Title: Key West Democrat
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Title: Key West Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Key West Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: September 8, 1883
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00008
Source Institution: University of Florida
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.' r, ' , .. 4. ': .
. . .. _m ,m - . . ." . .-,L . ..' . . . . _ .- , . ".(' i ",t ' -' "

I'. i. PJENDLITON, ES. & Prop.
Aot.iA..i ORGA, TM SITH ,IUn MLb UtOuur'r.

Published on Saturday.
Ofufce on Front Stroet.
Onr year (In advance).............. $2.00.
:- h lonthH ... ....... ............ 1.00.
liiii lucopy.,,, i ...... ... ...... 10
fIical notice rScts. per line,
I'ue inch unakek a squtare-Per squrte,
,'I, itisertion, $1; onos n'jlroe nape lontli,
t ;, I weo sqtaroe one mouth, ,.
1 ~,gl advertisements will be charged as
;ri oribod by law.
u'le column, (94 inches), one ypaT, $150,00.
Half column ' $75,00.
..Quarter ". ,,W00.
Light $.W0
Twelfth $15B.(0,
Ai!vertisenients not mnrkodl with the
v7-,i ir of times, will be inserted until for.
1ii ui4 charged nocordingly,
;Ir Special inducements to liberal nd-
"v> -;'L .rH. t3 .

E. \VWEST, ................* FLORIDA.
ni;e'-8i-monton Strodt, one door above


\A i Rogister in Btlikruptcy.


-',,,--Opl)pott Curry & Curtin' Htoro,
1, :'(T - I- LOIIDA.
Dr. O. F. KEMP,
S: ol)'t. WIetteoI 's rohilelicot Si.
S. treut near South.rld.
., : ...EST, ... .... .......... ..... LA.
", 'C]IMIAKER &.nld JEWEE1t.
S .'ii in hia line dono with ncxt-
i\ P .1 i .lip1ntelh.
ei : xt door to Sarlol, Fironi.treet,


Mcuber of Royal Colleges qr





AroPou A ware tbat at

Yo r p SE TJNo IP-,L;o

You get tl~e P';IrOst



The greatest variety of Fine

I soll one-quarter barrels of bent ]leer for C1OARiS & 10 A RErTE4i
$3, rfsald rooubesmlnu tt lu CIGA TTES,


Cool Drin rs.
'Stori cn Fleming fit,. near the up-town
Juno 16th '81,


-s- IPING AND---


No. 10, Old Silp, New York.,

Conainmenantn of So ntlirn Prodluctt
$oliitei, for wl:ilih f!l iemar-
Lekot prices wi ll 1)0
epiil.eod. [27-ly.]

E.a O Gr W f lNN


To h bo'ne in Key W -ist.
.I havo pur'eh lod at re'at eeponso F eantiro
nev set of splteclid '


AEL loegant Assortmeulllt.
diitiralle Wieiso Beer.
ILAeiitivo llur-kUeepe*'s I

ig Atisoirioluit I
eL4s t G6oo d s I
1B OttO)! P irioe I

o-l'pre 0 .111.' tSoclk!
on sAeI', e r the IJquor t imdi
01e 1 Itight Along. to

Front St., Key West,

. la


ITae r, nreeten-ly on l-t1 'I 1 11 till 't'h c


CY1, 11l.1SS I~OARI li-i,


" 'sinc 1.510,.
Also cwdls ictnttion to hti

'1 CIlcI N8 AND 8URGaoNS 30 18 0 R0 0 '0:m

>,i' Ediublrg, Office and lteidenoo
Cor. Front and Duval Streets,
(over A. Sariolsa Storeo.

fi lleo hours, 9 to 12, A. M.
. . .... . .. ... .
BU [NER S GcAl,.

-\VT .-

a .B. POST & SON,



Co~mml sslon Merchants.

0jf. 01 and 08 Magazine S'reel,

[.47 OiM,

Fhmcessor to Hoenson & Williams.
uIn ct-is prepared to do everything In
Li; line.
Ie i the Agentof tfic original Lightning
r-d dInu, and has i samples of all the differ.
at Itodi~. C l aBd ht1e youtr house pro.

* Wm, Me,


Nursed by weekly additional ot

Fresh Gootls
From New York and Now Orleans,
Ruling market prices:


[Green 8t., Key West Fla.]
The dieolution frhnm my lnto co-partnership
enables ,Je to devote my entire
timn and attention to
For tho ctoction of any style' of building
required in the city,

Will ob talen? upon fair terms







QGe9ral iachln!st Boileor Worke.?


GE3i1 RLIWPAIURI34, Q i 8temn ,os, and Wateuipe Fittiug
AUwork doe if&

GO 0 A. & .
and T in, Copper and,.4heetiron.
1VfVl~av Csr _-nov They at a stebe otthepsutIlto patronage,
-e ; ';I '- itD~8P~resntim(TLnretuti
'fiotei bgi,. a 41 teOIbldewn\ Ia.O AAND O lUA1ROHN.
tgg whBY~lehi ou olSr'o~bit f ,ttP-
MXA l r < ki-OooiVakI' and' 6eer Skins,
tlbse OPi4.WA-hamfore fuiaartl's store

'In ;A- (JAS} I (30-ti.)

Fpbl1o Notica?
0-P o


Will'be kept open all day for the nale
of ICE at tile following prices:
Per Retall - - I Ct. ipr Lib.
" 100 Lbs. &Upwards $15iipo, Ton.
" 10Oths. - - fCentm.
or aS low as dant be purchased else-
In ease of ickbre e, to parties un-
able to pay, Ice will be .furislied
free of charge as heretofore.
Key West, Fob, 10, '88, Agent.


News Depot,
Sand dealer in

iPaper from Enrope, together with al
most 'Yevy American Palrodical. Bohoo
Books, oe;, of latest dats,
Choice C'gars, Wines, tLiqure, Tobac-
co, ihnff and 'iljpr, a-



tt(g J8 IS &iCILy Market.

of thti heu t qualomid lowest ridci

ahippiag Supplita at short MotoNb

MON M I.Lsne.as

no Whi{sey!

h RowN' ON I D" iPE r RS
is one o rf thlC' ry few tonic
medicine ai are not com-
posed mostly of nItohol or
whiskey, thuw htwoming av
fruitful source of intcerper-
alce by preiz it g a desire
for runm,

B.nowN's:- io1 n Bn f.I';'e ,
is guiarantfeed to be Ia ni.:l-
into:xicating tilntlIl;Irit. aui
it will, in ne;Wly everC' CI';e,
t;:kc J !' .... of all liq: ,

lut,.'ly ki -ll t'ic d i;,c \t,;
whh;k',:'y :!id.!'. t!her in e'' i..;
c;i'.ii; lcv .cr..: cs.
r- Id.t o rf
E ,. G. V., Pcr, ,:cdltor f
Lh'i.: A I.'t':it'c i C'tristia IiA '-
7'' say;, say; of Brown's Irrn

Ci,., ., Nov. r6, !Rsr.
i.' r inl force in l.sin:s,
,l.r!,','o nlid vic ',.iu intul-
(; c of uur people, llnakcs
y,- ; ,- r I) u'ia, .' 1 icet, ,,'Lii;
n : if tap'li'l. \Aill s :vI C u -
(.r''i h res.irt tou ;le ;ii.is
fur t .ii loa.ry rccuC. rti .I .

BROWN'S : ')N 3I rj n Si
hIas be!.n t!h ~ o!hly t'-:tcd
for dys":cp.:a, indice:rtion,
biliousnmess, weakness, debil.
ity, overwoif, rhcumntism,
lc't!.rls.:ii, consumption,
jivex'r c'''[plait.s, kidney(ly
treut .!_'s, & -., ;C.il it n' ,:Cr

I' t ;1 t

'._ .. .. .' cX- .

li L.A4P I. --:' R -I

Forc ign & ic Frnuts
(uTrd VCmnod Gt cCfn.r

for the rale ol TIOI'ICAL FRUIT'S.

T l' Hlcference: Any bank in our place.

Cednr Rapids, Iowa.
June Oth, 3-nt.

Agency of the

Ryevre Copper Compny

I AM ,u:alled to turnilh to purchiners the
following, at tho lowest pr'ies, iz' :
Yellow moitc shaitink L1. to 22 ouincs ,
nails fleor the smime.
bolt' cf atll sies,.
Brazmers (opper. Copper Sheathing inll
ntails. AIL.O
Segments, 'irculears and Irregular put
terns of copper, as ine' boe wanted. Tin-
ning opper on ono or Loth siles.
Old nmetal or copper taken at full prices
In exchange for uuw. A, F. Tn-.r,
Gonenrl Ag.nt.
KEY WIarr, May llth, 1882.


Commission xtrehaut.

1CEYN 13MtS,'ThA,
laiN ao4isive Bharyons and'r1 rFrnb
Warahousf sftor the acnnmdatlon of th3
largest class of'8teeerncts,. ~.: i
~5i*C0"ial Too, ~tV~ete and o~tlier enppios'

charter# vipqeisred for veydseji,,boure to
ports it tho e (*Bfuand WVemt intii

~~rErAoT wlIw' LN 1795.,
MrsNi~CVLtLE N; ~I.:.

Tax Aeeol&r'e .NotioA, t :]gtBlr t9U,,tO Wtnmclaft]. f n-
Tax Assessor's Notios. LA tofo ud ommercal n-

'vist the following Preiro, either *wa
in pearon or by DL)cp'ty at the times name .woith a Idi tairy Oriea t s ent
for the purpose of receiving tax returns for l tot and outllernD, anrdln
Monroe county :. I0 dto and1uers d i
Precinct 1o, 1, Co0ltv Oourt HousC,.tronage In 1O880 eoeded
Wednesday Myv 10th and ulno 1nt. ihoe n the united Stab lfi
Precinct No. ,'OCty l all, Thnrsday May 5FlorT1ians i atU indabanop.
17th and June glnd. giilG full pmrtiouhit, dl' f .d p .
Precnct No. 3, Btore Ban Roberts, Fri. ,IAJU.i',DW(IAMIl .'*r
fay$,. y 18th and Juno ith. x. .
recinct No. 4, Warehouso J. 8nummerlia. -.. .
Puatt litusl, atl May 11Lth nnd flneu. -'
Procnoe4No, 5, .iA. Parker & .I t
Monidas M,%-klstudJsnq 6.th JR, .
d o. M i's ous ue Tue" .
'r nad ot d JN o ; finder's u .

rdanst d oIh sV Ie miase otLM ; QA*V l
ThursJay yit ad Je -. r f a ,'h s
-a 6t. "W;. pMA. AMo T i
s T.A r o8 '

--- ---- I~IIIRIICI

aot her. own young, but the inl.a will. do. colone) ,H. bparlms, who liv:'l to aripo broken continuity. .Among all the o oaitt.
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either goes away or ilos soon after the atch. Putnam farm, and who was soniothiun of an Baddhist, Grote, Arab, Mongol, Portuguese.
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owovor, who carry their cgs iun a silk ru hronlidl One B lturhty l illy aad Garrctt of thle effects of their uooessive imroad.
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wovaes nometies clnr foTr their yo and said: Boy, see that shtiup youndjU By microosopli exarmilution of .the oross.
wil they a able times cot abut; and I had Yes, sir," was the response. "WelI give section of a single human hair, Prof. E. B.
tntil they are able to got abot ; anud I had
a brood of about sixty in my yard until the you a task; anfter it is finished you can have Tylor states, the race of the hidivi]ual to
recent rains destroyed th.-nm. a holiday, ndl go fishing,' or anything else whom it boleoon can be detarmiuoed. Pr-
fplders have nitnorouc ecinies, ancmudneh as you mnay lle. Do your work well and ucr's method shows. whether it is circular,
of their clever nest buildlitg is desigtod for hoe to that stamp.'" illy and h i brother oval, or reuniform. Moseley has explained
prtnotiou agaiast thcse hnr'.ls. Tolds annd thllolht the task was too inmuhl nil that by how the foliuulo ourvaturel may be es-
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thy liven o long, as str ngeo A nothe ra pidly, flniahed the task by dinner, wout Speaklng of the proposed Saharan S n,
Ini w.tp, whn o has A proct s e nt ulrt b fIishing in the eveuing. Lhe old mlan thought Dr. Btudiloeh, of Algiers, in a pamphlet just
ivlg wlp, who has a pro.r s t i t Iclhbt b i1 it was a tromiendou day's work done In a' Wplbllihod, dcpreocites the fornntiou of a
l vorei to s nnu,pn n sly of it'chli act onis "
crodi, o keepheg a enpeply of feh icient oce -(canlf day. lho eoys focleol the oA, gnito. vctet inland salt wteler Liko till we Mid out
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cinot n lied for present pthey A tl ist' tt I -- f-- .-. .-- dlteool lrty iUt pd luUtltto to the frcL!r w:Cl.r
iot hla led for prseth 1,'t li y t hls nopow EIIAINS oM 'R A 1'RW iSTUOIc MAN*. I onoces underground and d eprivo s of the
R1ct11 a eulauerv thattt livo, blit leu noiowfmnV"ita s e.
to Inovo, and the captor dovoirs it when he An nte v i e nof nart0winu wells," &o, The
ois r y It an in r terestig discovery, of mnch e sn- writer al."kes many ourions observation
is ready. Itis rather an odd thigm tt the gprtance for geologiol and areoleological oocer~ing hat, Iun his opinion, is the great
wasp iu Its babyhood foeds on meat, bt t inuit seleuie, l eas ontly been, mado in a coal tast forpta'otiloa.scolce in the ninotnnth
its mntuWrty eats nothing but thle nectar O mine at ulloy-Grenay, In the French do-. gentry, iinaely, the ctvilizatio of the
flowers., p-tment of Paas-e-Onlnts. A new ~ gllery -&rat and netoeUnry changes of ollmato by
-: wtM being pforced,, when a eavom was artifiial mcan.
Irr loPIAN AIITILL ir, "broke into whioh discovered the fossil ret
mains of flve human boi: I ina fair state of The munniWotrr, says i le8c anjoUT.
The King of Dahomy received nan ivooo preservation ; a mnu, two women, nud two Aean, can nually, by reference to hi
of Krupp canuon loig ago, and oonoeivie th obcildren composed the group. Tho man books, ascertain the costsof any article of hi
idea of having them mounted o1 1el0eant' monsnred about seven foet the women six production and the amount of o if regular
backs for use in the field, W\VL ; h difUB feet six and six feet, the children fonr efot daily expcn i Ho can discover hol euch
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next military review the king ordered fragments of t a nd u tenuils of potrifed he can quake anplroximatt allowane fo loss
that one of the guns e fired lmme- wood and of stone,' wit ullmerolls reninasu by iueompeltetoe oft lia workmen. lint there
diately in front of the royal position, first -of mammals and fiale wcre.brought to light. is one sourto of loss which cannot be read
tnkueg the preonution to piaoe a oonple of f A second subtlorrneau chamber encloiesd aco"tldned, andl yet exists and has an effea
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peauut,or something, asn the he(l to9k 'oft whllohaplparcd to be empty, wias niot ast it s called by Its inventor, Id, Zl. Tau'pin
the Prime Minister's head and knbdlkd a se*or edn If tho discovery be genuine, It ia consists of a mixture of carbon. disulpbhid
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palace. His Majesty wouldn't have Oared so inttpoe of prehstorio mnu, and it will also separate before -being used. Vaoonaifld
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contrary, the elephant, wbich 'lhad been TrL nRALOArnD STATION LOAn n briUant Coonflied in shells, torpedo~
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.n ..rln. ad Pout 04 #. of the od,ito pn upr f ok p n. s to tamper wi~tL these
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proho'bly have tnedo he endtie on. way atti tirbettflpe, t 'he is n ter se of salioyllo aol. Mi hs ehr~ dpted ibr.
Aktwun ...toneur o mul recommended by Dr. (dson.wwhich is
Te king wi0nt htlhil next morni- : li t legaph. I w. whilo n you flls: ulicyllo acd, 80 parts I extract
Iiit, abd then,' slid down ot of a ba-. write a mesanie5 He sir nud "'rU l b iflo, 5 parts; ooelltdco, a 0.
n f'dhe 0 to r o'l rk t the w#4 othb Htone treay eml tee
0 'A it"Ou.he Retd to rmnrk tlst theie wih o'tD"b e loudly calls' the parts. The collodion'fihxs thie'"iA on the
Wvm only onq ilaj needed to reader hesnew attitlon of h fllow-lonferi to your er diseased part, and galys weecy ldlf by
0attil ete~sn n entle inooe--that wam souen nppearanoe ..an mns "stageIselo proteotiU it oem riotion. The UamliU
to g'eemyto adopt it remark for you tb hear a you pase by him de a. se il th aid lo
--. He 4 utterly useless, influitely worthless the orVro thats 5 e pomlIff in four or 'v.
se.., ," ..;t. ilO. .. ,,.,.,_ nd0 a -Wholesale nuisance. When ho hIeO -n s t hI eosf ,ftir- or five
.' T a tUPHON 1i DIVIG. an a f olOl, imoo,.. W he cr days, adhlbrlg jo the olodltt If t4ay
-en y <6VtteyMoarsof ie he should be ogged ortioe of the wcrnsemreis tb aIld a4hEiio
S u fper hve io a nted ,n OPln Itoso Coio e between the e allied agan, d the treatment ooin.
thi telephone q os imoet ustftlly.. "ges of fourteen and twenty-one he Should tinued until the whole of5 the oorn hi di.
""thp .t...pving o lRm to e ent to the bhoue of coorrectionor a re- Ppe -.
lo bl, i. epl 'a W-. ta ..- toh e. foLg phodl, andifte reaching the age of ap.
.d*li s h -t..pn.ing ta twett-on hea should be anged. Of with the Phsiologidal 8oatD rt, li *
is^ thee i ^^ Tn the Phystolo lo^ itpPr .-
et" he 4l r to r dr4l wth' the i head. So i oh for the railroad station iroeker lately reportci ht 4a emon.,
traimlitter abmo waiter 600it ooyards. oLT ._ ration of the actiont of U o6ollng.dlo.fa
The diter could, It vi oon aoertaineA, .caLDrn is PJT'oW A norvs upon their oandntalbilityi.4pbt WAl.
toiauniatet or spye*withease,.uad ask for .- lesser veloolty of ooaduoa jd 4ie tl. U4Ltt
Unah totols5 A dXed from ieUM a' velU states tlat south Aeran .in instead of grater t thet h
nu y poeDiairhlo Iis swotk iendertia hiobtren haves as favorite playtlriug a P9 ." lp w oa .
; soery for h4a'to 1 oity. nak It n a tiny litt tle earth uako rarely SIRa SaA qp IatIenu Ht o
Stop d 'oeer three inches long, end with a .h i-the sPeal eix.
ven- it work w tie solq aim sad end of glosy jet black skin, long pointed had And it .t.-oolf ,
Si, it would be olly to -neglet relation, tai I is poUted and fpyed ytbh by eliUt dio i. I i eooUevIty.
fbr no lAir oan be eft.eiedtly and pr-. dren,- wh6 tie Its body p it aeiot4, (tohaew b ,bleti'^rkus .
auuienilyeerreild'rn wltfiut it. the pleann of si ng It unwind istelt. I Ba 'i a@dftaitam t
2' ****-- l perfely harl Thsis ipeoeie sof sake UaBlso 0 p
. Se who wsoin mast, grieve .most for epeu to be tnl abput as hard laeck as the tu pn sit- $':I"r wCnr6us
i.stetd the i dg a I b this ontry ,. WIIOO, be tit(l< -
A ier Inl cmpomud that given ,le thi' he very best rtcn pireparatintt and hie a lt~1isBl c f now
,p tasptoth is prJwn-*B' ni' Batters. o onse havhlig the largest slo, ianBcowu',11rm ygr ~* ,'.. '. i 1..;
, ''. "Vholl's Rou- h on Corns. - '
"A" fte Wr!! "FBounhgo'n Corn." 1 io. '1 hoe onstrurtion of the Leesbaer g nh, "~ ""ra',""'
Qutok.cotW..Ile9 i'erimne n or COrOf-fO tbo RL John's nd LIikeuIi tr Bl.-n ,Lt.49oigh
narta.b uh, H, 'n'"s. ha bern comiulue de. .','*'. l : .
...' o ,.l o ~ ,9.u ;-f , ., -

--- .-- .. - I 1 I .... -1 ll..

Thb detruotiono of ifeoote by sepidrg is
enormous. I have oounted two hundred and
fifty Insects mall And M oet, 'hanging en.
tusgleld Inoneweb .p4p s not A' oomtlw
thirty-eight mosquit6ii Rnd' ia another two
or three times a, usany."' The very esal
. spider proy upon elaoroseopie blscotle ke
,gnats and devotmr imysdi, A glance at the
flalds on a dewy morning iA SBpambew will
reveal na inaumcatble. multitude pf wele
'pread over the lo idop, nall. foonplod, by
spidors of various agea, timon and families,
nud all biy destroyiug the cciuo pIue'.ot
The re are woral speles- of Iplder~ dit
vilcd into twwo lassos, te sedoleut-ry ail the
wandering spider. To the first oles belong
teo orb-weavers, who make a ciruolnr wob I
tlh ue-weaver", wihOe web I labyrinthlau I
thlelTb1 wreavt l wbo -ban "- Itheir oits on
walls or rocks or branohos of tree; 'and the
tnnel.weavers, who liveo in tnuols out into
the earth and having inutiQnatto dootU in
geilously contrived. In the wAnderr, are
Included the eoltegraldes, wlos tiose ncto are
quick and vivtacousn the laterlgrades who
havo a queer, sidovwle motion I and tlh
ulltigrados,who JIwp anuld dance aid vault.
Tle dolomedo spider is a swinnmmer, and lUves
on or nudor water, She ballda her nest ohn
a detlahod branch of a tree or brush, ,whioh
elo makes into n tenth. The banded spider
Is a silver-ypllow and blaer color.
Slhllers are not ooclable croatnroe, They
aro gouerrally, on the contrary, of solitary
linbits and aro mostly cannuib:s, eating each
other with m ret autlo. A ,nilnr will ,ivarn

A EoR3 O 9 5PMlMl tUftuINu Sjl0tistOIft
planning tp town yesatoday I wtinuowsed
Boone formerly vary opptmpa but now. quito
Fnro, write a IlhAhMond corselpoldent 'of
the Troy T'rnm. It wms a yaoun negro
Woman ge efuiating" rel.,dou. It leolcel
Slikelt* severe oombinitiou of hystOerlo and
St. Vitus' daoo, She lind a "altetr" by
the haid earnestly tolling hor a tale of joy,
her wholei'ody keeping up a Iadn of rhyllti.
mleal movmeout oorrosponoing to her ohatt.
Tears of joy were streahing down her
brown oehoelu as she impaxted the blimesul
i tlet'genee, "HS wiped my ntame out de
book o' .d4m-nat-onan' put it in do hoolk o'
'al.*vatiot I r~Io litome a leetl lhite sto.n-o,
San' In dat stone wY de graoe o' G-.o-rd I o
Showed ie d We o'de now Jo-ruws Ilinm,
an' tol' me to go 'lug away 'au ni no no, "-
with a very I1bOi "" .T'ank dh e, otd for
t", aid b, -wsi .4' I t .- e'Ks.,
Go4d I" ejanoilted anotheoi, n.ld so I left her
repeatln over n1d over again io asame old
story, with suoh variations as ihor Inspiration
or fanoy suggest In old timeh this was a
common sight enough, but it Is now rarely
witessed. Where they lonr the ritgmarolo
I do not know (it'ie muntlougor than I have
given it), They learn it somehow, anud go
about to streote from morning till nught
shaklng hands with every one of their own
color they meet repeating the chnut. The
amount of handlmlaking nun bodily exorcise
is enibmots and utter physical pro.tratin
often 'roets.
~ ,

In rfltpp's wpat giis inwaqc{(44 y,
2t4e8e, oompresed 'arbt lo:icUd:is uaned tfo.
thlie.. UW faolnre otf' l 1t i'be i a soltaex
w -x.nay be rqnirte& .y l wo rknea
It an toi proe blbohnroate oa-f A
battery Mt. uieigpouoi tsus lilqnid
cnomipoMltelOn Ona: kllgrnulme of blol '
monte, orutshed and disolved In four lltret
of boiling. Waiter, to whiolh two Ultrr of
ollorohydrlo aild are added. No formation
of cyut'ls takes plaw in the battery wit)
tbis 5ohttlo0 '
Ir. Oharlta A. OCmeron, in a paper on
the po sonous properties of boraoio acld,
metlions the fact tinata cow died within a
few hour aftor a dose of borax which had
boee adntiuistered to her In ristnke for
t),uabor sali. Large doses of boraioea oid
e usb paralysis of the nervous and musoular
System iu dogs.
At a meeting of the inbuean Society, Lon.
don, ou June 7, Dr. Burgo, of Shnughal,
submitted through Dr. Oobbold some specl-
menU of hnrhirl whioh cohtnaiud imumatare
flnkes, It was thought theso organisnumfght
turn out to be the narvll stage of oue or
other of the hmnan flukes known to infost
luna with dizsetrous, results in Eastern
Asin, says Mr. In,. ..Keene, Is the homo
of the religion, lar,.iago, and literature of
B*:pe. Society thoro has come down even
to ntrsent tlm, ihn Indan. ennanlnlv 1, 1 n-

0 *

All sii;'iillh' t lu.al pilrn Ir hou-
or o1' a tr.t'i'l ; n ud l (*J | lil rial
and .f(Tr ,vhat." For sii.iliu nm( : to
r.en- ? DaL- ayou t.pect to' ,wa\'v thfn,

-ctIv, l.,r ;iu!ythli .;', !( a", !ulluf a p-
jmp i ;II,ti )i,-p "',':,.s t! t"n ill ( 4 ,itimn l .be-
t\.,( ,r L,\ ', ,t- l Ai. i. k ,) I1.11 :;il th1ii
Ii n (*,.)!V(.' ,,' i. i n to I il I1 ( !,',
,, : .. .. 1 ... "d : . ... ... .. .. ...i ,

AN, .U01 111 1 US -e01 ; Cl .l ) ? "ri lc 't ; UmM 1L Ht' al ua iII 111u-
c',ii.oc li.und '1t i lil liall '.\ V\i! I
,'ito Vlou It lhisent Oil' w u' 1.:)i ln.:, ill T 'it) mi Ilii't. i,' l sIi hIt 1lI

th Tw k' v i okout; this 'ill be te port, N.'l. rtiul"r aht nation to thi:l
ter List a ;tui -it Ut0 (.'(n,'!. I"., -.''- p rlugrap-h: ,"W e Hiink he will fiil
sy. N.xt stm'k (l:1,< i W Idagi:i.;t in Lhis, however, is we iLro aMthor-
.tio baino paity will alppeu. i/nd to) say for M',essrm. lina, 1"Wltt.:-
on the 3r ,'L weVCk we h. o a s,;t, .L.o(o.1.:, Allen a id other lea.d .,
p irice of afi'alavits to p lib h h1.a.t I.CRlpulicicIs of thiCiu ounty, thy'.t. it;h
vvill make nimeboudy mce--oni the have not a asked "Mr. Wicker of Iu k-
Ath week lookout; thi will be fthe port, N. Y.," to imake any rrmnnvals
.Saturday before the city election. or appoiutmintsi, nor ha'e they any
1\' roever give up light. favors, political or otherwise, to. ask
-"- ofM hil."
It is haid that Wic'l.., a l ]nlleton o lh Alleni author of thit. -
4ntien to Si iiil Mr. n \Waelcti for lln is t of ti -
'tMayor. 1-s., I"i .\'i, its. tielo. Ho is the rpulted head and
We 'o 1,not aItlihurzoed to speak mouth piio of the C'ourt lIouso,
for Wicker, but for o..rr.h.lvs we ,.ill Mongrel, noc, Dmcrat, Hybird FImFn-
ciundily sily if the110 lito bi(tw.son ily party, it wuc written and )rintied
,,C1 1n. t W!al Wallace wvo soul.,l tala. l; c ry a u.A.uLh Itf'tr -. w:sR n') s Ql)-
pl<~ ,us.! r< in Ml ... .I ;i M r. WnValla'e, i l inti <'o nl, v:ithl All" I:. IPatet r.-< i:.
n(dl w6 hiniiljllg tlaLt ninI tltli of 'U'L LiC('It:, E. O. Loc0 , 1'. A.
th peonploMt this ci y w,),al Ir of WVilliaims nd (G. D. Warren's signa-,
the sume wiy of thinking. lure'. Those dia(..'s are unfortunate,
tlhoy pucltimii in unitistakiable lan-
IT is rumnorcd in Wtdiington that giago that soiUmbody LIES, and not
p. syndicate, with a capitial ot one one buit fevidrll.
hundred nuillions of dollars, hnas 1ie.n i MI Del Pino, we unleorstan, has
1li or iin thi fins c f ecui lltry or tde I-1 th i
,edi n this country| fo the lur- 1)01oconi so we ll Convinced of the ly-
rAits.o r ulin. T16s's'CeT i n,' vr~u v =

probthible, for evon if Spil.m, wis di i
1to sed to part vith the 'lmst. pIlrious
j fl\vcl In her pui;.t.ion, Ithe p'i de-1
unad(11ed would{ 1-e farb(, hvnmLd Lh,
fiuni above niteeiOic. If 0thl0 p r-
vluvir col:id }_,c fictl d, it \,_-|dll lcot
o a y't.r bi.ft re f e N 1lll ic'r ot
ith' o 'g;'izlationi oit ai coullpalItl"y t, il
. g1inud 1'l lot' fll 'or con is:(.liug tlhe
'Untit.d ShI, 4u with (JCuIta !iy Niean;i:;Oif
a I'ilg'ce i;crus or it Ut unel nlldlerl
!1( Gulf Strcll-m- -1 lorida llal/id.
...... .-@--t .. ...
iV'r The tologranis bring us the
B!'ul iutelligenec of the dle:1th of W\il-
tco 1'. Pool, Congreigissilma cluct front
thle 1st North Carolina district. .MIr.
Pool was a tschohnaite of Ollu's an'l
we can say with Mr. Vauighnl of the1
Eliz;beothl City Falcon, in which city
I Ir. Pool wai born, "that though Mr.
Pool wasi a llepublcan in pl liLics,
his rclittjoin with promineu t l)elDi-

trLins WO'e ol w Io iui t'uceOll llt li 1110I
less cordial Thero was none of the
bigot about 1m11. He had to a vcery
ualnrkcd extent that unfailing cliir.c-
tecristic of a great iimld-puri'cct tul-

i1g', treachery, duplicity and ungon-
tlomanly ci'ndiuct of these mien, that
he hI:s lplulicl'lyi stated that hle wias
thIe .ic've l tlm ad tl l ud that he rcuom-
diatet the whole tt'ltsacttion, All
ilwho arc a,'quainted wiit thile start:-
it.'.' of .A r. 'i \','l roc fulolv a' listitdI
! Ilt thisA wonld Lo the nIatural out-
omei. iHe is a high toned gentle-
la1111 and suih tricks catiniot bo ap-
provedi 1."y him.
Now fur another item. On Mon-
daiy eveingl, August 13th, Mr. ltaw-
son nmet Mr. Win'. A. Lowe at the
Loldd wNarchllisel and snid tcA,him,
in kind of a w himpering tcle that
hli (RItwson) hoped that ho (Lowe)
'vouldl nlot l'oet hurt because he was
going to ,;':t hii e plaLe, that he had
not :1,;!ikl for it, but that he had had
i1 c(cjI(rs c;:1itiia with Col, Wicker, and
in the ciiturso ii' it Wicker had told
limit Ihlit hi. intended making several
'l:ilcange ini thll Custom IHouse, and
iir1nog1 the in.i'es of parties whom
lhe r.nidl he wns g iing to discharge he

eranuc(e off opinion. iilliuelteyou, cooper ot the bonded
The dead lman wais our friui.nd. Wo wirelousc, and hle said I might as

lhatvc eer the recipient of hlis tlico
and kindly sympathyy when they
were needed, and oar attachment to
him was of the most cordial I ltire.
MayB he rest in peace!'
----------so -----
vi'r From the following letter
%vhich we pubblish to.-day tle! citi-
pens of Key Lar'go andl Chockualukeo
.will aeo tiht it iu only inccssary to
alnke application for postinmSers at
their respective places. If theyv de-
* sire 'postal facilities 13t them rcconm-
fnend some good man as postmaster
.nd forward his name to the First
Ai.mstaot Postmastor General.
YVashi gton, D. C. A Ug. 30,1883. J
Sma:-Your letter of 25th iast is at
The question of p Key
Largo apd Chockaljktal
familtie wil re.ei e attention jist ar
- poon al post offices' shall have been
pstablibced at these points.
Sthe W estlblilament of such offices
is 'desaled"oiwreonspondee to that
effect Bhoul4 be addressed to the
first AssistAnt Postmaster General.
Very Reqpectfully,
B. D. LmsAK,
Ait'. So'd. AStL. 'P. elineral,
Ma . B. P irErole; i
Aly WeB MO. 0oo., Pl,.u

well have the placeto B niny ol else,
and as a matter of course when it
was so olfrt'ed mo I accepted it. You
see how it is." This conversation
uLL LuLid uCn ith 13th of Atugtst, as
we lhavu before sidu, and in opposi-
tion to Mr1. 1a\'i'soin' words and
stltomonle we hallve to show his let-
ter o Wicker of July 23rd, asking
tlhi:s same appoiuhlent. Figures aind
dates are gellorally truo. It is un-
fortlinato that some men give thein-
selves away. Since the above was
written we have received a commu-
nication from Mr. Lowe which rofer%
to the sami thing. Ho also handed
us the article from Crane's pap.' .ian
the copy of Rawson's letter to \\Wik-
er, &c.

l--C - -

Give the devil his duo and tho co-
quette her dude.
Coquettes are like cats; they love
pettiug. This accounts for sparks,in
the dark.

Always make a friend
quette before yme, ill in
her. Thlea you orner
she sit',, "But let me
ftoaud I"'

of a co-
love with
her when
be your

Rit:--I hlvo llth, l1:11or to submit
thls my ipplicatioii u1 -)' 11)[)tipiilniont
to the lpositi;i uf sttore' ki:imiler in
chll'rg of the oluiltlol \waiuce Iol tS it iihi,
pIorc, i'id r'LHp('t-clll.y til it': atlt'!.l>,ln
to the followti.i;g nhlr ,li ot lio 'ipi,'i-
(111ns in ;nulpporto uf iimy rejut'. youri.'
nmut r'c r! tclfnyuv,
(;*' (.) 1". IB lIA^{."'(:.

To F. N. 'Wit i,.'.: ,
Co ..i 'r ,1; t'" C -' i ,!:,
Key Wesl, l''i.

I miost lv(11r.1'lyI reco11n:0 d Mr.
Ufnwaon for a)Oy 1 ',itiun the (',Dvc,'ii-
') ,nt ,|ya 'v li h tir. I ]-n;;o\w li to
bo a thoro,1uh i .:14icblicaun, a hulrd
worhklr iu thiu ranks of Ihe piprty and
identitieil with it fi'rom its ilnceptico,
tand he wi! l ill any' ollico w'itll\ credit
to the Gov- trlin.cll'lt.
(Sil.) (i. lilii:: PAT'TI'E,.-ON,
(J. :S. Attorney.
I can recouinneili Mr. I(IItwson ai
a man of '1`01l buIshiitIss hll:its, an1d
ItS a ,ititllih i.-{Oifllh~ict,0l a11 d I c1d on0.-
Hitler thliat io dt1c s icN' al lpinit-
it sn.rvieo.
( .) . v,

(;;tl. <:r O. LocK.-
I conc0 1 il ll" IO '.iitowi'laits.
{'i.f IA 0. J'Ueoa.
I also concur it ablovo.
U. S. Marshal.
(Sd.) G. D. WrAHIeX
PDrsr'cTr Ccuir U. S.
SoUTHERlN DIST, nF F lr. t.
Wiey Went, July 21st, 1883,
I would most earnestly and cordi-
ally recommntnrt d my friend, Mr. E. B.
Rawson, to Itiy alpponilltliiiut or emn
ployment wh'lire a gefitl-.. an of ener-
gy, tibility nlljd it; iquctici(ablle integ-
rity is required, liuowiing that 1outi-
denco placed in him its to capacity or
character will in no wise be mi.,-
(Sd.) J.JA. W., Lo,'i.:,
U. S. Dist. Junilu So. Dist. IFla.'
I h'elrey certify tiii abl)ova to be oa
r.te copy frowm the o urigiiil on Jile in
this o0lico.
I'. N. WTrcn,
Coull..etr of Custuloins
Curtoli- House, Koy West, Fla.,
Sept. 1st, 1883.
nlulailnnd Loculs.
EDirroi Dk.MOClRAT:-We are hav-
ing less rain for the raiuy season
than for many years. T.hb streams
are all down and in many places no
)otatooes or rice have boon planted.
The Okeclloheo drainage company
have had a splendid time to got
another largo donation of land from
the Board of Internal improvement;
having no rain is the primary cause
adl would have been the same Ihad
thori not been a dredge boat in
Florida. k
The Lagislature passed an act au-
lowing all actual settlers 40 acres of
land at 25 centn an acie. The com-
missioner says there is none, that all
of the lands are donated to railroads
and other corporations. The amount
of land donated or granted to rail-
roads and other crporrations and the
Disston steal at '25 cents an acre by
the Board of Internal Improvement
they would give away as much land
as there is in the United States in
four years.
Judge King,. has just returned
home fromn Taiipa wIee le has been
to buy 1800 head of beef cattle that
were too poor for shipment the pres-
ent season.
SThe town of Liverpool is no more.
Tle post office is abolished by rea-
son of the poHtmiaster Johh Cross,
not being a naturalized oisien of the
United States.
Gov. Bloxham has appointed John
Cross a notary public and justice of
the peace and he a British subject.
His acts will all be illegal by the nat-
uralization law.
The snag boat on Peace Creek has
got as high as the Tice Ford. There
is a perceptible improvement in the
depth of water below.
Rev. Thomas Jefferson Sparkman
intends moving to Fort fai2s uff to
engp ge in the mercantile 'Ksines.m
Jim -Tohason the great pedestrian,
will muve to hPpash and 'open a
wheelwright shop.

With psen aiod Pencil,


11t E I E'I'T .EMOCi' ,T ,'Mo 'lt.-'rmony.' -.j lltire, nrml y I MoWEes Johlvoln 1 ,li l l lis place
S l tl- on Bowle Cr.e-1 i1 bonugiht 80
SPI IF <, " ilnotlr' place p a f intcIt- W ,o anudl idtMitit t MMr. E, B. acres of land fi tn h. .tiThm ipnot
....W S -- - liti.i',.v EY ET'ST, MMturlt y, Sf uijil. uI. hidor ii, mio plin ft. words koper in higt of C1e bonlldd 10J acres in orange ttnos imd engage
t- t t .-i )Ai iVi t 0sllllihi i be -Warehonus in this (Jtnito 's district in the in ercntitile I o uinus am t t Ogden
i ri*"io,, d >.,.n .s,, tahfton i ,n. ss y. ;kt it. uo h place of Mr, Willian A. Lowe, who Bluff% nd put a toiio,ntrl to rui on
' ili 1 i ie I u i.: i',ri"1 i 't. it'chd that ft l rticlr ilt C'a"cs Ipai has filled the position for the llat five Po e r r H ko ry .utf to
Vill b. illtiol ulw .llilig. n wi !.l 'i lu ,icaiu ld "lmre haiinony" was or six yona We believe that no cnonu ct w lt'. i K chioi'ni C'w h. This
y r n 1 111111 o St Au t 1th, fault wasit foindwith Mr. Lowe, and will be grn t ilition to our trails-
N." ,) i1 .l i (,f lI i i ,wl~tt t h at"ti llf oq t ig,. ,s i, -sd, nwtril e et'oui l in t hi s w i ll b ehh' re'd i on"b t r ,
le. 1 li ;.,t iS.t I l(y.., ( i-,v Au,,go t l7tlh,Mr ha a t b oa i a i por t tir o f and ills a long neeooded
6 )-i i 1 4i11i t ,,0lit 'l i l hot ll- o W. lennitt e r i a in hosnn, t t' in, Io e ,,,icio nt want.
SQ tnI U nll ni n a 1o i 'A i (i o t oldati ltcomimadaLting officer. If a Orang trees aro growing flnuly
Swili uU.1. 1 nhti \i0.0n111 I n ll' i,; ;;i": '. or i. i po ckt, liigIe hail t ho er tlali however, wo and the croi op t iavits is large.
fi it i. 1,o' t Mr. \ano. A. Low c N tink there liuld lie ri bqttor ill)- Fort Ogd] n is l hills .'nt w ii i '. l .'i 'te boin d .ane ho 1se, ,iiii nt ile u tha t L r. all wson story to titl i uf.cl,te.> ail .,ftvNi to jolly
14 l I in )w ll. l ..H wo t lii is (hil of oil1'ut l i a dg ltiUsl n initriilticade. TliinttiidIS of h iAl-
;il tO i, I' .% Qin i ill n, and hoas Imways bneeit a support- el of o ,guavtlnI I,,, allowed to rot
lrI ue! i u,' i. l. u, ti Mr. ,i. , u | ,r f tiof 1,10 pilicaltfi pUty .d t n tuer t le tr'1 ',
I \o 1 trying ito got I is report f'ld lio tit "O l i.' Wicker of Will. il.fon t i 1s ,I t 1 1014 )ilue alndl
iYm iYcf,, r.m <,l,.., 'Lr i "I, .t t v .-; in- port, N. Y.," in1dn this haitilgo, orangii l grm.ve tto Mr. Miller for
4041 .t ; ; ''. H i. i; t I i lv l ( 1 o tn ill 'l co i itorplaton making othr'.s ", $0 .
'' 1 i tl iikin ha"lutt thereby tho TIidell(ll" T i4hror in s if li satisfictiion
C '. WU 'r ,I lv l't tl ; I ...t i 'i ro tI l e" -! t' t ; th is (C o u l ty 11i o01g ti, lo i :l iA th a ts (IT 3. M i.
o'J. 111 .ii l,, nltV, 1 y 11 1 .I,- t .I I' A t .,, oln yi t e h c rt ', ] t o ry ;i t('tt, rI.
1utle u ii~ ), fo I t lutl!'I .;u.i th mr c ," t su, ill bt o i ultoI t l iicite o h i r ia'- .I
/*i ^ 'in1 v ^ rp L* "tur t" 1 i,.l> Mr L >wv. to roan!(l ltht lim tiin Ilnlolctod I !hi- .i ico as 0nt dCtrinc1t to li iCttooll r.1
I ai;- i'' v. nr tllti'n>t, aihd I n lectio of tiis port, wi lal to rOSIIm,' o it H- i n D sto,i
- 0 l , that I i' h i t th l h old rlatld l C apf'Lo t tWTI u a s K i ', i Co anul J.
." ...l L \ .... J ... I.I .. i ,,t t ll ~~ rolltll l oth. tit 1 il
.,"> .114 L,,, c Si PhO. Siio WI, Vi l i* fil, l u' "Vi i* w ifoit lu4 iu- t w l untihoni d, to tyf or thir tores. Po t ,g(en i paLuti ,
Itf 1 00Ct1 or1 1 11, it s T liooldl nut, MeJirst NIio, Pittoi yn, Look, Al- on ility taira thou ai ')t e incorpuor-
N w T h d K u. ful co urgr w ,.".v I ,ha v tve nr oi \ out. J J ve kn ow u Ion f1ill( o th er lwie t l>nli- at ed 7 'u b
fever soas to 10lSlowly yeh;t whl o 11i 0 a'ae too ood 1 1 a ;P mo f heo uny. ,it fl oha:( F loh 7 t'.,,! 1 s Ioe 11
;I Pensaol !iis firf n) T e wii;li hre L n t(hi,, :'iir, .. I Mr. LWow answer- AIN or ro ippointinentB, nor IAVI they n 1
0 40.. ^ itto k\of 1nui' llthatiij lu i) 1 jy aro aw; b5, t11ta
lic New York fln.1ld fin la'ci I k l n s i o n iu) I to l isl (I I>IISIOI 11 thlo e V o. ^. ., i , d (to it
ioiml itc i a-s ''ill" s ';-: 'y I.. r tf n ^ r. 'party a.ii iny one, tthey are Batifille two ar ] .p, Colon tir and
Hoyh es can i fib ,'!ti 1 u t. I. 1"il !,. if 'll, it iI trii" 1 ii i r 1 l I. thant there c.ai(not bo that conip te they nurtbor lau' 1110
ol: iti n t. s 11 ll xphtL s air i un t i ixil;, hliarilony in tho Ipa'ty, 0o t) lcuast-.t'' VartrAN,
?1i1 t 1n cli 2 'ili lui ii.;i. 10 ai t ii to ,iy I NNitc th1 natio mccon%, p ua til ho tuiu''lel' hin res0)1 _15 Ii -
*Iim tlnhfat' to bp only nibulid tn nire l-n yI. )ioth lu uiish" a11 lio n forLockpor r Iiurrou DtMnii r, Sir--Porwit
as t1 i hulitsl'i l of hii s \\ite bI .; t N wItt let it ue r't in .edu tht llMrI. or solio oo ire plco outiile of the titi th'ro igh thelu hi ll o fn ylfti' pa-
, two is tlI -s i rt' c'it 1,1:111 .1! o,! ti; r WV l .w ]in, ..! W e .Lu u" 1jth, 1. d' nkl* [ the 1 S ;tillMore llr on. y. l .m;inn1,i

JI I rF ,l I. it 0l1 IS l' l i V ital Ilt l l) ,nm t l,., ;hill l hdk r, at"L im t nsum t A, uD .
S411 1 in4 li''i .n Knl. lt i zibison, Osrar
}pl.it.l i,'w (. l!ihd o m ;t! At :1,, ha [ illo(,r- i I ,,h ,,n ia . ] ,,,i ^ v0 o
lII f-., nry T'yroll, An lrey ore W .
'.t 've ry citizen il i' 'v \ e I ., 1 Ian S"it!.,'l., it, 't'. There it 128 lTT lurto paigel
ihvr' afl ri, iripre:o.' ;> it 1 w ero ID In l;) rl,., li.clIIII ,i 1 in (.IIh 'In1IIr ,,
,I, ,;, -, Kh li i ^ "" ,,.;* ,'* i, 1 I( ', ,," th, urfs,, t ,nn Pri:ot.vlnty-flhv

taken. ]; tt as no sx s t:, take ,] l/N i.. V ,.11; 1.'Y/ '/
Lhe t i nt(' lthey' h ,i hil iln the lunt- i l ^i ii i
r it l..I IIu;,on me t no 4. Now A 11 B8:,rll1 i 1(
thi ,.. '; r. t .itor, -o e.)X',aini what I .- .
l-.:ve lt I.'iletssly tll it to so Iiu,4, I F; ir i n r, is' i wh'y Ki'' W'.it ittille.
will s^,\ that the ,suV .' \ -. h, s a,, a r o n .., )| ,,ou n ,> y, n.o t-
thoe condition in w;v ii our t t ]y a1 tlishly as I vians i ur k. ew
are kept itand for which we hold l Yorlors.Whtl'her it h
(City fl.itrs resit, imsiih,1 Tike for ELEGANT DREIS SUITS,
dl(!.' t, ey .o hinlhoau ;, r it, thie prin -

iall trjlt of those it" ad whiti' do TASTI''UL BU(tINESt SUITS,
see fiter the least hiS)wer of riun, NEW SU.iMMER COATS,
nothlhing;' but imul Ioluc ;'iitmIn of them BA LBRIG(iAN UNJ)I'1.WEAIR,
so l'igo tt it it .4 in1i.'hs!ibie flu'r pjo- SCA(Hl',S, COLLAnRS, GLOVES,
pir't o p.as ivilhoujit )eing spitlIr'd HAX.NDKIEICFii "FS, CLUBBAGSi
will i1 l, ]i rtl luint l< a tlhe cor Ir th v,,ry n.atst, h~ t,,t, most stylish, iil>1
(ot (hIel eiieud I h iitoieil st r1otsnP iild iTy utll snhlist j:il, "I hive jitt ipi.c in
11i) 0 i;')bii ,' L 1 uil tS lf' t '0 ''.lii. miy n1'ew si0ouk 'li0 "Fil'rh .'.v3..i'''" 'iT'R k
wipluito' ill. ilt, the l piell.h ,f the city. Is RAILWAY UNI k l tS,
it, I ask tf our City F at h il, ti e i in- YOUi tlHiS' ANlt,.D BOYS'i i-

torest ittiud w fro'u thely 1111.40 at heart YOUTuII4' AND BOYS' i
o, n lbu1i it or 1)>5mthousand in aI- D Ub E SC S S U I T 5,
"th\ant, tll o f ii l a H ta ll'i it |( V1, s,, s. Ti C., lt Tl ,,tW..
thtur ii:- t ltss ;tll i ,'ri tr,,.th t in gri ; iitt varieties. Ilk' t ,I l kiv' ltis nwj

of lis eit kct s il tbiOin idi t '? if S1 etii an1d cl ifS. to't'l e M iuiis, Itai-lcisthe
notwe hai b t r use al ittle orl a eo tl 'e l pl s t rt, liltil l titi"I'[nk thiti'n lo'Us
aeritivi u ouir itlih l Eoritio, tbut lis. W. SW
waleor Ining ii: te t fillt so long lst OARINE UNIFORMS,
inrionit tot il liou ll h ,of the city. Is RAILWAY UNIFORtMS,
it, I a sk of ,ur City Faelrs, their i- YOUTS' AN BOY
terIig,M aiN( wuft'Ir tlev hoave at heart YOUTHS' AND BOYS'
1ouflboi 10 or 1.5 thousand iinabi- DRE IS SUITS,
h nts, tilluiii of im ro tx payor, OVEthRCO ATS,
that i pe11 s 'tlniDl to kl 0p th e a tri cty it f'ont varn-ties. silk rats, mi oking j'ak-
of thlis clty i siiuch condition? if so et ..- anil citpi m umli'roltt, l{iisia-lct th.r
we hai better ul0 a litblle lure jtudge- clut tbag:, t irnnk, gosa imoo rull,,r gtoodi,

them aiksati lect those who ate hit ienlinthlidl u lil s
ieali in tl g elation and crthe pa.1d- li in gonral ould be a-ll'
It s(nlsi to m, 111r. Editor, thatgence prtities W h St st
men callh.l L up,,,: lolit1th 8 most ir- ONE PRIOE OLOTHIER,
po ria't ,Ao nl (d!'ices, that of Alder- tor. Front & Fit.es, atiick Htu
men fcf i t city', '.tdld bo nin of 1in-
lo lie ti','o Called upon to fY OOillDS
is nltf inpriia 2c factories work- and isuii ft every-
the rted of 0.514,082, payin annually ell egatedDi jOODS
na, y tiln ouc 180,:t load upon t lm at ir e es
shloll,hli.;, and winless .hoy fcl etcoln- l as jus4t
pvl( i.. t,) \vr,;'.'l, with tho rosponsi- ali'i .,"I 1'roil
bililiu.t pri-Liniiih to tlis ol'lyco they frn Nw York,
hid better plaIce themse, lvcH out ot an(i i:4 anxio,,s that
the ranks il has 1,78(.thse who are hi friend also call andthtention pub
fpaorkun 5,!,l ,a.ds, wl.or tho po.ai- lito iin gonral should bo a-
, tiie. tiiut 4]i).;7lr t ahyin terest and wae of tho fact thEt during his
welfaro of nl ,oiwecrued that this stay m ttlio 0)uvc luentioned city, ho
may b(, thl1a 1;L liin I1 Imayt be called availed himllself of tho e'vor'l op-
uplly in wages i1,ti78. of f, negligeceld- guitias that i rese)tg d
of onr Alderly in, I pre; .il ou s ros- then thiselv, and pto -
roctfully, L. B3. C. elhaead ]argoly ujd a
l-.-e--- great variety of
,ourlK atorleO. O ONS
Ala1'ani. hinb 2,118 fictories work- alnd il fact every.
ing 8,248 hands, with a capital in- thing pertaining to ,a
vested of $0.514,082, paying annually well regitlated DAY GOODS
in wages $2,225'968, and yielding STORE, all &Ii which, having
annually in products $18,040,444. purchased at v617 reasonable prices
Mississippi has 1,731 factories, ho would also call attention
working 5,941 hands, wlth a capital H o hi s l ne a sc ort ,,,acnt
invested of $4,501,714, paying anuu- to GR()UEleIEs ,
ally ia wawlgefs $1,578.428, ftud yield- Gurnims,
ing annually in products $8,154, guaranlelt-g
758. t hei- Ato
758. .,erfeti v fr,,eah

South Carolina 6as 1,684, factories
working 8,1531 uhnds with a capital
ivested of $5,400,418. paying an-
nuidlly in wages $1,533,715, and
yielding annually in products $6,-
Louisinna hais 2,557 factorier work-
ing 89,07T hands, with a capital in-
vested of $18,313,974 paying annual-
ly ip wages $4,563,570, and yielding
annually in produoto $24,161,005.-
Atlanta Conctitution.
go 1 I. L-iI .. .. .

having arrived on
the name etetaler with
himself, and a grf nat unuy
other things too uunborouH to
amention. Coino and examniuo the
goods. You will find tho store
ounthe corner of Whitehead
and Sout.hard Streets.



Are ou id bd at night d bro Cures *Cracked Hoo
of yO e by a qck ohlld Btfering tod scrattbes anrd
orylng pin of cutting teeths? t f so
send At tise and get a bottle of MMs.. WONW- /ORSES fATTl
ow *a sooTre BrarMe CaWusHaw T HATTL
nxo. Its value is iuo16ulable. It will re-
lieve the poor little itffrer 'imsn4i1ately. ,
Depend upon it motbos, there no etis. Ask your Storekeeper
take aboe t itit rc dyaente7 and diar- direct to the manq
rhea, reutslss the tometh and bowels.
curea wind ilid, soz as the gaums, rednu.
ces inAmanOna UanVYe tone *hnd ener- AxMUCAN tctmi
gy toth he hleaysteln, u ar,. 'Wnao w's
Ibormo 8 p FOB OBup DB rot0LjmMv r Ta 6 INo I Lt rD c
pleasant to the waste, and if thepresdtipon ,,.Lf I I _
of one of th9 oldest a"nd beat femal p.h~I'q-.
oins aud itarat in the United St te, and .
is forsale by all diruggitl, throughout the lvn -
VwoT4. Price c Izt a* ltI0tlJ, .'3-l,) -.) Agnst9 i, h3, Cm,'

Afs, Sprains,
lores in


for it, or write



.....~Lll~-~i II :-~i~i~~J~ri~~;;.fTt~rj ~ c'?l-;~~!?t~-*k,~~sF~~ili~i h'~Y:-~~:#~ ~?c-bh~iVN W~iW

"No. Fir';t d1'id t Itiltc v nio.eivipit ir lltnt
eIlln W1o1 f.i OlWl it1 lVi IIg b their I i10 il- yI
nill Mr. A 7. Micfrold, I tlianiger of thal
Advtorlting D'l' rt dutit fl'i theu t. PaI l
7'lonie,'r.Pr'ris "ill .li o e of thm'i wlh
dnl dusk work iarl ltinlttd to Nl.lijnlnti' lt'ul
it'a I Avry lar o tin tn C liuorV' o iil t stoiiu'fh.
',A tfor oxampti ? '
"An for exotutile, i ll Il'y :inl, I stiu'k to.
liny H1tic on ta11 ip I er Ilntl tmyl tine\'OM
were ,ll' a inch.i. ti'liRgriipli h wie m 'ltl'r
la gatle, and !fynv stlrllly k1iplI nli'llni tl; ooH.J
tinmo I i two Si (llir wilrtci. My .fltieit
ruiggntrt thiH Ilian tl ici' torT I dtvi.vll tlul t,
but one tin 1 'yI 'c.ll ut il ,o on l(,Iu l I'tHr -
Kil' TO iiC li l tri, 1 it. I li n'.
'1.r1,dr, iSt nprictaly ino rliinllo before,
but I s1 hill) tl'| l ,iit itfrOM .ny rvi'li oll ;iiy
that thi( Tlnic ii. not 'I'uI ly t1 io nst t lin.
bullt t lh only t'i thant I'U.Il 111 up t h 1 l-
lil<-i. All de-ilc workloris ih11'ukil innk1 0
Ilito io it. I I '

really l n a ul'l orItlllant ln vlh it cw d
1PL III nII wI evl J Locu neLe RVD

IH P. K I 'I w utll t si e' l ll 'lt

POmt ULA' \ l Bif-titI rir ; unl-Y
tlh.1c an iisie neli g, iu dr oll
rih a.t', iniil l 1o0 i g II
fti ill <1 of i.-f 1111k](11. tl

Low Prices t1

Low Prices I

Being lii:.iatndl wnllre Ti na with i4nmll oxrpnses, and haviln the facilities
: for carrying a lirge Htortck of goods, I am able to sell at a
mnulch smaller percentage than my competitors.


Finc B3lack (ot.fs, Bllto Flaunl Suits, CanR. Suits, Cass Pants, Fine Dop
killn Pants, Black Vesis, and a full line of Yonths', i oys' and
Clhilthres' Suits, at prices to suit tlhe timerf
Look at my assortmenit of Shirts
hefor c pur'l,iing elsewhore. Boots and
Shoie, italH, Coips, Tri'nks, Valises, Ulnbrellas, Pbfumery,
&c., &(c. i:"Mtriec attLetion to customer and Goodp Guaranteed,"a


rfs,,,s received foir Suits Iade to meas"

rOe by &1 i. E Co.. the great

rZW- I, orIk Clothie. *s.


Andwrl loulmlatcly chsw theB lood ia thua en d syem n dhrewi ouchs. Atr pe
son tho will taoke 11 rU each tonight from 1 to 1) weeks, may be tgltorod to sount
health, Ift aruh thing be possible. For oeing Female Complalnts theso Plls have ni
oqual. Physicians UsO thqn in their practice. old everywhere, or sent by mail tfo
25 ct. In stamps. b.n5d for pamphlet. I. S. JOHBNSON & CO., DOSTON, MASRS.

llEOiuuly relieve Ihoes tyrtriro diIeaMOi, and will pI litlvely
cure nil caio ou uof ten. Ifo iamntlin lhint will ia
tiM ia y lives sellt fr eo by alllt. IJoa 'l d la y la uwt.
Provoniun is better Ihan ours,
&.1t11,1l11 lf re Li R IOeedlneLtt tl n gssIl,'hr.Iii o lloairsones8, lkl ns.in-gh, W-hoo-lng Cou-h,
I kIm n, Chr,lc )idrrl, AtroIti ylennlrll (.., '.h ra )lrbtls, K Ing, Tro'bZ.l U a J, Ls 0% m
Spiei *dan U iea k, soul paer>wbre. o b ouS for pMju Ji tlit to J S. JItisno n Cu., M Uo0ow, MABS.
It I's wall-known a*ct that n o It
li Ari. oti H KE ENS LAY
C o dlt, l oder i p l' I tel-

-e -a~~ = ll 'I J -- -Olt-- ---
Vl -Ikoil' m lcfy r, 4 r innd t t Powder.8 Dn', oneo tenpoloefl to snoh pltl
I- e overy creor a.dt b ay nifl ole I p, o B Z, l .OU o Co. t, a MS ll.



lBO.11ER'T WATSON, agent for J. S. Clark & Co.'s

Marble and Granite Works

is prepared to furnish HIfaadtones and Monumients of finest Marble or
Granit, anid Choic(:t Designs. Give him a call and examine his

OrtderI promptly fille. Office on Simontou Street near Southard.



Samo1. Robeprt, EManager.
Are now ocffring the Finost und Cheapest Stock of

Fancy aBnd Femily G'roeres

0rt- You will lul it. t.o yvor ihltecst to -a 8pooiil attention glive to supply.
prico 1e tw onis bufr in'i Oying elauwhere, ing Farmers, Spongers and FhFiermetn,
Koy West, Aug. 25, t.f.
* -



Manufacturers of the 'iiibst Or&l:of



Jun. 9t, h .88 ,

a .
t '~'4 L~ -c L;

w o

IrIF~lnuqI I J I I I

Clothiing Stores.


Jiilt rlcdi'%eil, aud open for inipoction th9 largest and best atoit

Spring and Summer Goods.

Vi.\1' offirod inl thli city, to which additions will be constantly made, Wdn
all good sold at very

Low Prices I

The Rpo,)triil.er' numulr proIsntH a host
If Itigh't atr;c'ii :v,: t i l lhiihl we la nauio
,ii, y n f,)w: "' T'!,i trnty nf 1'ri, S(.ptc111
l r I7i' 13," '' I"T 'rT, Fronh ltagne," "'The
'rtai CimImiioU (ef NifW Nit' )ork," A i8Dntlllun-
tnl. Aollrt1 l' it tiw Hotin ffr f Et(dI PPne, "'
i,.,1 "Ki' ll(\itnn. ', e thmo )l'lllllpro u.llt ll'.
Itti ivnr.i ir.l i'lt'ily ilhtstpttdi, T'hu ix-'
,itinri' trrinii T- ll "f,"Riu'ttifil Conlitt';it' of
"l:' ilv is (,)tiI11ci and a )it i w i nni
, (")Mll TeI ,r "'(rn to Untrilt ,I" I:lJm l
t.l' ro I n !; ,: .t Il1nllY 1 i1ll .'t ritorie), kl:etcl -
c, naiv, IItl; I-s ,,lo., lIy ]popiuliar wr';itr, of
C\-' ..- dil| illlt .rc; t, h)t,'l,.l ,i r w ith) i ornvl i. of
,irn-': 1:,] I' rint. ,A ltler yl t0 Aoulhih)til utor
^ ,r .i,. 1:, T ~nitz. 1*'!. .Biiitv.').:hly! Aiiifnila A,


~~ ~

** *

* 0 0

* *

Key West, leptenmber 5, 1888.
PaDaT i mPIN0 O RItev.
Bobert Martin, Pestor. Morning Sermon
at 10 A. Evening sermon at 0:30 P, N.
lSabbath School at w x. Prayer Meeting,
Tues48 00d.0 *, u Lecture, Thuredny,
140 tP. .BSeatstfree, eois ve invited,


it. "

Local Scraps -
Sl'atronise this column AdvAertio- for J
Muan inserted st 10 cents a ine eaoh in.
"etalk it will pay,

A.Dy yeo shoes atMoKllip*s. shoit
a14Rw tongues t F W Robort.
--Just received a nioe assortment of cotr- goot
feotiouary at F W Robsrts dour

All ffesh is grass, Iut a coquette -
does not object to being called a dai- vent
sy,--bf. ha. Itc
-Try the extra Soda and Hard Broad at pers
DeLono'as, gre
-tHave tu ver tried Extracted Honey -
If not, goito DeLono's for it. Ceve
I" wife
-New Ooodsp New Styles, Latest Faseh- Mac
tone at HB mhas aMail
--Go to F W Roberts for canned goods
Everyth~g in this line is fall weight and -

A coquette can play her cards to b
ust as well when you are holding
her hand. Indeed this is her flnt o
trik. c ity.

G. A. DeLono keeps hin butter and lard
on Ie, and if you want t fresh and sweet i)op
ve him a o ll. to tl
of II
1. H. Stillman & Co.'s Tropic Brand of
Beer has taken the city. It is now the fa. hlOU
vorit drink. lea4

Kemp is selling Colgnte's celebrated
Turkish bath soap for 50 cents a dosoe, eBe
This is a bargain. Tall
When Brown failed to catch the desi
young lady who slapped his haundh 1u
at Copenhagen, Fog remarked that a re
it was quite a marine disaster. a r
so ack lost you know." he explained
in answer to the interrogating glan-
cos leveled at him from all sie0s,- fhor
BoJton 'lransript. that
WHV Y notbuy a "WHAT NOT?" Y-u wit
can find them at Kempns, all walnut for
14.tT. 0 ockin clhairs bedte nd's ., at f';
lproportionato figures la

-Remember if you want drags, medal.
clues or any thing to be had in a first class -
drig estbliishment that you can ied it at Fhliz
Diaz (sep lit) li t
Wonx GOvzx ourT.-On receipt of your ad- gef
dress we will make an offer by which you
can earn $3 to $7 evenings, at your home, tab
Men, Momen, Boys or Girls can do it. H. of t
C. Wuwsone& Co., 193 ani 1907 Fulton
Street, New York, (30.tf.)

Probably the Iqanest man on roc- in t
Sword keeps a boarding house in S Mu thl'
Domingo. Last winter an earth- cou
qnake turf td the edifce clear upside con
down, a the very next trnimg he is
began charging the garret lodgers aY
first door prices. a
AID IS DUTERMI$ED to be the glm joil
I uptown Pry Goods.stcre. t
partiolar in his 'lelitions. kee os: .
choal articles and sells choap. Il hen yOe ani
want anywtingo to his tere,. All know Th
where Jo, LaWrn eon be found. Corner
of Simonton and Eaton Sts. to
-We had the pleasure of visiting this and
week the neat and attractive store of J. E. R.
Thompson, corner Sinmonton and Angela sue
street. Eddie has just received a fine lot bee
of Dry Goods and Notions whihob he in-
tendi to sell for prices never before offered
in this city. Give him a call and we feel
satisfed that yop will be able to make bar- our
gains mo

-Mr. Maimno Dias has opened a dreg h 8t
store on Duval Street one door from the
corner of-Greene, oppoite the well lnown twf
business 'house ofaurry & Curtise. Mr. pri
Dias wishes to inform his friends, kmeri- the
oans and Cubans, that his stock is all fresh Cl
atd of the first quality and that they will Rey
Wae by, purchasing of hire. (p. 1st) api
After all there is one nice thing ,shc
bout a coquette. She and lightning wil
ever strike twice in the same place. cit
There is no need of it. are
is excellent' his home made candies the ha
best and hls soda water is Just what is
needed this dry and thirsty weather. don'tt W.
fall to call on him and be convinced, Every Li
thina in the best style. wc

rtlate lines built, equipped and rented at
Moeate prior Apply t JOHN D. EAS
TaRiiiq, Bupt., (lialsteed, $.C., or man- Qt
lasneares. Teldphone Exchange. wi
-CALL at Johnson'sa drug store and r.
examine his new order ot handsome Jewel- P'
Sry, insisting of breast pine, ear rings. Wi
bracelets, brooches, shawl pins. and in fact fifl
eserthingio this line. hbey are of the
jilet qadity and latest design and It will se
l).y y6t to see these before puronasing .r
esewhere. tidsfatory bargains guaranm- A
te.d. h At

Th Theatest 01
ist a vell-known fact that when a.torer 0
4onegitself to. one branch of busins
thawit a 1 l do the best by it't A4ii an
e. taJi is J upt'th zrea.on .why' MeKillip OR'
laks a aIyshoaoes, thereby usnr- as
na suchm -iap sad good bargains. You so
a mi a,5 e when you do hot cla oW
esiewh, A'Al t
Ble tsa Aeon o vil aiau is it th
poi otelliu ever's one togt or

For For ed
T he new and handsome priveatresidnoe' P'
L owned ad, occupied hy .the undmr- er
Signed is offered r re The house h
qneotd by w e: a. phaer Of th
rho- city. A mlM, dotrsb 9 o I with
*blm, o% hoous U applytp~ : 't en
,m,. WELLA0OIr, wf
00p ?1, 4 Haoi all. pc

.- -. % .'"..,

Mrp. R. J, Duffy is now. in New
kpurclasinmg her Fall %tock of
Look out for next Saturday's
)oa ~, there is to be some fun in

Mosers, Russell and Roborts are
engaged buildit g a live ton schr.
Mr. Whitmor'o Pinildr.
Any one wishing to purchase
eaup audt valuble pIarlor set
Id apply to Joseph Larkins.
The Wallacks gave two excel-
perfo maioes thi week, drawing
d houses ench time. The pima
an, Faunie, will always do this.
Several of our citizxnu hv'~ve ma-
ed quite largely in Caloowee-
hie River lands this week. One
on purchasing as high as 1,100
-Miss Nellie Curry, Miss Mary
a Russell, Mr. Iervey Curany,
Sand child arrived Sundey from
natoe, Always glad to see our
das looking so well.
-Mr, John W. Sawyer, wholesale
retail clothier, leaves to-day for
w York Mr, Sawyor expects
ring back with him the largest
k of clothing over seen in this

-Mr. Ed. Clarlk, one of the most
ular travelling men that comes
he Island city, v, as here the first
he week in the interest of his
sa, R. B. Post & 'Son, New Or-

-Col. Walter C. Minloney Jr. has
n appointed local agtlnt of the
hmbassen Fllorid, a,n. Aty one
ring to sabhsi'iho should :pp t to
. It' you are in arrears with your
soription you can sotle and'l get
CO;pt frout him.,

-Capt. Will Garidnor W\vlh is in
m Chockoluske, this week reports
t week before last they lad .vi2ry
vy winds from the iol'ithwesL
h high tide w'hi'hi dii conmid-
1i:, iL l" u 1-15 L ,,',u culcJ

-Having occasion to go up on
zabeth street we could not help
icing the itmprovonmntls mdo by
Chas. R. 'Pierca in his residence.
hAow has one of the most comufor-
ble and elegant homes in that part
he city.
-The annoyance by the hood/ritin,
the gallery at the Wallack enter-
rtiment sra dCTsliC ce'ttoh'itM' ity and
inty. 'The troupe pity hiavy li-
io and it is duo thorn that ordoi
kept, but an officer of the county
,onug lawyer and two young gen.
npn, (supposed to be at lastt)
n this element, if thoy do not lead
pln, in throwing banana peelings
d other trash upon tihe stage. Oil
ursdamy night they went so far as
throw a bunch of a hunlrod torpo-
s, .Should they have ignited, a fire
d panic vbould prphably have on-
rd and many lives might have
leo lost.

-We woiuldr o the attention oi
citizens to the fact that our Fire.
n intoud celebrating thIe anniver
3y of their organization on October
, and promise to have contests lbe
eon the different companies foe
zes. To be enabled to do thi
my have resolved to appeal a the
nerosity of the citizens, a-md have
pointed a committee for that pur
se, who will call on the citizens
ortly. We hope that their appeal
li not be in vain and that every
izen will give them something. i
Authorized to say that even
me from those who cannot afford
ire will be acceptable Ammy pci-
Swho fails to receive a visit at
nd in their contributions to Mr
m. R. Korr the Dept. Treasurer
t, us give our boys somothlin
irth contesting for and show then
at wve fully appreciate their servi

-This week the schr. Eastern

uee: arrived from Nassau, N. P.
th a crew of thirteen and onl
even passengers. A short tim
ior to that the Pioneer arrive(
th a crew of seventeen and onlZ
teen passengers.
It was really a pleasing sight t
e )he crow called up for inspection
Seventure the assertion that n
nerican or English teamer or moer
.antman could show such a formid
le an'ay of crew, and one that w-
fashionatbly and loppishly dressed
diary seamen had black clot]
ate, stove pipe hats, gold watol
id chains, and the liainst, cutes
ue. They had a stewardess anu
distant stewardess (th.ser fifty tot
hoonere.) These august ladies
ere dressed in the ltoatt fashion an(
e bowing and smirking put a poo
rllnary devito shame.
This large crew bmuiness, in plai'
words, is an evasion of the law gov
ruling the carrying of pasrengerf
he number allowed by law is book
i and then any that may ap)pl
ereofter is put down on the school
as papers .a cook, stowri'd, &-'
%,'11iin1' fl-e 1 mw list to a i idiui ,'
'oporlion., ind knows fe: sch,',,t
's c a ,in n,'u,:,z Ia.1.lin',i1"lti
re without this opeon valultion o
e law, Let this thing be stopper
enough of anything is enough, an
e justput our foot down upon i
w and hereftbr,


~~I_ ___F_

. house cannot fanil to impress temr
- with disgust. Allen's ingraititude to
r his party was had enough but ito treat
with such contempt the fricl: uplon
whose votes his eloctiun depended,
e deserves the most severe coudemna-
e tion. There is no use trying to give
color to the impression that Wicker
s made Rawson's appointment upon
his own responsibility. This gentle-
e man had been antagonistic to Wick.
a er. He worked ardently and zeal-
ously for the election of Allen. Upon
2 whom does the responsibility of this
, appointment rest? These letters
. written at this critical period and un-
g der such circumstances tell the tale.
2 They little thought that they would
be put in print, p.abably their opin-
ion was that they could satisfy their
constituents with some )harunt ecarun
Story. break in their ranks Is in-
y evitable. We. remember reading
e how onee upon a time a gentlemaui
d descended into a coal mine on a
Y voyage of discover a~cd exploration;
o he saw everything-lamps, trucks of
n. coul, etc. Seated on a onsk to rest
o himself he proceeded to question n the
Swarthy miner who was his guide
,s about the'operatton of blasting, "And
I; whereabouts, my man," said he,
I "whereabouts do you keep your pow-
Sder? "l'lease, sir," replied the mi.
td "you're is ittiug on it I" Raw-
n 's appointment, if no better expla-
ns nation oah be given, will blast Allen's
d future political career. We rest
,r that the correspondence referred, to
a will be read by all our readers, be-
- cause it reveals pome of the .tricks
s. which politicians, will resort to
I- 'in order to retain their power.
- *
Died Aged 105.
"; In th ,ty l)" 1un, y, I;,AIt. B t, ] .,
t Mr. A is. l,,ri w s ai in -Harbor
r) iu~, L 6:;oue-, i ml,' yiear 1 ,R ho wc. a
O Ofresidtf thiO ifsilut fur 80 years. Mr.,
i, Harris was an earnest'and conscienVus
ld Clrlitian, neighbor, laront and friend, He
leaves a large circle of friends, children,
grand and grout grandchildren to mourn
his loss.,

SW. A. Lowp.
A nuotion,
On Wliuc11:., Sept. 12tm, onil tile
ie n', th', ,,i ( eirablo bminaiiiws'
lot e situtd, lUia l imonton streCt 32
feet from tihe iut(rection with Frout
street. iEacli lot as an froutago on
Simonton street 1. fifty-ono (51) feet
and six (ii) inuli andl a deptin of
seven -i'your (74) feet with the builul-
ing thercoun.
Aug. 209, 1883. Auctioneers.
Allntlouelneino1 lt I
The fricula of e.m Joseph Fagan an.
nonncel hil i RI a Ialth1idate for City Miar'-
shial at thu iapl)roaihiun v municipal olectionl.
A LL persons avi bills against f3lhr,
A Ariotis are reqt tea to present theui
to the utadorsign o or r before e the 15t
Key Weat, Fl., e 40th, 1881I
Administiasr's Notice.
A LL parties hivi gciuatms against the
estate of Chrloes blin, late of Mon-
roe county, deceiastud, will plepse present
them immediately, a a14'lpersons Indebt-
ed to the same, are re i.sed to settle at
Key West,'Aug. 18, '*il.) Administrittor,
UBE CURE for BIheamitie., 24enuilgi.,

to XmixJ.mn 'HiM.,ney $ 0 F1

S ATU I, i -

Septermber 14t)
win. ourr 'FWhari

FOR I l.ljC US5
P(M, 1MhD`1,6 ,, -

A utiuodeerm, Iy Ws%,1 ,

-WVe hear that "Mt y fpile"' is. --.Mr. Iutler, rivedi this week
going to be a candidate for Mayor. frol Nansiam with t large 'election of
Heo should, Il trems which he, to. te.m:, to plant in
1Ormallge couWllm.
-The County Commissioners, at
least the three who hold that offlco, -I.is bonol Wu i .' McClintock,
sent n recommendation to Gov. Blox- Mayor', t ffor'e -Mi ytlignation to
ham, asking him to appoint Messrs, lthe AldoEf .4 ,,o i Tharisday night.
Geo. H. Curry and LawrAuco Hiigs he ]3 Id. gltaeh*4 ed tio holdl it un-
to the two vAcant placesGov,.r Elox- ,lder advimjD:. m, rlcCi:iltock is
11hms himc boonu nrtieularly unfortun- a Customn G Mid and ho l i i
ate in his Monroe comilty appoint- not hold ma ,~ n'ipial a'u:, a iodcralt
meutts, pstion.
We do not know whether thoso .-.Miai 1a" 'tl ,, wasa ten-
Ienll will accept, wo hopo they wi'll; dr'eld la TjIi4*dtay evening a bone-
they are good mnn, and belong to L:t byhr lmym ti frldm -fl ] ''in this city.
the tdr'aihtout Demoocratio party-- We are ghd to ~M' hafth e tho perform-
one -if then boing a unember of those mince was a ms:iecC65 iuInmocially. 'Th'h
Executive Commnittee of thPe county, opera, "S',i Otaig'' ":1gav unlliver-
Gov. B3loxlham deserves eedit for the s:d sati:sfaa.ionm, mand 'Ii. W\a!hck as
way ill whia ]he 'hams iniet the wisheIt "Lizitte," rLicatid n '.l 'h aplmlau:.o. .
(?) of our people. Wolnder if hie *'.--.. .
couldn't road VPl.ninir'i letter and "m ert D' '"--P Ii m
pro4t by it just about this time s[, o in your vilinil;n peri' to Hlihowl
uL) (ho hypoermy of-ti OI ofoulr wo,ul]d-
Leaving all joken aF dwe we sincrre-m t,2,h I0 0 lio, o ad rioepi rovn.
ly hopo for peace and 'h'lm'nouiy," titlivou, nll ii ihutitllyh, hlis confrr-
yes harmonyny" and that he will louar re(-s of theo 1 it cl States Court
conmnon sense and appoint the gen- lfou0sc osllatisj ..,:t at ,this nliato.
tlemuon named by thIe 'Bd, of Corn- seIt imil veins pt l",, I Inoave Ihol t or
tmuissioners. oflion cf .to'uoiXOji'or ill chiar'gO of tIhe
----- ---* -- hatndoed wa:recllose in this cit .On
S Alln )0omainod. thme 1thh ult,, I tc('eivo1h a coummiituni-
oil' tion flown U,>vulor WYicker iti'rltt-
We give in another column the ing nil' timltt, 1 E. 11. Ia;w:n;,m lad
correspli1.dlonco which took place bae- Im ie, contimml'od nas ni 3y ituoeossor, ainmd
tweeon Col. F, N. Wicker and his thal v bsre'viCCi :s tic dstorie kheeper
most prominentt opponents in relay. ult. On the 17 ult, r wian aooested
tion to the appointment of E. B. o, thle st'tret by Ion. Goorge W.,
Rawsou. We understand that the Allen, State M1aiwnr, Deputy Col-
gentlemen whose signatures are at- lectotr( f l'trna in;i-vim, as liiat1
for tIme ufllce bl' 7',-le'tor of Ca'i-
htihed when askod for an explan- toer t.,.lho.f to' uaasioa to ox-
lion endeavored to crawfish by say- presh' his i'ofoo I regret mit Imy ro-
ing that they only recommended the .untov ',mn ujftib,, saying thllit hadl inl
appoiutce as a good republican. 'We t V'm Pti t l'ntrm'ol I-eas nppoiinted
know that mortals are prone to b, (C. lliltxr of COlk ,i-in I s.,'oi1hd not
eredaulous, but to suppose that Col. !,Ivo 1 1 distti' .1'; ithit noithoer ho
e' or ]Mi C'mtr[( t -lu m 'l f cri ,4i.. c hmIi a y'-
Wicker would make an appointment t]th,,:1 to m1i, vwii mmi reillovl:, Ilor
based upon an assertion of which he had- tlw' l lor.d osl 1ro ro.oimeionded
wt"s lruadlly tawave is absurd. To AMr'. It,,, w- for' iploiut:iuc.t, that
utO a s hlu g explressiou it is trIo thio. .w vi 1 ul oh o v o ,of Cl lerv tor
His sole idea upon his return from p'c.'edI cinittlling tho fie ht it,'iainst,
'Washington was to harmonizo the him latil l o wia3'(cim't,,\id Iir 'inolloie.
party, amd the first speech hlie mLadc In or, lllr u thor c) im(:ii., illm' of
predicted this course. He 'wV! w'il- hio, A 1:,, ri m fi' 'n' ma td in-
tl:vu, of \, icker, : i i., )r';''; that.
ling to go giv the .Ir' heidotls a cortin t ov h nahi' 1 r' t
porcontageo of tie oilces, provi'itd .:' .,,,.
I that the appiicanti would come with .: py t f
the proper doou ineits from the prop- I ,,'/'' 'emil 1ointi'' to im, m litrin,
er.source. It appears mhowover th i hat, itt .t .i pro-
the auperscrip)tion of CwOsar w ~ sole- i is il i jim
13 placed upon the credlotials of ione another ll:trt of thims '1' ,'. sro, atr-
and straigo to say lie happened to ti,.li hua ii, -M-', .n (',I.)
be onn of tho family. Tihe lon who'iio Knotig that r. Aiul i and that
fought, Allo n's battles, who aided the w"ic' '1oitul:e p iiati L. ..itl
last cmn)aign both linanlcillly and, Hsll t, ho d a ,,io 1 ,tmploy-o
idflucatially, swho sac:rificc.d time, menit n si'- 'e kei.' 'r thIo ,',lI)j,.e't of
' 0monuoy amld iieondl to osecureo his eleb- imnu)y Litt,,r att ',' 'upon Coiloctor
tion,"-war- treated nas dunmiies, .in WiNkc,, vais ma,'y somr hat
eflam't th:,y wore no cousultod at nll surpri,! L t it toroa of the cditori-
w aland.al ft.or i't I2oruma( an ':lr:,d .1Lr.
whJilo thi o junto wore laying the wires Alloin t at if I -immra ti authi 'l of it
for the succesfnil entraceo of one of 1 \was si i.!lwl that n'lither hIr i'
' their pets into oaice. One of the Ci Im.t 10,,, fiomiuds l:t oil'r .tcl
Most striking featturos of the last M'r. Ita on ulir appoiutmentc ia many
campaign was the important p'art lpl:1t of miy sI'p'is, hio'vein,
which the Cuban element of our city whoe 'a fet'w ul;mys later, Collectorc
played. They made, we nwniiht say, Wicl.:(r h:iavii ::eeni the etit,'ial ill
a superhumian effort. The cry wa~i the K /,!lTi', it/iulf haInmtdeldl C the
s down with boss rule-the ,I:tttleo wa iUIIf\\'iwil'i, (Rw0Ion's tapplkicAti0,) tom
fought and owing to the skillfulnnman- re' tns'. a ppiatir for Rhp-
ageirent of Moesrs. Figueredo, M3ore- poisime:,t in to',tier.piart of this pia-
no and others it was won. They p,-r. (Ed.
held victory within their hand and Now 3i'. Ei'it,)r wihat furtrlhor ovi-
to be sold out at this -late hour' for dloic is ') co4. ,~i'.ry to prove f .i' Al-
f- the paltry ofilce in a bonded ware- class htypoem'ites..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ls noue cona ne O upiesam

I ~!--l -NT ~ --

I sm an S Mar oe, TTiune-, pon mise
from ( lalvolttoi fr' Now York,.
ple:d"mui t 1n A. F. Tit'i

p 1nd 'rtdM,, by W. Curry.
4 ]3r echr IEwimre Q.l o, C.rnati,
N'.4uim, to. hum Cto W.. D Camh.
5 s AR ochrani, Kimhn, ils TTam-
pt and rei011, hy W. Carry.
6 a P Lnmnpala., iCro(woll, gen cargo
'frotin 'Now York for Gfalveston,
promelolo )by A, F. T'ift..
6 soer In I'hwn., CIurlt, Havana,
n~lse to Curry & Cu:tis.
6 sinhr Aaron ICiK.lghand, Ojeds,
IIavana, nciseo to G, B.)roto.



will give a perfurman ce

TO T I G-T -I: T


I: 'iN. q. ulmfaY,.

All t cN, tntr.

BEN. 8, O(ARY & Co0.

Gornrnlfton cYrchlal~s.
Front Strect, next door to 1', 0.
------- --
W~c wol,1 n',tify tint' Imluhlic' that wc ha vu
oll i l AiuiitioIu cnii 'onllluni~ision n busi.
1n0s.; laa woul0 SolLCitL
Our acquaintance hero an4 on the MInin-
boil will ju:tlmy us 1n gmanmnteeint aut
,a:'ihi rotlrilni, anI IUs guLim1l prices as can 1 ,b
,ubt'.:in-' b: nii y ion c:. i.ve un a ttrial
, ip nt,." [Ang. :, t-f.]
L.diins Rvstfamlu'alt
NI gI(c:lI CREA3I SALOON. To nmy
ufri'.u-lae.s and lah u1. 'm'umrs who Ipa-
trnollln I ',l v wihl II ;l1t 1 ui towti oenI R Ext
-tr !A,, I would iagail nalt them to conme anI
: n.-.. uo. I !-,av,) reltly tixld up tdu
L-t It, :lpiuOlns rio'min overiimr y rtau-
r, t F, a)i-lic' n1ii tntov will fnh oew'y
thig alii'ro that tLot iaurlt tiaffris cool
in 0tI'. fm- styl,', Iti.o Joe (lirenan, CRa('1s
mioal othinr dclc'oiums. (Give nto na cmil.
IMay2 1;, t-f. OU.i]i.m i M' mI.C1,

Treatment of Aoute & Chronlo Dlseases.
O-riac hours to 11 A. L t. and 4 to 6
P. it,

'Y virtue of the -ower and authority in
me vostodl a u% imyor of the City of
SLmy West, Fla., I, Wi,. M1onlltook, avor
aR nmforcalid, i(o in rimy iuna this nmy prne-
tiamition, ordering mit eloctio, to bo held
on tho 10th day of aitobner, A. D., 1883 tor
the following muOilnieilatl ofle .rs, tn-wit:
One Mnayor.
One Clark.
One 1alsbal.
Onem imx Collettor
To serve one yeaonr from the dlte of their
;eleuti'on, or until their femoci.mors are duly
eqnubimiod; al.-i for the election of (4) four
Aldheriealn to be eleoted at the Same timle.
(2) t :o Ahlermen for the 1st Ward.
(1) one Altcerman for tihe 2nd Ward,
k ) one Alderman for the 3rd Ward.
To Herv two ywoars from the dlte of their
election, or until their successor, are duly
And I hereby appoint and deolaro the
following places as polling precincts for
said election, viz:
First Ward--County Oo rt House, All.
citirenn entitled to vote and residing(i on
andi bct'm',,.n the NoIhamstereI- line of
Emmu ani NTortheabterry line of" Duval to
the -orthoatiucrly line of Angola street shall
east their ballot in the first proncit or poll-
iUm ol Warll-City Hil, AlPietizne as
aforeoall residing motweeu the Northeast-
erly lin u'of lumim to the Soutbeastenrly line
of ElIzabeth' and to tho Northwesterly line
of Angel street shall east it' ir blnts at
the Suooid \Ward prodinct or polling plamo.
.Third Ward-Store Win. h Finder. Adjoin-
ing the store of Wi. Deorneritt, curnlor W:1-
am ttg Frlem ling street. All citizunq re-
sidinIn, or between the Northeastearly, line
of Flikabettiand Southwt sterly, line of
Whilt to the Notnthweslerly line of .An ola
street shtll ca.t their ballot at omail Thir
Ward p rocinct, and I hereby apoolint the
following p,'rmons tnpeotors of said oloc-
sla W nv--John Farqueblarno, samnuel
Gandolfo, Peter l.ia--t.
2DD WAAo--R.A. Daniels, Wm. A Jowo.,
John L. Thomni Sk.
8So WAMV --t nj. lioberts Jr., Wmn, M.
Pinder, 1 W, Kc:.& p.
;iclln t-olpcn at ) A, a d. and close at i p.
i n sunder my hnnd and seal of said
ety itlhis sixth dmly of t4elntmber, A. Ii.
y ,"\ V. ITT 8, MayorC ,
t cv i'Wcl, est,'l 8, I.i iayir,

-AM' "-WI

Land Ag(mlcy.


Myers, Florida.

OaNN.tIAL '- antd SPI.etIAL




K S1-:;t1It 'E L IA, t) CO.
HIroumetomt ti er'tl. 'mad arr,,at's
oim:,tdtu. MycmiiT ''owp)I,' L bouuhit amid
cilil oln u miiittlltmlin.
Om)ran grov~n.m' i other fruit, pibutnn:d.
,u:ul, mIutrmuirtl.m, 'rlutl:s invoe;titg .d.x ''iae 'H
palid ilnd cli r"tlhr lusimtne' mmattenudi to for
noet rosideutl. Oorrespomldontm e nolicitoi,.
FIANI A lIOlitOH; nMyers Fia,
'Notiaryy Pbtli fri, thi Htinty at Linto.
Selet. let, s183.

.Best Seleced


WhlOwnl and u rc.tait lnaler in (Gatnrmrl ,er-
e'tulln .m"O, licAvceH 1'' y e','ci l e tmalnor
maiUd srll from .Nia )irk'atnd Ntw
Oki, lm mai't' ln IfsileIi l nl'of

and CGmnod goolr. ias always In stodk
iI litr:' end sell GcleOct"d a.so W tun ent of.
Ship) ChUD1a0lry, Cro',)(ry, Glas",


Captln~te' Tooh StoremPahutr. Oils mmAn
VarniSUlFl; lFaintturo awlr

S- AT'"Tnm iERY

---' -- a
No,!. !Is; a1d Fihip stores a 1poelcalittyi
E, ,qp (' III I, l f y.



Iolu oea (f the City, P.rsomalt antint'ion
Si vonx I i, )il .in ai:l kumA atiifautioma gitniaMIn-
tevd,,l Goods received by every
n;tCowaer from Vw-cw YTrk, Now,
tOrleon,, r ut.ri ,laitnu
kiOL~UtO ~'5

SandU edta r eye, unt

O D U-0cE
m ...bly all .,1 oon trn, m tlh M66 ai ltnd
S(mJ 0l m;) in a /t for the S&Mk "k Sic i'

find""MALARIA. ir
From tlhee Soumos arlu, thruelburtle of ('t, iorc
the dlsuases or .the uamnan ite. T'hoe .
symnlutoms illm neati i lr exlst(i,.'4w: L.ss of Vf'j' having hIen minAi to tippontr y ARIait.
ic St ead-IT ;L; j V it lim it I. umu'.. .'n m i '. ,,o d ,f, l ,.dan t
esermlim of boen r IsruetatLe rc:Jidiuun ul of thuc Silth J mudicld (Airotoi,
of fepomi, Iralimmtdth att tem r pm', bLow hmaiNithi mlii'm i;ad 'auto of Florida, t-wtt:
Aplit. A r n1-ue or i Ing rptiected in Maultlsin omuntltv It in hiroly ordetla
TearSot. e eut aally h thi ihit tihm, ltat h de il'tdnhut iapmear ana aninswer
Srod ailu5e, iOI'll.'ON, end do. or de.tnhr toteIe ill heroin filedl on Qvr'be-
man r tIene u ofi romenYctbsat cts dllrst fore the ftit Mouday in Octolbur, othervipe
enthil4er, Avsioa peo. iOr the complaliniantsl bill will be taken pro a0g
us m noeaoAl. 'i;eoirvactinon ot .fesso
Ksiliynesw kdk 1in aalsream-pt;,morlinu g o's",u rt,.. . .
all irnpurities tarogh tIt oothreei. "soav- It is further ortderlcd that publicatlaoq
engers otf he*a PtlO.-doinff I lipenoof bin unil in theI KEy Wr ,T Dato-
tite,,oimnd tl.eo regular a1tols ImA, 5llu iiiohll id arirtsd
ekludn groum todvyaworoeIsLLS )A'ri finl('%aii'aory Wn, u ithh ip a1thi prii
cause no nauea or giptnegnor i Amrfero i t10 City of cy \, with tis i
with daily work :and are a perfect cmit, once oa we:I mfor two monthly.
S ha hatd ysesa, with Conesipa. ly West, IIIa, July llin, 188I.
tie" two year, ama. a e tried ten mUauronmt
umd, of pll an TIPrT' arle ftr
that Hv onI mno any good. Thi'y have
ehsanoi oele Innmceiy My ppette*i

Sldeverywhere 5e. Ounle,4th'urraz .:.Ns ., T tr A R !

aGT RAto I Wmn UmsXmWsna changed in.
'sl it b express i naI meo t or r,
Om u 4 i '-amturi'ay stre l tew Iona .
U S .

A Sure Cure for Tetter, Ring-
orm ad 'round-
Read foeuamc!"J a n,'vatdfrotl Teslhmoii ltds.


S--Loonardty's (intmo't cured,' m i of a
ringworm of .I years li il, .iii ..in .
G. II3. SBraua Mayor of Tampa, e.ntn oky nv
-Leonardy'n Ointmeutum d yt ome ot et- ..- cj t
ter of 27 yeses stanuhing. O W'
8. ESr Aun tNo Tax as'r. MllAibro M.o.
--Loss than one box of L .ouardy'n O)int. -,u, fuin
mnent cunerod e of ulngworuu of 1i- yeam
standing. JouN HS. T-Anca, Bay View, Fta
--My wifo was eurod of ta ringworm of' 3 .
yeora irdaultnug by L eoinrdv'i, Ointment.
\I'.u:,roWnmrvuOTavT, Clear Water. Fla.
-Threo applications of Leonardail Oint. .,'f ,. in .
me ,of m ngworiu of ii9 yeaams ol. '. "...
standing. TtoU. P K:N.Yarr, Tampa. Fl,
K rv W\'Y. .r.. FoA. 22, 1833.
8. B. Lzcontansar' c 'u, T IMPi, *4.:.'I -P
Loonardy's Olntinnt ctmrod me of a ory..
anntov ug LRlnugwoimn, and it is with ple. As
uiro tuat 1 'riaiomiu it to tmhe publio: as e

S1s. n. IONAl :, MI.
'J '' "imp Y4:.. L :

A h


'" '

: )..M .

Orocelaes !


- Iu--- -~~---IC--Y I-- ~ '~- -C'~ .- .--~L--~ ~~_~~_Y:~Y~-i ~;~~,(-~!; luuxu? ~ r y ~-rnr~- :rvl-r---~ ---`rps-


cc..0": ef saarotoi
I: snilc~n 'md sli

on aly "I Ara 91~ql
td Ihi. 9.
Nfinrcaths YoutIiful Coari ksyeipsdsd
Prker'% TIT'r VLal-2- II WLnch' mq5iqsd a
.,..,, ,, ,j : .*. .l.i.':, U ii i1jpul~~5

1,, -0~
~l~Fai m-A

H .l~d:kvs~i, "
in -' ~ i

_ I

... . Ia 0 A ..

Absclute!y Pure
This powder movr vnris. 'A marvel of
Iu rm' ty, Htr 'n0 Ith m ni V ho leHQls I'o ,,'i cs, M oAo r
economnll thn than th ordinary' hinds, lult
oamit be sold in coml)wtitt )l with tha
multitiudee of Inv tcst, shu volght ss'em .l.u..n.-
or phosphate pow m/oldl ;l,, l I i, m Bur-. .Loy -
A BAL u .IO Pt'mwit Co,, 106 nIm l S t., IStNW
York. .J lily 1, (-4y.) "Fd''

Mig ialg NE


R. L... T- MAB' J 'i-A B


ihvI{o iHA JJ lt' IIECIVEDr> Till-:

lKrgc ~ ~ t\lf~A~CII~

''-~LY" ~ ~~~;0~3LL







t-rtan l)4NI ... . . a . '4 ....
?Utfaisi, Th PAkAs wh(IMb7 Llvru. 'i Whe C. i., / Whs, .ttk .i 4 V r ,.
foHno clever people 0 uo e atwa "^ 'r "* 1r1"'"* iT"* - -.
bi412 ibeir Qo ITT ot74 1,1 silh etake pt06 . I hmd
forthble aiitil they iwae gaine thej pot sy
W'kot child w't1e- aol4ott. oa eno wegh to "($fH fHl A '
$Cream, cry aqd el)o, in ordet to ala atten.
craU thtie4, m o3 eAd rehat blie pot o i9ayof e
0"1111ti 6a tou m 11o 1w, I1tose, aire .,.,..-,.,...vr |U81 W'' '40 :I

thu evesy inla hand 00"-, oo Thon* tsau nh d wI I .l, 4t O J j
wh1, beglmit goantr Wd hes *lio tI Nit
porsistest witer by a little s1h i aver
Mon, ens by platryitg him t order tl
gut rid of himn," jIay pteotial 4Ol5r ovoer. *i l M a iTtt RS Ari O G T ARys
lifbltung trllnuto to the adYutge i'rrlslur T
from the eapocity to wtol o ane' o, ne A lf an Ii. ,
reiuornbla tournent, .W6oen underntalnd th 4
1114440 variety of ipowbilittot thut lie Inient l ge, Al A Oter for
hif tr4,. They ltioV that by beginning .
l )0? being assiduol u in effort leo is I
dtrig ftrq a seitln tin aok to n house withe :f. - IN ^ CaNr .
( it niduivd rent thuit t lar t pn.sible to tl the e m. t t *
hso unjust jtidge realized it whog, lest she 0 CH A mDRE WHISKETY sr-THE -GENYINE AeTICLE-"
hliduld wpary himn by her contlumal coming ,
eo vorago the itmportuuato atono of ber o, te o i, Ia '
Sattvorsaty, Tile book guent, te lightulg. L .
orl mon, the lito ite irnnot tolivitor, the
hacniat, tile Lobeggar I rrenge and theo ., Fhe WelltklOWn i( H 31v Whlt(PV atliV 01 I on l f
bcygar lu brd4nloth anil silk, have taken H f
the highidt d'oigtest ih.t ane beconforrod itn h i
thli s ohool of liet. ''he ofnlco-soekr, who
fIcootc nll kehi o time to etting oio, knows G ArPIn IAUlA.lt A IRnICKsti.li M w ,\1 ), W"
VU tthe ighty fooo that Ilo, in bhm vn- 0m ALL bls o a 1 ....TR \.V/
r terA eolnmr a, %-e 0aesirp it)e,,d n f
beating, gilati perpoetul pTrecnop, asu u;ln MFATE, Ur" botTlTOo th i att
by cltter, anld in poteon, both at tle r'hbi PO Non aatr l an o tES CONSTa ioTY ONHAlND
of the su sand the going down thereof, at IvT hA A K. EB .."I -O : H
mtddrty nud at utduight, for the place ho :MA, ]aa E" CdoO., lurlh it. A. I'-' S
tvant. The oollootor pl dobtb armed with i .. K d r- s' c
it. and It ie the nionelaro of 14a RuccCss,
ilEran I theswttn t u ly in avo o f ss net sMalt Liquors, Wines and Cordlals, WIrih and Scotch
tmil the power of persacdioni; h ow It rmkear s nhfn W
its way through the world, ohtains favor se E kles.
rdnied oven to princces nid polentates, and OF AL
ays tribute upon wealth and oulture. But A A D
tlid piwor inolvolved fi maklitg bne's selfS
rlinrcocable hns never been5 l duly rnatd. .
ni the mids.et hf t buaioar soldiers are solne FormorAthM I, ... aon... I O T l
imos prone to jest nmd laugh; noil erol pluy t axtieanleuctanriai."thr. oe .
lm.klli te Te iotortlh ionei ver tile wlar fit"er
practicall JokeC1 i each otier, as tbo follow- iR0)'-e-o )r olitq ti Stock liso r- E- -
ue lu enldltoth will srow: During the treounh noel il a lSt o. ieaim.li r tA Sy tail- ~.a..C it.
inrk befoto a.chbntopol there was a oartnfu bh4s Fcorl ait L vin lnact'ta tint at
Le'orevery. tern oiezterout i paaw n inn *n in*,d
manu in thot r giant who dilailkn beingl on thBeum af ta J'I it e Iorr IL L
luty ein the traochce, anud l wo always ot S v & I "w l IlT. Ms tI A T IAL -
Irnto whut he coltoIered tln safest corner Cf
ionl1. The bgler of hilt company, a it ,,,ettI., 0l F a.. 11 4 tot
iery ltonrbon-mral v r 3o1 ntenu
hitlielmo urchn, eoon fonud tha ut, itiIn anet of panl d ia tuatlen Imaitb e s RF I "o
wi t cor e tnttly il thr hablt of ploayl. Iir c lm .tofect on|a i io n t O elually sonhao 1 MP n
tu frih rteu hli cittouis colmtralo. 1Ho would fi miit 1h oxicna AataB t. ,
Poolp over the ptrapot nud c -ll out "A' G2 lSab8hcs ; I182.
olot I" nal tho turn round to see h)is friond
rmili litaelf togothor llkea bitll. At othlor
lnlhlulnt Ia B1aeded byll=0ebdyin
acnles he would call out "A shellI" of ewrhouio. verydaybrigoWr,
tvhitoi ws he know the man had a mortal dreatrl oty r awO eBi apIaWlsun
ol hmn roun I O bo.of rhenaulsatl martyr ro. -
Irutl -hcou ho snw limn throw himself flat ou storod, or a eunuvblie ronrs or o
or (Oine ndni tharowI ai lose to life r eaonlr ea nt
lig s hoau a nid thlon rni utpand comfort I E N
iilr by owing hle i bit of a of uld hell Wo ll*ht .r ,eenAi fr tOri e a. l
tLihli he lil picked uiep for the purpose re. the I lUMtN hi nly, e
t arkiltg b theemeti.eno,- MIktnted ,rtn t tehte' s

.......o.t..elA o- ,cw.. w York.'
That w a near thing, manu ,aend lcMahsl C -i .n.im cn t -. .. i
All the mieu knew nad oujoyed tIA joke, I1D4-nsA' 0?l I4AN1 .A.U W T -.
Norms, "aer, SolMndfic 1mrian drathACTwS 0
tiRln sometimoa rmnrod with laughter; bat it FOWit,,t h rasf"ito-fi, Vlstlatnib ,
o moe- J Ip , e lrsta. n
Sirs wevll for theo roluin tit his friend never 5adoe every frmin of extelUra o .
toonurltimng font, his sa mon u was really O teals r th t slyy a r.LRe ot o
founded afterwoar and while thbe allys of 1raiACnk daily 'Hti 8 00 p
heamis ng frmovwo thrfro m n booth the skin of Fou t, aw .'oF AND OTHI' Mno T 1y tTr
W la r oaseis, liovt .H ll, or Vcrat hc *e- nxIt",eb IA D O T H E R )X TTi A Q U A L IT Y
hits bai the name aichin in ns standing by, n. in, Alrthe, Itnabo n T
ond the mAoment the bullon ts grw extthe ra cteid- G:din evll, at 4 40 p O Umno UJL U ARM
ntinll slopesical ono-tho boy hold out to his ton. wfl tor K u atr A FINE TE. A8 l Om A -iW

strolling al84d restratnfug infin ee of the ex* ".ange L e f ,' y, ,ysan d. .OE.SA0 ___.TCaelibe
friend a siw pound cafornt abol, tsying,-r *nd T urtay g a J me s
o whan tthe, dootorv at soutout o'yO I' e -s, to P120ttsbur d Pr00 hrfo 5 $3 Also, nw Machine.

P4ltu oFalf thel tWluaeys, to the mann. ,. Mxweil, WaltrColemanav .Q,. ...
Third ooonrred while the heavy fire wa by writing t. 1 theolo Informma, a o.
oto.,e BEST OCO, 212 Water .Gt. Now York.
Ih otigent necesityfor iprotodtling Son.l
rally our present forests at the hoads of all
Important rivers, and, especially of presecrv- LIKB.M N BW W A N W^ fT TO TIMT T. OU
ug in ite natural ooudition, thle Adirondack a i
Wlldernoms, the cf source of the Hudaonon B a . THAT I F YOU WANT
,iuow beginning to be widely ritknowledged.
tI'I!e 1 1attille American" dtawe this plo. lmn" mfwv m fm
follow the ootlnuanoe of the old system of pl"ERtNANDINA, JACK1CONVILLtbE AN

the frorets 1- .- JiotbovianmJ, Fat., Aprjl 4, 4,188 -- Wa
i There Ci nhd qiie-tLtri ttnt ttd Tgeoral
Otenring of the Adirondack region of its ptao Lea- Ck'onhBitLAtI) 2qO'rTB *
tooting forests wocldprodoo effeots of the e 'i- i-, 1.b lail at 4,' p in Of
hiost diaetrous character to the valloys of hIriaimiv~xck dnUi itt 8 00 p m
the uttoeals flowbig therefrOt; effeots like ftn'ivo at Mncci ilaily at C 40 at
tiwsewhoh,-dnring the past fow months, e A.ln't. dnily mit 12 50 noon |ym'f1'(1 m 11 W 'lWi w 'h n
have brought denth and desolation to so YX.onhiiA TIANPnT n, i, IB.D~llO, u. i.niuiyi mI & alll
tny European river valleys. The rainfall oev 3ar kaonvihle daily except 11cc, A80clm 'qwwwl P3 1 L..aUl& I E VU.
ot the Aditoudneok region is greft i the driin- Ciitm at 4 40 p in
Ing slope. aMe stoop and Without the eon- Ccdmir Kuv at 8 10 p tiniAfl BmanrDQ
trolling aMd restraniug infuoeoe of the ox- Owrang Llten 'rumidny, Thursday-
isting swanmps and forests nbout their mitit tttimy at 038 pi in
Bouroes, the rivers whieh drain this northernT 'nLec'u" lnlct (mc Jbos 0 ".m WsW vNna.
wilderness would show only great and Toin 10* E lon, to Louis5hnrad-rR IXA
eiuddelu alterations of flooded and empty "'1' chiitnt'iog 28 ir, to CleaverItnd 18 h're
oehanels, destruoetle at onoe to the agnri- I'l '-2'.imnoti [i hours, toPittsbunrg Wh'i
butlttte of their valleys, to the mno- 3D. i. Mnxwell, Wnlter G. Coleman, 1 1 7. -., -,
(sotnurig isiteersta that clueter along their Geon, Sup' Gen. Trva. agent
banlS, amid to the oommeroce of thendon, A. 0, MoDonahl, ,c P Tass, and TI1eket
the channel of whioli has already been agent.J A- fI(0tC 1 > N ) SEE FOR YOU tiijRELYV JL
sertlosly obtntioted by the detritua watsbhd -

in from unprotected hill slopes and other h. I hnve juwt ieaoved a new nd wried order of Dry Goods, thbt are ohend of any.
a tripped of their origlual forets." thin.befrd b6igt herrd am iohcnng their aitthe most r'onaje figures
..... iThe only Wt!W, Xie P 't v. Itn ie World. of any tierohant in the city.
Th following pathetic lo letter as THE B E JOURNAL. Th BDoet aoloo a Cotton Goods.
pickedd up on the railroad the other day t [E.tublished in 1"81.]
"der mis Sttip An? Monthly si.00 a Year.-Weekly ,42.00o z eo Newest And Most Select Style.
I seet iletf pe in band this after mornln, (Ihvarinbly'in adv-uqce.) \ -
st etot It not only sustains its forn'or ercellAnt O OtO E lS IN ABUNDANCE,
y it, t you o optation. but iweeds the expectations of
-pWrtUrWAndy ait rctine, what they .keps lin tb best 1'leund, by advanoinmg progreBslve And eveiytohngl fact ttd1 B t the-- j' iii
Uthie irtoe up at the stattonut I ivlteoh that : las upon Bee Cfulture., ti s the Bee most Ad r fct complete
qlein nman of yorn sone to boor? and yo M out'laoroilghly Prta'itial Pa lioatlon oc town. BItmemle2 thist 4d.come. '
oa, chaminmyrts n sm e a nttry te ri tin i. H.n o.. y .iE- the Worlil, and .l
a lml obe.f.is an, .. urty-i red bbin those who-keep bes-ahould tuke the Wa x. C "
VUtil~zilz(atol r B Jenam ouu, Itia edited by T-iouAP ,i.A-.P u .e3JtLa .I
the pitk i pUrtyP Q w, i WIIi whose reputttiun is world- Key Wcest, Feb, 11,'8, .
o aeiK )Mr oU * e W ierout fora tmmplo oopy>i Address
ou" maet loftvi4arl ," BEE JOURNAL, Uhigago, il. -N '.' ow- -- --

btis ..e ..p..$ oOrAL TY. & HNSQON,
ti. twtoerea lt .irtre hl h over'
nthe So,.ii t a:n West ern ai I AUO iO /
.* L t *.* ------ ,AW* IIi:llX __
knj, ,

lpb of the leuatsi pin fepls -growers W
tif Ke large have bdugbi ilad onthe
plootatpities ont
-th x Qttlllaglae .epsJ 11ev-
ThaiflN aelqw-lorloat i q ,oouu wa-

.DooltiftM. 2

sia. ? d s P
ty,'' uSi~ br ll


F Qnt StKs Wot, F la
'- iS.''
ro 4r arel ~ fRJD'~:~~~
B1 ~

ii;' ]* -.

Florida Co'freal and Westelr ii. R.
JACFIONVILL FJ.A., May 1Jth, 188:3.
C lIMlME'NClNS( tI isl fi'L, traliLH on tbti
(} lnoL nil its Counntll tioon, will run ua

Noi. 3, No. 1.

No, ',- No, 4.
No', No,. .

A.oni. Mni. Mauil Adoomi
A. .i. P. ?,t. A., M. P. M.
7.10 1,80 Le. JacltHonvillo Ar 9.00 8,15
8:-15 2:14 Ar. Baldwin Ar. :02' 6:50

A. M,
. :O0'
P. M.

A. M.
4 '3 Ar. L~lte City At 11138
5:55 Ar. Live Oak Ar. 10o37
7414 Ar. Madison Ar. 9:12
.1;5 Ar. Diffton Ar, T 50
9:35 Ar. Monticello Ar, 8;20
10:30 Ar. Tnlaht.sesoo Lo. 0s:05
10:150 u.. TUl'ihiinayee Ar. 5:55
12:00 Ar. (4uinvy Ar. 4:46
A. M.

1 ,5


12.10 1.0u Ar. Chatta. lv,. Le, 8:45 4.15
1:110 Le. liv. Juno'n Ar. 8:10
A., .
2:11 Ar. Marinna Ar. 1I0)
P. M. A. ,
0:30 Ar. Pennaeola Le. 7M18
P. it, A. M.
8;50) Ar, Montg'mery Le. 8m80
4:5 Ar. Uobile Le. l0O
A. U.
10:15 Ar. N'Orleans Le. R:40
A. f. P. u.
6:50 Ar., Houston Le, 6:15
Trdns 1 and 2, daily; Trains 8 and 4
daily, (except Sunday,)
Solid Trains JiwlHonville to Pnsacola,
Bleeping Curs 'I'Tllhnlmahwee to 'oenBscola.
"At Janksonville with Wayoroaiss Xlte by
No. 4 I then. m.a, nd No, in the p m.,
for nal' points North and guast; with the
FernnfltanIh d .Jn:kronvillea Balrbid for
remiandinr, and viltAtoomuerasto all points.
on tlh Bt. John Utiver "
At aldwin by No. 1 with Florida Tran-
sit and Peiinanular iLallrowd for OGinesvillJ
OcWls, Ltteabttg, Codur ;ej Bnt l in Gulf
portls. -
At ive OkIt, wth the l AtU tah Florida
pd MWesternlAilroad, .
4t Tu)aa oe with 14 MIark' tlrnch
rallroad 9pn-;TuadayBs, 'ah~ttrsday. and 'lat
SAt (GhattalioochOia ve; with the Pensa-
odfi atd AtlantiB il for Marianna,
latsasua .Mobilbe, INeIW Orleans,. and all
p ItnWinlthe West, Southwst- and il NrtU.
wAti tornJitg the soarurHT, qvotisT AND
BeSr route to these somints; id with the
Central d. reo'ilo''Aino Bonat on suntt
dnaTyas a 'l'hursdays foo Apaianihioolau; nd
Tuebdays sad katurdayt for Cooilmbus and
STaketne olor CIty RutI fLNmw Short
Une via tV rora Cvi utran cad Wei.
ea r ialroa, -.
SThrough ticket* via this line and slter
ing car berths can bo soothrd et the ..
pat'i's Uep t Tieket Ofice, end at" Tio 1t
6Ierqwo0. 7, Wert hay Btreet.
.,.- W. M. Dtvsos,
(3,ucar. d 0. *General Manager.
.A60iikam onger Agent. '
J. K, Mct*x4ov, 1Xaster Trtats.
ApriU 14, 4,) allhae, Fsla.
:a a .m.. *' ibAT.
:* <,
ttf^ ,ia~ tfJIOdK


1 1
tillronit la"t.~pr~rC~-7wito f-~p

Piavanna'lh F Floridta $Vet- MI

tcul'u IRalmlny.
Waeror~ru _Short Uin.
JAY I1t6u1ttoa# E= f I( aY 1 *3, 18WB
will JeAVo tn) arrive tita Jatk"

oAi1 Jfifa Iefit0lle004 a hl
Alive At JntjlAoqlmvjiio 4 4,45 p -fu
Aroive qk 01k0- llot At .5 a n
Ofrivi ht W* PMa ro s k
Arrive at Vi t0 0 i-0 (6fapI St eamship Aa(6eor fov
Atilt 0,00 p in stelm (o2. P A
ei1,t HIit347) at 7,401) n
Arrivilat itnvuWtab d ii at tti t 81 at
Arrive at, GTarhatoAm &A i3y at 9,8(o p a A xI T SW 3
Arrive t(tI 'naton, J.'0., 4 at 9,60 p M
itArrlet New York UAily at 6,50.) in
Arrive tkhoniaeV~li,, daily at, 0,45 1) N
Arlivpo a (itttttlhoohicf daily at 000 V ] intotweon New Yorlc ani1 fn(l11v4on, ompemd of thip foLowin#t JiAt 0MOW
at ilt-unac obsnncrl.rlally tit. 13;00 itII fu teallallips oarrlying thiti U. 3, Mail t
Arrive at Alohile (1i1Y at *)tp5yghU1
Arrive at New 00iaani daily tit 10.26 pIu.
Conuebtfug at .$utvajitnr wivu titro t L AtA1(, Copt. Bolger, W-Tn10e0 'b
1'1l1na1n alac l-wu Duft and ThPawing loun LAM PASA-S, Caplt. Cr'well, 8000M
tileepilko luars" 134yylivall WN ,i Yt,1-4 wih.
Nont apin~e Varai Havannnto JSAN M4IIUOS3 capt. liii .n 'O .
aontitting tiCha*ttahoo00le With iPoafa. .UtADA-.IUPI-, captainn N~feersou, 2. 9889
co la (Wd Atidotio 1tiil;oad daily far Pt~ifa- (iOLOIRADO, Oittt.;Hipk, -0800 "
Colaio NHwG Orleans, oxta, itn ll t Uk(jU Unpi;. EtTowjs, i 4 B. 9o(wf 70
tralk-Mimsifipp paltoinem. ))logant Pullman
Bltfvt bieplaig (Jai' froul ,tauvatiantl l and
Wa croxw to NoW w)4oanA without ohaigJe. 0
'ibin -t111 1idn' m th' 'it Now 14anoford 04 of the above M ips
with steAtoer bofdb Itufle, leaving For Cc-
dat', Key ad andi t1Vw1ano Rvor polznit evury Ko s' f X'a 4&L b
1rtiiay at 4 a. ,, arriving ait Cedar a1toy at .infatKe- est yThursay romn or 'with Pwengeno'
.luaviH CPIIn~ (01 iashta i~tJe ovoryJint F~reiight n n U. 8"$. aisi, le vin-same da aory Gavo n, 1~orh
Vliintrou Oi~ t h aytt aey Woest *,ry frci Gtoveotonifor N, lV ojarg
st-Ittwuric.16aving OqitUSa trr from Alen Of. ywt
day at 10 i pto., or Aslalchtioola; Flrida,tPassengorgV1 right and U, S. Mail&
01(i every 'J'uoaday at 10 p. m. for Ouluati
nHs, (ie -'-0- --
fLoave Jacknoavillo ati t,40 p in tDOANt JCCONNO A.
Arrive at tJackaiontllo at 8,00 amto 71(OI? k GHYI OR J'A&R.4G m TiINO V
Air!vlat J ivin ati 11,2() p i TIO.AN APIPLY TO
Arrive tt 1lruuawhtk at U135 a tu
Ar-riv at Havannall fit 3,45 a in A ~1 rjiujj1 arjj~
At-, ye iat C(Thrleston atit 11,48 1)rti
Arrive at Witshiiagtab itt 10,4.)',, l
Ar-rive aL Now York at 6:20 1 __________111____
Artive.ati t Atlintoat 12:,58
Arrive a, nuhvilla Est 1, I a t
Arrive at ito viisvie iti7,8(' a in
Atrivo ent i Chicinuat aatit 7,00 alIt
.'.ri%-o nt Ciiantiao at 7, a In 01401% 1
Arrive 0 i St. iJaic Lit 7.:Iu ni
Arrive at Thonaayllay at 0,41) a InI COMe AN's
AeivI tiat Albuay at 11.1 Iftin
Artivo tat Mnut~iotrt(ry it 8,i)t)p in
Arrive tit New tlotrucit 9t13 a 0n 9i4U
Arrive at Ni aslxvill, tt 7,:30 a iu
Arrive at L&nigisylh. at 2.41 1) 10
Arrive tiU Cinoiinti A;t 7,1,-, fi ,a
Arrivo ILt St. Lotis at. 0,30 i
11ii~iilian Atict rand DwhIkwing Jift0Io
Ski--ping CAI'Kon thin I colt; for )uii al, Saanah
i arluv1txuz end11 11Wihiugtn without t 1
ce);tige0. 1%), V.tinitflil Poiliitu li1?jiii.p 4 -
, 'ar tuAtlantA andl iloInntiti Via Juup,
niicl 1-t]ott(Cr W. Chicago, vIa II.,valiiaaii
toUd C1iulcinnnti, without changee,
Piestengera1*1 takinlieu tho uiiprht oxpr..f an #onFOR# i 0
igct into the slevepins oars tit 1) o'clock 1p. ill.
A mw Uetitoiarant bits been opened at r'A 1P A
IVII)-crommP, anld altinnint. Clino will be allow.
.d tar nwtlbi by all picsenger trains. .TA 1ll I IANATEE, "BRAIDEATO VN,
CiIa s, adab in;Itt tit i0111111111 Witih StOaID0'.1 1
fur New York, 1lifadiliphia, Boston maiad U a B 1RILUW '
C i-'tiig it (Iflehni-ton1 Ntiltl steamenirs
fr Nn, krfi, hiladlpin aucnd l gWioro, cT AT PUM.A RAEISA WITH STEAaM VQOt k T C U=911, TPORT
'iizrougl 1 t.(;k! alitto fill p Ium.aty i O mullN Pl*E LEVEL.
awl hI~iciinshij u iinkiction~i, ia 1 zago fit oniaiLr cavce Key R eo'est f fr Tampa, Manatee and0 afdentown ivel Wedherdiy And
j)rk d I )tc ug l !. A).I. I 't.rL I W4 the 1t~imlVa'. f .it 1 ill.
:ij It, (d tit pC1-1, t ii flu.G I lto .tjjtjj Ijagsa anx p Ian n KeyCoyevery Wodulneday and cSaturday at 4 p, m, Accom,
A.) I opot'licvkvAt oe.
A. bl. IVWS, J. Z A. T., Y wit,
NC-.t) Agent. U.V1. & P. A ge
THE FLORAL_9,1TY ROUTE. Agentat'. West,

--, ...-. .. 1. ,i */______


[No. 1, Fron, ,8t. ,,i tFl4.J
CoDmission A eto ohaut

Ship chandlery, Grocerioesand Provisionj ir fir i loLof Hardware, Outle-
ry, Toolt,' Crockery, Olassaw're, Stoves and Hollow-ware, Tin and Wooden-
warA. all hinl of Naila, Spikes nd Borews, Briiek, Lime, Cement and law
tor, 1ihinglos, Latthe and Lumber of all Binds, Hay Corn and Oats,




Carpeting, Mitting, Fe therp


Furniture Furniture.

PFancy and Useful Artlio Not to be

Wv n OTtR vR1
_6 'I


17OGA1 T--A-r -LA
r~PIms COMItPNY have completed two ections of their~ ol and at"
a now propuled to take ouit veseAls as large i 1 (0 ton. ,

Asaels under 10 tone, $25.00. Oer 0 ont0et ton


ogarty & J&hht
Key Wor2, ila., July 16th, 1881. .

SEEDSI orSn% ur. n s
v uindom tllrt.dal tedl-* luiJ tt4jndS tW 90 A L .i
ManUC ANT'S, NOD VOY.to niOUttM OaVlZ t ID~a .'

0 v.,,' e.-
-a;, -
O k~' -

. '-, .


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