Title: Newspaper Clipping: Confederate Officer Appointments – Mar. 13, 1864
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Title: Newspaper Clipping: Confederate Officer Appointments – Mar. 13, 1864
Physical Description: Archival
Publication Date: 1864
Subject: Civil War
Spatial Coverage: North America
North America -- United States of America -- Florida
North America -- United States of America -- Tennessee
North America -- United States of America
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Bibliographic ID: UF00085678
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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OTThImJu 0:r;l.;it;E; T THE LA JTE -a'T.h' io
1o-in rl-named lttLcer. Ipp 'p onte i b tbh Senate
.J. ri,': lh.: lat ise.l;'D of .'' rg reRs
SLiiTruirNA'T UG BAiI-a-A flill ot Viriia,
ir.'..u 19. 4, 1St; 3 S E ,vell ,)f iiginia.
ir.,m M A- ;. 1i63. John B.i.ad l exas,
tro -.ii ptmrnbieCr "2i.. 1.tl3-S
I i :i i.;TB.iia--. J':'e b t.ler of Ga, j
Itt'it l.4l. rl uni. u ol if 'i. Iri .r [iL. 17 C s
S,' Field t'ran F.,b 1 'h y, til. ftolert E
lii ."i.c ol Ala. tiutn U,y -i3,j. i., S. Beto.
.. ir..,m i y T41h I -R i h, .,i r NJi.a-.Iu I'.N
i 1,,. Ir M n 1. lb, 1 t,'.-, I P ;[- w i ..-.I e, an.
iui ij ll .; A'I st'., \q i T Walker of O.
1C 1i 'I,, :i l, l,S1 5, S .l epJi t-iin 1) Lir Olf 8 I,
I..til An iiI .i. l S1 i. ) iu S ith iilo \ a, f',o
Autu 1.t I Lh, I,-j: C ad n '-X l.,. o,
Irmni Augwi4i*A.I. ;*, -, Wadilt-1e 'j.Pt(in ot 8 I'.
ti.-i AlJl, iit di'(1.. 1' t.'. Pi A.T i Lre nt V'.i,
li.lur Ai,.-l.-t d' lMt .i H.,:... r..ui '. Ithl, 1863rP foli A'WhtIat l1 Tex.iSa.
Ir.ou Nut Iluth, 1i ', .. W i, T a'1 iltiu il : titf
li-jm iNuv 1'i l, L-' 1. N [; FMi e-t oi 'Prenl ,
i..~r p 1. l141, S V;, Wni W L. *fin l t lorida,
irum Fer. 2T!,.lt o- t1.
i t.ii .. -'t .'i :,Id". -rl -- -R H II'Jitl ,r 01 st'..
f....ua li-,; .'lt .1 ,.. Allert.'i' .LJm:Lol L a, rnom
.It 1 ...Tfiii 't.N" ou, N H H.iriL. (..f dA., fromn
.|a. 0lth. leid L, L Gibon o1 UL. from J.an
1 ili, I. '- I 'tti i. or ', S i. rrom .l u 2Jutri.
lr4, .1 W V i.'i ,el,J of Texa-, l'[r u MA.v y'th.
l:1', o I, o, .l.uiun lo AlL I ron May tlb.
i'-'. JaiF ;l '\Vlr o --. I'omnj Pl'"l. FItli,
I", 1,. I M.TIi .t V rD.lm jL i him ISth:. 1 FI ,
.f.,iu A.Ilai,. 1 T nni, faiI i De c' lth. I'i J .,
M_11ri .liI'b i'.i'. tioi N\ v I tli, l ,-t.., Al W
I i -. ; C .: ,1 1 I fi., Jun.f l:lti, l'tb:, A Mt
I.; i- : '1 fI lion .iJiin l t, H.'- Coop-
,.. t M.t Iro i, MAy 2.1, i ;1 HII lI W.k.r I."f
Va, turiL..i l.ll ,l IP .. F1 M I. utl:rell of Mo.
i,.Lu .I .il 1 -ti, hll i.., .1 P1 Major of La. from
,il 1' 1- 1..i IF LtiLl 'i e T, un, fr..ml .July
.:,itb, I ,-r., I F-r r-_o .f -Mis_, from July
::',] I '. io i Lomax oi I '., troiu July
,i.. i *s., Ln Ftli eJ i .N NC trAii July 231,
I ..- 1' 11 i ly *'1 Alt. l' A '... AugUist
,.i, 1I' ..,, F[iji, U illl...lI 't ,f a. Ir.us A u U t
'iii, I i,.., L',G Hinuplhri'-.o tfl.r ,tu h .,m \ l '1.th
I *l.., 11 i! U\1v'H -,U ,.i I'rluLL., tl .Ltll AuJ--' I_.8th,
l;" 11-[ P' A\l l IIu, ool fL., l., AM l Ai'tb. 12ti.,
f %-W A fI' ,-c of lxitui A iii .l 1.11.
I' .-D P tth. .1 fAii I, Ai4._ 2,th. l2i.o ,
'.V I' nitl.i irlI l N C.. II,-u Aul r 2 !i, 1 .S :3,
I .u ,J l i I ... i. l I l.- .iiu l-,t 1 SG.', M E
h.tlet .t C II ..Lu.1:1 lt l.t, ft", \W lC W ick-
iii i r l' l li...iu '. ,:pt 1-t, I l, r li It
i,-,niialun ul l i.', lt ^u tii t 1st, l-ti.;:,, W A
,-Jlnile:s 01 To-.I- fi Lu Aiug ''liit. lb-i;., N W
Hlf:y obulI of \':., I Li '-,.-.tl Hlii, I ,', A P'ilin
,.I ; .lroli -pt 10th, ,1.3. 1K W Portnus i.>
Ala. foL S~etit l?,tI, 18I. A LoIug ol' Va,
':ro i S'eptl 21'.Illl. lhi.;, R -facli;on of ia- from
Se.pt 21st, 1lbG, f Wit Adanis of MNi, 1foni Se-pt
iA h, l.tB3. T I' Wharton of Va,, fro.rm July Ai,
l ~i-, Ja, i Goird..lI. of N C. l(m ,-pt 2Sth,
18i. :, Tai-mes- A Smith of Tei-u. from Sept .tith.
IMs.., .Janmer H Lewi- ot Kv, flum ,Sp, 3:f0th,
ISi.83, H P Lr-wry of Mli-s, Irom OctoLei 4t11h,
Sst:3, L A Stafford ofl L-, ftor October 5th,
ISI',.T L Rc.epi, of Texas, h-om'SIpt 2sth. lbb.
Fdwilul H1gpins of La. from (et 2!lth, 18(;1,
E M B Younar. of Go. from Sept ?8, IS;J. J' T
IMorg,a ofl' A.l-, fiom N% Ithth, 18H3, lohn H
Kellev ot Ala. rromn Nuv Ibth, it-6,. W Y C
luni ; of Tenn, from Nov lith 18.I3, C iWilson
If (.a, fro, Nov iflth, h1i.'..1 J Finley of Fla,
liim Nor, Ilth 4863, .1 EH ('l-nton of Ala, from
Nuv Jilth, S11,3, A (G Vnugfllni of MiN., friou
No7 l1ith, lri3, Henry A W'ismof Va, fiom June
It1th, 1 9i'3, Gideon Pillow .:.f Teni, from July
*.h, lt,.l, D Lngglesof Va, f'rm Aue 9th, Ib61,
.\il M[hlie o.t Va. irord Nov 16th 61.fil R E
Cltorn .:.f Va, form Dec 24th, 18i11, B R John-
sr.rr,.! Tonu, from n.la 2 Ith. 1.il2, JP Ander.on
of ['l., tiom Feb 10th, IS62. Johihn Ke acksof
.1 1i., jr'-. J.n Idtli. l i', ,L RIChalmera ot MjLs.
'lon. Il-b ].th. lli2, J B Kerslhaw. ouP C fion
Fel. 'ih. 16l2, rThomas Green of lexas, fiom
1ay ij.h, 1863-61..
I[ \;ITI:MC4IF[.R GR kL.-Brigadier a#e:-
I1 .A h Lwton of Gi. 13Irom Feb 17th, 181.4. 4
M -I i. Ani'ri!.l.-A IV King urGa..

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