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Group Title: Criminal Gator.
Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 1 no. 2
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Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 1 no. 2
Series Title: Criminal Gator.
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Creator: University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law and Society.
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Spring/Summer 2002
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CSCL Newsletter

In The Spotlight: Fondacaro and

Woolard Are Awarded Grant

CSCL Faculty members, Jen Woolard, Ph.D., and Mark Fondacaro, J.D., Ph.D., along
with Scott Miller, Ph.D. of the Psychology Department, were recently awarded al-
most 300,000 by the U.S. Department of E education to conduct a study. The proj ect is
entitled "National Middle School Survey: School Violence and Beliefs about Self, Oth-
ers, and the Future."
Many faculty have been involved in grant activities. Woolard, Lar a-Kaduce and
Jodi Lane have recently been awarded a grantby The Coalition for Juvenile Justice
for project entitled "Trying and Sentencing Juvenile Offenders in Criminal Court:
The Coalition for Juvenile Justice 2002 Annual Report." In addition, Karen Parker,
Ph.D., was recently awarded over $30,000 by National Institute of Justice to study
"Gender, Economic Transformation and Urban Violence." Parker also has a pending
grant submitted to NIJ to conduct research on the "Changing Nature and Context of
Drug and Non-Drug-Related Violence in Miami Over Time."
Alex Piquero, PhD., has recently submitted a grant application to NIJ to study
"Offender Characteristics, Offense Mix, and Escalation in Domestic Violence," while
Michael Capece and Lanza-Kaduce have applied for a large grant from NIH to do
research on College-Age substance use. To see a complete list of grant activities,
please refer to page 4.

Piquero earns Top Rank!

The Journal of Criminal Jus ce published a study in the JanuarytF ebruary issue
showing that Alex Piquero, PhD., has the most published articles in the field of
Criminology! According to the article, Piquero had 16 authorships in the eight lead-
ing Criminology Criminal Justice journals between 1995 and 1999. Congratulations
to Alex, we are quite proud to have him as apart of our faculty!
Additionally, Piquero has been awarded the Ruth Shonle Cavan Young Scholar
Award! This award is sponsored by Wadsworth Publishing and is given to recognize e
outstanding scholarly contributions to the discipline of criminology by someone who
has received the Ph.D. (or similar degree) within five years of the award. The award
maybe for a single work or a series of contributions and may include co-authored
works. Again, Congratulations to Alex!

Center for
Studies in
Criminology and

Volume 1, Issue 2
Spring/Summer 2002

Special points of inter-
* Fondacaro ard T4 lard
* Pquemr e arn top ranky
* Cenrte faculty are busy
pesenting their research'
* Faculty PubabZ,&Oins
* O m /DLviane 'oup
* Stents in ft Center

In side this issue

Center GCnt Acficf- 1

Pquero earns ma- I
tional recogrifon
Conference Resenri- 2
Rtlications 2

Crim/L v Koup 3

Gant Chrt 4

Volume 1, Issue 2

Conference Presentations

The Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society is coming up in April. This year s meetings will be held in Baltimore,
Maryland. Many of our faculty will be participating inthe meeting. Dr. Ronald Akers, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, will
be on a panel entitled The Christi a as Citizen: The Political and Social Cbnsequences of Christian Faith." Karen Parker and
Alex Piquero will present a paper entitled "Racial Profiling in Context: Pursuing a Theoretical Rationale for Studying Racial
Profiling in the Context of Loc d Areas" (with John MacDondd, Geoffrey Alpert aid Michael Smith). In addition, Nicole
Leeper Piquero andAlex Piquero will be presenting paper at the SSS meetings entitled, "Exploring the Relationship be-
tween Desire-for-Control and Corporate Offending" (with Lyn Exum and Sally Simp son). Mark Fondac ao will chair a sympo-
slum on juvenile justice at the upcoming biennial meeting of the Americ an Psyc logy-Law Society. He will present a paper
entitled "Informing the Reconceptudizationof Due Process in Juvenile Justice with Empirical Research."
Jodi Lane will be presenting two papers at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences meeting inMarch: "Effects of Ventura
County s Four-Ye ar Collaboration to Implement 'Corrections of Plac : Results fromYouth Interviews" (with Susan Turner,
Terry Fain aid Amber Shroeder), aid "Fear of Gang Crimes Among Whites and Latinos: Examining the I importance of Con-
cerns about Diversity, Disorder andDecline" (with JamesW. Meeker). Nicky Piquero will also be presenting at the ACJS
meetings in Anaheim, CA Her paper, "The Utility of General Strain Theory in Explaining Excessive Alcohl Consumption by
Police Officers," will be co-presentedwith Chris Gibson. Alex Piquero will present "Parental Socialization and Cbmmunity
Context: ALongitudind Andysis of the Structural Sources of Self-Control" (withTravis Pratt and Michael Turner).


In addition to presenting their work at profession conferences, Center Faculty have been busy publishing books and articles.
Mark Fondacaro is writing book that provide s a new integration of behavioral science research and law and has been invited
to consider publishing his book as part of the Aneric an Psyc logic al Associatior s book series on "L r aid Pubic Policy: Psy-
chology and the Social Sciences."
Karen Parker and Tracy Johns have had an article acceptedin the Journal of Research in Crime and Deinquency entitled,
"Concentrated Disadv ant age and Types of Race-Specific Homicide: Assessing the Diversity in Family Structures in the Urban
Context." Tracy Johnsin anew Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology. Jodi Lane, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, Charles Fraier and
Donna Bi shop have an article coming out in rime and Delinquency entitled, "Adult versus Juvenile Sanctions: Voices of In-
carcerate d Youth." Dr. Lane also has a book chapter coming out in What is Communiy Justice? Case Stadies of Restorafve
Justice and Communi Supervision, entitled"Ventura County and the Theory of Community Justice." The book is edited by
Todd Clear and David R. Karp.

Alex Piquero and Karen Parker have aforthcomirg article in Socil &ience Quarterly, "Rae, Locd Life Circumstances, and
Crime." Alex also has forthcoming article in Crminology entitled "Crime in E merging Adulthood," with Robert Brame, Paul
Maerolle, and Rudy Haap anen. "Beyond Stafford and Waln s Reconceptualiz action of Deterrence: Personal and Vic various E x-
periences, Impulsivity, and Offending Behavior" is fortI coming in Joural of Research in Crime and Delnquency, with Greg
Pogarsky. Alex also has abook chapter coming out in an edited book by Darnell Hawkins andKimberly Kempf-Leonard,
Race/ELhnicity and Crime, titled "Race Differences in Life- Course-Persistent Offending."
Finally, RonaldAkers andGary F. Jensen have anewvolume in the Advances in Criminolgical Theory series coming out this
summer: Social Learning and the EoplanJion of Cime: A Guide for the New Centry.


Volume 1, Issue 2

Outstanding Students!

Though the Center itself does not have a graduate program, many graduate students from other departments conduct re-
search and assist with teahirg in the Center. Graduate students come from sociology, psychology, andhistory to work with
faculty in the Center.
Faculty in the Center mentor several outstanding undergraduate students. Jodi Lane is mentoring Raiole Henry, aMcNair
Scholar, who is working on a project examining the effects of personal characteristics and transfer to adult court on recidivism.

Criminology/Deviance Social Group!

We are proud to announce that we have had two recent sod al gatherings of the criminology and deviance social group! The
intentions to develop a social group in which faculty andgraduate students canget to knoweach other, socialize, and discuss
research has existed for several semesters. Howev er, it only recently began to materialize. Dr.' s Alex and Nicky Piquero
hosted the first annud holiday party of the group at the end of the fdl 01 semester. We had great turnout andthe food and
festivities were wonderful.
We also recently hosted a socid at the Keene Faculty Center in Dauer Hall. Dr. Jen Woolard, psychology, andDr. Spillane,
history, presented short talks on their research. It was awell-attended and fun event. However, we unfortunately scheduled it
during some classes, so we were regretful that some couldn't attend. Our next social event will most likely be held in mid-
April at Napolit are's rest urant. See you there!

Other News in the Center

Congratulations to Karen F. Parker and Aan Griffin, who are expecting baby boy nearly April! We wish them the very
best. Additionally, Jen Wolard i s expecting her second aby in June!
In January, 2002, Karen Parker was appointed to the Editorial Board of I-omiide Studies. She is also serving as aguest edi-
tor for the jouralon a specialissue devotedto 'the region study of homicide; planned for the third issue of Ho icide Sudies
in 2003.
Congratulations to Alex Piquero, who was nominated for CLASTeacher of the Year during his first year at UF! Alex has also
been quotedin two area newspapers recently on his expertise on crime.
Mark Fondacaro will spend part of the upcoming summer as visiting scholar at Stanford University, where he will collabo-
rate with Professor RudolfMoos on a research project investigating procedural and distributive justice in health care decision


CSCL Grant Activities

Principal Investiga-

Title of Project

Funding agency


Karen Parker Gender, Work and Ur- National Institute of Resubmitted
ban Violence Justice
Jen Woolard, David Attorney-Client Inter- UF Research Opportu-Awarded
Richardson, Lanza- action and Discipli- nity Fund
Kaduce, and Mark nary Sanction: Under-
Fondacaro standing Florida' s
Regulatory Process

Karen Parker

Sunghyun Hwang
and Ronald Akers

Scott Miller, Jen
Woolard and Mark
Jennifer Woolard and

Woolard, Lanza-
Kaduce and Jodi
Karen Parker

Alex Piquero

Michael Capece and

Jen Woolard


Gender, Economic
Transformation and
Urban Violence
Adolescent Substance
Use among Urban,
Suburban, and Rural
Areas in South Korea
National Middle
School Survey

Justice for Juveniles:
The Effectiveness of


Institute of

National Institute of
National Institute on
Drug Abuse
U.S. Department of

Association of Private
Correctional and

Sanction and Interven-Treatm ent Organiza-
tion tions
Trying and Sentencing The Coalition for Ju-
Tuvenile Offenders in venile Justice
Criminal Court
Changing Nature and National Institute of
Context of Drug- and Justice
Violence in Miami
Over Time

Offender Characteris-
tics, Offense Mix, and
Escalation in Domes-
tic Violence
College-Age Sub-
stance Use: Process
and Context
Parent-Juvenile Inter-
action in the Justice







National Institute of Pending

National Institute of

MacArthur Founda-



Center for Studies in
Criminology and Law
P.O. Box 115950
University of Florida
Gairesville, FL 38211-5950

P ore: 352-892-1025
Fax: 352-.92-s065

The Center for Studies in Criminology and Law is
an interdisciplinary program, teaching students with
a wide range of interests and conducting research
on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are
one of the largest academic programs in the Col-
lege of Liberal Arts and Sciences with over 550
majors and minors. Graduates go to: law schools;
graduate schools; and careers with law enforce-
ment, criminal & civil justice, and human service


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