Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: April 25, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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rtwcall ll:u:i;in; a wonli have ieen too again: lentiedlis that sell as well,or that hiavty veni
l;oud ifor him. But tell n,.u ld miiani, re "Queer tlils fiullllles trec, Ilush. sunch universal satisfaction. We lo uc( t
iyou iill r,,aily aind aHriously inllove with t )k. tolul a N ont, would a'tae to gtrinet th'nm rvery tI iItI. 1 1
ywt na owitonr evc r tsko a for hbro lel)-rs woc art stand ready toy r lt i tid it-' h oi l lown s
tiiil- Illam ia tctasn -! price, if satisfiantiry r-simlts do met foii'ia.
"l aIlly ita s eraiouslly, Archie. But I like bl faeaturm man wt nr Il ehlurntc. etheip use. These reuodin I ha u wint thitirI
wishl yol would noit call her 'the Knowl- You kllmow vyour duty, old follow, and great populnrity purely on tl eir minarits. A,
tol;' thl;tt moillntls' l though slio was you ildo it liki t niiti; 1 klnow' miniP seie- I. rINauNDLTON, Drnggist.
lnotltiir butit 1publlic character, wheut tihm, Ol.t help tle, l It 1 can't do It. -i
really I;hat i thld limst lart of lher. It Is \Vhenl I (di0, lht11 I wt1ant ytll to have A MIrTo InvesmUll t,t.
II:n wo a.un tlhaut I ldmlire her, though aL I t" ex"la e., You'll hnd my heart in Is one which hs gYrantccd to Ilriung youl
conllsidr ler tlhe greatest singer of oio tH1e right plteu1t I llt wlhn" yeou examine satisfaotery reMilta or iln case of failro ,1
tino. o my Ilea you wanit find mly moral quail- return ot plrohaseo priue. On thin safe >ltail
Itlus's exporlrnce of prime done was tiea what they ought to be. Then you'll young cu bny from or adeortld I)rnlggist
liinitald, but lihe had ierari this stateniont forgive me for kts nof things, won't you? a bottle of Dr. King's New i)siovnry for
advanced by exwcllent authority and folt You'll say, 'Poor follow .is heart was Consumptlon. It is garaiuntoed( to bring
stilt' hit 'Iihoingit. "My confession to you all right if his will wasn't wa strong as tellef in every Anse, wl.ei ised for any
to-night, h continued. "in in the most opre; we nmutn't bo too hard on Idm.' affection of Throat, LtIg or Chest, ciioh
aue rod ilonfdonce. No one usapocts what You'll say nll thil, won't you, Rushi. "r Ousuimptlou, hmtlaoumiatimo f Lungs
I hIavo tild you, Miss Knowlton last of And John leaned across ti table and Croup, etc., eArm It is pleWant nd agreo-
iny totle;it I going to win her or seized his brother's a hi4 witht tight able to tnrtL, eporreotalysaf, nuil nnl nlwnay
m lio ir tIuto attempt grip, and geowd with in exptosioaa of teaependl upon. Trial bottles free nt A.
"I1 aiIrmro your Iluck, old man, for It i"tense lonilng into hl (aice. L. Pendleton's prugstorp.
its iN hitwky of you,. duuecu plucky, when Rush kmnaw, of course, 10 that he a
you ltvsu t fight agailmet so many sult- nflushelw with wiu-, ind lie .sull~I'eT. It l EERLEiS8 .-B.E. DSSt.
muss. I eti,, i-alm vni hile.wilnO! wao hn and all this talk wimv minerolv the resIlt of -his- .w oa hwee


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.... Y i Ewil.. wnl. "You Ioibiytiliy titiA wIthi beeominf I piolon. To hltmor i, ,,d naloclse
m/od Mty, tha l it yoil ril If(Mm Konow he really lovedl hlm, Ito r~ltlitl:
ton you arto the one upoi whon oonB- ,"Have n6o ear on that scoroi John; we
N BY S G gratultioiare rto b he d:ertainly knw too well wlat a .warm leart you
you ,losorvo simIol ilt Miss KCliowlton e carry about with you to I lihard on you
CHAPItER XVIII. heo one whom I sallcongratulate. And for a misstep"
U NT RE. n' to bed, and to dream of our sweet. lie aupposed his bruthoi alluileda to his
3BECCAwis hearts-God bless thenml You have made increasing habit of drinking.
as good as ime a happy man, Rush, or perhaps I "Thank you, old nangl thank you more
lior word, should ayacomniparatively happy min," than words can toll. I'm nervous to-
a d wrote Amd the friends pressed each other's night' You mustn't mind me; another
iRt u a Iti Ia bands imd said good night. pony of brandy wIll sot meth ilgrli t."
-- 1Ars8i TThncfnext and aiotw of Rush'svad Andfl suit the action to thie word, he
-l ottPl r fi'onm Ifon- c4tiiI wars spentI with the dear ones at n on ow vtot wnkig
a 'Itdon. Sheo ind a Faranted. Itwv the lniddloof August, "Supposo we walk around Madison
koi eyoe for the and all thu vilgou ina flutter ofex- squaree,"d reunad. "My]head is on
ridiculous, aln d cltoaiont uIover-tho arrival of so distin- flre: these August nights areo bauntifduly

asn charactristic chance, andl stc how it 'o grow." And words with hlia. At something hit naid
ae they wore old Aunlty Stout, tho vii.-go chairwoman John started bauck as though he h tIro
clever. While theso amunsod hinm he wals sld she "noutilu ivt e told tiny ono that gohig to fall, but hi cl tlt il theo railing
mo,rc interested when she slpoko of thatthrco young floiler wais born for a of the staircase anwill ri'aotiredIhtl Its-llf.
HI. "Tli dear child scores a tril. arlll nlishi; anld If what she learn olool kl so frighully il litn l I
muiliah every night she sings; but her tell waiH triue, his tfhto in Now York was Joined Rubh th la t li latte prolwosedl th:t
ieart is truo to Piao, and the applause of nothu loss than Iarbill from fro itront they should go hutilo at onct; but h (hinu
all thai' cowned ideads ofl Eropo could stoop to its loi-to." said Ithero wai nothlug the 1ntter ithll
not thrill Itor as do the plaudits of her The opproachlg wedding of Johnt hlm-1 oo mly eetlAlhl the fr"(L-sl ni'1 ot
owni countrytanol in the dear old Acad.- lurlstone to Amy IBayliss was no less under the trees of the s lion are.
-iny." Someti's Heoln would sed a In occamsin oI f loae texcitoment. John "Mortilmer se-oe Io have oin l-ling
iaittosug or add a line to Aunt HiRoacca's hauln't boeill 11 'rimalnted lince lAo won unpleant t tell yi," l id Rush, as
h-tl-r, which was a great monsolatlon to away "to take t keer o' that golld mein," thoy seato tatoinliu'a ooil a lark I,,llel.
Rushl, for it slowed that slo still thought as the villagers exprosd it, lint Amly It wih, John, that if you lhavoo ay
of him. Ihe was delighted to know that Ihau htitrd from liman regularly, anti It h usine trouble you wouti ll rtlo in
the vaso of forgot-lnme-nots was still had at last lxedl theo wedtlig day. It t I Imight iolp you.."
boallloing, and Ithat leilen, who was do- was to It tShpb-uer th m liorb old great Tilnmk you. Rushi, ,for your klnd offer
voted to, flowtelr, kept it in Ier room and wetore thle tIrlatratints thet-n gaoitg Oil. hlit i~ olltng--a ncero ilttitlhlg jlIlmt a
ted-ed It o.,'ry day- with Iher owni dear Amy's brother Ton wits to bl the best fl1ctutti'lna it 'ii41111g stocks lhat innay
hlanitds, manl, Jolhm's two ssioies tho Lidlsiaidl, hIurt Io, that's 6W1 Tonllluo'rrw-, for all
During the lirOi ttmumor days Rush and both Dr. lByliss and thuoisllop of we can tell, they amay look bttelr tlutu
worked hard at his desk in the office of the diocese were to perform ithe wedding over. It's a worrying Iiusitj;-l. s. T'lrak
The Dahlwnut. und time did not drag with cieromny. Fiormnstd wasl in f t tes of tay advicO, Itlush, ld 0hooip out Of tucks
hIn. IitIIm wasn cimnging thonk ln the excitteme.toer theevent,mi andthelohurhol -4PlItleiularly Ih ni ng stkn.ck.
fall; thutc, wtas that to look fort ard to. wm asr mceiving soteab neeulael pt nja hg i4 J01 l1iglateo t cigmur, ijirf-ld it ,alc oa,
)m,UYt. ol' Ihr letter. AuntI Rettea men- upho!sctring o Ianiticliption. Juhh wrote twice, and,threw it mIaway. Thonriio tal
tloh- -I it it casual IIantuller llaet VWest tat lai'would not hi oll until the ve'y for fovrtom-ol nlliteteu with M4ii i:tt f. e-ol-
Itaslings had gone over to Paris with a nworning o,. tlue woedinlg, L ecalse I|ehEo gnpged lihs i old trilk of pulling hbi hatir
lau'i-ty of Amritlca, al, dl that sltho tlhouglt busy getting his affairs in order, so that oVr Iis foreohcli Jutlnpiln to his fot
)it wa l atlitf enamored of a iwesl rll tI.t Ight talkote m,",ling trlp e s y h to oo k li rtIttook tllbli r byi the
teIml'.t*, oatu of their number., Wuo n w an d i far olf plaiqt, Rush hatl Sten alarU.
jIurllsi. ad tis suonti- uoce leo wanted to lIttle or nothing of Johla, i Now York "C'Pauudaong, Risnh; l'v,'kept 3yoim tl 111)
Iulrnl t hand sl)lIng tIn the mditoriul sanec- during tlostiuamier, andl hle asdlightetd Ino atellnough; it Illust hI, af.tir 1 o'chlok.
tumo, for it was iprdlf pitivc. that lInst- ti kl.owthat hl had Lsettle down and I'll walk down to yo3ut lodgingls wiljI
tngs woas Ilot onlgaged to Ilitrll. tlat Ile w lanldtermintil to mnlarry the dovotle you."
should leave her tuo go to u aris In tho girl to I -wh .n he w te engaged, They walked thoi wl ho tlitaneitic ill si-
train of a western beauty. That was the In thie itmanthlne, the affairs of the tolltc, whc whic IV- bl'rokl! bo lJolin witHa
bt-st .iwvs I. h tald hoard in many a long Mutual )DI- tldd Milnung company wore thoy reached tho l' if tlhtol hoso, lII
ll' n uo b- onltmg otli morand loro involved, iutld took uwsh'e haIl, aldu Ibhollng It tightly,
WhIti llsrINs two wooks' vacation thoiatouro of th work thalt John was said: JG'ood night, Rush; pleasant
carnlt Jho accepted the very crdial Invi- called umpont ta, lKforflut aby Col. Mortimer dreams." Then, suddenly, "Woi'o al-
tation of Mr. Archer to slpod Ihalf of It would not b nar thil, ghlt ofaday. John ways been good friellds, hayon't wo,
lat hism try plawo on theu ),tald: the was gcltting or'e tnd ,,oru rocltes, Rush? We've ieover quareledhamvo
tll.t.r wauk he dovotod A Idls umothler and It, drlulk dee-per aiuid tllaiyt, l iglgo|r, apd Philip ad I have had little fights once
Stloi,.-to L t uFarmad. Mr. Archer's place didn't s. lem to caore mult)o what became Il a while; but you and I, tush, wore
A e ui.ts two hourn If'riom Now Ylrk hy of litn. lite onlly wont to'eoo oIeni oc- always good frvlonds. Wlhe- l I dieo 'lli
ith I ot amndu stood upuot am hil;il blt ensliotnally, a.1i4 1le-poor girit-wits war- depend (f4,o aiyo to ( u0 nid mie against
vernwhiailg the Soundl. It wasi a Ilarg, rI'-: to dlath alut himit. 11o told heor my oneulos; you'll ,io that, won't you,
oin t.>nc us, with l u- t ltat lti ckiw mo-iang st l inum, anl thatIt 1 1Rs You 'llso that I havo a oshre of
ta i -tha--o 1--A)-- 3
II ,,iat not oni'l itio ril t em-wAt, mw tan .iI ,.hl t mhtr ? to vt r dy- -t
,houl, Iavt O w o tonlunush, btr th wo t )eito ito wm ho"wu by oEbs.ng "pey r t 'k
,tn ti iio of nutghli' isit, Illei toc his Inull t illont lack to Nea'tra orktf lo t ;, Jn; you'll lini Oim ta oiniulllt
anlll\ 'u, fo' hu CUI moilit e1 it omt of ii visit n it,'m I atouldi Jhioa Invltd-fl a over ill id gI'urlimes-a ligd, h tlt llello
Iti n l (I thalit tls waot a iII love with ) lim to l uto oVith 11ull i (a t the Iikls hrmtl" r' Illt4aU itt, -t, tuai l t bll.a
tsil. i. I'llt tinhougrt troubled l uil, and "ht, n b e t, questionedi h Iom ea loel his nWodn, 1i rI, i,.A ,gti il hi1 lllaant ,llty,
iti toiinI tau lluit lp sh olig it. i ou ssle as to lu s ending hae hparat l s. i ush and le coulthhlt haIito itic' rl li ll, tiioiaol
S :\ uthat li it)on w Jtujui of 1Ii`1, but she wi m aseriuscl y Iiwiaeo(d by Johl's appear- It hung over hmhli tl that flinghit, u:t1 t ll]
kiot \\'tII m inoligh that ca- hiti ito cause., olledin u a, uld Il il r. 'P T' WUliUa I 'si iser titeo ilxt day, alltl uo rl iflerurit l-.
(it., iliwgit wheinImap- thu amid Arirhio aore i ll loohi Iboces. moul)e 1 oo rt'te n tl To t coIst s .II,.
.i.lIe I o,.ot offtito rlooaiiit veorula on- o very stranligO sotinl. When tusll ni keod
oyiati thitaa retldgs ftur t th iolI th gxto him If io wmu not we ll, lih said that Iao Tr i g n
',utl ,il-liill til'no to bod, Arlhie put wam-ior Le batter I nmhis life. Hoe ate very The firm nof f. N, Nottage & on., of the
bilo eillt!.tl)'U ipalily Iej mls t iiond. little, drouni k i go)d dtl ande talked i ity of (la' \oest, thast It, lio sslIll ,a
.'" 'll., .-tOld r it," tri-tl "It, i thu i k It ces t uHt uly I h tlt Aly ull- ttum tOplO a lta tYtu ,l eitnl, ir. (. N. Notti n oa with-
ltt,, 'it 1S oak out l i anloutie g' thalt i na ed l h a l "'l H I a ll r ho be iarri 'lc trawis Iig tI nn l r. Nat Nlh, ci mtilt thg it'
toi hL t oalntuhtig ramlkioi. Thle tustimn Siepteitnl)ubr titir-I, stll I?" hlid. Woelk buinoi-es, Ir, N, Nilt im will coihtlet till
'Ilt g ill nto a il y iio u nIt itu Itu l fueso- '1 suipjxnp It' 1 thai l hI it\o t) gliiHe 1) ily a'Oemntl thie to thl i flrii tHu l awll -ill liy nill
tit i hl t Iu I lon't wask I ouit of muniosity, baclc iior ', itlli ttd olte dlovil sa ai ftrtll"- I heloit of tile saninll.
itir. li.c-alli:,t illtlst kailn)\ thelo triuth. ArU t;iamll, 'Ihiy'troall maitimLgfor tllo aoe N rt n'r1Amv N i ,% ,
-01a Iigl'mo witnu1n any iii uit'1 w13' wim?" dhig dLxy, you isay. Vell, it's co illg O N, NOt-rI.I-r,
"iW hy, 1,'i' s yotra ho '1 r i, t' yoU rI y all't litaop It b:n ek. I don't Sanill y that 5-11 1.
novrm lr' i -tiuttilomf su!hi a ttmnigl" Alld any onmla w61ihld k(-tl, t Iblck. I only sAY
lithrl, ,ow-il hruit"s ,nt ar lii o Ith r for thuto ml hnao ot Well, back. Do lhau li NOICtvo
li-hitn K mtoll ahti' sihsste, itugledi a he'aidv tlu tnhd adi ,uThw; It s T ill ados u- The to partnrshwllp aiblting ltme ti
Ltt ihi; Iutiitldity oif tI t' iuitioi, t gooh. t,1 ma fellowl who stick to oo Jo phi Y'. Porter tnni11. I F. l. I lgell, llllle
it d iht ktetd g1htogleI t e ap n, Ar p dino e rta tooprudent the tirin aunHie of 'ortr A Itritgf oll llh
Ort:hj al -stotia t i o t.htl', 1lal . >.l It b li yr In r too altkdolt Lohes d dissolve d hy mlltual aolusenit. hit-,
it a'atm l tulh int lu.% tBi ifr yu y hui 1 w Irtn louly' m-v h-e lrt ary F. Iitl gell wi llcat all ateoonltmuI dne
tril." itotli; in, ".oihi h ',ai in ur niicIr OnO aVint are ojn to bi thoheru, rtshU the ir ntd Wiill pmit ywrll Ii.ob of tileo liti.
ttusitlr hly iyal -c-''," Ev,,ry ,n ,''t gotitg to hIe there, Vs u-u l'oa'rElt,
Ili 1ki .tiw- o tI:iga rt 4ii t, thgrass ndal We'lI aie t h to j ollyt Ihtou ato tle it. F. t11mm,1a..
rl1l t1, il t u" ilI ti i I fo l I in un I i a g; ut i, g he tlir t Tmii ss (,f n the latt fi iiir of
w t ra ,A.-i l ii, it j W irt'ablc'ti "i ril lti ,iham lea-mt'', Ilir' e ih-aih c? ThI'i n i tmlltey c Lth 'aru ti ,l l ll I mll t ini tih hi) lu
Itat l. h it l n thl' L itr 1iw) o matl itn S tut tyl lou iti uitU% k ,io n iilu tray. tleo r tianider lthi Illllta of et. Ni Iulgu il A t onC l
f wI hlar' tl whlalI it o ltitim t o t ut l o pror- m or hl, Oha ii'o, lh r? No w Itil t e p iou el-o to W .st ut u l 7, '81I, ll h |its.
unitlunti r ; a'ti l a thallt I l esul or a ti ise tblle things il ,h uth, llitll l d tlo ghe I nl H. B .
Ait-,h. v hi l t i tnll, lg; ot yiri, whl Io u nscl ti 11 k l th'y rtur w- I ll. Ilt aro thev y harlpye, Ir. R. ll .rlal' NllO.
iil hI.,l it I it, kilwvte itu )' hD o I lfo l iUnt- tush? -tl r ttils i hIp 1 i) i tt; o e mltht-y h tppyt Uud or luil Iy vitllt tf t| strit o I Vuli-
e hll-al i aull:lt, altl it uttultO d to tame st l Vot i ):ly ha buitllm s wmlltl Iaealthi, but tioul Expolmtlslesua1a I'r,nl t li llit blt, Htets

r'ul; .. Lh:all oi -, t I 1"' t I.tll;l 18 I a l lr o 'tliaytrt, l lY I lhd.e' tht.y Inuy d tr ws ill hsll it hl' lini A .ctio, atn M,,Nn-
tris,,''. b ,t.ul'il; k hi s h. n a h.Th11 1111 yat t, onuwn n Jup ui1 ll re y l l aalt the 10thdty ,fr Jc i tiun. At D 1tio at in
-I'liii-,,a''i'oit'yef Ah.tc.iterthhl n-I' rIh iha [" o liy there. 9 D of A d n i,
I itt.-; l i t l;-ia-u,-It ea I ii;'i ll J; ra J'rdi biLt It tthl'-:t si jtlo to ]l.l; .tuthers and t
a.ia;aru ll i-ditto )t"i. tnt- sor conlhlang sate-is' 'ulhtl xiy Tliey l. 'o n ltl-a att utmrtlto ru. 'lnos ,n ft'o. lh ina mtar,

I lI ,'A- hh.ii it 3t lit trtli. I l|, m) o iIY ic-li'on -tl grm--tibt el nuur m ns-aoll is thanni U. lH.Mrlhalilh
IUvo.udiI i h s;,i ll Iar.ti.ly i.i't ity tiuasi r, tfilt rH a n, tItl Iru ',tLh r. Well no thi told May I4th 'i, 3w ,
ea li i hll t,'t; inio 1 ll l'' i t ou h lt l lso u Ioe,, oal tn' t. i )' te.ns l e iu thlr tol t". ( rJs
y(,u Itr1' ,lul ItI mU t gcis IaIe luou toeour- Iug mushulal'Hlily to) Iis fet)l: "'Ilito'UI to w liTo ihe Ltlaue o1r t ( iVsmtt.
ittlliatt I nl.oUsd it was-testisaas there thmo Y aim' nlt, it he.I wta maynly th a uty al All ladies thnsat feel an interest in Dniunl
i, t '- nl itbi ti,. mill ai )itt bit e ilu ld Y o u a nd ash e m, -y 's li st mv t lt m s h t ay 's I V O uo i & A. i neri tt fl l
st,--Itt, t' t s riitiitiaatt li litat avttil-sil u o- l w htI i tali| tli I Iut ttti' Il', reiI1esLet d to ma t Ill it et tll sw lOltttoni, a L lnai-
uji. itt )uit tatime |suitttta a' ti l'a i 'or SOnnet '"As m'o l'U 'sc-ta," suaggosteth I slt 'tie, pl )i Monday Juine 10th ut 5 mit. to
bitti- tail, atiI. hiar ,I(t.ly sit witlinll i Joliir nit ihis brolwss fr toa e olld, naB 10the nuesury ofnrAraU.tgeulh fo1r hi'-
I, 'aill y.oum Out; l)Ut li,\vs I il:ully ao- "3Itr, thau tIha t, Ilush, Tlllht Illinght do in ta IamnH h ,ar it lho bitohlt of saidl Lodge.
il, l,.v iihge Imay ur-mrlt If 3yoil atlerotm tUy for ,'o, i lut IL mo|uld itlnu do for nle, huneo 5l-It.
ri-.*l I klltl- IlimVe IIs1u tiiii.L 1u 1 llgo in 'iiay iite3' iultys( love us, nu o n m tto r ....
itt "imllut Ums. ,lit irmalum L- thiort ou why. I what eoites--tlmai't t, lush. 'Ni' ldUt- Mlerhi ttO,..,
tlii ,tiue tIiiel of l-airrllutgilng tolhtt blaok- ber wasbt eultlue, wayu olr IIothler aal> We desfir to say to nr oitlzeans, tbnt for
ai.all;tl'i )hldra. or whisrtevei Ill namal hsistersaylima'st lhum us.' r" we Ilflvo bucat n seohiltg Dr. Kings New
s-'aL, heUt t1h tooW tmk mit i limitl iand s iac T lu at liosn't tlind I mull i his lh nIer oveory for Comuiittutinl, ,r, Kin'gs
HIIVm',I mmi't tile Jhib. Ihlyllslsoltutlnelnt ort otor his forrluatdul elmit sLtd nttthtmg ton Nayw life F'llso ],ltm n' tuFI tar trr i ui' Htl IVu ald
lift' iltt gtl onol'siut itP' I tllUtglt so--t|o tmorttto Itliimaltilln l'h m ittl u I mirokoe out d ileat Ic biters, nnurth h tvi il evur h iltllhtd



VOL.' 10.-NO. 22

Caller-Isn't lMub-tiua a rather peouliar
muare for a servant Mrs. Llghtfoot
Mrs. Lightfoot--YV ber name is RIa,
and we've added the prefix.
Caller-Oh, I Me, because you are all under
the Rosa-LlXt.
She Kuew ter lIlame.
OmabaHousewife-Now Bridget, I want
to be real kind to you and trat you ie one
of the family, but I want you to remember
our pla. Don't try to do as I and my
daughter do.
lBrldget-No, ludde, \nunri I never had
much brlngln' up. but I'vt too muh line
for that. -OnOmah World.
Cheap Refrierantlng.
loe Dealer-Shall I leave Il, for you this
sa(on as usual, Mr KR.
Mtr. .-M-ot I have bes neglooting my
soolal dutle lately, and shall be able to ge
through the summer without i oe, I thl--
Burlington PreePress.
Tel Tal
Spring Poet (buading a roll of paper to te
editor)-There, sir, I think tmeroe some stuff
In that poem.
Editor (glacing at 1t-T-here Is, Indeed,
m boy. tt's all stuf. Good morning.-

melly rixed.
Walter-Abom, air, you hae forgotten to
Broker-Oh, yes, our Up. I had forgo
tea. Buy A. iL ad Q. praturred at B iW
I at 40. --lohanag
The Invariable tue.
The flAt Impule of a boy with new
wateh s to sure himsel that none of te I
parts ae mmimng.-Jeweler Weekly.
The Treth of the Matter.
Onee a pleaure loving Tuton put his gluday
to ult and hetartedfor aro lo
listhe mush0leotea mo.
aed with s l tltaftl upoa ever
UtsorBao ed hbemolnd0whe bBw
over what a e t had better
But hk morass' Immddo w a r bl a
vWe, aad at wce Lte oGh" Etu
Seemed e dnparatvely rde. '
'wasth eats exthlbltUoo at eoo ad lli--
e lrgorn lesgees w we a

Out te haAl
cwM .SS~.A nipT"0 Wd arbmoJW

taken oat and this tube retored to its nor-
mal condition, hiring will be detroyed
forever; nine uases out of tan are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an laflt ed
condition of he muous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for..
any Mea of Deafne (caused by Catarrh)
that we can not oure by taklag Hall's
atalrh Cure. Bend for oirulars, frie.
F J. CHENEY t 00., Toleo, U.
iW sold by Druggists, 784

It Ira Ourltou Iahe
Tha the body II now more sasleptible
to benefit from medilcne than at any other
eaon. Henoe the Importanoe of taking
Bood's iaraarilla now when it will do
on the most good It i really wndehl
to r fyPinitgnd enriching the bloi
Udn1n ai 61pe6, i and givInga healthy
It Ihe whole ytem, Be sure to get
tootdflSrIglilla, which is peculiar Ip


nut Heo Du, Waitted to Pool old
It was a state oleictll in Alab I iMl
among those' crowd filling tie iltt tan
whero Imapploncd to be stopping W
queer characters, Aniloli tho qIuer W Sl
an old man and his sou--tho father I
years oll, tile sol aliouti to cast his f ots.
The boy luul prilinod up pretty woel
10 o'clock iln t forenoon L was say
"Pathr, git toUn ini to hold me, it I04
nu loost thi town won't ob nowhar t
"ieo calmh, Jonsn, Im e calm," adv te'
old man as ho intti.d hint on thM shoe
"WhoopIyll yil y Whar't the o d
says he will chnllungo any fist voter' .
"Thur's no critter sayti' anyti th
sort, Jonas. Jist be uiet, Don't
your voico too nItch." I,
Jonas ohlciulated arondl fotr a l w
then came baik to the tavor tn esep a
"Father, I've got to turn loose."
"Shool Jouisl" k l
"But I liev. 'lit a-goli' to cut I Igo
fur the haIM crowI, fur 1 can't hold lt
ino loingor."" pi
At that Imoniuet aTurk or Boho or
foreigner of saonlo sort came up with und
organ and a dulacing bear, and I ea alow t
idea strike Joias like ulandslide. Th ftier
saw it, too, and lie protested: "
"Nuw, Jonas, doan' make no ori f
joo'self You list lot that b'ar alone., l
"Pop, I'n gwine tor clinoh im. ilt- e
getier too fuiny fur this yere localltty,"
"You'll git Ihsted, Jilaons. B'ars cn.ry b
"Uot to do it, pap. I'm biubnhl' pplike
blllu' soap ilauds Anal sidnpthill' haM got tw be 0e
donl or thlo llo r will givo way. Stand iokl
Whoopoo "
Every citlin, of the town heard his yell. .
The biar was alnibt five rods away, ,nrlg
through a walta, andl he stopped lhis mve- I
months to sco what was going to halea. e
Jonas made a bee line for him and io he
came within six toot he rose in the air aud
cumno dow nastrjdo po Bruin itd grpbl] hllH l
by tie oars alid yoiled.
"Ameorica ain tlhe Inill ailth Who0oll"
It was oi theo'nlddlo of the street iau the
street was dusty. Thoroefroo I can't swear as
to what took ilciet during tile next two tiila-
utea. When the foreigner pulled his bear of
thero was a bunllo of soliotbhliig lying in the
dlust. It looked like old clothes, hut it tum'aed
out to bo Jons. HIo wasn't saying a word.
H-hp didn't know It when the father and two
others liltoif lioi ov-er against the feuce nud a
got water froi'n the town well to pour '%ror
hin. It wi. a ill full rter of an hour is'foro
he opoen,,d his eyes and faintly asked
"Father, rlig I l,,oid out the hull prowdll"
liNo, Jonas. You tackled that b'ar agli
lny advito" -,
"And kerwpllopod him. '
"Skoorooly? You've dun got the wuet
mauling' er hoaed of."
"I should obsarvo. Yoq's bit, plaVwed,
knocked, rolled, paralysed and broke, and you
won't beI itten to work fur a month. Ju-ns,
you's a critter, a pore fulo of a critter, and if
tv& eln' Ia\C e gotl jto siwo n ateryour a1mei
I'mn gwlo to hire a niggor and a maul to
knock it off. Say, Baker, kin you load iJ
Vritotr lilto yvr Part and tote hliu ont hnd
A Trifl Coareles.

S '-.b


---.-- --

,loutc-fnut of Artillery (during great gun
mtrnrtl'o at Wlllott' l'oint)--Got away, thore I
1)o you wanat to) bo blown to pieoat?
ong Ishuad lti'tunor--Ltt her go, cap. I
wan' ter light my pino, an' cleam forgot my

A Qualllt Idea.
A little hfllow, whose fifth birthday Ia it
hlumd, hoardl the question asked of a iew-
coUin l'
"How old Is that infant?"
Hls rI'lily wats:
"RhI, ain't, old at all; she has just begun."
After lit hainl sRon the Infant, he aald to his
"MHlatiina, that baby had her hair cut In
hetvUn. I HsnpposS they thought he would
not Io st wrong enough to walk to the barber'."
--Brnswirk, Me., Tulograph.
msloNee's Own self.
IFur-yoar-old lesiue was having her dollle
drtetl ndll, wlintl It caine to the bonnet, the
little malnd calluil for foathelm, refusing to be
BltiHfluld with the nflwoers manumma brought
Iltr. "But they don't.wear fathers now,
iny datr," mainuina said. "I can't help that,
niulmnit; tth thinks hslideoof mie Isn't like the
thinks nslide of other folks," Of course the
feothers won.--Altnn Domoorat.
Ani Uonest Reasoo.
Drug Clerk-I won't sell you the morphine
without a prescription. I'm afraid to let you
have it.
Cuitomor--Do I look like a man who would
kill liaisof I
]Drug Clork-I don't know. It seemesuto
no If I looked like you I should be greatly
tomuiited to kill inyself.--Olnaha World.
Hle Dti'tred from the est of o iankllnd.
"I would rather deliver that oration than
do anything else In this wide world."
"You always were eccentric."
"I sti nothing eccentric about that."
"Well, tlher is. Moet meno would rather
have you do nnythihg else In the world than
lelivert that oration."-Harpor's BMar.
Slhouldl n o o Labeled.
I Mclical Stnilont-Suotis to no these cigars
are not very go,-1, if you will oxomue me, old
Fellow Htumktut--No, they're not; but they
aro good'llntoulgh to tsmllku out of doors.
"Aul, 1 wo'l ior etxtornal ua only, ohl"--
lhstoR(i Ilerail.

At tUel Races.
Farmn r Wayback-If It wasn't for one
thing I'd bIt a million dollar, if I had It, on
that hay colt o' miin trottin' a mile in 9DM.
Chorus of Volcoi--What's the one things
Farmer WayLlack-The distance s too great
for the thu tn.--Oumaha World.

A anommon Trouble.
Serlbuler ato two Welsh rarebit*, there
portion of terrain, a plate of lee cream, a
lomn inmorlinquo plu and a lobtter salad, id
now says Ie's got tile writer's cramp. -HWr-
pork Bazar.



- IC

~~~--.___ r-- --

*It OCepteatke We Agat t ta 'e
Xd6 Hap ry ooir b m B
Uar and mors t pll
nabtooof twprttlewn a0e
itya, and he Ik very fond af going outA
tably received wherever he goo it
emt always, for an e peeno e he ad la
neday afternoon proved that be we net e
lrdally reoeded at oe heour a haeS m
I bbin dna o t n
woit tithe pst. hooly Khan utarts
it with the purpose of mallt a round
kll It is his memtmn to pay his mtpoee to
i ladleoft the fashionable world on bunday
e msmeo M on week day Suda being
ttrmol plaaan t day, hte landau wm ws
'oulht toae. He walked from his re
moe oMiCoet to MtuadehauMtoh aiua I
uthe oelhrbortood o wourteeiut esea,
bre he objeof t hi* A- oa rei .
talin, up he oboe tep In n Indolent
'Won, ite aAhd le door and rTobtar -
ytoork0 b t o 00 ftaAOr Unger-
ilr osme oin m a ap4pean 11 ad
ifore Ohooly Kunat =told Utter a word
touted outl "The ladle arn e buomy m
anuot be bothered with you n w.
"Wels" aid the minister, ompletely on-
ied, "'there mut be a mtLtakel take ta my
Ci don't ort y them pnow' ansowered
hemervaut, not allowing hlu finih hs
"atapc. "They are all about goinagto din-
orand dount care for any ou to me team at
lhi tume-you'd better come again no ie
iorntng and thee se door is alwae t
andie place for ob th y to oolL*
The minttter waited for a moral. T -
Ouff e hoa received at tbe hands of 0te r
y servant oumpletely paralyzed him. He
qale no more otm l that day, and had about
onoludod that he had had a suflolent dose of
umertoan society.
The ladles of thhoue soon learned of tbe
'horrible" manner in wldoh their dItla-
piihed caller had beeu received, aM4d *e
It once made herolo and hb ly Y 0uocs(
efforts to have te fati@4 settled ou atsi
atlfaotory 14ot only to tboiumlvcesu bt*t4
hao dstln lhsha(l onoy front Tehea, .-14
York TrIbuU9.
A Trogody.
The vigilantes bhad Just apturod a noted'
iamrbler, and, leading him to a onuvenlent
roo, were about to ring hiup
The Vlttim (doespirlng--P 'tty me for my
uotber's gray hairl
['hey iud hblm baud and foot.)
Tho Vltintm beeeeohtngly)-Tweive lv oa-
land dollars if you piaro my IWel
They fit tle noeme about his ueok.)
o VlogM 4s (earwntay)-Thae t11e to t te
rlcte go0i muto (n ithe wsti _
[Theyo ele the opeand prepare to heiW
bim upJ 0
The Victim (oonfldetmly--Say, boy, lt
me off, and I'U show yo how to holad tou
aee every tmel
The Vglilantoe O hoioruo-lUnaltd him-
tor blu mother's ke-lt-too bad to bang
--uoh a thorough gentleman.
[Tey knooel before the gambler.j
aloau.--Yale accord.
9omo UzJk illm,
"Was going up on the ow t he om nlghkt
bhe met

am.- What do you tunk eof hat
1"ather odd."
"Should anile to fippi MadeammStaH
however, and gave hti a oigar that we
loaded. iad 1t loaded to blow my brother'
head off."
e"And It exploded'
S"Beoerlifel Maybe au hawosanman
out rldng with no oyeows and hisbl noar
done up In a rag. Banme an. Moevesrp
to ame gan. o long.-Dietrolt Fe reaPaa
A I'orttuniet aliune*


WIna sod toce f We mlteA Ae W tII
Dmwtin Waibie Seem tt Avss
Vide* of Udmm--Wawiaa 3 b
tetro stolen wrH0 meaee eose.

NJow Y=UM,=( V*@WW
for vey Wora awohr ti I I bs vosm
ine tWo ieLmA are pse w her. ar peob.
Wyftho, bmt asfaed w tiA "
and 6tyw el both itinensu m weets

o A w -M'~~
b'abeoe~~~f; baa-ea mum Inti. im
.;l~a~bl~ BQY~

I-w c@a m o -M Io l
WAsAMIoox, D. 0., June 11,-The war.
hip ONsspec has boon ordered to Port.au.
rises, HaytiL

([a uu "" s Irmu)
JoaNVToww, Penn., June 11,-Great h\.
oads are being made in the debris edl-
0tad M the old stone bridge at tlhi plaoe.
Iteam end dynamite are both bolugeuo.
refully used for the purpose.

IN *AW Ato Ma aAMj
JonuNsows, Penn., Juno 11.-lsurgeon.
General Hamilton has Just published his
report on the sanitary condition of Johns-
own and oiinity. He thinks Chat here
now no danger of an epidemiioin the
looked district.

[(y oALS to T as a qToa]
UTIOA, N. 1,, June 11.-A big cyoloue
bas Just swept over this portion of the
ittet, doing great damage to property. It
swept everything from its path.


MIUVAuxK, WiS,, June l,--Snadl )iox '
ha broken out at Wrawelos, this State
tad the oitiens re fledng with terror
from ile loathsome dslWse

fIn 0am Vo a QUAWe'.)
CotrA. Pla., Jone.-Mr. J. d. May&, a
prominent railroad man, wa yesterday
thrashed with a stick by Mr. 0. W. Browu,
a wealthy orange grower of this oity.

I AX sAs N 30 s QVAtO.]
MAsutx, Vla., June 11.-White Cap~
at this place killed a negro here yesterday.
Groet exoitemnt exists among the negroes.


AuMria Gaileia, haw been destroyed by
e, Ia8sy UM Were loNL6

A $0 Bw BetwveahbeYahte Iolrpoe
and Caoaheoaob
A 100 yahobt rae has been arranged bei
tween the yahtob oUpe, owned by Mr.
no. fogarty, of Manate, and th e Oaout-
ohoue, owned by Mr. D. T. Swe*ey, of
ths elty, to take place tomorrow evening,
or 0 soon as possible after the Eolipse ar-
rive hee from Manatee. The distance to
be run will be- twenty miles, but the
ourse hba not yet been selected, from the
fast that it is impossible to predict in
whieh direction #he wind will be blowing
at the time of the raoe. There is to doubt
about the race, for the $200 habe already
bee put up and are in the hands of the
The Eclipse left Manatee Saturday with
a *ergo of melons for this maret, bat
owinR to the fact that she now has a head
wind she is not expected to arrive here till
erme time tomorrow,
This race promises to be the moat Itter-
eting event that i l taken place la Key
West for several month.

Ufily Weathe Bulletin.
WAi DaPArunm Signal Service, U. I.
A., Key West, June 11, at 7:88 a.m., looal
time' a.m,, 17th meridian tlme.-Ob-
servations are taken at the some mom-
ent of time at all stations.

IAot g I "fITS

New York... 80. U N- Oar
1Hatteras ....- 00
Oharleston. 0. W 00 air
Jaoksonille 0. 8 E 00 Fair
Titusvlle ... 78 1 00 Clear
Jupiter ...00
Key Wet. 80.10 8 1 -Fair
OadFrey. 80.94 78 8 4 Fair
Pensaoola.... 80.1 7 1 Fair
New Orleans.. 80.1 7 SE 1.01 lear
Galteston... 80.06 7 8 air
3oausCbriUhri 80.0 1 00 Fair

J. 5. O'Domnra. Obsertve.
Deatne-s Can'1 be are.
by loael application, as they oan not reahb
the diseased portion of the ear. There .
only one way to ure Deafne, and thai is
by oonstitutional remedies. Deafnes is
asked by an inflamed condition of the
muaos lining of the kJtutachian Tbe.
When h tube get inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and
when itae entirely oloud Deafneus s the
result, and unless the inflammation can be




ilAt AND LAOi* WRA&9.
Badtl la front and set in ,bgebuLi

*Ibd Mr. Or=odi ccetwraMC sCc o ke

ma ootaw VI k nr0 M tam 9 hof
& OollM os od *va *A bbe
*t the top ad the fowerod oa ltoe % % b
lawe, T WppOr ed c ha bavet betu
bomg f olorfa00 adadler & iJ on f
duhur a vary p *tmow The boalh
of rlob black rb tm an, ~ W ing be

and in roa more for the toWhna
thaT nythhng cmoe.
SMaun ladies h Iua lae d ry'wl
would onme I ve'y r*ndy tor th bwal
Thread Chant& Prweah mlta
aIbh of Iwrgunt- mip iwe matsall MMtalahe
fit a most ~ew .aLnty ittle

loew I Itt vm at onea=l

l alht o a elo l L W eW
ll lace wnoiua Aa atelra, a- in

for easeh a wrap1
be made ever n at

oa I to avome

dron. The ethr
ew waorn over
lght eoloaod
dreem., eod ao
very pretty,

skteoosuomole aa
haon the iaUM

blendino of
lor ish da wrap a t
agoe04 at eu
been ma d fever y ,
to t I ndsome

howe ver only
worn by ma- b el
trons. wide we the
wrapsbov e for the
younger ladle.
walk lui Wg x
show theE. 1' w
blenditig of Ma
dimsotolre styles
with common iLAC1 PAIl

sonts, awth blatk velvet ilbon e
exceedingly elegant.

Iedge. yeste a had velvet mbad
been wakn a he d i aor ay the
was so pretty thmt WmtoIt rtb IbL i
wes of very light 1eusdehetge, a0
aerial aasohcaps It is pretty, saG l
Akir e uPlain and ll W t*e lhass
being shirred about five Inobees dJ
around the hips,
TIDee rows of black velvet rgAwk we
Inc h wde, wese awn around the hethum
above the hem. The waist was
eawnt, wihW black velvet rilkbon
edge. The aleeia had velvet esmo
thire wasa bemused easheo the


T113- DAILY re DEMOCRAT. JUNE 11, I tl .
.... ..... . . . _Wly waB Nfor tile
,ITH,,IIATIB DBM.RRiOT RNG*"* "". "'! TA N D OE -I-- A wTKT... c. .. me.t..
-. -t.l(, i sto, .. b I 1. ...i ..l ... JLIa a J Il!) uiy IiIB. OFt .'A Oo re. t.
... ......... . ...... ,::,:;;:.+ ,,t;' :u~,.:y ,I,;" ,1; .... ;,;;,:; l^^ t, ,F .*IO **W Jlitf p Da~ t, ir nP.i^ WAI N Y .*lhm th

',.QUA.TOR+ YUBIS HI:N(. CO. ^.it :::.1 +r l,-'h':.;; **'^*;,;v, i. th timJ-O S 1HlS~hW A Wlf
i',hi,.iispr .nTi ProwiSt-otos C101 i s,, i .o 011i 0J of t ,l,, 0,h J Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I I (INCORPOIU TE 1884.)
,wilsit,,. Jm ni I;VH(M, ou i1, .. .l *,.....;,l ... ..... ....i .i',1,"",, .!1'!1, .. n l il tf tf "" 0 0
Office, in Eqiator Building, ront St. on. '" i'" """'.... .. lp.. ( ,it to '" ....... .... "" r'' ''" "--- ----- --.. .. G L ur I
ner of t D uval. T eleyhone' 36 t 'I) lk 01 N,1 ilg l ,.I Iu I l ksit! w without 1. ' 4....O1D,, ... u 1 r.p luT 1 0 ,0 0 0 .
I" +un' a -.,+,,' 1 und ,, in in Ite may ap- '" '.. ........... ." ...++i& H OR op U 29, 4 AND DI)I ECTORS : -"
,s,, ...... |.i non y p ,1i .* ...... ... .... j: loIw This is one oRf our hand- OO
on ,a" '.. "';"" ";; n ,., ... a,.. .i .. : .. 'lo- ctn ind eSH IRT S, A^ n S voav^re,' a'OJ__ ,r. oaAyo
.......t ..., ...... n'. ...... ,'' t .... the gnalnt ightfor the hhorties of Irulonul 0 ... ..... t .... (+1... "0 OL&.S SS
h,, h t hy 17 '. \ville stcrn y eomleannigrime at ho h .,'"h. wear, (playo COLLoARS ISSUES LETTERS OF C SREDIT, BUYS AND
.' ....... ........o.is" I..o.nl H e...ry, oow... T CUFFS.n SELLS BILLS OF EXCHANGE,
.. ......... Mki.','oi ,.cbud, 11,141,,. e" ::;:,.... ",...., of; He'"'"," ,, m iW MPNIAL V 1 g
h ,', ,,N i, F,4 t ,t' / / ,-, 't I* 'e ,;T, M r W i l n l h t s h i s z ,a l d o i n i t e h is ,. U E A O F )FO 1 t l
jl *e ', "^D ]Knt Ifr 'thimportnuco of DPO*IT INTm il ANUla EV^E 1 81
/>&/ Lit % , I'll-Can d iI on e nvnow or knr afer.u s i ldaSU J T T leE CaA

/... ',' iil,.. iie"w neii;i Jn,1" ; oil aan..E L O E h a W h ite. O Ae Voec osst I *\,-r op C eto
H...... t.v,, (........tr, lum c,h.rr 1 t< in djmg L n"x tio m, fr .. h c iio ~or tau co The uhuly ...." ^ *'* '*J. 'iu^^ :r ..... ,~nr r.. /^,7^ twoH m tSk CV patI, AUCCJENyl TF MEO JIIANT M ~ A OT U l I
i n -. . .. : --ri >,-, r1.| .'ii. to np r ovio u ll it li ls in l t h e os 'ib ility oth a t(l r o l o lritf ln Tlr -ol ;,, n i a. ,U, d .' "i n -D ,na tf t t ole .L.. O. l /. .& S ....... ........

,r',,I, *,.,. ,l,,,.,n.,,,.r ,,,, ,.,,.,.1,,,,. t o ,o,, ,unmay int, rfrn ,,,, for wlth our ,, ..... '"'r"'"' :+'"01"+' + ["" "' ILK 'S iv lle nnt o, ., lSeOe SPr O Np T F :
Wht urnw n: th;1"?..;1/11 ,"'11' anys: Ilsry r'ightM in Eastern" or with ou~r r ~ M~^ ^ ~, r*e- carry the ar st Knee Pants "NS N\"" ^ ^DE ANK ***** ** ***** OW ^uk
,;.,,,,ik t ilw il io i uo fIs,,in,11al a ;.. il tr,. I l.. r f 500.17760 &1 .19 00 o wh t w oo
I. \ II l.to'.1) /,1 \1 ol n -"soldnn : har weo uld altrnish oot all l co ,, wi;llullm i n M, l o' al no '- a n S E LS B Ir A.e ****::: a

l'1.k Th Tril .sn Drfu. r.Ktsto ,l intl^ mi tinaly,, It woult e ostablil Lotlh ecuipruo +. ,,"" +" th o t.. n (1, n.,., u .,l will puUy ullS' n .' ,(. lUUU 0. I.... St. ol .
cn a stlti wu ntlll a ]at knowlc e cinth an niuih o za]tioi n af 14 n+ol] l nam e tim .-a lo, s ofyw hoer rn. A. P DIat, O .' IIG..n.H.c E a 8 be. .

f a t ?l ,o t h ; < "^ec t i o ,u s -al s o u ~ u d u r t h l o s ^i "oT r i tdo i t ip l i g U nr th o at 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 I.r -J 5 0.d u a Ir Has & 7s
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;ht,.er,:,;, Th, ,',^^hm i:stad abtrnet ihtk lis ian of the ElyaT Brit-an Marc at',r i tcuo, iver aterlation V wish Everybody to Examine Our ORRE JO ,,t ,',i rn,,,l,l^ .,,,,,, ,'"", s'w'v, it gro.th,,,v ..s",:' ,, ;.t.T... .tc .k and Pri'c before m aklisng their P.r-..
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tli.c it l ('r ,, inten l fi tieon r i Col wi l c *a handsome new Oigar Factory on e.'ar,, ,Athtt ,il.n iil l no 10e11 YB ( M llt k o. a d B TYSe p s t qe la I h ee 61 ct l

V, i is ^Whitehe l street, t saown ai the tWa- Lisacan aroadwi. M rva aiejor en m In bleu tnpadi. 0. Ueg iuin. a y 1st., the shirs (f thisB Lie will run as followI
in ctitrol of uytioket il l ertio('H byl qttoror" Factory, ei be rented opMwyD. CH i lITECTfh A reILDR t e N O''(F---a Cty l Nno,, ',one.. D v. ut one= "u e:l:: I v eTA l ..... ,......:....:.... A i.v,,,::: : ,,,.,
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l. allnul th(t nH..lvo L avy conf esses d mha e,. i r lhe bst of ltghts. A new a iNir 0i o b r otifo AmerlOB.W Key Wb ptr Jnmy. 10,1 year. Arrive At NA..... .. ..-. ... Vl ie-dn lda
li ern ca, intrny f(u it h te l lo tcalit h C-hiT.arir Hanfozry lbr, e In. l. e -------- 5 C E .
'l. I l rsof coit hery D nMIN AT OR' NO I- Nolp 1 o ;> l on rtyl. i tirl HTI't htin-eosaAMSHIP AGENCY FORtloadnt ta et

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Tl,, Lini ln juro th-u,, tion. In the days w"\m p -( e ribed bylit ; ro d llperso n R A D E M A R K S V1W"0 10 OW fO r & i U

whou thli.. lpubl)icimu wtre In tbe asceud. ^ \ kK f indtfbled to satiA Estate are requested to incae-our""rklonote rcnltiredlnthem.Pt .* *: orlstnn~o ; ',l ;W 1V V C 1 V U VeS O D.~
uot uo. ,.l could hav, pass,13 L o. o il, M law ilSAL ATte BUO1 A T, lote tle ^, she unto ** on r4 iio Compomottlsed h.1f th follo t i n

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i rei.s, airne ol directly nt the fwth, .,"8 W iV o howor- Tiftt .looiP.d. Key W8st, Mah, 29 *89. 6m. M NlMf CO.. Pi Oert ohtlr.ptorl, l twt mes E3. Se w
It h l, i ta 'i r h t m it a1to i 0yillth ilt I f t i < i, , t n t tiat (_i' aa o kb oI, forest ____o__ X HlBlHBeys1 J AA L etaeieep p aa b o veW B, o. .. ..

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Tho Northern Bud \Western Htates woubd Rhut an al Humoirs, Dyspepsia, Sict house Ihiat bouin fmnitiy usedlciiu nud Hi(e- ,, ur)m>,. ] I ,1 AVING hepn thoroughly* enovatedin UH^ ^ ^ ^ I- ^ ^I. M. Ulails. For freight or pea-
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t tnn i l lr o f t h l v o r um tl o tf th i cii- t o o ., A i o t h e c a r lo s L o w e ll, M M dllo w e d t o e unr a f t t h o iusel T e is ot b o d Jli- t ui n K n : rgl i.all th>. ( H). M Ka n e d G oo.. sfo p .
ft s li Whitehead irstreet 11, k- r now th>ie i UME-1 SOuther. PaRiCO COmpany,

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June~m of othrir, thoctiu elsIthse iufth ] andboukit ltlllt. LAn-
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Iby s ayink that the latw it prolum es in til.- 11 p ipor every tiny in the year troo, if wti with,u11t th"1tuin\ th0 110111M N I U~tNC E eff eect~d IiII~lor tilxil polhey J H H L R C sA e t

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LTHt.'sMAOAZINER. OellO ithe Post Of l ,, l
May 29, 89. EAF TOBA.CCo

or woalt.-New York World, Dem, lHarper'r New Mothly for J,.n, Multtonu, Pol.W Ke <1.L E A F T OB A li A MM0^ 7
Thi Conlifornil colored brother who pro. Horibnrr'o ". --- t m A cau---oABA
dictol that tho nolrocs will ultimateyJ dr- -a hArn.... .ltUt r And and til kilu o O le o .h l .e .KN D y 1 ^pt, h_ K Aet
ninu.,,ht the national govo rnmeo n tpaythem or choal Pad. s ,D i H < l. oo o tl,, t, ,, o n k1 th a ,peci. lty t All Knin 31 P r | o R la(
,-.0,0o0w000 ihdemnity for two conty roes A lrg ly of M..randn Tl t, 141184 % i1t lO ) ROvFEPorv t Rler & lOi C lDru g 01) GO d f Key Y ert iA N EL Il l i 11 W
ot slavery mntt hope that Corporal Thnuor Gand ht eah,Jut recouped by y OU .clts o u tl o r store. rmoito,, sltt, cor r Itn ear ,, will Poltly Fill Ordr D
will thenbo inhargo of tho funds. tur. 121. EQUATOR NRW Co. h Key West Flit. entrusted to iE, at Lowest Market Prices -- & A
lington Gazette, Domr. ... ... U TS, SOUP BUNCHES, a n---]'Pnd U HERALTEH M8. Feb. I n -d 3 G
Tio c r.mocrate who ha. to do all t e, \\ B AN I| S LA HS Et Ento- to., r A. MeCIuOrV, A- t 0 0 t a
npologizinlg and tad, the tonziug for four DLAN o. BuLAs up ou Shou romo th se gu py r hs, ish
e ryto FojnowlNu olliAKasnre kept ----i s--- ey&imlrs7t. ment o
sO ninestockandc always be found at 'ATTOiN1A7LA1, Meyer & Clark, AaTT o
laughri Atthe o therfoi l o ws'rb rplexit I At th(AINRTR S 1B E VIEM E ," M"" "9+ MA"'" r -" D A ._ ,o= T O V ES_
of weallb.-N ew Yor Worlfhd, De ar-P era s se wMng L ts.yforJnnonl JVll, P ork, t o t. BK P O ST & O N W ho w ill I
Ather onllfori oorte bae roathe doa mrore bor ---i'er--mltn, l O A C N

much por..ride.-roiiadoiphia. Time,,I nd. -I Award Ma n i ufests. MRhE KN..f,) l ) you to m yorownters of
,It o.h enough to B.ytta century hence,-. WarehouseRntry. r M T & VEGETABLE MARKET -- 4.-wo,, WoLmAI.K O,,Iy .k,, ItnltallOentlat the
when, the Intelligent Amorian oflthat day --Acstiole alfep o oralts. -u ,l I.o W. kL tdN .-OOMM'IR I)ON MEIICH. NT.-- e'
ineefa lnc bcwad -Xieiner eprs aor.o..G LL 6 rhrkmGBSTS.- 4B.TLwNrufBi >^.nu~, .4,, RGN LISA M N OU
of ee gla ncmut he twa, ho will bitterly --teports anhd Manfestr colIt b',I I e *
LTOZTIMY-AT-LAW &NOTARY PUBLIC poolati otteuthtion ulvell to .
denounce our criminal wnst ant neglret --1w2 rd Passenger Lists. KL Willesi.t hUnes,017- of vagemt and fruit. oOR IGI NA IN
yser inheoythot we tow ony -tr. fornediateSCosiamption oChoice Ko Weut Bee.f a t, Mon^oe t 99. ni po -fAccommo a fteE-bl. | '
warnooingto pn sanhoedtol, and rahod ou 'hrwai i gtr fr Consump- a 17f tK WMtk New Orlen. Luian ny
laghngatth thr olow'-eplxiie, theEq Al u vlota :E .-s ticok k owOr eas, otulsl r

to nr dooni.-AtnhlanlConptitntion, Dorn. tlonS, Mpans.y m t | fob ut K eyW siI
h n A o h -
takesiaglance ~~ ~ ~ bakad ew' btel "e I \C ToLTRTYA.AAOAY~ltesol teninarut atlsn RGN L N T LM N O S

__TH f 0AlJ i! EQ U A TO R -D O

YOUR. JAWil f 3
salting t .h A-M t th.e Words r O.. 1
no folowWingIu*aeted from an addresst11 r116 e
tim to (Dr to I Odqht to have attopti t iiba .If w Neuhamnf J l in. o Tilt ,'S' croup,
b claM 1 UainO NWat r 13., a do you removing all prails, tBrllsos, CoHtsll auai Blusk,
"* J r. ~ill do wl o osra.0 atr. the d;*8e o.. of RHEUMATsM 18EU A MrR
wold ac'm pi. e t deafesI. it will ,alsosa Wdi' o UrI l i 1X

DK l frthe 1u ditlet 9"e .... IrM "ove. -"
'petde plopAhe ,, me he a_ 'Paw.. s. Mr. E Hall wrote from. holby, Al t.
.brethren, pawal"-'odou n 3 awU Fobruary, j1), 1887:- "Iould not B ar itu
thunder. I heard of B. B. 13., used t* -- -----------------......
1A le8 ibile Segestaus. bottles, An now can hear a ti6k crawl in
the leaves, _.- J 4ol F o ,
KNOXVuAi lieN., July 2, 1887.-
IhLave Lad catarrl of the head for six -IY:'I
r. I went to a noted doctor and he I
ta l lc f m or it, bat co ai not oure meH r
s* aid. I wi3ova fEiftyoald d HIand LL OTHl ES
gave up to 0 i Ubae 9 C Otaeg"0 3oqu,1
.my eyes wore 4ea ud I am eoa donnut Wholhanle Deaelwe Ia
Should not have lITd ~Mi*hout a eb ago,
itt an 1 ofedt Irt ofu die, ,Millinery Goo, its lIi IUl- d1
fjMI^'Bsf^b utRUJ 4eltmbetter Uhse ^rtw Goods.
An1qe, '.d thank Godl it, ered te. r I oos.
me, il64 & 5616 IJ'6ad !l,
tw Ti yv you may wyi for t fo he od
f(Uo. PnrecucT.
f IriPiIrtihlf aBB,. MATILDA NiOiA4* J .N W X olc
J99-~^2 Florida tr, .. -- ---
. . r. .1 11 ,19

Bafstsaao Pro/prletor (to fiilter)-Wll.
John, b hr wie n rIh all overt
Watter-w-V ,Plr.
i. P,-Welk, A you and I go out some-
'tMie and get Mlltsqhlng good to oat for din-
ner,-Iketon Courw..
Had am0 o14aM
"My teld," he said, as hLbe tered a shoe-
maker shop an OGratlot avenue, should like
,, "How mach you Ahrger'
"Not a red cent."
\ *''VT It a nice soaugf"
6"4Very nice. I am sure you will be pleased
Atwll It."
'\Vlbell, go ahead."
TIA'Bean drew a long breath and started
a of. At was an awful noise. It Was Intendud
sto ll(trthe shoemaker right off his bench. It
tild o,-.xd after the firt vorse he mald
.'"Maype you hat some objeotr'
'l,bhave, my dear o ir. While I don't chargo
a tdting for silling, I do charge twenty-
fivy, sWito to top."
"I ; ;thell, I vhibagoing down to Spring.
wellrfos '~Afternoon. While I dean' charge
you to con.'l. #~, I naltk you pay feeoty cent
to got out."
And he atol W"ld .t anllto ked tile door,
and for t'wo hou P thI' itl4eraltt talktl with
an inquiring public through a broken pane of
glass, and freely a.',kuo.l4dglod that there
were litter games tltan hik.-Dotrolt Proe
Prom., __________
A lui Case of elole\,
We have our opinion of tri91ots h, general
and of this line, by Williai Walluna Cook,
in purtiellar:
When I mnl dead I do not cau
To lie in Mtato 'ucath pulses Hsteone.
bly soul will not Ib lying thule.
When I ani deal I do not care
For marbliw cold. Just umake my lair
A gravet, wit brambles overgrown.
When I llll dead I do not care
To lie In stait 'lnatl pulsulrm mtono.
lndelt, If we wore to exprem our opinion
of triolets In genorill and of this oon in pur*
* ti.ular, it woull ruln somewhat thus:
Don't frot yolr glamrd, Wllll, dear,
tlnue we hIuv reald your trlulet,
We'l nraisl u stone above your bWir,
Don't frIt your gliarwd, Wllla, der,
But just lie down without 4 fear
ju. Iwo can, fur
.. rote 6 ,IV e. dear,.
I oM o

Oar Idlomatio leaslllIh.
MEl Lesaghant (reading an American pa-
Ior)-WVat a strange country yours Is, to
le sure, Mr. Do Yankl
Mr. Do Yank (of Boston)-l don't think it
snnio ultranol' than yours. But why
"Well, this papers gives an aceQount of a
gan of baseball (i think they call It), and it
alay that 'Chumlpy saw a red hotball coming
for him in coueltor field, but he promptly froze
to It,'"--Lawrence, Mai, Anerican.
Ye I'roer Costellle.
lDintoui Swell-I undnrstandl,-MiLas Ba gor,
thatt you had a Maypole celebrautlolin Iyour
l, wu thisa spring.
htinto Girl-Yes, and I was queen of the
tIteisu Rwell-You must have loolhtl
aulurnmilg. What did you weart -
Mauine Girl-A Maacitosh and rubber
tlxINta.-Burlington Pree Pris.
The Wanderer'* Riean.
nirst, Tramnp-Gou.n' in that hoise over
lur-4, ipmmdf
tisawol Tramip-I tried that housu last
wFue. I aln't guoll' theo any more.
iMrAL 'ranslp--'alid on acoount o' the dogl
Semi Trallmp-Mo pante are.
Firat 'l'nT i-p-Panteare what?
Jsoud Tromp-l-rayed on account o' the
dog.-Dutruit lree Preo.
A Cuapet ent Masi.
Cowboy-Bay, you Do you run th)s en-
'Gonotlve Englneer-Yrs. What can I
do for ),..,I
(3.0sty-- ".asit a sltuntloa l as cow catcher.
I've bo6l on a rasalJ, for the last ten years.-
staoe s Heralsad.
They Want SMorn Ito-,
It Is rumored that the dudeu of 'A.born
Itve'Oss are going to petition to have t..
thualiughfa'ro widened so that theynay prom-
ouiuo onl it In their Sunday trousersu'wthout
iemlang iiorvoellence to vehkiloe io the
Jstrc t. -Chricgo News.
-k *'amtlou,.
'Mrs lightly (to **c'- ..c...... ....c.-
WhVlat do yem ttlink of the new opera, Mr.
isilvusit Musioal Crtio--Well, It wouldn't
tu U6iit L1 uoueltc ly would et it to muudo.-
'iok- -.U p.
A lasn IlIg
WiM A girl holds htr breathe moment
emd tw, a.y *wl8y, ",Oh, no, s.ioklg i
not at all d"augnsablu to me, Mr. Price,"
you cny tAuhis tisttMr. Price IsrotPt all
dltsalgr6 ableo o her, whether asmokingi or
Iiut. -emovil)e Journal.
PIse" a Higher Telinp.
"'Wife, you' am too valn about that dres.
You should As your mlnd on otauething
"I have, der-0o 80 bonnet I saw Ip a
window to day."-Harper's Baar.
Oomo. to etar.
A Kaml paper Is not rtain about It, but
Js of the opinion that. The Peking, Chia,
Oastte beeoomo toty. It has Just coleo-
SraWd ts 1,000th b'rtbday.

Mash Twain's Sep55 asokS
With dhosrie ilia, for sale at tb
quatout offloe. *I


A Preawbhwcit* otDf Pypepsln.
Mblc OuMxi, FiMo4 iw X io,, Jly 90,.'8,
I have been a asufor ,o ew lIndegeston
sad dyspepsia for a long 1.t1l1 .and nhavo
trel many rounedleys, bat ,al w nys in-
duoed ly my friend& to try yaw Im A
revivedd no relief, Ibat sitoe nuslag t fs o
fond maro rolled d and ol fort thlau ftrom
ny 'tlar.thetmeu t I hayo usod. Hop.g
11j w jll f(wjd to my addrbits your Nltee1
.2--- .. ...1-- ..0--,Ul n U|-



aeee (sot IOPrescoripso n, lnllI -tV
*ewo 0('zolas, A at earliest date,
LBo.oT U
A Boos (W,'Wtar Free,
All who desire 44M'' j antion hmiont
Al Wno (Iolro. jiai9 pol'lonlonn Herot.
the annos and curo of .',i,, Sores
nlR nRdodrofnfloBs Swolliju, 0' st.se rs,
Ithentatim, Kidnoy onil,, "", eto '
etc., can securd'by mall froe, A co, "I
32.pageR Illntratod Book of W ondori' .
with the Iost wonderful and startlinl
proof over before know.
M3omo BAsMa Co,, Atlanllt, (fia. Jity.

4,,4,.s5 iri,.''Au /t:,N7' O P

OLD ST A .o D'r
fl.., opposite the Now "usseol

~)'I~ `L~VJ Of iki~ "
It 0 114 -E, 'j) JS T E4 A RV S9--

55%~ic~ ml s s~y.nrccsl~ e sa nsu' lsoltht issl.m
hiu15 it IT-L geys: !-


!oU'jj5 W R,1EABRTH?

it You (10 we aro munble to girralfIr y ymi. IBid,
It lltere Is anytlhing Inl the el of 1Books.

Mairwineml, lkriolieAtJs, 1Wilting j)a-
jerg Eli VrOlupOM, Inks, Penls, Veule1fso
I4"(g19C1, JoiIVl&1*4,L J)lAy Jl)0kM,
Passni and Meimmuidnoi~&iumI U 11
1300l10, Lt cCIptIM, Cliecis,

or atythig ket CIii
fl s-la: Sttt-



the Maga,-'-
zil ,,s (1111 1)(

found Belford's
Llpp)iicOtt;'s, Outilng,
Ih tl )i s, 'I'l li ( llt, '.v,
other WVoll-klowil Porlot li-
cals. Also a full li ie of School
Books, Copy-books, Maps, Chmarts,
Slates, etc., always oil htand. Ilnitlco's
Spanish Tetachler, 0 lIendot's Ne w Melt liod
of leParilng Spalish a1l( S panlit at a, ( la11(.(e

k'roln the First to the Latest IsiIe.
If you wish a book or magazine which
can not be found In oir extensive stock, we
will order It


whltover, to yourself.

-h I ork cl l 11*1 lcsidnslo01t Of'

nlvi _', ,

P. PO 14 A I'Ali
plI(l ,c is
I). J'( djHAT~I
pPt A


4^r- j- 00,000*

y West, Fla. Cap, a ,oo.00o
ler St,, or Wall' St., New Vork. Surplus tter Accomod, on o
S WTIs Now eadyfor te Better AccomodNteon o
125, La Salle St., Chicago aId the Public. lV
I~~~- ,,,.e--- St. o21. DEOT M^ED

- Manulacturer ofS-- .N P I
(ana CgafS, AND I....- es-c.---*t"

y w est,_ AT ar lIO 5 Oui IBR W, NEAR TILE GI 'lI QlI' 1
I or S O.s c tO it'is N R e aoy W for the ,-
T &P01IT Pult0$

S12.5 LWaS aS S l .--- fat's G gallery
R BmaOX-ES, -*:r

hae made. anaeeto wft- r. F Lrder recently or l'
*orDAC cThi tEnS, i' O u D bunD-POP evy UTse.
E F Ds ,Ts l IN .Gallery, C., i for a abort imo We have 1Lb ltest rapid
t .e rushing fnely finsed portraits are inwvtd to call an I ee BampIo5
OiE. wNs 3 v.m.o.. ', V4Nw Style. g atl Sotou e WorkA ProofB Shown.
zJG (j NyStreet, .L. ,1.,.F .1 $,,,o c .'
R- D.- C., for t ,fb t-2 m. W our hR G t".... r
D~k,'ZHS I ()alery, ashilqtLl

Clha. s. B. MofVatt. _"' r
I fl 5

MABE..... R Q
1,2n.u fa~toCrwer of

rest :-- ..avaaa -:- Cigars,
jAST, FA*o rY v,.
'T F A(cO' Y 132.

~li aIy4l s41#I 4liiis city. UCor'CsII
-, I1t'l'AnTU.1541.iIII
Avo 11es-
(i Wu to
ULA s09

IIUJnl'teiM 1.11 Mtiutd rut..lllj~


tiflJASaW f'hlfln 5.tfrV-WPQ PT a


ruesmNssestss, .Utjn YWhlFLno rLi 0 0 s Vv yy Imvs Ni n L
S4EWB Rt& Co.i
V MNUP&O k JL41 Op

Paotoiefe's ii. BS, a4I&61d 145 Key West .Fa.
()lco afclD ai &roomr 3027 East 631rd St-reet


<'.ristjl 'Avenue and 31st. Street,
-' -0 Janufacturers of-,"

S:'igr- 13oxes anrd iibbo(rs,
--- )Devlers it ---


y*, Special attention paid to private Brands and Labels, Eto.~Sa
February th, 1888. __


Commission Merchants and Auctioneers.
-Front Street.---
Wholesale and tetall dealers *
Ittevivn by uch teaiumor an al rsi fromu New York and New Orleana t frosh supply of
(rocrrilpm, 'rovisions and Canted Good.
lave always e took a large andT well.eleoted assortment ot
Slilp Chantdle.ry, Crockery, (flas. '' and Hardware, Oarpeuter's Toel 'Pa nia. Oil
,vlt-i" ., ',uv u arIhlst n TY,
Ono of tile Oldest Business Housea of the City.
r- Porona.l ,4ttoutlon given to sle and satisfaction gnarntoed. Goods
recolvoul by every stolsgier frol Nw York, New orleans, Tg"pa, lato, A ea
Keys. ans lProd4lle from1 t"iU aitnoemt Keys,
.... ~ s. Bran ies Cigars------------~ ____

Fine Win

I he tuce f'or titsIkraty
.of good d r


2LV lIarg e all-u 111V nt v ...i ---- I .C.On
cards, Checker Boards, Ch,(ssioni, Domi- -

noos, Cllbago Boards, ,etc., etc. AIlso A LF

iL coimuploto litnO ofstwke'rs' articles.
A largostock of Al ambia Deeomrating A* U
pAper in assorted colorsA : o
AlTHE L ommis

E ATOR EWCou ntry onu giem


"WsW IIm,1"l

& Cider.
T the plaeofor the lover
lhe plamfor the trial is

5or, to Canrry & lirot,]O


r M :-: Merchant,
Key West. Florida.
Slgaments ot Iereohndlse, Finest Poultry and
tmand atifatiou ounanteed.

Cabinets, rt. ""' -
Card Photos, tr
Minotts (best quialj,,
Resp .,

Stoves, Tin, CovmerNDIronware,

Plumbing, Cas Fitting and Roofing a Sp
CJ Everything Cheap, and Bound to Wear all Time.'*l
tApr1-t.2l .]


John Jay Philbrick.

Y.Aipp'ing, Commission, worwardinzg


BEST Apthraoito and Bituminous Coal.
Wkarfase, storage and .eo"
Superior faoiliies for Coaling Steamyre,
Consignments police and prompt attention to dischargnripg, ripp and
le o cargoe, Which wil be stored in a fire-proof warehouse.
Gange of Laorers furnished at short Notice.

rS oompIeted ana crtl &1RIM1LROADL
*-^ w p el a el ~ B. +. -.5 -innte. The -_.
will take you to the Station on the
etur trip the smeprioe, Who wil not aval themlve of ths TEMPTIN
TlIP with an airing and walk on this Celebrated Bea h.
GO ONB 00 AAL. You will not regret it.



Factories 09, and 58.
Key West, Fla.
O flce and Salesroom: 51 Murray St., N. T.


Imported and Domestle Wine I Liquors.
71, Tjhk-pltoUlf land t10 u4er Itet* W O l a. JULU NljO,

turOes' Machinery, Tools, and



/ -HT-"L

.... MIlurs n Kiwannllt.v off-

~' "

AtlUtl- or




14M (

.t b



Tt1H11E A I.'ATORflO G Tn A IiCapt. MoO. Baker, of. he st eamshipn a
Hutchinson, which arrived in porl yeister. i* 1 1 11 IIII IL .l i u
". i -i tOrleans the Aniello lifeboat, lately ball t At i wAena ll avilioi
Wtij 110 Wn v Ua gonui oganl'i boatyard, in Algiers, La., wu i steavor to pD
I f .01 .o u roes the MAississippi river from New Or. "Thawhe Johnswed e
t will he oennte leane. Tha lifeboat is a new patent, nWd hiis woisoomnpetely, aed ,mnwai 'Plas A kes suire In rno-
-nWo"o,. obta.tm ,t was sent out to be thoroughly tested by "heaur pd" w i tying numerous T e L adding CLOTHIER,
o.ili lln' eii Ilt !Norlirw llnertis- t claimed for the Abiello that after would confuse ome to 1n etehi phne a YOUTHS F rnsher
Mviii i t Ii cssei or attheioerates aitd having been once upset, that two or three ashey constantly eered.
,, u,.1.!,, ....... men can righthIt in the water, andtt the Asyouth ad s a mau, e adhered t PA VI N lis been
41iV ii1tilr0Ni'iiciep, ulict- Suc ci vll asV iiathe plan lhe eid so erulmitly adopted as his (- TdtY
o. rl; I*iIl, W|vrcfoarr at thut sr1e1 o same time, it will ball itself entirely free of gein tlo rule of i moved m i its for- Gents, Boys and Youths Clothlui, UIider-
01L.. .......,Iove i .lw. r ate, l water alnmo t instant ity after it h been eAnd w often def b i wa' u rstoSIMwes atsCa s, Boot, S es, Cs, C,
il.ii.. i iu,',' ,o. e s i righted. This speolmeo boat of the lb children and his wife. ONTON t., betwe scarfs, Neckties, Gloves, Trunl V aises
iN':l.,w viiliamvinte, Ionim htu ia-veditlo, Aunello Life StylugCon pany is twenty-six Whit seup ail buttd, nd hiscr () RT R & RI D Umbrellas, Etc.,
Asoi -, will t-, l i l t tii pre wereeorstedwith Wiilior
in., i tn I i,,,t t miirllwie or feet Vrlng with seven feet beam, a a ton wwo wtold tn U L EK t
,4 .111 i';;i ^^^^ l iii" pvr tlt1 worm11 fllD It Is 'M
rel,. ,v,, r thiivesliot i y min l isi provided with a water-tight "turtle- thoe question oV rith d. KsI t
___f_0csli ieo B ^^ 's w TO IN WESTJ
r .. back" compartinent in both how and storu, What I write is but a msanple of the daily,r Th fo
........... .and has eleven a..ht on.partnt.. example which he set, to show how lifey t pform-Cashmeres Fl rinel s, D e i Etci l
01TY 1IIA'I'. including the above, with those In her Woulfthttweunightmwon lul utrone* w v Colors, te l PrICs
outer ")ons0" and ler hull, a, of hbruther, butal he isn't here, and On MO Y evellllng
U V outer "sposons" and Innerhull.Ae Joh o, bt I e ,, JUNE 1 h, with a Abso lately Pure. Satisfaction G ua ] -iriteed.
R V IIJ I .I .I l t I E ( ,OFtJ ) F O R u p i ) I t h e w h o l e v e r y m u c h r e s e m b l e s M M r Dl i n t i Resist ibi s o n gd onw r r iA*o f
v.) 'o ooD T. Sweeny's fenious "**outeohlnn'," - "enel'a1 Rllluton Oil This powder never variMe. A marvel of
'5'llit I i NTI eAt 3 o'clock yesterday evening tie An agent who halide a ast*oflu s eonomical than the o ordinary kTindsOEaned'
ee tnaturostppulat agate on 8606d 4 [CES. cannot be sold in competition lwiththe :h
SnHo., wa ..owered. from the den k of the th t othe o lr4ay and asked o ma small boy dig- Ita Ia I also ha e tho Lof 'est aYl Y es
I ,off', iy lf a ca indilatle for City pibliou test of what she tould do, and was "hb, inyour mother mer d t hospIatopuPows. Jo,, 10 Wal td flwe"d t of o!s a/wldta Yolmthos
sIl,,l, t -iorid,,pleoi e to d auy daety anui ys ixr oreven sllors ndcarrid "iha hire girls withinweekPi AdhlsA 30 do . -e. .) /t S its, Di" o r e, I ee '" un.
wilihiut fnr, or IiivOir, ViMsitK, 8culiv. out onle distance from the whlnrf, When., ::No i rP( '0m
.111,,, ill tr. ,,1,car,,,tollrn l, .-e t.llU- i "Ho ,in l done "C h l h 20 do ( fcS ,
....fter l'lnltotialssewsut dily .p- House cii ahM l(n.20u r'ry (tps, Boots (Pd Shoes:,14t /(,c e Cui
lNiIL), A whitL biy ibout 16 year soui-turuod "bottoui-up"-iflsir ithich : "eGot hro now spri ngboniiseti"-lpo rin o ,
of io' Aply lit 1r'. inmolletoli' three of the Suilors, without apparent effort *'Sh1oas. prlg "-,hI1" II 01 07 U t ard obr f/cal's old,
J,,g shi on, toheir part, reversed atul right, d her, "Children woel" 1 rdo NTH e i'O to 15 Jears old,
IrI, 1. V, 1. Ii rIt I iNxpectod to lrturni whou, in iese than luou seconds, she was "Ye'er" h. aIwI nt wsT. 3 atre th G6 brorn l ibi
f1iol ''1Vl, LvL ikocillily, to-night e lil por'foctly free of water-unot one drop wis g"Father go away good nature this morn-
thm Muiii.i.ti, Wun t r l lut loft, greatly to the w oilor and admiratlio.n ."He did." Oeneral -
or III who withuisted thel performance from "Then I guet I'll ring the bell aud tr "toA 21 T ll UA 01 4 OO?- SPO7I N G Ge a O D8
'ii ogll:l.'" uuio l lt i,ioT it tins Ejqiia- the e lcks of thlon ilthl uh so n and from the sell heri Apicture."p1
I ii >llii ,wharf. She took two, satl aekd- him to call in O. mm ssion Merchant
h tui ltl. I,, i" i. .VI, I(pulluli.r nl.Iedicie. left New Orlimn,h the Aiiello was tested in The Oftuase U.npardo.ble. The e lo l y Bionoks re- -AIO oe i- C '1 Onsifh Bs, S O li4. -els.s
iinii.ios, i(),lgis, Viil iNll, ,n,,i.si, the Misisio ri vIilvi,r, with the following "'Wuldonia," maid her muothl "your little fedb/i ni ht 2: S OHIp P ANDLEtRY / aks, oli s. Shoes. pSBells
I" rll"'i,... lt' ;,,'l, t i llA', It, r.ul, r vwlit, wii tal ko l from the Tio. playmate, Johu Lawrence Tiklowe, ha PROVISION, Gloves in D b lls.
,liw-, I;rnis' M:uiont,,,N..rib, I),'n,,ria, t,,-wit: nothbeen hereforsomeetiaue. Haevoeyouamud PitnreessN 1)ra.vxuie, (4 ERIEFo.otBalls, Et.
"L !M M t. I A hy Il-tfh. . o H yhe uarrolodV" ./ 16 H %DWERI& ES, I ll E .
"I have Intimated to him, mamma," re- AT"B/w" ssrDWk p *
uc,, 1i'For' si 'Tho griut nien (if lifeboat arohlitoonre #tied the little oston 7-year-old, "that I POO W NO BE 'JNDi TIT
Niilili, ,rnni, t, ,o, t t in, t which in. cannot associate with him any more. eI cn ANt e Respect l Fo .
1 hr A. AS, IIo( ,st. iinrg through i,,lvy ,lui', ,illf s r y ov rlkhishabitofputtngufh napkinunder o7ptig ] ls, biT ndr, eTABp7CUtflu iv,
A..i A.A o)1 1 uu iS. I't u rv t'if it hLiau a, lIul' ongslnifly o.l oc hoshchhi'atdinuor," co utiu tohe little girl, 1 10 0 8 ,O '
inlg inlto her froiui tle croet of every wiping off her spectacles thoughtfully, "for GlO /fL T(IN, ant.
Ix .Unit, S.tuten Marshal, Peter T. Sbriltker. Tii ido n l nvorbeen reached d; hinoiiurn ttorsaofnit thhikind It iscusltomry 7/ 0 LA. / / ER. ,.1~-,,
i liuih, will oimvae for'Jlavuuoa to-night on arii ai grunt delsI of vii ilesWal li lints boon among theiIntolloctual t permit sontie laot U- Fro1 M OMdOft/atllCROCKERY "rout. "andY: W 'e/a
tlt! H I'i-oihili Mi'asottv, wioro lie iilljoin lot in the work of savitg lifts by tho crows tudo, but ho told uitafort u night ago w a w A an, J .
thu 01111 wndilmi t Lutnof brig L in,of ,le ms b f, iugttret t toored to stop and help tired of boneifor a stoa dy let."--Chicalgo WVi ,e M-ika Lmi-os574 I I e P AIIt, I,.tiii usau W. HA.
wile, -t t im ef i ir o i l t rty w ill siil, in C th L u . h lo o n t w at or, or to) h old p I I ro w ing T ribune. T h e D e e m e ll. T [N O xeL T a Iso n sa ii, l00 'IL .
too,, I'ir t0u Iuulln litlsui. Wo wili for tIntil its heavy w4ght has beu gotten -rgot TeneA lle O ADAIL. tA A#i it. rraijnno.
ii" l'i"lit trip. of. Of course, the construction of suth A tariing Posilbllty. D A GOL
oruft halis tried to muike the solf.balling A bright little lad sit tin b 'his father's 0l O ll/alN W R E
SANTI). priiplo harmonize with, spotil and ia. t side i a pow of the Gr'oe. i i ge y. P lresbyt e COi, I Fo,,s, WVOODIN W LRE,
I tueeiim.tred (1500mom ty fur carryingg. rimanchurch, 8uiday iuorning, was iven a We 7!zvo, HAAlsee
to, si theiinrd (i1ot)ek) men an I woilel 'I'ho luthat Anlello speolnuen has apparent. coln to put upon the collection plte. No SmPIIESWC
t,, imen thu *iioue,'s eo oilight at ly attalue taie above dolrable ob ectu sooner had had lposilted t henedn thanni a TheRp'ov f&- of /l##1es- Su9 t RIM, Suooessor to W. C. ROGERS e HENRY I. Ri
iholliluuoliat it (.vlo.t, corner of 41iioton proved by the experiment made. A crew loud whispor aid exciteinananer he aiked NL'OVIS0 1' -IMPORTER OF-
il.,,ilro ,.',,t. Juneo10 n,, of six strong oursmen, all of vhom were "Pap, have yoiu saved tny circus money"
---ookivug7- gooId swinuimerna, went out in the bot Aind A snilll broad enough togo over aia'rgemoe- Grandfatifh, Lic/tShin- Bllt(JK i
1u0nt\Whioh the island Olty Guards had oeildud in doing only after several trials tatinnes.-Scraniton Truth. n s'orgENT
imd on their now uniforms linyetoerday's and very hard work.S he proved to bo E U.dTT h 'EWS CO, PUSTEiR, 510 BROADWAY NEW YO ItK
Isulo of this pamper, we were made by the almost self-righting, as threp men easily' Naturial UVleiele L 4 itlel c itd
intelligent compo itor," to y that the righted, ad se entirely reefrom stranger In Now York city W t kha r 15ith 89. L I' '- olie "A e iing Aitd JiUiott U, for .Jn Sr
)ow .niform.Saturdaly evening of 02 Do, overturned, showing her remarkable "I null a reihiaAkably eavy simr p e r.....".....
'to. We wrotl $200, and so marked it in adaptability to.-urt navigation. aid, "and ofton ue s, houa nud hou. THE E oUATOR --AN, u. D o- .
),,t ,,.' ,0iinie)...e,' IoiAT,, mr UN ION LEAG UE CA FE -
t1 Jlituo __f. 'Ii Loutl, i' with tounoars,andB after evorybodyelse isup. Promsemn" le rrsitmALAN
hs A capacity toacconmmodate comfortably entreateua, o his e grew pulo with fear, TILIA 1LrriU r
i ope byn cut afel as i thrt e atob STy EAM JOB INNING OFFICE DIVISIONST.NearWHITE ST
...trllt>. The oponnir itrtont given bythe a exiOrimta l boat, just ljhoi, mol"-Cl sgo Trne. tter H id 1 IUBl-S,
rniuld P'ublic ioiiort Couliaoy, in front has eoon built of wood; but the Aniloell The --t---- Letter H llS, ,TAT'ON1rIy, This ......... 'V* e-e --" ..le. ..... W
of Porter & lRllgoli's drng tore, onruer of Company proposes having another con-. The stupiA Drummer. ]TAlIONilY, T A t ll 1 .Oi. 1t to l
Himli~ton and nltou street, at8 o'lock structed of maetal-at Wilminton, Iel, Member ot. Firu-How do you like the Bill reals, Al 0 M. 1
li at t, t 8 o'clock This boat will be taken to sea this morning looks of the now drummer I have engaged? U LIO LSTEIIS' PAPER. I
Jast evennsol, was largolynttended, notwith. on board the Southern Pacifoi steamship Partner-To tell the tirth, he looks awful Stste0nentfls, ottom i s lvit |> .st a'Os V1il tending th fail thatlt the weather was xery HMtchinson, Capt. Jam MOO Baker,. and stupid. otto r, I II I I S
4tilIvdhIK the tactthat thewsuthor w she will be subjected to the severest possi- "That's his strong poI nt. lIeLo u. h aMVINES, I I I.Tl l
t niie tests in the Gult of Mezioo. stupidlook that the customnersw yFve him E vele po i(I ei th0 4i a'?(i;.
Tho Key Woest (champion) Cornet Band, bThe fir tme alboat, n, eooi as finished, ordersoutof pure sympathy",--en .iftor, m t
lead by Prof. Chbns. E. G. Blake, opened will be offered to the government life. Ings. _. Book-bid i___ __hle e n l arge Atut'inont of Ftyanyud --- -. .-
the evouenIngs entertainment by rendering saing service on the Atlantic coant, where adhoe0l* .OO bn n i arn rmon o r. an~ T
qv oo u dflic ylt over esly demonstr You ve heard ou trfrednt dneisgh Paddlg, Etc., Etc. le. .not ounVV wor
turoH, etc., which were helartily encored the It is apparently the greatest invention i bors talking about It. You may yourself
conclusion of each, During the monntime life-saving craft thatitas ever been made, be one-of the many who know from per. Done ou the 81iOUTEHT NOTICE and FINE FAMILY FLOTTR AND Di ir l iU
Sir. Naglo, the sktllful manipulator of the and will no doubt be the means of render.- onal experience Just how good a thing It with neatness snd cieapnuss unar- ( l.TROCERIE. a
lug the navigation of the seas safer to Is. If you have ever tried it. you are onetn ],"
torseoticon apparatus, delighted a d hum an life. of its atunch friends, because the won. pasl iiy any
s h h p Itd l thing about It i.. that when once18- *
i'eut Americans, and acenae and co em i CantaiTn's IsD CCucix at the Equntor given a trial. Dr, Ki's New Disoovery I TlEo--t ,
picturcs, whiloh he skillfully threw, by Statiouery Store. tf. ever after holds a plnae in the house. It ,.
sro tatonlfrontofthevidngfor Mesr...Ca.h& Curry the ive ando, p o iiotedwlthao T usold ory itroat, STATE
tin luioe. g. ,.av Front street acone are h.y- ung aoest tr oul, a e ure.. MILLINERaY MItlStEL L ORK'
lrof. ]lak, nlso make his debnt,as nu- D. (Jabh's lot on the corner of Duval and teed every' the, money rev unded, ee"i, i tiLLINER AN SHELL K
alcian Ibtt ovntnR, and took a leading part front streets. The building will be 50x50 Trial Bottlei Free at Dr. A, I. Pen.leton's We are ow preped tn d ll linls "
in the oiciert. The solo rendered by him feet, one htory high, and will be used by Drugstore. 6.11.1m work from a 'l|litlhiuH Mt., 0|)P. h10 Folllil'V.
VIwas highly credible, both to himself and this firm as a store room-their present
his teacher (hIs father), and was received spacions building on Front street i8 entire. Hoemee. l KEY WEST FLORIDA
with nmny hearty cheers. Consldering the ly to small for their rapidly grouwvug bus Notice la hereby given that all perons u lard KnY WiT IIID e
fact that he has been taking lessons only a iness. _qving Jtly yrhp issued prior to Nove-m. T. ilo lin of Mrin ariosi io
ow wok, his performance was the more Uncournilng News o Ky wVesters, b 1887, can have the same Registered mo vi-TO A- ti bot S"' v n .
At thecon ocluhion of the solo rendered by Ool. Wulter C. Maloney received a tele. by a ialtiontothe Chairman ooFr 1irs l 1 ', ir
C;harhel, Mr B. F. Rldgell, the affable and ram yesterday evenug from Mr. (leo. Comm tteo. Dy ordor of the Board Sh,.ll W.rl, i l_, il.v. .ie . .
Publio(oncert Company, appeared before Water upply Co., dated St. Lous, Mo., June7-4w. OHterk
thime atudieico with an elegant and beautiful June 10th, Informing him that a contract elial h1 i O rl 4 mlIS iate r "O--
scarf pin in his hand whlob, after making has been entered Into by the Company to A Bound Legal Oieoseon. a .-AiM! ,. .- ii-i "A
the following leautiful nnd appropr ate have an eight-lnoh arteslan well bored on 4t; n"1 d. u. iia ',
prmsentatiou remarks in token of therap- the site of the Comopany in Ke West, and E Bainbridge, Munday Esq, County at ON(E. IRE OKER8I
prointa u uf hil intsical talent, oto., in tho that work will be commenced a soon a l '. Cl Co.,0 Tex. ,sys: uve use I*1 i 1 i e ..,et1 ,
mniomvf lhlGirandl Public Conoart Com- the workmen can arrivefrom St. Loue. Myebtriot Bters with most happy results.'---- Ve. .l
pany, ho ire iited tohii, to.wit: This is, indeed, encouraging; and at is t broth,- er-- al .o wa- verylow w_|h a .larial --r [ .. ... ,, to ",ith T,,r nr-oT

"lihanrlie:--I have been requested by the be hoped that the contractor will meet lvr...U miautt o'i, o bu Was cured'" b0? . W
(kranil Lhblio Concert Company of Key with no reverses or boeksest while prose. tmelyuo8 f ths M edleine, Am -ltifl ON
Wotl, to priReut to you this beautiful tcarf outing his labors, and that the Key We t MElotric Bitters sav l l hi... .. life. .... -
pin as a small token of recognition and ap. Water 'Supply Company will meet with add aD. Ie. Welcoxon, of Hylorg: Cave Ky, 1 LL A 8 HO -'
prietotion of your musical attainments, be. roper encouragement from our citizens,. a ika e hone hae died, bd it .
lioviu ethnat nlic.l art should be enoour. io ., ( .-.-- -- l ,: u c vi I, o our nutmsiproveauoh yu
ngod an a sisted In Key eltbarlle 'ihe The blacksmith shop of Mr. J. F. Hli Kidne, Lve and Stomach Dits orders Wolo H ti s.i4 .... "Yil m.4 l l .i ., ~ur rmpred ol.u
yonnuget cornet soloist In America; and son, on the corner of Whitehead and stands uequnlod. Price 0fl. and $1. at l11 5**s vei qew une tt mtllta,nIm pL O n oi. Yo in
froi tho vory flhe renderuig and perfect FPout streets, was discovered to be on fire Dr. A. I. 'Podleton's D.uigtore. KEY W .'F L tlt l I an l llllhl a ,; If you to .-s Im
orecutionl of your soleetions on the cornet at about, 7:30 o'clock yesterday veninR, by a -- n O- i FPl A. .i '1 . m l-
prodiet for you a brilliant noocs in the h onple of colored men who ohanoed to pam A% Indolent Orgao $ 4
future as one of the finest cornet players La th op just at that aine, and who When the liver la indolent, as It mout BUY YOUR 1 S
tomer ic Aolur Iwould say furl, thbt t he a hooeopn te oip ids t tra t i o he e aed 0Iwh Whnc1ybw the lItfvr itnlo Bnt2 maeto 1160 ust =
the Orund Publio Concert Company tfel oametl before an alarm wast ilen te bie ncle i n In t falltloi e r0 ttl O h t eo m 'O-id -r l n r- l
epe tally plenred and flattered to ase esu chei n ties o r et TA I
a vast and appr ecatie audience to at lo- sEXECUTOR' 'S ALE,--I will qilresaent d etion and aeitnI.@i iIIiMS cOOinatM
cu ltivate anuaeinit and sould be aet work. withi oetetere llihtN)LtTON'* Urnliilre. SATIu S F
latiend cultivate muhtoxllent and rlore.- pri ha ve Bioldt rabd at Auti, Auction S tomach Bitten The he lthfl stimHotlu rt
toun ill our mit. hursl the 20th lust., ut Win. ilrry' to activity imparted by this an omprablre J
-Aillowe tao arno you. Charley. th aten n t ab tment, for the estate of Hlry alteratv e, ip Iy v vilo tilllit J L NE --- -
every feay Wt ieesa yohterlsproud o Loweh parture of the unoomflrtiawleNtoD
-aoizing the fsat that youebe i 32-3 of teaschooner" Emeraldvthe-t aie t m i e i t
instruction for only ten weeks; ai d that t2- of the schooner Wild Eagle. tonge; In dlgetion, a sik b ea da het on-
to the ablet uonae Of your father, Plrotf Tolothr with the singles, their tackle eqallent u on Inaolltvlty ol the llver antd eEv BnA Larg Mn 4,anUliplele s iP l t. th
Lhiabr, E ie, th e e o 'Bli l Tsupr rale a sh. the divetrson of the blle from tl: proper C(lebiatel DDAMANTA" Brand lUSt a or *t )I he m t oonrral ta
LaPter, a nd Lhoie Ge support raiollr, d tyou, 8 Lows.dh, Exrtor. e harl. [Irregularty of the bowels i reA A .frfobbt t tueanntl In Om t l l s he and o Iteae
bto nKee WyRe Oibn ,lot a r ....lnand l oe K-ey~it, Jnuo 11th, If. always uad patll l reformed by the eC r-. VH. al m o an rnt
'ra'rl (lrald Pinbli Caonrt Colany At 7:30 o'clock this coulpaly offers to preferred, bolh beeaue it i slfe and more ... SeeesIom ear celebrated Ir ared Imeldr bywldeho wt"... rnllemeg li gl-tm
renw their invitatio to nila, to attend those its patrons a free exhibilton on the exterior drloueh l at eo oual e selll It eer s Ito
iTheular ovenntei. Or anes and en- O tie canvas. A wire anselion by Mir. resli rtlv e ofevter cl. Itt gln prompt att on with d et (*lt .t
cdjouruc cnt Ir' iecied 0 by tle ilrgo an- olnoo, lo fire works and a h ad The cre ad prevent,. fever miueswil, ad a i O s4 ool o ieostg.Ia b

ftolit 1, 0 mi .a ,l .
hIiuimcu, attracted &uy the exeellont n~iusiv." price havo beeu reduced to 0,'30, and 1" nlLle uINmi Osu 'l l A'I)OV 'llOl POlt M t
A i Iiuo cooi iio I of Mr. P vgnhl's re. aeii,. ]''le interior pertorncet. will eon- 00-" "ULL LIN)it OP 'h li AU 1VU a ]o nI Il thi l I4 .. D y O O
mirkclihoibnnd struck up a beautifil air, elst v novel acts, and Mr. Hurta will also LhlcJ'lilmiulver- r i. f r3i C,
with oiount of noliol iCm, after whhch11 tiot uiglul' s h'oerformnauci'u. tI-it. 1 ii U* ccl tdlOii(s am ,
Conilo Ladvelitieiemoitsl of the oirl bers of n htUn I poptrIueseibe It-a d I ad
th, GrUnl Conrcert Company, composed as m, .lc.o le- ,ti oeua ursas Cr. te,,uica ile e.-----Da. .. Amthhse.vson i
follovls, were repoetively thrown nlxn the Mr. Wiaire tIur 'tsti tre tl ii It Iti ullonss n llkeownii1,1h4e. 0hnhl Call on .. -,E E I i
aereuiui,greatly to tho amusement of All lt astholitth- ut rrrittaive- ItprU osau wn ?rall., J A. % RA
relent, to-wit: M essres. )D ay I Allen, J. V. ens t l tl' uln il TI i ii n Iii- 't uth o l a d 1 t'l A '
inlnlon & iev lla Mi lKilip, IbJohn Ja y a lt i il a r c rl-peltn tesl .eI., iahl a,.. ....
Phiibrink, Celvetl. W tin oa Iipt.huvboJala, en."l tlCat Gaeb.oaAaI t Wi tsa.Ir ,CO.JOSEPH OTTO A a ON,
Parton & olllell, Gen. 8. Yill, Ft. JCurtl D.heuI rI." For sale at Dt. P.".leton's Dru3
ninghain, A. e. Castillo, and othor. eloeeZ se .wan ve ea a b eml) w u .b
Of course,, ieore retiring to their te- a- o% fn Ta 5.keNtie 50Ao O t.
petivo home, ntt tho coinlusion of the $'After -a dayes Taer o t i e. H
evening's ontertaih ient, everybody preselnt 80ter 30 tla4- from ditto I will procod ia'lrI f.-hV esOem
ftreiv d the in n er m a" withlll n l re- of debted to the City of Key West for Taxes. ISO o euntes Is 1ent1 e I11ll9 0(an.l ileo te
their doeliiot um cool drinks, or a plate of Ice m fuorw alrd t i PaY a nd sayeoot t Bui n W I" "n utlie t ll on t
atie additional expense6 advertlIing fee, el bu loistneeu aeperil. a 3" OQi O N cn
The venlings entertainment was then- WiN1 4 enne. Netoerwatl If sea mp of5A a
djiuraed till nest Monday evening. June 7 fty, City Tax Collector. "lrqyJ.' B.AF.J.4Co.No NowOrleaur f Agets or iftslara anvi pralt att78 Cana St.
..tfe... .p tine -

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