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Group Title: Criminal Gator.
Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 2 no. 2
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Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 2 no. 2
Series Title: Criminal Gator.
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Language: English
Creator: University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law and Society.
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Spring 2003
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CSCL Newsletter

"The Criminal Gator"

Ph.D. Candidate Mari DeWees Receives
Competitive CLAS Dissertation Fellowship

In the Fall issue of the CSCL newsletter, we announcedthat the Center is starting
its own graduate program in Fall 2003. However, there are ready many graduate
students from other departments who are affiliated with the Center due to their in-
terest in criminology and deviance. Mari DeWees is an exceptional Ph.D. candidate
in Sociology, who works primarily with Karen Parker in the Center. She was re-
cently awarded the McLaughlin Dissertation Fellowship from the College of Liberal
Arts and Sciences. This is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to Mari!
In addition, Manr has been pre sending papers at professional conferences and pub-
lishing. She presented a paper at ASC in Chicago entitled, "The Socida Ecolcgy of M~o-
lence: An Exploration of Contextual Factors in Cases of Youth Victimization," with
Lisa Holland and Jason Davis (also graduate students affiliatedwiththe Center).
She was also invited to participate as a panelist in a session sponsored by the ASC
Student Affairs Comnmittee, "How to Survive Graduate School." She will be giving a
presentation at the Annual Meetings of the Southern Sociological Society entitled,
"Applyirg Black s Theory of Law to Cases of Domestic Violence," (with Allison
Chappell and MarianJ. Borg). Finally, she has an invited paper coming out in the
spring entitle d, "R ace, the De ath Penalty, an d Wrongful Convictions" (with Karen
Parker and Michael Radelet) in Crimi&m Justce, published by the American B ar

Center for
Studies in
Criminology and

Volume 2, Issue 2
Spring 2003

Special points of inter-
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* Alesx quem Receives
Young Scholar Aunrd
* Absiations
* Ujpoming Confeenre
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* Crie-Dviane iseahw
Group TMws

Alex Piquero Receives Young Scholar

Award at ASC in Chicago
Congratulations to Alex Piquero, who was awarded the 2002 Ruth Shonle Cavan
Young Scholar Award at the ASC meetings in Chicago! This awar d is iv en to rec-
ognize outstanding scholarly contributions to the discipline of criminology by some-
one who has received the Ph.D. (or similar graduate degree) no more than five years
before the year of the award. It ma be for a single work or a series of contributions
and may include co- authored work s. The Award came with a plaque commemorating
the accomplishment, one thousand collars and travel stipendfor future ASC An-
nual leetirgs.

Volume 2, I ssu e 2

Conference Presentations

Several important conferences are coming up this spring and summer, including the Southern Sociologica Society (SSS) in
New Orleans, LA, Academy of Crimind Justice Sciences (ACJS) in Boston, MA, and the American Sociological Association, in
Atlanta, GA, as well as the World Congress of Criminology in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This means that Center faculty and
gr aduate student s will be busy traveling to conferences to present their research.
In particular, Karen Parker will be presenting a paper entitled, "Concentrated Disadvantage, the Rise in Social Control, and
Race-Specific Drug Arrests: Accounting for Change Over Time" with ScottMaggard and Jeffrey London (UC-Boulder) at
SSS, as well as "The Impact of Industrial and Economic Shifts on Race-Specific P-bmicide Over Time," with Mari DeWees, at
the Wor d Congress meeting sin Brazil.
Jodi Lane will present "Perceptions of Community Problems, Fear of Gang Crimes, and Resulting Protective Behaviors
Among Whites, Latinos, and Vietnamese," at ACJS (with James Meeker). Jod also recently gave a presentation to Chapter
15 of the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency entitled, "Focus on Prisoner Re-entry: Challenges andProspects."
Nicky Piquero will present "Explorirg the Role of Peer Delinquency for Onset and Persistence: The Case of Gender" (with
Angela Gover, John MacDonald and Alex Piquero) at ACJS. She will also present, "Motivations of Whte Cbllar Offending:
Ex mining the Fear of Fallirg," at the World Congress of Criminology meeting in Brazil. Mark Fondacaro will be attending
an international, interdisciplinary conference on Psychology and Law in Edinburgh, Scotland. He will present a paper on
"Jucging Criminal Responsibility: A Social Ecological Perspective."

REMINDER: Congratulations to Dr. Ron Akers, for being awarded the SSS Roll of Honor (see
F all 2002 newsletter for details). UF will host a reception at the SSS meetings in March in his
Graduate students Allison Chappell and Mari DWees will present "Applying Black' s Theory of Law to Cases of Domestic
Violence" at the SSS meetings. Scott Maggard and Allison Chappell will present, "Discrepanciesin Cocaine Sentencing: A
Test of Black s Theory of Law," at ASAin August. Steve Rice will be presenting "Objectifying the Subjective: Racial Profiling
Research and the Needfor Explicit Theory" and"Teachirg Advanced Students: Effective Seminar Design Techrnques" at SSS.
Graduate students Steve Rice, John Reit el and Alex Piquero will present, "And Justice for All?: Racial Profiling and Pro-
cedural Justice in NYC" andJohn Reitzel, Steve Rice and Alex Piquero will present "Profiling in Context: Plae, Space
and Perceptions of Racial Profilirg in NY C" at ACJS in Boston.
Finally, Ron Akers recently participated in a special small conference of theorists aid researcher s (by invitation only) on Vio-
lence and Teroris m, sponsored by NIJ. His paper, "Toward a Social Le anmirg Model of Violerce and Terrorism" was presented
and discussed at the meeting (with Adam Silvernan).
Haren Parker is serving on the program committee for ASC in Denver (2003). The areas Victims and Offenders and the di-
vision is "Research on Types of Crime." Please keep this in mind when submitting your abstracts by March 1, 2003!

Crime-Deviance Research Group

Thank you to Nicky and Alex Pi quero for hosting the 2nd annual holiday party for the Crime-Deviance .WA a m.
Group! It was a success with approximately 30 people in attendance! Our next event, aWine and 4 ftr
Cheese Reception, i s sche dule d for February 27, fro m 3:30 to 5:30 in the Ruth McQuown Room (219 -
Dauer Hall). This event will feature short presentations by faulty and graduate students who will be ';
presenting papers at upcoming conferences, such as the Southern Sociological Society, Academy of -
Criminal Justice Scierrces andthe American Sociological Association. So please send your conference --
infor nation (conference name, p aper title and authors name s) to Karen Parker (kp arkercrim.ufl.e du)
or Alli son Chappell (atc7 5ufl.e du) as soon as po ssible! Thank s!
Thank you to Karen P arker, who has completed two years as co-organier of the Crime-
Deviance Group. She will pass on the duties to Nicky Piquero beginning Fall 2003. Allison
Chappell (grad stu dent co-org anizer) will continue to serve for one more ye ar.

Page 1

Volume 2, I ssu e 2

Recent Publications

Faulty inthe Center are not only busy winning awards and presenting their research, they are also highly productive pub-
li shers. Jo di Lane has three papers co mirg out thi s se me ster co -authore d with J ame s Meeker. They are: "Fear of G arg
Crime: A Look at Three Theoretical Models" in Law and Sociey Review; "Exploring Women and Bf s Fear of Gang Crimes:
The Importance of Sexual and Nn-Sexud Assault as Perceptually Contemporaneous Offenses" in Jusce Quarterly; and,
"E ethnicity, Information Source s, andFear of Crime" in Deviant Behavior.
Nicky Piquero also has three publications coning out soon. "The Effect of Police Actions on Citizen Behavior: A Partial Test
of Specific Defiace" will be published in Journal of Crime and Justice (with Leana A Bouffard); "A Recidivism Andysis of
Maryland s Community Probation Prgram" will be published in Journal of Criminal Jstice; and finly, "Understanding Po-
lice Stre ss and Coping Resource s Acro ss Gender: A Look Towards General Strain Theory," in Heith Cope s (e d) Policing and
Stress Management, Prentice Hall.
Alex Piquero has four forthcoming articles. The first one, "Devi ace Frequency and Control Ratios: Assessing Direct and
Conditional Effects with Constraints and Self-Control" (with Ted Curry) will be published in Sociological Perspectives. Forth-
coming in Youth and. Society is, "Examinirg the Links Between Strain, Situational and Dispositional Anger, and Crime: Fur-
ther Specifying and Testing General Strain Theory." aren Parker and Alex Piquero have a forthcoming article inAmeri-
can Behaioral Sientist entitled, "A Contextual Study of Racida Profiling: Assessing the Theoretical Rationale for the Stud of
RacialProfiling at the Local Level" (with JohnMacDonald, Geoffrey Alpert, and Michael Smith).

Ron Akers' new excited volume, "Socida Learning and the Explanation of Crime: A Guide for the New Century" in the Ad-
vances in Ciminological Theory series has now been published (with Gary F. Jensn). In addition to the introductory essay,
Akers is co-author on two chapters. They are: "Adolescent Substance Use in South Korea A Cross-Cultural Test of Three
Theories (with Sungl un Hwang) and "Takirg Social Learning Globda: Micro-Macro Transitions in Criminolcgical The-
ory" (with Gary Jensen).
Mark Fondacamr recently published an article with a former colleague who is now at NIJ (Shelly Jackson) and current
gr aduate student in Counselirg Psychology (Jenifer Luescher) entitle d, "Toward the Assessment of procedural an d dis-
tributive justice in resolvirg family disputes" in Socia Justice Research.
John Reitzel, a current graduate student in Sociology, recently hadhis article accepted for publication with his mentor Alex
Piquero. The article, "Doesit Exist? Studying Citizen' s Attitudes of Racial Profiling" will be published in Poic e quarterly.
Steve Rice, a graduate student in Sociology, had a short essay entitle d "Pax Sciologie" printed in Footowtes, the newsletter
of the American Sociologic al Association in Nov e mer 2002.

Honor Society

Criminology has an active and successful Honor Society for undergraduate students. They meet regularly
(twice per month), have guest speakers from the field (such as FBI agents, DEA agents, police officers
and attorneys) and play intramural basketball together! Their upcoming meeting dates are as follows:
Feb. 6, 20, March 6, 27, andApril 10 (inLittle 101). Their bancpet is scheduledfor Apil 26th (location
TBA) in which v various awards and member certificates will be given out. Additiondly, elections for Fall
2003 and Spring 2004 will take place later inthe semester. Co-edBasketball Intramurals beginin Janu-
ary and the full schedule can be viewed at httP: :/www.hhp.ufLedu/intranural/springO basketball/
Web )OLp df
New members are always welcome! Please pick up an applic action inWalker Hall!

Page 1

Center for Studies in
Criminology and Law
University of Florida
P.O. Box 115950
Gainesville, FL 32611-5950

Phone: 352-392-1025

We are currently looking for graduate
student volunteers to take over the
production of the CSCL newsletter
(beginning Fall 2003). Please e-mail
Allison Chappell [atc75@ufl.edu] or
Karen Parker [kp arkerQcrim.ufledu]
if you are interested in this activity.
Thank you,


The Center for Studies in Criminology and Law is an interdisciplinary pro-
gram, teaching students with a wide range of interests and conducting re-
search on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are one of the largest aca-
demic programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with over 650 ma-
jors and minors. Graduates go to: law schools; graduate schools; and careers
with law enforcement, criminal & civil justice, and human service agencies.

Walker Hall houses the
Center for Studies in Crimi-
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