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B'k k I k

FLAS Winners
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are awarded to students combining graduate work in an academic discipline with European
area and language studies. Fellowships are offered for any one of the lesser and least commonly taught European languages: Czech, Hungarian, Italian,
Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, or Turkish. Each FLAS fellow receives $15,000 stipend and tuition waiver for 12 credit hours.

Summer 2009 Recipients
* Lauren Cheek (Anthropology/Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian)
* Scott Feinstein (Political Science/Russian)
* Rachel Rothstein (History/Yiddish)
* Stuart Strome (Political Science/German)
* Tristan Vellinga (Political Science/Turkish)
* Charlotte Winters (Architecture/French)

The CES is soliciting proposals for its Graduate Student Brownbag Series
UF graduate students in any discipline, whose research focuses on Europe
(broadly defined), are encouraged to submit proposals. There is no deadline
for submissions. Proposals will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Students whose proposals are selected will be invited to present their
research at the weekly brownbag series on Wednesdays during 5th period
The CES provides sandwiches, chips, and sodas for the talks.
Proposals should consist of a short (150 words) description of the
research projectand its relevance to European studies and should be sent by
e-mail to Petia Kostadinova (petiak@ufl.edu) or in hard copy to:
The CES Speakers Committee, Re: Graduate Student Brownbag Series

Academic Year 2009-2010 Recipients
* Sarah Appleyard (Architecture/Italian)
* Scott Feinstein (Political Science/Russian)
*Johanna Mellis (History/Hungarian)
* J. Melissa Roby (History/Russian)
* Rachel Rothstein (History/Hungarian)

S3324 Turlington Hall, PO Box 117342,
Gainesville FL 32611-7342.
There will be one $500 annual award
for the best graduate brownbag paper.
r In order to be considered for the award,
Students whose proposals are selected
forthe series will be asked to also submit
a research paper (on the topic of their
brownbag talk). A hard copy of the paper
will be due on the day of the presentation at
,the above address.

DIRECTOR Arinniie i, I :l I rIpl'el.' iiil ijilj
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR P-iI i ,. jlin,,i p: i I'ull -idu
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Sirn.jr :,Jli. .,irl. nioJ.i.r .ldl .iju
EDITOR & OUTREACH COORDINATOR ,ji Il ,llr.- ,il,|r,.ui]ll ejI
ACADEMIC PROGRAMS COORDINATOR Bnr [iil hb,..I i 1, iri l.h.ll tli,
ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR pi.r h Srml Ishid I li ld.iil. -lu
WEBMASTER ilhri I[iri..lIhr ll| i .mill r._rii 11 i ll J
GRAPHIC DESIGN J.3ne I nlr.. ln.iri : indi Ai',hr'v i..ejl
L. A'%. .:i .m nit j ,,,ns' ,. I tjr e, it h
Th" (Ti:' d i_-. F rrr i l, piul ,ih ,. )J h s'.enil.lr in pr. video' ini. rn li.mri io i it ull v
Shli nlr )nl r up:iij rlj -r .i r Eijur..[i.,n Sp 1 dl .i l ul lh.I :'ur i : ir ir pr.. r i ,
.i lh illi Fo.rurhjHh, .irmif njii.n [pl& ., vi l i .ijur w li.:'iil, imi w w . ijfu l ,iiih

"I'2ll4 1 irling:ri H ill
'.irivev II-, FL 1- 1 4


Capstone Program i
The CES offers students an opportunity to earn
1-2 UF credits in Brussels, Belgium over Spring
Break 2010. The Brussels Capstone program is
intended to supplement the course EUS 4931/
POS 4931: The History of Turkey andEurope, the
Future of Turkey in the EU. This course, which is
taught by Dr. Amie Kreppel and Dr. Sinan Ciddi
explores the challenges faced by the European
Union through the experiences of the Turkish
accession process. However, students wishing to
participate in the program ARE NOT OBLIGED TO
REGISTER FOR EUS4931/POS4931 (even though it
is recommended).

Brussels this Spring
During their week in Brussels, students
will get to meet with representatives of Turkish
business and cultural organizations, directly
involved in promoting Turkish accession to the
EU. Students will be responsible for collecting a
variety of information, based on their meetings
with the groups mentioned and also be asked
to conduct face-to-face interviews with Turkish
immigrants in the Turkish neighborhoods of
Application deadline is January 20. Please
apply online at: www.abroad.ufic.ufl.edu



Receives Grants

From The

Institute Of

Turkish Studies
The CES Turkish Studies faculty member Sinan Ciddi was awarded
two grants by the Institute of Turkish Studies-a Matching Lecture
Series Grant, Turkey and the Westand a Library Grant.
The topics to be covered in the lecture series include:
Turkey and the US Strategic Partnership post 9/11
Islamist Mobilization in Turkey: Causes and Implications
Turkey and the EU: Past, Present, and Future
*Turkish European Experiences
The library grant will fund the purchase of over 50 books related
to Turkish studies (contact Sinan Ciddi (sinanciddi@ufl.edu) if
interested in reviewing the full list). These are a variety of classic and
new texts. The books will be given to the UF Library.

New Grant From

Jean Monnet
The CES received a new Jean Monnet Lifelong Leaining Piogram
Module Giant: The Histor) of Turkey ond the EU the Future of Turkey
in the EU. This is the thid Jean Monnet Module giant received by
theCES faculty This cou se will be team taught by Piofessos Ciddi
and Kieppel beginning Spiing 20101. It will functionally replace the
previous module taught by Piofessois Kostadinova and Kieppel
on EU enlargement past 5 years. The Kostadinova-O Dwyei
module IEconomic Integrationi will continue to be offered.

New summer study abroad program in Istanbul, Turkey!

The CES has reached an
agreement with Sabanci
University in Istanbul to offer a study
abroad program beginning summer
2010. Sabanci is one of Turkey's most
highly regarded English speaking
universities. Courses include "Survival
Turkish" as well as a UF faculty taught
course, "Turkey's European Ambition"
and additional courses taught by
Sabanci University faculty.

Istanbul, as modern Turkey's
largest and most vibrant city, offers
students the opportunity to immerse
themselves in thousands of years
of history, while at the same time
to study in the continents of both
Europe and Asia. The city is vast
and offers diversity in lifestyles,
entertainment, and cultural richness.
All area studies courses
wiIl include Turkish and other

international students, thus
maximizing the multi-cultural
learning experience.
The program will workto
engage and focus student's attention
towards a deeper understanding of
Turkey's pending European Union
membership in the context of
Turkey's history and unique role as
intermediary between the West and
the Middle East. The program will be

especially beneficial to students who
are interested in comprehending the
challenges of EU enlargement for
both Turkey and the EU as a whole,
in addition to those who would like
to see how a democratic system
functions within a predominantly
Muslim country.

Brown Bag Award Winner
Thil CE', ac,3rded 1- 1 ilj Il1 M yer I,,i[ll [lih in 1'J a3n 1 ,en[ [l lrouglI -'. erl -edi[icn-.
year G.radua[e 7[uden[ Erot,in aqg e. r Paper [le la3.[ in I -" I looked ar [11r.. ,ork [lirougli
Aviard Her [alk c%,a.. [led ,'-,,ik:._ f., 1l.ii [ihree .diferen[ len.e. land cape conduct[ and.

4pg,}.I ,.i.1r.h f .. Elh ,LlK.- .i l, i,~l .l-lr [,llli. ..l h-l
' t'll l ) T_,I i l,-
MVidchal .ayr. The nine[een[l century ca.3r
a boom in IlI~ public Cul[ure Cf .i-ence A Cfocu:
on .elf-impr",enment incrjearini lieracy and
a grc, tinqg :upply of ine.pen:.i.e book-. all -ed
lic:. boom Willin [lir. iul[ure klary 7'nmer'ill-l
found 3 niche in ,,ri[inq abou[ sciencee In nm
al1k I focused on c.nly one of .omer,,ille book..
0hfl,% il .'. ,,i-i,-l ,,Irlichll ,,'. a firr published

Engaging Migration

IN EUROPE Lifelong Lei
The CES is entering its final semester of events UF, a teacher workshop, a public lecture, and
for the project Engaging Migration in Europe, a photo exhibit. (See schedule of upcoming
which is sponsored by the EU Commission and events). The overall objective of this initiative is
the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Coming to promote the development of new research
up are an interdisciplinary mini-workshop, and expand general awareness about issues
which will bring key international scholars to related to EU and transatlantic migration.

[11h public and pna3[re In [he book Sc'mner,"ill
conniec[re F.ionan[icir.n i nperialirnl indu:crv
and n c-ence
I u.ed nlmv Ero,n Eaqg a%,ard [c pay ([he
regi.[ra[non 3[ [he '*.*.II In[erna[iCnal ,Congrec...
o. HI..coryv o science jnd. Teclnoloygv The panel
org3anieer. in[end. [ pro.ducean ed.ied collect i[.on
of ',lich nmy epand..ed paper ',iII form a par[
T11e re.:.[ of [le 3I- a,Iard a,3.. u'.-ed [c pay for book-..
relarina to science in [he nine[een[li cen[urv

Education and Culture DG

warning Programme
Check the CES webpage (www.ces.ufl.
edu/JMCE) for scheduled events. For further
information, please contact the coordinators of
the program: Dr. Esther Romeyn (esromeyn@
ufl.edu) and Dr. Maria Stoilkova (stoilkov@ufl.

41 The CES Gazette

Iron Curtain

a Series

TO THE EL 20 YEARS AFTER 1989, is pai t
of a camputs-wide collmmemoiation of
the collapse of colmmulnislm which began
symbolically and literally with the fall of
the Bel in Wall in Novemlbel 1989. The
aftermath of the Cold Wai and its effect
on EUilope and the Eiiiopean Union aie
pai ticulally eml)hasized in this sellers Thlee
01 mo11e scholars will each present a I)ublic
Foi up to the mnllutte event
infoil action, check the bland nevw website
at wwwv ces ufl ediu Ion cul tain
TheCES isco-sponsoiing a selles
of events with Gel man Studies and the
Depal tment of Languages, Litelatules, and
Cultures called The Fall of the Wall, which
Includes a film sellers, symposium, and
v Itlling contest Go to ,vvv languages ufl
edu events wall, foi details
The CES is also woi king with the
Samuel P. Hai n Museum of Ai t on
then PIloect Etiopo sei ies. See then
website, viv-iv.ha n.ufl.edu, fol ploglam
infoi nation.

JMCE Visiting Scholar Program

Each academic year, as part of the commitment
to the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE),
the CES produces an academic workshop with
internationally known experts. The CES also
sponsors a visiting scholar.
The scholar this year will be Sergio
Fabbrini from University of Trento, Italy. He will
be here in mid-March and will give public talks

in addition to teaching an intensive 2-week
special topics course on understanding the
European Union in a comparative context,
which will culminate in a one-day workshop on
the same topic.
Recently, Fabbrini has worked on the role
of Italy within the EU, the Europeanization of
Italian institutions and policies, the implications

of European integration, and on the Italian
political crisis in the beginning of the 1990s. He
co-directed international research on conflicts
of interest in established democracies, financed
by the Pew Foundation and the University of
California at Berkeley in 2005.

The CES Gazette 15


A major event for the Spring
semester is the Greatest
Show on Campus Language
Event on January 7 from 11
am-1 pm on the Reitz Union
Colonnade. The now famous
5-minute language lessons
will be offered in many

different languages. There are
27 languages taughtat UF.
This is a perfect opportunity
to bring them together under
one tent so that students can
experience each one in a fun
and interactive way.

The CES is working with
Asian Studies to coordinate
the event, which will be
complete with performers and
refreshments. To sign up to
give mini language lessons (for
15 minutes), please contact
Gail Keeler at gskeeler@ufl.edu

Turkey & The West Series
All events are in Pugh Hall Ocora at 7 p.m.
October 29: Contradictions of Islam and Secularism in Turkey, Jenny White, Boston University
January 28: Reading the Residues, Zeynep Korkman, Universtiy of California, Santa Barbara and screening of
documentary film Coffee Futures by Zeynep GOrsel, University of Michigan
February 16:Talk: Turkey's Politics and theEUAccession Process, William Hale, School of Oriental and African
Studies, University of London
March 18: Issues in US-Turkish Relations, Akin Unver, University of Michigan

Engaging Migration In Europe Series
October 15, 6 PM, Dauer 215: Spiritualities in Circulation: Faith, Migration, and the Social Construction of the
Global Islamic Ummah, Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College

From The Iron Curtain To The EU: 20 Years After 1989 Series
Novemberl9,7PM, Pugh Hall Ocora: Church andStateSince 1989, Anna Grzymala-Busse, University of Michigan

... And Even More Things to Do
Novemberl8, 3PM, MUB144: Music, German Modernism, and the Past, Walter Frisch, Columbia University
November 20, 11AM-1PM, Reitz Union Colonnade: Translate THIS! language game show pits students against
each other to identify simple phrases in different languages. Also 5-Minute Language Lessons.
December 5, 6PM, Keene Faculty Center Dauer Hall: Wigilia, Polish holiday celebration
January 21-February 25: Collapse of Communism series at the Institute of Learning in Retirement
February 9, Harn Museum: Imagining the (Im)possibleart exhibit opening
February 10 9 30AM Harn Museum TI,. T,j .I .,,,t. P. lrt .,, ,f P. rt P, ,,,rt. .i,,,,IF, ^ ,r,, -, ',:.-1 .f.:.4
[I ..- l 1 .1 I .:.: ,ll :,. Il.:.l1. -1


The CES held the sixth
Language Teacher Summer
Institute i -I i .r [, ,:, I .

.I I.*.. 1II _- I ,,- Il- ii h b ,',,I II
1* .11 .11: I 3 .:l..I I :1 I ,I -,I '1 1 ." 1,
I I I II Il I . I I l I Ii .I I I il

[ldkI .
1-Clan..I ,,*,... .. II...1 f II ,.-

,1.1.-1 1 .11 i ..I I: .I, Ii I-. In i_ [ - I
tak1l -.

Istvan Hegedus r >: 1 E .1. I -i-.r

i-[ i. ilrl I/I 4.:.: (. .. -, r, ,l ", ,, I ,
.1 1 T. I n I l . r/ 7 7 1 ll n i \ rl

i..) rh. I ..n ,. . i i Ir1. r I
* 1 HI I 1ilii Iii F111 iI II [ -

, 11In11, ,-- -1 ,, i *I i r
1-.* in B 1-4. -4F 4 n .1 3 .**.1 1 :-

Six films Spare Parts, Fraulein,
Inch Allah Dimanche, La Haine,
Breaking and Entering, and Hop
'-1 .- II, 1 I1, IHl- l, 1,,I- I,, --131I
TI.-30 -i 3 1"3i- [ .,' l lI 13, li*,I

Petia Kostadinova.11 ill, ['.:

. -... ill- illi .I 1 II\ I- 1I, ii n.
.11.11 I',, '* i_ ' W .- h.i, i,_. IIi. '
'I .ii..|*- iI -ii = I FI=I i.11i- .11 i I'

IWS& Study Abroad

Beeiso heCS.osre rgas

The application deadline for
International Center summer
scholarships is February 5.
The CES scholarship application
deadline is February 26.
Application deadlines for study
abroad programs vary.
Check the CES Study Abroad
website for up-to-date-information

Contact Info:

Christopher Caes
3326BTurlington Hall
392-8902 x204

Ewa Wampuszyc
3326BTurlington Hall
392-8902 x203

Contact Info:

Holly Raynard
3326ATurlington Hall
392-8902 x208

Contact Info:

Sinan Ciddi
3326CTurlington Hall
392-8902 X 213

UF in Krak6w & Wroclaw, Poland
The capital of Poland for almost 500 years, Krakow boasts one of the best-preserved
medieval city centers in Europe, while offering a lively, contemporary social and
cultural life. Wroctaw, the "Polish Venice," is a city of islands and bridges located at the
geographic and commercial crossroads of Europe. The city enjoys a thriving arts life
and a vibrantyouth culture.
Students will spend fourweeks in Krakow studying Polish language and
culture at Jagiellonian University. They will also meet for an interdisciplinary
humanities seminar taught by UF faculty that begins in Krakow and continues in Wroctaw
for the final two weeks of the program. Both cities will be used as the "classroom" providing
a living context for the literature, history, architecture, film and art discussed in the

UF in Brussels, Belgium
Brussels is the unofficial capital of Europe hosting the headquarters of the EU
institutions as well as literally hundreds of related organizations. A primary goal of the
program is to introduce students to life in Europe today through examination of the
EU. Courses may include visits to the major EU institutions and guest speakers from
those institutions to discuss current events like enlargement of the EU, the common
currency (the Euro), and the evolving transatlantic relationship between the EU and
IF students participating in the program will be able to partake fully in student life at
Vesalius College, an English language international college within the Dutch speaking Belgian
Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). Unless previously discussed and approved by the Program
Director, all students must take a 3-unit course, EUS 4950 EU in the World (topic varies
by year).

UF in Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Built on seven hills along the banks of Vltava river, the city is not only a cultural and -
architectural museum of the Middle Ages but also a vibrant cosmopolitan meeting
place, home to Kafka, Kundera, and Mozart. Prague has a special Old World charm.
The whole inner city is a protected area with hundreds of ancient houses, palaces
and churches offering many opportunities for scenic walks. Museums, concert halls,
and theaters are easily accessible to students, as are student clubs, numerous cafes,
cafeterias and restaurants.
Students combine an academic curriculum with an in-country cultural experience. Czech
language instruction is also available for those interested (but not required). Non-
degree and non-UF students also welcome!

UF in Salzburg, Austria
The Salzburg Summer Program is a six-week summer overseas studies experience
open to UF and non-UF students. The program will include courses in Music and
European Studies, and students can earn up to 6 credit hours that will count towards
University of Florida summer requirement.
Instruction is in English, except for the German language class. Even
though the Salzburg European Studies program is perfect for History and Political
Science majors, and those students who want to complete the introductory
.German language sequence, it is available to students of all majors. The Music
department offers a component with studio and music history courses. All courses are
offered through the Salzburg College.

UF in Istanbul, Turkey
In modern Turkey's largest and most vibrant city, the Istanbul program offers
students the opportunity to immerse themselves in thousands of years of history
and to study in the continents of both Europe and Asia. The city is vast and offers
diversity in lifestyles, entertainment, and cultural richness.
Students will take courses in one of Turkey's most highly regarded English
speaking universities, Sabanci University. All area studies courses will include
Turkish and other international students, thus maximizing the multi-cultural learning
experience. Courses include "Survival Turkish" as well as a UF faculty taught course on
"Turkey's European Ambition."

Contact Info:

Amie Kreppel
3324 Turlington
392-8902 x210

Brano Kovalcik
3324 Turlington
392-8902 x201

Contact Info:

Glenn Kepic
107 Academic
Advising Center

The CES Gazette I



The Center for European Studies
3324 Turlington Hall
PO Box 117342
Gainesville FL 32611-7342

Faculty And Staff News
After graduating from UF with a Bachelor of for Outstanding Female Students to conduct
Arts in History and a minor in European Union fieldwork in Europe. Most of the summer was
Studies, Jessi Axe, a valued CES volunteer, will spent in Europe collecting data on European
serve in the Peace Corps. Jessi's intention is to Parliament (EP) elections. Incipient results on
be invited to a program that helps small scale EP elections were presented at the Romanian
farmers in Western Africa learn to grow and sell Fellows Camp, Soros Romanian Foundation, in
theircrops.Thistwoyearcommitmentwillallow Bucharest, June 12-13 and at the Western US
herto utilize her French speaking skills and learn Graduate Research Workshop on the European
a new local African language. Union in Boulder, Colorado June 18-19. In
September, with the help of two travel grants
Graduate Assistant Georgia Bianchi's article from the American Political Science Association
proposal, "Italiani Nuovi o Nuova Italia? (APSA) and from the Graduate Student Council
Citizenship and attitudes towards the second at UF, she participated at the APSA Annual
generation in contemporary Italy" has been Meeting in Toronto, where she presented a
accepted for inclusion in a special (double) issue poster on "Institutional Power and Democracy
of the Journal of Modern Italian Studies, to be in the Post-Communist Region" and served as a
published in 2011. discussant for the panel Post-Communistldentity
Politics. In Spring 2010, she will teach "Public
Ceyla Eralp is the CES' new Turkish Fulbright Opinion and Elections in the EU".
Scholar. She graduated from the English
Language Teaching Department of Education Branislav Kovalcik is the CES' newest lecturer.
in Cukurova University, Adana. She has been an He will teach "Central Europe: 1850 to Present"
instructor at the University of Gaziantep, Higher this spring. He also was awarded an Academic
School of Foreign Languages since 2006. She is Department Support Certification as part of the
teaching Beginning Turkish. UF HR's PRO3 Series.

Magda Giurcanu, a CES graduate student, was Dietmar Schirmer is from the DAAD, the
a recipient of the Haas Fellowship offered by the German Academic Exchange Service. He will
European Union Studies Association. She also teach and do research at UF for a year. He will
received a Ruth McQuown Scholarship Award teach "Citizenship and Migration in Europe."

His current research projects are "The Beautiful
State: Architecture and Political Authority in
Europe since the Renaissance" and "States and
National Minorities in the European Union:
How does Brussels Shape Attitudes towards
Autonomy and Secession."

Administrative Coordinator Felissa Scott has
relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. We appreciated
her promptness and accuracy with our financial
dealings.Taking her place is Sarah Spaid Ishida,
who has stepped up from her position as the
CES program assistant. Sarah has already had
training for the position. She is looking forward
to working more closely with CES faculty and
staff. Welcome, Sarah!

loannis Ziogas is a new CES graduate assistant
working in the CES front office. He is a PhD
student in the Department of Political Science.
His academic interests include causes of
interstate conflict, environmental politics, and
decision-making processtheories. Hecompleted
his undergraduate studies in Greece and has
obtained an MA in International Studies from
the University of Sheffield, UK, before working
for the Greek Permanent Representation to the
EU, as an intern to the Environmental Attache.

Student clubs associated with The Rotary Foundation offers Put your foreign language
the CES meet regularly and are scholarships for study abroad, skills to work! Peace Corps has
open to new student members. These awards are "intended programs in Eastern Europe
The clubs are: EU Club, Polish to (1) afford international in youth development and
Student Association, Hungarian experience to awardees and education. Contact Amy
Club, Czech and Slovak Student to all contacts they make, Panikowski at peacecorps@ufic.
Association, GreekAmerican and (2) promote peace and ufl.edu for more information.

Students Association, Bulgarian
Club, and the Esperanto
Club. Linkstoallthese clubs
are at www.union.ufl.edu/

international understanding
through individual contacts."
Go to www.rotary6970.org
and clickon "Ambassadorial

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