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Volume:V 1ue:04 No.2 URSDA, NOVEMB


Tribune~ Staff Reportet
THE eight persons in custody
in connection with the murder of
]Harl Taylor are chefs and waiters
who were working at a wedding
reception in the gardens of Mount-
batten House a day before the
t-designer's body was found, police
confirmed yesterda).
A scarce close to the detainees
told The Tribune yesterday that
he believes that these eight peo-
ple seven Dominicans and one
Bahamian were only taken into
police custody because they were
most likely the last persons to see
Mr Taylor alive.
des Tayloetcte i37-year-old
hand bags, was found stabbed to
death in his Mountbatten H~ouse
residence on West Hill Street on
Sunday morning.

01Ran in IntenSiVC

Care after stabbing
STribune Freeport Reporter
d maycock~tri bu nemed ia. net
FREEPORT A 46-year-old woman who was stabbed in the
neck during an altercation on Tuesday is in the Intensive Care
Unit at Rand Memorial Hospital.
Assistant Police Superintendent Loretta Mackey, press liaison
officer, said a 51-year-old man of Girand Bahama is assisting police
with their investigation into the stabbing.
According to initial reports, the woman, a resident of Lady Lake
Subdivision, was involved in an altercation around 10pm on Tues-
day when she was stabbed on the left side of her neck.
She was taken to the hospital where her condition is listed as
Police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

~ER 22, 2007 PRICE 750

aloun @trib d pot
alwe tiuneme ia~net
IT HAS been recommend-
ed that there bea coroner's
qugd tiato of Andpro si eon
ne h "Keinny" Russell, acting
commissioner of police Regi- -
nald Ferguson said yesterday.
"That file has been for-
warded to the coroner's
court," said Mr Ferguson.
This comes after police
informed the press a week ago
that their investigation into
the matter had been complet-
ed and forwarded to the com-
'" siner fo hun > n ae ia
any, should be taken against
the pokie officer who shot Mr
Yesterday, retiring Com-
missioner Paul Farquharson
said that he was in fact
unaware of the matter being
sent to the coroner's court as
he had not been dealingc with
that."' He said he believed that
it was in f-act Mr Ferguson or
Assistant Commissioner Elli-
son Greenslade who had
responsibility for that deci-
A coroner's inquest is one
of several options that could
have been chosen by the offi-
cers. These also included rec-
SEE page 14



I Zlrllp~,-e~_~eD~PIS~d~::


Life. Moneyi. Balance both:

The source close to the
Detainees claimed that following
the wedding reception on Satur-
day, the group of chefs and waiters
returned to Mountbatten House
on Sunday morning to clean up
the premises.
According to the source, the
Dominican workers resided at
Mountbatten House up until last
Thursday, before they relocated
to Park Manor Hotel on Market
-Street.- '---- - *~z -r
Chief Supt Glen Miller, officer
in-charge of CDU, yesterday said
that police will seek an extension in
order to hold the seven Dommni-
cans and odre Bahamian longer for
Normally, persons can only be
d gained bb plac fr 48w hus
However, due to the nature of
SEE palge 10

Tribune Staff Reporter L
TODAY marks the first day
dhat Reid F rg sFn q k
son as acting Commrissioner of
the Royal Bahamas Police Force,
after the two completed a tour of
the Bahamas last week, to
announce the handover,
Mr Farquharson is now on two
'months leave to January 18th
when he will return' to publicly
carry out the handover as com-
missioner to his successor. F
Retirmng Commissioner Far-
qubarson said yesterday that he is
most looking forward to spending
more time with his family, a ter
nl ah mas olce Fret, cl d-

ing just one month ~short of seven
years as police chief, if his time as
acting commissiober is taken inito
SEE page 10

L I a T Y' *'I'




IrilP. W ili

Eight people in custody in
connection with Harl Taylor's

.murder were working

at weekend reception

contested voter
'WaS nOt ordinary
resident in the

A WOMAN who has been a re~s-
ident of Fnox Hil for more tha ea
y a, akoldged trugh e
testimony in election cburt yester-
day that she was not an ordinary,
resident rnth Pinets od con-
the election.
Jennifer Davis, who is on the
joint list of contested voters by the
PLP and FNM, told the court that
she moved out of Pinewood on
May 19, 2006 to Step Street where
she now resides with her children.
This acknowledgment came dur-
ing questioning by FNM3 lead coun-
sel Michael Barnett.
SEE page 14

Autopsas on pair killed
0018818 Bamboo Shack
have boeon coplted
AUTOPSIES on the bodies of'
the two men klll J outside the
Bamboo Shack on Blue Hill Rioadl
on Friday, November 9. have beecn
completed, finding that only onec ofI
the men died as a result of be~ing
shot by the off-dutyl policematn.
The other man died aIs a result~
of injuries suffered when thle carl inl
which the two men were trymgn to
escape crashed.
SEE page 14

Reginald Ferguson takes over
from Paul Farquhar son today

POlice called after Dr Rudy

King reported missing in JA
LOS ANGELES police were called in last night after Nassau events
organiser Dr Rudy King was reported to have "gone missing" from a top
Beverly Hills hotel.
The colourful impresario and fund-raiser flew into Los Angeles by pri-
vate jet last Friday, checked into the $1 200-a-night penthouse at the Bev-
erly Hilton, then vanished, according to concerned associates,
Last night, internationally-known numerologist Jerome Carter alerted
Los Angeles police to his disappearance, claiming he had "bad feelings"
about Dr King's fate.
"'I see him in chains," said the man famous for his uncannily accurate
predictions, "I feel he is being held against his will."
Mr Carter said Dr King was due to appear at a special church service
on Sunday at which he was to have presented one of his international
foundation awards.
However, even though the event was widely publicised, and extreme-
ly well-attended, Dr King failed to appear, forcing organizers to proceed
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THE Chipman family are to
face a strong challenge in their
bid to secure title to a huge area
of land off West Bay Street. It
comes from a local historian
claiming to be descended from a
British brigadier-general,
The well-known entertainers,
noted for their junkanoo and
fire-dancing skills, risk being pre-
sented with an injunction if they
pursue their plan to occupy the
"Pieces of Eight" site where
their grandfather lived for many
Anthony Cunningham, 44, a
food and' beverage manager on
Paradise Island, claims he is the
rightful heir to the overgrown
site, where a vagrant now lives in
the ruins of the old Chipman
family home.
"If the Chipmans go ahead
with their plan to take over the
site, they will face an injunction,
possible jail and a lot of embar-
rassment," Mr Cunningham told
The Tribune yesterday,
"There is clear title to this
land dating right back into the
19th century and beyond. The
Cunninghams, not the Chip-
mans, are the rightful owners to
this property and we are going to
pursue our rights."
Last week, dancer Mitzi Chip-
man told The Tribune that she
and her siblings were intent on
claiming Pieces of Eight and its
surrounding land for future gen-
erations of their family.
They said their white grand-
father, Howa~rd Chipman, a
wealthy merchant who died in
1951, had intended to leave his
estate to the illegitimate black
off-spring of Ethlyn Taylor, a
Long Islander who bore him five
children, including junkanoo
icon John 'Chippie" Chipman,
Mitzi's father.
Instead, white rulers of the
day diverted their inheritance
because they felt it inappropriate
that blacks should gain owner-
ship of the huge tracts of land
in the Chipman estate, she said.
Pieces of Eight, she claimed,

property later occupied illegal-
ly, according to Mr Cunninlgham
- by Howard Chipman.
"Howard Chipman was a
squatter," said Mr Cunningham,
"He had no legal entitlement to
that land and the present Chip-
mans have no documentation to
support their claims."
He said the Cunninghams,
however, have a properly docu-
mented claim going all the way
back to a black Bahamian called
Jacob, who was born to Robert
Cunningham's son John and his
black partner.
From Jacob, he said, the line
was unbroken right down to
himself and his siblings, who
have now engaged a lawyer in
an attempt to secure their rights
to the land.
"Chippie and his siblings were
outside children," said Mr Cun-
ningham, "the moment they
make an attempt to take over
this property they will be hit with
an injunction. I don't want to
shame this lady, but I want the
true story to be told. If she steps
on this land, she could go to jail."'
Mr Cunningham said the land
had originally been earmarked
for a new ZNS building, but the
dispute over rightful ownership
had scuppered the proposal.
He said his family's claim had
now been lodged with the Attor-
ney General's Office and that
he was determined to resist the
Chipmans' claims.
Last night. Mitzi Chipman
said her grandfather had bought
the land from Mr Cunningham's
grandfather, and that ownership
rested with the Chipmans, not
the Cunninghams.
She said: "As far as I amt con-
cerned, he has no claim at all.
A couple of years ago, he put
up a sign saying that was Cun-
ningham land, but I was right
behind him and took it down.
"I have told him this is Chip-
man land and if he tries to claim
it I will fight it. However, if he
wants to sit down and talk about t
it. I am ready to dto that."

was escheated to the Crown
after the husband of Howard
Chipman's illegitimate white
daughter, Sheila, made an unsuc-
cessful bid to claim the property.
She also claimed that a will in
which Howard Chipman is said
to have left property to his black
children "went missing", leav-
ing the estate at the mercy of
white property predators.
She said successive govern-
ments had since then ignored
the Chipman family's claims to
the estate, leaving them to "live
from pay cheque to pay cheque"
in relative penury.
However, Mr Cunningham
said the Chipmans should aban-
don their claims to Pieces of
Eight, which he said belonged
originally to Brigadier General
Robert Cunningham, a loyalist
who arrived in Nassau follow-
ing the Revolutionary War in
He said the well-regarded offi-
cer turned up in the Bahamas
via Virginia, South Carolina and
Florida, and was granted exten-
sive tracts of land by the Crown
in recognition of his military ser-
vice during the British struggle
against the American rebels.
This property included 350
acres at Fort Charlotte which
embraced the Pieces of Eight




Historian: Chipmans face

strong challenge in bid. to

secure West Bay land title

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0 1n brief

1," ',"",'h

114PFbr;A ''`~'
: .irn~~aPr.yy~

ENCHANTED B 1:05 3:40 NIA 6:05 8:30 10 40
HIT MAN C 1:20 3:45 NfA 6:2 8:40 10:55
THE MIST T 1:00 3:30 NIA 6:00 8:20 10:45
AUC MRUH B 1:3 WA 40 13 WIA 104
BEDWULF C 1:00 3:35 NuIA 6:00 8:25 10:45
M(R. MIAGORIUM'S WONDER A i:20 3:50 NIA 6:10 8:40 10:40
FRED CLAUSE A 1:00 3:40 NIA 6:00 NIA NIA
AMERICAN GANGSTER C i:00 NIA 4:00 7:00 NIA 10:00
BEE MOVIE A 1:10 3:45 WA 6:10 8:30 10:35
TYER PERRY'S WHY DID I GET MARRIED ? T 1:00 3:35 NIA 6:00 8:0 10:45

THECHRISTMA 7 100 3:35 NIA 6:00 8:25 10:45
ENCHNTEDB 1:20 3:45 NIUA 6:05 8:30 10:40
HTMAN C 1:10 3r40 NIA 6:15 8:35 10:35
TRE IST T 1:05 3:35 NIA 6:00 8:20 10:45
BEE MOVIE A 1:15 3:40 NIA 6:10 N/A NIA

O~rl ~It i~ 31 tY1~ LYI~II)

woman was convicted mn
Magistrate's Court on
Tuesday of cocaine pos-
session charges.
Linda Deveaux -
Christie of Bartlette Hill,
Eight Mile Rock was sen-
tenced to serve 18
months in prison on the
charge of.possession of
cocaine with the intent to
supply and taking
preparatory steps to
export the drugs.
According to court
dockets, the offences
were committed on Sat-
urday, February 11. 2006
at Freeport, Grand
Christie was reportedly
found in possession of
2.34 pounds of cocaine.
She was initially
arraigned on February
14, 2006 and placed on
$25,000 bail.
Following the comple-
tion of the trial, Magis-
trate Carolita Bethel
found her guilty.
SChristie was also fined
$10,000. Failure to pay
the fine will result in an
additional year in prison.

Man arrested
10 COMAeCi0H
With JHHlCeHSed

fiP08Pm discovGPI

A 20-YEAR-OLD man
is in police custody after
he was arrested Tuesday
night in connection with
the discovery of an unli-
c; .sed firearm.
According to police
press liaison officer Assis-
tantE Sprintedn a-
police officers were on
patrol in the Marshall
Road ear awhn thk g
The officers conducted
a search and discovered a
.38 handgun with three
live rounds of ammuni-
According to Mr
Evans, a 20-year-old man
who lives just off Baillou
Hill Road south was tak-
en into police custody.

Free lue

FREE Flu Vaccines
Swill be available at the
FNM Killarney Con-
stituency Headquarters
on Saturday, November
21 from 2pm to 4pm.
All Killarney residents
who would like to be vac-
cinated are welcome, a
spokesperson for the
headquarters said.
The office is the fourth
building west of the
Sandy Port Bridge on
WhteB s oesson said
that constituents can call
327-7006 or e-mail killar-
neymp@gmail.com for
more information.

US Enilassy

Holiday cIOSHP0

The United States
Embassy in Nassau will
be closed on Thursday,
November 22, in obser- .
vance of the US Thanks-
giving Day Holiday.

ing it will resume normal
business operations on
Friday, November 23 at



Since 1992

A FORMER policeman who
has been on remand for 16
years last night urged authori-
ties to free him from his bail
Henry Brice, 42, a father of
six who is now a bus driver,
says he has been "imprisoned"
on New-Providence since he
first appeared before a magis-
trate in 1992.
"Please free me untie my
life," Mr Brice urged legal
authorities. "Had I been given
a 20-year jail term I would have
been freed by now."
Mr Brice and three former
police colleagues were charged
16 years ago with conspiring to
murder "police officers
Despite denying the charges,
the men say they have been on
remand ever since without any
real attempt being made to
proceed with the case. .
As a result, Mr Bnice said he
has been bound by tough bail
provisions and an inability to
travel off the island. "I am
stuck in what is, in effect, a 21
nailes by seven prison," he told
The Tribu~ne yesterday.
nr 19rie~n reai ddtteol has

arents, sss xorseven att'reo
missioners and still he is
unable to get a response.
He said he has met three
attorney generals face-to-face
in a bid to have the case dis-
charged, still without result.
His latest attempt came
shortly after the May 2 general
election this year when he said
he met Attorney General
Claire Hepburn.
"She said she would look
into it and that something

So far, however, there has
been no response to this letter
and Mr Brice continues to ful-
fil his bail obligations every
"It has been almost 16 years
aund my life has been on hold,"
he said, "I feel that I am the
victims of a massive injustice.
When my family goes abroad, I
can't go with them.
"I can't even visit the Family
He said a promising police
career was ruined by the case,
vhichsled to1b8ennths rmand

gHan dI stayed in the force 1
would have bee~n at least an
inspector by now," he said,
"Instead I am driving buses to
put bread on the table and am
earning less than half what I
would have been."
He said he felt like Cin-
derella. "At 12 o'clock I have
to be home before the pump-
kins turn into mice."
Calls to the attorney general
just before press time last night
were not answered. .

would be done, but I have
heard nothing since then," he
said, "And that was six months
On August 30 this year,
lawyer Roger K Giomez wrote
to thec Office of the Attorney
General on the four men's
behalf, pointing out that the
last hearing relating to the case
was in 2003 when it was remit-
ted to the Supreme Court for
"The accused men are on
bail but have had to surrender
their travel documents." wrote

Police Station every~ day as well
as he has to be home between
the hours of 2ainl to ham.
"W~e ha~ve been instructed
that police prosecutions has no
interest in this matter and shall
advise the Office of the Attor-
ney General to enter a niolle
prosequi in this matter for all
the defendants."
IMr Gomez urgerd that Mr
Br ice be allowed to "move
ahead with his life."

AFTER what Bahamians Against Crime
described as the "bloodiest weekend in the
nation's history" when at least five persons
were murdered, the group is calling on the
country to join with them to "stop the talk and
"The Bahamas must quickly get hold of itself
as it relates to crime and violelice if we are to
avoid plunging into a social crisis of monu-
mental proportions," executive director of the
Bahamians Against Crime Rev CB MOSS said
in response to what he called an "'explosion in
homicides that has left the nation reeling".
He said that it is abundantly clear that no sin-
gle entity can now cope with the problem.
"It is therefore critical that all sectors of this
nation must collaimrate to immediately address
this scourge, for it is abundantly clear that the
current course cannot be maintained." Rev
Moss said.
He said that the situation is very grave, but
cautioned Bahamians not to become paralyzed
by fear.

"Bahamlians are a strong and resilient people.
We have the ability to turn the situation around
and we will.
"Ilt will require all sectors of society to step
up to the plate and do our part," Rev Moss
Over the next several months the Bahamians
Against Crime campaign will launch several
major initiatives to address the crime explosion
including: a day of confession. repentance and
reconciliation and a national ecumenical ser-
vice. an anti crime essay compassion, an anti
crime art competition, a national anti crime
music extravaganza, a father and son assembly.
several community initiatives and a hand hold-
ing demonstrations of solidarity across the entire
Rev Moss said that the gravity of the current
situation presents Bahamians with an excel-'
lent opportunity to demonstrate that we are a
proud respectable and responsible people who
take very seriously our commitment to Chnis-
tian principles.


i:00 13:30 N IA 16:00 8:25 iO505


FOrmer policeman on remand for 16

yeafS WRMtS freed from bail obligations

for wNoman.

convicted Henry Bnice

of drug says he's be~

charges 'imprisoned


Bahanuans Ag amst Cnime call on

COuntry to 'stop the talk and act'


The Tribune Limited
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US friends and foes grab for power

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tun~ity 6f conflict of interest as
he is commodore of one of the
local sailing clubs.
We would like to encour.
age the government to choose
wisely those persons who are
selected astcons 1 tan at the
We would be better off to


Our memories must

110t be too short
EDITOR, The Tribune

WHEN we attempt to raise the roof of the House on~ the
issues of democracy, fairplay and all of the other virtuous exer-
cises that make for the good functioning of a nation, our mem-
ories must not be too short.
And, as we attempt to carry out the exercise with a "twisted
half-turn" our memories should not be so exclusive.
The present Prime Minister suffered greatly under the previl
ous administration as the nation went into the last election, and
the high-road expressions that are being proclaimed by the oppo-
sition at this time were not a part of their programme.
I recall when the former administration pulled the plug on
Mr Ingraham's presentation to the House in 1987; they actually
prorogued the House prior to his presentation; it was speculated
that if he had made his presentation the government would have
changed in 1987 instead of 1992.
However, if we accept that politics is a dirty game, we could say
that they were doing what was reasonable, but, there a certain ley-
el of hypocrisy must be levelled upon persons who "selectively"
go about dispensing what is seen by a watching electorate as
opportunistic episodes that are unplanned, gratuitous and
uncalled for, especially when there is so much to do following a
major storm.
It would be good for the former administration to put their
brains to work in more constructive exercises and be Her
Majesty's Loyal Opposition instead of acting like persons who
refuse to get over whatever grief they have imposed on them-
selves as a form of penance for their latest loss.
Bahamians may be excitable and forgiving, but they are not
dumb, they only act like sheep when they want something from
In closing I would like to say that the present, travail that the
leader of the opposition is experiencing over the worthless, wut-
less, vutliss exchange could have been avoided if they had suc-
cessfully passed the bill that placed a ban on the use of dialect mn

Nassaub 00
Nove ber, 20.

EDITOR, The Tribune
Please allow us the space to
point out what we consider to -
be a few inconsistencies in the
hiring practices of the present
Following the return of the
Free National Movement to
government, officials handed
out letters of termination left
right and centre to persons
huetdl as C vutat stah og
ernment ministries. .
It was explained that this
process was an attempt by the
government to reduce the
large and in most cases
unnecessary financial burden
on the Publius Trht itwas
harsh, but realized that it was
necessary when it was revealed
to us the significant amount of
public funds being paid to
these consultants from the
public purse to do nothing
more than offer advice.
During this past weekend,
we were informed that many
of the same consultants who
had been relieved of their posi-
tions are bemng rehired by the
Government. .
.We learnt that this was espe-
cially the case in the Ministry
dfEd cta onandout h,DSe r
ment of the Public Service.
If true, it would be difficult
for the Government to sub-
stantiate its earlier position of
terminating such contracts, and
the explanation given that such
terminations represented the
Government's position that it
wanted to curb excessive and
unnecessary spending
We would like to point out
our disappointment at the
reinstatement of one person in
particular, who over the past
two weeks has been bragging
to members of the sailing com-
munity that no matter which
Government is in power he
will be in charge of regattas in
the Bahamas.
He is one of the very per-
sons whose contract was not
renewed by the government.
stIn our o~pin siond vh inl
will again wreak havoc on this .
Government Department.
Because of his past perfor-
mance in this position most
persons involved in the sport
were happy and relieved when
he was terminated.
Also a concern is the oppor-

engage part time volunteers
who could offer the same ser-
vices at no cost.
If we continue in this fashion
of continuing to allow termi-
nated consultants to be rein-
stated, the Government's pre-
vious explanation of saving the
country hundreds of thousands
of dollars will be rejected -
and rightly so.
Concerned Members of the
Sailing Community
November 19, 2007.

Condoleezza Rice for crushing reforms.
Another leader trying to stay on top his
critics say he wants to be president forever -
is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Chavez is stridently anti-American, a pos-
ture sure to generate support in some
precincts but opposition to his autocratic
rule is growing in Venezuela and abroad.
Chavez wants to change the Venezuelan
constitution so that he can be elected indefi-
nitely and expand his control over the econ-
He has already nationalized the oil,
telecommunications and electricity indus-
Another close ally US educated Presi-
Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia has
invoked an emergency decree after a police
crackdown in Tbilisi on an opposition demon-
stration. The protesters claimed that the pres-
ident intended to extend the mandate of the
current Parliament.
Saakashvilli has ignored U.S. appeals to
immediately revoke the state of emergency in
his country, located in the Caucasus. An
important fuel pipeline runs in the region
from the Caspian basin through Georgia and
Turkey to serve world markets.
Saakshvilli has called for a presidential
election on January 5 to test support for his
Sometime ago, President Bush mused it
was easier to be a dictator.
He's right about that. Bush with pres-
sure from his neo-conservative vice prest-
dent and staff has himself expanded presi-
dential power in the name of the "`war on
The power grab-bag of this administration
extends from its warrantless wire tapping to
the president's outrageous abuse of signingg
statements" that he issues when putting his
signature on new legislation; the statements
are his claims that he won't be bound by cer-
tain sections of the bill he just signed into
His decision to name as attorney general
retired federal judge Michael Mukasey .
who believes the president is above the law m
wartime is good insurance for Bush's pow-
er surge.
Unfortunately, Bush's actions show that
America is not in a prime position to preach
to friends and foes about abuse of power.
(This article was written by Helen
Thornas of Hearst Newspapers c. 2007).

WASHINGTON While President Bush
has been distracted with his unpopular war
against Iraq, friends and foes are busy grab-
bing power to perpetuate themselves in office.
Among them are Gen. Pervez Musharraf of
Pakistan; Russian President Vladimir Putin;
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and
President Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia.
There is little the United States can do
about the drift toward authoritarian rule.
For Bush, the toughest problem is the Pak-
istani leader who he has called a "friend."
The two men have established a close rela-
tionship and the U.S. president is not about to
lower the boom on the Pakistani leader who
has received a bundle of U.S. aid since 2001.
Despite Bush's personal entreaties and a
visit from Deputy Secretary of State John
Negroponte, Musharraf has refused to reverse
his decisions to suspend Pakistan's constitu-
tion and impose emergency rule, which is de
facto martial law.
Musharraf's purged court has defended his
decisions and opened the way for him to
serve another 5-year term this time as a
civilian president.
The ruling is expected to hasten his deci-
sion to relinquish his post as commander of
the armed forces.
Musharraf took power in a coup d'etat in
1999, deposing elected prime minister Nawaz
Sharif. Meantime, opposition leader Benazir
Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan -
who was ousted from power twice on accu-
sations of staggering corruption has called
on Musharraf to resign.
U.S. officials also are concerned about the
safety of Pakistan's horde of nuclear weapons.
Despite his' efforts, the whole Pakistan
episode is taking a toll on Bush's reliance on
personal diplomacy. Remember when Bush
met with Putin, looked into his eyes and said
he had a "sense of his soul"? Putin's former
career in the KGB secret police seems to
have escaped Bush in the State Departmen-
t's Cliff h~otes
Under Russian law, Putin must step down
as president next year but he obviously
finds such an option to be very painful.
The Russian president says he will run in
the December parliamentary elections and
hints that he could come back as a future
prime minister.
Putin has been backsliding on democratic
reforms, taking control of the television net-
works anid the oil industry.
He has been criticized by Secretary of State

* Louvred shutters
: urcsu: annsam
* Cup-lockstorm pancis


Govt's hiring

prC RU SC ar


JOin the Professional Team




( 3 years experience )

Basic Requirements

Outstanding Customer Service Skills
Professional Appearance
Energetic & Enthusiastic Team Player
Good Communication Skills
Dedicated to High Standards
Co puter Literate
Ability to Multitask

Submit Resume to The Manager as follows:

1. Email kelso~ securenetbahamas .com
2. Fax to 322-3307
3. Drop off at 10 Collins Avenue
4. Mail tO PO Box SS-6109

o In br-ief

Minister heads

deleglation to-
UNWTO session

MINISTER of Tourism and
Aviation Neko Grant will head
a delegation from the Bahamnas
today to the 17th session of the
United Nations World Tourism
Organisation (UNWTO) gen-
eal as lmbly mn Cartagena de
Mr Grant will address the
UWTbO assemably Thue vda
ous ministerial sessions which
end November 29 and discuss
with WTO secretary general
Francesco Frangialli the possi-
bility of collaboration with the
UNWTO to get technical assis-
tance for the Ministry of
Chief among the challenges
facing sustainable tourism ini-
tiatives which the assembly is
expected to address are climate
change, tourism's contribution
to poverty alleviation and job
creation, the cultural and social
impact of tourism development
and the necessity of good gov-
ernance and harmonious pub-
lic-private sector partnership.
During the Assembly, Secre-
tary General Frangialli will
reyrlodni toa iso brie in
a total of $2 billion daily, repre-
senting 35 per cent of the world
export of services and over 70
per cent in the least developed
Globally, some 846 million
tourist arrivals were recorded
in 2006 with 1.6 billion arrivals
forecast by the year 2020.
The delegation from the
Bahamas includes the director
general of tourism Vernice
Walkmne; director of communi-
cations Gabriella Fraser; and
Earlston McPhee, director of
sustainable tourism in the Mmn-
istry of Tourism and Aviation.
The Bahamas rejoined the
UNWTO in 2005 when it host-
ed the assembly.



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'98 HYUNDAl ELA\NTRA Best offer
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. . ~n

"We have sold every bag, we
do not have any more bags at all
in stock. Everything that I had
in stock was sold immediately
on Sunday and Monday we
don't have anything left."
Local as well as international
requests reportedly poured into
the stores from customers eagetr
to snap up the pricey, bugs Is
insiders in the fashion industry
predict the pieces will become
collector s items.
Taylor s hand-woven bags
niade of sisal straw with
mahogany adornments sold
from $275 for a standard **un-
embellished" bag, to up to $800
for a decoratedl and beaded
Celebrities such as Oprah
Winfrey. Vanessa Williams. and
Barbara Walters reportedly.
own1 handbags created by Ta'-
Despite the surge in de~mand,
Ms Brown contended that
prices were not raised at Colles

Tribune Staff Reporter
THE authorised Bahamian
retailer of the popular Harl Tay-
"s' Idout 'f hishlaaese cmpleie
since the local designer's high
profile murder, The Tribune has
Carol Brown, general man-
ager of the high-end clothing
boutique Coles of Nassau on
Bay Street, told Thre Tribrne
that the chain of stores has sold
out of all of its Harl Taylor
Coles of Nassau received a
shipment of 12 Harl Taylor
handbags (top r~igh~t) last Friday,
Ms Brown said, which were
then stocked at the store's
Lyford Cay location.
After highly publicised
reports regarding the local arti-
san's brutal murder surfaced on
Sunday, the remaining Harl
Taylor pieces quickly sold out,


plead gu H
10 'ille 81

flilhing' 111


Tribune Staff Reporter
THE captain and crew
members of a 50-foot
Dominican fishing vessel

Town, Inagua yesterday
and pleaded gualt toin
the Bahamas.
tion beaen nte oR I
Bahamas Defence and the
pd Uetieauthh rapeain any
crew of 34 on board the
vessel at 7am Tuesday
morning on suspicion of
the aforementioned
tw ivesssel was lcaed
Inagua, authorities said.
According to a press
reles r ued by rch

h0peouns ou oclee et '
110 crawfish, and four
Yesterday, Captain
Warlin Guillermo
Royaina of Manxanillo
pleaded guilty to the
offence of illegally fishing
in the Bahamian junisdic-
tion and was fined
$56,000. The fishery prod-
ucts found on board the
vessed, atl fsh ng appra-
five compressors were all

~s~~ ~-~il
J1C r~14


of Nassau.
"'No we did not put our prices
up. That is something we would
have never have done." Ms
Brown said she would consider
it "horrible" for any retailer to
tes ond in such a way to the
The Tribunre learned that
plans twere untdera rj oi
be featured in an upcoming
fashion showy organisedl m part
by C'oles of Nalssaul at the
British C'oloma~l Hilton on Bay
in past1 years,~ Taylor, along
with other local designers, took
part1 in the annual fashion event,
which aims to raise lunds for
the Bahamas Humane Society.
Due to his murder and all of
his pieces being out of stock,
his designs will not be featuimdt
this year, Ms Brown said. TD.l~
show is scheduled for Novem~n
her 27.
Hadt Taylor. 37, was found
stabbed to death in his Mount-
batten House residence on
West Hill Street by police on
Sunday morning.
A number of controversial
reports have surfaced mn the
aftermath of his murder, draw-
ing a correlation between the
discovery of his body and the
death of recently murdered col-
lege professor Thaddeus
McDonald. Dr McDonald was
found on Friday beaten to death
in his home less than a quarter
mile awayv from Taylor's home.
Police revealed on Tuesday
that seven Dominicans and one
Baha~mian arec being qulestioned
in connection with Tlaylor's

V~ x ~5
~~f""a ~iir
~ Ip
~ ~)

~Siku ~I
,.~' "

~' 2;' P
B .P" '4.



Latest Harl Taylor

handbags 'sold out'






IMilistPI IIingS hit TV
show to Family Islands

?Wrdclfah ~V rec gon ed th
Roloffs this August when the
Minnist A churismn bou h
in on Monday, November 26
when the episodes are sched-
uled to hit the airwaves.
Trading in the farm life of
Oregon for the island life of the
Bahamas, bh RoRo h e Ir
and soaked up many local trea-
duesduring their asitdas them
thir taythrough Aeba a ong
Cay, Toloo Beach, Sandy Cay
and Hopetown.
Among the excursions was a
men's-only fishing trip co-ordi-
nated by the Abaco Beach
Resort, one-on-one diving
instruction and a spa day for the
ladies at Abaco Club at Wind-
ing Bay.
Our goal in inviting the
Roloffs to the Bahamas was
two-fold, of course we wanted
to show off the beauty and fam-
il -frlkndlis au tet lOtui
was an equal priority to show
the Bahamas is a welcoming
place to visitors with accessibil-
ity needs," said Vernice
Walkine, director-general of the
Man of th h~os might want
to continue keeping an eye out
the ee is tohffs bthhetheo otohn
er, Molly and the father, Matt
investigated real estate while in


Former casino inspector denies cocaine charge
Sy riU *DefeUCt~ Lt ndant elects trial by jury *Bail hearing fixed for December 6 tolifeim prsnenaty a$4mil-ar
pturques tutnicaeumlioafine, and/or a sentence of
slnlc Emikel Ia ur~ lre~ste by4 the same day at 11pm on He was remanded to the ber 26, 2006, he knowingly five years to life under super-

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung is a m~an wvho has hrs finger on the pulse of what is considered to be the media
"hot spot" of our time, the Middle East He brmgs with him the latest news from there with a unique
blend of political, biblical, and prophetic insight that cannot be found in the media today.
He continues to monitor the most cur rent events as they unfold and compares these current events
to the prophetic truth of God's Word. He resided in` Jerusalem for 12 years working as a journalist,
arriving only 3 days before the 1991 Gulf Crisis. He is also host to radio, internet & TV programs
including "Day of Discovery", an author and noted conference speaker,

at Calvaryj Bible Church November 23rd 28th, 2007
Fri. 23rd, Mon. 26th & Wed. 28th at 7:00pm Sun. 25th at 11:00am & 6:30pmr
Calvar~y Bible Chus ch rs located at 62 Collins A~venue Ph: 3260800


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Btroward jail until that time.
Fowler was arrested on a
sealed indictment that dated
from 2006.
The indictment charges that
sometime from November
2006 to, on, or about Decem-

attempted to import, with the
intent to distribute, a con-
trolled substance that con.-
tained five kilograms of
If convicted, Fowler, also
known as "'Limey", could face

(IuIA) o~n Monday. Novem
herI 12wheniheentLedthe'1 1'US
asI Ame~rlcan Eagle flight 4930.
,m1 IIt agentss in the US, Fowler
hadlc Iintended to leave Miami

American Eagle flight 783 to
travel to Santo Domingo.
Yesterday. Fowler elected to
be tried by a jury, and his bail
hearing is set to begin before
Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow
on December 6.

distliibute av< c in IIL kil,lo ano 1
of cocuine, intlo the~ Ilnn,0

vised release.
A temporary bond has been
agreed by Fowler's attorney
Patricia Cassells with the
defence in the amount of

You're invited to our


with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung







trees mnto

a park of


SFreeport Bahamian artist
Antonius Roberts has
embarked on a project to sys-
tematically remove and trans-
form the remains of Casuari-
nas trees uprooted during the
hurricane season of 2004, lin-
8.00 ing the shores of beautiful
Taino Beach.
These enormous trees have
/3.00 become barriers to the free
flow of movement in certain
sections of one of the most
15.00 beautiful, natural beaches on
the island of Grand Bahama.
Mr Roberts has begun
!2.00 removing sections of these dis-
carded trees and is transform-
ing the pieces into sculptures
i50.00 honouring the spirit of the
Taino Indians, and is mounting
these pieces in areas around
195.00 Taino Beach.
Through this process, Mr
Roberts hopes to help restore
the natural beauty of Taino
Beach and transform the
immediate area into a large
sculptural park made up of dis-
carded objects.
On Saturday, November 10,
a group of Sunland High
S hoo AG dej no sen Ia
the supervision of Mrs Laven-
der Roberts, joined Mr
Roberts in cleaning up the
western area of Taino Beach.
This group of students has
pledged to adopt Taino Beach
and conduct a monthly clean-
U! up campaign.
Mr Roberts extended an
TO invitation to all special interest
groups, individuals, artists, arti-
sans and especially sculptors
R interested in working with dis-
carded wood and stone to join
r. him in his mission.

ER r


Coin of the Realm Ltd Celebrates 30

years in Grand style

Coin of the Realm Ltd recently held their annual Christmas event. This
year was even more magical than usual as they celebrated 30 years under
the theme of the Bahamian conch pearl. Many customers and suppliers
jlew in fr~om around the world to be a part of this memorable evening and
many locals commented on how this was the event that truly started the
Christmas season.

Coin of the Realm Ltd ~is famous for its exclusive, unique one of a kindT
pieces and this night was no exception. Jewels had come fr~om around the
world including such items as a white carved coral clasp that had been
carved in Italy flown to Switzerland to be set with a conch pearl fr~om the
Bahamas. Australian opals glistened in the magic of the night and then
there was the piece that everyone talked about. "The conch pearl and
diamond necklace set in platinum that took 5 years to create and consisted
of 7 evenly matched conch pearls set with internally flawless diamonds
that left many customers speechless as they looked on in awe.

There were two pieces specially commissioned for the evening. The first
piece was a Jorg Heinz clasp hand crafted using three colors of gold set
with diamonds and numbered between 1-30. Jorg Heinz clasps are
exclusive to Coin of the Realm Ltd and can be interchanged with pearls,
gold and steel necklaces an ideal gift for the lady that has everything.
The second piece was from the Orbis collection a ring in the shape of a
conch shell with changeable spheres, the spheres can be purchased in
many different gemstones and any color of the rainbow to complete any

Th~e store looked amazing so intricately designed in luxurious fabrics and
displays all shades of the conch pearl with each piece perfectly placed
by the talented hands ofMr. Jim Whitehead fiom Nassaur Florists and
Mr. Andrew Parker f~om Coin of the Realm Ltd. The staff all beautifully
dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos and then there were the flower
arrangements that stopped everyone in their tracks. Custom designed tall
vases filled with conch shells and pink orchids that seemed to be just
floating in air so magically created8 by Michelle White ofFloral Arts who
has been creating special works bf jart for Coin of the Realm Ltd for
many years.

Customers were also treated to a very festive and colorfurljunkanoo
parade and your could not help but get the feeling that Coin of the Realm
Ltd is like the Conch pearl a true gem of the Bahamas. When asked what
makes Coin of the Realm Ltd such a success Mr. & Mrs. Stewart said
"that it is the people, Curstomers who come in as just that but leave as
friends and the staff that come here become family and truly love what
they do"'. Mrs. Karen Alliata daughter of the Stewart 's went on to add
" We travel all around the world to bring rare finds back to the Bahamas,
we stand behind all oulr pieces and we train our staff to sell to the best
of their ability ensuring that our customers are happy wvith their purchases
and enjoy their shopping experience at Coin of the -Realm Ltd".

As the evening came to an end you could not but understand why Coin
of the Realm Ltd is proudly celebrating 30 years. There is a magic in the
store, a uniqueness to the gorgeous pieces they sell and something very
rare a standard ofservice the leaves you wanting to come back for more.

Coin of the Realm Ltd a true gem of the Bahamas...........

a WA m:I l
Michael Stewart, Karen Alliata, Marsha
Stewart, Matteo Alliata & Juilete Alliata

Mr &r Mrs J6rgo Heinz designer of the
36rg Hemnz clasp system
exclusive to Con of the Realm

Mr. & Mrs. Reiner Engel
Jewellery designer from Germany

Mr Mi~chael Stewart congratulating Mrs
Virginia Evan~s on thirty years of service

Mr. &Mrs. Gavin Geekie
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Adamthwaite

Ahicia Adderley, Lois Major,
Kay Bamn & Kay Aranha

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Smith
and Mlarsha Stewart

Junkanoo Rush by Colours Group

The Coin of the Realm Ltd. Team
Karen Alliata, Andrew Parker, Marsha Stewart,
Caroline Thompson, Michelle Coakley, Samnantha Darville,
Maebree Johnson, Cathy Moultrie & Virginia Evans



Happy 30th Anniversary

_ ~iylllll. _Illlp-l


L~ r

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O I~ le~l ~

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The Affoniable Solution

10 WOrA*Out Bathtubs
*Bathtub Liners are designed to fit over womn-out bathtubs
*Wall Surrounds to cover existing bath walls: In simulated Tile and Marble
Shower Base Liners to go over existing Shower bases
Cultured Marble Vanity Tops and Sinks
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Dolphin House owner welcomes tourism.boom in Bimini

'A noemn in stone'



BIMINI -- Just up the road
fr~om Bimini Bay Resort sits a
driveway which seems like
every other driveway in Bimini.
However, this driveway leads
to the Dolphin House, a 14-year
venture in mosaics and carpen-
Resort-goers often find there
is plenty to do at Bimini Bay
with the resort's spectacular
beaches, fine dining and regu-
larly scheduled events, but
many can't resist a quick after-
noon trip to visit the Dolphin
The house is built of mostly
natural materials, including
coral, stone and shells, all found
in Bimini
Three mosaic dolphins mark
the entrance.
Native plants and shells serve
as landscaping. A hodgepodge
of tiles covers the entire exteri-
or of the building.
Ashley Saunders, the
artisticarpenter behind the Dol-
'phin House, said he likely has
crae teo m st unique house

House are trimmed with dis-
carded bottles, coins and sea
With new ideas popping into
his head all the time, Mr Saun-
ders said he might never finish
the house.
The former teacher and
accomplished author on the his-
tory of Bimini is eager to share
his Dolphin House with anyone
who visits Bimnum.
With the addition of Bimini
Bay Resort and Casino to the
island, Mr Saunders said the
number of visitors is increasing.
He hopes that trend continues.
"I've put a lot of
time into this
,,,>* house. I built
about 95 per cent
of it on my own,"
4 he said.

:!, taken 14 years of" e ti a

P."What would be
%' \the point if I did-
n't get to share it
with more peo-
SMr Saunders
said tourism has
Long been a top
industry for Bimi-
ni, but growth has
been slow.
Since developer Gerardo
Capo began construction on
Bimini Bay Resort, Mr Saun-
ders said the island has become
a bigger draw for tourists.
b This reps1r tcoultd'v eeb n
and Mr Capo chose Bimini," he
said. "That tells you Bimini is a
wonderful place with wonder-
ful people.
"Now that the resort is com-
ing alon$, people here are start-
ing to realise what a great thing
it is. This is the best thing to
happen to Bimini."
Mr Saunders is looking for-
ward to the completion of the
resort in the hopes it will bring
more people to Bimini and, in
turn, more people to visit his
Dolphin House. He said the
island, with its skilled fisher-
men, expert craftsmen and
umquegu artisans, offers visitors
.a .ex erince unlike any oth-

( '

DISTINCTIVE: Ashley Saunders began constructing the
Dolphin House in 1993. Today, two storeys are com-
-plete, but Saunders salp he's got room for a third. (Right)
Ashley Saunders said the addition of Bimini Bay Resort
and Casino Is bringing more tourists to Bimini, which
means a greater audience for his Dolphiri House.

IThe first an&
second floors of -

tchmphee, ,thou '
Mr Saunders can
often be found
crafting some-
thing else to add
to the home's
quirky appeal.
The interior walls are molded
from seashells, sponges and oth-
er items found lying around the
island. Instead of crown mold-
ing, the walls in the Dolphin

"I wanted a house that does-
n't look like any other house in

t' ome dt is hou i pso
in stone. It's something to be
The inspiration for the Dol-
phin House came from a swim
in the wild in which Mr Saun-
ders encountered several dol-
The experience, he said,
changed his life and he decided
to dedicate his new home to the
elegant creatures.

058-393) 242( 1 "Authorized Dealer"
Vish our Showroom & Office located at the Red Carpet Inn, East Bay Street

ts. 1992

c~~~~~~~l~ (S~-3~13'~~~t

womena Pun res ascos

Y": $.


30/3~ mw
,51 '~

'" (
ii'~E~i~T *
1\. ,~ F`~
~~?I'- ;~;:: *

-- :-I
,.. ~.,,~
.;. .I~,....., ~.

~bP~our homne in th e tclurs

.of ~daream this Christmeas

2 0%Y oi

cstorIewi d





gY~ ~ Iy

oreperg.LamsSh~ers I

Accessagilif inting,


and cancel has

Fred M/itchell


_ _RC_ _MII_~_ 1_ I I



it was again at $1.9 billion.
He said the PLP facilitated
and sustained a level of capital
inflows which expanlded the
construction industry, created
significant employment oppor-
tunities, and stimulated con-
sumerism at unprcecdentedl
Mr Mitchell stated tha;t for-
cein dir-ect inivestmenti IntaIeII d
$709' millani in 1006 ulone, andc
the first half of 200)7.
"T'his governments' policy
to stop, review. and canicel has
caused a levellinig off inl thle
FDI, a slow dlown in the con-
struction1 inldustry, aInd a criti-
cal credit crunch aIs pressure
on thle monkey supply has
caulsed a1 spike in thle cist of
capital in aldditio~n to pressure
to raise the prime~ ra~te," he
On the issue of unemploy-
ment, M~r M~itchell said that a
reduction in economic output
of 1.5 per cent anid the removal
of $100 million from circtila-
tion in the Bahamian econlo-
my is sufficient evidence that
unemployment is on the rise.

and the hiarm its ill-advised
decisions have caused to the
Bahamnian economy and visit-
ed on the lives of thousands of
Bahamians," he said.
Mr Mvitchell said he took
issue with remarks made by
Minister of State for Finance
Zhivargo Laing on Friday,
when he appeared as a guest
onl the radio show, "The Way
(Je said that Mtinister Laning
claimedt that the Bahamian l
ecoiinoy traditionally Ings
behind the UIS economy alnd
referred to the latest Interll;-
tional Mlonetary Fund (lMF~)
report from the Article IV
Mission to the Bahamias in
support of his claim.
Mr Mitchell, however.
reported that while growth in
the US ieconomy~ declinedl from
.3.9 per Cent in 20041 to 7.2 in
20)07. growth in the Bahamiacn
economy steadlily increased
from 1.3 per cent to 4.5 Per
cent during the same period.
"'This was the result of prop-
er economic planning and t~e
successful execution of sound
liscal and monetary policies.
"T~he argument, therefore,
being advanced by the FNM is

inherently disingenuous as
they seek to intentionally mis-
lead the Bahamian public and
deflect from thie failures of
their policies and the subse-
quent banelul effects its deci-
sions are having on the
Baihamian economy," he saud.
M~r Mitchell said the
Bahaman~s is falling behindc its
Ca~ribbean ne~ighbours. He
revealedl thlat the average rate
IMEll for L uslin Amenrica and
the~ C';iribbeanl for- 2007 is five
pecr cenc.
"A-t three per cent we are
I;Igging foir behind our neigh-
hours. We are at the bottom
of the region being trailed only
by Jamlaica," he said.
This sudden turn of events
ovecr the last four months
po'ints to theI mlismalinagemnt n
of the BHnlamian economy by
this inicomnpetent FNM1 gov-
ernmenllt a~nd theyv must accept
responsibiiliy for it and taki
immediate cor rective actions.'
Mlr Mitchell said when the
PLP w~as in office, tourism
expenditure remained strong
fr~om 2004i when it w~as at $1.9
billion, to 2005 when it peaked
at $2.02_5 billion, to 2006 when

Tribune Freeport
Fred M~itchell claims that the
FNM/'s failed economic poli-
cies have caused a decline in
the Bahamian economy which
has resulted in an increase in
"The slow\ down, in tie
Bahamian economy from 4.5
per cent to 3 per cent amiounts
to some $100 million being tak-
en out of cirCulation in the
Bahamiann economyy" he said
at the PLP's Freeport Head-
quarters on Tluesday.
Mvr Mlitchllzl asserted that the :
FNMv's failure to follow
through with the Aclbany, Baha
Mvar, South O~cean. and Ritz
Carlton pro~jects is the princi-
pal reason fo~r the economiic
"The PLP again expresses
grave concerns over the gov-
ernment's unwillingness to
recognize its error and accept
responsibility for the failure of
its economic policies to date,

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Maynard, on November 18 to help support seed money collection for the participants' 20th annual Junior Junkanoo
Parade, and as a gesture of continued sponlsorshilp. Pictured. from: left. arle director of culture Dr Nicolette Bethel,
Mr Maynard, Mr Glinton, Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Guitur~e Carl Bethel anld senior crafts inastruc-
tor and co-ordinator of Junior Junkanoo Percy "Vola" Francis.

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Mitchell: FNM's failed

economic policies have

mocreased, joblessness

Fox Hill MvP takes issue with Finance Minister Laing

Prvte BankingS PICTET 9

so PS lanik

~ P~

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F' r':xa~

mFROM page one
Now, Mr ('urier and well-known precacher Dr
Michacl Herlnard~t Beckwith, who organisedl the service,
;Ire Inxiouis o~ver D~r King s whereabouls.
"We havl\e hadr thle hotel check the r~oomn cycry da~y,"
soild Mr ('arter, "A~ll luis things are still there
untoluched.. Theic hatihroom has not been used and his
jeLwe~llery! is I~llyn there next to the bedt on a sidec-tabhle.
"I ha~ve calledl every police station anld chec~ked
everyIn jai roundlc here andi they know nothing. Secu
ri!y hais been up1 to hiS room1 every day and hec is
now\her~e to, be f'oulndl.
the a 1/u 111 thla b ny iove in con tovetm es in
for his much publicised "foundation" events, was saici
bydMD2 1atr be co findw >fbot eHadl d i
in NassauI over the weekend.
When told about the killings, Mr Carter said: "Wow,
I'd hear-d about those guys. I know their names. Rudy
was a friend of theirs."

deep y di DrK in nbec ups ni has nt cpiece To uw o
thniHilton and his room is still clocking up thait $1,200
a ht
..He told me he was arriving by private jet on Friday.
I sPoke to himn alter he checked into the hotel, but
since then we halve heard nothing. I amn feeling really


.t I

:: .

FROM page one


corned~ Pensionl and spending
some quality lime with miy fam-
ily." said Mr1I Furqubarson,
"Thtis will b~e the first timec in
the \las 40( years that I'm going
tohe < 1 for Christmas anel

His wife also goes on pre-
titan :" ocl scrics:/oas D~il c
tor of Rehabilitatlive Services,

Last weekl M/r Farquharson
and Mr Fe~rguson visited
numerous islands across the
archiplago~c to announce the
"We met w'ith thle ad minis-
trators. councillors and. of
courTse. Oulr police officers."
said Mr Ferguson. "They are
the people who work hand in
hand with the police in differ-
ent districts." Mr Farquharson
said the trip w\ent "very well."
"We met people to thaik
themlfor the~ii upport and
itrciuc nI it crulo as s <
Ir;!. mseve in aos
Asked holy\\ heC feelCS about hliS
new\ respons"ibilities yecsterday
M~r Ferguson.. laughing,. said.

Hie addte: ch~lc"Bultik sI
o'h ileto sf ini he upper
echelons of the force come just
onc~ r \\ ceka f~ter Mr Fur-

terrorism" lic took with himn on
the trip two orricers. assistant
commissioner Christopher
McCoy. and Inspector Talinda
Missick. officer in charge of
Interpol to "introduce them to
the key persons...to make sure
there's a smooth transition."

Isi.~ 8,

aP -1 .

7 7

1~-~2007 FORD

5~5~ X3.0L V6 Automatic

ii I Cb~ra 1 -'LEATHER


Model Year Clearan'ce yout can experience the

wha el fn tent h t lh nah nls on hoeruonad

~ble at


EL.: 356-7100( *FA: 328-6094

* WE BSITE: friend lymotors baham as.com SnartC'hoice -

I ~

Dr Rudy King
unca~sy about it. We are scourinlg the city andC I am now
repor"ting it officially to the police.
"Staff at the hotel saiy his clothes, suitcases and
personal belongings are still in place in his ro~om,
whichltlcms with private driver, you name it. Idid not
kniow he rolled that hig "
Mr- Carte~r saidl: "He didn't show at the church scr-
vice, he didn't call and it just doesn't make sense.
TIhe hotel says everythling hats remained the same in his
room three days in a row.
"Every~thing I feel about this is symbolic of someone
being held. There is something not kosher about it. Los
Angeles is not a place to mess around."

in Ma $ ilona da wit n hteh Kmzn a nvenoln d
He himself was recently invited to Nassau to receive
a 'dgl bal awa "' ac a ce emonoy hoste by Dr Kulg
But he said he didn't attend because he felt there
was "something not quite right" about it.

to rre 1111 th daswuabd tu Dr t Bccwt' e (11 hwu hA a
congregation running inlto thousands.
"We had cameras, newspapers and lots of people
there, but Dr King didn't show up,"~ he saidl.
77r, Tribuner triedl without success to contact Dr
IVingi's associates in Nassalu lalst night.

Morocco whe~re he ~untlendd his
last Interpol conference.
Mr Farquharson saidl that
aside from uncndingR to heai of
"the latest in crime fighting and

Murder: wedding staff held

FROM page one

this calse and the falct that all but one of the persons in custody is foreign.
Supt Chief Miller said tha1t police will be abic to attain an extension to the
.0i-hour limit.
Due to a risk of flight and because this is a homicide case, he explained,
police will be able to detain the eight people for a maximum of 96 hours
without bringing any charges against them.
M/r Miller, however, said that he could not disclose when those 96 hours
will be up. The group. which includes six Dominican men, one Domini-
can woman and one Bahamian mnan, was reportedly taken into custody
sometime on Mlonday. Mr Miller said that all of the Dominicans appear
to be in possession of the necessary legal documents to be able to work
in the Bahamas, but added that this is still something which is being
investigated by police.
The CDU chief further said that police know whose wedding was
being celebr~ated at Mountbatten House a day before Mr Taylor's body
wa;s found,. but explained that this information cannot be shared with the
I'llhl irM Miller could not reveal any further details about the murder

McDonald. Dean of the Faculty~ of Social and Educational Studies at the
College of the Bahamas.
According to a well-placed source close to the police, the --gayl con-
nection" is one of thle angles investigators were pursuing to help them
solve these two high-profile murders.
Dr McDonaldl. 59. waus found dead in his bed in his Queen Street
hone on Friday, reportedly beaten "beyond recognition" with a clothing
Mr Taylor and Dr McDonald were found dead in their homes within
two day~s olf each other. The homes' of both murder victims were also only


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o In brief

thcirI" prsonal, professional
M~s IHrmvn said the launch
of the netwl~ork comes at a cru-
cia~l timle in Bahamnian history
wYhen there is an urgent need
for aleadeship programmes
that tairget disaffected youths.
She said her awareness of
t he "\vital importance of a
sense of self" in inspiring con-
fidence and self-esteem that
laid the foundation for Iron.
M~s Brow'n pointed out that
thec namle suggests strength.
;adding that she believes that
Ir~on Netwvork will allow indi-
v~idua~ls to discover how

being~ launIIchedC thliS monthI.
on Noevense, 27 Ilic Ir son
Network will he launlchedc hI
founder andi CEO) Shlik~Ia
"lron is a multifaiceted nct-
work that is decsigne~d to Ihelp
women to dliscover their plr-
pose and specific assignments
on earth,"' according to Ms
"As iron sharpens iron, so a
friend sharpens a friend" Ms
Brown said this commonly cit-
ed quote "reminds us that rela-
tionships are designed to
ignite, activate and refine our
She said the network's miis-
sion is to connect with, train,
and sharpen women through
leadership and empowierment

up of illegal

TWO planeloads of Haitians
were flown out of Abaco ye~s-
terday following an Immiira-
tion Department round-up of
illegal immigrants.
Islanders were unsure
whether they were destined for
repatriation in Haiti, or for pro-
cessing in Nassau.
"We understand there were
about 55 Haitians altogether,"
said one resident, "they were
rounded up in Hope Town,
Marsh Harbour and Man o
War Cay."
The move followed the recent
appointment of Fosteen Major-
Smith as chief immigration offi-
cer in Abaco.
The resident said: "It seems
this lady means business."
Government officials r~ece~nt-
ly began dismantling shanty
homes at The Mud settlement
in Marsh Harbour following
town meetings at which loc~alcs
expressed concern over the
growing Haitian population on
the island.

Treat for Iboxcar

fans on Satualay
BOXCAR enthusiasts at
Hope Town, Abaco, are look-
ing forward to Saturday's annu-
al race event.
Locals and tourists are
expected to turn out in force
for the boxcar races, in which
youngsters compete in home-
made vehicles powered by gray-
ity. A slope in the settlement is
used for this annual contest of
thrills and spills.

YOHlgsIrsS 10 perform
teacher Eileen Pelon stages a -
children's production at the
Marsh Harbour Beach Resort
on Saturday.
The youngsters will perform
famous dance numbers from hit
Broadway shows like Annr~ie.

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Haitians flown Iron Networ-k gets ready for November
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Autopsies completed
FROM page one
1h:1. two~ mncl camenc ulnderl fire al'ter they were seen by the off-
dluty of ice~r- attacking a pat~r~on of the Bamboo Shack cafe with kmives'
slashing him about the: body.
Tfhe officer got out of a ca~r hie wals trav'elling in and. according to
po'licec. identified himself to the attackers as an officer before pursu-
An, n.\v~itnecss clarimedc that the officer fired a warning shot into the
;lir before the cha~Se` took place.
The men were then said to have got into a vehicle and attempted
t capc rl ahe ra te pr tess hinting seal odhe oake ve 1- s
is now\\ knlow\n to~ have hit and killed one of the men.

a I I I

Je Miami: Tel. (305) 871-0571
T~oll Free; 11 (877) Biexcess

exce~ssbaggage Nassau: Tel. <=*=> 377-5**- .ov.....
Office Hours: 9:OO 8:OO PM Daily
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FROM page one

beg~fin thle ca~se fo(r Pinewoodl MP
Bvrlonl Woodsidec when thle PLP
wimpsl' up' inl thec next fecw da;ys. quels-
t io~ned se ve ral wi tnesses on his list,
"1ppe'r inl court yeslterday.
P'.'IP clea CounIsel P'hilip "Brave
Davis inflormedt thes court before
MrII BR;Inett's inquir~ies with the wit-
nesscs thiat his: side was willing to
agree' that1 o~ne of' the voters, Joycce-
Ivnl (ollie, wa;s not an ordinary res-
idecnt olf the' constituency .
This willingness to agree on the
status of voters has been the posi-
tion oIf the PLP side since last week,
whlen they offered a deal in which
the palrties would agree on who is in
the co~nstituency, who is out, and
debate the remainder. This offer
was not accepted by the FNM and
representatives of the returning
off'icer of the constituency Herbert
Brown who had concerns about
voter~ls beinge disfranchisedl by mocre

by Mr Da~vis, Tatkera Rolle, also on
the FNM's list. pointed to an area
on the Pinewood constituency map
north of Sequoia Street that was
just outside the Pinewood bound-
aryS line, and in Sealbreeze.
Dawn Lewis, counsel from the
Attorney Gieneral's office who
repre~sents Returning Officer
Brown also brought documents
Ito the court yesterday to clarify
questions about the number of
times G;retal Collic appeared reg-
istere~d on1 the counlterfoil of vot-
ers. and thle number of voters cards
1Is~ au~: ~ve ccn pII 11 ickp .lis-
On Tuesday, two photo~)ll copis of cr
I'CSeparate I) reIst' ort a on r Ms Cle
Ir cin \\itt tpe <(II tC.and another
. without. Additionally, Ms Collie
prondeid a voter s card for the

ot her documents had her registered
in Pinewood.
Ms Lewis provided the originals
ofr the coulnterfoil, advising Senior
Justice Anita Allen and Justice Jon
Is;aacs to look at the dates stamped
on the balck of the cards, which she
said might shed some light on the
After examining the originals,
Senior Justice Allen remarked that
the blue card is from 2001, indicat-
ing that one of the cards is from
the 2002 election. However, Senior
Justice Allen said after close exam-
ination of the documents, that now
the court is aware that it is two,
and not three, registration docu-
ments in question.
The question of how many vot-
crs cards were prepared under Ms
Collies likeness, comes after it was
revealed during the testimony of
Deputy Director of Immigration
Lambert Campbell that Jamaican
bMangani Tar, vbo eb a vot s
reportedly found mn possession of
two Bahamian voters cards.
Landlord Ernest Johnson testi-
fied during the afternoon session
that Lena Mae Cleare, who is bemng
challenged by the PLP, is a tenant
at his property on Ida Street,
between Robinson Road and Bal-
four Avenue. He said she has lived
there for about a year.
Mr Johnson could not remem-
her the exact date that Ms Cleare
moved in, but he told the court that
it was probably in September or
October of last yearr. However, Mr
Ba~cr {( ated hm 'n 'h spc
represents six months before the
Mr 00rt itol the witness that
the BEC records indicate that Ms
tlar d Idnn lhav eher electbrici y

did not occur until a few weeks
after she moved in.
Senior Justice Allen released Mr
Johnson until Tuesday of next week
when he will provide the court with
the rent receipts he has for Ms
Kevin Basden, GM for BEC
began testimony, during the morn-
ing session yesterday. His testimo-
ny was bnief, however, as Mr Bar-
nett did not have a copy of a chart
Mr Basden referred to in court. Jus-
tice Isaacs released hun, mnstruct-
ing him to return on Monday at
10am to give Mr Barnett tune to
examine the document.
More than 20 witnesses testified
during proceedings, and Mr Davis,
who is expected to wrap up the
PLP case next week, is scheduled to
give the court a status report on his
case today when court resumes at

COTOner'S inquest
is TcOnunended

100o the police
Shooting death
Of Androsian

FROM page one

ommending that charges be
brought, forwarding the file to
tatthe oue offoce ws jsr~end.
Kenny Russell, of Conch
Sound Andros, died in the early
he ber 2,S ot demCIubm CbSn
in Lowe Sound after a night out
with friends. He was shot mn the

between the officer and Mr Rus-
sell prior to shots being fired, the
family maintained that there was
very little disturbance.
.They said they would like a full
inquiry into their relative's death.
The commissioner promised a
"transparent" and "professional"
investigation into the matter,
telling family members in a meet-
ing that "the chips will fall where
they may."
Ksny d co srtoan warke
have recently returned to his
birthplace and childhood neigh-
b urhhoodnoft inch Sound torhyv
his death.



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I : ',;.' FI'i a I lble 1In NP ..O Prodnce oniiv First RerpNlSe operates as an .ndependent company under
..., 1) .'ri: ~o I ;~l:s i:. can wtitn ca~ldrnt s rli anld support and to facl tate a speedler d~alms settiement process for

;S q e g1' ii ~`.





;Y-7 s~ i

I. ~''
IkP~I I. r~~'
** r
:'~ :;' -'. ~
~ i.s::

:i;~ r~~a,(~J;~ i: c

,I ,..

First Response is the only on-site accident assistance
programme in The Bahamas. Available from Bahamas
First, First Response provides immediate on-site accident
assistance from the moment of an accident right through
the claim and repair process.

I One call to 32f I .T dispatches a First Response Van
where trained professionals begin the claims process
nr thie spot. First Response is only available to vehicles insured through
authorized agents of Bahamas First General Insurance Company. And it's
fre~e ..IIm no additional cost. Call a Bahamas First authorized agent today!

Onl-Site Accident Assistance with First Response!

A Scott Fitzgerald Insurance
Brokers & Agents
r: (242) 356-570g

Andeaus Insurance
Broker Co. Ltd
r .12) 3:3-11545

Bethlel Thompsonl Agency

CARIB Insurance Agency

CMIA Insurance
Brokers & Agents
L 42~) 39)3-6735

Colina General Insurance
T: (242) 325-3809

Confidence Insurance
Brokers & Agents
T: (242) 323-6920

General Brokers & Agents
T: (242) 322-1871

Moseley Burnside
Insurance Agency
T: (242) 394-8305

N.U.A. Insurance
Agents & Brokers Ltd.
T: (242) 328-5992

Professional Insurance
T: (242) 327-2143

Response Insurance
Agency Ltd.
T: (242) 393-3277

Star General Insurance
T: (242) 393-5529

Sunshine Insurance Agency
T: (242) 394-0011

d~J: t, 7~YI~-Mrr

Chefs are infusing indligenousf food

products into our unique cuxisine.



. .
i ,
~i ~~

) a


6 ,~
- *



P a~scale Burrowrs


Do; T~our 1Palrtd I


11 L 1~

Lets 1Ma~e I~t

Be tte~r... .Agai;ln !



~ - .~-rl

Sth, Terrace Centreville
Tel 322-8862/3 E-ma il: i nfo 8robertsf urn itureco.com

~: ?i;

~FJ~~~p: ~~
Fd~ ,c~~


Chetsr Are


~~yvr4nu: '''

24th f. emd 10avm to,4pm


Celebrating excellence .,

--:: "-"1






EACH vqear in October'
theL Queen 's College High
School takes time to cele-
brate the achievements of
the previous academic year.
and this year there was
plenty to celebrate.
Sharing in the celebra-
tion of excellence this year
was Bvran Woodside, MP
and Minister of State for
Youth and Sports, who
gave the keynote address.
"Oueen's College is
proud to showcase the
many talents of the stu-
dents, ranging from acad-
emics to athletics; from the
arts to debating; from
world travels to community
service," said the school in
a statement.
Individual students were
called to the stage to
receive certificates of out-
standing achievement for
their work during the past
academic year.
S ubj ect prizes were
issued as well as certifi-
cates of high standing for
external examinations.
Student athletes were
recognized for their efforts
in their respective sports,
including the second place
track and field team, the
junior boys soccer champi-
ons, the senior boys vol-
leyball champions, and the
BAISS swimming champi-
Also highlighted were
the many students who
excel in a variety of extra-
curricular activities.
The vice-principal of the
High School, Shawn Turn-
quest, was beaming with
pride ~as she introduced the
students pursuing
advanced, rigorous cours-
es (SPAR Cs).
These students push
themselves to excel beyond
the national BGSCE level,
following courses in the
Advanced Placement pro-
gramme. In fact, 87 per
cent of the graduating class
of 2007 had taken courses
beyond the BGCSE stan-


Queen's College current-
ly offers AP courses in sev~
en subject areas and sends
teachers to AP training
institutes throughout North
America to become certi-
With this programme,
Queen's College said it is
seeing that its top students
can excel in their post-sec-
ondary studies and com-
pete globally with interna-
tional counterparts.
During the celebration of
excellence, it ivas
announced that many of
the students at Queen's
College had taken advan-
tage of the summer vaca-
tion to attend camps, sem~
inars, conferences and trips
to further expand their
knowledge and experience.
Some students practiced
their language~skills during
a European tour. Others
attended an engineering
camp, while others took in
the People to People
Future Leaders Summit.
Some students. had the
privilege to attend confer-

Taking you where you want to go.

A dynamically styled notchback sedan with a generous amount of space
for passengers and luggage.

KELLY BRUNEY, head girl, receives a certificate of achievement
from Principal Andrea Gibson


BB4; J~~~i~~ ag- .
PRINCIPAL OF Queen's College Andrea Gibson presents a
certificate of achievement to the head boy, Zachary Lyons

ences at prestigious umi-
versities such as Stanford
oinives'i'Oy asnd Johns Hop-
Another highlight of the
celebration of-excellence
was the installation of the
prefect body.
The four outstanding stu-
dent leaders for the year
2007-2008 were featured.
Zachary Lyons and Kelly
Bruney were chosen as
head boy and head girl by
their teachers and peers.
Selected as deputy head
boy and deputy head girl
were Francis Poitier and
Amanda Conyers.
"All of the prefects are
known throughout the stu-
dent body and are respect-
ed for their integrity,
dependability, responsibil-
ity and commitment to the
principles and ideals of the
school," QC said.
The Principal of Queen's
College, Andrea Gibson,
said she is confident that
through the deliberate
efforts of professional staff,
along with commitment of
parents, Queen's College
is providing the opportuni-
ty for students to become
well-rounded, contributing
members of society.

~i~a~~ "' `
'" i'
: r


r a~C ra cy St~

t a QUeen'S COllege


Epica Features:

* 2.0L, V6 engine
* Automatic Transmission
* Air Conditioning
*Advanced Suspension
* Driver-side Airbag

shlrley stret 32a-39os Fax: m2-Rnn
info~nassumotorr.com ww.chenoltbahamas.com

* Factory Alarm
* Allloy Wheels
* Keyless Entry
* ED Player
* Power windows, mirrors & locks

L~Royal Bank
~. of Canada
an on-tihE-5pot Arnanng aml insurnfe.
Rrs wm\ 24-monthl24,000-mfle factory arranty.

:t ~E~31u~5~


yc ,





If it's


...it's OKAY!
A\ premiuml flour that is mnilled froml Canald~ian
H~ard Red Sp~rinlg Whe~t
An enlrichedl Iour that~ is vecrsatile andt wecll suited
to various hakin~g anld cookling~ applicaiionls

Distributed throughout the Bahamias by

Bahamnas Whonlesale Agencies Ltd
Nassau: 39-1 17591



i: I.i-~ `*91~LIII~L.
~. ,Ilr SII~LWIS*r

'' j~il i-"~~__ ..~...~~.~~ ~ ~

RAILWAY WORKERS replace a cable after an arson attack on the high-speed rail network in Varreddes, France, 50 kms(32 mis)east of Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007. Coordi-
nated acts of sabotage struck France's high-speed trains, causing further delays to services already widely disrupted by strikes just as talks were opening Wednesday to coax
unions into ending their walkout. The national SNCF rail authority stopped short of blaming strikers for the overnight vandalism, which it said included the burning of electric cables
and damage to signaling systems. Labor unions quickly denied any connection.

Vandals hit French train lines

RS Stri e ne otiations be in

back to work on subway and
long-distance trains.
Just over half of the 700 nor-
mally scheduled fast trains were
scheduled to run Wednesday, the
SNCF said. It said the acts of van-
dalism were causing delays of one
to three hours for some high-
speed trains.
SThe afttacks appeared to be
aimed at further crippling the fast
train network: Vandals targeted
lines connecting Paris to the w~est-
ern Atlantic coast. the east. the
north and the southeast of the
SNCF official Mlireill Faugere
said electric cables runining
beneath tracks had been set
alight and thenI reburie~d. making
it harder to find and fix trouble
spots. The vandals also stuck
burning rags into railw~ay signal
boxes, Faug~ere said.
Interior M~inister Michele
A-lliot-Malrie said police were
working to identify those respon-
Talks between labor unions
and Paris' public transit authori-
ty kicked off early Wednesday
with a government representa-
tive present. Negotiations w~ith
the SNCF were slated for later
in the day.
The talks are expected to last
one month.
The government hopes the
opening of the negotiations w\ill

prompt a full return to work.
The SNCF said strikers' ranks
continued to dwindle Wednes-
day. with just more than one in
fiv'e workers still striking. On the
first full day of the walkout, 61
percent of rail workers took part,
the SNCF said.
Striking rail workers- in the
Miediterranean port city of Mar-
seille did not w.ait until the~ end of
the first round of talks and voted
Wednesday to extend the strike
at least through Thursday. an
officiall from th~e CGT-Cheminot
union said.
But workers in several smaller
cities could vote later Wednes-
day. to resume work. union offi-
cials said.
A-fter about a werek of unchar-
acteristic silence. Sarkozyl spoke
out against the strikes on Tues-
day. which he said were holding
transport users "hostage." He
pressed st rikers to return to work
and insisted that he wouuld not
back down on1 the retirement
reforms an opening salvo in
his broader program of econom-
ic, political and social change for
Fra nce.
The head of France's main
employers' association described
the strikec as '"a real catastrophe
for our ecollnomy.
"*The economic cost is incalcu-
lable. probably gigantic." Lau-
re~nce Parisot told RTL radio.


British government says

sorry after mislaying
dletails of 25 million people

b~i!ggest Securllity. brache~lc S in thle
counit11 `\ hliStory.\ I'` lef illionls of

Two\. CompIIIIute disks that went
mlissingS while being sent from one
~i\ erlrnment department to anoth-
cer contl~ainedc names. addresses.
birth dates. national insurance
numberlc'ls anld inl some cases -
hanklling~ detlls for 25 million peo-
p~le' nearly half the country's pop-
ulation. ~The disks were password
proteICtedC bu1t the information on
themrl \\als nout encrypted. officials

-1 profoundly~ regret and apol-
ogFive forl the inconvenience and
worries that have been caused to
mlillionls of families that receive
childl becnefits." Brow'n told the
Houlse of Commons. "We have
a duty to, do everything that we
canl to, proteIct the public."
Brow\~it sa~id he had asked secu-
rity experts to work with govern-
me~cnt departmelnLnt s to check their
procedlur~s. He said the informn-
tionl commissioner also would be
gi\ cn the powecr to carry out spot
checks on~ government depart-
Brow,~n said he stood by Trea-
sur! lichlief listair Darling. w~ho

onl Tue~sday\.
Darling said the disks con-
talined dectails of the 7.25 million
famnilies in Britain claiming child

binai atsfe monthly pv

not bemng tracked and was missing
for trhreec neckls before any alarm
w\as raise~d.


COORDINATED acts of sab-
otage struck France's high-speed
trains. causing further delays to
serv~ice~s already widely disrupted
by strikes just as talks were open-
ing Wednesday to coax unions
into ending their walkout, accord-
ing to Associated Press.
..TIhe national SNCF rail author-
ify. stopped shogrt of blaming strik-
crs for the overnight vandalism,
which it said included the burning
of elect ric cables and damage to
signaling sy~stems. Labor unions
quickly denied any connection.
Nevertheless, the attacks
added a new' note of ill will
before the talks Wednesday
hetweecn unions and the compa-
nics worst hit by the strike the
Paris transit authority and the,
President Nicolas Sarkozy
called the attacks unacceptable
and ordered his justice minister
to pursue: those responsible.
The SNCF called the vandal-
ism a '-coordinated sabotage
campaign." The boss of the pow~-
crful CGT union. Bernard
Thibault. condemned the attacks
but also suggested they may have
been designed to discredit the
strike movement.
Train drivers and Paris transit
employees have been staying off
the job to protest Sarkozy's plan
to trim their retirement benefits.
Sarkozy appears to have the
upper hand in the test of strength
with powerful transport unions
- opinion polls say the public
strongly supports the president
and strikers have been~ trickling

En joy Great Food, Prizes and Lots ofT funi.



7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30

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(2006) 'PG-13' lin 1930s Los Angeles.'R' A CC






NOVEMBER 15, 2007



c~ia~ E


ISSC C~-~ri t Ye

hsom sicikc ~les o your
1e JCMlc~ / I Z1M
I~i~lslC f 8cs S .

'B 0\ 8 OneI ch~ildre n to th~e

j ZC 0 OR Y O Clt~ O lconald 's in

On ke s 1 eled eveb2 eyThu es day

rO m 3:30 p en to 4:30 pi dur ing the

Il1100l of ~OVekmber' 2007,

(64dl:40) It W THE BIG WHITE (2005, Comedy) Robin (I:45) AsCUUNG CLASS (1989, Horror) Donovan
SEMES Williams, Holly HutrA netdtravel agent tries toLicJill Schoolen, Brad Pitt. A teenage girl helps
(2005) 'NR' (CC) Icommit insurance fraud. A 'R' (CC) speedhigh-school slasher.'R'


I I Fl~TI~T. _

Calvin & Hobbes

Tribune Comics


Deinnis r





NOV 22

ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20
Roll up your sleeves, Aries, because
you have a lot of work to do this
'week. An argument has you left with
some big fences to mend. Expect
some long hours of labor.
TAURUS Apr 21/May 21
Something unexpected pops up on.
Thursday, Taurus, causing you to
rethink a few courses of action.
Invite Capricom to help you create a
new agenda.
GEMINI May 22/Jun 21
There's, something bothering you,
Gemini, but you're not ready to
open up to others. The longer you
keep these feelings bottled up, the
worse you will feel.
CANCER Jun 22/Jul 22
Help is on the way when you land in
a bit of hot water, Cancer. It wasn't
your fault, but you're paying the
price for the deed. Don't worry, oth-
ers won't blame you.
LEO Jul 23/Aug 23
They say honesty is the best policy;
and nothing could be more true as:
events play out for you this week,
Leo. When faced with some ques-
tions, make sure to tell the truth.
VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22
Contrary. to what you may believe, the
world is not out to get you, Virgo. The
events that have been occurring are
strictly the result of your actions.
Change your way of thinking.
LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23
There's no security in a venture you
have been considering, Libra. You'd
better think of a new plan or you could
end up mn financial rumn. Talk to others
you can trust for advice.
SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22
It's time to confront a supervisor
about your feelings, Scorpio. Things
haven't been the best at work, and
perhaps you can both come to a
mutual decision on a change.
SAG~ITTARIUS Nov 23/D~ec 21
Naysayers feel you won't be able to
handle a big task coming up,
Sagittarius. But you know better.
Prove them all wrong by diving in
whole-heartedly this week.
CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20
There's not much on the calendar for
this week, Capricom, so take a few
days to recoup. Though you'll be
tempted to find busy-work, relaxation
is just what you need, so resist.
AQUARIUS -- Jan 21/Feb 18
You've been itching for a change of
scenery, Aquarius, and your wishes
will be granted when a real estate
venture is too good to be true.
Luckily, it's all legitimate.
PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20
Only you can map out your future, so
start today with a few well-thought-
out business ventures hat will add to
your retirement fund.

Out of the Blue

HOW many words of four letters or more can you
~ Jr~WLIEIS~CC)CVt~make from the letters shown here? In making a word,
a remeum veleach letter may be used once only. Each must contain
the centre letter and there must be at least one
nine-letter word. No plurals, or verb forms ending in
"s", no words with initial capitals andmno words with a
hyphen or apostrophe permitted. The f~st word of a
30 r~sphrase is permitted (e.g. inkjet in inkjet printer).
00(hM C4 LLGood 13; very good 19; excellent 25 (or more).
Fpo 'E~7 Solution Monday.
P rr IIadept aped cape caped clap clip cupid depict
dupe duple DUPLICATE epic leap leapt pace
P uo~clv;A ~ II paced pact paid pail pale paled pate peal peat
pedal pelt petal pica pied pilau pile piled place
a placed placid plaice plaid plait plaited plate
$5~EEplated plaudit plea plead pleat pled plied
puce pule puled tape taped taupe teacup tepid
'"'" tulip update




Chess sol tk: L..Qc61 2 Qxh8+ Kd7 and White
resigned. Rdl mate ls a devastating theat, and he
ca't capture the rook because his b4 pawn is pinned
by Black's bishop against the white king

resteraay's cryptic solutions
SACR055: 1, Green 6, Pooc-H 9, Disa-vow 10, Scrip 11,
Plain 12, Brass 13, Tuto-red 15, Gel l7, O-pen 18, Parish
0 19, Slair 20, A-Z-ores 22, Anti 24, L-EN 25, Sca-TT-er 26,
Beach 27, Live-r 28, Pay up 29, L-adders 30, She'll 31,
SW~ O~her
DOWN: 2, R-a-coup 3, Edison 4, Nip 5, Ba-l-rd 6, Pop's-tar
D 7, Owis 8, C-rises 12, Be-L-ts 13, Tonal 14, Tenon 15, Gl-
ant 16, The-lR 18, Pinch 19, Sever-a-L 21, Zen-ith 22, At
km las-t 23, T-en-ure 25, S-cads 26, Be-L-L 28, PRO

The other alternative is to lead a
low diamond toward dummy, hoping
West has the queen. If he does,
declarer makes three diamond tricks
instead of two.
In choosing between the two alter-
natives, South is governed by the law
of probabilities. He compares the
chance that West was dealt the queen
of diamonds (50 percent) with the
chance of finding the clubs divided
3-3 (36 percent). f, ~
Since the percentages fvr
attacking diamonds, South wins the
spade lead in his hand and leads the
diamond three to the jack. East wins
with the queen, which is a nasty blow
- but not necessarily fatal.
After winning the diamond, East
returns a diamond. South takes the
ace and cashes all his spades and
hearts, reducing everyone to four
This leaves South with the K-7 of
diamonds and K-4 of clubs, while -
dummy has the A-7-6-5 of clubs.
East, however, runs into serious dif-
ficulty as the last heart is being
cashed. Holding the 9-8 of diamonds
and Q-10-9 of clubs, he cannot find a
safe discard. Whatever he decides to
do, South scores the rest of the tricks,
making the slam on a squeeze that
was not even contemplated at the

East dealer.
Both sides vulnerable,
+ J 6
+A 76 5 2
IC 10 9 8 3
V 107 5 2
+ 10 5 4
+J 3

& 4 2
S8 6 3
+ Q9 8 2
+Q 10s 98

4 A Q6 5
SK Q 9
4 AK 73
+K 4
The bidding:
East South West North
Pass 2 NT Pass 6 NT
Opening lead ten of spades.
In selecting his line of play,
declarer tries to give himself the
inaximum chance of making the con-
tract. If there is more than one way to
play the hand, he chooses the one.
that mathematically offers him
the greatest probability of success.
Consider this deal where West
leads a spade and declarer can count
Only 11 sure tricks. The 12th can
come from either of two sources.
One possibility is to lead the A-K and
another club, hoping the opposing
club's are divided 3-3.

1 Cold ones with a lot of
ice in? (6)
'7 Just the girl to run off with
a writer (8)
8 A puce jumper (4)
10 So, in the main, it's a French-style
house (6)
11 Work hard using rivets (6)
14 He has some cronies (3)
16 Sharpened up for the
houseman? (5)
17 Legal right to rest before
a new star (4)
19 In a mount, one would be an art
treasure (5)
2 igwig having a hl beer, h
low creaturel (5)
22 Land of jazz(5)
23 A day off from the fire station (4)
26 Sweetness was the ruin of Argus (5)

28 Ire owsin ( timately many

29 Unite to get the side promoted (4,2)
30 Rent cut for December, at least?
That's goodl (6)
31 3One who needs to handle things
right? (4)
32 Like scolles, say, inbed? (8)
33 Land of nomadic Wends,
oul East (6)

1 Maids upset over money, obviously
sad (6)
2 Historic hero involved in wrestling (6)
3 Bridge liable to snap? (4)
4 Girl who shows you what to do when
she's cold (7)
5 Flier possibly born to get
out of line (5)
6 One way to get married or stitched
up (5)
8 Raising it is illegal (4)
9 How time changes one (3)
12 The bad thing in being betrothed (3)
13 A goddess in orbit (5)
15 Get away with a broken alnkle? (3,2)
18 The child is a gidl (5)
19 Get muddled by figures? (3)
20 Bomn for the part of Jane E yre (3)
21 Half a dozen tricks for sabotaging
co puters (7)
22 It's inthe fundamentals of civil
engineering (3)
23 Go back on a decree, shiftily (6)
24 Water container a brewery needs (4)
25 As a painter, one interrupts
a giant (6)
26 Remnants of vandalised busts? (5)
27 Did he unearth Gareth? (5)
28 The ayes have it (3)
30 Can be assumed to be useless (4)

Ivan Sokolov v Lev Aronian,
Netherlands v Armenia, Thi~rin ~
Olympiad 2006. World number
three Aronian led his small
country to the gold medals
ahead of China, the US and
Russia, but his moment which
made headlines was when
Londoner Danny Gormally
aimed a punch at him at the

Armenian took a swing at
Gormally that evening and
another followed suit the next
day, after which the England
number four wisely took an
early plane home. Fact is'
though, many regard Aronian,

campio in te ne uple of
years. Today's diagram was his
Most visual shoment at the

1 ~Pointed tooth (6)

10 Colr(G)6
11 Dress (6)
14 Employ ()
16 Recorded (5)
17 Wise man (4)
19 Mature (5)
21 Black bird (5)
22Shade ofbrown (5)
26 CLiq ( measure (4)
28 Wicked (3)

i0Codi oal release
31 Verbal (4)
32 Exaggerates (8)
33 Threefold (6)

1 Turning-polnt (6)

I Ders 7)
5 Undress (5)
6 Yearned (5)
8 Stopper (4)
9 Expert (3)
12 Brown (3)
13 Sap (5)
15 Polite (5)
18 Continental (5)
19 Knock (3)

Z eoaa on7)
22 Drunkard (3)
23 Procession (6)
24 Hero (4)
25 Dozen (6)
26 Royal house (5)
27 Organ (5)
28 Pub (3)
30 Mail (4)

board. White s K-side is totally
undeveloped and the black army is
menadng, yet White hopes to turn
the tables. If Aronian swaps
queens, then the b4 pawn forks
rook and bishop, while if the
queen sidesteps, Black's h8 rook Is
loose. What should Black play?

Yesterday's easy 5Dlutons ---
ACROSS:1, Scots 6, Douse 9, Rallied 10, Ended 11, First
12, Begin 13. Dislorl 15. Pow 17, Odes 18, Figure 19,
Heart 20, Erased 22, Used 24, Son 25, Inanely 26, Slant
27, Abbot 28, Runes 29, Shopper 30, Decoy
31, Petly
DOWN: 2, Candid 3, Treats 4, Sad 5, Sleet 6, Deficit 7
Odin 8, Sister 12, Breed 13, Domes 14, Sedan 15, Purse
16, Weedy 18, Front 19, Healthy 21, Rouble 22, Unsure
23, Eldest 25, Inapt 26, So-so 28, Rep






Contract Bridge

By Steve Becket




HI -



_____I_ ~ i i_ LI_ill_~~ FY__lll

I______X_________I__I)____)__ ( ~~_~__ ~_~__a__l__ __l____l__ln__~__1~I~__I_________ ~~___ _1_~__~_1

Cionrne and enjOoy no1 authenicC expeM)1.riencel

s s

THURSDAI . n .,;, L ;e, 207, PAGE 23

need to ~be overcome to make
robots practical," said Hitachi
researcher Takashi Teramoto.
"One characteristic we feel we
need to ensure for robots is safe-
Robots are now mostly used as
industri-al' machinery and toys.
Hitachi Ltd.'s robot is the latest
attempt by Japanese companies
to develop one that can be an
assistant in daily life.
In 2005, Hitachi showed the
tbo EM nE h tar oeceln
mobility and interactive existence
as workmate")
The improved EMIEW 2
demonstrated Wednesday hais
shed some pounds to be safer
around pleoc6ean easier to c ry
on two wheels to a more stable
position on four wheels
EMIEW robot also features a
grosensor to maintain its bal.
ace, lithium ion batteries for an
hour worth of power before
recharging and a laser radar to

map out its surroundings in its.
computer brain, according to
Hitachi. It can also dodge human-
size obstacles in its way, the
Tokyo-based company said.
Hitachi declined to say when
the robot will be ready for com-
mercial use. It also iefused to say
how much the robot cost or how
much it spent on its research.


Jpan is among the world's
laers mnr boics,and te gov-
ernment is pushing major com-
panies like Hitachi to develop
robots for practical use.
Honda Motor Co. and Toyota
MotornCokrp.rhavesa so drevlopeed
have seen working as guides at
the Japanese automakers' facili-
ties. Other electronics makers
such as NEC Corp. and Fujitsu
have shown robots, but Sony
Corp. has discontinued the Aibo
dog-shaped entertainment robot'

understand human speech, a spec-
tator asked where someone was
sitting. It responded in a boylike
electronic voice: "I will take you
there. Follow me."
Seconds later, when it tried to
maneuver between two desks, it
smashed into one of them. A
demonstrator reached out just in
time to catch the robot by its
winglike handles before it top-
pled over,

Reporters had to wait for an
hour until after the lunch break to
watch the robot repeat the
demonstration this time
smoothly making its way between
Developers said the robot had
performed fine on test runs but
acknowledged kinks had to be
worked out. Besides the collision,
it also suddenly stood motionless
at one point.
"'We are studying what hurdles

HITACHII'S new toddler-like
robot rolled around and waved
for reporters Wednesday, only to
crash into a desk and demonstrate
the challenge of turning automa-
tons into everyday helpers,
according to Associated Press.
The red and white robot,
designed to run errands in offices,
wasn't prepared for the jam of
lunch-break wireless.network
traffic a heb om acn' res at
with its handler's lapto it
smashed into the office furniture
aStiloathe g3a{ inch tall, 29-
pon EMIW2wsal to o
wheels, get on itnees tol tt
on four,whel and even lf t
foot about an inch to step over
thresholds and bumps.
One feature t twarels rcon-
oednesdwy' mish e
While showing oaf ts ability to

HITACHI LTD.'S humanoid robot EMIEW 2 kneels down during a
press preview at Its research center in Hitachinaka, north of Tokyo,
Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007.

The 13th Annual



Hitachi's latest robot wheels around,

crashes into desk during demonstration

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation
in Cooperation with
The Bahamas Hotel Association




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ahame~s Hotel Association Holiday
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Special Addition:
Kids' Corner, Story-telling Ophie and the Websites Itake 'n Scrape B6and,
Sunday Desserts with Chef Tracey


Sponsors: FirstCaribbean Bank; Royal Bank of Canada; J.8. Johnsaon;
Bahamnas Development Bank; Purity Bakery; D'Albenas Age~ncy Ltdl.;
Bacardi Company Ltd.; Ardastra G~ardrens; Scotiabankr;
The Bahamas Millnistry of Tourism and Aviation



I love m Air Condition i
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Ductless Aircondition Systems $
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_ ~_11~_1~__


I---m~.nrs~.r -. -- ,,,, ------ u -._ --Y --Y~---mrjJI-iL-~ci~~-~-~ii~T~T~je

r~i~m.L~-sr-1:rrLi~P-nrrac* ii:i* rllr~r,--~r;r-i~~ini~---- r(i---i--l-rI,-- -lr*-* ~~r---?----^rrr -;l.-c------- I_~ic'-rl~"~L~-~




gible to appeal under the new
process, he said. Nor will
those convicted of nonpoliti-
cal crimes.


This was welcomed by
Hugo van der Merwe, a pro-
gram manager at the Center
for the Study of Violence and
Reconciliation. He added vic-
tims should also be heard, as
they were in the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission.
Zweli Mkhize, of the Khu-
lumani Support Group which
represents victims of
apartheid era crimes, wel-
nome cetehe asardnocn

iator ghe stsi civic groups
should have been involved in
drafting the plan.

he s id. "Aln wecw nt is sa
in the decision making

110 said all parties would C
be involved in the pardon
process whIich, he hoped,
would complete the "unfin-
ished business"' from the
Truth and Reconciliation
Commission. Th~e commission
headed by Nobel laureate
Desmond Tutu granted
amnesty to some 1,000 people
perpetrators of apartheid-era
crimes who showed remor~se.


Tutu's commission's cut-
off date was 199'4 the year
of South Africa's first mul-
tiracial elections. And many
pople dhi not t ke part T~

Innh Fr s bt afrtth?'
African National Congress,
boycotted thle commission,
h (tiollnc b Nwen he
ANC and its rivals -- foment~
ed by the apartheid govern-

ment claimed on average
1,000 lives a year between
The killings continued after
the multiracial elections in
1994, although at a much low-
er level.
Inkatha Freedom Party
chief whip Koos van der Mer-
we gave a cautious welcome
to the prospect of pardons'
although said it came too late.
The party says that several
hundred of its activists are
currently in jail for political
crimes that should be covered

bTaha goenment has
received at least 1,062 appli-
cations for presidential par-
dons db eopl fho he d bh n
were allegedly committed

frmathp cnlict sof rh p
Mbeki sad

TruT an dhoR ili tit
Commission for amnesty and
were rejected will not be eli-

South Africa

ki extended the possibility of
pardons Wednesday to peo-
ple convicted mn political vio-
lence that persisted beyond
apartheid, arccordling to Asso-
diated Press.
Mbeki told a joint session
of parliament that people
convicted of offenses they
saw as political before June
1999 should be able to apply
for a presidential pardon in
a th eemonth window start-

"It is indeed an indication
of the deep scars inflicted by
"u pifu" "Y:? thant13 ye
freedom we still have to grap-
1i 0t na iter If nC s n

migt t c a tego vaed as poit

having political prisoners he

5th. Terrace Centreville
Tel: 322-8862/3* E-mail: Info~iirobertsfurnitureco.com

Cnves vIsuAOL


Cavres Village, the place for...

co clren er r
I~ )

Foi* Information Call

( \ 1 1 \ I l

\ (';

32 7- 5 75

tIii 3I~ir

Mbeki opens new pardon process for

perpetrators of political violence

- ---

The Board, 6x1ecadve g~~emen~a t and Staff

of th E~ Mab~ns ~ av~~a6~a Crp~o ration


`I m

1 t~~ti! r I III I i ; i I;.: i ~i4 wy liY ~i~l R I W


I I~ ~4 /f.~ ; ~ 1!~b~'YE~1P
1.. .i

i.rr!r!r I I P.;I;I I .I

I-~ ;; ' , !;I :!i~iC4R
'I1 "~idt
..,;,11I1 rl
jl. i ~lle
3: 1 'I''':.i c~~n
il;~ i i ,
I: ~I ;I L~L r~
: ,,,

F I:~:.: E'~~~Q ~69~S

Money Safe.
Money Fast.

Barnk of T~he Balanas
anaha ra ametneon

Tribune Business Editor
OPPONENTS of the $175
million Baker's Bay Golf &t
shoty' anc a ohr sud i i
Review application, The Tri-

approvals issued to the devel-
opers by the Hope Town Dis-
trict Council.
Fred Smith, partner in Cal-
lender's &G Co. and attorney
for the Save Guana Cav Reef
Association, said the group's
latest planned legal action
would focus on permits and
approvals issued to the Bak-
er's Bay developers, Discov-
ery Land Company, in Sep-
tember and October 2007, just
after their second Judicial
Review application had been
"I can tell you that very
shortly, because of a number
of permits approved by the
Hope Town District Council
after we had launched Gua-
na Cay case number two, we
are about to launch a new
Judicial Review apph catbon'
three," Mr S~mith said.
"The case will be specific to
j nt reetl0 dpi ansere ateT
approved in September, and
further applications that were
ap Smt~hnaOe tt he had
alseo noted ohedeep s Hit m
Council when it came to deal-
ing with approval and permit
applications submitted by the
Baker's Bay developers, with
three council members want-
ing to continue dealing with
them and an equal number
wanting written assurance
from the central government
that it was safe to continue
doing so.
As a result of this split, chief
councillor Jeremy Sweeting
was having to use his casting
vote to get the Baker's Bay
permit applications through.
Mr Smith, though, said the
council had not responded to
SEE pae 10B

Tribune Business Editor

Resorts aeUt comn an fotrheer ua adi~an e sin f nd onII
er, in relation to the property's sale, was dropped because the
plaintiff bringing the action said it could att afford legal costs.
Case Financial, which filed the iawsuit against the South Ocean
Development Company and Canadian Commercial Workers Indus-
try Pension Plan (CCWIPP) in February 2007, had alleged that a
fraud was commtted against it after it settled previous litigation over
an attempt to purchase the. Bahamian hotel property, which is sit-
uated in southwestern New Providence.
Abso nmm in th uasuiC Pa Ain grC say, a Flobid fr
South Ocean, and who also found the Canadian pension fund's newl
majority partner for the British Colonial Hilton, Adurion.
Yet Case Financial alleged that it dropped the lawsuit because it
did not have the funds to meet legal costs after a CCWIPP repre-
sentative refused to release money allegedly owed to the company.
In a Form 10-Q filed with the US Securities & Exchange Coml-
mission (SEC), Case Financial said: "On February 27, 2007. the
company filed suit in the United States District Court, Southern Dis-
SEE: page 10B

Come visit and see why Bahamian real estate is best appreciated
at Narssau's newest address "Thte Porches".

Features unique 2 and 3 story villas w/ ocean views, marina, infinity p~o~l ..

Contact Priscilla H~udson Carey **
393-8630/422-2121 -lb
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f Cn.~ _


"*' I '

1.:..,.;i 1
~` \~YIXI

THIIU R SDAY, NuO VE MB ER 2 2, 200 o7

This, he explained, would
provide services needed in the
area served by Checkers' latest
location, at the corner of Fox
Hill and Joe Farrington Roads,
and enable the restaurant to
exploit synergies from providing
meals while Sunrise customers
waited for their clothes to be
washed, dried and pressed.
Mr Cartwright said the fourth
Checkers location was projected
to open "some time late next
year", the company not wanting
to take on too many new pro-
ject at once after just complet-
ing the multi-million dollar relo-
cation of its Carmichael Road
SEE 11g~B

Tribune Business Editor
well-known Bahlamian restau-
rant chain, is investing $3 inil-
lion in expanding via a fourth
location to eastern New Prolvi-
dence, a move expected to cre-
ate some 30 jobs when it opens
in late 2008.
Gus Cartwright, Checkers'
proprietor, told The Tribune
yesterday that the restaurant
would share the premises with
the washhouse business his fa~m-
ily also owned, Sunrise Wai;sh,
both businesses retaining their
separate identity under the
same roof.

THE CARTWRIGHT brothers greet Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette and Speakter of the House
Alvin Smith at the recent opening of Checkers new Carmichael Road restaurant.

licensees began earlier this year following a
Supreme Court ruling by Justice Isaacs that
favoured Freeport Concrete's Home Centre sub-
sidiary and went against Bahamas Customs.
The ruling essentially allowed the Home Centre,
and by extension other GBPA licensees, to bring
in their entire inventory bonded, meaning that aH
goods could be imported without import/customs
duty and stamp tax being pre-paid'
Justice Isaacs' ruling also established that the
Home Centre could display 'bonded' goods on
the shelf in its retail store where they could be
seen by the public, overturning Customs' objections
to this.
A~s a result, Mr Laing said talks had begun on the
"modalities" of how Freeport's over-the-counter

SEE page 9B

Tribune Business Editor
THE Government is trying "to strike a delicate
balance" between protecting is revenues and allow-
ing business in Freeport to flourishs" via the over-
the-counter bonded goods regime, the minister of
state for finance telling The Tribune that there
was nothing to yet indicate that the practice was
costing the Treasury due revenue.
Responding to recommendations submitted by
the Bahamas Chamber of C~ommerce on how a
uniform system for operating the over-the-counter
bonded goods regime could be implemented, sat-
isfying both Grand Baha~ma Port Authority
(GBPA) licensees and the Government, Zhivargo
Laing said the report would provide a basis for fur-
ther discussions on the issue.
Talks between the Government, GBPA and its


wwwln~n H slphn IIhnln oonseline. com

Checkers in Exrther

111n X p an S10

FOurth outlet in eastern New

PTOvidence to create 30 jobs

when it opens in late 2008


yet ifrOm Freeport's bond

Government trying to 'strike delicate balance' between

Tevenue protection and letting business 'flourish'

BORCO sale

yet to close
A SALE of the Grand Bahama-based Bahamas Oil Refining Com-
pany International (BORCO) has not been finalised, sources close to
the deal told Tribune Business yesterday.
It is believed that the German company, Oiltanking, Nustar and p~os-
sibly Chevron are among the six final bidders for the terminal, with the
final purchase price estimated to be worth $700 million, sources salid.
Originally, some 52 bidders submitted indicative bids for Barco
before the final six were narrowed down, Oiltanking possibly being the
SEE page 11B

1 1'-- I I N N \ I l o, N l

"It'~s Thelc Thoubight Thrat Counts!"

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share all inf or mation



Safe &

EWE~trE~lrr W

WE are aware of our sur-
roundingss in the fight to com-
bat crime, but now what do
we do? Let us compare the
approach that should be
adopted to a radar, which is
what pilots and ships use to
alert them to the approach of
potential danger.
What a radar does is very
similar to what I described in
last week's article; it essen..
tially sends out feelers in the
form of radio waves which,
after bouncing off the incom-
ing object, enable the moni-
toring person to detect
uplproaching objects. The
B~ritish used radar during
World War II to assist them
in holding off the onslaught
by the German Air Force. It
allowed the smaller Royal
Air Force (RAF), a mere 450
p7lanes, to be forewarned of
the take-off and approach of
the 1.000-strong German
long-range bomber fleet. The
RAF fighters could now be
accurately deployed and
counter the Germans as they
attempted to crossed the
Fre~nch Channel
This sounding of an alarm,
or- sharing of information,
depending on the method
used, is the next critical step
in efforts by Bahamas-based
corporate security managers
to prevent loss and crime.
The manager is the lead per-
son in the company's efforts
to reduce loss, and must
understand that 'crime
a~wareness' must spill into the
entire corporation. via the
shaing of ritical notomma

F~or exsample, if neighbour-
ing businesses have been.
exsperiencing employee
assaults in their parking lot,
it is possible this type of
activity may affect your busi-
!iess. Is it better to keep this
information a secret or. as

that the expert really is the
person with the problem, or
who the one who will con-
front the issue. Going back to
the RAF fighters, on several
occasions flight command
gave directives on how the
pilots should engage the ene-
my. Sometimes they worked,
but on occasion the heat of
battle demanded other meth-


The basic message is that
the corporate security man-
ager must hot only be pre-
pared to give information in
their efforts to minimise loss,
but they must also be pre-
pared to receive information
in the form of r-ecommenda-
tions from persons who are
closer to events. My research
and observations have seen
where an inability to timely
share information has result-
ed in a loss to the company.
Thus the prevailing problem
of ego has cost more corpora-
tions time and money than
any other deficiency in secu-
It is important to adequate-
ly grasp these points on
awareness what you see,
hear and feel and informa-
tion sharing, based on what
was collected as a result of
being alert. All other actions
will weigh heavily on these
first steps.

NB: Gamal Newry is the
president of Preventative
Mesrs tp los pr ntio
and consulting company, spe-
cialising in policy and proce-
dure development, business
security reviews and audits,
and emergency and crisis
management. Comments can
be sent to PO Box N-3154
Nassau, Bahamas, e-mail
gnewry@gmail.com or visit us
at wwwv.preventativemea-

suggested by a client, hide
and wait for the assailant and
catch him in the act? The lat-
ter may sound good and,
when seen in the movies,
even looks good, but when
attempted in real life there
are numerous logistics, costs
and risks involved. Would it
not be better to advise staff
of the potential danger,
increase patrols, increase
lighting or even close off
high-risk areas after hours-
All of these suggestions are
low-risk and low-cost, com-
pared to the amount of man
hours that would have to be
investes mn setting up the
stmng operation.
The question I always ask
students and clients is: Which
resort do you want to spend
your vacation at? Is it the one
that has a good detection and
conviction rate, or the one
that has a low incidence of
crime? To reduce loss and
crime, all persons who may
be affected must be brought
up to date consistently and
continuously on all events
which happen. The idea that
they cannot handle the news
is dangerous and irresponsi-
ble, considering they are
most likely to be the 'news'
or, in other words, the topic
discussion beause they
Similarly, it is important
that suggestions for correct-
ing or preventing the prob-
lem are garnered, which
means listening to persons
who may have a different yet
valuable perspective to yours-
This sometimes becomes dif-
ficult for the manager, as ego
often gets mn the way but
he/she has to understanding


4 -


on sea am




BSI Overseas (Bahamas) Limited, Nassau, Bahamas, an established inter-national
private bank, with its headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, is presently accepting
applications for


Applicants for the position of Head Risk Management must have banking orI
financial degree and at least 10 years of experience in the offshore banking sector-,
fluency in Italian, French and knowledge of German, proven leadership andi
management experience, ability to partner with team members, and have thorough
knowledge of local legislation, regulatory & statutory matters as well as international
banking practices.


Excellent organizational, communication and computer skills
POSitive attitude and outlook
Problem-solving skills
Financial and analytical background
Ability to coach and have mentoring skills
Commitment to quality and service excellence


-Ability to partner with other managers for the development and implementation
of Risk Management strategies and practices
-Supervision and monitoring of the credit exposure
-Supervision of credit department: review loan proposals/reports for- risk, quality
and credit policy compliance
-Liaise and network at group level and with external professionals on matters
related to the position
-Responsibility for Central Filing, Credits, Compliance & Internal Controls
-Supervision of the outgoing reports to regulatory bodies and to group internal

Interested persons with such qualifications should submit their resume/curriculum
Vitae to :-

Human Resources Manager
BSI Overseas (Bahamas) Limited
Bayside Executive Park, W. Bay St. & Blake Road
P. O. Box N-7130
Nassau, Bahamas

Fax no. (242) 702 1253 or email: julie.benjamin @bsiob.com

Only applicants having the above attributes will be contactedl.

L~ALI~L -- -- ~-Y-.YII~~~III~Ln ~anuru-ul-~r -

Hotels report strong

holiday occupancies

Tribune Business I 5
BAHAMIAN hotels are i w
reporting excellent occupancy r =
levels over this Thanksgiving :u
"'rkeedndwhldy nf gu s the YEi
Christmas season. .
Jermaine Wright, director of
sales at the British Colonial c~fs

levels were lying between y99
per cent, which they achieved ..r
on Tuesday, and 94 per cent,
which is expected at the week- ,
"Last year this time, we had
recorded an occupancy level
averaging 86 per cent, which a
was still good, but you can see 1
the improvement." he said.
Mr Wright believes other
Bahamian resorts will also expe-
rience similar occupancy levels,
as this is traditionally a busy
time of year for the tourism '
industry. ,.
"We are predicting these .. .ra
strong numbers for Christmas : -
as well," he said. "It looks to be .
a great season. .
Ed Fields. vice-president of
public affairs at Atlantis, told
The Tribune that the resort was
"'full"' for the Thanksgiving
weekend. s *
According to SuperClubs
Breees esevatin aentresort," Ms Miller said. to hotels and tourism officials
Mizpha Miller, the all-inclusive The prospect of a strong following almost double digit
resort is heavily booked for this Christmas and Thanksgiving declines in tourist arrivals eari-
weeknd, ith 07 romsseason should come as a relief er this year.
reserved and occupancy levels
of a oeund 50 per et"eaepet fltivhen you Share y our news
consider that we are only oper-
ating with a wing and a half of The Tribune wants to hear
our hotel. while we are under from people who are
renovations for the rest of the m Iaking news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
ao Vouyou are raising funds for n
0 YOUgood cause, ca~mpaigning
N~eed An Office for improvements in thel
area or have wonI an award. ,
TE M p? If so call us on 322-19)86 \
Scall 3@,*6982 and share your story.



:A brokers & agency company [an affiliate of a large established cop
Supervisor. The ideal candidate must~nch~3f8ae-~tfbad~~d-i atr th excellent
interpersonal and commun~heth~dailsiltk3710e. work withslemitedasf~pet-paced
.environment is a must.

*Receive and submit for processi~gmappilicraddoe[~m~es~inperty and other irn
Liaise with sub-agents on all application issues
Maintenance of database
Liaise with Underwriters and delslut~~n'Ganrerkicensur accurate application
Generate monthly reports on issued contracts
*Reconciliation of premiums
Prepare and issue completed quotes and Cer~tificates of Inlsuranice
Handling Internal and External client queries
*Supervise Administrative support for all gener-al issues

Core Competencies:
Ability to worked with limited supervision and learn new skills quickly
Excellent oral and written communication skills
*Ability to resolve problems with a sense of ur-gency
Demonstrate a kteen eye for details
Ability to work under pressure
Strong interpersonal skills aral lattinkirtio~tta realiat~ticirmip with co-worker
*Ability to maintain confidentiality
Reliable, dependable and flexible team-player

Required Qualifications:
Bachelors Degree in Business Adhaindchktfriatliabrlo101eqr eivvalent- work] exper~ien
3+ years experience in a similar position
*Excellent computer .dKitlanalydiprExcel requir~ed
Relevant General inisur-ance designations [or D~ats theleof ] a plusi

Benef its:
Salary commensurate with current salapynic~ates, Atlt~ik\hsl imrdben~uef it package ii

Submit Resum~e to Human Resourrces Admr~inistrator, P.O. Box NV-4815, Narssaur
Bahamlas, fax (242) 361-2525 or via e-mail to dlparker li~ve~




Part-Time (3p.m. 6 p.m. Mon-Fri)
* At least 2 years experience,
* Professionally motivated
* Salary; commensurate with experience

Full-Time (7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.)
including Saturdays
* Well strained
* Boardc Cer-tified or Eligible

Fax Resume to 328-4165

I a CI4 a E

a W a

d 11

Legal Notice



(In voluntary Liquidation)

Notice is hereby given that in accordance
with section 137 (8) of the International Busi-
ness Companies Act 2000, the dissolution of
Cristobal S.A. has been completed and the


I -

package~ Includilng perf ormance-based incentives, medical and dental insurance,
Ilfe insurance, pension and opportunities forl training and developments.

Appllicants must bc Bahamian citizens or U.S. citizens who ar-e eligible for
cmploymentn under Bahamnian laws and regulations.

A ppheat~;ionl~S form11s are. availabic from 85:0)0a.m. to 5:00Cp.m.. Monday through
Fr;liday at secunty areca of the American Embassy, Queen Str~cct. Completed
aIpplicatio~ns Should C be r~eturnIed to the Embassy: addr-essed to the Human
Resources Offtice no1( laterI than Thursday, November 29, 2007



ing duty-
free market
access to
states for
Yet the
Co ton ou
r u ns
Tr ad e
tion (WTO) rules, which call
for reciprocity or trade prefer-
ences that flow to both parties
in a trade agreement, and the
EU is not going to seek a
WTO waiver for that agree-
ment's continuation.
Therefore, and with the
Bahamas unable to access the
EU's General System of Pref-
erences (GSP) because it is
classified as a developed
nation, this nation's exporters
to Europe chiefly the fish-
eries industry, Bacardi's rum
products (for one final year),
and Polymers International -
would likely lose their duty-
free market access to the EU if
the Bahamas did not sign on

Tribune Business Editor

CURRENT and future
Bahamian exports to the Euro-
pean Union (EU) will "benefit
tremendously" if this nation
can sign a 'goods-only' Eco-
nomic Partnership Agreement
(EPA), the Chamber of Com-
merce's executive director
telling The Tribune yesterday
that the private sector was now
awaiting the outcome of sev-
eral meetings critical to the
future direction of EPA talks.
Philip Simon said the private
Sector, and by extension the
Government and the entire
country, were now waiting on
the outcome of discussions
held on the EPA at the Com-
monwealth Heads of Govern-
ment meeting in Ulganda,
which is being attended by
Prime Minister Hubert Ingra-
In addition, the entire 77-

country African, Caribbean
and Pacific (ACP) group was
also seeking feedback from the
EU, and to hear latest devel-
opments on the crafting and
shaping of the final EPA
agreement text.
Mr Simon said that among
the key issues for the Bahamas
was "whether a goods-only
offer will suffice, and the
approach taken to services in
the future"
Also taking hope from the
fact that the Bahamas was
looking to sign a goods-only
EPA with the EU was Antho-
ny McKinney, head of fisheries
wholesaler and retailer Par-
adise Fisheries.
He told The Tribune: "I
think we're very encouraged
by that, if that's what they're
[the Government] going to do.
We in the industry are very
encouraged by what the Gov-
ernment is doing.
"The Minister did give us his

assurance previously that he
would work in the best inter-
ests of the fisheries industry,
and that message was given at
the outset."
The EPA negotiations are
very fluid at the moment, and
nothing is set in stone. While it
is now looking less likely that
an agreement between CARI-
FORUM and the EU may be
concluded by year-end, due to
differences over sugar, market
access and tariff liberalisation,
the discussions are still mov-
ing forward.
Dr Richard Bernal, head of
the CARICQM Regional
Negotiating Machinery
(C'RNM), has said the region
will not sacrifice the EPA's
quality just to ensure the year-
end deadline is met. The
CRNM is now awaiting a
renewed mandate from region-
al government heads and trade
ministers on the way forward.
The EPA agreement is sup-
posed to be signed with the
EU by December 31, 2007. It
will replace the Cotonou
Agreement, a one-way trade
preferences regime that bene-
fited the Bahamas and the
Caribbean in terms of provid-

The American Embassy is presently considering applications for the following

Serves as the Air Conditioning Technician and is responsible for a variety of
functions including plumbing, electrical and welding maintenance, repair,
diagnosis, installation and testing of a variety of industrial and commercial
grade air conditioning systems.

This position is open to candidates with the following qualifications:

- A minimum of two years vocational training resulting in a certifiicate as an A/C
reflrigeration technician and one year of vocational training and certificate in
electrical craft skills.

STwo, years as an Air Conditioning Technician anud a minimum of one year
acpprentice levecl or the eqluivalent in electrical maintenance and/or installation

SMust have a familiar-ity with National Electric, or- Canadian Electric codes
andi NFPA gulidelines f~or A/C required.

Must:~ be able to recad and comprehend blue prints and have knowledge ol'
mate~crial safety data sheets and books.

Must h~ave a valid Bahamian driver's license and the ability to drive a
palssenger vehicles and f~orklift, stake body and pickup trucks with manual and
a~utomatic transmissions.


is nlow~ located lt

Columbus House
East & Shirley Streets,
P.O. Box EE-16595,
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel/Fax: 242-328-5701
Email: bainbernie@yahoo.com

Company has
ter with effect

been struck off the Regis-
from November 6th, 2007.

Alain Kunz

'COUNSEL & ATTORNEY, Notary Public
Civil -Medical Law Consultant

R.N., R.M. P.H.N., B.Sc..
LLB (Hons) L.E.C.


Friday. December 7, 2007 at 6:00pm
Teachers &: Salaried Workers Co-operative Credit Union
Hlead Office. East Street & Independence Drive.

(1) To, announce the results of the examination of proxies;
declare a quorum present and proceed to business,

(2_) To receive and approve the Minutes of the last Annual
General Meeting held on December 8, 2006.

(3)'i To receive and consider the Chairman's report;

(4) To received and approve the financial statements and
the r~epor.ts of the Directors and Auditors thereon;

(5) To, elect Direc~ctors forl the ensuing year and fix their

(6) To~ approve\'C the appointment of Deloitte &r Touche as
thle Auditor of the Comlpany, and authorise the Directors

(7)li tlnsnte i buc othrd bu inss as nmythrpefrly come

Holders of 400,.000 shares of record at the close of business
on October 2.5. 2007 are entitled to vote at the meeting.




FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: The Company's audited financial statements are included
"in ht opunhpe s 2M06 nnnualnrtpeoal, which is enclosed

The Comnpany will cause the accompanying materials to
delivered on November 8, 2007 to the last registered

It is important that your shares be represented and voted
at the meeting. You can vote your shares by appearing in
person or by completing and returning the proxy form
enc~losedi. You canl revoke ai proxy at any time prior to its
cexecise at the meceting by following the instructions mn
the accompanying proxy statement.

Ily order of the Board of Directors:
Mrs Cheryl Bowe-Moss

The su c Alcandidate

will be offecred an excclient compensation



October 9, 2007



Future EU exports to

Bernadette L. Bain & Co.



I '1 3 1 r~l 1 9 IP

The following practices located at #36 Collins
Avenue, Nassau, will be closed permanently~ on 322
February, 2008, at the latest:


Pallents who wish to obtain records ar-e asked to,
Inail a writen request, containing clear patient ID
information etc., to Box N-8322, Nassau. Follow~ing
that, specific arrangements may then be made by
telephone at 325-4754, 322-4940. Regretfully, no
further letters can be written.



M/rs. Carol D. Misiewicz

is pleased to announce
the opening~ of her law chambers

Suite No. 7 Grosvenor Close
Grosvenor Close and Shirley Street
P.O. B3ox SS-5467
Nassau. Bahamas

Tel. 328-0396 Fax. 328-1 388
www. misiewiczlaw~.coln
E-mail: carol misiewYicz~gmail com

; I III I ~~ I!I I III I Ili'rl I i I ii ~;



The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, Limited (BTC)


Invitation for Proposals
The1 Bahamasn Telecommu~lnraincatinsCmpany~ Limitted (BTC) is soliciting proposals
from qualified businesses to become mobile content aggregators and/or local c~ontent
providers for BTC. Mobile content is anly media that can be viewed via mobile

BTC is preparing to launch mobile content services in the Bahamas. The initial
launch of mobile content services by BTC will include ringtones, logos, gratphics~
and games. BTC is looking for a partner/p~artners to deliver and host rich mobile
content to BTC GrSM end users, the proposed mobile content service solution shou~ld
be inclusive of the following:

The respondent must provided a hosted solution which allows mobile conte~nt
froml third part1ies to be delivered to BTC customers. Please also nlote that BTIC'
does not wish to purchase a content management platform and the respondent
must1~ be able tol hos-t the conltent WAP onr~tal ~l a ,1nd proide\ content managemel~llcnt

The solution should be a turnkey project with technical imnplementation conductedt
by the respondent.
The proposed business model of the mobile content delivcr-y and hosting solutrionl
should be revenue share to minimize capital expenditure for BT1C'.
BT'C will require the selected partners) to provide local mobile co~te~nt de~signed
for the US and the Caribbean. Therefore, a pretsen~ce in thle afo~reme'ntionedc area`;S
is recommended.
Technicql Training anld Marketing co-branding w~ill also be reqluiredl

A~ll otherC~ de~iveLryLI~ an~d11 hostingl needs ~ must beIIIIL\ opimze fr~ BTC according to
info~rmation and instructions outlined in the proposal. Intrsc~ted' palrites mia! obtraini
lilrther information, including eligibility to participate as of M~onday. Novembenhr c
2007 fr-om the BTC Public Relations Department. John F Kennedy (JIK); Oni c
Nassau, Bahamas.

Any queries should be directed to Ms. Eldri Ferguson at (242-) 324-I9r000 or1
eferguson(tr bt chahamas.com.

Please resp~ond to this RFP by no later tha~n 4:00 p.m7.. Monlday. Dccmber /
20)07, addressed to:
Mril. Leon Williams
President & CEO
The Bahamas Te~lecommunications Company Limited
P. O. Box N-3048
John F., Kennedy Drive
Nassau, Bahamas

Proposals will bil OIpeneLd at 12_:00 noo~n.
Tuesday, Decemberl 4, 2007 at BTC, JFK D Irivec.

The Tribune wannts to hear
from people w~ho ale
makmng news in then
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you ares raising~ funds for a
good cause. campaigning
for improveements in the

If so. call us on 322-1986
fand share y;our story.


"The Graduate Project
Managemesnt Certification"



M~ost IFavouredcc Nation (MF:N)
Inr'il'fs being imnposed on their
good~ts, raising their prices and
making themn uncompetitive,
recsulting in a loss of market
sharec, revenue and profits.
H owever. Mr Simon said the
13ahamian private sector had
been encouraged~" by the
Government's approach on
becoming involved in the EPA
talks and consulting it.
"We're certainly encouraged
by the approach and engage-
ment that the Government is
giving to the involvement of
the private sector in these dis-
cussions," Mr Simon said.
"There has been a move to
engage, because it's the private
sector that trades, not the
Government, although the
Governmnt7r plays a vital role
in this area. We are seeking to
be involved in the discussions
at the highest lellel, where rel-
evant and appropriate, and to
represent oulr members."

mainainthe Hb a'

itive~ tradecl b1~alance w\ithi the

ed $ob million ot fo-
ovecr $44~ million. Manyii LEU
importl~s are a;llowedcl to ~nter
the 13ahamnas dluty-free, given
Thle consequences of not
preserving dluty-free market
access for Bahamian exports
could he severe. Polymers
International has warned that
it will put plans to expand thle
capacity of its Freeport plant
by 20 perC' cent "'on hold" if the
Bahamas does not sign the
EPA. fearing that it stands to
lose 8-10 per cent of sales if it
loses duty-fr~ee market access
to the UK.
A Ministry of Foreign
Affairs briefing note submit-
ted to the former PLP Cabi-
not said that apart from the

Inter~nationall, whichl emplloys

tors, loss of its 1I 1~ July free
market~ access might a~lso
P'ort and the G;randl IWhoma
Power C'ompany, the latter of
which geherates 10 per cent of
its revenue frlomm Polymers.
APartI from Polymer-s Inter-
national. the other major
export industries that would
be nega-tively impacted if the
. ahamas did not sign on to the
EPA would be the
sealoods/fishing industry,
which sends $60 million in
exporrts per annum to the El,
and Bacardi's rum exports.
Although Bacardi is closing its
Bahamas-based operations by
2009. it still has ..hundred`CS of
thousands of gallons of rum
products" that it can still
export to thle EUf throughout
AlI would be faced vith

to the liI'A by\ Dcccmber 31 .

the 11; II C, and exclud itS SCr-
vice~s ind~ustr~ies.11h ichl ;account

activity. Mrli ?;imonl S;Id:

benefits to the 11ishing inlus-
try. tre~menidouis becnefits to the
cl emicals indlustry. a~nd the
developments of1 future prol-
Bahamnas to the` EU. .
MWe are harppy to protect
what wec have:c. Tlin~t wa~s 'hat
the fight wa's to protect what
wie have as much as possible.
But wec have to understand
that in the age of reciprocity,
we have to give something in
return "
In the case of the Bahamas,
Mr Sim~on the "trade-off" to
preserve duty-free market
access f~or this nation's
exporters w~as to give up some
$10-$14 million in import alnd
stamp duty revecnues earned
iro Eloigoin tsellell rtto

Begfinning Date:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Total Price: $1390 (including all materials &6 fees)

Course Length:

Time of Class:

10 Wks or 10 Saturdays

Tues &6 Thurs from 6pm-8pm
saturday from 9am-1pm
Candice Albury
Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
Ph: 393-2164 Fax:394-4971
Email: candice~ignumtech.com

BTC reserves the right to rejcct atny or all propsls.x;l

tr emendously' fr om g oods-only EPA

A rictcanP AcademsY o
Prot~ect MangeaBlent

Certified Internatiional

PrOjeCt IMRHagelnent COUrse
A PMP & ICAPM Course Inclusive.

(Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue) ELEUTHERA

1il~ All that piece parcel or lot of land and improvements, in the settlement of Lower Bogue, North Eleuthera, being
No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft., this site encompasses a 12 year old single storney home comprising
-. ,eof 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, front room, dining, breakfast room, kitchen and laundry room, with a total living area
~~~~~ 1 ;~~~of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car garage, and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of
approximately 655.75. This home is approximately 85% completed. The property is well landscaped with crab
grass, fiascos and some fruit trees.

Appraisal: $235,638.00
This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the settlement of Lower Bogue.


Lot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, living room, dining area,
family room, kitchen, study, laundry and an entry porch.

Appraisal: $188,406.00

Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy Subdivision on the left, then take the 1st corner
on the left then 1st right, house is second on your right with garage.

Investment Opportunity Must Sell Lot No. 21'7 Pinewood Gardens Subdivision
All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq ft, being Lot No. 217 of the Subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens, the said subdivision situated in
the Southern District of New Providence Bahamas. Located on this property is a structure comprising of an approximately 20 yr old single family
residence consisting of 992 sq. ft of enclosed living space with 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, living/dining rooms, kitchen, drive way/ and walk way. The
mea~ land is on a grade and level and appears to be sufficientl;elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding. The grounds are fairly kept and yard is
Appraisal: $127,988.00
Traveling south on East Street to the junction of Soldier Road, make a left at the light then turn right into Kennedy Subdivision, go all the way to T-
junction, turn right then first left then right again toward Mount Tabor Church building, after passing Mount Tabor take first left sapodillaa blvd), the
subject house is about 400 yards on the right painted yellow trimmed green, with green and white door.

LOT NO. #7, BOILING Lot No. 130, St. Andrews
PIC~~~~m~..a Beach Estates
5 I~ All that piece parcel or lot of land y"
and improvements situated on the -- gAll that lot of land having an area of 8,100
Island of Eleuthera, North of sq ft, being lot no. 130, of the subdivision
Governor's Harbour, comprising of .-7 nown and designated as st. andrews beach
r iLot No. 7 in the Boiling Hole --wsJ estates, the said subdivision situated in
Subdivision and comprising of the eastern district of New Providence,
approximately 10,000 sq. ft., this site encompasses a 17 years old duplex with Bahamas. located on the subject property
each unit consisting of 2-bedrooms; 1 bathroom, frontroom, diningroom and is a structure compr-ising of anapproximately 12yr old duplex apartment consisting of
kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474.20 sq. ft. and covered approximately 2,072 sq. ft. of enclosed living space which includes one 3-bedroom
porch area of approximately 164.70 sq. ft. this duplex was built in accordance 1-bath, living, dining rooms. kitchen and ultili~ty room. and one 2-bedrooms, 1-bath,
with the plan and specification as approved, and at a standard that was living/dining rooms and kitchen, the land is on a grade and level: however the site
acceptable to the Ministry Of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual
Eac aarten coldbe ened t 80.00pir mnt. Te andislanscp. heavy rainy per-iods of the yelu: The grounds are fair-ly k~ept; the yard is enclosed with
Eachapatmet culd e rnte at$80.00 er ont. Te lad i ladscpedchained linked fencing at the sides and back with gated access on both sides of the
and planted with ficus trees, but needs some manicuring. property. The front lawn section is not enclosed.
APPRAISAL: $153,521.00
Appraisal: $245,237.00
Traveling east on yamacraw hill road take the third corner right. with sign for st andrews beach
estates, then take first left, then first right. the subject property is the 2nd property on the left side
painted beige trimmed orange.


AII that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq. ft. being lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated
as Golden Gates, the said subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New Providence, bahamas.
This property is comprised of a 25 yer old single family residence consisting of approximately 2,480 sq.
ft. of enclosed living space with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living, dining rooms and kitchen.
The land is on a grade and level, however the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept, ith
improvements including driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side wth a 5 foot chain linked fencing and a low cement block wall to the front.
Appraisal: $162,400.00
Traveling west on Carmichael Road turn left then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left again after passing clico and
pre-school. The subject hoube iS' the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.

Rainbow Subdivision Lot No. 3, Block 27
All that vacant lot of land having dn~i sitfof approximately 14,052.59 sq. ft. being lot no. 3, block 27, section b, of Rainbow Sulbdivisionl with residential zoning. This property is bounded about
103.44 ft north by Queens Highway, and 137.02 ft. East and about 99.94, ft south of Rainbow Hill Circle. 139.91 ft West. All utilities and services available.
Appraisal: $37, 440.00

All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,1064 sq. ft. This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of
surrounding properties within the community. The site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It is covered with low
brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation intersperse with broad strands of mature Yellow Pine indigenous to the area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under
normal conditions.

APPRAISAL: $219,354.40
The subject property is vacant and is situated at the Southeastern entrance of the Community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises approximately 6 acres of a' larger tract
of land of approximately 26 acres.
Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft;, and bounded on North by Early Settler Drive and South by Deal Investmenit Ltd., this is a single tamlily zoning and 501 ft.. above sea level. This site encompasses
a foundation with plumbing and roughing inpjlace and well compacked quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet. The foundation is 2.511 sq. ft. Lot #20 situated 1.5 miles east wardlry
of the Bluff Settlement. The said lot is vacant and a hill over looking the Atlantic Ocean. Appraisal: $41,275.00




building is of sound construction and completed in its entirety. The
ground floor comprises 2 bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, dining and
family room. The second floor comprises two bedrooms, one bath, living
and dining areas*
Directions to property: Headin~g East on Soldier, turn left onto first paved
road opposite Lowes Wholesale, 2nd to last house on the road with
chain linked fence.

All that lot of land having an area of 9,626 square feet, being lot number 40,
of the subdivision known as SandyPort, situate in the Western District of
Newr Providence. The property is irregular in shape, is on a level grade and
zoned as single family residential. An electrical connection outlet la located
near the property. The property is located on Sandy Port Drive just on the
bend before Governor's Cay on the Southern Side of the road.

ELEUTHERA Appraisal: $11i2,`105.00
All that piece, parcel or lot of land 2,743 feet East of the junction of the
Palmetto Point road and main Eleuthera Highway containing 2.45 acres.
This site encompasses a 28-year-old single storey concrete structure of
approximately 832 square feet of enclosed floor space inclusive of shop
sprac and rest room facilities.




CMic on "Real Estate Mllall"~

Ceid On Doorway

"LEnter Online Store"

AII that lot of vacant land having an area of 12,1650 sq. ft. being lot No.
20, Block 1 Unit 3 of the Subdivision known and designated as Fortune
Point Subdivision, Freeport, Grrand Btahama. Duplex property zoning with
a rectangle shape.

LINCOLN GREEN, CANEBY CLOSE Appraisal: $;38,500.00
Unit 5, Block 17, Lot #t48 Single family residence, Clearwater Close.
Located on fresh water canal. Approxiimately 17,404 sq. ft.



SOLDIER ROAD Appraisal: $258,000.00
The u ret pro er
square feet is
.'' Ldeveloped with a
T~Y~i~Cisplit leveled home
I~;S~~g~ b~ ':k~~B~Fli~f~with '1925 square
feet of floor area on
J'the ground floor, a
p rhe are tof 4 7
:" s duar ret iso




. .. ... ,


The property is 89 x 100 ft
and rectangular in shape,
I~j The land is elevated
i: ~atlss y~~approximately 15 ft above
road level and
'"';,~~approximately 25 ft above
a hwvel.isL uted ton this

~a~B~'~~old three bedroom, two
bathroom living, dining,
:9 .
kitchen and laundry room house. The structure requires much

Appraisal: $300,000.00

EXUMA Appraisal: $1 70,000.00
Trapezium shaped lot 35
$. ft. above sea level
comprising 10,000 sq. ft.
as Situated thereon is a 10-
year-old single storey
duplex, 2 bed, 1 bath,
kitchen, living/dining
..e area and porch.
.;. A (Building is in need of

EXUMA Appraisal: $67i3,075.00


Appraisal: $930,000.00

All that lot of land having an
area of 30000 square feet,
being lot Number 17 of the
subdivision known as
Westridge Estates Addition.
Situate in the Western District
Son the island of New
~~I~ F oat td os the subject
constructed single story
structure comprising 6,000
feet of living space with a
three Car Garage.
The building is 75% completed and comprises five bedrooms, four and a
half baths study, living/dining, family room, kitchen, laundry and
generator room.
Location: From SuperValue West Bay, take the road heading west mnto
Wlestridge, take the first corner on the Right, Westridge Drive. Subject
property will be about the seventh on the right hand side of the road*

'ThZis sibject property is located
on Kingway Road and is
developed with an area of
20,000 square feet. Situated
thereon is a residence
comprised of 3,645 square feet
fr.J~ of living accommodations,
inclusive of 4 bedrooms, 2
S:1 baths, with laundry and utility
spaces and a two bedroom one
Sgii bath guest cottage of 600
~d has G zeb at the hih g partpp r

, = J*"CCI i

fened ithwhi e pike fecnga


7: Lii' -~C*g

Apartment 402, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
Lot 4, Block GN, Edward Birch Curt, Bahamian North


Appraisal: $38,000.a00

A(BACO Appraisal:


1_ U

IARTINELLI G atorade, so on.......$1.29
Gaterarde reo...

CIDER Varielty Pak............... I25.756
25.4 oz. ~(Lays 8 oL. Chips......2.99

Pineapple Julce......$2.05
Royarl Dansk, 12 oz.
Ocean SCpray, 16 oz
Crarnberry Sauce...$1.99


20 'oz.

4,2! _zr 0 9i


"Your Bahamian Su ermarkets" LIBBY"Si

sv iER 111L1U r~ iSLIo'ED1

~ei~S UN CA RD 9I~


sPECIALS GOOD Nov. 22ndl Nov. 280s, 2007



i. i





Oi :


: I

i. .



Z' I
, lu~


i~~ ~-

.r i
i ,
., 1 i

e~ ii

I i




$~.cn ;,
; k ; .,j
--- -

~- r
I ~:H~i '"
`' "

r)lo j I


(! '3'
I" i :


' 4




Great Guana Cay, Abaco
The Bahramas

You are invited to apply for the following position currently available

I ~---~-~-EXECUtive Chef I

Key Responsibilities

J Establish culinary standard
r' Create menus and recipes for high-end and casual dining to include
international and Bahamian cuisine
J Maintain food safety standard
J Recruit and train culinary team
J Manage and develop culinary team
J Control food cost
J Determine market list and vendors
J Design special events
J Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts or related subject: professional
/ Minimum ten (10) years experience at a five-star club, resort or restaurant
with at least three (3) years international or off-shore experience.
J Must be innovative, demonstrate strong leadership and culinary skills'
must be able to train others and execute ideas and standards.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a growing and
dynamic organization and must be a self-starter, team player, work at the highest
standards of performance, and meet deadlines.

If you are progressive and prepared to advance your career, submit your resume
to the attention of the Director of HR & Training, showiatgkerejesydgb t~com or

"Becoming the Emlployer of Choice in The Bahamas!" 6




's 1 / .

.,e~~ ~ ~ .!


- ~ a~


b "

-- .* r r
-~~~ -n P



1-le said: "Wle want to ensure
thlat Freeport is able to maximise
thle benefits that flow from the
Ha~wkshill Creek Agreement,
but at the same time we want to
be certain that the lawful enti-
tlement to the Government, so
far as revenue is concerned, is
certainly protected.
"It's important from the fis-
cal stability point of view, and
to ensure that Freeport i's pro-

vd ed cit .eded public goo,c~~-
"We need to strike thatl deli-
cate balance between ensu~ring
the Government collect s all the
revenue dlue to it, and enlsuing~
Freeport benefits from thec benl-
efits granted to it under thle
Hawkshill Creek Agreemlent."
Mr Laing said the Govern-
ment was not taking a comlbat-
ive approach", but instead tackling
the views of all interested pa~rties
into account so that they wo~uld.
reach "a consensus to enlsure the:
Iaw is complied with, and the
busoinis community in Fr teepolt
The minister said "consider -
able" thought seemed to, hIc~~
gone into the Chambcil report ,
and it provided a basis for clis-
cussions going forward.
On the display of bonided
goods in retail stories, Mr L~aing:
said that while some inl thec
Freeport and Grand Bahamall~
business community saw "cer-
tain business and economici
advantages" in this practice, the
Government wanted to enlsure
this did not violate the law.
He added that the Haiwksbill
Creek Agreement was "'sup-
posed to allow for the protec-
tion of government revenue'
."The Government's key issue
is the: protection of its revenue,"
Mr Laing said. "When w~e look!
at the way bonded goods are
treated, we want to ensure
they're not causing any injury to
government revenues. T`hal~ I he
critical issue for us, and whlat
we're trying to protect wayI of
these discussions we're hlavine ".
When asked whether thle
Government and Customrs
Department felt they were losing
revenues as a result of the over-
the-counter bonded goods prac-
tices, Mr Laing replied: "There's
nothing at the momenlt that sug-
gests that.
"'Our assessments dol not -el--
erence anly concerns on tha~t ....
but we have to be vigilant in
watching it. We know sooner ,r-
later if there is any adve~rse
impact, but there is nothing that!
concerns us at this moment.
"'But the potential is therec.
which is why we are pa n;rg t his
kind of attention to it anow
because we don't want that to
be real ised."'

Pep~gperidge Farm,
Aiissfdl layere, 19 oz.

$ak es, .. .... ... .. .~............. 2.9 9

lg 1~: :~-ei''., Bj @ITr:!
-iii ilti;@~~e..;; ...,.$; 1.99

;..1 9~f~B~t~9'~ i~d~"~V7~
~i W 1;, 6 ~d
~ ;r I':

; 1~3
BI~~ P



' ' ,"~LF~
r !r7'La!



yet frOm
FROM page one

bonded goods regimle could be
"in complianlce with t he law
whiile not dlisruplling~ buISiCss
flows in Freeport".
Hec addedl: "Tlhe report that
was prodlucel by the C'hamher
was par"t and parcel of these disc-
cussions,, and we're nouw review-
ing their recommendations to
see the extent to which we can
m~ove forward."
Mr Laing described finding a

RA ~ Lg a

"f( IP~F 'IP$U "sDE

OSCAR~~ M~AYER war-a

12 ca. 12 oz..

"2"" 99*





A leading retailer is seeking the services of:

* Accountant
* Internal Audit Clerk
* General Accounting Clerks (2)



Candidates must be competent, honest, efficient, of high inltegrity, proficient
in electronic data entry and possess good oral &~ written communication skills.


Accountant must possess a valid certificate from the A.I.C.P A. or eqluivalent
professional body, a university degree in account-ing, bus. admin., or
finance, anld at least 3 years experience performing the functions of a
corporate accountant. Must have demonstrated good leadership, supervisory,
accounting and financial statements preparation skills in1 former engagements.

Internal Audit Clerk must possess an associate degree in any of the aforementioned
disciplines, and at least 2 years experience performing account analyses and
reconciliations, cash and inventory physical counts, and other related fumetions.

General Accounting Clerks must possess a certificate in general office practices,
high school diploma, and BGCSE in Maths & English gradee C or better).

Salary and benefits commensurate with level of certification, education,
experience and skills.

Only Bahamians need apply

Send resume to: seekingtalentedbahamians~gmail.com

-a .,e, .,,, approvals. tricity, telephonet, roads. This is

Nassau Airport
Dseveopment comnpa~y

Do you want to join our team?

The following positions are currently available:


The Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) is looking for highly motivated
Construction Project Supervisors to lead our transformation of the Lynden Pindling
International Airport. We are spending millions of dollars to improve the airport in areas
like safety, customer service and commercial development. Projects will range from
$50,000 to over $2,000,000.

Reporting to the Manager, Projects, the successful candidate will be responsible for the
preparation of project plans and documentation, including requests for proposals (RFPs)
and scope. Plan construction timetines, ensure compliance with environmental and
safety regulations, coordinate construction with Operations, Maintenance and clients,
manage the day to day relationship with construction companies, track budgets, report
on project status and ensure overall project success.

An engineering degree ~and 3 years experience would be ideal. However, experienced
construction project managers without degrees will definitely be considered. Strong
computer skills, in all Microdioft office programs are a must.


Reporting to the Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, this senior
management position will be primarily responsible for managing financial forecasts and
projections. evaluating investment and financing arrangements, corporate cash
management, and managing contractual relationships with financial institutions,
government entities and airlines as well as other duties of strategic and 'financial
importance to the Airport's operation and redevelopment,

The ideal candidate will have a post secondary education in business, commerce or
science together with at least 5 years experience in a similar financial management role
.and be proficient with Microsoft Office software including Excel and PowerPoint.
Preference will be given to candidates with advanced degrees such as an MBA or
professional designations in finance or accounting.


Reporting to the Manager, Human Resources the successful candidate will be primarily
responsible for the oversight and coordination of the payroll, pension and benefits plans.
The Supervisor will also provide assistance to the Manager, Human Resources in a
variety of Human Resources functions.

The ideal candidate must have a degree in Human Resources Management or Business
Administration with at least 3 years related experience in a similar position. Excellent
interpersonal, leadership and communications skills both written and oral are a must.
The candidate must be able to multi-task in a fast paced environment, take initiative and
exercise sound judgment when handling confidential and sensitive issues.

The positions offer competitive compensation and benefits with opportunities for career
growth and development. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please
submit your resume to:
Mrs. Michelle Moss
Manager, People
Nassau Airport Development Company
Lynden Pindling International Airport
P. O. Box -AP59229
Nassau, The Bahamas

Deadline for Applications November 30th, 2007
Only those applicants short-listed will be contacted.

being constructed on the Trea-
surIy land1~ were those that would
serve the whole community,
such as the service pier, water
plant, waste water treatment
plant and back-up power plant.
Dr Marshall added: "Right
now, and for the foreseeable
future, there has been no for
sale products permitted on the
Crown Land or the Treasury
land. We haven't gone to the
Hope Town District Council
aInd asked for any permits on
Dr Marshall, though, said the
Baker's Bay developers had an
option as part of one lease to
conditionally acquire a parcel
of Crown Land, and it was only
after this was executed that they
might look to place real estate
for sale on this land.
Meanwhile, when it came to
the Association's second judi-
cial review application, which
is challecnging permits and
appr-ovalls issued to Baker's Bay

by central government agencies
on the basis that they were not
given through the correct chan-
nels, Mr Smith said the
Supreme Court in Freeport had
set Thursday, November 29,,
2007, as the date to hear its
applications for a 'stop work'
order to be imposed on the pro-
The court will also hear the
Association's discovery appli-
cation that day, Mr Smith saying
the group was hopeful the
Supreme Court would shortly
afterwards hear its full judicial
review application.
"There has to be respect for
local rights. The almighty dollar
is not God," Mr Smith said.
"The fact someone wants to
develop means they should not
be given an omnibus green light,
particularly with Baker's Bay,
which is overwhelming and has
so many facets to it."

South Ocean

FROM page one

trict of California, case number
07CV 0342 W1 JMA, against the
Ca~nadian Commercial Workers
Industry Pension Plan (CCWIP),
South Ocean Development Com-
pany (South Ocean), Allen &
Company and certain individuals
for fraud arising out of their con-
duct with respect to prior litiga-
Stion over certain agreements to
purchase a waterfront hotel prop-
erty, overlooking a golf course
and marina, including a gaming
licence, located on the island of
New Providence, Bahamas.

defedant mad raeudulhn mse
representations intended to
induce Case Financial to rely and
act on these misrepresentations,
and enter into a settlement agree-
ment resolving the prior litiga-
"'The suit also alleged that the
defendants knowmngly concealed
fcsi tat wol aehdmtie-
"'On April 24, 2007, the com-
pany dismissed this lawsuit,
because an employee of CCWIPP
refused to release funds owed to
Case Financial. and therefore the
company could not afford to con-
tinue the lawsuit."
Case Financial alleged that
South Ocean w~as sold to its cur-
rent buyer, Roger Stein and his
RHS Ventures group, prior to it
agreeing to settle a previous law-
suit filed in the US District Court
for the southern district of Flori-
da on Novemnber 9, 2005.
Prior to it agreeing to settle
that lawsuit, Case Financial
alleged that it was told it would
still have an opportunity to pur-
chase the South Ocean resort,
and the property's continuing
availability was what influenced it
to settle.
A spokesman for CCWIPP at
the time had described Case
Financial s action as being "with-
out n rit", add ng thdaetdit would

replaced with October 18.
"We wish to hiave an oppor-
tunity to review the plans a~nd
have our expertss review the
plans in order to determine if
we have any objections.
Mr Albury also complained
that the developers hadc begun
housing and subdivision con-
struction without having com-
pleted all the infrastructure to
support these facilities. alleging
that this was not in compliance
with Bakler's Bay's subdivision

by thle developers,
M/r Albury wrote: "As with
all pe"rmi apPlications before
your council in preference to this
development, we again object
to these permit applications or
the following reasons.
"According to the subdivision
licence issued to the develop-
ers, no construction should
commence until all infrastruc-
ture for the subdivision is in
place. This includes sewerage
treatment plant, water, elec-

in dispute. We will need to ver-
if'y the ownership of' the la~nd......
"We would like to clarify if
these houses are being built
under duty frece concessions and
on what basis they are being
denoted to be duty free.
Dr Livingstone M~arshall,
Baker's Bay's vice-president of
environmental and community
affairs, yesterday told The Tri-
bune that when it came to the
conditions of their subdivision
approvals, they could proceed
in one of two ways wait until
all infrastructure was in place
or obtain a performance bond
to guarantee all the works.
The developers, he added,
had chosen to bond all the
works, enabling them to satisfy
fully the terms of their subdivi-
sion licence and go after subse-
quent permits.
Dr Marshall sarid the devel-
.opers had leases for all C'rown
and Treasury land components
of the project. T'he only fa~cilities


Mit(A I'reterred. Mlla plu\:
Ex\Celleucomut (.)IP kLI\illh (SIPread-\lhelen daL~tame
Ilms ncn,: nol,\ rn s anoT wo`)- m r ( e c ene werfrrd

,Abrlity to ca~i~ n istnt mnlalrger multiple priorities and

Position Summnary
Ktcl*nsihic Itor ma,.nagina the acti\ ities'and Periuonnel
of th rlr1:rc~reenet room Adnumlionst~l ustmri~rz Seric~e

Responsil~lri~ tie include~: \Ichedulllling andI cialuatine

rae tonnllll~~ prox ~idin eceuenr tl ilumer sonJ zice and ulmr
en n cnncletoo ain nomto o

m~aximwel rlc~imblemn,

Methodist Church is seekling to employ a vibrant ChristianI to work with its children.
teens and young' adults.

Applicants should:
t Be per.SOnable, creative, ma;tur~e and passionate about young: people.
? Possess excellentr communicationI skills.
t Be familiar with youth~ cultulres anl tr enlds.

Responsibilities included:
i Imlpleme~ntati on anld overrsight of all Youth M~inistry programlmes.

1 .ctLeding: youngS per.Sons t Chr~is .ltl andcrating life`-timell disciPleS.
t Building relatrionlship~s betweec~c n youth, ~ongjiregation and the wider community.

Criteria for Emlployme~nt
t A minimum m ofl a BaCheCloriI's D~egr fr~oml a I.CrecogZnzd unlive.Sity. confirmed by~ a cerri-
fele copy! of.celrtificate.
1 Names andi contracts ~f at least two professional refre~rnces mlust be sutbmitted.
?~ Willingness to support- Churlch's pr~ogramlnmes.
ti Successful applicanlt- s will be expe~cted to muake a comnmitmlen t r work inl harmnony)
with Christialn princi~les andt to su~pport the emphasis o~f'he Balhama7: s ConlferencIe Of
t-he Miethodlist( Church ofwvhic~h the chu~rc~h is a part.

I'lease senld Recsumne ra~getherl w\ith a~ cove~ring~ leter,
;l """ orl~nn p,~lhih,~losoph .Ind a rece~nt phlotograph~ ro:

~fbelhalst Sec~cretary
lEhenezelRlrMehodistc Chlurch

Candl~ida~tecs short listedl will h~e c~ontactedi by! rlltelephon, Exs or e-ma;il for an1 interviews~.

Shaks \wa, Nassau Hah.unas



Third Judicial Review set to launch 'very shortly' over Guana Cay

FROM page one

the Association's requests for
details on meetings and when
perm'"it applications related to
Baker s Bay would come up.
An October 17. 200(7, letter
from Association president
'Troy Albury to the Hope Town
District Council said notice was
givecn the previous day on Gua-
noa Ca~y thqut permit applications
by Ba~ker s Bay would come up
ati the next council meeting.
Yet he added: "We have not
been given a chance to review
the plans, and this notice was

I -I I I ~1'L~'" ~__


0 ROMI/ page orne

BO)R(CO s owne~cr, the~ Vene~zuL:an state- ~;,lc- ne toca y
ups~:SA had ppine C~lll (Itigroup; ir,.e:stm~entl ;anki~i:: ut: .i r
ati as hlighl ps >.100 million lid wo:n receivi.. de:inf, the. fi;l un~d
o~f BORKCOC's auctionl, with some: expecrung the. oi stora e'.-~: ak
transshipme~nt facility' could fetch up to $800) mrllio~n
~The htgheir-pn~ced bids we~re noderstooci :o i' lu1de hei s:.r~; of
ilny en I;camenta:l~ cleani upr, anld capital expenci~ture ::olc an!:ce
Iupqrade- BORCiO's thanks jettles, and pipecs, projects ;;n: ucldc
.hsel cost upwarilds ofj $15 mlillion1.
The BORCO) ref~inery closed in 1985 aml-id a~ gio~b.:i o;: uplply
elul. anld one So)ur.ce told Trhe Trliblune th;!j woenI this;. 1;.,i~ppene
astro~gen blalnkets were pla~cedl on the refinery asi:et:. urei~serve
Ho[~wever; after PDVSA took over it ilon;iwr rd rhe:; .r-;.,;:n
blankets. which allowed the refining assets tol acc noneii and made|
,t impossible to~ restart the plani Th]13is me.:s:: ne i reu w~- ill have to |
je built, pro;~iaing the winningi oid~ai-r Iiha .:::. to: 1c I0.
This would require a $2 billion inve stmentL a;, J icr:e 800 jobs.
OF BORCO's 500 acre site. some 208 aIcre~ hve never been
developed. andJ it is understood that at Ileast s.m< or Ihe bidders
believe thatl this can be u~sed to double the transabhiulue,`nt Icility's
PDVSA wars v16iewin this undeC1veloped land as Inve ment nepropl-
erty it could "scell for current market a~nd increase th fia::il price patid
by any purcnaser.
'The T~ribune attemlpted to realch Maxr Swe~eting. hORiCO' r u~c-
president. inl Urand Barhama;. but he did not return sai; left or, his
answering m;achinle up to PIess tim~.

Le~gal Nource


L~a Jolla Advisor~s Ltd.

(in7 voluntary: Liquidation)
Notice is hereby giv:en that the abovle-named
Company is in diissolut~ion, w~hich commenced on 1
the 14th dal November, 200C7. Crr:rto~rs ha~ny
debts orlabsdiii ;Igainst the above-;amed Com;-
pau4 ny are rquirai to send partLi~liulars ihereol` (to
the undcrsance~i co i O. Boxs N-103578. Nassai,
Bahamlas.. onl or before 21st December:' 2007. in
dlefult thereot the\ wdl be eclzude~d from the`
be~nefit of an\ distrib unon madeci b< lix. ;i:Winto,:

Alainl Iuni
( Liquid~ator~~

- I


Career opportunity fo~r- anI ambitious
career oriented individual

Claims A~dvisor

Note &i Re~siyposibiilities:

Provide Customer service, advice and assistance to wailk-
in customers and over the telephone
SDeal with agencies and other insurance companies
Complylete7 reports and input data
Assist lilth sulbrogation
Mainta~in CIalass ]Bordiereauix
AShst wiittl on-SCeie~ ac~ciaeint mnvestigations
SAssistance with special projects


AA, Degree in business: or related subject
f .xpenlen~ce usefurl but noll essential
Oni fithe lih training wdil be provided
<. iirapuler p~roficienlyv required
strongly ,ciustomrrl se-~ivice:, iCornmunLXI ication~ and6 interp~-erso;nal

TIhe Balhamasl First G~roup is the largest property and casualty
insurance: company in T'he Bahamas and has an A- (Excellent)
Rating f-rom A. M/. Best. reflecting the company s financial
sta-bilhty an.Id soundi nsk management practices. Competnsation
commensurate with relevant experience and qualifications.

Please ayppy before November 28th, 20)07 to:

Group HIR &3 Training Manager
Bahamas First Corporate Services
32 Collins Avenue
P,0. Box SS-6268
N~jassau, Bahamnas

or email to: careers @bahamasfirst.com

-- ....... ,


lie adddc Iinat the Fox Hill
,rnd .100 F~ar ington Road
C~heckers utial would cost
'mlore then what we~ spent l
on Catrmichiail Road'.
1-0L a~tdded I out we~~ restau

the11 ise' o th fort pr

ti~~c : : )

Calrtwn~ght said.
'I lwl ke'y sco l; to Cihcck-

nl M n Iiill I

ly thec high-sul airied coinlcs s
but the lo~wer Ir~cnrcm wor~k-
.:r1's n Ji notI(I

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''. net ~ no his 1to in 1hold-
.~ply it hn
1 Natid

on E men' ;

I heI~ 1 0,1, ~1, 1 I-til and ;.e r at -

ngtonf Road ll lcanon. Mr c

eLs' did not bas~\e ai ne, L
outc~ east Ile 1anJ Ih lone
10-50l~ tli cornt~ 01. ~T'i
Ide nceii~ s poplL t onlik ee h

nc est 01 it ('rMackeyt Stree
"Le taurant wtho thels remai
Jo caPnp crlli ns he u2 01
t(,h~e main in ing ntotu est
Wel hlldl trc j:hav a pres
,enceu out east, an the loca-
.icast grdon Ne\l\ PrlideInce l~

teerl we r;s ctacl i hidd eWant
to ave( toutr ownr identity.
I'ait \half wth jobc dcOne
b eca~ s t~~chel key wa suc- l~
eau rlcF, buil nes is its lc-
rin~u andac not nlythen mels
but the wLash tfc~inuntimtoo.He

~irll ~cthe menwt Ieatta

I hc L hrckzr:. 1:afeuran
at thel Fo Hl.c'lt n anid JoeFar
tuhe asllli -ox ilh)l Sea Breeze,
E iza be hcl Estaii tes

daceadm Wl;inton ,"d1'"i:3

Bladded th act that the ic
thre Checkenrals cafe ncqur-

at fu-~llr~ oplliolan wt

Se mplo Ies 1-inlpe r two hets
thatinci.r qc. aston wa~s akely

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>, -,,...>nc tech supervued by the Pasci Ior
4,.Isles atthoaourch.


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a nrep .. I a m~I & 6 *;; '.j1: .:'t; I:.:~ Cwasi :ill. and )~l

Apuse- '- pro cus~ II ~
aC w.ok 'II~ inue~ Iabii..'11C End ma CInt in IIIb

10 Swh'v' .IAEn~ mdict CC ronegal i.d11peay

( .'1 1)s1 i. (!

a med in Pa 0

s...no,- .n a. a c a
1.. 1 xe~ u n .c

onSI kPYForgo to orlchaset wtle u;hsuran1;$c,

,a .

II::~ ::

Ir meo toa on ol Sw,.51.30, en rall us ar imb~:;hrstbahramastitle.coml.

v. anhne- at n vVW.tuStoaChamastitlfe cor S.t

Protect Your Piece of Paradise.

an. w .. .nedunnn o Fmanical Group he corrputy, the okkst tal, usuran. e 1 open



e-throuoh:: "'We could do~ It
it<. ~ut it. but It wouh1 hre

FRO page one

:fir5t O

,-" -





An auction will be held on 28th Noveme-

ber, 2007 at 10:00 o' clock at the Supreme
Court Building, Bank Lane, Nassau, The
Bahamas. On auction will be a number of

Locman Waitches in a variety of styles and

For more information please contact MisS

SCordell Frazier at Gibson & Company at
S323-1234 or Mr. Jack Davis a the Supreame

NOtice To Shareholders

The Board of Directors of

ICD Utilities Limited is, pleased

to advise that a dividend of

10 cent per share

has been declared to all Shareholders

Of TCCOrd as at 3rd December, 2007

and payable on 14th December, 2007



Lot #90-C comprising 21,430 sq.ft. and situated on the western
side of the main eleuthera highway and approximately 2,219 ft.
northerly of four-for-nothing road in the Settlement of Lower Bogue,
North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Infrastructures are in place.

For conditions of the sale and any other information,
please contact: Credit Risk Management Collection Unit
Phone: 356-1685 or 356-1608, Nassau, Bahamas

Interested persons should submit offers in writing addressed to:

The Manager, Credit Risk Management Managing Director's
Office P.O. Box N-7518, Nassau, Bahamas



Lot #90-G comprising 18,926 sq.ft. and situated on the western
side of the main eleuthera highway and approximately 2,219 ft.
northerly of four-for-nothing road in the Settlement of Lower
Bogue, North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Infrastructures are in place.

For conditions of the sale and any other information,
please contact: Credit Risk Management Collection Unit
Phone: 356-1685 or 356-1608, Nassau, Bahamas

Interested persons should submit ofers in writing addressed to:

The Manager, Credit Risk Management Managing Director s
Office P.O. Box N-7518, Nassau, Bahamas


Lot #90-B comprising 22,376 sq.ft. and situated on the
western side of the main eleuthera highway and
approximately 2,219 ft. northerly of four-for-nothingo road
in the Settlement of Lower Bogue,
North Eleuthera Bahamas.

Infrastructures are in place.

For conditions of the sale and any other information,
please contact: Credit Risk Management Collection Unit
Phone: 356-1685 or 356-1608, Nassau, Bahamas

Interested persons should submit offers in writing addressed to:

The Manager, Credit Risk~ Management Managing Director's
Office P.O. Box N-7518, Nassau, Bahamas

Lot #90-E comprising 16,521 sq.ft. and situated on the western side
of the main eleuthera highway and approximately 2,219 ft. northerly
of four-for-nothing road in the Settlement of Lower Bogue,
North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Infrastructures are in place.

For conditions of the sale and any other information,
please contact: Credit Risk Management Collection Unit
Phone: 356-1685 or 356-1608, Nassau, Baham~as

Interested persons should submit offers in writing addressed to:
The Manager, Credit Risk Management Managing Director's Office

P.O. Box N-7518, Nassau, Bahamas



lion in assets they hold and
avoid severe disruption to the
already pittery credit markets.
If BlackRock is appointed
manager, as expected, it will
be responsible for managing
the securities sold into the
fund's portfolio, deciding
whether to sell an asset at a
particular price or hold it to
maturity. It is not clear
whether BlackRock will deter-
mine the prices or if they will
be set by an outside party.
The firm, which is known for
its keen attention to risk,
would lend both credibility and
capital markets expertise to a
proposal that has been shaky
from the start.
The firm recently indicated it
had less than one per cent of its
cash assets invested mn SIV-
related debt. And it has large-
ly steered clear of the subprime
mortgage investments that
have gone bad, spreading dis-
Iress throughout the financial
BlackRock was chosen over
at least two other investment
mnungnmedn firms for he rig t
backup fund, according to peo-
ple briefed on the matter, even
though its founder and chief
executive, Laurence D Fink,
uadprei3 l ob n raes c pead
tion in the fund.
Bra nB aes, anB at Rock
T~he bank chosen for the cus-
todian assignment would over-
see the financial record-keep-
ing and other back-office oper-
ations for the new fund. It
would be a prominent and
potentially ucrtv tak for
which has largely shunned the
spotlight despite its legacy as
:' America oldest bank, found-
4~, ij~ 223 years ag by Alexan-
Kevin Heine, a spokesman
for the bank, declined to com-

money market funds, whose
exposure to SIV-issued com-
mercial paper could put them
in jeopardy.
Bank of America, Citigroup
and JPMorgan Chase are each
expected to put up $5 billion to
$10 billion for the fund. The
remaining $60 billion or so is
expected to be raised from
dozens of financial institutions,
including several outside the
United States.
Bank of America and
JPMorgan will lead the fund-
raising effort. Citigroup will
take a back seat, people
involved with the plan said,
because it could dispropor-
tionately benefit if the plan
provided relief to the seven
troubled SIVs it operates.
Officials at Bank of Ameri-
ca, JPMorgan and Citigroup
either did not return calls seek-
ing comment or could not be

How much effect the backup
fund, a so-called super-SIV,
will have is unclear; many
investors and analysts are
skeptical that it will do much to
Debt market conditions
have rapidly deteriorated in
the last few weeks as investor
appetites for pools of assets -
from mortgages to auto and,
more recently, credit card
loans -have all but dried up.
The fund's organizers hope
that it will buy enough tunefor
asset prices to recover,
although most market analysts
say that is improbable. It may,
however, discourage SIVs
from dumping their holdings
all at once, a move that could
gause securities prices to col-
That would force banks to
take even bigger write-offs and
could also put pressure on

c.2007 New York Times
News Service _
BLACKROCK. the big
ibnveIstnent fimnelsr exeted to
a $75 billion f~und being creat
dby three large Iarts ao hel
backed securities, a person
briefed on the situation said
late Tuesda .
A custody an for the fund
could also be named shortly
according to people witl'
knowledge of the matter, and
one leading contender is Bank
of New York Mellon.
No official announcements
have been made on either posi-
tion. But with plans under way
to begin raising more than $60
billion for the fund as early as
next week, there is a height-
ened sense of urgency to fill
bohh c untry's thlree biggest
banks Bank of America,
Citigroup and JPMorgan
Chase settled on the struc-
tre tof the kpmpo td fund
months of negotiations against
the backdrop of deteriorating
economic conditions.
Banks and government offi-
uial r h iingthat the bak_
cial instruments known as
struscit r a invest ent v hicles.
fashion the more than $2.50 bil

g L'
5l T R


Prior experience on repairs to heavy trucks
mandatory. Experience repairing
International, Mack, and Cummins engineS
and Electronics necessary. Extensive
experience in machine shop repairs to diesel
en ine parts mandatory. Top wageS.
IUniforms furnished after~ probationary period.

Please come by and fill out an application,
and give us your resume at:

Court at 356-9101. ..


BlcRCOck may lead

RHk' rS te S U6 H

Bahamas Mack Trucki Sales Ltd.
ee Rock Crusher Road ~is

(~~SjRNsauBahamas F~
0 I 5T IB II 0 lf ff

Legal Notice


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with section
138 (8) of the International Business Companies Act
2000, the dissolution of KONSTANTIN II HOLDINGS
INC. has been completed; a Certificate of Dissolution has
been issued and the Company has therefore been struck
off the Register.


Legal Notice


-Notice is hereby given that in accordance with section
138 (8) of the International Business Companies Act
2000, the dissolution of KEY CAMPING INC. has been
completed; a Certificate of Dissolution has been issued
and the Company has therefore been struck off the


Vacan cy


Blue Shark Golf Course is currently
accepting applications for the position of


Applicants should have a minimum of an
Associate degree in Management and a
Chef Certificate from an accredited Culinary
Institute locally in the Bahamas or in the
USA or Canada along with 3 years expeeri-
ence as a Chef and Manager.

Specific experience with an upscale restau-
rant in cooking, menu preparations, devel-
opment and design for American, Canadian
and European tourists, the highest interna-
tional service standards, proper health and
cleanliness practices, meal presentation,
purchasing and stocking of products and
supplies. Knowledge of golf course res-
taurant service and food preparation is a
must. Leadership and supervisory skills are

To apply call 424-6932

Legal Notice


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with section
138~ (8) of the International Business Companies Act
2000, the dissolution of WEDNESA VISTA LTD. has
beenl completed; a Certificate of Dissolution has been is-
sued and the Company has therefore been struck off the


Legal Notice


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with section
138 (8) of the International Business Companies Act
2000, the dissolution of THE BLUE SKY HIGH TECH
LTD. has been completed; a Certificate of Dissolution
has been issued and the Company has therefore been
struck off the Register.



The Cove @ Atlantis Resort
Registered Nurse Full Time

* Provide: primary and miner emergency medical
*Administration of medication, oxygen,
intravenous fluids as indicated and outlined in thle
chmncal Protocol Manual
* Provide accurate and comprehensive medical
reports as required

R I eder o rent Bahamian licence
*Must have at least three years experience post
* have current BLS & ALS Certification
* Must be responsible, have good communication
skills and independent.

A leading global, research-based pharmaceutical company
seeks qualified persons for the following position:

Medical Sales Representative
TIhe medical rep will be responsible for promoting
pharmaceutical brands within the healthcare community in
TIhe Bahamas.

Skills & Educational Requirements:
J Bachelor's degree in medical science, allied health, or
business management
J Effective communication and presentation abilities
SProficiency in time management, planning and organizing
SComputer literate
J Self-motivated team player
J Previous experience in pharmaceutical detailing would be
an asset

Candidates should possess a reliable motor vehicle, be willing
to travel to the family islands, to the U.S., and other foreign

Please send resumes by December 7th to:
Medical Rep
Lowe's Wholesale Drug Agencies
P.O. Box N-7504
Nassau, Bahamas
or FAX: 393-0440
We thank all applicants for their interest, however;
only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

I ~ n. cas-cni



The public is hereby advised that all boat andi mas~ter
licences under the Boat Recgistratio~n A-c'lt exires Decem~nber
31st, 2007.

The Port Department is now accepting applications for
new and renewal of applications for the year 2008 under
the Boat Registration Act. Applications ar~e also bemet
accepted under new The Commelrcial Recreationa
ater cnal a ercrt rto as co side d bn .the e alovi e ne
Port Authority Board.

Application forms may be collected from the Boat
Registration section of the Port Departmnent located in the
Port Administration Building located on Prince George
Wharf, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30am to

Applicants are further advised that a1ll necessarr! documencnts
must be presented at the time of application in order~ to, be
considered by the Board for new or recnewal1 of applications.

Captain Anthony J. Alleus
rort contronler



Overstretched borrowers in
some cases have been stuck
with mortgages that eclipse the
value of their homes.
Borrowers that took out
adjustable-rate mortgages with
low introductory "teaser" rates
have been socked when those
loans reset to much higher

"The housing market
remains weak, continuing to
be a drag on the economy,"
said Frank Nothaft, Freddie
Mac's chief economist. .
The mortgage rates do not
include add-on fees known as
points. Thirty-year, 15-year
and five-year mortgages each
carried a nationwide average
fee of 0.5 point. The one-year
ARM carried an average fee
of 0.6 point.
A year ago, 30-year mort-
gages stood at 6.18 per cent.
Rates on 15-year mortgages
were at 5.91 per cent a year
ago, while five-year ARMS
averaged 5.99 per cent and
one-year ARMs were at 5.49
per cent.
The housing market has
been suffering through a
severe slump, following five-
years of heady activity. Sales

turned weak as did home
prices. The problems in hqus-
ing are expected to persist well
into next year.
The boom-to-bust situation
has been especially hard on
homeowners with spotty cred-
it and lower incomes. Foreclo-
sures and late paymentil have

AP Economics Writer
Mortgage rates sank this week,
with rates on 30-year mort-
gages dropping to a six-month
low, a spot of welcome news
to would-be home buyers.
Freddie Mac, the mortgage
company, reported Wednes-
day, that 30-year, fixed-rate
mortgages averaged 6.20 per
cent. That was down from 6.24

per cent last week and was the
lowest rate since the week end-
ing May 10, when rates stood
at 6.15 per cent.
Other mortgage rates also
Rates on 15-year fixed-rate
mortgages, a popular choice
for refinancing, slid to 5.83 per
cent, from 5.88 per cent last
week. This week's rate hasn't
been lower since the week end-
ing February 2, 2006, when 15-
year rates averaged.5.81 per

cent, the mortgage company
For five-year adjustable-rate
mortgages, rates fell to 5.88 per
cent, down from 5.96 per cent
last week.
This week's rate hasn't been
lower since the week ending
May 3, when five-year rates
averaged 5.87 per cent, Freddie
Mac said.
Rates on one-year
adjustable-rate mortgages
dropped to 5.42 per cent, com-
pared with 5.50 per cent last
week. The rate on one-year
ARMs hasn't been lower since
late March, when rates aver-
aged 5.40 per cent.
The moderation in mortgage
rates around the country pro-
vides a dose of good news for
prospective home buyers,
some of whom also may be fac-
ing a situation of harder-to-get
credit. But the easing in mort-
gage rates doesn't change
housing's overall bleak picture.


CV should be sent via
e-mail to mary.epcotmedical
@ccoralwave.com by
November 31st, 2007.

US mortgages:


slump to six-month low

Fed predicts slowdown, not recession, in 2008

The Public is hereby advisedthtIAR NUA
AKHIA OHNSQNof Nassau, Bahamas intend
tochange my name to ARLINQUA AKEIA
RUSSELL. If there are any objections to this
change of name by Deed Poll, you may write such
objections to the Chief Passport Officer, RO.Box N-
742, Nassau, Bahamas no later than thirty (30) days
after the date of publication of this notice,


Creditors having debts or claims against the
above-named Company are required to send
particulars thereof to the undersigned c/o P. O. Box
N-624, Nassau, Bahamas on or before 11th
December, A.D., 2007. In default thereof they will
be excluded from the benefit of any distribution
made by the Liquidator.

Dated the 20th day of.November, A.D., 2007.

K.L. Floyd
16945 Northcase Drive
Houston, Texas 77060, U.S.A.



is in dissolution under the provisions of the Intemnational
Business Companies Act 2000.

(b) The dissolution of the said Company commenced on the
20th day of November, 2007 when its Articles of Dissolution
were submitted to and registered by the Registrar General.

(c) The Liquidator of the said Company is K. L. Floyd 16945
Northchase Drive, Houston, Texas 77060, U.S.A.

Dated the 20th day of November, 2007.

Attorneys for the above-named Company



Creditors having debts orclaims against the
above-naed Company are required to send
particulars thereof to the undersigned c/o P. O. Box
N-624, Nassau. Bahamas on or fore 11th
December, A.D., 200)7. In default thereof they will
be excluded from the benefit of any distribution
made by the Liquidator.

Dated the 20th day of November, A.D., 2007.

K.L. Floyd
169415 Northcase Drive
Houston, Texas 77060, U.S.A.



is in dissolution under the provisions of the International
Business Companies Act 2000.

(b) The dissolution of the said Company commenced on the
-20th day of November, 2007 when its Articles of Dissolution
were submitted to and registered by the Registrar General.

(c) The L~iquidator of the said Company is K.L. Floyd, 16945
Northchase Drive, Houston, Texas 77060, UI.S.A.

Dated the 20th day of November, 2007.

Attorneys for the above-named Company


The Public is hereby advised that 1, INDYA JADA
Nassau, Bahamas intend to change my name to
objections to this change of name by Deed Poll,
you may write such objections to the Chief Passport
Officer, RO.Box N-74t2, Nassau, Bahamas no later
than thirty (30) days after the date of publication of

NOTICE is hereby given that ROCHELLE TELFORT,
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 15TH day of NOVEMBER, 2007 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N-7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

Experienced Quantity Surveyor with degree
in Building required. Duties include bid
pricing, contract negotiation and planning,
estimating and preparing bill of quantities.

Interested applicants are asked to send their
resume to
Quantity Surveyor
c/o The Tribune
P.O. Box N-3027

FIVL LGrOup of Compamies Ltd.

is seeking to employ a

Mark et mg

MUSt be young, aggressive and energentic

with experience in marketing and public

HInereSted persons may fax their resumes
to A Ad AM3


14.60 14.25 Bahamnas Supermarkets 14.60 15;601 16.00 1.160 1.185 13.4 8.129'o
8.00 6.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 6.00 6.25 6.00 0.000 0.480 NM 7.80%/
0.54 0.20 RND Holdings 0.35 0.40 0.20 -0.030 0.000 N/M 0.00%
41.00 41.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.00 41.00 4:450 1750 9.0 6.70%
14.60 14.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.160 1.125 13.4 7.71%
0.55 0.40 RND Holdings O.45 0.55 0.45 -0 030 0.000 N/M 0.00%
52wk-HI 52wk-Low Fund Name NA V YTD% Last 12 Months Div $ Yield %/
1.3641 1.3139 Colina Money Market Fund 1.384118'
3.5388 2.9449 Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund 3.5388***
2 9382 24829 C lna MSidPreferred Fund 2981*
11.8192 11.2596 Fidelity Prime Income Fund 11.8192***
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 10 Dec 02 i 1,000.00 MARKET TERMS YIELD lnst 12 monidvlosth ividensdied by closing price A E
52wk-HI Highest closing price In last !32 weeks Bidl S Buying price of Colinao and Fi'dellty
S~wk-Low L~owest closing price In last 52 weeks Ask $ Soilingl price of Colinn and fidellty *- 9 Novemrber 2007
Previous Close Previous days8 weighted price for daily volume Lael Price Last traded over-the-countor prico 30 June 2007
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Tradlng volume of the prior wook "' 31 October 2007
Change Change in closing price from day to day EPS $ A cornpany's reported onrnings pear share for thle last 12 mths "" 31 July 2007
Dally Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Not Asset Valuo
DIV S Dividends per share paid In the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
P/E Closing price divided by the test 12 month earnings FINDEX The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Indexr January 1, 1994 == 100
(8) 4-for-1 Stock Split Effective Date 8/812007
(81) 3-for-1 Stock Split Effective Dato 7/11/2007



c.2007 New York Times
News Service

Federal Reserve expects eco-
nomic growth to slow sharply
next year, and policymakers
there are worried that even this
forecast may prove too opti-
mistic, according to an assess-
ment that the central bank
released on Tuesday.
In a new effort to be more
open, the Fed released a
detailed forecast that summa-
rized the predictions of the Fed
governors and regional bank
It also reported their dis-
agreements, which almost all
centered on how much the
broad economy is likely to be

damaged by the surge in oil
prices and the tight credit mar-
kets brought on by the recent
severe problems in housing and
mortgage lending.
At the same time, Fed offi-
cials expect unemployment to
rise only slightly and inflation
to edge down. In a shift from
three weeks ago, the officials
said they agreed that recent evi-
dence of slowing inflation was
more than a temporary blip and
would "likely be sustained."
Neither the forecast nor newv-
ly released minutes from the
Fed's last meeting on October
31 mentioned the chances of a
recession, but the new predic-
tions are low enough that, if
borne out, the economic situa-
tion might feel like a recession
to many people.

The forecast, which was much
anticipated. did nothing to end
the battle of wills between Fed
officials and Wall Street over
the need to reduce interest rates
for a third time this year when
the rate-setting Federal Open
Market Committee meets next,
on December 11.
Investors did not seem to
know how to react to the infor-
mation. Share prices initially
dropped after the report was
released, possibly in reaction to
the reluctance that the policy-
makers had expressed toward
cutting rates last month. But
prices bounced back and ended
the day modestly higher, possi-
bly in response to the Fed's
reduced alarms about inflation.
The Dow Jones industrial
average rose 51.70 points, or
0.40 per cent, to 13,010.14, after
making 100-point swings in both
directions. That followed Mon-
day's drop of more than 200
points. Many Nasdaq or small
stocks were flat or lower.
Fed officials have signaled in
recent speeches that they do not
want to cut rates anytime soon,
saying their cuts in September
and October would be enough
to keep the economy out of
Indeed, many of them were
already uneasy about their last
cut in the benchmark federal

funds rate on October 31, to 4.5
per cent from 4.75 per cent.
According to the minutes of
that meeting, Fed bankers saw
that decision as a "close call."
But many investors continue
to bet heavily on a rate cut in
December, and some econo-
mists and Wall Street analysts
argue that the economy will
come much closer to stalling
than the Fed now assumes.
"I think what we're really
debating here is the timing,"
said Stuart Hoffman, an econo-
mist at PNC Financial in Pitts-
burgh. "Whether or not it hap-
pens on December 11, my guess
is that by the March meeting,
the Fed funds rate will be four
per cent."
T'he new forecasts for growth
next year in the gross domestic
product range from 1.6 per cent
to 2.6 per cent. That is both low-
er and more uncertain than in
June, when the forecasts ranged
from 2.5 per cent to three per
"Most participants viewed the
risks to their GDP projections
as weighted to the downside,"
the central bank said in its sum-
mary of the last policy meeting.
The new assessment shows
that pohicymakers still see only
limited evidence that the prob-
lems in housing and subprime
mortgages have damaged the

broad economy.
The "central tendency" of
policymakers' individual fore-
casts calls for economic growth
in 2008 of 1.8 per cent to 2.5 per
cent. Growth in 2007 is expect-
ed to be 2.4 per cent to 2.5 per
As a group, Fed policymakers
expect "subpar economic
growth" over the next year.
They also predict that unem-
ployment will edge up to as
much as four per cent next year,
compared with about 4.7 per
cent today.
But the new report shows
that they are much more wor-
ried that the downturn in hous-
ing and the problems in mort-
gage markets could cut deeper
into the overall economy.
Fed officials also appear to
have reduced their estimates
about the nation's long-term
potential rate of growth with-
out inflation, often described as
the economy's speed limit. The
potential growth rate is based
on estimates of future produc-
tivity growth and increases in
the population. Until recently,
most economists estimated a
potential growth rate of three
per cent a year. But Fed offi-
cials appear to have reduced
that to about 2.5 per cent, with
an assumption that productivity
will climb about 1.5 per cent a
year. That would be much slow-
er than in the 1990s.
The new forecasts represent-
ed the Federal Reserve's latest
step from secrecy toward open-
ness, an evolution that has been
under way for two decades.
The Fed is now releasing its
economic forecast four times a
year, rather than twice, and the
new forecast looks ahead three

years instead of two. Because
the outlook stretches further
into the future, and assumes
that the economy will be shaped
by "appropriate" monetary pol-
icy, the new outlook implies
what Fed officials think is both
possible and desirable.
The new forecasts predict
that inflation will range from
1.5 to two per cent in 2008 and
2009. That is slightly higher than
the range of one to two per cent
that the Fed chairman, Ben S
Bernanke, has mentioned in the
past. But it is roughly consis-
tent with what analysts have
long considered the Fed's unof-
ficial target for inflation.
But analysts cautioned that
the forecast was muddier than it
might appear. That is because it
is an amalgam of individual
forecasts from each of the Fed's
12 regional banks and from
each of seven Fed governors.
As a result, the consolidated
predictions for growth, employ-
ment and inflation can seem at
odds with one another.
One incongruity, for exam-
ple, is that the Fed forecasts sig-
nificantly slower growth over
the next year but only a modest
increase in unemployment to
five per cent still a low level
judged by long-term perspec-
lan Shepherdson, chief US
economist at High Frequency
Economics, said he would take
the Fed forecasts with a grain of
salt. "The Fed is just as behold-
en to the short-term, high-fre-
quency data as it ever was," he
wrote in a note to clients. "We
do not propose in the future to
devote much tune to the Fed's
now-quarterly forecasting exer-

1.66 0.54 Abaco Markets 1.59 1.59 0.00
11.74 11.00 Bahamas Property Fund 11.60 11.60 0.00
9.55 7.88 Bank of Bahamas 9.55 9.55 0.00
0.85 0.70 Benchmarke 0.85 0.85 0.00
3.74 1.65 Bahamas Waste 3.74 3.74 0.00
2.62 1.21 Fidelity Bank 2.61 2.61 0.00 450
11.20 9.81 Cable Bahamas 11.18 11.18 0.00
3.15 1.85 Colina Holdings 3.15 3.15 0.00
6.12 4.10 Commonwealth Bank (Sl) 6.01 6.12 0.11 3.300
7.22 4.70 Consolidated Water BDRs 6.15 6.39 O 24
2.70 2.20 Doctor's Hospital 2.26 2.26 0.00
6.SO 5.54 Famguard 6.50 6.50 0.00
12.80 12.00 Finco 12.75 12.75 0.00
14.75 14.14 FirstCaribbean 14.66 14.66 0.00
6.10 5.18 Focol (S) 6.02 6.02 0.00
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8.05 7.10 ICD Utilities 7.25 7.25 0.00
10.05 8.52 J. S. Johnson 10.OS 10.05 0.00
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Pricing Information As Of:
Tunnday 20 November 900 7


Fredldie Mac losses reflect housing woes

(NO. 5 of 2003)


The Minister of Finance, pursuant to the provisions of Item 11 of
Part B of the Fourth Schedule to the Tariff Act, hereby declares the
following Exi ency to be an Exigency which qualifies for the
purposes of the exemption permitted under the said Item 11, namely:-

the urgent need for goods specified in Schedule A hereof
which the Minister is satisfied are intended for the relief of
residents in the Islands listed mn Schedule B hereof who
suffered hardship or loss as a result of the Tropical Storm
Noel, and whose claims / publications in respect of such
goods mn respect of Part A hereof are certified by the Director
of The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA),
In res ect of the Farming Industries in Part B hereof by the
Director of Agriculture, and mn respect of the Fisheries
Industries in Part C hereof by the Director of Fisheries.

The Minister of Finance further declares that the importation of
goods under the provision of the said Item II are only permitted
during the period commencing 15th November, 2007 and ending
on the 31st March 2008.






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2. Supplies for the reconstruction and repair to poultry houses.

3. Supplies for the reconstruction and repair of irrigation systems.

4. Nursery stock for the re-establishment of fruit orchards.

5. Items required for fencing.

Part C (Fishing Induty

1. Galvanized sheeting and other materials used in the construction
of fishing habitats.

2. Fishing boats

3. Fishing gear and apparatus

Part D

Motor Vehicles
Motor Cycles
Golf Cart

Schedule B


Cat Island
Crooked Island
Exuma and Cays
Long Cay
Long Island
Rum Cay
San Salvador

Where any abuse or misuse of goods imported under this Declaration
is observed, the goods may be seized and disposed of in accordance
with Section 83 of the Customs Management Act.

Dated this 15th of November, 2007

Minister of Ffnance

* Must have a proven track record in sales

* Professional appearance a must

* Must have reliable transportation

* Ability to meet and adhere' to strict deadlines
* Excellent written and communication skills.

Apply in writing to
Sales Representatives
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c.2007 New York Times
News Service
LO)SSES at F-redldieMc Rli
undecrscored the continuing tur-
moil in the housing industry
'Tuesday, and~ Othecr devel'OP-
ments rein~forced the senise that
conditions w\ouldl not imlpnw\ e
.Freddie Mal;c. the b~ig mort-
gage finance companyl posted a
$2 billion loss forI thec third quar-
ter;llC and warned that it might not
have enough capital on hand to
cover the mandatory reserves
for itsinortgage comnmitmnents.
The company has been bat-
tered by a rising wave of fore-
closures tied to subprime mort-
gage defa~ults, and it is "seri-
ously considering" cutting its
stockdivie' i fortune is par-
ticularly rattling because the
company is considered some-
thing of a backstop for the lend-
ing industry. With its implied
guarantee of government back-
ing. the housing market looks
to Freddie,. and its bigger sib-
ling, Fannie Mlae, to provide sta-
ble credit and financing for a
wide sw th osf nx5 .nings

report showed that even the
gold standard of lending agen-
cies w~as not immune to the tox-
ic subprime securities that hav:e
infected much of the market.
The loss included a provision
for credit losses of $1.2 billion,
and it wrote down the value of
some aIssets by $3.6 billion. And
Freddir's outlook remained
cloudy~: Executives said they did
nnot lsex tearnung tse imdp y
suggested that the government
would not lower its 30 per cent
threshold for Freddie's reserves.
Shares of the company plum-
meted 28.7 per cent. to $26.74,
its lowest level in 11 years, while
shares of Fannie Mae dropped
24.8 per cent. Freddie will seek
advice from Goldman Sachs
and Lehman Brothers for its
short-term efforts to shore up
Its reserves.
While many: analysts said the
poor earnings suggested that
subprime problems had spread
to new corners of the mortgage
market some said that they did
not antierpate a signmif-icant-tight-

ening in Freddic's lending stan-
"One of the reasons why th~ey

capital raise is they want to ibe
~ut thlerecontinuing to provide
credit," said Frederick Cannon,
a managing director at Keefe,
Bruyette & Woods, who covers
the housing sector.
But the agencies' exposure
could also restrict the govern-
ment's ability to intervene in
the market.
"It makes any potential large
federal response that much
more difficult," said Joseph
Brusuelas, chief US economist
at IdeaGlobal. "If the federal
government were to respond
aggressively to a greater-than-
expected downturn mn the hous-
ing sector, it would rely on Fan-
nie and Freddie to do a lot of
the heavy lifting."
In Freddie's case, the compa-
ny warned about more prob-
lems in the coming months.
"Without doubt, 2007 has been
an extremely difficult year for
the country's housing and cre~d-
it markets." Richard F Syron,
Fired excM iv, sid i tand
Syron was not alone in his
lament. DR Horton, the
nation's largest home builder,
reported a $50.1 million loss in
its fiscal fourth quarter as the
housing downturn pummeled
its inventory, good will and
land-use contracts.
Lower demand and tighter
lending standards have cut back
thus mnpaany' business ad
"We expect the housing envi-
ronment to remain challeng-
ing,"' Donald R Horton, the
company's chairman, said in a
The subprime debacle also
claimed another prominent
casualty Tuesday. The chairman
and chief executive of H&tR
Block, Mark Ernst, said he
would resign amid the compa-
ny's difficulties with subprime
exposure. Ernst had come
under fire for the failed sale of
the Option One Mortgage
Corp., a company subsidiary
that took heavy losses on risky

His successor as chairman will
be Richard C Breeden, the for-
mer chairman of the Securities
and Exchange Commission,
who was recently elected to
H&R Block's board after
sharply criticizing Ernst.
The chief executive slot will
be temporarily filled by Alan
M Bennett, a former top exec-
utive at Aetna, the insurance
And home-building data
released Tuesday offered no
hint of an end to housing trou-
bles. Permits to break ground
fell 6.6 per cent in October to
their lowest level in more than
14 years, a sign that builders are
cutting back on residential
home projects.
Permits have dipped nearly
25 per cent since last October,
il a season ly atusts dC 1
merce Department said.
New residential construction
grew slightly last month, rising
three per cent, to an annual
pace of 1.23 million. It was the
first increase in four months,
but the increase came mostly
from a 44 per cent jump in mul-
tifamily developments, like con-
don tr tion of single-family
homes dropped again last
month, and housing starts over-
all remain near their lowest ley-
el since the recession of the ear-
ly 1990s.
"With mortgage financing
further constrained and mnven-
tories of unsold homes quite
high, the near-to-medium term
outlook for housing starts is not
good," Joshua Shapiro, chief
US econo ist for MFR, wrote
That would be unfortunate
for Freddie Mac, whose mort-
gage-related securities rapidly
lost their value as the subprime
market began to collapse. Fred-
die lost $3.29 a share in the third
quarter, compared with a loss
of $715 million, or $1.17 a share,
in the period a year earlier. The
company also said it did not
expect earnings to improve in
the fourth quarter.
"We're not happy about
this." Syron. Freddie's chair-
man, told investors and share-
holders on a conference call.
"We don't expect you to be
happy about it."

Part A

Building materials
Electrical fixtures and materials.
Plumbing fixtures and materi~als--

Household furniture, furnishing and appliances

Part B (Farming Industry)

*Excellenlt oplportunity

Ofbl 1/1 fC0 COITf~O !7/ 011T

* Flexible hiouris avalilable

* Exce~llent~ commilissionls

Gilt~ b7enefitS


AP Economics Writer

Fewer people signed up for
jobless benefits last week, an
encouraging sign that most
companies aren't resorting to
lage-scalwiltahqf ti uti con
lems in the housing and credit
The Labour Department
reported Wednesday that new
applications filed for unem-
ployment insurance dropped
by a seasonally adjusted 11,000
to 330,000 for the week end-
ing November 17. It was the
lowest level since the begin-
ning of November. The
330,000 level of claims was in
line with economists' forecasts.
A year ago, new claims for
unemployment insurance
stood at 322,000.
The four-week moving aver-
age of claims, which smooths
out week-to-week volatility,
dipped last week to 329,750, a
decrease of 750 from the pre-
vious week. It marked the low-
est level since late October. A
year ago, the four-week aver-
age of claims was 319,500.
"We continue to believe that
most statistical and anecdotal
evidence continue to point to a
relatively healthy labour mar-
ket," said Omair Sharif, an
economist at RBS G~reenwich

In other economic news, a
gauge of future business activ-
ity suggested the economy's
growth in the months ahead
could slow even more than
anticipated. The Conference
Board reported that its index
of leading indicators fell 0.5
per cent in October. after tick-
ing up 0.1 per cent in Septem-




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The layoffs report also
showed that the number of
people continuing to collect
unemployment benefits, how-
ever, rose by 7,000 to 2.57 mil-
lion for the week ending
November 10, the most recent
period for which that informa-
coti un claam ssood ta 24
The White House hailed the
new report on the employment


"The fact that we're seeing
relatively strong job creation
and solid wage growth is help-
ful. This is a fairly resilient,
flexible economy that has
shown an ability to withstand
shocks," said White House
deputy press secretary Tony
But On Wall Street, the lay-
offs new failed to ease
investors' anxieties about fall-
out from the housing collapse.
The Dow Jones industrial aver-
age was down more than 80
points in early trading.
The state of the nation's
employment climate is a cru-
cial factor in determining
whether the economy will, in
fact, weather the stresses from
the housing slump and credit
So far, decent job creation
and wage growth have helped
to offset some of the negative
forces hitting some people,
problems ranging from weaker
home values to hard-to-get
The national civilian unem-
ployment rate -- now at 4.7
per cent of the labour force -
is considered low by historical
standards. The jobless rate is
expected to slowly climb in the
coming months as the econo-
my loses steam.
Even though the labour mar-

ket has so far been holding up
fairly well to stresses in the
economy, job losses have been
painfully felt in construction,
manufacturing, mortgage
banking and other businesses
more closely linked to the trou-
bled housing and credit sec-

toheeconomy, which grew at
a brisk 3.9 per cent pace in the
third quarter, is -expected to
log growth at only half that
rate or less in the final three
months of this year, analysts
The Federal Reserve, in the
first of new quarterly reports to
the nation, said that it believes
the unemployment rate will
rise to between 4.8 per cent
and 4.9 per cent next year. For
all of last year, the jobless rate
dipped to 4.6 per cent, a six-
year low.
The Fed said the "unem-
ployment rate would increase
modestly" in 2008, stabilize in
2009 and then decline slightly
in 2010.


To combat the troubles in
the economy, the Federal
Reserve has sliced interest
rates twice this year in Sep-
tember and October. That
dropped that Fed's key interest
rate to 4.50 per cent. The deci-.
sion to cut rates in late October
was a "close call," according
to minutes of that closed-door
meeting released Tuesday. At
the time, Fed Chairman Ben
Bernanke and his colleagues
hinted that it may not need to
lower rates again.
Against that backdrop, the
Fed is likely to leave rates
alone when it meets next on
December 11. However, some
investors and analysts believe a
third rate reduction will be
needed then to help energize
the economy.

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