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: :" !" i L'<>rxl rMonniiii.d.tiioii, *, to ttxde at theN
lI"noll1&I:. IhP ,' ''1''kf ur 1.,4'. \\.t. lH I 'f f Their x-.a4 not ihr ii-n.ii rnrcut oi I Jr.I.1. '
:I\ Lard to whom liberal -
.1 : t.-tttt: of JupitMjirruaMt:! < It. ;, 1! :vna u..( k .l'H'i ; toU"ij' hum n.hir ol' 7.:f; ct< "H'Hl.irnl Ihe .Vi ntch by /Ac ;': ) a crmlena
I iioii \ ill|| t. nllll\\ t.d. at the offcecf
tw fro* !i'-r h,-it m ; %rcr .ti. I 'I". I a.' ttii'{,.tti .uld I.! In |,l 4ligr mtn ihr, !fayi'il'tr;: a'-..:*.. IIN man who has | Apply
.f a I'm4, or "'Mi'il a'Ia"j p'". -TJi-. his javv- oj a linn. For IIr.,,'n'* s' kr er.un,1e4'trhsr. 411a'..: the *e.i: intrx tar >coil.nul xull ,i \ nrtan-tar- I the .Naxy "Ag litMtKKAN
,... ....11.l !ha.r''rw'th': -. ...'.,.|v rvi-s ; .; pHI WIll. rrir l I-I I would not: II) I'.ie: tf, (priNiiicni, 1 on them by ; inl.m.
Juror II. I ;IC ll-3t
t.1'".!, k".l Irs 'fa'it %| lib u.l. frtt'rtitlrt : date ttiu! ('ur inrated mrh.Tufnr xuirldx !I xijMi.ar soup.. Hiintii the rxprtlition b u'1 1 I'"I+'' tau cr.1 I ,INII": f tuc1.", !: Tin; ball out ol nil \\ ju, salt -hrirt 11" --i :I II UIltI4A} 1 a". a IIi!'L1.anal xildu, tI aU Tin: \\ ASIHMTU.jiiTliioit. = "
h.IIe IIt"r.ol; and'm: "!l0 Sara< bai h f I hiver! tart iallt; Itll'ln rhufil. ( |*; trimmer in thc Ii md of I llieSnani.ird", I '. '/. New Or- I \ \\rrkly Miscellany of Srirnre, Art,

a1 t-H11t Jf't h.i' ;" .. slat! w"o. .Ijrf'.t: n. .ais j Itodlargrcisurnsta15: : !lu.: in a f"'iruiroftliiroom IIU; ("raw"' '! an' :lehnirtit tit a | |' 1 I l.uhid Dal i x T.itonitnre. Hud Nrnn, hn- been pubiMhriiuuly ;
w th! httl) Gtr rhs41r+.. '1 ) U-quirk. f.ur (Jn.lW.ikr, tha-\ 'flultY|| ; hr country. and charmed b) tltrea-.x i i.llidJ tit rui) uuanlhand ha* at prey i
1.-.. !ur 1 dt-1 ... i"i.ltfi* r HHtlua : S-i,.. -u.j.-u.l \uur t.-It.! luir, for I'M! \' i-r-vrr1! \. the tro|>ied: (Iatiltl) ft'! the taut! S Pot a ,'m'ula"uli. con-idrring this short '

:,.t ,1:. .;bP (,'lIl".fc.- JtI'i; 'r. riiroiir, a!. I Jf ;: '* <* it Ita: "tsiP) .> -. Iri I i.tijH-.l| .: ::ml uj :. b.1lie! in'!.;I"U.lllt to l(:id. had resolxrd I j 1..1.| 1 nnpjrHlIrlr.1 in the history of littioilifil J
&::1 ; 11 tesgte t'I"1. !f'l ri,. rm "-'tn.li : mum it xi.i" in mtrr dirkne>.. .1.| h.niii.'fiui eiii.n'1 btidi t'le in Sotilh'Ann'riea. \\ 'Jhnh.T. 1 u' 1 |trt-.<*. KniH DAWEK, EJfarfntnt

C(..1.t ..110 I'! I *' (lsltlr." : 1I..f itiv !art: in; I | on this li.l. In tai -itu II: 'MI I 'ln-iml ;Ifa its. IIlIp"I'clllll.| 4 n .<.lutu| >n to his ., tf 'Ir- .\* ty tna iy I ihr.rat.Molars, ed t'iJ j

r..lt d.-.tr I)' 'JII'. t1111:1 :li.r inr rld I IZ"S .lli.it; '..-.-.. Tli"tiir.on soil! !I., \A j if,- wets! 1'1. lath rcti! H"t ,aryiir, "lIh him ; but ".. u,'y J', I.rttcola. irritate\ nflttr cttttntry. ,I
U ovt" hoTii from 1U'I twin 1 1tl\.1 \H\ : in ; lh ; !iitli-r ii'it without Molding th.1 u: bun tn 1 hi.- tint t he phicru' him II! ) | I 1 hi tailor and Proprietorxiog deter 1muted 1

KitencxiiMru'*'. At ,lM.t. I I.' nif |I. nuijh usual l fur kri'piii:; ihrtn MI lunj it the il.Mir.lTin '-I'll tnu.I -ung I him *' 1 a'eli.iliur" no III' j ( ((ii,] :at tl:is !. in slides{ no expense tn gUiaf add> +I
i*, aro'in-I I tli'"U. that I HMV ft..l wn'i! ii' 'us.i.'lla. fia..1 &I 1 h-I'I' IwI.:1:1 as. tsl'il. 'III"1 I > .l>rlla' o.n him. 'I 1 he tears; came I ( \' of Jny! .-ti-u tlola4l! inieioi 10 the \'HIICCTOX ) !

Afli.sluf \tli then rvrrv tun-1 (,( '4..rr "ltl'.d' ly thru t"lellh t ( m.iid th tl t -!!.- '' ,0 !ii>- t-x too. ;.IIII" ripping] Inpl.iid ii "lllt l 1111 of bar engacM tlie correspondence of a gtIcman L'

,M' 11 1 of J' v. '11":1: fiiruiiv! or n.i mi-t limn -dnlilx pill the C'ft.... nto:" ;hi' inn, ,he IIIlIrtI.'I..I. oeh.4b.ir nae i7 I now in Ku; rope who e letters front
flltal'I''I!)' f I I. ..: .ups! np., .., 1"111." churn an I g. tat"u, ,, for a xias: r\.crted|: I -I IIMIIII j.mg; bai k-NaM! The dings !: \SI111- 1':111. hose tern fa\orably receircd. Us.rn .

.* .\nJ wh.it wa.1.I.s J alai! !'." ..," ".IiJ 1 tin' I .licrr would IKa srareily of butter in a lit I.. dlll.ill.i*! win- 5iilt'IltgIhissratio! I : by :illt"Jt t) I : also engaged the correspondence of aniJlJrcr

(Jud, if ''dll",1 !,,rl! iSrinaivry: u itli ti! ..in 11;lrx\hir! ;a:.d tlicy! 'trial I tttsr m.ikr: that I.--t,I'! f. kit ih.it I. I.J of :I.a dud 1.lullfur t in the sen ire of the United StattttoiiriM'.h
u1**rnt t'I'\ Walt n.n able toni i. th! !m. orWcoaiein I4r' ol llhlar UIlIt. )lam aid the. a.Tnglii-! !' nked iM-ks :and (rile x'alleys' "of ) A-Ji Tlthf" :1rrOWUII of the Crtrk Her, during

nit)' d .i> iililr! in thnnj (sr't sal girl. would! you break thu -ulsa.stl'I! J loch, heir at the I cl--ri
title) list, Iw irrevocable decree of I'atc 'J leI'I Irrak the abb.itli, yoiij.tdr there M nn i>' "ta rtUii! |!. hr 11ug11t lay his brad in Oak Tilht'r, uf thr p n'*, Ihor." harm working Sun-lay xv hell"ht'li we air j tuutlu1'agrass-.lf uIsly trlorlJ' : inch by 'j inch. rie t loin loh.nms.! Correspondentsntll

t4Th"?,i l" tnrl 1 I. nllmveJ but tn anixverrit I brought! it by necrsMty ; put in the ele ant ) !,'h UhiteAsht!, olio 1m fiiL'ngr J at Cincinali and JJwton, I

thenl, II | IH\ MiliI''. hut the rvprrth ; .- I nay.: Thr maid thru M .k'rd l i if the ,nulennrii Till: YANKKi: (HTDUNK.Thr :. III order 'to fnriu>h a greater variety of th* .

IIt"I\ of "ir bmrt, a.nl my maternal aft would not tti ? Nut a whit nut, n Georgia Lon>tituttonalist, n d : f ( Y dlm"me'! latest intelligence. )

( t":1., _4"ltf.f!" I whit girl the large churn will xvoik more f pi>er printed Augusta, (;a., hlates, l I t Tim encourage native writer, and M i
t ist ister t'lle'ud' l firrymily, nn-1 1 hr van' at a time. U.' &r ns1)a' I 'haxr uluayi.Urn in ihr !ul.cription to the tick ofu (. '. t Ic of the ls'l, procure interesting matter for the Ntuor,

1"'te 1alas! b ram'% tic! fnr-nle-' vtdrdiln. !: brought up to keep ihc Sal.luth: s corporation MX |K-rj ons contrixed to t> | ( ., knots, : Editor oflew the following />Hz<*. 1"1'It.t

f14e J ."!n. \\slier(' si \o r,! of hr cluM l !, coil Tut, test, replied the dam, a. a-I scribr uUiiil a ihoi "and Kliure.s, idihou surd. to the V(E Ili-xnnLD DOLLAR for the bet Tab!

5.54r5$4$ 1!,"r. Isis '.-1f1 of (is'! m iirr!! rr-j;: patron 'IIIf'n'tJ-I".lr, III)' dcaf, tinwcnrh h> law only twenty "liirs could |I..- M l >l t bv delixrrrtl at' O xcHi\pncD DuttAa for the best Poeaa/

%?tt!. th lurni'Mtl'MH as tniu' Htni: the! I tell l>butter will IK.-M-UMeina few day *. operation> tlll1411,1; > hviIud: i' \ : p'riUI; .OH by the 1st of January 1837. No* -

hird r".k a. ;p-'i'-'nt'-l i-.-\'! th. Irll'lt's Unt upon ye, gnl do you tliink if I got m) I s -ril. tl for "Ir.s twenty .h.ur-IIlt.u > of August, one I but American writers can bet candidate
f"ire,tn enlurn-J by her ; an.l oh! trndrriut I name into the bog tin morning) that I eoiijunciioii of their MX naiiiis ns 'firnm and the re' :Ianu!rripts to tae sent, before that time "I

: .r. lU'Mi 1":111 1 inhiUit.iriu c of tillJ"rl! i xould not tyke her out because It i H Sunday two and three- (IIUIII'r. (;ll'h. and 1st of October'' free fif postage, directed to the Editor; die

; j p anl Hi! sile-it! !rm', how oftrn I.lat; tliouHiire ? Puh go 1113ke'our butter I > av.All posing liar names a ulCcient iiun.Ur i, ward to be made by a literary cornmitlet I
1 I. rrfrr-'ied' tun in thrm ih m the| dooI was rain, she was forced to do .the bidding linns, they formed forty. eight fnm.% I to the under on the month following. The name of tW i

1, v' Circle of itnrmittnniH hum-in bran". oilier Mipcrior. Hi!):>cihcd! in the unincn of these Hints i attended to. 'I: writer should be in a scaled note, with soot i.
I "'. "-ntl'l.Yl1slthou" | ciet fur Itlrkr. I. at all tl/is time snug in the churn, rc- >rftS; | .IiMj l ninth of stll'k. The coinmii GRAHAM, mark corresponding a mark on tile$!-
r. t.*tr -.i<'I* : anti f'T'4'ittou a-ul uuknoM-n tjisrd lo my fate, u hen down on my poor I Moijeiift r daxiiibuting till tuck (- H. Company. title, or containing the name of the art}

f .n.* he' I yet ctrl fro-n: tales of tliv IUI'' iJ-f ited head came n pail of cream I held i' tn taking thp .ul if rlptionn, but the -___ cle. No papers will be opened but tb-
i .- h-it f'I all-p* *rtrntin2. all um.l III)' breath until it 11i I!led, and then breatnc1 man: iiitistcd, and bung all lawyers, accompanying the prize article: all other

I. .. -i 1 ..*r ku'fwt !n*. a-iJ h-.cus to me. 1 again, hoping It was finished here but' out H precept from court lot'ompcj the ( of LAND, $I will destroyed.. All the articles to be at II IIthf'

sin in can.e another and another There!: 'lIi"tlu"'U to accede to theiriltmatul*. margin of Day- disposition of the Editor.
'\'. \" arc 1)wrr stvu o-Sir Chtrl.'s' I Kit up I.. my chin in cir..m ; une bucket !I judge I bfrorc whom the case way west of Pensa- TilE U'A HI?(OTO! MiRRoa is published! '!

lit. "'! '!hl. K'j!ljef.t oh jrvP4 'n"" hot more, ant I should' br a 'drownrl I lII&n.1 I IIt'hat decnlnl! .notwitimiaiidiiig a ('. ; *, apply tn very Saturday at the Seat of the OcoerilGovernment. I

the einveniene of life a'l'l. tn mk. us. war to tan| dun I I hit urxin oinr- f'Ur.rtut'r"'lIp' of each firm Wfmproxrd, I.E Ili\hON ( TVmw, Three DoIUw f'fr I,

prompt sod detsrrett., it M cvideut tlieie-; ,thing at I.". Just a* the ilradly" fourth I'a' ailirles: r\hibitcd tn htm-tlur- w J. I annum, payable J in


r ( II

Sa ..

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.e: : r- .
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14 .- ".'". r T, ... ....... .' _--.,- ,. ; J -:.... .,11I(.. -; ;r ... .. .. i

# wo

t Mr. Wilkins, lately appointed MinUte r, Ute, pros I..iun uas" proposed b)' the Senate IiiroBTATioiror Curroa IN: Cwrr D.rAW p r and gathering new itcngth daily.f '

I1Sl$3<< 1LS to Russia, bas returned after an absence o f for the establishment or a naval school, lathe '" -C omp antlre view of the imports 0 WWi will be ImmoruJiicd :-

scarcely It is t bill for the gradual Improvement of die cotton Into the whole kingdom of Urea Na-
; JUSt: 18 1836. )ear. to be feared tha tf Mue a Plumead (England)
s.\11jRiA\ thsre I U something in this ( nary, which was approved the 3d March, Britain, for the two yean 1833-6 from Ui It? & Esq. ,author ol Ibe"Tint
--" ._--ted to call attention>> to thiJcrof the wrong part o 1827, but was lost by a very small majori' return to the British I louse of Commons :. lniptc lons of Europe," to Mary, daughterof
Ve are rot ue machinery of our government The< ty. At the last session of tbr Senate, a 18 : 0. 18W. { \Vm. Stacy, E q.; of the Royal ArscvLI '

or Lirut. CuI..illis, which will I theory is that our ministers to foreign court: bill was introduced for this objt'J &subsequently North American, Bags, IU,737 14Z.74 I I.I 7'riiirfrf;, /.- Ir. N. P. Willis,

the in another column for a muster are tho resident representatives of the gov reported by the commit Ve, but waa South American 1 ,338 24.T 3 I the poet i is said, has a ne* IOI in r'M.UUf .
K load of thi Battalion on the 23d eminent but Ihe not finally acted upon. In 'again presenting W. Indies, Demerata, S40 lMjFd.t I I -f Gaxette.
miU'i3 exceptions are of such! it to the Senate the committee influenced Indies 1.009 M
I are U.42t> alluded to mill{ probably! be
l'lft frequent occurrence, that they may be by a strong and decided conviction Egypt, &e, a ui7 1,17 aI f published in ,Ace/>.-[Tn>> Uudget.! .

-' T--. S- Cutler Jrffn/ "' n, un- said lo constitute the rule. The practice is, of its indispensable necewity to the If published at all, null CAM Mill no
,-/Jr.,/.-The that the minister pockets hs: SttHK) oulfi public interests, and to the honor, uteful- Total, of all dc.'criptioii, I: + t.31 J 17'J\-:J I doubt' b frequently uatd.hcktoarilleGazeltR.
Jackson arrit-
the rommsl1.1 of C3pl. and nesanJ efliciency of the IIn y. Decrease of Imports' in IKIT. o" ("otnra i .
Jt Olt the 13th in'o '. twelve days frome1ltelc scries one year, for which he recciicsSttJUU The enc entertained<< and expressed by red with 115: 4UHi'la."r"1 | 1h ahOc'Ik will probably! 'be followed -

All intercourse! w-a forbidden more, and then returns. If this the yrticer.i, "hltCC! rc-ohiiions were refer- Decrease in impe'riaiii frcmlif I' .S. I by 'Afcrry lnl.a.iut.a}' \t\\

'J'alDf" Hs of xaranJ the shore.' practice hal tari.'cnoutof the inadequacy of I nell l, of the slue ef education to naval officer alone, 41681. And (her. iei,k but for i-juaU*.-Miner's
btt1"rf'D tr *, and ihc impossibility' of their eibtaming Jourmil.
atrc I I the pay, -which it moM probably the fact 'I
JIttf'Un' sc+t.=(.'11II are perimtlni I lo enter it I it under the (A'C'If'lIt!' system, meet the / ". -, '. .. /' IT.*..., 1.'. '11. In ih.t cn-e-, if initKcr /m/. nor p x ill|
lb rbonr but not tu depart. Tim Mem i iI IC high lime it were put nn t"nllu. by inerea entire approbation of the committeeand Corro. > tI:>..r i> tilt I NI. i i> > %"n- _. '01. tl... u m.> If ucrcMsuiy to Jay .domi ihc

at r11'sea h at all the Mexicanrrrm i iWhi iiig ihc competuation of our mini,*" hey rein IheS-salt-to them, m cxprosmgMniiments : \\ iMNiliiuy'icpoil, UHIIH't'UIII\"IClII, man" rvlfj, IIJ UKV. t lie' lnk in tQ: *.-iJusiqutli.ii.ua .
!lethe cane tyro abro.il. If ofa aul ol ufrtctiire aitdfiiKign i trade of .
l lay o:T the har- out disposition on the opinion worthy rt- I'UU"II. prt : Kcgivtrr.
p thrJ part of ihote functionaries to make moneyby I1N c'tful regard. .rntsn collection of fact i lid ,triou i1lcmlcnC'oe; received Tainpini Thl' nntnie ai.d ,,;tu.ilion of ,thc! natal hiiil i-ciieriilly inlcrrttmg. I (ulmII". )Iran Imprrscjons. [brl>Ltae
!b 'a tare of (;rfl. Santa: An.rhe: I' saciirlcing! or endangering' the mteie"" 'sor !satire t\hbit atrigly the nceihsit), of' >\ t. l larn (runt I'IIIH npoit hat the amotii [ ( ." .

::14 ( vc, H,* in port and of Ihf' forliIallialfnn honoreif their ceiuntry. they should' be I III"Iru'd, nU'llSurc.I :! ol!( cotton "rent: n in tin' kited. Male .{ Ye*, ,!fuU,:", prbaLI-\\.ctttbtttf

"r tr I *!. in s'+j igncirHt m.ide, "!their r turn, to feel the eight ol Our njtj n.oit etch)' land and eterveicean. in IKil. Llll.hutl! of (lie cotton C'wp..flh,' ",)'.
I'i.t4fCN'' : hji l. public indignation.U I It proucl* u lomincnc, at ihi-' I :11..fc' \"lrltll'l I7'! l. 1.1118 out thirty mil I In the I.Ittercnsr there will te more iV*

oi ,p1Ita1AR: file t1.t' Anneprcpa 1 lIIullltlil. an r-ilnnftlc that ..f any other |Iun.I..' { Ulludt4.c., i xr'e'I ioie--lir.lf| ifllu (I ti ") tlrll. ., ', ,ea>e.) lUtter .ait a t

".. ,'r,: nU\ln" 10 "j 4'..ltb:1": a Incur \ hat l'l I:itely l rcid, ttitn; much 1.1t"ai- "'1..tll, llnniyli& ICM than one other 11I11 IIIftlllli J 1''hllll'IfIP'' '
rt1 u. h' ,"U"1 upun ."exa-. Itenquirrtl t ure In 2 1t4J lit:( profit/ the peech of Ir. ol me.-i und lon.igc: M-atleictl ester the there 1 JUNIUMlpo-iiKJioi' :+ (lr 4. .' ..J.f \' f.'j' I whole' habitable glole.: and' exposed! th,- 1'.I .Ic'" ; in I IN.14, KIMMl;" 4.. In 111IKNI time.tw'[ }'",k Jefferscnian.i tt I,
11Marr( 't tea: tu ; ll':.uuloist, of iVnn ltania tlciteud! in i .1
trtteeetnf 'rsl( cti-r .. !,;,- IUd'III-,1 I'titl 1 ll.c all ( the
.i"t. tt > J o ; ; M-iipiiou. j, crop oi tinwoUo \\:u. I' HHHpo'iiuN I'rohaljly) this in i hint e>f a ttrirt of
tof f"r Ulf"rt" ". illllou -r of HrpioeM.iti\f'" on ihc Forti. ok'ct ion e.I llu .... nutaltdiirer U.U : IKII: ( .bri which tiht-n
(ern.y l'c. n"" ,"'" ( temps : (pi > :aullr".c. otii ( ; in aloi.t 'jiril Uu.-) I >n> complrted, arc dej
... ii"?" I dl ,r.at'f\.fft :ttt17! h cxn.mI tic. .ttt..n Dill. Mr. H.: i i.; oppoM-d to the Hi'-; ,I: are of'i'o !t.tulpI.t, m Iio.IltI atilt tin |I t".a4
t ;uernu.cctl.nul: t.lilc'I,1| niN III| C'.tryi i i i. linialid 1.1 ittl"l .'.H ii i.n,l piil'lican Herald.
,. .;! (! aan tty the i hh'l:' !'"al'I" ..(;>natHjncoittiii! ; l luJul! m the bill, ntd % ; cii-p |K) t
I. t: .rrI i i ci\ili/iil nation, and! are olun l,bh.Iil tliate ul..lnl.c.h- rt"a.l c.I3ri1f.'b'; n4..ns tr.'rr e'utcrunrl iuute-d its we are, we e-nnm.t: of rorr'rpith '' JIlt( reM'ir..c with tin m UJ-OM; Miljfciulnrli I I ntllMalts" tu1tNINN111; i 1 1 be ing tniltlhtlttil with a miniature likeness .

!( the' data: .\It" Hd hi* f !lift"\! -f' 1.4- 1x'crc 'tn', "- bill III tins ; bill tic' :-jK-ifh. be.MIt i ('.I Ii only' be pr-.cii; ) lic..ti.l l.tMllttlneMit.il .\ h Ii"ii.', I r.i.I1t. I l I.IAU of the uvthoHaliune re Trans.I .

Hi I ,h..rn put' tu .!".'" ics the' T+'tirns.Dart" : : .. .rc"mc'I:1 IIINtntiecnlainqut"1.ti.In.all' : old well infoimed ion.I'1'hey .- Ki-.tof .\.n: IhlINNII'(1, ) j

r.it'I! ) a..1..1. and ; ..1.! 'inwith; <*.tJutur, ), iiiuiHand! !tJUnd ionsiini are. indeed our n.'iioi.i il| rcprtctilalite i Mc\i! ""o .'\. :"'oUlh .4nterira, 1.5 U.JlII,1JI I Among the pas=1 rpcr in the r'eckct.4ii11'hlladtlphi5
atJ rt' "dtl.JIt't ilallltla'rIliiLTII't, and fium rata I::'a1,.1. -.:? 1XNLIMNI. ,| "hu.1 attired at New York
,,MttI.r..J. bythe i'rntf n nai Mm17,1: < :. thif. lh in$)h uo-Uni) readpcct'hcd : math oi iu1 ..tn.i.it* oi us U-. lo our man- )Ki>t of Atrutt, :ii I.XIMJ(1I ,I on Suiieiny la. .. the lion. WIUUMU .

p p1.lt, slits n.. :'V', Of c 'ttl'N l'Hl "f S.'Ua; I IMW ..-.J lt\'%. uu "late read i skis \\ ith gnat I zter, Ini'tlikrnrr and rbaracit. 'r ..:4 H Ita- Wi-t hi tixI 1 U"'HI" U to. Mn.i>u.r of the lllltStatl'l to

fro" IIiI, x bile. a IIrIPtlu'r. 'bHUd! 1m.t.. Th-rr tsniiich I..r'r m ,hire ,>- : ti:,n, m.i t t c tirivti. it i i n t PIM! It 1:1\: het' t'. 1IlKy.1111I : KUMI.! Hr. \ AL %'I?[ falir.
A"I"lh. ih it Ilwlr (201111 U* t'u' 41Mieice :i I !f.I' : j I'trliiden j- of New York J. Raroks
Sark" jeraid ( can pciioimcd a < littler lU-ni mine n mole ali I[ q.
.11t"I r srl.! ( pt. n \\.t-t. tHtittg in to tlc ( "-Ie'| ol the }
l b'r : :: : I : inl'licence: und knowhilye.! 1.1 !1.1It-. the Sfttnh! ol '='j"am. iiilttnd! iriece' l'11rllaend..lotionshtr1Ir ,.('er.I .
., .d tft r .tittrnnw tt;, Melt I' ... It' 1.u.to\ l .&.,".:11..1:4.1: ttbo J.llIC'.aM.' II '
,? .i Mur 1liCl l I.i' at'll l ll.c.r' I l-li'iids
pd t I :.J' I > wi .tie a truIII: ;': nation, it : ; t; ith the! ( an.uie.wlicre< '
!Ir ,:" ..'t, '. "I. uur t'on"ul at'I'.ul'I'".s. r..- fc.r the tin-it- jHirpw. uf ftpcculalion, while ; our 1I111....,1.t.Itlour duly: toUiavt' fit.in e .1-1 rotlt'ti Is .tili iai id) 1" :1 et>i:!tdi nd'>!Ii-i':\teniAC theory lull(1rl.I the'! indittdt% Al implicated -

",', ,i'i :'. .. .u4'lalw.K: t gru 11',1. dae..a'i.s!' nf tV! i>"\'rmut"1tt arcMitt rllowrmg. ry other n-41011 ('\tr) f.ni4' > tf ki.oul' $ III I III'; :u ihc |*'-I ,],tt.i wuhin. Ills I in burning of the '1'rtauury, "u:
r, ':. 11e iK. thlt wy .lem "the t'ullf'd'a-I: edge which tan I U- Up4-tit lo I1'-. 'lint. (..u.. I 1 PO.M-MOII, id the Mcrttnrx', Jlcc..tinn CH.J.lif nt: arrested in thel'o't Ollice of thus city,
t. v I"r. I... mote 111-1 ali} and u-cfulij! ; aecom' I 1H3I v. a.. t-iowil III IhV' tlillcietit! Male- 1 i .,, acre (fifsl inrulJcl IIr| wai taken on
.. r. .; :-1"'i 'i (;Ifrt'I'UI. fT,'ir. linu"utilac public lands aid r.eta : .1 fix |1t..lu.d ht ihi in, v.u.f ut |lwJ.'r I {'rucu-I I Ill the follow 1I.i! i l'wI'Nli.mal : ii tinLette, fl.ou' I yard.frun I flat boat,

,'.,., r."niMiiti-lt-r" ". aijt..l: t b' r1' th.m liNN1', tearif vild l pjrfVLliiion, nich n, Imhrm i ('al. and) iiMlul, eilucation And w ,hen me I 1'irjn'tt, W.lH.OUIJ Ihs.11IIIl I..n Iniard of which he had juI'nrrhrc(,nn
... .. : they' to it C Inu -.Ja.'alh 1 The-' :\ ( ntolita. IIIl1iIN11Sluh .tille in the, Mate e had
:'I ,. ,'::11 ;,1 teIA .'I I!:.' .i uti"'Jaar.. (irtidurisl tit par by the dr j'>.i :i2: Mate ( u : ) aitippointed iI1i. lt'
---- I when' mere bojs, genciull)' l I.( Molina.: r.umu4)Alabjinm ; vlnpid| hm-pclfem: tl.e brat nn I a +t,
n our r v ury .
; '
r. S ..:,.MIII r .1 If' rim, 111W of thrj tit( ill tiltags'sof 11 dial 17, '41" lI.t H not (1/i uririll: ';j.o.lII' and drr.v>< d in a garb rutted to it. t.N t.'
Tn 1 an rr- of tahubfc land in the hand "I l llti {to,"iliic thai they' thniild be will in'.oimet! Ii.'risia. 2I t.U 4'.' .A) \ ben arrested be Mid that he had already

t. 2t' I 11"1"t !! p rc' i- : 'tit Ikr gnrrquot: j 1 *' pm miuiont\ thi* MtiV: of the Koekt: ; I 'nut tliM-iplincti H'hidars Their Mtuaiiun.nultlniti Si.IXt) 1,4. '44 N I .'n : (d hi' passage! for Texas, and wan r,

,. ,x- 11.1/1-1 I: f-r Ihr. .\<.ilte! !sw', MountainTtrKipiaiidesiiug*/* I m the sett ice n'uucr it iqindl, ,} Tinro-ec. l3.; ) f.:4: 0)11.POI to hate. Tilt immediately. I
'f..d with: '*'ljn ir* '* i 111..1 the ,.lalllehlll..I. +. I t.U"U.. The we arc indebted
U. :-i1.'I'I 'I" I"1 'r' *"" < '. the: puKhr domain ttitH > ituJM..bk ) ( l1Il'n..l\t. ''I'I.i.{ indh'idu:11 tl\thom Ii i
Uin min-.l bt lift* Mibir fr.,iti the 'LI.'r'art un n i.i c manner in ninth it hat urns *'lta..d'| .tncd, iiif ir prai.I;u.l itiilii-H. I..1'lI.e >ca- .\IL'"I., :.", LOO.ih. N) C'j lumbu, Ohio' and Philip Lanaux, flour

t;.,,trr/.f'i/ ,,i. Tile f,.:*.w'i CU .tfDrer4. art... I fur the I'i-t i'\U ur thr.T! \ ,' i- s II i'e-iu-- to I 11.a. '. 1 1 isuy !hi e nut I".')' enough, at hunt In j,.II'uu. iii: tl.e: tt hole! iot inn ('1"11 oi 11I.h1r/ :tad a le..d'II.r. Ihisciiv.A .

pi"".t 11)11.htiINaa Juha 1' 1ordra. !)r. ; nu'ail.44 u.ttri., :.it'ii, fur lu.tn.oti!;li tot. .. acritt are militated.
(oj a of that land at Ira si ) and of .
111,1.1''ii' :wtI Mrf'.' mick ...,t! : at i 'iire .t, 'J nc ,uI'I.; ', niel.l- tee: too a. III l".ll cotton wuvt.r!!i I'i: Ciiits n In Illaekaod'% Magazine {in a note ap-
\\VJdorhwn. ,!!f :-"\ ".tlil 1:1: Ml llUlking; :!'e iu\'t.'t.I* ..\. :lIld .." ..,: \ [.ounit. HI'IIII"| \.due) f.f |II.| e ubo cr+>'p in fe-tded .an arlie-If em Foreign Policy, &c.

t" ;,. W h .1 It .* i.i. ,.u.f,'d v.limit the I I-N te it lug lh.* t i-y .oi'ttlcbv! v. !Lit'ii it can l I.t' "f', I .he ntt.d t.vtjiti'.* t-tili.aud at .' 7l f.J VM: llKMI. t ri'ad the follow mg curious statement :

.' iflit or tin audl', 'ii- ..f d t.dlailo, r.j.Hii: : < I..4..) 1- : II.| <> r t.:;:.:!..!.iti. :,t ..( a 2I.1 1w hilt'. _" 'll.h -re' H.t fferct conflicted with the
> I
Ci.t., 1'ri'eur3L of ill \':1I' Army, t birh. .l'.i. t f..mi'u.. i1IiuIt', and ..rtf'Ullli HOAUS.I I idiiilysrntiuilit: which we will lake :
pa*. d thou, &h 1..,. pUce
T<' v.-.' In math Carnlan.Ift .r11acJ&y 1.'.'. : till ..:w('>i! of it, if It hadxin pru.!ttnihr i t.l I.n u iluiit**. iii.i tin- in..}' 1-e i.econij4iiit : lerpruttl.a: : mall tar pic. e-ni I4 nex! f o':r'n.tj.ry n< ho.lj I1-e J that xe know of, has blon'Icnd .

( T. n i* with F.i: 'inii; W'..... h. ..,.' I, >-!. -: >* irth !. tbi twi.plr jwrhnpi one lundn'll. ..t.imr.'line tMili tic! -, i iMjl ire or moii J !!x !l'er: i. I.. I tl.; n that of rotitlrnctmf a I it Uu-iee-s ifatetirhiid. actually acce- .i
ei.o: ;a1II f"w uC l'at. ,'nly .ltft'f" "r' :-.11.11"1! t ls iu\.h1l'hlllf'} iu.iIf I ecmjjtiUd. Hail| KIM' from ll.e town t.f 1'"I?<&c c.|.., on d. .111 the "I..IU.of tie Kepi.Micani>, and
.. .;l..n.. .. d'l Il|- +. Th .i.nidi fVbld! IN
: M-
.:.irw'i.i r4r''xl the ..w.* /'rr. lie 4iii ) Ic u I uii'tcr' i r"I'| l JM.I.<:I.H.< t.. lo Iitt loi III I the tJuH of tiera: fl. to (.tuinl in. MI the eoniuil l II. t>e nalel First Pnrident of

-. !1'\itlir-ulilr '. ..,...0f1ftd'lIlt ha in-t 1 I rM,:..,M'\! (,r tttf artunltier! n" un. .) ::11" I i Hi lui :si ...A tit. -rrifca til hut* c",,,..-.. -Ji J Jl iI jj..r. .J\ "f I '!..ilfuiN>rlirtm (Hifiirt.; .1 LI. the rti-ch: Itt-publir. utrutprOfin I'
edt "i.i'h f ... Ill** 1....! ':! tti tuMituu* man. aUuci I l uuh iio-: ....o nStltli Ixl"1114 (ulliI: : 101.te ol I HIM' road. wot IN' III .11 rly' fi Mrnihtliii'1. toihe llotil! il t.' liter, party (
n-.d di tN4-ful tra
liolt !
; ,
f ; Mild the .o .icu.m; M., uf a!.o it *:/J iitilcafd \. ill! in,* Ian; wire &..nn>bled to inaugurate him, tho .f
\. .. Inl t n.1 brioie 11; :an*. Ii %' -m- tII'I''tlue ij rniw- hl.h I III t VIIM 1tf""bl.t.f'l& ... ( tind ca.kdon Mr. Kite the
1lir.r\i ni .r t f fiie-b at; e'taWi: { hment' :i' n.:illt llit- Nat* of AiaSutnn, or |>a*::0Ihraueh ; *. American
pr. >n"T* w.-rr mareftr-d out atidjf ; lit .'..:".', U..u*(* in the ...141ah'S., and ihrirpf IMi-il iH-t !I..' liirge. \i i\'t: it wi may tllsI. an ij.or3iit! | otticn t-f the f'nek I KIMOV. : wi'ithy. yrtisitlc lan, a we can

'rTitr>l in 4 line t b, foir they laid: am u.u- IN rd, .h..siU. br tnidc a\"ltah.I."II'! ifln" riW .",!-u t itli ts.' (.rt-'i.i: iti-iiiiictenl and itiintifi i nation. Hi *jati riad- \. i i.J;! coiitnit. it with I 'II'-II) fitm peiMiial acrjuaintarrc, who 1I ,

of 1'1f' fate ...it.fa3it..l tUemAfurtbrj I ,...'j4c fAira btv.ition.. TliH I r<>m>ii'i: r I t1M'I'1.M t>} JOOtem OillbiftU titinon tMIurl iiie iipj-cr; uiilc r. (.f the AlalKimu liter. 1m! I h d rent iiilkine: enter him. Monarchy ;
i x -
....r ,r.i fitig. n.....i'L.. all(! jut, iiiomy c.v ;hiia 1.il.hul| ctiiuniiii.ir.iton \\iI! i tM i'utetilwcrn : trt mllcd in the "balance, and France was
t'' ..::1....m dnpoiwd 1 in the TO4ii ; t&ato k>sujlt3.trfi.JlCt of thcSt, to* in $:l1Lntu. |1..1! OJHUI would go I.ir I"" tit,!.. "up. [ ... a tat region! c.fpreHhiclitect'iiiitrtit : i within! two hrur. of a rrpitlc: when the

a11kite' .'.
sets c-f....,' bJ in lieu'. il.al i' .1r'...I) ....' r lawTin !-*."* the ,,'h...,!I. I ISo ..i-:n ..i.. t,f ui.tivMHid c.ii.alii' '" in all I i t.tit} lilt the. peril of the undertaking, and
many con..iderntion enter into IhwjM'lrcliuii i 'e-|I" ei.. for (-''IIIII..rr.'t cannot but the: want of due elements in that country, to
wrth miu':, 'I'a.t; rnK.tjon. annul f'.U
M llw pri-. -if hat u wax Li* Iiainfuidttl%' : lurui-tird n\ for jXibiiraiKNi.; TLi-inlMnuj : it i< MI prop:}' the uui} 1.(1.e: .:\f'UII\t'.1'i
t<> hue t!.. .+il l .-!...!. and rvrvMiimcn!< u t:' III all tic tl the -lliniiHee* bate "4i4at it propi ilo : Ill''-, ..n'-. IV! 1.'l;*. pnll.t uoril.t in Holed tie Yule ; and, to the a!ton-
I;.MI ulurii Ii ('on.t uII H Ii1Iitt3tt i
tlw-ntoriM: tIll.! | iwrwui i Heavii \ t tAll' h b ate the M-lirtnm lo ihe lAecutite-. l.ro; rtl'tr<* w ,.i '('01..111". u->' ant the-) inciMV : : illw..III.! urll .! rage of his path-arse. I
; may b.ot c ur.I.1 ut Iu1.,1 Ittnlri8:4y ihty ii-|>ort a bill. l 1nm.t.r1f! I;jijnci:: .i-'., L I Ia!ed t.. an i-fli- I pte-iniMi l.ou111'ltilippC[ to the rcople at
fntonvi; i ;i\t. thfiir of the Mexicansiinna .1t t : : I I I"t r ..f "leal I'l|.wu11cr. I-. tlc'U at oik. I loatmif tie me illucrtc! rTublqlj !' Ixii.i. Phil-

t"1 :"If.;"', t:12f informant who .. / -. s. f*'.ip ( '(,ur."ffiff I'fltr'i.ll'tml.. : Tin'il. |'n tmcii wh.. t''/'re 1 NxL'r.J_ 11I'1 e or ::r:.tlmir lie fun'i.. Iron inK ip'ie( wa+ guileful' in way. He saddled )

,. ...'r,' r i i. j." /"<""IHI //././. M<,, &** 1\.Sf.:' lid" J..iI.. f. >t .Lt,.. :,;u by OIt.III'uhu, .iN-o'i'ii'Mi. i. MIK ic.;>r" fur j4u.| M.iitfi rn.d <> :: ti!dint: ll.. on France at the rate of twenty

'I", ..!'I' "'. !. ('f"tn Ulitpflttfl alit iii..kM Set : I haelhl'hhllurlumf"lu'ltlnt. ,i.i. un (..i ...,d &:unc. Tin: ) (-....altC J last : IIMTI h.iti'li4iie: all under (outran' ; '. 'I\ Illtl,of francs American indemnity. 4

!I.. .,. ... With Krniui ki I lint: plaftrtl l a Heurtui on I Ktfimmt; I.laudi Friday night .t. laic l-ren MCII MIKC nearl.I ..,Hid by the e-o.e of ihe |I.n '111 J t'ar. that ,i: '111' HIrt'Impllht.d in a few months :
< -< a .114'c -
; uijiany j |Kunt out at,<- cntrancu I,. Tamjia Day. the in e of the rn'uk naiiiiii. It i" a ti" I :reel+ulf our rou n try will e-xlnliii a n'.tili what III, u> ;. failed in, and
*. MH .< Bftl ei\'Mt. IIP waii'Vnd" it it ., rjwr ',<) (vt iiijtli with ;i fun. .I on it, grace lo Montgomery to tho"i* it box-'i(! f*MHi rpnmjint: mietnallid, I in this or'iiiv Airenc.1 had negeiciutcd twenty }yens for

t'n-j::.1 :'i ... f,.'.. and (trains* for s t r'Til' .jiillicit i.'nit- .utifi /,/: e JI I j j. rtf.er J.HM!. (;, in ",in. 'I be chums were 1 tit n .FIrmi. I

'.-; < .' i 1/1 111! narhftl the artily oi .n ttii lald. (: Ji \iU", we'r.. ,'hJoo'h'! walchetl<<1 :nint. guarded.! ( in I roitMiit-ri 1: j..'inlof \iew il<> adHti- urcouilafter all, but." hating contracted, :
1 1I
'J.. i-Htertht> Hay! in ofm.: bring tinu. .\hh..rh the J.ol I* u"iall} tintler the l;'2 f'" anj j';Mi,-nt. and m a i.'itiotMl! and France orght 10 city. "
(:1'n !n.I.. .. Iltl/111
Malm N
r..ra. i :'. cum Lear :;. .. S. b> .-<....,...-., tilt: 'u .!(uiii;io.S tinSheiiti.;. } et we J presume thai : |xitii-: iiciil: .t uiHocol 11(1 lc.4 impoi1.1u I -r
1 .' c. I'fiM < w4-tiH.i amon: slit -. .im.ioi nui tar it until % <"* -triki* all r..f....> x.1. M- llie-e 1auhsutt.u: (;.L. n m "I'a war, --'. w .inv, iJcn IHnI.be formed of tin. I l.i t IC.- One man suck an orange and ij I J I.

tJ!. a t'I', ,n.f: I.i.ou" i'.ra"-'. WCI' ; ir.. wliirli. uiii Jalvr XOM cxcr ill Il.ii. I In.:i "Tintini, <' o|' .1 :yener.d; lio.uiily! nt the miii ailtaiti, .". .. ofihi" r"llhIha' when the! link choukid by :pip, another swallows a fci\-

ptl'-4'r i. a.$ : .. 'iMMier vii'i! tiir j I. r II | \. until l-!:<' U..ar"1 !'tritH' I II l.y -n. llie' Nlienlf, bad) no Inure to do t. nil iu ,I.. cii.iii ,.r I.1:11..hu-ill tie u.lil.k| ltd. :: knife and lit '!; (.n1' Itnsa thorn into hi!
1' S. jiii l liiHi l..Uutr Ii..- r'.rni! bark llifio tiMi :.nt, Utl.f r i.iti/.i n of MintijojieIV. ( niich w.li; n--:.:. rt I'.llln.bn. with' 'Itugu.-- :i hand, and no !kilcan! fate him, another

11rtu 1 '>,.;'. uli* U (':.11 0&1.n! > '- 1* .".rn'trt/I:1! : a col.l''ii \: < xct j't U v. MH to kip tin k.'}" Ir..... I, I.,, a pir.. .-| i..II !I' I4. Al!".iii\ C|!.-
!It t i" *,:'j tiut ....... coulia; gi.ae to il- 'ISlh. Hun lor tin* Uor .n in tM-ar a ca- : tin-in Me are not. cure tint itlier thetirilfir any ,'IhrINi.1.n| II... qcaitt r ..IIU one through hit tenly and recotcns one isoterturned -
w. ,. kiigth. c11111)ou \\ 1.1 tiau1 1 In I..thllllb sh! IIK Jailor wirelionnd' to feed: dHt'f lintel) i::1 Xcvv \ tick, and<<1 e ill the eujlil 1 on n Mnooih common and breaks his
Creek co'inuy tkaie. iKoroffiiitaad ii' II : xat.T.1I" U..:....." iKniir.j Smth, llwn I tl'III.'I.ln>w. f"ulllhl'" i* it that! IICM| In- da>' thric.ilti: r !I". III :New' Orleans, nlld take :I nI (k. another i intoju-d out of a gig otcr

I si4h tMI. J,+..!.'. run I ILt ) S 10 .U Icr :"i .111:1111'4.; | : tiers iJ *!iai! hat. Itf'.u! jn'rinilU ti to ('>(' 'h|>e from a wiih him a )huiitiiitl ton of merchandize! I I II Urithluurll and Mtrtites ; one walks out

'1\\ Y.'ta1N111Ktdttt ; th-.rr TXeuYork ,. K.fltui:.-. and' %. I II. to :1 t fjlhonu (t1'? Juii MM'iiiter! ,..d1.!; known, lo Inin,.uicqiMtidrir ; illll'1:; a ji.J j ; : f >r lit,- whole ionici|| |>eby .fa ) da'lld meets his death by alri.J,3.
'.' j.-: Mi'i .1, Il.1tt North to I (nlh'.IH" t.. d- tutu n or coiiriiit-n.i nt.Nnre i I ptratilt'u sN tin I. II r.d, and ('''U''C'- au.ihci H i blown up in the air
mid an li T3 Kmiyr.tti: '. flhrcj ?-.'* JM i N !:. In ,tier alldl/jl'n :at, /.d! t.-n's = the l!jht of llir-e' ridNud 1 wif (jii ntl) wiihoni |Li. 'i.e. hJr I.ml Hutton m Guernsey Castle, and

UrtlfUC p.art of *. 11...:. 1 HHIIIxiiii Iieli"lon for lie' Idle' of Oiolhl II.1.1 l'ungrfound no constitutional I come'down uninjured. The escape of this
I h.au' tLc t.hllttritt 11', j ; < e \'..111..1fur they will rritainl)' a- Keitii.lis or l 1'ic: {lion. Mr. $:ttcualn, our new' h' ap" \\tl\i\ sn-at rej'rd, u ne thc11l..i I ten! on him if it IK plihlr'I'hcothlr : ) hate wren "p.uiil the pain of terordmg of gunpowder, which killed his r

l-i.t d tlinsario the Court ol Ki: Jcml:( 1 our ol. IM'ntM. .(T\alit, fit e (in.oiu n.. pret'ioii-ly l brought: late Indi.in. Uouh! <. ; for we doubt mother his wife, Ilomrofhuschildren, and
i i1.
t a4 II) bats t nI.uked on lie 1st in"l. on : I1. MIX l "ItI"lld.r. in, are i.111111I Jail I, lit'Ing in n dift-rrni room j if an I", kill: v n\\! !,II"." \Miild! hate dared! t many' either pcr5unand blew' up the whole

I 1..r4j Ih4" jaclrt t-hiu Munlrcul l ht 11x1 : To f'oniinoHoir .\. J. UAI.LA-, ( u'nurrirl- from the JI I who bio'** "ul.h.I'I,1I1111.JIII.II..I. \ to ir--oi nd t'itins: !hnndnd intlc of the. fabric of the castle, landing him and his

.., i ..: .I." / .f i', t ../' I'. :;,'"'' ;>. II. '...Iid ; route of II IIK'nlll"IIYUllr (J.f'ulJ'1.,1 1 or beet ni n wail' overhanging a tremendous
Fur 1.n4.ti. I'htl4di S. F>>) I:. t .,H.l fftlf if MmC". J'fiu'fvlNAVAI. ,. \ .\ll.tf! .ilors/' or "Ilnnrulg l HitItLII.'." I precipice. Perrcitiug the mighty disorder,
I 'ittar.Id let \11f' IA .ti.jfl. and j I4lI I.lix Col. llenlorson! !' li.is lolunle m. .er : .4orll..irk Dirt," or other worthies', at lao lit na going to step out of his bed to kno-

:.h the siteai.trr.'Ili A\lJl: I\". tiers, with .IIR> manner under hi* c.m- late Iicur"11 II! !atc, would hate I Ucnancairean .. what the mailer wa-tj which, if be bad dene

: In the I"'nlt. of the 'I'mtiil" Stair on1' inand!, lo a."1-t i in llie sujiprr' ,'ion uf tit U-ater ; in fact, we doubt if any he would have been irrecoverable lost ; but
,' .' III ; ltous h tt1I% forliaty: t+f.rstrri >.iturdiy. M.IJ: II. Ir. S.mtliard.: flung Cree-k lio-tililie' The M-teril ofliccrx of plan could l lot" ndoptetl. conibmiit* initVlf in the instant of his moving, a falhol ht.

.Nfw-Vork: ,. em \VtiIur ril:,iy the 1-s: she i| ('onimillif'on :\nal AiT.nr' !, rrpoiu-d ', the hlafl", an will a.s iho-c now at HeadQuarters ) pcrnnnuit( and abiding usefulness I ning rtmt and nhowcel him ,
e-tabi-h! natal academy : whichut detarhmintlwlnrh I for rjtientitthziit! or dritini ottVitajje*. whereupon he lay till the came
.net undt r lh- dircchon of :.M.rs I'ov.lrlt :i bill to ; a will accoinjianv llie ; I .ul trte
orderol -coiid ir.nl1ing. who would t IK- lliud-Ihan that ofcoiiHlnirlini :and lock him down.Mirk .
:l" rt :td. and to a will r> nde2t''iial! fulL, e11d! pret-I iu>
I < S-HIS htcof Tremor limn, : *. Ho,ton.Tarcr ; Tho rejMirt uaonlrrc! llo I.K'prinlrl,|, CMil) iliince bv\ wiicrtoCharli. rail roi'dtUirough! :,: thcircoun-i '

-- -*- .n., follow :- Irwy MA'ry Ctirmiii.!... ,I' The l>c-nn,,}'ltaitan: pulonditure ,. your Bank .\'/. .-It not unfre-
: htm-lrrj I *j. Mamies: from thnrnerthr in iiK/Tcc windy imppcn that strangers coming to
'overnnifnt /
Ttw:1:11: ( niiuitH-r, to whom ua. IC" del11hia..tati| % that Lieut. 'oloneU. Miller by Mippreoing | "
rn M.itim. ;Mi ('hark.trnn I Iciul'I'rti IiKtuinhenttihtiex! l (In !' nothing .ur city, and especially strangers unaccus
up'n the' f< rred<< the rlyiluulon. (if niindrj olficrn of J; man will 'il>o arf"lmpaIl'lhc! cominand. I say have
I to
Rail heal for I natal hool I. ; uf the Itl" of talunhle lit es. or prubahl l !t hll.tIO rHi.
Augusta on the lith m-i Uio 11\) in relation to u ) .. abstracted from theirI"
make : \\'c.lta,'" not tu-'rd iii.' name + thcoih-, !"nine wear and tear of military, rcuowu. ) ,I IM| b1.
report ul obtain li t for onr would. U din'cud in niilinz (pritalo e-xtcr-l i d.fl.tin Irun1..s wihnl the money they
attention '
! The x. Y. Slar tI'ft'f'tII that E.l'rrtlrJ"I1l' The subject 10'hu'1I the er oRiceM. luilexprct a j I rail reads hate m.i! :;,o.xsi1 ; the is that they
coii'tiiiCtmc i
I in
I AdetH en.I 1 Gen. lIurtqJII alP the j I"t. tiltrom liU.c has I been directed by, tluve1resnlutK'tit next (}II'lil'llIun.' ( prixc battens of rapid inlcrcenirso( and l inlerchangr il\ e no means of describing the money lost
oiy i!' not new to them. In the di Thr Marine: Ciirpn' is* fulliud well dls- |: opuii
be thecounIcrr
that il recognised at
; 1virinWMIS: of the tc;n"r< of the Decl.i"N charge of the duties aa-iqned I by the Sen- ,i ciplmed ; this detacl.met will form a tulu- ; throughout that whole :important I i m can of Banks ofere. Wenculd

! ., .d INIlrl$-udnce. The Time name* lie, they have anxiouhly deliberated upon 'i able auxillciry and render efficient/ aitl..h'my .- !! portion of our (country infusing a morallntiniHphcrr therefore or to all
the iniltxincc of w Pitch suggest, persons
ft. >. M.rgau I and before the reference which cal!,. for I] 4" .\nry Chrvntclt. ithin j
Leis of New-York, an a I it; it I I II"lilandu t no savage; with impunity coidd itiduico! u n ho are travelling with any ton.idtrble
''>.H'f Ihlll[ report they had resolved to present of that they .
i sy nam: as a fourth and fifth I I IVerespcctfully unouni money,
t the consideration of the Senate, and dilected 1 :' It. Bread, Pe-st Mblt"r.1 Kavngc propenity. .
I lo rich bill in such could deicribe
a their
'> of ihoai* way
Walton \ call the attention .ha
at of Mobile hill for thxtabhfthmcnt Mitchell the t
present their chairman to report Fort was ringteadeanumr it and that others would know it by .
confide Ihrir interests. ,
;" :< 114AI1.: the mall. He to whom the people
of Philadelphia. If there beII of a naval school. tho Indian in the robbery he mark. If this were done is
abate ,
1.ltH.U. it i. ., mgular fact. That of'rfitrticnfrftcr In coming to this decision Ihp ('ommit.1 is now confined in Chambers county, and in suggestions the I
tee take lease to refer to the course! will he brought to Mobile to be tried before ._ Com. May 28. p'iblethat pickpokrtorrbbwol

the Declaration of In- P.I'I who have preceded them in their ac- ,. the Federal Court. The evidence is ..aid and in .lp detrc0n of Jus pUDimt

'IN'f, the "Mme tf five only, should Nolir.III''I' \". lion upon this interesting lIubj (I. Upon I to be strong and ronelunive against him.- P.I-CTUS': JOKCH.-The follow'ing amu-( ivcuid) be recovered.oa-Phil. te. Hsr
: t111.4' sorry trmarkabh'' the earnest recommendation of the Exeru- Mobile Chroniclt. n g articles is going the rounds of the pa- .



l. .


.C .f- .
: t'
ri .


t I ONI: THOUSAND was or THE Francesco Onnal ) In tht S"peri.r ALL pcr on* indebted to tLc estate u(' PROSPECTUS OF A NEW VOU'iir ,
--- .
PE..lCOIAf GAZETTE.JUNE CABIIAGK TREE WANTED. r,. \> Court, lltCtJnaJiQ Cbun-I DK LA CAREDA, decewed, TAe Jlrst nnmfxr to tie {,n ton the .-
D'wUr. to make forthwith "tOlI4.'
( required
R A. are
payment ,
will 1-received at the day of July nest.
-- - -- -- -
PROPOSALS r > .. DODEKO is hereby and those to u horn the estate it indebted
ItKzerrr I IIitIG. Alabama Florida ftUconz'u NEW-YORK
I J suit has been m-jtitiited must present their claims to the undersigned TilE MIRROR a -p -
-' -- -- Ia.l Road Company Prnnacol, and highly .
e tetmed !
Court atiachment : within the time prescribed by law. JueiuVl r
by ; )
: will ho issued ctcry Sat-: for the deliicry of ONK THOUSAND age elegant Literature and the fine Arts

{tcning, at $3: &') per annum, in ad. LOGS OF TilE CADIIAOK TH.tI :.- sai air other person inte- MANLbL IIEKNANUKZ Aftmittintralor.Pcn bellithed with magnificent and c mil : in.iTBraiingsc.n

"I p a'ab1rthe end of MX months For information ire and dimension re re required lo appear stern )
a< copper and amfrare
an -duration filed herein. \rola, Much: 26, 1830-4 I lot: wowl,
.ty.thle; v the expiration of the } car j I and the time of dehiery, apply( at the of- ENJ. WRKJHT beautiful and poj,ular Music, tiW
jiliou of the rubwriber. I Hoe aboic mentioned." S'I0001t1'WAIcD.I'NAII'Al' fd for the Pianafoiie, Harp, Guitar ii

MrMK-icxn. inserted! at the rale of j j IVnoeola: May 11!I. 183o-ll I'} 18.16-6..ltn",,:! for Plaint from the subscriber, atMobile and containing article from the MBS,

fir loreiery fourteen lines (or Ii***,) "" the .\ and St.J.MC'ph \pril _-_ J' ivell-Kjumnand dwtinguUhed writer cr!
j paI3chicoadrCrllf'r! ,\ on the 2nd of February a ye!I. i'ot
Ir .h at. .1 crntiifor Ueriurdo Par 1 In the S"p'im.t'
in* .vi tiny ciery contmuoiu gas every subject J that can j
will the above prose ;
: Telegraph, publmli low man b'lhe name nUt, about twenty inlrrh'r.r
Court Rtrambia
insertion.O .
Nulicgst'nt three titers. and forward their accomm to > nine old ; a blackftinith by trade the general reader including original i fJrtry .
year poe
ir alvertiMii riiloniprn informed) A. Dodc.ro } Conntu.rilllE .
arc Talcs and .:
Raymond -
the o.Ticeof the Gazette for payment. lie rather made, thin iHape, of a rayn, .
i* pare( B
th din fiiturcaU/" > such i I. hereby
lvcrlivmcnti. said A.Dodero -
gr7/a< Raymond thetic-Cutical noticcn-F!
'ily .
--- --- color' forward then and d,.
*, ird *r-. of court &e. mint be paid: for,, or I ,L notified! that Mill has be-on" instituted p'U" copper stoops I M-kciion-i from the brM new .,t
1. I... Ut'uolth, ''wals-.m.:, is a M.i l nor wmkinan, not to be pUblinlioat., ,.
1N' pivm-'nt iiii+t bo aatiMartonly 1 ,Mcurt *- I NgVmst! him in naid Cturt by attachment kith AmeriranandEnli.ti "
DENTIST:: I t. .ii ,j..i.. .4.: I l.j ..., titfi iM.i: -.Tii,";e imith, -8.jrntjfe _.
1 1. in "It 1Th.htC" now in 1'1"! | *. iid defendant and! ad other pcrton Literary Intclliger.ee iota
will (t.e continued) a reasonable: tune to ( II.I- :II-IA;XC; pi-rmanently( bleated him
bV!' ih" ;nrtie+ intcrcMed in them to' make 1)11" t'III.a.! respectfully! offers: h'sn'Cntrc and II'I'ali to the declaration" filed herein.1IENJ. of trading: and. M alxtir. tits fort ten mrke I gaged rsftrl"Jolly" and exclualr ely
He ill double:H to for
the ii'Yf" try arrangement" but unless.- mono :j I lo the citizen.; his: oflicc i I.* over I II. WRKJHT\ high:; t attempt( passa' Journal,-Strictures upon the
variovtihciion "
off with
amusement: |IIC'rn"II', they will nit !ft.' !' the re'denee of Mr.1 J. Ortez and! nearly Attorney for I'laintijf. < a freeman, MM he carried papers ; ; in the Fine Arts hat( n .1":

p'l'ili-'ielthe!' Ir-i,tli of time required' I'l j joji I''I ;,Mxt. the C.ithofic ('hurch.I April If., _1H38-II_ him to that t-lIiTt, and will probably : pa"" id for the notice and approbation are prtltlt;- a.
thftiameof (aOIUaI.KJU: : or cr th
latr. Th. r,1.nn of this rote nls't .boohitoui I l':alls waited! on at their residence: if rn.ijueMid. by (public.:Iul wrote atd l leautifklmcnunr
t, Arnrln II. Illack-1 Jackfnn HujMrittiwrll. JOHN MeDONALD.: Keul-va i* Set>' intelligent J 'frti-
to all \vh:i :,.1.. r with Art
any uitiainta'u-o| !" Kngraiin s
II 1 Court To March 1'erm and stands R &c.--ioUtts
t n hen ppoken to. IIU t'r 01
lh I i = ,
ubj ct. I \liy-JI I KM-1 : -3t he acted Urn 'd oil.rr
.. : = \ ,,. (f IH.W<< ..llImun"r IOU II. He! \\C 111..11' with a tutu b)' the name err.ut :tt U-
--- "
-- 1 s"rpKinoirc7i"iicr' : / I Wlili-tili.! Di.-kwi 111Ui frt. 01 0.1IJ .McDowil), an Irishman, H tray TrHii.tlations horn tl.c' 1-cat rataaorta ba

firorcrlr,_ Tea*,* and Wlur... Ii4ttct .f It rt H'triilii. S iV. < THTlic ):\ .\u..p'it tiam'I;I'" f :ttAws I till, ttuIirargetthmkcraand dark hairMippoMd other lanrtiagi, Fnnrh, Crrman Ialis?

i' J+*t r,"''i>e'I by lulnrrira'.Ji fr>n>i th, \I HC'H. \ Ilarkley, complt. ) I J V : ,1t.r"'I'.nt! and all others interest- ( to te about forty years of age. I Spanish, &c.-and an uif.iiut Uriel? of; s

I .Y,rfA, at Ihrt w" 'torc near Ih* \ In Chu.miy. nl u ill t.ikr notice ol ihc iti"tilulmn of .a n' will :guetheitboie reward 'lor the detection ini*>rtllansi's'sterdin g Minting to pestle' .
Yanl, i' Hint atvJ the i of Kjld nttachnifnl McDowell and of hit ha11 eint., rrmaikuMe! imliudi: an, di
Jo.i.ii CoUton, defendant. ) -uinu ; of the aid proof fO''ritt
A LARCH st' 'PIY OF! FAMILY CROC ; ': rHIISd.iy ram the! Compitnint.! h) .Hi'. 1I.II"r{ | :md plead' to tic! ilirl! -l l and(.... in'r.t r.ltr.tutIi. :( it in S H'.re, All, )Ju.... .

Kill: IX ;I J him COIIMM-I. und it to thej 1 ill,-"l in W ihl "',1'"- -opmij| to the yt.itlltc fur the nppreheiuioii and cotitint' meiit of
r H\LP eheM Y. II. :.\ appearing: The 'ICU"Iumc of the New-Yifk
i'i! 'iu ii c tw 1,1 i |
3 J Ciiurt. by ,ulir!.., it Hied that the iii! I DC nrgto many t ill exctl&ll I !
II flit: mirier d+/. tJ.,. mr tin pm'rciMomn Lilert"ry
: ii. unou..I".y ) .. that I eel htm.
IIIh..t'11'I1I1 of thi.1'rrilur
fiid.wt! i< no: nn
3:1: bNt\Caiendih' Tobieeo ordeied that he t j for l'fntntifr.: I JOJIN; = .MAUTIN & CO. Maconc..'. attraction*, Engtatingi." Munck nJ
) it i- I up, car
The best
4'l, kc '* :r .inan'* IJu { Tvpojrrarjiy.
lu'ieo'i iK-fore the first of November '! Vrly. 2TH: ', lrvy-51.' -:3m.BKL'CES I: M.iith lUth if. arit/rsinthelud
10r.. cak gild Madeira n.m'i will (contribute its and
Sherry ; paper, a
\ icy
-- ----- ,.
.' nl the bill of compiaint.lor The Tucaloo n vi a ntiiwer" Intelitgcncer ,
21 boxe.* llork& SJulrrncaii.iCI.ur-t" 1 : j MVOIIK:: TYPE FULN- I fun ipn orreunlcnce| ; alit Ie
I tlu) -..nn will betaken for confe" +".ed t and'' J Montgomery, A rl<:l1:4 ('UIIlIUI"I,!* Mi<+., lh-t-t .1. '1 be" rtsrtt .ffilP maiDtaijH
10 1i. Coraeoa, Maraschino and vLerl''tnla No. l.'i: Chamber: lrC'CI. neart I ( thousand dollars
the nutter thingllieicm! '' contained: let in :'f'w: Orleans < lIur..r"U'III'1.: Mi,.- I for the "
!. t! Chatham.-Tlie price of five-line Pica it ml e paid: original matter to te p'h.I..t .
err+'d areonlmgly, and it is' further ordernl 1 >l"!''tplatl| JaekMMl. 111'! Klflltng: Po" t. the nf -
10 'Kile" tin Ion? ?"n Sl"'etsng plain Aiili'ju i*reduced tu .> cent a pound in cotirj-e the r.ixt icltBia
,,, Ih:it a copi of tliH order be pnbli"he l in I Ciiieiiinatiilngand' ......Iwr N.iplmUe.! Ilrsisie.thirh" *
5 h.)\es Cotton shirting! luifi! fidd and MX-lme IVa( ; and! larger to 20 routs, : ... choue trannlaiiomfrontlf
thf lVu ., ( week for four I Mondian. Tallahn
rola f.i/eiiumicca (;.i7itie Pennaeola ( e.
5 d I.). Calf air! Shoe J tin, 'rib} making the!*** 1 perfect metal tpoeln :"' Freneh. (:ernhan. Ithhun and SpucUk'
A > ,' CLOTH" i ii month iiicce-Miely. i I IHieM fI : Uepubhc.ustiatnanahn.,3lrrcur; ) Charles- and -d ctiixiit fn
lnrfff .i \ji
) U'. W. J. KELLY. 01!, Fa eltevillf, and Standard
i vis.. ( : i iMai I till erter > Ittril'l
1 Tin Foun.lrj lit. had added to its farnu pnc ardtfidrr: !
Jntir I H. 1 NV -I t-3t I -.: UltllllKTY I. I 1rSaliIt.= ,_ __ _( it! }.. I, r unparalleled. a*rliiiciil.. M-veral' pi/e I I j jo K-ileigh{; :?\" Carolina, and Intelligencer: one of the: most jtiyt'ant, ''l"tirmlir.r aid i it!
1'1U will niM-rtthe aboie MIX timen.and .
7vfpiwrivr. '-"si.xvif OXVNEHS.: I '- l .!I.,> iltt-i Inle 1 will apiv; a* |I'ahadm9l.. eopdtiHed and orualUt'ntt'll'l r-hur.: rjtiniitr. rep51rioti5 i of elegant&: huratur
rllr\\u.1111f'1r to John. MartinJAfCo. ;
i, : .,.i ol tin* minor hen. .* ot" \\ lL Tnu', b)' Inch printer at the leller-pre i \ and, the, fire art* rxtapt..ilrntry .

LV>or T'.'. 11':uIt'tl. j 1,1.'I I ;1\1 I\t ;. d I.t', ..ed. b)' pcllllo'i. to are eiiabN'd to teal I the impressions, (tutu j! ..ironeurgla, 'lor payment._ :t /.'* /. ( hfllllclHWhartHr iris

4 NrtHIE't of g.r.,1, "'.'rl.lII'? llvi-M 1 th' Jml'jr oi the :upermr Court: II( theV4xtfii !t eojipeipl: Inc in leant)', fancy- und laMi fill ; -iiITOKOF: {|( -' KI.OKIDA.Si I hu..un: the iittrnrin na! tif (the: ,,11111;;

i l\ "will I..' cmplofl IhrnJ'h'HlI: lh' \ : D.oinct of i'i Mida.' for aullioril: } .!a i-play' I If'isN rridi ( '01 HI ion I CRUIMNCJ veil"vis or suE Niw-Yi-mc >!II-

year or liy Hi* 'mmtii, ; at tin. \tiv: Yinj: ; tot'I'M:( nn.tu'itted bill pirtofeven l.oi-j! .I4."II11.nl f'mllr"r .1.11)>><< I'Ilzr. flf J.u true ol.MY.r : 5 NUN the nrraiiifi nor! nitrrt-d into 1"4r"nmomat.d

n*ir iViii.4.! ,N1 the /"U'ITUM' i -rut* ..f Ii ttr. ,..?n.jH-rtsci' arju-iiH each, hc'UI ; 1'.111 .irn. .tut" from iwelie.line Pica, and Pearlofltoinni I .ll.rrti If J."rIi", for the rotHirr>Tii llit fut

t$R: r..1 .I'.il tr* ,JHT month an-l I un,. '! ,.( ;11r1I'luf ',,11.1:111.1 the 1tu11Nni| hart Italu-, Ulark. Antiip'i-!, Italian. ) t'+. number of w Inch w ill I tjr published i n thtMIond

SlY)' ran: .ei: 1,till' : too valup of i io rrion Miii.te.j a+'.u the ell} of I't'II:4..I"la.: ; :1''' thesauif Tt!I.', (',1111111: -/91<
biniw "*t t' .Win; .1..m..JI'.> ait'rn.iieJiJ Ioe : weie-otr to the hl'lr".f the >ui.I l lopt,. ierm( m T,*\t, Ornamented, .Mnir ;! ./.,..., t II.I I /..,.Il, 4I I ntedcr ll.at.. III e",.rV""I'1r1 hit t-attica.

r..:s h. ..( to I U.t'l: eWe"' 1I! h.".. ...It' i \\ .,nm l Kui..di; 4-.MM.d. I bi adeereeoi' ptr .<01'. oust. .11. ." I'11cr .r.I1": .+, SujM-rioi .1':11" of !/,//.(. I II iarli in the I.iicraty L i.j ann.ir.t.' It "ill

J pork. fl ".ir. t l-n.., t J. fan-, ri -... i:iolt.tHKjiar. ...,.... IH.I -I nil' Nujt-noi I 'nt.tl of ,iNra.ul: ; 1 I' 11.' UI.il". A..u""ml" and othi" ; (Nanrg! to the Court that Jamc greatly M rpa!< all itt p.f'tlt tf"of.r., fully

ttII'C t ;.ro. ,.;r. 1&.; >:1 U :...IMnf t ', note-! mul"f .11.' of Net ember" 7. I H''Ji" St15+. Urn.ulI""I.1 Ua..IIf''', lung Ilrare4.1llram i I 1'1'"i: one of the deft iidanl. to the ameniied :' maitituiiuiii* pre-i mintnt poMiion

the v-t qmltiy. f \1.:1-1 I u'I'I\I.I",1 hull of :il.r acie' j juf .i .....I,.+. nearly :allO n"'lkrC.' ..ind. nuri''II bill hers HI, i* not an inhabitant, of I I the I't'IIINhcw.f! thecruiilry, and offciu> |

'l1nM\: ..k"v ;ptrt ul'oil! (" f'1' +n u .1"1 I.\M. H. biiiii.ld: the. !outh bj' aMieit I lit.in limH'iit..J or Ornnnii.nl'* for ncuPjnfr tin-: Ti rritori.. but a ri*IIIt-II'! of !'smtroilie' a !"urce smfil rimlry Mitts the most fluid

drtun ,ii "-Ia.t.! but tier; %':iJuiVrwif (Ol! .i\ '.. "lict uiilu separating the uiiMiur.;t ot \ *. H'""..I iHHikn .ind wiriilT: stork+. ol the I l'IIII.i. :'lat'C, ill"lf"r.-"U'flrIt.J! rI I !, xipiilar{ ; I leinnlual* of tl.e cot.nty, and ell:

rents p,-r tn<.-tth ) t i. paid the i:laira in t i'. .i-.h t'l 1.11"11I m.ii. t It :let of |.:md, Inn the Tlir-ii!'-i.U i III rJlI..h ( 'flm I'0'iiiiMi| a i is "k-, : thai linJi-H,: Ir:. tip{ eat hen cia er btfcrc the t tlctirig a ..ucct""iful rualry with the IBCS

\'. 'f I,..1ht Ion!* ('ormcili .I/--''OUCIIlJ(: lu Nathan.. :' ('..11Ink ". Cln: ...". (inllt\s rnrniliirr, I'.IJHT. NisI 'I'l'Hinluy i>/ Mmj tn.it, und! answer .; tainted: popular I periodical of the DriUA.

munTht.* .hi ,'- 'v.U!] :t1..o Into a1tII"S'" i>f :'ti.l.oi'L: aii.2 oa. tt.e! \ e>- l b\. lau i oa' !; all ki.id! of ftniiiuii (prcsM''', aiideirri .1' Ilu"'fI.Ulalullfl! aim i,lit( u bill ol romplaininhiieiii. ( :land P.iri.-ian; pr.!.r.

3IHKT.il; tI"IIIII..r. and when! <-.,fiufOtJ l In \::su.sr P llaine ."IllItln rTHIMM ... arlldr. r" qnui-d III a Printing Ollire/ hi'r that the t'hUleIII I be t-ken" sea run I ill' ."" hrl t 'rrflr""r-The meat dbuB

jkktir"SM: : d vjnrtion will ,IK- UMtf! >nu t' \ : I: MM;, (i""n.a !>."s,. the inuf.u-tiiirr. pritrThc\ also ex fi ?-,iil g:.int I.mi, alul the matter: Ihfifoldecretti t' :gui: bed nrti>t.H .bate. tens rinplojed to tin

heir Wt1; !!,. fur! the first uc-J of ilinr IM- ", ;' II. '::..- ) 'rrutcnrdrr'u' fur Sterro'ypin;. i iKCordin: I}' ; fwd that tin.. order i iii!! he! i;;t'r'!' aid execute the platrsfor IIII1
__, _......
U.IL,..J.....:" '11." : -- nu -- Printer of new" "''''I''r'' w .bo. piilili-.li' tin:*< t be printed and' ptihllid.i-d u. the l'tnacolaia .I "llllful i I ""rIf' (Pictorial Emlelli.LiantilluMrhtne ,

'rite( peno.lof i dailv. will !he fm'nsi 'I I Unllnr Krmml.AN adierticnn} in ( M nth tin note) three" time.* ( / t'e. for the pacc ol, four month* from nf American scenery, incidents! ,

fUlfie 'o "un+.'t ; with, )how.'ter. an m J') : V.Xfro.n; thephnlationof. : John I' i, t Ifoil-tinrud of the year 1830, hall re.ceiie ,: tin iJ.tle: hixiof.-./tiHUtiiy IP..+.th. IKW.: I land periMinrgen, intended to grace the car

ff"rml""I"i",n of oat hour to breikfi". : and, I ii' AtnliT-i.i.. blt..f Mimii:oim rycouiiti. -: (payment when they make a purchase! J. A. C.XMKUON.: Juilge/: D \> E'. :liolume ; nn. rg: which, from rA /
two hour: at dnri: 'r. during ih' <*. nniii,TWM. '. (1ia's.nU t ,."luiiicif in Jinn, IM.KI." u from,!, (he. fo'indiy. ( four time the amount.M.tyJl. Iii-I I7t I\ri' t.t I> MAwillte a plei.did! rngraTinj
COMITON IIOLTOV.June ::1'.1"' bie.'ht mill itto ira i, ram'') SINw : u"I"lrtJlli." [und perfect likeness ol' Mr. lialkrl. rte

I ('".,",'!-fa",/,11. .1' II.II't\: ho C'lImllllllllraU" hint's'.f: : : Cr.O. _1 IIHITK.C .o. r .\m, his II. IJ..rkJnfLti-H :ftfmnilitil only nfkiowicdgi: poitri.it: rH'r talon cf
S.o Irhal, J.i, aUml. 2i 5 fee I
I.f'I. ye.irold.
C'liitt /.1frd./rm
; fthe giftid and admired
Ifttf: autbcr
11. |-;;tn Kduard.Pii: /,. Jnftmni ; ; < I inncr-ally
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| bu..!iy haute roar<* itiiir. and" tolerable lat! 11'illsalua UlfLoflu 1:11: :".. ,:iiMiibd
i ail I 1'Iorilu'i will flahh-J! its*- | .c. | l I"iti..1-: ....unl'stt.'I'rrs-. t i iun. ?t I bv UACIIIACICM Itmc, ted
above for 01- i r'i ant forward; ti--if! nn*r." : Snlltct'n" : wa; pun'ha+191! of \\ III 11 IUsamslrk..- J on the !'a-c u1N'n'. ACTION' ( of ,\.111"1'1' daoaCra! : ; I'.U' : the ariual uf the Knglirh; at Jarontova,

accotmtv to I', < I'lnmmer. .lon'p"ii,erj', count'. 'Iu} lams I pn"r ltafllle) ( ..'
-ITIIIN'f; "i t . I ';;:1 : i ''' "SirD .- '/ .11, :f'stpmttf'r, 1 ,K:11.:& I I r t J II If: Pefrndant. !: I'tumiOc4' and all, otherK; interestJL 1aINL.- !I II take notice of the' iii>- liulii; >n "f> aid I tby CHATMAN: txpreml> for this 1I01k,wiJI

PAUL I I i a' \ '. T .. .i I : i .. ..,1 \+ the' "."-:'to mti.. t1 li>rr;b'Hit t91 3'1\' ha ', til) arc herttsv t nolif.i-tl that oiiit Ina-Ives mitt, and the i":"mig, :: of-aid! altnehtr.t lit surd: 11.I e eiigraitd; b}' DA.tronH (ruin a resgabT! >
(h <
lvi> *l. Jt1's0e"Iblr he
: ii* 111:13' \
.\ pnt. \\rnt'to! *, \. t't.. .. m titnte4l liy uttarhnifiit; in the, nUe CUM- to iif.pi-ar and l-had' to the ii! i iaration bled( [IN. will be four fngraifrpiithetour
Ju'," I 11 It11. I ):3':! .-11.- I' i ;ix I..ri. in !I.otinu'... ( the adjoining: ; counties, or in |, tiiiiahle: to the ( n!umg Teim" of sail in "dill. e3M! aeioidmg to the Maiutr, lit I| >e of the } ('Ir. braise tie Vjfoett,
; 'i :such ca..e made and pmnded.ALLK.N rail: the IIIOM xquiMte: 'piclm r.f of lilt Mti
( and "
after .i!.if.' I The a'HH remnl will he | oust, they are required appear and1sItad i
S"IXm"I': '" .1. n bognenif ie I i ifjdHientlat II that t the
tan e n4
I : II. IllSH ;pruuredin country, <
l to the lieelarnlion! sled in !Mid ,
| | iriM I"'. :, ,
t t'.ni.iiy Curl is lh<' Jail of th: :" ( /lentInr \ IOU 1 .ItI"J\ fr rtnttT. all t.) i.atve' ArUM1 he colt" o tbela !

\VWimi! Co'.niTy. fur n +"ilem'- '.!''I.I if hf i+ I/Nlq') f.i 1 11 any JUll1l the L1"1(' *!I A. L. nacAUU' ), Ply. 'J3d, 1t'1:0.HlIu.:: w |1:1!I t.xet ed 'lour lhoti>ald dollar !
all N'lTe* :\111 I Account oti t'io clar tt'ROIIEKT :- ...i that | "I b.iu. I|I Mty.for23d. 1 !jf i I I..W I'.itzrttrnip The b
- *- pcrfcctica
; : IU"':. dereii." |leU'I'{ | *. !tII!U \\". A\I1EISOV.r! : hv.:_ 1'1"--311I.' __ Till I.: FLORIDAMail jwhich Ihl" art ha.t Icon bit'tiftnl in the I-%

JU" 11 P. 1.(11v..1ir.: : 1 Mil): I Mill' M; -:!is. .ldtnnn-tr..ts'r.' t. rP 'I1IIK HSCKinKK' : haJi,1) ,'- jmtid I State' induct U to I vtrisili -
'11I.I. 1'm-1: : pitmirea
I Ir
I i \.)sirrJrirU: 3Jiiat::er.... -Cnur! rented the commodiK | Lino.From f nl -piiiu.er.trirpithtniiirg: tnlliact

[1 !(Ii i: uifisrj led) I hl\: all s'tait" "'" t 1.41 I 3 > ;.lH"J\ofi t ; ; .1| (1+iliii.I II II'..01 Iltlll? iUiu I :: : "..u"> :+aMi", hmenton the" \\ ". I iu.d hlrikti.g !'ktlltra of laiiiu ttjed

term of .:,1ff11R"r.11'H 011 at.1,1.u 1 fl 1 > H*, i ubir |iHi.ei'i |IN' hid) at tin'ilanloi ...: "'r-ide. know n aiAnrhor the 1"SI: ,t'I ?.ic>I.Jr, .A Ja. to ..\ U;;11". tontKcttd null the hMor) antiquitiesltdpifiiiHMbe ,
of nt\N! .IS I. f) \HI) :. decea.... .. lIu" I. the ,
I at
h"r"' present an t testa of An i Uf a.j .
1 JIm Hunt on ///./ : \\\'ntrr /:"/"/. li. (if or*.. iit.LE |
hv notifieail -- - - -- -
|Iss'rmnn to whom! 'ii-l <-+ta'"'s :.11ir IV Im.lrla| H! IU; |WT Ih.,1 at tin l.i ; S.\'U\ .11A AMU A i j tin ,1.-1 (ti 1)2111 I | npe f the 31nru

i in letitfj. to Irp"f.nt their '"'(' I'II'* 1 lorallv {; "'..r,1., I'ur,'!h.'.'- run Ii ul.ldcal the tart! '' iiorsi, : \\ K?> >Iobile oer> oilier:.)" at 'i : wall pun nl is I o L.Jl to nOal'urs a Fops

: a,:r.tr.1 for M-ttN-m' -tit, ",rtalf I'IMMmi ''l .ir ..\'e.rC J"rrtton" ife Fo-ter in PIH--I--: ,'d. (..I., \. M. p< r an cr \\ aidman* s l lilt I'l mire arritntMd a lb tfffmf1nlDCDI'
: "hitd to r-nue forn.irl) an I *. n'e ihtri I oil I i. And' hat lug filed I it up in hnnd!!'ome stile.r fur l'i n>afol.i, Sic( nn Ii.al. ti| mere Ii,1 1 i..1 for use f.iumtj'-ttr. fliitt, fintaf, dr. ted
i '. 1S. 111' :.VILKTO\| Ifull inforiiiH the Pnhlic.. that I he l- .
.1IriLLtit.: ixtV: -!S. -if lllull/ 4 bore PoM ( ouehi > ; the ice na |l<' nr."tist; d CIIOHL .vchirAtx front cperu
.1 ./ -I j" ,.''1' /' H'. t | lion prepared to nccomiiKxIate all|| uhomay Manann.i: and I Chaitahurt l.te, Floii.a. <*<> piiHlitid 1 l.< rc end in d'rcat Dntaia,

-N-ivy\ard.. lV-i.aeoh.J-i- It"-I'. 1 1" :srpiitioUCorrr..: : / call IINIII| htm and cnpaccst on him 1 Handridge,; intlerlon, 11\\ L., tat die, 5as.i; ''II" I nlnt fltft '.(,1"1,. tvtift, dints rotfc -

S .i.a.e. {!iiMilatc of Nlutin.To i /li61ir', ,.r .II. ftl riniiilu" $ I' part that nothing! hall he wanting to rrrider tleroiil.'eand! Lou-\111!(', Ai ::U.I.I.! (i,.. toiming 'x, ) .'. iurn"I 111.t'1..'( a ccuioitt'N -
JJoh'i 1..I.dr.: '*nr' (\'',r. Complain: ix. :J their, re idfneeeomfortaMe S: aerial.le. -. el 1-
Iii .
avoid all kind of ,j.reju" 'lire to 1 a conlim.iiiit tlui upl.oul) count 11ing ,, i tiitiicc jk.n ;
-* jr'.n:" from 1st.? Tinted" State pinrngr I.1 'J'h' Heirof KJvard t: Ton MX, ileea..eil.Def !' SitM.iUtl the water and commanding : at .\ugll l.. with the" HiartiM'ti! IJail( though Mctpjinp.' but tn: 1r: I tbn ,,

to thelsl.uelof" I l Cii'Vi; lf'lf knonn. thitbvor l 'I' .huT.: j a fine, rod e\ti Illitticw of the flay, thin food Care and Steam Packits' fee :Fittfolk > ,.i.It..nth J"t"lth, 1"1. reuld !b>
1\ .. of >eiloculorv di >I lloti I ""e>""-r :n'liuitai* of II N-atu.n farMipcriorio
pur-i.ai\ : an in erift po ,
Norfolk I y.'td at
lr ,
< f.( UK 'I:1: '":;iNHv tli C-intim (;"M and riiiuiiiejpl.i.iA : I'tin in .ii> other way, except
-nl t anl CJ n."rn"r of .-..11 J :- !taa.l: !. Ismrtt -\ i t a ..i.t.\ |"f.n 1' r /iii': It.! f Ji'd' ;.:e i fthe! Sn !Silly other, in the city. Hither: (patM-nger Likmt!: 1.1" l'a"....JC"' in ,!, i 11 Iht i.-( fur icuti r limn th-t ol' our rattle carats -
l-imr! C.:1: of 'I'1 |),j.nit-tot, \\ < M- flora. in >nmmer fir in U inter it i M prefrrahleDur.ntr ; '
*t l t. '|I.-'I'citt all rrochilarle7nsi nth '' .1 MUtripiion !
provi ;I"i" :M :-t from theor (I" w ertaHii) ihri .:tt
.:a, --Htno* ;it, |'eii-4.ieola", and e\'iei nn ; : tlr: inter, it lH !hiiIded hU!?' |KKI. .
e'ncul Vice Cmt-LII of HIT ( athli! |(F. all weather and at an v hC.'Min, ( the s.nll.bhttu'nllottld | rh.II the ( it will be pcretirtij.that
'hj..fan the pert from \\'!fietict s'tti' -l ellhark. tiattecri: J'ii-Si! !H tion. made! at the Mai. lio.i fiom' iu! lile.ik Northerly \\ in.I... and! lurtsrcsIu.nitl.! unloniuinieiitifureM I stir plan ,urol5. >r cmbrtncb n'fMiljtct
Term I Kt: .; of id (" I ,.hall .M.i I eiio\| u 1 tfic main: tiiiia; ieiihtfiil! (! Sonthrn
"::' -.urt. : || a % i I Fins
otliTw I' i \ within the of the
will hh.nl'
i 'e they rot I be (l"rl1llu.1In l cis C'al3..lfI.pllf' : cctir, iim! : range .
land. i( ter in C'II.I'| s rv, proeetilllnrli. d ii .. sills .'I..r' and. in the" piimmcr month' probably New Yoik the miith day. the iebeing and the Uclle-Letters, and no jpxpeflsf.

IndiviJmN! : who em'nrk from a pot in i IIIC .1,1r' beieiif. nt l 12 o'cloi-k, ..A.1.., Iw-fore Ii i. ihi* adi :lUla i' of the fresh, M':I hriT/e, but a al-ont ash I nulls hind lia'iel. nno' mil Ie to rtudtifqualo aajou*

th o.? Sfite+ uh*'re th Tee<:i.i% no SI.ni"'h 1| lh. C' iiirt II'| .Is>e JsNIr l la the ( Irv '.1| IV'u :i "llId h at Suit r/+on. IH MJ niTi:"Hary"' to that oier the fneM: naliiral Kuad in i.t.r; er elan- Cater", ,

C">nnlate. ttltlti'rt.-'uptof. IHnNcisco < """I"lr,'. f.ila.No M-ll' tier folio! !.iiiig; oral" e..Ial": IiA'ra'tof / : : eoinfoitand health.The country.Hie ': fc"lrf.,1 ..timumas( of "I .
|! 1.\\: l iliiate aitd I U- : up,irtnii'ill" in the llou.e rare" nisei rn
.M IItI;S U. > mg / low preiirr.. enpii'r(91IGd copper'faMtncd ant.": iumrary| journal! blb
..- // f. trff ??-*/ firI'frnrfttto I'l'r fill the |:.i't M.leof l-nfambM! ; I'lier.: mi I ron :uid tomfortahle, KOIIIC' of them wellealnihin II I ell IIIf'r \\ al'hnnn is liiiwdl Atlantic hate uuequiiocally sssrr-

IfV..,r-/T. t'!)"'' roiinty of l'ClUltIlU. cont.nning; : :-ltrcu \ fur the arcommodatM! of farni- known to need de!"enpiKni ; Slit Steamer.on t .- !;t ted that there is no work which gives such

May rr*. Wu litmttiiil; nrKiH or thtr .,t..ul"I, iii-. I,'I Santa Ki.xs :-\t1t".1 t end Hay, and Cbattahlacher '' valuable rquiialviita for the amount of iitbIserlptlon -
I i'IC: nii !iii4,! eudif, the! purehar to tZitei.o' ; Th liar i i.. cell supplied with the bet'I.ujnorN. AycdoRarsperannumlntwbkAposht.see
I'lanctlFhxuingand I.tiiti'iei') riirrsnreudn.teil) I to the, jvriirei" I (
:airleurili) for the of ther. aii'l the Smhle' uith I'ren "lIlh'r.
pa} mint and the of the undeniable clauvs
] ngenL Mai (line for ; more
r'1is': ""Iu't."Plt"r., w.1I ( I : uecnm-1 strong
'Irnl"'h. the! ant
nr.- fine, MilmrrilxT himself
m announeen
pirrha+ toy
e tnunei ,
.1 modatian, tennis clasher aid diners theadicicnt; of the Americaa
J"'IN I. fiipport
CViJmg.! ''''!!'''I'.I' Ii I '! "'. \'". J. KELLY: ''the' Piihhc as fully prepared to hati and Oroox "''!. ai-MiWKATIIRK HOARDS j are IIIIt In be ,u rpt: x-d m the SMiihern prople.Ltnnlitiwr( .
'" J. The ; M jomt ,tlprrioritvrdmaeh11tct'ork Miv *.! l. iK'tO! 11 Ii utst-sIV! the :U'l'flllutlftfaI"u4! of hid e>tu- j; '
; 1 he uteamrr Watchman: ''1'\ ( n' Saimday at the corner o
JH-n.g thi
ed L'imVr. mar that done b\ hitid.: n. ue|: Itli'lunei.t,,) It! IIIH oun and hy |I' .
assiduity attention
as the economy in t'+ u..... h.iboetienffinnllv IX month. from the date hereof, I shall' I to merit> and receiic its "- arrangement attached to the 'lori.la Line, ; i'and Ann MM flI is elegantly printed i

I te.l,.,l throiiahont: the northern an.! : I urtle.pplieaioq, to the Judge o( the \". M. JOIINSON.I patronage.. the proprietors llatier lhemnclic. that I'the .l"suptr ) quarto form, onbtt

mil.! lie State, and! m coiHeijucnce" ha* alini County Ciiiui of Kftcambia County for :u li.1 I f"f.h. 11th: Id'IP4J.tr.l'rn << they arc now offering to the public by far I'tutu paper, with brevier music n, aadO"

hinllrrt' .. inpete! "' 0-'; in a nhor-enfiWt tr..I..r fir JJtIlIlAUI: UOI\ dr.ar191.! : +.:acnla March lUth, IliU1.Cnnstilaltnf << f I South und) the ) flrl h. 'three nlonlh. .

t.'r time a-id! with a much M'lialler: number; JOSEPH FORSYTII Atlmi. |tuNOTICK. '!!ia. \ The safe and lnlere -tmg: w ater naiigatinn$ 'ijuarto engraving and tul week vg,

cf mechanic. :i April !nth 18Tin.( -;fl.-, Om.A : -the smooth, hard natural' fId-Ilu, time'" I i:<>r>nlar nitre ofrrjj- .- ( arn.f for BM 1'
-- -
JnCIPII; rOnSYTIJ, r; agent! nnd attorney- -- 'den.- .It. I+-. -Call.- !)I OwniTand Miatcrs: and the accommodation, afford the travcl- i.i hofuilrhurp, guitar, &c. For pe 'r

E. K. 4MI'SO\ /I I rarer for sale, four unllh..rJ'tI.i\lh. ; MERCHANTS, : to lfu">iaure herel ler uprcd), certainty, comfort and a pleasing ,| volume an exquisitely engraved 1ip

t i L. Apply to II Kelly, K:"'q in in l'rn :ar'ila. 1 part of A TRACT OF LAND com:uning i l> infunned, that until further order no j' variety, which the proprietors hope will ) tiur'ltjp, (paintr by Heir and

'f I MiV.8. 1H.111ft Mixiy siz! and! two thirds vitua- ("itti.n till be" .'' mittN into Russian entitle the enterprise to a large iharcof the ipublic .) a copious index, a
f port,
_, __ arpcnis
___ I ( The five dollars PK
patronage.At terms are
the mde of
I.f L.UOltERS.A'iTJO.: : ( on ea"t the Dayou Texar, kow, n teitlluutlluasianCunruhlrCertilheatcs, *peeifyinc uri.ht .
, : numhi-r' of bi the name of Paula 1\b"LtIo.! Kiidfiice: *, .:aidottontobeofanymhercrowth'than Chatahoocbee Florida, ivc hue a ', in all ca e, in advance.It

ANY find constant" prune employment L\IORERS anti'I of title ready to be exibited. that of Egypt: and 1 the Lei iihich I branch: line (fourhor&e post coaches fiery is (unnrde by the earliest mli. t..rib sn

.' Its: ral : the Alihanu! !i I GKO. WALKER. I for the prewnt ii prohibited. ", other dayl via Macon!! Ua. connecting regularly residing out of the rr
wajjfMon Florida
& w.ft..h the l line from Hawkewille paid,
':", rgia Roil 1ls'1 std. For terms, apply at April 23, 1R30-7.-3L | CHARLES PINDAR T. Con tut.OLAlfK Darren to be Communlcatins P' lat
and Savannah ,
'.'fie.! of th. eflmp"n'. Prnsarrlr MIX months, from the date hereof) I I shall i Ga. ubrp
i Coastlnp and ulnvcinanlfeNtu All baggage, bales, parcel, or articlesof received for a Ices period
1 "...u oh. M.iy'21: 1S3r1-I U-3t O make application( to the Judge of lic!
\ Co' (* Btll of lading any description carried or pent by any of year.
,:3; The llulletin and Bee, New-Urleant miy ourtof Encainbta County for a final steamboats June II 1830.
Deed our or coaches cither with ,
Mortgage II11U ot
> of
f.Hregister at Mobile, will please publish a"ttlfincntnf my aecotintsastheadmin- ,
istrator of MARY ANN talc' Justices Blanks and passengers at the risk of the rospeetive
t'Ie'thoretbree weeks and forward their COOK, deceased. vas
accounts to the office of th* fiateiic: for'' JOSEPH FORSYTH. Admr.prilOh. riouaothrr kinds of Blank.* owner thereof. arm 1lU 1UalTl

I payment '\ : !183lfhTl.. for nlf at thin offlre. lI.1- oft at Maiuion Iloute Hfnbilt.fiTOCKTON ..tx: (

: ,

t -




Pensacola gazette
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette
Uniform Title: Pensacola gazette (Pensacola, Fla. 1830)
Alternate title: Pensacola gazette and chronicle
Alternate Title: Gazette extra
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Blount & Aitken
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: June 18, 1836
Publication Date: 1830-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 29 (Nov. 5, 1830)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1861?
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering resumes with new ser. vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 12, 1834).
General Note: Editors: P. Neufville, <1833>; B. Wright, 1834-1846.
General Note: Publishers: Adam Gordon, 1831- ; P.M.S. Neufville, <1833>; W.H. Hunt, <1833>; Benj. D. Wright, <1834>; John M'Kinlay, <1839-1858>.
General Note: Printer: J. M'Kinlay, 1834-1839.
General Note: "Whig." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002055169
oclc - 02704803
notis - AKP3157
lccn - sn 83016251
System ID: UF00086629:00057
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'" r

.. >

-...J .. .

-4' : .
.< '. -
H' w
-'. -1.. ... ---- .

"T# .. 1NION-IT MV'8'J ) t'U iiD.49t.: ...... 'h.e

._ ....... .. .
-. ..-- .. -- -- . '- ..

VOL. 3. PENSACOLt1836.. NO. 1 f e .

_------ -- -- .
-- -
- -- -
'- -
DY AUTHORITY. f Sec 2. Lie it /l.rl1er enacted, That aU] ICiur.t 020. [No. ix.- .r:t a -1 1f ,I /Vow tltf .1; V. HUHTAeuehtt : > cession the thrones be ,.rains himself

-- (laws or parts of laws, coitflictin? with the< Act, enti' ed"Am' 'i .e and !I on l'uttti // ,1 tdtrrnia. from "' ddrnIysteppinaWetoahaleh Utheerymbleaienhe
,T.' or Tnr. c. TTI:>. tits+r.n AT THE tin"*TstWW (true intent and mraninpnfthis: act, be, and f regulate the .Vihl 'ory 0(1 1 There ia sccrtt hUn.i i-r'Tny 'u-h II,. sect around him.

or THK tviFTV-Focatmi C'O c.r4: the same are hereby mealed. j Fluridad.turrpe.! public at large do i. i s'...;,-!,.,. : F .',,. / 'It i*-- to the lute] of
.5. rontrcry practice
fJ7.J r .1) I
llltuc-V.[ of J I P.i > Ihcpaytnrnt ,
X\ .ICT incurred'" provide-JL ..i iuplie r furnished ex on Atpni| \ ilt Nth. January, 1830. f Be il euurtvlby 'rI'WC't.1 In wantefasubjrtt to ill if. .. 'h..I1... "a}1' m his own mind "How do I

II ,/r* or to oblige friend and adlM-itnu, ha.t 1tJ )o.. do r to every Peer he pua'e,."
miluu .
lireoant >fihe' cr 910. No. r.1 nrI authonzinj .'/
,we of the.I S forth"' tjVffticeetf! Flottdaff the !ale of lk-.,l 1'lale..C 'f tomaa Gut!', held in Ilur MM end He imentsmthisTtoiv -J I tal wmt of the thmig. /1 is..pr uJ lmetluxlsofgrdj '' 1 1I '. pI'f'f
,,, -t' I', f* Semite a 'J/I4ntcof t"Cf'I.1. I 'I f Irr r t-Si"f1J4I' F oe/-A
tt i
e for the ,, li !
I office u| Ct.lonel 1, Lif'U'rnlnl i : a nw r
f /'**! fi;rW State ()f I econ isles recent ly observed ,
It fit ,, ,I h. ahtinf upon a .
N.ftr"at.i.A .. "m I.y Cnrfmor and its !! Cuunsl| and ..;.jnr in compliance 'Mitt t i Cdltoi are rtainJy the -otrntau'' r(
./> ThattheSr I r: thl.b
creel'I Island.
r.'f-"U at? : ''r.It.tirt << Lone Iht oh1 -
1rta17 eorgci/ofthe 7rnitrynIYer'i'I.I I the Militia law! 1I..r theTe-rniory or whet theage. The h..l. uorld are afraid uf
. ,4 try of War tal". and he i" hereby, di-t 'Cfaal: (| it h.aU and n";,' be lav'ful fur held, the oilier,, Mi 'recietl. hate; nut caulpli.rl i them.! Courts nnd et.mps l4iide! thvu :.,. ., ""t'I" r 1 1.reached it, and through secalac

r' -l loe "I+* mil he earl the evpriiM9 that I 0"en \\'illuiij and John \\'Iih..me.dlnin; : wi.h: r.ua hv.... it Inll nod tIC ahoy would Ihe1.. fine ettr lAntJ..dah'ul f' ciu*. tie bird permitted itself to be taJ. -
rwnrre-1. .vi-1! the !tu pltcH that .., n a;p. (tit examinatjon it was found to
t. 'I WN-I ; i i-trators of the oini of 11..u.e.. (Joft" I tart fill fur the Covernort the Territory.( but Mrs. Uutltr-ai.d ken l lat i th..t ,
I I....' (" nlbe1. |ti tii-r ttts. of South late of the of J.rkM.n the T rri'tury U''I l Itf' a nirrur pigeon, and bore fastt ned on-
I '. comity m rlorula) to nominate ugh -fons a4Ll. trump shall hate fioiindrd the end MthinszH ) it
(Sit '11. (;i''wv '. '.\.t..tII1; I.UlI' nt. uf Florid. :,. ell unit -ln- mav 'If.f.... pro ..r to f'\': Mid nr 11.., b. on act 01 im tlr the I 1 1 iMM.g tl e G'r.cS< r i rritery P"flli rrlcM I of e.
Mlnrh ,
i the
M / Mid'f'hu'lla. I Legislative: Council, and aJlCt tct ncurnthenHi : I '!ueuII,. if" ill| bP. the inJixniam: irr.rc'S. u
jot I the Kervire of tla'l'III' N urn'iMd that the bird. .. wlthtliatUipMch ,
-,. .M rt"ne1 GotT1, -41 i NP.1'e.i| iMMin : ble of
| lilinj in by nid Council, to duly ('Omml..1 cry Mimcone c If Ihcfnternityngalhat .,
; it-* fir 11 ,life i.:- t.f I fbl'l lj. I1-u. Ui.- oilier of tho clerk: the intended for Anturrp but thai it 1
t. ; : rtniiiiy court !MOII' the Minrn.it the (:uur'nr may "I" 'b arming. actre mild: z4'i ifti: I lacy.An ; .
r i i That lVi.rtnf,r t'ifo! e'mn: "I fthccotnltyIG.f&l.I I I, l+.iKl in the am.Mini ,punt any' ntwtrl'frier? IM lilt rtt-e. ..rlhe| : liliior.. i" dinirrin.Uiau; .e 11ft i iIt i", u ** either purnted by K-rr.e bird of prer, or

.'sit.'' ',- eta-rn"d :..ri 1'M :It-d! at the Trt-a-: I I Hf.,'I"lhtll..I'1I,1 I't.ir.;i {i' i\ it!,!!,. t(, the (;ot'. u-1I'ItI: ('(tllfI' ilNv. t liiniM'if merrly I Mot I.e i; the cmU Jt" ',, dmrnoutcif its. crime by heavy wmd.

?:< >' in ...1hrre.. ('rimrofihc T"'rri.rt' 4t! n.inda. or .IH :':. /J-I I'"Il",. H-n-t-.l, Tha II' lokon, the is* n< e. the t:1uyItrle rrf| t.suta. i and alighted on Long Island, after the pro-

<, 4'. 2. .1,1". il further r r.1Nr'l. TJrit) !. I'tiionrit: .. live, of yon know: n< ; nm\ roanml., in n'll: liltouMy; *Jong: and fatiguing fight of WOO w
of w ir l I.-* ii'h' rue-l to e.m..rlV' t1Iki-A. l.
t'"?s rn tut I'ru\l'4l hv thrcl.rki.f .u.l" ( .urt : condi-! reiniinH-iuriH. ax well as of tb..e .In.d, : other leuple. 1 If4u Ntllke him, uU 1111'1".' j I paper. .
,. df ,1 I K4 Finnii. l .
cille-l .11 t t -
'M.I'III ti.-! lta..1 the lI.tltl 4)\\11 \\'Ilh.llIl, alrl m comim.H. n. to ir.-t-ffd I'rthwuhPiirol ....(1. iiiiiiiinernbr! familu-?. If t cu l.n,1| hi* 110-1'. '

!Sy GeaeriU. C'lmHiin. ,1 Ii'rniidf7.: or John \\ilini.4. aJnuni..tr.iiort! 1r.rswnl. all cut/cm 'u! le to mill!..,}' dutv in I ytuhave.ule.la| l.unJntf( tht.ii.n11d sire, ,. :. Art 19 almost continually: extending Iu

b.; eke t, %erfijr t>f t1.I.1't! s.ijVe't Florii Iv ntc r the pnMv.U ..f tu its leg41 hell ... women' and lni oM.uou ir.tothe of natuie. I;
it !Olh"at.: ; r"'tll'1\t. itt :.:alletI -f Illn .11.,1 c'r- t < rrn H lurlmNd.: u :: tfrritory Ii
ail t .* eh tiii"r! ifli: ,,\ un.l %lu1'N'r'c n1 lIa,' "Id I 1IIIuna" ("IT.. h.lnut! tin t i ha* recci.tly achicud a splendid in
+ rrprtt""laU' 4 + '1 :::1111/' the MIIC in1' cult ....'ac.-uJ\If.r' h'eII. only fulled! im.fi* of IIH ,ribcn'en. victory t

< bile M'rn Krei'-i ittt-l miKtereii into Jt"'I"1. iiith.- .r..H.ion: ailV." II.MV. tit' I: .mfor c.etains: and I.:. i.itn.m, furJiHafiir ..al:! i but ol IIH u'atlrr". and a'lmirrrs'l's .1 resume i.artof the Lizardi plantation (below .. '
.ervicerf ih I'liitM Sutf"* atnl reju- ;: .. ... I.t'lilalinf. 1 1I the ,hlurn) from the
tV \ '(' ( :'''; live day mn'tire : And itra'r.a.il ) resume tl.e nr-i branch of |.1' "UI'Jf't'1) ; "matery I
:-.-"\ ii-chr.!. : .1. t.. !"opii 1 in like manna't :I s -4'. 2. li* ,t.f.rl'w: ,..Itlrl"l. That: the t t"irrtiniar' ilot: IP.M in! the 411' I Ii r"ITl'ry-hJ1s" erow n into a bnsine*+. II' it minion.*' and indubitably rstaMished ,

a'- .,' ."t..r" vi \ fill iln.i or !,'(c"l[ in. ", .ilO-vcn U'I!|i.4iiM ..i:,l John \\ Ilham", iln,.'rilft.1. till' c1't.ti4.1. '.. ,Ifln"u at.- .-..iuui.iI : ha* it* m ronitnj!:*, |I.ke ctm-mtric. It ill l l-c i that all the low' lands in Louisiana may ;

.. .r.1: ..I..4' orJ r- fr..:n ihtNVar I>e- I t0f8. and. thev a.4' her.->' .rt,il uuh! full.i.1' .I i t'l t.1 iMiViii with."it .l-i; >'. ihlirit ,.,.I.. I r : an innninifaMo 4rie of a) |lrrrimrl.tw ar.t i soul claimed A Steals engine of 1

...'f'.I' : t.. !"r,, .1 1.1t...|Miw.if 4..t.1 re',,! -Iat.. '!'.- er.UoMhe ,'UII"'. who.. l'i..Ifiat{ e p,J'I I -I* cntaiioiis. It 14 a Licit ct-i.tract tctvhe ,.tu'' piT Loris power heated 45 arp nts tram the

\ ::...i.i .-.'. 'fll' :S; !,. I ..M.It1' n.. af..rritffi.i and t'.e: j>"f: r. to tin- .-.Toci d...' r.vt r by mmply propelhrg a rotary wheel.

.... -- -- '''''e-I'y, on nch T*'r.n. .01 1 it such tnni. I' nor \* in-( <-!.\' .mlillfn; 04,1 t..ro-nr.ii...i.ll; lhr. he former will tuft'the the thmp. if tl... low. It ii'|.!citly dram d aid: brought tinder

\1'rUHIU! f\ .i* lo thHi. :intv dffin rijKtlient.Sc. .':.me<< Vi u ,41:1: :'4tt.,.' .luiy clf th !t."t!. 4i'crwil' | (pn-ent ih thmj; purfuj. \\ atd, !: I'liitniiiii. a large truck of .land, which

(, // / /M '/A ,,,,.,.- ,.,/ Tint tlll'l t I ot-M-rve .. Uti"' wvr, huuruuly with a of
-- -- .t. < I- ipt.u.on lilt If IH iri:: r.iru'il: orM.mti !u "P- Ihc. r.eu.pnjKro' am huts il. ) crop mcar
f ..'M, /'. ,.,.,: .v ulJ'/....!..'H/.,. I"tt I"r .h! .ill ?Hin ,'t/i foiisfro.u an-J after i its d and ci.mmi.-Miin.-d t-, S(4.- tint tins : 'iulnt thit uay. An editor wanu a jl ..lIrI I, Cane and. corn, the sound of wLosen-silmff

( M VI i r% 4. i \u ACt tll ,.1.-.lIw.' 11t"" I p t-" It f'. I II n' w'ctitc ri.ftijuiii'. nnmly urta"i1.j: : I IIf>l bootMnrk now. the pir.ret.lirr<. Cc', I eavjH will all|| much mere baiinonioiulyn

r i r\ : .t i" I ;.iwof hfllt1inJ: the Sli- I I latj.. Jar.uarv 15ili); : 1-rW. ..nd to arrest -urh!' u.uf.-' .md: |ptttats" 1' told the ex |p"rwu'a.tlI'arllll& t. : tic car of the hurtandcan than the di.-

of the I A '' ,trt l.hhlanutr ". KRtinr. : t..JlI.c ; "Mr.Mii .* No. So How mal. I: 't.rdar.t music cf the roll-tloJ a few
,) : r.i t'" I' ( "ft* ConnFranklin. ", | : : f >:lii-t ihnrdnty, a-id de1 ill i CoLtitnl 'mi "

I., a'lll 1 .r OI'IT purpose*. 1 \ f".r their iriil.: ; hermit, uncommon I} admirable 'boots u r.. ,iionthstpoits inhabitants.he rxrcnse

': i' / i T.f'V ri'rrr..r.7:4'1 l,4. : 017. (r" .. "ITArt: :\. conn.rain; : S.-c. :1.Ie it ft.\r: "U'I' !,.1. Thai i ii lilt' : any man in tu" n. ether UK.' is air gonil (>f eMabhsuing; the engine, together with

r ', '_ f'." ( .... .f" '. I'I tif'trynl' /'/", '- i. tl. l\i: n: no S4ir. ,.4 i \fr.I; ILr'r 4 ,.., at.Miintr.l and I comtrHi'ir. .,. hut those mane: by Mr. \\ ,ie!!in" are I". ,appurtenances w as about $CCO. A\bat

; 't. This I U:* (",,,,'a'\ -o..t nf ilir. nnuiaUt ,\ ./..: if enas. ,/ &y l'tr /nr'rwr a,,"/ I.11f .#'- I "'( .! hl % uiiie of ,n:' ....1. I..II aull. :hell ,'ulurU :& :rat-pstfrctt) brillirnt 114'. I IIt'an' thl ruftf ditching, or rather cannallmff

"! rr.all"-I" ". ." j'i' ('1'\ 4.f$t. Jo*Pph ; litirr ('..I" ril.fl.4r irrrilnryof I'I'.rie. i.inmi+,.n.n. tier{ II.,' K'; m ii(' I wtiie nrultin: that he lied diM-otcrtd a rr-.v sat ..J'' %t a. *, hate! not been in(ormtd. 1 he trop.

: ''1.' ..'.! (* ,,,,,1'I 1 il..* Superior 31C : ,1 ./ That thr (Jo.i-ru'rIf .*ud Tcrntor fr'11II 111'; 1-tg'.f j .;:i :rl. M-pannt leather. M, tlut U vvc.tr" doss : t ) ri.mreter.t: judges, i is sunpottd to be

('...Utt\. *.rtMt4 4't| ..sNl! l', +Int%'. .hall; I tie(4et.t.l tie .in 1 he i" !?r-.y! ."I1'"', itl to turn-<,e s -t'. I.J.. itj"it.r "/, /,./. That I the' Wilt'S longer than .1131111 common u.c. 3 Ir uh: (.iimaicilat ;25Ma The Iritiroph

i tVintSat.. nt 'hi* tnnr* J'. ,! and. riling III' nt..l: ofthirifiun.. ;o\ernor ol. the '1 i i rout} of Flon-ii I. 11 higins'ixootab-'.lutely last.i nun hudl! !. I' mOle brilliant, rod the experiment; more r

,rateI 101,1 I : I ih:,l tinJiHjr. ud ,. ,%utT. n m hi' diM-rctfrn the r..I..U''C''ll'C : I"'r.t i aimthurzrJ l :a.ideiiiHni| f.rt..1 1.rmi.kc! tllne. There is re:lily no wear out to the in. itKfartory! n, JIll credibly' stated the land

(':erk.; olttJ Coniiy Omrt an 1 S if ri'T < .f TI iv require.' 'tocl,MIMIIOII fur and n-rrivr volunteertT : -*-t4 I ndrrtht! >e circumstance*. "I.| at will JI'htgeins I. as low as the swamps ret* ten New Or-

Iii f C.'tffll,.. ,H ,'I re"i'e at the .:tH I Com I I l'.it..>.t J nu: try li.h. HhX "'; :.hi/rlh: in into ci :1l .IIIU'+ uriliM i iJy at- do ? \\.hit can Mr. Uhi gui.do ., : bums and Lake r.ciiarirain.

1\' .o,!. n"II-lr ,.1i-c! h"'C't.m.a'ait'fl., '\i'J; I'J' J..ua ) Is.'it;. r. .. 'lorinrd ; 'lolIIm"'I''U ufl'rrr t.llril i ; Mr.Vhizirin IS allly penned into srurnct. By the operation of the engine 00,000

S"r. '*. .\+lb- it forth*r r "-,,,,.1. Thai! ; : ,fuJ\' i-'i-rte.; 'nn! a-*!,11 tLim to hut rc.. 'f't'rr-: bi.t out uiy out. II 'iit- Ifl' conk (t ft s.f w atcr can t.e carried off fr!

i 1'1' nr,414io1.. Itr thi a "thi: !"! tike eff-M Cinr.: 01*. f\,,. T11-j-: | An Act to rittl+; h 1 nut; Kt :mifiit* oi 00111:11 ui S.! M tiblv l nu'v'liable. Mr. Uhirsim i* Poll our-the rains of two or three days have

-, I .- 1 1 f'rcr...n '\111 1 :iftr .!t... .1.lj,"i'iri.- t".ct Trm of the superior CHUrl in U. I Ihuuhla Su5. Jiii 'nittT ,.,.,.."..'/. Thit: the.urlrur.4 iittrui-iedofoio4i! or any otlitr II"Vtllt'- 1..1 I i ffi muted to accumulate' en the plan

,., 1' "r ,',.. r i *.t,rfnr Court (ur lli.. e.emtut :;' the' 'JVditi.M I of Kltrida, : I ti'.. able! mairrial. He is f.e,.h and h.cIII. : ).- ; 1..IU'It. amid drained in a few hours. The

.r \( :rrt.t"-hlan" I i httr.-eflt"r. all : //,.. it f.fift. I tty! ;.'.e (,.,r'r'.r a it f.. .mtit lit is h"ic! MuIf..rl..1 l ai.d ttnpouclKM "- I .. fncn.it iniir4tulatf bun. He 'nllll'| >, uabliMimenufa few laigc engines, with

i- .... bas i': h HI !+. aJ'w--.ra1; ate pre. : ..?/.i//r. (:... 'il .J /\1' 7Vr "/ "/ l.i"./ ,'',1 ...*-.ti| ntd.i-Mi. ui.ii.rnl tl,,nivr:. t., au.1 iinijffsu-ro 4 the counter. Sna'.ji: r.. II nuUr: *pi nntua raid to be a simplifica.I'll -

... dMert' ki'l'l! UI I .t.-'li\I""", WJlllh.1! ala. Tim II -'.aliu", I hI' ful. m d I: ,* h.'reliy en.ZMiuftr: 'f f'rru',", to mater n- rust r II.: und .aak. if tht t< Mr.:. \'J5.II1"! 1 1fH hull of .the..IJ lllu1.lIv\tAU.ma; ;

"' 1',1't'i.+ .a-t lnvhri.e..hnrnlt. ..T..II h.... lil.t-lv. $1.lat' }. 4.f thr Jutlff ..(liu-: -.ir... QUI+I\o"" (sly It utiho u:. ;bo" I' ."f r.J 4..",_ I : IIlr -t .. e) ..Uf..
.. .. ..'. ..'r..11o'n. .... I Irtri i. .r. Mr.: Kditoi rlnd !. u! : I II..d
M 1..1"
II ; j 't 11. 'n h..l.t 1 .. 4 'q.fta4 ,'t :..... c"I\1 Cttv, 'S*. J.ivp'i : it ". h'rh jfiira ; I hI' Aril da) a note.
i I' ('.. .! r.unty ..t L:1.lt.'r.eIh : : .,- n"l I :. n r' :' mr ti the Icriion' rc-
-- *' ,.f -i J C "*1"' ...'114. U Ii'1: (?r till, ltl t'1 \.I!V; !. I I'n rnstlts .'.u-e.k.... !... ." 'ttrt.titi"I i!>'h .t. ...- th. .111'"' of tfie' wii.rt. te- i ir.,1 ,11F'I.ur sir,--i-lthouyli&: I lave tot tIe: ,j ftt'lencenfthe'orwrr..-The mcr-
: < II n.' a"* f, hrttnilt "- plate at hUII'r ..1 sr.."nal 1'4u.&IIII. ('. \ itI rt..ant manufacturer tc lolled ofuwjiid
I' i \ .t tae a 11 ... ul h*,. t f .... /f-uhuiih! tu your 1 or may
.' l ',' tlfft terns ; .M. 10'w
t.-!. 11 rH.fiw' !., !'h.' (".'tir. tn t..rc i. i I I ake the liberty ..uiUlrt-vi.ii': von on :1 .I,4'. e'fhm labor by the changes of
I' ni'h I1f'! '
the '' ru'.t.l
'list i clerk tit 11' t'.ii I r tji.i-H".n. 11' ,
+Itsl c nrt u .r; t. 'II tl'
a' \. wr'ijr: la. a-ty U\r to the t"lfn rar 'Ab', "1n a',2'; : ".;3111... 4tttlnra'l' 'nfa"'lHirrd ,. ':..r, .! : .\.11&1 c .1' IM r.' art not "' 'Itli-! .ul'J'rl which l lit 1if..raOI" ) nrt IIII' it' rie gn or Jorr.cn market entirely be- /
i and tuncx." notuf taken ty tau .'td! cu.trr.l and wind a '
...III" I4..4m:. ho-id a'ld tni44eh irse the .rt yulu't'-'erw III UM* ** iMtil consult* Inilrn. hllf'ral : 1.1'1 may op yearv
Jammv llih. it' li. I''i. 'u ..f III biMiln c"mliS..II.1! III) Ih tnL.*. 'J h 1mr I r In hn h he hud done every thing which inIliiriruc -
p. u'uM! \1"- the tiiily i ii ul )
like. fn-s ,1'1..1 1 .
( :'
and 10 n-n-ne i ;
In- .
.\rpl\rJ. Pih January. I;;;'T.i. :iuttf" ot .r.- & ,- that you will cull at my !.' litM* .hi>|, and i iar..t'I'I and industry could do to insurecre
.i. f :-'irr she! : ',.. <.f .U.U C..u..> mihiii Itn i I o|...teiw i or the otmiu.itnh.itf otlict r fir ohelvt
of tlc bet i canul'trly. but with
the .1..II''lIl' a pair( my .. not only w profit,
ilau1."nllt.+. to up I
; .. \n Art M or:3ftizl' : I' I'mttr' 1 am uYar "'jr very jrjtifui } actual diminution: of capital. The stong I
(::111"' 9i3. (rt < n.J : that! my an i .
:. fttm-tftl. 'i a itc l i" pnnidcd
.- ". 2.! fl' it f "t\r % r.ifl ; (lent it rtprr4ly and 1 1hunMe
I U: Franklin" ( unty tn !I'M" ca11': "v and respecllull ) t>ur must utedicut aIm of niechamcindustry may be enfeebled!
I"t i i )
.o-ui a< ..<.M t r .Mt t'" '.igi il/fil. U ..'i Ill l N th .M- .1r.\ II to -. ivt*. 1111) 1"* .':\ru-''' b} '
th 1:'-,"'""t:1: U.tuw.t. fen .. I or pa "nly/ed by the prostration of there
.ihiiNMlitU ub* tiiutf to Mntltiir
rl rk ihi' Superior dmoinr.
i} < i
'a. di.tj! oi ? \VncoiN-
a1'I I. Kit: P. commercial interests to -
/; e,14't./.y lA* i i rr turn nr.rufacttritg: or
xhrhiiftid '
inS" tf4d, And all!' *. .
,f/., .. ('"...,.r.f oft%, T'rit"trii nf ltill \-,,- u. ( AlT'llill' r iiii\; ti liathi(' ov. -r ufC.tU'II" In toltmtrcM.vli: .Ir..nl'u in ... riin*, <.r.i /nOt II"fNAvr ", flJ.'r'n.. UJ l'. Il'-ry. \\ lif.c 11'11 rce it rte ?cntikJly contribute ...
of I' 4 :rt or
cl'-'k: np'Hor ; :
lciliurnlofMiil1i4; .U.lt hr f'KT"tin tl-c Oj>f"' >tifc the' -- ('h'nrh. :and! '.11 whom in turn it so essentially de-
and be Hiibi! lto ru <
: t'fciaritl to (
aU fi" f>mt" pihim. ,.rrdn
I. 1" i.
1-r.uniy nf Fnnklin: t.t!irp ,l Ut-ol! the f..I.IoI.lohl. l bt! ," l" ..,IJI. Hut; w bat has the intelligence and
.nI..h..1 fr'Ifthe arttete. of War a.
!ai -! i
..htli pt'U 011 tik \tth; \\ .tit 11! Skitchnflii Majc: tv \\ \11- fear? His is
1 '. '1 H-st-iwHt' ; and that the %attic lhui I-.a'l'! IIIli.nr .i.iMnt ui fainter to capital
I hen'tfter all *019'n,1 the "
count.r ( ..IH1nh. : H'ld l'fU'*.1 l i'wp.
th. Miliiiahn-i ( mlfrom tnijoni Kecollfflson* xvjcd ground
'.r'.1: t< in ;
< 4-c
i I' 411 .1 l '.l''er% litl" ....ltiul i-f 5o-er imn,: a pfn vl ul
.. an -" fiilytl'
I .1" T j rll.."'> ; a'1)' .the I'ishth R''-IIrdr.t. refit 1".H. id.n.s... rxeM.....l. a. tln-" "h.th n: monii:-. iiiurH4. *>...urr'11....-!mar:. ,J.S J. ''he lhiu<* of Lordjust put h,!aul. IIt'n'lit i ii u fund which firm time immemorial has ne-
. ">J of the MI'.MU: ct ; a4 i is i cut and dry' : \t"r failed to l.onor: all just demands ; hisJ.r.I
Ciiinpt: "
u. > 41'11'fh..t
.: lu fi.ua J'"ir !) ll',1 f> t' > :a.
1...Ii rtr" not. the 11o'dtlleuigll .
,, an.1'al' '1. In the King H ulxmt : be diminished indeed but nevwhtilly
< ,
\\.lnll":1 eron ,
.r M ( ". rountitul: allI'errcuniirii eonmt:....!"'o i1.- '. Ja'Mnry )15,h !1-<.... tllIl' Court oi 'uitm'ii ( a M any. wullhr (. lie can !rurtciy be ,aid to l 11f'e-I'I'- rr suspended ; his success depends
fi Iii.
., : ,.f -.. .1 oM-miv. ttln .rappt.lranr r "iko ..,,>um hall! I" comply !
.\rPf:" t',t. Wlh J"n ivy. 15 3:1. .M.-u-hu.i > nor ('fHUI.I:1I1I. of thH! net. hf .hall tc lit pulrJI. but hM touUic< npproacl.e** to I il. 00 no mere earthly guarantee, but on the
at II.H r''I'II..III'4
..* .liiulJer!' are rathi r hih, and uf uuu-i a, u"f.fahat great and beneficent: Being
('. '.. 1. (N'.. m] An Act ,1M"I3riuClh". "! : ,* huMeti (tn'rlrtifl'olumill forc* for an \.apjxar.inct'it ri. and thes.lnc ,1 I ri five-urn hundredJol.iri not |i"4 IMHII!; *; and of.rerN inr aunhats .. filial brcad'.h. lli utxk ha+ coiiMqnenllnppcarance ) x144 liar declared& that while the earth envdureb
.. tPn,1.tn"r
11'$4li'1i"417, C"Uftt of l> shorter than it i-i In st-c-d and harvest shall net
t.: ,1"tr.\. 1ft : :tn
..!n'l >: isk.Mi and pr' ("4Ptli1! !!> ',1\1 thai rank: ,-.111111."m! I mihaiionr .
tep .ork. | il hl'rl
He walks with at <<
N *!h 4'r "tl.'I. ihty. cr ate.Imiwn
a ; C', tlr f It.in- hllDlr..I.! nor more than tvnfru
h.-.11tCIIf(6' .tI 'U'I "'r 'irt '+
ti ,. .1), tl1l' 1.-- llv i n not iood uaikor. I know irhnse .
11t If' a -
-t- bq ;
: "
/ ". 111. ujicut: b"torr t.ic ppvifi of tl.i, tt.. .I! ..alit,*: Mil i d1'I i ;iiint oflut'r t4'p.
: .", I"il nth, Trttirt) of Jli a ..n which could more ktrirkinplractene 1l' of theforestfeautiful
If' I StTfnoJt.-A\t'aLe1o\'rtr
"c.1.! .rul! uurtllatl.tl
ht' !II 1 in f'j i: S *,. i"u Co'Jit oiU4riU4. ,:i.;. forlhwh !loC' :ir:i a
I' ''. r I .::14. n\.r .itu.itr1 in \\'a..fa"I.UI( i : iS-l.ii.r.! fur Is-alai., uu'Ual ('"un h.' ht+ mode ,.f u ..lkinjr! than I In : bird of the prairie.

.1&i ko"'"'n liy th.:* '&1.f li.n: : ".,,_- he ,,'uddlf''fIll" l.: tirr M mir aI. with the of
4 awake thou
( Awake
l. That the irate th'u. p'lltehUH: eyes
S-c..l.i /? ,rr '. !.\T **artr< \l.arW.!; .t.:1!l it.. .....
f -.I -I 1. ':11I2 IH ",.ah'r- into lilt 111) I. \ cl l.-,-ical it im. 1.11111\ sirs-slit tv i ii 11 ben look at me I amrpy
'n4't.i M',,'-': 'j t ft .if.Hi cri t iiihP the fall n. you
to. ww .\ 'ft'., '11. H hrrr! v rlPf h-t. a'i ; .. I.e It > paitti'i'laily i\'i-.I i\i. Hit art- I.rllund like the fowers when they feel the
2e.' tl"'r.t M ..i.l-s iyin May: mil !) I'mieil I l Siatr.crIrc arc uljirt to '. ,
i i. h.-vi' ,It r t-, li' r"fu'u//Yt i ri i ITV ..+ 'a .t- 9 di-obfdi,-iu'cof ol'.I"r- .\nut'hnnld ami& Hill. Hn ttimpirxiKti: is tuintngretvinn .. '
rertw I :r. "& n.littl) for i'ov! .. \\ hat tieruing
theRicer dark' and : w.The
nll : ,ht. 4-etm it I."c n* ln.'i; up 4'4I //. it frthfrHirfi7. Thi: the anv private' after being e'iro! 11 s : breath of thy mouth is as sweet uItc
a" tiep'iw' li.no".ft ami ,!t'JliI\It': ( he sibnll tiein111:1:1 ( of tin hair ss I caniiot [.. !"ilM-l> say. flowers in the morningctt -
C when MIIIP at Almi.i- rtfll..e tu" ive. fragrance:
.. i "':ri :; auldr.fll-d.i
it wl-irh I hav.- ..t en111m.
It' Wi'lniiu.; .>r hriI:. direrid Ii\' thi :u-I. not exceelms! Pfty eJ.II.'r4. :t" on err oe' x-ion on as (heir. fragrance at evening, laths
', in/I ort'aiii/'tl a<* *um
S-r 2.1. it r".,. of the
th4t Cuiitt Muitul And fading
of tb- : mOtln
4irmio: H I tLPh' ,
'.. i"n une tim-i! pon111 al crruutl '
M I could form judgeiicat -
bnJt'r fur
"'I4I,1.tbawfultoerect. & a-iv hil head. A a< the blood of veins
Tt have bon draftedand Does not my spntatiots
of tin- rra''r\ ,
inn'r c'iuiiti* \\ en pit'
,.''i.. Inp>Jt,nf\i 4rro. .iul river, or !Itul. 4''a', h"f.. ''-or C '.)art* ln\r Im-n ewt.ithsh4'd I fined any a+ aftircoiid.: lit !lull 1 iininrdialciherc.ifier it III a light hrown. Hifcaturt s are'mail aids thee like the bubbling s ring to 11MlIun
T '.*, a' ", 'rlU'It.e tb -r"l.l. by ulnrli a NiijK and nut very ftmiijjly':I marked cor the of the nights7
:) % IIIUC't1. I be liable: to a second or third .. in moon bright 't
nid oi! ) His '. ia ,
e i
ebstrIIet- advanced n
l h his ace.
r frPC nltiatrnttcrr.f: mi) "Jf1.'td Tint all be dccvnid 10 .!idering : ((April.)
Jxr. 5. n> ttf"'it\'r II raft yhould it necessary thanutherne. Hi is I
ohi broad
i : &::11 "l'l"n hn;e imp. ijranta nr Ii.ultatngsgsmniithe :' till the number required : rather short and :; ty heart rings to thee when thou Irtnrar
Crake lo .
and of I 1:1": it. up and
bus breadth
: pert both
:K"I'lIe. b 'reb" dl"f'larl"d cnmn'JI1 nlli.n i | be. I i Nil! fine.t to tie collected fnrrht3d is pretty ample in : like the danring branches the wind
of ttu art, << the :
alii I inrannig: rota county
...-i, a\-t mi) ,hi' priw..led aall1" &; rt''f' UW'and intent auLinb -pC4lrd.& *o far aicy -* aftl'r the manm pr \cribe
'it '' -! a. ". ch ; & if any pr"onor person tam conflict tth wune; and no faiihcr..Sec. "h.h thin H an Qu'udlll"nl. and hIll b lat.pu,1 it of any intellectual exprcion. When thou art not pleased, my bred,
+ I I
,tintL\ ri e,. errcu urbuiM an\ 5-1 -i bridge"f nwrtM That thepJec al JKHJII lie collertfil, to the I'avtcrof Ille l hrst* light &gray eyrsarequiek in my hurt ,darkened, like the shining rherthen
0. Itf it fitrthrr over inthei
-leiwrot- he ter shah' | br chit nndclrarand picrcmc e
t ryi 1' Itr contemplates the I I the Regiment ; MibjirtcJ to !'tif]r Vuse+lu shstlows fall from the elocds ahore.
fr liouMc the! diraaae "u'lal1lf"l1 by any i at which In'.t na- : hifrver.il *. lliscottntenancf i* highly indi Imilnt'3111ft troubled heart to be
0"1M" deemed l Thy my
per+ "I II' ppr.tI'.. t.v n-nr.n Itlt'rro'f; and ;iirn-nor Court nf t'olumhn County dU'ltO'inn an may & shall I'alive of good nature, L.ended with blunt- brightened as the sun makes to look 11bcolel
"hanll > called and known by the Ihc J ntker'of the regiment, : ,
hd, (
r "lt..l be httbteto 4iriiufnt f--i a inn I I sine shall nr"! the which the cold wind baarICettd.
said ripples
fund &
Ii 1 ''fl-'U.,t. a".S n:1 rtmt."UOII tlitri-i,(. halt mine of L.atsr.'t4': (',,,,intitule a Military: : You j-ce nothing either in appearance ormanners .

tnuit {ieU by the not\ered mgfiie huno I..u.d, January lath 1S3T.. 1830.HAT. lor hc forthwith able-INtlmrd! !paid orsalisfaetorilyrcured.uhclitutc furnt.hed. 1 1I '1 that would lend you to infer tin 1 I he earth tmilc*-the water smiles-the

-,-l dollar : NrInJeJ. hotteti'r. 'this act Aprro\ed, lath January, an Be it fnastnL, Tint the( I ye wa* other than a plain: country' pcniirn. :. h..a'rnl smile but I-I loose the way ofaniiwg

*'i ell' !!'>! p'.ent th% err.-tiou of a:iv bndjeo I Ni.. further of Florida: l he.end : That he i il! good hearted and unan.Irdh' ('- w hen thou art not here-awske [
Ui-r work- which fbill not obstructth (' 919. [No. 1'1II.J An.Ac: tolritunite: lernor of tie Territory simple in hUt demeantMir. is a fact ofwhich b..lond. 1
'" free nin-iirtu oC Milt river for Ixnturtinrthrr and chance: the name of l;...thi r, George I he in hereby' authorized and empnwerd you are ('t.'n\ inrt'd nt the very fir>1 wake DIY

Get uuter. or for rafts of.1 \\'. and Rile)' CrcA\ lu borrow a MJIH not cactfdlngtwentyhnuu.and ncejougttof him. 1 he beadle of aparish -

tm.rnrlutnV-i of ctery description what3 I /7t it f>acted by tkf Gorertior and 1.4'gsslalire 1 dolt r. on the faith of the Tcrrito when clothed in his cloak rf office. A I f(11..1JiLA distinguished writer ofihts

."-. ,.',,.r. \ Council itf the Territory ofVa". : r y. to be applied for the defence of the coun ..(riot, about, at the church door nub in PIimmeasurably country say, that 'and acknowledged;:
ida That from and after the pa".ace of at he miy deem expedient and proper. It'ullrmf"n u never bound to aeknowlecge
*. .!>//,/ it ',rhtr fnactnl, Thai ry tf greater mf'lnJItft.tf1e'I'|
"C swt "!HilI:' be in full force from and after; this act, Knlhcr Jeorpe \" and tile) t cc. 8. He it farther enacted. That al I ham William the, ourth exhii>ti! when hemft'tl scurrilous abuse of notorious and provcroalrkcuarda. Il

:' ".".ttte'Y Crew, of Columbia County, shall be aetreulatintt the Militia of this Territory, instate the Nobles and ('c n:.: "urn, ItI l =, .' The same idea is expressed

....-!. 1ntnrt. 15th, 18M. known and called by the names of Ktther ,,) tar :nn they' conflict with this act. are reIcalPs1 -''of the land.ou. cannot |irp tuuiilghat : in he old saying. 'A well bred man wilt

Appro\eJ, 18tb January, KM.r Genrgell'. and Riley How< II.j ; and that this act be in force from I I he wished in hIs heart te could either nol intuit roe, and no other can.' It is lmHied -

j Sec. 2. Be it fuithfr tnuetfd. That the ,and 1 after its pa. .afe. Iii ntte with the pre-crptite certwonici ; { also m the following paseafe, whichcame
.. 91 j. [So. it.] An Art to alter and aid Ether, George W. and Riley, shall See. 'J. R, it further enatte-L, That a..oon .I be bas tu 10 through at the opening and! w. aceross the other l" mil earning

1 the time. of holding the County be held and considered m law a. the chil m this act ball become a laic, Eveumdrej losing of each session or tint in the oversowing O'f"r the leaves of Lacon f fi you carrot -

r .., -'a (ir.Ma
'1'11'd h\, the rtrernor and LtI' said county ; and as such, hall be entitledto Ihe Governor of the Territory is hereby t the time be is the sovereign of there realms lawyer manage it, rather than yecrNo -

. .- I "* t.'tunfil of fit Territory of Flor- inherit in whole, or in part, his property,, i empowered and requested' to furnish copiesherrnf look and movement furnish eriee me)Jt man sweep hie own ehiiaaey,
''Hi. every
much thereof a* they would he entitled to the several uf&eeis of their revIpectire who has
Tit from ani after the pauage ol i or so i not to be mistaken of the man tri but employ a f'himn'1lW"1fPtf,
I to had they been burn in wedlock. regiments, as soon as may he.ased It is ibjection to dirty work hislode.CA.rufetcls
"". the CimtHf Court of MadUon um bung over the monarch. rlnrlr'witb I DO bU I i

t .I't'nU he held on' the first Monday Passed, January 15th, 1H30. 183 G. I. January 15th, 1836.Approved .15th 1836. difficulty, tbat in the midst of the pro t (.'a. F .
la 4..1. .rti miter.w Approved 18th January, I January, .


j -

.d. 4. .




.- "''' l ; -.
4 _;; x J
4q ,

q. ', law in the cast I.en"tor the Pemneola HcnW
head! I
i I 1'1"&l..Aauct'a.r 1I".r. I ought lube no lieiitMtion which hand_and t.1 uu tray the unp'Jh loj ojinc| user churn my, all bc,.mcartxl JenpcU,' I!I i nnly take the'I i for Sale.
be used or which fool to put forward ; I I Hi the act The
j, and !! prevent
PAIII.IXt 1 errant, !nakln; myself, making occupant oflrnHOUSE
limitation. It
!. '' i tiC UKRMX or 1Iront. I that there indeed nimuch ,: m>st oiniHirtl (.tees the hum.ni vi ;, i 0(1 to di'INs as or the utteraired tints
Or H it from I I &i {
th .hlj faun tit 1)e/ ever of bb 14
I .1 ieu'-- \..r iri vvuup4AineJ( .ttuung flu coulvf form. l\ hd'i the dexrtd; etTrct ; sa y months
he in
much It n distinction, says, birth place with the Furniture
I-Jot. "I.t "t" ah' was prated I"I mud f vonu! iheiricL, creanutl out \ Fixturr-jL
I Me ti
and the left
lnlove.1 mid 'tU itt right side u'l the lio Iy ; I Bar Stock &f- &r1t.J'ninr I to the E
hv men. I tho li t hVlWni- I If' I%"fill by e %% M.iir$. 'F1e ] n and Ins wife M a. story
1 rxtollol her tbr uit !-t.
i Ihr-. hi".. r.isd I"" ;i..Nhl'-04 Ie \'. L1 1.tu. "IrI .if the organ of ni.ttioa and I'UIIII.he lirtN ".r each other I lo.l i.o Fauny Fi-h, of rear is Site, Ut in the place, the whole of
4* *tit.'. M IHC n llh KM) /" a.id., *is girutcsl on the right side, aol jumpt'l ulf the chum out of Ihc the furniture nmrlymw and Cal a luttun

"Aid t'I" 8" oontm-K-vl hr, 'CC ihothrc .r mal Lit Jirll\C',1 l by rncaurclurnt
silo )1I4 t un.l for mint n ri\I.1 of the Ui'.iirunJ: llocm.lkrr. llimore'lnturiit .. .-.It- at ,hmiM*. Thui eiuled my aaI of the hoti!c has gi nemlly bctn of the no tre.peel
stir sarlt4'Ig'hee. l. wL. "jwn them when | > may bf said to ii>ult from \\itbilicdtarymaid. A story got or tn 'hujhlrr ; I able: kind, and must increase greatly

tft! )+1 p*.I !It\.. "burr they UP in the arms ophg19 ( | use of thr right linnJ. Dot' : thf (hcrV MprriHtfnm| link, that I II' A Hit ut vela, calculating on ihc prr rnl '.[eetsofPearssarola.
-lf.t.'lfJf'r1; wa.tr Imlli IHK) whiMire the niiin of tliH li"tI or prarliICIt :' drill pria had ri4eli from the c'aurn, and llj he tJih bets I'OMCV-HUI! p.Uen In.nu diately If
lia. !let"11 ellil! rhildrrn ar<* taught t II)' |p.I-1 I'
awl ..wII'ra" baud nl) him of unpiouoly breaking the : I required, and lei UI known bj OIp"III1I'OQ .
t tell*t tliMi n.n frlt'n.I.-h.t HIM" rents and mir>4' to u>r their imht !IN .;; The 'I'll ''IIIIIM'If really ltf'lit.llhat l '1, \"! brotigbi list premise *. .
111..1 : |11011
Inat.J-1 but nm i tru .!> oI, and not generally, ,, .. June 18 183IV- 15--tf
tool Horpli'piM: < i-iUMixh ? ltd %\ conMltutiotnl wii. the tlexil, and sue ter again: (' l 0f" >t'-n. ;nr; .. ,
...'.." thiv : all thr llowrrs awakr and lirxtil. I l.; "i'let, till- tMTuIririt the: left |stilt 4 ninrmlMrH ': ,: to m .1...ltuttrall tunJ3)'ule oJit i b.s: I sal' ul lln I -- llttilllunll1, terrli .

.1Jt. lt'ffl'Ith! thy purplr .j,lnibri'lnl -, I : ilMraHtlack! than the .11", : Illl'r"lanc; he in- : first I'atulion of the first flqjnrnt
dnr.ft i" \.1100'4. Th cl ir n( nmrr rrt'tI'U'lItI| I asconaplta. \ L of the Florida Militia : -1
t..jld: titlelan' t'irr : every mfr tlam"! ; u.. (tIll I nakui-l U-hina' a IH.THHI of the, \\e NH\.! ra.III'1; : 1 Till!: I'Uiti TIU\st'uns 1 : n. : oiilandbroiighi rtl of that pert (.f Km-amhia County -

new mrai* to charm thy rtortinc: pn-a-nn. ",-rjin ttinli/.iil| the niotioii, xx nil the 1 lilt (INI SOVKKKICNS: :: IF ":ItO1'F:. I | .1"t/,('/1",dr. of the cambia: Hay and river, la berebr 1/,
.h 'nc .1'
Tfc. ttr.I' ". I'- "-::,tit. thr |n'M.ti MH !". I uo tI.11 ma>, .drill a" with the| naht ; tat) ilK" I rrom .11 nrl t'k in the. .Moiitrur, we -- n.tifir.1 Hint n IIA1TALION MCSTLfewll

I nr%*r ti:cl t"4-t :!rte' : IIt.drll1k arson the l* nut M "o nitii-li turned out in Ih,' lift. tain the 'follow it.c euriout jiirtieul.irs.Itu ." ".-+ l..I:1T.: : he held! on the Public Square in Peg
cbalirr .\ hK-h, IIM-I! ofiere't tin-in. h"lt! I .t-'I hr ( / in Irixi: trea4iirr l oii'J71ua'1..yIhe'J'tday
ixitli t'llr of
I : s.ini Jnf
a Kr Mt-r purls is madr; n'l I < }: : I II I
und strttsf t1). rqtft1111.1| | l'f : 111"I" Hi 'I.tr.a ol fcm "le "lIelahl' ityofiiinr i. g-.m: l,) llfc/al-itli, aet-innnlrttril with ;I heard, !I! where nil pcrn-n wiihin the limits of thtaid

I linji| y t'af: they rnjov th,f un- '..- r1) lini s: ulna fi.nu .M 1)a'.- ,- < nf ui.!--.'. !u.I.: rin.ilv rlla.-.. ; ,, sage hh in. !' Halt:ili 'n, lii:,>'!': to military duty ire
-all ( ula 1 II
lh-i It .
d.urt"'i. ut" r"rr".t,1. t.v 1i:1' .t vii' -unlit'! I'I.II in 4 of(. : "'| | Hull called
I "
tin ur.Vtt fli f ills : pu : the !
iklcllian .
hip kal
I 1. 101 .. Hillis.; UII.l alte'liI { .I I IIHH .ti tick on: ol''Ille t -iit
kallIn .I""g j "t' lo tI'll'I' t 1' it lilt n ;1".H'r I o'clock.
, fool HU liion appairtil. .11.1\ / hctl'-I I'
Yt t4j.'r! H tie i-lt-a-iirr to In tonpuHIIf..S, j, h : 51.1; II..a'. ,'ilh.It .h", I OF.O. ""IUJ8.1.ttAI. .
I l'ttjiUl..i ah.1 l lut'i,'d/ It i. ale t.h., ...t HiiMr'" hop! oil tnr ill i )liMit. Aiay Ii l'r.-M:i- Hie hm.lra's .1UI!. million }i gzj
t J..1)n. ,'f lo r with 5..U and untjpblflt. .' !. roticliiilol, thru life, ill:H I'intfl"ph',1 r\-ry thins ,III Ills'j''fr.a iktf"'*' |aIi 'Is: jotiJiil! by I ( .; June l IR. IfiHrt-13rillllllTY
.f".h..1 t tier m"1..n'' r.rn I ltir mruiincf uf ,) f K u AU* '-:1 I' lull t"-r li'T !>:ui>'._Ian) tn the Holy
arlurlarx iouinu -
an'lrxfv iiir our ni"U'* l",i>rllay. It' tin rialit liaiul. ill"i r-ulott not. tin-lit of,Ih.' Iv. I, A': -.11.4; lb.!: 'KniMi-i'ir: : II.M nut opened ( ImIAJ' prowl'. tl.I! iy" after d.ilf, I will apply

;; 1t klt i- l It k.' lit r in wriiy unit: I ina.".'! .' to .1 ,Mi/fwr.i/. S ) .r I I \ rife I t.t; lo :itM to I'. "rum '' : JL to the Hoi oruLe! the Judge of tUCounty
: 7'Altt*? .*' *.,,.-" "Iut I as.sIe.Ir ', tit it i. rig':a Naiad M more, Mronj an ;' ,.i.ir-iif; ll'.ng-irx' :11 1"11I'. hurls Is ln" C'i tit of Kranbia: County for IBthority
"c 'ullrlll.If.I"'rc' i
: 1'Is. 1N'rslttl.' .111'i 'tt'iC1r.i) ls11s ,:/id' 1.1)* <*r nitJf .n itots. the N'11t. lie IM- !!0li! xvlncli' uonM com rout my Itml-s yi. to H-H tIC much of the real estate of
and Itlt ..lhl.i 11111II that inrirri'iirr in u!iiisj ralII'i I KASliLli: MAKIINns.: dcrf ..
I the fIc-:11: +tt .n! to Iiwi-Ht._ Miillinii of 4iiM: ulonr, and which iuI
I .elf t f Ih- slu''t, .r fir lht' brut .t I !iiLs1sf II ,IHII ails l r 11'\I1! In- left, H not the :: : "IHinto circulnii-'ii. ; i.urtinei.1 f<'r the payment of the debt

t'jtl'! : M"*! atsn''t n.-uie in this :.Ih.hn u.. ;.x', nor alhl'lIliti"C. but H u ll-ij.! m'!-The I P lrh: King i 14 a !,'(' | | l with rffttvn tul th.e! 1.\l ..lii i i.i-i:c.JIAS.
f..t..f..t ,,M'. lidffag. : prodf 4 GAKUCTA AJm.JMIP '
tt'hs""' kin Ir":1: ul Itef" (' ,. IH-tin tn i nir In* IMTII rrph'utwli .
liful.iiMt -
f"r"IH"1. Tin* ? .
the' .;,ISn ...1. an'f I t IJstel, IIlIi : I $ 1 1BYxiiii.n 1N. If'JC-I--tt: .
: I' ." v i >4 c.ul R hall the xvhicli h<; has lust .
I If Iht're.tra jiroxinri'4
It. hie'
"nii-l I alone Mil I i -- -- '
f tM C'lq,'krng n... :md the IlerPininq ,w aa'ark I
inwli IIIHIII tn jnnI Ills s+r1cQ. rcif n. ihl f-ht authority granted me
,tie.tir by
.. t.ullilf'f". CI fl' ntl 1'.d"" |" : j.rtll..rtJt..r >
sass' monarch: imre jC"
the. o ..iiK'it. u atFimU a nctx' proof ofwfcami Sj\ony--Tlii4 John A.1 ..rrrion, Judge of
.1... h tl' e' e,55hreits! {! ) | !
tJtt'f 1 t. ." t : ar )
I tiriirvolent dr'iijn in rllu; Kormrr ,Iri-y tliatl 1101115.ilrrklentnir : the .homy 11,1,1. the Superior ( ,urt lot ''I.. 1):'tru t ul We!t
I ..-1" curl. I;'e "au'.iI. u'N! Isester tJru\n Sweden
i \ : ,
of mir iMfli'anil tifinir iK'ing xx ildrrful-- that ., ,. floods I xi ill J 1'ioftid on SIC to entitlJtJay..IJi.lthrtt
of k'2u'1. ..Iu' i "II I.
I >
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Omar. m..a..-. rI acrl.llt' 1'lIrllll I I |1Jld ear! I'rt r, Idohon IIIM t l. Mtnntrd near thr city of F>n-
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tltavlrhi'i. -'r..ste j jMrtrawl Isle! h.r,J of 1 i i ..1 .,* -<*'::1 .." I dei!.in to reply to linn xbjll .1 M.Iunlir i.f ) .r ''w0, cast IIIJallclll formrily Ix' 'loiipiipjto, NatiuaMiark'lrfonl t .a
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Ap 'InIIII..1era.I. I xiherr Cow den ( .!llr:<% all the .t u.h'lI l t :; I Arthur I' I II IH ne stud! others.of '
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!i !i1q. the 913i ill* -M-X and In* o* n 151111'' IH *.... !I.) >uh. racii iftljtitn &:..lf* nlen-il i out at Itl"It) Training.xvarned I : ,: of CATHARINE KINO,
1 It'I'a\; t :. "* ... li,f H'- ('I"'n. '0 t" ., Mlil tam M'J'||' Lilt I;.' nUH'U'III.m tlt *-- .J! 10511.' btu (-:IIIIf! out as ; I : ;" 11.1 iHanli..n nf the Infant Ileirt of IF!,

tb. harm .m 1.n": th"ltf'f' !" ..tj"'. : 11 !" i.jy rIll"| t rat hiiii )urM'if: ihr anger! a arrordmc tn pre.luii* iignrmrnl, I { fir .nJ l\\ntf, I hint. tUctaitd. !
I' ti'lt' ts'a' .,. .!, Pt'I I odl.mtf"t'l: '4f /atats... 'it..ji-..irrd .,tatu.!. *'ii Heft uu alnttr' xvil'i 111111 l.iuth.il.ir all.urofn.: They !n" (tW "kite stout nl :. liege ll.ig '11'11I11"- \ant' ol tin: : I ---- -' -' -
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with the
t tIP f" ., ." \:''..... s.. 15,4 own trite hi"'n Ing. ,1oiiMtfur j art!' ionir, Intl'L! : oh .. pair-t '''* of mmrlrrcf 1 the Ilo ors
: it large
1 Udlum"lIIt'ra1 on in I
i tr J'.. Til", >..1. th U %*'a' d-ni-l 'Sl.t/l bar, tl:,: County Court of E nmbiaCointy
i ----1IW"Y"- : 1.j'fY'fll IiiSMt- t +'w .--I viu ur.vji.i IN TIII;: 'i11 KN.; : .&II..lltt'r. n the -pur i ol tlir i lidprl I : I tkt sky t Mf sttilI|, on .Monday the 25th day '!
! tti'i and t'I : Vl-ll t" ,1 Ins II'I wt\J 1''tfi1.' ...t.1 lliir J htiyi the "tIIt' *. At lilt mn-trr .
he3TJ the "r of the tmmnrtaU t1 'ffj .. iif Jolt next. I emre the Court IIon. m
i I t'ef'l t.t-: .'.,..U11I' "". :* fir 11 f'.if ritfuil l ,li-l-4'it! 'I'lri-lu1-. I x .i* tiiukriiilli tinirrr in the liiorl iani.icAtlltl ndicnloim! :i U4t A. .tan I ihe my 's( Prn nrnra. ;>ttnw. M .n .(
I he II.4ftt h ni "if! .it VM.IIi:1: !.. t. .. hr\ :\ "-! > f,irk. .iil.l iiijttniK; 'llji of a jount n'-r their, inu:niaii; < anal Intermitv, w ir trU Public Auction, the: (ullu,'inC reI 1 Suite

fii.c Of 11St! t. 1.5 1.1". a : ifHt at"11 1.1f.t::.!hI Jury lind I, xvti iin I orn| *.i\v JM-S tl" j lead I I..Ml at X "| K ,| \\. lk |"il puling, ) a i M-.MCir.jr In the K-: talc of MAM'KLtOXIFA : -

I>t>lentu 1." :.i wriitini I "i-it house %> .I'rcI I ft"I'!l1.: J. n<|iiiir"i li<-i'n.iiin 'I 'mint'ue. I'IiI.11' III iluuf'it -. : ( ,' ; I \ ctrri!( It u :
cal after him. m., f'i 7"t: '. : anJ iri-K--, toad f-m-til that Mir1iitd in piiirtt-Himr mill heir clotlu. i tTeI I A trim of I.AM). lying I situate and beI

j |Q9.HWflcr ri -rt\ t 'I ."'! : '. '. welt\ a pimr-lant jwr'':i, situ IN-- ', w IiIjI'Ie!!- out. It I .thrze| -s'eel't Ills ', II I hr in! in tar County of CMmbia: f.truJfden
1'lVOritI"C ; th 't !h'.i'' tr'iiii: ]* ihc i'H-triui-- of the.' y"'
r.1nri a. .'." !h..... ...j"; .1'/-.-\ ..\i<...i4tfirm.: Alter u (a'xv"i" ix ln-k rs in.i(!<- eil: l iillaoe| .&11I. Some \ (1,1 .If"\ on the south iv thrlnn4tof Judge Cafffr- ;'

Latsttt.lla -..*,. "Wi.iwat UIM |,r'iiy ilunwl, I tli t"r't' 4iMtfl h it" three ir fUll I ft et high-" I lath on the t n't by the Crcamhia Day and I

putt.n'fl his t' : t, urifti: t>> mike hat t : r XIMI Hiring ihr tiino f. ilhiri. pokei-. .\r. The iMimer of on tiir ur!t b) the lands belonging to UMli l;

f 611 ,1oafrd 11! .. ill htiwar .II I II !, lUr: rH"* M-iirr drli\rn.I truss thr pulpit. hi4xu r're- inian: Irid! lie( pietnie of un n v ? : .. I.ig.K.n. on -n"iirfin! Aa- rf l\lIn. 1 tr: said tract of' ,

I first t'ff411! 'II. I. guru t I..... Sal 'jt! i**. 'i: .iu toid MTiiinll. I I'sCs'S: arrordmgl\.jmm j I of 111-'- anolher. the lil.itto Di-alh end \ 1 I U. Munro, |1'1.j !' lain! rantrining our hundred and twenty- '
Ilu' .t.ea' ;:a. 'I i 34 tlir IKII-OH and JIH ilauie ttitriidthe lur i >'. Tli! Juii: "ir* a full grown hog I "- U.HILLA Ki.t. two an" and l time huiulridth, of an acts I

l-Jto.-':..:.on it li *?. .(.. Jir.rtr J clot' I rhs.reIt) i. ucrdh M tell of tar 1:11-: h x an ,, fircr-tnr tilr'tie.il! Stnilnt a sk 1 1fon. T, rm-. ..h. a

Lrlta. bw:,1.11' 11'.1 the' lvM'. f'I!h:,". int! I'M .4> soft nor l t. v "ln-jurr; I in her .ir : "Jfti '1't he i'.iinl: of inixe: hurtour I TII:: :>I: IIONIFAY! .IJrn'.I'

fJI..t.iII& &.!s.. ,., .'r .I .$4 a n'I 'I'C h.. .; .I.II et.-,u u I" nav, 1 toiitul her !tart u<* I !iuulili.- :iliil ', [ \''ATfll.' nu: !x nU.N i FA Jd"i"it
tlw rjjm4fi-"uor a !rtV,liujf Ir..us.I I .li' -hut tllli..d.lh' luxrM M. 1.!' -niMcvri .i"Ih fur intniiiinlUlua the :. ,' :I "-itM-k.. ( .\ rii- t, n'l'i />/ M<,!',' Honifay.Vl .

!I of key rl'tf'l' .-r'Itil: ; ; .IU"'' lud-i t't.! ,.''ii i: I", % t.utic: litu !Si!* own j?"-u.tl :Ji-ej:,:-. .f t$i.. ...'fitl"| ') wi-ir callid. tin-} all ;: : l: : ,1,'.,r of ciu. \\.1 I II I I' .-.rr'!Ii. June H. I P--I5 1

*rrr ?U/.w...t I h 'r-" :I to a u. rt.it, spar <-4ui. i I a1.5! I oxn i4iil mv tiue.U I...! !h It'if:" ut oner! mid) the j-eene IH :I 1 f tin* City, agd 1- ----- TfiMrhVnntr,r.AKKMT.I --- t
l !
I'r:r* an*. rte ; tt fr; at fr.MM N-r nit.m ;*.- :: r r.r.. .r.:7: I ii.'m our |IJ.1 .a.i iiij *'ii! s2't' 4'rilied throughout MS itu'ouernrllly : : 'f'IH.G MAN

H it ii.i" n !h' r! I m i) tell! >..,u til- Ins a i-; -1 I ; I'lfol-l' ; mm .1'11 i I .1:. \vifthtii !leriiia tit 'r. II to llir'I"] ft Burr UH| .ill cuu ;1 I.I to :."1 of with,
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