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Title: WIAD newsletter. January 1992
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Title: WIAD newsletter. January 1992
Series Title: WIAD newsletter
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Publication Date: January 1992
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Women In Agricultural Development
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
January, 1992

Welcome to 1992. It has been, and still is, a year of change at UF--drastic budget cuts have
had some significant impacts in our teaching, research, and extension programs. Hiring freezes, down
sizing, and staff reductions have meant we're all working harder to utilize more efficiently our scarce
resources. Re-structuring of international programs and studies at UF is on-going--what will emerge
is unknown right now. Where will we fit the WIAD program into the new international program?
The WIAD committees were formed in the summer of 1991 to begin the task of deciding
WIAD's role in the future. Some of the committees meet regularly and are active, some meet
irregularly, some have dissolved or merged into others. The purpose of the committees was to enable
members to work on various parts of the WIAD program that are of interest to them, with the monthly
committee reports keeping the entire membership up to date on their progress. While the demise or
inaction of some of the committees may indicate lack of interest, time, leadership, or direction, other
committees have been able to proceed with some programmatic activities, especially the Speakers
Series and the Training Committee. There has been some discussion of developing a concentration
in WIAD or WID at the graduate level. The tightness of the budget makes it unlikely that we will be
able to access any significant amount of funding over what we already have ( a graduate
assistantship) and administrative support from Dean Connor and the Food and Resource Economics
Department via Dr. Hildebrand.
What has happened or not happened vis a vis individual members' actions or committee
activities leads us to pose the following questions:
-do we want to continue with a WIAD program?
-do we have a vision or partial vision of what WIAD will look like?
-do we want to remain a separate entity or
-shall we become a section of the restructured International Programs?
-shall we concentrate our efforts only on the Speakers Series?
-when should we contemplate seeking funding, and from where?
This letter is a Call for Action. Whatever committee you are on, arrange a meeting in the
near future, and be prepared to report on the status of your committee and its programmatic goals
and activities for the February 7 meeting. If you are not on a committee, talk to other WIAD
members. Come to the meeting with your thoughts and opinions about the WIAD program. We will
start the meeting with a summary of what has occurred thus far in the restructuring of International
Programs under the direction of Dr. Lele so that the possible options for WIAD can be put into
perspective. The February 7 meeting will be two hours long--11:00 to 1:00--to ensure full
participation of all WIAD members.
We look forward to seeing you on February 7.
Sandra Russo and Peter Hildebrand
WIAD Co-Coordinators

WIAD.................................................. ........................................................Januaryl 992

Gender Analysis and Training
Techniques: A special seminar series
designed to demystify "gender
analysis" and its role in international
development. The seminars will be a
series of training modules focusing on
different topics each session. They
meet bi-weekly (Jan. 8 was the first
session) and will be taught by a variety
of faculty and others with experience in
gender analysis and training. Contact
Lisette Walecka (2-3166) for further
ANT 6933: Special Topics in Women
in Development: Taught by Dr. Anita
Spring, this course will explore
development concepts from the
academic point of view and from the
perspectives of major multilateral
agencies, their policies and
accomplishments. Included in the
course will be participation in the
gender analysis seminar series. The
course meets Wednesdays at 9:35 for
three hours. Contact Dr. Spring in the
Anthropology department for more

Committee Reports:
-Speaker: The Speaker Series has
scheduled speakers through April. The
dates are January 24, February 21,
March 6, April 3 and April 17. The
committee has been collaborating with
Women's Studies and the Center for
Latin American Studies on the "Women
and Politics in the 1990s" conference
being held March 20-21. Members are
Sandra Russo, chair, Anne Moseley and
Constance Shehan.
-Training: The committee begaria major
project January 8 with the first session
of its "Gender Analysis and Training
Techniques" seminar series. Dr.
Susanna Smith led the first successful
meeting. Those sessions meet every

other Wednesday from 11:45 1:00 in
McCarty 1031 and are open to
individuals on a walk-in basis.
Members are Lisette Walecka, chair,
Elizabeth Bolton, Sandra Russo,
Deborah McGrath, Carol McCormac
Wild, Gretchen Greene and Bea
-Research Linkages: This committee
has merged with the training
-Outreach: The committee has also
undergone a change in structure,
becoming a liaison with the Women in
International Studies group.

Business meetings
Business meetings for spring term will
be held February 7, March 6, and April
3. They will all be held beginning at
11:00 a.m. in McCarty 1151. The
business meeting on February 7 will be
a 2-hour meeting. No speaker is
scheduled; instead, the future of WIAD
will be discussed and there will be an
update on what is happening with
International Programs and Studies.

WID Concentration
A list is being compiled of courses
that contain WID (Women in
Development) content in order to
suggest required courses for a proposed
WID concentration at the graduate

Speaker Series
-Steve Staal spoke on October 4 on
"Women Farmers and Land Tenure in
West Provice, Cameroon." His
research found that food crops in
Cameroon are more economically
attractive than export crops and thus
offer better opportunities for women.
He also found that as land tenure laws
change, women are gaining more
access to land. With increasing
pressure on the land, there is emerging

SW IAD...................................................... .................................... .............. January 992

realization that women need access to
land to insure food availability, and thus
prospects are favorable for women in
terms of income-generating
opportunities and access to land.
-On October 25, Sarah Norton Staal
shared her experiences working with
AID in Uganda. In the evaluation of
national parks in Uganda, she found a
need to emphasize recruitment of
women foresters, to develop a national
environmental action plan that includes
women, and to conduct a one-year
study on gender issues and land tenure
in Uganda. Institutionally, she
discovered that AID needs to better
delineate the role of gender analyst in
relation to team and project activities.
-Dr. Helen Safa spoke on "Women and
Industrialization in Cuba" on November
1, drawing on research done between
1986 and 1988 on the impact of paid
employment on women industrial
workers in post-revolutionary Cuba.
The conclusions she drew were that,
while there have been important gains
at all levels, Cuban women still face
ideological and material obstacles to
full equality.
-Margaret Mattinson spoke on
"Cassava Micro-Enterprises in Coastal
Ecuador" on November 15. She
discussed the co-ops that have been
formed for the processing and sale of
cassava, and the infrastructure
(physical and economic) that has been
developed to support the co-ops'
efforts. This term she is in Ecuador
doing further research on these
-Yolanda Sacipa, an anthropologist who
has worked with ICA (Instituto
Colombiano Agropecuario), discussed
farmer participation in agricultural
research in Colombia on December 6.
She emphasized the importance of
involving the farmers in research
design, recognizing and utilizing the

knowledge of the farmers, and
evaluating the research from a social as
well as agronomic perspective.

Conference Reports
-"Women and the Environment"
conference held in Miami November 8-
12, 1991. WIAD obtained a van from
IFAS and transported seven graduate
students to Miami: Gretchen Greene,
Linda LaForest, Natalie Lebon, Merle
Klein, Deborah McGrath, Cynthia
Olmstead, and Carol McCormac Wild.
The purpose of the conference was to
compile proposals to be taken to the
UN Conference on Environment and
Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
1500 people attended the conference,
representing 83 countries. The keynote
speaker was Margarita Arias.
-AWID annual conference held in
Washington, D.C. November 21-24,
1991. The conference's theme was
"Learning Together/Working Together:
A South-North Dialogue". WIAD
members presenting were Kathy
Gladden, speaking on coastal resource
management, and Suzanna Smith, who
led a roundtable discussion on
population changes in the Macaya
Biosphere reserve in Haiti. Also
attending were Helen Safa and Anita

***,*** ******************.*
"Women and Politics in the 1990s":
Co-sponsored by WIAD and Women's
Studies at the University of Florida,
March 20-21, 1992. March 20 will
focus on international politics and
women, featuring Jacqueline Pintanguy
speaking on "The Brazilian Women's
Movement: Resistance and Exclusion".
There will also be 2 panels, one on
changes in Europe, and the other on
working with women's groups in
developing countries. The second day,

WIAD .................................................................................................. ........... January 992

March 21, will focus on domestic
politics and women. The international
portion of the conference will be held at
the Reitz Union.

Gainesville's Earth Summit: AiiLocal
UNCED, February 4-5, 1992. Keynote
address February 4, 7:30, Holland Law
School Auditorium. Seminars February
5, 8:30-4:30, Reitz Union Auditorium.
Contact: Polly French Doughty, 376-

Society for Applied Anthropology 1992
Annual Meeting, March 25-29, 1992 at
Memphis State University.i Theme:
"Regional Research and Development:
Domestic and International
Perspectives" Contact: Society for
Applied Anthropology, P.O. Box
24083, Oklahoma City, OK 73124.

Annual convention of the International
Studies Association, March 31-April 4
in Atlanta. Contact: Rod Boynton,
204 HRCB, Brigham Young University,
Provo, UT 84602. (801)378-4302.

41st Annual Center for Latin American
Studies Conference, April 1-4, 1992,
University of Florida. Theme:
"Involuntary Migrationi: and
Resettlement in Latin America".'

"Sustainability in Africa: Integrating
Concepts"; University of Florida's
Carter Lecture Series, 1992. April 9-
11, 1992. Agenda includes sessions
on sustainability issues in the African
context, sustainability in historical
perspective, realms of sustainability,
and Latin American-African parallels
and contrasts. Contact the Center for
African Studies, University of Florida.


Perspective", April 30-May 3, 1992 at
the University of Minnesota. Contact:
Professional Development and
Conference Services, Univ of
Minnesota, 214 Nolte Center, 315
Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN,

Women in Management Workshop,
May 18-June 19, 1992. Sponsored by
the Centre for Development and
Population Activities. Contact: John D.
Vandenberg, USDA, Agricultural
Research Service, Bee Biology and
Systematics Lab, Utah State University,
Logan, Utah, 84322-5310. (801)750-

United Nations Conference on
Environment and Development, June 1-
12 in Rio de Janeiro. Contact: Citizens
Network on UNCED, 300 Broadway,
#39, 1 San Francisco, CA 94133.

"Visions for a Sustainable World",
Seventh Student Pugwash USA
International Conference, June 14-20,
1992 at Emory University, Atlanta. For
students, the application deadline is
February 15. Contact Timothy Larson,
Conference Coordinator, Student
Pugwash USA, 1638 R Street NW,
Suite 32, Washington, D.C. 20009.

"Women and the Emerging Global
Scene: Toward an Action Agenda for
and by Women in the Developing
World", August 10-15, 1992 at
Northern Illinois University. Organized
by the Office of International Training
and Consultation, Northern Illinois
University. Contact Jaya Gajanayake
at the above office, Dekalb, Illinois
60115, (815)753-1098.

and PatrilinealityI in
and Historical

WIAD.........................................................................................................January 992


Jacqueline Pintanguy
will be speaking on campus March 18
and 20. She currently holds the Laurie
Chair in Women's Studies at Douglas
College of Rutgers University. A
Brazilian sociologist, Pintanguy was
president of the National Council of
Women's Rights from 1986 to 1989.
This office of the Brazilian federal
government was the first governmental
organization formed to improve
women's conditions in Brazil. As
president of that group, she
coordinated legislation on women that
was included in the new Brazilian
constitution. Her visit is being funded
by the Center for Latin American
Studies, Women's Studies, and
Frontiers of Science.
******* ******* ****

January 24,1992: WIAD: Samuel Scott
will present the video "God Gave Us
the Talent" on rural women engaging in
inter-island trade of agricultural
commodities in the Caribbean. Also
presented will be an ICRISAT video on
"Participatory Research with Women
Farmers", 12:00 in 1151 McCarty.

January 27, 1992: International
Studies: Barber Conable, former
president of the World Bank, on "Global
Change", 3:00 in the University

January 28, 1992: Women's Studies
and International Programs and
Exchanges: Charlotte Conable on "The
World's Women: Work and Family",
10:00, Turlington 2014.

February 7, 1992: WIAD: No speaker
due to 2-hour business meeting.

February 12, 1992: Women's Studies:

Linda Nicholson on "Genealogy of
Gender", 3:15, Turlington 2014.

February 21, 1992: WIAD: Dr. Anita
Spring on "The FAO's Plan of Action
for the Integration of Women in
Development", 12:00, 1151 McCarty.

February 26, 1992: Women's Studies:
Elizabeth McCulloch on "Women in
Medical Research", 3:15, Turlington

February 28, 1992: Center
American Studies: Maria
"Coastal Marine Ecology in
376 Grinter.

for Latin
Cruz on

March 6, 1992: WIAD: Dr. Sandra
Russo speaking on "Women Farmers,
Women Scientists: Their Inclusion and
Exclusion in the CGIAR", 12:00 noon,
1151 McCarty.

March 18, 1992: Frontiers of Science:
Jacqueline Pintanguy on "Violence in
Brazil: A Gender Perspective"; 8:00
p.m. in Carlton Auditorium.

March 20-21, 1992: WIAD and
Women's Studies: "Women and Politics
in the 1990s"; speakers to include
Jacqueline Pintanguy speaking on "The
Brazilian Women's Movement:
Resistance and Exclusion" and
roundtabe discussions. See page 3 for

March 25, 1992: Women' Studies:
Bridget Aldaraca on "Changing
Concepts of Hysteria: From Briquet to
the DSM III-R", 3:15 in Turlington

April 1, 1992: Women's Studies:
Baltasar Fra-Molinero on "Gender and
Nationalism in 19th Century Spain: The
Case of Rosalia de Castro", 3:15 in

W IAD ..........................................................................................January 992

WIAD: to

April 8, 1992: Women's Studies: Mary
Howard-Hamilton on "Sexual
Characteristics of the Gifted", 3:15 in
Turlington 2014.

April 17, 1992: WIAD: Dr. Suzanna
Smith on "Big Fish, Little Fish: Power
and Control of1 Florida's Marine
Fisheries", 12:00 in 1151 McCarty.

May, 1992 (commencement weekend):
Women's Studies, Center for Latin
American Studies, Assocation 6f Black
Faculty and Anthropology: Johnetta
Cole, president of Spellman College.

-The Rockefeller Foundation is !inviting
doctoral students from sub-Saharan
Africa to apply fori a program designed
to allow students to return to Africa for
extensive field research in areas of
economic development or poverty
alleviation. Deadline: March 1, 1992.
Contact: African Dissertation
Internship Awards, The Rockefeller
Foundation, 1133 Avenue of the
Americas, New York, NY 10036.
-The Office of Citizen Exchanges,
United States Information Agency, is
requesting proposals for the
development of a two-way exchange
.program for representatives of Nigerian
women's organizations to study the
role of U.S. women's organizations in
social and political affairs. The deadline
is February 7, 1992. Contact
University of Florida, Center for African
Studies for more details.

The Ford Foundation is recruiting for a

Turlington 2014.

April 3, 1992:

Program Officer for the Africa and
Middle East Programs. Contact: Ms.
Joan Carroll, Employment Manager,
Position #742, The Ford Foundation,
320 East 42nd St, New York, N.Y.

Other News
-A IGainesville-based information
research business recently opened this
past fall, owned by Cynthia and
Michael Bertelsen. They specialize in
compiling background information on
development projects and countries.
The office phone is 373-1100. The
number to their bulletin board is 377-
2793 between the hours of 12:00-6:00
-DevEdNet, a computer information
network for development educators,
went on-line June 7, 1991. It features
a database of 800 + print and non-print
resources useful to development
educators. For subscription
information, contact: The American
Forum for Global Education, 45 John
Street, Suite 908, New York, N.Y.
10038. (212)753-4132.
-The Society for International
Development (SID)-Washington chapter
is starting a mentor program for young
development professionals. If you are
interested in becoming either a mentor
or protege, contact SID-WC, 1401 New
York Ave NW, Suite 1100,
Washington, D.C. 20005-2121.
[the previous two paragraphs were
taken from "Development
Connections", the SID-WC newsletter,
Vol XII, No. 4.]

Women's Studies: Women's Studies
will hold a series of informal roundtable
discussions on a variety of women's
issues. The discussions meet February
5, February 19, and March 4 in

.................................................................................................... January 992

Anderson 8 at 12:00. Please call
ahead and register if you are interested
in attending. Also, the Women's
Studies office will be hosting a
photography show, with the opening
reception being held February 13 from
5:00 to 7:00 in Anderson 8. Margaret
Joyner was selected as the Women's
Studies assistant tasked with finding
grant funding for the program. Contact
392-3365 for more information.

Women's Studies Association: The first
meeting was held January 20 at 7:00.
The Association is forming groups to
discuss a variety of women's issues,
and is raising money to support
activities for Women's History Month.
Contact the Women's Studies for more

Women in International Studies: The
group is in the process of forming the
international institute forwomen/gender
research. They are also developing a
concentration for graduate students in
international women's studies. Contact
Helga Kraft at 392-3365 for more

AgroForestry Interest Group: meets
every other Thursday from 3:00 to
4:00 in 376 Newins-Ziegler. First
session was January 16.

Farming Systems Seminar Series: The
seminar series meets every other
Wednesday at 1:00. The next seminar
will be January 29 featuring Peter
Sexton in 1151 McCarty. Other
seminars will be held February 12,
February 26, March 18, April 1, and
2April 15.

Association for Women Faculty: March
4 the AWF will hold a luncheon and
roundtables on faculty and A&P career
management, at the University Centre

Hotel from 11:45-1:30. For more
information, please contact: Barbara
Taylor, 392-2201. On April 14, the
Association will hold an open forum on
issues of concern to AWF members;
11:45-1:00, location TBA.
March 8, 1992 is International
Women's Day, designed to recognize
the important contributions women
have made in their communities and

Evelyn Rooks-Weir and Alice Primack
are putting together a mentoring
program for local 4-H'ers. They are
looking for faculty or staff that would
be willing to be matched up with a
middle or high-school student in order
to help the student explore careers in
the mentor's subject area. For more
information, contact: Evelyn Rooks-
Weir at 392-2201 or Alice Primack at
392-2822 or Bill Heltemes, director for
Alachua County 4-H Programs at 336-
II(1111 IIII 1111 11111|1111 11111

Pamela Pozarny has written from Togo
and would like to hear from you! Her
address is: Ms. Pamela Pozarny, c/o
FED-BASSAR, B.P. 60, Bassar, TOGO.

* WIAD.....

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