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Title: The Tribune
Uniform Title: Tribune (Nassau, Bahamas)
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Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Tribune
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahamas
Publication Date: September 9, 2006
Copyright Date: 2006
Frequency: daily, except sunday
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Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
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Volume: 102 No.241 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 PRICE- 750

'1 .. .. i.. l::?~ .lr .,,,:~'C
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Situation facing

accident victim worsens

after government loses

key documents

A CIVIL servant and moth-
er-of-two has been left frustrat-
ed, upset and facing increasing
Levels of pain after key docu-
S- ments belonging to her appear
to have been mislaid by the gov-
The documents include med-
ical records infi i in,,n
itammpLd byib N lh Mini tr oft
Education, and reports from her
former employer, which were
all in support of her case asking
for financial aid from the gov-
ernment to help her pay the
$36,810.78 cost of an operation
she requires after being injured
at work.
Following a "life altering"
accident in 1998, which the 34-
Syear-old said occurred on a
School campus where she was
S working at the time, the woman
has suffered from a progressive
and debilitating syndrome
known as reflex sympathetic
-' dystrophy (RSD), a disorder
S. characterized by chronic and
severe pain.
The woman has previously
tried to take the government
to court to get help with her
medical bills,, but was told at
that time that the statute of
limitations had run out on her
case. Inititally, the government
had refused to pay for her
surgery after she took out
insurance following the acci-
Since then, the woman has
written to the Attorney Gener-
al seeking a review of her case -
particularly in'light of.the years
she claims it took the govern-
ment to respond to her letters
.and calls immediately.after the
accident happened.
"I was waiting on their reply
from 1998 to 2001. They took
almost two years to report to
me and then told me that the
statute of limitation had run out
for me to get financial help from
them," the woman told The Tri-
bune several weeks ago.
She said: "This is not fair for
poor people like myself. I have
two kids that I have to take care
of, but I can't because of my

medical condition.
"I am asking the government
to do anything right now," she
insisted, when she first spoke
to The Tribune several weeks
ago. "Do you know.what it is
to have a headache on one side
of your head, an earache on the
other side? To have your nerves
burning and swell up? I can't
bathe myself at times."
On July 26, she sent a letter
to the Attorney General's
Office, but has since heard that
the AG never personally saw
the letter and, despite having
left messages for the relevant
authorities, she has not received
a response.
Having called to query the
ministry's silence, she was
informed of the, missing docu-
ments by an employee.
"I was told that some of the
information I'd shown him was
not in the file," said the woman
She said she was told, by the
person who'made her aware of.
the missing documents that this
may have been affecting the
way the government was treat-
ing her case.
The -woman has been
informed by doctors in the US
that,' to help her condition, she
needs a procedure known as a
spinal chord stimulator.
Authorities at the department
of national insurance have said
that cost was a primary factor in
their decision not to fund her
operation in addition to the
fact that the success rate is not
Meanwhile, the woman said
she continues to suffer. "What is
really frightening is that, when
the pain starts, I now get cram p-
ing pains in my left chest."
Doctors have apparently
warned her that in her condi-
tion the possibility of her suf-
fering a stroke or heart attack
has been increased.
Her accident happened while
she was working on a school
campus on September 9, 1998.
The government has formerly
claimed that her injury, and sub-
sequent disabilities, were due
to negligence on her behalf.




Saying goodbye to the summer

, ',- -

1I *

"-' "-'
-s,"'. C

SA PRIMARY and preschooler enjoy the final days of summer their parents remain hopeful that the repairs to their schools will
be completed over the weekend, allowing them to attend classes on Monday.
(Onan Bridgewater/Tribune staff)
............ ........................ . .......................... ... .................................................................... :........... ......................

Bahamas and CARICOM

states are urged to sign
onto International

Criminal Court treaty

OFFICIALS at the Inter-
national Criminal Court, the
body which is intended to.try.
governmental and military
officials who are charged
with war crimes, are encour-
aging the Bahamas, along
with five other CARICOM
states, to sign onto the ICC
ICC outreach co-ordinator
for Latin America and the
Caribbean, Francesca Vada,
urged St Lucia, Suriname,
Grenada, Jamaica, the
Bahamas and Haiti to join
the court yesterday
"I think it's a very impor-
tant development for
Caribbean states. As you
know, out of the 14
Caribbean states with inter-
national treaty-making capac-
ity, now the balance is tilted
towards having eight states
in the Caribbean, having rat-
ified the ICC Treaty," Mr
Vada told a BBC Caribbean
His statement comes as St
Kitts/ Nevis deposited its
instrument of accession to the
Rome Statute.
The statute will enter into
force for St Kitts/Nevis on

November 1.
Mr Vada said that St'
.Kitts/Nevis' membership in
the ICC has been "a very
important development for
Caribbean states."
The Bahamas has yet to
ratify the agreement, many
believe because in 2002, the
US Congress passed the
American Service Members'
Protection Act (ASPA),
which contained a number of
provisions, including prohi-
bitions of the US providing
military aid to countries
which had ratified the treaty
establishing the court and
permitting the president to
authorise military force to
free any US military person-
nel held by the court, lead-
ing opponents to dub it "The
Hague Invasion Act."
The act was later modified
to permit US co-operation
with the ICC when dealing
with US enemies.
The US has not ratified
the treaty creating the court,
and has stated it does not
intend to do so. The coun-
try's main objections are the
SEE page 11

PM takes on the job

of assuring 'good

corporate governance'

on Grand Bahama

Tribune Freeport
ster Perry Christie has assumed
responsibility for ensuring that
"good corporate governance"
remains in place in Grand
He was responding to grow-
ing concern about the adminis-
tration of the Grand Bahama
Port Authority, which has
come under intense scrutiny
over the past few months.
"As prime minister, it gives
me an opportunity to tell you
that you must not forget I am
prime minister of the Bahamas,
that I have the responsibility
of ensuring consistent gover-
nance in the context of what
offends public policy, and that
my government will not hesi-
tate to ensure that all acts are
taken consistent with that man-
date to ensure that what we do
in our country is consistent with
good corporate governance and
does not offend public policy,"
he said.
Although Mr Christie was
in Freeport for the ground-

breaking of a new develop-
ment, he told his audience he
could see that they were
"more concerned about cor-
porate governance and possi-
ble conflicts in the administra-
tion of Grand Bahama Port
Many business licensees and
residents of Freeport had
expressed concerns over the
recent policy changes and dis-
missals of several Bahamian
executives at the Port Author-
ity since June.
PLP Senator Philip Galanis,
who is also a Freeport licensee,
and Grand Bahama Chamber
president Dr Doswell Coakley,
called for the government to
look at the Port with greater
SDr Coakley even went so far
as to call on government to ini-
tiate and institute a commis-
sion of inquiry into the affairs
of the company.
Mr Christie indicated that
the government will not hesi-
tate to ensure that all acts tak-
en are consistent with good cor-
porate governance.
SEE page 11

-j -TIb' I.ii.i ...... "-, ""ELIEL


I AHAMiami TIeraI

M ar: 9 6 6 3
46 Madeira Street

i n sa i g

1~L~n~r~i, - ---






Immigration officials pledge

on violation

* JAMES Rolle said

EMPLOYERS have been
warned that immigration offi-
cials will no longer accept
excuses and will begin crack-
ing down on all violators imme-
Bahamians were urged to
cease employing illegal immi-
grants and were told that
claims of ignorance about the
law are no longer good enough.
Speaking at a conference in
Freeport yesterday, Assistant
Director of Immigration James
Rolle said:
"We have given quite a num-
ber of warnings to employers
and employees in recent times
and I think it is now time for us
to really start enforcing those
"I think there has been suf-
ficient notice made and this
conference today is the forum
that I want the message to get
out that there should be no
excuse now for people to say
that they don't know or they
haven't heard what the poli-
cies and procedures are," he
He said that violators will
face charges, however no men-
tion was made of what penal-
ties employers might face is
caught with illegal immigrants
in their'employ.
Mr Rolle said he called yes-
terday's conference to clarify
some of the policies currently
being undertaken by his
He explained that from now
, on, the Immigration Board will

not consider approving \ work
permit or permanent residence
applications for persons who
are already in the Bahamas as
Secondly, he said, no appli-
cations will be considered for
persons who are in the country
Mr Rolle said the most
important policy applies to the
group of immigrants who got
their first work permit since
2003 and now want renewals.
He explained that from now
on, anyone who received status
after 2003 but was in the
Bahamas illegally at the time,
must leave the country and
wait until the Immigration
Board makes a decision on
their request before they can
Mr Rolle added that employ-
ers "must prove or submit doc-
umented evidence to the
department that the employee
is out of the country, and that,
documented proof would be
copies of the relevant ticket
that those persons would use
to leave the country.
"And, in addition to that, the
department itself would be
able to follow up with the var-
ious carriers to secure the man-
ifest which should show that
the individual indeed has left.
"If those guidelines are fol-
lowed, the board has then the
privilege of approving those
permits for renewal," he said.
Mr Rolle noted that one new
policy that seems to be caus-

ing some concern regards
dependents of work permit
"The board has now insti-
tuted a policy where it wants
these persons to first of all sat-
isfy the Department of Immi-
gration that all children of
work permit holders are
indeed registered in private
"The board is also asking
those persons to submit evi-
dence that there is medical
insurance coverage for the
whole family. We are insisting
on that and so applications for
renewal right now, many of the
applicants are being asked to
provide proof that the children
who are of school age are
indeed registered in private
schools," he said.
SMr Rolle said he emphasised
private schools, because "part
of the foundation of this policy

is that fact that the board is of
the view that if a permit holder
comes to the Bahamas ot a
contract and decides after they
arrive here that they want to
bring their family here, then
that person ought to be in a
position to support their fami-
ly and part of the support for
the family is the ability to be
able to educate them and pro-
vide for them healthwise.
"The board is of the view
that it not ought to be a burden
on the public service system,"
he said.
Mr Rolle said immigration
officials will also be cracking
down on employment move-
ments of immigrants on work
"It is illegal for a person who
is an immigrant who has a per-
mit under one employer to
work for another employer on
that same permit, unless the

employer of record is in a busi-
ness that renders service to oth-
er persons. In that case it is
legitimate for them to work
elsewhere, because then we are
looking at a contractual
"But, for an individual
employer to have an immigrant
as an employee and that indi-
vidual work for any other per-
son that is illegal. In fact,
working for any other person
renders the permit invalid.
"That is where the depart-
ment now positions itself to
charge the individual, the
employee and the new employ-
He said that in such cases,
employees will be charged for
working outside the scope of
their permit, while employers
will be charged for engaging
an immigrant without the req-
uisite permit.

...............................................Ern e sto g a in in g str en gt. in A nt..............

Enesto gaining strength in Atlantic

Tribune Staff Reporter
TROPICAL Storm Florence
is gaining strength in the open
Atlantic and could become a
hurricane by the weekend.
However, local forecasters at
the Department of Meteorology
pointed'out that the storm is
not expected to have any impact
on the Bahamas.
Forecasters are predicting
that by Saturday morning, Flo-
rence will be centered 751 miles
to the east of San Salvador and
by afternoon, it will be 830 miles
east of New Providence'- bring-
ing with it scattered showers.
At 5pm Friday afternoon,
Florence had sustained wind'
nearly 50 mph. The minimum
for a hurricane is 74 mph.
Forecaster Pat Butler said:
"Florence is still growing strong
and could become a hurricane
in a day or two."

The storm was centered
about 420 miles northeast of the
Northern Leeward Islands, and
about 730 miles south-southeast
of Bermuda by yesterday
Florence follows on the heels
of Tropical Storm Ernesto,
which formed on August 25
over the southern Caribbean
and was briefly the season's first
hurricane before weakening and
hitting Florida and North Car-
olina last week as a tropical
At least nine deaths in the
United States were blamed on
Ernesto, which also killed two
people in Haiti, delayed the
launch of the space shuttle
Atlantisand blacked-out power
to thousands of homes and busi-
nesses from North Carolina to
New York.
Last year's.Atlantic storm
season had a record 28 named
storms and 15 hurricanes,
including Katrina.

So far, the 2006 Atlantic
hurricane season has not
been as severe as initially
Mr Butler said, "Nothing
,has happened so far com-
pared to 20 depressions or
cyclones during this time
last year."
Meteorologists ran out of
proper names for Atlantic
storms last year, and'resort-
ed to using the Greek
alphabet to identify storms.
This year, initial forecasts
for the number of predicted
- hurricanes were lowered in
August to between 12 and
15 named storms and sev-
en to nine hurricanes.



The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.


Employers warned

excuses will no

longer be accepted

0 In brief

after he

admits drug


A 44-YEAR-OLD man has
been sentenced to serve time
and pay a fine after pleading
guilty to drug charges.
The charges stemmed from a
police raid at a home off East
Street earlier this week.
Donnie Taylor, alias Donnie
Ferguson, appeared before
Magistrate Renee McKay on
Thursday to answer to charges
of possession with the intent to
supply marijuana as well as
Police reports claimed that
102 packages of marijuana and
56 small bags of cocaine were
seized during the raid on Tues-
day. Taylor, who plead guilty
to both drug charges, was sen-
tenced was sentenced to serve
two years in prison and fined
$10,000 on the marijuana pos-
session charge.
He could serve an additional
year if he fails to pay the fine.
Taylor was also sentenced to
two years in prison on the
cocaine possession charge. The
sentences are to run concur-
Four other persons who had
been detained during the raid
were discharged after Taylor's

accused of
fake currency

A 32-YEAR-OLD man
charged with possession of
forged currency was arraigned
in court yesterday.
Glenroy Bain was arraigned
before Magistrate. Guillimena
Archer, It was alleged that on
Thursday, September 7 Bain
was found in possession of 196
fake US $50 notes ($9,800).
Bain pleaded not guilty to the
: charge andJ "a-s raniied l'iil in .
the sum ot $ll l.nllii [he case
was adjourned to No ember 17.

The Lancet


author of

Haiti study

BRITISH medical journal
The Lancet said Thursday it is
investigating an alleged conflict
of interest by an author of a
report in the current issue that
claims 8,000 people were slain
under Haiti's interim govern-
ment, according to Associated
A critic of the study accused
one of the report's authors of
being a supporter of former
President Jean-Bertrand Aris-
tide, whose ouster following a
violent uprising led to the instal-
lation of the U.S.-backed inter-
im government that ran the
country from 2004 to 2006.
Astrid James, a deputy edi-
tor of The Lancet, said the jour-
nal is investigating the allega-
tions, but stands by the report,
which also said up to 35,000
women were sexually abused
while the interim government
ruled the troubled Caribbean
The journal took the action
after learning that Athena
Kolbe, one of two U.S. authors
of the report, had volunteered
in 1995 at an orphanage found-
ed by Aristide and has written
articles in various newspapers
. in support of Aristide while he
was president and after.
Kolbe, a researcher at Wayne
State University in Detroit,
Michigan, denied any conflict.

. N .... ..: 11 ,1

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MaBin..... . .wr. ................ 12Pages
Sporta/Budikes ....i...... ........... Pa
!' i

BS colina
Financial Advisors Ltd.
Pricing Information As Of:
Thursday. 7 September 200 6
-, -.-.', ;-"* 'k la,-, fOf-"p, b.ATfflf ATA & INFORMATION
.. "1 "..P~.NoEX.- 11 / Y TD 255.91 I YTD % 18.95
52wk-HI 52vk-Low Securll y Previous Close Today's Close Change Daill Vol EPS CEI. I P E VeYiel
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets 1.74 1.74 0.00 -0 109 0 tU0 1 0 .1 0 ,-M:
12.05 9.50 Bahamas Property Fund 11.50 11.50 0.00 1.612 0.380 7.1 3.30
7.50, 6.55 Bank of Bahamas 7.50 7.50 0.00 0.738 0.170 10.2 2.27%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.292 0.020 2.7 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.50 1.50 0.00' 0.14 0.000 0.5 0.00%
1.49 1.10, Fidelity Bank 1.44 1.44 0,00 0.188 0.050 7.7 3.47%
9.60 8.81 Cable Bahamas 9.42 9.40 -0.02 2,100 0.618 0.240 15.2 2.55%
2.20 1.39 Collna Holdings 1.88 1.88 0.00 0.009 0.000 208.9 0.00%
11.35 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 11.25 11.35 0.10 2,500 0.943 0.600 12.0 5.29%
6.26 4.12 Consolidated Water BDRs 5.41 5.51 0.10 0.130 0.045 41.5 .0.83%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2.50 2.50 0.00 0.283 0.000 8.8 0.00%
6.21 4.12 Famguard 6.15 6.15 0.00 0.539 0.240 11.5 3.86%
11.51 10.60 Finco 11.51 .11.51 0.00 0.763 0.560 15.1 4.87%
13.69 9.50 FirstCaribbean 13.69 13.69 0.00 0.885 0.550 15.5 4.02%
11.21 9.21 Focol 11.21 11.21 0.00 0.885 0.500, 12.7 4.46%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
10.20 8.65 ICD Utilities 8.65 8.65 0.00 0.532 0.270 16.3 3.12%
9.10 8.50 J.S. Johnson 8.75 8.75 0.00 0.527 0.560 16.6 6.40%
8.09 5.30. Kerzner international BDRs 8.09 8.09 0.00 SUSPENDED 0.160 0.000 50.6 0.00%
1000 1000 Premier Real Estate 1000 1000 0.00 2.036 0.195 4.9 1.95%
,; .- .. .
52wk.-H 52wk-Low Symbol Bid $ Askh Last Pnce Weekly Vol EPS Dr. f Pt 'E Id
14.13 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.923 C -60 7 ?9 7J
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 NM 7.85%
0 54 0 20 RND Holdings O 29 0.54 0.00 -0.002 0.000 NM 0.00%
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.00 41.00 2 220 u0 0)j 19 -1 0 0u:
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
60 0.35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
52wk-HI 52wk-Low Fund Name NA V YTD% Last 12 Months Di' S Yield':
1.3064 1 2508 Colina Money Market Fund 1.306371'
2.9038 2.4403 Fidelity Bahamas G & I Fund 2.9038**
2.4606 2.2560 Collna MSI Preferred Fund 2.460616**
11923 1.1348 Colina Bond Fund 1.192331'"*
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 1 Dec 02 = 1 000 00 MARKET TER S YIELD labl 12, dJ.laens ol.lJeo clos.g p.-:e "t r,*
52wk-HI Highest losing price in last 52 weeks Bid $ Buying price of Colina and Fidelity
62wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling price of Collna and fidelity 01 September 2006
Previous Close Previous days weighted price for daily volume Last Price Last traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current days weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of tIe prior week 31 August 2006
Change Change In closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
Daily Vol Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value 30 June 2006
DIV $ Dividends per share paid In the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
P/E Closing price divided by the last 12 month earnings FINDEX The Fidelity Bahamas Stock Index. January 1, 1994 = 100 31 August 2006

Is seeking qualified and experienced applicants to join its
Title Search Department

Attractive salary and benefits to.the successful applicant.
Please address resume and cover letter to:

The Managing Partner
P.O. Box N-272
Nassau, Bahamas
Facsimile (242) 323-0012 or e-mail

No Telephone call will be accepted

I '%.A- c-, wrl- wl r ---- -- -




o In brief

Fourth man

charged in


haul case

A FOURTH person has now
been charged in connection
with the discovery of more than
$1 million worth of marijuana
on Long Island earlier this year.
Texas Minnis, 37, of Clarence
Town was arraigned at Court
Six on Thursday on charges of
conspiracy to posses as well as
conspiracy to import marijua-
It was alleged that between
Tuesday, March 14 and Mon-.
day, March 27 while at Roses,
Long Island, he along with oth-
ers conspired to posses a quan-
tity of marijuana with the intent
to supply it.
A second count alleged that
during that time, while again
being concerned with others,
Minnis conspired to import a
quantity of marijuana.
The accused pleaded not
guilty to the charges and was
remanded into custody.
The matter was adjourned to
September 13.
In March of this year two oth-
er Bahamians along with a
Jamaican man were arraigned
on similar charges.
Police say that more than
1,000 pounds of marijuana was
seized during a drug bust.

marks 2nd
of hurricane

St George's
THOUGH Grenada has
received strong international
support to help rebuild after the
Caribbean island was ravaged
by Hurricane Ivan in 2004,
many people remain without
adequate housing, the prime
minister said Thursday on the
storm's second anniversary,
according to Associated Press.
Thousands of Grenadians
have received government aid
following Ivan, which led to the
deaths of 39 people and left a
wasteland of ruined buildings.
Total damage to the island was
estimated at US$900 million
(euro704 million).
An estimated 1,000 families
are still homeless, finance offi-
cials said.
"Although we've succeeded
S- in providing shelter and housing
support to thousands of our
people, the harsh reality is,
while I talk to you, many of our
people are still without proper
shelters," Prime Minister Keith
',-* Mitchell said.
S People in Grenada marked a
moment of silence to remem-
ber those who died in the hur-
ricane, which also destroyed 60
percent of the nutmeg crop -
the island's-biggest source of
Government officials said
that more than US$75.5 million'
(euro59 million) has been
received out of more than
US$302 million (euro236 mil-
lion) worth of pledges made by

PLP faces a backlash over the

extradition of 'Ninety' Knowles

Over 600 vehicles

stolen in Nassau

so far this year

CAR thefts are "out of con-
trol" in Nassau, with more
than 600 vehicles being stolen
since the beginning of the
year, it emerged yesterday.
Police believe many thefts
are part of a carefully planned
sales operation in the Family
Islands. Other vehicles are
stripped for parts and dumped
in the bush.
This week, Friendly Motors
Ltd offered a $10,000 reward
for information leading to the
arrest of thieves who stole five
vehicles from their premises
in August.
The company is also urging
insurance companies and
mailboat captains to pay close
attention to serial numbers of
any 2006-2007 Ford Explor-
er or Escape vehicles en route
to the Family Islands.
Last night, a theft victim
told The Tribune: "It seems
that car theft is out of control
on the island and everyone
knows that many of the cars
stolen are shipped to the
Family Islands."
The victim's vehicle was
taken during the night despite
the fact that it was behind a
closed gate and had a steering.
"Since our car was stolen
we've heard many stories

from other people who had
theirs stolen, too."
One victim received only
enough from the insurance
company to pay off the
bank loan. They lost their
Another had stopped at a
shopping plaza for only a few
moments when their car was
taken. Yet another lost his car
when he popped into a lock-
In the Stapledon Gardens
and Prospect Ridge areas, five
cars vanished in a single night.
Honda Accords and Nissan
Sentras are said to be the
most popular cars with
thieves, mainly because there
is such a high demand for
However, Ford Explorers
and Escapes are also high on
the list.
Friendly Motors lost four
Explorers and one Escape last
month. Two of the Explorers
are silver, one is gold and the
fourth is dark blue with a sun-
roof. The Escape is vista blue.
Anyone with information
is asked to call tips hotline
328-8477 or 502-9936.
Calls to police for comment
on the matter were not
returned up to press time last

EVEN members of Samuel
'Ninety' Knowles' own family have
vowed to vote against the PLP at
the general election, it was claimed
last night.
They are so disgusted with the
extradition of the man President
George W Bush called a "cocaine
kingpin" that they are turning
against the party he-helped.
"They know better than anyone
how many PLP politicians benefit-
ed directly from their brother's
money," said a source in Fort Char-
lotte, where the Knowles family
"They feel badly let down. Their
member in this constituency, Alfred
Sears, is on his way out.
"There is high unemployment,
high teenage pregnancy, high drug
taking and all kinds of social prob-
lems in Fort Charlotte and the PLP
has done nothing to help.
"Now they have taken away the
area's own Robin Hood. This will
not be forgiven easily."
The Knowles issue is bound to
play a major role in the poll,
according to constituency insiders.
They believe the PLP will lose a
significant number of votes in an
area held by the FNM before the
last election.
A source said: "Some members
of Knowles' own family have said
they will either not vote at all, or
vote against the PLP."
Attorney Michael Barnett, the
FNM's candidate for the area, is
being viewed as a powerful alter-
native to Mr Sears, who was

described as being focused
more on self-preservation than
anything else.
"We say Mr Sears is con-
cerned only about the next elec-
tion while Mr Barnett is con-
cerned about the next genera-
tion," said an FNM source.
In Fort Charlotte, Knowles
was a popular folk hero who
distributed gifts at 'Back to
School' and Christmas time.

He is now facing drug charges
in Florida and a possible 40-
year prison term if found guilty.
But his supporters in Fort
Charlotte are convinced he will
be acquitted.
"They believe he will get off
because they think God is on
his side," said a community
source. "They are pretty confi-
dent he will come back to Nas-


NEW 1105

wA lii

THE PROTECTOR NEW 1:15 i:4 M WA 5 835 1
THE WICKERMAN C 1:0 325 iA 615 8;0 1
nassf 7 1M 4M WA- 6:-i05 8315 15I
ILEWILO C 1:m 325 # 5A 5 o 18
ZM ,eA 1 5 al 3 A40 8A 5 18M

WORLD TRADE001 W 4IR* T t3 1"2
BARYARU 8 1:1t 3:5 WA 815 A

THE COVENANT NEW 1:00 3:30 N/A 6:15 8:25 105
CRANK C 1:30 3:50 N/A 8:20 8 1025
THE WICKER MAN C 1:15 3:30 WA 6:25 835 1t:4
IDLEWILD C 1:20 3:40 A 6:00 8:20 100
SNAKESON A PLANE C 1:00 3:45 IWA 6t0 815 1830
ZOOM A 1:1I 13:35 NA 6:1 8 25 W

The Mall-at-NMUa att.

#' ^^ ,-- 10r4 E gA4-4 gy
.<,'._1" L1o mmunrcottioSnfs3 I1nEZ_

Grow Beyond the Numbers

Columbus Communications Inc., an international
provider of broadband telecommunications services, has
embarked on an aggressive expansion plan throughout
the greater Caribbean and Central American region. In
addition to its investment in Cable Bahamas, Columbus
has broadband operations in Trinidad and Jamaica and
owns and operates a submarine fibre-optic network that
links eighteen countries throughout the region to the
United States. Further expansion is planned. We are
looking for a high energy individual to join our close
knit, results-driven and highly focused entrepreneurial
team as...

Financial Controller

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer and based at our new
offices in Freeport you will coordinate all financial accounting
aspects for the company. This is a hands-on role that will
include the preparation of the consolidated financial
statements and budgets within tight deadlines. You will
manage and optimize financial controls and the reporting and
compliance processes. But this is more than just an accounting
position. You will also work closely with the CEO and CFO to
provide business and financial analysis to support acquisition
and financing initiatives.

We are looking for an individual with a professional
accounting designation and five years professional experience,
International accounting and foreign exchange experience
would be a definite asset. We need an organized individual
with clear and professional communication skills, strong
problem solving abilities and an ability to work independently.

If you are looking to expand your professional capabilities and
have the commitment to become a key contributor to a
growing and dynamic organization please send your resume to by Friday, September 15.



Closure Notice

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC)
wishes to inform our valued customers and the general public
that due to the death of an employee the following departments
located at the Mall at Marathon will be closed on Saturday
September 9 2006, Cyber World, BaTelNet and the Wireless

All departments will reopen on Monday September 11th, at
their regular schedules times.

BTC wishes to thank the public for their patience during this
time of bereavement.






IT IS NOT the US Supreme Court or
Democrats in Congress that, five years after
Sept. 11, have prevented any of the 14 ranking
Al Qaeda suspects in US custody from being
brought to justice. They have been kept in a
legal limbo because the Bush administration
did not want even to admit they were holding
the 14 in secret prisons in foreign countries,
and because the administration, could not
design procedures for their trials that would
pass muster with the Constitution or the Gene-
va Conventions. President Bush has raised the
hopes of Sept. 11 survivors that justice is near,
but those hopes will probably be dashed if the
President persists in pushing Congress to
approve such flawed procedures.
The administration wants quick congres-
sional approval of rules for tribunals that the
Supreme Court rejected in June. The rules
would let the government use classified evi-
dence that defendants could not see, and evi-
dence gained by hearsay or through coercive
methods short of actual torture. Even if Con-
gress were to approve such kangaroo-court
procedures, they would be appealed to the
Supreme Court, which could easily turn
thumbs down on them again .
Fortunately congressional approval is far
from a sure thing. Three Republican senators,
John Warner of Virginia, John McCain of Ari-
zona, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina,
have their own proposal'for the tribunals that

THIS SEASON the CBS reality show "Sur-
vivor" is playing the race card, featuring four.
racially exclusive teams that will compete
against one another. It'll be the blacks versus
the whites versus the Asians \%ersus the His-
panics, all "stranded on the Cook Island- in the
heart of the South Pacific," according to the
show's website. These 20 strangers will have to
"outwit, outplay, and outlast" each other.
Somewhere on Mount Olympus, the gods
of low-brow television are howling, laughing so
hard that nectar sprays out of their noses.
CBS acknowledges that the setup, premier-
ing next week; is controversial. But Mark Bur-
nett, the show's producer, told The New York
Times that people have complained that "Sur-
vivor" typically only has a couple of minorities
who seem like tokens. So now the show has
gone out of its way to be "inclusive," recruiting
diverse contestants through social organiza-
tions and churches.
This passes for progress. Now a whole rain-
bow coalition of people can spear fish and
betray each other on television in the hopes of
winning $1 million.
.Who answered this casting call for all
colours? It's a bevy of young, good-looking
people who, no doubt, want to see this country
shake off the chains of racial segregation. For
example, in their profiles, several contestants

Eligible Candidate must posses:

* Bachelors of Business Administrative
Degree with main concentration in

* 4 to 5 years experience in the
related field.

* Excellent oral, written and
organizational skills.

* Must be team player.

* Experience with supervising 10 or
more people.

Excellent benefits and remuneration

Interested persons should submit resume to:

The Financial Controller
P.O.Box CB 13049
Nassau, Bahamas

adheres much more closely to the military's
due process rules for courts martial. The three
favour letting defendants have access to all
evidence used against them.
Other opponents of the administration's tri-
bunal rules include the ranking lawyers of the
military services, who are concerned that US
adoption of methods that violate the Geneva
Conventions would put US personnel at risk if
they were captured and tried by enemies. "The
right to see evidence against you and to be
present when that evidence is presented is
fundamental to a full and fair trial," said
Brigadier General James C. Walker, staff judge
advocate to the commandant of the Marine
Corps, in testimony Thursday to the House
Armed Services Committee.
The administration has shown more defer-
ence to the military's commitment to the
SGeneva Conventions by permitting the Pen-
tagon to issue new policies on treatment of
detainees that forbid abusive techniques like
simulated drownings, dog attacks, and forced
nudity. The loophole is that the policies will not
bind the Central Intelligence Agency.
The 14 Al Qaeda suspects should be brought
to justice. But they should be tried in a way
that reflects credit on this nation's commit-
ment to law. By pushing for rules that make a
mockery of US principles, the administration
only delays the day when the alleged master-
minds of Sept. 11 are put in the dock.

say that their favourite actresses include
Angelina Jolie, and she and her family alone
are a virtual United Nations.
Another contestant whose favourite maga-
zines include Maxim and Playboy, has "no
fa'ourite" in the category'"books/authors."
Surely he meant to put "A Call to Conscience:
The Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr."
There is, however, one serious thing "Sur-
vivor" officials have right. Many people do
live segregated personal lives, divided along
racial, economic, and other social lines. That's
a reality worth discussing to understand the
impact it has on individuals and the country.
But here's a bold prediction: "Survivor"
won't spark a serious conversation. The show
will include enraged (and edited-for-effect)
cross-racial confrontations. There will probably
be a few sincere (in TV terms) conversations
along the lines of: Gosh! You're not a
thug/snob/illiterate dolt! Someone may even
say, "I love you, man," to someone of a dif-
ferent race.
Otherwise, it'll just be another outrageous
explosion of raucous, unrealistic reality televi-
sion that will attract the usual array of addict-
ed viewers.
(* These articles are from The Boston Globe

A tribute to a

friend on the


The Tribune Limited
Being Bound to Swear to The Dogmas of No Master

LEONE. H. DUPUCH, Publisher/Editor 1903-1914

(Hon.) LL.D., D.Litt.

Publisher/Editor 1919-1972
Contributing Editor 1972-1991

Publisher/Editor 1972-

Published Daily Monday to Saturday

Shirley Street, P.O. Box N-3207, Nassau, Bahamas
Insurance Management Building., P.O. F-485, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Getting Al Qaeda to court

EDITOR, The Tribune
"I saw fire in his eyes," a ref-
eree once said after calling a
technical foul on Philip "Cab-
bage" Poitier.
This was vintage "Cabbage",
he did not utter a single word
but he allowed his eyes to
demonstrate his zeal and pas-
sion for competition. He was
diminutive in stature but he had
a real zest for life, the little
giant. To him many are eter-
nally grateful for setting such a
torrid pace, indeed, the bar has
been raised.
Not many may know this and
even more may not wish to
acknowledge this: but Philip
"Cabbage" Poitier formed one
of the best, if not the most suc-
cessful backcourts in the history
of basketball in the Bahamas,
He never carried the big name
as Sterling Quant, Eddie Ford,
"Belzie" Smith, Dave Bastian,
the late "Bando" Bostwick or
Charlie "Softly" Robbins, Assis-
tant Coach Balor Fernander,
HeadCoach Martin Lundy or
team President Edward
"Shark" Deveaux, but he was
the glue that kept the dynasty of
the Kentucky Colonels togeth-
er. That typified and
*times of "Cabbage", unassum-
ing but a great contributor.
Philip Poitier was an unselfish
go-getter who constantly strived
for excellence. A close look at
his life's endeavours will attest
to that. Whether it was as a bas-
ketball or softball player, a
coach, a game official, a sports
administrator or in his social
activities, he was a dedicated
leader. He was known to "get
the boys together" and made it
his worthwhile to keep the boys
together. Coach Martin Lundy,
the present Director of Sports -
X\ a stq-'e oL eI hEt ar to have said
in the heat ot a classic Colonels
battle: "Boy, if I only had more
people with the 'gumshin' of
The odyssey of the fine bas-
ketball tandem referred to ear-
lier began in 1964 at St Augus-
tine College in Fox Hifl. In
those days, sports was played
in the middle of the school day
with competition between
Alcuin and Bernard houses in
the respective divisions of 'half-
pints',' pints', 'heroes' and
'giants'; which as the names
connote represented the cate-
gories byphysical size of the
student, form/grade and athlet-
ic ability. It was my first year, so
naturally I was placed in the
half-pint section. One day, I was
approached in the front of St
Benedict Hall by this small little
feller with this big head that
growled: "Be to practice on

Monday!" no explanation. Of
course, this was classic Cabbage
who had scouted me from the
intramural programme and was
intent on building the junior
boy's interschool team. Man-
aged by the Headmaster Fr
Burton Blooms and with.Willie
Knowles, Greg Lampkin, Stan-
ley Hepburn, Rudy Francis,
Sherwin Thompson and led by
Cab, we went on to capture the
championship; in what would
be the first of many that he and
I would team up to win.
Basketball was not a
favourite of mine in 1964, so I
would avoid Cabbage daily
after softball until my late
teacher, mentor and coach Mr
Leviticus Adderley ordered me
to workouts the next day. Right
now, I often muse at whose urg-
ing this mandate came. Back'
then, Mr Adderley doubled as
the Senior Boys coach and thus
he left Cabbage in charge when
he turned attention to the older
group. Unquestionably, Cab-
bage was the man. We had
'Mojo' Hepburn, 'Bogus' Sey-
mour and Willie Knowles who
did the rebounding and Van
Delaney who to this day could
shoot the lights out. I was
tutored to play the point from
the beginning. Eventually, we
won our first basketball cham-
pionship. We never lost a game
as Juniors, no boasting. The
word was out about Cabbage
and Storr, and it would be said
that you have to pay attention
to Van Delaney, too. They both
are household names in basket-
ball circles today some 42 years
My introduction to the
Bahamas Amateur Basketball
Association (BABA) came with
playing in the Kentucky Junior
programme sponsored by
Rodgers Sports Shop, the team
was inaugurated by Anthony
'Bando' Bostwick and Philip in
1966. We eventually lost in the
finals to the Comoco Vikings
with highly touted Aker Stra-
chan, 'Wally Joe', 'Sir Tabs' and
co. They were coached by the

Think of a number

EDITOR, The Tribune

Telephone Service or lack
of it!
Call 914. Well that doesn't
work.... *
So, I called Customer Ser-
vice and asked why?
Reply: "Oh, well, we have
not been using that number
for a couple of years"
HUH.....OK, so why haven't I
been notified and why is 914
still in the, telephone book?
Guess I am not up to date
on "stuff". I pay my bill, read
the information on my bill, and
I read the paper, and what do
I know? Obviously nothing.
My telephone has been out

of order often in the past two
months. On Sunday, August
26, at 2.30pm, BATELCO-
or as known now BTC -
arrived at my home. Ain't it
great, overtime... fixed the
line... RIGHT.
It does not Nork now...
So, I address our Govern-
ment. Please, it would be real-
ly great, actually amazing if we
could have proper telephone
services, and I really would like
to have my power on 24/7.
Is this too too much to ask

August 2006

legendary Gladstone 'Moon'
McPhee. However, we went
down fighting with Elmore Dar-
ling, 'Goshus', and 'Softly' Rob-
bins amongst others. This would
begin our trek towards success
in what was called the big
Poitier and I parted on court
ways after his graduation from
SAC in1968 when he went to
Florida Memorial College in
Florida and I later matriculated
at St John's University in Col-
legeville, Minnesota. After a,
stint with the Classic Pros, we
united with the Kentucky
Colonels in 1974 and the rest is
history, that particular story
once told will unfold itself. He
retired as an Assistant Coach
in the early '80's, ending a
tremendous, enjoyable and
extraordinary run.
It is hoped that Philip 'Cab-
bage' Poitier is remembered for
his many selfless contributions:
amongst the founders of the
Hugh Campbell Tournament as
Chief Referee, he and I have
called more final games than
any other two referees in.its his-
tory; his involvement with the
Ministry of Sports programmes:
he and I visited many Family
Islands, including LongIsland,
Cat Island, Andros, Grand
Bahama... preparing for the
Bahamas Games, setting up
programmes, making facilities
reports and so on, his involve-
ment with the Mychael Thomp- -
son Camp and more so the
Father Marcian Peters' Tour-
nament; and his keeping offici-
ating alive in American Foot-
ball for many years.
As I scripted this encomium
many fond memories come to
mind but have not been told for
economy of space. We laughed
and cried together. Sleep on my
brother, your dauntless pres-
ence will be sorely missed.
My sincerest condolences are
offered to his wife. Cynthia, and
family, his parents Mr and Mrs
Reginald Poitier and the rest of
that family, his friends and
loved ones.
Rest My Backcourt Mate,

August 2006

Getting real on race

NOTICE is hereby given that CLOTER-JOSEPH, OF NO #57 WEST.
BAHAMA, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a citizen
of The Bahamas, and that any person who knows any reason why
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send a
written and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 9th day of SEPTEMBER, 2006 to the Minister responsible
for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,Freeport, Bahamas.


WELLCRAFT 290 COASTAL 2001 30 $65,000

Boat Details Other Eauipment alley/Head
Year 2001 Hard Top & Bimini lip Micerowave Oven
Twin Evinnudles 225 hp Otnerator lectdc Stove
Fuel CApatlly 225 gal VIIF Radio Retgerlatlor& toe Maker
Water Capacity 43 gal OPS & FWhDupth Finder Head & Shwae e
Auto Pilot Air Conditioning
Tim Fraser- Smith 302-4112 or
Terry Girling,302-4115

R ... 00. a *.




*In brief

deny forged
TWO Jamaican men were
fined after pleading guilty to
possession of forged docu-
Barrington Stewart, 45, of
Montego Bay pleaded guilty
yesterday to possession of a
forged document.
It had been alleged that on
Wednesday, September 6
Stewart was found in posses-
sion of a New York City
birth certificate in the name
of Barrington Stewart.
A second charge read that
Stewart uttered the forged
document knowing that it
was not genuine.
He was fined a total of
$2,500 for both counts.
The second Jamaican,
Gurion Wilson, alias Gurion
Morrison, 23, was arraigned
on similar charges.
It has been alleged on
Wednesday, September 6,
Wilson was found in posses-
sion of a New York City
birth certificate and a New
York City driver's licence
bearing the name of Rafael
Wilson was also charged
with uttering the fake docu-
He pleaded guilty and was
also fined a total of $2,500
for both counts.


Anthony Lewis, 33, of
Brooklyn, New York was
charged with assisting an ille-
gal passenger to depart from
the Bahamas.
It was alleged that on
Wednesday, September 6,
Lewis assisted Gurion Wil-
son to depart from the,
- Bahamas.
Lewis pleaded guilty and
was fined $2,500.

12:00 411
12:30 Aqua Kids
1:00 Black College Talent Hour
2:00 Best of Sports Lifestyle
3:00 BTC Caribbean Volleyball
6:00 Ballroom Boxing
7:00 The Bahamas Tonight
7:30 Da' Native Show
8:00 Island Jams
8:30 The Envy Life
9:00 Tropical Beat
10:00 American Chart Show
11:00 Bahamas Tonight
11:30 Neo Soul Cafh
12:30am Community Page 1540AM

6:30am Community Pg. 1540AM
8:30 Spiritual Impact
9:00' E.M.P.A.C.T.
9:30 The Voice That Makes
The Difference
10:00 Effective Living
10:30 Morning Joy
11:00 St.BamabasAnglican Church
1:00 Gilette World Sports
1:30 Sports Desk
2:00 A Rhema Moment
3:00 Video Gospel
3:30 Ernest Angley Ministries
4:30 Temple Fellowship
Ministries International
5:00 Walking In Victory
6:00 One Cubed
6:30 This Week In The Bahamas

7:00 The Bahamas Tonight
7:30 Kemp Road Ministries
8:00 Calvary Deliverance Church
8:30 Turning Point
9:00 Ecclesia Gospel
9:30 Overcoming Substance
Abuse: Evang. Frank Perry
10:30 Bobby Jones
11:00 Bahamas Tonight
11*30 New Dimension
12m/n Community Pg. 1540AM

NOE ZST13rsreth

in mondavUt

-n -" Is




Campaigner pledges to present

case on Child Protection Act

A LOCAL advocate for the
rights of both children and par-
ents plans to argue his case at
the next town meeting on the
proposed Child Protection Act.
Clever Duncombe, who
claims that Bahamian fathers
will continue to be treated
unfairly if the act is passed, said
he plans to confront Ministry
of Social Services officials when
they hold their next public
Mr Duncombe, founder of
the non-profit group Bahami-
an Fathers for Children Every-
where, said the proposed Child
Protection Act will only "fur-
ther enshrine into law the dis-
respect to fathers of children
born out of wedlock."
Mr Duncombe, who started
the group about three and a half
years ago, believes that the
Bahamas would be making a
mistake by passing the act.
He said the current lack of
regard for the fundamental

rights of fathers would be rein-
forced, as men who are not
married to the mother of their
children would have to fight to
get custody.
Mr Duncombe explained that
under the present law, fathers
are allowed "access" and not
custody a provision the pro-
posed act would keep.
He added that no provisions
are made in the act for joint cus-
tody for parents of children
born out of wedlock.
"Parents should have joint
primary responsibility for rais-
ing the child," he said, recom-
mending that in cases where
children are born out of wed-
lock, paternity should first be
After this, "a determination
should be made by attitude and
aptitude or who is more fit
and ready for this monumental
task of raising a child," he said.
"We're not suggesting that
you remove the child away from
the mother or alienate the child
from the father," he said: "But

when we look at most of our
social ills today it stems form
single parent homes. We have
to get both parents involved."
Admitting that some fathers
shy away from their responsi-
bilities, Mr Duncombe pointed
out that in some cases, it is-the
difficulty of getting custody that
leads them to become discour-
"You can't determine how
many fathers don't want to take
responsibility of their children
when you have laws that pro-.
hibit them from doing that.
Only after you remove that law
can you make the real scientific
conclusion that this is indeed
the case. Many fathers may just
not want to go through this
long, drawn-out process."
According to Mr Duncombe,
the law cannot be allowed to
remain unclear on the question
of fathers' rights when children
are born out of wedlock.
"We need something statu-
tory instead of arbitrary," he

* CLEVER Duncombe

Reopening of Royal Oasis hoped to bring

revitalisation to International Bazaar

AFTER a severe downturn in busi-
ness, the International Bazaar in
Freeport isanticipating a resurgence as
the nearby Royal Oasis resort moves
towards reopening.
Though at the moment the bazaar is
mainly supported by a trickle of local
trade, business owners are looking for-
ward to increased tourist attention as
well as a growth in the number of
Bahamian entrepreneurs who set up
shop there.

According to Chris Paine, vice presi-
dent of the International Bazaar Owners
Association, the 40 businesses still oper-
ating hope that with the purchase of the
Royal Oasis property by World Invest-
ment Holdings, the bazaar will return
to its former popularity and size.
He noted that it may even approach
the 85 shops and restaurants that were
once operating there.
Mr Paine said the five restaurants and
35 stores which managed to survive on

local trade alone should be "congratulat-
ed for their perseverance and tenacity".
"Many believe that the bazaar is vir-
tually shut down but that simply is not
true," he said.
The Freeport market bore the eco-
nomic brunt of the destruction wrought
by the September 2004 hurricanes and.
subsequent closure of 950 hotel rooms in
the area when the Royal Oasis resort
shut down. After this, the "captive mar-
ket" of tourists dwindled, Mr Paine said.

Haiti appoints new

commission to oversee

gang disarmament

HAITI'S government
appointed a new commission
on Thursday to oversee a UN-
backed initiative to disarm hun-
dreds of gang members by
offering them economic aid and
job training, according to Asso-
ciated Press.
The seven-member commis-
sion will decide who can enter
the long-awaited programme,
which seeks to persuade up to
1,000 rank-and-file gang mem-
bers to give up their weapons
and rejoin society.
Prime Minister Jacques
Edouard Alexis told reporters
the commission made up of
people from various govern-
ment sectors will replace the
one appointed by the 2004-2006
interim government that took
power after an armed revolt
toppled former President Jean-
Bertrand Aristide.
That commission never suc-
cessfully launched a program to
disarm gangs, which are blamed
for a surge in kidnapping and
other violence in the impover-
ished Caribbean nation.
"We had a disarmament com-
mission before and the United
Nations recognized that it did
not produce results," Alexis
The new commission's presi-
dent, Alix Fils-Aime, said the
program "will serve as a step
forward to end violence."

Fils-Aime, also a Preval
adviser, said he did not know
what criteria the commission
would use to select participants,
who will receive ID cards, mon-
ey, food for their families and
job training in exchange for dis-
Special UN Envoy to Haiti
Edmond Mulet said this week
that top gang leaders and
human rights violators would

not be eligible for the "Disarm,
Demobilise and Reinsertion"
Business leaders this week
offered tepid support for the
plan and urged peacekeepers
to forcibly disarm gangs if the
bid fails.
The 8,800-strong UN peace-
keeping mission will launch
radio and television ads about
the programme in coming'days.

Since then, the bazaar's main land-
lord, City Real Estate, has extended the
option of keeping tenancy to many who
were forced to close their shop doors,
by offering a reduced rent rate.
Mr Paine said he anticipates a lot of
new interest from entrepreneurs wanting
to get established in the International
Bazaar, as they will be eager to take
advantage of the burgeoning opportunities
that are expected to present themselves
when the hotel is close to re-opening.

I I I.- I I 1IJI-JI'L_


Congratuations to
J MM^..- ,, ||,fdlb

Pastor KIathieen fButler

an her ist PastoralAt nniversariy

From her husband Henry Lee
Butler; two daughters and son;
one grandson; mother, Agnes
Knowles, one sister Mrs. Ellamae
Brennen; two brothers, Isaiah
and Michael Knowles, aunts,
uncles and a host of others
relatives and friends including,
Evangelist Princess Clyde, Judy
Grant, Hector Knowles, Shirley
Bethell, Vernita Coakley and
family and the officers and
members of Revival Time
Church of God.


Construction Company requires Site
Engineer/Project Managers.

Required to assist and coordinate various
projects, setting out, maintain records, and
carry out measures as required. Candidate
should have relevant college qualification,
good computer literacy essential.
Excellent opportunity for motivated and
career driven candidate. Salary negotiable.
Equal opportunities employer. Please send
resumes by mail to:
Site Engineer P.O.Box N 7776 (Box514)

,. ~i~ Alg~f~Bt



Q5, ca79cs 9one c

* ONE DAY I'M GOING TO JUMP LIKE MUMMY this little child is already in the
saddle and taking a keen interest in events at the East Nassau Rotary Horse Show at
Camperdown Ranch over the Weekend.

IN Days Gone By looks back that the

East Nassau Rotary Club's horse show,

which took place in February 1979.

The two-day show attracted 60

horses and 65 riders, and featured

some of the island's best

riders at that time.


Sunday School: 10am
Preachering 11 am & 7:30pm
Radio Bible Hour:
Sunday 6pm ZNS 2
Wed. Prayer & Praise 7:30pm

Pastor:H. Mills

Greta Oakes' incomparable
Timmy, right, allows Virginia
Oakes, his rider, to support his
new trophy. Timmy himself
sprouts a fine set of ribbon
"whiskers." He won the Stanley
VS Albury Jumper Challenge
Cup, which makes him jumper
champion of the year. At far left
is Showmaster, reserve year
champion of the jumpers with
his rider, Mrs Valori Kemp.
Mrs Alison Albury, course
designer of the EES show,
presents the trophy and

"Preaching the Bible as is, to men as they are"
Pastor: H Mills Phone: 393-0563 Box N-3622

Hillside Estates, Baltic Avenue, Off Mackey Street..
-NO.I P.O. Box SS-5103, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: 393-3726/393-2355/Fax:393-8135

11:00AM Rev.-Mark Carey
11:00AM Rev.-Mark Carey
11:00AM Pastor Sharon Loyley
10:00AM Rev. Charles Sweeting
11:00AM Pastor Martin Loyley
7:00PM Pastor Martin Loyley
9:30AM Rev. James Neilly
8:00AM : Connections Rev. Phillip Stubbs
9i30AM Rev. Philip Stubbs
11:00AM Rev. William Higgs
7:00PM 'No Service

..........** ........ ...................
'RENEWAL' on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on ZNS 1
Your Hosts: Rev. Godfrey A. Bethell
METHODIST MOMENTS' on each weekday at 6:55a.m.
Your Host: Rev. Godfrey A. Bethell
September 10, 2006 Induction Service Rev. Carlos Thompson, Charles
Wesley Methodist Church, Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, 3:30pm.
September 12, 2006 Welcome Service Rev. Carla Culmer, Wesley
Methodist Church, Grant's Town, Nassau, 7:30pm
September 14, 2006 Induction Service Rev. Charles Sweeting, Curry
Memorial Methodist Church, Zion Boulevard, Nassau, 7:30pm
September 17, 2006 Induction Service Rev Stephen Hale, Epworth
Chapel, Cherokee Sound, Abaco, 11am.
September 24, 2006 Induction Service Rev Diego Flores, Rock Sound
Methodist Church, Rock Sound, Eleuthera, 3pm.
November 16-18, 2006 Central Council, Ascension Methodist Church,
Prince Charles Drive, Nassau.
November 18, 2006 Methodist Service Awards Banquet, Nassau

'~8i ai Cowq.itrios9 R)'Obx CS1304S *.'-t
The Holy Ghost Prayer-Line number is 326-7427
7:00a.m. Pastor Carla Culmer/Sis. Alice Woodside
11:00a.m. Rev. Carla Culmer/Bro Ernest Miller
7:00p.m. Rev. Carla Culmer/Board of Lay Ministry:
Worship & Trainina

* MRS KELLY is shown at the East Nassau Rotary horse show,
the first of four annual shows which counts toward "Horse of the
Year" points. Going into the second show of the season, Mrs
Kelly was in the lead and would be in the Eastern Equestrian
Society Show scheduled for April 21 and 22,1979, which was
expected to draw a record of 80 resident competitors with their
mounts, as well as record crowds.
(Photo: Jimmy Robertson)


S 11:30am & 7:00pm Speaker:
Elder Elliott Neilly

Coming Soon New Life Gospel Crusade
"Pray For Souls, Souls, Souls!"

Bible Class: 9-45 a.m. Breaking of Bread Service: 10:45 a.m.
Community Outreach: 11:30 a.m. Evening Service: 7:00 p.m.
Midweek Service 7:30 p.m. (Wednesdays)
Sisters' Prayer Meeting: 10:00 a.m. (2nd Thursday of each month)

SGrounded In The Past &
-, Geared To The Future

Worship time: 11am & 7pm
Sunday School: 9:45am
Prayer time: 6:30pm
The Madeira Shopping
Rev. Dr. Franklin Knowles

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Franklin Knowles
P.O.Box EE-16807
Telephone number 325-5712

* SARAH LOBOSKY shown on Risky Rob in the open jumper
division. Mrs Lobosky took a bad fall over a practice fence just
before the event, but went on to win. The left side of her face is
swollen from the fall.

* GREAT RIVALS and good Friends Twiggy Pyfrom (right)
and Jeanne Dupuch awaiting the judges verdict during the two-
day East Nassau Rotary horse show at Camperdown over the
weekend. Miss Pyfrom turned in a fine performance with three
firsts, four seconds and two third place finishes.
(Photo: Derek Smith)


A Life Changing Experience

Collins Avenue at 4th Terrace Centreville
Telephone: 322-8304 or 325-1689 P.O. Box N-1566
Fax No. 322-4793

SUNDAY 8:30am ZNS-1


Temple Time Broadcast
Early Morning Worship
Sunday School For All Ages
Worship Service
Evening Celebration

Selective Bible Teaching Royal
Rangers (Boys Club) Ages 4-17 Years
Missionettes (Girls Club) Ages 4-17.

cares upn Him, or He cres for s" (I Pter 5:7





0 In brief




are likely

FREEPORT A 33-year-old
Freeport man is expected to
face dangerous driving charges
in connection with the death of
man who was seriously injured
in a traffic accident several
months ago.
On Wednesday Edward
Cooper, 44, of Mather Town,
succumbed to injuries sustained
in an accident in April.
According to Supt Basil Rah-
ming, Cooper's death will not
be classified as a traffic fatality
as the 30-day specified period
for such a designation has
However, he noted that
charges initially filed against Isi-
ah Strachan in connection with
the accident have been upgrad-
According to reports, the
accident occurred on April 14
on Sea Horse Road just south
of Windsor Park, involving a
Gold 1998 Ford Taurus driven
by Strachan and a white 2000
Chevy Silverado driven by lMr

Coastal land
for US Virgin
Islands park
Charlotte Amalie'
A NATIONAL park cover-
ing more than half the island of
St. John will acquire 415 acres
of pristine coastal land by year's
end, a conservation group said
Thursday, according to Associ-
ated Press.
The Maho Bay property,
which includes white sand
beaches and jungles, will be the
largest addition to the 7,150-
acre Virgin Islands National
SPark since its creation in 1956.
The nonprofit Trust for'Pub-
lic Land reached a deal to buy
the undeveloped property from
its private owners after more
than five years of negotiations,
said spokesman John Garrison.
The San Francisco-based group
plans to sell it to the National
Park Service.
"We're extremely excited.
That is one of the most pristine
areas of the park," said park
superintendent Art Frederick.
The price and the identity of
the sellers were not disclosed.
Conservationists had feared
developers would build on the
land, which features ruins of
colonial plantations and is
believed to have pre-Columbian
Indian village sites.
The waters of the property
on St. John, the smallest island
of the US Caribbean territory,
feature seagrass beds, green tur-
tles and coral reefs visited by
tourists each year.

Ground is broken for $60m

golf condo-hotel in Lucaya

N OFFICIALS break ground for the new development,

Tribune Freeport Reporter
investor Preben Olsen and
Prime Minister Perry Christie
broke ground on Thursday for
the development of a new $60'
million golf condo-hotel.
The project, to be developed
on a 55-acre site in.Lucaya, is
being undertaken by New
Hope Holding.
Construction of the Grand
Bahama Golf and Yacht Club,
which will comprise 62 four-
bedroom suites, is expected to
be completed in 12 months..
Mr Olsen, owner and opera-
tor of New Hope Holding, said
the new hotel'project is anoth-
er big occasion for the compa-
Ay, which acquired the Port
Lucaya Marina in June.
Mr Christie, Minister of
Tourism Obie Wilchcombe,
Grand Bahama Port Authori-
ty CEO Sir Albert Miller and
president Albeit Gray, attend-
ed the groundbreaking at Mid-
shipman Drive and Sea Horse

-- -- ---

I Comp^"1*dOS


IDuring the month of Septem-
ber fill your Levitra prescrip-
tion at any pharmacy and with
every purchase,
II -Im -- I-- ------m

Erik Christiansen, former
operator of New Hope Hold-
ing, who now serves on the
board, commended Mr Olsen'
for continuing to expand the
company's strong investment
base in Freeport.
The new condo hotel, which
is situated on Bell Channel just
across from the golf course, is
intended to cater to travelling
golfers and mega-yacht owners.
Mr Olsen revealed that sev-
eral suites have already been
pre-sold to yacht owners.
He added that plans are now
'underway to start dredging
Bell Channel to allow for
access of much larger vessels.
Prime Minister Christie
commended Mr Olsen for his
confidence in Freeport, saying
the investment is unique and
will attract wealthy persons
who could possibly bring fur-
ther investment to the island.
"Here is a relatively new
young investor that is putting
money into the ground and he
has already converted and
committed to marketing the
marinas now as the largest

marina in the Bahamas.
"And so, Freeport by the
investment in the marinas
made a statement. Freeport is
making another statement
today, and that is having this
all 62 suite condo-hotel which
is essentially some 240 rooms.
"So it lends itself, not just to
persons buying, but people
who have money buying. And
so we are not just talking about
purchases from people who
come with their yachts but also
people who will come in to
make Freeport their golfing
home," Mr Christie said.
Tourism Minister Obie
Wilchcombe said he believes
that Grand Bahama is well on
the way to becoming the sports
and entertainment capital of
the Bahamas, with three golf
courses in Lucaya, two at West
End and another two when the
Royal Oasis reopens.
"I am very optimistic about
what this investment repre-
sents for the future of Grand
Bahama." he said.
SSir Albert Miller, GBPA
CEO, said that the new pro-

mmm mmm - -m



* ^ ~'' '!
i \ I* '-

ject is the fourth major invest-
ment this year for Freeport.
"It has been said that I am
tired of defending the fact that
not much have been happening
in Freeport of late. But, we are
seeing that things are in fact
happening -- we are seeing the
beginning of a turnaround."
Sir Albert noted that the con-
do-hotel development repre-

Il I

sents an investment somewhere
in the region of $60 million.
"It is unique in that it will be
first of its kind in Grand
Bahama, and those of us in the
Port Authority are excited and
extended a warm welcome to
investors like Mr Olsen and
Mr Christiansen, who has laid a
good strong foundation for Mr
Olsen," he said.


'F,., ', I .

00i a '1

c, .r .- '11 it : r-
I ['I
WEDNESDAY at 7:30 p.m.

|. .,. 0, : r.;..'. : ,. :,'x-.| a l ,

FRIDAY at 7 30 p.m.

5,-. ,. ; a ': i ; r I E APiE if,,IE
Visit Our Premise Book Store: TEMPLE BIBLE & BOOK SUPPLY




..,. : -...,;.


~. '~ ud'1m ( ~/ ( r(h /

Clins .aeCet$I6
Tl 1110.i a:T3 .0 rN-56


Il- 1 l l- -- II I m



-- - - -- - - E

* OBIE Wilchcombe speaking on Thursday

0'UPR NO/ tfC fF r T.. .,E L1 iD



In its continuing effort to improve its telecommunications
services, The Bahamas Telecommunication Company Ltd.
(BTC) wishes to inform the public and its valued customers
that we will be performing an equipment upgrade on
September 7th, 2006 and concluding September 22nd. As a
results, some subscribers may experience a brief disruption
in GSM Cellular Services.

BTC apologizes for the inconvenience caused, and assures
the public that every effort will be made to keep this
disruption of GSM Cellular Service to a minimum.

II Vo-a-i MI





PHN: 2-25

dt*et.'h'' ocud ssatr

from~ea ad a'ry

.. r




-- I







Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its meeting times and places: New
rovidence Community Centre: Mondays -
6pm to 7pm. The Kirk: Mondays 7:30pm to
Diabetes Directions a FREE diabetic support
group meets the first Monday of each month at
6:30pm at New Providence Community Centre,
Blake Road. Dinner is provided and free blood
sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol testing is
available. For more info call 702.4646 or
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Bahamas meets the
third Monday every month, 6pm @ Doctors
Hospital conference room.

Toastmasters Club 3596 meets at the British
Colonial Hilton Monday's at 7pm Club
612315 meets Monday 6pm @ Wyndham Nassau
Resort, Cable Beach Club 3596 meets
at the British Colonial Hilton Mondays at
The Nassau Bahamas Pan-Hellenic Council
(NPHC) meets every third Monday of the
month in the Board Room of the British Colo-
nial Hilton Hotel, Bay St.


.". .:. -
.10.102.20. @' Club Nirvana: Tuesday nights at .
Club Nirana. Elizabeth Avenue, have been
dubbed Eer) tenth female patron is
allowed into the club absolutely free and is given
a complimentary glass of Carlo Rossi. Tuesday
nights also'include the Carlo Rossi's Hot Body
Competition. Hosted by Daddi Renzi and music
provided by DJ Ai from 100 Jamz. Master Chef
Devito Bodie provides scrumptious appetizers.

Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its meeting times and places: The Nas-
sau Group, Rosetta Street: Tuesday 6pm to
7pm/8:30pm to 9:30pm.
The Cancer Society of the Bahamas meets at
5:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at
their East Terrace, Centreville.
Call 323.4482 for more info.

Pre & Post Natal Fitness Classes are being held
6:30pm Tuesdays at Nassau GymNastics Sea-
grapes location (off Prince Charles Dr). Doctor
approval is required. Call 364.8423 to register
for more info.


The Kiwanis Club of New Providence meets
every Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Holy Cross
Community Centre, Highbury Park.
New Bahamian Forum is back from Summer
break and will resume its monthly meetings
beginning Tuesday, September 12 @ 6pm at the
British Colonial Hilton. National cultural icon;
Freddie Munnings will speak on the topic, "Why
is it so hard for Bahamians to be Bahamians in
the Bahamas". Following his presentation,
Bahamian artist Carla Campbell will show two
paintings that depict the essence of the
evening's topic. The public is invited to attend.
The Luncheon Pilot Club of Nassau meets every
third Tuesday at SuperClubs Breezes, Cable
Beach at 12:30pm. We invite all community
minded persons to attend.
Toastmasters Club 1095 meets Tuesday, 7:30pm
@ C C Sweeting Senior School's Dining Room,
College Avenue off Moss Road Club
Cousteau 7343 meets Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the
Chickcharney Hotel, Fresh Creek, Central
Andros Club 7178 meets each Tuesday at 6pm
at the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, 3rd Ter-
race, Centreville.

Legal advice is not cheap, but Halsbur,
Chambers is making it a little bit easier with its
2nd Annual Free Legal Clinic help under the
theme "Information You Need For the Life
You Want" on Saturday. September 9 at
SuperClubs Breezes. West Ba. Street from
9am to 1pm. Various speakers will cover top-
ics including building permits and vhat to
look for in a contractor, budgeting and recov -
ering: how to manage %\ hen you haven't, tips
for buying or selling a home; financing your
home purchase; conflict resolution and anger
management; getting a grip on life. health and
property insurance; entrepreneurship. pros &
pitfalls of owning a business; new travel
requirements; and developments in financial
services in the Bahamas. Lawyers will be avail-
able until 5pm for free consultation. This com-
munity service event is brought to you by
Halsbury Chambers. Andeaus Insurance,
Approved Lending Services. Cable Bahamas,
and CLICO Insurance.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Eta Psi
chapter meets every second Tuesday,
the Eleuthera Room in the Wyndham
Resort, Cable Beach.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity meets eve
Tuesday, 6:30pm @ Atlantic House, I
4th floor meeting room.
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity meets eve
Tuesday, 6:30pm at the British Coloni
Please call 502.4842/377.4589 for mon



Hump Day Happy Hour @ Topshotte
Bar every Wednesday 5pm-8pm. Free
ers and numerous drink specials.

Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to infi
public of its meeting times and places
Providence Community Centre: Wedi
7pm to 8pm. The Nassau Group: Ros
Wednesday 6pm to 7pm / 8:30pm to

The Nassau Bahamas Alumnae chapt
Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated m
6:30pm every third Wednesday at the
National Pride Building.
TM Club 753494 meets every Wednes
8pm in the Solomon's Building, East-
Highway. TM Club 2437 meets the 21
Wednesday of each month at C C Swc
Senior High School, Oakes Field.
International Training in Communica
Essence Club #3173 holds its bi-mont
ings on the 1st,and 3rd Wednesday of
month at Doctor's Hospital Conferen

Nassau Council 10415 Knights of Col
meets the second and fourth Wednesc
month, 8pm @ St Augustine's Monesi

New James Catalyn & Friends prese
mer Madness" Revue 2006, Wednesd
tember 13 to Saturday, September 16
at The Dundas Centre. A special AID
tion benefit performance will be held
September 12. The Box Office at the



Free public health lectures featuring

6.30pm @
i Nassau

ery second
BM Office,

ery first
ial Hilton.
e info.

and an English breakfast. Cafe Europa...the per-
-feet place to spend your night out till the morn-
S r ing.


Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its meeting times and places: The Nas-
sau Group, Rosetta Street: Fridays 6pm to7pm
& 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Sacred Heart Church -Fri-
days @ 6pm to 7pm New Providence Communi-
ty Centre: Fridays @ 7pm to 8pm.

TM Club 9477 meets Friday, 7pm @ Bahamas
Baptist Community College Rm A19, Jean St.
S Nassau Bahamas Koinonia meets every second
Friday of each month, 7.30pm at Emmaus Cen-
tre at St Augustine's Monestary. For more info
call 325.1947 after 4pm.



i I

guished physicians are held at Doctors Hospital
every third Thursday of the month at 6pm in the
Doctors Hospital Conference Room. Free
screenings between 5pm & 6pm. For more infor-
mation call 302-4603.

Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its'meeting times and places: The Nas-
sau Group, Rosetta Street: Thursday 6pm to
7pm / 8:30pm to 9:30pm. The Kirk: Thursdays -
7:30pm to 8:30pm

Pre-rPost Natal Fitness Classes are being held
o-30pin Thursdays at Nassau GymNastics Sea-
graps 'location Ioff Prince Charles Dr). Doctor
approval is required. Call 364.8423 to register or
for more info.
REACH Resources & Education for Autism
Sand related Challenges meets from 7pm 9pm,
;rs Sports the second Thursday of each month in the
Sappetiz- cafeteria of the BEC building, Blue Hill


orm the The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has a break-
: New fast meeting every Thursday morning at 7am at
nesday the British Colonial Hilton Hotel. (Fellowship
etta Street, begins at 6:45am),
Toastmasters Club 3956 meets every first, sec-
ond and third Thursday at the Ministry of
Health & Environment building on Meeting
:er of Delta Street commencing at 7:30pm. Everyone is wel-
ieets come to attend.
TM Club 1600 meets Thursday, 8.30pm @
SuperClubs Breezes.
sday, 6pm-
West International Association of Administrative
nd and 4th Professionals, Bahamas Chapter meets the third
meeting Thursday of every month @ Superclubs Breezes,
Cable Beach, 6pm.

nation, The recently established National Insurance
hly meet- Baord Retiree Association (NIBRA), meets
Each every fourth Thursday in the month, in the
ice National Insurance Board's (NIB) training
room, Wulf Road office complex, at 6pm. All
retirees are welcome.
day of the New The Rotary Club of West Nassau holds its
tary. weekly meeting every Thursday at Choices
restaurant on the campus of the College of the
Bahamas. Fellowship starts at 12:30pm, with the
meeting held from 1pm to 2pm.
:nts "Sum-
ay, Sep-
at 8:30pm
)S Founda- FRIDAY
Cafe Europa on Charlotte Street North, kicks
eI off every Friday night with Happy Hour... spe-
cial drinks, live music/DJ from 6pm to 9pm and
Nassau's first European Night Restaurant -
Open Friday night till Saturday morning 5am,
distin- serving hot food/and take out music, drinks

Alcoholics Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its meeting times and places: The Nas-
sau Group, Rosetta Street: Saturday mornings -
10am to 11am.
Bahamas Diabetic Association meets every
third Saturday, 2:30pm (except August and
December) @ the Nursing School, Grosvenor
Close, Shirley Street.
Doctors Hospital CPR and First Aid classes
are offered every third Saturday of the month
from 9am-lpm. Contact a Doctors Hospital
Community Training Representative at 302.4732
for more information and learn to save a life


JAR CYCLING: The owners of JAR Cycling
are pleased to offer a cycling clinic for juniors
between 10 and 17. The free clinic will be held
every Saturday in an effort to encourage kids to
cycle. Parents interested in registering their chil-
dren should contact organizers at


Traveller's Rest Restaurant, West Bay Street,
features special entertainment Gernie, Tabitha
and the Caribbean Express every Sunday from
6:30pm to 9:30pm.


Alcoholics.Anonymous, wishes to inform the
public of its meeting times and places: The Nas-
sau Group, Rosetta Street: Sunday 6pm to 7pm7/
8:30pm to 9:30pm.


3rd Annual DJ Awards under the theme "Vision
of Unity". Categories: Best Female Radio Per-
sonality, Best Male Radio Personality, Best Radio
Talk Show, Best Bahamian Mix Show, Best Radio
DJ, DJ of the Year and many more
* The public is allowed to vote online @ or at selected outdoor events.

Send all your civic and social events to
The Tribune via fax 328.2398
or e-mail: ydeleveaux@
Out there in subject line


"The brewery of The Bahamas" Please Drink Responsibly


I II I r -_ __r --- ~~~~~~-..........~ ~ ... .........I~~ _...... ~.~.. ...~1_





1. .


.: ':'-;;
:.. :?

i -


New Wicker Man

film is a house

made of straw


S4 m

Starring: Nicholas Cage,
Ellen Burstyn
DEPENDING on who you
ask, the original 1970s version of
The Wicker Man is the defini-
tive British horror movie or an
overripe piece of dated silliness.
Personally, I lean towards the
latter, but there's no denying
the fact that it is an odd enough
picture to merit its cult status.
The same cannot be said,
however, of director/writer Neil
La Bute's remake an aston-
ishingly unimaginative snooze-
fest which is a big waste of
everyone's time.
For while La Bute has made
his name by helming a few com-
pellingly acidic comedy dramas
most notably Your Friends
and Neighbours which makes
Closer look like an episode of
Friends he seems to have cre-
ated this one on autopilot.
Nicholas Cage plays a police
officer lured to a remote island
to help his ex-fiance find her
missing daughter. Once there,
he discovers a strange matriar-,
chal commune which seems
hell-bent on stopping him crack-
iJng the case.
SNow there are several prob-
lems with this one especially
when compared to the source
material. The original was set
in seemingly normal communi-
S.ty on a British island with, until
the end, just the suggestion of
something sinister below the
,surface. But in La Bute's crazy
:commune, the inhabitants dis-
.play bizarre behaviour right off
'the bat including silly cloth-
ing that looks lifted straight
from The Village and this
dilutes any attempt to build a
feeling of paranoia around
Cage's character. If we already
know these folk are strange -
where's the intrigue?
There's also a distinct lack of
atmosphere with its flat direc-
-tion and anemic production val-
ues you almost feel like you're
watching The Making of The
Wicker Man.
Then there's a couple of ill-
judged surreal moments tacked

* DIRECTOR of Culture Dr Nicolette Bethel speaking to a number of members of The
Bahamas contingent to the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA) IX
(BIS photo: Derek Smith)

Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers

S- w

:--n w-
-I c

on near the end as if to com-
pensate for the drudgery of
what we've just sat through.
Nicholas Cage is the film's
saving grace relatively speak-
ing even although he's seems
to be acting in another movie
from everyone else. His stressed
out everyman almost holds the
film together and provides a few

unintentional laughs.
I could have handled a flawed
but interesting remake of the
flawed but interesting original.
But with a talented director and
cast on board, there really isn't
any excuse for this ending up
as bad as it has.

A REPRESENTATIVE group of about 120
Bahamian musicians, artists, singers, artisans,,
writers, actors and performers will travel to
Trinidad to attend the event, slated for Sep-
tember 22 to October 1.
CARIFESTA is a festival that showcases
Caribbean art and culture, promotes the devel-
opment of the arts, facilitates and encourages
artistic and intellectual exchanges within the

region, as well as benefits countries in the
region, in relation to trade and tourism. More
than 25 countries throughout the Caribbean
will attend the event, held under the theme
"Celebrating Our People: Contesting the World
The Bahamas has the largest contingent trav-
eling to Trinidad for CARIFESTA and will
host CARIFESTA X in 2008.

No. 1612/CLE/QUI/2004


Common Law and Equity Division

IN THE MATTER OF All those 3 pieces parcels or lots of land comprising 2.298
acres near High Vista Subdivision Phase 1 and Mount Vernon Subdivision and
North of High Vista Subdivision Phase 2 in the Eastern District of New Providence
in The Bahamas.


District of New Providence, in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in respect of:

(1) ALL THAT piece parcel or lot of land comprising 20,578 square feet situate
between High Vista Subdivision Phase I and Mount Vernon subdivision, immediately
North of High Vista Subdivision Phase II, in the Eastern District of New Providence
bounded NORTHEASTWARDLY by land of Milton Cooper and Alphonso CoopeT
and running thereon 101.72 feet SOUTHEASTWARDLY by land of Felix Bowe
and'running thereon 201.24 feet SOUTHWESTWARDLY by land of Castell
Morrison and running thereon 98.53 feet and NORTHWESTWARDLY by an
easement 17.00 feet wide and running thereon 214.91 feet having such boundaries
shape marks and dimensions as on Plan #3643NP in the Department of Lands and
Surveys, Nassau, Bahamas, and thereon coloured Pink;

(2) ALL THAT piece parcel or lot of land comprising 1.688 acres situate between
High Vista Subdivision Phase I and Mount Vernon Subdivision aforesaid bounded
NORTHWESTWARDLY by land of Castell Morrison and running thereon 292.61
feet SOUTHEASTWARDLY by Mount Vernbn Subtivision and running thereon
273.98 feet SOUTHWESTWARDLY by High Vista Estates Phase II and running
thereon 299.22 feet and NORTHWESTWARDLY jointly by land of the petitioner
(being part of lot 10C of High Vista Estates Phase I) and running thereon 60.92 feet
and by other portion of the said High Vista Estates Phase I and running thereon
168.61 feet having such boundaries shape marks and dimensions as coloured Pink
on the said Plan #3643NP; and

(3) ALL THAT piece parcel or lot of land (a portion of Lot 10C of High Vista
Estates Subdivision Phase I) comprising 5,992 square feet in the Eastern District
of New Providence and bounded NORTHWESTWARDLY by a 30 feet wide road
reservation and running thereon 44.10 feet NORTHEASTWARDLY by other
portion of the said lot 10C and running thereon 115.55 feet SOUTHEASTWARDLY
by the aforementioned 1.688 acres the property of the petitioner and running thereon
60.82 feet and SOUTHWESTWARDLY by High Vista Estates Phase II and running
thereon 114.00 feet and having such boundaries shape marks and dimensions as
coloured Pink on Plan #3643NP aforesaid. SHEILA IRIS NEWCHURCH ROLLE
claims to be the owner of the unencumbered fee simple estate in possession of the
said land. The Petitioner has applied to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas under
Section 3 of the Quieting Titles Act, 1959, (Cap. 393) to have title of the said land
investigated and the nature and extent thereof determined and declared in a Certificate
of Title to be granted in accordance with the said Act.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any person having Dower or right to Dower
or an Adverse Claim or a claim not recognized in the Petition shall on or before
Friday, the 29th day of September, A.D., 2006, file in the Supreme Court and
serve on the Petitioner, or the undersigned, a statement of their claim in the prescribed
form verified by an Affidavit to be filed therewith. Failure of any such person to
file and serve a Statement of Claim on or before Friday, the 29th day of September,
A.D., 2006, will operate as a bar to such claim.



OF THE PLAN filed in the action by the petitioner may be inspected

The Registry of the Supreme Court, Nassau, Bahamas;
The Chambers of Miriam J. Curling & Co., Attorneys for
the Petitioner

DATED the 16th day of August, A.D., 2006

Norfolk House Annexe II,
Market Street
Nassau, N.P., Bahamas
Attorneys for the Petitioner


A.1 A. nual

~T~P tS':4 ember

Paraciae Island

20% 509%1 OFF


, .. .

;4wi -


' f ':, ', ,',- *. j"
'. -" : .: .
w Th:" (22 3 -1
,. - .,. ,;. -'".' t.

I~,rtwa 'Te: (242) 3653-1027

II --eslws~pr~erprd~s~~~ca"a~"~"~~ --,







The name of the game is recreation

Good Shepherd

Funeral Home
Montrose Avenue 322-4258 Fax: 325-8343
Paging: 382-0040, 382-0039



a resident of McKenny Drive,
will be held on Tuesday morning
at 11 a.m. at St. Joseph Roman
Catholic Church Boyd Road
officiating, Deacon Gregory

Interment will
Woodland Gardens



He is survived by his 1 Daughter,
Bridgett Bartlett; 1 sister,
Whillimena, numerous relatives
and friends. Relatives and friends
may pay their last respects on
Monday from 12 noon to 5 p.m.
at The Good Sheperd Funeral
Home, Mt. Rose Ave. at the
church on Tuesday morning from
10 a.m. to service time.


if .~* -r .) .*



FUN will be the primary
focus of recreational and activ-
ity planners who will converge
at Atlantis for the first ever
Bahamas Regional Recreation
The event, to be held on
Monday, September 18 from
8am to 7.30pm, is being organ-
ised by Atlantis' guest activities
The conference is designed
to create an avenue for recre-
ational, activity and children's
programming professionals
from resort properties through-
out the Bahamas, the
Caribbean and the United
States to network and gain
knowledge on the latest activi-
ties and programmes.
The conference theme is
'Fun!- that's what we do!' Top-
ics to be explored during the 10
sessions will include: arts and
craft; programme leadership;
child/teen activities; marketing;
team building activities; deck
and pool games; rainy day activ-
ities and many more.
"We've learned a lot from
networking with the Resort and
Commercial Recreation Asso-
ciation (RCRA) based in the
United States and we have been
fortunate to meet so many peo-
ple over the years that have
great ideas which we have been
,able to use for our properties
based here on Paradise Island,"
said Vanessa Eneas, Atlantis'
director of guest activities.
"We felt the one area that was
missing was a Caribbean net-
work of people in this region
who share similar customers,
environments and climates. We
thought a Bahamas Regional
Recreation Conference would
be an ideal forum to bring every-
one in this region together and
zero in on all these great oppor-.
tunities and discuss ways to get
better at what we do," she said.
"At Atlantis we consider our-
selves to be one of the leaders in
the recreation field, but we would'
like to improve on this as well as
the tourism product in the coun-
Itr and I think that if we net-
\\ or k... there is a- great, benefit
to the tourism industry, let alone
the recreation industry."
Atlantis' Guest Activities
Departmcn i s a' long-standing


'. zi: .

of the Atlantis Guest
Activities team hosting guests
to fun filled activities at the'
resort. The department hopes
to explore and share similar
programmes such as this with
recreational, activity and kids
programming professionals at
its first ever Bahamas
Recreation Conference.

member of the RCRA and has
received international recogni-
tion for its specially formulat-
ed recreation programmes
specifically tailored for children,
teens, and the entire family. /W
The resort has been award-
ed RCRA's prestigious Premier .
Recreation Operation Award
on three separate, occasions -. "
in 2000, 2001 and 2002.
The resort has gained critical
acclaiih for its Atlantis Kids
Club, which features specially
designed :.high-energy pro-
grammes for youngsters between
Sthe ages of three and 12.
The resort's teen-only Club -
Rush is specifically geared for
teenagr s and pre-tee ns "
-Clu Rush also features a ,
prd-tefi progr~mine'tor \oung-
sters six to 12 years old and spe-
cial programme for teenagers
between the age of 13 and 17.
Guest speakers for the con- -,
ferehce will, include Jean Baer ,-..
of Sanibel Island, Florida. Baer
.is the owner of Recreanon Solu-
tions, LLC, a consulting com-
.pany speciaiising in programme .
development and facility design
for the resort industry.
Her past experience spans
over 25 years working in various
resorts throughout theUnited.
States with an emphasis on fam-" -
ily programming, golf, tennis,
marina operations and conces-
sionaire contract agreements.



New Billing System

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC)
wishes to inform our valued customers and the general public
that BTC has implemented a new billing system. Therefore,
the public is advised that all accounts in arrears thirty-one days
or more will be liable for disconnection effective September
30th, 2006.

BTC encourages customers to keep their accounts current,
payments on all accounts can be made at any BTC CTO location,
via BTC's website and at all of the
following bank branches: Bank of The Bahamas, Royal Bank,
Scotia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Finco, Fidelity Bank and
First Caribbean. Customers who have financial difficulties in
settling their accounts, can visit our Credit Administration
Department at our John F. Kennedy Drive location to arrange
payment plans to secure their services.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to serving
you our valued customers.




n.- .. .


SAAl UHUAY, bti- I tlbltt rJ,,zUUo, rmo- I I


0 In brief


admits to



A 19-YEAR-OLD resident
of Mather Town was sentenced
to either pay a fine of $500 or
spend 90 days in in prison after
pleading guilty to possession of
a small quantity of marijuana
in Eight Mile Rock Magistrate's
Deidre Russell appeared
before Magistrate Debbye Fer-
guson on the charge of posses-
sion of dangerous drugs.
Russell and a 24-year-old res-
ident of Bartlett Hill were
arrested on September 3 after
police discovered a packet of
marijuana in the front section
of a car they were in.

Plane is

forced to
land off

Puerto Rico

A SMALL plane carrying
two men was forced to land in
the ocean off Puerto, Rico's
northern coast Thursday after
its engine failed, officials said.
Neither man was injured,
according to Associated Press.
The pilot, Jamil Diaz Ruiz,
36, reduced the single-engine
Cessna's speed before bringing
it down to the water.. He told
authorities the engine failed
moments after takeoff from an
airport in Arecibo, 50 miles (80
kilometers) west of the U.S.
Caribbean territory's capital,
San Juan.
The plane was towed to shore
' for an investigation by the U.S.
Federal Aviation Administra-
tion into what caused the mal-
function, police said.

First ladies
families and

Santo Domingo
DIFFERENT types of fami-
lies must be taken into account
when making public policy in
- Latin America, the Dominican
First lady said Thursday in a
speech to her counterparts'from
Central America, according to
Associated Press.
Dominican First Lady Mar-
garita Cedeno de Fernandez
spoke at a conference for pres-
idents' wives from El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras, Pana-
ma, along with representatives
from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and
"Social and economic
changes in recent times have
transformed the traditional fam-
ily," she said. "For that reason,
when we talk about making
public policy for the family that
reflects an authentic level of
well-being, we have to take into
account its diversity."
She did not elaborate, saying
only that modem families had a
variety of "realities, character-
istics, conditions and necessi-

Bahamas is urged to sign onto

International Criminal Court

FROM page one
interference with their national sov-
ereignty and a fear of politically moti-
vated prosecutions.
In addition to interference with
national sovereignty, the US feels that
the Rome Statute circumvents provi-
sions in the UN charter for criminal
courts and tribunals and, in doing so,
robs the UN of some influence in a
matter the UN was created to over-
However, supporters say that the
ICC's definitions are very similar to
those of the Nuremberg trials. They
also argue that the states which object
to the ICC are those which regularly

carry out genocide, war crimes and
crimes against humanity in order to
protect or promote their political or
economic interests.
The US has also made a number of
Bilateral Immunity Agreements, or so-
called "Article 98" agreements, with
several countries, prohibiting the sur-
render to the ICC of a broad scope of
persons, including current or former
government officials, military person-
nel, and US employees (including non-
national contractors) and nationals.
SThe US has cut aid and development
funding for many countries co-operat-
ing with the ICC. Countries which have
lost aid include Brazil, Costa Rica,
Peru, Venezuela, Ecuadorj South

Africa, and several other Latin Amer-
ican and African countries.
A UN resolution to exempt citizens
of the US from jurisdiction of the court
was renewed in 2003 by Resolution
1487, but after the abuse of prisoners in
Abu Ghraib, Iraq, it became clear that
there was no majority for it, the US
withdrew its second proposed renewal
of the resolution.
As of August, 2006, 102 countries
have ratified 0r acceded to the court,
including nearly all of Europe and
SSouth America, and nearly half of all
African countries."
A further 39 other states, the
Bahamas among them, have signed but
not yet ratified the treaty, which under

customary international law obliges a
state to refrain from acts which would
defeat the object and purpose of the
The court consists of 18 judges, all of
whom are nationals of parties to.the
Rome Statute. They are required to
be persons of high moral character,
impartiality and integrity with the qual-
ifications required in their countries
for appointment to the highest judicial
Each judge is elected by States Par-
ties for a term of up to nine years.
The president of the court is Philippe
Kirsch of Canada. The chief prosecutor
is Luis Moreno-Ocampo of Argenti-

PM takes on job of assuring 'good

corporate governance' on GB

FROM page one
"Whenever the people of
Freeport feel important for me
to enter into any debate or public'
discussion I am always prepared
to do that. And if my views need to
be known, and more particular
aspects of it, I am always willing
to do that," he said. ,
The Port Authority, which func-
tions as a quasi-government organ-
isation, has responsibility to devel-
op Freeport, which consists of 230
square miles.
Since the departures of former
CEO and chairman Julian Francis,
senior executive vice-president
Barry Malcolm and deputy co-
chairman Willie Moss, there has

been an awakening among resi-
Freeport licensees had also crit-
icised the Port Authority for the
recent adjustments and arbitrary
hikes in business licence fees anid
policy changes that impact Bahami-
an licensees.
Dr Coakley called upon govern-
ment to hold the GBPA account-
able to its commitment under the
Hawksbill Creek Agreement.
Mr Christie said the people of
Grand Bahama can look forward
to meaningful participation in an
"increased way" in the economy
of Grand Bahama.
The prime minister said that the
$3.7 billion Giin project at West
End will positively impact the

island, and attract potential
investors to the island.
He also noted that other new
investments, such as Grand
Bahama Yacht Club Golf Suites
by New Hope Holding, will also
bode well for Grand Bahama.
"I am always mystified when I
see evidence of a lack of confi-
dence by people who live in Grand
Bahama. When I see the public
manifestation of questioning
whether or not Grand Bahama will
be a strong island in the Common-
wealth of the Bahamas."
Mr Christie said that he can
"speak with the absolute confi-
dence that the economy of Grand
Bahama ought not to be an issue,
for us."

6;.Stnda. OlSA. Ltd

Inr t h e 7l l n .o
4 5 '5 ;-

i:r I.-

R O~ N-N W w. -ir ~ N w m in

To "as wk stmersand utk*. kkep 1 ral-. 'A-

ofca com SBhS Kawcts, wncmnt operawung Prucuw5s,.uqm ,
c u st o m ei n s m mE~k k m giS Si Ax1.rL

~deoigf t to im pme y.ljtt ,.;. .. . .i- , ^

1%-.. "- a --.p, ,. .- --- "- ..-- '

* Degree km waMmintsutr or Related Fi
* 3-5 Ywarsofb rsc ,,Saleft

* tnl &mt &CommunicmtioSkSIdEIs

* Smg Dcision Makkmg, Problem SoMng Computer & Analytial SkilB
SConmmbent to High Standards
D P ase ewane & Initiates A .ction :

36r LCCt~ prllorrrprr& oud~pr I(6Yl~Sy~~ad.,"-.': ~i
.AbiLN6 11b r
*hdha 3~~S .1N




I~~ ;~.c~ta=~

'~~-~tt.~t."ir ~t

f,' - i

ijit,~;~' ~'r



turn out

for funeral

of Wealthy


* THE funeral procession of
Wealthy Gomez, matriarch of
the Gomez family, is led by
her grandsons: (left to right)
Mark Gomez, Obafemi
Gomez, Senator Damien
Gomez, Roger Gomez Jr,
Dennis Gomez, Joseph Ford
Jr, Chief Superintendent of
Police Quint McCartney
IN the front row (1-r)
Governor General Arthur
Hanna, his wife Beryl, Prime
Minister Perry Christie, his
wife Bernadette. In the
second row: Deputy Prime
Minister Cynthia Pratt,
Joseph Pratt, Minister of
Tourism Obie Wilchcombe;
Minister of Social Services
Melanie Griffin, Hartlyn
Roberts, Minister of Works
Bradley Roberts. In the third
row (with hat) Attorney
General Allyson
Maynard-Gibson, Mark
Gomez, Max Gibson, Raquel
Gomez. Chief Justice Sir
Berton Hall, Minister of
Transport Glenys
Hanna-Martin and
Minister of State for
Finance James Smith.

* ANGLICAN Archbishop for the West Indies, Drexel Gomez,
delivers the sermon during his mother's funeral.

* THE packed church at the funeral of matriarch Wealthy Gomez. In attendance were senior.
politicians, cabinet ministers, high-level representatives of judiciary, diplomats, heads of
government departments, family members, friends and well-wishers.

* ANDY Gomez (forefront) the son of the deceased, stands next to his sister-in-law Gloria
Gomez, the wife of Andy's brother Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez (right).

* SEEN left to right are: Coadjutor Bishop Laish Boyd, Catechist Raphael Cartwright, master of
ceremonies at St Agnes Church Ted Sweeting, Archbishop Drexel Gomez, Suffragant Bishop
Gilbert Thompson.

* LEFT to Right Lady Margarite Pindling, FNM leader Hubert Ingraham, Attorney General
Allyson Maynard-Gibson, her husband Max Gibson, chief of medicine at PMH Dr Perry Gomez.

(Photos: Franklyn G Ferguson)





Fax: (242) 328-2398


27::ZZr-~ ;

* DEBBIE Ferguson-lackenzie (pictured) and Christine Amerlil sill be competing for the Bahamas at the fourth IAAF World Athletics Final today in Stuttgart. Germany. See inside for more details

Mac ey may beUna ble

toa ettnd

bod build

champ ions hi inaJmaca

Senior Sports Reporter
S THREE weeks before the Bahamas
Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation's
national team leave for the Central
American and Caribbean Champi-
onships, female heavyweight champion
Gena Mackey's trip to Jamaica later
this month is in limbo.
Mackey, who had initially been sus-
pended by the federation for com-
ments she made against officials, but
was eventually reinstated, may not,
be able to compete at the champi-
S onships as it has been reported that
- her urine sample was notsent off for

testing to a recognized IFBB lab over-
seas with those of other team mem-
When contacted, federation presi-
dent Danny Sumner said "there's no
situation" with Mackey. ,
But when asked about rumours of
her drug test having not been submit-
ted for testing, Sumner asked; "Where
you got that from? It's new to me.
Where did you get that from?"
Pressed further, Sumner said: "I
don't know yet. I haven't made any
inquiries. I have to make some phone
calls. I can't say what's going on until I
find out from the relevant authorities."
However, a source revealed that

because Mackey's urine sample not
submitted with the.others, she may not
be allowed to compete at the champi-
All athletes must pass their drug test
before the start of the championships
and they have to present their nation-
al and doping passports, the latter indi-
cating that they are drug free, or they
will not be allowed to compete.
At this point, the source added that
,it may even be impossible for Mackey
to take another urine sample as she is
on supplements preparing for the
Apparently, a dispute between
Mackey and the federation erupted at

the end of the federation's National
Bodybuilding Championships in July at
the Rainforest Theatre.
There were cash prizes of $400 in
each.of the divisions for the men and
the overall winner, Jay Darling, col-
lected another $400. As for the women,
the divisional winners carted off $200,
but, Mackey got only another $200 for
the overall title.
When she made inquiries to the fed-
eration about the differential in the
cash prizes, it was alleged that Mackey
cussed out Sumner and the treasurer.
After a meeting. Mackey was origi-
nally set to be served an 18-month sus-
pension for alleged unsportsmanlike

conduct, but it was rescinded and she
was never served the suspension after
a tribunal hearing was held.
But just when Mackey thought
everything was over and settled it was
discovered that her urine sample was
not sent with the others for testing.
With the ample taken,,a week after
the championships, the samples are
now too old, which means that she will
have to take a new sample or she will
not be allowed to compete.
Meanwhile, Mackey is sitting on the
edge, not knowing if she will get the
opportunity to travel with the team to
compete at the end of the month.
Mackey declined to comment.

.1.. The Tribune Eett Aiatmi Mieralb
I 121t Ilkets *is travel .
Fill out coupon and drop off at The Tribune

Eslihlusv. aEllis 9

I ---

-.-4r +I~bi~


n onlue


v c

AUtL 2b, 6AI UlUAY, 6tt- I IVItim ), uuo

is.. . . . v

Srr d IMptw Hreael hr Nb.t4fr WarrnM p-N Ib

0 o 41"4o W w ao4mboea b~mm
40 4omqw 0 4b ho 0 4 mw 440 040

qll 000

Martinborough eager

for one more title for

Bahamas next month

Senior Sports Reporter
DONNIE Martinborough will be going
for his fourth title in the World Sunshine
Championships when he represent the
Bahamas in Charleston, South Carolina
from October 2-6.
.Martinborough, the most decorated
Bahamian sunfish sailor, has won the world
title in 1983, 1985 and 188, although he's'
been at the championships for at least 10.
years over his long and illustrious career.
Seventh at his last championships in Mar-
tinique, Martinborough is hoping that his
recent fourth place finish in the Central
Americati and Caribbean Games in Carta-
gena, Colombia will give him the impetus to
get back in the top five in the world.
"Sailing the nationals has reboosted my
confidence going into the world's," said
Martinborough, who Will be among more
than 100 competitors competing in the
"I've been sailing really well and going to
the CAC Games, I felt very confident that
I could have won it or at least finish runnet-
up. It was a good Shot that I could have
pulled it off. So I feel confident that I have
a shot at winning the title."
Not forgetting the field of competitors
he have to face, Martinborough said he can
finish in the top three and earn another
medal, he would be contended with the
"I know I can, so there's no reason why I
can't finish in the top five or even get a
medal," he projected. "I just have to try
and sail as much as possible, if I intend to
win another medal."
Martinborough, a realton by profession,
won the national title, held in memory of
the late Perry G Cooke since 1995, at the
championships for the eighth time in the
past 11 years.
At this year's competition, held at the
end of August in Staniel Cay, Exuma, Mar-
tinborough took three of the six races. He

had the title already wrapped up and opted
nbt to compete in the final rape, collecting a
total of seven points from the five races he
competed in;
Jim Kaighih of Abaco was second with 13
points and Jimmy Lowe got third with 15. Lowe
was actually sitting in second after winning
two of the first three races, but he faltered in
the final three races as Kaighin stormed back.
. George Dainianos was fourth with 23 and
Dwayne Wallas rounded out the top five.with
A total of 25 competitors, including 16 from
New Providence, participated just around

the same numbers which, competed in the
championship last year in Staniel Cay. ,
With his racing boat not back from Colombia
in time for the championships, Martinborough
used a different boat to sail in the nationals.
"I felt a little uncomfortable not using my
boat, but they are all the same, so I felt okay at
the national level," said Martinborough, who
knbw that he had another stiff challenge to
deal With in Jimmy Lowe.
Martinborough has dominated the Interna-
tiohal Bermuda Race Week, winning the title
10 times. He's hoping that he can get back to
the point where he can win another world title.



THE two Bahamians competing at the
fourth IAAF World Athletics Final will
begin competition today in Stuttgart, Ger-
In the Nwomein's 200 metre final, Debbie
' Fetguson-McKenzie will run out of lane'sev-
en in between Americans Allyson Felix (in
lane six) and Stephanie Durst (in lane eight).
Quarter-miler Sanya Rirchards will run out
of five.
Also in the race will be Kim Gavaert in
lane four, Sherone Simpson in three,
Cydonie Mothersill in two and Fabienne in
On Sunday, Ferguson-McKenzie will be
back for her double when she goes head-to-
head again with Simpson, Gavaert and Durst
in the women's 100 final.
Ferguson-McKenzie will run out of lane
two, sandwiched between Americans LoLo
Jones (in one) and Me'Lisa Barber (in two).
Gavaert is in four, Simpson in five, American
Totri Edwards in six, Frenchwoman
Veronique Mang in seven and Durst in eight.
In the women's 400, Amertil will run out
of lane one. American DeeDee Trotter is
in two, Bulgeria's Vania Stambolova in three,
Jamaican Noviene Williams in four, Richards
in five, American Monique Henderson in
six, Senegal's Amy Mbacke Thiam in seven
and Jamaican Shericka Williams in eight.
First place finishers will receive $30,000,
second gets $20,00 and third will collect -
$12,000. In order the rest of the prizes are as
follows: fourth.- $7,000; fifth $5,000; sixth
$4,000; seventh $3,000 and eighth $2,000.
Any athlete who surpasses a world record
in an event at the meet will pick up a bonus


THE Bahamas Cricket Association will .-.
continue its regular season action today with
T-Bird taking on the Police at Haynes Oval.
On Sunday, St. Agnes will face Common-
Here's a look at the standings going into
this weekend's fixture:
Teams W L
Dockendale 6 3
ScotiaBank Paradise 6 3
Rising Star 5 3
T-Bird 3 3
Commonwealth 4 4
St. Agnes 2 5
Police 2 7
Note: The BCA will hold its youth training
camp daily at Haynes Oval under the super-
vision of national coach John Welch.

2006 Sunfish National Championships results

Final results of the touhamtent held in Staniel Cay, Exuma at the end of August:
Ntaies Ri R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
Donnie Martinborough 2 1 3 1 1 2 7
Jim Kaighin 3 6 5 2 2 1 13
JintimyLowe 1 5 1 3 5 8 15
George Daniatios 6 3 6 4 7 4 23
Dwayne'Wallas 4 4 9 6 4 6 24
John Watson Galloway 15 9 4 5 3 5 26
Fernando DeCardenas 10 8 11 7 8 3 36
Richard Farrington 17 2 7 18 9 11 46
Loti Lowe 9 16 10 8 12 10 49
Megan Wallas 21- 22 2 9 6 12 50
Johnny Christie 18 15 17 10 10 7 59
Jason Robertson 5 12 14 21 16 15 62
Allyson Myers 11 10 15 13 20 18 67
Peter Vlasov 13 18 13 12 15 14 67
Mike Meith 20 17 16 15 11 9 68
Nioshi Rolle 8 11 18 16 18 16 69
Dwight Rolle 12 14 20 11 13 25 70
Lee McCoy 16 7 19 20 14 17 73
Buzzy Rolle 7 20 8 17 26 26 78
Dylan Christie 22 21 12 14 19 19 85
Nathan Browning 19 19 22 19 17 13 81
Ackey Rolle 14 13 21 22 26 26 96
Kensin Smith 25 25 23 21 20 114
Debra Myers 23 23 23 24 26 26 119
Sanchez Ferguson 24 24 24 25 25 26 122

'." ...


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1 A doctor I have to push (5)
6 A growing cause of pain, formerly (5)
9 Unreasonably detains as a
substitute (7)
10 Good place fpr apilgrimage.(5)
11 Noble groundsmen? (5)
12 Remaining indisposed to
go by road (5)
13 Go between me andthe girdmaking
15 When you have a contraction, sit
back (3)
17 Had he no navel? (4)
18 Stiffener not exactly to search for? (6)
19 The cracks that may appear first (5)
20 Angelic supporter? (6)
22 Painting a bud is bad (4)
24 Live In a minaret (3)
25 The author made short work ofit (7)
26 Numerals In black and blue (5)
27 Concerning a seaman at the youth
centre (5)
28 There's gooess in oodtht's a bit
tasy (5)
29 Great ast, possibly a help to an
academician (7)
30 Flat on theoor (5)
31 Woman of wisdom? (5)

Ytrday's cryptic solution
ACDS: 3, Chea-p8, Appal 10, Bu-RL-y 11, Ran 12,
Prim 13, C.ld war 15, Caste 18, P-ar 19, Buster 21,
Whiten 22, WIt 23, Rydo 24, Me-aes 26, Na-TT-er 29,
Tig 31, Eer 32, Hulkd-y 34, Pin-A 35, Mum 36, Basil
37, C-ed 38, Dyla
DOW 1, Sprog 2, Sadpil4, H-r 5, Abacus 6, Pumas 7,
Flute 9, Pa- 12, Partne- 14, W-a 16, Stays 17, ER-red
19, B-istol 20, S-wirn 21, WD-h 23, Regmes 24,
Me-rely 25, L-I-L 27, Atlas 28, Te-pi-d 30, Camel 32, Ha-
ha 33, Dud

2 Staggered half a mile among the wild
deer (6)
3 Both boys beat him up (6)
4 She points to one (3)
5 The people with strange taste (5)
6 The bighead apportions things by
votel (7)
7 Figure one has only half a dollar (4)
8 Ivanhoe's dad cried distractedly
when caught (6)
12 A step or half-step on
something thin (5)
13 It's dangerous, so get mother outof
S Birkenhead! (5)
14 Move rhythmically and possibly at
half pace (5)
15 It can lead to error (5)
16 Bachelor girl, an ancient queen's
associate (5)
18 Put up with having no seat (5)
19 Change an article for some music (7)
21 Like a cultivated area maybe outside
the British Library (6)
22 Besmirch with a terriblelie
when led upl (6)
23 Some mogul's territory -
in Ireland! (6)
25 It's dark, and a shade deadly? (5)
26 Temptation to bend a rule (4)
28 Go out of shape periodically (3)



Contract Bridge

By Steve ecker




Famous Hand

East dealer.
Both sides vulnerable.
*9864 4J5
VJ10 7 5 AQ94
*986 *AKQ103
+10 7 +Q6
4 -
This deal occurred in a regional
pair championship in Los Angeles
many years ago. The hand was
played at many tables, of course, but
our story concerns itself solely with
the table where Mrs. Kelsey Petter-
son held the South cards.
When she first looked at her
extraordinary hand, Mrs. Petterson
wondered whether it would be better
to open the bidding with two spades
(strong) or two clubs when it was her
turn to bid. A good case can be made
for either of these calls, and even the
best players would differ as to the
correct opening.
However, the problem became
altogether academic when Mrs. Pet-

terson thought she heard the player
on her right open the bidding with
seven diamonds!
Undaunted by this totally unex-
pected development, Mrs. Petterson
bid seven spades. East doubled, and,
after three passes, West led the jack
of hearts.
There was nothing much to the
play. Declarer ruffed the heart and
drew four rounds of trumps, the jack
obligingly falling on the second
round. When she then cashed the A-
K of clubs, the missing queen also
fell on the second round, so the
upshot was that she made seven
spades doubled for a score of 2,470
East-West were understandably
nonplussed by this dreadful result.
They realized they would get a very
bad score on the deal, especially
since East had elected to double the
grand slam, giving North-South an
optimum result that was unlikely to
be duplicated at the other tables.
As the East-West pair were dis-
consolately putting their cards back
into the duplicate board, Mrs. Petter-
son turned to her right-hand oppo-
nent and asked, "May Iplease see
what an opening seven-diamond bid
looks like?"
"I opened the bidding with one dia-
mond," East sadly replied.








words in
the main
body of

SHOW many words of four letters
or more can you make from the
letters shown here? In making a
word, each letter may be used
S : once only. Each must contain
the centre letter and there must
be at least one nine-letter word.
No plurals
- Good 22; very good 34; excellent
45 (or more). Solution tomorrow.

Yesterday's easy solutions
ACROSS: 3, Plods 8, Hazel 10, River 11,Tic 12, Stair 13,
Riposte 15, Venus 18,Via 19, Penury 21, Genteel 22, Pear
23, Oslo 24, Forgive 26, Deepen 29, Ure 31, Eases 32,
Pierced 34, Stain 35, Son 36, Slate 37, Depot 38,
DOWN: 1, Latin 2, Recover 4, Late 5,'Drivel 6, Siren 7,
Demur 9, Zp 12, Station 14, Sin 16, Nurse 17, Synod 19,
Penguin 20, Spade 21, Gapes 23, Oversee 24, Fester
25, Ire 27, Early 28, Pesto 30, Tenor 32,
Pine 33, Cop

1 Unit of gem weight (5)
6 Pocket(5)
9 Produce (7)
10 Buffalo (5)
11 Large spoon (5)
12 Herb (5)
13 Money (7)
15 Animal
doctor (3)
17 Beer (4)
18 Procession (6)
19 Got up (5)
20 Rattled (6)
22 Crooked (4)
24 Age (3)
25 Denies (1)
26 Float (5)
27 Yields (5)
28 Take
unlawfully (5)
29 Dregs (7)
30 War horse (5)
31 Strayed (5)

2 Beast (6)
3 Beautiful
youth (6)
4 Number (3)
5 Essential (5)
6 Aquatic bird (7)
7 Spoken (4)
8 Shouted (6)
12 Bowl (5)
13 Reason (5)
14 Type of nut (5)
15 Servant (5)
16 Canvas shelters (5)
18 Man's name (5)
19 Rested (7)
21 Frank (6)
22 Dairy product (6)
23 Nullify (6)
25 Sap (5)
26 In this place (4)
28 Prosecute (3)

________________________________________________________________ i


ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20
Roll up your sleeves, Aries, because
you have a lot of work to do this
week. An argument has you left with
some big fences to mend. Expect .
some long hours of labor.
TAURUS Apr 21/May 21:' :
Something unexpected pops up on
Thursday, Taurus, causing you to.'.
rethink a few courses of action.'.'.'
Invite Capricorn to help you create a
new agenda.
GEMINI May 22/Jun 21 '
There's something bothering ybou,,-',
Gemini, but you're not ready to ,
open up to others. The longer, you
keep these feelings bottled up, the
worse you will feel.
CANCER Jun 22/Jul 22
Help is on the way when you land in ,
a bit of hot water, Cancer. It wasn't
your fault, but you're paying the
price for the deed. Don't worry, oth-
ers won't blame you.
LEO Jul 23/Aug 23
They say the best policy,
and nothing could be more true as
events play out for you this week,
Leo. When faced with some ques-
tions, make sure to tell the truth.
VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22
Contrary to what you may believe, thel-
world is not out to get you, Virgo. The
events that have been occurring are
strictly the result of your actions.,
Change your way of thinking.
LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23
There's no security in a venture you
have been considering, Libra. You'd
better think of a new plan or you could
end up in financial ruin. Talk to others
you can trust for advice.
SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22..:
It's time to confront a supervisor
about your feelings, Scorpio. Things
haven't been the best at work, and
perhaps you can both come to a
mutual decision on a change.
Naysayers feel you won't be able to
handle a big task coming up,
Sagittarius. Rut you know better.
Prove them all wrong by diving, in
whole-heartedly this week. .
CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 0
There's not much on the calendar for
this week, Capricorn, so take a few
days to recoup. Though you'll be
tempted to find busy-work, relaxation
is just what you need, so resist.
AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb '18
You've been itching for a change of
scenery, Aquarius, and your wishes
will be granted when a real estate
venture is too good to be true.
Luckily, it's all legitimate.
PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20
Only you can map out your future, so
start today with a few well-thought-
out business ventures that will add to
your retirement fund.

I CH SS b *Lonard Barden

Russian chess coaches show
their students today's diagram
as an example of
resourcefulness in an
apparently resignable position.
White (to play) is threatened
with instant checkmate by Qh7,
Qh6 or Rh6, but a remarkable
defence saves the game. How
can White escape defeat?
If you are looking for a chess
set, board, dock, book or
computer, London's two
specialists are likely to have the
answer. The BCM chess shop in
Baker Street (020 7486 8222,
web and the
London chess centre in Euston
Road (020 7388 2404, web are within walking
distance of each other, so you
can visit both in an afternoon
to compare stocks and prices.


a b c d c r g h

They offer a friendly and expert
service and a large collection of


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The Thin Blue Keeping Up Ap As Time Goes *** NOT AS A STRANGER (1955, Drama) Olivia de Havilland,
B WPBT Line Rag Week" perances Fa- By The villagers Robert Mitchum, Frank Sinatra. An intern weds a nurse for money on his
n vorite manor. reward couple, way up as a doctor.
The Insider Cel- U.S. Oen Tennis Women's Final. From the USTA National Tennis Cen- 48 Hours Mystery "Blaming the
B WFOR ebtossip. (N) ter in'Fushing Meadows, N.Y (Live) 1 (CC) Babysitter" Authonties charge a teen
(CC) wth murder. 1 (CC)
(:00) Access Tom Brokaw Reports (CC) Dateline NBC A group of rescuers Law & Order: Criminal Intent
SWTVJ Hollywood (N) survives the collapse of the north "Cruise to Nowhere" (0 (CC)
(CC) tower. (N) n (CC)
Deco Drive Cops Major acci- Cops A stop America's Most Wanted: America News (CC)
B WSVN Weekend dent involving a tus into a Fights Back The show begins its
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College Football Ohio State at Texas. (Live) A )


Trapped in the Towers: The Eleva-
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Cold Case Files "The Black Dahlia"
The 1947 murder of actress Eliza-
hoth .Chnrt. () ( I1





The First 48"House of Blood. Justi
viable" A brutal stabbing in Litle Ha-
vana. (CCl ,

Norang, o 011IVt. kil) kvvp
This Week Cor- BBC News The Reporters (:10) The World Debate "The Price BBC News The Reporters
BBCI respondents. (Latenight). of Peace" Ways-to secure peace. (Latenight).
Access Granted The Wayans The Waans Girlfriends "I Pity Girlfriends "Gid- Girlfriends (1 Girlfriends (1
BET (CC) Bros. ) (CC) Bros. (CC) the Fool" frenzy" n. (CC) (CC)
CBC (:00) Equestrian BMO Financial Group Nations Cup. From Calgary. (Taped) (CC) *THE TIME MACHINE (2002)
__D_____Guy Pearce. (CC)
CN C 00) Tim The Suze Orman Show Avoiding The Suze Orman Show "Debbie & Tim Russert
CNB ussert- mistakes with money. (CC) Michael" Boyfriend's spending.
:00) CNN Presents "In the Footsteps of Bin Laden" LarryKing Live CNN Presents "In the Footsteps of
C N -e pursuit of Bin Laden. Bin Laden"
*s CADDYSHACK (1980, Comedy) Chevy Chase, * BAD SANTA (2003, Comedy Billy Bob Thomton, Tody Cox, Brett
COM Rodney Danerfield, Bill Murray. A vulgar newcomer Kelly. Two criminals disguise themselves as Santa and an elf. (CC)
clashes with he country club set. (CC)
COURT Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files BodyofEvi- BodyofEvi- BodyofEvi- BodyofEvl-
COURT "Head Games" dence dence dence dence
That's So Raven The Replace- American Drag- *** THE PARENT TRAP (1998, Comedy) Lindsay Lohan, tennis
DISN "Mad Hot Cotil- ments N)( on: Jake Long Qiaid, Natasha Richardson. Reunited twin girls try to get their parents
lion" (CC) (N)(CC) back together.'PG'(CC)
Dr (:00) My Ulti DIY to the Res- DIY to the Res- Freeform Furni. Wood Works Handmade MU- Woodturning
IY mate Workshop cue cue ture Folding screen, sic (Part 2 of 5) Techniques
DW Euromaxx Journal: In In Focus (Ger- Journal: Popxport Joumal:-ln Euromaxx
DW Depth man).,. Tagestema Depth
E (:00) ElNews It's So Over: 50 Biggest Celebrity Break-Upti Saturday Night Live Mary-Kate
E: Weekend t ,.. and Ashley Olsen; J-KWon, (CC)


(:45) College Football Georgia at South Carolina. (Live) (CC)

(:45prsCen- I I ESPN

Spanish Soccer U.S. Open Tennis Women's Final From the USTA Na- SportsCenter International Edi- Spanish Soccer
ESPNI Teams TBA thonal Terns Center in Flushing Meadows, N lion (Livel Tearrs TBA
WT Daily Mass: Our River of Light The hislor of Chns- Bookmark The Holy Rosary Fr. John Corapi
EWTN Lady hanity throughout the world
IT TV Blaine's Low All Star Workouts Cardio and kck- Total Body Sculpt With Glad "To- Caribbean Work- Namaste Yoga
FT T Carb Kitchen bc .in drills 1 (CC) tal Body Sculpt Plus II" (CCI out (CC) Spine
FOX-NC (:00) Fox Report Heartland With John Kasich In The Line-Up (Live) Big Story Primetime (Live)
Columbus, Ohio. (Live) .' .
FSN L 6:00) MLB Baseball Phrladelphia Phllies at Flonda Beach Volleyball AVP Boulder In Focus on FSN The FSN Final
FSNFL r,s. From Dolphin Sladiurr in Miami ILivel Open -- Mens Final (Taped) Score (Livel
O F :00) LPGA Goll John 0 Hammons Hotel Classic -- Second Round. European PGA Golf Omega European Maslers -
GOLF rom Bro.en Arrow, OHa ITaped) (CC) Third Round From Switzerand
GSN (:00) Greed iCCi Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 1n Chain Reaction Starface (CC) Lingo (CC) Lingo ICCI
G4Tech Brainlac Lawn- Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: The Next Generation The Man Show The Man Show
G4Tec mower. "The Drumhead" n (CC) "Half a Life" r (CCI Millennium (CC (CC)
* 'Q OUIGLEY DOWN UNDER (1990. Western) Tom WILD HEARTS (2006, Dramal Richard Thomas, Nancy McKeon. A wid-
HALL ell0ck. Laura San Giacomo Old West sharpshooter's power cares for his daughter at his tamily'i farm (CCI
new boss lells him io kill Abongines
Kitchen My Fist Place Space For Liv- Home to Stay Rooms That Home on Their My Parents'
HGTV Equipped Ecle.- Eleganl island ing (CC) "iplng" Very Rock "Vntage Own The Car House Outdated
lic Kiichen oasis at home small house n Retro Chic" [ men Family' ,r baemeni (CC)
:00Old Time Gaither Homecoming Hour Specials Christian Artist I-Gospel
INSP Gospel Hour Talent Search
S4'* ANTITRUST 120,1" Suspense) Ryan Philippe, Franklin Graham From Baltimore. Friends Phoebe Everybody
KTLA Radhael Leigh Cooj Software corporation others a po- musical guests include Newsboys discovers Moni- Loves Raymond
siliorn I, computer genius (" (CCI and Michael OBnen. (CC) can's secret 1i "The Str' (CC)
A GIRL LIKE ME: THE GWEN ARAUJO STORY THE MERMAID CHAIR (2006. Drama) Kim Basinger, Ale, Caner, Bruce
LIFE (2006) Mercedes Rueni, J D Pardo A woman pursues Greenwood Premiere. A marned woman forms a bond wlth a Benedicine
the killers of her transrseual son. (CC) monk (CCI
IMSBC MSNBC Inv: The MSNBC Inveigtetigates: Missing or MSNBC Investigates Valley State MSNBC Investigates: Lockup: In-
MSNBC Vanishing Murdered? Pnson in Califomra side Iowa StatePenitentiary
SpongeBob The Fairly OddParentsAbracaastrophe" Timm gesThe Fairly Odd- Fresh Prince of The Cosb
NICK SquarePants n a special gift n (CC) Parents n (CC) Bel-Air Show n CC
NTV 1:00) ReGenesis Andromeda "Atempihng Screed' W-FIVE ( ICC) News (ri CC0I NTV Entertain-
NT ___ Dylan learns about is powers. ment News
(5:00) College Football Colorado Bull Riding PBR PBR Bullrides
OLN v, Colorado Slate (Livel I
SP D SPEED Test Dri- * BLACK MOON RISING (1986, Aclion) Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton. Robert Payback
SPEED ve Vaughn A thiel on the federal payroll steals a fulunsiic car
:00) The Coral In Touch (CC) Hour of Power (CC) Billy Graham Classic Crusades
TBN dge Hour ICC)
(:00) College Football Minnesola at Callfornia. (Livel v* MEN IN
TBS BLACK (1997)
(:00) Property Property Ladder An ineperienced Flip That House Flip That House Trading Spaces "Tucson Nonh
TLC Ladder flipper Irom Flonda acts as her own Best trends tack- "Craig K" PrOletl Camino Esplendora" Boys vs girls
contractor IN) le project (NI in Phoeni, (CCI
NASCAR Racing Nele't Cup -- Chevy Rock & Roll 400 From Richmond Inlernational Raceway in Richmond. Va ILive) CC)
T N Pokemon Mys- Fantastic Four Naruto Naruto Cho l Zatch Bell INll Bobobobo Bo- One Piece "Oh
TOON tery Dungeon "Tnal By Fire" ighits Dosu (N)I Bobo Brotheri" ICC)
TV5 (:00) Des racines et des ailes Histoires de Quai No 1 Journal TV5
TV5_chateaux _.
T6:00) Weather: Storm Stories Storm Stories Weather: Evening Edition ICC)
TWC PM Edition (CC I (CC) ICC)
(:0) Casos de Sabado Gigante Ron Magil Harry Geithner, Mariela Roldan, Andres Puentes
UNIV Familia: Edici6n
* THE Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
USA HURRICANE "Closure A victim of sexual assault Benson and Stabler hunt for the A sooalile's daughter stands ac-
11999) Premiere cant identiy the suspect killer of a gay man Fi ICC) used of murder 1CC)
H ** ** THE WEDDING SINGER 11998. Romance- * METAL: A HEADBANGER'S JOURNEY (2005) Premiere Musl-
VH1 Comedy) Adam Sandier, Drew Barrymore. I cans discuss heavy meal and its impact oh culture i.
(:00) MLB Baseball Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox. From U.S. Cellular Field in WGN News at Nine n (CCI
WGN Lhnicago iLive n(CC) '
:00)Franklin WWE Friday Night SmackDown! World Heavyweght Championship WB11 News at Ten Weekend
WPIX raam Cru- King Bcoker vs The Animal Batista (N) A (CC) Edition With Peler Thorne and
sade Mary Murphy (CC)
Jeopardy (CC) Patriots Preseason Special * WAG THE DOG 11997, Comedy-Dramal Dustin Hofman. Rober
WSBK De Nlro Anne Heche. A lm producer is called upon to save the pres-
Sdent's job.

([6:00) **~ UNLEASHED (2005, Action) Jet Li, Bob Hoskins, Morgan Free- Dane Cook Vicious Circle The
HBO-E SERENITY man Premiere. A blind man teaches an enslaved fighter humanity. ( 'R comic performs at Ihe TD Banknonn
..-. (2005)'PG-13'- Garden in Boston. i (CC)
B(6:00) I N- * DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY *x SEED OF CHUCKY (2004, Horror) Jennifer Tilly,
HBO-P ECET PRO- (2004) Vince Vaughn. Dodgeball teams compete for Voices of Brad Dourif, Billy Boyd. The doll and his
POSAL 'R' $50,000 in Las Vegas. n 'PG-13' (CC) bride try to raise a killer child., 'R'(CC)
(6:45) *** IN HER SHOES (2005, Comedy-Drama) * SERENITY (2005, Science Fiction) Nathan Fillion; Gina Torres,
HBO-W Cameron Diaz. A sexy partyer clasheswith her sei- Alan Tudyk. Premiere. A spaceship rew gets caught ina deadly conflict.
ous-minded sister. ('PG-13'(CC)p u .PG-13 (CC) i"a yconi
(:15)* ** STAND AND DEUVER (1988, Docudra- **a SPANGUSH (2004, Comedy-Drama) Adam Sandler, Tha Leoni,
HBO-S ma) Edward James Olmos. L.A. teacher Jaime Es- Paz Vega. A housekeeper works for a chef and his neurotic wife. 1 'PG-
calante leads lowly class into calculus.'PG' (CC) 13'(CC)
S* KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (2005, Historical Drama) Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jere- ** THE DUKES OF HAZZARD
MAX-E my Irons. A young knight protects Jerusalem from invaders. n 'R' (CC) (2005, Comedy) Johnn1 Knoxville.
MOMAXI mIPremiere. 11 PG-13' (CC),
(630) * CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER **is THE SKELETON KEY (2005, Suspense) Kate [:45) NIGHTCAP
MOMAX 1994, Suspense) Harrison Ford. ClA'chief combats Hudson. A hurse works in a New Orleans house with 2 ONE NIGHT
Colombian drug cartels. 'PG-131 (CC) an odd history. n 'PG-13' (CC) AFFAIR (2000)


*a THE COOKOUT (2004, Comedy) Ja Rule, Tim
Meadows. iTV. An athlete's mother has a wild barbe-
cue at his mansion. A 'PG-13' (CC)

Weeds'Corn Weeds (iTV) Weeds Nancy
Snake" Nancy Marijuanacon- faces a new
makes a choice. venton. (CC) problem. (CC)


:00) America's
funniest Home
Videos n (CC)

(s00) Fil This
Huse cc)

The Path to9111 (PreWar@) Adramatization of events in The 0111 Comissi
bombing of the World Trade Center and the capture of Ramzi Yousef. (N) 8 (Part of 2) (CC)

Fip This House Rancho Monte-
longo" Texas ranch. (CC)

Meh n the City The use of meth in
urban areas. (CC)

Interention Mike and James"
Speedballing; methamphetamines.

Extra Time BBCNews Dateline London BBC News Fallout: The BBC News Have Your Say
BBCI (Laeght) (Latenight) Health Impact of (Latenight).
T The JameFo The Fo xx The Jame Foi TThe Jamle Foxx TheJamie Foxx Soul Food "n Transition" Lem's loy-
BET Show n (CC) Show (CC) Show (CC) Show (CC) Show 1 (CC) alty is tested A (CC)
CBC (:00) The Secret History of 9/11 (N) (CC) (DVS) /11: Toxic Legacy The environ- CBC News: Sunday Night (CC)
CBC I___menial fallout of Sept 11. (N)
CN C Wall Street Jour- High Net Worth Chris Matthews Access Hollywood Hit List Pre- CNBC Prime
Snal Report viewing NBC s fall season
CN 00) CNN Presents -In the Footsteps of Bin Laden" Larry King Live CNN Presents "n the Footsteps of
CNThe pursuit of Bin Laden Bin Laden"
*** BAD SANTA 2003 Comedy) Billy Bob Thor Legends: Rodney Dangerfield (N) Legends: Rodney Dangerfield
COM ton, Tony Cox, Brett ely wo crinals disguise ) (CC
themselves Santa and an ell. (CC) ______
T On Native Soil: CopA (CC) Cops (CC) Copsn(CCI CopsCoaso Beach Parol Beach Patrol
COURT 9/1nReport C0C) p () s C Coasft(I(CC) Miami" "Miami
That's So Raven WENDY WU: HOMECOMING WARRIOR (2006, Adventurel Brenda Phil of the Fu- Naturall, Sadie
DISN Victor's molner Song, Shin Koyamada. Ateen learns she is the reincamation of a Chi- ture Lack of a "Pret a Porter
visds nese warrior fifth toe (CC) ( (CG)
DI Handmade Mu- DIYto the Res- DIYto the Res- Rock Solid Grounds for Im- From Junky to Fresh Coat
DIY sic: Los Lonely cue cue provement Funky
DW Euromaxx Journal: The In Focus(Ger- Journal: mi Re- Kultur.21 Journal: with Euromaxx
DW Week man) porter Reporters
101 Sexiest Cel- Mischa & Kristin: Babes of O.C.: The Girls Next The Girls Next The Girls Next The Girls Next
E! ebrity Bodies The El True Hollywood Story (N) Door Door Door (N) Door Spnng.

0 0 S Cen- MLB Baseball San Diego Padres at San Francisco Glants From AT& )

ESPNI XBS (N) NFL Football Inanapolis Colts at New York Giants. From Giants Sladium in Eas Rutherford. N.J. (Live
EWFather Father Corapl andthe Caechism G.K. Chesterton The Holy Rosary Pope Benedict XVI in Germany
EWTN Groeschel of the Catholic Churchi I
ITT Ballroom Art of the Athlet .Gorge Hin- Insider Training Jiu Jitsu fighter The Gym "On the Road Agaun .
_FIT TV mp cape" George Hmcapie. n (CC) Jean Jacques Machado. (CC) Lou loses his lease., (CC)
FOX-NC (:00) Fox Report War Stories With Oiver North The ne-Up (Live) Big Story Primetime (ive)
( :00) Beyond the Poker Superstars Invitatonal In Focus on FSN The FSN Final The Sports List Around the
FSNFL Glory (CC) Tournament From Las Vegas Score ILive) Track
GO F 00) LPGA Glf John Q. Hammons Hotel Classic Final Round. From European PGA Golf Omega European Masters -- Fi-
GOLF broken Arrow, Okla. (Same-day Tape) (CC) nal Round. From Switzerland.
GSN (:00) Greed (CC)Who Wants to Be a MUllonaire n Lingo (CC) Lingo (CC) World Blackjack Tour (CC)
Arrested Devel- Star Trek: The Next Generatiin Star Trek: The Next Generation The Man Show The Man Show
G4Tech opment n (CC) 'The Host" n (CC) 'The Mind's Eye" 1 ICC) Highlights. (CC) (CC)
(:00) Diagnosis Murder Murder on the Run" A man Diagnosis Murder "X Marks the Murder' Mark and Steve track down a
HALL convictedof murdenng his wife takes Mark hostage. senal killer moments before Amanda is slain. 1 ICC)
n (CC)
Designed to Sell Junk Brothers Take It Outside Bu Me'Nelio House Hunters Holmes on Homes Bar None" Al-
HGTV Movrg On to n (CC) Reding room. and Paricia" n (C CC) er paying a contractor the lob was
Mevicoi ((CC) (CC)_ never completed. (ICC)
INSP It's a New Day In Touch "Seeking God's Guidance' The King is Calvary Revival Jack Vanmpe Manna-Fest (CC
INSP ______ Got's wisdom. (C ) Coming (CC)|. Church PresentsiC%. 1
(6:00) WWE Fri- Pepper Dennis Pepper dates gay What I Like Twins Fanrah ust Legal 'The Bar" A waitress at
KTLA dayNight footballstar Lz Phair performs. About You Now hires a narcssis- Cooper's favome ar is a murder
SmackDown! (CC) and Zen" tic model. 1 victim (N) n (CC)
THE STRANGER THE MERMAID CHAIR (2006, Drama) Kim Basinger, Alex Caner, Bruce Angela's Eyes The FBI surveillance
LIFE I MARRIED (CC) Greenwood A mamed woman forms a bond with a Benedictine monk unit is put on e case involving a
(CC) missing girl. (N) (CC)
MSNBC :00 Hardball MSNBC Investigate: Drver Be- MSNBC Investigates Lockup: Meet the Press (CC)
MSNBCC ce were :,Wabash"me,, 'ou
NI K ed's Declassi- Zoey 101 Jet X' Unfbulo Ad- ADifferent Fresh Prince of Fresh Prince of TheCosb
NICK fled School (CC) die is jealous. World A(CC) Bel-Air Bel-Air Show1 CC)
S6:00)Fashion Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Prison Break ( (CC) News a (CC) News
NTV Rocks (N) (CC) After the Storm: Texas" (
Escape to the Bull Riding PBR. Championship Escape to the Boxing: McKart
OLN Wild Bullfights Wild vs Pavlik
:SP D 00)NASCAR SPEED Report Wind Tunnel With Dave Despain NASCAR Victory Lane (CC)
SPEED Victory Lane (Live)
Jack Hayford Joel Osteen Taking Authority Believer's Voice Changing Your Praise the Lord (CC)
TBN (CC) (CC) (CC) of Victory (CC) Wod(CC)
* MEN IN *', SCARY MOVIE 2 (2001) (PA) Shawn Wayans, SCARY MOVIE 3 (2003, Comedy) (PA) Anna
TBS BLACK (1997) Marton Wayans. Premiere. Members of a psychology Faris. Anthony Anderson, Leslie Nielsen. Ajoumalist in-
(PA) (CC) class venture into a haunted house. (CC) vestgaest UFs and a killer videotape. (CC)
(:00 Miami Ink Miami Ink Kat the Party Machine" Miam Ink "Garver's Utmatum" Miami Ink The "Virgin Mary Gnlled
TLC "We re All Family" Garver gives Danielle a Spanish Back problems jeopardize Garver's Cheese Lady gels a tattoo of her
(CC) skull taltoo for closure, future as a tattoo artist (CC) holy sandwich
** THE NE- * ENOUGH (2002, Suspense) Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell, Juliette Lewis. A woman ** ENOUGH
TNT GOTIATOR takes her daughter and fles her abusive husband (CC) (2002) Jennifer
(_1998) __.LOpez. (CC)
T N **CATS& My m Part- MGym Part- My Gym Part- MyGym Part- Futurama The TheVenture
TOON DOGS (2001) ner'a Monkey ner'sa a Moey ner'sa Monkey near's a Monkey Honking" (CC) Brothers (N)
TV5 Safari Unenult M Marrakech (.40) Journal
T6:00 Weather: Storm Stories Storm Stories Full Force Na- It Could Happen Weather: Evening Edition ICC)
TWC M Edition (CC) Fishing vessel. Fifty-foot wave ture (CC) Tomorrow
(:00) Vuelo93 Cantando Por un Suefo Siete concursantes compiten
:00)Law & Or- Law & Order Special Victims Unt Law Order Special Victims Unit Law &Order Special Victms Unit
USA der: Special Vic- Deectives look for suspects at a A child dies after being in alen- A toy mogul is suspected of sexually
times Unit n dead bully's school n (CC) dance at a prayer vigil (CC) abusing a child [ (CC)
V 1 Hogan Knows HoanKnows IHOg Knows Celebrity Fit Club ( The Flavor of Love Flav's old pal
V 1 Bestn Best n Best n helps out. 1
(:00)Maximum 24 Day 5. 9 00AM-10:00AM" Jack 24 The president's arms treaty be- WGNNewsat (:40) Instant Re
WGN exposure (CC) tnes to follow the leads he has de- comes jeopardized when innocent Nine 1(CC) play n (CC)
veloped. (CC) lives are endangered (CC)
:00) Just Legal CharmedPiper travels back in time Charmed A boy whose drawings WB11 News at Ten Weekend
WPIX The Bar" (N) ( to prevent the deaths of Paige and cometo life turns the Charmed Edition ih Peter Thoee and
(CC) Phoebe. n (CC) Ones into superheroines n (CC) Mary Murphy (CC)
Election Special CSI: Crime Scene investigation CSI: Crme Scene Investigation A RedSoxThis Red SoxStories
WSBK The team scrambles for clues when death on a mountain trail perplexes Week
an airline passenger dies. Gnssom and Sara. (CC)

(5:45) ** FANTASTIC FOUR (2005, Action) loan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba The Wire "Boys of Summer (Sea-
HBO-E THE INTER- Chris Evans. Premiere. Cosmic radiation grants four people unusual pow- son Premiere) McNuy turns down a
PRETER (2005) ers. P 'PG13'(CC) promotion (N) n (CC)
(:00) Real Time S* * SIDEWAYS (2004, Comedy-Drama) Paul Giamati. Thomas (:10) The iceman and the Psychia-
HBO-P P.J O'Rourke; HaderrChurch, Virgina Madsen. Twofnends ponder their Irves dunng a trist n (CC)
Rob Thomas road trip. A 'R' (C)
:15*** WAACE & (:45) * THE INTERPRETER (2005, Suspense) Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Cathenne
HBO-W GRtOMT HE C SE OF ner.AUN. translator overhears an assassinationplot 1'PG-13'(CC)
WERE&RABIT(2005)'G'( (CO)
t *LOVE & SE(2000 R)Fake I ABETH I(2006, Historical Dra Pat 2 of 2) HelnMirn,
HBO-S Janssen,Jbn Favreau. A reflects owner rela- Jeremylns, Hugh cyThequeen hasa afis with the earls of
__tionships and fiars ()11 cet and Essex. (CC)
(5:45)*A i g1 MAXoh t RED EYE (2005, Suspense) Rachel McAdams, ** STHE TRANSPORTER 2
MAX-E CINDERELLA SetDol CliMurphy Ain eshisseat- (2005, Acion)JasonStaham,Am-
MAN (2005) n (CC) In a dly pt pGfI3'(CC) (CCber Valletta. 1'PG-13'(CC)
15) ** THE DUKES OF HA AD 05) Jo? y ** THE ISLAND (2005, Action) Ewan McGregor, Scarett Johansson,
MOMAX noxville. Premiere.The Dukecousinsttofo a mon Hounsou. A mercenary pursues twocones on the run in 2019. A
___scheme by Bss Hogg. 'PG-13' 1(CC)

Weeds A.K.A.
The Plant" (rV) SHOW
a (CC)

i00) ** BE COO (2005, Comedy) Johilavo
u ma Thurman. If. Chil Palmet mis doulf ror-
industy playeisn ~'PG-13'(CC)

i'.A.K WeedsA.K Brmhstiod Ecesiastes72
The Ptntr ThePlantrn (iV)Abuscrash.(N)n(CC)
PC) (CC)

TMC STATSIDE Comedy) V cs o Trey Paker. Piet commandos DAY (1993, Honor) Jon D. LeMay. Slasher Jason goes
(2004)'R"(CC) (prote plnet from terists. n (CC) afterblood relatives. A R'(CC)



7:30 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30

The a Rptil itardsare hegreat Havers is assigned toa case where a A y ofa
B WPBT Welk artists of thewid (t woman as been murdered with a shot gun. (N) (CC) Hwicyae (N)
show 4 of ) ()(DVS) A (CC)
) 60 ils Filmmakers Gedeon and Jules Naudet update their 2002 documen- Cold Cae 'Joseph Lilly feels
0 WFOR 0 merCgn ) taergeny rsonnel's response to the Sept 11 attacks on drawn toavictim when shereopens
the Wodd Trade Cnei. 0N),(CC) _a2005 case..1 (CC)
( Football (:15 NFL Footba Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants. From Giants Stadium in East Rutheiford, NJ. (Live)
S WTVJ Night in America n (CC)
(Live) n (CC)
-r, The OT (Live) The Simpson. Amricat Dad Faily Guy Pe- The War at News (CC)
SWSVN (CC) Homer bmes 'Cap Refoogee" tr undergoes a Home "Back to
a fob kingpin. (N)prostate exam. School (N)
I ...e ..a t W r a' u _... ........_I..een in i.._ ne ,., ._ r n _,.. ,.e e

(5:45)THE *** MEAN GIRLS (2004, Comedy) Lindsay Lohan, (45) DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS (1998) Tom
TMC MANCHURIAN Rachel McAdams. A teen becomes ends with three Everett Scott Two college roommates must raise their
CANDIDATE 'R' cruel schoolmates. ( 'PG-13' (CC) grade point average. ( 'R' (CC)

'' I-- - I L



11, 11 14

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