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n emory

Arthur A. Broyles

ConIl'iectl ) t aSeI .e' Sh oa t a.
Arthur Broyles, UF Professor Emerilus of Physics. was born May
16, 1923, in Allanla. Georgia. Io Richard J. and Mary Jones
Broyles. His family moved Io Gainesville when he was in Ihe 51h
grade. He was a distinguished graduate of Ihe P.K. Yonge School.
His father was a minister, which, in his own words, conlribuled Io
Arhur's desire to become a physicist. He received his BS in
Physics from Ihe Universily of Florida in 1942 and was direcIly
commissioned inlo Ihe US Navy. He was Irained al Ihe MIT Radar
School and became a radar officer al Ihe USS Baxter, a large Iroop
carrier in Ihe Pacific. His warship pairicipaled in lhree invasions.
During one of Ihe invasions, radar skills of Ihe officer Broyles saved
his ship from a collision wilh
another warship in Ihe fog. 0

Arthur mel Jenna Schneider (Broyles) in Cambridge.
Massachusells, during his radar Iraining al MIT and
married her on December 25, 1943. 11 months ahter Iheir
firsl dance. LasI Chrislmas Ihey celebrated Iheir 651h
anniversary. Adrhur was younger Ihan 21 years old and
had Io gel consent from his parents Io gel married. A
similar rule existed for girls loo, biu Ihe age was 18. The
young couple moved Io San Francisco, California. where
Arthur served as a navy radar officer.

He could have had a greal navy career, but Ihere was a
small problem. He would olen gel seasick. So, ahler Ihe
war ended. Arthur resigned from Ihe navy and wenl lo Ihe
University of Wisconsin where he received his MS in
Physics ahler one year of study. He continued his education al Ihe Physics Depadtmenl al Yale
University and received his PhD in Theorelical Physics in 1949. Shorly ahler. Dr. Broyles
S** worked wilh Ihe world renowned physicist, Edward
1 *m r Teller, on research projects involving Ihe hydrogen
bomb al Los Alamos, New Mexico. Laler in his career,
he performed research al Ihe Rand Corporalion in
Sanla Monica. California. The Rand Corporalion was
p formed Io offer research and analysis to Ihe Uniled
Sales armed forces. Ardhur's research projects
involved studies of nuclear weapons and effects of
nuclear fall off. The laller knowledge conlribuled
really to Ailhur's decision to become a Professor of
Physics al Ihe Universily of Florida in Ihe early 1950's.
Gainesville was supposed to be one of Ihe safesl
i .-7im LI s c i i c I EcufLaIf places in Ihe Uniled Slales in case of any nuclear
Teiie, i H-0.))O tfaine, i o1 11e i -left conflict al Ihe lime.
See i.'jes .,n Pac e -I

Spring 2009

Friday @ 4:00pm
2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm
2205 NPB

High Energy
Tuesday & Fridays
@ 2:00pm
2165 NPB

Thursday @ 4:05
1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @
2205 NPB

ln Dors.e, Chair
F'am i arlin

college of
liberal arts & sciences

Th' I ,.li/JlL .'r T .,ilr N"Jh..l


Professor Peter Hirschfeld's article on 'Defects in Correlated Fermi Sytems' was
chosen for the cover of Reviews of Modern Physics January-March 2009 issue.
To view please visit http://rmp.aps.org/.

Jacobo Konigsberg was invited to participate in a Symposium at the upcoming 2009
AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting in
Chicago, February 12-16. Konigsberg will be presenting on a panel with several VIPs
from the Experimental Particle physics community, including Fermilab's director, the
person who built the LHC and other scientific leaders from other experiments. The title of
the Symposium is: High-Energy Physics Discoveries: From the Tevatron to the Large
Hadron Collider. Konigsberg will be presenting the discoveries and prospects from the
Tevatron. Info on the people and on the panel is located at:
Information on the presentations is located at: http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confld=50995
There will also be a Press Conference on Monday, February 16th, as a follow up.

The 49th Annual
Sanibel Symposium

li L MC1'"PL..L
Deadlines and rees __________
On0, 4pp-ttno !-- I


,r rl~rmnl

UF FioR'nA

Glassy "09
Emergence of Inhomogeneous Phases in Sirongly Correlaled
Electron Systems (Glassy '09) will be held al UF's Paris Research
Center in Paris, France, June 30 July 3, 2009. Online
applications are due by March 15. For more information visil:
or contact Peter Hirschfeld at pjh@phys.ufl.edu

The 49th Sanibel
Symposium will be held
February 26 March 3, 2009.
The Symposium will once
again be at The King and
Prince Golf & Beach
Resort on St. Simons Island,

For more information visit

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ll~~e~fi lfew

UF I'l(") I[ *0

arpnnsnld~lrlx, )i0 Xlr I1B(Yli (I*n~rilt* T~)r61 IB~~, U1ltO~'l
LIl~1)014(r) rr~~r(lp*lr.ull.du



-EB 5|, ALAN D

terity of Florida Physics
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Stuedentfs & Alwuni

Alumni is Offered Position
Dr. N. Irges, has been offered the Assistant Professor position at the
Polytechnique University of Athens, School of Applied Mathematics
and Physical Sciences. Nick, a recent recipient of a Von Humboldt
Fellowship, obtained his Ph. D. from UF in 1999, under the
supervision of Distinguished Professor Pierre Ramond.

Physics Student Receives
Metropolis Award
Chao Cao was recently awarded the 2008
Metropolis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis
S:Work in Computational Physics. Cao's thesis title
was First-Principles and Multi-Scale Modeling of
Nano-Scale Systems. Cao received the award
S for creatively using a variety of computational
tools to reveal physical mechanisms in complex
materials, and for developing a computing
architecture that allows massively parallel multi-scale simulation of
physical systems. Cao was born and grew up in Hongzhou, China.
He earned his Bachelors degree in Physics at Fudan University,
Shanghai China, in 2003, when he entered the University of Florida
for graduate study in the Department of Physics. He worked with
Professor Hai-Ping Cheng of the Department of Physics and the
Quantum Theory Project. Under her supervision, Chao worked on
mechanical, electronic, and transport properties of quasi-one
dimensional wires and on effects of external fields and environments.
Chao developed a parallel computing framework for execution of
multiple codes that allows multi-scale and multi-phenomena modeling
and simulation. Chao has mastered a number of theoretical and
computational methods and also worked on nano-magnets and high
To materials during his Ph.D studies. Chao received his Ph.D in
Physics in 2008. He is continuing his work in computational physics in
the areas of nano-scale sciences, condensed matter, and materials.

Physics Major is
Outstanding Scholar
Edward Miller, who double-majored in
chemistry and physics, will be graduating with
a 4.0 grade point average from the College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is currently
applying to Ph.D. programs in computational
biology and bioinformatics that he believes will
challenge him to explore new topics in
mathematics and computer science. He was
a member of the platform party at the Fall
2008 commencement.

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Broyles, Cont. from page 1

He became a vice chairman of the Florida Civil
Defense Council and, in his spare time, built a
nuclear shelter in his Gainesville home in which
his son, David, played drums to avoid
complaints from neighbors. Professor Broyles
had a vision for the UF Department of Physics
to create a strong High Energy Physics group.
In the 1970's he put his energy and willpower
into realizing his vision. Now the High Energy"
group of the Department is widely recognized
and participates in various national and
international projects.

Arthur Broyles with the author, Sergei Shabanov

During his tenure at UF, Arthur continued his collaboration
with Edward Teller who was at the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory. He spent many summers there as a
research fellow as well as a sabbatical year. He authored
about 70 research articles. After his retirement in 1989,
Arthur remained active in research and the Department life
as Professor Emeritus. His recent research work was
devoted to foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum
field theory. He was writing a book on the subject which,
unfortunately, he did not finish.

Arthur and Jenna were blessed with four children, three
daughters, Rhea, Bonnie, and Frances, and a son David.
Arthur is survived by his five grandchildren, one great
grandson and numerous nieces and nephews. Arthur
Broyles will be remembered by his colleagues as a man of
principles, a devoted researcher, and a kind and caring
friend, and by his family as a loving husband, father,
grandfather, and great grandfather. He made a difference in
the lives of many people.

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be- sen to Pa Maln -hscne y .u~ by the 4t Moda of eac moth

We want to hear from you!
Visit our Alumni Registry at
http://www.phys.ufl.edu/alumni/survey.shtml or
send email to physicsnews@phys.ufl.edu and
let us know what you are doing. A list of
Physics PhD graduates can be viewed at
\1 1i

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