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Publication Date: November 8, 2006
Copyright Date: 2006
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Do what tastes right"





Voune 0 N.9 WDEDANOEBR ,210 RCE-5

a By RUPERT MISSICK Jr whatever appropriate appellate
Chief Reporter steps are considered necessary.
"Cabinet has at all times act-
GOVERNMENT denied ed according to law and
yesterday that it has caused a behmed with constitutional pro-
constitutional crisis and shown a pretty throughout. Steps are
"manifest disregard for the rule being taken to implement the
of law" by failing to conduct a decisions of the Cabinet. The
tri-annixal review of judges' Cabinet is satisfied that gov-
salaries. ernment's position in this mat-
The review schedule, man- terwillbeupheldandvmdicat-
datedbylawisdesignedspecti- ed through The appellate
ically to protect against the process of the courts.
unciermilling of the indepen- "The government reaffirms
dence of the judiciary. its commitment to the indepen-
In a controversial ruling dence of the judiciary and in no
issued by Justice John Lyons on way has it compromised the
Monday, it was claimed that the independence of the judiciary
government "deliberately" nor in any way is that indepen-
ignored a law designed to pro- dence now compromise," the
tect the constitutionalindepen- statement read,
dence of "that body of persons According to Justice Lyons,
whose to protect all per- one of the greatest shortfalls in
sons in the Bahamas against maintaining judicial indepen-
abuses of their constitutional dence is with regard to salaries
right." and conditions for judges anci
"If this was a deliberate act magistrates.
by the Cabinet, then (and there H' called it "a direct attack
is no dull edge to this), this must on those constitutional princi-
be considered a deliberate ples oresent in our constitution
attack on the independence of teal protect the civil rights of
the judiciary. And that, in turn, all in the Bahamas."
is an att. ak on the fundamental He said that a government
constitutional rights enjoyed by seeking tp strip the judiciary of
all persons of this country," he its independence as a means of
said. eliminating judicial restraints
If the move was indeed delib- against abuses of power can use
erate, Justice Lyons said that it salaries is its means of doing
poses other questions that. so, a practice that was recog-
demand "direct answers, not nized centuries ago," the judge
spin-doctored political rhetoric said.
or side-stepping flim-flam." Parliament, he said, in 2000.
In a response issued yester- aware of the need tp protect
day, government said the judicial salaries and conditions
Office of the Attorney General against diminution by the act of
is conducting a review of Jus- *
tice Lyons' ruling and will take SEE page seveH

1,' ( ( ("

Or you can rest easy knowing
St fli RVB EXC 0111 lilSLIGillCt
COVerage 110 Illutter Which
wa the wind blows.

Super Value

voice concern

over new rules
EMPLOYEES of the Super
Value food store chain say
they are worried that new
rules will affect their liveli-
hoods and could possibly lead
to termination of their jobs.
.4n inter-office memoran-
dum,- dated October 25, was
sent to store managers and
assistant managers, stating
that nety employees on pro-
bation with gold feelb should
take the gold out before their
probation period is up;
According to the memoran-
dum "gold teeth are a sign of
low class to the customers"
and prospective employees
would not be accepted if Ibey
have "gold showing in their
Also staff still on probation
weighing more than 150
SEE page 10



PRISON escapee Forrester
Bowe appeared in Senior Jus-
tice's Anita Allen's court yes-
terday to have his initial sen-
tencing reconsidered. Howev-
er, the hearing was adjourned
to November 10.
Bowe was involved in a
landmark ruling earlier this
year when the Privy Council
determined that the manda-
tory death sentence in The
Bahamas was unconstitution-
al. The Privy Council also
ordered that both Forrester
Bowe and Trono Davis, who
11ad filed the appeal, be sent
back to the Supreme Court
for their sentences to be
The high court quashed the
death sentences of both men.
the section of thePenalCode,
SEE page 10


5 TOURISTS had to walk around this fallen street lamp on Bay Street yesterday. The
lamp has been lying in the area for around two weeks now.
(Photo: FelipEMajor/Tribune staff)


Noboxiy does it better.



tevenson dies
only because of his ora-
torical skills and charis-
matic appeal but also
because of the courage'
intelligence, ingenuity and
passion he demonstrated
so brilliantly as the pub-
lisher and editor of the
Party's newspaper, The
Herald," Mr Christle said.
The Nassau Herald'
established as a tabloid in
1937 by the late Jack
Lowe, opposed the ruhng
SEE page six

Tribune Staff
ONE of the last living
founders of the Progres-
sive Liberal Party died on
Monday night at the age
of 92.
One of the pioneers in
creating party govern-
ment, Cyril Stevenson in
1953 joined forces with
William 'Bill' Cartwright
and the late HM (later Sir
I-lenry Milton) Taylor to

form the Progressive.Lib-
eral Party.
Today, Mr Cartwright is
the only surviving member
of that triumvirate.
. Rememberitig the
deceased as a "freedom
fighter" and a 'great
Bahamian", Prime Mims-
ter Perry Christie yester-
day said that he learned of
Mr Stevenson's death with
"Cyril Stevenson was an
influential member of this
founding triumvirate, not



1 Response af ~er Justice

PLP founding member Cr S1

Murder victim's father

tells of distress with

Jamaic;m authorities
Tribune Freeport Reporter
FREEPORT The father of murdered Bahamian stu-
dent Joseph Darius Burrows has expressed disappoint-
ment m Jamaican authorities for their handling of the
case-which has remained unsolved for two years with no
steady leads
In an effon to spark interest in the case, the Burrows
family is planning to travel to Jamaica before the of the
year to establish a reward of 5500,000 Jamaican dollars for
information leading to the arrest and conviction of his
son's killers.
Stephen Burrows, who has travelled to Jamaica sever-
al times to meet with authorities regarding the investiga-
don, says he is unhappy with their response.
"They will sit and talk with you, and they will be very
Intense in their enthusiasm about going out and finding,
and leaving no stone unturned. But, as soon as you are
gone and your back is turned, nothing is done. And this is
what I have experienced." he said.
"I have been to Jamaica three times and have spoken
with Organised Crime Division in Kingston, who are now
are responsible for the case. We have also gone to Man-
deville to talk to the police superintendent there who
. initially handled the case and be was always away."
Joseph Burrows, 22, was found dead near Manches-
ter, four days after his disappearance on November 6.
He was a medical student at the Northern Caribbean
University, a husband and a father.
Despite several strong early leads, Jamaican authorities
have been unable to name any suspects.
The case has now grown cold and no further leads have
A few weeks ago, famed Jamaican boxer Trevor
Barbick, who fought and defeated Muhammad Ali in
New Providence in 1981, was found murdered near his
home in Norwich, Jamaica.
Within a week, authorities arrested two men in con-
nection with the killing.
"I feel that police in Jamaica are not motivated suffi-
clently with cases they feel are not important," Mr Bur-
rows said. "They say it is because the criminal element has
guns bigger than theirs and as a result they feel they are
"But in a country where law and order is supposed to be
the rule of day, something\nust be done about the situa-
Mr Burrows hopes the reward will create a break in the
case and bring those responsible to justice, bringing some
closure to his family.

* In brief

Cuba sure
that UN will
US embargo

CUBA is confident that most
of the world will condemn the
(JS trade embargo against the
Island ma UN vote on Wednes-
day, but it doesn't expect any
change as long as US President
George W Bush remains in
power, according to Assoctated
Foreign Minister Felipe Perez
Roque said the United States
has repeatedly ignored the res-
olution m previous years and,
in the current political climate,
is n vae na mil-
limeter of ho e that the block-
ade will be reduced or weak-
ened in Bush's remaining two
years," he told The Associated
Press before flying to UN head-
quarters m New York via Cana-
da on Monday. To the con-
trary, we are prepared for per-
secution against Cuba to
The UN General Assembly
has condemned the US trade
and travel sanctions against
communist Cuba for 14 straight
years, urging the United States
to end the policy. Last year's
UN resolution was approvedby
a 182-4 vote.
The embargo severely affects
Cuba's economy, foreign trade,
and health, education and cul-
tural sectors. The Island's gov-
ernment says it has lost US$86
billion in traded since the first
US sanctions were imposed in
1960, a year after the Cuban
revolution thrust Fidel Castro
mto power.


:8.0 da

FIRE trucks raced to port
facilities and police recruits
writhed in make-believe pain
as part of a drill simulating an
al-Qaida attack on Bermuda,
according to Asssociated Press.
The largest terror response
drill ever staged in the British
territory had six extremists tak-
ing hostages and setting off
explosives after escaping from
Interpol custody from a ship in
the dockyard.
The four-day simulation,
which ended Saturday, was
ordered by Premier Ewart
Bi-own and Goy. Sir John
Vereker to test readiness for a
potential maritime attack.
Officials who monitored the
drill will evaluate the response
and highlight any problems, said
Maj, Brian Gonsalves of the
Bermuda Regiment.
Bermuda holds regular drills
to prepare the territory's army
and emergency services for hur-
ricanes. Although mock terror
attacks are rare, the wealthy
Atlantic enclave has simulated a
plane hijacking in smaller exer-
During the drill, soldiers pos-
mg as al-Qaida members held
people at gunpoint, cadets played
2:;oydo v nsof x
nated people simulating mjunes
from a chemical attack.

Cubans give

up to US
Chal ozeenA ualaensseeking

political asylum surrendered
Tuesday to U.S. authorities in
St. Thomas after paying a boat
captain to smuggle them into

Associated Press.

The migrants 15 men, nine
women were in good health
and were being transferred to
a detention center in neighbor-
ing Puerto Rico, said Ivan Ortiz,
a spokesman for U.S. Immigra-
tion and Customs Enforcement.
The smuggler, Who was not
apprehended, brought the 24
Cubans directly to St Thomas
in.ngr 6 -nm
standing "wet-foot, dry-foot"
policy, Cubans who reach US
soil are generally allowed to


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I FF e ... -9//// fth F fo//// ft


THE Bahamian government
should be demanding full
accountability from Jamaican
officials on the murder of Joseph
Burrows, it was claimed yester-
"A sovereign Bahamian
national, a member of an inde-
pendent country has been mur-
dered by nationals from another
country," said the victim's father,
Stephead Burrows.
"It is a matter regarding two
nations and the government of
that nation needs to demand an
explanation as to what has hap~
pened and hold the government
of the other country accountable
because my son was in Jamaica
attending school, and he should
have been under the protection
of the Jamaican government," he
Mr Burrows, a businessman on
Grand Bahama, is waning par-
ents to be extremely wary of
sending their children to study in
Jamaica because of the high
crime and murder rate in that
Although Mr Burrows and his
wife Maureen were aware that
Jamaica had its share of prob-
lems like any other country, they
never realized how "terrible"
crime was until their son was bru-
tally murdered two years ago.
Ifir Burrows explained that his
son lived in Mandeville, a low
crime area, was comfortable liv-
ing there, and told them not to
worry because serious crimes

fami of
Jo lyh
D seP
Bur ws
with a
trait of
murd er

only happened in Kingston,
Joseph's wife and daughter has
since moved to Freeport to live
with Mr Burrows and his family.
"I don't want his daughter to
return to Jamaica. She is all that
we have left of him and we want
his wife to be cared for the way
he would have wanted, in a safe
environment," he said.
Even though Jamaica is a
beautiful place and has some very
good institutions, Mr Burrows
stressed that crime there is out
of control. He discouraged
Babamia ns from going to
Jamaica for schooLing, on vaca-
tion, or to b e.
The island. which has a popu-
hation of 2.7 million, has one of
the highest murder rates in the

world. In 2005. there were 1,609
murders, breaking the previous
record in 2004, according to an
article on the website
"I understand, now, that there
are 40 to 60 people being killed
every month in Jamaica, which
are really terrible statistics. I
"I cannot recommend any
Bahamian student to go there.
The school that JD (his son) was
going to was an excellent school.
It stills an excellent school, but
it is like putting a gold coin in
the mouth of a volcano.
"While you may get a good
education going to that school,
the environment you are sub-
jected to is not conducive to your
own safety," Mr Burrows said.


PANAMA won a seat on
the UN Security Council with
the 48th ballot Tuesday after
US-backed Guatemala and
Venezuela, led by leftist anti-
American President Hugo
Chavez, dropped out to end a
deadlock, according to Associ-
Panama got 164 votes in the
192-member UN General
Assembly, more than the 120
needed to win a two-year term
stArting January l on the UN's
got 11 votes, Guatemala 4
votes, and Barbados 1 vote.
The race for the council seat,
4 h ich began October 16,
became highly political because
of the: US support for
Guatemala and Chavez' speech
at the General Assembly in
September in which he called
President Bush "the devil." A
number of countries said
Chavez' anti-Bush comments
hurt Venezuela's chances.
Guateniala led Venezuela in
all but one of the 47 ballots,
but could? muster the two-
thirds support needed to win
in the General Assembly. The

standoff was the third-longest
battle for a seat on the.Securi-
ty Colincil in the UN's 61-year
General Assembly President
Sheikha Haya Rashed Al
Khalifa, ivho announced the
results, said she was "delight-
ed" that all five new members
of the Security Council had
now been chosen Belgium,
Indqnesia, Italy, Panama and
South Africa.
Diplomats in the assembly
chamber burst into applause
when Panama's election was
Panama's election was vir-
tually assured last week when
the foreign ministers of
Guatemala and Venezueht met
and agreed to withdraw in
favor of the central American
nation, which they called a
bridge between the northern
and southern nations in Latin
America. The 34 Latin Amer-
ican and Caribbean nations
endorsed Panama as the
group's candidate on Friday.
Panama's UN Ambassador
Ricardo Alberto Arias has said
his country presented its name
in --a spirit of understanding
the different conflicts that there

are in the world, especially
those caused by cultural and
religious differences."
Because of Panama's very
diverse culture and its differ-
ent races and religion, he said
the country can "contribute to
peace and international stabil-
Arias stressed that together
with Peru, whose term on the
council goes through 2007,
Panama will defend the inter-
ests of Latin American and
Caribbean countries.
The Security Council has
five permanent members,-
Britam, China, France, Russia
and the US The other 10 seats,
filled for two-year terms, are
portioned out to the five Unit-
ed Nations regional groups.
The second highest number
of ballots was 52, set in 1960.
After that, the General Assem-
bly agreed to allow Poland and
Turkey to serve on the council
for one year each.
The record number is 155
rounds of voting, set in 1980,-
The General Assembly gave
up on Cuba and Colombia
af ter 154 rounds, a nd chose
Mexico on the 155th, in earl)'
January of that year.





Proced~s To B~Hene The AIDS Foundol~on Ot The Barhamas



Call fOr Bahamas

Panama wins seat on UN Security Counci

after Guatemala and Venezuela drop out

L... ~ ~t

ke ~

aohn Su~ll

r I I I r ICI


py // //
*J)P f/ F / Efff

, 7; { ] ,

Established in 1956 by an old Bahamian family
Parliament Street (near Bay St.) Tel: 322-8393 or 328-7157
Fax: 326-9953
Crystal Court at Athntis, Paradise Island Tel: 363-4161/2
Lyford Cay (next to Lyford Cay Real Estate in
Harbour Green Holise) Tel: 362-5235





Tribune Staff Reporter
ANOTHER experienced .
contractor has spoken out
against the "ring of corruption"
alleged to exist within the Min-
Istry of Housing.
He claims that despite having
informed the attorney gener-
al's office and senior housing
officials about the individuals
responsible, nothing has been
The contractor alleges that
a small group of corrupt indi-
viduals are holding builders "at
their mercy" financially, with
the consequence that both they
and the owners of government
housing, suffer.
Extremely pleased that the
issue had been brought to the
public's attention in Monday's
Tribune, the man said he is
"passionate" about the need to
remedy the situation.
"Bahamians are losing out,

and we (contractors) are los-
ing out," he said.
And, as noted in Monday's
Tribune, less affluent Bahami-
ans in need of government
housing suffer the most from
the alleged scheme.
For contractors, the loss of
money at various stages of the
building process leads to an
inability to pay workers and a
struggle to make'a profit.
For homeowners, the extra
money that certain corrupt offi-
cials have demanded of the
contractors translates into
shoddily built homes,
Having paid out to officials
on top of their anticipated
expenses, some contractors are
forced to cut corners in terms
of materials leading to poor
construction,. the source
Meanwhile other, less
scrupulous contractors, .have
used the fact that they can pay
certain officials off to get away

with leaving homes in a techni-
cally unfinished state.
This is said to be at the root
of ongoing problems being
faced by homeowners some
of whom are having to person-
ally fund corrections to their
new homes.
The officials have created a
situation in which the quality
of work done by contractors
becomes less relevant than
their ability to keep up with the
demanded payments, said the
The man also blames his
refusal to pay corrupt officials
for the trouble he exgie-
riencing in getting his retention
payment back, which is now
four months overdue.
Meanwhile, other contrac-
tors who finished their work
after the man, but were known
to have made.paid offs, have
already received payment. ..
In terms of figures, the
builder said that one of these

unofficial "payment schemes"-
which, it is claimed, are consis-
tent throughout all housing
subdivisions may have
allowed at least $1,500 per
house to be "creamed off."
In a hoi1sing subdivision with
anythmg between 100 and 200
houses, this means a total of
$150,000 to $200,000 may be
being illegally collected during
the building process, he
Corroborating claims made
by another contractor wishing
only to be known as Herman in
Monday's Tribune, the man
said that corrupt individuals
have devised separate scheme
through which they demand
that "experimental" alterations
- that is, ones not specified in
the cohtract-are made to each
house. This work, done at the
"additional" but is in fact com-
pulsory lest the contractors
be more severely penalised.

Later, contractors are often
repaid only two-thirds of the
cost of the alterations, he said.
The builder, in line with Her-
man, said it is widely believed
that the other third of the extra
contracted cost goes into the
pocket of those who declared
the necessity of the additions.
According to the builder -
who worked on houses for
Arawak Homes, Treasure
Cove, and Cavalier Construc-
tion before taking government
jobs he was never asked to
build in this way in the private
The contractors are held
"between a rock and a hard
place", he said, as they are
forced to choose between los-
.ing some of their money to
these demands, and in many
cases produce lower quality
work, or lose everything as
the corrupt officials have the
power to get their contract ter-

a By Tribune Staff Reporter
TODAY The Tribune will
issue an official request in writ-
ing for a list of all persons
granted permanent residence
in the Bahamas from August
11, 2006 the date that US
celebrity Anna Nicole Smith's
application for permanent res-
idence was filed.
The request comes in the
wake of claims by Immigration
Minister Shane Gibson that
the 21 working days it took for
Ms Smith's application to be
approved was an example of
improved efficiency .at the
The Tribune has asked that
the dates that the approved
applications were submitted
also be included so that a com-
parison can be made between
the length of time Ms Smith's
residence was gr anted and tlidt
of other recent applicants.
In this way an assessment
can be made as to whether
.there is genuine evidence to
support Mr Gibson's assertions

In September, the ptiblica-
tion of the surprising swiftness
with which the department of
immigration dealt with Ms
Smith's application- and the
implication that Mr Gibson
himself was personally
involved in facilitating her
request resulted in numer-
ous complaints beihg made to
The Tribune from angry mem-
bers of the public who sensed
that their own applications had
not received the same level of
Among other personal sto-
ries, the October 2nd edition of
INSIGHT reported the tribu-
lations of a 20 year old, born to
foreign parents, who has lived
in the Bahamas for 25 years,
been educated solely in the
B ahamas, and whose own
application for permanent res-
idence has teeillibfore the
department for two years
"For Ms Cassy," ,said
INSIGHT, "official status is
.escaping the frefletic hustle of
Hollywood, as was the case

with Anna Nicole .Smith,."
instead, i't is about a "properly
established sense of identity."
The decision to issue the
request in writing comes after
repeated unsuccessful attempts

to contact Immigration Director
Vernon Burrows at his office
The Tribune will await the
lists and will publish details as
they become available.


in a Selection
from our
Fabulous Designer
a .


on Saturday
18th November. 2006
British Colonial Hilton

that the expediti6us ($id
ing othYi h'jiyilifatidfitiYTif
example of a higher jusneral
level of efficiency within the
department, or if, has
been alleged, Ms Smith
received favoured treatment.

,Tribune Freeport
Reporter .
Bahama could be a possible
location for the shooting of a -
new television show similar to
the popular TV series Bay-
Grand Bahama film studio
executive Patil Quigley, chief
oper ating officer at the
Bahamas Film Studios, said
he is producing an action
adventure television show
entitled BASRA, which was
inspired by some of the real
life heroic stories of rescue in
the Bahamas.
He said that casting for the
show would be 100 per cent
Bahamianwith the exception
of odd appearances by guest
st s. .
I am very excited About
this because it would be a

Bahamian production, and I
am confident that we will be
able to find lead characters in
the Bahamas from any of the
islands," said Mr Quigley.
He said that the prime time
show will be based on actual
BASRA events. and rescues
and will feature five lead char-
acters, including three men
and two women.
"We would be looking for
athletic people who can swim
and dive, and who are very
attractive," Mr Quigley said.
Mr Quigley, who is present-
ly in Canada, expects to nego-
tiate deals for the TV show
with major broadcasters in the
United States and Canada,
who have expressed interest
in the concept.
. If successful, he said the
show will be the first major
television series to be shot as a
13ahamian production.
The filming of Disney's

block buster movies Pirates of
the Caribbean II and III on
Grand Bahama has put the
island or the map as a major
movie destination.
Mr Quigley said that the tele-
vision series BASRA could pro-
mote and boost tourism on
Grand Bahama. He noted that
TV series such as Hawaii Five-
O and Magnum PI have signifi-
cantly boosted tourism in
He noted that the tourism
industry in Hawaii was minimal
until those popular TV series
aired in the 1980s. "It was.unbe-
lievable how tourism just leaped
after those series aired," he said.

COntractor backs reports of the

e In brief




Santo Domingo
A LIGHT earthquake shook
resorts and the countryside in
the northern Dominican
Republic on Tuesday, but no
injuries or damage has been
reported, officials said, accord-
ing to Associated Press' .
The quake struck mountams
between Puerto Plata and the
small town of Tamboril in San-
tiago province at about
10.11am, the U.S. Geological
Survey said. The area is located
86 miles north-northwest of
Santo Domingo.
The U.S. agency measured a
4.5 magnitude quake, while
Dominican officials measured
it at 5.0 on the Richter scale,
said Dominican seismology ana.
lyst Juan Varias.
The quake was also felt in the
country's second-largest city,
Santiago, and the towns of LA

Jose Luis German.
The country is located near
the intersection of the
Caribbean and North Ameri-
can tectonic plates and smaller
hi 1si launder t eDo n
can Republic and Haiti.

I~a rmers ca II
for action on

g la nt Sna il

A BREED of giant, raven-
ous snails that first appeared in
Barbados five years ago has
thrived on the tropical island,
destroying crops aiid proitipt_
ing calls for the government to
eliminate the slimy pests,
A nocturnal "snail hunt" last
weekend reported finding mil-
lions of giant African snails

r ,hteh c ta sahgrf
cultural heartland where farm-
ers had cornplaitled of damage

popt including sugar cane
"We saw snails riding on each
other's backs and moving in
clusters," said David Walrond,
chairman of the local emer-
gency response office that orga-
mzed the nocturnal hunt. ''In
some cases we saw areas of 20
to,30 square feet with hundreds
of thousands of snails.','
The Barbados Agricultural
Society said the count reveallid
the scale of the problem for the
first time and urged the gov-
ernment to set up a task force to
eradicate the snallpoptilation.
The snails, about the size of a
human hand,.are known to con-
sume as many as 500 different
plants and their mucous can
transmit meningitis and other
The snails, native to Africa
but also found in parts of Asia,
have been discovered in other.
Caribbean islands, including St.
Lucia, Martiftique and Guade
1 oupe.

Tribune to request immigration records

Grand Bahama filmmaker plans

=~Y ~)

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Being Bound to Swear to The Dogrnas of No Master
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private properties. Would the
MP concerned wish to specu-
late on the cause of the many
fires which unfortunately
occurred during this year and
If he noticed on TV news
during the past week there was
a major forest fire near Los
Angeles, which caused major
damage to property. There is
also an election for Governor
of California. However, there
were no stupid remarks about
the fire being politically moti-
A whole shopping plaza on
Mackey Street was recently

EDITOR, The Tribune
I could have predicted the
type of response by the MP who
is trying to create some mis-
chief. How is it that when the
Straw Market fire occurred,
which also happened prior to
General Elections and which
caused tremendous damage not
only to the market but also to
adjacent properties, nobody in
Government made the stupid
remark that maybe the then
party in opposition caused the
In view of the remarkable
difference in responses, it can
also be suspected that some-
one wanted to make it look as
if politics was involved. That
is most offensive if one con-
siders the many pranks perpe-
trated at public schools and

destroyed by fire. Was this polit-
ically motivated?
Today is Guy Fawkes night
and Halloween was celebrated
over the weekend. This period
prior to elections is known as
the "Stupid Season"* when
many idiotic remarks .are
made. To the MP concerned,
please do not insult our intelli-
gence with your need to find a
subject fors your remarks to
assist your contentious cam-
paign. People must now be
aware of your tactics by now. I
hope that no one, either in pub-
lic office or private individual, is
drawn into the destructive line
of thinking that this MP has
November 5 2006

LONDON- When Britons reflect on con-
flicts past, the war of choice is World War II
when plucky Britain stood alone against the
might of Hitler- their finest hour as Winston
Churchill called it a war in which the British
and their come-lately Allies finally prevailed.
Britons would rather forget their disas-
trous last gasp of empire 11 years after that
victory: the invasion of Suez, the 50th
anniversary of which is now upon them.
Anthony Eden, the British prime master
at that time, had come to regard Egypt's
Gamal Abdel Nasser as an implacable engine
of destruction, threatening every interest the
West had in the Middle East -- ready to cre-
ate an Arab empire that would inevitably
turn all the region's oil wealth over to the
The French thought they could hold on
to what was left to them in North Africa if
Nasser could be stopped from aiding and
abetting the rebellion in Algeria. Israel, then
only eight years old, saw a chance to humble
the most formidable Arab power aligned
against the country, and gain some territory
as well. Israel's prime minister, David Ben-
Gurion, had wider ambitions than Suez. He
dreamed of annexing southern Lebanon up
.JO.._ttlentatad Ri\.e.r. take .(he WpatJiank,
which belonged tolordan.and give the rest
of Jordan.toJraqthen in the hands of a
Hashemite king.
So it was that the three powers cooked up
a secret deal that involved Israel seizing the
Sinai, with the British and French grabbing
the Suez Canal, which Nasser had annexed
earlier that year, pretending only to insert
themselves between the warring Egyptians
and Israelis in the name of keeping the peace.
How all this "magical thinking" failed
when President Eisenhower said no is
Woollacott titled "After Suez, Adrift in the
American Century." The parallels with
today's Anglo-American attempt to force
the West's will on the Middle East are
"Like Suez, the intervention in Iraq in
2003 was intended not only to bring down a
hostile leader but to have an exemplary affect
on the whole region," Woollacott writes.
"Like Suez, it was intended to demonstrate a
capacity to dominate and control." The dif-
ference is that today there is no "great kin-
dred spirit waiting in the wings to pick up the

pieces" that the worn out and no longer for-
midable British and French had broketi.
Eisenhower saw that Eden was inflating
Nasser into a much more powerful enemy
than he was, or could be. "The irrationality of
British fears in the 1950s had its parallel in
America in 2003 when the dangers repre-
sented by Osama bm Laden on the one hand
and Saddam Hussein on the other were both
exaggerated and conflated," Woollacott
One can hear the echoes of Eden in Pres-
icient Bush'sfears of an evil empire-like Mus-
lim caliphate from Indonesia to Spain as if
Islamic extremists hqd the remotest possi-
bility of achieving such a goal.
"It is not that there is no threat at all -
that would be a foolish argument," Woolla- .
cott writes. "But sensing a threat is different
from identifying it, and identifying it is dif-.
ferent from a measured response to it."
One can hear the echoes of the Suez deba-
cle today in Iraq because the United States,
like the British at Suez, forgot "that force not
skilfully shaped to a realistic political end is
not a solution to anything," Woollacott
writes. "Britain in 1956 had technical military
superiority but neither the political authori-
11. nor the pollical understanding tp make
\\ar effectate." Like 1;he British at Suez,
"those who controlled the American gov-
ernment in 2003 had come to assign a role to
force that force alone could not fill. The
same was true of the Israelis as they
ploughed into Lebanon in the summer of
America's support pf Israel's march into
Lebanon revealed that the Bush adminis-
tration had lost none if its faith in force as a
"clarifying" agent despite its failures in Iraq.
Woollacott recalls the cultural scene of 50
years ago when fantasies, such as James
Bond, filled the gap between the memory
and reality of British power. When Eden fell
from grace after Suez, he chose to lick his
wounds in the Caribbean home of Bond's
creator, lan Flemmg.
The historic legacy of Prime Minister Tony
Blair of Britain and Bush is more likely to
resemble that of the hapless Eden than
Churchill, whom the president is said to
(* This article is by H.D.S. Greenway of
The Boston Globe @ 2006)

EDITOR, The Tribune
PLEASE allow me a few
lines to comment on the ''To
The Point" Column in October
31, 2006 of, The Tribune The
columnist makes the statement
"They (the PLP) started off
abusing the high office -of
Speaker by appointing some-
one who was not qualified to
fill that office and demand the
respect that is due."
In referring to "Speaker," the
columnist means Speaker of
The House of Assembly, Mr
Osygg Ingraham, Member of
No name is called but it is
undoubtedly Mr Ingraham to
whom reference is made. This is
at least the second time that I
have read this type of disparag-

ing comment about Mr Ingram
ham in this column.
.The columnist claims that
someone who was not qualified
was appointed to hold the high
office of Speaker. This raises an
interesting question: What qual-
iiied someone to hold such a high
and influential office? One would
immediately think of education,
perhaps a university degree and
years of experience. However, I
wish to add an abstract but more
important qualification: Person-
al character. .
- It may be true that Mr Ingra-
ham does not hold a university
degree and is a newcomer to
ever, what he may lack in for-
mal education is well compen-
sated for in personal character
and high reputation.

Mr Oswald in graham is a
prominent businessman in Rock
Sound, a senior churchman in
his hometown of Tarpum Bay
and is a prominent and active
citizen of South Eleuthera. He
brings a high level of integrity to
his position as Member of Par-
liament and Speaker of the
House of Assembly. Further-
more, for the first time since the
early 1970s we are finally seeing
some much needed develop-
ment in South Eleuthera. If this
does nots demand respect,
please tell me what does.
I am honoured to have
known Oswald Ingraham for
many years and to'count him
as one of my friends.
October 31, 2006.

EDITOR, The Tribune
ON Tuesday, November 1,
2006, you printed a letter, pur-
portedly written by one Whit-
ney Rolle, under the caption,
"Has the YEAST Programme
for boys been sold to the PLP?"
Mr Rolle,1ike other Bahami-
ans, is welcomed at anytime to
any information about the
YEAST Institute. Every title of
data is public information.
He does not, nor does any
other Bahamian, need to pos-
tulate a speculative thrust about

what Deacon Lloyd, YEAST
or the Roman Catholic Arch-
diocese is doing in this country.
As the Catholic Church has
done for the past one hundred
and twenty years, and YEAST
for the past ten years, as we do
today, we shall continue to
effect the transformation of
human lives into the pristine
. realization of their natural
inheritance the Divine
To our Brother, Mr Rolle,
please be not for one moment
conf used; f or we neither

observe nor respect demarca-
Otherwise in service to laur
In pursuit of that inviold41
objective, we have and will co
tinue to work with governments
and all subdivisions of Civil
Executive Director, YEAST
November 2 2006

JO need for

A misguided faith mn force

IR defeHOO Of the Speaker of the

NO HOOd IOr SUSpic xon on YEAST

Praise for


by Sir Jack


EDITOR, The Tribune
I AM truly pleased that the
Honorary Chairman of The
,GraSn Bahama PodlAu hod
ken his silence on matters relat-
ed to the ownership of that
company. I can only imagine
the uncertainty that staff mem-
bers at the Port must have been
experiencing before Sir Jack's
stat ment.ressed intent to con-
tinue developing Grand
Bahama and his confidence in

",",HannesstBablack wapgtoa
(aiadna k cloud hanging over
It is my hope that those who
have so aggressively tried to
exploitthedeathof agreatman
like Mr Edward St George will
island where they reside and
leave those of us here in
Freeport to continue to take on
our challenges as we have so
strongly over the past 50 years.
God Bless The Bahamas, and
God Bless The Grand Bahama
Port Authority.
October 2006


St John's
ANTIGUA is sending checks
to thousands of pubhe employ-
ees who were not paid their full
wages more than a decade ago,
the Caribbean country's finance
mimster said Tuesday, accord-
ing to Associated Press.
Previous cash-strapped
administrations failed to pay
wages totaling US$125 million
to workers who have been wait-
ing for compensation since
1994, Antiguan Finance Minis-
ter Errol Cort said.
"Not withstanding the fact
that these (debts) go back to
1994, we as a government are
committed to meeting these
obligations," he said.
The money is coming out of a
US$150 million windfall from a
- bond sale on the regional stock
exchange earlier this year.
Some US$8 millionalready
has been distributed to work-
ers, some of whom are retired,
Cort said. The remaining wages
to be paid on a monthly basis
startmg m January.


The Tribune wants to hear
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neighborhoods. Perhaps
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good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, callus on 322-1986
and share your story.

I n. brief

LIGHTBOURN REAL~TYCodelBneTe:223383*Fa:223382*emi:ifcodebnkrhmscm




WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEH t6, 2uutj, r-wet- s


5 By Tribune Staff Writer
SECURITY officers at the
Lynden Pindling Internation-
al Airport are reportedly in an
uproar over the police's deci-
sion to release 15 Americans
in connection with a case of
alleged trespassing and steal-
It is claimed that Americans,
with a Bahamian woman, were
allegedly found helping them-
selves to supplies from the
closed cafeteria in an aban-
doned departures terminal
while waiting for delayed
flights on Sunday night. -
It was initially claimed that a
Bahamian woman involved in
the incident was the only per-
son detained and charged while
the foreigners were released.
However, a spokesperson for
the airport police branch said
no one has been detained or
charged in connection with the
An employee of Bahamas
Security, a private firm which
supplements the security detail
at the Pindling International
Airport, gave The Tribune his
version of how the incident
unfolded. .
Late Sunday night, two
Bahamasair flights to Miami-

one at 7.45pm and one at 8.15 -
were each delayed by an hour,
he said.
Cafe in the Clouds was*
closed and'all staff had left by
7.30pm, the security officer
"Some time later, a cleaner
went up and saw tourists in the
cafe area and some behind the
bar. They were eating food and
drinking juice," the source
claimed. "She called the Air-
. port Authority, Bahamas Secu-
rity and the airport police."
He said that when the offi-
cers confronted the group of
travellers, a man admitted to
being the "ring leader" and
said he broke into the cafe and
encouraged the others to fol-
low him.
According to the security
guard, the matter was then
turned over to the police offi-
cers on duty.
"They broke in, so we're
thinking now that everyone is
going to be charged by the
police. Come to find out .
they let all the Americans go -
all," he complained. "Every-
one at the airport kilows about
this and people are outraged.
How is that justifiable? If they
were in the States, this would
never have happened."

5 THERE has been
anger reported at Lynden
Pindling International
Airport over a group of
Americahs being
released after
allegedly stealing

When contacted about the
incident, Sergeant Flowers of
the airport police branch said
he was aware that something
had taken place on the night
in question, but could not say
exactly what.
He said that he had heard
the version told to The Tri-
bune, but could not confirm if
trespassing or stealing in fact
took place,
Sgt Flowers said no official
complaint has been made to
the police and that investiga-
tions into the matter are con-
When asked if allowing sus-
pects to leave the country
before deciding whether to
bring criminal charges wits a
good idea, Sgt Flowers pointed
out that the government is par-
ty to a treaty which allows
prosecutors to request the
extradition of US nationals to
face charges brought against
them in the Bahamas. .

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tioh of methadone and two anti-
The results of official toxicol-
ogy tests and a police investi-
gation into his death have not
been released.

e 8

1.800 SQ. FT AND 2,000 SQ. FT. 3 BED 3.5 BATH



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Sgt Flowers said officials at
the Airport Authority were in
a position to confirm more
details about the incident.
However, when contacted by
The Tribune, a senior official at
that office said the matter is in
the hands of the police.
Calls to managers of Cafe in
the Clouds were not returned
up to press time last night.

Anna Nicole Smith has been
discharged from the hospital
where she spent a week receiv-
ing treatment for pneumonia,
an attorney for the reality TV
star said Tuesday.
Physicians at Doctors Hos-
pital released the 38-year-old
former Playboy Playmate on
Monday after determining that
her collapsed lung had sta-
bilised, attorney Wayne
Munroe told Associated Press.
Smith, who checked into the
hospital October 30 With iniin
in her side, was staring at the

same facility in September
when she gave birth to a
daughter, Dannielynn, and her
adult son died while visiting
her three days later.
"I think it takes quite some
time to recover from a col-
lapsed lung, and you have to
keep up the breathing exercis-
es for some time," Munroe
said. "But she's shown a high
threshold for pain, having been
through so much recently."
After leaving the hospital,
Sinitli fethnibd'tb'tlid MStei-
frofithdnidtTidt liks bedh the'

subject an ownership dispute
between her and a South
Carolina businessman,
Munroe said. Ben Thompson
has said that Smith has not
honoured an agreement to
pay the mortgage. He is seek-
ing her eviction from the gat-
ed mansion known as "Hori-
Smith's 20-year-old son,
Daniel, died at his mother's
bedside on September 10. A
pathologist who conducted a
private autopsy said he died
from the accidentaYeombina-

Yb~re ~i~ctc~


. f:t



PHASE V ecfotBilig-3Bd35Bah-200S.F

Airport security staff outraged. by

Anna Nicole discharged from Doctors



Construction To Beging March 2007
1,800+ Sq. Ft 3 Bed 3.5 Bath With Partial Ocean Views

For More Information, Brochures,
Floor Plans And Viewings Call:





* 3+ years retail management experience
* Good leadership, organizational and peof
* Must be honest, reliable and friendly
* Flexibility to work various shifts


* Commensurate with both skills and expel

Interested persons should hand deliver app

Arawak Homes
East Shirley Street and Highlan
Attention Franon Wilso
or email: fwilson@arawakhor

Kindly include two referee
All applications are received at Art
Office, East Highland.Te
November 17th 2006

Downtown store seeks 191anager with the following qualities:


* 3+ years retail management experience
* Good leadership, organizational and people skills
* Must be honest, reliable and friendly
* Flexibility to work various shifts


* Commensurate with both skills and experience

Interested persons should hand deliver applications to:

Arawak Homes
East Shirley Street and Highland Terrace
Attention Franon Wilson
or email:

Allapplication oi u e eod e HomesHead
Office, East ShirleyNStreet at Highland Terrace no later than

death, yet another hero of
the struggle for political
and social justice in the
Bahamas has passed away. 4
He was a freedom fighter
of the first rank and there
are now very few of them
left," Mr Christie said.

In 1982, Mr Stevenson
was invested as a Knight
Commander and Knight
Grand Cross of Malta.
During the time of his stay
on the Mediterranean
island, the Bahamas was
officially designated as a
vice-priory of the Knights
of Malta.
Mr Stevenson's English
wife, June, was also made a
Knight Dame of Grace at
that time.
The order has a 900-year
history and holds one of
the oldest sovereign titles
in Europe and is officially
recoghised by 38 nations.
Mr Stevenson was cited
by the order for a "lifetime
o ccour lec ser
ple of his nation.
On behalf of the govern-
ment and people of the
Bahamas, Prime Minister
Christie extended his deep-
est condolences to Mr
Stevenson's widow and

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The Tribtine wants to hear
from people who are
making news ill their
Belgill)Ollfiloods. Perhaps
yOil are falSIBg funds for a
good museum i g

Tsodcall us on 322-1986
and share your story.

SmartChoice, 2006 FORD EXPLORER


regarded as a cover-up.
"This whole business has
been one big whitewash from
start to finish," he told fellow
MPs. "People in high places
know who the killer is. It is time
the true facts were brought out
into the open, so that this night-
mare of violence this colony has
suffered for 16 years can be
Mr Stevenson was referring
to a series of mysterious deaths
which occurred in the aftermath
of the Oakes killing.
It was widely suspected that
anyone who knew too much
about Sir Harry's demise were
being eliminated by local forces
protecting the killer. .
Mr Stevenson's suspicions
were reinforced the day after
his speech, when a bullet was
fired through his office window.
Had he been at his desk, it s

possible he would have become
another victim.
Sir Harold Christie, tired of
the accusations being made
against him, briefed lawyers in
an attempt to silence the "infer-
ential calumny" he said was
ruining not only his own name,
but that of the Bahamas.
In Blood and Fire, a book
about the Oakes case by Tri-
bune managing editor John
Marquis, Sir Harold's response
was described thus:
"For one so mellow, the out-
burst was impassioned and
seemingly heartfelt. It was as if
years of mounting exasperation
had become a lava flow from
his soul."
Mr Stevenson's speech also
prompted a response from Nan-
cy Oakes, daughter of Sir Harry
and ex-wife of the only man to
stand trial for his murder -

ONE of the most controver-
sial moments in the colorful
political life of Cyril Stevenson
the Sir Harry Oakes murder
case to be reopened.
In the House of Assembly,
he dramatically announced that
the killer was sitting among
them, but said he would not
abuse his parliamentary privi-

lege by naming him.
He was referring, of course,
to Sir Harold Christie, the
prominent Bahamian reactor
who died in 1973 with the shad-
ow of the Oakes case of 1943
still hanging over him,
In calling for a new investi-
gation, Mr Stevenson resorted
to all his usual oratorical flour-
ishes in denouncing what he

SCYRIL Stevenson~

effort now being made to clear
this u crteegardle oftwho mishht
ea y ,
told The Tribune.
Irrfact, Scotland Yard detec-
tives did fly in from London to
make further inquiries. But
there was no new evidence to
justify another trial.

Count Alfred de Marigny, who
was acquitted after a Supreme
Court trial.
She, too, expressed disquiet
about the failure to catch her
father's killer,
"For the good of the coun-
try, and for justice and decency,
they should insist on a vigorous

formed and soon gained an
anti-establishment stance
in t'hi 1950s and 1960s
when it was taken over by
the fledgling PLP and
became the party's mouth-
The .prime minister
described Mr Stevenson as
the party's "great commu-
nicator" at a time when
"the voices of resistance
and protest in the Bahamas
were in desperately short

"He was a man utterly
without fear in his daily
battles with the political
oligarchy of the period.
Whether on the floor of
the House of Assembly as
representative for Andros
or in the editorials of The
.Herald, or on public plat-
forms, Mr Stevenson was a
fiery apostle for progress
and an uncompromising
opponent of the racism,
political tyranny and eco-
nonsteep ss that con-
day in the Bahamas of the
1950s and early 60s," Mr
Christie said.
The prime minister par~
ticularly .pointed out that
in 1956 Mr Stevenson
formed a part of the.very
first group of men ever to

be elected to the House of
Assembly under the ban-
ner of the PLP. This group
was known as the "Magnif-
icent Six".
Mr Stevenson served as.
the PLP's secretary-gener-
al from the party's incep-
tion until he was ousted at
the PLP's annual conven-
tion in 1963.
He was also the PLP rep-
resentative for Andros in
the House of Assembly
from 1956 until he resigned
from the PLP in 1965.
Mr Christie said that'
although differences with
the leadership of the PLP
led to Mr Stevenson's
alienation from the party
prior to the attainment of
Majority Rule, "there can
be no .denying that the
groundwork that he helped
- bl
layeproved indisnsamoev
ment "
The prime -minister said
it was "a source of great
satisfaction for party sup-
porters" when Mr Steven-
son decided to return to
Oparenolhdein thual
serve as head of Bahamas
Information Services "and
to perform other important
work for the government
ahd people of the
"With Mr Stevenson's


Shots ir ed through his

PLP 0 Un ing mem er

FROM pae one

Starting @


Chief Reporter
COMMENTS made by "one
of the highest legal officers" in
the country give a "chilling pic-
ture" of the contempt for judi-
cial independence that current-
ly exists, Justice John Lyons said
in a ruling.
Justice Lyons described a
press release on the govern-
ment's Swift Justice initiative
issued by the official as a "self-
promoting piece of headline
He was referring to a story in
the October 9 edition of The
Tribune, in which Deputy
Director of Public Prosecuti Cheryl Grant-Bethel, included a
report detailing an increased
conviction rate for crimintil cas-
es. Mrs Grant-Bethel attributed
this increase to the "swift jus-
tice" campaign launched by
Attorney General Allyson May-
Mrs Bethel's report reviewed
the proceedings in each judge's
court during the three-month
sitting under review.
"To even contemplate writ-
ing a press release like that (let
alone actually releasing it to the
public) clearly shows that its
author has no concept of judi-
cial independence, no idea of
its importance and above all
absolutely no respect for the
judiciary," the judge said.
Justice Lyons said that no
permission or authority was
granted for the review by either
the judges pr the chief justice.
He said by naming the judges
concerned rather than simply
identifying the criminal jurisdic-
tion generally, the press release
appeared to take the.form of a
- comparative review of eachindi-
"One review was particularly
galling. The honourable jildge
concerned, (not Justice Lyons)
satfewer days because he was
doing relieving duties," he said.
However, Justice Lyons said
that when not engaged in crim-
inal trials, the judge in question
attends to "his busy schedule of
civil matters".
"Had the deputy director
bothered to check she would
have been able to present a
truthful account for the public.
Instead her review was mis-
leading and unfair" Justice
Lyons said. .
He skid it seems 1;hat Mrs
Grant-Bethel intends to under-
take a tri-monthly review
"niuch like a school master's
report or a human resources
manager's report" of what is
happening in a named judge's
The judge said that he has


5 MP liENY.1ITA Gibson is to appear in court on Nosember 27(b answer claims that
he is the lusher of the child of Demeka Jones (pictured outside ofcourl yesterds ).
- The claim filed against him also alleges that he has failed to pay the claimant child
support. Counsel for the spo parties appeared before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomer
yesterday when the case was adjourned.
Mr Gibson is represented by lawyer Wayne Munroe.
(Photo: Felip(Major/Tribune staff)

A *
4 A
a $

' '


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never seen "anything like that
He said it appeared that such
a review is capable of carrying
the inference that the judiciary
is part and parcel of the Attor-
ney General's Department or
the Office of the Director of
Public Prosecutions.
He said that the press release
went so far as to boast that the
increased conviction rate was
probably due to the increased
effectiveness of the agencies of
.0 rnment working together
and left no doubt that the judi-
ciary is one of those agencies.
"The judiciary is not an
agency of government. It is an
independent body established
under the Constitution," his rul-
ing said.
Pointing out that the role of a
judge is to ensure a fair trial to
both the prosecution and
defence, Justice Lyons said a
judge should never be judged
by a conviction rate.
"The role of the prosecution
is to assist in the prosecution of
a fair trial. The rate of convic-
tion is not a criterion against
which any prosecutor should be
judged. Any person holding that
view needs to be disavowed of it
now," the judge said.
Justice Lyons said that there is
no point in having a "swift jus-
tice" programme unless those
need for a swift justice pro-
gramme are first eradicated.
The judge criticized the pro-
gramme and said there simply
could not be a swift justice pro-
gramme unless problems in the
judicial system are first eradi-
Justice Lyons was appointed
. as criminal judge.for Freeport
on July 27.
He said that the nine cases
assigned to him as "ready for
trial" by the prosecutions
department suffered from "crit-
ical deficiencies".
While going through each of
the cases and highlighting their
deficiencies, Justice Lyons
,remarked that in gne gasythe
evidqncypn lyfpch the prolvn
wished to proceedivgas so
weighted in favour of the pros-
ecution that the focus appeared
to be "on a conviction not a fair
In the case of what he
described as a "particularly bru-
tal murder," Justice Lyons said
that while the prosecution had
referred the case to him, anoth-
er justice ordered that a psychi-
accused. The report had not
been received, and without that
report "absolutely no manner
of trialcanbeundertaken,"he

The judge said the case
should not have appeared on
the trial list.
"The prosecution is certainly
keen to boost those conviction
figures. But the matter is not
ready for any form of trial and
the prosecution well knows it,"
he said.

On another issue, Justice
Lyons pointed out that the
director of public prosecutions
needs to consider the experi-
ence level of counsel for the
prosecution when allocating tri-
al briefs.
"I mean no disrespect to
counsel for the Crown

presently before me. They
have both shown the proper
approach, but at least four of
the listed matters require the
presence of an experienced
prosecutor of some years
standing. This, I would have
thought, should be elemen-
tary," he said.



Model FRT 885 E W

18.2 Cube Feet





by iudge
FROM page one
not granting increases over
time, enacted an amending
act called Judges Remuner-
allous and Pensions Act. hat -
ing been passedanto law.
The law says that the got -
ernor general shall. et ery
three years appoint a com-
mission to look into the ade-
quacy of t he salaries of
Within three months of the
appointment, the committee
must submit its report to the
prime minister. The prime
mmister then, lai s the report
before the House of Assem-
Justice Lyons said that the
law does not allow the pnme
minister, Cabinet or the
House of Assembly to alter
the report by reduemy it or
increasing it. If the House at
Assembly feels a need to
reject the report, it can onl\
Jo it for a good and t alid rea-
The only instance I could
findwasw he nt he co ur l
approved of Ihe parliament
postponing the report itnd-
Ingsdu etothere beinga
freeze on public salaries
resulting from harsh eco-
nomic times. No such eco-
nomic times existed in this
country in 20fB and wither-
we are told. do they now-
Justice Lyons said.
Justice Lions sals if the
appointment of the commis-
sion is not made before Octo-
ber I of the relevant year, it
cannot be carried out any da"
in his investigations Justice
Lyons said that no commis-
sion had been appomled.
Judges. he said can onl"
receive financial benefits that
have been recommended and
given effect to m strict com-
plance with the provisions
of the act.
--Should Ihe judges be
offered (or, worse it til
accept) an\ financial benefit
not awarded. calculated or
approved other than in strict
accordance with the act, the
would be seen as getting a
financial benefu not in accor-
dance with the law. .
--Such a financial benef it
would be contrary to la\'
The judge or judges on being
offered such would be bound
to reject an1 such ottel-
unless the\ be completely
compromised. They would be
breaking the lan. fl could
put it lbat way, Justice
Lyons so d.

am dment was enacted a
"I cannot really see how to
constitutionally overcome
this without compromising
the judician The precedent
has been estabhshed. The act
can now be agnored, and

theeo lof r
He said it is east to see
why there is such disrespect
for the mdependence of the
3 -1 rut5 j7udicit3 I
of the daily busmess at got -
ernment feel free to act in
the manner that the\ har e.



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One Pece OnePric


NOVEMBER 8, 2006


: 6 .AS


Small space?
Limited budger?
We've got Ihe solu t lon.
Our annoire s and anandle
beds a re a he or Iect
space-swer. But a single piece
of furniture anti get the functionality
of three or four pieces. Replace your closet,
chew-of-dr.nurs.ind shell mth a single
3,.Inoir-c. Perfect f or ac hild's room, our
tr undle beds proude two single beds.
a put1-ouI desk and dton crs.
I nt our chowroom to av to segor youricif

Certifiedn Memnber


rd 9 6 6


Recent gvrmnanclsic omd



a a A Hill

indicted by a US grand jury in
Pittsburgh accused of misusing
his public office for private gain
- in one case trading
unclaimed bodies in the county
coroners office, which he head-
ed, to a university in exchange
Anna Nicole
Smith's brief

Stay in the
BallalHRS haS


COpy than
Perflf ChriStif
o a
11RS OVer tRO
ORSt FOUr yeafS
r *

for use of a laboratory there for
his private practice.
If convicted, the 75-year-old
pathologist could lose his med-
ical licence and spend years in
prison. Wecht blames the indict-
ment on a vendetta pursued
against him by the local district

echt is certainly 4
more cerebral
celebrity than Anna Nicole
Smith. News reports say he has
worked on, written about, or
offered analyses of nearly
every noteworthy death inves-
tigation in the last 40 years,
from the re-examination of the
Kennedy assassination to the
deaths.of Marilyn Monroe,
Elvis Presley, Vince Foster and
Kurt Cobain to the OJ Simp-
son trial. ,
His criticisp)_of fly Warren

tell Parliament!" .
-from the British television
series, Yes Minister.

nna Nicole Smith's
brief stay in the
Bahamas has generated more
newspaper copy than Perry
Christie has over the past four
years. .
The former nude model is
truly amazing in this regard.
And her "celebrity" is con-
firmed by the fact that the bob-
blehead doll made in her image
is Ohio Discount Merchandise's
biggest seller along with the
replica of Jesus. (We thought
you'd like to know that).
Besides her sexual assets,
Anna's celebrity is largely
underwritten by her 1994 mar-
riage to an 89-year-old Texas
billionaire, who died soon after
- supposedly leaving her half
of his estate.
After becoming pregnant
recently, Anna decamped to the
Bahamas, where she became
the "close friend" of Immigra-
tion Minister Shane Gibson,
who admits to never having met
her until a couple of months
ago. Gibson fast tracked Anna's
permanent residency, and may
even have -,according to one
eyewitness conducted offi-
cial business in her Eastern
Road bedroom.
Anna delivered daughter
at Doctors Hospitalin Septem-
ber and her 20-year old son,
Daniel, died in the hospital
room a few days later while
visiting her. Autopsies show he

As members
Of the public
We WR11t (O
s a
those ublic
funds have
been spent by

Our publiC

had a lethal cocktail of anti-
depressants and methadone in
his system, along with other
over-the-counter medicines.
Methadone is a prescription
drug used to treat heroin addic-
tion. .
Daniel was the product of
Anna's 1985 marriage to a man
she met while working at Jim's
Krispy Fried Chicken in Texas.
They divorced three years later.
In late September, while her
late son languished in a local

Bahamas Bus & Truck Co., Ltd.




schools claims that scores of
new government teachers have
not been paid their salaries
since the start of term.
"Two months into the school
year and teachers are being
shafted, demoralized and frus-
trated by systematic neglect,
arrogance and disrespect," he
told The Tribune. "It appears
that it takes three solid months
or more to pay teachers."
This is no idle gossip. Tough
Call is personally acquainted
with two teachers who fall into
this category. These highly
qualified young Bahamians left
good jobs in America to work in
our public school system in
order to make a contribution to
their homeland. But the ''sys-
tem" cannot be bothered to pay
How is it that the Education
Minister and his bureaucrats
can make the outrageous pre-
sumption that new teachers
can wait until the "system"
gets its act together? If mem-
ory serves, school opens
every year in September so
why do new teachers not make
it onto the payroll until
If we're not paying attention
to education, we might as well
alljoin the brain drain reported
by the International Monetary
Fund and leave tomorrow.
More to the point, why would
any young, educated Bahami.
ans want to come back home
to work under such circum-
And how can the govern-
ment expect the public to buy-
in to massive new bureaucra-
cies like National Health Insur-
ance when it can't manage
something it has been "look-
ing after" for ages? It is almost
universally acknowledged that
pubhc education is a disaster
in this country, which will have
serious consequences for soci-
ety as a whole but the gov-
ernment can't even avoid small
problems much less resolve big

What do you think?
Send comments to larry@tri-
Or visit www.bahamapan-

Commission findings on the
Kennedy assassination led .
movie director Ohver Stone to
hire him as a technical consul-
tant for the 1991 film "JFK".
Bul; he is not too big to take
care of the little things in life.
The Pittsburgh indictment
accuses Wecht of dispatching
county employees to walk his
dog, haul his trash and do his
personal shopping, including
buying tennis balls and nostril
swimming plugs.
In fact, Anna should probably
check the invoices she received
from him. Prosecutors claim he
was also bilking dozens of pri-
el costs. According to the
indictment, Wecht booked
cheap flights to meet cents or
testify in trials, and then sub-
mitted bills listing more expen-
sive flights on letterhead from a
defunct travel agency.
A fiction writer couldn't
make this stuff up.

One permanent secretary to
another: "But once they have
accepted the principle that senior
civil servants could be removed
for incompetence, that would be
the thin end of the wedge. We
could loose.dozens ofour chaps,
hundreds perhaps."
The other permanent secre-
tary to the first: "Thousands..."
from the British television
series, Yes Minister.
Permanent secretary to cabi-
net minister "One must assume
that until now you've attached
little importance to (education)."
Cabinet minister to perma-
nent secretary: "I think it is
extremely important. It could
lose me the next election."
Permanent secretary to cabi-
net minister: "Ah!! In my
naivety, I thought you were con-
cerned about the future of our
from the British television
series, Yes Minister.

n anonymous teacher
who recently came
out of retirement at the urging
of the Ministry of Education to
help stop the rot in our Miled

Cabinet minister to perma-
nent secretary: "Do you see it
as part of your job to help min-
isters make fook of themselves?"
Permanent secretary to cabi-
net minister "Well, Inever met
one that needed any help."
from the British television
series, Yes Minister.
Permanent secretary Leila
Greene to Housing Minister
Neville Wisdom: "How you
gonna call somebody and tell
them you come to investigate
Housing Minister Neville
Wisdom to permanent secre-
tary Leila Greene: "That's
something, eh?... I won't tolerate
that... Ishouldn't be talking to
from The Tribune's voice-

FTER being caught
A on The Tribune's
voicemail dismissing the right
to know, Housing Minister
.Neville Wisdom went before
Parliament to say that the press
and the people do have a right
.to know about matters regard-
-ing public expenditure.
"I am obligated to provide
information, but not files," said
Mr Wisdom, who has withheld
said information for the past
several months despite frequent
press inquiries.
He went on to table said
information in Parliament,
although there was lots of miss-
ing information described only
as "blank:.
From this we must assume
that neither the minister nor
the PS can find their own
records does this suggest
competence? The other pos-
sible explanation is that poten-
tially embarrassing information
is being withheld.
Mr Wisdom .has become
alarmed. He says he is afraid
that peeping toms will be
sneaking around his home to
spy on his conversations. This
is rather paranoid in our view
(although personally we sus-
pect that the government
engages in the same practice
with our phones).
This whok affair is a very
simple matter that has been
. turned into a complex boon-
doggle by Mr Wisdom. The
facts are that public funds have
i Astom me
public we want to know how
those public funds have been
spent by our public representa-
tives. Case closed.

Permanent secretary to cabi-
net minister: "But it is the
truth, minister."
Cabinet minister to perma-
nent secretary: "I don't want

funeral home, a Baptist pas-
tor performed a mock wedding
for Anna and her lawyer,
Howard K Stern, on a yacht
off Rose Island. Close friend
Shane Gibson was on hand to
witness Anna and Howard frol-
icking together fully clothed in
the sea a new twist for the
According to Wikipedia, the
"wedding" photos were then
sold to People Magazine for
around $1 million. On the who's
who web site, NNDB, Stern is
described as a "TV personali-
ty" and "a dweeby lawyer".
Anna was later ordered to be
evicted from her Eastern Road
home by a former lover who
flew to Nassau to hire big-mon-
ey law firm, Alexiou, Knowles
& Co whose principal is the
majority owner of the Nassau
Guardian. Anna, in turn, hired
the president of the Bahamas
Bar Association, Wayne
Munroe, to sue both the ex-
lover and her former law firm,
Callenders & Co-whose prin-
cipal is the chairman of the Nas-
sau Guardian.
Meanwhile, Millister Gibson
and Callenders attorney
Michael Scott, a former FNM
parliamentary candidate, have
traded broadsides over the
delivery of a $10,000 cheque to
pay for Anna's permanent resi-
dency certificate. And back in
America, another ex-lover has
filed a paternity suit claiming
to be the father of her new baby
- a claim disputed by Howard
Stern, whose n'ame appears on
the baby's Bahamian birth cer-

his complex drama
mvolves senior cabmet
miIiisters, powerful law firms,
Hollywood celebrities and
wealthy investors. But most
people don't realize that it's not
real. The tagline for Aima's layt
show onthe Entgrpinment
Television channel can easily
apply to the current one.N's
not meant to be funny, it just
is."After Daniel's death, Anna
hired celebrity pathologist Cyril
Wecht to perform a private
autopsy on her son in Nassau.
Wecht has played a starring role
in the deaths of the rich arid
famous for years.
' But although he cleared up
the cause of Daniel's death
(something that local authori-
ties have yet to do), Wecht's
participation only added to the
soap opera.
A few months ago he was

0 0

Butler& Sands
Company Limited

A Member of the
Burns House Group

e Experience

A Grand Holiday Wine Tasting

Grand Tasting $20

Connoisseur Tasting $40
A se/ccrwn of is say- Premins; ones incinding retringer co;wes & Clus.,,w.
fador Prdigny Montrachet and lean Bertran Charrance:q'Do Apr

* Automatic Transmission

* POW9r Windows & Locks.

Front Air Bags

Air Conditioning

* Radio/Cassette/CD Player

Sandals Royal Bahamian,
Balmoral Ballroom
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
6:30pm 10:00thn
Tickets available at Caves, JFK, .
Marbour Street, Lyford

Westin at Our Lucava-
Great & Liede Harbour Car Rooms
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
4:00pm 7:30pm
Tickets available at Queen's Highway
and RND Plaza Stores.

o 0

*3.7 L V6 Engine

WHEN Lucinda Hughes
heard she would have to down
sea moss elixirs while vacation-
ing in the Bahamas, she was
sure it would make her sick.
Three months later, Hughes is
very sick every morning and
expecting her first baby in
April, according to Associated
KeAs ghesandherhhbusbahad
and swam in their hotel's infin-
ity pool, they sipped pumpkin
soup and enjoyed couple's mas-
sages and reflexology. It was all
aimed at enhancing the odds of
babymaking during their three-
day Procreation Vacation at
The Westin at Our Lucaya
Grand Bahama Island.
It's part of the latest trend
that has hotels around the world
luring conception-minded cou-
ples by providing everything
from onsite sex doctors to age-
old fertility boosters promised
to hasten the pitter-patter of lit-
t1e feet.
Hotels like The Westin might
be on to something. Research
shows 61.8 million US couples
took a romantic vacation in the
past year, said Ty Brassie, direc-
tor of sales and marketing for
The Westin Grand Bahama
Island. .
Even some obstetricians are
promoting the trend. Dr. Jason
James of Miami said he often



Wyo., where couples can snug-
gle by a toasty fire, enjoy a can-
dlelit dinner for two in their
room and a dogsled trip to a
nearby hot springs at the Teton
Mountam Lodge.
For about $1,800, couples can
book a conception cruise on the
"Love Boat," where they're fer-
ried to a romantic island on the
luxury liner of Sing4pore sex
guru Dr Wei Stang Yu.
-A e p LTaun
Holstein and her husband Dr
David Taylor help couples with
everything from ovulation
schedules to remembering to
practice intimacy.
"This busmess about being so
tense about conceiving a child
and feeling like the clock is tick-
ing.makes people much myre
scheduled," said Holstein,
author of "Your Long, Erotic
Weekend." "They lose sight of
the sensual."
Getting away from the house-
hold routine, at a spa or a hotel,
can actually aid conception, she
"It's the relaxation factor. It's
that all the other stressors in
life are gone," she said.
Now three months into the
pregnancy, Lucinda and Kemry
Hughes are busy planmng their
babymoon and picking out baby
names. Kemry if it's a boy,
Lucaya if it's a girl.
"After the Lucaya resort,"
said Lucmda.

encourages fertility-challenged
couples to sneak away for a few
days, and he often sees it work.
"One of the most easy, ther-
apeutic interventions is to rec.
commend a vacation," James
said. "I think the effect of stress
on -our physiology is truly
Gen Xers birthed the trend
with increasingly elaborate hon-
eymoons, followed by the so-
Iledeb mb e cb
arrives. The Procreation Vaca
tion is a trip designed to help
fertility-challenged couples
.It's about "getting pregnant
in style," said Judy Randall,
president of Randall Travel
Marketing in North Carolina.
"It's Gen Xers making a big
moment out of creating their
offspring and doing it in a way
that will be memorable."
The Westin Grand Bahama's
version, which starts at $1,893
for a three-night stay, incorpo-
rates age-old Caribbean fertili-
ty concoctions. Sea moss, the
Caribbean's version of Viagra,
is mixed with evaporated milk,
sugar and spices and sipped
three times a day. The chain
also offers the package at their
resorts in St John and Vieques,
off Puerto Rico.
"My husband and I thought
that we would go on the vaca-
tion and learn all these nice fer-
tility secrets and we'd be prac-

W me a ** *** ** *

she is a freelance writer and he's
a specialist for the Department
of Employment Services. Cell
phones are always ringing, day
planners are jammed. "We're
all over-scheduled," Hughes
But the couple let go in the
tranquil Bahamas and made
time for luxuries often skipped
at home, like romantic diners
and cuddling, she said.

The "Birds and the Bees"
package at the Five Gables Inn
& Spa, located on Maryland's
Chesiipeake Bay, includes
two-night stay with a couple's
massage, oysters (an aphrodist-
ae) and wine, a pair of heart
print boxer shorts and a CD
from love crooner Barry White
for about $810 per couple.
There's even a Procreation
Ski Vacation in Jackson Hole,

ticking them for a number of
months for theni to work," said
Hughes, 35, who conceived the
day she got back from the trip.
"We were stunned. There's def-
initely some truths to the foods
and the elixirs."
The Hughes had only been
trying for two months, sihce
their wedding in May. But like
most couples they have hectic
schedules in Washington, where

.rl` .::t:


wei ht and the height, so it is ilp to them
whether they want to hire the person."
, When asked if anyoite was fired for
being overweight or because helshe had
gold teeth, the manager replied, "I can't do
"I didn't send anyone home and I don't
have the intentions to. I'll encourage them
to lose weight, but I can't send them
hom ry rarely we find women (as the
majority of cashiers are women) over the
age of 25 who are slim," the manager said.
"We eat very bad."
Moreover, the manager said, the working
environment is neit conducive to good eat-
ing habits because of the amount of junk
food available.
Onicashier, who a so wante to remain
anorrymous, said she agreed that they
needed to lose weight, but she wouldn't
discriminate against overweig t peop e.
The cashier, who wants to lose weight,
also suggested that personnel come up with
ab h alto eqta nbdit ive some tips
"I do believe that we do need to lose
weight, Bahamians on the whole, because
we have a lot of problems with heart dis-
ease, cholesterol and obesity," the cashier

y *



ill COurt

.FROM page one

which requires a mandatory
death sentence on anyone
convicted of murder "should
be construed as imposing a
discretionary and not a
mandatory sentence of
Before this ruling, anyone
who was found guilty of mur-
der in the Bahamas was auto-
matically sentenced to death.
Forrester Bowe, who was
one of four prisoners who
escaped ftom Her Majesty's
Prison infJanuary, was con-
victed on February 25, 1998
of murdering Deon Patrick
Trono Davis was convicted
on December 13, 1999 of mur-
dering Jerrad Ferguson.
sowe is co return to court
on November 10.

POSltion Summary:
Provide support to the Actuarial Department

The SUCCOSSfUI candidate will have the following: .
* Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics or Computer Science with
a major in Actuarial science or Programming
Ability to identify key components of a problem and formulate
0 SOlUtion
Up to 4 of the SOA actuarial exams
0-6 years of work experience ,
Knowledge of Insurance Industry and productS
Knowledge df USSI system or other policyholder system
Good oral and written comrnurlication skillS
Self motivated, needing rninimal supervision .
Proficiency in Excel, Word, ACCESS.APL is a plus
Excellent organizational ahd analytical skills
Ability to perform under pressure

Main Resportsibilities include:
Provide support to the Group Actuary in monitoring and reporting
the experiences of the Group insurance line of business.
Organize, extract, maintain and validate data
Provide queries as needed for the Actuarial and Group
Calculation of experienced rated group financial
Assisting in various projects such as: pricing, product development,
expense studies, renewals, contract provision
To apply, please send your resurne to:

The Vice President of Human Resources
P.O. Box N-4728
Nassau, BahamaS
Or submit via using
the SUbject line "Acturial Assistant"

Colinalmperial is 100% Bahamian-owned and offers excellent employee benefits
including share ownership and career development opportunities

Comnpany O1ne Goai One Choice

The Bahamas joi,~ins the growing~



Sy nd Icated Con ton t
. .
Available from Commercial News Providers

Pr TJlue em lo ees voice


OM age one
pounds are expected to lose the appropriate
amount of weight before their probation peri-
od expires. Employees are on probation for
three months.
While the memo did not indicate what
disciplinary action would be taken if the
rules were not followed, one employee
said she was concerned that persons could
lose their jobs.
The Tribune attempted to contact Mr
Rupert Roberts, owner of the stores, but
was told that he was on vacation and would
not be back until Thursday. One staff
member said she was on vacation when
the memo was dated and had never heard
about it, however one store manager
acknowledge ed receiving the memorandum.
The manager reported that several
employees at their branch are overweight.
In fact, he said, two new cashiers who are
still on probation weighed more than 150
poTunedsnanaget explained that hiring per-
sons are made at the top. Mr Roberts
cOonndue they er he leaner onume
one is hired I have to go ahead and train
them.ePersonnel hatshto d 1 withkth the

-s COhnalmpenal.




H olid a




$ 59.
$ 26.95
$ 72.71
$ 1 5.40
$ 19.16
$ 2.39
$ 22.46
$ 4.79
$ 37.46

2.5 Gal 1 2 3 Wa IIPrime r.............................. (reg $7 9.9 5)
1 Gal 123 Wall Primer................................ (reg $35.95)
5 Gal Kilz Interior Primer............................ (reg $96.95)
1 GalElmer sGlu eAI I................................ (reg $ 19. 2 5)
1 Gal Dap Vinyl Spackling..........................(reg $23.95)
1 Gal Dap Painter's Caulking 10.1oz..........(reg $ 2.99)
1 Gal Coverstain Primer Wood Sealer....... (reg $29.95)
Budget Roller Sets .....................................(reg $ 5.99)
1 Gal Marine White .....................................(reg $49.95)

no w
no w


70180 1 4

While latex hin


5 Gal Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Paint.............................$114.95n
2550 PSI Pressure Washer..................................................$934.95n
1 Gal Fixall Floor & Trim Enamel..........................................$ 36.50n ,
Thin Set (g ray)........................................................................$ 11.99n
ThinSet ( whit e)....................................................................... $ 1 4.99n
1 Gal Dap Contact Cement......................................................$ 21.95n
5 Gal Value #350 Int/Ext White Latex......................................$ 89.99n
1 Gal Painter's Select Satin Latex Int/Ext...............................$ 22.95n
0 5 Gal Painter's Select Satin Latex Int/Ext...............................$113.95n
int Latex 5 Gal Zinnser Mlidew Proof House & Trim Ext......................$183.95n
oss White 6ft Aluminum Step Ladder......................................................$ 82.50n

75 24ft Aluminum Extension Ladder...........................................$229.99n
6ft Wooden Step Ladder.........................................................$ 56.50n
8 ft WoodenStepLadde r......................................................... $1 1 4.95n
1 Gal Fixall Int Varnish Stains......................... ........$ 35.95n

0 U 9 O p


ae~s~s~ I

vtWBell@ic Pi a

Femlly Islands

At's ur 76arnI

b weas to hear from YOf.I
e&eet our Products & Services?

Start Time:6:30pm Nightly
Wed. November 8th: Marsh Harbour
Great Abaco Beach Resort (The Pavillion) Host:Darold Miller
gyy****]pggr=quthahalubillaugh4iEnv45 3r bre
Thu. November 9th: Abaco
SC Boode High School, Cooper"s Town Host:Picewel ForBM
Tue. November 14th: Exurna
Anglican Church Community Ctr, George Town Host:Darold Miller
,----- I
Wed. November 22nd: Eleuthera
Workers House, Covernor's Harbour Host:Picewel/ Forbes
Wed. November 29th Central & North Andros
Liahthouse Yacht Club, Andros Town Host:Darold Miller
Thu, November 30th: Mangrove Cay &South Andros
Minion Forbes Community Ctr., Kemps Bay Host:Picewell Forbes
; assem****nummassac.-a
Fri, December ?st: Long island
Oasis, M cKartr Host: Dorold Miller

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BInckBerry's Rards $Iivr's
&e oth r products services?






Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall Street


Tel: (242) 356-7764


I I - I -

Financial adviser jailed

over $6m Bahamas scam

Tribune Business Editor
AN Australian financial adviser has been jailed for eight
ears for using a Bahamas-based Intestment scheme to defraud

privation, and three counts of making and using false docu-

thea e n lo9h 2n0 tm nd o
number of NB cli t o hivest m BSI Corporation, an enti-
BSI Corporation has no connection to BSI Overseas
(Bahamas) or any of its affil-
iates. But BSI Corporation
was not an NAB-approved SEE page 5B


""ibNEl BHA TNs ditor
BAHAMIAN bank and trust .
companies must ensure they
gmphae oth
dentiality even if they relocate
thir operations to another
junsdiction in the eient of a dis-
aster, the Cential Bank stipu-
bred yesterday.
in 1eleasing ats proposed
guidelines on business continu-
iry planning for:its bank and
trust company.1icensees, the
Central Bank said that while
stich plans might require the dis-
closure of client information to
third parties, they had to
--ensure that relevant Bahamian
statutory requirements relating
to client confidentiality contin-
ue to be obsen ed .
The Central Bank added:
"Licencees are expected to
ensure that customer consent is
obtained, customer data confi-
dentialitt is observed and prop-
er safeguards are established
under such arrangements to
protect the integrity of client
"'=::"-ones conses,
Bahamian bank and trust com-
pany liceitsees.would have to
enter Cential Bank-approved
agency agreements ivith third
parties, before customer infor-
mation was disclosed to them.
The Central Bank urged
Boa enu i3nn
plans as an niestment ah the

The initial development and

n o o
exceed best practices for the
industry," the Central Bank
Ma .
The majority of costs will be
incurred initialls m settmg up
systems to allow for the execu-

Tribune Business Editor
ritish American

B Insurance, the
nadham ahninHfe
sourced the rk inhi heoautts
nsuranceMpor Hoa ea
as part of a wider picture involv-
ing a planned management buy-
out of the company, sources
told The Tribune yesterday.
The company, one of the four
remaim life and health insur-
ance capers in the Bahamian
market, is understood to have
effectively transferred the risk
attached to its health portfolio
from itself to Assicurazoni Gen-
erali, part of the Italian-based
General group, regarded as
Europe's fourth largest insur-
. Sources said the move had
*. taken the form of a reinsurance

However, the risk transfer is
likely to be a positive develop
ment for British American
insurance's health policyhold-
ers, as they will now be able to
benefit from the expertise and
capital base of a major interna-
tional insurance group.
The Generali group is said to
include 614 companies and
operate in 50 countries, provid-
ing property, auto, life and
health insurance. It is the fourth
largest insurer in Europe tiy


retaining underwriting for its
life insurance book of business
and all investment activities,
including.annuities and pen-
Bahamian life and health
insurers generally generate the
majority of their profits from
their life insurance portfolios,
and earn minimal profits from
their health business.
Sources suggested that this
was one factor that had driven
British American to outsolirce
the risk underwriting associated
with its health portfolio to Assi~
curazoni Generali.

.............. -

agreement, with Assicurazoni
Generali'underwriting the risk
involved with all British Amer-
ican's health insurance policies.
This has effectively left
British American Insurance as
an agent for Assicurazoni Gen-
erali in the Bahamas on health
insurance, with the former

TRribune Business

ing when compared to the same
mo ha a pwair i larl

drop f e cent.the latest
tourism statistics released by
the Ministry of Tour is m.
.*. 348,944 persons visited the
country this August, while
373,447 arrived here in August
Overall, the year-to-date fig-
ures also reflected a decline in
tourism arrivals by 3.5 per cent,
with the first 8 months of 2005
seeing 3.486 million visitors,
while the figures for 2006 indi-
cate that 3.363 million persons

Is tnhea sstsr u ara
that figures for August were

llion compare to m -

o ra1nd Baha aAAs w 15 0
(55I ow ver, the year-to-date
figures.saw an increase in
arrivals of 1.8 per cent, up from
460,662 in 2005 to 469,051.
.The Ministry of Tourism also
, reported that the Family Islands
saw a 6.7 per cent decrease in
arrivals, down to 79,688 this
year from the 85,433 recorded
last year.
Family Island year-to-date
figures indicated a 3.1 per cent
decrease, from 940,792 to
. 911,924.

SEE page 5B

the 72,167 people in 2005, and
declined by 4.4 per cent for the
year-to-date, 732,767 from
For Nassau/Paradise Island,
there was an 8.7 per cent
decrease in air arrivals 85,427
in 2006, down from 93,556 in
2005. There was a marginal
increase of 1.1 per cent in the
year-to-date figures.
Sea arrivals increased by 3.2
per cent for August, but
declined by 8.6 per cent for the
year-to-date in Nassau/New
Grand Bahama figures
revealed a decline of 1.7 per
cent for August 2006, 14,446
from 14,703.
Of particular note were the
figures for West End, which saw
a 100 per cent improvement in
285 air arrivals from last year,
when no one arrived. There was
the same improvement for their
year-to-date figures with 351
persons arriving, largely due to
the Ginn Clubs & Resorts pres-
ence in West End.
Overall year-to-date figures
for Grand Bahama were down
1.3 per cent -149,781 from
The island's sea arrivals
showed a massive 36 per cent
decrease from 41,258 in 2005 to
There was a slight year-to-
date improvement for Grand
Bahama of 3.3 per cent.

Tribune Business Reporter
LONG Island air arrivals
were up slightly for the month
of August, the latest tourism
statistics revealed, indicating
that some relief may be in sight
for the island that has suffered a
tremendous economic blow
since the closure of the Stella
Maris Airport.
The figures recently released
by the Ministry of Tourism indi-
cated that Long Island arrivals
were still down by 68 per cent
compared to last year, a pbor
figure but a 12 per cent
improvement over the decline
in arrivals recorded for the
month of July and a 32 per cent
improvement over the 100 per
cent decline reported in June,
In August, 20 persons arrived
by air to that island compared
to the 63 which arrived in
Atigust 2005.
For the year-to-date, 315 per-
sons visited Long Island com-
pared to 1,122 people the same
period in 2005- a 71.9 per cent
The Family Islands saw an
overall air arrivals improvement
of 1.5 per cent, with 13,470 peo-
ple coming in during August
2006, compared to the 13,326
people who arrived during the
same month in 2005
Sea arrivals declined by 8.2
per cent 66,218 compared to

Banks must comply

British American in

health risk outs our ce disaster relocation

Central Bank says
business continuity
)lanS RH inVestment,
eneratin returns
and "competitive

But the regulator added:
"Once the systemisestablished,
the benefits of the continuity
plan will be contmumg..BCPs
are potential vestments that
can yield sigmficalit positive
results over the long term, par-
ticularly durmg disasters, pro-
vidmg licensees with a compet-
itive advantage over other msti-
tutions and ensuring the stabil-
ity of the Bahamas' financial
The increase in hurricane
activity, the greatest disaster
threat to the Bahamian financial
community, "underscores the
=::':"::ox, "c'.:.:11
Bank sitid.
Arguing that the business
guidelines were intended to pro-
vide systemic benefits to the
Bahamas, strengthening the
financial sector's ability to resist
JIsruptions such as electrical
nwk 1 ut e tng tae
other forms of system failure,

"The Central Bank is of the

es a
licensees adopt a BCP that is
proportionate to the scale,
scope, risk, exposure and com-

POrtfolio's underwriting to be .

provided by Assicurazoni Generali,

Europe's fourth largest insurer, with
Bahamas firm acting as agent

August arrivals 0

SAir arrivals show


Share your news
The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

NOTICE is hereby given that EVENA ROLLE/JOANEME
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas,
and that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 8TH day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.


(No.45 of 2000)
In Voluntary Liquidation
Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 138 (4) of the
International Business Companies Act, (No.45 of 2000),
VALUE PARTNERS LIMITED is in dissolution.
Ms. Arena Moxey is the Liquidator and can be
contacted at The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited,
Marlborough & Queens Streets, Nassau, Bahamas. All
persons having claims against the above named company are
required to send their names, address and particulars of their debts or
claims to the Liquidator before 8th

is in voluntary dissolution under the
provisions of Section 137 (4) of the
International Business Companies Act 2000.
(b) The dissolution of the said company commenced
on the 23rd October, 2006 when the Articles of
Dissolution were submitted to and registered by the
Registrar General.
(c) The Liquidator of the said company is Verduro
Associated Ltd. Pasea Estate, Road Town,
Tortola, BVI.
Dated this 8th day of November, A.D. 2006
Verduro Associated Ltd.

preS1 011t

THE Auditor General and Comptroller of the United King-
LegalNotice doim, Sir John Bourne, paid a courtesy call on the Bahamas
NOTICE Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) president and talked
about common challenges facing auditors and institutes.
Sir John was in the Bahamas for a conference of Caribbean
MICOBA HOLDINGS Auditor-Generals hosted by the Auditor General's office. Sir John
Bourne is responsible for oversight of audits of all public cor-
TIMI ce parations in the UK, and 800 persons are employed by his office.
5 PICTURED above from L to R, are Peter Young, firmer
Pursuant to the Provision of Section 138 (8) of the British ambassador to the Bahamas; BICA council member and
second vice-presadent,.Milford Lockhart; Sir John Bourne and
International Business Companies Act 2000 notice president of BICA, Kendrick Christie.

is hereby given that the above-nanted Company has
been dissolved and stuck off the Register pursuant to
a Certificate of Dissolution issued by the Registrar
General on the 1st day of November, 2006.

Lynden Maycock

CIt Ig roupt

Citigroup, a leading financial institution with a presence in bver 100
countries and over 100 inillion customers worldwide, is seeking
candidates for the following position:

Corporate Secretary/Legal Vehicle Administrator

Reporting to the Senior Operations Offshore Coordinator, the selected
candidate ivill be responsible for the oversight and management of all
formal corporate requirements to ensure that applicable legal vehicles
remain in good standing and available for the booking of offshore activity.

Key responsibilities include managing 1) all company non-financial
requirements; 2) the collection and assessment of Know Your Customer
(KYC) documentation requirements; 3) legal vehicle service agreements;
4) control reporting; and, 5) any associated projects related to local
regulatory requirements.

Requirements include excellent administration, interpersonal and
communications skills as well as the abilities to work independently and
lead projects. A Master's level degree in business administration, finance
or a related field or a legal degree, with a minimum of 2-5 years of related
experience, is needed. Additionally, an excellent knowledge of the local
regulatory environment is required. Candidates must also be bilingual in
Spanish and English.

Interested candidates should fax OR forward a copy their resume to '
Human Resources Department, P.O. Box N-1576, Nassau, Bahamas.
The Fax number is (242) 302-8732. The deadline for application is
November 24, 2006.



Invites qualified applicants for the following position:-
Reporting to the Trust Accountant, this new position has been created
to assist m the duties related to the preparation of financial statements
for trusts and related companies.

-At least five (5) years experience ideally in the client
accountmg department of a private bank or trust company.
-Bachelors Degi-ee m Accountmg, Fmance or related area.
-Strong organizational skills.
-Significant experience in the preparation of trust and company
-Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.
-Knowledge of French would be an asset-

Please send Resume and two (2) references to:

The Human Resources Manager
Bayside Executive Park
P. O. Box N-4837
Nassau, Bahamas

Offices in
Florence, Frankfurt, Genera, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, Luxembourg, Madrid,
Milan, Montreal, Nassau, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Tokyo, Turin, Zurich










Possesses valid qualification as QS or Accountant

Minimum 5 years experience in a responsible, senior
accountant or QS position

Working knowledge of the business of construction a
significant advantage

Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Good communications skills

Resume should be sent to Mark Scott, Development
Department, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay,
P.O. Box AB-20571, Marsh Harbour, Abaco or
faxed to 242-367-2930

Financial Institution is seeking an
Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist

-Strong Communication (Verbal & Written),
Time Management and Interpersonal Skills

*Perform reception duties in an efficient,
professional and courteous manner

-Ability to multi-task and perform clerical
tasks as assigned

-Knowledge of Microsoft Office 2003

Knowledge of Basic Accounting Skills and
the use of Account software a pluS
Please mail resumes to P.O. Box SS-19051

4 -- -
Accounting Degree or solid
accounting background


,- MUSt be a mature, reliable
and honest team player

Must be computer literate

MUSt have excellent

people skills

Please fax resume & cover letter.

Fax# 325-3260*

U m


as part o


A MULTI-sector group led rows; Bahamas National Trust.
by the Water and Sewerage Second Row: Simeon Pinder,
Corporation met as part of the Ministry of Agriculture and
third stage in a process to devel- Marine Resources; Danah
op an Integrated Water Albury, BEST Commission;
-Resources Management Plan Christopher Sherman, WSC;
for the Bahamas. Bridgett Hogg, COB; Roberta
The session was facilitated by Quant, WSC, ErIc Carey,
Judy Daniel, an attorney spe- Bahamas National Trust.
cialising in environmental law. DEThdrd ro :eDwabneSCurti
Department of Public Person-
5 TOP RIGHT Pictured nel; Eleanor Phillips, the Nature
from left to right, first row: Conservancy(TNC); Stacy
Anthony Bostwick, Water and Moultrie, BEST Commission;
Sewerage Corporation (WSC); o Marie Major, Department of
Christine Greene, Department Social Servaces
of Environmental Health Ser- Fourth Row: Elvardo
vices (DEHS); Maxwell Poitier, Thompson (TNC); Rico Cargill,
.Ministry of Works & Utilities; BEST; Jeff Saunders, Neiv
Sandra Edgecombe, WSC; Judy Providence Development Com-
Daniel, WSC consultant; pany; and Dr Richard Cant'
Michael Swann, WSC; George WSC. Not pictured: Terry
Swann, WSC; Randolph Bur- Miller (BASH).

Hear It, Learn It, Speak It!
Interactive audio-only lessons give you real
conversational Spanish skills quickly and easily,
wherever and whenever--without textbooks, written
exercises, or tedious drills. Proved method rated one
of the best in the world. Bargain price.

Call 380-8247 for more information.

Needed for sales and Marketing Department of established
Bahamian company.

Job Requirements:

Good computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel)

Excellent verbal and written skills


Be able to work with limited supervision and well organized

Assist sales reps with reports and planning promotional

Interested persons please fax Resume to:
Human Resources Manager
(242) 323-4561

on ay, ovem er
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX. CLOSE 1,840.95 / CHG 03.15 /%CHG 00 19 I YTD 290 24 / YTD % 21.49
52wk-1-1. *5N.H.-LD.*, Secural z Psalous Close Toda, 5 Close Cn-, DE.II. GI EPS 5 D. 5 PE Vield
1.65 0.59 Anac.c. t.1arKels 1.17 1.1 0 OO to,5-13 -0 109 0 000 N F.1 0 00 e
12.05 10.25 Bahamas Property Fund 11.00 11.00 0.00 1.627 0.380 6.8 3.45%
7.86 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 7.80 7.86 0.06 10,659 0.802 0.330 9.8 4.20%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.208 0.020 3.8 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.65 1.65 0.00 4,750 0.168 0.060 9.8 3.64%
('"ty B nk 17,200 0 88 O 50 1750 82%
2.20 1.40 Colina Holdings 1.83 1.83 0.00 0.046 0.000 39.8 0.00%
12.10 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 12 10 12.10 0.00, 8,263 0.943 0.660 12.1 5.45%
a ooFMahad Water BDRs 5 2 5)33 9,000 8 8 8 47 9 8 7:
O 1 650 iniguard 1,500 4 %
14.10 10.00 FirstCaribbean 13.85 13.85 0.00 1,200 0.927 0.550 14.9 3.97%
11.70 9.25 Focol 11.70 11.61 -0.09 11,000 0.885 0.500 13.1 4.31%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 2,000 -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
40.20 8.09 ICD Utilities 8.16 8.09 -0.07 4,750 0.532 0.270 15.2 3.34%
glio so r1@h anEstate 1 18A55 O OO 2,850 0 1674 :
agi ; many over- rhe-counter seemses..
52wk-HI 52nk-Low it'Tool Bla $ ^5) to LEu-1 Pr<= '.".'885.,1, '. 01 EPE J. DI I PE Y.ela
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14 60 15.60 11.00 1 923 1 32..* 8 1 H.-1
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 NM 7.85%
0.54 0.20 RND Holdincis 0.45 0.55 0.00 -0.002 0.000 NM 0.00%
ff 1:- Colin over- he.-dounter Securities
4300 28 OO ABDAB J1 OO J.3 00 31 OO 2 220 0 000 1..4 0 Os. .
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
0.60 0 35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
-on ... vr ..W12 doness 0,., vem





The Quieting Titles Act; 1959

Petition of Edison Tyrone Neely


IN THE MATTER of Lot 19 Block 16
Westward Villas, New Providence, Bahamas.

NOTIGE is hereby given that Edison Tyrone Neely
is applying to the Supreme Court to have his Title
to the following land investigated under Section 3
of the Quieting Titles Act, and the nature and extent
thereof determined and declared in a Certificate of
Title to be granted by the said Court in accordance
with the provisions of the said Act:-

"ALL THAT lot of land being lot number 19, Block
16, Westward Villas Subdivision, New Providence
and bounded as follows. .On the NORTH by Lot
number 14 of the said block said to be the property
of Michael Oakes on the EAST by Lot Number 18
of said block the property of the Petitioner on the
SOUTH by Devonshire Street and on the WEST by
Lot number 20 of the said block to be property of
Leslie Albury and which said lot has such
dimensions as are shown on survey plan 3873NP."

COpies of the plan may be inspected during normal
office hours at the following places:-

1. The Registry of the Supreme Court,
Ansbacher House, East Steet North,
NRSsau, Bahamas
2. The chambers of James M.Thompson,
Terrace House, First Terrace and
COllins Avenue Nassau Bahamas

Any person who objects to the granting of said
Certificate of Title is required to file in the Supreme
COurt and serve on the Petitioner or his Attorney a
Statement of his, her or its claim m the prescribed
FOrm venfied by an affidavit and other related
documents to be filed and served therewith by the
30th day of November, A.D., 2006. Failure of any
Such person to file and serve a Statement of his, her
Or its Claim by the 30th day of November, A.D.,2006
will operate as a bar to such Claim.

Attorney for the Petitioner





Commonwealth of The Bahamas

E-mail ccash

oha r1 kea

wortoos 2e.oes : MARKET TE.RMS YiELD Inst 12 rr, , > 2. Inc .= :a cr.:,,
Bid $ Buying pdco of Colina and Fidelity
Ask $ Selling price of Colina and fidelity 27 October 2006
Last Pdce Last traded over-the-counter price
Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week 31 October 2006
EPS $ A company's}eported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
NAV Not Asset Value "* 30 September 2006
NIM Not Meaningful
FINDEX The Fiad r. ilar..s.v.,,- 3::.. i.-.5- J.s..,s.-, 1 193.1 1.:., **** 30 Soc.ier-te. 20015

BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 19 Dec 02 = 1 000 00
52tok-HI HIDhest closing pdce in last 52 weeks
52wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeka
Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daRy volume
Today's Close Cunent day's weighted price for daMy volume
ChanDe Change in closing prian from day to day
Dally Vol. Number of total shares traded today
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months
PE Closing pnce Graded by the last 12 month eammga

Pricing Information As Of:
M d 6 N b 200 6


Candidate must be able to teach Physical/Health Education to teachers in training up to the Bachelor's
degree level. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at.least ten
years' teachmg experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and research studies.

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Associate/Assistant Professors Nursing (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidates will be required to teach in the bachelor degree programme. Responsibilities
will include classroom as well as. clinical supervision of students. Applicants should have strong
ititerpersonal skills and a commitment to excellence in integrating teaching, clinical practice and research.
Applicants should have a well-rounded clinical nursing experience and should be able to teach at least .
three of the following areas: Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursmg,
Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Management/Leadership, Health
Assessment, Nursing Theories, Transcultural Nursing and Nursing Research. The successful candidates
must be registered with the Nursing Council of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; have college level
teaching experience and at least a Master's degree in Nursing.

School of Sciences and Technology
1 tandi hs3d a eanc d PC r erred) in the biological or agricultural
sciences with strong background m entomology, specifically agricultural entomology. The successful
candidate will be expected to teach biology up to the senior year in a baclielor's degree programme and
develop a research programme related to the needs and priorities of The College. Teachmg experience
at the college level is essential.
Associate/Assistant Professor Mathematics (New Providence and Northern Bahamas Campuses)
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (PhD preferred) in pure or applied mathematics.
Candidate will be expected to both teach Pure and Applied Mathematics e.g. Statistics up to the senior
year in a bachelor's degree programme as well as develop a research programme in his or her area of
specialty. Teaching experience at the college level is essential.
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree in Physics, preferably a PhD., with experience
teaching both service courses (physics for biology and health care professionals) as well as major courses,
A broad background in Physics is an asset; with a teach and incorporate undergraduate students
in research programmes both within the college and in collaboration with other institutions. Successful
applications should have research interest and foci that can be pursued in at COB or in collaboration with
partner institutions.
Associate/Assistant Professor Chemistry (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree in Chemistry, preferably a PhD, with experience
teaching up to senior year in a bachelor's degree programme. A broad background m chemistry would
be an asset as teaching areas span courses m Organic, Inorganic, Analytical and Environmental and
Physical Chemistry. Research interests and foc1 applicable to the use of current facilities and The
College's research stations are desirable.

Culinary & Hospitality Management Institute
Chef (New Providence Campris)
The ideal candidate should possess a degree in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management andbe Certified
as a Executive Chefor higher, have a teaching certificate or equivalent with a minimum of five years
pastry, garde manger, sanitation, menu design and food preparation.
All candidates must have at least an earned Master's degree from a recognized accredited institution
in the relevant area or its equivalent andfive (5) years' post quahfication teaching experience at the
College or University level The Associate Professor is a high academic rank The successful candidates
myt have all earned Master's degree from a recognized accredited institution in the relevant subject
area, plus at least eight years of teaching at the College or University level OR an earned doctoral
degree in the relevant area with at least five years teaching experience at the College or University
In all cases, an above average record of teaching, research, and/or publication is required Applicanty
must also exhibit a commitment to excellence in teaching and scholarship.

FacultV Advertisements 2007 2008

School of BusineSS
Associate/Assistant Professors Accounting (New Providence and Northern Bahamas Campuses)
Candidate must be able to teach Financial and Intermediate Accounting, Business Mathematics, Advanced
Accounting, Accounting Theory, Management, Cost, Fund and Tax Accounting up to the bachelor's
degree level. Knowledge of computerized accounting would be an asset. Professional certification.or
experience is desirable. The successful candidates should have an advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred).
Associate/Assistant Professor Marketing (New Providence)
Candidate must be able to teach a full range of Marketing courses from the introductory to the senior
year in a bachelor's degree programme. The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (Ph.D.
Associate/Assistant Professor Economics & Statistics (New Providence Campus) .
The successful individual will provide instruction for second, third and fourth year economics and second
and third year statistic courses. Candidate must be able to teach Macro and Microeconomic Principles,
Price Theory, Macroeconomic Analysis, Quantitative Methods in Economics, Managerial Economics,
International Economics, Economic Development, Comparative Economic Systems, Labour Economics,
1)usmess StatisticManhdodntermdodiateedStatist es. Thtey shald alos able toatea Iddi 1 sthoe cRasd a
should have an advanced degree Doctorate level studies in Economics (is preferred) with a sound
background in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods from an accredited institution with
five or more years teaching and research. Industry-related experience would be an asset.
Other duties include advisement of Economic Mqjors and assisting with research-related courses and
Associate/Assistant Professor Finance (New Providence Campus) . .
Candidates must be able to teach third and fourth year finance courses meluded but not limited to:
Financial Management, Credit Analysis, Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, International
Finance, Investment Management and Security Analysis. Additional duties include Advisement of
Finance and I donomics/Finance majors and preparation of students for CFA Examinations.
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (Doctoral Level Studies preferred) in Finance
with a sound background in Business Administration and Economics or Quantitative Methods from an
accredited institution and at least five years teaching experience. Investment Management experience
would be an asset. Additionally, the candidate should have completed at least part 1 of the Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) Examinations, .abd have membership in the CFA Institute.

School of Communication and Creative Arts
Associate/Assistant Professor in Journalism and Communication (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach courses in all or most of the following areas: reporting, photojournalism,
video production and business writing and should have experience with curriculum and programme
development. The ideal candidate must have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area,
a minimum of five years' teaching experience at the tertiary level and some professional experience.
Associate/Assistant Professors in Foreign Languages (Spanish and/or French) (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Spanish at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The ideal
'candidate must have at least a Masters degree in the subject or a related area, native speaker competence
and will be able to teach language, literature and culture courses up to the bachelor degree level.
teaching certificate or equivalent and experience in teacher training are desirable.
Associate/Assistant Professors in Art (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach 2-1)imensional Design, Commercial Art (illustration and graphic design)
and Printmaking. Experience in 3-Dimensional Desigli, mixed[media, painting and drawing would be
an asset. The ideal candidate will have at least a Master's degree m the subject or related area. A teachmg
certificate or equivalent is desirable. *
.1 ace.uc .\ : a .Lant Pale. .us us ab. I .. n F,. 0 ../,. 0..< L acqu."
I he use, af ul cand.J 11< mm I 1. .1.1.. 1.. l......It ludianal, there 1 and harmony, piano skills, music history
and analysis yup to the brichelor level. Candidate must possess skills in choral work and have at least a
Master's degree. The ideal candidate must have at least three year's teaching experience at the tertiary
level and some professional experience. A teaching certificate or equivalent is desirable.
Part-tiine Lecturer in Foreign Languages (Spanish) (Northern Bahamas Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Spanish at the introductory level. The ideal candidate will have at least
a Master's degree in the subject or a related area and native speaker competence in Spanish. A teaching
certificate or equivalent is desirable.
Part-time Lecturer iir Foreign Languages (Haitian Creole) (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able lo teach Haitian Creole at the beginners and intermediate levels. The ideal
candidate will have at kust a Master s degree in the subject or a related area and native speaker competence
in Haitian Creole. A teaching certificate or equivalent is desirable.
Part-time Lecturers in Journalism and Commtinications (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must he able to teach courses in any of the following areas: reporting, photojournahsm, video
production and advertising techniques. The ideal candidate must have at least a Master's degree m the
subject or a related area and some professional experience.

School of English Studies
Associate/Assistant Professors College Composition/Literature (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must have at least a Master's of Arts degree In English and must be able to teach College
Composition and Literature up to the bachelor degree level. The ideal candidates will have a background
in Composition and Rhetoric as well as in Attlerican and/or Post -Colonial Literature. A background
in creative writing or experience in a writing lab setting would be an asset. Teacher training is prefen-ed.
Associate/Assistant Professor College Composition/Literature (Northern:Bahamas Campus)
Candidate must have at least a Master of Arts degree in English and must be able to teach College,
Composition and literature up to the bachelor degree level. The ideal candidate will have experience
in the teaching of composition and rhetoric and a variety of literature courses. Teacher training is

School of Social Sciences
Associ instant Professors in Law (LL.B. Programme) (New Providence Campus)


h 3fothe baic he e awandaw8m n ud bu n she e a a CI2d2st md
Caribbean Constitutional Law; and Law of Contract. Experience in teaching in a semester system would
be an asset. The successfid candidates will be expected to pursue individual and departmental research
interests and to publish in reputable law journals.
Associate/Assistant Professor in Religion/Theology
Candidate to teach Theology and Religious Studies courses up to the Bachelor degree level. A minor
concentration in Philosophy and/or Logic is desirable.

School of Education ,
Associate/Assistant Professor Family and Consumer Life/Home Economics (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Family and Consumer Life/Home Economics and EducAtion Foundation
courses to prospective secondary teachers. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree,
Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice
and research studies,
Associate/Assistant Professor Religious Education (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Religious Education content and methods to prospective primary and
secondary teachers, as well as the general student population in other academic areas up to the senior
year in a bachelor degree programme. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's
Certificate at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and
research studies.
Associate/Assistant Professor Science Education (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Science Education courses to prospective primary and secondary teachers.
The success fill candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching
experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and research studies.
Associate/Assistant Professor Art Education
Candidate must be able to teach Art Education courses to prospective primary and secondary school
teacher trainces up to the 13achelor degree level. The successfit candidate must have a Master's Degree,
fencher 's Cel tificate, at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice
and research studies.
Associate/Assistant Professor Music Educatio,
Candidate must be able to teach Music Education courses to prospective primary and secondary school
teacher trainees up to the Bachelor degree level. The successful candidate must have a Maister's Degree,
Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice




Assistant Professor:

Masters $39,460 $61,960

To ensure consideration, application materials must be received by November 17, 2006. A complete
application packet consists of an application letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form,
a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment),
and the names and contact informAtion for three references addressed to:
The Director
Human Resources
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas

Please visit the College's website at for more information about the institatson and to access the
College's Employment Application Form.
... ..............................................................................................

Industry Training Administrator
Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute

xpe ilenc a at d rgr i or vadt u tr 1plus thru e I industry do
The portfolio of the ITA includes the organization and oversight of all matters relative to Industry Training,
including the design, development and review of new and existing skills level training and education
curricula; and the coordination of the offermg of such programmes and courses, both throughout the
College Network and withm mdustry.
The Industry Training Administrator is responsible for working in concert with Industry Partners in the
Hospitality and Tourism Sectors to develop and implement training opportunities to meet special needs
identified within the industry. The successful candidate will coordinate the review and updating of
existing education and training programmes offered through the industry arm of the Culinary and
Hospitality Management Institute; prepare training proposals, including costing, for special needs as
requested by various establishments; negotiate traimng consultants' contracts; and organize and conduct
training seminars and workshops. In addition to coordinating the preparation of Industry training manuals
and guides and maintaining reference copies of current.standard operating procedures and job descriptions
and specifications for all major jobs within the hospitality and tourism sectors, the Industry Trammg
Administrator must also coordinate job placement for students and graduates and serve as Secretary to
the Culinitry and Hospitality Management Institute Advisory Board.

Salary Scale: $27,110 $40,110
To ensure cons ration, application materials must be received by November 17, 2006. A complete
application packet consists of an application letter, a College of The Bahamas' AppHeation Form,
a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment),
and the names and contact information for three references addressed to:
The Director
Human Resoureds
The Collegeof The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive
P. O. BoxN-4912
Nassau, Bahamas
Please visit the College's website at for more information about the insdredon andto access
the College's Employment Application Form.





Wsit our website at

Office of Academic Affairs andresearchstudie

British American in

health risk outs our ce

Office of Academic Affairs

Non Instructional Faculty Advertisements 2007 2008

Counseling & Health Services Department

Candidate will be required to assist in developing and implementing counselling programmes for the
campus community including provision of individual and group therapy and counsellmg to students,
assessment interviews, referrals and consultations with faculty, staff and local professionals around issues
related to the developmental needs (academic, career-vocational and psycho-social) of college students.
Must be willing to work flexible hours.
The successful candidate must have an earned Masters degree in Counselling, counselling/clinical
psychology or equivalent.
Salary Scale: $32,710 $47,710

School of Nursing and Allied Health ProfessionS
C11111cal Preceptor

The successful candidate must be a Registered Nurse with post qualification training and good organizational
skills. Duties would include supervising students in the laboratories to develop basic nursing skills;
coordinating the clinical rotations and practicums for students; review practicum skills; compilation of
student logs and reports for the course instructor. The successful candidate should be self-directed and
work well with people.
Salary Scale: Instructor $27,110 $40,110

Library and Instructional Media ServiceS

Librarian Techmical ServiceS

The position falls in the area of Technical Services. The incumbent should be dynamic, innovative
individual with a strong commitment to service within a diverse community. The Librarian will demonstrate
successful administrative experience in a library, sound understanding of emerging technologies and the
ability to use them within the library setting and commitment to developing a strong integrated library
service within the academic environment.
The duties of the Librarian will isolude management of the Unit, leadership in short and long range
planning to enhance and expand library services, development and promotion of library resources and
services, personnel supervision, initiation and management of appropriate emerging technologies, and
liaison with relevant internal and external groups.
The Librarian should possess a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from an accredited
institution, and a minimum of two years, post Masters professional library experience. The incumbent
will demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills that engender an excellent customer
friendly environment. Evening and weekend work on rotatiori, library research, service to the community
and library instruction will also be required.
Salary Scale: $32,710 $47,710 .
To ensure consideration, application materials must be received by November 17, 2006. A complete
application packet consists of an application letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form,
a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment),
and the names and contact information for three references addressed to:
Human Resources
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive .
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas
Please visit the College's website at for more information about the institairon and to access t '
College'9EinploydieniAfflicationforns. 4
------------------------------------------------------------------- "-----"""""" """"""

The Bahamas Marine and Environmental Studies Institute

The College/University of The Bahamas seekd a dynamic.and creative individual to
provide leadership in The Bahamas Marine and Environmental Studies Institute.
The Institute is intended to facilitate the discovery of knowledge about the marine and
island environment of The Bahamas and build on the solid foundation of research and
monitoring programmes. The mandate of developing specialized laboratory and field
courses to compliment.the current Bachelor of Science degree courses at The
College/University will be a significant focus.

The Executive Director, reporting to the Vice President Research, Graduite Programmes
and International relations, has supervisory responsibility for the Institute, comprising
appointed faculty fellows. He/She will provide leadership m programme development
and research initiatives so asato take full advantage of The College/University location
in a small island state and year round access to the unique sub-tropical ecosystems of
the coastal, coral reefs, mangrove and sea grass communities in The Bahamas. Toward
this end, the Executive Director will work closely with administrators at the existing
facilities at The College/University field stations in San Salvador (Gerace Research
Centre) and Andros (The Bahamas Environmental Research Centre). Such engagements
will include the traditional academic initiatives' as well as certificate and general
environmental and resource management outreach courses/programmes. In this regard,
the Executive Director, through the resources of the Institute and m collaboration with
the School of Sciences and Technology, will assist with the development of a flagship
multidisciplinary degree programme in Marine Science. Efforts will also entail attracting
researchers and scholars with marine and related interests as well as local, regional and
international students with exceptional academic credentials and future potential,
demonstrating a genuine interest in marine science. The Executive Director must have
exceptional skills in grantsmanship and the ability to develop collaborations to build
long-term research and monitoring initiatives that can help document and catalogue
the ecological systems that make up the Bahamian archipelago.

The College/University of The Bahamas is the national higher education institution of
The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The institution grants mostly bachelor degrees
and some joint masters degrees in conjunction with other institutions. It has a student
enrollment m excess of 4,000 students located throughout the Bahamian archipelago.
It has extensive links with tertiary institutions in the Caribbean and North America
and its credits.are accepted by more than 200 colleges and universities in those regions
and in Great Britain. It has embarked aggressively upon a major expansion of its
programme offerings, research activities and physical facilities and is incorporating e-
learning methodologies into its repertoire of strategies for delivering instruction, all
with a view to attaining a charter as a university by 2007.
The successful candidate must hold a doctorate in an appropriate field with a minimum
of eight to ten years experience at an accredited university, a proven research record
and have relevant work experience including appropriate supervisory level exposure.

Interested candidates should submit College/University of The Bahamas Employment
Application, a Comprehensive Resume and up-to-date transcripts, giving full particulars

Oqn@Bat ons and0 experience, along with three work references no later than

Director, Human Resources, The College of The Bahanus
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, N. R, The Bahamas
Facsimile: (242) 302-4539
E-mail: hrapply
Web Site:

The American Embassy is presently considering application for the
following position:


Serves as the Consular Administrative Assistant responsible for carrying out the
administrative duties of the Consular Section and.serve as the initial point of
contact for all Embassy and public inquires related to Consular issues.

This position is open to candidates with the following qualifications:
An Associate Degree in the area of Business Administration
or a related field.
One to two years of secretarial and customer service
experience required.
Must have a good working knowledge of general office
procedures, Microsoft Office Suite and data base


Must have ability to meet deadlinesin a timely manner and
work independently with minimum supervision


The successful candidate will be offered an excellent compensation
package including performance-based incentives, medical and dental
insurance, life insurance, pension and opportunities for training and

Applicants must be Bahamian citizens or U.S. citizens who are
eligible for employment under Bahamian Laws and regulations.

Application forms are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday at the security area of the American Embassy, Queen
Street. Completed applications applications should be returned to the
Embassy: addressed to the Human Resources Office no later than
Thursday, November 16, 2006.



~Z~dLIWC tv TIPdl~NE ~1~F~LbNS

British American Insurance
Company buyout also fits in
nicely with the Government's
stated aim of expanding and
deepening Bahamian ownership
of companies and assets within
the context of the wider econo-
Management buyouts involve
members of a company's exist-
ing management and executive
team raising the capital neces-
sary to purchase the business
from its then owners.
Such transactions have been
relatively commonplace in
developed economies for sev-
eral decades, and are not
unheard of in the Bahamas,
Cavalier Coristruction having
changed hands through a man-
agement buyout in March 2005.
A management buyout ear-
lier this year also created new
Bahamian-owned broker/dealer
Providence Advisors out of SG
Hambros Bank & Trust
(Bahamas) investment services

scam, from in

that the Bahamian company was
associated with, or part of, Bar-
clays Bank. ASIC said: "The
BSI Investments were held in a
non-interest earning cheque.
account. Amounts were thell
transferred to an account in the
Dominican Republic, also a
non-interest earning account.
"At least $6.2 million was sub-
sequently transferred from the
overseas accounts in the
Bahamas and the Dominican
Republic back to a private com-
pany account, held for Strate-
gic Investments Group and con-
trolled by Mr Drakos."
While Mr Drakos was not
officially involved with BSI Cor-
poration, agents in Canada
arranged for the transfer of
funds from the Bahamas back
to Strategic Investments Group.
From there, ASIC said the
funds were invested into a
"number of failedifusinesses",
including a golf driving range,
plumbing business and futures
and commodities trading.

British American Insurance
Company, which was estab-
lished in the Bahamas in 1920, is
part of the British American
Group. Its ultimate parent,
understood to be British Amer-
ican Holdings, is controlled by
Mauritius-based Da wood
Rawat, its chairman. .
Insurance sources suggested
that any buyout led by Mr
Cooper and other Bahamians
was likely to be a positive devel-
opment for British American
Insurance Company, giving it
sharper focus through its new
owners' on-ground presence
and bolstering its competitive
The firm is currently consid-
ered Don-resident for exchange
control purposes as a result of
any B ahamian-led buyout
would reverse this situation by
making it resident.
The fact that Bahamians have
the central role in the proposed




their staff treat BCPs as part of
the risk management structured
aidmg its testing, trading an
implenientation. .
The Financial Transactions
Reporting Act is to be used by
heensees as a guide to which
jurisdictions the Central Bank
considers as appropriate for use
as an alternate operations site as
part of a BCP, far removed
from the Bahamas to ensure
they are not impacted by the
same hurricane.
BahaMian bank and trust
companies will also be required
to comply with local laws in the
jurisdictions they relocate to,
and must allow the Cpntral
Bank to continue its regulation
of their activities.
The proposed guidelines state
that BCPs must be approved
before they are activated,
although no subsequent
approvals required.

I'~l: COL:.LE'~ccc~~~ GE OF TE .BAHAMA~S

FROM page 1B

premium volumes, and among
the top 10 globally.
Chester Coooppr, British
American Insurance Compa-
ny's president and chief execu-
tive, last night declined to com-
ment when contacted by The
When questioned, he replied:
"I can't comment on that." Mr
Cooper also declined to com-
ment on the status of the man-
agement buyout of British
American that he is leading,
although sources told The Tri-
bune that the project was mov-
ing forward with a number of
deadlines set to be met this
If the buyout plan goes
ahead, The Tribune understands
that there will be no impact on.
the jobs of existing British
American staff, with the com-
pany's operations and structure

BRDICS must comply on client

FROM page 1B .

plexity of their operation," the
regulator said.
The Central Bank said its
draft guidelines were in line
with the August 2006 principles
advanced by a joint forum com-
prising the Basle Committee on
Banking Supervision, and its
counterparts in the securities
and insurance industries.
The regulator is proposing
that the chief executive at every
bank and trust company
licensee "prepare and sign-off
a formal written annual state-
ment" to the institution's Board
on whether the BCP has been
properly tested and maintained,
and if its strategies were still
valid. The statement would be
part of the Central B ank's
The guidelines encourage
Bahamian institutions to ensure

, rsau ou, v .. ,

The Public is hereby advised that I, JEANNETTE JOSEPH
intend to change my to JEANNETTE LALAME. If there.are
any objections to this change of name by Deed Poll, you
may write such objections to the Chief Passport Officer,
P.O.Box N-742, Nassau, Bahamas, no later than thirty (30)
days after the date of publication of this notice.

Not ice
STREET, NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/
naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person
who knows any reason why registration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement
of the facts within twenty-eight days from the 8TH day of
NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible for Nationality
and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

NOTICE is hereby .given that MOS ANTENOR OF 2864
is applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and
Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The
Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send
days from the 8TH day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

NOTICE is hereby given that RAYMOND TONDO OF
is applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and
Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The
Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send
a written and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight
days from the 1ST day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

NOTICE is hereby given that ERMANCIA PIERRE OF
the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 1ST day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

NOTICE is. hereby given that JUNIOR FELIMA/ROBERT-
is applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and
Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The
Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send
a written and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight
days from the 8TH day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.

ST., P.O. BOX CB-12401, NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas,
and that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of.the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 1ST day of NOVEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.


vevacoven avuvci 0

.A SAC runner slides safely at third as



M ABOVE: Queen's Col-
lege ace Justin Sealey
delivers a pitch to SAC on
the way to winning 6-4 in
their BAISS junior boys'
sudden death playoff to
advance to the final.
5 RIGHT: Queen's Col-
le e first baseman
Matthew Wert stretches
to make the play at first as
SAC's Earl Rahming Jr.
tries to get to the bag. QC
went on to win the game
6-4 to eliminate SAC.

(Photos: Tim Clarke)

Comets put the brakes on Big Red Machines



Senior Sports Reporter
FOR the first time this week-
end, the Bahamas Olympic
Association will spread its wings
to host an international confer-
ence of member countries.
A total of 24 countries are
scheduled to arrive in town on
Thursday to participate in the
fourth Caribbean Association of
National Olympic Committee
(CANOC) general assembly on
Friday and Saturday at the
British Colonial Hilton Hotel.
"In addition, we will also be
having presentations from the
venous games orgamsers,
including the Commonwealth
Games, the Pan American
Games and the Central Ameri-
can and Caribbean Games,"
Davis disclosed.
Davis said representatives
from those organizations will be
providing the Caribbean with
the necessary information to
ensure that they are properly
prepared for the future.
"We are pleased that all of
these persons will be coming
here," said BOA president, Sir
Arlington Butler. "We hope
that the games that are coming
up, these persons will be able to
provide us with all the informa-
tion we need to hear."
Last year's meetirig was held
in Havana, Cuba and two years
ago it was staged in Miami,
Florida. But Davis said they are
delighted that the Bahamas now
have the opportunity to host the
"Everybody wants to come to
the Bahamas," he stated.
A number of topics will be
discussed, including the free
movement of sports people
through the Caribbean, coordi-
nating the coaching aspects and
the standards of coaching
between the islands in the
Caribbean and the planning and
organisation of the first
Caribbean Games, which are
scheduled for Trinidad & Toba-
go in 2009.
"It's something that is being
pushed by the Sports Ministers
and Caricom and it's a sort of
the revitalization of the West
Indices Games that was held
back in 1964 and '65," Davis
rev' (vn be trying to get
the Caribbean to start compet-
iog against each other again at a
very high level before we com-
pete at major games like the
CAC, Pan Am, Commonwealth
and Olympic Games."
Davis said it's an important
meeting because they are all try-
ing to push the Caribbean ath-
letes m thel forefront so that all
of the countries in the region
can get more funding and use it
more efficiently.
"When we get together, we
Avill try to get all of the
Caribbean into a big training
session, instead of just sending
one or two persons from each
country," he said. "We want to
make sure that all of the coun-
tries are involved."
In addition to the meetings,
the Ministry of Youth, Sports
and Housing will host a wel-
come reception on Friday at
4pm, a luncheon has been
planned at Government House
ad a dinner at Mozitagu Gar-
dens, lioth on Saturday.
The Ministry of Tourism has
also joined forces to assist the
BOA with the venture.


Ira feels West Indles hes


a~~nt Paktan



Available'from'Commercial News Providers:




England look ahead to the


-- ---- ---- --------I ---------- -----.I _II -I I ~.__L~~--.~.l---------- ------- ---

Wila ~,tweltuck.~~~kses plus travel


CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Strachan, WINNER of the Dolphins and Packers


Fax: (242) 328-2398

8 Chil0 StPS ili Hg

M QC's COMETS defeated
SAC 6-4 in their BAISS junior
boydsasTuddendeathpltahyoffy -
(Photo: Tim Clarke)

to go in and do what I had to
SAC had produced the first
round of the game iix the first
as Nicholas Okpere led off
with a single, stole second and
caught a ride home on losing
pitcher Byron Ferguson Jr's
RBI single.
The Big Red Machines
scored another tivo in the
third as Okpere led off with a
siligle, stole second and
scored on Ferguson's RBI sin-
gle before Hayward Higgs
drove him home on his RBI
Then in the fourth, Earl
Rahming Jr opened the frame
on a triple and scored on
Devaughn Moss'.RBI single.
SAC also .got Ashton Butler
on first on another single, but
he and Moss were left strand-
ed as Sealey and the Comets
shut them down.
"We're a young team, but
I feel very bad because this is
the first time that we haven't
been in the final for a long
time said SAC's coach John
Todd "But we will be back
next year. e are very

Senior Sports Reporter
IF NOMINATED, Sir Arling- .
tonButlerintends toseekre-elec-
tion as president of the Bahamas
Olympic Association.
The BOA will hold its Annual
General Meeting and elections on
November 30 and Butler will be
seeking his eighth consecutive
term at the helm of the most pow-
erful and influential sporting body
in the country.
Butler was first elected as pres-
ident the fourth in the history
of the BOA, which has been in
existence since May 8, 1952. At
the time, efforts were made to
ensure that Star Class yachtsinen
Sir Durward 'Sea Wolf' Knowles
and the late Sloan Farrizigton got
to sail in the 1952 Olympics in
Helsinki, Finland under the
Bahamas flag.
Butler succeeded Dr.Norman
Gay,.who served for one or
from 1972-1973.
Sir GeorgeRobertswaseketed,
as the initial president, having
served fronx1952-57. He was then
followed by Robert 'Bobby'
Symonette from l957-1972.
Although he's been re-elected
unopposed for most of his tenure
in office,, Butler ailticipates a
strong challenge this year. .

Federation, Bahamas Football
Association, Bahamas Lawn Ten-
nis Association, Bahamas Nation-
al Equestrian Federation,
Bahamas Softball Federation,
Bahamas Swimming Federation,
Bahamas Volleyball Federation
and the Bahamas Yachting Asso-
"There are always people who
position that has afforded him the
opportunity to represent the
Bahamas all over the world.
At present, other members of
the executive board include Sir
Durward 'Sea Wolf' Knowles,
Rev. A. Enoch Backford, Har-
court 'Rip' Rolle, Leonard 'Skin-
ny' Archer, Roscow A.L. Davies
and Wellington Miller as first vice
presidents; Vincent Wallace-Whit-
field as treasurer; Dianne S.
Miller, assistant treasurer; Dr.
.Lawrence Davis as honorary sec-
.retary and B. Livingstone Bost-
wick as honorary assistant secre-
It's not certain how many of
the current officers will also b'e
seeking re-election. But Davis has
indicated that he intends to run
Even if they are not all re-elect-
ed, Butler said he's been pleased
with the performance of his team.
"We've done a number of

things and assisted various asso-
ciations with funding arid train-
ing and the athletes and their
coaches," he pointed out.
Butler said he also served on
the Pan Americail Sports Asso-
. citation, which enabled him to gar-
ner some further assistance for .
Bahamian athletes.
And he has also served as pres-
ident of the National Organiza-
tion Committee, which has not
only assisted Bahamian athletes,
but athletes throughout the-
"We're not resting on our lau-
rels, but I think we've done a
tremendous amount of things in
our administration," Butler
Davis said they welcome the
challengers to their positions.
"I think it's been a very active
four years with people going off
training and helping associations
to travel to the various courses,"
Davis added.
"We've gotten more assistance
and more international funding
for both the Pan Am and Olympic
athletes, so we also funded more
Davis said they assisted just
about every national body as they
prepared to travel to compete in
the various international compe-

, .
But, so far, there's no indica-
tion who will step forward.
The BOA's constitution, as per-
taining to the elections, simply
stated that as long as you are an
evecutive of a member federation
and you are nominated by thift
body, you are eligible to run.
The current member federa-
tions are the Bahamas Amateur
Boxing Federation, Bahamas
Amateur Cycling Federation,
Bahamas Association of Athletic
Associations, Bahamas Baseball
Association, Bahamas Basketball

COupon and drop off at The Tribune

: i






I 0 8

th 8

0 m 0tS



a eOn o touBe rter
THE Queen's College
Comets put together a pair of
three-run innings as they went
on to hold off the St.
Augustine's College Big Red
Machines and advance to the
Bahamas Association of Inde-
pendent Secondary Schools'
junior boys softball finals.
In their sudden death game
yesterday at Freedom Farm,
th& second placed Comets
secured a 6-4 win to eliminate
SAC, third place finishers and
last year's runners-up to Nas-
sau Christian Academy Cru-
Queen's College will now
play the winner of the unde-
feated pennant winning St,
Andrew's Hurricanes and the
St. Anne's Bluewaves. Their
sudden death game was
played late last night. No
results were available at
"We really want to play St.
Andrew's,".said QC's winning
pitcher Justin Sealey. "It's a
sort of rivalry that we have
with them."
Sealey not only made sure
that the Comets clinched their
berth on the mound, but
made his contribution offen-
sively as well, leading their
attack with a two-for-three
gl t a hLaedl R9BI
with the first of their three the second, scoring on
Justin Higgs' run-producing
ground out.
Then in the third, Sealey
came through with a one-out
RBI single that plated
Matthew Wert with the first
of their final three runs. He
eventually scored their final
run on Hi s' two-out RBI
single.hink ked h d
we wor are,
enough. We deserve to win'
said Sealey, about theyr per-
formance. "We practiced
before the game, so we
expected to win."
. Holding onto a 6-4 lead
going into the top of the fifth,
QC's coach Gary Markham
moved Sealey from the
mound, bringing in shortstop
David Sweeting too close the
But after Sweeting threw
four balls, walking SAC's
Hayward Higgs, Markham
brought Sealey back on the
mound and QC went on to
sto the Bi Red Machines
rom scoring.
He spoke to me well. He
encouraged me, said Sealey,
about the change. When he
called me back, I just decided

Sir Arlington Butler intends to seek re-electionli

The Tribune BIp JEliimi 3(trulb

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