taiti,,l. Thai sttIla. committed by .lae and "hal him by the nose and his claws grappeled the conversation of that feeling all are eompainid&) of their
II iWlll t.c the din> of the C'Hy Marshal, I Sc e. 20. lie it further OrViim, That not be paid, lie or she shall! reeeite ally into hi* IhoulerJ the dog of course having extraordinary. mtuiwas fault with their particular J&Iai.
1f ID who I II cut, or carry I number of stripes not exceeding t"tl\ the uud.r jaw of the l'lmlher in In* so remarkably imbue. It .a ub- the I r
."i.t..I' a< may bf employed' any |1'.r"11 IIi injure well calculated were only or tU other, I aJ
. .r ,.1.>.. to pitrol the int-tii fifteen Hw'a) .11I)' of the public worknor propertyof Htc.: J Ut it/urlher Oriiaineil. That mouth. The Ujbjecl of the dog being t'\.- jt when handled such bi pw"n be happy thi CIJu

.,,'.fu'r slit rin:inc uf the Bell!! andUfiJ4TrHlNitrtheaceof 11.1.lily, hhall befineil, III any Mini notexecriliuu I tan)' person who shall or keep fur sale, unwholewiuie deftly to get out of the cavern, bringing the less,suited to interest by the thing but w hat I am. S w.ah work
tItt ten *. f.uusItuIZ fifty dollar, or if the offence tie;, pr.I'IUI", fruit, liquors, or Panther with him. A s soon *>the Ianlhrr. youthful fancy. -so has and waf.-
year The anecdote which i 1
it illustrated
at Uifc dunu; the iujjlit, uitl.ont -committed II) II udiul'. be or ,hc hall tie other article, or who dial! keep such article bead came in sight, I fired a tall 'I! by 'a'le
hits have long escaped but there PAi. &t.n C..rt. p
ttd house or on or my memory ;
*fti, frtMut li<, her or then owner. or "'iner 1'11111..1.! with all)' number! of tripe hut(1.1 in bus or her store, forehead-and here terminated my sport. ..
I whether for sale or not, shall head of the Panther one sentiment expressed by Burns
I' ?'*> .,..J']> be coiifineJ until uisu.ruuuui.Ihieu !. r.til 1 1 12 thill nine.Six. i tier Ir.mif I pun examining the .
with his characteristic enthusiasm sinucIia fcy
tl.r) hallbc taken before the Max ord 27. lie itfuilhrr On/u'tm/, That It tie fine a sum nol exceeding fie dol- I found that every hl f CaX in number) had which it own threw into between France: a.D.-Te au1C.IC
order their as a new light
I shall my .
cule.uctsl to a fine of luo dot-! Mhall be the duty of the City Marshal or hit the Mayor taken effect. One eye dnlrye tb rot
pay 'laf don who the fields
mind I ahall Man said he goods
of the City at the- never forget. carry ar
the limit ,
I of off out
.I. and if the name be not paid. Mid Slat1 .lflIalit i to lit the public springs, at leant %al nut of his lounge cut knoke is ibe Gudofthcdug. IlRknuwinooiher and wood where
*t1 f'f"U" nut eie.1ing h\t'III) -ticaiwuor ': once a day: and di"lte'.e| therefrom all disorderly I Pt the owner or claimant thereof. &.e_, allf"Ilch could not effected ; cannot be cu.t.has now o
rSJtIIM That be can understand no other; and see bow
dn ch l aeeoidin tu the or idle who lisa be found IU it further OTlairt latter shot. Notwithstanding s.ti C 1
r8e : mtta negroes :1. 3. With that to
he him what a tax
; of who shall all this he fought like a tiger illustrating reverencehe pitch orr repress .
and failure .bel. worship
tanrrs of the eat.He j lui'rrilllllat.ulI' them on any any person drri. at his feet with what love be laid of per head ea -
S II. Iff it forth rr tnl.tninl, That!>: j I of them lu oli *) the orders of the City Mar- broken glass, or any in the truth of the asim that the ruling fawn him with what, strong feavut at e. for Belgians, to>

Af I'ny Marshal njiall! olK-y and! eieeule all 1 II"hal.1 or lu. .1.111111. they shall be punished in front of the City, or in any street lane, passion of life .Irn, even in upon to him, and with depnen the dos. of SOOU,000 anna nv They
I ... of exeecdinetwelve. other public shall be fined in! any death!" I have drewed the skin and handsomely lob up per I
with stripe*not .
I *rter ;of the MiV. in every thin; that rewe or I.Ja alacrity be obey him His whole soul have been shot and sad h anted r
and U (its
r *to his duty an auth, in rarr}III: the] sum not ex inl dollars, the &; so that any one can w wrapped in his God all the i but all to tbe
slave and up ; powers dow
"U. Mar- SLC. 28. Iff further OrrlainrI, That offence be committed by a it by residence in Edward D Jr
p t bdbe City FhieCity of Finance
Aa ,ua .hall! al.c.r"jlf'r\, any w.ho shall deposit any boat, vesMl fine shall not b he or she, shall receive Length, ten and Iaulte n bi nature are tabix tanwe
km a *t tant I pet.tn p.d not exceeding feet.ELIJAH IIAINES lniet; powers and faculties are muggier, by mean of dofs, cheat the.
, pnre h furl order in the City, roll"it lumber, w' x d or other article of a like any stripes. ennobled by 'the intercourse. Freninstosn house duties amounting -
where the beach west of Florida twelve.Kec.. Edwards March 1837. D..in
, lenUy with tte regulation for it. &govern- kind any (flu Onlainfl That 16 us that it ought just to be 1 with the toncarlyswonuillionandabalfofFrsnesper
38. Ve Chri
last of Rue street further ,
Tlueiut, ant to the Mayor from lime Dtanea street, or han but the the annunL-BcJlt. Adi. 1'
rrpuri collected from the INGENIOUS }XPEDIENT- ; dng but
levied and t
blame, viuation! thereof which for a longer time than forty-eight hours Iher .al b "
tttry may I shame.
for will some
of 'flue The following eaae
!'W to tint knowledge as \1'11.the ex.-) such prnin shall he fined in any sum not owner or agent, a dolars condition of Egyptian(convey "'WDbilil-MutabiU.ylt written ape*
idea of
HIeC exceeding t twenty dollars, or forfeit the every day or night that any clll lh punt in the natural world
I fanytiitwanre or other offensive Show hall be exhibited in A Turk, A ludicrous mistake occured at a fuue- every object ; upon every -
_Uer or subMance! which may be culler-j, boat tp..*el, lumber, wood or other article, of agility, or other Penracola the Mayor Ime birbarou provinces. at the ral some days ago at Hamburg, which not physical power, and upon every degree
weather be the City of many presiding
"4 the "irt"um.tanffland in an ad of mental endowment still
I deposited in any | art of the CitjWithe -, provided license f*r town of went one withstanding the seriousneM of the occa- sttosjnr !
that make out receipt
within shall a
I, particular circumstances attending such a. to admit of its removal exhibit Tunt. of that lion, produced considerable laulbte On more irregularly on our path in life from

aDd for "-prY.IUul negligent depar-i( time.See.. the money to any person w'hinl and night to and finding two peasant granary sleeping the same day, and almoct at the same mo infancy to old age in all its"iMijailjiilnTVo .-.
Ip Ortlaineil That the if in hrs opinion proper, town,
III' from bit he | 29. Of further .me and two coffins were borne into the thing sonly immutable laimare -
ber or their duty, or they' obtain a license as aforesaid asked them who they were, ment,
Jr ***he dealt with>. the Major and Board : any Boat Craft or sailing Vessel, Wrecks, any person failing t ire sum hot exceeding there their business in that place. One rburhyar precisely resembling each life and death ; in morals only **t-tnlk

"Aldermen shall direct. Rafts Logs or fragments of any kind shall b fine. any of them said that he lav! brllh 3ardrb On contained the remains of a only, through all the sinuosities baa la I

. Ia-.I 11//# Urdaiued That no" whatever, that may tie driven by the windsor twenty That from village beautiful girl, other the wreck of pass m its earthly pilgrimage b .u-
further a ; tb
the Beach within the limits HKC. 31!. lie it further Onlainett, of com te di.tric. a",_ S _ _
r Jauroun, Mulatto! or Negro Ball shall I beta. tide, upon shall sell, glue! or barter the other,. that he had Jirougui$ e1ifiw'iaP ,. -.arEAczii.iwere
. ., .unles br the p rmi*.ion .the May-1' of the Citv, lil so:as toLflbsUpet, 'MCttrr"" (rM' nil. lIlY! rvlrmcuilu without permission from racafTaid" the governor to the. ,: placed Ir the same bier, and there Take fare of your No.-Several CUM
**fco ihatl ImptMi? SHCII CVMOJUVII ) re- MK ".Ullir time than forty Slave or the the have occurred Jn London,
nodistiugui.binjtheorierom oelprk
lonfrr shall 190 ardebba from was ether.
for a
ItrirtiQU.1f be may deem proper, andIrattzd when main there weather will admit -, his, her, or their owner or o'nr 'this J brings have been sold which on being smoked
j hour provided the of small and you but 00 The soldier was t buried with ven ta&d
eight the twenty
Marshal.tneaduehbmll sum
t he may mjutre the City; of iu removal within that time, shall be be fined in That land land YUa.e This man,' the honors of war, but it happened to to be charged with pewder. !. eat. Instance -4
tu preerv. order for I IlCn"lbeCitr shall be sold by Sec. 40. He it furthtr Oit 0\twD. a of the which man had -
forfeited to the City and shaJl hsv./ull!! authority answered the 'brings the coffin girl UMassUuau ayoanf pert katfv. -
$ Mar tuJ allrN"etYel! anf'r forty-eight Ibe Mayor pAnt 0 Tuft and her blow away, the cigar kria toeaTfost
, Marshal titrinf bringing corpse
labocr and
6titilD of two dollars pie be : ) the City and the put &public all every com I once a aD l rme .cp I taken from his nooth. OB .
I hours public notice of erich sale & who shall!! Ml 1 to pay any I day.: !P said ihefovernoi l\ place amid military away nts .
)wawglvinf the bat! and any persuo giving. into the City Treasury. person o persons e'e The rinur In to the tobacconbt1 bop wkere 1M dRr
; shall be to neifhborioftree ,
proceeds paid ImPosed for a violation a mU &
that -uG"
'sill without permission as aforesaid, shallhuuedtaentydollars matter fine or may b u4 mr had been another.
. offendt fne stn of the purchased .
or tbt grave
Hut any nuisance Or.diDe th ha. t
and if a slate shall,!i be collected on the Beach shall I of tb prd.iul' C tbl the peasant to one of oter moans of a crowd ymihf the came parcel filled with powder. SUnl.

,fa* the!lint"he. Itol Paid, rrct$I e twenty I,,ibe I which removed may forthwith. Any Boat which Raft Prt t 1ur L., shall no b sompclled per branches.granseyto The hang order was obeyed, and people,alb ad his coma adorned with virgin lar casts had occurred In other places.

article thing 1
,IIi n.I f fuithrrril'n',fJ, TLual Lumber, or other ur MI

lIP, ,.. ,_. .- L p.

a I



THE T1MKS. prime minisler, soon alter which) CUlt hU (Xjwii went the Bohea with a splash into .. No.'pon honor-no." but the dooi r breeding GI'llanICl. Wheat kind of : gentleman minute tor tboq aULbent I. j i.

It 11 hardly) possible tu Five a correct a11..1 late nlijesty created Mrs. Canning a ,'jrunts the lodger's saucer where the tea.cup bung was shut with a crash, and Sprtggs spared I, girl. thee uataDd took

.?.) of tht mate ofaffIrs in this city. All with remainder to her issue male from the tip of his forefinger, any further apology! 'I A person in top boot, tlr. my.rm.'o thy 1C b, tMmrioualy O

a")ru of busmc wem to be at a atop, ani con, the Charles John, is I .u.pnde of dry toast stuck In his Jaws 44 You can't get out that way, Mr-the Transit started ; .but no", it could not, bfor oar .Qt Lb11r, 1

.',-eh '): f't'm.lo be afraid of his neighbor. now Viscount lon". He is in hIs 25th like a pound of brain in the thioat of Vco street door I. in front," observed a ,ert nlai 'I, be. Strange coincidence and he smiledfaintly. come ,I"

For a revic* of the market, the reader is year, having born In December, 1612 lino. a figure was seen scrambling over the zUni aa. that sbiot ..I bYe. s .
referred to the preceding pac. The failure He sat for Warrick a short time in the present It "'1 to be so-Transit knew it must bark wall. 44 What i It the genteman'! name, child, peace Ihfn on my j wiTS .

of three very lime houses, on Saturday, !parliament, having succeeded the late be so. It was the first day of term-Mesn. *4Oyes, I can," bellowed Transit, ( u r added the onclc." ser thee; not a shadow of dangers!?

r cau ed agreat dcatofcxcilrmcnt. and it ifeired Sir Charlc* Ureville ; and it was intended Stitch and Stretch had advised ,i\im, that it wa-i he,) struggling and panting; 44 its I .Mr. Fan- proach." Jussuf, who -.about aa:

thit they will oblige others, (who to have parted him on the conanalh'c unlcxa certain articles manufactured of the nearest: way into the Park," and in a i 44 Mr. Tln?" shrieked the nephew, e* plunged his han jar into the hVirf 2 r

r have heretofore depended IIM)U the rredit side for Liverpool, at the next general election sheep's xvool were paid for before that day moment after the soleof his ((1H'r wired with panic, he darted from the prt- .uppo-ed was deeply motl J

t of at lea"t .:ie of them) to tuspviid payment in conjunction with Lord $Sandon. week certain piece of sheep's *skin shouldbe upturned to the sun with strange rapidityIs 0 1! those arllcs words( fidelity. M..
held his ov'crIhe greensward. Mr. Fancourt, sir, come stout Ihe a- thee oW man's arid awW
h..J3) This ac"IU to ihe (peerage creates a va- issued forthwith to compel "lIcl, pay 11f way han wn to
The firm of Cragm, Cleveland & Co.which eatery at \arid, for which the elector* ment. It was a ballfhat "'hal' to be done now," snid the de- j.es 'taxes, lie sa p.," Hut Tran lt was I his lap. He ". the nvTJ "*

suspended payment omc days m the conservative interest will do well loImle .* kind a thing is i msdararcroaked .Irarte debtor, 8 he *al himself down nn I onto Knaconced: in the Bedford Cote I Hey of Constantlne had got .'iVL1d.

did $O: cause thC stoppage of the ao'l their candidate ready. The late vi-!- the sufferer, at I length. grass and drew a long, breath while! the house he was brooding over hisj perpleii- .! msedasalJeduiiior a frlfJ]?, ?!

'Hank. The demand asramM them are COUlll"1 had: three other rhiWren, of is leonibeside I It'a man sir cried Mrs Drown, deer came up and gazed with seeming as* llCft... Jussuf thought the I*

jot due, and when due u ill undoubtedly I ,. her hucccsisor to the Itl age, only camly. tonishment at Ins forlorn appearance Let me see, this i. what I'll I do, sid would produce little effect, and rtlJi *

be paid. Seteral .I( the mamifaclnrics at I one i'ursites-itie Clanricarde.' What height 7" 4 Hang me if I don't do an impudent thing he at length, drinking off the last glass of a I on his completed pre arallh r VL .

l owctl, it is *.1.1. are about to stop work lnhOnC1 44 A short thiL.si man." for once, and burrow the money of Miss I pint of Madeira, I've fairly Cap the a optt diferent course. lltoJZS ,

ft ml chargc their hands, nn account of .1 Shire ('use-Riot and 1'6Clt.-AF: What (ace r Lavema Lamprey-if I can. She loves me, rascal for to-day ; I'll go to !,I ) L brought ."

the difficulty of obtaining$ money, and the : .. Fountain the deputy( hrrilT8 ( .' A rl face, sir," that'll nril, and must pay for the privilege pack up a ff\thing, start out of the town I he himself led every b !

imHs"ihlity of realizing any thing on tu'tans a black man by the Uxun, kind of eye f" Ay, you locomotive tension," hs addle till term, and)-" him his powder magazine,&Wbr-!

good!*. claimed a!a slave, Crll the He "luilll Mr. Transit ; eyes liketliiiic with a miracle sneer, making a wry .Come \\ ui me. if you please," said a I ed him, lne you noic ,

A \' *+tl I arrived at tu! <> port on Saturday, derN office to jaal in New York on the lUthult. of a piclur'-that always seem to b face at the deer a- they hounded away short man ton boots_, Iclhrr handkerchief the spy, cxpecimg. death ?,
from tiiiaynquil, with nearly s.U.lHJ) in he was upon[ by a large body! of looking at you and never are." (rum 'htm, and MartcJ, to his l.tbuI I and with knotted hand. I L id out yes -oodithenio.I *!

&|>ecic.-llvi'.jH! Caurur.FftOM black: who attempted. Io rescue the pru- ** Oh, yes-they are,"groaned the lodger. :'1 get through this affair with triumph i wan. Fang, the inevitable Fang. the Hey of Constantine al tuu ha.!aa
seller (rom him. JtMicc IlloodgMHJ, who What has it on its head, madam 1 ) ," ul:d he l beteL his hurried steps to I'amlico. I am )yours !" groaned the debtor a!a I shall be clad if>ou

LATH: I.ONIONI'.tI'lIls.| ': ( happened to l hc at the door, cprung lo the A broad brimmed hat." they entered the hackney coach and drotc r ,i"i me.'*-1'"C 1'ucAI prsu ,

.1 rtra lucnmftif 7./ic/A Iisulowsi- aid ('f the officer, when he was M-uetl .. Hound it's neck 1" Miss was fortunately off' over one of tin- bridge Africa. .1.4v "

t'r.-t.tatt"e: )' (according' to the Male- round the neck by :tall black00:1 and 44 A colored handkerchief." at home L'fllial.ulrrrl a caprice thatcharacterises __

ment of Ir. I'C..I/.I'h, in Ins latr stalisliral alHiut the legs by n hlar"man, whoe mute I On its legs 1" ladies of a certain age, was /Vo"the Kentucky :. nl.tl( .tpl/,calm of ( uraItoum ,;'. ,. P

work) i-xreeduurlt 1 III size nnd value J ertortbrought hrad back: to the .Top boot" just nnwdispo. to look with aspect malign IIACON COLLKCIK: (Kcft-rccKV.) /..- Germany a saji t
Two ur hen iniproved the .In On last the first semi-annual imenls hatebetn made hi t! -
in mot $parts: of llngland.: The largest es ground. Ihu' its hand 1" upon her lover. Friday commencement p rot

tate in the kingdom ma) l e. worth Lit.I< .. opportunity and gate he Ma"istrate some I twisted crab stick, with knots, like, .My dearest Lavciua. can't Mop. a nioJ -, of this institution took plate cessful application of GaIYai.m| ,_

(Ut). or IIIwOIrd", a }.ear ; and there urcfx-i severe accompaniments with their tuts. In in it ?r J I meiit-must b off' -the strangest tiling-I Ia" a proud dajfto Ihe friends of Hcafm -, of t'.UIt to pisne"on.' W',

tate* of ni M inferior degrees of magnitudedovi the meantime the black: hc rescued Dixon With Tarqum) etude and nearly bent came out (u the purpose of paying some l'fUe c and to the friends of literature. It'lIliullme (

n to thc i"lI1u.11,11... of UN. lit MHIIC (toni Mr. Fountain Fc.thuD a Iil>erty. double like a master of the ceremonies money}', and left In-hind me-n paitry sum Original addresses were delivered to anoverflowing ; I. A dog had ktely l been biUtn b7

routines (properly is more, and lit otherle I He immediately; took to his hreJs nnd "ii n'cramp in the stomach, and with a of thirty |MimdM, -could ) ou- house by several of the students one in the client, causiiif a wound of a,

s liulldu IJ..J. Ill Chcsdnre. the Ka: !l Hiding ran down Chatuor street, and dove into that rendered the tllllludeMlil stronger .4 Sir,' interrupted, Mi"s I ivema, opening and more elegant discourses tte inches After a lapse <>f twenty.fout o
of the county of Yorkshire, and our thee :" agc tl a jwrlrr's shop, n couple did )Ir. J.UIe-.t.t'rulsu the her mouth like an absorbing fNh, and have nevi-r heard ; Itll'Ylld hate done the wound hatmgdrutlup, u was

or two olh:*r cotinlic.4, there arc comparatively ; of doors (nun "llrh Inn way into .ipnrlinent ; nlli cm" :, up stairs to hi I! licrecs (elongating till they looked like honor lo the Sllalr chamber or the halls p 11 hour exposed to thee induo of r.rb

few small proprietors ; but the Inter a coal hole connected with H, wheie he bed-room locked himself m to enjoy the notes of admit ation. .Sir what do you of Cambridge. e. was remarked: h)' several UIIC battery of forty pli

predominate in iuoi pMt, ol the W.-Mof sconced hiii'.elfaiiil kept Mill. Fountain pleasure of his own !'liC}'. Ital ? thirty pounds" literary viMtrrs, who had attended many application seemed to cause cwuu n

KiijIanJ: III the north, and tfciicrall however, had kept |'iii In! trail and Lt\' It wa. necearv' reconnoitre this pcM My J 1.3' cicca !" cried the chop fallen exhibitions of (lie Lid mother colleges. (pain, and pioducrd thediM-harf* ./

throughout ('uulllr)'. On (he uhole.r him dudCf into hi. retreat ; cued di'patchmjl of bum 01 kind ; and, gingerly as an ostrich applicant, ante I then deceived tnoii7- that they hid never witnessed, n more triumphant bliMul from the wound ; tbsea, ..

\\ believe it may hI' silclv' aflinned that a me ajje in the police oflii-e for a:M- 1"1 its rovcrt, did he protude' his head can f"r.n r)' 11.11I".! Ihe.-.. interfere : display eliNpiencc or a brighter thick crust formed upon it, wbica.anvon

by far the large |rtiou uf the kingdom lance npo- eof 011i..tr. repaireil; to ..1..1 from the window to watch the proceedingsof with )our love7 hii no .' ;" and lIe, I. (prospect of future cfulncss.. ibe eleventh day ; and on the .

i pircclh-d into prn|'ertics ..f "less ihan aid nnd the black wn re..rlc.J On scaiching the U-ing helThe wretch "n1""IIIJ toed hiniM I I If-about the I Mifu in a ftntaMicmanner. Thus, has clos' ci| \hI\ jut wesson of this i day tie!. wound ti a completely 1,,

jCI.UJJ a t car. It." not ditlicull to account Dixon after arriving hrlle\", a !liver \ a S tune. acid leaning: onIn infant college, sir *** and! fame,, the dog remained wclL .

for the prevalent misconceptions on this nltnllcldlrl- nn vienna:u< spring .1..1- with tbe rtlunllId.ahlf patience, of Miss 'Lavrniamilcd like an animal of r for the lime U has Irl"pcnlY, : no varale 2. The saliva of the
Though feu nuniU-r. the : the hi:nJe' newly I .I (' I on an (' ) Never did that that the had dO.k
point. in ouiior JarlIlIIfr Hap Il' llrllench'II. tune the polar! n.zII.rmzrl was winch' in annals: of literary iti'.tittitci'rs.I I" \ nd, .a
of large estates cnjri s the aUe' .1c'". were found UI"IIII.| strike of the lodger's and Ice I hasiiitmU-red l-thlegsof another
fl- ear Ihfn (purged up i's, (t onlx I I 10 P students 1 m the firt dog. After the
huh i if common obeivcrs, and hinder .ICI the other Icn.II., la"1 primmer with I t MI grating a harshness! -never, surewas hall rr 'Launcelot! was duoll.1 to IK'hold,)I fi\'monll", and prospects an good ali I oftifi-lour hour, ,.hahl.1 was tp

them frA"ui 'living their eve* on the ana>" : tune of rIl' of Dixon) in : I) buman creature. >o positively}' tigI but she was s-parcd u'"nmmaliul by the for 21) ) during the next lo the wound ru""d bv list

of oWure (pelt) landowner* that: con th-: \\JMiimemlMToftlie, bar. KmellC. -''I I ly and ha.b.1rlI'IIJellI. as the personat entrance of 11.f .erv.int.; M.JOH' which .'uln.I'( nn th, secondMonday I ihe trust formed over Jell iuonw

Milulu tlie great bulk, of the cliv Dr.) \l..kr. .:"cl. He was brought: inby : the lamp-poM. Yes it was Fang ; for 'a ('allum| Trigger, 1.lhul, M \aithtigbelow. in May. Young, men of tah'lt. day ; on the t, llhd;)I perfectly
IJeckc, whose aiit'iortty! at lo Mich III litersis : ufcr \.IIh', ", who chartietl) : bun "ii his face was for a moment elevated and his ." from every 'quarlor of the r nion are here. and the dog. ". lrW

deservedly hi;li, l'!estimate! ine total: has IIIU atlcc1iliUI| l to rescue Irom hi' ill u"rlo eyes were projected on a voyage "Captain Trisger !'' uttered Mis I I I.a H- and there is scarcely Slate is not hnriora. :i. Auiustiut-rdsigcceos-ulattd bathe (be

number of proprietor in KnglanJ: uid: black Allow' whom he had taken oiTof, J iis- of discovery, in different, directions, tiia Lunpra>. with a blush of pleasure blv I ieprcnted h in (bit ..: The tnCHICV saliva as the 'last' was left to his fate oat S

\\ ales at .it\J.U.I ) ; and, suppo-iiu: the i>ro sreut.il lice. UI'Mllc.t.1| .a iluI I lime ibe 'l.itslr *%:10 o%rr tIle exienor of the 'bou-tc. .N'n of allailill. I'l wait. upon 111 i. Mantlv ; for ) on "Ir.'* I in I lie faculty J..t" ,) .b\. the.ilealhofDr. iii(-d \ithin 11(!a} s of lijdropLobu. .
of the kingdom to U> ::1''.I.IItJllJ I< j ) : ..lul.,1 i i in the manner; I 11.fllr. Mr.U. '. I know thor ." .I'ra"Iul" ,
I lal'1 UI" knew (turning to < ..ullllal.| .rII.: ., "I'lme Km:, ht'. ha.been filled t b) lh- llu-teaii't tlllh.r; | Doctiep.saix I
) (.r, the aiengea'iniial in one: of c'h. alleged; ami his alc! <;::ition. ": "U41UI-: t'll of cud. It was I'nti-thee most active never !f ) i ur. face : ain ; I have ,'I'I''llf (Illder: .Vs .lh.HI Hunter I I 1 the ci a\.the ( Ullfnlnl.:
: ( I
in hucMiMCiiy- of 'landlord unl. I IK oulvL I II l'II\' .iiumlicrofvitne -i ', that in thehcullle HftivntFs, officers. Once ,IK,fore had his eovernlotir designs. *ir-the girl will l'ri.Ie'c-wir.iaie of Moral and I lnlellerln.ilScienc I. Jt'cal-! !Ire ssas .r"\Ia tuccwi/Bf .ft..
jC150. ; and ,.....* that a few have IlllAl'1II ; to n-xcue the .l Ir. WheeJwr boulder blade been paralycd b the touch show the door and she sla.kcd! .
: llelles
Ir..m.r. > } on ; as "- Letters. i more it follow* that iniiiv HUM hue: a t-irii II"coat almost i two. ihroueh of ibe reptile's ; : had he I from I tbe t tal ia-ate ss.lfleaent
11nll"-UI'l 11'1 earthly lalr.r ) College. i lime, in cn
: Trinity ofictidcnljtu
r:1 'nliie
... the back. JuMicc HltNidgood beld Mr.I W. fll Hullll.
good d ft tl le I llenee it i that feu lead liberaie l internal: atTettc.ii-ciuce-tiet '
) ermeleof the debtor. The '
I School l for ( I iv il i: I IcC-Cr'. counei't- procure : ).
luore ''ahttflllll"h'. or are more under to bill: .answer I tie charge, in t the witch no rCrJ was CueI protection to be ('itetCIl The brat of the room was oppresivpand .1 l Heacon (' |'h''jr. I'! coii'Iuclcd! l t.I t-t 2. .\!ihi ahallI.uu I
of ') ) and) "ii '
II the of abM, Mom In ; having no friend present lo him. upralh1>t
iieeeity 11111114 noun SIU.U UI" ull'l| the Ix-d he sunk in agonv i mtoIeraSle-.ill I nature H-rnu-d -eiu'nitof \. "l'..I.ralf.,1 >it \e:t I'oml. ,4aiitdaritirr, he adviMrs C
justify in that amount he .r."r
in lul'ur.lhalllhc owners aii small( landed Ilr"I'f'rIlf'IIIIIIIIIC.) III le Jn.I\\.1 roral..1Ihrn' Hut HUM IN* done .
a tIc'iihtrtntirk .
something -a eCNhilIttd--1 kr..h'cia raicciel on-rnonstroiis The \\ l (point ", r'iI'! :u"I'! II. | uf
fact, c.i 11 hit a greiter im-Uko lli.m lo bouever, hii t'lr. when ample him and he started ( : OI'I'allll r"UIIt tiii
sup rl I'cl"C1 TI"parr"I"w m jmg m its IitLt of I.j i tbronnhoiit, and the < April .u. 'I i,.it, f") natUre Gths-
bail tendered h'allll' I! (
e, all i% done ih:il the l.siills was for 111 I
generally call
po little
\11 on lllL.y Spr.It. wire. and) tern.il; will leanedIcsMin I Ocl" 'brr) :an .t.\"t..111! l practicali I.I-IH ..itloniHie dn.ituii1 ff
her arc all. ,'\lrc'lIlI'll opnk-nt and ,.inir.'r4sa4) -if lice 'is4 'a.- and burrI.t .fUlu'l of Itl-II'llrld I si a Ir.lfn;'I ieietitit was a cc tech :a. in the I h.I"- a fi.ll poi..' Mime .1.16I.t'e Id.araelr seed sat
.m'Jf :11"1" fi.,1 111
\ < m -knt Imjy. Thema be 1 ".' ., "\ /*.- 1.i"j.; 11u li I moment I am sure of it good! mockery I lie .'1"111..1 to I!ii ru-t a paper ">iip|1.1 lt of I the \>*'. ill..lr'CI"III., and st ih 1'ie.itlv riuiiiteracls bs4irptiiMi tun b1 raasiag a i tlCr

Ibe (rIsr.ieIers.IIess.f !i.v inditidnals alU' .j Southcincr, al I'or' (ill".I(1.( .- little fellow that I dim't know a better( fellow of needles down Ilrlal. but the bird in .f 11111 \1"1.1,11"1, for the can.- I ...1 contrui lion of the ( Ih
'I"I Ih"lII.. but II Would l 1M' ipile a lul.l..ll,1 : than Dicky : 'IIII..rrl. ,
h.is: an pa hruIIIIIA Spriggs-to- its "i-dlllll. ""I"cll.* hlll ringrr with n! :itiMi. I rat i-lliiiz, on (lfl. siilimitliii/ all <>}
W4tf from Ibe mark to aJlirllllh.11 tln-t are I .1".111'1., Illel..II: certainly) i is a llcl creature.'* Hut how to be.ik aid bit bun till be ellcd with ibr I
ihesubject frr Ur. U. 11.I ) I"rlu' (II:!"-" ami jinas atii'ce of i the camp.MiiMiii2 l'RIE.'lIME\T: *
jXHer<*ll> applicable' tit the "IUIU' e..s., aIbat I In the lu1 get out-theca-e was ilr.jH-rate, and thai- whining and of the 'I Iwaoffensive < | | (he, cl.i ll'e nito
raJI alluvial: liii tiecthns. r Tt. snarling spun. ; s m (/ || IT! WILUOI ,
they are :.iiir.shly applicable to she <\'II: idea of the practicability ol e cajnd I cried' : ami I lie Clchlf,1'r tt e.a.p> I HunT ,.
the I Delta of the Mi-M- ii Idlil. are 'lonnd ficij'ieull in"ultin ua.ovirlakea n"(-of tiiliieinz the' princiMU| "rieneilo a
eta!*,< of manuUctureiH' .md tiuder. -4 tjlltrr 'fit '
his Dre u Irt-ic- hark.
through; "rI: : bim-ell ha .f -.r
di- ( Ni ""iiig *- I by a '" I zaii.l i tin
) I .tti.ski1..i. >liicl, "r't. wOileans "IM'n .hrl'I/ (ir.irlice. ;j1r'parll t in fur .1:1: tnviablecireer '
-- -- --- A .
til J .. : tiarinl .
he descended the | llv .
) tu kitchen, and fromllicucc I.urn. .L.a airlh.
C'.irlo ( I Carlo. f efulne- .
I ; -
of' I trees fret deep n )
Kstractfrom: Isle| L-nidon lIJll'or1.Icu..r 1111' .I .Ii \1.llJ into the area, and crawling I .IrU-'IU"-'IIflrll t 'r'vu.' arc ... .vnan.1\ it.rk _
fact ("" it. Tli,l lie.-! ofiiebaoiisarj | ) The cur \ i !h < a- The fume of this dl",1| | 'lii. alreadt .
A from t.UIIM.IIIUU"I'ItSall."J& Pfbruary : ahihicLly! -'. Jc.J ibe> : up tbclcps, after the maiiiitr of ijoad-. ,z'rte'.4. A k.1 from the dlsiracfi-d m"ol- "pr"I.lu\'r| Ibe coiitim nt, and linnwecati -; '\0' 'liurrcl .ha1'-5| ., Wa'A
JGih containlite (folloxuni euiioinnirnitue. uo "ii I riiMils.{ brought Ins to Icu I with the ) ii'grtl ia.t i Kill' ib.iLy atrat
remains u( ancient forests. 2i J b.-luw eye a p.tll"Clll spinning into the v.sria.tt-I. curled say of U will lari1hhe'I HIM lo llie ;
A' ihe ult.ul u.tcro<"iug a 1 I railings. Fang seemed fattened C eli 1.ltn'r. uilirr, I.t uM '"*
tu larnppo of the : aft
the and
fire-grate, strehesdeiss re-acier. Allllr
adJ"'IICtUlllr elo of ibr
Ic'\luf la"ehur"l.n" paper !e >eiit
h' rM-b ck '. Tte r"lwrl
Itfidgc oil :a fev\ ii l iv fince :steiitlt'.l I t, and was at uiomont theInfore ,
n I Ihalhe i t mentor' Ihr wht-thng n iheMairca-eand :leipinto the Mieet.and c'linpaii:: s-t*-ral JOUHST will l I. Hu h lore
\ many : .
I bIIM sIC&II.LIiII.II l tut: I.. '1d":01 ': I mentKTiied ( thc 11'1 > r."I. it i :rald"! u"d.
loh'ivtundergone an ,' lUlU Ir eveity-tbird Transit If his Lev mi.i Ion \erAs prepaid: tu ( on I duties of i ilieirprofeoHion
"as stopped b a dtr\ ',, "hll \II'I.\J uc'c'nlull 'ul'r Thai ol'a unvtiM r J
) apo.srohI<* Hut he wesl-joking another dircction. IwaUng .1"-
"j (its the side. The Din-tor thinks tint Ile. in he. I r.d out of 'lluckinghani: Gate, ; amoni them are of ba
ed bun in the IIoing ternii : ... .i 'a.U'r H.Ju.ar" ., ylirrr &w! h.,:. rlo+r ',.ssJ
the (iiilf of Mexico formerly extended high wbo is I I hat confronts, flail, with extended ihe !IM"I in Arneile.i ; such as \\ hsnl to
Ihe 'InfiJcN! CiiourI'aelia s Vonill hit 1.llul"o r.UI.| <.a | ,
the Sift (my ciittrrs through an iron gate, hand would fain hold him / (' 10..1.1
lo an.ucr; before (;od I for your Impll'I- up MisMStippi, probably "a1111( the ; Nliakopeare hut Fang lay upon I l! ;rlrldJt l'liu'rI the \irgiiua L'm- Till llic ln.S "in.l', that bnnj lIsP lai_.
Mild hluir, a' Natche/ says ; wa. iot 1'(1 Fang-the iibiqnious, the ever-present S( College, J. Randolph: ( 'U
You ( lIsa lli'
ditruy the initiiutioni of brethren, allIrl.lhur al.1 tfvrr4 broad hr.s-n
'hard and (kSta,5i5.
thee sand stone rock al In "pit) hit cruelty ; wtfUy, veryHJfiiy Fang I was churl m r'ul-ln. not Macon College, & '. Ho.irds of 'Internal ..4di
ou luin MamiMii-and t1 ralc .
) you are ra Will; did Launcclot Transit the
down the urath of heaten kal"a.alsii cypress .stump4 are (found'I tu open : iron premidation, that .' I rprm'f"mln sic.! Civil Kngineer.s: \ dowell NJV, f.'lu'r. Ut UI ha lc
iijiuii joirclf; .ri surface. U tn form their
and all of 119 r It \a.* uitli tie, greatest dif Till 'Iv, very fwiftly I I with three unutural "III.arl ; was brigade, &<* ns (.r a. Tl.ul borriil thing with homed UwwHi -
stumps m all these formations are some of the same: impulse ., urghaafti to ply his of the graduates of this school. I'fbu
firuh that lets highlH could bounds practicable iiii' : this trr*,
) get aua) did he clear the street and u'ln '1
horizontallater. IQllt'll :legs lu\urd" Hardens, and leave Iht"dl"clmlllo The professors have .
( in ,
Ilu.f numrronsrcrlitiicate -
(roan tliM impudent fanatie, wboM career round the corner with a whisk SprlJ t.. >" u* loW ,
was terminated in about a of I; The bed of the river leas raisid itaccomuiodation hug over and over n: hone the mo t rmineot engineers in our ,,!.I |.- i. high 0
quarter un lightning laziness
is lil\n
mere of
was out
self a wall ihcdilutuldcI'rom >ightm stones intended for the palace. )', of the skill, indiiMr fce. I Mi uilirr OIllea
hour aftcruarda I by the bonMrmg. Ili. a moment."Dicky \ country ) i.f the fiihrr. let u* Qy
brethren 11:1". _ __ _ 0 And III I feel its all tip with me." toung gcnllemen who have; from this
claimed lu Ixxly) "Icicle ua' 1"'- my boy," said he with pour .. .
o mis said Transit, ,mournfulv, HS be ( Hu.Ii child wobai
rr.it but the hnhtr ,
gazed > have been a* psL'
to them. l"h.H,1
CHI In tha c\enmg according to tfir Jlnllinmre Mmntmrnt.TIIKVIHST cable cilort ut gaiety, ns he culerivi this Inlrmel'n. {
down the
of the Strand.
viMa PoMiiwanl
long I cannot machl Ihr and much the Ii'id firrlmli tUW,
thc :
current rej'oit, corpse uaiyiirruundMlby DAY OF TKKM.: parlor wbere, little Dick
'IlJ ) Spraggswas struggle :cgiatc'.t; ni fate. I have no expense incurred the ('I..t l to his ear the Ihuiolrr' "
i in of Ihe hrekr
a glorious light, to the edificationof has body ( )
great any 1.1,1 IIHI: me Ihl"moinmg CIhruo all the luxury of silk
the faithful, and the deeeavd! ua* proclaimed Mr*. Ilrown .pnr the lot Transit llJ'l'rrl to my uncle and git< the monc) lul of him, and the professor have resolved no This chill hy .i.I. wluk-, dark aM *&*
a martyr by inUtuaiod (>opuJace. a )young gentleman of lii.bion- Inirrow thirty |>*tun lUll-an ass \urJ give
Thin efffr, .>ctncc of ilvIy put the able exterior, as he entered the breukfaMparlor trifle-and li must be had." m .ntlclu.lon'of I}' next r.nIUanc'e from oung man a certificate whom they are hot Swrji* the will rljud aloi.g the hilL

MilUn out of icmpcr, but ktili be hud nuiTi- of his land-Udy, I middle-aged (JKT. .. Then ) ou have come to the my fallur ; a serb rcsjx.-tabli-, "IHK! willing lo send forth as the representative rtuto
just of
dent good humor to make a klioxv i.f com- con, of a pur>ey prifeiice and agreeabU shop, in)' launceh. l, ene.l the ecctntric wrong .H I a man, that uncle friend of mine he" certainly of the character and merits of the ho,1 HKICKS.tl ; :
uilh the o( ) Asb1 decne'actor. with 'bis ha. 11'1 I acll to me ; nndnuering The' charter Hacon ; uu
lieuple : Dicky, iJi
JIIII& bhlJ I JucuMomed, irresistible Iho. CuJtt( !.. subscriber are r at t ikk I
.ul'Jrh! ) IUM he. are t u full of religion L! ceo sir !" replied Mrs. Ilrown, B biimor, for not a mopus have I left," and pinguinebut- fUld savines' wherewith tie trustees and (.' 01 the righl. I Brick Yard on Ei> pr Bay, I (

1 still take, rare tL.t the)' .hal strictly I ptr- she ,jMjuncnl upon lice IIH'UI| of the Irl-ur. be emptied the drawer of his writing-desk fortune ditpaiiing and their men( arc (pione to priti'eges, and iininumiies elju)lo b) any make contracts for of frcnption. sb
form all it* duties.1 He : ivueda and gave her accustomed dip to the teacups on the table, displaying an infinite ,propitiate friends before other institution m the State.ieorgvIeiwn > They are DRICKt aay ,

, trlal preset ibmg the I'cordlaly! rigid obser ; slto would think of culling upon of broken wafers, rusty keys, and Havana lumber .n.J My,I he dear found 1 imself"*said at his Transit und'1 door. ( ( ly.) .'/" '/! HI, 1837.nefilutitofjuntuf retiring very soon. a il.eptto" -

., ( all praeiK riles and rtremomes, )ouat thi early hour, Ir. Tranll P-no Ckgar-" lOU t.c how I. '' tnJ he ushered unce. : as he .\ enable them it make Front Bricks w tuXal
gave was where the
under the pcnalt of the bastinado for the clandestine marriage on (IMJI, MI ?- a wink, and burst into what Lauucelot rOll an elderly lukt. A Turk J-'irnck m(" best quality, which together with o
I lighten ouu.vion. Sice; the ordonance: he, he; he, **and the landlady in could not but think a .gentleman sal; was dlertCI i M secret nrjr<. Hrick, Brick Cornice and. ord
tdulgt particularly _"' elation with lard
1 On the
11.IUle lull 01 "IIU lirad a w> an three witue Orick .
| M-s
has been issued!, nothing hat beei 'heard hi: a lodging-house gi glc.u laugh. g cr Lld., will furnish star Ion
I |ha ha oh Mrs. .. 441 am cOle upon one of the Iillst nn deposed to having bun say. that the
IIi) and
the of CoiisUniinople$ but the souiicl Ur'u, W.I. but, Spragz-, hut ICC.hiders. *
.Irel. citadel
1 expostulated affairs in I had been Jews but
(the ItastuiMdo and thecne sickly miiC: the lodger'* face died via portant Ie. want money .urcud rel by ( hiIr
a !of tho"e uho a 01 Dicky my friend, )ou have: still ( hold may b left at the store oltINeil
'. thirty pounds-to paid out of halfyearly to Moslem. (
'onIIIN or
from mflieliun. decline. "I i surely other funds that b my rr\tlll. &
are sutTering IU rapid Wil thinking some one you could '; youinuger remittance able next mont It." Here, ( Jus mf Sur"H l'enII. IrtJwr
An interesting ex j.eriniciit took pce! ont might hate called, that's all." upon to oblige aiic.d ." ) thus the the eufi.uo) from the rushing Jt"and!upon JOlN \\. SYME ft

; ttoard the powerful floating engine lelongtng There was a deep and unaccountable > Not adoit," aii3wcre l Spraggs whose Tlel, his mouth out.spake being' raised elderly like a port gentleman culm laid him lifeless at !his feet with a cleft May 0, It1-9:1 C herv

to the London Assurance CorM| raliun melancholy spread over Tral.it'. commonly principal employment of head Two tO" Bullctiu
at all others ocn
and the neck were
money descending as rill- I.
1 the other day, in the presence of the uneetfirn vivacious \age ; his usually buoyant times was to spend-and not to leud ; and sentence like a gullotecic.Ce upon. every leaders. Jussuf, well: ..ullclu how to Urt'an- will publish the above for tide
I J to certiaii the of a newly spirits had him and an he who had settled send
strength de'rlt- long ago, in his own mind, deal with his them their account tntbgaftaV
Important affairs of two
invented hoacmade caoutchouc or India a cat at'mi he that Launcelot are qualities countrymen dral&f,1 "' tan
hummr dolorul might haH .never lo touch a farthing himself from the nuiiu \ lfii
body arm and Cold .
or descriptions real or Now if '
rubber. A length of 'leather. hose and one ben compared to a grig in grief,or a cricket of his-441 live at two imaginary. their i execution orerd CitivUft
great an ex inMaiil before the ihe
of India rubber were attached to the engine chirpm the dead march in 8aul. pensc to save -now these your business b of the latter, that is to r) f AT Barber 8hop, on rVafoxHM
money their
44 lodgingscoat of an imaginary of importance trembling comrades, ', who were instantly lt dor to Mr. Levrtt's
each branch And have say description
furiblii a tightly you seen no one in the street me a week. 8o'
since thre guineas lliU have no heUallul in reuclo'n' obedience this trr. which can be had (rum 0 tkatiat I
for Mrs. .
engine short
a lfJU rU1', UIO1 he "I said the other delnll
corle. 1 not him. riblc
r.uluo. heeding
'leather hose, unable any longer after a long pau -. I ndee not much neither lo do what you rlutI ; if, on example: aflrward became enthuMiaslicuily lnonccinunhih half pnst 8 in theeveaiaf:

; to mist the accumulated (pressure, burst in I That's more than I ran cuty," answered e.I considering re.unae hand, it be of a weight ; consequence, I attached to their fearless .'rrl2h, |H37-H-tf
the solid of the leather while the Iii4iarubbctlioii the landlady with Spragg. "ha a re.pl, or necessity, then may I hope is no imprudence oung leader. Justified out hu Turks -
to ; part a iKTomtug reverence fok in (rn we enjoy I to the .5 Stntloncrj', &e.L1llEsubicriticrshase ..W.ta&alr.
firm and for I youth, no getting into debt occupy town (rum which Arabs
1 remained uninjured truh.U have seen three chimney 4 A good look-out o ,ecrjsedslt1I1'
and the itself became 'five milkmen certainly, sighed no arrest,or other incon"rlicnce hindrance had been driven. Al the gate he halted and .1.
; engme di.ahll", seepx, several oldclothesmen Luncelut walking to the window. Had declared his assortment of STATIONERY, -
. by the breaking of one of its cranks, M ith- I aifd an ul woman with wa.'Irrerf' Transit been shot or muletliulI.- to men, that whoever Inok any !ing the follow ing articles ,
pri ,
from the
effect the elastic and I know how through Lord bless my soul no sir ; cried thing deserted hou es should a.uffcT i
|i I out producing any upon many the brain with a ball of he cup Paper, plain .i ha or
tl ; Jlria of which the new hoc is cunsti Ul'te. MTVIUH girls opposite, banging their mall could not have sprung with quick-silver more frantic, Transit, o\'crJoyr (or he saw his deliverance instant d.lh. He then ordered! thee tncol- lid. do. do. { blue anlulr .i

.I against the street door Meps( -.-and a filthy 'leap from the "'ldo\\ than he did al ll.isinstant. at hald, hO" (uul you suspect sired flag to be planted on the "ais and a Gilt edge do. do. ; Fancy wUr do.. ioniTl

L j somewhat cu bus circumstance took dust they.make. .We shall presently have t such a thing 7 The ( .-but I don't volley to be be tired Ills lIes ea .'aIC col'd Note do. coloum.'

-1 place in Kughly Church on Sunday last, the post hO)'. I dare my y ; but you lookpeaking 44 What's the matter." cried Spra like to mention these matters-a (neecid-a notes that one Turk docs ire! ,. do. ; )Large and small, ; D'IUi.l. a da",
the solemnization of between this dear g poor curate-eight children-starvation- lif., why lm. thou not ot>eyrd!' he \nppio,
i during marriage morning, my sir, what's are)ou ill, my dear fellow." '. sterly..L.1 net Doaids ; superior Opaque J JlleI'cuI land
the the 1" meck-ryed chanty-pleasure* of bcneviHlence .M Il gunmi *ed
a 'Jovmf couple. On coming to matter Nothing tire"grunebled '
gasped the victim Black and Red Ink Lfl'
HI which he( until death I J had n dream last noting I -virtue Us reward-divide last u Indeed, (said ( : ; 1 ; eng
part IN) us part, night, mutcre I it will soon go a sudden giddinew \1 Jussuf going up ; Wax and Wafers Pe
the bridegroom rlua to proccd until the Transit, with an odious .. -St. Vuus's dam*-I shall better farthing. and as the speaker dropped these lo him)-let mes-ce wheat thcmaiterr," and Pocket Knives ;Woof"* Uve
ej erry man whether marriageeouldcuntinue dreamt I was pursued by an alligator." enlly." b pre- fragmentary *enlenc< s, two tears of genuine (coolly setting the muzzle of the piece against Jap'd Sand Boxes; Ivory Black Sand;ledki the ,
binding death An Alligator. Mr. Transit well thai Yen emotion way down his the mutineer's breast he him ; ;
tl since par it was Fang-the indefatigable luUe hal shot her Ink Stands, Wafer Bd.x -
Jiament had pot it in power of the coin if at Jhokin-whal sort of animal ".. Fang, coiling around another lamp Cheeks, which joy obtaining the money dead with his own bullet He has been re ;; Oest Lead are; PS :

mittiqper* under the poor-law act to separate that r and wbilstling another tune, and Transit's post, instantly drew up again into his rye palely compelled to such sudden Leads ( do. aoundaoditE'Camel's Alaq
BID and wife long before that period, It was dressed in top boots and a Del dflurt: fancy deleted him in 44 Well boy, well," whimpered the ullclc which indulging his singular neu sill Hair or ; ud IWOI

and h considered that the marriage service cher handkerchief round his neck," said the climing up the lamppost, teat quelling a reb.loDI rising of acter he had always (it-en a sort of dramat- ing pencils and ; Visiting W atr 4iua"It
ic ; Sup. common
4 al bes.mcndedbylfl'rrtlg"uutildCZth d reamer. stepping from its apex with outstretched tilhrat.theM lenlimen.do you much effect. One man .caught robbing a 10. Can. BUak

I.. S L poor-law. rma..ionrr do us part." 44 Only think of that now," cried Mrs.I hand into the parlor.iaeKlXk'oul bware imposters are by (.10 house, and ale 1 that he only sought Books; 'i.dlur.Wallets Letter ;and Bdo. .

I I ;MTinf be wouid'saUsjyiiiin in"Fie:(pvc 1 l ,lr h.l l hind: upon-Fez "'I/ equally agreeable from cunlmOI.(1 we must le you have the the cistern" drnk. "Ho shall drink at ; Dank. 1rl aud Pass; do. Copy

,C' Iff afterwards: but all would nut do- damp sky-rocket. "Hea",1.a.. Transit, II.(...'acJ.u"tht rrmla". mumbed the for the ;amount. began to write out a check !leisure said J "u(, nnd hat him thrown Plate ; Dills! of Lading. ;aottd B I Boat.
deinrrainatioo lu have the the ure recovered. -- 1. A tiurU his pOlt. Jusnuf
in his
pstsiiL you lunnlft or-
i ar chance Cargo and Slate Manifest;
,. important question dide af the time and I not that somebody at the door T Equally ao," cried Spraggs, with an site wordtfiat was written, as though he d n.Iholp''UiUe..a.might-/*.for-"*the'. ..future* '' .. \ n; .". AI,..._..., _. J, **** tberI

: would.bave) goo* hom.u..tkle b inquired 1'nu.l starting like a guilty air of Nuauncee Cau the but would that draw the very ink out of tbe paper, set I Day and night he and Mem. SUtes' ; Piano and Guitar Jl6"
cUrcymaa a play/' M nl moment M servant the was Upon the with Aa
: came if the .r trlurbtlot.hdnat Pak- n gay folks 01 a Sun enter every where and a variety of M'
f ai..fti..Ith.i.andlniha ouabUoibeeu- ber knok," said 1n day-charming, room. where, allowing himself even no and School Books all of whkh .w b1" -

trarr, marriage cpnuoued now deth. Brew*, .but what if there is-you ar Wed ( .p eaae. I'll<\ Ud 44 A gentlemen in the back pailour ,'ja only' short and by night, for cash orappmved.lsfr.r .

l yu..Cal', widow of tbe dis- quite nntn.eltbb morning, I declare good morning, Dicky," said hi. friend you a es't speak w kh you" lir." time her", intrruptt repono, aome- R JEKRJSON 4 iarJ

on \O out ade the landla I.\lde having been thrown over the Let kin wait, cried Tnnsil in an agony overpowered ther. Upon one T. n. J. & Co. w'iUbesupw 5
.tat by wearinraa '
of ihe 'looking out of the a chaos : of 1 impatience. he had fallen the new publication imneduur/ *

of 8be wua)OUDe) a Scott, of u.Yol ing against the lamp.p''',.willing" (or *>me- can't obt uub.money 7" looking you are turn over you hb in 44 This Jlndet haste," aid th uacll wakened by asleep feeling near an a arm post rouud, he was a- their arrival al Mobile, Any Dock cf.r

JJer husband died August H, 1W7 body, I JnlJ. shoulder is he departed. chide a to* and rbSke.and I an Starting, be draws his dagger and him. Uonery Del 00 hand, will be prVC
yen f.ut you a lessonof( ,good bravest of Turk, tt' exclaim I Ihe shortest notice.
& Slay one April; 1837-0


'- --- -
"h_ --- -& -

--- -


petrated this outrage-they are the tery' "tward and
were lOOn IbiS
. JJm: <'.s3tre..S last persons to go out w ith their neighborsagainst place, about six miles distant.* Tie Brit- in prison before at the the moment court. he Educated was about In to following: We, use juiy, are. of opinion ..unlla Auction.To .
appear exalted that the
bb .
brig of at .
-- --- --- the hostile Indians war had got Under and it oleDr committed
and expend way, sentiments of honor ebsre .
SATl'RU,'" MA\ 13, HtJ7 their heroism hi the opinion here that they, toot knowing ed hit tenderly beJo- by te find him AU .
upon those who are inooensite of what nation she was, bo rV down to gill by family, and esteemed by his ac- Guilty, upon the plea of limitations, more

"(4lDL4htofl-"' '' V. a Ship AVtirAr-i rrlr- and friendly! It i it high limb that her chase, but it waa not Jbnf until they tbe quabatance horndlate.be was unable to eoDlemplale than two years having from the
that rbp
WrdnWo-a-j-- 't from a cruize these unprincipled: wretches thbuld be diacovered that she was something not to to the tortures menaced ol him}aDd yieldIng committing cf the & findiui II
reuwlW Osa deed of the indictment."
rout She brinf<< ho ht'wlI1.1attf made to with their lives be trifled! with.
pay penalty of which was 1'
TUI.n suiely unpremeditated
or recoiling On the of the
The above
achr. verdict
J1e Flash rendering
ran ashore a I be.
date than flit: received* by wny thus violating the laws of the land, and Island on the I3th insL on Galveston bebre the horror of a disgracefulend strenuous effort was made by the counsel I at
and is 11 o'clock
\I V-.flrIcafl'1hc ..Vo/rAf it thirteen heddin: human blood. The Indian, when' plete wreck. Col.! Hawking who now was a com on he saatched himself (rom the risqueof procure the prisoner's release, which was .k I Dr. ". by

I* Irolll Matamoras. No change friendly and peaceable, is at us much entitled board of her, states that the was boarded .undergoing B tt. a capital puniabment.0 .-A. strenuously, ri.t on the other hand by Catholic

!tftCGl bt"rut' ,.hr Mllfd, in the dl pottrtNHfJ't1 to the protection of our laws, as the on the 12tb by a Mexican Naval officer, the the .of the Attorney, .wh questioned FURNITURE an
,I platt who enquired what she was and what shecontained. nhdil' verdict, rnlcndr Sideboard BBreaut -
Ir the fnfran .UlllOri- beat man in the community. We under. From the Jaekfonrille Courier. that denoro Chin
it,.' The captain replied, that MORE MURDER BY n'"rn. Mattresses
11ft r-t, .nd con eq\I IIII l>' ho ronuuuni stand that Jim had been always of great she was the achr. Flash, bound for Texas INDIANS.On .STRAGGLING The de that evening, but Lamps,D.I.\'urk Tabl Chin, f A
hId between the AVifrArs andTicfufltwIflg sen ice to the whiten with emigrants on board who intended adjourned citesto the Thursday .
eII" as a guide, interpreter to the 8th insL the house of Mr. Wil- when tllow. DilUt I A
ibnrt. i* a lul of here &e. cultivate the foil, and if necessary, fight." uam Clemmona, situated on the road from and big,luminous Judge Cranch drU..ef. JAE GONZALE

Tht Mexican officer then observed that he: Alligator to Litingston's Ferry, on the alt.1 eman .
"* We are requested to nay that the time would return on board of the brig, and if fcuwanee, about twenty miles from the latter at. The morn any juai.llurre in this county. Terms cash.
MaIer' Commandant ;
w.; u-mnA for the for she, (the Flash,) would be permitted Utgo place, was. attacked by Indians. Their J.mir was granted, an bn May 13, 1837-10 -
r.. Peck. T. (;. Benham, Henry presenting (proposals furnishing on her course unmolested the present tie!. I said th _
LvtL !. U. t'litndlrr; Pur ef, IUlJlhl'r for the Rail Road, will be extendedto would be fired. Not a signal gun mates, consistingoMie. Clemmonsand order that your readers may in possession LUMBER. '< tlI
_; urr' long, after his arrivalon four children, and a little orphan lad living of all the b Steam Saw Mill
Ma,4t-r 'f. SnuitliAIlIl1ant leading at
: relation .
; N..II'I i the ifOUi of June next. Further the the fUL to THE Fpu
jwlC' unl..un, S. harp, ; I'aisIdIlWpDcfl patticu- brig gun was fired. It is the o- w th Mr. CI..mmonlere murdered Mr. this interesting, and this exciting on Encambia Bay,
arc w ill If made &know in pinion of those who were the Flash C. quarter, fd
from home
I. s. IhJrrly i U MeIiir' n our next. that the number on was subs time this awful subject operation and the proprietors 'will furviah ?
11. of men on board saved her station was made upon his family. lie Between 12 and I o'clock LUMBER of the best
it.HlIo\ ; I.iplll'n. ? ( II.C In another column from taken after twenty qu.li", according
will be
found being the
r.1L brig returned the
some hating 10th
; already on anlL the second day to bilk or known
hI.at J. Bryant ninejnrors were (having excellence -
: aan. : ** expressed ChrwM. Te
_4 S1114leT' further iccounts of the capture of the a fore-and-aft" schooner in tow, and after the horrid transaction, and the first njf.Le the of
( 14. 5l an iiinocencrofthe water
,,rk : 'arpenfrr.( lrJ\"l. opinion I or 'T.mbr o
$ guil
';\&I.r J. -- Mexicnn, Brig (,>n. I'rrta off the Texian probably not men enough to spare prizerre".lor intimation of the calamity that had befallen prisoner,) the jury impanneled.It Pensacola Bay admitted superiority
----- two vessels containing M many his wife and little ones, was the desolate of Steam sawed induce subscribers
frp1 ft lit the Hibjointxl extract co.i-4. On her arrnal here, we understand persons. The schooner" alluded to of his home and Lumb lh
II.: was appearance then the i< with pIeaMre) we are able to confirm to hope ( .
I lt tn from' the r-imly adjoining' tIii.i !'. that ('om. Dalla directed the flag of perchance, the Julius Crassas nothing bocies of his wife and children, fifty or the report which has been (or some days Oren to b left eXla"e Ire of ADderIn. I 0
aiHH Mill. Ml there coiMvrntelHdwiHs the United Slates be hauled down, and from been seen or heard of her since she sailed more yards from the house. They badbeen rirrulaUnl in the of the hon .) i
NtoGlt New
: known) lobe lurk-.. hat the Mexican flag shotld be permitted Orleans. shot while attempting to escape, as it new.pprl G.tf by the W. ANDERSON A CO.P..nJrla .
,IW lilJrI" would seem from the in which the 1837.
position Court Martial May
I o be hoisted to investigate the
her. 13
Capt. Manas This c.lle
upon ofhe
I.K"tfat..r'd ,
..,..I movement is of a m"lerioulrhu- bodies)'. They were unscalped. The against the
charges mere statement -
informed' or the Mate Brig, has however, declined icier; it may hate been faint children shot NoteeClty Taxes
CoOf.Call wa-early availing: merely a to were in the head, and so of which he was dismissed from the
a 1lmlOf"l nf the draw some tessel out to the assistance of near were the guns when discharged, that A per cent will b ,
.. tttf.t1I sgtherrauda4u4edIheonlyfdarrI permission git en. the one which was Army, but .rte-r.'lr. reillll.lr by the late allowed on all Taxes Imposed I
the heads of these
;;; Jm-h Mfiwd al all likely I.. tfjrri One of children. President ( SLle. It is onlv Real Estate, Slaves, Hon Carriage
the I *
of blown
last week brought were literally to pieces! And to add what we expected ; but we hail it as a triumph i if paid to the subscriber on or before

rt1 I t .., of petting tip) a militarytgjKftriit us a communication 'from (;cn Leigh Read, YCLASCO HCBALO Orncc ) to the horror of the sight, and anguish of o( truth and prejudice and passion, the 1st day of June next, and for the purpone I
\ to idHe the. Indiatiit or Friday April 21, J837. $ the bereaved bu.band.nd (.father the bodyof which I
p.rt' apparently intend for publication and I every man ought to b eratiteJ w ith. of receiving said Taxes, the under
*e" awayThe militia of Jacknonauty designed f.'LOIUOUS NEWS the youngest child, a babe, was almost \ationul Jut.SuitsThese. attend at the City Hall in i I
:MC\ to correct a airnrdi P-
llprt'hrnlliJn detoured and the of
aIn the mother
..*. UfM'r"Iitul. ITCH ordered On this! day the arm eaten the 25th to the 31st insL
[ .ks we the anniversary of the glorious rm
I authorship. of off liogs! The devil
a publication which) Battle of SAN by entered the are things always lobe o'clock to 12M.
... aad ft'd/ ;IKI**'''; were r"en to Col. had appeared" >> in one of Tallahassee Sloop of War AVi/cArz JACISTO, with the, the Mexican U. S. herd of swine, and made swing's flesh accursed avoided, if possible. Especially should F T. COMMYNS, .

jrlniiM I.u. of trtl,. county, to rai<'*e in the e'elor the Jews. It would they be avoided honorable indifeullliml't. r
men Tax
paper The comm utnicatiurrwap hug: of War Gen. Urrea among Collector.
j in charge
in (a!* a
*A.. and in Ualton mid \Va.Ii.gwN&aNIK' everyre.prct pirate anchored seem that tieisin them still, and that red In times such a*the Mayl3,1R37-l0 -
4ferrr ft ,) off the Brauo present
such Har. She _
a* it became Gen. Read lo demon feed him with human flesh! Whata I I.
** ***' DlfChl deem nccc a- o-captured the schr. Louisiana, and sent "ui" i !, be resorted to by someiacriIs DOLLAR be thePensacola I
write, and ucha thi J'hal. Co
$ it would hate becomeus .lICefle'al a duty, a heartrending ( irritations of ( O"NE "i pi
her bark.. to New Orleans sunk atetige feeling, or
.. f ft tie r'icy. ?'UCb i., how< \cr, the ; a Mexican duty was there to be performed paper May 1831: ,
to (publish, and we should hate armed by property in danger of lost.
published brig and schooner off Urasos St. lajo lure being on application at this office. .
.. the militia: the hu-handi! the father! To collect the
( in But
l"r'1U"UuU ) the '
.a: probably, in general, resort
** it had tn-en Passed
I receded; in time.The ; Midshipman Ridgtly, mutilated May 13.
his wife and 1t-1
tat ..' war that lutlr can I he dour w ho communicated" the above information five chtlidrcn would make the matter worse, rather than -

mt. M I "awl rm.ld do IL7rricm.-Ve 1&1\enOl yet been upon his his return on board the \atchrzhe ;', four of them hiow, and place them better. The hon"e!which hate tlupf'ndr NOTICE I !tI
C.L ni( rr loa \ AHRENS
I sDt'"' I 111I a corn-houi-e till he could go eight miles. payment, are uniformly men HENRY E..q], of this City,
force than able to D'C"f"rtnlflll,.. exact Mate of the pollsin got under way and sailed in search of j i authorized Azent and
..rJq 1flU4h1, !!''Ow" any I' assistance to bury the dead! Ureathes of unblemuhed and good business Attorney
tliiTounty' for he tttobrags autO schooner which. appeared the with heart cold reputation of the first or old .Ps8ACOLAASSICIATION"iowhomahlsugna
ifie rout'ty. We ncrct towh I.klegatctaCungrps.& :: In- off this man no as not to sym lalrnl. There .reason tohdiete
IHII. place la .
.r on
Monday "l.We
lot tuatit.n from other ;pathise wtth the afflicted tunl) suffering of that will not their of
parts of the Territo- I they treat creditors hon m
.as .... IMt ht. ,kiahIh; i 3f prech.deheadiwj also learn from this Miurce. that Ka al Florida? e-tly, and they' are much ney due lo them must be paid, and all communications
tory. fluwh. (;('n. Read to l lie nliout 2UOoie Tampico iv in ofthe more competentto i
.... forcr.K J'UIt'1i"UIIi Inmirgenis. the
I tit ._ .1' hlc : an) manage their' affairs other relating to Lands in West
...NM I.. rsTei.tciii \ nhead of ("..t. \\' 'au. and the latter" A French fleet was off Tohanco and Tarn- /'rum theationnl Intrllieenc'r.Mew. *. This they can lan, if any suits are person not- Florida, may be addressed J t

: : \.\U.May I. I 1S37.Wf ITKahead) (If Mr. Ho" nlllg. The stronghold pieo Furred demanding Loan and m indemnification ult offered the for French the Kdiiom : 'If the specie i* yet to '''romantnrr against them. But if they are I'cn.afola JAMES 18379A 8. MUGGINS. .

fc*' ef,'.--nitlHte* IIi till iuih- of Mr D. in in the east. The probability citizens at :Matamoran. winch, if not I IIeaIhe country an rapidly a'4 it was forced ., mUII a.*tgn their business to May6, _
com- t: into it, I should suppose that the! storm other' hands, greatly we all LL persons indebted the estate of
\\ .nu..d..1 &
C' 'r literally bya with 'Iu'.umeI
now i%, that (;C'II. Read is elected.At plied immediately satisfaction would /I
ha hardly commenced and w hen' it does ea'es. to the of creditors. Men LORENZO are hereby
;!-: >. iJietr v'r- ate tl< ril di-coteied ,l Ic taken at the (UIII'lIf,'. month. The injury) 1..lr PA den
1 ,:''ir': pa"- "' 11.1- Hnt:l.l...rboiid. AnMM .\ election: held on Monday last, Mr.Headmcton French hsatesr' ::! ty the Went Indies for Ihl'r'lmuud..r ,commence, it seems to me that its ratage who hate: stopped' (payment, cannot rightfully require to delay -
11 be confined and all those
'' IIIUM to the Middle, Southern permit one creditor to get an adtnntage hating claims ..r.iD.tIld
tIt'I. 'tC14by at MLfan'tti > llIut: I
( *
a y
was ejected: Sheriff ofI.cdntt.1a of their fleet with the intention

.j and Western States to be the estate are required to
; mire, a oter rrt, by and to
",4i.'r wa .f"t"tt 3e! irrdai at IVterJdK4iJUu any process ; present tem
: of & all of the Mexican
blockading .
( '.
t.tiuut% portson wide enough theatre for rum to stalk rucfi iroperly for settlement.
gain an an
l I. lliir IUmpllo I aUtt
k \ Our rriHtfo, % uii Idunl"Je. '
the Gulf of Mexico
the alioterequiMtioni
ilatf4rIIle..tr<< : d...ro\errd ffi"...h MJH' Thr I Hum lu.I.-h I ... I i through. New England may. perhaps( e- attempt. gaits more \\r r CHARLES EVANS
u i-our mortiftmgliitt i are inMnnlly .ulII..llt"nil.. } ttn gam'" instead oC.''o..r. if section! of know i i. not our buinei to PABLO
,. ( l c-Wtd..V and I any I gitc PAL'E
.r n morning mfrl
Thechr.. Jam .
!'\fII If! a;'...4!jiw-f; .'f the trail wlucli ti minoiinrcthnt/ tlu Institution haTh > from Kew Orleans:!' has I Calducll, Noyer, |, the country can tirofit I hi) the dhtr"11 adticc on such matur, >it we 8'I Tutan.. n'a,JztT.I

&w.tw..ir. it.. ....i'{ ;>.*-<. t'.rie tnut Ina tailed. .- "I II" of the tItflCs hate indicattd thor off'the Draws,Har. just come lo an the others. N hut she consumes of 0(1'1 1J.ruCta lumC ti throw out thcw obvious sugges' }' 13. I 1837-10 ,

rrr. aultlt'rtt t '...-.$. \\t- fuutti! tune ofmen "prett>' clearly, for M me wtrks past, The celebration of the first I of the rent of the country', ,.1 I lIn.. Suit are always right in ('b( f MHE undersigned hUJobtaine LetJL -
aniustersaryHr I
will at less COM and if Hut .
get ; our difthonenty. in our present
tlit iti.it niaHrnti
llir ts't- ttl : wi : 11.1 the Uankwould. .lfrum tens of
'I tt.- ha&ttan.i' litiiM l;n4'kTin. da%. HKHI Upin to gi\e the tictory of San Jacinto. wa. got uJ'III ral produce imiM be Mild to foreigner at a tance, we hate no. doubt that the liberal (if JOSEPH Adrini."alio deceased
"a% : but we,had fondU hoped that if those a tcry inttn>ting style by' the Officera rimioiic sacrifice. New England tt ill. a. an<0eten the .Itih feeling of creditors IERSASDE ,
'l"'ff' "r (''''u and saldient thisl'ost.
..f Kiond.i _(. The:. manoutreing heretofore, l tie the whererl will induce reulR'
.. "lm\.ld') carrier. Etery them generally resort
L41l Wti! t'. liitft.it!> salute soldiers. was scarcely interior' to i //If" it it lo be feared, the curse fir the hipfriment : to legal proceedings. Let the unfortunate Mi..Ie present _
.. ,
d \ m. :al"i a h* I fr cxprctcu IN to be hcatilv felt houvinettie! their and the Htlement
..' yet more ; own buMncss -
.I. : -t ".riiaiiii !' v < kui d l ote and lie fir-t to the, ufllrA indebted tu make immediate -
Mt soldiers of the United Slates
"4 :.." I.rl...."., -...,.. IIr tilt' ,. 'la..lplf"-all exainjaltahi'Crassj | firM by the merchant, then by the planter, will be done nlr, sooner, iuidctaeapcr payment. I'MANL'EL
"pftaia4.T Arch and thruflicrrs etincrd .L.IJlllllar- c
.... :i -u.; J tin J. ..M'KiniM ',:e.. J i in it-4-lf!' and. IHOM |I..rnu.lflu" mt ) ; and farmer, and laborer. None can hate. than by any other prIt"s-J"lr."
.. ,, tic, and dignity in commanding, desert mel gained by it rxcrpl upmilator, tt Iso Lfar" tifCumuitrct.The IERSASDE
r:- i .* II.' M4i..iu HI f barge and! Cf.IaMItOSIIers.t. .hate hl'krd the holttie ie greatest credit and applause.A .,fthserncasurtaulsicti the Executor had r May 13, 1H-I -_ .

f..d I..r ,Ia...In: "lIh lain. kiad tuo da\ p ,h'l" ur bill-ol the Union Hunk console r-aluleof 13 wa fired from the Colonnade JX months fiom the
cunr. determined to pur-ue. slid had thenagacityto Balhi lo 1 le built at New S date hereof, the
v-o.. t'.1 i .H i\ from 111m.ool. c it alrlft 1..m"t'h. | (." by the rcui.rk, that thi inntitulion. Fort, and 012 gun from on board the brig I buy arid Melt at the proper tunes ; and Ur..nc. according to the design ('()Ir. under.icuN.m apply to the Hoor f

te the l J..dl;"?,- mueh lu'.rau.lu'li' run-. unlike nu...t other Hank-, is xafe !hateata' .. S'am. Ituiitton, on the departure. of the lho-e who hit e by loaning money at u-uriou are to be got up in the style of ble, the County Court of Cun
'-> ?he :iimtiori of our HMtlviiifitt. >)..r1tlCiI4.I4
iiif \alihez. the celebrated luxuries for final settlement
... Iha.ed I s-aIrs. and hate been sufficiently cau -e during: the to- ty of the
it the
I'mrth I throuch ill be upon real otate of the
h tionin accepting necurtiies. The COM and lupluoup | of the Roman Empire.. The .
.. Ilrlo
I v V l"4in!: ain-ir.rirnt etude.t s-t'untry. It.. not "... Thr real estate of thett.ckhs.aliJers
IMPORTANT-WAR COM.MENCKP. tux; of the Experiment: like all other taxe. 'Imitate b of uup..ralt'ln beauty, BENJ'N D. Ad. I
I 11 ul t IIi rrqiurr Ian army' at.d a .. wa thy, I ltnia --
1iPIP to out
p r
iMiiii 1
iC'f! "
%I.tiun: ( ....1.1\ I r.ticrrdJtt Sturjmt txl <>f the Hank to tho-e who cntru-led rleatiMon" Thursday etening brought intelligence and JlroduClllabur of the community. in (persons can I.ttr
bathe at a time. In the of the
which M! thus promulgated I "w mi- liE
,; Url il.e Dank with the mOIl(''. which has renr. aubribr on small
It.III..J uho t with it
titan \ a> h.n .
throiif the New Orleans her: Prom the .%. ). Courier aryl tyuirfr. ming-hath a fountain, with eightjets for a Til Curled
'r II ::,, crtMt! fiplit with the Indiaiif onSr h tK-r..III"'lallllg. but it not for the There Irlrenl lar Double
in pledged SIMS be
I' are to
"The S. sloop of31 Natchez on i I Itunttne the Treasury in 1H33.-We .ho.r.balh. rooms MATTRASSES' Single Horn Hair and
p. ,
kt'n : >a\ ihete were aU<< tt thneu redimption. ..f the bills of the Hank.UiMiithn the ITth of April, off the Brasn St. lago h hate received from our correspondent at fur Micniifuc pursuits, studies and 1t"lulrt. Feather' Bolsters, Pillows which will

.!4-t.ttttt.u.' : .ho,. nude then t'M"ItII"d| ,,, 1- : hasty article) by ftajing made formal demand upon the Mexican I Washington, the following account of the cot eed walks, promenades ., pleasure- be oold reasonably. A
tIfoolaf .'\.TsC' :il 15 were o"'rt"L. &c.
authorities todehter and release! the trial now pending the U. States Circuit ground,
up J>> in J, LEVETT.May6 .
I .rn "ato. iorida. I ha\e not the Ihalll.., II.ink III.d/li/d. To fay that iti S
American vessels, Julius Ceasar, Champion Court, of one of the supposed perpetrators \ f837-9
,i< tJd :t at l rum. cery $information 11.1 >U!>|>endcd i>|><'Cie [payment, would be Leomdas, and three others wio' !enames of thin horrid net of infamy. Although one Mona M>mk in ('aurula.-A large meeting ..-
nit ..1 c..caf.: tin. re are four or firLab'rpC of the ProteMatits Montrial! has been Store to
a nW"'I".hra"| A Hank fails when ittiipen are not recollected which had been of the' .parties wa convicted and Itt'IUeuc.tdla..1 Rrnt
l Iu4iait. in and 111..111| the liorderf illegally captured by the >iextcan' fleet, J January; )'t'le hate arrited at no held, to express ther-rnne of that portion rent his ,
.li(01.111'n..,. boditf of Jotm An- !) U payment, and it is but right, and II cruising off the coast of the republic of Tex- satisfactory conclusion in relation to the of the inhabitants of Montreal l, in regard to next door to Hyer& L

.'."'. MM tiail: Vau:han and old :.NeUon. ju"t, and reasonable: that all confidence be ... To this demand no answer was re particular papers sought to be destroyed.Nor thecandlouq intention of Maria Monk ..

m411I.in: | a manner UN Chocking to withdraw II from it. I turned. The Climax was in company with hate the means used' the manner of and her abettor*. Many highly respectable JOSEPH E MURBELL.

c. liar, urrr ..lllIt through in "Mra". the Natchez and had been to it the of citizens .ddre-If the meeting in vindication --
We undcr-tand that the Central Dank; of11a.ri.Js. brought by effecting or original instigators
.Itta 1.,11't'.rll one of them tcaIatd.( IthaL I Iuu.c the Mexican fleet. A commenced the foul deed been All of 'haracir of their catholic neigh helling at
..idcdoter firing was brought to light. tle Coat
Den Ctiairrs
by Mill
.r *" ur -i aid, in ihi Count JII' hor, in unqualified denunciation ol
c }
'from the Fort and the Mexican brig lira to, them; important items are hidden in the subscriber will .
III tht .lIuatH'iI of the eope! "ill l he I rutatr"r"u. ":aflcl,, fuiu.Ttie falmrhood of the .Awful Disclosures THE
.. { upon the Natchez and the Climax, and an .dark future. We understand that strong hit WATER PROOF CLOTHING -

a .. mail of last 18 pound ball struck' the Climax. came suspicion rests upon another individual, The Reverend )Ir. Perkn.who avowed at viz: pea Pantaloons
e. *
night bring-* intelligence '
*r Uie' foregoing: wa in type, we : through the port forward the forcrigging. who if ever arrested and brought trial, him.lf the opponent Calholiri-m s (the suit W) Cap at $10

*'!heard that the Jack'on County nullerf of the failure of all the Hank III Mobile went through the deck into the larboard may afford u* the "knowledge' so much to be among those who most bre tlli- 25, Wading PantaluonsandBoutzat72 '
and the Hianch of the State Hank' Mont and caused the dtMrcd. We will mony to the utter falsehood groMnensof Cushions 73 Boots
;.a, in how started a plank, schooner nope government relax $3 S4j), Travelling
to nurrhon the 5th and be<<
at the the Priests and
to Nunsof
gomerThe suspension. of ..specie' to make three and a half feet of water l no effort to sift this mysterious business rhae. against Bags Gun Cu 1 V?. Tbe above
Lt1-t: .Umln.., ,, the 8th. Go,'. Call has pfymenu &
: n : I In an hour. 10 the bottom, for the satisfaction of Go..f from India Rub -

**td from iLi..place 20 UO: rutiom, and* u.i reiltrd on yesterday l tIN all the The Natchez being informed,( the wt- the people, who are so deeply interested in Factory.. Gentlemen who are exposed

'ki1. ramp equipage, &c. for the troop* I Hank in Mobile, In comtequence of a deire > uatioll of the Climax, sent the carpenterand the preservation of the public archicves.WASHINGTON A that Lump if the of God-1 the has been United calculated Stales lo the weather will find the goods impervious -

.. to that. effect, expressed by a (public strteral oilier crew to the assistance of April 20.Itifhtird t water.

kfc' nu) blltt"mile there. meeting of the citizen composed of the that te* el. Having paired the Climax, II. hAil., the unfortunate in of Bank (35 it would millions) were in one each cubic side about block May. 6, Ir37-9 J. 8 LEVETT.
lithe gold measure
meantime \\would remark, that nhe took her in con toy an far as off Mata dittdual, charged, in conjunction with his on
hose inches and its would be Wanted to Hire
people 55f or
exirataantotertradinglia weight
*" very the Mexican i other., this crimeon upward P
II.". the "hellu..1 rca"oti 10 appre'hndUJ gorda. In the ( while, Henry, perpetrating<< of

dln ..r to tho e who hate proJiiced the et it under which thecomusserce brig<< of war (formerly the Pritilegio<< ) tune the3lM March, 18 was this day .-- t lonlPORT A FIR'r.1 WOMAN to Ck

may of :Mobile i* nownu fie ring.- in Hght, and was taken posseMion of by raifiicd(or the within the last .D Irner. Apply

:"or w**'* i Io tra el through Ihrrountr upuuiSa1oe. ( They pot together on nhort notice." A the Natchez prize crew were put onboard six months. The prisoner, who is naturally OF P&-COL M'KEAN BUCHAA.At

l '_ It mutt be always borne and she was ordered lo Pen.acola.Thene a very good looking man, seems to "a
meet i n 2 of till the iiizcnn was to be had AaaiTcu. April 29, 1837-8--3t
a-dOllt the Indian* are M-retehed fu- are the imperfect particulars we hate suffered somewhat under bis long confinement _

guiq1: t.) (torn the face of the whiter last night II if to lie hoped that there is hate rett uod. The taking of the vessel 1 in our jail and by n means ex Schooner Freeman, Grant,from Tamp Btj- Taken up,

'- IIIC Mill independence enough there, to speak may be relied on ; but we regret the circumstances hibited that contiJence and elasticity of with PtMrngrr an in B.n. *! the lb. 2Oib la a negro
" -" '''''',,' found. The only danger II', that led this not spirit that characterized him on his first wrrc two Creek Indian, MM of by
out and) redeem the character' of the city. to act, are pace lh Da SAM
; *** tempting to kill the cattle or reize minutely detailed. Doubtless aggravation trial. His wile, a very inlrUr' and interesting .a Chief a ha distinguished himcelf ( Din
Our information from New Orleans! e .D h
the proviMona of the white vettler hop was very great, and that the honor of woman, who with a .a brats warrior tb llear in Fa hill n DIUr ,

"'maybe intohed in conflict which, In Vcdnesday r\enincl.IIL At that lime the American flag compelled the comman- (pertinac sty that does honor to the sex, was Jitd UM .ieb'.i t hi al ah port. zOD a I

I there' had: been no failures of the Hanks. der of the Natchez to Uke the step he did. prompt at her post in court-by bit aide, Cap a by Sergeant Anthony u says he belongs I
'tnd Llo
in id.Ve .
< nay tin-, not lie The desperate m circumstances, who are The fact is, that on the previous occasion harry "'bite the brother of the prisoner, 1 of his passengers, who intern him un' ; The owner i

Ij '- -e are not fully imprenfted with the wilhng to Mexican folly and audacity, when the IIi be ..tried and con* Jilt a. it bring the ls m pert they rw tai pay

rw tl: of dritmg the Indunaway, but bring etery thing into confusion, achr. Louisiana was so unjustifiably and illegally i"lf last term for the same offence; since show t a _oID &a brava officer. or be exp

1 order loqnirt the .undl"" > apprehen. are in fat or of the Dan.....' slopping. Thowe captured a similar cure would I have.eentbecunfeseionofa man Sloop Da., J."i Mobile-Furniture dealt with according to law. p
) fn ( who hate. loose the of named executed in the west A.C. t the JOHN
-. anything are for their hat e been completely' justified on past J.Ar mer.DUUT SCE

he person abroad. paying out their last Dollar. One thing only captain Mervine." for murerj "hicb It.r that be lra'ele Jailor of Q
j 1M B&a bo.,t which armed yenerclligeoce .ny from Schooner Charlotte, Mack :Orleans-30-. : The Montgomery -

t.}. "JIuaLtat from Mal'i-tt': I | can jt.ntify a peruion of specie. payment SAD EVENTS. Pensacola, and that they were engaged together 000 fret Lumber, bj For*jib Simp-ma. I lo give the foregoing 3 insertions

'-ndu" tb"bt Alabama troops had an I b>' a Hank, and this i* a de ira to S New Orleans lur some days past has lacer in burglary and picking Vktl. and (ora thtir bill to the subscriber for

f'Dralf1nf'lJt nuke. a pro ratu dutribution of its assets., the scene of melancholy transactions. Never On the first trial of Richard, Great Luck. payment S

late on Gum Creek with the (ugi. Hut who hal! be found so credulous as to S in the Mine space i.f time, were coamiiied prisoner, eleven of the Juror.were for convicting I 'VE sold in GRAND LOT\, April 29, 1837-8-3t
oti KU., Ute len entrust the making of such dutribution, tothoae S to many warders and suicides. remaining one reu.inlo Class : Proll For Sale,

place aLert Anderwm and Vaughan On Friday, while a man was undergoitg give way, after blnlloke up tbiry-l pril' 29th, the Capital .- WNo.24and$6bth.Nw

%r?e killed Tim, about 20 mile (rom tihuhsts-hrtady betrayed them.We I the sentence of the law (or the crime of hourI lh jury diwle ad a The Ticket having combination Numbr 2 City of PeA corner of Cypresa

1'-qua.' 16 of the (ullo'inclrum the Velasco S murder, another man was committing a C.aen On 12, 22,23, entitled the bolder 1 pr and Diddle Itr TeJ ere very pJeajasty -
the Indiana copy
killed aDd
I, w ere SI similar crime in the Third Municipally, the 6t of Jaaual last lb'a cme on !which was promptly pid.DANIEL ] situated, near avid
'dade ((1'esat) IltTld of 20th ult vent Ua by a I for consumed as te 8prl' aa6De
pnwnera. The number of In- and two young men in tie First Municipality .ond bearing, ad A CLARK view of the Bay. Fo

diaa iuaccrla..Md: (toot UM prisoners to friend of tbe Natektx. sought to end their sorrows by self- much time as the original trial i the witnesses Agent for the Manager mation, apply f lC-

.. lS7 The Jackson county troopn had On the morning Monday .last, a heavy immolation! These last two w ere remark in both instances having been_ subjected Marnna My t [8-101 1 toJAMES U. SWETT.

< trritfdat firing w.to heard at aea, the reports were able for a singular coincidence of motives, .j to one of the most rigid and searching BAND LERCl No. 2 will! April 15, 1837-45
J MalJett'a landing when the cross-examinations ever entered low in G
lint vrrv distinct, seeming about nine mile off r and public compassion was strongly excited be 27. Fur' Late
If ft, but were hourly expected A in the direction of Calrealon. txime of the, by the suicide (.11"0 sons on hearing any eout. On the second trial, nine of Prizes, apply at Pl IN PlbleUoa

jPtfprutuiona has been estabhiuhed4aoc citizens immediately ascended to the tops the fatal new. of the decease of their respective the After jurors were shut(or acquitting for the prier. JONAS PLI" CO._ LIFE .. LNN. o OJ Tb Night Do*

or the houses of Mr. Hoskins and Capt mothers! A laudable sentiment, being up affected ) a bour .U UVU oy iiA-uoore &Il" Lionel

!Moore, and discovered three veaneb apparently thus carried beyond the bounds of reason, a was compromise returned finding. the prisoner, "guilty wrdiet, -May' 13 18-IG1 ra, )' the CoDI of w

,r What Jl .'. MUNlu.-'e I in an engagement; two of them appeared .is as deplorable as it is rare: bat no one but turn an acquittal, under the NoUe. Traits and TrnJI Early E

-abtl4 mail boat from Mallett'a land- 10 be brigs and the other a .-tir. could refute bit regret for the unhappy victims i statute eniUlinf of & WISHES this city in a L.; TbeTuggs at nlt bJ Boa I

** the Three gentlemen _ft'e'MI tbe beach at the of filial love.On Tin bmi.don here moved the Store and will work for Youthful Rtjnaiti

J- Da lltb inn. a friendly In- lime on their way from the west p... of r !. Monday two murders were perpetrated Court for n $ discharge Cunal, claiming the verdict small wages through the summer, and c.s Nick of the Woods by the author of C

"a Baaed Jim, who baa been koowu by Ualvevton) and were within three millS of r and on Tuesday .criminal trial) whichha4 an acquittal in foil. This Ilion give good reference If any genUeaan Ac.'Cleuninfs: in Europe, bJ ta-

*kbiuola Uwre, (or Iwele)'can past, the ves.et. ; they state that but one of them excited mead Interest I was terminated kowerer I was resisted by the AI wishes such young, m.n will pleas* apply thor of t Spy &Just rche u

:-**tuajiiaroiuljr murdered fired, and that one seemed to be chased I by auicMe. Tbt unfortunate youth, whose and the objections at Collins HoteL for sale ,
b/ a
".kwhiiea. party by the other two. There ere many nitgle *- arm, impelled by we knew pot what blind &; the Jury was bnllao, I B. C. DEANE. T. 8 JKABISON A (0

TheM krrott are sUPP".d &: shots and two broadside The whole passion, bad struck down an inoffensive tCour an hour returned with an I May 13, 1837-10 April 15, IMI -

to bue: 1M n drunk when they p "- three, aiVi the finn) erased, bore to the being, struck at and ended his own life i abt hal


i ._ .--


.. .


NAVY CoMMiMioacRii* Orrii'c, t NAvY CoiMls-uouua's Caution to Treapau.

Alabama, Florida & Georgia Rail Hoad. 1WA, March, 1837. iLIVE I Marrh 18,ornfE'J ALL persons art !hereby cautioned..

; GAZETTE OAK TIMBER.-Scaled |iopo-- LIVE OAK TIMBER.- pa tngontne Lend. a-

-- -.. SEALED PROPOSALS for furnishing the followingbills will be received at this office Offers' for Lire Oak for on the East aide ol the Bay of PI 11
I MAY 13 Hm. of the first day tnall venieb," will be received at this office between Lalrucha
: until three o'clock, p. m. Dayou and DaJot
of TIMBER, will bo received at the Office of tim ALABAMA, of July next, (or the supply of Live Oak until 3 o'clock P. M. of the first day of India, belonging Jaxts A_MCWat L

The. ClAXETTt wiU be issued every SaBfday FLORIDA & GEORGIA RAIL ROAD COMPANY, until the 22d day of Timber, as follows : June next", for the supply of Live Oak 1 im- the penalties of the law wU be

Evening, at 83 80 per annum, in advance No. 1. Fur the frame timber beam and ber :as follows, viz: 'against all trespassers.

i $4 p ,'able.a' the end of six month, May next. keelson pieces and (or the promiscuoustimber No. 1. For the frame timber and keelson I JOSEPH E. MURRILL,

p or S5 payable at tbe expiration of the yea 128,000 feet lineal of best heart YELLOW PINE SCANTLING which may be directed fur one ship pieces, and the promiscuous timber for March 18, 1837- At"-

I at the option of the subscriber.AovKmscMciT six by eight inches square, and in lengths of 1C, 20 and 24 of the line, one frigate two sluups of war, one sloop of war, (small class,) to be delivered Joseph Bowets, \ ----

inserted at the rate (one of each class) and one smaller vessel; at the.ury Yard, Charletton, n.
one dollar forenry fourteen lines less feet ; 64,000 feet to be delivered cross-piled on the beach at the ln Chanet
(or ,) to be delivered at the Vary Yard near MoJtachuMetlt. Henry Penny and f fJ/
f for the first, and fifty rents fur every coitintiflus foot of Broad street in the City of New l Pcnsacola and.the balance Porttmorth A' //. No. 2. For the frame timl;:r, keelson John D. Gray. J AT

subsequent insertion. No. 2. For the frame timber beam and pieces and the promiscuous timLcr, (or
cross-piled on the south bank of the Escambia River, at the point | appearing to m* upon iflM ,
keelson pieces, and (or prumiscuuus timber one sloop of war, (small clam) and one complainant's 0('"
m. solicitor
WANTED, where the Rail Road crosses. The proposals will specify whetherthe which may directed (or one ship of smaller vessel, to delivered at the Nary Gray is 'n inhabitant of this Trrri tha J"- .

At lie Navy Yard, I'mwncojn, Scantling will be sawed or hewed. tho amount, and time required the line, one frigate} and one steamer; to VanUnokiyn( Sew York. resides withCHt the .limit of tK" ,..
be delivered at the Aury Yard at Chartet- No. 3. For the frame timber keelson pieces ,
SIXTLAI10rRERS! to whom good! and the place of delivery. torn, Mauachiueltt. and the promiscuous timber for one District Florida, it is therefore

together with 16,000 CROSS-TIES, of best heart Yellow Pine or Pitch Pine, For the frame timber, beam and keelson small vessel, to delivered at the Nary that publication be made fur tw. *
some printed in the
medical attendance when nek without IOK. newspaper DUc/jr ,
feet and inches The Cross-Tics to be piece, and fur the promiscuous timber Yard, Philadelphia. quiring said Defendant "
of time. The owners to subsist and qua eight long eight square. which-may be directed, fur one ship of the No. 4. For the (rime limber, keelson! pieces to appear ttM ...

ter them beyond the limits. of the \ ard. hewed from Timber to be procured in the vicinity of the road, and line, one sloop of war, large class, one and promiscuous timber, fur one sloopof first swer Monday the Dill filed of June herein, on or hefaf ..

Persons J hating Labourers to hire, will to be equally distributed along the line between the Depot at Peiisacola small vessel" and one steamer to be deliver war, (small cla*" ) to to be delivered at will be taken f confessed next, or the ....
Officer.W. .
apply to Ike Commanding and
ed at the Nary Yard, ('/aarltlturla.**. the Nary Yard, \U\Cl.lainglmctrct of the IDI
and things therein decreed
K. LATIMER.April River.
and the Escambia No. 4. fur the frame timber beam and Columbia. aceortia .

I W, 1837-7 keelson pieces, and the promiscuous timber No. 5. For the frame timber, keelson pieces I Itth Given under my hand at PmtJeOta, 1l1.
: day o( March 1837.
JEJ To be published (or one month i in ALSO, which may be directed, fur one ship and proini!'cuoii4 timber, for one sloopof .

tbe New-Orleans Bee, Mobile Mercantile of the line, one frigate and one steamer to, var, (small class,) to be delivered at the C. EVAX,

Advertiser Journal Natchez who Courier will forward and Montgomery their. Proposals! will be received for furnishing the PILES, String Pie be delivered at the Nary Yard, Brooklyn, Nary Yant, (iu'Jllrt, J' rKini":. Penwola" Judge, March Cofnty II (hrt r.. h.
of the
and dimensions
I AVic lork.I The quantity promiscuous -
accounts tu the office of the PciiMCola (Gaz ccs, mid Cross-Caps for bridging the Escambia and White's River, for each tcs-nelof each -
No. 5. For the frame timber, beam and timber months after date
vile-furARE aetilewcut.l'tOIOltlS. and for piling tho River Swamp, between the Escambia crossingand I I keelson 1iecesuuid (or the promiscuous timber class, is as follows : settlement of the, I will apply ,
-- -- ---
the high land near Simpson's Saw Mill. I which may be directed for one: ship ol For each sloop of war, 1,500 cubic feet, GRAHAM, \ to the mate lion. of Glo

: invited to he made for deepening I' the line, one sloop ol war, large class and which must be sided twelve inches, and be 'of the County Court of E.nll1l.ia hd';

channel over the HOG RIVKI: one steamer ; to be delivered at the Vary from twelve to eighteen feet long; six of the RICHARDMarch '.
To be delivered nt the J. Mcnll1hll.o lng.n WOODS Ai;
liAR in the Bay of Mobile, *o a, to exhibit I' Van/, Mruolklyn, Ncr Yttrk longest pieces t.* side sixteen: inchcu. 1 1H, 1837-2-131

at least 12 ft'etYatct at the lowest tides. Nu. 6. For the frame limber beam and For each mall \ensel, tWI cubit feet, .
: ) Piles 12 inches 12 inches and 40 feet long, (heart Yellow Pine.) --
by nod which must be sided eight mehe'' and! be -
i keelson for the !
The distance to be Excavated is about (piece, promiscuous alerduite I
and less than ch'c inches ) ; SIX"eel" ebllhppry
TU; ) Bound Piles 30 feet long, not t\\ in diameter, throughthe II
of the ,
one mile and a half.A timber, which may be directed, for two from ten loatxtetn long ; nix ', he Judge 01 the
heart at Ihc large end. I of null class and two steamers longest to side twelve and a half Court of L-camha: CcIaa
the sloops war pieces
chart indicating width and ( ,
average 40 Siring Pieces, 10( inches by 1 I' inchiesand 40 fret long, (best heart Yellow Pine.) for LtuerI
depth of excavation may be seen by application 40 11"I by 11 I I 40 feet long, (do. do. do. do. ) ; to delivered at the .Vary lard atPhiladelphia. inches.A timber begot Adnainiltlrat on the Estate or JOSElH
to Lieut. Barnard, Local Engi- ft Cross-Caps 12 by I M 18 feet long, (do. do. do. do. J part promiscuous may dea.j.MANEL .
fleer at Mobile, who will AIM. 5 give any information 35010.. 12" by 12 10 fret lonp, (dn.1ft.. do. do. ) The quantity and dimensions of the promiscuous : to larger dimension, provided! the pie- : IIERNAj2
timber for each ivswl of each ces will answer for rcplac'ingItect \'e March :23
that be
required DOC to the 1KJ7-3-6w
may fret 10 12 and of 21 and :32 (
5,000 lineal u( String Pu-tcs, by in lengths&; rct. hooks
follow hawpe transoms breast or ----
work to l be performed. class! is as : piece) -

The PropwaN, in list state (Ihe price per First Cro iii5 on White's River For each *AoMr / llt fJOW cubic feet ; other valuable pieces. SIX mouths! (;( m dale herro ,-I.sa-.,

; cubic yard of excavation. The Contractor which must be xided 15 niche, and be from Separate offers must be made for eac\ make application to the Judge of .

finding&: all the 11e'f''II--dredging: machlnery I 11 to 20 feel in length, six of the longest of the preceding numbers, and each offer County Court of&.cambia County far
100 Piles 12 ;X 12, 40 feet long. embrace all the timber that n called final settlement of .
? \'e> , The unMirtance| of the proposed im- 700( ) Round Pilm 30 feet long. For each fripatt, 3t.n"ublc( feet, which for by the numl>er to which it refers, theprices lor of MARIA CARLO"'A Rrst ..

nmvrment of the Dog River tat to the inlet 20 String l'icrelC10" feet"long, 10 X U.2U" uuiuat be sided 15 inches, and be from 12 to asked per cubic foot iniM be stated ceased. JOSE ORTIZ, Ezrciisr,
J II I X 12.
of Mobile and of commerce generally: 40) 20 feet long six of the longest pieces tu hCparately, for each and ertry class' of teseU Oct. 15thl 3ft-32-6ni.
90 12X11.' -
makes it desirable that the work be prosecuted Grots-Caps" 1H the side 1U inches. I embraced in the offer, and fur the/),0- II E - -- --
320 HI" I 12 X I 12. For 1,5(1) cubic feel mmnimt timber of each class, separately 'T undef''ignf'tJ basing obtained J.n.
with the utmost' vigour. tJXK, ) cubic caclisluoj' nf Ullr, ,
5,000 lineal feet, 10 inch.12:" in I lengths of 21. and 32 (e.'t. the all of which other lcrof Administration on the
yards will be required l he excavate which mu t IK sided 12: inches, and be from from other; is con- JOHN) SXYDER; deceased nej

by the lat June, 1KI7: or cooncr if the arrangcinents 12: tit I 1H feet long, MX of the longest pieces sober d mouldPd liniU'r. fit-sail ht'rtb1 _
of the Contractor will (tt'rmit. Second CrowHi;? on WlilleN River. to side 16 inches. The w hole to be deluen-d Ix-foic the first deblrd! perMMi lo hum raid nLlIt l ..

The estimate of cost for Ihc projx !'cd imprutctncntis .'orracfu/t'lmtl'I I.A'NI' .cubic feet, which day of July, 1 1KH: nut lit much oonir H:' tu preterit their account fenJI 1'".

S-ISO.IXXJ' of which $:)( ,()U) 100 Piles 12 X 12, 40 feet long. must he sided l 15 uichei, and Ix Irons 12 tuIN practicable. tested for !lllriiieut, and ill lhieitj iDdm-

)have been appropriated for the term of 700 Hound Piles, 30 feet long. p feel: long ; six of the Ifingcil pHTen to The !.ud Luc t Oak iiiubcr inn-t hia\cgI.It to come (uf\\ard and settle{ the 1Imr.

;r 1H37. 20 String Piecr*, 10 by 1 I', 40 (t'f"llung. .Idc 1(5( niche. i \ II within I\nlll)" 'luc nrlrs: of lie I &ca \\II.LIAMA.I BELL, Ad..

F'' tfll per cent of the amuunt earned by the 20) 11 by II 1, 40( feet long. I For each: kuiall 'r-4:' :>cl, Nil J cubic fret, board ( w hiclt! lUu-I"c proven to the .,'ilifactioii -.- IVti'utol.i, Jan. 11, I l,37-3.

'" Contractor will be retanuil until the c nnpletion :30 Cross-Cap"*", I 12 X 14, 18 feet lonj which Inuit .be sided) W mchr!', and le fioni I of the re:.pecli\e tvininjiidanl.. : ) NOTICE --

of (the work according to the term<< 320 12 X 12, 10 feet 1 long. 1(1() to Ki fet-t long, six of the longest piece I inu!"t be got out t b) the mould.- and wriltt-it II i: iindfrcitf
5.0UO; lineal fttt IU-; : 12 in )(.nglht! of 21 and 32 fret.To [ Tru'tec o(lhe PtaQo
uf the contract shall have been declarttl to ide I 12j: inclii":' It lircrlion I 4, and pteilicatioii:' ofdimentioiio.Vr. u coin l.arull.'umpan and

Address A )part ul"ihepriMniMMioiHiimb I r nrty; Ingot which will be furni>he.l to contractors lVn.tn, ,| .\, ) ACfallohLc
J Capl. \\'. |11.| CHASE, be delivered nt Midi point. alon? Simpson' Hayon, a> to larger dlinciiMoiM, prntlded the pie fur the.r; peminent ; auid must", l hc fret from that he ".i ill lx-'OCJCUIIUII' (,.>mlltlll'fur,!hereby the(nc, Bouet,

or at Mobile may be directed (.5-!. will utitwir for rcitl.uniL'. '''! dl'fl ('11\'I'lia" all iuiuuini.s allll defects which iua\ uiui'sur- lion 'riherctuiii !O Mid ('Unlpall}'If liruDtr1r.1D pl'f'ICff.}.

Lieut. J. G. BARNARD JOe piece-, transom", reut !hook.*, or the J: oT
Pensacola: April 22, 1H37' -7 KKJ( PilclI I 12 ;X: l 12, 35 feet long. other; talualilu. ,"CC('''. : lor whuh it i> inUiitl| : l II y ( "nlrat1 tn.: |.;i...iu |iroMfiilioii II it: 'v l 1.-\1.. ,.lllit'.aid any inth.jjja .

BAK-KEKPKIi- ioc 2UJO Hound! l'ilN, 2. to 30 fret long. :Separate olfers iniM IK* made: (or each ol and IK. in all ropttt-* .-..iiil'rt I u rto l.

P AN experienced atthe Mansion llou! at St. Joseph wanted 20 String" Piece, 40 feet long, 10 X 14. the preceding; :, umubrrt, and each olfer must, the coinmaiKl.inl.t. i.t l the n''j'-ii\c n.it\ IHIII mjiir)}'m.iiiiii.iiiiur tii:\} iiMiii. 'Ihe wh.itmr, by dow-b\

The best testimonials will l he 20 4n") 11 X 11. embrace all the limlxr that Is calltd fur l lI II>) )'ordo lucre it i* .leiirred.liomN cutting > ?
required of
al moling .my pecH-s iiiuhtr If
10 qualifications and respectability, and 30 Cro-i-Cap-s! I 18 12 X 14. I he number to which .it rtfcr ; the price with two &good awl] rt'llot'nOII! | ,i.- ".&1.1| I Lund. ii. forbidden.VII tic
1UJO )10(J I 12 12. 1'-IIt'l'laUl
asked cubic foot must lc staled >a- tJifluwho.e naiiie mn. t l It c forwarded
per rj
need who The
them l.ainl
none apply, cannot produce 101UU lineal feet of Pieces 10 12 in kngtliiof 21 1 and :32 (l't't. ll',11 b} the said Cunapasir,,
To a suitable{ j-erson a liberal salary will. be String% by rately for each and retry tlntt of \cselsembraced with the olfcr) 1:1 the UII"IIIIII nl one third w\tiiid. from the lla\' of I'enortrfa ih.!

Kiven. Application should l l.e immediatcPmade. III lies'! offer, and ("r the \>nnncioti ;.. the i-tnn.iliil s..he 4,>f :the tmilx-r to N- (IIr- nut lu 1'ciKirol.i. lo'tfir |htaau T.la11\14,

ROBERT ARMSTRONG.St. The amount of Contracts will be regulated to suit the convenience umber of each cla- separately from m heil miller. tinre. :' "('('Uc.lIulrat't:>&, \\ ill lu I'ul. I Kind's Zr1i'l. 'll.t"

I 1H desirous the other ; all of which oilier !" coiiMiitrHumlileil : '. required ; unt.; collatr'tal >"CUM:)" for ; 1) tu.U"tM I
Joseph 1 1837 7 if and of the All
April -: responsibility applicants. persons | >rlioii (.1 the King Im.I. they ciktd
It,,*ber. the laithfiit conijili-imr wiu: ie; ieim., |I

D Notice to Labourers X Slu'i. of contracting, will receive moru minuti information, by applying At least one-fourth of the whole quantity stipulation*, and o.ii l. 'L
holder to the undersigned at the Oflicc of the Rail Road Company in Pcn of timber embraced: III each other, com (contractM ten pt'r centum will! \tiC reriit and in. the \ \iriiui} of ihu a< rlciutUi t .t) l 1Ir u.

HUNDRED prl'iui' a (;aIr $proportion fit| llic im>: iju| from the actual amount of each |i'aj men' M
white Labourers are sacola. llth'r sic Ilf lilt' 11\; r ilild i &uulract.sn.ga'u .
able pieces, 11111111 be delucred on or IN lure which may be made. hum time to timewithin l
upon my contract, on the Ala. 'latid, the) extend on the BJi/ty:
Florida & the list of March, IM'IJ: ; one-hall of the thirl)' dataller lull shall I.e dul) Road
h.una1 Georgia Rail Road, com and lichne: tin iiatt uiktJ U.j
mcncing fifteen miles (rom Pensacola on WM. S. CAMPBELL! remainder on or before the la-.t of :March, appro\e l andpii'!>i.iitiii to the .\a\)' Agents Tract, 2 miles from town tmicw
the route to the Conecuh, to whom T\\"cnt.1 CM Engineer.Oflicc I IH40 J, and the whole quantity on or before until the said. contracts are computed an*. the tract called lUlincut. ;
the I.tl.f March, 1811 and if the above closed! !" which u'l'OCn..lltJu6 : tuttranofiUwo
Dollars a month will. he paid, they to rinl'' ; ; pecluely, rorts.
the weather and the I'roporllolllloUalllwL!! !IIC delivered nt the respectre will be lorfeited to the uv and benelil (If
Contractor the board, Ala. Florida &. Ceo. R. u. Company, l After thin. notice, ( Cls$1Is!" found tir
to work twelv e month ho tmifs ubote *|>cciiied, the Commissioners the touted .Stati, in. the c\cult tiC failure:
Any person w 25 1H37.WutclicH of the :.Nat) nrserte to thcmclic to \ldi\.rtllc timbt-r within the .. ,pi'Miij." will IK; proclitic lu the 111IiI
with him l'enacolfi ( : Cperiods
bring .Ipril :1Il'ccln
may thirty good and effirient :. ___ __ | extent i>f use law.U.M. .
the '
>> right of cancelling contractin l the
Labourers shall receive thirty dollar ---- ----- -- any pre1'Crlbl'fIIl) COilracb.The : .
Notice. II.
Jewelry and Fine hue ezecutso.iof which such failure ClIASriIViMio.lj ( Tnulrt.
moulds will l furnished the
month Foreman. may to
I al eon
per as "u want FOUI
from the date flrlt'uf I July 2 It'iJO-li-11
days ,
)HUNDRED BLACK LABOURERS for Good THIRTY of of the, occur, and of entering into new contracts, tractors, at one ofihe Nu\y Yard*, IJroolynu -
an act --
the same length of tune\ for which a liberal Tilt subscriber is now offering for sale Lcglilatl\.c Council pursuance entitled "An Act tu holding the original contractors and their (io |M rt. or 1'hiladelphia. I Paul for IU\: \U: OTTEIiU
price w ill be (,aid. The location throughout large Mrtment. of Cold, Duplex enable ExecutorsAdrniuuistratursauiduar- sureties liable lor any ecess!' nf cost: and Tu I IK: tlubl'l'IIt'.II" ice u week., until 15ll ITU, |I.

u every way desirable fur health, am Anchor, Patent, Ixftcr Skeleton and 1.<<.. I diaim, to Bell Real Estate of Infants" other damages, w Inch may be thus incurred. Jinn next, in the GloU*, National. I tile'iii- :NORTIIIOPM:j) (i \RlJ:%EI.

the water as pure as any an the country. pane WATCHES, of sujterior quality and to the Honorable, the Judge of Uie Soperior apply The said liteoak timber: must hate crow fencer, Kastern; Argu, N. II. Gazette.C.iznmercsal J.in: :21, I lsj?-lit
utyIc. within twcln -' \e miles of the I -
scaboanwhich Gaiette
R. LOR1NG. : Itoiion --
Contractor. Court of the District! of Went Florida Morning: "Utot. ---
April 15, 1837-0 Sih Watches, Lever Lepmcand Verti ( mual'bc proten to the satisfat- New York Tinu:*, New \ork t\ClIlIIg THK PLUIUD.\
at Pensacola, fur authority to sell|| all of the (
cal. W. and respective Commandant' ,) must Post, Trenton Kmporiuin: l'elmJl'hauian,
the inleicst of II.
t NOTICE. A great variety of Watch Trimmings. Mary be got out by the mould. aiuS' written directions American Sentinel, Hichmond Enquirer Mail Line.
of the infant heirs of the late
IN pursuance of an order of the Honorable Ladies fine Gold Neck Chains, Ear King Smyth, two and specification of dimensions, Norfolk Herald, Kaleigh Star, Charlestoi

the County court of Escambi Finger Ring.Pins, Lockets,Gold and Silver SAMUEL M. SMITh, deceased in the &c. Inch will be fumuhed to the contrac' Patriot, Georgian, Pviisacola Gazelle, Louisiana From 'lolltIa.. to AUlD

County, I shall proceed on Monday tAt Pencils, Gold and Silver Spectacles, Gold following Real Estate: (viz.) ors for their government, and must be free Advertiser, Mobile Uejjisler. ta, G'u ln.LIA .

8tA day of May next, at 12 o'clock,M. before and Silver Thimbles.Card Caacs,Dead Reticules One tract of Land, containing 41KJ ar- from all injuries and defect which nidimpair April 1, 1M37-I-lit VES Mobile ei er) other day it 'I
the Court house door in the City Pensaeo- Dead and Silk Puracs. Head pens, situated fie miles from Pcnsacola, ) I
Orna. ( the Cht. ..
good quality of the said. timber A. M. per bDlrr p .,
la, to sell at Public Auction for cash Lot Coral Beads and Necklace.. known as the A mile place. I for
for the purpose fur which it i* required A ftreat Bargain oQercd.rill I'emacuU, SitaiLboatnthenee: : t.
No. 117 being 85 feet 5 inches front One Lot No. 282, in the City of Pcnsa
and HInd 4 horse Post Coaches theseslsMaruausna
be IE
by contract
in all respects Mtisfac subscriber oilers for sale his ;
Government street, by 167 (eel in depth on Tea and Table Forks Fish cola, fronting 80 feet on Intendencia street \
Spoons ", tory 10 the Commandants of the -L LAND "mithin the New Tow of Pen and Chattabclt't'bee, Tleak.
nay leD sheet cornering on both streets, to- Knives Soap Ladles Salt and Mustard by 170 feel deep, with a House thereon. Hand
yards where it i delivered., sacola. The tract contains one hundred ridge, Pindertpn, llankersiill] tedersvillcdiid
One Lot No. :220 north
getherwith all the buildings thereon beJ ofRomanastrett
German Silver.
Spoons, Bonds with and Cth
two good and and Lousville Augusta
S J Estate ( : containing 80 feet front 170 feet respouisibbeswreties ninety-five acres ten hundredth,
njringtothc o MIGUEL QUIGGLES Fine Sheffield Plated Cake and Fruit Das << by deep. log a continuous line
One half Lot No. (whose names must be forwards as per receipts (runs the Land Ollicc, Talia- throughout,
.- deceased. kcts Candlesticks, Branches Snuffers andTr.&ya 214, on Romana street, at with
with the offers) in the amount of one-third hal'll'C' Augusta: the Cbarlesue U
MARIA QL'IGGLES: .4dm'r. Tea and Coffee Urns. containing 40 feet: front by 100 (eel deep. )food Cars and
the estimated value of the timber to be furnished The terms will! be liberal and easy to Packets (at J* .
One pur.
Aprils, 1837 -5-51S3O FINE CUTLERY. half Lot No. 215, on Rumana street, \ ork Norfolk and PhaladeJ -
: __ under the chaicrs. For further bia.
respective contracts, will particulars, "apply to
containing feet front by I lfiO( feet
Balance handle Dining and Tea Set deep. he and Jerrlaon & A pusM-nger taking. his passage iafc"u
Iteward. One required ; as collateral security roster in i'ensacvla, 01 1"th
undivided half of Lot No.bO
Knives Scissors and fine Razors. Pocket containing ill reach Charleston
ith .
for the faithful subscriber black certaintytot
from compliance with the termsstipulations on
Runaway tbe subseri- and Pen Knives Dirks and Dirk Knives. TU feet and one inch, fronting on Government Water.JOHN all weather and
and saiJci'uitracts
her about three weeks street 132: feet conditions! of the HINT.March any season ((1M"
JL two negro men NASE and Astral Lamps, Vases, Mantle Ornaments both by and on Palafox street ., ten per centum will be reserved 4, 1837-52fllHE imicalloued insurestheagriyaluajeuiunoresects *
cornering on streets
I Mantle and Parlour Clocks Fine Grounc oppo.ite'tbe
from the actual of catastrophe should *
SMART. The former, a .stou Public Sauare. amount each pay men ucnx
and Polished Japan Waiters. which undersigned having obtained' Let probably New \ ork the **
black fellow, well kno".u"in i Also-Lol No. 28 on the may be made from time to lime, ninth diy,
I Peos
J low, lame in his Jeft leg, having had isis I An assortment of Rifles, Double and JAMES Reddinc M. SMYTH street. approved and presented to the Navy Agent,: GEORGE GHAHAM I, deceased, here that OUT the finest natural Road IK"
Single"Barrel Fowling Pieces, also a fine until the said contracts and by notifies all persons to nhoni said estate country.
I thigh Woken. The above reward will be Cfuardian are completed ?
of George It' and
given i if said slaves be taken more than ten assortment of Pistols.A Smyth.Penaacola. Marv II. closed ; which reservations, respectively b indebted, to present their accounts legally The low pressure, coppered and Wrf'!
fine assortment of Water coloured will be forfeited to the and benefit of the J attested for settlement, and all those fastened steamer ill
. miles from Pensacola, or #10 if taken i iPensaeola in April 22. 1837-7 use Lhainpiuii is IM
together: with ajl) reasonbj Paints, Books(or instructions Backgammon United States, in the event of failures to indebted to come forward and settle the known to ueetl description ; the &_

charges. GEO. WILLIS. and Chess Boards,and variety of other fancy Florida IIOUMe..A.I. deliver the timber within the respective periods amc.IUCIIAUD "WOODS Ad a. on Santa Rosa Sound use! ilay, taiQ. *

April 15, 1837-6 articles,a complete assortment, of which. ... The. undersigned would inlorra prescribed. Feb. |11.0| 1KJ7-4U 1 __ tahuocheerner, are adapted! to tit I"1*
will be kept up by constantisupplies received and the
moulds will be furnished the agenu of the ME *
I me residents ana union to contractors Tax Collector stage: line
Notice. from the North and sold as cheap. they at of the Salebr inodatian *
.of Pensacola, that his new HOTEL one Navy Yards, Drook icains coaches and
T) THE Sale of Lots belonging to the Es can be bought in the Southern country. and EATING HOUSE lyn. Ciosport, or Philadelphia. / Territorial ami County Tu. are not to be surpassed' III the fetf1country.
of the
late 8AML. Al. SMYTHof WM. STEDMAN. will be opened on Monday, the 17th irul. To be published twice a week, until the O N Saturday the Situ day of August next. .
Georgia, advertised to take place on 03- CLOCKS and WATCHES of every for the reception of Doerden, either Transient 15th of June next, in the Globe National between the hours of 10 and 12: A. M. The steamer Champion bekg *f **
I I Monday the 10th April, is unavoidably description carefully repaired.April I I shall offer for vale in front
,s In I or Regular. Having had some experience : Intelligencer, Eastern Argus New Hampshire of the Court arrangemeut attached: to the rkiofc I*
povtpoaed not, being consequence able to attend the the administrator sale 1, 1837-482OO in the business and having procured: Gazette. Boston Morning Post and House in the City of Pensacola, the following the proprietors flatter iheuiseJKVJ i

good servants and a person well calculate Gommercial Gazette, New York Time., property or so much thereof as will they arc now otfering the pobfie if'
Timely notice will be given o(a future Reward.
o(sale. day conduct such an establishment the subscriber Sew York Evening Post, Trenton Emporium pay the Territory of Florida and Coui.ty the most expcdiUou4ajidcooilorUkJi""1bttueemhe

I l Apri Iii. 1837-5 Ran a way or stolen from the flatten himself that he will I be able Pennsylvanian, American Sentinel, of Escambia, for Tuxes due ther* on, up to South and the NortX .

-- -- subscriber, on the 16th of January to give general satisfaction. Richmond Enquirer, Norfolk Herald, K.- the 31st day of December' 183G: The safe and interesting water Mt'11 '

Shoe, &c. J1. last, a negro boy by the BENJAMIN WILKINS. leigh Star, Charleston Patriot, Georgian NOAH CALHOUN'S. -the smooth, hard natuial road -
name of TITUS, about feet April 15 1837-4 Pensacola Louisiana XXn ACRES: ; of 3d rate LAND
__ ._ Just received! from X'ew York Gazette Adverti r situatftJ and the accommodation, aflbrd thi JM
(iJ57 uents. lasnionabie and com 0_ inches high rather slender and Mobile Register. vf ted on the East: side of Conecuh ler speed, certainty, comfort aadir...

--r- foruble SHOES, & -.. do. Mises and quite Mack pleasing countenance and New Spring Goods. April, 1837-4: -lit !liver, on the waters of Cold Waler River. satiety, which tbe proprietors Wr ..

: and Chlldrvns; and In store, a large and stoops a little when walking. The above ELEGANT Embroidered Muslin Cap", -- -- Amount of Tuxc, $1 03. entitle tbe outerprise lu a larff sbaifl'(*

fresh assortment of Shoes of almost every boy having DO cause (or absenting himself, Lace Hdkfs. and Collars. Annual for 1837.: ESTATE: OF JEANDREAUX. public patronage.At .

that be and taking no clothes except such as he Bilk Nett Gloves. ACRES: of 3d rate Land situated *
pattern can named. JERRISON & CO. have hand 320 Chataboocber Florida wt fe |
Muslins. Tn. on ,
It He May day
oft: believed that
wore have south of
may Dig about 7 branch ***
AUO, variety AnnnaU for the Bayou, line (four none eoarbef J
Black Italian post
been stolen. as I have recently learned that Lutestring. present miles W. 8. \\ (
and which rom City of Pensa other
Liquid year.
Spunge Paste Blacking ; Figured Challys.Large among are, the Oriental Annual day) vu Macon, Ga cimxctmgulanly
be was seen on board of some steamboat cola bounded East
Brushes, Pantaloon Straps by the gross or Silk Shawls. the Magnolia, Lady's. Album, Ht|. I and South by vacant [ wth; the line from HawkeOW19
dozen WaterProof Clothinr boat the lime disappeared, after hauling rnorm' Annual Lands and North by aid Da\ou. AmuoutofTazes,8
Travelling Pearl, Jewel Violet Darienand Savannah Ga.
Gauze ,
out from tbe wharf but did not learn the and Satin Ribbons. Lily, f
Ban, Cushions Ac. *,. Those thrnmas Box I acti
in want Silk Embroidered Hose &c. all of which will be All baggage, tales, parcels, Ofof
j of boat. Tbe
the above
of name reward will OF JACOB
Shoes for do well reudlinf call or and for thrir examine'"hoaren .... fwM A*. .... JSI..j \tf .|M> UU* .M \
to for&hemaelft'8 ACRES of
Buy April 13 1837: 0 3d rate Laud situated
French *
proof to conviction of his being stolen or .. )Muslins.r 640 steamboats or coaches either
at the Shoe Store. the East
IKJ for the delivery of the boy to me In r- sale by - _. ., ou. aide of Escambia without passengers at he risk cf t* "
J. 8. LEVETT. }'TTERS hay, near at tbe head thereof and
Teslamentarr the adjoining
NORTHROP on Estate
Mobile. L spectivu thereof.
4 GARDNER owners
N. B. all the above
Nearly Stock of of FRANCISCO BONAL a tract of Land known by the
SHOES were made expressly to the orderof The Montgomery Advertiser Tos- _April I I. 1837-4 having been granted to the undersigned, deceased, Miller's tract. Amount of Taxes, 61 name:20.of lQCI.Jie 'II 4t1nriota //ou.. OHTOCKTOff

I bowbserlber. caloota Flag, Peaaaeola Gazette, Coltun lloolu and stationary! persons having claims against amid al WILLIAM l.'. ANDERSON. .....
Estate .,-
,uj April aa. jfi37-g baa (Miss.) Argus, and H..- ,Jcan. Bulletin T. B. JEBRJSQN CO. are required to present them No. 217, I Lot on Homana-street .
will publish the abort di Unea and received and letted properly at. 224 04 feet I.JiC\: BLANK' BilliDccf of
1r 1KB u-umran. HAVE offer for sue a within tbe time prescribed V? law on Komana-street ; No. 900, I L'j
I end their account to this office for pay>> variety BOOKS, 8T A nOBARV and tit persons indebted to said estate, are* Lot on B rue-street. Amount of Taxes, ft 4*. ]., Justice DI =

I Ejtaed ment.-Mercantile Advertiier. k Ac. Ooul'JJmen& Street. required to make Immediate payment. F. T. COMMYNS, of Sale, Mort&a

AT THIS OFFIE.'E.t April 29, 1K37-8-Cl April I, 183J.-4..tr SANTIAGO K ORnlf:. Tax Collector for E. CVu.. ousothcrklnil. of pIa.'" '"

April, 1R3.7: -ft._if ensiisula, Feb. 5th, 1837- 10-Om. a1c at tola onlee.I'IXSJCOLbI .


Pensacola gazette
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette
Uniform Title: Pensacola gazette (Pensacola, Fla. 1830)
Alternate title: Pensacola gazette and chronicle
Alternate Title: Gazette extra
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Blount & Aitken
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: May 13, 1837
Publication Date: 1830-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 29 (Nov. 5, 1830)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1861?
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering resumes with new ser. vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 12, 1834).
General Note: Editors: P. Neufville, <1833>; B. Wright, 1834-1846.
General Note: Publishers: Adam Gordon, 1831- ; P.M.S. Neufville, <1833>; W.H. Hunt, <1833>; Benj. D. Wright, <1834>; John M'Kinlay, <1839-1858>.
General Note: Printer: J. M'Kinlay, 1834-1839.
General Note: "Whig." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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.., .- -- -- -
: = : -
U P--

1 / .

/ ,- i.- .

I 4, C
L L'
F .

'iDr a- Pensacota !' / I

01t Gazette

t ;//1

__ _. .__ h. ____ ____ .
- .


,. NO. 10.OIUHNAN'CK t
._ ._ .
&W -- -- --- --
AN any person nhn rhall fin a musket plstnl rdllect weed -__ ..:: -_- :
miy net or other offensive tc work for a longer period than .
.iMe tfotrrmirrtrnrf /reflation c/lor oUier (?un any where within the limits matter, ort failure of the owner or claimant days. thirty governor returned to his house. The next flowers. woman bad been much

. tt>r Cito Pe+ sarrtta. of the intyroved part of the city, or On the Id remove It when ordered, shall also be lie it fiizAeuOrvialned morning ha went again to the and regretted'eloal the csrfrf was a
. "' 1 I. fleitOnnnrytff tlt.1.r wharf, without 't'rmi,'lon from the Mayor forfeited to the "EC Ta saw a man Innar of
ita K1' iM'rmr-n fthe, shall be Corporation, sold by the if any tlne be found gambling, he brngiagln. Jare stripling: who showed by the greatness of
.4 ," Citj of'en- In the um of fire dollars ; City Marshal under the same restrictions shall! receive for each and corn. He .e he.1 and what his grief that heart waranerted when '
" the Mayor *hall have full and if the offence be committed every oarnee quantity he hi ;
JIfIl4 nat by a slave ns are above provided for, whether such twenty-nine unless! his brought; answered upon the of tomb this
- authority I.) icrrtove iiiitrtulrII and the fine shall be .trp or mu by the hangman of the lh young
an every not paid he shall Boat this
Raft broke
Ihe r" iw ikH:.. l I', offensive matr" ,| cene tweuitultripes.. in or Lumber be on the Beach or ter or pay the sum of ten. I is the man, sir, prlnClicha man (rough rtrnt end insisted l
,( the water. dollars and the bane by your upon a .
: ti' pra'twaM and ncrc I Srr. 14. he it Ordaint money or other stakes Jut night; and he opninJ1he rmn .
I j further That look
.lItr'C" Six
Wf 30. He it further Ordained That taken from the slave thus oren h. 10 at (her whom ; ,
'ffof the limn III f the City.Itr to bur> I any person who haP! run a ilorne or Mule I any person who shall bathe naked in the gambling shall be o aaYe found areLb What T exclaimed the 'en. but hi* surprise and b may I'
ty one the
l.pine a .& *K-ut distance In-low the in the "trt'cb, or ride on the side walk of Bay in front of the City we-t of Town the same and hal other person be risen from the dead V I answered imagined when his dippintm& thr Pgristly

hi, ..rratt of the. 1 1Sr. rllCIUd.t. "(the i II)'. "hal| be fined in the sum of ten Point or east of the Bayou de la Aguada, lurng the half of for No, sir: I bange him 1 hi.. beard of the war worn veteran I
fcV i: ""'A"idr lrJI 111:" dollar, and if the offender be n clave and after sunrise in the morning or before darkin Corpntion an any toe touched the ; and w hen yon
*n' Ilru". keeper j-hall! tie held the fine shall not be p.nd, he shall receive the evening, or from the wharf, before found gambling shall be were gone, untied the you did not ACCIDENTALLY I

' t $,ikJf f'r the 1,1! order and clcjnliu -I I twenty tic "I rapt.*. I twehe o'clock at night shall tie fined in I fence,, .haJ furfei fifty and dollars.pay, for each of- order me to kill him. rp muttered, Mr. Pickwick bowed low KISSING.to the ladie

: or her kitchen, ;pnty, flllttOU'lf"I Sec. 15. lie it further Onliiinnl, That the sum of five dollars and i if the offenderbe SLC. "2. 11m lie it further Ordainftl 'Ah! hanging and killing are different and notwithstanding, the solicitations "o
.tann:4 ie a-id the .MaVor shall (lulO4'j I any perron who hall be guilty of pnws or .I a slave and the fine shall not be paid, he .person shall keep, or tIe interested, in a things: Arabic i U copious : next time I will family, left the rool with his friends.ohb I
for .fciadeveiy eriiMed| Htiiite or III r"N4i\'e i ahtiw by whipping or maimingany shall receive number of nay kill. Tskeeare of Aboo Thinsis hat I .
[ Sam
any stripes nol excccding < ..ar Bank, Bank, Roulette Table D. your said Air. Pickwick. telt's
X>, the I 0"1 nick-name.
JJjCH HMiHwed by City Mar animal an thentreeu or public "
) w wjunren ten-provided that nothing herein or other gaming table; offending blow stair, sir, Mid Ham, and be ran
lie \ a I Iksi ( against this section, .n lw fined in Running /*//.-The following remarks there was nobody in ;
"I- tbf B srd ,'Aldermen imy direct and any MJIII not eeeedinrcniy dullarn, and vent any person from bathing in Bathing any sum exceeding 11 hundred dot- this the kitchen but the pretty and : f
lot upon
" \ two lftf'd"l i> of the ahl City Mar- if the offence committed by a late. he lIoueserectedforthiat subject are exln..tf from Sam' hat hemai,
purpose. j lars, and lot less than fifty dollars and the D'Iraeir new work I "'mislaid, he for
Temple 1
jLi!. let I'UlII.." the kitchen-) out JIUUo&'C ohall receite nut exceeding t\\enl-fi"e SEC. 31. lie it further On/ui'/m/ That muney or other by mean of but knew lIelrieta fatal that: it, and the pretty housemaid lighted him. 'i t
lI"I :i-in-rullt. of ,-.ui ti and cvr3.u stripe I *. I who shall whittle the artice Jyot misery They had all
: lid prt' any person cut or which the gaming shall they t over the place for
ILe entailing lk
R. cl' .:.1 I..t' in lh- ( its. and in ail ca Sec-. 10. //, if further Onlaiiifil, That' columns of the Market Houtc, or the stall: seized and forfeited, one half (ur on the City b ar they accepted on a them.he credit the moment lo hat, and the pretty housemaid in her UJ tb J t

lily uf1'J dtrr 11tf' an found M l'tt8 in an unclean < any I perwui w ho fhall I Iea\e a cart, dray or j benches beams or suspenders or any person and the other half for the informer.SEC. which they are not pecuniary how would ty to find it, "rt down on her knees, and | t

''... rjcliaHJeterv. delinquent! i>hall wagon m the utreets at ninht, idiall l lit fineci I Iin who shall injure the banquet or pate- 43 lIeit further That start in their entite! Dale they they would turnl all the things that were heaped lo- .j' j
;htJ; tiH .um let Ki; "- Dullar'r: any yum not exceeding flue dollar j merit around the thereof U"'a'tf. earr in a little by the door. It 'i(
j same, or any part : no Store, or Shop fur ; turn how they would! tremble ad corner *.
,J.4. tin owner ttr spent !Iff' notified belt S.(. 17. It fit further (nlai,
W "f puni,tii.ient. .' any per*>n who hall run or gallop a dray. twenty-rive dollar, and if the offender I be a fending against this section, shall! fined which they are Debt prili i i. the it without shutting the door"". Here it

31.. 'f .'*r'*" ttril.>n 4f'f/. That it I' rail uugim or other vehicle through the slave, and the fine shall: not b paid, he or in the sum of fifty dollar L mother of disporting folly and crime it taints prolific .." Ni the pretty housemaid. This i if ,a
iill the dUI Hf the City .Mar>hal: and I strect* or common of the rltur the she ; it. itr* Let "
1&11 he ) on Ih.1 receive nut exceeding twenty SEt it further Unfain!, That all the court of life in all its streams. Hence al't me look, said Sara.- -
lie .4an'c. u. t It Iwfore the fir.t day of wharf, in 9dangerous or unruly manner.i : stripe fine* imposed by tirlue of this Ordinanceshall MI many unhappy marriages HO The pretty housemaid had placed the candle- I

r a 'Ir In 1'11& 4'flrter)' ye u. to c iur notice i hall!! be lined in any KUIII not exceeding Sec. 32. lie it Jurther O"'aillTJat be dl"I.t-| .follow, one half toI pens, ana venal politicians many! It prostituted hath on the floor, ar.dasilgaveaverydimhgb,, (Han 1

CM.de. 103rl III 1 e'er%' h.tUOII"L.f't"'t'r in the City.tin | Iwrtitdullatit, and if the offence be cominiltted the free passage along the tln'r' Ilde I the other half fur the use a small beginning but a giant' growth and Sam was obliged to go down on his knees '
kiielien. .rme<. ()ont-hou and! by a slave and the fine .11I&U..ut l l.e I he could
Ihl | % \al1..1 shall not be obtruclt"c, by the loading 'of iheCily.SEC. .tren lh. we make the bror sec whether it was really
. pfrI,' of weh h..u.eke '{ er will t INfl'- I paid, he "iall receive not exceeding twenty or unloading urCur-Drays or Wagon 45.t further That our \'hen m.ter, haunts us at, w all emoke own or not It wa a remarkably small ;

.d tll ttt" k"*(pt "'k-j i. from aid firt day .I stri|pt.., *, of any (. 'nrl' or Merchandise -I tlm Ordinance shall I lie in Olcint.Core and! hour, and .hab. t."h. whip of corner, and 1 it wa nobody' fault bt the .

.1W.\ Ie' lbe' Ii-*' .*> tlf Ortolnrr. under Se Irt. ll'itfm. 'therOnlainnl, That anyI or other article, for a lunger peruxj aftei the 15th day of May next. fom foreter in our sight. The slave scorpions hath nootereer man' who built the house-Sam the 11' -

kl.w g.penaht% ;"r'"lI' .a tIc (1I"lUIIII P-e-I I I person who ohall!! roll a water barrel on the than: may he necessary to load or unload Passed April 22d, l37.Approved or se. .Fauitun, when he signed pretty houremaid were necessarily very *
: i I I..d.'atL.* or pavements: of the utre -t shall and them hall clO together. i i. it said Bam.
tl0B- .Iu\ away, nor any niateiihit April 27th, 1M37.Vum the bond with blood, did a \flhi" ,
c 1. V. I K'. ,* (**,' r Onl'tturJ. Tlut he fined III the MI of one dollar, mid if the for building he suffered to r"mal III ---- .-- -- -- so terrific" rot &ur dom Good bye, .bye said the pretty

ill.at..' .utl'e' f a'"> ..-11..r. or putrid or ofTenct In-commit ted hyatdave, and the fine the street, or on the side walks, unless I / the AY. Isivrenct Ittpublican.lien. -.- housemaid. (Jood bye, aid Sam ; aD
&' rr .ff aM Land %\lntt-: % *hall nut IK p4id he or he rhall and for the he said it, he dropped the hat that
e.'t' } I r. recene not be opposite to, [)UtOSClfere-Ct- Putnam U'dont.-On the l 18th A fellow walking into the kitchen of I et
i.l.Ut' ..rt .I i t.-e.l'riej.;' tirtirti "*hure', ..r41t..1 ,.\(.idin<; ten Mri cs.Si. ing or repairing a building on some Lot or day of March ml. w lithe London inn on a v'yageof disrunertsaw a so much trouble in looking (or. "How awkw ,
< iNan% put of the ('itv', -hall Inrfrt III. lit it farther Onltnne, That repair on the street and in that ease, the the wouds on the S. llatcn tract, town through ufP.'alr the rook Lucy roasting a four Turkey. ard you arc," said the pretty housemaid I

.! itth rElIt( ,.f the d.rji >ratn,nby it hall lilt l tie lawful! for any ulate to hire owner of the Lot shall lie entitled 14 the 1'e St. Lawrence ')" I came a. .Ah. Belly). 11"'l the moves, rh 1- You'll )loose it again you don't take

I ;:0I I: oh-ruus.eduirrted: the Ma\ IIr r.'u' .1 h'.;if>e. livery.la\cotreiiding: herein of one half of the width of the street oppo- cnn.the inteL of a Panther county, from the ap-I great traveller, eh 1" Betty Of looked care" So just to prevent hi. losing .it api

.9 aa "'wr. taV 81I.41Hv or Hft''I'1( hill 'In "urrr..t..J'lIh any tin in'w-r of site his Lot until his building be finished- pearanct of.which, I judged lib had. pa"'edrecently. I and grinned. DeIty, I htrn'l) she put u lor him. Whether it

-1' ,I.. II''. ..'t ,f"f' <*f any kittd \\hatfter. .tflt" '" tin eiceedmz) IV.cntv-fiue. and the hut lhi indulgence shall I lie granted only! I immediately returned home hate been conmderahk of a Ira teller in that the pretty housemaid's face looked

the Itt,...i itfi"i"Mi !J. ..ta. or ds! -;iiif.l inf. 'III tlt.f lit a2'ant for tuck hoii e shall he lia- I for a reasonable length of lime, while such t'' procured my dog and rifle and 'started III I day 7Ah, no, .ir." said Betty, turning your 'r-ttucrstilI, when i was raised towardsSauui's

N", I \ f.: "'. 11... !':'%'. by IMin Ik"0Il'II"C' b ktu 4 ,Ii.ic of twenty-five dollar building or repairs!are actually! procre* m,. pursuit. Hating followed turn III a zizzag u'I'1 back lo II.C fire fit wa the or whether I was the accidental

....!rl..... .( 4MV JeiM... ... I"'r- Si. I.I, it fntthrr Onlainetl. That all of which shall b judged of by the Mayor dircctutui about MX miltS, I ; I 1 month of December.) ** No! why the) consequence of their being 1 near each

van t ,. .',i''! !" tim-i] in .|},' ",ins uf tu ruilyd July l't'r"11 who -hall f.ullu keep; n ladder : I'rouidcd, that a luoI'"a shall al""D'PIt ,came to a ledge, into a fi. ure.mnl"'thllj j till me )'oti have been alt oter Cireeee." other, is a matter of uncertainly to this day
i4.! ; .lIr. .n'! h4.i |I.% all the CMIIM*tli.il j at iej,t twdie (l.rl liou. on hi*. her or their left along the side walks, except whereiliNCiidcntly I had entered. I was almut to* (grea!e !)-"Ah quite mistake/" but Sam kiM-l ''Ifr. \01 don't mean to

Ia.idi' lu 1If'' 'n f9' u .s nif <>, 'k nui.aiMT. or,4ii..ttt I jiri-ini- for th piee; of one month fhallIKfined I impracticable nor shall the hate a hnJt Uel.eulJ, not lktt-. Betty, Betty be Rlglllf. )ou say you did that un.Iurp Ai the

nul't-t >.r "ut4a er. :tni if the i aui\' iiin not cxec'duti] ten dol-! streets side walks. lie obstructed b)' tiny I child plaf dropped a second prf'rras 11" hate at least been all about-VVrAry ?** .I Iassureou pretty" housemaid, No dia'.
.f"ar' I.' 4a'.r.! 'IfI a jn i iiwt ; by owner or agent I "-, or ar- my rifle, preparatory to the conflict. Scarcely upon honour, said Belly, waxing .I 8
he kissed
I the ;1.Id.! kr "r .br .b! Iii Beetle any nunilier lift j lnHi,(. Ullt', except according to the term abo\e had I effected thus last when caMiug positive, "I never wa out of Lunnuii r again. "Sam said .

_inin[ .,fvviHitN. : t"1 i iv SM ;M I. Its'.1 further (,la'fl. That slated nor by Carts, Drays, Wjgons 01 a searching glance upon ICt"arr I I beheld in my life." Inr" said the wag,** bow Pickwick, (:in over the banister*.-

04"11.IJ. : I:. ir f 4t:4'r r/r./.;;"./, TJi.-i? :a J'r"11! who -litll: for the rpiee of oneiifiiith other \.lurJt" except "111 they are two shining hal, apparently easily one i" dfle. At any rate, Betty "Commg sir, replied sam, running up

.' .to' Mnu':'! hi e luiJ jmwvr ..1 i an- ., ; till, lu h.nc't,1t|| of wnter on ho, cc*.arily .emploed, in loading or unloading spark of fire !I knew to be erllli tiutryen I have sn you pithead (spit head) stat:

Iud Ii. i't\ '.. irti ant I ru iU.C aU \afromt .her or lh -ir 'r1u1uiruu lieu occupied urillll'rll,1 their respective burdens, and for etery of the Panther, and immediately msef.w| What an unbelieving man,"

.. .*.u i it's-,-. or drunken uiu.4er. : ) and kept in coo-l order shall lie violation of any $part of tin .rtM'I. the my rifle to my face, *' let dnte," hrilgli said the cook, sotlo tuice, as the credulous DISCONTENT.How J

'aUt! I' t 1..1.! e ti<. ( ''\. u. \\rll aili fmwl) MI the Mttn of tendutlarn., I l.,t tl l'all1b! ) !I party)' offending shall: be fined in an) sum in I)' dog. Those who hat e heard the occasionol inquirer bdreJrrt6i"Km\ universal it M. We never yet knew

'2 ... .; I >.
III.UN r -s / I .i a .u,. itlll"nUfiw'.r I : I Si2; /' .r further Hr>Ia;',"That.\ if the offence l'"urnllt by a Slate and the" can form soututidea of lit growlsof .- *.-The author t=Jo where lOU will, asaoaf the rich aod J

: .:i. ..i .'.,*.: e44h" }Ift.a.I": at liti the 4Mit in the chimney of any house or fine ahallot paid, shall r....\'r any hllS at thi time, (always' hearing of "() the! Great MctropoJi the i ii.s'r the ma*of competence or the mn

.. i,:.t ii. ".. ,., ..1 ||.'*| |. IMI'JiT .1N rIM''11' kitchen fhxll)! set on lire and hla/.r out at the numbr stripes nut exceeding twciityyve. in mind that' "puss" will weigh only or _,' say ., that every one who hiss |>aid who cams )h .bread by the t7 sweat of

) I.. '. :.;u. I j' dt'UtC' hlUlI..f 111f.rui" ,I till;u of Mirti chimney, the owner or oeeuMtit W wherca.the Panther weighs a- the lea/t attention to tile philosophy his brow, you hear the murmur I I''
UI r. fi 1 /;. i' ttHtttr 11,1.11".1. That'I! !I { of Mich houe 01 kilt hen .hall .be fined SEC.: 33. i/cit /. r (d"cl, That IUUJI newspapers, mutt hate r"mrLe that asadtertiiMrments ing and lb voice complaint. The other

jeT 'Ilf! <;mv of tlve City Mar-hal UIH! j in atiV -inn lust exee<*dm: fi\e dollar any |Ilt'r,1 who shall cut or injure any of j At the .place where the ItUIII.II.r": are the I thlc-.role day we stood by a cooper, who was playing

a'IINL... to :irrr-t ail tair.tnu and! Si/. 211.: //, it further <)nl, t'tr
IbrI I ..N..r..tf .u''w.l j ei M'.i or j'e.r!rii. .. it h.ill)! not Ire lawful! for hog or (MIAN turnnat or tho 'e on the public square or on an) I t roof of a hOlt fur I 12 or 14 feet, then ex- There cannot be a stronger general proof Ah !sighed he "mine i is a hard lot I .

C"P' ., ,I' .-i. ... rmit-r or rmter hits nuy IKi !arle III I lie eit) of|'en"acola. and nil i Lot or common the .proper of the City: or tt-nduiigdstunward; under the floor of the of tile advantages of adteriumg. If a I -for ever trotting round aa round Like a f

1..1 i i '. \\m- .lre"H". &Ie wHI a..11 tl. iM- hnj or Luate found rtiniunjHt IftrLC! III tllC' ; the prop, fender, or faKtemngs around ;i entrance nearly! to the place w here I Ito tradesman pay20 dollar for a sign titer dog, dr1inr a"ay a'D "Hergbor'sighed

.4 ."" n.\i'.... Mild 'lawful orenjMMr cit\ .h-ill l tic ta1.1I1I1' b) thr City \Ia ,haI, i them such |Ilrll shall be fined III any j-at wlrch there was another opening I hi* door, which can l lie read by thowe| a blacksmith, in .>ae of the late hot

I I I' .'r | *... or JMT O-I: ,. M> ajt w ill,..' '1 ltity -hall! t IK' to m\c twentyfourhour. I jsnni I not exceeding flue dollars, and if the bu' Cnerl.Iae with snow two or three only I who pass it, what must a more de. da) a!he w biped the drop perspirationfrom

4.-. '. 'U.' C'nv Mji4ul. or 1'1' a (.i tanN.! I[ .- II.'I uer. by putiinc up an Jidertiein -j' offence ti committed b)' slate, and the j fietdeep. I re-loaded my rifle, and in the cruliu'.elfl I* worth, in the shafw, of an ( hm brow, while" the ml he i flowed

ai .> (IIH>*. hall t te lakfii before tliHi I' en l a' I market hon-4% and il the own. I[ fine be not paid, he o the shall!! fIe mean use, the dug and the Panther, apparently adteriKcment, winch i* carried into many on the ant if!- tai* i* life wi vengeance

.it Iu" 411 1 if at night.' ,h.M IlJt' iinpn one ] er or ow tier* fail to redeem ,nch hog or any number ofi.trij*> not exceeding ten.SLC. n"'rlt communication," bad descended hundred of families in town and country), melting" and frying on' self overa
f, the 31. lie it Ordained, That and read, beyond all doubt thousandsof burning fire. .Oh, thai I were a carpenter -
'II. lit l' .Hi.fklH. ho;*. co n or C'ltJI""<* tal within time further to the lowest aperture; judging by
I /;" tt fnrttt.r Or""iTIlal : aftueMtid. I by pa\mg one dollar for each any person who shall ring the City Bell, from the shrieks of the dog, thai the contest people 1 Advertisements, m truth are'mortnbt ?r' rjaDbttc a Ibo maker, I h

- 1 II .r 4111 1 I'MJmt: of the Hoard of to the (Sit- Martial, U hhall U- hits dut> to except; in case* of fire, without I rmi.iol \1 a unequal one, I threw aside my signs, which meet the etc oft-tin-. bent over t .here am I,

1.tf'r.' > ..til 'ij4Hiitl\\ hateNiHi-r| tu I: iwll 'u<.h h.<* or hop goat or goat at public from the Mayor I shall be find in any sum rifle, dug away the snow, and immediately lom"f all places and situations; and after day wearing my soul away tasaakaarsole

1I I ;"4i ijt- TK il.r kW ..MUt and tnaintennneet auction, and the proceed ofnuch ,ale not exceeding t"ell).ti\e dollars, and if pult turn out. The panther then ascended thai man of business w ho I dtIrr by for others-eonped up this little 7 by9ru'omheighor

p.". Infirm. 1..11., mid! I>i.e*dueiiim the expenea *!iall be paid t, the offence be committal by a slate! aid Iht top of the lower cat ern. After ma the comparatively trifling the door exclaim! "Jamsickofihis the oat- -

1 .'i ..ut.( the {iriMie: (fund. un- m er lolheowner Uro'tiers of Mich hog ( the fine IK- not paid he or she M offending, kingtheapenuresuflieientlyharge, I crawled printer, from availing himlI( of the advantage work, nnt"rl
, r.. .. r"iul.U'Hh *" the) nuy think liraV -. orguatM. if claimed within thuty days, and shall reeeite not exceeding thirtyninestripes. in MX o seven feet, taking my dog and *Advertising affords, cannot bat ing sweltering of the wewaer sun if I a t
i ifj 1 1if not. then to be ,paid into, the City Treasury rifle with ne, when, on 'looking up. at the very largely of the minule care tailor inclemency!" "Thisiitoob.dr- was /

i II.1 (,,1". ,. (I, ,1",1, ThifoC ) SL. 35. lit further fMAmm/, Thatit d "taf of wt'en or eight I feet, I beheld which he ha tracedcauaes and effect the tailor I to be comneflrd pevpetnallycries .

. r Ilfil .I ltkll) t>f runp kt nine .'dc.P. .&. StL.: **1 /!, it further Ordained, That shall l lie the duty of the City Marshal o the same glassy eyes, darlil& their fierce here the needle sic

iartia M ir'nu the l "ent-liri dab of March I' any |**rton 'I !hIt liall injure or do all)damage hi. itaiit, to keep all person who ma) IU.lur tj*'me. l y in quest of Religion of a Dog.-The Rev. Henry lime perched-would up that, plying a al tb

a4i the turn) firxl day of Sejiteml, to the P11b1tpritig.t; hall be fined! III offer for sale vegetable &c. at the Market the bird's ncl, with much ado,' I succeeded :, Duncan in bit Philosophy of the Seasons. life r Last day mt.grae.-henka. an

Ja p.'. M.ijiii; .,"III..ll'. M. from the twnityHTualdjv any um not rxeeeding twenty dollar, and House in a line extending from the bend in bringing my rifle to ba upon his r'atf' following original anecdote of diicouni.-eustomers wonl what wa'shall

. i.f ptember until the twentild i if the offender be a idave, and the fine shall i lof the Market to tae tiotiom within the head-again "letiJiter," .ut my dog forward Uura .' I do !" the nrrcaant.MJ pay;

ft v itf M4rch in each and eiery vent. I I nut !I. pud.; he or the fhill receive not ex1 space, between th brick pillar and the I and immediately backed out, re-load' I well! remember with what delight Ilistened rather grbe* horse-a do*.-b

a0- kit t1.I> .1 further tnlainnl, ThaI emit .* 1'\t'IIIl-ti\'r Mripet' columns, and any person exposing fur NI,. ;I,I ed mv rifle and prepared for another onset, to au .Irretml rnttrNti thing b Happy fellow!f groan* the lawyer any.

'Vad .. >li*li cto e their dour wilhinfif. 'IIn}' I"'r"MI who thall!! water any horw or in any other places than thom i three lime in succession| each time Mo. an opportunity of hearing in my or
mniuien' afn-r thr rmrm? of the IU-11!! or other animal at anyof the (public uiiriuigis rclllme abotc, or any'person who shall! I'ing my dog forward as a feeler. manse, between the |i'oel Buras nd another ty record t happy Oell".r_
I of hue dollars and the .place assigned to him fourth time I sent in dog they soon poet my near relation, the amiable Black f.UwL
11(1.r. an l oery f ei>oii offending ht"rcIt&al.Wo "hall !he fined III the sum | te occupy my & hammer stone, brains
IP fined in the MI in of twtntv. do-| if th offender IN if Mate and the fine shall |I Ilr her, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding came down to the mouth .of the cat ern, fck. The subject wa the fidelity of the this tedious, b turl.y And 0

* ii'it t be paid, he or idic i-hall!! rt-cene twd\c I I two dullf. and if the offence b the dog. backing out, the Panther having Dog. Dur. took up the question with all all ynaiiul fuia" society 1
II the fine the ardour and kindly ( with which through
It Set 1 Jt> /:. if farther