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Title: WIAD newsletter. October 1991
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Women In Agricultural Development
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
October, 1991

Welcome to the revived WIAD newsletter. It is being written by the WIAD graduate
assistant, Linda Cassens LaForest, and edited by a variety of WIAD members. It is
currently scheduled to appear three times a year the beginning of fall term, the
beginning of spring term, and before the start of summer. Contributions are definitely
welcomed, and may be submitted to Linda by mailing to her at 2120 McCarty Hall
(Food and Resource Economics Department) or by calling her at 2-1870. Book
reviews, job information, news on upcoming conferences and anything else of interest
to WIAD members is requested, as well as suggestions on layout or design. We look
forward to developing a strong WIAD program which addresses the concerns and
needs of the WIAD membership.


Committee Reports:

-Speaker: Speaker series has been
scheduled through October. The dates
have been set for November and
December, however the speaker has not
been finalized for the December date. The
WIAD assistant has been tasked with
researching outside funding sources with
which WIAD may be able to bring in
speakers from outside the UF environment.
Members are Sandra Russo, chair, Anne
Moseley and Constance Shehan.

-Training: The committee's goal is to
provide a venue of intensive short courses
which would be offered to international
participants either in the U.S. or abroad.
Two courses have already been proposed -
"Gender Analysis in Agriculture and Natural
Resource Management" and "Leadership
Skills for Women". Potential training skills
seminars for faculty and graduate students
are also being discussed. Members are
Lisette Walecka, chair, Elizabeth Bolton,
Sandra Russo, Pam Pozarny, Kathleen
Gladden and Bea Covington.

-Research Linkages: The committee has

been concentrating on training until the
WIAD status becomes settled. Its goal is
to integrate WIAD programs and programs
in other parts of the campus. Also, it
hopes to provide more linkages between
UF extension agents and current research.
on campus. For now, the committee is
"valid but dormant". Members are
Elizabeth Bolton, Helen Safa, Della
McMillan and Uma Lele.

-Outreach: The committee has been
discussing the organization of an intramural
conference to held in the Spring, involving
women and women's groups from the
entire university. Members are Christine
Gladwin, chair, Helga Kraft and Ivonne

Graduate Assistant
Linda Cassens LaForest (yours truly) was
selected as the WIAD graduate assistant
the beginning of fall term. I have a B.A. in
political science and am starting my second
year as a master's student in Food and
Resource Economics. Between my
bachelors degree and now, I have lived in
Washington, D.C. and Okinawa, Japan.
I've worked as an administrative assistant
for a trade group, an intelligence analyst
for DoD, and manager of a small business

Women In Agricultural Development

in Okinawa. I am interested primarily in
international development and
environmental issues, especially in Latin
America. I can be reached at 2-1870
during the days, or information can be
mailed to me at 2120 McCarty.

October 4th meeting
Please see the enclosure for the outline of
the agenda. The meeting will be held
October 4, 11:00 a.m., in room 1151
McCarty Hall.
The November meeting will be held
November 1, 11:00 a.m., in room 1151
McCarty Hall.

Speaker Series
-Elizabeth Guillette, PhD candidate in
anthropology, spoke on "A Life Cycle
Approach to Women and Agriculture in
Botswana" September 6. She addressed
the changing roles of women in agriculture
in Botswana where, traditionally, continual
achieving has been stressed and is related
to self-sufficiency. Whereas in the past, a
woman worked her land to achieve through
production, now the younger women value
independence and autonomy, preferring to
work for money rather than for food or on
the land. The older woman values her
work on the land not only for the food
produced, but also as the only means of
contributing to family economic welfare
and maintaining respect as an elder. "The
role of older women in agriculture must be
recognized and assistance to maintain this
role be given in order to maintain food
production. At the same time, the social
value of agriculture production needs to be

-Kathy Gladden, Phd, anthropology,
presented her findings from a paper she is
preparing for the AWID meeting in
November. The title was "Integrating
Gender and Ecology and the Coast: A
Review of the Literature and Suggestions
For Policy". She explained that gender
issues influence both access to and control
of coastal resources. Both men and
women are active participants, and the
women's role is important in the

development of new techniques for small-
scale fishing, marketing new or alternative
varieties of species, training in processing,
and resource conservation. The roles
played by both men and women must be
understood in order to capitalize on their
potential contributions to coastal resource



Women and Biodiversity, October 4-6,
1991. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University. Contact: Lea
Borkenhagen, c/o World Resources
Institute, 1709 NW New York Ave.NW,
Washington D.C. 20006. (202) 662-

"Farming Systems Research and Extension
in the 1990s: Critical Issues and Future
Directions", the 11th Annual Symposium
of the Association for Farming Systems
Research-Extension, Oct 5-10, 1991.
Michigan State University, East Lansing,
Michigan. Contact: AFSRE Symposium,
Institute of International Agriculture, MSU,
324 Agriculture Hall, East Lansing, MI
48824-1039. (517)353-5262.

"Dispelling Fears About Grant Writing And
Fund Raising in the Arts and Humanities",
October 17,1991. Reitz Union, 2nd floor
auditorium. Organized by UF Division of
Sponsored Research. Contact: Carol
Oglesby, 392-4804.

"Class,, Culture, and Community: Toward
a New Synthesis in Southern Labor
History", the seventh Southern Labor
Studies Conference, October, 1991.
Includes sessions on family labor, paternal-
ism, and working women. Contact: Gary
M. Fink, History Department, Georgia State
University, Atlanta, GA 30303-3083.

"World Women's Congress for a Healthy
Planet", November 8-12, 1991. Miami,
Florida. Contact: International Policy

October 1991

Women In Agricultural Development

Action Committee, c/o Women's Foreign
Policy Council, 845 Third Avenue, 15th
floor, New York, NY 10022. (212)759-
7982. Linda LaForest also has photocopies
of the registration form for this conference.
WIAD has reserved a van from IFAS to be
used by persons interested in attending this

"International Conference on Agriculture
and the Environment", November 10-13,
1991. Sponsored by Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio. Contact: Dr. Clive
Edwards, c/o Pat Gardner, Department of
Conferences and Institutes, International
Conference on Agriculture and the
Environment, The Ohio State University,
P.O. Box 2701, Columbus, OH 43216-

"Learning Together/Working Together: A
South-North Dialogue", the fifth
international forum of the Association for
Women in Development (AWID), November
21-24, 1991. Washington, D.C. Contact:
AWID Registration, Kansas State
University, 141 College Court Building,
Manhattan, KS. (913) 532-5569. Linda
LaForest, WIAD assistant, has photocopies
of the registration form for this conference.

"African Studies Association Conference",
November 23-26. "The Status of
Women's Studies in Africa" mini-con-
ference sponsored by the ASA Women's
Caucus. St. Louis, Missouri. Contact:
ASA, Credit Union Building, Emory Uni-
versity, Atlanta, GA 30322. For info on
the women's mini-conference, contact
Karen Hansen at (708) 491-5402.


October 4, 1991: WIAD: Steve Staal on
"Women Farmers and Land Tenure in West
Province, Cameroon", 12:00 noon, 1151

October 9,1991: Women's Studies: Birgit
Frank on "Developmental Psychology and
Feminism: Points of Interaction", 3:15,
Turlington 2014.

October 16, 1991: Women's Studies: Ann
Wyatt-Brown on "Elisabeth Bower or the
Perils of Aging", 3:15, Turlington 2014.

October 25, 1991: WIAD: Sarah Norton-
Staal on "Gender Issues in Natural
Resource Management in Uganda", 12:00
noon, 1151 McCarty.

October 31, 1991: Women's Studies:
Janet Snook on "Teaching Women's
Studies on University and College
Campuses", 3:15, Turlington 2014.

November 1, 1991: WIAD: Dr. Helen Safa
on "Women and Industrialization in Cuba",
12:00 noon, 1151 McCarty.

November 6, 1991: Women's Studies:
Martha Hardman on "And if We Lose Our
Name, Then What About Our Land? or
What Price Development?", 3:15,
Turlington 2014.

November 15, 1991: WIAD: Margaret
Mattison on "Cassava Micro-Enterprises in
Coastal Ecuador: Why It Is Working",
12:00 noon, 1151 McCarty.

November 20, 1991: Women's Studies:
Jane Landers on women in Spanish St.
Augustine of the 18th century, 3:15,
Turlington 2014.

December 6, 1991: WIAD: To be
announced speaker, 12:00 noon, 1151


-Institute for Puerto Rican Policy Inc offers
grants for research on the "causes and
consequences of Puerto Rican poverty"
such as trends in poverty; internal migra-
tion, immigration and socioeconomic
outcomes; work, welfare and family
structure; education, residential segregation
and mobility; health. Awards are
approximately $5,000. Deadline: Nov 29,
1991. Contact: Puerto Rican Poverty
Initiative, Social Science Research Council,
605 Third Ave, 17th Floor, NY, NY 10158.

October 1991

Women In Agricultural Development


-Woodrow Wilson Women's Studies Grant
for Doctoral Candidates. Averages
$1,000. Deadline for requesting
applications is Oct 25, 1991. Contact:
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
Foundation, Dept WS, PO Box 642,
Princeton, N.J. 08542.

-International Institute of Tropical
Agriculture (IITA) and Winrock Inter-
national's program on African Women
Leaders in Agriculture and the
Environment. Jointly offering master's or
doctorate fellowships to ten outstanding
West African women.


I attended the Association of Women
Faculty meeting held Tuesday, September
17. The meeting began with a brief
outline of the standing committees and a
call for committee members, and addressed
the need for the group to work on the
recruitment and retention of women
faculty. The main speaker, however, was
the provost, Dr. Sorenson. He addressed
the university's attempts to obtain more
financial flexibility from the state
legislature, but emphasized that with the
increased flexibility must go increased
accountability. Different measures have
been proposed as means by which to judge
the work of the university, including
quantitative measures such as the number
of student credit hours, degrees awarded,
pass rates on professional exams, etc.
Also proposed are more qualitative
measures, such as follow-up surveys of
alumni and teacher evaluations.

Women's Studies has a very busy
speaker series planned for this academic
year.(See speakers under Upcoming Events
section). The new offices are in 8
Anderson, and include a women's library
covering a variety of disciplines. An art
exhibit is also planned for the office,

October 1991

featuring women students from the College
of Fine Arts with artworks rotating
throughout the fall. Also, several Women's
Studies students are recipients of Judy
Brown scholarships, some of which are to
be awarded Sept. 28 at 7:30 at the
University's Women's Club. The phone
number of the Women's Studies office is 2-

This is an organization of women
students and is open to both women
graduate and undergraduate students alike.
In the past they have hosted a film series,
a speaker series, and receptions. Martha
Hardman is the faculty advisor, and Janet
Kreischer is the president. They meet
every Tuesday 6th, 7th and 8th periods in
the Women's Studies offices, and also on
Wednesday nights.

A new group being formed to bring
together women interested in the
international perspective of women's
issues involving women from all disciplines.
Helga Kraft and Uma Lele are organizing
and recruiting members for this proposed
new group.


The IARCs (International Agriculture
Research Centers) are lacking in resources
concerning integration of gender issues into
their research and programs. If you had
only $500.00 and a 3'x3'x3' box, what
articles and books would you recommend?
Please bring your ideas to the meeting or
mail to Sandra Russo, care of Linda
LaForest, 2120 McCarty Hall.

Also, I am trying to compile a resource
list of WIAD members and their areas of
interest, so that when information requests
come in I might be able to steer them in
the right direction. Please send your name,
office phone number, and information on
areas of specialization to Linda LaForest,
FRE, 2120 McCarty.


October 4, 1991

The next WIAD ometing is planned for Friday, October 4, 1991 at 11:00 a.m. in

room 1151 McCarty Mall. The agenda is noted here for your consideration

before the meeting. Tentative times are noted in parentheses.

I. Introduction

II. Program/Committee Reports


-Research/Linkage (10 Min)

-Training Program (10 Min)

-Speaker Series (2 Kin)

-Outreach (10 Kin)


-Women and International Studies (10 Min)

III.Vote On Leadership (20 Kin)

IV. Closure

The meeting will be followed by a "Brown Bag Seminar" featuring Steve Staal

speaking on "Women Farmers and Land Tenure in West Province, Cameroon". Room

1151 McCarty Hall, 12t00 1:00.

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