Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: June 11, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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wi. lh 1 ii imn,. cnlv heats ueld out of The beh lB ( O 'wu~ h c gvured at Loran u mo lt w co odtlon i n Lotdon. 'i .r roomn hoc thee Mhok Island to Caldw 1 the Vdaa
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w,,re pueke resihnn ofyOkPiark a, are in thye In t or
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tay no organsted ta Ir- V aeAnso, Ind., April Of.-Albion w C va givung an al4atis. nun Ier M
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Thnere d, ia osae 11in '' ""
*itu.e ds at Pau It,
o n / hen n b ea" I I1. 4 rl4a m y .h I A M a 1" "ro tP
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'i~~~o Io umu .m .
Manet 1%n n a nd l._P uw. Aetn Gna 4.TW "fAM co
1!4m A r mnal Ilk p ow IUI "0i WA r.6Isel


Ivnrri TimliT m m) nruni'inli HUMAN rSOCIETY.

finn nmU i Ui-UJIUUIiAi
KEY WEST, FLA., APRIL 2.. 1889.

Publishers and Proprietors.

Office, in Equator Building, Front St. caw.
ner of Duval, Telephone' 30
0 'IIrl''IImN lA'lrr'.
N l\ M .,11 f1 ll I! Mo t.ell ..... ..... l
l 1t 'iilhii ilit ilo i Htrlctly in Adv tice.
, nrir ., i l\ i lrr irvrtry v ll tng Rcoiltt sunday
inll lor iiig ,il residf a' I ii otlimly o petent,

'i o,,ss mbity, tri ,,y mn beig 1888.

.v I\'.iIO "XDED FEAI.

iny, possibly, tricky moei being selootod
for members of the now commission, We
coitft'" i) having no such fears as long as
the arl.ctieu ne made as we proposed to
niaoe thel ; in fact it would be almost ant
iniilosilbility to get a majority of the now
Boardi t,,"t woro imputo men, solectod as
thlty arn to bl by the strongest roeirosouta-
tIvO lindies of the island anld from afong
thoir numnliber. MeIn in Key West aro too
woll kunowi and stiund too favorably in the
OUIUic(T,'ilf anil bttstiesm world for us to
findl ninny i,/,i nult iiij s some profess to
droil. 'Ihe boh.Tsty and siuncority of our
l litE, of ill pal-ties and tf ill shades of
(opliiln)i in flv'ocatiig a meastiro liko this;
in coisentting to be disfranelised, that a
plossilbl grtiater good may coiet of it, shows
that tleo inspiration that moves them is of
a highbor andl nobler (rdecr than for such
sordild motit es to inspire them. The men
inttirested in the imovemont and who have
eatrrid< it through to fruition iro the btis.
iiL'ss nt i tnd lirofQssiounaI men of the city;
ti) ('liU-i tlihu in it body or even singly
with ef'inrt,, lt control it for base iprposes,
ashws itself ffalso upon its face. Any man
with gelill', ,nloagh I to nliuipulalt or even
t) rtttilt tto control a partisan convention,
1tins tlighi Irains to know that to control
tin recoltniiilationi or .loniiinatious of
tlihoi two boililo. would ond in signal f1ii-
r<. Weo doli't protond to say for all in.
Ktant Lhat very main miluctuil will give uni-
vort.l satisfaction, or a;:dust whom noth.
illt will bo said, but we do say and we
mieii it, that no bad iman, or danguirous

We clip the following article in relation
to a Humane Society, and reoomiumod It to
the careful consideration of our re*4ers.
If there is a lcty in the world that stands
in need of a Humane Society, that plaeo is
Key West, and we do hope that our people
will take active steps at onoo kingg to
the forming of such. The Time.Unioen
The nooeed of a soolety for the prevention
of cruelty to animals, has become so pnat.
out, that a number of citizens have taken
the matter Iu charge, and with the aid of
our State LogislatorB, hope to affect a
prompt cessation of the acts of cruelty wit.
nesoed daily in Florida and particularly in
A society of this kind was organized hero
a fow years ago, but the power of arrest
being delegated to policemen, who wore
not made offers on account of any hu.
mano feelings they were supposed to en-
tortain, acts of cruelty wore never abated,
and with sentiments of regret, those who
wore foremost in their attempts to make
the organization a sucoess, were doomed to
disappointment, and to-day the merciful
man will involuntarily start at ho hears the
crack of the whip with thoe stinging lash,
while the drays are flying past at full
spooeed on the street.
A meeting will be hold at 4 o'clock this
afternoon at Library hall to tako the
proper steps to bring the matter before tho
Legislature, with tho desire that a bill
formulated to meet tbo present demands of
the caso, shall be passed at the present
session. Cio of tho lprineipitl foaturcs of
this bill omipowors dosignatod officers of a
society for prevention of cruelty to animals,
to ainko arrests whenever the law is vio-
lated, and it will thoroughly eradicate this
ovil for which our locality is notorious.
The humane 1)o pl1o of Jacksonville
should bo woll roprosontud at this mooting,
as it will carry weight with the appeal
which is to be made for the dumb creat-
ures all around us.
The Washington correspondent to the
Louisville Courioer Journal says that "some
Democrats in the country are inlineod to
think at present that Mr. Benjamin Harri-
son is going to unmake an exceedingly fair
antd excellent President, having the good-
will of the whole country at heart. Just
suspend your opinion for a little while
gentlemen, for the President of the United
Httoes is a little narrow-minded partisan,
and before heo has beeoon in office a year you
will know it. In tho meantime, every
Iemooratio railway nmail clork in tho civil
service mtay us well make up his mind that
he will be dismissed. And, as a matter of
fact, all Democrats in the employ of the
government will have to go. There is
going to boa lose, narrow-gnage Admiuis.
triation, and it is the wise Democrat that

-m wll1) rcu muuei r ppoi o ,
.nks and expects no favom."
nT111)(10lo, h a] Wa4I iu(,rit N.'of tdichI

Christ himself was inveighed against,
and WVashington waif often accused of
being a traitor to his country, and there-
fore it is likely that consuro will find some.
thing against every nmn ,clectod, but it is
nilways remarkedil that the man who fluds
I'I !/(llh in hi.; fellow 1an, is o0110 who is not
n b0o censure l but pilirl We have a few,
uiily a few sulch hero. Theliy nooeedn't
worry, they will not be on the now Com-
missioni, yet there will be good men
'.I s /IVASINUTO ,;s )ANTS.",'
In an1 editorial of recent date, under the
abovo head, showing tho growth of journal-
Laon in Now York during the past century,
thn Wiirld, in that city says that. "in that
lrimitiivo weekly newspainir, the Now York
jacket thore appeared in May, 178.), just
aftcr the inauguration of (oorgc Wabhig-
tin oits Prosidoent, the following advoertise-
"A cook is wanted for theo family of the
1'rcsidont ef the United States. No one
nuodl lily who is not perfect in tho bus-
iness aud can bring indubitable testinio-
itiiali of sobriety, honesty nnil nttouttion to
tle dutieiis of the station.
"A coachninu who can l)e well recom-
miondod for his skill in Driving, attention
of lorses anil for his honesty, sobriety and
gOuil dtistposition would likewise find em-
piloytiont in the Family of the President
'of tho United States."
It is interesting to noto that tho.custom
now so universal of advertising "Wants" in.
the ncwslpapor was adopted by the Foather
of his Conntry. If this sensible business
method of conimutniention n'eoded Ian ofl-
cial and dignified historic precedent to
sanction it, surely none more conclusive
could be found than that ffunishod. by
Wia-hington in ndvortising for i oooht ih4,
Scoachman, both of whom ho loon secured.
in nothing in the wonderful growth of
this city and of the country better illus-
trated than in the development of the
newspaper proea within a hundred, years.
Tho dicleronce between thbo New York of
1789 ond 1t88 is not greater than the dif-
feronco between the scant little four-page
weekly bulletin of that early time and the
World of to-day. The packet printed a
dozen or twenty "Want" notices in a week,
The World printed last week 10,847.
Should Piosident Harrison, daring his
coming visit, advertise in our columns for
i cook and a coachman, it would require a
platoon of policemen to regulate the appl4-
cants that would bosloge his beotel. For
the World is tho recognized "Want" Direo-
.; tory, and to cook or drive for the Presidont
is still a covoted honor"
;jIVE U, YOUR IIAN1), lJROTll1l,
Very many In Key Wot withouest regard to
polities, oexeopt thoso who themselves want
tho olffic) ardvery fond of Dr. J. V. nlar.
ris, the Collector of Customs there, and en-
tertain the hope that President IIarrison
will permit him to remain. Dr. larrm is
as mgth respected in hi> old MississIppi
lihnio for his splendid qualith.hs of bond and
heart, t he is in Florida.-Ttlmes-Unilon.
Right you are, brother, and the doctor
is oialdly admired in Key West as in his
old Missisippi home, and what is more
has the confidence of all, both Demotraie
and Republicans, and we are morally certain
Sthat the straightforward, courteous, budi-
nestlike manner in which he hals conducted
the affairs of hi) office will insure for him a
I stay In the Custom House until the time
for which he was appointed shall have ex-
Fmw' rtant Postmaster General
Clarkson in dismtIssing Doooratio post-
masters of the fourth clas, elI over the,
country at the rate ef 186 6st ay, i The
Civil ervieoo with a vi .. 4'

TMR anticipated trouble "01
hems settlement has already egn
test, and scenes of violence and blood-abeA
In the territory are of dally ontrrenoe,'

We do not believe it. Thus far Presi.
dent IIarrisou has matndo a good Presidoent
and filled ill tof his promisets in regard to
Civil Service Refornm, as far as possible;
and we prefer to believe that ho intends to
"how to the line, lot the chip fall whore
they may,"
Tho EQUiATon-l)oEMn'IAT will ovr ubo
ulnd ready to give justice tos public
sorvant, oven tliouigh ho be a Republican

WV should oousider welt the selection of
men for tho new (ninmmisalon. Wo will
ontrust to their hands the weal or woo of
tho place, for five years. They should be
men of Judgment and at the santo time of
acnotion, reliable, 'ct progressive. Wo ore
wedded to no single nman or sot of men,
all we ask is for a Board, who above all
things, shall have the prosperity, the
health nud improvements of this city at

UR portaneoe purifinAgthe blood eta.
$et be everestlnead, tor without pure blood
yi" eWnot enjoy good health.
At tis season nearly every one needs a
good mediineo o purq,t vitalize, and enri
thA bleod, and we aI you tO try Hiood's
aPeculiar "Srd 'a. Xtreglth
ar an buds up the system
while adlea distease. The !paecu
edatlm, proportion, and preparatiUon
fl f t* T table rmedlm ued giveT o
inea'emowrpemNo To Ifftefo
their oeBe has aseubt woudedtul
sure. XI ye have made up your mad to
Iy Heod's 3 Rsnapat do not abnduced to
take any other Istead li It mieeullar
Medicine, and Is worthy your esodenee.
Hood's SarnapatIrtI1t ld by ityallrtigglt
Prepared by 0. L MooCl Ca, Lowll, Masj.
100 Doses One Dollar
Two llonses and Lot For sale,
Situated on the corner of OlivIa st eet
and Windsor Lane, 100 feet square. Has
two honse-store houses on the ootme and
dwelling adjoining. For part ulan apply
at thislEoLE. Aprl 16.2-w.



S Physioiannd burgeon.
Offlee t Psadleton'sDrug Store. Ofae
Ho ur 7 to 9 a. m., and from to 5 p. m.
J -"-
Oaoe in the Post Offie. ,
Oet.lltf .
TTE (I. F. KwNi '



-On a ee

Oaeor~AP'mlasmo the beoutful girl,

i" I TBWo,,oaM' iae o T

,q A d l 1l7oovery ha been

beenlt of Hls Endeavor to Save Two Boun
I a Day by System.
My4ittle nophew ran anorow, somowhero, a
paragphla whlob said that anybody could
save at lout two hours of waste time a day
by running on a time table. Proddy brought
the haopter to me and asked what it meant
I told um. I advised him to make out a
time table for himself and try running on It
for a fow days. Hoaid hogueoed he would.
In a day or two ho submitted tho following
A. 5.
0BS to 7--Gottin' up.
T to 7T80-Bath and gotta' roddy for brok-
TO0 to 8-D-rckfus.
8 to 8si9)-PIraim.
8:90 to 8:80-lard study.
i3Dt--Start for skool.
0-Got there (a follur must havo some fun
,in life), 0
Oto 10 0-Study ind respite.
10:30 to 10:45---Iies (out to be longer).
10u45 to 1--Study and reeite.
V. IL ,.
19 to 12i15-Goln' for lunch.
%-11 to a12:80-Eatitn' it.
1980l to 1---Soo of things. Playn' hall
Ito8-Skool agen. Tuffest part of the
i.-Skoolovor. Plun begins.
8 to --Datmall. Bisleklo ridin'. Goin' to
walk (aumtImne with a girl). Slidila' ia
akatin' in winter. Flyin 'klt. Botherin' the
dog. Poanuts. Gojl' to rido with pa. Shop-
pit' with ma (woe don't kno it beforehanTd)
Knudy. In had weather readlln'. Sloos of
other things.
0( to 7--)nner (graito thlino for me).
7 to 7:0-Notlhi' Inuoh. Don't feel like it.
7:30 to 8- Pa gets dun with paper, nan' reads
sunthhi' alowd.
6-4siI mIlust bo.in to study.
8 to 815-u-Klou' against It
8:1l to Ol9:15--Stuily.
0(15-Gwup to bod.
o015 to 0:35--Winduil Waterbury watch.
so85 to 9Oi5-.Uudrasiuu' and getting' into
0:45 tUl niornin'-Grato big times with
dreoons, but a fuller can't stop to enjoy them
nmucth. Wonder wy drnenis can't hIang on
mnoro liko reel things?
P. K,-Wnro do those' too extr 'ours cumin
in t-Phrenological Journal.
Somethlng Apliroprlate.
Miss Agnes-Won't you ask your friend to
sing something for usB
"Sho can't, Mr. Phersoy; theo poor girl Is
"'Well, what's thoematter with ono of Men-
dolaohn's songs without words'l"-Pittaburg
Dispatch. _________
Not iIn 'eir Sot.
Mrs Ti top-I soc you Ins v tw neighbors,
Juime. Are they soiety lm ellel
Jmunie (MrsB. iHighul' sorvanit)-Guoss not,
lItIt. I ul th 111111 u' the ihoutso omiau'
hoomo last night with hls nrani full o' nows-
papers an' nagaziiets.
Not un Old MSitter.
Vistior (to butler who Is lowing him
through the picture galhlry of the ioli man-
sion)-That's a flno lrtiitralt. Is it an old
Butler-No. Thnt's theo cM l dils.sus.-Dos-
ton Courierr.
A Val'tlblo Voilce.
Mrs. Voix-My husband has a imatuilllfont
voice, and It suppuirts our whole fianly.
Mrs. Caller-A tenor tlgiinr, I lit ilusio.
Mrt. Voix-No, ho vulls oiitt earria(go nuum-
bere at an uptown theatre.-New YVrk w un.
A eUillOn Bftsirlo.i
Maddorn-Arnyou the S ilow that. ctulo my
Bn aglt,--Yes, 'why Do yoiu waIt, it?
MI uitdorn (aghiat)--N-no, kitp It, umd I'l
seid orevr tho cover toxlay.-Thoii Iili. ,
A Seta IlelIc Co'ni4A+ ntilti.
"I thought, young man, tli*.I I 1,l you not
to stir out of the yar'P tohtiy," otill (a stern
p nuit, i"and hero you aro diwnt Ivn."
"Ma'aniu has commuted lily u NIitlio to
donlto rr'andis for heir."- a'urtfordil o t.
Literatlire'1 Doellno.
Great Publisher (looking over annanuscrlpt)
-Your language Is not as flowing as form-
Goat Author (apologetically)-I wroto tbat
on a typowriter.-PhLailelphilIa l'rei.r
The CompiMltion or f a Fteo.
Tubba-I flatter myself that lionesty *s
printed on oy face.
Grubbs--Voll or yes, psrhal--with
some itnlloiwno for tyipogralhiiti.l Prrors.-
Burlington Fr Vreus.
Lots Like limn.
Wale-I suppose women aro all aliko, My
wife is always eomhit to too for mnonoy.
Albert-What do sl si do withl it
Wales-She doesn't do anything with It. I
never give her any.-Boston Beacon.
lo Even IReds the P. 8. Twice.
No young woman can writo a letter with-
out a postserlpt, but the young man who gets
the lette r or eonam to mindu.-Journal of

,.,.. *. now George Won ner.
'*e mo to givo you plu.,Mr. Fergu-
,baftlM I can never b Try, tryto
WUl try, Mis Laura," replied the young
mamaf a melancholy, hopeless way. "Ab-
eosbed In the vortoe og busuies, am I shall bo
!setoorth,LImAy he able to stlll the clamor
i Acae.hing.h art kd banish your sweet
tlou fo my mind.".
.. you contemplate going Into but*-
"I have mado "rrsngwrats,' ho mid, in a
hollow vooic "to open a large retail confea-
tonry sto~a"
1 1

OPFTICIA N. Condensed Milk Co.,

The Professor will correct all im-
perfections of the sight by adjusting

Soctaclos and lyo Glassas
of every deIscription. O(llcehours from
2 to 7 p. Ill. at tthe Cocoanut Grove Ilo-
tel, No. ri) Front St.
Will cnll lit Private residences If
desired. Satisfaction guaranteed.
pl-r- -lm

l t o, O papt snd ouit I stpil Str s ogletlfl ani
0irci'lat1i of nny Iuitmer of i O|lasts In hoWorld.
'nflly llu treated. oat class t Wood na.rav-
Iingi. t'ilbillhol woolY. l ied for tiioa neltan
:orI,, 'rice $3 a ye r. tnur. i tPinnth'tritr lW
I UN l& CO., IP'mits.iHniIN, 1 ilroandwabi N..
Edition of Soientifio American. i
A nest um ccps. MacIt IltmeO contains onored
llth(,graphltilatoR | of country and ely ..ll idon-
coA or public buildings. Nuiirtorus ennra&rl
and ftll plans and e.ptcllloatilor for thr use o
such it iontomplato htldliitli. 1'rice $2.0 a year,
soeta. a copy. MUNN AC (JO., PULIsnUS&a.
maybesee r.
PATENTSha hhoei
rs e experience and have made over
S eSa ileloatln for eananid For.
Wst n itp a n for en handbook. Corres.
poitdluti strlietl oonfidentlal.
In enBe your mark Is not regllterld In the Pat-
ilnt Oflep, 1i1ily to MtNN & Co., nul procure
ltiunm illint pilteotion. aind for Jil/dbook.
iO1I'VRl;II1TI4 for honkR, charts, maps,
0te., quickly procured. Aditrue
MUNN & CO., Patent Hollrcilto
UesNKIUL OFriIea 801 iiRaoAtiwv N. T.

D. 0. Dalsheimer

importers & Jobbers
Gents I'lrnlshing Goods and Hosiery
ai specialty.
56 Worth St. 76 78 Canal St.
New York. New Orleans Lai

In stock antd can always be found at
-Passengert Lists.
-Wareliouse Entry.
-Coasting Manifests.
-Auctioneersa reports.
--Reorts and Manifests.
-InwardtPassenger Lists.
-Inward Foreign Manifest,
-Outward foreign Manitest.
-Entry for Immediate Consumption
-Withidrawal Entr for Consump.

Facts A tFotn s CUB

Asthma ... Ue Fontaine's Cure and
Ir Liniment: quick eoliet
lay Fever... .e Fountaine's C re and
A Cold oured in 19 hours by
Fountain's Onur.
Oc.asuniption take mnall doese of Fonn.
taine's Ours: relieve the
sorones of ohMt and beak
by rubbing with Foun-
tlinei Liniment.
IIronchitll .. .iseFoutaino's Cure and
Liniment, a quIlektuoe
ypter guaranteed.
,IDyptherla,.. , Founta e's Cre atad


BAsta .a n olor lcte do a ela
purn, ts azucar y libre de today cloate de
engrodionte, concentrada on una oromin
espesa, y preservada por t16 procedimlento
flsido. He dissolve instatanoamento en
agia, fria 6 oallente, a sa estado natural
mas6 menos espeaii, segun In oantiad do
iugt en que so disuelva. Birvo pars todos
los bbjotos cullunarioa, ea quo In loohe
fresca se use. Es exeelente pars los os.
tioOes, helados etc. Usada sin agui, 6
como vl6no es may osquisita en ol enf6;
esta oexempta do germenea quo puedar ser
dorjudiolallo a Ia slud, y sn gusto esquisito
y dolicios so rucomienda altamente.
Tengase prosente quo In leebo so 6 con.
ierva meojor en U lanta bion tapada. COi.
'lado con0 a Imilaciones. Doe vnta on el
almatouen deo U. Roeo, call do Duval.
Key West, Jany. 10, 1 year;'
P'assonger Departme'nt,
nntfoerd, Ia.., Dec., 1id, 184.
Poiollnringg oBtlonay, Deo. t will ho I i forthe
tti, Stiecla itl Pasmutiger titntil wllit ti ii it otwtoa
Hutford lid Talnipaa. ti per s,'ttlulu b low.
sOnTIIBOsDn. ensTaBsu Ns
1.M. 1.St Lavei Hauroord ArriTve I 1 P I
|. 4 LlKw, t=Wl. IV 12.B1
i14t Altalillon)to prints v ll.4 "
.0 attlnd i "
IR.1 Wittr Park
I sa Orianido 1,2 .
>.2 Kilmlmnwt v 11.4) Am.
S4.0 avenport 10.4
4.10. 'fa IO I F 10.34
4.27 Hrtow. notion t0.1
4.86 Ambiur dr lo iu).i
D t t. 8akelanud .

o.o3 ** M-iwO .,t

Elfl-lassas flil Sboctacles
at DR. PIENDLUTON'S Drug Htore.

A Large and CompleteAssortmont of I he
Celebrated DIAMANTA irmnd Inst
rooeoived A Peret Fit G guaranteed in
every Instance.



Tr e Duveatl
Is now opento the public. ThU prophes-
tress desires to ntte that all who desi Xt.
oellent fAnrst-olassmeals will do well to all
at the Dua. Prio very moderate.
jan4etf ________onf_

HAVING been thoroughlyl renovated is
now open to guest. str lyfirt-ltis
in all It s appointments. Ga, Eloetrie
ell, atd Wer Baths, and all modern
improveAmentr. irainago perfected Oly
Hoter i he City properly sewered.
0. T. Mrumn, Prop.

Sweeny's restaurant.
NO. 11, 1 AL "g ,
(Near the NewiTlaeU House)
Uystersn and Now York MontaaspiAly.
AWreri ma, Spa ish or Fienallb o ing.

moh-64.31 o foriReo9 ,

-APACKUMM* 41Tk 0BAaiW1*'0V_

LEAF t AhcO.
We toake a 6po.lth rf All KraUi e'
MUD TOBACUCO adopted for Xmb *est
SeIga aa-l Awi 2apo itmety l Qeto
elst t Ima LtWa Bhs, Ma k otden
a 04'LIU T Pp.

G11- LU I PzeulIV~sit. Ii. U.E GATQ, Vloo-l-resieleu


Freoa Dr. W. P. lHsisona.
iamsvl.TEAfNt. aY 1, Is88-1 have Use4
.Pw/t'l Specl1c i, my family for omoe tiQ., anu
evoit tobei si excellent remedy for aI mp
afles o hs lI&t. In my own caeI believe
hat I have iardiid oil a severe attack or rhen.
uatOnin tth huuldier by a tiutely ort to this
emsccat roi.l' In ait cIeIs wIncr a per-
anment NMlle t Ut a sotht this memodicne com.
meadso itsel for a conltntloal t treatment that
hlorouiily cridicates the w* of lmeaa from
mo s 1yiS. ll..w. R. 0io1.
WACO, TUIX, MA Y9, 188.
Gentlemen: The wife of one of my csto.
mer WM terrli>ly ffliclted with a loathomne skin
disnde, th it ,,vrrti ider whole body, She was
confined to hitr tied for several years by tls
amiction ant could not help Ierslf at al a p0
could npotl sip from a violent itlchings and tli
lag oftho tkiu, The disease bellied the skml
ortheshyslcltin, iwho treat It. er husebanq
began flEsly ilviig ill wifel ft' Ipeclf a,
she coinmend to Itnprove Immcdi.ay,
annd Ina few wrksih wasala titywell. Blio
ais now a httrtv, n1.Iookinsglady, with no tace
of tho a ofllieiu left. Yours very truly,
J.B, Sasas,,
Wfiolepaie Druggist, Anstia Avenue.
Troatiseon l!nil aind kln Dseases mailed fto.
Ti niwier : irr.r'(.l Drawer 3, Atlanta, Qa.
Nlow York, Bu tlruoailwiy.



NSURANCE affected undor open policy
of this lino at I per cent. For Freight
Bates and further particulars, apply to
N. A BFNNER & 0o.0
10 Old Blip, Now York.
Mr. Win. CURRY.
Agent at Koy Wost, Fila.

Prctioal and Boientiflo

Southelr Pacific Company,
__ __ a_ _ and HAVANA.
S4b allowing Fir.t-.Clas steamship.s:-


iU make regular weely trips bieweeae abovo ports, running upon the anme
scheedulc, frefght an lpA.mwnzeryatesa hct year. the mas+on will open with the
fe!1 ftUal:|uflibP l.'taUIN.ODI leaving Now urlens on the 22Ud intl
arrIving a(thfi port ou the S6th i.itnt. T'e. st auisbg hbe fastest eaimauilps plying the waters o' the Onut', will follow every alternate
week. Fr freight or p imago, having superior l ao-t unodations, apply to t,
N. B.-Mrohants are reoqieted to leave their orders for goods from Now Orlean '
ty oMoe, iMt order to Reacre prompt 1liv(rv of tlieui at destination. Fab 24-1]81


Blacksmith, Carriage and Wagon laker,


A fill line of all kinds of Carriage and Wagon material alMs kopt in
took actd for tale. .ar.-tf.

'~'~ & ~
i' c 5

ltl1 ~uta~ yeturns. (DoO.513-tf

_ I -- ---~-----vr

I Being desirous of settling up budlnes
iew, I will sell, iny properyen OarI
s Beatch, at l han t, Ilnd wJ
tiow in the bea oe of a I's
S a square of land betpl d
for milk business. -For pI ttul aply
Joaw T. AuntIs,.
Buoklln'l Arnicatealve.
The best salve in theo world for IQUe,
Bruises. Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum ever
Bores, Totter, Chapped Hands, Ohilblins,
Corns, and all skin Eruptions, and post-
tively oures Piles, or no pay required. It
s guaranteed togive perfect aatofaction,
or money refunded, Price 95 cents per
boz. For U oal by Dr A. L. Pxrmarrox,
June 28 l-w,.
Auxilliay sanitary otiZe.
Notice is hereby given that the Auxiliary
Santary Assooiation are now ready to clean
out vanlt, sinks and olosete by the Odor-
less Excavator sytea. Leave all orders at
Dr. J. Y. Porter's oice and they will be
given prompt attention, June 95f
Cheap .Books
Handsomely bound books, by standard
authors, at the Equator Stationery Store
for the low price of fifty oents per volume.
The books are worth one dollar. These
books would make handsome presonts.
Call and examine them. tf,
nallday Uoods.
Wm. MoKillip, the popular and leading
ing jeweler of Key West, has received his
holiday goods, consisting in fine Jewelry of
every description. lie can sell you a dia-
mond ring, sot of diamond jewelry, dia-
mond charms, and other pretty gifts of
rare and precious stones, much cheaper
than one would believe they could be sold
for. There are more pretty holiday pres-
ents in his large and beautiful show-oases
than were over In his house for five years
before. "Mack" is Key West's leading
Jeweler, and we are proud of his enterprise.
Call and take a look for yourself. Dec 5-tf.



Prepared by Patented Process by the




Eaton Street, opposti t(he Episcopal church.]

Wholesale and Retall Dealer In

Beef, Pork, button, Sausage, and Butter.

Also, Dressed Chickens and Turkey Egs,
Lard, Cheese Vegetables, Fruits of ail kids
Canned Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Hauns,
Breakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
Corned leef, Pigs ]eiet, Tripes, Mackeral,
(Ko I Bloaters,) and country Produce of all

Don't forget the place, S. 0. JOHNSON.

Cinnmpris ing th Superior Steamships,

lolrryl Ui- nitoed y itfa te and Fot, i(,J n ,autil l)t(..rcen '1 m iip h).y Weit anna
HavaUnk. 8ild service lIving coaisunenid with the stcetuihlil Mitlso Ito, having lott
Tampa on the 2d Noveniber inst.

Tamua Havana Service.
SAVANNAH, GA., May 11', 1888.
Beginning, May 1st., the shibis ol' this Line ilU ran as follows:
Leave TAM'PA...... ............. Monday, and Tli nrmllay,
Arrive KEY WEWI'.................. Tuesday s4d *' Friday,
An'rrive HAVANA........................ W due olal.\ SUl. aieturday,
Leave HAVANA.................... Hinnio d.pis.
fI. lltieiuesM O. .l )weinis, . Al. nillaw lt "
General Manager. Trftile 1Mna[ger. Acent, Avy 'Ur,



New York andGalveston.
SComposed of the following irnt
class steamships, carrying U.
ALAMO, Cap tain 8. Risk, 800
SAN MARCOS,-" -urrows,2900
NUECE Captain Belger 8000S
LAMPSAS, Capt Crowell 800
COMAL, Captain J. Risk, 2700 1
,riOne of the above ships ar
driving atl ey West every Wednesa
day from New York withpassesa
geor, freight and U. 8. mailsi
_leaving same day for Galveston,
also arriving at Key West every
Friday from Galveston for New
York with passengers, freight and
U. U. mails. For freight or a-
rwgo, having elegant aommoda.
lions, apply to -

EOZ. LEWIS PiemF. GAT, Vioredeut
GEO. W, A.LLN, (JMti F. IL MALONEY, Aasut4rt .Cahlor.

Capital $~50,0
Surplus = 10,

Colleotwons receive Prompt 4 Careful attentionn.
Timb IMroTEs & TliADRS NATIONALBANK ............ New ork,
Tim LouhIAiNA NATIONAL BANK .............................. :.New Orltans.
TIE FiitsT NATIONAL BANK OF FLORIDA ; ....................Jacksonville.
Tim FiltsT NATIONAL RANK OF TAMI'A ........ T........... ..... Tampa.
TiE PAOIFI ANK............................................. an Francisco.
tM EOnANICSO JANK....,,;......................... ................ t. Louis.
M AW B .................................. ..... iava.
MESSRS. B. C. LEWIS'&SON... ...... ....... ................. 'allahassee.
I I I' l J I IImIw

_I II I I WM Ah1I IM A A 1111I IL



Groast Da& k Bobbery, "An
Americ. 1Popman, Etc.
"ulna a_ A t.iet -,.
.f 2Szr 40. K~> -. 4--

- ? ..' "You dbnl take any stock in such
4, rubbish yourself, Inspector," observed
Martin, with a laugh.
Tho inspector ttod his yebrows "I
should be very apt to take tho ame view
of the case that the Jude and duryo
after Iknow what I.t fi returned,
quietly; and that ,vas al that could be
got out of him.
They now descended to the basement
and were conducted to the Imprisoned
Peroy.' He was much more composed
than they had expected @ find him. In
ftat, he had experienold such Intense
and varied emotion during the lat' few
hours that. no matter for discomposure
was left In him Martin's presence
seemed to gratify him. He asked the
judge about his mother and sister, and
received hi somewhat row colored ao-
count of their condition with aptl.rent
"But you will be able to Judge of them
for yourself at djner," the judge added,
"You mean when I am out on bal?
"Certainly; that will be in a oouple of
hourn from now,"
Are you going to furnish bl, Judge
Ketelle L
"Undoubtedly I am. Who has a bet-
tor claim to stand by your father's son?"
S*Percy was ltnt a moment. "Have
ou ever believed that I might poibly
have committed this crime he asked a t
"No sueach Idea ba ever entered my
had. I am surprised you should ask me
such a question," said the judge, with
an emphasis that Indicated that he was
a little hurt by the inainuation.
Percy took a long breath, and as he
looked up his face betrayed signs of a
feeling, that he had not hitherto be-
.trayed. "You are a good man," he said
In a husky voice. "I wish I ad had the
aensp to trust you long ago. I was afraid
you would pitch Into me, and the fact
that I deserved it made It all the more
difficult to face It. I don't know
whether you have hoard that I borrowed
a thousand dollars from my mother two
rnouths ago. She wanted to consult you,
but I wouldn't let her. This morning I
wont to her Again; but she didn't have
anything, and there was nothing for It
but to apply to you. I was on my way
your offloe w lichen this thing occurred. If
I had not happened to see her"- le
lieo broke off and altered his phraso-e-"if
things had not takon the turn they did I
should long since lAvo received your
blowing up and the monoy, paid my
debt, and-but It turned out otherwise."
"Who is the man to whom you lost
the money?" Inquired Martin.
"His name is lonry Cotton," answered
Percy. "You knlow him."
"To be sure; and he is a friend of Tun.
stall's," returned Martin, thoughtfully.
S"oUpon my word, the luck Isl g st you.
VJ WJ) you anwior mne one queston?"
"If I can."
S"You can, and w6 are among friends.
Are you cured of a certain lady'
Percy laughed, and that laugh of bit-
ter rosentnioent and humiliation was a
more convincing answer thiu any words
could have framed. It put all doubts to
"Ahl" ejaculated Martin, with an ex-
pression of satisfaction, "then It will be
all right"
At that mnouent an ofncer came with
tho Information that the court was ready
to decide the question of ball, and the
whole party pliwe dedl to the court room.
Ti)' tranuwtlons there were briof and
not particularly complicated. Mrs.
Tunstall's lawyers profemsd to consider
thI evse an especially grave one, and ro-
quatedt that bail Me fixed at the full
amount permitted by law. Counsel on
the other side natlntalnod that the charge
against Mr,*' Nolon. was a prepoeterons
one, and demanded that he be allowed
.go on his own recognicuance. The court,
after due deliberation, declared that the
facts against the prisoner though not
conclusive, wero sanlolent to warrant a
prima faele evidence of guilt, and re-
quired ball to be furnishedto the amount
of fifteen hundred dollars. Judge Se-
tolle Immediately qualified for that sum,
the bonds were signed, and theo. trlser
left the court with his friends.
"And now," saidd the Judge cheerfully,
"the worst is over. Let us get ,Into a
hack, Perey, and drive up to the hour.n
Your mother and sister will be anxious
to see you."
"I am much oble to you, Jadg. fr
young man; "I wish I had kn&wn yow
sooner and better. Bat thls flair is not
over yet, and it may end differptlyftrm
what we hop. Until the trial, at ael

tusutrauriw o je iuruserr Ivn qM) U
in the course of day or two, hewo
probably be more disposed to modify his
resolution. Accordingly, ho relInquilwe
or the premsnt te Yp to p a
him and ha h
pending f emovmel te, he a
Sfarewell, l ttl taking how lo a
time would ep before they met an.
ercy an al e betoko "the" il
to the latter' rooms at once, andhb
Ing ensconced themelves there, 1ar
poured out some whisky, ore
d olgar. & a fdater they
spoked for a while, slaid
S"How muh do you owe here, outside
of your gambling debt?"
"Not more than three hundred dol
Sdoarsd dollareb ts, nd
yor lteehUndred. Two thousand
eight hundred together. have over
even housd d s t do you
say toy sttlng your cities to
morrow, ing you wi me to

I HllE question
staggered Pern
S fora moment
"45 didn't know


y w go tos morow.
to &ultra*tl"he

or M.-tlo, or
south wmewi.,
fdt 'eI V y.

a "1 I so blt Do.

Percy," .
"And jump y ball?
"And your ball."
"I can o th. Judge e Is
"Haven't I told you that I will settle
ll your lIabilitiet alt an hour before
we leave Now York, I will post check
Shim for the amount, You friea
en:ry Cotton will receive his dos this
evening eveyth shall be paid And
we wil beoff other and make a fort-
une, if you like.,
"if I wont off In that way," mid Percy,
after a little thought, "everybody would
come to the onclusion tha I was guilty
and feared conviction." ,
"YOU are not guilty, are you?"
"But you do fear conviction, and all
the more if you're not guilty that if you
are. That stand to reason."
"Of couTse I hope not to be oonviated.
"Exaotly( and now do you know what
I think? t think there Is a strong probta-
bility-a deuced strong one--tlat you
will be convicted. You can see for your-
self that your defense doesn't amount to
a row of pns. And if once you get into
Jail, my boy, you are done. for., Inno-
cent or guilty makes no dlfferepco you
will have a stiga on you that all the
ears of your life will never obliterate.
VI were In your place, I wouldn't risk
t. You have an opportunity to scape
now, and you had bettor take advantage
of It."
"But if I escape judgment will go
against me by default, and I shall have
th .a Jus t the p.-".
etorsaonM PoW fOhajbvetlU
tgma of being adjudged guiltyis bad
enough but what Is tcomparedto boeing
adjudged guilty and sent toJail into
the bargain? If you were actually ulty,
or if I thought you were, the stuatlon
would be different but you are inno-
cent, though you can't prove it; and,
being innocent, why should you spend
two or three years In Sing Sing just to
gratify the spite of Cuthbert Tunstall
and wife? It would be moresonsible
to takethat razor and out your throat.
You aro innocent, and 'you have a per-
fect right to avoid being imprisoned It
you can. No one will suffer by it, and
thoro is no telling how much you may
gain. The robbery of which you are ac-
ousod was committed by somebody, and
probably by a professional thief. Pro-
fessional thleves-plokpockets especially
-are always paoticing their trade; and
sooner or lAter they are certain to got
caught. When the thief who stole
Mrs. Tnstall's money Is caught it is
more tlan likely that the truth about the
robbery may come out; you will beo vin
dieted, and then you may come home
with flying colors. But if your vindica-
tion came after you had served your time
In Jail it wouldn't db you much ood--
not to mention the positive harm that
Jail life might have done you In the
meanwhile; people would never
that you had worn the stripes, though
they might easily forget whether or not
yo had deserved to wear them. But
come beck with a fortune-come beok
after having made a respectable nae
for yoasl I either part of the world
domn|b andin the

Events, I must remain auspaeted V mU
and I can't go to may mothe.shbouMweai
that suspicion hanging oer. me. WhMn
an honest man V ill to a* UG
and sister, but not t h* .
"My dea boy," said the d kind
"you are a little oNf alane afte
althis trouble, and you naturally take a
morbid view. I aure o you have no
need tq feel sore about the matter, I
need not tell you that you will find noth.
ing but love and eonfidene awaiting you
at home, and that there can be no other
place in the world where y" oan hope to
find them to anything Wle t same do.
ree. Ontheother hand, your mother
and Pauline could ot tall to feel hurt If
you did not *," 4
"Th" is AD tu% jd any
nsw bered e"ut V something lw
Sthyou v derd.and wh
wilt-be certain ".6a"ne out, now tha
ththhing I goin nto No newspapers."
"What is .ar
wU o thatWl a.
know she
never ik
/ b M utoh-
of Iti No, oanmlagree
he added, as the judg d
make a rejoindorl "1
am much as I can atid fo ti
any thing more wol bu
abu nt now."
SJdge saw that the yun Au
was obetnate and felt that his sensitive.
M 'ar. under the ramumstannm. ant


Southard.stretcs, opposite Win. H. Al-
bury's. to-morrow evening. I guaran-
tee satisfaction. A share of thepublie
patronage is solicited.
(Mr. I-1m.) ALvIBED Low&.

The Merobant's 1r e ssootion
onoets tem first Thursday In 4very month as
Se'eloek p. m.,I he4l( al oI ever the os re

HeAi fou


r-46 446 gg .i 4 aM
have. Meanwhile they will be *ate ing
the progress of affairs h.r, and a, moon
A u.yfhling turn 4Vp .your favor they
can et yc know 'a you oan I aot
forj= plo your b, oouslderati o far
your p nd sister woulWd bse ough
Th on practically decided
PoserTy. believe you are right," said
he; "but I do't s4e what right lmhave to
let you amy al my l6ab4lst.s. Tofaadl
avebeen t rens, Va bat I have never
eono anything- for yoand I have no
prospect of troYy4 jou for what you
propose to or
"You will owe-ae les than you sup.
Pode," Valentine re0led "In ho fit
plae, my money Is no ue to me; If I
Adn't spend for you Iwo4 go Into
the pckerts of morad*Nen anU bum-
aersof New irk I sti smoo dIplae,
I want your eompant we each
other, and that 5 not a hDng1rt Isp-
ens every day. iNe Othered i iths:-
1s pake n ever n to about It, l-
though you may be seemed ethg
for aught I know-the truth is that I am
good deal inuend e tIn 6 ihat I *a
oi by fact that you re hPauline
alkelytbro hvee"
"Ahl Yout c fore owier then t
"Yes, a I care tor he. &Sh b thedoar.
et friend havee theworld, and for
her sake I would do me things. ut
she can never be more than my friend,
and I can do very little."
"If you want to marry 'er, I am sure
Valentino Interrupted him with a gest-
ure. "It can never come to a question
of Ut," said be "ta married alrad"
"Youaeamarried manl Does Paulne
know It?"
"I told her this morning. It's along
story, and you shall hear it another time
t you want to. I married in haste, and
I am likely to have plenty of leureto me
ent. Well, you can Imagine h at noth-
ing could ploaso meso m tuoh as ervin
her in any way I can, a knowtha
no better way Isopen tome than to give
a helplnghandtoyou. So, Ityo agree
to Join me, you wll be dolng me the best
kindness that one man condo another--
it Is not to be measured In time, or
money, or anything else. My prospects,
as you may suppose, are nt especially
cheotrful at thlobeot; but whatever good
comes to the will be from the thought
that I am of some good to Paullns
brother. I can't live with her, ur sea her
any longer; but I can live with you, and
tVot' the next beat thing, not to ,uni-
tlon that you are tolerably good coinlinmy
on your vvn account. lIe ond c dl withi
a laugh.
"It's very kind of you to put It In thut
way, old follow," saud Percy, in n son.
what unsteady tone. "Well, I'll go withi
you. I have been a drug in the mniarkLt
so fur, and I won't make any pronidLL'ws
but I don't think you'll fliul me a volin.
tary drag on you, at all oventa. Ilato
you any finite plans'
"I have n o thound; we havo only to
pick andl choow," Valentine replied.
"My hta'rttlon this ndrning was to go
direct to Atutrala by wiay of' Ban [Fran-
clsco, but I think I shallU ohango that, for
onu roeiw, m, lbeausu I imentlontie it to
Judge lCutille, and in any cam, it will
be well t get outalde the country as soon
%U pIdssible. We might go to Mexico by'
steamer, to begin with. I have s uo
good letters to people there, so that wq
shan't be strangers If anything goo
turn up wo an tay there;i If not we
aboard somo vessel bound westward.
You may find an opportunity to mnakou
practimfl acquaintance with mailnlngix.c
fore you aro done." ,
It waa then abutitu 4 o'clock In the after-
noon. On edamuiuMng a newspaper they
learned that onoe of the nalteditaten and
frazil Mall Steamship company's vt'uwtels
sailed on thi following day, Wednesday,
at 2 "clock. This vesiel stopped at st
Thoimnub where, U they saw 0k they
nililt disembark and take pumapag to
Havana, and thence to Vera trusts and
Mexico, thus throwing possible pursuers
off the ceut. This seemed to bi thie best
rout open to themil and, as thoru was no
tliito to be lost, Martin left at nceoo for
Broad stret to secure their p wsUo.
Percy was loft alone to meditate on tits
Martin's room wcre In a ibacholor
apiurtmcnt house, not far fren; the Junc-
tion of il'th avenue and R.romlway.
The roar of the street was audible as n
continuous sound; and to Percy, sitting
In an easy chair before thne tIre, and
wearied with the emotions mmml vlclsal-
tuds of the tlny, It had the nlcorinfo in.
flucneo of the wind among pines, or the
noise of surf on a shore. "The sun had
set, and the room became dusky. Percy's
eye. elosbd, and he watjust on the point
of falllng alseep.
[To be Cootinued. j

'jbe Rey West Bosrd of Trado meets on
the first Tuesday in eaoh mentk, at 7. 80
o'clock. P. iL, at the rooms of the Beard,
over the bank 0f Key Wet.
0 Bows Frnmaow, Secretary..
The public i. notilted that I will
open a market for thoe sae of Cuban
Beef, on the corner of William and

---PATORY No. 193, KEY WEST, FA. --
RO'Corespondence Solicited.'0%


cI R A I BOX .IA.BsLa-S.
Office:-133 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
feb ld-8 m.


mVl uo u I I QUIrI UI

Key I:- West :-- Havana -:-,Cigars,
Manutactory anid ollice' this city. Corres-
pondence sollc'lt;d. (June 11-11Y.)
Impor'lerls and Mniuifacetilrers l






JqjM'WHITE, President.

JAR H 11ANUVIAOIT 1oMiit z''h E'-

M. ,,li,rtlr ein, a


Key West, Fla.
Office, .119 Water St., cor Wall St., New York.
O.'QOLDSMITH, 125., La Salle St., Chicago IIIs.

S< --ianufactitror of---.


Chai. Moft's o GaUei.
I have mnad arrangements with Mr. F. Lardinar, recently of ,Bolrs
Gallery, aahington, D. 0., for a short time. We have Ith latest rapld
process for taking childronus pictures Qviox AD piMa-Por evy tinm .
Those wishing fine y inished Po rtrait are invited to oll ePd Soc Implco
of our Now Styles. Satisfaotory Work Proofs Shown.
Cabinets, reduced to 8.00 Per Doz.
Card Photos, ,0O *'
Minetts (bbst quality) *. 1.50 "*
.lResp'y, C0has. S. B Moffatt.

MANU F'ATftUri1,R18 O v

SF -tore- ;8, 68, 48 s nd l'145 ey West, Fla.
4)1cc and Saleosrooinm 37 Fast 63rd Street.



AuousT IBoErLEn.

'o. Iter 1st. A ven"i anstl 31st. Street,

-.-aManuftic,! lrers .fe"

Ciger t I3xc s ) L.tid l. iblotr s,
--- Dlohi fn ---
Cigar ]3ox Labels luad Cigar Manufao-
turors' Mnchinery, Too an'd Suppligs,i
JW Special attention paid to private Britdls and Labels, Et, & '
February Oth, 1888.


Commission Merchants and Aucioneers.
.--Pront.Street.--- -
Wholesale and ltetail dealer, ',
Itooeeve by each steamer ana sil from New lork and New Orleans a frbuh. supply of
Orocories, t'rovlsdonn and Canned Goods;..
Have always in stock a large and well-selected assortment of
Ship Chandlery, Orookftr Oln, Tin and Hlardware, Carpnter's Tooe, Pint, Oil
Varnishes, Furniture, Btationery.
g One of the Oldest Business Houses of 4he City, '
p personal attention given to sale and satisfao guaranteed. Goods
received by every steafimsr from t ew N York, Now Orleans, I pa, Mantee, Oedar
Keys, and Produce from the dAlaooent Kovs.

Fine Wines. Brandies.. Otgar.

r B r & Cider.
the place for '.M thirsty. Wme ofor tthe'toe e
of good P4-a sA. Th. plandI! the trw, 48

A (i e ors to Orry A'0 ry,] ,


Common :-: Mercha
SF It 4. i ey We st. Florida. e
SP0,tentio Alllo a.e e at roh a

Plurobing, Cas Fitting fnd Roofing a Specialty
" iverythinp Cheap, as d I to Wear itlme. "'i
-' i l AAp l l. .

IEMST An thitaoito .nd littuminous (Coal.
Wiarfa p, 5ter e and&i 0
Superior facilities for CoalinaStemame?.
Consignments solicited, and prompt attention to discharging, .shilplng, amd
le of bad'goe, whlih will be stored a irproof warehouse.
Gangs ofLaborers furnihed at short Noteio.,

Is completed ead crs running every fits a minutes. The


will tkke yeo tao It ton 1& tb
BEatu trip $6h* saeprio. Who Ill not avail thn1vs Thist 1
TIIP wtn att0ng 4id walk on th Odebr*aDa h.
0O0 03. QQ You will not rwret IS.


.~ ~,4V~A.WAflCWaI&thsbIea

Stoves, Tin, Co, oerxIronw.aw

1 1~

John lt Pirwariomg



Ofince and igittoisui I Mu1'r1 .1i* X:N'yo

416j'4w4bvAb,%w-JL-WAIL.&q j J -VJLILA Vev 100us


Capital, -. 8o,oeo.
Surplus *- x50 ,o-,
Is Now Ready for the Better Ac'omodatlon of
Frlinds aid the Public.









N ... 19 ,



AX .7 P .p
a C- i. -. 4~~.:.''

,I' 5.[ n w w s
.FI r i u. u b i to r thitt -,o n tnS. B

ur- n ln notl be 10 v rr wr llii ett a ? r" ,
Ilye on1t evory s^tee.iaUee t1n5rY11a, A. vertis:o *
,,ta bw lW y o i es or a t thooe rates *n e
ill nad' out atcordl tlhy. I
*O bit lry N otilco rxcui t sn eli M cr an asto
"1 Iin this tie9o, will bv chriid for st ttI or rte o
Sitt 5lr4 lilUe, in o yory ilitotl ne. I
9 mExoresiois orf Contloloo, .oor eorspectsby 4
1 ,iVvituilor joceties, wli also bue charitd for at
1itU, IBlr s oer Motoloutpeer lUt .r
tW-lrf eal atvortlpatnf n.In our bhaturdty W Wl IIo b
|i.I ,In olaforea VwI e thol Ui tial ra wit he will .roa.
ti- ail l ty, e r q lin for o r first annd five oat
SIr I lun (Iotevtry b bomSeuet ineriuon.
uonTrt lor ;ea'l eudvs. will ber r bo but
idvrtmIr, who o wa n t "MlI ion IutdU
on ,Bllvrtlecnutof lort the ear or tiny mont a

Imnlpo)rilit Meeting.
. All eioalbers of the Morohauta Protec.
tive Assoliationanro notified that there will
)to a called meeting to-morrow night
o ridny) nt their rooms, over LUrkin &
lose(t of oeleoting or nominating Coisia.-
ioner for tlhe new Municipality of Key
WVest. All iuci oers are notified and es.
lioeinlly roeIestod tol bo present. By order
of thr o'rsidont.
C. 13. Pondleton,
Chn bhman of Ex. Committoc.

Owing to circumstances over which we
linveo no control, we have failed to receive
ou regiilnr press B dispatches bothlyestorday
(h1dl to-iday. We have telographod tO' find
out what is the matter, and hope to be
blo t o give thomr in to.morrbws'Beiueo as
Go to the Aldcrney Dairy .or a. drinks of
Jc'n (old m111ill. . .
The City is vher. qw .ih'. tm ie *
has .eeoz for thopaat fei4tI '. Eu-iti,;
Jlonor nili Bijout are at'" i. wi ecwh
tli r '.

Free: Thu beautiful Art Exhibitt the
8ingoreflee. All ladies invited. A fine
pluai toilet let glvtp away. 4.S20tf.
Everything which belongs to pure'
healthy blood is mpartod by'Iood's Saura-
parilla. A trial win .0oovince you of its
in ritls.
(o to tho Alderney Dairy for a drink of
Jo Cold milk. "
S'all naB see the ew High Arm Ma.
<'linlbe-at the Binger office. EveOy lady'
Neki a free chance in a beautiful toilet Bet
bo v given away. 4-0-tf.
TLhe ritish schooner Gertrude, Capt.
Albury, will leave Curry's wharf for Nas.
K1111 to-morrow morning with passengers
4nd frolight. .
Mr. Ntt Nies andi is ia rfant ohfll, and
Mrs. Coninander Wln will be baptized at
theo St. 'anl''s Episcopal church at 5 o'clock
this evenouing,

Mrs. Zairs is now prepared to an
Into na fowTable Boarders, at her Ite
nt No. 20 Duvalitrmet, between F
Greene streeoots. 4.
Quite a number of sponging vesi
left for tIhe, sponge grounds duri
past few days. Tho last vessel froi
Island report the water to be eol
in a fino condition for spongers. 1
Small expecting to make big hauls thi
:'4 "the BAtistshciftlJner Good WilI
Shooting, arrived at Curry's wharf
day morning, from Nassau, with
passengers and A. large cargo of a
freight, among which are qu te a i
of baskets of orabs, and they are
like "hot Cakes." ..
The 4ustrian Corvette, Bada, Qa
Rittor, of leker, froa ,odah' At
.Ow Providence, Bahtwt t lotdl
il port this morning,oe ronaHa,
rotoars, etc., and to pey off her 01
will remain iu tio harbor over
Beautiful art work in Arrasens
and Etching, also flue whito work
libition nt the Singer office No.
onto httrot. Every lady calling
frechanceo in a plush toilet set to
away nat the close of our exhibit. ,
Go to the Aldernoy Dairy for ia
S Ice Cold milk.
Advice to eotaIei',O
MXaneW IsgLow'd 8bUTnInd r 4Pho
be usei when children d e a lit f a
levi s thempla ffher eritoneno tired
quiet selobp,nnd the littlesraembnawLe
as a button."' t is ver nleam .te
OOleI the child, soften1 ua 1
ieiR ctas. wZotr. Mvea k iM e
No one merely converiingwit
ever succeeded in drawing hbi out
conversing with a .
Warner's Log Cabin PLAI
will not draw out pain in the baok,
aplplication of it will give relief at
We learn through the Tampa pa;
Mrs. R.'B. Strand, of this eItwhc
Tampa representing the' God
Lodges of Key Weat, was ele"t,
Vice Templar of the State of Flori
recent session of the Grand I"d
th at lty, .:
Dr. Joseph T. Porter left las ev
flie steamship OUivette,' fo
FIa., where hegoel to oxaunIe
truthfulness of the report that yell
haS made its app1earane there.
return to tho city he will stop
Tampa asnd hltt Gkorda to put t
antine regulations in working ord

ir. 1. r y and MlHigt,Ig e
nadsa V4o, FA m LPA ft .Bp I
Iharob at. 6i Q o'clock last iref ev
. B. aynn offlomintag. , 1 A,
A SD is-Mr.': Wim. iobet ai d

The chniOh, whieh was brilliantly illis.
minted, 'and beautfu)ly anU tAs(%fu)lly
leoorated with evergreens and towoee, wu
Called to its fullest eapolty for somi tIA6
before the bridal party arrived, in ftoo
every s0at was Ocupled and many werq
toroed to stand up in the aisles. Msers.
BjalMA and Fritjof poldW1il0e Waero:
mad Cha. Lowe sotd ai usheen at ilt.
churob, and through their onterpriiS ""A
remarkable manner of finding "oI e moi
seat," many were thus aooommodatetd wh4
would have otherwise boon compelled tl (
stand up. .
Among the many pretty floral decora
tions of the church were two large an#i
elegant arches over the main aisle, whlib
wee<, composed of oveortiens and roses'
'fW*,aboautifnl floral boll, composed of
HlOit geos, hung over the chancel, which
wore teal elegant in appearance As well as
quite the thing for the ooeasion. In faot
a great qel of taste was displayed in the
form and arrangement of the ootlre
At 4:,0 Missl Besie Filer, the aooom.
plihed organist, seated herself at the largq
and handsome organ and began to play a
Wedding March, and at the same time a
rustle at the door informed all that the
wedding party had anrived., lowlythe
attf6ndaimit aoeoosood down the long aisle
closely followed by the groom and th
bride a mother, with the bride and hot
father just behind. In this order they
prooeded to the chancel, where thoe ev.
Mr. Lynn stood to receive them, and make
them mnan and wife. Theocoromony wal
one -of the most beoatlful nd Itmproesivr
we ever witnessed while (th ouag conplo
was aid by every one to be the handromeAt
that have been united in nmcutpge in thb
ety for o many monmhs,
SThe .grbom, -Mr. A. J. Day, s1 the senior
e a Fer of the faim f Day & Allen, furi.
ur ealor, sad considered to be one of
the beat busino men on the island, and
ba. 9etre- Inteo the very best society on
'the WR
Th de., Miss Lottie Albury, is the
dapahl Qf Mr. Benjamin Albury, one of
Ke s most wealthy and re~petod
citizens, nd is one of the prettleskt, most
modest young ladles on the island, posss
lag, at the same time, a most amiable and
goitlo disposition.
After the ceremony had ben performed,
and the blessings of the rector had beet
bestowed upoth thoe happy couple, Miss
Filer 'again riok .-up a Weddifg Maroh
and te wedding party turned their step
toward the home of the bride, whoreo the
gueship d been invited t6 moot the newly
woddwpair from 9 to 11 p. in., and where
a mod5telegant repasnt hd been prepared
for their Ontertainment, and which was
served Immedlitely after congratulations.
'To th right of the door, as we entered
the parlbr,'stood an elegant upright-pisno,
and several tables, all of which wenre
literally covered with elegant and costly
presents of silver, gold, silks, satins, on-
biotdserd pin-cushions, eto, in tact the
largest and most costly array of wedding
presents we believe we ever saw, and wo
have been to many weddings. We are
sorry that our limited time and space
forbid. us to-'publish a full and complete
list of them, together with the names of
the'donors. It would require at least two
columns of space to do this.
The EQUATOn-DxMooIaT joins the many
friends 'of the happy twain in wishing for
thesu a bright future and long life. May
their' "path through life's rugged field be
made smooth with a carpet of roses
gathered fr iiu the Celestial Garden, and
may all of thdir troubles beo little ones.

l, Capt.
I fifeen Parallel Lines,
istord .44
S "very. tudnnt knows that in close rots.
onlig par.llel lines of thought are laid
pt. Alole dow and dedaretions educed.
tltria, to It I not ou pupeas at this time to en-
iarrived tot Into a larnhd ,lIBousslon, and we have
rana, for dra the aboVeSible lines simply to
row, and brlinithem promlnoutly before year ee
al days. ad To ask what they represent to you.
. A railroad man to whom we showed the n
e Tin'e said, 'To me those four lines roprse nt
Son .ex r doubletrack railway."
74 1"am. A doctor replied to the scmne Interrqa.-
gro s a tory, "The lines fa to' moe te large
.2- giv, tories and veins lyng luongl.o each other
-2l.r.e. in the human body, -
drin of As will boe observed th same lines to
either gentleman suggested different lines
of thought, as both looked at them through
8 eyes a.8otoimod to aeo only. that which
a to the part o upiod their attention.
T o. thl*wrlter. both answers put an old
"MSaw truth in aO fresh and original light '
s very Intelligent man or 'b an
kaow, the blood of every living po rn
flow wth oost railroad speed through
l ta. artetle oe4 by that wondtefbl
engine, the hqet. kvF the artorie it Is
2s Idite4hlstd through the capilliaries ad
th. a vten, and very dro of blood r1 e
. Merely through the kdney4 for prifleoatlonkoa
le s than 0 times every twenty.fo r
iTN i hour, Ithe kidays be dieased the i.
but nn paiftietof the blood eantaing the Womn.
once. ant4(a, and deetearious aoss are not
dS or exrt tr intended,
e that hat b dlind jh>e h
Templar ld deey with 1Fluio
d Grad re=Medied the _1r4W^
& at the the la trying to dod
I's Id n down, the iver becomes
stomach w Sto toi
ll result isa general bv..e

low five, syem, are foul an p o A
On Is etfiroe blood beoomes no g more
over at .OW" _4oriinoal ,jhieda,-
er Zn toaIwow such *t 6 th tl oontlnnue
ert whena simple a .em y Is within
~O wrrt ch, o0 certainty to do

anne d P w doel Allowed the
Sbl ooA 0

lned Dollar. Beward
ca tbe
O., Props., Toledo,
Ilev **i *d knoe 7,
5, .Oye o 'itha lt 'o y ears, and be.
v him peetly ble in all b
ineu t1aatiot ont fJ1 ahoelly able %I
oary Out.a y bligaton made by their

&U m Whole.
Alete To doX No.
CA)_ O anb tr IB taken Internally,
an 1 ire UPOn 9 blood and muous
bo~ Sold by Druggists.
6OsteashbipOli0vette, apt. MoKay,
lanv4 at e4 f 1af (rowa bavanaAtt 8:45
f :b'ht, 'with a'Ifig number of pam-
Ang anth r0befollwingloight, consigned
to ourt mOal.tcn tId business men,
and r at 'dit a and embarking
eiges, tg, he left for
0 J 9 eia 40bales tobaooo.
,' e ppes wine.
lab. Ayala"- 3} '
HH. Coler oa I pkgaseat nmd.
0. 0. Houdlt ,; 10 bbpinoaploe.
Or;Ocr os'NOhN CoUNTT )
-Eay WasT, Fin., April 28, 1880.)
3b le'lublle.
The medical inspection of vosels and on.
foreimont of the quarantino system
adopted by the State Board of leloalth of
Florida, which should hae gone into ef-
feot April 1tb, andu which will continue to
November 80th of each year has for this
year only, been postponed by the State
board of Health until May 1st of thil year
Attention is invited to subdivision of
gee. 7, Quarantine and 'Maritimo Mldieal
Inspection of the Rules and Regulations of
the State Board of Health, which forbids
vessl plylng between any Florida ports,
and any foreign or domestic ports deemd
y this Board as infooted by yellow fever,
holba, or 'smallpox-Anedospeoially the
ports of the Island of Cuba--to enter said
harbor before sunnrioe, and to remain in
said harbor or harbors after sunsot-
A violagoon of this requirement subjects
vee. oarg, passengers and crew to a de-
tention in quarantine of fifteen days.
y order of the Blonrd of Health.
B. B. WILroTW, President
Secretary and Treasurer. 4.24-lOd.

Ought to have attention perhaps. If so,
B. B. B. will do you good, removing all
in6iganio matter, the dirroot oauso of
deathess. Itwill also aid your digestion.
witness the following testimonies:
Could oenr a Tick Crawl.
Mr. 0. E. Hall wrote from Shelby, Ain.,
-February 9, 1887: "I could not hear it
thunder. I heard of B1. B1. B., used twe
bottles, and now can hear a tick crawl in
the loaves,
I Gave ip.,i Die.
IKsoxvtUr I' ., July 2, 1887.
years. I went to a noted doctorr and he
treated me for it, but could not curo mne
he said. I was over fty yoars old and I
gave up to dio. I lil Mm i istronsslulng oijghl,
my eyes were swollen and I am confident
I could not have lived without a ohanga,
I sent and got one bottle of om iiedlioino,
used it, and felt better, jhoifIt got romr
more, and thank Gtod04 Iured in. Use
this any way you my .atdei for the good
of suflerors. o"' :-t e~ a N s
Ms. MATII.A Nno'.,
22P Flbrida Street.
A Proeahor uroed of Dyspepsla.
MxoomlKux Fh1., Loon Co., July 20, '80,
I have been a sufforer|from indigestion
and dyspepsia for a long time, and have
tried many remedies, lut until I was in-
duced by my friends to try your B, B. B.
received no relief but since using it have
found more relief and comfort than from
any other treatment I have used. hoping
you will toward to my address your little
83.page book for proscription, also evi-
dence of cures, ound at earliest date,
litv. Lon' 0
A looel of Womlers Free,
All who desire full information about
the cause and cure of Blood Poisons, Sorof.
UlanSU4Scrofulous Bwollings, Ulers, Sores,
Rheumatism, Kidney Complaints, Catarrh,
etc., can securo by mail free, .a copy of our
B.page Illustrated Book of Wonders filled
with tho most wonderful and startling
proof ever before known.
BLoop? BDAL Co,, Atlanta. Ga.

No tie Is hertby given that the entire
stock of ,Clothing, Gent's Furnishing
Qoods, Hats, Caps, Shoes, Notions, etc,,
will be sold at 'and below cost. The sale
will commonco next Saturday the 20th
inst., and bo continued from day to day
Until tltaetoek II disposed of.
'2 PersIons whshl1ng bargains can now he no-
oommndated. The public is respectfully
invited to call and examine our goods.
Otr reason for selling out at ost are sim.
jly becaUs *e wish to retire from the
clothingt bulones.
Iteipeotfully, G. N. NO'TAGo & Co.
4-17-tf. ^Duval Street,

tf~lBic < It. l'r PrerlbeItaMd
5(5.-l safe lIti rlcommed.
0.11!2i''Z. llg ml Ito all sufl airs.

The sbltm
arrived t
o'clock this

'n' t


special M1tj .r
A meeting of the Key w trt-op ot
Trade will be hel4 at ,t4.9 oi
Thursday evening nixt a i0) ',01ook
for the puIlpose of considering the ad-
vilablllt) of recommending the Ua,
to tiht ouvornor of suitable to
be appointed as Commissloner under
there New Chlarter for tile p91 of S
West, ,.. . ,,.B
Al1 miembors of the e i l
teotivo Association lre obtdlatlly and
earnestly repqustod to lbe present at
this meeting.
By order of the President,
:- Secrery.
Wo are rpquented .. 31 .,
President of t Mert0ame ItIve
Association to my tht he eartily Con-
curs In the above caiL
Key West, April 82,1880.
Fra.h M1llksand Crim, .
The New York dairy re now prepared to
furnish P1ure Milk, bOue autter,I
Chees, nd Eggs. Milk 10 oents quait,
Cream 40oet quart. All goodsare the fine
and kept on lee. Call at Musonio Temple
or be served from the w agol ,
4-3-tf. GEe. It tCOLDs, Agent.
3la-t Wntn a Tonie
Whon there Is n lack o elastic energy in
the system, shown by a sensation of languor
aud unrest ii the morning, frequent yawn.
ing during thu daiy and disturbed loeep "at
night, llosttter'o Stomach BitterA l nfUmea
nnwantod enegy lute the enfeebled and aor-
vous, endowing them with muscular energy,
and ability to repose healthfully, and di-
giat without incouyonlenoe. Nervoausness,
oAdoache, biliousdess, impaired appititoe ad
a feeoobl, troublesome stomach, are all and
spoeUdly ot right by this atehblea reg-
ulator and invgoraut. The mineral poison,,
among thoim aryoebnla and nux vomtoa, are
never after tonics, even inlnitesimal doses.
The Bitters answers thepurpose more effeo-
tually, annd can be reled upon as perfectly
mafe by tle most prudent. Favor and ague,
kidney troubles and rheumatism yoald to it.
April 22.8t.
The Verdlet Unani mouosm
W. D. Suit, Druggt, BippT1, Ind.,
tostiflcs: "I cauii recommend Eleotrio Bit.
tore a the vory best remedy. E very bot-
tle sold hhs given relief in every cale. One
man took six bottles, and wan curod of
Rtheumatlsmn of 10 years' standing." Abra.
ham Hare, druggist, Bellville, Ohio
afinrs: "The boat soiling medicine I
have evoyor handled in my 20 years' expt-
lonco, is Electric Bitters," Thousands of
others have added their testimony, so that
the verdict is unanimous that We.otri. slt-
tors do cure all diseudl ot the LAver,
Kidney or blood. Only a half dollar a
bottle at Dr. A. L. Pondletons Drug Store'

J.J. Delaney has just
received a beautiful
line of Men's Cas-
mere and Corkscrew
Diagonal Suits, Over-,
coats, Silk Handker-
chiefs, Silk Umbrells.
(Gold landles)eChil-
dren's .Knoo o Panta
and .Waists and an,
elegant line of Suits
tor-boys fromL 4 to 13
years, all of which
will be sold at prices
as low as can be found
In any house in the
city; the goods must
be sold.

Sowing Machines
I am the solo Auent for the
above machines.
Parties wishhig one of these excellent and
well-known tnachines, should call on me.
June 15- Im &AM KoBsaIa.


County Surveyor,

Nqar Division BStroot.
All i'doras should be left at th's
offlhe or 177 Himouton Wtroet,

(; go IT. -.owell


Abo utely Pure.
Tbhqpowdt sever varies. 4 marvel oi
pUy, btret and wholweomeneus. More
SonoloeAl iIan lte 'ordinary kind, and
cannot bo', suid in competiton wi the
multitude of low tst, short weit alam o
phosphate powder Ool 0~in oar

VWn cGurry



Commission merchant
-.AB oasXan uM.






AINT2, M ,

Cotton Canvas. i)or ih,
"indt. 0 Glaas, Hay, Vorn, Oats
SBesides large Asortment of Fancy aid
Useful Articles not found elsew4ero in the
it. AM --


Meyer & 1ark,
' --4-UOOOZ0 TO-'-
I1. B. POST & SON,
Woi AUo Gaocs AND
speoial attenI, given to- onalsinichn
of egetAl .at. "

New Orlean. Zeouhauna. n y

-At TMa-
Duval St., opposite the New Busel o61ue,
-Makes n apoedalty of--


Wule alo Dealers Ii
Millinery floods Hata O',ps aind.
Straw Goolds.
564 & 80 Broadway,

TBmulmsuO874BPKIJG ESTAULoIIt i104 A Ek. flak '*
C N A nonD sMA 0. O AIL, .1.840. A K ,,YTr:..,io .o
~. ... ;. ". .. , ,_. .-. , A i.m nzT. 'l'trj .N.
Suooessors to W. C. ROGERS ., HENRY D .LLIER '
Fine Wins,'tiquors and Ciga s
Hole Agmnits nd Importer 7, S. for "COnld Set Ci'n.llpgnno," Eporan1.;
Uvaus "A 1 GA ngei'rAloe,"' .elfst; F Plt' Ar' o', j CO i mo n," o lllanl.


This House will be Open to the Public
Daly, froln 6 A. M. to 12. P M.
Best and Most Vitled Ilne of LIQUORS,
S. ..t be found In tlMo Matrket,
Apl 12-tt. H WIA B.

D alsu'N


- I. a ...

(i n. PaINCg ST. unarges as .nui.erna

L W gr ity. Jl
J A. DAY. .. ^ ,,



I 4 DAh


Eaton Street, next to PQrter t Rldgell's Drug ft. '
Ki*Accominodatif Termaiof 0

v IWO.-
M asai bpas*eIn


5 '" I

Stove2.~ d Hardware, Iunmps and Wagon Materials
.lakcksmlthing and Wheelwrlghtlng.
rTornes1lein4 attended to with PromptnosFs

__~~ __~~_

iv. uaw In
S The Leading CLOTHIER,
q^nd GENTS, BOYS and YOUTHS Funni.'

-- -Th0 Lrawsttck of--
0I wta, Boys and Youths Clothing, Under-
wer Hf atpvaps, Boots, Shoes, Colaiis, C ulCs,
sa Neckties, Gloves, Trunk, Valises

Including the Finest Line of iflagonals,
Cmshz eres Fh1nels Doe Skins, Etc In al
Colors, Styles and Prices.
Satisfectipn Qu raii'teecl.

r asolhve the Largest and Best
6160d stook of Boys and YoutlbOs
StitS, s Diaonoas, Knee Pan ts
:W Waists, Underwear;iiats and
ps, Boots and Shoes;in fact every
t0n1. complete to constitute a Boy12
W'aridrobg fron 4 to 15 years old,
that was ever Mtroducede into 'this
market. ____"
I aim also agent for the Spaldin
Base Ball and other si'ortint 6,'oors,
C18onsisti. in Bats, Balls, ~ Sh1irs,
Masks, Sckings, Shoes.Caps,Belts,
Gloves, Boxind Gloves, Dmnb Bells.
Foot Balls, Etc..
lespeot/wuly YoUts,
Front and Fitzpatrick Sts.. - iey West. Fla.,


A Few Dooro Above the Masonic Temple.
We Guarantee the .Best ot Work. Cuffs
C dollars & Shirts. a SPECIALTY.

P2lIO SB 1( E3A.SO1TAB LJ'. -*


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