Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
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Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Uniform Title: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Daily Equator-Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: April 24, 1889
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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VOL. 10. NO. 23


SaKEY WEaTDEMOCRAT Founded 1880)

1 boiN=

Il Iu I IoIea I heI nt: I ulgo ian bthe trakolu re noow rler from Jolutow to I' Ill go ca u go y,* ,bacreani4, "i t
ot gl al bills ul.,, lbit hiiixttllnls still. 0the city. He is accompanied by OMEn- do not fnd hils Iody."
Nenr the not.'ano to the big Uerman Cath. gineer Manning The poor wosuanii'iud notgo orasy, a her
DI RE PESTIL1b N ollo church was a little 7-yenr-old girl leant A 8peelme laseMeh, mind had already bten shatterel.
Ing over a family of corpsew-her father, The body of a beautiful yung gri of "He was a good man," ale weut on, while
---..--.. mother two sltorsa and a brother.l he w as wu found this morning wneed in a i l the onlookers listened pityingly. "I loved
trying bitterly because they would not speak of ruins jut below the Cimtbra Iro works, him and he loved me. Where is heb" abe
It Is Sure to Come In the Death o her, She was taken out and laid o the damp serndi "I mut iAnd him.",
S1 tieLast ni A Horrible Journey. gras. And she started at the top of bher ad
Valley of t ole Co inmaugh. SLast night, in company with several phy- she was tall, leader, t wdl rounded dow the track towards the river. omeu
siciati front the city, a lAnder reporter made form, clad ia a i ong ei wrapper, wittb le men a aght her. She struggled dtperately
a trip across tho I i iing drift above the a her throat and writso Her feet wveonl for a few moment, mad thea faluted.
RECOVERING THE BODIES bridge uiltd up the banks of Stony oreek,. aosd la pretty embroildred ilppe Her name Is il Bs Adams, and she is a
Andt dolarIsR of thie h rift. in diffrout plaes r sace was a study forn aurtl li a. brleof but two monthbe Her husband war
could hs tleni he txilsod of men, women and ture clear out as thoUgh obileeld rom Pa- a foreman at the Cambria iro works and
olildren, somel of them partly bllhrlh beneath rian marble and, strangely enough they b e was drowned.
Work Is Now Going on in Aw- fallen thiber anId lasos of rublish., not the lightest ddiflgurement, a id had tot Others, Tqo, Ars inal.
S In mevelanl planitce w'r son Ro barred hands. the swelled and pufe appearance that ia Hers fe not the only case of dementia. The
S l Earnest, In ouno placo wIw a iimn's leg tV'at had boon present n nearly a the other drowned ,*o awful ones of Priday,. atprday and Sun-
torn friomt tie I.ily. Tuie doctors all es- ti s. A smele retedon hoer lips Herhl i r dayuie too much gar l uatyof the arvivors.
protiil the opinion that a nistako wal being hblob bad elvdently been golden, wghalltte'brultie d an aited bodleTt
MAN Y OF THE FORCE MADE ICK. nwilh i ilputiilg out tlhe ire. It willtake wltPd and iell In heavy Me to bw ,laIg thio s le town aud alouj the
a moni tli to remove the mase of wreckage, wait. river tho hre i of the uatrost
--amid lhfoi'o that time tile bodle will have "Dos any one know hare wa asked oe f -n Nia aroslw. ile r euk'ta Jti
rt floroughlhyl Alfarmfed for bred dlbepso and pettlienoe and tpareteated othd flentgro p that had e ot.eo roa.d. oeO i wel'wo.ei I-nagIned.
roughly Alarm 0d for thewatlralltioewaytoPnttAburs h'te nedd, awd be wat h tado t ...
S4way to.Piab wh Mcne id, and she waseW
8 Water Supply. gorm, of an epidemic. TI. goei t provided morgue i, thf .
S, among the dootc 1tliat a large quianty of probably fll a grave as onec te I is "I e .. *eyavane on
etrololn should be poured on the drift and fled dead." flt lstrata oi liiia nla on
SiAUTiFUL WOMAWN A et o il fir, and it this way get rid of It in a Do tot. WIla Awflhl loaole
SsEort time. Adt oen BuRtusdYrs h Halct a tfa*, June 4C-Gvernor Beaver
-After crossing the drift we continued up em theie 'iea ad a d t o sued te following.
S ony creek. It seem as though but little thisplace is not looked uenas alto ties Ppth e of the Unid tat
Could Not Bear Her Awfull BX. aaroh had been made il th aiiiratU* tion. g w4 e mova O q5iaS fro The *af t oof Oomaigwealth of Pennsyl-
ao o.t.|H|ndso e nuat l14eierath time (Ili,. ,keto Pitabur. aast "ei0d of vala 'lew e ed hitherto Irom 4nkelnag ly
l e and lHer Huband's Lose. A e e a it de pie tor their benefacionloas
All alomg the banks Is a uae. of drifted .soldi, ,hem Tere. Te enough = 1eO 0LNow 40that' Ilt htr e" default and reliable
--- clay that has settled down wilL the falling to be aed without bringing in Laeldle t it information fro the nters of dt-pter durin
ftlERS ORDET water, snd beneath it are many bodies u p what has been ment for relief of ti the late flood. whioh have ban unprecedetted
lERORDEREDTO JOHIBSTOWN That tills ls the wise was shown by an lol. needy. EBverything le quiet and orderly th( in the history of the state or nation, Oommueal
dent that occurred to our party. morning, catlou by wire has ieen established with Juous.
One of tlhe party saw what looked like a Only 8,000 leard From. town tody. The olvil authorities are t control,
ePorta of Further Violenoe Received piece of fur stick ing above the surface, It Dr. John Buchan of Pttbsur w thou (the adjutant general of liUe state co-oprating
was thought to ie a dog, bet when It was chare of the registration said this rtoreud lly
from the Death Stioken ity,: klek a bansl od ar l ni was knocked out the onlytte tr aout8,0 Ne per reports t the le o life ad
The party then threw back thee clay and un- of a population 9,400. It does not follow properthave not bean exaggeratedi The valley
Rtf orPriel the body ou a fie looking woman, that hoee not reported dead or drowned ae of the t6emaugh, which la peuullar, ha been
Raie l P rlB In from All Part. of about 8) years old. She was well dreased. not lost, but It gives a better Idea of the ter. wept from e end to the other an with the
the United States and fnem Across the The lxxly was wuelhd of as well a posslblo rible los oflife, 0 bees of dlstrutlon. lt'eontaluod a population
Iand left oil a board, A little further along 1,0ooo 0 Dat Keasrnlle. of 4a4000 to 0,00 people, llviug for tiee Imnt part
Atlato- Hte o trv s and e y of n o ld gray hai e an ws Keavillei to i dpl rale aoadition. The a toa ml riveoofed wit
of the Men Who Are eorchlte. for found oin t.li batik of the creek, hall in the daikeloabmae o nta hed The m nst ive pce the lose
living are unable to take of te dad* The Dme1t conservative escm~atee place the les
Bodes Are Woederfully Afteeting--itaI water. Tihlree snlilar finds were ade In majority of the inhabitants of the town ofl lie at 5,000 bumean 'has rid of I rty at
roa Ooummnaaion Opened at L a of lss t a hundred yards l ere drowd. At least 1,000 ar dead ~o,00OiO Whole towun have boen .
As sooll als iensiblo a force of nlen will be there. stroyed, met a vestige melanlign In o
The Badm News Is Not All frlu There. put to work unecoverliig thil olay, when it is A building of boards has been erected on substatntial towns the better billdling a :
Wiliitmmsport fRports IBarlets taLoinh ofc hxpetmd lt Uludrimls of chlie i wll beun- theonlyitreetoremaininghin the town.T is tateexeUt, remalp, but Iuatdan tgel o a
eWirtllla port I1onme lInaes in theh burning drift, I teeaduart r o te ommit th T whoare t able tobl a Itt ve sufftrei
lfe. Ltin lleie fInro tile baIik rbovr, oan lee th ita te e'lo of e evertJllng. Tile iitou prees lug ntedg
Life. hIn plain sight from the bank above, cn b controls the dead. As quickly as the dead' o far as food s concerned have ben suppilled
Conservative estimates now place the loes seen e1 nxlhi o tf two olln and a woman rare brought to tbl point they ar placed th Bhoes and clothing of all sorts for men, women
f life at 7,001); others say 10,000, half oovor.l Iy the side of a Ibuilding that boxes and then taken to the cemetery and and eholdiean am greatly needed. Money is also
SContertitiston from ail over the country Ilan fllen o" tem a 111 CeIhdll It has burled. urnlty required to remove the debris, bury the
Oonurinli ae rom all .over the cotutry b ieIn li flileitas yet to remove them, and A supply storehas beenopened in thetown, deed aud care tep(rarily for widows and r-
are pouring In, aggregating almost a million it miiy eu lays l.fore they can Ie taken out. A milkman who was overoharlan for mii pha, and for tie holueless generally. AOt e
already. I, the lmentiiu Imtho building that crushed narrowly neape Iohl e isaed loolite ave" suiiered to some exteut inO tu
Robbers are still at work among the dead, tiheni J slowly sinoldoring, and it will le but men approwlsated nl L way, bmutLL d nt I U me a degree.
rhoa kyis still overcast With heavy clda s tt among the poor and then drove bla out of s great od of lire and ldestruction of property
Not one ray of ssnuhinee has yet falle (n thee .ut chlal'rred boies. town The body of the Hungarian who was elon the wept branomof tihe iusquehanna and in
stricken city, Ituntors wore current this menorlning that the lynched in an orchard was, removed by his i ei s from wohubv a cam get no definite In-
The news from Wltliamsport, Pa., is very atithoriitf, iltIhairItng of hIing able toe r- friends during thenlght. The inhuman men- formation. What does ome, however, is of'th
himovil tho drlft, have about decided toconm- eterhad out off four'llngars l a womaWau metappa llinwtol)rter,au it l, peetaltllat
bad, the latest dispatched estlmating the loss Iton o ltreaking it up by moans of dynamlth right n tfo e tsoaoIs m osa li n at, a ai d itiou tLe stutl
hand.tehwasotde dtimd ,wie ,horrors to the eltnation.
of life at hundred' right The sp f rn n wrtoi te and without the state
lff ureturard ComImunu nation eopemed. capped, nd dropped the fingers into hispooke ihve bie most geuor.nm, and cheering. Nurth
RItilroad iconmmnunettiton with the outside. w~ire they wele found when he was captured and south, eantand west, trme tie United Statsn
JollNsrowN, Pa., June 4.-Delay is no worull Ie h.llewi establlshedsl, the first rdif This actmaddened the men, and they took and rotm nRuglaud t teretoonee the amlehearly,
lonlgor IKplble, The deoompom l doorpseoN will train Itving jist paseitd uvi the bridge, him to an orchard on the hillside and hanged generous respoua of sympathy ad help. Th.
Ihevltably breed pestilence If loIiger exlosed iacro't thlo illlprollvise t troutl and track uip hit. There s but one street lefitln the town. pre dent, governors of states, mayors of othie,
to the ar. Atthe first hlroakof dawn orders tie liucllhim to the Johluntownl dnpot. The ---edvidluais and oonulttees, private and nmunihn.
wer' issued to puNh preparations for ti,' train was Hlnoul, with thoullandes.f Ip)unls of 8TOUIlg OW HURVIVORiL paloorporatliots setl to vie with each other iu
ltinetlm ilehrli!l wlhtlln pilol.let sledl, .W.e'ere a.''Itr1'" I'"c"lic". ,ljj 2, IN) ,'t,j))j ---. their exilreslet llus of iynathy aid In their icon-
ign tit iIt hrlutc i e.irlurl'l erm andmtl ll ua IIAo re 1 ll 'oeut A Twer ity-.th eo M ile tilde on a Log --UV tr lJ oitnly nr Ju a 's ti.ese r o eUer I
hore|Io I ',,.,t>.rao hope for hdtiluH'athoU Btj uit fuu fyg f1 a"l arat A Tw tlhw Ml Rid"o a to a hiratify ,, us are Mises responses, Ultere I
thlre ili) rvlll h orpiel ftoor bl l Itlit e't ai setlleg' v>.4ith c;.v. will oveor I n, recog- natural ei-llnr< oef Bereaved Oet. il. IIOdHi.gr lf iior Hxixr ill4 o theli tie u etaLu. e"
tile holdlmwlllJ hurled at o ouce. uls l ol thit. inlhls that were roasted in JoLa niro, a, Pa., Julne m -A a ii iiie te-s buasthn. A cearenfl urgitacitloa hi te lei
It In proiabl that by evenlug there will be thio 1hliet H),avIo tle ilige t o ri ade upon tlhee groulid for' tmhe distribution of
at leaNt 11,4() nuw graves Ine the valley, many A party of wiftrchlirs ha uni rtlhe a Dougherty toly wlrillinri assistance is furnished in klud. The
of wblioi will ee unaarked for all tines. oharrcl anud inlsightly mIie frolli the smuol- down the river on a log. When the waters adjutant general uf the stats is there as repro-
A large foirco of workmeien is mnow Onigagt l derielg .lr'limio. Iliusdl to snUcl frightful die- struck the roof of the house on which he had tentative of t estate authorities, and ha giving
tor thl t tle in ti work fy t,.- OI', thile an' tiegallg 11o.loUooed taken shelter he Jumped astride telegraph personal atteautio, ic oouuecthou with the ellt
for tiltfirst thm In turgeu of Jwhuytowo and a coa-llttee of relief,
mlly resoulng the bIl Io from uillamong the the roemhil s toi lo a bbl.akene l log, and It re- pole, riding a distance of some twentythree to the ditribuatou of the help whiohb Isurulihed.
ruins at the rairoad bridge. Tie fi are q thilh athlirittive v.rdit of a physt t mtles, from Johnstown to Bo ivar, before he Fundr oontrillted ln aid of the suffelero an be
rnt tC. ctheroailroadt bridge. i ar tat tile glhatly dlmov- wtsc rosuled. de|iosihJd with tLrexul & (no., Piladelphl!; Jacob
nearly extinguisheld, and uilueo they break ery was thli chlirredl remains of t human The people of Johnstown have supped so 0. Bouiherger, baker; larrilburg, or WilliaUa
out ag.;.' thei work will progress rapidly. behig. Only the trmuk remained, and that full of horrors that they go about i a sort R. Thonmpon & 5 .,/u>ukers, Pitteburg, All
The Ii .rst taken frotl tilh lle r in1 this umeon- wlsl resrtl ieyonid all nitblanuce to flislh of a dose and only half coolnous of their money Uontributiwd Vill he used carefully iad
Iig are horrible olijoctas Reiogithion i int- I Ive inleiinto' search revealed fragments of grief. Every hour, as one goes through the udkoiuy Preeut wain are fairly met. A
large foene will ie employed at once to remove
po.ilblo on aeoumlnt .of the Imlnneer in which a skllli tlat, at oloe disintegrated of Its own streets, he ears neighbors greeting ob the debris andburyt dead, I as to avoid dlis
tl:e flaueesn live utilaCtel them. weight when xl loed to thie air, nosingle othaerand hen inquiring, without show of eaeau ide idebmlo.
Tho )ll or trflyigd u h pieces' tingll larger' than it balf dollar, and the feeling, how many eaoh had loat in his family. Thle poe of the conr loinwealth and others
The mell of putrefyiignd buod flesh I whole rIal'mubllimg the remniantls of shattered A gray haired mant hailed another arces the whose unsellish g uerolly is hereby heartily ap-
terrihlo, and wevwerl of the worklinii have chartiul. WVitihin the last holur a half doson street with this question. preolated aid acknowledged imay be esuredttilat
already Ixni compolllr to ht oil ncoumnt of tickneiem. With Illils ondltloll this glintly flitd have oIet made by search- was the reply. benefationo to the ininidlate and direct relief
of .irs taikeit into colsideratoit, together ars its thly irakeu with sticks and hooks in the "I sm wore off than that," ald the frat of thse for t whe heltt they are intended.
ir ytheegoverpor: JciMseA. BlAvrin
A ,th the fact that work on this linimlnullm silokimig i elllhs, old gentlenan. "I have only mygrandwon OarIee W. Stoue, ea>ltettry uf tie coseumn.
qunnilty of debris hlii just iegunl, tile weath- ti dlllhititlltat timns todetermlnu wheth- left. Even of us gone." wealth.
er growing wanner, asd a week or more or theo ruemlini s are tChes i o' of human beings And so they passed on without apparent -
t lowe wlaorme trla wtl trlr Ithat it is applarenlt that hundlreod must be excitement. They and every one else had Hist Nmes should Become tlstorio..
must elapse before the stupedouits task I fairly I,,'iiuel to ashes Thuls the number heard so much of these melancholy cotverms- BOUTH IOlb, Pa., June 4.-It was John
comiplot.l, the awful dangers of an epidemic that havo fouundl a lst restiteg place beneath tions that somehow the calamity had eot lits 0. Parke, an excellent olvil engineer of
and horrors of the situation are not pleausat tlhi.i ruins can at the best never be more significance to them. They treat It exactly Philadelphia, who frntsnaw theq danger that
to eontelipllale. thal ilpprxiilinted. asit thedead personshadgoe away and were threatened the valley by thq bursting of the
A Terrible State of Affairs. lie Chiargedi Too Mitch for Ill Fliour. coming back lan 4 vek, dam. Early Friday morning be discovered
A party of gKetlimen ball just arrived here hlmxhaim, thel Iron manufacturer, is mayor Four Loet on the T*'ral hrom Plitlbug. that the water would have to have an ad-
from the uast, comlinrg raco tl the mountain pro t. of Jolhunown today. He I prob- It Is now definitely settled that only about dilonal outlet or the c da would give way.
ln wagoin. They ropolt a terrible eonditiou ably tile I hiinu t ocuiu In the United Statesa four lives were lust on te .train t t Mt Hastily securing a force of 80 Italitan he set
of affairs between this p)litand hlarrlaburtg Altlmough for doya without slel) hee.etll Pttburg Friday morain lsta Conductor to work to prepare another sluloe. In half
Not i trahi u really khiid is rueilg om tphe stockss noly of Illt task. 'llundrds of others Bell, who had charge ofti train, stated an hour his purpose had been secomplihed,
Nod trile of' n ty t h are like heil, Men fall to the earth from yesterday thatin his opinion only fourllvw but stll the watfa continued to rie. lGving
midletl division of thu P eIUylvilin raioae i toa l hLr faliguo. Their are l any who 'have were lost. id oe orders to his men to out another outet, Mr,
the tracks ltave beou washed out for long dis- not c .otM arl eye in a sl a e shlce they awoke "We were between Conemaugb I d Johns Parke umped on hi horse and started at a
tanros linut maiy lulacet. A grout mauy bridges on l'erihly ulc ning. They area hollow town when the g ermeer saw the ftood ao breakneck speed toward the village below.
sri ghuine Hlh'euly, auid those relllnlug wil eyed, Idtiful looking lot. Many have lot ing He gave u word, and wv ra through As he rode Ihe warned the people.on every
ned utxl leishv-, rpauraim Ifofre they can be aeei iLveai ves audl il lfenlds. Jeha o town and told the naaim taner to run to hand of their danger. 8ioon hundreds of
sou ini ilw l t wtth witiloley, dMalI. tind horses are hat are mnoeu t needed the mountains for (heir Ivee, but th maJor- families were fleeig to to the htl or safety.
li "' oal'ins wUre net tKi vnhi '.us tLaeerters today. Sene of the uuifu)rtdeRll ttes who could Ity of them thought it was only a wave ad Reaching South Pork tatilo, h telegraphed
thi ll meii ulng asking that .hys lrlailu I sent neot go to lhe rell-f trahu endeav.,red to oh- tnmaiued it their oar, what the trainmen the warning to ohnatowh. oanes heedeld
one at ulomn, llhos o Ihvu on uty t wtin u the laei Ot e mocked stores In Johns- ran to the mountaoan, tha warning others laughed at It,
tllhn RiIOIrIh mttn'Wet he.lpitml are aetially town. Oito dealer Wuin chbrglug t a saok for "When tha flood cawe i wtahed away the --
wnrktd ont. Tlhey biveo notoelly atteo ld o amild wa s getting It in one or two tosae oar next to the smoking oar ad left tis Aoa Extra Leglhlalve fesilen Astted or.
to tlhe wiuts inf thee illjurd ie the dlitrerout Nuddotul the crowd lead of the occurrence others remakaing. 'the people i the Pull- tiYrrrtan, June 4.-A message aklug for
toWusow, but hiveOhud fr quint cells frou! per" ad so erl dnsper Itu went to the store man car were ducked, but none of them was an extra slo of tho legislature, whlch was
soee lmjtIul in Itte uoitlyig distrlcts, and.dosd out the. flour gatultoulr y to minute rie injured. The tire or four passns- argued by every member of that body from
Tamn y Mn e ilardk. oltmlie aal ctrlukenv arey. wt o re losottn who Were wre ene but I do not Allegbony county, wa sent to ov. Beaver
Tilh hmllnrrowliiig cIeul which havu xbeie Another detlur wan Belleig flour at $1.s0 a know their naney rday bt at t writing eply
deillhlldh wll.lt tim inirguo still coetinee iick. Hv rufuewl oo give any away, but Four young ladies who were to the train been received.
.here, and growing, If aulythlig, more lntonse would Hull it to any one who had the money. were saved but owing to fright were unable Bpeaklng of this, l on. h. Lemon said
ia tliu dlay KIg onm, In tlhe flickering rays of Othorlwilhi. would init allow uy e to igo eto ave opeot, where they were taken, "There are vereral reao why the le glla-
light wihli eeeeinaiald frouni dhi.and snioky leantr It, Kgull'lig Ilhls store with shotgun. uuttl yutardaypwbea they were tSaL to ture houldbe conveyed tmmediatoly. There
laultrne Itat night the flgul.us of the meeon leiliHos ae I.,r've',sl Ien Joholntowu today barnsbhurg. is so muoh danger of pesatllene that the state
who tcrin elreug their all to got the iuueluuof l Al vu ta ea r liil ei by theh ghoul that Aote he OGo mearaae authorities mult take stepi to proveet It.
the heal ii cslmelitlonm for Idteiillicatmllon lttwted ihok t thleu tamCnl. It wets knoWi that one The moit definite aconit whioh has yet The city and county authorities aunuot da
raluidly to nil frio HthtAnlidhig thuir wuird unl anily lhadcedevlltrl hInlidrtl dollars In her poa- bee rooelve oonoerning the oonditloti o the work btanse they canlhot act in har.
Mad uletlo, seloun Jliist tifro HIe diaMstor, but wheui the the vlllage along the .Conamaugh to Stony ony. Another reason I that tbestateneul
''The acuen dkotl nIot hianuge materially, al- Ihdly was Ierovrtim tleure was nuta ceut In Crek and Ioathe Ptk ws gIve by the gve aid to retore the dttruyed, uinundated
though InIny of the actors who have played her ptckel members 'of a relief committee from Al- itdumstrl s. t It rtelther right lor a ife to de.
ic1 It have played the lieet tot, but iubstelad of Mi,,re ilolni. anoe, O. Profesor R. Hudon, n of pend altogalthlr ol voluntary private subn
thi, curtain Lineeg lreopissl, the awful tragedy 'lba HlllNLetHa'kil a mBIIpplywagoni between of their mem tbers, iaIc ecrlptlons todo tbhi. The wholestats should
c eoltlinl, tiliu same acee being ooutintu- MorrollvllleHuanld ('nmlbrlaCity, The drlveoen "lTha enes along the uppier rivq erw ae Mo oome to the aid of the arvlvors."
onely re-uiiaottel lhy differout people, Elelet- of the wagou rep-lms hll oiln, but they again horrllfying that e mere narration would
eonl bsllus were taken away last night by retiinetl. A trc,ndh liglt numued, but after laureate ote. We discovered 196 bodle Rslhead PIttbure from Jihnrtawa.

friulndsi lively horamliling ltl Hum were again along the bed of Stony Creek, lying i all rPi*Uasa June 4.-The Johnstown ex.
Ther Hair Will Never ll e Toll. drive away. Altar lihatirivers andl guards sorte of pobritl U, ad Ashowiog tiesaoa presarrived at the Union depot at noon to
The full extent of the lows of life will prob of supply wagons were permitted to go desperate wounded. Nearly all the oa day, two hour late, flled with people frm
ably never be known. The terrible details of artlUe. were of women aud children. The Lm ini Johktowt, who were covered with mud.
the disaster grow more alipalliag hour by The Knicghls of Pythiasl ave received a to have been at work and to haveregarded Thb were no Injured on the train. Altor
hour. Bodleai are now being l trotght to the large donncoton of loneuy to Pittaburg the warning. Thewomen and children wre M y Ouarla JMoKena was on the train,
norgus at tihe rate of fifteen an hour. lodges. Aim elortl was mluade to hold ellgioua totally unawMe o the rarity ofs the and said *'Thole stee i most depritng and
Thu heart alckeollng swetB of yesAteray are services in MorroIllvlle last night by the oienlg flood. There wsre qite twice B garlNs are beig treated hamefully.
epeatod ten ful today. The vast iiud flat ev, Jo s 1Fox, orf Pttburg, The Rev Mr. n m x lying between Jatown nd v the e t downupo ad
strewn with wreckage and rulu; r cores of Beetle ilsmakinga rraegelnents form rveos In SouthPork as a ant y otbe piaea sav the hit land tot, and howled at. They needl Jh
half crated, wild eyed woume and chlldrea Oover' heoi hctlese .e-ighi, Johstown railwaybridge." militia, as hal the work ia not over. Th
roaming lwnt In search of Ionvd ones; the T'ie Chbuater of .Coamerm has madear- lt w etto eo It b a sad soene, und
ormtlln ror. Herco arch ma taelog la huis T T b e o bts ore or a~nt ni d 7hrJ~tc gla d to the maipat oi
Inet fl.eeof stretwheo boarlug the bodiesinof ralgeneuts with the Baltimore and Ohio DUV 6M s TOwy IatoT e0 a Sh an ta" to th maiupart 0
victlum Just picked up, the etolid policmen railroad to tranlser paasonen froml e JoUs. te town, "
armed to he tU t with ordesn to shoot to town to Plttsburg free of charge. tla in B st e d wallowed a p bM ow t s o sas
kill at aight any mn found dferatug the tipaclked so full that it was imposllbla to ob.- a lIda Gtoeam iea to. s KewI Iad Newit
bodies of the deed th cfrouwds o aericum tal n tandlng room on the platform has left oi wo .neS -A Wo Pa LInA r A i, a 4.--Thre b i real
boies afigdt se manud desrooatin the tao a s Jue4.A emad t s beca mero oA trh fanct that no niews is
stranger arriving by thousands-all this i TThe passengers were morly children and to malle this ntrnn as3; u M esi owaothom aisly tus th that no news
horrible to witness and impossible to ftly de. women Te facesat thet w edows expre 1tep1 of Pro1t Oif, iBbafltdo"wn .ot sbl tinLoekHavn. Themfe
rcrib, ocothilg but relief a the train drew out from ly, taitolg lLtowar dl D i .eadl i I t of diase in that locality, but telp
livery hour brlngs forth some new story of the ll fated city. '" = l ithelite ralled station, w mathere e ineemuilelatona Lasu been cut ofi
hortr. Heme comes a man bearing in his TheTariRclub's relief train from Pltteb dertakarsaatwort eado19 FInata t and s av i a
rm the bodies of two lite girs, their iny lay on the Baltimore and Ohio todaydi and Wadlkedlowly untl d gotps000hbitantiadtbadlyltua
faces all bruised and bloody, and their little me. od than any that has yet arrived station Thn d topPd ad d e ia ow r" flood
limb crushed and mangled. The father be- rain on the Pennsylvania railroad cannot telps Thelr wa but a maall rowd th. Ikstrle 1ghkt for Jeositowa.
rn his s b through the ruled town forImh an many sufferers as these on the IlaIl The woman rll ler ands aboe e he lad Rmson, Pa, June 4.-,T Leigh Valley
children on Sunday afternoon, He andOhio. Co bcae qut onrMcanDowell w saca quiet an nd- etrto l betyqut t dt bridgee bulldersa 4
either slopt nor at during all tbose hour' i N itn aand worked a d w dly bureiat intto a iMle isfj weem g &W at oootainngaaging and dynamanu Md
U1MeskI -ainga, when his labors were re- Ai lhor fh oth- wituh o e- .- a e' a*zierasnllpg ses now enroute to joobratowen
w t .and" EOhio.atoon the groai., r thai hie i e, whoh wasi already in fgt via Lvem, Buffalo ad Pittaburgto supply


light t tthe town, It la belug put through at
Ihlitning speet
Wire of "ltil Unrle" Anthor MlaEle
INfIANAiNror., .inio 4.--Mw. Wallace, the
wife of thie lutholr of "BRes Hur was on one
of the pamnengore tqlui caught i the Cone-
maunl valley. ate has not been heard from,
ande her friends are anxioum.
The Terrihble itroeckinl or a Urrlle hby
Whiolehl lxty l..ei Theilr Lives
WIlInAMIsrPOT, Pt., June 4,-Williams-
port Is uttbrly' imtratel by lhe greatest
4 ld t her histor siy. EVe tle great flood of
,1861 is eclipliod. Then the water rose to the
,height of twenty eoight feet, atin yesterday it
7was thirty-one.
From every side come tale of lo of life,
seufforing and distress None, however,
equal the story of the disaster wbich oc-
curred on Market street bridge, which was
swept away by the los when the boom broke
eterday. Fiaty or sixty people, moly
,b weet en tie bridg at the Sht, md tl
the twinkling of an eye they wee swept
away to death.
Tie blood having subeiled all the grim des-
titution It now uncovered. Last alght a
great many grocery and other store were
gutted, not by the water, but by hungry,
desperate people. They only took things to
eat. There has been considerable anxiety
about the banks, owing to the people who
are hi urgent need but they will weather the
storm, especially I1 they receive any support
from outside,
The arrival and presence of Mr. Westfall,
and bhi announcement that the road will be
open from Philadelphia to the other side of
the river to-night, has done much to allay the
panicky fooling aud create a better feeling.
One hundred upecioal pole have been ap-
pointed by Mayor Forsemau.
A Itelef Meeting.
At a meeting yesterday afternoon over
$0,000 in cash was raised for the immediate
relief of the stricken and destitute. Lum-
bermen who were millionaires gave all the
cash they had in the world. A pathetic
tlinig allout the loss of life la the great num-
ber, of hlldren drowned. In one case two
brothers named Youngman, up the river,
who have a woolen mill, lost their wives and
ohlliren, and their property too, by the
bursting of the dam.
Everything was carried away In the night.
They saved themselves by being strong. One
caught in a tree on the side of the mountain
across the rivor and reumalued there from Bat-
urnlay uight until late Sunday, with the river
beneath hlu.
Mother and Twins Perlsh.
A great many children with their mothers
lung to tree. In one case on tie river front
a woman gave birth ttwins when the storm
began and mother and twins were carried off.
Their bodies have been ercovered. A great
many people are Li4eg--how many cannot
be told at present. It Is possible the loss of
life may run into the huudroeds. Some ral
road men who came from a potht above
called Jersey Shore found and anchored a
number of dead bodies that were floating
O(it Los of Lnmoler.
The lluntlr loms at Wlliamsport and Lock
Haven will amount to three tsid a half or four
,mill n of (Iollarn-Ho-nle e y tlor. MIrt of
'the bMks have made advances on this, though
such advance are not confined to Williams-
port. Some of the greatest saw mills are
practically destroyed. .
At breakfast in his car yesterday morning
VloeePreeldent Thomson, of the Pennsyl-
vania railroad, who looked as if he had lost
much rest, aid that the opening of the main
line was only a question of time, how lo g
he oould not tIll, lut eot for some time. He
talked very hopefr,'y.about getting to Lock
Haven in the shortest poslble time and es-
tablishing connections with the main line by
the Bald Eagle Valloy road. The messages
he resolved were that the Bald Eagle road
was quite intact and serviceable.
Later and Worse News.
ELtItA, N. Y., June 4.-Two gentlemen
who left Williamsport yesterday morning
bring tie first authentic news from that city.
They say the havoc worked by the deluge
there beggars description. They awert that
hundreds of people have been drowned, that
the city is wholly submerged and hundreds
of women and children are huddled on the
houstope awaiting the subsidence of the
flood. There is a carclty of food in the city.
The financial los will reach into millions
Seventy-five people were drowned on the
Manard street bridge.
New York Is Doing Nobyi In the Benevo-
lent Work.
Nuw YORK, June 4.-More than I50,000
has been raised in Nek York for the Johbn
town sufferer.
Among today's contributions was a check
fromtinoe & Whitely, of 64 Broadway, for
$5,000, the gift of the London Stock EIx-
change, directed by cable from England.
To facilitate thebo work of the committees in
hurriedly forwarding the money remlved,
Cashler Buokhout, of the Fourth National
bankl, establlihed a sort of blanch bank in
the mayor's ofoe, with hei retareie Spoer,
Winsow and Icott, of the relief committee,
to assist him.
BOne of the touching hIncidents in connec-
ton with the collection of the contributions
at the mayor's office was the appearance of a
poorlyolad laboring man with his wita. It
was a $9 bill, which had been given him out
of charity last evening, and he said he
couldn't bring hlmself to us ite for his own
wat ,wileh a man a and pressing, but
felt Impelled to give it to the poor sufferers
at Johnstown.
Archbishop Corrlgant who could not attend
the meeting yesterday beeaume of hisl abeene
from the iity, sent a note of regret to Mayor
Grant and Ineloeed his check for 935O.
Paletinte.Comn andery, No. 8Knights
Templar, of New York city, has made an ap'
propriation of $2.0 for the Pennsylvanm
flood sufferers The amount waseent through
the Grand Commnandey of Pennsylvania for
general distribution.
TwentX-seven of the big hearted tanners
and hide and leather merohanti of the
"Bewamp have et afoot still another mow-

nmet in aid of the sfferere by the great
flood at Johnstonu, Pa. All branches of th
leather trade and at least $00,000,000 it cap
ital weerseapresented.
The meeting was an informal one. Mr.
Richard Yuung, of 6 Spruce street, wa ap
pointed ohairlan. A committee of ee
was selected to collect subaeeptilot, who wil
work In onjunotion with the committee'ap
pointed by Mayor Grant, and the funds ol-
leated wi be trnsf erred to te mayor'
*The Maritime Exobanpg has raised a lar
Brooklyn held a meeting last night In the
Park theatre, and a large sum will be mmil
from the City of Churchea.

authorized o draw fot, nuch yll as in his
Judgment Ithi e ergoeoy riquiret
Nirw nprlvon, tMaw, June 4.-Mayol
liffrd tay lylu llugrapllul the mayor of
Johbutown to draw on hlni fIr OlUl0.
PALL RIVICe MIast, Ji'o 4,.-Iho city
council lat night upontled a committee, tc
consist lf the nmay) andl the p'rosllniet of the
board of alt-l0iieilii, and the coUInunmll, counoll,
wheoe duty It shall be to raist futde for the
honelew i ut hulfering in thie Hin flN district
of Peiiynylvli iiid.
BOHTU(, Jii.i 4i.--Ml KatUe nIxto'lls com-
pany ye.,fior ly ionlll. e:l to layor Hart a
aecial lprloriiiunlo eof ""Thl World Against
Her" alt the, (1 Uanr Upp r-i tlhote on Thursday
afternoon, Juou 1ll, for thee Ienilet of the
flood eiifdiuor,
itlll arI eint from 'ltthburg.
PITTrrnuin, Jimie 4.-At the Chamber oe
Commeneronie ,lor1.or wrmo given Ior the lmme.
diate trainlli i tlil.n of fifty cars of pro-
visions and '* 'i 11 i, of whom thirty arc qor-
penhrs. C(oueiiilui', r l'l)un hbis iibamdoUed
ail his wo k cie ibhi vicinlty and Is transport-
Iug all his hebre, carte, hoisting machines
an I eTi'glnaii asl a gI alliring f that natu nr
All of lIH tOlnit oif lb N Sitlt.,i al Uiard will
be shlipild at oio.. Olie ihndrel and fifty
OOok stivI.*Iii' l ,ie smtry utoienslls will also
be sent. Alt ,.f iv ilu't mion ar accustomed
to the kin I of w.i k (li.y will flid at Johns-
town. No v,.hihitei s will be aceoptedL
Every nllu while rtro.iv pay, so that he will
be mider- the eOlitl'ol of a forelnan.
sloo,0oon from C'hleafo.
CaHIro O, Junm 4.-Chllngo purpose Rend.
lug sulLtalnt.i holp to the JoiIhstown suffer.
era With a sympathy iWboi of natural im-
pulse, augmented lhy experlneto of the value
of tiniely UaNluimec, ielChicago Iusinelom men
have undertaken to relieve the terror stricken
survivors In the devastated districts, The
committee presided over by Mayor Cregler
hopes and expects to raise at least $100,000.
From Over the sea.
JLoNDO, June4.--Americanu residents and
sojourners In England are collecting large
sums for the benefit of the suuffrers from the
Pennsylvania floods A large coutral fumedl is
being established, into which all colleutlions
will be paiad, and from which sums lany be
drawn as needed.
loods iseOwhore
The los by the floods in Stenben county,
New York, will probably exceed 1,000,000.
'The lossof the Fall Brook Coal company,
it is thought, will reach another million.
From Aiisonui, Pa., to the Jersey shore, on
the Pine creek division, the track is salidtc
be almost entirely washed away for a die
tance of fifty miles.
It is state that in eight mlilie, from
SBtkosdale Junction to Ansonla, thirteen
bod;.es have been found.
A buy nanned O'Brlon was drowned In
So far as reported nine person lost thehi
lives by the Botis n n Muryland.
At a meeting of tie directorn of the Chosa-
peiakn and Ohio canal in Annapolil, Mid.,
Pirklont Gambrill rieportul that it wil lake
from *$0),000 to $I,000,00) to repair the
canal, and that it is virtually gone as a
The loss i rom the htorm In Cnumelirland

The firm of 0. N. Nottage & Co., of the
city of Key West, has been dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. 0. N. Nottage with-
drawing and Mr. Nat. Niles coutluuing the
buiueinas, Mr. Nat. Nilea will collect all
acoouuts due to the firm and will pay all
debts of the same.
0. N. NOTrrAtO.
5-14 O&d.

The o partnership existing between
Joseph Y. Porter and B, P. Ridgell, under
the firm name of Porter & Iidgell has
been dissolved by mutual consent. Mr.
B. 1. Ridgell will collect all accounts due
the firm and will pay all debts of the same.
,loaPu Y., PosTaR,
B.'F. RMoo i
The drug business of the late firm of
Porter & Ridgell will be continued s y me
under the name of B. F. Ridgell &.'0.,
Key West June 7, '89, 60 days.

U, Mslaribsa's Male.
Under and by virtue of a writ of Vendi.
tioni Exponas su ed from the United States
District Court, Southern District of Flori
da, I will sell at Public Aoution, on M in.
day the 10th day of June, A. D. 1889, at 11
o'clock a. m., at the Bonded Warehouse,
69 Demijohut of Aguadiente end 4 bbls.

May 94th '89. 3w.

K'Tza T.. NiaoT,
U. S. Marshal.

To the Ladles of Key West.
All ladies that feel an interest in Daide
Lodge, No. 14, F. & A. M., are reepeotfully
requested to meet at the new Maonio 'em -
pie, on Monday June 10th at 5 p. m, to
make the neceaery arrangements for hav-
ong a besaar for the benefit of cld Ld4ge.
June G54t.

S 1Notite.
Notice sl hereby given that all persons
having City Scrip issued prior to Novem-
ber 1887, can have the same RHeisterltd so
as it will be receivable for dues to City eto.,
by appliontion to the Ohairman of Fire
Comniittee, Byorder of the Boai'.
R. P. M. Bowna,
June 7-4w. Oity Olerk.

Deneen s Caln't be UCred.
by local application, as they oan not reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There a
only one way to ure Deafness and that is
by oonatitutional remedies Detaeasn is
caused by an inflamed conditUon of the
muneo lining of .the Jiustachlan Tube
When this tube gate inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed Deafnesa s the
result, and unless the inflammation oan hbe
taken out and this tube restored to ite nor-
mal eondition, hearing will be destroyed
forever nine asw out of ten are caused I
eattareh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the muousa urf ises
We will giv One Hundred Dollars for
any oae of Deasnew -(caused by COtalih)
that we can not oare by taking Hall'i
Catarrh Ore. Bend for olrltars, free.
F..J. OHENIYa & 3CO., Toledo, 0.
iWr old by Druggilst, 71%

It l a Eturious Weat
That the body is now more auseeptible
to benefit from medicine than at anpy other

Relief frooa Noew E eson. on. reno te in mporuanee or taing
BosN, June tr-The Hf Ca l L ood'hs parillsanow, when it will do
All id nt of the otrl Na yon the i good. It Ias Tmey wonderful
nk, h lt for Johnstown and othr oin artilg an td edo the blo
along the line of the lood as the spea rep atno a hen a peteotnd I a heato
remtative of the Boston relief oommlHttoee ood's aparle sy wc l pnllrts
Hle will adt Je the committee as to the H p ttw p to
of asisteooe Imedlately needed, and Its el



WAs DaPAUWTrkw Signal Service, U. i.
A., Key West, Jane 19, at 7:88 a.m., lo0al
time 8 a.m,, 78th meridian time.-Ob-
servations are taken at the same mom-
ent of time at all stations.
w i nid "
t.Aco "' ITATs

odU ATION. : 1! A

New York...0.184W 8 90
fatteras.... 00
Oharleston.,. 0.9408 001
Jaoksouvlle 0.2478 6
Ttlsville ... 9.20 78 E 1 00
Key West.... 0..10 88 E 12 80
OedarKeys... 80.20 7 S 0
Penoo .... 80.147 10
New Orleans.. 80.067 6 00
Galveston.... 80.0678 1
Qorpu Obrkitl.80.08 f 8 -- 00
Doge. City....- 0



Cloudy .

. he-

,_ ------ ---- rr-- -- - -- ---- -- ----^.--r-- j.~------- -c------------- ------. I

=39 -- - L- - - mw-lmm-W --------- aa

___ __ I__ ICI___ ______ __ ~_ ~IC__
__ ______I____ ~L____~ ~ ___ ~_ __ __I_ __

o -- xmc=:


[far Uina to Magn AuW M.]
WA nmoToN, D, 0., June 12,-From
present indications Oapt Horr, of Key
West, will receive the appointment to the
Key West Colleotorship, He has the inside
track on Wieker, beyond a doubt, and his
chanoes grow better every day, General
MoOook and Senator Manderan are both
working hard for him, and as the Wioker.
PattersJn fllht la till hotly waged-neither
side being willing to give un- Horr's
chateohes are proportionately strengthened
as the "dark ho.,e."

(ax QALas zo M aWQuae.)
SAN Faxoasoo, 0ai,, June la.-The phy-
aioians who held the autopsy over the body
of Bishop, the famous mind reader, have
been indicted.

[xt CABIW nTo aTU UAToa.]
OIaOUINATi, Ohio, June 12,-It ilas
been estimated that the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal suffered at least three hundred
thousand dollars damages from the effects
of the'late flood,

[ax r Uw TO o Ia uAN s.J
Pa1,s, Frane, June 12,-.It is estimated
that fully three hundred and fifty thousand
vlitiorsattended the Pars Exposition yes-
e-- -t---.I---..
(1 *at TIem w aWgmnLo
RAILaEto N 0., Tune 1.--The election
in tills city yesterday resulted in a victory
for the "wet" tldket.

([O CAls To TUO M QATO&]
WABsnIOTOI, D. C., June 12.-Presi-
dent Harrison is making arrangements to
go to Deer Park, hid., for a short rest.
Mrs. Harrison will go to Cape May.
tair CQAh TO TaUoEsa qPtATO
WVABeINOTo, D. C., June 12,-President
Harrison appointed tweuty-four new Post-
mn wters yesterday, Aittributed in different
States in the Union.
[ar oADLa To T IaqlUTOL
JoHaNTowN, Penn., June 12.-It is es-
tlmated that over twenty thousand people
around this place are dependent upon
charity for an existence,
(Tr orCnsw TO Twas QUATOS.]
Pl'AR, France, June 12.-The Arch.
beshoprlo of Paris, Lyons and Bordeaux
was created yesterday.
[3t CALia o 1T QUATO, A.]
8BATTEM, W. T., June 2,-It isa esti-
nated that over fifty people lost their
lives in the recent big fire in this city.
Reported by 0. 8, Palmer, Wholesale
Commission Merchants in Fruits Produce,
100 Reade St., N. Yt
Naw YolK June 3rd, 1880.
The report holds firm on late arrivals of
tomatoes froin Florida, and choice stock
selling to-day from A3.60 to $3.00 a crate,
medium $1,60 to 1,00,. Potatoes also
continue very firm in price and prime
stock to-day reallsed 95 to $56.60 a barrel,
seconds $1 00 to $3. Cucumbers largely
inferior iud priceS range from $1 to 2 a
crate. Sqnuah and beets 60c to 70o.
Peaches show a light improvement and
selling from 00o to 92,50, according to else
of orate and quality of fruit. Proteut from
braising by wt'rapplg in paper or excelsior
and pack firmly in well ventilated orates.
The steamsblhip Masnotte, Oapt. Hanlon,
arrived at her wharf ar 4:80 yesterday
evening from Tampa, with a large freight
list and the following passengers f6r Key
West, and iater discharging and embark-
ing passengers, fi eight and mails, she left
for Havana at 10 p. m,
- PAsiaxNa en LST,
B. Bi Blvero, M. J. Rivero, Miss Lllhe
iioks. A. Santa, ,. L. larton, jr,, H. O.
Albory, Roaabel Devaraux s,0. Oom-
ling, G. CaOro, Savalitu L Williams,
Sam'l A. Halbent, 0, Williams, Gonzales
Pompe, L. Vase, P. Dia Y. Gondulla, M,
Orus, Juan T. Fgleal, B; Armas, A. Dias,
Able Gondulla, Jow T'. Valdes, A. M-g.
nero, Geo. Sherwood, L. Betauoourt.

uaily Westher Blletin,

-A :.,.

jo O'Domms";~~00~



K E1 H'ESTl, I'LA., 11 INE I. '2,i.

Publishers and Proprietors.

Office, in Equator Builing, Front St. cor
n;r ot Duval. Telouhonoe36

i i il lstuti, Vl
**1 ~1 I I I H 1 lNi i 1 INK i

1,', 31, % IS1 0K)
I li I It 1 ll .. li t, ,M ,.,Ii, -i tiv.

am I t I \ Il/..o I.II H, ii.

%h1 1; .im Lim t,,f tFenituliii', with
t111t i nt s ui llp 11111 iHuII t r- itic It its i inn 11 iigit
rin l I il, lu t lllrlitly lht.-rminel Illid Ito llalo
tIi l, II. l:,I r lui.i/ i ii ts sty l rv ll n tl iis i
p .I. nt I t111l thl i m i t l hll l t It etall' t nisilhip
Iliuit i -i1- ', ii l inH t imd-vl I,/ ln ,r( tcrilny,
li l Ii I i lilui rill wi.ei t in o c lltly built
nIt AlgieIri, 1,11,
'i 1lllri i l l 11 ,1 lli it which ll tlU h s i O uts ah ll
liill lii --l iL tilt-i im nlly froti tljo uunaiiiinry
hl it hi ir i. li11t, II, I uuIittuI l a .tl y it iro v ir-
tilldly lltief li lt, i i oni cnhd ritn lil-
aHlirttnl milli lir e ir oiihal iub rhs o tlit in
hio i- vll iilnt tlirr nuitiing thu cresw tciu
rema Ii Ii i tilur n i.th ,itumilelnitlly, beint
iaileti l withi frusli air through tiiertiurei
It1 Ili,r klr. in uis thlu tig hi-m pcnit.s
(l'nt lti wateur rmit l ott ler Ithe boat is
r. jitelId wil in thil wIterr. We kunow thait
toe Nuvy Dtl'prtuin ult lit Wls,,hinltonu has
lonIl vUie l v'iteiH ionis a oilltdtit cexplrts to
oxtineii tl l il(iffer.nt li fuluonts inu me, not
iinly ii thish countryJ but abroad, but they
bhvu lio In iuinible to rocoluntliend anything
ljlil.t tlhumi waitlt ic now in uio by otur
r;lvill vuvelain ttl ialno in thu Iife S having
.Serice. If itho criman anu Aimirican
itlnii-f-wi ir rvciiotly vwrcked in the harbor
fit Aiia halldt been ipruvided with lifutboats
'iiiilmuit t tlo oue uixp rimentod with yes-
tritiy Iby (Ca.'t. hJiankr, tho lose of lifu
woil i haivo t eon comipratively mall, aund
iiiA.ny a1 noble ofliter lnd gallnut anul self-
siacr'ifiinjllgmi nIil r woulld havo been spHmroid
filth!ii lifu of usefulness to hii country.
'I li cliriiinry lifboant becomes illod with
nlatri whuici it will ilo whon In i gale or
hlVtvy ea-h-vcomnes practically unoloss,
il~l iif llut ill the surf tho crow are at the
ni.rcy of tlio wituves. 'Tho Aniello life boat,
iullgilil fromu yebtcrday'h oxperimctnts, over-
tiitle sH tlinhe dillciulties, Inasnuich as it can
Ilc c enlily righted, nud at unco fredl of
water. hiring thu hurricanio montlis there
acr tunllie cv n in this harbor, an wo pro-
tmimo tlure are at all Gulf ports, whon a
lIont of this character woulit not only bo
liifult in anving property but actually nee-
osCsay iu saving life, and one of them
slhullil ie procuroul by tho city andl kept in
reandinii ast nal times. Wo also beliovo that
ti'lu iipr light keeper eixposod to the fury
of thi' elements at all the roof liLhts which
artm liable to be blown down during a heavy
g'lle, shiultl ito providldl with ono of thus
l int,-, land thereby lessounth dangers of
tlitil. ipoltioti.
Ut'/: 1V'ASl(X 1./.sT7'.
A\;roady it takes $8H,0(O0,OO na year to
nicet the large anil ovor-inoreacn1lg pion-
hiunirs,' list, sB1ay the Tim'is-iRnion, ant the
oflicial annountceolmnt is inaldo that next
ytsr it will roech ,:103,0(00,000,
Every "hacking cough" that tnrakl nn
(,ltl htllior (or rather an old biumtnor,
incoiu theo real soldiors will novordofranud
tlhir governnmont) furnishes hiui a i)rotty
unto I iRaS)ort to the poesion omco. He
cl1u nasily enough mako ontht that ho
"claughlt thnt cold duirinig tho war," al-
thoulgh it took it twiety-fivo yoars to de-
volop A A rhomantic pain or a tooth.-ohn
is o an i'l iiitt.
T''li peIpleo of tho country, without ro-
arni thit section, party or millitnry sorvlce
dluriing thI war, cheorfully aubmiut to taxan-
finl ftir hlio brlavi l Irtte \wlho did their duty
nnll stlriroel iInjury nnd disability in the
/:,rvirn. bult na.linit the policy of poen-
nitfllyg eaII uip-Ifollowcer, hIummners a nd
Il'tnity-jiiiiupcrs, tihe tidHt respeotable
NortLern l(tlpblican journal are thOUm-
slvss iritesti' ig.
''ltic tnlkl aroulud the city, whioh has no
rt'altiiiHibhl soumrc, that thoro are rings or
i:,mbiUatmtnus to control tho election of of.
lici-'Hs hy tll now munilioipilitty of Key Wost
nreo ilrtty well answorndl in today's paper.
imchli things mignl bo possible under dtifofr-
ent circniinistiances, and with naothor body
i)f imn. IHuht there are many reasons
aigainHt the possibility of snoh combines,
iLInd iIU of tlot first and best, is tho feeling
that miti pIiblio hn. against anHtythin of the

kilnd, auIl thu temper with which it would
bie tlet, were the (Coniuissioners men
who would oven loescond to snoh low
niothodH. There is no doubt that coasid-
crablo pressure, from every known infll-
ouce and source, short of corrupt personal
offors, which the lomper of those men
would make it impossible to offer, witl be
ucil, nnd must be expected. All- kinds of
ruimora will be set afloat by interested par.
ties, hoping o thus strengthen their cause,
many of these yarns will be so inoonsldor-
ate and Ill advised that they will do the
originators of them more harm than good.
We think the friends of candidates will be
doing their side good by keeping away from
the Commission, espeolally with begging
ploas, and love them, unless thpir advice
is asked, to their own will, since, from
what weknow of them, they are meon who
aro likoly to resent what seoms to them is
pressure. Those who aro cnndldates have'
a perfoot tfht to let the Commissioners
know it; it is tho Commissioners' business
to give a careful attention to their ulaimp,
but no candidate has a right to demand an
implicit promise, or if given to export that
it be carried out. Our heart is in this mat-
ter and outr trust in the futuro of Key
West also, and we allow and believe that
every man who has tho improvement and
prosperity of Key Wet at heart feols as e


ic itors and other attaches, they can. live oen ""' nivsy ll.-. ilrto so rouipt. .lall nI I . n 1.a ,.i, .ism
wind, so in order to pey the prInter and -- ... . N. A BFNNER &. Go.' -
thus let the paper live, "eot a little PItO E8SIONALOAlRD 19 Qld bhp, New YoCrk. A.J AD. A .A
her that you have the paper, and if it is a Mr. Wm, ,URY-,
pmaor one, that you owetfor t, ad tkat A, NDL' O Mr. Wm, OURRNY
printers are bad luon to owe.-tho3 talk 1'hysicinn and Surgeon. Agent at Key West, f. DAY & ALLEN
^ \ ^^ too plain. tf. Ofce at Prtwdleton'sDrag Btore. Offioe
"- Hours 7to 9 a. m., an d from to 5pm. M. .
E lT a AT B. BIto LiOisWSylv stor So & Co.a FU R N IT1 U R E,E
\OHf c i nS the P t Oe.ATmir --PACKERS AND JOBRtH.P OP-S ORV E..S
Mutton, Pori, Kid OoLtf.S LEAF TOBA CC. STO E1,
And and all kinds of Choice H P4 KEhXAND,
F Hrithein Dentist. We make a pelalty af All KInds f D i T I I ,'lIrN ISHNIG
F IOffitee--Over Iorter & Ridgels l)ruSEED 'TOBAOCO adotaed for Key West GENERAL1 FU NIHI
Fl o riiV s0 Store, imonton street, corner Eaton segars and will Promptly Fill Orders
RUITS BOUP BUNOHES, Kse West Fla. entrusted to us, at Lowest Market Prices
and II IMALTERMR. Fab. 16 8.m
Te Eto., Eto., mPOTFurnish upyour houte from tthe Establish-
The Chief Re-- or tho ffrfat ti __00 TO__ -9 1eTi Jfr COlartr 1101t of
eas ofl Hood' Sanraparllp i found In the A TTOIr AA.A T-LA ,. Meyer & Clar., o
,.o, ,,., ,*d' ,. al rt,, .,nAL, .~ ,X.AM DAY & ALLEN
article Itself. It is merit that wins, and the
faoo that Hood's sarmparllls actuallygao* I MIAMI. DADE CoUNTY, FLA --&OO008O0N TO- DAA & ALLEN
basulven to this mesclno popular tyand XMIN R.B. POST & SON Who will fit it up IHandsonely and allow
male greater than tmit of any other sarsapa. re et at. y on to make yOUr OWIl tlmsu Of
Met ina or blood pu.. IAT 'Wwor.iukLa GW M A14D Vou toma k Uteu ow ii
Merit Wins lblofore the publl MEAT & VlEGETABLE MARKET, -------- w In-stallments, t the o
good's Sarsaparlla cures Borofula, Ballt OMMTSSION .MERCHANT- t Oa SE
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsla, Slck Oor. GI tIILL &t n, .TEI STR T
eadhe, Billouaness, evereomes That Kir Wmr, I. LORTEY-AT-LAW& NOTAUYPUBLI Speeial attention given to consiamen ORIGINAL INSTA L MENT HOU SE
TiredFeeling,reatean A e tren in th United Btats, ir- :of vegetable and rBto Br et, n tto Porter A Rifge's Drg Store.
ens the Nerves, builds up the Whole ysteo. suitand Dist-touts fortheSon them ,llo Street, nextto Porter & d hell'tDrug 'to o. Cre d Lt.
Iwed laratrea l misold by all drM &. Obhoice Key West Beef a strct of Poria radnsc tate ad cun 91 & 98 Masie St.
l af SLor SpePey ay17 Coedrs aMoroc 6 NewOrl .SALola mmodatng u6-ms oftCreditt
I Isxforl& Prepared byO O Specialty, my 1 Ltt OaCor at Key Weo bmk. i New Orleans. Louiakla" tin u.-6-
*1 c., ApqIllqari, L~oWel, -' a

_ ____ _1 Irr_ __I_ __ ______1_1____~_ _

__ __ PI

.,, ,n" b >f '""" ""owCom"m A N 1 O P E N I N G EO. LEWIPresioent. E. GATO, Ylee-l'ro.ldent,
sio havii d rnltlid in to ivo Ue sittnc their .: j \C -'I A L N 1 1 N ., GEO. W. ALLEN, U ahier F. U. MALONEY, Assistant Unkhir.,
apl'iiiItuti<.'it, andi it nffordsl u great plefaa-
tirc ti hiallo t to say, minto we have it front OF
thir lips,.whartvyorecertainofbeforeT00.THE BANK F KEY WEST
thlt toy ileitlLd Iot hb g0ildud in their solIe. N
.* tI .o i 1t nt:" l;ii switho yilnleCtUo ION.. Just Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I I (INCOWPORATED 1884.)
wo hv, spoken will wuigh the pseronal ,irs ""il,. .lI ., itl.1 ,,, .lII. i,-, ,,r Capital $ 0.000
miriit. if lth, cintl co latdit for thedifferent ,i, ', .., w i T S o".g ,OLD Surplus 10,000.
U iet, aind will vOtLO only after mature , r ii... ,, i a Ic
t'co.lMcratioiu, and after a thorough dis. i... I'... i, .. .. ' "lr"' Stra w T/i. is one of Octr hand- AND JIRECTOW .
iulhsin o iiho caudid t s' fitness, with the 0th I,,,h I I,,, / hlos SILVER ,uluvigLOIX128 J AtKw LFOAIVs
,t liur ule borast thorTomiflimion. This ,. . ,, wr olaiid a neat A11RTStR.O A1S U o KOI, V JoIIEIAH FoATYo.
wo my will insure us good officers, and ,.i"..l' ltl. ..OHii 761t andHIRTi, B. ALRD .MON.ALVATOR, JOEelTOraO.
I heyh lo ., I ,i I I1 1, 1 tiO*kf ofly..
t ,'h is ill that this iper, anu all our pooe- i'';" I,,,, i di y Of COLLARS ISSUES LETTERS OF CItEDIT, BUYS AND
jl1k in il o l dt ( i o f p a r t y w an t W V eo h a v e 1 1 }" l r i "' .. ., .. 1 |l . '1 1 "1 l I dll I' h e a n d S E L L S B I L L S O F E l X C H l A N G E ,
no initidMa, und so fre nrer we, or o wp r i 08;:" lora or and SELLS BILLS OF EXCHANGE,
feel in thio nmttr, teat should a now tan t lii .o it. CUF AND MAKES TELEGRAPHIC TIANBFES OF MOEY.
cim.o forward to-doy, who wo thought lN,.Iel ,,, ,, l ,1r li'i'., 'i P,,t. 18RI UES CERTIFIOATEM OF DEPOSITSO, EAP I NGS
;:: o qpo r^ .,^n,-^ Neck wear, a S ^ White Vests, INTERUEtONDRECV ?IIE2P ITS
would servo the city ottur than any other .April b, ,I iNec wear. W ie ests, SUBJECT TO CIlECK AT
pru'viouisly natiad, Iho would be our candi. ,il cvt,,& l.li.t.it i i,,, ,,ldn ,i .a,,ctloi .
late. an.d thi .sen to e tio wia that the OE... .t"e .SILK COATS Colections Receive Prompt l Carefubl AtenliN.
t.iiinii no tii siorsthin.k. ',,,eon,,imioner i .. i ....1i i ie., o ltlt. OUR PRIU B EhA
lloIily furtrn ofh iril lt- .e 'r lilc, Whi w & Vsts ACCOUNTS OF MEROHANTS MANUFACTUJtElIS, COL-
ilso, ing thl leost vin would like to have a lietst ailnu lFy whe te.. t ,. "oe ts iim THEbO EMeo e .odHisp yOYCREPN NT
submitted to them by any uiono who will, Treaitli on ls +o.l Iand Ski Diseaseumalte WtOY'S CORUESPONDENT A:
,giving thennO f those ,they think bet Y rk.?r Att. IN TH 01ATY. ()"O,, J f)(ASS Of Wy.1 THE iMPORTEIa & TADE8 NATINL AN ........ ..NOW ork
tc.,t, afo far asn lfhon stl thin toting proper ,w ,. ,.l................. I cO the l r st e0 ant TH LoiU S A NATIONAL H ANK O IDA............. .... ...... ..,Jn.k ,to vilo .
n. This is the i. If siSi.t that so l h y f im nt r a THE I T NATIONAL BANK OFLI TAMPA.......... .............,Jmol.
10rnad e hin wh o fare pl ace has u l h r r & a e 0,t 's ToIl, PA0l F10 BANKC. ........................................t.. e ,. ,,,itt ,+ o
S f o lr thi withdrawing. A. rcost will collect all s. 10118o' PuBOY'S MRUIIANIU1s IANK .............................. ...............t., oi4 .
tii nrtaci mi tirn who are, placed ansour no de t o th eaein g, A. IrM willO Y O o al.. .. ... ....... . l
Coini ionurs -e, and for this reason counts due to the trinu and will pay all OTH... .................... ...
they should havo the hearty ondoremenit debts' of tho sanme. From 75 c CLO -I1N ir is MEs8ts. U. C. LEWIS & SONS.............. ....... ........... ...llthlsee.
awii cu-opieraition itf very citizen of Key iAL1.ED n iBRST. to $5.50. IN THE' ITY. 26,3 5, 6 & -------
WVet. Ittisniravttreslonsiliilities thattheoy May 1l3, 30,, N1. ]\0 .h
Iiava nsii,,,.rtd ol niiost lieoro,.o, oe, I^We wish Everybody to Exaihilne Our "O N N
and it is for our t liunotlt, which is far ara- *mc Merchantns Protective Asseiation 1 OH' t P
oet l e the first Thlrsday in every mouth at Stock ,anl .11. Prices I%.fore making their Pur-
i ou tuo t t oiim lio r, h city'sftu loli 8O'clock p. at in their Hall over the t Cst s r Eatou street, oppostottee Episcopal church.)
hi fur ti iteritiin of J. A. Lari tsl & Co. nov. rit-. chases lsew ihere.ote teet, ollteEpiscopal hurh.
A 'rTnuiaAM from Mntiontgonery, Aina., of MIHcILLANEOUS A )VERTISEMEN'ri Sa So W AITE Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
rllt yst a in.tr peitoni, OEHMIHOES.--ave- you .No 3 DUVALST. C or. WALL. B f Pn Sa
signed by all the promianent t white a110n in hueonty by buying tneoeiobrteed 3 ,).... L. S. C .. ... . .. .
and aroundlLilvrgoio, Ala.,sittited on thd Monroe Bro, & Oo'. shoes, for gentlemen, An,.l.,.mry Iniar.y ,,<.e. ,HIGHLAND B SRANDausageaRANDnd B
north-west inla Florilda Railroad, haBs Jubt iuaditi Uad chilitren. All branded with our Notice is herb:,y given that the Auxiliary HIGHLAND BRAND
beooen forwarded to Washington City, name are warranted. Accept no other. yr. Sultary Associatiin are now road to clan Also Dressed Clhickens an11d Turkey E' s
stron.l rt til. .. ii. .t It.u. ... ....- out valtlts, sllsu 1 1itd closets ljy the Odor- .......................... ........................................ a ld o I VDedak enles, ai t ofdi Tt ik
strouugly tirotstimg against t. E. oms, 1t1ENlT.-- Store o, m Diavail mStr-eet a .t loe Excavator.., syatea voll orders anrt XES.SMoi Lard, l cheese, VegetabLles, v ruitsr of all k iesa
colored, recently anllointted Postmaster of 1 door to Catholim Cmuroh, Thus tore is Dr. J. Y. Porter'a .uole and they will le CONDENSED MILK. Canne Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Halls,
Luvergonue, taking climhrgo of said office, notable for Dry hoods, Drugs, Mili nery given prompt attention. June 25 tf
lonsider;ug thoe appoitiunmeont of ta colored and Fancy Goods or Hhoe Store, For BreakfaSt BaCO, Salt an1d Sioked" TOglOS,
mann in a strictly whto and rapidly grow- further particular, iire within. 5.2.1, IELVETIA BRANJ) Prop.rol by Pateoted rroeas by the ornled Beef, Pigs Feet, Troides, Mackf l
ing town, injudicious 1aidl uncalled f, FORI HALE OR LEASE.--The of (.qO 1 loaters,) and country irOdice of a
when gotd white rupublionu material Is hose and lot of Jefferson II. .. .................................................... V T A kin d s.
right on ha. Noe of t Browne oni the BIarracks road. For term sELVETIA
lers at re, all of whom are t, CO( NDENSED MILK. o o., SOUP SEASONING ASpecialty
white, will rent (tloiues a lplaoe for hIis post. :::.:..... ::::::
ofice, should the nppoiuntment not be re 0 ,iland t every Mondge N 1I. at THE FINEST AND BEST MADE. HIGHLNO ILL. I)on't forget the place, S. 0. (JOH1NION.
vokoed. It would alpear from the above in thtir litl over Hamunel toberte store. ---- 1
that President lHarrison has not entirely Allinometuborsaroreqluesod to be prompt u t -- BIEAMaillPh.
forgotten his colored brother in theo outh. in attoudence,. PnIZ. T'l'uo xIsoN, F )ry at tsta .i moor lethe do Vaea
.............. Chief Touinpldir. lp ura. u l azucar y libra dIe today cla te -tie.o PMA 1
JApNs (i00tt00 irr BNdrrr, editor alnd pro- GEO. ii. 13.PILLIPt oorttHL. I LA F e L a gre i e mte en unitaCr arone 4S S "
prietor of the New York Herald, smys atn Fb. 6. 188 ',r .1eals y elsimao y preservac a po ceento tuetollCimniig 1,110 Supelt ior tealnships,
exchange, while at Monaco, just before his h O HtALE.- Lot No. 12, blk H, tract 10, gna, fria 6 caitante, a sn ostado natural
late departure for Egypt, had a quarrel s on Ainelis mt., KHe West. Lots No 1a, M ONSAI VAT1GE 1OS munA plimat o mns sCun oItsana tdMAStTd .TE'
with the princely ruler of that f ous 2, 3 anil 4 see 1 ,'lw. 00, rage 2'J emit, -e agl l enquecso disnolv Hirve para nt Carry ring S ea t o U itu atl 1 is a i i m i mi between aliml l y Wet an
galibling reoort,t hd tho priclingl mavoacontaininghlt T limnl is ]g t l.os uhsetos cuthiaJarimulinarion, ea quo Ia e al vana. Said servinehavingce l i m ncoa nutatm W ts5 itlhl thtmts ilte imhwmpAhn i sct ti,.,'l mmmvhaing let
ga i reort, a the pinclin a ino Hoy, is known its Will u's law ok, frose so use. Es exeelonte parn los s. a on the 4 o in t
orders that the Amuerican millionaire should is good garden land and h.i as hubl water ties, holados etc. Usada inlu agua, 6 o th Nove
be exeludlel from the borlors of the prin- front. For inrticulursanplmy to coeino vi6e ,s oy,,silsitaen l cufo; tT H avanae ri e
oipnlity. Now, as alnl the world knows, the I nmy-tf Wt t, t e i o o. ,....,,...,, 0,,,+ ,t, dNio P,,,enes toe i,,,ir r ria, e rv i c .
-__Is__tllig____44_A____il_ _oaoamernmeanlaal paper itily aih II s atto a Lhd, y gutosqusio SAVA N A (IA., M11.3 I, 18 .
palace at Monaco Btanilds on a great rook ---r lllinle ll i -lijIy i "t i, it dw judiclll al~al, y sum g to onquito AVA (IA., i
ally1u1, traed. uIh lalm it i I'llnray- y delicios sor, omiendaacalanuuto. to. P OSTO FICE, l.AlT iE I' hC overhanigiug the Moditerratioan. Mr. lieu. ]'ACltORY 'jO LET1. The Ilarrge and alil. j eb rui itm s tlolnso POST f eFFICE DE A I'1 J b ll D L
handsome ow hisr RiFee ry ott ricea tr. ur, )till' trial, Tongaese nlratutO que Ia bloeb so 6 con-
nett's yncht lay near at hand, and, after Whithead streoot, kuow as tlhe "On- NNA O.,U iS In, LroadwayN.. rva mojor ean i lata bien tapada. eu l ie llill, vlay 1t., titP shi.us of tmil Lim e will run l follow
the quarrel, he wemt on board anl spent rert Factory, can be renteutl che.ap. RO.HITECT8 & S ILDER an t m e o t.Leave A ... .............. MAny, Iil
the night steaming up and down in front Itha s a caaity for th e hun re c &alatmac to e Retuio, .al.le.d D..l. Ari Y WE .. .. ............ us y :n:I m- lr y,
numakers. The bst of lights. A new el- A. Editoln of Solentiflo Amerloan. o Key Wpst, Jany. 10, 1 year. ArrivilIAVANA...... Wfeinda ,ld iatlrya,
of the o,stle with the foghorn blowing vator has reconly boen pe cod in the o rA eSte iuiteSP e --ae-- n-rs Leave HAVANA.tiitsi dLeaveHAVANA. .................. ,Hts. n h,l;%
very other ninuuto. Tho disturbed ePrineo building. l For further particulars apply o or uhl pui l t.s t uiierous emra vm so llsI IA hotrAILiOA II. V llli ns. a. I Ow i Ii. \ .SottIthtI i( S. t
next mo rninK vilto poeaco with him old to A)ilfa. ). 1< I k, po r&tmpt *. i- *. r yen.rl M.ui>or. T nit.o All.n ger. Au i K .
fi ten t c d M r. l e unone tt re tu rned to A p l t tl r uH ttllo C ity, m t p eiic u N N &CO ., Pu Um i.aSnt .. Ir ,.,at gt .,r l)e atm s .,rt a .-ema, il -.. . -.i --
M-nc-. -, AMaibes eenr-* Bnfol S a nol., De ,ndl, IS .
-- MINISTltA'T'O 'HNOTICE. --Noticeis te reB i l.e laia nt er at uTwlli t'IAMl tJ' AGENCY W.'O
,Woi,,,n it ,lot bo a oiu oIdea for ,the ~" y 4ivn "to eli ersoti hiaing ... ..fo ,uit T.... *atier ,, .... ,,ow. T AO IRV S S T N a
mol oflo it tn1n l rhloarobtooteve laiute against theo estate of Asa F. 'rift, i r Ne,,ent have iae os .v e, e .,.e I s I. S. LISoEW
Bo eard of Trado nil( [er hati s IProtective late of blonroe county, Htvto of Florida, to 5 00,000 t sapptltyltol r Aneorlealm atd cor- al .1 acase Nanford Aid, I IS P j.
tsiomiationeto ratejointlaw Ytorkddbaou.vtesr Iiiswas v1tint
Associmtion to meot jointly and take present the same to the iunderiged within nt ncestrle oae nti.2 t i Attg er --- ETWEI
somo stops regnrdiag our suggestions ofit the tito irescroib d by law; antd i lltpersoas TRADE MARKS.. ., "*W Yowmanr a v el r I
lfew days mgo In regard to otfAir new (umttoun ettle te said n. M:s ,wl h ioit Nn ;
ltoUiese. Theo plan then proposed would l NmESONm TAO r, u T eBdlfbe prsanitt o rn. B1uor tntd lwo; o n *t41 . .l 04fi
satisfy all parties, anmd be eminently the Adminimtrator of the Estate of Ama F, tOOI PkVR cIIT l for boeiks eb, tml :1' m tlaiwllJe.ll Cft 13A Ohmic,. tmsll 'iiilhipa, iutM umg 1 U.
ete qul ckly proci rm ed. A ddress(4.,U Ati m rl a lu 11 ,121) i 2" .
proper and approprlato thing for Key ft dec d West, Mh, '89, O UNN & co., PPatet slellele*. biul 6 ails:
,V I7 "ARlititF O I MA Y N.1 11 11 City 91
WVest. The Naval lDepairttment of this .. .. ...... .. ... -a O c t war T 57 AIA tIi, ,il ,it i H. hib., fiS.i
(lovernimont neds the wharf privileges Notice. '('rr1 "AiU 51. ..N MA 'U ., hntrl]ti s,ill i
and the building now being croctoil for the A,,te Ke SVext woard ofTTrade wantKs en -- a f .e i i i,. Iitll tilg'lItii
Custom llous, while thme building will o'clock, IP At., at the rooms of the Board,n F acts Atii7 will.. T lt K ,, tA), I',, I i'n,&l ,.i. Ill 2ii
certainly beo much too sunail for the difer- oves the bank of Key West. l te r t. (,f the , shil at
ent offieos that it is now contemplated to G IowNI PhATrMIo..or Bocrtary. n1 IIOTLt. ESAUAT % i''''I',T\ *'4
be used for. 'lhe trouble with us in Key I tet Oi1A L llme .IOTELS,, .I AU81A RA, TS, ETO. h n Io ',s> 1 ,,i .|um o.|
cVrst is the habit we have of attending the. TlftiiiAncndolent Or. g, o miO rdSiOUht it lili. A let
things neethat -esrr eat o a tntton ne rily be wen it faibs to sck ei ithe .Astlh .. se F etaine' s at mr lnt iulim, irio. ,act (hit \, lcx ei r
s om o lirhstii after the time. bl e in suffloiet quantitiosto n oet the. t- Liulmeat: quick re CA lieo. f N Io I' U S 12L L. vol wit li r i .e

-1-.. .. .. -Urenment of digestion end eyaoeaaton, It 1loyICG,,, A hING its en thmrnulghlyt geunvatsi, i Is .. H ai, For ImhlS tr
Tn'Jg Now OrTieams Tiams-ota ocrIat says should be set at work with [loetettecs -iy -r t se Fonnottine's thke and 11 now oei nca togutests. trlotly hfm-st .hm[ Sige, lumsiag ehaguut acetliL oda.
olrotry, ws o 11i rll-ftt trsipeil th a l ore oh y evinces itself ia a| n d-e i 'u Foulntainetu's ir. imlr velti'tv, rsina ge prf.t. ly A1.
Conomnialigh Vulhsy, nvlig wlthstoodtlhe perturo of the unoumfortable sensations In olnsuitll|np i tae small doses of mou- Hote an the City proprly sewered. ... -. ..
o flco Wthe right side; the nausea; fpr upon the tines ire: relive the (1o MI

go okle to rAorenealneh.opie taudbaek ar.r* B S utheen Pa cific Companl,
theelatthe of mhheoltntl ittle dibcultysequent rerinaetivity of the liver cad by rnbbing with Fota-n K E Y-W-ST. --. VI .. &r. ),LL .om.anl ,

dilugol." ''hics s *rop ta isc. It only channel. Irreurlttoye of the >owels r Iwotyclhltii se oulntalue's Cure nilthd |--.-- It't. 1tlAmIN ]5 "V OIiI.EANEB.
"LiJto'. family ,oron we adght on the always and paiiesey reformed by the cr Liniment, a q,,R NFek iim-s I BEETY ..1 D ..!,, W T
mib-tked tm-isbn in th ieuli Valleyreotive indicated, whioh Is infinity the. otmalyne'ed _ore _. ... ______ _o _. -... n -..--- :srl II AVtNA.
pll-frtde ferried, both because ilhs safe and niore ity botu Id more tmse Vtltealli,, nueo d, (lure tmi s um h i C si l i i, ut t" t i i iiii>,un a V
... drenching pu___atlve of every cltah. It word Io you wisl ehro J^ir-_.l LINE as
MAmuIo hIs way to this coitntry, bs a candidate for rheunmatlism. fully .eoorall to diw- .h NEW Y"O R K J j. a l'i
tho Grook Mislou. l1 is said to be a rel- *o Need Ma y, ftio i not a ase will be -fOV tVhtl r,. l.$ |lash. ttttal thi. .uttcc luhl.l, t.om, tl oi n Ip Lh .,.l uc.
a relative of Prosidlnt Harrison we believe We regret tltat mnuy of our suetmb cribers fLaniment. Frienil ... I W..... olimitnt Iu- n tihe iit,, at.. u,...a.t 2 u, t. i d u% iD rii\ twtt att.av i tiit. T \ ioi., tin 'bins *;;i ,.ii,,
we coultl safely prophocy his eppolut~ient, are in arrears, solace of thham awe for two, you afford to Io without tantsg mi n t M tmt..i pe"t t t, t \,in Et h4 -,tttii. ine it.,i,,t^tssmii.i .. m ,m.1 5 t.N r ttitaite.IMit
without much effort ota ims part. Benja- three cnd even fonr mouths bsec; now It etafe u, det Ut it S JUIINt SEM 1-M OiTI IY "i". . ,,,- ,,,,,i ,, tI.. > ,,i ., I, 1 ,,th t. ., ...... i
m i u t a k e s f m o t h e r l y i nt t e r e s t i n h i s r e i n we v e r y b oda pi nau r t o y eat o f i r e e t h oi f o r l m ul n a g l e e t t o b e " r I- * h l o r p a s s a g e t .H '" i u , . >. ) , , , | | I t -
Uti e, you know. a paper ev ery day i nthe ye arfreeif we without ttl'et i. the hou se N SURANCE effectel undc oien poliCy . J Lkit JA k kJA liL V.L .UK ,. A .en it.
liv s,-en no could g i printers. paper edl i ck for noth- For sale b y Dr. Pondle- I of this lino at per cent. For Freight "
.. .... ..g, bht these must be paid. As for the A,.. on ., .- ..tes aind further pertlcnlem, apply to N. lI.--M chlar nts are requested let less.' Iti i. adi a., i. h.. i..,, Iron, Netw Orhleim ,

8 If I I 1 1 IP fl i 1

Ought to have attention perhaps, If so,
CHAPTER XIX II. B, B. willdo you good, removing all
SH Tinorganio natter. the dirreot cause of
T WAS ihe daydoafiness. It will alo aid your dlgeotion.
Hurlitono's wed. H
ding day, 'and Luli Henr a Tlok Crawl,
I where was t i Mr. 0, E. Hall wrote from Shelly, Ala..
happy brido February 9, 1887: "I could not hear it
groomWand thunder I board of B. B., U ed two
ngroo ilo y dthe lesa, an now ae hear a tok crawl in
ing aim lossly the loaves,

around thie
streets, expecting
S' every moment to
be selzed by tihe
im lIL police. Tiey
i Ilid were not on his
track, but be
thought they
were; and tiey
soow would be,
-" for his connoc-
So tion with th
fraudulent M u-
tual Dividend Mining company was
known to them, and they worp only
waiting for certain proofN to clap the
handouffs on his wrists. John felt ui
temptation to run away. Mortimer had
tried to induce himh to fly with limai to
Canala, but John seemed to be in a
dazed condition, and politivelyrefused
to do anything. IIo know thatle had
conlmitted a state's prison offense, and
that it would not be long before he was
made to answer for his cries; but he
did not intend to anmwer for them in a
court of law,
He sat in his rooms all day and drank
brandy, and thought-not so much of the
pat or the future as of the present. He
thought of Leoni, whom he loved and to
whom he was honestly married, and of
Amy, his expectant bride, eagerly wait-
ing his coningig In the little country town
not a hundred miles away. le had not
had the courage to tell Amy, and lie had
hoped that something would happen be-
fore the fatal day; but nothing did hap.
pen that could help him In any way. His
troubles came thicker and fistsr, and ho
saw ia felon's cell before him.
"After all," ho said to hinimelf, whatt
is the uso of lighting against fate? I can
soon end the diffoulty, and why not do
lBeforo he put his thought into exe.
cution he was solzod with a wild di'ilr
to eeo Looni.
"She Is lay wife, and I lovl her-- od
knows how well-and she lovows mlo. I
must ode her onew more."
Ho hurrlod of to West Telth Htlio-t,
but only to find thUt shio was not lit
- home. He t other o WtlW hL Ue O1l w wan
gone to see a montemlr of tho corps de
ballet who was suffering friiin a sprained
anklo, and haid no idea whou sire wou 'l
return. Signora Colla wonlJd not hlave
told John oven if she haid known, for
hlum wisa ledignant that h1i had neglectl IAvli for st long af&r hIaving paid suich
Fstrious court to h-lr. John loft thle lihoti
in a uery ullihppy stato of 11111lt but lhe
could not lwar to tear lihimiilf away from
it i lpit hallowe!.t'by its iwu lltions with
L-oii. Ho wialkoil up and dlown on the
oppl:.ito shilo of the street for an hour.
* Iid Signoira Colla, who witclhed hiln
from her willow, was touclheld l)y the
hlopll 'ma 9tsl4 jiltIt oullg tWo roalS thie MWh 1imi, 0lill
' litin .ovqrt to wait for LIonl, whon he
tl rnedl isddenly and alrniot ran iup t lo
street, His thoughts were touring IKo
wldily'tlroltigh his brain that ho ihrdly
knew what ho wia doing.
A few moiniliita lator he fonmind hlinslf
at tthe stage' door of the AcadRiiy of
Music. lie stood theli nI while amnd
witcbhem.theo groleil of choriii singers as
thoy looiilged igzllimit tie iron railing and
tallied over tlioir little t'roublhm'. He
tlhuight of Luohii IIo colflmiud ort of
walyl and tihen ho started oil on a brisk
walk for hit roolie. Antonio wia out-
gone to cat a dish of spaghetti with a
fellow coultryman-and thie place was
Ui ilet as the grave, and as lonowmo o.
olhin sat down in front of a largo picture
of Looni, andgaazed longingly at it; then
he walked over to it and k4son(d the cold
glass that covered the bright young face.
"Ab, my darling, if you only -knew
what a state of mind your Ihusband. is
in you would be here by his side; but,
dear girl, you don't know, and it's just
an well that you don't."
Then lie got up and went to his bath-
room and took a bathe, and dressed hil-
self in fresh linen, and put on a suit of
clothe that Leoni particularly liked.
Walking up to the loug mirror that hung
'betwoon the front windows, lie looked at
liluiMolf from head to heels,
"Not a bad looking follow,, as fellows
go," lie alld softly to hliuself; a pits
to kill im. But why not? iHe's only
cuinblirer of the earth. You wouldn't
think hltm suph a bad fellow to look at
hIi, but lie's a rascal-a obrn resoal
A, thro t i; itin; was born in him. But
whero did it come from? Ris fatherwas
tlIe most upright of umsn--dis mother"
(his voice treomuled)--"his motheramalnt
on eimrtl; yet their son is anliutlaw, only
out oIf jail because ho haIlan't ben cgp-
turled. He is an unhappy wretoh, and
has indiloall lia friends unhappy, and
lio ii going to put a final touch to their
nhalnppinHse Yesn, it's got tocome, John
llnlutono; there's only one way to cut
Iliai kno."
Saying this, lio walked over to hia lut-
uiir' llm doml m'minig tlauilo, deliberately opened.
anl ui'plwr dlrawor, toik out a silver and
Imi-'iIl iiountud Ievomlver, and, going over
to his writing tallu, laid it dlowmn lmdilo
'"Poor LOoonll I mnuet writs her a line
Ieforo I go."
le took up hlis Ieln and begaa to write.
"LcnLil mia, my own darling, my wife,
forg ive"--
But lie could not write another word,

for his oyoe wore blinded with tears that
ran down hai cheeks and fell 4n scalding
drops upon the paper.
"This Is unmanly," he said, suddenly.
springing to his foot. "Am I ia woman,
that I should give way like this?"
Then, crossing over to the window, he
gased out upon the street How strange
It looked It seemed almost like new
place to him. But no; thero was his
landlady's little daughter playing out on
the sidewalk; she looked up and smiled
and ho kissed his hand to her. The
clerk from the dru" store on he oornor
walked by, an ordinary, oommpnplaoe
young man, bit he illed John with a
strange interest, for he was the last man
he shoWld moe In this world. oe watched
mhim out of sight; then he took the re-
volvor from the table and stood in front
tf the long mirror again. He smiled
ly as he ought sight of his own fao.,
"They call this a coward's act., Pr-
iapl it l but it tak a little counMe,"
Ssoaid, and, placing te .mulde of the
volveor cla e gat his heart, he
the trias.

I (luve up to Die,
KNOXVILLJ, I'INn., July 2, 1887,
I have had catarrh of the head for six
years. I went to a noted doctor and he
treated me for it, but could not onre me
he said. I was over fifty years old and I
gave up to die. I bad a distreeiang: ougb,
my eyes were swollen Aud. am confident
I could not have lived without a change,
I sent and got one bottle of you medicine,
used it, nnd felt butter. 1'benl got four
more, and thank Godl it cured me. Use
this any way you may wish for the good
of ,sufferers,
22 Florida Street.
A Preaelicr ursl orf DUypopiln.
Alic,cunsaxx, nla., Leon Go., Jl2il0, '8O,
I have hoon a sufferer from indegostion
andi dysp)epna for a long time, and have
tried inlay roemledies, but until I was In-
dunod by my friends to try your B, B. B.
received, no relief, but since using it have
found more relief and ooimfort than from
any other treatment I baye used. Hoping
ou will forward to my address your little
32-page book' for proscription, also evi-
dence of cures. Hed at earliest date,
IAlv. tALo'T (
A Uook of Wondlers Free,
All who desire full Information about
tho cnuse and cure of Blood Poisonu, Scrot-
ula and cerofulous Swellings, Ulcers, Sores,
llteutnatism, Kidney Comialaoin s, Catarrh,
etc., can secure by mall free, copy of our
32.page Illustmrated Book of Wonders filled
with the most wonderful and ctartlino
proof ever before known,
BRoon BALM Co., Atlanta, Ga.

A largo stock of Alhambra

IUAT01o l)EMOI.AT, J TUNE 1.2, 188I.

S'Noialq -i, Boro 'ihrieit; qroiup.-
rpriunl lrmlrueas, Cuts, Iurms, "Lue naok,
Sold IW Orunrtiit. 0oa, nmid $1.00. linr Book
.-ittlod-fre. Adldross UAMmLIN ,

A. o. goweli
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Millinery Goods, Hats Cps and d
Straw Goodils.
564 & 500 Brwoadiway,
COa. PNaine Sr.
New YorK

Duval t., opposite the New Russel House,
-Makes a specialty of-

Iu every styl.,-
Obarges as moderate as any house in the


[Jan. 15.tf. I



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It there Is anything In the Itne of Books.

MagatAnes, Perlodicals, Writhnig Pa-
pe', Envelopes, Inks, Pons, Pencils,
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Pass ai ul Memorandumlu
Books, Receilts, Checks,
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First-class Sta-
tionlery Estab-


the Maga-
S zines canl be
found Belford's,
Lippincott's, Outing,
Harper's, The Centitry,
other Well-known Period i-
cals. Also a full line of School
Books, Copy-books, Maps, Charts,
Slates, etc, always on hand. Butler's
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If you wish a book or magazine which
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CI(Al\ M\NUl'ACTUL 'ltH8, UTO.

nlilllrnlcnt o 4, |
Mi,,ur, .


Key West, Fla.
Office, 119 Water St., cor Wall St., New York.
N1hfl 1 .lJ NmT FOR TBH; WEST,
0. GOLDSMITH, 125, La Salle St., Chicago Ills.

Mitnl tulicrer nof-

=.Havana Czgars,

---FA&f'(Y No, 193, KEY WVEST, F, --
y eRi ( eRi'nlonn eo Solicltod."t'-


Ofllce:-1 33 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
S4fob 13--2 m.

Manufacturer of

Key: !-:- West :-- Havana -:- Cigars,
FACTO()Y 132.
Manufttactory u1i police htits city. Corres-

I poll)e)lleee solci- lied.

A. Po)TIlA.81('

(Jiutie il-ly.)

]POlhALSKI & Co.,







SIA\NUVIt',AT(I"Vl!'lS O1'

Factories Nos. 8, 58, 48 and 145 Key West, Fla.
Ot01ce andt Sailesroomln :327 East 03rd Street.

- N^w Y94W

WVIrJAh WIC IR. A vous- 11OERLEl.

f'oriter Ishf Arenwe and 31st. Street,

Nl"I I t ufacturers oftP

Ciguar o( sxe andci libborls,
-- Dealers itn -
Oigar 3ox Labels and Cigar Manufac-
turers' Maclhibery, Tools, and Supplies.
(i Special, attelllinn l)i to private BranIii and Labels, Etc.na
February 9th, 1888.

"CASH & T CIII .tu

Commission Merchants and Auctioneers.
-Front Street.- --
Whole-sle and Reotail dealer' ro
RItceive by ouloh steaiilir iUi1 saI l', 'm Now York uand NOw Orlanus 1 frosh supply of
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ag One of the Oldest Busiuoss Houses of the City. .An
.sir Proonal attention given to sale and isatisfatifon guarantond. floods
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'lhe place forf the hirsfy. The place for the love'
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CONIKR 01)'F I)UV&1 and PI'1RONIA.
-~~- ------

lt8ucslsor to Curry & lrost,]


paper in assorted colors --
AT THE Commission :-: Merchant,
Front St., Key West. Florida.
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QUATOR NE S STORE S oantlyProduo. Prompt leotntr' amd Sutisfaction Guonmtuad,

JOHN WHITE, President. JAMES A. WADDELL, Cashier.
o o oooo o Co o o o 6 oo oo0 0<

"J^^- ^.'.l^.o'.o-c'.o o-oc"-' ~" *i o "6 o o o o ._


- 100,000
S o150000.

Is Now Ready for the Better Accomodatlon of
Friends anid the Public.




AT TiHE[1 P LA0 Ii O HLI;lEN S '., NH N.\ '1l1'hLIR(l.APlII OLFLE.


Chas,. Moftat's Gallery.
I havo nmadE lLranllgmoil it h 'll rli J. FJ. tinrdinor, rocontly of Boll's
Gallory, WaFshington, Di. C., for a short Lilo We have the latost raiid
process for taking chlildlr'Cs picturodiQurK AnD Sumo:-P'or over time.
Thoso wishing fiuoly fintilhd l'ortrliti 4 aro invited to cll and Boo namplan
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Yhippi~Og, Co:n.;ission, Yoriardin g A~ercha t
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WBarfge, rr tr.ag) an i,
Superior facflitics for Coaling StonamrT.
Consignments solicited, nd prompt attention to discharging, re-slipping, uaid
le of cargoes, which will be stored in a llre-propf warehouse.
Uang oofLaborors frnisiiiild nit shot Notice,

i noim-nlletrnd a id 1ar 1H e nidly R Uevery fifteen ninntes. The
will take you to the Station on the
Return trip the amoe prico. V"ho will not Iav:il thloin1slve of this TEM1'T1NO
TRIP with an airing and walk on this Cclcbrktd 1. li'lah.
GO ONE GO ALL. You will nit regret it.




'acli'es (0i) alnld58.

Key West,

- Fla.

Offce and 4alesroom: 51 Muypray St., N. Y.


. - - .4




Imported and tDomestic Wines I Liquors.
1t, Tjhnpltoalma al 10 unoher ireets ?IW OsLBLeHB, a. O(mU
C * 1 -


Orlbbage Boards, etc., etc.

a complete line of smokers' articles.


-~ Ir~-blllllll


i II




hujlortvr'. aild 111111111,11chwers ol,


I ._ALY.A.OEM.AT JUNE 12 1889. ._____

e "o What induced you to go to Oklalwma'l"
THI iKlUllTOR Bey WestOorrespondenoeN.Y.Tob aooo. O d Oofcer Buton at the Third street
depot of a man on crutches a i his head
Ai)VIHTIliNO IRAT&H. 'Trujlllo & Sons are working a large onm- bound up.
ber of hands In their new and ooommodioul "To start a graveyard," was the blunt re.
-,iw. wok. uth. factory, turning out their oholoe olgart pl.l
I11111. ar l U Th.e qalityoftoaeao theyar agingis of Well, why didn't you -
L, 1 S l l.L "t1 r l om ab ig grae,t and teJy eiploy only first. "Beauwo a fellow had oomo up from Ar-
I0 .. S 10 11 f'rlu. t th l ola erativo, thereby nnuring c fine kanua to start a hoapltal, and he gotn on
,ii,,t 10.1 V!; Ai1t bin1 for t at1 monto. product. me frat."--Detrolt Free Preo
.. L _______ Mr, iDobarganes t forging ahead and
owr-I'nlllll'll,,g I ,riviom' oolon I lkollu. liIII'Ol now that he has suitable wrapers selected teults of the Ipattllng Tour.
1,r1 1..11I e Illtll.li) 'its i,r Hime ltrit llusertioU- from the new tobaod, is making rapidi
Iii ib viVllylHiicl'itIinsertifor i A4diiorut stri es with the orders he has had on bhand
i. l t I o oitlym 0l151'm ror (r iu.oratthe 'iR .
*,ii rll"tl. ,,ilt IcOl'tllltglyb. for several week., and' which he was ema-
Ir, I),ll.llIIry NIIio,,, (oXnllt i11111 i hailatllalo barraged in filling by the want of suitable ..
I .I i11ii slllu, will IIi ihrait, l ii t r at IIli rat 6of a material;
'I4l'll1'.III eve1y llYohllne.O r 1 rp Mr. Anelmo Bamora ha re ently rse
1 I:hiIlds o(ir s Cl1tl, 1willI IIIHu1O ciiUrlle flr Oti y c ao nuIov a lumber of baled of fin tobacco,
riahli5Hi' r ts,14 r 1ate,,t ll or]tyiiu. which he is now making up into an excel-
J i' I l ivl olrtli .ent, II ier mtrln l oet quality of goods to ill 'om a preying
oil l..'>, will I. 'llir l't'(*I14e i6<'1 ii 0r 1 Hile W oW o r- len.t m e
ll,'' Ill Wif 'ti t '% '-k the IIliatl lt Will Iw vltn lorders.v
IIilll'clv, III (iirliwifror t Illfl r oi n rt od vB oeut MoKinley &; mple ate working along,
l" i.I' ,V. tellii,,.illaut a.rtolln, and are manufacturing an excellent claim o -o---
o I "(lioi'wi't lr .-AriPy aidvl. will i o iven; but of egoodas It is eopeeotd that Mr' lremple
4.1v 'tiN'4r1 wboLIlil etj lt mii ili'ileluilliiii ooniitinue who
tii, iiti,"rU.iiir hll'ti y oin ia itlly ltwllo w ha been here for several month oon-
rrfillt'u.heort. rh erotliolyduotingthe bunsneu, will leave for his
.. .... ...... summer vacation in a short time.
The factory of Celestlno Palailo & 'o., zxclted Natives (to bshpwreoked umlor just
( ITY (IHA J T is running on full time, and making heavy washed ashore)-lor heaven's Make, tell us,
Weekly shipments. The ciga made by quokl I a man out If he don't tough firt
Sthis house still retain their well-known bane when he makes a home runt-ritfe
9Itl4 ,JIAILt IKECIoI)D OFlr KVINTF OR reputation, beIng made from the ln est
quality of Vueltatobacoo, and by the most now a Butcher Dwlndled.
Irit KITI lTV. ez aperlenood workmen one mIorning Opie P. Read came Into the
Sr.. Falk ltt fi here for New York last Chbiago Pres olub rooms, here a number
week on a business trip; the factory is un. of themember were ated chatting. Opi
Flor (clty Muarial,. der the management wof Dr i d.P did not take part in the oonveaatlon, but
[ ol.Tr Umylf nA a oandidnet for City who is asssted by Mr, Ed. FaIk, The sat byone of the open windows smoking his
lrliale if nlcto1 I pleOde to ilo fiy duty larger ht1ses, 1nolnding Gtato. Ienle er, huge pie ndevidently thinkangprofoundly.
wilshllt fear' or fte, Iorple to do y duty Nichols, Moria Villiami, Plodela & C0o,, &Somethtlg .on your mind, Opier asked
Jitlu lt otht, are all working full forces and making oneof theboys.
large slipments of their goods., eld8en- "Ye My butoher is on my mind, and he
'hue sooner Ad ad Normner Ao. have their hands f ll, and their is the biggest butcher you ever aw. If I
n tb. i Aop o on ormnn has orweekly results have not diminished in the didn't have a podMerous mind I never could
ut klcthsl's whliy's for repairs. least. A, L Caastillo, P. Pohalski & o. hold that butcher on It. Look at me," maid
\VANTEI), -A white boy about 10 years A. del Pino & Bro., horre Kelly & Co,, heo tandlngup at full height, a showing a
of agn e Apply at l)r. Poudleton'e are driving aohed, ith large results for m e han sI feot tal id Iasve in
Sirug Storo, week. Mr; J, del Pino will leave to-ulght its proportions. '"Lookat me;l I'm a pretty
for Havana to make some heavy purchases big man myself, but, dr, as I came by that
Misl Lillio lioks returned to the city of laf tobacco for the businms In this city. butcher hop th morning the butcher was
y't'storthay ovueing on the steamship Mao- A new factory has been opened by Mr. standing outin front'and I walked righth e-
cotto, frol a visit to friends on the main- 0. J. Hueliseuka p, who has tarted out tween Ils legl The top of my head wasn't
sud. making an excellent class of goods He as high am he Instep. I should have had to
'l' ,i grect cnoiics--Ilood's Sarsnprilln haL about twenty flTve hands employed, reach Upto unlatch hblsheoot"
lo il ipuuio blood, Tho latter is utterly and being a gentleman" of fine bausinet "HNow nauh lo yyou owe your butcher,
thI:tttool by thle loouliar incdiclno. qualities, thoroughly progreaaive, and at- OpiO" asked Mr. Jamei W. eoott, the prei-
tentive to business, it is expected that he dent of the olub, and busluem manager of
Messrs. Fl. L. Horton, jr,, Samuel A. will make a suooeu of his venture, and The Herald.
lulhbert, M. Crux, Geo. Sherwood and L. asunme larger proportions in hia already "A hundred and twenty dollars, sir," said
lltactuonrt, were among the passengers for noroeasing undertaking, Mr, Rea.'
t" li city on the stoniaship Mlasootto youstr- That afternoon Mr. Scott sent a cheek for
tIy vonitog. ioe New Dloevewy. 10 to Opiea, saying It was an advance on a
For lanetos, Oi gnus, Violins and mualn-. You have heard your friends mnd neigh- story he wlAedl hihn to write for The Herald,
J1istriliiolnts of very kind, UIIEAP, go to bore talking about It. You may yourself The next morning, when Opie strode into
Mignol llritlns' Music Store, No. oI, be one Of thao may who know from per- the club, somebody asked
ti'lloiitonl MSt May 11-tf. Monal experience just how good a thing it "Has yourl, lteer grown any stice yester-
is. If you hae ve ever tried it, you are one dayt"
Mr., 1. Albury returned to the city efli Rst[aunoh friends, because the won- '"Grownul No, sr. This morning I walked
last oveoinig on tile steasiiibip Masootte dorful thing about It is, that when once into his place with $1160 hi gold cilnking and
from Tinlipr Ilia many friends In Key given a trail, Dr. King's New Disoovery Jingling In my pocket.
\\Wtt 1re glad to welcome him home again. ever aftor holds a place In the house. If "'Wiore's tlat Iutchorr' I asked.
you have never used it andi should be "'Here i am,' aid a faint, timid, little
Wason, 10 or aPale. nlUlicted with a coulh, cold or any T'hroat, voles that seemed to come up frolt thecellar.
Snlitalhlo ior lroead or Cream. Lung or Chest trouble, secure a bottle at "'Whorel' said I.
C. tf. A. A. .noos. once and give it a fair trial. It is guaran- "'Here, right here by your left foot.
toed very time, or money refundled, Don't move or you'll step oin m.'
Phrlt wrS~rLE88u Auuju ]isw **vu ..veralue~oc] B ek. Iottles Free \ut Dr. h. 1 a l'd nvblervtoth' cab
scoof \Lt.Ani J i Je '' n l Bioottle tFree t Dr. IA. tlins 'I got down on my hands oand tkee and
froi tCurry's ways with a new dress, Drugstore. 6-11-1m. examined a speck on the floor, It wim the
wlioha she isnpparently as proud of as a Work on the new Custom IIont e hal butolher."-Washingtu Pont.
little Miss would be of a new "Christ- again been delayed for want of brick and
riai frock." other material. No work .lha been done The Arlsoia Kloker.
Au oxrialgc, in speaking of the lRev. on It, now, for several draye on this ac- TIrTHAN.-Judge Burrows entered The
S.iI. Hkiuall, secoitd to the Rev. Sam.a. out. It la to be hoped that operAtions Kloker office the other day In his usual quiet
JoaI't, d leunate lhiim oas the "Rov. Mr. will soon be reoomonced and continued and dignifld nlatniorald laid thu ro ucum-
l.itthl." There's nothing "H1nall" about until tho.uildring aill be completed, hors on outr table and witilrew. They are
thul. of his own ralaingI, anId of superior Lbroed and
tAl-- A Sounid Loeal Ollniloie i lash. We th tanhe judge froB the bottom
WiV AN''ED. ". B,3inbrid(,o, Munday Esq., County of our heart. Such things prove to the editor
fifteenn llt r, (i1500) en a i wo Atty.l la Co., 'ax. isas: "Have e tlat ho is not forgottou. We shall publish
ift h aNdr (I.O) men ant I women f riltl a two o.lul sketch of the Judge next week.
to s110 th I'll lu1loliNlteoperbNDeolIghtoat E lect00 IC with most happy rustlts. Usw
Ito elIo t ll llo Ceo.', err Deoliht a y brother alsowas very low with Malarial N F N.-l O t1 ine during
ol 's, orne o i 1evOr and Jaundt but wa cured by Monday iighlt so1n( kind Ihearted but sin.
ndl FotytretH, Juno 10-n, timely us thi s iediinee Am satitfled known fried left it pi i o l" Urol eabot fl-a
.. ...h lectric Ihllturs malvod htis ifo," teen feet lotlg, Ieiutifully uoosed, on our
A largo Inulboi r of 11no watermelons Mr. D. 1, Wiloxson, of hloroi n(avi, Ky., st"lm as a prItiullt fIr our faltliful work in this
weoro sol, at ainotintl by our Front street lodds a like teallmony; saying: Ho poni- O. cmutilty. We took It I anudl shall treaI-
itilrt.ioieor'i thia morlltilg. Thil'ly Ibruught tlvely believes ho would havo died, hid it ul' t htgit ly.
folircy l twrics., not boln for Electrio Bitters. .TheT lii rhir'he World, herald, Tlumes
(I.N ,t'l 11(1 (IIAI t the Equator This great remedy will ward'ot; a a ns lsid otiir i''. YVr, k lloh tit kll I ront sun to
HtAti..ory ,l or. it at oLuroi all Malarial DiseaseO, anld for all sun and lalr hardly kuown by name. care.
Stiiliiry O. I Kidney, Liver and ftouaroh Disorders ly u day IMsa that we do ot receive dead-
T'IAe litllish shlboouer Mary Jane has stands unequaled. Price 500o. and $1: at head tickets iwd. btmutiful lite nienilutoes
bicM I (loitinoil 1in prt iUceO Mouday, on Dr. A. Ii. iPondleton's Dugstore. to prove that tihe busy world ais not too busy
inaotllt of1 tllu high Ilend winds and heavy to remmbwr us. Cum soils, Whiih lmeaIS,
on,. Hlo will lanve for Nasmau just aa soon Pol011 offluers wore out this morning 'tls well.-Detrolt lvee 'rew.
oi ti vHmwotther will permit of It. searchng for a couple of old offenders-
t for whom warrants have been issued for Preddy to the RHe oue
iEKLESa OVI 4 several weeks, but who have evaded arrest Children ever believe that father can by
'ITh' sholouor lily White, Capt. Dillon, )y remaining outside of the city limits, any possibility bIe wrong aud oftounconotrift
arrived at Curry' ablutiiount yesterday 'They are, however getting a little bold, the most iLugeulous exoiuus for him, Freddy
evening, froill Punta Itassa, with over one and occasionally slipped into the city, but laa little one of only seven years' growth, the
hiunilroedl hed of livo Ioef cattle for our take good care that they evade the vigi- son g a minister, who, with his wife, had ar-t
butchers. laucb of the police officers. rlved at a new field of labor. leuarlug his
mother my to his father that sie lhad been
s'l h cattle schooner Alice Vane, Capt. We have been informed that Mr. Leon deceived by him yito that the house was
Oriflin. arrived at Curry's abutmeut yes. de Leon, the manager of "Abreus Pavil- three stor bii dlnu whe infant it was
terday imortiirg, from Punta iRms, with lion," whioh has been removed from Jack. only store, build:
eighty odd eand of live boot cattle., son Square to Simonton street, near Porter osMa& s
Nat Niles iid still selling at cost, and all & ltldgell's drug store, has cousented to "Well, Freddy"P'
wimliuKn to procure bargain in CLOTHIN give a p'orformance of his variety show, 4P & In right."
had bettor come early tothe old stand of next Friday night, for the benefit of the "How iL that, Freddy 1"
SI. N. Ntittege &~u Co.-12.4l Key West Fire Department; mad it is to be "The kitchen i oln."
NNo e -4t hoped that our Citzeus will give it a b- Yetheuoue
Attention 1lrtnenl eral patronage,. "iThs nflor Is two, aul tLhat story that pa
All members of the Key VWest Fire De- The refreshing showers during the past told is three."-Yankee Bldle.
iarntiont are requested to meet at the Head- few days have played the dust and cooled o --
NAT. NILuE, Aoting Chief. Young Blibbsn-That's a horrible warning
Tax payers Take Notlce. an INew laven to ev1ry lovi* nl io. cream,
'rTho II. S. Mail schoaner.DeUie, which After 30 days from date I will proceed i"'t it Fliat
was to have sailed for Miami yesterday to advertise the names of all parties in: havu'th eardatoutt I ."
nonfih., has beell prevented from MB debated to the City of Key West for Taxes. Wh, over e hundred people were
losing on aooount of the heavy winds and Come forward and pay your tax and save taen of them eatwil die." ra nd
higlh seas, which have been prevailing the additional expense of advertising fee. y, f te l e ,
iuneo nlust SHaturday or HSunday. Shie wi .WM. N. WaTone, "oo bad, wasut ilt Here's a nIce looking
,,r,,Lably sail to-morrow morning. June 7 4w. City Tax Collector. pece. hIbt's go in anid have son Ice cream
lront a private letter from Col, F. N. ilnuekln's Amroa aiulve. e-- --- -- -----
Wioker, to a genutleman in this city, we are The best salve in the w fold for Out,. EX ECUTOR'SSALE
informed that le will presont himself be- i Urnlse. Bore, Ulcers, Salt heum, Fever --I w ill havt sold at
fore Presrtident Harrison at 1 o'clook to-day Sores, Tetter, Ohapped Hands, Ohlblalnam,i av 0 a
(Wednesdty,thc Ilth) for thepurpoeof re- Oorns, and all skiu EruptUon, and po.i- P U b i1 C Auction, on
ceiving his appointment. TlIs conflict., lively ours Piles, or no pay required. ItThn d n h O"h
somnewhnt, with our telegrams, to bhe found is guaranteed to give perfect atiafaton, Thmu tday the 20th
in another column, or money refunded. Price 25 oento per llSt., at W in. CUrrY 'S
A ran Concert and Ba r box. br le by Dr A L. rPuatuow, east abutment, for tlhe
Ionuolt of Ht. P'aul's Church Bell Fund, at estate ofHenry_ Lowe,
the Ban Carlos Hall, on Thursday evening, 1 .

Juno 13th 1889, Doors open at 1:30 p. m. cheap oPde '4*3 Of the schooner
Atmissi on t ents, children 10 cents. A large npply of Memoranm Tablets Emerald,
Key West, Juno 12, 5.. and 10cts each, jnt reevedby 23 of e schooer
We have been informed by a private 21- uvToa Naws Co. -*- Of the school ier
letter that the family of Mayor JMa. A. W ild Ea le.
Waddell has been increased by one. This ,T 1 g e '
ount for the broad ble th ov BLANKS! BLANKS!! -3.of wl e schooner
"Uncle" Ed's physiognomy this morning. TIM FOLLOWINO ULANKs are kept Hlero.
aThe nd.qv oa-DM .oor n .oi the ma. Inistok and oan always be found at Together with the
friends of Mr. and Mr. elas. A. Wadde I the EQUATor Oymlalo: din o'les their tackle
in their ongratulation and bet w din s,their tackle
for a long life for the "young on' -aenorlts an
-renger is. is andifurniture. Terms
Owlig to the high head winds that have -InwardManifests. Of sale cash.
been steadily blowing for the past two or -Warehouse bIntry.
three days, the ynohtEollpse, whiolo is to -Coasting Manifests. NoTr:-It is probable that the whole
parrtcipate in the $200 yacht race, with -Auotioneers reports. schooners will be offered for ale.
IMr. Sweeny's yaeht Oaouathou, had not --teorts and Manifests. Auotioneers a asked to send me bids
arrived from Manatee, up to this writing --Inward Passenger Lists. for the sale a above, lowest bid will he ao.
and will not probably arrive until to-night -Inward Forerin Manifest. oepted.
or tomorrow. Our people are anxiously -OUtward Foreign Mantest. S. Lows, Executor.
awaiting her arrival. -Entry for Immediate:Consumption
The entertainment given by the Havana -Witdwal lntry for Bonsump-
Variety Troupe at San Carlos last evening tloi, nn
was wellattended, and the performance ws
flrt-olss, from the beginning to the end, lia habssvenatre -
The faroe was one of the most laughable irri mat 1 tir"eatlon Ia.RA AT
we ever witnessed considering the ft that ,,re' t oonoorteua 1an
said bytheboartists. The troupe also has lx W r or eight first-elass oetortioniit, who per- l I. 'to liSUt rel
formed marvelous feats of strength and ,,
agility. One of these contortionsts held rathLee. -m
the weight of six men on his uplifted arms. vn"i ote toi b nr .ts e
The show is fully worth the price of ad- '3r sale At Dr. Pendleton's Dru RecelVbt Per last Nigh t' Ma
minion charged, even if you can't speak a tore Harvst
word of Bpntish. Harvest.
Derricok Vaurhban.
ALv .toMeers- $75.00to $250.00.Nr. Against the rain.
.i iasuoT rAns jtA u a Under a triftge. Mask.
p f '-a to119,. EQUATOR NEWS STORE.
lJ 1 pl aa I s a. ir 0111 a14lsMIner Al-
o th s o f e th l ] U p*l N o. 417- k fe t i a g a nde l ss nq M 'i- .... .
ul avthe %S t uents. Nevermind about sndinl *'lap of oenturyor lurIe at
dIteaoses r ply. 11, IF.S.e & (., 0-I-. EQUATOR NEWS BTORs.

Abreu's Pdavionl .TIl..
Te h Mi nIV Yement
takes pleasure in nii- i
tiTing its numerous Tie Leading CLOTIIIEt,
atrons and the pub- and Gj$NTS, BOYS and YOUTHS FurniIsher
ro,,o andTth T-O bstoc--
le III general that the -fk.i-Tbo I boTr.ot 8toct of___
PAVILLION has been l -
moved from its for- Gent Boys ald Y outihs Clotlilu, I(Id mer quarters to SIM- wear IIats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Cola r.l, ( lffuI
ONTON st., between scarf Neckties, Gloves, Trunks, VualNes,
P () RTE & I RI D- Umbrellas, Etc.,
anItd M. BRINAtS Mu- AKIOUhs neEY WE
ic StoreOW Including the Finest Line of 1)agoalli
The first perform- Cashmeres Flannels, Doe Skins, Etc., In all
aince will take place r Colors, Styles and Prices,
on MONDAY evening,
JUNE t0th, with a Abo tely Pure. Satisfaction Guai ultteecd.
general ro l fedluctiO o Tbi powder never vamie. A marvel of
CoonoSal Win theTO :. ordiaM OERS:
PRICES. Mauo t o be ld n competlon with the ,
O Reserve seas multitude of low test, hbort weight alum or I ClSO Ia v o tJho L(ll'w(e (ril d etv
Reserved seats with phphnato powder. mAI o. icans Selected stoc Boys an ("oui/ts
admission 50 cts. NA HanO Pownn Co.. 10BI Wll .cted stoc6C of't 07 oiS (l ll Yt(Us
Admission- 30 do. .. ilt L Sit, Dia onal e/C Pan
,Chnildren 2,iso o do( rN. P ,/r Satrt W asts. d.,,rwear;,,t,,s and
ildren.- 20 ( C urry Ca ps, Boots aud Suho8es;ihnl f every
B K T k ----" t 6n complete to constitute a ./.ol'
Wardrobe from, to 15 years old,
NOE 1, FRONT ST.,O of e o
NO. 1, IONT 1 T. that was ever introduTced iOdo tl//is
NEW'B OfUK1 market.
A4 TNr 2H 11 Aon ORAOF- 'OR e-eS QPOL'IT 8TO G-OO ID@
1 Commission Merchant Boa cBalpoOti lgoo
B B.acse Bial ana other' s)or'ti/ ,'/oodis,
The following Iooks re- -AND OrL.wr.x- eo tsistino in Bats, BUlls, a Slirtis,
elved by last tl/h t' malt8 SHIP HANPLERY, 1 8 asks, Stoekins, ShotsCa.psBelt,
n 'ax PROVISIONS, Gloves BoxinlGloves, .Dumub ie/ls.
PunResm JNapraxtb e, GEOCERIES, Foot Balls, Etc.
JT Brother's Wife, HBIRDWAEs I WIlr NOT Lc11. NJ 1!4 S ^ Lj
The Rabbi's Spell, *TABL.U'(*L, Respectfully YFours,
The Story of /1utz1onLy CLASS aud
Grace CIOCKE RY l. l'rout and Fitzpatricok tr.. A e s. /.
Ize ~ ma ao ^^'N TIaNIc.oaN 674 PRBi. Sil. l.( ...tl.h >. i l W.Hibs.
The Deemyn ter, OCAuL ADutalek, AIL. INO. AIn i,,Itr .n ,rti
o" t 'se of .Tears, AND A,,r ( ,,.,
We Two,V.3 ""118"4
The Reproach/ of ,/'./1 es- 8AcR E Suooessors to W. C. ROGERS u IHENRY D. r'i i ER
rfCth' i T, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
-9 Q U.4 TOR NA' I r8C 0'. PLAS' 'ELER
M i lj15th 'SO. LATHSSJI l *, Nole Agent.. tnd l uimlorter U.-.. for "Coml(estI.'" C!iIIII.1,oI'l 1r41..';
---- l,, EvIyansB "A 1 A Gin, .- Ale,' Belfast; Flt ,r's '0.il til0 (liii," IhollIl. '
VARNISH, .-, VAS'I' ,,O (0 I rv.
Letter H eads, B II.............. ..........
B rilll u N .STATIlOtN tY, v This louse Will I), ()Oplimn t) lui

1J 'llOL8T'l 'l 'API Ially *, froi ( A. 1o 12 P N,
Statemelllts, cotton aulvW.. a,.. si. Jiest a1ilnd Mlost VIlart I jli(d of. I1QI (()IS,
E le mHitivor,,, oas VWINES, IEUREM I"I I IA TNI' & ( (1 A Il"t'
Envelop tnnwI, tobe foui.ld ill tihi4e Marlk1(t..
Boi -ln. d ing, 1Beaflaei laHrge ASIorInaet of Fanry and -. ... ..- .
Umefol Artician not fulnd oabowhereo inthe
Padding, Etc., Etc. tt -W H. W 1 ,I A MS, B
with neatnesa nud chiuapnsa rns mi. 'GROOERIES a
paesd by3 nly

-T Oine AIbid of M arine Ciiriiouition,
N 0al the pbealt asiUrtuont of
II 8 eeuR fy,,ourOrerlloS31Yatge Bfos.

Sor seh oeini att ded to with Proz lptnesi
r iml an MBn m RIVODROTBO

Illll ffnini I **gterly nou n RadianIII unludi o ng our n lltea *t prhio B(tAnpod plalnlv on iesole.i. Yoiur
OI Oo j-JwlUJii .i r.,JWl ir..6.i aIt.n .lu n iae H in o, u n ,
UUU IVUII1'tge"-l'-J"- Brfls "5~ I : :" the:"

K Ei Wko FM I'w. mnIIuSWUIioM IN$I Infi rter O1 I I'll tev '.ohf a k .ora r e..limL
BUY YOUR 2 5 s5 $ 44 SHOE C.'
R ESE~ V~ l)IIVA11OQ H 0111 Q o~ta'14@UN tKOELLE1 IM IN A N T F I
C a ANN oTr i L
foE t Vrli1) y UI UNTMFALLEO s*' TO
fop rnun~~ un ~r~ ~~ ATI S FY~
DrwgM~of ,~ HfDST 4"

A Large nod 0&tnpletaAaotrtnaent ofrtlhe bmiveeest proom6 1. oar h say Y weeon, ew omwe toto nn cnth
aelebitted DIAMANTA Brand Inot i' 00 :"tW 'XII 1*0 6 tlaf a t oepeequtIoe-n whah only aftw yearetwore ro
rewived. A Pierfect At Guaranteed i ." $l*Ol tee dohkm I O1* llq eamXrpair you wll tin wc lno...l that wsdoaotnotexagorai.
co efn e Oman s"i ofleal f0ad S ,and thes who ImItate o sr 01t"e of ofusllae am unable to
vaery 10lo1nre-. 00oo00010With llS515 u1l4j1of 1111 t0liduo k. & IIn oar sw ar the kelaziest mstaeturein the
_______________________ ltard saea
she" ripm esweelasedraeery are 8el4l by wlde-awake retalboalm all Prart
1)O I~% tII c ifthe esatw. We wilplash beameastli wltg ylnourre anu aeoro Territor P ._,w will
t "aefs lit a pow erd e mA wuite tonU.
!wiig Nt ar -I j i I~AMXS MEnMS &00,941 Lincoln St., Boston, Moas,
I arn the a(AouAientlfr I lse .0 J L' T OM P& 8Q
itbovO maolimaetio. e-!
Partifes wisi oneof these aelient and ~ ; E r
D. C. DaIsheirer abrd cAll oi l LiED F E ED I I
WI'P ________ _VVh.oleniale aincd lRet-Ai.
Importerm & Jobbes U5I '
N01 ION,% and FA0NC GOOP$ 00 N!.DS f

nt6 WourntluSt. l7as 78 Canalryft and. Comiaxission Xero han ts.
Now York. New Olexal a r4Agento Of Nes W.I tIOJiffa1ihet0i1 van proflptaattention WiqIti quki retarns.. (Daoe12 -tt

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