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Group Title: Department of Anthropology Newsletter, University of Florida
Title: Department of Anthropology newsletter ; Summer 2006
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Title: Department of Anthropology newsletter ; Summer 2006
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Table of Contents
    35 years of UF anthropology PhDs
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    From the chair...
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    Anthropology gator graduates directory
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    Student achievements
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UniversiT M olorida College of Liberal O Frts and Scienes

University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences summer 2006

35 Years of UF

Anthropology PhDs

Over the past year Prof. Maxine Margolis embarked on a
project to find all of our PhD students since the first three doctoral
degrees were awarded in 1971. She searched for them on the web, var u.:
published databases, and through personal contacts. Thanks to her efi, i r- .-n
now state more conclusively the impact UF Anthropology has had on FI l.11- rti
nation, and the world just through its PhD graduates. Most impressive ,r: hI~ Ii-n l-
ing that 95% have employment related to their training in anthropology.

Between I971 and 2005 the University of Florida awarded 306 doctoral degrees
in Anthropology: 46% to women and 54% to men. Six of our PhD graduates are
deceased, and the whereabouts and/or employment of an additional five are not
known. Of those that are known, nearly 83% live or work in the US in 41 states,
the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Nearly 35% of that number are in
Florida, comprising 30% of the total number of PhDs. The others live or work in
30 countries around the world on every continent except Antarctica, with Latin
America the most heavily represented region.
As shown in Figure I, the growth in Anthropology PhDs mirrors the overall
increase in graduate programs at UF since 1990. This was the era of President
John Lombardi and his push to elevate UF to one of the top graduate schools in
the country. Most of our graduates over the past 15 years matriculated during the
Lombardi era, and we will continue to see the results of this growth in the coming
This graph also shows that over time Anthropology has enjoyed relatively
good balance between men and women graduates. Although the numerical par-
ity achieved in the late I980s has not yet been duplicated, men have outnumbered
women graduates only slightly in the past 15 years. More importantly, women have
made steady gains since the inception of the program, more than tripling the
number of graduates the past five years over the first half-decade.
In terms of subfield distribution, Figure 2 shows that students with concentra-
tions in cultural anthropology have always dominated our PhD ranks. With only
one downturn in 1996-2000, archaeology PhDs have grown steadily to approach
one-third of recent graduates. The number of biological anthropology PhDs has
likewise grown since the I980s and promises to increase in the next decade as the
contributions of new fac-
ulty hires in this subfield
come to fruition. Above
all, Anthropology PhDs
throughout the 35-year
period include indi-
viduals of broad specialty
and talent, and many
graduates are difficult to
pigeonhole by subfield
St because of their interdis-
S 00 D '1 ciplinary research. Final-
Arhu (h'00)

I ,, i ,,. I
category, 64% of our PhDs have jobs in academia
including museums, 33% work in applied settings
including consultancies, and 3% are employed in a
variety of other occupations.
The complete list of PhDs by year of degree with
their job title and location can be found inside this
special issue. We hope that these alumni will save this
issue for future reference and let us know whenever
they change their employment or contact informa-
tion. Of course, we always want to hear from all of our

1971-75 1976-80 1981-85 1986-90 1991-95 1996-2000 2001-05
Figure I: Number of PhDs by Gender in 5-Year Intervals

1971-75 1976-80 1981-85 1986-90 1991-95 1996-20002001-05
Figure 2: Number of PhDs by Subfield in 5-Year Intervals

page 2 Department of Anthropology News Summer 2006

From the Chair...

Our cover story bears repeating: Thirty-five years ago UF's
Department of Anthropology sent its first PhDs into the world
of professional employment. This inaugural group of three
started a trend that has grown unabated. Over 300 PhDs have
been granted since 1971, and over 90% of them are employed
in Anthropology or a closely related field. This strong record
of success speaks favorably of the quality and relevance of a UF
Anthropology degree. Our reputation has grown steadily and
we are now poised to become one of the top ten Anthropology
departments in the country.

Department Growth
We continue to grow and flourish in many ways. This year we
added over 0oo new undergraduate majors and are now at 550
strong. We welcomed a new faculty member, Assistant Profes-
sor Hansjoerg Dilger, jointly appointed in the Center for
African Studies. Dr. Dilger received his PhD in anthropology
in 2004 from the Free University of Berlin. He brings to UF a
vibrant research program on the anthropology of HIV/AIDS in

- kVonnofh F rccnm n



/ \

We are also fortunate to count in our ranks the new Direc- .i .
tor of the Center forJewish Studies, ProfessorJack Kugel-
mass. Dr. Kugelmass comes to UF from Arizona State Univer-
sity and holds the Melton Professorship. His research interests
include PolishJewish culture, AmericanJewry, and urban "
Department faculty enjoyed good support from granting agencies this year
as well as very positive press, from Dr. Mike Heckenberger's segment on the His-
tory Channel to Dr. Mike Warren's NewYork Times quote about UF basketball star
Joakim Noah (an Anthropology major!). Private giving to the Department was like-
wise generous this year, providing the basis for two endowed professorships, one in
applied anthropology and another in Native American languages.

Support for Anthropology's Future
The future of UF Anthropology is as bright as its past is strong. I hope you will join
us in celebrating 35 years of Anthropology PhDs and the meaningful work they
have done for society. The list that Maxine Margolis has assembled of all our PhDs,
included in this special issue, well demonstrates the department's growing poten-
tial for providing the nation's-and the world's-future anthropological leaders. We
would enjoy hearing from our alumni listed here (and others, of course), and ask
that you consider donating to one of the many endowment funds that enable the
continued success of your beloved alma mater (see page 8).

Internationalizing the Curriculum Awards
These awards encourage faculty to add international components to existing
courses, or to create new courses with substantial international coverage.
Dr. Anita Spring received an award in the Research Category to develop a
course on "African Business, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Strategies."
Dr. Sue Boinski was awarded a grant in the International Category for
her proposed new course on primate behavior, "Introduction to Monkey Field
Studies." The grant supports her incorporation of digital video recordings of
New World monkeys in their isolated jungle settings into classroom activities.




page 2

Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

Leadership Posts for

Anthropology Faculty
Dr. Anthony Oliver-
Smith was selected to hold
the MunichRe Foundation
Chair on Social Vulner-
ability at the Institute for
Environment and Human
Security of United Nations
University in Bonn, Ger-
many, for the 2007-2008
academic year. He and three other chair holders
will comprise the team responsible for leading the
training and research initiatives of the Institute
for the next four years.
Dr. Florence Babb, Professor ofWomen's
Studies and Anthropology affiliate, is the new
President of the Association for Feminist Anthro-
pology of the American Anthropological Associa-
Dr. Susan D. Gillespie began a two-year
term of office as President of the AAAArcheol-
ogy Division in December 2005, completing her
two-year term as President-Elect.
Dr. Anita Spring was elected Chair of the
AAA Committee on Ethics in December 2005.
Dr. Mike Warren was elected Secretary of
the Physical Anthropology section of the Ameri-
can Academy of Forensic Sciences in February
Dr. Richard Stepp was named editor-in-
chief of the Journal of Ethnobiology by the Soci-
ety of Ethnobiology in January 2006.

Faculty Awards & Honors
Dr. Mike Heckenberger was
awarded one of six prestigious
UF Research Foundation Profes-
sorships for 2006-2008. Dr.
Heckenberger's research, which
has been featured on the History
Channel show Digging for the
Truth and in the New Yorker mag-
azine and Science, brings world
attention to a little-known pre-Columbian Amazonian
civilization. This three-year professorship recognizes
Dr. Heckenberger's distinguished record of scholar-
ship and provides a supplement to facilitate his further
Dr. John Krigbaum was
honored as a CLAS Teacher of the
Year for 2005-2006. He was also ,.
nominee for the UF Teacher of the
Year award. Dr. Krigbaum teaches
the popular Introduction to Bio- -
logical Anthropology and graduate
courses in bone isotope studies. V


Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

Anthropology Gator Graduates

Special Issue Pull Out & Save Directory

Jerald T. Milanich, Curator of
Archaeology, Florida Museum
of Natural History, Gaines
ville, FL
Barbara A. Purdy, Prof Emerita
ofAnthropology, UF, Gaines
ville, FL
Gwen Kennedy Neville, Prof
Emerita of Sociology &
Anthropology, Southwestern
University, Georgetown, TX

Mary L. Walek, Assoc Prof Emer
ita of Anthropology, North
Carolina State University,
Wake Forest, NC

Marigene Arnold, Prof of
Sociology & Anthropology,
Kalamazoo ( II Kalama
zoo, MI
Molly Dougherty, Prof of Nurs
ing, University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill, Hills
borough, NC

Kathleen A. Deagan, Distin
guished Research Curator,
Florida Museum of Natural
History, Archer, FL
William ..-.. I. Prof of
Anthropology, Vanderbilt
University, Nashville, TN
Ransford C. Pyle, Assoc Prof of
Legal Studies, University of
Central Florida, Gainesville,
Geraldine Moreno, Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Oregon, Eugene, OR
Gary Brana-ShuteT

George Zarur, Professor, FLAC
SO, Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Nora C. .I.. I Prof of Lin
guistics, University of Texas,
Austin, TX
Thomas Johnson, Outpatient
Therapist, Directions for
Mental Health, Inc., Safety
Harbor, FL
Susan Middleton-Keirn, Prof
Emerita of Anthropology,
California State University
Stanislaus, Kwa-Zulu/Natal,
South Africa
Emilio Moran, James H. Rudy
Prof of Anthropology, Indi
ana University, Bloomington,
Stephen Cumbaa, Research
Scientist, Canadian Museum

of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario,
Ronald Wallace, Prof of Anthro
pology, University of Central
Florida, Orlando, FL
Robert W. Senior Plan
ning Specialist, US Dept of
Agriculture, Fort Collins, CO
Rochelle Marrinan, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, Florida State
University, Tallahassee, FL
Daniel P. Juengst, Prof Emeritus
of Anthropology, University
ofWest Georgia, McCormick,
John S. Ottot

Charlotte Miller, USDA/APHIS/
Wildlife Services, National
Wildlife Research Center, Fort
Collins, CO
Kathleen M. Byrd, Prof & Asso
ciate Provost, Northwestern
State University, Natchitoches,
Andrew W Miracle, Jr., Prof
of Public Health, Florida
International University, Fort
Worth, TX
John Bryan .. Prof & Chair
of Anthropology, University
of Miami, Miami, FL
Allyn MacLean Stearman, Dean
of Burnett Honors ( II
University of Central Florida,
Lake Mary, FL
William R. True, Prof, School of
Public Health, St. Louis Uni
versity, St. Louis, MO
William T. Vickers, Prof Emeri
tus of Anthropology, Florida
International University,
Miami, FL
Donald L. Wyatt, Lecturer,
Charles Stuart University,
Bathurst, Australia
Sally Ann Lawson, Attorney-at
Law, St. F-r -.i..,a. FL
Karl Terry Steinen, Prof of
Anthropology, University of
West Georgia, Carrollton, GA
Richard W. Sapp, Owner,
Sapp's Pawn, Gun & Archery;
author, Gainesville, FL
MichaelJ. Hansingert

Mercio Pereira Gomes, Presi
dent, National Foundation
for Assistance to Indians
(FUNAI), Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Timothy A. Kohler, Prof of
Anthropology,' -. I .. .
State University, Pullman, WA

Morgan Ray Crook, Jr., Prof of
Anthropology, University of
West Georgia, Carrollton, GA
Anthony W. Stocks, Prof of
Anthropology, Idaho State
University, Pocatello, ID
Stephen W. Dudasik Jr.f

Tyson L. Gibbs, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, University of
North Texas, Denton, TX
Darrel L. Miller, Dean, Gradu
ate School of Business,
Queens University, Charlotte,
Susan Poats, Quito, Ecuador
ElizabethJ. Reitz, Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Georgia, Athens, GA
Lothar George Vollweiler, Prof
of Social & Behavioral Sci
ence, Santa Fe Community
< i Alachua, FL
Joe Neil Henderson, Assoc Prof
of Public Health, University
of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City,
Pamela Fischer, Researcher,
Homeless ... Samsa,
Dept. of Health & Human
Services, Baltimore, MD
LanaJ. LoucksT

Curtis R. Glick, Development
Planning .I .. I ...
Administrator, UNICEF,
Nicholas Honerkamp, Director,
Brown Institute of Arch, Uni
versity of Tennessee-Chatta
nooga, ( I ... TN
Judith M. Lisansky, Senior
Anthropologist, World Bank,
.I ,. D C
Samuel M. Sa, Prof Emeritus of
Methodology & Anthropol
ogy, Univ. Federal do Pari,
Belem, Brazil
Theresa A. Singleton, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Syracuse
University, Syracuse, NY
James C. Jones, Independent
researcher in Bolivia, Miami,
Christine E. Krueger, Indepen
dent scholar,', I .. DC

Jane L. Collins, Prof of Sociolo
gy & Chair of Women's Stud
ies, University of Wisconsin,
Madison, WI
Francisco Gangotena, Irrigation
& organic farming consultant,
Heifer International, Quito,

VernonJ. Knight, Jr., Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Sue Ann Moore, Prof of Anthro
pology, Georgia Southern
University, Statesboro, GA
Michael D. Painter, 1
Coordinator-Central Andes,
Wildlife Conservation Society,
Sarasota, FL
Louis A. Marano, International
Desk Editor, United Press
International, I
W. Gerald Glover, Prof of Orga
nizational ( I Hawaii
Pacific University, Honolulu,

Reba Law Anderson, Prof Emer
ita of Occupational Therapy,
Nova University, St. Augus
tine, FL
Sylvia S. Boynton, Project Coor
dinator, ESOL ... .. Pro-
gram, UF, Dunedin, FL
Linda Hahn Miller, Assistant
Prof of Anthropology & Soci
ology, Queens University of
Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Debra S. Picchi, Prof of Anthro
pology, Franklin Pierce Col
lege, Keene, NH
Robin L. Smith, Prof of Anthro
pology, Western Oregon Uni
versity, Monmouth, OR
Melbourne Holsteen, Prof
Emeritus of Anthropology,
University of Winnipeg, Hes
lett, MI
Nassaro Nasser, Prof Emeritus of
Anthropology, Univ. Federal
de Rio Grande do Norte,
Natal, Brazil
Peggy Overbey, Director, Under
standing Race & Human Vari
ation, Amer Anth Association,
Alexandria, VA

Elizabeth H. Peters, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Florida
State University, Tallahas
see, FL
Elizabeth D. Purdum, Research
Associate, Institute of Science
& Public Affairs, Florida State
University, Tallahassee, FL
James W. Lett, Prof of Anthro
pology, Indian River Com-
munity II Palm City,
David C. Griffith, Prof of

t deceased

page 3


Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

A n G r d6 te a I P O S a i

Anthropology, East Carolina
University, Greenville, NC
Linda II.. ,I Artist, Mur
freesboro, TN
Dwight L. Schmidt, Honors &
pre-IB history teacher, East
side High School, Gainesville,
Gary ShapiroT

Sharleen H. Simpson, Assoc Prof
of Nursing, UF, Gainesville,
Marvin T. Smith, Prof of
Anthropology, Valdosta State
University, Valdosta, GA
Raymond F. Willis, Archaeolo
gist, US Forest Service, Ocala
National Forest, Altoona, FL
Lois Carolyn Nickens, .1I
Coordinator, Eden Alterna
tive, I. kL...!.,,- FL

FrederickJ. Hay, Prof & Librar
ian, Appalachian State Uni
versity, Boone, NC
Elizabeth Randall-David,
President, Center for Creative
Education, Durham, NC
John R. Butler, Sr. Special
ist, Environment & Social
Development, International
Finance Corp., Silver Spring,
Ronald F. Kephart, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, University
of North Florida, Jackson
ville, FL
John F. Wilson, Retired Consul
tant, World Bank, Arlington,
Lynn Hoefgen, Founder & Presi
dent, Nexis Market Research,
Cambridge, MA
S. ... !. .od, Founder &
President, i. 1. in Organi
zations, Potomac, MD

Andrew L. Habermacher, Prof of
Anthropology, Prince George
Community II Crof
ton, MD
Shoko Saito Hamano, Assoc Prof
ofJapanese & International
Affairs, George', I.. .
University, Arlington, VA
David N. Suggs, Prof of Anthro
pology, Kenyon II .
Mount Vernon, OH
David P. Reddy, Instructor in
Anthropology, Fi I ..I
Community( II Tampa,

Charles R. Ewen, Prof of
Anthropology, East Carolina
University, Greenville, NC
Brent R. Weisman. Prof of

Anthropology, University of
South Florida, Tampa, FL
KarenJ. Burns, Part-time Assist
Prof of Anthropology, Uni
versity of Georgia, Athens, GA
Richard B. Pace, Prof of Anthro-
pology, Middle Tennessee
State University, Rockvale, TN

Kofi Akwabi-Ameyaw, Prof of
Anthropology, California
State University-Stanislaus,
Turlock, CA
MichaelJ. Evans, Senior Cul
tural Anthropologist, National
Park Service, Saint Paul, MN
Arlene Fradkin, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, Florida Atlan
tic University, Boca Raton, FL
Patricia Griffin, Independent
scholar, St. Augustine, FL
Nawal Hamed Amman, Assoc
Prof of Justice Studies, Kent
State University, Kent, OH
Shirley R Hall, Assoc Prof,
School of Social Work, New
Mexico Highlands University,
Santa Fe, NM
Jonathan M. Leader, State
Archaeologist, South Carolina
Institute of Anthropology &
Archaeology, Columbia, SC
Margaret Jean Gearing, Arthritis
S ... Manager, Georgia
Division of Public Health,
Decatur, GA
Daniel W. Henk, External
researcher, Strategic Studies
Institute, US War < II
Prattville, AL
Bonnie McEwan, Director, Mis
sion San Luis, Florida Bureau
ofArcheological Research,
Parkin, AR

Jeffrey M. Mitchem, Associate
i I I .. 1 I Arkansas
Archaeological Survey, Par
kin, AR
Kenneth R. Good, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, NewJersey
City University, Easton, PA
RonaldJ. Harder, Private con
sultant, technology & culture,
Providence, RI
William E. McGoun, Retired
editorial page editor, Palm
Beach Post, Bryson City, NC
M. Lois Stanford, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, New Mexico
State University, Las Cruces,
B. Dale Stratford, Behavioral
Scientist, Centers for Disease
Control, Decatur, GA
Sondra Wentzel, Researcher,
Projetos Demonstrativos dos
Povos Indigenas, Manaus,
Roberta Goldman. Clinical Assoc

Prof of Family Medicine,
Brown University, Providence,
H. Stephen Hale, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Georgia
Southern University, States-
boro, GA
Cristy S. Johnsrud, President,
Pathfinder Research, High
Springs, FL
Robert Shanafelt, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, Georgia
Southern University, States
boro, GA

Cora S. Kurtz, j: i,, I ..ram
Gainesville, FL
Jesus E. Vega, Private archaeo
logical consultant, SanJuan,
Puerto Rico
Elizabeth W. Higgs, Assist Prof
of Women's Studies, Western
Illinois University, Macomb,
Pennie Magee, Fiber artist; co
owner, Artful Pen Video Pro
ductions, Boulder, CO
Emine O. Incirlioglu, Fac
ulty, Landscape Architecture,
Bilkent University, Ankara,
Kenneth W. Johnson, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Thomas
University, Thomasville, GA
Kathleen Gladden, PA

William G. Johnson, Director,
Atomic Testing Museum, Las
Vegas, NV
MichaelA. Russo, Archaeolo
gist, Southeast Archaeological
Center, National Park Service,
Tallahassee, FL
Nick Ciccotosto, Anthropology
and education consultant,
Woodstock, IL
Barbara A. Hendry, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Georgia
Southern University, Brook
let, GA
Barbara B. Marriott, Professional
writer, Tucson, AZ
Greg C. Smith, Archaeologist,
New South Associates, St.
Augustine, FL

Avecita Chicchon, Director,
Latin America & Caribbean
.... Wildlife Conserva
tion Society, Bronx, NY
Rebecca A. Saunders, Associate
Curator, Museum of Natural
Science, Louisiana State Uni
versity, Baton Rouge, LA
Gene A. Shelley, Behavioral Sci
entist, HIV/AIDS Prevention,
Centers for Disease Control,
Grayson, GA

John E. Worth, Coordinator of
S. ..... Randall Research
Ctr, Florida Museum of Nat
Hist, Cape Coral, FL
Jane W. Gibson, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Elizabeth A. Guillette, Assoc
Scientist, Department of
Anthropology, UF, Gaines
ville, FL
Kathleen C. Barnes, Assoc Prof
of Medicine, Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, MD
Gloria Brooks Bryan, Health
Education Specialist, Centers
for Disease Control, Stone
Mountain, GA
Thomas H. Eubanks, State
Archaeologist, Division of
Archaeology, Baton Rouge,
Shepherd B. Iverson, Retired,
Assist Prof, University of West
Florida, Milton, FL
Mark L. Staker, Curator, LDS
Museum of Church History
& Art, Salt Lake City, Woods
Cross, UT
Lisa Marie Leppo, Forensic
anthropologist, US Army
Mortuary Affairs Center, Fort
Lee, VA
ManuelA.Vargas, ... .. I
Prof of International Service,
Rollins II Orlando, FL
Karen Walker, Assistant Scientist,
Florida Museum of Natural
History, Gainesville, FL
Christopher McCarty, Survey
Director, Bureau of Economic
& Business Research, UF,
Gainesville, FL
Samuel Price Thomas, Anchor
age, AK

Thomas M. Vetica, Operations
Specialist, US Dept of Hous
ing & Urban Development,
Sparks, NV
Tilman ., .. Staff Assistant,
Harvard Graduate School of
Education, Arlington, MA
Lee A. Newsom, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, Pennsylvania
State University, Warriors
Mark, PA
David H. Price, Chair & Assoc
Prof of Anthropology, St.
Martin's University, Olym
pia, WA
James Cusick, Associate Univer
sity Librarian, UF, Gaines
ville, FL
James I',. Hay, Senior
Grants & : .. ... Officer,
Development Alternatives,
Inc., Spring Hill, FL
DavidJ. Jamison, Interim Chair
of Business Administration,
South Carolina State Univer


page 4

Antrplg So Gradate Spcal Isu PulOu Sav Direcor

sity, Columbia, SC
Dennis R. Satterlee, Retired fac
ulty, Northeastern Louisiana
University, Gillespie, IL
Susan deFrance, Assoc Prof of
Anthropology, UF, Gaines-
ville, FL

R. Julian Arturo, Prof of
Anthropology, Universidad
Nacional de Colombia, Bogo
ta, Colombia
Gay Biery-Hamilton, Assoc Prof
of Anthropology, Rollins Col
lege, Orlando, FL
Juna Byun, Prof of Nursing,
Chonbuk National University,
Sinsung Dong, South Korea
Francisco Fernandez, Prof of
Anthropology, Universidad
Autonoma de Yucatan, Meri
da, Yucatan, Mexico
Vance Geiger, Visiting Prof of
Sociology & Anthropology,
University of Central Florida,
Orlando, FL
PaulJ. Goldsmith, Researcher,
KARI, Centre for Minority
.I Meru, Kenya
JerryJirimutu, Database Admin
istrator & Demographer, State
of Texas, Austin, TX
Guy L. Prentice, Archaeologist,
National Park Service, Tal
lahassee, FL
Kathleen Hoffman, Vice-Presi
dent, Janus Archaeological
Research, St. F-r-ii.,d., FL
Claudine Payne, Research Sta
tion Archaeologist, Arkansas
Archeological Survey, Bly
theville, AR
Florencia Pena, Director, Escuela
Nacional de Antropologia e
Historia, Mexico, DF, Mexico
Nancy Schoenberg, Assoc Prof of
Behavioral Science, Medical
School, University of Ken
tucky, Lexington, KY

Christopher O. Clement,
Archaeologist, South Carolina
Institute of Anthropology &
Archaeology, Columbia, SC
Diana S. Edwards, Family Facili
tator, Child Development
Center, Western New Mexico
University, Silver City, NM
Camilla Harshbarger, Behavioral
Scientist, HIV/AIDS Preven
tion, Centers for Disease
Control, Smyrna, GA
RosinaJ. Hassoun, Adjunct
Assist Prof of Anthropology,
Michigan State University,
Okemos, MI
Bertram Mapunda, Faculty, Uni
versity of Dar es Salaam, Dar
es Salaam, Tanzania
Pamela F. Pozarny, Rural Devel

opment & Land Tenure
Officer, FAO, Ghana, Buf
falo, NY
Holly A. Williams, Captain, US
Public Health Service, Centers
for Disease Control, Atlanta,
Daniel M. Cartledge, (informa
tion withheld at his request)
Domenick Dellino, Associate VP,
User Experience Research &
Testing, ,.. I .. I .1
Bank, Seattle, WA
G-Hyon Gang, Adjunct Assist
Prof of Anthropology & Ger
ontology, Seoul, South Korea
Karen E. Kraft, Country Direc
tor, Strategies for Interna
tional Development, Cusco,
Daniel A. Reboussin, African
Studies Specialist, UF Librar
ies, Gainesville, FL
Gary W. Ryan, Senior Anthro
pologist, RAND Corporation,
Los Angeles, CA
Mohamed E. Al-Madani, Seattle,

Kathi R. Kitner, Social Scientist,
South Atlantic Fishery Man
agement Council, Charleston,
Carole Noon, Founder & Direc
tor, Save the Chimps, Fort
Pierce, FL
RyanJ. Wheeler, Chief, Bureau
ofArch. Res., Florida Divi
sion of Historical Resources,
Tallahassee, FL
Norma Fuller, Prof of Anthro
pology, Pontificia Universidad
Catl6ica del Peru, Lima, Peru
Audax Mabulla, Coordinator of
Archaeology Unit, Univer
sity of Dar es Salaam, Dar es
Salaam, Tanzania
Karla M. Slocum, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
North Carolina-Chapel Hill,
Durham, NC
Susan E. Stans, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, Florida Gulf
Coast University, Fort Myers,
Dana Austin, Tarrant County
Medical Examiner, Fort
Worth, TX
Bryan Byrne, Entrepreneur,
Downers Grove, IL
Constance Campbell, Coordina
tor, Amazon Basin Conserva
tion Initiative, USAID, Brazil,
Arlington, VA
Mary B. Trudell, Teaching in
Sweden, Bay Saint Louis, MS

David W. Forrest, Associate Sci
entist, Dept i .. I
& Public Health, University of

Miami, Miami, FL
Pablo Torres-Lima, Chair,
Faculty of Social Science,
Universidad Aut6noma de
Mexico-Xochimilco, Mexico,
DF, Mexico
George E. Avery, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, Northwestern
State University, Natchitoches,
Robert J. Austin, Vice President,
Southeastern Archaeological
Research, Inc, Riverview, FL
James "Al" Bay, Owner, Bay
Adventures, North Miami, FL
Louis C. Forline, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Nevada-Reno, Sparks, NV
Kumar Mahabir, Prof of
Anthropology, Costaatt Com-
munity II SanJuan,
Trinidad & Tobago
Anthony S. Michaelraj, Diocesan
Chancellor, Tamil Nadu,
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India
Michael W. Warren, Assoc Prof
ofAnthropology, UF, Gaines
ville, FL
P. Ryan Williams, Assistant
Curator of Anthropology,
Field Museum, Homewood,
Habakkuk Musengezi, Zimbabwe

John K. Akins, Assist Prof of
Criminal Justice, New Mexico
State University, Las Cruces,
Peter Cronkleton, Coordinator,
Center for International For
estry Research, Santa Cruz,
Dorothea De Wet, Prof & Chair,
Anthropology & Dev. Studies,
University ofJohannesburg,
Auckland Park, South Africa
Laura Kozuch, Curator, Illinois
I .. I I .1
Research ... Univ of
Illinois, Rantoul, IL
Zobeida Bonilla, ... Man
ager, Latina Health Initia
tive, Boston Women's Health
Coop, Malden, MA
Nathalie Lebon, Assist Prof of
Women's Studies, Gettysburg
< II Gettysburg, PA
Gary Shaeff, Employee, US Gov
ernment Agency, I ., ,
DC, Glen Burnie, MD
Cristina Espinosa, Associate
Director, Center for Latin
American Studies, UF,
Gainesville, FL
Rebecca K. Gearhart, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, Illinois
Wesleyan University, Bloom
ington, IL
Isaac K. Nyamongo, Director,
Institute of African Studies,
University of Nairobi, Nai

robi, Kenya
Anne V. Stokes, President,
Southeastern Archaeological
Research, Inc., Newberry, FL

Rosyln Howard, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University
of Central Florida, Winter
Park, FL
James G. Ellison, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, Dickin
son II Mount Holly
Springs, PA
Steven Mizrach, Adjunct Lectur
er in Anthropology, Florida
International University,
Miami, FL
Lisabeth Carlson, Archaeologist,
Southeastern Archaeological
Services, Inc., Micanopy, FL
Tomas Huanca, Director, CIDE
SI, Bolivia, Waltham, MA

S.. .. I ... Author of
books on wrestling, Stamford,
Jaclyn Lee Jeffrey, Assist Prof
of Social Sciences, Texas A &
M International University,
Laredo, TX
Cynthia D. Livingston, Adjunct,
History & Social Sciences,
Tallahassee Community Col
lege, Tallahassee, FL
George Mbeh, Researcher,
Health of Population in Tran
sition, Yaounde, Cameroon
Joshua M. McDaniel, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, Auburn
University, Auburn, AL
Jorge Rocha, Professor Titular
of Social Sciences, University
of Monterrey, San Pedro,
Susan Warshauer-Tratner, Men
tor, Empire State < II
New York, NY
KathrynJ. Weedman, Visiting
Assist Prof of Anthropology,
University of South Florida
St. F -r-i J..a ., St. F -r- J..i .,
John Arthur, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
South Florida St. F-r -i...,.
St. F'rJ-il... ., FL
Marcia L. Good, Visiting Fellow,
Institute of Latino Studies,
University of Notre Dame,
South Bend, IN
Marieke Heemskerk, Social Sci
ence Consultant, Paramaribo,
PalmaJ. Ingles, Research
Anthropologist, National
Marine Fisheries Service,
NOAA, Gainesville, FL
Heather McIlvaine-Newsad,
Assoc Prof of Sociology &
Anthropology, Western Illi

.athro. .edu

Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

page 5

page 6

A n G r d6 te a I P O S a i

nois University, Macomb, IL
Timothy Schwartz, Consultant,
NGOs, Dominican Republic
KearsleyA. Stewart, Senior
Lecturer in Anthropology,
Northwestern University,
Skokie, IL
Amanda L. Stronza, Assist Prof,
Recreation, Park, & Tourism
Sciences, Texas A&M Univer
sity, Iola, TX
Thomas Abel, Assist Prof of
Human Development, Tzu
Chi University, Hualien,
Jessica De Leon, Coordinator,
I i .rams & Services,
II of Pharmacy, UF,
Gainesville, FL
Paul Monaghan, Director, Part
nership for Citrus Worker
Health, ( II of Public
Health, USF, Tampa, FL

James F. Gates, Director, Center
for Justice & Reconciliation,
Point Loma Nazarene Univer
sity, National City, CA
Yntiso Gebre, Assist Prof &
Chair of Anthropology, Addis
Ababa University, Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia
Brad M. Biglow, Visiting Assist
Prof of Anthropology & Soci
ology, University of North
Florida, i k -...,11. FL
Anthony Arthur Hebert,
Researcher, quality of life of
elderly rural people, North
Dakota, .. I ,. DC
Agazi Negash, Postdoctoral Fel
low, Max Planck Institute of
Evolutionary Anthropology,
Leipzig, Germany
Tanya M. Peres, Acting Assis
tant Director, ., ... I .
Archaeology, University of
Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Girma Hundie, Gainesville, FL
Kathryn A. Lynch, President &
Partner, Institute for Culture
I. 1 1 I Portland, OR
Robert Patton, Senior Archae
ologist, BHE Environmental
Inc., Cincinnati, OH
Victoria Reyes-Garcia,
Researcher, ICREA, Bella
terra, Barcelona, Spain
Frederick Smith, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, ( II of
William & Mary, Arlington,
Mark Swanson, Assist Prof,
Department of Rural Sociol
ogy, University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY
Karen Weinstein, Assist Prof
ofAnthropology, Dickinson
SII Carlisle, PA


Neda Bezerra, Assist Prof, Uni
versidade de Fortaleza, Ceara,
Flordeliz .... Visiting Assist
Prof of Anthropology, How
ard University, Arlington, VA
MariaJesus Olivo Ensor, Law
student, International Human
S..I Essex University, Ypsi
lanti, MI
Terrance M. Weik, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, University
of South Carolina, Colum
bia, SC
Mary Bardot Allen, Lecturer,
university in Ireland, West
Palm Beach, FL
Nanette Barkey, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Clarence Gravlee IV, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, UF, Gaines
ville, FL
David P. Kennedy, Associate
Behavioral Social Scientist,
Rand Corporation, Venice,
Donna Jean Nash, Adjunct Assist
Prof of Anthropology, Uni
versity of Illinois- I
Homewood, IL
Laura A. Ogden, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, Florida Inter
national University, Miami,
Noemi Miyasaka Porro,
Researcher, Instituto de Pes
quisa Ambiental da Amaz6nia,
Belem, Brazil
Roberto Porro, Coor
dinator, Amazon Initiative,
World Agroforestry Centre,
Belem, Brazil
Kathleen .. .1 NIH Post
Doctoral Fellow, National
Development & Research
Institute, NewYork, NY
Phoebe Stubblefield, Assist Prof
ofAnthro/Director, Forensic
Sci. .. ... University of
North Dakota, Grand Forks,
Rodney Stubina, Director,
Environment .i ... Peace
Corps, Gambia, .. .I

Brinnen Carter, Archaeolo
gist, Southeast Archaeological
Center, National Park Service,
Tallahassee, FL
Bradley E. Ensor, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, Eastern Michi
gan University, Ypsilanti, MI
Harold D. Green, Visiting Post
Doc in Speech Communica
tion, University of Illinois,
S I ... I .... IL
Matthew McPherson, Freelance
consultant, Dominican
Republic, Miami, FL

Basil A. Reid, Lecturer in
Archaeology, University of the
West Indies, St. Augustine,
Trinidad & Tobago
Sabrina N. Scott, Researcher on
pregnant teenagers, Jackson
ville, FL
Sheila B. Jeffers, Post-Doctoral
Associate, II of Medi
cine, Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL
Mercedes Prieto, Coordinator,
S ..... Gender Studies,
FLACSO-Ecuador, Quito,
JohnJ. Schultz, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Ronaldo.. .. .. I Jr., Direc
tor, Protected Areas ...
Ministry of Environment,
Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Keith Ashley, Prof of Anthro
pology, Savannah II of
Art and Design, Richmond
Hill, GA
Elizabeth E. Byron, Research
Analyst, International Food
Policy Research Institute,
Arlington, VA
Karin M. Kratina, Nutrition
Coordinator, -.. Disor
ders ... UF, Gaines
ville, FL
Samantha S. Stone, Consultant,
ALFA Consortium; Visiting
Scholar, UF, Gainesville, FL
Roos Willems, Country repre
sentative, VECO, I...
NGO, Senegal, Leuven,

C. Andrew Hemmings, Archae
ologist, Texas Archeological
Research Laboratory, Univer
sity of Texas, Austin, TX
MichaelJepson, Anthropolo
gist, South Atlantic Fisheries
Council, Charleston, SC
Eri Sugita, ... Officer,
Global Environment Dept,
Japan International Coop.
Agency, Tokyo, Japan
Mark Davidheiser, Assist Prof
of Conflict Analysis, Nova
Southeastern University, Fort
Lauderdale, FL
Antoinette Jackson, Assist Prof of
Anthropology, University of
South Florida, Tampa, FL
-. .1 Kimura, Post-Doctoral
Associate, UF, Gainesville, FL
Suzanne Abel, Instructor, Tri
dent Technical < II &
Forensic Anthro., City of
Charleston, Charleston, SC
Richard Wallace, Post-Doctoral
Associate, TCD ....
Latin American Studies, UF,
Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil
Roberto Barrios. Assist Prof

of Anthropology, Southern
Illinois University, Carbon
dale, IL
SharynJones O'Day, Assist Prof
of Anthropology, University
of Alabama, *.... ... AL

Luis Arriola, Researcher, Farm
Workers Association, south
Florida, Florida
Aline C. Gubrium, Assist Prof,
School of Public Health,
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Amherst, MA
Christian Russell, Research
Scientist, Land Use and Envi
ronmental ( I .. Institute,
UF, Gainesville, FL
Gifford Waters, Collection Man
ager, Historical Archaeology,
Florida Museum of Natural
History, Gainesville, FL
Fatma A. Soud, Researcher,
Immunization Safety Office,
Center for Disease Control,
Snellville, GA
William Schumann, Visiting Prof
of Political Science & Public
Policy, Emory & Henry Col
lege, Emory, VA
Kathryn Grant, Visiting Assist
Prof of Anthropology, Uni
versity of North Florida, St.
Augustine, FL
Alexander Roedlach, Editor,
Anthropos Institute, Sankt
Augustin, Germany
S.. Allison (Lado), On the job
market, Gainesville, FL
Eric Minzenberg, Visiting Assist
Prof of Latin American Stud
ies, Miami University, Santa
Maria, CA
i Ioris, Independent con
sultant, Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Alayne Unterberger, Executive
Director, Florida Institute for
Community Studies, Temple
Terrace, FL
Matthew Curtis, Lecturer in
Anthropology, University of
California-Santa Barbara,
Santa Clarita, CA
Ian Granville, Missionary/
anthropologist in Bolivia,
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Timothy G. Adjunct
Lecturer in Anthropology,
UF, Gainesville, FL
Christopher Furlow, On the job
market, Gainesville, FL

PIleae *n d


Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

Undergraduate Student Achievements

2006 Beinecke Scholar
Undergraduate Award Winners 2006Beecke cholar
Unde graduate Award in rs The Beinecke Foundation selected Jenna Battillo, a junior
Brendan O'Sullivan Award: This award hon- anthropology and classical studies major, as one of 20 national
ors anthropology major and UF valedictorian Bren- x winners of the prestigious Beinecke Scholarship. A native
dan O'Sullivan, who died in 1999. It recognizes the of Interlachen, Jenna participated in an archaeological dig
spring graduating anthropology major with the high- through the National Science Foundation in 2005 in Cyprus.
est GPA. The 2006 awardee was Marissa Rewak, who With funding from this scholarship, Jenna will pursue a PhD in
hails from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. anthropological archaeology.

Patricia Essenpreis Award: Named in mem- Phi Beta Kappa
ory of Dr. Patricia Essenpreis, this scholarship helps Eight Anthropology majors were invited to join the Beta Chap-
defray expenses for female undergraduates to attend ter of Florida Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest and most
archaeological field school. For 2006 the depart- prestigious academic honor society: Samuel Travis Boring,
ment was able to make two awards: Katrina Chris- Kelly M. Christensen, Ashley E. Davis, Megan Elizabeth
tiano of Gainesville to attend the University of York Maloney, Bradford Thomas March, Megan E. Reilly, Kim-
field school, investigating late antiquity monuments berlvAnn Wescott. and Lauren Me Willis.
in the British Isles; and Kate Henry of Tamarac, Outstanding December BA graduate
Florida, to work with Dr. Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, J n.|M Bel ,r l -r..- -
on ecological archaeology in Quistococha, Peru.

77,. l, l i. 1 -, Department is grateful to generous... I i ,,
1, i i ,,,.1,,. tl,. t.. undergraduate awards. ... .
I I I,.,. 1 .

Graduate Student
Fellowships, Grants & Awards
Jean Dennison received dissertation grants
from the National Science Foundation and
the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthro-
pological Research for her research on the
Osage Nation. Lauren Fordyce has won a
dissertation improvement grant from the
National Science Foundation. Jennifer
Hale-Gallardo was awarded a dissertation
improvement grant from the Wenner-Gren
Foundation for Anthropological Research.
Jon Colburn and Amy L. Non were named
Science Partners in Community Education
Fellows for 2006-2008. The NSF-funded
SPICE Fellowship is designed to integrate
graduate students into the teaching of sci-
ence topics in local middle schools. Jon
Endonino was awarded an American Philo-
sophical Society Lewis and Clark Travel and
Exploration Grant and a State of Florida
Survey and Planning Grant for his research
in Florida archaeology. Jon Endonino, Asa
Randall, and Bryan Tucker, received John
W. Griffin Awards for Graduate Student

Research from the Florida Archaeological
Council. Edward W. Tennant was awarded
a Society for Historical Archaeology Travel
Grant to the SHA meeting.

2006 Department Fellowships
These endowed fellowships provide financial
support to dissertation-writers in their final
year. For more information, see page 8.
William R. Maples Scholarship: Joe Hefner,
Laura Regan. John M. Goggin Memorial
Scholarship: DeborahJohnson-Simon,
Rosalyn Negron, Antonio de la Pena, Erin
Waxenbaum. Charles H. Fairbanks Scholar-
ship: Kendall Campbell, Rebecca Klein,
Peter Sinelli, Luis Symanski, Chikaomi

UF Award W winners Center for
Latin American Studies Interdisciplinary
Field Research Grant: Joshua Toney. A.
Curtis Wilgus Fellowship: Mark Donop.
Tinker Field Research Grant: Rocio de la
Fuente, Angelina Howell, Angelica Saa-
vedra, Edward W. Tennant, and Matthew

Watson. Foreign Language Area Study Fel-
lowships: Allison Hopkins, Tess Kulstad,
Rachel Harvey, Sarah Cervone, and Traci
Yoder. CLAS Dissertation Fellowship: Ken-
dall Campbell. Madelyn Lockhart Summer
Travel Grant: Rachel Harvey.

Polly & Paul Doughty
Research Award
Funded by a gift from
Professor Emeritus
Paul Doughty and his
wife, Polly, this award
defrays expenses for
pre-doctoral gradu-
ate students to con-
duct research in Latin
America. 2006 award-
ees are David Garcia,
Julie Kearney, and
Edward W. Tennant.

Paper Presenters at Professional Meetings American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC: Antonio de la Pena, ean Dennison, Lauren
Fordyce, Jennifer Hale-Gallardo, Rosalyn Negron, Debra H. Rodman, and Matthew Watson. American Association of Physical Anthropology, Anchorage, Alaska: Rebecca Gray,
Drew Kitchen, and Amy L. Non. Society for American Archaeology, San Juan, Puerto Rico: David Haskell, Michelle Lefebvre, Asa Randall, Edward W Tennant, Jamie Waggoner,
and Neill J. Wallis. Society for Historical Archaeology, Sacramento, California: Edward W Tennant. Society for Applied Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Debra H. Rod-
man. Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Columbia, South Carolina: Asa Randall, Bryan Tucker, Jamie Waggoner, and Neill J. Wallis. Society for East Asian Anthropology,
Hong Kong: Edward W Tennant. International Association of Caribbean Archaeology Congress, Trinidad, West Indies: Neill J. Wallis. Latin American Studies Association, San
Juan, Puerto Rico: Debra H. Rodman. Donations from the Friends of Anthropology enable our students to present papers at professional meetings. See page 8.


Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

page 7

Alumni Profi

Mercio Pere
Mercio Pereira Gomes, who rece
in anthropology from UF in 1977
dent of Brazil's National Indian F
(FUNAI). He was appointed to th
Brazil's President Luis Inacio Lul
2003, and is the longest-serving I
FUNAI in decades.
Mercio has taught at Unicam

e A

ra G o es by Maxine L. Margolis :
lira homes
ived his PhD Macalester College, and is currently on leave
Sis Presi- from his position as Professor of Anthropol-
oundation ogy at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in

at position Dy
a da Silva in
President of

p (Sao Paulo),

iNiteroi KRio aejaneiro). During tne 19gos ne
was Sub-Secretary for Planning, Secretary of
Culture, and Secretary of Education, all posi-
tions in the government of the state of Rio de
The author of five books, including The
Indians and Brazil (University Press of Florida,
2000), as well as numerous articles, Mercio
continues to study the indigenous populations
of Brazil. To date he has carried out research
among the Tenetehara, Guaja, Parakana, Ava-
Canoeiro, and various groups in the Xingu
region. In 2006, he organized a seminal con-
ference in Brasilia, which brought together 800
indigenous leaders representing nearly the entire
indigenous population of Brazil

Congratulations to Our
Newest Graduate Alumni!
MA Recipients
Summer 2005 Sangita Chari, Chin-
Hsin Liu, Anna Vick, Matthew Watson
Fall 2005 Willet Boyer, Mark Donop,
Geoffrey DuChemin, Rebecca Gorman,
Heather Howdeshell, Michelle LeFebvre,
Micah Mones, Amy Non, Joshua Toney,
Dawit Woldu
Spring 2006 Danielle Altman, Ethan
Cole, HelinaWoldekiros, TraciYoder
ForthenewPhD ,..,., J.. .,:e6.

Become a Friend of Anthropology-You Can Make a Difference! We need your help, whether you can
spare only a few dollars or many more. The Anthropology Department depends on gifts to fund student travel to meetings, undergradu-
ate and graduate scholarships, dissertation and field school awards, lecture series, laboratory enhancements, and other initiatives. It's easy to
make your tax-deductible gift through the University of Florida Foundation. Online giving to the Friends of Anthropology Fund with a credit
card is now available at https://www.uff.ufl.edu/OnlineGiving/CLAS.asp. UF employees can donate to any Anthropology fund through pay-
roll deduction. Or use this convenient form to designate your gift to a specific purpose:

O Friends of Anthropology (provides for a wide variety of depart-
ment initiatives and needs)
O Custom Copies Graduate Travel (to help defray costs for graduate
students to travel to professional meetings)
O Patricia Essenpreis Award for Undergraduate Archaeology
Research (for female undergraduates to attend field school)
O Brendan O'Sullivan Award for Outstanding Undergraduate
Majors (honors the highest-ranking major at spring graduation)
O Polly and Paul Doughty Graduate Research Award (for graduate
student research in Latin America)
O Charles H. Fairbanks Scholarship (to defray research costs for
archaeology PhD students in their final year)
O John Goggin Memorial Scholarship (to defray research costs for
PhD students in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology,
and linguistic anthropology in their final year)
O William Maples Scholarship (to defray research costs for forensic
anthropology graduate students)
O Marvin Harris Lecture Fund (to honor the late Professor Marvin
Harris, one of the nation's leading anthropological theorists)
Gift Amount: 0$250 D0$oo O$50 D$Io O$_
Please fill out and return this page, along with with your check made
out to the fund name, to Anthropology, PO Box 117305, University of
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Please make any corrections needed to the address on the adjacent label.


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III2 Turlington Hall
PO Box 117305
Gainesville FL 32611-7305
Phone: 352-392-2253
Fax: 352-392-6929
Email: www@anthro.ufl.edu
Website: www.anthro.ufl.edu



i .1


Department of Anthropology News, Summer 2006

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