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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Publication Date: April 26, 1889
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VOL. 10. NO. 21 KEY WEST, FLA., MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1889. .EY ~TESTDEMORA Founded 1880


*rlluh toll Iher how he had beeoon search
ng for wo(oks for the murderer of Rose
Eflngton, but that he never dreamed
that O'Hara and Coetello were one and
theo saue, aud lie oould not help rejolo-
ing that the man was to be dealt with
according to his deserts. For taking a
young lady into a vile den, however, he
could not Ie punished. Rush might have
hornewhipped him, but that would only
havo led to a public scandal. Rush ro-
grotted thLt Bessie should have hlad such
an experience, but he felt that It had not
been lost, as it would end her longing
for the "occult." When they arrived at
Oranmllry park ush left her at her
door. To her father and mother she
nmadu a full confession of what had hap
psuxed, hut, except Rush, no one els
know of the adventure is East Fourth
street until some years later, when she
made a clearr breast of it to Arphie.
After leaving Biesao Rush went down
to the Tombs, where he found Johnson
and Martin with Costello. The lattes
was committed to await trial, and Rush,
briminaing over with the excitement of
the day, hurried to the offioo of The
Dawln, where he told the city editor of
hils Huccess and sat down to write out his
story. Ho wrote steadily until he had
turned out enough copy to All half apage
of the paper, Including, of course, a
quarter of a column "display head"
which the city editor put over the story.
It was a capital story. He rehearsed
the caroor of the popular aotrees, tolling
how hle disapIpared from the public
gave and reamlt ed unheard of until the
taut of her death became known. It wat
said tlat she died in a miserable toneo
uloult In Newark, N. J. How she got
there no one knew, nor what caused hel
deathl. So )ue thought it was from mnal-
pra:tiee; others, that she had taken heo
own lifo; others, again, that ahe had
beien iturdered.
Tlhin Rush told the romantic story of
the inaSI now in jail accused of heo
murder; how under an assumed name
lie haud lived a double life, and at the
timno of his arrcmt was the most popular
painter in Now York city, with half the
young women of wealth and fashion
waiting to sit to him for their portraits
Rumsh was wrought up to a high pitch of
excitoont, and his pen flow across the
Iulai+r. He threw in just the right
am unitt of light and stleo, and made a
story that was copied far and wide.
llcaei Archer's connection with the atf
fair he, of course, never mentioned, nor
did Iu cvon hint that there was a lady in
thi umurdeor'r's company when he was
arrosteul. As it was, the article made a
profound seuwsatlon. If it had boon
know talt Tillinghast Archer's daugh.
tur waU with Coetello in Mme. Fanny's
don, society would have had a still
choice morsol to discuss.
Wlhon a copy of the paper containing
this story reached the proprietor of The
Dawn, int London, the Duke of Bellefort
was breakfasting with hinm in his gor.
yoous house in Park lane. "What do
you think of that?" said Plummett, hand-
Ing him tlhe paper. Theduko hadknown
Ilmos Eflnagton well, and lie glanced care-
fully over the article.
"1t', a daunned good story, and damned
we'll told."
A L'. r I iruakfti t Plumutmett cabled to the
Autumn: ,yh' editor to give Mr. Rush Hurl-
-stoiiu a1 chlook for ive hundred dollars
aund maniik him foreign editor on a salary
of seviinty-tive dollars a week, Rush
uw'sn delilghted that his work lad pleased
hii: chlof, was thankful for the five hun-
dred dollars (which, by the way, John
borrowed ad forgot to return), but he
was arathlrmtaggered by hs appointment
to the f'origln tlditor'shipi, nnd so ex-
premsed 'l hnitusf.
"A DI'awu 111a111 I supis)|Kdl to be equal
to liy lltuatilou," aild the imaging
iedtor. "'Tho fact thit you ireonot tpar-
ti'ularly' well posted oui forolgn matters
(lIoi iot Inpreent your Iemcoining so. You
will i gf, iou iionuugh to reportt for duty
sat ()iso I' os"ils l'tulk oii Monday. This Is
W\VIl iHIda. ou hIavo n Intervening
tih., t isis 1 W3;s ta' aluxilou hlo do himself
creulilt Isi hs i 'w plstltioui todlCvotO these
fevw iayup to enjoy ment t; so le spent
Inmoslt ,f is tl time In renl ing the files of
thei f<)rltigi exchanges; for during the
palnt fow weeks lis atteuntlon had been
ul'istb id to loal nithler tlian to foreign

ITII all hio
foaadn eme
for a goode
-. W time, lifd
.ln l lni, oto l u ri was a very
thing to Rusha
I surlstone. H
Mli~ r had a winning
powt toreach, and
the whole bentol/
his energies was
bi thilut direction. Whatever he did in
tim Ilne of his professiol he did with en.
thlusiml,. hot only because it was the
proftrsioii of lsis choice, but because suC
ctsuJ hnoit Holwln, and Helen meant all in
liftt I at wus worth having. iloe knew that
]1is cllsnetis of winllng her an a sucoes-

fuil mans woru better than hin chances as
in unsuccessftl manlul and then ioe had
no patience with men wiho did not get
alonu isn thu world. Some of his friends
thought thil indicated a slight touch of
iardunisa In his nurture, but It did north.
Ing of the nort. lie believed that a man
with health lnd strength and a fair
munount of intolligonoe ought to be able
to mnako his way as well as the next.
With mnuch an h grained belief as this
he wmO prItty certain to get along for,
iv 1 hcisl a wile old fellow onoe express
it, "your ook-sure man is bound to
succeed." If it huad nt been for this
trait in is disposition Rush would have
retired from the contest for Helen
1Knowiton's hand before he- lad entered
upon It. He was not such a fool as to
tlink that he only had to tell his love to
Ielen to have her oonfes a reolproal
palton. He knew that if he was to auo-
Ieed In Isd pursuit of her It would be
after a long siege.
He knew his youth to be a serious ob-

stole in hsls path, He was at least f* "The voice, suchi na it lsa," said Rush,
years younger than Helon, though to slightly emsl a rnassed I isuppoh I came
tbs sual observer he seemed quite as by naturally, but my knowle goof mulo
old as she did, for she had been kept I owe to thle b(wt of tcaollors, for Miss
very young, and lhe had always seemed Knowlton has i boe kind onoaugh to give
older than he wan. me most valuable' instructions."
On this point of 'disparity of years he "Nonsensol" aid Holen, "I heard him
had been gathering statistics of late, and sing a little song oneo niCgt, and I saw
he was surprised to find how many mar that he had a musical nr sltui a very
riaoes were made where the husband swoot quality of voice; so I i lnao Ilum
was younger than the wife, and he was bring hiis meuao around lhore, anid gave
delighted to fnod that the great majority him a tow hints, whichfol fl upon good
of such marriages were happy. HIs soil, for they have hoino fruit a hundred
grandfather IHurstone was ten year fold."
younger. tlan his grandmother, and tc Rush's singing had certainly i ado a
the oid of their days they wore a loving sensation, and they would not lot him off
couple. At 715 sle appeared quite as until he had sing another song, into
young as he did at 65, and, although she which he threw oven more passion than
died first, he did not survive her many he did into the first, for it was "Did Me
months. Rush intended to use this l- to Live."
lustrations with line otlo when- the "If Dick Griswold had avor flung to
time came but just noaw he was busy me like that," remikoited the vivacious
prepare gw himself for his new depart- Mary Diok to Uncldo Lightfoot,"I' wouldn't
meant. Ho entered upon lhi duties as have kept him waiting so long for an
foreign editor with seal, and, as the for. answer as I did."
eign department of the paper whs the Woet Hastin didha't enjoy this part of
one in which its proprietor felt the thbo performance at all, and roi-aurleod to
greatest interest, his work was brought Besslo Arclht', with ah eImiplisBH that
conspicuously to that great sman's atten. made her smile in spite of hloraslf, that
tion, Rush knew enough French t heo despised a singing unan and thought
read the French papers, and ho could German a beastly lganguago. If o could
make out fairly well with the Italian ex not shlg to IHulon ho was dotorinloed that
changes she should sing to him, and when lse sat
"Why don't you study German?" s l down at the piano again hel put the musio,
Helen, when Rush told her of his new a pretty Fronch love song, on thlI rack,
position and Ils plane. "You will find and stood immediately in front of her as
t a great help In your profession." she sang it. Now, na all singors like to
Rush, delighted to think that shie took have some ono at whom they can look
enough interest in his affairs to make a when singing, Iastings turned the pages
practical suggestion, secured a German and caught the glances lo covoted and
teacher the very next day and went to was content.
work with a will. &)mo of the older When the evon'ug broko up, ns the
men on The Dawn smiled at his enthul plesas etest ovenings will, Aunt Ilobocca
slasm, called usli Naside tid nsaid silH wanted to
"Why, my dear follow, you may be put say a few words to him nator the otlor
at police reportingto-morrow-you can't guests hdl gone. His heat Ieat lilgli in
tell from ono day to the next what your expootation, for the thought crossed Ilis
position will be on this paper-and then mind, "Perhaps shio las dllsc-ovored that
what good will your languages do you? I adoro her nieco, and is going to tell me
"Quite as much good as ut the foreign that she will be any friend." Iloken
desk," replied Rush, with a smile; "for stayed in tho drawing room after hor
you know the mixed nationalities of out guests had gone only long enough to
criminal classes. But, serloUsly, I do thank Rush again for his song ind say
not consider thatthe study of languages that slho should expect to solm ant theo
is over thrown away; and, agtin, as long Iteamor. "So now adlfo," sho said, giv-
as I hold a position on The Dawn I want ing him her iand. lHe took it iand raised
to learn all that apportais to it." it reverentially to his lips. Sho thought
So he went on with his German and nothing of this, for they wore very good
Italian, which, if not absolutely necessary friends, and tlhon she lhd livod a good
to his position, were of very great assist. deal among foreigners.
anoo. Helen highly approved of hit "Now, Mr. Hurlstono," sdtl AuIt Rfo-
thorouglness, and was genuinely pleased beooa, taking hlim by thle arm and lead-
at is promotion. Aunt Robecca, forhel ig hin to the sofa, "I think I undor-
part, said that she was "prouder of him stand you pretty well" (Rushl blushed to
thua of any of her boys." Rush would the roots of his air), "and I fool that I
have been in a very happy frame of mind can speak to you plainly, and not wasto
if it had not been for Helen's impending time in beating about the bushh"
departure. The evening Ieforo sho sailed "You can certainly depend on me,
he spent t liher house, and, while it was Miss Sandford. I am proud to be your
always an t'statio delight to him to be confidant," answered Rush, in a steady
in the wI nol ruoon with her, he would voice, though hle thougllt it, was ning to
have enjoyed It mltoe f there ludul not tremble.
been so largo a party-Bessie Archer, "Well, then, to the point. I soo that
Archie Tlllinghast, Uncle Lightfoot you aro fond of Holon--
Myers, Mary Dick Orlewold, West Hast- "I a-" Rush was going to say, "I
ings, and half a dozen more whom Rush adore her," but Aunt ReIecca, who was
di not know as well. thinking her own thouglst', wont on as
He saw very little of Helen; she was though Ti had not made an attempt to
moulopoliasd firat ,by one and then by speak: "And I believe that laor interests
the other, so that he had eo chance of will be safe In your hands. You aro tho
sowing her alone. West Hastings was foreign editor of The Dawn, I hlelevo."
very devoted; and Unale Lightfoot told "I have tlaut honor." e
hhl it wan "douced sefishl" of him when "Well, then, if our agent soend. you an
he was going to crossover in thesteamer occasional cablograms from Loudon
with lielen, while the rest of them were about Helen's success will you put it In
going no farther than the gang plank; your paper? Yost know The Dawn IH tile
so Hastings retired from tIhe flod with a most important palIor to a public singer.
smile which said as plainly as words What do you say'
could say it, "You see Icould have her "I shall be delihited," alsworod R usth,
all the evening If I would, but I won't though his l opos hald Ilestn suddenly
be too hard on the rest of you." From dashed to thi ground. "Anything your
Iloen lito turned with the easy grace of agset'sends mo about Misn Knowlton
a society man to Behalo Archer, who, shall be double loaded anld haiv a dis-
though she did not care much for that play head."
style of mal, found this particular spoec- "Thank you very much. I sliall not
men rather amusing, take advantage of your kindness, but I
This last evening at HIelen's Now York am glad to havo a friond at court-one
houme wias t very pleasant one, for He1lo who will see that the truth gols into
was a clharislig hostess. As it drew to print. I'zL sorry to havo kept you so
a close they had% some music, and lielon long, but business la business, and I
inflated upon Rushi singing a song. lite might not get so good a chance to-
roefused so latly at first as to appear morrow, when everything will bI hurry
almost rudo, but Icolen knew this to be and bustle. By the way, why can't youth
emnbarransiiat. Sisb wmitet lher guests go down with tu? Thero'll iho Ilointy of
to hoar wlhait a flino brytone voice he room in tlio carriage. Oood ideal I'm
lad; so t ho iat down at tho piano and sure Holon will hb plonased. You neod
began ilyiing the naccoiulsnitlient of one not hesitate; you can mlako yourself uso-
of RubiiuHteii's songs. ful as well as ornanmolttui; o w'e Hihall
"You will not refuse ne the last re- oxiect you to be lhro at luilf past 11
quost I shalll nulko of you for monthe- sharp. The stoeauer sail nt 1. (Gooid
possibly tie last I shall ever make, for night; I'll sco you in the nmoranig."
thle ocean is very wide, end even the Rush shook -hanads good nighKt, and
largest lshlsw are frtil," 11u said this promised to be punctual; tind he was.
withl a usille, but isoro sutrlously than he drivo to thoe loulk wius not ;lasrliu-
eIu Inhutenlsld, iuad Rushi t(urnld a shade larly gay. IHolonrfel homoaniock at loav.-
paler at the thought. ing all liher friends and her beloved Now
"I never t uta to a roomful of people, York for a strange city and a stir-ngo
and I will not do so now; I will sing to people. Whou they arrivedl at the
you." steamer, however, thero woro a nulmbor
"Thankm you very much," said IIelen, of friends to sco tlosa off-the guests of
pretoadihy noit to notice the meaning of the niglt before, and soiiae otlaors wlho
hia words. "I thought you aoultl not re- were st'angors to ush--anldt tlhiro wim a
fusemno." And misc began playbig the great deal of laughing, and the usual
aocompanimenllt again. She played it amount of small talk and frolic that nar
beautifully. Iior nacoiall)lnaimtunnts were part of such an uc lon. sion. ln's stlato.
an inspiration to a singer. Itush stood room was filldl with fiowoer, a11d thoi;o
by the side of thie pislno wiher hi could was a brillhiat horticultural d(lintlay on
look at hserand not fucts li otuma, though one of the tables of the tlising room.
he did not turn hlis lawlt to thle guests. Telegrams poured in upon her from
He had luarineld enoughl G(rnlma1 to be every dlreotion, and there was also eluito
able to saig the words hI thilt i.tlnguage, a collection of letters from friends whole
and lie flt frlm.a ii sliglllgl l U i ,rmtisulntol oould not get to the steaenor, but who
so ag Is a foreign toIlgu, OsI Iht iirml wished to say bon voyago. Thoe luoet
two,or thru',I suotue hlins von.o eta "cum:l'l gorgeous flowores hlo reclved I1omo WVest
slightly, sul lult, vwortis asiul II slcn' I; sa Hastings' card.
ence warmnsUd liin, anld hiu nug as is |a

never suug before,giving every word lts with her wealthy admirers, andl that it
full meaning, and looking straight into would be foolish for hilm to nalco the at-
her eyes aI the rich taoncs poured from tempt, so he had bought a curious Chineso
his lips. lie ang as he felt, and he vase covered with dolphins and little
threw suahu an intensity into some of the fishes and filled it with growing forgot-
words that Uncle Lightfoot Myers, who mo-Vote. Helen was more pleiiel with
kilbw a little Oorman, looked at Aunt thia than with anything elso chol 'oNirud;
Rebecca and winked, as though to say, "for," said she, "it will give no some
"Another victim." thing to take care of during the voyage,
When Rush flnlahod singing every one and every time I water it or broak off the
in the room except West Hastings came dead leaves.I will think of you, anud I
up and eomplmentad hhim on his voice, will wonder how you are getting along
"You never saiug for me, Mr. Hurl- In your new position. You must write
stoso," said Bessie, rather reproachfully. and tell mnu all about it. I will not iom-
"Why, Rush, old man, how you have io 'to answer your leottors, but Aunt Ro-
Improvedl" exclaimed Arcde. "I re- boaca will, and you will got muuch more
member you used to sing college songs, entertainingg letter from her than I could
but I never heard you sing then like write."
that." Rush fully realized that Ilelon was go-
"Where did you get this beautiful hingaway. The aotveo prelaratlons for
voice you have been hiding under a departure gave him thle Io mt melancholy
bushel and who is your teacher?" asked feelings, which it required all lais man-
Mary Dick, taking his handl antd slaking hod to kepl, hina from btraylnsg. Wlen
It enthuslastloally. thi bell rang and the ol'du- "Allmastlrel"

was shouted he had serious thought
staying aboard and taking ahis o aceg,
but the impulse was only imomenary.
Io was thuo last of Holen's frieade to say
good-by to hor, and when he took her
hand L.r eyee wiJre filed with tern,
Tears did not disfigure felea's eyes; on
the contrary, they lhlglhtaen th ir
charm. How he longed to take her la
hisr arminn and kiss them awaj What he
did do was to givo her Ilsd a formal
shako, and BinUloiuoolanictalyR aehe bade
hor good-by. Thon horualong thedook
andout to the bow of as hip moored
thorn, so that ho had the las eight of her,
and was in turn tho laet friend "ahe sa
in AWi -a., She threw 1him a rae as
she passed and It fell ip the water. In a
moment he had t pulod Df his ooat and
sprung into theo rier, wh ere he piced
up tho floor and waw' lt to el as
tfio stoumer puaMdd out ghtIt, Beaw
the frightonod expr ij on her face
when ho divodad ad d repaid.
man in a rowboat pftke him up, the,
crowd on tho dok ho p andhecarted
the rose home in trr u
TO JI oo00 .0 .
Bnt Uo Thosughlt Six Mottji Lone 1Enoue
to WaliO
I had boon sitting in the ihadleof a enoe
corner for a quarter of an, rur wihe a far-
nlor came along with an o ltam and invited
me to rido with him. I only fairly seat-
ad when he aid d *
S"Bad thing happened there about l
months ago.,
"tndoed I"
"Ya; that 'ore blamed off ox hled at a
lupor in tthe road and run asinto a ditch and
Mlipd the wagon over.
"Maiuthawas along. rushed the glssuard
i-glht out of ior, and she wua dead wha I
)plkul hor up. Funeral cost me 40. I was
just looking at the bill. Had a coffin with
sl alslvpr plated handles. Ever lose your
"Awful mul thing. Haw tbere, BuckI She
had two unmade dreesee In the house, which
wore loft on my hands. Oup I'll gotshet o
then, lhowvor-gueeu I will. Whoal you
yallor ox I Undrterar id we could scrpe
along with four handles to the oofln, but I
told hhn to makoe'eln an even half doeen.
Feller can't afford to be small about thoee
things. Say, you know what belongs to mmn.
ners, elit"
"I hope so."
"uessed you did, even If you are aoot. I
want to n uk you how long a widower has to
wait before taking another. Tbh'ews no law
yer know, but a sort of custom. Isitayear l
"8Somi wait a y'oar."
*'Asd some only three or six months"
"I've hoard of a second marriage within a
week or two."
"Too soon-a leotle too oon," he answered,
as he stroked his thin whiskers "Looks too
sordil and grasping, you w. Neighbor
woulld probably talk, too. i'uldntt oom-
plain about six montli, loufl "o '
"I should think not."
"That's twenty-four weekseor 8 days, you
see. Nothing sordid about aat, eht It's
coming off next week."
"Whatt Your marriage"
"That's It. Bin engaged l days now,
ma4 it) tlo come onf next Weeday. He
inrtlno is iPoUbo. Awful hard t6uet up airly
and l,<1tp hlustling all day. H myee o
her ever minc the day o the day o tunera, but
yot? neuen't mind tolaing It. folks a goe-
sipy, you know. (it up, you laty beastat
Say, I want to ask bout anothe'hing."
"Well t"
"lIavn't got Martha any tsaulmtone yet
HIav to git one, won't I",
"Wliy, yes."
"If 1 didn't they'd say I wassordid, wouldn't
thly ?"
"Tlhey mightt"
"Would you put a lamb or a dove on IW"
"That's just as you feeL"
"Hna It got to roul: 'Martha, the first and
most lelovexl wifo of Aaron Snyderr'"
"Nott isccuWrllliy."
"Kiss I Jl.t iput on: 'Ereoted to the mAemory
of Mssrliisls nior, who iled April 29, 1898"'
"Why, yes.
"A1i liuvo It quietly taken up and et up,
andl I',I lot 1s tA o the other. I ,V Nothing
sonhlll itlksut Foolo, but sloh things gi
you know. Doyou take theoroes d VI l ,
gtonil day. (lad we mot. Sed ine ix
inlntljwaIs long enough but I kde wanted
an slitmilo opinyun. Had ix uandl. yo
reIIOII'Isisor, Iut the neighbor mIghtel 1me
sordid unls shut us out on qullUig bees nd
co,'n lusklIgs."--New York Sunat
A RIequset Complled With.
For pure ohoek, here is a lettd frmn New
York. An architect of whom wehave never
hsard writow from New York to say that Ie
has removed to more oommodlots ad per-
InIanent qlauirters, and ask u to please note
the clhango of nddresd. A notice pt this kind
Is gonraully rloked upon by a stwspaper as
an advortlniemont, still we have muoh pleais-
aroI is nccoding to the arohiteet's request sad
beg to state that Mr. Blank has removed his
ofilces from No. street to No. --.--De
troit Free l'retss.
Destroying a Fine Morml.
Usrok' Cloarwator (noted tempuane poe
tloi, oil a visit to his nephew, looklIng oat of
Is'rl,,r wiudow)-What a fine bauldig that is
sscros' the way I
Neulih.uw-Yoee, yes; but the owner btllt it
out of the blouud, the aches and groans of his
fsllownmml; out of the grief of orsing alhl-
dru,, uIu(l the woe of wailing women.
Unclo CI.-Ahl A rum seller, of couo n
Yes, yuIst
Nulllhow-O, no; he's a dentlst.-Tooato
Grip. ________
A 8uoeessful Straaggle.
"Clim'rl lotayed pretty latelast anigt, didn't
he, Lilt" lkedxl Sister Kate the nxt morning.
"Yes," said Lil, sleepily, "we ww trying
thels pigs in clover puasle till nearly elevet

"And did you got the pigs in the pea, LiI
asked Kate, eagerly.
"No, we didn't; but I got my finger la this
solitaire diamond ring."--8omerviU Journal.
fuanson In the Temple.
"After all," remarked the student of BScrlp
true, "Sainnmon was the greatet dramatic
actor who over lived."
, "How do you make that outf" queried the
"Why, no man," explained the p5'urx ,
"over brought down the house as be dkid"-
Chicago Ulole.
PerfeetlUy Willing.
Wifo-I wish you would push this baby
carriage a little way.
Husband-Well, I will, if you will carry
the baby.--lotoif Herald.
adlly Kept Clean.
The young king of Spain's nurses probably
have little trouble in keeping hin olea shlaps
he lahinself the Catile's hope.-Hotel Mal.


BoraTM, June 1.-The steamer D. W.
Jones, Ca ptLpsley, at Boston today from
Port de Pats, report the steamer Caroline
Miller therto sal April W. The steamer
Carlla Miller, when entering St Mark's
harbor, April 1, was fed upon by one of
rltgitim e's boats, the shot striking the
water twety tfee from the Miller. The
Jones reports that the Miller has on board
several gP that Byppollte had captured
from Tleltime and was shipping to New
York for repa The Hyppit arry were
btesetag Prt-an-Prlnar
Inremaa UIKll In a OCllleS
HAt f e, June L--The through express
fright, bound west, oe the Now nllond
railroad eellde with th loed hf ound
eat, near el t Hartford this morning. t s
reported tat oe freman was killed and sv-
ral ears wrecked.
Ied t n.aOva tl a Weath.e
WASWMueolr, Jane 1.-It Is estimated at
Me trsury department that the public debt
raesfoa drlag tbhe mouth of May wae


OCrop Prospets Continue Unusually


Maoe as Interlor latee Almost wveiy
vker I Ample supljy-N-o Cange
s t*e tron ead Ieel Tradse-The
oesral Outlook 1neouraging.
Hsw tYor, June L-The week ha been
iantre ptsed bypa holiday aadsa a apq f .w
wuasnable weeth-r, with killing t rost In
saoe toeattws. While truitt)a ben injured
.Ioewlt extesvely, ther is no evidenos
asyr t t dat ateisa1i" to tioe greater e a
b ll men appaclable, and It seems to have
began coafned to marrow limits. Rain has
brogbht more hop tfu prpects as to cotton
in asoe southern sotions, though oats*In
Alabaa appear to have been generally In.
jured by drought.
On the whole, the crop prospect continues
unusually good, and the markets are rapidly
adjuatif themsem vs to the amuranoe of
ample applies Business here has been some-
what interrupt I by the holiday, monetary
unoertainaties and the heavy auction tales,
but at all points reporting continues large in
volume, and the clearings through baalks
show anm terse of about 19 per oent over
last year oatesde ot New York.
Uihtes'r Iaporls spected Nest Month.
Is view of the large exports of gold and
oonadeable realaing sales of seurities by
elg older, te course of foreign trade
clsdsely watohed. The Inoreass over last
ia export Irom New York and In im-
s atNew York ha been about 7 per
oii for eaob, wlhch indicates an excess of
imuppo ver expOrts for May of about $14,-
000,000, and the speoe movement thus far
has not nearly settled the balanoa thus aris
Lighter export are to be expected for the
next amoth, so that a considerable outgo of
gold would be natural, eveh It there should
be no withdrawal of capital on account of
seourltlsold, There no apprehension of
early diturbance In the mouey market, but
the baak surplus, if materially weakened
during the next eix weeks by gold exports,
may not be strong enouh to prevent serious
prrena the fal During the past week
treasury has take In only $800,000 more
than It has paid out, d dometlo exoluange
favor New York.
p dailnatve Markets Tase.
Money at Intertr points i almost every-
where it nple supply, Cleveland being the
only elty whbe any degree of olcsneue is
noted. Cltleons do not Improva at Kan-
as Oity or Milwaukee, and bahn report
many drafts returned unpaid at Olevelnd,
but the complaints are on he whole not in-
orease The speculative markets have been
comparatively tame, though corn has deolln-
4t MoP, cas and coafee d.,whll wheat,
vu 4 d Atprk prfuotrl arn sah a trifle strotig-
r. No change s soen in cotton, and sales
have been large for the ason.
The general avera..> of priovh has doelined
only a flth of 1 per cent. for the week,
though its tendency still senmia downward.
About 10 r event. more than last year's
prices a *a4 for Mlehlgan wool, but the
trade is stil checked by Indlilxmotion of man.
ufaoturon opay any advance. The treasury
deolsmon on (th worut.u-l qluoatlon, however, is
regarded by many as Insuring a more active
demand for wool. a
The lasnnels Allnllonu.
The annual autlions of flannels are In
program, with very autlvo bidding, and
prices thus far about 7 per oent. below those
of agents. These sIale are believed to have
established a satisfoatory Iais for this yeat'
produtloa and tra and tradigand n inprov
tone In the dry gods market Is perceptible.
The jobbing trade in outtons continue fair
for the season and the new business in dress
goods and bhorery I of fair proportions.
In the tron and steel trade no change ci
consequence i observed, though Pittsburg
reports a very dull market for pig, with
lower pri ee for some brand, and a fair de.
mand fr manufactured iron and steel at
foraar presa. The impreusio prevails at
PhiladelphIa that bottom prices have lIen
reachal, and steel rail iprlduuet are oncour-
agd by sales of 0,000 tons or nore during
the week to believe that the turning point
has benreached, though as yet quotations
are uucbanged.
Trade It Oruemrles Mosderatb.
In other branches of businom the outlook
is encouraging. There are signs of an Im-
mene production of batter and hoeese, with
a full dneand. The prxlduotion of Ixjoot and
shoe s ineremasg, and ordIers relved are
large, but the trade is mnltrraussed by the
aneertalUty as to prices in ase of a deollne
In the eat ot.mat'rlals.a oaroely any profit
is reallsed ti produstio of leather, but the
visible supply Is believed to be steadily di-
minishiag and hide are abundant and obheap.
India rubber is not very firm at 08 oents for
Para flue.
The trade in grucerlep is moderate, and the
prevailing ditposliion to retriot purchases
to Immediate d is as apparent In that as
in any other branch of buismne The stock
market, after a strong advance, has been
sbinechat depreed by relatltion, and the
outbreak of a new war of rates amlon the
roads west of Chicago is a dliquletlug feat-
r,but as yet prios have needed only a
A Week's B iasOess Fallures. -
The bus na failure ocaurring throughout
the eountry datin the last rven days, as
reported to IL G. Dun & Co., by telegraph,
nunulbe, far the United States 900, and for
Canada 15, or a total of SIB t falure, as
compared with 90 last week, and 253 the
weak pvrevu to t.e lat. For the oorre
spandhlg week'of ait tyear the flgurs were
205, made up of 186 In the Unrted States and
19 ta the Dominion of Canada.
lied Upea an Amerlean Veseel


standing of the League and Asselatles
Teams Up to Date.
Nxw Yonx, June 1.-Again the seue c ol
battle on the diamond have been shifted and
the Giant, in accordance with the require.
meats of the schedule, are called upon tc
visit Washington and Buston, where they
will continue the struggle for the much cov-
eted emblem of victory until *e 10th of
June, when they will return homuifa a fight
with the Bostons and Philadelphlan before
taking their first western trip.
Pennant FlUlaters.
In the League struggle the only features
of the week have been the fall of Anson in
Boston and the fine work of the Clevelands
in their brief saerie of games in Washlngton.
Clnainnatl had, before they started east,
made a brilliant spurt, had although they
opened with defeat in Philadelphi, they
have been playing goml tall. The Baltlmoree
and Athlotlec lehvo sln, shown some Im.
provement since their return from the west.
ow the League struggle is progressing is il-
lustratd by the figures in the appended
Olube. i*.c .cI Clubs. w. P.O.
Boston ....... 80 h W licsago .....1 17 .48!
Pbhllaoplila.l9 10 .s:i lIttsbnrg..... 111 1 .4C
New York.... 17 I d anapoll .10 .8
Cleveland.... 1' 18 .tbi Washuigton.. 0 18 .6
The club of the Amerloan Assoolation also
continue to figlt hard for honors of the
diamond, as the following table will indicates
0Club. wL. P' b w. P.O.
St. Lpuli,...... iI .09iKanmas Clty..1817 .,14
Brookyn.... 1 14 .00 altlmore .... 17 .48 b
lnnuatl.... 1 ol...iI t "n aClsssnbes,. .81
Athletic ......A 18 s .Mib Lolusvilllo.... 8 j7 .i
Brilliant ltooord of the urooklyn&
The great feature of the week in the Amerl.
can association has been the return home of
the eastern clubs after a fortnight's sojourn
in the west. Brooklyn accomplished won
ders while in the west, but received a slight
setback when the club reached Columbus in
dropping two of the four games played.
Froa the tiho they loft hero ultil they got
home on Wodneuday evening they won thir-
teen of the eighteen games played, amid bar.
ring poor umpiring in Ht. Louis, they might
have seoured .another victory. But as it is,
the club has done so remarkably well that no
fault can be found with it.
On Account of the DIscmntlnuance or the
"rioker" Servleo.
Nlw YORK, June 1.-The resolution of the
governors of the Now York StoAt Exchange
ordering a discontinuance bt the ticker ser-
vice for reporting quotations was oarried into
effect this morning., It had the effect of
ahnost wholly susponding business on the Ex.
change. In Ihe first five minutes only one
sale of Bt. Paul was made.
Very mall Trading.
The trading during the first Afiteen s minutes
in any of the stocks was oonfned to 100 share
lots The only feature oft trading during the
first hour was a buying of the Vlllard stocks
and Union Paclfic.
At the Consolidated Exchange a few stock
quotations were marked upon the board, but
they were believed for the moat part to be
fctitious. Very little business wastransacted.
Kllrla as ulti MUtohel Arrl-w.
Nmw YORl, Juno 1.--Jako KIlialn arrived
on the steamship Adriatic, which reached her
dock at 7 o'clock this morning. Charlie
Mitohell was a follow passenger. They were
greeted by a party of friends. Among the
party were repreentattives of thb sporting
fraternities of Baltimore, Buffalo and Chl.
e ego. The puglilte were cordially greeted.
Mitehell and his wife Immediately proceeded
to an up town hotel and Kilrain paid a visit
to the office of The Police Gasette, He re-
mained there but a short time and then pro-
ceeded to Jersey City, where he boarded a
train for Baltimoro, whore his mother's fu-
neral takes place tomorrow. Kilrain bad
not heard a word of his mother's death until
he arrived at The Pollee Gasetto office.
Only the lather Escaped.
Naw OmLa ANB, June L--On Wednesday
afternoon, during a storm in De Boto Parish,
a red oak tree was blown over, and fell upon
the dwelling of Joseph Raffle, crashing i, in-
stantly killed Mrs. Raflo, a daughter aged 17,
and threo sons, and severely injured another
son. Mr. Ralffe himself, who was lying sick
in bed, was the only one of the family who
escaped uninjured.
New Deputy Colleotors Sworn In.
NBW YOuK, June l.-L. M. Gano, H. B.
Stanwood and John M. Gunner wore sworn
in today as deputy collectors under Collector
OlCsing Quotatlons of the New York took
Maw YonR, June l,-Money closed at V)4 per
cent., the only rate of the day. Exchange closed
steady; psctttul rates, $4.8SiH4.89)4; actual rates,
$4.87)4@-4.;4: for sixty days and $4.t)f4.899
for deinand. Governments closed steely; cur-
rency 0s, 119 bid; 4s, coup., 190 bid; 4ra, do,, 1017.
The stock market this morning was moderately
active. Up to noon, tlse closlug hour, 104,000
shares ohauRod hands. In the early dealings the
market was lull rafl dragging and prioes were
weak, but toward II o'clock a buying of the
raegos'n, Union Palllc, Northern Paolflo and
reg Tu 'ranscoutluental streugthonod the entire
list, and prloc gradually worked upward to the
close. The anal pries wore generally fractionally
higher. Tle greatest advances were nl the stocks
named above, and ranged from 1 to 1i per seat.
The hank statement was unfavorable.
loeslug prices:
Wert. Unlon Tel.. 873 Ohloago & Alton,... -
Adan Rxpres.. Del. LM udkoa ....-
U,; E pres...., Del.. Ls West...148W
., 0., I ..... rie...............
N. Y. Central,..... 1001 Kans t&Texas.... 10,
N. J. Central..... Lake hore......... 10
Illinol Central.... 1t Northwest.. ...... ll4
Northern Paclif.. -0%4 Do. pref...........14h
Do. pref.... ..... 0i Paclfo Mll........ a 1
Central Paolfe... Rellng..........,. 47
Missouri Pacllo... 7% 8 t. Pau............ 78)
Texas Pal'cflo..... t1 Wabash............ 16
Alton&T.H..... Bur. & Quino.....
Canada Southoru. 5 Ore. R'y & Nay .... -
Canada Pacific u... 4 Ore. & Traus...... 8
Central MarkeLt.


([n CaRfU o tr SQVAtoa.)
Nzw YonK, N. Y., June 10.-Report.
from the Southern States Indicate that the
rice crops have been materially damaged
by the recent drouth.
Deaftess Can't be Caued.
by local application, as they can not reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There as
only one way to cure Deafness, and that is
by constitutional remedies. Deafness is
ausoed by an inflamed condition of the
mucus lining of the Austaohian Tube.
When this tube gets inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed Deafness Is the
result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its nor-
mal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine oases out of ten are caused by
eatarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucus surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any ease of Deafness (caused by Catarrh)
that we can not cnre by taking Hall's
Oatarrh Cure. Bend for circlars, free.
F. J. CHINEY & 00., Toledo, 0.
o Sold by Druggists, Ieo.

It Isa Curloue Fact
That the body Is now more sueeeptible
to benefit from medicine than at any other
Meaon. Hence the importance of takmg
Hood's nFaparuilla now, waen It will do
yon the mest good It s really w oderful
for purifying and enrihing the blood,
ereatingoan Uppetite, and giving a healthy
tone to the whole system e Bren to get
Hood''s uBaapal, which is peculiar to


- -- .1.-



T. aW OAI to tas qnuV a.
WaswmtMeTo D. 0., June 10.-Capt.
Horr's chances to be the naxt Colleotor of
Customs at the Port of Key West, Fla., e
growing more favorable every day.

[I CAmIT a0 oa I aATO.]
OtroAao, Ill., June 10.-Dr. Cronin's
blood-stained clothing have been disoov-
ered in the possession of a German in this

tD oAMa to TiW aP4VAN.
WASHImxTON, D. 0., June 10.-The Ger-
man and American Oovernments have
again "hitched horses" over the Samoan
question, The result is watched for with
alarm, as trouble is expected. Germany,
it is positively stated, refuses to' make any
more ooncessiont. Secretary Blaine s reo-
belving favorable comments and encourage-
ment here on the position he has taken in
the matter. He is determined to bring Ger-
many to terms.

[W aum" s0 oa 1= r xa
WAs\NaTox, D. .., lane.--10.-Intel-
ligeuco has been received here that the In-
dian outbreak in Dakoto has been quelled.
and the Indianq, have again burled the

tfr CAna To tn Z QVUAToo.
DuauIN, Irbland, June 10.-This elty has
raised five thousand dollar, on subsorip-
tion, and forwarded the same to the Penn-
sylvanua flood nffererse.

faX eAsb to tS NWsha.3
1 at CAU 20 TWI XQUAg)
ST. AUovgrrmi, Fla., June 10.-Mr. W,
S. M. Pookham has been nominated
Mayor of this city, and his election is

ftr CAau to n US A .OA1.J
WAVstieTow, D. 0., June 10.-The new
AtlanUo Cable will soon be laid between
this country and Ostend, Germany. Work
will be commenced on it at once.

([t CAa1 t aCA 0S QrAo.]
JobaMoSTw, Penn., June 10.-It is now
believed that the number of deaths from
the effects of the late floods in Johnstown
will aggregate fivethousand. All fear of
an epidemic has been allayed from the fact
that the Health Officers have put in opera-
tion stringent sanitary measures, which
have had the desired effect.

[ar: OAna to ms sQUAqroe.]
WILLAMWPoaT, Penn., June 10,-The
once productive country around this place
has been laid waste by the recent flood;
and no trace ean be found of the famous
Williamaport bridge, which was washed

(a Cara to Mtn aquoa.j
Pimre ano, Penn., June 10.-The Penn.
sylvania Railroad has resumed the running
of regular freight trains.

[at 0ASt1 TO tr ZqVAtOI.
Rio Janano, Brasil, June 10.-The new
Brazilian Ministry has been formed.


NMwYosM, June 1.-FLOUR-Dull but steady
city mill extras, S4.0a4.66 for Wet Indlasl Mln.
neota betra, S.tsB6.i001 superfine, f .98@8.15;
flee, S1,685.7B.
WHE AT-Easers receipts, 78,00 bushel; ship.
ments, 18,010; No, 8 red state, 8mo,; do., June,
800.; ido., July, 81)o.; do., Aug., 81ho.I do.,
BSptember, 8io.
N te y recelpts, 190,678 bushels; hip.
ments, 0,oa1 bu;lNels; No. 8 mixed, 41,, cashl
do,, June, 40%o.; do., July, 1o. blid.
OATS-PSteadyl recelpts, 1,8e0tasheali sahp-
menta, n bushels No. 8 white state, Wo.I No. 8
mixed, June,'7jo.; do., July, ~ o.
PORK-DuUl new mess, 138.5Q18i.0.
LARjD-Qulet; June, 187.1; July, 17.a.
KOLAKS-Qulet but sdy t 80MO for test.
TVIJIP TlIN,--Dull at UWK)4la.
ROSIN-Btedyl strained to good, 1.10c1.19.
"FUIGtHTB-DUl; grain to Liverpool, steam,
R oTROLEUM-Unohanged.
BUTTR-Itteady; westem creamery, faaoy,
EjcrES-Dull Ohio flat 78o.
O8-QulIetl ot, 14014QXo.; westers, 18a0
BUGAR-Hflaned Rteady; out loaf anderudhed,
I9 granulated and Inld A, f.
TALLOW-Duli; prime city, 40o.
*^""lP oC...1.. #.'-I. nt WRn Iffko


SIN cha11n g, III consllenting upou the I
Ill'during Ih glrt a'l toat disaster In the Coneoinmulih O GEO W. ALLEN, URs(de
gll itt e Ii, P In ile olnl I GO AND OPENINOGc
KEY WIS'T. FlA., JUtNE 10. 8, i oli, lt s' thLt, toh iio tt ho Jriblo OF N'
88L0J 1tury,1possIa iblly, ever tol of the iijIltl a.J'D B

iitc'lldlil : i grattt olgre at tir co sIftZs10t *1h J ust1551' Fvrv I (
EQUATOR PUBLISHING CO. fit u t (1 lcroulll fi ll ullrll tE W toig-OO vDS. t eH
uillishers and Proprietor&. section oif runsvi Just Received and Arriving by Every Steamer la (
uicc lo tlinig thu oriruish (if (th ~ i 'aly i ni l.'i ) iely llll a vO' ol pa r p i
Office, il Equator Buildlng, Front St. c r water, nid ,hil t u l .structive C "L p l ......' ilI t G O
neorof Duval, Teleohono'3e were lyi'.g in hapt, p. .lie.w ,, of tho eId ;i,' I ,I lll, l O L D Surpli s
"itli I III 'lN i ',. Coucma ii r'ive'r., 1' tlon thu binks of theo ,,f ,I ..., ; .'I, h.' l AiN De
A u 'll ; .i Iurl l.l vr ,u s t e r I O IV tlit Iryuto ll' tr tua ll t ,.l >; '. Ol S I L V E R iAsntO vnI ,I
Ir .:. some S/how 'indous SILVER F AINULO V DECO,
A.ll, ....... ,'r ,. u.i tu, u,,S it on. i. .l.ittry to cul.Li, co'taiidn a, ac t H IR T T S, ALFED M dALVA

a A S,a g t pos.esion of tho jeovel. Yester i .''.. l ar, tof COLLAHS ISSUES LET
-.-.... .at; day thiir horrible crimesawerecontinued, lt .i' ,hr., :, ,,,,.sIp' y,, 0. SE LLUf
I,', nia t l ',st I i,' t but the hands of the avouger fell heavily ;,.i. '. ', ,, l ),. t H os y, ou ll
.".,',/-., it3, .'.... upou tthen flunds. A dozen or more of t1 ii,. .. ...' i. ,. tl aiTT11 flnhTlTfl fL ITmfl CUFFS AND MAKES

,/ W'2est,8 8fa.
,,'/,/,.)" 2. 1888,

,,'I;/S 7 ",s N '1 'E ,C1',A / 1 .
ink, tlii following article, in refer
i, i,'. t "drggists anid the Sunday lay,'
fr'i lh' 'it's-L' in, atd, inasmuch as
thi ,lniwtiiii has citlled out cousiderable
iarIi inn1 t il tliis 'ity, w\e dam it of sufli-
,li lit l'aiporntallc tu riprodlcl it in full,
\\11t i i o1'lllllOlt ;
''l't. n r tIhroo wouks ago th11 stillrmet
erit,'t il Minsanctilsotts dlelivorud all opiu-
i'iit wolioilth is eoitClllliding itself tu the
lir'1s glnorally for its sterling collniio
11lsU. FJr(im t'he 1)oit wo loeru tho facllt
to be that It certain pIrty wits prosecuted
four Ilivillji k>i)t hij nhopsli opu01 oIl the
l.iird's iy fi,r tilt ilurltioe of doing buB!.
IeIs Tlh' u'vidlenUo lihowd(. that hie was
a Irllrllg4i t, Ild tihat ]lo nlado a snllo of to-
bacc'!o, ilind cigra on tho day named ill the
')iihliiu l l. The statultes breriln l), il poln
i liehti ) li f tlhe observance of thu Sabbath
wri iallIni: dh ill ill 1887 by idlaling a pro-
visiol, thlit Ili tlhiig il the laiw ahou hlt bo
hulld to prohibit certillu limed acts nnd
kitia of lbtlSill(sus, aIliOllg which wns "the
retail oi da of drugKH nll mediciness" The
legislaluri, with all ilisAposition to lwaulo
Itriet Itgal dotluitionus, left the (iieotion
iOpIo Iit to whether apothecaries, who were
allowed tol sell utdicines of various kinds
ill tiiht) lIhrd''l dll, might not also sell
claur'S i Ili tobuaioo, on thle ground that
the(sei wer' tetchuLoally drugs,
"The ilfentdanut, who kept cigars aunD
talinc'o for salo, was no doubt kept under
triet sirvo'oillanioe of the tobauo dealers
who \vure noIl willing heo houtll, Iti the
(iililletitivo struggle for patrounge, enjoy
thie priviloge ot' selling cigars and tolbacoo
Si ildaL Ullder the lnainei of drugs, whlil
tlhiy wtr'co rI'stritcid t, nsix days in the
"Thl court held that while tobnco,, in
its varioull plrelaltratillms, 11ay be classeil as
lrnigs, tlhre w as no ovilenuc to show that
tlho d('efundant had sold the cigars for
illodiciinal use, or that he kept open for tie
purpose of selling cigars, or any other foril
or lri'l'ration of tobacco, to bu used mn.d-
iihally, aind thoreforo decided that thle law
hl11l I)(eoD violated"

"/'Jt,'I'U'.\ U ', I'lA 'T/IP'."
lu ni editorial ooniouet iupon Pnresident
liarr'ion'sindlligiati(l ait Mr.'leveoliand al.
log'il itiol of tlruitig fa widow out of offcn,
tlo St. PIal (Minu.) GUlobo, of recent dite,
Says that whenil (oneral ]arrrison was a
oaudlldlto for Governor of Tudiaun, the
Clev(olndi Administration removed from
the post-ollice at Couunlton, Ind., a small
town1 t Lu the Ohio river, Mrs. Hunt tlhe
widow off a soldier. Harrison made a
speech on the subject in Lis most eloquent
and pattleti vein. IH useId th, language "
"' 'Ihehorn wns 1n nil thin coinntry oan person
whlo by ronsou of her sex, who by riasonu
itf hIar wilowhuood, who Ly roasou of tlt)
sacrifices slio hild nmdo in giving the arm
onl which ho Jeanod to her county's service
was entitled to have ior reputation
guardlod jealonaly anl by all men who rep
ro oitteil the government, it was Isabellu de
Ia IHunt." Now that her tearful anid iudig-
nant uhamupion is president, Mrs. Hunt felt
certain that he would reappoint her. She
pititionod for the place, and had a greater
iltuber of names for her than a'ny other
appllant, but she didn't got the nppoint-
nlcnt. The offeoo was given to a party
worker. the Chairman of the Republican
(Comnittlo. The lady could not fix up the
convention n in 1802.

The people of other Southern cities are
lsubsribing with a liberal heart and open
pirse to the Poennsylvnia flood sufferers;
but we are sorry toisay that, in spite of our
appeal for this purpose, last Frilny, no
stelps have yet boon taken, or one cent con-
tributoil Iy onr people, for this worthy
lirposle. Ou the 4th iust. the Jacksonville
Ithitrd of Trado met and contributed $50(),
for this purpose; the Jacksonville Auxiliary
iianitary Asaoeitionl also oontributead
.d2,(00; the cities of Jacksonvillo have since
c'lontriblted between *500 and $1,000.
likewise Sanford, Orlannl, Plalatka and
other Arinlandu cities and towns have made
liberal donations. Shall it be said that Key
\Wist is the only city or town in the State
which refused to respond to the cry for aid
froiii tile suffering?


thleu wore driven by the infuriated people
toward thi r iliug river, into whioh six of
tli ghouls were driven, and thus forced to
invulmitarily commit suicide. Others were
huug. In the lpockt of one of those vau-
dalh was found the tiger of a woman witL
a ring upuo it. Is this not a frightful
olumlntutry upou the niuilteuuth catury

(lovh\i'noit l't n i It aunwer to the Wash-

ington Post whiuh requested his views
uptou the contonlllated Exposition to be
held in W\vhington City in 1892, in co.
inell'morttion of the Discov\ry of Aniericai
I beg to reply lnuhositaltingly ill the
ifflrulmtve,l and to say that L hLve long
boen dopuly imupressod with those reat iUm
lurtatte to Floriida, nud the other Gulf
States e'lput'isily, and to ou,' wUolo country,
ol cultivatiU ng clos relations with tho 8o0Ih
and Central Aumericanu Satest and I shall
do al1 ill n y power to nidin promoting any
senlic u which gives pruouisu in that diruu.

DAVID 1B. HIL lina got to do one of two
things, 813ays the Buotuon Plut -- either get
mairiied or givot up il hopes of the Presi.
doncy." An oll.timo Democrat in 1870,
after having deposited his ballot for
Samuell J. Tilden, heard that Iis favorite
wits a iinabelor. "I wolt to recall ny
ballot," said he. "1 don 't want to voto
fur any Ilau 7 11 yours old whol \t ll nvl ur
lovnul a swoethelll't nor inarriwil a wifEt."
Tia lChancellor (if thle Eyligsh Dli)i wua
of Willulleste'r 1118 given th, following opin-
ion iu to tho tuse ouf tho buriidl ritos
at futilrals by ertnlatiou "lit mly
view tlh serviooes luy li'roperly be rond
after cremation, as ohll (Christian survijot
for the deniil lighted b ovrr tho ilIsies of
nllartyrs wlo htad Looll burlnu.id at t ihe till
ut burying the ashLou, but I think it shouhtll
nut bu the Lpfludtu to thie cr'inlitioll.
MlH litllow, the wonllnl roently con--
deluinedl to death, in Philiadtlphiat, for tii,
niiulder of heru bllallnud, lieis hinl lhr soI -
tuolcu ounllntod tot ilnprisnamolltnt folr ifo.
W'lht is ifipiollioninlent for lifo lbut t 'doettlh
csnteneo?"-n lingerilng dloth by torture.
i'ltl11,J OI'INION.
There i a grent deal of lnocolicupi lItin.
iu tho Ie itLed States, and inamilgrants of a
good class aro weluomeo. hut it, must lu
aldmittod thnt tho rolpotartel fall!l, o, if tnthe
uniubor of imiingrantsl is notlikely to cuiuslt
a great deal of sorrow atnong Anmricans.
-D-onvor letubblicat, loep.
The tmwasses of tlio Datinourti party
hlolor Air. Cvulilnd anud tleo lriniellds lie
reproaselIs. Th'ey bolieuv tilt pbl.,li, rllice
is a pilblic trllt, nud that goverllonite
should oxist for the bunellt of all thtle
governed, tbo poor as will as tho rich.
-Mobile Roegisatr, Doal.
There isn o present I)roipoet that work
will bo renewoel on the Panama Canal, No
private company will talo the risk, tald no
govoernuunt but that of the United States
can enter upou tho work without Incurring
)thor oxpeunso compared to which thu cost
of the canal will lo llsglyillcanut..-- .iu
Francisco Call.
There is one Amoriciu nnachino that
won't he represented at the 1rPris Exposi.
tion. Tlis is the political nnachinl,. K
don't want to take all tho spirit ontof
Europe, however. We pl-ofor to show
them our progress a little at a tino, andt
let them study our Rreatest institution
through its external workings in the way
of blinistors and Cousuls.-l'hilldelphila
Times, Ind.
America cannot Io n bloody battle
ground for the fends of Eltroleau fiattions.
She lns poncofullly opened her gates anil
welcollmod hero Iloro Irish than ti or aro in
Irelnnd, anl this lpeanoful solution hs
wisest nnd best. Butt lot not justice sleeol
nor piuuishnlnt Ing till those, whatever
their position, iutflunco or nationality, who
are responsible for (roninu' donth aro son.
tended. We have no room for assassins in
Amarica.-Albnuy Journal, Rep.



T'i,: story' comes from South Carolina
that I ll moru ignorant of the colored
pIeolu' o Il thcre believe that the white
niitn ImtkoI cui,'tor oil fronl the blood of
nugICes ohom ita strange doctor, who can,
at Will, lake himself invisible, captures
and blheds. It is said that for this reason
tIhe'o people would rather die than take a
d ose or' castor oil. We do not see why the
colored icoplo should be permitted to mo- e W.W
nopolize all the comforting beliefs of the
world. Thero are intelligent white men
ull over this country who, when a: dose of The cliche eneson for the great sIB-
cnastol oil is put under their noses, would e ss of IIool's Sarsaparilla Is fllound In the
give half they aie worth for a good, reason. article itself. It Is merit tlht wins, and the
ialilo belief of this sort. fact that Hood's Barsaparlla actually ao-
compllshes what Is claimed for It, is what
has gtven to this medicine a popularity and
WhEN the terrible flood tore down the ale greater than that of any other sarsapa-
Councinagh Valley, says an exchange, it Merit W ins rilla or blood purl-
caught the congregation at their May de- ier before the public.
votioon in the Catholio church at Cambria. eed' Sarsaparlla cures Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and all Humors, Doyspepsla ck81e
Inches and every article of furniture Headache, Bllousness, vercomes That
were torn out and the building badly Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength-
wroecked, the water rising fifteen feet high ens the Nerves, builds tip the WitolgAystem.
inside the chnreh. Butitiaid thahe Ues l rparlll Is eold ball dru-
Siats. SI; six for @8. Prepared bh.. lieo
iange of the Blessed Virgin was not moved aCo., Apothecarles, Lowell, l .
an inch from its place. Though the image
is only three feet high, and it was comr. PEERLE STU t110 tMi~~ 5
pletely submerged, not a flower, nor a veil
nor any piece of drapery was either stained Te lnekalln' Arltes fovI.e
or ruttlod. The Catholics of Cambria pro. rThu esor, eale in the world for Cut,
BcuiSea 8ores, Ulcers, Salt Rheuim, Fever
claim it a miracle, oroa, Tetter Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
--- --- ....--.-C Oorns, and all skin Eruptions, and posi-
A PAIns correspondent in the Matin indl tively oures Piles, or no pay required. It
cates that the next Papel Conclave will Le is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money reftlosed. Price 21 cents per
compelled, by the drift of events, to elect box. For sale by Dr A. L. P'.PETOt ,
as Polp an English or American Cardinal. June 25 1-vr,

loNTi.',, a '.. i i l., l, n'I'i i ,
a A ril I, 1 3.
old Va; Illii .I', iI r' 1 ii iliM aly ttaou
ia.t lor iit .. i...t ,, il a aiihlt 'o rely,
UIii till oi i i ry 1. lir liferl bho was
hlau L :i .. I,,rl ".' fie' ti wii hin t benetft.
tie h iilly i t A.n IT'st tlls tile)uife, which
out.I rli ietl t. e tiril llu n' wl li I iow as
ll>l IIJ i huarly Clill I r tiraj ", (I "I be found
tanywhern. E. V. Diix.
Trieatll 0n llleoIt BI ih0iktin Dio9aase malled f .
'IIIn KwirrK'it'iri.l'<'i>,, Dlr\wer 3, Atlenta Ga.
aw Yourk, 3ri irnVdwady. .

witlhdrwiUarng A hrosti will collect all ao.
ouu(ts duahi to the irm anud will play ill
dubta of the sa1.0,
M, P. Culnoy,
AL'tEo luST'r .
May It), 301d,
i'he Merchant's Proteotive Assoclation
inect the first Thurslday il every mouth at
8 o'clock p, n,, i their Hall over the ntoro
of J. A. Larkilmt i Co. nl(v. 10-tf.

a ~llSOEi-, SHlOES .--Svo your
money by buying tte celehrutod
Monroe Bros. & Co0'B nlhoes, for gentlemen,
Itlin and childrou. All brnuded with our
nlame are warranted. Accept no other. lyr,
S0( RENT. Store on Dival Struet n.>'t
tdor to Catholic: ( Clrlin lThis tore is
suitbleo for I)ry (ioodg, iDriugl, Militnery
ianid l Fit'y Goods or Shou Store, For
furtLhu particulhars, inquire within, 5-2-1mn
oltit lSA'L OU LElASE.A-' he
J Iou o nSn asIo l lot of J.Ilrsoln I.
lrowue ill tLh ltnrrnatks road. For tlorlnlt,
npply 1t, thi 'llhA iNK KIY WI.;'ET.
ly ily li.
1T ()'IC(E. --Islad City Lodgu o No, 1, I. 0
1\ ( I. ()., 0m'cts every Mond 74 p. in. at
in thlirl all over Samunil Ioberts store.
All ile lliniorl Tre1 r0rqu Pesit to bi' lproliIpt
in tittnildenelu. 1F'Iru r ITIIoMIWsoN,
Chief Tmuplar.
(Vo). I. 1PILLIr P. otreturtrv.
tech. <, IHW
11 () BATLE.- Lot No. 12, blk n, tract 10,
i n Amt-lihi HI., Kry Wst, Lots No. 1,
2, 3 andl 4, sol. Ill, 'lwr. ((1, range 21 east,
containing 111 lu'rns. 1This linIl is on Hig
L'ino ]HfyI is known iln \Willhllun'r Ilinloek,
is good .1arinl l lith tll IIIIHu a b(oll winter
Irontit. For jimrtllil'liI4s plyluIV to
1 yiiy.tf WA, F. wool).
SFACtto uIY TO( LT, t'hle large ny il
halllndsolmeo new (lCtrnr Factory oil
WhilI cPheIl streol, known ias the "Con-.
quelr" rFctotry, can Ih, rentil1 clheanp
It I ts a ita)acity for throi hundlrod e lgalr
inmakers', TIl1o best of lights. A nrew loe-
vator liuts ri ','lnit)3 ),'c'a.l i)a '1 5i l) I
building. l'Fr fnrtlher partiont lars aIp)y
to 1). POHAnt.Kt,
April Ih tt. tfHtillo ('Cty.
A MINIHTATOR' NOIICrO.- NL(i. ,tivo is
liornby ivont t, anil person hIving
Olihlns ngain tht1) estate of Asit F. r'jilt,
lato*f MIonroo county, Strto of Floridil, to
preseti thie same to tihe ti nulrsigniiil within
the ttnle pro icriludl I y wliv; nitil ill aI)'r-leni
iludnhtod to HSlit ]E':st 1o %I rlU0In-Sted tu
'ettllo tIle HnlleC.
4r.Ls)N T11r,,
Adminiltratlor'of tile Estat> of Ani F.
Tift, tideclisitl. Koy West, blih, 21) '1), Gm),
';no Key West otlt inl of Triulo IinOt otn
the tirst iriusityi v ill ah l,.inthi, at 7. )30
o'clock, I', M., at the roonllm of tlhe Ioard,
over the bank of Key West,
( lIowNw PATrlsONSo, Secretary.
Irluslcae lulll lnatlh
Force tlloir way ilt,, nianry a hoilsohlil thit
might h o protected from their iuroala, by
thle nimplo prclactiou' of keepilig ll tlh1
houtso tihat bolligat fanlily muIiicino nild atfo-
guiard of lhealthl, lli,)nttter'a Stomnuiul lilt-
tnrH. Pulrtionlituly whlore th(IrU nro chilirien,
should it ihe kept on lhand, nat II pIro'ipt
remedy for lufatiiil comllanllts, ill their
outset easily couquOrablo, but which, if
allowsol to olgraft lthoeselvin ou tlle ildli-
cnto Ilililsh organlismii, iaru not easily hii-
lodged, tilld speedily work griovotus nuliuhlir.
Irregularity of tle bowels, iudigestion at'n
billiousneoss, are aillmnts of cointiIoi occuIr-
renco in tile household. Children, liviiig
In inalnri(ou rogious, are nior tliablo to be
attacked with chills nud fevor than ridnlts,
and the ravages of that flol disoaso in their
system areo speedier and more serious, lu
remote localities, far from professional aid,
it is cplirtiiliy doaslralle.
We Needle Mone iy.
Wu regret that many ot our bubscrliburn
are in arrears, some of thaim owe for two,
throo nud ovon four mouths back; uow it
would be a pleasure to us to furnish them
n p per every day iu the year free, il'we
oould Rot priutors, paper and ink for noth-
ing, but these must be paid. As fur the
editors and either nttachcs, they can live nl
wind, so in order to pay the printer and
thus lot the paper live, "yet a little
awhile," pay our collector. Pl'ealte remet -
ber that you hanvo the paper, ud if it is a
poor one, that you owe for It, and that
printers aro bald Uou to owe.--tby talk
too plain, tf.


Mutton, Pork, Kid
Anu and all kinds of Choice

Fresh Meats, I iewtabl

Etc., Etc.,
--GO To--.



g.. Choice Key West Iloef a
Hpooialty. Tmy 17-Utf





of I/t-lat I've
have Iwith ju.
si~ote tlte displ7ty

as You tPass Wl'i' way"
jY1C cc arry the langcst

White Vests,

& Vests.

Knee Pants

Io D a t /l oSiLs vu/, ( a it L te Of 50o, 76 u & 1.00.

mS 75c.. lo's. Yot's Rd BOy's '
Fm C O IING Shirt aists
to ,50. IN THE CITY. ..25,35, 60 & 76uts

N e wish Everybody to Exaline Our
Stock a1nd( Prices before l making their Pur-
chas s Elsewhere. .

G. s. WA ITE
No :3 )UVAL ST. Cor. WALL.

Aiilllar.y nltrhlry Notiuo,
Notice it hereby given that the Auxliliary
Santitary Asociation nar now reanly to clean
out vanltlo sinkt aind ilosots by tho Odor-
less Exuavitor tysatoi. Leave nll orders at
Dr. J. Y, I'Prler's office anl tlhy will lih
given promipt attention. June 25 tf





Vavtory att
For Roth-u I i

3I4INS4A LVIT(l'O 111J()S

In the crl,'ar olr:ii ,~,'o .g.i lo o o ljr a
moctaliec lulr illlI.l;.;Is' l .!!" Ioii. I tlo" ruu.t
I ,t i ai r or %livliii tia worlal
nlb. @ l' l dI l Sl, id fr Piirlin

AR cdH,,,, d Solntifio Amerioan.
&"eat timepaiaI. Vawh lootim ei,rotlne nnlnred
lithourmirim 1)(4l0u11 Id' ciu a ulry ilt of(y rumidlu,-
0101 (or huuhlali bhllditimn. Niuiaiiruuum OnintiVlIng
anud full plati nmil mar wIeatlmia for thou use of

flSo ~nay betotur
ulug In BSINN
M N T S 11U l; II Hal u'e
"0 y in' Pliorlaiuo e n(ude ru
C4t, "1t"1 e t all I, b i doe
111 Iplll l iutial, l jutr A itr~~r and je i.-
In tPlopsour n rurk Is liilt, regooalel tl eh the Pi-
ent mille uly to I I) 4AtN o (l., al piot uIf
Iniaiulaln irotactltnm. HoluIfor lulliidbi.
(1411vYR141ITS Mfor 'okl, charts, maps.
Ste.qaql ly procuirod. Aoldrnua
DIIJN & CO.' PILSuI Nollcitors.
U I, Sill. t I( lI : 3111 L IlIIA IWAY 1 N. YT

FacJS Ant Fonlta4a s guru
niml T itilmnitS


tWstl )iI)jr loc11ho don vaoa
plura, mitl n uiar y ilri < lb toilnd cld ie e d
enl',lreliall.,t C, colln.enltrlllhI l m tn1 n c n!roil
lunilt's y prl-.nrvia pinr nIl |irfc, fi ico. Su disirlvo inntnltillilnalvnitoe oil
1glill, Irfi ( I' c('li u ns l iIim llus esponlll, m'oglil lit Ol lthdid ldo
IutIIIla)l l ij Jll S S l disit lvi, Hirvl piiini tlnodoH
)lOs obJl't.s l nlilltrio( Pi (,l1n la lechr.
fI'rH(ser sit l l El, iH rc'lrex Ilto 1 lra In o s.
S )iola I) h lli tlu l l., 1ll di(a illl tll igll, 6
'Ol lto vi("ll .s ll$1y lcmplik itit I'llII .Itr6 ;
4'MLA I-X'vlr ll;It,( verl e 1, llelos 4(ll )! l ol l olar r
O 'l3i VilClil LOl 1 ii3 H a (i llc |lipd irij

(irjii diti h llIII ) Il mililtl, y Ki l tll o 6U q cl iti
Y doliCiONs OI rt,,',.lie I ti[it' ltItIui(I, .i
TeavigsoI pr.stinte tlIhilit hche an 6 o011-
s. rvt imijor Mi l I,0 1 Mti bi e ltapdii, I ( l-

l A lln l v llnll. i io. Ii. ll fiiit, l
iitn, uul iluliuaoaJ Ito ''io, oillo tin Di vii'.

I'N I uIi 'iaI oi I Ir 'i I
3 4. : llr I l'. i '
1)0' it I lll l IiI.
; I .111l 1i()I cl h 1.1,.17 "1
lirrivmiii ,. 1 11%P.
;1. KlIlrlll ,.l -' 1 41 M
4 iW' ..11.. ,,'1

111ta I .l llI 'I a1 t.) "t
.. 1 llitit Illt 1 2 1 4
V. 1' Htllli.:r P ak07 *8
V 3A I U |IIt :IF*) .
ill.-l HAr a 'll Ikll lil 1
< 7u Pl'nttl l Mat ilS allI'!,2l atli '. I K. Wt a i 'ou
h 6.14litrIt iA7

-L-- 'II -
A at llllv<...... o n. l1,dnl.o RnRl' C nE C ,l
Lhiaivi,,,t: uiikrol ,, NEi iSSt LE
sre 11 AI ,1'e ,h,,,',,n tlti'o till y',th r ,'t ,,,l is
Ilt1y ,'3over...tuse iFoultallet's Cur,, n m IIl w oe n, i to giuestsI Strietlyl S Ilrat4t-lIs
Linimt. all iits a11pointntliv Is Oas, ]1.S*trle
A Cold cllnred il 12 hos ItlsH, Hailt Wilaer itiths, jaitll lall lodeir
Founltnine's Cure, imllipri vv.lli'nts. l tilling. lpert'et. On(ly
Coillalull)ti)l tiko 8suall dos1 o of F1,nu- liotel in the City ,,o'nlperly sn,.wreol,
tliln 'S Curo: relieve tlo '. Mei, ,t ., Plop.
soruetens ofchest nIllld k I
by rhl3' ng with Foonl- "-""-"- -- -" ---
tailes Linimieut, IUSINESH ('ACAlli
Ilro'jlltlci. ..., e Founltaluo' Unr d ..r .n .
Liniminlt, a quick tmoira
ilny ptr ntscd. Bs N N BR'S
Liimuont, I lodge my -
word if you will uso theso 1 N 1'
mlo Iiucs iu time, faith-N
filly nacordillu to dir.ae- N W YORK
tiolls, not i clu e will b, ro--
tCroui ........use Fountatiie's Cure nd r K E Y W ES T
Liuiment. Frioud can
you afford to le without
these anfo guards? it i SA[IING E S1l I.O410 T'llJY
orimiunal neglect ',o be
withoutthemiuthet house. NSUIRANCE offuoted undeiIr opentl policy
For sale? ly Dr. Pendle- I of this line at ( Iper cnt. For Freight
Aug 'lnlao ton. Rates and fuirthlr IP1 titllllar, ar)ply to


S Physician and BSurgeou.
Office nt I'endleton'sDrug Store. Office
Iloum 7 to 9 a. m., an d from to 5 p. ri.

j --
Office in the Post Office.
Oct. 13tf

Fn. I;.r. REEir,
8 rgeon Duntist.
()licu-t-Over Porter & lRidgels rug
Storj, ,Simonton atroet, corner Erttot
Key \\est Fla.

S A, MeltCICO Y,

A TTO IsIY-A 'A 2 II',


Ir nI''IA' 7iON of al. l T'1T lhstr l ftsIlty. Prtiltint
: iiithl llo ilvoln to :,illtctUoIr *'raxi IItll fI
Nil)-llshil opnd.

p W. ALAI ti,
Will practice in the United States, COr-
mit and District Courts, for the Bonthern
iHtrict of Florida, and the State and Conn
y Courts, Monroe Oonnty.
Offlco at Key West Bank.


10 Old Slip, Now York. J A. DAY.

Mr. Wm. CURRY.
Aget ntt Key West. Fl1a.


Wu nalk a Specialty of All Kinds tf
H8EEl) TOBAOCO adopted f'or Key West
Segliars Ind will Promptly Pill Orders
entrusted to its, at Lowest IMarket Prices
and LIBEItALTERMS, Feb. -3-mn

Meyer & Clark,

--Ht0OCkBhOltt 'TO- -

It. B. I'OS'P& SON,
81pcial attention giveo to fnrlluip.mnen
of vogrtnablos and fruit.
91 & 93 Mnrgazine S8.,
New Orleans. Louisiana. mnl

,. X. U. GATO, Yior.President,
or F. R. MALONEY, Asuistaut Unahelr,


.- $50,000.

JAMsB WV. Locato ,







Furnish up:your house from the Establish-
ment 64

Who will ftit t up Handsomely and allow
you to make your own .terms of
Installments,4|at the

Baton Street, next to Porter "& Ridell's DritR i td.
5SAccommod eating Terms of Credit...&1
AUkh.G.tf i i ..



I'ropl r'd Iby I'toilntl' Procns by tlio

Lwis systrSnoi & Co., FU R NIT U RE,


Collections receivee Prompt Careful .ttenti.uI
TIIE IMPORTERl S & 'I&tADERI NATIONAL IlANE ...... ........... .. NeW (ork
TI LOl'UIBIANA NATIONAL IBANK............................ New Orl nls,
T'IlE P1Th r NATIONAL JlANK OF FLOIDA .......... .............Janksoliville.
Ti'lt FVit 8T' NATIONAL 1BANK O)I TAMI'A .............. ................ mpsTH
T'I' I'AIcIIO HANK. .... ..... ..... . .... .. ....... ..... i im I'rtrillolsco,
MECIIN C ItAN ........... ... ....... ...... St. tLoulla
MLS, jtS 'LAwTrN IItou'rlrIIm ...................... ... ......I uItvauna
Ml ,sits. 1. ai, I a;WI S &, ONs ............ ..... ...'al titla.ssee'


Eaton Street, oppornqs the Episcopal ohuroh.]

WholeBale and Retail Dealer in

Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Butter

Also, DresHed dChickens aind Turkey* E'gg's
Lard, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
( an iied UGooNs, Plreseives, Salt Meats, Iamns,
BreakfTast lacon, Salt ald Smioked Ton gues,
Corned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Macke.ral
(No 1 Iloatetos,) and couitl'y I rodhce of al

Don't forget the place, S. O., .*J( NSON.

.~ .l Co""il in I.i11ng the Superior Stetniashi)s,

Cairryi firg itt li. Wi k 1' itd l ti 1titlcs ,it i i tign1 1110il ti .lwc n 'i'l ,n ll h y WeNt anu
lhILviuiii. 111d se-vi,, l11tvi61 eoliiljl 'Talim t ion tlohe 2d Novoini.,ritist.

TamPa [ Havana Service.
SAVANNA I, (i., Ma Itit, Is,8. (
I'OT OF 1111, iF )A, '1 l l' J' .i'f I J)iULE,
Iivgiliiiin, i l: 1.slt., t(he uhils of t11il L e14 1 will run a7i follows:
Iluv 'ITAM ...... PA ... . ... M lill iihd 'I iuratil ,
Arriv. i 'EY WEST. .................. 0.'l' ,ls i'y um l t .ridi ,
Arrlv l HAV' ANA ... .... .... .....W edn ilal l iH.td
I ivw HIAVANA ............ ......... . l '1Mn i, d yVH.
I.t.S llt .. l s 1,0vels, It. V. WNoumwlhck,
(toinriul Mainiger. 'i'aic ll lnuner.r. Age'nt, Koy Woest
-- -- .. . .. ---. ,,


New York and Galveston.
Ceattloned of tle following first
o tass teamships, carrying U.|a

ALAMO, Cliptian 8. Risk, 3000.
HANMIAltUCO, ]Iurrows,2000
NUECESi, 0ltatadun Bolger 80001
LAM1'AMPA, Cualt Crowell 80OI
COMAL, (aptaist J. Rlsk, 27001
Virt i -.V of the above shinp ar
rlvi':, ,i ]Rev Woet every f ednesr
idla Irona New York withpassea,
ogrs, tfroght and U. 8. mailsl
Slevhing munml day for Galveston
iualso iuariviz at Key West ever)
Friday from Galveston for Now
Yorli with palln\eagrs, trolght and
U. H. mails. For freight or pa-.
age, having elegant accommodm.
Slona, apply to

Southern Pacific Company,
and HAVA'NA.
---Comltsd of tl e following Fihst-.Clms ateatlshil---h

tVill iluii regular weekly trilm Ibutwout the above plrts, running upon the untue
nohledideC, frtghtI 11114l ptsulvlgor nrattola1 r1 tL l)air. 'i'Lo soit "ni will open with, tbo
Ilte fiwt-samillul rlt.L.ulhl p liI1 L'I tCI1t hh leaving i New Orloansu on tie t22d t ib.,
arriving at this pott on tIe 'YA6b insntot. 'IThe stanlhip lAAhitLUAlti, cerstldered
aImonIg the fa stesbt stalsipr plying the waters ci tisi Unli, will follow every alttrunlo.
week, For freight or Ilassagelu, having superior aucotun itdationn apply to
N. B.-Merchants arie requestedl to leave their orders for g.ada tromn New Orleaut
my office, in order to eeonre prompt delivery of thlem ItIlesNtientitso. Fab 24-1888
II Il l .. . -- ...

._ 1~._~ _.

-- ---- -- --
--------- I



Saltiig the Action to the Word4.
The following is extrated from an add'rr
by the ilbhop of Peterborough (Dr. Nagee) to
a cla of candiatsI for ordination:
"Most o you," he said, will do weU to
weld aotli in the ptlpf. I shall ieve for-
t a n rw boned ourat I onee had, with
bd like lope ot uttona I oa'se hibU st
peparing for a grand peroration, and lesan
Ing over the pulpit with outstretobed de-
pendet palhs, as he exclaimed, 'Paws, me
retren, pawsl-.London Exchange.
A Sensible Sullxstion.

""--^J- -
lHetanurant Proprietor (to wailtr)-Well,
John, is the noon rush all overt
Walter-Yes, sir.
R. P.-Woll, lots you and I go out some-
wlioro uand got something good to eat for din-
ner.-Bostkon Courier.
Hll an OhJect,
"My friend," he said, as le entered a shoe-
saker shop on Oratiot avenue, "I should like
tAI slolg you a songg"
"How much you charge"
"Not a red 'cnt."
"Vhas it a itloo song11
"Vory nice, I ant sure you will be pleased
with it."
"Vhull, go ahead."
Tle man drew a long breath and started
off. It was an awful nolie. It was Intnded
to lift the shoomaker right otf his bench. It
didl so, and after the first verse he said:
"Maype you hal some objoctr
"1 have, my dear sir. While I don't charge
ntythilug for singing, I do charge twenty-
flvo conta to stop,"
"I soO; vhell, I vhas going down to Spring-
wells for di afternoon. While I doan' share
you to comeO in, I make y.-l li y foeety cent
to goet otit,"
And be Htoeppld out an l lixcked the door,
and for two hours the iitlnorant talked with
a l lnhiulrlllg public through a broken pane of
glass iad freely acknowledged that there
woroe ttoelr ganvs than bls,-Detroit Free
A Uld a (se of Triolet.
We liuvo our opiolon of trioloto in goleeral
anl of this one, l)y W n llinut Wialiw Cook,
ill partluulhr:
Whetn II ni tldeal I dlo not care
T'o ie Iti state 'nouatl pilIsless stone.
My amoil will not It) lyingK Uth '.
When I1 ual dcr'l 1 do not caro
Forr nmarbllr cold. Just naIlke my lair
A grave, witl bralmbliw overgrown.
WInII I tll (lti I a tlo not tuar
'T'u lie l state 4'llc(ith p)il ilVl sto HUt.
InIleeh,, it wo were to cxpt're onur opinion
of triolots Ien goelral, tiudl of thil o11 o |o Iat-
tleialur, It woulil run oumlewhaUt thus.
Don't hfit yuur gylzard, Wille, dear
Hluce we hbavou Il your triolBt,
We'll ,'r l no sttoio alove your bier,
Don't fret your g|wrd, Wlrlle, dew,
But just lie down without a fqtr
And lut us, if w unaii, forget.
Don't tret your glardl, WlUlo, dear,
v,i' w1 hiav. rwal\ y)ui t rv'cA.
-Washington Post.
Our ItdlomatIo REnllnh.
Miss Leaghain readingg an American pa-
por)-What a strange country yours is, to
bI sure, Mr. Do YankI
Mr. Do Yank (of Blltoua--I dol't think It
mlluch stranger than yours. But why?
"Woll, this paper gives au account of a
game of inaeball (I think they call it), and It
says that 'Chunpy saw a red hotball clning
for hilu in cont lr ulid, hut hie promptly trole
to It.' "--Lawruco, Mass,, Amnerican.
Ye Proper Cdustime.
Ulostoa Bwell-I understand, Missl angor,
tlhL you hlaI a1 Maypole celebration ii your
town this spring.
Mainu Girl-Yeo, andl I was queen of the
l,8ton Swoli--You, iMust have looked
charming. Whmt did you wear?
Maine Girl-A Maokintosh and rubber
bdots.-Burlington Free Press.
Tlo Wialdeverlrs lesMon.
First Traiup--Goun' In that house over
tluol.r, piardl
fSondcnl Trainl--I tried that houul last
wiwk. I ain't g"<|l' thel- any more.
First T'ratnsp-'11raid on account u' the dog(
axtoln Traump-Mn pants are.
First Tramnp-Pants are what?
sond T''ramnp-Frayed on account o' the
dog.- Dtruit Free Prea.
A CoiMpetet Man.
Cowboy-Say, you! Do you run this en-
1'omliotlve Elginooer-YV,. What an 1I
do for you i
Cowboy-I want a situation as cow caobher.
I've Ibot on it runch for the last ten year.,-
itouo llHeraildI.
Th'iy Want More Iouunt.
t1 is 'rulired that thoedudis of Dourboru
anvono nre golliR to pitlition to' have that
thoroulaghfinre wldond so that thoymay airon.'
nadlo on it ,I their Sunday trousers without
atamiigi fIteoninivenleeo to vehicles i, the
strtol. -Chlhhgo News.
A Sugsgi'rlou.
Mrs Oulightly (to ewuinent musical criti)-
\Vhnt do you think of the new opera, Mr.
.F lient Musical Critic-Well, It wouldn't
i, bHd Il' asnmibly would set it to musio.-
i 'Ik-Mo-Up.
A fare a SIt.
When a girl holds her breath a moment
ainl tliau u.ys swelly, "Oh, Uo, ieokhIg i
not ait aal dlhagrooaiblp to me, Mr. Price,"
you ,imy Ie sure that Mr. Prioo is not at all
diu;rt','tabiu to her, whether' smoking is or
nit.--L4nwervilie Journal
ILtold no lllhor Tlilins.
"Wife, you are too vain about that dress.
You shoulit lx your mind on smothting
"I have, dear--on a 50 bonnot I saw in a
lindow to'day."--arper'p Basr.
Come to Stay..
A Kausas pIsijr is not certain about It, but
ia ut the opinion that Tho Poking, Uhiaa,
Oazettu la come to stay. It has Just cele-
brated Its 1,000th bi'tlUaly.
- '."Lauttll!'i w 'ero, ypersTre avotid thstaro
l aT mnofiwe ir.
ilseqllIi'.au WiI(. ," ii mild he Inot b atn thed,
l'iniiSd td crash, ttJMnih r os-ba r sMh.
Ms'I .IOw-esartas KO. I.tIk biohw,
ir1l. ,'tlo.e-'i, rls i laisl ortd sale.
Ja his taInisr ulsi sneleo|ss Iby bntk,
HIt'atO IIeermlsee, nO dlugul'e-ne- did not '.I'rti.e,

KiO M'P(.Vou *rt tnd J f, m Ip '
Swhri. dop-s everyll.'I would ride:
allsit seuOlri 5t Notpu ,
Airv,.itis volt cUt-ctOr rrtoa-or bist,
Mark Twai't etPeI, Booeks
With adhesive pages, for 'al at the
Equator oioe. f.

Ought to have attention perhaps. If so,
B, B. B, will 16 you good, removiuk all
inorganic mattts the dirreot oaue of
deafneM. It will also ald your Jige on.
witness the following toutlmonjeo
Could 1 ear a Tick OCawl.
Mr. 0, E*Iall wrote from Shelby, Ala.,
February 9, 1887: "I could not bear it
thunder, I heard of B.B B.. used two
bottles, and now can hear a tick crawl in
the leaves,
I cfave up to Die.
KsoXvnas, T'JxM., July 9, 1887.
SI have had oatarrh of the head for six
years, I went to a noted doctor art he
related me for It, but could not oure me
he said. I was over fifty yoarl old and I
gave up to die, I had a dsilrersng cough,
my eyes wore swollen and I am confident
I could not have lived without a change,
I sent and got one bottle of your medicine,
used it, and felt better, Then I got four
more, and thank Godl It cured me. Use
this any way you may wish for the good
of sufferers.
Ma., MATILD Nionos.
2o Florida Street.
A Preacher Cured of lyalpepsl.
Almoojsuva, Fla., Leon Oo,, July 20, '88,
I have been a sufferer from indegestlon
and dyspepsia for a long time, ant' have
tried many remedies, but uaptil I was in-
duood by my friends to try your B, B. B .,
received no relief, but saino using it have
found more relief and comfort than rom
aty other treatment I Uye used,. Hoping
you will toreward to my address youd little
82-page book for prescription, alo evi-
deuoe of cures. tHnd at earliest date,
RaT. Lo~'T 3
A Book of Wondero Free,
All who desire full information about
the cause and cure of Blood Poisons, Morof.
ula and rofulous Swellings, Ulcers, Sores,
Rheoumatism, Kidney Complaints, Catarrh,
Sota, can secure by mail free, a copy of our
32-page Illuktrated Book of Wonders filled
with the most wonderful and startline
proof over before known.
BLOOD BALM Co,, Atlanta, Ga.


g.o. welll
Wholoeale Dealers In
Millinery Goods, Hats Cps and
Straw Gooda.
664 & 866 Broadway,
New York

-AT TIn-
Duval St., opposite the New Russel House,
-Makes a specialty of-


-In every style.-
Charges as moderate as a y house In the
Jity. [Jan. 15i-tf,



If you do we are unable to gratify you.


'It there is anything in the line of Books.

Magazines, Periodicals, Writing Pa.-
per, Envelopes, Inks, Pens, Pencils,
Ledgers, Journals, Day Books,
Passs aidt( Memorandumn
Books, lReceipts, Checks,
or anything kept in a



tionei'y Estab-



the Maga-
zines can be
found Belford's,
Lil)l)incott's, Outing,
Harper's, 'he Century,
other Well-known Periodi-
cals. Also a full line of School
Books, Copy-books, Maps, Charts,
Slates, etc., always on halid. Butler's
Spanish Teacher, Ollendorf's New Method
of learning Spanish and Spanish at a Glance.


From the First to the Latest issue.
If you wish a book or magazine which
can not be found in our extensive stock, we
will order it



whatever, to yourself.

A large and fine assortment of playing

cards, Checker B6ardt, Chessmen, Doini-



a compltoe line of smokers' articles.

A large stock c
paper in assorted

Af Alhanibra


Decorati ng




JOHN WHITE, President,



Manurt iatu. *l *. r if


Key West, Fla.
Offloe,.lJ9 Water St., cor Wall St., New York.

SELLINGU AiE'NT FOR TIIE WEST, 18 Now Ready for the Better Accomodatlon
OOLDSMITH, 125, La Salle St., Chicago Ills. Friends and the Public.

-- - .-4 -- . ._.-- .-,.- .- ,
--- Mlntinnctror of---

=Havana Cigars,

--FAOTORY No. 193, KEY WEST, Fr. -
.A'Coroepondene ca olclted.0 1
~-----------r---- -- -, ,1


Office:-4 33 &c 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
r feb id-8 m,

I Manufacturer of

Key. !-:. West :-- Havana -:- Cigars,

Man uttctory lanl office tllhs citYy
I)polltence sol hc'ite(d. (J une


D. POLHALSKI f :. 1805
liim ortlc rs iandd Mallufitectiirers of



STatevies Nos. 8, 8, 48 and 145 Key West, Ila.
Office auJ Salesroom 327 East 63r(l Street
T Wyf,



former 1st. Avenue ati 31st. 8tireet
'w"w-Mamnufacturers ot Ofr- -

Cigo'er Boxes eand 1ibbotrs,
-- Dealers In ---
Cigar !Box Labels and Cigar Manufac-
turers' Machinery, Tools, and Supplies.
w8 Special attention paid to pIrivalo Brands and Labels, Etc."l
,ebruur 9th,, 1888.


Commission Merchants and Auctioneers.
F-ront Street.--
Wholesale and Retail dealer' *a
Receive by onath steamer ansail frou Ne w York and New Orleans a fresh supply of
Groceriles, Provisions and Canneud Goods.
love always in stock a large and well-selected assortment of
Ship Chandlery, Crockery, Glass, Tin and Hardware, Carpenter's Tool, Paints, Oil
Varnishes, Furuituro, Stationary.
Sr One of the Oldest Business Houses of the Oity. w
Personal attention given to sale and satisfaction guaranteed. Goods
received by every steamer from New York, New Orleans, Tampa, Manatoe, Oedar
Keys, and Prodtcoe from the adjacent Kev.

nFine Wines. Brandies, Cigars.



Beer & Cider.
2the pltae for the thirsty. The place for the iotsw
of good drinks. The place for the trial is

[Successor to Cnrry & Brost,]


Commission :-: Merchant,
Front St., Key West, Florida.
SPfIIAL attention given to all oonsignments o.t Mercandise, Bin't Poultry Md
S Oountry Prodaca Prompt Betuns andia Btsfactioo guarantee.




Chats. Moffat's Gallery.
I have madb arrangements with Mr. J. F. Lardmor, renoutly of Beoll '
Gallery, Wahbington, D. C., for a short time. We have the latest rIpid
process for taking childrons picturoesQuivo AND 8vaBE-POP every time.
Those wishing fnely finished Portraits are invited to call and See Samples
of our New Styles. Satisfatory Work Proofs Shown.
Cabinets, reduced to 3.00 Pe r Doz.
Card Photos, 2.00
Minett (best quaslity)E as. 1.50
Resp~y, Chas. 8. B, Moffatt.

W H. WILLIA. S, l.'
Stoves, Tin, ConeraDIronware,

Plumbing, Cas Fitting and Roofing a S
J Everything Oheap, and Bound to Wear all Tnme;I,'.
[Apr.1tit .]


John Jay Philbrick.
iifpping, Commission; Yorwardin g Merchant
BJEST Anthraoito and Bituminous (Coal.
Wharfage storagee and ha *
Superior facilities for Coalin Steamers.
Consignments solicted, and prompt attention to discharging, te-shipping, and
1 of cargoes, which will be stored Ln a fire-proof warehouse.
Gangs ofLaborers furnished at shortt Notiee.

is completed Ad oars running every fifteen minute. The
will take yoe to the Station on the

Return trip the same price. Who will not avail themetlvdr
TRIP with an airing and walk on this Celebrated Beach.
GO ON GO ALL. Yo will not regrt it.

of thi TEMPT1NO




Factories 69 and W'8.

Key West, Fla.
Office and Sglesroo: 5t1 Murray st., N. Y.
-: ' -- . ---r l : *.1 ." 3 . . .




Imported and Domestic Wines 1 Liqurs.
71. Tlboapitoalas 9d 10 IM&Wehe U6e, WW OtAKS Lae. IueW-

Orthbage Boards, etc., etc.

Capital, 100,000.
Surplus 50,00.,

I _

--- .1




..2fAALY-EQTJATnnRn flflfA7Ps.TTT'%leTP nI

COMMUNICATIONS.. I ..,,, ,. ^ .,
T9nalll ll i loigo- Wln a nw t lip rok o'e so us all

. T p nd wh syo ti night su in no The.Leading CLOTHIER,

o, .,".... w ,?nch a w_ patrons and the pub- and GENTS BOYS and YOUTHS Furnisher
T..... B,,*,1ToI. EOC A..* i r.,-r - *c In general that the ...s, ie.. I llith AtheI .....
Thel o lnt te a ~ rcle (tshepa wb-m utoo old r th PA VILLION has been 3
,r, meve mid tovhlbr .woareto the other day il atahotel, andbefore moved fom Its for- Gents Boys and Youths Clothling, Ull(er,-
!i,, v bao. U old r^ of eleoha our htib b neatu ^oa yo y, ter quarters to IIM- wear, Hats, Caps, poots, Shoes, Colars ,(utifs
m I 1010 a POTE ID- r. ellasoEtc.,
7;te S vd? tftgt^?^e.a a4 f pi bUuak p ELL'e8Drua Storeure
1w,0tk -_b Aa ad. and1 oM. i ns Ban EN B U F
S ..o, ,, o, ny. Wto i psn of t. n, o to m orn ror sic Store. Including the Finest Lime of Dniagonal ,
TW. DO whiS s aGoo r The a r,- uW oCashmeresRl. Flaineels, Doe Ski s, Etc., in al
n.OI, t, b oy uV, 111 A p lesr n no Thee grrsd pethe

crITY olxA whit ademtiuo dep boon ta ablshien o &T) wi o t ,paclo I Te Ad
-- '*.' thttht, ...,,.M, o.. . ... "t wEN e i; Albso' utely Pure. VStief u ation Gueu Jr t JLec.
toras ldo- i lli befe vede r ol ie Ing tsn u onr ous rr .' Is o

mosp n soi n ofD Oe boi 1tro he domm wm b the nhsow oerabrt e-We randt aren t o a tni T -er \ rer 1 to Ow Te r as cas, o o s a l mos
st Viu ,s n M Wi thepo vernb, r t b NvT Ntwho. teotaadnb t e aNcngke purityrNrefcthsd whlvsomTok Moi i
1` 1,Cu Po hPJist b-#p asoft a toy a g wood youe-Iluring Po R TonomioD th0n the o6diri7 mb E
e ie t b re eandthei s e by-atr o r o e Ya 10o A oa e P too. a d M M S-

fivnd will, plaooced rightly Weoahnts tet, Mia e You adt me rtar- iHi

U ICTB' CBnO Attheq. wit woaldioiin bthe propw ohtlon oftour s wt. I wnt to do.- ac lNOwil 1t kONTHelc W U lC'sh e F la es D1v e kiO mso t. i /*aS l
t1 louwer=y Store, ddt1. 1 roma nd or we bl, o o l theliyton Pre gove, n. Re sere 101t with p bh oupte ol Sa' in Go
evidLoetms tKeh for yaohatBoaof fmstdwoodecde O 4cti o toan0sLdt tctre J arlNtdE a he g r. sUATOA O S O R T I OO DS
sANTD.-"ti o good boy, Wtet. a Eqts a. 4re under frtmioer aditt PO*, s we ee a As t

antor ri dof theeir o unrbeaoth l.len. Thb flrmofl.pN.Notagos &e o.f otth , maln 0o1aff rt ha I nt heeot for theoe mdifis
tad R4hoe o thre o overuMea the r o o fi uoh agrbeey neu a o e o- lr e
Th tasto oer h 0 Cpt.0 as t er, as eoo b th o er o h a y.ios liedtMr. t. d botel ul odtbe e o es o bef sold ti oBow,
T d i IM a orth ao ees dit- ed byoretno honrg I h the nerabdolw s, ihole tlopal. ot bv the s c h to
Iofed sd Herlf aUs a a gdhdats foroCity m iionelre s fom mi WicoI prejudsces Grawfug andpaT o N a realoty gooosd o S Selected so I, 'M (tfl8 Yoatl'l

wMIlde the lomp, it on etgre, of the oyiu ad ion uo rnef due to the m nit will p ll by lCalt Hhmfhgi e g eotWoiegap ple sly |u, 40OC1t 1we, arOHaSteiooef
Two t nf. i t e-tood' SatArilla toeanted, Io t io beyond ot qwel tion, tat, debg- of th gr sand. -" PROVISIONS 30 d GlobS.e Bwo inbS Gloves Dnc B ll
an r uey rtoor .ade, tln td no hlete In lorempu ab n slub m er M anme, Ngetemon e H, out ,ten d.O., R IN I 11 E'
ctto ybu edor ol, l t h th e peoplsie, be he d s ofnl th -ei olwgnht_ withyouronoPRoRG N_.- 1 oN -or_ _tsm utE c .

tn ded y esther o tdh as mornigand eve-- vat md vaie in es t inole s a p-14 that moi h jw H 1 L E. t1un W IL L N O T B E U N i SU L"Do '
uNew Y ork, where e went two or t sh poin the Boar gtd oare obe oo artoulated NoTe. V it f o 0

Cgoaontqpuaeaourr.tripacton .the popere raseaton r T ,o .artne.rl.lp exinu baom en T l f TABLE OUm i o S ahantS

For Pitso, Oagant, Vlol ls M id musl'o, oonferred, fnd this abould iao fa)l doubt. JoTeph Y. ortf nuiiP. Idageoll, unsetr i' I TOOL H^ *S ( J O H N W fo SIA W .' / ,R
Iottrusoeotoeof h rerokiod, fEAP, goeto I-Bhmeke te dU the uore caref.ol i. tbo f7rm use of Porer A RItdgell bIa s i *' >aA Y O, * J. J / .
Mitionl rinae' utio o Store, o. f., ning thoy who ram e to s ontribute to been dissolved by mut. Notet. Mr. 1 Of f ,Hlll0 ,1jN t 8n th t Kiv er '

Bhhu'nto n d. Mwy iea llo t. then r brdlid t suooef or ivnomtiious fbll. B. F. b idgell will eoleit all a/cyountb dyo non/t CROOKIUt ro* t On t eTI uC. the eo le eres.on e o tohe tr ean n1 will py l dbt of te WAlt,
h e oll Wito hone, wr h a aurll prty of The generactlly wel, ownidt elle*Dloeynd .ios- 'W Y. Po 1 /' To 8P .

weat ure-seekers, w s out yeIterday eveag bo aes qaliloatoll wll as (he "trint le. r.no TIl ,to ")/' or SP OtAeI Ann a, MOOtSAIr 1eAO. A r nn.
or A ruiea ro n d beuu etlai ad dja ont l eeat udrity of e ey member oo our rew The dron .ar neri of te Ilte firm of he h,/ ET OOLDI1IN.
The l J o r to hble unr t Co. WOOD iN \RE, cAio a haY TTEN BE Sob&CA. l

The Brileschooner Siler C pt. y, Odpt. ir orpectie a n le ob red an d iaitoe Under t al by virtue of c writ of Vndl ge OV.S' -IMPORTERS OF-
K parrivd tCwrry's whar f las t n lght, u natheort ioncotrol ad a t t he n onl Etpon at w aofrof aIl o itdes i l 7', L.M rai *a a a d e pl..* *r. -S1 *
fri o u is with fourteen paaea ae m et of p anliafar t ttanatwlln l De strict je. outhem n Dstrot of Florl" lJU' 7EI / / J k wLt i a A8l)lPu r1e. 1V-inn ttn4L1 Bst, Ba l i/rslt,t
umila l an rod tan eored oargo of bute gont. divt iigui he ras h em ae n oe ouobne ot of (heir I win ll seel Nat PuNlio Awotionl on ,/n (n/ hgin4 1 /, (i pow der nevelr ,A
TW U o, ,b C. mprithe ende potion e pthe Gof norrabe u rther t naw on D ,Ro41 tf i Ep aOI, E WSli s regthia 5w10 h mADWAnY NEesW Y.K
FiTwo B at aen os r- l oad. &lO n bycthela. apl Tnod Astdients byn 4bball qu esti nt, d o ebt of a d Importor U.a fore" oSn4t lotve ,n bur.6, E lrTya

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L to oue r s Il fsomcy i ytoi b te ore we wi n rll t) send then s rs No. 14. F. & A. M., arere p fully VgoNdnId g nA ST11. 0 1en o
Nerwor r etroourhaueit ,fINple, positband thee proa eded to re noos k the oraft rq. eJited to meaet st the now Moolo I'-. A \l l eS ec o-,
w e goti oen inform byuur eOi utnlMhl entretonnoe to t se cabin w ho ourdTf no mod r tn r er eoiy J tnune o ai t nf t ple. bR't) V (U --NO(Toe.l ..). .
thinat th e tent ra been emoed fprom g ononl e om a cth the gene m aoe are in tharn.aie for bene of *aild Lod. AD
iromn~tona, S t. May 1 e,, theirbrlleament sue s or illglnomthinious fail. B D rie wles t all tcrroutt d cr (hFor' -___-I_[(

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Ploer a yesterday at m ed i te d bl oi of th uand tele. After a w ea rob of a -tes--- w 1. ltwtorai TiirJtfAl It atli d Monst Vwirtht Ihe o tf ltv l ta0
nrrei, crui nne narouonthoe rios l and a dja entu int egr ty of teery m teib oppeo r ne Th e edrug tus loA uot ne la e n- of )ehlntto ,i AUVN.r, < !tt U'' O L ShI N
t1 e. Ban ordoillpertlion*rigtl4 b e fe tol y A tbe oDi acN tod 1j"1 ["f 'o "VY0ttI Gla1)A. IWAYY. E BE G K
c The frtso sch oner sAr.y Jatn.e Eoquato. fnd, bnOty p roptin o t eir P honore.at n o Inti lo. K i/ngNO._1,.FiRewONT.I- HIT
Shtatio, e n r otooe. l iot nowi l y w o vb a 1D i ovasdOvary 00 N em ie Pillnglohun kleasProm o uieutt e an b l, ( k-b5 n]t, mT man -h-otr-

t r o I >bilnt hics i nrt coinerEt<.,nwlEtc.f W nol, by o W I A S, B
willt apl froe mC trr' d e. laeo day f or. etir'p tte.booy t anrtoe tss, mtv t et Doyo on tbotJne tTET NOTI8E )nd FINE Ft.MILY FLO AND is "w "
Louitablne for Bread or Ora in ,o w t iala h onea I red or e thive oa re f TI O .I U Ioo wt "t "o0 .oonf unnr- ROOERIES A S 1' E.
0 aret. A. A. Bloo ea rw fout, nd t eliuc, in therad nehe caoetaed .y iTthee*R '89 e hFothe-

-----tho-sehaet.gvr them, oimy-wbioh,,w ,ptree ..by Wristy a., ,,l o ,0on thei b O C om- 1soMh. B
The schooner r ep third h gen em and takeu, Cboapme at clrc mtoeti, onthe. ot e IN sisteu o nermu a n r aswr eST.N eito -

wihtallmert on p heir new oitoreie, Satarr. health reltorer.w and now bi entered Nom- --- & T ,,IO-- I '.*
day e arring, o atf i,Ur by sendig ahetk Poaint in there Key We pirate e on lrtl i A nae Ionvestment. f t MrS. M LEONUnie Ia ts rei 1s,
boy." oN a thern nt, oi s s n c reao s the At about 8:4i a f turdae meaning outdtr c o Mset ra In ot n h MS t LLNERY AND Dis tof w l oHELLoetl (ORK T(B

moeey BO promptly. obltn were thrown a nor .TtatN of excite. This le VIy from oar adIerlil Uliruggist We are now propare< toho ,l a I| k l i
Or i ef, Mr. o. t Padleton, we are met by th e ntieg of threo ibel ait u bott hd o hf Ju Kig Now e Diovey for woll.rat a"r hyti 9t., OF. SlLO C'OAiN R
Taso tn te h been s Is onrote d cr o of aisto n gnt eitofpthead twil s t ubic anRte on n

aond imle blod.t' thmlentekisaI.a tlleih elo l theI nf woratio nhlsm ithed t m ui e1 .4NEAS, n u oiN C aP INd KEY WEST F I' F ARI, L
tmuch bevt Moto-da u, and will probably be t p 5404t the re5ntidenoe of Mr. Ernet a Conumpton, Inaa tio of Lugs, A flue linHl of M itn l 'A .ii( tion, lI

iti toe a sthe edoridas oatr by t-i orow a rhe, betwha n Fleming and hisabeth Bronobgtu., A tEma, Whooping CouB NM I Ah, -TO A- e o *l Flt)I in H
oening. w ntuy, In d ,o n d-t-eo ba lem .le o e e. 1 O tIo l T-E pleaAt ,and 0gre. and he be Nt itMa0rtmn IIt of .
nurh, o i thse s been plobe t oo ner aece thet ol nga, d nelar ntsh wa h a ble to t perecl t nd can Alw
A mall boy enterd the dr ug s tore of ota ght re while e n t hel em w ie oa ono bi S ecope oadne u op f riboptle. KiEn AANIh-ll Work U' iOl A G.
Feoerninto, e01e4t4uveralwsek dWe urdayevelinge Irseamhissteh artuydo arde1ou Allbt. 31that anh inteesthYi 'at JOBWDAnICE P.I DIVdSION S1. Near VVHI T ST

Tom Otto yea t r oferday i n dao for the moo Pen dleton'oPruddtore 14,gF &oAless ..ttr enawPrter resphllas CI .
uents worth of I la peumont He Wot as t leed fortuat a te oaft th e r ioe d wbtmt uatl t e nwe M a I lvein dLt t t
od (bver toont. a e d by oI ilther lian t esaorItgl n wiasfonio usModtanOe t .o uie w.l t sto, Lctaten il eou n0ot .lIf 'N611. ThiCROCKER S.

ordeu it from a more northern and f m t wai blowip a teTy saleo if it had been Notice e hereby 10v1n that nl W 1o s 0a
truth developed after a wi lie that th e boy re roat w etldne etea urobaboity l b hbetn t 1 o 8e aan ee e the nt.m, Refio e ry1 b an
wa auent hfeter ason bn ioueAsve ino e s the 8iee Der it al be, a reorable to rdu s toL|iotso., Bh lckdmF t ring and W heel wright i
Chit r are f to Bemownta n d ih re w lonl d d e elo d, o ut wol t h elhy t The ane oy r4 ou e snot firo w 0*S a4DProS antnoI
Krey oBlO Sf f. erer. emAftereahnsearchof. a re&Ri lle0 ti Siy .sttt o f oy1s,
adheBritisem nt a Man rycluneCaptfewumomentsabcapnointf.ngouttoh athr onoeape u Meplih e ynim o i rits r-, 0).toea Cm mi os.B t ail;ilitWLsOOo
R eohaerts, willstillfromw at we n ow isbcre d yith. : har. d and-nisticsto brsoadgwas found KeyWedesiretoa oorctes Jun e7, t hars.--rTiE--MH A AsoI
he thdmornityn that fr. B. J err thy i baU cn Ai l ledn f og pthea sand Ithscorons, loli eiswojI

d at ,e or h e is o Key u W a te r o urpre suaert e.n. ier. sprad whi. wasbe
Ky.,m arrihegelytCy = nih,u i aro byton B ,,t.Bdags,.raf o md -til e- StTdAT4 E ---
eolm asau, O ito. He s npauststh e kidtofofpwhe blidnal aind&o a rt was e rict Wils, Soutken'srtnriescetoflrahF ineaLnra
neded ort ,,, argo- ,fce nuder.the C dty l .is h.t..mi B tters oand havet itfterro.dwbleloatPu Articlscnotn,.onMon.''dJle.IrNE I
waliey @n n&optO.,ew piaeand petrorn roe c. datt aeme, ies 1tha d sye a oAr tha t I 1. ra1. giBe Pr d no Etc., Etc. itv. fotknli I ROth.
Ouerchit (. 0od e oOakba.eW n the pare left th tisfacti on. tWarehdo usotrinPLASTERGo

poaenera t Dare 8ted toeoA1n t WSih
WaThn Re v. I W. lug. T heWod Captain Maofui whe S rer it si we sn e the 89 01i o relfulea te andAepblteac D tE 0 idF INLATHS,'LOTTR AN.
church, AoA .thes u bje t ofohere, w au liuio inthe.hm ed inp, pchest t se hsrmaihi d duri Thesere m adios hav won t heir pd ebbtany
h slPnsyland Ciaaty.uadsphaiingtene o ws capurd hich e hen ctthereder e ir.y msf e r it s. A.A TOwyND AL t
Mrs.o1n .0.i nderoy e fty~ ornavi s titto rold oe. o f the g enlesm enons andc taknhomg asn-la2t Drugsto. law.........l......
fon tho at andt toi s he o. C.dheyo Co.w oor,Isuone 14,whichfAIs.gu aranteed rin ottfeidAS'
aodey tn promptly cten were. trow n i oMILLINRY ithdAbeeSHELtiq e st e reetat nthetnow pasonse.....
bhoety o in f thir success mWr.aeongtnhe Ati alot r :n4 c tuolthe d way e ten i ng o rt n dof uhe 1 pr thais tsefep lan r too Lct C eadsOBRU SoHa
sorry the styereoped A br a w ll-e th"twhenbo neaoi t h e n ell hase been tothe88hisss ha the r aep n ti guaranteerd t o rbrng
withr heu matisI wiltbedbeoftvSfee.oauoao1 9itydt.
howeaer, went ier gladerolean. h lowmoeeis r th a fir oe n ln f o Dar iv pedatth ene. apec tion of throatrLu ngs or Chest, su--alUtCardEWNO
muCh better ] o-a F an wlloe pro y ap 'h at the rneidenb et fof nd.Areta, as Cnsumto -'fohtnfL stnli oif Mttt F d, dtttrtth i.o,, .
Wehve tfrom chai towI-orrW. i o a betwed nfleoing andEi abeth ro itis, y othr, Wor oping Caugtr, ..'0.(r,-c
A1vo sthiae nted t he drugtstoro e o f" ca ug e l e at th wereoattuof beepn d a rl eA.t ---t ,
ooin bttoccidentaopounddfakedporhesoom Lifeneton'Drugstore ica................................................................... .....
an nths marketooan dethath e wouldhavitoy sile Inforown thold tefat hatno tMewaycuttind Ntice I. herebyaInrthathaveiven S addi ii EA ,Etc. lo saatr k .
otod n t hothat at loud n thdiscotere with ondy e rtinguis dst wen it Abtuheersal satisfr o n WdoIwl oe
orde a it froh a mor e ndior thernane blouhewing a havyo gale, if ithanda be Svis a riastola e toguaranteethemeo Ile ptties i ) an-d- oniN-- tie SHORTESTttt, ,nd oIlCn t 0l niYttLmrovtTiTy
healthlulatitudegthaf KeyWest TheWallowento fge t undrulhe adway, ithoee sa nCt c ea'oo'eut ] tae,

fIsland Cityher dl gate sfr the Kyiro dThtlJune f-ow. City Clerk. dfluuruhoe 4 wNLdn pIwunuo o'etgINhTrEr'

C ..urry, ..v e i avO ..w..' Wvaf sium mrno lm in, (om New Orleans withIM 1,800 June e 7 tw. CityTax tel lBoJtI K Yi vrt *oe >V.1 .E i S .y..I S"
morning for Miami, wish pasenp s and Key West. and one through of tasseor aESERndVED S S NS
.freight. However, it will be uselessf abou, t 1,700 barrels, s ek sad pa o tl ait if or ckaes. of
any onoenltplfor pasmg a wear. nin-freight f taHavana.gd ardod i m Bi n 0 ,
formed byapt., r ythat he now hasS as md emhbaking freght doe loft for Havana AivIoeeto1lor 'a u Ao1 ai Tna-ft co BidtV.LII CANNOT PA
many passngers relgsterAS 1he3cana$. ataSo'olek&evening.iU AW.Sa.wlwINOrS -Ushonulda J. J, )ETLANEY, "RAMI si.IX TO S-
commoto, and that he has been coin.- _______________ By ullasilicen aresetting teeth. It f Al s
polled to ritfu passage to two of thn*ree Ni Ante l itprodumes n Atral t a n' DR. Vx T 5 ,on mteR I A
persons alredyR. SW tWettttANTED.eV9s0.a06 sats. t.to.
We so glad to be able to announce that Fifteen Lundret (1600) men an1 women p lWtam aY-
young Philip Sawyr one of the devilss of to see the 'Housokeeper's Delight," at ur ee or
this ofile, who Oame so nasr dumpnl his elsuoleakamp & Co.%'s, corner of 81monton as v eata .O
last take of pi" Into the eiol bo" a fetow and Frontetreit, June 10-1. A ofIth
days ago, by attemptig to eroms the n _____ nuihstirn un A lrge atomltAiortient ofe ar brneh lndi t w now to lrm thnt
"Gulf" that intervene bN a -Ithe a 1t s0tal aisnitstat in the Colebiatod DIAMANTA Brand inst he s0 ess 1 '6* She s veryres' equ to ise shewhloh olysfew earsagowenr r.
and laits, bhas aiurely n teoved from Our sanetum was honored this morning Or- IN AT i of. (tof loanorrahe oand 4enWiitt A PAfT i an i ataig. of ten eItists, Itr yu wua try o h pal toh wimU be o nvileond b atf we doeot xagieatoe.
randwth ro Mr P Woodwird Nit euor.1e reoiived. A Peifet Fit iOuamlfod in omr arse tWeegIl a8 and noes and lii whO Imitate mr *yit of b siaMe a it

We hae ".tIrInal thand, snotl 4tor. ______________o_ ._ER C amtheoteAentorthe _TX T__O SOr.
the effects of thet mor A4 m isenow ahtall wth a ll from MT P F oWoodwardI l s are Iep.t v Peprtieawrdi.Rineonoyo e.piI nUiftha etatadWWi n 4 s F E r y |1odt i0ril re te l gtiaf i nt
s wippe l ,I dwent i ntoithe r otfd,iwrmork n oo daoon o ku le lsa nefo d Inrtnin F-AN.t e .OO. -_ SI
toommision merchants, 197 S south Howsrdt to.t'sVro o Ctail.
out the "w,. fs. and "old h.tmn o h i o r d w h e I o s m.4 lebadb -s e
"p. 1", And for thes be had d rtherdIS the ckityso lmoast M ,n n aonManfi at.s .s, M". D0. (.Dalsheimer0T).01 4 TIC-"at. M MWe ._ini o h wo t
fate himself did $ne al ad into e the theSK Y a lon e omWdnes aInthe later 'Doetor, OIL IYoakrlw104
printers ell" t b'hey will be mA ll Seat of blirm, Mm. Woodwair has aroeed 1, 110t0. i, 6(iWl0- UuTs B I )uSSt e A PU TXONEE0RS m
Sll warow w ss enrtfrompaltjl I city, wand he sdpect For t l e at Dr.Pendleton's Drug tll. A O A0
te Thedotlaboreap oo as the third tore M t aeb
Wey that hivej utlen that e little ryforImm t mpton ttlng is ma t rked will be insa mbous.. . .... . .
while playing on, top of a isternon k- -,will re.ain in the a gues of teheD..BLANKS! BLANKS.!.! I-porter &,ootroo.moe.
head trill, no eet th i rely morning s ol d Aly oea Tit oFOlLOWINO IhLA iKS are kept ,IN Parti.s wishing one of thesruoe ntlu and l
liJpped inland went to the bottom, wherelogo- r ql M %eat8 1lO o'eleek is nrday the EQUATOR IniOC:lJwayn b o d OI-i.A "( %n 1- .
he fwaos ftoaudty or tweo t. oo Nwminutes o. ts.c h Thomas o ta Agylnt for * ott et ashrt -PrlgerilintL ii( protaia itlh oOitdh aodk (terr. (Dl holes
later, black uin the face an dswelledito Me 8of nt o ibto e (901.) ather an shoyrt --Pe n r Lsl. a specialty, tJOtEPHa- 90t'gooosand oa'r
taa& o4y 0sei-e0 04mtli h -Wafrehouse entry. New York, Now Orleano ,ia
efforts we at onc mde to rsneltal street A. I r L m at 5:0 yesterday -0ontin Manifests,
-fdrturning W to sadists Adweduring no$75. 01to $250.oN'". U,
whri coh time all the di nt Mine- herofrea~ b tives and frinds to moarn hal -totteauori Manifests. weI A-'
ot returningI toh eI mid a u i ; v w oh i
fellow w as gr oa n s eull_ by --I ward F ore ign Man tfest. ..ti IotN towow w i sa ettit, i .
says that his Ptlent Is ntow tetlalgsmy, 'A Is I sf Memorandum Tablhets -- tyforlinmmediateConsumption eXB, ie ll state aget71Se m1# ,e
and will, no doobientirely I aee om & i aItd rece, i a A = ved by --Withdrawal Esntry rt (onsmup npce. .N &ftri e8l. u i ci.Po
the oefecs in a day or tWo, li- I re n .wsro. tronly. R.FBF, t Q-Algnits for - K 'et TomO)a I
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