Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: June 5, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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VOL. 10. NO. 18




~.- .rol --ret* tit epparont triinde iu!) ^nso 14y----hi--- tlo anT 110t si f0o uit DlOtt3 t hOu toio eaple 01 iniiiu
spouted the greatest lot of rullsh, h.1ntof it was profanation to bring her out of it; in the matter of drinking i4nl high play.
which was listened to with d6i o lei wandered about the lobby, hoping Iis letters to Amy boucauie o l frl'vquit,
T KEN BY"I E UJ IJcl oars, particularly by tilhe novices. The tt he might moot somo one whom he and his visits to Looni more o,. lie was
old hands know it was only acting, just, row and who know her. Ho did meet Infatuated by the Italian's hiea'uy and
jLn, nlti yua r, sir, lun, ristone," as their "trances" were acting. sRomp oe veoo soon. West Hlastings was her passionate love for liin, anild h could
said the city editor, looking up frofi his In their back parlor Martin Lnd Rush out there, looking very blase, and talk- not keep away from her, Two or throo
schedule. "In one moment, please. I spent many long hours, tho former bo- ing with two or three club friends about times ie had gone to see her while foul-
havo a matter of Iniportnnco I want to guip tile tino by tolling thrilling sto- 's'projocted trip abroad and the goad' Ing the worse for liquor. H81b was tori-
speak wlith you about," After ho had rioes lis detcotlvo work, ue had ha *(i o lie intended to lavo. Thoenhecame bly shocked; but lie expluaind thle cir-
oheckod offt fow iannos on his sched- some wonderful adventures, an, d he al oss Mr, Arober, who insisted upon his oumstance as an aooedont, and she was
ulo and called a fow orders up to the sometimes named names when he wab joig up to the box. quite willing to accept the explanation.
compositors' room through tie speaking telling them, names that were well "Bessie lhs that O'Hara there, and he One day, after a matinee, he called for
tube, th invited Rush to come inside the known in Now York, but about which bores the life out of me with hiinsuflter her at the stage door of the Academy to
iron railing, and then he told him what few people knew tlut there wore any able affootations. I don't like l t~o take her home in his carriage. She re-
he wanted. It was a very n!ce bit of d- suspicious circumstances. and yet I have no right to takeso lyiQ: futed to go with him at first, becauseher
tectivo work. A popular actress, Rose Rush and Martin visited "Madame a prejudice against him. It would W 'If you thinklthis is foolish, dliur Joln,
Efflngton, had died somo two years bo- Fanny, Countmese do Paris," one day, to great relief to me, however, if yousu .forgive m. I will try and be ls silly
fore,, and thro was a groat deal of niys- get a look at Irer room and sao how the como up, and I know Bessio would be fr the hapy day ttht h g comiing."
tery Bsurrounding her 4leath, Sho had comnliunicnting door was fastened, It glad to see you. We haven't seen y after the ha day th at is coinr w
falle fron ttier r tp osit ho was n o~s~uta fallen fruon her hllgh position on tlhe was not a very ecurei fiustcdnui,-a bitof for a long time. What Ihas been thile by wordthen, letting the loper sip
stage, and, it was said, aill through the string tied around the two hlantles. A matter?" Mr. Archer asked, hlo con- rom fin sto te or, t for
fascinations of a man about whom very sharp knife dexterously thrust through ducted Rush to his box. fom his n to tile r, cy stforo h
few know anything,; had labouhit whom the crack would inlly out the string, R.lh-. lexpla.ed tlhat hI wia woatkWtlg of lt aln l ly hotfeltika
those who did had notlhinig gIoH to isay. and te ill r ung doors would roll open of up a spihtcill caso for The Diawn aid was man in a stupor. If ho hald ,lnen cruel,
At the ti o of hllor deatl lie disappeared their own weight. On tlie day of their unuminlly busy. As they neared the ho wonll have sent a letter to Amiy ay-
nu1d h11u not hIIn heard of since, visit to the "countess," Martin intro- box, they sarw O'Hara leading low over lis, telling her that he courlt'ni marry
"Now it seHems," aid Musgrave, "that duced RIush as a youlg man who had Bessio from hia s gat above, Thoy could twlg lo cot not ma
thlre in 'a party hIy the nraun of John- boon robbed of hiHs watch in the Iow(ry, nalnot suo the pupils of his cat like eyes Ther bwouse he slovert notr wot an.
son,' a prlspecrons wino rmercliant, who It was a valiablo one, and ieo hoped she dilahitas he talked to her in lis slow, po- the difficulty, buthre dilint want to
entertained a tender Iursion fo)r Roso, would )o Idulo to tell hni wlhroe to find cullar voice, Mrs. Archer looked at him e "Poor Wy does se
anrl would have carried hor if the other it. As an Inspiration to lher trance, and shuddered. hoe could only catch a care for such a goodfr nothlnig as hun?
in had not cut hinm out ThiJohinson Mine. Fanny demnitiddo a foo of one word of his conversation now and then, I can't tell her I don'tlovo her, Lbeaueo I
believe. that Rose was imlurdered, and he dollar in advance; and then, taking her and that mq!ro thanin satlsfed her. Ho do; I love her as brother. Bt hrotherl
his HiinIt tlIe last wo yonris in trying to seat in a shabbly stuffed chair, she closed was talking iuoln a subject sho disllied, lovo isn't much, after what I havo ro.
,is(.ovir hvir l>riir.lrer, lolhs prxoured lier eyesH il waited for the trance. "Whether one ollev8es in spiritualism tested. Well, it's nearly itvd months heo
strong violencee against a nman who, he Tie men seatedl themsOelves on an or not," O'llara was saying, "ho must forSopteber; agoddealan happ
lnspltils, was the favor'ed lover, and lhe equally shalbhy sofa, natl liushi watched atdnit, tlhit thero are somn wonderful ion that tino; a good deal happened
liws brought t In clewsn to ile, and wants tihe medium us sho. lay bIack with her things dlone In its nnmo1 I should like in1 lss tinto. Think ngd on't ha lp)a t
Thle ltwni to work them up. Now, 1 eyes closed. Sho was thin and pale,'with you to mroot a little woman down town toless to. l g 't
proos to have you do the work-you sharp features aind air tiat had beon --a inl(dium, I suppose she calls herself. e n ,, tw Amy's lettr ill te fire,
u1il Mlarntln, tit) deotCetive.' You are tile touched up with dyo nndfthaut was still She would toll you things that would set anS, walkilyg over to ther sh ltaxefrd,
only Ilmau oni tlio lhlr whois rnot known in curl papers Shie woro a soiled wrap. you tothinking. If you want ton miaiko an d, wal g over to thu sfl nd
to) thie lpolico nd to othlor rnportera. We per, andl tile lippor on her feet haid evi. appointment to ineot her, I will arrange drank it slowly, Tahn glass k o mliou
want to do this thing q(111lly, and we dently soon better days. Mine. Fanny the mo etilt, and get Mrs. Pryor to chap. ful of icO water, lighnlted a cigm, auld
want it w,,ll donem. htro is ian opportu- herself looked hs if she might havo once eron us. It's notan attractive place, but throwing lilntlf in it big hr, hogan
Jfh b owinghml I lit it hig ('1111l begalu
nity to dlistinguish yourself. yIf you boon pretty. That sheo thought somo. it is perfectly reputable or you may be to think again.
inluki a gi (l story it may he the turn- thing of her appearance was seen by the suro I shouldn't suggest your going "Iang it ill! en't a m.anh ut aiway
ing pirt in your journmalistic career, attempt to take caro of helr harids,. IIor t)hor'o." from i thoughts en mittd d.
I will sendr your ilary to your lodg- nails were not over clean, but tlhy wero All tils was said in a low voice, so that As e rose ihtnuly frmr i
iings ,vrcry week, as tilh may take long and carefully trimmed, anid her fin- M'r. Archer did not catch enough of the again his eyu i fl Uin thl irngh piotho
snomei tiell; tIll any minlOy )yoe gors, though thlin, wore well shaped. conversation to know what it was about. graph of Loni on the iuyel. i i--
\we't. fuor tile n Ai reh dUraw upon lBy tihe tilmlo Rush hiad- nmulo this I[td sliIo known, sho would have spoken y own-mwiful I hvl t
llofor li, 1 ii whelon you have anything of mental inventory of her piersiuait cntiis oiut y. O'hijnrm siea to anyk for y ifr, I it un 'i'll y
imlliortunnoli to conlimuniuicto drop mie Fanny licavcd a depL sigli hand her lips iholind lli. tongun., tnd It was quito diffI- o yo th mo s." AnI, talig: ll
lino and mark theo involopo personal, moved. "Me see o wirtal-pretty watclh- cult to understand hliln unless you'gave lat on, ti lroonit, Anh wal, iked oe to
nartli wil call tll ti your lodgings to-inor- tick-ticky-tick-gold watch," your mrind toi tho tle tlort. Tills imhn di- roadway Thro he ltile i and
iow Ill iilring ait 11 o'elclock, and you can '*YoB," said Rush, "gold watch and ml'nt, if imcpeldimenllt it could I called', drove at one to the iCll as', inlll
lrrIminge plan ol f action together. Keep chain-watch with gold face, and fob nmado himn speak slowly, and this slow. Cella d not left his yet; he ,a
it ihl-rtp -yo ind m t still upper lip, and chain." '" ness gave a certain inmprressivoness to thile Colln god ot loft his bfd yelt; Io was
good luck to you. Good niight, Mr. Hurl- "Such a pretty vatchl Nutmbre in simplaet rominarklt leo ado, suffering a good deal ofpain. Siglora
stone. Well, wNhllt Is it, Grady?" to a gold, too," she continued, not noticing Mrs. Archer gre,-tetd Ruhli with the alla gone to the market-to Vashington
reporter standing outidle tile railing, the interruption. "Pretty chain I soo greatest cordiality. IIo scomed like a mt" 't, slod nade nsuch tgoc t bargains
"Ihave you any jnoro facts uaboutt the pretty thin-m hanging on chain. Oh, whiff of fresh country air after a broqee f ro adm. Jo sul athized with t select
sinking of tile Jaybird?" naughty man he tako'co watch. There from HIuntor's Point. DBesio also was Ceola's pains, b le thankd heaen
IRushi wias irthelr pleased with tho idea he run fast to shop. Throo balls hanging ploused to seo hiin. Though she we Cas tt Wshington market witas not heavenblock
of aitill hunt Itfter ia mnnrderor. H re- out in front. Old muan with big nose. very much iintoristed. i what O'Haran fart Igton miet ul t a lo
minilln'eredI havilig seel iiRoseo EtHlington n Hogot watch." Then, shuddering from was saying, hio founlld those mn rather farther up town, Io could ilvo Lconio
losto ln wh lie was it studlniitt iIar- head to foot, Mnmo. Fanny opened her oppressive, anil tlhro wait something all to himselff for once, and le had nlot
vard, canid thliit added interest to the eyes and looked around her. "Did you about hi iltedi puupls that siho didn't en e r s long th t he t could
Hsa11rchi. If Ioe had only known then what got tho desired informationn" sie asked, altogether liko. novor soo enough of hor. How beauti-
hre knew hliaitr, lis interest would have "Yes," replied Rush; "it little lisping Wlon R l Csh entered the box, O'IHara ul she was, and how h loved iher-for
ICein till kooener, child told is that th. watch was a goldl went ouit, itnll iMrs, Archr soemed to the time being
watch; that I had beeoon robbo of it audi broatheo luore foely. Tils comversatlou Looni was at first disptosei to shallow a
CIIHAPTER XIV. that the thief hald taken it to a pawn- was lively and general until the curtain little coomlnesw n-take to' mnl- k-for-
_. ... Y eleven broker's." was rang up again. Then they listened having stayed apay front her so long;
clockk "Tho 'control' is little Mannme; sho al with breathle: interest to the beautiful but lie was an expert at making his
shi a r p ways tells these things correctly. If you music. Rush coultl not help contrasting peaca ith when, and Leoni was soon
tho next search the paiwnslops you will find your his present -urrounilings with those of a. LaLtod. Wht a llppy tolout ur they
Amlorninmg watch." Rush thanked her for her few hours bofcro and a fewv hourslhno. Mutual Divin orgotnal ho t o tho
lMa rt in information anid tlhe two men retired to On very skloof him wor#youth, bonuh, t Mutual Dividond and those restof strou-
th detective ar their room. roflnement and wealth,. The woman he la lfd thought only of the moment.
ti Itivo ar- thtold Loroom.ni that Ie wud be nt te
rived at Rushl's "Did you ever hear such a pack of lies adored was before his eyes, singing as no told Leo that ee wnn d eth t theh
lodgings. llisap. in your life?" said Rush, as tlho door one else could sing. Academy tlat evening to rd. icgnor lhome,
pearanc'o sur- closed behind them. "Oh, to se hoer, hoar her singing, ani Ice koet his word. Signora CdIa in-
prised Rush. He "Hushl you will be heard," answered Searco I kuow which is divinest," sisai upon hh coming in and Iaving
d expecA to thedetoct. "Ys, cors I have, uoted IRu sh. Th n thou ghts an- supper with tll, and ho accepted the
see at ferret eyed, often, from the sBame class of people," dorld back to tile mniserablic tenement in invitation with eagerness. I His evening
Ill dessed man, "And to think that they can goe any East Fourth street whreo lio was to spend was almost as happy as his morning had
= with short cut person to beliovo in them" the night, with poverty, wretchedness been. liH had been haipplor that day
sid whlllskers nd "I am not surprised that tely can and crino on every sid', and he himself than he thought he over could be again
sloieter hair-a dupo the lower classes--the ior igno- on the track of a murderer. Tle life of after the receipt of Amy's letter.
veritable Sergt. rant creatures that infest this nighbor- a journalist Irts variety inn itlfr nothing Thu next day, as ho isat over his late
Bucket; instead hood; but they succeed in getting a pru- else. Thnu hl looked anlou, i-um, at tie breakfast thinking of Leoni and the dty
/of which he sotiv sumnablyres ectable, hitelligent lotof p- "glittering liornseolHo;" the delicate per- before, his valet entered thQ room bear-
a tall, sliml man, with a delicate, foreign trons. Didn't you notice thatnicolooking fulno of thie flower that lay upon the ing a telegram. Suppodsing it was from
looking faeel, finely cut fitnlures, pale turnout a few doors below hero yeoler- rallying of thIe bloxes wa wafted to hti Mortimer, who always comlnunliicated
conlil'xion, eunrling bhlak hulih', well kept day? Well, I saw a handsomely dressed nostrils, and h Io wia intoxicated by the with hhlu by telegraph, owig to his in -
hu-ard ind nuIII nsIactuli l'argoe eyes with woman, hleavlly-voled, get out of that scone. Ilila revrlor ws blrokon in upon ability to write, John tore It open care-
droopingli id---nltoihos ethr I wevll dressed, carriage and come In hero to iMmo. Fan- by Mr. Archer, who tappedl Irlli on the lessly, toed theoenvelol inn thb grate
fine lkling fellow. luith could hardly ny's. Sho probably listened to just suich sliho"(ler. and read
bl ht e w i dtoctiv, but drivol as you heard i their just now; "Just look at West Ilastings," said ihe. M and Amy lefton 0 tm for Now
soonl floulnd outt that he was, ind tIhey only, of course, it was about a love af- "Tlht falow is foro in love with Helen YoJohn turned pale, but hlid, Icll
Iganul ut once to plan tout l course of fair; and sho went 5omino satisfied. It i than I gavo him credit for being.- I o hn tuned pale, but li d, coolly h
action. Martin had nevr seen the ial a crodulous workl" hImis iot taken hil eye. ofi her oneo since nough "anAl rg"t, Antoio. Tell t he
legid mnlrdere'r of Rnos Ellington, but "Yes, credulous whero it should be sae caum t upaon thoe sHtn boy o i answer gs. nd A lookie left hi
had a calrefucl description of hiln, know suspicious and usplcious hero it should Sure enough tlhrneo Ilr sait in hispro- to his thoughts e 11 locke at his
that hu tlll nai, wa Costlloi, mand that hc bo credulous," answered Rulsh4 scenain hx, alone, his eyes rivote on watl. It ws 11 o'clock. The run
was ,ixlod up with inoluimus and free. While Rush was doing this detective tI lovely face of IIoln Knnvlton and from Farmsted was nt luor than
work 011. I. U_ 2mo-IsoAtePfr--nge' Imll s icsdrinkilng in every note of iner two hours. They must ie sitting
tllinki.rs. 'This was clow enough for work he wlw almost isolated from gen- hi a rkin In oviry notoof her wati tour The statn no oo
lhim. Tho man walho Ihad given himn this oral society. Thero was some excite- voie Thlls was not i pleasant sight to waiting at tw ld station now -l poor
inforlnatlion hald boon cailldl out west on ment to be got out of It, but loe and Mnr- Rushl, an uIt i hnt i'tn.ici k to his tone- things. IIo would seun Id valet with
biusinie, 1Iut wrote tliat heu hoped to re. tin were rather holding back until tho melit. house watch in no happy frame of excuses for lais unexplttl abence from n
turn in time toU tt ita l:nd inl the hIunt. arrival of the mamn Johnson from thie nludcl. ut hI wv'eo irecvw mo'o inter- town. Hie arose hastily ring fur An-
uiish liind thle detectives visited all the west. Martin thought and expressed his eating as timno wvunt o,, and he soon be- tonio, when that wnoiseless attendnt cnn-
rnedimins, astrologers and fortune tellers suspicions to Rulsh, that Johnson had cameu completely absorbed in picking up terel tlne room, "Tso hotels to e sig-
i Now York in tie courseoof a fortnight. been hin love with Rose Effington, anld the tlhroa dso of vidinc against thIe tur- nor; would signor see thl" As the
Tlh'y held conversations witli tho spirits had been cut out by Costello, who was derer of the "mnfurlunitou actress. man spoth hall. It was too late to ed
of dupinrtid friends, Ilad tllrll' horoscopes reported to have strange fascinations for APER Vcape, so he wnt out to meet them, and
cast und their fortuncestold. The detec- women. Johnson had not tIe time or brought th oun intothe room, ldin
tivoe palmd himself oil' s amedlium, and the monoy to spend in forroting out the O ea bro ught theon nto te rooasoglad tol
exhlibitid o thorough an acquaintance proofs of hims suspicions, and was obliged I urlstonie each one b,y and so mortllld to glad to
withlll tIe slang of the profession that to takd Tlho Dawn into lhii confidence. was very hadn't met them at tIne train but tihe
usll hud s.ilh.,ii he must have prac. He had not seen Costello manny ttimn, much dis-telegram had not prceded them by three
ti< Onu, duy Martin -reeived a letter from know him again if he saw him, he felt is mind. envelope from tho hwarll d iowe
their informant in tlhe west telling them surer of recognizing him by his voice, IIo wasin envolopthem the datof rece at thed Newe
that ihe had heard of Costello being at a which he said was indescribable, but oe. i love with York o llde. "The colauyt htt to Nbe
certain miedlumo's oil Emst Fourth street, ouliar and never to be forgotten. D Leoni the Ytor r stclle d"lTYn ion idg h
nnd adviul'lgt theon to watch the place Bush longed to see lclen with an irre- dancer, Sl' fb'r riOh deijty8sn c
witi those greautst vigilance. After this sistiblo longing, to which hl gavo way iand hl TO __ ooTn__ iE.
letter of ihrformatin Meartin and Rush one evening. Leaving Martin on watuh, had promised to
vwualkeld ov-r to East Fourth street, where ho went to his lodgings first and dressed ma,'ry Amny Bay- ,P313rl1 311 &iSt ?S
on the Iront door post of No. they himself, and then walked around to tlio li:'a, the rlctor's
found this legend painted in white letters Academy. The opera was "Faust," daunim.Tllrl T hn e
onil a black square of tin: again. IHelen sang divinely. Runsh worst of it was Dentness cln't be Lsnresd

S. adored, every note of that beautiful n .i- I m thut he was very by local application, as they can not reaoh
MAIDl \1. FANNY, COUNTF.i D. PARI n musio, and he was lifted out of. himself fond of Amy,and the diseased portion of the ea There
Sby Helen's exquisite performance. Mar- ,. ho did not want only o e way o usre Deafnes, and that is
S cIAIdrwM)ANT AND uIIAiO MDIW guorito was admitted to be her best part, .. to treat her un- Iy oonstitutional remedies. Deafness is
dwddmucus lmtied of the b rustabhaan Tube.
In.qUALRD nPIR r ouiN; and she certainly gave an ideal interpret. .. kindly. But he omeusd by an inflamed souditln b e
nr so. station of it Dear girl, how he loved was determined When this.tube gets nflamed you have a
herl He forgot the tenor, who was act. to marry Lnonl. On that point he was rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
rout P tanlumv. ing in inis most impassioned manner; lie strong though oil most other lie was when it is entirely closed Deafness is the
.... ............................. forgot everything but Helen; and- when weak. Ho would still let Amy believe that result, and unless the inflammation can be
Martin found the janitress, and at she appeared at the window in a flood of they were to be married in the fall. Per- taken out and this tube restored to its nor-
oncu secured the back parlor of this mis. moonlight, her dark eyes intensified by haps in tle nmutitno lih could think of a ueal condition, hearing will be destroyed
erablu tenement, which was connected by her golden hair, and sang the exquisite good excuse for breaking off the match. forever; nine oPes out of ten are cauied by
folding doors with Mme. Fanny's front duet, he actually weighed in his mind He might protend to be jealous-to be eatamrrh, which is nothing but au iaflamnd
parlor. Tihe two men had got themselves the probable result if he should clamber love that shel didn't love him. Not only conditions o the m auns ea Dolla
upto look like very disreputable fellows over the foot lights and fold her in his was John disturlwd oi titls account, but any case of Deafness (danued by atarh)
-Rush like a Bowery boy and Martin arms. "Here I sit," he thought, "a ias- thostato of affair of thoe iMtual Divi- that ws an not our by taking Hill's
like a Spiritualist. The latter's pale face sion of love tearing me in two; and yet dead Mining company did not tend to oCatarrh COre. Send for aoroulara, free.
and inky board, and thie peculiar oxpres I suppose I look as calm and as unruffled mak him happy. Col. Mortimer was F.J. OHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
sBin of hirs eyes, helped him to carry out Ia thatvenerable banker in his box." drinking heavily and playing hligh-two f S old by Druggisis, 75o.
tids tdiaglise; and lie parted his rather His only relief was to join in the out- sure signs that heowa losnig faith in tihe
long hair in the middle, and wore a coat burst of applause that broke from all continued prosperity of the company, Mark Twal's Scrap itooks
with a cape, and a big soft black hat. prts of the house, Ha ndver liked to go and there were some ugly rumors afloat
Rush could hardly contain himself when behind the scenes betwoon the acts when that reflected upon tho company's orellt With adhesive pages, for sale at the
ie talked to thie mediuls about the "con.* l.qlelt was singjia "Faust," because sim pho .Jl'mlipf. ad rIlay of reckoniUg, Eqlnator ofles, f.



The "Chlnese Musat no" and the "hllpese
nlat Stay" Question Filthy Waye' of
Living or the People from the Kingdom
of Inowers-Chineso Theatres.
[Opoolal Corrospodondeo.]
SAN FRANcisco, May 85.-It was only
a few weeks ago that the city of San
Francisco was illuminated in honor of
the signing of the Chinese exclusion
act. Thero were street bonfires, gor-
geous pyrotochnicsa bands of music, long
processions and a general glorification,
The community was in a condition of
ecstasy, for the popular cry of "The Clh-
aa must gol" hadI been realized and
everybody was hapIpy. No* TI' great
ships from the Flowery Kingdountno
longer dump a thousand or more Celes-
tials into San Francisco every fortnight,
In fact it is easier for a cainel to pasl#
through the eye of the proverbial noodle
than for a John Oi aamanu to got past
the Golden Gate. All kinds and classes
of people seemed to labor for this par-
ticular consummation, The newspapers,
Democratic and Republican alike, vied
with each other in urging the passage of
the bill and then demanding the presi-
dent's signature. The coast scored to bo
a unit on the proposition, and politicians
declared that the uncivilized Mongolian
must not be permitted to take the bread
from the civilized Caucasian, and that
this was a wlhito man's government, in-
tended only for white mon, and for

white worlngmnen particularly. BE-
tween you and me, good reader, it
was largely the cry of the demagogue.
Scratch a property holding Californian
today, tnd t6n to one you will find
him quietly, but none the less positively,
a pro-Chinese man. He will shout anti-
Chinese with the best of them for busi-
ness, political or other prudential rea-
sons, but lie knows and will admit to
intipaate friends that Chineso labor has
b~i .tho making of California, and that
without it the state would not have
been what she is in this year of our
Lord 1889. The lands that have been
reclaimed, the grapes that have been
harvested, the railroads that have been
built and the wines and fruits exported,
are the result of the plodding, uncom-
plainint, ItMdastrious and poorly paid
John Chinaman. You might as well say
that the South Atlantic states should do
'away with the services of the negro as
that the PlAcflo slope should banish the
almond eyed Celestial. Today, even, they
are necessities; not creatures merely held
on sufferance, They can do and will do
what the white man cannot and should
not. They are the scavengers of the cities,
the safety of the country. There are
times in the vineyards, the hop fields, the
fruit groves, tlat thousands of men are
necessary at once, for a week or'two
Weeks, say a month, in the year. For
that time are they needed, and only then.
White men could not exist on one month's
work in twelve, but the Chinese can. It
will be a perplexing problem to solve,
how the California grapes and fruit can
be harvested when John Chinaman is no
more. I met Dennis Kearney today on
the fashionable thoroughfare that is
named after him and the late general.
The sand lots orator is a little down at
the heel at present, but he is blatant
and bold as ever. "What should
we do with them?" he said angri-
ly in answer to my question;
"throw 'em in the sower; they're no
earthly good. If they were not here,
white men could have employment and
this country would be populated by
Christian and Caucasian workers. Put
the Chinese out altogether, and there
would flock from the east an army of
white laborers who would be a credit to
the state, who would be the consumers
as well as the producers, which the
Chinese are not; who would spend
their money where they earned it, which
the Chinese do not; who would improve
society, not degrade it, andwho would
help the general" cause of humanity."
Now this argument of Deneis Kearney
is the regulation argument of the day.
Perhaps it is the strongest side of the
oase; itis certainly the most popular.
But the interesting fact remains, that
thus far no one has been discovered who
can fill the bill, who can take the place
of the heathen, for with him the coun-
try has been developed and agriculture
and viticulture made profitable. With.
out him it would be an possibilityt.

Mark you, please, this letter is not an
argument for the Chinese. Far from it,
It is a beautiful dictum and a most ao-
ceptable one, that this glorious country
is for the Caucasian, not the Mongolian;
for the Christian, not the Pagan; for the
brightness of American progress, not
for the darkness of Chinese superstition,
Heaven speed the day that it may come
to peaa, but we must look at things as
they are, not as we would wish them to
be. And in things as they are we find
the pig' tail a very large, important and
by no means lovely element in California
life. If you would see the Chinaman at
his best and worst, you must look him
over in his own house in San Franeisco.
I have.seen him n his .haunts night and
day; in the cool of the evening and in
the bright light of the morning, and
know him fairly well. -Within a oom-
aotrea of twelve blocks is Chinatown
he located and yet within that area
:early 40,W00 Celestials give, or rather


them. The wind took them here, there
and everywhere, and as they scattered,
the Chinaman chuckled merrily. It Is a
Chinese supertition that when the body
starts to the grave, the devil starts too,
and trios to get there before the oorpee,
whiol? he is supposed to grab. But In
the race ie must poik up every bit of
paper thrown from the hearse, It he
misses even one, the jig i4 up and the
corpse is a winner. This particular
funeral finally reached the oemotery,
where the body wa hurriedly put in the
open grave, which was as quickly closed
up. At the end of the procession
eame an express heart laden with a
young roasted. pig, dishes of juloy
sweetmeats, pots of rice, nuts and tes.
These were all reverently placed on the
grave and the mourners departed. The
idea is that when the devil does arrive be
will be pacifiedby finding a good, hearty
meal. The next da the roast pig is
gone. PaIOBD aO W, Wlfmt '

voted to contributed five hundred dollars
to sufferers from the recent flood at Johni.
town, Penn., and vioialty.
Dnmo, In tbis city at 6:80 o'olok this
morning, of oonsumptlon, Mr. Johnoie
(Bobber) Boyle, aftre a long and patient
illness, which he bore with Christian fort-
,ade. His remains will be interred from
the Oatholiao huroh at 9 o'clock to-morrow
Itis lea trioue aet
Tt the body is now more ulsoeptlble
to benefit from medicine than at any other
seo a. Heane the iaportaoce of. taking
Hood's ipsull nao, n whcn It will do
ou the ioet good. It is ealy wonderful
for pUf slltg esid erlohlDng the blood,
creaatln s tPPtIteo, and giing1 a health
tone to ae wh fta .Be ur to g
Hood's mBpablia waeh is penuliot to

L~ -

_ U __


exist. They herd together like rats, and
their mode of living is little above
the animal. The Chinese Joss houses,
theatre, restaurants, opium joints
and gambling holld have boon frequently
described, but they can give little idea of
the reekingklepravity of the place. For
two or three' dollars a guide will take a
couple through the entire town, and the
excursion takes from 8 in the evening
until 2 in tIoe morning. It is all a fear.
ful picture, but the white man or woman
Is treated with marked respect, and can
go anywhere without fear of robbery or
physlcal harm. In one three story build
ig 1,500 Chinamen will live, the roomits
being arranged like the forecastle of a
ship, in tiers of bunks pno set above a-
other. One largo 1)omi is for eating, a6*-
otherr fo cooking,ld all the surround
wings, wlhile'niure or e a eleap, aro dart,
dingy and barren,. T olestlals fairly
swaru in thlesoplir theirhsthen-.
ishli.l Fla ~ as 0,hn dm ffan tii We
t told ut 2,000 iacl~4jes picked
e' nigt. Ta tin hie i

is g lWin sections 'ii, or thja
night. No sceneP.i ''sod, anid
hideous band of 'sinusicians twai
at a hideous of ear splttti
instruments wbiho the actors p .r
No wonman is plrlmitted to ac meno
take their places. They are educated up
to it, and the simpering Chinese maid 'n
gorgeous dress i! excellently portrayal
by somo young follow, Watching the
vast sea of faces from the stage is a pic-
ture one will long renomber. One man
seems the exact duplicate of the other;
they .all Idok alike, and, wearing the
identical hat, pig tall and blouse, the
scon is monotonousto a degree. However
much pleased ie nmay bo, the Chinaman
seldom shows it and never applauds.
Occasionally there is a grunt of pleasure,
but tih yellow, otpressionless facos never
light up with satisfaction, When a sec.
tlon of the play ends at unliiilght they nli
go out and gamnble-ovoery mother's son
of tliem-and the lottery dtnalors do a
thriving business. Liter they tumble
into their wretched lurks, landi with a
little box of opluni "hilt the pipe" and lie
down to pleasant dreams. In tihe
restaurants you can see tie rich China-
man. Ho is superbly drcssod, and
has about him his men friends and
his women slaves. He sparkles with
jewels, apd is the fat and greasy citizen
we meet in the purple of life. Chinese
musicians play for Idm, Chineseo wonen
coddle him and the restaurant foods him
and his guests with the finest of food.
Even into the secrecy of their magnify.
cent pink dining halls the white visi-
tor can boldly enter and look on. John
Chinaman fears to offend his Caucasian
Brother in any way. To himn everything
is open. Down in other sections of the
town, the gambling places, the "two
bittoo locleto," qlurrter antl tleo poorer
streetlorokinig with depravity, are many
interesting sights, but I draw the veil.
Only this can he said for it-the Celestial
keeps all his vice to himself, He is never
drunk outside, never ragged, dirty, dis-
reputable or dishonest away from China-
town. lie will plod and work and slave
for you faithfully up to the letter of any
agreement. It is only when li leaves
you to become his own master that hie
makes the break and going to his haunts
becomes a low, vicious atom of hu-
I attonded it Chineso funeral. While
in the flesh Clie remainsn" had been pop-
ular, and te llo paid riors at his bier wore
many. Tihe friends alsogathered numer-
ously, and many invocations were minde
to thle od of Wrath, the Uod of Luck
and tleo Uod of Healthn to make it pleas-
ant for the departed in the sweet by and
by. It sooinod to me that every hack in
San Francisco had been chartered for
this funeral, for when the cairriage pro-
cosion started it was fully a mile and a
half long before the last Chinese quar-
tet had gotten into the last vehicle. A
carriage full of musicians, playing tom-
toms and eating gongs, led the way,
tl\hn the hears ru holding the body, placed
in a conumonm coffin Upon the hearse
sat a Chinumnan laden with small pieces
of perforntod tissue paper. Behind
the hearse, at intervals of ten
carriages, were more tomntoms and
gongs. Finally the funeral started
and dashed through thie city pell mell,
bound for. tlh graveyard. It looked
more like a fast drive to a horse trot

than a pilgrimage to a cemetery. When
they moved along the Chinaman on the
hears bogan throwing out his bite of
paper until the streets wvere littered with


[an oiAU o TIN 3qVAgM.]
JAcxOKsonvxs, Fla., June 6.-The new
ommisalonere for Duval county assumed
the duties of their offoe yesterday.

[(an mer ao a PvAf5.)
Atoasvrz.ils, Fih., June 0.-The now
0ty Counoil has extended the "fre limits"
of this ioty.,
T-,'ir'L aa o Mwa r qeio '
oPl O r*sn., June 0.-- irh m.
eOt m"o* a nd id miing from the
effactgI tIl COaenmangh disaster, Is now
eastnil at' fflteeu thousand.
New horiAke are revealed every day,.

.airx au to Mal n ATOL.]
,Waln rBnra. Va., June O.-Gen. Jubal
Early visteld this city yesterday for the
first time since the war, Ile was enthusi
otically removed.

(i *w O aQUi Iglols
OHARLae5oTN, S. 0. June 0.-The owners
of the steamship Morgan Oity have been
ordered by the United Stales District
Court to pay twelve thousand dollars sal.
vnge to the British steamer, Apex, for tow-
Ing her into this port,
far eABuMa To ra 3QUAa.)
LAB OITry, Flu., June 6.-Mr. Elijah
Adams has been appointed Postmaster of
this place, vice Mr. Thompson, removed.
[a QAB=U To ms IQQUea70.
ALTIrnoa, M d., June 0.--General Tick.
6t Agent Lewls M. Cole, of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad,tho olest General Tick.
ft Agent in this country, died in this
city yesterday,
f[aT o a o au 4qOl ra.)
BILoxt, MIss., June 0--The business
portion of this plaoe was dcmtroyd by fire
[ar OAM aTo -m M QUAoU.]
Panoma~s.A, Penn., June 6.-This city
has lubstribed over a half million dollars
to the relief of the sufferers in the flooded
district of the State.

[al OaMrS to TXa aQUATon.]
Pias, France, June 0.-The Americans
in this oity have chipped in and raised a
handsome fund for the relief of the Penn-
sylvanma ufferen from the recent big flood.

JAlolMvnaIZ, Fla., June Q.-Mr. P, E,
MoMHrray has been appointed Postmaster
of this oily, vioe Mr. Olalk, remove.

at CiALa To wa TUEVAToLJ
LivOIoor, Eng., June 8.-All of the
steamships of the Inman Lin', in the Port,
are tied up on aooount of a strike among
the sailors.

t [ a: a STo tas IquAITO.]
AzAPum'oooms, FPh., June O.--'The firm
of Monroe & Co., big lumber shippers, of
this place, lost three million feet of lumber
by fire yesterday.

[1t OAaU to ws aquAxo&.]
JiAonovtn U, ila., June 0.-Over one
hundred and Ifty houses were destroyed in
La Villa daring the big fire yesterday. The
amount of the loss has not yet been estl-

[a (Ut ea o aQOro ea.]
"'JtiusovaJI, Fla., June 6.-The Jack-
sontille Board of Trade met yesterday and

i I .. .. . I II I

THi EOUATOR-lDElMO R T, Into the handle of th t nlio men recently
....... ..----- appointed bly tleo (lovoernor (Cominisdioiiote
Kl.V W1I,'T, l,'L\., ,IiNE N (1, !88i, or (ounmcilntln for tll imniieipJlity of Ksy
W'Vest is placill a powor that under our lilb
EQTUATOR PUBLISHING CO. eral and republican instlitutios of govern-.
I'Plulishors atnd Propriotors. Iniot is soldomn known. They are to eloct
all tile Doiflells of the city for the next four
Office, in Equator Building, Front St. cn ycars; they are to borrow and xpe il
nor ot Duval. Toloohone. 36 lprinoly sln for the improveroent ot the
S111114 IAs. island, and they have only their consioence
'l.. ii,1' $ li 'l'hl 'Il l tn h.. .... 1. aund their Go I to overlook thoor or rndor
Si, hliln :, II 5 I lolli lh . IlUi
II i stri.tiv ill Adon a lu t to.
S,.1 i, .1 1, ,.r. v, ry ii nl'xpt Sililli T the first place the election of ofillcor
L.", I -',. ii, i. n ri't ir. rllaII l., I r will engage their attention. They are fa-
,1 I. "l II "WiI lll It a'l, 1 li'liilll',i aill r" lriliar with the anis government of this city
d w ,l It 0 %lli 1,]-l t fI l'l,' IR 11 f4.,1 lll llt ll ci h
- and county for the past youears, and in so.
I',iIt l ,a/ l',,t la ir l A/ I' y t, /?l., licting men for the places thofshould take
,1 ,, I,,l.,s ,iltr,. ,,t r 2, 1888. tho highest ground known to men and
.Z.. -- --. give us ollcials who will do their duty lion.
//( ti/E./'. estly, fearlessly and soberly. Lot us have
W\u wer. cr4ll i ti:g our thoughts for an such men as the community will hive con-
altil, itn llgi icic andi sanitation whou fldonco in. Let every Coumissionor resent
,iir iyue lightt tiln following article, and any specious plie i made for any Individual
an It suits ill cnIs exactly we republisll it candidate for office, except the one of cap0a-
in fill 'lhat llr isnitary condition is ability, honesty and sobriety. Make no
tliR clisl (f iLi(nuh sickness that is now phledgoeI hecanlo of family influence or
ir.valvint on ourill inlld is an indlsputablo party; in fact make no pledges before hand,
flit. Thle Close of typhus, typhoid and but meet and quietly discuss the merits of
itliln fcvir. iu tile Third Ward and the the names presented and so'ect the best
rii-'lit (dathlI tll(refroIm aro certainly at- i"en of those asRing appointment lude.
trilutakll I'to tile lliansmatic poison exhaled pondent of any and all cailms, Gntloeen,i
in Iin tilit iollditumllhig ground by the bar- the city's condition, her want of proper
rlln'i. Th I itgoros siclknoess of iuaniny police regulations, her optun gambling bolls,
uhihlirlil ill thlo vicinity of the Lighbthulso hor Sunndliy cock fights, rcquiro men and
lIondI is tIraceablu to that filthy hole. Wo officers who have regard for what is best
brin-g tlisao things forward since we are on and right. Make a mistake in the oloctionl
tlr. 1 ove It a change In the citTy government of an offioor at the boeuingiug of your nd
imlI tile firt imluprovoninlt that strikes us minintrntion and the pupllo will orltioiso it
that ,shlidlhl ie inaugurated is sewerage or sharply, and will do more to lesson the in.
illiilgng, anud tile prompt tilling of the illunco and the respoot that they should
lilillnirolls pIonld iin our midst, regard the Comlinmsion than the unfortunate
'J lih value put upon human life is a fair sqlandering of money. Wo have no can-
.illtcriu by which to judge ofa people's didate to suggest, either in this paper or
,iililldioltiuout. he history of the human
li cr iiluI.llls with proofs of tile striking personally, and all we ask, and in this we
c ,traIst in this regard between barbarous are joined by every thinking man, and
11,,1 civilized nations. It is not exaggeran every man who has the interest of this
tlul, tlier.fure, to say that sanitary science, llae at heart, is the selection of good men.
t'.I ollJcot of vhich is to preserve health
m.l .,vu lifo, is an element of high civil. There are plenty of them in the city, find
/ti,n; that, indeed, there cannot be ad- them. Don't be influenced to vole against
vanliuc civilization without it. your j judgment. The city is watching you.
It i If.rlossly asserted that, the greatest
ia-,i lvic which the study of the causation ....
of ilis blhs made, in modern tiles, has "A CRITIGI C'RITI('CIS ,"
li,,i: tie discovery of the fact that, most The Springfield, (Mass.) Union thinks
,t ti.,ll mro lonthsouo anud ffatal diseases
i, It i.ntablr. Thi is especially true of that the more the Southern newspapers dis-
th. i,,Itiiul diseases. cuss the question of "negro rule in the
It i- leliOvedI that only when men shall South," says the Savannah News, the less
Ilmvo l ,,. cLlucated to an apprehension inclined Northern people will be to make
itl l it il,.cilatiou of the fact that disease ib
Ilulltui.ii; that it is, in fact, accidental; their homes in the Southern States. It says
thlt nu.1 was not made to be racked with that so mcoh is said by the Southern press
,,il', i d (o be broken by disease, will cheu about the necessity of resisting negro dom-
icou, t, it lhygiene take its legitimate place nation that the impression Is made in the
ln tllheir eslisnation. Laws are passed to
plnuishl railroad officials and other convey. North that the Southern people have little
urs of passengers, if from carelessness or to do but to wrangle about which race shall
nug'lctc collisions or other avoidable acci- control public affairs, and that as Northern
lonts, whoreby health is impaired, or des. people don't eare to walk into a hornet's
troyed, occur. If, ats we have seen, a oitl-
zen is niujured, and neglect on the part of next, they remain away from the South.
the nniunicipal authorities is proven in the The Union does not seem to be aware
cIltrt, damitages are assessed against the that it is chiefly the Northern Republican
g"verinment of the city, and it is justly
lilld to pay. When the people become newspapers which disous the negro ques-
ellcated to a proper appreciation of the tion. They believe that negro supremaoy
duties and responsibilities of health in the South would help tho Rrepublican
,l)iclmls, who can doubt that the courts will party, and by insisting that the colored
Iu reiiuirold to take cognizance of and to
atlliiiillstur plunlshment for loss of health people shall demand the rights which it is
or life which has resulted from careless- alleged are denied them, they do a great
IneS, iletlliciency or ignorance of the laws deal to foment bad feelug among the
of lIualth, oni the part of health boards, raacs. It is aluite true that the soutltern
init. otllers, indeed, an a suit for dama-
gn for doetect\v draiunag, i England in newspapers diseBes the qclestlOn i good
$Ijlicll it irAs Ahowvn that. "as a result or dloal, and perhaps they do so too much, but
thl inlnmiitary statoof the hollse the plain- they generally contends that the South
tiff's I,)barllrs became ill, and loft damages should be permitted to settle it without
tiitheo nlnounlt of 10 were awarded by the Northern interfere When a N tho
COiilillissii)llor. Northern intorfereuoo. Whon aNorthorn
'Thr'le is no reason other than ignorance newspaper advises Southern people to call
or liIgluct on the part of health officials a halt in this discussion, they should take
N\liich ixlliliis the occurrence, orsproad of the advice to themselves.
a ),r l.'itll.e disease. Tako cholera, for
illhtlltaic. It is well known that by the in- It is now probable that many northern
tvllilnt iiiforcomnent of preventive moas- people remain away from the Southbecause
lure n ilpiiluluio of that disease is impossi. of the discussion of the race question, The
bil. i11 L'riosllnt lo the rSanitary Court- Northern people who come South don't find
cil if ]'lhrliclil, Itly', where cholera pre-
vailted sHo iislttrolily a few years n.n, said: it such an alarming question. They see
"Explrirci tcnclls u that epis that s that tho Fiouthorn people are able to take
cause gicater destruction of life where by- care of the race issue and are content. As
giono is neglected; and that those places long as the Loathern States offer pleasant
\hici ili ave I, lvll visited by infective dis-
,iltl',, anl < ltsp cially cholera, once purified homes and paying investments Northern
liy illilmeani of prolpr laws and sanitary reg- people will seek them and invest in them.
hlaltinins, lhavo csaped the recent invasion
of cho.llri, 'Ihus in Italy, the last invasion THE HAMOAN QOUSTION SKITT'LE).
of ribi)lrn, lias ly' preference struck the
tmiuOt negIoteUil slots, and will certainly Since last Friday our tolgraplilo news
cilllllntuo tlo niako hovoo whore nothing has contained nothing scarcely of inipor-
Wvts dhoe ti, ur where that which was done tauce except in relation to the Peunsylvauia
was ,iorlfrltlod Itupoerfoctly and regardless flood, and we have bn ooele to rely
(If 'o'lilll ou1 flood a we ae Lon ld to ry
11 is known that, since 1873, England, lupon our exchanges for most of our infor-
tIle IIont ullightlonold nlltion on earth, has nation, oeslpelally in regard to foreign mat-
rulic,1 suololy up,,n hygiene for her p'oteo. matters. The Times-Unlon of recent date,
liutfaromt o rildnuca. "Biuce th" t time "" . ".. o" .. .
tiIs fKrl rai beie frs. from cole tat time in an editorial comment upon the late SB.
dnllic, notwithstanding hor contiunal com- moan Commission, which adjourned in
milunication with India and with the whole Berlin a few days ago, informs us that the
of larope, without the difficulty of any Germans have cousented to restore Malietoa
slich things as quarantines; and typhus
fever, scurlatina and other intective fever as the rightful King of Samloa, and thtlt
1do1 not exist any more in the form of opi. the natives are invested with the authority
doemics." which our Commissioners demanded for
Would that the United States could be them at the beginning of the Commission.
indliced tJ follow the enlightened example
f olihtoned Enlaexamplnd The ohief port, Apia, heroin the United
And what has been said above in regard States, England and Germany have, each,

to oholora, applies with equal force to the important shipping interests, is remanded
prevention of yellow fever. The technical to the control of the natives with a council
coilrulmsion of the International Conference
of tome (1883) said: "The measures reoomn from American, English and German rep.
mended against cholera, are, in general, resentatives to supervise affairs impartially,
applicable to yellow fever and to other ais- Germany's "indemnity claim" was not
eases which prevail in epidemic form." show
That there is urgent demand for the allowed, and, taken as a whole, the results
study and practice of hygiene no sensible of the Commission is very satisfactory to
person can doubt. In it alone lies the this Go ernment, and our representatives,
prosoervation of health and the prolong or Commissioners, at Berlin are entitled to
tion of life, There is no place where the
old adage, "An ounce of prevention is congratulations from the Anarioan people.
worth a pound of oure," applies with so
muoh force. Physicians should "throw CAUSE FOR T1IANK HGIVINO.
physio to the doge," and bend their ener.
gles to the prevention of disease and the TAaLLAUa m, June 1. 2 p. m. [Special].-
consideration of health. he world rings The legislature adjourned sine die at 12
with indignation when it learns of the o'clock lst night,
hanging of an innocent man; how It should "Prale God from whom all blessing flow,
howl at the aippailing array of premature Praise him all creatures here below,
doathsl Mankind II often Its own exeoun Praise him above ye heavenly host,
tlor.er. rating disease is a orime, and Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost."
every premature death a murder." (Ad- Amen.
dress of Hon, A. Wood, M. D. The appointments for all the new city
Commissioners arrived by last mail except
TnEs Times-Union says that, "refusingto Mr. Win. Ledwith, This was probably
Canadians the right to fish in American mislaid in the mail and will turn up to-
waters is about to bring on a fight between morrow.
American and English men-of-war in
inehring's straits. The waters are our own, A new weekly newspaper has been
and Uncle Sam must stand by the flag. started at Winter Park, Fit., a suburb of
Ile is unquestionably right this time, and Orlandort-e Winter Park Advocate-with
ought not to yield an inch." The T.-U. is Mr. G. 0, Henderson, Manager, and S. A.
right, so far as respect the ownership of Williams, editor. We wish it the success
Belhring Sea, and Uncle Sam intends to en. it 'Ives so mach promise of meriting.
force his rights; but we do not apprehend
any dann'r of there being a fightt between Oxn of our Jacksonville exchanges says
American and English men-of-war" in that Georgia has disoovered another won-
those waters. John Bull h tried that der--a man who leeps with one eye shut.
kind of thing on, on two previous occasion, IFlorida can always double-dimunt her
and come out *second beet" each time. neighbor: There is a man in Jacksonville
And no matter what his faults may be, who sleeps with both eyes hut. For
John Bull is no hog-he knows when he natural ourlosities, this Stae beats the
has had enough I world.

KlINO a linlaan, of Hlwnii, is oery anxi-
o1u. to attnuul I 0 Paris 1ixpositlou, saysa n
exchnago, but t n't foord to. At any rate,
that iewhat recent advices from nIonolulu
say. Tihe (ing is represented as being
short of funds, nud as having limited
credit. If lih could raiso $10,000 ho would
attend the exposition in bce:uming style, but
his chancos for raising that, amount seems
to be very ali6m, and ho will probably stay
at home and wish he wearo nn Americna
nlllioniro instead of a llawailan King,
SMNATOII Johnl T.1 Morgan, of Alabama,
one of ouir greontot living statesmlon, has
oole out buldly nid unequivocally for
Grovor C('lvolannd for President in 180'J2,
lHo ays that thu country is very nmuoh
better for having had four years of the
"upright, honest, straightforward and
sploudlid (lovoland administration," and
that while Mr. Clovolandl los not care for
a renomiunltion, Io will lo put forward
again, unless there is Foino gront rovolu-
tion iu denocrarti sentliniont.


The Chief Renron for the great siic.
cess oft lool's 8lal, alarlll is tlloid in tile
artlcio ltsell it Is nlierlt that winrs, alid Ith
fact that Hlood's Sarsialarlla actually nol
complisllos what'll Is clamlned for It, Is wihaI
has given to this l elllhichla ipopularity and
sale greater thlni tlhatl o anly other sarsapa-
Merit W ins rllhi or blood purl.
fMor bsreore the public,
Hood's Sarsalarlll clres Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and all Hlunmors, D)yspcpsia, 8ck
Headache, llloslincss, ovorcoilles Tlhat
Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength-
ans thile Nerves, builds up the Whole System.
UIoodse aLurparllls is sold by all drug.
lists. $1; six for $5. Prepared by C. I. Ieoa4
I Co,, Apothecarles, Lowell, Moiss.
IThe firm of' Curry ,. Brost haa been dies-
tolved by muital consent, Mr. M. P. Cnrry
withdrawing, A. Brost will colledt allno ac-
oounts duoe to the finr and will pay all
debts of the same.

May 16, 30d,

M, P. CURIoy,


S oomnencos loading fop this port
on the 1st of June and will sail on the
8th. WrLIAn Ciunny, Agout,
Key West, May 29th, '80.
1| bISOES, S1OES,-Siavo your
money Ey buying tue celebrated
0oono Bol. 0&o'r. ~hoes, for gentlemon,
ai es ancd otiideon. All branled with our
naull arc warraintil. Aocoult nIo other. lyr.
1OR SALE. -Nine Desirlhlo Uuilding
SLots, sitinated in onu of the healthiest
and finest locations on thu island. Prices
ranging from $300 to $1,000, accoriling
siza and location. For further infornia.
tlon apply to 11. J. ])I'rrY
"Easy termsn. Duvnl St. Key Wpst, Fla.
1OR RENT.-Rtore Iuon Duval Stroot next
door to OCtholic Church, 'This jnoro is
Sultilblo for Dry (loods, Drugs, Mblfincry
and Fancy Gooil or SbiL Store, For
further particulars, iuquire within. 5-2-imu
house and lot Iof Jeersou 1B.
rowns ou tlie arracks road. For terns,
apply to the IIANK iOF JXE WAET.
my 311 lui.
N OTI(E.--lland CitylodgoNo, I), I. .
G. ()., motets every Mljnd 7j p. ni. at
in their Hall over Hamunl Itohbrts store.
All uioinbori anre rqeontoed to b, promlpt
in ittendnuce, 1'icIar 'THoI'oPsIN,
Chief Templlar.
GO1o. 1., 1'nuIIs.ir, Sorutary.
Feb. 6, 188
Olt SALE,--Lot No. 12, blk H, tract 10,
F on Ameolia st., Key Wost. Lots No. 1,
2, 3 and 4, Hse. 10, 1Tw. i66, range 21) east,
containing 1"1 acres. This land in on Big
Pine Key, is know as Willnia's 11 iinuocki,
is good garden land anld haa oldc wnatr
front. For particulars apply to
1 my-tf WM, F. WOOD.
FACTORY TO LET. The Inrgo and
handsome now Cigar Factory on
Whitehead street, known as the "Con.
quoror" Factory, can ho rented cheap.
thas a cIaIpaity for three hundred cigar
makers. Theobost of lights, A now ele-
vator has recently boon placed in the
building. For further particulars apply
April 10. f. Castillo City.
hereby given to all persons having
claims against the estate of Asa F. Tift,
late of Monroe county, Stote of Florida, to
present the saiae to the undersigned within
the time prescribed by Ilw; and all peorons
indebted to said Estate are requested to
settle the same.
Administrator of the Estate of Asa F,
Tift, decoasod. Key West, Moh, 29 '80, Om.

PEERLESS DYES *?''.'" "'
The Key West Board of Trade meets on
the first Tuesday in each month, at 7. 30
o'clock, P. M., at the rooms of the Board,
over the bank of Key West.
G BowmA ParTrnsox, Secretary.




Received( Per Last Night's M'R1l,
Donovan-A Mtodern Englishman,
A Passion Flower,
The Barred Nugget,
The Dove in the Eagle's Nest,
The Fatal Phayns,
A Servant of Satan,
Harper's New Monthly for Juno,
Soribner's "
May 29, 80.

c(r T D AO TIIbT NTTINTGO. LEWIS, Preaident.
T1\xR LNJ 0J1PN 1iNGJIG 1EO. W, ALLEN, Uslhior

Just' Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I




....... o...........

81IlIT S,

White Vests,

& Vests.

Knee Pants

M on's l fnnt Lw osC t vare(t i 1ne Of 500, 75 & $1.00,
FroM m 's, Yoti's i BO BOY
Frm 75 CLOrINO Sirt aist
to $5.50. IN THE CITY. ,25, 35,60 & 76 ts

We' wish Everybody to Examine Our
Stock illd Prices before making their Pur-
chases ~l(sewvlohre.


Auxilhary .sn.litary nlotlie.
Notice ls herid given that the Auxilinry
Sanitary Assoointion nro now road to olean
out vaults, siuls111 1 olosets by tho Odor-
ICS Exonavator Vlll in,t Lav anil orders at
Dr. J. Y. Porters ofllco and the will be
given prompt attention. une 25 tf.




Factory at


I1Nh~gfr~~Yt~j LaI

II the oldest and Illmt pI lillir i'sontlltfe and
mesobllmecal plpr lullllill nill, h s Ie largest
rculatlton ofany i- e'r of II ll ehNis I tohnworld.
.ully ustraed.ith.ll.t mlusn or, Wi,,d xKnera.
, rice A y'ir. 'ur imonthli' tri,
I~N jl CO ,1,t ui ISIINll il Ul roaudway,
Edition of Solentiflo American. ,
A great suoe I. Fach Isueo contalns colored
Iltlhographio pVate r country and cltr relldsn-
oos or publ lbuillollte. Nlllllrou oeluravtlngs
ahd full plane and sleioletiloIls for lo utie of
lucha oTemp illllln. 'rlce $o.a year,
otc. toopy. OY.SN Atp Opt er6.iusis.
may be,,+,,r.
Sn bsy 6ply-
I* jto x NN
it T w, < ho
lS iIl f I ~ lveO iadhover
40 yern' e rlellenoo ,lnd alvo nlltB l over
1 c0, appllrallons for AmiorAciIn anid or.
iolsn patenl. Hend for ltndilbouk. Correa.
ponldnce otriclli coofdentl il.
In ease yor nin, k I not roelateored In the PaO
lit 0f0oo, apllily I, MUNN &i (C',, anll procure
itumedtate prlutetlion, end lor Ilandboek.
C'iOI'YRI4l1TS for honks, charts, mape,
etc., quicklylproIurod. Address
MUNN & CO., Patent Solleltors.
IsaIuitL Oulcil 801 uUOADWAv, N. T.

Nicts AboiltFoilntaies Cnro
FRCIS imnt



Prepared by Patented Process by the

Condenrsed Milk Co.,


Elta a -i mc or lchoa do vaa
pnur, nt aznonr y lib, do loila ocllwo io
eggredioento, couountradan cul ni crema
oeioga, y proservada por tun t rocedimlento
fisico. He disnelve instataonmmente on
agua, fria 6 caliente, a oestndo natural
mIUII 6 muno epslsa, esogu la cantidad do
agua en que so disuolva. Sirve para todos
los objetoa oulinarios, ea quo Ia leole
fresaon e use. Es oxcelonto pnra los os-
tiosOs, ahelados etc. Usndn siu gun, '
como vi6no es niny esqtisita on el of6;
lst oexempta do gerineuns (ue piiedar ser
dorjnudiiallo a lit salul, y is guito osquisito
y dolicios so rucolienda altatuoute.
* Tengase present quo Ia loche so 6 con-
sorva iejor ensu its biou tapada. Cui.
'lado cou In la milalciono. Do venta oni ol
almacon do U. Roolo, calle do Duvnl.
Key West, Jany. 10, 1 year.
t'a el Ingeyr DIJeli, r'llr I,
Sanford, I IN., ]ec. 22111, 1IK .
Vl0 n1iiliin'elIlg Monday, Dec. 24 will i ifl fi rthe
Iltll sli Iacl al ierit r trains will lmn II 1 ll twil
Haliflrll a ldl'I'i'aulal a pr liclilrilli Iholow.
I. :i 1, I. a vH HMaunford Arrivel I 1i I'm
1-.6 oI.lKWOoI IlILV 12.51
I AletalillitS rings 12.4 "
2.10 Mlllaii|L 11 1 7'
S I2 WltIr i'Ailk 12,:2
I A Orlando 12.1
S.12 l lllalintsio 11.4(1 AM.
4.111 la)Vtpi ,rt 10.4 ,'
4.1ll lllili, CIty 0I.311
4.' ilartow ,illlb Iolnil 10.21) .
4. A lbllriliilt Ill.17 "
h" 1h lakhll l il 0.111
.I 27 I iitit I litv )1 "
.fl, 'innitr S7 "
.M3 MhiilRlO < 6
0.l Arrlvn Taiiiii I avHvi I 0
-- --- -
oiti iftloll r It H nITttri|n witI ). T. I K. W. UY fOr
iilo h 11litrl.)11 ol N4l lordl. W 1iola ,l f'uo
li(ji IleTelt Agulll.
lcl. 21 tl.


Althli ...... se Fontaine's Cure anill i T iLL
Linimont: quick roliot N I U LL

I 11re,.
IIay IiFevr.l1..nsu Foutnnino's Curo nud
A Cold eiredl in 12 honrs by
1'ittIftino's Cure,
CoRIMlmIliltlonl tnke sannll dosoa of Foun-
tanie's Cure: relieve the
sironoaa of cheat and back
by rubbing with Foun-
tailies Liniment.
llroeliltll.I ,.. s Fonuntaine's Cure and
Liniment, a quick ouro
Dyptherin... lsn Fountaine's Cure aind
Lisiment, I pledge my
word if you will nu& these
mollioinel in time, faith-
fully according to direc-
tionll, not a ease will be
(Iroup 1 ...... uso louutaino's Cure and
Iinilaont. Friend can
yo afford to be without
these safo gnurds? It is
criminal negleOt to be
without them in the house.
For sale by Dr. Pendle-
Aug. 20 Imo ton.
r----~~. I~. .- ;

SPhysician nnd Surgeon.
Office at Ptndloton'mDrug Store. Office
Hours 7 to 9 a. m., an d from 2 to 5 p. n.

Offloe in the Post Osoee.

D Burgeon Duntlst.
Office-Over Porter & Ridgels Drug
Store, Simonton street, corner Eaton
Key West Fla.

]pXAMINATIpN of. Lsndltl,,ti i8peetlty. Pf P P
Stttiif:lO ,ven to ,octlil,. 'rox. M, fP

Will practice in the United States, Oir-
suit and Distriot Courts, for the Soqthern
District of Florida, and the State and Cona
.y Courts, Monroe County.
Ofieoo at ey West Bank.

II AVING( bon thoromghlyl ienovateo is
1ow open toguestr.. Strictly Ilrst-cml;
in all its appointments. Gas, Electric
Bells, Salt Witter Baths, and all modern
improvoments. Drainage perfect. Only
Hotel in the City properly sewerod.
(. T. MIRoIl.,, Prop.



NSURANCE effected under opti policy
of this line at I per ceont. For Freight
Rates and further particulars, apply to
N. A BFNNER & 0oo.
S19 Old Blip, New York.
Mr. Wm. OURRY.
Agent at Kev West. Fla.

LeOisSylvstor Son & o.
..PAOKBas AND JOllanSilt OF..

We make a Specialty of All Kinds of
SEED TOBAUCO adopted for Key West
8egars and will Promptly Fill Orders
entrusted to us, at Lowest Market Prices
and LIBERAL TERMS. Feb. 16 3-m

Meyer & Clark,
---SUockOlaoRS l -
Speoala attention given to consalgnmen
of vegetabiM and fruit.
91 & 98 Magazine 9t1,

New Orleans. Lou' iana.


E, H. GATO, Vioa-Prraldnt,
F. I. MALONEY, Assistant COshbier



Capital -


- $50,000.
JosBe Torno,.

TItis is one of olr' hanid-
,'omC0 7 Sho01 lFindows,

(fnd Celboratc
display of

an inhllf
of what we
have within.
"AJotc the display
as you pass our ivay'
T(,e carry thie largest

SAVANNAH, GA., May 1st, 1888.
Beginning May lst., the ships of this Line will run as follows:
Leave TAMPA ....................... onday, nud lThursday,
Arrive KEY WEST....................''Tuediy and Friday,
Akrive HAVANA .......................Wdnesduda an(d Saiturday,
Leave HAVANA ...................... Samno da..
11. S l1lte. (., 1). Oivea UI. V. 8ollthswvck,
Geoncril Managor. Triftio llanIt.eur. Agentt, Key 'W

est. "


New York and Galveston.
Composed of the following fint
class steaishlips, earrylng U.b

ALAMO, Captain S. bRisk, l0r
SAN MARCO, Burrows,2900
NURCES, Captain Bolger 0
LAMPASAH, Capt gCrowell0
COMAL, Captain J. Risk, 27001
fPite of the above shi p ar
rivin v nt KEe West every eldner
day from New York wlthpassea,
er freight and U. mall
SltMeavng same day for Gaivestol
also arriving at Xey West every
Friday from Galveston fo N1ew
York with passengers, freight and
U, mails. For freight or pa.
age, having elegant aeoromeda.
dons, apply te

Southern Pacific ompanv,
ad H iAVANA.
Composed of the following Flrst.Clas teamiships:-

Will make regular weekly trips between the above port rioning upon the samr
schedule, freight and passenger rates a ast year, Ihe sean will open with the
fine fist-sailing stoamship H )TUHINSON leaving New Orleans on the I Jd Inst.
arriving at this port on the 25th instant. The steamship .MO .tOAN, onsiderer
among the fastest steamships plying tho waters of the Gu l, will follow every alternate
week, For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to
N. B.-Merchants are requested to leave their orders for aoods front New Orlean
.ny office, in order to secure prompt delivery of them at destination. Fab 94-188







Furnish up, your house from the Establish-
ment ot

Who will fit it up Handsomely and allow
Syou to make your own' terms of
Installments, at the .

Eaton Street, next to Porter & Bidgell's Drug Store,
13a.Accommodatihg Terms of Credit..il

Collections Neceive Prompt f Careful Attention
THIE MI'OITEIIs & T' ADEItS NATIONAL IlANK.................. New York,
Til. LOt' BIANA NATIONAL BANK ...................... New Orli aii.
'J'IEr FIlST NATIONAL BANK OF FLORIDA ............. . . acksonville,
Tlri FIRlST NATIONL ANK O TAMPA ................... ,. ...... Tampa.
T'ur, 'A11V1( lBANK. .... ......................... ... ...... .. il i nclsco
M I 'Jll,\A (l: HANK. ......................... ...... ........... St. Loui
MlE~s8ts LAWrTON lNB OTmits. E ..................... ............... 11 an
M.ssHS. I J iwIS &SON SoN ............... ..... ... ..... . tiURlalBassee


Eaton Street, opposite teo llpioopal church,]

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in

Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Butter

Also, Dressed Chickens anid TIrkey: Egfs,
Lard, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
Canned Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Hanms,
Breakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
Corned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Mackeral
(NO 1 Bloaters,) aiid country Produce of all

Don't forget the place, S. O. JOHNSON.

/^ inapiU4ing the Superior Steamnshipsi ,

(nrryng -oek United Htates and Foreign mails between Tampa, ieoy Wert ana
Havana. Said service having conmmenced with the steamship Masc Ite, having left
'lTampa on tkh ad November inst.
Tamua Havana Service.

-- - - - - *~ i




THE fl1r11 A f afhTIATflU..fwDE~l1n MnvArP TTvT Ef, LI Q.Q

everybody waits to clalm sonlothing Do. T
extraordinary for whatever they have as a
curative agent. The value of B, B. is too E
well-knownnow for "lanim-makai.g". It
tand alone, unparalleled as Blood CLE AR
Remedy, and nobody can produce its super.
ior. We don'tfight otherremedloe, because
r. B. B. takes oare of itself. Ifyou have If you do We are unable to gratify you. But
anything the matter with your blood, try Offloe, U,9 \
it--asingle bottle will open your eyes. It thero is anything lin the lne o t Books.O
It is nonsenseto try and argue with theo U
public, and we don't ito it. If one bottle n .
don't do you any good, no matter how Magazines, Periodicals, Writig P OLD M
you suffer, we will oIva you a gross. r, E l s, k,
Bead these certifot es- l, yelops, Inks, Pe s, Pencils, H E
IMPURBE n ou,, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books,
A UaH Ih Floridk cared Bay is., 13.
EvsLywr, NzAn aBuswwox, GA.,,May 27,8'7. Pass anl Memol ol:llnuln
My blood bad beeui Impure for a number
of years. I broke out in ugly soros all Books, IReceipts, Checks,
over my hebond and body and I could get a
nothing to heal them or purify my blood
thoughg I tried all other so called medl. O anything kept in a
cines) until found that most valuable
eicine (Botni Blood Balm) First-class Sta- -
I have been vsing it for nearly a year and Fl istclass Sta-
in that time have taken about one dozen
bottles, and I feel that I am nearly cured; tionery Estab-
the sores on my head and body are all
healed. My health la good and I can eat
anything I desir e.lIl i n OP P
Yours respectfully,
FruitaDrgglst. -U P P L .
rA.A.4. May ,y81, 1887. C C
The demand for Botanic Blood Balm
(B. B. B,) is muoh that I now buy in half AL
grostlote, and I unhesitatingly may that A
my onItomers are all well pleased. O C A
It..Xn..SU ww c A oflOce:-13:
10 Tears w'th A lleumatisIO
Nawrox N. C., June 25, 1887.
Guawrauwmg: I am pitanared in saying I All Ol -'
nave been a great sufferer of rhenmatismu
for 10 years, and Ihave exhausted almost F M.
every known remedy without relief, Iwas the Ma a-
told to try B, B. B, which I did after long
procrastination, and with the experience z ies c be
ofthree bottles, I am almost a healthy Zi Cal be
man. I take it as a part of my I Aut to e e :-I( W
make known your wonderfnl lood "fotind Belford's,
Purifler to sffring humanity, and ro- 'KEY W
speotfnlly askyou to mail me one of your -
bookhof woinders. Resapotfully Lpplncotts, Onting,
SW, I. MoasuhAt,
ltU.a KlUdney,II arper's, The Century, Manutacto
Js U for Kideys, aesi. pondence sol
I have oon offering from kidney din. other Well-knowiL Peri].i(li- .
w* oe for a am outh past, anti the pai In n in y i. 111-YA LIT.
back was ery severe, My oouueption ret P POALSK.
paires good dal of writingtnight and eals. Also a full lle ot School D. POLHALSKI
suffered all the time. I saw one man P P
who aid he was cured by uing oaio Books, Copy-o oks, Map)s, Charts, P
Blood Ilalm,.(13. 1I. B )and i coanrusctedl s
usiag it and the pain is a a great deal less. ImlI
I h .ve only uod two bottles nnd boleve Sltes, ., tl W g Ol l ntlier's
it will iftowty,.c I ly 1N'o sA% nf a few Cy, y., ylt\ 11 yX. llltle'
more bottle. Yours re pectfally,
rJ. M bott, Y s r s Span sh Teacher, Ollendorr's New Method
Thie llet 1'urlifilr Mlade. ,,. -_ _
DAMA.s.. U., June a 1887. of learning' Spanish and Spanish at a G lance., FACTOR
I have suffered with oatarrh for about HABANA, CUBA.
tour years, and after using four bottles of
Botanio Blood han I bred airy gha neral y,
he0a lthr h wud,1,Ir h,1 u LOVELL'S LIBRARY COMPLETEt NEWY
health )reatly improvud, and if I could L- .
keep out of the bad weather I would be SE
cured, 1 believe It is the best purifter MEl :
made, VaI'y respectfOtly. From the First to the Latest Issue.
L. W. TuoMrsoN.
'.w (*u ver AVfitetd. t If )yiou wish )book o40I iiagaizne wVhich
BLtTrrov IK%, Feb, 0, 1887. A ,
I have been aficted with L:uut Poison ll lnot be found Iii our 1 xtensive stock, we
for twelve years. Have used proeserip. Factories N(
tionr from physioinn g offered e will ore t Factors
during that period. Through tho ilfit f i
druggrt, A. Guteliu, I procured ffi and S
one bottle of BD. U. 1. and since have used
three bottles. and gini atisfled it ba donu N
me more good tirah anything I over used.
l am almost well, antid an sure, within two W T | A |I.
or three weeks I will be perfectly well, I A T R O U
after twelve years suffering intensely. WILI WICKL
Write or a dress, WILIM
Well'sCo., Ind. Baker and Confectioner whfitevnr, to yOlurslf. W ILL
Mplendld for a sNprlng .Tol. Toorte
Asurro IrONA, o June 30, 1887. A tla'o lland jfiliO assoI't llet of playing
I suffered with malarial blood poison
more or less,all the tile, and the only
medioiln that done me tay good sB B1. "e cards, Checkier Boar(ls, Clhssmen, Doln --"
BI, It I undoubtedly the best blood 0 D 7
medicine made, and for this maularial
country shouhit beused by every uoe in o O Crbbago Boards, etc., tc. Also C ig r
thpri othe he year, and as good in
summer fall nud winter as a tonic "I'd
blood purifier. ___ __ c nmplnte line of slnokei's' nrticlos.
olv.. ..etter ..tllae..o. Ci a B
UoD1, Kr.,July 0t. 1887. A large stock of Allainb 'a Decorating "
ePleasesend rume one box Blood Halhu muo ,
natorrh Snuff by return mall, asone of ly turers' M1
ou.tomersri takin B U. B. for ctarrl paper 1i u assolrtcd eolOl'S
antl wants booe the snuff. B. B.B. Seci tto
gives better ittlafactnthan any medici ne A Tal t
Ever sold, r have sold 10 dozen In the 1 I Mebrunitly tlh
pMt lU weeks, and t give good satifatolion. -----
f Don't remit all right tor nuff writeme. U A T N EW S ST
Youmr,, W. N. lssioo.n
.A .u..ro.e .u T .ur oPp. ... N bA M..S __U' RE0 M....
Mccoesu P.t,.. LaoM Co,, July So, 1880. 'm m n
I have been a sufferer from indigestion QIUAr I-- CmTinSl>l
ad dyspepslra for a long time, and bayve T E E UATOR
tried many remedies, but until I was In.
duced by my friends to try your B. B. B. Piso's Cure for Con-
received no relief, but sIone using it hnvo TEAM J D PRITIN OFFI mpton also the bCet n G E N
found more relief and emfort than fro EM cogh eai ine.
any other treatment I have need, Hoping "eceive by each stream
you will forwal to any address your itRe If you have a Ooh
ol2ixe .eorl l evidence re t ter-U ear s, without diseaea or tue h v l.
So t n B you n. hip Ohandlery, Cr
A aarabe eho r II. let thl e oy man of
A B..,,,.,u.m.o.,. ^ r.r ,.,, . Bill Ieads, m r t^&oom O qu CABIMo

Asalset Other Itemrotles, Snmatter and sleverat One of
PreviA Co,, April'9, 1887. State pt, ties will be require. attend
I have been suffering for most thirty reoived by very tonat
years with an itching and burning all over R evys and Prodyue front
my face aid body. I took eighteen bottles .
ofone blood uie.oiue and it did me no E.velopemVlp a "I B W -
Iod loommenoed last January to use VS hm
.. and after during five botti e I fell
better and stoutor than I have in thirty Book-hllllnding, O"
years, y I*heistr is bettor and I weigh .eoe OF
more tlnn I ever aid. 'rThe itching has I se
nearly oased, and confident that add Etc., Etc
few more ottles of. ., will cure me a dn t, 3 3Ete
entirely. I am sititytwo years old and
can now do'a good day's work in my'field. D o the T NOTOE
I consider it the beat medicine I have ever Done on the oSHOITEST NOTIeCd a
seen, for it certainly did me more ood with neatness and behapuess uumr- ennso.laeAo00S1 t -h e V M
than all the medicine I have -over token. passedby any
I had, in all, nearly a hundred risings em ae pawee fO i
on my lace, nook and body. IN THE- a rh stnt useof ttoo.
Jal Penton &b, or antr bf an d bdrr ofgo
.. ,.. 1 2 '1TA1n iM r oi a0, P%
trwo Uottles Cure lheamatuism. -,_ STA T E--, C e
Bouawronu, A ., June 4, 1887. -. A E..sa I0
I cheerfully state the following lacts In 20 s
regard to the use of your medicine in uy A LF
family. My little son, 14 year of age, uu. We are now prepared to do all kinds of
fered from an a t acutttaok of rheumatism, work from a
caused by undue exposure and chilling of
the blood. I heard your remedy highly
reooamended, and purohsed one bottle Business GC a
of MononetB dBro., Presott,Ark. Itn about Business Card Wa A
one month, after usinmgthi bottle, he be- -
ome so much better that I g- the scoocnd
bottle which is now being used, and my --TO A.-
son is nearly well. and I ibink by remov-
ing himu to a cooler summer ollmte (which .
I will do) and eontiuling its use, a perfect
euro will be etoted. I consider U D.B.m., l O S
a most eoellnt blood purifer. -- b. .,___ _
, "1 Cheap P. edFro
g' 1nl i t rk-I your Orders la supp l fMm
Oa forn ct w 'w .eora, free to end your Or rs lar- p o Memora n Tablet
aoll.d Aostoue
Sand lot ech, just received by QPEOIAL attention gli
tllON.)Oi .,-1 OQA2oa N5ws Oo.L C0ountry ProducI

m l o o o o 6o o Q go 9 o o 6 6 oo o o o

Key West, Fla.
Water St., cor Wall St., New York.
TH, 125, La Salle St., Chicago Ills.

---Manutatnror of--

vana Cigars,

0a "Coroapondence Solicited.'-11W


R ; "BO .X: LA.B'ELm.S.
3 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
fob ld-2 m.

Manufacturer of

rest :-- Havana -:- Cigars,
r'y and otlice this city. Corres-
liclted. (Jule 1 1-ly.)
olli'ei's and lMalnifctnturrs of




os. 8, 58, 48 and 145 Key West, Fla.
alesroom 327 East 63rd Street.



[AM WIbKE & Co.,
r 1st. Avenue and 31st. Street,
manufacturers of"" .
loxes and' lIibborqs,
- Dealers i ---
x Labels and Cigar Manufac-


Tools, and Supplies.

ltion paid to private Brands and Labels, Eto."Wa

merchants and Auctioneers.

0,666oo'o o o o oo o00 o 0 o0 0 0o000 'o oo 0 o o 0 76 0


- ot00,o00o.
Ir r AcOOOtO

Is Now Ready for the Better Accomodatlon of
Friends and the Public.


o-->o-o ISSUJTB 33D. 4111*--

Chas. Moflat's Gallery.
I havo inmadre irrarngoinouts with Mr. J. F. Lardumor, rocontly of (Bell'e
Gallery, Washlington, D. C., for a short time. We have tho latest rapid
'Oocass for takig chiohldr'ons pictures QUICK AND SU B-PoP every time.
Thoso wishliin oly finished Portraits are invited to call and See Samples
of our Now Styles. Satisfaotory Work Proofs Shown.

Cabtllts, reduced to
C(ird Photos, -
ineotts (best qualityy)

$ 3.00 Per Doz.
- 2.OO *
S 1.50 ,
Chas. S. B. Moffatt.

Stoves, Tin, Cowmer^DIronware,

Plumbing, Cas Fitting and Roofing a SI
f Everything Cheap, and Bound to Wear all Time.,T


__- - - . 1 *' *, .-- I
John Jay Philbrick.
Phipfping, Commission, orwarding .Merchant
BEST Anthraoito and Bituminous Coal.
Wkarfape, Stlwase an Cee
ouprmo tacurue 1-031i. uoarr /"- n- -fienmors

f -a -ree ---- superiorr acilities 1fo Coalig teamerh.
- Prroat Street.-- Consignments solicited, and prompt attention to discharging, tslipping, and
Wholesale and ltetail doelori* le of cargoes, whioh will be stored in a fire-proof warehouse.
L I M 1 1 /iC r t L I1S I (Ganga of Lborers furnished at short Notice.
A Li "" --,'U ; -=U ".....
r and sail from New York and New Orleans a fresh supply of 1 7 / '
roaoorie, Provisions anld Canned Goodls.
ysin stock a large and well-solectod ansortinei otiTI RAIROA
ry, Glass, Tin and Hatrdware, Onrpauter's ''olt, P'aluS, Oil ITH RAILROAD
Varnishes, Furnituro, Stationery. is complete d ndcars running every fifteen snlantes Tho
the Oldest Business Houses of theo ity. .
ion given to sale and satisfaction guaranteed. Goods will take you to the Btation on the
From New York, New'Orleans,Tampa, MaUte, dar BEAC OR FIVE OENT
n the ad laent Keys.W of FIVEs T EMP.O
--,_____, _______ ,_ _........_ "t s,.- i., ie... .... .. i .i hinW h o will nt avail themselves of this TE MPi NM G

aes. Brandies, Cigars.

II0 l! W$1,1MiSKiES.t

3eer & Cider.
th4 tlhrsity. 'he place for the loer
dr4ntks. The place for the trial is

It eusor to Onny & Brot,]


ssion -: Merchant,
o)t St., Key West, Flora..
yea to all oonsigmentsa i ierohandisB, Filest Pouyltrgnl d
Prompt Beturns d, Sat Bliealotio QoGsnted.

TRIP with an airing and walk on this Oelebrated Beao.
GO ONE GO ALL. You will not regret it.




Factories 69 and 58.

Key West, -

- Fla.

Office and Salesroom: 51 Murray St., N. Y.

^H~S. P?

-Im d and DomIIN--
Imported and -nomeetlc Wilnes


1, eloenptouela taud loueri rets, WW OBLaI l, laS. (Isw4


_ __ ~__

rrvi~rd U A JN b s 10 C9

_ _

L __




..... ..usl. .Bo th, a r m,..to. ..0.... . ...ra va
H. lk OrRstD"G1#60.
ADVERTIMING DATa. diate vioinity, embra this opportunity ItoT1.ual
tender th thanka '.to' ,he Meri pi IHr s)(BeW( e,,
,11e 4i n sol gentlemenn who have so tlhly devoted AT I M1 I
fo at, Mp. on i s w eek t a ufsit ent .ra eyt' 'l4e tir 'Olta T he leadingg CLO T H IE R ,.
or uooo seleatlon rendered in a mlsterly manner, uirAr, aFll Phstlhu f nt i ,e aenn1 t wch'tit l e
on their nowsand elo aut suilverlooets.. ais ,oi 'tto .I,,,,ert and GENTS, BOYS and YOUTHS Furnisher

1 1 eri4 out coordingly. Oerly apreOiatlng the soul-stirrsn elctiongO l l" 'L" a i Thob k ond- 1w 1: lothling lw
.Irur.. t,,irs,,i,,. i...., lotib these .aeem (otr o lkr,,gr.,'. a,, wear. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Coliirs, Cult's,
-Exiirbl.o of eondoioc Bo or r mepscoit, by ainos), would desist from their sou l -. d -wy.: ym .l t i, ctirn,,nh. lilyl I i SWc.ar-fl, "sl,, a l

oR ofUL EICtOR Db OFtoVN Ttr0 8I,.Ay it:,%*illVnoD:rw'!
uiri e or asoc ntiesr, I aia o booed fo r ngawor kll--:for a oe least,f iOlOE of try.

ani'orautfoe r sa id.d ler fro m an n .y ar e b lo d T ae nor ten lo u ,r o : de lr r ent' m, o
recia gw. teame ntna o sW 1arfsT Neckties, Glovs Tu1kT, Vai,
,I oJter saymelf r acIst ciaro. o O Such remarks as thos tare entirely uncalled. braiitrienI'A e en' .n' ;ii t rl a t rr inc ri ( 8 E t xo
tir!.'.o rdheorj v orteo osturdVr amonuf rneo s raOitlo p bl ontioli t r a t y l o I t te.' oOiir aRir h a t I Un ibrellasirOtDer

rre n 00r A o r1t r e o oA the T e e that t t the s eruad r,. ., sra b ver or, bo e a Ix.Dyr, e rn ct4r % rn. .Ie. c oar h ri t
031..srsrefereeodo will turt mi. to ra ran 8in .HIt ooLL , lot.E s il, D i liHL ERidU T TOB
wahon. Kit w..^,Juo 1tb,. ,e..-,,,o-i.it..,. Ag.,tio. whe.e as olutely Pure. co,. e.vso. v Sttisfaction G--_trueii ,trad.
o c ib rcror cr amouqent bn w wacoethey same and payno saatnentiog MONT' er :eisit BR UGe

ba ol0b e ie mo horto enolven r I lo u blo w a n D to, 1n0

Ter Bm.jitch o for tiro r oar ore a mor r U a iree s is ne rma r dIatc4ow never varers A EtarI io of r
b0iresl t, evateon;,Wil was ,ione,1." ilnery Goods, HateCaps nznd rilu eres

rta te Two aoatoeingusaliel-Hoodaite u lthe a th t b thar onr l o olionwiU the C uy e l ls
ok ,ut or au intre o in uieo r the id The l to til trl a rs o.l J. lel.e, phe mutitude of low tetw short weight alum or Goods. / eColors, Styles and rC (
(,,1, y, s, ]re my in to-hiorro's paper defeatedby the penuliar medioins. A young lady of Key West n ome c Fote ph sphate powder. tond o sl sns. Dr itpWp(.3t1W LL NTo O E 11NDE Rb/Sd O'L !/ ,
ITY CHAT. it has Ar lready n twie o iagen tlInfluence A are, n d a young ieutl r e ntlbeman ed Co. Wll t., 1, F NT
iyM around the very oro of or existence, and o of that nr ny, went to w t Ich 564'506 oas, Ds, e
h ofr obeoomye ns a itwerddte, for C low oommn tore at lote d got msnniow tMr. uat V O W ET S JH .t Widss. Srwa'Gats A t d
lrsn dN hrrplo eshu t of oint 1oIcn berount t i, iJOifately P ure.n. -cu.T

REGULAR If I pl e todomydutF oR uf our not o exist without In W et. "n r nisa V "" omNew Yorusi .i'
without or e oor WM. o. OU ua yterdw y for pbof evening I Blow I blow ILit ne to b i rio This powder nevs r varies A marveworld for ,
'um o n t.h o, the fbo t that It was unav.Tbly crowded blo s twe fo n h im y could not bar th ta, e A 8or Iholeso n e ss.m ore to O
.re..tpr urreerrore:ayonincaF out we wthre foacod to a rVtto-d g M or e outy, -l orn and t he ordinary kinds o o d
A._rt, h n1Tew gel hMomedelivery to-w t desigrira1 g to114 ken trid foernd i c on- tivelyouroBPild, orin payc roqmpetii w h eb ( S 1.c O lTl O b,

wagon. KBXrWiisT, Juno60, 11fO. venient to, it Ht. Augustine, whore isggUarHntoad to givJ purfeet siiti ffbotson, -- ndtin n t.-o wIit lTn
Look rot for aso interesting letter r from and iur esblood, Are would e In a n y multi o n y refundof ,. i short wlt alum oper al so
n, Ho to rrvey in to-morrow's paper. defea Y by the pe ru eoterdar, A u e young lady of Key West nMnVmed. Nellie h Oaw Opdrs. PRsOVIoSIONSli n 0-ol" O-
Ar Peare,, and a young gentleman na u TAn BAiNo0POWeoCo..106 Wall StsN. t1,FRsONT ST.S / .
ti> ono City Marshal.o t ry e r ph tla i ten ole .t h a inge o eof' that city, went (Dee.Ti O, 8 Aio, tfO S S, looi a eYt.0 r s Dnd Caiga s,a
S otsr yrytofn a candidate for City TLIief elowi ntoo uni stonr ea, fro ma o n e Augustine last Week and otr Mr,.o. ,H l ooam1,1 IY N
Alaimtrvnn Itf lto y, Iio Pa e d uty of our promin ent citay en, wa a.si, e o. to King igndeput lerk c, Moonro o ityenei -g omuy -l gdekltai's A rntle (JSalve dI H e .. I.t Ch]men, pr
'rhi. eo or D eo the fact that itAS nvt abIycrowdedbe us thoutng lady cotheruld tars i n othb rg .t nd tole of Br se SBor o OUl Ht e ever ot i/'.,/ A lo l t; li' eONl 1 moro.ll.coiie te to O t t
o wvhrs rfcdtt oa c th r teilo dr pidea from fith ope wdonoorr esetaflle dw hlho g reo ase Dilano he h lseon t toe otut.t Al a n ,, a( A A!T' O
ofLt.eIr d oMnrrnrtt afr eght, ote ofr nleC ors ato lon a aasu nto venry. I to-dayaOf ptle e, Fip. ther teo o reoMr, t yis suhpoe ODE UUA RE, At, UI O V AGob V to J f ,
Olnr Citprilg greengrocery morF .t ere fort oVeo ne eCa tir ta she d ae t o unonirs v yra an Pa ll'orrndErptona s ,rurd t Wm si. M c Naen U NE S

iA. tie insrit. r a i nnso t now and handsome thdeliveryt t o- Weh ind Ve W. to Jlhk hea trpoundsitho on. 'the re or o pPGiaor!e eo t r s
Wagon K WET, Ju e n e, Voeiet to '-visit St. ougustin, Awhere is guaranted to givoperfect M S I aTI 1S1a itsat iA lt o'n u l

h ,o st lov io f roodt b rous tha t te dE u ougH t s e fBll. Cra he on c t r othi ng o u l eids t wrn.ud aton 'rn monouo rcrwudb iorBe 574 t w y1e2mIct p. oSf. t Va. _in o LIO R
IV oantero>e ecuung b a whwitthe n a`fle tons, I rent t I connect ed with the happy event e. oO D S T thore WlolNDg A RY

lo'ol ,. .. lrn, sonl i e of th Dea o ipr waslvryoomc t o n i tto Jrun e5TOrKby .A .- -l.lyle, *.PROV EIIO S O 1$ PIlAO.
Nu for ic. tA e, read in youe r paper nye sterday your j dge th Ul l t e ew e
l r. (into Is having a o fol otoadfd im t f th e Ba am M et n ay 'Ss aispciald C yldre :AS PI' IW H Wl II 1 U I Imnn II In
ho tWn ofothe.Bas el r nd do t all Ram% t henday.G, ,C,,,EsSenplo, olos.w ., -. .
,tion t ol tow r ke oorn evn eoap tho s ery ohspeto s oto t he A1mootx Nnorr oI Ierntrot h B OI LED E K-h te, r ntoub Il. IN
rrive ritcr m tohis alie Yord l ar e f tory s eea u a o Sthe nain st a MissMatildaShavers,,l re daughter of Mr. ba a '.n tlfa'rtininthe HA AT 0 IL aet '

lelr orl r wms o tt w h t o a e fifv B taken ct s ein i a or t Sh e av er wae s amon l t ineg ; thet rA t o

june**tsoaerxvsied C EAote Cew hwriaeto bu eto M r t oe will0 olec ull-'. r .ou h R0R'L H A R T B r
Mr W l. ,eonteteaf Wapysw ile .a athplontsagainst 1Ofhe r plyed sery tos nteyof i the A m aoB e wiit Mooottyes. r t hlitr eCO s O N
f 1 dnr Wott- ahnbHat a ira ryf c tuano, byi t preP. t ae w nd by i the a in a very t to rdN afternoon. Mi Shav ersu arouutherin .e i
tonyeecroeileoiu. (rerggstt ts. S C.i11-1l to il Iho o1 i01oal t f i'ABL CUT ERY
f'lm h rooot tiat, este y eoeio owytas Muh lowaSTy should have been reotu rned r t school. Afterspnigk ha. J N DTSS IN, a TOOLS,
tcholnor a DOW, whrlve at Curty 'as treated Amst sn wit a clo. t, or with an number of years in Douglass Hloo Iof, hIlula *', Deest' r ll iLA TS r G/Socosor .OGERS ( H E s, D. mb E /

unirys,,o tptor hsny vei.to, fron Miami, with oe Iwok Stooking fillit with axle grese tso ti tyShe was sorent to Cook nruleosrt iihr G s n d con .1t IN t, -

11o ilgo wi 1 fro h o. o. m r something of the smn con 7usiltency. i the rcille Ftel to, ronroan titi b i-t-aby U al tOls M I
t l e t, a impartial in y views, as I know no il she graduated with high hoorso Ior sale at r. ndleton's DrugWAI N

'Ain voice Novo T rns c a t then ton o n. in either onine. I hve seen mal.hy a o thIe 0lt. Sho doubtlies left many f touds Stores80 t 11 lft
Hitoor ld l game in the North and nw something behind, to ob omo the ones aCt home. NT Weo n Na_ DTvies, Sar s, Y

t i e stonr usil r Masoottoe brought. 2o 0 a bout Bs al l D Iweloome hei alhr in orrpidst.again.,B and te----- -

Thefi f fe.s^ bes. -enoserhal 'aM .. M ..L AlOueof) -Va. HAW with om-
s o tob co i on her return trip u fromt e o ney ia d t he r ouf rcn Moatunlnntlonsaf A Sc teir s .cssJ 1 DWAh aIN PE Y
monrv ani iyoira ot Nhen cinorik s r enum nir's dooitatons shoul d yie t keAeas Aind _O i it si lne. aborWOODEN
1,,in torlof Tmthnn y ev or tooogai b lt no ond y ne vasp t o 0 gEiT Moved .* t 'll \ W egrIL,'......
Inew (rinn (it rr tin a's. wit h oiii tile an d dai to Slot the ut d r the_ Tl new MI SPIV K I*. JJUl l

jeeltn B3ros. WAill ref td double 8 b eth s ea tt eMtatanh ey o t-te a b r rslo. ainen M r from prof w ionllo all ILLIE Y A D HEL ORK we vwo l
etht orf every coko of TruBU Eth Soap that does boughttwos ige Ale, others wer lo thy ee Ou sonic Te pie and IS O 0 ,SCREWa

wi,,t gi esa thisf a v c on ifd used taccodongrtheau -t, Iourtedior-he'obt Aieuduet' oulugR. tt of a oeit 57 ". U N O O9 U A
utned dad where be tin eai of them taken,eso thad-o iip fo r rae s they0 1 S V
ir. A Sd. ir, eonor anrdmber of the wo pd, eversia ce toh know how lam going i nvtat ea h ie regrets ltat, i wil be no- Grand Pi l h .
1 rmil of 8'. Sim / f n lan r gre a Va& ,, o.a .. to. set, my twentycnts ba.k. In 0o n -, t possible f t for ho .im.\tot. Attend .mVen's, out 'sC MN ,fl'1 - ,
Eieid iry Wost-ilyvnna citgars, .rtnvvpdIsipt m will say~that theRoeds played avery r To Virginia Military instihnt, wisroingBan PLASTEH
r in Havana yesterday evening .the porettygamns while the B 'ids played the to gather hergSonsthndbel Gicrds arounherLA ,

ieonsto o Intuhais c tesa stod Loofouhenr dise, U to joindwth her indhe 'irof gladness eind a Clothing'r 1 1, Gent's FuiV LATHS;! .Summo n( ).toW. C. RO.IR A PEC LT E
13rimago, t on Airchae t aos toc o f oe. WeO Yes tl torgive thanks, for hIa 71ftieth Anniversdry ni|in GoDVA cn sist- IP r IMPORTERS OF-

nua oshoe. otfollo a n to of useful. esslarndinonors -Aable. ILT AO r, f r FieGd, Lr and Cg atU-M,
'o h and b oo n reqe stSeondrom oBngt e numberndn. few t ltter r. Wicker disgor.d to ii th of n umb er D. D. AN8, t 1
,L1,,t oirlrthe, Oo ho Pa., Seod 'r VoNinsaLadieasFof RaY WeLtTyooto bepresentCat her Co l ar I FiseeW inLU BR
tgm to' one i the r nyitiaud .oa lo, All ladies thit foel an Interest ho Dade Celebration, July 3d a nd 4th, 1889."eLUMBR,
Mr. t irk aofoQe editorial staff requested to m ett at the new duoln t Tern-n oA uAUD ior THANKS.d0 a dbbli, 1O F OIL,
n'iumr'osoin 3 wrife t yarv i n yester- m ale s the n ocesseryart entepnts fort opp oruty sineetak t o Ulthe b nderiobuo e 'eSaj.! toocOillp ) lete l a. VARNISH,o'
chihrin wifebard' h eaWepakth by hi pe n oa Je t tpptt tiso BfUS E--- Al--0o
y oeVoiigd th soone elie om igreweof the IvoueCutternMoLasoutfit.eA]soa nAe
r'iitteo teartsAnnflwhere .toeisshispbeautis onPhi lipfrmngre i
Tn arri v wlerlore Mr. stomNroo and lady to the ean rest Assured that their names will everds B s ,d ..le i 's,....S P_
NniNalr kbCity,antm ihodim etha t their isit mab A dispatchdom Washington iifys remain fresh in tie memory of with-i"'. .
jic nle.o n illt oBe. There Is a prlospet of a very pretty r aw i oLIVnE rBUR.Nx S u and W oni u Tranls, Valiaet.thmd U brellas. U 0IVIV ION 6S1
Adon. a 0. s 2ra u h' 'y1 .woo'nolt o,, 0 Y ) ) T r'i'f )i] v3 11 'V,
Oarip 501(1 a_______ ___veatohlsh(lrooarit8,floy oatlalnd dug theirmla y,uoro, wipts yOAST
hi couvinod that ItWis the best labor-svlaini xJudge L okes lfo the Southern district. U a a thee.eand g nu tiem e r
iurpa trooe. Ask ywonr grocery w foh ru th pJud ooks, while hero recentlyovisiteo Under and by virtue of a writ of Vandi-Till
h'rnt every time. T o be had of hal ton Mr. Wieler, and there was a so itumutna era. ,-ssinndfrom the United nesB Iof

., tode led ofther in-. tstStre blet hisasurprise-that.Judge Locke, befoto lsav- o'clock ft. no., at the Bond e4Warolioee,-AT I FA L L NVINES, FR IN
(tore t ica ticets re p1ton by the rluyult g had .fled a letter at lb. department 59Peinijoinniof Aguindiente and 4 bbis. FLNE FAM. toY o n.. ..D.
selnool children, tri only inp.eded for the testing against his appointamrnt. Mr. P'zTxT. KNIGHT,'______________Apt_____
not be received by the conducton Freo whispered that he is .lo. d" for the may 94th '89. 8w. fiat oe H ouse, 5
Jutilron who.beodpWo cars for Wany-r-judge, and that some a.. sling develop-, ,urT
To arrve- pr first New York Steamer. time enamyuto. steadily r. alty of KeyhWest, has beoeon dialved by AND--- UIIIIELI "-----"'
100. blals best Timothy hay, 100 seeks best funed. mutual consent, hre. 0. N. Nottage with- -AND--i -u, iia
New Ahork mixed Oats, at drawing and Mr. Nor ta Niles continuing theirU
junerf 3.rtu o Vuak ro Baos. The steamship Mascote. Capt. 3 anlo", businessly Mr. N atl Nibs will collect allNeSr 'i, W BfO '
r. that t o-n ihit ourlbee snte rridsii arrived at her .ha.rf at 8:30 'clock y.sat e.d aecounwtsa duer tth e firm and will pay all
Airl sreet. aewelier andwtchmakvei din g'-rom w ih a ag dts ofheL s anni-_ r oeid-?-O v i-.E U 0 F

Mnarqnez and Varney, A. 8. Rloard & o., would be a pleaure t us to .tlnish them MerIt Wi. Thomas St., OPP. the Foundry. n oT-rde,'" and -oha not nn our -atw Improved good ao
eto., etc., to be found in Monroe county, a pa Gr ae day in the ear tree, it we w" K T annot Ins how LieDy trade or how ard our oniaor T a ou ti o w a to ko p within sight o
and are offered at rock-bottom prices at ld a Bt ppdtiers, paper and ink for noth- We desire to ,ay to oaur cities, that for KEY WEST FLORIDA Gr ytidfjftler wi LC/Slitz 1 auot.agiohow'tlleytra'O J. forward our se"'mtleton hve to worl to Irep wlthlaht
jus. Askyour reatalr for tirelaitn Keans' Mh e, or thaJnanroa Means' sa Shns according to yo naeds
june 5.3t W ron BDos. tog, bat these must be paid. AA fol te yea we have on selling Dr. King's New n, line of Marine uriouties, e ptre tivre t nenoo avins oiur namoe rd prie s d pa tl, on oth ols. To
editor and other attaches, they can lia on very for consumption, Dr. Ring's rAene line of Mari Criositetar win supply you withaeso stanpe s upon bhis oI son you do metat, some
In the report of theolosingof the River. wind, so in order to pay the piterM and w Life Pills, Buoklen's Arnio Salve andWSCO
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yesterday by Mr. John White, Fernando and after discarging and embarking p.
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A Sare Investment, I. auilma, New OrleVns; I B. Haines., tIG: TO in stoe Eq on aOlwrny be' found at 1-non molesale al on
Is one which Ii guarate to bring y wife and daughter, Savannah, Ga.; W. A IE L LEP ,Oo: Jne o. a
salsatos4y results, or in one of failure a Hewlett, W. L W. Howe, Jr., Savanah. L H LUIL '-i'in & S on

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affection of Throat, Lunp or OChebt, sInoag If o o GINNE*L & MING TS -leporte~indnd Manifests. *
as Consumption, Inoflammmatlon of Lutn b, n e a tv K W ward PasengerL "is t
Dronehitia, Asthma, Whooping (Jouqia, caes. )wr mand sal ou4 c ml,'~ui jnnAg akWonp KIM WWZ, ZA. wardyorelA.a Manl'Kst. f 3 M
Bronchitis, AIthma, Wmhoopanhl N, tmoeor smin abotil saaykiku ipp for Vt. MR
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I Pendletou's Drugstore. PIRIt188IgC LM spolaity. mylv-t tion. fentsore -e

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