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PRICE -750

Volunlfe: 103 No.2 ,

) I

at main s
death has
'left void'
PAT BAIN's untimely death
has left a --t oid" in the labour
movement of the Bahamas.
according to union colleagues.
Air Bain's union peers
described his passing as a grear
loss to the country and the labour
mournent in general.
Als Belinda Wilson; secretary
general, Bahamas Union of
Tc.2che 5 said she beliescd the
labour movement had low a
*Sabnt" jida bm ould be missed
for his knowledge of trade union-
ism in the country and for the
tremendous contributions he
made to the Bahamas Hotel
SEE e ll

Contractor questions
explanation on extra

o' coo hp 'e of
Tribune Staff Reporter
A CONTRACTOR bas ques-
toned the explanation given by
ni ry oubH sinagolficit t
price of low-cost housing.
Speaking with The Tribune ves-
terday, he said the excuse given
by officials only serves to high-
light the existence of what some
contractors' clhim is a "ring of
corruption" within the ministry.
In an article in Monday's Tri-
bune by.reporter Mark Humes,
ministry officials were quotedas
a u1 (b di h e added

SEE page two

Tribune Staff Reporter
IN ATTEMPTING tohMe the Bill to Establisha
National Health Insurance Scheme passed into law
by December 13 the government has broken an
election promise to the Bahamian people, says an
FNMsenator. .
Adding to the swel of opinion that has been sur-
facing against the legislation as it stands, Carl Bethel
said that not only is the government attempting to
"rush" the Bill into law, but its doing so is "directly
contradictory" to promises it thade ib the previous
"We were severely criticized by the PLP when
they were in.opposition for what they called 'rushing
legislation through parhament without due or ade-
quate consultation'," said Mr Bethel.

Or you tan rest easy knowing
that JOU haVe eX Cellent IDSUTRHC0
coverage no matter which
way the wind blows.
Nobody does it better.

MIMS be I ma I bill

ers", the PLP Government now proposes to introduce A new
national health insurance scheme that will take $5 for every $100 a
person earns, FNM leader and former prime mimster Hubert
Ingraham said yesterday during a rally at RM Bailey Park.
Mr Ingraham said that if he heard the prime nunister correctly,
government intends to make even old age pensioners pay the
health tax "presumably out of their meager pensions."
The "cool indifference of this government" toward the needs of
the Bahamian people is painfully clear, the former prime minister
said. .
He said that while the FNM is not in principle opposed to the idea
SEE page three

Chief Reporter
FORMER Prime Minister
Hubert Ingraham said dtiring
his keynote address at a Mass
Rally on RM Bailey park yes-
terday that he will be a threat to
"crooked deals and kisses going
"Some of the people who
don't want us to win the next
election have good reasons.
They like what they have now --
crooked deals and kisses gomg
by favour. I am a threat to all
that. In short. I am a threat to
their way of life," he said.
That's why, he said, the PLP
campaign is about him as for-
mer prime minister and not the
bus essaol M; not
about the Bahamas; not about

the way forward. It'll be all
about Hubert Ingraham. They
are calling me everything but a
child of God. They know why
they don't want me back in
office. They'r e got good rea-
sons. They fear lying in the beds
they have made for thent-
selves," he said.
If the governing party could
get the public ro believe what
thev are saving about htm.some
would "be safe; safe to plunder,
to break and enter, to steal an
deal; safe to live high on the
hog while the couiltry goes
down the dram".
"Take it from me; their tea-
sons for not wanting ine back
in office are the very reasons
why the majority of Bahamians
will put me back.
SEE page three

I THOUSANDS of supporters turned out in the cold at the FNM~ rally last night at 8111 Bailey Park

US passport Prison break
initiative 'due to wall
will begin on got being
January 23 -
high enough'
THE US government's pass- .
ojetinstratituea n III cor liij a By ALEXANDRIO
e worst [ears of tounsm stake. MORLEY
oldest the bBbahamas and ACCORDING to Prison
ouSpof that e.n rly allah. Superintendent Ellision Rahming
' Ile he US 11 the prison break that occurred
ate rs enterhng I wi yesterday mormng was not for
require fo 5 ott passports lack of secuntl. but rather that
cluding returning Americans' the pnson wall the prisoner scaled
anadians and citizens of other was not high enough.
tions in the H stern Hemi- During an in te rview ivith a
here. Assoclared Press report- local radio slauen testerdal after-
vesterdal. noon, Superintendent Rahming
Regional experts expect the explained "The prisoners had
SEE page two SEE page two

iking promise by 'rushing" bill


FOR THE past year, the
Court of Appeal has been ar
forced to sit with Tour instead of .
five judges because of the fall- tre
ure of the governing party to b
take the administration of ius- in
tice in the country\ seriousl\ Ca
lawyer and prospeer it e FN n
Fort Chaclotte candidate s
Michael Bar nest said yesterday e
SEE page 11

Senator: govt bra

Now, he said; the government is domg exactly
that which they accused the FNM of doing.
"It seems it's a rushed job," said Mr Bethel.
"Alreads all of the stakeholders in the medical ser-
lices professions are compiling that therhaven't
been adequately consulted and further ftom the
Insurance industry what their projected job losses
from this matter in the health and insurance sector
is going to be. '
Mr Bethel called the Bill "a cont lenient political
warhorse," and implied that the government is seek-
ing to distract the public from unfukilled promises"
by ushering the legislation through at this time
"At the end of the day, the question is will the
government be doing more harm than good by doing
what they propose to do in the way they propose to
SEE page 11



II d0818"

Ingpaham ~~ vo nI

FNM leader: I'll be threat

FNM- tondcidat

Ntahtm ialC Ill scheme will take

four judges oK
10r every $100 a1)erson earns f at
OUft O Appe
epo Chief Reporter

~an zBe~ Blow n

Chief Reporter
IMMIGRATION raids almost exclu-
sively target poor black neighborhoods,
while wealthy individuals who "pay to
play" are not required to have their
immigration applications scrutinized,
FNM leader Hubert Ingraham charged
yesterday at a mass rally at RM Bailey
The government, he said, has not told
the public that deals are being pulled at a
high level for the grant of work permits
that affect jobs that qualified Bahami-.
ans ought to have.
The next FNM government, he said,
will revisit the Immigration Act and reg-
ulations and propose amendments to
make immigration processes more trans-
"In particular, we will provide for a
minimum processing period prior to the
grant of immigration status to interna-
tional persons with no familial connection
to the Bahamas; and this will be without

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8 Hil

n".'..H ERA E






SHANE Gibson's behaviour
and poor judgment in the Anna
Nichole issue is responsible for
all the bad press against the
Bahamas, prospective FNM
Candidate for Blue Hills Sid-
ney Collie said yesterday.
"Shane Gibson has taken the
Bahamas back to 'Paradise
Lost' and 'A Nation for Sale'
and now, as quoted by a colum-
mst, 'A Bahamian Republic,'"
the former FNM Deputy
Leader said during the mass
FNM rally on RM Bailey Park
The Anna Nicole issue, Mr
Collie said, is an embarrassment
to Mr Gibson.
"He wants the whole affair
to disappear. What about the
world mass media, Mr Gibson?
What do you have to say about
all the negative reports on the
Bahamas from Britam, Chma,
our Caribbean neighbours, Fox
News, Nancy Grace, CNN,
MSNBC etc?" Mr Collie said.

regard to their personal wealth or invest-
ment in our country," Mr Ingraham said.
The need for this, he said, is brought
out by the Anna Nicole Smith situation.
"This is the woman Shane Gibson
reportedly first referred to as his 'per-
sonal friend', then more recently as some-
one he just met in mid-August this year.
"Yet he, a minister in the Bahamas
Cabinet, is in and out of her hospital
room; he escorts the car carrying her
home from the hospital; he instructs
Immigration to process her application
speedily; he couldn't even wait for the
Minutes of the Cabinet meeting to be
prepared before having the letter of
approval written but he did have the
concurrence of the prime minister; he
insists that the letter of approval be giv-
en to him and not to the law firm that
made the application, and he personally
receives the cheque for payment of the
fee in Anna Nicole Smith's bedroom,"
Mr Ingraham said, referring to allega-
tions made by an attorney for Callen-
ders and Co, the law firm that used to

represent Ms Smith,
In the meantime, he said, legal immi-
grants, permanent residents and work
permit holders are being harassed by
"nighttime raids" designed to distract the
public's attention from the "immigration
shenanigans" going on right under their
He said Anna Nicole Smith has
brought bad publicity to the country with
her "cheap publicity stunts, all with the
help of you-know-who".
"Who do you think arranged the so-
called commitment ceremony the wed-
ding farce for her? Who do you think
arranged for policemen to provide secu.
rity at her residence. And who dd you
think arranged to open Anna Nicole's
bank account at Ansbacher Bank?
"I think I know who did these things.
Who do you think did them? . All
these things. When we are returned to
government after the next election we
will take steps to protect our country
from this kind of scandal and embar-
rassment," Mr Ingraham said.

r g~

SANNA Nicole Smith has become

t"ha d O> albD otnoBdoejlt s;
and escapee Neil Brown, who
was shot and killed.
When a Tribune reporter
went to the prison yesterday
a runitnhetb et mfounta on
to a waiting room at the pris-
on's entrance where he waned
for almost an hour.
In the waiting area were
officers of the Royal Bahamas
Police Force, who also had to
wait for sometime before they
were allowed into the prison.
A top ranking officer then
told I ersesp ft aw ud

co sect nrg he9 sntnopute
speak to the press officer
throughout the day, but the
response was that the press
officer was "not going to be
in today.
Superintendent El liston
Rahming told the local radio
stlitfbn that at the moment the
issue of the "'low gate' was
being rectified.

come out to the courtyard to
collect their breakfast'. The
gate to the courtyard that's
supposed to be locked at all
and she just took off."
The superintendent said
that the woman inmate ran to
the gate and then hopped
over a wall, "which is rather
low for a prison."
The prison superintendent
continued: "Within eight min:
utes members of the recruit-
is ad ca tured h rig

as d posit t d ris n
brought back to the prison."
When asked the reason for
the break out Mr Rahming
said there had been "signifi-
cant upgrades" to the securny
of the prison, but that it was
still an "ongoing exercise."
The superintendent claimecf
that "what happened this
morning had nothing to do

with the lack of security, oth,
er than in the sense that if we
had a proper.perimeter wall
vpela ,eh thou1101,n
she would have changed her
mind because she would have
known that she could hot get I
over the wall,"
Yesterday knorning"s
prison-break comes on the
back of the break-out in July
this yeaf when i1 was reported
that a pr ison er had just
wal d off the prison com.

Tobis m r eucen deadk
liest penitentiary break in
Bahamian history. On Janu-
ary 17. four prisoners escaped
froin maximum security at
Her Majesty's Prison, leaving
two men dead, one an officer,
the other a prisoner. Two offi-
cers were also injured. The
two men who died during the
prison break were prison

matter, concerns allegations that
certain individuals were extort-
ing money from contractors
tohn ghcoo thh isd
It was claimed by one contrac-
tor that this could amount to as t
much as $4,000 being paid out
per house. Another explained
that the individuals involved
were alle dly persons in a post-
tion to m e certain contractors
who pay up get the lion's share of
future government housing con-

o ae 181 r-
tive contracts because of their
relationship with certain persons
in the government an al-range-
nientwhichmay ormaynothave
included bribes. The new housing
minister Neville Wisdom says the
reasqzi sonte contractors get far
morejobsfrom the ministry than
othersis that they do better qual-
ity work and cah gethetter
However contractors refute
this as well, pointing out that all
the contractors on the ministry's
approved list have been vetted
for work quality and all have
approved lendmg status.
.The numstry's director of tech-
Itt tetsheG s nb i
process for some house models
. ~.suggesting that ministry offt-
clais are freer choopehwhichev-
This was backed up by Mr
Wisdom himself in a message
unintentionally left on The Tri-
bune's voicemail in which he
said of a reporter, "he thinks you
can put the houses up to bid."
His permanent secretary, Leila
Greene r responded: "Anybody
with any sense would know that
you can't ut all them 80 houses
up to bid.
While not connected to any
allegations of wrong domg, still
another discrepancy came to light
when reporter Mark Humes vis-
iteMhackT oTdl a3 1 what
happened to the customary ,
retention fee in cases where a
second contractor had to be
brought in to repair or finish the
work of the first builder on a pro-
Mr Major responded that the
fee went to the original contrac-
tor despite the fact that he had
failed to finish the work.
However, when Mr Humes
expressed surprise at this and put
the matter to Mr Wisdom, the
minister denied absolutely that
the money would go to the orig-
inal contractor.
In fact, Mr Wisdom says the

numstry is that they are disgrtin-
tied because their retention fee .
has been withheld.
All these anomalies are alleged
to have resulted in an unfair and
unnecessary financial burden on
small contractors and less affluent
home buyers some of whom
have entered into 25 year mort-
gage contracts.
Contractors say the alleged
corruption has also had a nega-
tive effect on the quality of hous-
ing which is sold to low income
families who, m many cases, have
been waiting more than a decade
to own their own home.
The Tribune is continuing to
investigate the various allega-

Ingraham pledges to make

FPROM page onePrsnbek

US passport
initiative wm

be in on

January 23 one

initiate to hate a detastat
ing effect on the tour Isrn
According to a survey
conducted bi the Ameri-
can Cutston and Border

In t h a
per cent found allpassen-
gers had passyiorts.
Local commentators
hate noted a 2005 stuffy by
the World Travel and
Tourism Council (WTTC)
which found that in a
worst-case scenario, the
Bahanias couldfose 13,134
lion iifybr annum earnings
-- some 21.7 per cent of its
current tourism earnings
total if the US had intro-
duced the initiatile at its
previous deadline -
December 31, 2005.
The AP report said the
date was announced by US
Homeland Security Secre-
tary Michael Chertoff in an
interview yesterday.
"Until now, the depart-
ment had not set a specific
date for instituting the
passport requirement for
air travellers, though the
start had been expected to
be around the beginning of
the year," the AP report
It noted that the require-
ment marks a change for
Americans, Canadians>
Berinudans and some Mex-
icans- .
Under a separate pro-
gramme, Homeland Securi-
ty plans to require all tray-
ellers, including Ameri- a
cans, entering theUS by
land or sea to show a pass-
port or an alternative secu-
rity identification card
starting as early as January
The Homeland Security
Department estimates that
about one in four Ameri
cans has a passport, the
report said addmg that
"some people have balked
at the $97 price tag."

FROM page one

the construction and utilities
costs, reflects the factoring in of a
contingency fee.
walhis f ,1the facial c imed'
when extra, unforeseen work was
called for during the building
process and thus, was not part
of the original contracted cost' '
Ministry officials used the
example of "additional block
work that is, when houses
. require deeper foundations to be
laid thap was specified in the
ntahi andaban m oeu

d 11eMS, 06 fee "a tal
tored into the selling price of
every single home in the min-
istry's records'
Whatismore, The Tribune has
been told that mortgage costs for
buyers are calculated against this
higher price in each and every
In response to the ministry's
explanation, a contractor says
that m his experience, the only
factor that could lead to the
a t0i ncdr cosu em tbo m
tain greedy individuals within the
The tractor explained that
he was indeed required to do
"additional block work" but
firstly, he said, it was not neces-
sary, secondly, he was asked to
fund it from his own private
account and was only partially
repaid, and thirdly, even if he had
been paid back m full, the work
would never have cost as much as
For this reason, the contractor
has questioned where the $5,000
reflected in the sale price of every
house is going, especially as it is
in goi gdt t see who a2being
The contractor's claims about
using his own money to pay for
alterations rather than relying
on a contingency fee support
the claims of the first contractor
to come forward on November
The Tribune's investigation
mto allegations of corruption in
the mimstry of housing began
when it was claimed that certain
contractors were being awarded
an unfair number of contracts
based on factors other than those
such as quality of work, or value-
for-public-money spent.
Once housing records were
obtained as part of this investi-,
to a naume o eOp cup
these was the $5,000 discrepancy
between the cost of construction
and the selling rice.
Another, seemingly separate

it? .IL


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Chief Reporter

PenyisCthin et oPrim aPtnist
Bahamian people why his gov
ernment has not signed an
ratified an anti-corruptio
agreement that is central t
democracy and good gover
nance, former prime minister
Hubert Ingraham said.
The FNM leader made th
statement during a mass rall
at RM Bailey Park last night.
"You know, I find it ver
revealing that the Bahamas ha
not.yet signed nor ratified th
United Nations Conventio
Against Corruption, whic
entered into force in Decembe
2005," he said.
"Some 140 countries hav
signed this important convene


Chief Reporter .

THE government is giving
away land in sweetheart deals
without showing any concern
for the social impact it will
have on the next generation
of Bahamians, former FNM
leader and Mourit Moriah MP
Tommy Turnquest said dur-
ing a rally at RM Bailey Park
last night.
He said the PLP is "all over
the .place" signing and brag-
ging about heads of agree-
ments for billions of dollars in
foreign investment projects -
meanwhile, Bahamian entre-
preneurs and young profes-
sionals continue to get the
short end of the stick.

FROM page one
of a national health insurance
scheme those in power must
be careful not to break the
back of those Bahamians who
" are working but whose wages
are stagnant, .and those
Bahamians who have to take
care of the ones who are not
working. -
"Our immediate challenge
is to train, motivate and pro-
vide opportunities for all of
them so that we will have a ful-
ly-employed and productive
national work force. Further-
more, I ask you: Can you trust
this incompetent, sleazy lot to
plan, implement, and manage a
scheme of this magnitude?"
Mr Ingraham asked.
On top of this, notwith-
standing their repetitive
announcements of approvals,
of more and more give-aways
to stimulate foreign invest-

FROM page one
"This Perry Christie-misled
Government is out of order;
drifting aimlessly; rockilig,
rolling and reeling from crisis
to crisis.and scandal to scan-
dal," Mr Ingraham said.
The former prime minister
said that he was told that
Prime Minister Perry
Christie's objective is to retire
him from public office.
"He also said people
shouldn't get between him and
me. But I got news for him.
Politics got between us when
he went back to the PLP in
1990. Now the. people stand
between us -he's on that side


have thought that this is the
kind of convention the
Bahamas would be "first on
the line" to sign up for, so the
world can see "what we are
' about."
"I believe the comments
made by the UN Secretary
General upon the adoption of
the Anti-Corruption Conven-
tion speaks volumes. He said:
'Corruption hurts the poor dis-
proportionately by diverting
funds intended for develop-
ment, undermining a govern-

meant's ability to provide basic
services, feeding inequality and
injustice. .'
"The FNM agrees with the
views expressed by the Global
Programme against Corrup-
tion. We are convinced that
corruption undermines detnoc-
racy and retards economic
"That is why the nexT FNM
government will sign and ratify
this important convention.
And, we will mAke the provi-
sions of the convention law in

the. Bahamas," the former
firime minister said.
When the FNM is retixrned
to power it will begin again the
bolstering of the Bahamas'
democratic institutions and the
further deepening of deinoc-
racy, Mr Ingraham said.
He said that the FNM start-
ed this process.when they were
in office but it was ''rudely
interrupted for nearly five
years by the sleaze and incom-
. petence oozing from this PLP

5 HUBERT Ingraham
tion since its adoption in Qcto-
ber 2003, and 80 have ratified
it. But 110t the Bahamas."
Mr Ingraham said he would

"Ask the PLP what is their "All the PLP could tell you
plan to ensure that Bahamian are how many jobs they
entrepreneurs will benefit believe they might create.
from the billion-dollar projects Well, Bahamians want more.
if they ever come to reality. Bahamians want ownership in
They have none! our economy. Bahamians want *
"Ask them how will enter- tax concessions and Bahami-
prising Bahamians know what ans want the same opportuni-
services willbe needed so that ties given to the foreign
they can prepare themselves investors.
and their companies to meet "Ask the straw vendors. The
the needs of these projects. PLP brags about the economy
.They cannot tell you because but they are unable to find a
they do not have a clue," Mr few million dollars to build a
Turnquest said. new straw market and remove
He said that the PLP brags that eyesore of a hole in the
about the revenue they are ground collecting rain water on
collecting and how they have Bay Street," Mr Turnquest said.
steered the economy to Despite all of the prosperity
unprecedented growth, but the government has not spent
Bahamians have not felt the a "single penny" on one new
impact. school for the Bahamian chil-

dren while the average class size
continues to grow, he said. -
It is now the end of Novem-
ber, Mr Turnquest-said, and the
government has riot finished the
summer school repairs at Yel-
low Elder primary. *
"The PLP has truly failed the
Bahamian children in educa-
tion. The PLP government is

indeed in a meltdown state axid
I promise you it's only going
to get worse for them.
"The signs are all around that
their days as the government of
the Bahamas are numbered.
Their time is up, and no amount
of shuffling and profiling can
stop the clock," Mr Turnquest

:::" "is"f:he e nat
extension the cost of electrici-
ty for Bahamian consumers.
"And they talk about plans.
to help lower the price of fuel
at the gas litimp. But thEtitxth
is that oil prices are fallii1g all
around the world. As the cdst
of fuel at the gas stations in,
America keep falling, the BEC
fuel surcharge remains high,
very high indeed," Mr Ingra-
ham said.
He said while wages and
salaries remain stagnant for
thousands of ordinary Bahami-
ans, the cost of goods and ser-
vices continue to go up and up.
"Thousands are barely mak-
ing it while thousands more
are not making it at all. That is
why the next FNM Govern-
ment will revisit the formula
for the imposition of a fixel sur-
charge on BEC's billings," Mr
Ingraham said.

ment, and notwithstanding
their frequent announcements
of billion dollar projects, Mr
Ingraham said that the reality
on the ground is that too many
Bahamians continue to suffer
the indignity of persistent
unemployment and under-
"Misery and deprivation
persist amongst far too many
while Perry Christie talks
abopt billions of dollars of
investments on the way. Well,
while the grass growing the
cow starving," Mr Ingraham
Promises, he said, don't pay
"They don't pay rent, and
they.don't buy food. They talk
about the energy crisis. But
that's all they do. They talk


covering-up their wrong-doings.
Threat Increasingly only sleaze and
incompetence oozes from this
and I'm on this side! "The Lord knows we need a
"I know what it is to be change; a change from talk to
retired. Been there; done that! action. For they have been
Now it's time for Mr. Christie weighed in the balance and
and his leaderless, aimless found wanting wanting by
crew to go," he said. every island and every commu-
"It's only months away now. nity in the country," the former
Then we'll restore account- prime minister said.
able, competent and honest
government to our.1and," Mr .
Ingraham said.
The government, he.said,
has been busy promising
although they have a "serious
problem with delivery."
"And yes, they are busy

government has not signed.

*In brief

AG enemy

of young

Allyson Maynard Gibson has
edBh a aannfe'en emyr
fessionals", it was claimed yes-
"Ask Elizabeth Thompson
and Cheryl Grant Bethel. Worst
of all this Attorney General's
self-styled 'Swift Justice initia-
tive' is a sham. It's not swift jus.
tice at all it's rough justice," Sid-
ney Collie told a mass FNM ral.
ly yesterday.
The prospective FNM Can-
didate for Blue Hills, said that
the Attorney General's office
is supposed to be the model for
the rule of law, however in a
recent ruling Supreme Court
Justice John Lyons has ruled
that the government has in fact
broken the law in its failure to
appoint a commission to review

opaga yandotherconditions
The government has caused
a constitutional crisis. The
Bahamas cannot have a situa-
tion where judges have to be
beholden to the Cabinet for
anything. In a democracy that is
called.a breach of the doctrine
of the separation of powers. Jus-
tice Lyons will not now go qui-
et. Allyson Maynard. Gibson
now has a tiger by its tail. The
Bahamian people are waiting
to see how this sad situation is
finally resolved.
"In the face of all these
goings-on the prime minister
has done nothing absolutely
nothing," Mr Collie said. .

M "I g" gy
* 7
. accused of
didate for Blue HiUs Sidney
Collie' has hit out at the Min-
istry of 1-lou0 for allege y
ejecting Balifamians from their
houses on Carmichael Road
and Fire Trial Road with the
promise to find them rental
units elsewhere.
Mr Collie made the claim yes-
terday during an FNM rally on
RM Bailey park.
He said that there is a 72
year-old rnan with no relatives
and nowhere to go, who Min-
istry of Housing Officials
promised over a year to find
accommodation if he left his
house willingly.
"One year later this senior
citizen is still without accom-
modation. I dant him to know,
the residents of Bozine Town
and Fire Trial Road and the
good people of Blue Hills, the
FNM hears you. We hear your
plea. We feel your pain. We feel
your hurt better is coming
soon," he said. .
"The government may have
gone silent on Bozine Town but
I have not. I am watching their
every move. I shall stay vigi-
lant," he said.
"The FNM hear your cry for
a neighbourhood school and
help with the traffic congestion.
A constituency of almost 7,000
voters and over 20,000 students
have only one primary School
and no junior or senior high
schools in the entire area and
no major recreational or sport-
ing facilities," the former FNM
deputy leader said.

Ingrahamsas h~e wvill make provisions

lent land deals 'ignore next generation'


1 111~~11:1r~43~~341-~n~13:l~~m~.1 I

The Tribune Limited
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as it will force us into an inefft-
cient public bureaucracy.
The Coalition has established
a Petition asking Government
to release all of the facts on
NHIntto h public an o
for meaningful consultation to
take place-
True, meaningful and trans-
parent consultation is essential
in order to get the right plan
that will be financially viable
and sustainable for generations
to come.
Please take a moment to add

EDITOR, The Tribune
ON the 15th of November
the National Health Insurance
Bill was introduced into the
House of Assembly. This pro-
posed legislation is being fast
tracked by Government and is
expected to be passed into law
before Christmas.
Althoixgh Government had
r opeatedhla ex essed its int n
with the Bahamian public
before enacting legislation on
NHI this has not happened!
The National Coalition for
Health Care Reform (NCHCR)
is convinced that the Bahamian
health care 5 stem will et
worse instead of better under
the proposed Government plan

your name to the online Peti-
tion at either of the following
web addresses:
www.bahamashealthcarere- or www.whats-
At the website, you will also
find links to information on the
Coalition, and on various opin-
ions and viewpoints concerning
the National Health Insurance
pdp oa a okmark the li
information to bring yourself
up to speed on all the very
important issues surrounding
the government's planned
national health insurance plan.
November 2006

MANCHESTER, England When the head
of Britam's secretive internal security service
moves out from the shadowy world of counter-
terrorism to publicly warn of an impending
threat, Britons take notice. Recently, MIS chief
Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said that
more and more British Muslims are "moving
from passive sympathy toward active terrorism
through bemg radicalized ... Young teenagers
are being groomed to be suicide'bombers."
MI5 has identified more than 200 terrorist net-
works in Britain. It is a growing threat, she
said, that will "last a generation."
Britain is emerging as the country most vul-
nerable to Islamic extremism in Europe. The
suicidebombingsof theLondontransportation
services last year were followed by the foiled
plot to blow up America-bound aircraft over
the Atlantic this past summer
"My service needs to understand the moti-
vations behind terrorism to succeed m coun-
tering it, she said. And part qf the problem
was a perception that British foreign policy
was anti-Muslim, "in particular, Iraq and
I came to this industrial city in the Midlands
as a guest of the British foreign office to meet
with British Muslims. Zahid Hussain, the direc-
tor of an organization called Social Enterprise
Development Initiative, said that Muslim
young were assaulted by TV and Internet
images of Muslims beiwg nustreated in Checht
nya, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and also the
Kashmir, where one-third of British ILIusluns
have roots. The Internet has opened up new
worlds of agitation and radical chat rooms mto
which the young and impressionable can wan-
"A million people marched in the UK, yet
we are still in Iraq," he said. "It's a feeling
mside people and they look for solutions. The
Palestine is an issue that absolutely needs to be
resolved," he said "People feel totally power-
less." And Britain's close alliance with the
United States wasn't helping. "If only there
was a perception that the United States was solve the issue," he said.
"When I was a child I believed that Muslims
were united all around the world. (Non-Mus-
lims) don't understand that feeling. We feel an
affinity for Mrislims abroad. It's a sense of
belonging," said Samer Salam, an orthodontist.
In the 19th century, outrages against Chris-
tians in foreign lands would inflanie British
pubhe opinion, but m modern, secular Britain
this feehug for co-religionists across the seas

has lost its power among Christians. But not
for Mus ms.
It is not just foreign policy, however. Mus-
lims constantly complain that they are being
demonized at home in the British press.
Some second and third-generation Muslim
youths, feeling not quite accepted in British
society, are finding solace in religion. "The
young are saying their parents aren't real Mus-
lims," said Zahid Hussain. One of the great fal-
lacies seems to have been the perception m the
host countries of Europe that when Muslim
youths went to European schools, adopted
Western dress, listened to Western rock, and
played football they would become more sec-
ular, as have most Europeans. Today, as a
political statement, many Mushm girls are
wearing veils that their mothers never wore.
Former foreign numster and parliamentary
leader Jack Straw, who represents another
nudland tpwn, Blackburri, said recently that he
thought Muslim women wearing veils made
positive relations between Muslims and non-
Muslims more difficult. Prime Minister Tony
Blair agreed, saying veils were a "mark of sep-
aration." Holland is considering a total ban
on wearing the all-concealitag "burqa" m pub-
Yet Afzal Khan, who finished his term in
May as the first. Muslim lord mayor of Man-
chester "in700 years," wrote that "there is an
duplication in Jack's statement that difference
is wrong. Britain has always had a strong tra-
. edition of different people coming together and
living in this country." Recently a judge in
London ruled that female lawyers could appear
in court fully veiled as long as they could be
heard properly.
. There can be little doubt that strains
between Muslims and non-Mushms are grow-
mg m Britam, which for so long, and rightful-
ly so, prided itself on its tolerance. The entire
concept of multi-culturalism is being ques-
troned here as never before.
Home Secretary John Reid is crafting a
"script of British values" to include "respect for
the law, freedom of speech, equality of oppor-
tunity and takmg responsibility for others" as
a way to wm Muslim hearts and mmds.
"There are some that believe that we've lost
a. generation," a Whitehall official told the
Independent. "Now we've got to make sure we
don't lose the next one.

(This article was written by H.D.S. Green-
way' of the Boston Globe c. 2006).

are not talking about your light
bill or your phone bB, but your
I have signed the petition ask-
ing that Governmentengage in
proper dialogue and not stuff
this thing down our throats
when so much is at stake. You
whoever is running for the oth-
er party in our area and express
your concern.
November 2006

by a 5 per cent "contribution"
from your income.
Government is bending over
backwards insisting that this is
not Income Tax. But if you
have a tax and its based on a
percentage of income then I
cannot see how it can be any-
thing blit Income Tax. Say
goodbye to the Bahamas being
a tax free country.
I think we all know we get a
poor product at a high price
from all of the other Govern-
ment services (BEC, BTC,
Bahamasair, etc). This time we

EDITOR, The Tribune
I am forwarding an impor-
tant petition to you which I
hope you will have a look at
and consider. The Govern-
ment has decided to fast track
its new Government Health
plan through parliament w
without consultation with
Bahamians and against the
advice and wishes of health
care professionals and insur-
ance agents.
The bill will basically set up a
socialist health system paid for

was severe and I could not
understand this because the doc-
tor in Cuba had told me that
et erphing n as fine. Dr Neil
showed me pictures and I feel
lucky to be able because the
infection was realli bad. I had to
have three operations before .
everything was clean enough for close me up. I ended
up losing my nipples and a lot of
my breast tissue and amnowin
the process of having nipple
reconstruction. After months of
dressings I have healed really
well and Ifeel great now. Iknow
God does not give us a we than
we can bear.
I have learned the hare away,
but I hope that if somebody
reads this they should realize
that it is not always a good idea
to travel to other c9unthes for
surgery. We have good surgeons
her who are capable of not only
doing but giving us a
care afterwards that we need to
stay out of trouble. Dr Neil said
when you don't have a surgeon
supervising the recovery, little
problems can turn into big prob-
lems and that's what happened
to me. Many people are recom-
mended to go to Cuba by their
friends or local doctors who
mean well. I am writing this let-
ter so that anyone whp is rec-
ommending people to go away
for surgery can understand what
they might have to go through.
FreeportGrand Bahama
November 14 2006

I did not know that I could
get plastic surgery in Nassau
and that we had Board Certi-
fied Plastic SurgeonsApre.:I
went to Cuba with my money
and they took my money and
said they would do the surgery.
When I woke up the doctors
said everything went fine. I
could not get too much detailed
information. When asking ques-
tions, I was always told every-
thing was fine.
I stayed in hospital for three
days there. The doctor looked
at my dressings and said every-
thing was fine and I could get
my stitches taken out in Nas-
sau. Upon arrival in Nassau, I
learned that doctors generally
do not like to do follow-up care
on patients who they did not
operate on. I went to Dr Neil to
remove my stitches. He
observed that something was
very wrong. I had got an infec-
tion due to improper after care.
Simple things -like they didn't
tell me that I shouldn't drink
coffee, tea or sodas with caf-
feine after surgery. Even worse
than that they actually gave me
coffee arid tea to drink in hos-
pital after the surgery and I
learned later that this probably
contributed to my complication.
Dr Neil recognized that he
needed to do surgery urgently.
He had done over 200 cases and
h se rn ne o tn
operating room and cleaned up
some of the tissue inside my
breasts. They said the infection

EDITOR, The Tribune
I AM writing this letter in the
hopathat ou will ublish it so
that:!soinebod who reads it
ht.avoid the problems that I
Se had. I hap e had a bad
ex erience and Dr Neil said
thpt only way to turri a bad
experience into a good expen-
ence is if we learned something
from it and something positive
can h en as a result of it. I
am h app that somebody who
readsTmmy experience might
learn from it 27 ears old and I had
ver lar breasts which were
cau ing me neck pain, back
am brassiere str oovin
Pnd were very un fortab1
duri the whole da I also
ex enienced a kash on e which
wap very unpleasant because of
the hot summer climate. I was
thinking about.having surgery
to correct the problem for a
long time. Someone suggested
going to Cuba.


Model FRT8B5EW

18.2 Cube Feet

PleRSC Si 8

Brtih ~tusim o t1 7v

Supor fo Onieptto

Nightmare of my breast surgery in Cuba


MEMBERS of the Workers Party
held a public demonstration yesterday
to call for the resignation of Immigra-
tion Minister Shane Gibson.
The group protested what they call
the government's "failure to do due dili-
gence" in regard to Anna Nicole Smith's
permanent residence application.
Brandishing signs that read "Resign
Now" six senior members of the party
marched outside the main post office
on East Hill Street.
The group said they are calling on
the governor general to "save the nation
and its institutions from weak and com-
promised leadership and further decay
and defamation and destruction of
integrity in public affairs."
In a petition hand delivered to the
Governor General Arthur Hanna yes-
terday, the Workers Party rfiembers said
they felt "compelled" to ask for "advice,
guidance and direction on the grant of
permanent residency to Vicki Lane
Harris also known as Anna Nicole
They questioned the role of Mr Gib-
son, "an avowed friend of Mrs Smith" in
the success of her application.
The petition said Mr Gibson refused



Rotary lub

la unc he

on inces

The Rotary Club of South
East Nassau is urging the public
to support its campaign against
In an effort to raise public
awareness, the club is partner-
ing with the Bahamas Crisis
Centre to sponsor th play "In
His Hands!" at th Dundas
Centre for the Perfo g Arts
on November 24 at 7.30pm.
"While there are no official
statistics, it is estimated that as
many as one in every three girls
has been abused byl some fami-
ly member at a very early age m
the Bahamas," sai the club in a
statement. "The ffect of this is
devastating to t se who suffer
it. It undermi es their self-
esteem, create a crisis in the
family and ten to recur among
the very wo en who them-
selves were s objected toxsuch
The play is bout incest and is
based on the ook Breaking the

by the Gra d Bahama Players,
a cast and crew of 25 talented

There al o will be a number
of visits to schools in Nassau,
TV, radio nd press events and
a major p ster campaign asso-
clated with this project.

I-listor ica I
SOCIety ta l k

on Dr Pa ul
Al bu ry

The Bahamas Historical Soci-
ety will hold its next meeting
Thursday, November 30, at 6pm
in the Society's museum on the
corner of Shirle Street and
Elizabeth Avenue
This month's guest speaker
will be Jitti Lawlor. His lecture
rs entitled, "Dr Paul Albury:
Mr Law lor is the late Dr
Albury's son-in law.
Paul Albury was a renowned

Bahamas and The Paradise
Island Story), and former pres-
ISdent tof the Bahamas Historical
is lecture, however, will
highlight his involvement in the
Rotary Clu b
After the event, there will be
a book signing. Captain Pau
I d llheo1mw lanm nm r
from Bahamas Airways '
Bahamasair or Trans Island
k sp ngA smnaenw .
which recollects his life and th
adventures of aviation in the
arcTI ting is open to the
public and attendance is free of
, charge.

which represents 10 per cent of the
$900,000, which was the purchase fee
for the house on the Eastern Road,"
he said, taking a break from the
According to Mr Moncur, the group
asked the governor general to appoint
"a Royal Commission of Inquiry" to
investigate all of the circumstances sur-
rounding the granting of Smith's per-
manent residency.
Stating that the protest was just the
first of many, Mr Moncur said Prime
Minister Perry Christie continues to be
"less than candid" as it relates to the
"crude behavior" of his colleagues in
public office.
The petition further stated that Mr
Christie is insulting the Bahamian peo-
ple with his "like it or lump it attitude"
and is showing "callous disregard for
public accountability and tralisparency
in public affairs."
In the petition, the Workers Party
"beseeched" Mr Hanna to demand the
prime minister apologize to the public.
The party also asked Mr Hanna to
advise the Immigration Board to revoke
Smith's permanent residency status until
the ownership of the Eastern Road
home 'Horizons' is decided by the
Supreme Court.

(Photo by Franklyn G Ferguson)

the Minister of Immigration Shane
has failed to do due diligence when
the application of Anna Nicole Smith
was processed arid essentially failed to
ensure that she paid the $90,000

to acknowledge that Mrs Smith was not
a fit and proper person to receive spe-
cial consideration,
Party leader Rodney Moncur said,
"We are protesting over the fact that

"Why should the Bahamas
be short-changed? You need
people with a good heart and
good mind towards their fel-
.low countrymen.".
. He added: "I am prepared
to discuss any issue with the
minister, personal or national. I
understand the magnitude of
fighting for public office."
Mr Duncombe said he
believed the time had come to
raise the .expectations of
Bahamians.He favoured prose
cutting corrupt politicians "and
sendmg their backsides to jail.
"The PLP is imploding, butI
don't see any groundswell of
support out there for the FNM.
People are telling me as I
knock on the doors m Golden
Gates that independents have a
place iaparhament."., ..
With 90,000 people still

unregistered to vote, "the two
major parties don't have a stran-
glehold on anything," he said.
"We have a nation to build
and protect. We need politi-
cians who are not corrupt. At
the moment, the overall sys-
tem seems to be corrupt. I
think it is time to draw the line
and make a new start for the
betterment of our country."
Mr Duncombe said he would
like to set the trend and make
face-to-face debates a major
part of Bahamas elections.
I am focused on mot ing this
country forward. With me the
people of Golden Gates will
have a viable freedom fighter,"
he added.
Whatever the electoral
boundaries for Golden Gates,
he would not back down, he

Shane Gibson is being chal-
lenged to defend himself in a
face-to-face debate by the
man who hopes to unseat.hini
at the next general election.
Independent candidate
Clever Duncombe, who intends
to stand in Mr Gibson's Golden
Gates constituency, said'he
wants to tackle the minister
man-to-man on several nation-
al issues, including his role in
the Anna Nicole Smith affair.
Mr Duncombe accused Mr
Gibson of being "a man under
pressure" who is lashing out
with unjustified accusations
against him. But he said he
would welcome an open debate
on radio, television or at a toown
meeting to thrash out their dif-
. Fathers' rights champion Mr

Duncombe also believes public
debates are the best way of
eliminating makeweightt" par-
ty candidates from general elec-
tions in favour of people with
real views on real issues.
"Gibson .has been saying
some personal stuff about me
which has no place in politics. If
I had some skeletons in my
- closet, I would not be running
for office. I am just doing what
I think is best for the people of
Golden Gates." ,
10r Duncombe is calling for
public debates between candi-
dates, not just in Golden Gates,
but throughout the country.
He said people were sick of a
system which encouraged polit-
ical parties to put up unsuit-
able makeweightt" candidates
who were there only to make
up the numbers.

He said low quality people
- some of them corrupt -
were finding their way into the
House of Assembly, because
they were never exposed to the
kind of public scrutiny such
debates would provide.
The Bahamas needed to
introduce live debates with
all candidates facing one anoth-
er in the same arena in an
effort to raise the standard of
It was "a shame and dis-
grace" that poor quality peo-
ple were getting into parha-
ment under the present system,
he said.
Mr Duncombe also believed
independent MPs had much to
offer. "I think sonieone like me
would bring more to the table -
than 80 or 90 per cent of party
candidates," he said. -

A HOTLINE for aggrieved
applicants who have waited
years for residency and citi-
zenship status has been pro-
posed by a Bahamian attorney.
Fred Smith is urging people
not to be terrified of "the immi-
gration ogre" and to strive for
"a new day of accountability"
at the department.
"It is time we recognized
immigration as a tool of devel-
opment, not of victimization
and abuse," Mr Smith told The,
Tribune last night.
The attorney said a hotline

Mr Smith. "A strong, vibrant
and independent press is, as
important in a democracy as
an independent judiciary.
"We need more investigative
journalism and more judges
that stand up for the indepen-
dence of the judiciary and a
Bar that protects people's
rights," he added.
Mr Smith said he hoped the
eyes of Bahamians and for-
eigners living in the country had
been opened to the reality of
the challenges facing society.
"Unless we stand up for our

rights at every step of the way,
they will be slowly eroded and
before you know they will be
gone," he added.
Mr Smith said he had called
on Immigration Minister Shane
Gibson to "efficiently deal"
with clients' applications "but I
. have yet to receive any com-
musication from him or his
He added: "I have received
calls as a result of the article
froin lawyers and members of
the public alerting me to simi-
lar abuse they have been sub-

ejected, to, and I have encour-
aged many people to begin
' judicial review proceedings.
On Monday, Mr Smith said
it was "a shaine and disgrace"
that star Anna
Nicole Smith had been fast-
tracked for residency while
more deserving people had
been made to wait so long.
The Tribune would like to
hear from aggrieved applicants
who have been waiting a long
time for residency and citizen-
ship. Call 322-1986 or e-mail .

was needed so that aggrieved
applicants could vent their dis-
satisfaction in a way that would
get results.
In yesterday's Tribune, Mr
Smith cited several instances
of applicants with long work
records in the Bahamas being
made to wait years for status.
When his comments
appeared, several lawyers and
members of the public called
him to express support.
"I wish to thank and con-
gratulate The Tribune for con-
tinuing along this path," said




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PTOtected. No Claims DiSioun't

.. Our agents are waiting for.vour call.


.. * 5


Protesters call for minister to resign

0 0 O

Gibson invited to debate issues

potential election challenger

Call f0r hotlmne for victims of immigration ogre'

So, your ear's

in Mint Condition

HTrat about your motor -insurance?
Don't find out*by decident.
that you don't"h e thb
COverage 'fOu though u had. .

Ask about out




Melanie Griffin defends against suggestions by activists


M MELANIE Griffin addresses a meeting in Eleuthera


---I_ -I I

_I 1


domestic violence in the
She said the proposed act,
once passed, will ensure equal
punishment for perpetrators of
domestic violence regardless

of their gender.
"What everyone needs to
note very strongly is that this
bill is not a women's bill. There
is no gender bias in this bill,"
shb said. "This Bill covers
domestic violence, whether the
perpetrator is a man or woman
or whether the victim is a man
or woman and seeks to provide
protection for persons in abu-
sive relationships.
"It.just so happens that the
largest number of .victims tend
to be women because men have
a problem admitting that they
are being battered by their
spouses or partners, but we
know it :does. happen," Mrs
Griffin added,
She said many men refuse to
report being abused because
they live in a society which
makes fun of the fact that they
can be the victims of domestic

Eleuthera Minister of Social
Services and Community
Development Melanie Griffin
is refuting claims that the pro-
posed Domestic Violence Act

is gender-biased,
Mrs Griffin denied the sug-
gestion by fathers' rights
activists that the proposed law is
a "witch-hunt" for men, saying
that it will protect all victims of

"This bills straight across the
board. Domestic violence is not
acceptable in.any quarter," Mrs
Griffin said.
She said the proposed act is
an important piece of legisla-
tion that the government,
through the Ministry of Social
Services and Community
Development, is using to help
strengthen Bahamian families.
She said families are the
been tinder attack in the
Bahamas for a "very, very long
According to the minister, the
Domestic Violerice Act is one
of three key pieces of legisla-
tion her ministry will table in
the House of Assembly over the
next two to three months that

will help to protect the family as
an institution.
What we are trying to do
through these pieces of legisla-
tion is to strengthen our families
and to stop the violence in fam-
ilies which is extremely impor-
tant, and while we work with
the Churchouthe spiritual side
of it,. we need for the state to
do what it can to help strength-.
en the family, she said.
Mrs Griffin said statistics
show that between 45 and 60
per cent of the murders that
occur in the Bahamas are linked
to domestic.violence -many of
them relationships outside of
She said the proposed act will
be expanded to take those
issues into consideration.

"As the customer was about
to enter the bank, a male ran
across and grabbed the deposit
bag which contained a large
amount of cash out of his hand,"
said Inspector Walter Evans,
police press liaison officer.
According to Mr Evans, a
struggle ensued between the
attacker and the man after the
money was stolen.
During the scuffle, the victim
gained the upper hand when he
picked up a weapon that one of
the assailants dropped.
However the attacker was

able to escape with the deposit
bag into a waiting black Ford
Explorer;which was recovered
by police some time later m the
Quintine Alley area just of f
During the incident, which
took place shortly after 11am,
bank security closed down the
building and contacted police.
The gun was a 3.7 revolver
and contamed three live rounds
of ammunition.
The matter is currently under
police investigation.
No m]unes were reported.

A MAN accosted and robbed
outside a bank yesterday
momentarily got the better of
his assailant when he gained
control of the hand gun that was
used to hold him up.
The victim, who was robbed
of an undetermined amount of
cash, was attempting to enter
Commonwealth Bank on Poin-
cianca Avenue and Nassau
Street to make a deposit when
he was surprised by the armed

~ I; pq


ment and retention pro-
grammes as three key reasons
why companies should imple-
ment work-life balance pro-
"It just makes good overall
business sense," she said.
his Chrominska was speak-
ing to around 100 women who
were invited guests of members
of the Scotia Women's Con-
nection (SWC) as they lunched
in the Water's Edge Private
Dining Room and listened to
speeches on the topic: "Work,
life balance both."
"Finding balabcenin our
everyday lives is very impor-
tant," Ms Chrominska said.
"Just as important as finding
the tools, opportumties and
time to achieve personal and
professional goals, because'it
affects how \ve function as
women o laceandin
Ms Chrominska is the most
senior woman executive in the
Scotiabank Group. She advised
delegates to coritinue to pro-
vide opportunities for women
to promote ideas and to facili-
tate and encourage interaction

hae o
and promote diversity which is

%'":.iB",bours neSsco
bank Bahamas Minna Israel

?:,'::::td h c Ise gsa ,o h
professional women from gov-

ing, telecommunications,
human resources, marketing,
.ba nt Christie, whe of
Prime Minister Perry Christie;
Dame Ivy Dumont, former gov-
ernor general; Lady Marguerite
Pindling, deptity to the gover-
nor general and Rome Italia
Johnson, former Speaker of the
House of Assembly were
among the invited guests.
The SWC was formed in
March 2005, as a women's net-
working group of senior man-
agers and executives within Sco-
tiabank Bahamas Limited and

A. TOP female Scotiabank
executive has challenged lead-
ing professional women in the
Bahamas to support the
advancement of their gender in
all areas of business and soci-
She said successful Bahamian
vtomen should mentor young
women, hold leaders account-
able and implement pro-
grammes that promote work-
life balance.
Sylvia Chrominska, executive
vice-president of human
resources and public, corporate
tiabank, Canada, cited lower
absenteeism, better productivi-
ty and more successful recruit-

- ,,,.. ,--'--.." .F" me.Llrna in( a mmme a







k 1


Proceeds To Benefit The AIDS Foundation Of The Bahamas
COcktails7:00 p.m. Dinner8:00 p.m. Dress Black Tle



Domestic Violence Act

Robbery victim seizes gun

SBanki ex~eutivee-


Colinalmperial America Affled illinGS' ( p g

k 6 TZIle
intentional ashamas 4


MINISTER of Foreign Affairs see the explanations, the expla- cluarrel with the answers and
andPublicServiceFredMitchell, nations for all of them are then say that the questions are
defending his.governments answered and are innocent," he unanswered. But the questions
record to date, chimed that said. . are answered and if they are
much of the negative publicity Mr Mitchell spoke about The not answered, you can find a
surrounding the administration Tribune's series of articles way to have them answered,
is "politically motivated". detailing allegations of corrup- he said.
As a guest on the radio show tion in the Ministry of Housing, Mr Mitchell maintains that
Real Talk Live yesterday, Mr noting that the minister respon- the public should puteach case
Mitchell addressed questions sible, Neville Wisdom, of negative publicity into its
BoartdhmgBthe ne at vehpeoninray anouncleddtiha po ce the ve prq ecoa s when you look
national press over the Anna He said that if there was any behind it, much of it is, in my
Nicole Smith debacle, as well wrong doing, those persons view, politically motivated. And
as other sources of unwanted responsible will feel the full at the end of the day the earlier this year we of the11t saythe gov- Bi ep e il oo atst
about this issue of a campaign ernment functions, it is focused progress of the Progressive Lib-
which is orchestrated to pile up and it is trying to move its pro- eral Party arid determine
a lumber of issues which seem gramme along. And if there are whether or not we have provid-
to be issues, but in my view I any questions which the press ed good stewardship in a demo-
w 11 describe them as storms in feels are unanswered, ministers critic fashion in a few months
a eacup and that's my view, are available to answer those time," he said.

Donation for liox Hill junkanoo group

The original Congos unkanoo group
hdTh ush'8ut on Fo(C IFITThee'dorn
Pak to celebrate a major parade donation
on Monday.
Executives of Dockendafe Shipping
Company and the Clipper Group were on
hind to donate $20,000 to the group.
Co-group leader Trevor Pratt said the
generous gift should allow.the Congos to
w n in junkanoo group 'B' at the Boxing
Day parade. A,1arge group of the compa- .
nies' executives toured the Congos shack in
Fax Hill, after which group leaders and
tt eir new sponsors took refreshments
in the Fox Hill constituency office with
F ed Mitchell, MP for Fox Hill and Minis-
o treig Affairs and the Public Ser- (Photo: Franklyn G Ferguson)

Dicky Mo's Restaurant 8{ Bar
Cable Beach

Thanksgiving Dinner Special


Bahamian Conch Chowder
Garden Salad served with house dressing

Honey Glazed Ham
Succulent Roasted Turkey
with homemade stuffing 82 cranberry sauce

Served with your choice of two sides

Candied Potatoes, Peas N' Hice, Plantain,
Pasta Shells, Vegetable du jour

Pumpkin Pie
Rum Cake

omplimentary Glass of House Wine .

ations required Gratuity nbt includects
: .

The Bahamas Telecommunication Company Limited invites applications from
suitably qualified individuals for the position of MANAGER, Interconnection
Specialist/Legal & Regulatory Affairs Department.

To develop, manage and oversee inter-carrier arrangements with other operators
primarily from a business perspective but also for regulatory purposes m order
to proactively manage BTC's reference interconnection offer mterconnection
agreements and inter-carrier arrangements and develop potential markets for
BTC wholesale carrier services.


This position will report directly to the Vice President, Legal & Regulatory
Affairs and Interconnection and will handle the following specific duties.


1. To address all matters related to inter-carrier interconnection provisioning
including co-location and infrastructure sharing;

2. To assist in the development and implementation of a RIO (Reference

3. To assist in the development of strategy outline for inter-connection
wholesale carrier services;

4. To co-ordinate review and resolve interconnection agreement related
complaints agamst BTC at the preliminary stage,
5. To negotiate terms and conditions and amendments for interconnection
6. To assist.with the PUC on natters related to interconnection compliance
and regulation under the PUC license issued to BTC;

7. To liaise with other licensed telecommunications providers on matters of
interconnection from a busmess perspective;

8. To assist in the preparation ofreiports on the company as they relate to
the business and technical issues of interconnection;

9. To manage all interaction with competitors and competitive issues of the
interconnection nature including disputes;
10. To become proficient in the analysis of all related interconnection and
regulatory documents;
11. To be responsible for the monitoring of the physical interconnection poilits
of competitors including co-location and facilities sharing:

12. To be responsible for the provision of updated interconnection network
maps between BTC and interconnection operators;
13. To assist with the monitoring reporting and updating of the RIO;

14. To assist and advise on the reporting of matters to the Regulator involving
fraudulent activity on BTC"s network by liceinsed/unlicensed operators;

15. To inform, educate and tipdate all relevant company employees on all
mterconnection matters;

16. To liaise and coordinate with relevant departments in the Company in the
compilmg of reports on interconnection matters;
17. To attend where applicable seminars and conferences and training courses
on Interconnection and Regulatory matters;

18. To provide a monthly report to the Division Head on all related matters;

19. To attend and assist with any interconnection/regulatory matter requiring
reference to a court of competent jurisdiction;

20. To represent the Company on any matters of an interconnection nature
mvolymg the Company;

21. To assist in the preparation of the specifies of interconnection for Capital
and Operational budget documents for the division;

22. To assist, if required, with annual office performance evaluations;

23. To supervise junior staff and complete merit system appraisals;

24. To demonstrate when appropriate according to Company's policies and
procedures the ability and willingness to reprimand and/or recommend
disciplinary action of an employee in reporting line requiring same.

25. To perform any other duties relevant to the support of the division as
determined from time to time by the VP, Legal & Regulatory Affairs &


1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications or Electronics
Etigineering or related qualification with a minimum of five (5) years
work experience. Possession of a Master'sdegree in Business
Administration would be an asset.

2. Experience in the telecommunications industry would also be an asset.

3. Strong leadership and organizational skills.

4. Strong written and verbal communications skills.

All applications are to be received at BTC's Head Office, 21 John E Kennedy
Drive, no later than November 22nd, 2006 and addressed as follows:


::F Ra Ro nAM
day in Freeport Magis-
trate Court for conspira-
cy to commit armed rob-
udr hnnt Itahca
last week at Eight Mile
Cruz Castillo Kemp, a
reasddentpeoareM lo
Magistrate Franklyn
Williams in Court One.
He was not required
to enter a plea to the
charge of conspiracy to
commit armed robbery.
The natter is in rela-
tion to the murder of
Troy Seymour on

NH tr n ns
Seymour was a dehvery
driver for KFC restau-
rants. He was also an
isoonTaept sitn urr .Mt
Police are searching
for a man in connection
with his murder, which
shthe ne rh hoonnc eano
Kemp, who is repre-
sented by Simeon Hall,
was remanded to Fox
Hill Prison until March
27, 2007 when he is
expected to appear in
Eight Mile Rock Magis-
. trate Court.

5 CRUZ Castillo Kemp of Mallory Lane is being
escorted by police following his arraignment.
(Photo: Derek Carroll Photography)

Mitchell. bad publicity
e e *

politically motivated


"These matters are politically



Man faces robbery charge

following murder of pastor

, I

i OUGH 0All

SIee hefll l`~:ine f ourfaouiteFr eilsa

Even if NIB gets its
administrative costs under
COntrol and earns some
MFC CAR 811 CXpect to pay a lot
1ROre in contributions and get
ICSS back in benefits.

The Medical Association of
The Bahamas agrees that
1ROre funding is needed, but it
flatly rejectS the financial
pfOjectiORS reached by the
Blue Ribbon Commission

II I I _---- -- I

an~--u- ~.'~ ~iaaa:.. ~r~mp- ~

---~s~e; sisaaP~a~





11 L l' CC


Class of Wine / Apple Cicler


(We will also be serving from our a la cane menu)
........-me...... ....mmeny, a s, .



gently shells out $90 million a
year to subsidise unecononuc

little in terms of value, other
than political patronage.
In a few years, the National
Insurance Board (which willbe
administering the national
health programme) will go
bankrupt without major
reforms. Outgo at NIB has
exceeded mcome since the ear-
ly 1990s. And the government's
proposed health plan can be
Claefstee t toincitief mfilly
unlinuted demand.

according to recent
studies, NIB operates
with a 17 per cent admnustra-
tive burden and is overstaffed
by 25 per cent And even ifNIB
gets its administrative costs
(read salaries and perks for offi-
c1als) under control and earns
some revenue on its invest-
ments (read non-performing
loans to other government enti-
ties), we can all expect to pay a
lot more in contributions and
get less back in benefits.
As one commentator put it:
"Managing (the natioziat health
insurance) programme and
avoiding disasters will require
an efficiency no national insti-
tution displays currently."
Doctors have said that NHI
will "entrench and extend a sys-
tem that is inefficient, over-
staffed and so centrally restric-
a deterioration of healthcare in
the Bahamas." They argue that
the existmg system has to be
reformed to provide better care,
not just a different way of pay-
ing for services.
And that is really the crux of
the matter. It is politically cor-
rect to talk about equitable
access to healthcare for every-
one. It is much more difficult
to tackle the harder issues of
quality, accountability and sus-
What do you think?
Send comments to larry@tri-
bunemedia.ney. Or visit
ivww.bahamapund tgma no

parent consultation to discuss
the many unanswered ques-


request that the government
release all facts and allow for
meaningful consultation before
makmg a final determination.

f course, almost no-
one disputes the need

clinics scattered around the

un estah
per cent only a decade ago.
That is clear evidence of the
improvement in both the quali.
ty and availability of local med-
ical services -something that
has been almost entirely driven
by the private sector,
As the Blue Ribbon Com-
mission noted in its 2004 report,
historically the government has
been the main healthcare
ovMelro gTh BAan awitBuP
dlea ro snlTn w sp
treatments. So ways must be
found to finance the Ministry
of Health's $200 million a year
budget most of it spent on
salaries and perks.
Just under half the popular.
tion relies on our tax-supported
facilities, often paying little or
nothing for treatment. The gov-
ernment wants to shift the cost
of tl1is healthcare from the
Treasury to a new payroll tax
levied on the other half of the

nORt) t
national health programme
through parliament over the
objections of almost every inter-
est group in the country. And
the prime minister says this will
be his key election plank.
The NHI Bill seeks to estab
lish a healthcare "financing and
purchasing mechanism" that
will be administered by a 10-
member commission under the
"\h blci e
a e loc s irc y
istrative costs, and it will all be
handled by the famously ineffi-
cient NationalInsurance Board.
This new bureaucracy will be
the ultimate expression of pub-
lic sector hubris something
that Bahamians have been grad-
ually edging away from over the
past few decades.
In the early years of the last
century, our little population of
56,000 was served by a handful
of private physicians and doc-
tors attached to the dilapidat
ed government hospital in Nas
e di MM s mts1 Ou
A big expansion of public
health k pl fter the Se
ond W lod W at He RAF hoc
at ifJ taR abn an
es ua tba Iltd
sp .
Ba sth n, tah pri a sect;
doctors and a clinic or two.
Those who could afford it went
to Miami for treatment.

But.more recently, the
private healthcare sec-
tor has exploded as scores of
Bahamians returned from med-
ical schools abroad and rising
prosperity led to a burgeoning
insurance industry. Today, our
hybrid healthcare infrastructure
includes Doctors Hospital and a
growing network of private clin-
ics and specialists, as well as
three public hospitals and about
a hundred or so government

the unemployed and indigent.
But critics includmg doctors
- say this is completely unre-
alistic. And the Commission has
not released any of its data to
prove otherwise.
Like almost everyone, the
Medical Association of The
Ba nn erdeeed itn t\
Sae setd tanc n Ob ns
Commission: "We can categor-
ically state that the assumptions
used to derive the conclusions
are flawed," the MAB position
paper says.
The Dental Association
argues that use of the pubhc
health system is likely to
increase exponentially under
NHI and asks: "Are we as a
nation able to meet these cost
overruns? Can we afford to risk
significantly increasing the

ance. But margins are low,
requiring close attention to
administrative costs, claims
management and provider fee

Once NHI is implemented,
the anticipated reduction in
premium levels could lead to
a withdrawal of those firms that
currently service the health
market. The largest of these
are Atlantic Medical, Family
Guardian and Colina Imperi-
This, in turn, would lead to a
loss of premium tax for the gov-
ernment of some $18 miHion a
year, a reduction of business
license fees and the loss of
Industry jobs. In effect, this
would amount to the removal
of an entire sector of the econ-
omy that is currently working
well, by the Blue Ribbon Com-
mission's own assessment.
The plain fact is that the
government settled on a plan
and has been pushmg it ever
since for political reasons. But
the National Coalition for
Health care Reform a cross-
section of union and employer
orgamsations says there has
been very little genuine con-
sultation on the NHI proposal
and urges time to engage in
"trtib,"rneaningful and trans-

for a restructuring of Bahamian
healthcare. Equitable access to
care is both morally correct and
socially desirable. And since the
country's archaic tax system
makes it imperative to find new
revenue streams, payroll taxes
are the obvious way to go.
But the government's
endorsement of the Blue Rib-
bon Commission's choice of a
social health insurance scheme
(similar to that in Canada and
France) and its ram-rodding of
legislation through parliament
in anticipation of the general
election early next year seem
to have foreclosed any con-
structive debate on alternatives.
In fact, the previous govern-
ment was working on a plan to
insure catastrophic medical costs
for Bahamians in partnership
with the Ititernational Labour
Organisation, but partisan pol-
itics dealt a death blow to that
initiative< after the election;of
the PLP in 2002.
For evidence of NHI's fiscal
unreality, we need look no fur-
ther than eysting state enter-
prikes. The governmenT cy-

country's already heavy debt
burden, or to entertain the
prospects of perpetual decreas-
es in real wages? We implore
the government to create rea-

population who are already

sonable expectant
he Blue Ribbon Com-,
mission came up with
an optimistic valuation of $235 ealth insurers will be
million a year in healthcare the most directly
costs to be financed by a 5.3 per impacted by NHI sitice their
cent tax on salaries up to $5,000 market can be expected to van-
a month, split between workers ish overnight. At present, about
and employers, in addition to 51 per cent of the population is
government contributions for vered by pnvate health msur-

1 /

Pa~cradise Ssland


Be careMu what you wish for



Christmas Sales Eveht
The SmartChoice is on
everyone's Christmas Wish List!




2.5L Turbo Diesel

., 4drC

-- ful lbpao edr

3.0L V6 Automatic

The worlds
st e inck .


Private and public

Sectors team up for

. *

facthty restoration

Tribune Freeport Reporter

AWin 1 of 2 shopping trips to Ft Lauderdale, Florida!

Name* .
CH K Soup
Telephone: Is the Soup That Bats LIke A Zfeaf
Alch 30asphers*Darty Soup"(19ar) bbels to an entry form and drop into enby boxes at participating stores or The d'Albenas Agency in Palmdale.


Learn more about an
area of mature broad
leaf coppice, wetland
and historic wellfields

This Saturday,

NOv 25 at 8:30am
Meet at Earth Village Ranch run by BASH just west.
of the corner of Columbus Avenue and Albury Street,
Directions: From West Bay Street turn south at the
western end of the Cricket Oval into Chippingham
Road, pass Ardastra Gardens turn, then firdt right into
Columbus Avenue, then right at the BASH sign and
look for the car wash and earth village on the left.

FOf more information
call the BNT at 393-1317
or e-mail:

FREEPORT Corporate
and civic partners have come
together with the government
to assist with the restoration of
the YMTA, a recreationalfacil.
sively damaged one year ago by
Hurricane Wilma.
The m-1ti-purpose facility
caters to hundreds of residents
in the Hunters, Lewis Yard, and
Pinder's Point communities. It
also serves as a venue for meet-
i special events such as
Senator Caleb Outten is said
to have been instrumental in
getting Bahama Rock on board
with the restoration project.
The company is providing 100
loads of fill for the softball and
baseball fields.
According to Mr Outten, the
Rotary Club is also playing a
significant role, contributing
"I am once again grateful that
Rotary has led the way in being
a civic minded organisation.
Bahama Rock seems to be (giv-
ing back) on a consistent basis.
We are very grateful for that",
said Mr Outten.
He noted that BORCO has
also provided support by pro-
viding funding for the truckmg
Mr Outten said that other
corporate partners have also
pledged to assist in the estab-
lishment of a computer lab with
a donation of 10 computers.
He said the Marble Centre
and Clearwater Construction
have agreed to supply bleachers
for the basketball court and the
softball diamond.
"It is imperative that we find
ways and means to assist these
communities", Senator Outten
pedgile oilt there on the stories,
on the"lilick, dnnking, smok-

5 YMTA officials are receiving assistance from corporate, civic,
and government officials on Grand Bahama with the restoration
of the YMTA ha Hunters. Seen from left are Simon Lewis,
YMTA chairman of public relations; Senator Caleb Outten;
Rotary president Mike Stafford; Stephen Gunn, Rotary mem-
ber; Hartman Jones of Bahama Rock; Wheatley Grant, YMTA
president; Bahama Rock manager Walter Reed.
(Photo: Shakira Clarke)

the ground doing a community
needs assessment, and these
guys were still out here empty-
ing the building of debris,'' he
Mr Stafford said the Grand
Bahama clubs rallied together
and got assistance from the
Rotary Club of East NAssau and
Rotary clubs around the world.
He encouraged everyone in
the community in assist in
YMTA leader Simon Lewis
thanked corporate and com-
mtinity leaders for their assis-
"Without a community centre
you don't have a community.
Today, is a wonderful day in the
life of the YMTA," he said.
. Senator Outten is also
presently working with the Min-
istry of Youth, Sports and
Housing to obtain egpment
for a playground.

ing illegal substances, who have
nothing to do, or nowhere to
go to spend their free time." .
Walter Reed, general man-
ager of Bahama Rock, said that
the company was more than
wming to help when contacted
by Mr Outten.
"We are happy to play a role.
We're pleased and proud that
he asked us to help. When Sen-
- ator Outten calls, we respond.
We intend to give back to the
community. Everybody likes to
- be apart of something special,"
he said.
Rotary Club of Freeport
president Mike Stafford said
that the members were very
impressed that the YMTA lead-
ers had decided to begin the
centre's restoration before
receiving any outside assistance,
"It was this dedication that
was 191pressed After
HitTricane Wilma we were on


Eahti nlde ifr n

: I I

7:30 8:00 8:30 | 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
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8 WPBT "Rorida'sAni- lahoma!." A (CC)
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S WFOR A (CC) palettes of supplies on the town. (N) e BAU interrogates a terrorist world of pigeon racing when a train-
A (CC) leeper cell leader. (N) er is found murdered. (N) A
Access Holly- Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live From London The singer per- (601) Medium "Be Kind, Rewind" Al-
8 WTVJ wood (N) (CC) forms from Wembley Stadium in London. (N) A (CO) lison relives the same horrific day
over and over in her dreams.
Deco Drive A As CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (2003, Comedy) Steve Martin, Bonnie News (CC)
S WSVN Hunt, Piper Perabo. Premiere. A man must handle the chaos surrounding
his 12 children. A (CC)
Jeo rdy! (N) Show Me the Money Pla els com- Day Break Hopper discovers that The NIne "Outsiders" Nicks ex-wife
W WPLG (CC pete for cash. (N) 0 (CC somebody close to him m have appears and brings trouble with her.
helped frame him. (N) A C) (N) A (CC)

(:00) CSI: Miami CSl: Miaml "Innocent" Evidence CSI: Miami "Stalkerazzi" Horatio in- CSl: MIami A playboy with diplomat-
A& E "Dead Zone" A points to the film detributor in the fers that a slain photographer acci- ic immunity becomes the prime sus-
(CC) probe of Ashiey Anders'murder, dentally witnessed a murder. pect in a models death.
Hardtalk BBC News World Business BBC News Fast Track BBC News |World Business
BBC| (Latenight). Report (Latenight). (Latenight). Report

BET AC )as Granted BET HIp-Hop Awards From the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. (CC) Comieview (CC)
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Cops "Coast 10 Most Shocking "Undercover Forensic Files Forensic Files Psychic Detec- Psychlc Detec-
COURT coasr a sect st.ngs-tal tives lives
That's So Raven ** BEETHOVEN'S 4TH 12001, Comedy) Judge Reinsold. Julia Life WIth Derek Phil of the Fu-
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4267 ence school. A G' (CC) Man. A (CC) ous of a robot
This Old House DIY to the Res- Finders Fixers Kitchen Renove- Kitchen Renova- Finders Fixers Assembly Re-
DIY A (CC) cue tions tions (N) quired
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NOVEMBER 22, 2006.

l o

ill;lt 5 1100.
1assi ted budge
\ c e got a bc --olur n..n.
,pnimit and tarindle <
d .nes h, esI cc t
e- ,n el. 801 at **ingle piece
; asce nd go tobe fu nct iona li11
n or 11"" pieces R I.ace t our c le er ,
I h.nus, and shell nich., single
11 r i<< < 1.u .. ch il J' s coni, on,
dd EU 0 0 Ed%.
a ll on le ka nd dr an er s
till I 011 I fit [On 71' to SCO JOI YOfirst J.

Certyiied Mcmber .

* F. e e II
OV le (3 Ill 0..,8 ft I Cal

ma ke gr eat g fts!


e ra Street

Il 3 6 6 3
3 67 WO OD
Don Mac ty $94




8 8 *
Be a a 5 4





For Easy Financing

Bank And huarance

On Premises

Check Our Price

Before buying

Bahamas Bus & unk

Cal 1:

go before.
ur," study the ruling and see if it i
said which is properly for appeal
ight, "An appeal has been fil
gn. previous ruling and again
Talk work its way through the A
and courts and the Attorney Ge
chell advised the government that
ectly is correct in law and we ex
that ultimately we will prevail on
and he said,
l cri- Mr Mitchell, however, stre
se of it is his view that, because of
ness of the next general elect
re is of the matterwill be dragge
ut of public forum to make it ou
d be "political matter".
ent, Two weeks ago, Justice Ly
l, to that his cortre was no longer




q," Mr Bama saMi he sala,
must answer why was a proper
Commission under the Judges
Remuneration and Pensions
Act not appointed when the law
required its appointment.
"We are entitled to ask the
Government wait untilNovem-
ber, 2006 to appoint a Commis-
"Why was it not done before?
It is a very simple question. The
Bahamian people are entitled
to an explanation," Mr Barnett
He said the fact of the matter
is that they did drop the ball.
"They were not doing their
job. Gotid governance means
complying with and abiding by
the law. What impact do you
think this public squabble
between the Attorney General
and the Deptity Director of
Public Prosecutions has on the
people's confidence in the
administration of justice? It
should never happen. Do you
think this could ever have hap-
pened in an Ingraham admin-
istration? No, never," the
lawyer said.
Another "classic example"
of the Government simply
falH g daowen n the haand a
be done relates to the appoint-
ment of judges to the Court of

mer President of the Bahamas
Bar Association and a former
acting Justice of the Supreme
Court he is concerned about the
administration of justice in the
"I am very concerned about
what has been happening in
recent times. All persons
involved in the administration
of justice must ensure that they
do not act in a manner,- which
would in any way undermine or
cause to be shaken the confi-
dence that we must have in the
courts and in the administration
of justice. This is particularly so
when it comes to the relation-
ship between the government
and the courts," he said.
The prospective Fort Char-
lotte candidate said that he is
very concerned that the gov-
ernnient has simply not been
paying attention and doing the
job they were elected to do.
"You know the events over
the past two weeks is a wake
up call for all Bahamians. The
simple root of the problem is
that the Government simply
failed to appoint a Commission
und rn he u2e RTun a
ly manner as required by law.If
they had done that there would
have been no real controver-

needed and overdue" Produc-
tivity Council that would also
address issues'such as training,
legislation and worker attitude
as the Bahamas faced an
increasingly competitive global
business environment,
much criticism during his years
of service to the nation's largest
Before the general election
of the BHCAWU earlier this
year, Dr Bastian, was involved
in the formation of the United
We Stand Committee a
o thta cl meddtowoul
the Pat Bain-led Rainbow
The former union president
had accused Mr Bain of losing
thetrustof unionmembers.He
questioned Mr Bain's conduct
in the termination of five elect-
ed officers and a $5 million loan
by the union. At the time both
allegations were strongly denied
by the union.
At the end of the union elec-
tions, Mr Bain.was ousted, blit
the elections were tainted by
allegations of "missing ballots'
whic endseur Unboth

reTv though controversy
loomed over the election, Mr
Colebrooke is now union prest-
dent with other labour leadeA
claiming the presidents post is
s oputh 6au themat-
The union leaders said that
1 Bain would be missed in tl\&
umob movement and in the
Te to h a thei condo-

FROM page one
Catering and Allied Workers
Union and the National Con- 1
gress of Trade Unions.
Veteran uniozi leader Hued- ...
leyMosssaidthatMr Bamwas dgY
a "fantastic" human being. He P
described him as a trade union- '
ist m the --[ruest ye nqe of the
Obie Ferguson, president of
the Trade Union Congress, said
that Mr Bain would.,be missed
for the "cooperation he dis-
I t r d oi
tiatives impleniented for the
workers of the Bkhanias. -- -
Mr Roy Colebrooke, disputed -
president of tlie:BHCAWU, M PAT BAIN
released a press statement
claiming that Mr Bain's death
had left the labour movement ters in 2004, the BHCAWU
with a void. declared that they would make
And Prime Minister Perry available one million dollars
Christie, in an official press from the Bahamas Hotel and
statement, said that "negotia AJlied Industries Pension Fund
tion rather thaw confrontation" to make short-teryn loans to
was Mr Bain's strong point. "He employees of participating
knew where to draw the hne hotels and restaurants. d thafit
between spirited industrial unioit announced
chon ah edhP fo Pu p oo erans h2

siee action hat ight ing Grand Bahama, Eleuthera,
national harm on the other," Mr Harbour Island and San Sal-
Christie said. L ador. .
Mr Bain was elected presi- In September, 2005, The Tn-
dent of the hotel union in 2000 bune reported that the hotel
herd f mThn rS union had de ons I do
attaining the top job within the Inn Sun Spree Hotel over the
nation'slargest umon, Mr Bain poor.treatment of workers by
has made national headlines &IP hotel management
vap r no n ri i b o ?2

and without having to face the financial w ort a.nd
burden of having to find large amounts of money to
payB aei 1 It for Health Care Reform
has produced an online petition asking for the sup-
port of those who behave that the legislation has
been moved forward without adequate delibera-
tioti, and tirging that "the government release all
facts and allow for meaningful consultation before
making a final deternunation.
Though the plan is "good intentioned" say the
group, made up of members of the business com-
munity, heads of umons, and medical professionals,
they claim that, as it stands, it will not be "financially
viable and sustainable

Appeals Court
a matter dent, stating that government had
. caused a "constitutional crisis" and
d in the shown a "manifest disregard for the rule
this will of law" by failing to conduct a review of
appellate judges' salaries and failing to implement
neral has the binding recommendations of the
our view judicial review committee.
pect that He ruled that government had not
appeal," complied with the Judges Remunerar
tion and Pensions Act thereby making
ssed that the judiciary beholden to the executive,
the near- effectively taking away its indepen-
on, much dence.
into the In a statement to the House of
t to be a Assembly the Attorney General said
that Justice Lyons' rulings were mis-
ons ruled leading. She has since filed an appeal
iridepen- with the Appeals Court.

Lyons, AG matter will
M By PAUL G TURNOUEST the judiciary, "as a matter of hono
Tribune Staff Reporter he'd resign. Similarly, however, he
that if their findings prove him r
WHETHER or not Justice John Mrs Maynard-Gibson should resi
Lyons or the Attorney General Mrs Speaking as a guest on Real
Allyson Maynard-Gibson misled the Live, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bahamian public is a matter that will the Public Service Mr Fred Mit
now be placed before the Appeals said that he would not speak dir
Court. to the proceedings, but stressed
Theoretically the summation of the the government is still functioning
court's findings could spell the end of that there was no constitutionala
either Justice Lyons' legal, or Mrs sis" as previously reported becau
Maynard-Gibson's political career, it Justice Lyons' ruling.
was claimed yesterday. "Beyond that, I think, if the
Justice Lyons has said that upon the some matter that would arise o
court's findings, if it can be proven the most recent ruling, it shoul
that he in any way misled the public in left to the advisers of the govern
his assertions on the independence of including the Attorney Genera

Pat Baill'S death has 'left void'

FROM page one

at a rally at RM Bailey Park.
He said that for.10 years the
Bahamas has had a complement
of five Judges on the Court of
Appeal. The Constitution
requires a C'ourt of Appeal
Judge to retire at age 70. So
when a Judge of the Court of
Appeal is appointed everybody
knows when he will reach the
age of 70 and must retire.
"A vacancy is then created
and must be filled. It does not
come as a surprise. The vacancy
is not all of a sudden. Well, in
November of last year, one of
the judges retired because he
reached the age of 70. Every-
body knew he had to retire.
You know a year later that
judge has still not yet been
replaced. This is simply mex-
"What excuse can they give?
What message do you think this
sends about the Government's
interest in an effective and effi-
cient judicial system? The
Prime Minister cannot place the
blame on any other Minister for
his failure to make the appoint-
ment as it is he who makes the
" reonn an nH hha o .n
Prime Mimster simply dropped
the ball," the lawyer sal fo
Mr Barnett said that as a r-

Senator: govt breaking promise by 'rushing' bill

FROM page One

pde illB ht de ad ed sen
of the scheme utility is "too late...
Prime Minister Christie introduced the enabling
legislation to the House of Assembly on November
15th, and has stated that he hopes to have the Bil
passed through the House and in the Senate on.or
before December 13th.
In his communication to parliament on Novem-
ber 15th, Mr Christie said that the goal of the legis-
lation is that it will enable all Bahamians to have
"ready access to health care services on a timely
basis, in a dignified manner, throughout their lifetime




~3i~ .~c~

s *

, r

4, p



. "



Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, .Wall Street

- i -- -

on 5

W TibNuE BAs nNs ditor

Mi"hynd e
Authority's (GBPA)
honorary chairman,
has claimed he did
not know the contents of a doc-
ument he signed stating that his
late business partner, Edward
St George, owned 50 per cent of
its shares, alleging that he was
"hoodwinked" into signing it by
cer. .
In what many observers are
likely to regard as a somewhat
bizarre development, Sir Jack
has alleged in an affidavit filed
with the Supreme Court that
for getting him to sign a docu-
ment on January 6, 2005, con-
firniing that the late Mr St

Tribune Business Editor
THE former head ofa Bahamian
financial institution has pleaded guilty
to laundering $220000 in alleged drug
trafficking proceeds, part of a deal that
saw the US authorities drop more senous
charges that he laundered $1 billion in
drug and other illegal modies \ia his fir-
Martin Tremblay, a 43 year-old Cana-
dian who was the president and inallag-
Ing director of Nassau-basedDominion
Investmentsplead&d guiltytoonecount
of money laundering resulting from a
sting operation mounted by undercover
US Drug Enforcement Administration
(DEA) agents.and other federal agen-
Mr Tiemblay pleaded guilty to allS
nations that on March 19, 2005, he rnet
with the undercover DEA.agents in



Tel: (242) 356-7764

Tel: (242) 351-3010


had issued 3.47 trillion shares
with a par value of $2.
Some 1.735 shares were
owned by Seashells liwestments
Limited, Sir Jack's trust, with
an equal amount held by Fidxi-
ciary Management Services
Limited for Mr St Ge6rge's
account. meaning ownership
\\as split 50/50,
l e[ Sir Jack said "Icategot-
ically deny knowing the content
of that document when I signed
it." He alleged in his affidavit
that Mr Barrx brought it to him
three weeks .after Mr St
George's death, at a time when

he-was preparing tq flyeto the
UK, saying the signed papers
were needed for his isles.
It n ris only more than a year .
latek, after Sir Jack made liis 75
per cent owner hip claim, that
the document became anissue.
Sir Jack alleged that he sum-
moned Mr Barry to a meeting
In mid-Oc ober 2006, in the
presence of arrorney Gregory
Moss, and asked him to explum
why he got him to sigil the doc-
ument, and who told him to

SEE page 5B

George owned 50 per cent of
GBPA's issued share capital,
and that of its affiliate, Port
Grbup Ltd.
The document is figuring
prominently in the case brought
against Sir Jack, GBPA chair-
man Hannes Babak, the Port
Authority and Port Group Ltd
by the late Mr St. George's
estate and his daughter, Caro-
line, by his first wife.
They launched a legal action
disputing Sir Jack'srecentclaim
that he owned 75 per cent of
the Port Authority and Port
Group Ltd, leaving the estate

with just a 25 per cent share,
when it had long been thought
that the arrangement with Mr At
George was a 50/50 partnership.
An affidavit sworn by
Christoplief Caffeiata, one of
the St George estate's three
executors, alleged that both Sir
Jack and Lady Henrietta had
signed the January 6 document.
The document contrmed that
Inter continental Diversified
Cor por at io n. the Ca y man
Islands-domiciled entity
through which Sir Jack and Mr
St George owned the Port
Authority and Port Group Ltd,

But bargain deal seksUS drop $1bn charges against Tremblay, ex-Dominion Investments owner

blubchip brand and financial centre that
ittlell-regulated :,nd co-operatile, yet
still maintains client confidentiality.
Dominion Investments was placed into
toluntary bquidanon immedrarely after
charges were filed against lur Trembla),
in January 2nI:16,an the Li5courqfor the
southern distryi of New York.
The institution's records were seized
for examinationby the Financial Intelh-
gence L.irut IFILilRoyal Bahamas Police
Force and secupties Commission of the
Bahamas. BDO Mann Judd accountant
Clifford Culmer was appointed as IIq-
uidator, assisted by.The law firm of

SEE page 7B

told Judge Keenan.
As a result of the plea deal and the .
dropping of the $1 billion laundering
charge, the US government is likely to
recommend that Mr Tremblay be sen-
tenced to a penod of between fiv4 years,
10 months, and seven years, three
months, in ad dir ion to a fine ranging
from $12.500 to 5125,000.
Be will be sentenced on February 13,
2007, and remain in a US prison until
then. .
The Tremblay episode has been dam-
agingto the Bahamas' (mancialservices
industry's reputation, something which
the Bahamas Financial Senices Board
(BFSB), the Government and entire see-
fof have worked at assiduously. They
have been pioinotmg this nation as a

Manhattan to discuss laundering funds
derived from facutious drug sales,
. At the meetinghe was alleged to have
agreed tolaunder the proceeds from the
drug operation run by the DEA agents.
On May3,2005, and again on October
5 and October 26, 2005, following
instructions from Mr Tremblity, a total of
$220,000 was allegedly wire transferred
to Dominion Investments-felated
accouilts in connection with the litarch
19, 2005, agreement,
But in the plea agreement.1%fr Trem-
blay only admired to the 520,000 he
received at the New York meeting, his
lawyers arguing that he was unaware
that the remaining 5200.000 was trans-
ferred to Bahamas-based accounts.
"I knew it was wrong," Mr Tremblay

Royal Island
project likely to
Open in 2009,
with construction
Starting next year

parent of Royal Island devel-
oper Cypress Equities, said:
"Since this is Cypress Equities'

SEE page 7B

Tribune Business
KIMPTON Hotels and
Restaurants, a leading US oper-
ator, has beeri named as the
manager ofeabb ti e s 1
Island, the 440-acre private
island off north Eleuthra that
has been earmarked for a $500
million high-end residential
Roger Staubauch, the former
Dallas Cowboys quarterback
and head of Staxibach Retail,


Sir Jack 'hood winked'

pr t
chair in

claim on


Tribune Business Editor
HANNES Babak, the Grand
Bahama Port. Authority's
(GBPA) chairman has
launched a counter claim
against Fidelity Merchant Bank
& Trust's claim that he owes it
$945,922 on an unpaid loan.
He is arguing that he has suf-
fered "loss and. damage"
because the bank failed to buy
955,600 shares he heldinBISX-
listed Freeport Concrete for
$2,817 million, breaching an
agreement it had with him.
Mr Babak, who holds the

counter-claim filbd with the
Supreme Court on April 20,
naHe e tha he was due
result from the $2.817 million
the sum owed on the loan.
Mr Babak and his attorney
Greg Mass. areliskiiag the court
to rule that he is indebted to
such a sum; to determine the
amount he owes Fidelity on the
unpaid loan; for interest to be
paid on the net balance, and for
costs and anjr other relief.
Fidelity s amended writ pf
summoris and statement of
claim, filed by its afternels,
Lennox Paton, on .Apr II 29,
2005. alleged that'on April l9,
2001. the bank agreed to grant
NTr Babak a$1nullion"margin

SEE page 4B

0oo Port ownership

Bizarre allegation, as Port chair says 75% claim went public

due to 'mess' St George estate making over Caroline actions

1---Bahamas banker in guit pl~to moneylaundering

-$500m investment

Port 'antics' distracting

from plight of Freeport

Tribune Business Editor
HUNDREDS of Freeport residents "have no income" at a time
when the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), the organisation
. charged with the city's governance and development, is consumed
by "somewhat unproductive antics" over its ownership, a candidate
for the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce presidency said yes-
Christopher Lowe, Kelly's Freeport's operations manager, said
in a statement that the Port Authority was being distracted at a tune
when Freeport's economic outlook was "bleak", and many residents
and businesses facing "dire financial straits".
He said: "I am deeply concerned over the bleak economic out-
look for Freeport. It is regrettable that while the boardrooms of the
Grand Bahama Port Authority and its group of companies should
be focused on bringing relief to the dire financial straights faced by
residents, workers and businesses within the city of Freeport, they
are embroiled in somewhat unproductive antics over ownership of
the assets intended to serve the
well-being of the people of the
Bahamas, who have entrusted to SEE page 6B

_~~~~~ ___



TENDER No.608/06

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation invites tenders from eligible bidders to
undertake the provision of Engine & Surrounding Areas Cleaning Services at its
Clifton Pier Power Station

Bidders are required to collect packages from the Administration office,
Blue Hill & Tucker Roads by contacting:-

Miss Winifred Turnquest
Administrative Assistant
Blue Hill & Tucker Roads
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone No. 302-1170
Fax No. 323-6852

Tenders are to be hand-delivered on or before 24 November 2006 by 3:30 p.m
and addressed as follows:

The Gerferal Manager
Bahamas Electricity Corporation
Blue Hill & Tucker Roadf
Nassau, Bahamas

Marked: Tender No. 608/06

The Corporation reserves.the right t&accept or reject any or all tenders.

NOTICE is hereby given that PE'DRO ALLEN WILLIAMS OF
GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/
naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person
who knows any reason whyregistration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement
of the hits within twenty-eight days from the 22TH day of
NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible for Nationality
and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147, Freeport, Bahamas.


ri W111IleT W1th The TrIbune!

Tm Andrew Berlanda, winner of game
tickets, a one day: car and airfare for
two, to the Dolphinsvs. Minn. Vikings
game. You can be a winner too, fill out
the Dolphins vs Jaguars entry form in
the Sports section, and become eligible



WHAT you see is what you
believe, and what we are see-
ing in our society is an increase
in criminality that has us all con-
cerned. While the experts may
say otherwise, their actions indi-
ntat t enti nPwn 1
they believe what they are say-
But not to jump on the police,
as they have enough problems.
The focus must be on the cor-
jiorate community, vvhich
moves ahead regardless, as busi-
11ess must go on. This being the
case, increased effort is required
for the safe delivery of services
oacus ms By i v st t
gies to deal with the crime situ-
' A word of caution here. Yes,
it is that time of year wheh
rime usually increases. All of
us in the corporate arena have
become accustomed to it, but
ive must not allow complacency
ip override caution. Especially
given the reallocation of law
enforcement resources in the
last 12 months. .
Urban Renewal, school secu-
lity services, and now a tourist
olice unit, means those offi-
ders who would have been
doing regular frontline police
Eluties are now engaged in spe-
t;ial assignments that take them
away from this. Of course, the

authorities will never let it be
known that they are short on
mo fa r maceutodo tt
math and watch the streets for
the number of patrol cars not
the ones marked 'Urban
Renewal', just a good old blue
patrol car. .
flow does this impact crime?
Well, if you are not monitoring,
I assure you the criminal is,
because they know the presence
and availability of the police
directly affect their profit mar-
What can the corporate secu-
rity manager do to reduce the
risks as they pertain to crime,
security and loss issues? I will
present some proven strategies
that will increase your poten-
tial of having a crime free envi-


JapCa eedS m at ts btat o
being was developed to reduce
the potential of being killed
when least expected. It was not
a skill developed for war time,
as during this time you knely
you had to be alert. It was a
technique that was most bene0
facial during peace time or per-
ceived peace times. In othek
words, when you least expected
danger or when you were com-
fortable. When the simplest
abnormality or irregularity
could determine the difference
between life and death.
Often, the victims be it the
person or the establishment -
are singled out as a result of not
noticing simple tell-tale signs.
No event occurs in isolation, so
key to crime prevention is to be
aware of your surroundings.
The difficulty is in recognizing
these indicators and having
en u h Sm munt h e
bought into the idea of Closed
Circuit Television (CCTV)
Cameras, but this tool seems to
only have value after the loss
event has occurred. With great
pride, the security manager or
person assigned to the security
function hands over to the a

page mm



Being alert and. aware

Town Meetings
Start Time:6;30pm Nightly
clad Novemtyr 80s Marshlarbour
Grear Abaco Beach Resort (The Pavillion) Host:0arold Miller

1Ti v flos.emNr 9th ATaco
SC Bootle High SchoolCooper's Town Host:PIcewell Forbes
Tue November ? 1 Enuma
[ Anglican Church Community Ctr, George Town Host:Darold MIIter
Workers HouseGovemor's Harbour Host:PlceweH Forbes
LLed Was ansher 97/1 Central & North Andros
[ Lighthouse Yacht Gub, Andrcs Town Host- Dorold Miller
MirIonForbesCommunity(tr.,KempsBay Host:PicewellForbes

1Frl.December 1st: Long island
OasisMcKanns HostDarold Miller

og the




Bank of The Bahamas

Core responsibilities:

+ Build an effective training and development program.
* Design and select relevant training programs for all levels
within the Bank.
+ Evaluate effectiveness of training programs.
* Manage the Bank's Training Centre and related resources.
+ Coordinate leadership development and mentoring programs.
+ Oversee training conducted by the Training Officer.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

+ Sound knowledge of Human Resources Management and
Organizational Development.
+ Detail oriented, excellent facilitation and probletti solving
* Superior organizational, time management, interpersonal and
written communication skills.
* Creative, self-motivated and able to work independently.
+ Knowledge of adult learning principles.
+ Knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs particularly Word
and PowerPoint.
+ Ability to use audiovisual equipment such as LCD projectors,
V1deo cassette players, and video recorders.
+ Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management, Training
eve opme or re nt lated field
+ 3-5 years experience in a training and learning capacity.
+ Experience in a banking environment.

Benefits include: Competitive.salary commensurate with
experience and qualifications; Group Medical (mcludes dental
and vision) and life insurance; pension scheme.

Interested persons should apply no later than 30th November
2006 to:

The Senior Manager, Human Resources & Training
Bank of The Bahamas International
P. O. Box N-7118
Nassau, Bahamas

Council & .Arrorney-at-L.Tw, Norone PuNie

Our office will be closed on

for the Firm's

Annual Fun Day.

We apologize for any
inconvenience caused.

As part of our commitment to employ 200 Bahamians on
our project we are seeking qualified Bahamians to apply
for the position of:

Sous Chef

+ Must have 8-10 years experience as a Sous Chef
at leading hotel or resort
+ Must be computer literate
& Must have experience operating in multi outlet
facility with large staff
+ Must be willing to live on an.out island
Ability to work on own initiative is important
Salary and benefits will be based on experience and will
include health benefits. Only qualified applicants need
Applications can be directed to:
Indira Edwards
Director, Human Resources and-Training
P.O. Box AB20766
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Or iedwards(albakersbayclub.corn



5 PICTURED: Members of the initial Bahamas IC3 Master Trainers group received their cer-
tificates from the Bahamas Public Private Partnership. Front Row from L to R: Janet McKenzie,
Denise Clarke, Shanique Taylor, Chermaine Kelly, Kimbler Romer; Marcia Hanna, Raquel
Fowler and LaShanta Fowler. Back Row from L to R: David Ferguson; Trevor Bethel; Kelvin Mar-
tin; Craig Albury, Wellington Baiin; Nannette Cleare, LaNelle Martin, Country Programme Direc-
tor Bahamas PPP, Dr Iva Dahl, Manager BTVI, Corderro Edgecombe, Phillip Simon, Bahamas
Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director; Ebony Zonicle, Administrative Assistant at the
Bahamas PPP; Levardo Pratt, Delvonne Duncombe, Wenceworth Ferguson and Byron Small.

THIRTY-five Bahamians
from various public and pn-
vate sector organizations and
companies have become the
I first group of certified IC3
- Master Trainers after com-
pleting an intense training pro-
They are now qualified to
teach IC3 certification courses
within their organizations, and
to offer international technol-
ogy licenses to the public, help-
ing toereate a computer-liter-
ate society. The Bahamas Pub-
lic-Private Partnership (PPP), a
joint effort between govern-

ment organizations, non-profit
groups and private business,
identified national computer
literacy as a liecessity for the
Bahamas to become more
competitive in the global econ-
As a result, the PPP
launched the IC3 programme -
an international licensing cer-
tification that focuses on stan-
dard computer knowledge and
application skills.
Tpe group of Master Train-
ers represent Bahamas Cus-
tonts, the Royal Bahamas
Def nce Force, Atlantis, the

Royal Bahamas Police Force,
BTVI, the Mimstry of Educa-
tion, the Miixistry of Youth,
Sports and Training, the Min-
astry of Finance, Cable
Bahamas, Government House,
the Hayes Library in Gover-
nor's Harbour, Eleuthera, and
the Department of Public Ser-
The first IC3 course and
training session began on
November 17 at the Bahamas
Technical and Vocational Insti-
tute, and is being talig2t by
Wellington, one of the-newly
certified IC3 Master Timiners.



Ba amians ea


com uter ter ac

*, e *

1TR18111 181tiative

'' I


NO flCL is hereby given that CECILE ALSIDONISE OF
the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 22TH day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

gg p g 4 9 * * so k * *
An immediate vacancy exists for an Imaging Techmcian/

-Experience with CT, Ultrasound and Mammography
Please forward resumes to:

invites applications for the position of


7+ years in the financial seivices industry with 5+ years in the bank card
and/or electronic banking scivices and card operations management
A Bachelors degree with concentration in Business or Process Engineering.
MBA is a plus

Establish operating policies, procedures & controls
Responsible for daily management of card product operations and electronic
banking delivery systems
Work with internal departmeixts, external vendors and tard
associations to assure cardholder services and compliance
Output and delivery of statements, plastics, letters and supporting
IT infrastructure
Support the development of new card and electronic banking
products and services
8 Team with Marketing to execute product and sales plans,
marketing strategies, custoiner loyalty progrounne
Oversee payments and application processing, maintenance of
databases, cards support training, accouilt posting and reconciliation
Resolve cardholder disptitehind process chargebsicks
AduliaiskI fraud and loss preventionprogrounuds "' '
Participate in budgeting process
Monitor service levels and report on perfonnance


1 Operistions /financial focus with teelmiced.background
Demonstrated project management experience
Strong conununication (verbal and written), organizational, and
supervisory skills

9 Strong demonstrated knowledge in banking regulation and operational risk
management *
Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to effectively interact with all levels
of management and employees

The person will report directly to the Executive Vice President and CFO
Competitive compensation package will include salary, benefits and bonuses.
Send resume no later than November24th, 2006 to:
The Director Human.Resources
51 Frederick Street
P.O. Box N-4853
Fax 326.3000

Pricing Information As Of:
Tuesday. 21 November 200 6
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX CLOSE 1 669 05 / CHG 00 00 / %CHG 00.00 / YTD 318.34 / YTD % 23.57
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Security Previous Close Today's Close Change Daily Vol. EPS $ Div $ P/E YIeld
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets O.87 0.87 0.00 -0.109 0.000 NIM 0.00%
12.05 10.25 Babamas Property Fund 11.OO 11.00 0.00 1.627 0.'\80 6.8 3.45%
7 88 6.90 'Bank of Bahamas 7.86 7.86 0.00 0.802 0.330 9.8 4.19%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.265 0.020 : 3.0 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.65 1.65 0.00 0.168 0.060 9.8 3.64%
1.49 1.10 Fidelity Bank 1.21 1:21 0.00 250 0.188 0.050 6.4 4.13%
9.95 9.05 Cable Bahamas 9.92 9.92 0.00 0.659 0.240 16.1 2.42%
2.20 1.40 Colina Holdings 1.85 1.85 0.00 0.046 0.000 40.2 0.00%
12.29 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 12.29 12.29 0.00 0.943 0.660 12.3 5.39%
6.26 4.12 Consolidated Water BDRs 5.07 4.90 -0.17 0.134 0.045 37.8 0.89%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hosp(tal 2.65 2.65 0.00 0.295 0.000 9.0 0.00%
6.21 4.35 Famguard 5.54 e 5.54 0.00 0.428 0.240 12.9 4.33%
12.00 10.60 Finco 12.00 12.00 0.00 0.763 0.560 15.7 4.67%
14.14 10.00 FirstCaribbean 14.14 14.14 0.00 0.927 0.550 15.1 3.93%
11.65 9.25 Focol 11.65 11.65 0.00 0.885 0.500 13.2 4.29%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 ' -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
10.20 8:00 ICD Utilities 8.00 8.00 0.00 0.532 0.270 15.1 3.35%
9.10 8.65 J. S. Johnson 8.70 8.70 0.00 0.527 0.560 16.5 6.44%
10 00 10 00 Premier Real Estate 10 00 10.00 0.00 1.291 0.195 7.7 1.95%
Ficisinty Over-The-Counter Securities
5 wis-H. 52ni'-L*.aW Symbol 6..1 I *".ER .E Last Pr..:e WeeKIy Vol EPS 5 D., 5. E V.eles
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.923 1.320 1 9.04%
1 14 10.00 R li3bHeoadiCrossings (Pref) 8 O 8 5 10bOOO 0 000 : 0 /o Over-The-Counter Securities
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 2 1 n_. .1 3 .:.::. 4 1 00 2 220 0 OOu 1* J
14.50 14.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.50 14.00 1.580 0.720 8.9 5.14%
0 60 0 35 RND Holdings 0 45 O 55 O 45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
BISX Listed Mutual Funos
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Fund Name NA V YTD% Last 12 Months D., 5. *+id .
1.3139 1.2615 Colina Money Market Fund 1.313862*
3 00 L .5197 Fidelity Bahamas Gt I Fund 3 0017***
2.182 2754 Colilla MSI Prefeared Fund 2/182888**
1.2037 1.1406 Colina Bond Fund 1 203719*"
Dr IDE' = 10.35[ 19 90 YTD 32 26% / 2005 26.09%
si (ANY INDEx 19 Dec 02 = 1.0100 UU MARKET TERMS Y[ELD last 12 month dividends divided by closing price NAV KEY
52wk H Hlutist *-losing price in last 52 weeks Bid $ Buying price of Colina and Fidel*
52wk Law Lowest closing price its last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling price of Colina and fidelity 10 November 2006
Previon Close Provium. day s weighted price for daily volume Last Price Last traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week 31 October 2006
Change Change in closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
Daily Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value *" 31 October 2006
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months NIM Not Meaningful
P/E Closing Drice divided by the last 12 month earnings FINDEX -The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Index. January 1, 1994 = 100 "" 31 October2006
TO TRADE CALL: COLINA '42-50?-7010 / FIDELITY 242-35F.-7764 .' FOFYMORE DATA IMAYibl4EAL1.. #45004%fid3 .


g g ag
BB v v 5 IIsilH HBig WBw

I'he EHCCESSill applicants must meet at least line foBowing

Experience in the fast food or fast service Mtaurant
SE (IBg.
a ICH0wledge of computers and windows software, par-
LICHIRfly WOrd & excel
. MOLiValed to achieve success
* SOUnd communication and "people firleadly" sidlIs
. A solid team player
* Ability to manage and Wirect a greapoffealer (Italf
* A secondary educaQ .
* Flexibility to work a
, %55055 880 8 c .
8818?} IS based on
available and

Send resumes to
.3 I



that year and March 20, 2002,
' Mr Babak allegedly requested,
and Fidelity complied, that the
registered ownership of those
shares be transferred to First-
Caribbean International Bank
(Bahamas), in trenches of 1.5
million and 500,000 shares
While Mr Babak admitted to
the above events, he is denying
that the two million shares were
ever intended as loan collateral,
describing this as "a fabrica-
Fidelity alleged that the loan
was paid to Mr Babak in three
installments, two cheques for
$200,000 each going to a com-
pany called Ocean Front Devel-
opment, and the remainder
being made out to him person-
It claimed that Mr Babak had
repaid $491,Q93 via three pay-
ments resulting from Freeport
Concrete share sales and divi-
dends on those shares.
It claimed that while the loan
facility was renewed for 2002,
it.was not in 2003, and on July 2,
2003, Fidelity wrote to Mr
Babak demanding full payment
of the loan balance within 14
days. This allegedly never hap-

FROM page 1B

loan", which he agreed to repay
in one year. Fidelity had the
option to renew the loan if Mr
Babak's account as in compli-
ance and he provided adequate
The loan agreement, Fidelity
alleged, set an interest rate of

9.5 per cent and held that Mr
Babak would pay all fees for
services that the bank rendered
to him.
Fidelity alleged that the loan
was secured by a promissory'
note executed by Mr Babak on
April 19, 2001, with the collat-
eral some 995,600 shares he
owned in Freeport Concrete.
These shares were held by
Fidelity's nominee Bahamian
company, Qualicom. .
Yet in his defence, Mr Babak
alleged that while there was a $1
million loan agreement, it was
not a "margin loan", as no
shares had been placed on
deposit with Fidelity as collat-
eral. .
The GBPA chairman coun-
tered that the loan was intended
to give him "liquidity" as a
result of Fidelity's alleged
"inability to pay" the $2.187 mi}-
lion due to him from the
995,600 shares, "which had to
be sold and transferred" by him
to Qualicom.
Mr Babak also alleged that
the promissory note was sub-
ject to an agreement between
hini and Fidelity that the bank
would not make any repayment
demands until the $2.187 mil-
lion relating to the share sale

had been made.
Meanwhile, Fidelity alleged
that on March 31, 2001, Mr
Babak requested its Fidelity
Capital Market subsidiary to
transfer the registered owner-
ship of his "unsubscribed"
995,600 shares from Freeport
Concrete's initial public offering
(IPO) from his name to anoth-
er entity. This was Qualicom.
Fidelity said it was always
understood that Qualicom way
holding the shares fpr Mr
Babak as his nominee, and
when the $1 million loan was
executed, he allegedly agreed
to put those shares up as col-
However, Mr Babak is coun-
tering that Fidelity is stoppedd
from denying the purchase" of
those sharesfromhimclaiming
. that Qualicom had confined
the deal to him, and that Fideli-
ty had represented that
Freeport Concrete's IPO had
been oversubscribed.
Fidelity alleged that further
collateral for the $1 million loan
had been provided by another
two million Freeport Concrete
shares, which Mr Babak trans-
ferred to his Fidelity brokerage
account on May 11, 2001. .
Then, on September 27 of


NB: Gamal Newfy is the
president of Preventative Mea-
sures, a loss prevention and
asset protection training and
consulting company, specialis-
ing in policy and procedure
development, business security
reviews and audits, and emer-
gency and crisis management.

Comments can be sent to PQ,
Box 5-315-1 .1assau. Bahamas
or. e -mail gueri ry@pres@nnP
at emea

the trap of being reactive and
problem solving, both of which
have their merits, but demand
that we. become victims. As a
result, we have become numb
or desensitized to the signs and
mdicators around us. Tlus is an
unacceptable conclusion, espe-
cially for those of us who want
to live profitably. By increasing
our state of awareness, we can
prelent the loss s ent. By Joing
1his. \se nm< re Jun EliFLTR if
hating to recoler damages from
the halt in pr oducal its caused
by crime.

FROM page 2B

police a recording of the crime.
However, if the camera system
was properly used, there would
have been mandatory reviews
of the daily recordings in an
effort to observe movement of
people in and out of the crinie
Eppia(lly vital are recordings
of the area immediately outside
the potential critical area, called
the st ing are3. This is where
the criminal prepares him/her-
self for the big event. They have
usually visited the area on sev-
eral occasions to gain some type
of comfort level before engag-
ing the target.
Through these recordings, the
security team now has a good
idea of the areas that are prone
-or vulnerable to attack. Pardon
my jargon, but it is difficult to
separate these strategies from
the ones used by any military
protection force.
What if yoil do not have the
.luxury of a CCTV system?
Then what? Take the pulse of
the environment we are livmg
in. It is not a bad idea to employ
the services, unofficially, of the
local bum \vho hangs around
your office area. You can guar-
antee he will see danger coming
a mile away. What about the
janitor or even the mailroom
clerk? These persons are regu-
larly ignored and not talked to,
but they listen to and observe
things we are too busy to appre-
What we have fallen into is


Port chair in counter-

Bemng alert and aware can save you from loss

191D certified Radiologist needed for medical centres in
Nassau and Freeport

Pl sefho a esT eto:



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at ad Extraordinary
General Meeting of the Shareholders of the above-named Company
duly convened and held on the Sixteenth day of November, 2006
the following resolutions were passed:
\vound up voluntarily
RESOLVED that GARY R. PITMAN be appointed
the Liquidator for the purpose of such winding up.
Dated the Twenty-first day of November, 2006.


*Registered Office
for the above-named Company

Harbourside Marine is looking for marine
helpers. Must have mechanical knowledge and
strong work ethics.

Please fax resumes to:.394-7659

Harbourside Marine is looking for sales
person with knowledge of generators, golf
cars and the marine industry.
Must be self driven.

Please fax resume to: 394-'7659

The hereby advised that 1, TANNIA CARRETT
PAGE of P.O. Box N-1210, #10 Colony Village, Nassau,
Bahamas, intend to.change my name to TANYA CORRETTE
WEBB if there are any objections to this change of name
by Deed Poll, you may write such objections to the Chief
Passport Officer, P.O.Box N-742, Nassau, Bahamas, no
later than thirty (30 days after the date of publication of
this notice.

Bank of The Bahamas


Core responsibilities:

+ Coordinate recruitment activities for new employees and
follow up to ensure new employees receive appropriate
job orientation.
+ Make recommendations for Human Resources staffing,
policy, compensation, and benefits changes.
+ Oversee the Bank's payroll system.
+ Review and upgrade job descriptions.
4 Conduct routine visits to branches to liaise with employees.
+ Assist with investigations into performance issues.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management or a
related field.
+ Thorough knowledge of Human Resources Management
theories and prmciples.
Strong grasp of labour laws.
+ General knowledge of systems organization and design.
+ Strong oral and written communication skills.
+ Five (5) or more years experience in a related environment.
+ In-depth knowledge -
Benefits include: Competitive salary commensurate with
experience and qualifications; Group Medical (includes dental
and vision) and life insurance; pension scheme.

Interested persons should apply no later than 30th November
2006 to:

The Senior Manager, Human Resources & Training
Bank of The Bahamas International
P. O. Box N-7118
Nassau, Bahamas

9 1 I ~r~m~ I I

ril.. B

,,so .7",LGuoaicta-riin



FROM page 1B

prepare it. *
Sir Jack alleged that he felt
Mr Barry "had tricked me into
signing that document", asking
him whether Fred Smith, the
attorney representing the St
George estate, had asked him to
prepare it.
He alleged that Mr Barry
replied that he did not remem-
ber anyone telling him to pre-
pare it, but said Mr Cafferata
might have discussed the need
for a document.
Sir Jack recorded Mr Moss's
intervention, saying that Mr
Barry had been preparing a
document on the shareholdings
held by Mr St George's estate,
and realizing that they were not
consistent with what had always
been thought to be the position,
decided to prepare something
that reflected the understood
/ Sir Ja '- then alleged: "Mr
Barry the incredibly, apolo-
gised to me for having 'hood-
winked' me by getting me to
sign that paper. The actual
just want to apologize for hood-
winking you'. I told him that I
now understood what he was
trying to do.
"I am sure that whatever Mr
Barry's reason was for 'hood-
winking' me into signing that
document, he only did it
because he knew that there was
no documentation which sup-
ported the view he had that
Edward beneficially owned 50
per cent of Intercontinental

Edward's estate in the GBPA.
"On each occasion I told her
that it was not so because the
shares were never Edward's and
that I was merely asserting my
rights because of the mess they
were making of the GBPA m
allowing all the fights to con-
imue between the estate and
Caroline St George and
between the estate and Mary St
George, Sir Jack alleged.
He claimed that Lady Hen-
rietta persisted m repeatmg the
rape allegation after the meet-
ing had ended, leading Sir Jack
to make his "if you are beux
raped, lie back and enjoy it
Referring to the two Supreme
Court actions launched by Car-
olina St George against Port
Group Ltd and the Grand
Bahama Development Compa-
ny (Devco), in which she
alleged that her father had
defrauded her of her stakes in
Carrick Ltd and Leedej Ltd by
selling them without her per-
mission, Sir Jack said Mr C'af-
ferata conceded that Carohne
had signed a Declaration of
A copy of the Declaration of
Trust was eventually handed to
him, Sir Jack alleged, and filed
as part of Port Group Ltd's
deferice to Caroline's action. He
claimed that Lady Henrietta
was unaware of the declare.
tion's existence.

Diversified Corporation
After the meeting with Mr
Barry ended, Sir Jack spoke to
Mr Cafferata, who denied ask-
ing for the January 6 document
to be prepared or if he knew
ivhy it was done.
In his affidavit, Sir Jack hint-
ed that he, Mr Babak and the
other defendants were likely to
mount action that attempted to
prevent Mr Smith and Callen-
ders & Co, who had acted as
the GBPA's counsel for 23
years, from representing the St
George estate on alleged con-
flict of interest grounds.
He indicated that they were
likely to apply for the estate's
action to be dismissed, one
ground involving the fact that
the Bahamian legal system did
not have jurisdiction over IDC
and Fiduciary Management Ser-
vices because they were Cay-
man companies.
Sir Jack alleged that his rela-
tionship with Mr St George
began when the latter was the
GBPA's attorney. Eventually,
Mr St George acquired a 16 per
cent stake in IDC, Sir Jack
holding the remainder, and due
to the latter's confidence in his
ability to run GBPA, one half of
IDC's share capital was trans-
ferred to Fiduciary Manage-
nient Services, giving Mr St
George a 25 per cent IDC
Sir Jack alleged that he
agreed that Mr St George could
have all the dividends paid to
Fiduciary Management Services
by IDC, giving him 50 per cent,

as long as he ran the GBPA and
Port Group Ltd.
Sir Jack alleged: "There was
never any disagreement
between Edward and myself
about the arrangement, and I
always allowed Edward to take
all of the dividends of IDC
which came down to Fiduciary
Management Services, although
he owned a little less than one-
half of the shares of Fiduciary
Management Services."
Sir Jack said the 1.735 mil-
lion IDC shares he owns are
held in the name of Seashells
Investments, and in turn all that
. company's shares are held by
Nassau-based Oceanic Bank &
Trust, tr ustee for his trust. -
Sir Jack said the 500 shares
he beneficially holds in Fidu-
ciary Management Services are
held by Frobisher Investments
Ltd, a British Virgin Islands
company whose shares are also
held by Oceanic Bank & Trust
as part of a trust relationship.
Meanwhile, Sir Jack alleged
that Mr Cafferata and the St
George estate. had "taken
entirely out of context" his com-
ments that "if you are being
raped, lie back and enjoy it", to
Lady Henrietta St George.
Sir Jack alleged that at an
October 23 meeting over his 75
per cent ownership claim, Lady
Henrietta "had repeatedly said
that I was trying to rape her by
stealing one half of the shares of

;: i. "'' ucson GL

~~HOC1S.r *a 'howikd

ucson avun.




= * * * * ***
The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their 1

for improvements m the
area or have won an
award. -
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

Legal Notice

(No.45 of 2000)

In Voluntary Liquidation

"Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 137 (4)
of the International Business Companies Act No. 45 of 2000,

The date of commencement of dissolution is 6th day of
November, 2006.

John Grimshaw
Nautilus House,
La Cour des Casernes,
St. Helier, Jersey, JE1 3NH

comonwarnsor Tas susuAs missNeous

IN THE MATER OF AIL THAT piece parcel or tract iland containing Six
sad Nine Hundred ad Twenty Nine thousandds (6 929) Acres bounded on the
NORTH by a Ten (10) foot wide road reseavaion and analog thereo.=1 203 43
feet More or less on the SOUIR by Crown Land running thereon 114.19 feet
more or less on the EAST by hsh Pond runng theson 2.275 99 feet more or
less and on the WEST partly by a Twenty (20) foot road reservation above high
water mark and panly by The Sea running thercoo 2 pi 29 feet more or less
Mich said piece parcel or tract of land wu gated to Yorick Pinder al is
situated & Wilson Bay in de vicinity of land parted Ainam Tayloi between
ouarriesseaannousuarantonasiswoccauseoneof mesandsor

[Mill, htATilR OF the quienag Tides Aa, IM9


arrsese stayomovemann, 2006

tironueswiniser abweasforsessions,
1. That lease k 3isen to abe Penhaner to amend the description obbe lard dised in

Au TMT piece panelortras of conunning six Nme Unn a
(" zg,"g' ""'", off43
less on anouray crown a.mnas aren na m ea sure,
Ae WEST padly by a Twomy (20) focused runnion abe we
mrk and partly by The Sea nmaing thereon2,274.29 few maker less which
saidpieceparcelomeof wagrmwoo Iolid Yade & And
a witson say in we vicinky of w waved examrayer wween
Dumfries and Bennetts Harbour on use island of Cal island one of the (send<
orse commonweals orne mass
2 ata advenisement be inseded in He Nassau Omardian and Tri ne newspaper
copies of the filed ple may be inspected at the Registy of TV Supreme Own the
a he sun dat Ae 6me limited br advasedaims ski be Jo

3. That Notice of the Petition shall be directed to my advase claimant
4 Hat a copy of the said Notice be affixed ad assintained on the notice head of the
Administrator 4 New Bight Cat island for a persust of [wnly on Cl Idays pnot v.
the week for filing of padres daims
1 That the petitioner shall be at liberty to file a swom list of adjoining owners ad
occupiers ad shall also serve & same wid a copy of he Notice of Ae Pdition as
a The Public Board of Works for Catisland;
a ne**

a neDepanmemofLandsand Someys

6. Adjourned sine die with libeny to restore and reply.

This Order was drawn up by Messrs Holowesko & Company,
Attomey for the petitioner.
A. Nov. 22, Dec. 2, 12

Legal Notice

(No.45 of 2000)

In Voluntary Liquidation

; "Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 137 (4)
of the International Business Coinpanies Act No. 45 of 2000,
RHIANNON S.A. is in Dissolution"

The date of commencement of dissolution is 6th day of
November, 2006.

John Grimshaw
Nautilus House,
La Cour des Casernes,
St. Helier, Jersey, JE1 3NH

Legal Notice

(No.45 of 2000)

In Voluntary Liquidation

"Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 137 (4)
of the International Business Companies Act No. 45 of 2000,
HAINE S.A. is in Dissolution"

The date of commencement of dissolution is 10th day of
October, 2006.

John Killmister
Beresford House,
Bellozanne Road St Helier, Jersey


A well established hospitality company is seeking to
hire the following individuals;


An individual to assist with the mathtenance and repair
of all company owned mechanical equipment.


Include but are not limited to the following;

Installation, re air and maintenance of diesel
Maintenance of generatorS.
Supervise maintenance and repairs of company
owned vehicles.
Prepare necessary records pertainmg to work

The position requires a minimum of five (5) years
experience working with heavy and light mechanical
equipment with particular emphasis on diesel engines.
Knowledge of Caterpillar engines would be a plus.

High school diploma
Evidence of having completed skilled crafts or trade
school m the mechanical field


An individual to assist with Children's Education

Include but are not limited to the following;
Scheduling and preparation of all education
Organization and implementation of special on-
site or off-site events for the Education Department.
Seek corporate sponsorship for Marine Education

The individual must have excellent interpersonal skills .
and experience working with children.

Associate degree with a science major

Apply in writing to:

The Human Resources Manager
P.O. Box SS-6257
Nassau, The Bahamas
Or fax to 363-4437

Senior Trust Officer for

In ter n ation al B an k

Applicants must have extensive experience in administration of
complex structures and ability to develop new business for High
Net Worth, non-resident clients, with emphasis on the Latin
American market.

Excellent knowledge of private banking services and products,
fluency and good continunication skills in English, 5 pamshdand
Portuguese; Minimum 15 years' banking experience; knowledge
of Bahanuan regulator\ (equnemouts: University Degree andior
related professional designation.


Markethig of private banking and portfolio management
services; extensive traveling; acquisition and development of
new clients; compliance with Bahamian Anti-money laundering
and other applicable regulations.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Interested
applicants must submit applications by
December 8th, 2006 to:

g gI
Saven s...
Caribbean Express Discount Club
for ONLY $36.00 Annual Fee.

Save L.1 p 'CO

Pec if r ed RetadScore s.

Travel Airline Ticket. Cruises Grocery

Car Rentals "Hotels Tours,
Automobiles, Pqits, Service and Supplies
Clothing and More
2 Days and 2. Nights $101.00 p rson (I.DW included)
7 Day Western.Cap 527>00 per person
(04 ty aded)
.- M
.u . w
r anna0-



FROM page 1B

said. "We have a strong voice;

I am disturbed while some
fight over the spoils of profits,
shares and power, negotiating
incredible contracts for.them-
selves, far too many in our busi- face a very
uncertain and lean future."
Mr Lowe said that while
Freeport's problems could not
all be blamed on the Govern-
tntiandorhe r so naAutohno yd
the latter's internal conflicts
were not helping the situation.
"Those of us who step.for-
ward to lead in our recovery
must do, so for the sake of our
community and our future. We
must be fully focused on serving

all members of the Chamber,

them through their government
various benefits administered
under the Hawksbill Creek
"As they fight over income-
earning assets, thousands of
workers in Freeport have no
income to earn, and scores of
businesses face the threat of cut-
tmgnoff the income some now
Mr Lowe added: "There has
been a downturn in business in
Freeport, as residents cope with
limited income and limited
growth to existing income. The
Chamber of Commerce faces a
challenging year ahead.

Ir -s


Port antics distracting


NOTICE is hereby given that CHEVOL DONAHUE GRAY, OF
CR-56235,-NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that
any person who knows any reason why registration/ naturalization
should not be granted, should send a written and signed
statement of the facts within twenty-eight days from the 22ND
day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.


NOTICE is hereby given that INETIDE AUGUSTIN OF
applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality rand
Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The
Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should
senda written and signed statement of the facts within
twenty-eight days from the 22ND day of NOVEMBER 2006
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
RO.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

D 1 C D L
- D3.11K Or 1 ne D2n21TIRS



Core responsibilities:


TENDER No.607/06

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation invites tenders from eligible bidders to
undertake the provision of Engine & Surrounding Areas Cleaning Services at its
Blue Hills Power Station.

Bidders are required to collect packages from the Administration office,
Blue Hill & Tucker Roads by contacting:-

Miss Winifred Turnquest
Administrative Assistant
Blue Hill & Tucker Roads
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone No. 302-1170
Fax 190. 323-6852

Tenders are to be hand-delivered on or before 24 November 2006 by 3:30 p.;n
and addressed as follows:

The General Manager
Bahamas Electricity Corporation
Blue Hill & Tucker Roads
Nassau, Bahamas

Marked: Tender No. 607/06


The Corporation reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders.

As part of our commitment to employ 200 Baharniarm on
Our project we are seeking qualified Bahamians to apply
for the poshion of.


Responalbilities will-include:
+ So t ub n ac on tusMasnd ig nue a le s
club operations.
+ Producing monthly reports in a timely manner
Ability to work on own initiative is important.
Experience in a club I hospitality environment is a
requirement. Experience with Jonas would be an
advantage. Qualified CPA is a prerequisite. Fy
Salary and benefits will be based on experience and will
include health benefits. Only qualified applicargy need
Applications can 11e directed to:
--- -- illidllra Edwards
- Director, Hurnark Resource and Training
P.O. Box AB20766
Markh Harbour, Abaco
Or fedwards(iDbakershavelub.corn



In addition, plans include a
luxury boutique resort with
deluxe spa, and both fine casu-
al restaurants and a deepwater
marina capable of docking
yachts ranging from 20 to over
?00 feet in length. The marina is
expected to have 250-300 slips.
The marina wilfbe siiriolidl-
ed by a village centre of retail
shops and amenities.
The island, accessible by heli-
copter or boat, is to include a
Jack Nicklaus golf course and
clubhouse one of qnly 25 clubs
in the world which will be
selected by Mr Nicklaus per-
sonally and given this designa-
RoyalIsland is situated 190
miles east of Miami, and is a
10-minute ferry ride from North
The project-is-schEdiflM to
open in 2009, and is Kimpton's
first property in the Caribbean,
with construction expected to
start early next year.
"Royal Island is the ideal
location for our first Caribbean

project," said Kimpton chief
executive and president Mike
"As the largest player in the
burgeoning boutique lifestyle
hotel market, this overseas pro-
ject is a unique opportunity to
introduce our signature style
and personalised guest care in
partnership with an innovative
highly experienced and respect-
ed developer."
Initial indications suggest the
property will be another high-
end private residential commu-
nity, rather than a pure resort.
Cypress Equities previously
said the property is expected to
be "a high quality investment,
unlike anything else in the
Bahamas... and a new standard
for luxury living.
"EveryldeTail of the design
and placement of the homes,
and amemtles is being careful
considered to assimilate natu-
rally into this island paradise."
The boutique resort is unlike-
ly to be a major addition to the
Bahamas hotel inventory, but

is expected to be a boost to
Eleuthra's economy.
Cypress Equities company is
the aquisitation and develop-
ment affiliate of Staubach
Retail, focusing on projects
ranging from mid-size to large
scale retail centres. .
With development offices in
Dallas, Atlanta, New York,
Phoenix,1md San Francisco, it is
an dependent company with a
dedicated staff that focuses on
retail development, portfolio
acquisitions, build to suits, sale-
leasebacks and other develop-
ment services for retail mixed -
use and automotive proper-

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and
Galanis & Company

CPD Se rn in a r.

Ta nation AG Ioba I

Brmsh Colonial HHton Hotel
#1 Bay Steet, Nassau
Wednesday 29 November 2006
9t00am 1:00pm
Registration starts at 8.30 a.m.
The seminar will be conducted by Chas Roy-Chowdhury,
Head of Taxation at ACCAnHe has a degree in Applied Economics
and is a fellow ofACCA. He worked in public practice from 1980
until 1991 when.he joined ACCATechnical Department
He has made presentations on key international tax issues to
the European Parliament and international conference venues
as well as lectured for ACCA extensively on Anti Money Laundering,
IFRS and other programmeson ACCA courses and
for its tax exams in China .
To book or for information, please contact John Bain at Galanis & Co:
328-4540; Fax: 328-4377 or the ACCA Caribbean Office, Email:


Prepare and recommend credit proposals.
Perform maintenance and records management on existing
portfolios by liaising with relevant parties.
Initiate action on past dues accounts.
Design marketing initiatives to attract new business.
Conduct annual credit reviews.
Recommend and monitor adherence to credit policiesAnd
procedures. e-
Counsel and provide guidance to branch Credit Officers.
Review credit reports to determine trends and effectiveness
of procedures, policies and make recommendations for

, A Recommend debt compromises, forgiveness of debt and

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
+ BA/BSc in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Business
+ 5 7 years experience in Consumer and Commercial Lending
+ Strong analytical skills, particularly in the areas of accounting
' and credit assessment.
+ In depth knowledge of computers to use Bank's network and
its core banking applications to create presentations, reports
and correspondence.
+ Strong oral and written communication skills, in particular to
impart financial and credit information.

Benefits include: Competitive salary commensurate with
experience and qualifications; Group Medical (includes dental and
vision) and life insurance; pension scheme.

Interested persons should apply no later that November 30, 2006


$S00m investment

FROM page 1B

first resort development, we
searched diligently for a com-
pany that would offer our guests
incomparable service, quality
and hospitality. Kimpton brings
that to the table and a great deal
The project is expected to be
a $500 million investment,
Royal Island is presently a
440 acre undeveloped and unin-
habited island crowned by 30-
foot high cliffs near Spanish
Wells, possessing what Cypress
Equities said was the largest
natural, protected deep water
harbour in the Bahamas at its
Once cliiveloped, Royal
island will offer single family
estate sites nestled within firi-
vate enclaves most with ocean


banker in

(O IROney
FROM ae 1B
The Securities Commission
was Dominion Investments'
chief regulator, as it was an
investment services provider,
brokerage and financial services
advisor. The company was 100
per cent beneficially owned by
Mr Tremblay.
Ferrier Ltdlin Bank & Trust
Bahumasy earlier this at said
ittwas "mt exposed" to any risk
requiring them to take a provi-
sion in their 2005 financial state-
ments as a result of Mr Trem-
blay having been employed as
its managing director from
March 4, 2005, until his arrest.
The US indictment had ini-
tially alleged that among the
monies laundered through
Dominion Investments and
I taeda ,a naac aoun n th
elsewhere were the proceeds
from securities frauds, tax eva-
sion schemes, and cocaine, mar-
ijuana, and date rape drug sales.


The Manager, Human Resources & Training
Bank of The Bahamas International
P. O. Box N-7118
Nassau, Bahamas




Senior Sports Reporter
Jermaine 'Choo Choo' Mack-
ey showed that he has the
tools to be a contender in the
super iniddlesteight division.
. Minus Jr: was reflecting on
Mackey's!12-round utiani-
,mous decision loss that he
experienced at the hands of
Jean Pase:il on Saturday night
in IVIontreal, Canada.
."That was a good tough 12
rounder. He made a great
fight out of it," said Minus Jr.
who flew from New York City
where he worked in the corner
of Teacher 'Pain' Major on
Wednesday ni@t.
"He got knocked down in
the first round and in the sec-
ond round, but he was able to
boi around, trying to get away
froni the punches to make it a
longer fight."
.Down on the scorecard,
Minus Jr. said Mackey picked
up his momentum and secured
the fifth round as he backed
his opponent to the ring and
counter punched.
Pascal, according to Minus
.Jr., got his second wind and
used his hand speed to win a
couple more rounds before he
knocked down Mackey again
in the tenth.
--Choo Choo was able to
n wher the storm and he had
a good 11th round, although
he probably didn't do enough
to win it..But in the 12th, his
opponent won that round by
scoring more punches.."
Minus Jr. said First Class
Promotions will do whatever
they can to keep the fighters
active so that they can
improve their records and
hopefully get ting more expo-
ture for them in the future.
"We have now hit the world
stage and the world stage is a
stage where you need to be
re adv and you need to be
impressive," he reflected.
'If we can keep these guys
in the gym and active, we are

definitely not that far from
world renowned fighters. If
you look at Choo Choo and
how he basically made his
comeback in the fight and
took over, it's just a matter of
time before he is destined for
Once Major's 60-day sus-
pension is lifted, after he was
stopped in the third round by
Edgar Santana in New York
City on Wednesday night,
Minus said they will be look-
ing at getting him back in the
As for his performance,
Minus Jr. said Major was
doing well at the beginning of
the fight and he was out-box-
ing his opponent before things
started to change in the sec-
"I recognized that his eyes
were red and when he came to
the corner, he claimed that he
couldn't see that well," Minus
Jr. reflected. "He also had a
cut under his eye and I .was
tending to that.
"He went out there and was
boxing pretty well, but his eyes
was affecting him because he
wasn't moymg much. That's
when his opponent got some
punches in and the fight real-
ly turned against him."
Although she didn't get to
travel to New York to watch
Major, First Class Promoter
Michelle Minus said from
what she gathered from her
husband, Minus Jr., it was an
exciting bout.
"He told me that he was
winning the'first two rounds
of the ten-round bout, but he
had some problems with his
eyes and he couldn't see in the
third and he was stopped."
As for Mackey, who she
accompanied to Canada,
Minus said she felt he fought a
gKilatfight.Irifactshe noted
that it was the only bout that
werit the distance.
The main event only lasted
15 seconds. All the other fights
either got stopped in the first
or the second rounds.
"Everybody was in amaze-

formance, he has been invited

ment that the Bahamas came

map, but they were surprised

'hoo Choo' Mackev

1 S


petes in the PAC-10 con-
ference, under the NCAA
Currently, Beneby's per-
sonal best time of 1:00.96
seconds would have
ranked her second among
the Goldexi Bears 400m
hurdle runners and placed
her in the top 10 athletes at
the PAC-10 conference
Beneby has represented
the Bahamas at several
junior meets, including the
Carifta Games, where she
won a silver medal in the
300m hurdles, and a
bronze medal in the
The bronze medal in the
400m hurdles, won this
year at the Guadeloupe
Carifta Games, set a new
national junior women's
record, 1:00.97 seconds.
This coming season
Beneby is hoping to shave
a few seconds off her times
in her specialty, has she
moves towards her college



Junior Sports
MANY.ptople try to
stay away from the
water during the cooler
months, but not swim-
mers Nikia Deveaut
and Alana Dillette;
Deveaux, who com-
petes for the Universi-
ty of Kentucky, partici-
pated in her firy swim-
ming meet of the year,
the Nike Cup, held in
North Carolina this
past weekend.
Although she didn't
partake in any individ-
ual events, Deveaux
was able to assist het
school, which finished
fourth overall with 574
points in the relays.
The Bahamian
national team member
competed in the prom-
en's 400m freestyle
relay, with teammates
Heather Bradford, Jen-
ny Bradford and Lau-
ren Willis. The team
won the event in di time
of 3:20.93 seconds,
they were followed by
Florida State Universi-
ty in 3:24.05 seconds
and University of <
North Carolina's A
team in 3:25.46 sec-
Deveaux's nett meet
is set for December
2Iid, against Venderbilt:
women's swimniilig
While Deveaux con-

herself in the Auburn
Swimming family.
Competing for the
first time in the
Auburn colours Dil-
lette has already p6st
ed some impressive
times, which has
placed her on track in
qualifying for confer-
ence and nationals.

She currently has
times of 24.79 seconds,
52.97 seconds and
1:55.64 seconds in the
50, 100 and 200
freestyle events.
Her most recent
meet was at the Crim-
son Tide Aquatic Cen-
ter, where the women's
team defeated Alaba-
ma 148-78. She will
compete at the month's
end in the US Open,
alace in
:tte. Indi-

m ComrilN r



-c righted MatRial
Syndicated Content
T nl* ap*n not in man of .Ing
Available from Commercial News Providers
der modag centuq kfon lunch

* as we *


* L*


_ __

Add re8ss



CoasilMRM.mblisee Ambee aerlanda, WHOIER of the Dolphins audirikings drawing



PSCk 8

5 BOXING redeem himself next Friday
By BRENT STUBBS night at the Nirvana Beach,
Senior Sports Reporter Love Beach.
The Bahamas and World
AFTER suffering the first Boxing CounciPs Continental
ss of his professional boxing Boxing Federation's super mid-
areer on Saturday night, Jer- dleweight champion will high-
naine 'Choo Choo' Mackey will light First Class Promotions'
e back in the ring.trying to final bout for the year when lye

the third round of his fight in
New York City last Wednesday
"It was a great fight. It was a
very tough fight," said Mackey,
who avoided getting stopped
via the third knockdown in the
second round tq take the fight
to the distance.
"The fight could have gone
either way, but I definitely
made a mark in Canada and I'm
definitely looking forward to
the fight next Friday."
Mackey, whose win-loss
record dropped to 11-1, fought
against hometown favourite
Jean Nscal, who improved to
Against Osbourne, Mackey
will take on the Jamaican, who
is 5-19-1, Mackey said he's
eager to get back m the ring and
showed the Bahamian people
what they missed at his fight in
e'The fight went well, so I just
need to keep my conditioning
so I have the momentum when
I go into the next fight," he stat-
ed. "Pm really looking forward
to fighting next Friday night."
First pass Promoter Michelle
Minuarsaid all systems are go
for the show. She said they
changed the date from this Fri-
day at the Wyndham Hotel to
next Friday at Nlrvana Beach
because of the confirmation
they got from.Jamaica for
Osbourne to come to town.
In addition to the Mackey-
Osbourne bout, the co-main

Jamaica in an eight-rounder at
ddl h
supO e unde car Anthony
'Psycho' Woods, 4-4-0, will take
on Clifton 'the Bull' Lewis, 1-0-
0, from Jamaica in the junior
welterweight; Alpachino
'Banger' Allan, 1-0-0, will meet
Lloyd 'Hanger' Smith, 1-0-0, of
Jamaica in the middleweight;
Shimon 'Too Sweet' Bain, 3-0-0,
n ill fa ce Rudolph 'Cutting .
Hedge' Hed g e. 4-0-0, from
Jamaica and Henseley 'Bruis-
er' Strachan, 1-0-0, will battle
Derrick 'Castro' Sawler, 0-3-0
Minus said they are looking
forward to showcasmg Mack-
I think it will be a very excit-
ing match with him and the
a a n Hhamp he pro-
pleaser. I think the paiblic will
really want to see him perform
because he did a good job in
Minus said First Class Pro-
motions have also been getting
a lot of calls from persons who
wanted to know when Woods
will be in action agam.
"So we are really excited to
get him back m the ring," she

takes on the Jamaican champi-
on Anthoriy 'Destroyer'
Osbourne. *
Dubbed: "Invasion The
Bahamas Takes oil Jamaica,"
show was intended to have
Teacher 'Pain' Major as the
headliner, but he won't be able
to fight.after getting stopped in


with me some
key factors,
everything my
support crew
has instilled in
According to
Beneby, the
timetable she
has created for
herself was not
accepted fully
by some friends
who have the
luxury of more
Beneby; who

ted that her
schedule is hec'
NEBY with her parents tic at times, but
her level of dis-'
cipline and the drive for success is what keeps
her going. Unlike many other student-athletes,
who wait until theIr final year to sit examma-
tions, Beneby wasted no time, successfully
passing eight BGCSE with grades of A-C.
She added: "It is never easy, balancing all
two. But when you're placed with athletics and
academics you have to be able to separate the
important factors from the trivial things. Many
people might not believe it but I think this wHI
help me even more when I go offto school.
"I've learned hois to his the books when Iget
home from practice instead of going on the
phone or Internet. With the schedule I've cre-
ated I only have time to prepare for the next
day of school. I usually focus on my home-
work first and getting something to eat before
I make any other school preparations."
But it won't be any easy road for Beneby,
who will be entering an academic programme
that offers more than 300 degree programmes.
Although the University of California at
Berkeley is famous for their academic achieve-
ments, they have also enjoyed Olympic suc-
In the past two Olympic Games, 2000 and
2004, more than 67 persons affiliated with the.
school competed.
SEE page 8B

SEING able to
balance academics
inted problems for
many Bahandan stu-
dent-athletes, affect-
hag their chances of
securingscholarships o
to universities
But this hasn't

also became one of
ipeveral athletes this
year td be awarded a 8 NATALYA BE
(All scholarship to
one of the leading academic tertiary institu-
flons in the United States.
at Beneby, one of the Bahamas' top jumor ath-
letes, sealed the deal for a fully paid four year
Scholarship to attend the University of Cali-
prnia at Berkeley (Golden Bulldogs) in the fall
Of2007. She officially signed her letter of intent
on November,14th,
3 With a strong academic background and
steady improvements on the track, Beneby is
)eing praised by Chris Humas, Golden Bears
director of track and field, as she joins six oth-
tr athletes.
: She said: "It its an honour to be accepted into
A well respected college like the University of
Berkeley. This school is a prestigious coHege
and I will be looking forward to attending.
;f "Being awarded a scholarship to this school
wasn't easy at all, it took a lot of hard work and
dedication on all levels. All of my achieve-
absents would not be possible it it wasn't for
say coaches, parents and teachers at the St
Adrews College.
"The support I received from my family
psembers, whether it was in sports or academics
has kept me going so I would like to tell all of
them 'thank you' for their words of encour-
agement and, most importantly, support.
- "I think I will be able to start off college
frith a positive attitude because I am taking


1 As fdr the rest of the show
hhnus said. "Alphacino is also A
crowd pleaser, as is Shimon. So
it should be a very exciting
Despite the fact that Major's
loss to Edgar Santana hM hiin
sell ing a 60-day suspension,
Ahnus said Ihe show will still be

able to attract a good crowd of
"In all of our cards. \te hate
been alternating Jermaine and
Teacher in the main event,"
Mihus pointed out.
"So with Jermaine in Ihe
headline, I know it will be a
good show."

The winner of the under-15 girls division of the Bahamas Asso-
ciation of Athletic Associations' Colony Club National High School
C'toss Country Championships on Saturday at Haynes Oval was
Hixghnique Rolle and not Herrique Rolle, as reported in The Tri-
bune yesterday.
\\e apologies for the error.
Da Basement pulled off a 25-7, 25-11 and 25-17 victory over
the Scottsdale Cougars in the first of two games played on Monday
night at the DW Davis Gym. In the feature gable, Arison Wilson led
the defending champions Da Basement to a5-22, 25-23, 19-25 and
27-25 win over the Technicians.
NPVA action continued on Wednesday night. They will play
again on Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

:r~ :~


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