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N N A A S S S S A A U U A A N N D D B B A A H H A A M M A A I I S S L L A A N N D D S S L L E E A A D D I I N N G G N N E E W W S S P P A A P P E E R R Lock killer up for life C M Y K C M Y K V olume: 106 No.255SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 PRICE 75 (Abaco and Grand Bahama $1.25 WEATHER CLOUDS, SUN AND SHOWER HIGH 90F LOW 77F Adv ocate for families of victims appeals for maximum sentences The Tribune THEPEOPLESPAPER BIGGESTANDBEST BAHAMASEDITION McCOMBO OF THE DAY N E W I N S I D E FIRST CLASS STUDENTSFROM YELLOWELDERPRIMARY SCHOOL SEEPAGE12 POLICE have confirmed that the man shot and killed by officers on Thursday was Reginald Smith, 57, of Bay Geranium Avenue, Pinewood Gardens. The shooting was report ed to have taken place just before 4 pm outside the Straw Market on Bay Street, however the reports from the police differed considerably from that of eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses allege that the male officer drew his POLICE SHOO TING VICTIM IDENTIFIED STRAW just isnt selling, vendors told The Tribune as we took to downtown Nas sau for Street Talk in the wake of the arrest of nine straw vendors in New York last week. It is claimed the bags are a hit among local women, and visitors to this island, who turn down straw products for coun terfeit goods they can also find at home. Telator Strachan president of the Straw Vendors Association was receiving calls just before midnight on Wednesday night as the situation unfolded. Interested Bahamians were concerned, and they wanted to know if there was something they could do to help, she said. I understand the government put the tariff high on the bags to discourage them. Yet they know they were bringing these bags in and collecting duty. The vendors try to make an honest living with those bags. They bought them and were prepared to pay duty on the items. Mrs Strachan everything should be done to bring the arrested vendors home. Shop owner Lerond Colebrook said: New York City is the cheapest place to purchase these items from. If you take away the bags, you take away the food out of our mouth, or our customs officers, and for the tourists who come here excitedly for the bags. I did a customer survey in my shop, asking them what is their reason for coming to the Bahamas. They say they come to the Bahamas to get a bag. Customers say theyve been coming several times a year, and we are bringing the tourists to the country. Musician Kevin Young, said: I do feel that selling these counterfeit bags destroy what the Bahamas straw market is all about. It deprives major stores which are authorised from getting and selling their merchandise. Although theyre selling them at cheaper prices, the authorised stores are not get ting the sales they need. Some rules and regulations need to be put in place at the reopening of the new straw market. Vendor Ethel King said: It is difficult to go and get straw. The poor people have to make a living. On the cruise ships they tell the tourist Straw isnt selling, say vendors MINISTER of National Security Tommy Turnquest dismissed reports yesterday that Magistrate Carolita Bethel had been shot on Bank Lane earlier that afternoon. When contacted by The Tribune after a number of frantic calls on the matter, Minister Turnquest said he had checked into the claims and was happy to report that no such incident took place. Reportedly this rumour began as a result of a police walkabout yesterday which was intended to ease concerns MA GISTRATE SHOOTING REPORT IS DISMISSED By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter AN advocate for the families of the four young victims of serial killer Cordell Farrington is calling for maximum sentences to be imposed at his sentencing next week in the Supreme Court. Rev Glenroy Bethel, founder of Families for Justice (FFJ although the families want the death penalty imposed, a life sen tence for each of the boys would ensure Farrington never leaves prison. The families have been waiting seven long years to get some sort of justice, and we are hoping that Farrington gets the maximum sentence in this case, he said. KILLER: Cordell Farrington appeared in court this week. B y ALISON LOWE Tribune Staff Reporter IN the face of allegations of almost criminal electoral irregularities and promises from some of her opponents to go as far as the Supreme Court to bring about another election, a jubilant incumbent Belinda Wilson and her slate of prospective officers were officially installed as the new executive team to lead the Bahamas Union of Teach-e rs. Jubilant Belinda Wilson pledges to end BUT infighting SWORN IN: Mrs Belinda Wilson pledges to uphold the rules and constitution of the Bahamas Union of Teachers. SEE page 11 Felip Major /Tribune staff ALLABLAZE: The Fire Service held a fire demonstration and training exercise on RM Bailey Park yesterday as part of Fire Service Awareness Week which started on Monday. FEELIN GTHEHEAT: F irefighters in training exercise SEE page 5 SEE page 11 SEE page 5 SEE page 5 T ALK STREET


C M Y K C M Y K LOCAL NEWS PAGE 2, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 THE TRIBUNE TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM BreathtakingBeachFront&HillTopHomeSitesinanIntimateSetting Full-ServiceBeachClub,TennisCourts,andLuxeConciergeServices ConvenientlylocatedadjacenttothenewSchoonerBayHarbourVillageHome Sites from $230,000 A Newly Available Island Community On Schooner Bay Beach in South Abaco Do you know that your favourite teachers canWIN $1000!Nominate them today for the Sir Gerald Cash National Distinguished Teachers Awards!Fill out a nomination form today available Winners will receive:$1000 & will be inducted into the NDTA Hall of Fame! 2Pre-schoolTeachers 2PrimarySchoolTeachers 2JuniorHighTeachersForfurtherinformationyoumayemailusat:NDTA@fidelitybahamas.com2HighSchoolTeachers 1AllAgeSchoolTeacher 1SpecialNeedsEducatorYou can nominate for any one of the following categories! Presented by: Nominations close on October 15, 2010th NOELLE NICOLLS Tribune Staff Reporter PASSENGERS on the Piper PA31 aircraft that crashed in South Bimini last weekend said no paramedics were on hand to assist them in the aftermath. Justin Schmidt, who was visiting the Bahamas with his girlfriend Lauren Andrews and two other friends, Jim and Marilyn Ulmer, said he was seated next to the passenger door that flew open minutes after take-off. Despite initial reports suggesting a p roblem with the baggage door, Mr Schmidt said it was the passenger door next to him that flew open when the pilot turned the aircraft so everyoneo n the plane could get a picture of Bimini Sands, where we were stay ing. I thought I was going to die. I knew we were going to crash and I thought I was going to die. We came down fromup in the air to the runway really fast. I was holding the door shut for dear life. It took every ounce of energy I had to get the door closed, Mr Schmidt told The Tribune While strapped in by his seatbelt, Mr Schmidt said he was able to reach two wires holding the door and pull it shut with the assistance of his girlfriend. On his first attempt, Mr Schmidt got it half way and the wind sucked it back out. He was successful on the second attempt, but only managed to pull in the bottom part of the door, as he would have had to take off his seatbelt to reach the top part. Mr Schmidt said there were six passengers on board the flight, plus the pilot not five, as investigators earlier reported. He said there was a passenger in the co-pilot seat never mentioned in official reports, who seemed to be ap ersonal acquaintance of pilots, from how they were associating with each other. T he pilot abruptly turned around after the door breach it what seemed like a degree turn, said MrS chmidt. He said based on the angle and the speed of the move, he knew they were g oing to crash. We hit the runway very hard. From what the investiga tors said, a tire popped. We went off the right side of the runway, nose-first into a bunch of trees. We hit really, really hard. We were coming in fast and steep. Before we touched the ground I knew we were going to crash, said Mr Schmidt. Mrs Andrews said: I saw the tip of the wing hit the runway, and a part of the tip of the wing came off. Right before Mr Schmidt got out of the plane, he said he caught sight of a fire on the right front side of the exterior. Once outside, everyone ran across the runway, he said. There really wasnt any emergency services. It kind of felt hopeless because there was really no one there to help us, said Mr Schmidt. A police truck and another truck pulling a trailer with a red 55-gallon drum came. They were spraying with whatever was in the container to try to contain the fire. It was barely reaching the fire; it wasnt like a big fire hose, he said. There were no paramedics, ambu lance. No one came to see if we were okay. The people came to try to put the fire out, but we didnt have any emergency medical personnel speak with us afterwards at all. It seemed like we were on our own for the rest of the day. It is a lucky thing we had friends at Bimini Sands. They put us up for the night. I thought I was going to die A BLAZE: T he Piper PA-31 aircraft that crashed in South Bimini. S OUTH B IMINIPLANECRASHSURVIVORRELIVESTHETERRIFYINGORDEAL CRASHAFTERMATH: An extinguisher is used to deal with the flames. HOLDING O N: This picture taken by Marilyn Ulmer shows Justin Schmidt holding the door closed in flight.


D EPUTY Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign A ffairs and Immigration B rent Symonette is leading t he Bahamas delegation to the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assem b ly in New York. The General Debate of the 65th Session of the Gen eral Assembly started on Thursday and will continue today; it then resumes on Monday and runs until next T hursday. M r Symonette is sched uled to address the GeneralA ssembly on Tuesday. H e will also participate in a series of high-level meet ings in the margins of the General Debate includingt he Thirteenth Informal C ouncil for Foreign and Community Relations, comprising Minister of ForeignA ffairs of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM; a meeting between CARICOM and Australia; CARI C OM Meeting to examine the Plan for the Permanent Committee of Ambassadors; Meeting of Ministers forF oreign Affairs and Heads of Delegation of the NonAligned Movement (NAMC ommonwealth Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting; and, the 34th Annual Meeting of Ministers of Foreign A ffairs of the Group of 77. Meet The Bahamas has been specifically asked to meet with representatives from Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Canada, Serbia and Bahrain, in an effort to enhance relations with these respective countries. Mr Symonette will articulate the Bahamas position on Kosovo; the UN acknowledged a non-bind ing international court ruling on Kosovos independence from Serbia. The Bahamas has supported (Kosovos tion to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF financial resources for eco nomic development, said Ambassador Joshua Sears, Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Bahamas has also thrown its support behind a resolution to the Honduras matter, which will be dis cussed at the General Assembly. On July 5, 2009, Honduras was suspended from active participation in the Organisation of Ameri can States (OAS of the June 28 coup dtat that expelled President Jose Manuel Zelaya from office. The Bahamas will further participate in discussions regarding non-communica ble diseases, a resolution to the Turks and Caicos Islands elections, which according to reports has been delayed indefinitely to allow for anticorruption and good gov ernment reforms to take e ffect, and the selection of a new CARICOM Secret ary-General. T he Permanent Repre s entative of the Bahamas will participate in the HighLevel Plenary Meeting oft he General Assembly UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs most broadly supported comprehensive and specific goals upon which the world h as ever agreed. Goals The eight goals to be achieved by 2015 are: thee radication of extreme poverty and hunger; achieve universal primary education;p romote gender equality and empower women; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health;c ombat HIV/AIDS, malaria a nd other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and develop a global part n ership for development. The UN is a global organisation to which all member states belong andt he General Assembly affords each country to state its foreign policy and to dis cuss issues of global import ance, Ambassador Sears said. All members enjoy equal opportunity; however the UN does recognise regional bodies at which each grouping is allowed to advance its issues, he said. The Bahamas delegation includes Marilyn Zonicle, under-secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador Paulette Bethel, Bahamas Permanent Representative to the United Nations, other officials from the Ministry and C A Smith, Bahamas Ambas sador to Washington, DC. C M Y K C M Y K LOCAL NEWS T HE TRIBUNE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010, PAGE 3 TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM BAHAMAS Against C rime (BAC y outh leaders forum to allow a younger generation t o have a voice on how to best tackle the country's crime problem. The event, scheduled for S eptember 29, is aimed at community leaders b etween the ages of 17 and 35 when it is hoped that fresh, innovative ideas for t he fight against rising c rime levels will be raised. The BAC, a non-profit community organisation, said that for far too long t he dialogue on crime and crime prevention has beenb etween older persons while the younger generat ion many of whom are the victims and perpetrators of crimes have been left out of the discussion. With the upcoming forum, B AC hopes that this will change. "It is an indisputable fact t hat young people are at t he core of the crime and violence problem in the nation, both as victims and a s perpetrators. It is there fore imperative that they become more actively i nvolved in the fight a gainst crime," said BAC executive director Rev C B Moss. "In addition, today's y outh will spend more time in the Bahamas of the future than the current generation, indeed it is their society that is being created today. It is therefore only fitting that they have a greater hand in crafting the society of tomorrow," Mr Moss con tinued. The forum aims to emphasise the magnitude of the current crisis, and its potential negative longterm impact on the country; to convince young leaders of their responsibil ity to react and face the crime problem head on; to mobilise, empower and resource young leaders so they can be better equipped for the task. Confirmed speakers at the event include Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade and CEO of Jones Communications Wendall Jones. The forum, sponsored in part by Commonwealth Bank, will be held at the BCPOU Hall on Farring ton Road at 9am. Forum to allow young to have voice on how to fight crime By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter FREEPORT Angelo Rahming of Eight Mile Rock was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Troy Sey-m our, a local pastor who was gunned down and stabbed to death in Novemb er 2006. R ahming, 28, also received a 20-year prison sentence for armed robbery. The sentences were handed down b y Justice Hartman Longley in the Supreme Court on Thursday. Wallace Rolle represented Rahming who pleaded guilty to murder anda rmed robbery in January 2010. Application A n application was filed in the Supreme Court by Rahmings attorn ey to change his clients guilty plea to not guilty, however Justice Longley r ejected the application after hearing s ubmissions from Rolle and Crown Prosecutor Vernal Collie. M r Collie described Seymours death as brutal and senseless. H e said the prosecution would have asked for the death penalty if the matter had gone to trial. However, he said because the accused pleaded guilty and did notw aste the courts time and had e xpressed remorse, the Crown decided not to pursue the death penalty. Man sentenced to life for killing local pastor Minister of Foreign Affairs to address 65th United Nations General Assembly By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter d FREEPORT Incumbent Quinton Laroda has officially won the race for a rea vice-president of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas Union of Teach-e rs election. The post was being contested by union shop steward Meoshe Basden-Curtis, a teacher at the Eight Mile Rock High School. There are around 600 union members in Grand Bahama. Voter turn-out was higher in the Freeport area than at the other twop olling stations in east and west Grand Bahama. T eachers cast ballots for six positions in the district, i ncluding two positions for trustees, three executive m embers, and area vicep resident. T he Tribune w as initially told Mr Laroda won by a landslide. In fact, he won 301 votes to his adversarys 185. Mr Laroda ran as part of the A Team, led by Belind a Wilson, who won another term as the unions presi dency. Reasons Some teachers on their way to the polling stations in Freeport told The Tri bune their reasons for voting for Mr Laroda. I voted for Laroda because he performed fair l y well during his first three-year term, but there is still room for improvement, said one teacherw ho turned out to vote at the Bahamas Public Ser v ices Union Hall. He talked about implementing some good things and we expect him to deliver on those promises, said another teacher. Mr Laroda had promised that if elected, he would introduce a pension plan, death benefits and Christmas vouchers for teachers. Despite many challenges during his first term, Mr Laroda was successful in resolving many grievances without resorting to industrial action, teachers on Grand Bahama said. Quinton Laroda, the BUT area vp winner ( A P Photo / Mary Altaffer) SPEAKING UP FORBAHAMAS: In this file photo Theodore Brent Symonette, MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign A ffairs of the Bahamas, addresses the 64th session of the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters Friday, Sept. 25, 2009. C B MOSS n B AHAMASAGAINSTCRIME The Bahamas has supported (Kosovos W orld Bank and the Inter national Monetary Fund (IMF financial resources for economic development. Ambassador Joshua Sears Shar e your news The T ribune wants to hear from people who ar e making news in their neighbour hoods. Perhaps you ar e raising funds for a good cause, campaigning for improvements in the area or have won an award. If so, call us on 322-1986 and shar e your stor y


EDITOR, The Tribune. I would be grateful to share m y thoughts with you on K erzner Phase IV as opposed t o Baha Mar in the context that for the past several yearsI have been focusing my thoughts on national devel-o pment and I have come to t he conclusion that land and sovereign integrity are thes ine qua non, or that without which nothing happens, in thisr egard. T he question posed by my topic highlights the need for ap aradigm shift in our expectations of our tourism indus-t ry as a means of livelihood and in the way that we approach and service it. T he challenge that we face in tourism lies not in any sig-n ificant shortage of rooms at present, nor in any significant increase in demand for additional rooms that we will be unable to meet in the shortt o medium term, having regard to the economic situa tion in our source markets. It lies rather in the fact that some 85 cents out of every d ollar that a tourist spends on his vacation in our countryn ever circulates within our economy. The circulation of the 15 cents that does enter our country is ephemeral and s hallow due to the fact that we have neglected to devel op our productive sector and enterprises and consequently have to expend virtually all of that 15 cents on imports. If we were able to double o ur retained earnings from our tourists spending from 15 cents to 30 cents, while it would result in an equal amount of money in circulation as from doubling our tourist head count, having regard to the fact that we would have to further develop our productive sector and enterprises in order to be able to double our retained earnings from tourism, the economic impact on our country w ould be greater than from doubling the numbers alone since the tourists dollars would circulate for a longer period of time and to greater depths within our economy. Unless we are successful in i ncreasing our retained income from tourism, the tourism sector will continue t o be a major contributor to o ur negative trade balance and the foreign concerns its major economic benefactors. H aving regard to the needs of our fellow citizens today for not only jobs, but also to aq uality of life that caters to o ur mental and spiritual wellbeing as well, I am to forward that the question that we as Bahamians should be considering is which one, Bahamar or Kerzner IV? T he simultaneous undertaking of both of these projects will place an even greater strain on our already overburdened infrastructure. New Providence residents are p resently overly acquainted w ith water shortages and interruptions as well as power failures. W henever the utility companies need to load shed or cut back on supply, it is we the Bahamian residents whos uffer since we try to spare our guests that inconvenience. These two projects will be c ompeting heads up against each other in the same markets for the same customers,w ithout any projected signifi c ant increase in demand for their product. This will affect the financial s uccess of them both and the one with the competitive advantage will come out ont op. Few people would have imagined that the former Hog Island would have been transformed into the Paradise I sland on earth that it has b ecome today for persons with leisure time and discretionary income, notwithstanding the fact that some environmentalists may have had a difficulty with the bulldozing and dredging that were necessary to accommodate it. The environmental alterations and restricted access on Paradise Island have resulted in the development of our flagship tourism property which has been so suc cessful that it has become the pride and envy of our region and been duplicated in Dubai. Their Atlantis theme with their marine exhibits and interactive encounters along with their aquatic experiences provide their competitive advantage. The addition of a terrestrial animal park and experience in Phase IV will place further distance between Kerzner and their competition and will serve to attract additional vis itors to our country The marine staff at Kerzner have also been actively involved in marine animal conservation in our country, most notably with the Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, et al. Based upon their record, one would presume that their Phase IV activities would also involve their active participation in the conservation of our i ndigenous fauna. W hen one considers tourism properties in our r egion, Bahamar is just more o f the same and more bigger. I t has no competitive advantage that I am aware of. How will they add to or comp lement our lure of sun, sand and sea, which all of our com peting destinations within the l atitudes between the tropics a lso possess. If times were such that we were being faced with a sign ificant shortage of rooms in o rder to increase our tourist h ead count, it would be appropriate. There is also the concern a bout the large percentage of expatriate workers that Baha Mars financiers require as ap art of their contract. Additionally, we should not b e unmindful about the land t hat we Bahamians will have to turn over to Bahamar for their use as collateral in securing their loan as well as of the f act that should Bahamar not be successful in meeting the repayment conditions of their loan as a result of the stiff competition in the market p lace, our land would also be forfeited to their financiers. B ahamar will have a negative environmental impact upon Cable Beach and Goodmans Bay in addition to its negative impact upon the s ocial health and well-being o f New Providence residents due to the deterioration in the quality and serene ambiance of their family beach outings to Goodmans Bay. The construction of the existing hotels on Cable B each has already degraded the beach and water qualitya nd increased the motor boat and jet ski traffic, all to the detriment of the enjoyment of our sun, sand and sea by Bahamian residents on this l ast significant stretch of sandy beach to which we have access. The Bahamian people have already ceded Paradise Island and ease of access to its beaches to the tourists and second home owners. How much more of this 21 by 7 miles which make up New Providence must we cede to tourists and gated second home communities before we begin to consider the living and recreational needs of the future generations of Bahami ans who will number much more than we do at present. Our land is our heritage. It is the birthright that we pass on to our future genera tions. We must not trade it away for filthy lucre. Having regard to the aforementioned, I am to strongly recommend that the Bahamar project not be proceeded with at the present time, nor on the proposed island, and I am to further strongly recommend that approval be given for Kerzner Phase IV to pro ceed. KEITH B CAMPBELL B.Sc., D.V.M. Nassau, September, 2010. C M Y K C M Y K EDITORIAL/LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PAGE 4, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 THE TRIBUNE The Tribune Limited NULLIUS ADDICTUS JURARE IN VERBA MAGISTRI Being Bound to Swear to The Dogmas of No Master LEON E. H. DUPUCH, Publisher/Editor 1903-1914 SIR ETIENNE DUPUCH, Kt., O.B.E., K.M., K.C.S.G., ( Hon.) LL.D., D.Litt P ublisher/Editor 1919-1972 Contributing Editor 1972-1991 EILEEN DUPUCH CARRON, C.M.G., M.S., B.A., LL.B. Publisher/Editor 1972Published Daily Monday to Saturday Shirley Street, P.O. Box N-3207, Nassau, Bahamas Insurance Management Building., P.O. F-485, Freeport, Grand Bahama TELEPHONES Switchboard (News, Circulation and Advertising A dvertising Manager (242 Circulation Department (242 Nassau Fax: (242 Freeport, Grand Bahama: 1-(242 Freeport fax: (242 WEBSITE w updated daily at 2pm ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP decision to move 186 chimpanzees from a southern New Mexico facility to Texas is pitting government officials and scientists against a coalition of elected officials and animal rights advocates, including New Mexico's governor and also famed primate researcher Dr. Jane Goodall. The chimps have spent the past decade undisturbed by medical researchers. But the National Institutes of Health has decided to cut government costs by moving the animals to a San Antonio primate facility, where animal rights activists worry they'll be improperly poked, prodded and stabbed in the name of science. Gov. Bill Richardson and others would prefer to see the chimps' current home a former biomedical research lab at Hollo man Air Force Base converted into a chimpanzee sanctuary. After visiting the site Tuesday, the governor said the animals are in excellent health, and he suggested the New Mexico lab could instead become a behavioural research facility. But the director of the Texas facility maintains opponents have it wrong. The chimps will have outstanding care and live in quality surroundings as they undergo testing that can include injections and, in some cas es, the use of a needle to remove a small liver sample, he said. "These are mostly clinical procedures that are also done with human beings," said Dr. John L. VandeBerg, director of the Southwest National Primate Research Cen tre. "We are doing them with chimpanzees to develop drugs and vaccines that can be used in human subjects." VandeBerg said the research is "ethical and imperative" if scientists are to develop vaccines to prevent the suffering and deaths of millions of people worldwide from Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. Chimps share up to 96 per cent of their DNA with humans, making them the only animals that can be tested. VandeBerg said researchers also use chimps to study osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and other aspects of aging. The colony of chimps traces its roots to the space race and Project Mercury. Their home near Alamogordo, N.M., was once a biomedical research lab operated by The Coulston Foundation. But the foundation turned over the colony to the NIH in 2000 as part of a settlement of animal welfare violations. The NIH then hired a private company, Massachusetts-based Charles River Laboratories, to manage the facility. The agency decided to send the chimps to Texas after its current 10-year contract with Charles River runs out at the end of 2011. Richardson visited NIH headquarters in Maryland in August, asking officials to reconsider the decision. Goodall wrote in July seeking to have the chimps retired. But the NIH maintains the move will save taxpayers $2 million a year money that VandeBerg argued could be invested in additional research to combat illnesses and federal officials are showing no signs of plans to alter course. "The NIH plan is to transport all of the Alamogordo Primate Facility chimpanzees to the Southwest National Primate Research Centre by the end of 2011," NIH spokeswoman Cindy McConnell said Tuesday. Added Laura Bonar of Animal Protection New Mexico: "It's a legitimate concern for taxpayers to say, 'Is this what we're pay ing for?' We have an opportunity here with the contract ending, to find a much better way to take care of the chimpanzees." Richardson said 35 jobs will be lost if the Alamogordo lab closes. VandeBerg argued the move will con solidate the New Mexico chimps with 172 already living in San Antonio, reducing over head costs. He said the San Antonio facility has 3,000 other non-human primates, a staff of veterinarians and other experts, a fullservice animal hospital and a pathology lab oratory. VandeBerg added it's imperative to keep the animals healthy to make sure they are good candidates for research. He said the chimps can generate revenue: Researchers are charged up to $70,000 to use a chimp for a single experiment. "That gives us a huge financial advan tage," he said. "It is an advantage over sanctuaries, which cannot generate any revenue from research." (This article was written by Tim Korte, Associated Press writer). Kerzner Phase IV as opposed to Baha Mar LETTERS l Chimps future prompts debate over lab '$1,(/%2;RI0$56+ +$5%285$%$&2%$+$0$6 326,7,21 $9$,/$%/(6HUYLFHWDWLRQLVORRNLQJIRUD3DUWVHUYLFHDQDJHU )DPLO\,VODQG DUVK+DUERXU$EDFRf([SHULHQFHZLWKSDUWVDQGVHUYLFH &RPSXWHUOLWHUDWH *RRGZULWLQJFDSDELOLWLHV 6DODU\GHSHQGVRQH[SHULHQFH 0DOHRUIHPDOHFDQDSSO\ $JHDQGROGHU (PDLOUHVXPHDQGFRYHUOHWWHUWR TVD#FRUDOZDYHFRP


a bout the police-involved shooting a day earlier. W ith a large number of o fficers blanketing the downtown area and the fact that a shooting had occurred a day earlier the two incidents s lowly began to blend into o ne, and after repetition, e volved into something e ntirely different. A s a result, a barrage of concerned callers flooded The Tribune with questions on the m atter. Fellow judges, mag istrates, attorneys, and everyday callers expressed their alarm over the reports. O ne caller said that with M rs Bethel presiding over p redominately drug-related matters, whispers had already started to surface that the a lleged shooting was as a result of any number of cases she may have heard over the past few years. that the straw basket is filled up with bugs, so when the people come here they ask for knock off bags. Irene Rolle president of a prayer band group, said: We have been praying for 37 years in this market for our country and our vendors. We pray that the mercies of God will be extended to the vendors incarcerated in New York. On Monday, Ms Rolle said they prayed earnestly for the women, and felt really bad about the whole situation. Although she doesnt sell knock off bags, Ms Rolle is passionate about native straw, and has been supporting the craft all her life. If we dont buy from our plaitters of the neighbouring family islands, who make bags from native straw, who is going to support them? she asks. When they see us making straw products by hand, there is nothing else that empowers them to buy our work. Phillipa Nixon said: We went to selling knock off bags because we had to go with the flow with what was selling at the time, because straw products werent and still arent marketable. Tourists In 2007, the tourists were asking us about the knock off bags. My sister was one of the first vendors who started selling knock off bags. She brought them from the free market in Miami. This is what we live off of right now. Whatever we have to go back to we will. Right now we pay a $100 difference a year for business license, she said. Why cant we sell what is valuable to make money? Tourists are coming in to buy straw products and people are moving with the times. Joy Drakes said: From since I came to the straw market we always had, even down to the T-Shirts, products that had the Bahamas logo on it which are made in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti. We dont have factories to produce this stuff. Whatever government decides on this issue, I have to do my job to survive. When I did the straw I surv ived, when I buy knock off, I survived on knock off. I will sell it until they shut us down completely. Americans like designer bags, they even come with a print-out of the bags they want. The straw isnt selling because the cruise ships are t elling tourists not to purchase the straw bags because they have the red bug which eats the straw like a termite, Wood carver James Rolle, had a more open view of the situation. He said: Every part of the world, people are making fake items. As long as youc ould get fake goods at a cheap price, people will sell it. Back then the straw market was selling strictly straw work. If you depend on native straw bags, you will have to do with out many a days lunch. If I could find some fake wood carving then Id sell it too. Vendors are not stealing this stuff, but if they get catch with purchasing these knock off items, they have to pay the penalty. If I was a vendor, as far as Im concerned, once the gov ernment get the duty I could sell them anyway. You cant tell me theyre illegal once you collect the duty. You go to the US to buy these fake items. Once you bring them to the Bahamas and pay government duty, they arent illegal any more. If government didnt want them in our country, their job is to take them at the airport over here. A NATIONAL draft plan of action to address the cycle of violence in the country is expected to be developed as a result of the Family Violence Summit in New Providence this week. With research showing that children who grow up in abusive households are more likely to commit or become victims of violence in their adult lives, Minister of State for Social Development Loretta Butler-Turner said it is critical that Bahamian family units provide the safe environment necessary to protect all of its members. During the Family Violence Summit sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development on Wednesday, Mrs Butler-Turner explained that the Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act 2007 expanded the definition of domestic violence, widening both the scope of applicants to spouses, partners, children and members of the household and the types of injury for which one may apply for a protection order. It provides protection to victims against emotional, psychological, financial, physical and sexual abuse, including rape, sexual harassment and stalking, she said. While women are predominately the victims of physical violence, violence is not a womens thing. Men and women can apply for a protection o rder. Studies have shown that while there may be a number of factors that contribute to violence, persons who come from abusive families are also at a greater risk of being a perpetrator or a victim, she said. Some studies have also shown a cycle of violence in which boys who grow up in violent households are 10 times or more likely to be violent than those who do not, Mrs Butler-Turner said. Similarly, women who had grown up with v iolent fathers are four times more likely to suffer abuse in an intimate relationship than are other women. These findings highlight the inter-generational nature of violent cycles, she said. They show how male children in particular often imitate powerful role models with whom they identify, especially when certain circumstances for example, feeling inadequate or out of control arise at some later point in their lives and act out in violence. Mrs Butler-Turner said the family plays a critical role in transmitting and perpetuating the behaviours and thinking processes that promote violence. Witnessing or experiencing violence in the family conditions for violence later in life, she said. Violence robs individuals of their sense of well-being and safety, and in many cases, may result in serious injury or death. Representatives from the police, the Attorney General's Office, Sandilands Rehabilitative Centre, Princess Margaret Hospital, the Departments of Public Health and Social Services, the Ministries of Education and Youth, the College of the Bahamas, the church and many non-governmental agencies involved in the work of the family took part in the summit. C M Y K C M Y K LOCAL NEWS T HE TRIBUNE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010, PAGE 5 TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM Breaking the cycle of violence OPENING: Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development Loretta Butler-Turner opens the Family Violence Summit. J AMES ROLLE ETHEL KING T ELATOR STRACHAN Straw isnt selling FROM page one FROM page one SHOOTING REPORT DISMISSED g un and followed the man across the street, d espite the man's requests to be left alone, assuring the officer that he was leaving. I t was then, eyewitnesses alleged, goaded by bus drivers parked on George Street, the officer kicked the man in his back and a scuf f le followed. The incident angered some pedestrians, who voiced concerns that the incident was not properly handled by police officers a nd tarnished perceptions of the country to visitors. Police have reportedly launched an investigation into the shooting. FROM page one POLICE SHOOTING VICTIM K EVINYOUNG


By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter FREEPORT The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company presented cash prizesto four more Grand Bahamians who submitted the winning name for its third beer, Strong Back. A $3,000 cash prize was shared equally among the winners Elizabeth Sears, Vashti Maycock, Shervonne Knowles and Donald Henderson who each received cheques for $750. Back in September of 2006, the brewery launched a Namet hat Beer competition allow ing residents the opportunityto name the beers that were to be produced at the brewery. A total of 3,798 submissions were entered in November 2006. James Jimmy Sands, CEO of Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co, initially said thath e would reward the winning names for two beers. The brewery announced the first of the two winning namesin late 2006 with Sands chosen as the first beer. There were 14 winners. The second name High Rock was chosen and two winners were rewarded with a cash prize in June 2007. According to the company, both beers have been tremen dously successful, with High Rock receiving the distinguished Monde Selection Gold this May 2010. The second beer that we produced here at the brewery was Strong Back, which launched in late 2008 and is our stout beer, said Mr Sands. At the time of the competition our rules stated that alln ames entered would be the property of the Brewery but we agreed that any name used would be rewarded too, he said. The Strong Back name was actually entered by four Grand Bahamians. Thr illed This could not have come at a better time for me, said Ms Maycock, every extra pen ny makes such a huge difference I am thrilled and so thankful! Shervonne Knowles, an air port worker, was also excited to win some much-needed money. It was quite awhile ago when I entered the name. Its funny, I drink Strong Back but I didnt remember entering that actual name, she said. This will help me pay some of the bills and I am very thankful to the brewery for rewarding me for this! The brewery currently produces four beers: Sands, Sands Light, Strong Back and High Rock Lager. It also produced Triple B, a natural malt drink. The fourth beer product, Sands Light, was launched in 2009, was never submitted by any of the competitors in the Name that Beer promotion. This one will have to go to us, laughed Sands, who has seen his brewery climb from strength to strength. Its thanks to Grand Bahamians that our beer has been accepted and become so very popular throughout The Bahamas, he said. Now we can all truly say that our only Bahamian Brewery is owned by Bahamians, brewed by Bahamians and named by Bahamians! Some thing both he and the island seem very proud of. The brewery is 100 per cent Bahamian owned. It opened in 2007 and is located on 20 acres of land on Queens Highway, where just over 60 persons are employed. The operations expanded to Nassau in 2008, opening a cap ital based distribution centre at Kellys Liquor Store on Wulff Road. C M Y K C M Y K LOCAL NEWS PAGE 6, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 THE TRIBUNE TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM ON THEMONEY: The Bahamian B rewery and Beverage company helped put a big smile on Mr Donald Hendersons face this week. Mr Henderson was rewarded with a cheque for $750 for entering the name Strong Back in to the Name that B eer competition held by the brewery. Four Grand Bahamians actually entered the name and have now split the $3,000 prize, giving them $750e ach. The four winners are Elizabeth Sears, Vashti Maycock, Shervonne Knowles and Donald Henderson. Mr H enderson is pictured above accept ing his cheque with (left den Johnson, Bahamian BreweryM arketing Manager, and (right a ld Delahey, Bahamian Brewery Operations Manager. Cheers! Name that beer winners share $3,000 cash prize W ITH the goal of making theatre accessible to all, the US Embassy Nassau will sponsor a discounted theatre night in collaboration with the second annual Shakespeare in Paradise festi-v al. T hanks to the embassys support, tickets for the opening night performance of The World is My Home The Life of Paul Robeson are now available for the discounted price of $5 versus the normal ticket price of $25. The World is My Home The Life of Paul Robeson is written and performed by actor/writer/comedian Stogie Kenyatta, who was classically trained at the Afro American Studio in Harlem, the Henry Street Settlem ent and Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. The critically acclaimed Broadway style show will have three performances at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas from October 4-6 as a part of Shakespeare in Paradise whichi s an affiliate of CariFringe, an annual ten-day regional arts festival for the Caribbean. Stogie Kenyatta says that the show i s part of his personal quest to educate a younger generation about Paul Robeson, an actor, athlete, singer, human rights activist and world citizen. The play is a tribute to the legacy of a tortured genius who was ahead of his t ime, Mr Kenyatta said. He lived several lives filled with triumph and tragedy as he fought for t he liberation of Africa and social justice for all. Paul Robeson was the son of a preacher who transcended race and dreamed for a colorblind society. Hes poke out against the Holocaust, visi ted Warsaw ghettos in Poland and co-founded the Organisation for African Unity with WEB Dubois. The second annual Shakespeare in Paradise festival will be held in Nassau from October 1-11. T ickets for the discounted US Embassy Night performances of The World is My Home The Life of Paul Robeson are available at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. Making theatre accessible to all n SHAKESPEAREINPARADISEFESTIVAL: The World is My Home The Life of Paul Robeson U SEmbassy Nassau sponsors discounted performances of Broadway-style show H AVANA Cuba's socialist government is expanding the scope of private employment it allows amid an effort to trim half a million g overnment jobs, a ccordi ng to Associated Press A significant new element is that private busi-n ess people in some cate gories will be able to employ non-relatives for the first time. Theory Officials in the past have s hied away from allowing t hat because communist theory tends to see private employment of others as exploitation. The Communist Party newspaper Granma on Friday says the new list ofa llowed private jobs i ncludes seven not previously allowed. Those include accoun tant, attendants at public bathrooms and parks and roadside produce vendors, as well as some kinds of teachers and farmworkers. Cuba to allow private hiring of non-relatives MIAMI A hurricane warning is in effect for coastal areas of Nicaragua and Honduras as Tropical Storm Matthew approaches Central America, according to A ssociated Press T he U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Friday that Matthew has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph (85 kph tional strengthening is forecast and Matthew c ould become a hurricane l ater in the day. Watch A hurricane watch is in effect for the coast of Belize. Also, a tropicals torm warning is in effect from Limon, Honduras, to the Guatemala border. M atthew is located about 240 miles (390 kilometers east of Puerto Cabezas,N icaragua, and moving west near 16 mph (26 kph M eanwhile far out over the Atlantic, Tropical S torm Lisa is drifting slowl y northwest with maximum sustained winds near 4 0 mph (65 kph T ropical Storm Matthew is moving quickly in Caribbean I I N N S S I I G G H H T T F o o r r t t h h e e s s t t o o r r i i e e s s b b e e h h i i n n d d t t h h e e n n e e w w s s , r r e e a a d d I I n n s s i i g g h h t t o o n n M M o o n n d d a a y y s s


THE Nassau Harbour Improvement Project has j ust been completed and t ourism officials say the investment is already payi ng off for Bahamian busin ess operators. M inister of Tourism and Aviation Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace said the deeper, wider and more equipped harbour accommodates the mega cruise ships that now are a major p art of the cruise industry. Capital expenditure is the gift that keeps on giving, he said. T he minister said that if t he $44 million that the pro ject cost had been given away to Bahamians directly,t hey would only benefit from it once. But if you invest it, you get people (visitorsc ome over and over again, he said. From departure taxes alone, the cruise ships thata re now able to come to the Bahamas due to the harbour improvements will pay fort he port investment in three t o five years, Mr Vanderpool-Wallace said. In addition, he said, the passengers spend money directly withB ahamians, adding to their economic contributions. He explained that cruise ships are allowing many people to visit the Bahamas w ho are searching for barg ains. Cruise business is up by 14 per cent for the B ahamas for the first six m onths of the year, comp ared with just over three per cent for stopover visitors. Specifically, 1,364 million cruise visitors entered the Bahamas between January and June. Spending W hile some Caribbean countries brag about having high stopover numbers,M inister Vanderpool-Wall ace said a large percentage of those visitors equate to the spending of cruise passengers for the Bahamas. What they are prepared to spend for their vacation, they could probably only geto ne night in the Bahamas because we are at the upper end of cost in terms of what we do, he said. So thec ruise passenger by and l arge for me is my low-cost, all-inclusive provider. He said many people are searching for low-cost vacations in the midst of a reces sion. T hey view the cruise ships a s a low-cost option. If those c ruise ships did not exist, large numbers of people would not have an opportun ity to come to the Bahamas a nd spend money, he said. He pointed out that their s pending is particularly i mportant to downtown b usinesses and small business people. Minister VanderpoolWallace said the strong cruise visitor arrivals are expected to continue for the Bahamas since more and m ore cruise ships are looking to depart from ports in the northeastern United States. C ruise ship officials are n ow beginning to under stand that they do not have to travel beyond theB ahamas because their pas sengers can get multiple experiences by visiting multiple ports within the coun try, he said. Government officials on September 16 f ormally marked the close o f the Nassau Harbour Improvement Project and c elebrated the economic b oost the project has b rought and will continue to bring to the country. A $44-million contract was signed for the dredging of Nassau Harbour and other improvements on April2, 2009. T he work has now been essentially completed and an additional $2.3 million has been spent on bollardsa nd improvements, Minist er of Works Neko Grant said. The harbour improvem ent project also included an extension of the western end of Arawak Cay by 1,000 ft. C M Y K C M Y K LOCAL NEWS T HE TRIBUNE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010, PAGE 7 TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM 5 2wk-Hi52wk-LowSecurit y P revious CloseToday's CloseChangeDaily Vol.EPS $Div $P/EYield 1.261.00AML Foods Limited1. 1 0.759.67Bahamas Property Fund10.6310.630.000.0130.200817.71.88% 6.184.50Bank of Bahamas4.904.900.000.5980.2608.25.31% 0.580.18Benchmark0.180.180.00-0.8770.000N/M0.00% 3.493.15Bahamas Waste3. 2.152.14Fidelity Bank2. 1 2.509.62Cable Bahamas10.7710.770.001.2120.3108.92.88% 2.842.50Colina Holdings2.502.500.000.7810.0403.21.60% 7.005.40Commonwealth Bank (S1) 3.651.63Consolidated Water BDRs1.841.81-0.030.1110.05216.32.87% 2.551.60Doctor's Hospital1.901.900.000.1990.1109.55.79% 6 .995.94Famguard6.076.070.00-0.0030.240N/M3.95% 10.208.50Finco8.508.500.000.2870.52029.66.12% 11.408.77FirstCaribbean Bank9.749.740.000.6450.35015.13.59% 5.513.75Focol (S)5.465.460.000.3660.17014.93.11% 1.001.00Focol Class B Preference1. 5.595.00ICD Utilities5.595.590.000.0120.240465.84.29% 10.509.92J. S. Johnson9.929.920.000.8830.64011.26.45% 10.0010.00Premier Real Estate10.0010.000.000.3550.80028.28.00% 52wk-Hi52wk-LowSecuritySymbolLast SaleChangeDaily Vol. 99.4699.46Bahamas Note 6.95 (2029BAH2999.460.00 1 00.00100.00Fidelity Bank Note 17 (Series A) +FBB17100.000.00 100.00100.00Fidelity Bank Note 22 (Series B) +FBB22100.000.00 100.00100.00Fidelity Bank Note 13 (Series C) +FBB13100.000.001 00.00100.00Fidelity Bank Note 15 (Series D) +FBB15100.000.00 52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Symbol Bid$ Ask$ LastPrice DailyVol EPS$ Div$ P/E Yield FINDEX: CLOSE 000.00 | YTD 00.00% | 2009 -12.31%30 May 2013 20 November 2029THURSDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2010BISX ALL SHARE INDEX: CLOSE 1,500.50 | CHG -0.03 | %CHG 0.00 | YTD -64.88 | YTD % -4.14BISX LISTED DEBT SECURITIES (Bonds trade on a Percentage Pricing basis)Maturity 19 October 2017 7%RoyalFidelity Merchant Bank & Trust Ltd. (Over-The-Counter Securities)29 May 2015 W WW.BISXBAHAMAS.COM | TELEPHONE:242-323-2330 | FACSIMILE: 242-323-232019 October 2022 Prime + 1.75% Prime + 1.75% 6.95%BISX LISTED & TRADED SECURITIES AS OF:7% Interest 52wk Hi 52wk Low Symbol Bid $ Ask $ Last Price Daily Vol EPS $ Div $ P/E Yield 10.065.01Bahamas Supermarkets5.016.0114.00-2.9450.000N/M0.00% 0.550.40RND Holdings0.350.400.550.0010.000256.60.00% 41.0029.00ABDAB30.1331.5929.004.5400.0009.030.00% 0.550.40RND Holdings0.450.550.550.0020.000261.900.00% 52wk-Hi52wk-LowFund NameNAVYTD%Last 12 Months %NAV 3MTH 1.49041.4005CFAL Bond Fund1.49043.59%6.42%1.475244 2.92652.8266CFAL MSI Preferred Fund2.91150.85%0.23%2.926483 1.55291.4920CFAL Money Market Fund1.55293.02%4.36%1.533976 3.20252.8522Royal Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund2.8624-8.16%-7.49% 13.638813.0484Royal Fidelity Prime Income Fund13.42860.46%2.40% 109.3929101.6693CFAL Global Bond Fund109.39295.20%7.60%107.570620 105.779593.1998CFAL Global Equity Fund100.1833-1.52%3.56%105.779543 1.12231.0000FG Financial Preferred Income Fund1.12723.43%5.28% 1.09171.0000FG Financial Growth Fund1.09482.51%6.10% 1.11981.0000FG Financial Diversified Fund1.12753.37%5.64% 9.59559.1005Royal Fidelity Bah Int'l Investment Fund Principal Protected TIGRS, Series 19.59552.71%5.96% 11.236110.0000Royal Fidelity Bah Int'l Investment Fund Principal Protected TIGRS, Series 210.3734-3.69%3.38% 10.00009.1708Royal Fidelity Bah Int'l Investment Fund Principal Protected TIGRS, Series 39.1708-8.29%-8.29% 7.96644.8105Royal Fidelity Int'l Fund Equities Sub Fund7.5827-1.74%11.58% BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 19 Dec 02 = 1,000.00YIELD last 12 month dividends divided by closing price 52wk-Hi Highest closing price in last 52 weeksBid $ Buying price of Colina and Fidelity 52wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeksAsk $ Selling price of Colina and fidelity Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daily volumeLast Price Last traded over-the-counter price Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volumeWeekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week Change Change in closing price from day to dayEPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths Daily Vol. Number of total shares traded todayNAV Net Asset Value DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 monthsN/MNot Meaningful P/E Closing price divided by the last 12 month earningsFINDEX The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Index. January 1, 1994 = 100 (S) 4-for-1 Stock Split Effective Date 8/8/2007 (S1) 3-for-1 Stock Split Effective Date 7/11/200731-Jul-10 31-Aug-10 103.987340 101.725415 30-Jun-10 31-Aug-10 NAV 6MTH 1.452500 2.906205 1.518097TO TRADE CALL: CFAL 242-502-7010 | ROYALFIDELITY 242-356-7764 | FG CAPITAL MARKETS 242-396-4000 | COLONIAL 242-502-752531-Jul-10 30-Jun-10 31-Aug-10 10-Sep-10 31-Aug-10MARKET TERMS31-Aug-10 31-Aug-10CFAL Securities Ltd. (Over-The-Counter Securities)31-Aug-10BISX Listed Mutual FundsNAV Date 31-Jul-10 31-Aug-10 (00$18(/%($8&+$03RI 0$56++$5%285$%$&2%$+$0$6 % DKDPDV&KHVW&HQWUHKDUPDF\LVVHHNLQJWROO WKHSRVLWLRQRIDHVLJWHUHGKDUPDFLVW ,QWHUHVWHGFDQGLGDWHVPD\VXEPLWWKHLUUHVXPHVWR WKHDWWHQWLRQRI LUHFWRU%DKDPDV&KHVW&HQWUHKDUPDF\ $YHQXH 1DVVDX%DKDPDV 7 ) 2 QO\TXDOLHGDSSOLFDQWVZLOOEHVKRUWOLVWHGIRU FRQVLGHUDWLRQ :$17(' THE Bahamas has maximised its exposure at the Expo Shanghai through an online travel competition that has already broughta winner and her guest to Bahamian shores, tourism officials said. While the Bahamas participates in Expo Shanghai, a six-month exhibition that aims to build awareness and international goodwill, t he Ministry of Tourism has launched an online competition that has fed travel information to thousands of Chinese citizens. Internet users visit and to learn about the Bahamas and enter to win a dream vacation of seven days. Traffic is driven to the contest web pages from several sources, namely a large billboard advertisement on location at Expo, just outside the Bahamas booth in the Caribbean Pavillion; from media carrying press releases on the contest, and also from the social networks, said Shena Newton, the Ministry of Tourisms general manager of foreign languages. The Bahamas has received enormous exposure through the online contest. To date, 200,000 plus internet users have visited both websites to view the information on the online contest. Tang Xiaomin emerged as the winner of the first part of the com petition. She took her dream vacation to the Bahamas this month with her husband, Zhang Quianli. They met with the Ministry of Tourisms permanent secretary Hyacinth Pratt before experienc ing the vacation offerings of Nassau, Harbour Island, Exuma and their host resort, Atlantis. Ms Pratt urged the couple to enjoy the pace of the Islands of the Bahamas, which they would find much more relaxed than that of Shanghai. Ms Tang, who is a writer, said she plans to capture the experience of her dream vacation in an article. Participants in the online contest are required to do in-depth research on the Bahamas and to design the most unforgettable itin erary possible. The second and final part of the competition will end on November 5, when another winner will be chosen to be hosted at a Baha Mar property. Shanghai Expo brings Bahamas interest INSPECTION: A group led by Minister of Works Neko Grant inspects a new mooring dolphin and walkway built as part of the Nassau Harbour Improvement Project. L e t i s h a H e n d e r s o n / B I S PORTIMPROVEMENT PAYSOFF SELLINGTHEBAHAMAS: Ministry of Tourism and Aviation officials greet Shanghai Expo contest winners. Pictured (from left G abrielle Archer; Ministry of Tourisms permanent secretary Hyacinth Pratt; Tang Xiaomin and her husband Zhang Quianli; the M inistry of Tourisms general manager of foreign languages Shena N ewton, and Eureka McKinney. THE Commonwealth Bank has donated $10,000 to the Ranfurly Homes for children and is calling on its customers to join the campaign to assist the facility by donating at any of its branches to a special The Ranfurly Homes Love that Child account. In the course of this recession peoples eyes are being opened to how great the needs are for social assistance in our country and the continued struggle to balance those needs amidst financial constraint, said William Sands, Jr, the banks president and CEO. Now more than ever it will take the financial support of the community as a whole to help organisations such as the Ranfurly Homes with its financial short fall and Commonwealth Bank is priv ileged to extend support in the amount of $10,000. The non-profit housing facility is currently home to 31 children and has been a safe haven for vulnerable young citizens since its doors opened in 1956. However, the Ranfurly Homes for Children have joined the list of the countrys social assistance programmes presently facing financial challenges as a result of the economic downturn. Following reports that the home was facing a financial crisis and contemplating a partial closure, the bank stepped forward to help ensure that its doors remain open. The Ranfurly has been seriously impacted by the recession for the last two years and matters became critical early this year, said newly installed president of the home Alexandra MaillisLynch. A new board of directors has taken over at the home and we are seeking the general publics assistance to ensure that the home can continue to provide a safe-haven to those children who are orphaned or unable to be cared for by their parents. The homes challenges have been further intensified by the reduction in subsidy assistance received from the government, announced in the recent budget. Together with escalating opera tional costs and the reduction in public donations, the homes financial stability has deteriorated significantly. The banks Love That Child campaign in aid of the Ranfurly Homes was launched in early June and is still accepting donations. To contribute to this cause, employees, customers, non-cus tomers and friends of Commonwealth Bank can make a cash donation to the Ranfurly Homes For Children Love That Child account at any of the Banks locations in New Providence, Grand Bahama and Abaco or online through its Bill Pay feature at Accepting the donation on behalf of the Ranfurly Homes for Children was its administrator, Dr Olga Clarke. We are most grateful to Commonwealth Bank for its generous donation to the home and are uplifted by the banks commitment to help secure further assistance, said Dr Clarke. Although our financial situation remains critical, we are encouraged by Commonwealth Banks timely assistance. Commonwealth Bank in particular has been a long time supporter of the Ranfurly Home and we hope that others in the community will follow their example and lend a hand. Commonwealth Bank lends a helping hand to the Ranfurly Homes for Children H ELPINGOUT: P ictured(left to right administrator of the Ranfurly Home; Denise Turnquest, senior vicepresident of credit risk at Commonwealth Bank; Dr Olga Clarke, administrator of the Ranfurly Home; Ian Jennings, senior vice-pres ident and CFO; Alexandra Maillis Lynch, president of the Ranfurly Home and Patricia Ferguson, housing chairman of the Ranfurly Home.


and the Pros couldnt set tle on a date to play the game and as a result, they had to call off the most important game of the sea son. Instead of playing, the CAFL was forced to conclude the year without a champion decided. The NPSA is far from reaching that climax, but it shouldnt take the league executives that long to decide on who won the pennant as the regular sea son gets set to come to a close. I N just over a week, the XIX Commonwealth Games will get under way in New Delhi, India. Each day there are more and more reports of athletes and even countries raising the alarm about not participating in the games that got started in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. Formerly called the British Empire Games, the Friendly Games and British Commonwealth Games, organisers changed the games held every four years to just the Commonwealth Games in 1978 when it was held in 1978 in Edmonton, Canada. Since then, the Canadians have played host to the games, considered the sec ond largest sporting festival to be held in the world behind the Olympic Games, three more times. While Australia, the Unit ed Kingdom and New Zealand have hosted the games more than anybody else, this will mark the first time that it will be staged in India. They will join Jamaica (1966 Malaysia (1998 other countries who have played host to the games at least once. At the last games in Melbourne in 2006, India announced that they will pay for the airfare and hotel accommodations for all of the athletes and officials from all of the participating countries. The Bahamas Olympic Committee has certainly benefited from the gesture with the selection of the 29member team that they are sending. Unfortunately, many of the elite athletes from track and field have opted not to travel months ago, indicating that having the games in October was a bit too long for them to stay active. Those who havent shut down their seasons are nursing injuries and will not be able to compete. Thus, the Bahamas will certainly not be at full strength, joining a number of countries who have had some of their top athletes announced that they will not be competing either. On top of that, there have been numerous reports of various facilities, including the Games Village where the athletes are scheduled to stay, not being complet ed. Some reports have gone as far as to say that the games is being in jeopardy of being cancelled. But the organising com mittee say they are commit ted to putting on the games and it will be one of the best ever to be held. Thats debatable until it comes off. If past experiences are any indication, the Com monwealth Games have always been a memorable event because of the cama raderie between the participating nations. We just have to wait and see what happens on Octo ber 3 when the games are expected to be officially opened. NPSA DILEMMA THE New Providence Softball Association is gearing up for its 2010 postseason play and while the ladies playoffs have been set between the top four teams, there is quite a dispute going on in the mens division. The executives have been stuck on what to do with the awarding of the mens pennant after theyve had a couple of games where they had some disputes to deal with. While the playoffs was ten tatively set to start on Thurs day night, they have been postponed until next week due to the fact that there are still some more make up games to be played in the mens division. With this being one of the most fiercely competitive season with any of the nine teams in a position to pull off an upset on any given night, its disappointing that its coming down to an off-thefield decision to resolve the final standings. Just hope that the NPSA doesnt follow in the same direction of the Commonwealth American Football League, who had a very com petitive season last year until they reached the champi onship. That was when the Jets C M Y K C M Y K SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 THETRIBUNE PAGE 9 INSIDE Wainwright gets 20th win TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM sports NOTES BASKETBALL BGDBA POSTSEASON MARK Hanna explode d for a career high 54 p oints to power the Cybots into the Bahamas Government Departmental Basketball Associations bestof-seven championship series. H annas historic performance came on Thursday n ight at the DW Davis Gymnasium as the Cybots knocked off the Mariners1 18-104 to clinch their b est-of-five playoff series. Durchen Sands had 32 in a losing effort. The Cybots will play the Police Crimestoppers in a r ematch of last years c hampionship series. The Crimestoppers earned their trip to the bigd ance with their 87-69 win over the Real Deal Rangers. Dario Seymour l ed the way wwith 27 p oints for the Police. Brandon Ingraham had 17 in the lost for the the Real D eal. The best-of-seven championship sries will getu nderway tonight at 7:30 p .m. V OLLEYBALL NPVA DOUBLE H EADER THE New Providence V olleyball Association will close out the first week of its 2010 regular season on Sunday at the DW Davis G ymnasium with a double header on tap. In the opener at 3:30 p .m., the College of the Bahamas Lady Caribs will take on the JohnsonsL ady Truckers. In the 5 p .m. mens feature contest, the Intruders will face the Crimestoppers. BOXING L GARTH WRIGHT TOURNEY THE L Garth Wright Golden Gloves BoxingT ournament will kick off tonight at the First Class Boxing Center on Wulff Road, opposite Whims Auto. The tournament is being organized by Ray Minus Jr. His Champion Boxing Club will open competition against a visiting team from Inagua. SOFTBALL BSC OPENING THE Baptist Sports Council will open its 2010 Rev. Anthony Carroll Softball Classic today at the Bankers Field at the Bail lou Hills Sporting Complex. At 10 a.m., defending champions Macedonia will play runners-up Temple Fellowship in the 19-andunder division. That will be followed by the official opening ceremonies. Then at 11:30 a.m., defending champions Gold en Gates will play runnersup Macedonia in the co-ed division. The final game at 12:30 p.m. will be played between runners-up Mace donia and Golden Gates in the mens division. Shar e your news The T ribune wants to hear fr om people who ar e making news in their neighbourhoods. Perhaps you ar e raising funds for a good cause, campaigning for improvements in the ar ea or have won an awar d. If so, call us on 3221986 and share your story. I MPRESSIVE: P rogress continues on the construction of the new national stadium. The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture will host the Conclave to ensure that stakeholders are kept abreast of the new regulations that will be put in place. By BRENT STUBBS Senior Sports Reporter WITH the new national stadium expected to be completed early next y ear, the Ministry of Youth, Sports a nd Culture is trying to ensure that its stakeholders are kept abreast of the new regulations that will be put inp lace. Today, starting at 10 a.m., the Ministry will host a Conclave on theS ports Authority Bill. The one-day meeting will take place on the ground floor of the ministry. The purpose of the conclave is for the federations and associations to voice their sentiments on the draft ing of the Bill, which is available for all to view on the Governments website Eugene Pratt, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Sports, will give the welcome address. H e will be followed by Wellington Miller, president of the Bahamas Olympic Committee. T he keynote address will be deliv e red by Charles Maynard, the Minister of Sports. Delegates will then have an oppor tunity to review the bill before they take a break for lunch. After the break, they will resume their discussion on the bill. I ts anticipated that the delegates will make their contribution to the Bill before the ministry submit thef inal draft to the government for final approval. The bill is for an Act to make provision for the establishment of the National Sports Authority of the Bahamas. It will also seek specifically to iden tify the following: Appointment of staff. Functions of the Authority. Powers of the Authority. Delegation of Power. Minister may give Directions. Power to borrow funds. National Sports Fund. Accounts. Compensation for risk. Regulations. Exemption from Real Property TRax. Savings. The Sports Bill also seek to identi fy the following: Membership of the Authority. Disqualification for membership of A uthority or committee. Vancancies. Temporary appointments. Validity of proceedings. Regulation of procedure. Seal. It is anticipated that every federat ion and association registered with the ministry would send at least three reprsentatives, perferrably the presi dent, secretary and treasurer. The meeting is expected to bve concluded around 3 p.m. While the ministry will be dealing with the legistation surrounding the bill, work is progressing steadily on the completion of the national stadium, which was given as a gift by the Peoples Republic of China. Ministr y set to host one day Conclave on Spor ts Authority Bill OPINION STUBBS India makes history by hosting its first Commonwealth Games F e l i p M a j o r / T r i b u n e s t a f f


C M Y K C M Y K S PORTS PAGE 10, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 TRIBUNE SPORTS SPORTS IN BRIEF N EW YORK Associated Press P ETE Sampras says Rafael N adal can break Roger Federer's record of 16 GrandS lam titles if he stays healthy a nd maintains a smart playing schedule. The 24-year-old Nadal, known for his grinding style, recently won his ninth major at the U.S. Open to complete a career Grand Slam. "If he's smart with his schedule and the fact that he has so many at such a young age, he could very well do it," Sampras said in a conferencec all Thursday for the BNP Paribas Showdown. Sampras will meet former rival Andre Agassi for a bestof-three sets match Feb. 28a t Madison Square Garden. John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl, rivals from the 1980s a nd '90s, will play one set. Sampras called Nadal "a b east" on the court and thinks Nadal can chase Federer's record. Federer surpassed Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slams in 2009. The only question with Rafa is physically how much h is body can handle the p ounding with how hard he works for every point," hes aid of Nadal, who has been sidelined with knee injuries and a pulled abdominal mus cle in the last few years. Federer was 25 when he earned his ninth Grand Slam at the 2006 U.S. Open. Since then, the 29-year-old Federerh as won seven major titles. N adal also won the French O pen and Wimbledon this year. "(Nadal's his career, so he could do al ot more great things," Sam pras said of the top-rankedS paniard. But the former No. 1 player added that Nadal doesn't need to break the Grand Slam record to prove himself. "He's won all the majors, won the Olympics and has a winning record against Roger," Sampras said of the1 4-7 career edge. Sampras: Healthy Nadal may break Slam record IRVING, Texas Associated Press THEDallas Cowboys have released injured fullback Deon Anderson to make room for tight end Scott Chandler from the practice squad. The move Friday comes about a week after Anderson had surgery on his left knee to repair a torn meniscus. The fourth-year pro played in 38 games, including 18 starts, in his first three seasons. Anderson's replacement, rookie Chris Gronkowski, scored a touchdown last week against Chicago. Chandler is the third tight end behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett. Witten was limited in practice this week after sustaining a head injury against the Bears. Dallas plays at Houston on Sunday. Cowboys release FB Anderson, activate TE Chandler CHICAGO Associated Press ADAM Wainwright pitched six innings for his 20th victory and Allen Craig hit a three-run homer in the St. Louis Cardinals' 7-1 win over the Chicago Cubs on Friday. Wainwright joined CC Sabathia and Roy Halladay as baseball's third 20game winner one season after no big league pitchers accomplished the feat. Wainwright (20-11 ting staked a 3-0 lead in the first inning. The right-hander allowed one run on six hits, striking out seven and walking one. He tied Halladay for the NL lead in strikeouts with 213 and lowered his ERA to 2.42, second behind Marlins starter Josh Johnson in the NL. The 28-year-old improved to 19-0 when receiving 4-plus runs a game in support. Wainwright led the NL with 19 wins last season and became the first Cardinals pitcher to win 20 games since Chris Carpenter went 21-5 in 2005. The Cardinals temporarily held the Reds' magic number to three in the NL Central. The Cardinals trail the Reds by seven games with nine left. Cincinnati was playing at San Diego on Friday night. The Cubs got only 3 1-3 innings from starter Tom Gorzelanny (7-9 after they went through five relievers in a 13-0 loss to the Giants. Gorzelanny allowed seven runs on seven hits and walked five with four strikeouts. He pitched for the first time since Sept. 1, when he was hit in the hand by a line drive in a win over the Pirates. Aramis Ramirez homered for the Cubs, who began the final three-game home series of their season with their third loss in four games to fall 15 games under .500. Chicago has scored only three runs in its last four games. St. Louis has won back-to-back games after losing three straight and improved to 5-8 against the Cubs on the season. Albert Pujols walked with two outs in the first inning and Matt Holliday extended his hitting streak to 16 games with a single. Then Craig followed witha three-run shot to left on a 3-2 pitch. It was his third homer of the season. Craig was a late addition to the lineup. Craig took Nick Stavinoha's spot in the lineup after Stavinoha was scratched with a jammed right knee. Wainwright gets 20th win as Cardinals top Cubs 7-1 L AS VEGAS Associated Press SPORTS fans are betting online each night on athletes' performances and it's all legal. The bets are an exception to laws banning online gambling because they take the form of fantasy sports where participants pick a team of reallife players in baseball, football or other sports and compete based on their real-life statistics. Such competitionstypically last a season, but more websites are springing up that offer prize money for teams that last only one night. Drawn by the possibility of quick cash payouts, instead of just end-ofseason glory, fans ready for morethan-casual rivalries among friends or co-workers are building new nightly online betting into a hit for the $800 million fantasy sports industry. More than a dozen websites have sprung up to manage daily fantasy sports wagers and grab a percentage, says Paul Charchian, president of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, which represents 120 companies. Those commissions amount to $35 per player per month at one of the largest new sites, FanDuel, according to its CEO. And with nearly 7 million Americans and Canadians already playing fantasy sports for money by 2008, the total is expected to soar. "It's always been a little murky, so I think a lot of companies didn't have the stomach for it," said Charchian. "People now are jumping on board." Gambling on fantasy sports online has been explicitly legal in all but six states since 2006, thanks to an exception built into that year's federal ban on most online gambling. But Charchian says most website operators remained worried about the legality of wagering of any kind until one popular fantasy sports site,, launched a daily game in late 2008 called Snapdraft, and attracted players intead of trouble. Charchian, who co-founded Fanball in 1993 and had left in 2007, said Fanball didn't jump into daily betting sooner because the legal issues hadn't been resolved. A far less popular site run by Fantasy Day Sports Corp.,, launched daily games with gambling in mid-2007. Here's how fantasy sports work. As in the office pool, fans compile teams of their favorite professional athletes and advance or fall back based on how the athletes perform in reality. A few major portals, including and, have long offered platforms for the hobby without betting. But the newest online games pay cash each day out to the participants whose teams for that night include the highest-achieving individual players. Fantasy sports become a gambling reality G AMBLE: I n this photo taken Sept. 23, 2 010, Dave Nutini, a 31-year-old former b ank contract manager who quit his job t hree weeks ago to play poker professiona lly, sits next to his computer in Dublin, Ohio. J ay LaPrete/ A P Photo Scenes taken from the construction site of the new national stadium set to be completed next year. NATIONAL STADIUM PROGRESS F elipe Major/Photos BIG GAME: St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright delivers during the first inning of a baseball game against the Chicago Cubs, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, at Wrigley Field in Chicago. C h a r l e s R e x A r b o g a s t / A P P h o t o


C M Y K C M Y K L OCAL NEWS THE TRIBUNE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010, PAGE 11 TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM Mrs Wilson yesterday promised an end to fighting within the union saying that anyone who cannot work in harmony with the rest of the team would be expected to resign and a crusade for better benefits for the unions 4,000 or so members. However, her pledges came against an acrimonious background. Less than an hour earlier, her opposing candidate for President, Frances Friend of the Friend and Father team had called a press conference at Walkers Hall BUT headquarters to say the installation of Mrs Wilson and her team could not go ahead that morning because a certified copy of the election results had yet to be forthcoming from the Registrar of Trade Unions. Ms Friends team had lobbied Director of Labour and Registrar of Trade Unions Harcourt Brown not to certify the results due to a number of irregularities they alleged to have characterised the voting process in Tuesdays election. At this point, we want to encourage the Registrar of Trade Unions to move expeditiously towards determining or agreeing that the elections be null and void. This will allow us to have re-elections as soon as possible, said Ms Friend. A former area Vice President for the union, Ms Friend said she was concerned some BUT members were given too many ballots to cast at a particular poll, that others discussed their votes before they cast them while wearing campaign paraphernalia and that a cardboard box was used instead of a secure ballot box in one division. These objections appeared to be brushed aside however when a jaunty Mrs Wilson dressed in a suit and pearls turned up at BUT headquarters at Walkers Hall on Bethell Avenue at around 10am with a certified copy of the results, which she immediately presented to the Chairman of the Electoral Committee for the union, Philip Johnson, in the Presidents office before happily displaying the same to the media. Mr Johnson told the press that based on Mrs Wilsons presentation of the certified copy, he could proceed with the installation of the elected members as the executive team. Mrs Wilson said that an Acting Registrar of Trade Unions had certified the results in place of Mr Brown, who is allegedly out of the country at present. Before the installation could take place, M s Friend and her slate of proposed officers were requested to leave the conference room where they had remained after speaking with the media. They initially refused to budge, leading to a vocal stand off between the two opposing teams. When Mrs Wilson then told the team they could stay and witness her installation if they liked, members of the Friend and Father team said no swearing in will t ake place and then attempted to block the news cameras views of Mrs Wilson, who had already positioned herself in view of cameras and in front of the other team in preparation for the proceedings. Ms Friend requested a copy of the certified results from the Chairman, Mr Johnson, but was not provided one. Speaking to Mr Johnson before she left t he room, she said: I want to say to you that you are out of order. You do not havea copy of the certified results in your hand and so you are in contravention to our constitution ... its not about who won or lost, its about the integrity of our union. The aspiring President said the alleged irregularities reflect the reason why we had the vote of no confidence referring to the vote which initially ousted Mrs Wilson and her team at the 63rd annual meeting of the BUT in June. Eventually the opposing team cleared the room and Mrs Wilson and her A Team executive officers along with one non-A-team member all swore on the Bible that they would uphold their office, the constitution and rules of the union. Their term will last for three years. We thank the members of the Bahamas Union of Teachers for voting for the A Team. We give the teachers of the Bahamas an A plus. We will continue with the mandate members have given to us already. We will continue with our members benefits the pension plan, medical we will continue to provide Christmas gifts for our members, we will build two state of the art buildings, one in Grand Bahama and one in Nassau, we will successfully negotiate our next collective bargaining agreement, said Mrs Wilson. The newly-elected President won her post by 1,433 to Ms Friends 1,323. Thirteen of the fourteen members of the A team were elected to their posts. The new executive team consists of Mrs Wilson, Vice President Philip Dorsett, Secretary General Stephen McPheem, Assistant Secretary General Leason Burrows, Treasurer Lorraine Knowles, Assistant Treasurer Janice Armbrister, Trustees Haldane Stubbs and Mizpah Munroe, Executive Members Wayne Thompson, Zane Lightbourne and John Mosrove, Area VP for Grand Bahama Quinton Laroda, Area Vice President for the Northern Bahamas, Yolanda Curry-Forbes and Area Vice President for Southern Bahamas Annafaye FergusonKnowles. Mrs Wilsons re-installation comes after more than 200 delegates supported a vote of no confidence against her and her team a vote only opposed by six people in June. The turn of events was considered by many to be historic and embarrassing for the union. Members at the meeting, including members of the ousted executive team, said they were fed up with the "bickering and infighting" within the executive team, which they felt prevented the union from effectively serving its members. Jubilant Belinda Wilson pledges to end BUT infighting FROM page one Although initially charged with murder, Farrington, 35, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the deaths of the four schoolboys Mackinson Colas, 11, DeAngelo McKenzie, 13, Junior Reme, 11, and Desmond Rolle, 14 who disappeared in 2003. Sentencing was stayed until next week so that the families in Grand Bahama could travel to New Providence. The Attorney Generals Office is making arrangements to accommodate one member from each of the four families to travel to Nassau. Rev Bethel felt that the families should also have been present in court when Farrington pleaded guilty on Thursday. We hope that the AGs office will keep its promise and accommodate the families. I talked to the families today (Friday are looking forward to that happening and being in court when the sentence is handed down on Farrington. We know that manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and we are hoping he gets life for each one of those young boys rather than just one life sentence for them collectively. It would be justice that he served the rest of his life behind bars. We understand he has the AIDS virus and may die in prison, and that would at least bring some satisfaction to the families, said Rev Bethel. Marilyn Davis, the grandmother of DeAngelo McKenzie, believes it is not right that the AGs office is offering plea bargains to accused killers to clear up the backlog of cases in the court system. They are just trying to get these cases out of the way. It has been seven years and it feels like they dont care about our feelings, she said. Ms Davis believes the AGs office should have made travel arrangements for at least two members of the family. This crime happened in Freeport. It is not right to us, the families of the missing boys, because during the whole ordeal they a lready treated us bad and we had to fight to get the remains and now there is no trial, she said. Ms Davis supports capital punishment. There is too much killing in the country and they need to start hanging again, she said. Rev Bethel said it is important that justice is delivered swiftly, especially in cases like the missing boys. The justice system must to better. Justice was very slow in the case of the missing boys and it sends a serious message to society about the state of our court system. If we are going to enforce laws and set a standard in this coun try, we have got to deliver swift justice especially in heinous crimes. Rev Bethel said the FFJ is opposed to the new plea bargain law. Our organisation has always been against it. I believed it is no good for our country, but is the law and I believe that the families should challenge it, he said. Cordell Farrington is currently serving a life sentence in the death of 22-year-old Jamal Robins of Grand Bahama. Lock killer up for life FROM page one BELINDA WILSON displays the certified copy o f the Wednesdays election results in the Presidents office


C M Y K C M Y K PAGE 12, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 THE TRIBUNE TO DISCUSS STORIES ON THIS PAGE LOG ON TO WWW.TRIBUNE242.COM Yellow Elder Primary T HE teachers of grade one tend to be very engaging, said the principal of Yellow Elder Primary School, Catherine McPhee. You would find a lot of children are exposed t o skills through games and theres a lot of manipulatives in the classroom, Ms McPhee told The Tribune. We use discovery learning where the child ren have to think for themselves, and work with a facilitator. Grade ones who use a lot of technology. In this class of 32, the children are involved in games and field trips, which break up the monoto ny of the repetitious learning process. We try to develop them in a more active kind of environment where they are more responsible for their learning, Ms McPhee said. Because oft he diversification, some of the children will be really advanced. First Class is a new regular feature showcasing the youngsters who have started at a new school a nd is dedicated to the teachers and staff who h elp them settle into their new surroundings. To get your new starters featured, contact Reuben Shearer at The Tribune on 322-1986 or email LOCAL NEWS TEACHER Maegerel Robinson lends a hand to a student. A LL SMILES: P ictured are the first class of Yellow Elder Primary and the teaching staff. Students of the grade one class of the Yellow Elder Primary School pay close attention and focus on the lesson being taught. Some of the first graders pictured are: 1. Paige Smith 2. Delroy Mckenzie 3. Jadyn Lightbourne 4. Desrane Lafleur 5. Isaiah Beckford 6. Jonesha Evans 7. Braian Jean 8. Fantasia Stubbs 9. Cheloure Ilebrin 10. Eleric Rolle 1 2 3 4 8 9 10 5 6 7 P HOTOS/ FELIPE MAJOR /TRIBUNE STAFF

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