Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: April 29, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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RE I t 8DENOORANIt 1od 88
VOL. 10. NO. 19 KEY WEST, FLA., FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 91*809 A s'ZyL. EC UD O .. R
M-m ....^lff !S;^ 3 TEiLEGRAPHIC NEWS.
b--.... A GREAT CONFEREi NCE, Wate the telerph keys at, a
TAKENthat apprerntly ropoeta,,itro 00k io o, am ttANwDA
l te d it. They usually came Ioeioly "Ycs, ir, perfectly; aind It you'll'o x put in the way of developing into. a by Prentloe Mustort.
i A veiled, amd thure was one whom he hlae ,so me s'yn so ir, I remember it iEPRB8ENTATIVE8 OP ALL THE millionaire,, an opportunity which he W-aoorreponde"w.1
oeas as eho passed his door whose flguro i r'tlokr because I was surprised m TO MET IN TOB lost no tie in grasp. St, May 80.-No"tumbler". MEMOIAL RVIE IN WINH
....' Arll il) lu` t&1410eIhil. ut o I STO MEE NOCTOBER. lothn te ditgaploa ftmdlegatowoi"g ,_ .tVA
tran no rastr7t us, a m, 40 mues u.. hataunted him, He certalaly had mot Miss 13oablo should 1i goin' tor r R The diplomat of the dlogation, who .ataglraguT All glagues. A pitcherr" TEB ,V A,
thilr delighted eyes wadelr about the that woman somowheore, but where he neighborhood." I may be relledupon to look out forwthe ls a jugfDon't ask for pithor of .
room. 'limy had neither of thlem ever could not toll. Heo thought of putting "It's all right, no doubt, Jamos i4 rhe P ropowo rit Sugeed by a s iterestsof this country in iall matters water heoe. Nobody will know [l oAMI To wB sATo.]
twoI ti i the anpartinont of a wealthy himself il her way some day to sOO it must on to viit some poor ii e a llslie Daring Oiroit'i Adainitrl I' international law, is William Henry what yooiftieao. Warming alg ivn sold Wamoor pasT, Vh., r uto e o 7.-horn. Jbatt
bachelor before, and they worenstoinish- she recognized him, but then ho romom- you know Miss Arohor is very MOWr.tion-Tho Rwpreetatives or til ei ted Trescott, of North Carolina. Secretary weatherr',y. call chillingg" it. Done Early ws the Orator of(heday at the Me*
oed at his luxuriousness. John blushed bered fttt ho did not want to be recog- bl." . t t entrnc Blaine has id ofMr.Trescott that he is na t bras hoper kt onba. morial Berves in this city yesterday.
to the roots of lls air as hls eyes fell ,lsod,.so ho eavokled meootin her, "Indem Alho lt shir ,a more charitalbles t lup onne. the most accomplished diplomat In this Nobody in London knows Thames s
uionU Loonl's lortrailt. lio invade some though hiscuriosity was aroused to the yotuiglady 1 never know'd." Ipo eU Pwton"de. country, which Is pr e indeed. Tros- a river, Told driver onco to drive T MAOHION88 DE CASTELAR
excuose to attract their attention to an- highest pitch. This mysterious lady was So Archio 'ian down theo stops, ad WAstiNoTon,Mayn80.-By long odds cott is one of the very few Americans me to river." Didn't know what I MUDEED.
oLher part of the room, while lhe pulled dreoed in mourning and wore i lung James nMut the door. ho most iWrtant conventonof the who have mado diplomacy their trade, meant. Mrst ask for bridge ou want o a o
a bit of drapery over the .photo raph, thick crepo veil, and Io noticed that 0 "This i some of Mrs. Pryor's work," yeAr tosh which will oot In this city and who have mastered is t In all its deo- that crosses Thames. Such as "'Westmin- B B June 7-T Mar
but, not before Amuy had wonA that it was came" in a hired coup which waited for said Archio tollmself. "She has dragged 'extOpto ItinaoallultieAmerlcn tails. HEis record is one of which any stor," "Waterloo," "Blackfriars," "Lon- s ,e laa,
a ballot dancer li tights. ")var John her n few doors away. Donasse off to some of her 'mediums. A Statoa confence, and I1 to be attended man might be proud. Ills flrst diplo- don," otc, Coal spoken of no "oals." otoness de astsla wa found murdered
wIS ho coukhllerato (,f her. l ll. eight While awaiting developments ain the lco business, by Jovol-the daughter of twdytbytho.t of tholthreaAmericas matole vlce w al cretary .f legs" No ",uggima." Molasses known as at hee hom in this oty yterday.
lhav.tl-pictureof dancing girl hlahis Costeloo caso Rush had plenty of time to Tilling.st Arlchr visiting a deha t" '0 dd 19uth America. tion at London. Hoe then Icame first "treacle." Sold by tle lmuul. "Choe- KIGHTS OF HONO CALLED UPON
rmn--all men did hnvo sul pictur.is- think. Ho would hwvo haduiuo to road, East ,rl)h strt, l. It's ouW geousit ,i n hepla h t org with the press. assistant secretary of stat asitn tsa o ste under Lewis st" and dugg 'diffrnt aIrs. NIG oN AL PON
hut wlhii his lianico catio in hIl first too, if ho had wanted to, but he couldn$ tstds out in front of the .damned place ant sorotary of state, ho attempted to Oaes in the aduminista-ation of Buchanan, People spoken of as "starved with cold." FO AID.
thought was to lile it froin hr eight. bring his mind to It. As ita usual thing and he rendly in case of trouble." And put it into execution while he was seoo- and was thie first man to fill that office, London English lbtter spokcin tha with (sL iAl to 0wa mqua.,
Evni tlllmphotoglraph ofi a Ihallot dancer, he could find divordion li "Honry Es- eo turned his aristocratic feet towards rotary iudP FreosldePt U.rfluld; but it which was croated about tho logInning us. All syllables wounded. None cut Pa oADltran, Ponn., June T.-- he
hit conslildred, lillutod tho nilr tho lihad mond," but somohow or other he could that unaritocratio quarter pt the town. failed at that time owilig to the death af Buchanan's torm. When the war off. Full justice done tote teriulnal Knlihts of Honor have boet ofloially
tobr I h." not koophis mind on tho pago. flocould .Ruah, Martin theo detoctive, and the of the president and c)(lisquent d80olu- broke out Trescott returned to his native "ig." Thus: London say k-lhg," oalld on to help the rs from the
Amy allologized for coming to hide read no name but that of Helen Knowl. man a Johlnon wore in a saato.of great ,tion of his cabinet, and 0 so on acont state, Intending to take a part I the Amerlca,"Speak-in." Lnmashiro Eng- ooot flood in this ate
rooms, but her mother took the blame, ton in the-linos before lftu, so be sot the excltomnet this morning. They had fthile dflcultieos then xilting between diplomacy of the Confederacy, buT for lsh next to Ohootaw. Dovnshire Eng-
saying she had com to him bl ause sihe book aside and thought. Ie thought of hburd Mim. Fanny, Countess do Paris, Ohill and Peru and Mexico and Guate- some reason, probably because he had lish resembles Now England Englsh. A BIG CONLAA0TION IN SBEATTLE,
was o frightened at loing in New Yok the woman's wonderful fascinations- telling one of her confederates that she males. Now 8orotary Blithdno revives the been a strong Whig and an anti-Calhoun Liverpool English sprinkled with Welsh. W. T.
alone, whore neither she nor Amy had her beauty of face and figure, the set of expcctoedgostollo thero that very morn. scheme with very good prospects of su- man, was not intrusted by Proeldent Fow restaurants. Mostly coffeeoo hoeu A o qA .]
over obeen before. John blamed her irn her head upon her neck, the round white- ing; that hie was going to bring a young oe Naturally, the United States takes Davis with missions suitable to his abill- or chop houses. Coffeeoo generally sloppy. W T J 7-Thf
Ids kinidlest manner for thinking an now of her arms and their exquisite lady with him, "a groat swell," whons the leading place in this continental con. ties, Teagood. Frequent notlooe in windowet ." W ,-.** o -ly was
apology necessary, and tt once busied texture, for once by an accident his hand lie wanted to marry that her father was terence, for it Is by far the most pow. After the war he came north again, "No charge lor cooking." Xeaning visited by...L big .fte ysterday. Thirty.
hisi.,,lf about browlngthem a pot of tea< hadtouched her arm, and he hItad never a man of wealth, but -that both he and erful and Important inihm interested, and was one of the United States coun- this; Customer buys chop 'or ste bk at one blooks. 'wb9 destroyd before the
IIo was a tea drinker himself, andl ho In. forgotten tho sensation he experienced, the mother were prejudiced against Under the flvitatlons the following Oel in the Halifax fisheries dispute, which market. Coffee house cooks it without lames coulf'be oontrolltd. No deaths
dniged in the very lxst teas. Thoero were It was as though he had touched a dam. Costello, although they kw, nothing t ork is prescribed for the conferenct reulted in $he met of five and a change. Charges penny for coo. Ditto have bot.orted fro' the eects of the
French rolls, too, and little ills of Dar- ask rose just poked from somo cool gar. hisdisoredit", Costell on thli o other hand, Firqt-Moasures that shall tend to pro, haltfmillonAs of dollars to this govern- for bread and butter. pootilhops for r&
lingn utter. Anltonio seA tlO table for den j p om so pot.coog was determined to marry her. She had serve and promote the prosperity of the ment, Later he was sent, with James F. cooked food abundant. '.'Iqaand bee
the, with John's dahintlest dishes, and He thought of all her little ways; of given hii sufficient encouragement to several Amerloan state*. Swift, Dow minister to Japan, and Col. ahops." Corned beef. oa .$Lts. Can THE EXCITEMENT OVR I. WIL.
John waited upon them in his most gra- her true womanliness, with its strange makeolhit believe that ho could get her; Second-Measures toward the forma- James B. Angell, of Michigan, to nego buy down totwo pence WL haved LIAMSPOBT. .
ciusuinanmer. Thoywerucharmed;and combinationofchildllkeness;ofherposl. and she was too great a prao to lot slip tlon of an Amorloan custousunion, un- tiate a treaty with China. That was in off very thin. Superby,. cooked. IOA, TO WA OB.
tindl well tlimy might bo, if there is any tion in the worlds of the men who, if through his fingers. "I amn to give her der wi)lch the trade of the American the administration of Mr. Hayes, when Freshly boiled potatoes and turips by3
charm Inovelty. John's oone fearwas there was anything in gossip, weremad- the be o t of a trance, in which I am to natiotwi wA *" other shall, so far as Mr. ,varts was secretary of state. In tho ha'penny worth. Given you in paper Wtu.uMroaT, Pen., JUne 7.-The
of Ing left alono with Amy, and he ly in lovewithh)er; of West Hastings in tell1he1thatit iAwrittenIntheostarathat possibleand ble, be promoted. 1881 Mr. Blaine sent him as a special roll. Also soup kitchens,. Soup only. peopleof thi pla are brthinginore
wainitdi to keep thle conversation away partloular and his probable violations to she Is to marry a certain man and then Third-The itablishmont of regular minister to Chill and Peru, and he was Pea soup and beef soup. Penny a owl. easy now that the danger is believd to be
froin tli trousseau Ias long as poAsible. be. Could it be pssible that she really I'll describe Cos. She& will be overcome and frequent communication between subsequently designated b the govern. Bowls chained to table. Also fsh kiteh- over.
After the ladlesa lhaid eatn their rolls loved this cold, sish man df the world, by the coincidence, while I will take no the ports of the several American states ment to join Gou. Grant In negotiating ens. Busy mostly at night. 10:g0 p.m. SURGEON GENEAL HAMILTO GONE
anut drlunik their tea, they said they must whose only atractions were ilsbafa notice of it, but go on Imd tell of the and the ports of each other, a commercial treaty wih Mexico. Mr. for late suppers. Fish fried in vats of
b off to tlhe shops, dud they expected anda cortalu"ipolish that long conta .great things that wHl comc of this union Fourth-Theostabllshniment of a unl. Tresootthas writtenahistorof 'Ameri- oil. Potatoes ditto. Eight cents buys flsh TO JOBNSTOWN.
John to accompany them. Amuy wanted with sooiety liad given him? She wfe foreordained by heaven." And Mmo. form system of customs regulations in can diplomacy up to the end of Jeffor- supper for two. Pint of porter two lb ouI wo wa VATO.o
hi pinion on some important matters, worthy of A better man. And theit hle Fann broke into a harsh, vulgar laugh, each of the independent Auorican states, son's career in the presidency, besides a pence, Fish kitchens crowded at night. WAnBIoaox, D. C., June 7.-Surgeon.
.. .. ,, ,,, j . *i~i i wi *to govern the itodo of luiportatlon and largo number of magazine articles. He Customers, plate in hand, at counter, Oonerailton has gone toIJh*ow
Ssmid, blushing, and did hope he could wondered at his own conceit. Wherein "And where do you come in? 'What exportation of merchandise and port is i now a 'resident of Washington,. two deep. Alsohot sagosite el Bl as. Johnstown
go with, tim,. John pulled out his was he more worthy than West Hast- do you get for this job?" asked her con dues and charges, a uniform iretho of The representative mf New York-city pte shops, kidey pi Shops Dolled o oflotblness
watch, a.ld, with a. expreion of genu. ing? He might not be quite as selfish, ,to.t ietormining the clvification and valua and its vast business interests is one of "winks"on hand cart. Otlerws salt THE BOTEL SB1'ERLAND TO BE RE
Ino annoyance on his handsome face, certainly he was not as cold, but ho had "Oh, just you leave me alone for that, tlo of such umerchandiso in the ports of the best knowif business men of th water snals. Picked out o slTt h
said that it was Just his hard luck; if heo neither the polish nor the wealth of Ida Coq has promised me a good slice out of % country, ahd a uniform system of city-Corneliusls, of the firm of Bis pinl. iwi BUILTL.
had only known of their coming in time rival. "The polish be hanged" he said the dot. 4pces, and the subject of the sanita- & Rabyan, cotton merchants. Mr. Bliss Britain a land of bars, otherwise b- [a A TO rm squaws.]
ho coull have arranged the matter,but to himself; "but the wealth '11 have or "Cos' promises arp not selling above t' if ships and quarantine. is .*0t-, of Massachusetts, and his lio housea" Our saloons the oware'. e TAao HWnos, Fla., June 7.s-The
as aitwsltnit ews noholpfor it. There perish in the winning. Perhaps not so par nowadays, arid don't you forget it Jfth-The adoption of ia uniform sys- first,. y employment was with and spirit vaults." Brass mounted. heavy Hotel 8utherland, near this place, whioh
wasu Important meeting at the Mutual much; but lt Ican't earnenough nlney "You needn't abuse Cos to me m of weights and measures, and laws Jame Co., then the prinoi- brass work and railings outside. Endless was reently destroyed by fire, is to be r.
Dividend office at noon that would rob. to keep my wife in the manner she has pays up wlhen hlie can, but living, protect the patent rights, copyrights pal dTy gu.ts 'soof Boston. He be. polishing required. British bar mounted, btilt of brick at o.ne,
ably last all (lay. Thoro would, how. been accustomed to and take her off the ^swells is an expn'o luxury ....d takes trade marks of citizens of either camo partner in the firm in 1864, and for heavy work. Heavy liquors, gender. --hv o H y* --qr
ever, hbe a recess for lunch, and at half stage, I'll try some other business." almost nll ho can c'itl." untry in the other, and for the extra- ra 4d grewrich. About 1870 he joined ally taken straight. Liquors cheap and THE BANK OF OMAHA "BUSTED."
past I iecould join them at Deltmouico's Then he would weigh his chances Tho. other gavo aegrunt of conteptit itidh of criminals. 'thflrm of which liho is qpw a member, as a rule better than ours. All measured (ax Ocan TO THB QUAmo.]
and bring Rush with him. It would be ncae thefloeld was clear, andIn the morn which showed that lk did not share Sixth-The adoption of a common lsUl. and his house sells a larger quantity of out tocustomer. Customer never touches Nw Yo, N, Y. June 7-Intelli
a realol fhlond family gtalierng, Ings, when lie felt bright and tieworld Mme. Faunny's good opinion of Costello. ver coin, to be Issued by ach govern- cotton prints than any other firm in bottle. Buy by the "go." Thus tw gne has been received hee that th Bank
In thoiucmtan thohliewould put themia a looked easy to conquer, he would feel Rug's Indignation waxod high at this ment, tho same to be legal tender Inmall America. penny go of rum," "aithreepennygoof of Omaha baa oellalmod.
carringlo and instruct tlhe driver care- greittly onoouragdd. Other days hle conversation, and hlie sul to Martin that commercial transactions bet ween the cit- WilliamPinckney Whyte, of Maryland, gin." British bar divided into compart. m ollpsed
fully, so they need have no fear of get. would feel so bluo and despondent that if he could A.LhlJ Qf .that vwr wlrl ,iaeson of all the American itates. re- resents on thedelegation the interests mitntv and ,eartmx\nt,. To A u.t c lssna a PE DLA COILECTSSMP.
ting lost, and hlie wouldtJot them punc- Ie. ho hadtot been youig and hlltyyhe wotld war.he;r in thno. Sevemth-An rtunieUupn aud rea- etdatitmore and the e astern middle sec and wants of customers. Thus "bar .
tually at halfpast 1. would have ended fim dtiubte'and mfl ,,"Yo would gt no thanks," replied commendation (or adoption tothelr reo- ton of the country, particularly the taeM pAtlor," for sedentary and social drink al--o fptD
Amy was disappointed, but sho bore by jumping off the dook. But for ome the detective. "Women have to find spective governments of a definite plan caotile and shipping lines. He is a man g. "Bottle and ju department," or WA>aToo, D. June .-The ABht
h]er disappointment bravely. She felt reason or other thesoedark days wore few, those things out for thenmseolveos." of arbitration of all questions, disputes of wealth and high character, educated IFamily Entrance. Fou r tlhe maid with in this ty over the Pensaeois Collector
eure that Jolhn would have gono with andas aruleho looked uponhissuccess They talked awhile on general sub- and differences that may now or here- a lawyer, which profession h lie practiced the family beer jug. Otherdepartments ship is waging hot, with th6 chanoosin
Them had it been possible. He had got with Helon Knowlton as merely a matter jocts and smoked a cigar apiece. When after arise between them, to the endtthat with eminent success, but is now engaged for stand up drinks. All front ou same favor of Col. Tarble.
to be such a man of business now; and of time. He had heard Aunt Robecca they had lliished they heard footatops all difflloulties and disputes between such In railway enterprises as n capitalist and bar. Bar .nads abundant. Brs as free ..
lit)roallyhadthoieworriedlookofaman saytHeleno Itiurtoa on the stairs and a ,culiar rap on natlos may be peacefully settled and p ident. Ho leis a Democt,and though to wnoi customers as men. Equality NEW HAMPEHAE OOM8 TO THE RE-
wh a Il bothered by his affairs. He ajdt seriously until after ste a "made Mine. Faunny's door, which wis qulck preventedt. no ivel engaged In politics repro- of privilege. Ditto at times of dlunken- LIEF WITH TEN THOUSAND
looked well, though, in many ways. He ct ousy until after sh ad y opened. A whispered conrsation Aghth-And to consider such other sentwhat known as the anti-Gorman ness, especially on Saturday night at DOLA
was stouter than when he left Farmsted, her career." Just what Aunt Rebecca ensued, carried o i n very I A V to,,- sIjects relating to the welfare of the eleown* ) toy In Maryland. He London's ButEnd. Drunken
servbe u nu3 in the e nUnitedl rsIono' Eat. n, Dr nke w en[m o v 5lq Ne,
and his complexion was rudder; but she meantbythsphraeohedid not know, This was followed by one voice b, eral states represented as may bo pro- e- e "A In tio United States common in parts of London, Ale, w, N, 9 ,, uo 7-Tel w
didn't quite like the expression of lis but it seemedto makelifls cliauces better The men in tile back room could.,, oedbyanyof said states which ar0 ton- ; n men in raga. Also' women in rotten
eyes. It was restless and not at all hap- and he thought of it every time one nothing that wns said, bit they h co iy invitd to participate in said con. tebaker, ofndiana, repre- rage,. Findthemon sunnydays sitting Hampshire Leg tar voted $10,000
py. Io. seemed to be in the best of his despondent moods came on, Still, toknow.tho front room sounds pretty fer ce. esinthhe manufacturing Interests, par. in rows on curbstone. Blear eyed. to the relief of Johnstown, Pen., and the
spirits, however, and his manner was his chances did seemtobe'protty poor well, and they recognized Mme. Fanny's Though the delegates have held no ticularly the makers of wagons and farm. Slouchy, sooty, slovenly, Beg of you foodeddistrot yrterday.
about the same. He had not kissed her compared with those of West castings, trance vloie. For a moment Mmine. meeting, and have received no instruo. Ing machinery and implements. He is for ponny as you pass. Live on gin and --
when she came In, but he kissed her as and when he thought of Ielen's ap- Fanny ceased speaking and they heard a tons, by common consent John B. Hen. one of that family of Studebakers who herring. Live it holes. Liveanywhere. TH 8EMI.CENTNIAL OF TEXA
f tled. So Amy and" her mother went as a passenger on thiesameoship, his heart B feet. upon as the iormau of tle Americam in the world at South rend. The father One root this week, another tha
to buy tile trousseau, and John went sank within him. :. "By heaven, thst's Costello'A voice| I commission. Gen. JIenderson is a mad of the Studebaker boys was a plodding much wonian .or humanity appaetyIvso, x.Jn .-h 8rl
down to the offloe of The Dawn to sea if Archie Tillinghast, too, was in despair would know it in hadest" of great ability and force. A native of wagon maker, who taught his boys his loft in them.
he could find Rush. Il was not there; over the affairs of his hart. Bessie Martin put his hand over Johnson's Virginia, lihe was before the war a Doug. trade, and who was satisfied to turn out Gin and milk favorite morning bever.- Catenla Drill of the Texas State Troops
he was off on hli detective work; but, as Archer seemed to get farther away from mouth and whispered to him to keep jas 'Demoerat,,and in the war espoused vehicles as fast-as he could sell them -to age. Among working classes. reputed bmmenced in h oity lstI t'day,
luck would have It, John mo dm just himnevery day. Herinterests woreno stillorihowouldslx5llvorythiing Rush, t oeUnonceausoanddidgood services the nraersof the surroundingcountry. nutritious as well as stimulating. ve = D- TO ,-
turning Into Fourth street, and captured his Interests, mrod site wits booemingmnbre too, Ieeanmo very. .11h excted, for thith:tie field. Hoe was fit tthe United States He had no, dreavas of an empire for a massive headacehs artd ruin In tokes H OO DDITO B
him for tile lunch. and set, intimate with O'Hara anti Mrs. voice sounded very familiar tit him, senate from Missouri from 18W to 1869, market. But one day the old gentleman if too freely ued BUM .
Tey woro a^^ ^ inerry partyS e atn DelatonS Pro- pai forbr^ who Arhl m t
Theyworea mery prtyat Dlmon- Pror-a par fo who Arh tlo dtile though Iho could not place it. Ill a 'e- and it was there, during tile Andrew died, and jut as the neighbors were [Streets vorycleanly swept. No%'oks[m Aml o
co's. Amy wait delightedi to be with most violent contempt" Whatcould pos- nllent Mile, Fannly wenit oni l Ith hot Jonson uimpeaclituent trial, that lhe first wondering how the Studebaker boys a pig sty In comparison. Wo'llbertypls
John once more, Johi was delighted to se a clever, reflnedgirl like, Bssi, that traeo,it.nd then for at few minutes there demonstrated the positive character of would get along without the guiding Al flag state stickingout of churete Josow, Penn., June 7.-It is est.
have Rusho long Kto makto th converse, she should associate so intimately with was ai pause. Tho throe non stood by his convictions and his tenacity and hand of a father,.the youngsters began ples. Economy of spac in b in masted that It will takefve thousd men
t tral, and Rush wis lighted to the two? He t It down disase- dr.t Mart wato giv the signal courage of purpose. Ho close was the branching out in the wagon bunss in gro unds. One gtvo olds entire a oe month to lar the debris from atond
Sa e ,o John and a disease of te brain,Induced by msi Rush to burtit open, and Johnson Atruggl In th senate that It was known a most atonshing manner, flyr Twelvfe deep at first. Oneo Johntwn; hence th urnng country
towards te pr ,fo r he was thnkn of elctual temetand; as there^ waJ ~ toprvetCrtelosesap. h tro tr te caefo o aans te n,-wokmn itbuuernehdoy ad oL hefailEptah pcetlfefr nl mas t hecmmndofte/eol
rection, for he was thfnking of LemonL her life, she sought it in unnatural chan. excltonwnt as they stood silently waiting eat pressure was brought to bear Ulo0n the west. N~ow they mako a comploto long verses, Plethora of sepulchral and tocea h -run of-ewrcn
helu h at y o u et iw a others ad- nol.tBess l noher wa o rlo e tr ti word o corew nd ouddenly th o nd on, w ho rt snuo ed t h wa r eo miuo Their v anhn g hastl itst Skeletons in ptonocarved HO RR UEGED B O1R Te o KEY WEpT

whve snes i t tro e Muptoh ud DRushn top otopharcer, uo sher strnd th had note olyar on Jayp quic re Defroms a wnd sh fis ewsend~t th proaeesden it, yl.tnoimcal poous in e nownnlls ofe the Prenti- over hlf churdh dooegt r os.as ag~eeaiocmoe fsc
ph ualsnt hoater mtsal n, i as he a tore- n b e an ro nrtdoloprd. s Arho 11rsa nid, te,,i ..... r tooh go hso e. neste of hAer, ond eve Bin s wh yuuropo Pm wh f unerals, roffin wbatk *RrrOt R oyesto the e \ts. C
turnep thoutht th cire ome dirtors theetaing tshem fa or Bideo bankein bute 'the morec~mm, rewasdugdwih et and nls eiflmaono b ofnolc co t G e-. 88 oant Stuebae r ad erpste beat Ioueardonlres dor W ther y aou'go two. [m P ~vo
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tere p lto pl h or nd i p of n't he m uos gamm from hs state, .pur b o mtiar known of to bro ther, behi c a man of f let In l ung to, Tal mu sw.eeping th me Wwamtw D, 0,, Juino 7.-Pobs

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haebashm t theMt~a D.i hl.nd o phllosopMB'hlso se nd? Borislo ha not ;.ly . 'way .>,"r Deal...ad~l that,^.*,^ 1*"^ ^ Isn agvnmotne ~ O poos1? m me,? ouncus* o p""LO rreny flag.hlf a ~in ll> f' ets h,,; I"n. a dowloaaloti<, oom.p> of .u.h i ,

punti fter midnigh |u the pr~rteof. h aved n leanin I t owards these S fol'llliesg ofd im l~alll n i"""'^' 'tl*Vraw lU h rii tly llrtil Slro hw.'' *" '"1u
.nef cg.~t ..? d o .n t.aFt S ri "& l(r .."" "lo' not~i sn4 lothus iave tiBe preslwdenthm Ohel tor~so lmtroi onb a Blcoiss, whe ......n o wh .... ou ca'M *r .. o t, th yimWoatoiv..
flee, lng afte Amy~ Bais adfle deban.8e re otk nItrs we tss our, o*an.%~lo... ....mmat."*e ^ ,l^A ^ % dis-i ss i fi y s a ..,r .. .. ^ "lee
'ale, huhtcH lteento thei da inhore~' s" ?<^ake u temr eut.,mdnuh,ss thetufammtouoma d!ra -o mab . i .agnt.r ayf e..r. ouodno whr youtwre golngto, tom s lp. ..... ... n~mo

N te m an imen rather r than seatterbrains would be their thnt w0e jn not .. .`nr b tin ls' "* .. -. n. .... w le" ". v -- funeras commo on sre our or -- .. ..
kthe work of un s tora utDesthreeplietatrlh burg government with thedesk on which the five grades of ftnieral. Loweslfteen to f --
the work of Un. tavosfotorse" But Bessie replied that OnturrhO,,ro.,$and foira,'ulars, free. r s.'ft =~~.ntwt t
earthing th e some ofthe most intellectual people she F. J. O1ENY & 00., Toledo, U. and steel mil lionairo, is.o0 of the bt eclaration of Independence was written. twenty dollars. Highest one hundred, iio a i a *Ta
murdererofRoe had over mot woro believers In the un. 4BI,1 y DIrnggiss, 'e1o. known emiers of the m on o anhmmialo .Moria Mtlae, of California, In a well Burying a big business in England.d s i s.meie
Efflngtonwasbe. seen, Helen saw that argument would .arnegl sa 8oothellan, andha )t h wnlawyerof thePalio coast, and Everybodydstrsomtmein their R o
Coming ore In- b useleast all sho could do was to wait r Winse. wd ind and well pois judgment was chairman of theRepublcan national iyes .. .. B '
terestifig. The until Bessie's mind should tako a new ..ir. to say to our otM lh.t fo iaritatoridti of the natives ofthe Bon- oonventon last year. He I alsoafarumer, Copied following epitaph from a Wool. waT
man Johnson had turn. erw ivo hen ingDr.ing' nielad., waa ut on the om ranoman and win groer, and full wich grave yard: 080 W 1 00 Ol
come in from the Owing to his love for Bessie, Archie overy. for Jonnuiion,- Dr. K-lng'- slo baan eusoof his thorough flt able to represent the varied interests of Weepnotfor me. my p tm. dAear, a ... -
west, and was oould not possess hissoul In patience. Now Lif I ill, lhtuklou's Arnliaalve and with tie commerce of the world, ,Pai os. TThemeinnoweakn wanted ,eonvle 80.10688a OOtler
sharing the viglh He wanted to strangle O'Hara, throw Elot i Bittr, and have uonever handled tore espeoatly with the iron and Jon R. G. PILtk.in, of outiansaf la a ............. me' ri ... deahwsge- 0o
of ush and Mar. Mrs.Pryorou ofthe window, andflght emedl'.sthat s11 as well,.orethat havt gveln pintres .On .weommed dg arn-i 0Qro ntoctizenof thatdate who hold 4 P a tot Jt..... 00
tin. Thejournal. duel with Rtush., On this last point he oh nabunierxa stilfractlion. We do not ,to thptro t for this honor slot a aFederalloffe, that of ra, under . ." Wt..,0.0 88 N u-irr
ist and the de. had- wne doin bte,for he wouldn't ex. 11** tadte rtead tout u thee y tto. and Bliole marked that the ofero a fomer admitration. e was placed The Day of Mth O 80.06 10 Fa
teootive stitil. atycemakooutao 'a^^dnsthisfriend, w~a ,.oA .,..udredyto .n .bo p .... wasliketo resemble a game of on the deletonas a representav ossee, whatdaof th moth s 8.0 8 Olear
patod an early denouement. Theywre Helbd an idea that we was mot he nw. These nieshaveo w t ,ad New arnegwa od .he ur ter o an, whothis?" That question Is head. the a
assured of one thing, which was thA the than rtial tohim, yet he had to ao f ea! populltypurel ther i chokerr player, for he had tried him to ho to tmub the conference, hotel writing rooms hundreds ofit a cou t... .M 7& 8f 5g 00 Sh
apartmentof MIwe. FannyCOpunteessde kn 'that lie bad never Been Rusb Pxrbtmox, DRggisl., his. sorow. It Is a fact that OCaegle JoFnrHN"On,of Grs* is the most day. One man after another Ul down Cit ...
Paris, wai the place where they wouldplag e a le of lover,. With theus -. owes hisa rie in the world to a gamo ofz teaivo oott on 0 t .futt of the to write a letter and has to ask hs neigh ,
be most likely to 4ptueotello. Ma. thoi2 rankliUng in hlis breast he rang U. 1, .s.Msat' s.al ral"bts. oUtho having rIMP ill At Maon 1e b, HISa r neighbor likely does not know ----- -
tin had worked up a number of elewtA hi oleArher's bellni mornng, de. Un ar nd by vleraeo*oiwrtofVendi. H1 fathe wat B ottraett pote ti cotton ttPegtatltv t the ftte, unlahahMasked oome one eu besos h J. Oasoen. POber.
and he was thorou y atRiled that terminoed to "h Itbut with Besle1" tlouELsponaitwe drormheUalted laws In Pitt12 ug, tt. being .Poadot ook- _to ee andthemarehopes the question came in; and th man d ane rton f
botello would be augh under Mime, as h express it, and learn whether Distrit.tct .orth. en Qistrialt of .lo onr, masP tolmenare, o mft IAthe Contialand o oi-ginally stated the date w'prob -
Fanny' toof He learned that he had was becaiusa she cared sor somo e ole (. L will si a|t alPubli Aotion. on Mod. A t0he ll own l s A ro t ty s* ably able to only by reftrtg to a 2 l Vor sue
tbeenhalover of Me. ,ny, .nd that, that he did rb0r him. the e dyo.A.D, 1889,# 11 TIherom h.t David Brook, ra 7, new0pa oe was lpokyenoh atf to
she was till enamored o( bf* and for toldhia that Miss ne.l w0 ...... F1,writed4bb.dA nn M a lott. ,, -
thersake.of eenghim oo67onyand eeg an expression of1 4; h o tat e h" oma awor JoT ariO onwho daW stoe or an .
being in h is confi dence she w as even pag over ble's fa ge e a. M are 1 b i op o d C r egie e w ould l tt r f ia d this At ppo l b 1h gt-han d Ia
willing to hel$ him in his ftain with ont know, though, but you iblaoii Many 4th lO #. Sw. -.. *n .. to hy m moe a a meamn eybody w M R n fea u t Vftomn$,oa *<. ol
other women. her, wll I heard -her order W, 6 isn.-- om t toWork, th ua0geto tosw theoa Ir!o ^t0 eM tMo
: ; . 1 .. ") .":^ ,,; .... .. ,* ,,' ;,:^ '""-. "' :^ ', "" :. : ." .. *" "* ''' ':-". -.- / '' """^ :, " ... ** ,,' 1 ,' "" *- _;
;'." ,. ": ':- ':.:.y ,' .", L : .. .'.-,^ .--^ ..,^^^,^ :" -*: . ,: "** ^ ' *^ ' ,' * .....* "> ** ' "


SKHE W}'ST, lFLA., JUNE 7. '88.J

Publishers and Proprietors.

Office, in Equator Buildrng, Front St. cov
nor of Duval, Telephone! 36

II rll ts riT ON HATE.I *.
il ,. i iA, i i tli utl 'n1 m
I, 1iliih h 4 11 4l140l13 .I li.t ... llli)

I iIi I l litorl If yeslterlln y bondl "Iho
S 4,i\, l i tIln :,lll aiw lijor t e t,f many cul .
hl l llir l Iry w r i'tlllrk frI iii thne Ieoll t rts
N i'. sit i nit it 1' t, lt ry ,,1 htil lt h ,ilt th o

Iili'ii ir Wllrnlv bcbuiiilIl I by overly riyht
t in ,. t iinl Tl I i.jO ctlnr toI u2 eling S
illrceri waI Ilwftyn llhe minin ruasou why
tili ouitial of ye t cityer liUitoH nrustd to
v iln t t l iin t rs city lion it h elitler l, lult
\\ li, is at wi whan slown tslill loy woicll
L lmuIl aIlliritis it l h eil IIl tht e il y we cr

l\ w holll l it tisonarnty nluttiyd l ci v iitnnt or
nItrkiist itotlly l u blobj ctid, t ho i Ctiumi
miniohiniipr will Lo Lheld responusible. Weu
kliw tii weill lit tho leliaiue ltsont will L
tLtllt i brt r tiII ni t lie m foi r tuseo i oto
vtil, tlf plai.rsoi t fly oiitsH. We know ouly
tioi wlit l tle niy cniiditlnte wlll by which
will bio IrntL'DtO, adil Iho griav ro thy wre
tIility t' llt will rt ill fpo th o o o (uutlio r

tioi ool r uiitsaionil for thin r ino etent or
Illitru f lpiit,l their nuhooeltd, thu high
tslli iin i thi coemulity t wponibl,
iinfurs t) tlu anny thnt concurrod in thoir
k'lciiolw t ions to blievo that they will b
tilo thr ito thnu act ollly upon their own
titi of whlt ie bot nl fa ritg, imudopec nl
too Nw,'l the itallyc aokdidateswhon illailuels

wlt ill lly Ues'todantil the grave rsl ornyll
rtiti'tinyutitioils rInlel for tellih motive.
hility that will rtme wpon thetlno Ckntlhe wr

Wo write Irt ie ne y spirit of mistrust Of
tliu olrs; but lhoy bnvo bnto elrongthom
tliei; uilto nu inedic aio ofohe tho mp
tle foflii o ti he people, which are ih a
talig o i
TIIIKnHI In a great dent of op|)osition in
tLi fity to tho locntioha of te Cusrtom
rlllili. 'hLel i s to believe that they will,

oii ii lo, is to ave \so oll upon their own
e.1 Ni lf waits chs aned rito th lot origiully
belt of. ant s euggetiot, ally pleas, or nny

ithe miHbi fur it. e tonlfe that there
ifr iimiiny goodl ruoUIs)Oii for tho roeiovnl,
but nt thAl na io timai w think tho work
I prfioruigoud too for for te to be eitopn d
thei, tt, iornrin ofre flthla anteay.

\\'n wlu1, ndviseo cat eal of boppe by thon
who fiVor tht t ychemh ed Inateld of asking
mi lll, city to the location of the Customi
tltw ol lherto is a strong move mad e,

l o n 0. 1 i par ro ce ss o f C O u at ruot o n to
ti il Uopnrtve wourkt, to which it houldon
tbloug, Ithe who need both it and the site
ith the whfr it. We cones that it there,
buprILt thatt w time we think the work

lsrogr new nt d larger appropriatio bped
lale fIt a uistom achooe to be built upon
i fIleever thatscheme. Instead of asking

thu lot, orner of stoWhitolpped ad a re Crolinbe
mtrootH, Tlia would be the proper ouste,
ti thel Departmentred arto which it shouts
lonr; ant d should a bcooots be made of it,
w will get two pueblo buildiege,that where w
now only expect oe, and the happrop are,t
a Ie flr aCustom Houero to be built uponem
trt. This would belik to her roper move,
ua. our ,ren onu tired rgllbt. iT itper
Is otot for ditcthrion, of thia or any other

lIIIvo at curious a noche om d of impoito
is wagl over attempted, says an Atlanta,
witw till lgt two publeo buildings, whtre wte

nw., olcangle, is one tilt chances areon
Soxlrrcd in thot city. A fno dy agot a
lwomla in thult city enter from houaeto
of oure, eadslin for hiosey wth which tpe
Sory her decd husband. Math y reoapothed
without ithatio, but ono dy, prdoub tg
it woien'v story, offaeed to go hol wintha
lhr tlo eas if it were truOe, The wominh i-
la.lll, lidg, tkiug oner cotha nisn to her
Inxo, sHowd i hr thoht ci y of her husband
loil out og n a tebl, aa if prepared for the
Kryve. Tho lady luft some money and do-

Wi lltod withsll ta ionsg of comopno te ohe
iill'tl wo irotothd froiy tohoir iuroaln, by
otlioHelo pp rocuntion of n reparied( ic the

lrase that boige l family meiocloine amnd 8fe-
Kguarn of health, Hostatter's Htomaoh Hit,
tUr., I'hrliculhrly where there are oildren,
should it bn kept on hand, as a pro pl
retrl.y for infalntile complaints, In I air
nilr t onsily (ioua nqorb l ltt but which, It
Illwo to ogre raft themilvuh of the loli-1
sito nhili, arhe oralletso, counot olrily diH.
lldedl, anil B~Ieodily work griovoui niiolo
Irrogularity uw the ioniny, iudigourliod nud
heillionnills, are ailmonta of common ocncrt

renco in the household. Children, living
in nalalrious regions, are more liable to be
attacked with chills and fever than adults,
and the ravages of that fell disease in their
system are speedier and more serious. In
rinuote lonnlitiou, far from professional aid,
it ins especially desirable.

We Need unMony.
Wo regret that many of our subscribers
nre in arrears, some of them owe for two,
throo and even four months back; now it
woulI be a pleasure to us to furnish them
a paper every day in the year free, if we
could get printers, paper and ink for noth-
ing, but these must be paid. As for the
ciitors and other attaches, they can live on
wind, so in order to pay the printer and
tells let the paper live, "yet a little
awhile," pay our collector. Please remem-
bcr that you have the paper, and if it is a
poor one, that you owe for it, and that
printers are bad men to owe.-they talk
too plain, tf.
(oniititlol severe, persevere, avoid the rear,
',oIj i think, hluhls I' lk I i renter's Ink.
Advi'ertftem.nt rare imparo-;do not ocaro.
Trade murpritis, coaUnue wle.-nltl advertise.
IHkip a number, Krstblunder.. to thunder,
alsl, ght, pri teleo rlght-advertiso to-nlilht,
hiculaUtiot wild, keep lmild, be nt beguiled,
l'aultl ail crush, trader rlh--buy for lcash.
sal.lN low-culstolmeT fro to blick below,
.!,tIi atltlI t-roprietor pale torcd Ie.
.lilis the rtansse r otherrank celoseda' banks,
. oton surumis, no dtsguise-he did not advertise.
Kind friend, story end, moral s ap ls;
'i, eworl'wItslde-on every side, all would ride;
'littiranitot t, sal s gee; ut YoU eie,
AieerttsMe ou muts-or rnit-or bust.

Mark Twain's Scrap Books
With adhesive pages, for sale at the
Equator oMfice, tf.

Iullaluling In the 'oet Offico at Key
Wesot, Fla'., Juuoe 1889, POereon inquiry.
ing for the lottery will any they are adver.
Amores, Joaquin Ma, Aloina Bonito,
Aguilar, Feldorico, Anderson, Cirus,
Adley, Doanol, Alfonzo, Antonio,
Abbott, Benjamin, Allen, Joseph,
Albury, Miss Fredurick, Anderson, John,
Alien, Rollie, Albury, Miss Sarah J.
Aluentoro, Marin Ygnnuia,
Blryson, Ella, Brady, ', W.,
ietholl, Edward, Hiliuntou, Giles,
Ionua, It, A., IBarror, An#unio tie la,
Itolliiar, Cleoulit,, iratly, Sarah H,
larnett, Wamhingtun i., Inoreta, Mtleon,
eneuutt, EniiuI JaiIe, lthssett, Tlho. A,,
Itaue, tlorlulia, andil, M:inagor ll (ioodlas,
(Cabrer, Jono, C('anliain, Itilora,
Curaballo, Julio, Catcn, Isabella,
Carov, Stinan, t(,nion, Monte 1etor,
Carboltt, l''et'ori, Curry, Mlissy.,
<(lnlpbell, 'rhuroan, Curry, Jimtmio,
(hurch l'uatorl 'rnliyteorir1, Cook, Williani,
('rintiaR, Francisco, Curry, Itubt. Iuoo,
Culliun, Jnophineuu,

Ilolningueu', Frnuuisio,
1 a)itt, Janmes, *
Itavie, l'roldii,
IDaVis, Itileriettil,
IleeOks, .,110Y.

Dycke, hDo W\i,.
D)olan, 1. VW,
l)(tav"ntr(, A. II.
ixons, N. iA. l,
Dl.,s, W, A.,

I Irg'uson, HSldolmnui, l'rites, Mary,
Furho, Phillis,

Uum.nll llal, Liormikll,
(lny, John,
Gountis, Satiil.,
(lbrinl, Lewis,

Hull,I WT.
iIlhsonu, 11.,
Henry, Chas.,
Hall, Bertha J.,
Ieonmlloy, Flora,

Jackson, Irn,
Jolhnisol, Kate,
Johnson, gilbert,
Johnson, Willinnm,
Krughs, Rov, W. A.,
L. 1, King,
Kuowles, Mary Ann.

( llltorrlz, Nioolm,
(hiuioli, Ciiinn.,
(Iouilwin, Chaon.,



Lines, L. H.
Lowery, LsAui,
opoez, Lena, loc
Lockhart, J. J.,
Leo Cornelia,
Lightbourne, Abrnm, L
Lomplart, Joseph,

latoos, Antonia,
Mackoy, Enter A.,
Marons, Oratio,
Malone, John,
Maloney, J. N,
Moneys Johuey.
MeCartly, Rev,. W.,


N. Gonovevo; Naimmo
Noely, Ellon Jane,

Olson, John.
Pension, Agent;
Ptnder, Mary Anu;
Papy, D. F.;
Paint, Clara;
lender Lowoe.
Patton, Satira;
Poabe, Lins;
Rtobertson, R. .;
IRyee, Ramoan;
Ituth, Uouseholdof;
olintez, J.;
Russell, Thomas;
Richoy, T. W.;
Roberts, Ann A.,;
Sands, Goorgeiana;
Steward, Roderick;
Striton, Wallace;
Sweeting, Easter;
Seva, Jose R;
Saunders, John Sr,
Sandoya, Pablo;
Sands, Elkanah;
Salinas, Nicolas C.;
Saunders, Mary Jane;
Sanchez, Antonio;
Sagol Francisco;
Savage, Guyton;
Smith, Mary;
Shalsdog. Mr, r
Those Aronia;
Turo, E ;
Toal, Royal;
Thbonpson, losephus;
Tutson, Edwar J,.

wtirr's ,''ltll i Ic .'h till'ely it Voi,'v. hhI' lirCv ar.
l'lii, I, a n IdI I t' ilt i ih lll. ii IuA. 'r f v .. |'it it, t
tilt' til i: I III ll l 1i,,ll l 8 lltlll l I.r n o l' ,
*ltll Of l t"' tlllll:llll 1:' I e '''ll ,v l h

iA iri. twic h
%v x t j" it)11 11 1 m I Ill wit.

1111 Oli l-i I i il -11 'i1 li t'i' twoc,'. nItick
li .i lli I t l l': .lk i .liis I t i Il l ncre ,
,'."II l It.r il 1 '4 I I ll ti. II. t I IiI' l o th. h ill) iiI

hi iut i. I I I. t ru )It itini
', 'I- L r Vl II PI I .. l lI l ,II I 'tiy lll ic'4 i.

V\ l lll;,ill,'l./ 1' .\ '. r ,S II',) : I l.r, wl cll)lln y
n n. |':li \r il In-w i < .' vIl l v. il >ll 1. 1h 1 -,- fllll
ll h , I ). 111\1. 1 1 u ~.ll Iv( '11d' Lill ry
l L IIIm l. 1 l ; 11 1-,.,' -11l iti _, m ix o r

iiylhhi, '. IvI .\',. l .lh

'Ilt livnit 1 of C i try I&1 Ihlist Itis io (itis-
(IIlVs.l by itlII.,ilIl .'i p ,it, Ilr. A l. Iaf,' rry
witli l rwitI1. Ah. -IrI It will cilloi t irel nya
oiIAnlin t 1i.o to tI1, ni.., IAe i tni wl l pi y l ilT
11, lll of t. I I II 'II.l(

Mhy il., E3D.VD
JI'lI MI' cI'l nt'll l S 1'roto. tivi, Atsocintion
ntiots tlie flirt Tiursilay in l very imoutll n
o ,IJ, A. Larkius e ( Hlo. ilro. .llJrf.
hdi ls of 1111)HIIIII .

Ilorons, Mlilley, ; TTlHE SCUllR. SAML. WI. HIALL
iHamilton, T. C., countuono loading for this lort
Hlarris, W.C., on the let of Juno and will ail on the
Hall, Liza, 8th. WILLIAM Cunity, Agtout.
IHardy, Lena E. Key West, Iay '21th1, 'J89.
J 1 hI(BHOES, SHIOES.--Savo your
JohnsounT. II.. nitoney Lby buying tle coelebrntedt
Johusou, Chas., Monroe BreB. & o'sB. nloes, f)r gontleluncl,
Johnson, C/. N, ladies and children. All brandeld with our
Johnson, Nelli.*@ namo are warranted. Accept no other. lyr.
King, Sarah, I OR SALE.-Nino Dosirable 11ilding
Kolley, A. C., Lots, situated in one of the healthiest
and finest locations on tllo island. Prices
ranging from $300 to $1,000, according
size and location. For furtheor informa-
Lewis Joh, tion apply to It, J. DurrYvl.
Lorne Ida, rl',rEasy terrnt. Irnava'l 1i. Key West, Fin.
bridge, Charlotto,
Loiyn, Iuis,
Leon, Jose M., IOt( RENT. -- tore on DIuval Street next
oedesma, Augustin, door toCatholic Church. Thils tore is
e Au itblo for Dry Goods, Drugs, Mlliuory
and Fancy Goods or Shoo Store, For
furtherpartioulars, inuilre within. -32-liu
Mayors, Pat,,
Major, Joseph 8. A A FORI SALE OR LEASE--The
lone, Sami. Healy, = house and lot of JOY'ul U.
eneudez, Rebecca, Urowne on the UBirrackerronl terms,
Matheus, L., apply to the BANV' WEST.
McKinnie Edward, my 31-1m. i
N OTICE.--slandi City Lodge No 9, I. O
Pomas deborn, Y; 1.' 0., meets every Mond 1p p,.n. at
iun thoir IIallevor Saitinul Roberts stouo,
All 1ie0mbers are reques'.ed to bel prompt
in atteudenco. 1'ILIP 'ITlloMON,
Chief Templar.
(Gio. 1. PUILLIPr, bucorctarv,
'ritchard, Daniel; Feb. i, 188
Pino, C.;
Polk, Julln; i(Olt SALE. -Lot No 12, 1k M, tret 1,
Pinder, Felecin; on Ameli st.,, Key \Vst. Lots No. 1,
2i, 3 and 4, sec. 1(, 'Tw. 60, range 210 eat,
I'indr, LiLriitn; containing ld a ncres. This lInd is ou Big
Pino, Antonio; lin S ]ey, is known is Willlam's I tlnmock,
is good garden land and has a bold water
RuOsell Flotrie; front. For particulars apply to
Rtodrigues Lucio; I my-tf WMI, ?', WOOD.
llrssell, Julietto; -------------
Itacrie. WtvIilU I T 4 R Y A (RI'M'Pr 'TOLET T hA .l', lin nidl

Riggs, Opjhliao
Roberts, Beuj;
Roberts, |lonie;

Simlett, Tom;
Stantou, D. T.;
Sterling, Elizabeth
Shavers Martha;
Seabrook Rebecca;
Serrano Macario;
Sands, Amelia J.:
Haunders, Adline;
Saunders, John;
Hamantino, Jose;
Sandberg, C. J.;
Saunders, Constance
Haunders, Edwin It.
Smith, Marth;

Thuraton, Iebeooca;
Taylor, V. J.; *
Thompson, Jano;
Thomplon, John D.

Vallez, Floroncio; Volasco, M. F.;
Vargas, Bernaba.

Williamn, (ao. F, ;
Willlains, M. F.;
Wowl, 'Thlo, ;
WVallhcc, Mary Jane;
Wallace, Hamolil;
Wandalnel, Etieo;
Wayland, Bernice;
Watkiins, Benj.

Wright, Josephine;
Williams, Julia F.;
Ward Mfg. Co.
\Veatherford. Harry;
Watkins, Willie;
Woatherford, Jim;
Willieaus,, Mary F.;

Young Martha.
JerYURsoN B. BuowWN, Postmliuster.

^Q .

The Chief Remea for the great sue.
ees o flHood's Sursaparlla Is found In the
artlIle Itself. It s merit that wins, and the
fact that Hood's Saparilarla actually O.
sompllihes 'hiat It claimed for It, is what
has given to thlbs m 'line a popularity and
alo greater thai. th, of any other un&rpa-
Merit W ins rl Ior blood pfrl
M erit Yin Aeor before the public.
Bo9d'e Barsaparlla cures Becr9fla, Balt
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Bick
HBedache, Bliousness, overcomes That
Tired Feeling, creates an appetite, strentgi-
ene the Nerves, builds up the Whole Bystem.
oe*v s rmisparlta Is seold byalI dr-
giste. $lisilxor4. 1Propurdby0,LS M
SCo.,, Apotheoarles, Lwell, Msk

PIILIU RS1111 IM t u&'i

3jfr I 'J L ) J 1 L' J4 j-1 110 r U 111.1c o
handsome nov'Igar Factry on
Whitoheiad street, Con.
qurOer' Factory, can i. cthoap.
It has a aepacity for thr:-o cigar
makorR. The best of. lighta o v1 eolo-
vator hits recently boon pliceod*w the
building. For further particulars apply
to i). PonUALtrI,
April 10. tf. Oastillo City.
.--- -
Shoruby r"ivon to all persons having
claims against tlh estate of Asa F. Tift,
into of Monroo county, Sty.to of Florida, to
preeout the same to the undersigned within
the time proscribed by law; and all persons
indobtod to said Estate are requested to
settle the same.
Administrator of the Estate of Asna F.
Tift, dooloed. Key West, Mch, '20 '89, 6nm.

PEERLESS DYE8 "S'"*h"'::.I::..s.
he Koy West Board of Trade einots oni
the flrst Tuemday in each numntlh, at 7. 30
o'clock, .' M,, at tho rooms of the lJoard,
ovor the bank of Kay West.
(0 IOWNs PA'tIrtIION, SeotOntary.


if /

,S1Ilor A*t iv

Reeceivet lPer Last Niglh's IIltl.
Donovan- A Modern Englishmann,
A Passon FIlwor,
The Sarred Ntggot,
The Dovu in the Eagle's N(st,
The Fatal Phayne,
A Servant of Satan,
lIarper' New Monthly fir Jitne,
Scribnor'H "
May 29, 89,


Mutton, Pork, Kid
Anl and all kinds of Choice:

Freshly Mats, Veietalies,

Etc., Eto.,
--GO To-


0 c K W s:T, FA.

Mu_ Choice eov ; weut Beef a
Specialty; my 17-tf

E rvW G 0-O3IS.
Just Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I I

Yi.s is one of owy, h' hand-
so./ne Slhow Wftivdo'ws

(Intt Cl(d2Oralve
display of'

GiL lliad~i~

of It'hl'at ve,
*have Iwi't1iii.
ol'ej/O theic diis/play
(IS /Of t U .NS) 071x' way',
Wc carry htl:)Cst
(111(1 /~11051i'ai l( (Z luteL o~f

IND's. Yoltl's BoY's



White Vests,

.& Vests.

Knee Pants
600, 760 & $1.00,


Shirt aists
26,35, 60 & 75ots

weo wiVIM fEve"ylbor y to ExIuIll le Our
Stock 11,1141PricQ e's641,1inakiikliig tleti, pull-
chases E~ lsewhere,,c!

No 3 I)UVAL ST. Co'r. WAL-I,.

Auixlllry ani arltlry Notlce.
Notice is herleby given that the Auxiliary
Sanitary Amsoointioni nre ow radly to lean
olt vaults, sinks anitl closetsH y the Odor-
loes Excavator sylit'il. Leave nil ordiors at
)r, J. Y. Porlor's oflico andl they will bo
give prompt attention, June 25 tf,




Factory at
For salv by


lse tio oldest andl eIst, p,,plaor noticlte a,
tnltecnlcal paper iultllhlii nld InR Ih r ltrn t
circlnlatloa ofuly Iinpir 0,l Its OhllRIt II tlhe world.
Fully Illustratoli. List class of Woodl nerat.
Ings. Publltshel weoki y. Hend fur ispeolmon
cOD2 tlFrlOe t ynai>r. F nonr inltl't rll, 1.
U UN COr., l.ln .ls hO1 Uradwa, .
SEditleonof Solentiflo Amerloan. 0
A irrtUseoce's. Eacht Isue eontalcn colnred
Ilthcaraphllo liito of country and olty resden-
eol or iubilo blildinrs. NInlorout enanravlnge
and full plan, aind atipoilflctlions for the use oi
such a.cn.otleipl te bulldlill. Irlco $2.0 a ryer,
6 otl, ca py. iUNN & CO., Pub'llasltn8.
lbeemaye rssee.
od by ply-*
Ingt NN
UN~ o P..l &Co.,lll whe
ATEN havo oer
S40 rcare' xtperlenoe and have ma or
1oou a pplloatlonr for Amerlcanu il j
Soin e patInt. Send fol r hlandbook. Ctw-
pondono strlCtlf confidential.
In opa yelor mtark ll not re liSercd In th
at omoe, lopllf to MUNN .I Co., alnd p,
Immediate p6ole0tlon. Bend eur luandbe
CO'YRI(WIT for bnoks., ohartsl, .po.
eto,, quickly proourd, Address
MIUNN & CO,. Patent Molleltore,
UQaY.tL Orl1OF Ic: I DUoAIWAY, N. Y.

Facts AwuntFountaines Cro

ad Liment,

Asthma ...... se Fontaue's Cure atnd
Liniment: quick relief
liIly Fever'. ,use Fouutaine's Cure and
A Coll cure d in 12 hours by
Fountanino's Oure.
Cotltlumptlon take sinall dosoe of Foun-
taine's Cure: relieve the
soreness of chest and uback
by rubbing with Foun-
tainea Liniment.
Ilroitelllti ... use Fountaoe'H Curo anti
Liniment, a quick cure
L)3pllet'lu.. useo Fountaine's Cure nuil
Liaiment, I pledge niy)
word if you will tue those
nodicines in time, faith
fully according to direct
tions, not a ase will be
C(o'ip ... use Fountalne's Cure and'
Liniment. Friend ean
you afford to hb withont
these safe guards? It in
criminal uogleut to be
without them Ila the Ilouse.
'For sale by Dr. l'odle
Aug. 20 1mo ton.


A hylolan and Burgeon.
Office at ,i tdleton's Drug Btore. Offce
IIomrs 7 to 9 a. m., an d from 2 to lp, ai.

J -
Ofice in the Post Ofieoo.
Oct. latf

it. (. F. KEMP,
Surguon Dentist.
Ollco--rOver Porter & Ridgels Drug
Store, Simonton street, corner Eaton
Key West Fla.

J A. nEcontOrY,
J *
A xiNA"TON of Land tles up.alsty.lt :runpt
utontlttoi-en toer oUolloU. Taxes li res

G W. ALLI,014
Will practice In the United Staten, Cir-
cuit and Distriot Court. for the Southern
District of Plorida, and tSe tate and Coun
.y Courts, noaroe County.
Office at Key West Bank.



Proparod by Patented Procosrby the

Condenied Milk Co.,


Hist .4 mior locho do vasa
pura, .t azulcar y ibre de otl n clase de
engredionte, conoentrada onu na cremn
nespea, y ireservada por un procedimlento
tisico. He disuelvo istatnnunenouto on
ngua, fria 6 calientc, a su estndo natural
*uls 6 imnotos espca, soygn ]a cautidad do
Qnu, ct quIIll an disnnulva. Sirvo para todos
ihjetos culinarios, ea quo la leohe
I suO. 1E oexcelente plara los os-
tiucesltilaldos eto. UsIeda sin agun, 6
cotm vlune es inny osquisita en ol cafd;
ebt& exonipla i do gornmenes que puedar set
derjudicialle a n6 salud, y su gusto osquisito
y dolicios sO rucotuiolda altamento,
Tongase preatnto tluola lache se 6 con-
sorva mojor en su lata bion tapada. Cui.
'lado oon Ina inilnciones. Do venta on el
almnacen to U. 1ociol, call do doDuval.
Key Wost, Jany. 10, 1 year.
I'uassuius ]lr DeprUtlilelit.
H nlll'ord, I > ., )De. a2n11,, Ii sl.
t'Mlllnllul hll L M dnlity. lhi:e. 24w il' l, IY I l I rtllo
Iltl -it, Snr tlu l Plii tlngtr trul wi ll In t I I butWtuuU
SHall nl'd ral nlll '' all nl ier ielIIti l nlow.
S'OUTiBtUtn). u 101IT1 1 1111
1I'. I .t I l.oulvo Haul',rd ArrITii 15 PM.
lio LllHWfl Levi' l2 5l
A Altln ,,tt 1 HlWrllNa 2.411 "
Mattlhnd 1.a37
W slttr I'rkl 12.1 2
Orlando 12.
S 2 2' r" Klvo unsl eo ,1.i AXM.
U0* 4.U l)avoell)Ot 10.41 '
4.11 I[ullee t(Ity 10.3l
4'W Ilartow Jtllntlotlty l.t
4, A lirudlalt l .
011t 1 akllaudl P.5I
S 4 'lllt (;Ltr 9,2) "
B.c Hatrnirr Mf7? "
S B.MMIM I ) 6." I
.16 Arrive 'lniSiu annVic ae .3
CntItl titls at Selford with .I. T. k K. W. Ity., f i
1o1lts niuorth ol Sionford. 'WII,Iuo Al Ouo,.
.c. t.(Ii Ticket A ,tnl.
Den. 2n tl,

hAVINC loon lthorlougllly' renovate l i
n vow open to Rgusts. Strictly' Ilrt-c01s:4
in all its appointmlenits, Gi, KriPvtric
Bellu, Silt Waltr Ilathls, ani all ilnllnorn
Imlrovonolents. Drainnka per'neet. OlMy
Hlottl in the City properly setwored.
C,. T. Millumrmi,, Prop.
L_--- ___ _-- -- -~ ~ ___


B~4UILANCE affected unolar opnu policy
I of this liHo at I per oont, For Frlight
llates and further particulars, apply to
N. A BANNER & Co.'
10 Old Slip, New York.
Mr. Wm. CURRY.
Agont at Key West. Flu.

Lowis ylvstrSon & ..,

We maluo a Specialty of All KindH -f
SEED TOBACCO. adopted for Key Woet
segars and will Promptly Fill Orders
entrusted to us, at Lowest Market Prices
and LIBERAL TERMS. Feb. 16 3.n

Meyer & l0ark,
-*-o00o.souI -ro- -

l. B. POST & SON,
Spooial attention iven to connignmsen
of vegetables and nauit.
0 & 98 Magazine Bt.,
New Orleans. Louisiana. my

.-E--. LEWIS, r B,--.--AIO e e e


*tl ( I




MBln's FPts

From 75c.

to $5.5b.

STilEAMlHill' .

Conlm isiing the Superior Steamships,

Carry e oy United Htate and Foreign mails botweon Tampn, lKey Vest an(
Havana. aind sorvIco leaving commented with the steamship MateccIto, having left
Tampa on the 2d November inst.

"Tampa R Havana Service.
SAVANNAH, OA., lay 1st, 1888.
Begiiiniing Miy 1st., tho shirts of this Line will run as follows:
Loave TAMPA..................... .Moniay, anntd 'hl~rday,
Arrive EY WEST................... Tnoesday and Friday,
Arrive ItAVANA....................... Wdnosdai and Saturday,
Leave HAVANA.......... ... ........ Slie dnye.
II. S lhtilleo, I). (). OWuIi, It.5W. 8uodilwick,
General Mianager. Trnuliio Manaiger. Agent, Key' West.
------r------ --- -- ----


New York and Galveston.
Composed of the following fi t
clase eteam ships, carrying U.
ALAMO, Captnn S. lk, 83000
SAN MARCM, urrows,2900
NUECES, Captain Belger 8000
LAMPASAS, Capt Crowell
00CMAL, Captain J. Risk, 8700
jP*Om of the abloe ships ua
rivir at ey West every Wednee-
day from New York withpasue
gers, freight and U. S. mallse
leaving same day for Galveston
also arriving at Key West ever)
FrIday from Galveston for No e
York with passengers, freight and
U. S. mails. For freight or pA-
aBge, having elegant accommoda.
tone, apply to

Southern Pacific Company,
-YTM w and -AVANA.
Composed of the following First-Class steamships:

Nill make regular weekly trips between the above ports, running upon the scene
schedule, freight and passenger rates as last year. The season will open with the
line fast-sailiig steamship I'UTV1INBON leaving New Orleans on the 2d tlust.,
arriving at this port on the 26th instant. The steamshi p MQ1A3, censderej
among the fastest teamonships plying the waters of the uft, will follow every alternate
week. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to
N. B.-Merchants are requested to leave their orders for goods from New Orleans,
my uffile, 11 order to seoue prompt delivery of them at detonation. Feb 94-1888






Fu'rnish upyour house from the Establish-
ment of

Who wil fit it up Handsomely and allow
you to make your own terms of
Installments, atthe

Baton Street, next to Porter B&Ridgell's Druag dSre $ _
S:IAccomwmoatifaig Terms o0f Uredlt..
': c , -

.THX ]iAlly ":E(WATOllAXI))tMOCRAT. .TUNE To, La

... ~-~.- -------------- ~-C-~---n ----T-~-~-~n~

_ __

. . . . . . .

-- -- --c--- -- _____~____ ___



GEO, LEWIS, President E, IH. GATO, VioePreMdenkt
01E0, W. ALLEN, U(lier F. 11. MALONEY, AjrItant Oashir.


Capital 50,000.
Surplus 10,000.
Collections receive Prompt c Careful e11tenlion
THIE IMPOiRTERS 'I T llAlEIIS NATIONAL BANK .........., ...., Now York,
T'l'l L(UISIANA NATIONAL BANK.............. ....... Now Ort aIns.
THE l"IRt T NATIONAL IANK OF 1FL(IOIDA ........ ....... Jackonvllle,
TI Fllt' NAT'I'ONAL JIANK OF TAM'A........ .. .. ...........T nmpa
TI' li PAl i(J ANKIC. ... .................. .............. .. ti "Fn-ncimc o.
M tlIANICS HANK. ......................................... ...S *t l ] fnl fim .
M |tll |IA N IG H ll A N K .. .... .. Ht. l o ttr t
MAlS ISHN ,LAWTON ltOTIIIt HrtS ................ ... .....' .. 1....I.. I ava
MhI ss ls. II (. JL WIS & SONS ........ ...... ........' tllaa.e.


Eaton Street, opposite tile Episcopal church.]

Wholesale 'and Retail Dealer in

Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Butter

Also, Dressed Chickens and Turkey* Efggs,
Lard, Cheese Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
Canned Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Hams,
Breakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
Corned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Mackeral
(NO 1 Bloaters,) and country Produce of all

Ion't forget the place, S. O. JOHNSON.






Everybody wants to claim something
extraordinary for whatever they have as i
curative agent, The value of B. B. is too
well.-known dow for "olaim.makiug,". II
stands alone, unparalleled as a Blood
Remedy, and nobody can produce its super.
ior. We don'tight otherreiwdies, because
B. B. B. take oare of itself. If you have
anything the 'matter with your blood, try
it-a single bottle will open your eyes.
It It nonsense to try and argue with the
public, and we don't do it. If one bottle
don't do you any good, no matter how
you suffer, we will omv you a gross,
lead these certificates:
A VUae In Forldat Oared by I. U. i,
EvBamy, NuasBa owi oK, GA., May 27,8'7.
My blood had been Impure for a number
of years. I broke out in ugly sores all
over my head and body nd I oould get
nothing to heal them or purifymy blood
(though I tried all other so called medl.
cines) until I found that most valuable
medicine (Botanilo Blood Balm) D B. B .
I have been using It for nearly a year, and
in that time have taken about one dozen
bottles, and I feel that I am nearly cured;
the sores on my head and body are all
healed. My health is good and I can eat
anything I desire.
Yours respectfully.
From a Drughist.
PALArTAAK, F'A,, May 31, 1887.
T'r demand for Botanic Blood kBalm
(B. B. B.) is such that I now buy in half
gross lots, and I unhesitatingly say that
imy customers are all well pleatod
It. 0KBaTIN0.
10 Tniea With Rlleulnattlsn
NxWTox N. C., June I2, 1887.
GasNTmaM: I am pleaured in saying I
nave been a great sufferer of rheumatism
for 10 years, and I have exhausted almost
every known remedy without relief. I was
told to try B. B, B. which I did after long
procrastination, and with the experience
of three bottles, I am almost a healthy
man. Itakoit asa part of my duty to
make known your wonderful Blood
Purifier to suffering humanity, and ro.
epectfully ask you tomsail mc one of your
books of wonders. Bespootfully
W. I. MoBaH1AO,
It Use for Kidnel,s,
Jisur, GA., May 20, 1887.
[ hlvo been suffering from kidney dis.
tiwo for a month past, and the pain In my
buck was very severe. My occupation re-
tuire it good deal of writing at night and
siullrere[all the time, I saw one man
wtle wK.l\ he was cured by using Botanic
'looU tiluJw,- '). JIntll Io'ull'luo'il
using it and the pain is a a grent deal less.
I hvo only used two bottles and believe
it will sl'out a cure by tko IiSO of a few
more bottles. Yours rspeutfally,
J. he. OwlO AN
The Hesn Purliter Jlale.

DAMAsous, LGA, June 90 1887.
I have suffered with catarrh for about
tour years, and after u'ing four bottles of
Botanic Blood Balm I had my general
health greatly improved, aud if I could
keep out of the bad weather I would be
cured. 1 believe it is the best purifier
made, Very respectfully.
L. W. TuouMP.oN.
Twelve Years Amfllcted,
Bi.urrroN. Ins., Feb. ., 1887.
I have been afflicted with Blodd Poison
for twelve years. Have used presorip.
tions. from physicians offered me
during that period. Through tihe
druggist, W. A. Gutelius, I procured
one bottle of B. I. B. and since have used
three bottles, and am satisfied it has done
me more good than anything I ever used.
I aim almost well, and am sure, within two
or three weeks I will be perfectly well,
after twelve years suffering intensely.
Write or address,
Woll's Co., Ind. Baker and Confectioner
Cplendld for a sprlug Tonic,
AB;INu TON, GA., June 30, 1887.
I suffered with malarial blood poison
more or loss,all the time, and the only
medicine that done me any good is B. B.
B. It is undoubtedly the best blood
medicine made, aud for this malarial
country should belused by every one in
the spring 'of the year, and as good In
summer fall and winter as a tonio and
blood purifier.
Glves eotier atiLfactlon
CADIs, Ky., July Oth. 1887.
ItPlomie send me one box Blood Balm
-aturrh Snuff by return mall, as one of my
customers is taking Il. B. for catarrh
aud wants a box of the snuff. B. B. B.
ives better satisfaotlun than any medicine
ever sold. I have sold 10 dozen in the
pst 10 weeks, and It gives good satisfaction.
If I don't remit all right for snuff write me.
Yours, W. N. BaANmo.
A I'reaeher hCredi of Dyspepsis.
Mtcoaosnuta, FL.., LioN Co., July 20, 1880.l
I have been a sufferer from Indigestion
and dyspepsia for a long time, and have
tried many remedies, but antil I was in.
duced by aiy friends to try your B. B. B.
received 1o relief, but since using It have
foundmore relief and o.wifort than from
any other treatment I have uned. Hoping
you will forward to my address your L Ut
W-palte book'fr vrehrrlplWl also evidence
of cured. Hend at earlliet date.
Rav, llon'T 0.
A KIamarkable Bhowlit1 Petr U. II. H.
AslMsst Other Remedles,
PuTwax Co., April 29, 1887.
I have been suffering for most thirty
years with an itching and burning all over
my face and body. I took eighteen bottles
of one blood medicine and it did me no
good. I oolmenoed last January to. se
B. B, and after using five bottles I felt
better and stouter than I have in thirty
years, ty health is better and I weigh
more tbaln river did. The itching has
nearly oaied, t and Iam confident that a
few more lottla of B. a. B. will curo me
enMrely. I am silty-two years old and
e, noo do'I good day's work in my fold.
I consider t tilU best medloine I have ever
seen, for It sertally did me more good
than all the medicine I have ever taken.
I had In all, nearly a hundred risings
on my a&e, neck and body, o

Two 8tle(0 Coun R kltimatinm.
Booaunon, An., June 4, 1887.
I cheerfully state the following lacts in
regard to the use of your medium e in my
fautily. My little son, 1# years of ago, sau-
fered from an acute attack of rheumatism,
caused.by undue exposure and chilling of
the blood. I heard your remedy highly
reoomaminded, and purchased one bottle
of Mouonoef Bro., Frescott, Ark. In about
nas month, after using this bottle, he be-
came so much better that I git the. second
bottle whloe is Uow being used and'my
son is early Well, sad I think by romov-
S g him tq a cooler summer cllmate (which
S will do) and continuing it use, a perfeot
can wAil be effieted. I ooatlder B. B. B.
a laos!eoeellent bl0od itirlfer.
AJL Ag Boughton, Ark.
faL, 4A ', to



SI you do we are unable to gratify you.

D oA' L oUoo o o 6 o o o 0U%

It/. - -Al 0' c NI


Pass 111and


Books, Receipts, Checks,
or anything kept in ai



tionoeryEst ab-

the Maga-
zines can be
found BIelordIl's,
Lil)plncptt;'s, ()uttllg,
Harper's, The Century,
other Well-known Period l-
cals. Also a full line ot School
Books, Copy-books, Maps, Charts,
Slates, etc., always on hand. Butler's
Spanish Teacher, Ollendorf's New Methlod
of learning Spanish and Spanish at a Glah,


From the First to the Latest Issue.
If you wish a book oi namagazinc, which

cana not be found In our extensive stock, we
will order It




whtitever, to yourself .

A large and fine assortment of playing



(Jie eoker Bloar'ds, C'hessmen, 1)omin-

OCrtihagO Boards, etc., etc.


a complete line of smokers' articles.

A largo stock of Alhamibra
paper in assorted colors



Letter Hleads,

Bill Heads,



Padding, Etc., Etc.
Done on the IhIOBTEST NOTICE nud
with nc uotlaSi ant ohonpnss ummnr-
*pnased by any


We nre now prepared to do all kinds of
work from a

Business Card
-TO A-


Send In your Orders
at ONCE.



Piso's Cure for Con-
suniption is also the bet
Cough Medicine.
If you have a Cough
withw t disease of thi
Lungs, a few doses are all
you need. But If you noe
hloo thi easy means of
atetyh bUt Cough
may eoome a seriol 1
matter and several bot-
tles will be required.

% Too in a M on 0 q
f ton oteInseto ts e
U t0=.Momvans m irU lo oby

A old In rt 9
L & To "INnm, WIares, P f

VlAiap fqr
A large supply ofi exiwdunm Tablets
, and los seah, Ju t roJAd i .
.11' 6 OATO Nawa Co.

\ey vvest, Fla,
Offloe, .119 Water St., oor Wall St., New York.
0. GOLDSMITH, 25. La Salle St., Chicago Ills.

---MainlraotLrcr of'-

- -'
""Havana Czgars,

---FACTORY No. 103, KEY WEHT, FLA. -
pdr Corospoundonoe Bollcited."tS1


Office:-133 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
feb 13-2 In.

Manufacturer of
Key !-:- West :-- Havana -:- Cigars,
Manutactory andl office this city. Copros-
pondence solihlted. (Juneo 1-1y.)
Inpm(tOrleri an1d Mannfulctlrcrs of







Factories Nos. 8, 58, 48 and 145 Key West, Fla.
Office and Salesroom 327 East 03rd Street.




bWILLIAM W. ,wKE & Co.,
Corner Ist. Avenue and 31st. Sti'eet,
w-1Manufacturers ofrp'-

Cigar Boxes and l1ibboris,
-- Dealers in --
Cigar Box Labels and Cigar Manufac-
turers' Machinery, Tools, and Supplies,
ar Special attention paid to private Brands and Labels, Etc.-fa
February 9th, 1888.


Commission Merchants and Auctioneers.
-Front Street.- -
Wholesale and Retail dealorr I I
tedolve by each steluler and sail from Now York and New Orleans a fresh sapiply of
(trooerirm, Provisions and Canned Gooils.
Have always in stock a large and well-selected assortmenti of
Ship Chandlery, Crockery, Glass, Tin and Hardware, Carpenter's Toil, 'Piints, Oil
Varnishes, Furniture, Stationery,
P One of the Oldest Business Houses of the City. e
er1 Personal attention given to sale and satisfaction guaranteed. Goods
received by every steamer from New York, Now Orleans, Tampsta, Maintoo, OCdar
Keve. and Produce frour the idlaoent Kev..

Fine Wines, Brandies, Cigars.

Beer & Cider.
"lhe place for tf h irst l.y place for the lover
of good danl. Thi place for the trial is
.. .- -.II.a.II I I I

(Succeasor to Cnrry & Brost,]


Commission :-: Merchant,
Front St., Key West. Florid .
SPECIAL attention given to all osidgnments oft erchbndise. fMnest Poultry and
Country Produes. Psompt Reti asnd Biatlftl UoartAd.M


*F X0,000


Is Now Ready for the Better Accomodatlon of
Friends a;dc the Public.



:-- -ISS UTJ2ED-. i "-

Chas. Noffat's Gallery.
I havo m aan ni'rlftomnouts with Mr. J. F. Laridmor, rooontly of pBoll's
Gallery, Wahiunghln, 1). U., for a short time. We havo the latest rapid
process for taking clhildrons pictures QUIOK AND iSulE-OP O'vr vy tine,
Those wishing flinly finished Portraits are invited to call and Soe Sample.
of our Now Styles. Satisfactory Work Proofs Shown.

Cabinets, reduced to
Card Photos,
Mlnotts boostt quality)

$ 8.00 Per Doz.
2.00 *
Chas. S. B. Moffatt.

Stoves, Tin, Co-werIDronware,
Plumbing, Cas, Fitting and Roofing a Specialty.
pIEverythlng Cheap, and Bound to Wear all Time.,Se

John Jay Philbrick.
Piiffping, Commission, Yorwarding .Merchant
BEST Anthraoito and Bituminous (oal.
Whairage, Storage and Ic.*
Suporior facilities for Coaling Steamr.
Consignments solicted, and prompt attention to discharging, reshipping, and
le of cargoes, which will be stored in a fire-proof warehouse,
(lange of Laborers furnished at short Notice.

Gj 9? -0),--, A 2 "1 W-4 r 0110 UF
is completed and ears running every lfiteen rmantes The
will take you to tie Station on the
return trip the same price. Who will not avail themselves of this TEMPTIN
TRIP with an airing and walk on this celebrated Beach.
GO ONE GO ALL. You will not regret it.




Factories 69 and 58.

Key West,

- Fla.

Office and Salesroom: 51 Murray St., N. Y.
B -PO LM AN -t t .. ..r..L .... ,, .J.n .- rI


S -- D DEALI lIN---
Imported and Domestic Witae i rUqor.
71, Tohlnp ltoulaf And 10 lonehe Ttret m I1W OB LIu t IU (f M4

\ e


_ _~_ ______ _____ _ __ __

- 1

It there is anything in the line of Books,

Magazines, Periodicals, Writing Pa-
per, Envelopes, ks, Ps, Poaencls,
Ledgers, Journa'ls, Day Books,







JNE L18d9si.

Tri UUI 'UII O A'"or.T" oalul on0o,.H., O H..as,
------ -...... To wu o COM t or N IoCATONh Gweral 4dMlngwot the Plant System, who
AUvNRTirsNOG RAT ,s* In the interest of the.Demoorptia patty I Whiing oit elty on ofUcial business, ye-
tIo.i f" n tue ntYp as few words on the questions yela the isforImae I an rard to the proposed ie R
11 1, OM on fare woneW M oe WorriedOver the City 00 w H
00o alw0 go ofa soorio tn stame4 N blob, It to ra a orp4 Wer. a
S i It rDemoraon authority: 'l i not givio the Pnt Syste land to pus on, oon,
k I. a i man to meet all the various and conflilting between Porto Tampa iad Nicaragua, and
S 1 ~t of party uty da n pol ayw hiat 1 oha matters of gneutal interest to the and GENTr
irar ,]. I se -vToll In an organization where ludtivdPJ llu
Avo .tF e~vory" qou lPa ;,wr Irp-. idy opinon Is so freely tolerated As in the Dem. publc,. _,
billmet, teo~,ooand Ioo calepaty, a rt os thee vi are vs. The nrt lie,e said Ool. lines, that. the
rios ad conflicting, some of them muit Plant System will establish, will be a *
1r1u ti.o e o~e ~N t o o be wrong. And yet when they are hon. weekly line of steamers between Posto Oe S o.
11i;, ior tine, in every Inonoe. estiy held and advocated they should pro. Tampa and Mobile, AIR.. via Key West, ,wa (S*Z (SVWUI WiL Imtc
e14luSrl.on of oil t ol e oroa r b Yvoke no bitterness or ondem ton, but oer all of the arranAgennts of te m.
the isau rate, 5 oen porvine. when they are dishon etl roolwed for pan have been completed and there is no scarfs, Nec
.arwLocs vrtin tsour btr pentonal rosentment nd disapp ntment, dout but that this line will be established -WIT -mb ell-s
aloe, wit l oar n theno y should be met by the expo ire and at an early day. The only neceU ar
,, ntl., ton LreI Ino tr e o nwave ih a ontdem to he serve. t h. if t.omplete the arangeT ments a
I0rllu lorevury e r The Demboratlo xoeeutive Commlttoe of putt he line in operation, I te steamships HILL 1ROTlU ERS IV K
In-I o1tranI t lor si dv. Wnvl I glvaenibut Monroe county met May and, and without whioh are now bing negotiated'for.
it..'tt ,,it f je ro r oVeror. P ay t, a dissenting voles, all on the Island being The .t blhaent of this line of sto.. Wholesale Denaloe in Inclullding
Ie,. present, and two represented by proxy, on will practloally give to Key West I n -
....... dreded that they would not recommend another separate and distinct line of tenm. i Millinery Goodf, Hats o Cps and CillhllO OS
IT C T. a a whole the Commission recommended oer, and a direct oommunioaton with the Strw Goods. Col Sty
ITY CHAT. at the joint meeting of the Board of Trade West, which is now practically shnt off f4 A o5o0 7' 7 L sl
AndMerhobant's Proteotive Association. At from us. the posle irar Cc. P Amtc u toa- Si f
at another meeting held May 14h the Ex- Speaking of the proposed Nionragia Abso utely Pure. c me
IIKOUI.Alt9 BRCO9RD OF o VlUNT OB 0eoutlve Oommittoo talked over some thirty, Line Col. Haine said that the ohan ... .Now Yor
possibly more, names. After a vory free are that the Plant System will, In the near This powder never varies. A marvel of
S T C and pleasant discussion unanimously de- future, establish a line of steamers between. purity, stroth and wholesomene ore
oldedto meet on May 10th, and nominate Port Tampa and some polut in Contral econotiall thin the ordinary kids and .
a ticket that should be recommended to the America I the oxact teorinus has not yet cannot bo ld in competition wit the r
(Iltomn Honiu News. Governor for appointment. The Comi. been decided upou, but will be as soon as mutittdeo of low test, qhort woi bt alm or
To'-day is Iorrs' day. mitteo met on the 1tlh, every member be- the Mobile and T"nmlp line shall be estab. osphato1 N Por NO. 1 FRONv T.
ing represented except Mr. Delgado. After lished. UTAKlN ol'wtlmot (Jo,. 10 Wall St., NO. 1, FRONT ST.
a frei discussion nine men were selected, leaking of Key West as n winter resort, NV. (Deo. 8.)
For City MAarsal. six of the nine receiving all the votes of the ol, Hiunes said tlat this island had the -
I tffar Imyself as a caudldate for City Committee and the other three, a majority, most delightful winter oilmate of any plaoo tto $F07 otAON en ral
Marshal, it elected, I pledge to do my duty Dr.. J. Perry had allowed him name to be in the world, and be had groat conudenoo 7n 0 10 $25 can bo.
without fuar r favor W 5.w, 8. Ouan. used by the Committee as one of the Comn- in itt future. However, it can not be expoec- workingsrI At.fr w r t s i
June 501 tf. misslonoe under the impression that it as- ted that the city will make rapid and loug -I r1 m A0i1omeutlyll rt inw f S l e
si-ted to harmonize differonees in the Com. stridoeforward towards taking a place iuin a8lo11 lTI3 "'t.... alh ~nl Cwm "ti*ow
Tie suhoonor Lavinia is in from near mitte., the front ranks as ) fashionable winter re. NIt 1i. -'AW.V.4 agc e a n xdi taperss e l
ftodgor'c river with a cargo of button wood, The following day three of the Execntive sort, or a a great oommoreill city, until ene. Nev i,, i lut s t en a fo t" -AND Poarn i- -
Committee resigned. On the 18th, the Ex- our oitizeoe begin to erect a different class rept. B. J, C. s vI
C'nraiNTan's Itys OCnAtL at the Eouator ecutive Committee and met accepted the of buildings. t~1e city must present an at.8 CHI NDLERY
BStationery Storo. 5. resalgntlons, At this meeting Dr. Perry asked tractive appearance, lTi ckil,it sArAines solve, S P P ROV aII N,
The sohoone s Annie and White Wing to have his name taken from the list of re. While we are on the sanbjet of now TOhe bet i VISIn w d ONSo
Ihve goue on Curr,'s whtas for much- commendations, on the ground that he had steambhip lines, it might be well to state re e i th F GROCERIES,
sed rBgaonr allowed himself substitute for Mr. Fulford here that we are reliably luforeod that the ruise L rus, tigers, alt R n e HARDWAlE
nued repDair- to produce harmony, as it was olear it had Mallory line is thinking very seriously of Sores, Tetter, Clmlal)ppodn Uid, Chilbla s, PHDWA
ANTE.-Twogood boys at the Ea not answered the purpose, he after being establishing a branh lo ofr tnmom orns, and all kiS Eruptions, and poi POOt eT
t torce. t. urged by all the Committee to let it remain, between Key West and Ni aragt nat an tvely cures Pil, o pay remod. It AD
Several fine lots of sheep wool d other oiil lineand on motion r. early day, aud the probbilities are that thei is guarantood to give perfect satisfntion, T BLE C UTm"LeY,
Filtlord' name was unanimously nominated line will be established some time ldring or money roianoled,. Price 25 cents per
wharf tho e vengre for le on the poge in his place. It was further decided to the present summer, box. or sale by Dr A. L. Pan.rONx, TOOLS,
lwnrf this evening. send some one to lay the case before the ----- June 1-yr. G_ C an
Ialmpden's Rleady-mixod Palnte, second Governor, I was requested to go. I did go To Tna Eoroa or Tl EQuATrosa: CiOCKRi n
to noe in the world, at Whalton Bros., sole and the result was the Governor appointed Dua S :-As you from time invite cor. A i huve e .W.
agents. Try it and be convinced, j.-St. sx of the nine Commlsioners recom respondence I would be pleased if you will .o-in7 t rloto of( ouIor and th
The schooner Ae Vane Capt. Griffin, moded by the Executive Oommittee, and give this report fall publicity with a view ~""'P': I proscribe. e it -,
lofThe u oouer Alie Vane, o apt. rittin, I,representing the Executive Committee, lit to htavlg it deniedif untrue, I hear, very cl ,, (Osnr ooe n.mnd-
lort C y's btmet or Pta Rsa this dffrence to certain oplon h3d by Irte Gov much to my surprise that Mr. Jerry Fo- "rBl'"' I,,.ttol all afeeit WOODEN WAR
ioruiug with pausengern and freight, wor, agreed with him, after a thorough garty and Mr. Philip Thompson signed Mr. U alhml N.e j tRon, .1 #NAILRS, J
'hniton Bros. will refund double the oanvass of the subject, to the other three. James Dean's petition asking the Governor -kLat as1er6, II 4 ', Fl'Nlo, 7Bn f
rost of every cake of Truth Soap that does The result was that the nine appointed to retain him in office. I cannot believe al rncB0,0.o. o aPIKS, ,____
not give satisfaction if used according to were all agreeable to the representative of that suoh is the case. Both of these gen. f*Sr old by Drggilet. SCR VS, T.L rOh 574a
directions. jnne--St. the Executive Committee,and the Governor, tlemen know that nearly every week For sale at Dr. Pendleton's Drug STOVIS CALOLr NIo574~ ~ J
h sooner Est will ome of before making the appointments,know TAT couples go away from this city to get tmar. Store CRAnL ADDn s
Sschooner Estel will co of o e noa DM ATo AxIaOTIava OMMI s o rted rather than procure a license from a BBIO
Botlll's ways this evening or to-morrow, MOaBOBs ouNTY was etraT sn WITa ALL Tas negro Coanty Judge, they also know thilt UMe
whote she bus just received a new coat of sA APtro sN. s ome verygrave charges have been made O EMENT,
iaint and other repairs. Can I be excused for a word personal, against Judge Dean to the Governor, which PLASTER
For Pianos, Oigans, Violins and musioa. after my name has been so much, and I I proved, as a good oaue for dismissal. | P LATH R' Suc esso
Instruments of every kind, CHEAP, go to think very unjustly used in this, and other Dr. Harris, much to his credit re. Ul lJ LATH,'es
Miguel Brinas' Music Store, No. 85, matters. 1 was not removed trom office fused to sign the same petition. If they SHINGiES,
biumontou Ht. May 1-tf. because I went to Tallahassee. The res did they s pnd be remembered. AT
moval was because I was an active Demo- A W on l --AND ALL *'UNB OF- 1i5" \A/
of our large cigar mannufaturers, will leave Wei.t, I believe it right and proper to re- A Charliable I1stitutiou red J AER,
for New York on the Bteamship Nueces move me for that reason. oui Mr. Editor reop.E- 10
to-gi bt, where he goes to spend Aeveral and others, appear to think I came to Key Revy ;. N AV mWo Tiu TL.'AUS.nW lW5 ,. - WlL
mouths, taking in the sights of the "great West to hold the office of Suprnt. A. Jh colored H IIIII ole Agents ind
city." of Construction. I wee a resident of Key tor, arrived here on' the Mauootte oAsday IUVARNISH, n
Don't be a elim. Use Truth Soap and West some months, with more money in. evening from T'!mpa, where he has est..- BRUSHES, Hvas "A 1 Gin
he convinced that it is the bestlabor-savng vested in business here, than you and Mr. shed a very important Charitable Inbti. STATIONlllRY, .. -
Koap made, Ask your grocer for Truth Crain have both got invested now before I CH NUE OrF PROGRAM AT EVEUY AnD U N IO]
Hoap every time. To be had of Whalton ever heard of fi e of Serintendent. tute, called the Christian In; for the U lOLTR PAPR
13ros., solo agents, June.6.3t. I came to Key West in Apnri1880 and in. benefltof the indigent, destitute, and poor P ER FOI4% M A N CE UPIOLSTERS' PAPER,
,ested twelve to fifteen thousand dollars colored children of this Stlte, where they Cotto n Cnvis. Doors. HSh D VI
Our young friend, Albert F. Sobult, during that summer n building and build. will be taught the various branohea of an -- ---
will leave for New Yorj to-night on the Ing material Iand some othkhatmoneytu Iinglih edoation as well as Morality, rTAYTIrNg( FEATS. IUIuads (lums, Hitv, uorn, Oats
btearuship Nuooes, where e will spend sev. the buildings yet. The Bank of Key West Temperance, Industry, etc. Mr. Johnson
oral days before proceeding to Eastman will be my witness that I was doing bus- has strong endorsements from Mayor Jack. NEW SENSATION, Firewood. This 1 Ious
College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he nes of no small amount there, as In addi- son of 'ampa, the Board of County Con .
gocs to complete his business education. tion to my own money invested, I owed missioners, and Sheriff Martin of Hills. TRAINED DOGS. Besides a large Assortment of Fancy and Jail
To arrive per first New York Steamer them near four thousand dollars at one borough county and all the ministers ofPANelArtiles not foundlsewhere the
Io. bales best Timothy hay, 100 seaks best time. I came in April and it was several Religion nt those places, including the PANTOMINS. ity. a
Now York mied oats, at months after when the position of Superln. Catholic 'PriestO the RoVt. Pbihde oarniere.. tTsn IE FAM.Y FLOTTR A D W IN S1
Now York mixede oatatm o f FNE: Fr- FLOUR AND i INP^
ue-oworkmit. Wedrro Bos. tendent was mentioned to me by a promi- J., Ieotor of the Oatholic Chro t , F A D
enjutn.6.3. gentleman here. I never knew of Tampa. The World's Pr.otidigitator. a p to
The remains of Mr. John Vincent Boyle any other application besides my own for Mr. Johnson proposela o raise a class of l RO ERIES a Ap 12-t.
were interred in the city cemetery, from the place. I was here over eight months "Revival Sonhsters." W -' 'jtm.w4, in- a
the Catholio church, at 9:30 o'clock this before I was Superintendent of onttuo. terest of the nbtitution, t aid Perfornanoe Begins at P.
morning. A large oortege of relatives and tion. After I had held the position some from the friends of this noble i t is e
friends followed he oorpse to it last resting time others discovered what a good thing hoped that the undertaklihg ... ve ____ __
place. equiesoat on pac. they had missed. The position has been a ooessful in every way. and that ou
Just received per 8, 5. Maspotte, a large very please d and good one to me, s hpeoi seans will help the good work on.
invoice of Trunks at W Bac lyat about the tme I got t, I met with lp the i s of theFloed,
vooofTrune ks at Wa Bo some very heavy businessloessep te V ms or the lood,
juIne .-t. I never have made the least pretensions While other cities and towns in the South N B U
DootorPk) W. O. Kemp, driver of Rescue to being a Saint, but I am a goo I Demo- are raising funds, by absription, for the
No. 1 fire engine, i one of the most useful orat and willing to spend my money and relief of the Pennsylvania flood sufferers,
men in the Department. As a horse doctor time for the party. :inoe I have been here would it not be the. proper thing for some 1AT 2l fE 1 QU AU 'Of OF-
he is a success. I okjaw and blindstaggers there has not been any public enterprise of our philanthropic oitizeus to start a sub-
have no terrors for him. The last patient ut have encouraged, I talked life into soription for that purpose in Key West? F10 .
given him for treatment by the Department your Building and oan Association. The Our own city is liable at any time to be
is a horse "a blind as a bat." I thedays use of my brains in that e has made sept away either by firo or a tidal wave, n
of miraolees were not passed we might be money for m y, and helped others to get andin that event, money raised in the RESERVED 'he folUwt'lyg fooks *'o-
lieve that "Dock" KBmp could restore the homes. In sanitary watters I have been a North, by subscription, would be very ao. ,e3'led bU 1 lt ~ifll tf/htt's cI a L:
animal's sight. worker and paid my money besides. Alto- eeptable "IO fop
The finest, beet selected and meet varied gather I think I ami a fair average itiszen. -
Sothe.eed dnteants' Con- tho v i in ra n it when he as The schonor Alice, Capt. Adams, arrived .I 1) EL A NEY. P ncess avia
s s"do the EQATroRD- mooa know that tli at J. Lowo wh yesterday ning 'a
mun sense and high aut heel anR d soGni Governor did notsend for the State Health from off Cape Sable, with thLrty.odd Afine
ool sho s t o anufac- er." Mr. Ora, the Equto-Daxo- green turtle, averaging in weight about 1215 '} jiu lle ,/,y
and R' o f herr Si Mollng manoase- oan and everybody at all posted, known pounds eacr Several of the monsters T e & ,
Marquee and Varnsy, A. S on onroe & Cros. that the sentence quoted from, is an effort weighed as high as 240, 200, and even 1So)
etor., etc., to be found in Mon rodecount, to perpetrate a fraud on the readers of the pounds. The large ones will be butchered (ci'if,
paperr, Mr. Crainkuows perfectly well that ron home consumptIon, but the smaller rpy, S of K/u L
and are ered at rook-bottom prie at Poiterw o not on health busine, and ont, from 150 pounds down, have been O o I/bo
jTnof c3 l Wo ALTo Ba n that he was not sent for, purchased by Mr. John Lowe, Jr., for ship- Grace Till il
The Infant child of Mr. and Mr, Win. The Executive Committee had a pereol ment. The crow of the Alice, consiting nVO Till
1. Kerr died at their home in this city, last right to miakerecommendations. The now of only two or three men, will realize about _________________ O
night. The remains will be interred at the famous Joint bodies recognized their right, 9250 or @300 for their two week's work. e Deers r Blacks
Key West Cemeteryst 5 o'olook this even- by askin the Exeutive Committee to ap. notable b h JOHN ZAIbt'S i .Io s of Tears, rh ,t
lug. The grie-stricken paress have the prove their selections. The Ezeoutlve In a preolation of our defo in toTT
sympathy o all thek rirnens and aoqluaint- committee used their right judiolously and day's isse, of musir and iusoianus, anu m FIRST (ytAiSS JrASl URAN PiLZ e COt.ta Pol.70 GOUTTI
ancs i their ad l. ereueeful Tere s no qustiot promising you
Some of our suhaeribers, who are in arn-bt we havea recognized Democraticmusician caledat the home of "ye o, e" im- ',AM A
rears, so says our colleotor, tells him "to Executlve Committe, and I hope it will last nlght and rendered several owe i and The J/eproaeh of / /A PI/ 'I
aonll o tuhry," when he arrives on long remain so, S. IUavnY. beauful selootions, among which wre OLt.D "TANe. is Cli t,
como again on Monda," when he goe on on and other eolootions equSally a new Dval SBt,, opposite the New Russel Hoase Gr n fathc r" i rsi O soa'1et- S
Monday, they say, "oome next Saturday," DE Bra:-Allow me please, a small rt
Ploese pay to-morrow, it is Saturday. We yoar valuable paper for a Two great enemlee.--ood's arsaprlla -Makes a specialty B- EQ UnATOR N iWS CO, w8~ l u e
arc tired of Macnta. wores that may lastill some interest into and imp~uie blood, iThc tattert isu-erly .0 .H UTO .r C' O elloorowllsualy w
parents towards their ohlidren's education, defeated by the peculiar medicine. B B 01 L 0 5 I J] A K E U..... ... O r.wo u

It is natural that wbon a ohlld performs a -----I'.-..-- ~ Iti'.'
Notic good deed at home, it expect praise and There will be a grand tree exhibition at -AND- /.,-
Notice is hereby given that all persons encouragement that it may conlisne to 7:80 o'clock this evening in front of the air. T-t-JY T
having City Scrip Isued prior to ovem- grow in goodndes and not depart from it; eus tent on Jaootn Square, just before Y S R BUY TOUR o
as it will be receivable for dues to City etc. enoourg the child or to lItsa oonfdants, tin me to attract lhrge audience at eah --In everv tyle.- =n
by appliotion to the Chaiman of Fire It will stray away from home. seek other ~ ar. antm ad ever(c a e I one OtOl U awaye -
Committee. By order of the Board, confltdant d gradually o row indiffergnt widl pi ad says that It i fully worth Charges as moderate asi its boea in the at Ds. PiNDtLHron'sN rItl tore.
FP. H. Bow to doing good or learning those things the price of admislon, which i very re- ""
June 7-4w. O ty 01lrk. whih wit be of benefit. Oar public ronable. ead the advertisement in another ity. Jan. 1-tf. I
schools are apparently forsaken by parents.odlumn.
Tax 5aers Take Nottoe. Dy after day the children assemble, and O .*
After 30 day from date I will proceed water a. ew hors of cofinement to tudy T he Ladles of .Key Wot. D Dalshelmer as 9B bo o.
tto adveritie th names of all parties i gb really dsheartened, and their All ladies that fool aninterest in Dade 'H A Large and omuplote Assortment of the ta iame M*ei t do
debted to the Clty of KeyWe1tfor Taxs.V Wzr n -tortoiiiota detsa
aan countenanoes reveal a sadness similar to Lodge, No. 14, P. A. M., arerespettuly olebated DIAMANTA lrnnd just ou orin s
e forward a peno aing see tat od b ntment. Now, why equetedto mdtat the new Masonic. n i reeliver, A Perfect Fit Guanmtoee in oromsre 1 tb tsaUai t3ps
~Wthe additional ap" f (ire. Why.t ftharthey hsave o little pie.on Monday June 10th at 9 p.. to A L n.ttan ate OnS tatese
June 7 4w, TOa 11a~i interest in study? Why is tt that insteadlt a the necesery arranemoants for ha v. vr k efl elt. eaut
June 7 4w, Oity oltr. of the shoolroom bding a place of pleas-in a bazaar for the ben of said tnorter Jobbrs -,,st iea ta
sy oNaure ,ud oft interest to them, it is like a une t41 iDOs1iNett. J C
Af ta h plooe of sonowomd ,unhappiness? I oen-. .- % *IU$ lr
n ons to answer thus; because the parent We have s jat received intormtlon OIi FAI Q D wig Mach s
iAnerse ha dv no interest in them; they do not visit that Mr. armns Alvarez ("a C ohtoe. A A YGODS
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doMne. tm eto prit ct Zt4eebefu at o ivht i W lewYOrk, Now Orle.Io lt a Part w.tbil one of these excellent and .
1 HopleausntU itwould be to the ohild-s ab -a stbleatatfinths'perfot'atae """---- -- "1" w.ittakjown r.wlnO sbouldoallol on pie
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s~tld~sfatowfrt ie lio- w r~ n ith t ilre ponswords of0 eu0e 1 _O__l.
returnof ric e M On ts 'a thoat they l.yIan10 to love, gtu'-4yO l IJ IN I HI WD AiQ T i o.
yo u m. .lepon theshool-room as apla I
umpton i d 4 t il h a ftl T.homS Mt., opp. the 'oundrv,
relief in every eass, when usf or leN "I'e a boneflols affect l No0.""
affeotIlon of LctLOunPsftl hoegaehtldeecourage etoeerrt CandoNtIlescotinug KEY WEST FLORIDA '
as Cousumptilon. In"ma aon of be- theirheat 14liadO them to feel l1at bsdas, Mr. f NtM 2isSll l lliet 11
Drohitis Athm T ootheir efoni 5aeSapreciat u'nr t tits he r u wi&a a aline lino of IHrine. Curiosities,
ro 8 i 1Sval I, t and the bost assortment of and
able tuste, prfel se ern srl to e W artval of 4 Sthe n: Q.....
beTral depended Wu T sfroal dept-t hear .o.Ieso-room.A f .Iholl Work in. Uy. e, w t. ., .i is
, P.. e4lo DtstO .' ll Wor I .
.. .. ...h4.. .
.... .. ++ .. . + ~ .. ':. ,, . , .. : ,

e loaduinr CLOTHIER,
JJ OYS and YOUTHS Furnishoer
-TIe Lame8t Stock of-
ys and Youthli Clothlig, Unjder-
UCas, Boots, Shoes, Col0a's, .Cufs,
kties, GloveT, 'ITrunks, Valises

the Finest Line of DIag "oigl,
Flatiels, )Doe Ski ns, Etc .,I all
BS and Prices.
actionn Gua~R aiteed.

1 I(suO hIave the La*gCest and L 81
Selecteos.tot. of Boys and Youzchs
il ('t SlitDs, .Di oals, Knee Paits
Shlrt Waists. lerivour;Hats and
(Japs, .Boots fld( ShIoe -s;i lit oleve
t/uing complete to cousttibte a, Bo,'s
Wa7'rdrobe fi0/ i 4 to ,15 j ear's old,

1 (tn cflso 0 (aeC l t forl the Srpatding
Base Ball alnd otihr L ori'ttii oods,
o.fiOiDWj 7 in )iS, JJals, /eitSs
Maslrbs, S ocin,~,'s, Shoes.Caps,Belts
Gloves, BJoxing Gloves, Daithb Bells.
Foot Ba.lls, Eto.
ftl1y Youi's,
tzpatrick Rts,. - I ey West. 'lta.
IAIL, 840. Anr trYrTEnioan, .

irs to W. C. ROGERS & HENRY D. td EiER,
nos, Liquors and Cigars,
Importer U. S. for "Coide 4ic" Chamnagno, Epernay;
goi Ale,' Bolftat; Filt)ir' '0. ii 1O in," Hollani d.

, Will lie Open to the Public
y, froin 0 A. M. to 12 P M.
lost Varied Line of LIQUORS,
be found- itn the MIarket.


nd Hardwairo, i'unnDs and Wagon Miaterlals
mithing and Wheelwrlghting,

MEANS' $3 & $4 SHOS
aB Iil oft e)rfe," and Ityon'lwvo not sceuc~lr tatet Improvel goods you
r irnls, at how hard our oottltertom haoe te wdrb to koep withIn tlht ot
tela esamlhlouttfdoaie anti priestpam peUnl onabe sobs. Your
ill M(tMlesosanpemfjl'oau'lalt ii)unt bis domes 1o0 U you do not laiLt, some

o bay igt Interior se upol whilo they mako a larger profit.
r a'Sf k. OANOt rAILj^

is lft In peey rasp0tOieualihe oeiO Whlelouly a 1'w,ers aowr re.
*. tyi wOil t-r on a Mlryoa wI be ooso wltlhat w 4onot irnlate.
ad 4 Shoes, nd those who Imitate our ystkm ot bWite m ulble to
rpt fitoei, prelto.do In ourh Uaso we q ue argetmanuitotaminthe
oebiAted t4sr te arld ld y wre.lwake retailes Ilan lt pase
IU plus (bstm s Wti rOa r n o rh Ist si tooaY t sr tnert I ,r t rU
loard &i wnlNtoas.
JT'l OO,41 Idaooln St., iotoain., )au ,
iNa OP or rIli ABOVE uHOes Von lAALl AT
* T E'O I=sO: ,.

olesale ardc Ietai.

pkrnan & Sotn,

zbnoau tsioa XoIIBtti e
rrin'gro ai't ixttgntl oiq wth~le8.iik tetu.*ne. (fleshP -Ct
~ A:

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* ,:~n~ltv ;J

___I_~ ___

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