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IWmm W rM IE





Volume: 102 No.261 ESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2006 PRICE- 750

'I 1



Claims that MP has

made move following

outrage over fight

Tribune Staff Reporter
Gibson reportedly handed in
his resignation yesterday from
the Gaming Board following
the public outrage over a fist
fight between himself ap.nd
Mount Moriah MNP Koid Smith.
The Tribune h..., Ilarried that
a meeting of the Gaming Board,
originally scheduled for today,
was cancelled b' Mr Gibson,
citing that he had tendered his
Speaking with informed
sources within the government,
this move is not at all unex-
pected as it was[being speculat-
ed on Sunday night as a possi-
bility to help qiell the increas-
ing calls for action from Prime,
Minister Perry/Christie.
However, The Tribune could'
not confirmfthe additional
S reports that Mr Smith, although
retaining his Ambassador of the
Environment status, was
relieved of his affiliation with
the Ministry of Energy and the
Yesterday an informal polling
S done on Love 97 by talk show
S host Wendell Jones revealed
the overwhelming opinion that
some form of disciplinary action
is needed following the fight
between the two MPs. i
While some callers voiced
their belief that the matter
should be "buried", others
expressed their disappointment
in both representatives, appeal-

ing for them to either be sus-
pended, resign, or be fired.
"Mr Jones, if you work for
the government of the Bahamas
andsyou are caught fighting that
is automniic dismissal. So what
makes them any different?" one
caller asked.
'lfind it ^ intere'tinpg that
anyone can juistit hat ihese
two MPs have done in the
House," another caller said. "It <
is just unforgivable. I really
Think it is a sad day when we as
Bahamians allow people to go
so out of control in such respon-
sible conditions. And I should
not think that this would be up
Sfor discussion. It should be their
resignations immediately, and
SI can't see any other country
allowing something like this to
happen," she said.
Mr Jones himself commented
that he had not witnessed two
men fighting in public in.
"decades "
"Let me tell you this, I have,
not seen grown men fighting in
about 30 years. I have been to
boxing matches, and I have seen
it on television. But in terms of
witnessing people fighting -
grown men fighting -I haven't
seen that in decades," Mr Jones
At the final polling, the
callers were registered with 21
persons saying that the "hatch-
et should be buried" between'
the two men with them receiv-
ing no disciplinary punishment.
SEEpage 10

CUBAN Ambassador
Felix V ilson welcomes
Irnia Gonzales to the
Bahamas Miss Gonzales is
the daughter of one of the
Cuban men incarcerated in
the United States on espi-
onage-related charges
(Photo: Onan Bridgewiaterf
Tribune staff)
AT the invitation of the
Cuban Embassy a daughter
of one of the "Cuban Five"
arrived in Nassau yesterday
saying she wants the
Bahamian public to know
the truth about her father's
SIrma Gonzalez, daughter
of Ren6 Gonzalez, one of
five Cubans serving life sen-
tences in the United States
on espionage-related
charges,.was greeted at the
Lynden Pindling Interna-
tional Airport by Cuban
Ambassador to the
Bahamas Felix Wilson:
She was also met by
members of a.recently
formed group known as
"the Bahamian Friends of
the Cuban Five". They are
joining an international
campaign for the case of the
five to be examined for
human rights violations,
claiming the original trial
SEE page 10

AG's office

hits out at

article in

THE Attorney General's
Office last night hit out at what
it termed "'scurrilous allega-
tions" in yesterday's INSIGHT
article about official secrecy.
Citing claims made by The
Tribune's managing editor, John
Marquis, against the Bahamas'
judicial system, a press release
said: -'The Bahamas is ruled by
law rather than rumour and
Mr Marquis's article criticised
legal authorities for not reveal-
ing the results of toxicology tests
into the death of Anna Nicole
Smith's son, Daniel.
It also criticised the fact that
the Bahamian public had had
to rely on a privately-hired
American pathologist, Dr Cyril
Wecht, for information they
ought to have been given by
SEE page 11

Fred Mitchell denies
international pressure
determined decision
on 'Ninety' Knowles
THE Minister of Foreign
Affairs has denied that interna-
tional pressure was a determin-
ing factor in the government's
decision to extradite accused
Drug offender Samuel "Ninety"
Appearing on Jeff Lloyd's
show, 'Real Talk Live' yester-
day, Fred Mitchell said that con-
trary to some beliefs that the
Bahamas had succumbed to the
pressure from the United States
of America to send him to the
States to face charges, a "bal-
anced" and "judicious" decision
was made.
"It is important for me as a
minister of the government to
understand that notwithstand-
ing the strength of the advocacy
of the various opponents that
one must not take these things
SEE page 11

Party leader
hits out at
PM over MPs'

THE altercation between
MPs Keod Smith and Kenyatta
Gibson is evidence of Prime
Minister Perry Christie's inabil-
ity to control his parliamentary
colleagues, Prince Strachan,
leader of the United Reform
Party said in a release yester-
Mr Strachan chastised Prime
Minister Christie, Vincent Peet
and "the spin doctors" of the
PLP for attempting to down-
play the incident.
"They seem to think that the
people of the Bahamas are stu-
pid. These two men Keod-Smith
and Kenyatta Gibson are an
embarrassment to the youth of
this nation and the Bahamian
people... another demonstration
of the way in which this PLP
government dictates, manipu-
lates and does things in a care-
SEE page 10

" -. ,- ..- .'-", : . ..'
':~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~,,, -.:- ,: -'. 5:~: ,'=,m r.'. g' ?::, -_ &


he iaHmi EDI raTI



PAt-, F= -ri TI lav CCOTOBFR 3.f200

rA-ur- 4, I /L~ JLJlr i, s. ~ % '- *

In families and governments

things sometimes fall apart

Things fall apart; the centre cannot
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the

W HEN the poet W B Yeats
wrote his poem, The Sec-
ond Coming, the world he surveyed
looked quite gloomy and he was won-
dering if the end was near and some
apocalyptic beast would soon appear.
Europe had just been ravaged by the
Great War and was still in a state of
turmoil, facing the threats of Commu-
nism in the East and Fascism in the
West. The slouching beast with "a gaze
blank and pitiless as the sun" never
came, but the same year Yeats died,
Europe was plunged into the even more
destructive World War II.
Nearly 40 years after the death of the
Irish poet, an African writer, Chinua
Achebe, looked to this poem for the
title of what was to be a spectacularly
successful African novel, Things Fall
Apart. It has sold millions of copies and
has been translated into 50 languages.
Not everything falls apart, of course,
although the human condition seems
to have a built-in programme for that
outcome. Sometimes things can be pre-
vented from falling apart; history and
everyday life are full of examples where
wisdom and will can prevail.
But things do indeed fall apart from
time to time in Europe and Africa,
in families and communities, in com-
mercial enterprises, churches and polit-
ical parties. Sometimes things fall apart
apparently out of the blue, with no
warning, although some say that every-
thing has within it the seeds of its own
destruction, or the capacity to'sow those

What is most fascinating, how-
ever, is when things start to
fall apart and everybody sees them
falling apart, knows exactly why they
Share falling apart, and knows just as well
that there is nothing one can do to stop
them falling apart. The wise can only
wait to pick up the pieces..
There are many cases around the
world and at home where things seem to
be falling apart. Some seem unalterably
set to run their course but others look as
if they can yield to wisdom and will.
The British journal, The Economist,
recently examined the case of Poland
where a coalition government elected
Last year seems to be heading for the
rocks. It says things are so unsettled in
Central Europe that a conspiracy theo-
rist might wonder if this autumn had
brought something odd to the water,
Poland is unique among democratic
countries inasmuch as two brothers -
identical twins hold the top positions
in the country. One is president and
other prime minister. Both seem to be
rooted in the politics of the past anc
the result has been ineffective adminis-
tration at home and a series of gaffe!
The government was never well gluec
together in the first place, says The
Economist, with an unlikely coalition
of political parties with different agen-
das pulling in different directions. The



Economy is doing well but there are big
long-term problems in the education
system and the country's roads and oth-

-What is most
fascinating is when
Things start to fall
Apart and
everybody sees
them falling apart,
knows exactly why
they ate falling
apart, and knows
just as well that
there is nothing
one can do to stop
them falling apart.
SThe wise can only
wait to pick up the

s er infrastructure are clapped out.
The Economist believes that "many
Poles are thoroughly fed up with the
circus antics of their leaders and would
Welcome a chance to vote in a new gov-
SThe political situation in Poland is



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different from that in The Bahamas
but there 'are some parallels. The
Bahamas is certainly faced with prob-
lems in its education system and much
of its infrastructure is clapped out. But
it also faces other serious challenges,
including environmental threats and
increasing criminal violence.,
Instead of dealing effectively with
the country's problems, the ruling par-
ty seems to be falling apart and adding
to the nation's headaches. Like the Pol-
.ish coalition, but for different reasons,
the PLP was unglued when it came to
power in 2002.

T hePLP did not expect to win
Sthe last election after two suc-
cessive defeats and having its elected
parliamentary complement reduced to
a humiliating five members. So its
prospects of attracting a full slate of
the best candidates were seriously
It had some experienced and quali-
fied people, of course, but the reality of
politics in today's Bahamas is that it
takes more than "the cause" to attract
enough people so that the party can
pick and choose; it also requires at
least a reasonable hope of success.
The PLP came to office with a less
than lustrous group of parliamentarians
and with a leadership problem and that
has continued for four and a half years.
When he was elected Party Leader,
Perry Christie was a popular politician
and was well-liked throughout the
country by people of all political per-
suasions. ,
But those who knew him best were
convinced that because of certain per-
sonality traits he would not make a good
leader. There was one important excep-
tion to this and that was former Prime
Minister Sir Lynden Pindling.,

n a rancorous convention battle
with Dr Bernard Nottage, Mr
Christie had the support of Sir Lynden
and that meant a majority of the rank
arid file of theparty and victory.
Dr Nottage'left the party in a hasty
move that he'probably regretted before
too long; If he had stayed and got elect-
ed, he would have been iWqa position,
when things started to fall agart, to chal-
lenge Mr Christie for thdleadership
and the job pf prime minister.
Mr Christie was left to choose a cab-
inet from party leaders who were over-
whelmingly hot his supporters and who,
judging from their subsequent actions,
seem to hold his leadership in contempt.
Furthermore, Mr "Christie was forced
to appoint to his cabinet a few persons
whom Sir Lynden would not even have
There are other pitfalls for a party
that does not expect to win. One is to
make extravagant promises in a des-
perate attempt to attract votes without
the risk of being called upon to deliver.
Another is the temptation to accept
money from contributors that would
not otherwise have been entertained.
The expectation is the same. Since the
party does not expect to win, it never
expects to bie confronted by a patron
with embarrassing-demands.

day join their militaries to guar-
antee the region's security.
Chavez has been lobbying
feverishly for allies to counter-
balance what he says is US
domination in the region.
US officials have long con-
sidered Chavez a destabilizing
force, and have suggested the
Security Council could be
unworkable if Venezuela beats
US-backed Guatemala for a
rotating council seat
The talks, which end
Wednesday night, are expect-
ed to also focus on counter-nar-
cotics and counter-terrorism.

Mr Christie and the PLP did win and
all these chickens almost immediately
started coming home to roost. The for-
eigner from whom they accepted mil-
lions of dollars for their campaign came
asking for a favour orl delivery on a
promise that they could not grant.
Worse than that, the PLP Govern-
ment from the very beginning descend-
ed into dysfunction, confusion and inde-
cision. Matters the people expected to
be dealt with by the government they'
elected were passed on td committees
and commissions.

M / ministers went about doing
their own thing and in the
process shattered many of \the funda-
mental conventions of cabinet govern-
ment, and the centre did notihold. The
Prime Minister seemed powerless or
unwilling to coordinate, much less dis-
cipline, his team.
His response to one crisis 'after the
other was, to say the least, inadequate.
SAllegations of conflict of interest went
unaddressed, shady deals like the Kore-
an boat scandal were exposed but with
no definitive response from the centre.
Now Mr Christie is reduced to mak-
ing excuses' or trying to justify the

There are other
pitfalls for a party
that does not
expect to win.
One is to make
promises in a
desperate attempt
to attract votes
without the risk of
being called upon
to deliver.

unseemly actions of some of his minis-
ters, as in the case of the Anna Nicole
,Smith affair, or trying to laugh off bad
behaviour on the part of other mem-
bers of his team, as in the case of the
two who resorted to blows in the Cabi-
net Room last week.
,..Things are indeed falling apart in the .
PLP Government and, as a conse-
quence, in the country as Well ,There
are intelligent people in the PLP who
see and understand all this. There must
be some wisdom here but the will
seems lacking. In the words of the poet,
The best lack all conviction, while
the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

o In brief
. .. ...................... I ............................ ,


accused of

sex with


AN 18-year-old man charged
with having unlawful inter-
course with a 12-year-old girl
was arraigned in Magistrate's
Ryan Clayton Adderley, 18,
of -Colony -Village, was
arraigned before Magistrate
Marilyn Meeres, charged with
unlawful intercourse of with a
young girl was arraigned in
court yesterday.
It is alleged that sometime
between October 2000 and
August 2006, the accused had
unlawful intercourse with a girl
age 12.
Adderley was not required to
plead to the charge and was
ranted bail in the amount of
10,000. The case was
adjourned to January 22,2007.
Sergeant Clifford Daxon pros-


denies talk

of military

minister said Monday his coun-
try's military buildup isn't a
threat to the region as he joined
US Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeldl and counterparts
from more than 30 other coun-
tries from across the Americas
to discuss possible joint human-
itarian missions worldwide,
according to Associated Press.
Speaking as a meeting of
Western Hemisphere defense
ministers opened, General Raul
Isaias Baduel said Venezuela's
recent military spending spree
wasn't "an arms race," despite
Washington's protests.
"All our acquisitions are
strictly for defence," he said,
adding later: "In noway is dur
country adopting an attitude of
defense against any fellow coun-
Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez has repeatedly accused
the United States of planning
to invade his country, a claim
American officials dismiss as
The Venezuelan leader
recently used booming oil prof-
its to close deals with Russia
worth roughly US$3 billion.
Arms purchased include
100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 24
Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets and 53
military helicopters.
Venezuela is also obtaining a
licence for the first Kalashnikov
rifle factory in Latin America.
Venezuela's defence spend-,
ing is still dwarfed by that of
the US, which is to reach rough-
ly US$500 billion this year,
including war costs for Iraq and
In May, Washington banned
arms sales to Venezuela, say-
ing Chavez has not done
enough to counter terrorism.
Chavez referred to US Presi-
dent George W. Bush as "the
devil" during a United Nations
meeting in New York City and
denounced US efforts to block
Venezuela's bid for a seat on
the UN Security Council.
Rumsfeld said Sunday he did
not expect to meet privately.with
the Venezuelan defence minis-
ter, although he will see him dur-
ing the regular meetings.
Baduel told The Associated
Press he had a "cordial exchange"
with Rumsfeld on Sunday night
and offered him a cigar.
"I have spoken to Mr. Rums-
feld to convince him that he
should try smoking Venezue-
la's good tobacco," Baduel said.
"He said he doesn't smoke, that
his wife wouldn't let him."
Asked if Venezuela would
seek a bilateral meeting with
Rumsfeld, Baduel said his pri-
ority would be with other mem-
bers of the Mercosur trade bloc
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay
and Paraguay. Chavez has pro-
posed that the members one











0 In brief

Man faces
charge of
sex with

A MAN charged with having
unlawful intercourse with a girl
age 10 was arraigned in magis-
trate's court yesterday.
Court dockets state that
Philip James Bowe, 42, some-
time between June 2004 and
August 2004 had unlawful inter-
course with a girl age 10.
Bowe, who appeared before
Magistrate Marilyn Meeres, was
not required to plead to unlaw-
ful intercourse charges.
The court exercised its dis-
cretion and denied granting bail
to Bowe. He was remanded to
prison and the case was
adjourned to January 23, 2007.

AG cited
Justice John
Lyons in
IN her address to the
Bahamas Bar Association on
September 29, the occasion of
the call to the Bahamas Bar of
13 new members, the Attorney
General, Allyson Maynard-Gib-
son, drew to the attention of all
present the judgment of Justice
John Lyons in the Samuel
Knowles matter. In doing so she
cited the case reference, the
date of the judgment and the
name of the judge.
The report of the address in
the October 2, 2006, edition of
The Tribune did not give cred-
it to Justice Lyons for the fol-
lowing statements:
"Counsel has no place in
bringing an application no mat-
ter what counsel's instructions
may be that would cause the
court to fall into disrepute or
to be made a laughing stock.
"The courts do not have
objection to the legitimate use
of tactics and strategies in.both
criminal and civil proceedings.
The question that always looms
In the minds of counsel and
i court is when do those strategies
'ind tactics no longer becom'eri
legitimate but fall into the cate-
gory of an abuse of process?
"...the Bar is no place for the
faint-hearted nor those too will-
ing to compromise when it
comes to matters of principle,
particularly as it relates to the
independence, the reputation
and the image of the Judiciary."
In her address the Attorney
Gel ,ral recited the above
"exv' ,cts from the judgment and
gi e full credit to their author,
Justice Lyons.
The Tribune is happy to clar-
ify this matter.


heads hold
talks on
TEN Caribbean heads of
state gathered in Trinidad on
Monday to develop initiatives
to improve education and spur
development, according to
Associated Press.
Trinidad's president, George
Maxwell Richards, opened the
five-day conference with a
speech declaring "without edu-
cation we can have no mean-
ingful development."
Presidents or governors gen-
eral from 10 of the 15
Caribbean,Community nations
were attending the conference,
which was being held through
s.movf sii
11 111Wh

GB power workers

ordered to return

to work by Gibson

Tribune Freeport Reporter
Bahama Power Company
workers have been told to
cease all industrial action and
return to work by today.
Minister of Labour Shane
Gibson, who was in Grand
Bahama yesterday, said he told
employees to go back to work
because a dispute filed by the
union against management has
been referred to the Industrial
Tribunal for conciliation on 14
outstanding issues related to
the new contract proposal sub-
mitted by the union. It is not
legal to continue industrial
action after a matter has been
referred to the tribunal.
The Commonwealth Elec-
trical Workers Union (CEW)
initiated a strike on Friday
after ongoing negotiations with
management stalled last week
- the first in the 30-year histo-
ry of the company..The parties
have been in negotiations for
over a year and have not
reached an agreement.
Although union president
Keith Knowles met with Prime
Minister Perry Christie and Mr
Gibson in New Providence
on Sunday, agreeing to end the
strike, workers assembled in
front of the Power Company
building for a second day on
Mr Gibson said that govern-
ment was very concerned
about the affect a strike would
have on the Grand Bahama
"When we looked at the
position of the Grand Bahama
economy, and we looked at the
implications of having employ-
ees out on strike, and the fact
that they could not only possi-

bly affect electricity, but
also the water supply in
Grand Bahama, we
thought it was important
not to put the island of
Grand Bahama in that
coG.ipromising position
where they would be
without. electricity or
water," he said.
"I thought it was l
important for me to refer
the matter to the Indus-
trial Tribunal, but in the
meantime we thought it
was important for the
process to continue and
so I am here today to sit
with management and
union so we could concil-
iate the whole process N!
and bring it to a speedy
resolution," Mr Gibson
A conciliation meeting was
scheduled for 2pm on Monday,
hut was postponed when work-
ers did not return to work.
Mr Gibson said that man-
agement and the Department
of Labour took the position
that negotiations would not
occur as long as employees
were out on strike.
After meeting with union
executives yesterday afternoon,
Mr Gibson said he was
informed that some workers
were allowed back to work, but
could not substantiate the
"We have now gotten assur-
ance from the union president
... and we will know for sure
whether they return to work
between this evening and
tomorrow (Tuesday) morn-
ing," Mr Gibson said.
A new CEO has been
appointed to replace Dave
Dunbar, who left the position
last week. Mr Dunbar, who has

SHANE Gibson

been away, returns to Freeport
today and will remain with his
replacement until mid-October.
Mr Gibson said that "the
strike was very effective, but
very responsible" and com-
mended union president Keith
Mr Knowles said that work-
ers and union want the matter
resolved immediately.
"It is now in government
hands and the minister has now
intervened," he said.

co family is reportedly in
shock after the tragic death of
13-year-old Wencil Laroda -
the victim of a gruesome car
accident over the weekend.
Wencil was the only son of
a devastated Clint Laroda -
who, riding in another car.,
watched helplessly as the
accident unfolded.
A family member said
Wencil died instantly after
being ejected from a car
which was involved in a colli-
sion with another vehicle.
He had just left a practice
session of his church's band
and was reportedly the pas-
senger of a vehicle being dri-
ven by another band member.
The Tribune was unable to
contact the young victim's
immediate family yesterday,
however one relative agreed
to an interview on condition
of anonymity.
"It's such a shame that
instead of having fun for mid-
term, he's going t be buried
instead. It's really a shock
because he was never a trou-
blemaker or out drinking or
anything and was always
sweet," she said.
"I remember when he was
bor how elated everyone was
that (his mother, Wendy) had
the little boy she always want-
ed. Its hard to understand why
this happened to someone as
sweet, giving and genuine as :
her and her fjmiln." the rela- ;

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tive said.
She said that despite his grief
and loss, Mr Laroda remains
strong and refuses to question
God's decision to take his son,
and that the entire extended
family has been very supportive.
According to unofficial
reports, the driver of the vehicle
that Wencil was riding in sus-
tained serious injuries.
Along with his parents, Wen-
cil Laroda was survived by four
sisters; Shamare, Kellae, Cadas-
sa and Cadina.

7 7 -

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-~ ~ f~v 501 I.54r T-,QW(:4 4 1JL?$I ;


Family in shock over

death of 13-year-old

boy' in car accident



"Lowest Prices On The Island"


..l -,




^Donafd's iturniture

AndAppliance Centre




IF PRIME Minister Christie does not take
decisive action in dealing with his brawling min-
isters, he could be the one to suffer the greatest
political fall-out from their Cabinet room tussle
on September 25.
Bahamians, even in his own party are upset.
Although there are some who think everyone
should turn a blind eye and let the PLP work
out their own squabbles, there are even more
who believe that an example ,should be made of
the country's leaders who can't control their
tempers. They are particularly concerned
because lack of anger management, especially
among the young, is today at the root of most of
society's serious assaults and deaths. If the lead-
ers have no self control, they argue, what can be
expected of the youth? And, if the youth must
suffer the consequences of their actions, so
should their leaders. They should set the exam-
Decisive action is needed by Prime Minister
Christie to convey to the public that govern-
-ment will not tolerate such boorish behaviour
from the people's servants. If the two men
refuse to resign one as an ambassador, the
other as chairman of the gaming board then
they should be fired. The buck stops at the
Prime.Minister's desk.
Many Bahamians are also tired of the PLP's
"spin doctors" who are trying to pretend that it's
the media's fault for "sensationalising" and
"overstating" the event, and a Prime Minister
whose initial reaction was that the whole issue
Should be laughed off as a non-event.
Whoever advised the pre-recorded radio
show be broadcast Sunday night between the
two parliamentarians "we are united as we
have ever been even stronger" explained
Environment Ambassador Keod Smith did
the PLP a great disservice.
In view of Gaming Board Chairman Kenyatta.
Gibson's "unreserved" apology on Friday and
admission that whatever took place in the Cab-
inet room that night had "declined to an unac-
ceptable and undignified level", the charade
that was acted out on Sunday night's radio pro-
gramme between the two MPs made them, as
well as their "handlers", look clumsy.
There was raucous laughter by some listen-
ers to the show.when they heard both MPs
declare that honesty was one of the most impor-
tant virtues that a representative should have,
and then, in the next breath, heard them both
declare that they were unaware of anything
being broken during their heated exchange of
words in the cabinet room. As one wit
remarked: "You mean they shouted so loud
that the glass on the cabinet table cracked, just

In 1625, Francis Bacon opened his essay on
Truth with these words: "What is truth? said
jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer."
Well we are not Pilate, we are not jesting,
and, unlike Pilate, we and our readers -
are staying around for an answer a truthful
answer this time.
When programme presenter Wendell Jones
asked who started the fight, both MPs laughed
the question off.
"Ah, Wendell you are something else. Ah,
goodness," Mr Gibson chuckled. However, he
denied the rumour that it was he who slapped
Mr Smith first.
Mr Smith didn't think it mattered who it
was "who started, or whose comments led to
any disagreement that we had."
At least this establishes the fact that their dis-
agreement was started by words.
It has been claimed that Mr Smith questioned
Mr Gibson's integrity in a case over the sale of
a house in which both lawyers are involved.
It is further alleged that an angered Mr Gib-
son retorted with a racial and ethnic remark.
According to a source, Mr Gibson was over-
heard telling friends that as he got up to leave
the room, Mr Smith rushed him from behind.
Mr Gibson, a big man, crashed into the windows
that overlook the ocean from the cabinet room,
breaking two panes of glass.
It is further claimed that as he was on the
floor, Mr Smith moved in for the attack. Mr
Smith's good friend Sidney Stubbs, also moved
in, ostensibly to separate the two. However,
Mr Gibson allegedly misread his intentions,
and felt it was a case of two against one, and
fought back.
At the end of the day, Mr Gibson was nurs-
ing a sore right hand believed to have been
sprained in the exchange. Anyway, whatever
the injury, the next day, Mr Gibson, a right-
handed man, could only greet friends with his
left paw.
This is the report now on the street. As all
agree that honesty is one of the most important
virtues, Bahamians would like to know if all, or
any part of this report as related here, is true.
Bahamians would also like to know if the
Prime Minister now considers it worthy of his
attention. If so: What does he plan to do about
And, unlike Pilate, the Bahamian people are
prepared to wait for an answer as to what in fact
is the truth. What did happen on the night of
September 25th in that cabinet room between
Kennedy MP Kenyatta Gibson, chairman of
the Gaming Board; and Mt Moriah
MP Keod Smith, Ambassador to the Environ-


The Tribune Limited
Being Bound to Swear to The Dogmas of No Master

LEONE. H. DUPUCH, Publisher/Editor 1903-1914

(Hon.) LL.D., D.Litt.

Publisher/Editor 1919-1972
Contributing Editor 1972-1991

Publisher/Editor 1972-

Published Daily Monday to Saturday

Shirley Street, P.O. Box N-3207, Nassau, Bahamas
Insurance Management Building., P.O. F-485, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Switchboard (News, Circulation and Advertising) 322-1986
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Freeport fax: (242) 352-9348

EDITOR, The Tribune.
ber 19th, you published the
latest in a series of articles by
the veterinarian Dr Basil
Sands, this one entitled
'Removing your cat's claws'.
In it, Dr Sands, whilst not
outrightly condoning the prac-
tice, is also a little sparing with
the truth of the matter. A few
minutes searching the inter-
net or talking to local vets
soon reveals that, far from the
operation being "controver-
sial with some cat experts"
and "some breed associations"

not allowing them to be
shown, the practice is, in fact,
almost universally condemned
as being unnecessary, cruel
and barbaric. Euphemistically
referred to as "de-clawing", it
is, in fact, the forced mutila-
tion of a perfectly viable ani-
mal for the flimsiest of rea-
sons. Most local vets refuse to
perform the operation, as does
the Bahamas Humane Soci-

Should Bahamas support

candidacy of Venezuela?

EDITOR, The Tribune.
I CONSIDER myself to be a good listener of public
thought and opinion and was surprised after the UN speech
of Venezuela's' President Hugh Chavez to certainly get
the opinion that the majority of Bahamians of the over 40-
age group were in support of the content and the lashing
criticism of the United States and their President, George W
I fully agree that the US policy to The Caribbean -
Latin and South America has been a total failure in fact
clearly it is a result of its failure or basically lack of a poli-
cy that we in our region faced with the realities of today
such as Venezuela and almost a 100 per cent extreme social-
ist-leftist governments through South America.
The question is should The Bahamas support the candi-
dacy of Venezuela as an interim Member of the UN Secu-
rity Council?
Any fair analysis of the geopolitical stance of;Venezuela
shows that as much as they are being used there'are serious
if not grave and most serious reasonswhy their intent on
success of being elected, even for two years, to the Perma-
nent UN Security Council, would seriously damage global
Venezuela in recent weeks has allied themselves with
tyrannical regimes from Sudan where the largest genocide
against Christian Africans is currently taking place to Iran,
Syria, Cuba, Zimbabwe.
Further they have given support to known international
terrorist groups. Venezuela clearly supports fundamental-
ist movements and their use of violent terrorism as an end
to achieve political control.
Prime Minister Perry Christie:
Prime Minister remember we are a peace-loving people
- our economic well-being relies one million per cent on a
peace-filled world and we are fundamentally Christian.
It would be a total 100 per cent right about turn in that if
we were to support and vote for the candidacy of Venezuela
to the UN Security Council. Our vote should go to the
alternative peace-loving Guatemala.
September 24, 2006.

ety, and many countries have'
banned the operation entirely.
The usual reason given for
this operation is that the cat is
scratching, either people or:
furniture. If this is the case,
removing the claws does noth-
ing to solve the original cause
of the scratching. This is often
as simple as boredom as many,
people still mistakenly believe .
that cats are quite happy to
do nothing all day. On the
contrary, whilst they do sleep
or nap for large parts of the
day, the rest is often taken up,
where possible, with play
which would, in the wild, build
up their hunting and defen-
sive capabilities.
Imagine, if you can, having
the tips of each of your fin-
gers removed from the first
knuckle onward. Just the sim-
pie act of shaking hands
becomes impossible, let alone
such complex operations as
lifting a cup or holding a pen.
A cat's claws perform many
similar operations, including
exercising the muscles as they
pull against the claws, marking .1
their territory by scratching -
trees, self-defence and help-
ing them keep their balance.
This, of itself, stressful opera-
tion can result in a lifetime of -
problems for the animal,
including avoiding using the
litter box as it is uncomfort-
able or painful, biting things or
people as it can no longer
scratch and even joint prob-
lems and arthritis due to the
altered gait. In fact removing
the claws can result in more
problems, not less.
The lesson, therefore, s sim-
ple; before taking on a cat an
owner should take the time to
inform themselves of the con-
sequences of doing so. Most
problems with any pets can be
avoided by training, the pro-
vision appropriate and
stimulating environment and
plain, ordinary TLC. As list
resort, if you are not prepared
to accept an animal as ai ci
made it, then please, plea...
do not take one into yoi, ok
I would also hope that a i
respected publication such as
yours would be more careful
in publishing articles where
the writer has some financial '
interest in the outcome. '

Paradise Island
September, 2006.


Snd -of 30%

Summer Sale
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Please take note th.l oinl one location will be closed in
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shopping with us, we appreciate your business.

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If this describes your next career move MAKE IT!

Interested persons should submit their resumes in WRITING or
E-mail along with copies of their certificates before October 6th,
2006 to:

Human Resources Department
2. Re: Teller
P.O. Box S56263
Nassau, Bahamas
Telefax: i94-0758

al .01V W11 10

almost universally


Someone has to tell the truth




OIn brief

Four men
are charged
drug haul

THREE men were each
granted $200,000 bail by
Magistrate Carolita Bethel
yesterday on drug charges
stemming from a 1.4 million
drug seizure in South Andros
nearly two weeks ago.
A fourth man, a Jamaican,
was denied bail and remand-
ed to Her Majesty's Prison.
The accused Rithmond
Mckinney, 41, of High Rock
South Andros, Nathan
Stubbs, 37, of Joe Farrington
Road, Outhnell Collins alias
Outhnell Strachan, 24, of
Mangrove Cay, and Hensley
Nicholas, 36, of Jamaica -
were arraigned before Magis-
trate Carolita Bethel at Court
8 Bank Lane last week and
pleaded not guilty to the drug
charges against them.
The four men are charged
together with conspiracy to
import, conspiracy to posses,
importation and possession
with the intent to supply a
large quantity of marijuana.
It is alleged that between
Tuesday September 19 and
Friday September 22, the
men, being concerned togeth-
er and with others, conspired
to import the drugs. It is
alleged that the men con-
spired to posses, imported and
had the drugs in their posses-
sion .with the intent to supply
on Friday September 22 while
at High Rock South Andros.
According to initial police
reports, officers from the Drug
Enforcement Unit travelled to
South Andros at noon on Fri-
day September 22 where they
discovered 34 crocus sacks -
some 14,000 pounds filled
with the drugs in two caves.

Man faces
charge of

A 35-YEAR-OLD man of
Sea Breeze Lane was
arraigned in magistrate's court
yesterday on the charges of
taking preparatory steps to
export dangerous drugs as
well of possession of the drugs
with the intent to supply.
It is alleged that on Satur-
day September 30, Rudolph
Anatole Fleurimon, took
preparatory steps to export
a substantial quantity of
cocaine out of the country
and possession with the
intent to supply.
It is alleged that the accused
was found in possession of 5.5
"pounds of cocaine which
authorities believed he intend-
ed to supply to another.
A not guilty plea to the
charges was entered by Mag-
istrate Carolita Bethel as
Fleurimon's pleas of guilty to
the charges were deemed
The accused was remand-
ed to Her Majesty's Prison
and a bail hearing was sched-
-uled for October 9.


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NOE NST 3 eeve h
rih omaels mf*L
proram e hanes

Commissioner: crime too big

and expensive for the police


COMBATTING crime is an
issue "too large, too complex and
too costly" for the police to tack-
le alone according to Police Com-
missioner Paul Farquharson.
As a result, strengthening and
extending the partnership with
private security providers is key
if the fight against crime is to
be effective, he said.
Introducing a panel discus-
sion at police headquarters yes-
terday, attended by represen-
tatives of over 100 private secu-
rity firms as well as from top
tourist resorts and the Cham-
ber of Commerce, the commis-
sioner asserted the need for a
"clear line of communication
and sharing of intelligence".
"Even under the most
favourable circumstances the
ability of police to prevent
crime is limited," he said.
Ideally, officers in private
security firms can help provide
vital intelligence to the police
based on their own experience
of dealing with criminal activity:
In return, the police will

"make available the tools of
national law enforcement" to
private security officers who
are often "the first to encounter,
anger," Mr Farquharson said.
Supporting the commission-
er's statements, Basil Dean,
Atlantis senior vice president in
charge of security, asked, "If
criminals of the world can com-
mr-icate and collaborate in an
effort to destroy the world, why
can't we in law enforcement pool
our resources to fight them?".
In an interview with The Tri-
bune, retired police officer and
head of security at the Abaco
Beach Resort, Lloyd Deveaux,
agreed that the police "can't do
it on their own".
"We see things and at times
when the police wouldn't see it
because they're not even there.
So we need to have that interac-.
tion, that relationship with police
so that the police are be able to
get better assistance," he said.
Mr Farquharson expressed a
desire to "lock arms" with expe-
rienced people such as Mr
However, members of the

- -.-
SA FIRST of a kind Panel Discussion on Security and Law was
held yesterday at the police headquarters on East Street
(Photo: Onan Bridgewater/Tribune Staff)

panel primarily from within
the private security sector:- also
expressed the concern that a
measure of doubt necessarily
hangs over the private security
profession, as there is no stan-
dardised criteria that all secu-
rity officers must be tested
against or any particular train-
ing they must undertake.
Representing the tourism
industry, Frank Carmito, vice
president of the Tourism Visitor
and Safety Board, said he is

concerned that some security
officers were not qualified to
an extent that would make
them capable of facilitating
police investigations.
In the past, said Mr Carmito,
it has been noted that reports
made by security officers in
criminal investigations were "so
lacking in critical information
that they meant nothing."
Suggestions were made that a
certain level of training should
be necessary for prospectiveoffi-

cers in report writing, and basic
legislation, among other things.
Mr Rodgers head of the pri-
vate firm Maximum Security -
agreed, saying that there need to
be "standards for the sector" if
officers are to be effective at all.
"This is very very badly need-
ed. If things are not document-
ed, not written properly, it cre-
ates a problem and the bad guys
walks away," he pointed out.
Paul Thompson, former assis-
tant commissioner of police and
current head of Paul Thomp-
son and Associates a private
investigation firm agreed with
these recommendations.
"I would like to see training
for security officers done by
police, or some qualified organ-
isation," said Mr Thompson.
While it is common for most
security firms to do a "back-
ground check" on prospective
employees' criminal history -
as well as an assessment of
physical fitness, or, in some cas-
es, for drug use, the former
assistant commissioner stressed
that training should be provided
before men start work.

Bahamas at risk from terrorism due

to insufficient police and security


THE lack of police and secu-
rity presence in key locations is
leaving visitors to the Bahamas at
risk from terrorist activities as
well as domestic crime, according
to a security consultant and for-
mer high-ranking police official.
Speaking to The Tribune
during a break from a panel dis-
cussion on strengthening the
relationship between police and
private security forces, held at
police headquarters yesterday:- ... 'yn
former assistant con1nuJisoner .. .-, i.. . :
of police Paul Thompson said ,,; ; tor
he did not think the pohce % ere
doing enough to secure the safe-
ty of visitors to the Bahamas.'
In particular, Mr Thompson.
noted the vulnerability of Prince
George dock as a potential tar- A "i
get for terrorists, and a number
of resorts other than Atlantis,
which he described as "tops" in
terms of its security provisions. .
"I have a good idea of how
crimes are committed," said Mr
Thompson, who worked at the I \I
Criminal Detective Unit for 25
years. .MIKIMOTO
It ision the basis of this expe- MIKIMOTO
rience that the former police-
man believes he can say with MIKIMOTO PRESENTS
confidence that there is an inad-
equate level of security at most .
resorts in the Bahamas. A LUXE TAKE ON THE CAUSE BRACELET.
Having written to the Min- : A*s AL
istry of Tourism on the issue, Mr CREATED IN AKYA CULTURED PEARLS
Thompson said he now hoped YA CULTURED PEA
that a discussion such as the oneTH PINK THRE
at police headquarters yesterday STRUNG WITH PINK THREAD,
could "impress on the govern- ,
ment (the need) to include the A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM SALES
security of the hotel as one of
the criteria for licensing."
claimed that hotels should have I
to hire security experts to assess AGAINST B
their property in terms of its BREAST
security vulnerabilities and hire
a certain number of security '.
officers based on these evalua- .
tions before they can obtain a f
licence to open to the public.
Mr Thompson pointed to the
double murder of two Austri-
an tourists, both aristocrats, at a
Bimini resort last year as being
evidence of how foreign visitors
can suffer from a laxity of secu-
rity at Bahamian resorts. -
Mr Thompson said he person-
ally surveilled the resort, and dis-
covered that there was only one
security officer on duty at night
- primarily guarding the outside
dock area, rather than the suites. -
"On the land's OK -
you've got the defence force
man with his gun, you've got
the policeman and all that, but
we know that boats have come
up that harbour with illegal
immigrants, undetected.
"I think of the five cruise
ships that come in with all those
tourists and what I suggest is
that there should be mandatory
patrol by the defence force in
that harbour, up and down, par-
ticularly when you have those
cruise ships there", he said. 284 Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas (242) 302-2800
Aside from patrols, Mr
Thompson also suggested a Marina Village, Paradise Island (242) 363-1141
mini defence force base be Emerald Bay, Exuma (242) 336-6976
established in the lighthouse
across the harbour, so that offi-
cers are in a position to detect
any suspicious marine activity
before it can escalate into any-
thing more threatening.

I ni I riItiui:-t



w-o .-.-4

opyrighted Material

',Cated Content

4bab- ~

Available from Commercial News Providers

Embargo cost Cuba

$4bn in last year

embargo cost Cuba more than
US$4 billion over the past year,
a Foreign Ministry official said
Monday, according to Associ-
ated Press.
Cuba's losses increased from
July 2005 to July of this year
because the administration of'
US President George W Bush
has steadily tightened the

Lance ?Frevt Hiltonv
1 1tii Septerrber 1963 26th September 2006

Born on September 11th, 1963, Lance is survived by his
wife Tina Hilton, his brother Alan Hilton, mother Pauline
Hilton, father Rod Hilton, step-mother Beverly Hilton,
grandmother Helen Hilton, mother and father-in-law
Judith and Richard Weichbrodt, aunts Kathleen Hilton, Gail
Forsyth, uncles Neil Forsyth and David Hilton. Lance
i. also had many special friends including Alan Wardle,
SChris MacDonald, David Nixon, Mike Boggs, Andrew
Howson, Craig (Crab) Roberts, Kevin Moss, Toby
Smith, Scot Treco, Chris Brogden and a host of
relatives including the Maura and Bates families
::. plus many more friends too numerous to mention.

Friends and relatives are invited to a service
of celebration of Lance's life on Thursday
October 5th, 2006 from 5:30-7:00pm at the
Nassau Yacht Club, East Bay Street. Please
wear fishing shirts or bright colours.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made in his

.memory to BASRA, P.O. Box

SS 6247, Nassau.

US defends trade restriction

despite dealings with China

embargo at the same time
Cuba's economy is growing and
spending more money abroad,
Vice Foreign Minister Bruno
Rodriguez told a news confer-
He cited tougher US scrutiny
of Cuban nickel exports and of
Cuban use of dollars in inter-
national transactions. The gov-
ernment claimed a loss of
US$2.8 billion for the mid-2004-
2005 period.
"This is a policy that causes
suffering," he told a news con-
US officials defend the
embargo which allows the sale
of some US food and medicine
to Cuba saying unfettered
trade and travel to the island
would prop up the communist
government led by Fidel Cas-
They say Cuba's imprison-
ment of dissidents and restric-
tions on economic and political.
freedoms justify the policy,
aimed at pushing Castro and his
associates out.
But Rodriguez called it "uni-
lateral and criminal."
The official said that in addi-
tion to lost business with U.S.
and other companies, Cuba also
misses out on revenue from
American tourists, whose visits
to the island fell about 15 per
cent last year because of travel
About 101,000 Americans,
including Cuban-Americans vis-
iting their native country, came
here last year, he said. More
than 108,000 Americans visited
in 2004, a, dramatic decline from
the 200,000 Americans who
came in 2003.
Those who defy the travel
ban to come to Cuba face heavy
penalties. Rodriguez said that
last year the US Treasury
Department's Office of Foreign
Assets Control fined 487 Amer-

icans some $530 million for.
unauthorised travel here.
"These fines are illegal... and
violate the rights of Ameri-
cans," he said.
The typical fine for first-time
offenders who travel to Cuba is
$7,500 each, according to Trea-
sury'Department figures.
Ahead of an upcoming vote
on the embargo at the United
Nations, Rodriguez released a
report outlining the damages
Cuba says the policy has caused
to the country's economy, for-
eign trade, and health, educa-
tion and cultural sectors.
The UN General Assembly
has condemned the embargo
for 14 straight years, urging the
United States to end it. Last
year's UN resolution was
approved by a 182-4 vote, with
Micronesia abstaining and only
the United States, Israel, Mar-
shall Islands and Palau opposed.
Cuba says it has lost US$86
billion in trade an average of
about US$1.8 billion a year -
since the first US sanctions were.
imposed in 1960, a year after
the Cuban revolution thrust
Castro into power.
President John F Kennedy
strengthened the sanctions dur-
ing the Cold War with the aim
of isolating the Cuban govern-
ment economically and depriv-
ing it of US dollars.
Critics say the embargo is
outdated and has not worked,
given that Castro's government
remains in power and the nation
is still communist. They also say
the United States trades with
other communist countries, such
as China and Vietnam.
Democrats and free-trade
Republicans in the US Congress
have pushed for easing the sanc-'.
tions, but they have yet to make
headway against an administra-
tion determined to keep up the

The Officers and Members of
The New Lively Hope Baptist Church
Jerome Avenue and Chesapeake Road
Invite you to join in a service of

Celebration and Thanksgiving
In Honor of

Reverend A. Shelton Higgs, BA, M.Sc. M.Div,
D.Min, JP..
Twenty-Five Years of Ordination to the Sacred
Five Years of Pastoral Anniversary

"Celebrating A Man of Excellence"
Ephesians 4:8d
Special Services
Sunday October 8th, 2006
10:00 AM & 3:30 PM
Come and enjoy Inspirational Singing and Spirit Filled

Dynamic Preaching

Rev. Dr Stephen E. Thompson
Senior Pastor
Transfiguration Baptist Church


3:30 PM
Dr. Robert Gibson
President & CEO
Millionaire University, LLC
Jacksonville, Florida

Rev, Dr. A.Shelotn Higgs, Senior Pastor

Jerome Avenue & Chesapeake Road
Invite All Pastors and Church Leaders
to hear

Dr.Robert Gibson

President & CEO

Millionaire University, LLC

Jacksonville, Florida
In a

Educational Forum & Financial

Monday October 9th, 2006
10:00AM 2:00PM
Topics to Include:

How to make your children rich.
Pastor Pension Plan.

Fund raising Ideas for churches and
schools that work.

God wants you to live a prosperous life
Finding Financial Freedom
How to enroll in Millionaire University
Refreshments will be served

For further information contact the church
Tel: (242) 393-6826

.---- H----,n ----------------~

a I I




Airport staff get

training in new

, T ^security device

0 THE baggage screening training in session. From left: Susan
Williams, US transportation security administration, United
States Ambassador John Rood; Joseph Reckley, acting general
manager, Lynden Pindling International Airport; Archie Nairn,
E BAGGAGE handlers participating in a hands-on training permanent secretary, Ministry of Transport and Aviation, and
exercise Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Transport and Aviation.
........... ........................................................................................................................... ...................................................... ................

STAFF working at Lynden
Pindling International Airport
have been trained in some of
hlie mosl advanced ,baggage
screening technology around.
A total of 40 baggage screen-
ers were trained in the use of
the C"IX Explosives Detection
System equipment, used for
screening of explosives in
checked baggage.
The Iraining was carried out
by Ile United States Trans-
portation Security Administra-
lion. I'he (CTX is the same.
equLipment used by the TSA to
screen baggage in the United

States. This was the first lime
that TSA has conducted (.C"T
training outside ,)f the United
Use of this I... h111 hi, \ will
allow for baggage to screened at
TSA standard and allow for
travellers from The Bahamas
to make quicker connections to
onward flights in the United
Ambassador John Rood,
along will Transportation Min-
ister Glenys Hanna-Martin, vis-
ited with students attending the
classes at the Nassau Ilnei n'
tional Airpolrt.

Fred Mitchell

defends opening

of embassy in

Castro's Cuba

FRED Mitchell found him-::
self having to defend theogov- ..
ernment's decision to open an
embassy in Cuba yesterday
while appearing as a guest on
Jeff Lloyd's "Real Talk Live".
Several Bahamians thought
the decision to befriend Cuba
was a indirect snub to America,
as the country is not one of their
allies, however, Foreign Affairs
Minister Mitchell said the deci-
sion was made to protect the
best interest of the Bahamas
and not an insult to anyone.
Apparently tired of repetitive
questions, Mr Mitciell said,
"Let me say this for the tenth
time. Bahamians are in Cuba,
they vote with their feet if you
want to put it that way, and the
government has to be where
Bahamians are. It's as simple
as that, the country is sitting on
our western border."
"So all of about practi-
cal good sense to policy."
According to Cuban author-
ities estimates, Mr Mitchell
found that some 6,000 Bahami-
an tourists went to Cuba last
"So we have an embassy and
we have relations to be able to
serve the interest of those peo-
ple that are there and it's as sim-

pie as that," he repeated.
"There's no ideology involved
in that there is not a question of
us interfering of what is going
on in Cuba. I saw that there was
a reference made in one of the
newspapers to the fact of Cuban
intelligence agent in the
Bahamas. I don't know what
intelligence would be gathering
here or that needs to be gath-
.ered, but certainly there is no
hostility between our countries
as a matter of fact," he said, "in
,response we've asked the police
to go and investigate what this
particular newspaper what
they're talking about."
Speculation that the govern-
ment was pressured after the

decision was made was refuted
by the minister. "1 certainly
don't fGl jIny piLi-'iL," he
said. He alleged that the claims
and speculation that the gov-
ernment was under came from
media sources.
"You can probably count on
your fingers and toes the people
who are saying this. The usual
suspects come with the usual
criticism and these criticisms are
based in their own prejudices,
biased and are entirely false and
propaganda," he claimed.
"They say it over and over
again not because they
believe but because they are
anti-progressive liberal party
and are determined to use this
misinformation to destablise the
PLP and that's all it's about."
"Then, of course, you have
the carpet baggers from the
opposition," he continued,
"who join common cause with
them and even they know that
it's untrue."
He used Sir Arthur Foulkes,
a more "prominent" and "sen-
sible" spokesman of the oppo-
sition as an example. "He said
time, and time again there are
sensible and practical reasons
for having good relations with a
country that's west of your bor-
der," he said quoting Mr

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British American Breast Cancer Tip
Breast cancer begins in breast tissue, which is made
up of glands for milk production, called lobules, 1% BRITISH
and the ducts that connect lobules to the nipple. Iil A
Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer that ___A ____I_ _N
. -l .l women will be diagnosed with. .,.

The Tribune


-r -Royal Bahamian Resorts & Offshore
litvites application lor the position of:
European Ambassador
Applicant must be able to speak Fnglish,
French, German and Italian fluently, Sp:. t,:'
would be a plus. Please send lesumne o

P.O.Box CB-13005
Nassau, Bahamas.











7- :- -- I I

1111of tlal in,~L~el

fSlii-: ,..^..^


(5:15)*** THE INTERPRETER (2005, Suspense) Nicole Kidman, Sean (:15) *t*x DAYS OF THUNDER
HBO-P AMISTAD (1997) Penn, Catherine Keener. A U.N..translator overhears an assassination (1990) Tom Cruise. Upstart stock-
'R' (CC) plot 'PG-13' (CC) car dnver goes to the edge. (CC)
(6:30) * EVITA (1996, Musi- (:45) *** OCEAN'S TWELVE (2004, Comedy-Drama) George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt
HBO-W ca Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Damon. Indebted criminals plan an elaborate heist in Europe. A PG-13' (CC)
Jonathan Pryce. C 'PG' (CC)
:00) * IN GOOD COMPANY (2004, Comedy- ** ; TWO FOR THE MONEY (2005, Drama) Al Pacino, Matthew Mc-
H BO-S Drama) Dennis Quaid. A demoted worker's younger Conaughey, Rene Russo. Two men handicap football games for high-
boss is dating his daughter. 'PG-13' (CC) rolling gamblers.'R' (CC)
6:30) :15) THE WASH (2001, Comedy) Dr Dre, Snoop "Doggy" Dogg, A SOUND OF THUNDER
MAX-E IARD TARGET George Wallace. The assistant manager at a car wash alienates his lazy 2005, Science Fiction Edward
(1993)'R'(CC) pals. 'R' (CC) Burns. PG-13(CC)
(:15) ** FIRE DOWN BELOW (1997, Action) Steven *S STEALING HOME (1988, Drama) Mark Har- THE BEST SEX
MOMAX Seagal Marg Helgenberger. A lone agent tackles toxic- mon, Jodie Foster. A woman is lover and mentor to a EVER: TRUTH
waste dumping in Kentucky. l 'R' (CC) minor-league ballplayer. 'PG-13' (CC) OR DARE NR'
(:00) **%s THE LONGEST YARD (2005, Comedy) Dexter "Dexter (iTV) Double life. Masters of Horror "Homecoming"
SHOW Adam Sandler. iTV. Prisoners train for a football game n (CC) (iTV) Zombies sway a presidential
against the guards. n 'PG-13' (CC) election. C (CC)
S(620) (:15) **CONTROL (2004, Suspense) Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe, ** PERMANENT MIDNIGHT
TMC SWEPT FROM Michelle Rodriguez. A convict undergoes behavior modification. rl 'R' (1998, Drama) Ben Stiller, Elizabeth
E SEA (1997) (CC)Hurley. 'R(CC)

I I IL..1 i i JJI-411

One Piece One Price


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mones regulate weight. (N) ft areas. (N) (PA) (CC) (DVS)
The Insider (N) NCIS Singled Out" V) The team The Unit "The Kill Zone" Jonas and Smith "Three" Bobby and his crew
0 WFOR n (CC) searches a missing Navy lieu- his team try to eliminate a militia steal an empty armored truck. (N)
tenants car. (N) (CC) rebel leader. (N) A (CC) (CC)
Access Holly- Friday Night Lights "Pilot" ATexas Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
WTVJ wood (N) (CC) high-school football team prepares "Siren Call" The slaying of a teen- "Recall" (N) (CC)
for the season opener, age party girl. (N) ( (CC)
Deco Drive MLB Baseball Division Series Teams TBA. (Live) n (CC)
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Mercy" (CC) metic surgery doctor. t (CC) revoke bonds, knowledge. (CC) toos(N)(CC) (CC)
Hardtalk BBC News World Business BBC News To Be An- BBC News World Business
BBCI (Latenight). Report (Latenight). nounced (Latenight) Report
B T College Hill (CC) * NEXT FRIDAY (2000 Comedy) ce Cube. Mike Epps. Jusirn Pierce To 25: Money, Power, Respect
BET A young man live; wilhun r hci won the lottery CCI i
Antiques Road- Rick Mercer Re- This Hour Has Life & Times Career of Canadian CBC News: The National ICCi
CBC show port (Nrl CC) 22 Minutes INJ) hockey player Wayne GretzKy
S:00) On the CNBC Documentaries Mad Money The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch
CNBC money I
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CNN on Room congo ICC
Scrubs D be- TheDally Show TheColbertRe- Mind of Mencia South Park South Park "The Chappelle's
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This Old House DIY to the Res- DIY to the Res- Bathroom Reno- Bathroom Reno- 10 Things You Trade School
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DW Euromaxx Journal:In In Focus (Ger- Journal: Politik direct Journal: In Euromaxx
DW Depth man). Tagestema Depth
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ESPN (:00) SportsCen- Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tourna- 2006 World Series of Poker Salel- 2006 World Series of Poker Satel-
ESPN er (C ment From Oak Blutfs. Mass lie event, from Las Vegas ICC life event, from Las Vegas. ICC)
ESPNI Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball: European Tour -- 2006 World Series of Poker Main 2006 World Series of Poker Main
ESPNI German Master even. from Las Vegas (Taped) event from Las Vegas. (Taped)
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FSNFL MeicoStaleTair Rodeo (Taped) (Live) CCI Sports Show
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Design Rivals Design Inc. The Style Dept. How Not to Decorate Val and Tom- Design Interns (Series Premiere)
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TW R2VE 2004 ) June Caner Cash di PGC13 (CL)

Wool)*D Y-OU

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Tel. 9 6 b 6
Don Miackav Blvi
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13 o i .-% P L p pPL epf ci l-iLA
[xis sid ic De;'ek ptd7Li
sollVe SlllilVs 01A VOI L ot
k iJ5's fL-cces.

Bl1'i1AL1 V LIi' t Aildrlel l to fl~e-
v1 OLw' %I" cif 'I\ Incl inL

vlo1m 3:30pmiI to 4:30pm chj-lwinl fike
IlPolV~i[ of OcfoLei0L 2006.

Enjo3 Great Food, Prizes and Lots of Fun.

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O "




FNM candidate hopeful proposes

new scheme to help disabled

A prospective FNM candidate
for Bain and Grant's Town has
. proposed a programme to aid
-disabled persons become more
David Jordine, who is also the
president of the opposition par-
ty's youth arm the Torchbear-
ers, said that communities should
assist in providing employment
and entrepreneurial opportuni-
ties for the disabled and disen-

franchised in their midst.
"Where there is not a com-
munity-funded programme, or
programmes funded by the gov-
ernment, which cater to the dis-
abled in Bain and Grant's Town,
we must create and fund a pro-
gramme of our own," he said.
Mr Jordine noted that his
political campaign will be geared
to ensuring that Bain and Grants
Town does not have to rely "on

any particular government or
political party to enhance the
quality of life for its residents."
He said that the churches,
schools, civil society and the state
must work towards bringing
about better circumstances for
persons living with disabilities.
Mr Jordine said that the
Urban Renewal Project is yet to
expand its mandate to include
activities for disabled persons on

a consistent basis.
He also highlighted the possi-
ble benefits of partnerships with
the Department of Social Ser-
vices and local and international
organizations in this regard.
Mr Jordine said that if every-
one in the community helps in
just a small way, Bain and
Grant's Town can lead the way
in ensuring a better Bahamas for
persons living with disabilities.

New CT scan machine is

unveiled at Rand Memorial

Tribune Freeport Reporter
FREEPORT A new $1.2
million CT Scan device was offi-
cially commissioned on Mon-
day at Rand Memorial Hospi-
The state-of-the-art machine
was acquired by the govern-
ment through the assistance of
the Ryder Family. Taylor
Ryder, the daughter of the late
Betsy Ryder, and Jim Ryder cut
the ribbon during a ceremony at
the newly renovated section of
the Accident and Emergency
Health Minister Dr Bernard
Nottage and Energy and Envi-
ronment Minister Dr Marcus
Bethel were present for the rib-
bon cutting. Grand Bahama
Port Authority chairman
Hannes Babak and CEO Sir
Albert Miller were also present.
Sharon Williams, the admin-
istrator for Grand Bahama
Health Services, said the CT
Scan machine will significantly
impact the level of care at the
Dr Nottage said that the
Rand Memorial Hospital is the
first public health facility in the
Bahamas to now own such
"The unit at PMH does not
belong to the government or

* TAYLOR Ryder, the daughter of the late Betsy Ryder, cuts
the ribbon during a ceremony to unveil the new CT scan device

people of the Bahamas. It is
only after the Rand in Grand
Bahama was getting its CT scan
that the PHA took a decision
to install a unit a the PMH. It
will not be in until January of
next year that PMH will have its
very own CT Scan unit," he
Dr Nottage commended the
Ryder Family for their gener-
ous contribution, which was the
brainchild of the late Betsy
Ryder, a patient at the facility.
The Ryder's contributedalmost
50 per cent of the cost.
"To the R.der Family, I wish

you to know that the govern-
ment of Bahamas is most grate-
ful to you in partnering with us
in this beneficial and necessary
endeavour the cost of which
is in excess of $1.2 million," Dr
Nottage said.
"I want to say to the people of
Grand Bahama that if someone
could come into this community,
and received care which so
impressed them that they could
donate an enormous sum of
money to this institution, speaks
volumes about the people who
work here, about their concern
for the patient, ard about the

kind of care they give."
Dr Nottage also commended
the health care staff and pro-
fessionals who contribute to the
overall welfare of the people of
Grand Bahama and the north-
ern Bahamas "under less than
adequate circumstances."
He noted that the CT scan
would improve and provide
timely diagnostic management
of patients at the Rand.
From now on, he said,
patients will be spared the
inconvenience of being trans-
ferred to another institution,
or havingto travel abroad for
"It will result in timely, cost-
effective and high quality ser-
vice with waiting time
decreased for the client and
for physician to receive results.
And diagnostic capabilities
will be enhanced and hopeful-
ly so will the prognosis and
outcome for our patients," he
SDr Nottage said that the man-
agement of the PHA and GB
Health Services have ensured
that qualified staff have been
made available to operate the
Snew unit.
He said the radiology depart-
ment has recruited four radiog-
raphers, an ultrasonographer
and an :additioni-nl i.di.ilogist to
meet local demands.






;1L ]-ol
r *1

Make the SmartChoice!
See the full line of your favourite Ford vehicles at


* DAVID Jordine

Serving The Bahamian Community
Since 1978






PHONE: 322-8160 OR 322-8219


Position Needed

Maintenance Engineer

The Maintenance Engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that the
fixed assets of the company are maintained in good operating
condition to create a safe and efficient working environment.

Primary responsibilities include (but not limited to):

* Ensuring the efficient operation of the Maintenance Department.

* Ensuring that corrective maintenance is carried out in a timely
manner so as to minimize downtime.

* Implementation of an effective ongoing maintenance program
(including preventative maintenance of all plant machinery).

* Participation in the design, installation, commissioning and
modification of new and existing equipment.

* Assisting in the implementation of new technologies.


The desired candidate should have an electrical or mechanical
engineering background.

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Please submit resume in writing, on or before Friday October 13th,
2006 to:

Human Resources Department
P.O. Box N-1123
Nassau, Bahamas















The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited invites applications from suitably
qualified individuals for the position of MANAGER/PRODUCT MANAGEMENT
in its Marketing Department.


This position is responsible for directing, promoting, planning, coordinating and managing
all life cycle activities for BTC product lines, including revenue and profitability, either
personally or through subordinates.

* Manage and direct the Product Management staff for wireless, broadband, voice
cards and corporate services including recruitment, training and development.

Plan and Implement:
* Manage the provision of product definition, pricing direction and positioning
throughout product's life cycle.
* Monitor technological, competitive, customer and market factors to identify
positioning and promotional requirements.
* Provide key drivers for the each significant revenue line to be used in the
preparation of the revenue budget.
* Manage development 6f programs and plans, ensuring cross-functional
implementation, monitoring results and initiating corrective action..
* Lead the department in development of strategies, goals and tactics necessary to
achieve product / service performance goals and objectives.
Manage, tracking and reporting of product performance.
Manage vendor and channel management and support.
Manage arid provide day-to-day sales support for product issues, positioning,
special pricing and non-standard products.
Provide messaging and content to Marketing Communications for product collateral
and sales tools.
Set and manage projection and forecast numbers for all product lines.
Manage the development of programs to keep all product lines competitive
Manage all ROI actri cities. business cases and cost benefit analysis.
l Manage day-to day product tiei4..and ., -
Track .nd report product pIgS tcln-,. g ----: .............

Establish and maintain effective and product\ e relationships with industry
influencers and key strategic partners / suppliers iiternally and externally.
Work effectively across cross-functional departmental boundaries.

Goals / Performance:
Set performance goals consistent with corporate objectives.
Direct perlor mance '\ aluailons.
Manage product det elopment implementations to schedules.

Reporting:. ,
Track and report product perfoinance and other customer and segment data.

lnitialie: .
Take independent action and calculated risks.
Look for and take advantage of market opportunities.

Product and Industry Knowledge:
Have in-depth knowledge of BTC's products and services.
Be cognizant of technological trends in the-telecommunications industry.
Have in-depth knowledge of customers and competitors.

Required Skills and Abilities:
Capable of working in a team env.uonment as a team member or team leader in
managing the de\ elopment of implementation process across diverse departments
and levels.
Demonstrated aserti\ e, persuasive and create e problem solving and project
Smanagement skills.
Product management and/ or product support planning experience.
Excellent verbal handwritten communication, piesentation,.organization and time-
management skills.
Capable of interfacing at all internal management levels, and representing the
Company with customers, partners and vendors.
Able to work and lead effectively in a changing environment.'
Knowledge of revenue budgeting and analysis is critical.
Strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.
Demonstrated effective people management skills.

Computer Literacy:
Proficient use of Microsoft Office, and e-mail applications.

Reporting Relationships:
This position reports to Senior Manager of Marketing & Public Relations.

CPA or equivalent
5 years managerial experience in an Accounting or Finance role.

All applications are to be received at BTC's Head Office, 21 John F. Kennedy Drive,
no later than October 3"', 2006 and addressed as follows:



I _-

Students of tourism pay visit

* PUBLIC Relations Manager Stacy Mackey explains to students the check-in process

Party leader hits

out at PM over

MPs' altercation

FROM page one

less and bold manner. It does
not.matter if it is PLP or FNM,
any parliamentarian caught
fighting or acting in a dishon-
ourable way should resign," Mr
Strachan said.
He pointed out that the
Bahamas is experiencing a very
high level of murder and
domestic violence and the two

"honourable gentlemen's
alleged violent confrontation
demonstrates'their inability to
rationalize and argue with
respect and settle matters in a
civilized manner."
"There is no excuse for their
unparliamentary behaviour and
they should do the honourable
thing and resign. A poor com-
mon worker is immediately
fired if he or she is found fight-

Claims that MP has

rade m-ove following

outrage over fight

FROM page one

However, of the 29 persons who voted for some form of disciplinary
action there were eight persons asking for them to be suspended,
,five persons calling for them to be fired, and 16 persons appealing
for them to resign.
"I think that those two. gentlemen should either be fired or
asked to resign," said another angry caller. "Because as far as I am
concerned they are MPs and they should be looked at on a differ-
ent level from the average Bahamian citizen. They should act on a
different level from the average Bahamian citizen, and they should
be punished on a different level from the average Bahamian citizen.
I think they should either be fired, or made to resign."

ing on the job, why should big
grown honourable men be
treated any differently from the
common man? They should be
setting the right example," Mr
Strachan said.
The party leader said that the
leadership is.sending the wrong
message to the youth and the
nation if this matter is allowed
to be quietly swept under the
"The matter with Shane Gib-
son and Anna Nicole Smith,
and the unfortunate death of
her son, is another demonstra-
tion of this inept and arrogant
PLP government. Again they
assert there is nothing wrong
with this matter. The Bahamian
people will be the-final judge,"
.hesaid. ,
Mr Strachan said that he and
the United Reform Party urge
the Bahamian people not to
allow themselves to be deceived
any further by "this band of
deceitful men and women."
"They are full of their own
personal agendas and care less
for the masses of the Bahamian
people. We need to stop this
gravy train.
"This fresh wind has turned
into stale air, the hope has
turned to hopelessness, we must
rid ourselves of this Christie
PLP who is worse than the old
PLP and we thought ,that it
could get no worse. We got
swing!" Mr Strachan said.

Daughter of 'Cuban Five' member in Nassau

FROM page one

was unfair.
According to the "Friends", when the five men
uncovered information about planned terrorists'
activities in the US, they sent it to Cuba and shared
it with US authorities. The Americans took their
information, but instead of hunting down the ter-
rorists, arrested the Cubans.
However, US officials said the five were arrested
on suspicion of being part of an.espionage network
that spied on US military installations and Miami
exile groups.
They were convicted in June 2001 by a federal jury
of 12 persons. One defendant was also convicted
of conspiring to murder four Cuban exile pilots 10
years ago.
After being arrested in Miami in 1998, they were
indicted by the US government on 26 different
counts. These included using false identification and
espionage. They were convicted on all counts and in
December sentenced to varying terms in maximum-
security prisons.
The men have since lost an appeal in which they
claimed the original verdict thrown out
because a fair trial is impossible in Miami because of
the anti-Castro bias of the Cuban-American com-
munity there.
Prosecutors have pointed out that documents,
testimony from witnesses and wiretap evidence has
garnered sufficient evidence of their guilt to uphold
the verdict.
Amnesty International has said it is watching the
appeals process carefully because of the challenges.
to the fairness of the original trial.
Defenders of the five also say they were held for
long stretches in solitary confinement and are not
allowed to be visited by some family members.
When The Tribune interviewed Ms Gonzalez
about the reason for her visit, she replied that she
was here to tell Bahamians about the five Cubans
she said are "unfairly imprisoned" in the US for
fighting against terrorism.
She stated that she wanted people to know what
was really happening with the five men, what they
were doing in the US and why it was important for
them to be freed.
The "Cuban Five" have been incarcerated since
September 1998. Ms Gonzalez's father is serving a
15-year prison sentence in Tallahassee, Florida.
According to Irma Gonzalez, the last time she
saw her father was about two months ago. She said
that her father remains hopeful that justir- will be

served in their case, but is concerned that he has not
been allowed to see his wife.
"They arrested my mom two years after my dad
got arrested and they asked my dad to co-operate
and talk against the other four men. They told him
that if he did not do that, they would take my mom
away. They then took my mom and deported her to
Cuba," she told The Tribune.
* She also said that her mother has been denied a
visa seven times by the US government and that
many religious organizations and human right groups
in the US have been agitating for her mother to be
allowed the right to visit her husband.
When asked why was it important for Bahamians
to become aware of the issue of the Cuban Five, Ms
Gonzalez said: "It's very important, not only for
the Bahamas to know about the Cuban Five, but for
the whole world to know the truth. We just want jus-
According to the young Cuban; the five men
were fighting terrorists and they were preventing
lives from getting hurt. She said: "We think the
Bahamian people are very kind and a very com-
passionate people, I know that they.will join our
Ms Gonzalez suggested that the Bahamas was
important because she believed that Bahamians
could help spread the message of the injustice of the
Five to Americans because there is "a wall of silence
in front of this case in the US."
She said that the five men were not spies and
that as far as she knows to be a spy one had to have
acquired national security information from a gov-
"They did not have that, they did not want that.
But what they were doing is infiltrating small ter-
rorists groups that were operating in Miami. Not
government organizations, but terrorists groups
from Miami that left Cuba 40 years ago."
She suggested that these groups have been organ-
ising attacks against Cuba for many years: "We have
suffered more than 3,000 deaths and more than
2,000 injured from the bombs that they have made
and the killings that they have caused."
Ms Gonzalez said that she believes that there is a
"double standard" being practised in respect to the
War on Terrorism and she asked: "Why don't they
free the peaceful fighters who are also fighting
against terrorism?"
Irma Gonzalez attends the School of Psychology
at the University of Havana. She hopes one day to
be a practising psychologist. She was 14 years old
when her father was arrested. She is now 22.


~B1'"--~"Plll.~"sass -r



1_ ~ L



to Sandals resort aw

" IN celebration of World
Tourism Day on Wednesday
Sandals Royal Bahamian host-
ed the tourism class of Govern-
ment High School to a resort
In welcoming the 12-graders
at the all inclusive resort, gen-
-eral manager Stephen Ziadie
told students that he is always
happy to share his experiences
with persons interested in join-
ing the industry.
He described the tourism
industry as rewarding and noted
that there was never a dull
moment. "We aim to attract the
brightest and the best talents.
As hotel employees you get to
meet people from different
countries and simultaneously
share your culture and experi-
ences with them. Today allows
you to get up close and person-
al to see the intricate details and
working of the hotel operation."
Explaining the importance of
customer service within a hotel,
Mr Ziadie noted that creating a
memorable and pleasant expe-

rience is what makes the differ-
ence in service delivery.
The tour, which was co-ordi-
nated with the Ministry of
Tourism's Youth Awareness
Unit, gave students a look at
front and heart of the house
operations. In addition to meet-
ing several Sandals managers
and team members, the stu-
dents got an inside look at the
hotel's environmental pro-
grammes when they visited the
reverse osmosis and waste
water treatment plants.
Environmental co-ordinator
Janelle Hutchinson spoke to the
students on some of the hotel's
conservation initiative such as
its towel reuse and recycled cans
The class also viewed one of
the hotel's Royal Windsor
Beachfront One Bedroom
Suites, the resort's highest room
The tour was among several
activities the Tourism Youth
Awareness Unit co-ordinated
to celebrate the day.

AG's office

hits out at

article in


FROM page one
their own government.
Mr Marquis alleged there was "a culture of official secrecy in this
country which takes the line that the public is entitled to know noth-
ing, that they are of no account, and that the longer you keep qui-
et, the sooner the problem will go away."
He added: "It is an extension of the contemptuous attitude
politicians-adopt towards the people when two of them begin
knockingblocks'off each other in a Cabinet Room bra w '
The Office of the Attorney General and MNinistry of Legal Affairs
said it "rejected the scurrilous allegations made today against the
Bahamian judicial system by John Marquis of The Tribune and
wishes to emphasise that The Bahamas is a nation ruled by law
rather than rumour and speculation."
It said the legal and investigative process into the death of Daniel
Smith had followed protocols established under Bahamian law.
"As is true in any case, whether it involves a Bahamian citizen or
foreign national, established protocols are followed to ensure that
the police can undertake an appropriate and thorough investigation,
Sand the public can rely on an established and transparent judicial
"At the conclusion of the process, the facts of the case, once
established through customary Bahamian legal procedure, will be
available for public review.
"We are a nation of laws and established judicial procedures, and
it is the view of this office that our laws and procedures must be fol-
. lowed in all cases. The public can be assured that the Bahamian
Judiciary follows transparent and legal processes."
The statement said final results of toxicology reports would be
made public through the normal process of a coroner's inquest if the
Chief Magistrate decided that an inquest should be held.
"At this time, no determination has been made whether an
inquest is to be held. Should a magistrate, sitting as coroner, decide
an inquest is not necessary, the report of the investigation would be
filed with the Supreme Court and become a part.of public record."
It added: "As stated above, in either scenario, the facts of the
case, once established through customary Bahamian legal proce-
dure, will be available for public review."
In the article, Mr Marquis drew a comparison with the attempt
to downplay the Keod Smith-Kenyatta Gibson punch-up, writing
that the Bahamian public was left to ponder the truth behind both
"In so pondering, speculation will continue to mushroom and the
press will continue to probe, all in an atmosphere of extreme sus-
picion. The one certainty to emerge from both cases is that, the
longer the speculation goes on, the more sinister will be the con-
clusions drawn."

Mitchell on Ninety decision





-I I

FROM page one
in a personal fashion.and so you
respond in a way that is bal-
anced and judicious."
Having received severe crit-
icism for not explaining the
reasoning behind the decision
to extradite Knowles, Mr
-.Mitchell said the choice to
remain tight lipped was noth-
ing extraordinary as matters
such as these are not often
talked about.
"And my view," he added,
S"it is better not to say anything
lest you say something that is
out of term or say something
that comes off personal or
spiteful in some way.
"It is better to be judicious
in the way you respond to
these matters and to leave
them in the realm of the legal,
so that there is no thought that
it is in the realm of the per-
sonal. And this is very difficult
Sin a small society yes minis-
' ters end up taking the blows,
but that's part of the job of
being a minister," he said.
Mr Mitchell added that as

the minister responsible for
extradition he does not discuss
the exercise. "'I think that is
the best course of action
because it is often going to be
the subj .;t of some form of
judicial review therefore the
matter is a legal matter that
should be dealt with as a legal
matter and I maintain the posi-
tion. I do not comment on the
way in which the discretion is
The minister added that his
views are supported by the
office of the Attorney General.
When asked why the gov-
ernment didn't explain the rear
soning behind sending the
accused away, Mr Mitchell
said: "Ministers act on advice
and in hindsight you can say
many things if there is an
explanation needed on the fact
that there. is an extradition
treaty, certainly that is some-
thing that can be done, but in
the height of the debate very
often the line is not very clear
between addressing the gener-
al issue and the specific."
Knowles was extradited on
August 28.


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October 3,2006





Vol. 2 -Issue IV



'; I

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\ Auto Speed
i-connect Package
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'rv~A-~ -C~4~1MC


i i




SECTION Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall Street

The Tribune


IndiGo a

'no go'

except via its


Tribune Business Editor
he Bahamas
tions Company
(BTC) has filed a
complaint with
the telecoms regulator alleging
that IndiGo Networks should
only be able to interconnect
internationally via its network,
a move some are viewing as
another attempt to marginalise
and quash its competition.
Barrett Russell, executive
director at the Public Utilities
Commission (PUC), confirmed
to The Tribune that the tele-
coms regulator was handling
the dispute, although he
declined to comment on any
He said: "That dispute is still
S being dealt with by the Com-
The Tribune learnt about the
latest dispute as BTC prepares
to file a motion with the Court
of Appeal seeking leave to
appeal to the Privy Council in a
separate case involving the
SPUC and IndiGo's parent, Sys-

t e m s
Reso urce
Group, on

to appeal a
Court of
APP e aI
verdict that
struck out
an action it i RUSSELL
br-o 0ught
seeking a
declaration that it was the only
provider licensed to use Voice
over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
technology for voice telepho-
ny services.
In the dispute before the
PUC. sources told The Tribune
that if BTC was successful in
forcing IndiGo to connect inter-,
nationally only % ia its network,
it %would be able to'set the inter-
connection rates its competitor
would have to pay.
They viewed this as poten-
tial predatory pricing, designed
to squeeze IndiGo Networks
and force it out of the market.
as BTC's only legal competitor

Latest dispute still before Public Utilities Commission

in fixed-line voice telephony
would have no.choice but to:
pay the rates charged by the
Government-owned incum-
BTC would then be' able to
provide its rival fixed-line inter-
national services at a much low-
er cost than IndiGo's.
The latest dispute is one of
many between BTC and SRG
that are either before the PUC
or the Bahamian judicial sys-
tem, illustrating that competi-
tion in the Bahamian telecoms
market with all the benefits
in terms of service, products
and prices that promises resi-
dential and business customers
- is still severely restricted.
In a letter sent previously to
the PUC, Paul Hutton-Ashken-
ny, IndiGo's president, revealed,
that his company had filed a
formal dispute with the regu-
lator on June 20. 2005. oer
BTC's alleged refusal to pro-

vide interconnection between
the two companies' networks
in Abaco.
IndiGo has accused BTC of
non-cooperation on a variety
of interconnection issues. Inter-i
connection between BTC's and:
SRG's networks is vital to
enable calls that originate on
one network to be seamlessly
transferred to another. .: ,
Meanwhile, the Court of
Appeal action, which BTC is
now appealing, seeks to strike
at the heart of IndiGo Net-
works' business.
IndiGo Networks' voice tele-
phony network, xhich current-
ly serves Bahamian business
customers only, although it
plans to attract residential cus-
tomers soon, is heavily reliant
on the use of VoIP technolo-
If BTC's action is allowed to'
proceed, and the 100 per cent
government-owned carrier is

successful, IndiGo Networks
would be unable to use VoIP.
Were BTC to succeed in an
appeal to the Privy Council, its
actionwould be reinstated, and
the case would be remitted to
the Supreme Court for a trial
on the merits and substantive
issues of the case.
BTC's action was seeking
declaratory relief from the
Bahamian courts that it was the
only telecoms carrier in the
Bahamas authorised to use
VolP in the provision of voice
telephony services.
In turn, it was also looking
for a declaration that the PUC
did not have the authorisation
under the Telecommunications
Sector Policy to allow IndiGo
Networks to use VoIP.
.However, the PUC's attor-
ney. Ferron Bethell at Harry B
Sands, Lobosky and Company,
and SRG's attorney. Brian
Moree at McKinney. Bancroft

and Hughes, both sought on
behalf of their clients to dismiss
the BTC action on procedural
They argued that BTC's
attempt to seek declaratory
relief from the courts was tan-
tamount to an attempt to
appeal the PUC's decision to
license IndiGo Networks to use
However, the prescribed
timeframe in which BTC could
challenge the PUC's decision
had expired, and they argued
that BTC was not going down
the statutory route but instead
using a declaratory action to
achieve its purposes.
Then-Supreme Court Justice
Hartman Longley had ruled in
favour of BTC, but.the Court of
Appeal overturned that by find-
ing in favour of the PUC and
A Tribune affiliate has a
small passive stake in SRG.

-Reverse osmosis boost-for post-stor..water BTC's 90-day deadline

,M L47 *Fl *li -HAlTt ilt I ,rnonlndwater. ":, .',The Corporation has been able to reduce for B ackberry roa ing

STibune Business Editor
Tribune Business Editor

THE Water & Sewerage Corporation
believes its reduced reliance on ground-
water supplies will make a "significant
improvement" in post-hurricane water
- recCery compared to previous years.
Addressing a Bahamas Financial Ser-
vices Board (BFSB) seminar on Business
Continuity Planning, Reuben Rahming. a
\ Water & Sewerage Corporation executive,,
said that in past years its water supply for,
New% Pro idence had been 80 per cent

Some 50 per cent of this had been barged
in from Andros. with the other 30 per cent
taken from New Providence's wellfields.
Yet this Near. Mr Rahming said ground-
water would account for just 25 pet cent of
New Providence's water supplies.
He added: "This is very important in the
restoration of supplies in the aftermath of
a hurricane, given the sea water intrusion
into the Andros wellfiels in 2004.
"'This year is expected to be a significant
improvement over the past few years in
terms of water supply."

its reliance on groundwater supplies as a
result of the commissioning of the Blue
Hills reverse osmosis plant, constructed
and operated by BISX-isted Consolidated
Consolidated Water said earlier this year
that it had so far spent $24.2 million con-
structing the Blue Hills reverse osmosis
plant, which is producing at full capacity of
7.2 million gallons per day.

SEE page 6B

"I( jL yo A .a. t
"( ~~~i 14 .int. .,...!,

Tribune Business Editor
THE Bahamas Telecommu-
nications Company (BTC) is
planning to introduce interna-
tional roaming for Blackberry
devices within 90 days, its
senior vice-president for plan-
ning and engineering has
Antonio Stubbs, in a presen-
tation to the Bahamas Finan-
cial Services Board's (BFSB)
Business Continuity Seminar,
confirmed BTC's plan for the
newly-launched product.
The Blackberry's launch has.
been greeted with enthusiasm
by the Bahamian financial ser-
vices industry, as it means that
their high net worth, interna-
tional clients will soon be able
to use these devices in the
Previously, the inability of
high net worth individuals, their
legal and financial advisers, and
international bankers to use
their own cellular phones (a
defect BTC has moved to rem-
edy through roaming agree-
ments) and Blackberrys had

caused much inconvenience
and annoyance.
It had also detracted from
the Bahamas' position as an
international financial services
Blackberrrys allow customers
Sto check their e-mail while
away from their computer, and
organise their agenda. BTC is
offering the service to Bahami-
an customers at around $60 per
month, and its likely that inter-
national roaming will enable
them to use their devices while
Mr Stubbs told the BFSB
seminar that BTC planned to
install "GSM on all major
islands by the end of this year",
completing the main part of the
cellular phone system technol-
ogy's roll-out.
The former TDMA cellular
system is scheduled to be com-
pleted phased out by the end
of 2007, something that has cost
BTC $600,000-$700,000 per
year to maintain. Mr Stubbs
said that other products BTC
planned to introduce included
pre-paid DSL services, and pre-
paid pre-dial services.

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ill- nlllnll


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'opening door

to high quality


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EVERYDAY The Tribune

Ti ... T....

'ONE of two Bahamians among the first 500
people to ever obtain the Corporate Finance
(CF) designation has thanked the Lyford Cay
Foundation for "opening the door to a high
quality education".
Frederick Morris. an associate director of
KPMG Corporate Finance and head of its
Caribbean valuation practice, is a past recipient
of the Estelle Siebens Excellence Scholarship
and the Lyford Cay Foundation's Special
Scholastic Assistance Search Programme.
The Corporate Finance (CF) designation is a
certification developed by the Institute of Char-
tered Accountants in England and Wales
(ICEAW). It sets apart professionals in the cor-
porate finance arena, and confirms they are
among the best in their field.
Mr Morris praised the Lyford Cay Foundation
for giving' him the opportunity tostudy at
Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota where
he received a Bachelor of Arts in Econories
and Engineering Science.
"The Foundation'really opened the door to a
'high quality education for me," he said in a
statement. "With the award, I was able to ben-
efit from a very challenging educational pro-
gramme, while developing lifelong relation-
Roger Kelty, Foundation Director of Educa-
tion Programmes for the Lyford Cay Founda-
tion, added: "Frederick Morris is an example of
a bright young Bahamian who showed great
promise. Now, as an established professional, he
has achieved recognition and brought honour to
his field.
"It is rewarding to see our scholars return to
develop their profession and the Bahamas."
"This certification will help boost the financial
serviCeindustryin the Bahamas and demon-
strate that we are on par with other major finan-
cial centres," said Mr Morris, a 10-year veteran

(Photo courtesy)
in financial services.
Although the Foundation has awarded more
than 1,400 scholarships, Mr Morris was one of a
small, select group of recipients of the Estelle
Siebens Excellence Award, designed to open
doors for the best and brightest in specific areas
of study, including agriculture, engineering,
architecture, economics and education.

ThTibna-MyVice M* Nwsa per!'


BISX-listed firm wins

Bermuda water deal


A COMPANY listed on the
Bahamas International Secu-
rities Exchange (BISX) yes-
terday announced it had won a
contract from the Bermuda
-.. government to build and oper-
ate a desalination plant that
Swill eventually have a 1.2 mil-
lion gallons of water per day
Consolidated Water, whose
Bahamian Depository
Receipts (BDRs) are listed on
BISX, said it had been selected
to develop the Tynes Bay
Desalination Plant on the
north coast of Bermuda.
The project will feature a
600,000 US gallon per day
- '. (USgpd) seawater desalination
plant, a full standby electrical
power plant and 1.27 miles of
main water delivery pipelines.
The production capacity of
the plant is designed for expan-
sionr to 1.2 million US gallons
per day at a later date.
Under the terms of a con-
tract yet to be negotiated, Con-
solidated Water's affiliate,
Consolidated Water (Bermu-
da), will construct and com-
mission the plant and pipeline
within 12 months, and operate
theplant for at least 12 months
after commissioning.
Consolidated Water said it
would loan its Bermuda affili-
ate the funds to construct the
plaiand enter into a contract

"We are very
pleased to have
been selected by
the government
of Bermuda for
this project..."
Rick McTaggart

* JEFFREY Parker, chairman of Consolidated Water

(FILE photo)

with the affiliate to manage its
"We are very pleased to
have been selected by the gov-
* ernment of Bermuda for this
project, which will expand to
six the number of countries
where Consolidated is produc-
ing potable or non-potable
water from the sea," said Rick
McTaggart, Consolidated
Water's chief executive.
"While the initial operating
contract for Tynes Bay will
cover a period of only 12
months following the plant's
commissioning, we are opti-
mistic that our operation of the
plant with experienced per-
sonnel will lead to an expand-
ed relationship with the Gov-
ernment of Bermuda."

A Swiss Bank
is presently lookingfor an
Institutional Banking Manager
In this position, the person deals with
institutional clients in Europe which
requires corresponding language
skills, particularly English, French
and German. At least 5 years
experience in an institutional client
relationship management role in an
offshore environment is essential.
Applications must be submitted in
writing (phone calls will not be
answered) by October 6, 2006,
addressed to:
The Human Resources Manager
PO Box N-3918
Nassau, Bahamas

"'"..* * : * , EL .

Conversational Haitian Creole I
Mon/Wed: 6:00 -7:30 p.m.

Conversational French I
Tues/Thurs: 6:00 7:30 p.m.

Conversational German I
Mon/Wed: 6:00 -7:30 p.m.

Conversational Spanish I
Tues/Thurs: 6:00 7:30 p.m.

Located in the Munnings Building
next to KFC at the COB Roundabout
2nd Floor, Room 15

marhetiIn l services

Job Opportunity:

New Business Development

Pyramid Marketing Services is scouting talent...Real Talent...for
a key position in our organization. Not just anyone will do.
If you are a dynamic, charismatic individual with an outgoing
personality who enjoys new experiences and has a way with
words, you may be just what we're looking for. If you have
what it takes, let us meet you so we can see for ourselves.


3-5 years Media Related Experience

Previous Sales Experience a plus

Associates degree or higher in Marketing,
Advertising or other Media Related Field

Excellent Communication & Presentation Skills

Computer profiient

Must have a vehicle

Send Resume to:
or p.o. box cb-13244


The Ansbacher Group, specialists in private banking, fiduciary services
and wealth management, has an opening in The Bahamas for a


Reporting to: Head of Private Banking


Client relationship management of high net worth banking
Ability to manage projects
Ensure execution and follow-up of bank reviews to minimize
Analyzing of financial requirements of prospective and existing
Participate in continuous quality improvement initiatives in the
Leading small team of relationship officers in the achievement
of department objectives
Developing and maintaining a good relationship with other
departments to ensure efficient and timely customer service.


5-7yrs proven experience in the Fiduciary/Banking field
SA Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Banking or Finance
Strong problem solving and leadership skills.
SCustomer service oriented
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office
Solid analytical skills with keen attention to detail
Strong written and presentation skills
SStrong investigative skills
Ability to multi-task
Must be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
Must have the ability to establish and maintain a strong working
relationship with key personnel and work effectively in a team.

Please send C. V. to the attention of:

Human Resource Manager
Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited
P.O. Box N-7768
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: 325-0524





Share your news
The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.

Legal Notice Of Dissolution

International Business Companies Act
(NO.45 of 2000)

In Voluntary Liquidation

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 138 (8) of
the International Business Companies Act, No.45 of 2000, the
Dissolution of TEAM ENERGY SERVICES LTD. has been
completed, a Certificate of Dissolution has been issued and the
Company has therefore been struck off the Register. The date
of completion of the dissolution was 19th day of September,




(No. 45 of 2000)


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 138 (4)
of the International Business Companies Act, (No. 45 of 2000),
ALNWICK ORIENTAL LIMITED is in dissolution. Alrena
Moxey is the Liquidator and can be contacted at The
Winterbotham Trust Company Limited, Marlborough and
Queen Streets, Nassau, Bahamas. All persons having claims
against the above-named company are required to send their
names, addresses and particulars of their debts or claims to the
Liquidator before the 25th day of October, 2006.

'Sustainable development'

to lower disaster impacts

Tribune Business Editor
THE Bahamas "urgently
needs to move towards sustain-
able development" as a way to
minimise the impact of national
disasters on this nation's econo-

my and major employers, the
National Emergency Manage-
ment Agency's (NEMA) co-
ordinator has warned..
Addressing a Bahamas Finan-
cial Services Board (BFSB) sem-
inar, Carl Smith said this nation
"needs to ensure we have assess-

to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any
person who knows any reason why registration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement of the
facts within twenty-eight days from the 3RD day of OCTOBER, 2006
to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box
F-41085, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.



Notice is hereby given that liquidation of the above company
commenced on the 2nd day of October, 2006 and that Credit
Suisse Trust Limited of Bahamas Financial Centre, Shirley
and Charlotte Streets, Nassau, Bahamas has been appointed
Liquidator of the Company.

Credit Suisse Trust Limited

ments done on the hazards, vul-
nerabilities and risks associat-
ed" with each major investment
These, he explained, would
help to "minimise the risks and
adverse effects these develop-
ments bring".
Mr Smith said all sectors of
the Bahamian economy, both
public and private, needed to
take the reduction of risks to
their business from natural dis-
asters, such as hurricanes, more
He suggested this was often
"low on the totem pole of prior-
ities", with the Bahamas largely
reactive as opposed to proactive.
0 In reference to the Bahamian
tourism and financial services
industries, Mr Smith said: "Eco-
nomically important sectors
need to be engaged in both the
prevention and the contingency
planning process.
"Lessons from these sectors
and elsewhere in the Caribbean,
in my view, need to be compiled
and stored as best practice
A systematic approach was
required to address the vulnera-
bilities of the tourism and finan-
tial services industries, Mr Smith
said, given their importance to
jobs, revenue and the overall
Bahamian economy.
He added that given their

"specific vulnerabilities, needs
and sensitivities", the tourism
and financial services sectors
needed to "be integrated into a
National Disaster Planning
Among the major concerns, .
for the tourism industry were'
the exposure of their resorts and-'.
plant, located on vulnerable-
coastal areas; the evacuation and
welfare of their guests and work-
ers; and communication with
outside tourist markets.
Among the priorities for the'*
financial services industry that.
Mr Smith identified were the
welfare of its staff, business
interruption issues, utilities and
He added that the Govern-
ment, in conjunction with the ,
Inter-American Development
Bank (IDB), was planning to
implement a jointly-funded $3
million project during late 2006
to "masterplan for integrated
Coastal Zone Management" in
the Bahamas.
The project, which will be led
on the Government side by the
Bahamas Environment, Science
and Technology (BEST) Com-
mission, will cover all the islands
and aims to "build consensus
and initiate a long-term inte-.
grated planning process for the'-',
Bahamas coastal and marine

Legal Notice


(a) LICHOU LIMITED is in voluntary dissolution under the
provisions of Section 137 (4) of the International Business
Companies Act 2000.
(b) The dissolution of the said company commenced on the 29th
September, 2006 when the Articles of Dissolution were submitted
to and registered by the Registrar General.
(c) The Liquidator of the said company is Credit Suisse Trust Limited,
.,. Rue de Lausanne 17 bis, 1211 Geneva 70

Dated this 2th day of October, A.D. 2006

Dizame Consulting S.A.


Ministry of Agriculture and
Marine Resources

Department of Agriculture


Opening of the Wild Bird Hunting Seasons for 2006

The public is advised that in accordance with Wild
Bird Protection Act.(Chapter 249). The opening dates
of the 2006 hunting season for various wild birds are
as, follows.

Friday 15th September 2006 for the following wild
birds ONLY:
Eurasian-collared or "Ring-necked" Dove
Mourning or "Florida" Dove
Friday 29th September 2006 for the following wild

White Crown Pigeon
Ring-necked Pheasant
Wood or Zenaida Dove
Guinea Fowl
Bob-White Quail
Chuckar Partridge
Wilson's or Jack Snipe

All ducks and Geese EXCEPT the Whistling
Bahama and Ruddy Ducks.

The hunting (that is the capture and or killing)
of ALL other wild birds is prohibited.

Director of Agriculture
September 4, 2006



Legal Notice


(a) TERKAM LIMITED is in voluntary dissolution under the
provisions of Section 137 (4) of the International Business
Companies Act 2000.
(b) The dissolution of the said company commenced on the 29th
September, 2006 when the Articles of Dissolution were submitted
to and registered by the Registrar General.
(c) The Liquidator of the said company is Credit Suisse Trust Limited,
Rue de Lausanne 17 bis, 1211 Geneva 70

Dated this 2th day of October, A.D. 2006

Dizame Consulting S.A.



"This is to inform the public that Mr.
Doddridge Missick &/or D.V.D.'s
Investigation Firm are not authorized to
conduct any business on behalf of
Bahamas First General Insurance
Company Limited. Any persons) who
have been contacted by the aforementioned
individual/firm on behalf of Bahamas First
General Insurance Company Limited are
asked to contact the Claims Manager at
telephone number (242) 302-3900 as soon
as possible."
i __________________

SO A L."
Pricing Information As Of:
Monday. 2 October 2006
;.cO'E'"SE .29.27 / CHG -00.78 / %CHG -00.05 / YTD 278,56 / YTO % 20.eZ '
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Securit y Previous Close Today's Close Change Daily Vol. EPS $ Div $ PIE Yield
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets 1.74 1.74 0.00 -0.109 0.000 N/M 0.00%
12.05 9.50 Bahamas Property Fund 11.25 11.25 0.00 1.612 0.380 7.0 3.38%
7.51 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 7.51 7.51 0.00 0.777 0.330 9.7 4.39%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.208 0.020 3.8 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.55 1.55 0.00 0.168 0.000 9.2 0.00%
1.49 1.10 Fidelity Bank 1.44 1.44 0.00 0.188 0.050- 7.7 3.47%
9.60 9.05 Cable Bahamas 9.55 9.55 0.00 0.659 0.240 14.5 2.51%
2.20 1.39 Colina Holdings 1.80 1.80 0.00 0.009 0.000 200.0 0.00%
11.91 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 11.91 11.91 0.00 0.943 0.660 12.6 5.54%
6.26 4.12 Consolidated Water BDRs 4.91 5.40 0.49 0.130 0.045 37.7 0.92%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2.60 2.45 -0.15 2,600 0.283 0.000 8.7 0.00%
6.21 4.20 Famguard 6.15 6.15 0.00 0.428 0.240 14.4 3.90%
11.51 10.60 Finco 11.51 11.51 0.00 0.763 0.560 15.1 4.87%
14.00 9.50 FirstCaribbean 13.82 13.82 0.00 0.927 0.550 14.9 3.98%
11.21 9.25 Focol 11.21 11.21 0.00 0.885 0.500 12.7 4.46%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.170 0.000, N/M 0.00%
10.20 8.49 ICD Utilities 8.49 8.49 0.00 0.532 0.270 16.0 3.18%
9.10 8.65 J. S. Johnson 8.75 8.75 0.00 0.527 0.560 16.6 6.40%
8.09 5.30 Kerzner International BDRs. 8.09 8.09 0.00 SUSPENDED 0.160 0.000 50.6 0.00%
10.00 10.00 Premier Real Estate 10.00 10.00 0.00 1.291 0.195 7.7 1.95%
...^. .u te ; ....* ; .Be; r un;;es:
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Symbol Bia $ Ask $ LasI Pnce Vveekly o EPS $ DI0 PIE Yield
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.923 1.320 7.9 9.04%
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 NM 7.85%
0.54 0.20 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.00 -0.002 0.000 NM 0.00%
P I.0 0 20`OODAB '. . ,m -
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.00 1 00 2 220 001) 19 4 000"-
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
0.60 0.35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
:: '.. .. "W.- -.e ,, .x .. .. .J .' l M ~ un s '" *' .. ,.: ,,. .-.
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Fund Name NA V' 'TD-. LasI 12 r.onlrs DI. $ Yield '-
1 3073 1 2508 Collna Money Market Fund 1 307286"
2.9513 2.4766 Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund 2.9513"**
2.4606 2.2560 Colina MSI Preferred Fund 2.460616*
1 1923 1 1348 Colna Bond Fund 1.192331. .
ii. 1t 2.~4% .. .0 . ..W. .:, %f200 .:
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 19 Dec 02 1 000 00 MARKET TERMS VIELD la1. 1 .T.cor. .ir.c .as 31 .13 3 I Eir.g c .1,e NA. iEY
52wk-HI Highest closing price In last 52 weeks Bid $ Buying price of Collna and Fidelity
52wk-Low Lowest coming price In last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling price of Collna and fidelity -08 September 2006
Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daily volume Last Price Last traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for dally volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week 31 August 2006
Change Change in closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 Aths
Daily Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value ** 31 August 2006
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
P/E Closing price divided by the last 12 month earnings FINDEX The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Index. January 1. 1994 = 100 -31 August 2006
......... ...... ... ....... ._ = . --- -- ---- ---



Stocks end up lower

after Dow flirts with

'all-time high'

Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content


.- -


Available from Commercial News Providers
a -. a

low- -



- ~

a -


C 0 *

. -.

The newest and fastest growing building
supplies and hardware store is seeking

Must have clean driving record.
Applicants must be able to operate 30ft long delivery
trucks and forklifts. Knowledge of lumber and other
building materials and a plus.

Please fax resume to 242-322-3937


f ta*1 Clerks

-for Clarks and

Shoe Village Shoe Stores.
Please fax your applications to

or mail to
P.O. Box N 3009
Nassau, Bahamas

Couple required for the overall
management and administration
of private club catering to. ;

20 years proven experience required in similar
positions including working knowledge of boats,
boating and culinary arts.

Ability to troubleshoot and repair electrical and
mechanical systems, both with the physical plant and
marine equipment.

Experience with menu planning, provisioning and
preparation of gourmet meals. Culinary training an

Background in marine industry helpful. Fluency in
European languages an advantage.

Please send resumes to:
North Riding Point Club
Facsimile No. 242-353-4250, or
P. O. Box F-43665
Freeport, Grand Bahama

* ~
* p
a p a
a p
-a *-





* Two years experience in fast food and/or quick service
restaurant environment
* Motivated to be a good role model for fellow workers
* A secondary education
* Computer skills including Excel and Microsoft Word
* Strong ability to communicate with customers, staff and


Lums Iguana Cafe

Prince George Plaza
Down Town

Re-opening after
Tuesday, September 26, 2006.

Lums Introducing

New To Go Menu

Conch and Fries $6.50
Chicken and Fries $5.50
Curry Chicken with rice $5.00
B.B.Q. Mini Ribs $5.00



Construction Manager-Building


* Minimum 5 yrs experience in construction or related
field such as Architecture or Engineering
Working knowledge of timber and masonry construction
Proficient in reading and understanding construction plans
Proficient in performing material take-offs and placing
material orders
Working knowledge of construction materials
Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
Good communication skills

Construction Manager-Utilities

Minimum 5yrs experience in construction or related field
such as Engineering
Working knowledge of methods of installation of water,
sewer, communication and electrical infrastructure
Proficient in reading and understanding construction plans
Proficient in performing materials take-offs placing material
working knowledge of construction materials
Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
Good communication skills

Resumes should be mailed to Nick Sims, Development
Department, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay,
P.O.Box AB20571, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
or Faxed to 242-367-2930.



ALL THAT piece parcel of land situated near the
Settlement of Marsh Harbour in the Island of Abaco
aforesaid being 8.548 Acres and being a portion of
a larger tract of land comprising One Hundred and
Twenty (120) acres granted to John Sweeting on the 23rd
day of March, AD 1811 and recorded in the Department
of Lands and Surveys in Grant Book B at page 88 which
said piece parcel or tract of land is bounded NORTH-
WARDLY by a portion of land belonging to one Howard
Sweeting and running thereon One Thousand Eight
Hundred and Twenty-nine and Sixty hundredths
(1,829.60) feet SOUTHWARDLY by a portion of Grant
B-88 and running thereon One Thousand Six Hundred
and Sixty and Fifteen Hundredths (1,660.15) feet EAST
WARDLY by High Water mark and running thereon Two
Hundred and Seventy-four and Sixty-six Hundredths feet
WESTWARDLY by a Twenty (20) feet wide Road
Reservation and running thereon One Hundred and
Ninety-nine and Forty-eight -Hundredths (199.48)
feet which said tract of land has such dimensions
and boundaries as are shown on the diagram or
plan annexed hereto and is thereon coloured RED.
SRUPERT ROBERTS Jr. claim to be the owner in
feet simple in possession of the said land and has made
application to the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas under Section 3 of the Quieting Titles, Act
1959 to have his title to the said investigated and the nature
and extent thereof determined and declared in a Certificate
of Title to be granted by the Court in accordance with the
provisions of the said Act. A plan of the said land may be
inspected during normal working hours at the following

(a) The Registry of the Supreme Court, 2nd Floor
BitCo Building, New Providence,
The Bahamas.
(b) The Chambers of V. Alfred Gray & Company,
Suite #5 The Malcolm Building, Bay Street &
Victoria Avenue, Nassau, The Bahamas.
(c) The Administrator's Office Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, The Bahamas

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any person or persons
having dower or right of dower or an Adverse Claim or
Claim not recognized in the Petition shall on or before
29th day of September, 2006 file in the Supreme Court of
the City of Nassau aforesaid and serve on the Petitioner
or the undersigned a Statement of his Claim aforesaid non
compliance with this Notice will operate as a bar to such

Nassau, Bahamas
Attorneys for the Petitioner


ob -

- 8





NOTICE is hereby given that JAMES CEPOUDI, OF TOOTH
applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
for registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas,
and that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written and
signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days from the
26th day of SEPTEMBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

Of A
Two Positios Availabl



Reverse osmosis boost for post-storm water

FROM page 1B

The company added that it
expected to spend a further $2.4
million to complete the Blue
Hills plant during the 2006 third
quarter, which ended on Sep-
tember 30.
Consolidated Water was pre-
viously awaiting confirmation
from the Water & Sewerage
Corporation that it was meeting
"all contractual requirements",
the plant having been fully
commissioned and undergone
a seven-day performance test
in mid-to-late July 2005.

The BISX-listed firm also
spent an extra $800,000 on cap-
ital improvements for its Nas-
sau-based Windsor plant dur-
ing the 2006 third quarter. The
expanded Windsor Plant,
whose capacity was increased
until Blue Hills came fully on
line, remained active until mid-
August, when some of the
equipment will be moved to
another market.
Meanwhile, Mr Rahming
told the BFSB seminar that the
Corporation was set to co-ordi-
nate with other utilities, chiefly
the Bahamas Electricity Cor-


portion (BEC) and the
Bahamas Telecommunications
Company (BTC), in the event
of a disaster.
It had provided both BEC
and BTC with a prioritised list
of facilities, noting those that
it was most important to get
back into operation first.
Mr Rahming said the Corpo-
ration had equipped its "major
facilities" with stand-by diesel
generators to cope with power
outages, while portable gener-
ators had been acquired for
general use and in the Family


Credit 8ulase Wealth Management
Is presently considering applications for a


Credit Suisse Private Banking is one of the wodd's premier private banks. It is setting new standards that go
beyond traditional banking services. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff provides our clientele with comprehensive
solutions in individual Investment counseling and professional portfolio management. Our total commitment Is always
to our clients and we focus without compromise on their financial well-being and their personal values.
The position is open to candidates with the following minimum requirements:

Preferably College Attendee Interested in graduating
Proficient Microsoft Office
Excellent typing skills
Seriously minded and responsible individual

The candidate initially will be expected to undertake clerical type duties but depending on the individual additional
responsibilities may be awarded:
Incorporate and dissolve IBCs
File documents
Work on Excel /Word documents
Maintain office supplies
Collect, sort and distribute incoming mail
Send Fedex packages

Excellent organizational and communication skills
Highly motivated with a commitment to service excellence
Attention to detail with a positive responsible attitude

Competitive salary, performance bonus plus health and life Insurance
Career opportunity for promotion in a challenging progressive group organization
Applications should be submitted by fax to: (242) 302-6398
Or by mail to: Human Resources Department
P.O. Box N-4801
Nassau, Bahamas




A vacancy exists in the Corporation for Internal Auditors in the Internal Audit

The job executes various audit and investigation assignments as stipulated in the
Schedule of Activities formulated by the AGM-Chief Internal Auditor; supervises and
directs the activities of the Audit Clerks, and offers technical assistance to the
Assistant Internal Auditors. The internal auditor trains subordinate staff; assists the
External Auditors with joint audit efforts for the year-end audit; produces audit
programs; produces audit and investigation reports as well as monthly and quarterly
reports; assists the AGM-Chief Internal Auditor with annual plans and corporate

The duties and responsibilities for this job is as follows, but not limited to:

Produce audit programs and submit for approval of the chief Internal
Conducts complete risk assessment for area being audited
Conducts financial, operational and ITS audit assignments in
accordance with established audit programs.
Produces complete file of audit working papers
Produces audit reports on audit concerns and recommendations in
accordance with the IIA Standards
Conducts some confidential audit investigations, evaluate finding
& produce reports; exercising the IIA's ethical standards
Conducts reviews of budgetary systems (including variances
analysis), policies, manpower efficiency and new computer applications
Discusses audit concerns with the relevant Department/Section
head and seek agreement to implement recommendations.
Supervises work of Audit Clerks and conduct review of work done

The successful candidate should also possess:
A Bachelors degree in Accounting or other closely related discipline
and a professional accounting qualification e.g. CPA, CA or ACCA
Obtaining the CIA would be highly desirable.
Five years post certification experience in auditing and general
accounting with experience in interviewing, producing reports and
making verbal presentations.

Interested persons may apply by completing an returning Application form to:
The Manager-Human Resources & Training, Bahamas Electricity
Corporation, Blue Hill & Tucker Roads, P.O. Box N-7509 Nassau, Bahamas
on or before October 13th 2006.

* PUMPKIN carter
Craig Sanders works on
St Louis Cardinals logos
September 26 while
waiting for customers at
his business, CJ's Pro-
duce Market, in the
Kirkwood Farmer's
Market in Kirkwood,
Mo. Sanders carves
names and company
logos in the pumpkins
which he sells at his

(AP Photo: Robert


i '


Common Law and Equity Division



Plantiff/Judgment Creditor



Defendant/Judgment Debtor



Should you the within named Albertha Buyer
disobey this order to appear before the Deputy Registrar
at the date time and place herein specified you will be
liable to process of execution to compel you to obey.

UPON READING the affidavit of J. Michael
Saunders filed herein on the 27th day of July A.D., 2006.

IT IS ORDERED that the above-named Albertha
Buyer, defendant/Judgment Debtor attend before the
Registrar of the Supreme Court on the 25th day of
October A.D., 2006 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon to be
orally examined as to whether any and if so, what property
is owned by the Defendant/Judgment Debtor and whether
any and if so, what debts are owing to her and that the said
Albertha Buyer, Defendant/Judgment Debtor produce
any books or documents in her possession or power
relating to the same before the said Registrar at the time of the
examination and that the cost of this Application and the
examination thereunder be in the discretion of the Registrar.

Dated the 22nd day of September, A.D., 2006


A leading jewelry company is expanding its Nassau Operations
Sand has openings, at various levels, in the following areas:

Inventory Control and Management

1. Persons of integrity
2. Self-starters with drive and determination
3. Previous experience an asset

If you meet the above requirements and have skills in the
above disciplines, we will be pleased to welcome you to our
winning. team. The positions offer career opportunities with
excellent salary and benefits package.

Please submit your resume in confidence to:

P. O. BOX N-623
Fax: 328-4211

a a~rrw I ~a ~lr~Aili41rmiip n'





Availlablefrom Commercial NewsProviders
-a f '-o.- Im --._ __he

Quick exit

for Russia's


a.. -
S -a S
- ~ -

* -a a

ActINm ftnn the

--Jpan Opn

04*Sm 4



- a S __ um m
~F~r'w Pt I-o war AkIN-m

Ehdr n S
* s a

S al

-~ ~ ~ -


a. a *

- - -
ab 4MW41 4010400M400"

0 - w4 u=W
40 4b 0* -4b-0 "5- &




- doom

-- qm

'9yn' caed C o te nt




mr t

--~ -~ --

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a ~

* ~- -
~ ~
.'- - S
a -~


* .

. -- l
- a r


- mo

-- -

o -aw am.SON

"r we -vb
- -arm a


Junior Sports Reporter
BAHAMIAN rugby player
Dan Woodside recently faced
the toughest eight weeks in his
career on the international cir-
The 23-year-old became the
first Bahamian to play rugby
overseas, joining the Luctoni-
ans Rugby team for two years.
He was among five interna-
tional players selected by the
Luctonians Amateur Rugby
Club and the first coming from
the Bahamas.
The Luctonians Amateur
Rugby Club is one of the lead-
ing clubs in the English West
Midlands, it was founded in
1948 and currently has four
senior side clubs, youth and
mini sections.
It is the highest level of play
next to the national leagues
and semi-professional status.
All senior teams compete in
the Rugby.Football Union
Midlands Di\ vision One league.
And Woodside, who joined
the club with little experience
and exposure, has one of the
toughest jobs on his hands if
he wants to land a spot on the
team's first squad.
Although it is noted that
Woodside is capable of play-
ing on the first squad, his lack
of experience might hold him
When speaking to The Tri-
bune yesterday, national head
coach Andrew Davis repeat-
ed some of what Luctonians
head coach has told him.
Davis said: "Dan has settled
in very quickly, made a lot of
friends. He has a job. He has
started off very well they are
very impressed with his ath-
letic ability, running speed and
st-ength. .... >,I*d -'
"It was looking like he was
going to make the first team
squad immediately which
would be a big achievement
knowing the high level of play
the Luctonians first team com-
petes at. But he found out that,
he is not experienced enough."
The openside flanker for the



." _..

* *~ a




The going gets tough

for Bahamian Dan

Rugby player Woodside

in action in England





Bahamas national team is con-
stantly receiving good reviews
from coaches and teammates,
but only being'able to play in
15 games while at home could
hamper his progress.
Instead of playing in only 15
regular season games, Wood-
side will have to adjust as the
Luctonians usually have 30 to
40 games on their schedule.
His position; openside
flanker, is described as one of
the toughest posts for a rugby
This position requires play-
ers to have all around attrib-
utes of speed, strength, fitness,
and handling skills.
Although he has been
praised for his athletic talents
as well as his build and speed,
his late start in the sport is
worrying coaches and Davis.

Davis added: "Dan has got-
ten off to a late start in the
sport, but he is very good, but
you have to really know what
you are doing. He is compet-
ing against players who have
been playing the sport from
they were like six-years-old
and have been playing 40,
games of rugby a year.
"So he is struggling on this
point and he is now on the sec-
ond team, but I won't say that
he is strongly established on
that front. I understand that
he is-all action, and I under-
stand'that he is making the big
plays, big blocks and tackles,
he's still not achieving much.
"For all the running around
he does the tackles,' speed
and athleticism he brings to a
team he just haven't gotten
that athletic experience."
Davis disclosed the coaches
Sconmments about Woodside,
saying, "The rookie is trying
to hard to impress, and has
resulted in making little
"Dan is spilling balls, he's
probably trying to run too fast,
not presenting the ball prop-
erly," said Davis.
"In the tackle he is not get-
ting to breakdowns fast his


:ii i:
C ~


tion of Bahamian Music

S~a~lu Ob featurng

Mw'h(muv) onnie Butler

Gtsqzp~en@G04x Awy

ShoWnme@8300pmshap lw
,l* 'onw laxeVy
Ancent Man

SMusic f

The Mighty Pendl

The Ja Air rnalitiA J

The 100 Jamz Air Personaities




Le Boys


Ndmih Kdd

lyde idrx



13th Anniversary

13 years of bringing music to the people

i.. : .~ h;
':' "
I; i`
''i '


I .

; I






Fax: (242) 328-2398

*s~ mij wt





Senior Sports Reporter
AFTER taking a much
needed break to recuperate,
Mark Knowles and Daniel
Nestor are expected to
return to the ATP Men's
Tour next week.
Speaking from Dallas,
Texas where he's training
for the home stretch of the
2006 season, Knowles said
they will leave on Friday for
Stockholm, Sweden the
first in a series of four tour-
naments in Europe. '
From Stockholm, theywill
travel to Madrid, Spain on
October 16, then Basel,
Switzerland on October 23
and Paris, France on Octo-
ber 30.
They will cap off the year
at the Tennis Masters Cuip
Doubles in Shanghai, China
on November 13.

"Obviously we have five
Strong tournaments to fin-
ish off the year," said
Knowles, who came to town
for a couple days after the
US Open in Flushing Mead-
ows, New York, the last
tournament the' pair played
"I think the main thought
process here is to try and
win a couple of, tourna-
ments. The big, goal after
coming up short in the
Grand Slams is to win the
Masters Cup. That would be
a big goal for us this fall."
Despite falling short in the
four Grand Slams, Knowles
and Nestor have in fact won
four tournaments, made the
finals in three, and Knowles
said they have still had a
good year.
"We made the finals at
Wimbledon, but we were
playing very well at the US
Open and we thought we
were playing well enough to
win," he reflected. "Unfor-
tunately, we lost a match we
should have won in the third
"So it's kind of disap-
pointing and discouraging at
the same time. But the only
thing you can do is get back
up from the floor and keep
working hard. That's part of
tennis. That's part of sports.
We just have to focus on the
big picture. That is playing
Knowles and Nestor are
currently sitting in the

' N s

Available irom commercial News providers

Avaiabl from. commercial News. Providers

a ** -- . -- a

fourth spot in the Stanford
ATP Doubles Race with
661. They trail Paul Hanley
and Kevin Ullyett, who are
in third with 710. Out front
are American twin brothers
Bob and Mike Bryan with
1082. Jonas Bjorkman and
Max Mirnyi are second with
"We're still one of the top
five teams in the world, so
it's important for us to re-
establish ourselves as we
end the year," Knowles not-
ed. "We want to be able to
get a good finish as we look
ahead to next year.
"We didn't start off that
well this year, but if we can
get a little momentum down
the stretch, we would be
able to get some points to

Sget us ready as we look
ahead to the Australian
Open next January."
The highlight of the final
stretch will be the Tennis
Masters Cup Doubles, an
event that Knowles and-
SNestor qualified for as, the,
No.4 seeded team.

Partners for the past 12
years, Knowles and Nestor
have compiled a 36-14 win-
loss record this year with the
four titles they won in Del-
ray Beach, Florida, followed
by Indian Wells and back-
to-back crowns in Barcelona,
and at the ATP Masters
Series event in Rome.

ON "m" -0 m *,

This will be their fourth
consecutive appearance in
the Tennis Masters Cup, but
they have never won the
prestigious title, although
they played in the final in
2003 and 2004.
"This finishes off the year,
so we are going into this
stretch with some positive
results," Knowles stated.
"So we would love to finish
up with some more good
results as we sort of make
up for not winning any
Grand Slam this year."
Knowles said he'and
Nestor are both in good
shape, having taken some
time off after the US Open.
He said they. are both eager
to get back on the court next

vir XThLI'7Uw,

National softball

team at the double
THE Bahamas men's national softball team won its first two
games at the VII Pan American Softball Championships in Her-
mosillo, Mexico.:
Against Puerto Rico in their first game on Sunday, the Bahamas
pulled off a 1-0 victory. Yesterday in their second game, the
Bahamas knocked off Guatemala 3-0.
The team, managed by Godfrey 'Gully' Burnside, was original-
ly scheduled to play in Pool A, but that format has been changed
after some of the teams didn't show up.
Instead, all of the teams have been placed in one pool.
However, the top five teams will qualify for the World Champi-
onships in 2009 in Canada.
None of the Bahamian delegation could be reached in Mexico for



_ II I ;i I
I IL~ --QI~-l -C- ILC -e"-- --r ClllliC-.C, ~IPI) p~ 7-L--- s~---111SIILl~d~LaCLe

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