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Lu- ship aaielyi ed home Monday. .u fr.lrral 1 Point aid ninnln(: akm*; toe ba k the II;.HI i >< li m ,i 'u'i, "f eraUAcatioa to the .>f aaid rltrr to the aumth of Han. Branch.tbrtM1 ,Ui'l ) lay ..( Frlmury. A. D. US ; Trataa
.'. a < o -a tilt Th three-masted schooner, W. fl. I I *- 'iVTirdly nn thtbranrli &. tlw hea l wb. To lIr'I; Whit.'..oil.. a. Ad. tatotntor of ; ::._ amyraa,...Ar.l.TOO, BaJ TrntaaaXS, a*, a*, ft. 7*. 'M aoit W
"cein but n .( H t. > toarked wrh .jt. ....IA55SSau..Lv. M I BLB Dally sea*.,.
i It tie >'! r rtda-and eapectally to It oral 't a trr* s i-nan. l I ttMti f treattt* S Ubert.. dersaisi. is
b utncs into Skinner arrived in port Wednesdaywith vain ;irr ivlag tbs nurtiire>t rurner 1M.iiwbn '' (.oinil.in "11 tad r>l.". Ii. an tip ..Oraaaaaty.... -- i>jiG Hal I Owl Train*T daily eteaat Kaadar
I 7eot I"' i j.l at..a abd PvtaMaeosinty, txirt bhar will load "t ;jii.l I brV ngtng to B. H. Hart thenoe ranalnc I I d.-fnsIs l 'r.' I will M-II t f11wJ..c. for S lIp .....Oraagaty... UO fiaj a fOp TraiaialaTaadafar* *WtetftVmtr e.
of coal. She I
;"'W' apih..hc a cargo I ..5IJ i.rni v.i l, i,:tU liiKhmtaoillje t lM he of II M.;.:'. :mi I.1.h liimilmlar.1c to a nakr it"' I out Hoar in rabtka In MPar*>,Curs on Tisla. ai3J, Tl
t t'u hoc \I t subject this sketch kn .1 I II All Trainf totwasa,XwBaijm aad Oraara QKy'aaoUoa at 1S.
irk I with thriM-e nortbpnr
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.net Baltimore. I i.I; I ;..-ntv \ar.l: a (take markitl 'uhcr j 4-"S itr: daily hasps.,. 'I'98 aad 19 ar* antapoaca *s .'tto
o i'i t which the N\\VW dlngrr .
'U nol \ i I'rai..e ;res of that Hll-r MONA\ If APBiU A D Utb. ss, d&yoe rarlor Can.
< tlM-w' oil kun.lrra >ar.l. nmv
particular channel Tn he voyage of life S. : t.- a ,t4k:7.b. .M.t S ,)fliP of lana ...ori or in- t(ii>e thr 4>h day of meld misS. _
.i' 1 IlIt i I' ">i 1'1"> tf the cottatrv are be- there are many perilou- place where we Onr interesting Como and Ockwllla I._, ".1 ,..11. 51w.? .1"'Of" L.ng lint _".1 dui,'" .taI' hour* i>r ..irno that day, al

-, ,wint. : ."n the HooorabJe Robert need the help of* pilot who ha a thorough I communications armed ju.t as we |: S uM <_onrU an! *O Sarnt t;> tlk p$ I ,si|: 'IS' ,' naint'a or (wrrrl of land Iria* KEY WEST AND HAVANA.
knowledge of the diBtcahies and of -;.miic;' tin" ainr r'ltg toitniTt; :1-pr-. ai,, i i* it mttir loamy of retrain aid Stale
special and ">r kf. '.. /slFIs.t 1 i 11 and nior p..rtl"lIbrl, deacrlbed a* -
were goirg to consequentlywill ei
X\ Dat .incie-smtn froea the Sec-' dangers to br aoideuIa press .e I i.a.I. H uf r,.mcT.nM r.r INia I r.1 l .- S'be ttftmalilp Jty of Sec W'of". Ptsr14 r..at COMt taaaaalB Oaaipuy lflr.
those delicate physical weakne_ and have be left this week but ; JC.ml fop Xey W_on iieotayp, W.-s.,.ara4l'rWDyw aIWr ani.of traIa "Jsrk.anvhzls .
I to out : ] 1iicrovElioth mm:r. > |iiriila.at page XK>. ii' and ri.ertb 1'0- jr I .>f land ltnale oa th .16. of'ii.
,i,,! dis ,, : of F.orida.'fi dues,.*peculiar to wonara a general practitioner .'ritlth tiP u-m-ii -ntn. 1 r'wlitjiuruttSoiirium .% i and hein .making anseetlo. asy Wees wsa-.. *w' Ha_ la*** Key WS SiOOtm.
.1 i l It inrrr part .1 actioa
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I or ordinary doctor ha ao opportnnky they will appear in our next issue. the meth.xi anT ri.lts when %.ptsfli-ani.o' I..r.on' '._0. \:, -l. T n-hlp X.i9.n.sthofftass 50 n .etaAdar4 .)os wdy 1sIys nd&sard.vu arrIving afiaart sass aMratng
I to sissies wtth aorta bvaad trab. .
.\ ilu! ha UVta Mr. *
press up to become thoroughly proficient. Still }: Kii i' ,,11.I iind.da follow* Mfginntag a* alir
less to he treated t. the advice of any mere You need Cod Liver Oil, you say i i Byrupof Fils taken; it i in pleasant 4rLr4.jl'Zii .; I '. fill' In the margin of the river, beinii
l D.> i\i s' i f'II' and re-DolDlnaclllbiIB: to Bless or aaocientific peraonOaly MORRnUVIK. aad refreshing to the tasto. and ata' 41 I OUI'ICR >i>- "Hru"" but think canHiaxe it. Try I
yon fur l-OWI.!J..Dt "I t < (;1111" TIw.ce.ell
tht pret- 1..i. the endoraimeat the I to treat the diseases of wonianalatneste Liver Oil. You eel all the virtue of i lAyer and IJoweU ieinnes t4*> fyB- At.IllSTRtTOP.S AOTIt'E 0 Cl?'."5 -a' ," ,';,,>f laid Jsues.ouBTeyaa Thaawaaa br C. Ha 6ilU north aid psrfr. Is 'aesL Y. P (Bubums WIIada) lllattrva&etll..ury tt UBS.Vr tha Flor-

and complicated rr : tem effeetialiv.: (I Ipels i-old.. be nj> I. :.. I.O., ..'- Ida Yacoot w.mal1lp Oavfaaf.&8.Sued MpedaIIy BwBS to*paMg traatl **a .
i> "pe| i he Second <1.-tntt. The An, woman nflcnng delicate the oil without the disarreeanle tff el*. S e"S I I'. I'r. t nilD. These, 5ml, .sad X aess111AM
I Ih'uld trouble BVIT obtain the moot eoaiaent pro- For sale by II. E. STEWACT P.iaHk, aches ami ie\en rnl circa )isjbttslalcotMtir rir sime 'rrtrR 'H'f'1.1.I Pop q". ''' .:. 'edle S
< 'i 1r nu ,1 makr a g'amistale fenonl advice free of charge by writing >ati<.I'! -" M!'i!> f f Figs is the BIT Dual seruM and t '' na> Ii uaitrmtril -. :: .: : TO NASSAU. j NASSAU TO HLAMI.
I to 1H. K \'. Pterce chief coaaaltingphyt- ,.f thr *r tr if W.n nu.'.k. ui.'s-s::iv.l tih :, I II .,5- '.InIaOdISS5l5 K,.aez. E. '
,I1,. \ .I 1 to oIl erwise.1ojfi run of the Tnyaltd Hotel and Sorgical laatitutr only r"n"-iv- >* ,"- kiil 1 ever proUsced. ,- t' K. irJwl e.4 1-BtMB I !'oraavt S.,0.,, I r Utee as UMI_.Sk* nreri 556be Trl-WUT.rnarr Uth to Varrh BMa.6mlWekJ7. ITr1.Wot1ci.Ttlmuirr hitS to hareS Uta
of Batti'o N Y. Daring nearly y '-- t :' to.u.and 5.1) -\ to li.a har *H (i.'iii bor: r J"f' ..- t'i.. roraer of MM Wanka'a land .If arch 9th to April Uth 'W*ilr,lUrch lock t*Apr(Ah.
( -- > ,
114 .i BC.0rf _
i'. oip-nadersa tint: i lea ofU head of hi. staff of Fla.Johnson's .I .rstI.i, .., .I smas.'I 'rbe.Lr '. ".j' sortS tofcMai am Una of.I" a
yean at the *splendid '.4 prompt iait %lit Jsi-.lrllt\E: t'I'P. k I S. ,." '- f .-V .1.*ind inOw ClueS ,by the
l Dundingas a.at"UHIII: prcialKta he has soccemfulry treated manythouMiaaa .t ..."h.l.tr$ ,,'. '11. .clilt': -reek tbaal M aaini fiunS Thees 1-.a.
: at .. | I 0 r.. I n' !Tabu sheer which 1PIIba.aa4 bcale1Ul'npecteclio arrt us
elf ease of obstinate fenuaiaeHi ? act. "i .- > :. -tn ,J m its 'I. rest t<>3 poad at she bead of dread etaktaa
5 .:. from th* wrvral aadperta,bat tielr arrtal *r da.pertsr. as the 1111
ltit.aJ.! W -'!'i 1 1.ilw .pipints.HsFasockePmsctiptisn"wsldewised. :: ,, :s..ithPrt, Ik**of aectta *iIM 515154 15 505 WSStSOd- aO5$55
t -
natH t pbu" effect' [ > i i > the most P : : 'roawlil $bead to ( t1.npay 5.14 bzaill rS.iPl Jut 557 daisy ur ma
w hit: ,the \V i>hiuitonrle*)* Letter has toT the **lc pnrpoM of cariaf the disease Chill and I kcalthyi '-:. ,.lux-H. its :1",- S ..: ..:;, k>;",nr. tile These raid fxnai erek Ii I late taI Tat'of lucaTOBM card cafl at S8 Wt Ey Eirevt.JaekaoaTflL ar sIts..
wakaeae of the fenuaiae
and organ inanrext '.t i mend it I rI i I-.II .Io..f !hoI via i 'as. ( < I I' I ;;', < I I."t ea. of a branch ur J P.BSTKWITR, BJtHXrS.
ttJN' ab 'Lit; !hw: : No other medicine; ha been aa mar "*ifaacceatfal 'It j IX
nil ai'vl T ie. f.i l.1r-i1-T'so' JTT..I r> .' I.n r-.t rag odd rrek from the TraSa lUaajw. A t.UM.Paaacager
have <* Ago.St.AaguatUa.ru. -
to injit ..iie a
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in tht particular field of practice. FeverTonic ntegC friH !' '. : ;:
i l In ant u* IXV"BMCBC. ; i; 'h" v.l I t Ivlow iSsSSSUMIIf or f.ird 4BW1- : (lUo new member of the No other medicine ao complete4ceercotnes | >pnLr: ron'- y V i">*fn.brrc th2iidaprrbu un iun it a* Iufl.we.. i f"",,01 ,5-. .here then Va a poir bridge.unth. =n

3ith QBegn.sa there i if none who has the pain* of all in-'herti'od.the dangers and Hearty aU ; ;: o' fV '- f s .> in SOcent t. : .. j I.;trl rho I ,I-.n I r ",":1'A .,>,1.1.|."_.b tuaehing ormn u.the th.itherty njt eat- ; g'_ LAD I ES IIOtflllun'' _
tall UI.II.I U4'.:. *.1. V-r'h l hlf..t !H". t. .. aThise. nol! )
left a belli Imp aa1o1 upon asso- .fI'.h-- J-rouimsd Yte Ptevre'i S i :'l, i lr2 dnig.giaV .t. r I 1111' .! ..I'i n n oa ee run
.- >: t oBeriag todw weliel led c Kl-r ifcT.. B nrk. ?- tf if> ::-Jt4 I j t "S -uthea.t rorner f >ald z- Vf B-?. FF.LIX LK BRUN'S
; 1 -
elates thin rias Hon. Robert W. Davis, torV. : n : ;I DtmgUtMatioa. arltoetwml .*- -Ji i-t vrbo ;:5'a" .. ;- : 1! 43 114.... .I II :,, A : .,.,- : "wrth oa the *Merlt la* rs PINE TAR SYRUP
: ,
hi' .. ( Pills
birk Co Mao ftft' SMoid ; FtI)0'tofTh'1Yb..e Tte-SeelPeimjrojaI}
The greatest men wbo i ibanltUaiDt'd I .' -- S- ,. ill ... I '
of Florida th*',k .11 amd rrUrfiaS careiaDr moyi T prr>- \J'rv ", IAt : TJ' i"I W i.nndme the Lortberly

| tmloeoo in the history of nerce. fr*' rvr t I'<*erippoiiIbbed 00I Cures FeverIn cure it'i": who E"I: _0,f't.- .fl4 '. ;,:: : .. .I,.r i..in..i,5ia;( St to J
heir uoin> have been noted for their.m 'ri. reateet book $ e womee. em pob. vi-iehdst ii t i1". .t. )i-> a"tait4 any I li'ofl k..asiwon.a.tok. .r,r S af. _id. -aid toad to that oa1T which the I nr; : Prio*. IUD- MO Peek'. drn aton oarm x 8ood. ul
i* Dr Pierre's thooaaad page Ulaatrair rd\ '. .1 W '. i by. (, .
I .. : 3:1. rl IoI.l '" I lutw: 1 ow reaWm WI" r.'*.Id 1 ajj byACKEHMAN
;" I'\ and unas-ammz' wisdom. Mr. I ," Cit"T v-- Mrc1','J AdTier- One 1 '; : T: -t > w I 1. 1in I _ii. tk I II I E E HASK LL I .
I !re'szr: <" r* : "* c< *t of naRiar Day. inCAUFORhIA F "; ,'II' I -t' ..ms.E.: iII..t..Ifa..t"r..f'. --, S & STE.WARTLemn
: life /JJ CO.
Dav,", -., ce: tu en'ne into pnb'ic l8ellt. tl ew oe i u-p r'.oChbonad ji 1I1'1\I.t: ; :' i.v.I\: 1 -r. --
at the ju ;nal capLalf bas deportedj I I Addrcs Dr. Fierc a* abort. '1i: 'L S. "' I .__t.. ra'ath r.cr''a.
DCaY5ILLt KY- a I 5? -


y _

_ : i -. MES-HEflALd I MARCH 1898
-= -- _
-- --- -- -



Fla., Feb. 23.-We notice Firancial Statement Lung Troables and Consumption

''c-' your thinking cap or vour that most of TILE TiMES-HnuLD Can be Cured. 1 i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN .

Vhich 's their article I .
do working cap The woman correspondenU begin by

- ?k\ stuIi to aa\T herself tiling something about the weather OFCOlXrY BOARD OF PUBLIC. Groceries China
A4 b''taK New York cositlit t4 SdIIIIII..1< I Crockery
yl id ( .t I tc1Xfl4e-ahO So,just lor form we will say that we I I RTBtCTlO; a Fre Offar t* 0r -

I -'i -- .'c\e lit-r IKVIS-
hare no complaints to make at this
I STAn:,Ii .FLri> :. \ ot' '-TYov 1'1"TUl\\ The dtouaKBiaUeJ New York.'
i I
t turn i.i'I i !- Glassware Tinware
tune. March 1, af f T. X Slocaoi demonstrated bill Mi-
//wear L I thug -' Lt-l '1 1i : ,
To 14.a Josti PKICK Clerk of CtzesIt rt:
eatery of a reliable and abMtata ear
Hollulcr is one the busiest placet .
ai-i.eoaapUaaw with Bat S, C5sr 4.

- I 47r; On the Florida Southern raIlroad jl1iht t tpresent. 1.5ws IeII of VlOTion ttscstusd,w*tnMdal nfovy BI M**_willi "r the si for CoDiaxptioo (Pulmonary TnbereeV Wood and Willow Ware

I / )- lotus) and all bronchial throat. hag
i GoLD1 A sawmill and wooJrack U Bokool OBTI recalrod, aaymirted.** mad* ,
: sad warrast. ismed lot ito Btonta **mIrawnJan and chest dls u( stubborn e>ngh I
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to mention. .1.US ". IS and weakness ka of flesh and all ,i IPctpei' Paper' J3ags.

:.hulus. lie mnth. .. 2aa.WWamnti conditions of wasting awa), will send

Martin O teen, an employe at Estep'f 1UREE FREE IJOrTI.ES (all differ- I I li(. Lemon Street 1'alatka Florida.ar .

W""P saw mill, Rot one of his hands painfally .. fan. I during. ... the. I'21 eat) of his Xew Discoveries to any i -------- --

RaM fur rlranmr-vrthinL hurt a few daj*. r islasee 'lIOn"u band 5015 afflicted reader of Tax TUBS HBRAXO '' -, JMMwIraf.W.E.reke

purkuL writing for them. Mia "New 8 i ntifte I woo
Boononi tfa. ::: Charles Whitehead has been on tbe j m... n tpvnaltr of PLANTTHREE
X E Falraaak c. I u.lIn lrr'nt.o IIn. Treatment" has eared thousand permanently I FpUrp, haa witbovtJo
tick list for several .. .. toVIII ZfoIIt'lUn i :bt treated and cured
smani.mt M L-u.PbIid.ba N kurk.deavor days. fnD' .... t.S1 ie. by IU timely use, and b' I, Ft I S more raara than any
Born to Mr. and Mr*. Brook of this Fell Iv-Bj!loalaatoe!I nJlIZ: unrdrawaIMI ItD Krcnrn. considers it a simple professional duty : L SuccesS Icing PhysicIan i* ..stonlehlng.v. ; illS. 1

place on last Saturday,fine ton. This Boath .1M D to suffering humanity to donate a trial hiT beard* of SYSTEM
Tub.-To rub from T.. so jrara .INS.NORH
of his infallible .
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accounts for the broad smile Fetny Collector .. liet I cao..1!
To ca1I from Tax Science daily develops new wcnders. I him.
*, that a'readr quite a tarn of baa been wearing for tbe past few <'nllpttwr on roll !.,, pit ROm
and this .rimcutiag QUICKFsT AND MOST DIRECT -
ODRCOIIHTYEDITORSFKUTLAIVD. subscribed for the T>\Iurl IllIG t 0 great chemist patiently erp valuable
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money T)tub (run Tax for bas results) '' work on
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r.fVV'. erection a new It U reported that Wm. Bailey ha Tax for latrTV ..... 1 II aa beneficial to humanity as can be ease
and Bandar school Mr. A. .,..b from h* tI"1
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donated had for the
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expects (to more to rUatka toon. on Betrmptiun assertion that long trod les and consumption tie of bra abaoluto core. free to any sufferers | .

purpose. to be the all fascinating earable lo eliiaat ia who Mr.J tnt rl l' u anJ b add,
1 FIWrTLA1 Fa: Feb. 26.-As DO- Croquet seems ( ol Cert. are any mar .pres. I
I. toJ.n3l I.. 118 W. advl. anY i no w sb me a curs to addreMi TRAINS
:"(.dM>em* t tll want to write tbe aewyin Many plain object lessons eoote to UI game with the young folks at the To cub I Iron ioaipt proven by "heartfelt letter of Kmtltnde .W.B.PIXEL r...CC4CXSL.ICW'TlI'k I THREE .

m. of Fro.:land, I am goto I* try in the old maxim : Where there's a present. t tax* 7 <.>.u..O.&I..4. .Liar.._.. 7. ," fil d In his Ameriean and Euroj j I From Jacksonville at 'I:2: a. m. and 7:00 p. m., with Thronga rMhun

ni\ haDd at i It.t and if it doa'l ffO to tawa will, there' war,*' and only" energy IIoHiater, never behind the times, II Fefc Stv-By am't warrant* pean laboratories In tboeeaaJ from I i TO FARMERS: CASH FOR CASSAVA. Sleepers and Day Coaches to Savannah Cbarttoa, Ruhmoatl, Wasba ton,

t ic bak i t. or IIPmc( of tba moss exp tad perterefaac h inquired to bring going to raise a quantity of lobamo pmi KT KaUnnT l and ran. coal. sos sea a, those cured In all parts of the world. i, CASSAVA.The Baltimore. PbiUdelpbia and New York, without chang, cooaeUi>
&f dl& concede that broo. and an potato east.
about good and kiting results. < expert I
<'neuce'i Wrier\ )Inu.bt at a beaiaaar, many this year.Miss P.fU9'J II undersigned wteb* contract for
chl&], chest and long troubles lead to
I will let hear from me eace again.Q Mievov._ Theresa Rembert of Dayton the pun'h&80 of Ci wara Roots of the to
you Ion- I."> Wboin For.\Fkatrebrnanr Consumption which untnt rrnpt d, present erop and f oat o I NO". Will Troug l SleepiQ cars Je1 50Quille 5t. [ous; ,

'nte a ii)<'" rain fell a few 4v ago : Island, known to THE Tixu-IlE&ALD 1. 111I7J. means speedy and certain death. pa\ for (rood oau 1 I. clean rooU, .

hUl al a coil wave ba fbOawed U, al Quinine and other tc readers as Huntress," spent Satnrda MS. H Or.... perdieaiandacatieaMhaaaaak. Simply write to T. A. Sloeusa 31. O.'jS from staiR and wood. and from \&Del .. iQ iQQaH aQd $a5 ?uilfe...
> *f boar4L f I **
Wish 5 and Sunday in ralatka, tbe guest 01 5. H.J. sad Pine New York Ktoffies and din dcllrerrd at the faetwrr, Six
grf at mane ).
I lIara la cash I Mrs. J. E. Lane. age MiMimng maitunaf biterS. 10 and addrrs and the free Via AUaata. Macon Kootco ery, Dire iawham, Natjville Louisville
it bad not 'mo 5. X H CrUl, nor dis attendtnc |utrti f ililpi ing by railroad from a dJ.

Tin freeI! a week ajrodid nut do to 10 days to cure fever. A. T. Miller, a prominent citizen oFrmtland. _utoRurd................. > 00Ml medicine will be promptly sent. Sufferer taii e. St'eti l will be *opi M d at bare Cbattao a HId Braoville, covnectinf with tknMtfh trains to Chicago,
J.l. Hlawa.MaHOnf Mfeeoi X,I atPalatka ttbarg, Detroit and ail points North and Wo*
Melxer f__awata.. 100 00 should take Instant Advantageof out of Iallto ptirtiMi agreetoK to
U' much . lee tearblag scOot plan a stated number acrmforlBWirop.

t-at: up all ciht t to keep Arts bu'BtaR Tuesday. >o. l at Pahuka_ memi..,. W MSB his generous proposition Apply to D. R. rIL DY. Agrat Only 34 Hours to St Louis

in hi. grov< he saved hi* tree moth Tonic cures In ONE DAY. Lemon street II being greatly 'm- Beuella><>, l Uaraajuoct at l-alataa.$ta aa..cfct BMtiia c scOot... HOO 1'Iease tell the Doctor that von sow Sanford, Fla. Only 36 Hours to Chicago

far &I..tn. a _5e hi* offer In THE TIVES.HKIUUX Stud for circulars
letter. TI.dI.\ IN a good example. '-- proved by being filled m with Alachu ,boot No. 1 at ralatka 1 BO 4000 I DOUBLE DAILY THROUGH
Only Car Line to
5 Edit. E -torn teaching aehowlNo
of fouow.rirea. RIDUEWOOD.IlioaKWOOD --
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fmi( n* rock. This material 1 makes a very firm latfalalkaon* month.IK ... toOO
flu 1 aroing, la every dtree- 8. H. tfeadem. sescOts scOota.iataiatkao..seostL. SB Annie ."'&.tea hI..1ICMoINo ljlilf
roadbed. .. tilOO 3 at Putnam utah. une aot 15 N to
ti'in The _a ilimen matt mtend to Fla., Feb. 28.-GreaareparaUoat W Jeunie Lackore. Machine aehool g J K nneriT. One. pipe and totlsrtunASeaSdbooiboasc NASHVILLE TENN.Special:
Mr. Hamp. Moody, of I'enlel, ba a.l.Li5.Iaiks.uo.iaSs.. 4000 ITS .
-- ht\e paaiBuji for their cattle. Over are being made for the been Hollister 3SV II. I. Andrew. teaching achool Stl Toes-HumId.pathalliag Ansaclal.tascascs
lirt.IHI' perambulating a No.1 at t'alaIU.IIG 00 $ for musk .1 lOre I. JJ'S
settlement TICKETS
in ihe Laki Margaret fair to oeear at Weiaka, Droad't Hall, few days past. MP. J.W. HoUrr teat hing amort Mo. MS K A brrtu.two days uaiaUac onLake I ASK FOIl VIA

hurniui. I try day-soaseone must be 2 at ralatka urn u.ooh ... OS 00 narfarct School hoer t *3
March 8th and 9Ui. The fair will MS Pan! .;bnUta.rainUoUea hruaatapatat For Bent
Hog cholera has been raging throng *7.. EUenW IJeWre Machine scOot beetles, :MostCoov.aieat
IK hir 'd to I-"P them well lighted.I bald eider the auspices of the Ladles! So 2 M Palatka one _g... .00 UL Marc..rct acboul h 1405 .sEIED I
this neck of tbe woods for tome Urn 171. BoaaterM.Holler teaching scOot 354 O LaMt BaBer Jt Ce, Bremlaaxonunxpol and __ PLANT SYSTEM.B.
I aw 'n 1 J 1.1 IOreDOS'S: last week'sflfW' for sellout boss MoII .
> V. I. A. and will at 11 No.' ralatka. .00
commence at
of the past, consequently pork is very scarce. ITS F. K. 1MMoI. -g. .................... 515 I because liable SeiMdala.. .. 5 .
that f-la' had to take some grow IM)tog /'t'I'' theirs
o'clock March 8th The lunch SM Taea. W. Bala* for
a. m. We informed that Henry Motes ? o.t a&I'Ua&ka.00 aainrtnainJant .
tr".b and .1w. th beat Ion
i iunland rll *1I (o belp All up. She coaster will be tuoolitd with delicaciesof m. IxMua A' Koutneu Utehtngaehool .. ofekrrceartifTtnatla / B. W. AVRRNN. Passenger Traffic Manager, Sftraaaah. Ga.
rail last No falntta -.r" .
gave a splitting Thursday, A I month M 01 sue e"O'be" Hetuss .utrutes.itek : ,
.IUUHI quit I lint now and eaottne bet tbe teatoo. Concert afternoons, t4 M. I. Barley tewrhia* arnool Re.sslrslatk.tjseseoath F. M. JOLLY, District Pas*. Agent, Jacksonville, Fla
which wu well attended; a goodly! ...... 31. fUN 0 : lii Ferry' {lead n' d i.r upMADE */.
HI if to her jr-or, li tie Georgetown for : from 3 to 5 o'clock. Visitors will hare number of rail were produced.A fMary L. Alleu. utachtsg; scOot .. above Mate .. of handsome
No Hat tesiet. one monthS 'J 00 playing cards.
In r flC. I I a eaaaea to bear tome of the latest and couple of men passed through town Bath Browning teaching sellout- aa4 Ira*MIt'C.IM comet to tile best LA.of our CIULLCo. knowledge M. FERRY. eo.. D.n" lIodI. __ ______ u_ ___

.\ wiLl c.t t ha fur Moietinie beenliibtnrull fines* nwtte prod. The fact alone 1 No 1 ac tVnM 1 nuKT .. ... 15 00 Ckniraaan Bnar4 Fob. lastrsettoLAISSO
last to sell 31.11. K-bo.4 No
Saturday trying a newfangled Butler levelling
: ?04*. W. MALPOanaitv .
I I.. piiiple aroaad here It that Mrs. O. P. Gate, a lady known for reversible clevis but 4 at raiuietto. ,one Booth .. 15 00 *n*. Pafc.InatractkinTb .
I patent 9K. Bonier 1 Waaetkld teaching
\ I hi the cli. J.l n coops at night and a rare matieal takat i II the manager of 'cn.oO i S..j at san Jtfateo 1 noS8S 15 00
found trade dull in their line of bus!
Daffodil. ME A MAN
AI ile school'
after i it not Grander lambing
oft I tl)11I8 were oat
a i jam the affair gwaote that nothing .. .
I No Cat Allen I BUIS 3550 It is DOW centuries .since
many according
I,..t i, ('M'1'' T )ang man took his 01 be ness.Aaron *. Ruby A. Mr>ant' teaching school TABLETS PalITIVELY CUBE
ago. abort a rare treat can expected. JIf'alll.. St.-
v to too Narcissus
Strickland, of Deep Creek, No T at eUka une month 15 00 Grid young man .Slam
l l"I1OUI> cat, li d t v aloo8 0 belp catch There will be DO admission fee. You SM J. r.Mcwian u-achIag school Re.atC.e.eat'ito..wo.th was changed i into a daffodil because ..., or other LxcoaaMmt loa.se..t.l-r
was circulating his friends here .. jAJAX .
among H
5000 X7t/ .e40.
tdarmin: hi, set bldofOo. the trail, only bare to pay for what TOO bay. week. 296. M. 1>. Holnico, trarbiBK ochuiil of his pining away from seeing bis lovely I na< \iiaht/I In J.'o! .ant b .
,, last TATLEK. \'.. 9 I at elaka oue niontbJW .. 15 00 I shadow in the water Bat it *for auO 7. buHtoaw aW aseetag..
In WM can
"h.le the ; r dog runniof 1n.aatt, si.t tO
and be
all to
Come on tare bring your Mauilel.. Mur.aim. te.dhl..gsdlloolho.lVattr.talLake1ns .ho. .."r..1oaI. ..
be from with the r a.
v li. u the .,n. looked-for wild cat wa children and boy bring aomebodr't u .. 9300 hardly sympathy cn- and .* nU a lURE whrr* all ma.v tail la.
Without A Rival. 04 K,tel C. *orri.o. toacblnc school fortunate youth that the flower has continued ot apea bartac the (TUDID* Aja. TdtilvW. That
'niu iio. n. It i roved ta aa a rabbit, b.rsttrIsloog. No. II at ..nuUalid ODe month 3500Febrnar S..cs.d tll.d.and .111- W.fl".aM*.
As a positive cure fonprainstbru! I to ba so popular during all these :'=uanaruu to.Ssct.a PrtoaOU|SIlO >ill
i il much ornfaa4th '* 9Mr
that 1",1.-.8
< ( \ nKMMr
I Oar store has changed its red dress I Salvation SS. tb H teaching school long ages. Certain it Is that it has as "; or lU rkawi ,full tiwtiMae> (nr KM. Ms
d.\I l and pains of all kinds. Oil No I. at clayt'ja one month *) 00 taail Iaplalaimprw. nnaa nmtptvfrHc '1..1.
'urged I for a white oae. Simon Howard Is the IB*. lara t K inner, teat bine scOot high a value today ia the gardens of ..AJAX RCMCDY CO. HS-wTlT'
Mr: Han \\ il:urn* dmas his bee!f has no equal. Mrs. Frank Jtiif. 518 No, 11 at Fade.al fMut 1 BO at C9V persons of taste as in the flower plot of .

a ..,'II evlWt.t.oeaclal.! Jal re 'cloth_. lie I k the man to go to if inS Gratiot Aven Detroit )Mich. write : K' J Hat. butler Lery te. frame ohlng one arbouINo Budth. 42 00 the humblest cottager. No garden i fa I .,,,1. 1II r 01.1110.. 1\

..nd I to bi. 1\.11.1 >'.>ur door, If roc ned of a fint-cla whitewashes "I used Salvation Oil in my family t9*. A. T. tit 'wninr. tvachiuff sellout : considered to be quite complete without Ackerman & Stewart, DIUgl/ilt.,
I 1' 19 at fcioaUh; Crack on* Ian 35 00 I
., OWE o "f beefS Cap Swift's place Improving% rapI andean say it baa no rival as a liniment !- JM. L.t ,teaching 1* I its little! patch of daffodils.Of .
; i n i Ii" .aaca.
at Oc.$ rai.tfc. .. 35 Maat late years florists haTe given attention cs JAPANESE
a"'r the able of
lit:i.LF or TBF BALL. I div management C. ; it certainly cures pain*. I f V.Watkins,taachiag aehool No to raising varieties from them

Dayts Chartey is a good boy and the sprained ankle and it cured me t.raadIB.eII. ._ 3500let. pILE
t ntrir, u ,ir: rule*, no pnnt tin e mj J V. Wan. lonehing school Ko.Hat and tbe record of their many forms ia a
Captain hat been fortunate in securing and since then I have always used it Harlem one niontb.. .._. 33 00 feature of the catalogue of all Bccdmnen.
\ (I'. mhi. (imo to UI without the I an T.eo t I .Miter tenoning school Mol zw
We hail b4. his for any pains and bruises." Salvation >at uilgal l one month..... to 00 Double ones formerly carried off tbe CURE
,. I'K' latbor.
1 C'
i inir I other 355. Mary:. repj.sc. Isadhlag scOoot palm for popularity bat in recent time \ N.w ml ; Mr. Editor (if it it not fault Oil is sold for only 25 e*nlt. Xo
your .5 Manvill. nioath
,., .110 1 1 J" "I from Belie of the at one 3300 I 1'1'i <)M 11 I ORILcaptulei: of Ointment and too
I pleaie a apolefriet). teem remedy will do the work as promptly. SM. E. R. MmnvMS. teachiaff sellout the single variety i* yarded as quit B. iiointment( A acvnr.ftulm. COIf for Piloftirr "
eapt my you
: bare her real I a vkvilla' month ._ '
I ,.i "ofte.'ltDlullt' t at i one 901a as desirable-Mrehau Moutbly) niturean I .lcgvce. It aiaket an oprratKa
to shorten tome article to there it 0.J T hoIuletx. toarblng school Ku. with' thc t knife which u painful. sad often rank _
II "II i not :" i |,ublicatioB, however, NOTICE.At nat (. Hilua Chapel une nto... 303W --- in ,lr.itl, >. unir enary. Wh, *4ara this ItmblMMIM '4rt"l\" !(i (! '-
neither heM nor tale left. About that Il&rllln 110.... tea blnf Mo?4 ? W* pack a Wnttta GuarintM ,la ,aclt f'1f\\I"IU'J-,\\ l-
lib regardIng
1 U' imp \ \\ our at v,' MWkln oue .,..&It .... .B 00 ft ... N"Cure. No Pay. joe.aad ft a b.'x. 6 ion
doc catching b *inet la ay last article 37 FiltleJ.>biiM>n,learhine school. N.> I mail -
I oIl''IJ.oUII i !mI1JUDI&tioDS.-EI' : a meeting of the City Council $5. bent Ioy Saaujlc Ircc
S> at Marker Mill a.month SSSSB. rTHEJRIUHPHOFLOVE j
I you seem to ooarey the idea to the held in the Council Chamber February L.r;. H.whlaa. leolCbI1t aUw>..ilAo. OINTMENT 25*. and liOc.
'I hi. iuir La GrlMtt Cnrt. readers that the catr&er had three legs jn at Goorjetown on mo. 2& Ual CONSTIPATION' Cur *' P5ii fnvnM. by
from till, 22th, 1S96, the Board completed the rf'- OetMgia Jubnaon, teacbinfc sellout Happy/and FruItful I japlRM, U.r Pteti.tb.rrrat .. Safely Comfort Quick Time Low
: 'If'i !<- I: ii-' MlffcriBJC instead of the dog. lain afraid you N.. .7 ut Ktoaiab Due mouth X 0n MarrIage. LI\ FR and STOM \LH kEGULAToa..dIUSIFFR Rates.
vision of the City Registration Books lUu 1 >I 1) Small. mIld and kaaanli
H !Tut rot i i If< jou will "olv get *. OeB Mr .eMIecblac..bootXo.
: are trriae to get a* into trouble and from which the .M ut Laa \lew one mo 30 oe 1- SUN vhs vwU knew OM GRAND I"i" i t..lt<- following names .b..U.
were and
nubt ly. Ion are having do." ull' Tick
z r..1'1 1 < 311 B. B fufter teaching cho l No s tcFREE.Aitl
: beiaca little fellow, l'would rather TRUTHS th. I1aia The Fleet 18 composed.f tbe following ._ ..
all thro i !h, yon body,JOUr liver stricken: 19 at". Ma&e.ODe mouth... S* 00 Faeta the Old So,,.aad of hew (inv.little Prllda wH) 1" Stern Btramen:
I u ii hath in fatare than to get a ticking 3U. Nora ft.Io moon, toaehlng arboolMo I U. NeV DtKIOTVtM ofaledlcalSdeacea.apfJted r<- v"t.," 0.ih a f i box or amrr ol Pile Cure. COMANCHE (new
: ,w u ol ont, '. have DO appetite no WACDONE. JUat kouhaone uwnto .. M 00 THK ,.rsiiMa vicaH jAPajtaaa PILC ALGONQUIN, IROQUOIS CrfEROtEE 8EMINOLBteanten !
I TIlE IInTLEB.j SIXV. A. Hi>tib teacbinrchool No. to Married Utm*. r. >J L 0111) by
I I' ,r unbii H-' ham a had etll! in Clark II C Pouley R F ;il at lloUUtar urns munth '". 35 00 would '0 18Th-U 0 IL 12.

: used Electric: j Pinch, J R Ruffly, F O .4. J. 1)tiittinghamtaebingaihool A Me* r1.C t -- -- ------
i are
i IIHt. eomI, ) up. The readers of this paper will be heath Xo.f.U; _wick one awmth 40 9SIS. ISU$. ''oaIdt.. for appotatrd to saIl acconttBC to 0. tid.

l" i 11'i Hr. tin. only> remedy that will) pleased to learn that there it at lettt 0 F. Shelton. Cornelius Ullle irewa. teaobia;; schoolRe.t4atIUcet.e.boscaoata It,,. beak.oiled owwtMMlerful I I tFrosc Isos JACKIIO Lu FU... ) A.ae.p,Taesday.as TMnob,
Fohnsione J U Stevens W M 3001 t CRARLIATOS.5.4' .
"Cample tla
\ 1rontatjdUFOI'P1kL i t They one dreaded disease that science has Marbaflino E Tweedy, D S 31*. Ka.t teaching. school l aoed and How to Attain, PflLATKAoa ,Fon boar.1 s.stlisg.see tc or :.. -.,,

.II I,r. d'i'y on \OLI U ver. Stomach and Mason : xie nv>.. 30 K i. a.. sos P1 "orTII.IJO 12.Stss
boss able to core in all us stages,and ,Chas G Warren Wit 31; Alice M Whitman tr lag ai'honlNo na.;pout=:. .

,f\ I t It.y., ton '"i', the wk l. "YStemn Marshall T C Wilson, A G 37 at uonver use munta .. SO 01SI J'&rsas.oSst.d to saIl boa Pier 15. Past liver. New lock. sit isiswa,
that is Catarrh. Hall't Caiarrh Cure Is *. H. K. M LKX .iliac school ERIE 64 HIAGARA :
"1 ..i* you t. .' like a BOW tieingiir the PayeUe.L Whitten,T F No.5 at rutuam rttll 1 mo 35 .19 MEDICAL CO,. )OFVALO. :: }'.r JACKHOXTHAX.Tl-A.eallln, atCnartano.) ).1" I I
only cure known to the
'j 1 -Ku*'nut ','il to euro or |..rae posture Wilson.J DO SIS. l,. J. tan..M. teaching school No .

r ,1"01. medical frattcalty. Catarrh being the MWARD xyro.Alford 3M. (;: :'Kin-entcitT.t. teaching i 0 sellout month 43 00 the direct llaael (Clyile( New England and! SOHtJler1j41'jiies..FreIlig

eonstitBUoBal dweaw.rtqaire* a Mo 4''. a' Nor walk 1 month .. K Man Only
Z 0
I S t1 at the drug 4tro of Aekertewv coo'U-1 Lovelace J C EMrili* >iH.mt teachingaehuol Railroad Engineer

UI/III & '. Oty cent per lullooal trttraeat. Hall's Ci re Jaumler,J L Longman T J No 4... Hanaorvll.taw mo 30 IQ C trarel betwee J CanIng at CbaelS.tos. S.c.," way.0.TEAMEIuo .)

it. is taken iateraallv. acting directly npoa > Coleman, S A Merwin ADuerau..I 03. Jeaair arbool i.No. 41.rac. : 31 MSS Tettifiaa t. Benefit R.ceived From 1)ELA.AJ5. IInd CEO. CL"-JF.

the blood ao-l mucous surfaces of P .fettle*. G W "If K.-rtmlU Macbing sellout Dr. Miles' Remedies.NiT Frnta Foot nt Hagsa SOrest. .bcItOfla.II F' _,
aierby, John, ratt, I' D' A X. 4i at InMrlnchm one RMt. 91 Of New York IbL'1tSDAYI. n.. .
the system, thereby destroying the 34. F.R Garten, taariling sellout .No47at FHIOLVO.
PINE TAR SYRUP foundation of the disease, and Riving lerrer*, Chat hehan J F. iratteialaao ......... 40 M3B.
Jenkins,Si Thomas Iliad Irlw Coffer taachlog school No47at .
Quekly cares Coasts aDd Colds.rsek.s the paiieat strength by building up the Vancey, Charles Wilkie. L N .'raw.i>l .. ...... .. 3* M k CLYDE'S ST. JOHNS RIVER, I..NE..
eoaatiuitioQ and assisting nature in do- 39*. 3 H Burruuk-ha.. teaching stOOl
Orac Store, eoracz Second ana tag its work Tie proprietor* hare to WARD TIIKEE. So Oat .4eral roint I mo 39 *4SJ7. (DE nARY L1NE.)
CBITIC M schoolNo.lsatruseossussomtll
Lemon strMUHISIXLUYILLE. much confidence in H*rui-atlre powers, Coleman II L Leteon. B L j.1nt'Iwtc s* M3H. Havana For Jacksonville. Palatka

that they offer One Hundred Dollar Delarue L Pine, J G ETHoluim. ;eaching envoi No. Sanford. Enterprise

foranycaae that it fail to core. Send House, W P Rich, S J DMKol K at.1Ia.oollo&til ru: teaching School No M And Intermediate Points on the St. Jjhns

bet of teetimotttal Waterhouse, L SA allieo'l.a-1I 3* M33S ..VIA..

Address, F. j. CHKXET fc Co., Tole. U J North teadlllagschooSNoST The BacnArr 0t4.o. Rtosse.c
WARD roCR.Botsford at BeU "'ater one month.. _.. KM
-11M V>, O. ty-Sold by all ifrnggiai, Tic 331 Margamta huumona. laachlng Jacksonville City of
)I\\flVILTJ.flft.1 1 Fab. 88 A S Cooper R II Jacksonville
scOot No jO at Mater 5rt.g.coescoath Fred'k De Bary.
!t' !1I U .fin F ." I' i and dMctfat tilde St>.nhen--.. W. _n- .. .. .. ... M CArT. w. .. HUW'.
proatIM'' William Jenoiof Bryan farort ma. WARD nVE. m N A Pattanno.teaching sellout rarr. T. w. LORD 111.
I ''I, r--lbe llIrll\II-at"I No. M, turn*Creek I month 3} It ? Tampa and apaotnto4 to nail
king the birthday of both Lincoln and I AU aa c.
yn IlatcheH, W L 333 Carrie Crawford leacbin achool
,' ,. .a.1 : hoped we aityf .W
S [ Davis public holiday Cole, G C Hrmesf IIMiller. Ne.35st'useosalo ... .. B 0* f.erss J.......... ... ... .... .
I nil feaimi "f f f rro',1. ugw.ber.sd 04 S B HtTiuinr, Mnching ctoool No Leaves '" ... .. .. .. .saee. 8aNdIfJ
''I 8aa1ar4 .....
,, Cole.WTClark J IISianton atLsbeC000.ls.SOostll. W SS3B Key West .II a. .. ......:.. .
!' .J a (jl' i lu .It't, faaaVwttl tbei I J C George ) On 110I,_ taachtag achoolt -- -- t. .secept$Ssd*;.
I ;i at itcklawaan. 2 mo'a.... 3550 1'
p1aAl.in. Duane.JFHentreveld Shields JR 5 0 L 1ICJ1cII.CO SCHEDULE.
S.; Baki2T H Shield James 73 atTmoaaonamtmth....... 30 Railway L-Ta5-...:. ".. --: --j------ -_ _
1 j' 1Llq 10n:i : tine anal aox are 1 $35 S .... .:::: \L .
.,,'i:. 8:1: !low pr.ee of 11I' Gnffln.RWHatchell Wise.SCLancaster. a WhlunaatoachlagaenaolKoi74 at Haunma Ulghu on*month. 30 0. \ I I' a .. .......... sep.ss'I
;I"" r L W .A C 3*> N OHIo Power. teaching ..ehoAnatiN.ayeMttl.l.outb :.. *as
'.t.licr i doa" t. ''r arc belaf seat to Coinini i 150 I no mor r*.ponatW ant North : :!: : j j8j:: : /: :: ::: =:: : --- f:
WARD SIS. THERE than that of a railroad eafte Aedse Li.)a. .... : ; ; ____
IL t't-IOIIl.1 !, '1\: are belDCaUliz- Ind d' ?i! .... -
.. Alston! Wm Gordon, KellOo81Diham. I --- --- -- ---- eer On halt.td7 nerve*,elMr braSs. :
., t i -
,1! 1'1 i cciunir ,1'1 i ) c I'.-" IndicatiOn ( V D :-
Bean paia.danger and HoUion C II bright ey* and perfect self roaaaat depend South o. ral r-.r sad 11..1.

,'f (" it, aDd > ar' "t toiler*" (ia coodfl.TL' poawbte death for tome Blair E J Havwood. GabrielBraddock SPECIFICFOR tile aafety*f the train sod tb* Urea Llno 'W. H. WARZURTOj, a. r. Define5 it" 1Y. BaJ' ste..t ..... II.

". wive For other it ,1k I4 Ellis Jefferson, C A of Its pnaarngcn. Dr. UUna Nervtne and a 1Sswg : New T.r_ /i r. )IP.ORMOORR, 11..Ps..A
mean practicallv no / Bell, Limn Montgomery II other reaaMtaa are especially 4nned to Through II.CLTDE A.T. St. west Ba:t.Jska.tn15. .
.5 -r.t"* of \ ," '.are recently been a Beisg G- New //-'OIO L. nowun. Asskg Cupa.
diaoomfortat aO There ln ham, II J Meyers. Blackman SCROFULA lItHC"Dfl'YM \". tn* brat cleat the ye lSsgaa St., Jackio.l.
\ ''illi\/' J be 'III fume of oar Har- Is no reaaon *by cbfld. / Clare Jobn McGill JohnCroseland and tb*motel faevhle ttnlmnaJrwLEnflnoer THEft o. JOElL K. 5 a..c Uren Rew York
j'' ii 11..1 l jOt'. 1.1 I' icople reanluafmd birth nhould be apeflodOft'siainddryusd. I HyCowablia.Jot McGee. W M I 'SiliP ( 1.ltlll,. ; "MI.| I line,: beci i F. W. McCoy formerly of 121 WM. P.

III j -aoILir their renewal of era! atootb before. Sev a liniment UUa McGee. Jit aOti.-,1! l \\i t h -< r .1 t ,i Ii."i- l lMil. aistiSors. Broadway atOll n.mbold&Council Blair. Dearer bat write now rcaidlng that be :,' Heart} Florida CLYDE & CO. Gen. Agts.

5' fl" od.b wwaaa UTOOM* a to be ap.pbed Cook, B C Oliver, Alex I ... \\h' :. !I. .i--. ,i HI- rrlhle l .sUffered fi>r year from constipation, raaa- i i IJ !.war,l*. PaOa 'i._i_
Dixon \V : __ 6 Mewllat G,**.. Xew led
UenJ nimao EEllerby.
motarr .
teacher Af ahottW ex.ternally. .OflriC. 1tI\ -,.--I 1\ ,IIi. 11111.; t.:'.ki. n rr and hillrtn -advbest,and
M'- w M.I I, II i I':,'m'ehcible prelate l lf Wash Robinson L K ,
>cr* for mainly -\4Jro J t. health 1'1 lie Mlr( ,, i
,i ,'t t to 1annerc: recently, IKna the critic ordeal It relaxes Eten4gs, B Trapp Jas to t..lt. IU". :lltl t I "IiCr.. se none "... ALivriiiU I heartily reeooin.,4rat. I Ask SCHED1JLE;

1 iberon the hajipv task of eoe.I Then i. a P'fIIU'tbe m u. WARD EVL" II'' .I'r, th..u oace..t .1.. ....11._ ., .
'::1.1' Uenaaad*which ia d. and re .t r ; "ciii. I l IJf1C iit Dr ... UrmHli 'for -OF THE

\ .I ic a 1v&d "f 1 r\.)Lug adiesoobla re- iatefkied for this bees the Joker, W CChampion. Powers. Arthur t t. t.tktAYER'S- are soul by all dniegteM Dr. -

I .'U) up to flr't112 And la like Baaa- purmsealowTb' ditentlon.Mother's J H. Richardson, W K under a pot.vP Ses.esster Tickets Beach &; MillelLine.
name of r.tYNe Daniel. Wm Robert*.O car M I
back af .
ie gallant > brought, Uwai LIds won4errmlprefaratioBu If to every Greer. W BIierodt SbirleyjIJ ; beagle or iriS nuiney tjtk emedies via the J T. & K. W. .

t udaj' 1 1< ..aantly peat with Wm I noRestore
a organ concerned Shell W AVon funded Book a.1a Steamer
; ii.i n
;.lr"t.11 11'1 P .1. ::111 Crescent.
Mm'. : ti'i family In Banning. B C Glahn. Jolm ... .
S Fa ..- w 4f the tifiit and| From Jacksonville 8 30*. m..
.>. -hool boaea ea caMbirtb.aBdtaitea Little, I. J William*. JasWhittinxton \t.J'1 1 ;n'w I..tt n.r>-*. tree Audran : rVnt'j! 'ha General Passenger I From Crtfftnt 8nnday t'nja71 andFrfday,.
a, line a t away aQ Little Ju A B t, It I[. : ii..ijogV Hit WILES ilEi{.ALCXJ. hIAbatt.IOtIP1fILYSECtffiJ City at 7.20W a. m.. 1icn l. "tdttidajs sod Saturday

: : a :1' .on.lacted OT danger and ., ,
1,0, tuorn I I 01 I.'tlw.
Frient; all Any person whose name may have A for Information. Wharf foot R. J. ADAMS.
111':1:I chosen eseasebs Hearty *oJTninc. nt of Lemon Street.VlBORfMEN. Agent
!., !11> 1\<. Ti' Eetrwuka been !wrongfully or erroneously I ''l.i.i..I,

oltl'td to by those .tr'.c'bnj (11..1. 'ilii' ,: I \ ; .: I 10011f'I"
nticel follow if the j : I .1 a
\ aoot or erased from aid Rerlstratlwn Bot l ,
: mdy I It wed > > 1''ql.! r'I:, ;11 \ i [, \ lilly N B. Guffin, G. DJckely j I
1 II as per above U't, who shah. wlihm a | ,
dwiag whoto ., .
for t lti I.: : \ 'U" I .111,
(1'.1'' ting tic *1 nngide Fart &a.l" period of preg UOM not less than tea dare before the .' j [ "
/: .\ .
f'O'f'tIt.J.J. -r. r-t- .
1I1.l.'l' north of flalat- & It I* the of 6--- h.' 1M' Pimpr <.s I I I IUTOUS VITALITY
,'. !b :3r day the election to be held in Ihe ,
Vl remedy of the I ,,'uIl.I.; ." I : i' .fllIr, 1 w'"OI;'te II., '. ..*."< "..i. lay, 5t-i ..
m 'tw.lay .,-t. I found tam all, 1"lkind city on the 5th day of mate oralleip jui 'HOB ,, I -
\ k April next JACKSONVILLE.c'lnrr;
I ia tbe world ill t'\I"" "' ,I.1 "J I \ I.T. I ; u teeSai swinoJrt.- ; .'f"I..

'Uflh \ (,i nc and tnw* doested la N that* endorsed by such fact appear to the aU'fi c oo of i M'er" in'Mioo IK-a reu or _i"alvaUk.,,_ur.and maiat,* willieH rf r'cr Ea.ily.Quiclly,Permanently Restored .<. \ Ma

the aa. tunaalf'Mag a sairitoai 14 pbyaaciana.l he City Council I' J" r. "" opinion a" ohetbrr U I. .
t I er\ ices, hall be entitled In MAGNETIC r ::U', WeD pwlI
i prubablir nlahlc
the 8crt IIftI. Tbe '.l, ['bottle at an have his I 01 pat. 'I'ial.y PflsiIpJ'c FUll MSTC, \ Fit*, Ita .nea I"
m $ aet4lealOO "
inlcreet name re tarcd lo the Beentratlon -: t.j.ct1 I. utber LE ria. THE'- arM.
S drug surra or sent I ilLbe* ",'refunaJaikod UdUII Tfel renaedr being; !. -set D.t itv Lent Vaa.i '- I _

S l *_jtenlcBt Mr It. II. Ashley, :' bv mad oa receipt Books. 1b regular tntetinfof YEITSm AJUOV a MAKIOIf -=- _:=Jlel. UJ' t* the a.,,.'<,:.,:...."t.'N1b TNthesc 'i.\'.' t v= GREAT ..._ _
seat .t Oh..e dt.stws .II raJ .
II.' t,',, txert: a t aratiaa inflaetcac "i l"enu the Council are held the first aol! PATENT SOUCTTOBS & IOCFXETSf .f tlllf (..U.. rifcnryOrgan ric.aa' II ; .' ke.. IS RI.cn. ro" IM.a

<, kl.nol! and wm their qUieta J100u C' third n.u 5 "..dllaH.i I F.-n. ,.. G-G nntre* a. ro. "|HK<, poattiv anrl""f""u is ,Q V al 'e L_ ,
t ((1 tabling inrataable in- Wednesday nights tn each c iLY WOFJJ S PAIR roo,, .aIo..t.," ,' 1nt&1.._ l'.cOOtS eltIo I."rW I. ehnnse :;diet. C arrnamale .\-ak'K-m. laiontenrv. Xermoa T>pht.t* iv1 rca..c.I Vo.lI r.7'. eu.-:
''ieir! love and kDOwll' e month. Ln.1 \11..l.h.i aw TULOW LABEL srccuLtrnfth by
a formation for aB woto-n. i iBy tNv.-s.a-' .bon d !. t t* i ; Lait Mrs Maa
I raa.1It. Act40i5s. vill ghrc atreacth ad lane C..pt s. reata
c' :u. to wlncbcn& tbe ld1lllg> .'jl:1 be nent to uy ad orler of the Council. '' Sarsaparilla I A_,_. III. rest..,AkoaJI. w._ se .,trt-k. Wen A_ ,fM :- dsyo.HatIplaLspack.w.wwate.. 1 awl effect a pirauniiat cat,. cbo to :.pan I 0&4 iI_ rsf 'I isthOul \
\ dnIIiII application loTa --- .0. "r. .\_ .nbc _" by naaU, O.Oe I ion OtIs$> brmaaA r 'tgon sod .ytss. Its
bL ____ .riOe4, tb.y may ju1lrleel upon T. B. AJI :', *y tri* Chtrri Psttvil""Cnjki? 14 Cols J..II ::=. L .. .J LOI iehd Only byA' ;- bquir W IB :5. ::Ea.a&i130155 "
mmom Japaiww
[ proa J. So earnest are en- I 'I 8i41.l4 AUaataCa la**!*!** C*, City Clerk I Orrice. ; : D C. 1J.y}> A sn; VET iI i i .M I'cntw.iD 1' wit.b.oSrlv'or
NUf. ilL ,



; --
I- -- --
Pour Buddies on the Carpet. THIS LOOKS LIKE BUSINESS.' LI GRIPPE.M .

I BIiEF LOCAL NOTES I One of the most novel as well as one I FEARN81DE
alitka Manufacturers Recei\c Some &
: 'The Plant System rieht r"1t t nf .f-. nr at enjoyable entertainment Male for (' .lI1rrfllt fcivfn up CO.I

Palatka the debut Trrnundou '>rdTllfe.TlM < < Pit.
was 9
t T and contenttturn,. Jln II i .

(All Her 1 pL i i II _.i"'Il"Ira.J.i> > N. Walton to >.' UlM! I. MI.in i Wi- I IngareuBiltlu '. j 1 --i" 1'1.he' -- laesitiuu vf laipoetaU I
Paragraphs of Local d Per- < :IfflliictJM frC'qht; ,tli l PIlL of lilt; .
Life.ss'SMttaa an Ma .1 I Vertrees Jr., A. n.I < < t\ a Rsr iUsin,'e. >! !: fnrth a .mt e. They are tbe

I'J.mt81CDI, al the f>'. of MiiH' Mui.Vim I >se Walton and Louis aDd dropping into the alike of the people who have never bad it. Any Headquarters For .
D sonal Interest. street, caught fire at 1 ill<) o. lock Wednesday .'
|Jatoon the evening of February Wilson Cypress Company was cordially one who has ever had even the slightest -

morning sad was burned toI ( mte a number of invited guests touch of Ia knows
I 124ih met by Mr. Wilson.In grippe well the

nhne.ry and tIIe-.1 I IfHrrcrwith!Ix l'II'I ai' ("f wLkl 1 I wx:e i i n'.l at,aDd in addition to several reply to &the report* j'* '1 -&&e-tL-U- as complete misery it brings. And not CLOTHING
Yearbyreznetits faOed Short. Snappy Stories About Matters loaded with freight The lire'
t. were
1I't.h TariOU' new ant. interesting features of mirth to the condition of butmesv, Mr. Wilson only misery for the time being, but unless
Ibedcttcres1t. treet.I in Palatka and Putnam County pre;& to the wharf around ihe depot,,, refreshments
1'aU0I1a a1ll1 i e .. 1'' and rnertiment,delightful said: property treated its sequels follow

lIer ..1_ for Busy Readers. : aDd a large pan of it was consumed, 1 were nerved by Mrs. Walton who was "Good. We have ,u"t received an it month after month until the patient
aM her "ft'e of the fire the
C'Oki Fortunately at the time
All tbe : j the recipient of many flattering com1 order from one firm for seven million' despairs of ever getting well a ain.
ao-cau. .Vluuu 'te.dily "one Kra. line of SaUuma Highl. wax tn ; wind was blowing from the shore, or a 1 I such Greiits' FlLr1khing
for a Pe-ru-oa
remelieseeItsUbDtilS.4id ( Aliment engineering very lath, the moving of which will require is the ,

I'eIda tadis- town Monday.Frank i repetition of the fire of several! yean I unique enterta'nment And affording the use of one hundred and twenty- remedy for ail I .. =

Bell of Welaka \\ <..1-.1nesday jjjo would botH occurred Tl.e depot her friends such a pleasant evening. such eases. Mi lit
8.8. spent he cars. Thuselathareailtobensedin Lou
;;, ; & improvement. H in town.L. was used j >mil> bJ> the I' ant )'Item. | Mrs. W G. Ttlghman presided at the Florida." I etteviJle.! Tenn, And Tailoving:.

Jacksonville, Tanuaa West
at oeee aoticecI. piano aDd again demonstrated the fact writes as follows
We learned from Mr. Wilson that
The 1Jaed' N. Wilkw of ,Jackeontliir, wa in Rat and the Florida\ East Coast, I I "
was way !that she is a ransicUn of more than will 1 I was affected -
material improvements soon
;) orwitIa *. the city 1'Meda,. Railway. It is supposed that tbe fire': J some with a disease :
end ordinary ability. lake place ait he mills in tbe way of : com'ooly known LEMON STREET, PAIATKAFLA.Until .
j floe the j i. C11ftd j B. L. Morgaa, of Nrwak) wn: in i originated from sparks from a passing:! Among the other features of the eve- ew buildings etc. ..lsgnppethe; s

*-i' I .sondnd..tWflSfrr ,' ****, be! the city yesterday. engine. aing, Miss Wood, of Virginia, sans a Calling at the Selden Cypress Door I doctors said I -

-/I[I \blear, and" perfectly portend Dr. O. S. Whlpp, of interlachen.was Tbe flames made such rapid headwaythat number 'f he.utifu1Ie1edions. wbkbcaptured Company, the reporter learned that bad consumpt '- ';"., Saturday March 19thWILL
< be it was Impossible to rave any'I the Miss Wood i ion. Ibada V-t ,
.ftCI in town Friday. company. his immense establishment, which in-
cued threat- books or records. Geo. E. Mundee II. dreadful cough and could not sleep at
to%gig 1at IICI" 1 e 7wbt who is a bouse guest of Mrs. Walton, deed is one of the largest in the United MAKE MY FIKSTCI.A
S.S.s. Win. BraDCb.ot Francis, was among M. DeMontmollm and W. B. huff, night. I advised friend
pu frkaJsWps and was by a to try
renewed acquaintances -
Oati Urea.BczeiDa 01' =./'rItI Cccer., rrldk RIIea.It ). Tuesday's visitors to th* city. who were at work in 'be office at the! I numerous which were made in for. States of with its kin orders, was and filled had to only overflowing recently Pe-ru na. I got a bottle, and the see Cabinet Portraits for $$2.50 Per Dozen.

it a ..9 blood troabIe. J. N. Hall, prominent citizen of far end of the building, had a close call,, mer when 1M resided in Fa- I ond night my cough stopped. 1 took
bl4 rears received order from firm
an one OTHER SIZES ,, '.
( II.ivtoz : I
&. purchased! II "I I lfIill
of bete ten bottles
and win wraU
urea their only means a that I
eves after all ftlS.and Bannenrllle, WM in town Friday. escape lalka. for six car loads of cypress doors. say Galleries in a Northern city I shall be obliged! to.-'aie; mv gallery h i,' .'n> ,"lair
boat. The temporary quarters will be I : Mr. Vickers also favored the be a dead woman now if it had net date.
company Thus it can be seen that Palatka has
) Erne White and Miss
A sister ,
Real Blood Remedy. Taylor, arrived Friday from New York. in one of the Plant System brick buildings I with a few selections, much to theirdelight manufacturing industries which do a been for Pe-ru-na. I recoRvaeatf 1'- Picture Frames and Engraving Aaway Down. Come sad Sec mo whether

formery occupied by Uedeman &, I rn-on to all who suffer with la lftIIPe." Want t. Not.
T.kt a n'"i rem bdoe volume of business. And you Bay or
a 'eDtdy for a b ood diseaje; If Irene Allen went to Jackson I All of the four debutantes mentioned Send for free book on Wfeitr Catarrh.
"nlc 1IIon't 't1r It. 'I Co.The 'alatka M a manufacturing city is yet
( I.jr l h.J.. Tille Monday on a visit to relatives.Ca.t. firemen were promptly on tbe I were present excepting Mister Louis In us infancy-if possibilities opened ." Address The Pe-ro-aa Drag LEWIS, the PHOTOGRAPHER.

'I ']io.l'i.ri the scene and fought tbe dames like I Manufacturing Company Columbus,
detained at borne
ull'' C. J. Joseph, of Gainesville Jackson, who was up by natural advantages which are un-
1'1 Iscases j heroes but wets handicapped by the I Ohio.
--- -
mlI1.: i was in town a couple of das last with an attack of croup. excelled elsewhere count anv thing.
low water pressure. However, they A Good Selection. I I
.* S week. A FIllING TRIBUTE.In .
? saved the Florida Southern passenger State Full of Tourfets. first-Class Haberdashers. Col. S. S. Harvey "f Peneacola, representing -
P. Van Aredale back from toNew
is a trip
t'o."Atknta.Ga. depot, the East Coast Railway bridge The genial Walter Hawkins Florida the Death of Ed. Valuable the Home Life Insorsnre'o
York aDd will remain for some It would be needless for ns to caM the Rumley a -

time. and adjoining buildings. They deserve Passenger Agent for the Ocean Steamship attention of our reader to the pronaieot -. Citizen Is Removed. of New York was in the city a day

much praise for their noble work. last week. He has been seek-
Company and Central of Georgia advertisement of Fearnside Co. I Of two :
J. Stewart Lewis, formerly of Pa- At this writing it is imposible to estimate .. Railway was circulating among his which on this for As has been previously announced, nz a local agent for his company, and ;

S"lTSIDLSU'5 \. laths bat now of Waycross, Ga, was the amount of loss, and we are I Palatka friend Saturday and ran in to will appears read it. Suffice page it to say everyone that death baa again visited us and taken links be has succeeded remarkably

here Tuesday. unab'.e! to learn for what amount the giveusacall. from our midst one of our oIde.t.oJ well by securing the services of Mr. T.B. i
his live firm has engaged space in THE '

(;.., Feb. .*-%VmbIngtoe'sI3irthL Miss Nina WolU and Miss Mays, of properly was insured. Mr. Hawkins said that there were TIMEC-HERALD: through which to talk moat respected citizens. I. Anderson, our rmeient tax collector
The flames spread with rematkable On Monday. February 21st, 1866,,
tourists in Florida at and City Clerk. ,
'! .\ "'ac celebrated In Irvington Jacksonville are expected here todayon undoubtedly more lo tbe people. i
rapidity having been discovered at- time last Kenka was thrown into consternationand Mr. Anderson is now prepared to 10i j
Ha 1, i''! satruma Lan4taf.lto evening a visit to friends.As present than at any season. Fearnside <& Co. carry a handsome
0:30: and at 10:10: the roof fell in. grief at tbe almost instantaneous life in first-class
continued Mr.
And better still are your a :
o'! tin. :2l!, ID a very uniqoe andpleas a matter of information to our and well selected stock of clothing company.
A special train from High Spring I Hawkins tbe tourists that here demise nf Mr. Ed. Ramley who fell -...--
tit nianuor.Th. are ireD'.' etc consisting ofan
readers, we publish elsewhere today furnishing, I
with Superintendent W. B. Denham, lifeless in the rear of the Tillage store,
.ufl!K aod funtlem, with the notice of ward primaries. I this year have lots of good Judgment, elegant line of shirts, collars, cuffs, Commodore A. J. Root and party returned : -
Koadmaster Jolly, and Bridge Supervisor without a word,and apparently withouta I
i je cLdr. 11. ratbersd In the ball! from in that they will remain in the State ecknear, etc.,el.e This firm wants Wednesday on the Alligator'rom
Geo. and T. Bell arrived here at 2 o'clock strugcle. Mr. Ramie bad long been
Long Donnellv two ,
I later the than in former !
al:i tb nriL'lihorinf ttwn in remembrsnc tn season years your trade, and a glance through the a six week'llrin to the headwater
citizens Interlachen and rains. It a sufferer from heart disease, and his YOU GET IT TOO
prominent of inspected M reportedthat
of them having expressed their ,
01 l tbe day. At first, music, many tore will convince you that you want of the St. Johns.
sou?, con\ereation and amusements esade Falalka visit Wednesday. the wharf will be rebuilt at once,I intention of remaining until May and something which is there. ooexpe.Hed taking off was the result of _ _ _ _ in every nan j of pre Live, Oak

tlowe l in) with a ripple of joy and Uugb- Rev. Paul Jx>hr conducted EnglishLutheran and pei baps the warehouse. some eve as late as June." --.- an attack of this fatal malady. lie had NOTICE FOR PUBLICATIONwhiskey! tint \ton ink! ,- when!i chilled

ter. Uiii' >n'paring the way for lb. col. service* in tbe Public School Mr. Ilawkirs truthfully said that the walked to town in the afternoon apparently I from exposure to cold. X> liou-tehoid
i! The Prodigal Father. KO CURE-NO PAY his
Litton t\ h u 1. bountifully spread on ui'ding No. 1 Sunday evening. tourist who failed to remain in Florida That is the way all druggists sellGROVE'S in usual health had lingered LAn series AT GAIXMTILLE. FLA > should be w.thoutaupply of our Bunter
The of the. Prodigal Father till four o'clock ,
patrons nearly talking JmMMn M. lias f
the months of April and May or Harper win-key our Hcnnfy or
small tah11'1I dolled about tbe hall '
becure your seals for The Prodigal TASTELESS CHILL 'TOT1CE IS MEREST G1VKX THAT THE
will han a good chance to laugh when I with friends and bad started on his IN folowtaUtt.d Htorh. Stod souse af Blackem' fir
i inciikinalpurooxes
miss tbe two grandest months of the our Brandy
1 li'ch the seated. "
aroun guests were Father. which FOX 10 for Chills and Malaria. It b
appears at Fry'sOpera they go to see the Prodigal l Father," return home when the fatal stroke oc tla: J Bk UMl penal '-Sa .
AftN 111" rcfrcuhmenu were served, House year in the Land of Flowers. simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless out satdpss win Our stock fir Llicu' Wines
Monday evening. I which: Will be the attraction at Fry's curred. lIe bad gained the rear yardof fore Register eni Kfcttttr a* OakMWtBt, fto '
and of all
it wat announced that there would be on*. Children lore It. Adnlta peef.r on March r>.1551,Yta: Liij ors are u tie ailed.
The proceeding of the County Commissioners Opera House next Monday evening. To Leave Palatka. the More and was unattended LOl'H razktre&: *l KiTtnMe,rkk. H l. Call.
.peak appropriate) for the occasion. it to bitter nauseating tonics' .
23014 UN M. .i.se.eswp.ii.s E.MC.
The l."< \ T. Borden was fint calM will be printed in THE: There is nothing of the forced laugh We regret to learn that Talatka is Prle JWe that no word was known to have beeu eI:urn*ttMMtfwtccwttMM*to pore M* EP.lf. "

upon. He, instead of takIng the TiXEX-HaJULD: the county paper. about the strata ot merriment in which I soon to lose Mr. A. P. Lewis, the photographer uttered. A few moments after !tearing .TcllaiuLlfe:. **"" sat enittyaslo. of Y 8.

up the audience finds itself. There U I who has of Has Been Identified. the store be was observed lying upon W.E.itrews.eIst.st.cMaFa.. LEMON 8TREKT

hie ol i bought geneml.y: pursued. on The Whist Club was very pleasantly burdensome about the plot in purchased one the ground and examination it \V. A.IMxTW. PalMk ..' I ______________________________
nothing I upon KtomMv
tbe in found dead in the .kJeb.-
The colored
leading photograph
like 01 '.'iou*, called the attention of entertained Monday evening by Mi s LT.Oii, '
1 be Prodigal father. and in fact Adrian Mich. his former Lome. lIe river Nashua the 14th of February was found that life was entirety extinct. I J.M. BARCO, '
those who shared the thouzbte and Merrill, at her home on River ttrect near on
after the curtain rolls dowu at the con Ilia remains will be Interred at Onar- w .
dose his here RAY'S PLACE.
to has been identified Jake Stewart
plans "f I XVaMnngton, and who walked | expects up gallery on aa -
Capt. John II. Welsh of Welsh: ton, i elusion of the last act. one finds it dif March 19th. and will leave for of Federal Point. ga, 111., and left on the 3Ub for that
liy bit .I 1 I. m all ihe great events of hut I soon us ,
WKS in the city Saturday', and paid THE j ficu't the structure from tbmultitudinous W. II.
life-MAirrn' .v WASHOK.nix.Her 'I to separate Tnn:--H.nALn: office a pleasant it. .1 of Mannville.Mr. .
specialties produced : Mann
Mr. Lewis M a most excellent art lit wife, who recognized the clothing and Wines
void or encouragement, good The ..maaary. as follows: Ramley is widely and favora- An energetic, enterprisIng young Liquors
Officials G. A. MacJonaid W. F. and a elever neotleman as well. l>urmg rtrdes found about the same.

beer, -ympathv, with deeds of kind- Hopper and C. B. Rhodes, of the G. 8 A wealthy old geographer starts I his residence In this city he has b'y known Uftvogbout the State as one man with good ecurity or email eapi-

new anti beroiitm not only encouraged out to explore Africa but before bit I wao: bad lonz and earnestly laboreJ to a\ to establMh a branch office. Ad- And
& F. railway, spent Sunday in Palalka. made a best of( friends all of whom Cigars.
him in all ining duties and events ef steamer sails he meets with a diverakw I regret to him leave. Why fllcJOlnson'sChill induce immigration and promote the dress with beet references, P. O. Boxus.

hip lif. but sent thrill of ineptraUeotlirouili The regular monthly meeting of tbe see .umter S. C. H8t
in the shape of a eerio-eoaue actress- before Mr. public welfare. lie was broad minded ,

; the whole aimy in its darkeet U. D. C. was held yesterday evening He straight wsy fives up ida sckttlft: Lewis However citizens leaving ns, & Fever Tonic liberal and -eooserTaUfv en current issues I

days. Rod wnejitbe'ffuir of liberty broke tbe residence of Mrs. Patton Ander- wiMgite oar an opportunity NOTICE. Very Old Wines
ideas and lays after net for six months- to steers cabinet photos at the Because it cures the and thereby rained the friendship
- upon; ; tl.cir uplifted vision and this Bei'ubhc t IOn. tad -- Specialty,
He receives' DO eneonrageuMnt so low of dozen. For and respect of all classes. -
from its of blood pme ft.OO per particulars most stubborn case I will reward of W.OO for tbe
rone baptism pay a
The famous W. W. Tremble, representing gives up the cheat arriving home be see hie advertisement in this In the work that Is before us his toss

K|he> w,is w at crowned with laurels as tbe Devoe-llaynolds Taint Co., tells his family of Imaginary advenventureontbe -I issue. of Fever in ONE DA Y. will be deeply fek; and to Kenka and appeebeusionoith.mrtIesw'sobroks( oeeial attention given to lie tI'Il1Iol'i:

well a- he whom we this day delight 10brtoor )f New York, spent Sunday in the dark eootin+nt. Perplexing i Putnam county especially, will it be Into tbe warehouse at Federal Poha. Jugs and Krg-.
. --
Wednesday night February >, and
situations by the score soon Putnam No. the for here he haJ made his
{city. I Chapter 9 R. A. M. Cupid's Capers. greater I
stole! therefrjtn .
then No..tla letter from w. handle the
T. V I links confront him and be finds himself in home and here Le bad exerted bis best nbo \ \
who fast time Sawdust crossing have been put At aa interesting convocation of 1nE TnfU-lJEJULD 1.la receipt of beddIng, ete. Parties are on the St. I brat of Case Good for
r n man, cave on
gen >, 4 town at tbe intersection of many of all aorta of laughable ,.wariel. Lyn I Putnam Lodge No. 9, R. A. M.. Monday the following invitation : efforts and influence for ibe general Johns river south of Pa'stks : '
from i li n'al north to
a passing
I :
Wefcher makes an admirable old man, weal. lie owned extensive land Inter. '
iln- land of flo' lie j Mr resident street, by order of the : evening, tbe regular election of Mr. and Mrs. L. McSpaden H. A. GUIlT U'IIOS' ,
visit l. r- I
gavglowing and Will MeRoMe Ton Freeze, the eats at Kecks of its earliest
as was one
Council officers which was not held in December request your presence Fe.lral Point, Fl i. HOLIDAY TRADE.
a (k-fxnptioti of SatauMAIIIhl King of the Wam Wens, M at his best. is held settlers and its recognized founder. To _I
as under the
required was special at marriage of their daughter
lin 1):ojd avenues, ill cIuudael' Marriage I license were issued Salui- Geo. A. Spink ns OaUesby Df author bill taste and judgment is largely due
and resulted fallows _
dispensation, as Levine Minerto a T.Mtu-ros.PIr. w ii (nos
its :nuiiHions( bcattered all through .,lay to Emanuel Home and Emma and journalist plays well on the piano : the artistic plotting awl developing of IDAHO: SALOON ,

the U : pmep, and its orange grsfrea Ktaf, and James Leak and Mattie and recites a dramatic Ion tale in an W. II. Cyrus II. P. )lr. Joseph Edward LocaaVsstneisdsy the town, and he buDded for himself MINIM &; BRO.f LewKMi 8tr*- t.J'alalkn, FU.

once tin' <'rowomg cloryof the Ilifthts Part. entirely unique fashion Severn! new one of the toreliest and most pleasant
W. G.
TOghman K. morning, March sixteen
DOW;,1I.,111>! H.IO new life with and wit benuty.hItuweil The young people of the First Bar-I and original) songs,dances and raedle\t F. C. Coehraoe. S. eighteen hundred and ninety eight homes on the banks of the Lake which M. M. GODWIN
The letter fairly sparkled aa
List Church have organised a Christian are introduced by }. Welch, Wilt -I M. Kohl, Treasurer.T. at eleven o'clock. owes its name to him. He enjoyed a .

on to, yours truly. Endeavor Society with K. C. Tc.ie-' r C IIslpiu, Elnoft, and B. Anderson, 5ecre4rvefiitlOhIiiAitake CaldebV-l ia o..rj. residence of nearly a score or years
of ,
Mr. Paitoifisld: gave a description MelvHle7. &.. Daies here amid tbe-sunshine and birds and
I as president.MM. i tbe Vieees
Mount ,rentob.'o'eD followed the | S pace at next At home after March twentieth\ ,

of Banner" Harriet ),f. Dow. ._AtaDlDa. and Challenger are special tstfnrea. retular_convocation to be heM Mon Palatka. Floruit. flowers and ripplioz waters be admired _

.Inlblc ta'Sr.D..:. Remember the date Monday evening ..... __ so much. He ha long been regarded .t .
li.r.o I spent Sat.ard-t" .w.. aD Palaika.wsdg. day evening. March H.I -- a --Msumtaeir-r'' --' .
11 .. ....ULA. e..lthn? at tli. ... \ March b. I Seth Holloway, one of THK TIMKSIFRALD'S at the capable bend of out IOf'h1.Dd

T\m\' doMtlnor of those gat he? 18 the_ forenoon.. a very plnasaut visit ------- --- -- I Disorderly Houses Raided. staunch friends at Etoniab, muniel). body, and as such bn loss isrreparab'.e. Wagons, Buggies and -

,li.it not only I breaks up the monotony ANTIlD.Ht Improved Place wa in the city S tansy for tIM first : -.aa.-
The police railed a number of dfoor all Kinds. ,
IIf)f every day life, but ennch and makes L Johnson, colored was before Jut- that $soo to$1.000 will buy, describe I and time in several months. lIe paid this Two years since his former wife, a Vehicles,
Jetty houses the ant of the week
and the aocial circle. Lace Rowtoo Friday charged with Ureeny. ed R., Times-Herald. cultured of IlL \ Wagons, Buggies,
gUd the homes fully. care pulled the inmates who were heavily office a pleasant visit: and renewed his lady Ooarga, passed Blacksmith Work, JlI",.Shtlac. _

I It was TTT Vi il!11 I on the part of Mrs. He plead entity and was sent to ibtertption for another year. way, and In Jt ne teat he mamed Mrs

p,>wf'i[' op 'niii: her spacious grounds ail for 90 day Another OcUawaha River Line. I fined UEBALD by refrains Major from Gay. publishing THE TIMES-the -...- JaneUa M. Sterrltt.of Roekbndge Co., Experienced gnarao workmen eed. P .tI.1oD I Vehicles of all Kinds

and tiC hall\ whitti are so well adaptpd I Proprietor Catto of the Putnam \> Ii. The brief months that have sine Bluhm* Wik. HH null
: called
The attention of our readers H names, but hereby gives notice that if Why allow yourself to be slowly tortured 'or. Lemon and Fifth Btre t.
I for all 011 anon like the above nav Bouse, baa perfected erring menu etapsetlwa* seemingly one continuous I FLORIDA.worCmes ma eis55S. 5ii5Ca'
to the opening announcement of at any future time we have occasion to at the stake by disease? Cbil PALAT2A .
U lf' .ittlc camp fires, which ehedeligl with J."Q. Tilcbman owner of tbe honeymoon and the last fatal moment gasriswsE.ereed
( II. Miss Kate Lnces the milliner, which and Fever will undermine, and eventually ..
the ltou.
of publish such affairs we may publish !> *Vee(, oin<*i ( urt
: t tt" kindle along the pathway steamer IA Beve, whereby regular tops transplanted him, let ns hope, from the ,
occurs on the 1. 17th anJ 18th inst. break down the constitution
name* and if we do, we shall certainly ras.a.i.NaAcG.&F.DIeYr FI.\
life, 11.1 a tendency to cultivate and up and down the UcUawaha river are -'FEBRl CURl (Sweet Chill TonIc bosom of earthly lore and sweet content : Palatka Wood Yard.

tho soCial < ualiflcationswhld. Messrs. Jermsn and Pflueger, whole- publish every name connected: with with Iron) is more effective than to the of Cherished
bnnf "": t "e | to be made. wafting arms
ofiu.slr' a. druggists of Milwaukee were in such affairs Quinine, and being combined wiib THE[ FLOBIDA? PHIlBSOPKtRt [
."" I t" "make up (lie happy day Tbe service was begun Into morning ones who bad gone before and tbe fade.
the this week and took the ron is excellent Tonic and Nerve Medicine. ( )
B. city in
I: I aLl o'clock. The bout will leave Fmlatka Correction.A teas j)ys of tbe beaniitol beyond.Mr. .
A .
______ of the famous Ocklawaha river It is pleasant to take. and is I ,
W ire plea rd to learn that Tax A. sights route. I and Sliver Springe early in the nriraie I letter from Mr. II. A. BMcKtex'e sold under positive rarantee to earn or Rumley was born in E land 01 r O. EARL* A co., Pnornirrons um..n W..lly I' : "

morning, making daylight trips each money refunde I. ccept no substituteThe English parentage.' His early Lfe. was ..fWS
The Con'I,10&: \."
r.a. states Leading i
.es'": Uu'( ',ar.l' 'has suMeieirecwer- In speaking of the firm of Mintou: ftiro. ..v. at VaWosta, "just a. good" kind don't effect soent in New York where be was lef t tpsrentlesa DRY PINE. OVK and ASH .
bat we wore In error in saying that he cures. cord foot stiand or li_I. th.-t U"itf .
.1 t
.J I lfi'tii'' in attack of lafiunit jrIe 1.0 en- last week, by an oversit we at an early 'fe, and being 01 r ra OrJeraitftatfkerm. & Sewsrt- I -
MUKnery Opening Announcement.My bad sold out his paper at that place.
In- I'fli ial ,lonnds oMa neglected to state that Mr. Pruiit, an ---- -- --- ---- literary taste K ben a mere lad, he I drool .:ore. Jay Bros., aDd Wider iTo.'s -- -

We pw'' :i I'h hia list of app>intasents experienced workman, was cmp'oyed fourth Spring Opening of Millinery Tbe few letter DM th1.states that be has leased fora /Hot Weather Coming drifted upon the stage. From this extenence f roeera will rscri'/e pr u>|X a*. Ib.iw.uss.a'.sss.ft .ia'' f-. I'T""I"'"" '.''t'-"' i 11.t. "- 11"t._"

n4 Goods wil' take place tent n. .,
by the Arm. Fancy he acquired a thorough knowledge .. ... nc iren.s. OIl..
1.18 i ... and Friday We got our information from tbe pa. A\tf. Trnekiitir Fnioito-o I U ring 5.ee r.ion.se ,h..uid ,1... ,. I t..,
on Wednesdnv. Thursday of Sbakef ear.-, and early became i and UagjCagll fun.'er. 'P'KMIt' S. "i Snsid i ml In ,L.,. .ri 1 ,t..
Bricklaying on the new Wilkie brick m question and supposed, of _
March 16th. 17th and 18.h inclusive. And THE RACKET a successful actor. Mr. Knmley regarded _ _ _ _ _ _ .IIdra1"---. .r hi'.I." II I JIo
block earner Lemon and First streets, course, that iAOI'rtet. However 'P aimi IDce.to .iiee.stssttpik.
mar4 2w MISS KiTE LUCAS. .. .
his si a -
was bua Monday morning and that .. we make the correction with pleasure STORE prepar- < Amid.'
-- there be acquired the practical knowledge I
"Just put of the city presents a busy appear- E,' citizen .f Palatka should -.- : FWIt.D. PIilt.osOrtLRI ..
as ery ing for it. and training upon which in after r i /j rp..se! Eb."I ,. :

read The Ttme .Herald. Are YOU a Has Returned from Georgia. hue he betIded a brilliant and successful PjSJ-I .: .. '- I. .esi"N a'pa't.... -

J. R. Jerkin our esteemed friend subscriber? Mrs I ge. E. Moore. who has for several literary career. Lenin? the state" :
New Goods Coming |
Every Day.
Goodas and correspondent of Melrose, was in weeks been visiting her daughter b3 entered the field of journalism aOnarga _N=

Pabttka Monday and Tuesday and paid Mtutcate and Concert. in Fitzgerald Ga., returned Monday. III. here be gained pr .minence

THE TTMTEB-HKRALD once a pleasant The evening of St. Patrick's Pay and has rooms at Mrs. R. C. Howell'* We are going to h eve tle ret. and
Scotf& and we uQ it much vWt. March 17lh, a Musicale and Concert on Oak street. tiet and Sweetest line of Spring. terms in the Illinois Legislature, was i a

cheaper," is A statement sometime Harry W. Fowler: accompanied by will be given in the new Catholic Mrs. Moote will resume her work of I popular public speaker and It'mpenDtt iL e SPECIAL. Half

made by the druggist when Scott's his !:, Miss Nellie, left WednesJa church for the benefit of the church dressmaking sad will be glad to see all Goods in the State, and will Sell I lecturer, and as a writer he gained I I inc e. I

EmtlWoll iI called for. This shows for Jacksonville, where the former fund. Fine talent has been secured,- el her old customers and macy new for CASH ONLY. recognition in many of.lhe Irad'DJ nag -
goes I
tbattbcdrugutsthcmsc1vcsrcgardScoff's on proforioaaJ business and the latter and every prepera&.ioa. to give a M. Fancy *. .- Organdie, azlees. He was a man of varied exeriencs : Lv... Tampa St.&aguatlne..Opes Bay Ilelel S.lOaes Dr. rurr ,'s

&ra -ea] entertainment. aDd varied resources. As i a I
viett. .. .
on a brief e3 3lpm
Married. }'riD Percale JatkMBTllle.
Malk Gusghams, ,- writer be was versatile, instinctive and I Universal I Hair i Prcmctsr
.. .. 7.!
Miss Sueie Bobbins gave a delightful Thomas Loamy and wife, rejulai On Monday. February 3h, ai 730, a Ar.Saaiaab. i

Emulsion I entertainment to a number of her winter vaitors to Palatka. have arrived p. m.a1 the h me of the brUe's] par- etc., etLShe. entertaining; as an elocution be a Ly. SaUD.ala... .. ,. 'P.I Cur. ... .,",. .' ".., i'n' rMI..ir. -
., ranked with the beat; as an orator h.r t.1Iarlf1t..11.... _,... I--- 7'
Boo for
and Men
young lady friends last Friday after from Syracuse, New York aol will remain cots in this city, Mr. Eugene Earle. .. Women .. .'. e.t .10... ,
; and powerful beoe C4 ..... 8._ .
: was eioquent ; as a Riehmeid .:,..... ..
of C-UTu Oil with HrpopSosphhec -I noon. Elegant refreshments were through the season Mr. beamy- and Miss Kate Bell were united in and Children. Your chance I factor his was always 'ee' .. W.kl t1a ... IMipoi ,? IIt.ti 11"PISI r.

of Lime and Soda as the served and all bad a joUy good time. fOrmerly owned the St. George hotel I marriage, Rev. C. A. Koger ofimatm;. purse open; as I ...: ;..* 1"1.j..I1.C 'IS .d I.air.u'.1
standard and the who to Save from 20 to 23 per cent.. friend be was warm and sincere; as a I a B I'.lmere: 00 P0O' LisOt
purchaser property.Constipation. ... ..1"( .
Martha Washington patty
The given toll and Pkilatfelpkla .
neighbor oblIging; as a hoe t = 1 r1f "
the "standard"becaitec Purchase
desires to procure the members of the Baptist church Business men reach the people 0'' on Sfting jr.5ewTsrk.-.. ... 6.ltpm C III t'-pS..L .t.'fl r 'PS
by and
courteous hospitable a
has gentleman
it been of!
be knows Putnam through The TImes. ufpncv. .
untold benefit should not for one on the Mtb ult.. WM a very 'plenaatt County We are closing Out firstelass as a husband tender at ; ;
instant think of taking the risk of! social event as4aUaetal success a* Herald. M yard Pine Outfng. <*> eeatLto' trae.LWlra i. ndI' L..t.l

-5. ustof some untried preparation. well. The psosteds amona.ed to aboutJOHNSON'S Osan frilj ',:tf; tl. "-kde,s in the wotU. It --Bag-Party. DQekln 'IItL weil ens.LIV. daisep 8 : f
UKbovrts welt 1FeJI
tIow. "
.. reuuns Uif u t"j >.1! UHI k'"I1ID
4y; The substitution f4' _ _ ID-- It" Khaker Flannel 41 etow.to" 2 hC. D"-f ao. f.lIWUy.I'
sad i J.rooa3 i <-j. t' \In..1 livrr The ladies of the Presbyterian church Ltfe'a ,i
said s "e "!
to be Cheek McUptF
of something: Apron cents.S wos.Eli. a" "- ___ .
& "jstugood"forastandard expect to have a Birthday Bag Party,, Spools Beat Sewing Cotton, It cents .

.IT I preparation twenty. Hodsc..u. at the home of Mr and Mrs. A. Wilson Shoes at pikes to Cto out remnant A w... .. .. D..ery. :;: = ..: # LING WAH. If'rI -

:>ve years on the market CHILL AND on the evening of March 10th. number tart "oarter .r a ceatory records

,IL .b o jld not be permitted by .. ., I. ntaay wonderful diteortrif Ia m dieiA ; I W. \VRENN.
bad L. "- .1 I Yours for
a pleasanl
Large lot of Velvet: L : : sl-Cte CmltS8 e LaUfi
hU that have :
BOO accomplished ht [
4 -- ::_: :.atcHigent purchaser FEVER sk kea..jt- P II S hunasilt **a last strrluif ski\ .man MkU .. r Tnffie Uof.r.5AVANNAH. j

.'TT'S F.mu. See 1I0t1t1' rt.enreeomSiUm : I Peas summer, ,"Browv'Iroa Bitten. GA. .
". at low prices.VERTREES&. remedy It MOTM I* r., l'mLaTg ..t.F .
Cures ,
the .r. sad
an ta
t' a-r the tlrmm
THE RACKET STORE 3oMai> rrry et rwxl bemlth. ; :
i. ., .It draggisti.a In One 1HI.tI.tG&: ,. .s4tosghiy. .UdruU' Lad Mtthcr maa. w oaa or child sea Uk = a .uarac .
i '\EGiwsBiMsKew Votk ay. rrepsred by C L IIo i & Co.Tl .. ;. CasL CO. FalatLa_ Fla it wiUxrat deriving the rnuta* besetS.Ilruvus'lrov U. -
Work done on short notice.
s.rupu1Ja. BttUn is sola oeczema
e oulj Fin U taks eltb UoOoI'a by sU dishes.



The times-herald
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rfi C

--- -
: twaTSid.nraar: .? rtre..t.e.w.k.d' taa.1c ae.udet.dlsar1, teas PALATKA FLOKIDA: .FKLDAY, MAUC1I -1,1898-: NEW' SEBIES-VOLUME W.--SO 4U!I

Vertrees & Co. f I NATIONAL CAPITAL. I, Florida Areibcnt.The Orange Outlook. I I(tI t NEWS OF THE STATE. 0. A. R. CAMP FIRE. R.,.l..*:*,tk C*b.s...-., ptir sae. .Ikteu. 1

A subscriber! who has lived twenty Annual Meeting at GalaestOle Last
--WHOLESALE-- rears In Florida, says the Citizen, andis !I Week-Meet, at Palatka Next.CuaifciuU .

flay, Meal, Paper Bags, What is Going on in Washington :Industry thoroughly, said] familiar: If I with had the>$10,000 orange to Florida News Culled For The from GiTiHtan.. i

invest in fruit culture anywhere in the The "Utae" aod''Aray" metToesdaj
ton City.
Grain Grits I Times-Herald Readers. night in front of Hotel Conttans, where
Building United States. I would Invest it in orange :
growing within a hundred milesof they were formed in line, two abreast, i

Flour, Papers Orange Jacksonville. Even if my trees were I As they marched to the open hose IlbAKING

A Brief Resume of Congressional frozen down to the ground-lhat is, Some of the More Im- they were preceded by the company of
r1RTIL.ZZERSt.: : : E"tc. Doings. I down to the top of the earth mound- j porant Events. East Florid Seainary cadets, seek

once every ten rears, I am prepared to I j command of Cftfrt. Bwnetl, acting a!Jan

show that it could be made the escort of honor

Livery Feed and Sale Stables. -Wagon profitable branch of the fruit industry. I Green Os*. Sprwgs has just organized Col II. F. DttUoo. as commander of

WASHIXOTOW. C.Feb.28.-"Rally By planting a proper selection of early a Board of Trade.A Gen. Lew Wallace Post, G. A. R. of POWDER
'round' the nag boy! That the Gainesville called the
prevailing varieties somewhat dwarfed I meeting to
on the new bak .is Absolutely Pure
The Standard Oil sentiment Washington the latest p""Jectedenterprk. order.
Company, in today ,
AGENTS citrus trifoliate in the proper soil and .
Walter A. Wood's Mowing and Reaping both in and out of Congress. We may situation, a paying crop of oranges can in Amvtta. Following a patriotic air by: the bar

I hare to fight, but we mast &Jtlpir the be produced in three I Fifteen boxes of beans shipped from i Col. Dutton introduced ()et E. Pi Cater
years. ..... .
PALATKA Tropic: a few dan netted me Maim ::c c& rah .Y
Spaniards that we are not only readyto The day for Moot seedlings In Flor- ago 1120. to whom had been a..Ip.e41M delivery
-- ---- --
--- -- ---- fight, but determined to fight, if the ida Is forever gone by. Thirty-fool Jacksonville's new city directory: of the address welcome.. .
Bright Outlook I report of that naval court be that the gives That city a population of 37,500. Col. Cater performed Ibis ottee wett. ----- -
seedlings& can be grown well enough, WrttMB ffer tl.Tlmi' H.n '
OeU 1:1I__. : explosion, which destroyed the Mane! A In that eloquence for wbkh be is noted I
The Chill CureFor movement ia foot
Crescent 1 despite the freezes: (tome have grown on to build A FROM ISAIAH
Mr. TorrteeUi: : was on the outside of the ship. The twenty feet from the ground in the hell road from Green Cove Springs he bide the comrades wekonte, all....- ",7-is.
tho Quick and Permanent Cure of New York fcr the i surface indications all point in that direction to Jacksonville. fug to lh- scenes and incidents of 186163 I ----
past season) but they are not wantedby TM
; hick a&lofty One a'xm.
Chills and Fever Remittent Fever. the tobacco market, now. Had the court discover when the two great armies faced
intelligent !growers. The Cuban Tobacco Growers' Who
I Com. ** beboldthe) hj.nbi
I it entirely pleased I i! ed proof that the explosion was due toaD each other in deadly conflict, and the eye wan:
Intermittent Fever and Bilious Fever made and the The fro It which grows about rteeD- pant of Fort Meade have in over ten II. to the counts show+ lli,< :uvo,
i accident on board of the Maine I patriotism, endurance, fortitude and
Lagrippe and NeuralgiaGuArc.nteed foot round on the ladder lIe said be bad onl doi-bt
: there Is little that the facts would courage exhibited by each, and to the
much it tannot be afforded.
"tO cru.rc.:: enough to engage I have been promptly communicated to ; Mitt Cassava. will be extensively planted Cri-.ndllaDiJ brotherly relations existing nil BftBM M boly. great sod hab, ,

Most all Chill Tombs will core ehllK! but that it all they will core and I Imaiy Ia big buyers and : the adonnia'ration and as promptly pickers are scared when they are so far in the vicinity of DeLand, and it is today. lie WM greeted with cheers life bkwings are Ibe verr first,
Care a phviilcUo! has to be called to Ret the patient well. Not *o with tent with inler I above the ground; they abuse the fruit hoped that the industry" will prove remunerative Ills blessed is al1fa
made public in order to allay the excitement and applause as be stepped forward and Dane 3- nigh: ,
THE CRESCENT, : tonethestomach restore the in and down.
CHILL TONIC, as it ap- gathering bringing it All to the .
pt.tIt.. and purifies the blood It eradicates malarial poison and puts tue As it was, be said he : At nothing has been sent the fruit above that point represents groW'ers.The frequently paused during his address III.* ptomi** fives the weary rest

Liver in the very beet eonJitlon.In dollars per bale for i to Washington$: by the court it baa been Tobacco: Growers'. Association, for the dm applause to die out In Dia promise' will the
i ret tx long too much tonlrne: r how,
thia dee inedleiiw' nine tenth" of waiting, expense,
the of this a"
great of the success had he bad of Oxford, have decided to
a large taken to mean that the investigation engage an the name of the people of Gainesville Ills .
all fever ftriftM from au accumulation of malarial poi nnl and a torpid Liver. A I too much Interest on the investment.We woNl..ret. winning BareH
epec1 !NEURALGIA and GRIPPE. Pric* iO cents.' For Bale at have sold it much : : as fun it has gone, shows the expl I want a busy race of trees which expert instructor, as they intend to he bade the old Union veterans wel .. tnsth i II sun to bam-h (rat,

c. J. l1ARRETTI higher! price. He ion to have been on the outside; consequently raise tbe best tobacco In the country. come. He evoked great applause when Hi tore will rale the (' -
The s will do their work close: to the groundand tasa'spl.ca! |
CRESCENT DRUG STORE : Floridians should be ; due to and he stated that he attached to their
Proprietor. treachery, that do i. rulck.A. The Cummer Lumber Co., of Jacksonville .. presence Wbn, Christ shall
PAI.ATKA, FLORIDA.Try a market. I the Court wailing until it secure the I has an order for 60,060 teet cf in the South an influence which dire'!! wuhlo the
fullest proofs to that effect before mak. >*rrowTh.nVfal Ee awe. Umber, which is to be shipped to New has made itself felt during the past ,
'/) .
< one bottle.' I the postage and if not found r Save The And .r-bali. 'impart in. .
pay Neither the influence of which mug gnreH -
its report Presidentn an bond
... repreeonta.t.,1 will Immediately' refund money upon l.! BII.A ing I words written by 31-. Ada York, and from there by sailing vesselto years, save while count''...i roil-
reselptof empty bottle. Very trt ly yonrs,, 4 When children >r\any member of the Cabinet will E. Hart of Groton. S. 1)Va. taken Klondike. forged by force had given pfeec to Yon have mr
admit that the administration that bond of love and lie is) God jrnu h:.linu'' ptoc.
cough, cold and puts with a bad cold which nettled on my Tore tore gray hair to its natural respect. expreeaed

Cough Syrup will i construction upon the silence of the I lanpi. Doctors
sure cure. Mr.( Court, but there I Is no occasion for any oooki live but a short time. I Rare my- and strong, there I la no better "blue" and "'gra," veterans present L Dig! don a to I Ihe uwr
THE C. B. ROGERS CO. Blandon Pa., admission from tnem;their official: acts, t aelfnptomy Savior determine l If I preparation than Hall' Hair Ranewer. under one roof. If rot want to wet w-'i!, sad stay

used Dr. Bull's Cough : in preparing for war,tell the story, and eoold not lay with my friend on lie was responded to by Rev. J. 1*. well M"*,U likely It 'm>)iKf liecL The

IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE GROCERS. cold and croup}, avid l tell it so well that Congress Is perfectly earth I wool 1 meet my absent. one It ia reported that Thomas F.: Shlnggledecker Shoupe, chaplain of the Department of irritating pobosM of fm enUoir. putrid -
Frank A. aod J. W.Foultman .
cough medicine and willing! to keep quiet and allow the administration above My hn.band was advised toget Hoyer. Florida, in one of the beet speeches tout I. f. in the stomach 6y hallgeetion -

Provisions Grain Flour Meal Grits Etc affections. We to play the game out. l Ur. Kings New Discovery for Consumption of New Castle, Fa., have ever heard on an occasion of the kind t ren.) beatarhr. a..r.ittf

Hay, but always keep it .Moe out of every ten members of Cough and Colds. I gave it purchased 40.000 acres of land in Florida The tenor of his remarks wa an appeal 1 Qee1'o.80t,*. dixzinet"{ Ktoni, hIrritiibllity. -... ..

Bull's Cough Syrup Is Congress believe that war' with Span a trial, took la all eight bottle It has and will organize a company to develop for peace, lie painted a dismal pieta r i nMllf'' and all other ,.*tl-

Hole Agents for OUR BUSINESS: CONFINED TO for 25 cents. Insist It bound to come in the near future, eared me, and thank God I am saved r the land,erect sugar mills,cotton of the late war with the devastationthat kDOWD .11>>11&0.. of ind'tfc'! tlaa. Tb \
THE TRADE ONLY. ORDERS: and now a well and healthy woman. I :I factories, cultivate sugar cant, etc. Jw canoe many pi H .mil disorders
i it
but .
fiirbink! I CinnlB C O. through some open act of hostility wrought, argued that it w uwhich
{ FROM CONSUMERS NEITHER Of Interest to on part of the Spaniards or by an Trial bottle free at the. drug store of An old hook qaloUYIAT.'wbt'o the indispensable to the work of Got in l are often Ltd to other CHUMS

Lie i Bud Caned/ Heats SOLICITED NOR DESI ED.Quotutions I The Florida Ex{> declaration on the part of COD Aeker'jian & Stewart. whole*jttem .U prevaded by well-oxy bringing out the great principles of man add, home, are Dot easily|| rnred.. Betas

Lake City, desires ... Things seem to hare gotten in Regular six 130 rent and ft t Oft gnarftntied I I genated blood, vlgoroaitly propelled, and brotherly love. lie poke freely' soon as the pots .m .'* removed all
I or price rerneded.OdsTOTtr. these symptoms and ili,. .
Made Promptly on Application. !jrown tobacco, of a condition that there is no other I life and activity are copiously commu of his sojourn in the southland, which onirrs disappear
of it. nicated." Which means that when the be said bal been tJeeaD..no I in notuicg left to
matra varieties. The out % j : extremely pleasant.
Feb "
llm Jslood! Is purified by the use of Ayer'a oaw them N e thing,r!. err':. |I. this
is needed The personal statement of Secretary In speaking of present international
stalks with U.e like
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 8arsparilla, perfect health: Is the Shaker DM>!9ti'" Cordial, b.cAa
and samples should c to many Senators, that if tee 117" mult.a conditions be said today all nations of It preventth* suidigeatetl food from

to six such plants. Court reports the Maine to bare the world'stand ready to bop at each fermenting! in the. tonu. h end help

er in the State who intentionally wrecked, the ad -- --- ---- other's throat whenever the dime the stomach todi;'.tit, food

tar can ftUAN JIILI4: A"'nJ.LK TIED. specimens to II. E. will at once: demand a which: steeps angrily in the hearts of At drnggicts, price !lit i> ieits toll
rstMka,jl. K. Bay auT4 Cat......* J 5' .2T 2 J per
by xpress! at his } money indemnity from Spain for rulers and ambitious men appear. bottle.

I.I I ferring a favor and ship and for the families of the He would turn the minds of men ___ __h

sistance toward killed has not been well received Bicycl6s and Bicycle Sundries. L I away from w.r. but be believed that If About Rebu
Wilson Cypress Company in which we are all Congress, where there is a pro. l 1 that litt'e' corner of the world, the seat >Tiao HTJII I.

feeling against giving: Spain of haired, and whose history was devastation noticed in yow I last i iu! the qoe- -

Cofklen'i: opportunity to settle such a More lLh a rest 5to i I II L starvation of the weak, robbery teen asked by Mr. U. W. >hf pard, a* to

-MDWA alrrte dt1-- The Best Salve in money. A demand for indemnity, I r-I .. i I Ll'r 1 and plunder, would today My war, raboddiof Hart's late tree to Souama-

:vises, Sores, those who oppose it, would be too i I _. a halt million men would volunteer MAmenct As I have had mu, erable expericDce .

-f Cjpress iMkr Sliigles and Liths.+- rev-r Sores,Tetter, like assenting to the taunts of 1, ....B st prices I1i in one day. If war was k- with Satsuma tneI I wi,a to

:ItilWaifis, Corns, er"f Spanish press, that we are a nation 7.& IT :clued: from Madrid or Washington the inform )our render that II an'* late or

I ions,and positively shopkeepers who value Z call: to arms would be responded to by any other orange tree mi/hi; be SD -
A hrfsUc> ot Dry QyprM.;flotilir. ceOlox. sUlo arts &1ags, shag me. a1 required It U ( I money I L. such of Mrally budded with Stfa.-ua I
everything else. also .RO\iV'l'ON. an army men! as was never murterax provided
bam del pfert4 ftlsran. baal ttns urarU(prompt: .U,.... prc11'r trtect! satisfaction,or They say .. ..
nothing but blood can satisfy such I.L before. He baled to say if, but tbe original stock was from
...... of aQ ysjttcitis a epedIJlJ.cr"R" rice CSOM per .
ckermaa ft Stewart as the blowing of the il despite the fact that be had foughtagainst sweet seed. If I the Hert.Iat,- wm uu.l-
.. up The Man of Palatka.
at .. .Y1ts.e 111 forprtooij wh ft trp oar way.w teal ttt ttln I Popular Bicycle ; tied.
oil weir' sleek Ihc *
; but inasmuch as it Is generally it for years, thei was tt la : et'unta wall

The DeLand News that Spain would refuse to E-iEiKEiirliKKrli .5? :his heart. to compel: .him to. join. the poMivelv not grow, while <>u sweet
Cassava Factory has the indemnity, anyway,DO attempt numoer. .nese patriotic aeeiarauons stock, it will do welH.

permanently located were followed by cheering aDd FKIEIXDtA..
likely to be made in Congress to pre -- ---- ------- --- --- ---

m will soon be in the administration making the Vegetables in flarion County.A The Oranze City Times say that J. when he condemned Soaia and 10 lntcrlH<.hen, Ha.17'Go .

0 that the people of that maDd, if it considers it best to do so. very interesting letter from CXnn D. Graham will try his hand raising tobacco thundering tones shouted Viva Cuba to-Eo ''In..I1.- -,-, l. -
emou street(
actually engaged in think that Secretary Sherman was ty Commissioner. E.Allen, of MarIon this year. lie will put in a qnar Ub-e," the audience became frantic for Choice Coofectlourry. ( "

acres of cassava, and : to the Senators to make this state county, received at Ocala last week, ttr of an acre as an experiment, and Men cheered while the ladies waved bfteco, oic. 'ujars, Tn-

./flrtLi t .Si- *-tA the I in order to feel the pulse of Con- gives an idea of the extensive developments would increase the area to an acre or heir handserehiefs awl clapped their -- ....--- -

B-JTor Good Shoes ton |I'n. I and of the public, and that if being made tn the vegetable Yen two acres if a number of other hands in approval. Let us shrink ,

ffi Pair Guaranteed. H ....... .,the Ba.. sentiment against demanding an in* line In and around Mclntoah. Twenty citizens would: do likewise,then club in from war, but if war comes let us answer Johnson's

Every N. one need surer: is pronounced, the idea will be two growers there have planted and are and employ an expert. it like men." These words brought
Jt1 Good Hosiery.. flood Shirts, m) di-eane U I quickly and forth another storm of applause. It .
by the administration. We growing the following : Cabbage -
111 by Brown* Iron Bitter I acreage The blue-brd: is hailed as a harbinger Chill and
Good Hooks and Eyes. the blood_, nerve and soon know all about it 449!); tomatoes 4fl2; potatoes,320; of Sprint. It Is ales a reminder was plain that the address created a
or oclwrw acevmbi
Good Underwear for ItfI : Hitt" ,. Known and The sharp discussion in the House beans, ICO; lettuce, 103; squash, 100; that ft blood purifier is needed to prepare sensation. I FeverTonic

Man and Woman IrIIf quarter of a century it the appropriations for the nrer p f!M, OOi; beets 58; ; and cucumbers, 20, the system for the debilUatinff When the band struck up "Dxie": :

Good Boys' Knee Pants. ..UW most Brownclrj among Bitter mr mart i* harbor improvements provided for making a t\lalof 1,793 ..:te.. In closing weather to come. Listen: and you will the entire audience cheered. At the

} the Sundry Civil Bill was not brought his letter Mr. Allen adds the bear the birds sing : MTako Ay.r'. conclusion of this piece of CM**, Mr. I

If you tract because such appropriates were following comments: Thee! are Samparlllaln throb, April :May. Young, a member of the G.'A. U., p.roI I

MRS. BLOOMER'SFor H to Windisch's and get in that bill, but because of the only a few of the prominent grower in The Kissimmce Valley Gazette : poftrti three cheers for "Dixie," which

roasted peanuts and of members that there will the vicinity of Mclntosh. There are agreat W. J. Carter the Loogbman sap sawmill were given with vim. The Star Spangled Cures FeverIn

> Stylish Millinery, Q The mere careful a no river and harbor bill passed at many more I have not bad time man, was In town Saturday. He Bsoner was then played.

t> Fancy Goods [rJ I the Ante skeptical he session, owing to the opposition of to look up, but Boardman and Orange has ju i bought a tract of 10,000 acres Mr. Neff, of Connecticut, wu called One Day.
Reed and their consequent Lake are both in tbe McIntosh precinct at Saddle creek In roUt to the stage. He U an old Union
And Art Work 'par j, the better we county, 0 miles
Q ill that their constituents would point and some of our larger growers are at north of Lakeland Veteran and delivered a ringing speech
tbih coraprisln the
more fully .. .
\ Silks and Satins. SKSr BREECHES. these appropriations and charge each of these places." much advertised Lake Hancock Colony. In which be expressed bis pleasure! aDd ----

with Inefficiency because they appreciation of the occasion, referring baser vs. Time.
i He will turn it into a I I
1 glalce I bow turpentine farm
carefully Ilivfo
; a stock of Watch std Clot ).kMasrielonhmdand
; to get an appropriation pot in build village and peciatly to the presence of the "l tue"
W .tD be puts his put np a saw mill. I ,
bill for their districts. Represen JOHNSON'SCHILL and "gray." : w .Itr': ; ta fU1.
he'll nod
sajr "If a not printed as Dlngley's! statement that the apl: D"I"tbt" L. Moody, the world-renown Judge Bell took darn the bM e .by I Ii the repair ....DeM. I wit 1 d.!" wore at

Paints and Wall Paper mot r back. They of ..*OOO for the break- AND ed evangelist, has accepted an inrita. i reading a letter from comrades in Wisconsin tbe fallowing tov price tar'> "' .tuck t I.

thee a:1 never be leafT ."! at Hockland: Me., was for the TONIC lion from Mr. Stetson (who, by floe introducing Col. J. W.; IIu
: of commerce generally and not FEVER way, Is a personal friend) and will jro Lew Wallace of Ga'nesvU'e.! Tb. sprang. Tie; e<'.D..J, 7"n,i cr"t i

White Lead and Varnishes.Pure HOW TO the Slate of Msine alone, and that Cures FeverIn to DeLand on Monday March 7th tot a !eltrr was humorous and very amusing. -n wftUoe*, 16io 15 cent*. (flare ball
t j jr day or so. )Ir. Moody will lecture eleven year* .. heel .
was placed under the contract: ays- One Day.Veteran In De also referred in a buaterou attain exprrirrH in watt
Chemicals Toilet Articles and Goods tbe .M.< rnddjix. (4. ,
Fancy .t. ii'
; ; a bottle or University Auditorium afternoon iu a
[ I (the only kind of river and harbor Shady to Mr. Young ant Iter. Shoupe. lIe and he ecoavioced

CHAMOIS SKL '. : urln and let it provided for in the and erenin*. was responded to by Mr. Young in
SPONGES S. Et''( PERFUMES BAY RUM. rs usually sundry Association of Blue and Gray a PJRr: Kl'MIER
;, ;< ; sediment or vil bill the river and Harbor Com When leasing strain .
by of --
) the -
Extracts for the Handkerchief. Our stock comprise all of the Popular Comrades are hereby commanded to be any part body isn't doingIbe -
J 'an r t*healthy and not at his loggestiod, wa, work that o&tareloteodt'd to do. It : The old army diet pork and beans Prof. OuiHUnu to be Here.
Odors Brushes at the Court House, Palatta on Friday
Painters' Supplies, &c. I Ohtl nnn stuns linen strictly l true, but bat did not putt the whole system out of tmve-out was terred. Coffee an I sandwkhcs Iamaethoriaedbys'e'eerfrml'r.lessor <>-

ACKERMAN & STEWART 1 4 kWrxy] trouble. Too members enjoying the charge evening. ,Regular March 4ih business, prox.meeting., at 7 o'c'ocksharp. AU of b rmony. Sickness In one part of were added to the btll of fore GUll h...... of JI--T. Norm.l!
.to urinate or pain In the body .U likely to i into The election of officers
by Representative Moody, ft Veterans invited to attend. ao all parU occurred wit D School, to say (hat. he *i ," i present>
DRUGGISTS 'convincing prooTthat ., that this particular ap- of the body. Wben children aUnd a the following! resuH: : with the (f'u't1.ft (;UUII'1".1.. (M at't '
and SEEDSMEN. bladder are out of By order, W. II. Crnca, row oi brick
wu put In as a favor: to Mr. on end they knock the Geo. II. IVkvood of Tampa, Department their next meeUof, On ills !' lif\' ,
__ .j WHAT TO I J. ILL, Captain. whole row down by op-ettin-one brick. Commander .
that will | E
u t -a charge likely: be : >lwin Klrby to. deliver a !e< usre.
Tbere [is comfort in from the stump in every district I Adjutant. That 1* ezaelly what happens to the of Frnitland, Senior Vpe: DepartmentCommander All the tear her*anilcoanty > :'" o( IfI'ulmlka ..

I 'I often expressed, faQed to get a desired!! appropria II ---- health when tbe bowel: fail to perform ; Col. II. F. DalUm of arc m\ iced' to I U. i,r' jrldarr '

Miss KATE LUCAS, !'I Swamp-Boot!:) the of this nature. their makes proper troubles function all Constipation I, Gainesville, Junior Vice-Command: r; : L t" ? ,
fulfills every with in : Some able along the Hn--pat* I J. K. Rainey St. lIt'd1c.tl'' .
very speeches have been Tutfs Pills the liver out of order' Augustine, Fcl/nsary ;J >. '-.
I 1 t. bad for the
the back, kidneys, upon both sides of the Question kllneya-bad for Ibo Director; Rer. J. P. Shoupe, Ciup4*">-
atomaeo. It
MILLINERYi' every part of the sealing lion. II. W.CorbeU, as Senj holds In the The other officers are appointive air J late :-Irrat n"-mOosnypfciin .
DR. P. KEENER i I.. I i iI Cure All body pobouooa matter, ,. ,
corrects inability to j from Oregon but there is very lit- and because 11 cannot have not as yet be a named. SO materOOI Ow .1" I:' I'rrol'a
go pace elte.
And Fancy Goods. I scalding In any ralalka Tbevop.ii \ f > i.., -)rdge
pain j doubt that the precedent In the case: It gets laic the blood. The blood was selected for the encampment ,,
fects following rafof Liver Ills. ear- that It does i>o 'iiv<-K,. t ti.'!j _o ntudeof -
i;| } t senator Mantle, of Montana, who rice it all over the next February.
Craduate Optician Ila- in stock an elegant and ; t, system. That makesa .
dlversiI i 'iiHrt'
and overcbmes ralnfulai m .1.-1 i I'' "
led I line of all goods I 'beer ss refused the seat which he now cgffUhoe. latitude, bad breath and A committee was selected to const I-

UMOM STREET PAUTiU fU., the Millinery Bnsine 1 necessity of be ing-roin: .: by regular election: when his j foul taste In tha mou:h, fills the atom' era National SoUiers' ileuM fr the I I men. ., .
Northern Trimmer In Mrs. J. W. 8|, i -. > Mia .
Experienced times ttnrbgihe Sve.
I credentials keb with amt
many were an appointment gas eaases windy belfb- t
| ,.,,, .
-* l
? charge c-f Trimming Department. Arrest wakes: -1 bu- I >0 %
He mild and the en the will be lag, steps digestion In the
followed and
A SPECIALTY KuQ assortment of .' Johnson's--ChJllllnd ,..
ptaminmvfuu.i" f '.a"n""
What is Better than STAMPED LINEN- GOODS and EMBKOIDEBIED I of Swamp-Root u a majority of the roles will be cast: disease by the timely use of pauses sour stomach, ltolDacb'I' Fever I and mesiMraal > i lIt' ',. ..I r -

SILKS. I stands the htghe $ "for Mr. Corbelt's right to the seat. Tutt's Liver Pills, an old and bvaiUtbe. Tea eon avoid alt such I .
suite( it-nail Pike
Tonic is ONE'DAYCare. w Good Eye-sight ? Haring accepted the Agency for the I I8U'n'1RICK cure the most dle fe I triable, fcr Dr. Pk-rw's Pleasant Pallets a ...
S.lam favorite remedy of increasing *LA9prepaiany! I I I>rfix.
: PATTtR.: now
need medicine and its
you a f CVRK eo-itfpat5on attendant j It the
Now la the prepared to fit allorderld. for this cde Vest .i 111 cures most gist orbv &1'O.' : Bu.la9.Atl&.Dta' x
to have
Tour eye I I the best Sold by i popularity Always cures erifc
brated paUetn.r To des the In and > ft >
ise system a trend< stubborn Fever
tumtnedtand glasses filled. A delay Fapfov. r Call or write to me for Fashion cents I and one dollar. SICK HEADACHE bend 21 one-cent: stamp to coyer cost case la -- ---. -
ben fieUl
., aerton boeet KATE I*. LUCAS. e sample bottle and manner, when the of mailing only,and receive free a copy I 24 Hours. crWIj i ..1.1 ... "'ee41o get
lme come, as the true and sour stomach,malaria, indiges- of Dr. Pierce' Medical Adviser. Address -
free by mail. ), Fre b; Roaaiea iVaont- i0d)\Jp CornWANT'AN
Send 18 cents la or .c' remedy Syrup of FIjta. Boy World's Dispensary Medical As-
postage currency "
to n. Eo Dickens,Ticket Agent' Planl t C1t.19TO1tI i. HEIUU and send gmlniM. Manufactured by tb. tion, torpid liver, constipationand sedation, Buffalo, \. Y. E. O. EAKU& Co. win leU you a every dry-- ------
Kilmer & Co.,B .. Co all bilious diseases.TUTT'S large load of Dry tine Ash
$3ysUsa FaUtka, FU, for deck clhiadsoo f r Fig Sjrnp only, aod for or Oak EDUCATION ?
TMcssiMi h ..estpww proprietors of this Plant your advertisement la TIN Wood Lr>!."t.r,tffmt fjmftmmt f.p Miry t
*pla-inc cards. : J all druggists, at 50 cent-* per Liver PILLS to any pa:1of the city for '1. .., = "' "
er .::,, genuineness of this o Tlm Herald H win pay you. When you need wood call op Thoae 5. r.- : o.l- ..___.__
.. 'i! _r11'OM.... i: _









_ THE TIMES-HERALD'' himself in seek a manner that,the colt S TAX \SSES Olt'S NOTICE ---

I turcd refinement of the man and hit Troublesome Tetter \ BOARD OF TRADE. Strawberries For the purpose of receding Tax Eetttrac !

PUHL13HHD FRIDAYS. broad coijfseptton on q1NtItIon. of State I Icarry oa..1,
I will bo at the following !
-- baTe left the stamp of his personality EDITED BY BOAKD OF TftADE. better and larger berries I AN OPEN LETTERTo
cf Suffered for Years and Could Find p'ace:< as given
who have hd the pleasure """oJ'VVVV' 'vo/'r.-v.//--' ,
upon all of March.
Putnam Hal! 7tb
CHAS. KENDALL EditiraBlPropr'itor: I No Cure Until Hood' Sarsapa- the raised .'
hit aequiDwDtaDCe.I j ju I They Beg Question.According and larger crops are Grand in. .8th I MOTHERS.
from a family riCa was Tried-Scrofula Cured.
Mr. Davis cornea (.siDp.U' 1I11 .
In when treated with Harlem .-Wi I WE Ar..E AMERTI\t; c. -1 : ,','t RTS OUR RIGHT TO THE
I!i""UTIC LIT -G T-r. .. 81s whose deed of danns; nd wisdom MZ safferod with Letter oa ODe of my to the sophistry ItiIIftBted BohaDDosi' .IftttrBaDoervi.io .
_UM, 6* Ceaa tar** SB OJB**. liberty ha no limbs Jut above the ankle. I tried a More EXa.&JI'fB USE I'F' :: : 'yr S.-" "OASTOB1A.- 'D"PlTCHER'S
'..w"npUGM.hi adraae tine interest of Anenean by some of (tie railroad corporation organ : ..1KbBcatwu .
remedies but did C1' 00& .
honored fam mat many nothing me I.
SBferior among our mot *. the people bare right which . . 12lliFiaucis .
disease k
good. Tb was very trooble- :
A" uVCll Mil t'.oocM 41 pro rata I dies. fie it a man who certainly will any some for 12 or U year In the spring tJaeo1f'oe&1l of railroad an boon to re PUtashHeavy . . ..lHh /, DR. SAf/tZL FiTCKEP rt ikGM :, }jsackusetts,

'.vi s4vnoe.a:r,' .oOt.. 5otaluul tart Mm* parable make a creditable record in the serviceof I began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla peel. Tbe Times-Union and CUiawe 5' L Penlel . . . ..loth was the ;rYr..3.: ."- > PT\, C. "J '_ 3 SiA." t tht scone

.*" y'"rur. ar Mtni rrMr*Mbe d taster.saa* '7 expreul. his ooaatry and bis btate, because and after taking several bottle of this eae: Hollisier . . .l thInlerlachca .. that has tern r 'tl: rf*:'> 'r.cw" .----- on every

M seem to combine in himself those medicine was completely cored. Hood i Who owns the hotels of JacfcOBr- applications of the 11l1a hXeob..I8th .. ,,

TIm POLITICAL OUTLOOK. altnbatea wh..b are reqmiatte to broad SarasparUla also Increased mr weight." vile ? Tbe stockholders. Who Car bear the fcc-w'. ; wrapper.

ricaaUm. F.M P.When RiOIIrIR my boy,Statasboro was three,Oeorcil.months old i men the businea and pay the profit ? complete fertilizers containingnot Smithvilhs..41stYOWaIk..22d I This is the origi:: .' CASTORIA.of 1: !fach has beer.

i )he re i l 1-ciu between the two great In speech delivered in the House be broke out with eruption He was The tourists Then are the tonriat actual Potash used in the hjme .': '. Amt'rc'r: thirty

suni oa January 22nd this gentleman pre- treated by a physician and the eruption the creator of the hotels and abxMld less than 100 Fratiland..234Georgetown..24th .
jcal I' : becocBUig .
i'' : l IH seated neb a strong case against the would heal but would break out fain. they control the property ? How conki years. LOOK CREJU _:_v 4 : e nrJpt ; r :. :T that! U i:3

i .:ltd a d'll': day by day. In the in iu deceptive praci We revolved to give him Hood's Sartapa should be used. Denver..25th the kind have OJILT bo
Republican party a decent hotel be managed by number you ;;: / :: on tAe

"in nailuuggle" tJatttw were many I tioa a* to show clearly aodeoachuivelr! rUts and cured.when be He had has taken had two no trouble bottlesbe of unskilled persons, already engrossed Oar books tell all about the aabj.n. They Crescent City..flhluntlng'on BIt and has the si{zai; :! ,' ,;f < */ysTZt4{ wrjp-

wi,. h.i ., \ be:icved that Interoatlon- the InconsIstencY cf this party's posi WM in other affairs and) each Dung the hotel Ue free to any fanuc.CtBM ... . ..2tlthPomona..31at hCoiro.
they to execute with scrofula since, but b perfectly welL"Jon 30lb per. No one has authority! .,::'<';/,, me fo W, mg name except -
and it u attempting
tor WOBWS. .
ever KALI
u, i I'lme i ,i IMI> wa poaafble Lion, R. SMITH Shady Spring\V. "- only as a passing convenience T AN
commands of the owners of gold, 13 fa w>n St.. New Y.. The Centaur Company / vihic 6'zcj. H. Fletcksr is
\ ,(trd U:" I ipu'.lican: [ ticket with the the If yon have decided to try Hood's Sanaparllla The Tampa Herald whose editor U <

the sutces of while loudly aiming to be the fnendot do not be Induced to bay any other. a friend to tbe people, and who is not Sisco .. .1st of April. President. .
pIJ".rc ',\,1:0D: : that d
silver. Hood'* SanapariUa lathe best, intact, prejudiced against railroad, refeniBg SaUuma Hlgbl.2d 2/ .-. :' ,;/-.5.31.-.I *..1J.

] itpai\ \ ,u d: fuliy eafranchiM *il- : It i is to be regretted that the dictatorship the One True Blood Purifier. Sold by <1droggUta to the sentiment contained in the LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Nashua .... . . .5thWeluka .. March 8, 1897.

\t : as a ::,";'\ metal at a parity with of Speaker Reed throegb the Price 11o.Lx for 45. above extract, says: The comparison ---- -- . . 4th Do Not Be Deceived.

K:," a 1. ]J' \ ,tadcrs knew better ba system of rule adopted by the House, The Klsslmmee Gazette A doe not apply and tbe illustration does SPECft MASTER'S SALE. Sao Mateo '. lltb EL
from says: Do not endanger the cf f yovr: ch.lj: 1 by acceptinga
for .dver in prenta such men a* Ur. Days not illustrate Hotel hare no LstPalatka..12thOrange
:. M 11\1('"1 friendship) monopoly -
tin v P" participaUo in debate long as the system of taxation i* based TTHDBB AND BY VIKTU& or A DBCBXB cheap substitius which rome: dn' :'ist offer you
more frequently of domain of those Mliii..13th mAY
from no right none IJ or FOBBCI.OCUI..issssd la th*
<,nlcr U K'' q'i' Nlver Republicans upon subjects which should command ;on the theory that if you improve yoor thing which set apart and separate dreait Court oC th* fifth Jndlctal Otaalt of Federal Puint..14th >4 (because he makes a 5'.v Lore fennrs:: oa it), the ingredients
the fold. That false taw*)IMavM OCvfeafitaaBk for lUt>*l QWBW.OT tlMHOB.
tl 1. -trimm I :< the careful and wise coosrfera- property the State will fine you for it, railroad from all other class of property W.A.Haakar,;Jadgr af mid Oaart.dated Palatka from 15th to SId, ... of which even T: dcts not kxea, '.

[ tcnOI< ,mot: be successfully praettc. boo of the best minds of the American ao long; ought the turpentine operatorpay and corpv tion'l. If a man doesn't th31t will ,. Knowrtaa daof Jassary.t* eaaaalitnaat A.P.ISM.and wherein Jaa M-W. GEn. F. B11LLAD

,j i a.'ab, '1 hank to Lyman Gage be House of Representative a tax on hIs business. Farmers like the pru'e and style( of one hotel he .Itaran..BhartC.of AI_a* ex-oaVie P. Taft. Uilnlali aaatBlatrator Heca *ot a.et Tax ... "The Kind You H*1'e Always Bought"BEARS

41 The State of Florida has done well al t*... I will atll at paaUe anetioafuroaahtothehlgBr.ta FAG-SIMILE
,1 the mask worn by the Enjuuitan can go to another, or to a boardinghouse THE SIGNATURE OF
h- ren I in all branches of agriculture who are 4kaat baaatr. at th*
in the selection of this dfettefnilshedg front af the Cones la ralatka, in
declare or even camp out. But in tbe auor MOB* t_to"I V
: :( auen, and boldly in income from aid Coaarjr at roman,oa the Plo.
her in the haHs engaged extracting an 1 .a *5.iuuambyi L s.m'm.iM.
ailemaa to represent relations of the citizen the railroad
to letmmt mmil Uetc. tk jisumOim LMia
riBST MONDAY Cf MARCH A. D. MM. ftn i Ip *fniu
that thl ii.:. ulicn of this Adminwtra- have taxes tor the improvement ajis,,muibeouNra_-"_._.,
the soil to
oConiress. pay there is such a tremendous preponderance totaL hs NI 7 of suM aiaata. aotag tkelegal wTh iS 555 f,,... ,,akr ftooaro"IX -
est.abJisbbe tingle gold aaar* of sale oa that oar aB oTIaoato rJ
: to t firm \ they make and should of side such
so power on one an otter *rtala soon OTawe *i*
-i. ndan' Jhis avowal made by the A SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEfl.. turpentine farmer The Leeeburg helplessness on the other,that it is sad tae awe Coaaty akfttealarlr otrntaaai dawribed sod teals fellows of florid,, CIRCUIT COURT FIFTH JLDI-

Tun ..,J lion/ed to peak for the neeeaaars to place their relation on a TtoXorlabaUaf Lataaeaf Swdaa -I. CIAL CIRCUIT, FLORIDA, TUTXVM #
]1"" ( Commercial and Jacksonville Metrop- loves la'Townahia Twrtre Boatk Bung Tveaty -
Late dispatches froM Washington footing that recognizes the masses of iz. BBM, .-irilakig tMttr-ste and t-M eOU TY.-ls CHANCCRTJAToli
1 I'-i,side: l .wl i his party must convince olla are calling upon the responsible acre*,exemtiagrroai tab tract (ta* river trout Insist on HavingThe
the GorenuaeaC ia much citicensb. unit and the railroad
tale that very p as one sow >4kwarf kaown a* talTa Laadiaf AMOS )
honeat \ t rites, who Toted for ItDie official to levi this tax. another. On thu actual of with wharf sad baiMtaa tacraoa ta c0Iia. ii. Bill for DiTorc.
incensed the asunder ot necessity 1 Never Failed You.Railway.
over negro SeettoB Tna JiSL.1 AXEA3f t tIt .
K \, '. 'i they have been basely be- the situation is ''used the rurbt of the 80IdIa lIMp T.auII.ML aM .
potma ters in the Sooth and ii ia a I Democratic Ward Primaries.The alosgths rera strip of"load 15ror. ariaring) by the affldarit of I. L. rareeU.Beu -.. -.- -- -
t ti.\cd, MI' ..ctived.'!( The lines are people to < ont ml the railroads. It 1 is -I feat wide Ji .. attorney fur the Ci a MiMD&IB the ahor
quandary a* to what to da. $ s i No Qnartar of tb* XOntM.u' aalitlolauw. that the DefeBoeat Amrj.
1 I"1 m? vi IT ( iose:>. drawn between the City Democratic Primaries are DeceMar lo the public welfare, and no Qesiso of 5..U. T.i.. 'i'owututpTeslys. to a n.n'nnidmt of Pntanai Coajatr.: that aa*
This quandary is all dared foolish- requested to meet on Wednesday other adverse 5tik Sso&i.uty-si. &. so.- renidiN at Montlrello JoO'eraoa Coaary, Mnai afn.
reasou is needed no argument .
rill1. ictojjniie that silver re- Iai_tanjy-sias sad.. Alos 555 >ri i I.' ex, 10 ass th* ezpreaaioa of our late ilarch'0,1898 the several Ward a* tan appTbere i" not the tract onnut as 55 auiag.M 55. Sosikeusl :t. s.> urnS >enkBofBitBMBB* eaaaot bo had
the issue. The senses of thcBontheaM Quarter at tb* Booth brr and that there W BO purses to his
01 nctu 111011) i- supreme lamented friend Josh BtlHags. per following notice of the City Democratic tlisbteat OCIBBIOU to chop logic or wt gnats af Becttea Slanteaa. TowaaUaTwxlre kn>.wl.ie in tae State uf florida aaoa whoaa
voted Sooth Bang Tweat 1-e. BaM aid the WM i.f of fhihf oiaa will Mad mod Oefeadant. Southern .
f a<.IB th.it I hut a single Democrat While the rec-at tragedy at Lake Executive Committee for the this mat er at all. W hen the public raustim Sty 11- ihuses and that .. I.over the ace of -' sI- _

resolution of nomlncting new A1dermen Fir ealn taaeBantB twcar/maui to Bee- yean
Teller-Matbtws welfare is stake
; else
eaiuet i IK' purpose at everything ;.
doe line ISsues Wait aVe raata, to alae* OfAkwLot'Tea It therefore ordered that the Defendant.Ame .
the Fopulisti were Bnsnimoas In City, 8. C., with which eur rtaders are : from each Ward (except Ward, which vanishes. An> mutilation, whether it bs aoi.g.cesiatalig tao won noes ow \ :\ appear to lbs SEE of coaaptaint
bat ncgtealag roar sad Bixtjr iou 5Ied I IK ma. ur before lbs
doubtlesS familiar i* one to be d plor. nominate two alsoto selert delegates "- .
aumber of Repuuncaim ) be a boLe in the w.lI"or a gigantic knnilnnlk ihnhiTTT-l of Xont55aii son' -th DAY OF MABCH.A. D. his.
.IIll 1 tnV a large I
f.i\or our of the HOMbMat Q ar tar Manttea JtNa&1'TQ -
ed. and toe aciioaof the white people to the City Democratic Convention, trust that conies up a in'tbe com .1.*.T IoIdII thrwrce beings ruledayolthlo Coart.lti .
joined with the silver force. -.l'rr + funberordaradthMtaki Bode* b* MB?
of that locality_ecerve the condemna which meeU Monday. March 14, 1993, moo weal mast give away. Let m bear lix.West 1t. twisty Isi55 t.-y I Hahml once a week for Iou tioaatrnllr* iiiklla |

art: proof !that the day of the people' to nominate a Mayor: no more beat In sr tbe air in arfBimeet of the Tim Herald a newsaaacr pnblMwd In OffERED OUT OF FLOEIDi
Lion rather than the applause of all = Jf.ly.r. aa d ruiiuun; County. Flu tda L f. HOST IX0ELLB9T SEE VICE EVER
'Mu.erau Horn their bondage to then 1st. That the City Democratic Convention over the rixhr of the people lo control Also lnfaalii| | at ttaoatb* _of 1M I' WitneMi my hand sad th*naif lal emI of ourseI.l
I I1'lul American people for shooting the negro of 1Ier_gutter ot BortkmTowaaWp Twety-si t. l lJUrt. tlua 3rd day of. liraary.A. U. ISS*. EAST \VEST.
for the nominating JOSBTH VBICK. NORTH
<,ncy power m beftamng to dawn. purpose the railroad Such discussion beloogs Tvato. South ***** .14s. ,
poetBMttteulown in MItt blood and a Mayor and Executive Committee, and to the kinderzarren stage of economic BM*.theses lwe ty cfcama.theses south I j I Clerk.
Republican party has abandoned n.. dA Kaat. twwsy rfcalaa. tfcMto South
burning the office, yet there i i. no needof for such other business as may be --- twotydMiwtoatkddloof-Uie road,.iSsues h.IPtittEIJC4mpIaI.uat's[I.1, 1.1 | Attorney.IN Tultovou: PULLUMN DIU.WINO BOOK OARS, DINING 01.K9,
the aMl West. skis
thc taken in 16 while ona sa.
poainon or Government being in a quandary brought before it, shah be held in the A Reduction. Demandcxl. si4dle 4 1n1llae r.4 so .f bsipaeq. PI02.0t1G1U'.LnJ COACKER, TZSTIBULZD xaAiNS.

D:tuccTHc)' are more nailed than ever City Council Chamber on Monday, Tampa Jfrrakl (( -J== or -

in favor of f int free and unlimited coin a* to what to do- as regards the March If, 18116, at 8 p. m. A firm and honest protest br the Si trait two said_lfaMM to J.<4 8.faeta CkMeatooaaqpttaig, two) sad out qaaitar tn
of both gold and silver at the est fatare. Here ia a aolutt+n (n a few delegates. Dotted press of Kk>nda against llho unfair saul AlMo. \lavnkaai. AnerHKorthwoat CIRCUIT, STATE or HrfJd trala Sf TMtlM rallmaa Dr wter Boon CfBpartarat.Dtalag Ob.snak.a aa4
I' ; I X as censor ,d o'LOIUO.I'L'r .UI COUNTY Car twtw*.a ii. Aarojtia aai Mw I.ra wiUoiis kaoa..
t .iblwheJ ratio without waiting for theapproval word: 2J. That the several Ward of the and jppreaiive passenger fare of .r. *1IOI6 I II tit" I. IN L'1I. N\'lny. WASHINGTON AND SOUTHWESTERN LiniTED.

Stop appoinliag o fro postmasters city shall hold their primary meeting font cents per atle, wosddcau the :18 r., Nurtla II eIaaIiIe
of other cation While Eee& ISI"SA FnSTBB Taremck T* tt>v'4 Drawtif Boom Plecptar Can totwtca Tampa sad Nov T."UNITED .rk,
the South, nod ft i is ao assured fact I on Wednesday evening March 9, 1898, }f&o4t to laaianly reduce it. The 1a1 %0. j J Bill for DiTurce via jMfetoaTlUo,GaTaoaaa a4 Oolamna,wuaoa sSssgs.

the nUtm: powel of Secretary Cage, at 8 o'clock for the purpose of nominating redaciioa demanded bf every interest tIP,1': HUXr PETER FOSTER t tIt STATES FAST MAIL.
that sock traies wall cease. Un'til Coaajiataaiif*PoHdtor.PA appearing by the affidavit of ftaaaa Fttvter. '
... .
BmSrt* Can b.\w..laoboaYII..4 9Tov Tork.
)">a< Led I t.\ thousand of national banks, one Alderman from each Ward in the State, and the pres* can se. |.*'8\A,>1-4-. *T .arT$, his.absrd the ConiukUhaat in Oft abore eatU( Drawlat-Bowa **ptBf
then MCO. deplorable M"'$- fist s5 e bPikrre that th* Defeaaint, Embracing Lyachbur Charlotte*vlll
we nay expect ,
IK 1CCOI/fi! it no soeeecsfni attempti (except Ward 7, which nominates two) cure it if it wI" \$. peter rwter. U not a mideat af th* Mat ofSlOOLI.
tragedies to blacken oar records. _ ___ h. but that he raaidoa lath CIty at Saw Washington. Baltimore and PhlUdelphta
delegate .
made and : for the ensuing year, aDd to select Tort in the StatS of MewTork.aadtaMackaJ
i" to organize a DeW party >OTICtTTNDKK niSTER'S SALE .
been alnoot from the Slats of nortaa, for 5 CINCINNATI AND FLORIDA LIMITED.
I but dn ill the tote, the old party of, --------- to the City ; :J'tkeJo.1nsqI.s: -VIItTCE or A DBCBXZ nmlwruf yean; that than Mao panoa iatkeHate Solid T.tti> l4 trala,rvUnaa DrawterBoom Es.ptse: Can u4 rint O

OUR CITY ELECTION.A tion to be held Monday March CoOTeO-j I U' or tb*"XD circuit BY Toart of ta* fifth Jadw- the nerno of enbpotna apoa whoaa wuabIndniddefmdaBt.aBdthathclBovarta OeaoBot rttaaUf tknmfk wlUoai akaac Ulwvta Jackaravlila sue OL**+
1'', :to 1 will certainly wie. I 1 & Fwer T&nic sgs a*O.
I The representation and ;_., fad deceit k*and for rutaam Coanty flmMa.la 01 twrlty-oss)euLI'
I Chaarety dated July Uth 1T. I. a oartalnD. I I. therefore ordered this lbs fhis.daa
Tbel|>ro :rated conditlDn of all our I will be seen elsewhere,a city con- mane will be as follow; I ::>_-.IIL:;C ii! cures the ,.this.awl poudlog.Btehard wSsoda Mtl aa Vsis hHa, bar D. baapaaailafcaarta. ii.Lau&bIia .-- ret i' t outer,du apaeai to the bill of noBiahitat Also Through Pullman Sleeping Cars to :

Im-inets industries the shrinking of notion. beeR called for Monday Ward L-Hone Co. Xo. 2 Ilall. Fwe sod Ajrtnw B. Mart tied herein on or before the Cincinnati, vU Columbia and Ashevllle Through tM
.. si stubborn CI2St MM
values, tin enforced idltoefs of labor. March 14th by fee City Democratic delegate :1.I". the aame being a rids day of tW*coaat. LAND OF THE SKY."
".. It t Is further urdeted that Ufa be aahliabwl
Street. aatjb -
Ward house Reid ONEDAY.'C
I tin want I I'f moey to procure the oei Executive CotaaatUe to nominate : -Engine :ret"'crin 'tel 1M c-r&Do.ss-aa tile eIty 01 hkthL oaee a wk for rosy-1ft.&a Throvrtaleepen to Uao' i. AlUaU. Pirmisibsa.H ra'aU asS Xaaaaa Qtj.
Seven delegates.WardZ.Council. .oa Tar TI..a-HuuD.a. publ6 In ASS I*Ct ttuo |a, Lu.urQla sad it. Loui . .

< i itleif? life, the ooacmploTBMDt of: a candidate for Mayor, to be voted MOPAV( TUB 8XVKXTH DAY OF MABCH, aid Pntnam i ounty
Chamber. Three Witneai BIT hisS aad the offirtal .** of one for d tsOd taformatioa to ilo _
aa raise .
iaf ear UoIaa tta..ayvlH
universal of TIle Coming City Election, A.D. }*| ,artaL tile..01. to the said turt.tld*2nd day uf tvaraan A. D. of tk.hOrsama. .
iiuhaimthe paralysis for at the annual city election, to Ward 4.-Sun building. Three del- k.all thowecrtala ftorea, 557 otsas RAIlWAY SC Its iissotiaau*
Mayor Gay ha issued biB proclamaUOB. m = .
I ;} .
abateUK 'BttteoF nSraaV
tui'inef cnterpiiseswttbout nay 5th. .
be held egatet.WardS.
Tuesday, April twisty of fad more
L A. 8HJPM1N norUU Fau. JH Wed Etmt JaokooTC Fla
Agi. Bj
the wblch ,
alliag city eLction p.ttsslort ". H.aa-- ,so-wft r1'Rc"EI.L.
del I L. CaarHaisaarifet.4td ...
Court house.
( m 01 IBM will be eflcient miMtoe- We trust the Democrat of the city surest sl load
will be held on Tuesday, April 5 b. Aa. rea or =; /, I. GULP w i. mar, s. H. ARTIZrffli .

t.' fI'II it tin people's caose. Money inured will COMe together and unite in the selection egates. At this election a Mayor and eight rn_ 01. Iiate tnaga- Q. Pou I'. .u.L a_ I
al"J& D. 0. tt
Ward-J. D. Jeffords recideae .. la ara .. *, Wuw.lliUo (1 0..
i:' nal estate, IB manufacture and then should Aldermen to be foreacb neIua H. Baitilt v-o.i- -e
of a good man, Two delegates. elected one r. IB TiRi i IT Ooi ST Firm J DDKS ACiiw .' .
.. roar IMof .
r UK i I"" turns. fiance, it is that there be oppoaltioa from the n.PUbu-1 Ward Stephen's oU store. Two of tfee seven ward* to the city,except .t*on ar a ffoaith liCVa* riTHart.ata -i IT, PDTXAM COTXTT, FL.IP4h
Ward 7 for Aldermen will putet tv rrwtr-thiw HaktMWtharlTtnMi -I Cuuo.nn.
\i. 'IHls .It 1 \trv low rate of iDetreM are can rank, work unliilagly and n n*elfish .. delegates. which two Ih* .1 laMtMHttM ofth* -

uDder Provided either of the above named be elected-the one receiving the = rci. Faastal Florida! East Coast
;yI lent m ly highest vote to oe elected for the long roiss rood with the auntS IIe of laid tract of (.c..or:;. ".Arnold.a* Exaratur Sic.vs icharlraS.Mepbea
tie' em. i gold;<>! standard is far off.Imipc candidate. I place cannot be procured, the Executive Benlaaata flirts =.awta, eight detr i
term, two years.City $s u eaaiat sail *,etaL
Committee from such Ward shall vials TABLK. 50.12 IN EFTBCT rEBBTABT 14. 1888.bODTH .
;rr< laf may come if liege dad While at present it took as if the 1 JJtir;? nr sad KUna ITD IPr-EABDIO FBOJC vies AFFIDAVIT t
for said .
I procure place mee"DI.GEOlWE .Ut lf
Council Mcatlng. *to the rouser of Dow'Braarhat Bruhnoa Dolz that beta th*attorney forth* BOUND (Bo4 Down*> norm BOTJSD Ba4 Up
Ih.. III[ l\ i .m succeed i in destroying Democrat would be able to elect a; WELLES lasses Mttta complainant in tee abor tautlad mam, that -
TIle City Council met in regular ses- af aafa :0to8L John be lirHrveH that tb* defendant, Chart** I 5. O. Jf
!,Tenb." K* and authorizing bank toM Mayor sod, at least ma>mty of the Chairman City Ex. Com. "$ear,arteen chain nixty.trrtn link stake inaf 8tf]>.. ant Mary P.Uteotoe, La wife.atenonrt.llert' _*5Srif. No I IT.A.TJ01f8. IluilcsTtlte\ ;' ifII
I jon in the Council Coambur Wed net- rss **jd baak. thr,o* aecordlBc to CIJe of the State of Smells,that I T r."JT1..LvJuskeouvUl .....r. TSI mj1TkI (
j.ply; :i .lit money. Congress willn Councilmen yet It woald nat be wise evening March ? I at T.3u. The trer 01-- It pl1h.ld"' bueshrv$ are both) <>err. the age of twatr-oa yean, 35a I W S.i5I .... .... &agna-tne..Lv. I ;onru r i I ap C 5.. '
day I. : that Him > ) ta : ,
and aM-har pannn FtorM ...... ..' .
ate eaalaa taMBty-tt Itaka to aus ; u.e"'ta&8" 5- .& .. :. IIoL..Ar. I ....
tal-i ml,y to this remedy in time for us to relax oar effort Let aM be- Tortured for Xontbs. Board traaaae'ed coaisiderable busaes :- .ke at the Mmthweot corner of the afor "' lot of Bdaund aorthlUTBtroM II 1,1.1eel Ueieauaala and that MM aM Chart .... ... tgugi ..... .hi&s...... Ts '::.:. :::::.I: '
1 tortured for nine months R.nec B ltr-.frn. and Mary
I" a\ei :N wtaihofasj outraged/ and was aid until Toes, Stephen wif*. are
heron ia good old Democracy pall together *. adjourned next anta.blrtr.MTv J' .: II ......hlat_. .
with nettle rash. I found no relief until ht. ,. defrras f ty-flreHfWOM misses rwiil-nMuf tie (tty >orMk Stats .1 :::::: : :::: V. .::::
day ai (I'roceedmz of this \irjtiuw iTj..

MilTerii That :\)i};'i ople Mei ni'l:' ultimately not only in national aad Stale I began taking Hood' Sarsapanlk. ion will. be published in full >iu nextweek' set- k a links* point),thaw rinse\af ncgtaata north chums eightymiaataaeaot *,:fuorMmet oa isorsos.Oraag $..1Ia1 ta It i-.!.1al)1ear".,ore ordered to tb* bU that of the eoaiJalat aM ikfaailaatf flied! t*:. : : : :. .......... .....
party *

\uiiup'', Mou .ly is a* certain as the welL issue5, bat county and ravuidpal as The first few bottle relieved l me andI TlXUUIUULD'twon I road iilidlh eaataWag*ntr*.MMa ainrrarleai sad. aft-MI* 0"1 hem TUB against Trn ties DAY on or or before MABCH an.urnii 11.jOjf: : .ii 5I e r..1w ji10 li"o-jojj" ...H ISpI ip4 i i .--... I
continued it* use until I was curedI l aip ; .
Aloe parcel of It boctaaiac tt the Mate l b.II will br taken a* roafeaaed agalaa on.. ::
_._ aa bat pnrcri at tatarrec- ::: .
< 'it inifteuce 1 of the ..pa"ilc.T. -- -- am now in belter health than for Com tie itartiBf,.of sunSets point anaadarjr ot meld tract with
1 hat:. '1 tli.it triumph should be the C.ASTOn.XAh years and toy km is soft an n.. 11111a.a oL .ekxht dgtesu. fort.lIre' mloatee east In Toy TIMK*.IIti" AIB. a anewaarr pblt,5- C..5. .. ... ... css. ._.. lIsti .. -
':.['oi' .,f I HTfrieD4 of human?.. .\ rrII MBS. Lucv W. CIQELOW, DnshneOa with lareeav. wa before Jud, e Coxe' il= IIIIiI 1 /"ft U 0 eil In Ntul 1 e-"Ihh.' State .1. .. ... I ShIp ...S

'. YrIQ'Ir Florida. Thanday and a verdxt of guilty wa r af Bdaaaad H.tan.Uaaoc It Ikme| .ami ortlrrml llm ITth dAY of Jartiury A. ..12 m ". :::Sooklod.. .& : t' I mp.
1 !'u' pII'I' to our free toititutioen aw I. ... 0 $3 ipl .
rtaalared. Eealenced to fine of _. fbrnr-flr minnta at three ehaia IMM A I josmi TBICF .. : : bsss*... s. 4 j .: :
ch tl.it a.i mere partiaantbip skesid ---- --- HOOD PILLS are the only pill to pay a .efa..sod >half .. aad aoath aiae- 1)aII.' H. DeW.. tVii t : : 1-: .:c. .': : : !:: ::
Sam Jones has withdrawn from the' take with Hood' SartaparBta. AO flOandeoetaoriOdayskijil. is's these 4egMea.U.forty total-a 1'.. hilaato shams*at.alaftieu. SU abusesad .BUae i "mi'lairianl t goHeltnrADHIMSTRATOR'S. :::::: ::::: .:::: i ..::::ii:: : :: I I toI: i:::: ;:

I pUl:1Silt'erR..b1ica..DeIa.: I Fowler & tornler for State, Hubun3t -half links to water of Uuw'Braaoh.taenrr I :::: ::::: slbsj t : :: I":: : :: ::.!...'.:::::: : I 1011. :. '' -
gubernatorial race in Georgia. Sam druggist 55c. said, llIy-' dogma east, Iwo rhalai *adUtj :1........ : ... ...... ... ...' .. .
I'' ralll. I I', ,''UI:i-ts and ProhibiUoaitit Blackburn for defense.D1xytdiuyaru.waeayoi. -naa MaSs tv a plan tree i it too smart a man to waste his time in miJBtr ileerraa suM twmty-one chain I __ ::: r
.1..u. :1 -,n:(l-houlder] to al* Uer ia a bive aid tavat*-f.mr hake to th*coatlieaM carter ortra : iiP.f; : .
politic And hi* mission and object BRIEF PCNCIUMIS .t inte 0ctioi| with rr Bt"..t&u.w., t:I l\ MiiNTHH AFTFR DATE I WILL I BIO i :::C/ : Ar WudPsln iH s.i ; :
",,1lIILO', laU o. Our ezistss U & Ooqb or C4 J.I. tike! PEEK'S I'IXE In* ,.ies.) thraee monk thirteen eVgMaa -..:T HIT; tinal nccimnta C. I : .....Roysh Piia an..
iu life are far mote sacred than offices alone aid grant line nineteen cnaln*. aixtiMX AdiiiiiiKlrai'.. tbe Icicle of ., .. / .. ?alpmuJsa.. .. I .
mbliii.ij.jnn, pteaptnty mad A much needed rain favored eor TAB PYKL1' 41 once; i U will cure Hika to a *tak* (bearing nta** north des >mt t lIrt'IIanh"IP of Pntaaai Own .. 'Lv ..5555 Pesr*1ai. :. r :: .. / s i.
M [ "ur peace of State cr nation Utjr-eight dim,..* e*.t. sexes unkis mmih : I' H IHr..t.s.d ark ..h* iliacbuged$ from tfe* : ....I ...J:1PoII.a *_& ._ A ... .'.. e )
section yesterday. "1e Y. Peek's hug Store Lemon .Ightjr-tnr**darre. thirty.nrate.cat. rsvp I I fun,I sr ..tnll nuMr.kti..aufaiiidMt fa .b./.I.:::: I :::: '
-. 8a people <*f todi upon S Ilk pestS. MSht*- dee****. thirty alnui -- ax CULL.Adinialnrator. :::::: ::::: I :: ::::. .. : i'i ::5
Dr. IL A. hastings, of Huntington, street opposite court house. -, Spot nine =) torace month itfcttnr >-I I II :::::: ::: : :::: l.--/:: :::::/.::
tlu de'I.d' Hnl overthrow '
t all tratuIUIIODH ,* ih grfr thirty... ** wait twantynrkaiiw ft l I". i f turn u-ataoMBto aaaexoSPEIIAI. :: ::: .. ... .. 1,0II,
'. wa In the city Thursday. -- awl l 11.1)..ou* aad a half bnk W a *ukr 4r. ..............Lt'. 551s 5 .... ... i top
B ul to the legitimate off- point uf l le-ttnulsg. containing fonr- and '
M. Loeb returned Thursday from a IS-KW) sires uf laa l. bore or le**. ( iUi I I"lid a.M Pate Baa.. .IT. 81%. Asgs.ttas 1:50: p. .. 434 n maTr :
-1,rin? r _> 'M >nnmtllllsimtK business poffjON sent _1111.1 l M the ranw prcnlrss.os. I ISTLR'S MLE. 1t- 438 p. av.Boekledgv Hotel 'a a.at, BeJel P.iacI.aa 5. p eaVBmraaa Desk
trip In the north and .e i"id ui A V Hart by deed recorded U bank
$ .H*- Mf- WQ, >H. W6*n Miss Mary Taylor after a weeV i it- i said Pnauua Cromt. ) D KY ViRTUE