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Volume: 102 No.267 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2006 PRICE -750
"Have you / sh', ,,.0


Policeman is accused of

causing harm to colleague

A POLICE officer charged
with causing harm to a fellow
policeman was arraigned in
magistrate's court yesterday.
Constable Jamile Ferguson,
22, was arraigned before Chief
Magistrate Roger Gomez at
Court One Bank Lane. Offi-
cer Ferguson was represent-
ed by lawyer Romona Far-
quharson. Inspector Althea
Porter was the prosecutor.
Court dockets stated that
Ferguson on Saturday. Octo-
ber 7, intentionally and unlaw-
fully caused harm to Dwayne
Corporal Bethel, the broth-
er of Deron Bethel, 20, who
was killed in a police shoot-
ing in Pinewood Gardens in
April, was left nursing a gap-
ing gash in his head after

allegedly being gun-butted
Saturday night outside
Carmichael Road police sta-
tion, where he is stationed.
The four-inch gash on top of
his head required 30 stitches,
The Tribune was told.
Ferguson pleaded not guilty
to the charge and the prose-
cutor made no objection to
the granting of bail. Bail was
granted in the sum of $1,000
with one surety. The case was
transferred to Court 6 Parlia-
ment Street and adjourned to
October 24.
Ferguson's attorney told the
court that her client was an
upstanding citizen who had
been an officer of the Royal
Bahamas Police Force for
SEE page eight

Stay of proceedings in prison

officer case 'remains in effect'
THE stay of proceedings, granted more than four months ago
following a jury's recommendation that charges be brought
against prison officer Sandy Mackey, remains in effect as noth-
ing has happened since then, according to his lawyer.
Lawyer Dion Smith said yesterday that he is yet to receive the
transcripts of the Coroner's inquest into the January 17 prison
break which led to the deaths of prison officer Dion Bowles and
inmate Neil Brown.
"Right now the presumption of innocence still rests with him
until anything further," Mr Smith said. "The stay is not going to
be removed until a ruling is handed down after a hearing," he
In-late May, following the recommendation by a seven- mem-
ber jury that officer 'Mackey be charged with the murder of

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PRIME Minister Perry Christie, Rev. Patrick Pinder and Minister of Works and Utilities Bradley Roberts chat during the
Roman Catholic Fifth Annual Archdiocesan Gala at the Crown Ballroom, Atlantis on Paradise Island. Entertainment at the event
was provided by Elon Moxey, The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Pop Band and Colours Junkanoo Group.
S-.(Photo: Franklyn G Ferguson)

Plain clothes policeman alleged

to have shown firearm during

argument with bank teller

A B A N K teller was left bad-
ly shaken yesterday when a
plain clothes policeman showed
her his firearm during an argu-
ment o'er a "missing" appli-
cation for an account.
Police Inspector Walter
Evans said he was unaware of
the situation, but would launch
an investigation.
However, The Tribune was
informed that higher level offi-
cials had been notified.
A manager at First Caribbean
Bank replied: "No comment,"
when asked about the
Although the officer didn't
draw the weapon, he "opened
his shirt" to show ofl his gun in
what,the teller regarded as an
intimidating gesture.
Last night, a former senior
police officer expressed horror
at what he called a further
demonstration of declining stan-
dards in the force.
The incident occurred yes-
terday afternoon at a branch of
First Caribbean Bank when the
officer was seeking information"

about an account or loan appli-
Having been told the appli-
cation had been mislaid,'the
officer allegedly became very
During the argument he
opened his shirt to,display his
firearm before being asked to
leave the bank.
According to sources, the
teller involved was left shocked
and shaken by the incident,
which happened only hours
after The Tribune disclosed
details of a weekend assault.
allegedly involving three plain-
clothes policemen.
In that incident, police Cor-
poral Dwayne Bethel broth-
er of slain Pinewood Gardens
resident Deron Bethel -
received a four-inch gash in the.
head after allegedly being gun-
butted by a fellow officer out-'
side Carmichael Road police
Last night, a former senior
police officer expressed alarm
SEE page eight

Movie star Nicolas Cage to

be honoured at Bahamas

International Film Festival

OSCAR :winner and
Bahamian resident Nicolas
Cage will receive a Career
Achievement Award when he
is hbnoured by the third-annu-
al Bahamas International Film
Festival, it was announced yes-
Leslie Vanderpool, the fes-
tival's founder and executive
director,. said the BIFF
Chopard Award will be pre-
sented to Cage at a gala event
during the festival at the
Atlantis Theatre at the
Atlantis resort from Decem-
ber 7 to 10.,
Over the four-day festival,
BIFF will screen a selection of
Nicolas Cage's films including:
Face/Off Adaptaton and Wild
at Heart.
There also will bea conver-
sation withthe actor, moder-
ated by a well known person-
ality, during which additional
highlights of Mr Cage's career
will be presented.
"To have the pleasure of
presenting a tribute to Mr
Cage, a respected actor and
respected person throughout

and Bahamian resident
Nicolas Cage
the world is an honour," said
Leslie Vanderpool. "We are
thrilled to welcome him to

SEE page eight

A A A IN S, A !I!!


Bhe AHiami EDI raTI

It is time to get more, not M ore

IT may appear to some that this
is a not a very good time to be
speaking out in defence of the art
and science of politics and to be say-
ing anything good about politicians.
Last week's quote from The Econo-
mist about somebody putting some-
thing odd in the water in Central
Europe could apply just as well in
the West, including The Bahamas.
It is to be expected that in the
United States, where mid-term con-
gressional elections are to be held in
a matter of weeks, the pot would be
boiling, but there are any number of
pots boiling, and furiously.
The American people are begin-
ning to face up to the realisation that
there is something wrong with the
war in Iraq and so, three years late,
the US mass media are beginning to
examine the possibility that the
nation's political leaders may have
misled them into that misadventure.
A corrupt lobbying operation has
been exposed with a number of
politicians and others being badly
tainted and some going to jail. This
has caused many Americans once
again to examine whether corporate
influence has corrupted their gov-
On top of all this, an American
politician has served up to the media
what they like best a sex scandal
involving powerful or well-known
people. They had. a field day when
US conservatives went after Presi-
dent Bill Clinton over a sexual I
encounter in the White House.
It was rot about sex, said the hyp-
ocrites, but about President Clinton's
lying about it. In the meantime they
teased out and publicised every titillat-
ing detail of the affair. Then they cam-
paigned on family values and.the need
to restore decency meaning sexual pro-
bity to the halls of government.

ow the conservatives are faced,
N with an example of what they
knew deep down all along: the com-
plexities of human sexuality do not
recognize the dividing lines of partisan
politics, and conservati es and liberals ,
are equally susceptible.
Oie conservative congressman is
exposed as a paedophile predator prowl-
ing the hallways of the legislature and
the internet in search of prey. He has
resigned, but the questions now boiling
the pot are whether there was a cover-
up by his colleagues and whether young
male pages need protection from others
like him.
The mass media is not uninterested in

the sexual aspects of this story but they
have to be careful not to expose the
identity of any underage victims. Mr
Clinton's illicit but consenting sexual
partner was 22.
In our own little but to us very
important sideshow, the political pot
.seems neverito stop boiling. The party
now responsible for our government is
stumbling from one crisis to another
and seems not to have learned a very
basic lesson in politics: trying to cover up
a bad situation only makes matters
.worse (. .. .....
Each and every one of them is
:Bahamian and,each and every one of
them would have heard from their par-
ents that "he who hides the wrong he
does. does he wrong thing still". ,
Yet two of them who did a wrong
thing went on the radio last week and
attempted to do just that. Perhaps they
thought they had. in the words of Lord
Chesterfield, "dexterity enough to con-
ceal the truth without telling a lie".

The American people are beginning to
face up to the realisation that there is
something wrong with the war in Iraq and
so, three years late, the lUS mass media are
beginning to examine the possibility that
the nation's political leaders may have
misled them into that misadventure.

Every class, group, profession or art has
its share of charlatans but there would be
strenuous objections if one were foolish
enough to say that all car salesmen are
crooks, that all preachers are sexual
predators, or that all journalists are liars.

But they only succeeded in making
themselves look more ridiculous. By
insulting the intelligence of the pub-
lic, they deserve a punishment
greater than they might have had
they been forthcoming from the out-
Then there is the case of the Min-
ister who did a very special favour
for a foreign friend and tried to pass
it off as just an example of the effi-
ciency he is introducing to a depart-
ment in his portfolio! Astonishingly,
he even got his Prime Minister to go
along with this attempt at deception.

A 11 of which tends to give
SLkpolitics and politicians a
bad name. There are those, of
course, who are eager to take this as
confirmation that politics is a dirty
game and that all politicians are
Even in the best oftimes, you can
I count on these pompous ones to
hand down sweeping generalisations
from their ivory towers. What is wor-
rying is that some of them though
still young are cynical, jaded and old
before their time.
SThey affect an air of superiority while
refusing to use their grey cells to exam-
ine things and make judgments. If they
did, they may find that Peter is indeed a
little better than Paul, maybe consider-
ably so. They may also find that it is
not always true that the more things
change the more they remain the same.
Sometimes things do change for the bet-
Every class, group, profession or art
has its share of charlatansbut there
would be strenuous objections if one
were foolish enough to say.that all tar
salesmen are crooks, that llI preachers
are sexual predators, or that all jour-
nalists are liars.
Politics, like every other profession
in the world, attracts the good and the
bad, the competent and the incompe-
tent, the honest and the dishonest, the
greedy and the generous, and every-
thing in between.
Also, as in every other profession in
the world, self-regulating mechanism
and even imposed disciplines tend to
break down. When that happens, it is
time to fight for reform and renewal,
not to walk away mouthing foolish
cliches. It is time, as the song says, to get

T he story is told about two
friends discussing the religion.
One saw the value of involvement but
the other thought it was a waste of time
because there were too many hypocrites
in the church. To which the other


. west Prices On The Island"
- x.i : .-. ,. .,


Pre Christmas




Donafds fFumrnitur

And Appliance Ceni

replied: "There is always room for one
There is often ugliness in the political
arena, but politics, democratic politics, is
still the only way to ensure orderly and
stable governance and to continue the
march of humanity towards a more
civilised state.
That is why people who do not enjoy
the benefits of politics walk many miles
and risk even their lives once given the
opportunity to vote. They know all too
well that the alternative is oppression,
war, strife and bloodletting.
Mohandas K Gandhi, who liberated
India and hastened.the collapse of the
British Empire, understood how the
effective use of politics could bring
about great changes. But he was also
aware of this occasional ugliness.
When he was asked why he got
involved in politics, the Mahatma
replied: "If I seemrto take part in poli-
tics, it is only because politics today
encircle us like the coils of a snake from
which one cannot get out, no matter
how much one tries. I wish to wrestle
with the snake."
An 18th century American political
leader, Andrew Oliver, said: "With all
the temptations and degradations that
beset it, politics is still the noblest career
any man can choose."
More recently, American writer and
broadcaster Bill Moyers added: "There
is no substitute for the effective use of
political skills to advance the cause of a
great idea. Arrows are great ideas, but
there has to be a bow. And politics is the
bow of idealism.",
And our own Sir Etienne Dupuch
used to repeat: "A people get the gov-
..,ernment the) desere.". ,

(O: ne great thing'about the
Bahamian people is our keen
awareness of the importance of politics
and our involvement in the process.
Many Bahamiaris~up and down the,
country have more sense than the pseu-
do-intellectuals, cynical manipulators
and ivory tower dwellers who would try
to tell them otherwise.
That is why we have a tradition of
registering and voting in numbers s4
high that they put to shame the peoplO
of many developed countries. This is
one positive aspect of our culture that
we should jealously guard and nurtured
It would be a great tragedy if a more
educated Bahamian population should
become like those complacent millions
in other countries who do not bother
to register and to vote and who thereby ;
put at risk the great freedoms and priv- ,
ileges they take for granted.

less involved in politics



return of


from trader

PRIME Minister Portia
Simpson Miller on Sunday
ordered this Caribbean nation's
ruling party to return money it
received from a Dutch-based
commodities trader to reinforce
confidence in the integrity of
the government, according to
Associated Press.
Simpson Miller said the
US$469,625 in donations from
Trafigura Beheer BV was
"accepted in good faith" by the
governing People's National
Party and there was no a quid
pro quo arrangement in which
the government accepted the
money with an understanding
that it would take action to ben-
efit the Dutch trader.
"In addition to principles of
transparency, I have no wish for
the party to be embroiled in
controversy," said Simpson
Miller, who is chief of the PNP.
On Thursday, Jamaica's
opposition party called for an
investigation into possible influ-
ence peddling after the dona-
tions made by Trafigura to a
governing party bank account
were brought to light.
A Sunday e-mail statement
from Trafigura said it regretted
"any misunderstanding that
may have been caused" by its
contributions to a party
fundraising account in recent
weeks. It emphasized there was
no prohibition under Jamaican
law for a privately held compa-
ny to donate funds to a political
In recent days, groups such
as the Jamaica Chamber of
Commerce and the Private Sec-
tor Organization of Jamaica
have criticized the governing
party for accepting financial
gifts from a trade partner.

Cuban children
pledge to
defend against
US assault
CUBAN children attending
a state-sponsored youth con-
gress said they would defend the
island's revolution against any
assault by the US government,
calling US President George W
Bush and his supporters "cock-
roaches" in a message published
Sunday on a government-run
newspaper's website.
The children, selected by
their peers across the country
as delegates to the congress in
Havana, also gave their support
to ailing Cuban leader Fidel
"To Bush and his followers,
we say stop being foolish, and
that they are truly a bunch of
cockroaches," the message on
,the Communist Youth newspa-
per Juventud Rebelde's Web site
said. "Don't mess with us,
because the pioneers are also
ready to defend the Revolution."
More than 900 schoolchildren
aged 6 to 12 an age group
known as "pioneers" on the
communist-run island attend-
ed the event, presided over Sun-
day by Cuban Defense Minister
Raul Castro, acting president
while his older brother Fidel
recovers from intestinal surgery.
.The elder Castro, who is 80,
has not appeared publicly since
July 26, and no new pho-
tographs have been released of
the leader for three weeks.
': l'.% ',,: -





The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Call us
on 322-1986 and share
your story.



TH T O B 1


In brief

Five young

men are


in fight

FIVE young men were
stabbed during a row outside a
Nassau club over the weekend.
The incident occurred after
4am on Saturday near the Barn
Yard Club on Mackey Street.
Five young men, all stabbed
about the body, were taken to
hospital where they were listed
as stable. Police are investigat-

Man remains
in serious
after shooting

A 35-YEAR-OLD male was
walking to his vehicle in the
Carmichael Road area on Sat-
urday when he was approached
. by another male who produced
a handgun and shot him several
times about the body.
The assailant got into a cham-
pagne-coloured Honda vehicle
and sped off. The victim was
then taken to hospital where he
remains in serious condition.
Police are questioning a sus-

Man shot
times in Fox
Hiil area

ON Sunday around 2am, a
group of men riding in a vehicle
through the Fox Hill area came
upon another group of men
hanging around in the street.
A 39-year-old man got out of
the vehicle and was shot multi-
ple times by one of those in the
street. The victim was taken to
hospital and is listed in serious

Lawyer who
defended bin ,,
Laden driver
due to retire
U New Jersey
THE Navy lawyer who took
S the Guantanamo case of Osama
bin Laden's driver to the US
Supiteme Court and won
bea been passed over for pro-
motion by the Pentagon and
must soon leave the military,
according to Associated Press.
Lt Cmdr Charles Swift, 44,
said last week he received word
that he had been denied a pro-
motion to full-blown Navy cornm-
mander this summer "about
two weeks after" the Supreme
Court sided against the White
House and'with his client, a
Yemeni captive at the US Navy
base in southeast Cuba.
Under the military's "up or
out" promotion system, Swift
' will retire in March or April,
closing out a 20-year career.


Apology over gay marriage claim

Tribune Freeport Reporter
lace has apologised to Bishop
Reno Smith for wrongfully
accusing him of performing a
same sex marriage on Grand
Bishop Smith, who was very
disturbed by the allegations
made by Rev Wallace in the
press, denied performing such a
ceremony and threatened to
sue the pastor of New Olivet
Baptist Church.
However, while appearing
on the Love 97's radio talk
show 'Issues of the Day,' Rev
Smith, pastor of Mount Gilead
Church, said that if Rev Wal-
lace publicly apologised and
admitted that he was wrong,

he would not pursue a lawsuit.
"I am prepared to hug Rev J
C Wallace and shake his hands
if he publicly admits that he is
wrong and apologise," he told
the radio audience.
On Friday evening, Rev
Wallace took him up on the
offer and issued a public apol-
ogy. The two men also
exchanged handshakes.
The meeting took place at
Universal Household of Faith
at Hawksbill before Bishop
Ricardo Grant, president of the
Grand Bahama Christian
Rev Smith, a licensed mar-
riage officer, has been perform-
ing destination weddings for the
past 20 years. He is the operator
of Bahamas Wedding Paradise.
Same sex marriages are pro-

hibited in the Bahamas. The
Registrar General's Office,
which issues marriage licenses,
does not grant licences to per-
sons wishing to marry some-
one of the same sex.
Bishop Smith said that while
it is possible that same sex mar-
riages can be performed with-
out a licence, he denied per-
forming any such a marriage.
Rev Wallace, former Grand
Bahama Christian Council
president, had claimed that
Bishop Smith performed the
ceremony at a local resort prop-
erty in Lucaya. He reported the
incident to the Attorney Gen-
eral's Office, which conducted
an investigation into the claims.
However; the claims against
Bishop Smith were unsubstan-
tiated and deemed to be false.

In his apology, Rev Wallace
said that after reflection and a
brief conversation with Bish-
op Smith a few days ago, he
felt it was right for the two men
to "move spiritually".
"I am here tonight to offer
my sincere apology to the body
of Christ, and in particular
Bishop Smith on the recent
declaration made by myself in
reference to an alleged same
sex marriage.
"I am now convinced that I
might have acted too.quickly
as a result of information that I
had received in reference to
the issue at hand.
S"For this, I sincerely apolo-
gise and offer my hand to Bish-
op Smith and pledge with him
to fight all social, moral, and
spiritual issues that are against

the teachings of the Holy Scrip-
ture," said Rev Wallace.
Bishop Smith said he has
accepted Rev Wallace's apology.
"As a result of the genuine and
public apology of Rev Dr J C
Wallace, I accept his apology in
the spirit in which it was offered.
"This episode teaches us that
we are mortals of clay and we
are destined to make mistakes.
I sincerely believe that as a
result of his apology it shows
that he is a big man."
Bishop Smith further said:
"As a result of his public and
sincere apology I now hereby
announce that the lawsuit of
defamation of character is
hereby withdrawn and I offer
Dr Wallace my hands also and
pledge to work more closely
with him."

A LEADING campaigner
for the Baker's Bay develop-
ment described yesterday's
demonstration in Marsh Har-
bour as 'lively'.
"We urged drivers to sound
their horns in support, and
they sure did that," said Mrs
Donna Sands, a golf-cart oper-
ator from Guana Cay.
Estimating that about 200
people turned out for the
demo, Mrs Sands: "There is
strong support because this
island needs the jobs.
"We have a lot of young
people here who need work.
We want our grandchildren to
have something to come back
to when they leave school. We
are not thinking just about the
Guana Cay community, but
the island as a whole. Why
should a lot of second-home
owners hi-jack our island?"
The multi-million dollar
resort project at Guana Cay
has split opinion on the island
between environmentalists and

pro-development factions,
though Mrs Sands said the
atmosphere was still friendly
on the cay itself.
But things have become so
heated in some quarters that
"much unpleasantness" is
breaking out in everyday life,
said one island source.
A shopkeeper is alleged to
have refused to serve a cus-
tomer active in the environ-
mentalist movement because
he claimed he was blocking
Abaco's progress.
And yesterday, leading envi-
ronmental campaigner Troy
Albury, who runs a dive oper-
ation at Guana Cay, said he
refused to have anything to do
with anyone associated with
Baker's Bay.
Mr Albury said there was
still "80 per cent opposition" to
Baker's Bay on Guana Cay
itself, but that money had
swayed some opinion in the
developer's favour.
"They (the developers) have

offered a $500,000 foundation
to help islanders, but what is that
compared with the $500 million
that will be lost over the coming
years because the environment
has been destroyed?" he asked.
Yesterday's demonstration
included employees laid off by
Baker's Bay developers pend-
ing a Supreme Court decision
on the scheme. Others were
employees still in a job but
fearing for their future.
A source said: "While it's
accepted that pressure can't
be put on the courts, a lot
hangs on this judgment for
everyone concerned."
Many people on Guana Cay
have mounted a campaign
against the development, which
they claim would ruin the way
of life on the island and destroy
local reefs and marine life.
However, others believe Bak-
er's Bay which is intended to
lure more high-end tourists to
Abaco would help boost an
already flourishing economy.

Residents call for authorities

to rem

NASSAU EAST residents
are calling on the authorities to
remove a boat they claim has
been allowed to drift danger-
ously following an immigra-
tion swoop.
Witnesses in the area said
they were where awakened by
"rustling noises" in the early
hours of Sunday morning, only
to find themselves in the mid-
dle of an apprehension exer-
They said that a boat carry-
ing an undetermined number
of Haitian immigrants had
been spotted as it approached
land and that when they
awoke, officers were already
in the process of detaining sus-,
pected illegals.
"Early, about 5.30am, I
heard rustling noises of police
officers detaining the immi-
grants," one witness told The
The boat is still drifting
freely along the coast and yes-
terday morning was located in
front of a lighthouse near the
eastern end of New Provi-
Residents say they fear the
vessel will collide with and
damage a dock.
"The authorities need to
come and do something about

ove drifting boat



.(o.. Onan Brie

ANOTHER Haitian vessel landed in eastern Nassau over
the weekend. According to residents on Eastern road, the boat
came to shore under the cover of dawn early Sunday morning.
(Photo: Onan Bridgewater/Tribune staff)

this boat because it is not
"anchored, and if the wind picks
up, it may run into someone
or something," the witness
Defence Force and Immi-
gration officials could not con-
firm how many immigrants
were on the vessel, or how
many suspected illegals were

Director of Immigration Ver-
non Burrows was unavailable
for comment up until press


SSTuesday, "'

28th November, 2006

at the'

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Do what tastes right.

Protest in Marsh Harbour

'lively', says campaigner


is proud to present their

in aid of

,The Bahamas

Humane Society


l~-' jj



- ---





~i~P~P~ Tic~


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When will the Prime Minister act?

FIFTEEN DAYS after two PLP MPs resort-
ed to their fists to settle their differences, the
Bahamian people are still wondering if they
have a prime minister.
As rumours swirl almost daily we are
told that the prime minister will take to the air-
waves to explain what action he has taken to
make an example of the brawling MPs -
nothing has happened, and the public is baf-
fled. They don't know who or what to believe.
But they do know that they are not getting
the full story. They also know that their prime
minister, who promised them a government
of accountability, has remained mute almost
Government would like us to believe that
the media has exaggerated the event the
bashing, the beating, the breaking of govern-
ment furniture in the Cabinet room after a
parliamentary meeting on September 25, all
made up. Although many of the rumours now
in circulation on the street might be exagger-
ated which is always the danger when some-
one tries to cover his tracks the bare bones
of what The Tribune has published of the inci-
dent is just that bare bones, with no flesh
attached. For example we have not reported
the matter that ignited the fight, nor other
than to say there was an exchange of insulting
words have we reported those words. There
are many other details that have remained
SNeither have we dwelled on what would
have happened if poor, little Mr John Q Pub-
lic had gone on government premises and dam-,
aged government property. The worry now is
that the public is seeing a widening gap
between them and us in other words, what
is good for the goose, ain't necessarily good for
the gander.
In today's contentious world, Where moun-
tains are made out of mole hills and tempers
flare at the most insignificant incident, exam-
ples have to made of leaders who cannot con-
trol their tempers, or set a better example.
Many people today point an accusing fin-
ger at the United States this official is steal-
ing, that one is cheating, yet another one is
enticing young boys into sexual acts, and the
list goes on. But the accusing finger does not
seem to point beyond to find the difference
between the Bahamas and the United States.
And that difference is in the US the
offenders are stripped of their high office in
public. They are investigated and they are pun-
ished. If they don't go to jail, they are cast
into darkness gone from public view, never
to be seen again.
Not so in the Bahamas. Here they brazen it
out, they cover it up, they act like the three

monkeys who see no evil, speak no evil, and
hear no evil. Therefore, there is no evil. Those
nasty newspapers have made it all up. Cry
shame on them!
Today, only government and its supporters
are crying shame on the press. The public is not
buying into the cover-up.
According to rumours and we stress that
this is rumour Kennedy MP Kenyatta Gib-
son, chairman of the Gaming Board, after hav-
ing drafted his resignation from the board,
because of what he himself called an incident
that "declined to an unacceptable and undig-
nified level," was advised not to deliver it.
After all, according to the advice, others have
done far worse, and have not resigned, nor
have they been punished, then why should he?
A reasonable question, with an unsatisfactory
On October 3, The Tribune published a
report under the heading: "Reports: Kenyatta
resigns." The Tribune was condemned for
lying. However, that report was the result of
Mr Gibson himself having allegedly called a
member of the Gaming Board to inform him
that the board meeting for the next day had
been cancelled. The reason? Mr Gibson had
tendered his resignation. If that telephone con-
versation were true, then obviously Mr Gibson
later changed his mind. Was it on the advice of
another who didn't see why he should be made
a scapegoat while some of his offending col-
leagues had got off scott free? We don't know.
There is a rumour again we stress it is a
rumour that some cabinet ministers have
been searching for the two offending MPs with
resignation letters in their pockets for them
to sign. Another rumour again rumour, we
stress is that cabinet ministers called a meet-
ing to which Ambassador to the Environment
Keod Smith was invited to discuss the matter a resolution. He sent to ask if the
prime minister were present. When told he
was not, the ambassador is alleged to have
sent the message back that he too would
remain absent.
The last report is that both MPs have
resigned from their posts. The rumours are
that there were strings attached to their resig-
nations, but again, as this is only a rumour,
Sno one knows the truth.'
It is incredible that the Prime Minister keeps
shadow boxing with the public. For 15 days
he has allowed two of his parliamentarians to
dance around him, a sort of catch-me-if-you-
can charade. If he were a decisive prime min-
ister he would have fired them long ago. And
like the seven wonders of the world, this mat-
ter would also have been laid to rest and for-
gotten, long ago..

Mitchell is

like King Saul

in Fox Hill

EDITOR, The Tribune
AND fellow Bahamians,
especially the believers in Christ
Jesus. We know that we are
under strong delusion when we
can't tell when we are being
abused, when we should take
offence (because when one is
afraid to speak out when some-
one oversteps our boundaries).
Picture this, you and your
spouse prepare to celebrate an
upcoming anniversary after hav-
ing a trying time, and then on
the day in question you get a
call and the voice on the other
line tells you that they are sex-
ually involved with your mate.
How about this, the PLP gov-
ernment is welcoming a gay ship
to the Bahamas and while the
lesbians and homosexuals are
being greeted by the Prime
Minister Perry Christie and For-
eign Affairs Minister Fred.
Mitchell, all of a sudden they
are bombarded by ministers of
religion and concerned Bahami-
ans who are in a disgusted and
furious manner protesting about
these guests.
Let's imagine you and me
building a friendship and you
invite me to your Christmas
party, where at the end of the
year your staff come together
to offload and let their hair
down so to speak, when all of a
sudden in the middle of all the
drinking, dancing and carous-
ing I get up and start preaching
hell fire and brimstone, you are
right even if I'm effective I will
be wrong for ruining your staff
party. I should apolbgise and I-
will come out to many looking
like a fool and being very offen-
I think you get the picture of
where I'm going now, the mem-
bersofSt Nlarks Biptis ( Church
celebrating their jnni\ilsar aj
few days ago. As a minister I

can assure you people showed
up for various reasons, some to
hear their name called, others to
meet old friends, some to get a
release from the burden of the
week, some for prayers and
help with some family crisis.
I can only imagine the griev-
ing of the Holy Ghost when fly
away Fred dropped in and was
called to show respect and give
a word of encouragement to a
well deserving minister in Pas-
tor Carrington Pinder and his
ministerial staff. Well, as usual
just as he did at St Paul's Baptist
Church and Pastor J Carl Rah-
ming's anniversary without any
apparent respect for God's cho-
sen ministers or God's sanctu-
ary the arrogant one made the
pulpit of God his personal stage.'
Mr Mitchell, even though
many are fearful to tell you the
truth for fear of being intimi-
dated and blacklisted by your
PLP government, mark my
words there is a God above and
you will be judged and receive
your reward. Unlike man, be
not deceived our God Jehovah
shall not be moqked, all that
you are sowing, you will reap,
ask Pharaoh.
Mr Mitchell you were wrong
again for airing your problems
the way you did. If you are
going through something let's
call a special prayer meeting for
you. I think you need it, and
then call a press conference and
community town meeting to
voice your political issues. Ever
since Dr Jacinta Mackey-Hig-
gs' name came up, a woman
- ho ) ou claim to ha\ e groomed
(big joke), you seem to have'
lost your equilibrium. I must

admit I am concerned about
you. Mr Mitchell as I see it from
my perspective your life appears
to be now taking the pattern
after that of King Saul (Read I
To put it briefly, Jehovah
blessed Saul with power and
position. Saul, like you, got
caught up in the power and
tried to reason with Jehovah
with a compromise. Just as Saul,
had Samuel, I am here to tell
you, if Jehovah God is asking
you to step down and pass the
reigns on to, as you put it you,
David, (Dr Jacinta Mackey-
Higgs), I must advise you to
step down and let God's will be
done. Behold, to obey is better
than sacrifice, and to do his will
is better than disobedience for
earthly riches.
To all ministers of religion,
fellow believers in Christ,
"Choose ye this day who you
will serve." If you honestly feel
that Minister Mitchell has done
a good job for Fox Hill, and his
lifestyle, and the people he sur-
rounds himself with, are in line
with Jehovah's word, then fol-
low him. But do not choose him
just because he represents the
PLP. This PLP is not Sir Lyn-
den Oscar Pindling's PLP and
we need to show them that in
spite of governments being set
up, our health, strength, and
help comes from God.
Fellow Bahamians, I ask you
not to rebel against the Holy
Ghost for rebellion in the eyes
of God is a sin. Get ready, let go
your fears, God is about to do a
new thing and he wants to
include you. I admonish you
think again about all these
Have a blessed week, .l:m
October 2006

Questioning blaming the

media for MP incident

EDITOR, The Tribune
I REFER to the article on
the lower half of page two of
tonight's paper dated October
4, 2006 under the heading
"Attention to MP's fight 'sick'
says independent MP".
I could not believe that in his
[Pierre Dupuch's]estimation,
the brawl between his "friends"
on government property was all
right and proper; but it was the

media and others who were
wrong! Can you believe it?
As we all know, it is the
media's job to report on all
news local or foreign -
whether it seems good or bad;
on hurricanes, tornadoes,
earthquakes, wars or peace. On
debates at the UN or suffering
in Datfur. One station sums it
up best: "We report you
decide." People have a right to
express their opinion on the

news of the day especial. '
the news relates to misbeha,
iour of persons whom they
have employed to do their
My goodness, how do our
attitudes and values change,
depending on the company we

October 4 2006
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Qualifications, Experience & Skills:
You should possess a Bachelors Degree in Statistics, with at east seven (7) years' of
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years' are in a supervisory capacity (head of section or unit).
You must have significant work experience in statistical software packages.
Please submit application form & resume to: Recruitment Officer,
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The appointment is on contract for two years, In the first instance, with on option to seek
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QlIn brief

114 persons
in police

IN an effort to reduce
crime on the streets, police
officers in New Providence
conducted another exercise
under "Operation Quiet
Storm" over the weekend.
The operation is described
as a low-key initiative which
involves conducting searches
of civilians.
According to press liaison
officer Inspector Walter
Evans, 114 persons and their
vehicles were searched over
the weekend.
The operation began on
Friday and ended on Sunday.
After the inspections, Mr
Evans reported that "nothing
unusual was found this time."
The Royal Bahamas Police
force undertakes such exer-
cises across the island several
times throughout the year.

reported to
have been
picked up

THREE hundred immi-
grants were reportedly
picked up during an early
morning swoop on Abaco
over the weekend.
The suspected illegals
were said to have been
held by Defence Force and
Immigration officers who
flew into Marsh Harbour
in the early hours of Satur-
day morning.
Three planes landed in
quick succession in what
islanders described as a
"hush-hush" operation
aimed at catching the
immigrants by surprise.
It is understood most of
those picked up lived in
the Haitian shanty settle-
ments of Pigeon Pea and
The Mud.
Later, it was claimed,'
125 of those apprehended
were sent to Nassau for
processing. Others were
The operation was part
of Immigration Minister
Shane Gibson's crackdown
on illegal Haitians.
Calls to Immigration and
Defence Force officials for
comment on the matter
were not returned up to
press time.




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NOE N-V1 re*re-th
ri[ht to maeU lastrn*ipgute
0ee m chage

Bahamian press is

applauded at seminar

THE Bahamian press was
praised for its coverage of "sub-
jects of importance" at a time
when the US press failed to. do
the same.
However, members of the
Bahamian press have reserved
some criticism for ZNS over its
lack of coverage of the fight
between MPs Kenyatta Gibson
and Keod Smith.
Professor Karl Idsvoog, a vet-
eran investigative journalist,
teacher and former fellow at
Harvard University, applauded
the local press during a media
seminar hosted by -the US
Embassy and attended by local
journalists at the British Colo-
nial Hilton on Saturday.

"It's really wonderful to take a
look at the local newspapers
here and see that reporters are,
for the most part, reporting on
subjects of importance," said
Professor Idsvoog.
"That's something that has
increasingly been lost in the
Professor Idsyoog said that
budget cuts were partly to blame
for a trend in the US towards
trivialisation of the media,
"You can get any newspaper
and get lots of tips on how to
diet, how to exercise, probably
how to fix your used car, but
boy, there's not a whole lot of
reporting on things that the
media should be examining," he
Mr Idsvoog blamed this
decline in the press for allowing

the US government to go ahead
with some policy decisions that
have now proved unpopular -
including the war in Iraq.
Had they "done their job
properly" by critically analysing
the issues rather than acting as
"human microphone stands" for
politicians, Mr Idsvoog said, the
course of history may have
turned out differently.

Speaking as a panelist at the
event, Candia Dames, deputy
news director at The Bahama
Journal and Love 97, also had
praise for the Bahamian media
for having brought key issues -
such as the recent fight between
the two MPs the public's
"If it hadn't been for The Tri-
bune and The Guardian break-
ing that story to the public ini-
tially, that's something that per-
haps we never would've heard
about. Those two men would
still be chairmen of the BEST
Commission and the gaming
board, and perhaps no action
would've been taken."
Mr Oswald Brown, veteran
Bahamian journalist and editor
of The Freeport News, criticised
ZNS for its failure to cover Mr
Gibson and Mr Smith's fight on
September 27.
According to Mr Brown, it
"grated his soul" as a journalist
that a news organisation could
have taken such an approach to
an important news story.
"We have a segment of the
media that is, in a general sense,
directed and governed by the
political influences in the gov-
ernment," said Mr Brown.

Disappointment over lack of

Freedom of Information Act

:JQURNALISTS, have,; expressed their disappointment thaa the
Bahamas is still without a 1,reedom of Information Act. no
The lack of such an act, they said, effectively means that the pub-
lic cannot gain access to government reports not tabled in parlia-
As it stands, journalists or other members of the public who
need access to government information are reduced to hoping for
a "leak".
These concerns were raised at a media seminar hosted by the US
embassy on Saturday, attended by a veteran investigative jour-
nalist and journalism professor from the US, Karl Idsvoog, as well
as representatives from most media outlets in the Bahamas.
"We have a long way to go to get where we need to be in this
country," said Candia Dames, news director at Love 97.
Rupert Missick jr, chief reporter at The Tribune agreed, laying
some of the blame for the lack of progress on the media for remain-
ing a "fractured body" each group remaining within theirown
"individual bubbles".
"We can't seem to get together to advocate for something that the
country needs that we need as journalists," said Mr Missick.
One issue among the many highlighted was public access to the
"prison report" leaked to Love 97 from within the government.
Ms Dames claimed that a senior government official called Love
97 "corrupt" for having obtained and published information from
the report which details the investigation into the January 17
prison break that left one inmate and one prison officer dead.
This is despite the fact that Prime Minister Perry. Christie was
quoted as saying during a visit to the prison last month that the pub-
lic should have access to the report.
All requests by The Tribune for a copy of the document from the
Ministry of National Security were met with flat refusals.
In other democracies worldwide, access to information has been
signed into law for many years.
The United States created Freedomn of Information Act in 1966,
applying to all federal government agencies;
Agencies are mandated to comply with public solicitations of
information, and are subject to penalties for doing otherwise.
Meanwhile, the UK followed suit in 2000, and in the process gave
any person the legal right to "ask for, and be given any information
held by a public authority".



,------ _


Model FRT 8B5EW

18.2 Cube Feet


I :iil aaE
r :~BCSLF~
I~: 9a---~

8~j~~ .


"It bothered me terribly as a
journalist and as a newspaper-
man in this country that the
biggest story to break in the
Bahamas in the past year, I
would think in the past decade,
has been the fight between two
MPs in the committee room.
And did you know that the offi-
cial arm of the government,
ZNS, has yet to carry a report on
that? They have yet to report

that the fight took place!"
He questioned how residents
of islands such as Inagua and
Mayaguana would have access
to such information if ZNS -
which is their primary news
source does not cover the sto-
ry and its repercussions.
In his capacity as a panelist at
the seminar, Rupert Missick Jr,
chief reporter at The Tribune,
pointed out that the work of the

media should be like a "tool-
shed" from which members ol
the public can equip themselves
and thereby form and inform
their own opinions on how soci-
ety should be governed.
Ms Dames told those in atten-
dance that on Friday night the
MP fight had indeed received
some limited coverage on ZNS -
nearly two weeks after the inci-

' ''
:; u .i` "r--

...csr .;..i `.::-.;:, ~ `-~..;
~;~e~~s~. i::i~t~

~:.1 I
iP ;
.: ::


THE Water and Sewerage
Corporation was called to the
northern section of Charlotte
Street yesterday following a
backed-up drain thal led to
sewage flowing in the street.
When The Tribune arrived on
the scene, the workers were still
trying to ascertain the cause of
the blockage.
(Photo: Onan Bridgewater/
Tribune staff)

;'`A ,
~' '!''~~- : I,
: ' I:

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_ ___ S

ANGER over a "stinking"
Haitian settlement off Joe Far-
rington Road in Nassau has
flared up again.
Residents claim the govern-
ment has failed to keep a
promise to relocate immigrants
on the site or to control their
allegedly "lawless" behaviour.
Last year, protesters said
Haitians were burning human
and animal bodies, causing a
foul odour over a wide area.
Although this was denied by
government spokesmen, those
affected are still left wonder-
ing why the Haitians rarely, if
ever, hold funerals.
Last night, a resident told
The Tribune: "I still wake up to
the stench of human waste and
evenings are filled with the

Residents' anger on Claim govern
failed to act (

really not their fault.
"It's the government, law
officials and fire department
that let them slide. They should
be made to follow the rules and
laws Bahamians follow br pay
the consequences."
Owners of neighboring prop-
erties now feel the lack of waste
disposal facilities on the site
could create health problems.
And some Bahamians have
already complained of respira-
tory problems from the con-
stant presence of smoke in the
When The Tribune contact-
ed Ron Finder to question him
about the concerns of the resi-
dents, he claimed that:
"According to our intelligence
that is not accurate. Persons
within those communities have
already been relocated."
When asked about the

It's like expecting Bahamians
to obey traffic laws."
One resident said the burn-
ing starts after sunset when the
immigrants know the fire
department will not intervene.
"They know they're not sup-
posed to do this but who's
going to stop them? Mr Pinder
promised to relocate the
Haitians, so how long will it
Bahamians living near the
community say a church and
store have been built there
without permits.
"They feel they can come to
this country and do whatever
their hearts desire. No-one
makes them follow the laws of
the land. This is why we are so
bitter towards them and it's

Bethel issues warn

certification of ap

conditioning technicians and
importers of ozone-depleting
substances have been warned
that if they do not certify them-
selves they will face legal con-
While the lawv governing
ozone-depleting substances will
not be enacted until November
1, Minister of Energy and Envi-
ronment Dr Marcus Bethel said
he is taking aggressive steps to
ensure that substances associ-
ated with refrigerants are not
He said this can be done by
ensuring that all the relevant
parties are certified and have
the capability to control these
harmful substances.
According to Coral Miller,

national ozone officer with the
Bahamas Environmental, Sci-
ence and Technology (BEST)
commission, offenders could get
up to two years prison and be
ordered to pay up to $10,000 if
they are caught.
The minister indicated that
the law would not be strictly
enforced during the' transition
period other than in cases of
"willful breeches of the law".
"Ozone depleting substances,
which include some of the
refrigerants commonly used'in
the air conditioning and refrig-
eration industry, have been
found to impact the environ-
ment and human health by
destroying the protective ozone
layer in the upper atmosphere.
The consequence of this deple-
tion is increased exposure to the
sun's harmful ultraviolet rays,



Dclc-i e Inl ontl % eigihk (1I 8Ii hort mmunfih \ 'e olv ask th3a VIMoI

P! 11 I i c i' IJi llllo v l l I't U!
R11.10 ILL IjSIOVIIL-1 U ll rL

N1, I tj L -I I %IIII
r'r iici'p I t[ 'e. mow I N II

N.1, Ild, LE U
Ei MA I, WI-

B.11 WA~ I F %1
I 4 I'cI If
Ill., .% On,,

Frid~., &
"- (4 rlwng(nl
(hi'jI- .iDrj, 2.111)

1I).N I (Ikitahtr 26. 20106


PHONE (242') 356-5517

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& h eprmnto ublc aso

stench of burning garbage."
Another said: "It is a stink-
ing, filthy slum which is causing
discomfort for all of us."
When the issue last erupted,
public health spokesman Ron
Pinder said the smaller, of two
Haitian communities had been
"cleared out".
However, protesters claim
the smaller village merely
merged with the larger one, cre-
ating an even bigger problem.
"I don't know why Mr Pin-
der thought he could go into the
village one day and think just
because he said not to bur any-
thing anymore, they would stop.
"After all, for decades these
people have not been made to
obey any laws here and still feel
they can do what they want.

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Nassau. Bahamas
Tel No (242) 393-2164
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S. Eldone76
ofD RockO Sound.,
Eleuthera,D The
Bah am as and
will0belheldl atl New
Pr o v iden c e
onU Thursday,l 12th

Pastorl ClintD Kempo willD Officiate.

Eldonhandl hisD brother, Theodorel (Sleepy)
EldonH andU isf survivedlIbyl'hisl wife,U Susan
Anne OEldon;O sons,D Rick,l Chris,D Roger,
SusanOand[l Shelly;l grandsons,D Christopher,
Matthew, William,O Tyler, Dylan,D Michael,
TristanD andrl Cameron; D granddaughters,
Jennifer,l Kristin,D Megan,l Lindsay,l Karen,
brother, lRobertol(B obby)1 Eldon;D sister,DAnn
Parotti;O sons-in-law,0Johnny,DBilly, Richard
Janice,0DCatrionalDandOGermaine ;brother-in-
andil numerousD uncles,U aunts,0 cousins and

InO lieul ofl flowers thel family request that
donationslbelsenttoOB ahamaslAifllSealRescue
(BASRA)UP.DO.B OXIS.S.06247,UNassaulor
tofthellCancelilSocietylloffTheflB ahamas,OP. O.


Haitian settlement

0 In brief



to examine

crown land

iment has

on promise

alleged "lawless behaviour" of
the Haitian immigrants, specif-
ically the church and store that
residents claim have been built
without a permit, Mr Pinder
explained that the government
had found these stores and
churches in all communities in
the country and that "it's a
problem within the Bahamas".
Mr Pinder also said that even
though the Haitian villages get
the blame for the alleged
"stinking and filthy" smell that
surrounds the area, "there is a
large farm in the area that is
nearby to the village."
He suggested that a nearby
farm's use of manure maybe
the cause of the stench.
Mr Pinder stated that gov-
ernment had demolished 500
illegal homes in the area and
views the problem as a "work
in progress."

ring over


resulting in increased inci-
dence of cancers, decreased
crop yields and damage to
man-made materials like
paint and plastics," Dr Bethel
So far, a little under a 25
per cent or 60 of the 300-plus
technicians have become cer-
tified, but Dr Bethel expects
that percentage to rise before
the law comes into effect in
"On May 4, 1993, the
Bahamas became a party to
the Montreal Protocol, which
is an agreement that commits
counties to the phased reduc-
tion of use of ozone-deplet-
ing substances such as chlo-
rofloracarbons, or CFCs,'and
ultimately a 100 per cent
phase-out-by the. year 2010,"
he said.
On January 1, 1999, all
parties were required to set
up a licensingsystemto.conh .,, ti
troliall ozone-depleting sub-
stancs by the \eai 2000. .
In' -compliance, the
Bahamas became one of the
first Caribbean countries to
set up legislation that speaks
specifically to Montreal Pro-
tocol matters.
"Therefore, it is my privi-
lege and duty to give notice
to the Bahamian public at
large and to importers of
ozone-depleting substances
and refrigeration and air con-
ditioning technicians of the
importance of changing atti-
tudes and practices so that
no one becomes a transgres-
sor for not abiding by the
law," the minister said.
Dr Bethel is asking the
public to verify that techni-
cians are certified and have a
national certification card.
"Contracting services of a
technician who does not hold
a national certification card
runs the risk of faulty work
being performed. When you
hire a non-certified techni-
cian, you are assisting that
technician in breaking the
law, and possibly damaging
the ozone layer," he warned.
He is algo asking techni-
cians to register with the
National Ozone Unit.
The course for certification
is a six-week process that
costs $350 and is run by the
Department of Environmen-
tal Services. The Refrigera-
tion Service Engineer Soci-
ety, a US organisation, will
be hosting the programme.

WORK on the new intersec-
tion at Mackey Street and
Shirley Street continues. Many
motorists had feared that once
the construction began, traffic
would become much worse.
However so far, they say, police
officers and workers on the site
have done a good job of keep-
ing vehicles moving through the
intersection. The project, being
undertaken by Kerzner Inter-
national and the Bahamas gov-
ernment, remains something of
a mystery, as what is to replace
the old traffic lights has yet to
be announced.



to examine

Crown land

THE government is planning
to bring in eight Guyanese land
surveyors in an effort to solve
the contentious issue of crown
land in the Bahamas.
Minister of Local Govern-
ment and Consumer Affairs
Alfred Gray told a town meet-.
inmg" at High JRocki 'Grinddi
Bahama on Friday that the
definitive marking of all crown,;
land boundaries is being treated
as a priority.
"I must also tell you that we
have a very grave shortage of
surveyors in this country. All of
them are apparently busy doing
private work and the govern-
ment is stretched to the limit
with respect to surveyors we
have about five and because
of the many developments
going on all over the Bahamas
they have got to be jumping all
over the place.
Over the years, many
Bahamians have successfully
applied for crown land grants,
but have been hindered by
inconsistencies and contradic-
tions in the designation of
boundaries for those properties.
The minister said he was
advised that the Guyanese sur-
veyors would be working for
about six months in the
Bahamas and would address a
number of land dispute issues.
Mr Gray told the meeting
that he had been asked by
Prime Minister Perry Christie
to tell them that the crown land
issue in the East End, Grand
Bahama is almost rectified in
terms of planning and prepara-
He that when he next came
back to East End, hopefully
before the end of the year or
early next year, he would be
able to tell those concerned
when they will get official doc-
uments granting them "lands
which you so rightly deserve".


ET .

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If you have answered YES to ALL of the questions for
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NHI plan expected

to be in place

within two years

u ALFRED Gray speaking at the town meeting

THE government is pushing
ahead with the National Health
Insurance Plan and hopes to
have it in place within the next
two years.
Minister of Energy and Envi-
ronment Dr Marcus Bethel said
that the Attorney General's
Office is currently drafting the
necessary enabling legislation
to bring about the implemen-
tation of the plan.
Dr Bethel, who is a former
Minister of Health, was speak-
ing at a town meeting held Fri-
day night at High Rock in
Grand Bahama.
Although the plan is no
longer his specific responsibili-
ty, Dr Bethel agreed to respond
to a question on the matter
f~oma ,aemberuof the audience,
,Dr Rethelsaid the planrhasi
been developed over the past
four years and the new Minister,
of Health, Dr Bernard Nottage,
intends to carry it though to full
He explained that basically,
National Health Insurance is an
effort to assure that every single
Bahamian, whether rich or
poor, can access sufficient med-
ical resources in a timely fash-
"It would operate very simply
as an insurance system, so you
would pay your weekly or

monthly premium which would
come from your wages -just as
your National Insurance now
comes from your wages," he
"And you are fully aware,"
he continued, "that just last
week the minister of health
opened at the Rand Hospital a
brand new CT Scan. Again, a
pricey, high-tech instrument
that normally you would have
to fly into Nassau for; and you
might know family members or
friends who, having been in an
accident or suffered a stroke,
have had to fly into Nassau just
for the CT Scan. Now that can
be done here."
Dr Bethel explained that this
type of upgrade is being carried
out in preparation.for the suc-.
cc'sul implemienration of the
National Healih Insurance pro-
gramirie, "so that Bahamians
everywhere could have greater
confidence in the health facili-
ties and that confidence be reas-
sured and reaffirmed through
the timely delivery of quality
health care."
Following Dr Bethel, Minis-
ter of Local Government and
Consumer Affairs Alfred Gray
"As 1 understand it, you will
perhaps pay two dollars and
some cents a week like you pay

u DR Marcus Bethel

in National Insurance."
Mr Gray added that presently, a CT Scan
costs $1,500.
"When you went under that machine,
that's $1,500 so if one had to pay two
dollars a week to get that kind of coverage
don't you think that's worth it?" he asked
the audience members.
Mr Gray said he believes it is better if the
government puts a system in place where
members of the public pay two or three
dollars a week and do not have to worry
about finding the $1,500.
"And if you needed an operation that
cost $60,000 all you pay would be your two
dollars," he added. "That's right that's
what this government is going to do for
you. The days of cookouts have to be his-
tory. Those days must go."

How can anyone


benefits of a free market?

Today the average Bahamian citizen
can sleep and drive in air conditioned
comfort, use washing machines instead
of hand washing clothes, watch cable
television and eat foods from around
the globe, all at reasonable prices as a
result of free markets and globalisa-
Now contrast this with the lifestyle of
people in countries that are less free than
ours. Say Cuba, for example. How about
many of the Arab countries that are ruled
by dictators and despots where they cannot
pull themselves up by the boot straps to
enjoy' the benefits that capitalism deliv-
And with each passing year we cede
more and more of our freedom to, as Dr
Milton Friedman noted, "...the men of
good intentions and goodwill who wish to
reform us. Impatient with the slowness of
persuasion and example to achieve the
great social changes they envision, they
are anxious to use the power of the state to
achieve their ends and confident in their
own ability to do so.
"Yet if they gained power, they would
fail to achieve their immediate aims and, in
addition, would produce a collective state
from which they would recoil in horror
and of which they would be among the
first victims. Concentrated power is not
rendered harmless by the good intentions
of those who create it."
A case in point is the present course
the PLP government is on to nationalise
the health care industry and remove our
freedom to choose who our insurer will
The propaganda being espoused now
by the Minister of Health, Dr Bernard:
Nottage, is that the country is too small to.
have more than one health insurance com-
pany for their nationalised plan.
When it suits a politician's circum-
stances, we can be as powerful as Amer-
ica one day and the next we are too small
to have a competitive market. Go fig-
To quote Dr Friedman again from his
1962 classic, Capitalism and Freedom,
when he alludes to the fact that mankind
will be able to "preserve and extend free-
dom," he implores that we can only do so
"if we persuade our fellow men that free
institutions offer a surer, if perhaps at
times a slower, route to the ends they


seek than the coercive power of the
Politics usually trumps common sense
and sound economics, but we can all do
our part by calling Dr Nottage to let him
know we are all capitalists at heart and
prefer the free market to provide our
health care needs.
Another point to consider is that Dr
Nottage and the Blue Ribbon Commis-
sion have been suggesting that the greedy
doctors and insurers only have their self-
interest at heart and we should trust him to
design the perfect health plan.
Well, why should we believe that Dr
Nottage is any less self-interested than the
rest of us? Do you think it's possible that
he (a politician) would implement a plan
that would not fail? If you do, I ask you to
consider the present state of education
and the sustained losses at BahamasAir
and the present level of service at the
Princess Margaret Hospital, all caused by
political influence.
. As Russell Roberts points out in his
blog Glaeser on Paternalism at Cafe
Hayek: "I find the idea of the State look-
ing out for my interest deeply disturb-
ing. First, government intervention
invariably crowds out private activities
that might help me make better deci-
sions. And given that there is no such
thing as 'the government,' inevitably, a
complex set of political forces come into
play that result in some political out-
come rather than what might in a perfect
world be in my own interest. That is,
it's meaningless to say "the government
will make that decision better than I
can." There is no actor/decision mak-
er/thinker/parent involved, just the
inevitable interplay of special interests
and self-interested politicians. And as
Glaeser points out, if I as a decision mak-
er am prone to mistakes why are politi-
cians immune from these same imper-
fections? "
Need I say more?

Rick Lowe


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The Tribune -

Share your news
The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

Rt '"





:'' ':




Movie star Nicolas Cage to

be honoured at Bahamas

International Film Festival

FROM page one

'Cinema In Paradise' in the
nation's capital, Nassau,
Bahamas and celebrate his
career achievements. He is a
gentleman who marches to the
beat of his own drum and con-
tinues to challenge himself and
the industry.
"I am proud that he has also
chosen the Bahamas to call his
home as he encourages the local
community by example with his
experience, class and filmmak-
ing talents throughout the
Bahamas and the world at large.
A special thank you for having
Mr Cage embrace the 3rd annu-
al Bahamas International Film
Festival (BIFF) in his local com-

munity in the Bahamas," she
Nicolas Cage first came to the
public's attention with his role
as a punk from the wrong side
of the hills in Valley Girl,
although his first brief film role
was (as Nicolas Coppola) in
Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
He has won an Academy
Award for Leaving Las Vegas,
received an Oscar nomination
for Adaptation, appeared in
over 55 films and received
numerous accolades.
Said BIFF in a statement:
"With his unique ability,
Cage is as adept in action-
adventure (The Rock, Con Air,
National Treasure) as he is in
romantic screwball comedies

(Moonstruck, Raising Arizona,
Honeymoon in Vegas) and
sophisticated intelligent dramas
(Matchstick Men, Birdy, City of
Angels, The Weather Man).
"In 2002, Cage expanded his
artistic talents to include pro-
ducing (Shadow of the Vampire,
The Life of David Gale, Lord of
War) as well as directing (Son-
BIFF gets underway Decem-
ber 7 at Atlantis and Galleria 6
on JFK and will screen more
than 50 films during the event.
The festival has four juried
competition categories, the
"Spirit of Freedom", both nar-
rative and documentary sec-
tions, presented by Chopard,
and the "New Visions" award

Negotiation and Mediation skills

to be held at the British
4 day Certificate ADR Workshop Nov. 21-24, 2006 colonial Hilton Nassau

"Every piece of information that I took in and
learned will definitely be useful in my work and
personal relationships. I would recommend this
workshop. Rather than being a classroom
setting, it was more like an open-forum."
De'Andrea D. Jolly, The Mailboat Co. Ltd, Nassau

going to the filmmaker in the
narrative section presented by
Hard Rock Caf6.
Other film programmes
include "World Cinema," "Spe-
cial Screenings," "Family
Films," "Caribbean Focus," and
a new sidebar added this year,
"East Meets West," which will
present films from Eastern
Europe, India, East Asia and
the Pacific Islands.
Bahamas International Film
Festival (BIFF) is a non-profit

organization dedicated to pro-
viding the local community and
international visitors
with a diverse presentation of
films from around the
In addition to offering films
that might not otherwise be
released theatrically in the
Bahamas, BIFF said it will pro-
vide a unique cultural experi-
ence, educational programmes,
and forums for exploring the
future of cinema.

Stay of proceedings in prison

officer case 'remains in effect'

FROM page one

death row inmate Neil Brown, Mackey's lawyers went before
Justice Jon Isaacs and were granted a "stay" on a constitution-
al motion.
Maintaining that his client's constitutional rights were violated
during the course of the lengthy inquest, Mr Smith said yester-
day that the court's transcripts, which are an official record of
what took place during the proceedings, are needed so that he
can formulate his arguments on the constitutional motion.
"It's not the same as a criminal trial. You would obviously
know that you have been charged with a criminal offence and if
convicted certain things could happen.
"With a Coroner's inquest you need to be very clear about
what the possible outcome is so that you would know how to
properly defend yourself," Mr Smith said.
"From the very outset our position was that Mr Mackey was
one of the officers who, the circumstances surrounding what
took place with him could have been contended," Mr Smith said.
Mr Smith said he has not spoken to Mr Mackey since those
proceedings and has had no reason to do so as the unavail-
ability of the court's transcripts has left his matter at a standstill.
"We haven't received the transcripts and I told him that
once we do, we would sit down and counsel him," he said.
As for the inmates Forrester Bowe, Barry Parcoi and Corey
Hepburn, who were found jointly responsible for the death of
prison guard, Dion Bowles, Mr Smith said that to his knowledge
their matters have not been stayed.
"We did not include them in their affidavit when we request-
ed a stay before Justice Isaacs," he said.
,,-r-he Tribune also tried to get a comment on the matter from
the Attorney General's office, but was unsuccessful up to press
time yesterday.

Policeman is

accused of

causing harm

to colleague

FROM page one

three years. She asked that
he be given bail on his own
recognisance as no one was
present in the court at that
time to stand surety for
Chief Magistrate Gomez
agreed and informed Fer-
guson that he would be
required to present a sure-
tor by 2 pm today.
Police Commissioner
Paul Farquharson, who
said that he "moved to
have this matter placed
before the court," has sus-
pended Ferguson from
active duty until after the

alleged to have
shown firearm
during argument
with bank teller
FROM page one

with the words: "Something
is going wrong in this coun-
try. I wonder what is going
He said discipline was
slipping in the force
among middle-ranking
officers whose job was to
keep the rank-and-file in
"That's where the
problem lies," said the
ex-officer, "The inspec-
tors and superintendents
are supposed to keep dis-
cipline among the lower
ranks, but it isn't happen-
He added: "It means
any of us are vulnerable'
to this kind of police
behaviour at any time."

General Audience
Special music Van Fowler

Mens night
Van Fowler soloist

Ladies night
Van Fowlersoloist

Whole family night
Everette Cartwrht soloist

Civil Servants / Business & Professionals
Charles Wallace- saxophonist

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Price control inspectors appointed

to protect Grand Bahama consumers

FOUR new price control inspectors
have been appointed to ensure that
businessmen are not taking advantage
of the general public.
They will join the Controlled Price
Enforcement Division in Freeport,
bringing the complement of officers in
Grand Bahama to six.
Speaking on Friday at a town meet-
ing in Grand Bahama, Minister of
Local Government and Consumer
Affairs Alfred Gray said he had
received reports that price control stan-
dards were being broken by some busi-
"Well," Mr Gray declared, "I am
the minister responsible for consumer
affairs and I can announce tonight that
on Monday four brand new officers of
consumer affairs will take office in
Grand Bahama one for East End,
and three for Freeport and the other
parts of Grand Bahama.
"Now, we have hired these people to
make sure that no advantage is being
taken by people who are in business
and don't care about you and all they
want to do is make a profit.
"Well those four people in Grand

Bahama ... we had two before and
now we will have six. So I don't want to
hear no body say we never see con-
sumer officers checking the gas pumps,
and checking the shops.
'No longer will they be able to sell a

tin of corned beef for three and four
dollars that's history beginning Mon-
day. They're going to sell it for what we
say it should be sold for. Now when
you go to the shop, the price controllist
should be at the shop and corned beef

We had two before
and now we will
have six... We have
doubled in a way
we have quadrupled
- the price control
officers in Grand

Alfred Gray, Minister of
Local Government and
Consumer Affairs

is a breadbasket item under price con-
trol. So nobody should sell corned beef
above. the price that the government
Minister Gray added that the four
new price control officers have instruc-'
tions to give no advance warning of

their inspections.
"This minister will not accept any-
body overcharging poor people, those
old-age pensioners who can barely
make ends meet, you've got to look
out for them.
"You see, the rich could take care of
themselves, but it is the poor that we
need to look out for every day to make
sure unfair advantage is not taken and
that is why we have doubled in a way
we have quadrupled the price control
officers in Grand Bahama to make sure
that nobody breaks the law and gets
away with it," he said.
Mr Gray then turned to rent con-
trol. He explained that properties in
certain value brackets should only be
rented for a certain amount of money.
"So part of the mandate of these
officers will be to accept complaints
from those who feel they are being
ripped off by landlords," he said.
"Those of you who have houses to
rent, I am happy for you. But if your
house is less than $75,000 in value, you
fall under the Rent Control Act and we
will not permit you to rent it for more
than a certain amount," Mr Gray said.

Two doctors honoured for committed service

Tribune Freeport Reporter
Etuk and Dr Catherine Adder-
ley were honoured Saturday
evening for their outstanding
commitment and dedication to
healthcare by their colleagues
in the medical profession on
Grand Bahama.
The Grand Bahama Medical
and Dental Association paid
special tribute to both women at
its sixth annual gala banquet
held at the Westin at Our
Lucaya Resort.
Dr Bernard Nottage, Minister
of Health, attended the event,
which was well attended by per-
sons in the medical profession
and the wider Freeport com-
Dr Adderley, the eldest
dalighterof former PLP Cabi-
%.. :'

net minister Paul Adderley, is
the senior dental officer with
responsibility for Grand
Bahama Dental Service of the
Public Hospital's Authority in
She has served 13 years as a
full-time dentist in the public
healthcare system, making her
the longest serving dentist in
her capacity on Grand Bahama.
She currently practises at the
Rand Memorial Hospital and
the community clinics at
Hawksbill, Eight Mile Rock,
West End, High Rock and
McClean's Town, and some-
times travels into nearby cays,
providing general dental care
to the people of Grand
Dr Etuk was recognized for
serving 25 years as a physician
in both the public and private
healthcare systems. She spe-

cialises in internal medicine
and has her own private prac-
tice at Lucaycan Medical Cen-
ter East.
Dr Etuk, sister of Dr Marcus
Bethel, Minister of Energy and
the Environment, also volun-
teers her services at the Rand
Memorial Hospital as a volun-
teer relief consultant and mem-
ber of its disaster management
Both women thanked their
families and colleagues for their
support over the years.
Dr Etuk praised the many
young Bahamian doctors and
visiting doctors and medical
professionals who have left their
homeland to come to the
She encouraged more young
women to enter the field of
medicine. "I remember a pro-
fessor saying to us sixlqmen


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in medical school, 'you rejects
from the witch factory, you
should not be in medicine, you
are taking up the place of six
young men who can go on and
to be wonderful doctors, and
we proved him wrong."
The GBMDA also preseqt-
ed awards to Dr George
Charite, who won senior house
officer of the year. Dr Ingrid
Bonimy won the registrar of the
year, and Dr Adena Bowe won
intern of the year.
During his keynote address,

Dr Nottage said that medical
professionals must work
together to ensure that no per-
son who needs care is denied
that care because they cannot
afford to pay for it when they
need it.
"I am told there should be
about one dentist for 2,500
members of a population -
that's what the World Health
Organisation says. In Grand
Bahama, I understand there are
four dentists that's one for
11,000. In Abaco, we have one

so that is 13,000, but we can do
better," he said.
Dr Nottage stressed that
good health is a fundamental
human right for every citizen in
the Bahamas.
"This is how we can develop
a healthier and more produc-
tive workforce and more suc-
cessful country. It means we
have to strengthen our health-
care system so that all Bahami-
ans can access quality health-
care wherever they live in the

Manager III (Human Resources Department)
Princess Margaret Hospital

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals for the post of Manager ll,
Human Resources Princess Margaret Hospital,;Public Hospitals Authority.

Applicants must possess the following qualifications:-

Bachelors Degree in Busness Administration, Management or equivalent or related field and
three (3) years relevant experience in Human Resources Management with excellent computer

The Manager III as a part of the Human Resources team at Princess Margaret Hospital will
report to the Senior Manager Human Resources Department and will be responsible for all
Human Resources matters for area (s) assigned.

Responsibilities and Duties

1. Processes recommendations for:

Probationary appointments
Confirmations in substantive posts
Promotions and reclassification
Benefits under the Authority's policies
Benefits under the law, e.g Employment Act, Pensions Act and National Insurance
Employee transfers and secondment
Employee grievances
Disciplinary actions and penalties
Involuntary and voluntary terminations

2. Liaises with and assists Administrative Officers and Area Supervisors to ensure
all personnel/human resources matters are handled in keeping with the rules and
regulations of the organization, ensuring that matters are processed as expeditiously
as possible .

3. Liaises with the Payrolls Unit on issues relating to staff salary and financial
clearance to ensure that they are processed in a timely manner.

4. Assist with the coordination of Human Resources routine and special projects.

5. Managers the PerformanceAppraisal process for staff within assigned areas of
responsibility, ensuring that they are prepared, distributed reviewed and corrected
as needed.

6. Keeps an up to date detailed records, of all applicant for positions within assigned
area and ensures that all applications are acknowledge in a timely manner

7. Participates in the interview process, completes background check and processing of

8. Completes staff orientation process.

9. Participates as a member of Human Resources Department Internal
Executive Committee and Human Resources Management Committee.

Letters of application, resume, documentary evidence of qualifications and three
(3) references should be submitted, no later than 20th October, 2006 to the Director
Human Resources, Public Hospitals P.O. Box N-8200, or 1st Floor Corporate Office,
Dockendale House, West Bay Street.(Empoyees of the Public Hospitals Authority must
apply through their Head of Department).


7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
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The Insider (N) NCIS 'Faking It (N) A (CC) The Unit The Unit must hunt down Smith 'Four" Bobby and the gang
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EWTN Lady Episodes logue I I
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(1994)'PG'(CC) es with her son's fiancee. A 'PG-13' (CC) A (CC)
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(6:30) *RENEGADES (1989, (:20) ** MAJOR PAYNE (1995, Comedy) Damon * MISS CONGENIALITY 2:
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ship in Afnca. A 'PG-13' (CC) (CC)
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One Piece One Price


Small space?
Limited budget?
We've got the solution.
Our annoire's and trundle
beds are the perfect
space-saver. Buy a single piece
of furniture and get the functionality
of three or four pieces. Replace your closet;
chest-of-drawers and shelf with a single
annoire. Perfect for a child's room, our
trundle beds provide two single beds,
a pull-out desk'and drawers.
Visit our showroom today to see for yourself


Cerlafied Memernc

~-: 0.



Tel. 9 6
367. W
Don Mack

9 6 6. 3


Madeira Street

IOD Bd. .
ay Blvd

(620) A AMAZ- % sFADE TO BLACK (2004, Documentary) Rapper Jay-Z performs in TH IA TUT 14
(1974) -G' Sorvino. A 'PG-13' (C)


Eleutherans l

graduate from

craft course

SEVENTY Eleutherans
graduated with top honours
from a BAIC straw and shell
craft souvenir course during cer-
emonies in Savanna Sound.
Trained by souvenir experts
April Fox-Martin and Myrtle
Munroe, they bring to nearly
500 the artisans trained by
Bahamas Agricultural and
Industrial Corporation (BAIC)
this year.
The students fashioned
colourful shells, coral and sand
and items found on the beaches
into a variety of attractive pieces
including lamps, broaches, pins,
combs, clips, necklaces, charms
and earrings.
"These students are the best,"
said tutor Mrs Martin. "They
made the best teacher out of
me. Their products are magnif-
Minister of Financial Ser-
vices and Investments Vincent
Peet said: "We welcome the
foreign investment dollar but
we want to make sure that while
they make a profit you share in
that profit also."
Paulette Strachan, of Savan-

nah Sound, is well-known
already for her work in straw.
"I had a wonderful experience
doing shell work for the first
time," she said. "It was very
exciting to learn something new.
This will fall in line very well
with my straw work."
Her shell work, she said, will
be a prominent part of her exhi-
bition at next month's Haynes
Library arts and craft festival
in nearby Governor's Harbour.
Junkanoo artist Loran Bast-
ian was the only man to partic-
ipate. It was his first attempt at
straw work.
"I wanted to do this for years
and I am happy I got the oppor-
tunity," he said. "I found it quite
challenging but I like a good
"I am very impressed," said
BAIC board member Lana
*Munnings-Basalyga. "These
ladies are very creative, artistic
and excited. They have
promised to go on even further.
"I am sure we will soon have
many different items to sell in
our stores and no more made
in China."

.T m THE flamboyant Dianna 'Lady Di' Thompson (left), sporting
E MARINETTE Hall displays her conch shell lamp and other her 'made in Eleuthera' straw hat and bag, receives her BAIC
pieces during BAIC graduation ceremonies in Savannah Sound certificate. Pictured from right are North Eleuthera MP Alvin
last weekend. Smith, BAIC board member Lana Munnings-Basalyga, assistant
administrator Francita Neely (at the lectern) Financial Services
and Investments Minister Vincent Peet, and South Eleuthera
MP Oswald Ingraham.

* SHELL craft students Marsha Noftage and Paulette Strachan
show Financial Services and Investments Minister Vincent Peet
their work.

Haiti could still benefit from stalled

US trade bill, US legislator says

A STALLED US trade bill
designed to bring thousands of
apparel assembly jobs to impov-
erished Haiti could receive a
vote in Congress by the end of
the year, a US legislator said,
according to Associated Press.
US lawmakers last month
delayed consideration of the
HOPE bill, but US Rep. Sheila
-Jackson-Lee said there is
enough bipartisan support to.
revive the legislation that would

extend trade preferences to
Haiti's crippled apparel assem-
bly industry.
"The HOPE bill is very much
still alive," Jackson-Lee, a
Democrat from Texas, told
reporters in Haiti's capital at
the close of a four-day trade
mission to the conflict-torn
Caribbean nation.
The HOPE bill or the Hait-
ian Hemispheric Opportunity
through Partnership Encour-
agement,-would grant duty-
free access to clothes made in
Haiti with fabric from third-

If approved, the legislation
could almost immediately crei
ate up to 20,000 assembly jobs
in Haiti, where a February 2004
revolt toppled former president
Jean-Bertrand' Aristide aiid'
threw an already dying econo-
my deeper into ruin.
Explosive street violence in
the aftermath of the revolt
forced most apparel assembly
factories in Port-au-Prince to
shut down. Some .have
reopened, but others say they
need US trade protection to get

back in business.
Supporters of the bill accuse
Washington lawmakers wh
postponed the vote of bowing t
pressure from powerful US tex
tile lobbyists opposed to certain
provisions, including one thi
would allow Haiti to use yam an
fabric from Asian competitors.
Jackson-Lee called such con
cenms "appropriate" but said sh
and colleagues believe they ca
"re-ignite the passage" of th
HOPE bill before Congres
adjourns, probably in Decem

SOUTH Elenthera NP Oswald Ingraham enjoys the beaut)
in a basket of colourful shells
(Photo: BIS/Gladstone Thurston)


in mIr Tjws ) Gr w *vi P t,475 o
at It, k-6a joerka4l vsbo.rtic $6 519 IOU
d "
40 kev fLk*w diatd pcaaahia $HAiWOU
1- 0I ' One & Half Cabi,. pick up iruck $16 890 00
ge I6 E.xtra L.og Suigl Cabul pick up uLck $16.363 00
in -'. ar blo r nd ulne
ie :W .MA. -Api WwlwrmoanThem s.coana''
SS TdflhoIn 323-1594

Oliver Albury Shamika Munnings Deborah Pyfrom Margerite Meldor MIrlon Wlm I .it Huntr Auut Stuevenson Muriel Pinder

Remember you can't win unless you're caught has g or reading a Tribune.

a a g aAm,


..........................................................................................................I.........I..................I......I........... .......

- --- "





Managing and Impacting

the Future of Technology

Expo and Tradeshow Oct. 9- 11

,, 111 Managing and Impacting the Future of Technology

N a m e : ..... ...... ... ....................................................-...............- ...... ............... -*** *-..........
Position:....................................................Com pany Nam e:................................ ............
Business Address: ......................................... ..............................................-------.............
Pho ne : ....................................... ............. E-m a il: ............................. . .................................. ..
Date: Opening Ceremony Oct. 8 Expo and Tradeshow Oct. 9- 11 Venue: Wyndham Nassau Beach Resort & Crystal Palace Casino
If you are registering more than one person from your company, please fill in the information below:
NAM E (LAST, FIRST, MI) ............................................ ..............................................
TITLE ............................................................ ..... ...........
E& M A IL.... ..... ............ .................. ..........................
NAM E (LAST, FIRST, MI) ............ ................ ......... ..........................................
TITLE......................................... ............................... ..................
E-M A IL ..................................... ....................................................................................................................................
NAME (LAST, FIRST, MI) .... .......... ..................... .. ...............................
TITLE ................................ ............................................................................... ..........................................
E-M A IL .... ...................................................................................................................................................

Please fax, e-mail, or deliver registration form by October 5th, 2006.
For additional information, please contact our office.
PHONE: 242-302-7827 FAX: 242-394-4329 / 242-393-0685

Leon Williams






- k-a.




1- ,' ,-, ,


- : :




Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall Street

Ex-wife back in St

George estate talks

Tribune Business Editor
Edward St George's former
second wife is back in negotia-
tions to settle her claim to her
late husband's estate, her New
York attorney told The Tribune
yesterday, although the out-
come of these talks is uncertain.
Norman Solovay, who is rep-
resenting Mary St George in the
dispute over Mr St George's
estate, said talks had resumed
with the estate's three execu-
tors, Lady Henrietta St George,
her brother, the Earl of Euston,
and Freeport attorney Christo-
pher Cafferata.
"At the moment, we are still
in the mechanics of negotiations
with the executors," said Mr
Solovay. "If the, settlement
negotiation does not succeed,
we will have a lot more to say.
"It's not clear whether time
may or may not be running
out on these talks. If they
don't succeed, we will have a

Attorney warns Mary St George 'will have a lot

more to say' if negotiations fail, as filing of

thirdwrit by Caroline St George confirmed

fair amount to say."
The resumption of negotia-
tions by Mary St George and
her attorney provides a small
glimmer of hope that the dis-
pute over Mr St George's estate
can be resolved by family mem-
bers without recourse to litiga-
The Tribune reported last
month how Mary St George
had initiated legal action in the
New York Supreme Court,
seeking confirmation that she
was entitled to 50 per cent own-
ership of the late Mr St
George's estate. By extension,
she was laying claim to 25 per

cent ownership of the Grand
Bahama Port Authority
However, Mary St George's
position does not correspond
with or influence NMr St
George's daughter by his first
wife, Caroline.
Port Authority sources yester-
day confirmed that Caroline St
George had filed a third writ
against part of her late father's
estate, this tune Fiduciar\ Man-
agement Sers ices. as Tribune
Business had reported yesterday..
This followed behind the two'
writs she had filed against Port
Group Ltd and the Grand

Bahama Development Compa-
ny (Desco). in which she
alleged that both entities were
acting as trustee for assets that
belonged to her. yet had been
transferred by her late father
w without any compensation or
notice bemg given.
"I don't know that Nlarv's.:
interests are entangled with
Caroline's in any way," Mr
Solo ay said yesterday.
He alleged that the separa-
tion agreement signed bet\seen
NMr St George and Mary gave
Caroline "certain rights".
SEE page two,

Panama holds shipping

possibilities for Bahamas

Tribune Business Reporter
THE joint mission b\ the
Bahanmas Chamber ot Com-
merce and the Ministry of
Tourism to Panama last
month generated potential
business opportunities in ship-
ping and tlde, the Chamber's
executive director said %ester-
day, with both sides examining
how to exploit Hutchison
Whampoa's presence in both
their nation.
Philip Simon said the '.isil
went extremely well, with pos-
sible trade linkages discussed
for products across the board.
He told The Tribune that
more than 20 Bahamians from
the private sector were able
to have extensive two-day

meetings \with their Panaman-
ian counterparts in the Colon
Free Zone and the Panama
Chamber of Commerce.
-'The meetings were abuzz,"
he explained, \with man\
Bahamians able to go and vis-
it Panamanian factories. Some
persons had already made
plans for purchasing and ship-
ping products to the Bahamas.
"This includes everything
across the board, from leather
goods to jewellery to genera-
tors, automotive equipment to
pharmaceuticals and building
supplies," Mr Simon said.
In addition, there'were dis-
cussions regarding the pur-
chase of real estate both in the
Bahamas and in Panama.
SEE page 5B


Water agrees

$56m Roal.

Bank facility

Tribune Business Editor
CONSOLIDATED Water's Bahamian subsidiary yesterday
said it had entered into a new $5.6 million credit facility with
Ro\al Bank ot Canada (Bahamas). with the financing ear-
marked to assist construction and operation of the $26 million-
plus Blue Hills reverse osmosis plant.
The agreement replaces a previous Bahamian $5.4 million
credit facility ith the Bank, and will provide Consolidated
Water IBahamasi, formerly WVaterfields, with a mixture of
working capital debt financing. term loans and $4.98 million in
Bank guarantees.
The $5.6 million credit facility is split into $500,000 for work-
ing capital: demand loans of $38,062 (in Lis dollars) and $127276:
and three separate bonds.
The two demand loans will help Consolidated Water meet the
construction and start-up costs associated with the Blue Hills
reverse osmosis plant. which will supply waler to the Water &
Sewerage Corporation.
With the bonds and guarantees, some $100,00) is required to
help Consolidated Water (Bahamas) pay customs duties on
plant materials and equipment.
A further $1.911 rmllion \ill pro ide a guarantee'to the Water
& Sewerage Corporation during the Blue Hills plant's years of
Operation, while the remaining $2.969 milhon will "facilitate a
construction guarantee to Water & Sewerage Corporation for
,ecentlv awarded Blue Hills contract".
In a filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission
SSEC), Consolidated Water said the credit facility was secured
on the assets of its Bahamian subsidiary.
The company\ added: "The new credit facility contains certain
covenants applicable to Consolidated Water (Bahamas), includ-
ing restrictions on additional debt, guarantees and sale of
"The credit facility limits the payment of dividends by Con-
solidated Water iBahamas) to available cash flow. The credit
faciht3 also requires Consohdated Water IBahamas) to maintain
a ratio of total liabilities to tangible net worth of not greater than
The working capital borrowings will generate interest pay-
ments at a rate of Bahamian prime plus 1.5 per cent per annum,
making for an overall rate of 7 per cent.
The two term loans accrue interest at the London Inter-Bank
Offering rate (LIBOR) plus 1.75 per cent for the US dollar
loan, and Bahamian prime plus 1.5 per cent per annum. Fees for
the guarantees are 1 per cent of the guaranteed amount.
Consolidated Water said borrowings under facility
already included the- US$ term loan and the Bahamian term loan,
plus.$4.88 million in guarantees.
Consolidated Water said earlier this year that so far it had spent
$24 2 million constructing the Blue Hills reverse osmosis plant in
Nassau. which is producing at full capacity of 7.2 million gallons per
SEE page 4B

U DR Marcus Bethel

Time lags delay

BEC fuel benefits

Tribune Business Reporter
BAHAMIAN consumers and
businesses were yesterday
promised that they would see a
decrease in the Bahamas Elec-
tricity Corporation's (BEC).fuel
surcharges, reflecting the down-
turn in global oil prices, within
the next few months.

Minister of Energy and the
Environment, Dr Marcus
Bethel, told The Tribune yes-
terday that the current BEC
fuel surcharges reflected glob-
al oil prices when the Corpo-
ration purchased its fuel for
use in October several months
SEE page two

SANDYPORT #3253: Ideally located on two of the best lots in
Sandyport with 175 feet of water frontage, this property features a
charming Colonial 2-storey residence with 4 bedrooms in the main
house plus a I-bed guest apartment above the 2-car garage. Grand
views of the open waterway, spacious Master suite with Jacuzzi tub,
working fireplace, covered verandahs and more. Price upon inquiry. 242.362,421

j Damianbs

INTERtNATIONAL REALTY t 242.322.2305 f 242.322.2033

TheTrib ne',,,,....

I ~I I

I ,-r 1I I I

""~-I~~I`~-Y~Z~C~I~I'_ ~-L1=-ll-~--O... -L~----L-.-III~----------- .-- .I


Tel: (242) 356-7764

Tel:.(242) 351-3010



Starbucks opens

at Harbour Bay

ARBUCKS customer Shelly Nairn receives the first cup of
e at the Harbour Bay Store

for Clarks and

Shoe Village Shoe Stores.

Please fax your applications to

or mail to
P.O. Box N 3009
Nassau, Bahamas

Legal Notice



LIMITED is in dissolution under the provisions of the
International Business Companies Act 2000.
(b) The dissolution of the said Company commenced on the
6th October, 2006 when its Articles of Dissolution
were submitted to and registered by the Registrar General.

(c) The Liquidator of the said Company is Mr. Aaron J. Guth
of 1301 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor, New York,
NY 10019, as sole Liquidator.
Dated the 6th day of October, 2006.
H & J Corporate Services Ltd.
Registered Agent
for the above-named Company
e ove-ame an

COFFEE Cay Ltd has
opened its latest Starbucks store
at the Harbour Bay Shopping
"The Harbour Bay store

opening speaks volumes about
how Bahamians have received
Starbucks in this market," said
lPeter Rounce, operations man-
ager at Coffee CayLtd.

* STARBUCKS Partners

The Starbucks Harbour Bay
store features comfortable
indoor seating and an impres-
sive outdoor patio facility for
social gatherings.

The storeillllbe managed by
Colleen Fergnson, who has
worked wth 'Cffee Cay Ltd on
all Starbucks store openings in
the Bahamas.

Ex-wife Mary back in talks

on Edward St George estate

FROM page one
"Caroline has her own agen-
da, and Mary has always been
fond of Caroline and Sarah,"
Mr Solovay said. "I don't think
she feels any actual hostility as
far as she's [Caroline] con-
Yet Mr Solovay indicated
that Mary St George's feelings
were not as warm towards the
executors of her late ex-hus-
band's estate.
He declined to comment,
though, on whether Mary St
George's previous warning to
investors that any agreement
signed with the Grand
Bahama Port Authority since
Mr St George's "may be later
challenged in court" still
He also declined to comment
on whether Mary St George
would "explore selling or
assigning her rights to owner-
ship of 25 per cent of the Port
Authority and its subsidiaries" if
her claim succeeded.
In a reference to Mr St
George's former business part-
ner, Sir Jack Hayward, who
owns 50 per cent of the Port
Authority, Mr Solovay said:
" Mary bears no ill will towards

Jack, and if Jack is behind this
thing, it will influence Mary.
: "If the executors are running
the show, as we've heard
ruimoured, the attitude might
be different.
"Settlement negotiations are
Ongoing, and if they're success-
ful we'll have nothing to say,
and if they are not we'll have a
lot more to say."
;In a previous statement, Mary
St George said that when Mr
St George divorced her in 1979,
he drafted a separation agree-
ment that was incorporated into
the divorce decree.
This, she is alleging, gave her-
self and her daughter, Laura,
half his assets at the time of his
death, with the remaining half
to be divided between Lady
Henrietta and Mr St George's
two elder daughters, Sarah and'
IMair St George alleged that
attempts to settle her claim
against the estate with the three
executors had broken down,
giving rise to the New York lit-
igation and other potential
actions that might target the
estate's England assets and seek
to remnove the three executors; s
The competing'claims over'
the late Mr St George's estate,

have provoked increasing con-
cern among Freeport residents
and business licensees, who fear
the recourse to legal action
could destabilise the Port
Authority at a time when the
city's economy is struggling.
There are concerns that the
dispute will take up increas-
ing lime and resources at the
Port Authority, the body
charged with creating and reg-
ulating Freeport's investment
As a result, several Freeport
sources have expressed worries
to The Tribune that the Port
Authority and related compa-
nies ma\ take their eyes off the
greater good especially its
,licensing, regulatory and quasi-
governmental functions as var-
ious factions continue to jockey
for position behind the scenes.
The flurry of litigation is like-
ly to depress the value of the
assets in the late Mr St George's
estate, and deter potential
investors such as Morgan Stan-
ley, who will be uncertain as to
the long-term ownership of the
entity they are dealing with.
Apart from the Port Author-
ity, the assets in Mr St George's
estate include Port Group Ltd;!
the holding vehicle for stakes

in companies such as the
Grand Bahama Development
Company (De co). Freeport
Harbour Company, the
Air/Sea Business Centre, and
Grand Bahama Airport Com-
Apart from the dispute over
the estate, there have also been
attempts by outside parties to
acquire the Port Authority,
Port Group Ltd and other
related assets
PLP Senator Philip Galanis
and attorney Harvey Tynes rep-
resented an investor group,
thought to iiamclude Captain
Jackson Ritca, Global Unit-
ed's owner, who made an offer
for the Port Authority that was
rejected earlier this year by Sir
Jack HaywardS
Mr Galanis said the bid he
represented was 100 per ceit
Bahamian, backed by $400 mil-
lion in financing. He added that
Sir Jack had left the door open
to revisit their offer.
And Hannes Babak, the Port
Authority's newly-appointed
chairman, was previously look-
ing to put together a group to
acquire the organisation,
although he previously told The
Tribunehbe had dropped all such

Timelags delay BEC fuel benefits

SFROM page one BEC charged in October 2005, crude oil prices would not be
and is just below last year's immediately reflected in BECs
S"You have to look at this in maximum of 11.9818 cents per fuel surcharge, due to time lags
context," he said of BEC's kilowatt hour for December between when the oil was
October fuel surcharge, which 2005:. bought ad used seemingly
lias increased by more than one The hikes in the October fuel several months.
cent per kilowatt iour on the surcharge come despite a reduc- Therefore, oil that BEC is
previous month despite a reduc- lion in global oil prices since using to fubl its generators in
tion in global oil prices, late summer. Iq July 2006, crude October wilp have been bought
BEC took out newspaper oil for August delivery traded at several months ago in the sum-
advertisements yesterday show- a record $79 per barrel, yet it mer. when prices were relative-
ihg that the fuel surcharge fell to below $66 per barrel on ly high.
Would rise from 10.8217 cents September 11. It hit a six-month Dr Bethel noted that oil sup-
per kilowatt hour in September low of $61.66 on September 19. plies last for several months, so
th $11.8995 cents per kilowatt and closed at $58.68 on Octo- the prices now reflect that.
hour this month, her, although sent higher yes- He added that as prices in
SThis month's fuel surcharge terday by news of North Kore- recent months have decreased,
is a more-than three cents a's nuclear tests. Bahamianrconsumers in the next
increase on the 8.8882 cents per Dr Bethel. though, explained few months should notice that
kilowatt hour surcharge that yesterday that the recent fall in the fuel surcharges are lower.
* i .. '

I'm a winner with The Tribune!l

'm Denis Johnny, winner of game
tickets, a one day car and airfare for
two, to the Dolphin vs. Titans game.
You can be a winner too, fill out the
Dolphins vs Packers entry form in the
Sports section, and become eligible to



EVERYDAY Theribune

i4v /n1l/e


A leading jewelry company is expanding its Nassau tons
and has openings, atvarious levels, in the following

Computers/Operao us
Ad fMIstraiow'/Accouits
Inventory Control and M ans1a41

1. Persons of integrity ;
2. Self-starters with drive and determination
3. Previous experiencean asset :

If you meet the above requirements and have skills in the
above disciplines, we will be pleased to welcome you to our
winning team. The positions offer career oppoirtnfties with
excellent salary and benefits package.

Please submit your resume in confidence to:

P.O. BOX N-623
Fax: 328-4211
Emaut h umin.i..lreon ..L.AiY.k..n

1 ' i '* -

I -



- -r -- I


pp -


El Paso's LNG pull-out no

surprise to government

Tribune Business
Corporation to pull the plug on
its plans for a multi-million dol-
lar liquefied natural gas (LNG)
terminal and pipeline from the
Bahamas to Florida has not
come as a surprise to the Gov-
ernment, it was revealed yes-
According to the Minster of
Energy and the Environment,
Dr Marcus Bethel, the company
had informed the Government
of its decision not to pursue its
Seafarer project several months
He told The Tribune that the
Letter the company recently
wrote to the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission
(FERC) in the US, dated Sep-
tember 21, was simply a for-
"We were aware that the con-
sortium of El Paso and FPL had
dissolved," he said.
El Paso Corporation had pre-
viously linked up with Suez and
FPL Resources, a Florida Pow-
er and Light affiliate, to form
the Blue Marlin consortium,
which had been exploring the
possibility of locating an LNG
terminal at South Riding Point
in Grand Bahama
In the letter to FERC, El
Paso's senior attorney said the
uncertainty surrounding
whether the Bahamas would
allow the establishment of an
LNG terminal and pipeline
within its territory was among
the reasons for withdrawing the
Seafarer application.
James Johnson wrote:
"Because supplies of liquefied
natural gas have not been com-
mitted, and conditions for
developing LNG infrastructure
in lihe Bahamas remain uncer-
tain, Seafarer cannot now make
the substantial commitment to

Bethel: We were aware of consortium activity

perform the site-specific geot-
echnical surveys.
"Withdrawal of the applica-
tion will relieve Commission
staff, the inter-agency team and
participants of regulatory bur-
As for the remaining two
companies which were vying for
approval of their LNG project,
Dr Bethel said that in the case
of AES Corporation, the matter
was still pending before Cabinet
awaiting the final draft regula-
As for Suez, Mr Bethel noted
that they have not resubmitted
any applications.
AES Corporation, the most
advanced of the three LNG pro-
ponents with its site on Ocean
Cay, a man-made island near
Bimini, is enduring an almost
three-year wait to hear whether
the Government has said 'yes'
or 'no' to its project.
A draft Heads of Agreement
is understood to have been
drawn up for almost a year. The
Government's last statement on
the issue was that it was waiting
for a regulatory regime and Envi-
ronmental Management Plan
(EMP) to be put in place for the
Ocean Cay facility.
Prime Minister Perry Christie
and his Cabinet have been
reluctant to take a decision on
the LNG issue, their concerns
ranging from whether such ter-
minals fit in with this nation's
tourism image to whether the
Bahamas will be able to moni-
tor and implement an environ-
mental management plan..
However, several observers
have voiced concern that the
inability to give a 'yes' or 'no'
answer to either AES or Suez
could harm the Bahamas's rep-
utation in international invest-

ment circles, as both companies
have invested millions in
preparatory work for their
Paula Rockstroh, a
spokesperson for Suez Energy
North America, formerly
Tractebel, said that while the
company was looking at devel-
oping a "submerged offshore
buoy" that would serve as the
deepwater delivery point for
LNG ships bringing their car-
go to Florida, it was viewing its
Freeport Harbour project as
In a previous interview, she
had said: "We can't just afford
to wait around any longer for
the Bahamian government to
make a decision. The ball's in
their court and we remain pos-
itive and very optimistic about
doing business in the Bahamas,"
she said.
"We don't know where we
stand. We've not received an
official declaration one way or
the other. We're feeling more
secure about going forward with
the offshore project."
Ms Rockstroh added that
Suez had been talking to the
Government on the Calypso
project for almost four years,
and viewed the Freeport Har-
bour site as "an ideal location
inside the Bahamas". The pro-
ject had received "very strong"
support from the Grand
Bahama Port Authority
(GBPA) and others, the only
thing missing to bring it to
fruition being government
She also contrasted the cer-
tainties of the US approval
process for LNG. projeqctijth.
the system. in the Bahamas.
Both the AES and Calypsq pro-.
jects have been approved by

regulators there:
"'The US has a very refined
timeline for making decisions
on projects that are proposed;"
Ms Rockstroh said, adding that
Suez could be reasonable cer-
tain about when the US Coast : *.
Guard and Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission
(FERC) would give their
approval or not.
"We can't do that with the
Bahamas because the process
is less defined."

L Mann Judd

BDO Mann Judd a leading professional services firm with 601 BDO Member Firm offices in 105
countries around the globe, is now seeking applications for an accountant to work in the assurance/audit

The successful candidate will be a recent graduate from a Bachelors of Science or Arts program in
accounting from'a recognized university. 1-2 years audit experience is preferred, but not mandatory.
The qualified candidate will be able to work in a challenging team driven environment, possess the
ability to meet tight deadlines, perform with minimal supervision, have excellent oral and written
skills, and possess a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Individuals with the above-mentioned qualifications should fax or email their cover letters-along with
resume's to the following:

Recruitment Manager
BDO Mann Judd
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: 242-325-6592

Deadline for applications is October 31, 2006

No phone calls please.
Only the applicants with the above mentioned qualifications will

be contacted.

S I Pa at R 7 a I T

Crystal 4ale( Casiwo

Baha Mar, a 500-acre, mixed-use destination resort complex
represents the single largest resort investment in the history of The
Bahamas. Baha Mar Limited owns and operates the Wyndham
Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino, the Radisson Cable Beach
& Golf Resort, and the historic Nassau Beach Hotel.


Sablf Beach Resots,,the operations arm of Baha Mar Limited seeks
to hire professional individuals for the following position:


The successful candidates will be able to effectively complete and
manage the following responsibilities which include, but are not
limited to:

Reconcile A/R, collect data and maintain records
Prepare daily, monthly, and annual reconciliation reports
Process and maintain journal entries for assigned area
Reconcile and analyze general ledger accounts
Review and analyze Financial Statements, P &,L, Cash Flow
and Balance Sheets on a monthly basis to identify any
Provide input for financial statement adjustments
Prepare documentation and assist auditors on matters relating
to various accounting transactions
Respond to special assignment/requests from Financial
Controller, VP of Finance, the CFO or President in a timely and
efficient manner
'. Code A/P invoices and pro actively ensure prompt payment
Perform accrual accounting functions
Assist in planning and forecasting
Maintain internal controls
Comply with all local regulations, internal audit requirements
including U.S. federal, state accounting and financial reporting

The ideal candidate will have a minimum 2-5 years accounting
experience. Hotel accounting experience is preferred, but not
required. Interested applicants should forward their resume and
salary requirements to attention: Director of Hurhani Resources,
Cable Beach Resorts at




Career opportunityfor an ambitious career oriented individual as a:


'The Role:
Maintain Servers
Maintain Cisco Routers and Switches
Maintain and support PC workstation hardware
Maintain printers
Maintain the following software:
Microsoft Office Suite
Microsoft Exchange
IBM Client Access
Perform Network System Backups
Hardware installation, maintenance and upgrades
Communications Support
General User support
The ideal candidate will have the following:
At least three years experience managing a Windows 2000
based network
At least two years experience working with Cisco Routers
Knowledge of Wireless communications
Experience with server upgrades and maintenance
Extensive knowledge of VPNs
Knowledge of Telecommunications
Comprehensive knowledge of'routing
Must be able to work unsupervised
Excellent trouble-shooting skills
Must be able to train others
MCSE and CCNA Certification are not required but an asset.
The Bahamas First Group is the largest property and casualty
insurance company in the Bahamas and has an A- (Excellent)
Rating from A. M. Best, reflecting the company's financial stability
and sound risk management practices.
Please send resume to:
Group IT Manager
Bahamas First Centre
32 Collins Avenue
P.O. Box SS-6268
Nassau, Bahamas
Or email to:
Deadline for submission is October 11, 2006


_ ,, I


Ir -- ---~ -1II L- _


: :


Kerzner launches

Phase III in IA L l


. .--

Credit Suisse Trust Limited


Senior Network Administrator

Core Functions
Engineer, install, administer, maintain, aud t pijllIIJ
and troubleshoot the organization's,Local Area N>tUi o.i
(LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) facilities, providing
users with a continuous connectivity to network services

Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
from a recognized tertiary institution plus three (3) years
computer experience in both Local Area N9twork (LAN) and
Wide Area Network(WAN)
MCSE, CCNA or MCSA certifications
Sound knowledge of Microsoft 2003 Service and office
Sound knowledge ofAS/400 operations and security
Sound oral and written communications skills
* Ability to interpret technical installation documents.
Interested'persons should submit resume and a copy of degrees) and
transcripts) to:
The Human Resources Manager
c/o The Tribune
P.O. Box N-3207
Nassau, Bahamas
Deadline: Wednesday, October 18, 2006

John Carey, Parliamentary
Secretary at the Ministry of
Tourism, joined executives
and guests of Kerzner Inter-
national in Los Angeles, Cal-
ifornia, to support the launch
of Atlantis Phase Three.

0 SENIOR vice-president/ -.
general manager John
Conway is pictured with a_,
parliamentary secretary John E EUREKA Glinton, manager for films; Mrs Underwood; John Carey; Hollywood actor Blair
Carey Underwood

Consolidated Water agreement


Looking for commercial/office/storage space in

We have up to 65,000 sq. ft. available at the corner of
Peel Street and West Sunrise Highway, in close
proximity to Freeport Harbor, the shipyard, BORCO,
etc, of which 14,400 sq. ft. is a two-storey shell which
can be outfitted to suit your needs.

Storage units are also available from 25 sq. ft. to 1,500
sq. ft.

Ample parking available.
Call Jim Edwards or Diana Cash at 373-2197 or
Natishkah Barrett at 457-5135


Immediate opening

for experienced tyre

repair man

Should have some

experience in

heavy duty truck tyres.

Please call 361- 6841

to set up an appointment


C / Lns

Pricing Information As Of:
Friday, 6 October 2006
'... : 'BISX ALL SHARE INDEX: CLOSE 1.630.46 / CHG 00.00 %CHG 00.00 / YTD 279.75 / YTD ". 20 7 I
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Security Previous Close Today's Close Change Daily Vol. EPS $ Div $ P/E Yield
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets 1.79 1.74 0.00 0.109 0.000 N/M 0.00%
12.05 9.50 Bahamas Property Fund 11.25 11.25 0.00 1.627 0.380 6.9 3.38%
7.51 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 7.51 7.51 0.00 0.777 0.330 9.7 4.39%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.208 0.020 '3.8 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.55 1.55. 0.00 0.168 0.000 9.2 0.00%
1.49 1.10 Fidelity Bank 1.44 1.44 0.00 0.188 0.050 7.7 3.47%
9.60 9.05 Cable Bahamas 9.55 9.55 0.00 1,600 0.659 0.240 14.5 2.51%
2.20 1.39 Colina Holdings 1.80 1.80 0.00 0.009 0.000 200.0 0.00%
11.91 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 11.91 11.91 0.00 0.943 0.660 12.6 5.54%0
6.26 4.12' Consolidated Water BDRs 5.36 5.18 -0.18 0.130 0.045 41.2 0.84%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2.70 2.70 0.00 1,500 0.348 0.000 7.8 0.00%
6.21 4.20 Famguard 6.15 6.15 0.00 0.428 0.240 14.4 3.90%
11.51 10.60 Finco 11.51 11.51 0.00 750 0.763 0.560 15.1 4.87%
14.00 9.50 FirstCaribbean 13.82 13.82 0.00 0.927 0.550 14.9 3.98%
11.21 9.25 Focol 11.21 11.21 0.00 0.885 0500 12.7 4.46%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
10.20 8.49 ICD Utilities 8.49 8.49 0.00 0.532 0.270 16.0 3.18%
9.10 8.65 J.S. Johnson 8.70 8.70 0.00 0.527 0.560 16.5 6.44%
10.00 10.00 Premier Real Estate 10.00 10.00 0.00 1.291 0.195 7.7 1.95%
Fidelity Over-The-Counter Securltles
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Symbol Bid $ Ask $ Last Price Weekly Vol. EPS $ Div $ P/E Yield
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.923 1.320 7.9 9.04%
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 NM 7.85%
0.54 0.20 RND Holdings 0;45 0.55 0.00 -0.002 0.000 NM 0.00%
S ....................................... Colin3 0 er-The-Counler Securnites
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.00 41.00 2.220 0.000 19.4 0.00%
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
0.60 0.35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
..-:- -.... BISX Listed Mulual Funds
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Funo N3arrme t-, TL.' L = I. .1.:r.,rlh C 1.1.
1 -1Utt7 -1.22 RoiA-Mne Mrkt un

1.3087 1.2552 Colina Money Market Fund
2.9513 2.4766 Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund
2.4606 2.2560 Colina MSI Preferred Fund


1.1923 1.1348 Colina Bond Fund 1.192331**'
i~, ,- : :.-, FINDEX: CLOSE 716 36 I YTD 29.81% / 2005 26.09%
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 19 Dec 02 = 1,000.00 MARKET TERMS YIELD last 12 month dividends divided by closing prce NAV KEY
52wk-Hi Highest closing price In last 52 weeks Bid S Buying price of Colina and Fidelity
52wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling price of Colina and fidelity y 29 Seiptmber 200
Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daily volume Last Price Lasl traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week 31 August 2006
Change Change In closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
Dally Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value 3 I August 2000
DIV $ Dividends per share paid In the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
P/E Closing ptice divided by the last 12 month earnings FINDEX- Thr idelily Bahamas Stock Index. January 1, 1994 = 100 .... 31 Auuust 2000
TTRAp .ADilg-2t42-52rot10o I FIDEUTY 242-356-7764 / FOR MORE DATA & INFORMATION CALL (242) 394-2503

FROM page one
The company added that it
expected to spend a further $2.4
million to complete the Blue
Hills plant during the 2006 third
quarter, which ended on Sep-
tember 30.
Consolidated Water was pre-
viously awaiting confirmation
from the Water & Sewerage
Corporation that it was meet-
ing "all contractual require-
ments", the plant having been

fully commissioned and under-
gone a seven-day performance
test in mid-to-late July 2005.
The BISX-listed firm also
spent an extra $800,000 on capi-
tal improvements for its Nassau-
based Windsor plant during the
2006 third quarter. The expand-
ed Windsor Plant, whose capac-
ity was increased until Blue Hills
came fully on line, remained
active until mid-August, when
some of the equipment will be
moved to another market.

to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any
person who knows any reason why registration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement of the
facts within twenty-eight days from the 3RD day of OCTOBER, 2006
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, PO.Box
F-41085, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.

Legal Notice


(In Voluntary Liquidaion)

Notice is hereby given that the above-named
Company is in dissolution, whick.
commenced on the 9th day of October 20T
The Liquidator is Argosa Corp. Inc., P. 0.
Box N-7757 Nassau, Bahamas.


WINNaco BA'g



Notice is hereby given that liquidation of the above company.
commenced on the 06th day of October, 2006 and that Credit
Suisse Trust Limited of Bahamas Financial Centre, Shirley &
Charlotte Streets, Nassau, Bahamas has been appointed
Liquidator of the Company.

Construction Manager-Building

* Minimum 5 yrs experience in construction or related
field such as Architecture or Engineering
Working knowledge of timber and masonry construction
Proficient in reading and understanding construction plans
Proficient in performing material take-offs and placing
material orders
Working knowledge of construction materials
* Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
* Good communication skills

Construction Manager-Utilities

* Minimum 5yrs experience in construction or related heild
such as Engineering
* Working knowledge of methods of installation of watcr,
sewer, communication and electrical infrastructure
* Proficient in reading and understanding construction plans
* Proficient in performing materials take-offs placing i lt.ri;al
* working knowledge of constriction materials
* Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
* Good communication skills

Resumes should be mailed to Nick Sims, Development
Department, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay,
P.O.Box AB20571, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
or Faxed to 242-367-2930.

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Stocks don't 'bomb' omb

over North Korea

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Shipping possibilities for Bahamas

FROM page one
Among the issues discussed
was the possibility of a shipping
arrangement via the Panama
Canal to Freeport. Hutchison
Whampoa has a presence in
both countries, and Mr Simon
said the Bahamian delegation
was treated to a presentation
on shipping during their tour.
He added that a major ques-
tion would be how to facilitate
shipping between the two coun-
tries utilising the Hutchison
Whampoa connection.
Mr Simon said most of the

shipments leaving Panama are
taken to the east coast of the
US, then on to their distribu-
tion centres.
However, he said that with
the Freeport Container Port
and the nearby Sea/Air Busi-
ness Centre, it may be possi-
ble for Freeport to become an
assembly/distribution centre for
this part of the region on a
smaller scale, mimicking what
is done elsewhere.
Mr Simon, said this could
transform the Bahamas into a
shipping and shopping mecca.
With a population of just over

two million and a currency on
par with the US dollar, Pana-
ma could provide both the vol-
ume and socio-economic class
of visitors the Bahamas has
grown accustomed to seeing.
According to the World Trav-
el and Tourism Council
(WTTC), by the end of the year
Panamanians will have spent
some $662.5 million on travel
and tourism, which adds up to
6.1 per cent of the total annual
personal consumption of the
country. This figure is expected
to grow to US$1.2 billion by the
year 2013.

A multi-national oil company has an opening for a

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

* Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in field:Thorough
knowledge of all financial reporting, Inventory control,
* Must be highly proficient in computer software applications
and accounting systems (specially Microsoft Excel)

Please send your enquiries to:

Texas Gas & Oil Ltd.
1 st Floor Charlotte House
Ph: (242) 328-4380/1
Fax: (242) 323-4871

I Mt- I hlDUIN

..No 0 m

Business Operations Manager

An established, international company is seeking a
Business Operations Manager.

The Manager will be responsible for oversight of
various business units in effectively executing
operations to ensure excellent customer service,
expense control, and revenue growth.

The applicant must have:

* BA or BS in Business related studies, inclusive
of Accounting and Economics.
* Strong Communication, Leadership, and
Computer skills.
* Must be a professing Christian.

Benefits include:

* Competitive Salary
* Subsidized Health Plan
* Pension Plan

Interested persons can email their resumes to:

Senior Telecommunications
Specialist Vacancy

The successful candidate is expected to provide
technical support, team leadership, mentoring and
expertise. in various Telecommunications Systems
maintained for services offered by Caribbean Crossings

-Equivalent of Associate's degree in an electronics
technology discipline.
-4-7 years telecommunications experience.
-Provide technical leadership and mentor junior
-Minimum two years experience installing, troubleshooting,
and repairing Fiber Optic Submarine Telecommunications
Systems, wiring and services.
-Experience in the design, development and
implementation of "Methods of Procedure" in the
Telecommunications field.
-Working knowledge of MS Windows with acceptable
competencies in Word, Excel, Power Point and Visio.
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
-Ability to perform work responsibilities in a neat, thorough
and organized manner.
-Must maintain confidentiality in all company and customer
related matters.
-Ability to work with minimum supervision.
-Ability to travel/work for long periods away from home
-Self starter with a valid drivers license
-Extensive knowledge of Submarine Fiber Optic
Telecommunications Systems.
-Working knowledge of Alcatel High Capacity transport
systems including, WDM, SONET, SDH, Ti, T3, OCx, Frame
Relay and ALLOPTIC's FTTH/B solution.
-Working knowledge of Data and telecommunications
feature applications and hardware.
-Working knowledge of Cat 5 cabling architecture.
-Working knowledge of interconnection Techniques (Punch
down, wire-wrap, crimp)
-Working knowledge of Network applications interfaces,
protocols, local area network connectivity and Ethernet
-Working knowledge of basic test equipment such as fusion
splicers, laser sources, optical power meters, optical time
domain reflectometers, OC192, Ti and T3 SONET/SDH test

Resumes should be submitted by Oct. i7th 2006 to
Mr. Richard B. Adderley or sent via e-mail to


In providing technology support across several global locations, the
candidates will specifically be responsible for:
Managing the software change control process, including
version control for software releases to ensure compliance
with all relevant policies and procedures.
Change control records management.
Administration of internal technology change management
Responsible for all business risk and control requirements
for technology change management and any associated
Management of the department's information security
monitoring tools including SEMS, EMS, and AppDetective.


The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:
Experience in technology change management systems,
software management systems.
Experience information security processes and standards.
Knowledge of WIN2000 Administration, MS Office Suite,
LAN/WAN systems.
Ability to multi-task in a time sensitive work environment
supporting various applications and infrastructure changes.
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Minimum 3 years related work experience.

Interested candidates should forward a copy of their resume to:
Technology Unit Head
GWS/Bahamas Technology
P.O.Box N-1576,
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: (242) 302-8732 or

Deadline for application is October 20, 2006.

Cititrust (Bahamas) limited. sut)slcillirv oculti
leading financial Ltistitution with a presence ill over 100 countric's
and Over 100 Illillic)n Customers, worldwide. is secklm',
for position ol-rechnologyChange Control Officer.





Visit our website at




CEES offers recognized national and international programmes to improve your
credentials and further your goals.
* Certified Professional Managers Programme
* Becker CPA Review Programme
* Project Management Programme
* Certified Professional Secretaries Programme
* Supervisory Management Certificate
* Three Phase Electrical License
* Single Phase Electrical License
* Office Assistant Certificate

These certificate courses are designed to provide persons with invaluable life
S Drapery& Uphplstery Making
* Medical Terminology
* Conversational Spanish / Creole
* Massage Therapy I
S Effective Writing Skills
* MS Powerpoint Workshop
* Accounts & Quickbooks
* Credit and Collections
* HR Management I & II
* Computer Applications I
* Shorthand I & II



For adults responsible for the care of infants aged 0 years, or
pre-schoolers 4 6 years of age.

SFgoryers angt ^ dmiitrgrs of pre-schools and nurseries.


A review of the topics covered in the quantitative skills section of the
Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

CERP- College Entrance Review
A review of Math and English for persons required to write the Placement
Examinations for entrance to COB.

For adults, 25 and over, who need to upgrade their Math and/or English
Upon successful completion, participants become eligible to enter the
degree programme of their choice.
English: Mon & Wed, 6 8 pm.
Math: Tue & Thu, 6 8 pm.

Visit the CEES office at COB, West Settlers Way
or contact us by phone at 352-9761, 352-2896, 351-3970 or 351-7187


This workshop is designed to provide participants with an overview of the fundamentals
of superior customer service. It focuses on customer value, retention and relationship
building and employee motivation.


Thursday, 26 October 2006
9:30am 4:30pm '
Choices Restaurant, Bahamas Tourism and Training Centre

This workshop is designed to provide participants with an overview of the fundamentals
of Microsoft PowerPoint. It focuses on developing effective and dynamic PowerPoint
Date: Thursday, 26 October 2006
Time: 9:30am 4:30pm
Venue: CEES Computer Lab, Moss Road
Tuition: $160.00

This course will cover Web Page Creation, Web Site Management and HTML. Persons
who enjoy fiddling with computers and would like to create their own web pages are
encouraged to attend. Specific topics will include Formatting, Graphics, Multimedia, Forms
and Tables and hosting of web pages.


Thursday & Friday, November 9t & 10t 2006
9:30am 4:30pm
CEES Computer Lab, Moss Road

ENQUIRIES: Contact the Co-ordinator at Tel: (242) 325-5714 / (242) 328-0093/ 328-
1936 or email All fees are included with the exception of the
application fee of $40.00 (one time). When submitting application, kindly provide
copies of the first four pages of your passport. CEES reserves the right to change Tuition,
Fges, Course Content, Course Schedule and Course Materials

Fall Semester

_ _ IT








Swks I $620


23-Oct 10wks

Tue 24-Oct
Wed 2 25-Oct
WcrI I25-OCt

I__________________I _I I__ -- W -



ENQUIRIES: Contact the Co-ordinator at Tel: (242) 325-5714 / (242) 328-0093/ 328-
1936 or email All fees are included with the exception of the
application fee of $40.00 (one time). CEES reserves the right to change Tuition, Fees, Course
Content, Course Schedule and Course Materials

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals for the following position:

Records Assistant I (Northern Bahamas Campus)
The,R ~qrds Assistant will assist the Director of Records!with matters involving registratjpi
graduation, transcripts and grades. ,, .. ...: '
The successful candidate must have a Bachelor of Arts Degree or the equivalent with no work
experience or an Associate of Art's Degree in the relevant area with ten (10) years work

He/She will be required to perform the following duties under the said areas:

* Assist with the computer data entry of all the semester timetable information.
* Assist with computer data entry during On-line Registration.
* Assist with background research on Class & Exam lists discrepancies and make
appropriate amendments.
* Assist with the preparation of statistical information relating, to room usage,
enrollment counts and other registration information.

* Assist with the processing of graduation evaluation forms.
* Assist with data accuracy checks with respect to graduates or graduation listings (e.g.
spell checks)
* Assist with the implementation of the Degree Audit Process.
* Assist with the Student Retention Management Process.

Transcripts & Grades
* Help supervise and execute the project of computerization of C&HMI, BTC, SSTC
and Non-computerized COB transcripts
Process all types of grades and be responsible for the security of this process.

The Records Assistant will be required to represent the Department on selected Committees
as well as assist with any other duties assigned by the Director & Assistant Directors of the
Records Department.


$23,310 x $600



Interested candidates should submit a detailed curriculum vitae and a cover letter of interest,
giving full particulars of qualifications and experience by Monday, October 16, 2006 to:
The Director
Human Resources-Department
Oakes Field Campus
Nassau, Bahamas
................................ .................. ...........r....... ..............................
Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals for the following position of:
COMPUTER TECHNICIAN I Northern Bahamas Campus
The successful applicant's responsibilities include: Resolving hardware issues with respect to
the components of personal computers, setting up various user accounts on machines after they
are created, ensure that persons are able to open applications on the desktop and connect to
approved network resources. He/She must insure that assigned computer laboratories are
properly maintained and in good order to serve students.
The Computer Technician will be called upon to install, troubleshoot and maintain printing
capability. He/She will be called upon to maintain computers of all types inclusive of PC,
Apple, Silicon graphics and Sun Microsystems. Knowledge of Windows XP, Mac OS, Unix,
and Linux are a I s.


$19,490 x $500 $26,490

The successful candidate must have an A+ Certification OR Associate Degree in Electronics
or Information Technology plus one (1) year experience. He/She must have a basic knowledge
of networking including: LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, switches and Ethernet.
Interested candidates should submit an up to date resume and other relevant documents, through
their Head of department by October 1 3, 2006.

The Director,
Human Resources Department
The College of The Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas

.. . ... .. .


SEW 800 01
SEW 802 01
SEW 805 01
SEW 806 01
SEW 811 01

MAIivI IPioot'

_ I I



" ina--t i



Fear rises in US

housing market

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- l

* 0

* n -


- S



Network Operations
Manager Vacancy

R. I ll R. B EIAN

The ideal candidate will be accountable for the delivery of end to
end problem resolution/service assurance and service level
commitments to all of Caribbean Crossings Data, Video and
Internet Customers. Accountable to manage and direct staff,
responsible for trouble resolution, service implementation,
administration and analysis of service metrics. In addition this
position is accountable for Installation, acceptance testing, Turn-
Up, maintenance, test and repair of all Fiber Optics SONET
Transport/Multiplex equipment, Internet Protocol Core Switches
and Routers, AC and DC Power equipment and associated
surveillance equipment. Responsible for maintaining the integrity
and continuity of these services to subscribers throughout the
Bahamas and meeting service level requirements within budgeted
-A University Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or
Information Systems Engineering with 5 years experience
rS managing staff OR an equivalent combination of education and
1 experience in progressively more responsible management
-Demonstrated leadership skills, long and short term planning
skills, research and analytical skills, strong technical abilities,
process improvement, and network/service/call centre orientation
required along with the ability to organize and direct activities of
-Significant management experience preferably in Network
Operations, Customer Service and Call Centre with cross-
functional knowledge of business units.
-Thorough working knowledge of Data Transmission, Design
Applications, Standards and Data Services, Products and
-Thorough working knowledge of Telecommunication
Transmission, Networks, Services, Facilities and principles.
-Working knowledge of Submarine Fiber Optic Telecoms Systems.
-Working knowledge of Alcatel High Capacity transport systems
including, WDM, SONET, SDH, TI, T3, OCx, Frame Relay and
ALLOPTIC's FTTH/B solution.
-Working knowledge of Internet Protocol routing and applications.
-Working knowledge of Data and telecommunications feature
applications and hardware.
-Working knowledge of Cat 5 cabling architecture.
-Working knowledge of interconnection Techniques (Punch down,
wire-wrap, crimp)
-Working knowledge of Network Management Systems, Network
applications interfaces, protocols, local area network connectivity'
and Ethernet standards.
-Working knowledge of basic test equipment such as fusion
splicers, laser sources, optical power meters, optical time domain
reflectometers, OC192, Ti and T3 SONET/S.DH test sets.
-Working knowledge of AC/DC power, grounding, electronic
equipment, and heating/cooling requirements.
All candidates resumes aref o be submitted via e-mail to
rbadderlevyi'i/ cablebahainaT:Cdinl by Tueday, Octobet 1i7',2006.

Have you done anything special

Try a Personal Development Workshop at
The College of The Bahamas
Centre for Continuing Education and Extension
With one of our courses, you can gain
new job skills, increase your chances for
promotion or just learn something new for
personal satisfaction. With your success
in courses such as Massage Therapy,
Drapery Making, Floral Design, Make-up
Application or Nail Art Technician, you
could even start a small business. Sign iul:
for a course today.


..-. IBS?


in I are. ir i.:i.Cie i' ii- e el.i._- p l.:.-on Or
ihe ao-ni. allcr t1 1I4J C 00 i'o rre mei
C.EE ree, r..: tr e righl to cridrng- Tuitihon
Fee: C:ur e Corienr Cou .:e ':,riedule-
andea Cour-., r:,r. t l ri. il1

,h rd



for yourself lately?

Personal Development Fall Schedule of Courses


ACCA900 01 ACCA FOR BEGINNERS I 6:00-8:00pm Tue/Thurs 10-Oct 10wks $250
ACCA901 01 ACCA FOR BEGINNERS II 6 00-800pm Mon/Wed 23-0cl 10wks $275
ACCI:A902 01 Ai: A lI::R BEGINNERS III 600-8-00pm Tue/Thurs 24-Oct 10wks $300

BUSI',lrjSl 01 I:REDIT I;ILLECTIIOJS I 600-9.00pm Tue 24-Ocl 8 wks $225
iLIST90 01 SUPERIOR CIISTOMER SERVICE W/S 9 30am-4:30pm Thurs 26-Oct 1 day $170

COlMP901 02 COMPUTER APPLICATIOiS I 10-00am-1 00pm Sal 4-Nov 12wks $450
C"OMP902 01 C OMPUTER APPLICATIONS II 6:00-900pm Thurs 19-Oct 12 wks $550
COMP 941 01 OUIJYBOOKS 6:00-9:00pm Tue 24-Oct 6wks $330
COMP9'60 01 MICROSOFT POWERPOIIIT W.S 9 30am-4 30pm Thurs 26-Oct 1 day $160
COMP93J3 01 WEB PAGE DESIGII WORI~SHOP 9 30am-4:30pm Thurs/Fri 9-Nov 2 days $550

COSM802 0:1 MAI E-UP APPLICATION 6 00-9:00pm Mon 23-Oct 8wks $225
COSM804 i11 MANIICURE & PEDICURE 6 00-9 00pm Tue 24-Ocl 8wks $225
COSM807 I1 JAIlL ART TECHIICIlArI 6 00-9 00pm Mon/Thurs 30-Oct 6 wks $500

DEC0800 01 IIITERIOR DECORATING I 6.00-9:00pm Tue 24-Oct 8wks $225
DEC0801 0 INTERIOR DECORATING II 6 00-9-00pm Wed 25-Oct 8wks $250
FLOR800I 01 FLORAl. DESIGI I 6 00-900pm Mon 23-Oct 10wks $225
FLOR801 01 IFLORAL DESIGI II 6:00-9 00pm Thurs 26-Oct 10 wks $250
FLOR802 01 FLORAL DESIGN III 6:00-9.00pm Tue 24-Oct 10wks $300

ENG900 11 EFFECTIVE WRITING SYILLS 6.00-9:00pm Tue 24-Oct 8wks $225
ESL 9:l(0 01 ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE 6-00-7 30pm Mon/Fri 23-Oct 10wks $250

MASG900 01 MASSAGE THERAPY ESSENTIALS I 6.00-9OOpm Thurs 19-Oct 10wks $465
MASG901 01 MASSAGE THERAY ESSENTIALS II 6:00-9:00pm Mon 9-Oct 10wks $620

MEDT900 01 MEDICAL TERMINOLOG' 6:00-900pm Thurs 19-Oct 10wks $225

SEW 800 01 BASIC OF FREEHAND CUTTING I 6:00-9:00pm Thurs 19-Oct 10 wks $225
SEW 802 01 BASIC OF FREEHAND CUTTING II 6:00-9:00pm Mon 23-Oct 10 wks $250
SEW 805 01 DRAPERY MAKING I 6:00-9:00pm Tue 24-Oct 10 wks $225
SEW 806 01 DRAPERY MAKING II 6:00-9:00pm Wed 25-Oct 10wks $250
SEW 811 01 UPHOLSTERY MAKING I 6:00-9-00pm Wed 25-Oct 10 wks $225

. .







,oft -


j~B~e~~ .:. i


I fliZ I trMOUi'rd U QIItVL.

Letter From The President

Dear Shareholders,

We are pleased to present our audited consolidated financial statements for the business
year ended September 30, 2005. We are delighted that we have recorded net investment
income of $1,103,578 and had a net gain in the value of investment properties of
$294,000 for the year. This unrealized gain is based on valuations performed by H.G.
Christie Ltd. as at September 30, 2005.'

Our general and administrative expense (less interest and bank charges expense) for the
year as a percentage of total investment income was 11.22%. Interest and bank charges
expense as a percentage of total investment income was 19.17%. Our current plans for
2006 include raising additional capital in order to relieve the Company of its credit

Dividend payments to shareholders amounted to $844,650, or 7.8%, on their investments
for the year and the Net Asset Value per Share at the end of the year increased from
$11.26 to $11.78 per share based on 1,082,885 shares outstanding. The Company has
total net assets valued at $12,752,112 as of September 30, 2005.

We are pleased to report that all properties are 100% leased.

We look forward to a prosperous year in 2006.





To the Shareholders and Directors of

We have audited the accompanying consolidated statement of assets and liabilities of Premier
Commercial Real Estate Investment Corporation Limited (the Company) as of September 30,
2005 and-the related consolidated statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows
for the year then ended. These consolidated financial statements are the responsibility of the
Company's management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these consolidated
financial statements based on our audit.

We conducted our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. Those
Standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about
whether the consolidated financial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit
includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the
consolidated financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles
used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall
consolidated financial statement presentation. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable
basis for our opinibn.

In our opinion, these consolidated financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the
financial position of the Company as of September 30, 2005, and of the results of its operations, '
changes in net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with International
Financial Reporting Standards.

February 4, 2006


September 30
2005 2004

Investment properties, at value (cost $17,022,000;
2004 -$17,022,000) (note 3) S 17,914,000 $ 17,620,000
Cash at bank 1,035,208. 514,629
Equipment (net) 78,629
Rents arid recharges receivable 186,424. 123,100
Due from property manager (note 4) 94,692 140,562
Other receivables 91,562 6,956
Other assets 24,457 18,920
Total assets 19,424,972 18,424,167

Credit facilities (note 5) 5,550,000 5,550,000
Accrued expenses and other payables 159,715 125,545
Dividends payable (note 6) 629,163 189,504
Accrued renovations (note 3) 200,000 200,000
Security deposits from tenants (note 7) 133,982 159,934
Total liabilities 6,672,860 6,224,983

Net assets S 12,752,112 $ 12,199,184

NET ASSETS (note 6)
Attributable to participating shares ($11.78 per share.
based on 1,082,885 shares outstanding; 2004 $11.26
and 1,082,885, respectively)$ 12,752,112 $ 12,199,184



Approved by The Board:

Hannes Babak Director Honourable Comelius A. Smith Director


September 9
Year ended 2003 to
September 30 September30
2005 2004

Rental $ 1,876,234 $ 1,899,125
Less: Common area maintenance expense (295,965) (255,264)
Interest 5,214 1,956
Total investment income 1,585,483 1,645,817

Interest and bank charges (note 5) 303,943 318,076
Professional fees 51,009 18,141
Property management fee (note 4) 36,000 36,000
Directors' fees 29,500 37,000
Administration fee (note 8) 25,532 27,083
Legal fees 14,544 20,000
Other, 10,024 5,419
Depreciation 8,737
Printing and reproduction 2,616 5,891
Organizational 41,453
Appraisal fees 6,400
Total expenses 481,905 515,463

Net investment income 1,103,578 1,130,354

Net gain on fair value adjustment (note 3) 294,000 598,000
Gain on acquisition of subsidiaries (note 9) 400,000
Net gain on investments 294,000 998,000

OPERATIONS .S 1,397,578 $ 2,128,354


September 9
Year ended 2003 to
September 30 September 30
2005 2004

Net investment income $ 1,103,578 $ 1,130,354
Net gain on fair value adjustment 294,000 598,000
Gain on acquisition of subsidiaries 400,000
Net increase in net assets from operations 1,397,578 2,128,354


Proceeds from initial issuance of voting participating shares 10,828,850

Dividends (note 6) (844,650) (758,020)

Net Increase in net assets 552,928 12,199,184

Net assets at beginning of period 12,199,184

NET.ASSETS AT END OF PERIOD $ 12,752,112 $12,199,184


September 9
Year ended 2003 to
September30 September30
2005 2004

Cash provided by (used in):

Net increase in net assets from operations $ 1,397,578 $ 2,128,354
Adjustments to reconcile net increase in net assets
from operations to net cash provided by operating
Net gain onfair value adjustment (294,000) (598,000)
Depreciation 8,737
Gain on acquisition of subsidiaries 1 (400,000)
1,112,315 1,130,354
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
Increase in rents and recharges receivable (63,324) (123,100)
Decrease (increase) in due from property manager 45,870 (140,562)
Increase in other receivables (84,606) (6,956)
Increase in other assets (5,537) (18,920)
Increase in accrued expenses and other payables 34,170 125,545
Increase in accrued renovations 200,000
Net cash provided by operating activities 1,038,888 1,166,361
Acquisition of equipment (87,366)
Acquisition of subsidiaries (16,622,000)
Net cash used in investing activities (87,366) (16,622,000)

Dividends paid (404,991) (568,516)
Decrease in security deposits (25,952) 159,934
Proceeds from issuance of share capital 10,828,850
Net proceeds from credit facilities 5,550,000
Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities (430,943) 15,970,268
Net change in cash 520,579 514,629
Cash at beginning of period 514,629

CASH AT END OF PERIOD $ 1,035,08 $ 514,629


September 9
r Yar6tndif"''"' 2003'to
September 30 September 30
2005 2004

Supplemental cash flow information:
Cash received as interest during the period $ 5,214 $ 1,956
Cash paid for interest during the period $ 303,943 $ 274,576

September 30,2005


Premier Commercial Real Estate Investment Corporation Limited (the Company) was
incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas on February 4, 2003, and
commenced operations on September 9, 2003. On February 10, 2003, the Company was granted
a Mutual Fund license under the Investment Funds Act, 2003 which supercedes the Mutual
Funds Act, 1995. The Company operates as a closed-end mutual fund. On July 9, 2003, the
Company was given approval for listing on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange
(BISX). The investment objective of the Company is to spread its risk by investing in a diverse
portfolio of commercial real estate properties in The Bahamas with long-term triple net leases
and first class tenants.

The Company's registered office is located at Moss & Associates, First Commercial Centre,
Grand Bahama, Bahamas. The Company had no employees at September 30, 2005, but instead
engages service agents to carry out its operational and administrative services.

The Board of Directors authorized these consolidated financial statements for issue on February


Statement of compliance

These consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with Intemational Financial
Reporting Standards.

Basis of preparation

These consolidated financial statements are expressed in Bahamian dollars. These consolidated
financial statements have been prepared on a historical cost basis except for the measurement at
fair value of investment properties and other financial assets and liabilities.

The preparation of consolidated financial statements requires management to make estimates
and assumptions that affect the reported amounts and disclosures in the consolidated financial
statements. Actual results could differ from those estimates.

Basis of consolidation

These consolidated financial statements comprise the financial statements of the Company and
its subsidiaries as of September 30, 2005. Subsidiaries are consolidated from the date on which
control is transferred to the Company and cease to be consolidated from the date on which
control is transferred out of the Company. All intercompany balances and transactions have been
fully eliminated.

The Company has two subsidiaries, which it owns 100%. Firstly, First Commercial Centre
Limited (FCCL) which was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
on December 2, 1996. Secondly, Oakes Central Properties (2003) Limited (Oakesco) which was
incorporated under the laws ofthe Commonwealth of The Bahamas on May 9, 2003.

The subsidiaries have been included in the consolidated financial statements using the purchase
method of accounting. Accordingly, the consolidated statements of operations and cash flows
include the results and cash flows of the subsidiaries fo/the year. The purchase consideration

has been allocated to the assets and liabilities on the basis of fair value at the date of acquisition.

Investment properties

All investment properties are initially recognized at cost, being the fair value of the consideration
given, including transaction costs. After initial recognition, investment properties are
remeasured at fair value. Gains and losses arising from the changes in the fair value of the
investment properties are included in the consolidated statement of operations in the period in
which they arise:

Investment properties are derecognized when they have either been disposed of or when the
property is permanently withdrawn from use and no further benefit is expected from its disposal.










' --

~BPI la -Uc-= I~-



Revenue recognition

Rental income is accounted for on the accrual basis based on rental amounts established in the
tenant' lease agreement and is reported net of the Company's portion of common area
maitenance expense.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable, which generally have 30 day terms,, are recognized and carried at the
original invoice amount less an allowance for uncollectible accounts. An estimate for doubtful
debts is made when collection of the full amount is no longer probable. Bad debts are written off
as incurred. There is no provision for doubtful accounts as at September 30, 2005.

Bank loans

All bank loans are initially recognized at cost, being the fair value of the consideration received.
.After initial recognition, interest-bearing loans are subsequently measured at amortized cost
using the effective interest method.

Borrowing costs

Borrowing costs are recognized as expense when incurred in accordance with the benchmark
accounting treatment under IAS 23.

Trade date accounting

All "regular way" purchases and sales of financial assets are recognized on the "trade date", i.e.
the date the Company commits to purchase or sell the asset.

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities,

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities, which are normally settled on 30 to 90 day terms, are
carried at cost which is the fair value of the consideration to be paid in the future for services
received, whether or not billed to the Company.


Equipment represents an air conditioning unit that the Company purchased during the year. The
equipment is stated at cost less accumulated depreciation. Depreciation is provided on a straight-
line basis over the estimated useful life of the asset of five years.


Leases where the lessor retains substantially all the risk and benefits of ownership of the asset are
classified as operating leases. Operating lease payments are recognized as income in the
consolidated statement of operations on a straight line basis over the lease term.

Negative goodwill

Negative goodwill represents the excess of the fair values of identifiable net assets acquired over
the cost of acquisition of a subsidiary. Negative goodwill that does not relate to identifiable
expected future losses and expenses that can be measured reliably at the date of acquisition has
been recognized as gain on acquisition of subsidiaries in the consolidated statement of

Income taxes

There are no income taxes imposed on the Company in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Adoption ofIFRSs during the year

The Company has adopted the following revised standards during the year and comparative
figures have been amended as required. Adoption of revised standards does not have any effect
on equity as at January 1,2004.

IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements (excluding amendments effective for
period beginning on or after January 1,2007);
IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors;
IAS 10 Events after the Balance Sheet Date;
IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment
SIAS 24 Related Party Disclosures;
IAS 27 Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements;
4,. k IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Presentation;
71AS 36 ImpainnentofAssets; and
IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement

Early adoption

The Company did not early adopt any new standards during the year:

IFRS and IFRIC Interpretationsnot yet effective

The Company has not applied the following IFRSs and IFRIC Interpretations that have been
issued but are not yet effective:

The Company has not applied IFRS 6 "Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources",
"IFRIC 5 Rights to Interests arising from Decommissioning, Restoration and Environmental
Rehabilitation Funds", IFRIC.6 "Liabilities arising from Participating in a Specific Market-
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" and IFRIC 8 Scope of IFRS 2 "Share-based
Payment" which have been issued but are not yet effective. These standards and interpretations
are not expected to be relevant to the activities of the Company and will have no impact on the
Company's consolidated financial statements in the period of initial application.

The Company has not applied IFRS 7 "Financial Instruments: Disclosures" that have been issued
but are not yet effective, which is required to be applied for annual periods beginning on or after
1 January 2007, and as a result, upon initial adoption certain amounts and disclosures related to a
portion of the Company's financial instruments may be changed.


Fair value at Net gain on Fair value at
September 30, fair value September 30,
2004 adjustment 2005

First Commercial Centre, Freeport $ 9,500,000 $ S 9,500,000
Caribbean Bottling Co. Plant, Nassau 5,000,000 200,000 5,200,000
Caribbean Bottling Co. Distribution
Centre, Nassau 2,580,000 80,000 2,660,000
Caribbean Bottling Co. Distribution
Centre, Freeport 540,00 14,000 554,000
$ 17,620,000 S 294,000 5 17,914,000

Investment properties are stated at fair value, which have been determined based on valuations
performed by H.G. Christie Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas, as of September 30, 2005, on the basis of open market value as supported by
market evidence. H.G. Christie Ltd. is an industry specialist in valuing these types of investment

During the prior year, the Company committed to make renovations to an investment property.
The total of that commitment at September 30, 2004 was $200,000. At September 30, 2005 the
renovations had not been made and the amount was still committed.


The Company has contracted with H.G. Christie Ltd. for the provision of property management
services to include tenant billing and the collection of rent for all properties. For their services,
H.G. Christie Ltd receives a fee equivalent to 2% per annum of the gross rental income of the


The Company has a credit facility (the Facility) with First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB)
which provides for borrowings up to $5,800,000 in United States or Bahamian dollars and is
collateralized by the investment properties held by the Company. At September 30, 2005, the
following amounts are outstanding under the Facility:

Termr Principal

LIBOR plus 1.75% p.a. due December 31,'2005 $ 4,060,000
Bahamian prime rate plus 1.50% p.a. due December 31,2005 1,490,000
$ 5,550,000

In accordance with the Company's agreement with FCIB, the Facility can be renewed at six-
month increments or converted to a fixed-term loan of up to 10 years.


The Company's authorized share capital is $300,000, comprised of 30,000,000 voting
participating ordinary shares (the Shares) of $0.01 par value each. The Shares of the Company
are closely held. Shares participate in the profits and losses of the Company and are entitled to
quarterly dividends of $0.195 per share.

The initial offering price of the Shares was $10, and thereafter the Shares are available for
subscription at dates to be determined by the directors. The minimum initial subscription is
$100,000 with minimum additional increments of $50,000. Shareholders do not have the right to
redeem shares with the Company. The Board of Directors may, in their absolute discretion, by
giving not less than ten business days' notice to any holder of shares, effect the compulsory
redemption of all (but not some) of the shares.

Total shares issued and outstanding at September 30, 2005 totaled 1,082,885, there were no
subscriptions or compulsory redemptions in the year.


The Company holds the following security deposits on behalf of its two subsidiaries at
September 30, 2005:


$ 62,781

$ 133,982

These amounts are to be returned to the tenants upon the termination of their rental agreements.


The Company had contracted SG Hambros Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Limited (SG Hambros), a
company incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, for the provision
of a registered office, administrative and registrar and transfer agency services. On June 1,2005,
the Company changed administrators to Genesis Fund Services Limited (Genesis), a Bahamian
unrestricted investment fund administrator incorporated and organized under the laws.of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas. For their services, SG Hambros had received an annual fee
equivalent to 0.15% per annum of the value of the Company's assets, with a minimum fee of
$25,000 per annum. For their services, Genesis receives an annual fee of $16,000.


Effective September 9, 2003, the Company acquired all of the shareholdings of FCCL and
Oakesco. The acquisitions were accounted for using the purchase method of accounting
whereby the excess of the fair values of identifiable net assets acquired over the cost of the
acquisitions is recognized as negative goodwill.

The fair value of the assets acquired from FCCL as of September 9, 2003*were:

Investment property

$ 9,200,000

Consideration given- (9,000,000)
Negative goodwill arising on acquisition $ 200,000

The fair value of the assets acquired from Oakesco as of September 9,2003 were:

Investment property $ 7,822,000
Consideration given (7,622,000)
Negative goodwill arising on acquisition $ 200,000


The Company has entered into commercial property leases on its investment property portfolio.
These non cancelable leases have remaining non cancelable lease terms of between 2 and 20
years. All leases include a clause to enable upward or downward revision of the rent charge on
an annual basis based on prevailing market conditions.

Future minimum rental income receivable under non cancelable operating leases is as follows at
September 30:

Within one year $ 88,467
' After one year but not more than five years 275,124
More than five years 178,150
$ 541,741


* As a result of its investment strategy, the Company is exposed to varying degrees of price risk,
credit iisk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk. Price risk is the risk that the value of the
Company's investments will fluctuate due to changes in various market factors. Price risk
embodies not only the potential for loss, but also the potehntal for gain.

Credit risk exists when the Company is subject to the risk that a counterpart to an agreement
with the Company will default on its obligation to perform under the agreement, such as the
obligation of tenant to pay rent. The Company's maximum exposureto credit risk in.the vent- -
the counterparties fail-to-perform-their obligationi afSeptember 30, 2005 in relation to each class
of recognized financial assets, is the carrying amount of those assets as indicated in the
consolidated statement of assets and liabilities. Interest rate risk is the risk that arises from the
Company's exposure to changes in interest rates in connection with its credit facilities.

Liquidity risk is the risk that the Company is likely to encounter as a result of its inability to sell
its investments quickly at fair value, due to the nature of all its investments being real estate. It
may be impossible to assess the exposure to risk in such circumstances.


Financial instruments utilized by the Company include recorded assets and liabilities. The
majority of thle Company's financial instruments are either short-term in nature, have interest
rates that reset to market rates on a periodic basis, or are marked to fair value on an annual basis.
Accordingly, the estimated fair value is not significantly different from the carrying value for
each major category of the Company's recorded asset ard liability.


A director and officer of the Company is also a director and officer of a company that is a
shareholder aid a tenant.


Effective December 13, 2005, Genesis resigned as administrator and registrar and transfer agent
for the Fund. The Fund has not contracted any entity to perform the duties of administrator and
registrar and transfer agent.

The Fund declared dividends of $427,740 for the period from October 1 to December 31,2005.


Certain 2004 figures have been reclassified to confirm with the financial statement presentation
adopted for 2005.



I I rr

I~L~E~ II I I I r~


6rm mor

4III fanw

CD .

'Sailing barber'


more regatta glory

Junior Sports Reporter

Eleazor Johnson is getting set
to sail in what he is saying will
be the most successful regatta
for his boat the Lady
The annual Harbour Island
Regatta, set for this holiday
weekend in one of the most
picturesque harbours in the
Bahamas, will attract some of
the top sailors.
Johnson, who has been sail-
ing for years, is welcoming

them to the open waters,
where he claims the Lady
Nathalie has captured the
most wins.
"I have the most bragging
rights, when it comes to the
Harbour Island Regatta," said


"I was winning the regatta
from it's inception, if I don't
win I don't leave without any-
thing. I always bring home
something, never leave empty

Johnson described his 2003
win as a miracle a come
from behind victory for Lady
Nathalie and her crew.
He said the Lady Nathalie
rules the waters in Harbotur
Island and the results at the
end of this regatta will prove
that to be the case.
He said: "I will never forget
the 2003 regatta, there were
eight boats in front of me and
I came back to win the race.
This was three straight for the
Lady Nathalie. No one
believed that the Lady
Nathalie was able to pull of
such a feat.

"I can't remember exactly if
they had a regatta in 2004
because couple of the regattas
were postponed due to bad


But if it was 2004 I know
that the Lady Nathalie was
ready to sail.
"This is a new boat and the
results are always good for
this boat, no matter how the
start is.
"I have a dedicated crew
who loves to win. A lot of per-

sons ask how the Lady
Nathalie does it but I will
have to tell them that it is
in the waters down in Bri-
land." '.
If Johnson and the Lady ',
Nathalie want to continue
their impressive streak at the
Harbour Island, they will have
to ward off threats from eight
other boats competing in the
B class.
So far, six boats have con-
firmed their participation in
the A-class and five in the C-
Competition will start on









:O r.


-`CD -




1<.- .~ ..-l




40 w f t

-do go --.O --


Real Deal Rangers celebrate

*. S. ,.~ I :
$ **







;i .i.
".Y I,

r;...~ i ~L

....... ...... ......

ard Marc
,hip troph

"" sr.7;
~s; -"


0t REAL Deal Rangers' players Alex Pierre,'-Steven Strachan and Sonny Miller (from left to right) celebrate the Bahamas Government Departmei
ketball Association's title that they won on Rriday night over the Esso Lean Backs.
(Phtoto: Nidia Elliott

E REXL Deal Rangers' centre Cranston Rolle. starting shooting gua
Mackey and starting centre Ian 'Wire' Pinder sho" off the champions
the won mver the Esso Lean Backs.
(Photor: India Elliou-







0 NINT' Ke,.in Nlc~hee shares a moment Ailh hris %%ife. Kizzi!. and daughter,
K~enzia, along %ith team-mate Ian "Wire' Pinder as the) celebrate the Real
Deal Rangers diningg the Bahamas Goiermnent Departmental Basketbafll sso-
cialion's title on Frida) night.


;~ ~s

Sri Lanka are aiming to move into


*i a *
. .. ...

pions Trophy with all-win record

4w n. a

S....... .......
SCowpyrighted OWpMerial

S *^a=aSyndicated Content|

Available fro Commercial News Providers-
** a

* e .... ... .. ....
--a an p ~rL' "" ,~
a. a;;;*E ;;;;; ;; ; ~ ai*1 i ~ ~ ~
r I* -.~Bi ;;

Ii -- -------

UzWAm .:4 .

Warning: Tobacco Smoking may cause
Heart Disease or Lung Cancer among other diseases

-. ----__ ~`.1.1~.`.~"`.`.--~.-~.~111~~~.~. ~I~~.~-~I~~~ `-.".-~`~.-`.`.l-T.91`"--~~--~9~.`~--1- 1YI-lltl-^1IIIIYIWZiliiF(L~-i~iiiiF=_?





Fax: (242) 328-2398

Te Tki* b11H'ne


league champions T-Bird
Flyers took on Castrol
Commonwealth in a mar-
quee matchup.
Batting first, Castrol
Commonwealth rebound-
ed from a poor start, losing
five wickets for a mere 34
runs, and were able to
regroup and score a total
of 239 runs with Dr. Harry
Si sringh scoring an aggressive
100 runs.
Other top scorers were
Terry Seepersad with 42
and Marlon Williams with
The top bowlers for T-
Bird were Mohammed
Allie with four with r ckets and
the youthful Roderick
Mitchell with three wick-
ets. T-Bird, batting second,
were bowled out for'142
runs in 27 overs.
Top scorer for T-Bird
was Andrew Nash, who
scored 48 runs.
Commonwealth won by
97 runs.
On Sunday, the youthful
St. Agnes team took on the
lowly Police team.
Police batted first,
amassing a total of 234
runs for the loss of only
four wickets. Mark Taylor
had 79 runs; David Bur-
nette 31 runs, Greg Taylor
Jr. 26 runs and veteran
Jairtam Mangra 28 runs for
the Police.
Bowling for St. Agnes,
Cody Dean and Vivian
Salmon took two wickets
Many of the cricket fans
expected that St. Agnes
youth would blow out the
Police, but St Agncs bats-
men'responded by scoring
235 runs for the loss of
nine wickets to win the
match by one wicket.
St Agnes captain Earl
Thomas led the batting for
his team with a score of 80
runs not out and Musa
James scored 54 runs.
Police best bowlers were
Odine Tucker with three
wickets and David Bur-
nette with two wickets.
Matches for next week-
end have been postponed
to make way for the BCA's
20/20 cricket tournament,
which starts on Friday and
wrap up on Sunday. It will
be a' knockout series.
The winning team will
receive $700, while the run-
ner-up will collect $400.
The other two semi-final-
ists will earn $200 each.
Here's a look at the
fixture of games:
Friday -11 a.m. Police vs
Dockendale. 2:30 p.m. Sco-
tiabank vs St. Agnes.
Saturday 11 a.m. T-
Bird vs Rising Star. 2:30
Sunday 11 a.m. Semifi-
nal match: 2:30 p.m. Final
League matches will
resume on Saturday and
Sunday, October 21-22.



Senior Sports Reporter
THE New Providence Soft-
ball Association may not be in
the type of situation that they
want to be, but president
Steve 'Garbo' Coakley said
they just want to finish the
season off.
Forced to put their season
on hold after the Churchill
Tener Knowles National Soft-
ball Stadium was closed on
Independence Day, the asso-
ciation abbreviated the regu-
lar season and kicked off the
playoffs at the Baillou Hills
Sporting Complex.
While they are close to hav-
ing a champion crowned in
the ladies division, the league
will get smack into the men's
playoffs this weekend..
The men's postseason was
put on hold to accommodate
the Bahamas Softball Feder-
ation men's national team
that traveled to Mexico to
play in the Pan Am qualifying
tournament last week.
Over the weekend, the
Bommer George Swingers
avoided being swept in three
games by the perennial cham-
pions Electro Telecom Wild-
cats by winning game three -
they now trail 2-1 in the best-
of-five ladies final.
"It seems as though the
Swingers are not going to lay


Steve Coakley

speaks of 'added

strain' on association

down and play dead," Coak-
ley reflected. "Looks like they
are coming with a lot of
"They have been hitting the
ball really well and their
defence is starting to hold up.
So it's possible that their
series could go five innings."

Game four is set for Satur-
day at 2pm with the fifth and
deciding game, if necessary,
set for Sunday at the same
time at Baillou Hills.
As for the men, the New
Breed will try to take a 2-0
lead over the TBS Truckers
after they were
one when the Truckers lost
by forfeiture when manager
Perry Seymour and third
baseman Stephen 'Slugger'
Brown refused to leave the
dug-out in the appropriate
time after they were both

Game two is set for Satur-
day at 3.30pm and game three
will be played on Sunday at
, On the other side of the
coin, the Stingrays Sporting
Club will play the Delsol
Arawaks in game one of their
series on Saturday at 12.30pm
Game two is set for Sunday
at 3.30pm.
"It should be a shootout
between the Delsol Arawaks
and the TBS Truckers,"
Coakley projected. "I think
Delsol will have the edge in
terms of pitching. They just play very good
defence and their bats come
"It should be very exciting
as we continue to play the rest
of the season and we start
building towards the new sea-
son next year."
SCoakley, who has expressed
his displeasure in the move
from the national stadium to
Baillou Hills, said not only


have the facilities not been
ready, but they have not been
able to attract the amount of
fans for the day games they
normally do when they play
under the lights at
"We are not accustomed to
playing in the day and we're
not accustomed to sharing the
gate and we don't have a con-
cession stands and we share
the fans with the slowpitch
people," he stated.

"All of this has put added
strain on us because we need
to have the resourcesto pay
what is required to participate
in the (BSF) national round
robin tournament. So it's not
the best situation that we are
Coakley, however, said they
have no choice they have to
bear with the situation and
hopefully they won't have to
deal with it next year when
they return to playing under
the lights.
While he said they have a
mandate to have their season
completed and their champi-
ons crowned in time for the
nationals that will get under-
way during the first week in
November, Coakley said they
* are disappointed in the fans'
support, especially for the

THE Bahamas Gov-
ernment Departmental
Softball Association
had its playoffs over
the weekend at the
Baillou Hills Sporting
Complex with the fol-
lowing results:
In the ladies side,
Finance Invaders def.
Police Reservists 21-6
in game one.
In game two, the
Reservists were lead-
ing the Invaders 10-5
in the bottom of the.
fifth. But the Invaders
bounced back to score
seven runs from errors
to take the lead in the
sixth before the game
was called because of
And the Police Roy-
als knocked off the
NIB Queens 14-2.
On the men's side,
the Police Aces pulled
off 21-14 slug-fest
over BEC in game one,
but BEC turned the
tables with a 24-17
decision to even the
'Also the CAD
Nailers nipped the
Defence Force Can-
nons 13-12.


are the

Real Deal

COACH James Price
(right) and his Real Deal
Rangers celebrated on Fri-
day night as the champions
of the Bahamas Government
Departmental Basketball
Association. They won 95-91
over the Esso Lean Backs.
Kevin McPhee was the lead-
ing scorer with 26 points to
earn the most valuable play-
er award. Brandon 'Biddy'
Ingraham chipped in 20.
(Photo: India

The Tribune IThe htRiazmi Itralb

Fill out coupon and drop off at The Tribune

cONGNRATULATKINS to Donbts JknMyVWtNNir Oftbq Dotpblms *1 A" n.# dr&WtRO

i' '



---- I -r ~ ~ C -IC-13 T-111MIN gill I I llil oolli 11 WININ III 1,1 1 NIII I 11limp 11l1ILIIIILIR

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