Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: June 7, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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4111. ., SOME NEW BALLOT BbyStco i o
that no intoxicatin liquo a e i tri A ew nnl New York. b h
THE BELLAIRE STKIKBallU WALTER WELLMAN LEARNS ABOUT or drnk n the pr ott o i district* o a a eooop h tY k
Exi t em TATKNT nir Itr ubs this part of the law gives little I" oajnug Its oao. oto- J eon.
r O to mr eiao n THEM.IN THPePATnNT. OAfpril 2ube,,for intoxicating liquonare ( ot u bythJil _; .. s...o tothefVow exehfni ofh
lrire St Pent., April ,--Thoe Bl Uet ---t trafMked in anywhere in ourattion. fli k w to, an "o Mdoeso
lQilRtlkeofthenallwoskabas atlat e etst U *a4'*w** BspetlatyAps O severely punishallwhoattempt dt ow that ol otiasla Inths country 'ila
handed and the workmen have gone back p propate by aeso of the Pwrseastn G me fraudulent votngor bribery, orinterfer re alreadtoo muh Influeced by tt
to work. iOral'r Interst re I the putiet of sUait onoe with the voters, or the conduct p certain d. oom
retonm-The coreak tle. the election, or tampering with the r Aong. a, host oler deioe, t. '> there
WHITE OAPS IN ILLINOIS 0;BATB .W tuns, or making of false entries on the nmbU.thrihlg inmohineIs, l Iip,,.o-. bl
EXCOITEMENT. I I W am Orsnd ol roles, UI three or more persons conspire comottve tee na, va lu. wutt t
In eJAJA jmW JI 'o. WAUToo, April 18.--The =or for to disturb or break up an election, anti employing eleottlglty,, bZalls rble,
ANN pl .- .. itap states have reatly passed ballot reform attempt to doso wit deadly weapons, knob and w lreatr.ts at- m spot fo
cra seems to hsave broken o ,- n t l Whis se. lare and in g there states prol d laws they ae d"emed guilty of treason, ad, tetion. ..It is the ineotlon of H. W. f is o nity at onderab
eaion eenin to have brokte j. tho see. aren still pending in the legis of re. It on oonviotion, are sentenced to death by 8natt, Blackheath, England, and prob. trouble a we don't prop to plant
tion aguin, causing great wealtoeh t 6401ong Is a singular fact that one of the moot hanglnu a
thl citizens. perfect election laws in this country, or havee not. a secret ballot con. machine the most con pre. islve tin .... r .md ht targtt. hs
at least one which brngs beat results in eluded the ex-hlef, $#and I turi gd we todo eveWthfne xce pay election Wtd
THE AMERICOAN HI BUOK, BUINED absence of fruds and corrptio where hav e not. I t understand why a and e tnexcep pay election bt r win t lie
AT A BERMUDA PORBT used, was enatedb Indi the have not nnt undeta why a and furnish the IntellWence for dowfeng a a
n! ocontroloIndimannshould be aimed to rast anpe native voting. "The voting place is'p-s etied tod.t for deng a mart thing
its ofthe In some of vote, It is the secret ballot that itt ves preached by a tqrntifo," says the inven. Come aain, old cha.
Nomw Yer, N. Y.. April 29.-Ldvls pportsstie for corruption An .brigory, ror. "The voter on entering through IsTbi.twonTgte xt
h1v reoe, here that the Arcn a to hat little republic within" an there ii no bribery amon t'hoChero- this stile unlooks the mechanism and at Vas ter's hal. This may at flirt clama
ship, lhiok, was burned at a port Itn Ber- ou greh makes it pMibl for him to vote. There combination, or it may be a indeshow which
nitilt on the 19th lust. No ftIor par- Nearly two hundred ballot boxes have is a knob for eno candidate, but the O aO A our people thouldgive the cold shoulder. No
tiir. voe I been patented in the United states pat voter can get t but one knob at a time.. To ow P-z' HA so AsO ae ltllnetat tu e uptoda
u--t ce. Only three or four of thee "Drawing of this knob looks all the opinioT inD this
VISITO1tB POURING INTO NSW YORK FI patented devices were ever bought into other knobe. After this knob has been On April 80, when the presidential party lsue
CITY S TATm or Fa a, ac tualme. Some ot these ballUot boxes pushed back In its place another knob is shall arrive in the East River, New York, week in regard to the shooting ary e-
[a C I>Tt.W ExActm5 DtPABTo T. are intricate and delicate mcchantesm, exposed to view, and so on till all the oppose" Wall Street, barge manned by a twen the on Daia l ns .
[Ne Ir c ,,ba.] To t a Paeo p of 1 !orkaa: while bth er are very simple. Some al M oflors have beon voted for. Pulling of rew of shtpasters from the Marine Spel. Weuppod th te nel.o ws
N r w Yow Ni Y. April 29. -klot oy is WuaBuAs, George Washington was inanu. A big as printing presses, while other a knob registers a voto .for the candidate ety of the port, with Captain Ambrose Snow, ar subscriber to this paer but a look
erwlel with visitors to participate in the te nde- f heUidlook like rat traps. Among the latter is assMiged tb it, Indicates to the voter that o P0 l vte
tnial celebration; and the city is gor ad firt of the United the box known as a the New Jersey box, hi vote is re tered, registers the vote president of that society, as a oowain, n a On the contrary, the
ouly deorated for to-mw York, orrow'on fehe from the fact that the N ew Jrsey legs, 94 apubli indox, rings a bell ad ctu- will. row the President ashore, The crew &oe Dakin has subsribed for five copie.
tee.. -4y of April, A. D. 1789; and whereas, it is NlW *JnslvY ILLOT Bex. nature some time agoauthlorized the pur. atea the entire looking apparat. As of the barge that rowed President Wash. We were misaformed as to the following
appropriate that th oestennlal anniversary mouse Australian law now being ued as ohase of several thousand of its type. the votor makes is exit through second ington from Elizabethport to the foot of 1. Dakin did not call Jones a liar.
CONVICTED FOR INTERFERING WITH of this important event which marked the a model by the ballot reformers of Amer It is also used in Cincinnati and some stile the meola*i is looked till another Wall Street were members of the .same Dkindidnot daw his gunrst.
ARKANSAS ELECTION OFFICIALSB. iag8ration of a COonstitutonal Govern. < other towns. The boxes costS 'each, voteentile d thus un society. weto
K[aA cOae *Io Oas sqon mawent in this country, based upon the will John W. Bushyhead, formerly chi but are warranted sure death to ballot looks ito" At an early age Captain Snow became o swing from a limb, a that he ad log
t Roc Ark., Aril 99.-h. of the people, should be fttingly observed; of the Chrokee nation, has th box stuffing. They are about a foot and This is all vbry tty and convenient, master of a ship, andduri the palmy been terror to the tow We found him to
whiter in Washington watching the in a hal square, with sides of plate glass but after a voter had pulled n6b for days of our merchant marinehe comman be a mild, ourteou, gntel tn, full of
1Reid d J. Luase, of Plummerville, now, before, li te. rests of his people in the Oklhom protected by heavy wire in suoh manner thirty-ix proeldtfal electors, a mem ed in succession the *hipsoh Holland, push and enterprise, al hi pre a
this Slate, have been convicted for inter. ernor of the State o Florida, do hereby question, and many people go meeting that even if the glass is shatred the bor of congr wo or three senators Leopard, Leonidas, Jphn Hanoook, arack, credit to the town, Col. Jones had better
frinppoig with election ofoer. They will be nt and declare Tuesday, the 80th day Mr. Bushyhoad here wore aiid to di- wires hold the broken pieces in anti repreentives in th legislature, Teaamonand othampton. he forty travel or his health a oon asable, and in
heavily fined, of April, A. D., 1889, the centennial of the cover that, though an Indian, he wears place. There are three looks on the judicial, county, city and townsh ing flrm in New York, which stll exist ehoul buy t anduettle there.
inauguration of George Wablngtot. First neither llnnket nor head feathers, and box, two of them ombinaton'and one a offcrs, per haps to the numbe of f i ptimn now mateal gradfathe set No and -ettle there
A TERRILE AILOAD A IDENTIN President of the United States, to be a day wth, oldest, intelligent gentle- plain look. The combinations and key or sixty in all, he would be in danger of a soier under W
ONTARIO. of thantsdgivig, and I enrnestly enjoin man, speaking Englsh perfectly, and are divided among judges and clerks of becoming wearied, and the voters await, at the battles of Long Island, TrentMn, and e doesn't pitch into the board o
A a t. upon all tizens of our State to desist on wearing such clothing as other entle opposing polite parties, the mayor, ing their turn at theo stile would b likely elwhere. aldeen for corruption, and e adds that
that day from their usual avocatious, and men woar. In this he is not in advance county Judge or otr o official holding to lose patience and commit a.fracturd ----------very mother's n of them could be set to
IiAMiJLTON, ONT., April 29.-A terrible repair to their respective places of public of his countrymen, almost all of whom both combinations and a duplicate key. of the peace. Ono wonders that the able Mss Jo hlStne Bollo' mirth*nav Pioniesle p tfor a thief. We don't doubtthisamer-
nouleuont happened on the Grand Trunk worship, and return thanks to Almighty speak and road and write English, take In use the voter hands his ballot to one inventor did not add a mechanisir for Miss Josephine Bolio gave a pionio to a te n the least, butwe are not saying any-
lillro t near here yesterday. No Further God for the blesin of ivil and religious English nuspapers and magazines, of the judges, who insertsit in the promptly arresting anid turning over to number of her young'friends, in hn of thing We have the ity printing this year at
arti lar liberty, and otherwise to observe and ele teach English exclusively Lia their il olic a o w o at m the b -y ii t saie at ni t
ubrat the da as a Attinj memorial of this schools, play pianos and organs in their to poce tany nii who might attempt her birthday, in the spcolous and beauti- zwzus.-4taj. Jim Smith created quito
rest event in the history of our country. pretty homes, which' are neatly car- the knobsul "
8EVI EEN KILLED IN A' WRECK w thereof I have rent set my peted and decorated, an altogether Three or four of t tent mb saturday evening at o'clock. Among
NEAR ST.' LOUIS, hand, and have caused the great seal mainceinaton i e ereni those present by Invitation were
[a R :a 1 I TO MwM s oTtO. of the State of Florida to be laffixd t civilization in nowmia di ner- a devices for automatically displaying, in ree'a d b ivtation ere, M e o r i that e s e thme e'
ST. LI Mo., April 2 .-The St. Lou hereunto. Done at the O tol, tbAe 18 g from that of their neighbors in K t.h large figures, the number of votes cast augiClLowe,:America urry. MariaLouis handed us two big silver dollars for are-
So, pr. -fThorteauthe d9d day of April, A. D, 1880a,e1sissourorTex. Referr too foeach candidate, so that l any me- Moreno, Cassle Peadletor, Ella Demeritt, newal.
re while en and of the Ideon enee of the United election laws of his nation, eChief mnta bystader, b merelyglalngat Myspah Roberts, Bertha ands, Fanne Tha major has put in the past yearin tate
route to this itky yesterday, ando seventeen States, theone hundred and thirteenth Bushylead said: the machino,cld tell ho his part or Saunders, atte Babcock, and several
rsous wa .iledI and a hl number ff radrP." tobe s h ne our na t ion favorite candid was faring. other, whose names we cannot nowrecall, term likeaman a hdha ned to te
By the vernor-Attest: Governor, eectio law is erft for o d greatly itate the gathering of chaperoned by rs. J. J. War Mrs. m of famy and soey. He has crd
CA h e ,J 1 L : V al. CawooD, secretary of State. ealcctoectn rietuii r IiolJon nowpa- Frank Belie. Mrls, fvo aoud ones. oand tn a "'hrh corles" dta' sl t'r_9-ui"t
_ed t0_,r '_ _I suppose t s too simp otortherequire- pers, and would often enable them to do. estheabove quit oftho the eite will be the
ments ot more complex x political corm- "termine the result of a local election Free P9s
A DANGEROUS .XPERIMENT. unities. Our elections for principal many hours before the closing of the little Misses who attend t were
*---- chief, assistant principal chief, members polls. By these devices tho ballots are also present.. pr
Deoa't S Purds' Ltett, Tr to Stop T of the national council and other officers counted nsa deposited, ann when the oolls The long tables were spread udA
A": X NNeA bIna smokltn. are held on the first Monday in August. close the result of tho day's work is in- beautiful and majestic shade
A.Maua. Wbh oe met onma l Every n..lyear, 4 or, upa .h"! .. ewhistl?-gd en of the Conve .
d Lydia .sacksme a L e how s6e k 'do. ward, a resident of the'Airac^h slunar'.
d y h sid ahTumde whtuh.. al aontles. of sound mind and not convict- cthis hu' .ien.t rih of a1 .,A
declaration of prinelples o of & felony, is allowed to vote. You open hl5 t hno the n of his Oinalienable right of ty Ing
s1 I said to him that it was my purpose to inake will notice that a young man of 18 or 10 opig whil another judge urn the down town till midulnight of an election cakes, sweetmeats, fruits, no
is conduct my guide in all respects; that in can vote with us, because we believe a crank. A the ballot disappears a bell evening to hear returns, it is hot likely which were h artsly a aen of by
/ Phiric. e- our family there would be no separate stand. youth of that ago as competent to cast rings, and a printing mechanism marks to meet with universal favor, guests, and wa d wn with a lib
,,4ut of the Maue... .9e, yards and whatever he would think right for an intelligont ballot aa the average oit.- -the ballot with its number or other W a WE M suly of Champagne aed other. winesr. 5 8unstue o
it Key West, that the return trip otfae himself should be right for me." You see sen of more mature years. Qr y e t red ink, and tie t After the dinner ha been served, .the
Atons., from Hasvana next Wednesdaey, wa s oing. Seevein sup wa men wa a bt eu Idthan r the botto o th. BNGLAN IN NUT8HELL8. a0ng w ames e ,.
will be the lattrl seson ofeither r weroae dranevotlgn, and ar quick, brigI and and taken altoget or, was4nd q ,b one ofte most
wil banthe-eadwe were seated foran eveningof reading lainyvlile If on the count two hal-
,f the stensdra. o" this line, or sewing, when my hbusbad took up his thoughtful. t found o r Soelag England Without Doing Seen-Wind. enjoyable ecasions of the season to those
stopping at Key Wst on their voyage to pipe for an evolving smoke. Seeing this, I "Ten days prior to%e electInn the r ot olded together, orballot showd Without 8o0s7 shown. ylio wete so fortunate as to have been
New Orleaun. However, they will con. enly drew from my pocket a pipe, which I clerk of the district appoints two clerks not marked with the red stamp, it is [Speol trapoudenoe.] present, and the event will long main b-een.
tiu to make regular trips from New Or- began to fill with tobsooo exactly a he was and two superintendents of election, and thrown out a fraudulent, because t HAVi pil t18.-ivetw resent, a mtm of tosl who weren n .
las to Havana, via Key West, bt will As proceeded, so did L' I oo furnshos them with blank rolls anden- w rk but one ticket i Aprl 1 ve two prente
lr,,ued direct tu New Orleaua front Hav, scratched a oath, lghte the pipe and took velopes Ho must alo t n some on- tiMead thtof % e, "the outside years in Enlnd. From Dover to Set- Miss Josepkine Beiehas the ongrat-
ta. withmnt touching at Key West. This .*Whiff." ..uouus -: i every prinot In hii one. As originally designed, this ma- tish border. Antong high, low, rich, ltions of the' EQUld-D oaDi for the

. thtenrmttpny steamer to reminover night wbait oh, se sisters, what would have elections state tlgo offlees to be filled, the the rason that it destroys the secrecy of don, Liverpool, P heter, Halifax, Hu4- le the par e at inner, Mr. J
ish gavana without having to go inqusran-. ben f that kin4 hearted husband had the ballot, i nasmuch as com ao dersfleld, Greenwio. Maldstosie Dover, aser, te il ono ho bgraph.
s i this port, as It wi be absoluely treleate, but had kept on smt ,and tc number of a ticket wit e Mregatrsnp Dlp oou the'd H',ad dbaat o ,
e, itembark thee freight they carry himf Whatkim i nd an evening would whom anyv envoter had chat isrefer wichnYarmouth, Caster, D'ttham fnd aissioanto phOtoeripl ath group, le 'ob
.\ within the twie speoif'ed ay-tbat Is, what kid of an evening would '0' se..en e. oe other places now forgotten. Expense o was readilted a d2e h
' h .However, this will anot entirely out our she have enjoyed Oh, sisters, never, no n rt Nearly alloth of tl ethpBtetated Beot boxes, per yoar, 400. Clothlng and amuse. pat wer' awa ore the fact'a ,e itr ,
gr manufacturer from shipin matter atLydaam ere'strend tells or voting machines, as the tent office enters inolded. Camped all over Lon* ens iu n Igo tree hear 1tha nknth far s
ra namc as nhe n p thm you p n ha n calls thea, aim at similar results. The don. At Roousbury, Stepney, oNine ., an whle a tea praoute life itdem on cas hes little
o, those steamters via Havana, and thenae work, with all ep. t would oure o ei of 'ta3 .an of ti r.k lo, mri .ornnumberee abie. es S o s es ebta
te New Orleans. But it will necessitat e you of smoking that 1i sass ured of, hut it -a W 0 -otl rea o o ad hter. Names of parishes. *London arm'eethrn wgi, he ., sa k-tIt
ete to keep several days aheidl of their wouldn't le hire. You may safely try t In deteotlon of double voting are feut s a nest of partshea. Except old, London. Row's Th 'i t eis

.d.:sgele b t o a ow c. r l d
Thoero was only two ases beforely t h he enoyead Oh'te, with ao kshare yrIntrodu in s a ac week, lale of' "attend '. OHNEY & CO., Props, Tol u d ebe|ag.

ag il. ste.reotp.,il Oraliaano. 4, Beetion 8 ISei t ,ciiLt .h .its th4s story. Why, sister. I PATENTRAiTYIUVioTBRINO BALLOnBOX. g t l Tl contain gl- bad.l ook th chances. Fell aqong yout any obliton ade bi
--, tlv.t u ird. u,lsi,..i ..-w.s i ivn the have unn a bray, a great, string, rough boy, name of candidates, with blank spaces lots, a oteImlartlme look on l t to thieves a few times. never rhm a fg timf Dey .oh a Sane
ieenlc'rrtl r1 al' U0 11 tlatlie H l 16 ye-s l, e wrought aib af mild five for recordinra the votes cast for each. op t ered or obbed. Protecting Wo s. Ta Whplesale Dh To e sai an a he does ds.
tc,, ier,,rtletiot ftee liku.. ijtida ie .eQQh. tOsbtegtar, n ast'tn ,,,',tUt lhtif quaked, that After t.kin. th,,iroths thm clerks and W esieord and "e-odbit m00y __b e
w. tit ,t hisi w.y rejolhil, slagiua i. b b"ttohelt 1isulf isly upon.the AfaJ rnk ir ohi ih[n puamber f wv[mtfor candidate bsfe. Do no r-osn Di tUi' &KV R'iM Ah
I. It. "01. I the Mtyur. the Mayor. I ht, ur Ihs linhmpfIahblieart superiltentalceints nppoint and swear hil W. P..afo nA .1 s afe, w Sa o Ameriean. Didn't "lngi Maans Wholesalt Toit d hedo i,' v..r ergot tha. May,,r." eiu. waited with a usAtont esrn at wo io thre peivsu., (o duties6of thesesa- W. P. .f.tilver W..Va want to, Wanted to see the Enii'c. iss, Todo, 0 t
'ie. wixt ,asee wes Luof JUn4, aohepid pour hlonal for toith hls father or the dootor petistors Selin tokeelpea ot~ opoli. ptsta b O ehst55 ad how they lived. I..nded inLonidon E. H. Vq leca ., Cas0he,, Toledo )i*f hs- 'i e wlhimwar
n y s e in TtaL tindirlyhuponthe blood an mt & eO. 1a1 s 0l he done

asit the little lesson snlt a this atlemorf t T aOn n ul I i- t r5sjst as to eept for the ppose t o wh I was go. Didn't want The steamship Maskootte, Capt. lianlon, 'iltaa ad thr l a jaok
IIg efore e tightened on the "rilions." th l hitla t asa wh w it id n t "heo I, anid thennly one oter at a Uime. to. Lost right away. ew money in arirved at her wherart 8:80 eo'oook' Satur. kali I a sh s a brmknok
li. ronmised he would; heae thbseteeirs iar,"tl i wate atp tl whole houst But 1I h votfe afeafr oest ingi .ote, s is pc, ket would buy bod om suppers and evening fromp Bavsan with one handed ri Ja Olb'ltd shad sen up an' a
ean ot e'fl,aw it.lVUtAftmtla word f wara. q to rotir beyond the psoribed brast Folnd fl tt n and ,o passengers and the totlewing uf ". ,
ese-'m saiee. Don't yet Ilsiat t> RIssaph emu lnmt. We use no balots or b0ke, and Hamp tead road. t Tottaeham fight It for this port, and after isoharg- twhat did Lnl hati
Ronor TO BnoM osoi s D... shl quwain.t f be's-your frie, and I hainoo, of course, do not have secret -oeroad. or sh name es of and -arkIng passengers nd freight hd h's an' evolver."-

of the pupilsnepricple's room on re a t .fi^ a" thans you d ,ab ohlrks, after h ame, Uly looked famllar. Be10to to .f IBSm eeh Co. .0o ... 10 ol- is a t. iavor-
er~eirl, 10 e manlana; in ord.to brisk him. o1i i one t o tie creditof .wh. candMte really In Londo ",,ulsodtwi.' s tord reetto^o.bown. 3* .vne:. spltBPi a l-
o April. 10 t a, 9b he xllan die, gI ght lnau named. If the it t teet to olborn. Sa ti n L p.... .. oI o
Dly Iobert. is wrded, 10 to I a he dodanat where wol done, oneof the o ors t.e etloto stanbo. Change only im ae. Onfu T .. ........ d
i.,llie ynoy. I0t bblet Piee. 100; f I should wa't6 lt Deit must read off' aloudts o tho t Ing poin London, fodot, h i wa0 s,. .g., ..f l N hid
Margie Wtrren 10| Mtoer lobS. Mot, a a um y tu candidates for teva o he oe street gives out all ate .W t -* *, :
list Pe.i neI title Ioaerf cre, 9i; t io'UoMot poflt f d aoe tl odden delpn. oeed. n pLsiht s *,*... mI,
i ,,i. I Are h lelightened o n| the vibbons. orMil. p ctv woutn lds ^ a buy b n. .:. .,,, .... OUl

gIss eeall p s o N It et .e%) seven dlterhtna 5t '-Oit a
Ia lstaed he to. ip street and hand iiy isn r
Ile ren Ie waug Itoolborn runs into bla att ekt Ioul-

r,,Wof s in g Y o afno 4 o i 1 m Pl o '.
O 01 p 1 & m on you 'd -abou t cler

e; a4 witi' for the I MI.
R'ei i I s. .'- i' 1 - .'. " 1" h..i


.. A .T

F.T. APRiL 20. tx

zT- -_Z_-_ -- -- -.. --- _-_|9h e P
he President of the United States and with
KEY WE'L, FLA., APRIL 2,'8t. the proclamation of the Governor of Flo
ilda, published elsewhere, to-worrow is deo OC7OF
EQUATOR PUBLISHING CO, elArod a legal holhday,;and Di vine servyi I
Publishers and Proprietors, opposed to be hld in every church of iA Or . Jut Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I
S broad land and In every synagogue. Prob. 1111141a-- iftl
Office, In Equator Sulding, Front St. a ably on no other day, not even the Sab'. sart g aSe I S GOLD
nor of Duval. Telephone' 36 bath, will there be so many souls ia' thi _e 4 W IGO 11 8 la OLD
SUSa11WPTi aNsRATES. great republic, bow in unison to the Maksr f oen t e o A ND
I, i . y ... sr-. .... anid Diviner of the Universe, His w6rd rs WeTypVtto Tho p 8 O iOf Of T ho&and-
t. in<.to't.trietin Adv..no. holding good, "that where two or three are mr., T o 6 Sowo WO t Idows SILVER
n. irrl ..Ivry evnil. ns n t P t gathered together in my name. tho willI .0%t rlea co1 ainf a neat S H I RT R. A
r r'L sr a 9 aMc s country should follow to-morrows day of M. k r4 tr. wear, play of COLL A.US S
t)'n l .r. prayertt. If in the heart of man there I a et
Kntrir at e li'r t i fll e at Key West, 1a), one spark of patronism, even if no love of t le t sl ya OU f a
a, ui-a-lass i matter, October a. 1888. God rests thoroin, this day should be hal. "Ii WOtaC F FS.
loed as none oths are. Think of it ye o uS .

<' 1 soofferi J-w and Christian joining in wearea. a S -i White Vestsa
Despite the fact that we may be couaid- memorial to the ruler of this country hk s *el. wt ats.hi as M e te ofhwer -------
ctr as dictating, we 'ro disposed to name ing that this day be set apart for prayer, o o ... a ILK OATS Cao
the following gentlemen, who- we believe Think of it! ye lnfidel, church is held ia abf 'O "'X 8 AJt Of what We6 V
woull heo .c.eptAbio to the citizens as Corm. every village and hamlet, in every ioty and iebrt e TJ have within. & Vests.
missiouter for the now city of Key West, town, and n every cross road, from the i t, nnwgre.. if i LUtWE. .ot the adisla '
'Tere are others no doubt equally as able, Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexilo, and from Utsn loed and Si sODIe Sbi '-i TIi1T. J ps ur il BOY'S
painstaaki1 antd honest, but those we name the Atlantio to the Pacific Oceans. What is k 1ewr4 ?1MA rtMwy. .' ry thc l rgest Kneo Pants ,J
we thimk ia may instances are more spec- this unezplained and unexplainable mys. Cheap Books ''o............f.. r O8r rt6 i? oS 0, M 0 i, TuE
ially athed for th diftlleult question. that tery, except the faith of immortality and Handsomely bound books' by standard Ifit'@ and iost va 'le tn6 Of 50o, 76o & S lOO. TE
they will lao c;led to consider. He, who of a just and true God? living, ruling, ever authors, at the Equator Stationery Store MIB I Tin
takes this burden upon his shoulder may present and a personal God. See to It that for the low price of fifty cents per volume. a BOY'S MEC
as well know now, as in the future, that you and your help swell the congregations Thbooks are worth one do ar. Thesee t MES
no graver responsibilities iu his life, has of to.worrowe hala indeem asome presents. ethec CLOt HIN O hit W StS
bceen _atlla lie will ea ler upon thetdu- tf tb $ 5-. 5 0 IN T H E C IT Y 20,8 ,50 & f lort.,
ties, called ea it were by the wealth and in- Speaking of the case of yellow fever rr4 ed to*s. ______ __
telligenee of the place, but from the mo- ceatly reported in Sanford, the Orlando We MoKlp, the popular an leading r to Examine Our
met hi doing, o become the target o Daily Record sys; The death o one n od of Wt, ha a e ewer th k and Prices before making their Pur
i vrythin ie bt the hoorble and Dr Danel, president of the State board of mond ring, set of dimo jewelry, da- a Elewhere.
upralt citizen that he is. lie will have health, to be yellow fever, while an unfor. mond eharms, and other pretty gif.o G 8 W A TE
to aal au fathering measures that will tunate ooourronoe, does not warrant th tane wud bes lve they culd chep3 UV S Co A
bring aInost uiversel opprobrium upon apprehension that it will spread to any for There are more prettholday prs N 3 DUVAL T. Co W A L.
hiere, eud for this reason will have to have tent, or that there will be even a singlI enta in his large and beautiful showed --- ..... -
mauch of that power or self will, vulgarly other case there, The city and health than were ver In his hose for five ye BUSINESS oARDS. H LAND BRAND
known as aue nosT., He will have to be. authorities at Sanford are fully alive to thi bef re "Vl ak" we are y pro.e s sof h eient .. A
doggedi, dtoraniued taud self willed ms he neootsty for preoution d against allowlg all and take a look for yeanrelf. De 54f . '. ftefK $ .. La
was lever before a his life. lte stmusmt the disease to assume epidemic form, and D L f 1 L 3 aidmToTsTvrhdin o0T CaT
knowingly make enemies of his past strong we are inforumedl that though there is great t A GOOD oPPORTUNITY. O ILK i a
friends if he wi hes to do justice to the doubt upon the minds of a majority of I Being deirous otsettling up mar busina ( L I ALINE II
ameln ho accepts and do justice to the Sanford's citizens as to the case being one hioeseh, I wi lell m rth on te NrEW YORK Co
e y fopl yow i nropset a ymeao at s th es, and i NEW YORK Prepared by Patented Procees by the CO
n.l for thesu plres, lt, Wialter C. Mi. county health board to at, bt t night of a square of land, beplaoe on the laad s T -
loeny, not generally popular with the effectually quarantined themselves, per. for mlk business For partilan pl T W I HELVETIA 0
misse, yet he has their confidence as a emitting no one to either enter or leave the ve r 19-t. o JOeI T. ATOl G
tern ,nli fair man; w o Cash,, although c itly. rl___________ ___ltd Ading SEMI-MOhTHLY Condensed Milk CO.,
opposed to the bill from it infancy, now SBaxxr of the National game of bate The t elve ian the woldfor Odta 0 ti eatt per cent. For ropen ht HIH LN D ILL
him I s to become a aihw, a it wilnd foret ball, the lNew Yor World of the 4th lnst*,' Uiruises. Bores, Uloers, Salt Rheum, Fever att and further particulars, apply to -
the reason that whenever tried asanotolal, says: "To-day marks the opening of the Bore, Tetter, ChOapped Hands, Chilblainl,
either a or of thi oit in the a ue baseball season. The ew York Corn, and all skin Eruptions and peal N. A BFNNER & 00.1 Eta a nolor leohe do va -
it as Mior o th city. i Clu w1 grappe wth the Boton batters tlely ures Pile or no pay required. It 19 Old lip, New York. h zr y libro d oda close de
ptx epiekiic, or as county commIssoner, .. ha. Wi .... ,eno is guaranteed togivo perfect atifation,. G 19 Old Slip, New York. taste, coentrala e a a croea
he bas houwn that ho was true to his trusts up .. .. t t or money refunded pPrice 6 oents per Mr. Wn, CURRY. h eopeda, y preservadia ior 3nD prooedimiento
..inhe of w owerltw lions of Amerioan freemen will watch wmth box, For sale by r A. L. PDT. ro cor. WBs e disuaelve pnstataneamnente enu
his rlia of action; John W. Sawyer is also interest the pounding of the pigskin from June 51-yr. Agent at Key West. la. agua, fria 6<.caliento, a su estado natural
.manu of this class though rather quick to now unti the frost les To the Au ary Maltry NOtlee. gua en qu uelva irve pfra tudos a
auagr, ho is a live progressive man, true to sons whomImaage that the hnews p Notice to herebr given that the Auxiliary esosSe oo u culinar<)Re, easte par1 loabn a"s
a iuger mae isalive progresof isieost, streeoe ave too mueh attention to the Nation-al A GO read oleC
lhe city's prosperity, taking a keen, per. .. l Sanitary Aoonat on are now ready to olelan ll recn se use. Es excellent pare los o,- Tm
".onal interest in affaire intrusted to his pastime, permit us to remark that a baM. out vanl t ,sinks and closets by the Odor. tio eI helados etc. Usadla slu agun, 6
. .oln. /e no al game between two great olub alter. IlM Excavator yStoea. Leave all orders at n e coma viene es nehy amesqtstom o n el afd
keeping; John Lowe, Jr. Is next on our( A Do. ne PoYr'er ofce and they will beb e Isa, .lMr p n *I estCexempta do gormenes quo psedar ser
estshe anof more Amer an than any one thng given prompt ttentio June 35 ,t. sataperst, its enr o deredieiali a lea salud, y sm gusto esquisito
as petratlel lest chtss be Waha vjutietotciosgsn ra1omkends altananEte,
the Improvo ent of the place; and were of tht we llepw ofBavnd the quesaton of thal throe w itohsYat elos e preoatenda altenPenste. o
hat eo theos, basing that selection soul's immortoanit. ButeKstniA KoStasuaree BL ANKSd paNKSh .,. ..... rva mjor en ta blen tl ada. B
have noticed of his career a e & i niTECT o BUILDER con hs tilacionea, De vents en oh Leov
su 8mOLLOWIN BaLANKT are kept S M -Ma lmacen de U. Reolo, ealle de Duvil. Arr
would stand high in that The Orlando Daily Record has been sold in atock and ca always be found at ltl of ltllO Al Key Wet, Jany. 10, 1 year. Arr
iygs are among the to a stock Company formed of altisens of the EQUAtTOt OUvvixE: lhtwasIhp ,s rluteuo er aty e-on.polcyIO LeIL
sty, they show taste Orlano; but the editorial columsu will still -Permits SaSSea ao -u, vls.oa nA AfrnoAt hn p
and in fact his whole reanls under ihe control of Mr. Chaa. A.' --Pnasenfer Lists. i' ^lCeassenaeT .r M Hawr np ...st.
lity or the place we Wimer, the former 'dor and prop. rke. --Ward- -". in Nb fee snan &rl, Ii,, ..loel. 2eh.1d.v
iaraftheformetrci nth e s l Cu we Botane r o rie tr -Me or?5w al.]ile Wlofnorpa5eer. C aat'lha fta uet n ,rr-c. 2 wall br i .ta fta l '.n te
he htobitr usts be Ok. Bat t rey itti =@h 25 csorea st$eper. Mrhaaa ,esaerbr Cr pr.5 a115 asihl he tea har's r
i~t.r Lsewe p.,ane owi the for the e ord 11 posla bledu Bt yh orCe Is r s a.. .es in sput- eal"etaaia, sia *ca aaa terl'
-A loneers Reportsa o
the oth am oed, oi manthttheneReortsps Maniqests. m g_ ouso(ua. Sr opr ta s r,
oisty n Leg ,lature to repeal the 1ailrotd Con t vaultuwsar d a sengeor Lts, ,tr. t Lttwtaca bee.ss au.t
,,aa '. "ita eat
en when we have hence the effort to have it repealed will be -Withdrawal Entr,.for Uoneump- .mt .OlI. 2 ^o al^d o ,0 E W v r ;"0 '
ve man, strictly honest, "modeio vair Y tII e oMe earoef a. "an Ar ," 1.
and would make a most - IANOUS A DVERTISMERNTS ib pe aele a rmtaasn, :e
e r loner. Now we have _t_____m_ __s__"----an-- .anyo e" as s altyuo a o
h ld men altogether, but we do not -w INOTOC TO. PABENGERB' am te eo
entire board, Among the younger clans we W/t? .. thM ieamers for 'Havanl, twin this Dee 57 tt 59nL aUkktcA U U,7t. U.
would ,mention IL. G. Fulford, to whose dto will have to pay 40 ots. for every pas, .......:'S ."-..-- -- '- j "
unatlin energy to-day, more than to any II i f' '"'n.thatthe carry' notIoe i, given 94 "i enu t 1 OTELS iiESTAUTAi'I'y, EFt
other man, is due the efficiency of oar Fire n\ m S n Plant Line will be for -- o --
Department. Ftfulford, without doubt, Ca' bin * $106 NoTiCE
should be upon that Commission. Henry terage ,85 Astllla ...e'.Fontalue's Cure and o t
Mossa Is another yoang man and a Rhepub-. K West, April"8, BvW A IIWI4ne. ont: quick relief cT o h u T i D r D t o i
liean al.o, but he has the vim, the Intelli-- .y H A 18. -w Fgever.. ure,o, .\
hav e S \--e wonntnek Curennd noOceUoSE mca.er BT K "LA KS
gene and the progreaslveness necessary to UD.-On Be Bouth Beach btween Lianment. HOUSE RESTAURANT
make a Commisiloner of an enterprising Dey da l In s tlat oar station and the bath A Cold s tred lin 19 hours by i nowpento the ni, The rrr
town. L. G, Hayman has taken quite an tlio usoe a valuable article of jewelry. h ainhs ,u t retolwhodesireax
interest in ths project, he i as keen as a o t'eswr can ate sham by a n aCoh mptitm s e Foun oo w oe" Qel-n rt
briar, active and progressive also. Among ts sl d s what they-have-lot._ t M otide' t and r belee at the Duval. Prices very n4od.zqt4.
our Cuban population, Gato, Reaeo and jB'hOE R5NT---A irst clas upright pilanor1 mu. rt sibagl with Foun- -___-_.tf____________ _____
E. Estevez are all men of progressive .aton Bte next door to the ,"Centenltl s Lilent. lp ut"
ideas, and large property holders; either of Th e mportanyormef iizensme",ter", [t.41m. i Bronchtis ,t. untaiae's Oure and
them would be a credit to the Board. eaie overeh ffl. P blTI0.-Noti is hereb given q'"ok -cure NEW RUS ELL
There are ahtny others that would be ye tl t i pre ad to le Oty Dyptlherla.., ilntaine's Cre and AVING been thoroughly; renvnted
perfectly acceptable; such men as Geo. H goeelmedline to p lvltsao, and seorl. for the $ t p l1 'w ifl uethe n now oientomguents. G raEeotrla

Dr. Perry, B. B. Whalton, F. Figu.redo, ltes an a ~.4 4.|9-4w. City Tax Collector noM Bpt one a will ot a the City properji aeweted,
John H. Gregory, James A. Waddell, G. while It eradt d a the M..... d 0. T. MM Prop. till
V. Johnson, Thos. R. ussell, W. Led. eosatan r io, a p FATOY TO LET. he Crop..... ount e an .. .
withW. Kerr,Horatio Crain, it. A. ette e tarsap A itehead street, known as the "O. be whoud U-PSw NDV 1 5VD ariT
Monsalvatae. J. W. V. R. Plummer, Dan .oos. p a.^ s wluterer" Factory, can be rented cheap., afe AR ItS s 1Ai1 Mac

Bethel, A. Delono, J. R. Plnder, and a host eeloel h.NeeeOrdow Ith a apaty for three hundred cigar
S .l ,.. P dh amkers. lebest of liht. A newee- sttil theia ous NO. i, T)UVAL 8 ".
of others. you am up4 ndt vator a recently beenPl in the ae. byDr Penle- (Nar the New Russell House)
bayRoo-- d's S rtidladopqlS p d bulltimng. For further lulau y app "
mks any cow Wwa& ;I It 0, -reso Avg* Imo my
MADENO MISTAIE Mtak e, say other ,or e.A- ii 0 y A KEY WEST, FLA, na
Maadleine, aud Is yr ky ven olnpebdeiw10. 0"SZ11 0
A London cablegram says that the re. toodBars parit isSao anMrsset1fC .CI OBOPAL 0BD. ysters and New York Meatsapooialty.
.Pr .." "0. od l, eran, Spa h or F h king e
gently Increased Immigration to thiscoun- eprd by 0 d owll, H rHOS .-Bave your Boarders taken b, the week a t moderate
try is due mainly to the collapse of the 100 D One Do l e oy b buying todbatA Ph
South American emigration boom. Hun.-t 00' o ATTy, ATLAW .oes I MAIDEN LANto N
Oae *11t ba o o a b b with o A Oloe at pA

eoid a t a t u ainrlo d y" e 0----- 0--*.- t .r lPAC. ne Ax .o ,on or..,
dreds of people leftooomenee. Qoonrca w r a y let th A 'Ofi. O ALL rietor,
-aannah N at any nordoeto ee* Ohet Ttpl. rsun toga,,r, and I Prompy Fill Opri er. B
saying that the odnot li oove ti t er A. MthRat, 'AlBAt B. eb.0 8.

oigthem iSn aoma, te Opeih tk d h.-raual i T--r-LA--u-.- L ADENtV L ANE.N Y o,
settlement of te Oklahoma euhal olan o, A .d ed oMI. tkyDfetandwh*TT T Y e i9 M AIDEN LN N .
tead also to have ndlated oAdeld ha rBor er mo0t Meah y ear, t c VeI- .t PA OKIS AND O st, OF--
h comMen here 0 our"oasioewah*

thn Rl P oe, nd at l OMM0....

the coant i othe d tha t ieita t ed e 'tel o su o Ian aIted a toso s 7- M D t; A to o-
they byrieA l 0;- Lo
realidoo ad. of Health, woh forb Ae to be prompt imonton 0 Ia IO
-se-avannahNeW .g .. .'u a 4ore orfom o ob, 3ndmb shbteas Promptly S Fi 0,
b ia d eeti at ports es.

If the emigrnt. refirrl to abov, fthi tBord a. infected lb y Wllow flye,,1 . o.)r P3UaLIn,, b ettrY, entratt to us, at Lowest Market Pries

SSt nn-atta, a^ltt nit :;1 .^^^ B
le afte hai. hPa o t her I nt o i id t. O.A..-Woo.- 1LA. a.i NeB.rOri onaP. e.1To a ny
Batthemrs In&4yheuOkeaho macounytrywould .Vbeore sunrie and o t Ia4 l W.at D

going to Oks hh oma in 1Rh ip[t |plaeei A.od veeel eerg, s s enger. "ow ,e k a o M a- -
that Florida i teheplacsth J d ha ve B), order oft thK lbald eachief t ,Ea...-eaATI..ande Ceht+,ro. R-B-OTl l d
In...a rant in e .m S v. y --Sh a.... at .. ' ._ e i .w m .ak W
af t r, -,. 6 nal p h t, n G 'o * .' .r*. P 1 -
insertha Po habitioe tamIevit Moase in ...Ot 2 4Ae '4t -OO bQ8--Oy & tlar,
itionlts w&0 dehted by 6 t000 uo o. 1 al l eived byt '"....019r,,OIA. .
ehusetta enstill b 'th4nK"el eblowith nigj"0 @ot1T7SE.oUtCBt1is, a91
We 30i... Bs P.' si= 0'0 0 M PlCoun O
,-sl i "04w" ,.th.amc
00. A. .WPNA- .04e .
impunity. PRIM I arm V to my W1atb~l~ju

I' H IL eTOloPrdent. L
,Wl. -N, Ualt ....UsF. Att .. .r'


capital to .( t ',), 1 84 0,000.
Surplus 409 01 00.
DIRpO8 0
RAjO VADIwM, < JAse W. LooKM,
05 Rlioo, JeilUAIMIFOOAsTT,
LaSUD MoNBt.vATo, ,, Joe TQLaDO.
AND NA 6T It4~10 T'B syrn OF MONEYY.
lections h dfoeive Prompt Careful attention,
IoMPORTne TSTnADBIS NATIONAL BANK.................. .. New York
LOUIaIANA VATInNAL BANK. .................. ....New Orlanit,
IFmi NATIOv AL BANK OF FLORIDA........................Jacksonville,'-
l]JI8T NATIONAL BANK OF TAMPA ............. .......... T a
PAUIVIC BANK........... ................ .......ai ''ra 0 lco,
IIANICO JhANK ................... ........ .. ......... St. Loli.
sUt. LAWTON BIOTIIE.t............ ........ ..... ..... avaalf
sRs. I. C. LEWiv i & SONe............. ................' Talilalhassee.
r = ,' .. ... ... .. .. M.... . .



aton Street, oppop4stne Eplscopal ohureh.]
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in

ef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Butter.
Ulso, Dressed Chickens and Turkey; Eggs,
rd, Cheese Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
nned Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Hams,
eakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
rned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Mackeral
D 1 Bloaters,) and country Produce of all
Don't forget the place, S. O. JOUHNSON.

Comnprising tho Superior Steamshi'ps,

g Mta -ee Uniteod tat l aun d foreign mail between Tump, Kiy Wtl an
na. Said service having commenced with the steamn hip Masec te, having left
pa on the 2d November iust.
Tampa Havana Service.

egiislinA Mlay lat., the shilsb of thla,
e TAMPA .....................,Moaia
roXEY WEI'..................... Tues
ve HAVANA.......... ........ ,v
s li.s1 elo, 0. 1). 0-
Gentral Meanager. -T>r.

1ot, 1888.
"'H I)rrv '


New York and"ualveston.
Class steamships, carrying U.
ALAMO, Captain 8. Blk, 8000A
SAN MARCOS, Burrows,S900
NUECES, Captain Belger 80001
LAMPASAS, Capt Crowell 5800
COMAL, Captain J. Risk, 27001.
p3pOne of the above shIps ar-
riving auKey West every Wednes-
day rom New York withpasuen
Si er s freight and U. 8. mails,
leaving same day for Galveston,
also arriving at Key West ever
Friday from Galveston for Ne2
York with pae ngers, freight and
S U.I ,mails. For, eight or pa.
sage, having elegant aooomida.
"onk, apply to
R. W. SOUTH WICK, Agent.

Southern Pa it a Company,
poSEd the 1oowi lst-la s teamiships.-

HU1Q'CH1NSON AN + I auke reguhar weey t ite between th a bove prt., running upon the same
edile, freight and p. senger irte. as last year. 1'h1 seabo will open with the
fast-mtiling etLaip U -UT h IItdSONIl"i lig NewUram on hue ntel inst.,
Ving at lthis rt an tho e *th intnM. The steaunhli MOALOtGA onidmaered
ang the latest ..teaeuhip a plying the waters of the Unif, will follow every alternate
k. For freight or paelSvyng "a pply to
.. 'WJA*'JP RIOK, Agent.
B.-Merehn 0s t 1e, ;e le4 their ottere for goods from N(- Orleans,
nflle. In li l0r4 rSe O.eNotr pur elit deslitero of tl, einat desnllation. Fl. 94-1818


acksmith, Qarrige 1 and Wagon0 Maker,
KEY.VS T..FLA..-. r
"-,iORSE-, SI' -N,*, j1* YT.

L ,01,1,... of al ,in .ds:,I
ok and for sale. .r-',, .' eanr.-1f.
44. .. 6.... 7' .' = .

,i:'C ~ -' -


* .. '* 4.

,- . '. ,: -.
4e.,', <""'y e
',. ** .' + ; : e

i, "; 0 I ** 1

... ... .. =... t. =.. '
^- ---:- -- J;
By JU=iA IAWTIOBI0 Author of
"Ti OeM Bak Bobbey,' "An
^ AmCTeom Pennant Stat
Am a. lou nam I

IM tM oapo a to p no catatpro
of terror folow i "no e p drove
Ia n thto boh to
yet maintaining her 'te Wa f beyond
allo G. tatio, onth|biw n1wbtb
ever knew-the hwhloane fell faint, atd
n a breath or two us it md,
quite away, The 11rkurn htmi
and straight overhead p patoh
of sky hafTeid by Ido
iUst, Theywe in tw eentero othe
t madol ad the re ea

S.. pitched liked a maddned broo. Tbis
S phase of the battle between hip and
s.torm bad tairto be more dgerou
tham t0e opening experimnoe; but, Io*.
over tt might not last ong.
Tbhe t y cloud shut down gain;
rM hri of Muinhg windoonming
now from the opposite point of the ooin.
S p and once more the dismantled and
ruisd bulk eprang forward on her feat-
ful race, galranlied, as It were, Into
ternatula activity by a force not her
own. Stripped bo u sheb was, 'And
weighted by the water she had taken on
board, she moved' more steadily than at
Artt, Nlor could the nerves of those
who still nmaed her continue to r
pond u betfor to the call of bo
ror. The worst ws pst for them, oven
should death itself be in store. None
know at thaf timw who wero llviiah ed
whly were dead each hbald oi to whbai-.
over support was nearest him and waited
In darkness nd uncertainty for what
maght come. Thb engine Amre bad been
pu out, and all the men ava labio were
lkilng turns at the wheel, in A deperate
a and aaequ trug to keep or before
j wind. ome fet that it would be a
Rlief if tie dsW would Lounder and go
down. But she swept on. outstripping
death itself. Buddeuly one of the pae'
uangers, who had beeo alternately pray.
Inog ad blaspkeming In the cabin, broke
out in a yell o maud laughter, and rushed
up the companion way and out on the
deck. The hurricane caught him and
hurled him forward, he was jammed be.
tween the stump of the mainmast and
the shaft of one of the anchors, which
had somehow been carried there; the
wind turned his coat over his head and
whipped it into ribbons In a moment; In
mother moment he was naked to the
waist; then he wau twisted and beaten
and lashed about until he was a shapeless
*aas of bloody flesh anz .' 'cd bones.
length a su,' .essel
Ad tOr 1 the
.d the

1lol a < Wa
ted on by iluet,
..41 fell with an appa. ., aot on
the sea again, but on the solid barth.
H Her voyage was over. and she was In port
at last.
Her iron ribs were crushed by the fall
but her frarfie still held together, and all
motion ceased. The wind still shrieked
and the sea bellowed and thundered, but
no waves struck the ship. She seemed
to have been lifted beyond their reaoh;
(ut where they were no one knew, nor
could iave guessed within a hundred
inlles. After an Interval, the quarter.
aimster, who had been the last man at
thIo wheel, crpt to the companionway,
and, securing himself by a ropo passed
round his waist And made fast to the
railing below, looked out.'
At firt he could distinguish nothing,
And the rush of the wind stifled himi he
dragged himself back and waited. He
huad not waited long before It appeared
to him that the noise of the hurricane
was abating, and the darkness was les
Intense. At length he ventured forth
again. Moment by moment the wind
was decreasing; the change was not so
sudden as it had been when tho center of
the tornado passed over them, and ooca-
sdonally there was a return of rage.and
fury. But these became less and lem
frequent, and there were great cleavagei
upwards through the clouds, revealin
thd remote sparkle of stars, for theo su
had gone down long sines. One by one
those of the ship's company and pasln-
geore who remained caie on deo4a|d
stared about them. Were theY ofl I
desert island?
A number of square objects, euriouila
symmetrical in shape, and distributed
with an appearance of regularity, b
came visible In the immediate neighbo
hood of the steamer. They were all f
nearly theo sae height, though t'b
other dimensions thqe vsMQd
ably; their sides wer ., hiish,.th 'P
darker. In front of. the .V I5' #M
lty. the land roes totwars'U s aIe.n
slope, and these retangular o 0iot
showed themselvs thloily In that dirso
ion .
"They don't took unlike houses,"
marked the quateraster p earn
estly through theglooa. ".11d
any coast heroahbouta t reE t'
tast." '5 .*, I '
"I f they were hoditi.ti*ld14t6 n
Soficer, who new.,wth -
brokde, id .w enetL sm.
town, e aad ,

lamwmenft f *4 but,

Snee 11902l g f

able medly of eObtjects. In foe
and on either side weon the stms am
bouses otfa half destroy tow Th
& a MA iMN-. 5. J',/ ,

tween the ruinof hol and a ar
warehouse A ltt off was w had
bea pubc puo garden or os4
It looked a a gi nto roller had bee
over t. Ina terrace higher up
Iron guAn stuck out like a hal
dvenbolti. t had been whipped out a vessel In the bay and borne nearly half
Smile, passing completely through A4
ouse on the way. Nearly every house
left AVs Ing was unroofed; many were
'tro their foundation and throw
.The iron shaft of a street
w s overy and twisted like a
oorksorew., at0e center of a mall fort
to the w sf'the town was a brig, w
one mast t g. A floating w
t outside the Iw wall wa suank;
tm was on0 top of t, and on top
(b0 steamer, ,lyi rsswise, were the
-s of a merchants
PC 14 : sd bon blown
E d the store wrlWWI about to
o ver 0he town and adr
S nhets. Ao thd b now
alm a

vt eve swhre oas

*lv ko u sl san

uwewere bound and

landupot Th is queer world"
"What plaee do you ay this is?" in-
quired one of the passenger, drawing
"Thin is St. Thomas, sir-what there is
left of it-and no other pace in theg
world. Oh, is that you, Mra. Martn?
I'm glad to see you sae and sound I ex-
peet a good halt of us will never speak
again. Where is your friend, sir dr
"I don't know,' replied the other; "I
have been looking for him. I haven't
seen him since the wind first stopped
blowing out at san.'
"It was that big wave that came
abOard us, most likely," said the qua
termaster, gloomily, "That carried o ff
the captaIn and many a good man with
him. Yeas ay sail the seas till you're
an old man, sir, and never see the like
of that storm again,"
But his interlocutor Ihad moved asvay
and was beginning a arh through tae

To AwaIT o d C tON hoReMA IO

-ved for P. re y'st
o trial was a week
e th after he left rNew

T this period his
blwnmother and sister
t tee were the on
ly persons whoe
knew of hli es
word Oh, Isth cape.d.On the

morning of the
ain. Wo iys th rial then Judge

Dropped ine to In.
speotor Byrn es

"I want to all something to youar rm.e
olleation, inspector," said be; "some-
But his interlocutor hadjnovod auway,

thing of beginninge to rme, though you
mayship In h ave forgotten thope of ."at
leat the body of his frie chief ofnd
detective. remember HE day appoint-

used of obery in jeweiryP toy'e and
you went bail for him in fifteen hundred
dolla Ye, the trial womes on today"week

o have a good after le left N,
you ae perhaps not aware hat Percy
left Nw York on the day foowing the
examnatin and never returnand ister

"Yes, edge, I happen to be aware Of
that, toot You see, we anticipated there
might be some difficulty of the ind, and
Nolan stpentCthat night at Mr. Martihe
r s on Fifth avenue. The next g orn.
a very grave face.

Ing, some ent hoin our tan to your re b
olltion, Inspector,"ut aid went "some.

cae., don't o ouf returned the chief of
detn de the its e o goiiup he was ao
you went basto late. Im in fiftoerelyn hopundred
dolu. think bett r of it, and omen today."

.; srre for yp not there it isP"

amount of tYor baoln It come,lI havn tee
I son tobelnevefatm Martin. All Percys

* outtandlng blls were also paid, proba

hit la Qf c our P
s hols Iae ,stooduill tral,'a yuni. Iha
aay h vintned Isho6 d
tha.1 YisniT eatsato prevent his C-
S t t any rate beleft no bts
b d imd
S "*Be mde he alstake of his Ufi,"
aid the inspetor, emhaticaJLW "As
the rason will be Kown in a few
hours, I may as well tell you now. to
e first plae the evidence ai him
* wa not conolusive, and, a -
4phlaiatoealslderstien, the aitskaeesre
I bO 6 vu6d have beeatfquitted. His
lbahd d aiannWrand his previous reo*
d iwee n his
bhb had been
a Aud
, ,, 4-lf^JW fM. j'~~l^^ ~f f-

rpT1Uo DALI 14 A T APRIL' 2, 1&89.

a"fowWan you know thbt?"
"In this way. You have heard all
about tiat affair of his with tie wife of
the plaintiff. 4o actual harm had been
done, but sh was ompom mised and her
husband had beard of ht0 thiley ho .d
somo.wordsabout it probably; a4 m
he found Nolen in such am awkward pro-
dioament-he naturally was not going to
lose the opportunity of jumping on ha.
So he pressed the charge, as we saw.
But his wife did what he had not 'stiol.
pated-she Joined him in the aooutitloq,
and there ranged herself deflanitely on
hiss e. Ot ore tht took the wl
out of his sain; it proved that she hLC>'
Percy as muh as he did, and thWe
remt ed his own chief reason or hatin
"I understands but"--
"Very well. Having no longer an
oespeoial reason for revenging hnase f
upon Percy, and probably not bellevin4
on sober second thought, that he
committed the crime, he would begin
ask himself how the public trial would
affect his we t and himself. And th,
ftst thing-he would see would be that i
would involve letting out the whole
story of the flirtation. Mow, it his wi0e
had persisted in er folly, Instead of so
ing the prt of a virtuous our, as she did,
he might have been willing to have her
shown up; but as it was, he would desire
to hush it up as eourely as possible,
Tbere was only one way to do that, and
that was"---
"Ahl I see. The plaintiff would de-.
cline to prosecute?"
"Exactly, and that (as I have the best
reason for knowing) is just what he hao
done. His counsel are instructed to
withdraw the charge; and of course,
under the circumstances, the Judge
' would allow him to do so. p But when
tl(ey see that the prison is not on hand,
it may cause them to modify this course.
They might profess themselves ready to
go on with the case,and as the prisoner
Sabsent Judgment would issue against
"It Is that result that I hoped to avoid.
It would be u suad thin fr an honorable
family to be draggedthrough rough the dust in
this way for a crimo for which the no.-
oused Is not responsible."
"He should have had the manllness to
face his accusers," repeated the inspec-
tor. "No one knows bettor than wou,
Judge,. that in this world a man mu nt de-
rend himself. He cannot expect other
people to find excuse for im. iBut,. as
I say,he nny liveo it down; ho Is a young
fellow yet, and"-
"have you sepn this morning's paper?"
Inte0rpo 6d ttie judge.
"I have looked through It. Is there
anything p rticular?"
The judge hold out the paper, with hil
finger en mat certain paragraph. Tohe in.
peotor touk Iit and read as follows;
"A terrible hurricane is reported as
having occurred In the neilghibrlhool A:
St. Tlhomas. W. I., on the .18th ult. It
Is odte'rilwl ima the severest eer known
Ihi l1s4' lPtIItuoa. It Waso pIooeded In
the. murnig hy 1m dead clm al exttea-
slv ihetrait. frly In thie at'rnuon
Wetttit''rwist'irons,,a I|>rilettd it hta t vy
blow Tiht I.rt)liathv wu, tnson veritldl.
[To be Oontluued.j
Tie Verdicit Vnanimonu
W. D. Sult, Druggist, Bippus, Ind.,
testifi'es: "I oau recommend leetrlo i M-
teor as the very best remedy. Every bet.
tie sold has given relief in every case. One
man took six bottles, and was oured of
Rheunimatism of 10 year.' standing." Abra-
ham Hare, 'druggist, Bellville Ohio
affirms: "The best selling medicine I
have ever handled in my 20 years' exper-
lense, Is Electric Bitters." Thousands of
others have added their testimony, so that
the verdict is unanimous that Eletrio ult.
terns do etre all diseases ot tle Liver,
Kidney or Blood. Only a half dollar a
bottle at Dr. A. L. Pendletons Orag Store'
The public is noticed that I Wi
op n a market for the sale of Cuban
eel on the corner of William and
Southard streets, opposite Win. H. Ab
bury's, to-morrow' evening. I guaran-
tee satisfaction. A share of thepubllo
patronage is solicited.
S(Mr. 9I-lm.) ALu3BD LoWR.

'dto Key Wet Bord of Trde meets on
the nrt Tuesdaia in each aonth, at 7. 30
o'clock, P. K., att the rooms of the Board,
over the bank of Key West.
G Bowu PAmsuiom, teooretary.

?rhe Merchant's Protective Auociation
aeete the first Thursday in every month as
o'eloek p. a., in their Hall over the store
offJ. A. Larkn A o.
Nov. 19th IL.

Nottce for Publleatioe.
LAMH Omen XAGVs QuvmuJ, VLA.,)
April Oth, 1889.
'OTIOE is hereby given that the follow-
l Ia.named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof in a. -
port of his elaim, and that said proof will
be made before James W, Locke, of the
U. 8. Dit. Court. at Key Went, Fla., on
Friday Ma th, 1889, vis: George H.
Bierlot of Ke West, Fla. HE, No, 9,454 for
the Lots 4 5 8. So. 81, Tp. 675,
iHe- amesn e following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
otltivatlon of, said land, vis
Joeph J. Andrews, of Key West, Fla.
Hugh Ounn of "
George W. Wood. of "
. lso Mithell, of "
S. U. TXtas. Register.



"Key West, Fla'.

^& ~ hi -- -sai..

UTTjQ9, ,]vaier St., cor wall St., New YorK.
014 f 125,, a Sallri St., Chicago Ills.

?,':. .. 'i/ ", .. ~
Maanufacttror of-..-

.iHs an-,Cigur,


.-.^ACO lY No. 103, KEY WEST, FrA. .
A, ma Corespondonce 8olioltoed, .


Officer-18 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
feb ld-2 m.

Manufacturer of

Key !-:- West :- Havana -:- Cigars,
Manutactory and office& this city. Corres-
pondence solicited. (June 11-ly.)
Importers ul Maniiufitacii'rs of






Office and Sal8eroom 327 East 03rd Street.


1, AueUST 13o0cSLEa.

corner I1 $' Avenue anvt, 31st. Street

'---Manufactuxers ofr-

Cigar Boxes and I ibboiqs,
-- Dealers in -


Cigar Box Labels and Cigar MAnufac-
rers' Machinery, Tools, and Supplies.
as Special attend on paid to private Brands and Labels, Etoe.-"
February 9th, lo -8. _____


Commission Merchants and Auctioneers.
S ont*Street.---
c l it* and hesit dealer$ I,#I

Receive by each steamrr ai N from New Xork and New Orleans a fresh supply of
o ProvisTionstand Caolmed Goods.
oave wa's la re 0 nI d well-.elected assortment of
ship ObaSdi, O ry F rd adwaro, Carpenter's Tool, Pants, O11il
W-" One of i t M.st Business Houses of the City. ..
SPersonal attenti to t aNd satisfaction guaranteed. Goods
received by every stea m eoi New yor, Noew Orleans; Tampa, Manatoe, Cedar
Kevys, and Prodnece fro te diaeent Keys.

Fine Wi

.B. Brandies, Cigars.

ooo0 o o 6a 0 6 6 6 5 o' 6 6 6 6 f
Capital, xzoo,oo.
Surplus x oo50,000 .
Is Now Ready for the Better Accomodation i-
Friends and the Public.






Chase. ofiat's Gallery.
I have mad, arrangements with Mr. J. F. Lardmer, recently of (Dell's
Gallery, Washin ton, D. 0., for a short time. We have the latest rapid
process for taking hoildrens pictures QTox AND SvaS-Po every time.
Those wishing finely finished Portraits are invited to call and See Samples
of our New Styles. Satisfactory Work. Proofs Shown.
Cabinets, reduced to $ 3.00 Per Doz.
Card Photos, ,00 "
M1netts (best qiullty) 50 "
Resp'y,, Chas. S. B. Moffatt.

----" -EALE n ....
Stoves, Tin Co relronwiL I "
" rOl'.T.BST. r

Plumbing, "Cas Fitting and Roofing a S1
S l-Everything Cheap, and Sound to Wwar all Time.
t s. [A .ntaf.t.


John Jay Philbrick.
Pipping, Co4nission Yo ading ..erckan
BEST Anthraoito and Bitumtnous Coal.

Whafa r and ee
Superior facilities for Oali6a Steamers.
Consignments soliclted, and prompt attention to dsoharging, to.01ppIbg, and
IO of cargoes, which will be stored in a nre.proof. waftrehoume.
tQanga of Laborerm furnished at short N ,t,e.

... .o. .... ..a w r lIn A "
is Completed and care running evSoy fitu mnnts. The

will take you to the Sttloa ta the :
1etunm trip the Ameprice. Who will not aval thwal. thTUPTINO
TRIP with an airing and walk on this Celebrated Beetoh. ,'
GO ONE 00G ALL. You wil not regret It.

1. _. ____~ --,-- ~ ~ '

_ __


i i i i i i i



- In, U


. I I


tiLt ":,

.1 A

* I ,-
* ;. *^* \

'L d .


I WekS, I. I. .

fly sotlinbv a e 'o4 t o rates adt

n1er lie o f hrry Ub n e)no5etpn. r
W nt yosti pi iV

rolipeslioc are notion there wi
0iy ctio a or of Tlad a th
roo m ofofth Booatr ollf Tr.a vellero th
tile nefint. oeu tt per po.nte b. t t
tolis Wn to tcatl Con p er ", o

%M ITY I AT. 1
nrIloIJ loR rV )r o"l MR WI' w ooRn.
IVitelr TUS VNTIIU CiteO onITY.eagoilly
tilt ,dv or4rtt em ent for the Mlr or PA Y mon lIiT

A Joint theietlt hr.ch
yThe pblie large notified tht there will I41
a joint meati g of the merohtts. Profo-
tie Association o nd Board of Trde, at W the
roonih sc the Ioard'o Trade Over the
morning ifrom in kalt 8 pskee. ay, wlt ap,
for the derpo e of hearing the report of
the joint Committes oppoiuted by the two
bedonies Tml to ifke notion thbtreao
P, T. Willi am,
Jemes A. Waidell.a


yesterday were largely attended, and the

Best Creamery Butter-new Mackerel-and
a full line of fancy' groceries at Whalton
Bro'i. April uc.it.
The schooner MNggle Valdes, 0aptc
Gardner. arrived at Pleroe's wharf this
morning from Ohuokaluakee bay, with an
assorted cargo of vegetables, sugar oaue,
etc, I
ao to the Alderney Dairy tor a drink of
Ice Cold milk. ,
The Brith schooner Goodwill, Capt,
Sweeting, will leave Curry's wharf for Nmas.
san Wednesday morning with freight and
Free: The beautiful.Art Exhibit-at the
Singer office, All ladies invited. A fine
plush toilet get given away. 4-20-tf.
Messrs. John Navarro and Frauonoo Marl
roro, two of our large cigar mantifaoatren,
left for Htvana on the Steamehip Arautau
yesterday evening to purchase respectively
a stock of the famous Vaelta Abajo tobacco.
Everything which belongs to pure,
4o"lethy blood it imparted by Hood'o harm-
parillo. A trial will convince you ot its

Ka'jfeJ. B. Lynu and Eruest McGill lft
on the' tfascotte Saturday night to attend
Abe "-te Episoopql Diocesan Council,
., !'+;`Ejonvenes in Fernandina, Fla., May
7--' *he will probably be absent some
IeIfvo daya Wo wish for them a
t, .. ` .. . _

Datiiryfor a drink o
4 4
'Huigh Arm Ma
".a. Every lady
"tiful toilet se
p Bears' D 0oipo
column' b thi
brtainly to bt
S.d luccessm. Wi
lio scholars who
wontion. quite a
I iu last month's

'oeived per to-days
slacks belt heavy Oat* whioh
.ing at low prices at Whalton
April 26-if.
"'1iP Limpasas today we have received
large Invoioei'of Shoes, Dry Goods &AL. c
L which wil be sold at Bargain prices at
WhaltoO Bros. April 26-tf.
To-morrow being the anniversary of the
inauguration of George Washington, thi
first President of the United SateW, and
S National Holiday, by proclamation of botl
President Harrison and Governor Fleming
there will be no paper .issued from thi
offelo, and hope the public will eoouse th
same (lworla mund.
Mrs. Zain is now prepared to aoommeo
date a fewTablo BoardeMat boek Uetauran
at No. 96 Duval street, between Front ani
Greene streets. 4- -tf.
PEERLE88 lYE ..., 5:1.
Mesrs. Johason Bros are erecting fo
Mr. Geo. A. Demeritt a handsome two-an
one.-half-story resldenoe on Baton, between
Simonton antd Iliabat street, opposit
Mr. eo, OCarry' rmidenoe. This i one o
the prettiest ite In the city, and the re
idenoe will be built and furnished to6 ot
respond with the pretty surroundings.
Dr. .I A.'Guun, M. D. Prof. of uVa
cry of the United States Medical tColleg
editor of "Medioal Tribune," Author a
*Gunn'e New Improved Hand-book o
Hygiene and Domestio Medicine," ove
his own signature aid inrefxrlsq to an
prescribing Warner'" Bafe Cure: "I wa
greatly surprised to observe Improvemer
within a month, within four months,
tube caste could be found and only a tre
of albumen,and as the patient expressed i
he felt perfectly well" .
Don't forget that morrow is the d
for the Grand Basket W nio to be give
by the Island City Guards at the Barraok
[here is hardly a respectable family in th
city that is not making preparations to a&
tend the ae-nto, and a nd aine is
olpated. The racing, Jumpleg :%O
ning. target practice, eto., w
very Itel,"'..' tes 'r l
amusement. .ew b oay .UV Wf
with his but or1 W

For 1over pmea ma bve itl_
obltuary ndlie upon r -,.tOU i.m
departed. A ee I on BlI!
meet an iilittldi of o llhdiOd *tb Mh
faction to tae *iter,1
that in alleM om bs.A. R.
Key Was, 4-1019'
Episcopal Ohn
in this oitk, li-
this ', the o r1t1

Brotherly lo a
throughou___ ___

Beautiful trt work in i.gs
atd tobl 1, ao A w ~I o *
hibton at e Bge of
vuton street. I ,
tfresolose la 6 tl o1fh oil
away t theOe ) of ebi 11

T e the e elosrre stl of01 10haDA,
'I tNO "' *a
sn tbe sold, as we tret 4
'Io m b utani ms t ". 4t l ,

6 to with ht @
There will ba OaGmd Basaar hold aithae
San rlos Theatre on tph evenisg oC
the th, to aid In llqultiasg the ndo
Sof t instituton. ohre bai bleab
by the Amrioso irends of thehl (uite
wi have given Ina hnadomB .f4 vx
ble preent ll, ofwhioh, togethe r wit
a large number of elegant we and usetl
aris, bipo-a.brt, rt, wll be railad
off ontat evening. The o ublo i
to attend,

rnr'I tA Cabin LIVR PILL
hoe in be fottt thatthe do whtthey pu.
port-they aotpleialftly, effectively sad
at once. Purely vegetable,
there will be a joint meeting of the Boaro
elation held at the rooms of the Board of
Trade to-night to receive the joint report
of the committee from b odies reoom-
mending for Oommisioners of Key West.

The socooner Lily White, Capt. Dillon,
arrived at Ourrys abutment. dat urday
opening, from Panta assa, with a curgo
of beef cattle. The butchersay Othat thI
is the finest lot of beet cattle that ha. ar-
rived in Key West., from Punta Baso ,
several months. We trust that what they
say 1h correct, for we have been receiving
lately some very poor beef from that
The steamthip Aransas, Capt. Staples, ar
rived at Pilbrliok's wharf at 7s)O yesterday
mornlngfrom Ne vOriBsn withrig htthiong
passengers and 1,600 batels and package
of freight for Key West, and after dli.
charging and embarking freight, passengers
malls, eto., she left for Havana at a p. m.
carrying eighteen passenger from thist
Mr. lkaximo M. Dina, the handsome and
pular Duval street druggist, will leave
or Havana to.morrow evening on the
steamship Mauotte, for a few -day's re-
creation at his old bome several miles out
in the country froi Havana. The IqvArTO'-
DauooaAT wishes for him a pleasat trip
ad a safe and speedy return to the iXlatnd
Rov. J. W. Lee, whose very able dis-
courses in St. Paul's Ohburh here lest Oo*.
tober were highly appreciated, the Atlauta
Constitution says: hils lecture on "Laying
up Sunshine" delivered t De oTinlak and
Mount Dora, Fin., and 4lbany, OG.. was a
brilliant success. It attracted the attention
of the Assemblry Lecture Bureau at Cincin-
nati and the result was a tempting ofesr to
Dr. Lee for a series of lectures.
Hack No. 172 needs looking' after by the
police officers. Apparently it is a danger-
oue trap, and is liable to break down at any
moment; Its-appoaranoe is a disgrace to
the city, and when the poor little sheoepish-
looking animal that ebitohed to the haok
is whipped into a tr tw vehicles rattles so
loud that nothing elsean be heard while it
is pnunig. The wheels stagger and wabble,
each in a different direction, PJs though they
had been out to a wedding and were making
thelit wa or hoe..



41 0 0


X aloM Obseve.
S To Di154le the Roemy#
Whe it tke the form of dim of the
Idae, or bldder, is a ta s wll nihj
Silipo~uble uf aowplibahtm e
ta vteWol Wialt es mao : obt naBt
than SUN other, Oousae6thet'eor,*
t4 eallt i(Uittio 6of lhthey oBA
m 14y org.t80 w 4t. fost$t:r' Qotolm
Slttel's whbilo po(M amnOg other
excellent qattlo, thos 'of *n oiea
idtiretioU tsahdeg e or atimltton oap.
parent from iti l1 reach-a, bat never
goes beoend, the hounds of safety, It In.
vigoratle always, never irrittes. -Brigbt'
diea, diabet, (ataro h of th, bla4der,
are dixSeas sau0eefull, doiatted ina
their Intpilnoy with thit lni. medloe
lstimulant anaid tUo, Pidesd reintoroing
and relating the )ld4A1 sal bladder,
0i Bi= is 1 peoito fort fever nd .aguA ,
notlpolbn ata, dypiepsAl. I'4w.,

-! -dn-Ot plnh+
Reooeived per yesterday's Now York
"Buer's Spaiish- Tetbhe"
"tipanlhi at Glan.''
4 bd a7.. < Rttatow Ne i Co.
t *. C
A bid i Mked for ? ti o te Building
and Ioan AM"ooi ioo M lseh will
given alshare for 8rd 4th and th Mlrioes.
It offeorb iuaoiotyl thb owner ham
share aggrgaUt.g 1.000 that be will dia,
p m .ie o f '. " "
Addre by letter onl, I. care of aBqus
tor.Demoorat. .99.8.

t ,-

bso atIfyPure. *
TWO Powde rsvervs mave of
p111tAy, "trei0t6 and wh Ut6 Maen
Pealt be nI i jseliq, th
mutit sria l isti. ht slum .Op
oDtlal Ui the o10 l0,

tbo 0phoate po ders. A l la r.0
y. BY o .(Deo ,.)


Ought to hive attentlopsrhAps.' If so,
B. B.B. willd4o you good, reipoving till
inorganic matter, the ditreot oause of
deafness. It crili atlsooAii por digestion.
wtness the followingt nente
Could Hear nify h stwl,
Mr, 0. E., Hall wrote from Shelby, Ala.,
February 9, 1887: "I could not bear it
thbunder. I heard of B. B. B. uSaed two
*botle, and now can hear a ti VtAwl ui
the leaves, "
I Gave up is Ile,
KNOXVfc.ns lA w'., July 1S878V
I have had otairrh of the head for six
yeor.r I went to a noted doctor and he
created me for it, but could not oure me
he said. I was over fifty years old andil I
gave up to die. I had a distressng' cough,
my eyes were swollen and I am confident
I could not WIe lived without a olgnmge,
I sent and got one bottle of youe.medloile.
used It, and felt butter, hen I got four
more, and thank Godl it cured me. Use
this any wav you may wish for the good
~WU U.IIOWWUU 5M55~ur .e v. YOUeers MAY

TwwO ,em.* L* Fr nroe. 1of sUterers. -
Situated on the corner of Olivia street Mas. M4nWA Noo.
and Wlnds Iaps, 100 fet auare. a 2Flforida Street.
two h otor. ow t on the orner and A Preacher Cured of Dypopslia. ,
lweligJadjonlag. For paMrtolas apply
at tbie off0le. AprillO,9.w. M sV0sub, fnla., Leon 0o,, July 20, '86,
S, I have been a sufferer fro; Indegestion
Von o't tun d and dyspepsia for a long tim, and have
Sr w th ou o.tried many remedies, but alttt was In-
This spring with your blood ftll of Im. duoed by my friends to tryyour. B. B B.
purities, your digestion impaired, your received no relief but since usin it have
appetite poor, kidneys and liver torpid, found more relief and comfort than from
and whole system liaitbe to be prostrated any other treatment I hays uied, Hoping
by disasoeu-but get yourself ito good con. you will toward to'my addr us your little
dition, and.roelfort(bheauing andiwar- 82-page book for pre.elorption, alo evi.
me weather by taking Hood's arsa- denoe of cures. Send at aralelit date,
parilla. It stnds -nequaild for purify- Byr. In'T
ang the bload, glvfg an appetite, and for .
& general sprig medioitne A Book ofr Wonderts "M,
S- All who desire full information about
A Woman's ~,ry the use and cure of Blood Poisons, Soroj
ula and berotalous 8weling, Uloere, Sores,
"Another wonderful diletvery has been Itbheulatism, Kidney 0dm.planteCathrrh,
made and that too by a ladyin this country. ete., can secure by mail free, a copy of our
DiMe had fasteneMd It clutches upon her 5g-page Illustrated Book of Wonders filled
and for seven years she withstood its severest witt the most wonderful and startling
tet, but her vital organs were undermined proof ever before known.
and death wmed Immin.ent. For three Address,
Lmonth-sjhe ooaghe.d--


oat$ ss u
~84 546 IfowAndy

Gommissi'0on Merchant.





.-.AN )AM, UN1D0OrO-

'a ~ i'rAT1(PNbtRY,
Cotton C ans'i as. DoasrmMashRi.

Uliads Glasm. Hay, uorn, Oats
Besides a'large Assortment of Fancy and
Useful Articles not found olowiherc the
It y.

*,w' On- Wa. ,. King'sliWtcovIwy Ior Uonsumptlon and Freia- Milk and Cre. TT A
an Mants w ar Tono was so much relived on taking the rt doe The New York dairy are now prepared to PINE. FAMILY FLOUR AND
e When there is a lack of elastic energy in that she sleot &allnight and with one bottle furnish Pure Milt, Oream; Fine Butter, ( OO.nn JS a
the system, shown by a sensation of languor ras been miaeloaUycred. Her name Chese, and Eggs. Milk 10 oeunt quart,
and unrest in the morning, frequent yawn-. lM, Luther l" Thus ,rite W. O. Cream 40ots quort.' All goodeare the fieAt
a ing during the day and disturbed sleep at !smrick 6 ,Co., of halb, MN. 0.- Get a and kept on ice. Call at Masonloe Templi
night, Hodtetter' Stomah Bittersnfu bottle at A. L,. Pe ons. drug or be served from the wagote.
unwanted enegy into the enfeebled and ner- stor- e. .' 4-8-tf. Gao I. Ru xNOLW, Agent.
vous, endowing them with muscular energy, . .. ____--
and ability toreposehealthful anad AleIsa(itauVena BUY TOUB .N BAYOS
gst without inconvenience. voulnmess, ateMsfetlieon t he J'OIH N
feeble, troublesome stomach, arq all tand G )prtsmJb flll -B FI.ST FI LASS SR/'TA URdlN
.speedly set right by thi matchl! .eg. st- o ."3 e Ssfo As -AT Tonle
ultor audinvgorant. The mineral poon, aiat oR. PaIDLTONTS're rut. A s-
among them stryohnia and n uxvomoI, ;? e l sQE OLD 8TAND.
neTer ofe Dtonic, even i nfnitoi de. .' TAN
The Bitten answersthe purpose mo r e so Dm k byam I db .. St., oppositethae lewukelRoIe
Smtually, ana can be rolield upos. a pI0tfl0y Cold`sia at Dr Pendell"-ton.j Djri S't., opposi the ewtuseB House
sate by the most prudezklo4TveIaa ut_, patt)% P a Dl o.. n S. SI -Makesa-Ipeoimsiy .-'.
kidney troubles and rgheatnthll yeaid Q1 it. *:t_( :[, .- .... .. ,.. *^ ._ ,.. .y. ,i dJ
C Apr 8t8.. .. L ALrge and CompletekAssortmeht of the .B 0ILED 1MEA 8:5'
Capt. -leso-ln u d ewhEMOVAL Celebrated DIAMANTA Brand lust .
e Capt.I Brson asdi and rew shlowra*toe. .A I reotved. A Perfect Fit Guaranteed in
a he followingletter,cked at -a i J, elaney WoUldvery Inseane. Y S 0 ,aR ]
KWe are ons a ky btweenvan, a in t "n hS -DaIanI
Key West, towards the Best. We the anre teledW n sand the0 ROMSTIC -In vre uttl,, -
crew of the s coone. Angelita. Siccor u, ublit iAenertl tht 'i Chargs a ioiortes any ua1 Ii t
If any one will eooor us we will givo s SeWin acll08 ,O an. 15tf. I
them .10,000 for their pains Wle wU e'oV1Ye his Jt.iy...i-
r (11oo.2) CAT. Baxosow AnD OsW ." itMtes tt he sto am the so e Agent for the ____ ______......
d The above it a true copy of the donEment
n left t the ofoeof the ef he -opaunibos l In. ,e n o aboovmanohmnes, HELVETIA BRAND
Sin this city, by Messrs. Geo. 1I. Boor and TmPattw e wi0in one of tIeI exoeleot anr of ,
H ear Canrald this morni ng. 'the CaptnI e wxlt, A ]rw. os m neen sld an o, ,,fl t:::, .ma...n:r : :
r oneral of Cuba has been telegraphed Wnto in i, 1" sMANr l l i MT 1
regard to the matter bythe apanish Con* 0J0hEPfl OTT) & HON,
i:*I....... : liberal toI.th, t.
fA -tender chohe h a r TElt FI'NEST AND 13MST MADeI.
S youngg Father-. ania urpri eddthatIyo aeiveda Lhso
Should ask your grandma fora moond pic c v11thy t sa4 PB = Fttory fl
of Diok. You arou a owod butq one poe for the &6 tWt it
m e, At and oui.wyp r twarnty" HIIGHLAND ILL.
Mt littlelck-rastd"as plies s betterythanyears, and would res .
06 ctfully solicitaon" Fr.-au.by
h e cer taiRSoO"-w of the sXame .^ a w. MONSALVATTOIE B11OS.
A DWle d ty. I..
In i-' Little Girl groin Nw York)-IOht y' t1 Akl4 A *
,n Phdishawfud ALN.
a.t DAY'& ALL


a' w-I i '
.VA$ it l..

w 7"
.. ., .. .+ .
a.,-l.. .. . ..., '. ft W o .: .,.

The Leading CLOTH R,
ttd QENTS, BOYS and YOUTHS Furnisher

.1 8iL 1tStol ofl-
Oents Boys and Youths Clothing, Under-
lwelr, taopCaps, Boots, Shoes, Colars Cuffs.
sarfll, Necktes, Gloves, Trunks, -allses,

nludling the Finest Line of Diagonals'
thmier'eB Flannels Doe Skirfl, Etc., In all
lore, Styles and Prces. .
eetisfa eton Guara teed

'I ol have the La-rgest and Best
Selected stock of Boys and Yobths
IKilt Suits, Dia4gonals, IKnee Pan ts
Shirt Waists Underea/r; lats and
Cw psBoots and Shoes;in fact every
11tn complete to costitute a Bov's
W'ardrobe/fom to 15 years old,
Stat was ever itrodueed into this

I dm. also agent for the ,S'paldia
DBdwe Ball and other spoitinp.goodi
oO"sistist, in_ Bats, lrils", -hirts;
A asa ingls, SlS9ho, aps,'Belts,
G loves Boxing Gloves, D.mmb Bells.
Soot Balls, Efo.
Respectfully Yours,
Front and Fitzpat'ick Sis.. "-- ey West. Fla..


A Few Doors Above the Masonic Temple.

Wo Guarantee the Best of Work.
Collars & Shirts a SPECIALTY.




'Ianrrnows 574V 1BNG SA i4itZ)HNIx'.4A.
(JAnLEADDnUBss, M0NSAIL. 1840). o ttae~z
A .nrAMT f -rLrs

Suooessor to W. C. RO GERS '
Fine' Wines, L4qv
510 BitOADWAX,
Hn1dn AIY.4.. ...A Trnt .lrf..IT. .4 .. M r '.. *V.i.' ,J "n4,.~e~

,,uu -A-v -,n >,u any ,-t t e .u uo. .j o ',,lpm
Evans "A 1 Ging 'r Ale,' ..iolft t; F ,+lt. H elland.

.... .. h l.ooo .%.T. ..r* . ...11........t ij... 1 1

.o/PILue WY.iI lt; be ipetol I~th II IPuicI
+Daily,. tioe 6 A. M. to 12 P M.

BeSt and Most Varied ALine of LIQUORS,
to be found In the Ma rket.
4,04 st

% +

" 1 " * i

it ~1L~4t'r. PIumps ,aid W-4WOu Ihtmria Is
Io-Ifn-de111eirlx x ffd(c to w Ith P:.nvptimsdae

II I I ] I In t J I ..



__ __ T_ __ ____





jI -L ii ji



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