi
:onn f*]eomptfetrt' JiUgesaauMectoftUa go 'betber'ou IIR oa land, satisfy ifaaltha ban*was of thip. r* from Mrs. Korton'e band. W. may .fur> ;don't free bbf-tbtiit> ,tagging*
,kind deo*:bolo regard fWberner'u bft' .there.ere no porters myself 'them for beautiful girth.lreeautifl retreaing) Ida
c a, I.nnsl x*<&iAe bit arch, slut commend many msp"snd
the gradMLletfeebllnf pf eomfa*a pfoved; ,.stewards and cabin boys on both aides of wbkb I sboul sad a btnlifnl ovchc* of u te feeling.- Bat we B.B-L we paaaage-wty..where It coold'be'unrolled
he beI"etI that the 41mlnirtJoia observed Ita I'take their pUcca. 'A*the master plunder natural tree "toredl"'ups.rc1., ftwo presume, give aa _trare. ,though it Ii *W wHb saftty; .IRte'ae cbauce Vprtb q..
.&J1atotllalJnfro U06to)436, from' ._ the emauMoftbeir wages or what Is worse half down the neck;and that I ahot ld way dURcult.W/ detach ffecme scenes lag I Ml ye. Ooe barter o> this haw..
"till' way
and from 1 1. only apparent; make the aervant*as shay -do buy his sad spurs oojii fetlock JoUts-botb of (coats' euotlntJOautor. .hTp'ajeaf a4d to '.C'Oml' :troDi.>.. ,

="T" *," 8f1. peculiar place,the servant tuptt of necessity plun-' which were,certain Indication'of th* purvtyof An aeu*s a who appears at i cowtry theatre York,:fee seven dollars aa acre=fee*gbf
relative the eoatb ,comet def.wheresoever he'csn; ,Wbcne, er you his blood. ; ia suddenly. "a1lJ. and kd from tb* day swoe1b -hal& ; ,
and the eartbiand naUyJn Cites ia supportof rctBwnatrate the answer K; we have uo About )_tIr"., dow.'hi*. .oec ,wbcn about to stag one cf b