Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: June 10, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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.' ,,, ; C ' .. -+ .. . l .f : . .. . . .' ..... .' '* '- ' -: . ... .. / ..; .,- .. .
.- .. .- ,, -," ._... ;: : *. -- E o -."* .D ." '' .-----. :

N L. 9. NO. 278 KEY WEST6 8LA., 9I AP L-6, 1889. KE WIYw a oc Touna soI 1. .L8a80

T iL Al IC EWS. ^ . ooR. M'AL ISTEtS trOUBLES. T g PING FSIONS. Odd Fellows' Opra House,
P mbr. Pea11"on, or New York, in aVe *ad Wt h.1aim Dwet hfW oh row
OrIttIe.tat.. THEY HAVE ARISEN OVER THE A U F OL.F SIL(UKS AND xoand more bteaful uo. 8'ATURDAY EVE. APRIL 'S,
( G[a tL e voAl fMaQUoa.] Hearyq pearon is reportedto be in a ... lk. gedine, bioo ad AT Sie P M,
C1sgoAo. Il.. April 20.-Telogram re- very critical condition. He has been ly- Our Corwrespondeas Reviews Seas of t1e aUmpe pv g G sa.eur Gown0 pe m, r lJ *-----RM
reiv.d in thin city frouwpklahoma state lug ill at the residence of ex.Postmaster causes Waie. Hve eSStI%6t AbeaS t$ el Wm SMt -tWb VaSt' Td Beaust t w a41 k
that there is intense suffering and privation General James, at Highwood, N. Y., for leokeringsOve s tt Now Ne1#4 WIt t ft ses's aus ush a. of black grai Bad gl
there mud that many people are anxious to seven days. ohd k "W as Ioal Q
1ct^ ""'^ "3% m g heoh had s Cevere Cal-r-o I,, New Teek. ,i ~Wb DNows Corn. F ? f uvy pris though *jo (Some U U .0" of
get r v .',hemorrhage, and his physicians regard [ l ipowolr (, .o] ".. ....ls [ l m. m T l poof of Aai Uk I' n .l.
CARELES8 ENGINEER CAUSES A 0L. h opl be trda t lo0 W M L i tconaditioo WILLa -IV AN INTE TI 4n their
as. gravo~e 5Nw YORK, AP41r t-t)u 914b Ali 3 going to

Cn"manam, Ohio, April 20.-A oolisiou in oa Pearson's illness provaV tal. dred, now'lnt. 1teIn t hlo lulw u'um. Pithettina
oen redn at Glen Mry. Tennesse y rdy he Pre sbterim Conference Eis. forgot uor t1 W LL O 11
wl to tihe alleged oArelese of a en- ATLArTA ,Ga., April 20.-Yesterday by President rlaeiss. i'\fi ,' 1 re esom ovely, dainty sil for SevlUet-ouI
TEHAWEMU E TIAL. tees finished their onforence, Theu tionsof more than natioTalap .i, i mp "e p oerswn pt satin and ohank. a ..
[i. CA",L TO Th" qUoA.T he] questions before thm, namely: T abeet o e silk la work and brocade all to- .
Bl meth hod 0. afome and t o reign matter of genealogy doea the descent nm gether, and thereC.re plain boaSdes Ior 'a
u mission, an the evangelization of the in the male or the female line?. He In- evening wear and bridal costumes, a ong
liwes trial is now in progress in this city, negho race. lines to t2i latter on the ground that al mon the hi h novelties is a Ioa Etc. 4
ho is chirgod with the murder of his hey were endorsed by the joint sea- the social and ceremonial government done In Perst palmn lef pattern in. lay O I I, C
*liahtir AMay, and the evidlene seems to ston of the southern and northern com- Is womlian's prerogative. His fellow s traggig 1 er a" over-hot ar
ustanih the cimuhrge. It is one of the most mittes, thus making the two days' ocn- mitUto men take different viowi h" mrgnfro ',vreamr ando rn in TIovershotK- TS ....... ; ,.....
iulon crimegover coAilttl. fren here armo ous and fruitful. these .ear shades.. Overshot slk in amure and Drg Sto, y that
Thee eLortA forwarded toa bes r It is of course known to all the Am. lain weaOves are sein of violet and
rented to the two Preneral casolbbe ofmmit. h 11l a t s two ,,, ,io ,
U NGE ENTION the then northern churches lan people tht the rth and 80th o i- ow, or violetand green, and it is BOlLANEO DVsETIBEMSNT-
LUT CARea TO un xQATosa.] The southern general aaembly will meet start tnd the let of May are to be'de. beautiful. tt e .of gene. dm th W ar P r a Id
I ON, IEnug... April i.-Ge. BAulan at Chattanooga, May 18, ad on the same voted to a grailt centennial obsrvane I noticed also a few pleea of the toa- < NOTIol TO PABSBNGEB VIp ed
day the northIern general an semb will in this city, and that all tnt lzt of it 'a ifloont old aruhioned, but ever Iew, i aFOR HAVANA.-Hraving been
Ker, wh).o still in this city, has announced meet at New York. Upon reo pt of which concerned government ie, sol- herry slk in vh dosly tin informed b the Spanish oul f this
his ipurmos to keep perfectly quiet ad as to these reports these assembles will actthe diors and the male sex -aoerally was ground work, wtlare oiow in o dathave to pa y 40 eor. for everyato h w
amvohid uiue excitement of any kid. same da. Until then the reports will easily provided for. But the grand ball "natural colors woven l rhs is dope sen ttote ay, no i n
dlealet. ,on the evening of tde S th and the grand oby having the pattern printed on the the the rate on fare Havana by. the
TalE STRIKING CARPENTERS. CONDENSED DISPATCHES. banquet on the evening of the 80th ae warp of the slkas it isstretched in the Plank Line will be for I
[(n cIT o Ta IUATOa.] s---- social affair; once the ladies must be loom, and the woof is Woven afterward Cabin d. I0.6I
tr have sgMio, d teir li tention to. News-World's News Abridged,. but I need not set forth the ungallant In-. ey es o so many indistinct outline and vagueness which *B.W. SovawXoz.
n vrmk not Emperor William has appointed Count ferone. arefflorant a There was a are its charts. It is oly recently that Key West, April 18, 1w Agent.
reHmo work. Conditibs have not een Herbert Bismarok and r. Khraul, of At the start many committees were ite wli', ,as smaply a this haebeen achieved Ameri d the ''OUND.-Onthe ourth Beach between LII
Itmidl, Holsteip, the representatives of Germany named a general committee on plan and 8 bol han t im lat, mbt that time secret of its peculiar manufacture hav- the utfet .ear station and the bath
SNTcil.NAL FVNUE COLLC'OS, at the Samoan conference. The confer- scope, sub-committees on everything has gonei to ep iM aldy eophpany with ing been-jealously guarded in France. I house, a valuable article of jewelry. The
Sconce will open on April 20. else, and the chairman of that on enter- tm days when .I s a rl. They are guess we can do things well s they, owner can have the same by p lag at
L3x cAULa To 'T QUA4sOB.] One man was killed and another so tainments is Ward MoAllister, the only now oueu.ftions iad creations. The ton. Beaidesthese varieties, and manymore th.. o. o and state what they have lost. D-
Wcurro'oN, D. C., April 28.--It m badly hurt that his death is expected, by man in the world who knows all about Is yhp stlubecase Itith a l a few ae of e ag- h OB IT A T p Ane
I"olewhml by those in offcal circles thmat the the swaying of one of the en egraph poles ft o th a hl t olid Ca nn ot n r deikbe, or hoIe ir ](j'O n R T- firt bla ss Fpih pAeNeano,
,Intcrpal Iteveume Colleotorships mre to bh avenue, New York city, yesterday. t yo iin New York He aed the t rtonb nohingever did or hold decorative proes. These are stored' bth.l SCanh Co l
L tpken up ud disposed of very soon. A man registered as Sidney Walter iiMetropolitan Opera house for the two eold tfow usually in very delicate tints, but I no-
,' committed suicide in Chicago, by takin affair .ud provided for having it deco. But I started out to talk silks, and I tced one pattern of dcnvention daled TA NOTICE.-Notice hereby givu
SDEATHOF ;AN EMINENT DIVINE. morphine. He was an Englishma, an rated i1! a stylo that is simply gorgeous, am go to do It. It l certainly not flowers in greens shading into yellow.' wthawe ao now prepared to r solvalI Otytw f f
Na newspa r an of conslerable promi- Ho sold Opera house boxes "to the best ov wve s I that it was not Txes for the year Tax payers
OAUI *To qTHuA .] nence Lon don. He h been engaT d people only," set forth the list of those nomi ble the l as stilk Ia more find meat my ofl ee roma9a.pm.top m. ll
Hamtmiumsou, Va., April 20.-The Rev in newspaper work in Philadelphia, nit.- who were to come in free as invited man one .ti~ s th w plain pnd from 8 to p. m. WA T Oi
1h C. Miller died ib aor gsmed to avi guests and was proceeding to arrange for silk in colrs"vto bhlak.' It struethat Wii N, Wa ^ sI*,
4olTrd of Trade Meeting. from wait of money. hs troulas began. One of the commit new quired tat ery plent OY TO LET he and
At .i cltled meeting of the Key Wt At Hartford, Conon, yesterday, J e o a op d th mI n unpean h Ir
r' Tad held at the oard of Trade H. Swift vas anged wft murder tounwisely dot iod thew proA e b Io nd no s f t ltOe o
rLUer i i a e, in the hm because o h dissipation. e an t iy-ur hours, and t mn a racket Maywn look shI and even erante be rented ciap. rOF1
<'i', W Alle n, Wlliam Curry, iben noun ed his intention to kill his 'wife to maose which amost made Mr. McAllister T71 e es1 from to fact that l o
asi AluryJ. V. Harris, J. V. h s some of his companions, a nd then ro. wisa o had nevor been born. la rgted withglcoe, v ar has c b pa n e
W . '-'Wlor. R. Mvrae," F. A. coded to do so. Extraordina effort All wore agreed that the president,the whlo M ti. 'is aetIng on t s. ,bu din. car frtheo lyend e
lwot. A.WVaddell. it. A. Mo.ssavatge, were made to save hin. The legi latumeO vico prIuident, cabinet oliceras, c i a0f. e of j lr y
1.J. try, W. H Krr*, C' T: ure, S had a ss: olro^mumtiomm commaauting mis men, (m-el gum awuwsmsdors c April 0I sfc hs feS-aitff'ilio City
uI. 1Aieal evqa. uehe gvenor vetoed l should b'dul heads, but now t9 o aetr how long t are worn t o-
.,. W. L Zwy, D. Wurre, ]i 0.etl ok ne, "It i a rumored at the treasury de tne- members of th Now York legislature in- they never become shiny. That fact -u l vr-es- moe bay bi ti 61no a save toeb u'
lAi 1 lN,,'Enrqne EsteveDC F. 2V. Johnson dld not to pay h1i08 for four and a it ona sowad a twho tnem all city t0w n lady ought o sur s ttat 'eo -Ct-r
i. Buown i'atterou, and the following secretary ham bee informed of the ra. essary to tell well informed American one, for, though the English is good, andth uIea. a ebra4a nawitli oar
mhaon of thle Meohuts Protective Asao. mor, but declined to discus the sEbject. that the ordinary New York politician patriotic sentiment ought to count fto name are warranted. A ept imtother. 1..
ematiotntsent by mvitation: B L.. Albary- There is a strong impression, how r does not belong to the Four Hundred something besides the American goods next d to o "
W. I) tbry, Geo, A. Demoitt, Horatio that the report is wel founded, in vie And as admitting all these eft few va. areohebper. S75. Oto $25.M0,--. .N
Canin, I. Moe., J. It. Curry, Giuluon Lowe of the fact that the bonds of the loan In cancios amd the comiltteenme them. In my wanderings after the "newest" I ine. Asa ns t fSiS ^ **
tio. L. .Brtlum, Wm. Le Iwltoh, .. 8. question are bound to decrease in value selves a- notadtIttedfree, this amount. I wnt into an enormous warehouse, and
Lowe, It. J, Perry, M. de, H lfor as the dat of their ai nerlty a prahel toaMpropoiton that ote meor tho'o foun d apnw toi e i anufactnlrod h su ya inw aery w o obu. I.no
W-I; llmymuu, Dr. Pendlueten, Dr. oliurtlumu At West Fiarms, ai facing ainlet ly- to n propltIion th1, the men who__ od %mnoni thce annfi t*ired I l*Qemominttnl.iylpraetnnlv e 0
la gm Kiduiht mgmiway between Weetfled don t, the thing up should py for their own Ai ,thoua nd, of rolls of *ik, l l N..Ldi eeniiod : svsr manila ob.at Mn -n - 6 r L
The President stated the object of the omeryand five miles from Wetf entertainment and thain of the dad I vly believe two alike, and I .Klff-a-- I pcome quo z, so -
n- tiung aset forth in tbe call published Center[ Thurday, Joeph King wealthy heads. Ticket were 10 eah, Th wish to show that, no matter what a -
in tha EQuAroM-DaMcBA. ad w ell known citizen 78 years of was a op.erus e lon the oome ladyt o may be, she can get any- Taxe s fortn y ity L o. Tx L 3.
uvornl member then addressed the wa hot and killed by Edgar King, mitteo and Ir was practl thing she wano In lk made In thmi STrIsat W. ow. G. yo., mee0t er p.o a at
votingg Dr. J. V. Harris moved that the eldest son, and e house fired and urn- call reduced to thpltionofloor man. country. It Is, therefore, her duty to There are ah y varieties pwash in their Hall over amuel Robe st
t of the Boar of Trade appointed a ed, The murderer ad ruined l ager only. This ve hmq e o buythm, and no hu d amorl whh is d to oe f All mbesarrue to beprompt
AC.Mitte of 3 members of the tiso1rd9 to by drnlrn* and his wife had oslee dt ti e man, but let em into a new whirl i alhl to pr11vent his wife bo being a a e a e e rp m

which two committees shall select the had exhausted that source of income, dnigpta.ointodaheafire.
names of suitable persons to be Mreommuon hence the tragedy. tag an inhto the fire. vote for. Some are tinb and 10.ite ICit Theak C
dedd to the governor for appointment K a Some months since, in Rutherford Thoe great question was, who shall Amongs th beautiful o are all lo.e The areoru and q latesortennil : g checks ,,. ... _.9_ _
,.onommisioners under the new charter tor county, near Murfreesboro, Teen,, d., lanco? And especally, who shall be in tHh exqut pni tags ad India silks. hT heyr ay l eafrn d sily WeathAr B2 telle
the city of Key WAlt, and the name1 re. Dunnaway shot and killed his unole the "centennial quadrille," tli opening with ate od in all shade, and eonrar we Wether Bulletin,
ulted by sach oomuolttees shall be sub- James Dunmaway, almost fatally wound performtlnco in which thIe highest nma. flowers andfoilag in the most perfect r cdarmnte, o r WAW Da anaiftr, Signil Bevice, U.8.

miunoa. Da It. J. iernys, 5. V, uH-th, t, rommuitingdm con fiwult uaon w l t ohltlonary leaders. He did int de sign the ground is dark and the figures smell -__________ ''E S
o. Locke, -nud others strongly uined the re tedly during the night. He nt.llb partlcipatiml in thus quadrille should be, a t d., itonhe wnd durable swell he l e a" n . be...------- re --
alrtion. le t her at a relative's house and dlsal as he haid, "made a ladder for ulal or t There are other American silks, mao fo STAtTe h
fr. Monsalivatge offered the following as pared, but has since been captured, and political ambition." He wanted It to beY tv ahe Cheny silks here, the Burton II i
am Wutitute. Tht t he Board of Trade, oe f n.ling against him is so great that an incun action of lptrlotic genealoy, W onge and BonneAt French are the only o1
aml tbe member of the Merchants Pro lyncahg isa exlm ted. gs a d th mt i n the female li con, Of eore, wer onesw or to w
te uames ot peros to be reo om h a n g
aunts ittiv toyN& s t fu .1 Guy p, col lvetor of cutom frvey styish o wns mde whof (l s ant t
pap. wothwyut, n. w. d clar ed. lsti B n. s of Sedre Ia-orary a of Sens toms, mere Ieft Is-ai ny m oa tot gew o. a-,O
Smdl o qla af uietleleganr.em' e it w, n lad oe ti ter.p9r8h m aW .. 00 I a S hatwe
('to1,,m, F.mlh was amopteld Their vodtigu MarvellenW. C, cooper, of New York,Ip- sii aml most mmphatie kick. .hero isa new material which is likely Key West-o 9 74 NW i 0 Sow, fo r.
m0in fbr of the motion as follows. (3. B. rasr or mbu erchdise in the distnlotjf At thia Iment was made murdiny Nowt Yr po litc supplant all the velveteens and take OedamKeys... a9,90 04 W 18 0Clar
"I8ua-tii, ltamon Alvarez, J. 3. Delaney, Isw.Yorkl Marshall Ja Oorbett of New lacek is the A t4ran social structure. ii.- o- -yon eh Pensotha..;.. b9.98 the Nme.. 6oCas
Wa. T. Mwcaamey, VA. iturrms, Vinueg York, aeistappraisroftere dlne What wel mAed mml these country, an e- resemble very closely, bei of very NTew Or$la nso 'A"
liarnis, W. J. I R. 'aayyuar, J. 1linger,lBeuaJ. oi the district ofNewYork; F. Showdeinpcaiclly In this city, is ta parliament of my we a ter the chert weIt or kin g
Aib ary. W it. Kerr, (I. D. WW i rren, e i H ill, colle ctor of inte-bmoald revenue fort h. ash ion, mlav sa e et y like tha t wh aiohC fle t ob e we v s pile it c m aa vr. 0, 0 W a d b r Clear aa u
Lmows, Ft. A. Perr, t. W. )de ,, H. a. A t d t erit of M trYland .- - -... ... ..twenty-four in ches wide In a1l the most r Ubm.st, 8 00 0

tion. W. Ledwith, S. S. Lowe, J. W. Trhe Sheffiel4 and Birmingham Coal, gua 91 Ines -tabli led II Rouose A11 It is there ---Is --- -- --- e - --%n
ViThoa vr i in the e11 G ivrry, A. ltodriguez, sd their tal y cateat fKm toalm h y n ored, ia a million or two as p brown and a magnio end t black. The An old plot count 0to
Eit. v.Ale, 1 s. tAheirlvmge .nd Piec 'eld Aledn A fldr fe w ya h an reaootb in t t le testing o ly o o, mid tls and dark blue tand The drcmolo eater-d -0 m
i. W. Allen, c M. O, Pierne, field, e Alfrd a ,er Me --8 m tntol- le father or pickles or garbage or whisky, plG *OWNs or wsaeu I m mat white up through rea m,.rea dla t ha lt as \
u.s o ,e. Ii Pters on,.. Wil. Alfred Panr i o' Pil"jia ,lpn P then go tOrge, N,.,albu ou- n ulltely d ed, and el- tab ace and th rds to re.m at
Iiijalm 6.ag.lflcent black. The Aod old pI- count store

N.t voting, W. 'Clury, B. F. i dge. lbpi r ok ao so.t sopo/thob tfs "iMeil ImanymOe i lare ery rilohnd 8o oents to ljer yard. Yelird the postmater thin. LEW t
fartl 8. HNarosv o lcts ioeomt m oa i oi edec tboxe wh v T re thor t to dresses, for bd The drummer no attention apld. a
ie Prcs.en lthi~n appointed' th ltfol- th. en 1tm m Hundred io arbitrary. -V s s mas t o panel tung full wallkng Unto his welcome hard, wA T_
lowming named membersI,% 14oe committee I ""qe th Ia oomes and children's clothes. Ohi't'itl' o)Te Tt i VE omaser Sron E diApliaed.
of thr, W Cur, ata lRobr d a een, blue and black make suit oH, smi le s n a ve ispla c ar d... ..
eo.d9 be Allen and t n af .. th figuwresal- waer m i k Wfoven h i asoa ntlw outssliag, ae hislear
eeo, W. Allen. w oh yeea oa n d w oout
The erery waou motion d o the a f. Th latter atm o ake very o hnom o seek l k m" madly ried I y
to notify the PrSelfen of the Merchants rrer a To e m
Shh .ioux 0ity ..mindepd pto au Qn anto ;A_ Then .
PrOtctve Association of tle action ofAthe lsW tadd &e a tl lo if lo sm for b ea, and equ y n t -for on the board ho ed,
p. oaning or two apeiihd, Tg o sg 8 lolSt atinh laaw fo gamdml ahl-makerandoo." lot o ".a^JlElo AJ o
_uuud e.sBown aPttteo Ns .4 the rand banquet and00 stripe silk, aid others W tl dainty lttle 1Of-uhI--Beg llarfcn,"p 11IS0
ed wstteoa, y g S t he Nio them a1' .raody V roprate4 to 4*0d woven s others with stripes, one b W fhteaod merchant:" "ay.
Arrival of Dr;.Puimner. -11 Wo 4 t fni ghtened merhant: 1ak1syxnkv
herg,'404lther are to be pi u s
f o:ewaoU, oter are to paid of _i atn and the other of in- .. sa my T B o t
Dr. J. W. V. i Plnmmr, who ,as been wattta se1l gl hotI e ive my love to Quay.0, e 'yott ttled te
Isf a t .O e i ttiete bro d l Wr plain ta(ih
oeufor severalweek# attending the An- A B e great 1men e ati 1V t ii tWl. w-we wails in very e onoeivable oolor Afaod bill boulh d htn If tat, o 0 t
I o Ghran.d Asstanbly. fthe G. A. b h4l ge letter oesvi wred about. that* a"wtsa pi' who W1 ad all of e b appea, Boo; rpg; wepe nr udrf ...
*ltaoktoavlcd .?p'epr ommaultof then w at t s i o cltyi .1 4bad bu boxan deo twe aand would plo a min% 1pr nr th The drummer46 "ert oall between
nulsGrad "Iyte ...h. n letu _M d a

at, aorus fh t.wou pe I s p cr hied ELt UEOANT STYLEO l.
I+ ndn, ,,. zee.lwar t med lth A &MGM WA-ib .olt r eatis' Is. A favorite thosan w. ,.- and .tU A3ILIT ,
t ;Iw *A 4 e Was must It tbh steam-- cm adr o P m 4 1a4t o WIT,+', r g '.
.3 o eum ns of Vm- fVE 13!1I.I
+. s, r inmet ttn e of veterAd tohi d ros ogne "
jh mie. rimumnto.,m St. whe'me ho made a comais4 prod i
ilmoathluatIapproprihte anldress to the coa- the German '. h ant i1! a stripe oB?.0 O Leathr 0
itte A smut of o fW t ame guns11 fwas forA hisa= thtrI of AA '
aLni W. 1 O" l W" ILd s"' .'4' ''J "" it"'
i,, net hne e an d oae o m t uo, i urmnes ,,,t. 4n.ok sal ptin c w ith b W 6 "
n i pop r el t.tle -. 'F..

l "AfWi without woita I o tow
ac.,w~ without' .*, Whic has. -..a. .+.,.. v

* -* : ."- -

THTTP rmnlSTI ID W InAiT '-aiwENi 'viffe-rson uDavis and the The Same Map.
TlHE 1iUAT'U1-UD U A wi. owluw of Premident JOs. K. rolk, are the One day ahalf grown hioken gotits f
._... ________ ____ only two siurviielg conspilenolis figures of caughtsomno way, and made a d i
li \'1, 1' I ., \I I L ,. th, i loliticia lst ,tin this eolnutry---says thu about it. 1azma wa aw6y, st 4&

1' IT ATOR PUBLISHING CO. n,,nt umusuro their zntttal and physical "It hollored and hollered," she said "and
vigo, s they calmly await the out goilg pretty soon grandma pulled its foot out. Is
Pi-1li.h,.rs aztld Proprietors. tide, la a fw years, all who woro iroml- sounded ust like Aunt Ella's t nriD .
mamma." I From Dr. WeO, .as'aose
Otfic, in EqunatoriBu,ldlng, Front St. coi nI.nt i nnute.hellutm affairs will have o,"laughed mamma, **I gue not n A 1.T 81M-I haveoused
rliC of L)Dval. Teleoilone' 36 los, c to tho further shoro: "Well, anyhow" roteeAva,"itifttoblc i tiit y really for olm tCm,
i r- i S\ii.' 'J'itint rollk his ceas coursee, The roo the same shape no, only lot b er of bl my own I belev
of... 'ri-l... a i, oi yore, compantion,,ve rio avariled onf a sae .,ettn c .ofr'.u_
N/ ofyoro, toursl-Youth's compa ilnon i lder ha ,timely resort to this
S -,,,, ,.,i danced our infancy npou thoir In al cases where a per
;. I.t.','"l.,'+ ,.' ,..'t l I. ..., ee, A Cruelal Test. c "c
k ontitutoxal -tha

d, Ii i I I t,. ,r, lv l .'w I a,

l] m];, 1^.^ t y l !, t t l ,ar 1/,,t, rl' las. t

, fil ', > tcAl f, r tlIhe IuIrI'ip 'o- of 41 1 -
t"ni.a ilg I ti.' i i-i ,- latlvly nif rocoallr a-ie lillg
( 'U ; tll .i.- i t -: I I If h I l l' ln in lc il>alit y o f
K 'y Wcst 'V s tl o lar;g,t hanld most ro'ipre.
-lt.li i- boily of tht kind euver colnveiied
in Kly WeNt. Its deliberations werc
miatrki. 1,y a idl'orumi tone aimld ignity
that ri']iladei, wcll for the proposed
new city. 'I'lhe ,body as a whole reminded
us of what wo have riad of aln assonmblago
tf aIl tI'timila n linr-Il.ers dliscusi ing the'
tnill]n ,,f than old fi'e city of Franikfort--
on-the-Main. It was ralizod, nas thi
LqAr.vronl-)ENotrIiAT has so often said that
tho work lbforL tl( p.0ople unidor the new

iiliti our mn 01 boylh ood t'g.n
(if their strange venturcs happ'd by
lind aand Sil,
Ilow nrc they blotteil from the things that
Jlow few, all weak rnd withered of their
lI tf onil thi verg of dark eternity,
Liko stintnd d wrecks, the titlo returning
To sweoiup hoin fron our siglit-time
rolls him conseless course.

The enterprising manager of tho Now
York World, "in viow of thu approaching
Centennial, has had a special correspondent
nud artist to go over tho same route, by
private conveyance, that Gen. Washington
traveled one hundred years ago, from
Biladensliurg, *1., to New York city, to bo
inaugurated 1'residont of the United States
'Those gentlinein hiav madio notes and
drawings uf iany of tho old buildings,
etc., wlliili vero piroliiont in those, nnd
whcli.l! ii ke intsrcsting reading matter for
the progrce.sivo citize.nis of tho niunteconth
ctittury. 'his fUIrnlihes another evidence
ot' thu spirit ofaizterplriso anud go-a-had.a--

jhartr'i w.-, thi. beg;lllingi of a new era for tivenles w11lich ias chrnractcrized that jour-

thio place. eV,' have perfect coullience
a, w' sail yesterday, that good mun and
p)ri;rogr-iv- mon will bc selecte.1,

We clip tho following article from the
Maniatiec 'uity .Advocate, ant' rproioduee
it f',r thehnc lanit luf those of our readers
wh- arc interested in oriuago culture. The
Advocate tays:

nal utalur its present nainagemnent. But
then a newspaper that issues nearly a half
tuillion i.i of papers every day in the
week, Suittaliy not excepted,
J.TY G(loulnI is said to lave soliloquized
that "Now York is /,y l enough for me!" We
aro ilneimled to behlitve that Mr. Gotuld's
soliloquy was misiuaoted. It is more
prolablo that thi great I 'mnouey bags"
said. "New York is 1-iria enonllh for me."'

A joint stock company or corporation will No ono can econse New York of being a
i fonrmud with a caitatl of say .,lOo.U 000, good" p lace; but w don it renlezbor of
miad with I nuli.rhlipi of lulit 1U00, of
whllo iia.il-( .iill or tiwctiy will prolmbly bi e ver having heard of but oni p laco that za
New Yorliser. .Sonio of tho largest growers said to lie Warnerr" than that city; nid it
Ilive already signified thliir Wtdhesion to the was probably a thought of hl,,t placo that
pIan. iJh utoinpouy wou ld mtiao advances called forth the soliloquy, and we don't
to il.u, (,r .\',.u ( I+ 0.. i' niinelj ai',l t.c-.ity Ixpounss. If know of a better subject for th l place than
tli-y havo 1,0t00 boxes ill their trees, thoe is Mr. Jay Gould. htut jaiiging from tlhe
'.lipall[ vy Wullid tashlllio that thiy have 750, wa v it wich li stilcIl ,otill, itis to press
oil which zonuaher ain Idvanc' oh lifty t1 h .ir working a's to thn
sivhity-flve cents per box would be wtld.
.\AI'ltr t fruiit is lairvested, the growers griditstono," wo do not believe that ho
w\'ill receive what it brings, lwss t fair coin- fears a warmere" climate.
ziisioun and tho expenses of packing,
tranaslortation, etc. Then thoro wotultll h ,
established at some central railroad point
in Floridii a great lacking estatliishitent, '
whero the fruit would lieo oxed in an ex i O
pert manner after being properly graded.
From this packing establiinhment the fruit
will be shippeaI by fast freight to Now Or- COMPOUND EXTRACT
etn, (Cincininati, St. Louisi;'hi:g:o, ]alti.
liar,. 1'hiil.ldelphia, Nuw York nud liustoii, l/u
Ill taiiih or which citic the totia)atliy wouaI lill
ljavo tht,-ir r gtulaa' r oivilal' iacaats
Thlie hiliiueatst froli alaloritla lould libe
ordered by tlgrapi1 ncudianhg to thu
statt of the market, .and the fruit on ar-
rivid would 1te souli at action in0 open
(nili uctition.
t lt lyselt'too iliroh ltmno is iakicn tip by
thu iiia i,,-tation of the frllit to the
North, sihiiipalnts hivo often been from
.ii-ht to thirty days in gutting from "Florlda
to Ntw York. I ani now i tz -gtiating with
tlii 1'naitsalYaznia llailroad Cioumpany nd
lha,,ui to ci iiplaeto anrranugolmtnts by which .. .
tlij timu cau bo cut down to four days. The importance of purifying the blood fat.-
-- not be overeslmniated, for without pure blood

'Th Philadhilaelphia Ties says that "the
du-ath of ex-Socretary of tho Intorior
(undrr president Lincoln) Mr. Upshur,
l vCes ex-Socrotary of War Simon Cameron,
( x-Secrtetary of the Treasury Ilugh AlM-
( hu,loh aud ox-Secretary of the Interior
Jaiiiu ii.1 ann, nd exs-Vice-President
ll:ailtbal i[amlin the sulo survivors of the
chieis of the Lincoln A Iuinistration, nnd
all of thoi haivl reached or passed their
fotur.-''ro years. (teorge Bancroft and
1i:a. 1Polk are the tolc survivors of the
1',,Ik Adli iisItrntiou. liUncroft is now
li\ in in Wanhinggtun, feeble in miind and
1) .ly, and w-iitilng "till the- shadows ore a
little longer giown," annl Mhrs. 1'olk, after
thoi' I estb of eighty- six V intoer-, is yet tho
cinlter of aidt-voted circlo uf frionuds it tIhe
l',ltk Iinn'ion of Nashville. Of the vari-
otar Cianvet officers under Taylur nud l'ill-
nilor only oine survivei-Alex. H. 11.
Sltiart, and he is enjoying a green old age
in the Virginia nmountanls. There are
Anly two survivors of the Pierce Adminis-
tratio',-ex-Serctary of War Jefferson
Davis, aud i-x-Plostmaster General Jamies
n"amipboll. Davis is just about rounding
out his four-scoro years, and enjoys roa-
sinaible physical and incutal vigor, and
Jndgos Cunpbell, although on tho shady
side of 75, is daily soon on our streets with
vigorous step and genial smile."

Tni: New York World, commenting upon
the rellgiouk(?) unturo of Postmaster Wan-*
namnaker, says thrt "in advertising his
spring stock of dry goods, Postmaster-Gen-
oral Wannamaker combines piety with a
shrewd regard for his pocket-book. A
Philadelphia newspaper oonttined the fol
lowing Wanamaker advertisement a few,
days ago: "Easter is five days away, but its
cheer and brightness have dawned all ever
the store, In the basement, on the main
floor, on thb second and third floors you
can see the brightening liglA of the glad
season. The merchandise seem to have
caught the inspiration of tho time. The
sensitive nature of Wanamaker's morchan-
di(e is worthy of 'the investigation of
S scientists. On the Fourth of July his silk
-,a;. - and dress goods will be firing off Chineseo
S.'" crackers and Roman candles, doubtless."

The New York World, In a recent issue,
picked up a yard of Frankfort sausage and
slaps Bismarck across the cheek thusly:
"Tho Berlin Commssloners from the
United States will be rooelved with the
:norc cordiality by the Germans in that
S, ur Treasury Department has decided that
S 1, : A lort sausages are entitled to free en-
7',' r,' .-this country. The cordial attitude
-j:,.. % .-the United Btates Govcrnment
,. "' 'l^ hre spicy ind'ustfyitg Franktort
.- t '.rked contrast to the unoompro.
S"talin tnhospitalttydisplayed byBismarok
toward the Amerlaun hog. We confidently
expect that Frmakfort sausages will act the
part of olive branches in the coming Ba*
moan Conference.

you cannot enjoy good health.
At this season nearly every one needs a
goole medicino to purify, vitalize, and enriclh
the blood, and we ask you to try Ilood's
Peculiar Sarsaparilla. It strengtlhens
00ccull t And builds up the system,
creates an appetite, anal tones the dig
while it eradicates disease. The peeoUl
combination, proportion; and preparation
of the vegetable remedies used give to
Hood's Sarsaiparilla pcrzil. r telf
lar curative powers. No T ItOlf
other niedlelne has uch a record of wonderful
cures. If you have mniado up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be ihduced to
take any other instead. It is- a Peculiar
Medicine, and is worthy your cotnldonce.
Ilood's Sarsaparilla is sold by all druggists.
Prepared by C.1. Ilood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses One Dollar
'Ti,' YcrIles Ltnani 111011ou5l
W. D., Stilt, Drnggist, l1ippus, Ind.,
testies: "I can recomniomnd Electric Bit.
ters as thie vory best re'ioedy. Every hot.
tl,. sold has given relief in every case, One
iain t ook ;six bottles, and wan cured of
Itheuniiatisim of 10 years' standing." Abra-
hanm tare, druggist, Bellville, Ohio
atti'is: "Thel best selling medicine JI
have ever hahdled in my 20 years' exper-
ience, is Electric Ititters." Thonsands of
others have added their testimony, so that
the verdict is unanimous that Electric it.-'
torsl' do curo iall diseases of the Liver,
Kidney or Blood. Only a half dollar a
bottle at l)r, A. L. Pendletons Drug Store'
BoAnn '07 HEALTH.
KEY WAsT, Fla., April 23, 1880.)
b t I ,i Pl ;l'.
Theo nedic.l inspection of vessels and en-
forcenent of the eluarantlo system
adopted by the State Board of Health of
Florida, which should have gone into ef-
fect April 15tli, ald which will continue to
November :3' th of each year, has for this
yonr only, been postponed by the State
Borrd of Health until May 1st of this year
Attention is invited to subdivision of
Sec. 7, Quarantine and Maritime Medical
Inspection of the liules and Regulations of
the State.Board of Health, which forbids
vessels plying between any Florida ports,
thd any foreign or domestic ports deemed
by this Board as infected by yellow fefer,
cholera, or small pox-and espeolally the
ports of the Island of Cuba-to enter said
arbor before sunrise, and to remain in
suid harbor or harbors afterr sunset.
A violation of this requirement subjects
vessel, cargo, passengers and crew to a de.
tention in quarantine of fifteen days.
By order of the Board of Health.
B. B. WHALTON, President.
Secretary and Treasurer. 4.24-l10d.
lmheap Piani
A large supply of Memorandum Tablets,
1 and 1lOts each, just received by
6-29.1, EQUAToa NEws Co.

D. C. Dale

NOIONis and i
Gents Furnishing G
a 8pecialtyp
5 worth St.

Prestidigitateur-'Thero, sir, I have taken
this out of your stomachI
Underfed Gentleman-Well, boes, since
yer wus so clever as tor take it out, try if yet
can't put the rabbit back again, stewod.-Life.
Whore They DIscourage Tramps.
The regular tramp of tho north is hardly to
bo found in the Carolinas. Now and then a
noego who has had to "skip" from somo neigh.
borhood goes wandering about until run in
by a constable, butthe sight of white tramp
in the country is very rare. I was out look.
ing over a plantation one day when one of the
hand came up and reported a white man
asloop on the roadside. A dozenof the labor.
era were summioned and we marched down to
the spot. He was a sure enough white tramp,
and he had stretched out for a snooze. Each
negro cut a switch from a bit of swamp, and
the wanderer was then aroused.
"Whero aro you from?" was asked.
"What brought you herol"
"Traveling for my health."
"Is your health good?",
"Tolerably fair."
"And what's your gate?"
"Three mile an hour on the average."
"Well, who'll give you a send off up the hill.
utl oi it tonic, boys."
They litld the switches on to him with
hearty good will' following him for forty rods,
nwlt ho unvor looked back as he rose tho hill.
Tile zlnut >y a"1 I i- )j.hn at ra ilroad itatlou
(loren miles away, and while tho train was
wnlting a on.stal eiollatrod him. headed himn
down the track innd started hint off with a
"liftV which loosinod tho roots of his hair.
Twenty rodisa nwiy thio man halted long
eonongh to tshiout baiick:
"If thar's ary Ynkeoo on (hat train, I
wtnt thim to taku notice of how northern cap.
iUllstis shaking invostmentsa In this country
arCe inado ht f ool to holno and taken to the
bosoni of the people I"-Detroit Free Press.
It IVorlia lothi Ways.
First Deote: iv, --I' vc got the two mon who
committed that iinurder. Their naunosare
Chlinks and Kinks.
Second Dotoctive-You don't say sol How
did you discover them? .
"I ran ti.oss Chinks one day, and charged
him with theo crime,"
"Yms. Howy did to tako Itt'
io clmeaingl color-a -%e sign that be i
I"ruo-and tho other?"
"I saw Kinks soon tifter, and boldly
charged him with the crio."'
"Goodi How did ho actV'
"Ile did not chan e color at all-a sure
sign that heo is a hardened criminal."-Lon.
don Tid-Bits.
Feminine Finesse.
A little :girl hearing hor mother read a
minlster' exporierno, as to how fresh roasted
peanuts had cured him of insomnia, asked:
"Ma, what is Insomniai"
Her mother explained to her that it wow
when a person could not slooeep ouud.
SDuring the day, having some peanuts, she
was approached by her little brother, who
asked her for some. To keep from sharing
with him and stUll show a generous dispose.
tion, sho said:
"Brother, I am suffering awfully from it-
somnia, and vory much afraid if you take
any thoro will not boe enough left to cure mne.
-Detroit Free Press.
A Good Thinug.
"What'sathis fence up here for?" he asked
of the ticket taker at one of the gates in the
Third street depot.
"To prevent mistakes."
"Why, to prevent a man from getting on
the Lansing train when he has a ticket for
"Un? but that's a good ideal" exclaimed
the inqu'irr after a moment's thought. "I
wonder if they couldn't fix something to pre-
vent a man from buying a cow when he is
after a hosst"-Detroit Free Preom.
What Sthe Feared.
"I mo," remarked Mr. Fangle, glancing up
from the morning paper, "that a Spanish
geographer has proved the worldd to be flat."
"' suppos that means a change of geog.
raphiesin school," replied Mrs. Fangle, "and
Jist after I had bought Jimmy a new one,
too."-Drakl's Magazlne.
A Little Boy's Idea.
"Mamma," said Freddy, whom duty it was
to run a great many errands, "I wish I was

only as big as a dollar."
"Why do you wish that, my sonr"
"Becanuso then I could put myself in my
pocket and ritle myself around."-Drake's
Too Late for the Train.
Prison Missionary-What are you in for,
Convict (litterly)-Just for miming a train.
"No nonsense, sir. I msimed a train for
Montreal,"-Texas BSiftings.
: o Objetlections to Children.
Philadelphia Lady (obliged to make har
hoomeln New York)-Do you admit children
Owner of Flat-Oh, yest children penned
up in fiats never llve long enough to do much
damage.-Phlladelphia Record.
After a fashion.
The dude who is always looking for new
styles get. along after a fashion.--New Or*
leans Picayune.
The More Vaultes It Betti.
The Satriot to the treasury depaMtment
"With all thy vault. I love thee stilL. "-B-N
a 4 i Woma d'vee .

_Another w tnderful delmeisbeen
sheim er *m e 4 tad tatoot alaya this country.
O ISMlStad f Afed Its lutotab upon p her
l adf6 seyep yari athwilhstood It Tseverest
t but her ita otgaos wer t"daNuned
9 d4eth oe ineint. C For three
MRSl & Co.
montl4 she onttl suantly and ooald
not sleep. 8heboit of u abttle of Dr.
J obbprs KWag's New X) very for COonsuption and
was so n ,ruTed on taking the first dose
SrY GOD that bstie.dt all Anib l ad with one bottle
ANOY GOODS as bed h IaAnlbulla cuYred. -.Her name
loods and Hosiery is MrS Lutber Lilta .- Thns write W. 'C.
Hamriak- Oo. of o islby, N. 0.- Get a
76 'a 78 Canal St. free trial bottleOt '& L. Pendleton's drug
New Orleans La stom.

there eradicates tile se.Itli of disease from
the s iar W. W P. At soN.
WACO, TI;XAB, May 9, 3188.
0ei ThP wife of one.of my costo.
rr ifly Irilli.'. d with athsomeBlskin
i ,1overtl ier whole boMy. Idho was
no lier d r d for cral years by till
Sctt.. 4t could not i'! herself at asll She
could jol''k'5 from avi it itchIng and ting.
Il of til tkln, Thu (;-.o bifluned the kbl0
01othe itlviclalns who trlatld It. lIerhusband
".. ii1lly (IvIlng his wIfe Swift' Sp.elfc, and
she commenced to improve almost ImnedItiely,
d Sin a w weeks she was apparently well o. b
Is now a larty, fine.lookingi lady, with no trsee
of thealliction left. Yourn very truly,
J.~. SAM,
Wholesale Driggilst, Austin Avenuoe.
Treatieonm blood and Skiti Dlseanci called free.
tnaiwirr Sieirlie (o., Drawer3, Atlanta, Gs.
Hew York, 756 Broudwuy.



INSURANCE effected und bpon policy
of this line at I per oent'f For Freight
ates andi further partictalars, apply to
19 Old Blip, Now York,
Mr. Wm, CURRY,
Agent at Key West. Fla.

mabiulcal paler published and has Ihe largest
tOula on of any paper of its olasp in theworld.
lltllutratoedl. Belst class otf Wood tn hsv.
a111. uollishod weeknl y. Bend for apeolpn
coPl__ricellra a year. Your hontle'trial,5ti,
RU&ITE.O., t-LSnIls, t Broadway, .t
Edition of Scientific American.
A great success. etch Issue contains colored
lithographic plates of country and cityresilden.
ces or Oublle buildings. Puinerous engravings
and fulln plant and specillcations for the use of
saOhlIC Oteouplhte bnlldln. 1'rice $2.16 a yeor,
cut. acopy.'N UNN &1CO., PVBL'BUU.
e i n nio may bsen uI
ad oy ppl-
TEF-----IIo hNab vehoad other
ro 40 y xi rlnce and have made over
00x prld Fatiii ona for American and ForI
-.41n pitot-a. Send for Handbook. Corrne-
ponoacne arrlIct confidential.
In e y,,ir mark Is not registered In the Pat.
ant O-e. ii',ly to UNNa & Co., and proutn
Immedittepritectlon. Saend for Handbook.
COPYRIIlIITl4 for books, chruts, aps,
sio.. quictkly procured. Addrea
MIIUNN & CO., Patent gollcltora.

TinI ]"OLLOWING BllANKS are kept
in stock and cain ialwiys be fouiM at
the EtIf-ATOlt UFFIC'':
I'-P erf its. 0
-Passenger Lists.
-lImvilwrd Manilfests.
-Warehouse litry.
-Coasting Malnifests.
Auctiloneers Reports.
-- Reports and Maiiifests.
-Inward PassenKer Lists.
-Inward Foreign Manifest.
-Outward Foreign Manitest.
--Entry for Immediate (Consumption
-Witlitrawal Entry for (Consinmi-

Facts Abo Foutaios ore

aRd LiiMot,

Astllllla ...... use Fontaine's Cure id
Liniment: quick relief
Hay Fover.. .use Fountaino's Cure and
A Cold cured in 12 hours :)
Fountaine's Cure.
Coluaillllption Lao ke nuall doses of Font-
taiue's Cure: relieve the
soreness of chest and back
by rubbing with Foun-
taines Liniment.
Bronchlitll ... use FountaiOe's Oure and
Liniment, a quick cure
Dyptlhrla.. use Fountaine's Ours and
Lisilneut, I pledge nq
word if you will use these
medicines in time, faith-
fully according to direo.
tions, not a case 'will be
Croup ........ ue Fouutalne's Cure and
Liniment. Friend can
.- you afford to be without
these safe guards? It is
criminal neglect to bs
without them In the house
For sale by Dr. Pendle-
Aug. 20 lon ton.


A I Physlcian and Surgeon.
Office at Pndleton'sDrug Store. Office
Hours 7 9 a. m., an d from 9 to 5 p. .

oloe It the .Post (%oe.
R. o. r. KEMP,
Burgeon Dentist.
eOfflce,.pver Porter & Ridgels Drug
Store SMontonin street, cornit aton
Key WaSt rIn

-j. A.McVO Y,


Will ureIoe in the United States, Ci-.
suit an Distriot Courts for the Southern
District of florida, and the Sate awl Cons
ty (Jourts Monroe Oounty.
Office at Key Weat Baik.

L 269 iss89

I.M.3i0 l avu Haniord Arrlvi i I'M P
1.65 LoliKwoiod Lav 1.51
a2 Al amiotea Sriha s 145 "
2.10 mattlandi iv.?
5.8 sy n witierl'ark lu12I
2 Orlando 12:
i i.26 KiIIh leo : : .1t4) AM.
4.11 )venor 10.42 '
4.10i talnestCIty 10:.31
S4.27 tBartowJunctloi 10 20 "
4.1 Amburnudalh 1v "

Dm, W t. etA
40 .l I, I.
ACtlrie nail n p St SInfor1 wlth, T. &t K. W, RK'., fth

Celeb-asste I and tBEa cl s

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T i e Dnra i
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UAVING been thoroughly renovated is
now open to guests. Strictly first-class
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Bells, Salt Water Baths, and all modern
improvements. Drainage perfect. Only
Hotel in the City properly sewered.
0. T, ManuXB Prop.

Sweeny's Restaurant.
NO. Mt. UVAL 8"'.
(Near the NeW.BRuell House)
Oyste and New York Meatsa penalty.
American, spanish of Pi enoh cooking.
.Boarders taken by the week at modertoe

GRO LU IS Prssen.F.HGT, ielrele

OO LWIS, P ddet.X E. H. GATO, Vice-Presldent.
GO. W, ,,ALLEN, Ua5l~ri F, B. MALONEY, Asistant Cashier.


pi (INCORPORATEDj 1884.) ,,.
Capital $50,000.
Surplus 10,000.

SBeing desiroi dsettliug ip nbusinen
re, I will sell proper on tke Ga
ion Beach, at anes aa' ost, and will
throw in the ba nToe of a tn year's lekse
of a square pf land, bestplaoe on the Island
for milk business. For particulars apply
Joan T. ATXINe,
Uaeklnl's Arnica salve.
The best salve in the world for CutcS
Bruises.g Bores, Ulcers, Bait Rheum, Fever
Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all skfix Eruptions, and post.
tLvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It
Ia guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 95 cents per
box. For sale by Dr A. L. PzINDLXTON,
June 25 l-y.r.
Auxiliary Mainltary Notiee.
Notice is hereby given that the Auxiliary
Sanitary Association are now ready to clean
out vanlts, sinks and closets by the Odor.
less Excavator system. Leave all orders at
Dr. J. Y. Porter's office and they will be
given prompt attention. une 25 tf.
Cheap Books
Handsomely bound books, by standard
authors, at the Equator Stationery Store
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The books are worth one dollar. These
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holiday ood.s,
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for. There are more pretty holiday press.
ents in his large and beautiful show-cases
Ihan were ever in his house for'five years
before. "Mack" is Key West's ,leading
jeweler, and we are proud of his enterprise.
Call and take a look for yourself, Deoe 5tf,



Prepared by Patented Process by the


Condensed Milk Co.,


GEstt t mejor leho de vaca
pnra, 1t azucar y libre de today clasu de
engrediento, coucentrada eu uuna creina
ospesa, y preservada por un proeedimiento
fisico. Ho disuelve instntnneamente eun
agua, frla 6 caliente, a su estado natural
mas 6 menos easpsa, segun la cantidad de
agun en queo e disuelva. Sirve pars todos
los objetos cnlinarios, ea que la leohe
frosca se use. Es exoelente para los os-
tioses, helados etc. Usadapin agun, 6
como vl6ne es muy esquisla en el caf6;
esal exempts de germenes quo puedar ser
derjudicinlle a la salud, y as gusto esqulsito
y delicious so reoomionda altamente.
Tengase prestnte quo Ia loehe se 6 con-
Rcrva mojor en su lata bien tapada. Cui-
ludo con las imilaciones. De venta en el
almacen de o(, lecio, oallede Duval.
Key West, Jany. 10, 1 year.
Passenger Deparlmnent.
snfcord, 1 In., Dec. ind. 18sS.
t'oilnma allg Monday, Dr. 24willli, mll forthl
inotlce, Special PasseuN! ertra llis will i' a ii betwiuU
Htiinford itid TualPiat, amper sthedillulu IlHoW.

fl ah H ntilleu. .C. D. OVwonsi,
General Manager. Trafic Maiuager.



SNew York and Galveston.
iCeomposed of the following first
0". steamships, carryiU.

ALAMO, Capidn S. Risk, a6O
$"MARCO8, Burrows,2900
UECESain BOger 8000K.
LAMPAS A t, a lt rowell 80oe 0i ".
OOMAL, Captain J. ls, 2700
AWOne of the above ships
driving S Key West everyWdn,
day from New York withpaasen.
eers freight and U. 6. mnHll
eavig samen day. for Galeven,
@lso arriving at ey West evr,
niday from Galveston for
York with paengers, freight agd
U. mails. For freight or p -
s., having elegant aoommoda-
tons, apply to
R, W, SQUTHWICK., Agent.

Southern P4aifei Companay,
-.---Composeie of the folwing First-Olas steamships:-

ill ke regular weekly trips between the above ports, running upon the same
schedule, freight and psser tittes last ear. le season will open with.the
fine famt-ailing steamship Hd[UTWOI iSON leaving New Orleoanon she Vld oti.!
arriving at this pot on the 25 th instant. The steamship M(..O*ANq, eonsidlered
among the fastest ateamships plying the waters uf the Uulf, will follow every alternatk
week. For freight or pa having aiaVerior aonommodations, apply to
N. B.-Morohant are requested to laae their orders for goods from New Orleans.
My o006, in rordter j secure vroaapt delierv of t1l#m at destination. Fath94114PV


Blacksmith, garage and Wagon Maker,


A fulline of & akiadit of Os* and Wagon material always kept in
stook tud fo' ma.fr mar.-I.


LO,.iT s & C., oile> and Retai

49" 1an on* N .
13 MAIOIN LANE. N Y. ::-J : .'-: ,- ^ ; : 1' ''

LEAF TbBA.CCO. $' +anOo-
We mak a 9Specialty of All Rinds t .
SMED TOBAI00 adopted for Key West
Begars and will romptly fill Or4ew. ovrehantS.
"trus, atst "ki .im euniion merchants.
lan&d s a-'mo' aa- attention with quick returns (Dee.,19.tf
"it JM" M A o.1 .61 mt eiinwt

. all,

FUmtrNo Va=, JAMEs W. Loosa,
Collections Rceive Prompt 4 Careful A attention.
Tima IMPORITERIB & TnADERS NATIONAL BANK....... ........... ..ew Vork.
Ti.i LOUISIANA NATIONAL BANK....................... New Oriau.s.
Tins FIUST NATIONAL BANK OF FLORIDA ........................ Jacksotnville.
TIIE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TAMPA ......................Tampa.
Ti i PAOIFIOC BANK............................................ San Francisoo.
MEoC ANICS BANK................................. ...............St. Louis.
MERssis. LAWTON BROTIIERS...................... .............. lavana.
MWfssis. 3B C. LEWIS & SBoNs ...................... .......... Tallahassee.


Eaton Street, opposite the Episcopal church.]

Wholesale and Retail Dealer In

Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage' and" Butter. ,

Also, Dressed Chickens and Turk ey Eggs,
Lard, Cheese Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
Canned Goods, JPresorvesl Salt Meats, Hams,
Breakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
Corned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Mackeral
(xo 1 Bloaters,) and country Produce of all

Don't forget the place, S. 0. JOHNSON.

S Conpisitig the Superior Stmiships,

Carry gMei.eey United States an, Foreign mails between Tnampa, Key Went uno
Havana. iSaid service having commencedl with the steatimship Mates Ite, "i mviug 10ft
Tampa on the 2d November Inlt.

Tamua Havana Service.,
SAVANNAH, GA., May 1st, 1888. .
Beginning May 1st., the ships of this Line iibirun as follows: *
Leave TAMPA ..... .................Monday, inotl Thnrsday'
Arrive KEY WEST.................... Tuesday s nd Friday,
Arrive HAVANA....................... Wedueh ta and Saturdoy,
T.a.,a tTAVANA U.. ..... ..-.".. .

AF. f'. t. Res Wht.k



k inh Ird outs tus wee up a perpln ldto iAR 11iANUFACTUREl1Bi T -. --n-ml Dtl8 NT
A n od lCd Iom loN uonI n loh pb t arrt equally plain, a i' u rw.t--

Iit el was a Wf ffi nacurn0tyH of ,0 zza
th d"itldes toha&tgimrl ba na acdinf 0he rPu idl ttud ; ____dh l __and ____ TW o __________'_ __..,' _. _____
., ruthoisi, w 'wide a peaed In her true oolomw 1

he 1 a- a 1Bo' 1 ea out ytda from retort JAs kid 41 was not baouse o
SG "As w Was' ofOOO su0tabl expr... Key W est, Fla.
Aweaten 6a1o11 wgL itsl lips, But they capi 00,0 .
..d.Sain, the evulig I wero still u .apd and wife, and the Offloe,.119 Water St., cor Wall St., New York. Surplus - -.
111,.dter th.gast bond bpetwam them ould n ,othv.. b* ,oo,
aoseL .ohe btnhe, o raeV was tnou- lt about a. 0.00 SMT 125. La Salle S t., C cago .ll i-Now Radyor the Better Acoomo dation P
redliS,. i ^hh tS1 .Soaehhi jglolt At"d N4owv, reunliary odi4.tlos she chose to dio. ..
Sa heau ke t w in o a RBERB C. PENT, DEPOITS REIVED-

-st .",.b ooof ^ ^ ... .. ........- --INTERESTPAl) ..
Sde te ulo swdd b eone wod At know us wet, would b i e, or allow her relation to him to be
tped qicoll k oki or s wote act that you war a mustahe sand kown. She at Anrst demurred to this -
oey e10l01,60 pace oi Iwo with. 4 eh ,d, W% bit buteuo his d4lng; to hand over every.
d...... stonwasrs ita Bu te 0sIa*a msga"rs, AND CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSITS
lioxt moment, Iho spoke, and the voie o g oetl shk,0 . yrn effot a lillMay advantageous to her
itmoment s spoke, ad the oe thputothe" eieiev eh rbom a pcunliy point of vro'--she ....I "
u that of is, sister. $-I so glad yeOI produid t Ids pocket a sl pairo y w td probably rcng -FACTORY No. 1 3, KEY WENT, FeLg A. ....
are herel" she said breathlessly. iA yo to d0 V16 I yooult od imKpossble to K i. to.
Atw e ouda did youa e as sake msuo a cotractlegally blading,and JCorespondence SoUlolted.*,__ EX(iI&NGB )N NEW YORK, NL W OttLBA J AMD HAVANA BOUGH IT ANP 01I"."
he YU e losed thet w o r Md w t e 'ihte - -- -----h-------- AT THEI PL ON GREEN NA TL APH OFI.
herP ntomed he. 'No lnl oomche orownL i- put on m d over* Auoid oom*--ha would be able tOrspu. i ni. -" '
and led her into the sitting room Lasd o otive oa clever lt with Impunity.
staying with Mr. Martin "-t y Vl h OP EHNEIMER & CO.l Ie POTANT and inPO RA I NOTICE
glnnoed about the room an~d het4t. "I shallo remain v. ill different to his business interests, and Ill
"He has gone out," said Percy. Did start a lour be totue attended him. He welcomed the M
"I came to see you, Percy. u yB O ndEree e e A hasee TO.nd
stand why you kept away fr ebut I ery th 1 o ChBa. blul- gallery.
and you t w m us. but on atyo e t but though he stopphbu et, the AND DEILEiS IN I hav mad arrangemet with r. F. L d4mer, recently of Bell's
wanted to tell you that I am your sitde, than to the r1 l Iallet failed to stop him, and the legBacy Gallery, I ) C, fo o
I love you and believe in you, and what Steamship comp After. t. at he received changed draA a B]OX "TA Bs 2Io..,ew nton, w a
ever happensl you can tMrust me. Lt me ward& u can crAh ara_. omplexion of iffls He played pfe ryocesn for tak13g children pSttrro, QNCK AN. $uwI-Por every time.
dos omethini; a r yout" Sbe spoke with q.on a othSi RhI5 i,| Office:-13.3 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y. S'oo i wishing thefy k noe Prortr?tsr invited to lln nds 8a.p.oi
dosomethingfdryoul" She spoke with nuu an te te Ol I Wll half the sum In the bank at Napier for' feb 3i-2 ie. of our New Styles. SatiflM titr Work Prtof cloen.
great emotion, though In a controlled meFt you on board tho the benefit of his wife, and led forb -2 of our New yes. ats y Work Proofs Shown.
voice,a dhe ouldpercelvethatatremor trunks willg by ." b o wth the r He Cabiets, reduced to3. o .
passed throdlk her now and then as sihoe "AH right," d igh,. ad no settled plan In leaving NHe had Card Piots, reduced to $ .0 Per Do
stood before Rim. for he was a d Io Ltd no, and :land, except to appease him regtiondelreG. Ml'dotts (ben t 1.0 "
A feelingl of strong brotherly tender. hi Mustache w not drt t c change and excitement. -e re f GARRERutu0
noMe and gratitude came over the to lim. "And when se could hod nothing good for him, be. Manufacturer ofC . B. Mo t.
lan;I he put his arms round Pauline and we oftm esune our naftse von., cause, howevergoo inItselfItmightbe
kissedl her. "1 couldn't do that f I As sooas you l wo d bedefled by the chron d Key '-:- W est :-- Havana -:- Cigars, .i
wasn't Innocent, my dear," he said. tin, "though perhaps'. Inevitable necety of sharin It wit
"Of course I' know lbu are Innocenti" harm It we, plxohangli( 11otr s that wife of Is-for whats the greatest
she'zexlatmed indignantly. "What made while longer, There s tell hat .blessing mulus and joto I t KEoY yIV ST, F LA.
is false. Why is she your enemy turn upw might find IffArO i the man mismated.
Percy heltated. "Aearane were eat or amusement to gossip about us iq One misfortune, however, he did not M U "i ,tatol'y a O ty. 11,11( l
against me," he mutter the wrong quarterr" look for; one danger he did not fear;
"What we oa to any on Ireakfslt bolng over. nothing re, at, aimtio,, pf/JI vJ etfbiv he wan con. l04delic,. olhlted. (1 .ll ,)
who knows lyeou' roke out Pauline, I* mained but to label the trunks, whloll dent he could not feel. And )'t ...
ptiontly, "She must have hated you. Martin did by writing his ninueuand thai thie emotlan, thhi danger, this mwisfr- p ; ,J ;I, tni7liJl)
hy did she hate you? Woman do not of the steamer on ttp. and alohtnq tunin weort, prochioly thu s to wlrkh ho D, P( TIAALHJ 18th l
hate unless has she ever loved them to the handleit au 'xprtstnaiw water w dutlnod .. fall in vlu, 1 couldHALI ) 18
you, Percy'?" slihe demanded with a then called and the trunks wer, reomovedi not foresee the meeting with Pauline P POH ALSKI & C
Se-,ed r. Percy sacrificed his mustahlio uand aftlxed Nolon. nor Ltho e ott s Clao. w, would pro- OC.9
"Sshe-wrhy, teos a married womaIl" the whiskers, and finally, attend In ducen h hI. Up to that tid his un- Oter Bd f illi ill'
lie returned, uneasily. friend's outer garnients, left the iousq haplousleas Ial been chiefly nt';gativo--thod
utand nowr' continued the girl, with a "the 'lhi'rty-thlird street elevated station now hie had to deal with a pIostive pull E !1
ld laugh, "Ohm, my poor hrothtert" iFront there It'wea a twenty mnihutos' ride -thee lmUpombllity of biln united to I .
ore caught her breath anld robbed once to hil destination, and then all lie hal tq the only wouan Ito lhd iover loved. It ---- 0 '
or twic re"1 an so sorry It i that." she do was to go on board and wit (or Mar was like tantailing a primoor for life FACTORIE OFFICE & SALESRM,
have t been ool, but nothing worse ind at &lo'ckrthe In uelr mov e ouwith e am talkf flot about lywif," he HABANA, CUBA. KEY WEST, FLA 17 WARREN ST.
titan that," said the young wan. "There Into the river and pointed her nose toward eimarked ono day to Peroy, as they were NEW YORK. NEIW YO IK.
i ao 0tual s.it on nky conscience, Pau- the Narrows, nmuch to the relief of two sitting miunokin3 together on the dock,
li. I no thanks to but it at least of her passengers. And yet xboth "but it lun't entirely egotism either, L
ruth. It 'is l over now. and I tinlk of them were leavn behind what wa have a motive it, coinneted th you." 'C "
/ heaven it is over" dearer thaiu anything they could expect "What haym I to do with IW? $EIDENBIERGruh &It Is al over nogtCo.,
"I thank heaven, too, Percy; for to encounter. But those thoughts lay "You and Biownt are about tht only MAN UFAOl'URBItS OF0
u whatever you had doe I should support deep; the more trlfling ones only ap friends I have in the world. I want you
ycu alnd defend youi and If you were peared onthe surface. to know whlat my lie hWA been and what TA T A T A. TCi A
wicked e d, to. There were but few other pa mnger o ol;mo; I order that.yo ay b H A V A N A C IG A R
Your aistr"-it semedn to wie h*r saai, on shes tianee, a4 dhoe Wot h ln p0o able to act lutellgetly In case anyth-ing
faction to repneat this-"we are the ame pie whose oieiety was eopecially attraor happens to in." "
Sand blood; if we do not standby ive, Percy al kValentine passed the "low-_e, Val, you'to not contem ng tsotories Non 8, 53, 48 ang14 Key West, Fla-
r leah other who else willo inot watd by Paotories NOs. 8, 83 48 a 1 Key Weat ha.
esKtilor wy o d ho wr Y You t wannt ii greater port of the tinme i each other a premature uusd, arou you i7
%ll yon do Percy? You cannot tell c ep rnd Vlt pnt ui i ao sh"O u s'e llayso nd i n Office anid Salesroom 327 ast 3rd Street. It63d Stree-.
li, took a quihk replution. "I itiall h p t life atahiitures on hand4, Se .'al Ip a ouf &.lidt.,ite, which ao.
**Hvor aipar it court, hi' sali. and may hours were spit i narrathin liable to hap tto thI bat regulated Y9 .f
is tl Case been put i slder she e those experienceso to ,ercy. untlll thle element oj say tnn i__dd ta_ __k- -

rw's eae In" _V Intret him m" "r "" WILLIAM WICKE & Co., Wm. H W ILLI T
t hurn l a o e t u ti s "o utar d asI i ta e hs o hs sd c reprsenatiet or e.ect e
w's snpe t a l e. 1 power oR attorliey, in "hol.. And to Iro ware
"Well, perhaps t Is leie had ma u girl u t t g a t from i 'er Ave llo aNtl a 8t'e ,
Turned, with a composure tha-t surpiod outward mad tortiner froi Engtuad yr pmk a te i' o ulttt a" papr Ft'Eves i llT
Shi. "1Yuur 1bllline to Ps' hfel,- l19t It New Vea*isnt. lie ha previously knw to usetNo s thu reu NEW YOR .
uatV I will do thait-I havoe milouy. nothing lif mi. nor ihr Isei r iainb lin at y ja' wi d u ltt. I who essar Is a aa-
tan k s ohin t. I h ile you h us wi'l* a clousn. e at, sny momentIn- t the, wh;pmA it i th to private Brnd nd Lbel, Et

weve ntlin the r It woluld fiisnd tairnd to the ly thatldid not tyal Mrs. February 9th..88$. R AA.
lieo a gl frism nd-he 1, i d Ion to Lady -ira-ln i7urhg s *vi Tnr l ysa Ous,., c;.suald sau y loii misy," B-Tr EvAt.ing Cheait, am d o Bit enanll' Im oal.
ua, iesaid toughtfsy. c at he had thuslsiinsd a. nh-lt "that e l I ht.d uoOllhS SI i ove, er to mu tn. Il). 'ovJiz I -- 'co r. [Aiao-..tt.],
ford to let hm it. fe I kno he' dod he k n e ae. h al f .. oa Oorior facilities for Coali Strw.
eor" Shegaveabusitvgh "hel, t ne's elder brter, who lInherid li l.t. i ns tStreet.-- Congnent-ted and prompt attention l discharging, t hippi, nd

esta wsrnd d ons it tt alsaet tie oovof lit a holes le an d et il dealori ne of ia rs w hita w ilr b e'a yored i p to o f a rehouieb
the bdeetyou0 oas, h P aey thing I. tve ibemahousamie pou id-a-- laugh, "snd y'. La-olaNd a premnti. "'tWes res plyof

was abslenllt." .' ....Lihl ,iowt weuma have said ltJf could!' ..... P'r~ot'l~lotisnldan~aemaned" oed. a' .w~ t

d e . o r" i to [o be Contlaued.j Have always in stock a lar and well-selected assortiuesi oi
CAP vy to th hip Ohawilery, Orodwy, GOla, in.an Hardware, Carpetiter's Tost, Valutt, oi TH AA ROAl
op his hands $ IS on .. ne r s Varnishes, Furniture, Stationery. is completed and e r man Ihe
l AIlIII the ,, A .. Ci0. i, I88 AID 8HIn STORES i SPECIALTY. T. DTV A. S R E'P 't, ~,
SB Sollo The public is notified that I will W One of the Oldest Business Houses of the City. .A -
cell for the os
So i aktfor the.0 sal. o Cuban onat attention given to sale and sattifaction guaranted. Goods will take you to the tatione th
Sothe sooner of William pind MreeeG d by every strms. fot6tr rew front Nowt York No w:
sord streets, opposite Win. H Alevs 5 eou,,.,M, Yr fUTe Bw rln isoK aipiavM anNte Iea
/^M ^" od both b=1y'% Wi.morrow evening. I guaran:- .a r fo th ....... ....ae . ... - ... .... . .
ad fIll h toesatltfatlon, A shareofthepubll I ... e r eho will n elm ves of this TEiMPTl';
SSS, a, zsolit Piue W hies. Brandies I .f5as ooo0AL.. .i. otG ,et.
o b S e o. tw OP', MX OWN IMPORTATION. '" '' -," i
'it~~U A.-. .... .. ".= -_. .... -1.o ... .... - . .

aLAteh Mwaiswiwl a]vened i11
u t w o aanoed every men '
ih Prei & BI & Cider.
WedAd of Trae m on on th ace for the tkirt .e 27le place or th4 1o9t
lank of est -J pl ae tN f '

.. -, CURRY & BRO

bmas St. m ~e Tomm~n~ANDi--~ e'uL4h~~u1>
KEYWit LO~A Commission :a: frerch ls'ts
Ant lit, f arie (ts~ioi la.Fro* Ns., JKV, W~Lt.Florida. ~ ao~tad mlJj
arA the but' sai rtrsuehlt id~t tossi a fmts01 elerhMmadlse, Moise Pstleinty saut
Shell Work In the City. Cea Oodce Pseat u M4HaslsOU onafateedfR.1,Teiptuaad OUebre*" -

Wines~ I qur


~ 41

,1 ,



I ~

i l_ l'l l i l n )_ Dl l_ j' H .

.1".... . -' .. ; ". "-
-'." Tv 'a.A

H UfATOR^ '4 g YOUR EAUS. ," 1
Aov. %a P .
SB. B. will do you good, o.n. .
0. lSihj oigal matter, the dlrrtw u owe of
6 1 ft'atsetiow 1111 P" se The Leading CLOTHIER,
. 1 n and Go NTS, IOd and YOUTHS Furnisher
lt .oa o . .. ,, If La M R S 9ttck oa- --.
3 los Colhl s a am Jugo 0. 3 Hal wroteh UBnit by, Ain
paiimver III everyI an. or Is WTsa o M4.n gt ye lll I ld no w oin heaSr f ra Gh Ion
ooo i o"ooasta osU Ambwesm s _rel weatr ofats, ca Boots, Shoes, CoIart Cuf,
mkltn eul^o-i 'We have boul do> 0>s of Ou L. 8 i "
o,.-o.. ,bo"f a -iprn 1b; wS5r n frc sNeckpties, Gloyes, Til* ks, Valisesl
+Ini"lwy hu -U bp'VaR BokOUg sT TO KfEY WEST&
a,.o~i on o( t.r. ooa(tae nte oa- P- o ro.f o I have hadt g ma 1 ao
..1.2'. 1..tg o o.e ee, this, -seek G. aI wn d

eFre,'m-""nllloy) ildt .n ie l.rl : tt t .1 .. M.. b.mD* liveM dre BS ith ot- a' T O *E ITu S '
Ip r.o Ite. lb asg qf ho b s8ee8l in Ibiseome cv0U". me fot1

Co- ier too. B the.r t e p.0et M W.pb o oI ree Oontoom.r n 1 OSIO o GlolXl ll .
o l adafrtetr Coo Sa a a ea Wfe aecS hense ttohe( B ho es t l a nsoots oi aa beotr e 16ow on ins lc u5 'por l l a. r
tri. AaI Botllommo a e norrtif ed r w.ll ; b uB De'toy Gteoon Du ttP, G.e OOmIiIOt toS N

is aMlei d me s tcgoone G orr d weivet t*he prt pg* alora fullof.E OT 8nsa U86 & -W- a it, a
dari mpoas r oant ap poo ihe eb and e ll ooh h ThOi B, woOder 3ee ft Am rv

c,'s.. to uor Ba.-mor Islay.oY, Uol m ayt sthh foentrh e, a w To ."uiip'MI.IJ EI ,S :
roo. 1f Fo aStreet.tbI laMsltle *u t he oli-" werer-In aorlkn( nalia d il ooi se___
e Thenbeafl rht eex bi. t ve *a n eq no olitop u mould hid be b e da Id not have lived without .-l ool ftee, vinOJhe ars .ROOK R U0 to i* *

b iner .ofo A l e in.ohrp f or a el p r th eoeliales Ie andto one little eo ooun e sod oure

ItaWOt ho 1 N
A,. mmbr."s5 si e,,no ^ t^ ^ -.^ino iSf eleozoI betteo Ii rca
'live Asuoehition ar t ole -no that saol e will Do el B ore e, Got V anullas a1tL ISS mas thavk th t oared 'Med Bes
., .,eio ,, ,,a 0.11, mui, t.. oo lone.. a .or wte hii sl umtl-o D i hofs e 0t h' M a .onaT es, ts

e irer f tor* thent. t or( re cel b a'm i. ( a. JuN Tlee 019 N..he. sMtocine morok.C p s
,.,,,O W, want t part ,Aonea. ,I,, 41.V,. , o,
Wllssay) t their roomtsiead, over Lrk & mt apo i dv * W ett, and f. nte ro in e 9 aa id ahrt S EI L TY .
Go f o th e Alle et, y Dairy fovi d. A of to l at alolanTellml o a do of gr11451 tto. bwe thr a bl fS13"o t IA 8oe-s flk, ,

ionu.ee storgmep qeMvl nre 6E P.gi EsO lt fo A N DR .
.nwoo ofede y qin ga so o( o l vel 3 reliefao blt ll usino n it have As. of %.*l test.N short welgtl a, k 5l
a. an .ear e a.anntnual ii0 0" 0 o ib, GO,5 d presh a 0 or l.ef n
,1 me mors tisrenoe relit eaOand o afo rt than fA to bee So m Y Ky dt
Csharmt. oM ~s e oa m te. i L a5lDowe 2 r Jany ,th er tr e "o be Atb g nr an. It, o 1 rl8to Wai s
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