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"MMt O OUR -f
P(NMiR WpJELESE'' iovinit-







I III''"

^Ban, NetoriT


Port Authonriy counsel resigns

Fred Smith cites

'irreconcilable differences'

between himself and

both Sir Jack Hayward

and Hannes Babak

* Tribune Business Editor
FRED Smith will today
resign from his 23-year post
as the Grand Bahama Port
'Authorit's outside counsel,
citing "irreconcilable differ-
ences" between himself and
',both, Sir Jack Hayward and
chairman Haines Babak.
In a statement to The Tri-
bune last night, Mr Smith said:
"Unfortunately, I do not in
good conscience believe I can
continue to be the Port
Authority's outside general
"Irreconcilable differences
have arisen between myself
and Mr Babak. I do not agree
with the wdy he does business,
and do not wish to do busi-
ness with him.
"I cannot reconcile what Sir
Jack is saying about owning
75 per cent of the company.
As outside general counsel, I
always understood it to be a
50/50 partnership" between
Sir Jack Hayward and the late
- Edward St George. *
Mr Smith's resignation is
the latest blow to the Port
Authority and Port Group
Ltd, the company which holds
assets such as the Freeport
Harbour Company, and fur-
ther undermines a structure
that is already starting to

Last night, the outspoken
attorney said he "very much
regrets" his decision to resign,.
given the good relationship he
had enjoyed for more than
two decades with Mt St
George, his family, and the
Hayward family.
"Mr Babak's chairmanship
causes me a great deal of con-
cern," Mr Smith said. "I wish
to ensure I'm not associated
with what Mr Babak does or
what Sir Jack does in associa-
tion with Mr Babak."
Mr Smith's comments on Sir
Jack relate to his claim last
week thatzhe owns 75 per cent
of the Grand Bahama Port
Authority and Port Group
Sir Jack said the Port
Authority and Port Group
were both wholly-owned by a
Caymanian-domiciled com-
pany called Intercontinental
Diversified Corporation
(IDC), which he and Mr St
George had acquired from the
original Hawksbill Creek
Agreement architect, Wallace
In turn, IDC was owned by
Seashells Investments Ltd,
which held a 50 per cent stake,
while Fiduciary Management
Services Ltd held the remain-
SEE page eight

SHuman rights
group calls
roof of the d, .eshi departll -s o
e L.$cen CAfor Wisdom
Internaltional A irport )es- id w
terday as a col front mowed to step down
through the Bahamas, bring-
inghhemi masrain. b By ALISON LOWE
Tribune Staff Reporter
(Photo: Felipe 'lajor/ A
Tribune staff) A HULMAN rights group has
calledtfor the resignation or dis-
Smissal of Minister Ne% ille HVs-
dom and his permanent secre-
tarv Leila Greene following the
disclosure ot a phone conmer-
sation bervween the txwo in Mon-
OctdaN'.' INSIGHT.
"If NMIr Wisdom does not
reign we cAlt on the PM t[, fiie
NMr 1 isdom trom his cabinet
position. He iv but one. includ-
ing the PM. w ho should be
resigning," said NIr Fred Smith.
president of the Grand Bahama
2Human Rights Association.
In an interview with The Tri-
bune yesterday, Mr Smith,
speaking on behalf of the Grand
Bahama Human Rights AMso-
ciation said he %as "shocked' at
the contents of the conver-a-
tion about requests made by
The Tribune tor details of con-
tracts awarded by the ministry
of housing for the construction
of government housing subdi-
The exchange was acciden-
tally left on a Tribune answer-
phone machine after Mr Wis-
dom, minister of youth, sports
and housing called to speak to
a reporter, but failed to hang
up his phone.
up st"pMn .idom was quoted
as saying to Ms Greene that Mr
Turnquest, a Tribune reporter,
a'int gonna get" any informa-
tion from him about the con-
tracts despite it being a mat-
ternofpublic interest while
Ms Greene agreed, adding that
f- 14 1r1r Turnquest was too "junior"
A to be speaking to Minister Wis-
SEE page eight

INSIGHT Article*'highlights need for, freedom60f -inform.ation act

Tribune Staff Reporter
THE disclosure of a conversation
between Minister of Housing Neville Wis-
domn and his permanent secretary Leila
Greene made in Mondays' INSIGHT
"highlight the desperate need" to intro-
duce a freedom of information act in this
country, according to a human rights
The conversation, accidentally record-
ed by the two on a Tribune answerma-
chine last week after Mr Wisdom
attempted to contact a Tribune reporter,

demonstrated() the old, secret and per-
nicious PLP mentality going back to the
decades of abuse visited by the PLP on
the Bahamian public" which must be
counteracted, said lawyer Fred Smith,
president of the Grand Bahama Human
Rights Association (GBHA).
During the brief chat Mr Wisdom and
Ms Greene discussed requests made by
Tribune reporter Paul Turnquest for
information regarding contracts awarded
by the ministry of housing for the con-
struction of government housing.
Both Mr Wisdom and Ms Greene
made comments contradicting previous

claims that Mr Turnquest could have
access to the information, and implied
that the press was merely a tool to be
manipulated for government's advantage.
Mr Smith said The Tribune had been
"blessed" to hear the conversation, which,
he claimed, "provided a rare glimpse into
how government in the Bahamas has
worked for decades."
He added that the revelations "high-
light the desperate need for a Freedom of
Information Act."

SEE page eight

*~5. .."~,
Ii~'. -- ~ 9


Se iami Hekratb





The civil service deserves

our respect, not contempt

T HE website Bahamas
Uncensored, formerly
Fred Mitchell Uncensored, fre-
quently goes off the deep end in
its commentaries and observa-
tions and some of it could be
attributed to the inexperience
and ignorance of its editors.
However, most people
believe that Mr Mitchell, now a
Cabinet Minister, still con-
tributes to the site or at least
exerts considerable influence
on its contents despite protes-
tations that he is no longer asso-
ciated with it.
There is nothing wrong with
a politician who becomes a
cabinet minister maintaining a
site for his own political pur-
poses except that he has to be
careful that what is said by him
or on his behalf does not con-
flict with the responsibilities
and disciplines that go along
with membership in the Cabi-
So it is perhaps convenient
for Mr Mitchell to maintain the
fiction of disassociation to avoid

problems with his cabinet col-
But that does not exonerate
him from responsibility for
some of the things appearing

Most people
believe that Mr
Mitchell, now a
Cabinet Minister,
still contributes to
the site or
at least exerts
influence on its

on the site. At least, no one
doubts that he can tell his
friends not to make stupid state-
ments like the comment on
Joshua Sears last week.
Mr Sears, former Permanent

Secretary in the Ministry of For-
eign Affairs and former
Bahamas Ambassador to the
United States, has left the Pub-
lic Service to seek the FNM's
nomination to run in Exuma
and this is what Bahamas
Uncensored had to say about
"The retired diplomat who
just finished serving the PLP for
four years in Washington has
bitten the hand that fed him.
Mr. Sears has announced by a
pamphlet being circulated in
Exuma that he is the candidate
for the next election for the
FNM in the constituency. What
a shame Disgraceful! Cut
behind on the way!".
It is difficult to believe that
the editors of Bahamas Uncen-
sored would have published
this without Mr Mitchell's
knowledge and consent, hav-
ing regard to the fact that Mr.
Mitchell is the Minister for
Foreign Affairs. Even though
some of Mr Mitchell's friends
say he has changed consider-
ably since he became a minis-

ter, it would still be disap-

D during 25 years of con-
tinuous power, the

Many Bahamians)
were victimized
under the old PIP
because they
exercised their
democratic right
to support the
political party of
their choice or
dared to criticize
the PLP masters.

PLP was susceptible to some
extremely negative characteris-
tics including an attitude of enti-



tlement, arrogance, intolerance,
spitefulness, insatiable greed
and dangerous confusion over
the difference between party
and government.
Mr Mitchell knows all this
and spoke out against some of it
when he fell out with the PLP
some years ago. Many Bahami-
ans were victimized under the
old PLP Government because
-they exercised their democratic
right to,, support the political
party of their choice or dared
to criticize the PLP masters.
But some members and sup-
porters of the PLP also suffered
from the intolerance and spite-
fulness of their party when they
were suspected of not toeing
the line closely enough or when
they dared to criticize the lead-

There was a civil servant
in Freeport, for
instance, who was known to be
a strong and open supporter of
the party. In the run-up to one
election someone told the lead-
ership that this gentleman had
switched sides politically.
It was not true, but the lead-
ership pounced on him never-
theless. He was given a week to
get out of his office and out of
Then he was given a desk in
the Post Office building in Nas-
sau where he did little or noth-
ing for the next 18 months.
There are still traces of bitter-
ness in this gentleman's voice
when he recalls his ordeal years
One would have expected
That during its 10 years in oppo-
sition, the PLP would have tak-
en the time and made an effort
to clean out its bilges and scrape
off its barnacles. But no.
When they were elected
again in 2002, they came roaring
back with many of the same
nasty old habits much in evi-
dence. Some of then had
learned nothing. In fact, they
behave as if they have to make
up for lost time.
They regarded the FNM
Government, which the people
had elected to serve them from
1992 to 2002, as an inconvenient
aberration, an "interim govern-
ment", as their former Leader
put it.
The government and the

Mr Sears did not
serve the FNM nor
the PLP but the
Government and
people of The
Bahamas. Neither
was he fed by the
hand of the PLP;
he was paid by the
taxpayers of The
Bahamas and the
taxpayers got a
very good deal.

country belonged to them, giv-
en to them by God, and one of
them had the nerve to say as
much from the floor of the
House of Assembly. Traces of
that delusion exists today at
Bahamas Uncensored but also
high up in the party leadership.

So it is that Bahamas
Uncensored can say today

that Joshua Sears was "serving
the PLP for four years in Wash-
ington" and that in choosing to
offer his services to his country in
another capacity "he has bitten
the hand that fed him".
The arrogance and sheer stu-
pidity of it is stunning and it
would be laughable if it were
not so dangerous.
Joshua Sears served his coun-
try well as a civil servant and
he was among the very best:
intelligent, competent, decent
and hardworking, and a
Bahamian gentleman to boot.
Mr Sears did not serve the
FNM nor the PLP but the Gov-
ernment and people of The
Bahamas. Neither was he fed
by the hand of the PLP; he was
paid by the taxpayers of The
Bahamas and the taxpayers
got a very good deal.
There is neither shame nor
disgrace in his moving on and
offering to serve his country in
another capacity; it is his
inalienable right to do so.
The shame and disgrace is
that Bahamas Uncensored and
all those associated with that
website and others in the
PLP who think like them are
so ignorant, arrogant and intol-
erant that they would try to
demean this fine Bahamian for
offering to participate in the
nation's democratic process.
No doubt the people of Exuma
will remember this intended slight
against a gentleman they can be
justly proud to call their home-
boy. Perhaps they will consider
administering that cut behind to
those more deserving of it.

Some of the difficulties
facing the PLP Govern-
ment today have their roots in
the failure of those who ought
to know better to practice and
to educate their members and
supporters in the ways of par-
liamentary democracy and cab-
inet government.
They started off abusing the
high office of Speaker 'by
appointing someone who was
not qualified to fill that office
and demand the respect that it
is due. The same applies to their
choice of a Deputy Speaker.
PLP abuses of the system of
cabinet government are too fresh
in the minds of Bahamians to
need repeating in this context.
But the PLP Government
and its ministers have also failed

The shame and
disgrace is that...
those associated
with that website
are so ignorant,
arrogant and
intolerant that
they would try to
demean this
fine Bahamian
for offering to
participate in the

dismally to understand the rela-
tionship between those who are
elected to form the political
leadership for the time being
and those who constitute the
permanent civil service of the
The civil service constitutes
the very machinery of govern-
ment. It is there to advise the
political leadership and it is
there to carry out the policies of
the government of the day. It
deserves respect, not contempt.
Those who constitute the civ-
il service work for the Bahami-
an people and are expected to
serve whichever government
the people should elect. They
are not beholden to any partic-
ular political party and are not
fed at the hand of any politi-
All governments appoint con-
sultants for special purposes but
a government that appoints an
army of crony consultants
because it does not know how
to relate to the civil service will
end up on the rocks.

com,-w w i tr-




o In brief

Man denies
and ecstasy

A 23-year-old man of Yellow
Elder Gardens charged with
possession of the drug ecstasy as
well as small quantity of mari-
juana was arraigned in magis-
trate's court yesterday.
The accused, Jeirdo Dorsett
is alleged to have been found in
possession of the drugs on Mon-
day October 30. He is also
charged with resisting arrest.
It is alleged that around
1.30am on Sunday October 29,
while at a club on East Bay
Street, he resisted arrest by Cor-
poral 2446 Moultrie and Con-
stable 2597 Carroll.
It is alleged that Dorsett was
found in possession of four
ecstasy pills and two grams of
Dorsett, who was arraigned
before magistrate Susan
Sylvester at Court 11 Nassau
Street, pleaded not guilty to all
of the charges. He was granted
bail in the sum of $5,000. The
case resumes on February 27

Teens face
charge of

THREE teens were
arraigned in magistrate's court
yesterday on charges relating
to the alleged assault and
S forcible detention of a 16-year-
old girl last week.
It is alleged that Ladon Nes-
bitt, 18, along with a 17 and a
15-year-old, assaulted a 16-
year-old girl on Thursday Octo-
ber 26 with the intent of hav-
ing intercourse with her against
her will.
It is also alleged that the trio
Took away and detained the girl
against herwill on the same day
S with the intent to have inter-
course with her.
The teens, who appeared
S before magistrate Susan
Sylvester, were not required to
plead to the charges. They were
granted bail in the sum of
$3,500. The case was adjourned
to February 16 2007.



* THE roadworks at the intersection of Tonique Williams-Darling Drive and Baillou Hill
Road. For months officials have claimed the works are in their final stages but it is a cry that
that is increasingly failing to impress jam-weary drivers

Motorists growing

tired of roadworks

as jams continue

ANGRY motorists say
they are losing patience with
the ongoing roadworks
around the intersection of
Tonique Williams-Darling
Highway and Baillou Hill
A group of road users said
they are fed up with the
inconveniences that the Min-
istry of Works project is
They said they and hun-
dreds like them are tired of
sitting. in long traffic lines
and are frustrated by the
confusing system of detours
in the area.
"There have been so many
accidents, especially at the
Town Centre Mall's main
entrance because of this pro-
ject. This project makes no
sense whatsoever," a local
business owner said.
"I leave home at seven
each morning with my chil-
dren so that they can get to
school in time, because of
the normal traffic jam on
Baillou Hill Road, but this
still does not work because
of accidents and the confu-
sion the road project is caus-
ing as many drivers don't
understand the lane patterns
or the road structure," said
Kiema Mitchell.
However, a representative

Local News..................P1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,12
Advt .........................................................P11
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Sports .............................................P10.11,12
W om an.........................................P1,2,3,5,6,8
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M ain ............. ..................12
Sports/Business 12

of the Ministry of Works and
Utilities said the government
"is doing its job and that the
ministry's primary objective is
to ensure that road safety is
enforced in the Bahamas".
He added that the project is
in its final stage and asked that
the public be a little more
patient as the government does
the best it can to ensure safety
on the streets of Nassau.
The $3.3 million joint venture
contract with the Bahamas Hot
Mix and Bethel's Trucking and
Heavy Equipment has also
been criticised for the new sys-
tem it will leave in place once it
is finished.
"There is no point to all the
Ioadcom1plicjiQns in% oleed in
ttheproject." said one m g-st.
*"The ministry said that this
is supposed to deter accents
and reckless driving, but the lay-
out of the road looks so stupid,"
Sheryl Seymour said. "Right
now the southern road of the
roundabout at Family Guardian
is blocked so you can't go
around the roundabout.
"Persons would have to turn
left into the City Market yard
and head west onto the one way
because of the two one way
lanes," she said.
"So if I was on my way to the
Town Centre Mall, that would
mean that I would have to drive
all the way down by the C W
Sawyer Primary school then go
back up on the opposite one-
way street or go through Yellow
Elder to get to the Town Centre
Mall. This is so ridiculous".
The motorists interviewed
said they want a response from
the ministry on this matter.
Some even threatened to

hold a demonstration in the
area very soon if the govern-
ment does not address the traf-
fic problem.


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PERHAPS the most extraordinary aspect
of Darfur isn't that gunmen on the Sudanese
payroll heave babies into bonfires as they
shout epithets against blacks. It's that the
rest of us are responding only with averted
eyes and polite tut-tutting.
This past week alone, Sudan expelled the
U.N. envoy for Sudan and sent a proxy army
to invade eastern Chad. Those moves under-
scored both the audacity of Sudan's leaders
and the fecklessness of the rest of the world's.
In fact, there's plenty we can do. The inter-
national community has focused on getting
U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur, but Sudan
refuses to admit them. The stalemate drags
on; the slaughter continues but here's what
we can do:
Kofi Annan should appoint a new U.N.
envoy of utmost prominence. Possibilities
include Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Richard
Holbrooke and Bernard Kouchner (a founder
of Doctors Without Borders). The envoy's
job would be to lead an intensive negotia-
tion aimed at achieving a political settlement.
The focus has been on getting U.N. peace-
keepers into Darfur, and they are needed,
but in the long run only a peace accord can
calm Darfur. "This is distracting from the
main need," Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, a
Sudanese human rights campaigner, said of
the focus on peacekeepers. In May a peace
agreement was stillborn after only one Dar-
fur rebel faction signed it, but the pact can be
renegotiated, for the differences are small
and bridgeable.
President Bush and European leaders
need to use their leverage on four nations in
particular to make them part of the solution:
China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. Chi-
na is playing a disgraceful role underwriting
the Darfur genocide, by giving Sudan the
guns used to shoot children and by protecting
Sudan in the U.N. Security Council. And the
three Arab states need to be involved so that
Sudan cannot claim that plans to protect Dar-
furis are American or Jewish plots to dis-
member the country.
"It is very clear there is a plan to redraw the
region," the Sudanese president, Omar Has-
san al-Bashir, said last month, explaining the
calls for U.N. peacekeepers in Darfur. "Any
state in the region should be weakened, dis-
membered in order to protect the Israelis."
Sudanese journalists say that Bashir has
cleverly used such arguments to portray him-
self as a nationalist, and as a result is in a

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stronger position now than when he started
killing babies in Darfur. Arab leaders need to
show that they care about Muslim children
being shot even when Israel is not responsi-
To get more coverage on Al-Jazeera and
other Arab networks, Annan could take a
planeload of Arab journalists on a visit to
Darfur refugee camps. Condi Rice could do
the same. The United States could put video
footage of Darfur atrocities on its Arabic-
language satellite television station, Al Hur-
The United States, France and United
Nations should immediately send peace-
keepers to Chad and the Central African
Republic to prop up those countries (the U.S.
can supply airlift, intelligence and communi-
cations support, but our ground troops would
create a backlash). Sudan has sent proxy
forces to invade both, and they are teetering.
We need contingency plans for forcible
military intervention. There is talk that in
the coming months Sudan's janjaweed militias
may start systematically massacring some of
the two million people who have taken shel-
ter in camps in Darfur. If that were to happen,
UN. and NATO forces would have to go in
and rescue those people and if Sudan
knew of such contingency plans, that would
make massacres less likely.
The U.S. arid French air forces should
jointly impose a no-fly zone from the French
air base in Abeche, Chad, as the Chadian
president has invited us to do.
Western countries should apply targeted
sanctions that freeze international assets of
Sudanese leaders whom the U.N. has already
listed as involved in the genocide.
Bush must use his bully pulpit. He could
invite Arab and African leaders to the White
House for a summit on Darfur. He could
suggest to the Chinese president, Hu Jintao,
that they jointly visit the area.
After fewer than 10,000 white people had
died in Kosovo, the U.S. intervened to pre-
vent a genocide. So far, several hundred thou-
sand black people have been slaughtered in
Darfur, and our president hasn't even dedi-
cated a speech to it.
If we don't try bold new approaches now,
when? After 750,000 have died and Chad
has collapsed? After all north central Africa
is in chaos and 1.5 million are dead? When?
(* This article is by Nicholas Kristofof
The New York Times 2006)

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EDITOR, The Tribune.
SOCIETY has labelled
many wrongs at the feet of
only one person, when it
takes two to tango. This
aspect is very wrong,
because the judicial system
and Social Services and even
the Church accuse someone
of being a Dead-Beat Dad.
When young adults, be
they male or female, feel
that they are grown enough
to engage in the pleasure of
sexual intercourse for plea-
.sure purposes only, and they
neglect their responsibility
of protecting themselves
from unwanted pregnancy or
having children out of wed-
lock, then unfortunately
someone has to take blame
by society's standards.
The real picture is that
both male and female are
responsible for the unwanted
circumstances, but the
female is more responsible
because only she can
become pregnant with child.
If the woman chooses to give
away her fruit because she
sees a handsome or attrac-
tive young man, then she
must ensure that she does
not have an unwanted preg-
nancy or children out of
wedlock. If she is responsi-
ble, she would keep her fruit
and wait for marriage or
plan her pregnancy with a
responsible man, who will
take care of his responsibili-
Society must take the
responsibility of correcting
this misguided conception
and lay the charge of dead-
b eat-dads at the feet of
fathers who leave and aban-
don their children and wife,
because then only then is he
less than an infidel who does
not provide for his family.
No longer should a woman
be allowed to get away with
forcing a pregnancy on
someone when the social
encounter was only for plea-
sure and only by consenting
adults, nor should the
woman be allowed to take
away the preventative mea-
sures because she believes
her biological clock is run-
ning out before she turns
thirty years of age and wants
to have a child out of wed-
lock. Therefore, if the sexu-
al encounter is done only for
pleasure, only then they
should let it be and when

that is circumventive, then
the responsibility of one's
action must be meted with
the penalty.
Children are a gift from
God, so let us follow God's
plan and have these children

the right way and make the
world a better place.
Love conquers a multitude
of sin, so let the male and
female have children in love
with the understanding of
being responsible for your
October, 2006.

Darfur: If not now, when?








Don't lay blame

on one when it

takes two to tango


on Andrew

Allen's column

EDITOR, The Tribune.
HAVING read Mr. Andrew Allen's column "Perspectives" con-
cerning the administration of the cat 'o nine tails as a punishment,
I find Mr. Allen to be incorrect in some of his statements.
He writes, "The Cat has very little to do with criminal justice, as
it is understood in the modern world. Rather, it is a form of crude
public humiliation once employed by British colonialists to terrorize
native population into maintaining the peculiar 'order' that makes
colonial domination possible. Tellingly, it has no widespread history
of use in England itself, nor in any of its predominantly Caucasian
Flogging, and even hanging, was a common disciplinary measure
in 18th and 19th century Britain, and also featured predominantly
in British penal colonies like early colonial Australia where such
forms of corporal and capital punishment were always inflicted in
public to obtain the maximum deterrent effect. In fact, public exe-
cutions in London were not stopped until 1868. Flogging in the
Royal Navy and the regular British Army was also commonplace
during this time period, with punishment of 20, 50 and even 100
lashes being awarded. The men were also frequently "started" or
encouraged to work with a blow from the end of a rope. Flogging
in the peace time Royal Navy was suspended in 1871, but not
abolished until 1879.
While I do not normally subscribe to such barbaric forms of pun-
ishment, is flogging any more barbaric than the act of rape, par-
. ticularly when involving children, the mentally deficient and the
elderly? Some punishments should fit the crime. Further, the act
of rape is not only devastating for its victims emotionally and
physically, but could threaten their very lives if the rapist is a car-
rier of a sexually transmitted disease, or worse, AIDS.
I agree with Mr. Allen that prison reform in our country long
overdue, but a proverbial slap on the wrist for criminals of th -irt
is not acceptable, and in some instances, barbaric behave. -r
deserves barbaric punishment. I, for one, will shed no tears for 'L

October 30, 2006

Share your news
The Tribune wants to hear
from people whoware ___
making news in their OR
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a /
good cause, campaigning f
for improvements in the
area or have won an -
If so, call us on 322-1986 ----- --
and share your story.





Model FRT8B5EW

18.2 Cube Feet


03t ukdmaf- Q{(dfrd
Annual Bazaar and'

Raffle Winners

PAP Saturday 28th October, 2006.

_ ____ ~I




* In brief

Man admits


A 33-year-old man of Ridge-
land Park West pleaded guilty
to a marijuana possession
charge yesterday.
It is alleged that on Monday
October 30 Alston Clarke was
found in possession a'quantity
of marijuana, which authorities
believed he intended to supply
to another. According to police,
Clarke was found in possession
of six grams of marijuana. He
was fined $1,500 yesterday. Fail-
ure to pay the fine will result in
a year in jail.

Meeting to

be held on

taxi safety


Care association, in conjunc-
tion with The Public Service
Driver's Union, will hold a spe-
cial town meeting on Thursday
November 2 to discuss security
issues facing the public service
drivers as well as ferry and
water taxi operators.
The meeting will be hosted
by Wendell Jones of Love 97
FM. The meeting will be held at
BCPOU hall on Farrington
Road, beginning at 7.30pm.
Refreshments will also be

criticise US
preacher on

AIDS cure

GUYANESE health officials
have criticized an American
television evangelist for a series
of adertisements thevysay'sug-
gests people can be cured of
HIV/AIDS and other illnesses
by attending the preacher's ser-
vices in this South American
nation, according to Associated
The ministry of Rev. Ernest
Angley, a Pentecostal preach-
er who exhorts illness-causing
demons to leave a person's
body at "crusade services," was
involved in an "obscene
exploitation of people's vulner-
ability" by claiming that people
with HIV/AIDS could possibly
be cured, Guyana's Health Min-
istry said in a Saturday state-
"We are unaware of the exis-
. tence to date of any cure any-
where in the world for HIV
infection," the statement said.
Ray Spangler, a spokesman
for the Ernest Angley Min-
istries, which is hosting several
services in Guyana and neigh-
boring Suriname this week, said
the ads indicated that prayer
and faith can be the remedy for
Many afflictions. He said
Angley is "well aware" there is
no medical cure for HIV/AIDS.
"If a person comes to the cru-
sade and gets help through
prayer then that's wonderful. If
nothing happens, continue tak-
ing your medicine," Spangler
said. "It does not hurt to have
*prayer if you are sick."

6:00 Community page
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11:30 Immediate Response
1:30 Community Page 1540AM
NOE0 N-V13rsre h
rih* o aelstmnt
program hanes

Talent on show

at weekend wine

and art festival

TAINO Bullard (left) proved to have one of the more popular
stalls at the wine and art festival at the Retreat on Village Road on
Saturday. His work, which features pieces of varying layers and tex-
tures in oder to create a feeling of depth, drew many admiring view-
ers at the annual event. Hundreds of people attended the annual
event, which has become a feature of the Bahamas social calendar
and has proven a fertile testing ground for a number of emerging
artist over the years.
This year many artist found the event financially rewarding as
well, selling many of the pieces on display. Taino himself sold
most of the pieces in his stall.
One admirer of Tiano's work at the event, Etienne Christien, said:
"His work is very impressive and shows Bahamian art has a very
bright future. It's thought-provoking and groundbreaking. I think
that everyone there had a great time and whether it was wine or art
that people were looking for, the best of both was on offer."
Wines at the event were provided by Bristol Wines and Cellars.

New teachers 'have not been

paid for two months' claim

AN irate veteran educator is
claiming that new teachers
have not been paid their
salaries in two months.
He said the only thing that.
the government seems to be
interested in is the education
of foreign nationals, "pro-
The source, who spoke on
condition of anonymity, told
The Tribune yesterday that he
had come of out retirement fol-
lowing the end of his 30-year
career because the government
had urged former teachers -
particularly men to help
shore up the troubled educa-

tion system.
"Two months into the school
year and teachers are being
shafted, demoralised and frus-
trated by systematic neglect,
arrogance and blatant disre-
spect," he said.
The source alleged that the
Ministry of Education is visit-
ing this "quiet atrocity" mostly
new and returning teachers -
both Bahamian and foreign.
The man claimed that when
affected teachers tried to
enquire as to why they were
not being paid, they were told.
"various lies and given decep-
tive, evasive answers by offi-
The teacher, who currently

teaches at a junior high school
in the west, alleged that the
department of education is
"dogged" with gross incom-
petence, bureaucratic red
tape, lies, secrecy and confu-


He alleged that at the
school where he is posted
there are at least 20 new
teachers who have yet to be
paid their salaries since the
start of the new school year
and he estimates that there
are up to a 100 teachers that
he personally knows about,

who are experiencing the
same difficulties.
The teacher claimed that so
far, new teachers have not even
been told how much they are
to going to be paid.
"They have not even asked
us for are bank account num-
bers," he said.
"It appears that it takes three
solid months or more to pay
teachers who must stand in
front of hundreds of children
with promises in their pock-
In July of this year, the
Bahamas Union of Teachers
(BUT) and the government
signed a $20.5 million, five year
contract, which had ended

months of painstaking negoti-
ations between the two parties.
Among other provisions, the
new agreement contains a five
year salary increase plan, a 12
month sabbatical with full pay
after 10 years of outstanding
service and union leave of six
Also included in the agree-
ment was a list of itinerant,
housing and other allowances
covering almost every area of
the teaching profession.
Both the union and the
department of education were
contacted for responses to the
However, up to press time,
no response was issued.

Land dispute thought likely in Berbick death

BOXER Trevor Berbick,
who ended the great
Muhammad Ali's career in
Nassau 25 years ago, was
probably killed over a land
dispute, it emerged yester-
Jamaican police yesterday
arrested two men in con-
nection with the slaying of
the troubled boxer.
A 20-year-old man has
been arrested in connection
with the machete murder of
the former champion, whose
body was found lying in a
churchyard near his home
early Saturday morning. A
second arrest was made a
few hours later. At press
time last night, the identi-
ties of both suspects were
still being withheld.
Berbick, thought to be 52,
was said by residents in Nor-
wich, Jamaica, to have been
involved in a land row with
the suspect. The boxer had
been living in the remote
rural district for some time.
Berbick, who held the
WBC version of the world
heavyweight title for a short

time in 1986 before being
deposed by the young Mike
Tyson, was best-known for his
Nassau defeat of Ali on Decem-
ber 11, 1981.
The then strong young heavy-
weight outpointed Ali in the
ring legend's swansong at
Queen Elizabeth Sports Cen-
Ali, who had been deposed
as world champion by Larry
Holmes a year earlier, was hop-
ing to go out on a winning note
when he took on the unfancied
Berbick in the final fight of his
20-year professional career.
But, at almost 40, he was too
old to cope with his youthful
opponent and suffered a points
The fight gave Nassau a per-
manent place in boxing history
as the venue for The Greatest's
last stand.

Fetlzr Fniie

Berbick eventually retired
from the.ring in 2000, but led a
troubled life. He was convicted
in the United States for sexual
assault, grand theft and burglary
and was twice deported.
He was on his way home
from a nightspot on Saturday
when, according to police, he
appeared to have been attacked
from behind.
Four gaping wounds in the
back of his head suggested he
had been chopped with a
The suspect was arrested sev-
eral hours after Berbick's body
was found by a deacon walking
through the churchyard.

a n *4
up b-o 0wm
.MM b-oe 4

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Please Call Mr. Mycklewhyte


328-0783 or 328-2744

I Ve3UW`I, V~ I VULI Ivl!L-vrrl



ibxeWe take a look at Rum
The ry1Ul
It Cay throughout history
and now as it prepares

tobe the home of a

new marina village
WORKERS on the site

The two islands of Rum Cay

RUM CAY is similar to
many of the islands in the
Caribbean in that it has a dou-

ble personality. On one hand,
it has a breathtaking landscape
that could easily be the setting
for any Hollywood swashbuck-
ling flick or romantic novel. On

i e ustrian Consulate in the
S(Bahfamas, in conjiunctlion wirfi
S tfheAustrian 'Em6assy in,
WashingtonD. C.,'
is proudto present
in Concert at Government 7fouse
^ on l U ctsir 1If /

': I
an outsta#uV'g 'Cfwractere ranrfCam6fer Singer
fiom the Viesna State Opera,
accompanfis6y fpianist
:'/ 4"rus^ z. ,

Donations: $25,

Students: $10

Tickets are available at

ChezThierry (Butler & Sands Liquor Store) J.F.K. Boulevard
The International Languages and Cultures Institute, C.O.B

Call Mr. Ernst Rumer, Honorary Austrian Consul, at 364 -3297

im:r WR

the other hand, the island's
beauty is coupled with a well-
entrenched economic dorman-
In the 18th century, Rum Cay
was an island of 5,000 residents
primarily involved with the
manufacture and shipping of
salt to far away places like Eng-
land and Nova Scotia.
But competition and natural
disasters, such as the 1926 hur-
ricane have taken their toll on
the island.
Now it boasts a small popu-
lace of about 100 persons, has a
makeshift wooden shed for an
airport, unpaved roads, no more
than a few shops and restau-
rants and none of the techno-
logical amenities or basic luxu-
ries that Nassuavians take for
But according to Montana
Holdings Ltd, all this is about to
change as the marina village
being constructed on Rum Cay
is expected to awaken this
"sleeping beauty."
The Nassau-based develop-
ment company became inter-
ested in Rum Cay a few years
ago when one of the main
shareholders came down to the
Bahamas and "just fell in love
with Rum Cay" according to
Mr Tim Perkins, the director of
construction on the project.
Mr Perkins claimed that the
marina village on Rum Cay will
be the biggest in the Bahamas
and that it is expected to attract
people from all over the world
who are involved in sport fish-
Rum Cay Resort Marina is
to be constructed in three phas-
es. Phase one, which began in
the summer of 2006, will con-
sist of an 80 slip Blue Flag mari-
na, the Port Santa Maria Mari-
na Village, and a variety of res-
idential offerings from ocean
estates to ridge villas.
Phase Two will include the
RockResort hotel and spa, and

M IAN Flemming, project architect, explains the plans

phase three is expected to be
additional residences and
Plans for the resort include
the expansion of the marina up
to a total of 200 slips for all
types of vessels including
"super yachts". The Port Santa
Maria marina village will con-
tain exclusive shops, restaurants
and sporting facilities and the
RockResorts hotel will have.
aIQAund 100 units plus an addi-
tional 80 multi-room villas; as
well as restaurants, retail out-
lets, a free-form swimming pool,
and a variety of activities includ-
ing diving, snorkeling, hiking,
eco-tours, horseback riding, a
golf training facility and tennis
At the moment, the devel-
. opment company is also the
main employer on the island.
According to chief councillor
David Knowles, "Everyone
who wants to work right now
on Rum Cay is employed by
Mr Knowles, who is also
employed as one of the
Bahamian contractors on the
project, said that he urges all

* AN aerial view of the site
Rum Cay natives who left the
island in the past, "to make
tracks.and start coming back
home, because Rum Cay is on
the move with Montana."
And to prove that Montana
Holdings is interested in the
total development of Rum Cay,
the company has taken it upon
itself to build a world-class air-
port terminal on the island,

which is to be used by locals as
well as visitors.
Many residents say that
despite hurricanes, government
neglect or the ups and downs
of the free market economy,
they are confident that their
island is on the move again and
that the Rum Cay Resort Mari-
na will be an integral part of its
future development.


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Of Japanese Vehicles

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Bahamas Bus & Truck


l C Ofic ff C riic-pi T THE 11 CP 0 0 i L

Self Insurance Tender

The Bahamas Telecommunications
Company Limited (BTC)

BTC is intending to transfer its Property/Business Interruption
risk from a traditional "All Risk" program to a 100% self
insured plan.

BTC is hereby inviting qualified Companies/Firms to present
a creative cost effective conceptual tender including a scope
of work detailing how your Company/Firm proposes to design,
develop and implement the Self Insurance Plan.

Tender Packages can be collected from the Security's Desk
of BTC John F. Drive Nassau, Bahamas between the hours
of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

The deadline for submission of proposals is on or before
5:00pm Monday, November 17th, 2006.

Only Companies/Firms who have experience in creating and
implementing self ii surance and alternative risks transfer
plans need apply.

BTC reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.


* In brief


and ammo

taken after

car chase
POLICE say that a hand gun
and four live rounds of ammu-
nition was confiscated yester-
day morning following a car
According to police press liai-
son officer Walter Evans,
around 4am yesterday officers
from the police mobile unit
approached a gold Honda with
one male occupant.
He said the officers reported
that the driver sped off in an
easterly direction.
The officers said the driver
then stopped and exited the
vehicle, running away as they
S A search of the vehicle
Reportedly led to the discovery
Sof the hand-gun and the ammu-
Investigations continue.

Man flees
after robbing
POLICE are investigating a
robbery which took place at
Texaco Service Station on East
Street and Soldier Road yester-
day morning.
According to Inspector
SEvans, a man entered the estab-
lishment and proceeded to col-
lect several items.
He then approached the
cashier and proceeded to rob
the establishment of an unde-
termined amount of cash.
The man then fled the scene,
reportedly travelling north on
East Street.
Investigations continue.

Doctor sworn
in as New
Premier of
A MEDICAL doctor who
recently took over leadership of
Bermuda's'ruling party was sworn
in Monday as the new premier of
the British Atlantic territory,
according to Associated Press.
Ewart Brown gave an oath of
allegiance to the queen at Gov-
ernment House and was sworn
in by Bermuda's governor, Sir
John Vereker.
Brown, 60, a doctor who has
a clinic in the island, defeated
incumbent Premier Alex Scott,
107 to 76 votes, at the Progres-
sive Labour Party's annual del-
egates' conference on Friday.
"I believe that today is a, good
Sday for Bermuda," he said. "I
Believe that we understand
clearly that it would be a trav-
esty not to capitalize on the
momentum that has been devel-
oping over the past week."
Brown, a former deputy pre-
mier, announced his new Cabi-
net and said he would person-
ally remain in charge of the
Tourism Ministry.
About 66,000 people live in
the self-governing territory.

Airport officials deny flooding

is causing an electrical hazard

Tribune Staff Reporter
OFFICIALS yesterday
denied that flooding at the air-
port is creating an electrical
hazard in the domestic termi-
nal building.
Following yesterday's tor-
rential rains, water leaked into
all parts of the Lynden Pin-
dling International Airport
and into the ceiling of the
domestic section.
As garbage bins were
placed all over the terminal
to catch the rain water and
caution signs warning against
wet floors were set up,
observers expressed concern
that water was also dripping
from light fixtures.
Contacting The Tribune
yesterday, travellers said that
they feared that the rain water
coming through the fixtures
was creating a dangerous fire
However, general manager
at the Airport Authority
Joseph Reckley dispelled the
Mr Reckley said he had not

been informed about that par-
ticular problem, but empha-
sised that the maintenance
team responsible for the ter-
minal is very diligent in car-
rying out its duties and would
not overlook such a potential
"Our team always conducts
normal checks to identify
these problems and nothing
like that has been reported to
me. We have good people tak-
ing care of those things," he
Observers agreed that air-
port authorities had done a
good job of marking-where
the flooded areas were located
inside the terminal and tak-*
ing a number of measures to
try and minimise the impact
of the problem.
As for the other leaks, Mr
Reckley said that as soon as
the weather allows, the main-
tenance team will go up on
the terminal's roof and locate
and repair all problem areas.
Yesterday's downpour was
caused by a cold front which
has become stationary over
the Bahamas, experts say.

4 g. a


* WATER drips through the roof of the domestic department of the Lynden Pindliimg
International Airport yesterday as a cold front moved through
(Photo: Felipe Major/Tribiun'iesff)

Chief Meteorologist Basil
Dean told The Tribune that
cloudiness and precipitation can

be expected to continue until the islands during the nexi few
Friday. days, the amount vf inelfil ,l
As the system oscillates over vary, he added

Motorists and pedestrians express outrage as rain

causes flooding on streets of New Providence

flowed the streets of Nassau
yesterday, causing traffic
backups on the main thor-
oughfares of the capital and
completely overpowering
the water drainage systems.
Throughout New Provi-
dence, motorists said they
experienced numerous
delays-along major roadways
as rain continued to pour for
Along the East-West
Highway, one caller said that
water stood as deep as three
Persons who ,"oi k
towards the earoem end of
the downtown area partic-
ularly around Dowdeswell
Street faced a similar situ-



The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an award.
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

One driver, who said the
flooding almost caused her to
be involved in an accident,
expressed her frustration.
"I was coming on a four-way
stop and went to brake to let
another car cross, and my
brakes almost didn't hold
because they were shot because
of the water.
"I think with all these pris-
oners they have working on the
street, they should be able to

get enough manpower to clean
out the drains so the roads are
clear ini the future," she said.
For many pedestrians, the sit-
uation was even more difficult.
"The roads and pavements
were a mosaic of water," said
one pedestrian who walked to
his job on Shirley Street from
his Paradise Island home. "It
was like trudging through the
streets of a third world country.
"Quite frankly if this is the

best face the government can
put on as they try and attract
more tourists to the country,
then it shows a level of bad
planning." he said.
And with meteorological offi-
cials warning that this rainy
weather could last until Friday,
motorists can expect more
delays and flooding in the com-
ing days.
In previous reports, tlie Min-
istry of Works claimed that


So FREE OGRA S for life.
1Iiis entry form before November 1st, 2006 and mail to Doctors Hospital
I ii. Department P.O. Box N 3018 Nassau, Bahamas
P: _: FAX:
... ...... .... . .. ....

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
redeem this voucher for 50% off the cost of a
mammogram at Doctors Hospital*
Women who have not had a mammognim previously at Doc tocr I'. 'l..i-p
Valid hIT-...i1 December 1st, 2006
(Call to make an appointment today 302-1662
.. ^ ., ,. ... .. -. . . ... .. ..... .. . ... .. .. .. ,.

there is no I..I i pr bl i p
New Providence.
Director'of Public Works
Melanie Roach declined to
comment on the i
day. claiming mh 7
had misquoted hi-.
However, inside :
that the Decparar-iiu n 1:1 Vi ks
. is in talks with contiractois to
correct the drainage |u.) o rnsr
and to increase tir e i
capacity of the svys'in

for life.




British American Breast Cancer Tip
Many women are alive and well today at nia
because their breast cancer was detected and R I
treated early. Finding breast cancer as early AM ERICAN
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and clinical breast examinations are the most reliable methods of findinici
breast cancer. Call your doctor to schedule a mammogram today. Early
detection helps to save lives!

The Tribune

/$~i t



'7 5. -- .. '

4 ...








INSIGHT article 'highlights need

for freedom of information act'

FROM page one

"A FOIA would dramati-
cally change the face of gov-
ernance in the Bahamas...(by)
ensuring) that helpful infor-
mation is disclosed to the
press where appropriate and
to interested parties," he said.
"We need to break this psy-
chological slave chains that
prevent us from growing as a
true democracy so that (the

Madeira Plaza
Robinson Road

Bahamian people) know that
they have a right to
information that relates to
"(That) information will
give people the opportunity
to do something about any
abuse they have been sub-
jected to, or breach of their
rights," said Mr Smith, and
furthermore "would keep
politicians and civil servants them to be more
efficient (and) make them

accountable to their employ-
er who is ultimately the
tax paying public."
Further clarifying the utili-
ty of such an act, Mr Smith
gave concrete examples of sit-
uations other than that
involving the distribution of
government housing con-
tracts in which citizen's
rights would be facilitated by
the act.
"The people of Freeport
would be able to know how
much taxes are actually
earned in Grand Bahama.

People who apply to the
immigration department
would be able to see their
files and get reasons why
their permits were or were
not approved, and people
such as the Guana Cay resi-
dents could have access to
their local government
records to see what licences
or permits were or were not
However, added Mr Smith,
such an act could also be
improved if supplemented by
a "reason act".

"If we had a reason act
coupled with a Freedom of
information Act then people
could have access to relevant
information, and if politicians
and civil servants were
required to give reasons for
any decision which affected
a person's rights or entitle-
ments then they would be
much more circumspect,"
said Mr Smith.
When politicians' decision-
making processes are "sub-
ject to being exposed," said
Mr Smith, "you would find

that democracy would flour-
ish and blossom in an
unprecedented way in the
"(Politicians) would not
take into account irrelevant
material, they would only
take into account matters
which are properly relevant,"
said the lawyer.
According to Mr Smith,
legislation intended to open
up government's thinking to
"rational scrutiny" would be
"nothing new", as the UK
already has similar laws.

Port Authority

counsel resigns

FROM page one
ing 50 per cent stake.
Sir Jack said he owned all
of Seashells, while Fiduciary
Management Services had
been owned 50/50 by himself
and Mr St George. As a
result, he therefore owned 75
per cent of IDC and, by
extension, the Port Authori-
Those comments have
alarmed both the estate of
the late Edward St George
and Caroline St George, who
fear that St Jack's 75 per cent
ownership assertion effec-
tively slashes the value of
their assets the estate in
half. Mr Smith represents the

Harbour Bay
Marathon Mall

I ti 174110 ki aU











OR 327-5483


Thursday, 26th October



Doctors Hospital

Re: Paymento f Claims

Doctors Hospital and the National Insurance Board (NIB)
wish to advise the public that in accordance with the
National Insurance Act, the National Insurance Board is
obligated to make payments to Doctors Hospital to cover
only those services that are directly related to the treatment
of the industrial accident for which the patient is receiving
service. Any medical care that is provided in order to treat
other ailments, wounds or injuries that are not related to
the industrial accident, but for which medical treatment
is necessary or appropriate under the circumstances, will
be the responsibility of the patient and NOT the National
Insurance Board.
Under those circumstances, the National Insurance Board
acknowledges and accepts that Doctors Hospital is entitled
to "balance bill" the patients for those medical services
provided but which are not directly related to the industrial
Persons with further questions are asked to contract Doctors
Hospital's Business Office or the Occupational Health
Department of the National Insurance Board.

Health For Lift


FROM page one

"You don't have to give him
no files. Give him what files?
Someone could give one story
to Paul, go wreck something
up," said the minister.
The two also shared sarcas-
tic comments implying that the
press is a tool to be manipulat-
ed to the advantage of govern-
"I always take the calls of the
press. 'Cause when we want
them..." said Ms Greene.
While Monday's INSIGHT
questioned what information
Mr Wisdom and Ms Greene
had which they were so keen to
keep from public scrutiny, the
GBHA called upon Mr Wis-
dom and Ms Greene to "hang
their heads in abject shame and
immediately resign".
Mr Smith said it was the
Association's opinion that "peo-
ple like that have absolutely no
business being in the public ser-
"It demonstrates the old,
secret and pernicious PLP men-
tality going back to the decades
of abuse visited by the PLP on
the Bahamian public."
According to Mr Smith, if the
two do not resign, Prime Minis-
ter Christie has an obligation to
fire them.
"We are too small a country
to let our politicians and civil
servants keep secrets from the
people they represent."
According to Mr Smith, there
is a need to "end the old British
colonial culture of oppression
and of keeping the natives in
"At independence, we got rid
of our British colonial masters
and simply substituted local
politicians which are even worse
as our masters," he said.

The Tribune had previous-
ly been informed that rela-
tions between Mr Smith and
Mr Babak were at a low ebb,
the former disagreeing with
the latter's approach to busi-
ness and potential conflicts
of interest between his Port
role and outside interests,
which included Freeport
Concrete and H & F Babak
Construction. The latter has
since been sold.s
Pressure from Prime Min-
ister Perry Christie also saw
Mr Babak withdraw H & F
Babalc from a contract to
construct Associated Gro-
cers' $8 million warehouse
facility at Grand Bahama's
Sea/Air Business Centre, fol-
lowing complaints from the
Grand Bahama Contractors
Assqpation and others.
YetvMr Smith's resignation
will add further to the belief
of many that the structure
created by Mr St George is
starting to come apart, and
the damage may be irrepara-
Mr St George's estate is
already being disputed by
legal action initiated by his
daughter, Caroline, and for-
mer second wife Mary.
(See Tribune Business for
more stories).

Proudly Serving the Bahamian People since 1974.


o In brief

Man faces




A 45-YEAR-OLD man of
Joe Farrington Road was
arraigned in magistrate's court
yesterday on drug possession
Court dockets state that on
Friday October 27, Christopher
Farrington was found in pos-
session of a quantity of cocaine
which authorities believed he
intended to supply to another.
It is alleged that Farrington
was found in possession of 2.5
ounces of cocaine.
Farrington, who appeared
before magistrate Susan
Sylvester yesterday pleaded not
guilty to the charge. He was
remanded into custody and will
return to court today for a bail

Premier of
Turks and
Caicos urges
passport delay
THE premier of Turks and
Caicos urged the United States
to delay new passport require-
ments for American travelers,
saying Washington should show
more sensitivity to the tourism-
driven economies of its
Caribbean allies, according to
Associated Press.
Premier Michael Misick said
the rule change, which calls for
US citizens traveling by air to
nearby countries to start carry-
ing passports as of January 8,
does not give tourists enough
time to secure documents
before the peak travel season.
Under the rule change
approved earlier this month, US
citizens are allowed to return
from visits to Canada and Mex-
ico, or from cruises throughout
the Caribbean, without a pass-
port until June 1,2009. But the
law maintains that air travelers
to those areas must carry a pass-
port starting January 8,2007.
Prior US travel requirements
allowed American citizens to
go to Canada, Mexico or most
Caribbean countries and re-
enter the US using a driver's
license and birth certificate.
About 80 per cent of the
200,000 tourists who visit Turks
and Caicos each year come
from the United States.
Misick said he and other
Caribbean leaders have been
lobbying the US for an exten-
sion of the January 8 deadline.

Antigua opens
building during

St John's
ANTIGUA and Barbuda
was opening a new parliament
building Monday in a ceremony
timed to coincide with celebra-
tions marking the 25th anniver-
sary of independence from
Britain, according to Associated
Britain's Prince Edward was
expected to read a message
from Queen Elizabeth II dur-
ing the dedication, and
Jamaican Prime Minister Por-
tia Simpson Miller planned to
deliver an address to a joint sit-
ting of parliament's upper and
lower houses.
Construction began two years
ago on the US$8 million par-
liament building, which replaces
a facility that opened the year
the eastern Caribbean country
gained independence on Nov.
1, 1981.
A parade Wednesday will
include marching bands and
members of the Caribbean
country's defense forces.
Prince Edward, who is mak-
ing an official visit to the twin-
island nation, planned to inspect
a military honor guard with
Governor General Sir James
Carlisle on Wednesday.

Finalists have the write

stuff in essay competition

Tribune Freeport
Archibald Bowers of the
British Virgin Islands beat out
25 other essay finalists to
become this year's winner of
the Conde Nast Traveler
Essay Contest at the 29th
Caribbean Tourism Confer-
Klara Glowczewska, editor
in chief of Conde Nast Trav-
eler, presented Bowers with a
$2,000 grand prize scholar-
His essay will also be fea-
tured in the next issue of the
magazine, which is one of the
leading tourism and travel
publications in the world.
First runner up Jashenel
Wielzen, of Suriname, and .
second runner up Joshua
Tuson, of Grenada, each
received a $500 scholarship.
The Conde Nast Traveler
"My Caribbean" essay con-
test is now in its 14th year,
and is one of the highlights
of the CTC.
The annual contest is part
of a tourism awareness pro-
gramme for school children
throughout the Caribbean
between ages eight and 12.
Of the 500 essays submitted
this year, 26 essay finalists
attended the Caribbean
Tourism Conference "to
receive an eye-opening into
the world of tourism."
Bahamian Shante Swan
was among the 26 finalists
selected from the essay
entries submitted this year.
The students were to imag-
ine that he or she was a trav-
el journalist assigned to write
a story about their country
for Conde Nast.
S Ms Glowczewska said the
Conde Nast is very pleased
to be sponsoring the event for
the 14th year.
"It is a wonderful thing to
do for the kids because these
are our future tourism lead-
ers, and it fits so nicely in with
the mission of the magazine,"
she said.
The contest sponsored b-
Conde Nast was the first of
its kind for Caribbean school
children. The ministry of
tourism in the Caribbean
countries contact various
schools in their country to ask
-students to submit essays.
Each country selects one
essay as a finalist for the con-
Ms Glowczewska said they
were surprised that three
young men, emerged as the
top three fin-alists in this
year's essay contest.
She also stated that Conde
Nast will be celebrating a big
milestone next year with its
20th anniversary issue.
"The first issue of the mag-
azine was in September 1987-.
so we have a special anniver-
sary issue coming out in 2007

.;.w:.. ,

MINISTER of Tourism Obie Milchconmbe (standing at back
from left) and Klara GloAczewska. editor in chief of Conde Nast
Traveler (standing next to Mr Wilchcombe) congratulate ihe top
three finalists in the Conde Nast "MI) Caribbean" Essay Contest on
Tuesday at the 29th Caribbean Tourism Conference at the Westin at
Our Lucaya Resort. Seen in front from left are second runner iup
Joshua Tuson of Grenada: .inner Joseph Archibald Bo'ers of Briiih
Virgin Islands. and first runner up Jashenel \ielzen of Surinamie.
(Photo: Denise Iuacockp






and we are planning various
events as special features of
the magazine," she said.
Minister of Tourism Obie
Wilchcombe said Conde Nast
continues to play a significant
role in the promotion of
tourism in the Caribbean over
the past 20 years.


He said that the esspy con-
test has grown tremed ously
over the years with scjme 500
entrants, participating this
"The essay competition is
read by millions around the
world, and when you have
youngsters telling the story
about their country, you are,
in fact, also including them in
the education of the impor-
tance of the tourism.
. "So then, they become
ambassadors, and the most
important story tellers of
your nation. Well, that's the
magic of it, and the 500 that
made entry tells you it has
caught on, and it is working,
and the Bahamas willbenefit
just like the other countries,"
he said.
Mr Wilchcombe said the
20-year relationship between
the Caribbean Tourism
Organisation and Conde Nast
has been very beneficial to
the promotion of tourism for
the region.

Venezuela says

outcome of UN

Security Council

vote 'favourable'

sador to the United Nations
on Saturday claimed a
"favourable" outcome would
emerge from voting next
week to determine which
Latin American country will
get a seat on the Security
Council, according to Associ-
ated Press.
Venezuela and US-backed
Guatemala have competed
for the seat in 41 ballots,
which have failed to produce
a winner, and both countries
have refused to withdraw.
Francisco Arias Cardenas
said in government statement
that the outcome of the next
round of voting on Tuesday
"already is favourable" for
Venezuela and was "gener-
ating great expectations for
those who believe in UN

Cardenas did not say, how-
ever, that Venezuela had
managed to convince more
nations in order to tip the bal-
ance toward itself or the con-
sensus candidate it has pro-
posed, Bolivia.
Venezuela has previously
cast the impasse as a -victory
because of the number of
votes it has managed to
secure despite open lobbying
by Washington for
Guatemala has led
Venezuela in all but one of
the votes, where they tied, but
it has been clear since the ear-
ly ballots that neither can
muster the needed two-thirds
support in the 192-nation UN
General Assembly.
President Hugo Chavez
actively lobbied for the seat
promising his country would
work to counter what he calls
US dominance in the world

"CTO has been in existence
for 30 years and because of this
relationship you have the
Bahamas and the rest of the
Caribbean getting promotions
that sometimes you can't pay
for. Conde Nast has made the
Bahamas their feature and they
talked about how these islands
have so much to offer, so the
exposure is wonderful." he said.
Minister Wilchcombe
believes that the Caribbean



Tourism Conference held in
Freeport has also benefited to
the island, especially at a time
when the island's economy is
"The significance of this con-
ference in Freeport also gives
us a chance to demonstrate that
Grand Bahama is rebounding
successfully from the hurricanes
of 2004/2005," he said.
"Travel agents and leading
publishers are looking at the

island and recognizing that all:
the devastation by Wilma,
Jeanne, and Francis are behind
us and we aie rebuilding.
"They will be able to see that
the hotels are doing quite well,
that structures are sound, and
that there are new develop
ments. So, what we are doint'
is exposing this island to the
travel agents and publishing
houses, and the message will g t
out," he said.


* ii S '

I t:lm A SmartChoice



- I

Make the SmartChoice!
See the full line of your favourite Ford vehicles at





For the stoiTes~T^^
^MTwTbehind the
news, read!i c]i^^
Ins ig*ht on^^^



I u I i

Appeal to be wary of animals for

Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes

The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

CHIEF Inspector Stephen
Turnquest of The Bahamas
Humane Society is asking all
pet owners to be responsible
throughout the Hallowe'en
and Guy Fawkes celebrations.
A few simple guidelines will
help us all protect animals
while people are enjoying
these fun activities.
Keep artificial spider's web
and similar decorations away
from cats and dogs as these
are a choking hazard. Swal-
lowing these materials may
result in pain, surgery or death.
Keep animals away from
lighted candles and bonfires.
Please do not be tempted to
dress animals up in Halloween
costumes as this may result in
overheating and distress.

Do not feed your dogs
chocolate. Even though they
will eat it cocoa is poisonous to
Never allow any animal to
be near fireworks. Before
lighting they are poisonous if
chewed and after lighting they
are extremely dangerous.
Keep pets indoors if fire-
works are going off in your
neighbourhood. We know
they are fun but animals are
scared by them. If your cat
or dog is nervous with bangs
and flashes ask your veteri-
narian about giving tran-
Never throw fireworks
Report any stupidity or
abuse of fireworks to the
police immediately. If animals

are involved report it, also, to
The Bahamas Humane Soci-
A spokesman said: "Please
remember, responsible animal
ownership is good animal own-
ership. The Bahamas Humane
Society wishes every person
and every animal an enjoyable
Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes
For more inforamtion, email,
fax 356-2659 or call 323-5138.

THE photograph shows
"Chief", who is waiting for a
home, cared for by
BHS kennel Technician
S Gregory Lightbourne

Fidel Castro shown standing and

talking on phone in new photos

Available rom Commercial NewsProvders

Available from-Co-mmer-cial News-Providers

-1P-- -l-











Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

6:00 p.m. -Cocktails
6:30 p.m. Presentation

Wedgewood Room
British Colonial Hilton
One Bay Street

Bob Luck, Member & Society Liaison,
CFA Centre


Christopher Dorsett, CFA
Telephone: 302-8668

The Chartered FinancialAnaliyst (CFA) Program is a globally
recognized standard for measuring the coinpeence and integrity in the fields
ofportfolio management and investment analyiV. Three levels of examination
verify a candidate's ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of investment
principles across all areas of the investment decision-making process.
The next examination date is June 2, 2007 and the final registration and
enrollment date is March 15,2007. We encourage all interested persons to attend
the information evening to learn more about the CFA Program.
Mr. David Slatter, CFA, President of the CFA Society of The Bahamas,
will present a brief outline of the CFA Institute, and the local society. Special
Guest Speaker, Mr. Bob Luck, Member & Society Liaison, CFA. Centre will
provide an outline of the CFA Program and present the charters to the new CFA
Charter holders for 2006. Mr. Christopher Dorsett, Secretary/Education Chair
will provide a briefoutline of the 2006-07Education Programs plannedfor Level
II, and III candidates. A Q&A Panel Session will follow the presentations.

Castro standing and talking on
the phone were published Sun-
day in Cuba's state-run media, a
day after the ailing leader
appeared in a video to dispel
rumours he was on his
deathbed, according to Associ-
ated Press.
The Cohmmununist Youth news-
paper Juventud Rebelde dedi-
cated its front page to the
Cuban president, printing a
blown-up picture of a pensive
Castro with the title "Always
fighting for something, and
fighting with optimism!"
The 80-year-old Cuban
leader, who temporarily ceded
power to his brother Raul in
July following intestinal surgery,
had not been seen since mid-
September when photographs
of lunrec.viag orlodd leaders
ai a'T mmit in Haana were
The Ij test photos apparently
were taken during the filming
of a video broadcast Saturday,
in which Castro, looking thin
and tired, was shown walking
slowly but steadily in an uniden-
tified room and reading in a
loud voice from Saturday's edi-
tion of Granma, the Commu-
nist Party daily newspaper.
"They've declared me
moribund prematurely," he
Said. "But it pleases me to
send my compatriots and

FIDEL Castro's older broth-
er said the Cuban leader is

friends this small video."
He said his recovery would
be prolonged and not without
risk but added he was making
good progress.
I "I am coming along just as
planned ... I feel whole," he
said. "I'm not the least bit afraid
of what will occur."


He called rumours of his
death ridiculous and insulting,
claiming they were the work of
his enemies.
"Let's see what they say
now," he said.
Castro, dressed in a red, white
and blue track suit, said he was
trying to help those currently
in charge of the government as
much as he could while he
"I participate in the most
important decisions with my
coniades from the leadership
of the (Communist) Part and
the government," he said. '"I do
everything possible to support
my comrades, and to be use-
The rumours "motivate me
to work, to fight," he said.
The Cuban government has
treated Castro's ailment as a
state secret, and rumors that
he may have died had intensi-
fied in recent weeks. He has
not made a public appearance
since July 26, a few days before

doing well and that the family
will try to make him rest more
before going back to work,
according to Associated Press.

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
Thanks for all of your support and-help to win Gold.
Especially Mum and Dad, Darrell. Myra and Darib,
Camille and Dennis, Novalette. Desi, Margo,
Raymond. Better Bodies, Lester. Ava and Robert,
St. Anne's, Ebenezer Church, SX Durward and Lady,
KnowlesMr. and Mrs. lohnson, 'r Chicklta, Vince
Knowles Family ends. .
now es.


he underwent surgery.
Cuban officials attending the
inauguration of a ballet festival
Saturday night said they were
thrilled to see the images of
"This is excellent news for
everyone all Cubans, and all
of Cuba's friends," Vice Presi-
dent Carlos Lage said.
The video shown Saturday
tame a day after Castro's close
friend and ally Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez said the
Cuban leader was walking and
taking trips at night into the
Bolivian President Evo
Morales said Saturday that Cas-
tro would return to office "in
two or three weeks."
A top Cuban official previ-
ously said he expected Castro
back at the helm by December,
when the country plans to hold
a belated birthday celebration
for the leader, who turned 80
onAugust 13.
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-
Lehtinen, a Republican from
Florida. said Sunday on CNN's
"Late Edition" that it did not
matter whether Fidel was in
power or not.
"We don't think there's going
to be a change, whether it's
Fidel or Raul or anybody else
who's part of the communist
infrastructure. What we want is
free elections in Cuba, freedom
for political prisoners and a
multiparty system," she said.

"He is well, he's been resting
a bit because of the operation
he had," Ramon Castro, 82,
told reporters at an interna-
tional trade fair that opened
Monday in the outskirts of
"It's been published that
he's going to.start working
again. We're trying to hold him
back a bit longer though," he


Fidel Castro, 80, has been
recovering from intestinal
surgery since late July. After a
month with no news on his con-
dition, he appeared Saturday in
a video to dispel rumours that
. he was on his deathbed.
Though still looking thin and
tired, the leader was shown
walking and speaking in a clear
voice. He said his recovery was
slow but steady, and warned
there were still risks.
Bolivian President Evo
Morales, an ally of Cuba, said
Saturday that Castro would
return to work in two to three
weeks. Cuba's foreign minister
had previously said he was
Sex:pected back at the helm by
The men's younger brother
Raul Castro, 75, has been in
charge of the country since July.


Fidel's older brother

says Cuban leader

is recovering well



/Lo 7

jr'C~ I flIDUI~U





I' ;I'

.J' **

, w---.. . % 0%.o v I % 1 Oi .k t% I J I V C-vww I -% 4- 8 II

;17 '





McVities sponsors

the Music Makers



No IPTC Header found


Christie in Fort Lauderdale

On Thursday Perry
Christie officially
opened the world's
largest boat show
in Fort Lauderdale
last Thursday. The
event featured
more than
$1.6 billion worth
of boats and
yachts and was
presented by
Ginn sur Mer.

* PRIME Minister,
Perry Christie (L)
- and Bobby Ginn,
developer of
Ginn sur Mer
on Grand Bahama
share a moment
at the Fort
Boat Show Media
Breakfast on
Thursday. Mr
officially opened the
four-day event.

* PRIME Minister, Perry
Christie received the keys to
the City of Fort Lauderdale
from Mayor, James Naugle
at the 47th annual Fort
Lauderdale International Boat

MkrSs~ t4 vw till a" Apknv

66' One & Half Cabin, pick up truck $16,890.00
06' E.Ir, L-:-i SiicIc Cabi pic up truck$16,363.00
50% + below retail
Mm-sal l wra t qli i cm andE r seniia ch,

FREE Health


Wednesday 1 November

30.p .

I' :^l! a B!s I .....B......
^.~ ~ a 'a-' W~~^A-

C^i 327 T^ for more fto~r^
t|ca LM k Blbak*RoadM& Moi06
i ; "**'*

Tourism, Obie
listens intently
to the prime
presentation at
the 47th annual
Fort Lauderdale
Boat Show

* JACKSON Cantave, 27, prepares materials to make a fish net while sitting in a destroyed home
near a small UN base in the background in the slum of Cite-Soleil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti last
Tuesday. The house was destroyed in the violence that began with the February 2004 rebel
uprising that toppled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Five months into Haiti's latest attempt
at democracy, small but important improvements have pulled the Caribbean nation from the brink
of collapse. Perhaps most notably, an unprecedented wave of kidnapping that terrorised Haitians
rich and poor finally seems to be levelling off.
(AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)



I /

Group leaders said they appreciate the sup-
"It takes a lot of money to get to Bay Street and
most of what we do is paid for our of the pockets
of our members.
"We haven't had a sponsor in about 10 years, so
we are really happy that McVities sees the value
in what we are doing and decided to help us," said
co-leader Cedric Bullard.
Pictured, lead beller and designer of the Music
Makers lead banner Kenneth "Fu" Sears gave
Joanna White a lesson in pasting while Anthony
Miller of Bahamas Wholesale Agencies looks on.

Haiti slowly on the mend

Junkanoo is getting a much needed boost from
another Bahamian tradition McVities Biscuits.
The producer of McVities, British-based Unit-
ed Biscuits, has decided to help the Music Makers
junkanoo group make it to Bay Street this year by
sponsoring the group's lead banner.
"We felt the need to give back to a community
that has supported us so well over the years.
When I came to the shack and saw the work and
passion that go into making these costumes, there
was no way I could say no to helping the Music
Makers," said Joanna White, regional manager
for international sales.



hii iness@lribunienmiedia.inet

Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall St


The n.t. e

PM intervenes in Port conflict row

Tribune Business Editor
P pressure from
Prime Minister
Perry Christie
played a key role
in the decision by
Hanines Babak, the Grand
Bahama Port Authority's
chairman, to sell his construc-
tion company and withdraw
from a contract that had
sparked conflict of interest
allegations, The Tribune can
The Prime Minister's
behind-the-scenes intervention
came after the Grand Bahama
Contractors Association and
others complained about the
contract awarded to H & F
Babak Construction Compa-
ny by International Distribu-
tors of Grand Bahama, a sub-
sidiary of US grocery whole-
saler Associated Grocers, to

Babak assured Associated Grocers that chairman post would be 'no problem


construct its $8 million ware-
house facility at, Grand
Bahama's Sea/Air Business
In a letter written to Roy

* Deffler, Inlerna(tionil Distrib-
utors of Grand Bahama's inmafl-
ager, the coimpjin\' attorney,
Terence Gape at Dupuch &
Turnquest, said the Prime Min-
ister sent an ".to con-
vey the concerns he hiad
received to Mr Babak and Sir
Albert Miller, the Port
Authority's chicf L \ecttiii'L.
The "emissary" was yester-,
day 'said by sources to have
been AllN son Maynard-Gib-K
son, the attorney general, who
met with the: Port Authority
duo; .
Mr said .Mr Christie'
"had received numerous com-
plaints directly madc to himself
by other interested parties
about the building contract
having been given by Interna-

:ionil Dkilihutoi of Grand
Bahama to H & F Babak and
the conflict df interest which
thii* icpreiscnis by iitue ot
H1n'nejs' po'ition-as cliiinman
ofthe'Port Aut4hority".
And Mr Gape added: "BEen
though the Prime Minister
appreciated this c.Lnlt act waS
awarded to H & F Babak due ,
to that company's exclusive.
equipini-'nt and technology
expertise (since riecognised by
the same Contractors Associa-
tion), and that negotiations had
commenced between Intern -
tional Ditributors of Grand
Bahama and Hannes, long
before he became chairman.
thePrime Ministci feIlt the ornld
way toi lemoc this stigma and
. the political problem it repre-

sents would be to have Hannes
desist completely from any fur-
ther' building contracts and to
seek to remote hirrmself from
the International Distributors
of Grand Bahama contract."
Mr Gape's letter was writ-
ten on October 19. 2006. one
day .after Mr Babak wrote to
him ini his capacity asInterna-
tional Distributors of Grand
Bahama's attorney to requijest
that H & F Babak be released
from the construction contract
with --immediate effect".
The following weekend after
the meeting with Mrs May-`
nard-Gibson, Mr Babak pub.
liciv announced he was selling
H &-F Babak and Withdrawing
the. company from the Inter-
nat ional Distributora of Grand

Bahama contract.' .*
When contacted b\ The Tri-
bune yesterday, Mr'Babak
declared to comment on the
meeting \ith Mrs Mannanrd-
The PriIIe Minister's per-
';onal intervention is the latest
tmist in what has become a
'so3p opera' surrounding the
Port Authority, its related
'assets, and the estate of its late
co-chair. Edward St George.
While some may take com-
fort from the fact that NIr
Christie's move'shows the
Go6\ ern ment is: closely moni-
toring developments at the
Port Authorirty, and the impact.

SEE page 7B

Sir Jack's claims provoke

Ana Nicole house

St George family concerns ctral to $3m Ro
S.T 11

Tribune Business Editor

SIR Jack Hayward's statement that he
owns 75 per cent of the Grand Bahama
;Port Authority and Port Group Ltd has
- caused alarm for both the estate of the
,'late Edward St George and Caioline St
Gior-e v.hI are both diputitin the \liJ-
it\ of hi iclinin, The TT il'iTic t\ old \e';-
Boih tie c tiaLte t Sir Jiack's liionilatind-
inl tIhsiness pjrinei. and Ni St (iGeorge
feir that Si Jack's 75 per cent ownership
as-crtion effecti'el 'la.she- the valuee of
their i'ets the eCtateI inm hlialt.
It is understood that discussions aie
being held hbeliind the cenes K[\ieen the
Ha'i-,ard and St Geore Limiies in a bid
to rcs'llce the siuaJlion. mnd present a
near-complete bhieakdc\\n in rclition, thjt
could tear apart the \c'\ e uciLrc or t Ik
Port AuLbiiitb i and its relilt-d companies.

Sources close to the situation suggested
that.Sir Jack's ownership statement last
week.had again poured mrn'ie fuel on the
fire already simmering as a resutilt oif the
dispute surrounding Mr Si GcoigCe s estate
and Hannes Bahak's ippoiiinimint as the
Port .\uihoriti's chiinin.
Sir Jack said the Port Authoitty and
Port u Cliiup eie hi ili a holls -m iind b', a
C(i, maniain-donmiciled company\ called
Intercontinental Di\ersified Corporpuitin
IIDCi. Mliich hi- and Mi St GeogiS e haid
jcquiied tromi the original Ha"wkbhill
Creek Agreement architecti, \\allace

In turn. ID( wa. owned h Seashellsk
Inestmnents Ltd. which held a 50 per cent
stake, w hile Fiduciary Manangement Ser-
\ices Ltd iheld the riemiining 50 per cent
Sir Jack said he owned all of Seashells.
while Fiduciar'l Manacement Services had
been oined 5ii'5 b\ hin-Ielt and MNr St

George. As a result, he therefore, owned-,
75 per cent of IDC and, by e\Ien>ion, the
Port Authority.
Yet that s'taitE mnent has Adeepened the'
unease felt b\ participants in the dispute .
surrounding MIr Si George's estate. as Sir
Jack's claim' iftectile0 de'Vlues thle assets
they are disputing,
lMs St GeSorge has aliacid\ tiled writ-'
.aginst Pollt Gioup. the Grand Bahama
Dc\ eloupment C.iinpany iDevcol and
Fiduciary Management Services. She is
alle ing that these entities are effectively
acting as tustees for assets that belong to
her. but were transferred by her late
father.o(i holding assets purchased bi Mr
St George using monies from a trust fund
set up for herself and her sister. Slarah.
And NIii\ St Georee, his former second
wI le. has nitliated legal action in lie New-

SEE page 5B

Tribune Business Editor

THE property at the centre
of the Anna Nicole Smith con-
troversy was handed over b\
the British Colonial Hilton's
developer as part of an agree-
ment to settle allegations that
he received a $3 million
fraudulentt preference" from a
failed offshore bank run by
Prime Minister Perry Christie's
brother. .
Ron Kelly handed the prop-
erty over to BDO Mann Judd.
accountant Clifford Culmer,
the court-appointed liqtidator
for Americas International
Bank Corporation (AIBC), to

strike ani oit bf-court seftle-
ment'and avoid the expense of
aPrivy Council appeal. .
MIr Culmer and his attorney. '
Callenders '& (o's* senior liti-
gation partner, Michael Scott,
had'won verdicts over the
alleged "fraudulent prefer-
ence" at both the Supreme
Court' and Court of Appeal
levels. .
Mr Kelly had in February
* 2006 won leale to appeal the
verdict to the Court of Appeal
verdict to the Privy Council, *
but instead decided to settle
and use his Horizons property,

SEE page 8B

Androsia firm's countefeitfeit fears

A fLy L oe to' for

Tribune Business
ANDROSIA Batik, the
company famous for its
Bahamian-made fabriG. has
launched a campaign to
authenticate its product after it
claimed a counterfeit product
has hit the market.
"We want our 1oyA cuis-
tomers to know that this copy-.
cat batik fabric is riot Androsia,

and not a Bahainian product.
Androsia was started 30 years
ago with two6 goals, to created
meaningful eriployment for
the people in this community.
and to reflect the beauty of the
Bahamas in unique and wear-
able art," said Androsia chief
executive Jeff Birch.
Mr Birch said the campaign,
which inficluded press releases

SEE page SB

ly leK settlement

DOUBLE BAY, ELEUTHERA #3412: Beachfront'l.5-acre .
parcel with I50 feet'of pink sand beach and 441' feet deep
extending back to the Great Pond. Beautiful viewsof the Atlantic
O:Eanr D'utle Bay has one of the best-beaches inrthe .world
with excellent swimming, fishing and snorkeling US 1,050,000.
.r'inia D iaS thebPelt,.com 242 322 2305 t 242.322.2305 f 242.322.2033

algSggg B

Tel: (242) 35.6-7764

Tel: (242) 351-3010.

--' ' I

~ ,:::

, f.


Plan to avoid becoming

financially 'sandwiched'



Itdcomournadetha tamun rotBriamhln usan msiv giwhuaspire to bec01e0
offim-in. thIMie mitnt>Mainohaveben thdlymiled by vigoroua advetisemeats andm
caIdUkI!mimk i so'alae of thl-tralidg.intitues and Unfortunately have spent time,
ualpyd melalgy~ut'mili* g cUi~ciW and qnUflf ow that ae aot in.conafrnlty with.
di. bMlnuirnml Cxvon'la to whlcbh TbBdhhaas is a~Pary,

Thli poseof di 'Node is to lot everyone know that underite Merchant Shipping Act.
TIl B ubaa Mrtie.. Aatdbrdty (4ibe AutboityB'VMA) h been treated with the
oupeuibilky of'at4inis Acc .dlul a Biattl a hus b embbn placed on the, webaite of the Authority
(*"w ha msnniritim:ft m and denclibk on Bulletin No..88 under-Offi!ial'Bulletins)
detaillag- the system and procedures, or go straight to:
IWI~p:3r. tlaiuanaitim cadocuintstbulictils386thulia,pdt.

AN pemmondedlidiwgo inake career asea as an officer should first read 'the bulletin
cw lbmIand ilpr theasuelveacMcordiagly If any cldartcationa i required In the first
lgim esm I dy should contacted de BMA's office ia Nassau. They may also contact the.
BMAoffClteUinLondont fiitbrgidanaewbutaumstrouglyadvisedto consult the BMA's,
Thib-Nodie 4.c aota && t CadetTtiini 'Mwlvm n managed by theBMA with the.
fimlicialiwuppotofTbhe Bihamas SiO raens' Associationr where the candidates after
bcilgmiidum m a t to the Cfli&fLrit l AcadelayforthbetotalI package offtlining:
(llddiiiglquiedilMrice).) Thb'BMA' itonlt. this scheme periodically to ensure that
dIty m etlthe m-ani'f. thetb4aofteApproptrat@ C iedate by theBMA.

1Hiveagaetiom e-MaunningeppimanM,

en a new
is coined,
ior sand-
duced by
editor at
e senior
state of

if thumb
ed 60 per
your pre-
in retire-

their 60s had at least one parent
who was still alive. Today, that
percentage is close to 49 per cent
and rising."
. It is not unusual for retired
parents to need financial assis-
tance as they age. Unfortunately,
the focus that is placed on retire-
ment planning today was non-
existent as recent as 20 years ago.



I'm a winner with The Tribune!

I'm Anthony Strachan, winner of game
tickets, a one day car and airfare for
two, to the Dolphin vs. Green Bay ,
Packers game. You can be a winner
too, fill out the Dolphins vs Chiefs
entry form in the Sports section, and
become eligible to win!



;Te*4f -



Imagine a Wakeer which will take you to the world's most fascinating ports and far flung destinations.
A Maritime career could take you there.
Do you have, or are likely to have, 5 BGCSE passes, including Math, Physics/Combined Science and
English Language at grade 'C' or above?

Have you obtained, or do you expect to achieve, a combined SAT score of at least 1500?
Are you physically fit?

Are you between the ages of 16 and 20 years?

If you have answered YES to the questions above then read on.
The Bahamas Maritime Authority and the Bahamas Shipowners Association are once again offering
attractive scholarships to young academically sound Bahamians who are keen to train for an exciting
and challenging career in the Maritime Industry which is gaining increasing national importance.
These generous scholarships are inclusive of tuition, fees, course material, accommodation and
transportation costs. Commencing in September 2007, successful candidates will follow a 4 year
degree programme at the California Maritime Academy, a unique campus of the California State
University. Upon completion of the degree, the qualified officers will be expected to serve on board a
Bahamian flagged vessel for at least 2 years providing the solid foundation on which to build their
Maritime careers.

Further lnwormat "Ao &"*pp&*ati ke qu c
be obtuinedf 0" bh* ISMa ROAbp1% Zckeys
Asistant drst ot rE Bawag9s Mag itm e
Authoeity. Gole Cl6cek Coa pIe& UVast Dt
stre'. 1' 0R ol N41674,N a, ab e s,.
SeaIth eBa;Ievlbbammasmqaeira.c9m, tel
3 $94 3024, u 39A 3014.. Copiet.4
appliestions most be u Itts4 In perma or hy
post, with copies of academic
S &cerrinflcate/tracripts sa4 proof or Bamoan
etlDiasip no lapte then N Mad aWT.
lanteniws w* taw. pk.isNaseu durt ea*
seroud quartetof42W7.

.4 4

EVERY now and th
financial 'catchphrase'
the latest being the 'ser
which which was intro
Jeann Chatzky, an e
Money Magazine. Th
sandwich refers to a
affairs where you are
your retirement, your
care and college all at
Is your retirement
fund sufficient?
As I have stated in
articles; the old rule
used to be that you rine
cent to 80 per cent of
retirement income to
your current lifestyle
meant. This assumed yo
mortgage,,your child]
educated and not living
and you hae relariely
summer debt.,.
Newer studies, nowv
that 60 percent to S0 p
simply not enough. ar
more realistic number
cent to 110 per cent. T
nale is: in retirement.
expenses and.certair
expenses (major house
must be factored in. al
annual running expense
utility bills. real prop
insurance and the like
An honest assessme
*25 per cent of the work
has a pension plan \w
gest that their pension
be sufficient to maint
current lifestyle in rpt
For the remaining "'5 pe
the workforce, the oL
Parents living longer
As a result of prog:
healthier lifestyles andz
in medical care and tec
people are living longer.
long and productive Ulive
retirement at age 65.
According to Neal
financial gerontologist (
studies the effect of
finances): "At the begi
the Ali century, betwe
cent apd 7 per cent of p




room as they transition from col-
lege to the working world?
"Even if they're already out
of college, you won't necessarily
be in the clear. You might not
be supporting them completely
(and you probably shouldn't be),
but if they returned home, you
could find yourself spending
more on food and utilities, main-
taining an extra car, even delay-
ing a planned move out of a big
house in a high-tax district."
The net result of this demo-
graphic shift is that it is not
unusual to be retired, have a
retired parent living and still
have a child (children) in college
- hence the term 'senior sand-
* In order to survive the senior
sandwich, we must first accept
our current reality as it relates
to the sufficiency ef our retire-
ment fund, the likelihood of hav-
ing to financially supplement
parental care and, finally, the
financial independence (or lack
thereof) of children at our retire-
' Once this has been complet-
ed, realistic plans must be put in
place to address any gaps that
may exist. For most, the gaps will
be numerous.
Until next week...
NB: Larry'R. Gibson, a Char-
tered Financial Analyst, is vice-
president pensions, Colonial
Pensions Services (Bahamas), a
wholly-owned subsidiary of
Colonial Group International,
which owns Atlantic Medical
Insurance and is a major share-
holder of Security & General
Insurance Company in the
The views expressed are those
of the author and do not neces-
sarily represent those of Colonial
Group International or any of its
subsidiary and/or affiliated com-
panies. Please direct any ques-
tions or comments to rlgib- r

u had no Delayed families
ren were Further. o% er the past 20 years.
at home, there have been significant
little con- demographic changes in our soci-
ety. For instance, generally
suggest speaking, people are getting mar-
CT cent is ried at an older age than in pre-
id that a vious generations. This then
is 80 per leads to childbirth at an older
he ratio- age. In the 1940s, most women
medical finished having their children by
n capital the time they reached their mid-
Srepairs) thirties. Today, many profes-
ong with sional women are having their
s such as first children in their late 30s.and
erty tax, older.
If you choose to have your
nt of the children between the ages of 35
orce that and 45, it is likely that you can
L)uld sug- have one or more children still in
,will not college by the time you reach
ain their retirement age. If those children
irement. choose to be specialists in the
er cent of medical profession, or pursue
outlook is advanced academic degrees such
as a Doctor of Philosophy
(PhD), you can find yourself still.
footing education bills well into
ressively your 70s. .
hnology, Children not leaving home
enjoying Another consideration,
s beyond according to Mr Chatzky, is that
"back in 1990, 25 per cent of
Cutler, a young adults between 18 and 24
one who lived with their parents. Today,
aging on more than 50 per cent do. How
inning of old will your kids be when you,
cen 4 per hit senior-sandwich age? Do they
peoplee in plan or revisiting their old bed-



0 By Fidelity Capital

TRADING activity picked
up last week in the Bahamian
market, as over 58,000 shares
changed hands. The market
saw 11 out of its 19 listed
stocks trade, of which five
advanced, three declined and
three remained unchanged.
Volume leader for a second
consecutive week was Cable
SBahamas (CAB), with 21,500
shares changing hands and
accounting for 37.04 per cent
of the total shares traded. The
big advancer for the week was
FOCOL Holdings (FCL), up
$0.44 or 3.93 per cent to end
the week at a new 52-week
high of $11.65.
Also advancing this week
was Cable Bahamas (CAB),
gaining $0.24 to close at a new
52-week high of $9.85. On the
down side, the Bahamas Prop-
erty Fund fell by $0.25 or -2.22
per cent to end the week at
The FINDEX increased by
2.76 points to close the week at

FINCO (FIN) For the nine
months ending July 31, 2006,
FIN posted net income of
$15.5 million, which represents
an increase of $1.2 million or
8.7 per cent over the same peri-
od last year.
Interest income grew by $1.8
million or 5.34 per cent to total
$34.6 million, while interest
expenses rose by $413,000 or
3.16 per cent to total $13.5 mil-
lion. Provision for loan losses
Increased, by $135,000 to
$437,000, versus $302,000 in
Non-interest expense was up

The Bahamian Stock Market

FINDEX 724.23 YTD 31.16%





S -.25
$- '





Consolidated Water Company (CWCO) has declared div-
idends of $0.012 per share payable on November 7, 2006, to all
shareholders of record date September 30, 2006.

FOCOL Holdings (FCL) has declared dividends of $0.11 per
share payable on-November 15, 2006, to all shareholders of
record date October 31, 2006.

$227,000 to total $7.8 million,
compared to $7.5 million for
the equivalent period in 2005.
Earnings per share were up
$0.05 year-over-year to total
$0.58 as at July 31, 2006.
Total assets grew by $39.4
million or 6.63 per cent to total
$633 million at the end of July
2006. Net loans grew by $32

million or 6.26 per cent to total
$543 million, while deposits
increased by .$32 million or
6.42 per cent to stand at $536
For the period, return on
shareholders equity was 25.78
per cent, up from the 24.19 per
cent recorded for the equiva-
lent period last year.



I IBjL dO-, 2S0i0.
^-T 4vv _1_^ i.i^i j.uaya j ,j

:.~~~~ ~ wr m ;I "" ^ fiii '" *

Em ;N 8NOEM'BER, 5-9th: 2006.

Is the price of gas

getting to you? j

utiservo tiair a suenran usarv n roe ts urouws j t roommn**m
Trinidad Bahamas Bahantas USA

Raphael Messiah D Pete Dr Ch "hilbp Dr Richprd PindeoI
Guvana Jamainca USA Buiginas

JVnidahaisn s Nga v R s a
8. a0o n-. The Spiriual Fcri:.? o f er ier3
cl ip Dr Js-- ~. f I 1-1
12 3 pino Ten i I -. .'r Frin,;ipi.: .:,f Tru.
L-Bdd-rEhp Dr I 4, ..i1.-
S30prnm Th Heart.-I c,'.vri LraJ-rship
2 30pm The Fi,% SScrel O'jsalaiws of
1*1-' p. ara I I -z firr Ln

t *varI VUI a1 eS111? L r. nn tl n
7 00pm The Passion and Compiassion :It
Servant Leaderfhip -
The He. P e rr Cierrsl/e
8.00am The Secret of Servant
Leadership Dr' Myles MAwnroe
9.00am Howv to be an Effectri.e Communi.
cator in Leadership Les B-own
10.00am The Motivational Passion in
Seranit Leadership Bob Harrison
11.20am The Role of Vision in Servant
Leadership LaSalle Vaughn
12.20pm The Moral and Ethical Force of
Servant Leadership
Dr. RicharL Pinder
7.00pm The Power of Values in Servant
Leadership Dr. MvIes Minroe
8.00am The Seven Principles of Servant
Leadership Dr. Myies Munroe
9.00am The Authonty Principle of Servant
Leadership Dr. Chdrles Philops
10.00am The Difference between
Management and Leadership
ia Zhvaro Lina.,

8* h,,r- us*= y **A *
Bahurnam: USA Baharnas

D hS Robert? H- :tctr Rocha liS1all- V.ughri
C0nld:ic' Ms -4;k.G, USA
t, a-. -Z ,.s ? ! 441* r75;
11 20ai I The I k?. I' ,.' i in Sr.r. ant .

I.. O.Ofrn -', !n ll 1 hi1. :r'. ,i I .' ,^
12 2 0 !'rL TI. r- ir n Ser..i]a

Le Hier d a '" b. E #.. n!e7 ri
Trmj. TlP i -lii" (r ,\ i '! rc
9 00C I S 3' ant LEnie :hr.:*n'
2ucH.o- e:Lin I'i Pe-lr I ra ar
10 30.3m Tln -u:. ?.4 0. .--lji, .
Ser.. n L A 111 i ;r S ertIr al ara
11.30. m 10 KIcE Kr. Desn i:..-n L vering ,four
Fr, ..'nJil Lumder Ship R
cH- i Ih : h i 'rI-nr r i i
1. How to Cins Buil r ioi LEiership Team |
S H&Dt.AY RN B Dr. R Pnder
2 Hoo LeadersmTh I.;lol a Sno' tior d
a-'r P Atir Morgan
3. Keys to De,*i-l.jping Lrfrm Skillk for Success
Dnn ri f Sheir) Roberts
4. Howi to Develop & M[i eale Tean SFirit in your
Organization Deh Barflort
5. How To Effecti-ely MAbSet your Virion
Koifh Glinion
6. How to Effectively Manage Career and I
business -Da pe Burrows
8.00am The Ultimate Servant Leader
Dr..f//s AMt

diS VSS .. (it llsuarY'fr. nnir (.
~f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O The''''' '-f'*is AHM^u5
^pA't ^'J~^'iBS' 'hriad~n< fmflWi~rtm';^;
^^^^*>^'?^\''" '"twhfr'~ rm"'J'l::',*

5-door Hatchback

Save in two ways low price & low gas!

The Liana 4-door sedan & 5-door hatchback feature:
1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, power
steering, windows, door locks & mirrors, AM/FM/CD -
player spacious interior with plenty of leg room.


Dependable, Reliable Quality


Price includes rustproofing, licensing and inspection to birthday, full fank of fuel,
24,000 miles/24 months warranty and emergency roadside assistance.

(9 U~ALITYI ales
EAST SHIRLEY STREET 322-3775 325-3079
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Located next to Atlantis,
with 228
appointed Junior Suites
and meeting facilities
to accommodate
up to 70 people.

;.. . Our guests have
full use of the
exclusive facilities of
W^4 ^* ;4 ............ 3 the fabulous Atlantis
~~ ^'.'fr'^ ^, -; .just steps away.

H' *..; :. . .In-room amenities
include: king size or
.- double double beds,
sitting area
.. ... with sofa bed.,
cable tv, refrigerator,
in-room safe,
coffee maker, hair dryer,
complimentary deluxe
continental breakfast
served daily,
Pool with swim-up bar,
l Crusoe's garden
^*, .^-., 1. .. restaurant serving
*breakfast and lunch,
*" 2.:* Bamboo cocktail bar

.* Ask about our local
*- corporate, group and
,wedding rates.

Contact our
4M. *, 4 management team
for a site inspection.
**:. . I JSS ..'; .'j, -

1 Paradise Island Drive

. Paradise Island, Bahamas




NIB makes 'substantial payments'

to settle its Doctors Hospital debts

Systems (DHHS) yesterday
said the National Insurance
Board (NIB) had made "sub-
stantial payments" to pay
down outstanding receivable

To work full time, thorough knowledge of AutoCad, basic
background in and ability to prepare Architectural
Drawings and experienced in Electrical Schematics and Drawings

Please Forward Resumes To:
Taylor Industries Ltd.
Attention: Mr. L.G. Archer
111 Shirley Street
P.O. Box N-4806
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 322-8941

Legal Notice


(In Voluntary Liquidation)

Notice is hereby given that the above-named
Company is in dissolution, which commenced on
the 27th day of October 2006. The Liquidator is
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757
Nassau, Bahamas.


Legal Notice



(In Voluntary Liquidation)

Notice is hereby given that the above-named
Company is in dissolution, which commenced on
the 27th day of October 2006. The Liquidator is
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757
Nassau, Bahamas.


balances that it owed.
DHHS said the discussions
with NIB on outstanding
health insurance and benefits
claims were concluded on
October 12, and "to date those
discussions have resulted in
substantial payments to Doc-
tor's Hospital. When the
process of settling long-out-
standing claims is completed
within the next five days, Doc-

tors Hospital fully expects that
all NIB receivable will be cur-
rent that is outstanding for
less than 15 working days."
DHHS said it can confirm
that it had provided written
notice to select employers and
patients on whose behalf claim
payments were expected from
"The purpose of the notices
were merely to alert those per-

Learn To SpeakSpanih In 30 Days

Hea itLern!

Legal Notice

In Voluntary Liquidation

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 137 (4)
of the International Business Companies Act. No. 45 of 2000
SASERICO INTERNATIONAL S.A., is in dissolution,
as of October 24, 2006.

International Liquidator Services Limited situated at 35A
Regent Street, P.O. Box 1777, Belize City, Belize is the

-e t. ilc "" ;: '; " '


is presently accepting applications for the position of:

Applicants must have at least 2 years
experience and excellent organizational
and computer skills.

Resumes should be sent by fax to:
356-4163 or by e-mail to:


f'~ AL'

Pricing Information As Of:
Monday. 30 October 2006
SAt :. t*.osE 1,s.,5 / CHG 01.07 / %CHG 00.06 / YTD 299.44 / YTD % 22 17
52vK-H. 52wk-LC,V Securit y Close Tcau. z Close *.r-,r,,.-. i. l. .01 EPS I t .. 1. P Ei li
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets 1.42 1.42 0.00 -0.109 0.000 N/M 0.00%
12.05 10.23 Bahamas Property Fund 11.00 11.00 0.00 1.627 0.380 6.8 3.45%
7.75 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 7.68 7.75 0.07 3,000 0.802 0.330 9.7 4.26%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 13,400 0.208 0.020 3.8 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.65 1.65 0.00 0.168 0.060 9.8 3.64%
1.49 1.10 Fidelity Bank 1.31 1.31 0.00 0.188 0.050 7.0 3.82%
9.90 9.05 Cable Bahamas 9.85 9.90 0.05 1,500 0.659 0.240 15.0 2.42%
2.20 1.40 Colina Holdings 1.83 1.83 0.00 4,370 0.046 0.000 39.8 0.00%
11.91 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 11.91 11.91 0.00 0.943 0.660 12.6 5.54%
6.26 4.12 Consolidated Water BDRs 5.33 5.43 0.10 0.130 0.045 40.9 0.84%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2.76 2.76 0.00 0.348 0.000 7.9 0.00%
6.21 4.35 Famguard 6.15 6.15 0.00 0.428 0.240 14.4 3.90%
11.75 10.60 Finco 11.75 11.75 0.00 0.763 0.560 15.4 4.77%
14.00 9.90 FirstCaribbean 14.00 14.00 0.00 0.927 0.550 15.1 3.93%
11.65 9.25 Focol 11.65 11.65 0.00 0.885 0.500 13.1 4.31%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
10.20 8.49 ICD Utilities 8.49 8.49 0.00 0.532 0.270 16.0 3.18%
9.10 8.70 J.S.Johnson 8.70 8.70 0.00 0.527 0.560 16.5 6.44%
8.09 5.30. Kerzner International BDRs 8.09 8.09 0.00 SUS/DEL 0.160 0.000 50.6 0.00%
10.00 10.00 Premier Real Estate 10.00 10.00 0.00 1.291 0.195 7.7 1.95%
.~. .*.ie ',- Fidelity Over-The-Counter Secunite&
52.,iwHi 52wk-Low Symol Bia $ -. LaSI Pr.c '. .. E ei-Az 'I .. :i P E Y.e,
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.6c. 14.. (' 1 1 ..i 1 "2.,i :. 1 C* ,.
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 NM 7.85%
0.54 0.20 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.00 -0.002 0.000 NM 0.00%
: V* .. ii if. ColinOa over-The-Counler Securltles
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.00 41.00 2.220 0.000 19.4 0.00%
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
0.60 0.35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
A* 5: 2 H.. L '. BISX Lsted Mutual Funds
52/-h-Hi 52*k-Low Fund Name N.A. '. TE Lal 1z r.1.:nir.s C'.. i t.-1.3
1.3119 1.1892 Colina Money Market Fund 1.311922*
2.9515 2.4766 Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund 2.9515-
2.4687 2.2671 Colina MSI Preferred Fund 2.468721**
1.1970 1.1395 Colina Bond Fund 1.196970****
.. .. -.' : a .dLOBE 724.2S I YTD 31 24% / 2005 26.09%
8. L X EA.E IN C D-, 1 & 5 CC, OMA R.K.,ET TERiP.1- YIc.C'. -: 1--.. L i c'c
52wk-Hi Highest closing price in last 52 weeks Bid $ Buying price of Colina and Fidelity
52wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling price of Colina and fidelity 20 October 2006
Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daily volume Last Price Last traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week 30 September 2006
Change Change in closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
Daily Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value -30 September 2006
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
P/E Closing price divided by the last 12 month earnings FINDEX The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Index. January 1. 1994 = 100 30 September 2006
Y 'O TRADE CALL: 'CPfEFOI2F L2W"T 242-366-776-1 / FOR MORE DATA & INFORMATIONrj CALL (2-421 394-2503

sons that the discussions
regarding claims were ongo-
ing, and that the patients who
received care might be directly
responsible for payment of
bills if a timely settlement was
not reached," the hospital
DHHS said that in view,of
the payments received, subse-
quent notices have been issued
to the appropriate stakehold-
The hospital also wanted to
advise the public that in accor-
dance with its policies pertain-
ing to the settlement of claims,


i o testoies

the National Insurance Board
does not pay for healthcare
received from ailments not
directly related to industrial
"Patients are therefore still
responsible for payments to
Doctors Hospital for those
components of the bills, and
they should expect payments
and statements from DH to
that effect," DHHS said.
The release added that both
Doctors Hospital and the
National Insurance Board'have
recognized that the path to a
sustained pattern of timely,
effective, and efficient prepa-
ration, submission and pro-
cessing of bills would be best
served by the existence of a
binding contract.
"To that end, the two organ-
isations have completed a draft
contract that is now pending
approval by the NIB's board
of directors. Similarly, both
organizations have renewed
their commitments to sus-
tained co-operation and com-
mitment for the long term,"
DHHS said.


COURT, NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/
naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person
who knows any reason why registration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement.
of the facts within twenty-eight days from the 31ST day of
OCTOBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible for Nationality'
and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.


.'NOTIC.E is hereby given that ACHARA MYRTLE MOSS OF
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas,
and that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 31ST day of OCTOBER, 2006 tb the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.


NOTICE is hereby given that TONY JOUDI OF #8 VILLA%,
is applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and
Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The
Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send
a written and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight
days .from the 24TH day of OCTOBER, 2006 to the, Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Nassau, Bahamas.


Due to necessary renovations, the public is hereby notified
that the Chambers of James M. Thompson situate at First
Terrace and Collins Avenue, Centreville, Nassau, New
Providence will be closed no less than Three (3) weeks
commencing the 23rd instant.

James M. Thompson

Has a vacancy for a
Membership Sales Executives:
-Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, organization
-Exceptional Telephone sldkills
-Public speaking preferred
-Ability to demonstrate strong relationship sales capability
-Ability to interface professionally with all members of staff
-Generation and execution of an annual business plan
-Self generation of buisness through referrals and other personal
-Exceptional skills in long range guest relaional maintenance
-Use of tracldking system for effective follow up andcustomer purchase
-College degree preferred
Please Send Resumes to:

Attn: HR Director
The Abaco Club on Winding Bay
P.O. Box AB2057
Mash Harbour, Abaco
Fax: 242-367-0077

Tribune Business

DOCTORS Hospital Health




Sir Jack's claims provoke

St George family concerns

FROM page 5B

York Supreme Court, seeking confirma-
tion that she was entitled to 50 per cent
ownership of the late Mr St George's
estate. By extension, she is laying claim to
25 per cent ownership of the Grand
Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), but
Sir Jack's claim would reduce this to 12.5
per cent.
There are concerns that the disputes,
which seem to be deepening, will take
up increasing time and resources at the
Port Authority, the body charged with
creating and regulating Freeport's
investment climate.
As a result, several Freeport sources
have expressed worries to The Tribune

that the Port Authority and related com-
panies may take their eyes off the greater
good especially its licensing, regulatory
and quasi-governmental functions as
various factions continue to jockey for
position behind the scenes.
The flurry of litigation is likely to
depress the value of the assets in the late
Mr St George's estate, and deter poten-
tial investors such as Morgan Stanley,
who will be uncertain as to the long-term
ownership of the entity they are dealing
Apart from the Port Authority, the
assets in Mr St George's estate include
Port Group Ltd, the holding vehicle for
stakes in companies such as the Grand
Bahama Development Company (Dev-
co), Freeport Harbour Company, the
Air/Sea Business Centre, and Grand
Bahama Airport Company.

Apart from the dispute over the estate,
there have also been attempts by out-
side parties to acquire the Port Authori-
ty, Port Group Ltd and other related
PLP Senator Philip Galanis, attorney
Harvey Tynes and Floyd Farquharson
made an offer for the Port Authority
that was rejected earlier this year by Sir
Jack Hayward.
Mr Galanis said the bid he represented
was 100 per cent Bahamian, backed by
$400 million in financing. He added that
Sir Jack had left the door open to revis-
it their offer.
And Hannes Babak, the Port Author-
ity's newly-appointed chairman, was pre-
viously looking to put together a group to
acquire the organisation, although he
previously told The Tribune he had
dropped all such plans.

Androsia firm's

counterfeit fears

and paid advertising, is to ensure that their clients purchase
authentic Androsia products made in the Bahamas, not products
which claim to be made here but are not Androsia.
"We don't have a problem with competition," he said. Rather,
the concern was that the product in question is not made in the
Bahamas and is not Androsia.
Mr Birch believes that persons are buying the product on the
assumption that it is Androsia, which he said places his compa-
ny at a big disadvantage because they are purchasing the goods
and labour from abroad, where the cost might be cheaper.
He said he would welcome competition on a fair and level
playing field, with companies that produce their goods in the
Bahamas using Bahamian labour, as their prices would be more
realistic competitively.
Mr Birch said the sale of counterfeit products has negatively
affected his business in the short term, as some suppliers he did
business with chose to carry the other product.
"This will cost us thousands of dollars and it will hurt," he
In the longer term, Mr Birch said this could seriously affect his
profit margins,
He said the word 'Androsia' is written on every quarter inch of
fabric, and encouraged persons to look for the name to be sure of
what they are purchasing.

. .. ..j

Visit our website at


The College of the Bahamas invites applications for the following post:

Executive Director, Alumni Relations and Development
DIVISION: Office of the President
UNIT: Alumni Relations and Development
START DATE: December 1, 2006
Reporting to the President, the Executive Director, Alumni Relations and
Development is responsible for overall leadership and direction of the Alumni
Relations and Development Unit that will include fundraising and building alumni
participation and engagement for The College of The Bahamas. The incumbent
will be responsible for building the foundation for major gifts, annual fund and
alumni relations programs which will serve the College now and into the future.
With a focus on identifying strategies and implementation plans for maximizing
gift revenue for the College, the incumbent will help to cultivate, solicit and steward
potential donors in supporting key areas of fundraising priority for the College
,and fdr advancing the College's transition to university-status. Through the
development of targeted alumni programming and service to graduates, the
incumbent will help to reconnect graduates and strengthen their support of the
1.. Provides strategic direction for the President's involvement in key fundraising
and alumni engagement activities including those involving alumni and special
events, and prospect and donor meetings.
2. Participates in the development of short and long range strategic planning
activities to realize fundraising and alumni engagement goals and objectives.
3. Develops and oversees the implementation of programs and projects to
promote alumni relations including providing strategic guidance and counsel
to the COB Alumni Association on the development and delivery of its
4. Plans and delivers high quality and strategic special events which serve to
strengthen alumni engagement and fundraising efforts.
5. Oversees the successful execution of key alumni events, receptions,
homecoming and reunion class programs which builds loyalty and promotes
the College in the lives of its graduates.
6. Directs, coordinates and ensures delivery on all COB fundraising activities
and provides guidance to the College community to ensure that individual
fundraising efforts are integrated, consistent with, and serve to advance the
College's overall mission, goals, and objectives.
7. Oversees the process of identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding
major donors and prospects including individuals, corporations, and
foundations, through strategy based visits and other forms of direct personal
8. Engages senior management in furthering the advancement of alumni relations
and fundraising goals and assists in educating faculty and staff in respect of
the roles they can play supporting alumni and development generally.
9. Recruits and manages volunteers and provides them with leadership and
direction in support of the cultivation and solicitation of major donors and
prospects; coordinates volunteers' activities to ensure their integration into
the College's vision and goals.
10. Provides leadership and supervision to the Director of Alumni Relations and
the Development Officer and other staff in the Unit in ensuring that institutional
alumni relations and development goals and targets are met.
11. Represents COB at various community and business meetings including
externally to funding agencies.
12. Develops and manages related unit budgets.
Knowledge of program development; ability to plan, organize and direct
multiple programs and activities; ability to provide guidance and leadership
to staff
Ability to plan and implement promotional programs; ability to design, write
and edit promotional material is an asset.
Ability to plan and execute a range of events.
Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with
academic leadership, faculty, prospects, donors, and volunteers in a wide
range of roles
Community relations skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively
within a diverse community
Willingness and availability to travel extensively and to work extended hours
as necessary

* Prior knowledge of fundraising principles, methods, techniques and practices
is a definite asset.
The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level
of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive
list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of the Development Officer.
* Master's degree preferred: bachelor's degree acceptable with relevant
* Prior development experience would be highly valued
* Demonstrated ability to plan and strong communication skills
* Basic computer skills
Compensation is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
To ensure full consideration, interested candidates should submit a College
of The Bahamas Application Form, a comprehensive resume and a cover
letter of interest. To expedite the appointment procedure, applicants should
request that three referees send references under confidential cover directly
to the address listed below:
Human Resources Department
The College of The Bahamas
Ground Floor, Administration Building
Thompson Blvd and Poinciana Drive
PO Box N 4912
Nassau, Bahamas
Please visit our website at for more information about the
College and to access the College's Employment Application Form.

Prospective Applicants

Master's Degree



Early Childhood and Elementary
Special Education

Applications for the two programmes
are now available in

the Graduate Programmes Office
Michael Hartley Eldon Complex
Thompson Blvd

in collaboration

cuLLG t rOGE * es f is



- II

- L~ I


_I~ I-






Faculty Advertisements 2007 2008

School of Business
Associate/Assistant Professors Accounting (New Providence and Northern Bahamas Campuses)
Candidate must be able to teach Financial and Intermediate Accounting, Business Mathematics, Advanced Accounting, Accounting
Theory, Management, Cost, Fund and Tax Accounting up to the bachelor's degree level. Knowledge of computerised accounting
would be an asset. Professional certification or experience is desirable. The successful candidates should have an advanced degree
(Ph.D. preferred).

Associate/Assistant Professor Marketing (New Providence)
Candidate must be able to teach a full range of Marketing courses from the introductory to the senior year in a bachelor's degree
programme. The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred).

Associate/Assistant Professor Economics & Statistics (New Providence Campus)
The successful individual will provide instruction for second, third and fourth year economics and second and third year statistic
courses. Candidate must be able to teach Macro and Microeconomic Principles, Price Theory, Macroeconomic Analysis,
Quantitative Methods in Economics, Managerial Economics, International Economics, Economic Development, Comparative
Economic Systems, Labour Economics, Business Statistics and Intermediate Statistics. They should also be able to teach Techniques
of Research and Quantitative Methods. Knowledge of computer applications is essential. Additionally, the candidate should have
an advanced degree Doctorate level studies in Economics (is preferred) with a sound background in Business Administration
and Quantitative Methods from an accredited institution with five or more years teaching and research. Industry-related experience
would be an asset.
Other duties include advisement of Economic Majors and assisting with research-related courses and projects.
Associate/Assistant Professor Finance (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must be able to teach third and fourth year finance courses included but not limited to: Financial Management, Credit
Analysis, Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, International Finance, Investment Management and Security Analysis.
Additional duties include Advisement of Finance and Economnics/Finance majors and preparation of students for CFA Examinations.

The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (Doctoral Level Studies preferred) in Finance with a sound background
in Business Administration and Economics or Quantitative Methods from an accredited institution and at least five years teaching
experience. Investment Management experience would be an asset. Additionally, the candidate should have completed at least
part I of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Examinations, and have membership in the CFA Institute.

School of Communication and Creative Arts
Associate/Assistant Professor in Journalism and Communication (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach courses in all or most of the following areas: reporting, photojournalism, video production and
business writing and should have experience with curriculum and programme development. The ideal candidate must have at
least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area, a minimum of five years' teaching experience at the tertiary level and some
professional experience.

Associate/Assistant Professors in Foreign Languages (Spanish and/or French) (Newv Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Spanish at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The ideal candidate must have at
least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area, native speaker competence and will be able to teach language, literature
and culture courses up to the bachelor degree level. A teaching certificate or equivalent and experience in teacher training are

Associate/Assistant Professors in Art (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach 2-Dimensional Design, Commercial Art (illustration and graphic design) and Printmaking.
Experience in 3-Dimensional Design, mixed media, painting and drawing would be an asset. The ideal candidate will have at
least a Master's degree in the subject or related area. A teaching certificate or equivalent is desirable.

Associate/Assistant Professors in Music (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidate must be able to teach traditional; theory and harmony, piano skills, music history and analysis yup to
the bachelor level. Candidate must possess skills in choral work and have at least a Master's degree. The ideal candidate must
have at least three year's teaching experience at the tertiary level and some professional experience. A teaching certificate or
equivalent is desirable.

Pailrt-time Lecturer in Foreign Languages (Spanish) (Northern Bahamas Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Spanish at the introductory level. The ideal candidate will have at least a Master's degree in the
subject or a related area and native speaker competence in Spanish. A teaching certificate or equivalent is desirable.
Part-time Lecturer in Foreign Languages (Haitian Creole) (New Provide;wce Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Haitian Creole at the beginners and intermediate levels. The ideal candidate will have at least a
Master's degree in the subject or a related area and native speaker competence in Haitian Creole. A teaching certificate or
equivalent is desirable.

Part-time Lecturers in Journalism and Communications (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must be able to teach courses in any of the following areas: reporting, photojournalism, video production and advertising
techniques. The ideal candidate must have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area and some professional
experience. .

School of English Studies
Associate/Assistant Professors College Composition/Literature (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must have at least a Master's of Arts degree In English and must be able to teach College Composition and Literature
up to the bachelor degree level. The ideal candidates will have a background in Composition and Rhetoric as well as in American
and/or Post -Colonial Literature. A background in creative writing or experience in a writing lab setting would be an asset.
Teacher training is preferred.

Associate/Assistant Professor College Composition/Literature (Northern Bahamas Campus)
Candidate must have at least a Master of Arts degree in English and must be able to teach College Composition and literature
up to the bachelor degree level. The ideal candidate will have experience in the teaching of composition and rhetoric and a variety
of literature courses. Teacher training is preferred.

School of Social Sciences
Associate /Assistant Professors in Law (LL.B. Programme) (New Providence Campus)
Candidates should have at a least a first degree in Law, with no less than an Upper Second Class Honours or equivalent. Possession
of a postgraduate degree and some experience as a legal practitioner is desirable. The curriculum includes all branches of Common
Law and courses pay special attention to the place of Law in Commonwealth Caribbean jurisdictions. The ideal candidates should
be competent in at least three of the basic or core Common Law subjects including, but not limited to, Law and Legal Systems
of the Commonwealth Caribbean; Criminal Law; Legal Writing and Research; Law of Torts; Commonwealth Caribbean
Constitutional Law; and Law of Contract. Experience in teaching in a semester system would be an asset. The successful
candidates will be expected to pursue individual and departmental research interests and to publish in reputable law journals.

Associate/Assistant Professor in Religion/Theology
Candidate to teach Theology and Religious Studies courses up to the Bachelor degree level. A minor concentration in Philosophy
and/or Logic is desirable.

School of Education
Associate/Assistant Professor Family and Consumer Life/Home Economics (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Family and Consumer Life/Home Economics and Education Foundation courses to prospective
secondary teachers. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching
experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and research studies.

Associate/Assistant Professor Religious Education (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Religious Education content and methods to prospective primary and secondary teachers, as well
as the general student population in other academic areas up to the senior year in a bachelor degree programme. The successful
candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise
teaching practice and research studies.

Associate/Assistant Professor Science Education (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Science Education courses to prospective primary and secondary teachers. The successful
candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise
teaching practice and research studies.

Associate/Assistant Professor Art Education
Candidate must be able to teach Art Education courses to prospective primary and secondary school teacher trainees up to the
Bachelor degree revel. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching
experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and research studies.
Associate/Assistant Professor Music Education
Candidate must be able to teach Music Education courses to prospective primary and secondary school teacher trainees up to the
Bachelor degree level. The successful candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching
experience and the ability to supervise teaching practice and research studies.

Associate/Assistant Professor in Physical/Health Education K-12
Candidate must be able to teach Physical/Health Education to teachers in training up to the Bachelor's degree level. The successful
candidate must have a Master's Degree, Teacher's Certificate, at least ten years' teaching experience and the ability to supervise
teaching practice and research studies.

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Associate/Assistant Professors Nursing (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidates will be required to teach in the bachelor degree programme. Responsibilities will include classroom
as well as clinical supervision of students. Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to excellence
in integrating teaching, clinical practice and research. Applicants should have a well-rounded clinical nursing experience and
should be able to teach at least three of the following areas: Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric
Nursing, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Management/Leadership, Health Assessment, Nursing
Theories, Transcultural Nursing and Nursing Research. The successful candidates must be registered with the Nursing Council
of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; have college level teaching experience and at least a Master's degree in Nursing.

School of Sciences and Technology
Associate/Assistant Professor Biology (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (PhD preferred) in the biological or agricultural sciences with strong
background in entomology, specifically agricultural entomology. The successful candidate will be expected to teach biology up
to the senior year in a bachelor's degree programme and develop a research programme related to the needs and priorities of The
College. Teaching experience at the college level is essential.

Associate/Assistant Professor Mathematics (New Providence and Northern Bahamas Campuses)
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree (PhD preferred) in pure or applied mathematics. Candidate will be
expected to both teach Pure and Applied Mathematics e.g. Statistics up to the senior year in a bachelor's degree programme as
well as develop a research programme in his or her area of specialty. Teaching experience at the college level is essential.

Associate/Assistant Professors Physics (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidate should have an advanced degree in Physics, preferably a PhD., with experience teaching both service


courses (physics for biology and health care professionals) as well as major courses. A broad background in Physics is an asset;
with a desire to teach and incorporate undergraduate students in research programmes both within the college and in collaboration
with other institutions. Successful applications should have research interest and foci that can be pursued in at COB or in
collaboration with partner institutions.

Associate/Assistant Professor Chemistry (New Providence Campus)
The successful candidate should haven an advanced degree in Chemistry, preferably a PhD, with experience teaching up to senior
year in a bachelor's degree programme. A broad background in chemistry would be an asset as teaching areas span courses in
Organic, Inorganic, Analytical and Environmental and Physical Chemistry. Research interests and foci applicable to the use of
current facilities and The College's research stations are desirable.

Culinary & Hospitality Management Institute
Chef (New Providence Campus)
The ideal candidate should possess a degree in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management and be Certified as a Executive Chef or
higher, have a teaching certificate or equivalent with a minimum of five years teaching experience. Candidate should be able to
teach introductory through advanced cooking, baking, pastry, garde manger, sanitation, menu design and food preparation.

All candidates must have at least an earned Master's degree from a recognized accredited institution in the relevant area or
its equivalent and five (5) years'post qualification teaching experience at the College or University level The Associate
Professor is a high academic rank The successful candidates must have an earned Master's degree from a recognized
accredited institution in the relevant subject area, plus at least eight years of teaching at the College or University level OR
an earned doctoral degree in the relevant area with at least five years teaching experience at the College or University level;

In all cases, an above average record of teaching, research, and/or publication is required. Applicants must also exhibit a
commitment to excellence in teaching and scholarship.

Salary Scale:

Assistant Professor:
Masters $39,460 $61,960
Doctorate $42,160 $69,160

Associate Professor:
Masters $45,760 $69,960
Doctorate $50,260 $77,760

To ensure consideration, application materials must be received by November 17,2006. A complete application packet
consists of an application letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form, a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all
transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment), and the names and contact information for three references
addressed to:
The Director
Human Resources
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas

Please visit the College's website at for more information about the institution and to access the College's
Employment Application Form.


Office of Academic Affairs
Non Instructional Faculty Advertisements 2007 2008

Counselling & Health Services Department
Candidate will be required to assist in developing and implementing counselling programmes for the campus community including
provision of individual and group therapy and counselling to students, assessment interviews, referrals and consultations with
faculty, staff and local professionals around issues related to the developmental needs (academic, career-vocational and psycho-
social) of college students. Must be willing to work flexible hours.

The successful candidate must have an earned Masters degree in Counselling, counselling/clinical psychology or equivalent.

Salary Scale: $32,710 -$47,710

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
CIifiuSPrec pior
The sicce;;tul candidate must be a Registered Nurse v. ih poi quail ic anon training arid good organizational skills. Duties would
include supervising students in the laboratories to develop basic nursing skills; coordinating the clinical rotations and practicums
for students; review practicum skills; compilation of student logs and reports for the course instructor. The successful candidate
should be self-directed and work well with people.

Salary Scale: Instructor $27,110 $40,110

Library and Instructional Media Services
Librarian Technical Services
The position falls in the area of Technical Services. The incumbent should be dynamic, innovative individual with a strong
commitment to service within a diverse community. The Librarian will demonstrate successful administrative experience in a
library, sound understanding of emerging technologies and the ability to use them within the library setting and commitment to
developing a strong integrated library service within the academic environment.

The duties of the Librarian will include management of the Unit, leadership in short and long range planning to enhance and
expand library services, development and promotion of library resources and services, personnel supervision, initiation and
management of appropriate emerging technologies, and liaison with relevant internal and external groups.

The Librarian should possess a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from an accredited institution, and a minimum
of two years, post Masters professional library experience. The incumbent will demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal
skills that engender an excellent customer friendly environment. Evening and weekend work on rotation, library research, service
to the community and library instruction will also be required.

Salary Scale: $32,710 $47,710

To ensure consideration, application materials must be received by November 17, 2006. A complete application packet
consists of an application letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form, a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all
transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment), and the names and contact information for three references
addressed to:
The Director
Human Resources
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas

Please visit the College's website at for more information about the institution and to access the College's
Employment Application Form.

Industry Training Administrator
Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals for the Industry Training Administrator (ITA) post in the Culinary
and Hospitality Management Institute. The Industry Training Administrator reports to the Executive Director, Culinary and
Hospitality Management Institute. The successful candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's degree in a relevant subject area
plus five years related industry experience or a Master's degree in a relevant subject area plus three years related industry experience.
Excellent organizational, presentational and interpersonal communication skills are required for this position.

The portfolio of the ITA includes the organization and oversight of all matters relative to Industry Training, including the design,
development and review of new and existing skills level training and education curricula; and the coordination of the offering of
such programmes and courses, both throughout the College Network and within industry.

The Industry Training Administrator is responsible for working in concert with Industry Partners in the Hospitality and Tourism
Sectors to develop and implement training opportunities to meet special needs identified within the industry. The successful
candidate will coordinate the review and updating of existing education and training programmes offered through the industry
arm of the Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute; prepare training proposals, including costing, for special needs as
requested by various establishments; negotiate training consultants' contracts; and organize and conduct training seminars and
workshops. In addition to coordinating the preparation of Industry training manuals and guides and maintaining reference copies
of current standard operating procedures and job descriptions and specifications for all major jobs within the hospitality and
tourism sectors, the Industry Training Administrator must also coordinate job placement for students and graduates and serve as
Secretary to the Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute Advisory Board.

Salary Scale: )>:'',110 $40,110
To ensure consid. lon, application materials must be received by November 17, 2006. A complete application packet
consists of an applihation letter, a College of The Bahamas' Application Form, a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all
transcripts (original transcripts required upon employment), and the names and contact information for three references
addressed to:
The Director
Human Resources
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poincianna Drive
P.O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas

Please visit the College's website at WWW.cob.edlubs for more information about ei* the Mf tdhccem e College's
Employment Application Form.


Visit our website at EDuvAcw c TRAINING BAI







Visit our website at b


of Co n n ications

T l ,..
, Tel 02.4 / ..

*.-.-- -

PM, from 1B

they have on Freeport's well-
being, others may fear it her-
alds the start of government
interference in the 230 square
mile Port Authority area.
Mr Gape's letter to Mr Def-
fler in some respects assists Mr
Babak's cause, alluding to the
fact that talks on the contract
started long before the latter
became Port Authority chair-
man, and that the key factors
determining its award were H
& F Babak's expertise and
Yet International Distribu-
tors of Grand Bahama's offi-
cial reply to Mr Babak's con-
tract release request, sent by
Mr Gape on October 20,
reveals that Mr Babak had
reassured the US grocer that
there would be "no problem"
with potential conflicts of inter-
est relating to his Port Author-
ity position.
"You will also know that our
client raised repeatedly with

you during the negotiating of
the contract the potential issue
of you since becoming chair-
man of the Grand Bahama
Port Authority, and whether
this would present a problem
in any way in you and your
company undertaking these
works. You repeatedly reas-
sured our client that there
would be no such problem,"
Mr Gape wrote.
The attorney then added
that International Distributors
of Grand Bahama felt it had
"an enforceable contract" with
H & F Babak, and intended
"to enforce the same in accor-.
dance with all terms and con-
"Our client does not agree
to release H & F Babak from
its obligations under the sub-
ject contract, and will hold that
company strictly accountable
for all its covenants contained
therein," Mr Gape said.
He added that International.
Distributors of Grand Bahama
selected H & F Babak because
its "singular method of con-

Fred D'Aguiar is the author of five critically acclaimed
novels, including The Longest Memory (1994), which
won the David Higham Prize for Fiction and the Whitbread
First Novel Award. Winner of the TS. Eliot poetry prize.
S. .. S

Real Talk Live radio show with Hlost Jeff Lloyd
10:00 a.m.

The Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture-
Inaugural Event (Reading and public lecture)
at 6:30 p.m. in Choices Restaurant, Bahamas
Tourism Training Centre, Thompson Blvd

Title of lecture: "The Caribbean Diaspora:
What Survives of Caribbean Identity in
our Minds and Bodies when We Leave the

Room 2C, Second Floor .
Michael Eldon Building
Thompson Blvd

Writing Workshop: Poetry
10:00,-12:00 noon
$50 per person

Writing Workshop: The Short Story
2:00-4:00 p.m.
$50 per person

To reserve your place in the workshops


struction", used to construct
the Home Centre (a building
owned by Freeport Concrete, a
company on which Mr Babak
holds a 43 per cent stake), with
"pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete
with Double T-units, is the
product they wanted".
Mr Babak confirmed that he
had written the October 18 let-
ter, asking for the company to
be released from the contract,
and in which he promised to
"personally indemnify" Inter-
national Distributors of Grand
Bahama for any loss caused by
having to negotiate with anoth-
er contractor or put the job oul
to re-bid.
Several sources yesterday
alleged that the "personally
indemnify" language indicat-
ed Mr Babak was still deeply
involved in H & F Babak's
day-to-day operations, with the
September 20 contract date
showing the deal was signed
some two months after he
became the Port's chair.
Mr Babak refuted those con-
flict of allegations. "I wrote a
letter to release me from the
contract," Mr Babak said. "It's
clear it's not the contract, it's
the company....... The company
would not be able to receive
any contract for any construc-
.tion work without someone
jumping up and saying there's
a conflict of interest."
Mr Babak said he did not
want H & F Babak or its
employees to "suffer", imply-
ing that the company would
find it difficult to win bids with-
out allegations being made as
long as he was Port Authority
He added that he conclud-
ed talks to sell H & F Babak to
John Gallagher, a Bahamian
contractor, "at a very big loss"
to himself in five days.
However, Mr Babak said he
was not planning to sell his 43
per cent Freeport Concrete
stake because it was a public
company, and he had recused
himself from day-to-day oper-
Meanwhile, Mr Babak con-
tinued to come under fire from
PLP Senator Philip Galanis,
who questioned why he had
not divested his outside inter-
ests upon becoming Port
Authority chairman.

Has a vacancy for a
Sales & Marketing Project Director:
-Responsible for onsite coordination of sales, sales administration and
-Achievement of targeted sales volume and maintaining inventory.
-Develop future(MVCI experience preferred) managers and implement
self developed program
-Implementation of tour efficiency and building of strong team values
-Forecast and budget annual sales targets.
-Ensure communication, between personnel and others
-Excellent communication, listening and organizational skills
-Strong leadership skills
-Minimum 5 years marketing vacation ownership
-Minimum 5 years marketing in management of sales, marketing and /or
-College degree preferred, but not required.
Please Send Resumes to:

Attn: HR Director
The Abaco Club on Winding Bay
P.O. Box AB2057
Mash Harbour, Abaco
Fax: 242-367-0077

I i our wcbsite at wi's

The Bahamas Marine and Environmental Studies Institute

The College/University of The Bahamas seeks a dynamic and creative individual to
provide leadership in The Bahamas Marine and Environmental Studies Institute. The
Institute is intended to facilitate the discovery of knowledge about the marine and island
environment of The Bahamas and build on the solid foundation of research and monitoring
programmes. The mandate of developing specialised laboratory and field courses to
compliment the current Bachelor of Science degree courses at The College/University will
be a significant focus.

The Executive Director, reporting to the Vice President Research, Graduate Programmes
and International relations, has supervisory responsibility for the Institute, comprising
appointed faculty fellows. He/She will provide leadership in programme development and
research initiatives so as to take full advantage of The College/University location in a
small island state and year round access to the unique sub-tropical ecosystems of the
coastal, coral reefs, mangrove and sea grass communities in The Bahamas, Toward this
end, the Executive Director will work closely with administrators at the existing facilities
at The College/University field stations in San Salvador (Gerace Research Centre) and
Andros (The Bahamas Environmental Research Centre). Such engagements will include
the traditional academic initiatives as well as certificate and general environmental and
resource management outreach courses/programmes. In this regard, the Executive
Director, through the resources of the Institute and in collaboration with the School of
Sciences and Technology, will assist with the development of a flagship multidisciplinary
degree programme in Marine Science. Efforts will also entail attracting researchers arind
scholars with marine and related interests as well as local, regional and international
students with exceptional academic credentials and future potential, demonstrating a
genuine interest in marine science. The Executive Director must have exceptional skills
in grantsmanship and the ability to develop collaborations to build long-term research and
monitoring initiatives that can help document and catalogue the ecological systems that
make up the Bahamian archipelago.

The College/University of The Bahamas is the national higher education institution of The
Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The institution grants mostly bachelor degrees and
some joint masters degrees in conjunction with other institutions. It has a student enrolment
in excess of 4,000 students located throughout the Bahamian archipelago. It has extensive
links with tertiary institutions in the Caribbean and North America and its credits are accepted
by more than 200 colleges and universities in those regions and in Great Britain. It has
embarked aggressively upon a major expansion of its programme offerings, research
activities and physical facilities and is incorporating e-learning methodologies into its
repertoire of strategies for delivering instruction, all with a view to attaining a charter as a
university by 2007.

The successful candidate must hold a doctorate in an appropriate field with a minimum
of eight to ten years experience at an accredited university, a proven research record and
have relevant work experience including appropriate supervisory level exposure.

Interested candidates should submit a College/University of The Bahamas Employment
Application, a Comprehensive Resume and up-to-date transcripts, giving full
particulars of qualifications and experience, along with three work references no
later than 13th October 2006 to:

Director, Human Resources, The College of The Bahamas
R 0. Box N-4912
Nassau, N. P., The Bahamas
Facsimile: (242) 302-4539
Web Site:





Anna Nicole, from 1B

on Eastern Road as part of the
Details of the settlement
came to light last week, when
Callenders & Co confirmed
that it had acted for Mr Cul-
mer in conveying Horizons to
Ben Thompson, the business-
man and ex-boyfriend of Ms
Nicole Smith, who is alleging
that the property is not hers
because she never obtained a
mortgage to finance its pur-
chase. In denying conflict of
interest allegations, Callen-
ders & Co had said: "As to
the position regarding con-
flict of interest, we acted for
the vendors
Kelly/Culmer/Thompson (Mr
George Clifford Culmer was
a liquidator involved in the
transaction) with the knowl-
edge and approval of both
the vendors and the purchas-

er. It was only at the eleventh
hour that the decision was
made to put title in the name
of Ms Marshall subject to
The Court of Appeal had
found that the $3 million paid
by Americas International
Bank Corporation (AIBC) to a
company controlled by Mr
Kelly, the man who acquired
both the British Colonial
Hilton and South Ocean Golf
& Beach Resort through his
.RHK Capital vehicle, was
made just weeks before the
bank was placed into volun-
tary liquidation.
Justices Dame Joan Sawyer,
Justice Ganpatsingh and Jus-
tice Ibrahim upheld the
Supreme Court verdict in
favour of AIBC's liquidator,
BDO Mann Judd accountant
Clifford Culmer, saying: "This,

in our view, was clearly a
fraudulent preference made
within three months of AIBC
going into liquidation."
In their 13-page judgment,
the Court of Appeal justices
recorded that Mr Kelly
became embroiled with AIBC
in 2000, the year it "began to
experience financial difficul-
Mr Kelly was approached to
provide capital support, and it
was proposed that he take over
the bank's "entire sharehold-
ing" from existing sharehold-
ers, Goes Damiano, Barry
Denison and Martin Bernholz.
To show his seriousness and
ability to pay,. Mr Kelly
arranged to deposit $3 million
with AIBC to be held in
escrow. He had already
opened up a current account
with AIBC, numbered 306900,
on August 31, 2000.
To facilitate the purchase of
AIBC's share capital, Mr Kel-


The Education Loan Authority is a quasi government corporation established under the Education Loan
Authority Act 2002, charged with the responsibilities of raising monies for the Education Loan Guarantee
scheme established under the Education Guarantee Fund Act 2001

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals to fill the position of Financial Officer
in the Education Loan Authority on a three (3) years contractual basis.

Bachelor's Degree in Business, (with a major in accounting);
At least five (5) years job experience in accounting;
Knowledge and ability to apply accounting;
A formal accounting designation will be an asset;

Review and analyze financial reports provided by our agent and affiliated committee;
Provide overall direction for accounting, budget and cash forecast;
Prepare and post journal entries;
Reconcile accounts;
Coordinate the annual external audit;
Any other job that may be assigned from time to time by the Board or the Chief
Administrative Officer;

The position reports to: The Chief Administrative Officer

The Salary range for the post is $30,900 x 700 $37,600 per annum.

Interested persons are invited to submit a cover letter, resume and documentary evidence of
qualifications and three (3) references to the Education Loan Authority, P.O. Box SS-19039
Nassau,. Bahamas

Deadline: November 10, 2006
No telephone calls will be accepted



Information Technology Manager

A vacancy exists at the Port Group Limited for a qualified and experienced Information
Technology Manager. The position reports to the Group Financial Controller.

The IT Manager manages the information technriology department in accordance with
organizational policies and goals and keeps the -comnputer equipment, hardware and software
updated to meet organirzational needs. Also, position oversees the Saqe ACCPAC for windows
Accounting system, the Sage ACCPAC HR system Local and Wide Area Crommunication
Systems, Microsoft Active Directory Services, Printer Services, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook E-
lail Services, Cisco Firewall Security Systems, Cisco Routing Services. Anti-Vifus and SPAM
Filtering Services, Tape Backup Systernm, and Microsoft'Cilri. Remote Terminal Services

The successful candidate must have the following:

* Proven experience in IT infrastructure planning and development.
0 Demonstrated ability to apply IT in solving business problems,
* Ability to conduct and Jirect research into IT issues and products
* Extensive experience working in a tarn-oriitented, collaborative environment
* Application support experience with Sage ACCPAC for windows.
* Extensive experience working wilh Vinndo ,s 2003 Server with AciS.e Director- network
* Extensive experience working vwith Microsoft Exchange 2003.
* Strong technical knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server,2000
* Strong technical knowledge of MS Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
* Extensive experience working with CISCO routers, CISCO switches, CISCO firewalls, virus
protection and backup applications.
Excellent customer relation skills.

Desirable qualifications:

Bachelor's degree from four year college or %jniversiry in the field of computer science or at
least 8 years related work experience.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Certification.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification
Nortel phone switch administration skills.
Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) Certification.

Very competitive salary plus benefits package.

Resumes with supporting documentation should be submitted to:

The Personnel Department
The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited
P. 0. Box F-42666
Freeport, Grand Bahama, or
on or before November 3. 2006

ly in March 2001 arranged a
$3 million loan to Techstar, a
Panamanian-registered hold-
ing company he controlled,
from a Panamanian bank, Ban-
co Atlantico Panama (BAP).
AIBC was then to open an
account with BAP into which
the funds would be paid on
fixed deposit. On March 19,
2001, BAP issued AIBC with a
certificate of deposit for the $3
million backdated to March 12,
2001, for a one-year term at
6.5 per cent interest.
The judgment recorded:
"The liquidator deposed that
he was informed by [Gary]
Christie, president of AIBC,
that the funds for this fixed
deposit were transferred by
BAP to AIBC's account at the
direction of [Mr Kelly]. There
is no evidence to suggest what-
soever that BAP was aware of,
or had notice, that these funds
were being deposited for any
special purpose."
In return for BAP granting
banking facilities up to $3 mil-
lion to AIBC or Techstar, in
return AIBC "irrevocably and
unconditionally" pledged and
assigned to the Panamanian
bank all of its rights and inter-


Registry Clerk

Suitable candidates can apply for the position of Registry Clerk. The
successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day operations
of the registry and is required to implement proper file management
system, monitor and maintain accurate record keeping of all files
and correspondence. Must have strong organizational and clerical
skills, command of the English language, computer literate, attention
to details and minimum of 3 years working experience in relevant
field. Attractive employment package, salary commensurate with

Persons may apply to:
DA# 2791
G/O The Tribune
P.O. Box N-3207
Nassau, Bahamas

before November 8, 2006

Moa'ig Fund S vcJ s F ,fwrd?
Citco Fund Services is a division of the Citco Group of Companies and is the largest independent
administrator of Hledge Funds in the world with offices in Curagao, Amsterdam, Dublin, London,
Luxembourg, Miami, New York, Toronto, Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands the Bahamas,
Bermnnuda, San Francisco and S} dire. The division provides full service administration to over 2,000 Hedge
Funds for multinational banks and international In ciment Managers, totaling over $300 billion in net

As part of our continued expansion, in our office in Bahamas, we are looking for a number of motivated
and pro-active

(Senior) Fund ccouiit~infs

who are capable of preparing financial reports, in an international and dynamic environment, for our clients
who consist of international investment managers and institutional investors within those Hedge Funds.
The Fund Accountant is the main contact for the investment managers, advisors, shareholders and third
parties, as appropriate.

Your most important tasks and responsibilities are:
preparing periodical financial reporting for the Hedge Funds, including the determination of "Net
Asset Value" and preparing the Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Profit and Loss Statement
maintaining contact with Investment Managers, Investors, Banks and Brokers
monitoring of irregularities and developments through ad-hoc reports
handling paymenttransactions
liaising with international clients and other Citco Offices worldwide. to ensure that client needs
are met

The successful candidates should meet the following criteria:
a CPA or CA designation, a CFA candidate or another equivalent professional qualification
S affinity with investment instruments and figures
a team player, able to cope with individual responsibilities
highly accurate and excellent communication skills
working experience in the financial area or at an accounting firm is an advantage

We offer you: a challenging job in a rapidly expanding international company, with an informal company
culture. You will have the opportunity to broaden your job specific knowledge with excellelit prospects for
a further international career in one of our worldwide offices.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your curriculum vitae and covering letter via e-mail at
the latest on November 15h, 2006 to: Citco Fund Services (Bahamas) Ltd., att. Managing Director
( You can find more information about our organization, on our website:

I _


est in the fixed deposit as secu-
rity for its or Techstar's indebt-
edness. According to Mr Kel-
ly's attorneys, this agreement
was governed by Panamanian
law. The Justices found: "We
are of the opinion that had
these funds on fixed deposit
been subject to a primary trust
in favour of Mr Damiao, Mr
Denison and Mr Bernholz,
AIBC could not have pledged,
assigned or charged its right,
title and interest in the fixed
deposit as security for any
obligation of itself, or for Tech-
star's indebtedness to BAP.
"The fact that AIBC was in
a position to credit the appel-
lant's account with the equiva-
lent sum of $3 million for value
is certainly conclusive of the
view that the funds on deposit
with BAP were being treated
by AIBC as part of its general
assets. When the funds were
credited to the business
account of the appellant he
became in law an unsecured
creditor of AIBC....."
When no approval came
from the Central Bank, Mr
Christie instructed BAP to
transfer the loan monies held
by BAP in Panama to Mr Kel-

ly's company, Techstar.
The Court of Appeal found
that on both occasions when
the $3 million was credited to
Mr Kelly's business account,
and when they were trans-
ferred following the failure to
obtain Central Bank approval,
he was an unsecured creditor
of AIBC.
"By establishing the business
account, the appellant had vol-
untarily accepted the risk that
AIBC might become insolvent
and unable to discharge its
obligations in full," the Court
of Appeal ruled.
AIBC's shareholders
resolved to place AIBC into
voluntary liquidation on Octo- -
ber 11, 2001, and under Sec-
tion 72 of the Bankruptcy Act,
a fraudulent preference is
made if anyone unable to pay
his debts transfers money to a
creditor within three months
before becoming bankrupt.
The court found that by Sep-
tember 4, 2001, the day Mr
Kelly received the $3 million
transfer, it was clear that AIBC
"was in financial difficulties
and unable to pay its debts".
Therefore, it was "clearly a
fraudulent preference".



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Still Standing Reba "Best Li'l Reba Barbra *s CHRISTINA'S HOUSE (2000, Suspense) Brendan Fehr, Mike Wong,
LIFE Bill and Judy stop Haunted House Jean takes care Eton Chong. Premiere. A stalker preys on a girl in her home.
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M' Hardball Countdown With Keith Olber- Scarborough Country MSNBC Documentary
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Go ILIA taM) noiSciencneFicS tio1n)LIZO~ Mathe BrdrikJa
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f* I

taI e sat

Junior Sports Reporter
WITH just two weeks
before the hosting of the
Tennis Masters Cup, Mark
Knowles and tennis partner
Daniel Nestor are in great
After suffering a devastat-
ing elimination at the
Madrid Masters, the duo
claimed the Swiss Indoors
doubles title on Sunday
Entering the competition
ranked number one,
Knowles and Nestor had to
ward off the attempts of
Mariusz Frystenberg and
Marcin Matkowski for the
win, 4-6, 6-4 and 10-8.
Frystenberg and Matkows-
ki were ranked second in the
The third and decisive set
went down to the wire, 8-8,
when Knowles broke
Matkowski's service.
The break give Knowles
and Nestor the edge they
needed to close the game
and win their fifth doubles'
title of the year.
Knowles and Nestor are
currently ranked fourth in
the world and fourth in the
ATP Doubles Race.
..- ~



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Federer is latest big nanw1

to skip Paris Masters


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SDolphins vs. Chiefs 9

CONGRATULAtIONS to Anthony Strachan, WINNER of the Dolphins and Packers
trSIm m wga

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Junior Sports
IN AN attempt to
increase the number of
world class athletes and
produce competitive
national teams, the Min-
istry of Youth, Sports and
Housing along with the
government of the
Bahamas officially
launched the National
Sports Advisory Council
(NSAC) yesterday.
The NSAC, made up of
S a diverse group of sporting
luminaries and Island
Sports Councils from
S throughout the Bahamas,
it is designed to search the
length and breadth of the
country to identify.and
nurture hidden talent.
The search will begin
this Thursday with veteran
coach Keith Parker and
Olympian Tim Munnings
# traveling to Cat Island,
while Ricardo Light-
bourne and NSAC chair-
man Alpheus Finlayson
will travel to Abaco.
According to Finlayson,
the NSAC is a necessity
for the country, which will
help to level the playing
field for all athletes.
Finlayson believes that
the Bahamas has had a
great year for sports local-
ly and internationally but
admitted that there is
much more land to be pos-

He said: "We plan,
along with personnel in
the islands, to reach as
many local persons
involved as possible to
obtain their views.
"As much as is practical,
we plan to meet with indi-
viduals and businesses
regarding funding of local
needs of the sporting com-
munity. We plan to have
town meetings where pos-
sible to get the entire com-
munity involved."
A town meeting is
scheduled for Thursday
evening in Marsh Harbour
and another is set for
Cooper's Town on Friday
The NSAC believes that
the venliture in sports and
facilities development can
be done on a timely basis,
but revealed that the
NSAC is still awaiting
responses regarding the
needs of all associations,
stating that the council
needs this information
before they can arrange
visits to any island.
So far, four island coun-
cils have submitted
requests: Abaco, Cat
Island, Acklins and
Crooked Island..
- The NSAC next project
will be sports funding,
examining ways to assist
the ministry with funding
sports in the Bahamas.
The NSAC committee
comprises Churchill Tener
Knowles, Wayde Bethel,
Edith Powell, Timothy
Munnings, Frank Hep-
burn, Marlon Johnson,
Rupert Pinder, Peter
Andrews, Keith Parker,
Ann Cartwright, Julian
Marshall, Ricardo Light-
bourne, Jeff Rodgers,
Brent Stubbs, Doyle Bur-
rows, Margaret Albury,
Li'tngstone Bostwick,
Leonard Miller, Patti
Symonette, Shonel Fergu-
son and Antoine Sealy.

Clu prPeside1 reflects




Junior Sports Reporter
STHIS weekend past.will go
down in history as the moment
the country got to see two great
rivals do battle once again.
The Phil Smith Legends Bas-
ketball Classic brought two of the
biggest basketball teams in the
country, the Kentucky Colonels
and the Becks Cougars, back
together in a friendly, but fierce
When the final buzzer sounded,
the nail biting, game was claimed
by the Colonels 33-31 (not the
Cougars as was incorrectly
reported in yesterday's Tribune -
see correction inset).
Even though the Colonels were -
able to get the better part of the
C o u g a r s,
president of APOLOGY
the Colonel's APOLOGY
club Edward er
Deveaux said In yesterday's
veauxsid Tribune Sports, it
both team was incorrectly
are winners.
are winnersd. reported that the
CHe said: "I ougars had beat-
wish that we en the Colonels.
didnI't have Tribune Sports
to have a apologises tor the
winner or error and for any
loser that embarrassment
.night. Both caused.
teams were
winners by
just coming out there. It feels
good for all of us to just be out
there, coming out, it brought back
some good memories. Even
though the Cougars lost they
Should feel proud because they
Splayed a good game. they are win-
ners in my eyes.
"It feels great, legends playing
in honour of a legend. The funni-
est thing about these two clubs is
we never really got out of touch
with each other, we stayed in con-
tact so it wasn't hard to get the
team together, it was just hard to
get our old muscles moving like
we wanted them to.
"It didn't surprise me that the
gym was packed because back in
the day we always played in front`
of a packed gym, but it did feel
great to see how they welcomed
us. Back in the day we use to go
home together, even if we lost,
but nowadays s the young guys take
this game too seriously, there isn't
too much unity. Back in the day
we used to fight on the court but
off the c o'urt, we were
"More events like these need to
be held and, if they are, of course
we would love to play in them,
the- might have to toll us out in
wheelchairs but we will still play
to the best of our abilities. This
whole venture is a good thing, the.
young persons got an opportunity
to see exactly who are the legends
in the sport or, better yet, per-
sons who have played the game,
before them."
The Colonels made their come-
back late in the third quarter,
thanks to a three pointer made by
Marco Armbrister.
The three by Arnmbrister
sparked a Colonels' run and the
team never looked back.
As time ticked off the clock,
Cougars tried to even the score,
hoping to capitalise from Joe
Delancey's free throw.
Delancey sealed the first but ini-
tially missed the second, hoping
a teammate would grab the
rebound and get the easy put
The Cougars would rebound the
ball but the defence sent by the
Colonels was just too much for
them and the put back attempt
was swatted away.
The-jubilant Colonels then
walked off pleased with their feat,
stating that they had the Cougars'
number once again.

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