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Volume: 103 No.13



PRICE 750:


2 2006

-j~ 1Fei!~

is calling for a full inquiry into
circumstances surrounding the
death of "highly respected poke
officer Eddison Bannister
The handsome etuper al,
known to colleagues as' idatiny .
died at the scene when lus motor-
cycle was in a head-on smash unh
a car after being struck in (bc rear
by a jitney.
Last night, his mother M iz pa h
Bannister, 54, demanded afull
police int esnganon and a possible
independent inquiry into the
crash and drug charges facing her
son at the time of his death
Ms Bannister and her daughter
Daphne, 36, believe the crash and
the charges were."highly suspi-
cious" and possibly the result of
Cpl Bannister's own intestiga-
tions into criminal allegations
Both believe there could hate
been a connection between Cpl
Bannister's "diligent" inquiries
and what they described as
"trumped up" drug possession
charges brought against a man
they described as "straight, open
A senior police officer yester-
day acknowledged the serious-
ness of the allegations. He said
the force is still investigating the
matt and 110 otbtoaleraattheeran

five, died when his motorcycle.
which he bought in August,
struck a car near Coral Harbour
last month after a but hit hi(pil-

A JUDGE has ordered
that lawyers representing
parties in the continuing
dispute surrounding the
Grand Bahama Port
Authority refrain from
pubhe commentary on the
matter as it is presently
before the court.
Yesterday, lawyers rep-
resenting those involved
in the dispute appeared
before Senior Supreme
Court Justice Anita Allen
in closed court to address
several matters.
The matters were all
ladj %petdThe Tribune
Port Authority chair-
man Hannes Babak and
Sir Jack Hayward were
among those who
appeared in court yester-
Freeport lawyer Fred
Smith, who represents the
estate of late chairman
Edward St George, told
The Tribune after the
closed court session that,
"the judge said that there
should be no commentary
by the lawyers or the par-
ties because the matter is
sub juice that means it is
ongoing so we should not
be making comments
about it that's all, that's
the usual thing. ,We
shouldn't be making com-
SEE page 11

lion passenger, a gulfriend who
received severe hip injuries in the
Cpl Bannister and the girl were
thrown from the machine as it
veered out of control irito.the
path of the oncoming vehicle.
A pastor who was passing the
scene at the time knelt and
prayed with Cpl Bannister as his
st se awao t oe s r
Ms Bannister claimed in an
exclusive interview with The Tri-
SEE page 11

On Sunday, the PLP issued a
press statement advising that
thewri arsfiledtinFconnection
which was broadcast over the
radio in which Love 97 radio
was also named.
Mr Peet's statement reads as
"I have been in frontline pol
itics for almost 25 years. I cher.
ish my reputation and I owe a
duty to my family, my con-
stituents, and myself to vigor.
ously defend it. The courts will
now deal with the matter."
Noting Mr Ingraham's state
ments, Minister Peet said he wiH
not comment further.
"I have no comments. I can't
speak for him, I'll speak for me.
And I'm saying to you that this
is my final comment on this. I
have taken legal action to pro-
tect my reputation. The action
matter is before the courts and
SEE page 11

Tribune Staff Reporter
FNM party leader Hubert
Ingraham laughed at hearing
that a writ had been filed
against him by Financial Ser-
vices and Investments Minister.
Vincent Peet for defaniation,
stating that he was totally
unconcerned by the report.
In a telephone interview with
The Tribune from Abaco yes-
terday, Mr Ingraham said he
didn't know what Mr Peet had
outlined in his writ, but dared
him to "bring it on."
When asked if Mr Peet may
in fact have grounds to sue, Mr
In graham responded: "If I
thought he did I wouldn't have
said what I said.
. "I am totally unconcerned
about Mr Peet's threat. Let him
luring it on. I spoke truth. I'm
not going to waste my time on
that," he said.

-Y D 1wras
pus of Government High yes-
terday morning, accordmg to
eye witnesses..
Several reports reached
The Tribune last night,
describing a brutal attack on a
student by an outsider.
. Although all witnesses say
that "plenty police" had to be
called to the scene, Press lial-
son officer Inspector Walter
Evans last mght said he knew
nothing of the matter.
One eye witness said the
attack happened at arotind
liam, when an outsider esti-
mated to be m his late twen-
ties "ran onto the school
grounds and punched down
one girl."
"He punched her in the
face, gave her a black eye and
she had an asthma attack
SEE page 11



li ( i

0 I

PO 0


Family demands

investigation over

policeman's death in
motor-cycle smash

and drug charges


1891' an U SO .
0 gl' I WRS
e e *
t sm 'viciously attacked'
n O school campus







think like that
It would have been nice if Prime Min-
ister Perry Christie could have been
counted solidly in the ranks of those
few and if he had at the outset vigor-
ously repudiated the abuse. But Mr

Of course, there are one or two

fessionals that would make any first
wor tceou ydoN.a nlfor o
selves and their families but thousands
of poor Bahamians have been the ben-
elsonises ol their skill, compassion and
,:Much the same applies to all the oth-

although some niembers of the ruling

Even if Dr Nottage is given the
benefit of the doubt and if it be
COnceded that he is acting on the
best motives, it is far more difficult
(O make and sustain such a case for
Prime MiniSter ChriStie and his other

It SCCES there are niany deluded
members of the governing party who
really believe that everybody is

perversely motivated except them,
that they are the only ones capable of
decency, noble feelings and human




The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Call us
on 322-1986 and share
your story.

r nmsr : I


,'My er

.Rroace danak
FREEPORT Police have
arrested a 24-year-old Eight
Mile Rock man in connection
whhrae tabb n einc dn dt.hat
According to police, the inci-
dent took place around 4.30am
on Sunday at the Ruby Swiss
A 19-year-old male resident
of Eight Mile Rock was hospi-
talised with stab wounds to the
Inspector Loretta Mackey
reported that the victim was at
the Ruby Swiss Restaurant
when he was approached by a
man who hit him the face with a
e victim, she said, ran from
the scene but was caught and
stabbed in the back.
He was taken by ambulance
to the Rand Memorial Hospital,
where he was treated for his
i uries
njAt about 5.40am officers
from Central Police Station
detained a man for questioning
in connection with the incident.
Inspector Mackey reported
that the victim is in stable con-
dition in the male surgical ward
at the ho ital
She saPd investigations are
continuing into the matter.
cha r ed is
ag ainSt Cleric

in connection with an alleged

pings and other crimes in 2003,
ac e us sh ead es d
the court dropped the charges
against Yasin Abu Bakr, who
led a failed 1990 coup with his
Jamaat al Muslimeen gs:pup,
because sending the matter

As he left the Port-of-Spain
court, the 65-year-old cleric told
reporters he forgave his
accusers, two former members
mhted ch qpuwr sh
stormed Parhament and took
the premier and his Cabinet
the ta leo e doe emptwtahat
them and Allah would also for-
givAlt BmkrAt Ba dtion
se e li moa
inst rich Muslims who refuse
pay "zakaat," an Islamic tithe
for the oor. That case has yet
to be called before the court.
Earlier this year, Trinidadi-
an prosecutors dropped
weapons charges against Abu
paganera,=;gorizes d
his office and seized a rifle, a
hand grenade and 500 rounds

And Ap lance Cents



business but nevertheless a favourite
pastime with many people, especial-
ly in the political arena. The first ele-
ment of risk is that when you
attribute bad motives to others they
can easily do the same to you, with
interest. The second is that you can
be wrong about another person's
motives even though circumstances
may indicate otherwise.
In the current debate about Nation-
al Health Insurance, the attribution of
motives has added a dimension of
resentment and even aliger that con-
founds rational dialogue. The PLP
has accused those who criticism and
question the Government's propose
als of having the worst possible
The Opposition, the trade union lead-
ers, the business people and the doc-
tors do not care about the poor, they
say, or are simply greedy and selfish.
This malicious form of attack is calcu-
lated to cut the ground from under the
critics and expose them to public con-
tempt and ridicule. But allit does is stir
up resentment and rage.
An outstanding Bahamian cardiolo-
gist who is a great credit to his profes-
sion and to his country, and who counts
both the Prime Minister and the Leader
of the Opposition among his patients,
gave voice to that rage last week. Said
Dr Conville Brown:
"That is extremely offensive and
insulting when the politicians do that.
Because there are people like myself
who have gone out on a limb for our
poor people I am also a consultant at
PMH where I help to take care of poor
cop11e every a of t week for the

you'll go off the deep end and that's

t seems there are many deluded
I members of the governing party
who really believe that everybody is
perversely motivated except them, that
they are the only ones capable of decen-

few who are reasonable enough not to


general election just a few months away
seeks to ram a National Health Insur-
ance scheme through the legislature
cle dl{ss ao ofqi ot
Bahamian people.
Even if this scheme had been properly
thought out, there is no possible way it .
months of this admmistration. So those .
critics who are being accused of ulterior
motives and the public at large are
entitled to conclude that it is all about
personal legacy and political expedien-
cy; in short,,ulterior motives.
The new Minister of Health, Dr
Bernard Nottage, has for years careful-
ly cultivated a pubhe image of compe-
tence, even eschewing the political
appellation of leader of a party m favour
of the corporate chief executive officer.
But the trouble with cosmetics is that
they tend to wash off with the applica-
tion of soap and water, not to mention
some harsher detergents, abrasives and
chemical removers.

The FNM did a lot to upgrade

was successful in significantly unprov-

ed since the PLP came to office and
tha erosion has continued under two
PL ministers, one of them being Dr
Nottage, who in the investiga-
live stage using to Jules mine what has
gone w rong.
The cosmetics are wearing off and

Could ti td one 3son why this
Even if Dr Nottage is given the ben-
efit of the doubt and if it be conceded
that he is acting on the best motives, it is
arhm resdi 5 uhitoen i sand tsa n
h 11
and li sobte i ah uesn our system of
rnm nt n an nistr in snmhoe
second term, but the new PLP govern-
ment has chalked up an unenviable
and they started very early.
Perhaps this exercise is all about dis-
tracting the attention of the Bahamian
people from that unhappy record'

party seem intent on convincing the
public otherwise.
* *

circumstances and knowledge
of the nature of the beast
would seem to indicate that it is the
leaders of the governing party who are
guilty of the very thing they accuse oth-
ers of.
Perhaps because of: a misperception
of certam historical events, many PLPs
seem to think their party has a mea-
sure of entitlement and that they are
somehow set apart from other Bahami-
ans, even though many of them were
not involved in those events and a few
who were peripherally involved were
on the wrong side of history.
Not too long ago one of those in the
latter category was taken up in a rap-
turous mood of power consciousness
and inspired to declare from the floor of
the House of Assembly that "God gave
this country to the PLP
go s a dBt eadmianb I bHna

declared that the new administration

tribute was exhtiusted by repeated
betrayals and in any event was never
exclusive to him and his group.
The following election proved the
point as the PLP was nearly wiped out
at the polls in 199. -1 new age of poh-
tics had begun in The Babqmas, an age

ment, the age of accountability.

o today it is foolish in the
S extreme for PLP politicians to
beheveft fatdust ITea% ea r aoea

h utthque 6 nd hanh pamp en
11 th sinI se 0 1 kel hdt a yagoa -
enjoy that status.
The Bahamian people rose up in
sought to stuff CSME down their
throats without adequate information
and consultation and, as it turned out,
without a full understanding of the
unplications on the part of the govern-
ment itself
Now, the PLP government, with a


~Who has the ulte rior motive s




* In brief


g ecrnmsent
over judges

w -y

Established in 1956 by an old Bahamian family
Parliament Street (near Bay St.) Tel: 322-8393 or 328-7157
*Fax: 326-9953
Crystal Court at Atlantis, Paradise Island Tel: 363-4161/2
Ly ford Cay (next to Lyford Cay Real Estate in .
Harbour Green House) Tel: 362-5235


Tribune Staff Reporter
DOCTORS Hospital staff
yesterday supported the
Princess Margaret Hospital
personnel in their concerns
about the National Health
Insurance plan, stating that
there is "no where near
enough" nurses in the Bahamas
to cope with the additional
patients it is expected to attract.
In an interview with The Tri-
bune yesterday, Sara Appleton
- speaking on her own her
behalf as a registered nurse at
Doctors Hospital said that
government is too generous
with its estimation of the num-
ber of available nurses in the
c ab n em t se1
time Prime Minister Perry
Christie stood up beau-
tifully said that more than 300
nurses graduated from the Col-
but what percentage of those
stay in the Bahamas?" she
Mrs Appleton said that in
her professional experience, a
large number of Bahamian
nurses seek employment in oth-
er countries.

that many nurses in the
Bahamas are not involved
directly in patient care, but are
needed for other technical and
administrative positions.
"Both hospitals are com-
pletely understated, the gov-
ernment is definitely being too
optimistic," she said.

The Blue Ribbon Commis-
sion estimated that the NHI
plan will lead to a 20 per cent
increase of utilization of the
health care system by the pop-
However, opponents of the
scheme in its current form are
claiming government is way off
ma in s set n aut
see up to 100 per cent merease
in utilization.
In an earlier interview with
The Tribune, several nurses at
PMH stated that the hospital
does not have the facilities to
deal with the current number
of patients who seek treatment.
The PMH nurses are urging
government not to implement
the NHIplan untilithas exten-
sively improved the hospital's
infrastructure and capacity.

Hubert Ingraham is continuing
to criticise the government for
its failure to review the salary of
At a rally in Grand Bahama
over the weekend, he again
charged that the PLP broke the
Jaw and was negligent in this
Mr Ingraham explained that a
law put in place by the former
FNM administration, required
that judges' salaries be reviewed
in both 2003 and 2006. .
In a controversial rulmg in
Grand Bahama several weeks
ago, Supreme Court Justice
John Lyons stated that the gov-
ernment neglected to conduct
the reviews thereby making
theudiciary beholden to the
executive and effectively taking
away its independence.
Justice Lyons said he could
not help but to think that gov-
the law, which was designed to
protect the constitutionalinde-
pendence of the judiciary
agamst abuses of their consti-
tutional rights.
"Of course, the FNM put that
law in place. Before the FNM,
such a law did not exist to
review judges' salaries. Some-
times, I get the impression that
the PLP feel if they did not pass
hatcla whenttheylwereBlata
Attorney General Allyson
ard=== =
as a huge success, was severely
criticized by Justice Lyons in his
The judge said there simply
cannot be a swift justice pro-
gramme until the problems in
the judicial system are eradi-

Authorities on
a ert aHer
MEDICAL authorities have
gone on alert in Jamaica after
eight people contracted malaria
in areas around the Caribbean
island's capital, health officials
said Sunday, according to Asso-
crated Press.
Authorities have not found
evidence of a widespread out-
break around Kingston but
have increased testing and pub-
. lic awareness of the parasitic
mosquito-borne disease.
Ist aH ra emDntil esa a
year-old woman and two chil-
dren are among those who have
contracted malaria in recent
days. There have been no
deaths reported.
Staff in seven clinics in the
Kingston area and in neighbor-
ing St. Catherine parish were
conducting tests Sunday on peo-
ple complaining of flu-like
symptoms. Children withmalar-
-ia usually develop flu-like con-
editions such as fever and vom-
it treated malaria can quiick-
Idy leahd to convulsions, coma and

British soap
star charged
with ra pe in
Ba rbados
BRITISH soap opera star
Ben Freeman has been arrested
and charged with raping a
woman while on vacation in
Barbados, police said Sunday,
according to Associated Press.
In a statement, Royal Barba-
dos Police Force said Freeman
was accused by an unidentified
British woman of sexually
assaulting her while the 26-year-
old actor was on holiday at the
Almond Beach Village resort
on the tropical island's north-
ern coast.
Police did not sa when the
alleged attack occurred or when
Freeman was arrested
Freeman, who plays Scott
Windsor in the soap British
soap "Emmerdale," was grant-
ed US$10,000 bail and was due
to appear in court Tuesday, the
statement said. He had to sur-
render his travel documents.

Barbadian police did not

SPRINCEtSSNMarogarlet Hsphitalsstaff say that they are too understaffed to cope with the

"We've (Doctors Hospital)
been advertising world-wide
for nurses. We are forced to do
that because there are just not
enough resources to fill those
positions. Going through immi-
gration and all that, we would-
n't be paying for work permits
if those people could be
employed from our very popu-

nation," she said.
She said that government
underestimates the number of
health personnel that will be
needed when more patients
utilise the health care system,
as projected under the NHI
"Minister (of Health Dr
Bernard) Nottage and Prime

Minister Christie stand up and
say we will have more nurses
and more x-ray technicians,
more experts I don't know
where they think they are get-
ting these people from," she
In addition to losing many
trained nurses to other coun-
tries, Mrs Appleton also said


by Designer

A LOCAL attorney yester-
day expressed doubts that gov-
ernment will be able to main-
taixi the transparency of the
National Health Insurance
(NHI) if it is attached to a
Grand Bahama attorney
Fred Smith, who is also ques-
tioning the constitutionally of
the proposed NHI plan, said
that his main objection to the
plan is that the scheme's fund
will be turned into a "slush
"I'm not opposed to univer-
sal health care, what I am
opposed to is the creation of
unlawful, political slush
funds," the lawyer said.
Mr Smith said he fears that
a NHI fund will be treated
similar to the National Insur-
ance Board's fund which
falls under the portfolio of the
Ministry of Housing.
"Already (the NIB fund) is
going bankrupt, because the
money is always bemg linked
e ve tte sand velrn-
l>eing used for the purpose
in nded.
anc thall eTtt n it sur-
of Housing? It has nothing to
do with housing It is s osed
to be for the provision of ben-
efits and the provision of assis-
tabce," he pointed out.
In an earher mterview with
The Tribune, Mr Smith said
that should the NHI plan
become law, he will challenge
it on constitutional grounds -
further arguing that the
scheme's provisions could also
breach the Hawksbill Creek
, He argued that NHI plan
could be unconstitutional
because it allegedly breaches
Article 128 of the Bahamas
Constitution and said that
because NHI contributions
would be an income tax, they
could not be levied in Freeport
as a result of the Hawksbill
Creek Agreement.
He drew attention to the
1955 agreement's Clause 2,
Sub-Clause 8, which stipulates
that rio taxes inchiding
income taxes can be levied
against "the earnings of a

licensee in the Port area" or
against "any salaries and
remunerations paid to
employees of the Grand
Bahama Port Authority and
their licensees," provided they
live in the Port area.
Although the tax exemption
initially lasted for 35 years, Mr
Smith said it was extended by
the 1993 Freeport Act until
He added that he had par-
tially won a similar legal action
he brought in 1988 against the
then Minister of Housing and
National Insurance. In a case
that went all the way to the
Privy Council, the ultimate
court of appeal for the
Bahamas backed Mr Smith's
contention that contributions
to the National Insurance
Board (NIB) were a tax, but
ruled that they were not an

income tax, but one based~ on

Doctors Hospib~:tal ack PM

Attorney fears NHI will


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Unacceptable attitude of young today

NOTICE is hereby givers that HELENE PELOQUIN OF
NASSAU, BAi-IAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible
for Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as
a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person who knows any
reason why registration/ naturalization should not be granted,
should serid a written and signed statement of the facts within
twenty-eight days from the 5TH day of DECEMBER, 2006
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
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money from poorer people, but
helping the same people main-
tain and regain their health is
another matter.
I am somewhat embarrassed
by the reaction of these persons
and groups because I see it as
an insult. How dare they think
that at this stage in our nation-
al life we are ill-equipped to
plan to reach the stars medical-
ly and socially! How dare they
think we cannot get together
de a sw hd-obmoe
Then, to add insult to injury,
how dare they infer that med-
ical support personnel even if
we get them in sufficient num-
bers might not be efficient.
Inefficiency knows no bound-
aries it can parade itself in the
private hospitals, clinics and lab-
oratories as well as public facil-

EDITOR, The Tribune
I CAN'T figure out what all
a hds a guarding
scheme/plan. I like the idea,
especially at this time. The con-
certed reaction of The Coali-
tion for Health Reform makes
me feel somewhat embarrassed,
They appear to be mountifig a
'fear campaign, inciting the
general public to doubt all sorts
of things about the scheme/plan,
including its financial viability,
access to physical plants and
equipment, numbers and quali-
ty of medical and support per-
sonnel, and aspects only God
Hi o dal s lay I h@
that the present government
will finance the scheme via
increased taxation. My Pocket
Oxford Dictionary defines a
'tax' as 'a contribution to State
revenue legally levied on per-
sons or property or businesses'.
One can understand the reluc-
tance of the business sector;
they might not mind making

I think it is time we grew up.
Why harp on the point that this
scheme/plan is a vote-getting
ee iTwWhy shouldn't it tbhe
platform that won the last elec-
tion? If I were in the opposi-
tion I would applaud it, and
admit that I wished I had
brought it about. What a cudo.
With all its beginning imperfec-
tions, this scheme/plan is still a
wonderful vision. As one writer
has said: "Don'tilet the urge for
perfection become a paralysis."
Let us dare to dream big, and
filid people who can assist in
making big dreams reality. This
is no time for small-minded 'me,
ua dnmin e h
weakest among us, not just at
the red light when we turn
down our car glass to toss a coin
to the indigent by the wayside.
Thank you.
November 30, 2006.

LAST MONTH a hotelier warned that
the unacceptable attitude of many young
Bahamians is a threat to the future of the
tourism industry.
Hospitality consultant Brendan Foulkes
said that the level of disregard for guests
seems to be growing among resort staff mem-
Mr Foulkes was talking to a group of
eleventh grade students from a senior gov-
ernment high school, one of many schools
from which the resort staff, about whom he
was complaining, are drawn.
"Today many of our young people are
plain-old no manners and very disrespectful,
and we cannot build a successful service
industry on poor 'broughtupsy,'" he told the
young people.
The group to whom Mr Fou,1kes was
speaking was a part of the Bahama Host pro-
gramnie so there is some hope that these stu-
dents can be made aware of how important
good manners are, not only in the hotel indus-
try, but in daily life. Without good manners,
they will not go very far in either private or
public life.
But this trainiilg has to start first at home,
and continue in the schools. If.the behaviour
of a group of government students celebrat-
ing their appointment as school prefects on a
recent Friday luncheon in a first class down-
town hotel is any example, young people
today are sadly lacking in training on how
to conduct themselves in public.
This group might have been prefects, but
as a group they certainly gave the impres-
sion that they lacked ''broughtupsy." When a
guest complained to the dining room manager
about their behaviour, he was politely told
that that was normal behaviour for young
people of that age. Obviously, he saw nothing
And this in itself is what is wrong. At what
stage of their deVelopment are young people
going to be told that they isre out of line, and
that they have to pull up their socks and do
better? If excuses are going to be made for
them all along the line because of their youth,
then the resort industry is indeed in trouble
because these unruly youngsters are their
next recruits.
These young people were certainly no

credit to the school uniform they were wear-
ing. It was as though a large section of that
dmmg room was their school common room
and the rest of us were interlopers.
Instead of sitting like young ladies and
gentlemen at their table, they moved around
in clusters all over the dimng room, involved
only m their own conversation, completely
ignoring waiters who were trying to manoeu-
vre between them to serve other guests.
One group had to be asked to move aside
to allow a guest on crutches to get to his
table. As he hobbled through the narrow
path they opened for him, they continued
their conversation, as though he were a pass-
ing nuisance interfering with their far more
important chatter,
It would have helped those young per
sons in character building if someone in
authority and this should have been the
dining room manager had quietly told
them that in a public place it is polite to
remain at their own table and not wander
all over the dining room in boisterous chatter.
But this manager, apparently saw nothing
wrong with their.behaviour this only
because of their age. And this is the problem.
Before the age of five their training should
have started. One can excuse five years olds,
but not young teenagers.
We agree with those parents and teachers
who want to return to all girls and all boys
. schools.
In many single sex schools, the sexes are
mixed at what used to be called "baby
school", but were divided into separate
groups at about the age of 8 years.
However, it is surprising how young these
children are when they become boy-girl con-
scious. We shall never forget on a school out-
ing with six year olds many years ago to watch
a little boy strut his stuff to catch the eye of a
little girl for whom he had taken a fancy.
We think that \ve would turn out finer
young people if young boys and girls
throughout their high school years were sep-
arated, not only to concentrate on their stud-
ies, but to be separately trained in the ways of
young ladies and young gentlemen.
Their deportment, attitude to life, and the
results of their BGCSE examinations would
show a marked improvement.

implementation of NHI, they
are self interested?
Could it be that people who
support NHI are self interest-
ed because they cannot- quan-
tify their grand statements that
the NHI will not create an even
more crowded system?
So, let me get this straight, if
people want more than political
rhetoric about NHI they are self
Could it be that people who
support NHI are self interest-
Ed because they are politicians,
and by nature many of our
politicians are self interested?
The reality is that most of
the National Coalition for
Health Care Reform members
are self interested enough to
attempt to ensure the NHI is
viable for future generations of
Bahamians and not crumble in
on itself like other socialized
health care systems around the
The reality is that most of
the National Coalition for
Health Care Reform members
are self Interested enough
already to have private health
care plans in place for their
employees to participate. In fact
some employers pay the entire
premitim while others pay 50 -
per cent of it.
The reality is that most of
the National Coalition for
Health Care Reform members
are self interested enough to
provide many other benefits for
their employees, to help ensure
turnover is kept as low as pos-
sible, so patrons can be prop-
erly served.
The reality is that most of

EDITOR, The Tribune
In their editorial of Tuesday,
November 28, 2006, The
Bahama Journal stated:
"From where we sit, there is
an impression that is coming in
clearer and clearer by the day
that the government is giving
far too much credence to those
people and interests that would
sacrifice little or nothing for the
common good.''
S'cliet me get this straight, if
e oppose the NHI for
legitnhate reasons they are self
Could it be that people who
support NHI fire self interest-
ed because they are not confi-
dent enough in their position to
sincerely consider other alter-
So, let me get this straight, if
people want the government to
release the information on
which they based their project
tions for NHI, they are self
Could it he that people who
support NHI are self interest-
ed because they do not want to
expose themselves to scrutiny,
that might reveal erroneous cal-
So, let me get this straight, if
people want the government to
show why the system will not
be overrxin with patients upon

the National Coalition for
Health Care Reform mem-
bers are self interested
enough to make the invest-
ment and take the risks that
provide jobs for Bahamians
in the first place.
The reality is that most of
the National Coalition for
Health Care Reform members
are self interested enough to
donate to charities and patients
and individuals who are w6rse
off than themselves toehelp
make The Bahamas a better
So it appears the National
Coalition for Health Care
Reform members are more con-
cerned about the common good
than those editorial writers,
politicians and bureaucrats that
would attempt to have people
believe otherwise.
On a personal note, l oopose
the hostile takeover: M the
health carb industry by t's gov-
ernment, but that does no t ey
that government should cot
provide some form of subsidy
to assist the needy, the unem-
ployed and those that might be
locked out of buying private
health care for one reason or
In addition, employed
Bahamians should purchase pri-
vate health care rather than
expect.the state to provide
health care coverage. Besides,
our Constitution provides for
limited government, not a
provider of all our desires.
November, 2006

What is the

Is it really self interest?

_ ________


have since returned to Nassau
to complete their reports.
"The investigating officers are
still working on that file," the
assistant commissioner said.
"I talked to them last week-
end on Thursday or Frid@ and
there were some thingpthat
needed to be done, which I
think will bring them over into
this week, before they are com-
plete," he explained.
Mr Ferguson could not give a
definite date for completion,
but promised that the reports
would be made public as soon
as possible.
According to unofficial
reports, Mr Wilson was outside
Supers nightclub in Mathew
Town when the incident took
place. The altercation report-
edly erupted in the early morn-
ing hours and left residents up


0 mem ie Rpeagpeonse (Live)
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House Christmas
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*In brief


cruise ship

MORE than 380 passengers
and crew aboard the world's
largest cruise ship were sick-
ened by a virus dunng a seven-
day Caribbean cruise, cruise
officials said Sunday, according
The outbreak struck Royal
Caribbean'd Freedom of the
Seas, which returned as sched-
uled to the Port of Miami on
Sunday, according to a state-
ment from the Miami-based
The ill passengers received
over-the-counter medication,
and crew members sanitized fre-
quently touched surfaces such
as railings, door handles and
elevator buttons after the short-
Ev outbreak began, officials

A guest previously exposed
to norovirus likely brought it
onboa deNov 26, according to
Noroviruses, characterized by
stomach flu-like symptoms,
affect about 23 million Ameri-
cans annually, according to the
US Centers for Disease Control.
An outbreak struck more than
700 passengers and crew mem-
bers aboard a trans-Atlantic
cruise last month on the Carnival
Cruise Lines' Liberty.
The Freedom of the Seas,
which was christened in May,
can carry more than 4,000 peo-
ple aboard its 15 passenger
decks. Standing upright on its
bow, it would be taller than the
Eiffel Tower. -

Former Haiti
minister is
and released
A FORMER Haitian Cabi-
net official was kidnapped and
held; for:three days in Haiti's
capital before- being, released
according to Associated Press.
Fred Joseph, who served as
finance minister during Presi-
dent Rene Preval's first term,
from 1996-2001, was abducted
while driving through the Port-
au-Prince suburb of Petionville
and released on Saturday,
police spokesman Frantz Lere-
bours said.
It was not clear whether a
ransom was paid. Lerebours
said Joseph's family negotiated
with the captors, not police.
A rash of kidnapping against
Haitians and foreigners has
plagued the capital since a 2004
revolt toppled former President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Last month, a 17-year-old girl
and a 6-year-old boy were kid-
napped and slain by their cap-
Authorities say gangs based
in the dense, mazelike slums of
the Caribbean nation's capital
are behind most kidnapping,
but human rights groups have
also implicated corrupt police.
Continued crime has prompt-
ed criticism of Preval, who was
re-elected in February, and the
8,800-strong UN peacekeeping
force that was sent to restore
order after Aristide's ouster.
In response, Preval last week
announced that 500 new police
officers would start work soon.

their ecological features, should
not be disturbed.
Mr Smith said the Bahamas'
vulnerability is due to a num-
ber of factors, including its low
lying topography, its suscepti-
bility to climate change and ris-
ing sea levels, and the fact that
He also pointed out that the
Bahamas, as an economy heav-
ily dependent on tourism, has
undertaken a great deal of
development in coastal areas
- a fact that has led to the loss
of natural protection formerly
provided by mangroves, coral
reefs and beaches.
Mr Smith encouraged the
Family Island administrators

and councillors to form part-
nerships with the developers
of anchor projects to come up
with proper disaster prepared-
ness plans for their commum-
"Developers coming into the
community need to have good
relationships with the area,"
Mr Smith said. "So sit with
them and discuss various forms
of partnerships because each
preparedness and response
"If a developer is a part of
your community then it makes
good sense to let him partici-
pate on your disaster manage-
ment committee," he added.

trees and birds so that some-
one can build condominiums,"
he said. "But we know what
happens when we destroy our
environment, and we have to
be cognisant of that.
"When developers come
with their ideas . we live
here, we know our environ-
ment, we must not be afraid to
put forward our views. After
all we have an island ecosys-
tem that is very fragile," he
Mr Smith was speaking at
the 2006 Local Government
Conference at the Wyndham
Nassau Resort on November
' 29.
The seminar drew Local

Government officials, council-
lors and administrators from
throughout the Bahamas for
three days of intense discus-
sions on meeting the govern-
ment's pledge to establish
anchor projects in the Family


In the Disaster Service and
Response Act, there is a sec-
tion that is termed "Special vul-
nerable areas," Mr Smith told
When designating these
areas, he said, it must be deter-
mined which of them, given

THE National Emergency
Management Agency has
drafted a policy to compel
developers to integrate disaster
mitigation into their develop-
ment plans.
"When developers come
with a proposal, it would have
to contain a section that
explains hpw they will mitigate
and prevent certain things; with
the objective of minimizing the
loss of life, and the loss of
social, private and community
assets wheri there is disasterr"
said national disaster co-ordi-
nator Carl Smith.
"Very often we are present-
ed with lofty ideas as to what
we should do get rid of the

them of what the situation is."
Working with the Urban
Renewal teams, officer Bethel
said, gives their endeavor
added momentum.
"We want to organise.groups
.like this in each community,"
he said.
Inspector Robert Simmons,
co-ordinator of the St Cecilia
Urban Renewal Project, said
being CERT certified has
helped him attend to victims
of traffic accidents.
CERT members must be
prepared to be called on at all
times by NEMA even to
assist in Family Island sittra-

NEW Providence's disaster
preparedness has been
enhanced by the graduation of
20 new members of the Com-
munity Emergency Response
Team (CERT).
They received their certifi-
cates on Saturday following a
week-long course conducted
by trainers from the National
Emergency Management
Agency,(NEMA), the Royal
Bahamas Defence Force and
Urban Renewal officers.
They rounded out the
course simulating various dis-
aster situations in the densely
populated Mason's Addition-

McCullough Corner area.
Volunteers from Farm
Road, Bain's Town, Grant's
Town, Englerston and St
Cecilia were trained in search
and rescue, fire safety, basic
first aid, and CPR.
"They are not to take charge
of a situation if there is an emer-
gency," explained Chief Petty
Officer Bethel, "but they are
embedded m the community,
so if anything happens they will
be the first to be on the scene.
"When the emergency med-
ical services, the police or fire
department arrive, the (CERT
team) would be able to apprise

'E AllimilillIllW
M IN this simulation, a CERT team attends to a wounded
(Photo: BIS/Gladstone Thurston)

The programme next heads

tions. There are CERT teams

THE investigation into
the alleged beating of a civil-
ian by several Defence
Force Officers in Inagua
.could comets a close by the
end of the week according
to Assistant Commissioner
of Police Reginald Fergu-
According to eye witness-
es, who viewed the attack
that took place a little over a
week ago, Dexter Wilson, a
27-year-old Morton Salt
marine worker was beaten
by about 15 Defence Force
The beating was said to
have taken place after one
officer took offence to the
fact that Mr Wilson was
having a conversation with a
female officer.
Last week, an investiga-
tive .team from both the
Royal Bahamas Police
Force and the Royal
Bahamas Defence Force
travelled to the island to
investigate the claims and

in arms after Mr Wilson had to
be airlifted to the capital for
One Defence Force officer
also had to be treated after
being stabbed in his lower back,
it was claimed. It has yet to be

determined who stabbed him.
The officer's wound was
described as minor and Mr Wil-
son, who received wounds to
his head has since been released
from the hospital after doctors
found that his injuries were not

as serious as it was initially
Commodore Clifford Scavel-
la, who was reported to be out
of office for most of yesterday,
did not return calls up to press


a5wt Choice

Chr istmas Sales Eve nt

.C -

The SmarfChoice is on



The world's


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WW *
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Best ,.5 ar.,
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* f equal or less value

n~o excchange.

D:9evelopers ~to b rqure t tin

20 members of emergency

InVCStigation into RBDF beating to close this week

. .



4.0L V6 Automatic

See the full line of your favourite Ford vehicles at

THOMPSON BOULEVARD TEL.: 356-7100 FAX: 328-6094





The entire College of The Bahamas community extends to the family
of Mr Winston Saunders and the wider Bahamian community our
sincere sympathy at this time of our bereavement.

We de alBsMunded to hear of tRe death of our deAr friend and
patron. There are so many here at The College who have shared
memorable moments with him throughout his career as a teacher,
lawyer, cultural activist and friend. Winston Saunders will be greatly
missed by us all.

We and the ctiltural community, especially, will miss his talent, his
insight and his deep commitment to the country of his birth.. The
Bahamas has lost a son who made a valuable contribution to Bahamian
literature, to the preservation and enhancement of Bahamian culture
in general and, consequently the clarifying of national identity by
this means.

The College of The Bah~amnas has taken the decision to memorialize

Mr Saunders in a way that honours the focus of his life's work:
education, language, literature and culture. We have established the
Winston Saunders Memorial Scholarship for English Studies
Majors, contributing the first $1,000.00 to the fund. Friends from
within and beyond The College are invited to participate in building
this endowment.

Janyne M. Hodder


- I







The entire College of The Bahamas community extends our sincere sympathy
to the family of Mr Pat Bain, late President of the National Congress of
Trade Unions and Past President of Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied
Workers Union and the wider Bahamian community for a great loss.

We deeply regretted learning of Mr Bain's illness and most recently his
passing. There are few in this country who would not at least have heard the
name of Pat Bain. There would be fewer still among those who know the
history of the labour movement, who would not honour the Mr Bain's
memory for his role in refining trade unionism and in the struggle to build
a Bahamas tourism and hospitality industry that would recognize and reward
the efforts of those Bahamians who contribute to its success.

At The College of The Bahamas, where the union movement flourishes,
many are mourning the loss of their comrade in arms. The Union of Tertiary
Educators of The Bahamas, who represent our faculty, avow openly the
valued assistance he gave them in their negotiations. His interventions,
particularly during the industrial negotiations of the present year were timely
and fruitful.

We at The College of The Bahamas are fully persuaded that The Bahamas
has lost another worthy son, a builder who has left his mark on many an
institution and social development in this country.

The College of The Bahamas has taken the decision to memorialize Mr Bain
in a way that honours the focus of his life's work. We have established the
Pat Bain Memorial Scholarship for Social Sciences Majors, contributing
the first $1,000.00 to the fund. Friends from within and beyond The College
are invited to participate in building this endowment.



BrealU11g 110WS -

110bo else is

CVOf gO1ng to die

Rick Lowe takes a satirical look at the furore
Surrounding the government's NHI plans



Office of Academic Affairs
Part-time Faculty Advertisements

School of Communication and Creative Arts
Part-time Instructor in Foreign Languages (Spanish) (New Providence

C nmd te must be able to teach Spanish at the introductory level. The ideal
candidate will have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area
and native speaker competence in Spanish.
Part-time Instructor in Foreign Languages (French) OVewProvidence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach French at the introductory level. The ideal
candidate will have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area
and native speaker competence in French.

SchoolofEnglish Studies
Part-time Instructor in College Composition OVew Providence Campus)
Candidates must be able to teach first-year college composition courses.
The Ideal candidate will have at least a Master of Arts degree in English.
However, candidates with a first degree in English and a Liberal Arts or
ESL/TOEFL master's degree will be considered.

School of Sciences and TechnologY
Part-time Instructor in Biology (New Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in Biology and be
able to teach biology at the mtroductory level.

Part-time Instructor in Chemistry OVew Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree m Chemistry and be
able to teach chemistry at the introductory level.

Part-time Instructor in Mathematics OVew Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree m Mathematics and
be able to teach mathematics at the introductory level.

All candidates must have earned degrees from a recognized accredited *
institution in the relevant area or its equivalent

To ensure consideration, application materials, must be received by
December 15, 2006. A complete application packet consists of an
a location letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form, a
detailed curriculum vita, copies of aH transcripts (original transcripts
required upon employment).and the names and contact information
for three references addressed to:
The Derector
Human Resources

The OCollege dThe Bah maS
Thompson Boulevard & Poinciana Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
a 3 &

Please visit the College's website at for more information
about the institution and to access the College's Employment Application

Bethel Brothers MorhcIans
Telephone: 322-4433, 326-7030
Nassau Street, P.O.Box N-1026

Mr. Saunders is survived by his wife, Gail Saunders;
one uncle, Edmund; aunts, Belle Archer, Ruth,
Clarice and Gina Granger, Patricia, Lady Isaacs,
Ulrica Bethel and Joan North; father-in-law, Basil
North; brother-in-law; Terry North; sisters-in-law,
Stephanie Saunders arid Bunny North; nephews,
Anthony, Maximilian, Ashley, Anton, Rory, Craig
and Denny Saunders and Jarryd North; nieces, Jane
and Sharon Saunders and Kristy North; great-nieces,
Taylor and Athena Saunders and Tai North; foster
son, Terrell Major; cousins, Gladys Moss and family,
Eldridge McKenzie and family, Audrey, Patricia
and Rashad Fountain, Glenn and Carol Granger,
Leslie Kincaid, Michelle Hepburn, Patricia Isaacs,
Keith, Godfrey, Brenda, Beverley and DoloreS
Archer, Antoinette and Debbi Granger, Tony and
Pam Granger and family, Anita "Mammy" Wilson,
John "Junior" Wilson, Dorothy Albury and family,
Sidney Godet and family, Marina Glinton and family,
Lynn Thackeray and family, Dennis and Neil
Fountain, Deirdre Turnquest, Kim, Bastian, Dawn
Marshall and family, Jeanne Thompson and family,
Sharon and Eddie Minnis and family, Heather and *
Tommy Thompson, Sandra and Henry.Podlewsk1
and family, Karen Bethel and Margaret Deloso,
Donald and Vivian Archer.

He is also survived by the Right Honourable Perry
Christie and Mrs. Christie, The Honourable Fred
Mitchel The Honourable Allison Maynard-Gibson
and family, The Right Honourable Hubert A.
Ingraham and Mrs. Ingraham; friends and colleagues
at the Bar and on the Bench, the Bahamian; regional
and international artistic and cultural commumtleS,
especially the Dundas family and the Cat Island
commumty, the medical communities of The

Bah aatison ndd aahmat r the reTt vecsoamdm
in The Bahamas, the Caribbean and beyond.

In lieu or flowers, donations may be made in memory
or Winston Snunders to the Christ Church Cathedral
Endowment Trust. P. O. Box N 653. Nassau. or the
Endowment for the Performing Arts, P. O. Box N
35, Nassau.



as the crowd awaited the
announcement of the goverit-
ment's newest initiative.
As with all politics, timing is
was starting to get agitated with
the lozig wait, Dr Bernard Not-
tage took the stage to thunder-
ous applause.
He informed the delighted
i et "hiso aH tvernThea
lenses" (nobody has problenis
anymore just challenges) in
the health care industry in the
Bahamas. Not only that, the
most modern technology will
be used and those mean insur-
ance companies, doctors and
pmop61toCort wh r dta a
place, once and for all!
Just as he was finishing to
shouts of approval- the famil-
iar sound of Junkanoo music
from the Valley Boys started to
play in the background. One
foot stuck through the curtain,
and then another, followed by
hands and the curtain was then
suddenly drawn completely
back to expose the great shuf-
fier himself, Prime Minister Per-
ry Christie.

that, we are going to create a
National Health Insurance
The crowd was in a frenzy
now because they all know that
every government only has the
people's interest at heart (yeah
right!) and "The PM" was at his
shuT nt s it, he screamed,
now frothing at the mouth from
excitement, we are gomg to cre-
ate a National Health Insurance
scheme, and on the day it
becomes effectiveno one else is
going to die in The Bahamas!
You heard me right, he
sB samo baebQ n oVtaPk
drums, nobody else gun dead
again 'cause of we scheme.
There was pandemomum,
the crowd was uncontrollable
in its joy. Finally, thanks to the
great shuffler and the PLP, no
more loved ones will suffer the
ravages of disease ever again in
this island nation (I think some
big word should go in place of
island nation, but I can't spell
Just then the alarm sounded
to awake me to thunder storms
and a deluge of rain.
Shucks just as I was going
to live forever because of B.J.
and Perry's great NHI Scam
(Sch )'
Oenmnerious note, anyone
th as raetdaof coTon sens
imperative for any business to
keep its doors open. But, gov-
ernments don't have to consid-
er that option as they take the
money they spend from its citi-
zens by force and threat of jail
time ifuyou don'tiwant to paC
please log onto the National
Coalition for Health Care
Reform's website and sign the
petition so we can get more
ment make an informed deci-
sion on this crucial matter.

Exile groups

urge US to
TCIRX travel
and aid

to' Cuba

TWENTY mostly Cuban
exile organizations called on the
U overnmensttrMcoinday to
Cuban-Americans who want to
visit family on the island nation
and to permit Americans to
nndinhu m ritan ac d
to Associated Press.
The request by the coalition
Cuban Consensus comes weeks
after top Cuban dissidents made
similar requests. The move
comes at a time of great politi-
E""o'i'A"Mdin3b whee
porarily ceded power to his
Castro more than four months
ago following intestmal surgery.
It also comes two days after
Raul Castro reached out to the
Udit states a ma
cuss the two countries' differ-
ences on equal terms. Fidel Cas-
tro did not appear at the parade

uca I t
Cuban leader the US deals with
in the future.
thneh tp ti s
among the exile community
over how to respond to the
Cuban government's restric-
tions on freedom of expression
and movement.

If the crowd was electric
before, they were now on 220
volts as "The PM", as he is
affectionately known, made his
way to the podium.
And he started his spell bind-
ing routine:
, My fellow Bahamians, peo-
pB hha sb rn da nt ITh
because of the uncaring doctors
and insurance companies. My
Government, has provided the
best of facilities and equipment
to get the job done at the
Princess 191argaret Hospital in
Nassau and the Rand in
-r ,n tmy brot rs
tion 4 of the Health Services
Act already says that "subject to
any rules prescribed by the Min-
ister under section 29, medical
and surgical attention and req-
uisites shall be supplied by the
Department at the public
expense to-
(a) such poor and indigent
persons as may need and apply
for them;...". But, you know,
the PLP, my caring government,
is going to go one better than





will he held at 10 a.m.
on Frida y 8 t h,
December, 2006, at
Christ Church
Cathedral, George
Street, Nassau The Very
Reverend Dean Patrick
Adderley will officiate.

Under the Patronage of

the Pr es d ent Janyne M. H odd er

The Co eg e of the Bahamas

Mus c Department


A Programme of Christmas Music

Saturday December 9 2006

8:00 p.m

Govern ment House

Students $5 :: Adults $10

Kerzner frontrunner as Singapore

prepares to decide on casino bid

MA FUTURISTIC version of Atlantis is what Kerzner plans if
its Singaport bid is successful



The ideal candidate must have:
Tertiary level education in mass Communication or Sales and Marketing
A minimitm of two years experience in the hotel industry or related field
at a supervisory or managerial position
Excellent oral and written communications skills
Computer Literacy with thorough knowledge of Microsoft Programmes
Ability to speak a foreign language would be an asset
Ability to drive would be an asst
The candidate's responsibilities will include:
Ensuring the property receives maximum publicity through local media
Hosting Journalist, Travel Agents, Television and radio Personalities
visiting the property.
Coordinating property involvement in photo shoots and community
Coordinating wedding for guests.
Interested candidates should send applications wih detail resumes to:
< SuperClubBIwezesBahamas
Fax: 242-327-2986

(All applications must be subshittedby Friday, December 10, 2006)
Please note that only shortlisted candidates willbe contacted.


Price includes rustproofing, licensing and inspection to birthday, full tank of fuel,



GBrraramnnd Drrawng at



billion, including a $605 million
price tag for the 49-hectare site.
The resort is expected to oper-
ate from 2010.
A panel of seven ministers
will pick the winning bid, look-
ing for a project that will best
generate repeat visitors from
abroad. They will also take into
account the architectural quali-
ty and the investment amount
of each bid.
Analysts believe Malaysia's
Genting group is slight favourite
because of its exclusive tie-up
with theme parks developer
Universal Studios.

Singapore, which scrapped a
ban on casinos last year in order
to boost tourism, is expected to
announce the winning bid for
its second casino resort this
week in a deal worth as much
as $3.5 billion, with Kerzner
International being one of the
front runners.
According to the news web-
site The Edge, Kerzner Inter-
national and CapitaLand, South-
east Asia's largest property
developer, have submitted a $3.3
billion proposal for a project
designed by Frank Gehry, the
architect of the Guggenheim

Museum in Bilbao.
As part of the 60/40 venture,
Kerzner plans to build a futuris-
tic version of its Bahamas
Atlantis resort featuring cutting-
edge robotics.
Live marine animals and
robotic aquatic creatures will be
housed in the world's largest
Gehry's design, which fea-
tures two undulating translucent
structures, will also have the
world's biggest jellyfish enclo-
sure and a man-made coral reef.
The city-state is building two
gaming resorts with family

attractions in a bid to lure more
tourists and develop the services
The two casino projects have
attracted bids from several of
the big gaming groups.
In May, US gaming giant Las
Vegas Sands won the licence to
build Singapore"s first casino
project a downtowri waterfront
resort that is expected to cost
more than $3.2 billion.
Three consortium have sub-
mitted bids for the second casi-
no, which will be built on Singa-
pore's resort island of Sentosa.
The bids are worth up to $3.5

.. ,a


AT least four people were
killed during Haiti's local elec-
tions over the weekend, elec-
tion officials and local media
reported Monday, according to
Associated Press.
The deaths included an off
duty police officer who was shot
and killed just after voting Sun-
day in Martissant, a Port-au-
Prince slum where warring
gangs battle for control, Radio
Kiskeya reported.
At least three other people
were reported killed in different
incidents throughout the
Caribbean country, .said
Stephane Lacroixe, a
spokesman for Haiti's Provi-
sional Electoral Council.
In the northern town of
Lemonade, police reported
that two polling stations were
burned and several people
were arrested for intimidate
ing voters or trying to cast

short of the 63 per cent turnout
in the February election that
elected President Rene Preval.
Results of the election were
not expected for several days.
The winners will help pick
important local councils and
oversee the appointment of
judges arid local administrators.
The UN peacekeeping mis-
sion in Haiti said the overall
vote was successful but issued a
statement condemning the vio-
lence a position echoed by the
Electoral Council.
"There was some violence,
but in general we can say we're
satisfied," Lacroixe said.
The vote took place more
than a year late because of
organizational delays and secu-
rity issues.
The elections were billed as
the last step in Haiti's difficult
return to democratic rule after a
February 2(104 revolt toppled
former president Jean-Bertrand
Aristide and plunged the coun-
try into chaos.

Ak.... '"As
WA HAITIAN passes through UN Brazilian peacekeepers at
the entrance of a voting centre during local elections in
Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Sunday

(APPhoto/Ar'iana Cubillos)

more than one ballot. -


with Commonwealth Bank

At least four killed during

7 ,li 8) / )

DECEMBER 5, 2006


Celtic Woman: A New Journey Sin er Ha ley Westenra joins Celtic
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Charles. A (CC)


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Return to Balance: A Climber's Journey Climber
Ron Kauk shares insights and stories about climbing in
Yosemite. A (CC)








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14 11 O Lt PC 11Id we n to the
C Q OMP Of C Ona Id san

a mdale every Thursday

PO Ill 3:30 pm to .3 pmdu eing he

1110 At TO 8C8 ill 7e a 2006.

Frasier Dr. Joy rasler Frasier
Brothers helps nd "Cheers"
Frasier, angreunited,

Costas NOW (N) A (CC)

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) V1( Su-
Drama) Anthony LaPaglia. Cell: The Terror crime scene. O (CC) pematural pelts. A (CC)
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7:30 1 8:00 1 8:30 1 9:00 1 9:30 1 10:00 1 10:30


Jeopardy! (CC) INews


Dr. Phil A~ (CC) .


Enjoy Great Food, Pnizes and Lots of Fun.

I'm lovin' If


- ---- I


_ __~~~~_~_

inquiry urged
against Cpl Bannister, Mr Hanna
said that it is not within the
purview of the force to comment,
as the matter was before court at
the time of the officer's death'
With regard to the investiga-
a i e acoc ngMndH

the tt sr tob
the commissioner himself.
He also extended this invita-
tion to other members of the pub-
lic who might have knowledge of
the incident, saying informants
could.remain anonymous and do
not have to reveal their sources.
"The police force will not be a
party to any corrupt practices
designed in any way to frustrate
the justice system," said Mr Han-
He said all police officers -
"from the commissioner to the
newest recruit" are as beholden
to the law as the average citizen.


girl, 14, WRS
'ViCiOusly attacked'

FROM page one

because of the attack. Ambu-
lance and police from the Grove
police station had to be called,"
he said.
ass u tw n saithuhda aRer the
trying to restrain the outsider -
was erpn et Idiglan
gate ordering the security guard
to lock it to keep the attacker
inside the premises until police
be upthhies g stnottedpos
ing and threatening the security
fu thaec r pore lyfled
the scene before police arrived.
The witness said that yester-
day's attack was the second bru-
tal assault to happen at the high
school within a few days.
He reported that last week a
Physical Education teacher was
uas doarwnladnd lunc d exit
The PE teacher then ran after
the student, but the student
hea t1 e 1sd see elled
shortly aft the incident, he
sat 'd.

there is no comment that I can : a
make on the matter any further or '
anybody else he said ; :
Mr I aham and otl ers in and 9
outsidenTf his arty, have ques-
tioned the sourp e of a half-filled
$ f d h
Er omSlo Obb 1sis mernd

phtedHurr i n ca
after The Tribune published an W FNM
exclusive interview with the for- Hubert I
mer driver who confessed to steal-
ing $10,000 from the minister's
bag in 2003.
Leaders in the :BDM also continued
on the offensive surrounding the issue

regardless of Mr Peet's recent legal
On Issues of the Day yesterday,
deputy leader of the BDM Omar
Smith said the party has issued a
request to the Attorney General
ttod estimate Mr Peet's financial
not usstaa a p re udrne
eader As a cabinet mister you are
raham required by law to disclose for every
dime you got, every dime you
.spend, and everything you own,
Mr Smith said.
He asserted that accountability, and substan-
tiating the source of those funds has to be dobe.


Mr Smith, did.however explain the circum-
stances under which the court adjourned yester-
"The application by Mr Babak and Sir Jack
Hayward to set aside the receivership order made
by Justice Jeanne Thompsoh was adjourned to
Thursday afternoon," he explained.
Justice Thompson had ruled that new joint
receivers and managers in the persons of Clif-
ford and Miles Culmer of the chartered accouri-
tant firm BDO Mann Judd be appointed at the
"There was also an application by the Port
Authority and Port Group Limited to set aside

Cr tv pmo wkseirthdTr .a E


FROM page one

Officer death
funeral was offered, no card of
sympathy was sent, and no col-
leagues attending the private fam-
ily ceremony was allowed to wear
One officer apparently sent
euawa edonob 0' oit

to ty cn
The family is also furious at
what they described as hostile and
dismissive attitudes on the part
of some senior officers following
Cpl Bannister's death.
"They didn't even reveal his
name to the press until it was
mentioned in a death notice on
television," said Ms Bannister.
"And that was several days later.
"We have been shown total dis-
respect by the police," she said.
Although the Police Associa-
tion had expressed condolences,
the force itself didn't even send a
lannyd d nwe
a vacation. He was highly respect-
ed as a very good police officer, as
was shown by his promotion to
corp e r r ny sugges-
tron hat he haTdhews done alny-
happen after he began work on
tljsease involving the officer's
"The olice have not taken a
girlfri d
state ntd dobmi sps3motor ke

mh he which upset me very
WeThhe av t Idaus on ni
It's as though they are not intend-
in toondoanykindofrealinvesti-
Everyone in the family is real-
ly hurt and can't sleep. Anyone
who met him Ilked him. But God
has been good because he sent a
neddi .oHpera esdc ghun
for ine and died at the scene. .
be ai hh eCh
r ntnendea ohePpqli
f ake he f ly' II
oart nts very ser o1slys a e-
He explained that the entire
force was sliocked to learn of Cpl
Bannister's death, as many offi-
cers had worked closely with him.
lea in anntag atcejdteha2 n
missioner Paul Farquharson invit-
ed the family to his office at
offered Rhis condole saand t e
As far as the drug charges

FROM page one

bune that her son was charged
with drug possession allegedly m
an attempt to prevent him giving
evidence in a case involving a
semo ftse s denied bail
inis seu n t h uTte t

.%od ast xuH 1 o
five days.
Ms Bannister said: "I don't
think they ever intended to go
ahead with the drug charges.
They wanted him out of the way
so that he couldn't give evidence
against the two brothers.
Now she and the rest of the
Bannister family are calling for
answers to several unusual cir-
cumstances surrounding the case.
They want to know:
Whether the death crash was
really an accident or a deliberate
attempt on Cpl Bannister's life.
Whether there was any sub-
stance to the drug charges
tt t aitn rhima n eo h
blemish on his 18-year police
care whether he was kept in cus-

td pr n omvi t
brot his apartment at Coral
Harbour was broken into and
rlans ked within24hours of his
Why no proper police inves-
tigation of the crash was ever car-
ried out.
Daphne Bannister said: "My
brother had arrested some people
ZfaEsit etthermasne e u I
believed in doing what was right.
theHe th hea s s
so b beens imost m
one within the force had a gney-
an hssea d\ became even
more ob ous wlh eba nttem

very strongly that he was being
"g"f'gisoteh dhew ultdn*sbee
And certain papers he had been
working on went, missing, she
After we left the niorgite, we
went to his apartment and found
that it had been ransacked. A col-
league in the same squad was cry-

es ebd wMmo e
Daphne Bannister beli e there
kh oageu eufo
keepiTs quiet because they fear
rep sen more-troubling for the
family is that no formal police

FROM page one
ments about it."


EUfthOf 10 our release of 14* August, 2006, FOCOL
HOldings Limited advises the public that all
Outstanding shares of GAL Terminals Limited were
purchased by FOCOL Holdings on 31 October
2006 for a total of $5.25 million dollars.

The pufChaSe was partially funded by a bond issue
10 Colina Financial Advisors Limited at a fixed rate
Of 8%, callable by the issuer with 90 days notice
after the first year for $3 million dollars. The issue
date was 11t" August, 2006, interest is due quarterly
and the inaturity date is 10 August, 2016.

BISX was advised on 30 November, 2006 of the
.$3 million dollar bond issue and the completion of
the acquisition of the outstanding shares of GAL
Terminals. BISX advised FOCOL to make
immediate disclosure of all material facts relating to
this transaction. BISX also advised the Contpany's
delay in notification may have violated BISX
disclosure rules and the matter will be referred to its
lists, committee tor review.

POrt Authority
gave MrEyans leave to withdraw that summons
and so there is no more application by the Port
group and the Port Authority to set aside Justice
Thompson's order, so the only application that
exists is.that of Mr Babak and Sir Jack Hay-
ward," Mr Smith said.
"The receivership application is still set to be
heard before Justice Jeanne Thompson. The
plaintiffs have an application for an injunction
to refrain Mr Thomas Evans and his company
from continuing to act for the Grand Bahama
Port Authority or Port group Limited or, if they
are continuing to act, to act in a completely neu-
tral fashion because we say that the compares
sh Id not b taking any part in this litigation,"




Bahama Organisers report
that for the 12th year in a row
Festival Noel the signature
event that kicks off the Grand
Bahama holiday season was
a huge success.
fin e eve gs-tis
um ue gift items under one
"ro f" the treetops of the
Rand Nature Centre.
Presented to a crowd of over
500 people, there were a multi-
tude of different wines from all
over the world, all sponsored
by Bristol Wines and Spirits.
For those who did not care
for wine sampling, there was
the very popular Mojito Bar,
which offered a festive Bacardi
rum and lime cocktail mixed in
with fresh mint and served on
The art, however, was the star
of the evening, with a record 19
artists showing their work.
The featured artists of the
evening were Eddie Minnis,
who showcased his most recent
works, and his daughter Nicole


5 THOSE lucky e ough to get a seat at the Old Bahama Bay section, they enjoyed a fine dining
experience. Father Bain is pictured here with his wife and friends enjoymg a seven-course meal.
Old Bahama Bay (nded their night by having a "Phantom of the Aqua" dessert for all, which
included a show by their own staff.

together, received praise from out all the stops with their tuna tion was by Old Bahama Bay,
the attendees. sashims, beef tenderloin and which presented a seven course
For .those who ove to eat, porcini mushroom chicken. meal to a select few.
many restaurants from the Another first tune restaurant, Festival Noel is the main
islandprovidedbit _sizedtreats Grouper Grill, won the hearts fundraiser for the Grand
for all to enjoy, The food of all with their Bahamian cui- Bahama branch of the National
became a competition, in which sine like conch chowder. Trust and supports the work
attendees voted for their Joe Ret brought his famous bemg done to preserve the envi-
favourite restaurant. roasted pig, which was a hit with ronment at the Rand Nature
Returning champions, Iries, everyone. Centre, Lucaya National Park
included their fanned coconut The most unusual contribu- and Peterson's Cay.
Johnny cake. I
Also in attendance was Iries'
sister restaurant, dhina Beach,
which featured signature dishes
from the restaur nts nightly
The Harbour Rpom pulled

5 DURING the night both Eddie and Nicole Minnis were
interviewed for Tourism Today. This was Eddie Minnis' third
time at Festival Noel but his daughter's first showing. Both
artists brought five new originals, along with Eddie's daughter .
Roshanne's work too. As an extra bonus for the Trust the
Minnises donated three pieces to the silent auction and have
agreed to keep their artwork up at the Rand Nature Centre for
the week, so that anyone who missed the night can view their
Minnis, a highly regarded artist other daughter, Roshanne Mir
in her own right. nis-Eyma, was shown. All th
In addition, the work of his works, which were display<

5 BACK to re-challenge for their Chef Noel tittle, Iries
restaurant returned to Festival Noel and brought with them
their sister restaurant China Beach. Pictured are Food and
Beverage Manger Eddie Sipple with his staff during the night.

5 Rand M~C~; ~~rs e ideFe mt adTnCaesaea 5MIITRMru ehlad elkonatre er

Cr owPds turn out


busnes~riunmeiane Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall Street

_ I -~-- ~ ~

Tribune Business Editor
THE Government is likely
to know in the2007first quar-
ter whether it w all be able to
successfully complete the
Bahamas Telecommunications
Company's (BTC) privatisa-
tion with the current bidder,
Bluewater Communications
Holdings, the minister of state
for fiance said yesterday.
James Smith said Bluewater
was "in the really mtense stage
of negotiations" with the com-
mittee appointed by the Gov-
ernment to handle negotiations
"I would say that in the first
quarter of the New Year, we'll
know whether it's going ahead
or not [with Bluewater]," Mr
Smith told The Tribune yes-
. dteod td
as BTC's privatisation partner,

Tribune Business Reporter
THE ownership dispute at the Grand
Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) coixtin-
"a'"@a'stitt.Anh AH na
ward to overturn its receiverslup, and rein-
state Hannes Babak as chairman, until
later this week.
Justice Allen met with Sir Jack. Lady
Henrina St George, their fatililies and
attorneys in closed in-chambers sessions,
which lasted most of Monday mornmg. -
Following the hearing, sever orneys
involved m the case and the family mem-
bers declined to comment, saying Justice
Allen had asked that attorneys not dis-
cuss the merits of the case to the press.
Sir Jack has claimed that he owns 75
per cent of the GBPA and its affiliate,
Port Gro Ltd the co an that holds
stakes in all the productive assets such as
Freeport Harbour Company.and the

DECEMBER 12 will be a vital
day in the ongoing quest to com-
plete the sale of Freeport's Royal
Oasis resort, the minister of tounsm
told The Tribune yesterday.
Obie Wilchombe, who is the MP
for West End and Bimini, said that
was the deadline for an "impor-
. tant part of the process to be com-
However, he said he could not
elaborate as he was not privv to all
the details.
Mr Wilchombe added that as
time progresses, he is becoming
"very anxious" to see the World
Investments Holdings purchase of
the distressed property, for a $40
million price. completed, and said

FINCO pays record

special dividends

Royal Bank of Canada's BISX-listed mortgage lending arm, has
declared an extraordinary dividerid of $0.05 per ordinary for
fiscal.year-end 2006, to be paid on December 12, 2006, to all
shareholders of record as of December 5.
FINCO said the extraordinary
dividend is the highest special SEE 5B
dividend it has in recent years, PM

SIR~forcaycom t 22.32.4 IIf 242.362.6098


Tel: (242) 356-7764

Tel: (242) 351-3010

with the company taking a sub-
stantial stake likely to be at
least 49 per cent in the state-
owned carrier, dependent on
the Government comanttee's
recommendations and whether
the Cabinet accepted them.
"We're m the really intense
stage of negotiations, and are
discussing the outstanding
items," Mr Smith said.
He described these as "tech-
nicalities" surrounding how
BTC was to be valued, as there
are different methods ofvalu-
ing companies involved in
mergers and acquisitions talks.
They are exchangmg tech-
nicalities on valuations," Mr
Smith said, "trying to get a
meeting of the minds on what
method to make the evalua-
tion on."
The price paid by Bluewa-
ter for any stake in BTC is like-


struggling to recover from the
Royal Oasis closure and the
shareholder dispute at the
Grand Bahama Port Authori-
ty (GBPA).
If the deal is concluded, the
Old Bahama Bay Resort
would be incorporated into
Ginn's multi-million dollar
development plan for West
End as a key attraction.
Given that it is already built,
Old Bahama Bay will give
Ginn something of a head start
on construction, and provide
accommodation for potential
investors and real estate pur-
chasers n hen they fly in to
assess potential land and lot
pluchases in West End.
Old Bahama Bay is a highly

regarded resort, having been
the first Bahamian marina to
attain Blue Flag status, some-
thing awarded to properties
that achieve the highest envi-
ronmental statiderds,
Its reputation for quality will
fit in well with Ginn's plans,
especially as Old Bahama Bay
unveiled a $585 million expan-
sion plan as recently as, Sep-
tember 2005.
That project will increase the
resort's size to 228 acres froril
the original 150 acres which
comprised 82 home sites, 72
dock slips, a 49-room luxury
hotel, and three restaurants.

SEE e 6B

West End Resort Ltd, have
been communicating regularly
over a proposed deal that
would see the US-based devel-
oper acquire the latter.
While no deal has been
sealed, it is understood that
both parties have thrashed out
a framework agreement and
terms for a purchase that
would still be subject to gov-
ernment approvals.
Those, though, are unlikely
to be a major problem for both
parties, given the Governmen-
t's eagerness to see Ginn's pro-
ject -which has been touted as
having a total value of between
$3.7 billion and $4.9 billion -
take root and revitalize a
Grand Baliama economy still

Royal Oasis, which closed in Sep-
tember 2004 after Hurricane
Frances damaged it, has had a cat-
astrophic effect on GrandBahama's
economy, resulting in the displace-
ment of over 1200 workers
employed at the resort.
The knock-on effects have been
felt throughout Grand Bahama's
economy and community, particu-
larly in business closures in the
International Bazaar.
In.October, Prime Minister Per-
ry Christie told Parliament he had
"some concerns" over the proposed
purchase of the Royal Oasis prop-
erty by World Investments Hold-

A SIDE BY SIDE- Sir Jack Hayward (left). who is claiming 75 per cent ownership of the
Grand Bahama Port Authority and Port Group Ltd.and their chairman. Hannes Babak'
who has been blocked from managing the two companies, lease court together yesterday*
Behind the pair is Sir Jack's son. Rick Hay ward.

SSEE pae3B

i I


world dass living at the exclusive Ocean Club Estates. This beautiful
elevated beachfront lot with 147 feet along pristine Cabbage Beach is a
most desirable location. Membership is available to the One & Only
Ocean Club Resort with Golf Course designed by Tom Weiskopf.
Offered at US$5,900,000. EXCLUSIVELY LISTED. George Damianos.

SLy~ford Cay


Ginn aims to bu Kf C privatization
s seccus known b

Ill y v IrJ

Old Bahama Ba

Tribune Business Editor
inn Clubs &
Resorts, the
de veloper
behind the pro-
posed $4.9 bil-
lion mixed-use resort on West
End, Grand Bahama, has
reached an agreement in prm-
ciple to acquire the Old
Bahama Bay Resort, sources
have told The Tribune.
While both parties are
understood to be keeping their
lips sealed and not comment-
ing publicly, sources have con-
firmed to The Tribune that
both Ginti and priircipals at
Old Bahama Bay's owner,

Part receivership hearng ~adjournd

December 12

Royal Oasts date

Ill By CARA BRENNEN- he willbe happy whenit is finalized
BETHEL and inked on paper.
Tribune Business Reporter The ongoing saga involving the

SEE page 4B (Photo: Tim Clarke/Tribune )



* * * ***

** e **

They have committed their lives and sacrificed

unconditionally to help others. They make our
communities and counties a better place.

jestina Charles 2006 Regional Unsung Hero
Mrs. jestina Charles has worn many "hats" ih her lifetime -
theologian, teacher, counsellor, seamstress, homemaker and
foster mother. These have amounted to more than 50 years
of dedicating her-life to helping people. She has motivated
and taught children, young adults and the elderly. Her many
years of teaching at various primary schools in St. Vincent
resulted in her being known affectionately as "Missy".

She is also renowned for her assistance to the elderly and for
administering feeding programmes for over 30 years.
A feeding programme she started, known as the "Love
Table" has to date provided assistance to 25 elderly persons.
jestina Charles (centre) 2006 Regional Unsung Hero '
This effort evolved into the creation of the Bethel Care
programme, dedicated to enriching the lives of the elderly
AP through craft and exercises. Ill health as a result of a stroke in
2004 does not prevent her from continuing to give selflessly
of her time every day to 1;he disadvantaged and
underprivileged in St. Vincent.

Laura Collymore 20Q6 Regional Unsung Heroes
Runner-up (St. Lucia)
Laura Collyrhore is a retired school teacher, mentor,
counsellor, caregiver, town clerk and humanitarian who has
been actively serving the fishing village of Laborie and its
environs, including the communM of 13anie La Grace and
Laura Collymore 2006 Regional Unsung McDiamed, for the past 30 years. fier viork includes
Heroes Itunner-up (St. Luaa)
establishment of a craft centre for unemployed youth in:
1979. She also has a passion arid vocation for the elderly
that is demonstrated by her-commitmentio distribute food,
medicine, arid clot;hing,,ty, thg agi also been., .,, ., .
instrumentatio.the provision of electricity and-the Veriov tion
-- of dilapidated homes of the elderly in the community
Shfis a founding membit of a group devoted to
supporting the elderly by engaging them ip activities.

Marvin Phi son 2004 Regio Us qrees
Runner-Up (The Bahamas)
Every day for the past 15 years, Marvir Pinlayson has
devoted his life to reaching out to the hearing impaired and
Marvin Finlayson -- 2006 Regional Unsung Herod erasing the obstacles tb creating equal opportunities for
Runner-Up (The Bdhamas) them. At the tender age of six, he took III with a bout of
meningitis that left him deaf. Determined not to be
marginalised because of poor verbal communication skills,
he became the first deaf person to graduatefrom the College
of the Bahamas. Marvin has excellent speech, ligi-reading and
writirig skills and is fluent in sigrolanguagy He is one of the
founding members of the Baha as Deaf Sports Association,
which represents the interests and activities of deaf athletes
both locally and internationally.

Fallen Mitchell 2006 Regional Unsung Heroes
Runner-Up (Jamaka) Spealal Commendation
oz Thirty-four-year-old Fabian Mitchell is living testimony that .
Fabian Mitchell 2006 Regional Unsung Heroes hope is alive arid well with the youth its our region. He has
Runner-Up (jamaica) Special Commendation been involved in community activities since childhood. One
--- of Fabian's most significant achievements has been the
establishment of the Cross Roads Foundation in july 2001.
The Foundation-is a rnember of the umbrella organisation
PACT People's Action for Community Transf#rhation His
love for the youth coupled with his desire for chahge-that
will have a positive effect on the society resulted in his
decisigh to work voluntarily for three imd a half years in the
inner-city communities of Kingston. He also started a
remedial programme for street boys in the jones To\Wr
community that became a model for a similar programme
in the city's South Side community.



Antigua & Barbuda

The Bahamas



British Virgin Islands

The.Cayman Islands



Grenada & Carriacou

The Netherlands Antilles

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia

St. Vincent & the Gr

Trinidad & Tobago

Turks & Caicos islan

.... ,-
.us -o, a .. .


FirstCaribbean is
to O UP
the$# UWSURg
Heroes and to
SuppOft the V8tlOUS
CHUS 5 th lch
they haVS SO
Selflesdy dedicated

II ;



d rstcaribbeanbank.corn ;


Consolidation of non-Centr al Bank super visor s likely

Tribune Business Editor
THE Bahamas' financial services reg-
ulatory structure "appears to be moving
towards" one where the Central Bank
of the Bahamas continues to perform its
existing functions, with all other super-
visors merged into "one or two agen-
cies", the minister of state for finance
said yesterday
James Smith said the Government was
still waiting to receive a report and rec-
ommendations from the 'structure sub-
committee', which is a small grouping
formed from the committee appointed

i~iiii iiiii

esh consultants Itmited

Presently considering applications for



Looking for candidates with:

1. Some experience with drafting and the creation of construction
Working knowled of the AutoCAD software,
3. Autodesk Land Desktop experience is a plus.

Responsibilities include:

1. The drafting ahd creation of construction documents.
2. Assisting Engineers on site with supervision and management duties.

Candidates should be hard working and be able to handle a number of
9 ects simultaneously. csb consultants limited is a team orientated
company, and potential employees should be capable of adapting to this

All interested candidates should email there resumes to:

OR fax to: (242) 325-7209 ATTN: Mr. Mark Williams


The Property is located off Fox Hill Road in the vicinity of Prince Charles Drive.
The parcel is a parallelogram in shape, is on a level grade and contains15.32

All that piece, parcel, or lot of land being lots #81 & 82 being bounded on the
north by Springfield Road running thereon One Thousand One Hundred and
Eighteen and Sixteen Hundredths (1,118.16) feet, on the east by lot number 83
running thereon five hundred and eighty-seven and eighty hundredths (587.80)
feet, On the SOuth by land running thereon nine hundred and seventy-seven
and ten hundredths (977.10) feet, and one the west by lot number 52 running
thereon five hundred and eighty-seven and eighty hundredths (587.80) feet


... ...
a <,
4 0
any a or

4 4 *
eato .



The property is for sale by owner. No agents. Asidng price is One Million Five
Hundred Thousand (B$i,500,000.00) dollars not. The rights reserved tO
reject any and or all offers. Al oliersio be submilled in writing by December 31 ,

/ ACI98g0 (Of 8810
cle P. O. Box N-8097
$88830, BahamaS


Business Analyst, Capital Markets .

Bac elo de in Cb ess, finance and professional certification (e.g.

Strong analytical/financial modelling skills, including knowledge of the
preparation of financial forecasts and the analysis of financial statement.
A working knowledge of accounting for business combinations and
consolidations and multi-currency group analysis would be an asset.
Excellent writing and presentation skills, incorporating ability to explain
detailed financial, economic, statistical and industry analysis
2-3 years experience in corporate finance / capital markets organisation,
ideally within research function
General responsibilities:

To provide research support to help develop and maintain customer
relationships and to support origination activities [e.g. risk mitigation
hedging products, structured financing solutions utilizing combinations
of private and public financing sources, corporate restructuring,
To interpret data concerning price, yield, stability and future trends of
To assist in preparation of presentations, information memorandums and
other marketing documents, analyst reports, including detailed, customized
client proposals
To develop data models and "what if" / stress testing scenarios to
demonstrate the range of viable debt or equity financing options available
to customers, including analyses of costs likely to be incurred. Ensure
adherence and compliance with organizational standards in order to achieve
credit / risk analysis best practice industry standards;
To maintain primary responsibility for maintenance of Origination client
files, and hold the responsibility for annual (or other periodic) client due
diligence and credit reviews.
Submit your resume private & confidential in WRITING ONLY before
December 15, 2006 to:
Ms. Catherine Gibson
Associate Director, Capital Markets
FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited
P.o. Box N 8329
Nassau, Bahamas
Or email:
FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited thanks
all applicants for their interest, however only those under
consideration will be contacted.
Vacancies are open to Bahamians only


trust company licensees with the Securi-
ties Commission of the Bahamas, the
regulator that supervised the investment
funds and capital markets industries. 11
Mr Smith explained that the way te
regulatory system was currently set up, it
was sometimes easier for Bahamian
supervisory bodies to share information
with their foreign counterparts than oth- .
er regulators in this nation,
He added that "a series of amend-
ments will go through Parliament short-
ly, permittmg regulators to share infor-
mation, because the way the legislation is,
they.could share information external-
ly, but not among ourselves' .

Act, and possibly the Insurance Act,
"The idea is to permit those regulato-
ry agencies to share information among
each other. We have to keep an eye on
Our international obligations and, at the
same time, bring about efficiency in reg-
ulating the sector."
Mr Smith said the facilitation of infor-
mation sharing among Bahamian regu-
lators was a key first step in consolidating
supervision of the sector.
He had previously told The Tribune
the Government was keen to address
weaknesses such as those that prevented
the Central Bank of the Bahamas from
sharing information on its 250 bank and

in summer 2005 to assess the financial
services regulatory regime.
He added: "I wouldn't want to pre-
empt them, but what appears to be shap-
mg up is to leave the Central Bank to
do its job with the banks and trust com-
panies, from the banking supervision
point of view, and have everything else
bundled into one or two agencies."
Such a move would involve consoli-
dating regulators such as the Securities
Commission of the Bahamas, Registrar of
Insurance, Registrar General's Office,
and the Compliance Commission into
one or two units. A step like this would
not come as a surpnse to many in the

Meanwhile, Mr Smith said the financial
services regulation committee's legislative
sub-committee had made more progress
than its counterpart. .
"They've submitted an interim report
that made some recommendations and
brings us into line with our international
commitments," Mr Smith said.
"The Cabinet just gave approval in the
last two weeks for the Attorney Gener-
al's Office to draft legislation to amend
the Securities Industry Act, the Banks
and Trust Companies Act, the Banks
and Trust Companies Regulations Act,
the Financial Transactions Reporting


ings, a consortium of Florida-based
At the time, he said the Govern-
ment had conducted "major inves-
tigations into each person to deter-
mine the bona fideness of the per-
sons representing themselves as
being shareholders in the purchas-
ing company".
Mr Christie assured the House
that due diligence was being done
and comprehensive checks being
made. He admitted, however, that
he does have concerns.
"My concerns have been
expressed from day one, but in this
country my concerns come into
being only when we are going to
give approval for something," the
Prime Minister said.
The investors had applied to the
Go mm t for a 1' bn aP atn
ters" as a result of one of the buying
partners "falling away," Mr Christie
Finding a solution for the Royal
Oasis has not been easy, and has
been a preoccupation of the Gov-
ernment in its effort to revitalize
the Grand Bahama economy.
The Government has said it
wants the buyer to have the resort
model best suited for the Royal
Oasis and Freeport, a good track
record and the financing in place
to execute properly.
Currently, the casino is the Roy-
al Oasis's biggest asset, but the fact
that it has no beachfront property
means it is most suited to being a
convention destination.
Among the most pressing issues
needing resolution is the $22 million
debt owed by Driftwood
(Freeport), the holding company
for the Royal Oasis, when it closed
the resort in September 2004.
In January 2005, the resort owed
Government $13 million in casino
taxes, another $2.7 million to the
Port Authority and its affiliates,

$2.5 million to the National Insur-
ance Board (NIB), and $550,000 to
Grand Bahama-based suppliers.
In addition, the two hotel indus-
try pension funds, owed $4.1million
by the Royal Oasis, have obtained
court orders requiring the contri-
butions owed to be repaid in the
event of a sale. They have attached
liens, or charged, to the property.
Discussions between the Gov-
ernment, Lehman Brothers' private
equity arm, the de facto Royal
Oasis owner as a result of the mort-
gage it holds on the property, and
World Investments Holdings are
likely to focus on how many of
these debts will be written-off, how
many will be repaid and who will be
responsible for financing those to be
agr ne $5h 11 netah2
Government paid to former Royal
Oasis workers as severance pay.
Because of the "concerns" the
Prime Minister has about the Roy-
al Oasis, for "any number of rea-
sons" he is paying "particular per-
sonal attention to this particular
transaction" even though it is in the
for investments, Vincent Peet.
"I am paying close attention in
concert with the Grand Bahama
Port Authority, and we have had
meetings with respect to this matter
and the concerns I have shared with
the relevant partners.
"J have also very directly and
clearly put the investors to notice
over the concerns I have, and in
the initial stages people may have
thought that I had been too tough,
but there is no doubt that this is
the way forward if we want to do
what's best for our country," Mr
Christie said.
Nevertheless, the prime minister
continued to express his "unbridled
optimism" for what he knows is
taking place with respect to grand

World Investment Holdings LLC
signed in August a deal in principle
to acquire the Royal Oasis, and had
hoped to complete the purchase m
The group's chairman, Keith St
Clair, said last week, though, that
they were hoping to conclude in
November, with the due diligence
process completed and changes in
the investors behind the bid.
Seyed Moghani, an investor in
the group, told The Tribune m
August that World Investment
Holdings planned to invest at least
$170 million to upgrade the resort
to five-star status.
He added that the group was
waiting on Lehman Brothers to
produce evidence of clear title to
t d nd s ama resort before
Apart from Mr Moghani and Mr
St Clair, who is chief executive of
Coral Gables-based Internet travel
agency, TraveLeaders, World
Investment Holdings initially
included a father-and-son duo who
are both called Fernando Alvarez,
and Idalberto Rodriguez.
World Investment Holdings'
Bahamian partner is Lawrence
Chisholm & Associates, an archi-
tectural and planning firm based
on Elizabeth Avenue in Nassau.
The company will be the lead archi-
tect and planner in the mvestors'
bid to revive the Royal Oasis, once
the deal is closed.
, Uncertainty about World Invest-
ments Holdings' ability to complete
the purchase has abounded in
Grand Bahama, with both Mr
Moghani and Mr Wilchcombe strik-
ing less than optimistic tones previ-
ously. clear that any sale remains
poised on a knife-edge, and the
Government had previously said it
had been lining up alternative
options and buyers ; gro


, ,UL -- -



That is,

*Experienced in the Retail Business
*Analytical and Energetic

*Creative and willing to Travel

*An excellent communicator

*Proficient in Excel & Word Suites

We offer Great Benefits:
*Growth & Advancement within the organization

*A salary that will commensurate with
*Group Medical & Pension PlanS

*Employee Discounts
*Prof it Sharing

*A Supportive team environment .

Send resumes via e-mail to:


Our Investment Advisors actively advise clients on their
investment portfolios and often provide other wealth
management services in conjunction with our global
network. Therefore, depending on the target market,
experience, education and training in international
equity, fixed income, derivatives and alternative
investments is essential.
Our Investment Advisors are responsible for developing
their client base. Therefore, the successful candidate
will have prior success in developing a substantial book
of securities business: The ability to succeed at this
task requires an existing network of relevant contacts
and proven business development strategies. Equally
important is experience formulating detailed and complex
business plans and a proven ability to execute.
In addition, the position requires:
5 -10 years of Investment Industry experience in a
semor position
The Canadian Securities Course, Series 7 or equivalent
Strong organizational and administrative skills
Effective communications skills
Experience executing large, complex financial
transactions under strict time.constraints and
otherwise performing in a high stress environment
Computer literacy and ability to learn proprietary
computer systems
The ability to speak a second language would be a
ene fit
Experience with issues unique to providing wealth
management services from a global platform ,
Willingness to meet continuing education
During the recruiting process, candidates should be
prepared to demonstrate the ability to succeed in a
similar role and the ability to meet the requirements
contained herein.
Remuneration is comprised entirely of variable
performance-based commission and incliides a complete
benefits package. Interim salary assistance may be
negotiated based on the candidate's ability to meet the
requirements stated herein. Once established and
dependmg on individual performance, annual
compensation in the USD six figure range is achievable.
Please apply in writing only to:
The Managing Principal,
RBC Dominion Securities (Global) Limited,
PO Box N-3234, Nassau, Bahamas
or by fax to 362-6744.




Pursuant to the Provisions of Section 138 (8) of the
International Business Companies Act 2000 notice is hereby
given that the above-named Company has been dissolved
and struck of the Register pursuant to a Certificate of
Dissolution issued by the Registrar General on the 7th day
of November, 2006.

Lynden Maycock

Legal Nodce


(In Voluntary Liquidation) .

Creditors having debts or claims against the above-named
Company are required to send particulars thereof to the
undersigned at Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore,.East
Bay Street, P.O. Box N-3247, Nassau, Bahamas, as sole
Liquidator on or before the 11th dafof December, 2006.
In default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of
any distribution made by the Liquidator.

Dated the 1st day of December, 2006

Lynden Maycock

Legal Nodce



dissolution under the provisions of the International
Business Companies Act 2000.

(b) The dissolution of the said Company commenced on the
1st December, 2006 when its Articles of Dissolution
were submitted to and registered by the Registrar General.
(c) TMhe I uidat of the said Company is Mr.hlnd
Street, Nassau, Bahamas as sole Liquidator.
Dated the 1st day of December, 2006 .
H & J Corporate Services Ltd.
Registered Agent
for the above-named Company

Kings Court
Bay Street, Downtown
Nassals, Bahamas
Tel. 242-393-8618 a7, up gg
. as am a mm ER
in a a n
gilli .
o wacrAL


Priin Inomto Asin Of:-P~~'ih~i:ICrlbs
BISX~4.0 ALLS535900 a Qq .ix) /% 1-~1j 00.0 /00 YTD 31.1YD034
1.86 .59 nacoMarkts 0 .650 65 0.0 0 1509 O 3000 NAt 0 0'
0.85 .70 Bnchmak0.7 0.70 0.00 -0.265 0.020 2. 2.86%
1.80~~~N 1.26S( Bahama Wast 1.65h 1.65 00 0.18 06 9 .83.4
49 ~ ~~~ FietB n s1 1 7 8
2.20 1.64 Colina Holdings 3.0 1.9 .00.0006 .0 1. .0
12.30 9.00 Cornnonwealth Bank 2.3 23000 093 0.6 2..7
6.26 4.1 Consoliated Watr BD.s 47 0 .90.9014 .4 5. .5
2.882.10 Docor'sHosital2.6 2.6 0.0 0.95 0000 9.0 .00


Authority or Port Group Ltd,
or if they are continuing to act,
to act in a completely neutral
fashion because we say that
the companies should not be
taking any part in this litiga-,
tion. There is an affidavit in
support of that application by
Lady Henrietaa. Any issue
regarding who owns what is a
matter for trial," said Mr Smith
Peter Adderley, spokesman
for the GBPA, said it wel-
comed the "gag order" issued
by Justice Allen. He said that
given the tremendous contri-
bution made by the GBPA, it
was important that justice be
allowed to take its course.
He and Mr Smith both
agreed that despite whatever
legal challenges the families
face, both Lady Heneritta and
Sir Jack feel very strongly that
the people of Freeport should
not suffer or be negatively
impacted in this matter,
Mr Adderley added: "The
appeal being made by Senator
Galanis to have Mr Babak
deported is extreme and truly
mean spirited. We don't need
any suggestions to have any-
one deported or their work
permit revoked if it is not
proven through the court of
law that they have done any-
thing wrong."
"The Grand Bahama Port
Authority is at the very core
of development in Freeport,
and contributes in a large way
to economic development in
the Bahamas. While there is a
legal divide that is unfortunate,
there are some very important
things that Lady Heneritta St

, George and Sir Jack Hayward
have in common. They love
the Bahamas, they are mter-
ested in the development of
Freeport, and they would like
to see this matter come to an
The hearing date at which
the St George estate arms to
try and have Mr Babak com-
mitted to prison for alleged
contempt of court is scheduled
for December 15. Mr Babak
has denied the allegation.
That motion was served late
last month after, the attorneys
for the St George estate
obtained an order by Supreme
Court Justice Thompson giv-
ing them leave to request that
Mr Babak be imprisoned for
bemg m contempt of court.
One of the plaintiffs
lawyers, former senator Dami-
an Gomez, alleged that Mr
Babak had failed to comply
with Justice John Lyons' order
documentation regarding the
operations and business deal-
ings of the Port Authority and
its affiliates to the law firm of
Callenders and Co.
The documents, he said,
were needed in the various
lawsuits against Sir Jack, Mr
Babak, and the Port Authority,
as the dispute over the owner-
ship of the GBPA rages on.
Last Sunday night, Justice
Thompson, in an emergency
hearing, ordered Mr Babak be
placed under an injunction,
restraining him from acting as
chairman or participating in
the management of the GBPA
and Port Group Ltd.

Sir Jack.
"The receivership applica-
tion is set to be heard still
before Justice Jeanne Thomp-
son," he added.
Justice Thompson had pre-
viously appointed joint
receivers and managers of the
GBPA and Port Group Ltd in
the shape of Clifford and Miles
Culmer, of accounting firm
BDO Mann Judd.
"The plaintiffs have an appli-
cation for an injunction to
restrain Thomas Evans and his
company from continuing to
act for the Grand Bahama Port

GBPA and Port Group Ltd.
Fred Smith, attorney and
partner with Callenders and
Co, who represents the St
George estate, said: "The
application by Mr Babak and
Sir Jack Hayward to set aside
the receivership order made
by Justice Jeanne Thompson
[a week ago] Sunday has been
adjourned to Thursday after-

"There was also an applica-
tion by the Port Authority and
Port Group Ltd to set aside
the receivership order by Mr
(Thomas) Evans QC, and that
summons was withdrawn.
"The court gave Mr Evans
leave to withdraw that sum-
mons, and so there is no more
application by the Port Group
and the Port Authority to set
aside Justice Thompson's rul-
Mr Smith explained that the
only application that now exists
to overturn the receivership is
that made by Mr Babak and

All applications will be treated


Port receivership hearing adjourned:


Grand Bahama Development
Company (Devco).
That is being disputed before
the courts by the family of the
late Edward St George, Sir
Jack's long-time business part-
ner, who are alleging that his
estate owns 50 per cent of

880 4,538 sq.ft. office suites.
in the heart of the Bahamas' financial area.
* Excellent Visitor and local pedestrian traffic.
* Features a full standby generator.
* Dedicated parking facilities.



The following persons are asked to contact
in connection with items left in storage:

FINCO pays recor

spe cial ivi ens

$0.01 above the $0.04 per share
it paid out last year, reflecting
its strong 2006 performance.
For the full year to October
31, 2006, RBC FINCO gener-
ated net income of $20.767 mt-
lion, some $5.267 million of NOTICE is hereby given that DEBINS JOSEPH OF
that coming in the third quar- FARRINGTON ROAD, NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying to
t the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
erThe bank has also unveiled a registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
$0.13 quarterly dividend pay- that any person who knows any reason why registration/
ment per ordinary share naturalization should not be granted, should send a wntten
payable on December 12, 2006, and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
to shareholders of record as of from the STH day of DECEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
December 5. The quarterly responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N-
dividend is based on those 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.
unaudited net profits.
The dividend payments on
December 12, 2006, will britig 5
the total dividends paid to
Ird in fissca 06 to
par e re0 13e tn2d I er PRESSMAN
record financial results and
strong performance to our
shareholders," said Annamaria
DeGregot RBC FINCO's '
newly appointed managing
"This level of growth and
profitability is unprecedented. HIGH QUALITY WORK ON A
With the expected continued & COLOR HEIDELBERG
growth of the Bahamian econ-
omy, RBC FINCO is well- (minimum 5 years experience)
positioned for continued suc-
cess." Call: 394-8667


Asphalt Products Manufacturer
Civil Engineering Contractor

NOW Hiring For Abaco Projects
NB. Personnel To Be Hired In Abaco

Dump Track Dritters
Excavator Operators
Dozer Operators
General Labourers


he Tribune wants to hear
from peophovho are op c
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
awar .d
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story*


Job Description:
The Chief Engineer is a member of the hotels Executive Committee. Previous experience in managing capital
projects is required. The ideal candidate will have outstanding communication, organizational and planning skills,
and the ability to establish positive working relationships with vendors, and the other departments within the hotel.
- Position will be responsible for supervisingloverseeing Maintenance Engineering and Landscaping.
- Requires Hotel Engineering supervisory experience.
- Requires a minimum of 5 years) of supervisory experience and a minimum of 5 years) of hotel maintenance
engmeermg experience.
- Must have experience at properties of similar size and quality.
- Position will be required to work a varied schedule that may.include evenings, nights, and weekends.
Technical Requirements
- Create and implement preventive maintenance program.
- Strong technical skills in HVAC, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.
- Familiar with chillers, cooling towers, chemical treatments, pneumatics, control systems, water systems, boilers,
- refrigeration, compressors, etc.
- Pool chemical testing must be completed and recorded once a day.
- Create and up keep civil, mechanical and structural as built drawings.
Managerial Requirements
- Ability to clearly and concisely present technical subjects.
- Demonstrate team building experience.
- Demonstrate ability to lead by example.
- Experience communicating, training, and managing multi-lingual staffs.
- Experience in training and cross-training employees.
- Experience in training and developing employees with limited educationlexperience.
Business Skills
- Strong technical skills
- Excellent time management skills.
- Strong organizational skills.
- Good knowledge of computers.
- Exceptional detail in follow-up.
- Solid scheduling experience.
Serious inquiries only need apply. Send Resume's to:
The Manager,
P.O. Box N-4829
Nassau, Bahamas






All rentals must be paid and items removed no later than


No. 45 of 2000
Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 138 (8) of the
International Business Companies Act, No. 45 of 2000, the Dissolution
of BVPAR INVESTMENTS LTD. has been completed, a Certificate
of Dissolution has been issued and the Company has therefore bream
struck off the Register. The date of complAliP890by JU....iterinn .. o
the 23rd day of November 20Q6.


Nassau Office
. Airport Industrial Park
Po Box Ob 10990
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 377-6351
Fax: (242) 377-2193

Abaco Office
Airport Roundabout
P.O. Box AB-20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 367-3956
Fax: (242) 367-3959


The descendants of The Late Sarah

Cooper Nee Clarke and The Late
Christopher Clarke both formerly of
TOwnhead, Great Exuma,
Island are asked to lease contact
attorney Camille Cleare of Harry B.
Sands, Lobosky & Company, at
322-2670 on or before the close of
busmess Fnday 8th December 2006.


* Minimum of five years IT experience
* Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/
Information Systems
* Demonstrated Proficiency in Microsoft
Office Products, Microsoft Server 2003,
Exchange 2003, Linuz, and ACCPAC
* Analytical possessing strong leadership
* Excellent communication and
organizational skills

To apply for this position please e-mail
your resume' to:

Operational Risk Managdment
A reputable financIal Institution headquartered in Bermuda, with offices in
The Bahamas, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Guemsey, Switzerland and the
United Kingdom, Butterfield Bank offers a wide range of services to local and
Internallonal ..IV nis
An exciting opportunity currently exists for a results oriented self starter with
a record of professional achievements to join a dynamic Operational Risk
Team. The su.cowful will pop...rt directly to the Assistant Manager,
Operational be Magemsrr

Core Responsibilities
= Assist with the 0< velopment and I npl.-a n. i.talson of the Risk
Management Framework within the bank and to deputize for the
Assistant Manager, Operational Risk Management in her absence.
Assist with the monitoring of me or mp.,n anneren..e to the group's
ORM policies and procedures by providing service and support.toall
business lines.
Assist with identification of risk and completion of risk rating analysis
within the unit.
Assist in the creation of the bank s risk database using Methodware
Manage the timely recording and review of incident reports and ensuring
timely resolution and reporting,
Assist in the preparation of training sessions and briefings relating to any
Group wide Operational Risk Procedure roll-outs'

Desired Qualifications
a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance or related discipline from a
well recognized university.
A minimum of five years experience in the Finandal Services Industry,
The ability to learn new software programs speedily.
Advanced skills in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word & Power Point)
The ability to work with minimal supervision and to work accurately and
effectively under pressure.
a Excellent interpersonal, communication, time management and problem
solving skills.

Closing Date: December 10, 2006

Human Resources
Butterfield Bank (Bahamas) Limited
P.O. Box N-3242
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: (242) 393 3772

WE ARE SEEKING vibrant, vivacious
and enthusiastic persons to employ in
our hospitality department of Bimini
Sands. The positions available -are
bartenders, waiters, bus boys, cooks,
office personnel and entertainment co-

Persons interested must be able to

All interested persons please respond
via email to:
or 242-347-3500.

Trust & Corporate Services

A reputable financIal Institution headquartered in Bermuda, with offices In
The Bahamas, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Guemsey, SwRzerland and the
United Kingdom, Butterfleld Bank offers a wide range of services to local and
Intematlanal clients.

An exulng opportunity currently exists for a results oriented self starter with
a record of professiorial achievements to join a dynamic Trust & Corporate
Services team The successful candidate will report directly to the. Senior
Relationship Manager.
COre Responsi ies

a Manage a large portfollo of complex accounts including trust, estates
and a encies
9 -
Provide financial Information to clientstas requested.
Act on clients'behalf in matters dealing with lawyers, beneficiaries, etc.
Extenswe experience with all aspects of trust administrators

Desired Qualifications

a Bachelor's Degree in Business or related discipline from a well recognized
A minimum of five years progressive Fiduciary experience in the Financial
Services Industry, ,
STEP training or other suitable qualifications will be advantageous.
= Proficient In Microsoft Office suite of products,
Strong interpersonal, communication, problem solving, project
management and customer service skills,

C Osing Date: December 10, 2006

Human Resources
ButterfIeld Bank (Bahamas) LimRed
P.O. Box N-3242
N85S8U, BBh8tnSS
Fax: (242) 3933772

Custom Computers Ltd., a leading Bahamian
technology provider since 1987, is looking for a

This is an exceptional career opportunity to join a
dynamic team of highly skilled professionals and
participate in the company's long term development.
The successful candidate will display outstanding
personal qualities, have an impressive professional
track record and be a team player. Naturally,
proficiency in computers is essential.
Custom Computers offers a comprehensive benefits
package and the salary will be based on qualifications
and experience.

If you are ready to take-on this challenge, please
email your resume to
All applications will be strictly confidential.

The Kngw How Teamm

Inforitiation Technology
A reputable financial Institution headquartered in Bermuda, with offices in
The Bahamas, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Switzerland and the
United Kingdom, Butterfield Bank offers a Wide range of services to local and
international clients.
An exciting opportunity currently exists for a results oriented self starter with
a record of professional achievements to join a dynamic Information
Technology team. The successful candidate will report directly to the Head of
Infomation Technology.

Core Responsibilities
* Develop, maintain, support and optimize the organization s network
Infrastructure, server infrastructure, data communications, and
telecommunications systems.
Ensure hardware and software is maintained and data is secured through
proper back-ups and staff training
Prepare and maintain technical specifications and related documentation
to secure procedures and prevent system failure. This includes IT Disaster
Recovery / Business Continuity planning.
Provide management and direction for end-u ,-r s... .p..ri sunr we la
support of business operations, inclusive of management of the Help-
Desk function.
Manage and direct software, hardware, network, telecommunications
and web providers to enhance operational efficiencies and ROI based on
the bank s business objectives.

Desired QualificationS
Bachelor's Degree in Computing or related discipline from a well
recognized university.
a A minimum of five years progessive professional IT experience preferably
in the Financial Services industry.
IT based training or qualifications (MCSE, CISSP and CCNA) from
accredited institutions will be advantageous.
= Proficient in computer systems and network management. LANs, WANs;
telecommunications, Web-based applications, client-server applications,
and applications. .
Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Servers, Microsoft Windows
XP, Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange
Server systems.
Strong interpersonal, communication, problem solving, project
management and customer service skills.
Closing Date: December 10, 2006

Human Resources
Butterfield Bank (Bahamas) Limited
P.O. Box N-3242
Nassau, Bahamas
E al:42ec 7n 94,4




FROM page 1B

The 78-acre expansion
involves the construction of a
new luxury hotel, 450 multi-
family condominium units and
expansion of the marina facili-
ty to 180 slips.
The Old Bahama Bay
expansion will also see the
development of an extra 45 to
50 additional single family

have been granted 10-year real
property tax exemptions on all
properties constructed in their
Paradise Island Phase III and
Cable Beach redevelopment
Irixt in Ginn's case, real
property taxes amounting to
$196.8 million under the initial
deal will be paid on all lots,
condos and homes in the
development, although not on
resort amenities.
In addition,.Ginn had also
agreed to pay occupancy taxes
amounting to almost $60 mil-
lion on homes and condos not
included in the hotel pool. All
units in the hotel pool have to
Room taxes, with customs duty
paid on the materials used m
the construction of all homes
and condos.
And $2,000 from each resi-
dential lot sale will help to cre-
ate a $10 million foundation
to redevelop West End.

And that was before Ginn
said the size of the project had
increased to $4.9 billion from
$3.7 billion, involving 4,400
condo hotel units and 870
home sites.
The Government is hoping
that the Ginn project plays a
vital role in revitalizing West
End and Grand Bahama. It
will take place in an economi-
cally depressed area that was
ravaged by storms in 2004 and
Prime Minister Perry
Christie, in unveiling the orig-
inal Heads of Agreement with
Ginn in December 2005, said
that while the company was set
to gain Stamp Tax incentives
then worth $318 million, the
Government would receive
other taxes that developers
were.often exempted from
For example, both Kerzner
International and Baha Mar

home sites
while Ginn's West End
development is more of a real
estate play than Paradise
Island Phase III, for example,
Over 20 years, the project is
expected to have a $4 billion
cumulative gross domestic
product (GDP) impact, creat-
construction jobs; and other
spin-off and entrepreneurial

With responsibility of directing

Ginn aims to buy

Settingte tndr

Exclusive Boutique

Re sort & Spa

Passionate, Personable and Honest

Individuals who have at least 3 years experience in
the Hospitality Industry to fill the following

Executive Chef
Food and Beverage 1 manager
Boutique Manager
Room Division Manager
Spa Manager
Spa Therapist
Mamtenance Supervisor
Entertainment Coordinator
Rec ptionist
Maitre D
security Personnel
Beach/Pool Attendant

All applications are appreciated but only qualified
individuals will be considered. Applications must
be received before December 22, 2006. Our email
address is or you can


BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a
citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person who knows any
reason why registration/ naturalization should not be granted,
should send a written and signed statement of the facts within
twenty-eight days from the 28TH day of NOVEMBER, 2006
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

International Offshore Bank is seeking an
. .
Fanuhar with general office duties, loan
documentation, filing. Applicant must be
fluent in SPANISH, written and spoken'
Proven knowledge of MS Office products.

Please submit your resume tO
HR Manager

P.O. Box N-4444 Nassau, NP.

N 8 MES IA h ton

Florida Stock Roady for

CaHl How Ask for Ana, Dan, or Humberto



FROM page lB

v to be one of the key, and
in al. issues to be settled
but ween the hiding group and
the Government negotiating
Mr Smith said the talks were
'ongoing', and he believed
that a meeting between Blue-
water and the Government
tecon was taking place yester-
I here have been offers and
tuning the positions put for-
ward hv cach side," Mr Smith
I Ic added that regardless of
whether the talks with Blue-
water succeeded, the BTC pri-
vatisation process would con-
tinue because the Government
had taken a policy position to
achieve this goal.
There's always been a con-
linued interest in BTC by any
n um her of companies," Mr
South told The Tribune. "It all
depends on us locally. The
mterest is there." .
One company that has main-
tained a constant interest in
BTC is Cable & Wireless, the
regional telecom player with
extensive interests throughout
the Caribbean. It entered the
failed 2003 privatization
process, and made it through
the first round, but was not
among the final three bidders
"They've never really indi-
cated they weren't [interest-
ed]," Mr Smith said. "They
came in earlier, and even
though they're first bid was
non-compliant, they have hung
around. They have regional

unbittlio ,do the Bahamas fits
When asked what the 'non-
complizince' was, Mr Smith
said he thought it had "some-

I o1 i rban n ath
particular date".
Several business sources
my suggested that the Gov-
erm ent would be unlikely to

the monopoly BTC holds in
and how long they will be
maintained; capital expendi-
ture and how much Bluewater
is willing to put into its busi-
ness plan; how much the
group will invest m training
Bahamians; and the composi-
tion of the Board and man-
agement agreements.

merly managing director of
two European broadband
cable operators, Cablecom
GmbH and iesy Hessen
Among the key issues likely
the Government are the price
Bluewater is willing to pay for
its BTC stake; conditions of
any agreement; the extent of

process BahamaTel, Blue
Telecommunications, and
TransWorld Telecom
BTC's financial and com-
petitive position has changed
markedly since that process,
due to factors such as the
entrance of IndiGo Networks
as its first legal fixed-line com-
petitor, and the further ero-
sion of long-distance revenues
by callback and Voice over
Internet Protocol (VolP).
Bluewater seems to have
been a bid vehicle created

specifically for the purpose of
trying to buy into and priva-
tise BTC. It is likely to be
backed by private equity
Among Bluewater's principals
man and chief executive of
Warner Missic Group, and pres-
ident of Warner Music Interna-
tional from August 1999 to
August 2004.
Also involved is the former
chief financial officer of a UK-
based cable operator called

conclude BTC's privatization
prior to the election, due to
the considerable number of
votes bound up in BTC's esti-
mated 1200 workers and their
relatives. A privatization, espe-
cially one that resulted in
redundancies, could be unpop-
ular at election time.
Yet Mr Smith previously
said the BTCprivatisation was
"not tied to a timetable for an
There is no guarantee that
the Government and Bluewa-
ter will be able to reach an
agreement on BTC's privati-
sation, with a 49 per cent stake
in the telecom incumbent ini-
tially on the table.
The Government would
retain the remaining 51 per
cent, with Bluewater gaining
management control if it were
successful. However, the size
of the stake being sold to Blue-
water is likely to be open to
If talks with Bluewater break
down, then the Government is
parties, such as C&W, to begin
due diligence on BTC.
The Government has vest-
ed the current privatization
process with heavy secrecy,
due in part to the failed 'open
beauty contest' method that
was tried in 2003, when it
decided none of the three
offers rnade for is 49 per cent
stake in BTC matched its own
The secrecy, and lack of
transparency when compared
to the pretrious.process, has
caused some frustrations, not
only amotig other potential
bidders such as C& W but
members of the Bahamian

nanci inmunity and some
Several sources have .ques-
tioned what benchmarks and
other offers the Government

an1tsljTgeot lengateeam ve
to, with some wondering
whether it is using as a yard-
stick the offers submitted by
the three finalists in the 2003

S/N Make & Model
65419 Honda CR-V
65784 Honda CR-V
65979 Honda CR-V
65450 Mitsubishi Challenge
65415 Mitsubishi Pajero
65866 MitsubishI Pajero to
65874 MitsubishI RVR
66085 MitsubishI RVR
65133 Mitsubishi RVR
65144 Mitsubishi RVR
65962 MitsubishI RVR
65699 Toyota HIIux Surf
66133 Toyota HIIux Surf
65328 Toyota RAV4
66160 Toyota RAV4
65439 Toyota RAV4
65187 Toyota RAV4
65851 BMW 3201
65744 Ford Taurus
65858 Merc-Benz C200 .
65807 Merc-Benz C240
65856 Merc-Benz C280
65941 Opel Vectra
65925 VW Golf
65918 VW Polo
65413 VW Polo
65828 VW Polo
65468 VW Polo '
65573 Honda CIvic
65500 Honda Civic
66157 Honda Civic
65928 Opel Vita
65799 Honda CIvic Ferlo
65464 Honda CIvic Ferlo
65420 Honda CIvic Ferio
65651 Hondp Civic Ferlo

Year C&F Miami
1997 C&F 8700
1997 C&F 8850
1998 C&F 9700
1998 C&F 10250
1993 C&P 5850
2000 C&F 8250
1995 C&F 2900
1996 C&F 3150
1996 C&F 3600
1997 C&F 4350
1997 C&F 4200
1993 C&F 5500
1993 C&F 5500
1996 C&F 6850
1996 C&F 5250
1997 C&P 8350
1997 C&F 8350
1995 C&F 4150
1996 C&F 2900
1998 C&F 8550
1998 C&F 8950
1997 C&F 9300
1999 C&F 3450
1997 C&F 3200
1997 C&F 3150
1999 C&F 4800
1999 C&F 4550
1999 C&F 4550
1997 C&F 3450
1997 C&F 4200
1998 C&F 3850
1997 C&F 4400
1997 C&F 4250
1997 C&F 4400
1997 C&F 4000
1997 C&F 4150

1998 C&F 3900
1998 C&F 4000
1998 C&F 4250
1998 C&F 4000
1995 C&F 2800
1995 c&F 2950
1997 C&F 4850
1996 C&F 3150
1995 C&F 3350
1995 C&F 3100
1995 C&F 3250
. 1995 C&F 3350
1995 C&F 3100
1996 C&F 3350
1996 C&F 3300
1995 C&F 2650
1997 C&F 3900
1999 C&F 5150
1997 C&F 3950
1995 C&F 3100
1996 C&F 3100
1997 C&F 4450
1997 C&F 4300
1997 C&F 4600
1993 C&F 5500
1993 C&F 5100
1996 C&F 6400
1997 C&P 3450
1997 C&F 3350
1998 C&F 4100
1999 C&F 4200
1995 C&F 3250
1995 C&F 3300
1997 C&F 3250
1997 C&F 4000
1997 C&F 3750
1999 C&F 4750

65948 Toyota Corolla
66011 Toyota Corolla
65783 Toyota Corolla
65837 Toyota Corolla
65882 Toyota Corona
65836 Toyota corona
65935 Toyota Mark II
65810 Toyota Sprinter
66168 Toyota Windom
65118 Toyota Windom
65909 Toyota Windom
66044 Toyota Windom
65956 Toyota Windom
66167 Toyota Windom
66003 Toyota Caldina
65884 Toyota Carib
65690 Toyota Corolla
65981 Toyota. Corolla
65887 Toyota Raum
66480 Mitsubishi RVR
66681 Mitsubishi RVR
66800 Mitsubishi RVR
66608 Mitsubishi RVR
66638 Mitsubishi RVR
66377 Toyota HIIux Surf
66613 Toyota HIIux Surf
66723 Toyota RAV4
66530 Honda Civic
66780 Honda Civic
66799 Honda Civic
66545 Honda Civic
66693 Honda Accord
66976 Honda Accord
66938 Honda Civic Ferio
66680 Honda Inspire
66614 Honda Integra
66692 Honda Integra

privatization success


, __ II__ _


THE much-anticipated
Mark Knowles Celebrity Ten-
nis Invitationalis back for its
sixth season and promises to
Ye even mor ng than
This year's invitational, ded-
icated to the memory of Ten-
nis Week founder and pub-
lisher Eugene Scott, runs from
December 8-10 at Atlantis.
The spectacular line-up
show cases top-liotch local and
international pla as. past and
present, highlighting the tal-
exit of some of the greatest
players ever to grace the
Hosted by Mark Knowles,
the tournament features inter-
nationally renowned tennis
celebrities including Bahami-
ans Mark Merklein and Ryan
Sweeping, Daniel Nestor (dou-
bles partner of Knowles), for-
Jim Courier, and returning
favourites Nicole Vaidisova,
Jamea Jackson, Scott Davis,
Rick Leach and Fred Stolle.
Also playing this year will
be Ivo Heuberger, Switzer-
land's No.2 player and Andy
Ram of Israel,
Fans will be thrilled by the
exceptional skills combined in
this year's roster of current
tennis professionals along with
tennis legends, prominent indi-
vidxials, local celebrities and
sports icons.
Tennis lovers won't warit to





WTHE Mark IKnowles Celebrity Invitational has been a huge success.


miss the popular free celebrity
exhibition on December 8 at
3pm at Atlantis.
For those who have
dreamed of the chance to pit
their skills against ranked pro-
fessionals, the ProlAm action,
taking place at the Lyford Cay
Tennis Club, will incorporate a
round robin where amateur
players will play with and
against each of the different
tennis professionals.
All proceeds from the Mark
Knowles Celebrity Tennis
Invitational benefit iocal char-
To date, the event has
donated $170,000 to various
Bahamian charities such as the
Cancer Society, the Sassoon
(Bahamas) Foundation for
Pediatric Health Care, the
Special Olympics, the Associ-
atioxt for the Physically Dis-
abled, the Children's Emer-
gency Hostel, the Scout Asso-
ciation of the Bahamas and
the Mark Knowles Scholastic
The Mark Knowles Celebri-
ty Tennis Invitational is hosted
and sponsored by Atlantis,
and is sponsored by Lombard
Odier Darier Heritsch,
Lucayan Tropical, MillionAir,
Pictet Bank ,& Trust, Royal
Bank of Canada, Rural Inter-
national Bank, Templeton
Global Advisors Ltd., Kerry-
gold Little Switzerland, Tennis
Week, Bank of the Bahamas
and several generous individ-



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Junior Sports Reporter

GARVIN Tynes Primary School
boys are moving closer to the cham-
pionships, despite losing their season
opener to Gerald Cash Primary.
The Government Primary School
Sports Associations (GPSSA) kicked
off their volleyball season last week at
the Sir Kendal Isaacs gymnasium.
The weekend break allowed Garvin
Tynes Primary School boys to regroup
- it also gave he'ad coach Jeremy
Major bragging rights as his boys won
two of the their scheduled three
games yesterday.
Major blamed the first loss on jit-
ters, declaring his squad the team to
beat in the boys division.
The excited coach draw illustration

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Fax: (242) 328-2398

this year."
As for the lows or disap-
pointments, Minus said there
were hardly any that she could
"We tried to get some other
things sorted out that, didn't
come to fruition," she stated.
''We just have to jump back on
ship and try to get it all sorted
out.So in actuality to me, it was
7 ,,
a veoy, ery gtood e attitude ,
Minus and First Class Promo-
tions honored just about every-
body who helped to make their
pr ramme amsee .the spon-
sors to the coaches and officials,
including the Bahamas Boxing
Commission, First Class Pro-
motions took the time out dur-
Ing an intermission to present
plaques to those persons who
made their contributions.
"We now have two Caribbean
champions and we will be look-
mg at additig a third to their col-
lection next year," said Minus.
"But we want to say a special
thanks to all of our sponsors,
especially V-8 Splash d'Albe-
nas Agency Ltd, Prime
Bahamas, Nautilus Water, Per-
cy's Web, Pat Strachan Realty
Sales Ltd, Kemp Road Mm-
1stries, Mario A. Carey/
Bahamas Realty, Henry F.
macy, Heastie's Service Station,
Knowles Trucking, National
Plumbmg, Battery & Tyre Spe-
cialist, Peter Kemp, Eddie's
Electrical and the Big Yard
Liquor Store.


"You have to work straight
through all year?"
Throughout the year, if there
was any bright spots for First
Class Promotions, Minus said it
would have to be the perfor-
mance of Jermaine 'Choo Chop
Mackey in Montreal, Canada
two iveelis ago.
lklackey, the Bahamas and
WBC CABOFE super middl-
weight champion, may have lost

a 12-round deci ion in Canada,
suffering the first loss of his
But he bounced back on Fri-
day night, stopping Jamaican
super middleweight champion.
Anthony 'the Destroyer'
Osbourne in the sixth round of
the main eventiof First Class's
final show for the year.
"With him going the distance
with a very good fighter like

Pascal, he was able to generate
other promoters Interest
abroad," Minus posted out. "So
we actually did three title fights
this year.
"Earber ift the lear we did
the WBA FEDECar abe light-
weight title for Meacher (lklajor)
in May and in July we did the
WBC CABOFE title for Jer-
maine. So .they were three
highs for First.Class Promations

The boys are divided into four
pools, with the top team advancing
to the championships, while the girls
ine playmg out of two pools, with the
top two teams advancing.
Things are starting to heat up in the
girls division, with four teams havmg
a perfect win-10ss record.
Leadmg pool one with perfect 4-0
records are Oakesfield Primary and
Columbus Primary, Gerald Cash Pri-
mary is holding onto the third spot
with a 3-0 record.
In pool two both Yellow Elder ahd
Centerville Primary Schools are hold-
ing onto the first two spots, while
Garvin Tynes and Sadie Curtis have a
3-1 win-loss record.
The playoffs in the both the
boys and girls division will begin
today at the Sir Kendal Isaacs gym-

What I try to instill in the boys is the
fundamentals of the game..I tell them
as long as they've got the fundamen-
tals down pat no one can defeat them..
"So far they've been playing very
well, they've been bumping the balls
like they've been playing for a year.
This gives me confidence as we head
into the playoffs.
"We don't know who we will face
but we are not worried. Right now
we've only lost one game but we will
bounce back and take the title."
Yellow Elder Primary were able to
regroup in their third game, defeating
Uriah McPhee 11-6 and 11-8. The
team lost their second game to
Stephen Dillet 11-9 and 11-8. Uriah
McPhee got the better of Gambier
Primary 11-9 and 11-10, while Ger-
ald Cash handed Mable Walker their
second loss, 11-9 and 2.

to the dominant game his boys had
against the Cleveland Eneas yester-
day. Garvin Tynes \\on the match 11-
.6 and 11-9.
It was the strong services and hard
hitting by Garvin Tynes Primaiy that
gave them the edge they needed to
win the game.
The team was led by Michael
Bullard, the shortest member of the
team, Amron Sands and Denzel Han-
While. Sands and Hanna served
their team to victory, Bullard deliv-
ered on the hard hits that hammered
through the defence.
Major said: "This is an excellent
team, not too many teams will be able
to defeat us if the boys do what
they're supposed to do.
"We've been working out for a long
time now, about two or three months.


(10 cI(01 y88P IOF

Panthers win

tbhaettl ghaisast
WHILE the William Con-
struction Jets remained unde-
feated in the Masters Softball
League, both the Bat Miller
Panthers and the Miller Lite
Royals got on the scoreboard
with their first victory over
the weekend.
In the lone game played on
Sunday at the Archdeacon
William Thompson Softball
Park at the Southern Recre-
ational Grounds, the Panthers
handed the Joshua.Knights
their first defeat with a 24-12
And on Sunday, the Royals
handed the Dog House
Rangers their second straight
loss with an 8-5 victory and
the Jets improved to 2 0 with
a 15-4 pounding of the DHL
It was just the second week
of regular season action in the
league for players 50 years
and older and so far it has
turned out to be an exciting
series of games.
Here's a summary of the
games played:
Panthers 24, Knights 12:
Andrew Ferguson enjoyed a
perfect 5-for 5 day at the plate
with a run driven in, scormg
four times to help Bat Miller
climb to .500 at 1-1 on Sun-
Surgeon Johnson went 4-
for-6, inclusive of three dou-
bles and a triple, with seven
RBIs and two runs scored;
Kirk Knowles was 4-for-6
with three RBIs and two runs
and Frederick Saunders was
3-for-4 with three R1ils and
three runs scored
Robert Gilbert ot the win
Rud Gard the
over y iner on
For the Knights, Lorenzo
Lockhart was 2-for-3 with an
RBI and three runs and
LionelNeely was 3-for-5 with
an RBI and two runs' .
Jets 15, Lions 4: Rodger
Demeritte went 3-for-4 with,
an RBI and three runs scored
as William Construction
pushed their front-running

rei olcrigwo
runs and Danny Stubbs was 2-
for-4 with two RBIs and two
runs scored.
It e aySrdickedup

Larry Forbes was 2-for-3
with an RBI and Ali Culmer
was 2-for-3 with a run scored.
Royals 8, Rangers 5: Hillary
Deveaux led a balanced scor-
ing attack with a 3-for-4 day
with a RBI, scoring twice for
Miller Lite as they pulled
even at 1-1 on Saturday.
Lawrence Smith was 2-for-4
with two RBIs, scoring a run
and both Harold Fritzgerald
and Harry Miller were both 2-
for-3 with a run scored each.
Fritzgerald was the wmmng
pitcherdwhile John Woodside
suAenrtehon B we went 3-for-
4; John M Phee was 2-for-4
ivith two RBIs and two runs
and Audley Williams was 2-
for-4 with two RBIs, scoring a
run for the winless Doghouse,
who dropped to 0-2 in last


ht as
e to
t an
d by
g to
g to
t it


nTrESNpTo URB rte
FIRST Class Promotions
duced a "class act" this
with the hosting of seven
fessional boxing shows.
Promoter Michelle Minus
they were pleased with
response they received from
pubhc, especially the sea
ending show on Friday nig
they hosted a team f
Jamaica at Nirvana Beach.
The entire year of 2006
boxing was a great year," M
reflected. "We were abl
crown two Caribbean cha
ons this year and we go
NTor i aH ttha
for the boxers in the Baham
The seven shows, hoste
First Class, were a record,
Minus said they are hopin
top that next year with at l
seven shows scheduled,
"Over the year was a fant
year," she stated.
Although many people
see the finishing touches, M
said there's a lot that go
putting the show s together
"PJght now, we have just
ed our final show for the
but already I'm back tryin
get our first show for the
year on January 19 sorted o
she eted
"T means that I will
to work through the (Christ
holidays to get it done
"Your work is never d
Not if you want to ge

,Garvin s back on,~

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