Group Title: Tribune. (Nassau, Bahamas).
Title: The Tribune
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Title: The Tribune
Uniform Title: Tribune (Nassau, Bahamas)
Alternate Title: Nassau tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Tribune
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahamas
Publication Date: March 31, 2006
Copyright Date: 2006
Frequency: daily, except sunday
normalized irregular
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 79, no. 210 (Aug. 3, 1983); title from caption.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00084249
Volume ID: VID00369
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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as.ns DOWN
1 Cda cend tooheartily(5) 2 Up wthereWordsworth finished-a 10
S Wld mobn a company newpoll (33)
org~oep(5) 3 Ampleroom or manoeuvrng
9 A lo words from the officer taking canoes(6)
onmfo wrd (7) 4 Dasslettchurn(3)
o A10 F niaoo (5) 5 Anirmal fnisngbrekast on cooked --
11 Gnlrtw ouroft he dog withe oats(5)
urryti (5) 6 Aowlto theaFrench,
12 NI placeswhtere onegets o and shllh toa us (7)
wlk(5) (7 Love at surie can 20 21
1 R ovedfrom a booknotutor be abuden (4)
wol vandale (4,3) s Wasitadtyof 24
Sgrows In the south spaatsts? (6)
of lrand(3) 12 is alcoholc, b with
17 Classc music frm no kik?(5)
Oopus (4) 13 Such pa is slow
18 Unlappabledrection byonsieur to aum (
Clair(6) 14 Nominal bitof fuss by the Rugby
19 Can they cannily adjut costs? (5) Unron () 30
20 Grab the young birds, 5 Criminal refored by that fathead
potentially? (6) Noel (5)
22 Usamaybeafterher(4) 16 Agalnhonouraplayer
24 The man' goal is apparently a summarily? (5)
rugby one(3) 18 Aresuch water
25 Makeabgprofit alcoholic?(5)
Sa chairady? (5,2) 19 Rush to sink the ship (7)
t possibly 21 Left to make suggestions
oof love (5) flaccdly (6)
S Nogreatswimmer (5) 22 Old enough to have a friend round
28 Dunderhead taking a for half an hour(6)
trialrun? (5) 23 Not the beaten player's favourite
S Does it defame some splce (6)
Islanders? (7) 25 He'll be nurtered 30 High-sounding article on the Kent as noe (5) <,U
coast (5) 26 A smallwooden
31 A beastly noise in the NE part of frame? (4)
gate (5) 28 Uttle boys room(3)

Yesterday's cryptic solutions Yesterday's easy solutions
ACROSS: 3 Dayfs 8 G-raln 10, Rubik 11, Ems (rurrf) 12, ACROSS: 3, Bread 8, Hovel 10, Nomad 11, Rim 12, Cumin
I'd-rls 13, atona David18, Rat 19,Manila 21,Mae 13, Rampart15, Motor18,Tie19,Marine21,Bedevil 22,
wa- 22,Ta23, Zea24, Prates 26, Ransom29 Gap Rad 23, Real 24, Decider 26, Taller 29, Mat 31, Spear
31, ve-NS 32, Methods 34, Atlas 35,'Yim 36, B-rake 7, 32, Auditor 34, Minim 35, Nit 36, Famed 37, Tunes 38,
R-ay -38, Edgar Dense
D 1,Gr-eat 2, Mttal 4, Ad 5, Fr-rd- 6 Susan 7, DOW 1, Moral 2, Tempted 4, Rout 5, Animal 6 Donor 7,
Civil 9, Amy 12, tnt--im 14, Oak 16, In-E Da--y Baton 9, Vim 12, Creeper 14, Aid 16,Tiger 17, hepy 19,
19, Man-ages 20, Store 21, Mar-N-e 23-, ephyrs 24, Minimum 20, Brats 21, Bible 23, Retinue 24, Deride25,
Posted25Tat 27, AveRt.28, Snake 30, Admn 32, MA- Dad 27, Appal 28, Lamed 30, Voter 32, Aims
MA33,Oar 33,Tin

1 Contract(5)
6 Wash out (5)
9 Knocked over (7)
10 Punctuation mark (5)
11 Fold (5)
12 Hackneyed (5)
13 Twist (7)
15 Favorite (3)
17 Frozen confections
18 Mountainous (6)
19 Cloth (5)
20 Claim (6)
22 Sound quality (4)
24 Bom (3)
25 Group (7)
26 Sketch show (5)
27 Spanish city (5)
28 Of birds (5)
29 Criticism (7)
30 Drain (5)
31 Pieces of evidence

South dealer.
Neither side vulnerable.
*754 *QJ10
T 1063 .. .QJ 852
*987 6432
4K432 45
The bidding:
South West North East
1 Pass 1 Pass
3 NT Pass 4 Pass
Opening lead nine of diamonds.
There is a play that has to be seen
to be believed, and, after you've seen
it, you may still not believe it!
As anyone can plainly see, West
has a sure trump trick. He simply
doesn't cover the Q-J of clubs when
they're led. He just sits there and
waits until his well-guarded king.
wins a trick.
Except that he never gets it! The
king is dead, and there's nothing
West can do about it. Call it magic or'

sleight of hand or anything else:
West's trump trick just vanishes into
thin air!
Declarer plays the hand very
simply. He wins the diamond lead
and plays the Q-J of clubs, West fol-
- lowing low. When East shows out,
the slam appears hopeless, since
South has a spade loser also. But
declarer plays on, hoping for a mira-
He. cashes two more diamonds,
then plays theA-K of hearts and ruffs
a heart. He next plays the A-K and a
low spade, won by East. At this point
East has only two cards left a
heart and a diamond while South
has the 10-9 of clubs, West the K-4
of clubs and dummy the ace of clubs
and nine of spades.
Whatever East returns, South
trumps with the nine, and West's
"certain" trump trick goes down the
We suggest that you don't bother
to learn this play just file it away
as a curiosity. I've never come across
it at the bridge table, and don't ever
expect to.
Every once in a while I run into
someone who tells me he's executed
a smother play (that's what it's
called), but I put that person in the
same category as those who claim
they once held 13 spades. You can't
believe everything you bear.


HOW many words of
four letters or more A
can you make from
(he lel(ers shown E
here?In making a
word, each)etter may i
be used once only.
Each must contain the.
centre letter and there 'E Y L
must be at least one
nine-letter word. No
plurals or verb forms
ending in "s", no words with initial capitals and no
-words with a hyphen or apostrophe permitted.
The first word of a phrase is permitted (e.g. inkjet
in inkjet printer).
Good 11: very good 17: excellent 22 (or more).
Solution tomorrow.

2 Sensual (6)
3 Weasels (6)
4 Age(3)
5 Recreation (5)
6 Cold-blooded
creature (7)
7 Lazy(4)
8 Rower part (6)
12 Chaacterstic(5)
13 Settee(5)
14 Feeling (5)
15 Aviator (5)
s16 Bellef (S)
18 Row(5)
19 KItchen appliance (7)
21 Calm (6)
22 Journey(6)
23 Nulliy (6)
25 Search (5)
26 Cereal crop (4)
28 Curve (3)


< 00= x
(0 DC1

Boris Gelfand v Michael Adams,
Corus Wik aan Zee 2006. The
England number one had a year to
forget in 2005.Adamswas
humilated 5.5-0. by the Hydra
super-coputer, and failed to win a 6
single game at the word
championship tournament in
Argentina So the elite Cors event
was the Comishmans chance for a 3
revival, and he scored an excellent
win against the newworld number 2
one, Veselin Topalov. Today's
position was a rare setback,
Adams's only defeat at Wijk.
Gelfand' next white move in the op
diagram forced immediate (Ada
resignation and was widely at
praised, but in fact he had a stiH 0m7
better choice available. Can you fr
find both White's winning moves? bo
You can test your skills this
weekend at London's one-day


E(aleu giqa gqxW 96 +S
pi) L i+8P Ileospses
Pue iLxg I paWed puqMa

ARIES March 21/April 20
Don't let the green-eyed monster grab
hold of you this week, Aries. A col-,
league's successes are well-eared.',
Your turn will come soon enough.:
Sagittarius plays a role in romance.
TAURUS April 21/May 21
You may feel like a king, but don't'
forget that you're carrying a pauper's-'
purse. Think twice before you spend.
money this week soon, it won't:
seem so easy to come by.
GEMINI May 22/June 21
Doubts about a new romance have'
your head spinning, Gemini, 'ut,
don't do anything rash. After all, you'
have a tendency to rush things. Relax,.
and take this one step at a time.
CANCER June 22/July 22
Friends and coworkers will call on:
you for help this week, Cancer.'
Though it may seem overwhelming,,
your nurturing nature woh't let youi
say no. Good they need you.
LEO July 23/August 23
You feel like celebrating this week,
Leo. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.
Others will be drawn to your irre-
sisrible energy...SJep lively to avoid:
office quagmirds on Thursday.
VIRGO Aug&24/Sept 22
You're not feeling particularly
sociable, Virgo, but it's important'
that you make yourself go out this
week. Take a friend along if it'll
make you feel better about it.
LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23
This will be a long work week. By'
Friday; you'll be climbing the walls if
you don't bum off some of that ner-
vous energy. Romance awaits in the
Great Outdoors.
SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22
A loved one's illness has you on'
edge, but that's no excuse foryour,
recent behavior. Work out your mfrs-
trations in the gym, not on friends'
and business associates.
SAGITTARIUS- Nov 23/Dec 21
This might be a good time to stay,
home and enjoy a little solitude. Read
a book, take in a movie do what-
ever it takes to nurture your sense that
you are special.
CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20
It's not your job to make it right,;
Capricorn, and if you insist on trying,'
you'll not only fail, but be miserable
in the process. Find a creative outlet
to express your love to another.
AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18
It looks like you've got a case of
spring fever, Aquarius. After so
many cold weeks, you deserve a lite
play time. Enjoy!
PISCES Feb 19/March 20 i
There's a song in your heart this
week, Pisces. Could you be in love?
It's about time someone noticed youth
for the brilliant and sensitive loveii
you are.



a b c d e f g h
n-to-all congresses. Golden Green
am Raoof on020 8202 0982) ison
nay; Rchmond (Scott Kenyon on
6 411452) is on Sunday. Anyone
Expert to novice is welcome at
h events.


-elau g pt Iaq 9Jb
) Z (aeuW Lb5xO Z 8xN
aoa q upxO s96+tW
sneaq pa suai Up
)98086 uonps -a

- *l .ILJ'..JEL YV IIL


,.. I I I


- r

I =





will vote for

new president at polls

Senior Sports Reporter
THE New Providence Wom-
en's Basketball Association will
have to seek a new president
when it goes to the polls on
April 28 at the annual general
Kimberley Rolle, who was
elected as the first vice presi-
dent, but moved up to fill in as
the interim president after the
resignation of initial president
Mynez Cargill-Sherman, has
confirmed that she will not run
for the post of the second elect-
ed president of the league that
just finished a successful 'third
Rolle said that, while she was
pleased with the progress, that
the league made over the past
three years, they are looking for
a new slate of officers to carry'
on the legacy that they started.
"By no small measures we
were pleased with the role that
Mynez Cargill-Sherman played
before she bowed out for per-
sonal and professional reasons,"
Rolle stressed.
"The league has grown
tremendously and we've had a
lot of accomplishments to date

Kimberley Rolle

to step down

and we want that to continue.
'So now the challenge is for the
next group of persons, not nec-
essarily women, that will take
up the mantel and take the
NPWBA to another level."
While Rolle, a wife and
mother, has decided to pursue a
professional commitment that
will not allow her to function in
the capacity she so ably filled
over the past year. Secretary
Cindy Fox, has also indicated
that she will not seek another
term in office.

The other officers, second
vice president Anthony Swaby,
third vice president Loverne
Wildgoose, treasurer Michaela
Rolle and commissioner
Charles 'Chuck' Mackey, have
not given any indication as to
whether or not they will be back

to contest another term.
"Will any of these persons
offer themselves? I don't know.
There are some uncertainties,"
Rolle noted. "But I believe that
we have sufficient persons who
are genuinely interested in bas-
ketball in the country.
"Now is a good time as any
for those persons to step for-
ward and put their money
where their mouth is. But they
have to liave a desire to contin-
ue what persons have done over
the past three years and not
drop the ball."
So far, nobody has made a
public declaration of stepping
forward to serve in any capaci-
ty during the-elections. Persons
can nominate from the floor
'during the AGM for any posi-
tion at the election.
Since its inception, the NPW-
BA has been a model for all
leagues, not just basketball, but

all sports locally, to follow.
They have raised the stan-
dard to that of a professional
level with teams properly uni-
formed from day one, a clean
environment at their home base
at the DW Davis Gym, up-to-
the-quarter statistics provided
during and after every game
played and games starting on
time, once the officials are in

"Generally, the fan base has
increased from year one to year
three," Rolle said. "So I don't
have any regrets in giving it up.
I think we will a strong compo-
nent for women's basketball
and whoever is there, they can
call on me for me support. I
know I can say the same about
The league can also boast of
the fact that all of its coaches
on the six registered teams are
level II internationally certified
and there is now a Coaches
Association in place that is
headed by Rolle's coach of the
College of the Bahamas Lady
Caribs, Linda Davis.
Davis has also made history,

being named by the Bahamas
Basketball Federation as the
first head coach of the women's
national basketball team.
"We've raised the level of
women's play in basketball with
some people who have been out
of the sport, coming back to
make a contribution, whether
playing or coaching," Rolle stat-
"I think by raising the level of
play, we've been able to do that
by having the proper equipment
to organise a basketball game
and we've had the appropriate
number of officials with two
during the regular season and
three at the playoffs and cham-
The third time around turned
out to be the charm for the
Johnson's Lady Truckers,
coached by Jean 'Bubbles'
Minus. They ended the season
by dethroning the two-time
defending champions and pen-
nant winning Cleaning Centre
Lady Angels, now coached by
Sharon 'the General' Storr.
Another important aspect for
the league came with the Junior
All-Stars being granted free
entry in their bid to provide an
avenue for them to develop
their skills.


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opynrighte Matria

Sy indicate Content

Available from CommercialN ew

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r.v i d ers

Malik century helps Pakistan

draw test against Sri Lanka

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4b S
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4@b..b. 4 O

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