Title: Key West Democrat
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Title: Key West Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Key West Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: September 1, 1883
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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_______I.NE 'IIR ,183




(1. I4. PENDLETON, Ed. & Prop.
Published on Saturday.
Ofi oe on Front Street.
One year (in advance)......... ...* $9...
( 4ix months.................... 1.00,
Hlnglecopy.... ......... .........10
Local Eotioee IS1ts, per line.
One inch makes a square-Per square,
ane insertion, $1; one square one month,
13; two squares one month, $6.
Legal advertisements will be charged as
prescribed by law.
One column, (24 inches), one year, $150.00.
Half column .1 $75,00,
Quarter 6 140.00.
Eighth $25.00.
Twelfth 06 ,, $15.00.
AdvertisementA not marked with the
number of times, will be inserted until r-.
bid, and charged accordingly,
pa- Special inducements to liberal ad.
-vertisers. '"f

W. 0. MALONEY, Jr.,
KEY WEST................FLORIDA..
Office-BSitonton Street, one door above
And Register in Bankruptcy.
WI. l. JB TLUM. D. D. S.

BUI '!b VA ARD8.






I sell one-q tlAer barrels of host Beer for
;3,50;and remember that my"


Cool Dr-ins.
'Store cn Fleming St.. near the uptown
hune 15th '81.




No. 10, Old Slip, New Yo k.
-- 0-


Offce-Opposite Curry& A Ortis' Store. BUUIYAD SELL ALL DESCRIPTION SA ILER,

Dr. O. F. KEMP,

l>Fcru -Rob't. Waetson's resideace; .83-
monton trcet near Southard.
KEY WEST,............. ........PFLA.
Everything in his line done with neat.
neRs and dispatch.
Office--Next door to Sariol, Front Street.

a -
Member of Royal Colleges of

of Edinburg. Ofes and Residence
Cor. Front and Duval Streets,
(over A. Sariol's Store.)

Office hours, 9 to 14, A. M.






Commissloi Merchants.

No..91 and 98 Magazine Street,


Successor to Henson & Williams.


Consignmento of Southern Prodlicts
Solicited, for which full mar-
et prices will be
ealizod. [27-1y.]



Ssitnce 1" I f
Also otal attention to hid

0- GE O3E MM.;"
Nursed by weekly additions ot

Fresh Goods
b'rom New York and New Orleans.
Ruling market prices
Cjhnrqad, "


Green St:, Key West Fla.] O
-,o -
The dissolution from my late co-partnershalp
enables me to devote my entire
time atnd attention to
For the erection of any style of building
required in the city.

0l02 'N'A.OTS
Wipl be taken upon fair terms "'



In fact is prepared to do everything lu
Ilia line.
He is the Agent of the original Lightning
lod Man, and has samples fall the differ.
eat lods. (All and have your house pro.

* Wm. PRIME,


A-r .
d mu.

AIl work donee in

And B

o ve a s hikley, tumble-down
insgp when you co do blier, at a





General Machinlst A ollor Worker.

-uE'AI.E1 iN-
3-DE.\ METEl a

Has constantly on Imunl 'ill kinds of

Terms-CASH ( 30.-l)
Publio Notioe I

Will be kept apop all Iday for the sale
of ICE at, the following prices:
Per Ittall 1 Ct. per Lb.
" 1O.Lbi. rtUpwards $1S 5 'r Ton.
" 10 Lba. 75 Cents. '
or as low as can be purchased else
where. .
Iu case of siclNLe o, to parties unl-
able to pay, Ice will be furnibsed
free qf charge as. heretofore.

Key West, Feb: 10, '88, Agent.
.H 0 0

News De. t

and dealer in

Papers from Euope, together "with al
most every Amoripan Pronodical. ehoo
hoksv, te,, of u lttdtles,
Choiio (Jigars, Winw, Tnuosq, sbbac-
CcoA'nftOand Pipes, al-
mwaya o hand.,
.+ # cPLY. .
L '


-- EY WEST, L' ...,.. '
*, ---o.,-
tStalI6 & 6 City Marokt.

of thbebit-quality and lowest prioe.

Eb:ppin Supluel al short otioe.
... L L .

IN ALL ITS aMt.MCHa. Tax Aausesor' Notice.
Steam, OGas, aud Water Pipe Pitting 'INvOT bE is foeeby given tslith
GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION. in person or by l)d'ty at t' nes .e.ned
for the purpose of recivin a retains for
P recint No. 1, County Court .Boss;
S- Wednpsdy May loth and Junel st. 1 ;
Preeacimut No. ., City iUc, Thursday May
NEW FI'M, 17th auds June and. '
Prscisct No, 8, Storse lon Roberts, Pri.
A. LOWE & BROT TIR dna Ma lithnd ane 4th. .
A -o o na^ ShciD' ti.ro ,ree oio;o. 4, AV,.rehoue J.8sm-.ln.
Tin, OOpper and Sheetiron Prut "Rans,. Saturday May 19th an4 unme
Woriere'+- I -V'recinot No, S, Store H. A; k .
S.. MondaMay 91st and Jn e Oth
They askb shtre lt` e putlle patponge, ect not No. 6. M.KRinlo' aotse, l 'u
and proml-se p reurp day May 2nd and June th.
AND A .Uclnot No. T,1. te haS Pindes ?1s 0,
XXA1I AND HOAP O44. Maa alrd andJuno th. ,
W it ll Bhjy. nIacrlnct No. 8, )Philip BaDkem, .oWe,
Vill V yTbnry av 241lh and Jn11bth.
Qoon Skins and Deer Skins, W..Snst(ay 24th r.ff'
ShO oppospeiiiWhitmoro 'iadcr's qore May th. Tax Assnsor Mon, 'o., ha.


yon get theit" uest

Llquorof Wirnos,

The greatoet variety of Fine

I'uboefound In Key VI- .t,
I have pnrchns.,.t at great expense ri entire
flow'iet Of 51)15 oDU4.


A irUi~abO Wfines, lBeer.
teive Bt-epr

Lttoni IPrices I

G outptu-e 0Our.stockI
oinsidlei1h eLtquOv tmnd
come Bight Aloni; to
Front St. Roy Wes, t -.Fla~

or stie 1 r There Is a salient feature.i n the Noweska
cholaracter that ought to be recorded--kind.
43 SOUTH FIRST STREET. ness to domestic a itmal, which in fiat
country are treated as the friends rather
.'Refcronce: Am,) ba ik in our placo. than the slaves of man. As a result, vicious
horses are unknvown foals follow their
Cedar Rapids, 1Owa. dams at work in th it elds or on the road M
June Oth, U-in. soon as they have sufficient strength, and
"--- nyothus gently accustom them)elve to harness.-
Agency ofC the I heard of a foal trying to force its head into
a collar in imitation of tl mother. Hosno
OM tl are trained to obey the voloo rather than the
r' C -o r haniy ; ohek.rein are not used, and the
whip, if carried at atl, is seldom used. Great
OF NEW YOR K AND BOSTON care is takeon-ot to overload arts, especially
in the case of young hoers,, and gonse.
1" AM 'nablPd to furnish to puychasers the quently a broken knee is sraely seen and the
i following, it the lowest prieoo. vixi animals oontitil fat, in good condition and
Yellow et. ain ils fs the a capable of work till the advanced age of
o holt! rof il sizes. twenty-ive to thirty year. So watae art
Bril'mrs Lopp).sr. ', er SMthnneathig a the ZNorwegian hases and ow, that teoy
nails. ,. -Li' will allowa*soulpsr.by to. caress theim
S4egmitmts, rculnti's anudI irregular pat
terns of copper, sas my bb wanted. 'in. while they.fre lying down. L veoi domestic
ning copper on one or both siles, eats will approach a boy with -ounfidenoe,
id ismetal or 'opp r taken at fill prices knowing that no chasing or worrying awaits
in exchange for uo'w,. A. F. tar them. One very hot day I met In old
EYn WTrMay 11th, n 1882 woman holding up an umsbrel to. -rfully
K W say 11th, creen what I supposed to be a little ohild
at her side from the scoorcing rays of ,the
iiddaty sn,; while h t h ow.eIad weas co.
'A TIT J hsu dto Irntiving by
Sfoound to my grePt saprise that the object of
'. heraren wa a fat bla pig. he questia n
OENEP. L of lulhterlag animin hals lately been
prominently brought forward in England.
tIn.tl the Norwegianoahow as a good ex.
mmi M aple I theynever is the kHale without
first stunning lithe animaL In the above re.
makt, I am alluding to tie country distrtlet
KEY 'EST,,FLA., folt4wy in he towns the national char.
SOter aos become modiied, even though
inas nxton.ivo Whnrvo, and Pir pproo" ol der th4 o t .onditiona kindness to animals
Vuoleouosesiftsr M iso scomiodation ot tlsp Is h4 11rearkable, ,
largest class of Sti as ers,. : -
..Dp0\al, Ico, Water and other supplied .' T Ue'
for St nasuors. T- hi little sloop of 40 tons, belonging to
charter procnd for veseld for to S vi tons Conl., was oosnanded by Capt
port in the Gult and West IndlathC. N i61ftI in 1810, thea .only 21 years
,tol, lit he h lstnve4'the., lud Iknowu
w to-day as alkder's i p, south d Cape
Ranors. Wbile o0stlu along its phore in a
BINGHAM SCHOOL. dl* ** fog h4 eno"ntered the Russian
INqudAno U 44mNp. iral Krpseasteru, who.
T. .u, is 17-8. as getting bhnsei onC his discovery of
D WMEfBANEVILLE, It. 0. lt. iia t 'as, s ramer hailed him, and
Ai English Clasmical, MacUt4mtiqal, B0oitn.16- D l him if be s the course he wastheu
t.. d.. .t Commeo. tg he would be onshore in les than an
*A'.PA J1M6 heir, He was4sedwho he Was. am
with a Ullitsi OritanUtilo" ii nrominen't t.hp sloop Hero, from the United States of
amnag Sonuhe'o noar ding lboolt for boys Aue.on," was his reply. The Admiral
i e age d ineber., -and atr of a. woqldaot sbeleve him, but was soon con.
i o In W o o otthtr le' y ioot y pt. Pal* mere's papers that he hiad
Flo eIUiMDn itet aWaUM. aleogmer, lforer him a n ik commander, and
ivT O a .ad h. et Oaptain pilotet Admtal to an anu
h. OUJ08B W AM,aSupt. ohorageila is island ioave wblah he had
'., .. ] 's.'/ discoveredd. .

j llt i". ofyat. ,
1 3*a innaio ent. &lhat'suhool house onlpU.I

C H=10 0: 1 ':, i~iO R. ^oush on Oom."
82 Tehouti l St. i '. 6' We Ru on tr .
NEWO E s .e .I. ot, tl.. trientur. Cero

I 109

Miles City has a ,curious Interest for tho "Wit's the avortg. dsnrstloo of a lias ",
..I stranger, having peculiar ties of it* own si. asked,
*, --- .- .. which are very striking It is a typical i Interst in that qoietion languldly arose.o
Shborder town and quite i ocounounaoo with A propA)sitlou to investigate thi object wyas
W the generally accepted nature of what a ,ade. All plaua of prmcduo wre e rejooted
,S 0 border town shnaMl be. Cowboys with as impractiable and iutrustworthy, hlow.
larlat hanging on their nddle narce scn at ever, until somebody hit upon the idea v,
_\HII. ff( ovey turn, riding on the stout little brouohe going to the Grand central Diepot at the
ponies of the plains ; rough-looklng men tioo of an arriving tnin, anud accurately
w'(ff are lonfiug on the street orhoers ; coca- obsajvitog the kisses unpremedilatoly mitsle.
TT R sionally a big Indian," with a squnwv or I an able togiye theroiioltinogdatht. This teen
two following him, stalks across the soon, kisses were measureol as to duration froIu the
willcure.dy psiat,heartbhurn,t mls tund o each side of the street are inutmer- instant of contact to thit of enhninittiiiit.
ria, kint-y,'i;ffase, liver coinpint, sable places of low resorts, in and othiew vastntg leasese. blued attractions of rum and gambling are erveis noted th ln at a lhundro.1tli part of a
openly advertised. These pliaes are so nu. second, d for other s wev rather guseted
Smerous, indeed, that they seem at frnt than actually timedl at a fi tioeth. All tlese
B f V glance to constitnte the chief uindatry of the were between woman.. T"" next group of
town. At night they presentaeurious pee, five kisses were 0oor d at a twcutlisTO
taole. Nearlyall are large rooms opening The ooutples we'( a41em-.ses, th'
"/fU on the street. The doors ae kept wide open were made up of pc.rs-onz '-ho0o ties were
iR O when the weatbht win permit, and inside primnably those of ousaugnlult.y. '1ou
may be seen a anotly crowd of meneu ad came full half miuntoe iss-that of it little
S / womeno. On one side of the room Is a long girl ani inau who wits doibtless her
B I T 9f R S3 bar from which beer and whiskey are dis. father. The longest of the thirles:u wsn
eniches the. 'lood and puriries the pensed, and about which there is always a over a minute, accoorditg to the tintiheeper,
syttenm; cuu.I weakness, lack l of crowd, Scattered about the room are three but the reliability of the record wua ques.
energy, etc.. Try a bottle, or four faro lay-otts, ej.Ait grriu and in tioed ent the grountd that thero was in so.
teosely interested group of player standing cession of kisos instead of a continuWotIs
around them. Scattered among thb groups oonjnnotion of the l i. 'tis cotople wa
B 'W N pSB a re several0hinnamn, for Johnmthrives on composed either of mn-rlcd fulks or Bsweet.
A s the frontier even as he does In lahuge olties, hearts who felt stre tbitt they wore aaioug
anud if he escapos being lastoed by a mis- total straugert. There was no hurry or re.
/S n olievous odwboy, Is allowed to pursue in serve about their affectionate greeting.
nIR O Nao the usual vooati6nsof his race. At "' "And after all," dawle.l one of the In.
h aeEr some of the tables woumeu aot as dealers of 'vctigators, that was the onlylihs hi the
the game, and apparently they are regarded jolly lot, don't chew kuow, that wv really a
TE Rwith the utmost respect by the rough men kis at all-that was -a douced thing more
is the only Ijon preparation that who are tempting fortune and wasting their than a perfunctory operation. It seems to
does pot co. r ui'e teeth, anud will not hard-earned savings. Everything is con. me, dear boys, that olrcmstances ordinarily
cause headache or constipation, as ducted quietly aud In the most orderly man. make it impossible for us, to observe kissea
other Iron preparations will. ner, To be sure, there is a revolver or two in their highent-their llghest-er-or-"
ggraig l ostentationuly displayed at the side of a "Form of development ?" was suggested.
heap of money and chips on the table, or as-. thank yxuA. Their highest form'
u"sIB_ sticking in a menacing way from a plsyes't of development "-7i/siago rhUr Oc.an.
R N broad buokskin bhlt; but they are seldom __ .. ..__
us ed and seem to be more cronried in a spirit I XXENE aitOICO,.
/ S i nt of reckless bravado than for offensive or de. --
I UIONV feMosive purposes. In warm weather the A gentleman who i h live among the
gaming tables are removed to the edge of Chinese tells, as an illust'atiou of tlicir
iITTE R S the plank side*alks, and 'on a ple-asAt abilitios as magioians, an inoidet thnt took
l o mmer evening the spectacle is one that place under his 'own eye, nd in hl own
!,.. \\ :':. sl c .,.s from ne'). ot]ru wt iprewa l ro 'uegr owit wihe hiygil room, osisore a pp.t 'ilJy IL& w 0o 11)uo fin'
ralgia, hysteria, and kindred cornm moral tone of the inhabit uta. Such is one for doocption.
plaints, will find it without al equal. phase of life in Miles City, the great cattle The magician was nked from the waist
metropolis of Montana. Another b fur. upward, and his only mangioal instronmout
nishod by the cattle kings and ranch. seemed to be a strip of white cloth twisted
owners, who congregate iu the hotels after about his loin. Taking a dish of uncooked
S- kitg theftr shipments and talk of their rice, the juggler covered It with his mystery.
S 1 ness prospects, the state of the market, ins irdle, Bqnooattd before it, and began lil
St, L( 1 Ie1 e obhnocs for a favotrable winter, and the incoantntlons, whioh continued for halt an
spective merits of bunch and buffalo grasm. hour. During this proooess his bare arms
110'llO],' I LI :IEJIILEi /, V Y As a rule they are quiet, reserved men, with were passing to aud fro beneath the cloth,
D i "D "' rough exteriors, but gentlemanly in manner and this was all the gentlcmrau laaj lim do.
P foreign & Do es tic 1' and thoroughly in u ernest ln the pursuit of At lavst the lluen wos removed, aud lo I there
Nitto i t4teiir lucrative calllug. '.hey are quite abovY' were ix plates filled wlth cooked edibles of
Nate, s.'uned GoOI .,i.11'" tIohe a~ age t in tlligence, and "oinmaid varied hinas, wUilt a tiwih'led rice hadl
uuiversal respect. I replitoed the one contn sli rice.
GEIARoAL COoSSION MERCHANTS I t. t Aouter, itlumna,. desefbti how he
NORWEGIAN KINDNEfS TO ANIMAL. was deluded. says:-s
ton ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tosst nrLs'-e-S -s1 heei ain etr nteNwges

ocrus of land to him if he M mw .i ae l vi i
nuoter heior. Sulebs quietly the prulinlti MAl-
"Haines presented her Justlin.l with twins,
anti the 500 ncros wore added to the Haiuoe
real estate.
Under the apporontly sousitional heading
of "Tweuty-two Little Buys," the CIvw'- .x l
Protoetants Orpliaii Asylulu nd vertee tia tli
wants to have that many ulu Iwls Idulupted
into good families. The ngos of these young
persons rnnge froti two ontis to eiglit
years. The boys' are all sppismed to be
vsouid, kind and gputIc, either singly or tu
Spair., \
reter. Groot, a Chicago iro) founder,
wealthy .and high.-toipred, went wlut hli
family to sail on the lake, but all the boats

-A igior in tileopn u eu etr sMisi at uoy were engaged. Heo wonteail for one of theia
tve or six years of age, dragged him 'strng. to come in, only to lotrn that the ani u n it
gling into the circle, threw him on his back, proposed to keep it another hour. Hle of.
and, in spite, of the olilhd's agonizedtprMs fired double pice, but in vain. Wildly ex-
and the remonstrances of the people, p-. asperated, he drew a pistol and killed him
parently nearly decapitated him. Thevictim self.
gradually beeomo motionless, while they that no
blood streamed iron the wound. FlunaUy The Methodit displine ,ays that no
the magiolan removed the knife, muttered a woman ought ta marry witlholt the sconsnt
few words, called aloud to the child, who of her patmeita. A niidister alts the o lfisi
soon showed signs of life, anld at last raised A(hd'ote if this is tandatory. Heis it reply
him to hi feet, when the boy appeared uU- instr ^ a flow "We regard
harmed. Both notorm In this strange sceno passage as advisory, oontauing a sound gen.
were liberally rewarded by the crowd, nnd ml prloip'Ie, but admittiub of exceptions,
the boy tan off to play with his wondering Neithoer Ood, the State nor nature puts she
companiounos" e. itrol of marriage absolutely In the hands
.-of any one but the persons them Ives who
VIPBV MAN AND WOMAN." mt-ke the voters and must bear the burdens
--- of matrimony."
AtbiIadalnjarn teroe exists an individual
having socaly'skin exactly like that of a The United States is paying interest this
viper, even to the green color. He has, year to W. H. Vanderbllt on *37,000,p00 of
beales, the viper habit of ohanging or bonds, instead of fifty millions Mst year; t.9
shedding his skinu every year. T'he hiu Mrs. A. T. Siewart, $80,.000,000; to Jay
oomp off in a single piece, and not as might Gould on $13,000.000 rogigterod bonds au1l
be supposed, in parts. On the man's head a hrge anouuntof coupon bonds. Flood, of
there is not a single hair. A sister of this California, hns $15,000,000, and therd are
manu, whp died ome time ago, manlfelted half a doien holders who have about ton
the sawe phenomenon, anti toward the close millions each. Moses Taylor, of New York,
of her ife began slowvely to grow blind has $5.000,000, nd D. 0. Mills.t4.00.00,
owitg to the viper's skin eucronohing on the The Rothchild are said to have $400,000,.
eyes to such an extent that she could only 000. Ba one" BDurdett Ooutts Dartlett
ass through a nrow apertfire at "sch' eye. ha $20,000,000; the Duke of Sutherland
The same thing is now happening to the $5,000,000 s.d Si TliWt mBrasey 65,000,.
brother. He can scarcely see any object and 00'
the head presents the repulsive aspect of a A new fashioned bnggy is the latest addi.
viper. In Ouauntl these unhappy beings tion to narrow gauge vebioles. Unlike the
have been known as the viper ann and bicycle, which possesses two wheels though
woman," and the phenomenon is pttributod it has them in the irune plane, this buggy
to the fact that their mother ate an excess of depends on a single wheel, and it is also to be
viper's meat to cure a dismse of the blood, drawn by a horse instead of being propelled
In Cuba it i A common praotioe for people by the rider. According to the deewripiluui
to eat vyiper's flesh as a remedy for blood given in the papers of Illiois, where the In.
disease. vention originates, the peo91ss i terit laimo4d
--. "**'** ""'- to It I absolute safsly sfoitn isetthig, pus.
MUIMu IVIT. silbly because this Ia the thiig which would
There are a few cherry-maoyas-anud t is cone into the reader head at int as the
quite the thing for Northorn visitors to go danger speolally to. be teaed trouso queer
wildjver the oherry-moy. Any one who cntwivano. .
is curious to know what they are like,' can .Ti following ie thb name of Godan forty.
make an exact counterpart by mixing tp n sight languages;, hebrew, lo7A'n or S toa;
fupful of ftonr papte, adling a spoonful of qhaldlo, Jhh; Aosyrlap, iiah; Syrin oan
pdhdered Ungar, antt putting the mixture in urklisih, Ak&s; Mahly, 4&a; Arablo, A1i/hi
thp skilof a green oraugo. There is ilso a Language of the sagi, O'e; oui ld ypthts.
remarkable vegetable called the lmn.-paw, T'isit; Arnnortu, 2'isrti; Modert Egyptiau,
which must have been invented some time Te n; Greek, The e; Opeton, Tisss; A,.
when nature was on a jaiuboree. Prickly lion and Da4o, o21; Latin, De; lo LA Lnt
pears Wrow in great abundance along the in, 2 hm; Celticaud olitGlla, ;Itncubs,
shore, with leaveN au inlui thick-the Dieu; Spanish, D. t; P.stuagke, Des,; Old
platt that we know as the- oactus. though it Germant,. Did; Provwnoa,, bois jj'ow Are.
.a only one of a thoaiand varieties of ouetis. tou, Dote; Italian, tDl; Irihu, 'Kb; Olaao l
The fruit is a bright redl, with juile as red tongue, Dat(; Gaerman, ( O; Flemislh QOved;
as blood, and its skuin is covered with mil- Dutch, GOed; English and Old Baxou, GO 4.
lions of little sticker that run into yoeir Tautotlo, .p(Aj Danish and RwedislO Bmit
fingen and your month, nao matter how care- Norwegian, OtIo 6av, u'v* B 14 PU*hIN Bog;
fitlyou are, aud make youunoomfirtable all Polae, Big{ 4sB ,imir BI .,',
day. Prickly learsare eaten by some people, id&t; slo, AM; 1atPoi4at, 'Istu 'embtilau,
but they Are not oonlidered a luxury. If I FMIiO/e HlntAttad i, iti;/ CotinandelBr
had to choose between eating them and ma: 'hrtar., Mafatalj Pa"sin. 8r; Ohln4es
'.t a _to denks, I should give the matter li'mual Japanese, OoeueV Madinsar, JBm.
O a; ration. a; '.ravuan, Pielseaesnese.
A the ooh ... .
SAll tbe fiUirde' A. Alschua erointv aroe J. 1r)nn~Imb h e, btcr eolecthid mayor cf Or.
pialinitg their lug *U Mlk of I i igi ju l toi g n"
oro0j. a.. .* d BT*..

n.. t il. w "ta ,s".I l ... w l n r, no t,
o". 4

A San Frttncsco pradcher advertised that
lie would di'ouss a fairly naouidal on. the
following Stinday morning' As a conaso
quouce the olire)i ias crowded. The sub.-
ject was Adamt and Eve.
)lunk Murphy, a brakeimau, with a claimhn
to eoceutricity, Ihes established it by ridipg
into Boston coiled tip u n a ttrak nuder a car,
to win a bet tha lie could not steIl a yst -
age. Laekiug a flt< to 'ove in tkeun of
victory, he took off his shirt nud flsnu it to
tlhe decee.
TWhn Seneca HIUitses of Shlimtalldu, N.Y.,
became the father to twenty chilroen by ona
%kAqs. r? IVs'n s ..ths"t'sA \tt o'zN ss'

& I v m

l mm

Items of Interest.
SIowa's Girlt' Itrofrm UIVlAul 11.1. WL hmtjde
| Uluates.
d ay Lffan, the Irisht novelist, lhts boea
narrield to a So tch proft. ,i by the uio 'e
0f MIoNbb.
SGeneral Phil Shaeddni wears ise uniform
drl nld failed, The oldor they are the b*et.
wtr he likes them.
Belt, the famotui iglish sculptor, is the
r bi Yorkshiro bilBcksilth tid was once
nrnaipmfuer boy.
Womrn, tnuler the nlws of vnrloit St tes,
Sre 'Uradually securing their, jusxt tights ia
I propertyauil rithildriin.
|A uolotrn (Moli.) school mlitrem pul.
iUhea refrautory ohldreu by talking them
Sstud in an empty biurol,.
A OI, 1w, hsdarto>el li.thelIwjuiJtdr Mile.
Sdo In ltnimee, better known no "OTila." She
Ise, in eoasequcso, strictly eoiudedl,
Order brigandlge captroed the fancy of
jou Iowa girl of fouitcon, and shie started
I vstwurd, clothed like a man nud heovily
A VWi,coonsin iArm believer In a hellut no-
Stnol fite for dhaursrs hs fitted up his cellar
\ith pointed flinues, woo dn dosous, and
other horror Hero ho tiWe a lhis oJ ildreu
Sfor whipping.
Ai A nin travelledi htly from San Fmrnnei.
co to Oimaih, on liheaiing that he had been
S"roemebered" in his fithier's will, nud the
Sxeport proved truo', butl th1 sumi of the bo.
qmust was one dollar,

____~_ _~





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*..,;,i le in 'lichi I pe 'il f thij 1 t l Wo rcre 0 lt report that n certain portion The nnaturialr thne Hno ,Ni ht inm. ltroml the grave of a yellow fever pa-
h #,, I 1 r. r wi l ,0 '1r %r i'"TIt'l,, t'q ently n"'o this expra. p pulse of r octitude orommon wom Who are tielnt be sumflkioit to inoculate u
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S 'i S'i', ., 3. i o. exocis the irivilh'go tiffrag' i l pin i a 1 pr minn ien t pu ioitio l o rn our Islh1 volts at the illesa f treacloeh lof lii.g .
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4 1l hot | r in tli i tuoir voti s wMrO Iikv. to plt Itizi t hey itv are now c 1Qitu t In the 1orsy of inde. victiniu ofiiI dii t ont t
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S' i ill' n ti ; ui i i. thI i, 1i l Ii of 'I I, ,.1Ii l 0n e ltiefor 1, th t~i .C u, h i v oe ter lojoarneil ii ti They yellow fever ri wag t fro
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1011i o ol r 1 %I i l oii t l ', n j l tO TAYItort he her to HTAY I -thb t th yv have til are turmi- i ut, itar politicfill ll h le.s.t
i, ;I! l:it i' ilt" ii, .,i I,,tIw, I:. f(tUl':tiotri, t ,i i l l1'1tie't n i"ia I 't t'tt. l t n o'r f rt'e- th,. right t of Ameroir n cltIiini, such a 'fo'nr thi, ol( i line. 1ti-l-tlician e .1v. Wo n't a I the ~l o ft veo f a Victitl ot t h llft di oseO O.
I II n n iL 0 1:i ti Ifi:t l l' th ur, o'it e tnyHth f i' uIii tic I', .y proil e, Li] ,pirole, to ex )rcib thu t rline Ni with no lu'itiute LI ',, 0 i. ng .----- --...'. 1-
i,. ,'it ,,, ili v. l' tl itrin, '"o t i '' i "-i l i'or ut il', rolt. 'I1.J 1 lav', i v. htiw .i i largely il gholMl es f tlhir h d. l itdI vii i .1 o : jSU ITSl'r IN AitMIIt.LITY.
t t;,, v hin. l :: 1 f l. i i n ., mlj ;t \wh]it a l Iiargen' l I t t, it 't: r o. et itt lisheid waiitloring o imtw, o.t' r; .tu 't V ., who
S i< ii iti LnIt. L ilI I ri e l i l, i:'I. '. iq.-i- tiiio l d c irve1l fur the nerl tcmi ir1e th e *,4'. iii iti. 9 MtR el '1 CmllIo Belle mid Lizzle
V ,. i it 1 ir i ttiir 1 oni't i,,r, t i ii Ir l rv!t1iit ti HI sli rcli it I iilit cit it L iw hi.,c ull ll thli tos who deptir 'l Tleahmatlitme i nil, wilh th.-; r !iend UsottiT Llblletd est dliy.
: irolli IVi L : i i, iL'; r iov- ih to t i i,t iin I ti' ir ounllitio ti; alio ht ill Ine ll, in .ludlinl, ; ,i t id *
k-.. .. "l -- i t o o fi.itul citiz I?, till mental" 'a thgei h. i i',, ,iur' .' fsteat.rday the Jpap ers fnor libol suits
,.j ;li' ]lil IS i l,', ll;ul l .- l tl i. ; V, Li *' ': t i ilo 011 til i :i ic t t e 1 IertI .sr tT'hptlN t_ hlt 11 t lt o h I:ght l 0 tily s to hl e rl (iC Gld l B1 ,
I r i I l'.,)m \T mlp! oll ) t ilt, l r11 tfiat nl w i' nt o" H i l i t11 Lt' i i it isea''tdt II int .1 igai)st h t steer C 4 I do B*
i 111 :,!hll f sailir (Iur I< .r nt J fn n, hie on ,,tr futI o l,,litihal conlt.sts, but nct as T F /oTitiai otf h(ie 2 tf ult., in now plying on the Suwautllee river 1
,i, ,ii iv, (I .l 1 it f ll.r ini L tl iir i.,.wi t it i, a1 establi ec.d fact tl., i'', s.ieL,-ti ,lit.tn. tloer the Iurl eral the above para;'raph, p 1 i a per- t between Now B'radford tnd Coedtr
S l -i ""..> i ". i i I ii l' il-< Io ci o P i t .- 101,, utin hot bot eun Ceiar K .,,' antd t in C a/ n i
!i >II!.:'kH i:t wr. bv hc i: ;,si h'..in, ij. rrd monnrelhy. *i Th ilmt vo abitilo convoys but one in this couti) whvo reffrt to mnip) nmpti r g ietw]en Cbdair iK(t anu
;iL rt LL .11 t l Y .>i t of In T i, giv i i- l t., nItio.. two leading t meani. It <.all upon tiilhe Cutbans o tle re olfr t ohin t the t i lo ti t itt Ato'-
.4(*" 1 1 I iiit !' litIi0ls ii i' i iuuilil' w t j lit i bv Il 'i h o rl) to *p-' Tuoietjti fll'i* by 1iotr Att.1le
Si t, ;V.: '.ri i il f o- wlhol, f p itici4ns which have who live in this city to mako politic, Snatorial oelcti n b. iN .I h ,lip-* United $tates Court in this city.
i'rs.i l 1;i)., i" hy i playIciuch a ln print part iln (te to inmalo scialhlfo and customs a poned to beat their eml., !iiIt,o atl a Tlioreo ro two aisitH agaiitt each (
1110. .. ......- politics, ioft itoi t tr It is t nuis- race itsnie Can this 1)e wise ? Is primary. Treacheryi n 1i h)i;;sh stleamer one by tho United States
t- \\'huail poition i,- KIey W t taki il i plval. nt to a great ox- there any more reaIson that every Cau fornnwhile but its r icnvita- ,,r tal tlhe other y o .
io Ccuy mhln tho Florilt ,nl,ip C(.- tot in thiI ,li t tcht Ithre is uo n. ban iu this State S houh join one par- ble. MahonIs ftailn ild be a involved i about $12,141 which the
iml i, ,itlt/ li. Grd.ilon's railroad teril dii teneio blet,'een tlhe two ty or one church, or oneo society than profitable lesson to tl w'ould-Le owner of the abodo runaed vessel
Juint reaclih here Ibeform iL is opened parties; pritniiles H re at stake which that nil American or all Nogrees Autocrats. Dazzled by ih,, blit tof- will be called upon to pay. The
Se a ger sure. _laffect to a eertain extent the liber- should do the same ? Race issue en- fored him, the Dinincria o,. iusihol lrg'g are as follows, in *he case ot
tIeI -ver......ceheUnitdrS*f tosv1.ith+le castea1or
T: h : :ion an ties of t 1,eoll Ever since the vendors bad blood and sooner or l wa abulned and to., stands atile tat. ti ueamer
(Coi,,n ission o u.suallyv asked to be ad uistrati, of Washington, in ter leads to clanisn, and makes hard an outcast, both part; giving ro- twy oceassions carried more pa set-
I'r,-ivcln b1 nil the cinitui.s on Soin- whose 'abib,-t tht.re was itch a di- and bitter feelings between people, fined to adinit nt i. 'cthliel tand Co. gers thin she is allowed, her certiti-
l, /".ri,{i, hlas uur .,,,m,- verity of opinion, up to the lpresti who by every tio on earth should live played a proniilt part the last cat01113' only allowing eighty, while on
i: ivi ll 1' i tperiol the followllowrs of Hnilton and in ace i"and ha1101ony. Why should canmpai. Tily c tv u : ltioneered c le o(('ISiolln sheet caril'ud one hhull-
-. ... J(,irciasonl hav in tlhrory I cn anti,-. til, Cubans o tli, land feel as the at L oll., eeuring t.el.(ti 1 or h red ty-tho as-
SEd. St. (Cur Abramn's of the L i,stic. 11amillon, s all are aware, Key ofthe Gulf declares ? Hve they a ticket claimed by their orgati, the ongers, Also that th cptain did
tILav 'is J/,irild has a char head aml: wc a thu leader auid founder of the been robbed of any of their right, Gulf, a a grnold Ro(puliui victory. ) not heep correct list of passeoigsro
C..rc L ur etlCtiiels exactly iu l: ,lter;il lp.)tv. He wvas not a bhli.v-- nmisticated in any way by white or The method ciumployuedi re too dis- 1 11requireod by law.
,. '. edit,,ril. in slf 'cemiett on the c(untr.t- Iblack ? Have their political privil- repitable to put il print, sufico it to ti thoICddo Bele, it' seems that -.
Tl ...,,,ln,,il, 7. u,; rn ly rvin iuthe Coistitutional Conventlionl 0ges ben curtailed? Have they say ath at tite proper time we in- Cotiwlthe infte, for which
til t tl 8ii i t t th 'of 17i 7 ho sid ta"hhad no scruj been insulted or contend ? Since tend to lot the Ipeople of tlhe State act time toittr will be called upon
il;iii mi',s tLit iln t(he (.unlig aln iiimiiign pl in dlluelriini, tupporiteld s tshe their arrival here havo not the ent' know the kind -f Domocracy we have tu pay to liie Lo amounlIt of the psa-
th ,'i lvl i li:;c it-I 'i n. ire lniiV N1 waiil-s 1by the opinion of tioe Niso and of property welconutod them ? Havo recently been forced to swallow. At sage 1oney-1Y for ie'over passenger car-
1!, rini 'l(a e mi ey is w, ll al ,.re tl'l:,I thet Lord, thlit the British goveru. they not fond the doors of society that tiame thl rank and illi over two yei la itt o f the a tbetra llWOr
jnit.iy iit liii rnr.u tillill 1e. civl-u I I t t >>tc by IW, With $10 for e]cit reXtra. Mr.
1,ut tI o:V ,,t c,,,,.ery v>i it Ili lbet uil *Ieil wlls tho b-,st in the world." W open to them ? Have they nnt found thirds of the party, rvt lted, and if (Aie' cl hith1 ainc t the tteruer
I, illii tiir sli on fcti it' nto l ,ui t l asily pioct ir, what would hav mong the older c ottlrs end r we are anyj' judge of lp.blie oi unionn amounts in all to $2.172.
'n ,,ti-liiliir mil' t, m An llyi. 1 oh biecn tie resltt if the Hami toni the tAmericans ? Who can number the same spirit exist now. A peti- T'h cago of the United States VH.
'.:ill iNt, i wit lit.ihdusi\v .-,1 ii l ininiusllio in idea iiud l'prdol iin.ateid. 'hI'eo the children born to Latin fathcmra tion signed by over 600 ( hose Iy- tht mitl er Lizzio Henderson, is
r, ,.,a, ,; y h is ndubt b,,Ut ht" Sto govern- ad Englih ing other, Ir aly to irty was never d iubted) 1, a Tis ,ste e ins ao hed frty
i t. 'm, i r in l 'lrida: put thrt'o nlcnt oud have been alolIhed we versa forwarded to Tallah.iOe, where the paio- ero Othat one occasion she
i'LiiL I:,,, Ialiii i i 'l'l i c il 'hlit t l'\Wall ile. Thiststeamer' is allowed forty

V'hV thi JL o,',,.,-I' it ,' it-i h,,lidrs liilh i,, i all the potv er centralized in the But we are too fast. This mani- iel'o of the UninUebvi'i coenventioui cIaried one hmidrtd od eighty, on
,Iii i, \\ i I| t1. i trim Ynnn I iti.,n. iteuduIri.,l government,. These same H ftot of Col, Craium'H (coim1 no Ir o (i lhoiLtd that the'o wa unit W rei pee- another ilty two, on another eighty,
I:,'i ii11.tL ftr vi- cii, i lull lmcitn Il lii- 'on allothitT forty icinO, on il ioher
at I t lin vi' tll, i priatiplcs still live in the Iltpblican the Cuban people. We how t ahat table Hinuatlre attached to it-. The forty our', while the Captain fanded
iiiilid Ii, ,ii d i nr t t L ptIy. (rt over ad ove agaii i there is not a sinible iu an on this m stories o that ca paig aily t our, e ht Ca aled
1,p form-tn".-i 10;' l^^ plll- litl* tile'l uu floultllm tich ll \yHtcries ol that campaign arere daily to keep a c.norect lint of the pasen-
ll tiv\,.s ,f th,. I"lrila lf 14. dclacted himself in favor ol Wlias is istind that advocates or wihics s etllh lein' revealed. A. new chi.pter hl gers canied. The Guvernment's
iln 111. Cit.trous leIadV'k.Liil of the dlis- termed a S,/ploii lgovnritn(ent, while ai thiing. They wuuld lie us quick o r ,,u t iv beenl unfolded that nailes it, claims agaipsli this vessel are about
ornt i nt1,1m l it- f li t t t ipllte ra i ue ]between the Cu- ,l ,fdi, ting. liro ca l o o 0 $4,100 in all.
ourtri tiph l-t yI yr lti, lLt il t i wi ts ( i:trlad a thie begi|li1ing of th d last deplore a race issue bet vctton tile CIl- ic gti1rog. Tho c c$an be 1 ,10(1 it tell.
Cl,'!V (lOItnll,,I,, pirsnly i; Mr. \\tlker Camtlaign expicssel lhis, iriferene hatous and the Americans aits any doubt in tl e light of late ovouts but 'r.: u rii, I ui aLi i ,t Ie1
or- --o' 'I 4 Ii .l inlii L ( -1l0 The An (,'ti J!_ L. i-I i ll,' ; il .t &.i k d ifn luau, rebuilt (tu L ol- ie tting is iu'inl er
lltia r ,I r .'o.v "t aw it' i o 1 it rii.,, peop, s hmola be sllo the alert lest l'ino, Recio, Riv'ero ittd other' calt ofi ta ll organized conspiracy. It -for whiiu the owultr. of the steatm-
m', i, ,.-l Iti ie' li .t'.tlt t iu htl;lii this party succeed iu their c'iitiali. and doli see whaeut w\o-hi le the coiseo- was t.Lir t opinion that the ippoint- er will be callode upon to pay him
li l> i iLn ) IrII ..a ,q, i liot is l l tit, z/i uton s tchenie. It is mriiftOt even queico of suc a ll tiu h'ei i ltie t oi ,l C(t licctor of Cllstols depon- 7 (l d by t
til,u ,th it l .l L t A ,, l.ii t1t t(.itt 1 1,.'i i to a The Ciala(lo .ulio is owvnedcbyTthe
i r r t- tMrfal ltri to a canil oh,,ierver what danger rasd. The iy would t ca'isc it, dd u.n itle HuaStori:d election. A Phtlit l netitelt Cmani -ny, and tie
if th' '.,: .:t;a Ithi is with lsuch a lmrty un lPr. but rather agoist it ls i ra5c w I b1arU'ain was made alid biotoric Moni- extra amengers were labors to
.'l il Ir i. v.idi:n niil :n [Tm Denmoi.3,y has always iniditoel are satisflid. .ioat \viio i, this roe a ld for roise we are work ou the xtesion ot- tiu uuth
d. u iL tl..i.t l.wI ,, rt ,St.tv.(n',c. up, to hl lt suptreninyo of the that argues above ? Is thi i ('iu'lanM glad to saiy wero noir'fuifilled. These Fl'horida'lhilhoamd.
S, ..... ;tl :. A :v.,rin.il.t t f the people, who in the Key //' h:- (;', iadvisgnt a Inll> minrn clai he Democmrts, -- --- -..-- .
l:; !,'et or Stidy.. for t people. at by the people Ias race issue If 1 )ot, wlh, sluholl lh i Their palt actions aroe ott consistent
\Wha! r:ui.; of possiilitil nnd the Jcfferrmvian idea Woe have on- take such inut'e f in y.ur welfare,, with t.ir l ent preiclihing, Upion J(OTN i HA WYE,1R.
tprlt a1)litis ferh'n Davini to Jeremiah Black (who i sonic of the ditle.reneci between the gun is this Kfey /f //: GuI/'? Whlo hav iv btily dcr'ted the party
has so hltely diod, and for whom even two parties. They should not be re- would be benefitted by tlthe Cubhamin ail wandered alter falo Gods.. Ty hey
i' )po nls i ,inurn ts ,no t ruo, garelod au moro plarty oelunor,. E.on. forcing a race i;Snl in politi,4? t t.1t.l Milatll in 1878-Pvndlo- n, f.., rt, r t
lll|).1st( and lIra'vI) o lpen. D)vis silys, only in the present administrationn of Who would mlItt likely expect to get tlonl in 1HS2-and will ioratch anyone ,re, shon"Il' t1t iresys ats comfortably, imat-
lf, Sutltcr h.l btien iven lup, tihe th govermnlent ]i, a lost art and the the Cuban vote? Who has hceen not lulject t tea ir dictates. It re- l a to.Wet it. Havanitts or Nowa
war would not have occuriel, and welfre of the peoileo forgotten. Long hitherto beneditted ? Those are some mins to le e011n wicmther the people ELEGANT DRESS SUITS,
South Caroliutt would have been coatiu,.,d powcr hla nadlo the Ito. very pertinent qnestions here and of the State intend t let thoes men TASTEFUL BUSINESS SUITS,
ahlne in her Sccession." publicaa party arroant. The vanlta they reach beyond to-day. Such run the party. Tlhy nre indeed NEW SUMMER COATS,
Let us try ind picture the United ol the treiarimy tre open aud the all questions as are raiu:d above are homeless as far as the vote of this BALBRIGGAN UNDERWEAR,
States had there been no war. Letl important though' ppcrmotin their worthy the serious attention of the county is conetrneid. Already kick- SCAIFS, COLLARS, GLOVEIS,
imagination ru i riot, and words iiinds is howv to spend thoir contents, leading meu of thia place, Cubans od out of the party, we are waiting tHANDKERCHIFFS, CLUBIBAoS
the ino.st expresiisive and senttnceFs The Autgetln etablli, so the fable and Americans. ALruceeislio would suit patiently to kick them out of office. thie very natest, littet, umosl stylish, oll-
that colveoy a world of power and goes, were not (ldlinod in thirty ldenagogies and tricks'ters. They -. --- .-- .. ly ^ad attbstail, 1 havo just al cuin
thought, come to cur nit. No rivil years, hoeme they wero ilthy' aud would s.e i this tcrmn raised a The (Gerin Ti',ry hI Yelloiv rey.e adith "Broadway' blIck 'ire the nov'l.
war; no shlanughter of the hundred of dirty-so the Repntblicn; having chance to advance theirown fortunes. Among- scitintilic un it, ia become setea oin.the noattn intradnot iion
thonsanlds, ino noan fromn tlhe widow, had possession of the national gqy-, They would injure the town, over- a pretty general opinion that yellow traveling snits thero aro for novelties new
ito cry from tihe fatherless; no blood ermuent for such a length of dime turn its quiet, injure bustinoss, upset fever is propagated by germs. Dr. Hcotch good, miixed ceimiorems, dagonais
irolu brothers, no capital wasted, no that a cleaning out is necessary. The society, and why ? All can easily an- Koch in Germany, Dr. Pasteur in ad drap d'Ete, all marvels of the cntters
hlari feeling engendered. Instead citizens of this country need not look swer this question 'if you give it a a, ad. Dthon ilet si Free s MARINE UNIFORMS,
of this, which we know happened, for a ronedy until there is a change moments study. have conducted lontg and laborious RAILWA Y UNIFORMS,
instead of the four dark yar' of' of admiuinistration. --- ---- ~'. experiments and all arrive at the ,jjBiHS' AND BOYS'
blood, ap o, bitterness, deati ul In another pr't of ti paer same conclusion mts to tIhe orgin of cHS' AND BOYS'
wat, should there have been four ---- ---- we publish quite an interesting ei- the disease, Dr. Froize in particular D RESS SUIT S,
vat.te,, should there ha-e been four -- -.- trial from the Times-. Union on the has recognized in the blodd ofyellow O 0 V E RCO AT S,
years of quiet, of peace, of labor, of Wl Soilre of our exchanges are gen theory of yellow fever. On this fever paticutsa pur,,sie which shar- In groat, varitles. Silk hat, nuoking jack.
enterprise, of progress and of advan- most unkind and severe iu a general subject all of wour Doctor t seacteristic of and piuliar to that dis- ets aud calts. umbrellas, Itnsiia.eathcr
cientet; of mutual hope, of mutual way toward the otene editors of the stral of oa Ih etorso gree, eases tecdsenates it gaulrtlinoscoufs.ent Fegluh g

fifty Sillions of people we woult bitil able to take eare of themselves, and it is possible ,et y will raisa a now11 f ler ifl th .. Dei.WSpartment
have had silxty; instead of twenty but here hnodesty intervenes and universal howl all a the same time. at Washingtou, ;-Lp -!ing of itia pha. ONE PRICE OLOTHIER,
yours of reconstruction, we would they are left as it were powerless to ---- .*- ---- ues of dovelopmeun, !ie say it ap- lor, Front & Fitzpatrick St.
lan lhadl twenty of progress; instead defend themselves, besides they have JOHN KELLY ttiTTi'LES IT. pears as minute pi." oi or "etells with

of bitterness between sections, we (probably?) a more than exalted es- The Big InJun of the Tammany Tribe bright tra parent, I re," and oc
would have mutual love and fraterni- teeiu of their predecessor, Capt. Back In the Traces. cassionally as gra3 ionsa r rea- o .
ty. South Carolina would have been Dyke. But to business. We are By Telegraph to the Times-Union.] ted in a yellowish : trix. Te in- L B ( t \ TrON D
alone; Ihe Pahnetto Republic, great constantly seeing in our exchanges CHicAoo, August 21.-Mr. M. K. Jeotimn of a granimo ,i blood ohui'gid '
in her isolation, would soon have itelus to the effect that the editorials McGrath, of Jefferson City, Missouri, with these organisni.: ito the veins has just
lound how utterly wrong she was. A of t e Flo'ridi'an show that the ma. has received the following letter from of a rabbit was foll. -ad by death in a'rolvd from
d IJohn Kelly. a quarter of a t hour The bload of hrom -w York,
year would not have pasd beore ter inid hs ge. The Floridianu the rabbit was then fonid to cou- and is anxious that
inutual concessions would have been has lost its lost it force." "It in not NEw Yoex, August 14, 1888, lain the ryytTuccucco and the injee- his friends and the pub-
made, and without war, without the paper it used to be, still it is a My DEAn SI--I have to acknowl- tion of a gramine of it Into a guinea- lie in general should be a-
loodshled, without vIaste of eapitl fine sheet and all that," and moro of edge the receipt of yours of the 3d pig was ason followed bydeitbt 'The waro of th fact that durita hi '
or lives, South Carolina would have the same import. instant, ciuntulilng two newspaper blood of the guin upi ew44med stay in the above mentioned city, he
clippings relative to the Presidential with this noicroscop- lir~sit and a avvaled himself of the several o*
coe back, ndl Socession-l-p.acable This is not true, and if the editors canvass. Permit me to thank you second guinea.pig aa inodulated' portunities that resented
SecCession, would have been justified. swho are so lost to politeness as to for yoursdisposition to assist ma. In with i died in a shi t tjle jts ovwn themselves, and pur-
The attitude of South Carolina and i pen the above very cutting remarks,* my opinion we should not be too de- blood being shown i tixatmination -chased largely of a
her course wou'd have put statenmen were capable of reading and digest- cided in our opinions relative to the to contain the san ,, olAracteristies great variety of
p. I c o ignivtss. We should nominate those organisnms in protfut In. DRY GOODS
to thinking, and ty'anticail atnd un- ng, they would be forced to admit who are mot available and popular The Medical N-, de.ribes one NOTIODS
constitutional legislation would have that the paper is as good if not bet- with thepeople, and whJse records of the experiments of Dr.,'reize, the atd in facu'ev;-,
been a thing of the prst. A disrup- ter than ever before. Its editorials can stand the test of investigationn. results of whith wi-,' asy the ertaiing to a
ivn of the Union would not have are as terse and vigorous, its locals If the old ticket should be nominated least very. retnarkijble. 1it .eari..4 tl DRY GOODS
poe; ad respect anid loyaly to as full end comprehensive. Besides the question for us to decide in our was taken f!om the grae-l a n .' fm1 which, having
Pii, i; and e respect ad loyaly to as full o i be-st jdgement is whether we could whca iad been buried a y 1w %ilre; 3wteroel wYb eMonthibo pnriioa
thor coulillutiou ud the flag wouhl if the truth was known it would be succeed or not. So far as right is a guilea pig wa shut up a on- he very h for cash.
haveys bepn stronger to-day than it found that for fully six months be- concerned men ought to acot on their ined space with this ei on the He wouid aloall attention
pow is. fore Capt. Dyke sold out, the present convictions of right and blot out the fifth day the animal o and ts' to his fine s0oftment
Those vast social and political up- editor, Mr. Dorr, did most of the disgracefulrecord that our oppon- blood was found to be tei ly cram. b of ORI081, C,
heavcale whose end is not yet, and for editor work ents imrade against us in 1877 in Con- med with the cryptoone, vari. guarantitag --
hicli a re dy is til to be found itorial work pon te paper. T e gress ous stages of evolution. 0 eon. them to -
vould never have cumo. This is our wise men did not eutect it then, but There have been published in the sequence of tnis exis et Dr. perfectly frth
Opide of the question, the North has perforce they see it now. In conclu- as.'ttern paper articles helped "His- yreize regards oemnsrieh yellow having arrived on -
arother; our's belong to thel wucld- sion w- ,ill -aI.y tit we- hope ti,, 'riqal Justice," This probably *fever counties aM t1h2 p ainal foee the sname steamer with
iuncerftiuty, nid to imagiutoion, buit d nonas that the old ticket should be of the disease, ", '- himself, and a great many
who is so wise as to gainsay this rea- 1 'l'/oridan will still more imp'love bvy ,',tinated. Should it be nominated This conclusion a lo -ibase for other things too uiumreuls to
ponrable conclusion; who so much a withdrawing h'om l -1; ,port of the It will be supported with as much solid argument in fa9r oi _Ir'mation mention. CGoie and examtie th%
otto 'say the risu of th cwac, its Tnll>,ahatocu. r ,n I e1t i vi];-:, aHd effort as that inade in 1876 instead of burial in all oaiimries enb- goods. You will find the store
egoibo le h rsb h, itt Taihag of hrt, h th bv us. I a-a 9ery truly your', ject to infeetoas d ieauP. Far as onthe corner of Whitehead
dterril leiephA its Asearing of hearts, uis. ;',I Ii th ew or ibe ks, outhd streets
... .. "c h t Wo .. tb^, (
W 0

-r -JL. 9.

thingig Storev,

... ES "T CLOTI Ib1 I oE Ui
e .- r---..

Jst rcceivod, natd open for inpoection thi largest and best stoog *

Spring and Summer Goods

IvAor off 'ed in this pity, to which additions will be constantly itade, and
Small goods sold at very

Lov Prices I

Low Prices I

Low Prices II

Being situated cyliore T ani with small expenses, and hnving the faoilitlei
for carrying a large stock of goods, I am. able to sell at a .
much smaller perceintag than my competitors.

0 0
2~LO'L' H PrTXI-3,


CL;O'4r rrT,

n Black Coats, Blue Flannel Suits, Cass. Suits, Cass Pants, Fine Doe
skin Pants, Black Vesin, and a full lino of Yonthm', oys' and
Clhildrens' Suits, at prices to suit the times
Look at my assortment of Shirta
Before purchasing elsowhore. Boots and
Shione, Hats, Chaps, 'Truonks, Valines, Umbrellas, NJitfumery,
&e. v.'-rStrict attention to customers and Goods Guaranteed.alt


Orders rieceivcedfo ru Ifits made to measw

ure by evAht & Coos the great

T.eTw 'Tork ClOt~uie-sSO

And will completely change tho blood In the entire system In thre months. Any per.
son who will take 1 Pill each night from 1 to 13 woeks, emay be restored Be Ioeund
health, If such a thing be posalble. For eurlug Female complaintss those PlUllsie no
equal, Phyalcians use them in their practice. Sold everywhere, or sent by mail fto
2S c a. In ittamnam. Nmnd f ro mu .lat. I. ours, tH INC & ., UIwcov, 1 ..

H u m an e l r es t f lee by U imnt el0 l y a nme nt eL
tuliulinly relv t o if ne 'Iono e rit fl lnCdi Wo, CpOstivel
Spionil iLate back. ul ovrywh Sen oramp lotto f I. Ju Iso rt t l.,oIt ItAW. v
1 Antlvesawplentnw'o by mailct, n't t dnleayath .A o FL
It H IL ar l tii itaibetter thaniettro,

J ors0 HiN cNitio l'S i Avr a S L I N I M E N T r. 11 i
,,ars I"suld l MA E H NS L AY
eour% Is w.,rtl>le' flint S rldalir l o c p
eConition Powder Is ai.|littly puro i lle cI *IKE HENS LAY
9Ti1-4o loicdr Iol sw IaM o If tl atlt"onW* as. tOhMss t p

,. ,. Ao '


ROBERT WATSON, agent for J. 8. Clark & Co.'s

Marble and Granite Works

is prepared to furnish Headstones and Monuments of finest Marble oi '
Granite, and UOhoicest Dosigni. Givo hifix a call and examine his

Orders promptly filled. Office on Simonton Street near Southard.

ra qi i r.. r "1

Sar 'l, BRoberts, tp anagor.
Aro now offering the Finost end Cheapest Stock nf

Fancy and F]amily Groceriet0

a-" Yon will lnd it. to your thtorest to -" Special atte ption given to sApply.
prlce these good bofore buying olecwhoro. ing Farmera, Spongers and Fithermost,
l Ky We ot, Aug. 25, t-f.

R' ON S* 0: *E 'A

o W. REYNOLDS & 00O.,

Manufacturers of the Finest Orade* of


.. .

Write forz


" ''*" *

. ... -4'k i", ) .--v g.-- o -

. .......--rs u-- -u-

*- *******-*--

I ---~

6 -*- V. I- L '" NW- ') -.:A' C. 4w 4%%i 1.


. .I

THE KEY WEST iPEMOn A. 1 LOCAL ITrMS. -Key West expects to have a H
en We = aFge nuiMber of viatora this winter -
Sey W et, septel 1 8lss, -rTh.eTampa Tribune has forgot and preparations are going ahead to AR1
-~~. -----.M.T-o~ --- -Soutlh Florida candidates, receive them.W t RE
Robt aia P sto, oring ra o Overythng excprail- iJL Attention is called to the notice
at 10 A. x. Hyaning er aonniitt a,-at ) P. ar.ris.o
Sabbath Sohool at3 v. t. Prayer Mcting, of Mr. E. 0. O wynn Jr. offering at
Tuesday, 000 x. Leotore, 'Thnredaiy, -Mo-s',. Pierce & Bethel, ship aotuin John s hearr'd stoo toA, ,'ontaa
S .. tfreeYou are nvite. arpeter, will ortly ommnc Let everybody go if they want bar-
Local Scraps repair the swhr. Louisa A., belonging A ., To. ight
-- to A. F. Tift. 7 o r iga
1V' 1Patronizec. this couliun, Alvartie. The yahlt Myrt~~, bolonlging to 7 r. x, at t
"aontit inserted at 10 cents ia line each in. -Mr. Jo. Boyer has opened t cof- Geo. H. Carry, and the yaoht Mar- er, I wil
serlon. It will pay. fee house in the building lately occu'- goret-ta, belonugaig to D. T. Sweeary, cosisting
will sail soae day'next weak for a hrdwar,
.-Buy your Shoes at McKillip-. ploed by Mrs. McLaughin, uoarly op- p-nurse of $100. .e' '" '
posite the I)MccaUAT.
-Lunoch tongues at F W loberts -In another pltooe we have a -fw
-The schr. Miami will not be re- words to say o the Wallack's, bUit
-It is the fashion to examine Hityiman's paired as stated some time since. really it does not do- Mrs, Wallack 'LL At
^tock. Her owners have devhled to burn full justice WA hal J$ n audie)- ( aohne
--- her, and save the iron and copper. ces charmed and t:Iglil but sol- thaan iauLli'
S-Just received a nice assortment of cor- doun have we seen one so completely ed to the ikimn
teotionary at F W Roberts --Mr. Wa. H. Albury, Col. F. N. enthralled as were the Cubans on once.
Sthe extra es and ard Brad aT Wicker, Depty. Colloutor I:tunon Al- 'Thursday night by Mrs. Wallaok ill .y Wet, An
DeIo'sTry th extr n varez, who lve been quito si l f er rendition of Cubin national
the 1)t wele lsongs-the old Castilia n tuiguie, full
-ly Goods, Shoes, Fancy and Tolet thePast week, re allh anod las gi ull On Wd
rtlole at nHayman's. -- John H. Gregory is turiuing out volume and force. premisel, tih
50,000 cigars cach week, would -What. is thie matter with the i6ta lit"altte
S-ave you ever tried Extracted bIoney? double the quantity but inaikers are Key West, 1' B. Club? The Euro.- fet fo 11
It not,g o to DeLono's for it. scarce. The cigar business is boom- kkasof Manatee seat them a oh al. Simonton at
Ne t. leongoeover a month ago, but havere l a lsix(io
--New Goodi, New Htyles, Latest Fushl. lI. ceived no rely-isarely they are not e v
lone a Hyman'. -M-arcus Oliveri has the reputa- going to bte down like the Tampa ei; ttreun,
ext.ook Kemp will sell J. ion of being the bot tcarer in town. boys.-Gulf Coat gre arss.
Coats spool cotton at 55 cents per dozon. He ui iurstndskeoiping a restmrant, Come boys, look to your. laurels Aug. 219,
hotel, &c. If you are hungry or and keep up the reputation of the --
---0o to F W Rberti for aintoed good' thir,,ty all on Ma|rcus Island City. Go over and put a hauad For
Xverythfn in this line is fall weight atia* ..............Oil t a T Crjielre .
guarantee -Au old laly w-ith several un-- on thoer ,.c rB E
e marnnried daughters feeds them on fish The Situation Is (Oaba. r he now1 an
G. A. DLono koop hisl butter and lard "irt --st h i -- ill r I o uwned a
oun ce, and if yonwant t fresh ndl e diet because it is rich in phosplo- One of the m nat flourishing. bran. sigld in oi -
give him a caull rous, atid phosphorous is the eusen- ches of foreiglh traffic enjoyed )by pnni'ited oi
Lial thing inn making thatches. Amtricani merchants is that lWhich ia -he city. A
E. H.Stillman & Co.', Troiie Brand of carriedon with the "Gemnof tk, An. o
Beor hastaken the city. It is now the fi. ---Mr. L,. Pierce' expects to tills," tie "sw4 pro,. fel i(da '0o -te--. pt. 1, 44
vorite drink. leave shortly for New York uaind ame naciously clung to by the .Stinoaldas
of the Western cities, While about as their last colonial poseusion in the
Ken itssellino Oolgat c lenter ie will rchae I l t stock of Western World, There are few tot'-
KuepisR n olte's ,t ho will p)trchaso tile largest stock of IN" o st or h W A ]
Tarkish bath soa) for 50 (elsi aa dozen. JiltS 0 aiiigil8.__W A
This l a bargain. goods ever brought to thiscity. Live, '~ r ie s t ore interestIts will
not uprogri WHAT NOT en like Pierce deserve ortile soil hls hitherto yielded 'the
ca Ad them at ep, l nt f tog ucceed. greater portion of the sugar con- T O -
$4.00. Rocking chairs, beadteads, &e., tih u, .. Will stiunted in this country while its valu-
proportionate figures. -M-' V. H. Villins of oir aty :.blo tobacco plantations have lor the
was imalde happy last Sunday having past eight decades furnished our ci- S aS n
-Rtemotambr if you want drigs, maell- bee n ilat.e papaan dgrandpapa in the gar martufaototies with exquisititly -- --
rug o tabhient t be had iyou cn a dit clat; samt eight. Something utmisual ttavot'ed wrappers that conceal the Ai
Dila (Sep Ist; still Mr. Williams deserves the god doniestic pro dued inside. oAren youA
Su e o From tho date of the emanelpation f,"" -l tb
n. luch wlJ wa tender our congratula. of the sliveo. in British West India with ( .l
-On Thursday Veatherford received a tftias. The grandchild made Mr. until the breaking out of the Cuban nowHs HaO moTaI
er, several barrels of extrMilaood l illiam Saunders of this city a insurrection in 1867 the island on- tco, Its talu
brandy, wile, etc. Anoneoa muting ire great, great, grandfather. joyd a long period of uaninterruu-- iveth; or
tisd good liquors eshouit cial at Wveather. te prosperity; myriads of slaves ul- [e ndoutit.
fords. MixIg fancy drink a speciality. "The Wallaers. tivated the luxuriant soil and the rhoon, roae ibat
S anl 10, 2Dfoaany r inks25 ai peil tys Tbhteu h WakI tropic winds that soughed softly from Couresi winu co
made andi these hard times small tamounta Tile above troupe gave two per- the neighboring mountain-tops stir- cots itdi"da at
counts. Thi aisnd even more can be avyed formatinces this week at San Carlos red the leaves of unnumbered acres oo I ut te ho
by theltlles who wish 'fancy goods by Hall. Upon each occasion they werO of waving ,ugarcane. .or wondered pianintto th
trading at Eddie Thounpsons. greeted with large, respectable audi. a..oug the foliage of vast orange, of onu if the
-- enc.s. Tihe appeaane of .Mrs. Wal- mango and plantain groves, whose cins aul uir
Woa GivENa o0T.-On receipt of vonv ad- lack elicited much applause, and in goldenfruit furnished the humbles a by
d. wo ill ake an offer by whih you h, r Iu golden sh t e world. PriT
dren we wi3 to 7 offers> y, it y our hoae. r delineation of the various char- slave with a nutritious and atreea- w-rl e
oen, Msmien, TBoy or girlss cea do it.. -11. actors, especially that of the "Poor ble food. .le' pirwa. a 4. .hid its t
C. WanUsoo& .,, 11051 -tn- 101 hhiltosa .Sea8etllsnros,' rare dramatic talent pu"T"lo treasures within thi thick
Street. New Yok ,, tf.) was splayedd whica we anro glad to elu that surrounded it, and the
-* I as- apprWeiate. Watty,. Bas grauada, the delicious frutt ,of the .A
-as S41i -SieA r. ustial, rendered his chlarstoers and paoon dower, blushed ai4the deep iS r
ftOW lt. SIred theroln e gtn lip that ut ill coa-
thi ity, the ow o perfection, while Rider took iM i.. '
btCo mya b Bh llthe house by storm with his "Hun- Tn reader Irt~c' the entire Wi.
hands. gry Ar'lmy. This is_ tile first' aq)pla'-Island presoited a scene of cosiser.
-nce of a theoatrica troupe an-d their eI mproeseit, and anricultural ;T-
i? IS DETEBHINED to be the noes enthustiastic reception wits well de- wealth while th haughty. plhanterst ... A "
S IuJ up.oyn Dryv od stIro,. Io iseived.ia,,"I... Wmlla.k. is a lady ofM the f-ied '
I ortular it hi s leoti ni. kolis o'nlynfe plu snm. appearanceo eand pos- rakthefreated Tmon e 84 Tor:
Whenyon meiiwisgoutlie talent. Herrankedtheuiselve among the prin -
want anythils o to his stre. All hnow lt. la the, earth. The numerous FoslIl
where Jo. lins can be four. Corner wva lhigohly o)inplunuatted by roOeiv- 'b that indented the coast were
ofSlmonton and Enton tts. tg several' calls from the curtain crowded with vessl el from all parts
Diiig th inteission t Prof. of the world, and the seas urround- COLE
EDDIE Thompson hats received this .lTehdo added materially to the eti ed the island were white with the Auction
week, ladlestandahildrens AhosB, gentle. joyment of the audienceby playing sails of vessels arriving a or depart
i men fine gaiter, laces, fancy timing, oorttiairs. A file porformanc& ing from its eaorvliT. o rdCommerct A
and lots of other things, just what the l- will bQ iven this eveimn Du not .-,a, a:,o o....e.(fr, Co a .
dies teed to elp the look pretty, but toio fal t v evin, n m all its branches ourished and the
nuinerous for mention. You mae at m is. to ioure seat beforel'tan. howe government proudly boasted
take by not calling on .him before purthias- ** that the rick colonial posseesiou pro- My
ing 'e where. "- ,Why Blooming Maidens Statl No Chance duced a revenue over and above the
Aghalust a Fascinatling Widow. expenses of government, etc., of more GasEAr
-Mr. ftaxiano Dlz has opened a drug mThe..: is s.mnthin -firv ...-t than a hundred million pWas aiinu-
stoe onDuvfal Street one door fromna the i,',i something very fascinat- than a hundred million pse a
corner of reene, opposite the well known inag ia boit, ce of those ripe danisels al .. 18. ., O in. Ir A A
bumsness house oer tJurry & Ourtis. Mr. who la'- lbeen through tlhe mat-imo- But in 1807 the .uban inaurree- L a. N
DIsaM shes to inform his friends, Amari nlal mill and comns forth from the or- tion broke out and in a few months
can and Oaus, that his stk Is all fesh deal of treavoment or desrtion the face of the country was changed -AG
save by purohaaing ofhlia (Bop. let) with her rosos still blooming and ao .. n n. .e
understands cane nelds wera destroyed by fx,

l" "ntn his""- ,"-i candle the the platonic dont-givo-it- away hand the princely planters' buildings and
t end his sod er is ht|t wlaMt s aqueezo like the widow, or can prac the costly sugar c,. tere a'pped -A
need this dry nnd tirsty weather. Don't tice the flying artillerry kiss in corri- u te same rut; numt'ous tobacco
ftal to call on hilm ant be convinced. Every dor or connsrvatoty with the same plantations were desolated an" the
thing in the best style. dexterity and seenrity from dotea- march of armed columns and- the KI -MV
"- tion ; for if a third party comes ud- noise of combat frightened the bankI
EddteThompson wilsh~s to inform his denly upon the saino while the r'upt planters from the contempla- an esteand
'Iw York steamer he has >ad iaae atne chaste walate ts in progress the mind- lion of their ruli, while eommeroe it.n coMy
,ose, collars, cts, and souse stra ,nt On's oheok. flushes. She looks con- began to shun th horses where she sor dn con
idees of dress goods, Laieos who wan. ftsed and guilty and the intruder had so long made her ifvorite abid- Lands entire
irlgals should f 1o np. n. eee hiit t'kes in the situation at a glance. ing phoce. paid and al i
Money i saved by trading at hias store. Not so withl the widowa. She raises Before the insurrectioa was non reIlient
mifl TIB T TELEPHONEa. calii adl untiufll-d face makes somine a pushed the plating interests were 'Addrs.-
TELEPHrOnEu[ TELEPHONE, langlting remark about that absu-aard almost paralyzed. 'he comparative- No.y
Private lines buait, equipped and rented at ttttean1pt to bite a pieoe of thread from -y recent engigration agitation and its tppt. 1st, 1i
Moderate prices. Apply to JOHN D. EA8- tle baoo on her ahoitidor and reas- results have material y (ahltij1 in. a>.

- ,_ .


iffr sigwJIl do weoll to a1a~ply
vi4.1 A8VA UN, lEey Weat., 'F 16

tiI At 111S,1t. 1t) At
or )t 'o f John Saahow.-
e i: tock in trutdep

of',rt rtor '18 notione

kate~i', Andallt s ujJt
3, Ol re ndJcll l tc ) lv ettlil at

lesdaay, Sepat. 12;1a, Ol ml
e two (1OAI-ialm! bl)uq1;t
do O wi t lii1]tJ)n s-ta ot .3%
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,VOeet of firt v-coe (.51) foot i
inciehowill iti aaotleptof
r(74,) feet with the btfild-


With pen and Pencil.
"No, Fire; T doiaat believe natwRsapomen laa
sare more d4tsdpratod wntlaaiaay ~athr claowof
maaeaim puhaaern. their livlaaI: ay father hraaaaa, 1
midd Me. A. 11, Hlogfrivil, Mianagor of the
Advor'l~ialiaqDopartmaeat of tho Ht. P'aidl
P)oaaOerra88. 14tll thoge of thoua who
do desj aawork iare temllated to otiztihativit, r
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Ivera- lake a MIMI) of telvgv:a.1p j v.I i J
a g lie IMIllny .etotiaiaela i 1 'lita! o 114Iooa
towa As a twao dollar livatf~ia. mNt-rt eliln
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loit I'llayI.). uII fll ito il(ala-Iof 11m;
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fiadnlI i- ioa purluaiway aaciliin- libotoi,.
buat I s-audi d- art r6,i113'Illy ri-(1.1 auta-
lat the Ttinie W.4not aaaovl-7 flu, 6-t;t t~lilipa
but. the auonly tVuing 11tat. 1 a'a lla iI~II)tlaa iwlat-
I rwlip,,All deaik w1voa-._r.4 houll miah)it
(beta. of it,"
'* ldrli;prep),ariatimu ia~ lala ha.laaiaa, bvl Yo NI
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lie aidaetliand autd 4Aoalsimplaaly wijiri athe
aaiamo of I'arkrovi T onale. A zJ., iimp izvphle
1-ivtr-a[rsiia ocona~tnatly ,doe Aivaaathoitv a-
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the inallevelug, wordd'
Thort, i" chaao eiaauc larn'vca, fia thai prep-
aarationi itself,uitnd oil hcottlajro ,31tiaeailaiaaIIaI
tl ho itL a-if dahiolra;, wtap~pid ialor tho
iataic of 1'aarkaar'aa (-ixagar aoaiQ,a cojatajia
tha ganine itaiitdkauoa if ttl iaee',al ing
nta~ttarea of titica & Co. i at the bottoainOof
th16 natasidu waaappaa'

f'rvrm. 'I L i,'Inen, ytv,!o a(4 biatatifu i h-

inA, prea nts tifiaef/ iion a an slick-
SI l 1 /, iao hdw.
I hdIts omepu rlvate re sidenco ---
ill oco,,ol by tdi i unior. m
1a fr ho) lT'a' R1 4 .kG."
Itil phn wia it' I i art- ofia
iI.at deo;ir.tule hIoal e with Ask yyou Storkepa-a r fo'r It.
tlSu, & ,. .\lpl\- t.o
JOHN '. 1'. T,
',: *,. I, li, --uMADiu : Bv-- -
--~ l ** 1 *4 H il *l t

iflC4CVI~r U1Ja ~omp.nly,

give i pcrfurm ontie 'CLEVEL ND, -- OH10.


tuirht af nit iht ,a itw 1brokon
y at stok chil t i''i-rintg aind
tin of out t0,.. .''- If' so
rand gaet hI a L W -a.
-a-a M la- P ttot ('ih'a 1eiia.:; 'li;):iu-
u i tincalcialhblhe itt will ro-
r little tuf;i'.-or im,'aliathly.
it, iollothcrfi, tita it.V i ti'a.-
It otal a a.- ii(reiy ailil tr-
ao. the itoAlm:'lth tal; b,,wal'.
tllc, sortons the units. rulit-
ion, anda give rtoue an l i ur--
le system. Mm. Wai.x,YLuw'
UP Pon CuI.iiDF.N ;'|' m KIaN(} is
Staeta, aind ii th p,'e 1ai itilon
eldest and b'a, 1 i,1 iyi-
esr in the' uit-., ttat ,a unll
all druggists through it th-.
235 cents a )< tth-. (2.y1)'.)

.... ..L.
ombor thi 5l5th, on
Qurry s Wt ark,
Ib 110 TI S,"
as. Fully equiiuped

neers, Koy West, FlP.


ers, Florida.
and '- SPECIAL



,000,000 P rchase


s perfected. Land warrant-t
ear ''Towo Lots bought aud
yve antd other fruits planted.
1. Titled investigtre t. Taxes
nther bustUiess attended to for
s. Correspondence solicited.
kNK A lGraiH, Myers Flt.
Public for theo tate at Lrgo.
'83. -

TERLIN, Bup.t, Charleton, d, C., or man.- fa her coump-anion by tih eoase still further cepr.ossing the industry
4ge of the a rest Telephone Exchange. and aplomb v ith which she disarms while the imposition of onerous taxes 3 J
-A t nons the unwelcome visitant's suspio- aud the unwise 19gilatiohi of tihe
examine his now order at huidaomo jewel. iot s. m buote coguhnt r '- t me. ruae atan .
rt, Asting nf breast pin, ear rings. In a quiet tate-a-teto promn-ado, brought the fo er merchant ad
braoel.f brooohes, shawl pins, and in fact no one can do the leaii-agaist act agricultural princes to the Verge of
ovs thing In this line,. dhey are of the with the sanme skill and Ad.ightful se- ruin. The Amoerlcan onua .eftone-
~noesquaitcy adha tarest design, anal It waill ,*
a o to see these before purhasinn renity of the widow. The plump rat lt Havana .reports. farfl f. TO
MWre. Matl btory barnais guaan- shoulder rests trustfully against tha nancial distress, and think that D I.O
tee. .- lapel of the wain's coat. o ii. ci. Ou "a is "fast rushing bankruptoy-. 6m
The Latest der to got, his arm out of the way he for the taxod of different kiudas, the1S .eS
'.rh La ..... .t t is forced to put it around his company during the past financial )ear e.x- ymWf
ass.-ktsne fact thhtn when a s ore ion's wdist. Possibly atthis jutcture cede the entire income of the i* -
Sth t t omi et Always do the beat by its cual. she assnIroe him that "'she never a' d, o o %, V
mert, thisla .Iit the reason why MoKIllip dreamed he was such a wicked thing," It may be safely boe,sanmed then -sptt 4.
mash speeoalty of shoes, thereby insmr- but allows the arm to. remain. And, that under theo p sat system aot
a mh, stake wen y .ouY when seated next her at dinner, shl government whio# tain, O ubt
-id before puroaslgi elowhere. Annt uses a hundred little blandishments never regana her l ost agrioltural,
teMy oonoeAu on this advice and makes It of which the spinster is as innocent as commercial prosperity. A ohaa ..
Alot tof tellingvery one to go there. a babe. She allows the tip of her in the situation maiustoon bewo6 '
(.3m.) dimpled elbow to rest in the hollow but in what manner and of
N-- c-- of his dimpled arm aid so cunningly nature it will be, is a secret "that
ExtOUtOtqs Notice. too, that even the servants, who are is yet closely hiddea In the womb of "
'LLparties htihaVltoal against the always on the lookolt for dinner ta- time.- itmes-Deowrat.
estate of la tweof Moro. ble flirtations aubobt 'peroive. it.
4Csn y a pons d lnto .e The little h apd l N uner the IoI.D-On Thursday, S2 mut., Sophy, 5%

S eid smoothrnes of a61 iJtmie aw=i of UM011.. ald-y Wan ovdenod
Key Wt5Nas.U a b,.Ia Her na t to t r o em her remaining wit them at the faithful
"Key We'a, a ".... 1888. (tha$ t&dl went down to r'eo Tv. nt up to the time. of her death. .,
Eucet + z wO w~ ~ th". Haer remains wee taken to the lst A. w
Exec or's Notloe. l utoe. No.wonderthow.se wm M. w
a..a-bursh oofwhieh she was q member;
LL PABRTM hb So gOgr tureo .ke 14o m sen s4I ol. atarony and his family
the bof A e p y toe -oo eu, tid leave lteodin their burial plot, near the fa |
foarle 0W0 y, deUti. Munsopahi ti<.ate I m:',idef at' the I Ut vault.lShe was the only .slave on thue ..IR
-Immediately Mid %'li ut pa. .t:., t .... .... td who remained with their owners saf- *t tonaI
-he same Are requ t ,,._ pal w. h. .. emancipationo; so fat as we have hea4d; 0ofI-,r
ln -t bowMw t, ,-ia li ,' n d 1the attachment seemstoo have ben7" "

*"<'f.. '', .
*:" : *' %- ',


Curec Cr'ickod Hoof-, Spraitns,
Scratches a,'l Sore's in


Ask your Stoirokeper for it, or write
direct to tihe tuanufactuer.s,



-'an,- .-- Ohi'.
Ajiaust 25, h3, (hm.
)IEN, s, cilIY: ALLEN E. CUMty,

BEN. S. 0g1M Y & 00.

Commission Merchants.
Front Street, uext door to P. 0.
W'et would notify th puiblih that we Imhave
oi|tud mI 4 Ain.tinn nitld ouni'ision busi-
lOsa uanl wonll iholicit
Our ncuaintance here anl on the Main-
lIaid will justify us in t1btu'tteelng as
\icih retturnm, and its good prices as cani be
ibalitin.d iby any hoitse. Glivo us a trial
hipambot. [Aug. 25, t-f.)
Frank Loetio'M

The Atigust number is remarkable for the*
vlAriety and excellence of the contents.
Aimnng the leading, prof'isely illustrated
artielat are; "The homo of illtistriatetd Lit-
eriatitre, description of the Fira.ir Lms-
i,t eotablalihnient); "'Al ailventuro with
two Gentleinmn of Verono,.; "The Gitrden
1f Engliandt.'y N. Robinson; "The Histo-
ry ef I'layltonmeso," by Henry Tyrroll; .'Ths
(Coroitatloin of thiae Cxtir, Alaxaddhr III.";
"T'rho- IR' Lord iyron," by Alfred 11.
Giiernseey, 'tc., etc. The interesting sferial
"aTh, Beiutiful Countess of rClilrvillo," is
conttinuTd, and tiere ayo delightftil t.ories
sketches, ,tc., by Amanda M. l)ouglass,
nrrouy Wyuatt, T. G. Pock, Etta IV.
Pierce, etc. There urj some excellent po-
euos -soveral adnair.'.bly illustrated, and a
moist comiipreiatitivae entirtilinIng, nnd
iinstrtctive miscellany,. The nutmbar con-
tains 128 pitgem qtuarta, over 100t illtitrn-
trationm and n hiau-tiful eoiao'ed frontias
Aidce, "A Declaration ttf lovee" Pri-A
awntyv-tivt centt natopy,' S aVyear, poStli)rid.
Address, MAli. lANKx LAESLIa, P'ablisher,
53 65 & i ,7 ,irk Pliwo NowYork.


A Sure OCure for Tetter, Ring-
Worm aid Qround-
Read fohlltilwij etetcs fromi 7Tsllnamials.
-Leonardy's Ointmort eced me of ia
ringwamin of 3 yer standing.
(1. SrAitiKMAN, Mayor of Paiupa.
-Leniardy's Ointment etured ioe of tot.
tcr of 27 yoars standing.
8. E. Spr.aIXanA, itax iass'r. HI1llsboro co.
--Less tl,ama one box of Ltrouardy's Oint.
meant anred mte of ringworm ol 14 year
standing. JOaN S.4 T'aU.o, Buy View, Fio.
-My wife wes cured of a rit gavornu of 3
year s ttndilgi bt nPardy's a(tintient.
S VA y ,n Wur, rX, clAari Wiatev, Flt.
o applioationn of Leonarly's Oint-
rme of ringworu of 1t yeatre
i Ta :.- ~xv Wfic, FTLA., Fbl. 29, 18ti3.
S. -., A Co.,A Tiampa, Fia. :aentla -
i iand it is with ples
ur r t p t rd he poft ae "
ApOtan. U. Lows.
Patiti Jttly' 4, 00 W "t,- '
Ta.r., F-t.. :" L
pc;" For sale at all Drag Stores. l2A-lyt


.i.MLmn of Abuts & Chranlo OMoises-
~ss~ea-haus~to 1 Am.naunt 4 to0
IN*W r M

sori'a- whglae~llnes.

A~bsolutoly Pure..
'aThis pa-dor (idllvorLvii-. A iuaaral of
,,a,)arliVaIa~a~la aa0atha or~i eto Ial'ai-H mid
onanliat I-& rcia-aIn iicomep-tition wila O Ilae
11itiltitldatofjlow tait, sHol~t wight, aahmr,
or bmp~itu jj--v uald )t -a ecta i i, u
~: 3Aa~o(uuaea1Cu.,J106 W~a1 ,.6., Nc,;
Yoak 1a. y-

24 solar Comet-. Allvioh, Teanpico,
MAlox., for Now York, slauart. cf
parovimaoraso apiahiodand 2(1pro0-
(10eeded oll tlao 25th1lby A. F.
Stilll' G,.C0. ing. (Camalbe,Ha it
valal bal,th~ sta to io &aa / .oljaa.
253 v mtLaniap1isia, (ro well, (4alveua-
ton, gmfm lsal-o, A. F. 'i it.
a1 gerlr Citv of Havaimia,0(airry, Irt -
vafml %riaait to JohnLaafowo Jr.
1 8 is Cochraaul, T-uilnril, Cc-dmr
Aeys, goallcaotuo and nIrajia, NV.

16f kichr Daaouttes14, Rleio faal
27 e s flie Rlajghla. Jc'danon, No.
ovitaHt4, male, A. F. Tift,
20 salty Nouapaaroil, Nilliams Hit-
VaAIn, a(Irad.4 W aJ a:a.
if a ].iz:'iel {id3IIl acs
cadaar Itoys44,gen ai t1.go 041(1aaailia
WV. Curvy.
80 fittaifthiple, Niekauiamon, Now
lork, ffen cargo) A. F. TOjL~

s No Eq O

0\yAOA {Cv.AN I.A ,A
Agoiat at Key We.t, Florida.


coR. RONTor a nDUVa.\L BT.
Whol-saleM anal retail doial.r in General Mer-
chi. :i:o. Rieelves 1)y ealhl stoltianor
iindtl sail frov' Now York Itlmd Now
Orimaui a frsoth supply of

Oroceries !


and COinnei1 gnoo., Has always in slock
a largoie ani well selected assortment of
fthip Chandlery, Crockery, Glass,

25 s Tinpa, Crowell, Now TIN AND HARDWARE
York gii 1 dose, by A. P. Tift,
sa Cochran, Hansell, Taumpa nao
mail, mails, W. CUrry.
29 as Lizzie Henderson, Jackson, Carpentoers Tools, tores, Paints, Oils and
Tampa, amail- W. Carry. Varnibhes, F furniture and
80 8 s (MGadlamia, NikTeAriO, (Gd- I-
veston, gen carg.,, A. I. Tift. STATiONERY.
.. ;,T o. a av .. -..... -
"*''' '* -- 0 -
3From New York,'l chl-,, A Anie A.
Both5 gon cargo, teat W, Cu .o cabilMn esss and Ship Stores a poeciality.
Vrom Bockport, Me., SclI'., 1cr-
ahd, Orny, Ice aitd hay to A, F. ONE OF THE OLDEST BUSINESS
'romi Bolfast, ifo., S:hr., Jemnuio RI. IaIrsKC of tohe Ci.y.' Personal attention
M'irsa ('ioluord, Ice and hay to J. J. givn io SI')-n a 'l Iatisfaiution galloan.
Philbrick. teed, GoodlH received by every
From Aloxandhr, V; Brig Agueoa ttatia 'sfraaiaNew Ytsork, Now
13arton, Kilight, (oIaoaI.l J. J. Phil- and colir Ieys, and

This Space


R. M. E M P


Best Selected

-- AND--




Ever seen In this Cily.


by il schooner from the Mainland.
(.'ircit (bur( In aund for (he SaWa Julilei
tei,',',( If/e Stale id Floril, a, M w ro (b.

1:1 Ci."aANC'y.
J', LaF.V"t'iu CatYLa 1o
ai Divorco.
ARnAu CVYI.,U. )
IT 'having been made to appear by afflita.
Svit tb-it the 1aliwe .atuaed defendant
rLsides out of the 1 sixth JUdluil Ctrouit,
but within thl sail 1 tate of Florida, to-wttt
In 2lmlisti m .oonaaty, It Is hereby ordered
thet the saod alefafoiLItlt appetau and ansvoer
oir duimur to the bill lhorain tiled on or be.
for.t th first Mnlilaiy in Octobor, otherwise
hw coinplainants bill wwil bo taken pro con.
It is furth,.r ordcre.1 that Publtcation
liercof be ntilu in the K -r Y -nma Dro-.
CRAT, aa ntwONipr published and printed
in the City ofi cy vWoat, withlu this Cir.
ctit, uuue'a week for two mouth.
Clark (t. Ot. Monroe Co., Flit.
Key West, Fla., July 16th., 1883.


Ladle.s ltaul ant -

a21 ala a
we r i Up town on ERion "'
olt l thten '. come and F.l 8-..
anod w te ly fixed up the For_ .
is W1 luotoouli over 1v r Uetu- DEPftIADLE lU.auoat litt Ft. u tMer -
theyv wilt Id sv ) ar, 8 hte RIvT Front, 5 act".
thing he rket ff'ords 0eaea i'st W d fenced, (ood houtss id odi a
in the bestIc Ceroatn9,-4sQWR*epe*ti For partioular'"
atau | J{ ivoa ,lla G ae ano en pall., ''* PS. IhMRL S
May 2i;, t-i, Oa'MIU a l ;cva, 't i1& Rts"ua lr i



L L A.,C N. I S

4 i)

PUPRaviTy oF curnonePtCP o

There 're very few olatrlh holwin thait
iwmvi auy ideas of proper piety or pioms
propriety. A onsiderable step wam gained
when the ibiseo curtniu which used to con.
coal thie wicked doings of cholrs frum the
congregntion was reinovedti, but tMat there iit
still plenty of room for aieliioratiuu is woll
known to very one who is anoqualuted with
What it is that makes choirs so depraved.
is ni mystery. It is certainly not ths plaoo,
for that is sacredl in all its surroundings and
na-oclatolnn. It is not )eonuse they aro
lieid servnuts. The mnluator Also is hired,
nad while now(hr4d then a minister goose to
the bad it is not because of his wage. Be.
siles, voluoteor oir are often much more
d.praved tlmn paid oholr, It cannot be
the organ, for the organ, unlike other in.
strninenta is essentially very solemn. Fiddles
are notoriously wicked, as well as clarionets
aitn troubones, anl even a little piooplo is
as full of evil as it can hold, while a bai
dlrnii never yet lhad its internal villainy
beaten out of It. But an organ over
associates with these vile instruments and
does not go out into the great world. It is
always inu hurobh, even when it is idle, and
orgpmists re always p|rper people. It inmany
be tle in tome sort to the milie which is
perforated, for nine-tenths of thie tanos
wlhili are et to sored words are taken from
operitsand wordly musio, It is onrioua.
also that the choir I mnot wholly given over
t evil ways. It is usually the soprano nnd,
tenor who make the mischief. Altos as a
rule are quiet and demure, like the parts
they ing, and never put on airs like the
soprauos, while basaos are always rigilly
proper. They never have temptations,
'hoy are not objeets of iet'rest to the fe.
tanle sex. They 'are regarded M a little
heavy and conservative, and have usually
roneached a maturity of age that removes
laihe from frivolties. On the operatic stage
tlny always take the part of foiled villains
and ancient father. The teuorn and so-
pranos are the airy birds of the flocks, M d
if th are any improper doiups it is ten to,
one they are concerned in them. This is
always so on the stage. They are always
up to rdisohief, and they a'e always thwarted
by t0,a Altos and basso*. It is the Leonoraq
wlij. are always in a scrape and tlhe Don
t me one or other in gaudy apparel who
gets them into it and in ultimately sain by
the double bass in seedy raiment. So with
the goseip, flirtationa, aud volatile conduct
in choirs. We do not pretend to account
for it. It is mysterious what there is iu
tiusio that should have such wordly effect,
bult the fact ron)atiu.,--ottiel Owureri

According to the Burmese law royal blood
munt not be shed. This injunction is liter-
ally obeyed, forwhile the women are clubbed
nuros the throat and the men noroes the
pouk, no blood is spilt. The common people
may be expected in any way. On the morn-
ing of which I speak the common people
were hacked by a Burmese with a short
sword until their heads rolled off, Aacrel
it was a terrible spectnole, but I saw no sign
of horror among thle spectators. Executions
iu Independent Biormiah are too common,
and) Iave been for centuries, to excite much
fuelinag, very mnn, woman nnl child
kuows that their turn mny oome next, just
as they happen to encounter the displeasure
of some high offlciaLn On my return from
Anrimpora, and when n r Mandalay, I ob-
servdd a prowd of people surrounding some
object with more than ordinary attention.
Approaching, I boheld a horrible spootacle-
a man writhing on a rucoiflx, with bleeding,
outstretched hands, a ghastly distorted face,
a foam and blood-covered motth, nnd burst-
ing eyes nearly falling from their sookets.
The wretch was moaning for water. "Water,"
" water," he moaned, but no one offered
JiM even a mouthful.
I would have tried to get some water for
the miserable man, but my companions
warned me not to do it,'as the action would
imperil both our lives. The people them-
elves dared not assist him if they would.
Di4 they do so some one would seise them,
arry them before a Burmese "magistrte"-
horrible mockery of the term-and their fate
would be ruefiazion also. How long the
wretch lingered I do not know, but as I rode
.off I saw the kites and vultures wheeling or
hovering on outspread wing in expectation
of the ghoulish hanqust. My companion
sid that snch speotaoles wer not uncom-
mon in the public thoroughfares-that they
were thus made public in order to inspire
the people with a fearful dread of the au-
thority of he reigning tyrant atnd his myr-
midoa, and that, a rule, a man did not
inger on the cros more than two day.
5 *-*--------

In ordinary conversation we find people
apt to indulge in pulling words, even
though they mAy have no special desire to
appear learned. The dentist who nesured a
lady that her teeth were "a perfect study in
poonohology," meaning that they were all

shells, and the school girl who alluded to an
ld salor an "ancient el"oride of so-
dium,' are but- examples of the tendency
pf the times. Too often the sermon of the
preacher and the prosoriptlon written by the
doctor are alike made of mysterious words.
The sermons are jaw-breakingl phylateries,
and the prescription bewildering Tatin, in-
tended to defa$s and astotmtd-the reason of
pImple-minded folk, Simhplt words are
always best. ase nud gracFln writing or
speaking *ar thus attained, apd one need
pevefear.to be considered unlettered boe-
pause he or she doas tot tsJk like a book."

Men fear old ag, without belng sua of
reachingit msr *
itt r .1
All iron preparations blackaq the teeth
ponstipate the bowela, and give headahob.
with ope eseepiopo, that is prowunt Iropn.
B3it -rs,
G1tPerpt WVm. Miller of Pqfpt Washing-
a n, is nm.ki4g a tour of hp apqhefp counn-
taoe on buninustss copWaiet with Govern;
uient lends
A true ron medioene, beneficial to the
young; as well It th old whp suffer (tutn-
dys, optsia, etc., is Brown,q Iro. Bticil.

Ntrvout ~~9atioeoH,, tyspp)sia, hrppo.
to+.v. HrXul l t htlt, erird ty "Wt, ls.
go lb h ,' IV ," .t,

11 U-


.--i. ... .

fern. AT 1100081bap)round.
news?# otdssiers whoo ntlenipt to rI'vr



',or moe" than a thiIrd of a aeiitir'Vtits
known to mill100V L11 over theo world as
thie only sare rol auce for ore rlief of
aocldents oac ipin,11lb 1-i a inodiolno
above PrIVONA apraiso0-tsaobes1t Off Ec
kinad. r.or (ivory lot III uicztornalpain

It, pefl~traECle.s31VOhand Mhe ne to
the vor'7 tiour-inalring theo unctlitn-
anes of patio iv'&'linflanimation luapos,
albilo. IW 4z~ecta IM01oa' h),u Fan ifsharda
It bo Bito Crea ton arle qit&Uy wonder-
All. 19110 IdeaoX10

Ltoimnet is peedeil bFy Somebody ini
*Y01 houe Evo~dabrinqu news of
the ~ ~ ~~Vro aoyoc vt.t. or burls
subdued, ~t of uheuniintL. saa~rtyrs Iae
6tore,4!ta&?a valuable trme ors.ox'.
sa.by Uto healuig powvr of tid

whqpaicures Inoa im .o
Rheumvattaism, 95 1UWLstl
Joinfaqdlotractcw InsvIcues,.Ifinis
and Spalds. Cuts, BrIIruteesnd
SOrrinh, Poisonous R3itaves ad
Sore Ripple'., Caked Rreast enti
Inciearoery frv!%ioCi'*x teruai *5
eage. Ithv]aiwithoutecsar*.
Vor the JRiFI (Ii1".'i.'zrowterurs
jiraing, 5witiYjbl (19? W IN`Josit,
Frounderf, Wnrnosa. Mfree. ioosr file.
1~~~10WUlrt t'Nrewctg Wnk.Sa
Id ores, Fall 1vls rirlai ulion
the Miht alt4every 'miii r allsaient
to h wt eb tee 0% CtPOY10tsof tMe
Stable and Stoak frV"a t s1citbit.
The Mexican MdtnstIngLlentaiu
&0.cures 511(1 Sivo? wspPoliuts)
adale, positively$

703 ma T032 UATP

JA'uXsoNvrraj,, FLA., April 4, 1883.

LeMve Jaickeonlle daily at
lernanditat duily ,i
Brutistoi daftilly at
Arrive at Miumon duily at
Atit daily rat
A LtiIDA THAN81r Ic. a,

S45 pm
4 15,1)i m
800 pmi
6 40 ao i
12 Sit noon

Leve Ja'.ksuionvio daily except. Sun. 8 30 am
Arrive at Waldo nt 3 511) p mi
Gt4:nesville at 4 40 p in
Cedur Keyv at 8 15 p m1
Oratnge. Ike Tn-sday, Thursday
and atur'day at .8 31 p in
To Macon 10 hours, to St. -i To Atlanta 22 honrat, to ClAicago 53 hour
' Chatunagt-'2t lhr,a, to Clea'.-eand 55.h'rs
') '"tucinnoti.40 hour, to Pittsburg 569 h'r
D. i3: Maxwell, Waltor G. Coleman,
SGen. Sup't, (en. Trayv. ageht
A. 0. McDonoll, Oen. Pass. and Ticket
agent. 3 0-ft.)

C a
Tite only Weck'y Bee Paper in the World.

[Established in 1801.]
Monthly 1.00 a Year-*Weekly $2.00.
S Invariably in advance.)
It not only nastains Its foritrr excellent
roputnticn, but exceeao. the oxpoctitiontiof
itb bcst friend, by advat-oing progressive
idetis upon 13eo Culturo, It in tie Best and
Moidt 'lhoroughly Practitou Publiention on
BWies and lHoney in the World, and all
those who keep baes should take the WVK.
Ll iT B JOUSNAL,. It is edited by ToMAts
G NyewitAN, whose reputation is worltd-
wide. eut lfor a nsanmile cpy. Address
BEE JOURNAL, chiggo, Ill.

Icor FLOfllSTS and
a* Plal tath a iiM, Japan
-ija m Jit+, 'im tch i ulb,
Aiucris n^ulutow. Also

91EE I ahin.f,,i. UesloW

Wluh Liquoris and (CAlrM

E. S I. S1 'ILL.+ .AN & 'O


.':. FINE W;NES."::;':'.


Bottled Lager, Ale m N Potafor or3ily ,,

1+ *

Thil w~l-lknowIAn 1 B Dily Whiskey always onl HoIind,


Malt LI.quor,, \






Wines and Cordials, Irish and Scotch





ty Stock "s Scoaiud

___ 1'~~~ ~ ~ s

Established 1820.

.9 __
S' .1 ^ '.-" "


Axes, Hatchets, Pick;
Of ll sizes atnd pric33 from $5 to $30. Also, Plowing Machines,
Farmers will receive valuable Information, odtahogues, &o,,
by writing V4 the omaknors,
COLLINS & CO., 212 Water St., New York.


0 N.




I have just ;ecelved a newaanw varied ead r. ofr O Goos, thht arr 1alt0ad of anY'.
thing before bmnight here asidl amT iOhCiig them at the most reusouable figures .
V auy.ae tin th6 oity, -

The east calico A- Cotton Goods.

Thf Newest and ifost Select Stvlo.


An'd everything In fact r'`iited. My BakeOy is the most Complete ini:
town. e't etpber't8is and come.

ev Wat, Feb. 11



Front St., Key WetP .* ~ Fa.,


:Shi~p Ohtancfty, Qro*-4-.ei6rqyllqns"Haird* rtCit
CrooKerv e~q iware Qlasw ro

Nu. 3.
A. M.
- 7.30

No. 1. No, 2. No. 4.
. Miil. Mail Accom.
P. ,- AM. P'iM.
1.0 Le. Jacksonvillo Ar 8.00 8.25
2:14 Ar. Baldwin At. 2:02 6:50
SA. M,.
4:03 Ar, tlake City Ar. 11:.38 9:00
6:5 Ar., Lie Oak Ar. 10:37 .1;25

5:26 7;43 Ar. Madison Ar. 9:12 11:05
7:20 9:08 Ar. Drifton Ar. 7:30 0:03
`9 dg'Ar. Montioello Ar. 8:20
9:0o1 10:00 At. Tallnhassee Le. 6:05 7:15
0:00 10:46 Le. TallabnaoeAr. 5:556 0.,38
:)1.05 19:00 Ar. Qulony Ar. 4:45 5.,20
P.,M. "A 't, M ..
12,10 1.00A., Ohatta, RIV. Lo. 8:45 4.15
-' 1 is":10 Len1..Junto'n Ar. 8:10
S:, A11:. Marl.nns, Ar. 1:39
P.M. M
0:10 Ar, Pensacola Le. 7;15
:' M. M.
.; Ar. Montg'mery fIe. 8:30
S4.5 At% Mobile Lo. 2:00
)' O Ar, N Orlenna Le. 8:40
A, P. 9, Vt.
6:50 Ar. Hiouston Le. 6:15
I. 1 ahd .daily; Trains 8 and 4
dilly, xcept Sauday.)
Q li Tralan Jaoksnnvtll~to Pensacola.
Bleeping Care Tedlahbsst to Penoacola.
xAt Jaektonvulle, with Watross Line by
IND. 4 in tb6he ait. u,, and No.,din tnh p. .,
for all pelnto Nooth and East; with the
fOftam1Jiha ad J4aok.onville Railroad for
i*rtandlnAt, and with bteemets toall points
Jba te @t Johns liver. '
1 At Btldin by No, 1 with Florida Tran-
sit and Pezonular Raihoiad for Gamnenvillo
Os4, Leembitrg, Cedar Key. and4 all Gulf
port4,, I
At Live Oak,'with the Savannah, Florida
iad Western Railroad.
a. ,at ha'see with St. Marks .Branch
T'epQ on aTuenedays, Thursdlays and Sat
at etMoohie Rliver, with tbo PensA-
.0ct-in t-At*ttIo 0 ilroad for Marsann,
PrkiAogti6MOeIle New Orlean,, and all
piobtijsI l da:_et, Southwest and North-
wefn tiamiki, tho sxoTzs-a, Q'rqcxEW ANI
Or route o these points; and with the
Caurmtl a'nd people's Line Boats on Hun.
days And Thursdays for Apaechioola; and
Td avsla and Satturdays for Columbus and

Oe 1 Fl Cil B teh New Short

Oni Avis, i General Managd We r.
General Pa, '.or Agent.
S J. Molacdo Master Trans.,
April 14, (t.f.) T haeasee, Flan.

Ifroad Ad ertisements.

:Sav aif~ h Fforihih & Wess
tern RaUwa y.

Wavycroi. Short ,Line.
Maol d. f etlw* mnay, May :1l8 8,66
,,Tmlmn will loetv And m rove At .hacok.
PA... ', AIIT AIL,
Leave a atonville at )9, a im
Arlrve t Jaksoutvillo at 4.45 p 1u
Ariy dt 0allIhatn at 0,15 a m
Areive, at Wayoross at 12",10 p m
yrive at Livev Oak dally (exeOpt
a Sunday At 0,00 p min
rrjve at Vw !h'idford daily (Sto.
itpt Bidtyay) at 7,40 p n
Arrive at nSVSlMh daily at 8,40 p in
Arrive nt Charleston daily Asrivo at W hinrlgto 0., ., at 0,60 p in
Atnvc at New YTor.. y A.', 0(1,0 a it
arrive at Thommasivlllae ilytI 0,45 pai
Arrive at Uhatt oohit.da"1 iythol at 9,10 p 111
Arrive at Peomcola daily at 0,00 a in
Arrive at Mobile daily at ,05 p in
Arrive at New Orleopt dally at 140.5 pon.
3.onnuoting at Savannah with through
Pullman Palace.affft atnd Drawing Room
ble.i.hng Cars, vinnah to New York with-
,out change,.
Connecting at O&0.ttihooohle with Penaua.
cola and Atlantic Itailroad dully for I eunsa
cola, Mobile, New Orleans, T'exuA,~a ai all
trann-.Mitilsippl points. Elegtint Pullman
Butret Sleeping CArs, ftom savannah and
Wayorous to New Orleans without change.
This train conuoots- at New Braufoed
with steamer Caddd Belle, leaving for (o.
dar Key and Suwannee River point every
~rkitay at 4in. in., arriving at Cotlar Key at
.4 p L
Thti train connects with People's Line
bthmrors. leaving Ohattahooohie ovory nin-
d,'~at0p in., for Apaoftbicol, Fltorsdla
and every Tuesday at t10 p. m., for Oolgnmi
Leaye JaNokBovillo at 5,40 p m
Arrive at JaoksonAille at 8,00 a ta
Atrive ait Jsup o it 1,20 p in
A.rrivo AtHt rnwick at 9 o,3 ain m
Arrive (t atvazilqh at. 3,1 5 ain
Ari ve At Clwhoeton it 11,45 p T
Arrie att Washington at 10,40 in
Arrive at ow lYork at .30 p in
Arrive At Atliiltft 12,235 in
Arrive at Nedinlbe at 1,12 ai m
Arr4 n at Louisvlle at 7,60 a. m
Arrl* -6t Cincuinnattiat 700a Ro
A8ve ht Ot(icngo at 0,20 a min
7iw' at St. Lnliat 7.30.p in
Arrive at 'IThounsville at 0,464 a i
At'revrst Albany at 11.15 a in
Arrive 'tt Alontgombcry at 69,00 p mn
Arrivo at New Orleans at V,30 t in
Arrive at Nshville at 7,30 a min
A;ivvno at Louniayllle at 2,.5 p mi
Arrivo at Cinot'nati %t 7,1C p m
Arrive at St. Lo4lu at 0,30 na i
Pullnman Buffa t and Drawing llodo
Sleeping Ortuoin this traiu for Htavannah,
Charleliton i atd," Wasbington without
change. Also, Pruliman Palace Sleeping
C.- to Atlanta tand Cincinnati via J1un1,
fnd Hotel CoAr to Chicago, via Savanunal
and Cincinnati, without Pasaengern taking tho nsglht express can
got into tbo sleoping earsi at 9 o'clock p. inm.
SA now RoBtaurnut haal been opened at
W'nycroas, and abundant tioe, will be allow-
ed fuor sails by alnl p:asenger trains.
Connectingg at .iavlanith with steamers
for New Yorlt, Philadolphia, Boston antl
Connecting tat Charleston with ateromer.
for New Y'ork, Philadelpita and lalthitiore.
Through tickets sold to all points by Rail
and ~aionmilii connuctiouia, ind Ba'gagu.
checkcrd through. Alec Sleeping Car bertn.
rtnd scctlona secured at Company's aOfivo
in Amtor' ljuilding, 84 Bauy street, and at
Depot Ticket office.,
Sl2.tf.] Agent. .R. & P, Age
Florida CentraIl iand Westerni R. R.
JACISONVIWLLV, Li.v., May 13th, 1883.
COMMENCING this date, trains on this
SRbad and itm Connfetion, will run as

1 A In ORY

x. I NT

The Now York and Galveston U. S. MAIH STEAMSHIP LINE, composed
of the following First Class Ships:

SAN MARCOS, Captain Bolger, 8000 Tons.
IUADALUPE, Captain Nickerson,- 2889 "
COLORADO, Captain Crowell, -. "2764 "
RIO GRANDE, Captain Burrows, .- .-. -554 "
Through Tickets Issued to New Orleans via. Morgan

Line a Lowest Rates.

A.. E. u.'..iJ-".', AGJ-E32T T,





Steamenr leaves Key West for Tampa, Manatee and l3raidentown ovory Wedunelday and
Saturday at 4 p,. .
For 1'Inta iassa and Ocolar Keys every Wodntsday and Saturday at 4 p. m. Accom.
modalioi n Ilrht.t-clts. '


Agent at Key West.


- CtommisAs0io


[No. 1, Front St., Key West, Fla.J
%I.U Ship chandlery, Groceries and Pirovsions; a fine lot of Hardware, Cutler
ry, Toolt, roc-kery, Glaisware, Stovo~ aand Hollow-wa:.e, Tin and Wooden-
waro, all kind of Nails, Spikes and S&rews, Bricks, Lime, Cement and I'las-
tor, Shingles, Laths and Lumber of all Kinds, Hity Cor tu d Oatt,




Carpeting, Matting, Fepatherp


Furniture Furnitur%


FanrOy and Useful Artioloe Not to ba


---(0) ---.
T HISCOOMPANY have completed two sections of their Docks pnd Mar
J. now prepared to take out vessels as large as I 10 tonls.

Vessels Uinder 50 tons, $25.00. Over 50 tons 50 oent.-pertoit.


e Fogarty & Johnson.
Key West, Fla., July 15th, 1881.



Lllnsj_~Y_~_~_~ _;_~__ I I~ -----~7i--~1-~m-TI---F I- ----II-~ ---- ~

i .;. -

* .* Bw* nanip .lg uru N.
..ii................. .... ................... .... .... ....... ........... ....... ........



Il lI

im I J J .. .

_~___ ~~ --I ~e,~


_ __ ~__~I_~__ I______

_1 __



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